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Revolution 001: 8/11/07

Revolution Logo

As the SHOOT Project logo fades into your screen, and then out, a female voice takes over your speakers…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with GREAT pleasure, that I introduce… no, RE-introduce you to… the SHOOT Project!”

The feed cuts to static, and as “Cover and Duck (SHOOT Edit)” by Fort Minor & Styles of Beyond hits, black and white scenes from SHOOT Project’s past light up your television. 

In a flash, you see Chris Davis taking on “Diamond” Del Carver…

OutKast versus Cade Sydal…

Chris Lee squaring off with Ron Barker…

Real Deal fighting Ben Jackman…

The scenes continue on with Jun Kenshin, Skull, Vincent Mallows, Jonny Johnson, Ichiro Seppuku, and X-Calibur, just to name a few all having a presence or making themselves known, and as the scene starts to slow down, the black and white fade into a new Revolution set, complete with the blue, black, and silver that the SHOOT Project was best known for! We zoom in now, to Samantha Coil, with two very prestigious, important men standing on either side of her.

The crowd? Yeah they fucking loved that shit.

Samantha Coil: That was pretty good!

The crowd cheers again!

Samantha Coil: Standing next to me, I gotta introduce you to these two, though really… they need no introduction. To my left, he’s a SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, three time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and the only man to ever capture the coveted and fabled TRIAD, he is… THE REAL DEAL.

Real Deal steps forward, acknowledging the crowd’s adulation and respect, and they go nuuuuuts.

Samantha Coil: Annnnd to my right… the winningest SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion in the company’s existence… he’s responsible for the longest World Heavyweight reign, is a member of the Hall of Fame, and is one of the biggest drawing superstars in the HISTORY of Wrestling. He is the one… the only… they say he’s better…than…you… OutKast.

The fans lose it once again as OutKast nods his head, taking the microphone from Samantha Coil.  He looks over the fans and grins from ear to ear.

OutKast:  Annnnnd…standing between us, the ever lovely Voice of SHOOT Project…Samantha…COIL.

The fans pop big for her as she bows, smiling from ear to ear.

Real Deal:  Man, Kast…  these fans are electric tonight. 

He smirks. 

Real Deal:  You’d think the SHOOT Project was back or something.

The fans pop again.

OutKast:  That’s the funny part for me, Josh.  See…I don’t know about you, but I got this phone call from one Jason Johnson who told me to hop on a plane and bring my ass down to Las Vegas, Nevada…

Cheap pop!  You know it.

OutKast:  And stand side by side with my best friend in this business, my tag team partner, and along with me, one half of a World Champion team!

The fans pop again as Real Deal nods his head.

OutKast:  Unfortunately, X-Calibur was unavailable, so Jason said I’d have to be out here with you.

The fans laugh as OutKast chuckles at his own joke.

Real Deal:  Yeah well…  Sometimes you gotta make those sacrifices. 

Real Deal laughs, taking the rib in stride. 

Real Deal:  I mean, I know I had to, listening to the two of us whine about how we had nothing to do the past oh…  several months or so.  That got pretty irritating, even by my standards.

His expression turns serious. 

Real Deal:  Wait.  Jason called you?

OutKast stops.

OutKast:  He didn’t call you?

Real Deal frowns. 

Real Deal:  No.  No he didn’t.  I got a “certified letter” with a contract in it.  What the fuck, man?

OutKast:  A contract?!

The fans pop at the notion.

OutKast:  What for?

Real Deal:  I…  I guess he was worried I’d sign somewhere else.

He thinks for a minute. 

Real Deal:  Oh yeah.  He had something else in mind too.  What’re we doing tonight, Kast?

OutKast:  My not being contracted notwithstanding…Jason Johnson said he had booked up the Thomas & Mack for the grand reopening of the SHOOT Project to much fanfare.  He hired several people, referees, ring announcers, time keepers, interviewers, wrestlers…but it would seem he was short two commentators for the evening.

The fans pop BIG, as they see where this is going.

OutKast:  So, can’t speak for Josh, but when Jason asked me if I wanted to be once of the voices bringing SHOOT back into the homes of the countless SHOOT Legion, I said HELL.  YES.

The fans erupt.

Real Deal:  Weird.  He called you, but contracted me.  What’s up with that?!  Anyway…  We’re here tonight to call YOUR action for YOUR SHOOT Project! 

He smiles, as the fans continue. 

Real Deal:  We’ll keep it real entertaining for you, too!  We even brought some props to keep with us, and to, you know…  show you guys too.  But uhh…  well…  do you want to go ahead and do that shit now?  Or later?

Samantha Coil drops the duffel bag Time Keeper Mark Kendrick had outside of the ring between the two of them.  She hands one sash to OutKast and two to Real Deal.  OutKast looks at Real Deal and then to the sashes.

OutKast:  Now…next week, Jason Johnson will be making his grand return to your television screens and further discussing the things going on in the SP.  However, we couldn’t let the inaugural edition of Revolution go down without bringing to you, the fans, the SHOOT Project Championship belts.

The fans pop BIG as Real Deal removes the sashes on his, revealing the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship.  Meanwhile, on OutKast’s shoulder is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  All the belts are the same as you may remember from the previous incarnation of the SHOOT Project, just as gorgeous as you recall.

OutKast:  You wouldn’t believe how long it took us to figure out which one of us was gonna hold this baby here…but this is your SHOOT Project World Championship!

The fans pop once again.

OutKast:  Forget what you heard, and FUCK what the haters say…the SHOOT Project World Championship was held by the mightiest of the mighty.  You got your Del Carver…

The fans pop.

OutKast:  Real Deal.

The fans cheer again.

OutKast:  Chris Lee.

The fans continue to cheer.

OutKast:  And me.

The fans cheer one more time.

OutKast:  But this belt fell on hard times and found its way into the hands of unworthy men towards the end of her run last time.  Jason swore that wasn’t gonna go down this time.  So…we wipe that slate CLEAN.  This is a NEW ERA FOR THE SHOOT PROJECT…AND WE WILL SEE A NEW SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION.

The fans cheer once again.

Real Deal:  Also, the Iron Fist Championship will be decided, and I believe I heard that’d be happening very soon.  Hope Jason doesn’t get mad at me for spilling the beans on that one, but well…  I just couldn’t help myself.  The Iron Fist Championship, as you all know, has had some EXTREMELY prestigious owners, and at one point was considered the premiere title, here in the SHOOT Project. 

The fans cheer.

Real Deal:  The matches fought for this baby were knock down dragout type fights, and the winners were truly able to call themselves the King of the Iron Fist.  With that in mind, the stipulation for this belt will DEFINITELY remain, and you WILL see knock down, drag out action for this championship right here!

He hoists the belt into the air, amassing cheers!

Real Deal:  Last but not least…  We’ve got the Revolution Championship.  This belt is one of the hotter, more numerously defended title belts we have.  The winner of this next match, will not only become the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship, but they’ll become the FIRST SHOOT Champion crowned.  This is a HUGE honor, and a huge achievement, and will further solidify that person as a true up and comer, or rising star if you will, in this place.  All the competitors are ready to get this thing going, too.  They’ve been chomping at the bits all week and really showed us what the SHOOT Project is and will be all about.  So, lemme quit my yappin’.  Let’s get this shit started!!

The fans ERUPT as “Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly hits, the kinetic opening of the song bringing the fans to clap along.

Samantha Coil:  This first match is a four way bout for the vacant SHOOT Project Revolution CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Out from the back steps Ainsley Lake, bringing the fans to their feet to see a familiar face.  He pumps her fists to bring the fans to their feet once more, slapping hands as she walks down to the ring.

OutKast:  Woo!  Now I know Ainsley ain’t one to love the fans too much these days, but I guess the excitement of being the first competitor out is just too much to not get a little crazy.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…weighing in at 160 pounds out of Wantagh, New York…she is a SHOOT Homegrown making her return to the SHOOT Project…she is…AINSLEY…LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!

Ainsley rolls into the ring and stretches against the ropes, glaring at the entrance way.  Her theme dies down as she continues to stretch.  A drum roll hits and the lights in the arena get very…colorful.  Three Dog Night’s “The Show Must Go On” brings the fans to their feet as out from the back emerges Eric ‘Jester’ Smiles.

Samantha Coil:  And her first opponent… weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…from Richmond, Virginia…making his official SHOOT debut…here is JESTER…SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILES!!!

Jester steps out from the back, slapping hands with the fans as he comes down the ramp way.  He runs around the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he does so.

Real Deal:  Jester’s making his big debut here after performing once for SHOOT prior to tonight, though that match was not telev—HEY!

Jester wraps Real Deal in a hug, prompting OutKast to laugh.

OutKast:  HA!  He’s happy to be here, Josh!  Can’t hate!  HA HA H—WHAT TH–!??!

Jester then wraps OutKast in a hug, and Real Deal would laugh, if he weren’t completely in shock that Jester even hugged him.  Jester slides into the ring and hugs an elated Ainsley Lake before holding his arms up in excitement.

Real Deal:  I…I guess he’s really excited to be here.

OutKast:  …this is such a one night gig for me.

After Jester calms down, he stand beside Ainsley Lake and watches the entrance as “Sober” by Tool hits the PA system, forcing the fans to silence, not sure what to make of this new combatant.  Out from the back wearing a hooded boxing robe is ‘The Beast’ himself.

Samantha Coil:  And their opponent…hailing from Brooklyn at a weight of 220 pounds…here is THE BEAST…KAZ….SAAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sato walks up the ring steps, not acknowledging the fans as he steps into the ring.  He glares at Ainsley and Jester as he removes his robe.  He unties the robe slowly before he snaps off the hood, revealing his sneering face.  He throws the robe to the outside of the ring, where it is grabbed by a ring attendant and carried to the back.

Real Deal:  What do you make of Kaz Sato, Kast?

OutKast:  Well, Josh, Kaz Sato’s a tough lookin’ dude, no doubt about it.  He’s stocky, and he’s got an intense look in his eyes that definitely says to me that he’s not the man to be taken lightly in this match up.

Real Deal:  After that hugfest, that’d probably be Jester.

“Sober” dies down and the three stare at one another for a long moment.  Sato glares at Lake and Jester for a long moment before…


“Here Comes The Boom” by Nelly hits the airwaves, and the fans are definitely not confused on this reaction, immediately booing.  Lake, Jester, and Sato all turn their attention to the entrance as out from the back steps Donovan King.  He nods his head to his theme music as he walks down the entrance ramp, doing his best to keep the fans’ hands off of him.

Samantha Coil:  And their final opponent…from Charlotte, NORTH CARRROLINA—

OutKast:  I paid her ten bucks to say it like that.

Samantha Coil:  …weighing in tonight at 242 pounds, making his SHOOT Project DEBUT…here is DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!

He jumps up onto the apron and steps into the ring, nodding his head still to the beat of his theme.

OutKast:  It’s always a good feelin’ when a student makes it to the dance, Josh.

Real Deal:  I don’t expect you to be unbiased when it comes to OutKast, Junior there…can I?

OutKast:  Meh…depends on if he’s shit or not.

The referee, Tony Lorenzo, holds up the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship up for the fans to see before bringing it to Ainsley Lake, who nods at it…then to Jester Smiles, who grins at it, giddy as a school girl…then to Kaz Sato, who slaps the face plate…and then to Donovan King, who tries to take it from Tony Lorenzo and hold it up to the fans as if he’d already won it.  Lorenzo rips the belt from King’s grasp and calls for the bell.

Real Deal:  And the first ever Revolution Championship match and the first ever SHOOT match is underway!

Without warning, Kaz snaps around and nails a HARD Lariat to Donovan King, followed up with Ainsley running up to King and picking up his right leg with Jester on his left, and all three of them unceremoniously toss King from the ring!  The fans erupt as Jester and Lake slap hands, only to have Kaz grab Lake from behind and hit a stiff ass German Kazplex!  Jester goes to spring into action, but Kaz catches him with a belly to belly Kazplex!  All three of Kaz’s opponents are down on the mat and Kaz immediately begins to stalk Ainsley as she struggles to get to her feet.

OutKast:  The Kazmaniac taking the early offensive against these guys.

Real Deal:  Did you coach King to call him a Taz rip off?

OutKast:  …maybe.

Ainsley gets up, groggy.  She staggers around as Kaz makes sure to stay behind her.  He holds his arms out to take her, but is NAILED from behind by a springboard dropkick from King!  Kaz falls forward and shoulderblocks Ainsley from behind!  Kaz falls to the mat and Ainsley is shoved to the center of the ring.  Off balance, King immediately slides in behind her and schoolboys her!!  Tony Lorenzo’s in position!




Real Deal:  So close!  Ainsley may have been dizzy, but she wasn’t out for the count yet!

Lake holds her head as King starts trying to lock in the Anaconda Vice immediately!  She squirms, trying to keep from being locked in the submission hold that King is working on locking in, but it seems as though the move is just too complex for him to lock in!  She gets her foot on the bottom rope and King has to let her go!  He shakes his head until he is met with a leaping Muay Thai knee strike from Jester Smiles!!!  The fans cheer as King is rocked from the shot.  Jester rocks King with a series of kicks to the abdomen until he locks King into a Release Fisherman’s Suplex!!!  The fans pop BIG as Jester gets up, prompting the fans to cheer for him as he looks to the ropes.

OutKast:  Oh, Jester, this won’t end well.  It never does.

Jester runs to the ropes and jumps up onto the middle rope for a springboard onto King…BUT KAZ APPEARS!!  JESTER DOESN’T EVEN GET OFF OF THE ROPES BEFORE KAZ TURNS THE SPRINGBOARD INTO A GERMAN KAZPLEX!!  Jester clutches his head as Kaz sprawls over him!  Tony Lorenzo’s there!!




OutKast:  CLOSE!!  SO CLOSE!!

Kaz stands up only to have Lake springboard off the top rope with a Hart Attack clothesline!!  Kaz and Lake are down!!  Lake gets right back up, calling for the fans to back her up as she picks King up, placing him in the corner.  She runs to the other side of the ring and charges into King…BUT KING CATCHES HER WITH A RUNNING YAKUZA KICK, ALSO KNOWN AS THE PENALTY KICK!!!

Real Deal:  She MUST have been going for the handspring elbow and King just met her halfway with a HARD spear!  Did you SEE her head?!  It snapped off of that mat like she didn’t have ANY neck bones!

King gets up and jumps over to pin Jester!  Tony Lorenzo’s there!



King immediately jumps over to Kaz for the pin and Tony Lorenzo’s there for that, too!



King freaks out and runs over to Ainsley and stops for a moment before he figures he needs to at least try to pin her!  He’s down with the pin and Tony Lorenzo is, once again, there!



King slaps the mat, irritated.

OutKast:  Calm your ass down, King!  Damn!  It ain’t even been ten minutes, you think they’re gonna go down that easy for a Revolution Championship?!

King shakes his head in disbelief until he turns and sees Jester staring back at him.  The fans are popping big as Jester waves at him.  The two of them stare at one another for a moment before King starts to talk his shit at Jester.  Jester does not say anything as King gets right in his face, nose to nose.  King’s head wobbles side to side in an Austin-like manner as he continues to cuss Jester out.  Jester, however, just keeps smiling in King’s face.  King soon, however, gets fed up with Jester’s smile and goes for a punch and Jester blocks it!  Jester with a HARD shot!  King with a shot that Jester blocks and NAILS King yet again!  King goes to wail on Jester once again, but Jester blocks him!  The fans are antsy for ANOTHER shot from Jester, but Jester does not even go for a punch!  King winces, waiting for the punch…but nothing!  King’s eyes open up and he’s greeted with Jester offensive…in the form of a two finger eye poke!  The fans POP as King falls back, clutching his face!  Jester smacks his lips, a little bit upset that he had to resort to such actions after King’s blatant disrespect.  However, his moment to reflect on the eye poke is just enough time for Kaz to sneak up on Jester and LOCK IN THE KHATA HAJIME!!!

Real Deal:  This could be it!!


Real Deal:  I…what?

Kaz drags Jester down to the mat and keeps the hold locked in, dragging Jester to a seated position as he keeps the hold locked in.  He swings Jester around enough to keep Jester from getting his bearings.  Tony Lorenzo is right there with him, trying to see if Jester is choked out or if he plans on tapping out!  Ainsley pulls herself up and spots Jester in trouble!  Kaz spots her and keeps the Khata Hajime locked in on Jester.  He glares at her as she picks herself up ever so slowly.  Once she’s up she bounces off the ropes, heading right at Kaz and Jester!  Kaz releases the Khata Hajime and GOES THE KAZ CUTTER ROARING EL…NO!!!  AINSLEY DUCKS!!  SHE SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE…KAZ TURNS AROUND…SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER!!!  HIGHER SIDE OF LOW!!!  HIGHER SIDE OF LOW!!!  KAZ IS DOWN!!!

Real Deal:  Ainsley Lake has Kaz down!!  She pins him and she is the FIRST REVOLUTION CHAMPION!!!


OutKast:  What the hell?!

Tony Lorenzo goes for the count on both, but can’t count both pins!!  Jester and Ainsley stare at Tony and then spot one another!  They get off of their respective opponents and stand up, staring at one another!  She nods her head and charges at Jester, who does the same!  She goes for an elbow strike, but Jester ducks out of the way and goes for a clothesline that Ainsley ducks!  She reaches back for a neckbreaker, but Jester blocks the hold, turning himself around to lock her into a swinging neckbreaker that she powers out of and counters into a backslide!  She tries to overpower Jester, but HE overpowers HER!!  She realizes her mistake in attempting to backslide Jester and immediately releases his arms and drops down for a schoolboy!  She tries to roll him up but Jester maintains his balance!  He swings his arms around, trying to fight the schoolboy roll up!  Ainsley switches her roll up attempt and tries instead by grabbing both of his legs, bringing him completely to the mat!  Tony Lorenzo goes for the pin!!




Jester rolls away from Ainsley and grabs her legs, flipping over her for a pinfall attempt and Tony Lorenzo’s there!




Jester immediately picks Ainsley up from the mat and whips her to the ropes, but Ainsley springboards for a crossbody, but Jester grabs her mid flight and swings her around for a side slam but she counters into a swinging DDT!!  Jester is OUT!  Ainsley slides over to him, but Kaz pulls her off of him before the pin fall can be attempted!  Lake instantly begins to kick him off of her, but King’s on Jester and Tony Lorenzo goes to count the pin!




Donovan King:  FUCK!!

Ainsley turns to see King and then successfully kicks Kaz off of her!  She gets up and goes right at King!  She goes for a front face dropkick, but King DUCKS!  She flies RIGHT OVER HIM and King immediately charges at Kaz, who is going for ANOTHER KAZ CUTTER…BUT KING DUCKS IT AS WELL AND PUTS KAZ UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!!!  He looks over the fans and SNAPS KAZ AROUND INTO THE KTFU!!!  KTFU!!!


King grins from ear to ear as he stands over Kaz’s body who is OUT on the mat!  He leans against the ropes to admire his handiwork…BUT AINSLEY RAMS KING WITH A CROSSBODY THAT SENDS THE BOTH OF THEM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE RING!!!  The fans ERUPT as both of them spill out to the outside.


OutKast:  See…THIS is what you wanna go through to get that Revolution Championship!  These people are gonna put their bodies through HELL for the right to be the FIRST SHOOT Project Revolution Champion!!!

Jester slowly pulls himself over onto his stomach and begins to pull himself up from the mat, the fans loving every moment of this!  He looks at Kaz who is OUT on the mat!  He looks at Ainsley and King who are both starting to stir on the outside of the ring!


Jester slowly pulls himself up his feet and groggily walks over to Kaz, who is barely in the world from the KTFO from King.  Jester kneels down to pick Kaz…up?!

Real Deal:  He could pin him and WIN this thing!  What is he doing?!

Jester picks Kaz up, and Kaz…as if almost out of instinct NAILS Jester with a hard shot!  Kaz is OUT on his feet and Jester staggers backwards from the shot!  Kaz tries to shake the cobwebs and throws another punch…BUT JESTER TWISTS THE ARM AND GRAPEVINES THE LEG…SNAP DDT!!!  THE END OF THE LAUGHTER!!!  KAZ SATO IS OUT ON THE MAT!!!

OutKast:  HE GOT HIM!!







The fans pop BIG for Jester Smiles!


OutKast:  The…CLOWN?!  HE’S our first representative?!  Oh God…he hugged me!

Tony Lorenzo hands Jester Smiles the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship belt as “The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night plays.  The fans in attendance cheer for one of the new faces of the SHOOT Project…and it is Jester Smiles.

Real Deal:  Wow.  Always underestimated, never really respected…Jester Smiles overcame three of the hottest newcomers in SHOOT for the right to be called the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion!

Ainsley clutches her shoulder as she slides in the ring to see her friend, who is still in shock at holding the first ever Championship in SHOOT Project.  He stares at the belt in awe for a moment as Kaz rolls from the ring, furious he was pinned but groggy still from all the offense.  The camera shows Donovan King, meanwhile, who is on his knees in shock at the fact that the Clown is now the Revolution Champion.  King dips his head to the mat, having a small temper tantrum.  Jester embraces Ainsley and holds up his title for all to see.  The fans cheer even more.

OutKast:  Damn.  Well, better luck next time, Do—

Jester slides from the ring and HUGS OutKast!!  OutKast is in shock as Jester turns to Real Deal, who is up from his seat straddling the guardrail!

Jester Smiles:  C’MERE, BIG GUY!

Real Deal:  NO!  NO!!  I’m good, I’m good, I’m good!  Congratulations!

Jester throws his belt up for all to see and pumps his fist as he races back around the ring.  King, meanwhile, in the ring, throws Lorenzo out of his way and leaves the ring.  He walks to the back as Lake holds Jester’s arm up in a show of respect.  Jester and Lake head back to the back, Jester grinning from ear to ear.

OutKast:  He…he hugged me…

Real Deal:  Twice.

OutKast:  …again.

Real Deal:  He’s the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion.

OutKast:  He was really sweaty.

At first all we see is a spotlight, however soon a voice over starts to speak.

The world has seen many tragedies in it’s time…

War, famine, disease, bloody revolution…

Event’s such as September 11 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy burn themselves into the history books every year. From London Bridge to Shack’s rap album humanity has seen horrors and lamented losses since the dawn of civilization. However… on the 11th of August 2007 the world saw an injustice, nay a tragedy that runs deeper than any before seen. One so horrible, so inhuman and inconceivable that the SHOOT projects upper management have gone into denial… That’s right, I’m talking about a blemish on Revolutions card, one that a million years of success will never erase.

‘Diamond’ Del Carver, ‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott, Chris Lee, Ron Barker, Cade Sydal, Dave Marz, Ainsley Lake, Jester Smiles, Donovan King and Kaz Sato… all making they’re presence known yet one man has been forgotten, that man is…

We see a man with long hair step forward, the spotlight at his back covers him in shadow but leaves his silhouette. He crosses his arms slowly, dramatically.



The scene fades in. But this isn’t your normal, every day SHOOT scene fading in. At the very bottom right hand corner of the screen, there is the Jester Smiles logo. Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for the first SHOOT Project SMILES CAM!!

Jester has the camera turned towards his own face, and he’s wearing his trademark green and purple Mardi Gras mask, smiling brightly at the camera.

Jester Smiles: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the first EVER SHOOT Project production of SMILES CAM!!

For those of you who have never heard of Smiles Cam, well, what rock have YOU been living under?!

Jester gets a mock angry face on, showing his disgust at people who don’t know who HE is. I mean, come on. It’s JESTER!!

Jester Smiles: Well, for those of you who are SO uncultured, let me explain. Smiles Cam is me giving back to the SHOOT Project. Smiles Cam is where I, Jester Smiles, take a random member of the SHOOT roster, and I give them there time to shine in my own personal interview. So, let’s see what fun we have planned today, my chickadees!

Jester turns the camera around to reveal a large door that reads “Ainsley Lake”. Jester, without knocking, bursts in through the door.

Jester Smiles: HEY AINS-OH SHIT!

Ainsley turns, recognizing her ex-boyfriend’s voice and about to tell him not to worry, until she sees the camera. That thrice-damned camera of his, which she knew meant she was the latest victim of Smiles Cam.

Ainsley Lake: ERIC! You get that camera out of here NOW!

Normally, this wouldn’t have bothered her. After all, she’s always willing to be on camera. But when wearing nothing but a white wife-beater and a pair of pink Hello Kitty panties, it would be understandably embarassing. Her glare is ice cold as she shouts some more, for good measure.

Ainsley Lake: I swear, Eric, if you don’t turn that thing off NOW-

Unfortunately, our dear Hero seems stuck in a trance. I mean, it’s Ainsley Lake in panties. Wouldn’t you stare too?

Jester Smiles: Sorry sorry sorry!

Jester shakes it off and turns the camera around. He then turns it back, right when Ainsley is bending over to put on some pants, before, once again, turning the camera around.

Jester Smiles: Sorry!

Ainsley Lake: Eric, you better have some way of editting this tape, or so help me, I’ll have Mitya claw your pretty little eyes out.

She’s all smiles (No pun intended) now, as she slides on a pair of black slacks and covers herself with a black blouse for good measure.

Ainsley Lake: Now, since you’ve got the camera, what is it that the Hero of SHOOT would like to ask me?

Jester turns around, relieved and disappointed all at the same time.

Jester Smiles: Editing? Oh, yeah, of course.

Oh how devious the clown is.

Jester Smiles: Now, come on Ainsley. You of all people should know EXACTLY what this is. This….is…..MONDAY NIGHT-

NO! No no no. No it isn’t. This is SMILES CAM!!!

Jester pauses for dramatic effect.

Ainsley Lake: Of all the people in the world, you’d think I’d have known that was coming… Alright, Jester, I know how this works. This is, generally, a kooky interview where you confuse the heck out of people. So, get to the wacky hijinx, Doll. The world awaits your brilliance.

Ainsley lifts up a purple tie from the back of her chair, threading it through the collar and letting it hang around her neck.

Jester Smiles: Awww, you even remembered to edit yourself. I might not have to use the bullhorn.

This won’t be any fun at all.

A deep sigh is heard off camera.

Jester Smiles: So, Ainsley, later tonight, you and I will do battle with two other men for the Revolution Title. I guess my only question is…..

What perfume are you using? It smells absolutely wonderful.

Ainsley Lake: I don’t use perfume, perfume is for old ladies. It’s just some cheap dollar store spray, strawberry vanilla scent.

Ainsley reaches into her duffel bag again and pulls out a brightly pink colored, yet still generic, bottle. She sprays it in Jester’s direction, in an attempt to get him smelling like a pretty lady, too. Jester takes a deep breath, breathing it all in.

Jester Smiles: YAY!! I smell like someone who wins!! And now that I’ve gotten you to reveal your greatest weakness, I’m SURE to win tonight.

Jester laughs maniacally, cackling with evil delight. Okay, he actually sounds slightly retarded, but, hey, to each their own.

Jester Smiles: So, Ainsley, SHOOT Project and yourself have a bit of history together. Tell me, if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it…..

Why does Chris Lee smell like onions?

Ainsley Lake: Oh, that’s just because he hasn’t showered in forever. Seriously. Our match last run in SHOOT? When me, CJ, and Jared whooped his little DOJO? I almost fainted. It was so grody.

Ainsley shakes her head at the memory, in mock fondness.

Ainsley Lake: Ah, onions.

Jester Smiles: Yes, but why onions?

The camera shakes, as if Jester is trying to stay on topic.

Jester Smiles: NO! We must talk about things relevant to SHOOT. Like….Who do you see as the next top contender for the SHOOT Project World Title.

What, a relatively normal question?!

Jester Smiles: Assuming, of course, that everyone on the roster is a mole.

Ainsley: Assuming we have a roster full of moles? Del. ‘Cause a mole is a sort of a rat, isn’t it?

Jester Smiles: OH SNAP!!

Jester turns the camera around to face him.

Jester Smiles: Hey, Del, you need some ointment for that BURN!!!!

Jester turns the camera around back to Ainsley.

Jester Smiles: Alright, this is a question that Red Hot Ray Wilmott has been asking for years now.

Ainsley Lake…….

How many roads must a man walk down………before they can call him a man?

Ainsley Lake: 42. Duh. Don’t you people read?

Jester Smiles: Once. It wasn’t really for me. You know, reading….words. It’s difficult. Which leads me to my next question.


Ainsley Lake: Because I’m totally the bestest wrestler in the world, or at least, in your mind? And you have no faith in yourself, because I dumped you?

Jester Smiles: I can’t beat you because you broke up with me. That doesn’t seem logical.

Ainsley Lake: Smiles Cam. We don’t NEED logic.

Jester Smiles: No, but we do need ferrets. Anyhow, this line of questioning is depressing me, so we’re going to move on to the LIGHTNING ROUND!!

Ainsley Lake: I’d like to pick what’s behind door number 2!

Jester Smiles: Well, that’s not an option. So, basically, folks, the lighting round works li-GREATESTFRUITSNACKEVERGO!

Ainsley Lake: Scooby Doo, Daphne flavored!

Jester pauses for a moment.

Jester Smiles: ………lesbian.

Ainsley looks like she is about to say something, but gets interrupted.



Jester again pauses.


Ainsley Lake: CHRONOS’GHOST!

Jester Smiles: You’re good at this………..lesbian.

Ainsley Lake: You keep using that word. I do no think it means what you think it means.

Jester Smiles: I LOVE THAT MOVIELESBIAN!! Anyhow, we’re about out of time for Smiles Cam. So, do you have anything you want to say to the fans before we fade out?

Ainsley Lake: Wish me luck, and I-

Suddenly, a bullhorn appears from off camera and is blasted, interrupting Ainsley. Ainsley gives Jester this look that just screams “what the fuck?!”

Jester Smiles: What? It’s a trademark part of Smiles Cam.

Ainsley: Eat a wick.

Jester Smiles: That doesn’t sound like very much fun at all.

Jester turns the camera to himself.

Jester Smiles: Until next time, folks, stay in drugs and don’t do school! BOOYA!

The camera slowly fades out.


The foyer area of the Thomas and Mack arena roars with thunderous cheers as the crowd realises that a camera crew is among them, pushing their way through men, women and children of all ages toward the glass doors, through security and to the limousine which pulls up outside. The fans wait with baited breath for long seconds as the limo seems to site there, a corridor of security right up to the back door until it suddenly pops open to cheers as the man inside steps out and raises his black, gloved fists.

His hair combed back into a tight ponytail, black wrap-around sunglasses protecting his eyes from the camera flashes, a black hoody beneath an urban camo flak jacket which matches his shorts and some short-top wrestling shoes, Osbourne Kilminster makes his way along the corridor, his hands outstretched to slap those of the fans who reach out to him. Pushing in through the glass doors, he breaks through the bubble of blue-uniforms to get out into the crowd, exchanging smiles and slaps and handshakes with them before climbing up onto a scaffold pedastal, raising both gloved fists in salute to them.


Smiling as the fans chant, he catches a microphone thrown by one of the backstage crew and pumps his fists into the air.

O.K. “Do you people have any fuckin’ idea how good it feels for me to be BACK… in LAS VEGAS?!”

Nodding his head, he is silenced for a moment by their cheers.

O.K. “It’s been a long time coming and, fuck me, it feels good… It feels good to be back and it feels great to be a part of the SHOOT Project!”


O.K. “That’s right, SHOOT’s back, I’m back and there’s just one thing on my mind right now. You know, I know and everybody running the show knows that I was due for my shot at the Big One just before this places ran its course last time, and that unfortunate timing meant that I missed that opportunity, an opportunity I’d earned with consistency and title runs and just about everything else you can think of. There isn’t much that can be done in, with and for SHOOT that I haven’t done… and I think it’s high time I was paid my dues and given the respect I deserve.”

The fans give a chorus of cheers in quieter tones, a little unsure of what Osbourne’s driving at here…

O.K. “Hey, come on! If I’m the champ, that’s good for you because atleast you’ll have a fighting champ! You’ve got OutKast and Real Deal out on the bench, dodgy hips Carver waddling about the place like a zombie John Wayne… who else? You know what, who gives a flying fuck? You’ve got Osbourne Kilminster right here, willing to throw down with just about anybody to get that belt, the title, to earn the privilege to rest on the mantle of all those greats who’ve held the big one in SHOOT… I’ve never backed down from anybody and I’m not going to now, so come on – give me somebody! COME ON!”



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Southport, North Carolina!

“Broken Bones” by nonpoint hits the airwaves, and the fans begin to buzz with excitement. A mixed reaction of sorts rises, heavily positive with just a few moral superiors taunting the man, as Cade Sydal steps through the curtain onto the stage. He rolls his neck from side to side as he starts walking down the ramp, wearing a pair of royal blue baggy pants, with his name “spray-painted” on the right leg in white. Cade springs onto the apron and slingshots over the top rope with ease.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 179 pounds! He is CADE “MuthaFuckin'” SYDAL!

Cade backs into a corner as his music fades out.

Real Deal: There’s damn near a one-hundred pound difference between Cade and his opponent tonight!

OutKast: but ya wouldn’t know it by the look of confidence and determination on his face, Josh. And you and I both know that size ain’t an issue against a cat like him.

Real Deal: Indeed we do. We’ve both had our share of wars with him, and we’ve both tasted some defeat at his hands…or feet.

OutKast: Don’t go remindin’ me of all that, now.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Ozone Park, Queens, New York!

“Have a Nice Day” by Bon Jovi takes over the sound, and the fans begin to cheer heavily as Dave Marz steps through the curtain. He looks out at the sea of fans, appreciatively, before making his way to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and gets straight to his feet, keeping his eyes on Cade, across from him, his music also fading out.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 270 pounds! He is “Die hard” DAVE MARZ!

Real Deal: We’ve also had our share of battles against Dave Marz, Sean, and he can throw the heavy artilery!

OutKast: This is gonna be really interesting Josh, because they both have completely different styles.

Real Deal: That’s right, Cade Sydal is knwon for his stiff kicks, but also his ability to out-wrestle and out-fly most men he steps into the ring with!

OutKast: But Dave Marz has a reputation of just downright beating people into the ground. no real finesse with him, just straight up smash-mouth, in-your-face, ass-whippin’s!

Referee Austin Linam signals for the bell and it sounds. Cae Sydal and Dave Marz step out of their corners, and start jawing at each other as they walk. They get just a foot apart from each other, and they continue to jaw until finally snapping into an aggressive lock up. Marz pulls Cade quickly into a side headlock. Cade uses both hands to push Marz’s hands upward before he spins out and drops into a quick drop toehold, floating over Marz’s back into a headlock on the ground himself.

Real Deal: Cade Sydal is among the quickest men in this sport when it comes to counters and reversals.

OutKast: This is true, but we’ll see how well that matches up once they start throwing those heavy bones. Kid has lost a serious amount of weight since we last saw him.

Marz works to his feet, but Cade maintains a tight grip on the headlock, until Mar shoves him forward toward the ropes. Cade comes rebounding off, and Marz steps into him powerfully with a big shoulder tackle, knocking Cade to the canvas. Marz darts to the ropes to his right and Cade quickly rolls to his belly trying to trip Marz. Marz clears him n the run, however, and Cade gets to his feet quickly and leaps up and over the running Marz with a leap frog. Cade lands on his feet and then jumps straight up again with his back to Marz, before suddenly turning around in mid-air and catches Marz on the run with a hurricanrana out of nowhere, spilling Marz out through the ropes to the outside!

Real Deal: That might not matter, if Cade can continue to dance with what brought him, Sean.

OutKast: You ain’t gonna get an arguement outta me on that, I know how good he is when he’s in that groove. But Dave is as serious a competitor as they come.

Cade quickly darts to the far ropes and as he steps off of them he cartwheels wide, right into a moonsault over the top rope onto Marz on the outside! Cade quickly pulls Marz up by his wrist befre quickly rolling Marz into the ring. Cade leaps up onto the apron and waits for Marz to get to his feet. Marz slowly does, and Cade springboards to the top rope and off with a dropkick! But Marz side steps at the last possible second and drops to a knee, catching Cade by his neck with his upraised knee!

Real Deal: Dave Marz just nailed Cade with that sort of neckbreaker across his knee to counter the dropkick, and I think we’re about to see an entirerly different ballgame right now!

OutKast: As long as Dave can stick to Cade’s neck, he’ll be more than able to put him away with that Marz Attack of his.

Marz quickly drops into a cover, hooking the right leg as he does so, and Austin Linam slides into perfect position for the count.




Cade kicks both legs hard, rolling a shoulder off the canvas. Cade rolls to his side clutching his neck, before Marz wastes no time in pulling him to his feet. Marz whips him hard into a near corner and rushes in with a clothesline that almost sends Cade over the turnbuckles to the outside! Marz grabs Cade by his head and runs out of the corner and plants Cade face first with a hard running bulldog! Marz hooks the leg again for a cover.



Cade kicks out quickly this time.

Real Deal: A couple of nearfalls there, and Dave doesn’t really look like he plans on giving Cade’s neck any less attention.

OutKast: That’s true, and I’m not gonna hate on either of them, but I will say Cade has been known to come back at ya when you least expect it.

Marz grabs Cade by the head and starts pulling him to his feet. Cade throws both arms up and out wide, shoving Marz’s hands off his head, then grabs Marz behind his head and drops to one knee, delivering an unexpected jawbreaker. Cade clutches his neck momentarily before leaping up and dropkicking Marz in the face, backflipping through to his belly after connecting! Cade shoves off his chest and hits the ropes before sliding into Marz with a baseball slide to the side of the head! Cade scrambles on top and hooks both legs deep for the cover!




Marz kicks out quickly, and Cade pulls him up to his feet by his arm. Cade twists under the arm before sending him into the nearest turnbuckle.

Real Deal: You’re right about that, and just in that series of quick moves, Cade has made this into a legit see-saw battle. It’ll be interesting to see how this one ends up going.

OutKast: its all gonna be about who can pick up the most momentum and wear the other cat out the most, Josh. It really is.

Cade runs in at Marz, but Marz ducks his shoulder down, sending Cade up and over the top rope! Cade grabs the top rope and swings from it to land with his feet on the apron. Marz walks out of the corner, checking his mouth for blood, before he starts to turn. Cade springboards to the top rope and comes sailing right off, catching Marz as he turns around with an elevated spinning wheel kick!

Real Deal: Did you see how high he got up there!

OutKast: Heh, I don’t know if we should be using the word “high” with him, might get him into legal trouble.

Cade hooks Dave’s legs deep!




Marz rolls his left shoulder off the canvas! Cade doesn’t hesitate to pull Marz to his feet. Cade Irish Whips Marz, but Marz reverses and pulls Cade into a short-arm back elbow, causing Cade to land hard on the back of his head and neck! Marz shakes his arm out before he drops to hook the leg.




Cade kicks out.

Real Deal: Marz showed a lot of tenacity there, nailing that elbow right in Cade’s face after that flurry of offense from Sydal.

OutKast: And now, as the kids say, the tide has turned again.

Marz pulls Cade to his feet before hooking his arm and grapevining his leg, Marz snaps back with a side Russian Leg Sweep, driving Cade down on his neck once more! Marz rolls backward and sits Cade up, before clinching him in a reverse chinlock, with his knee in the back of Cade’s neck! Cade grips Marz’s left wrist with both hands and turns his body to face to the left. Cade quickly rolls backward to his feet, holding Marz by the wrist, Cade swings under Marz’s arm but in mid-swing under, Marz throws his right forearm down across the back of Cade’s neck, dropping him face first to the canvas!

Real Deal: Cade avoided submitting with a nice reversal, but Marz had a real simple solution to the reversal himself!

OutKast: That’s right, he absolutely drilled Cade into the canvas with that shot, bro.

Marz pulls Cade to his feet before cranking him over backward  and drops to his rear with a stiff neckbreaker across his shoulder! Cade drops to the canvas in a bit of a heap, and Marz hooks the leg!




Cade rolls a shoulder off the canvas! Marz pulls Cade to his feet and sends him off the ropes! Marz swings a clothesline, but Cade manages to roll under the clothesline! Cade springs up and into the air as Marz turns, throwing a NINJAGURAI! Marz drops back to his rear to avoid contact, however, and Cade lands on his belly!

Real Deal: Cade Sydal just tried to end it out of nowhere with that devastating kick of his!

OutKast: But Dave Marz must have a sixth sense or somethin’ ’cause he avoided it just barely!

Both men scramble to their feet, and Cade is up first. he snaps a high kick into Dave’s chest! Marz responds immediately with a right jab to the side of the face! Cade stumbles back then leaps forward, rolling, and brings the bottom of his right foot into Marz’s face, bowling him over with the rolling kick! Cade gets to his feet as Marz slowly gets to his own. Cade hits the ropes and comes at Dave, leaping as he does, he turns his back to Marz and catches him with his legs around Marz’s waist with a Casadora. Cade springs up off his hands, but Dave drops him on his feet and hooks under Cade’s arm and snaps backward!

Real Deal: Marz Attack!

OutKast: Out of nowhere!

Cade is dropped right on top of his head and he crumbles to the canvas. Dave Marz hooks Cade’s leg and Austin Linam slides into position t make the count!




Austin Linam gets to his feet and signals for the bell..

Josh Johnson: That bacdrop driver of his came out of absolutely nowhere! Talk about a sudden victory!

OutKast: He caught Cade’s own momentum and threw him back with it. It was perfect timing, Josh.

Marz gets to his feet as Bon Jovi’s “Have A Nice Day” hits once again.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner at twenty minutes, twenty-seven seconds, “Die Hard” DAVE MARZ!

Marz backs into the ropes, before rolling under the bottom rope and starts his victorious journey up the ramp to the back.


The camera goes to the back where we see none other than The Other Guy of Shots in the Dark fame running to catch up with Donovan King, who is walking out of the arena with his duffel bag around his shoulder.  He is also in his street clothes.

Other Guy:  Donovan!  Donovan!  What’s up, man!  Why you leavin’?

Donovan glares at Other Guy.

Donovan King:  Why am I leavin’?!  Why the FUCK am I leavin’?!  Did you see what the fuck happened out there?  A fucking CLOWN is SHOOT’s first Champion.  HE COMES OUT TO CIRCUS MUSIC, MAN.  THAT IS SHOOT’S REPRESENTATIVE CHAMP, MAN.

Other Guy:  Well…I mean…why leave the arena?

Donovan King:  Look, man.  I had one shot to make it here.  One.  All I had ta do was beat some bitch, some dumb ass, and a clown.  I got dat bitch down and I even put the hurt on that dumb ass.  But dat fucking clown…that clown…the stupidest guy on dis roster is the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion.  Now what?

Other Guy:  I mean…you lost, man.  That happens.  Why walk outta here if…?

Donovan King:   Let me holla at SHOOT, den.

King glares at the camera.

Donovan King:  Congratulations, SHOOT.  Y’all got dat stupid fuckin’ clown as your Revolution Champion.  Y’all must be real proud.  Well, fuck dat.  Fuck dat and fuck y’all.  But, yo…Jester?  Let me holla right at you.

He sneers at the camera.

Donovan King:  I put the hurt on dat bitch Lake.  I’M the reason Kaz Sato was fuckin’ DONE in this match, Clown.  You fuckin’ owe me, son.  You fuckin’ owe me.  Best fuckin’ believe dis, Clown…I’mma collect on dat reeeeeal soon.

King looks at Other Guy.

Donovan King:  Now get the fuck out my face.

King shoves Other Guy out of the way and walks off the screen, leaving Other Guy at a loss as we go back to ringside.


Backstage within the inner workings of the arena, one of SHOOT’s newest superstars, Whiplash, a man heard about earlier tonight, is seen leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. Standing beside him is another man who seems to be mimicking the pouting.

Steve: How’s this?

Whiplash: Pout harder Steve! Do I have to do everything…?

Steve tightens his elbows and forrows his brow even more.

Whiplash: We’re WAY off schedule, everyone’s supposed to love me by now…

Whiplash mutters to himself like a spoilt child deprived of his favorite toy.  During Whiplash’s self-focused muttering about being loved, another new name to the SHOOT Project organization passes by.  Trevor Worrens, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, a white button up shirt, untucked, and a black jean jacket, stops in mid-stride, and turns his head in the direction of Whiplash.

Trevor Worrens: Did I hear right? Everyone is supposed to love you? Who are you to expect that kind of admiration?

Whiplash: Huh?

Whiplash looks up as if suprised to see someone there, he eventually shakes his head and seems to come to a conclusion.

Whiplash: Oh, right… uhhh just get me a Mocha with two sugars… actually make that one I’ve got to watch my figure.

The audience can be heard reacting with a collective “oooh” from ringside.  Trevor takes a few steps now towards Whiplash. As he gets in front of Whiplash, Trevor brushes his hair out of his eyes and offers a smirk.

Trevor Worrens: Mocha… two sugars… cute. I get it too, you’re one of those crowd pleasers. So then maybe making you think was too difficult of a concept for you to grasp. Therefore, why don’t you just enlighten me a little by telling me your name?

Whiplash blinks a few moments before suddenly bursting out laughing.

Whiplash: OH! Hahaha, that’s good, no really it was, as if you haven’t heard of Whiplash… but seriously if you could pick it up from Starbucks that’d be great, the coffee I’ve seen them serve here tastes awful.

Now, Trevor is in no mood and gets right up in Whiplash’s face. Steve quickly pulls away, wanting no part of the seemingly inevitable confrontation.

Trevor Worrens: I am not here for amusement. I am not here to get you coffee. My name is Trevor Worrens; I am here to right a wrong done to me.  And let me make something perfectly clear to you, Whiplash. I caught that little advertisement earlier, how it’s such a tragedy for you not to be in that ring tonight. Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that simply SAYING something doesn’t make it worthy of anyone’s attention.

Trevor takes a step back from Whiplash.

Trevor Worrens: let me ask you something.  Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where everything you thought was true, came crashing down all around you?

Whiplash: Hmmm…

He taps his chin and looks up as if honestly considering it.

Whiplash: Well I was pretty bummed out when I found out ‘Fantasy Island’ was made up…

Trevor mocks amusement, nodding his head with a laugh.

Trevor Worrens: Fantasy Island… clever. (the laughter stops) But how about this one. Your belief that they’ll all love you, they won’t. They might laugh and cheer, but the love you want, such an empty, unfulfilling emotion.

Whiplash scratches his head in confusion.

Whiplash: Hang on… you’re telling me you’re [i]not[/i] in the Whiplash Fan club?

Trevor shakes his head and starts to walk away.  Whiplash looks to Steve with a sigh of relief.

Whiplash: Steve, take down his name… he’s got the worst case of Whiplash deficiency I’ve ever seen, this may require direct intervention from the ‘Reaching out to Whiplash’ foundation…

Just as the last word is uttered, Trevor Worrens lunges back into view, NAILING Whiplash with a stiff forearm. Whiplash crashes into Steve before hitting the floor.  Trevor looks down at Whiplash, anger in his eyes.

Trevor Worrens: THERE! You have their attention now… but it’s not love, Whiplash… it’s pity!

With that, Trevor storms off down the hall, leaving Whiplash on the floor, wincing in pain as Steve looks on in a bit of shock.

Whiplash: … AH! My Face… NOT MY FACE!

Steve quickly scrumbles to help Whiplash up who clutches his face like a priceless vase that had been cracked.

Whiplash: This demands justice! Steve… take me to SHOOT’s leader…

Steve helps Whiplash down the hall in the opposite direction of where Trevor Worrens left.


Devil’s Dance Floor by Flogging Molly pipes through the sound system in the Thomas and Mack Arena. A single purple spot focuses on the entrance way as Ainsley Lake makes her way to the middle of the ring, looking far classier than she did in her stint on Smiles Cam. Her suit is pristine, her makeup is smoky and sexy, and her hair glitters under the lights. When she gets to the middle of the ring, she motions for a mic, and thanks Samantha Coil when she gets it.

Ainsley Lake: Delroy Lee Carver. Well, that’s a name I’d never planned on hearing again in my natural born life. That’s a man I’d never planned on seeing again. For your sake, that is, Bionic Captain. You see, I’m still just about as angry as a person can be. Even Kaz Sato, clearly a bastion of critical thinking and intelligence, caught on to the fact that you did me a great disrespect last time we met.

Or did you forget that your knight complex cost me the match with Trevor Cunning? Back in that dive of a fed, where we were preempted to show Snail Races and repeats of My Wife And Kids, you were their goddamned king. They worshipped you, so what did you do? You took it upon yourself to try and secure a princess from the big bad man with the brass knuckles.

That’s all I am, isn’t it? Some little toy with the words First Prize emblazoned on my forehead. A novelty, to be fretted over and protected, but never to be treated like it legitimately matters. Like a single bead on a necklace, I’m no more important than any other woman wrestler. You’d have pulled the same little stunt for any woman. You didn’t think I was in any serious danger, you just wanted to look like the hero.

For the fans.

You ran in, and ruined a match that I had been dominating the entire time… For the fans. You didn’t care that I’d rather use my own skill to compete, win/loss record be damned. You didn’t care that you made me look helpless, and completely ruined any hope I had of being taken seriously.

When you promo’d against me in SHOOT last time, you didn’t even use your own voice! I was young then. Flattered, even. But I’m not the same little girl who blushed when the big strong man gave her a rose. I’ve looked back on those nights, Del, and I’ve tried to see where it is that I went wrong.

And I found it. When I was arguing with you about Cunning, I should have taken his discarded brass knuckles and knocked you out. Maybe I should have given you a scar to match Boden’s Tokyo Kiss scar. Because it should have been obvious to me that you never saw me as a real competitor. You confirmed it for the whole world to see, Del! “I’m a jerkoff reporter and I wanna rile up the hick, so I’ll make comments about a girl!” “I’m Del Carver, and I’m going to RUN AWAY LIKE A COWARD!”

That’s just what you do, Del. You run away. With all your crazy matches, your injuries, and your dangerous spots, one would think that you were brave. Fearless, even. But with all the drugs and cheap hooch (Both of the women and the alcohol variety), it’s plain as day that you’re a coward with NO will power.

Save the gentlemanly crap for women who need your protection, you wasted old junkie. I’m not suffering, I’m not helpless, and I’m not your little girl. And if I did need protection? I’d go to someone who wouldn’t have to handle withdrawals in the middle of the rescue attempt.

Ainsley hands the mic back to Samantha and jumps out of the ring, stalking up the ramp to the mixed reaction of the crowd. It was clear that the cheers sounded almost entirely female, as though the women in the audience could get behind the woman scorned, and the men cheering were generally the ones sitting next to women they were afraid of pissing off. No time wasted acknowledging the crowd, she’s gone.


Even though the show has been going on for a while now, the atmosphere in the Thomas and Mack Arena is still electric and the crowd is still buzzing with excitement.

“Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix starts to echo throughout the arena and Chris Lee slowly emerges into the aisle and walks to the ring. The fans erupt at the sight of the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, and Lee takes the time to exchange high fives and handshakes with as many of the fans as he can, as he slowly makes his way to the ring. Chris climbs onto the apron, and raises his hands over his head, with a smile on his face.  He gets a loud chorus of cheers from the fans in attendance.

“Natural One” by Folk Implosion begins to play and now Ron Barker emerges from the entranceway, and stands in the aisle for a moment, smirking. Ron strides down the aisle with purpose, and vaults himself onto the apron.  Ron ducks between the ropes and appears to be shouting something to Lee, who stands in the opposite corner glaring at Barker.

Samantha takes the microphone in her hand, and steps into the center of the ring…

Samantha:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit!  Introducing first, in the corner to my left: He hails from Toronto Canada and weighs in at 260 pounds…RON BARKER!”

The fans give Barker a largely negative reaction, which he ignores.

Samantha:  “And now, his opponent, in the corner to my right: Hailing from San Francisco, California he weighs 245 pounds and is a member of the SHOOT PROJECT HALL OF FAME…here is THE BOSS…CHRIS LEE!”

Samantha exits the ring as referee Dennis Heflin enters and calls for the bell. The bell rings and we are off…

Real Deal:  “If you don’t know why these two guys hate each other so much, then you might not appreciate why this is such a big match.”

OutKast:  “Yeah for those fans new to SHOOT Project, let’s just say that these two guys had the 2005 Feud of the Year for a reason.  Ron Barker made Chris Lee’s life a living hell for pretty much all of 2005, so you can bet that there will be plenty of hatred and emotion in this match.”

The two men charge at each other.  Ron Barker grabs Chris Lee and throws him over in perfect hip toss.  Lee hits the mat at full speed, but bounces up and runs back at Barker.  Lee gets up again, and holds his back in pain.

Barker advances on Lee, backing him into the corner…and fires a flurry of punches, hitting the middle of the Boss’s forehead.  The Hall of Famer’s eyes glaze slightly at the impact, but he also stands his ground, and after a moment, fires back with a knife-edge chop, which gets a “WHOOO” from the crowd.

Barker answers with another jab.  Lee responds.  Barker.  Lee.  The two men start to pummel each other, back and forth, over and over, and the fans rush to their feet cheering. Suddenly, Lee nimbly ducks Barker’s punch, grabs him by the wrist, and pummels him with a short arm clothesline, flattening Barker.

Real Deal:  “Like we expected, a lot of punches and chops being thrown right off the bat here.  A lot of aggression.”

OutKast:  “This match could get real violent before it’s all over and done with.”

Lee has weakened Barker’s neck with the clothesline, and he immediately goes to work. Lee pulls Barker to his feet, and then sends him right back to the mat with a vicious spinning neck breaker. Lee gets up and places his boot over Barker’s throat, and grinds it in.  Barker kicks his legs frantically, as the referee starts to yell at Lee.

Finally, Lee pulls his foot away, and hoists Barker to his feet, and then locks him up and hoists him into the air with a high vertical suplex.  Instead of dropping him back to the mat however, he drops him throat first across the top rope!   Barker bounces back wildly, and Lee makes the cover.

Real Deal:  “Cover by Lee: One! Two! No!”

OutKast:  “Kickout by Barker…but just barely!  Lee is going after his neck, and he’d probably like to break it if he could! You know, usually Chris Lee is a bit of a goody two shoes, playing it fair and following the rulebook, but he hates Ron Barker so much that it is hard for him to be in the same ring with him and not try to kill him.”

Lee pulls Barker to his feet again, and locks him up for a moment, and then slowly and methodically twists him around…and then executes a reverse “rude awakening” style neck breaker.  The fans gasp loudly in unison at the impact.

Lee pulls Barker up, and swings him into the air, and then drops him down in a sidewalk slam.  Lee picks Barker up again, and repeats the move, but this time extends his knee out, and drops Barker over his leg NECK FIRST!

Real Deal:  “THAT’S GOT TO BE IT! Cover by Lee: One! Two! No!”

OutKast:  “Kickout by Barker.  Man he’s really taking a beating here.  Lee is one of the best technical workers that Shoot Project has ever seen…and he is just crippling that neck of Barker’s.”

Lee heads to the outside, and up top.  He crouches patiently on the top rope, waiting for Barker to stand.  Ron Barker slowly gets up, holding his neck tenderly, and looking around groggily.  It appears that he doesn’t realise that Lee is waiting for him on the top rope.  Barker turns around, and Lee comes flying off the top, straight towards Barker with a Torpedo Dropkick.

Barker sees him, and just in the nick of time, side steps!  Lee misses, and hits the canvas at full speed.  Barker wastes no time.  Barker grabs Lee, and pulls him to his feet.  Barker hoists him up as if for an atomic drop, and then drops him with it!

Barker grabs Lee, spins him around, and then PLANTS him with a LARIAT!

Real Deal:  “Barker on the offensive now for the first time…”

OutKast:  “Yeah, but you can tell by the way he’s carrying himself that his neck is still plenty sore…”

Lee stumbles to his feet.  Ron Barker stands back, still holding his neck. Lee grabs Barker’s arm, and whips him into the far corner.  Barker hits the turnbuckles at full speed, back first.  Lee tries to follow with a clothesline, but Barker gets his foot up.

The Boss’s head snaps back as he gets Barker’s boot to the face. Lee falls right in front of the corner.  Barker climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and comes off with a flying fist drop, which lands squarely.

Real Deal:  “Fist drop, and a cover by Barker!”

OutKast: “One! Two!  NO…Lee gets the shoulder up.”

Barker staggers back to his feet, and backs up, and comes off the ropes.  Barker launches himself into the air, and lands a high elbow smash across the chest of Chris Lee. 

Barker heads outside, and climbs to the top rope.  As he is doing so, Lee quickly scrambles to his feet, and heads up after him. Barker and Lee start to trade punches as Barker is perched up top and Lee is half way up.  Barker looks to be winning the slugfest, when Lee holds both his hands in the air, and violently CHOPS down on both sides of Barker’s neck.

Barker immediately goes limp, slumped on the top turnbuckle.  Lee wastes no time, and locks up Barker.  With a huge effort, Lee hoists Barker into the air…for the superplex! 


Both men hit the mat with a resounding thud, and bounce off the mat a few inches with the impact.  Lee wastes no time, and goes for the cover.



Barker slings his leg over the bottom rope, just as the ref’s hand is coming down for the three count!  Chris Lee is irate.  He gets off Barker, and starts to argue with the ref, holding up three fingers. Barker reaches up, and rolls Lee up, with a schoolboy small package!



No!  At the last minute, Lee kicks free with all of his might, breaking up the pin attempt by Ron Barker.  Lee gets up, enraged at Barker for almost surprising him.  Lee begins violently stomping away at Barker’s neck, over and over again.

Lee pulls Barker up, and tosses him high through the air with a release German Suplex.  Barker lands with great impact, on the back of his neck again.

Lee stays on him, and vaults over top of him with a flying neck crank.  Barker is fired forward in the sitting position, but then snaps back when Lee lands.

Chris Lee gets back to his feet again, and locks up Barker, pulling him to his feet for another suplex.  Barker rolls Lee up in a schoolboy roll up! 

Real Deal:  “ONE! TWO!  NO!  Lee breaks free again!”

OutKast:  “I don’t know who has been more impressive here, Lee with all of these great neck breaking moves, or Barker who keeps kicking out of them, and going for pin attempts!”

Both men scramble to their feet.  Ron Barker rushes forward, and starts swinging.  Barker buries body shots on Lee, lifting him off the ground with the impact of each body blow.  He starts to follow up with some wild roundhouses to the upper body, and finally assails Lee again, with his left cross jabs to the face.  Lee staggers back into the corner under the relentless pounding from Barker.  The crowd is on their feet, loving this match which is half technical wrestling match and half wild brawl.

Barker grabs Lee by the back of the head, and goes to stick his head in between his knees, in set up for the power bomb…but Lee stands up and vaults Ron Barker up into the air and overhead with a backdrop. Both men lay in the ring, folded up in agony.  Dennis Heflin starts to administer a standing 10 count to both men.






Before the count of six, Ron Barker staggers to his feet, and walks over to The Boss, pulling him to his feet.  Ron Barker goes behind, and slaps on a full nelson, but Chris Lee immediately reverses. Ron Barker reverses again. A back elbow by Chris Lee breaks the hold. 

Chris Lee turns and fires a right hand at Ron Barker, and then whips him into the ropes.  A clothesline misses, Ron Barker comes off the ropes…and is met by a high kick to the face from Chris Lee!

Real Deal:  “MAN!  Chris Lee pasted him there!”

OutKast:  “Chris Lee showing us some interesting Martial Arts chops and kicks tonight, mixed in with his wrestling.”

Ron Barker starts to get up, and Chris Lee stays on him with a clubbing forearm to the back, into a waistlock. Ron Barker reverses, Chris Lee sits out!

Chris Lee is back up, and fires a quick knee to the gut, and attempts to toss Barker over the top rope.  Ron Barker lands on the apron, and grabs Chris Lee by the back of the head, and drops…dropping Chris Lee neck first on the top rope!  Ron Barker slides back into the ring, and throws the staggered Chris Lee into the ropes.  The Irish whip is reversed by Chris Lee, but Ron Barker comes off with a leapfrog, and lands on the other side of Chris Lee.  Chris Lee spins around, and is met with a bone crunching body slam!

Real Deal:  “Powerslam on Chris Lee by Ron Barker!  He drops down for the cover! One! Two! No!”

OutKast:  “A kickout with power by Chris Lee, and both men are back to their feet, squaring off again.”

A rapid-fire right hand by Chris Lee stuns Ron Barker, and Chris Lee takes advantage, and ties Ron Barker in the ropes.  Chris Lee hits a knife-edge chop on Ron Barker. Chris Lee tries for another, but Ron Barker breaks free from the ropes and angrily shoves The Boss to the mat with both hands. Ron Barker starts stomping Chris Lee relentlessly. Ron Barker picks Chris Lee up, and tucks his arm under his body. 

Real Deal:  “Another slam on Chris Lee by Ron Barker, but THIS time he puts all the weight right onto that arm of Chris Lee! Could it be that Barker is trying to counter the Martial Arts attack of the Boss by taking out one of the arms of Lee?”

OutKast:  “Cover! One! Two! No!”

Ron Barker gets back up, and starts stomping away.  He backs off for a mere second, and then shoots down and applies a hammerlock on the arm and shoulder area of Chris Lee.

Real Deal:  “He’s really locking in the hammerlock!  Ron Barker has spotted an area of possible weakness, and he’s working it!”

OutKast:  “I think you’re right Josh, Ron does not want to take any more of those knife edge chops. Chris Lee cursing in pain, trying to get to the ropes…and he makes it!”

Ron Barker lets go at the orders of Dennis Heflin, but as soon as Chris Lee is free from the ropes, Barker starts pounding way on the shoulder again. Ron Barker then slaps the hammerlock right back on. The fans are now booing Ron Barker relentlessly, but he ignores them.  Ron Barker yells at Dennis Heflin, ordering him to ask Chris Lee if he wants to submit.

Ref checks the free arm of Chris Lee…and it drops!

He checks it again…it drops again!

Checks a third time…NO! Ron Barker shoots behind, and takes down Chris Lee, and slaps on an armbar. Chris Lee is in obvious pain, and gets to his feet.  Ron Barker fires an elbow directly on the arm.

Ron Barker tosses Chris Lee into the ropes…but the whip is reversed.  Ron Barker comes off the ropes, but launches himself at Chris Lee and drops him with a flying clothesline.

Ron Barker backs up, comes off the ropes again, but gets caught in a quick spinning powerslam! Chris Lee does not go for a cover, but instead fires off a boot as Ron Barker starts to get to his feet. Another kick as Ron Barker staggers, and then a high backdrop!

Ron Barker is totally rocked, and falls backwards into the corner as the fans cheer the onslaught of The Boss. Chris Lee charges, locks up Ron Barker and fires him high overhead with an Exploder Suplex!

Real Deal:  “Holy Crap! Cover! One!  Two! No!”

OutKast:  “What a move by Chris Lee!”

Chris Lee pulls Ron Barker to his feet, but Barker reaches up in desperation and violently rakes the eyes of The Boss.  As Lee places on arm over his eyes in pain, Ron Barker applies the arm wringer to the other arm. Ron Barker applies some leverage by grabbing the top rope. Chris Lee finally ends that with an armdrag takeover. Ron Barker nails Chris Lee with a boot to the gut.

Barker locks Lee up and hurls him into the air with a body drop of his own, twisting so that Lee lands right on his arm!  Lee hits the mat and Barker goes for the cover…

Real Deal:  “ONE!  TWO!  NO!”

OutKast:  “Ron Barker isn’t giving up, he’s back on that arm, with another hammerlock…then rams Chris Lee shoulder first into the corner!”

Chris Lee slumps down, and Ron Barker starts to stomp away on the shoulder. Chris Lee is tired of getting kicked, catches the left foot of Ron Barker, and gives him the dragon screw legwhip.

Chris Lee grabs a handful of hair from Ron Barker and slams his head to the buckle. Chris Lee stomps on the back. Chris Lee pulls Barker to his feet, and begins chopping the body with his good arm, and follows with a spinning backhand shot to the face.

Chris Lee rams Ron Barker’s head into the turnbuckle. A whip to the opposite corner, Ron Barker reverses. Chris Lee bounces off the ropes, and sails across the ring toward Ron Barker at full speed.  Ron Barker stands in the middle of the ring, and as Lee collides with him, Barker tucks his arm across Chris Lee’s midsection and spins him around 360 degrees through the air with a Black Hole Slam, making sure to lean to the side and land extra impact on the right arm of Chris Lee!


It’s the move Ron Barker calls “Perfection” and he makes the cover!




The bell rings and Ron Barker’s music starts to play, as Samantha takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha Coil:  “Here is your WINNER…at a time of 27 minutes and 7 seconds…RON…BARKER!”

Ron Barker stands up and Dennis Heflin grabs him by the wrist and holds his arm in the air as the fans boo.  On the viewscreen, we see the replay of Chris Lee rebounding off the ropes, and heading right into the waiting arm of Ron Barker, who uses the momentum to spin him through the air and slam him down with “Perfection.”  The shot goes back live to the arena, and we see that Ron Barker is wasting little time staggering up the aisle, holding his neck. Chris Lee sits up in the middle of the ring, holding his tender right arm and cursing under his breath.  The shot goes to Real Deal and OutKast at ringside.

Real Deal: “A great back and forth contest, but in the end, Ron Barker does a lot of damage to the arm of Chris Lee, and then uses that and Lee’s own momentum to plant Lee in the middle of the ring with his patented Black Hole Slam.”

OutKast: “You know what really hurt Chris Lee in this match?  He started off scientifically, working on Barker’s neck…his first four or five moves were focused on that area of Barker’s body.  But then, Chris Lee switched game plan mid-match and started trying to chop and kick Barker to death.  It’s emotion…Chris Lee hates Ron Barker so much that he couldn’t stick to his game plan.  Ron Barker got inside Chris Lee’s head, which is what he does best, at it cost The Boss.”

Real Deal:  “You might be right.  Chris Lee wrestled one hell of a match and he has nothing to be ashamed of, but it seems Ron Barker stuck to his game plan, where Chris lost his cool a bit.  Then again, after everything Barker has done to Chris Lee and his family, can you really blame him?”


Turning a corner, Osbourne Kilminster shakes hands with two of the tech crew who are glad to see him back, he continues along his way, nodding to and smiling at various members of the SHOOT backstage crew as he searches for someone, anyone from the locker room. Maybe it’s just been too long since…


He hears a dull, rhythmical thudding just behind him and takes a step back, peering in through one of the doors to see a man he recognises well driving taped fists into a makeshift punchbag made of a strung up military canvas sack filled with… who knows?

O.K. “Hey, Ray!”

The crowd gives a very mixed, leaning toward negative reaction for Ray Willmott, who the camera can see throwing sharp jabs at a punchbag. The reaction is obviously for the man he is set to face this evening, the ultra popular ‘Diamond’ Del Carver. Ray stops for a moment, and turns his attention toward a man he has shared a great many battles with. For a time, he doesn’t say anything, and a rather awkward, unprecedented silence falls between the two men.

Finally, he nods, manages a ‘Hey’, then continues back to what he was doing.

O.K. “Woah, Ray, you not got time for your old buddy from back in the day? You get a big-time match against some grizzly old fucker with cobwebs in his beard and hay in his eye and suddenly you got no time for your former team-mate? Come on, man!”

The crowd cheer a little as some of them remember the short-lived team Osbourne references.

Willmott stops himself once again, grabs hold of the bag, and holds it close to his chest, stabilising it for a moment. He smiles a bit, and when confident the bag is steady, lets go and turns toward his bench, grabbing a towel from his right hand side. Gently, he wipes across his face, his stomach and lower back. When he is done, he throws it to one side and makes sure Osbourne has his complete attention.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Sorry, I was a million miles away.

He extends a hand out to Ozzy.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It’s good to see you back.

There is a loud roar from the crowd on hand.

Smiling broadly, Osbourne takes Ray’s hand and pulls him in for a hug before stepping back to regard his friend.

O.K. “Long time, no see, man. How’ve things been for you?”

Ray pats O.K on the shoulder and smiles.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I’m really well. I did some moderate training, own me a comic/book store with a bar now. I kept busy. And you?

O.K. “Wow… You own a comic shop? Have you seen the variant cover for Thor #2?”

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Haha, sure. I can sort you out with all the limited editions, if you like? Just say the word, man …

There’s a roar of laughter from the stands as the fans find the two’s geeky hobby amusing.

O.K. “Speaking of limited editions… how’s your prep for Carver going? By my reckoning, you pop him with those hands of yours and he’s down like a drunk in a gutter…”

Willmott drops his head in seriousness for a moment. He runs a hand through his hair.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I’m as ready as I can be, Oz. I can’t do anymore without doing myself an injury. I think I’m going to surprise Carver with how I approach this match. I’m ready to ascend to the top, man.

Patting Ray on the shoulder, Osbourne nods his head as the fans cheer cautiously.

O.K. “Well, you do what you have to do and try to get it over with quickly, yeah? The old bastard doesn’t need to be… you know… in pain any longer than he has to be. Just do your thing as I know you can and then I’ll catch up with you after the show and we’ll knock back some drinks, yeah?”

Willmott smirks.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …You got a beer with your name on it, man.

Kilminster smiles and starts to walk away.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …By the way, I heard a report you were coming to Revolution tonight, to make an impact. Care to give me any insight?

O.K. “You never know, Ray… You never know…”

Osbourne leaves with a wink as the fans begin to cheer again, leaving Ray’s thoughts to return to the match later on, the main event for the first Revolution of SHOOT’s new run..


The sound of a record spindle rotating takes over the PA, a subtle scratching gets the fans paying attention.

“And I heard, as it were…  the noise of thunder…”

The lights go black, inciting a foreboding sense of fear from the Thomas and Mack crowd.

“One of the four beasts saying come and see…”

A single orange spotlight hits the top of the ramp, right outside of the gorilla position exit.

“And behold… a white horse…”

The subtle scratching continued.

“And the name it said on him?  It  was death.”

The word ‘death’ echoes, and silence overtakes.  Everything but that subtle scratching, which was starting to grate on the nerves.  The arena was still black.

“…Hell followed with him.”


Pyro hits as “My Own Summer” by the Deftones takes over.  The fans in attendance, recognizing the song, start to cheer.  When the name CORAZON flashes across, the reaction is maintained.  That single orange spotlight now shines onto Corazon himself, as the fan reaction doesn’t change!

Real Deal:  I definitely didn’t expect this guy to get quite this kind of reaction.  He’s somewhat of a new, yet old face.

OutKast:  These fans are rabid tonight, man.  They like what they see, they gon’ tell you about it.

While dressed in a pair of blue jeans with a black tanktop, his eyes are covered by silver steel rimmed sunglasses and he walks to the ring with a purpose, basically ignoring everyone around him and ignoring the reaction.  He’s focused.

OutKast:  I’m not sure about this guy, man.  You don’t get a reaction like that and then snub everyone, you know?

Real Deal:  I gotta say though, dude’s determined.  Like he’s got something on his mind. 

OutKast:  Well, dude’s in the ring.  Why don’t we shut the fuck up and let him speak?

Corazon, who’s JUST climbed into the ring, holds his hand out very deliberately for a microphone.  He takes time to look around, noticing the favorable reception he is the target of.  A cool smile comes across his face.

Corazon:  I was told that SHOOT Project was back.  I wasn’t sure I was going to believe it…  but you people…  you help me to believe.

A pretty good sized pop comes after that statement.

Corazon:  But don’t get me wrong…  I’m not here to kiss this crowd’s ass.  It’s simply…  not my style.  I will, though, chat at you all for a bit.

He walks very casually around the ring, choosing a ringpost to lean up against.

Corazon:  We’re in a very unique situation, ladies and gentlemen.  Here we are, a fresh new SHOOT Project, a fresh new opportunity to make a name for ourselves.  The last time SHOOT had a run..  well, let’s just say it’s been awhile.  Guys from back then are around still, new guys are here and they look to be seething to get their hands on each other.

He laughs.

Corazon:  People in the new SHOOT are going to talk a big game, they’re going to tell you about how great they are and about how bad their opponents are.  They’ll talk about all the titles they had, or will have.  They’ll tell you about the matches they’ve won, or that they’re going to win and all of these people are going to challenge the history, and the legacy of SHOOT. 

Standing up straight, he begins a slow, calculating walk around the ring.

Corazon:  I…  I’m not going to do that.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you about the wins I’ll get and the titles I’ll win.  I’m not going to bore you with my competitive history.  You won’t be hearing me challenging the legacy and the history behind guys like Del Carver, OutKast, and Real Deal.  While those guys times may be over, they will be remembered fondly.


Corazon:  It’s not my place to challenge that.  I WILL, however, put a challenge down to the SHOOT Project roster.  The members to the struggle, as they’ve been referred to from time to time…  I challenge all of you to diversify, and branch out from what you’re used to.  Like I said.  We…  we are in a unique position.  All eyes are on us to perform and not cop to what’s become “the norm.”  SHOOT has a history to maintain.

Another pause.

Corazon:  I have my doubts that people will be able to defect from what’s comfortable…  what’s normal.  I believe that they’ll clutch and hold onto the normalcy.  These people?  They will be disappointments.

Corazon begins to walk towards the exit.

Corazon:  I challenge someone…  anyone…  to prove me wrong.

With that, he flips the microphone out of his hand, and the static hits, as “My Own Summer” takes over.


The arena is buzzing in anticipation of the main event.  Suddenly, the rough sounding guitar riff of “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC cuts through the air.  A spotlight starts to creep through the crowd in the sold out Thomas and Mack Arena.  The spotlight illuminates the fans, who cheer and hold up signs in response, until it finally settles on a man standing amongst the masses in the second deck.

Diamond Del Carver.

The Hardcore Outlaw is surrounded by fans, who are slapping him on the back and cheering.  Carver has an easy going smile on his face, and as soon as the lights hit him, he starts to make his way through the people, down to the next level on his way to the ring. 

As the hard rocking AC/DC continues to play, Carver weaves his way through the fans, the spotlight and camera following him along, until he makes it to the ringside area.  Carver climbs over the crowd barrier and stands at ringside.  Before climbing into the ring, Diamond Del Carver walks all the way around, slapping hands with the fans. 

Then he reaches the announcers table. 

Carver locks his gaze on OutKast, and the fans go nuts.  Every fan in the arena is on their feet, as Diamond Del Carver stares across the table at OutKast.  Carver turns his back, climbs up onto the apron, and holds the ropes open, pointing at OutKast and then pointing into the ring.

Diamond Del Carver holds up three fingers, and the fans roar.

Real Deal:  “For those of you new to SHOOT Project, the guy in the ring right now, and my partner OutKast here are old buddies, you could say.  They fought twice.  In 2003, Carver beat Kast here for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, and it was voted Match of the Year.  In 2005, Kast beat Carver and successfully defended the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship…and it was voted Match of the Year.  So by holding up three fingers, it looks like Del is asking OutKast if he is ready for Round III.”

OutKast has removed his headset, and he is standing up, staring a hole into Diamond Del Carver, who is now smiling but still holding up the three fingers.  Many of the fans in the sold out Thomas and Mack Arena are now chanting…


OutKast shakes his head, sits down, and pulls his headset on.

OutKast: “Nothing would make me happier than to beat Diamond Del Carver…again…like I beat him the last time…but this is not about me.  I’m a professional.  I’m here to call the match, not try and steal the spotlight away from Ray Willmott.”

“Desire To Fire” by Machine Head begins to play.  The crowd continues to cheer, as Ray Willmott emerges from the entranceway, and stands in the aisle for a moment.  Ray looks slightly taken aback by the overwhelming cheers, but then smiles in appreciation.

Ray jogs down the aisle with purpose, and vaults himself onto the apron.  Ray leaps over the top rope with ease, and goes to the opposite corner from Del Carver.  It seems like Ray and Del are almost avoiding making eye contact. Ray begins to shadow box and limber up, while in the opposite corner, Del Carver stands on one spot, and cracks his neck.

Samantha takes the microphone in her hand, and steps into the center of the ring…

Samantha:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit. This will be the FIRST TIME EVER that these two superstars have met, and is your MAIN EVENT for the evening!”

The fans cheer in appreciation.  Samantha looks at a piece of paper as the cheers continue.

Samantha:  “Introducing first, in the corner to my left, he hails from Cardiff, Wales and stands 6 feet inches tall, weighing in at 220 pounds.  He is “RED HOT” RAY WILLMOTT!”

The fans cheer loudly as Ray raises one arm over his head.  Del Carver solemnly claps at the announcement of Ray’s name.

Samantha:  “And now, his opponent, in the corner to my right: Hailing from Jackson Mississippi, and standing 6 feet tall, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is a member of the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame…here is The Hardcore Outlaw: DIAMOND DEL CARVER!”

Del smiles widely as the fans give him a thunderous ovation.  Samantha exits the ring, and Scott Kamura enters as Del and Ray both slowly approach center ring, and solemnly shake hands.

The bell rings…

Real Deal:  “Here we go, Carver vs. Willmott for the first time ever, not just in SHOOT Project, but anywhere!”

OutKast:  “This should be good!”

Del Carver and Ray Willmott silently stare at each other for a moment.  Finally, Del shrugs and falls back into the ropes, and then comes springing off, runs across the ring, and hits the ropes at the far side of the ring at full speed.  Del then crosses the ring, comes off the far ropes, and runs at Ray with a flying shoulder tackle.  Ray is ready.  Ray catches Del, and then spins around quickly, and absolutely crushes him with a POWERSLAM!

Real Deal:  “Cover by Ray!”

OutKast:  “ONE!  TWO!  NO!  Del Carver kicks out!   Carver was just one second away from losing this match in the opening minute!”

Del Carver kicks out, and then quickly rolls to the outside of the ring.  Del takes a quick breather, holding his ribs.  Del climbs back onto the apron, but as he does so, Ray is there to meet him.  Ray grabs Del by the head, and flips him over the top rope!

Del Carver lands flat on his back, and before he can move, Ray drops an elbow smash across his chest!  Ray quickly jumps to his feet, and drops another!  Then Ray repeats the process, and drops another!

Ray gets up, and grabs Del Carver by the boot, and pulls him to the middle of the ring.  Ray secures both of Del’s legs under his arms…and then CATAPULTS him into the far corner at an amazing rate of speed!  Del Carver flies headfirst into the turnbuckle, and then crashes back to the mat!

Ray pulls Del to his feet, and fires him into the ropes.  Ray catches Del coming off and then spins around…dropping him with a spinebuster!

Real Deal:  “That could be it!  Cover by Ray!”

OutKast:  “ONE!  TWO!  NO!  Del Carver kicks out!”

Ray starts to pull Del Carver to his feet again.  Del sticks his head under the arm of  Ray, and stands up straight…driving Ray into the mat with a backdrop!

Del bounces off the rope, and drops an elbow across the head of Ray Willmott.  Del gets up, measures Ray off, and drops another sharp elbow, right across the forehead of Ray.  With the second elbow, Ray’s leg twitches involuntarily.

Del grabs Ray around the back of the head, and pulls him up into a sitting position in the center of the ring.  Del circles behind Ray, and fires a brutal kick across his back, hitting Ray right across the back of the neck with his shin.  Del measures him out, and does it again…and a third time.  Ray begins to sway.

Real Deal:  “Del Carver going to work on Ray Willmott.”

OutKast:  “These guys might be friends, but Del Carver has to do this.  I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but Diamond Del Carver has not set foot inside a wrestling ring for over 6 months.  He is bound to have some ring rust, so he needs to be ruthless if he wants to win.”

Del leaps over the sitting Ray, and grabs his head as he jumps.  Ray’s head and neck violently snap forward, and then spring back as Del lands.

Real Deal:  “Forward snapmare neckbreaker, and Ray is in trouble! Carver goes for a cover!”

OutKast:  “ONE! NO! Ray kicks out…with authority!”

Del Carver gets to his feet first, and kicks at the back of the right knee of Ray.  Ray drops to one knee in pain.  Carver immediately circles behind Ray, and slaps on a rear chinlock, with which he wrenches the head and neck of Ray.  Del leaves the chinlock locked on, in sleeperhold type fashion.

Ray once again falls into a sitting position, as Del bears down on the reverse chinlock from behind.  The fans impatiently clap their hands and stomp their feet.  Del is sweating profusely by this time, and you can tell by looking at his face that he has clamped down on Ray’s neck as hard as he can.

Del tells the referee to check Ray’s arm.  Scott Kamura takes Ray’s arm and lifts in up, and it falls limp.  The referee lifts Ray’s arm and it falls a second time.  The referee lifts Ray’s arm, and drops it a third time…but just before it falls all the way, Ray’s eyes snap open, and he catches his arm before it falls.

The fans begin to cheer loudly, as Ray fights his way up to one knee.  Del Carver bears down on the chinlock and twists…but Ray stands up!  Ray is now standing up, as Del Carver hangs from his back with the chinlock applied!

Real Deal:  “Ray Willmott has fought his way back to his feet!”

OutKast:  “Ray Willmott has guts to spare, no doubt about it.”

Ray charges backwards as hard as he can, into the corner!  The impact hits Del Carver back first, and he releases the chinlock and crumples to the mat as the fans cheer!  Ray puts both hands around his throat and begins to cough violently, but as he does so, he turns, and stomps on Diamond Del Carver.

Del Carver was trying to get up after being smashed into the corner, but once Ray stomps on him, Del falls face first to the mat.  Ray reaches down grabs Del, and hip tosses him across the ring! 

Del starts to get up, but Ray blows past him with an incredibly fast running clothesline…which causes Del to do a complete 360 in the air and land face first on the mat again!

Real Deal:  “What amazing speed by Ray Willmott!”

OutKast:  “Ray just hit Carver so hard with that clothesline, he spun through the air!”

Before Del can even start to get up, Ray fires a massive knee lift, knocking Carver backwards into the corner, where he sits in a slump, dazed.  Ray pulls the limp Diamond Del Carver to his feet, locks him up for a suplex, but then shifts and drops Del onto the top rope in a seated position, and then climbs up himself as the fans buzz in excitement…

Real Deal:  “Here we go…look at this…”


Del Carver hits the mat like a ton of bricks, and actually bounces upon impact.  Del’s hand immediately goes to his back, as he writhes in agony.

Ray gets up, and tosses Del over his shoulder.  Ray drops to one knee, executing a picture perfect shoulderbreaker…but he doesn’t let Del go!  Instead, Ray stands up again, and drops down…this time extending his other knee!  Ray releases Del, who falls like a stone.

Ray rolls Del over with his foot, and then backs up into the ropes, and comes off, dropping his leg across the chest of Del Carver.  Del’s body jack-knifes upon impact. 

Real Deal:  “What precision by Red Hot! Cover by Ray!”

OutKast:  “ONE!  TWO!  NO!  Del Carver barely gets his shoulder up in time!”

Ray pulls Del Carver to his feet, and then Irish Whips him face first into the corner as hard as he can.  Del hits the corner turnbuckles so hard that he flips over the top and lands on the outside, face first!

The fans cheer in amazement, as Ray walks over and jumps over the top rope, nimbly dropping to the outside.  Del is now on all fours on the outside of the ring, trying to get up.  Ray pulls Del to his feet, and then charges forward, ramming Diamond Del back first into the steel post!  In addition to the damage done to his back, Del’s head bounces off the post!

Diamond Del Carver sickly slides down the post into a heap.  Ray picks Del up, and bodyslams him on the concrete! Del’s back arches in pain, and then he lays still, his foot twitching.

Ray pulls the semiconscious Diamond Del Carver to his feet, and then throws him over his shoulder.  Ray hoists Del up, and takes a run at the next steel post, as if he intends to drive him head first into it.

Del Carver deftly slides off, and at the last minute, violently shoves Ray into the post instead, head first!  The crowd groans at the loud crack of Ray’s head smacking the steel post!  Ray falls to the ground, and Del falls to his knees behind him, still clutching his back.

Ray starts to stir, so Del turns around, his eyes wild.  Del’s eyes finally fix on a steel chair next to the crowd barrier, and Del grabs it. Del crouches patiently.  Ray starts to rise, and right as he is bent over, about to stand up, Del Carver swings the steel chair, which drives Ray’s head right back into the post with a loud CRACK!

Real Deal:  “OH MY GAWD!  Ray just got his head bounced off that steel post not once, but twice!”

OutKast:  “Ray is busted open!  Look!  Ray is busted open, big time!”

Sure enough, blood is flowing freely from the forehead of Ray Willmott.  Ray raises both hands to his head, and cradles his cranium in his hands in pain.

Diamond Del Carver limps away, and throws up the skirt to the ring.  Del falls to his knees, and starts to rummage under the ring.  The fans start to cheer…a steel garbage can is tossed from beneath the ring, into it.  A steel garbage can lid follows.  A toolbox. A shovel.  Another chair.  All these items fly in an arc from under the ring into the middle of the ring, of the referee cowers in the corner. 

Finally, Del emerges from under the ring, clutching a black “SHOOT PROJECT” gym bag.  The fans cheer in recognition.  Del looks at Ray cautiously, who is still leaning up against the post stunned.  Del unzips the bag, and reaches in.  He is fumbling around with something inside with both hands.  Finally, Del’s arms emerge from the gym bag. 

His right fist is wearing a black glove, wrapped in barbed wire.  Del makes a fist with it, and slowly raises it over his head, to the roar of the fans…

Real Deal:  “Ladies and Gentlemen…Ray Willmott had better pucker up…I think he’s about to get the TOKYO KISS!”

Del charges at Ray, who turns and sees him, but not in time.

With a sickening thud, Del Carver nails Ray right in his already bleeding forehead, with the barbed wire glove.  Ray falls to the ground, blood now freely flowing down his face onto his chest.  Del grabs Ray by the back of his tights with his left hand, and rolls him back into the ring.

Del rolls into the ring himself, as the fans come to their feet.  Del looks around the arena, his eyes wild. Ray is trying to get to his feet, and Del stands over him, and again holds his bloody fist up high, to deafening cheers.

Del backs up cautiously.  Ray gets to his feet, and Del charges forwards and throws a perfect right hook, which catches Ray right in the forehead again.  Ray is rocked.  Del swings widely, and pastes Ray in the forehead again, this time with a right roundhouse.  Ray falls back.  Del starts to fire a rapid succession of stiff right jabs into the forehead of Ray over and over again.

Blood begins to spatter, and then fly.  Del pounds away, and is now crouched over the fallen Ray…

Real Deal:  “I guess now is as good a time as any to remind you that here in SHOOT Project, we are pretty lax in how we enforce the Disqualification rule.  We don’t allow outside interference, and you can’t touch the referee, but if it takes place between two competitors, we usually let them fight it out.  Diamond Del Carver usually takes full advantage of that fact, but he needs to be careful because if Scott Kamura thinks Carver is not trying to beat Ray Willmott, and that he is just trying to deliberately injure or maim him and not go for the pin, Kamura does have it within his right to call for a DQ.”

OutKast:  “I have been on the receiving end of this punch, and it’s about as much fun as it looks like fans.  Of course, I took it and still went on to beat him.”

Suddenly, Ray reaches up, and clamps one his hands around the neck of Del Carver, like a vice.  Del stops punching.  Ray tightens his grip.  Del starts to turn blue, and throws both his hands to his throat, trying desperately to unlock the claw like hand of Ray from around his throat.

It doesn’t work.  Slowly, Ray rises to his feet, and Del Carver falls to his knees in front of him, still trying desperately to release the grasp of Ray’s hand from around his throat.

Ray raises his free hand as far over his head as he can, and makes a fist.  Like a hammer, Ray swings his hand down as hard as he can, right onto the side of Del Carver’s neck.

Del’s entire body immediately goes completely limp.  Ray releases the chokehold, and Del slumps forward.  Ray pulls Del to his feet, and then grabs Del’s right hand, and rips the glove from it.

Real Deal:  “Looks like Ray just found a counter for the Tokyo Kiss!”

OutKast:  “Yeah it’s called using some sort of Martial Arts nerve chop to make your opponent lose control of every muscle in his body.”

With one arm, Ray holds the lifeless Del Carver at arms length.  With the other, he holds the bloody glove in his hand.  Suddenly, Ray balls up the glove, and starts to grind it into Del Carver’s forehead!

Del Carver comes to life, and begins to thrash around desperately, trying to free himself, but now Ray has him by the back of the head with one hand, and is grinding the glove into his face with the other!  It is obvious that the normally mild mannered and sportsmanlike Ray Willmott is extremely angry at Diamond Del Carver for using such barbaric methods during their contest.

Finally, Ray pulls his hand away, and now Del Carver’s face is a mask of blood.  Del is swaying on his feet for a moment…and then Ray drops him to the mat with a spinning kick to the face.  Ray looks at the bloody balled up glove in his hand…and then tosses it into the crowd!

Real Deal:  “Turnabout is fair play, I guess!”

OutKast:  “I think that Ray Willmott was willing to do that to give Carver a taste of his own medicine, but he doesn’t want to wrestler Diamond Del Carver’s match.  He needs to make Carver fight his match.  That’s the key to beating Diamond Del Carver, you cannot let him dictate the pace or terms of the match, you have to make him fight your style.”

The bloody Ray stands over the now equally bloody Del Carver, who is trying to get up, unsuccessfully.  Ray looks around the ring.  The steel trashcan and lid, toolbox, shovel, and steel chair are all still strewn about the ring from where Del had thrown them.

Ray reaches down, and locks Del Carver’s head between his knees, face first.  With a smooth motion…Ray hoists him up…for a powerbomb! Ray spins, and drives Carver right on top of the steel trash can which was laying on it’s side! The fans start to chant “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”  The trashcan is flattened like a pancake.  Del Carver starts to go into convulsions.  Ray stumbles over, and sets up the steel chair. 

Ray then turns, and sets up Del for another powerbomb, as the fans gasp!  With a horrifying crunch, Ray drives Diamond Del Carver back first on top of the steel chair, which crumples as if it was were made of paper! Del’s right leg is twitching violently now. Ray drops to his knees, and lies across Del Carver.

Real Deal:  “This is it.  Cover by Ray…”

OutKast:  “One, two, th…WHAT THE FUCK?  Carver just draped his foot over the bottom rope!”

Although Del Carver is indeed semiconscious, he does manage to drape his leg over the bottom rope.  Ray shakes his head incredulously, and then pulls Del to his feet.  On his way up into the air, Del snatches the steel trash can lid, and swings upwards as hard as he can with a loud SMACK that echoes through the arena!

Ray stumbles backwards, dazed, since he never saw it coming, Del Carver straightens up, and takes aim.  With a deafening crack, Del Carver wallops Ray over the head with the trash can lid again, bending it!

Ray collapses…

Real Deal:  “Cover by Carver…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO!  Ray lifts the shoulder!”

Diamond Del Carver curses, and then reaches over, and grabs the tool box.  WHACK!  Del Carver lifts the box over his head, and then swings it down as hard as he can, right across the back of Ray Willmott, who was just getting to his knees!

Real Deal:  “Cover by Carver…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO!  Ray gets the shoulder up AGAIN!”

Del Carver barks a few cusses at the referee, and then grabs the flattened trashcan.  Del lays it out, and then circles behind Ray.  As Ray starts to get up, Del slaps on a waistlock, and rears Ray back into a German Suplex, right on top of the trashcan!

Real Deal:  “Cover by Carver…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO!  Ray STILL lifts the shoulder!”

Del Carver pounds his fist into the mat in frustration.  Del circles around behind Ray, and waits for him to get up.  As he does, Del slips one hand around the back of his neck, and the other one through…Del is trying to apply the Khatahajime known as The Carver Clutch! Ray struggles violently, and fires back with an elbow, which catches Del right upside the head.  Del Carver collapses, holding his head. 

Ray turns around unsteadily, and picks up Del Carver.  Ray slams Del to the mat with as much strength as he can muster.  Ray looks around, and then grabs the shovel.  Ray raises the shovel over his head…and then drives it right into the spine of Del Carver!  Del thrashes around for a moment, but is then still.

Ray kicks the shovel out of the ring, and the battered toolbox.  Ray also tosses the trashcan and lid away, but picks up the flattened steel chair.  Ray stares at it, and then turns, and waits for Del to get up.  Finally Del Carver starts to crawl to his feet…

With a thunderous THUNK, Ray waffles Del Carver with the steel chair, and Del goes down.  Ray pulls Del to his feet, and throws him into the ropes.  As Del comes off the opposite rope, Ray nails him with a back elbow, and Del goes down in a bloody heap.

Real Deal:  “Cover by Ray…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO!  Carver lifts his shoulder!”

Ray stares at Carver in amazement.  Ray pulls Del to his feet, and whips him into the ropes again.  As Del bounces off the ropes, Ray backs up and comes off the opposite side, and then leaps into the air and hits Diamond Del Carver perfectly with a side leg kick.

Real Deal:  “Cover by Red Hot…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO! Carver kicks out!”

Ray rolls over on his back, exhausted.  Blood is still dripping liberally from the heads of both men.  Both warriors lay on their backs, semiconscious, neither one willing to stay down. Scott Kamura stands over both men, and starts to administer the standing ten count.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  Six.  Seven.  Eight…

At nine, both men start to struggle to their feet, and use the ropes on the opposite sides of the ring to pull themselves into a standing position.  The crowd comes to their feet, and gives both men a deafening standing ovation.

Real Deal:  “Fans, these two men have been battling it out for exactly 35 minutes now.  They have slammed each other. They have punched each other.  They have kicked each other.  They have hit each other with objects.  They have bled all over this ring, and yet now they stand in front of each other again, with neither one willing to stay down.  Neither one willing to give up.  That is how much being in the first Main Event of SHOOT Project Revolution means to these men.”

OutKast:  “You’re damn right. These guys are going full speed, full impact, because they understand what an honor it is to be in the Main Event of this show.”

Del Carver and Ray Willmott stand across the ring from each other, and nod grimly at one another, as if to say, “let’s finish it.”  They lock up in mid-ring.

Both men grapple for position, with Ray getting the upper hand.  Del Carver is forced back to the ropes due to Ray’s superior use of leverage.  The referee interjects himself and calls for a break.  Ray responds by firing a crushing chop to the chest of Del Carver.  Del’s head snaps backwards.

Del responds in kind, launching a stiff jab of his own at Ray, which connects. Ray fires back.  So does Del. The two fighters manoeuvre to the center of the ring, as they throw alternating punches straight into each other’s faces.  Left and right, back and forth, Del Carver and Ray Willmott pound away at each other with brutal shots, blood flying as the fans cheer themselves hoarse at the awesome slugfest they are witnessing.

Suddenly, Del Carver slips the jab, and buries a body shot, right into the side of Ray.  Ray winces in pain.  Carver starts to bury body shots to Ray, as Ray’s flailing punches become weaker and weaker.  Finally, Ray doubles over from the onslaught of Del Carver. Del Carver throws a quick front facelock on Ray, and swings him over, into a wicked swinging neckbreaker!

Real Deal:  “Cover by Carver…”

OutKast:  “ONE! TWO! NO!  Ray lifts the shoulder! I thought he had him there!”

Diamond Del Carver stays on “Red Hot” Ray Willmott, and pulls him to his feet again, this time, twisting him over into a “Rude Awakening” style sit out neckbreaker!

Real Deal:  “Cover by Carver…”


Carver sits back, drained and exhausted.  Del finally climbs to his feet, as Ray does.  Del Carver circles behind Ray, and locks him up in a waistlock.  Del slides his head under the right arm of Ray, and then in a sudden motion, snaps him into the air backwards, and releases him!  Ray fires over Del’s back vertically, and then lands right on top of his head!


OutKast:  “IT’S OVER!  ONE! TWO! THR…NO! NO! NO! Ray lifts the shoulder at the absolute LAST second!  UNREAL!  After he just got thrown backwards in a back suplex, right on top of his head!  That was a TEXTBOOK, PERFECTLY EXECUTED Diamond Death Drop, and Carver uses that move specifically to knock people out…but Ray WON’T STAY DOWN!!!”

Diamond Del Carver stands up, in shock.  Ray lies motionless on the mat.  Del Carver turns to Scott Kamura and grabs him by the front of the shirt, and starts shaking him…Kamura shakes his head vehemently. 

Del turns his attention back to Ray.  Del circles behind Ray, and throws one arm over his shoulder.  Del fires his other arm up under Ray’s arm, and locks his hands, preparing for the “Head and Arm Suplex” variety of the Diamond Death Drop.

Ray is struggling but he cannot use his left arm, as Del has it crossed over.  Del strains to lift Ray, but at the last second, Ray fires his right elbow back, hitting Del.  Del Carver’s grip begins to weaken.  Ray does it again, and again.  Del releases the head and arm hold, and staggers backwards.

Ray spins around, and grabs Del.  Ray yanks on Del Carver as hard as he can, pulling him in for a short arm clothesline!  Del Carver folds up, and then collapses.

Ray Willmott looks around, and then pulls the flattened steel chair into the center of the ring, the only foreign object which is left.  Del Carver starts to get up, and fires a weak looking overhand right cross at Ray.  Ray side steps it, and boots Del Carver in the gut.  Del doubles over.

Ray locks Diamond Del Carver up in a front facelock.  Suddenly, Ray spins around, and sits out, in a perfect twist of fate neckbreaker…RIGHT ON TOP OF THE STEEL CHAIR!


OutKast:  “Right on TOP of that chair too!  What the hell is Ray doing?”

Instead of covering Diamond Del Carver, Ray picks him up, locks him up spins around, and sits out AGAIN, right over the steel chair!

Real Deal:  “ANOTHER spinning neckbreaker!”

OutKast:  “That move is just BRUTAL!  Trust me, I’ve taken that move from Ray and it wasn’t even on top of a steel chair!  NOW what the hell is Ray up to?”

Ray picks the limp and lifeless body of Del Carver up, staggers towards the corner, and as he does so, he kicks the chair over in front of the turnbuckles. Ray drops the unconscious body of Del Carver on top of the turnbuckles in a sitting position.  As the fans rise to their feet, Ray climbs to the second turnbuckle and stands up, so that Del is seated on the top turnbuckle, right in front of him.  It looks as if Red Hot Ray Willmott is planning on giving Diamond Del Carver the Superplex on top of the steel chair, after nailing him twice with the Echoes of Eternity.

Suddenly, Diamond Del Carver’s eye snaps open, and he violently shoves Red Hot Ray Willmott backward off the ropes!  Ray lands flat on his back on top of the steel chair!  The fans gasp in awe, as Ray Willmott writhes on the mat in agony.

Diamond Del Carver slides off the turnbuckles, groggily pulls Red Hot Ray Willmott to his feet, and stands him up.  Carver stands in front of Willmott, slaps on a ¾ facelock and leaps forward as hard as he can…


The fans erupt as the exhausted Hardcore Outlaw makes the cover on Red Hot Ray Willmott!




Samantha:  “Ladies and Gentlemen:  HERE is your WINNER, at a time of 44 minutes and 32 seconds, DIAMOND DEL CARVER!!!”

Pyro goes off in the rafters and Carver’s theme music starts to play over the sound system.  Scott Kamura kneels next to Carver and raises his arm.  Kamura then slides out of the ring and makes his way up the aisle. Ray lies panting and exhausted, next to the motionless Del Carver, who has not moved since getting the pin.

Carver starts to stir, and rolls over, looking at Ray Willmott with some concern.  Samantha Coil hands Del Carver a bottle of water, and Diamond Del Carver pours his water bottle over Ray Willmott.  Ray’s leg twitches, and then his eyelids flutter and he opens his eyes. 

Real Deal:  “Ray and Del both look like they’ve been in a car accident. You know something Kast, I really think you were onto something earlier with what you said.  This was not a highflying, high-speed match, and it wasn’t a mat-wrestling match.  It was a brawl.  Diamond Del Carver made Ray Willmott wrestle his kind of match, and that was the only way he could have won.”

OutKast:  “Let’s take a look at this replay.  Here we see Carver up for the first Echo In Eternity…and he lands head first right on top of that chair…now we see him going up again…and down.  Now at this point, he’s pretty much out!  Now Ray sits him on the top turnbuckle…and this is the key here…look at Del shoving Ray off the top rope onto that chair.  I honestly think that Ray Willmott had the upper hand after kicking out of the Diamond Death Drop, and hitting Carver with the two neckbreakers.  If he hadn’t gone for the superplex, he wins that match.”

When the camera goes back to the ring, Del Carver is standing in one corner, and Ray Willmott is in the other. Del is soaked and bloody, and Willmott is unsure on his feet.  Del looks across at Ray, and then limps over to him. For a moment, Del just stares at Ray Willmott, but then Del grabs Ray by the wrist, and holds it up over his head.  The fans reply with a standing ovation, as Revolution fades to black.