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Dominion 1: 1/24/2011

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play.  The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome.  We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it.  The scene is serene. 

I"m ready. 

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. 


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war. 

Feel it comin’ in the air 

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.


Hear the screams from everywhere 

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.


I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair 

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.


Can’t be scared when it goes down 

Got a problem, tell me now

We finally see someone we recognize, as Trey Willett stands on the turnbuckle, staring out at the sea of fans.


Only thing that’s on my mind 

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Azrael Goeren SHATTER a lightsaber of Cronos Diamante"s head. 

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! 

We are 

Yeah I said it 

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Adrian Corazon, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera.


This is Roc Nation 

Pledge your allegiance 

Get y’all black tees on 

All black everything 

Black cards, black cars 

All black everything

Osbourne Kilminster glares the camera down as he stands behind Sinnocence, who is grinding her fist into her open hand.


And our girls are blackbirds 

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Ron Barker is shown, obliterating Tanya Black with the Perfection. 

Other Guy: This could do it!


I’d get more in depth 

If you boys really real enough

Cade Sydal is up next, taking Azraith DeMitri down with the Ninjaguiri. 

Eryk Masters: Come on!


This is La Familia 

I’ll explain later 

But for now let me get back to this paper

The Bad Ass Brotherhood flashes on screen, holding the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts high in the air.


I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back 

Donovan King is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open.


I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks 

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

X-Calibur drops Rocky Stellar while Azrael Goeren looks on with the X-TERMINATOR. 

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!  

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas 

Now we squared up 

Hold up

The Gunslingers stand in the spotlight, sneering at the camera.  It quickly switches to Thomas Manchester Black, shaking his head as he loosens his wrists.  Quickly, the camera switches to Mike Dexter, bloody, holding the Laws of Survival Championship belt which was just buckled around his waist. 

Eryk Masters:  …this is YOUR moment! 

We cut back to Jaime Alejandro with the Iron Fist Championship on his shoulder, his arm curled around his title like a proud champion in the spotlight.  We cut to Lennox Ferguson being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian! 

Other Guy: NO WAY! 

Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on Azraith. 

Other Guy: WHAT!?!?? 

Eryk Masters: NO!!! 

As quickly as the images hit, they black out again as the music dies down.  The piano returns…and Rihanna"s voice does as well. 

Feel it comin’ in the air 

We come back to Trey Willett, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring.  He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. 

Hear the screams from everywhere 

Dave Dymond stands in the spotlight, his monster Akuma Satsui oddly bleeding and grinning evilly in the background.


I’m addicted to the thrill 

The screen flashes with the screen as we see Isaac Entragian hitting the White Death on Azrael Goeren onto Lennox Ferguson, strapped to a gurney.


It’s a dangerous love affair 

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Azraith. 

Victory’s within the mile 

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.


Almost there, don’t give up now 

Cronos Diamante destroys Donovan King with a chair as King is tied up in the ropes.


Only thing that’s on my mind 

Cade Sydal is shown in the spotlight, his arms outstretched as he laughs cockily.


Is who’s gonna run this town tonight 

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey, we see Frontline II TURBO entering the ring, the image of Crazy Boy nodding his head to the camera, VAS hamming it up in the spotlight, The UK Dragon pinning Jaime Alejandro quickly cut with Johnny Patriot standing as nobly as he can in the spotlight. 

Who’s gonna run this town tonight… 

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.




"Crucify Me" by Bring on the horizon plays over the loudspeakers of the Epicenter as the fans prepare for the first match of the evening.

Eryk Masters: We are getting started off live and with nothing but action, as the VERY FIRST Dominion kicks off with the SHOOT Project debut of CRAZY BOY!

Other Guy: And he takes on SHOOT Project journeyman and resident FIRESTARTER, PESTALANCE! So, enough of our chatter, take it away Ms. Coil!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen tonight"s opening bout is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, hailing from Biloxi Mississippi.  He stands at 6 foot 2 inches at a weight of 227 pounds.  Making his SHOOT Project Debut…He is…Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith!!

Crazy Boy emerges from the curtains.  He makes his way down the ramp, acknowledging a few of the fans who are already wearing Crazy Boy T-Shirts.  He slides into the ring and climbs one of the turnbuckles, raising a fist in the air.  His theme music begins to die down as "Firestarter" by Prodigy hits the speakers.  The fans begin to boo loudly as Pestalance pushes his way through the curtains.

Samantha Coil: And now his opponent.  Making his way to the ring from Plainfield, New Jersey, he weighs 255 pounds.  He is the Firestarter… PESTALANCE!!

Pestalance climbs through the middle ropes, and walks towards the middle of the ring.  His entrance music dies down as Austin Linam steps in between the two competitors.

Eryk Masters: And we are set to kick off Dominion One with one hell of a match.

Other Guy: The debut of Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith comes against Pestalance.  He definitely could have drawn an easier start for his SHOOT Career.

The two competitors move toward the center of the ring as Crazy Boy makes the first move.  Pestalance goes for a quick lock-up but Crazy Boy gives a swift kick to the mid-section.  Pest doubles over as Crazy boy bounces back into the ropes, launching himself towards Pestalance with a clothes-line driving him to the mat.  Crazy Boy kips up, throwing his hand in the air for fan support.  A few fans familiar with his work give him a nice reaction.  He drops down to the mat for a quick pin.



Pestalance easily gets a shoulder up, quickly making his way to his feet.  Crazy Boy wastes no time locking up again, transitioning into a headlock.  Pestalance delivers a few strikes to the midsection of Crazy Boy, but CB runs forward, driving Pestalance into the mat with a running Bulldog!

Other Guy: If Crazy Boy thought that something like that would end this match he is in for a whole world of surprise in SHOOT. 

Eryk Masters: I"m sure that was more making a statement than trying to win the match, O.G.

Pestalance slams his fist on the mat and is back on his feet.  Crazy Boy leans in once more to take a shot at Pestalalnce, but Pest lands a solid right hand to his jaw.  Crazy Boy stumbles back a little, but Pestalalnce is quick to follow.  Pestalance nails him in the mid-section with a boot and as Crazy Boy is doubling over, grabs the top of his head and drives it down into his knee.  The fans begin to boo as Pestalance eggs them on.  Pestalance kicks Crazy Boy in the ribs once.  Twice.  He grabs Crazy Boy by the back of the head and drags him to his feet.  He whips him into the ropes.

Eryk Masters:  The pace of this match a little quicker than Pestalance usually likes it.

Other Guy: Are you kidding me?  Pestalance looks like he wants to kill Crazy Boy!  This is Great!

Crazy Boy fires back towards Pestalance and he is picked up and dropped to the mat with a sharp sidewalk slam!  Pestalalnce mounts his foe, delivering blow after blow to the face of Crazy Boy.  Austin Linam  steps in and warns Pestalance of his conduct.  Pestalance is back on his feet and begins goading Crazy Boy to get back on his feet. 

Eryk Masters: Pestalance seeming pretty sure of himself here.  I don"t know if that is such a good idea.

Other Guy: Crazy Boy may be new to the SHOOT Project, but he is certainly familiar with the ring.  I don"t know that I would be taunting him like that.

Crazy Boy gets to one knee as Pestalance charges him!  Pestalance attempts to hit Crazy Boy with a baseball slide but he manages to roll out of the way just at the last minute.  Pestalance hits the mat HARD.  Crazy Boy jumps to his feet and waits for Pest to get to his knees.  He takes a second to look over Pestalance then attacks with a DROPKICK TO HIS MIDSECTION!!. 

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy has come back and is really showing this crowd here why he was the Legacy World Champion.

Other Guy:  Yeah well, he said it himself.  He"s starting at zero here.  But he sure is showing SHOOT he has what it takes.

Crazy Boy wastes no time picking Pestalance up to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  Crazy Boy bounces back on the ropes behind him to meet Pestalance in the center of the ring HAMMERING him with a hurricanrana!  Crazy Boy hits the mat, holding his head.  He appeared to land a little awkwardly on his neck from that move.  Both men are down. 

Other Guy: Unbelievable!  This is certainly not the kind of match that Pestalance is used to wrestling!


Austin Linam begins to count both of them.




Crazy Boy begins to stir first, still holding his neck. 


Pestalance has begun to stir a little as Crazy Boy has made it to his knees.



Crazy Boy is fully on his feet at this point, while Pestalance has made it to one knee.  Crazy Boy reaches down to pull Pestalance to his feet, breaking the count.  Just as Crazy Boy gets Pest onto his feet he is drilled with a right hook to the gut! 

Eryk Masters: This match isn"t over yet folks!  Looks like Pest is going to try and mount a comeback here!

Staggering back just a step from the hit, Crazy Boy locks up Pestalance for a DDT.  Crazy Boy begins to drive backwards, but Pestalance puts both hands on Crazy Boy"s waist and shoves him to the mat.  Crazy Boy hits with a sickening THUD as Pestalance walks over to his foe.  Crazy Boy rolls over to one side and attempts to get to his feet when Pestalance falls forward, using his body weight to drive a fist into the gut of Crazy Boy!  The fans begin to clamor, and a few begin to chant for Crazy Boy.  Pestalance goes for the over!




Crazy Boy gets a shoulder up just in time!

Eryk Masters: A near fall there for Pestalance.  If Crazy Boy is going to win this one, he is going to have to pull out a few more tricks from his bag.

Other Guy: From where I"m sitting, it doesn"t look like Crazy Boy is going to be pulling out anything other than his teeth!

Pestalance slams a fist on the mat, and climbs to his feet.  Crazy Boy follows directly behind him.  The two men meet once more in a lockup, with Pestalance catching a little of the advantage.  Crazy Boy counters the advance with a swift kick to the gut.  Pestalance drops the hold and reels over in pain as Crazy Boy takes full advantage of the situation.  He locks him up and Drops him to the mat with the CRAZY SLAM!

Eryk Masters: That has to be the end right there.  You"re not going to see very many people get up from that!

Crazy Boy goes for the cover!




Other Guy: That"s it!  An impressive debut showing from Crazy Boy here.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen.  Your winner, at a time of 9 minutes, and 50 seconds…Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith!

The fans give a small cheer of admiration of the match as Crazy Boy raises his hand in victory. 


Walking around the back halls of the arena dressed up like an army recruit Tanya Black stops and looks over at Jacob Fisher who seems to be just standing around waiting on someone or the other to arrive. Tanya walks up to him and salutes with a big grin on her face.

Tanya: Hello there! You’re that cowboy guy… Jacob right? I’m Tanya.

Jacob: I’m from Texas, we’re all cowboys.

He lets out a small laugh.

Jacob: I assume your talking about the Gunslingers, yup that’s me and old man Stan.

Tanya: That’s cool. I’m from Boston. We don’t have cowboys. So how do you like my outfit? I’m practicing to be a proper SHOOT Soldier.

Tanya holds up her toy rifle and plays at firing it down the hall.

Jacob: I always preferred the red rider. Be careful or you’ll shoot your eye out with that thing.

Tanya just laughs at him before looking real closely as if studying his face, trying to find some secret hidden in there.

Tanya: So what do genuine Texas Cowboys do for fun when they aren’t wrestling or training? Go hang out with your cowgirl?

Jacob: Well I’ve spent the past 2 years in Japan, so except for some bad karoke nights pretending to be George Strait it’s mainly business. Like they say you can take the cowboy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the cowboy.

Tanya: Well that’s not fun. You really should get a girlfriend. At least go out on a few blind dates or something. You can’t hang out with your tag partner all the time. Besides he seems really serious. I don’t think he parties too well. At least not at the clubs I go to.

Jacob: I get out occasionally, but I know this busines has a lot of travel involved, so I haven’t been looking for anything too serious. Though after the loss last week I definitely could use a night out to get my mind off things.

Tanya: I see. Well I lost last week too and have been too sore to go out and party. But a friend of mine here in Saitama knows a great club. We were going to go out after the show. The best part is it’s a cosplay club so no one will think you look strange for wearing your cowboy clothes. Heck if the old guy wants to come along he can. Lots of American beer from what she said. I am going to keep my soldier suit on. Why not come with us? Maybe you can find the rest of my camoflauge.

Tanya giggles and winks at him waiting to see if he catches the implication as well as how he’ll answer her offer of making it a group activity.

A door opens in the background and out walks Stan. He’s wearing a Rising Sun Pro shirt and his old black stetson cowboy hat. He eyes up the situation and walks over to Jacob and pats him on the shoulder.

Stan: Time to go Jacob we have some things to take care of to get ready for the next match.

Jacob looks at Stan and then nods.

Jacob: I’ll have to take a raincheck.

Stan: G’nite miss.

Tanya: Awww but Mister Stan I was just going to get some input on my new outfit. It’s so hard to find american military clothing in Japan. Besides you’ll miss all the hot action in the ring tonight.

Stan: Put in a few years and they give it to you for free, I here they let just about anyone in now.

Stan turns and Jacob shrugs and mouths a sorry before turning to follow

Stan: I know it’s not none of my business what you do in your spare time, but let me tell you something. This business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and I’m not telling you that you can’t get your stick wet, but you want to stay away from women like that.

Jacob starts to defend Tanya but is cut off by Stan.

Stan: Women have been in this sport as an exhibition for ages and they are still pretty much that, not much more than glorified ring rats that the bosses hire to keep the boys in the back happy. Working at a sausagefest can get annoying so I can understand the point of having soemthing nice to look at, but jsut remember everyone else is "looking" (finger quotes) too. You do what you need to do, but make sure your thinking with the head on your shoulders first.

As they walk off Tanya smirks and points the rifle at Stan’s head pretending like she is going to shoot him from behind.

Tanya: Old coot should learn not to talk so loud. Ah well I heard the rumors he was old-fashioned. He’ll learn. If not the polite way I’ll show him face to face I can hang with him and anyone else in SHOOT. I’ll try the polite way first. Back in his day there may not have been any serious athletes who were females but it’s not his day anymore. Now let’s see what Kimiyo is going to wear. I hope it’s one of those school girl outfits I see in magazines all the time.

Walking away Tanya’s mutterings slide between anime fantasy clothing and stupid old men.


A sledgehammer collides with the corner of a brick wall, sending red shards flying in all directions as the 8lb block of metal on the end of the handle crashes through the brick… 

A hyper-zoomed image shows the moment a gloved fist collides with the face of Ron Barker and zooms out at speed to capture his tumble to the ringside mats, dropping a steel chair from his hand. 

Half a brick flies toward its reflective target, like two half bricks flying toward eachother for that brief moment before the glass shatters, spider- web cracks streaking through it before it implodes… 

Another image, so zoomed it’s clearly pixelated in some areas, reveals a shin-bone colliding with the chin of Lennox "The Ox" Ferguson and flash zooms- out just as his eyes roll ever so slightly and his legs buckle beneath him so that he flops awkwardly onto his back in the middle of the SHOOT Project ring. 

Red flame curdles atop a Jack Daniels bottle filled with petrol as a rag stuffed into it burns fiercely, the cocktail erupting as it collides with a wooden door, glass embedding in it as flames lap along it’s surface… 

Leather drives its way into flesh and bone as a 4oz MMA gloves impacts with Mike Dexter’s chin, sending ripples of shockwaves up his cheek and squashing his face, the image pulling back to behold as he crumples down to the canvas. 

An almost machete-sized knife-blade draws its way along a black metal panel, the paint curling up alongside the blade as it slices off the shiny panel below… 

A pair of hands wrap around the back of Azraith DeMitri’s head, elbows pressed tight to his collar-bone before he drops down out of shot, forcing the camera to pull back and reveal the World Champion’s chin being smashed down into an upward-pointing knee. 

Black, with glaring eyes of an ever-so-slightly red hue, a Doberman barks fiercely, droplets of saliva flying from its mouth as it continues on and on, relentlessly… 

His face full of rage and fury, Osbourne Kilminster looks right into the camera as he sticks up his middle fingers, yelling "Fuck you!" as his slight and slender wife stalks the ring in the background. 

Twin Doberman hounds circle a burning black BMW, abandoned in the middle of the road between rows of terraced houses sporting smashed windows and doors hanging off their hinges, some spewing thick clouds of black smoke into the street as murders of Ravens circle overhead. Atop this particular BMW stands a bald man, his shaved head visible as he looks back over his shoulder just enough for us to see his icy blue eye, black face-paint circled around it as he glares.  

It’s Osbourne Kilminster.  

He wears a black hoodie beneath a biker-style leather jacket and a sleeveless chainmail jacket over it, a sledgehammer in his hand, the heavy metal head resting atop the crumpled and dented roof of the car as the camera pans down over the smashed windscreen to see "BRING THE WAR" carved into the paintwork of the hood and a huge knife jammed into the metalwork itself. 

As the camera slowly pulls back further, to an elevated angle, we can see a whole cityscape erupting into fire and chaos as Kilminster turns, the hammer in one hand as he throws his arms up toward the Gods themselves with a dark laugh.



The lights cut out, and as soon as the opening guitar of "1000 Cigarettes" by MSTRKRFT hits, the lights come on in a dizzying strobe display.  VAS, Ray Valjean and Jay Skylar, emerge from the back, all grins and fist pumps despite the cold reaction of the fans.  Ray is carrying a black duffel bag over his shoulder, it’s contents unknown.   

Eryk Masters: If I know these two, that bag’s probably loaded down with bricks!  Don"t be surprised if you see that come into play! 

Other Guy: Hey.  This is America.  Innocent until proven guilty, holmes.  

As they reach the ring, taking their sweet time, Ray hangs the bag on their corner’s ringpost.  They hop into the ring and take opposite turnbuckles, posing and smiling all the way. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this tag team contest is set for one fall…Introducing first, at a combined weight of Four-Hundred and Fifty Three Pounds…Ray Valjean and Jay Skylar, VAS!!" 

"1000 Cigarettes" is cut off, as Ray and Jay stretch out in the ring and test the ropes.  "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols starts playing, and out comes Johnny Patriot!  He grins and holds his arms up and…eventually UK Dragon comes out.  They appear to be discussing something, and finally Dragon slaps Johnny on the shoulder.  Patriot…walks back through the curtain. 

Other Guy: He cant seriously be thinking of wrestling this himself. 

Finally, "Anarchy in the UK" cuts off, only to be replaced with "God Save the Queen" by the same band!  Dragon shakes his head, and Johnny runs out, claps him on the shoulder, and they both walk forward to the ring.  Valjean and Skylar, for their part, are not holding back their laughter.   

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, at a combined weight of Four-Hundred and Forty Pounds…Johnny Patriot and UK Dragon, THE ALLIED POWERS!!" 

UKD and Patriot slide into the ring, and they make it a point to pose for the fans before their music dies out.  Both teams can be seen talking amongst themselves, discussing strategy.  Finally, Johnny and Jay exit the ring.  The bell sounds, and Referee Heflin calls the match on.  Ray is starting with Dragon, and he decides to walk up and offer his opponent a hand of friendship.  The crowd immediately doesn"t approve, but Dragon looks them over before slowly extending his arm out and taking Ray’s hand.  They…actually shake.  Simple, no frills business handshake, and then they separate. 

Eryk Masters: Wait, what?  No cheap shot?  No fake out? 

Other Guy: See, that’s why people dislike you: You stereotype folks. 

Jay hops down from the apron, immediately sprinting to the announce table and grabbing a headset. 

Jay Skylar: What’s the happenings, gentlemen? 

Eryk Masters: You realize you’re actually currently competing, right? 

Jay Skylar: Details, man.  Details.   

In the ring, Ray and Dragon lock up, and Dragon quickly hooks him into a headlock.  He wrenches the hold for a moment, Before Valjean hooks his arms around dragon’s waist and snaps back for a backdrop driver, but Dragon flips back and lands on his feet.  Ray turns just in time to take a kick to the gut, and UK gauges his shot before leaping off with a big Gamengiri—Ray ducks and Dragon crashes to the mat! 

Jay Skylar: People seem to underestimate Ray’s keen strategic mind, Eryk. 

Other Guy: I’d actually have to agree with him, man. 

Eryk Masters: Hmph. 

Valjean capitalizes instantly, leaping onto Dragon’s back and attempting to hook him into the Conqueror Lock—Dragon spins his body underneath Ray, throwing a couple of elbows into his face in the process.  Valjean backs off, motioning for the referee and holding his face.  Heflin holds Dragon at bay for a moment before going to check on Ray’s face. 

Eryk Masters: What a crock, Valjean is grinning! 

Jay Skylar: Wincing, bro.  Wincing.   

Other Guy: No, he’s totally grinning.  It’s funny, though. 

Ray appears to be fine, so the ref calls the action back on.  UK Dragon shrugs, turns, and tags in Johnny Patriot to a good reaction.  Patriot and Valjean circle one another, and they finally lock up.  Ray grabs him into a wristlock, really twisting the arm, and Patriot grits his teeth, doubling over with the pain.  Ray smiles, throws a thumbs up to UK Dragon, and then DRIVES his knee into Patriot’s collarbone!  Johnny drops to his knees, obviously in pain, and just to add insult to injury, very literally, Valjean jabs his thumb into Johnny’s eye. 

Other Guy: That’ll wake you up! 

Eryk Masters: How long is Heflin gonna allow blatant cheating like that? 

Jay Skylar: You’re a player hater.  That’s what you are. 

Misunderstanding or not, Heflin gives Valjean a warning, backing him away from the recovering Patriot.  Johnny gets to his feet and starts making his way to his corner, but Ray sprints up behind him and kicks his leg out from underneath him!  The crowd is very vocal in their displeasure, as Valjean laughs to himself and drops a quick elbow to Patriot’s midsection.  Ray then stands, and as Patriot tries to get up, he continually rakes his boot across Johnny’s face.  At this point, the crowd is nearly deafening, the combination of boos and support screams for Johnny Patriot louder than ever.  Ray hauls him to his feet, grabs him around the midsection, and tosses him nearly halfway across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex!  Ray motions to his partner and drags Patriot to the corner. 

Eryk Masters: BIG move there from Ray Valjean! 

Other Guy: Patriot needs to get outta there! 

Jay Skylar: That’s my cue guys.  Lates. 

Skylar sprints to the apron, hops up, and tags Ray.  Valjean holds Johnny’s arms above his head, as Jay springboards off the top and SLAMS into Patriot’s chest with an elbow drop.  Ray rolls out of the ring, and on the way to the announce table, he throws some insults towards UK Dragon.  He, like his partner, grabs the spare headset and has a seat.   

Ray Valjean: Bienvenue, fellows! 

Other Guy: Hi, Ray! 

Eryk Masters: Okay, are you guys doing this the entire match?  Jesus… 

Jay drags patriot to his feet, and whips him—Patriot reverses, and on the rebound looks to lariat Skylar, but Jay ducks and taps him on the shoulder.  Patriot turns with a back elbow, but Jay ducks that as well before SLAPPING him in the face!  Patriot returns fire with a knife edged chop, so Jay responds with on of his own!  Patriot chops him in the chest, Jay chops back, and Patriot steps back for a moment, his chest beet red, Before LAYING into Jay’s chest with a STIFF response chop of his own.  Jay screams and bounces on his feet, his chest equally red, before he turns to Patriot.  Johnny holds his chest out proud, goading Jay into trying something.  Skylar winds back and Knife edge chops Patriot IN THE FACE!  Swagger Jacker!!  Patriot collapses to the mat, screaming, and Jay quickly hooks the leg.   



The crowd cheers as Jay looks positively shocked! 

Eryk Masters: Wow!  Patriot kicked out of that sickening chop! 

Ray Valjean: Are you familiar with the term "Lucky break"?  That’s the very definition of it.   

Other Guy: Hate to disagree, but for all his faults, Johnny Patriot has proven himself time and again to be tough as hell!  Dumb, sure, but he’s stout! 

Jay immediately begins to argue with Heflin, who reiterates that yes, Jay only got a two count.  Dragon is yelling for his partner to tag him, which jay notices, and he actually leaps OVER Patriot to swing a wheel kick directly into UK Dragon!!  Dragon drops to his feet on the floor, shaking his head, and Jay turns back and quickly sidesteps the incoming shoulder block of Johnny Patriot.  Patriot stops short of hitting the corner with some force, but Jay grabs him by the back of the head, leaps his body over the top rope, and SLAMS Patriot’s neck onto the top rope on the way down!  He struts over to Ray, they fistbump, and Jay throws his arms up for the crowd.  The crowd lets him know that they don"t appreciate what he’s doing, and Jay scowls at a section of fans before sliding back into the ring. 

Ray Valjean: Attaboy, Jay!  These fans are terrible though, right guys? 

Eryk Masters: You’re terrible.  You and your running pal.   

Jay stands up, grinning, and Hauls Patriot to his feet.  He boots him in the nuts, turns for the Mega Move—Patriot, fast as lightning, grabs Skylar around the waist and PLANTS him with a German Suplex!  He holds the bridge! 

Ray Valjean: Ohshi– 



Other Guy: Aaaand there goes Ray Valjean.  Who would have thought their strategy wouldn"t have worked? 

Eryk Masters: The strategy of running commentary on their own match?  Oh man.  OG.  None of us saw it coming. 

Valjean leaps up to the ring on his corner, slapping the turnbuckle, yelling "ISOLATE!  ISOLATE!" Skylar stands up, shaking his head, and Patriot is groggily coming to his feet as well.  Jay rushes Patriot , Leaps into the air with a BIG Lariat, but Johnny ducks, executes a forward roll, and tags in UK Dragon to the cheers of the crowd!!  Dragon walks up to Jay, almost no effort blocks Skylar’s overhand right hook, and Roundhouse Kicks him RIGHT in the side of the head!!  Jay collapses, and UK hooks a leg… 


Tw—Broken up, as Ray Valjean runs in and SHOVES dragon off!  UK Dragon gets in his face, and the two briefly come to blows before Dennis Heflin separates them.  While Dragon is yelling at Valjean, Jay rolls to his knees, shakes his head a few times, and then flat out UPPERCUTS UK between the legs!!  The crowd is screaming in hatred as Jay gets to his feet and shoves dragon into his corner.  He tags with Ray, and they both proceed to take turns hammering Dragon on the back of the neck with forearms before Heflin forces Jay out.  Ray lays UK Dragon out with a basic bodyslam, drops a quick leg on his throat, and then TAGS JAY SKYLAR.  The crowd is getting louder as Ray scrapes his boot along Dragon’s eyes while Jay stomps him in the chest.  At the count of four, Ray steps out, his hands up in innocence.  Jay hauls him to his feet, quick DDT—and then a TAG TO RAY VALJEAN!  The crowd is LIVID as VAS double suplex UK Dragon before Jay hops out of the ring at four, grinning.  Dragon writhes on the mat as Ray flips him onto his stomach, sits on his back, and hooks his hands under UK’s chin hauling back with a Conqueror Lock—Dragon slips his head underneath Ray’s arm, grabs it, and shoves Ray to his back!  UK strikes him in the face with an elbow, flips Valjean to his stomach, hooks one arm around his head an WRENCHES back— DRAGON CLUTCH!!   

Other Guy: Christ, he’s trying to pop Ray’s head right off! 

Eryk Masters: This could be it, fans! 

Ray struggles, spittle flying from his lips—But Skylar Springboards in with a DOUBLE STOMP TO UKD’S HEAD!!  He stays and starts putting the boots to Dragon, but Patriot runs in and turns Jay INSIDE OUT with a VICIOUS lariat!!  Patriot dumps Jay Skylar to the outside and follows suit, kicking the man back to his corner!  Heflin drops to the mat as Ray weakly hooks a leg for the pin… 




Eryk Masters: How the HELL did he kick out?!  He just took the full weight of Jay Skylar on the back of his skull!! 

Other Guy: I’m tempted to call lucky break, but that’s mainly because I would hate myself if I praised UK Dragon. 

Eryk Masters: The most objective color man in the industry, folks! 

The crowd breaks out into cheers as UKD gets his shoulder up.  Ray rises to his feet, his face red, and starts arguing with Heflin.  He keeps advancing him backwards, until the referee is in the corner, and Skylar joins in on the argument as well.  Dragon KIPS UP, leaps into the air towards Ray, CRUCIFIX PIN!! 




Valjean scrambles away, And Dragon is quickly to his feet, stalking his opponent.  A quick lockup, and Dragon hooks him into a headlock.  He runs forward and DRIVES Ray into the mat with an old school bulldog!!  Valjean gets up, albeit groggily, and UKD LEAPS into the air, kicks his leg high, and PLANTS his heel into Ray Valjean’s FACE with an Axe Kick!!  UKD tags Johnny and signals upwards towards the rafters with his thumb.  Patriot quickly leaps to the top turnbuckle as Dragon hauls Ray up in a wheelbarrow position…He hooks Ray’s arms and makes him face their corner…Patriot LEAPS OFF with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE as UKD snaps backward!!  Lariat/Wheelbarowplex Combo!! 

Other Guy: Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa! 

Eryk Masters: This HAS to be it! 

Patriot grabs the lateral press… 



THR—Jay Skylar disrupts the pin with a desperation dive!   

Other Guy: Amazing double-team move, but you gotta be aware of the action! 

Eryk Masters: That was a lucky break!  We’re talking at the very single last tenth of a second!! 

Jay lays a STIFF soccer-kick into the side of Patriots head, sees UKD coming through the ropes, and promptly runs off.  Heflin forces Dragon back outside, as Johnny Patriot gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out.  Ray stands up as well, having trouble finding his footing.  Patriot boots him in the stomach, locks with him, and grabs his legs, lifting him for the AMERICAN SLAM— Ray kicks his legs up, freeing himself from Johnny’s grasp, and rolls forward, landing on his feet!!  Jay jumps to the floor and runs towards The Allied Powers corner.  Johnny turns as Valjean does—Valjean FLOORS him with the MEAN RIGHT HOOK!! 

Other Guy: Jesus!!  I mean he calls it what he calls it but DAMN. 

Eryk Masters: Patriot looks to be completely out of it, and there goes Jay Skylar!! 

Dragon drops to the floor to intercept Skylar—Jay leaps into the air and nails him with a flying flip lariat!  Ray plants himself on Patriot’s back, loops his arms under his, and applies the full nelson before REARING back—CONQUEROR LOCK!!  Dragon tries to get into the ring, but Jay is holding him back!!  Valjean lens back, the veins in his face apparent with the effort—JOHNNY PATRIOT TAPS!!  Heflin calls for the bell!!  The boos intensify as Ray continues to hold on!  Dragon finally gets into the ring, and Valjean lets go, grabbing Heflin and putting him in between the two of them!  The argument ensues for a while, until the bell rings once more, as Jay slides into the ring next to his partner.   

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, via submission, at a time of Sixteen Minutes and Thirty-seven seconds…RAY VALJEAN AND JAY SKYLAR, VAS!! 

Ray and Jay both raise their arms as Dragon starts helping Patriot up the ramp. 

Eryk Masters: They don"t deserve this.  Any idiot can see that! 

Other Guy: Say what you will, they did win cleanly. 

Eryk Masters: You call that clean?! 

"1000 Cigarettes" hits as Jay retrieves the duffel bag, unzips it and…PULLS OUT THE SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS!!  He hands one to Ray amidst extreme displeasure from the crowd, and they both strap them on while posing, despite all of the negative attention they’re receiving.  When they"re facing away from the ramp, the boos turn to cheers on a dime, but they keep posing as if it’s for them!! 

Other Guy: Not who I think it is, is it? 

Eryk Masters: You steal the belts, you deal with the consequences…The Bad Ass Brotherhood have just made their presence known! 

Indeed they have, as Magnus and Dresden are walking down the ramp at this very moment.  Magnus is pointing towards VAS, saying something to Dresden, who is grinning and punching his palm.  Skylar turns, smiling, and notices the BAB—the smile drops entirely.  He hurriedly taps Ray on the shoulder, who turns and gives the same reaction.  They both slide out of the ring to the floor, backing up against the announce table.   

Eryk Masters: You reap what you sew, gentlemen! 

As Magnus and Dresden turn the corner, Ray and Jay BOOK IT—they start running around the other side as fast as they can.  The Brotherhood frowns and gives chase, nearly catching up with them on the turn before VAS head straight up the ramp and through towards the back, Dresden and Magnus not too far behind them. 


The scene cuts to the lobby of the Saitama SuperArena where the official SHOOT merchandise booth is set up.  Everything from Azraith DeMitri t-shirts to Jaime Alejandro baseball caps to Johnny Patriot masks to UK Dragon glowsticks are flying off the shelves, but its the folding table set up next to the booth that has captured the attention of the fans.

Standing behind the table is X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren, both dressed impeccably in suits – Azrael in a charcoal black Fioravanti with red tie and cufflinks, X in grey Prada with blue pinstripes – wildly motioning for the fans to approach their table. The Hierarchy’s massive bodyguard Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov stands coldly behind them, wearing a plain black & white three-piece suit that undoubtedly came specially ordered by way of the Big & Tall section.  With his arms folded, he peers out at the masses with utter disdain.

X-Calibur: Come on everyone, don’t be shy! Feel free to push and elbow people out of your way. You don’t want to miss what we’ve got here.

Goeren: That’s right, be the first person in your pagoda to own pieces of genuine SHOOT history! This merchandise is, as the kids on the street say, the shit!

X-Calibur reaches down below the table and pulls out a small piece of grey fabric, holding it up for everyone to see.

X-Calibur: This is an actual piece of the ring apron from last week’s Revolution, stained with Rocky Stellar’s iconic blood! GUARANTEED to increase in value once Rocky’s next of kin decides to yank the plug on his sorry ass.

Azrael dives below the table, pulling out a carton full of small glass vials, very similar to ones you would see in old-fashioned drug stores.

Goeren: Not your style? How about a vial of Rocky Stellar’s tears? As you can see we’ve got quite a selection to choose from.

X-Calibur: Now hold on Azrael. Are you sure these are legit tears and not something you filled from the tap? How do I know I’m only getting the best in Rocky Stellar suffering?

Goeren: We in The Hierarchy stand firmly behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your concentrated bottle of Rocky sadness, you can return for a 25% refund.

X-Calibur: I’m sold!

Goeren: We give so much back to the fans.

X-Calibur: We really do. But Azrael…

Goeren: Yes, X-Calibur?


Azrael gives an incredibly fake expression of shock as he puts both hands up to his face in a look of mock surprise. X-Calibur digs underneath the table and pulls out a light blue chair with disgusting crimson-brown splotches across the seat.

X-Calibur: In my hands I hold the very chair that Rocky Stellar’s career came to an end with. Re-live his brutal beatdown again and again while at the same time provide style and class to any room’s decor. You’ll notice that it’s also signed by myself, Herr Goeren and…and…well…Yuri just signed it with a bloody palm print.

For the first time since he appeared on screen, The Hierarchy’s bodyguard cracks a smile. Azrael gives a shudder while X-Calibur uncomfortably clears his throat and continues.

X-Calibur: Yes, this little slice of Rockystalgia can be yours! What do you say we start the bidding at…oh…41,3050 yen?

The gathered crowd, usually marked with politeness, erupts with boos as X-Calibur and Goeren look completely shocked.

Goeren: We’re not going any lower than 40,000 yen you ingrates! You hang this chair over your mantelpiece and it INSTANTLY adds re-sale value to any home on the market!

The crowd boos again, as both Hierarchy members clearly are missing the point on why they are being jeered. X-Calibur suddenly breaks into a wide smile, quickly joined by Azrael as the chair is set down on the table.

X-Calibur: Awwwww, I think they miss their Icon. Well too damn bad, Rocky Stellar’s old crippled ass certainly isn’t going to be here tonight, tomorrow night, next week, next month or next decade for that matter. We broke the Icon, and he’s never coming back!

Goeren: I told Stellar the very day he strutted in here that I would be the one to kill his career…but even I didn’t think we’d get rid of him THIS quick.

X-Calibur: All it took was some positive thinking, careful planning and splitting Rocky’s head open like a Gallagher watermelon.

X chuckles to himself, giving Azrael a pat on the back.

Goeren: There is nothing that The Hierarchy cannot do here in SHOOT. We go where we want, we do what we want, we take out who we want. We said last week that we were going to start taking power back for ourselves, and I’d say taking argubaly the most popular wrestler in SHOOT history off the chess board was a nice start.

X-Calibur: But that’s all it was…a start.

Goeren: Every SHOOT roster member better realize that what happened to Stellar can happen to each and every one of them whenever we damn well feel like it. And that includes our illustrious CEO Jason Johnson.

X-Calibur: ESPECIALLY Jason Johnson. We’ll see how bad he fines us then. But in the meantime sheep…er…wonderful SHOOT fans, feel free to purchase these great Hierarchy items and continue giving us the support we so rightfully deserve.

Goeren’s face suddenly brightens up, as if he just remembered something incredibly vital and important.

Goeren: X…if only there was a way all of these fans could constantly keep in touch with us.

X-Calibur: Oh you wacky German fuck. You mean like if we had Twitter accounts they could follow?

Goeren: Exactly! They could follow me @

X-Calibur: And they could follow me @ That way all of our fans will never be more than a click away from either of us.

Goeren: But…But…X-Calibur? How would they know those are our real Twitter accounts though?

X lets out an insanely twisted smile.

X-Calibur: Come on Azrael. They can trust us.


We see the backstage area, and the dressing room with the sign "PROJECT SCAR" above the door.

This is obviously the dressing room which has been designated for Corazon, Kenji Yamada, and Isaac Entragian.

Strangely, somebody has written on the door, in blood red ink…a large scrawling message…


Incisive comradery…or goddamn foul?

The camera focuses on the writing for a long moment, and then we go back to the arena.

Other Guy: What the hell was that?

Eryk Masters: I have no idea. I get the feeling that whoever plastered the bizarre message on the SHOOT Project Office doors earlier this week may be responsible for that message too. It’s cryptic and weird.

Other Guy: Yeah, what was that all about?

Eryk Masters: All I know is somebody left a sign on the SHOOT Project Office Doors that said: ENTRAGIAN AND YAMADA – Lucifer’s acrimony…and doomed vigor.

Other Guy: It sounds like Project SCAR are being stalked by somebody with one of those "Learn a New Word Every Day" calendars.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but I’m betting Corazon, Yamada and Entragian won’t take kindly to having their dressing room door decorated, or to being called out. Anyhow, let’s get back to the action!



I hate the world today

You"re so good to me

I know, but I can"t change

Tried to tell you

But you look at me like maybe

I"m an angel underneath

Innocent and sweet

"Bitch" by Meredith Brooks plays as the fans seem…very confused. Out from the back comes none other than El Bastardo, wearing a black and pink Ric Flair-style robe matching his mask. The fans don"t really know how to react, so they default on their natural silence. Bastardo bounces around, yelling at the fans as he heads down to the ring.

Other Guy: So…okay, then.

Eryk Masters: I was wondering when Meredith Brooks would have her music appreciated in the professional wrestling circuit, to be honest with you.

Other Guy: I had her Greatest Hits on last night, getting myself ready for the first ever Dominion!

Eryk Masters: Is it the one song?

Other Guy: It"s the one song, yes.

Eryk Masters: This is the most popular El Bastardo is probably ever going to be.

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, weighing in at 160 pounds…he is the latest in the Bastardo line…HE IS…EL BASTARDO…JUNIOR!!

Bastardo throws his robe down on the mat and holds his arms up in the air. Suddenly, "Bitch" is cut off…and the familiar…but not so familiar opening of "POWER (Remix)" by Kanye West and Jay-Z kicks in.

Is this thing on?

The green crown appears on the SHOOT-Tron as Donovan King steps out from the back, dressed only in his tights.

No one man should have all that power

The clock"s tickin", I just count the hours

Stop trippin", I"m trippin" off the power


King walks down to the ring, glaring at El Bastardo, saying nothing, acknowledging no fans.


Rumble, young man, rumble

Life is a trip so sometimes we gon" stumble

You gotta go through pain in order to become you

But once the world numbs you, you"ll feel like it"s only one you

Now you got the power to do anything you want to

King enters the ring and stares across the ring at Bastardo, saying nothing. Austin Linam calls for the bell and the match is on!

Other Guy: And the Road to Salvation continues for Donovan King here tonight!

Bastardo gets in King"s face and keeps on jawing at his opponent. King says nothing…the two of them just standing in the ring. Bastardo suddenly SLAPS King in the face! The fans are booing the blatant disrespect as Bastardo bounces off of the ropes and CROSSBODIES King…NO! King stands his ground as… Bastardo bounces OFF of King!

Other Guy: …okay, wow.

Eryk Masters: Is that a show of power from King or a show of weakness from Bastardo?

Bastardo gets up quickly and King SNAPS HIM DOWN WITH A DEALBREAKER.

Eryk Masters: Well, that about does it, doesn"t it?

King picks himself back up, listening to the cheering Japanese fans. He looks puzzled by their response as he looks down at Bastardo. He picks Bastardo up, whips him to the ropes, sends him flying up into the air… DEALBREAKER! King lands with Bastardo and, as he does so, quickly locks in the CAROLINA CROSSFACE! Bastardo CRIES in agony and pounds the mat viciously and Austin Linam calls for the bell!


"POWER (Remix)" kicks in as King picks himself up off of the mat and allows Austin Linam to raise his hand. He looks down at Bastardo and shrugs as he walks over to Samantha Coil and asks her for her microphone. He signals that he wants his music to die down.

Other Guy: I"m guessing King has something on his mind to say…stunner.

Eryk Masters: Shhhh.

Donovan King: You know…I was told in the back to embarrass this guy for the way he"s disrespected SHOOT. I had producers, referees, some of the Soldiers…they told me this guy has done nothin" but collect a paycheck and insult the great history of this company.

King nudges the prone Bastardo with his foot.

Donovan King: I didn"t wanna do that.

You see…I wanted to do somethin" with Bastardo. I wanted to…use him to make an example. Not to make HIM an example…but to make an example of myself.

King paces around Bastardo"s body.

Donovan King: I have proven I can make a man bleed. I have proven I can make a man get knocked out. I have proven I can make a man tap out. What I have never proven…is that I can show a man mercy.

King squats down and looks at the unconscious masked face of El Bastardo.

Donovan King: Now, Bastardo here? I honestly know nothin" about him. He"s supposedly part of some wrestling family. He wears a mask with supposed heritage. In actuality, he"s just some kid in a bad situation. He has no fuckin" clue what it means to be a SHOOT Project Soldier.

He"s gonna get fired an" never know what it really means to wrestle with honor.

King shakes his head as he stands back up.

Donovan King: But I know.

I know what it means to come out here each and every show an" give all I got so y"all can constantly be entertained. I know…I"ve always known…but I"ve never…executed those thoughts. Put ‘em to action. A Soldier pulls the trigger when threatened. He doesn"t execute his opponent unless he has no other choice. He shows restraint in the face of weakness an" he knows the depth of his resolve when he does so.

King looks back down to Bastardo.

Donovan King: There"s a part of me…an" it"ll always be there. A part of me that wants to keep hittin" Dealbreakers on him, hear the disapproval of the masses…the roar of the crowd…as I lock in a Carolina Crossface so tight it tears his mask off his face an" he spends the night in a Goddamn hospital!

King"s fists clench for a moment before he relaxes.

Donovan King: But it"d solve nothing. This boy knew no better. Ignorant of the consequences when he signed up. I see you, Bastardo…an" all I see…is me.

King looks at the camera.

Donovan King: Thomas Manchester Black wants y"all to believe I"m cornered…that he gets to choose when he finally strikes at me. The problem there is…I"m not very patient. Now mercy? Mercy I think I can handle. Patient? Not so much.

So Black…you"re about to come down to dis ring right here…an" you"re about to have a match against the so-called ‘God"s Favorite Wrestler" Cade Sydal. Two men…my biggest failures as a man epitomized in these two men right here, ladies and gentlemen. I showed these men…no honor before. Cade Sydal forced me to honor the codes I believed I upheld. Tommy Black, on the other hand, he"s out to tear me apart.

King walks to the ropes nearest the entrance ramp.

Donovan King: What I did to Cade Sydal was unforgiveable. What I did to Tommy Black was unforgiveable. I had…no honor. But, Black? The longer you wait until you"re ready…the longer vengeance stays out of your hands. I"m not… anxious for your day of reckonin"…I"m not the type to wait until you"re ready.

So if you wanna finish this? I"m ready. If you don"t? I"m gonna move on…because there"s a certain World Championship out there that belongs to me…an" all it"s doin" is waitin" for me to come back an" beat the man who holds the crown right now.

So in case you forget, Tommy? In case you decide you still wanna play games…I"m gonna make sure you"re reminded of who I am. So…Tommy… I"ll be…

King points to Other Guy and Eryk Masters.

Donovan King: Right over there.

King drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring as "POWER (Remix)" picks back up.

Eryk Masters: Uh oh! I"m guessing Donovan King"s gonna be joining us!

Other Guy: Oh…YAY.

King pulls up a chair next to Other Guy and shakes Eryk Masters" hand.

Eryk Masters: So good of you to sit down out here with us, Donovan.

King doesn"t put a headset on, merely sitting back and turning his attention to the ring.

Other Guy: Well…this is bound to get awkward.


Cut to the back, Johnny Patriot and UK Dragon talking to each other. UK Dragon seems pretty heated, while Patriot simply hangs his head. Patriot notices the camera, giving his partner a finger to hold on, before walking over quickly. 

Johnny Patriot: Mr. Heart, I hear you’re staying around SHOOT Project after all. Maybe you should get yourself a tag team partner, because UK Dragon and I are going to be paying you a visit sooner than later.  

UK Dragon’s eyes immediately grow wide, rushing up to Patriot and grabbing his arm. 

UK Dragon: What are you doing? What are you talking about, we’re going to give him a visit? We can’t even win a bloody match! 

Johnny Patriot: Mr. Heart assaulted two of my friends and ended one their careers. It’s time he pay for his dastardly deeds, Dragon, or my name isn’t Johnny Patriot, and you’re not an American. 

UK Dragon: …I’m not an American. 

Johnny Patriot: You know what I meant. 

Dragon sighs, putting his hand on his head. 

UK Dragon: Don’t you think you should’ve talked to me about this? 

Johnny Patriot: This is the mission you signed up for, UK Dragon. Love it or leave it. USA Number One. 

UK Dragon: I’m not an American!


His heavy biker’s leather jacket is weighing heavier due to the sleeveless chainmail jacket over it, but Osbourne Kilminster’s foul mood isn’t attributed to his garment’s right now as he reaches out for the door-handle to his shared dressing-room, the person he shares it with already in there, fixing her ring gear and, by the look on her face, clearly expecting his arrival though perhaps not his demeanour. 


Kilminster turns to face her, shaking his head. 


Osbourne Kilminster: You KNOW we’re the only team out there without any Championships and we’re out there because we’re supposed to be the tightest team. SUPPOSED TO BE. We’re married for fuck’s sake! 

Sinn looks up from her chair in their locker room as she finishes adjusting the ties on the sides of her tight leather pants.  

Sinn: Isn’t it supposed to be me that’s getting all pissy about that kind of shit? 

She raises an eyebrow, oddly calm. A deadly calm. She’s waiting to unleash that anger in the ring. 

Sinn: We are the tightest team, but that’s not because we’re married. We trust each other, Ozzy. We have nothing to gain by screwing each other over. The other teams can’t say the same. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, you reckon? Maybe you reckon DeMitri will be in the ring, desperate for a tag but he’ll look round and see Alejandro giving Mike Dexter a good old wank… Maybe you reckon Trey Willet won’t be looking for a tag from Jester because he’ll be too busy giving Mike Dexter a fucking reach-around… You reckon? Seems like a new haircut goes a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way around here lately. 

Fuming, almost shaking with fury, Osbourne rips off his jackets and throws them at a steel chair with enough force to topple it.  

That slim black eyebrow went back up and the reason behind this outburst is suddenly revealed to Jada. She glances back to her duffel bag, Mike Dexter’s beanie safely tucked inside of it. Sinn stands up, growing angry at at his unspoken implications. 

Sinn: Yeah, I fucking reckon. Don’t start this shit with me, Osbourne Kilminster. Whatever thoughts are going through your head about me and Mike fuckin’ Dexter, you best just ditch them right now.  

Stepping closer to her, his eyes narrowed with a rage seldom seen, Kilminster glares unblinkingly at his wife. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh right, I’m the one who needs to ditch thoughts about Dex, am I? Yeah, because it was ME who looked to be about two seconds from emptying his nuts into my face, wasn’t it? 

Turning away from her with an expression on utter disgust, he reaches out for his kit-bag and rips the zip open, rummaging through his belongings. She almost growls at him, pulling the bag away from him and forcing him to look at her. The stripper holds up that left hand, showing off that lovely ring he’d slipped on her finger when they got married. 

Sinn: If I wanted to go back to what I was when I first came here…I wouldn’t have married you, so don’t you dare fucking doubt me now. I stopped all of that shit for you.  

Her hand comes down and she throws his bag to the side, grasping his chin and forcing him to keep looking at her. 

Sinn: He reminded me for a moment of you. When you cut your hair off. That new outlook you had on everything. That strength and motivation to make yourself better than what you’d been. If I wanted to go out and fuck Mike Dexter, I’d have done it already. If I didn’t care about losing you, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you in the first place. So don’t you dare start this jealousy shit with me. Not tonight.  

His eyes burn hard and deep into hers, his mouth still half-curled into a snarl. 

Osbourne Kilminster: Fucker copies me AGAIN and even my own wife thinks he IS me, for a moment. That feels great, you know? Really great.  

She wanted to slap him. Just to knock the very idea out of his head. Jada pulls her hand back, crossing her arms and frowning. After a moment of silence, her arms fall to her sides and she heads towards the door. 

Sinn: I never thought he WAS you and I’m going to leave so I don’t do something I’ll regret. When you decide to stop being an asshole, come and talk to me. I’m not going to argue about something so fucking stupid. 

Scowling at the closing door, Kilminster shakes his head slowly, his tongue tracing the sharp edges of his incisors. 



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit!

"Combat" by The Rza & P-Dot starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the star known as "the Queen City Hitman."

Samantha Coil: Now introducing, weighing in at 245 pounds, from the Queen City! Charlotte, North Carolina! He is "the Queen City Hitman" THOMAS MANCHESTER BLAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

TMB steps out from the back, wearing a pair of white and black MMA- styled shorts and matching boots. A gray North Carolina Tar Heels hoodie is zipped up over his chest, his fists and forearms taped heavily. He starts walking down the ramp, raising his fists into the air as he does, never looking up from under his hoodie.

Eryk Masters: That man is certainly focused here tonight. It almost looks like he’s looking over here at Donovan King, who still refuses to put a headset on!

Other Guy: Leave him alone, E, he’s not here to talk apparently.

TMB continues to walk down to the ring before stepping quickly up the steel ring steps and steps through the ropes, marching toward the center of the ring he throws the hood back and folds his arms as white and Carolina blue streamers fly through the air, to be quickly taken care of by those around the ring. As his music fades, so too do the cheers of the fans in attendance.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: And of course…we’re going to have to sit here through this whole thing…

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: What are you complaining about? This is awesome!

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: Seriously, I can’t wait for him to come out now…it’s going to be so awesome!

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Eryk Masters: You make me sick…

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As "Almost Famous" by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand.

Other Guy: Oh good, thank God she’s introducing him! No one else can do it justice!

Eryk Masters: You’ve got to be kidding me…Samantha Coil does an excellent job!

Other Guy: For everyone else, sure.

Cade dressed in a pair of white shorts, with gray shorts, green dragons wrapped around them. His kickpads are green, with orange dragons, swirled in with a gray tribal pattern behind the dragons, interweaving, and his fists are also taped down to his elbows. He grins as Cassi begins to speak, the two of them walking down the ramp together. Cassi wearing a green skirt almost down to her knees, with a matching vest with orange and gray diagonal lines on it, exposing most of her abdomen, her hair pulled into twin pigtails.

Cassi Ryan: And introducing his opponent, in a battle of the North Carolinians! Go on and raise up! I’d take my shirt off and twist it around my head like a helicopter, but honestly only one man deserves to see that and he’s…well, he’s the guy I’m trying to introduce you to…yeah, he’s that special.

Cade grins to her, almost in mock embarrassment before winking at her and kissing her hand, the couple only half way down the ramp, paying little attention to the chorus of boos.

Cassi Ryan: He’s the Pinnacle of Perfection! They say his competition is stiff, but this man right here is stiffer than Viagra, with twice the staying power! He’ll knock your teeth out, and smile while he’s doing it, because he’s God’s Favorite Wrestler and he can!

They make it to the ring steps, and Cade lifts his hand, steadying her even though she doesn’t need the balance as she’s wearing green and orange Puma sneakers. It’s an obvious excuse to plant his eyes on her rear end as he follows behind her slowly, he stops her from stepping through the ropes and holds them open, sitting on the middle and top rope.

Other Guy: What a gentleman! Guys should take lessons from him!

Eryk Masters sighs audibly into his headset as Cassi bends to step through the ropes in front of Cade, he bends down leaning over her back and steps through right behind her, kissing the back of her right ear as the fans continue to boo.

Cassi Ryan: Stop trying to distract me, you have a match to win before you can get to any of that.

Cassi winks over her shoulder at him before raising the mic back up and continuing.

Cassi Ryan: Hailing from Southport, North Carolina! Weighing in at the sexiest 179 pounds imaginable! He is the Teen Idol, because every teenage boy wishes they could be like him and every teenage girl dreams of someday nabbing a man just like him! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE! SYYYYYYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

She throws the microphone into the air as she finishes his name, her head cocked back dramatically, while Cade catches the thrown microphone and taps on it, his music having faded out the moment they got in the ring. Instead of speaking, though, he just smirks and tosses it to the outside before helping Cassi out of the ring, pointing to the timekeeper’s table he whispers something to her.

Eryk Masters: I wish he would just send her to the back after the introduction.

Other Guy: Are you serious?! Just look at her! Why wouldn’t you keep her out here?

Eryk Masters: Every time she’s out here, it spells trouble!

Other Guy: And trouble is awesome!

Willie Dean signals for the bell, and as it sounds both men come out of their corners, circling quickly right into a lock up, Cade Sydal hooks TMB’s left elbow and ducks under it and spins full circle under the arm, rolling his body up TMB’s arm to snap him over with a quick arm drag. Cade gets to his feet quickly with a grin and a sweeping bow, as the fans begin to boo the arrogant display.

Other Guy: Did you see that? I think TMB blinked when they tied up, and just like Cade hooked him deep enough to take him down!

Eryk Masters: But there’s really no reason to gloat about it, especially with someone as mean as Black!

Other Guy: If you’re that good, there’s always a reason to brag.

Both men quickly come together again with another lock up, this time TMB pulls Cade right into a headlock, but Cade immediately pops his hips toward TMB, throwing him off with another sort of arm drag, and Cade swings back to his feet, clapping his hands with the same cocky grin. The fans boo some more as TMB stares at Cade. TMB comes at Cade again, and they both lock up once more, this time with Cade ducking under the left arm and pulling TMB into a hammerlock. TMB reaches back and grabs Cade by the head with his free arm and turns, dropping to a knee to prevent being thrown off so easily.

Eryk Masters: A little fool me twice, shame on me from TMB!

Other Guy: You’ve sat here for how long and don’t believe that Cade is already working on a way out of this? Come on man, hating is one thing but…

Eryk Masters: I never said that, just saying that TMB isn’t going to be fooled by the same thing twice.

Other Guy: We’ll see.

Cade grabs TMB’s left wrist and pulls TMB’s hands apart enough to swing under the left wrist, taking contorl with a wristlock, but TMB quickly reverses right into a wristlock of his own! Cade rolls forward with the reversal to his shoulders and nips up off of them, turning his body as he does to catch TMB around the neck with his shins, snapping into a flying head scissors that sends TMB sailing through the ropes and to the outside!

Other Guy: Whoa that was the shit!

Eryk Masters: What the hell was that?!

The fans begin to cheer as Cade gets to his feet and starts clapping his hands rhythmically as TMB starts to stir on the floor. Cade turns and hits the ropes, the fans cheering in anticipation as Cade leaps up! He lands on the top rope with his feet and leaps! But backflips into the ring instead of diving out, and lands on his feet to drop to a knee and wave his finger in the air in a "no no no" sort of way. Immediately the fans begin to boo the deceit, and he only smiles wider. TMB pulls himself to his feet and rolls under the bottom rope, back into the ring, before Willie Dean can reach any depth to his count, and Cade immediately greets him with a kick up into his ribs!

Eryk Masters: Well, so much for the display of wrestling!

Other Guy: TMB shouldn’t have ran from the ring, he might still be trading holds if he had stuck around a little longer!

Eryk Masters: He got thrown from the ring and…never mind, talking to you about this is like talking to a brick wall.

Cade pulls TMB to his feet by his arm and twists under it before whipping him, but TMB reverses! Cade handsprings into the ropes and snaps back, he lands back on his feet and leaps up, turning for a cross body but TMB catches him in his arms and in one swift motion throws him up overhead and catches him with a Samoan Drop!

Eryk Masters: There’s the opening TMB needed! He just needed to get his hands on Cade, and now it

s all over for your hero, OG!

Other Guy: After a Samoan Drop you’re making that prediction? Already?

TMB turns and hooks Cade’s leg.



Cade lunges his left shoulder off the canvas, but TMB grabs that arm and pulls Cade to his feet quickly, sending him hard into a corner, TMB follows with a charging forearm smash! Cade slumps down in the corner and TMB grabs him by the hair, pulling him out he hooks him for a front facelock and hoists him up before setting him back down, sitting on the top turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters: We can argue about that, or we can talk about the fact that your boy is about to have more than a Samoan Drop to worry about.

Other Guy: C’mon, why do you have to be like that?

While the commentary team banters, and Donovan King remains silent without a headset on, TMB lunges up into Cade’s chin with a palm strike that rocks him back! TMB turns his back to Cade and reaches up, grabbing Cade’s arms he crosses them, before Cade gets his right leg over the outside of the top rope and kicks TMB in the back, pushing him away! Cade quickly gets up onto the top rope and as TMB turns back around Cade leaps off the top turnbuckle for a missile dropkick! But TMB moves and Cade crashes down on his chest and Cade immediately is on his knees and one hand, the other arm clutching his ribs and gasping for air, only to be met with a running kick from TMB into his ribs that sends him over onto his back!

Other Guy: Good Lord! Was that necessary?!

Eryk Masters: Of course it was!

TMB drops to make the cover again!




Cade kicks out again and TMB gets back to his feet, looking down at Cade as he turns over to his belly and starts pushing to his feet. TMB kicks him again in the ribs, sending Cade rolling toward the ropes! He rolls under the bottom rope onto the edge of the ring, trying to regain his bearings.

Eryk Masters: Look at Cade, trying to get out of dodge now!

Other Guy: Wouldn’t you?

TMB doesn’t allow for much of an opportunity to rest, however, as he comes toward the ropes and reaches through the middle and top rope, grabbing Cade by the hair, he pulls Cade to a sitting position, receiving a generous pop in the process. Cade gras TMB by his left wrist and suddenly rolls toward the outside of the ring, landing on his own feet but pulling TMB’s shoulder and the inside of his bicep into the middle rope! TMB snaps back to the canvas, grabbing the top of his arm in a sudden burst of pain as Cade hops onto the apron and grips the top rope tightly, his feet dancing quickly with excitement on the apron as he waits for TMB to get back up!

Other Guy: Now that was a smart move! Targeting the arm is going to help neutralize the lifting strength and grip of TMB!

Eryk Masters: Listen to you, talking like you know a thing or two about wrestling…

Other Guy: Hey, I talk to people. I learn things.

TMB slowly does get back to his feet, holding his arm, and Cade springboards to the top, and flies off, firing into TMB with a sick spinning wheel kick right under the left eye! TMB crashes to the canvas as Cade nips up to his feet and throws his arms out wide with a grin!

Other Guy: Cade just blasted TMB in the face!

Eryk Masters: …uhhh

Other Guy: With that kick, you homophobe!

Cade points to Donovan King at the announce booth with a smile, he waves and points down at TMB, who holds his face with his right hand, and mouths "that was for you, buddy." Cade then turns his attention back to TMB, completely ignoring the jeering fans. Cade kicks TMB in the left arm he keeps close to his body, right in the elbow, and TMB actually screams out a bit from it! Cade cocks his head to the side and grabs TMB’s left wrist, stepping over it he weaves it between his legs before suddenly dropping to his knees, bringing TMB’s left elbow and shoulder to the canvas with a sort of armbreaker using his legs!


Eryk Masters: One thing you were right about is that Cade looks to be going after that arm!

Other Guy: Who are you telling? That armbreaker was nasty!

Cade turns his body toward TMB’s and snakes his arm under TMB’s right shoulder, pushing on TMB’s head with his other hand he turns TMB over into a sudden crucifix!



TMB kicks out, rolling backward and free of Cade’s grasp, but only momentarily as Cade swings his legs out to get to a quick and full stand and drops right away with a headbutt to TMB’s shoulder before he can start to get to his own feet! Cade rubs his head as he turns TMB back over and puts all of his weight across TMB’s right shoulder, both hands gripping TMB’s left wrist for another cover!

Eryk Masters: Cade trying to keep the pressure on TMB, maybe catch him while he’s trying to breathe!



T–! TMB kicks out. But Cade swings his body into a quick mount, pulling back on TMB’s arm, pulling it behind TMB’s own back!

Other Guy: KIMURA!

TMB squirms to get his left shoulder back down on the canvas, trying to stop Cade form getting the hold locked all the way on, but Cade keeps his grip locked tight on TMB’s shoulder, refusing to let go! TMB starts to kick his legs, trying to move his body toward the ropes with a new strategy!

Eryk Masters: Not yet, OG! TMB is searching for the way out!

TMB quickly gets his left leg on the bottom rope, but in maneuvering to do so frees his left arm enough and Cade locks it in! He pulls back hard, screaming in rage and frustration as Willie Dean orders him to break the hold! He refuses, and Willie begins his mandatory count while Cade screams in time with the count!







Cade suddenly releases and holds his hands out wide, looking the official in the eyes, suddenly calm. Cade gets to his feet, holding his hands up obediently, before driving the bottom of his right foot into TMB’s left arm again, pushing him to the canvas with the kick, Cade grins as the fans boo loudly and Willie Dean admonishes him!

Other Guy: He got it locked in alright, but TMB got to the ropes…not that Cade cared, obviously, haha!

Eryk Masters: You’re real proud of him, aren’t you?

Other Guy: Why not? The real question is, why aren’t you?

Eryk Masters: I don’t even know why I bother with you…

Cade bends and pulls TMB up by his left arm, smirking the entire time and drives an elbow down on top of TMB’s wounded elbow before twisting under the arm and sending him into the far corner. Cade grins and points a mock finger-gun at TMB before running in at him! Suddenly, TMB comes out of the corner and catches Cade in mid-stride, popping him up and overhead with a sudden Exploder Suplex, right into the corner! Cade crashes into the turnbuckles and falls to the canvas in an awkward heap of twisted limbs!


Other Guy: Oh no! He killed him!

Eryk Masters: Cade got a little too cocky and paid the price! He backed off, and TMB just mad ehim pay for it!

TMB holds his left arm as he slowly tries to get to his own feet. He grabs Cade by the ankle and drags him out of the corner and a good distance away form the ropes before dropping to make the cover, keeping the ankle held for more leverage as he pulls on the leg.




Cade kicks out!

Other Guy: Oh my God! Thank you, he’s not dead!

Eryk Masters: That’s a bit exaggeratory…

TMB pushes up to his feet slowly before grabbing Cade by the hair with his right hand. TMB grabs Cade by the arm and sends him off the ropes, ducking for a back body drop but Cade stops short and kicks up into TMB’s chest!

Other Guy: Come on now, that never works…

Cade turns and hits the ropes again before rebounding and turning, springing into TMB for a wheelbarrow, he reaches back for a bulldog, but TMB launches him high overhead instead with a release German suplex!

Eryk Masters: But that does!

Cade bounces off of his shoulders from the impact and his body hits the ropes! He stumbles forward as TMB is back to his own feet, with a burst of adrenaline he comes off the ropes and careens into Cade with his Jawbreaker Lariat!


Eryk Masters: CHIN CHECK!

TMB collapses onto Cade and hooks both legs!




Cade kicks out!

Other Guy: He kicked out! Oh thank God he kicked out!

TMB looks down at Cade and he can’t believe it! TMB slowly gets to his feet and grabs Cade by the arm, whipping him off the ropes again, this time scooping him up as he rebounds and spinning through as if going for the Black Hole Slam and connects!


Eryk Masters: Wake 2 Nightmare! All he’s got to do is lock on the Anaconda Vice!

TMB grabs Cade and starts maneuvering to get the hold locked on, when suddenly Cassi Ryan gets on the apron and starts to come through the ropes! Willie Dean spots her and moves to intercept her! He starts yelling at her to get down and get out of the ring, while she protests that he’s not even doing anything about all the times TMB’s pulled Cade’s hair, and this is unfair; things like that.

Eryk Masters: Oh come on already!

Other Guy: Thank you, Cassi! Not only is she bangin’, but she’s a guardian angel, too!

Eryk Masters: …bangin’? That’s the word you’re going to use?

Other Guy: Yup.

Cade struggles to avoid the hold getting locked in, but doesn’t have to for long as TMB spots Cassi and lets go, moving toward the commotion. Cade starts to get up to his feet behind TMB, before he can even reach the referee and Cassi, Cade kicks up hard between his legs from behind, dropping TMB to his knees right away! The fans instantly begin to boo their disapproval, as Cassi finally relents and backs out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Now that’s bullshit!

Other Guy: By all means necessary…that’s what he keeps saying, some people just refuse to listen.

Eryk Masters: You can justify it all you want, but come the fuck on!

Cade turns TMB over to his back and casually gets into the mount position before grabbing his left arm and pulling it back swiftly, locking the Kimura Armbar on! Cade leans back, arching his back deep, pulling the arm at a dangerously awkward angle! TMB quickly taps out, as the fans continue to boo, Willie Dean calls for the bell!

Other Guy: It doesn’t matter what you think about it, E! Cade did what he said he would do, yet again, and you’re still a non-believer!

Eryk Masters: If he’s as good as he says he is, then why does he have to take all these cheap shots?! And come on, he’s not even letting go of the hold! The match is over already!

Sure enough, Cade keeps the hold locked on and pulls back hard, yelling loudly as Willie Dean starts trying to make him break it!


Willie Dean continues to try and pry Cade’s grasp, as the bell sounds again. Donovan King suddenly gets out of his chair at the announce table and slides into the ring!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on! And now Donovan King is going to join in on it?!

Cade releases the hold as soon as King slides into the ring and smiles at him, holding his hands out wide as he gets back to his feet. He points to TMB with his hands as if to say "he’s all yours" as he backs up to the ropes. Cassi grabs the microphone from Samantha Coil’s hand, and brings it to her lips.

Cassi Ryan: Since she’s too scared to say it, I will! Here is your winner, at a time of 29 minutes at 45 seconds! Number one in the ring, and number one in my heart! CAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLL!

There is no music, as Cade and Cassi lock hands and start backing up the ramp, watching as King looks down at TMB. TMB slowly starts to get to his feet, clutching his left arm, as King keeps staring at him.

Other Guy: Come on, fuck him up already!

Eryk Masters: Why don’t you just get in there and join in on it?

Other Guy: Really?! Do you think they’d let me?!

Eryk Masters: …no.

Other Guy: That was mean.

As Eryk masters and Other Guy continue their banter, TMB looks up to meet King’s gaze…who just backs up to the ropes and steps through them. King drops down to the arena floor and starts toward the ramp, keeping his eyes on TMB’s the whole time.

Eryk Masters: Wait…

Other Guy: Where’s he going?

Eryk Masters: I guess he’s not going to jump on the body after all.

We cut to complete darkness.  Like, darker than dark.  One would assume that the feed has been cut, maybe a production error—then we hear breathing.  Strained, as if after a great deal of exertion.  There’s some fumbling, then the distinct "click!" of a Zippo opening, and then it being lit.  Light!  We see Ray Valjean holding the lighter, covered in sweat and looking as if he has seen a ghost.  Jay Skylar isn"t too much better.  They’re in what appears to be a supply closet.  Jay leans against the door, and closes his eyes. 

Skylar: Dude…what are we gonna do? 

Valjean: First off, we’re gonna talk in whispers, because they’re probably out there.  Secondly, we’re gonna hang out in here until we’re sure the coast is clear.  Third, we’re gonna live to fight another day. 

Skylar: Why do they want to steal them from us? 

Valjean: I’ve got zero clue, honestly. 

Skylar: These belts are OURS.  WE were the only people who cared about them, we gave them a home, and just because those goons pinned someone, we’re supposed to sit back and watch them be neglected again?  Psh, I think not. 

Ray grins. 

Valjean: It’s for the greater good.  We actually CARE about these things.  Maybe once Magnus and Dresden see this video, they’ll understand that. 

Jay runs his hands through his hair, then smiles broadly before holding onto the camera, presumably held by the cameraman.  He stares intently, pure joy in his eyes. 

Skylar: Magnus?  Dresden?  You listening?  These are OURS now.  You didn"tt care about them for sooo long…and then we get them, all the sudden you care about them sooo much?  I’m not buying it.  You will NEVER get a hold of these.  You aren"t WORTHY of them. 

Ray holds a finger up to his lips 

Valjean: Shhh.  Remember, hiding? 

Jay nods, unstraps his belt, and holds it up to his cheek.  Valjean gives him a look before turning to the camera.  

Valjean: Look at them all you want.  These aren"t yours anymore.  You’ve forfeited your claim.  And though I’m sure you’ll threaten us, maybe even beat us up…you have to deal with the fact that we will reclaim these.  Time and again.  Heck, you might even try to go crying to the suits, yell about how you guys are so unjustly being dealt with—we DO NOT care.   

Skylar: Sincerely, we don"t. 

Valjean: Wake up and smell your privilege, preying on the weak in that four-way match until you stole something that wasn"t yours.  In a stand-up, fair rules fight…you KNOW we’d win.  So you go on and plead your case, call the cops, do whatever.  Go and cry.  Tell the men upstairs all bout how you didn"t care about the belts until we had them. 

He breaks into a grin.   

Valjean: Like the petulant little children you are.  Later.  

He shuts the zippo with a click, and the light extinguishes.  We’re left with another fifteen seconds of pure black darkness before we cut away…


"Living Dead Girl " by Rob Zombie starts to play over the speakers and immediately the crowd breaks into cheers… and some cat-calls, as the stripper, Sinnocence, appears and walks down the ramp toward the ring.  


Dressed in her normal black leather ensemble, complete with skin- tight leather pants that have "Victory or Valhalla" stitched above her ass. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, as she makes it to the end of the ramp and turns back to face the top of the ramp. 


Yeah, a storm is threatening 


My very life today 


If I don’t get some shelter 


Lord, I’m gonna fade away

"Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones fills the arena as Jaime "The Saint" Alejandro makes his way  from the back, Iron Fist Championship slung over his shoulder, to another round of cheers from the crowd as he goes to meet Sinnocence at the bottom of the ramp. 

Saint goes to hold open the ropes for Sinnocence but Jada Kaine gives one terse look toward Jaime before stepping holding open the rope herself and waving Jaime through which gets a laugh out of the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: It’s obvious that these two are good friends out of the ring… but they’ve got a match later tonight OG, this is really unusual. 

Once inside the ring, the two are tossed microphones from ringside and, as the crowd noise dies down, Sinnocence raises the microphone to her hands to speak first. 

Sinnocence: Last week a good friend of ours was severely injured in the Laws of Survival match… 

The crowd goes completely silent now as Jaime Alejandro picks up his microphone. 

Jaime Alejandro: The Ox put himself through hell and back for you folks… but he’ll be back and ready to go at it again because he’s one of the best in our roster. 

The crowd roars but Jaime holds up his hand. 

Jaime Alejandro: But Lennox is like a brother to me, and watching what happened last week…. 

Sinnocence steps up in front of Jaime, pointing to the crowd.  

Sinnocence: We are NOT going to stand by and let that happen again!! 

She spins around toward the rampway and points toward the curtain. 


The silent crowd now breaks into cheers in approval. 

Other Guy: WOAH! What’s gotten into Sinnocence!? Why Tyr? 

Eryk Masters: Well, since Tyr shows up a couple months ago Ox has become increasingly isolated from his friends, namely Jada Kaine and Jaime Alejandro. 

Jaime Alejandro:  And make sure to come out without that pretty little mask… unless you"re a completely honorless dog, like the crowd probably expe- 

Lights. Out.


The crowd roars as the lights in the Saitama SuperArena go out in accordance with the words that just flashed on the screen bringing the crowd to a nervous fever pitch. 

The intro of "Adios" by Rammstein begins to play, but as the drums reach their crescendo… the music stops and an ominous dark purple glow fills the arena. 

Other Guy: What on ear- 

The large screen above the ramp returns to life as words begin to flash across the screen. 

Can. You. Feel. This?


Eryk Masters: …oh no. 

Jaime Alejandro and Sinnocence both look confused as the words flashing on the screen give way to an image of a skull… that suddenly sprouts skeletal wings and a chorus of drums blare over the speakers.  

Seek me!  

Call me!  

I’ll be waaaaaaaaaiting!


"The End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage kicks in as tall, long-haired Japanese man in a trench coat steps out onto the platform above the rampway to an absolutely raucous crowd.  

Other Guy: WOAH! Is that!? 

Eryk Masters: Unfortunately OG… yes…  

Ichiro Seppuku


Other Guy: The crowd seems to love it.


Eryk Masters: The word kamikaze originated here OG; I"m not surprised.  

The crowd is still roaring in approval as the purple lights turn into normal fluorescent white and the former SHOOT Project World Champion steps into the ring and surveys the scene.  

Ichiro Seppuku: Well, well, well… isn’t this cute? 

Alejandro and Sinnocence are seething as Ichiro walks forward, his gaze moving from one to the other. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Greg and Marsha Brady are upset that Peter Brady is the most popular character on the show now. How unbecoming of a champion and… whatever you are. 

Sinnocence leaps at Ichiro but Saint stops her as Ichiro has a fist ready. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Smart move Jaime… but, why exactly did you two drag me out here? I’ve got an injured friend in the hospital and I’d like to go and be by his side. 

Sinnocence: ASSHOLE! You don’t care about him! 

Ichiro recoils mockingly. 

Ichiro Seppuku: I’m offended! Of course I care about Lennox. I care about him more than anyone else in this company, ESPECIALLY you two. 

The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and boos, not quite sure whose side to take in this argument. 

Now Jaime speaks up, still holding Sinnocence back with his free hand, but locking eyes with the one-eyed Japanese man. 

Jaime Alejandro: Ichiro Seppuku. I knew I smelled a sadist. I remember hearing tales of you in OPW while I was NAFW champion.  

None of them were very good. 

Ichiro smirks. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Jaime… if I wanted my cock sucked I’d be talking to Sinnocence right now, not you. Get to the point. 

Other Guy: Pop culture references and misogyny? I like this guy already. 

Eryk Masters: Why doesn’t that surprise me? 

Sinnocence: Why are you trying to destroy Ox? Why him? Why now?  

Ichiro smiles, now facing Sinnocence. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Destroy him? No, no, no… Jada honey – I"m SAVING him. 

Jaime immediately steps in between Ichiro and Sinnocence.  

Jaime Alejandro: What makes you think than WE or ANYONE in this arena or watching on TV believes that? 

Ichiro looks to Jaime. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Because it’s the truth. 

The crowd mumbles nervously at that answer while Jaime looks incredulous and Sinnocence looks outraged. Ichiro turns toward her. 

Ichiro Seppuku: Let me ask you, Jada… where were you when Lennox won his championship against Cade and, in the same night, lost his father? Were you at his side consoling him like I was? No. You weren"t. Hell, you"ve done almost nothing but bitch about him behind his back and try to undercut him at every opportunity. 

Some friend you are.  

Ichiro turns to face Jaime. 

Ichiro Seppuku: And Jaime, where were you when Lennox decided to rally the rest of SHOOT against the Sovereign and stuck his neck out to bring these people together? By his side? Like I was? Willing to fight Azrael Goeren and Pestalance, LIKE I WAS!? NO, you just VANISHED and came back after the dust had settled and took his title from him. 

Some friend you are. 

Other Guy: He"s got a point Eryk. 

Eryk Masters: No he doesn"t! 

Ichiro Seppuku: All you two have EVER done, all ANYONE in his company has ever done is held Lennox back from his true potential. 

Let me ask… have either one of you even stepped foot into the hospital since he was admitted? Wait. I already know the answer is "NO" because I"ve been there every goddamned day!  

So, you want to try and stop me? Go ahead… but mark my words. If either of you so much as come CLOSE Lennox Ferguson again it"ll be ME who will be stopping YOU. 

The fans erupt as Ichiro lowers his microphone and backsteps out of the ring as "The End of Heartache" blares over the speakers, covering the fan reaction while Jaime Alejandro  and Jada Kaine look on in shock and anger.  

Eryk Masters: This is just what we need, another megalomaniac… and THAT megalomaniac especially. 

Other Guy: Well, need him or not Eryk, Ichiro Seppuku has not only returned to SHOOT, but has apparently aligned himself The Ox and targeted two of his friends as his first order of business!

The cameras catch up with Mike Dexter as he walks back to his dressing room.  He opens the door only to find a normal, empty locker room with one glaring change. 

His eyes go wide. 

The Laws of Survival Championship sits on a metal folding chair.

He is horrified. 

"=)" is splashed on the championship…  in blood. 

Above it, a note, also written in blood.

"…see you soon… 


Dexter follows the trail of blood out of his room, the droplets becoming spaced out, more and more.



Eryk Masters:  This is one of those matches that people talk about, OG.  The ones where you have more ego inside the ring than actual room.

The Other Guy:  Although, between the anger of Ozzy, Jaime, Azraith and Jester…  This could also be the world’s toughest anger management class.

Eryk Masters:  Don’t discount the sheer bitch that Sinnocence can be when she wants to be.

The Other Guy:  Trey Willet is in truly strange company tonight, isn’t he?

The lights dim and the white and blue spotlights begin to strobe. The brass- heavy intro for "Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum starts to kick in…but suddenly it gets cut off by a slower, heavier beat by the same band, a familiar singer yelling out lyrics to "The Tempest"

I know I can help you, I just don’t fucking want to!

And I’m feeling stronger by the day!

And say that I’m selfish!

But I know you need this, and I’m just so sick of the chase!

The numerous screens around Saitama flash Azraith DeMitri’s numerous hard hits throughout his career as the champion steps out to the top of the rap, a quiet calm on his face.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Seattle, Washington by way of his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska! Weighing in at 278 pounds.  He is the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! AZRAITH DeMITRI!

Azraith makes his way down the ramp, as the fans in the Super Arena cheer loudly. Azraith raises the World title high over his head as its mentioned, he steps up onto the apron and hands his trench coat and the title belt off to one of the stagehands before stepping through the ropes. Tony Lorenzo starts checking on him as his music fades out.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, hailing from San Antonio, Texas.  Weighing in at 235 pounds.  He is the IRON FIST CHAMPION!  He is "THE SAINT" JAIME ALEJANDRO!

The slow strains of that Keith Richards guitar open up the song… "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones fills the legendary Saitama Super Arena.

War, children, yeah, it’s just a shot away

It’s just a shot away

War, children, yeah, it’s just a shot away

It’s just a shot away, hey, yeah

The Saint slowly walks out into the floor.  He raises the Iron Fist belt in the air with his right arm, which is padded up around his elbow.  He looks around the arena and swiftly walks as he touches a few hands on the way to the ring. He jumps up onto the apron and pulls back on the rope. As he does, the pyro shoots up from the stage area as he vaults himself over into a front flip into the ring.

He lands feet first and looks around at the ring. Quietly, he looks over at Azraith and smirks.  Both men wait for their opponents.

Samantha Coil: And his their opponents,  he is hailing from Birkenhead, England! Weighing in at 235 pounds! He is OSBOURNE KILMINSTERR!  She is hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Weighing in at 178 pounds.  She is the "KILLER QUEEN!"  She is SINNOCENCE!

Osbourne Kilminster and Sinnocence step out from the back.  He is spitting out a heavy stream of water before he starts down the ramp.   Sinnocence looks at her husband, almost pissed.  Both look out across the sea of cheering Japanese fans, and can’t help but start to smile before he refocuses and his expression becomes stern as he makes his way down the ramp. Sinnocence walks at equal pace with him as both look at their opponents in mind.  Her on Jaime  He on Azraith.  She climbs up on the apron as we see "Victory or Vahalla" stitched up on her ass of those leather pants, and then she moves into the ring. He slides under the bottom rope before pulling the mouth-guard from over his ear and places it in his mouth as his music fades out.

Eryk Masters:  The Kilminster couple looking united this week, as Ozzy said they would.

The Other Guy: At least we hope they are.

Ozzy locks eyes with Azraith.  Sinn focuses on her "brother."  Ozzy tries a game of intimidation with Azraith, until Jaime shoves him off of the champ.

Jaime Alejandro: Hey half-pint.  I’m gonna fuck you up tonight!

Sinn shoves Jaime.  She glares at him, with evil intent.

Sinnocence:  Eyes over here, cabron.  I’m going to FUCK YOU UP and then I’M TAKING THAT FUCKING BELT!

He shoves her off of him, and she comes back with a hard slap.  Ozzy watches this, as Azraith shoves him hard into the ropes.  Ozzy tries to come back, until Tony Lorenzo has to get between both teams, making them go to their corners.

The Other Guy:  Holy shit, the first teams in, and Lorenzo’s already got to earn his paycheck…

Eryk Masters:  The Queen already trying to establish the fact she’s claiming her Iron Fist throne early.

The Other Guy:  The Iron Fist Champion, whom the boys in the back are nicknaming "The Iron Saint", isn’t going to back down from anyone.  And he’s proven he’ll fight friend or foe.

Eryk Masters:  The problem is, so will Sinnocence.


As "Sleep Is Wrong" by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum hits over the PA, black and white pyros erupt as Jester Smiles comes out to an eruption of boos. Jester seems to ignore them entirely, looking only at the ring, hitting himself in the head every so often, trying to get himself completely psyched up.

Samantha Coil: Their opponent, from Richmond, Virginia.  He weighs in at 245 pounds.  He is the SIN CITY CHAMPION!  He is JESTER SMILES!

Eryk Masters:  And here comes that time in the match when you wonder if the people in the ring are properly insured against death right now…

He holds up his Sin City Championship for all of Saitama to see, as they pepper him with all varieties of Japanese insults.  He slowly walks down to the ring.

The Other Guy:  Our new Sin City Champion, as strange as they come.  Almost full circle in this match, as the current SCC is facing the first ever champion.  And the fact that they are former friends also adds another twist.

Jester Smiles leaps onto the apron in one bound and then leaps over the top rope. He does not taunt in any way shape or form, he simply walks over to far left turnbuckle and stretches out, watching the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters:  Makes you think, what does Trey Willet think about even pairing up with the Clown.

"(Can"t You) Trip Like I Do" by Filter and The Crystal Method blare over the speaker system.  The fans are a little unsure what to make of this a first, but before they can wonder too much Trey Willett emerges from the curtain.  As soon as they are able to see him, the fans begin to rock the arena with cheers. Trey makes his way down to the ring slowly, making sure to slap hands with everyone in between.

The Other Guy:  The slayer of the evil demon himself, The Willenium, is coming to round off this jammed main event, E!

Eryk Masters:  He gets to team up with another demon, though, in Jester Smiles.

He walks up to the ring steps slowly…

Samantha Coil: And his partner.  From Staten Island, New York!  He weighs in at 191 pounds.  He is "THE WILLENIUM" TREY WILLET!

The fans throw white ribbons into the ring as a show of respect to the veteran.  Trey enters the ring and looks at his opponents.

The Other Guy:  We have six people in the ring.  Two scary guys, one jackass, one psychopath, one good guy and whatever the hell Jaime is these days…

Eryk Masters:  A grumpy prick.  But good at it.  I think Lorenzo is not in an admirable position.  He’s got a powder keg in front of him.

Tony Lorenzo moves the teams to the opposite corners and takes himself over to a neutral corner.  The teams are deciding their representatives.  Jaime points to himself, as he tells Azraith to go to the corner.  Sinn sees this and tells Ozzy that she’s starting off.  Ozzy looks at her with a bit of frustration, but she waves him off.  Jester wants to get into the ring, but the Willenium stops him.  He decides to start off.

Jester seems almost pleased, as Trey does.

Eryk Masters:  Looks like we’ve got The Iron Saint, the Killer Queen and the Willenium starting this main event off.

The Other Guy:  Most people are thinking that Jaime’s probably not got much left after how he took out Ferguson and Sinnocence.  However, most people don’t know how much Jaime can grind.

Eryk Masters:  One person does.  That’s the lady in the ring.  She’s faced him once, and you know she is wanting to again for that belt he’s holding.  As for Willet, you can’t count him out, either.  He’s never faced Jaime, but he’s faced men just as vicious.

The Other Guy:  If you’re referring to Corazon, then yes.  Yet, this is going to be new for both of them.  I don’t think Jaime’s faced anyone like Willet, like I’m sure Sinn has.

Lorenzo points for the bell as all three decide to bump fists and circle it out.  Jaime is sizing up his opponents cautiously.  Sinn looks ready to pounce on either man.  Willet is also sizing up Jaime.  All are looking for the best way to attack the other.  Which prompts Jaime to hold out his arms…

The Other Guy:  What’s the Saint doing?!!  Does he think that they’ll lock up with him?!!

Eryk Masters:  Perhaps, because look at this!

Sinnocence locks her hand up with Jaime’s hand.  Trey follows suit and locks up with Jaime.  Then Trey and Sinn lock up.  Now, an trifecta of greco-roman lockups are seen.  All start grinding to gain a position.  Jaime is trying to use his strength to gain a leg up on his opponents.  Sinn is trying to use her speed and flexibility.  Willet is also trying to bend Jaime to get the chain out of balance.

Eryk Masters:  It seems that Jaime’s got a huge strength advantage, but his opponents are trying to make sure that he is thrown off his game.

The Other Guy:  It might just happen.  If they get him moving, he might just break!

Jaime pulls them in fast and hard!  Sinn and Willet catch him and pull him over with a double hip toss!  The Saint lands flush on his back.  He kips himself up and looks at the both of them.  He’s holding his back a bit, as he still feels the ill effects.  Sinn rushes forward, and Jaime moves to one side and throws her out.  As he moves back to Trey, he deals him a hard knife-edge chop.

The crowd goes, "WOOOOOOO!

The Other Guy:  The Japanese crowd bringing forth the spirit of Ric Flair as Trey gets a hard chop to the chest.

Trey rares back and gives Jaime an equally hard chop.  The crowd starts standing up.  Jaime stands up and gives Trey another chop.  Trey gives another one.  Jaime, then Trey.  Both men are starting to get red and welled up, until Sinnocence gets back in and kicks Jaime in the back of the leg.  She then deals a hard right to Willet!

Both men are down in the ring!  Sinn pulls up Jaime by his hair to one knee.  He nails her in the stomach with a hard right.  He then stands up and takes her over with a quick belly to belly overhead which whips her to her corner!

Ozzy quick tags himself as his wife pulls herself up.  The Iron Saint looks right at the MMA specialist and smirks.

Eryk Masters:  Jaime wasn’t too happy about getting his surgically repaired knees getting kicked out.  He made the Queen pay for it by throwing her with all of his might.

The Other Guy:  However, he’s now got her hubby in the ring, preparing to deal a haymaker!

Ozzy runs up and throws a right to Jaime.  Jaime meets him with a body blow to the sides!  Both men pull up fists and start laying into each other with combo blows ranging from head shots to kidney shots!   Trey decks Ozzy with an overhead right, and deals Jaime a hard stomach shot.  He pulls in the Saint with a double underhook and pulls him over with butterfly suplex!

The Other Guy:  The Willenium with a huge play from the technical manual, as Jaime goes flying!

Eryk Masters:  He gave Ozzy one hell of a shot, OG!  Jaime’s also been in there too long now.  Willet’s got his second wind…

Jaime is slowly pulling himself up onto his feet.  As he does, he sees the Champion looking at him, waiting for a tag.  Trey realizes this as he picks up Ozzy.  Both men see as he reaches over and tags in the big man.  The champ is in the ring!

Azraith moves over and pushes both men hard.  Trey goes against the ropes and hangs one.  Ozzy rolls back and catches himself.  He then gets his bearings and moves back into position to rush Azraith.  The champ sees him and also starts his own rush.  The champ collides with a lariat to Ozzy!  Trey makes it around and gives the Champ a boot to the gut and a quick DDT.

Eryk Masters:  The champ came in like a ball of fire, but got planted on his skull very hard.

The Other Guy:  It looks like Trey is the man to beat in this one, E!  He’s managed to go blow for blow with the two champions.  He’s also kept Sinn and Ozzy from being a factor.

Ozzy holds his head for a bit, as he took a pretty bad one from the Champion.  Trey pulls up Azraith and deals him a couple of forearm shots to the back of his head.  He eases Azraith over to his corner slowly, and Jester quick tags himself in.  Trey is going with it, as they both deal a knee to the champ.  Willet goes behind the ropes, as the fans cheer for him.

Jester is dragging Az to the middle of the ring and deals him another knee strike.  Ozzy sees this and tries to decide what he wants to do.

The Other Guy:  The Clown has control of the Heavyweight Champion.  Which should scare all of you out there watching.

Eryk Masters:  And Ozzy’s deciding quickly…  Let in his wife, or soften up the champion!

Ozzy goes over and joins the Clown.  Both men have Azraith in a double suplex position.  As they move to carry him over.  The champ punches both men on the side.  He then pulls himself and his competitors up and over!  Both men hit the mat hard on their backs.  He stands up and starts bringing himself back to life.

Ozzy starts to stir up a bit.  As he does, Azraith pulls him up and holds his neck up with both hands.  He then vaults Ozzy over and throws him into Jester.  Kilminster crashes into the clown hard.  Azraith moves back for a second and tags in Jaime.

Eryk Masters:  The champion throwing his competition around like a sack of potatoes, to borrow the phrase from a commenting legend.

The Other Guy:  It seems the Champ is also deciding to let the Iron Saint take his shots at Ozzy and Jester!

Jaime flips himself in and lands on his feet.  He moves towards Ozzy and tries to pick up him up, but here comes Jester!


Jaime has Jester by his leg and he gives him the Hawaiian good luck sign.  Then, he throws him back!


The Other Guy:  Holy shit!  The Clown tried a cheapshot on the Iron Saint!  He eats the corner instead!


The crowd starts chanting as the clown is trapped in a figurative Tree of Woe.  Around this time, Ozzy has tagged in Sinnocence.  Jaime cranes his neck and looks at Jester.  He’s deciding what the hell he needs to do.  He then sees Jada and motions to her to look.

Sinnocence looks and obliges.  Jaime goes outside to hold Jester’s legs!

Eryk Masters:  For those keeping score at home, Jester is prone and Jaime is keeping him that way.  And Sinn is free to do whatever she wants…

The Other Guy:  I don’t know what she wants, but I have a feeling it’s going to involve Jester not having fun after the show!

She runs full speed and dives right into Jester’s face with a dropkick!

Eryk Masters:  Normally I would feel sorry for anyone who gets that move…  But considering who it was.

Jester moves down to the mat and he’s holding his face.  Jaime leaps back in and looks at Jada.  He’s motioning to her to try to hit him.  She follows suit and goes for a punch, which he catches and moves her around for a hip toss.  Ozzy starts hitting the corner and yells at her.

Jaime moves over to Jester and he stands him up.  Jester is wobbly as the Iron Saint pulls him over for an Irish whip.  The Clown goes for a ride!  On the return, Sinn leaps up and nails him with a hard right to the mouth!  Jester falls back and collects himself.  She then goes face to face with the Iron Fist Champion and decks him with a hard left hook to the jaw.

The Other Guy:  Jada Kaine showing what her mother taught her, and it wasn’t shaking her ass, either.

Eryk Masters:  The most beautiful punch in the business, OG.  Although, I wouldn’t ask Jaime about it!

Jaime deals a hard chop right to her chest.  Sinn holds her chest and screams in pain.  She comes back with a hard chop of her own.  Jaime deals one back to her, and she flinches again.  All of a sudden, Jester nails The Iron Saint with a front kick to the mush!

Alejandro is pinned back against the ropes, as he can only witness Jada being placed into The Last Laugh.  Jester applies that half and half aka the King- Buster…  Jada is struggling out of it, but Jester pulls back!


He locks it for the pin…



Jaime feels his back being slapped, as Azraith comes in and kicks Jester hard!

Eryk Masters:  The champ getting back in, as he tags out Jaime!  And he saves the match!

The Other Guy:  The Iron Saint dealt out a lot of damage to the Clown, but he couldn’t keep it going, as he was dealing with Sinnocence!

Azraith pulls Jester and whips him to the corner.  He goes full speed and deals a vicious Yakuza kick!  Jester moves out and falls over.  Azraith then picks up Jada and motions for it.  He places her head down and lifts her up quickly.

The Other Guy:  EXTINCTION!!!

Jester crawls over and tags in Willenium.  Trey runs over and places a hard kick to the Az’s knee.  Azraith goes down to one knee as Sinn goes over to the ground a bit softly.  Sinnocence takes this time to get in a breather, as Trey pulls the champ by the hair and slams the back of his head into the ground.  He then mounts the big man and lays in some serious shots!

Jada pulls herself to her corner ever so slowly as Jaime starts protesting to the referee.  The ref is checking and making sure that Trey isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary as he lets up.  The Willenium pulls up Azraith and whips him to the ropes!  Jada gets in her tag and out comes Ozzy!  He shoots out and places a hard shoulder block to the champion’s side.

The Other Guy:  Ozzy coming back in after a breather or two.  He bull rushes the champ and knocks him over.

Eryk Masters:  This matchup is what we thought it would be, folks.  Nobody really getting an advantage.

The Other Guy:  Everyone’s taken some hard shots.  And this match might come down to a one in a million shot.

Ozzy turns right around right into a running clothesline from Trey, and Ozzy goes down! Trey turns around as Azraith pushes to his own feet, and Trey goes back to the champion, grabbing him by the arm he whips him! But Azraith ducks under and reverses, pulling him right into a choke! Azraith lifts Trey up and drives him down with a backbreaker!

The Other Guy: Die Hand Des Gottes!

Azraith pushes Trey off of his knee as Ozzy rushes him from behind and clubs him hard with both forerms across the back of his neck! Ozzy grabs Azraith and whips him off the ropes, but Azraith reverses! Sinnocence slaps Ozzy on the back just before Ozzy rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline! Azraith turns around as Ozzy stops and drops down for a drop toe hold, just as Sinnocence springboards off the top rope, grabbing Azraith with a bulldog on the way down!

Eryk Masters: Whoa!

Azraith bounces off of his face as Ozzy gets to his feet right away and rushes to drive an elbow into Jaime’s face as he starts to come through the ropes, Sinnocence turning Azraith over!




Jester, still trying to recover, tries to leap in to stop the count but is too late and falls flat before the count is made! The official calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: And here are your winners! Osbourne Kilminster and Sinnocence!

The Other Guy: HUGE win for Jada and Ozzy!

Eryk Masters: Any time you pin the champion you can consider that a huge win!

Ozzy turns as Jada gets to her feet and leaps into his arms, hugging each other tightly for a quick celebration before Jaime Alejandro slides into the ring and starts shouting at Ozzy for knocking him off the apron. As tensions start to mount, the referee gets in between the parties, Trey and Jester making their own separate ways to the back already. It doesn"t take long for Sinn to grab Ozzy"s hand and pull him toward the ropes, urging him to calm down and head to the back. Azraith starts to push to his knees, looking at Alejandro for a moment as the Iron Saint starts toward the ropes himself. Before the Iron Fist Champion can even get to the floor, the ring skirting on the other side of the ring flips up and someone quickly turns and slides into the ring behind Azraith!

Eryk Masters: How the hell did he get under there?!

It"s CADE SYDAL! A clipboard in hand he throws it behind himself into a corner, before jumping up and BLASTING AZRAITH WITH A NINJAGUIRI FROM BEHIND! The fans begin to boo, INSTANTLY. Cade pushes back up to his hands and knees and looks down at Azraith, his head tilted to the side and a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat jealous stretching across his face, as the sold out Saitama Super Arena boos rain down on him deafeningly.

Eryk Masters: WHAT THE HELL?!


Cade slowly crawls backward, to the corner form which he slid in by, and grabs the clipboard, before slithering his way toward the Champion again. He grabs Az’s right hand and pulls a pen from the top of the clipboard, still grinning he clicks it while the entire Japanese contingent of SHOOT Project fans continue to show their disdain.



Cade slides the pen between Azraith’s fingers and puts the clipboard down on the canvas, under his limp arm, he begins to scribble on the paper with Az’s hand. He finally pushes himself to a stand, mouthing a "thank you" as he does, he holds the clipboard high over his head, obviously proud of himself before walking to the side of the ring and holding his hand out for a microphone.

Cade Sydal: Thank you.

The fans continue to boo, and he  almost seems overjoyed as he speaks into the mic again, even with the heated fans.

Cade Sydal: You love me! You really love me!

He clutches the clipboard to his chest like a mock award, and waves it in the air again, grinning. He slowly lowers his hand.

Cade Sydal: Now, if you’ll all kindly shut the fuck up…you won’t have to ask later what just happened….I’m going to give you a little while to calm down, before I just start talking anyway, mmkay?

Cade looks down at Az as he starts to stir. The fans continue to boo, then he shrugs.

Cade Sydal: Turn your TV’s up at home, because it looks like I might not have the luxury of time…and I’m so glad you’re starting to "come to" maybe you’ll remember these words.

Cade backs up toward the ropes, as far away from Azraith as he can, still grinning.

Cade Sydal: I told you there would be consequences for ignoring me. That there was a deadline…and sure enough, I didn’t hear a word from you before the last bell of your match. You were going to head to the back, as if my words were empty threats…tsk tsk tsk.

Azratih’s arm moves to cradle his head, as Cade smirks and mock pouts at him, from behind and against the ropes of course. The fans slowly begin to quiet down, as they see Azraith moving.

Cade Sydal: Awww, does the Champ have a boo boo? GOOD! I fucking told you…this is nothing personal. I don’t WANT to have to do this to you, but I WILL. You forced my hand, Armani DeMoral…I had to take matters in my own hands, and I did. When I asked for a match with you, before Championship Edition Take Two, I was told to get your hand to put the pen to a contract.

I tried to get you to do it reasonably, but you…you just didn’t want to. As if ignoring me would make me simply go away…well, lucky for me I had the contract, just waiting to get you to sign it. I could have…I should have done this after the first NINJAGUIRI.

Az begins to stir again, this time starting to push off of the canvas.

Cade Sydal: Goddamnit, you can’t even allow for some dramatics, can you? Fuck me…no homo, and all of you fuckheads better stop running with something I made cool, douchebags.  Now, where was I? Right, I could have put the pen in your hand and maaaaade you sign it, like Cassi wanted me to. She said ‘just get it over with, make it happen and move on to greatness.’ She’s great, right? I mean, fuck she’s awesome.

Sorry, anyway, but I said no…I wanted to give you the chance to accept it. I wanted to make it fair, because I like you. I always have, I watched you when I was a kid, and when we were in the OPW locker room together? Well…I looked up to you. It’s just really sad its come to this.

Azraith gets to his hands and knees, and starts to turn, to look at Cade hatefully. Cade continues to grin at him, disingenuously.

Cade Sydal: And its because I like you, that I’m going to make this brief. I don’t want to drag this out, so this contract? Well, I’m going to fill in the "when" as next Revolution, okay? I think that’s for the best, I really do…I just want to be able to put all of this ugliness behind us so we can go back to being almost-friends.

Azraith starts to push to his feet, and Cade quickly steps through the ropes and drops down to the arena floor. The two lock eyes for a moment as Cade starts backing his way up the ramp.

Cade Sydal: Good…look, I…well, I gotta go. So, I’ll see you there, right? Awesome…thanks. Alright, bye bye now…

Cade drops the microphone and quickly hightails it to the back before Azraith can pursue him.

Eryk Masters: Look at him run now that Az is getting back up! He doesn’t want anything to do with him right now, now that he can see him!

Other Guy: Obviously he’s not scared of him, he just made a match happen for Revolution 72 with him! Talk about a huge main event!

Eryk Masters: He should be careful what he wishes for, because now I’m pretty sure he’s pissed that man off!

As OG and Eryk Masters continue to banter, the feed begins to fade, fading into the SHOOT Project Helmet logo.