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Dominion 3: 3/3/2011

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play.  The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome.  We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it.  The scene is serene. 

I"m ready. 

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. 


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war. 

Feel it comin’ in the air 

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.


Hear the screams from everywhere 

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.


I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair 

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.


Can’t be scared when it goes down 

Got a problem, tell me now

We finally see someone we recognize, as Trey Willett stands on the turnbuckle, staring out at the sea of fans.


Only thing that’s on my mind 

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Azrael Goeren SHATTER a lightsaber of Cronos Diamante"s head. 

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! 

We are 

Yeah I said it 

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Adrian Corazon, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera.


This is Roc Nation 

Pledge your allegiance 

Get y’all black tees on 

All black everything 

Black cards, black cars 

All black everything

Osbourne Kilminster glares the camera down as he stands behind Sinnocence, who is grinding her fist into her open hand.


And our girls are blackbirds 

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Ron Barker is shown, obliterating Tanya Black with the Perfection. 

Other Guy: This could do it!


I’d get more in depth 

If you boys really real enough

Cade Sydal is up next, taking Azraith DeMitri down with the Ninjaguiri. 

Eryk Masters: Come on!


This is La Familia 

I’ll explain later 

But for now let me get back to this paper

The Bad Ass Brotherhood flashes on screen, holding the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts high in the air.


I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back 

Donovan King is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open.


I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks 

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

X-Calibur drops Rocky Stellar while Azrael Goeren looks on with the X-TERMINATOR. 

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!  

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas 

Now we squared up 

Hold up

The Gunslingers stand in the spotlight, sneering at the camera.  It quickly switches to Thomas Manchester Black, shaking his head as he loosens his wrists.  Quickly, the camera switches to Mike Dexter, bloody, holding the Laws of Survival Championship belt which was just buckled around his waist. 

Eryk Masters:  …this is YOUR moment! 

We cut back to Jaime Alejandro with the Iron Fist Championship on his shoulder, his arm curled around his title like a proud champion in the spotlight.  We cut to Lennox Ferguson being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian! 

Other Guy: NO WAY! 

Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on Azraith. 

Other Guy: WHAT!?!?? 

Eryk Masters: NO!!! 

As quickly as the images hit, they black out again as the music dies down.  The piano returns…and Rihanna"s voice does as well. 

Feel it comin’ in the air 

We come back to Trey Willett, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring.  He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. 

Hear the screams from everywhere 

Dave Dymond stands in the spotlight, his monster Akuma Satsui oddly bleeding and grinning evilly in the background.


I’m addicted to the thrill 

The screen flashes with the screen as we see Isaac Entragian hitting the White Death on Azrael Goeren onto Lennox Ferguson, strapped to a gurney.


It’s a dangerous love affair 

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Azraith. 

Victory’s within the mile 

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.


Almost there, don’t give up now 

Cronos Diamante destroys Donovan King with a chair as King is tied up in the ropes.


Only thing that’s on my mind 

Cade Sydal is shown in the spotlight, his arms outstretched as he laughs cockily.


Is who’s gonna run this town tonight 

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey, we see Frontline II TURBO entering the ring, the image of Crazy Boy nodding his head to the camera, VAS hamming it up in the spotlight, The UK Dragon pinning Jaime Alejandro quickly cut with Johnny Patriot standing as nobly as he can in the spotlight. 

Who’s gonna run this town tonight… 

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.




Samantha Coil: The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall . Introducing first is the team of Stan Erichson and Jacob Fisher, THE GUNSLINGERS!

A series of gunshots go off and Hillbilly Bone by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins hits the speakers. Jacob steps through the curtain first and he is pumped up from the cheers from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring at a quick pace while Stan follows behind at a slighty slower but steady pace. Jacob slaps hands of some fans at ringside then follows Stan into the ring. Stan takes off his black Stetson cowboy hat and rests it on the ring post.

Samantha Coil: Their opponents Logan and Evan Garcia, THE CRIMSON RIOT!

"The Mission" by Puscifer hits the speakers and the brothers Garcia make their way to the rings at a slow and steady pace. Both men step into the ring as the music dies down. All four men meet in the center of the ring. Logan extends his hand and after a moment Stan shakes it. They all shake hands and then Jacob and Evan exit the ring leaving Stan and Logan to face off as the ref calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: We are off and running, and there’s a mutual sign of respect to start things off here.

Other Guy: Both teams are coming off recent loses to Frontline Turbo and could really use a win tonight. They need to forget about respect and worry about getting a win.

Stan and Logan tie up in a collar elbow lock up. Both men jockey for position trying to gain control. Youth and a slight power advantage pays off as Logan pulls Stan into a side headlock. Stan fires an elbow into Logan’s gut and whips him into the ropes and follows in knocking him off his his feet with a shoulder tackle.

Eryk Masters: The Gunslingers are coming off a huge win over Donvan King & Azrael Goeren.

Other Guy: We are talking about tag matches not handicap matches, Stan probably paid Rocky to attack Goeren.

Eryk Masters: Something tells me that’s not what happened.

Logan rolls up to his feet and shakes free the cobwebs just in time to duck a lariat from Erichson. Jacob tags himself in as Stan rebounds off the ropes. Jacob leap frogs over Stan and hits Logan with a dropkick causing him to stumble back, but he keeps his balance. Jacob goes for a standing dropkick to follow up, but Logan swats him out of the way. Logan grabs Jacob and tosses him halfway across the ring with a belly to back suplex.

Other Guy: Now Logan is showing some promise he’s throwing Jacob around like a rag doll.

Eryk Masters: I think that’s about to change.

Stan reaches into the ring and slaps Jacob on the back tagging himself in. Logan stares Stan down as he steps over the top rope and enters the ring. The two stare down for a minute when all of a sudden Logan rears back and punches Stan right in the jaw.

Other Guy: Looks like all that respect form earlier has just gone out the window.

Eryk Masters: on the contrary I think that was one of the biggest signs of respect he could of given Stan. Logan showed he isn’t going to pull any punches, he treating Stan like he would any other opponent.

Stan smirks as he turns back towards Logan and fires off a shot of his own. The crowd cheers as both men exchange heavy blows. Logan ducks Stan’s third punch and whips him into the ropes and levels him with a stiff lariat.

Eryk Masters: Logan connected with a stiff lariat taking the veteran off his feet with what is also one of Stan’s signature moves.

Logan hooks the leg and goes for the pin. The ref drops to make the count.



Jacob runs in and breaks up the count. The ref tells him to get out of the ring and starts giving him a five count before he would get disqualified. Jacob leaves the ring and the ref turns around in time to see Logan tag his brother in.

Evan bounces off the ropes and delivers a quick dropkick to Stan’s knee as he starts to get to his feet. Evan pulls Stan to the center of the ring and then hits a standing moonsault. Evan quickly slides out of the ring onto the apron he jumps up using the top rope as a springboard and delivers a flipping leg drop. Evan is about to go for a pin when Jacob runs in again and goes for a drop kick. The moves seems to hit a bit low as Evan falls to the mat grabbing his groin. Stan starts to pull himself to his feet as the ref forces Jacob out of the ring and tells him if he enters the ring again without a tag he will be disqualified.

Stan eyes up Evan who is getting to his feet holding his groin. Stan pulls back his arms and takes a step back he starts to charge forward about to go for the lariat, but at the last second throws on the breaks and shakes his head as Evan drops to one knee still holding his crotch. Stan grabs Evan by the back of the neck and tosses him into his corner where Logan makes the tag.

Other Guy: What is Stan doing? He could of finished off Evan right there, but he let his opponent make the tag.

Eryk Masters: Stan is returning the show of respect Crimson Riot offered them with the hand shake at the beginning of the match. Stan didn’t want to take the cheap win off an accidental low blow.

Once Logan tags in Stan turns around and tags Jacob.

Eryk Masters: If the youngster wants in the ring so bad Stan is going to let him get some ring time.

Other Guy: He better just hope this doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass.

Jacob rushes at Logan and is hit with a hiptoss. When he gets back up Logan delivers a boot to to Jacob’s face. Logan goes to follow up, but Jacob sweeps his feet out from underneath him. Jacobs follows up with rolling knee drop shades of Harley Race. Jacob takes a step back and when Logan starts to get to his feet he pulls him up and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Logan holds his ground and reverses it sending Jacob into the ropes. As Jacob rebounds Stan claps him on the back to tag himself in. Logan catches Jacob as he comes off the ropes and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Logan gets back to his feet getting ready to follow up, but Jacob rolls out of the ring. He turns around to see why the ref isn’t starting to count Jacob out just a moment too late to react as he sees Stan rebounding off the the ropes on the other side of the ring. Stan charges forward like a locomotive and levels Logan with a stiff lariat. He quickly hooks the leg.




Samantha Coil: Your winners, THE GUNSLINGERS!

Evan comes into the ring to check on Logan as Stan goes to the outside to check on Jacob. A moment later Stan slides back into the ring and Evan steps in front of his brother who is starting to get to his feet. Stan side steps Evan and extends his hand down to Logan. Jacob gets into the ring as Logan looks up at Stan then takes his hand and Stan pulls him up to his feet. The two shake hands again. The ref goes to raise Stan and Jacob’s hand but Logan does it for him as the fans cheer. Evan doesn’t seem entirely thrilled at first still a little annoyed about getting kicked in the nuts, but eventually shakes hands with both Stan and Jacob then Crimson Riot make their way to the back.

Eryk Masters: With all the sadistic things and vicious attacks we’ve seen in the past few months it’s nice to see a true sign of respect like that.

Other Guys: It may be, but respect doesn’t win matches.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, but there is always the lariat.

The Gunslingers exit the ring and Jacob interacts with some of the fans at ringside before the make their way to the back.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the ring at this time, SHOOT Project’s newest and greatest host… Dan Stein! 


The fans in the arena blow up as Stein’s entrance music, “The Pulse” by Omaha local band ‘Aurasing’ begins to play. Stein walks out from the backstage area, his arm in a blue designer sling over an all white suit, with a light blue tight. Stein has a smile on his face, and microphone in his good left hand. As he walks down to the ring, Stein slaps hands with people on the right side of the entrance ramp, letting the music play for the fans. As he comes to the ring, he quickly makes his way up the nearest stairs, and into the squared circle where a TV screen is held up by a stand. Stein positions himself just to the side of the TV, looking out at the fans. 


Dan Stein: That’s right, boys and girls, Dan Stein is back with another edition of your favorite segment, and mine… The Midnight Show!  


The fans blow up as Stein smirks, and his silhouette along with his initials in blue appear on the TV, and on the bottom of the video feed. Stein puts the microphone back to his mouth. 


Dan Stein: Last Dominion, Crazy Boy and I sat down to discuss the SHOOT Project Soldier’s past, present and future, and we’re interrupted by a crazed and delusional Cronos Diamante, and in his delusion, Diamante not only brutally attacked my good friend Ceeb, but also… challenged my twin cousins to a match, here tonight on Dominion III. 


The fans boo the name of Cronos, immediately going berserk as the name leaves Stein’s lips. Stein tries to hold the crowd together by putting his microphone back to his lips a soft German chant is heard. 


Dan Stein: Well, being the good reporter that I am, I set out to find the meaning behind all this hub-bub from Cronos, and approached him about an interview LIVE here tonight! 


The fans erupt, absolutely INSANE as they look to the entrance ramp, waiting for Cronos. 


Dan Stein: …but, sadly, he declined. 


Again, the fans show their disappointment. 


Dan Stein: …BUT! I did manage to get Cronos to sit down and talk to me earlier this week as he prepared for his match for tonight… but the boring, uncharismatic fuck gave me a list of questions I couldn’t ask, so I got nothing from him. Now, what kind of host would I be if I just showed a boring, uncharismatic interview and called that good? Rosie O’Donnell? 


The fans erupt as Stein grins. 


Dan Stein: No, no, no, absolutely not. Dan Stein will not settle for boring and uncharismatic. Instead, I will help this interview take life – I will single handedly make Cronos Diamante the most charismatic man in SHOOT Project. So… 


Stein steps to the side of the TV, before pulling out a set of notecards from his sling. Stein smirks as he holds up the cards to the monitor, cueing the footage to roll. As the video rolls, Stein sits in front of Cronos in a 20/20 sort of interview style. 


Dan Stein: Thank you for joining me, Mr. Diamante. 


Cronos doesn’t react except for with a simple nod. 


Dan Stein: Your time here in SHOOT Project has been short – at least from this go around, but you’ve made your presence known. What was it like watching Crazy Boy crumble like he did when you brutally attacked him? 


Stein presses the pause button, looking out the crowd. 


Dan Stein: That’s the type of question I was allowed to ask Cronos Diamante during our interview. Now, I’ll show you the type of question I wanted to ask Cronos Diamante. 


Stein rewinds the footage to just before he starts talking, and presses the mute button before pressing play. 


Dan Stein: Your time here in Germany has been short, and that’s not the only thing I’ve heard is short in regards to you. What was it like fucking that young German boy for coke last night? 


The fans in the arena EXPLODE with laughter. Stein unmutes the footage and lets it roll, causing the fans to hush. 


Cronos Diamante: It gave me complete satisfaction, being able to rip him apart and shatter his image of me. 


Stein pauses the video, letting himself laugh with the fans. Quickly, Stein presses play, muting the audio. 


Dan Stein: What tips have you learned from being anally dominated by two burly, muscular dudes named Hans and Frans since you arrived here in Germany. 


Cronos Diamante:It’s not about winning, that’s for sure. It’s about inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible. 


In the footage on TV, Stein doesn’t break a smirk, nor a smile, nor any sort of emotion as the questions roll, making it seem just that much funnier. Stein fast forwards a few questions before pausing and muting again. 


Dan Stein: Which member of Project: Scar would you like to bind to your bed and take a huge black dildo infused with glass shards and razors to their rectum? 


Cronos Diamante: Not quite sure I care enough to make a big comment but that Issac, I definitely like him. 


Stein laughs to himself, pausing the video and stumbling around the ring, holding his shoulder in pain as he laughs hard. The fans in the arena begin chanting in German, very hard to understand. Stein brings himself to a stop in the middle of the ring. 


Dan Stein: I could go on for days with the boring shit this jackoff said in our interview, like this doo- 


Just as Stein turns to the TV screen, Cronos’ face pops up on the jumbotron in a dark room. 


Cronos Diamante: Stein… Stein… Stein… 


Dan’s attention snaps to the ramp, then to the jumbotron. Stein holds the microphone up to his mouth, walking towards the ropes closest to the screen. 


Dan Stein: Ah, here’s the sexual Deviant himself, my beautiful German audience! Cronos Diamante! 


Cronos sighs, shaking his head. 


Cronos Diamante: You know, when I told you I’d let you do the interview with me under certain conditions, it was for a purpose. It was a test, really. Deep down somewhere in my head I thought… “No. He’s not that predictable… is he?” 


Dan smirks. 


Dan Stein: Well, judging from your sexcapades, maybe it’s you that needs the test, Cronos. 


Cronos sighs again. 


Cronos Diamante: You just… don’t get it. I knew you’d do this. I can predict your next move and not just YOUR next move, but… 


Cronos grabs the camera, pointing it to the ground as a red tint illuminates Rowland Collins, handcuffed to a pipe in the boiler room. 


Cronos Diamante: Your cousins’ moves, too. 


Stein steps back, fixing his tie, not saying anything. 


Cronos Diamante: Ahh, silence… such sweet silence. Wonderful to hear nothing once in a while. Here I stand, above your cousin, and I have to think to myself… would I have done this if you didn’t pull that stunt? Would I have done this if I didn’t feel so… ashamed to call you a Superstar? You be the judge of that.  


Stein puts the microphone back to his mouth, but Cronos cuts him off. 


Cronos Diamante: No, no. Don’t say anything. Just remember… this is your fault, Daniel. Give Michael my regards. 


Cronos throws the camera down, causing the feed to go to static. Stein stands in the ring, looking up at the screen with no expression on his face.


We go to the broadcast position, where we see Eryk Masters and The Other Guy seated. 

Eryk Masters:  Fans, those of you who saw the most recent episode of Revolution were witness to one of the most out of control brawls I’ve ever seen. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui had the latest battle in their ongoing war, and as hard as it is to believe, things got even worse between these two. 

Eryk Masters: Those of you who saw the promotional interview Dave Dymond gave on the SHOOT website before the show entitled “My Hero” know exactly what disgusting depths Dymond sunk to in order to try and get to Jonas Coleman. 

The Other Guy: Yeah, I guess throwing the poor guy’s Mother into an open grave wasn’t good enough, so he and Satsui threw a little kid, one of Coleman’s biggest fans, down the stairs of the tallest building in Australia.  After smashing him over the head with a plaque.  Classy. 

Eryk Masters: When Satsui and Coleman met in the ring at Revolution, it didn’t take long for the action to spill outside the ring, and the two men ended up brawling all over the arena. 

The Other Guy: All the way to the loading dock, where Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui ended up getting tangled up in a chain, and either falling or being thrown off the loading dock.  That was some screwed up shit. 

As Eryk Masters and The Other Guy have been describing the actions of the past few weeks, the fans at home have been seeing the images of what the broadcast team has described. We have seen Akuma Satsui shoving Jonas Coleman’s mother into an open grave, and then throwing the young fan, Michael Seraph down the stairs of Eureka Tower in Australia.  We then saw the clips from Revolution when Coleman and Satsui brawled through the crowd, and then the fight in the loading dock which ended up with both men going over the edge. 

Eryk Masters: Joining us now, live via remote from his hotel suite, we have the Manager for Akuma Satsui, Dave Dymond. 

We go to a “split screen” shot, on one side we see Dymond in his hotel room, seated behind a desk.  He looks pretty roughed up, with several welts on his face, and he is sitting very stiffly. On the other side of the screen, we see Masters and OG, live in the arena. 

Eryk Masters: Before we talk about anything else Dave, can you give us an update on the physical condition of Jonas Coleman and Akuma Satsui? 

Dave Dymond: That’s MR. DYMOND to you, Masters.  And why the hell would I know or care what the condition of Jonas Coleman is?  Who cares?  As far as I know, he fell six feet off that loading dock, just like Akuma Satsui.  But in Coleman’s case he was fine.  He landed on his head, so there was nothing that could possibly be damaged. 

The Other Guy: So you don’t know or care how Jonas Coleman is. Can you tell us how Akuma Satsui is? 

Dave Dymond: I can tell you that Akuma Satsui is fine.  He got up and walked away after regaining consciousness from the fall.  He didn’t require medical attention, he didn’t go to the hospital, and as we speak he is in perfect physical condition, ready to put an end to this nonsense with Coleman once and for all. 

Eryk Masters: Mr. Dymond, we received news this week that there is actually a warrant out for your arrest, and for Akuma Satsui, in Australia.  We have been told that if you ever set foot back in Australia you will be arrested and charged for your unwarranted attack on Michael Seraph.  Do you have any comment on that? 

Dave Dymond: There is so much wrong with that statement, I don’t even know where to start in correcting you.  Firstly, above and beyond all else – why the hell would anybody want to go back to Australia?  I never wanted to go there to begin with, so I certainly won’t be going back, nor will Akuma Satsui. 

Also, I am sick and tired of the media spreading lies and misinformation about myself and my client.  For example, this fraudulent claim that we threw Jonas Coleman’s Mother into a ditch.  I hate to be one to spread rumors, but between you and I, it is a well known fact that Coleman’s Mother has a serious drinking problem. Let’s be honest, this is hardly the first time the woman ended up laying in a ditch at the end of a rough night. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, that’s how Jonas Coleman was conceived – yet somehow I’m being blamed for her getting drunk and falling down. 

 The Other Guy: Damn dude! 

Dave Dymond: Now you’re talking about some alleged 11 year old being thrown down a flight of stairs.  Well I categorically deny any responsibility for that.  I am not willing to concede that there even were any stairs there, and if there were, this so-called child probably stumbled and fell down them.  You could tell by looking at him that he wasn’t quite right in the head. 

Eryk Masters: Wait a minute, did you just say alleged 11 year old? 

Dave Dymond: You’re damn right I did.  I happen to know for a fact that the person you thought was an 11 year old child, was in fact an angry, deranged Australian midget who had escaped from a mental institution earlier that day. Thank goodness Akuma Satsui was there to protect us all, or who knows what would have happened.  Those Australians should be down on their knees thanking Satsui for saving them from that monster, but thanks to the lies spread by people like you two, we’re being blamed.  Typical SHOOT Project. Make a hero out of the villain, and make the real hero into the monster. 

For a moment, Eryk Masters and The Other Guy just stare at Dave Dymond in shock. Finally Eryk Masters starts to talk again, but Dave Dymond cuts him off. 

Dave Dymond: Shut up, Masters. I’m not done. Never mind Coleman’s drunken Mother’s exploits or the curse of the Angry Australian Midget.  Let’s talk about the REAL crime that happened here.  You both saw at Revolution, Jonas Coleman put his hands on me – for no reason – AGAIN. He grabbed me by the neck, he choked me, and he threw me into the crowd, where these insane Germans tried to kill me. 

Here I am, a manager.  I am not a wrestler.  I have serious medical problems which prevent me from wrestling myself, but I selflessly try and do my part to help SHOOT Project.  But every time I get anywhere near the ring, Jonas Coleman attacks me.  I come out to talk to the people, he punches me in the mouth.  He tries to throttle me. He throws me over a barrier into the crowd, nearly crippling me. 

Is he fired? No. Is he suspended? No. Does anybody even care? No.  All people want to talk about is how I supposedly attacked his Mommy, or one of his creepy fans. Nobody worries about ME. Nobody cares that Jonas Coleman attacked ME. 

Well I have had enough.  I am taking steps to protect myself, and next time you try to put your low-down-no-good-dirty-rotten-filthy-disgusting hands on me Coleman, you will be in for the shock of a lifetime.  I am going to protect myself. You’ve been warned. 

Eryk Masters: Well Dave, you’ll be getting to see Jonas Coleman again sooner than you might think.  We have just been informed that Akuma Satsui has been booked to face Jonas Coleman again, this time at the upcoming SHOOT Project Pay Per View: SALVATION.  However this time there won’t be any disqualifications, and the fighters will be staying in the ring, because it will be a STEEL CHAIN MATCH. 

Hearing this, the fans in the arena go crazy with cheers. 

Eryk Masters: The ring ropes will be taken down, and in their place, steel chain will be strung around the ring to replace them.  All four turnbuckles will be firmly wrapped in chains, and to top it off, Akuma Satsui and Jonas Coleman will be shackled together in chains. 

Dave Dymond looks shocked, and is about to say something when The Other Guy cuts him off… 

The Other Guy: Don’t forget the best part, Masters.  Our pal Dymond here? He’s going to be at ringside, for sure.  But he’ll be SHACKLED IN CHAINS! 

The fans explode into a deafening blast of cheers! Dave Dymond leaps to his feet. 

Dave Dymond: What? WHAT?  No! NO! NO NO NO!  That’s not happening!  NO WAY!  I am not going to be chained up like a wild animal, and forced to watch Akuma Satsui deal with that nut Coleman!  This is INSANE!  And this interview is OVER! 

Dave Dymond gets up and walks away, terminating the interview.  Eryk Masters and The Other Guy both laugh and shakes their heads, as the shot changes…



Other Guy:   Given earlier events on the show I have to question whether or not this is still a handicap match, Eryk.   

Eryk Master: We’re about to find out, aren’t we? 

The “Hornswoggle” theme begins to play over the public address system and Michael Collins reluctantly walks out from the back, shaking his head. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring… Michael Collins!!! 

Eryk Masters: Why do I get the feeling Cronos is behind this theme music? 

Other Guy: Always with the mind games. I think he’s calling Collins a midget. Haha. 

Collins makes it to the ringside area and ascends the steel steps, waiting for the music to cut out. 

Eryk Masters: Can they turn off this horrid music? 

Other Guy: I quite like it. Makes me want to dance an Irish Jig. 

The music finally cuts and “Devil’s Dime” by Black Label Society blares over the public address system. After the song has completely played and Cronos Diamante hasn’t made his way to ringside, Collins is getting nervous. 

Eryk Masters: Is Cronos really going to no show a match that he personally turned into a one on one match, down from a handicap? 

Other Guy: It sure seems like it Eryk. Unless he’s playing… 

Suddenly the Jumbotron turns on to show Cronos standing in the backstage area. 

Cronos Diamante: Hello Michael! I know you want me to come down to that ring right now so you have a chance to avenge Rowland who, I must point out, still hasn’t been found. But that just wouldn’t be my style, would it? 

Michael can’t hold his anger in and yells at Cronos. 

Michael Collins: What do you want, Cronos!?! 

Eryk Masters: I really hope he doesn’t fall into a trap. 

Cronos Diamante: I wanted you and Rowland together in the ring. That’s the problem. Your buddy Stein forced me to change that. And with Rowland now being out of the way and you seething with hatred, I want you to come back here and fight me. A sanctioned match just won’t do the… oh goodie, here you come. 

Michael Collins jumps out of the ring and runs up the ramp and to the backstage area. 

Other Guy: Cronos is getting exactly what he wants out of the Collins twins so far. He’s entirely too dangerous for his own good. 

Eryk Masters: He’s a vile man and I wish he’d have never been allowed back here in SHOOT. 

As Collins disappears behind the curtain and empties into the Gorilla Press area, he is met with a punishing chair shot to the forehead and he goes down like a ton of bricks. Cronos stands over the barely conscious Collins twin and smirks. 

Cronos Diamante: You people are so predictable. With you twins out of the way, Stein’s sorry ass has no protection. Great bodyguard you are. 

Cronos picks Michael up and kicks him square in the groin then kicks him over, positioning him against the wall. Cronos then takes the chair and with a running start, smashes it against Michael’s jaw with upward motion that causes him to smack hard against the wall. Cronos throws the chair to his side and takes off on a dead run toward Stein’s locker room. 

Other Guy: You have to give it to Cronos, Eryk. He knows how to manipulate people into getting what he wants. 

Eryk Masters: I was afraid of that. Stein is unprotected and there’s no telling what Cronos will do to him. I’m not going to downplay what Cade did to Dan but I wouldn’t doubt Cronos officially ends Dan’s career. 

Other Guy: Or life. 

Cronos enters the locker room and finds Stein’s locker room. He stands there a moment, debating whether to knock or kick the door in. Cronos tries the door knob only to find it locked. He growls and rears back, kicking the door off its hinges and it crashes down onto a television near it. Cronos surveys the room quickly, finding Dan sitting on a couch, having been watching the now broken television. 

Cronos Diamante: There you are, Stein. 

Dan tries to get up but he’s met with a kick to the stomach that sends him flying back into the couch. 

Cronos Diamante: No, no. You stay seated and listen. Thing is, Dan… I was perfectly happy keeping this little war with Crazy Boy. The untouched golden boy finally having to face his mentor, albeit completely misguided. But you just had to stick your nose in it, didn’t you? I really am sorry about this, Dan. 

Cronos punches Dan in the jaw and picks him up off the couch, smirking as he does. Cronos rears back again for an even stronger punch but Cronos is blindsided and knocked sideways into the wall and assaulted with stomps to the midsection. Cronos blocks a kick and throws the assaulter to the floor. Cronos quickly gets to his feet and finds himself face to face with Crazy Boy. 

CB: Nice trick at the hospital, Cronos. Bring it! 

Cronos looks at the bloodied nose of Stein and grins then throws out a jab at Crazy Boy which he easily dodges. Crazy Boy fires back with one of his own and Cronos dodges it. Cronos moves to pick up the television but Crazy Boy lunges toward it and Cronos circles around toward the door. Cronos smirks at Crazy Boy and Stein. 

Cronos Diamante: My fight was with Stein tonight, Tyrone. You and me… we’re just beginning. I wouldn’t want to start too early now would I? 

Cronos looks out into the hallway to see Rowland Collins with his right hand still handcuffed running at him and security just behind him. Cronos tries to run toward the Gorilla Press area but Michael Collins is back up again and stalking toward him with the same steel chair he was attacked with. 

Eryk Masters: Cronos has nowhere to go. Crazy Boy behind him and both Collins twins to his left and right. 

Cronos puts his hands in the air, signaling he surrenders and for security to escort him from the building as instructed. 

CB: You’re not getting away with this that easy, Cronos!!!” 

Cronos looks over his shoulder and smiles as security swarms on top of him before either Collins twin or Crazy Boy can get to him. 

Other Guy: What a sneaky bastard! 

The Collins twins keep trying to get to him but security push them backwards and escort Cronos out of the building. Crazy Boy manages to duck security and follow Cronos to the parking lot but before he can reach him, Cronos is speeding away in his car and flipping him off.


Black generic sneakers squeak across the floor. A short man in a plain white collared shirt and khaki pants is feverishly running across the hard gray linoleum floor backstage. His headset dangling around his neck. He stops in his tracks with a loud squeak. He looks on at the door, the ominous letters that spell "Project: SCAR" are right at eye level. Perhaps he didn’t think things through or perhaps he was lost in the moment…but he doesn’t even knock, he just bursts through the door. 


Backstage Attendant: Mr. Yamada you… 


He stops. Perhaps just now realizing what he had walked into. What he had done. Three figures stand before him, each head slowly looking down at the attendant. Like animals licking their chops. Kenji lurches forward in front of Issac and Corazon. 


Kenji: How cordial. Mr. Yamada, he says. Such a bright faced young man with such an outstanding sense of courtesy. How can I help you, little one? 


The smaller attendant looks on, his hands visibly shaking. Beads of sweat forming on his brow, he diverts his eyes away from Kenji, hoping that not looking at any of them will also divert their potential rage. 


Backstage Attendant: Y…you have a match at…at Salvation, I was told to tell you about it. It’s…it’s against Alex Brooks. 


Kenji’s eyes seem to sharpen and his mouth curls into a smile. He looks over his shoulder. 


Kenji: Did you hear that, I have a match. Against Alex Brooks, no less. 


Corazon perks up, and grins. Entragian raises both white eyebrows, as if to say “OH REALLY?” 


Corazon: So… the three of us, we have a golden opportunity on our hands, do we not? I get to continue Mike Dexter’s misery… Isaac…you’re the lion hunting The Ox… And now you, Kenji?  


He grins.  


Corazon: You get to scar the SHOOT Project’s pretty new toy, with his pretty new belt. 


Isaac: Won’t it surprise “the little engine that could” to know that his tracks are about to take him right into the mouth of Hell… 


Kenji’s eyes narrow ever so slightly, something amiss. Something hidden in his inner workings, something he’s not letting on to. 


Kenji: Yes…a new scar. A new scar. Alex Brooks, Rules of Surrender Champion. Exciting. How exciting for us all. How invigorating this shall be. It shall be the birth of something new. The birth of something no one will ever forget. 


Kenji’s eyes wander back to the attendant who, for whatever reason, is still standing there watching all of this. Kenji brushes the shoulders of the attendant and adjusts the collar of his shirt, causing visible distress in the eyes of the attendant. 


Kenji: Now you, dear friend, aren’t you just the picture of the average Joe? The very picture of a normal clog in society. Blending in with the crowd. I’d imagine you have a beautiful family too. So normal… 


Kenji grabs the man by the collar and tosses him like a rag doll into Corazon’s arms. 


Adrian locks onto the man’s body like a vice, while Entragian leans down and snaps his razor-sharp teeth together INCHES away from the attendant’s ear, forcing a little moan to escape the man’s lips. 


Kenji: Hold him. I imagine he’ll squirm quite a bit. 


The door slams shut…




“The American Dream” by Walls of Jericho plays over the PA system. Alex Cruz emerges from the back, no pyros or explosions, just hood over his head, walking to the ring. The crowd seems mostly silent, a few boos in random places throughout the arena, but mostly silent. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a double debut, and will be for ONE FALL! Making his way to the ring first, by the way of The Bronx, New York, he is ALEX…CRUZ! 

The crowd is still mostly silent as Alex leaps onto the apron and leaps over the top rope. He doesn’t go for a turnbuckle or anything of that nature. He just nods his head and starts stretching out, staring intensely at the top of the entrance ramp. 

Eryk Masters: It’s gotta be tough walking into an arena where no one knows you, at all. A few of our German soldiers seem to be booing Alex just because of who he is against. 

Other Guy: He is, right now, a nobody. Laura Seton  is not. If he wants to be somebody, he’s gonna have to prove himself tonight. 

As “The American Dream”  dies down, the crowd starts to cheer in anticipation. "Whatever Gets You Through Today (Remix)" by The Radio hits over the PA, and the crowd ERUPTS! Laura Seton emerges from the back, purple pyros shooting off at the entrance way. Laura smiles brightly, waving to the fans as she begins to bounce her way to the ring. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, coming to the ring now by way of Oshkosh, Wisconsin…MILK AND COOKIES…LAURA…SETON!! 

Laura high fives with several of the fans, beaming happily. She even goes around the ring once, high fiving all the fans, getting everyone worked into a frenzy. 

Eryk Masters: Truly one of the purest and most decent wrestlers we’ve ever seen on the roster. But we also know she can throw down with the best of them. Just ask legends in this business, Cronos Diamante or even Loco Martinez! 

Laura slides under the ropes and goes to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing to the top and throwing her arms in the air. 

Other Guy: Let’s just see how she transitions from LEGACY to SHOOT Project. It’s a whole different world over here, and sometimes, people don’t make the transition to good. 

Laura leaps off the turnbuckle and lands in the center of the ring, eye to eye with Alex Cruz. Alex simply glares at Laura, and Laura loses the smile to return the glare. Alex takes a step back though and extends his hand in a respectful gesture. Laura wastes no time taking the hand, and both competitors shake hands. You can read “Good luck” on Alex Cruz’s lips, and Laura Seton mouths back “You too.”  The crowd pops at the show of respect as Austin Linam steps in between both competitors. He signals for the bell, and both competitors begin to circle.  

Other Guy: Respect being shown between both competitors, but I really doubt Piercings McTattooey is going to stay all wholesome for very long. 

Eryk Masters: Piercings Mc…Tattooey? 

Laura looks for the collar elbow tie up, but Alex ducks right, catching an arm and pulling it behind Laura’s back in a hammerlock. Laura throws back an elbow that connects with the head and Laura hits the ropes. Alex drops down to duck, but Laura, instead of leaping over, hits a double stomp on the back of Alex Cruz! Alex clutches his back and rolls over, getting up quickly. Laura leaps forward with a forearm shot to the skull, and Alex eats it, staggering back more. Laura ducks down this time, going behind Alex and catching him in a waist lock. She leaps onto his shoulders and goes for a reverse hurricanrana, but Alex keeps his ground, lifts her back on his shoulders, and drops with an Electric Chair Drop! Laura clutches her back but gets up quickly, and both competitors stand face to face. Alex winks at Laura, and Laura smiles. The fans cheer the exchange! 

Eryk Masters: A good exchange there, but not exactly a technical one. 

Other Guy: Neither of these two competitors are exactly technical, partner. They’re gonna beat each other up here, and whoever gets beat up less is gonna win. 

Eryk Masters: The clearness of your perception is astounding. 

Other Guy: Shut up before I beat your heart into pissing itself. 

Laura Seton signals for the collar-elbow tie up, and Alex Cruz obliges. Alex Cruz ducks down and tries to go behind, but Laura Seton shoves him away. She attempts a roundhouse kick, but Alex ducks and tries to come up with an uppercut, but Laura backflips away. Alex hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Laura Seton bends all the way backwards to dodge. 

Eryk Masters: Matrix Dodge! 

Alex comes forward with a Yakuza kick attempt, but Laura bends forward this time, and Alex again misses. Alex turns, but Laura leaps up and catches him with a hurricanrana. Alex goes down, but he’s up quickly. Laura goes forward and goes for another forearm, but Alex catches and hits an armdrag! Laura is up quickly, and Alex catches her in a headlock. Laura pushes Alex into the ropes and is able to push him away, but Alex hits the ropes and comes flying back with a flying headbutt! Laura is down, clutching her head. Alex is up, but he is also clutching his head. However, he sees his opportunity and goes to the top rope! The fans begin to cheer as Alex balances himself on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Laura to get up. Laura slowly rises to her feet and turns around. Alex leaps off with a crossbody…Laura dropkicks him in the chest! Alex hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring, clutching his chest and wincing. Laura sees what is going on and hits the opposite ropes, leaps over the ropes, and lands back first into Alex Cruz! Both are down on the outside of the ring by the announcing table! The crowd is cheering raucously at the show they are getting. 

Other Guy: Both of these competitors are moving at 100 miles an hour right now, and they haven’t really stopped until..well…right now. 

Austin Linam has, meanwhile, begun the count. 


Laura Seton is up, and she picks up Alex Cruz, slamming him with a forearm and dragging him to the ring. 


Alex suddenly comes to life and slams Seton with an elbow to the stomach. He leaps onto the apron and moonsaults off, onto Laura Seton! 


Eryk Masters: That was…kinda cool. 

It is now Alex who is picking up Laura Seton. He grabs her in a front face lock, runs backward, and leaps onto the guard rail before leaping off and hitting a tornado DDT on the outside!  


Other Guy: He’s got quite the balance, doesn’t he? 

Alex sees that Austin Linam is still counting, so he runs to the ring and slides in, leaving Laura Seton on the outside of the ring. 


Alex waits in the ring, motioning for Laura Seton to get up, and the crowd starts booing, fearing that Cruz is going to win via count out. 


Eryk Masters:After all the action we have seen in this match, it would be a shame for it to end this quickly, and like this. 

Laura has rolled onto her hands and knees, but she is still catching her breath and holding her head. 


Alex is starting to look worried, and the crowd is still booing loudly.  


Alex is yelling at Laura to get up and get in the ring, but Laura is only on her knees, still clutching her head.  


Alex sees where the count is and he slides under the ropes and out of the ring, starting the count over! The crowd actually cheers the actions of the young man, and Alex grins slightly at the sound. Alex picks up Laura Seton and rolls her into the ring. 


Eryk Masters: An honorable move by the newcomer, Alex Cruz! I think I’m going to like this guy. 

Alex moves over to timekeeper, Mark Kendrick, and tells him to get out of his chair. Mark obliges, and Alex Cruz gets a hold of the chair, his grin growing wider. The fans start to boo again. 

Other Guy: Don’t speak to quickly.  


Alex slides the chair in the ring and then slides into the ring himself. Laura Seton is on her feet, but she is in the corner, clutching her head still. Alex grabs a hold of the chair, but he doesn’t hit Laura with it. He folds it out and places it behind her. He takes a few steps back, and when Laura turns around, Alex runs forward and jumps on the chair before flipping forward and hitting Laura in the face with a flipping front dropkick! Alex is up quickly, and he leaps onto the chair again before leaping off, spinning, and landing with a leg drop on Laura Seton!  

Eryk Masters: Innovative use of a steel chair, indeed. And since he’s not using it as a weapon, more just a platform to leap off, Austin Linam isn’t calling this match! 

The fans start a “Let’s Go Laura” chant, but there is a small, but noticeable “Let’s Go Alex” chant to counter it. Alex Cruz begins picking up Laura, but Laura slams Alex in the stomach with a fist. And another! And another! Laura is on her feet, and she slams Alex with more and more fists! She goes whips Alex, not knowing she is sending him towards a chair. Alex leaps onto the chair, leaps and turns at the same time, and lands on Laura’s shoulder for the hurricanrana, but Laura holds on and drops Alex with a sitout powerbomb! 

Other Guy: Damn! 

Eryk Masters: Maybe not peeing, but my heart MAY have a slight leak! 

Laura picks up Alex Cruz, but Alex throws her hands away and slams her with punches of his own. Laura staggers back to the ropes, but when Alex goes for a haymaker, she ducks and catches the arm. She holds him in a full nelson, looking for the Cookie Cutter, but she sees the chair, dashes forward, leaps onto the chair, and then leaps over the back rest, slamming Alex Cruz with an assisted Cookie Cutter! The crowd erupts as Laura rolls Alex over for the pin, and Austin Linam is there to count it! 




Laura rolls off of Alex, who clutches his face and rolls away from Laura. Laura stands up, holding her hands in the air as the fans erupt. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of SIXTEEN minutes and TWENTY-SEVEN seconds…LAURA…SETON!! 

Alex is up next, and he staggers over to Laura, tapping her on the shoulder. Laura turns around, and Alex extends his hand. Laura takes it, and they both embrace quickly. Alex raises Laura’s hand before leaving the ring. 

Eryk Masters: A great showing by both competitors, and for the first time in I don’t know how long, we have a match that ends with no bad blood or shenanigans. 

Other Guy: It’s kinda boring if you ask me. 


Standing in the hallway outside a locker room door Abigail Chase stares at a never before seen man who is blocking entry and looking serious. 

Abigail: I have to get in there. I have a scheduled interview. 

Man: Miss Black is busy. 

Abigail: Well how much longer will she be? The SHOOT Project fans around the world need to get some questions answered. 

Just then Tanya Black opened the door and shoved the larger man out of the way. Standing there in tight-fitting black jeans, a loose red tanktop, topped off with a pearl necklace and some ruby earrings and the Sin City Title draped over her right shoulder. Tanya blinked a couple times and then smiled from ear to ear. 

Tanya: ABBY! 

Abigail: It’s Abigail. Or better yet Miss Chase. Can we please get this interview done before things get completly off schedule? 

Tanya: Of course! I’m sorry it’s just I had to change so I can go out with Hans here. See his brother runs one of the top wrestling promotions in Eastern Europe so as a big name title holder here in SHOOT I’m helping represent our company in some business dealings. The usual late dinner/clubbing/talking about talent exchange proposals. That last part is mostly the responsibility of the executive that Mr. Johnson has sent to go pick up Mr. Huber. I’m going to distract the media or something. Heck it’s a free meal and the chance to party at a real German night club. Why not go? Besides I love partying with fans. 

Abigail: Right. Well getting on track to the important stuff. You commented that with your win the Sin City Championship now belongs to the people as much as you. 

Tanya: Nope. It always belonged to the fans. Without the fans there is no SHOOT Project. No SHOOT Project no Sin City Championship. I simply appreciate that bond and that special relationship more than some people in this company so I see myself more as a caretaker than the owner of the title. It’s my job to guard this belt and keep it representing only the most positive aspects of Sin City and SHOOT. 

Abigail: Right. That is why you offered to give Jester Smiles his rematch at the big stage that is Salvation in a two out of three falls match? 

Tanya: Exactly. See that first match was VERY close. So close that even I wasn’t sure at times if I could pull it off. Jester almost kicked out of that pinfall so the way I figured it not only did it show he deserves a rematch beyond the usual "contractually obligated rematch" clause but it should be a match where we both have to rely on more than survival and luck. Getting two pinfalls takes a proper amount of skill superiority. Not simply finding an opening and scoring a fluke win. 

Abigail: Well I can see that logic. The big question I have is this though. Can you really win such a situation? 

Tanya: If I can’t I don’t deserve the honor of being the guardian of the gold. 

Abigail: Last Question. What is your plans for beyond Jester Smiles? Win or Lose? 

Tanya: The same thing. I’m calling out Old Man Stan. I may not be a cowgirl but I will get him to realize I can do anything he can do at his level. 

Smiling in a way that seems both wholesome and hinting at a menace that lays just under the surface Tanya ushers Hans down the hall before looking back at Abigail before leaning in very close to the microphone so her next words are heard crystal clear. 

Tanya: And as much as I like Jacob and respect his desire to protect his mentor and tag partner, he needs to understand one very important thing. Once that bell rings, the party ends and I go to work. I’m not done kicking in skulls and I have just started to make bitches tap out. 

Kissing Abigail Chase on the cheek before she can move back, Tanya Black skips down the hall as she carries her title belt and catches up to her new friend to take care of the business of being a champion and company representative.



The camera slowly pans the crowd in the arena, as the fans wait for the next match to begin. Osbourne Kilminster’s music starts to play over the sound system, and spotlight illuminates the top of the aisle, by the entranceway as Ozzy appears. The popular superstar is surrounded by fans, who are slapping him on the back and cheering.  Ozzy has an easy going smile on his face, and as soon as the lights hit him, he starts to make his way through the people, down to the ring… 

Osbourne Kilminster’s music slowly fades, and the spotlight moves up to the head of the aisle, as Ron Barker’s theme starts to play, and the light illuminates The Ravishing One.  The unpopular wrestler has a smirk on his face as he starts to jog down the aisle towards the ring… 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen…this match is a scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!  Introducing first, in the ring to my right Osbourne Kilminster! 

Ozzy holds one arm in the air, and pumps his fist.  There are a generous amount of cheers from the fans… 

Samantha Coil: His opponent is making his way to the ring, Ravishing Ron Barker! 

The two competitors make their way to the center of the ring and the bell rings. Ron Barker hammers Ozzy with a left jab right in the jaw!  Ozzy holds his jaw and rubs it as Barker starts to stomp away on the midsection of the SHOOT veteran. 

Eryk Masters: Well, I guess Ron Barker came here to fight. 

The Other Guy: Of course he did!  He has a reputation as a great wrestler, but he knows Kilminster knows him like the back of his hand, so he’s going to have to get Ozzy prone…and the way to do that is to surprise him! 

Ron Barker is relentless, stomping away at Ozzy Kilminster.  Ozzy places his arms over his head to protect himself, and starts to roll across the ring, towards the ropes. Finally, he rolls under the ropes, and falls to the outside with a thud. 

As the referee starts to administer a 10 count, Ron Barker paces back and forth, shouting for Ozzy to get back in the ring.  Kilminster calmly stands up, and takes a moment to gather himself after the brutal stomping he took.  Kilminster rubs his jaw and ribs painfully, but then shakes his head, and heads back towards the apron. 

Suddenly, Osbourne Kilminster reaches under the bottom rope, and grabs Ron Barker by the leg, pulling as hard as he can! Ron Barker lands flat on his back in shock, after having his legs pulled out from underneath him!  Kilminster hangs on to Ron Barker’s leg, and hauls him right out of the ring, to the outside! 

Eryk Masters: Ron Barker is being pulled to the outside of the ring!

The Other Guy: It’s pretty much common knowledge that this is the last SHOOT Project match for Osbourne Kilminster and Ron Barker, so both of them would like to leave with victory. 

Ron Barker hits the concrete, and Osbourne Kilminster wastes no time in grabbing him by the back of the head and pulling him to his feet.  Kilminster grasps Barker around the left wrist and pulls, sending him careening towards the steel rings steps. Ron Barker collides with the steel steps shoulder first, and both Barker and the steps go flying!  The fans erupt, and Kilminster goes after The Ravishing One as the announcers run a replay of the wild collision! 

Osbourne Kilminster grabs Ron Barker by the back of the head, and slams him head first to the apron.  Barker’s head bounces back, and Kilminster grabs it, and rolls him into the ring.  Osbourne Kilminster slides in after him…but The Ravishing One is up first! 

Ron Barker grabs Kilminster by the back of the head as he slides in, and then drives a knee lift right into Kilminster’s gut, driving the wind out of him!  Kilminster keels over, and Ron Barker starts to hammer Osbourne across the back with a barrage of forearm smashes. 

Osbourne Kilminster falls to his hands and knees, and Ron Barker is on him like a tiger, hammering the popular star with a non-stop assault of forearms across the back, and boots to the midsection.  Kilminster is being beaten down like a dog! 

Eryk Masters: Ron Barker is giving Osbourne a beating here! 

The Other Guy: What did I tell you Masters?  These guys know each other well, and they both want to leave town with their heads held high. 

Ron Barker finally backs off Kilminster, and stands behind him, waiting patiently for the veteran to get to his feet.  However, Osbourne Kilminster is so dazed from the onslaught, he simply lays on his face in the middle of the ring.  Barker gets impatient, and locks Kilminster up in a rear waist lock and launches Osbourne Kilminster backward in a textbook Back Suplex!  Kilminster bounces from the impact, as Ron Barker performs a bridging cover!  The referee slides down for the count… 




At the last second, Osbourne Kilminster lifts his shoulder off the mat!  The fans gasp in surprise at the close count. Ron Barker is not done.  Barker pulls Osbourne Kilminster to his feet by the back of the neck, grabs him around the wrist, and Irish Whips him into the ropes! Kilminster bounces off the ropes, and Ron Barker fires a vicious looking lariat style clothesline at Osbourne…but Kilminster ducks! 

Osbourne Kilminster uses the momentum to his advantage, and keeps going, and rebounds off the far ropes on the other side of the ring…and then comes back at Ron Barker! Ron Barker will not be caught off guard, and he wheels around, and catches Kilminster on the rebound with a crunching knee to the midsection! Osbourne Kilminster literally spins 360 degrees in the air from the impact, before hitting the mat, flat on his back!  The Ravishing One goes for the cover again… 




Kilminster kicks out! 

Ron Barker curses loudly, and pulls Kilminster back to his feet.  Barker drags Kilminster over to the ropes, and places his head on the ropes.  The fans scream, as Ron Barker drags Osbourne Kilminster’s face along the ropes! 

Eryk Masters: Oh man…he’s just grinding Kilminster’s face into the rope! 

The Other Guy: I didn’t think you could make Ozzy any uglier, but maybe you can.  Barker is going to try. 

Osbourne Kilminster stumbles away but Ron Barker comes up from behind, and places both his hands together, and then lifts them over his head, ready to slam a double axehandle smash across the back of Osbourne Kilminster. Suddenly, without even turning around, Kilminster fires a boot backwards, in a mule kick, catching The Ravishing One right in the leg!  Ron Barker howls in pain, and falls to the mat, clutching his thigh. 

Osbourne Kilminster turns around, leaps into the air, and lands a sharp elbow smash right across the chest of Ron Barker as he lays on the mat, holding his leg. Ron Barker’s body jack-knifes in the air from the impact of the elbow smash, and this time it is Kilminster who goes for the cover, hoping to take advantage of temporarily driving the wind of Barker… 



Barker kicks out! 

Osbourne Kilminster keeps on the attack, reaches down, locks up Barker, and fires him backwards with a snap suplex! 

Another cover by Kilminster! 



NO!  Ron Barker kicks out with authority! 

Eryk Masters: Good solid back and forth action here OG.  Kilminster almost suplexed Ron Barker right out of his boots there! 

The Other Guy: Yeah…these guys match up well, they always have. 

Osbourne Kilminster reaches down for another suplex.  That is a mistake against a ring savvy wrestler like Ron Barker.  The Ravishing One sees it coming, and reaches up, grabbing Kilminster as he is leaning down to lock up the suplex.  The Ravishing One shifts his weight, and rolls Kilminster up in a small package attempt, pulling on his tights for good measure! 





At the last possible second, Kilminster breaks free from the small package attempt!  The fans come to their feet in excitement as the two men start to get up at the same time.  Ron Barker is up quicker than Osbourne Kilminster, and he rushes forward, fists flying!   

Ron Barker starts to lay into Osbourne Kilminster with almost a blinding barrage of left jabs!  Ron Barker’s left hand is almost a blur, as he repeatedly smashes his balled up left fist squarely into the jaw of Kilminster!  Osbourne Kilminster’s head snaps back dramatically from the impact of the punches from the Ron Barker. 

Osbourne Kilminster backs up, he has no choice under the attack from Ron Barker!  Finally, Kilminster backs into the ropes.  Suddenly, Kilminster rears back, and in an amazing and unlikely display, lifts one of his legs high into the air, and BOOTS Ron Barker right in the face!  Ron Barker absorbs the full brunt of the unexpected kick from Osbourne Kilminster!  Barker backs off! 

The fans are cheering, as now it is Osbourne Kilminster’s turn to go on the attack!  Osbourne advances, throwing a series of MMA style strikes to the head of Ron Barker!  Now it is Barker’s turn to have his head snap back from the impact!  Kilminster continues to repeatedly throw precision strikes and the impact causes Barker’s head to whiplash back. 

Ron Barker wisely places both his arms over his head, to cover up. 

In a split second, Osbourne Kilminster looks at Ron Barker covering his face with his forearms, and his face lights up. Osbourne Kilminster whirls around, leaps into the air, and hooks Ron Barker over the back of the head with a ¾ Nelson…and then hangs on as he pulls both of them down towards the mat at full speed! Ron Barker does not have time to pull his arms away from his head…so he is driven head first, right into the shoulder of Osbourne Kilminster! 

Ace Crusher! 

Kilminster covers Ron Barker! 




The fans explode into cheers, as Osbourne Kilminster rolls off Ron Barker and allows the referee to hoist his arm high in the air, as his music starts to play, and Samantha Coil takes the microphone… 

Samantha: Here is your WINNER: OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! 

Kilminster leans against the ropes, exhausted, as Barker lies on the mat, holding his head. The shot goes back to the ring.  Kilminster’s music has faded out, but Osbourne Kilminster is still in the ring.   Osbourne Kilminster reaches down, grabs Ron Barker by the wrist and pulls him to his feet!  The fans are murmuring in surprise, not sure what to expect… 

Osbourne Kilminster extends a hand in friendship… 

Ron Barker stares at Kilminster…then looks out to the fans…then looks down at Kilminster’s outstretched hand…Barker slaps palms with Kilminster!  The crowd erupts in cheers, and Osbourne Kilminster holds Ron Barker’s arm high in the air in victory! 

Eryk Masters: This is the last we’re going to see of these guys for a while, they are both going to be pursuing other opportunities, but I know all the fans of SHOOT Project wish them well. 

The Other Guy: Ron Barker might be all smiles now, but I bet he’s already stolen Ozzy’s wallet and slashed his tires earlier tonight.  That sumbitch is mean.

Jaime is moving slowly along the hallway of the O2 Arena. He looks around a bit, looking for someone, although, there are very few people it could be. 


He had been denied contact from an old friend for far too long.  


It isn’t long before he catches a sight out of the corner of his eye… a man turning the corner down the hall. 


Ichiro Seppuku. 


Just the man he was looking for. 


Jaime closes the distance between himself and Ichiro quickly only to turn the corner and be stopped abruptly by Ichiro’s extended arm as he leans up against the arena’s wall – as if he knew Jaime were right behind him the whole time. 


Ichiro smiles at Jaime but Jaime is unphased – his eyes focus on the eyes of his target.  


Jaime Alejandro: Ichiro.  


Ichiro Seppuku: Jaime. 


Jaime Alejandro: I did want to talk to Lennox and wish him luck against Project: SCAR – but I heard through the grapevine that you are taking his spot in the match. What did you do to him you honorless dog? 


Ichiro lowers his hand and sighs. 


Ichiro Seppuku: Alright Jaime… you got me. All of my time in SHOOT – the months under the Tyr mask, the beatings I suffered at the hands of Azrael Goeren, Pestalance, Donovan King and Osbourne Kilminster. All of it has been a clever ruse so I can run head-strong into a match with Isaac Entragian and Kenji Yamada. 


All along I knew these two would join SHOOT – even when thier former company appeared to be thriving. You see, because I planned THAT too. Oh yes Jaime… there’s a lot of things I can do when I put my mind to it. Did you know I create the tides as well? I am actually Posiden in disguse.  


Ichiro smirks at Jaime. 


Ichiro Seppuku: Sorry. I forgot where I was going with that… you see, it’s just that I have to keep my explanations interesting since you seem to be entirely unable to realize the simple fact that Lennox Ferguson is his own man and can do whatever he damned well pleases. If that means taking time off to settle family affairs in New York, who are you to stop him – or even criticize him. If I remember correctly, didn’t YOU abandon Lennox when he was launching a crusade against Soveriegn? 


All I’m doing is picking up where he left off. Whenever he decides to come back – I’ll be there to help him. Although – I don’t know I can say the same about you… I mean you’ve been so, unreliable as a friend. Don’t you think? 


Jaime Alejandro: I wouldn’t have expected much less of a comment from a snake like you. A has been who’s living vicariously through his young charge. 


Ichiro rolls his eyes and shakes his head – his voice terse.  


Ichiro Seppuku: See, THAT’S your fucking problem Jaime. You think Ox is just a kid – you think he’s some fucking moron that can’t make decisions for himself and needs your expert guidance which is bullshit. If anyone is trying to live vicariously through Lennox it’s YOU old man. 


Jaime pulls up his fist, but smartly decides against it. Mainly because he knows that Ichiro is not contracted. He knows what fines he would be levied. 

Jaime Alejandro:Another time, Ichiro…


Without warning, “POWER (Remix)”  by Kanye West and Jay-Z kicks in, the fans in attendance giving a decidedly mixed reaction.  The arena spotlight shines down on the entrance as out from the back emerges DONOVAN KING. 

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King asked for this chance to air some grievances of his out. 

Other Guy:  Oh yeah?  Yeah, lately he’s been grieved to get his ass handed to him by a patient and wise warrior known as Thomas Manchester Black. 

King nods his head, looking over the German masses.  He rolls into the ring as Samantha Coil announces him. 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…DONOVAN KING! 

King looks at the fans in attendance as Coil takes her leave of the ring.  King looks at the very…white audience. 

Donovan King:  Ey…kill the music.  

“POWER (Remix)” dies down. 

Donovan King:  Gotta admit…kinda nervous in a room full of Goeren supporters.  

The ovation…is HUGE.  King shrugs his shoulders as he walks around the ring. 

Donovan King:  Okay…well.  Aight.  Y’all saw what went down on Revolution, right?  There I was, talkin’ to my new dude Dan Stein…surrounded by…some people.  We get to talkin’…an’ what happens?  He sneaks me.  

King shakes his head. 

Donovan King:  Normally, I’d let it slide.  I’d sit back, be cool, let it go until Salvation.  But, see, this?  This QCS…the lyin’…it don’t sit well with me, Tommy.  

King glares at the camera. 

Donovan King:  An’ you know what sets me off?  Like, for real gets under my skin?  You playin’ these games.  An’ that’s what it is, Tommy.  You playin’ Goddamn games.  An’ fuh what, Tommy?  Be honest with yourself, Tommy.  What do you think will happen at Salvation?  Do you think I’m gonna be so angry I won’t be able to stop you?  

King pauses, looking at the entrance. 

Donovan King:  Case you ain’t know, Tommy?  I’m The Last Scion, son.  You know what that means?  That means every game you play, I know it.  Every move you make, I know it.  So, Tommy?  From the jump I wanted to accept the consequences of my actions.  I wanted to man up.  You?  You wanted to play some games.  No more.  It’s time to be a man an’ face me…like a man.  

King turns to the entrance completely. 

Donovan King:  So, Tommy Black, since we know you back there…no sneak attacks.  No mocking.  No stupid ass smirking like you’re some master manipulator.  You come down to this ring an’ you stand here FACE TO FACE wit’ me…an’ you an’ me?  We finna have words.  

"Combat" explodes through the speakers as TMB walks out through the curtains onto the rampway. He looks at King for a moment before making his way down to the ring. TMB climbs into the ring and calls for a mic. He is handed one and walks over to King. 

TMB: Games…you are tired of the games. Well that is too bad, Donnie…I was starting to enjoy myself. But don’t worry, it will all be over for you soon enough.  

Donovan King:  GOD…are you serious?  Are you fuckin’ serious, Tommy?  Stop it, dude.  Seriously.  I don’t give a fuck about your whole Big Billy Bad Ass bullshit, homie.  

King stares him in the face. 

Donovan King:  Fact is…I said it once, I say it again.  I hate myself every day for what I did to survive.  It wasn’t right.  But the way you actin’ right now?  

King looks Black up and down. 

Donovan King:  THIS is why I never bothered to find you.  THIS is why I was willin’ to do it in the first place.  You get pedantic, twiddle your thumbs, an’ you call it games.  It’s lazy, Tommy.  YOU’RE lazy.  

TMB: Lazy…LAZY!!! I spent a long time trying to find you. I spent a long time trying to make it in this sport just so when I found you, that I would be able to do what is needed. I did it all to get at you, so please forgive me if I decide to play with my food a bit, before going in for the kill. I deserve it. After everything I have gone through…I deserve it. After what you did, I FUCKING DESERVE IT!!!!  

TMB paces for a second before continuing. 

TMB: I do this because I know these little games help me keep my head clear. They keep me from doing, what in my heart I really want to do. Do you think I’ve chased you all this time and a simple match is what is going o make me happy. Heh…I rather take everything you hold dear from you and watch you rot as you get locked away. But I can’t do that, King. I don’t have the option, because I refused to go back to the fucking cage. So if playing the jack ass helps me restore order in my mind, then tough luck…it’s going to happen. But I’ll give in to you for this moment. We can skip the games and get down to the facts. Fuck the mental games and be honest.  

The camera focuses in on Black’s anger for a moment before it shifts over to King. 

TMB: You were my bro…I considered you my blood. Family. And to someone that never had any, that was hard to do. And you shitted that all away, my dude. You wiped your ass with our friendship and didn’t even have the balls to tell us why. None of us.  

King clenches his teeth. 

Donovan King:  Here you stand, in a wrestling ring, in Europe, having worked through several companies and made plenty money…to come to this right here.  Far cry from Dirty South streets, huh?  

King shrugs his shoulders. 

Donovan King:  I can admit it.  I wasn’t hard enough to handle prison, son.  I took the steps needed to keep out.  I wasn’t mad at y’all, I didn’t hate none of y’all…but, see…I’m not the only one to snitch, I’m just the only one who wasn’t afraid to point fingers at EVERYBODY.  Funny how your yearnin’ to get at me forced you to go out, leave the streets, an’ make somethin’ of your damn self to the point that we here.  

TMB: Do you think that I should be thanking you, King. I should be out here kissing your ass for making me rise above the hood that I’ve come from. You fucking bastard…sometimes it’s not about the building a better life, but enjoying what you have. It wasn’t fancy and it wasn’t always on the up and up, but I called it home. If and when I was supposed to bring myself up from that…it should have been at my choice.  

TMB gets closer to King. 

TMB: MY CHOICE!! Not because you were too bitch and had to run your mouth. Not because you couldn’t handle life in the pen. But I will give you this, Donnie…I didn’t know just how much I could put up with…I didn’t know what length I would be willing to go through until you did what you did. But other than that, I can’t wait to properly express my total dislike of you as a human being and as a man.  

King shakes his head. 

Donovan King:  All this IS your choice, you ignorant son of a bitch.  

King lets the words sink in for a moment. 

Donovan King:  I was never in LEGACY, you were.  You’ve been to SEVERAL companies.  I’ve always been…right here.  SHOOT was closed to a LONG time, Tommy, you had you chance to get at me.  Instead?  You wait until Azraith pops me an’ Sovereign staggers.  Instead you waited to get on the biggest stage you could…why?  People who knew me for who I am knew who I am long before Thomas Manchester Black sauntered into SHOOT.  

King gets directly in Black’s face. 

Donovan King:  You don’t have to like me, Black.  You don’t have to like my choices.  All you gotta do is come to Salvation, try to prove whatever you wanna prove on me an’ realize that when it’s all fuckin’ over…I’ll still be me, you’ll still be you…an’ there ain’t a GODDAMN thing we can do about it.  

TMB: Don’t worry, King. Come Salvation everything will be handled and settled…one way or another, you can believe that.  

King looks at Black one final time, shaking his head as if he were disappointed. 

Donovan King:  Best of luck to you. 

King throws the microphone down at Black’s feet and backs away from his former friend turned hated rival as “POWER (Remix)” kicks back in.  King throws himself over the top rope and exits the arena, staring Black down. 

Other Guy:  Well…it’s a bit interesting, I have to say…but it’s looking like Donovan King and Thomas Manchester Black are through talking! 

Eryk Masters:  You’re damn right about that…their road to Salvation culminates with their epic confrontation, YEARS in the making!



The O2 World Arena is suddenly awash in blackness, the absence of light so prevalent that the fans practically stew in their seats. We hear a sound like a heartbeat blasting through the arena speakers, followed by a throb of crimson lighting at timed intervals every few seconds. 

Out of nowhere, two columns of flame BLAST forth from either side of the ramp way, and the title “PROJECT: SCAR” appears on the SHOOT Project Video Wall, the letters covered in blood and gristles of meat. As if on cue, Dir En Grey’s “Obscure” starts to assault the German crowd, the vocals seared with sadistic emotion. 

Other Guy: I’ve literally got chills… 

Eryk Masters: HELL is coming to Germany tonight, and we’re about to see it’s embodiment appear before us any second now. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, they are…PROJECT: SCARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! 

From behind the curtains emerges the group known as Project: SCAR, all THREE members are present, standing evenly spaced at the head of the ramp. Kenji Yamada stands to the left, his eyes BLASTED of emotion, showing absolutely nothing but cold blankness. The pallid monster Isaac Entragian stands in the middle, his head hung down low as he leers at the crowd, sharpened teeth shining brightly in the lights. Corazon rounds out the ranks on the right, black wrap-around glasses concealing his eyes, a sinister smirk touching the edge of his mouth. 

The three men begin to walk down towards the ring, Kenji not even responding or acknowledging the fans, his face devoid of all human feeling. Corazon’s head is held high, his stride determined and focused as he looks towards the ring. Entragian behaves like a rabid dog, roaring at the fans and cursing, striking terror into as many hearts as he can before he reaches the ring. Once at the apron, both Corazon & Kenji slide under the bottom rope, and Isaac steps up onto the apron and steps over the top rope, all three members of SCAR standing tall and watching the ramp. 

Eryk Masters: I’d like to know why Corazon is out here, this match is scheduled to be Kenji & Isaac vs. Dexter & The Ox…these sadistic fucks don’t need any extra advantage, the albino and the founder of Project: SCAR are bad enough as is! 

Other Guy: Maybe he’s just out here to support his brethren Eryk, as a master of fact, why don’t you grow some nuts and go ASK him why he’s out here? 

“Had Enough” by Breaking Benjamin begins to erupt from the arena sound system, and out walks the Laws of Survival Champion. The crowd ROARS with approval, the masses united in their support of Mike Dexter.

Mike takes a deep breath while looking at the ring, obviously concerned about the odds he’ll be facing tonight, but in his eyes there is iron determination and a will to survive and conquer. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he is the LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION, MIKE DEXTERRRRRR!!!! 

Other Guy: There’s still time to turn around and RUN, Mike. I mean is he REALLY gonna walk down there and feed himself to those sick sons of bitches?  Do we even know what HAPPENED to him on Revolution?

Eryk Masters: It’s a foreboding sight to see SCAR in the ring as a united force, but Mike Dexter backs down from NOTHING, and he’s got a score to settle with these guys, they want to be take the disgusting route of making it personal by using Mike’s ill son against him, and he will NOT allow such a travesty to go unpunished. And OG? I don’t want to know what happened at Revolution. I just hope that he shows no ill effects here.

Mike walks down to the ring, nodding his head at the fans and slapping a few hands, and in a display of true courage he enters the ring ALONE to stand across from SCAR, marking all three members with his gaze. 


“The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage starts to roar through the capacity crowd, heralding the arrival of the infamous Ichiro Seppuku. There’s a huge pop from the crowd, the Japanese superstar stepping out to stand in the shine of an ominous purple glow. 

Seppuku begins to walk down the ramp while sweeping back his long hair, but before he’s even HALFWAY down the ramp, Samantha Coil speaks up with something that’s isn’t quite an entrance. 


The crowd SCREAMS with disapproval, Ichiro’s face twisting with annoyance as he hears this announcement. 

Other Guy: That’s technically correct! Ichiro was contracted under the “Tyr” persona, but a contract has yet to be drawn up for Ichiro Seppuku as a wrestling talent here in SHOOT Project! 

Eryk Masters: What that is…is BULLSHIT! You’re telling me Dexter is going to have to have to fend off these mad dogs by HIMSELF? And don’t even try to tell me Corazon is out here just to support Kenji & Isaac, the man is wearing his wrestling gear! 

Mike Dexter shakes his head after hearing this, almost as though he’s resigning himself to what may very well be a hopeless fight against three of SHOOT Project’s psychopathic soldiers. 

Quite suddenly the confusion is SLICED through cleanly by the familiar tone of The Rolling Stones belting out “Gimme Shelter.” The majority of the crowd LEAP up to their feet, the cheering so loud it practically shakes the arena as the IRON FIST CHAMPION makes his presence known! 

Eryk Masters: THE SAINT!! Jaime Alejandro is NOT going to let Mike face these bastards by himself, and thank god for that…thank god for The Saint! There’s your damned substitute! 

Other Guy: Well Jaime considers Ox a close friend, so I’m not surprised that he’d be willing to stand in for him here tonight… 

Samantha Coil: Introducing third, standing in for THE OX, he is THE SAINT, THE IRON FIST CHAMPION…JAIME ALEJANDROOOOOO!!!!! 

Alejandro soaks in the reaction of the crowd, holding his title HIGH above his head before striding down the ramp way towards the ring. Ichiro meets The Saint on the ramp, yelling into his face, but Jaime pushed right past him and keeps walking, leaving Ichiro to steam in anger near the head of the ramp. He clambers up onto the apron and enters the ring, standing tall beside the Laws of Survival Champion to face down the SHOOT Project demons that stand before him. 

Eryk Masters: Well here we go, the odds still aren’t perfect, but they’re a helluva lot better than before! 

Dexter steps into the middle of the ring while handing off his Laws of Survival Championship to a road agent, his eyes full of fire as he gazes at the men who had the audacity to taint his son’s hospital room with filth. Mike lowers his head, and he looks like he’s chomping at the bit to get his hands on any of these three lunatics. 

Isaac smiles, his eyes full of sinister mockery. Kenji just stands there like a stoic statue, no sign of emotion on his heavily scarred face. Kenji shoots Isaac a look, and Entragian nods, mouthing the words “rip him apart” before stepping through the ropes to stand on the apron beside Corazon. 

The Saint has stepped out to the apron as well, allowing Dex a chance to gain some vengeance for the “fruit basket” incident. With Kenji & Dexter standing in the ring, the bell sounds with a clang, and we’re OFFICALY UNDERWAY! 

Both men fly into each other simultaneously, fists flying at a shockingly violent rate. Dex PELTS Kenji on the top of the head with punch after hard punch, and Yamada has settled in with hard-hitting body shots, crushing knuckles into Mike’s kidneys over and over again. 

Finally Dex staggers back, and Kenji runs in looking to get some offense going, but Dex takes him to the mat quickly with a textbook arm drag. Kenji is RIGHT back up though, and with blinding speed he crushes a Yakuza kick into Mike’s face, sending the LOS Champion down with AUTHORITY! 

Eryk Masters: Well this is the first time we’re seeing this sick son of a bitch Yamada in action since his return to SHOOT Project, and as you can see, this man knows how to bring it… 

Other Guy: He’s the founder of Project: SCAR, Eryk, and as far as I’m concerned any human being on this planet who could create such a diabolical group of misfits had GOT to be fucked up in the head, and when it comes to Kenji, that much is obvious. 

Eryk Masters: Isaac has taken to calling him the “Sociopath Pioneer” – because the guy is literally one of the most prominent psychopaths in this industry. 

Other Guy: No doubt. Kenji has been around a long time, and during the course of his career he’s perpetrated some sincerely horrible acts. Just take a look at his OPW history some time if you want details… 

Kenji descends on the Laws of Survival Champion, clamping a hand around his throat as he lies on the canvas, simply choking the life out of the man! Yamada thrashes around wildly, pressing ALL of his body weight down into the chokehold, causing Dexter’s complexion to change to an alarming shade of fire-engine red. 

The official is about to administer the five count before Yamada finally breaks, rising up to his feet only to CRUSH a heel down against Mike’s throat. Mike gags audibly, and Kenji doesn’t even break stride, leaping STRAIGHT into the air before falling with a hard-hitting leg drop that catches Dexter right along the adam’s apple. 

The LOS Champ practically convulses on the mat, both hands going to cradle his bruised neck as he tries desperately to pull in fresh oxygen through a straining windpipe. 

Other Guy: Mike’s gotta find a way to get back into this one, you cannot give Kenji even ONE second of breathing room or he will rip your heart right out of your chest… 

Eryk Masters: Don’t count out Dexter, this guy has been shocking the world left and right lately, he’s a man who has solidified his redemption FULLY since returning to SHOOT Project. 

Kenji leans down, picking up Mike’s body, but quite suddenly Dexter POPS Kenji right under the jaw with a european uppercut! Followed by another, and another! Yamada stumbles back, but as Mike closes the distance Kenji snaps ahold of his wrist and throws him into the ropes with an irish whip, but Dexter hits the middle rope and springboards, rotating in midair only to SNAP a shining wizard into Kenji’s temple! 

Yamada goes down like a sack of bricks, both hands plastered against one side of his head. 

Eryk Masters: Hell yes! Behold the power of Dex-Fu, the founder of Project: SCAR almost got beheaded! 

Other Guy: I’ll admit, that was nasty. That impact sounded like a rifle crack. 

Both men are down on the canvas, Mike having toppled down as well following the shining wizard. Kenji manages to roll to the side near his corner, and he’s able to make contact with the pallid hand of Isaac Entragian, while at the exact same time Dexter leaps and slaps the outstretched hand of The Saint. 

The Saint meets Isaac right in the middle of the ring, slamming a palm strike into the side of his face. Isaac recoils from the blow, and Jaime settles in with a barrage of Muay Thai kicks, smashing kicks into Isaac’s gargantuan frame along the legs and torso, driving him back across the ring. 

Alejandro manages to catch Isaac off balance after a succession of kicks, and he reaches way up and snaps on a headlock! Jaime bears down with all of his weight, really grinding the headlock with as much pressure as he can muster, but Isaac uses that otherworldly strength to push him up against the ropes and rocket The Saint off of him… and on the rebound Isaac LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND SCORES WITH MARK OF THE BEAST!! 

Other Guy: Now THAT is the biggest damn bicycle kick in the industry…clipped The Saint right on his kisser! 

Eryk Masters: Definitely a scary impact by The Ivory Terror, a boot with that much force behind it can easily break a man’s nose or dislocate a jaw. 

Jaime scrubs at his face in pain on the canvas…yet suddenly DARKNESS descends on the O2 World Arena yet again tonight, plunging the participants of the match and the fans into complete confusion! 


Mindless Self Indulgence rips through the arena at FULL volume, and the fans are going absolutely NUTS as the lights turn back on and…”THE OX” LENNOX FERGUSON IS SEEN STANDING DIRECTLY BEHIND ISAAC ENTRAGIAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! 


Eryk Masters: The Ox is HERE, I guess he decided to come get a piece of Entragian after all! And now the odds are just as EVEN as can be! 

Before Isaac realizes what’s happened, Lennox reaches down and slaps The Saint’s shoulder on the canvas, making himself the legal man. Entragian starts to turn around, but Lennox races forward and CLIPS Isaac on the back of the knee with a BRUTAL chop-block, forcing the big man to drop to his knees with a hiss of pain escaping his lips! Lennox then gets up and circles around to face Entragian, who is looking at The Ox with shocked and astounded eyes. 

Lennox capitalizes on this surprise, pulling Entragian into a headscissors predicament, before SPIKING HIS HEAD INTO THE CANVAS WITH A NASTY LOOKING PULLING PILEDRIVER! Isaac falls to the side in a heap, and Lennox rises while being serenaded with cheers from the masses, one fist thrown skyward in triumph. 

Eryk Masters: Can you believe it?!? The Ox just tore into that pale motherfucker and laid him right the fuck OUT! The fans are LOVING this! 

Other Guy: I’m…almost speechless. I was not expecting Lennox to show up here tonight, I don’t think ANYONE was… 

While Lennox celebrates with his back turned, Isaac SITS THE FUCK UP! His eyes are FURIOUS, and within a matter of seconds the seven footer bounds up to his feet, and Lennox finally takes notice of the fact that Entragian has risen, and now it’s Lennox’s turn to be shocked! 

Other Guy: How the hell does he take that much damage and then get up again so SOON after? This Entragian is a goddamn ANIMAL! 

Isaac barrels forward at full speed, like a steaming locomotive, and Lennox meets him HEAD ON, the two men starting in with a FLURRY of punches. Lennox pounds Entragian’s face with rights and lefts, and Isaac responds with a few hook punches of his own, hammering at Lennox’s face! 

Lennox unleashes with a particularly devastating shot, twisting his fist at the last moment before it catches Entragian high on the cheekbone. Isaac falls to one knee, ROCKED, but just as quickly the monster buries an uppercut right into Ferguson’s stomach, causing Lennox to fall down to both knees as well. 

With both men cut down to their knees, they CONTINUE to deck each other in the face with HELLACIOUS strikes, a right from Isaac, a right from Lennox, a shot to Lennox’s jaw line, a back elbow driven into the face of the albino! 

Entragian leans in suddenly and BLASTS a headbutt right into the edge of Lennox’s nose, causing The Ox’s body to teeter backwards, yet he manages NOT to fall, and in a surprising turn of events Lennox clambers up to his feet and sends a standing dropkick flush into Isaac’s face. 

Both of Ferguson’s boots smash into Isaac’s features, and he is blasted down to the canvas on his back, breathing heavily after the impact. 

Eryk Masters: My god, you have GOT to respect the heart of Lennox Ferguson. This man has got to be in a tremendous amount of pain thanks to the anguish this monster has caused him, yet still he hangs in there with Isaac and knocks him right on his pale ass! 

Other Guy: I think he’s just pissing Entragian off, which is NOT a smart thing to do. 

Isaac manages to push himself back up to his feet, and Lennox is right there to meet him, lowering his shoulder as he attempts to take Isaac down with a tackle, but Entragian grinds his heel into the canvas and refuses to be moved, actually whipping Lennox around and locking him up with a dragon sleeper! 

Ferguson hisses through his teeth as Isaac tightens his grip around his throat, rearing back with ALL of his monstrous strength. The Ox throws up a hand trying to find some purchase to get out of the submission hold, but Isaac responds with a clubbing blow directed into Lennox’s chest while the sleeper stays cinched in, and Isaac keeps this up, SMASHING Lennox along the upper sternum over and over again with clubbing blows! 

Eryk Masters: I swear, this monster is FULL of surprises, so many deadly submission maneuvers in his arsenal; Lennox has GOT to find a way out of this predicament. 

Other Guy: If it’s a way to inflict pain, rest assured, Entragian will be WELL VERSED in it. 

In an act of desperation, Lennox reaches up and grabs the back of Isaac’s head, then he drops down to a sitting position, nailing the monster with a modified stunner. Entragian stumbles back while holding his head to the side, WAY off balance. Ferguson collapses down to his stomach and begins to crawl towards his corner, reaching towards the outstretched fingers of The Saint. 

Entragian sees this and manages to shake the cobwebs out, then proceeding to run forward he LEAPS into the air while letting out a blood-curdling war cry…and he drives the POINT of his elbow right into the healing gash on Lennox’s back with a three hundred pound elbow drop! All of his weight smashes down atop Ferguson’s spine right along that terrible gash he suffered recently, causing The Ox to literally moan as excruciation travels all the way through his body. 

A frustrated Saint watches from a few feet away, and Isaac smiles broadly at him, shaking his head while snapping ahold of Lennox’s ankle. Isaac then DRAGS Lennox across the canvas towards his corner, slapping hands with Corazon while still holding The Ox by the ankle. 

Eryk Masters: Isaac prevented the tag there, and that’s bad for The Ox, he’s not in the best of shape here tonight and what he cannot afford is to be attacked from all sides by these three detestable human beings. 

Other Guy: And here comes Corazon, the baddest man to ever step foot into a SHOOT Project ring in my personal opinion. 

Lennox manages to wriggle to the side, and as Corazon enters, he just straight up KICKS Ferguson right in the small of his back, right along the length of the healing gash. Isaac smirks, relinquishing his hold on Lennox’s ankle before slapping Corazon on the shoulder and exiting the ring to stand by Kenji. 

Corazon wastes no time, YANKING The Ox up to his feet, only to begin slicing him across the chest with a FLURRY of knife-edge chops! Lennox stumbles backwards, hissing in pain, his chest blooming red roses due to the trauma of the chops. The Ox makes an attempt to fight back, throwing an exhausted clothesline towards Adrian’s neck, but Corazon scouts it and ducks, and then he proceeds to FLATTEN Lennox Ferguson with a brutal looking hook kick! 

The Ox goes down hard, his eyes taking on a milky glaze. 

Eryk Masters: Ox could be knocked right the hell OUT after that kick! That was scary precision on the part of Adrian Corazon… 

Other Guy: The execution was flawless; they don’t call Corazon brutal and inhuman for nothing! 

Adrian moves over to slap Kenji’s hand, but in a shocking burst of speed The Ox quickly rolls across the ring and slaps the fresh hand of THE SAINT! Kenji flies into the ring to meet him, but Jaime is just too damn fired up after watching these freaks dissect his tag team partner, and as a result Kenji runs right into a belly to belly overhead suplex! Yamada lands hard on his side, and The Saint is right back up as Yamada manages to get about halfway up to his feet, but before he can fully rise Jaime moves in… 

And locks in an octopus hold! Yamada flails on the canvas as he attempts to fight the pain of the devastating submission hold, but Alejandro cinches it in even tighter, rearing back with ALL of his might.

Kenji’s eyes narrow against the pain, then he starts to just WHIP his head backwards, smashing the back of his skull into Jaime’s face and forcing him to release the hold. 

The Saint rises and reels backwards, holding his face, and Kenji takes this moment to move in, negotiating Alejandro’s weight up onto one shoulder before SNAPPING him down the canvas with a powerslam! Yamada then follows him down, proceeding to flip The Saint onto his stomach and then lock up one of Jaime’s arms and one of legs, and then he begins to stretch Jaime’s near leg with ALL of his might! Alejandro literally moans as the pain assaults him, his face scrunching down in reaction to it. 

Other Guy: Kenji calls that VAST SCARS, and from where I’m sitting that’s a succession of moves that is sure to leave a man brutalized. 

Eryk Masters: That submission hold just looks SICK…I don’t know how in the hell The Saint is managing to withstand that… 

Jaime crawls and digs his way across the canvas, finally wrapping one arm against the bottom rope. Kenji keeps the submission locked on until JUST before the five count. Yamada then allows Jaime’s body to smack the canvas in a heap, and moving very slowly he walks over and tags in The Ivory Terror. 

Entragian moves in on The Saint, but he manages to get up just enough momentum and he throws himself towards his corner, tagging in Mike Dexter. Mike blazes into the ring with a focused expression on his face, but he runs RIGHT into an uppercut from Entragian that sends him flying against one of the turnbuckles. Isaac quickly follows him up, and he just starts to lay in with the heavy lumber, his white strike gloves pummeling Mike OVER and OVER again, kidney shots, punches to the face, and Isaac caps off the assault with a LOUD underhand uppercut that catches Mike right on the adam’s apple of his throat! 

Dexter gasps for air, holding his neck, and Isaac is like a shark smelling blood, he immediately latches one pallid claw around Mike’s neck and just begins to CHOKE the shit out of him, bearing down with all his weight and power. The official begins a five count, and Entragian reluctantly breaks before he’s disqualified. The monster shouts something at the referee, and this gives Mike just enough time to send a right hand into Issac’s face! 


The whole ring shakes from the impact, and Entragian immediately hooks a leg. 




Dexter kicks out at the LAST possible moment, and the crowd lets out a collective sigh of relief. 

Other Guy: That was SO close. The Ivory Terror almost put that dog to sleep…for good! 

Eryk Masters: It took all of Mike’s veteran instinct and ring awareness to kick out of that pinning predicament, and right about now I’d say the Laws of Survival Champion is in a bad way… 

Entragian rises up to his feet, his eyes burning with frustration, and quite suddenly a coldness invades his gaze. He looks to Mike’s prone body, and without warning, he begins STOMP the living hell out of the Law of Survival Champion! He targets Mike’s arms first, stomping down on his biceps and his hands, then he switches to the legs, burying boots into Mike’s calves and thighs, before ending the assault with several viscous stomps directed right against Mike’s chest and stomach! 

Other Guy: BOOTS OF BLOOD! It’s raining boots in there right now, and Mike is on the bad side of that storm! I’ve heard stories that whenever Isaac starts in with those stomps, he seems to go to some other place, a place where rage consumes every fiber of his being…when the boots fall, Entragian straight up wants to KILL you. 

Eryk Masters: I remember hearing that from the LEGACY rumor mill as well, it’s almost like that particular move is a bad omen for Isaac’s opponent…every inch of Mike’s body has to be sore after that barrage… 

Mike rolls himself up into a fetal position on the canvas, his eyes bulging out of his head with anguish, a dry cough flowing out of his spittle-covered lips. Isaac leans down over him, hands on his knees, SCREAMING into his face! 


Eryk Masters: Oh come on, that was uncalled for! This sick son of a bitch doesn’t have a heart in his chest…what a disgusting individual. 

Other Guy: Just a little trash talk among enemies, that’s all! 

Entragian goes to pick Mike up, his teeth bared, but out of nowhere MIKE PUSHES ENTRAGIAN SQUARE IN THE CHEST, AND THEN HE SUPERKICKS THE ALBINO RIGHT IN THE FACE! 

Entragian flies back from the impact, landing right on his back, the whole ring trembling as the three hundred pounder goes down HARD. Blood starts to drip down from Entragian’s lip, busted WIDE OPEN thanks to Mike’s heel! Meanwhile Mike collapses against one of the turnbuckle corners after delivering the kick, trying to get some oxygen back into his body. 

Eryk Masters: LAST MILE SUPERKICK!! How do you like that you pale BASTARD, that’s for Mike Dexter’s son right there! 

Other Guy: Jesus Christ, the sound of boot meeting skull was so damn loud I think the whole arena heard it! 

Entragian mouths the word “FUCK” as he swipes his hand across his mouth, and then much like a desperate serpent, he slithers on his belly over to his corner, smacking the outstretched hand of Adrian Corazon. Corazon enters with a cool smile plastered across his face, nodding his head solemnly at Dexter. 

Eryk Masters: Now talk about bad blood, these two men have got to be DYING to lock up. Corazon’s been preying on Dexter lately, sending him disturbing little messages for weeks now… 

Other Guy: I’d have to think Adrian is in Mike’s head at this point…

Eryk Masters: That may very well be, OG. What kind of man targets an innocent child who has a terminal illness? Well there’s your answer, standing right there in the ring!  

Dexter meets him in a FLASH, throwing out that boot one more time in an attempt to hit the Last Mile again, but CORAZON SCOUTS IT, SCOOPING MIKE UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS HE SWINGS HIS BODY AROUND AND SMASHES HIS SKULL INTO THE MAT WITH A BONE-CRUNCHING DDT!!! 

Other Guy: FURY OF THE DARK HEART!! He’s dead! I think I heard his neck snap… 

Mike is MOTIONLESS, and Adrian takes a moment to appreciate his work, smirking broadly. He then turns, ever so slowly, and makes eye contact with Isaac, tilting his head towards Mike’s body. Entragian nods his head earnestly, and Adrian walks right over, bumping fists with the pale hellion to OFFICALY bring The Albino Abomination into the match! 

Eryk Masters: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??!? Corazon could have pinned Dexter right there! You’re telling me he’s going to feed a defenseless man to that CREATURE?? 

Other Guy: That shows you just how cruel Adrian Corazon can really be…I think SCAR is just having fun with this; they’re TOYING with these guys tonight! 

Entragian saunters into the ring, rubbing some of the blood from his busted lip onto his right hand, then he kneels down and proceeds to SLAP Mike flush across the face with his blood-smeared hand. Mike’s head flops limply to the side, and with rage burning in his heart, Entragian HOISTS the dead weight of the Laws of Survival Champion up onto his shoulders, spinning on his heels so that he’s facing Lennox Ferguson directly. 

The Ox watches, incensed on the outside, both he and The Saint holding their arms out as far as they’ll go despite the fact that the situation looks hopeless at this point. Isaac mouths the words “FOR YOU” at The Ox, then THE MONSTER THROWS MIKE UP INTO THE AIR, GRAVITY TAKES OVER, AND DEXTER SAILS DOWNWARD AT BREAKNECK SPEED, HIS ABDOMEN SMASHING INTO ISAAC’S EXPOSED KNEE. 

Mike flops off of Entragian’s knee awkwardly, CRADLING his stomach, his face pressed against the canvas as he practically dry heaves after taking that ride from SEVEN FEET up in the air. 

Other Guy: THE DISEMBOWELER!!! That gutbuster has broken many a great man in this industry, and I think it’s safe to say we can now add Mike Dexter to that list! 

Eryk Masters: Just pin the man you sick freak! Get this over with! 

Entragian looks down at Mike’s carcass, then he rises up to his feet, nostrils flaring. His head turns dramatically towards his corner, a devilish smile overtaking his face. He points directly at Kenji Yamada, and a rare smile breaks out on the face of the Sociopath Pioneer. 

Eryk Masters: Please tell me you’re kidding! These lunatics are just adding insult to injury here, you’ve already broken his body…are you trying to break his spirit now too?!? 

Other Guy: THIS is a statement, Eryk. A message to that SHOOT Project locker room, a message that states SCAR does WHAT they want, WHEN they want, and NO ONE can stop them. 

Entragian makes a beeline for Kenji, slapping his blood-brother’s hand and officially bringing Yamada back into this match. Kenji moves quickly, scraping Dexter’s sweat-soaked body up off the canvas, pulling him up by his legs…BEFORE NAILING HIM SKULL FIRST INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SITOUT CRADLE PILEDRIVER!! 

Other Guy: DEEP SCAR! Dexter has just taken high impact moves from ALL THREE of the members of Project: SCAR, this is like watching a ritual sacrifice up close!  

Eryk Masters: I’m ashamed to even watch this, it’s worse than a fucking snuff film… 

Thankfully Kenji pulls back on a both legs, keeping the pinfall locked in after the piledriver.



Both Lennox & Alejandro attempt to rush the ring and break up the pinfall, but The Ox is met by an uppercut from Entragian, and The Saint is stopped by a knife-edge chop to the throat courtesy of Adrian Corazon. 



Eryk Masters: This was just…a massacre. Jaime & Lennox tried to stop it from happening, but those three maniacs were just NOT to be denied on this occasion. 

Other Guy: Well this was the first time we saw SCAR compete as a unit, and the results speak for themselves, these guys are a FORCE OF NATURE…and their opponents just couldn’t break through the eye of the storm tonight in Berlin… 

The announcers barely finish speaking before Ichiro Seppuku slides into the ring and rushes over to Lennox Ferguson, who is struggling to get up – holding onto the ring ropes for support. 

Jaime Alejandro, also a bit out of sorts, goes over to help Ferguson as well but, with a sudden burst of energy, The Ox stands completely upright and shoves The Saint backwards – drawing boos from the still highly energized crowd. 

Eryk Masters: What in the world has gotten into Lennox Ferguson? All Jaime Alejandro has ever done is try to help him. 

Other Guy: Me thinks he is drinking all the Kool-Aid Ichiro Seppuku has been mixing up for him. 

Ox stares a hole into Jaime Alejandro as he motions for a microphone. 

Ichiro Seppuku rolls out of the ring and rips Samantha Coil’s microphone away from her without even asking prompting even louder boos from the crowd before handing it to Lennox Ferguson. 

Ox: Just STOP this Jaime. Stop it! 

Jaime recoils slightly, as if struck. From over his shoulder, Isaac Entragian begins to smile. 

Ox: I don’t need your… ‘help’ any more. 

Jaime’s face sours as he looks at Ichiro. 

Ox: Over HERE Jaime. I’M the one talking to you – NOT Ichiro; and so help me God you are going to LISTEN to what I have to say. 

Other Guy: I don’t know what’s in that Kool-Aid but… damn. 

Ox: You have been nothing but a burden to me Jaime Alejandro. You have done NOTHING but capitalize on MY hard work. 

Lennox Ferguson is brandishing the microphone as he speaks… and now all of Project: SCAR has stopped to watch. 

Ox: Ichiro is the only one who has been with me through the good times AND the bad. You? Jada? My so-called friends? All you’ve done is second guess me… interfere in my matches… and bide your time until I was worn down enough for you to take MY title. 

Eryk Masters: He’s got this all wrong OG!  

Other Guy: Well… 

Eryk Masters: He’s going to alienate every one of the people who ACTUALLY care about him! 

Jaime stiffens up now, crossing his arms. 

Ox: Ichiro told me that I need to stop doing things for other people… that I need to do what want for once. 

Lennox Ferguson looks Jaime up and down. 

Ox: And Jaime… I want MY title back! 

The fans erupt as Lennox Ferguson has thrown down a challenge to The Saint for his Iron Fist Championship! 

Ichiro Seppuku beams proudly as Jaime’s jaw drops – only for a second, before he nods and motions for the microphone, which Lennox Ferguson hands over. 

Jaime Alejandro: If that’s what you really want, Lennox. If you’re going to listen to Japanese Ike Turner over there… 

The Ox smirks, his lips forming a slight sneer. 

Jaime Alejandro: …then why don’t we make it interesting? Why don’t we make this a fucking circus?!! 

Now it’s Ichiro Seppuku and Lennox Ferguson’s turn to be surprised as Jaime Alejandro turns around to face Project: SCAR. 

Jaime "The Saint" Alejandro: Which one of you circus freaks would like a shot at the Iron Fist Championship at Salvation? Which one of you wants to hurt me? Who wants to scar me up even more? C’mon boys, I don’t have all goddamn day! 

The fans erupt as The Saint has laid down an open opportunity to a member of Project: SCAR! 

Eryk Masters: WOAH! What does he think he’s doing? 

Other Guy: Hell if I know Eryk. He’s probably trying to prove a point to The Ox, though I’m not sure exactly what that point would be… 

It doesn’t take long before Isaac Entragian steps forward and reaches out, snatching the microphone from Jaime Alejandro and then looking up at Lennox Ferguson. 

Isaac Entragian: I’ll bite, Jaime. Hell, it would be my PLEASURE. And when it comes to Salvation, I’m DAMN SURE….gonna have myself a piece of you. 

Entragian points one index finger at The Ox, then The Ivory Terror bares his sharpened teeth in a grizzly smile as Lennox Ferguson looks from Jaime Alejandro to Isaac Entragian and then smiles himself as the fans are going ballistic. 

As he does, Jaime snatches that mic back from him. 

Jaime Alejandro: I hope the both of you decided to pack a lunch because you two are going to find out why I am The Iron Saint. You want brutal. I’ll give you brutal. You want blood. I’ll make you two bleed. You want pain. I’ll make sure you two won’t fucking walk right ever again. At Salvation, you two are muerte! And for the simple minded like Ichiro, that means you two are DEAD! FUCKING DEAD! 

Jaime slams the mic down hard. 

Other Guy: What a match we have for Salvation! The champion – Jaime Alejandro – against the former champion – Lennox Ferguson – and one of the most barbaric men on the SHOOT Project roster – Isaac Entragian! 

Eryk Masters: The producers are telling me we have ten seconds so, good night everyone from the O2 arena in Berlin and join us for Salvat– wait, it looks like we’re not done! 

Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and the flag of Germany fades in on the SHOOTron to a huge pop from the crowd.

Just as quickly as the flag fades in, a certain percentage graphic appears underneath it.

Eryk Masters: Oh sweet Jesus, kill me now.





Eryk Masters: God, its even slower than usual! Can’t we just buy The Hierarchy segways so they can get their asses to the ring faster?

Other Guy: Shhhhhhh…don’t anger the German fans. They start world wars when they get testy.

The buffering thankfully picks up speed as the fans in the 02 World Arena continue to cheer loudly, knowing who is about to step out from behind the curtain.






"Sieben" by Subway to Sally hits and the fans go absolutely crazy. German flags start to wave from the rafters and pro-Hierarchy signs are quickly thrown high into the air.

Eryk Masters: I said it at Revolution, and I’m going to say it again…the fans here DO realize that X-Calibur is American, right?

Other Guy: I heard that Goeren pulled some strings and made X-Calibur an honorary German. He’s got his own lederhosen and everything.

Stepping out from behind the curtain is the massive Gavrilovich Mikael Yurinov, dressed in a pair of dingy blue jeans and a jet black t-shirt. He folds his arms calmly at the top of the ramp as X-Calibur and Azrael Goeren make their way out behind him. The fans explode with another barrage of cheers at seeing Azrael who is dressed in a black, red and gold Valentino suit with a pair of red-tinted sunglasses. X is dressed in a similar color scheme, only in a designer Prada suit and yellow tinted glasses.

Eryk Masters: Oh wonderful, they decided to color coordinate tonight. I got to admit though, this is another insane reaction from these German fans tonight!

Other Guy: Its about damn time The Hierarchy get the respect they deserve. If it weren’t for the legalized prostitution of Las Vegas, I’d be all for moving SHOOT here permanently!

The three men make their way down to the ring as Yuri holds the ring ropes open for his employers. Both X and Goeren continue to milk the audience, waving out to the fans and signaling them to keep up the noise. Finally, Goeren calls for a mic which is casually tossed to him from Samantha Coil at ringside. The fans continue cheering, not allowing him to speak. Azrael smiles and motions for them to calm down.

Goeren: Mein Gott, is it good to finally be home.

The crowd lets out another raucous cheer.

Goeren: After our complete and total victories at Revolution, we thought a celebration should be in order. Not just for all of you fans here tonight, but for the fans across the globe and for every single roster member in the back. Its time to embrace The Hierarchy as the true bastion of talent here in SHOOT and act accordingly.

Azrael smirks, leaning up against the ropes.

Goeren: There is still one man however who continues to swim against the current. One man who, through a series of sneak attacks and backroom dealings, just will not leave us alone.

Goeren pauses.

Goeren: Rocky Stellar.

A smattering of cheers is heard but the boos from the very pro-Hierarchy crowd quickly drown them out. X-Calibur motions for the microphone as Goeren casually passes it to him.

X-Calibur: Poor little Rocky just doesn’t know when he’s beaten. Ever since I whupped him ten ways to Sunday at Revolution, all I’ve heard about is him organizing secret meetings with Jason Johnson about some match against Herr Goeren and myself at Salvation.

X gives a "what the fuck" shrug of his shoulders to the audience, holding his hand out to his side.

X-Calibur: At what point does our esteemed CEO step in and just stop this? Rocky clearly isn’t in The Hierarchy’s league. We’ve proven that time and time again. Whenever he tries to get one leg up on us, we simply crush him with our superior athletic prowess and numbers.

A flashy smile from X-Calibur as he wraps his arm around his German associate.

X-Calibur: So Stellar, we’re here to tell you that all of this shit between us needs to end. You want a handicapped match against The Hierarchy at Salvation? You’re dumb enough to throw yourself into a 2 on 1 situation against us? I guess after all of these years you really have gone senile. Needless to say, we accept…

Suddenly, X’s words are cut off as "Poundcake" from Van Halen blares through the arena. The crowd in Germany is mixed as Rocky Stellar walks out on the stage looking a bit confused, wearing a pair of blue jeans, wrestling boots, and a sleeveless T-shirt. His wrists are taped up, he is wearing elbow pads, and his face has scratches, and a huge "butterfly tightening" bandage across his nose from his recent cage match against X-Calibur.

Other Guy: This is a more lukewarm reaction to Stellar – compared to the onslaught of boos he received at Revolution.

Eryk Masters: They still hate him…but they are clearly interested in hearing what he has to say.

Stellar walks out, waving an arm to cut off the music, while he moves a microphone to his lips.

Stellar: Whoa…hold on a second….

The music cuts off and Stellar stands at the top of the ramp while Goeren and X walk over to the rope nearest Stellar and start to motion for him to come down to ringside.

Stellar: I mean, I always knew you two were morons, but seriously, has Yuri been reading your contracts then TRANSLATING them to you? Because, honestly…you two are WAY off base.

Stellar shakes his head, chucking to himself.

Stellar: See…you guys have this WEIRD impression that this handicapped match is a two-on-one thing…and, fella’s that’s ENTIRELY not true.

Stellar smiles quickly while X and Goeren look at each other, completely confused.

Azrael Goeren: Wait…how can that be? We are booked in a handicapped match…

Stellar: Yea…you are booked in a handicapped match. But, its not a handicapped match like its THE TWO OF YOU AGAINST ME. It’s a "handicapped match" in that my PARTNER is a bit…handicapped.

Stellar does the finger twirl on the side of his head, as if to say the person is a bit weird.

Other Guy: Wait…huh? How can…how DOES that make sense at all…

Eryk Masters: I’ve never heard of anything like tis before…

Stelar smiles at the crowd, then at Goeren, and continues.

Stellar: You know, CRAZY? Um…he’s nuts…um…as they say, the elevator doesn’t always go to the top floor?

The two in the ring look back and forth between each other then back at Stellar clearly confused. Stellar sees it, and clearly tries to explain it as best he can.

Stellar: How else can I put it, so you understand….

Stellar over dramatically pauses, pondering, then snaps his fingers with an idea.

Stellar: You know, its probably best if I just SHOW you…because you are gonna fucking FREAK when you see it.

Stellar gets a sly smile at the end, just a split second before the lights in the arena go black. The crowd, of course, roars at the darkness and some flash bulbs pop to life. After about 5 seconds, a single golden spotlight slices through the dark and spins around the arena, as a kick drum begins to echo. The spot then spins and lands on the Jumbotron, which springs to life with a yellow electric line that jumps and dances with the beat of the drum and lyrics from Talib Kweli’s "Rush" blares through the building.

"Feel The Rush." …. "Feel The Rush"

With each beat the electric line slicing the Tron in half jumps in synch, but then, after a couple of beats, the line starts to form numbers and words. The video jumps and the yellow line of electricity becomes a "1…..2…"

Other Guy: Don’t the debuts usually count DOWN?

"Feel the Rush. Feel the Rush"

The video jumps again and the electricity coursing across the tron becomes the word:


About a third of the crowd and loyal supporters of wrestling suddenly understand what is going on. They jump to their feet and start to scream, but the line goes flat again, bouncing like an equalizer to the beat.

"Feel the Rush. Feel the Rush"

The line jumps again, this time it spells a more familiar word:


Now, about two-thirds of the crowd gets it, and the roar of the crowd is building to fever pitched level. In the ring, Azrael Goeren looks at the screen, then at X trying to understand, but X – who clearly understands what is going on – ignores him and mouths the word "Mother Fucker…" as he snarls at the Jumbotron.

"Yo… I make the place go Apeshit (C’mon)

Ain’t no other way to say it… ain’t nothing to play wit"

The line jumps into a word one last time.


And the crowd goes BAT FUCKING SHIT INSANE.

The Other Guy: OH.MY.GOD!!!

Eryk Masters: YES!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!

The spotlight rolls off the screen, causing the Jumbotron to go dark, and the light rolls across the arena for a couple of seconds. In the ring, Azrael Goeren just stares up the ramp in pure shock while X stares on in pure hatred. The spotlight moves another second before coming to rest next to Stellar, where Loco Martinez is standing, arms crossed, with that Cheshire cat grin on his face, wearing a pair of faded jeans, black boots and an orange Flyers #28 Giroux jersey. Noticeably, both of his fists are also taped up.



Stellar turns to his longtime tag team partner and gives him a quick hug before turning back to the crowd and raising Loco’s right hand in the air and pointing at him. The entire arena is going fucking insane, screaming their heads off and shaking the roof to its shattering point.

Eryk Masters: Stellar Insanity – arguably one of the greatest tag teams in the history of wrestling – have rejoined in the SHOOT Project!!!


They stand there side by side for a moment, just soaking in the moment, smiling…waiting. Then, they turn back to the ring, where they see Azrael Goeren clawing at his face and X, simmering in hatred, turning a deep crimson red.

Stellar sneers, Loco smiles that Cheshire cat smile of his, and they both take off at a dead run to the ring. Goeren and X take three steps back inside the ring, but Yuri takes two steps forward out of the ring to meet Loco and Stellar. Instantly, Stellar and Loco are on him. Loco fakes a right hand at Yuri, who moves to the right to avoid the punch, but he runs smack dead center of a hard left hand by Stellar. Stellar throws two more hard left hooks at Yuri, stunning the Russian, causing him to turn around and right into a patented enziguiri by Martinez. The move causes Yuri to stand there dazed – his eyes roll slightly up – as Stellar reaches up, pulls him back into a reverse DDT, then slams him onto the concrete. Loco jumps up onto the steel ring barrier, balances himself for a second, then looks out over the crowd who is absolutely roaring their approval at him. He forms a huge smile and milks the crowd for a few moments before launching himself back into a moonsault onto the Russian.

Eryk Masters: Stellar Happiness!!! Stellar Happiness!!!

Other Guy: Yuri is dead!!! It took them less than 10 seconds to knock the big Russian out!!!

Eryk Masters: And it doesn’t look like its over yet!!!

Stellar and Loco pop up, stand on either sides Yuri and look down at him out cold on the concrete, then in an instant, their heads turn up and gaze into the ring – at X and Goeren – and smile. On an unseen count, they sprint three steps forward and slide into the ring, pop up, and attack.

Stellar goes right after Azrael Goeren while Loco goes after X, taking him down with a double leg take down, and beginning to piston right hands into X’s head. X quickly twists his hips and ends up in a full mount, and now its Loco eating rights and lefts. Loco shifts his weight, making X miss with a right, and then grabs the back of X’s head and drives his forehead into the bridge of X’s nose with a nasty headbutt.

At the other ring post, Stellar has Goeren backed into the corner and punches him into a seated position and begins stomping the proverbial mudhole into Herr Goeren and, of course, "walking it dry". Then, after a second of punching, Stellar drops to his knees and starts coking the life out of Goeren, screaming at him in the process. He backs off after about five seconds, reaches down, pulls him up by his hair. He flings him off a rope on the far side, drops his head, then back body drops Goeren over the top rope onto the floor below.

X is stunned on the other side of the ring, and Loco has him set up for a clothesline out. However, Stellar screams out to Loco…catching his attention. Stellar does a hand spinning gesture to Loco, Loco nods, then scurries up to the tope rope while Stellar runs over to X. hooks two fingers in X’s nose, and drags him to the middle of the ring

Stellar: You fucking asshole…this is for breaking my fucking nose!!!

Stellar hits him hard with a right hand, spinning him around, then swiftly grabs him by his hair and pulls him hard, backwards, into the reverse DDT.

Eryk Masters: X is going to take a dose of Stellar Happiness for the Hierarchy?!

The crowd is certifiable, as Stellar holds X in position while he scans the crowd, pissed off. Loco stands up in position to deliver his dose of Happiness. But from the outside Azrael reaches in and grabs X’s leg, and pulls him to the outside before any further damage can come to his teammate. The crowd immediately starts to boo, as Loco climbs down off the turnbuckle and Stellar runs over to the nearest ring post and starts screaming at the Heirarchy. X and Goeren stare back up in the ring, pissed off, as Stellar and Loco continue jawing with them, egging them back inside. After the stare down, though, Goeren and X turn and walk up the ramp – Goeren clearly incense that his German fandom is cheering Stellar and Martinez in the ring.

Eryk Masters: After months of being a victim of the numbers game, Rocky Stellar came here tonight – TO GERMANY – with an equalizer in Loco Martinez and INSTANTLY evened the playing field. Who knows what this means for the Hierarchy – or for SHOOT for that matter – but tonight we saw something NO ONE thought they’d ever see again. Stellar Insanity, side by side…

After X and Goeren disappear, Stellar turns to Loco and smiles while the crowd goes absolutely insane outside. Stellar walks over, hugs his partner one more time. But, this time, its Loco who reaches down and grabs Stellar’s hand, thrusting it in the air, and pointing at Stellar as the crowd screams even louder.

Eryk Masters: My God, LISTEN to this place!