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Revolution 004: 9/1/07

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The SHOOT Project brand flashes across the scene, but that is quickly taken over  as the sun is out and we’re out in the desert somewhere in the Nevada landscapes. We see a man walking toward the camera.


We see a man continuing to walk with a hood over his head, he’s walking at a steady pace. The bright lights of Sin City are unmistakable as we see the “Welcome to LAS VEGAS” neon sign. It’s no longer day but its night time. The figure continues to walk toward us.


Dave Dymond: What the hell?

Other Guy: I don’t like surprises, Dymond!

The crowd is buzzing as the lights come on in a flash. We see a man with this head down, he’s in the middle of the ring and he’s covered head to toe in a black heavy cloth. The fans blink several times as they focus in on the figure. Suddenly, the man yanks away the hood from his face and we see….


Dave Dymond: He’s back!

Other Guy: I lied! I LOVE surprises!

Jun Kenshin pulls a microphone from his pocket as he looks around for a moment and relishes the moment of his glory.

“Wel-come back!” bellows the mob of fans.

Kenshin nods his head as he thumps his chest.

Jun Kenshin: It’s been a long time…a LONG time since I been in this ring.

The fans POP hard.

Jun Kenshin: I won’t waste your time, people. You guys didn’t pay your hard earned money to hear me talk. Nah, you paid good money to see me FIGHT!

The fans POP even harder.

Jun Kenshin: I heard there’s a little tournament going on for the World Title. I got to ask Jason Johnson. Hey, boss man! You got room for ONE MORE?

Kenshin smirks.

Jun Kenshin: I’m not in any position to make any demands. I just came out here to say that I’m back and SOONER rather than later, I want to compete in front of all you guys.

The fans applaud as Kenshin pauses for a moment. His face is a look of pure emotion, he is caught off guard by the out pouring of genuine love from the SHOOT Project faithful.

Jun Kenshin: Wow.

He pauses as the fans continue to applaud.

Jun Kenshin: I’ve said some outrageous things during my career and I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to set things right. Alright, thanks guys!

Kenshin abruptly drops the microphone as he leaves the ring.

Dave Dymond: We last saw Jun Kenshin eleven months ago as the Rule of Surrender Champion.

Other Guy: He looks like he’s ready for some action too!

Dave Dymond: You got to wonder if the boss listened to Kenshin’s request to get in on the World Title Tournament or maybe the boss has other plans?

Other Guy: Who knows? Things got a hell of a lot more interesting around with Jun Bug around tho.

Dave Dymond: June Bug?

Other Guy: Yeah.

Dave Dymond: Oh….kay.


Other Guy:  While Kenshin being back is HUGE, and despite the fact that this makes him, in my eyes, one of our biggest names on the roster now, we’ve got matches to get to and action to watch and take in.  What’s up, Dave?

Dave Dymond:  Alright, ladies and gents, coming up we’ve got our opening bout, and part of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. 

Other Guy:  This is gonna be a pretty hot contest, if you ask me, Dymond.  Biggs and Collins both have a lot they’re fighting for, especially when it comes to establishing themselves here.

Dave Dymond:  You’re absolutely right, OG.  I think it’s gonna come down to who wants this thing more.

“Not Without a Purpose” by Street Dogs hits the overhead, and the crowd comes to their feet for the first action of the night.  They’re not sure how to take Collins just yet, but they’re ready for the fight, no doubt about that.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, standing in at six feet, three inches…  weighing two hundred thirty pounds…  he’s known as “The Devil from Dublin,” he is…  Michael Collins!

Collins wastes no time getting to the ring and focusing on the top of the ramp once more, waiting for his opponent.  He stretches a bit against the ropes, but keeps his attention to that ramp.

Dave Dymond:  Collins looking pretty good here.  This should be interesting for sure.

Other Guy:  You think he beats Biggs?  I’m not sure, man.  Biggs is riding a wave of momentum and you know how he can be, man.  He’s a fiery guy.

“Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age hits the overhead now, and the fans bring the noise level up a bit more.

Dave Dymond:  Pretty clear that he’s got some support out there tonight.

Other Guy:  Oh, no doubt.  These fans get all jazzed up for a guy like this.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next…  standing at five feet, nine inches…  weighing in at one hundred seventy-nine pounds, he is the younger of the Bayani Brothers, an old SHOOT favorite…  Benjamin Biggs!

Biggs flies down the ramp, slapping hands with the crowd as he goes, totally playing up the crowd love he’s experiencing.  He vaults over the top rope, stops to wink at Samantha Coil, and ascends a turnbuckle, raising his arms and drawing more cheers out of the Thomas and Mack Center.  Collins doesn’t seem to be amused, as he runs over and clubs Biggs in the back, knocking him down from his turnbuckle and spilling down on the mat!  The fans are NOT impressed by this, and let Collins know.

Dave Dymond:  I think Collins was ready to start!  He’s got fighter’s blood for sure.

Other Guy:  Regardless of the hate this guy’s getting right now, that’s a pretty damn smart tactic to start off with.  If Biggs sets the pace, this one is gonna go his way for sure. 

Collins is the aggressor, just POUNDING on Biggs with no rhyme or reason.  At one point, he whips Biggs to the ropes, and floors him with a nasty clothesline.  He catches Biggs arm as Biggs hits the ground, pulls him back up, whips him, and does it again! 

Dave Dymond:  Collins is aiming to knock the wind out of Biggs immediately. 

Other Guy:  Going for the throat like that will certainly help.

Collins takes a minute to pose a bit, letting the fans know how he feels about Biggs, and how he feels about them.  Biggs gets to one knee, but Collins runs over and throws a MEAN right hand.  Biggs dodges it!  Collins stumbles and Biggs is back to his feet.  He starts attacking Collins with a flurry of rights and lefts!  Collins is rocked, and the fans in attendance get behind Biggs now!  Biggs is living off of that adrenaline, taking a groggy Collins, locking in a front facelock and snapping a suplex!  He holds on, and repeats that one more time! 

Other Guy:  Back to back snap suplexes are pretty sick, if you ask me.  I think Collins got caught a bit off guard here, but he’s my boy.  He’ll pull this through.

Dave Dymond:  So you’re rooting for Collins, then?

Other Guy:  Well, yeah.  Dude’s Irish.  Duh.

Biggs follows up, wrenching on Collins neck, trying to wind him too.  Collins, the bigger guy, starts to stir though and eventually gets back to his feet, astounding Biggs.  Collins and Biggs start to trade blows, throwing any idea of a technical affair out the window.  Collins whips Biggs into the ropes, Biggs bounces off and catches Collins with a flying forearm!  He jumps on Collins and starts throwing wild punches, and he’s extremely fired up!  He pulls Collins to his feet, backs him into the corner, lifts him up to the turnbuckle, springboards from the top rope and snaps a SICK hurricanrana that rocks Collins! Collins is down flat on the mat, but Biggs isn’t finished!  He goes back to the top rope and hits Collins with a flipping leg drop!  He covers!




Fans BOO.

Dave Dymond:  WOW!  Biggs really thought he had him there!

Other Guy:  Told you man, Collins has this thing.  He won’t get beat by some flippy floppy shit, no matter how the adrenaline is running!

Benjamin Biggs is frustrated and takes to the top rope again!  He jumps off, but Collins pops up, and boots him in the midsection!  Biggs doubles over, Collins rebounds off the rope that Biggs is facing, and upon reaching Biggs he CLUBS him over the back, with Biggs hitting the ground hard.  Collins immediately collapses and Tony Lorenzo starts the count!






Dave Dymond:  No way they go to a no contest.  No way.



They both begin to stir at the same time, the crowd is rallying behind Biggs!  They’re both to their feet, and Lorenzo stops the account.  They tie up, this time with Collins as the aggressor.  He goes behind Biggs, but Biggs scrambles to the rope.  Biggs holds on, Collins rolls back, Biggs attempts a springboard moonsault, but Collins has the presence of mind to run under Biggs!  Collins turns around, facing the younger Bayani, who’s recovering from that moonsault, and Collins PLANTS him with an Impact DDT!

Dave Dymond:  DAMN.  Nasty DDT there.  Biggs might be out.

Other Guy:  See what I mean, Dymond?  Collins is crazy.

Collins covers Biggs here!




Dave Dymond:  That was close!

Biggs BARELY gets a shoulder up, which infuriates Collins.  He picks Biggs back up and SLAPS him in the face.  Biggs whips back and spits in Collins face.  Collins whips Biggs into the rope, ducks behind him and catches him with the Irish Car Bomb!  Biggs squirms free!  He shoves Collins, who bounces chest first off the ropes, Biggs rolls him up!




Other Guy:  THAT was even closer!

Both men are to their feet now, with Biggs acting as the aggressor this time!  Biggs flurries with rights and lefts again, and Collins is backed into a corner.  Biggs slides under the bottom rope, hops back onto the ring apron, springboards on the top rope, and smacks Collins with a high flipping dropkick!  Collins stumbles and then falls.  Biggs goes to the turnbuckle Collins was just hung up on!  He positions himself, before going for the Dragon Roll!

Dave Dymond:  Biggs his Collins with a modified version of his DragonFly Dropkick, and now he’s attempting the Dragon Roll!

Other Guy:  That’s CRAZY.  Biggs is all over the place, he’s not winded at all! 

Dave Dymond:  Momentum is a crazy thing, OG.

Biggs takes off, but Collins moves!  Biggs notices it fast enough and rights himself, causing minimal damage!  Biggs immediately pivots and charges at Collins, who from the crouched position, tries to lariat the SHIT out of Biggs.  Biggs ducks, hooks Collins with an attempt at a DDT, but Collins kidney punches Biggs, from the DDT position, Collins hits the Irish Car Bomb!!! 

Other Guy:  Oh man.  That was a fucking nasty move, Dymond.

Dave Dymond:  Lorenzo’s going for the count!




The bell rings, and the crowd is somewhat appreciative of the effort, while still booing Michael Collins defeat of the SHOOT Project fan favorite!  Samantha Coil takes over from here…

Samantha Coil:  Your winner via pinfall at a time of ten minutes, ten seconds, and moving on in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, “The Devil from Dublin” Michael Collins!

Collins, exhausted, props himself up on the turnbuckle and accepts the booing.  Biggs slides out of the ring, clearly upset at the loss, muttering to himself.

Dave Dymond:  Both men put it on the line there.  Too bad their had to be a loser, because both of these guys really gave it the best they could.

Other Guy:  Collins just had that little bit more, it seems like.  Biggs got caught off guard, and Collins just took advantage of it.

Dave Dymond:  Both guys have the potential to be definite forces here, no doubt about that.  Word has it that something’s going on backstage, though, so let’s head back there and see what happens.


The camera opens to show Ainsley Lake walking down the hallway. She has a while to wait until her match, and is looking to finish getting prepared in the privacy of the only man-free area in the whole arena. With the number of transexuals in Las Vegas, one could hardly count the restrooms. When Ainsley opens the door and walks into the dressing room, she pauses and blinks. A dozen long-stemmed red roses, looking absolutely stunning in every way, sit on the vanity. She sees that a note is attached, and begins to read it out loud, incredulous.

Ainsley: Thank you ever so much for an entertaining week…

.. : … and I can’t wait to see you this Saturday at Revolution.

A cold shiver travels down Ainsley’s spine as she immediately recognizes the voice coming from behind her in the doorway. The camera looks over her shoulder and standing there with a grin on his face is none other than "Ravishing" Ron Barker.

Ainsley: Well, you proved it. You are creepy and stalkerish.

Ron: Oh please. It was just a simple kind gesture to show my appreciation for conversing with me this week. Stalkerish would be camping outside your house in a makeshift tent, waiting for you to come home.

Ainsley: Well, creepy is waiting in my dressing room with a bunch of decaying organic matter. So at least I’m half right.

A pause.

Ainsley: So… You’re welcome, I guess?

Ron smirks and half bows.

Ron: So… seeing as you’ve received my gift… it kinda makes it hard to go out there and hurt a guy who has given you such pretty flowers, huh?

Ainsley: I don’t need to hurt you to beat you, Ron. Pretty dead things aside, I wouldn’t hurt you anyway.

Ron rolls his eyes.

Ron: Because that’s how life works, kid. Screw me before I screw you. And we might as well make it clear that I mean that in the cleanest way possible. But suit yourself… take the moral high ground, like those before you. Such a shame though… tonight’s going to give those detractors of yours another opportunity to slag you for laying on your back. My apologies in advance.

Ron winks.

Ainsley: I don’t care what people say about me, unless that person is my grandmother. I live my life under the principle that if my grandmother would be upset with my actions, I’m not going to do it. And I don’t think she’d like me hurting people, unless they really deserve it.

A smile crosses Ainsley’s mouth.

Ainsley: I don’t think that you deserve it. Oh, and I’m not a kid, dammit.

Ron begins to sneer as he eyes Ainsley.

Ron: Heh. We’ll see about that. I need to get ready… so… good luck. Enjoy the flowers.

With that, he pushes himself off of the doorframe and begins to walk down the hall.

Ainsley: …What a dick. Still not gonna prove him right, though.

Ainsley walks toward the flowers and picks one up with a confused little smile, waving the camera away impatiently, having just realized it was still there. The feed cuts to…




Other Guy: It’s Osbourne Kilminster!

Dave Dymond: It certainly is!

The fans cheer aloud as Osbourne Kilminster appears from behind the curtain, sporting his black wrestling shoes with urban camo MMA shorts and a black T-Shirt with a picture of The Mighty Thor, ripping off his blue-tinted wraparound sunglasses and throwing them into the crowd as he leaps up onto the guardrail to shake hands and pose with his fans for a moment before jumping across to the other side of the walkway to pull a sign from the crowd which reads "KILMINSTER 4 CHAMP!" and holding it right up to the camera before frisbeeing it back into the sea of hands!

I left my throne a million miles away

I drink from your tit

I sing your blues every day

Now give me the strength

To split the world in two, yeah

I ate all the rest and now I’ve gotta eat you

Well I sing…



Running down the remainder of the walkway, Osbourne jumps right up onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle with his fists raised to salute the crowd, nodding his head with a beaming smile before jumping down into the middle of the ring and pirouetting with his welcoming hands outstretched as the screams and shouts of the fans rain down upon him.

I lost my soul when I fell to earth

My planet’s called me to the void of my birth

The time has come for me to kill this game

Now open wide and SAY MY NAAAAAAME!


Catching a microphone tossed to him by the timekeeper, Osbourne headbangs as the crowd sing along to Monster Magnet, ten thousand screams of "SPACE LORD MOTHER FUCKER!" almost deafening as he spins on the spot, pointing out into the fans.


Taking a deep breath, Osbourne mines the words "Thank You" as he waits for the crowd to slowly trail off their cheers and screams and shouts, nodding his head in humble appreciation before bringing the mic up.

Other Guy: Wow. This guy is hot right now.

Dave Dymond: That sounded so incredibly gay.

Other Guy: Don’t be ridiculous!

Dave Dymond: It totally did…

O.K.: Actually, I want to start off by thanking you all… every last one of you here tonight…for your very warm welcome and all the support you’re giving me every time I come out here… and I want to tell you all that it’s because of your cheers that I’m out here right now, and not just because I love to be cheered and would be out here just for that alone, but because some of the guys backstage don’t seem to understand what it is that makes you love me this much.

Raising his eyebrows and shrugging his shoulders, he draws a deep breath before continuing.

O.K.: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, some of the people I work with… other athletes, agents and management just don’t seem to understand why it is that I come out here and get all this love from you lovely people of Las Vegas…

Other Guy: Big cheer for Vegas!

He’s forced to pause for a moment as the homecrowd pops loudly.

O.K.: It might not have occurred to them that being the most decorated man in the last run of SHOOT, when I had four title runs with the old TRIAD belts might have something to do with it… or the fact that I’d be out here, in this ring, pretty much every single week, competeing against the very best in the business and having some of the greatest matches this industry… this WORLD has ever seen… Remember Osbourne Kilminster versus OutKast? Remember Osbourne Kilminster versus Chris Lee? Remember Osbourne Kilminster versus Mike Dexter? How about Osbourne Kilminster versus just about anybody on the roster at that time? Not once did I give only 90% effort and not once did I come out here and disappoint you fans… I came out here and I gave everything I had, right?

Smiling, he throws up his hands and brings one hand to his ear as though unable to hear the roaring applause directed toward him.

Dave Dymond: No doubt about it, some of those matches are classics.

Other Guy: That match with OutKast literally blew my mind.

Dave Dymond: I think it may or may not have actually been a Match of the Year candidate…

Other Guy: Yeah, I think you’re right…

O.K.: Maybe, it could be because with each title I held, I became that title. Some people just hold a title like they’d hold a carton of juice they could just throw away when they’d got everything they want out of it… but me? I didn’t just hold the Rule of Surrender Championship… twice… I WAS the Rule of Surrender Champion. I didn’t just HOLD the Laws of Survival Championship or the Iron Fist Championship – I WAS the Iron Fist Champion and the Laws of Survival Champion. See, I think there’s a difference between having a title and being a champion, a difference that separates the posers and performers from the fighters, the true competitors. Do you all agree with me?

Shrugging his shoulders, beckoning an answer, Osbourne smiles when the fans bombard him with roars, screams and shouts of support.

O.K.: Perhaps it’s because some guys walk out from the back, come down to the ring, do their thing and then run back off to the locker room without paying YOU any attention… That’s right, all of YOU out there who’re sat in those seats you paid good money for… How many guys actually come out here and tell you that they give a damn about you? How many people come out here, in front of every single one of you, and tell you that you DESERVE to see the best? Not too bloody many so far as I’ve noticed. We hear a lot of ‘I want to be the best because I want a title’ and we hear a lot of ‘I am already the best and you’ve just not realised it yet’, but how many of them actually come out here to say ‘I want to be the very best I can be because you people buying tickets and Pay-Per-Views are paying my bills and DESERVE to see me at my absolute best’? Let me tell you this, and this is for all of you watching me right now whether you’re in the back or at home because you’re not booked or whatever… everyone out back… this is a message for you… I’m out here right now with ten thousand people who mean more to this company than you do or I do!

The very rafters of the Thomas and Mack arena are in danger as the support, the roars of agreement and applause resound throughout the huge arena. Osbourne turns around slowly, facing all four quadrants and patting his right fist to his heart.

Dave Dymond: Wow. That may or may not be popular with the boys in the back…

Other Guy: Maybe, but the crowd are loving it! Listen to them, Dave!

Dave Dymond: I can;t help but listen to them! It’s deafening me!

O.K.: You know… you at the front who pay probably about $200 to come here and see us, and you guys all the way up at the back who cough up $40 or $50 to come all the way to the Thomas and Mack Arena to see all of us SHOOT Project guys are the life and sould of this company because, let’s call a spade a spade – if not for YOU, there wouldn’t BE a SHOOT Project! The money that you good people pay for your seats, for your pay-per-views, for your action figures and T-Shirts is what puts food on our collective table, and as I see it, you deserve to see the very best… and I make damn sure you see the very best of me each and every time I throw on my wrestling shoes, my shorts and my gloves… IF YOU AGREE, LET ME FUCKIN’ HEAR YOU!

Raising his fists, Osbourne looks all around into the faces of a crowd up on its feet with open, cheering mouths and clapping hands. He drops his fists and narrows his eyes, tapping his ear with the microphone and shaking his head, then tugging at his ears with his left hand before bringing the mic back up to his mouth.

Other Guy: I love it when he does this…

O.K.: Maybe I need to go back behind the curtains and see the doctor because, you know what? I CAN’T FUCKING HEAR YOU!

Laughing a little, Osbourne throws his hands up again, launching the crowd into yet another chorus of cheers, but they’re cut short as the crowd’s attention is suddenly drawn to the walkway as, suddenly, the speakers explode with with the sounds of Nine Inch Nails – "Just Like You Imagined". The crowd once again jump to their feet as "The Incredible One" returns to the rampway area. He grins and begins clapping his hands and points at Oz in the middle of the ring. Storm begins strolling down the rampway and stops at the ring edge before sliding in, pulling a mic out of his back pocket and looking at Oz before speaking.

Storm: Looks like you could use a little help…do you mind if I give this a little try?

Other Guy: What the fuck is this shit?

Dave Dymond: I have no idea whatsoever…

A little suspicious, Osbourne takes a half step back from Eli, his eyes narrowed and his head tilted back.

O.K.: Be my guest, Eli…

Storm: Now my SHOOT Project faithful, you must excuse young Oz. He doesn’t realize how new this change of his is to you. Must of you are in shock and need to see something that you are comfortable with. An image that you are used to going crazy for. So please…all you hardcore SHOOT addicts here in the Thomas Mack….MAKE SOME CANUCKING NOISE!!!!!!!

With that the crowd explodes with cheers as Storm looks at Oz, nodding as if to say…thats how you do it. Nodding his head and clapping his hands, Osbourne laughs for a moment before holding up his hand to silence the crowd and bringing his mic to his mouth.

Other Guy: HAHA! I’m lovin’ it!

Dave Dymond: Are you sponsored by McDonalds?

O.K.: Not bad, not bad, man. I can see all the people packed into this little old place love you, but it’s not so long since you were pushing out your chest and being an arsehole yourself, so as far as change goes… I think we’re on about the same level… But I’ve got to ask these people a question, an important question that I think beckons an answer… Who likes it when I’m a nice guy? Come on, let me hear you? IS IT GOOD OR WHAT?!

As the crowd are back on their feet with screams and shouts, waving their banners and yelling at the top of their lungs, Osbourne covers his ears with his hands and shrugs to Eli, who waves the crowd to quiet down for a moment.

Dave Dymond: Look! Even Osbourne’s ears are taking a beating!

Storm: Now, I know everyone is like ‘why is Eli back out here?’ Well, for starters its not to start a feud with Oz. It’s not to hog the spotlight. I’m out here because I see a fellow SHOOT guy doing something that I did when I first came to the company. Bring a little fun back into the place, and I just had to join in. But….with that being said…..I got one question to ask you Oz…one small question that me and everyone in the back would love to hear the answer to.

Smiling, Osbourne looks the Canadian in the eye.

O.K.: What’s that then?

Other Guy: I wonder what this could be about…

Dave Dymond: Eli’s a pretty unpredictable guy. It could be anything…

Storm: Why? You have never been known as the charisma dripping superstar…that wasn’t your M.O., why is it now that you are more…fan friendly, Charisma approved?

Osbourne can’t help but laugh, even as he looks down at the canvas, pondering the asnwer to Storm’s poignant question. Slowly looking up, he winks at his esteemed peer.

O.K.: I guess you could say… I just got bored of being a miserable fuck. Haha.

Looking about him, into the stands, he nods as he receives a round of applause, humbly thankful.

Other Guy: Damn right! He was a real fuckin’ asshole back in the day.

Dave Dymond: That he was, man, but this particular leopard has changed his spots.

Other Guy: And, as Oz said, so has Eli! He was no better!

Dave Dymond: Very true. SHOOT Project – also known as asshole rehab!

Other Guy: Dude, that sounded so fuckin’ gay. Like completely, no going back. You, Dave Dymond, are a fag.

O.K.: But… you see. I have a question myself, but it’s not for you, Eli… Well, it’s kind of about you… To all of you fans out here… One last time… Now, we all know that once upon a time, Mr Storm here actually held the World Title… and by my reckoning, just by virtue of that, shouldn’t have had to wrestle a qualifier match for the tournament… so my question is this – who here thinks that Eli deserves some kind of second chance in the World Title tournament? Who thinks he deserves some way to get into that tournament? Let me hear you! Let Eli hear you! LET JASON FUCKING JOHNSON HEAR YOU! COME ON! RAISE THIS FUCKING ROOF!

The sheer volume of the crowd’s response leaves no doubt as to whether they agree with Osbourne or not. Storm smiles and chuckles a bit before speaking.

Dave Dymond: You know, he’s got a point, but whether Jason Johnson shares his view is another matter entirely…

Other Guy: Supply and demand, the customer is always right… Listen to this crowd! It’s electric! They want it, and Jason’s got no choice but to hear them!

Storm: A wise man once told me that if it is meant to be then it will happen. So to all of you out there, rather I’m in the tourney or not, I will be World Champion again. but until then…I plan on raising a little Hell until that time comes. Which in my mind…makes everything Incredibly…O.K….get it!?!

As the crowd pop, Osbourne steps forward to shake Eli’s hand, laughing and raising Eli’s hand as the ecstatic fans snap photos and scream with excitement!

Dave Dymond: Wow, whoever would have thought we’d see those two on speaking terms and having fun with teh fans like this? If you told me a year or two years ago that we’d see this, I’d say you were crazy!

Other Guy: This whole things is crazy, but I’m lovin’ it!

Dave Dymond:  While that’s all well and good, and while I realize that your endorsement deal is clearly working out, we’ve got another tournament match to get ready for man.

Other Guy:  Oh man, this is gonna be a CRAZY one, too.  Donovan King is on a fast-rising star here, man.  Same with Reilly.

Dave Dymond:  Like with Biggs and Collins before, both guys have a lot to fight for.  I believe this is their second matches with SHOOT, both coming off losses, King with the Revolution Championship loss, and Reilly with the loss in the Iron Fist Championship tournament.

Other Guy:  Should be good to see how these guys bounce back from that.


“Shipping Up to Boston” kicks off, and the fans come up for Killian Reilly.  Unlike Collins, Reilly has endeared himself to SHOOT fans by heralding honor and values when it comes to the fight, and these fans are responding in kind to that.

Samantha Coil:  First up, standing in at five feet, eleven inches…  weighing in at two hundred forty pounds…  he’s known simply as…  Killian Reilly!

Dave Dymond:  Reilly’s a neat guy, if you ever talk to him, OG.

Other Guy:  Wait, they actually talk to you?  What the fuck is that?

Reilly walks down the ramp, high fiveing fans along the way.  He climbs up the ring steps, and stops on the ring apron, using that time to strike a pose for the Thomas and Mack crowd.  He holds it for awhile, enjoying himself quite a bit. 

Other Guy:  This guy dawdles a lot, doesn’t he?

Dave Dymond:  That’s dawdling?  I call that an investment in being a fan favorite.

Other Guy:  Look man, whatever you gotta call it, that’s fine.  I’m just sayi—


Pyro explodes as “Here Comes the Boom” interrupts Other Guy, and the crowd IMMEDIATELY goes from a raucous amount of cheers to a very thick level of booing.  When Donovan King appears on the ramp, post-pyro, pipe in hand, the crowd just intensifies their hate.

Dave Dymond:  This guy has the hate of everybody, OG. 

Other Guy:  If I were the jealous type, I’d be a hater too.  Guy is just SO good. 

Dave Dymond:  So good at what?  Hitting people with pipes?  Hitting people from behind?

Other Guy:  You’re such a killjoy, Dymond.  Everyone knows King is operating with survival instincts, so any advantage he can take, he will. 

Samantha Coil:  Standing in at six feet, three inches…  he weighs in at two hundred, forty-two pounds…  he’s known as “The Queen City King”…  Donovan King!

King, on the way down to the ramp, SPITS in the face of a fan.  The fans just lay it on sooo thick after that.  King seemingly loves every second of it.  He stops short of the ring, as Reilly runs to get as close as he can.  King backs off, laughing slightly.  He leaves his pipe propped up against the ring steps as he climbs into the ring.  Reilly IMMEDIATELY goes for King, but Dennis Heflin stops him in the middle.

Dave Dymond:  Well, Reilly is certainly ready to go.  You think he’s got King’s number?

Other Guy:  Are you kidding me?  King is gonna own this guy.

Dave Dymond:  You’re severely underestimating Reilly, in my opinion.

Heflin explains some things to the two, mostly to King, who’s annoyed at what he perceives to be condescension.  Dennis Heflin, finished with his explanation, sends the two men back to their corners, and calls for the bell to ring!

Other Guy:  We’re about to witness a thrashing.

Dave Dymond:  No way, man.  No way.  We’re underway, though.

The two meet in the middle, King forces the action, locking up with Reilly, who QUICKLY shoves King off and down to the ground.  The crowd pops pretty nice for this, but King is annoyed.  He meets Reilly in the middle again, they lock up and King gets shoved down again!  This INFURIATES King, who rushes to meet Reilly again, only to get shoved back one more time.  But he doesn’t go down this time!  He just stops and falls back to his corner, regrouping.

Dave Dymond:  Thrashing, eh?  Reilly’s not even bigger than King, man.

Other Guy:  Blah blah blah, Reilly may not b–   OH SHIT.

King interrupts Other Guy again, this time EXPLODING out of his corner with a clothesline that floors Reilly.  King goes on the offensive, laying into Reilly, picking him up and never relenting, ESPECIALLY once they reach a corner.  Dennis Heflin tries to pull King off, administering a count, but King always stops at the four and then starts again!  Reilly tries to cover his face, but King is relentless!  Reilly, who’s known more for his brawling, takes a new route and applies a drop toe hold to King, causing the Queen City King to stumble in the turnbuckle.  Reilly uses this momentum to start his own brawling, but he’s cut short by a QUICK thumb to the eye.

Other Guy:  See?  I told you Dymond.  Thrashing.

Dave Dymond:  You can’t be serious, OG.  What a blatant disregard for the rules.

King follows up on the eye poke by hooking Reilly in a belly to belly suplex!  King heightens it, improving the impact, and Reilly has the wind knocked out of him!  King covers, and his feet are on the ropes!



Heflin stops the count, noticing King’s feet!  King is furious with this, but doesn’t let it deter him.  Heflin on the other hand, keeps King at bay, allowing Reilly to get back to his feet. 

Dave Dymond:  Heflin is not going to take any of that shit in his ring.

Other Guy:  WHAT?  Psshhh.  Heflin’s probably a racist.  Or Irish. 

The two lock up again, this time Reilly doesn’t shove him off, but acts as the aggressor here.  He puts his head under King’s arm and tries a wheelbarrow suplex!  King hits the mat hard, and Reilly covers!




King kicks out with some force, and Reilly’s immediately back up to his feet, waiting for King.  As King stands, Reilly charges, he hooks King’s arm, irish whips him, and tries a clothesline, but King ducks!  King stops instead of rebounding.  Reilly turns around, and is startled by how close King is.  King doubles Reilly over, hits him with a stiff right hook for good measure, grabs his arm and executes a pump handle suplex!  Reilly’s grounded, clutching his lower back.  King notices this and goes to work, flipping Reilly over, and brutally working his knee into the lower back of Killian Reilly.

Dave Dymond:  He’s not even doing a move or anything!  Just thuggishly, brutally attacking Reilly’s back here. 

Other Guy:  Thuggishly?  I was unaware that term was in the announcer’s handbook.  You realize we’re in the SHOOT PROJECT right?

Reilly reaches the ropes, and Heflin calls for the break.  King backs off, as Heflin checks on Reilly.  King gives Reilly around five seconds before going on the attack again, as Reilly’s getting on his feet.  King shoves Reilly HARD into the corner, further affecting that lower back.  King slides out and picks his pipe up!  He slides back in and goes to hit Reilly with it, but Heflin grabs King’s pipe and tosses it back out of the ring!  King is furious, and starts arguing with Dennis Heflin as a result.

Dave Dymond:  Possible rookie mistake here.  Jawing with a referee is a bad, bad idea.  He’s just giving Reilly more time to recuperate.

Other Guy:  OH please.  King was taught by OutKast.  I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

Reilly walks over to where King and Heflin are arguing, and he taps King on the shoulder.  King shrugs it off and keeps on with Heflin!  Finally, Reilly turns King around forcefully and nails him with a HUGE right hand!  King is ROCKED.  Reilly starts to go to work, laying into King’s midsection with vicious body punches.  He finishes his combo off with a pretty stiff uppercut that nails King square in the chin.  King stumbles back, Reilly rebounds off the rope, flooring King with a clothesline!

Dave Dymond:  This is nothing but a brawl, OG.

Other Guy:  Who do you think that favors, Dymond?  The Pub All Star or the “thug” ?

Dave Dymond:  Give it a rest already.

Reilly follows up, kicking King in the ribs while he’s down.  The fans are getting crazy behind Reilly here, ready to see something put the mouthy Donovan King down!  Reilly pulls King to his feet and locks him in a headlock!  He starts FURIOUSLY pummeling at King’s face!

Dave Dymond:  Reilly calls this Pub Talk! 

Other Guy:  King is definitely in some trouble here!

King instinctively moves against a rope, and Heflin reluctantly calls for a break.


Reilly breaks the hold and taunts King, with the crowd behind him starting a small Reilly chant!  Reilly charges at King, but King slips out of the ring, via the bottom rope!  He grabs Reilly’s feet and trips him up!  King gets back in the ring quickly, as the fans turn from a Reilly chant to a “Queen City Bitch” chant!  King ignores it and goes back to work.  He picks Reilly up and puts him over his shoulder.  He hangs Reilly up in the turnbuckle, runs back, and charges hitting a LOW dropkick that rocks Reilly’s head! 

Dave Dymond:  BRUTAL. 

Other Guy:  Brutal is this Queen City Bitch chant.  Jesus.

King slips out under the bottom rope again as Reilly regains his composure and is back in a standing position.  He makes a CRITICAL mistake by swiping at King on the outside, next to the turnbuckle, because King grabs his legs and drags him crotch first into the ring pole!  King gets back into the ring again, turns Reilly over and executes the Curb Stomp!  He covers Reilly!




King is annoyed at Reilly’s persistence, but doesn’t let it deter him.  He picks Reilly up, but Reilly blocks King’s right hand and hits him with his own!  They start to trade blows, King getting a bit overwhelmed by the Irish Boxer turned wrestler.   Reilly locks that headlock in again, but King doesn’t give him time to hit him again shoving Reilly into the corner.  Reilly hits the top turnbuckle hard and bounces off it, King ducks under Reilly, who’s advancing back first towards King, King spins into a clothesline, but Reilly ducks!  Reilly doubles King over close to the corner, goes to the second turnbuckle locks in his headlock and tries Pub Talk again!  King uses his legs to lift Reilly back up, and he drops him with a STIFF back body drop. 

Dave Dymond:  Pretty nice exchange from both guys!

Other Guy:  Did you just compliment King?

Dave Dymond:  My…  my bad.

Both men are winded at this point, but they’re moving so no count is being made.  King is back to his feet first, but Reilly is right behind him, and he throws a wild right jab at King, but King ducks it and executes a rollup!  He uses the ropes for leverage, and Heflin doesn’t see it!




Dave Dymond:  Highway robbery! 

Other Guy:  I KNEW IT!

King gets off the ropes real quick before Heflin notices, as Dennis Heflin goes to raise his hand, King lets a tired, but satisfied expression cross his face. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner at thirteen minutes and forty five seconds, the Queen City King…  Donovan King!

“Here Comes the Boom” hits overhead, and the fans are absolutely LIVID with hatred towards King, who slinks out of the ring leaving a surprised and disappointed Reilly.  He picks up his pipe, takes a minute to look towards the crowd, and before you even know it, he’s flipped them off.

Dave Dymond:  What a fucking dick, seriously.  What a cheating bastard.  Reilly deserves a lot better than that!

Other Guy:  You’re sounding dangerously like a mark there, Dymond.  King is a LOT smarter than I think people give him credit for.  He simply outplayed Killian Reilly right here.

Dave Dymond:  Whatever, man.  I’m so disgusted with this. 

Other Guy:  Then you won’t mind if I lead into Jason Johnson backstage, will you?  Cuz dude is back there and he’s got some things to say.


Eryk Masters:  I’m here with Jason Johnson, CEO of the SHOOT Project, and he’s got a couple things to mention about the structure of this tournament. 

The cameras switch from Masters to Jason Johnson, who draws a pretty nice pop from the Thomas and Mack crowd.

Jason Johnson:  Thanks Eryk.  I’m gonna keep this brief, because I know you guys would rather watch guys fuck each other up than listen to me talk. 

Eryk laughs and the crowd cheers, respecting that mantra.

Jason Johnson:  In the past, we’ve run tournaments in a pretty standard fashion, in that round 1 winners already know their opponents and these tournaments play out pretty well.  The difference this time is simple. 

He pauses, for dramatic effect.

Jason Johnson:  We’re going to re-seed the tournament after every round.  What that means is, there’s an air of unpredictability your opponents.  So, for example, since King won just now, he wouldn’t necessarily be fighting the winner of Worrens and Summers in two weeks from now.  He’ll have a completely random opponent. 

The crowd pops for this idea.

Jason Johnson:  I’ve always told you guys to expect the unexpected, so here it is.  You could see King versus literally ANYONE who’s advanced in the tournament thus far.  I think this’ll give the tournament a bit more in the way of importance and luster.  People want that World title, and to me, the best way to prepare them for the responsibilities of being a champion.

He pauses again.

Jason Johnson:  So, with that in mind, after next week’s first round matchups, expect a complete reseeding, and expect totally different matches from what you, the competitors, and you the fans, might be ready to see. 

Eryk Masters:  That’s pretty big, Jase.

Jason Johnson:  Yeah, that’s Mr. Johnson to you, Masters.

We cut back to Other Guy and Dave Dymond…

Dave Dymond:  Wow!  I know that’s gonna make a lot of these guys uneasy!  They were already preparing for their second round matchups, I’m sure.

Other Guy:  It’s such a small change, but leave it to Jason to use something that and it winds up being huge.  Guy’s a genius.

Dave Dymond:  You going for another endorsement, OG? 

Other Guy:  We’ll talk about that some other time.


An image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship fades over the screen…

Kamura makes the count……..1………..2………..3………….4……….5………..6…………Kenshin gets up amazingly as the crowd boos this. Carver is still down as Kenshin gets Carver up, quick go behind by Kenshin, he’s got Carver in the full nelson, Carver is fighting for all his worth trying to find a counter. Kenshin releases it and then does a leaping enzugiri kick the NECK of Carver who goes down on one knee now. Kenshin now puts Carver back in the full nelson, he takes him BACKWARDS with the Dragon Suplex!



Carver kicks out as Kenshin can’t believe it. He’s too tired to argue as he just his shakes his head in amazement. Kenshin slowly climbs the turnbuckles, first, second, third, he eyes the fallen Carver and LEAPS off with a gorgeous Swandive headbutt but all he hit was canvas as Carver rolls out of the way. Both men are down.

Eryk Masters: “Both these guys are being gladiators tonight. These people are damn sure getting their money’s worth.”

They both struggle to get back on their feet, as Carver connects with a big right hand that sends Kenshin down to one knee, Carver with a big whip to the corner as Kenshin goes back first to the corner, Carver follows suit and squashes Kenshin with a running clothesline. Carver now hoists Kenshin up on the top turnbuckle now, Carver gets his balance and is on the 2nd turnbuckle, Kenshin fights as he swats away at the head of Carver who responds by driving his own skull to the jaw of Kenshin as Carver now places Kenshin in a standing head scissors, LIFTS Kenshin from the top turnbuckle, as Carver DRIVES Kenshin head first to the middle of the ring with a SUPER CRADLE PILEDRIVER!

Dave Evans: “ JESUS CHRIST!”

Eryk Masters: “That’s a version of the Diamond Driver!”

Carver makes his way……….slowly…………he drapes the arm over the body of Jun Kenshin as the crowd chants along.




As Kamura’s hand pounds the canvas one more time, thousands of flash bulbs go off and every fan JUMPS off their feet in sheer joy.

Eryk Masters: “Del Carver did it. By God, he retained the title and LISTEN to these fans.”

Dave Evans: “Wow. Just wow.”

Eryk Masters: “Say what you will about this less than pay per view like feeling this week but these two individuals. Del Carver and Jun Kenshin gave you their hearts and their souls in this match.”


The scene shifts to the backstage. We see Donovan King, smiling like a mad man after his big win over Killian Reilly.  Donovan continues walking, grinning, completely oblivious to everything around him, when suddenly, he rounds a corner, and….

???: AHHHH!!!!

Donovan looks up to see Jester Smiles charging at him with a large battle axe! Donovan screams and drops to the ground, covering up as he waits for the blow from the axe. However, right when Jester reaches Donovan, Jester stops and lowers the axe.

Jester Smiles: Aww, come on man. You know I wouldn’t do THAT! Wow, you were really scared, too.

Donovan King: You mother fuc-

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the lawyer ninja, featured so prominently in Jester Smiles promos, appears out of nowhere with a paintball gun and proceeds to unload purple and green paintballs onto King.


Once the paintballs are empty, Jester pulls out his trademark bullhorn and BLASTS it into Donovan’s face, holding down the button for an extended period of time. Donovan actually goes fetal for a moment, clutching his ears. Jester removes the Revolution Title he has strapped around his waist and holds it in front of King, his face just beaming with a mischievous grin.

Jester Smiles: Anytime you want to try and do this face to face, just step up, son. Anytime, anywhere.

Jester throws the belt over his shoulder and proceeds to skip off. The lawyer ninja, meanwhile, has disappeared, all ninja like, leaving Donovan King, alone, clutching his ears and trying to regain his senses. The camera fades out.


Coming back to the ring area, the SHOOT Project tron shows the image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt, as the focus returns to the action of the night.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight title carrying with it of course a great deal of history, and his produced some of the most memorable matches and rivalries over the years.  Jun Kenshin and Del Carver a very spirited fight, and well we may one day see that again, O.G.

The Other Guy: You got that right, Dave. Plenty of new names round these parts, makin’ veterans like Del Carver and Jun Kenshin want to push extra hard to take hold of the BIG prize. Sorta take claim to what they helped cement, ya know?

Dave Dymond: I do know, and that is what tonight is all about, Other Guy, taking claim.  Round one of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament continues, so we head into the ring with Samantha Coil for our next tournament bout.

“Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly begins to play, bringing the crowd’s attention back to the ring, and it doesn’t take long for Ainsley Lake to make her way out from the back.  She is fairly well received by the SHOOT Project crowd, but doesn’t seem all that interested in playing up to them anyway as she walks swiftly towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: As tonight’s SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title tournament continues, I introduce first, weighing in at 160 pounds, AINSLEY LAKE!!

Dave Dymond: Arguably the toughest woman in professional wrestling today, Other Guy, Lake is definitely carrying a chip on her shoulder these days regarding some issues that linger from her past.

Other Guy: Yeah and she ain’t afraid to let that be known. I mean poor Abigail Chase this week, girl was just tryin’ to do her job and Ainsley made that tough!

Dave Dymond: Hence my opening statement regarding this fiery woman who really takes no shit from anyone, be it inside the squared circle or back in the locker room.  Can she use that fire though to get past her opponent tonight and advance in the tournament…

Before Dymond can conclude his statement, Ainsley’s music is abruptly replaced by “Natural One” by Folk Implosion.  The fans immediately begin to boo as the SHOOT tron is replaced by various clips of Ron Barker, always interrupted by a still image of his smug grin, with the words “Ravishing” written across it in fancy lettering.  The man himself saunters out from the back, amused at the boos that fill the Thomas and Mack Arena.

Other Guy: He’s soakin’ this shit up, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Quite possibly the MOST hated man here in SHOOT Project right now, and I honestly believe he’s loving every minute of it.

Ainsley focuses on Barker as he walks to the ring, welcoming the boos and insults hurled his way.

Samantha Coil: And her opponent, weighing in at 260 pounds… “RAVISHING” RON BARKER!!!

Barker reaches up and grabs the second rope and pulls himself up onto the ring apron, and then seems to turn his attention to the fans one last time, flashing that incredibly smug grin.  Ainsley Lake will have nothing of his antics though and suddenly charges at Barker from clear across the ring!  The fans suddenly pick up and before Barker realizes it, he’s KNOCKED off the ring edge and sent to the arena floor! Referee Austin Linam tries to keep Lake back from the ropes, but she just swats him away and grips the top rope tightly.  Barker gets his bearings back…


Dave Dymond: HUGE high flying splash and she CONNECTS!

Other Guy: Man oh man, this sets an unexpected pace to this fight.

The referee shouts now for Ainsley to bring the match into the ring, but all Ainsley cares about is attacking Barker with quick forearm shots.  Barker’s head is knocked from side to side, but eventually he gets his arms up and just forcefully SHOVES Ainsley off of him.  Ainsley rolls on the floor but springs back up. Barker quickly slides into the ring and Ainsley goes after him, only for Barker to attempt a stomp onto her… but Ainsley rolls out of the way and is quick up to her feet.  Barker shakes his head with frustration as he quickly goes after Ainsley all the while Linam calls for the bell.

Other Guy: Now its official, one of these cats advances on, and right now, I’d be puttin’ my money on Ainsley Lake.

Ainsley ducks an attempted lariat from Barker, and then charges full speed at the ropes across the ring. Barker turns around just as Ainsley summersaults forward, springs up and LEAPS at Barker… but BARKER CATCHES HER

Dave Dymond: Oh God! This is going to be over… Barker turns for PERFECTION!

The fans gasp as Barker goes to hit his version of the Black Hole Slam… but Ainsley hooks her arm around Barker’s neck, using his momentum against him and quickly spinning him further around for a TORNADO DDT!!!  Barker is planted head first onto the mat and the fans pop as Ainsley makes the cover!

Referee Austin Linam hits the mat for the count.



Other Guy: Barker kicks out, and he’s scramblin’ out of that ring like there ain’t no tomorrow, Dave.

The fans boo as Barker paces on the outside, clutching his head, while Ainsley paces, showing a great deal of tenacity and motivation in her fight against Barker.  She stops pacing for a moment though and looks to Barker, shouting for him to get back in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Considering the roll Barker has been on as of late, something tells me he may have majorly underestimated Ainsley Lake in this one, and he’s none to happy about that.

Other Guy: Yeah and not knockin’ Miss Lake here, but Barker’s got one hundred pounds on her, and still she’s takin control of the match right off the get go.

Barker finally gets back into the ring, and Ainsley goes after him right away, but this time Barker brings his knee up in between the ropes and catches Ainsley in the gut.  Ainsley staggers back while doubling over and Barker quickly enters the ring all the way.  He grabs Ainsley by the head, brings her to a full vertical base, and FIRES with a knife-edge chop, just below the breasts! Ainsley grunts with pain, and Barker hits another chop, same location.  Ainsley stumbles back a bit, knocked back by the force of Barker’s hits.  Barker grabs Ainsley’s arm though and whips her into the ropes. Ainsley comes bouncing back and Barker just SCOOPS her up with a HIGH IMPACT overhead belly-to-belly suplex!!!

Ainsley just FOLDS UP upon landing on the mat, and the fans can’t help but respond with a collective oooh.  Barker turns around, and with no hesitation charges and just FIRES a stiff running kick to Ainsley’s body!  The fans immediately begin to boo as Barker drops down and makes the cover, over-exaggerating on the hooking of the leg.  The referee makes the count.



THR… Ainsley shoulders up.  Barker pushes her arm right back down though and shouts for the referee to count again.




Dave Dymond: Ainsley kicks out once again, and you really have to admire the fight in Ainsley Lake. Always faced with that uphill battle engrained in society of a woman fighting a man, but manages to impress every time.

Other Guy: Whoa there, Dave, you goin’ all activist on us here?

Dave Dymond: Just giving credit where credit is due, Other Guy.

Barker, somewhat frustrated, pulls Ainsley up to a sitting position, and locks in a sleeper hold, all the while digging his knee into Ainsley’s back. Ainsley works on trying to fight through the pain, but the moment she starts building anything back up, Barker quickly turns the sleeper hold into a choke from behind!  Referee Austin Linam is quick to catch this though, shouting for Barker to break the choke.  Barker keeps it locked on though, trying to put Ainsley out…

One… two… three… four…

Barker lets go at the last second, and Ainsley collapses to the side, gasping for breath.  The fans once again boo as Barker rises up to his feet, looking intensely at Ainsley.  Ainsley slowly works on getting back up, her face still a little red from almost being choked out.  Barker becomes impatient and walks over to Ainsley, pulling her up to her feet the rest of the way by grabbing a good chunk of her hair!  Ainsley winces in pain… but brings a desperation kick up that catches Barker right in the stomach!  The mood inside the Thomas and Mack Arena changes quickly now as Barker stumbles back and Ainsley throws up another quick kick to the gut.  Barker staggers more, and Ainsley again picking up some momentum!

Dave Dymond: Ainsley going for another high risk move it would seem as she hits the ropes…

Other Guy: This could be a crash and burn waitin’ to happen!

Ainsley leaps with a sitting senton attempt on Barker, but Barker just LIFTS her up with his upper arm strength and sends her SAILING overhead!  The fans move to the edge of their seat, but Ainsley lands on the top rope… SPLIT LEGGED!  She flips backwards off the top rope and CRASHES into Barker’s back with an impromptu moonsault takedown! Barker lands on his stomach, Ainsley on top of his back… she quickly shifts, gets him into a front face headlock, pulls him up… but NO!  Barker breaks!

The fans quiet a bit as Ainsley is shoved backwards; she quickly regains her footing though… WALK UP ENZEGURI!!!

Dave Dymond: WHAT A SHOT!!!

Barker’s eyes go wide as he falls to the mat, knocked for one hell of a loop! Some of the fans are on their feet as Ainsley quickly makes the cover now!





Dave Dymond: AINSLEY GOT IT…

Other Guy: No she didn’t… kick out at the last maw’ fuckin’ second, Dave!

The Thomas and Mack Arena is buzzing with excitement now as Ainsley gets up onto her knees, thinking herself she won, but Austin Linam shows the two count.  Ainsley winces with disappointment, but she gets up to her feet now, and with Barker still down Ainsley looks to the corner.  The fans start picking up, one by one many rise to their feet as Ainsley takes to the corner.

Other Guy: Here we go, Dave, and all I’m thinkin’ is damn I should have put some cash down on this one.

Dave Dymond: Barker pretty much still out of it, and Ainsley Lake getting ready in the corner, possibly looking to end this one all together. And what a victory for Lake tonight if she can pull this off!

Other Guy: Oh its all on the line from here on out. Every step of the way, Dave. Nothing more important than the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

Ainsley perches on the top rope now, and actually plays up to the crowd a little as she waits for Barker to get up his feet.  Barker rises up slowly, holding his head, and he staggers about trying to find Ainsley.  Finally he turns around to face her in the upper right corner, and Ainsley FLIPS off the top rope, looking t connect with her blockbuster neckbreaker… but Barker steps forward JUST ENOUGH that Ainsley misses the mark.  Barker smirks, thinking he’s smarter, but Ainsley manages to maneuver her body to land on her feet.  She turns around, he turns around… Ainsley charges… BARKER SNAPS AINSLEY RIGHT UP…




Dave Dymond: WOW! Out of nowhere, and that time Ainsley could not counter it… and the cover…


Other Guy: It’s gotta be over, Dave.



The fans boo as Barker rolls off of Ainsley Lake now, and “Natural One” plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena once again.

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match, and advancing into the next round of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament… RON BARKER!!!

Dave Dymond: Barker and hit that one out of nowhere at any point, and I think he realized that if he stayed in that ring with Lake any longer, that she’d get his number. Barker wins this match up, sure, but I don’t think he was anywhere NEAR prepared for Ainsley Lake tonight.

Other Guy: And that’s what we’re sayin, that’s what the fans are sayin, but Dave, in Ron Barker’s mind, all he’s sayin’ is that he won. And the more he keeps winnin’ the more these fans grow to hate him.

Barker leaves the ring fairly quickly, with very little celebrating of his victory.  Inside the ring, Ainsley Lake starts to sit up while clutching at her back.  Barker takes one more look back into the ring, and is not showing his usual smug grin, he eventually heads to the back, disappearing from sight while Ainsley Lake finally gets up to her feet, still wincing in pain. The camera focus shifts now to Dave Dymond and Other Guy sitting ringside.

Dave Dymond: SHOOT fans we have seen a lot go down tonight, and really, it’s all on the hinges of this undying drive from all the SHOOT Project soldiers to want to capture what’s become THE focus of the organization, that of course what we keep talking about, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship.

Other Guy: And how can ya not talk about that, Dave. Cats are doing what they are doing because of that title, because of that desire to be the FIRST World champion in the new era of SHOOT.  Jason Johnson ain’t passing out titles here, three opportunities to be considered a top dog, two of those opportunities already taken up, leavin’ THE biggest prize still be won.

Dave Dymond: Tonight we’ve already seen Michael Collins, Donovan King, and now Ron Barker advance into the next round. AND still to come in our main event, we’ll see who takes the next step towards World Title gold when Osbourne Kilminster and Jester Smiles face off. But with Jason Johnson’s announcement earlier tonight, this tournament is unlike any other in that you’ll never know who you could be facing further down the line!

Other Guy: Ingenious if ya ask me, Dave. I mean shit, its unpredictable with this tourney re-seeding after every round, and that’s gonna put the SHOOT Project Soldiers on their toes the whole time.

Dave Dymond: Of course its all leading up to the rumored first Pay Per View of the new era, and all we know is the name and place, that being Uprising coming to the masses from right here in the Thomas and Mack Arena.

Other Guy: Oh man, it’s gonna be somethin’ else. Been awhile since SHOOT Project has graced Pay Per View, and if you think these cats are hungry now Dave, just you wait until Uprising!

Dave Dymond: I know, Other Guy, its definitely all up in the air still, even as this night slowly comes to an end… the main event between our Revolution Champion Jester Smiles and Osbourne Kilminster is coming up…


A smooth guitar riff cuts into the overheard, interrupting Dave Dymond, and “Sea of Sorrow” by Alice in Chains takes over.

Other Guy: Well, I think I know who this is, but I wasn’t aware he’d changed his theme music.  He told us last week that he’d be there, so this MUST be OUR Iron Fist Champion!

Dave Dymond: These fans know it, too. Listen to them!

The fans are letting their displeasure at the Iron Fist Champion known!

Dave Marz: Turn that shit off!

The PA system goes silent for a couple seconds before “Have A Nice Day” starts in! “Die Hard” Dave Marz strides confidently towards the ring, abandoning his usual policy of slapping hands on his way down.

Other Guy: I hate his song!

Dave Dymond: That’s all you have to say? This guy gets robbed of the Iron Fist title, and all you can say is that you hate his song?

Other Guy: I take my music seriously.

Marz climbs into the ring and takes the microphone from Samantha Coil, who gives him a wink and a nod. Marz shakes his head briefly before raising the mic to his lips.

Dave Marz: Corazon! I know you heard me when I said you shouldn’t piss me off. Well, that line is good and gone. Bad enough you have to steal the gold you currently possess, but you have to heap on top of that by practically calling me a pussy with your little ‘put up or shut up’ video piece last week? I finally figured you out, boy. You know why you brought that mace to the ring? You knew you couldn’t beat me, and that… that little nugget filled you with…

Marz pauses and contemplates the crowd for a moment, a smile slowly creeping up on his lips.

Dave Marz: Envy.

As Marz uttered that last word, “Sea of Sorrow” hits again, but something is different this time.  Corazon, who’s in the building, doesn’t appear immediately at the top of the ramp, instead, several men dressed in security garb accompany the theme music, to a hugely resounding chorus of boos.

Dave Marz:  What the hell is this?  SECURITY?

The boos become more and more audible, as the security crew walks down to the ring and performs an about face, now facing the top of the ramp.  It’s at this time, that the Iron Fist Champion himself, Corazon, makes his appearance, microphone in hand. 

Corazon:  Apparently…  someone in the back has decided it would be a good idea to deny MY FANS the opportunity to witness how I’m going to physically make sure you eat your words. 

Corazon smirks, and the crowd goes fucking livid.  He lets that sink in for a minute.  When he’s satisfied, he looks towards his shoulder, where HIS Iron Fist Championship rests.  With a downright ugly sneer across his face, and a glint in his eye, Corazon snaps the belt off his shoulder, and raises it high in the air. 

Corazon:  With that in mind, I’ll give you credit, Marz.  You listen and follow suit very well.  You do everything that’s expected of you, and you say everything that’s expected of you, even doing your best to toss in a cute quip at my former alias. 

The boos persist, as Corazon lowers the Iron Fist Championship belt, placing it back over his shoulder.

Corazon:  It’s almost as though your originality and creativity know no limits. 

Marz raises the microphone to speak, but Corazon cuts him off.

Corazon:  Wait.  Let’s talk a bit about how you LOST the Iron Fist Championship, and how you’re now COMPLAINING about getting beaten.  How does that sound to you?

The man known as ‘Die Hard’ chuckles at that.

Dave Marz:  Lost? Yeah, I lost. You’re the Iron Fist Champion. But beaten? Will never happen, child.

Corazon smiles, mockingly.

Corazon:  That’s it?  “Child” ??  The man known as Die Hard, the man who’s heralded as this great fighter…  this never give up, never surrender attitude…  this man who hasn’t been heard from SINCE he got embarrassed…  and that was it. 

He snorts.  The fans boo.

Corazon:  That’s what you waited two weeks to say.  How disappointing.  Remind me again, Marz, how exactly Iron Fist Championship matches are lost?  Does a can of mace serve as a ‘knock out agent’ ?

Peering down the ramp, towards Marz, Corazon continues.

Corazon:  Regardless of your heroic bravado and your pedantic cursing I’ll just remind you that even after your eyes were burning…  even after you were screaming in agony…  Fury of the Dark Heart was enough to stop possibly the most resilient, most willful man in the SHOOT Project, from acknowledging the pain of pepper spray.

Dave Marz’ expression is that of one annoyed, pissed off man.  He looks towards Corazon, then looks to the fans.  He pulls the microphone to his face, about to speak.

Dave Marz:  … fuck it.

The sound of static hits, as Marz tosses his mic down and rushes out of the ring!  Security is caught off guard, but turn quickly!  Marz is not deterred!

Dave Dymond:  I think Die Hard’s had enough!  He’s on a warpath for Corazon.

Other Guy:  He’s gotta get through security first, though.  Boss man knew what he was doing here!  These guys will tear each other apart.

Dave Dymond:  I’m pretty sure security will not be a problem here.

Corazon, eyeing Marz, begins to back off, glaring.  The look of malice and contempt never leaves his face. 

Other Guy:  Corazon is a SMART man.  He knows when to hang around, and when to get away.

Dave Dymond:  Are you kidding me?!  What a coward.

The scene fades as the cameras fixate on a rabid Dave Marz, nearly finished dispensing the last of the security crew!


The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship once again fades into your screen…

Jeff Hansen: OutKast and Real Deal both seem out of it, yet attentive!

Suddenly, OutKast curls himself up onto Real Deal’s body and stands over Real Deal and hooks in the Sharpshooter!!!  The fans are on their feet, booing loudly as OutKast turns it over, with Real Deal having nowhere to go.  He reaches for OutKast’s feet, but can’t reach them to counter.  Ed Raymond gets up pointing at the Mat screaming.


Ed is cut off by a LOUD clang, coming from Mirage’s chair to the back of his head.  The fans erupt into cheers for Mirage.  As Jason Johnson gets up to protest, he too is brought down with a nasty chair shot.  Mac and Mirage both leave the announce table and walk to the entryway to watch.  Mirage has a mic in his hand.

Jeff Hansen: Well, Mirage and Mac have struck again!

Real Deal holds tight but slowly, he slips.  OutKast cinches it in deeper and deeper, and then Real Deal is suddenly…gone.  The boos emanate as Kimura count 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….6.…..7.….8.…9…REAL DEAL FORCES HIMSELF TO PUSH UP, to push OutKast up!!


OutKast FORCES Real Deal down to the mat and holds the Sharpshooter in as hard as he can.  Real Deal fights and fights, but slowly…he collapses.  Kimura counts again  1.…..2.…..3.….

Jeff Hansen: ….4.…..5…

Mirage: …6.….7…

The fans begin to chant with Mirage on the microphone.


Scott Kimura:  10!!!

Kimura signals for the bell and Jeff Hansen rings it, the fans erupt into boos.  Real Deal lays there in the AlieNation Mat, as does OutKast.  Kimura steps in and then Mirage and Mac both rush in and help OutKast to his feet as “Superstar II” by Saliva plays over the PA system.


An abrupt cut to a dimly lit area somewhere in the Thomas and Mack Arena seems to disrupt the flow of the evening.  The way the scene is shot is different too, more as if someone was shooting it with their own home camera.

“Tonight has begun a journey for every Soldier that calls SHOOT Project their home.”

At first you don’t see him, but after speaking, you can make out Trevor Worrens, sitting up against what appears to be a large tank of something, perhaps the arena’s water-softener or part of its heating system.  Regardless of what it is, Trevor Worrens, wearing what can only be distinguished as dark clothing, is looking downward at his arms, which rest on the tops of his knees.

Trevor Worrens: (with a slight despairing laugh) Soldiers? Most of these people haven’t even gone to war, or fought a battle that compares to what one goes through during a life changing fight. Soldiers are said to overcome a great deal of physical and mental pain… I don’t see it here. Physical maybe, but there are few who can compare to what I have gone through mentally and spiritually.  The journey for me, can only end with the World Heavyweight Championship around my waist… I DESERVE IT!

Worrens bangs his hand against the side of the tank quite abruptly, and then slowly rising up to his feet, turning his body towards the camera.

Trevor Worrens: I am not going to become him. I vowed that I would not let him effect me anymore. That from here on out… I WOULD go against everything I thought was truth in his teachings. That I WOULD do what he NEVER could.  This tournament, it is symbolic, it is my chance to…

“Am I interrupting?”

The voice is immediately followed by the lights being turned on completely in the utility room of the Thomas and Mack Arena.  The camera angle changes to an official SHOOT Project camera to see Kaz Sato standing just inside the doorway, with Worrens standing in front of a Canon XL1 camera set up on a tripod a few feet in front of him.  The fans begin to buzz from ringside, as an immediate tension fills the utility room. Worrens looks like he’s about to speak, but Sato steps forward.

Kaz Sato: Don’t answer, because I don’t care.

Worrens just looks on, not saying a word.

Kaz Sato: Your silence means you know what this is about, Worrens. Last week, I did a little job for you. Last week, I stood by to make sure a certain someone did not interfere in your match. And for what, Worrens?

Trevor Worrens: (responding in frustration) A Revolution Title shot, I know.

Kaz Sato: A Revolution Title shot. MY payment.  I did MY job, but you didn’t do yours. That makes this an issue. The organization now has Donovan King ranked as the number one contender, so Worrens either you suddenly get sway with the front office and get me a title shot, or I take…

Sato sizes up Worrens turning his head from side to side.

Kaz Sato: What… roughly 230 pounds of “flesh” as my payment!

The fans pick up as Sato moves quickly towards Worrens, swatting his camera down in the process.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t you want more?

Worrens quickly spurts out, which stops Sato dead in his tracks.

Trevor Worrens: Kaz, I know you do. You wouldn’t have given a moment with me another thought. Because who was I to you. Just another new face in a crowd of faces trying to make names for themselves. That’s what this industry really is. I didn’t win the Revolution title, that wasn’t my spot to make a name for myself. But see, Kaz, I still have something that you don’t. I’m entered into the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title tournament.

Worrens’s words seem to get to Sato as he cracks his neck by tilting his head to one side.

Kaz Sato: Yeah, you do.

Trevor Worrens: That’s what everyday is about, for you, for me, for every fucking “superstar” that enters a ring. We want the top spot, don’t we? That’s the ultimate goal for whatever reason accompanies it. So you could stand in line, waiting for The Revolution title shot you’re asking for. Or, stick this out, and jump straight to the front for a shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight title.

There is a moment of unspoken dialogue between Kaz and Worrens, and finally Kaz nods his head.

Kaz Sato: Fine. But this time, I’m making sure you understand something real clear, Worrens. I’ll watch your back; I’ll be there to make sure you make it nice and healthy to each of your matches. And then, when it’s all said and done, I come and collect my payment.

Trevor Worrens: (extending his hand) Then we have a deal…

Sato QUICKLY slaps the hand away.

Kaz Sato: But if you can’t deliver. If you get knocked out of this thing… my payment is gonna be getting my hands on you.

The fans at ringside can be heard actually cheering now as Kaz Sato stares at Worrens, showing no emotion one way or another. He then smirks slightly.

Kaz Sato: Course, with rumor going around that a spot freed up in the tournament, maybe I’ll get the latter payment sooner. And you won’t be called “The Failed One” anymore, Worrens…

Sato suddenly reaches out his arm; grabbing Worrens by the collar of his white button up shirt.

Kaz Sato: You’ll just have flat out lost!

Sato releases his hold on Worrens, who backs away from the man known as “The Beast.” Without saying another word, Sato leaves Worrens alone in the Utility room, the focus remaining on Worrens as the sound of the door slamming shut is heard off camera.  Worrens looks in the direction of the door, just shaking his head.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Worrens has himself caught in a bit of a situation, but looks like the physical confrontation has been avoided, at least for now.

Other Guy: (from ringside) Yeah, but just when ya thought Worrens was gonna learn from his first mistake in the art of making deals, he flat out goes and writes another check his ass might not be able to cash, Dave, but still guess that makes this tournament that much more important for the Soldiers competin.’


The focus returns to the ring now, fading away from Trevor Worrens in the arena’s Utility room. “The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night begins to play, only adding to the excitement that has been caused by the tension-filled anticipation building throughout the night for fans and SHOOT Project soldiers alike.  As the song plays, the inside of the Thomas and Mack Arena is bathed in a variety of colors, focusing on green and purple, and strobes add to the overall effect.  The fans start to rise up to their feet, even more excited than just moments before.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of the world title tournament, we are more than ready for this evening’s main event as round one of this tournament concludes, at least for tonight, and it ends with the proverbial bang, Other Guy.

Other Guy: Oh yes it does, Dave. Hell of a night of tournament action, but this is definitely a top draw match up, and hell it’s goin’ down right here in round number one!

The fans get louder the second he appears, The Revolution Champion, Jester Smiles!  Smiles carries with him his championship title, slung over his shoulder.  He looks out at the crowd through his Mardi Gras mask, and then lifts the title up into the air.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a round one World Heavyweight Championship tournament match up and is your SHOOT Project Revolution MAIN EVENT!

Jester Smiles starts his way down to the ring now, he seems in high spirits, but walks slightly staggered as he approaches the ring.

Other Guy: Gotta say though, of all the times to be goin’ into a main event match up, goin’ in hurt isn’t what anyone hopes for.

Dave Dymond: Of course you want to be in top physical condition. Unfortunately for Jester Smiles, while he is considerably better than how he felt the night he successfully defended his Revolution championship against Trevor Worrens, he is still going to be favoring his back in this match up.

Other Guy: Which paints a big ol’ target on Smiles for Ozzy Kilminster to capitalize on.

Jester makes his way around the ring once, playing up to the crowd who have some quickly come to rally behind him.  Jester shows off his title a few more times while slapping hands with the fans before finally entering the ring. Shortly there after his music fades out, with Jester awaiting his opponent.  For a moment there is nothing. Which gets the fans riled up.


A murmur is head from the packed crowd in attendance at the Thomas and Mack Center as the ominous words of Dave Wyndorf create an atmosphere of intense anticipation…


The arena goes dark for a moment, until white lights begin to swirl about and “Space Lord Intergalactic 7” Mix, the SHOOT edit, by Monster Magnet continues to play.  As the crowd awaits the arrival of Osbourne Kilminster, the camera focus cuts to Jester Smiles in the ring, actually nodding his head a bit from what can be seen.  The sound of the crowd starting to cheer is what brings the focus back to the entryway, where Osbourne Kilminster now stands, in his matching camo MMA shorts and hoodie.  Kilminster pumps his fists into the air and promptly heads down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: And the SHOOT Project faithful showing a great deal of love for Osbourne Kilminster, and while Kilminster has signed on with the company from day one, this, tonight, marks his debut match in the new era of SHOOT.  So finally, Revolution is truly O.K!

Other Guy: I can’t believe you just said that, Dave.

Dave Dymond: What, it’s catchy.

Other Guy: Sometimes man… sometimes…

The lights return to normal as Kilminster jogs up the corner steel steps and enters the ring.  He paces a bit, pointing out to the crowd as they cheer, even going as far as to recognize some signs, and saying “nice” to the fans who wave them.  He goes around the whole ring, before finally settling in, and he looks to Jester with a nod of respect.  The music cuts off shortly there after as referee Scott Kamura is on hand with both competitors and Samantha Coil stands next to him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, from Richmond Virginia, weighing in tonight at 245 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… JESTER SMILES!!!

The crowd pops huge for the champion who once again raises his title to show his love for the fans, and to show is pride for the championship title he calls his own.

Samantha Coil: and his opponent, he hails from Birkenhead, England, weighing in tonight at 235 pounds… here is OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

The reaction seems to be just as equally loud, and equally positive for Kilminster as he once again pumps his fists into the air, but takes another extra second to once again acknowledge the crowd.  They of course pop more as Kilminster points to individual sections, really getting them pumped up for the main event.

Other Guy: They are eatin’ that shit up!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has been nothing short of a walking talking source of adrenaline pumping actions and words, and with this being a big match for both competitors, of course these fans want to feel that same excitement.

Other Guy: And with no Donovan King around for this one, we can expect a highly competitive and clean fight, good stuff if ya ask me.

Samantha Coil is handed Jester’s Revolution championship and heads out of the ring with it.  Scott Kamura quickly checks in both men, and Kilminster steps up in front of Jester and extends the hand.  Applause of respect echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena and Jester returns the extending of the hand, engaging in a handshake with his opponent. The two break from the handshake clean, and Kamura gives a quick nod of the head before signaling for the bell.


Both Kilminster and Jester start to circle the ring, taking a slower approach as they size each other up.  Kilminster goes down into a one-knee lunge, only to rise back up when Jester backs away, which forces Kilminster to quickly go on the defense. Jester doesn’t attack though, half expecting Kilminster to attack him.  Both men slowly bring down their defensive guards, which gets somewhat of an applause from the fans.  The two circle again, but this time Kilminster is much quicker in and the two competitors lock in grapple.  The struggle ensues between the two, but Kilminster lands a well-placed knee attack after pulling Jester into a Muay Thai clinch.  Jester struggles to try to maneuver his body to somehow block another incoming knee strike, but Kilminster continues on the offense.

Dave Dymond: Both Kilminster and Smiles have had training in Muay Thai combat, but Jester only familiar more so with the strikes, and he’s not going to, well I guess out Muay Thai the Mixed Martial Arts master that is Osbourne Kilminster.

Jester falls to one knee, with Kilminster still holding him in the Muay Thai clinch, From the clinch, Kilminster forces Jester back up to his feet, then quickly breaks his hold on Jester, and fires with a hard elbow shot that sends Jester staggering back a great deal.  Kilminster follows up with a flurry of Muay Thai kicks to both of Jester’s thighs, alternating left and right kicks, snaps back away from Jester, and finally takes him down with a high spinning roundhouse to the head!  Jester goes down and there are some “OOOH’s!” that sound from various spots in the arena.  Kilminster drops down for the quick cover, and Kamura is down on the mat.


Other Guy: Strong kick out by Smiles, but man did he get his head kicked pretty good!

Dave Dymond: You’ll notice that it seems Kilminster looking to keep this a fair fight, and maybe out of pure respect for the Revolution Champion he’s avoiding the back as much as he can.

Other Guy: Yeah but he sure as hell ain’t pulling back on shots to the head.

Dave Dymond: Well Osbourne also respects the notion of competition, and isn’t about to lower his game in the ring either.

Kilminster gets back up to his feet and Jester rolls over onto his stomach, shaking his head a bit to regain his bearings.  Kilminster pulls Jester right back up to his feet, but Jester struggles, forcing Kilminster to quickly whip him into the ropes. Jester bounces back, Kilminster goes for a HUGE hook punch, looking to use Jester’s own momentum against him, but Jester ducks under, despite his height, and stops his momentum behind Kilminster. Kilminster turns, leaving himself open as Jester fires with a hard knee strike of his own, catching Kilminster in the side of his torso.  The fans pick up as Kilminster falters. Jester hits another knee, and another, then capitalizes with a standing clothesline that drops Kilminster to the mat. In echoing response, Jester now makes the quick pin attempt.



not quite the full two count as Kilminster shoulders out.  Jester is up and Kilminster up quickly there after, and both men just look at each other for a moment, Kilminster nods his head and then looks out to the fans giving a thumbs up while pointing to Jester.  The fans respond to this with loud cheers.

Dave Dymond: A very obvious sign of admiration for his opponent, Kilminster giving the Revolution Champion a thumbs up.

Jester, not wanting to be out done in showing respect for those who he respects, suddenly points to Kilminster while giving a thumbs up to the crowd.  The fans cheer again, some even laughing.  Jester looks to Kilminster with a sheepish grin, and Kilminster laughs a little.  Once more the two circle the ring, but not for long as Jester and Kilminster move in at the exact time, locking up again. Kilminster tries to force Jester towards the lower left corner, but Jester again with a knee, and this time he goes right into a quick vertical suplex.  Kilminster arches his back as he sits up, and Jester up quickly, and he runs at Kilminster looking for a knee to the back of the head, but Kilminster rolls backwards, and Jester’s knee, just misses him.  Kilmister springs up and NAILS Jester right in the back with a hard forearm!

The fans gasp as Jester drops down, clutching his back and shouting in pain.  Kilminster looks on with sincere shock. As referee Scott Kamura immediately checks on Jester.

Other Guy: Damn! Kilminster drilled Smiles!

Dave Dymond: Didn’t seem right though, Other Guy.

The screen changes for a moment to a slow motion replay as Kilminster strikes out at Jester, at the last possible second he looks to pull the force of the blow back.

Dave Dymond: It looked like instinct kicked in, and Kilminster snapped out of it a second too late as he almost seems to realize what that forearm strike is going to do.

The screen returns to normal, with the fans applauding as Kilminster actually helps Jester up to his feet.

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave… Kilminster’s tryin’ real damn hard to be good, little shady to me.

Dave Dymond: Normally I’d agree with you, O.G., but Kilminster an incredibly legit athlete and competitor, and even if he’s not in the good graces of the fans, its because of his own personal ego, NEVER because of nefarious actions in the squared circle.

Jester waves off Kilminster after he is up to his feet and stretches out a moment, getting the feeling back.  The fans applaud Jester, and now some even start to chant his name, as he gets right back into things, sizing up Kilminster once more.  Both men lunge in again, fake by Jester who quickly moves to the side.  Kilminster has to get his footing and Jester charges at the ropes, leaps onto them… with amazing agility, and turns for a HUGE springboard dropkick!  Kilminster is taken down, and Jester, although a bit hurt himself, scrambles over and makes the cover on Kilminster!



Kilminster kicks out, pushing Jester slightly to the side. Jester gets up and Kilminster up as well.  Jester uses the ropes to add momentum… running forearm to Kilminster. Kilminster staggers, but stays standing.  Jester keeps going though, feeling the crowd behind him. He charges into the ropes again, goes for the second forearm shot, but Kilminster ducks this one.  Jester stops his momentum turns just as Kilminster turns and goes for a big boot to the stomach, but Kilminster captures the leg, drops him down with the single leg capture take down and goes right into a leg lock from there!  Jester immediately starts to move his arms, trying to use his upper body to move closer to the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster out of the blue now with the quick leg lock. I’m not sure if it’s enough to finish the match here, but it will definitely take a little steam out of Jester Smiles.

Kimura watches on as Jester struggles, though shows no signs of tapping or quitting. Jester reaches out, squirming his body closer to the ropes, and his fingertips wrap around the bottom rope.  Kimura calls for the hold to be broken, and Kilminster immediately does so. He gets up to his feet now, waiting on Smiles who works on getting up via the ropes, favoring his right leg just slightly.  Jester shakes his head for a moment, trying not to psyche himself out either after leaving himself open to the single leg take down.  Jester comes off the ropes now, looks to land a quick jab, but Kilminster gets a block up, swats the arm to the side, and nails a hard cross, then a lower hook punch, then an alternating cross.  Jester is knocked for a loop, and Kilminster capitalizes… NO!  Jester fires a straight punch that knocks Kilminster’s head straight back!

Other Guy: Caught him out of nowhere, hell of a punch from Smiles!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles again looking to build momentum, off the ropes once again!

The fans pick up as Jester charges at Kilminster, but Kilminster bends slightly and picks him up by both legs… the fans suddenly are on their feet… BUT Jester quickly drops a desperation double axe handle down on top of Kilminster’s head, forcing him to drop Jester onto his feet.

Dave Dymond: We were a mere second away from seeing Kilminster hit Game Over. And for fans not familiar, its one heck of a Spinebuster with a fierce punch or elbow shot to the jaw as the proverbial final nail in the coffin.

Other Guy: Just like the move says, Dave, Game Over.

Jester continues on the offense now swinging Kilminster into the ropes, after stunning him with the double axe handle, Kilminster comes bouncing back and Jester executes a picture perfect belly to-belly turn around suplex, and then hooks the leg…

One… NO! Kilminster kicks out… and immediately sweeps Jester’s legs out from under him as he stands.  Jester lands on his back, wincing in pain and Kilminster makes the cover.

Kimura counts again, this time for Kilminster.



Dave Dymond: Two count only, but Jester definitely did not see that leg sweep coming.

Other Guy: He dropped hard, that’s for damn sure.

Dave Dymond: Osbourne Kilminster looking to regain control of this one now, once again bringing Smiles up to his feet and locking up in that Muay Thai clinch, a regular hold that Kilminster utilizes to keep his opponents captured.

Kilminster goes right back to landing the knees now, but this time Jester channels an extra bit of strength to push Kilminster’s arms away and break the Muay Thai clinch.  Kilminster follows up with an immediate jab however. Jester takes the shot, only to respond with a shot of his own! Kilminster responds with another jab, but another jab comes right back from Jester. The crowd starts to really get into it, as Kilminster and Smiles exchange blow after blow, neither man truly getting the upper hand.

Jester strikes.

Kilminster strikes.

Jester strikes!

Kilminster strikes!

Jester strikes!

Kilminster strikes!

Jester strikes!

Kilminster strikes!

Other Guy: It’s a regular Jab-Fest in the ring now Double D!

Dave Dymond: And these fans couldn’t love it anymore!

The fans really getting into it now, shout JESTER every time Jester lands a blow, and KILMINSTER every time Kilminster fires back. Jester fires yet another hard jab.


Kilminster fires right back.


Jester throws another jab, though both men now showing signs of tiring slightly.


Kilminster fires back yet again!


Jester throws out his arm, but suddenly Kilminster side steps, grabs the arm, turns his back and TOSSES Jester over his shoulder with an arm capture take down!  Jester hits the mat, sits up, but Kilminster pushes him down all the way and makes the cover.  Kimura hits the mat, makes the count…



THR… No! Kick out by Jester once more in this match up.  The fans rooting for Jester to win cheer loudly.  Kilminster gets up to his feet now, only to grab Jester by his right leg, turn him over onto his stomach, and now go the submission route, locking on the ankle lock!!!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has gone strike for strike with Jester Smiles, and it didn’t quite pay off, so now Kilminster returning to that strategy of aim for the leg, force Smiles to tap out.

Other Guy: He already did some damage to that right leg earlier too, and Kilminster ain’t no stranger to causing pain via submission.

Dave Dymond: Certainly not only skilled in MMA, but also has many submission moves in his arsenal… of course again Kilminster in a way showing respect to Jester and these fans by targeting the leg and not the back.

Kimura checks on Jester now, asking if he gives up, but Jester refuses, fighting the pain that starts to shoot up his leg from his ankle. Kilminster keeps the ankle lock applied tightly, trying to hold Jester from countering it or getting to the ropes.  The fans sit on the edge of their seat, watching on as Jester seems to fade a bit, losing energy as he struggles to move his body into a better position, or crawl to the ropes.  Jester attempts crawling a bit, but Kilminster pulls him back.  Jester looks to turn his body, but Kilminster forces his leg back in the other direction, again stopping Jester dead in his tracks.

Other Guy: Kilminster’s got that clamped on tightly, Dave, and I’m no wrestling expert, but I know when someone’s number is up, and I ain’t got a good feeling for Jester.

Dave Dymond: All routes of escape seemingly have been cut off for Jester now, who continues to try to pull his body, and Kilminster’s, towards the rope now, despite his previous attempt ended short.

The fans who are rooting for Jester to win start to rally behind the Revolution champion.  Chants ring out now as “JES-TER! JES-TER!” starts to fill the Thomas and Mack Arena.  Jester keeps struggling, refusing to give up no matter how many times the referee asks him.  Finally Jester makes it to the ropes… and the fans cheer, others settle in after they realize Kilminster isn’t going to win right then and there.  Kilminster breaks the hold again, this time with Smiles pulling himself into the ropes completely, favoring his right leg a lot more than before.

Other Guy: The Jester continues to persevere, fighting with that bad back, and now his leg ain’t exactly peachy either.

Dave Dymond: This has been a highly competitive match up with both men trying to basically use strikes and quick take downs for the majority of the match… and given the energy put behind that kind of pacing, it takes a lot out of a competitor a lot faster.

Other Guy: this match is sure proof of that.

Kilminster starts to pace about the ring now, looking out to the crowd and generally pumping up those who are cheering for him to win.  Sure enough the crowd starts to respond as Kilminster once again points out to them, occasionally dropping down into a crouch and banging his fists on the mat.  Jester in the meantime works his way back up to his feet, still fighting, despite Kilminster clearly setting up for a potential end to this match up.

Jester rises up to his feet slowly, hobbling a bit on one leg.  The fans are once again completely into the match up after the momentary downtime, and Kilminster looks to Jester now who is all the way up to his feet.  Jester snaps off the ropes now as Kilminster comes at him… surprising the crowd and Kilminster both.


And at the exact same time… Kilminster SHOVES OUT BOTH HIS ARMS!!!


The fans respond with a collective oooh! As Jester lands hard.

Other Guy: Did he hit it, Dave!?  Did Jester land the Virginia Sidekick!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster is down on one knee clutching his head, but I don’t think Smiles got the full extent of the kick off… can we get a replay?

The replay screen pops up once more as a better camera angle shows Jester launching the kick, and in a split second moment, Kilminster moves enough to one side to shove Jester out of the ring, but not before getting clipped slightly by Jester’s heel across the side of the forehead.  The screen cuts out returning to the live action, with referee Scott Kimura starts to count out Jester.


Dave Dymond: So as we saw, Jester landed the kick somewhat, but not enough for a knock out shot, and well right now I’m a bit more concerned about how Jester landed on the outside of the ring.




Kilminster starts to get up to his feet, shaking his head, still not completely with it, while outside, Jester stirs on the floor, holding his back in pain.


Kilminster is up to his feet now, dazed however. And as he regains his bearings, the fans closer to the ring begin to stir.  Then a chorus of boos start up!


Other Guy: What the hell’s going on, Dave?  Why these cat’s booing?

Dave Dymond: Something’s going on, someone’s coming out here.


Other Guy: Damn, even after being banned from the arena tonight, Donovan King showin’ some serious balls comin back…

Dave Dymond: It’s NOT Donovan King… It’s…

Soon the entire arena fills with boos as Ron Barker jumps the guard railing, steel chair in hand.


Dave Dymond: What the hell! What reason does Ron Barker have for being down here… huh… what reason!

The referee has his focus on Jester while Kilminster tries to shake the last of the cobwebs out and get back in this match. Ron Barker slides into the ring quickly, and before Kilminster can even turn around… BARKER CRACKS THE STEEL CHAIR RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF KILMINSTER’S HEAD!!!

Dave Dymond: Come on now!  What’s Ron Barker’s problem these days!! This was beyond uncalled for!


Other Guy: Barker ain’t resting until he’s got everyone’s attention and got everyone hatin’ him it looks like, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Unbelievable… god….


Kilminster falls straight down onto the mat, and Barker matter of factly exits the ring, dropping the chair as he looks on, grinning from ear to ear. Jester starts to come to on the outside as Kimura continues to count, unaware of the travesty that occurred behind him.


Jester now grabs at the ring apron and pulls himself up.


He slowly rolls into the ring, and sees Kilminster down on the mat.  Jester doesn’t see Barker looming just on the other side of the guard railing and he makes the cover. Kimura drops down onto the mat, the fans torn as to whether or not cheer Jester, or boo Ron Barker’s involvement.




Kimura calls for the bell as “The Show Must Go On” begins to play again.

Dave Dymond: I hate to say this, I really do, but damn it, this one is over and it really shouldn’t have been.

Other Guy: Smiles thought Kilminster all down and shit was the work of his Virginia Sidekick, but well, we all know the truth, and it ain’t pretty.

As Jester slowly rises to his feet, Kimura raises his hand in victory.

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match and advancing into the next round of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship tournament… JESTER SMILES!!

Some of the fans cheer Smiles for his victory, but most still aren’t sure even how to react. As Jester stands victorious in the ring, the camera shot cuts to Ron Barker who just smirks, mouthing the words “One Down.”

Dave Dymond: (in disgust) You know, Other Guy, Jester Smiles definitely deserves to advance in this tournament, so did Osbourne Kilminster, but for this match to end like this… for this night to end like this… that’s just something else…

“Fight Club” abruptly interrupts Dave Dymond, who’s experienced a lot of that tonight, and Jason Johnson makes a surprise appearance at the top of the ring!  He’s got a microphone in hand.

Dave Dymond:  Jason’s bout to lay the law down, I think.

Other Guy:  Oh man, you musta done something really wrong to warrant a guest appearance from the boss.

Dave Dymond:  Let’s see what he’s got.

The camera zooms in and focuses on Jason Johnson, leaving the ring image up on the overhead.  Jason, who looks pretty irritated, begins to speak.

Jason Johnson:  I’m pretty disappointed that my World Championship tournament just got made a mockery of, I will not lie.  But luckily for you, Ron Barker, and you the SHOOT Project fans, I have a solution to the problem that just presented itself.

He pauses, as he looks down towards the ring area.

Jason Johnson:  We’ve essentially cut ties with Whiplash, which means that there is a spot available in the World Championship tournament.  So, due to what just happened here, due to Jun Kenshin’s return, and due to Kaz Sato wanting to get into this thing, I’ve devised a plan, ladies and gents.  And here’s what’s gonna happen.  Next week, there will be a triple threat match.  It will feature the following…

Another dramatic effect pause.

Jason Johnson:  Kaz Sato.

The fans boo!

Jason Johnson:  Jun Kenshin.

The fans pop big!

Jason Johnson:  And Osbourne Kilminster.

The fans go nuts at this announcement.

Jason Johnson:  Part of being a World Champion is having the ability to face adversity and face obstacles, and this is a big one.  In addition to that triple thread, and because of the fact that I don’t want to fall behind in the tournament schedule, the winner of that triple threat match, will have to wrestle again, that same night.

The fans pop huuuuge for this. 

Jason Johnson:  I’ll give you guys a break and let you rest up, as the winner will be fighting CADE SYDAL in the main event.  As a refresher, I’ll review.  Jun Kenshin, Osbourne Kilminster, or Kaz Sato will be taking on Cade Sydal in the main event of next week’s Revolution.  And so help me god…  if that match gets fucked up, there will be hell to pay.

The show fades with a seething Jason Johnson as its last image.