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Revolution 001: 9/8/07

Revolution Logo

Revolution begins in a slightly different manner, as round one of the SHOOT Project World Title Tournament is on tap to finish up tonight.  The fans can be heard buzzing from ringside, but the focus is placed on Kaz Sato who paces back and forth in the hallway just outside the main locker room area.

Kaz Sato: The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship…

He talks to no one, but knows everyone is listening.

Kaz Sato: A prize that has eluded many. An achievement that few can claim. That championship belt is a symbol of any man’s status here in SHOOT Project, and arguably in the wrestling industry.

Sato stops pacing.

Kaz Sato: Tonight is the night for more to take one step closer, and tonight…

“Am I interrupting?”

Sato whips his body around in the other direction to see Trevor Worrens approaching, and the fans buzzing seem to quiet down from ringside.  Worrens is absolutely grinning from ear to ear.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t answer that, because I don’t care.

Worrens pushes a laugh, throwing Kaz Sato’s words right back in Sato’s face.

Trevor Worrens: A lot is going to happen tonight.  And just remember, Kaz, when you lose, that’s not the end of your journey.  I am your ticket to what you want most. Straight away shot to a number one contender spot.  No tournament, no fighting for placement. Just you and I, Kaz, fighting for the Championship you want nothing more than to call your own.

Sato stands incredibly still, just glaring at Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: But that’s the sacrifice, you have to lose first, don’t you?

Worrens starts to walk away, but Sato suddenly reaches out his arm and grabs Worrens’s wrist tightly.

Kaz Sato: I don’t got to lose nothing…

He pulls Worrens around and the two men are standing nose to nose.

Kaz Sato: To sooner or later get my hands on you!

Sato pushes Worrens violently, causing him to almost fall to the floor. He then walks off, heading for the ring.

Trevor Worrens: Good luck out there tonight…

Worrens seems to cringe upon hearing himself say the word luck.  The backstage scene fades to black, replaced only the image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. Then motion graphics take over as the words “Round One Concludes Tonight” move in over the front of the title.

Dave Dymond: The intensity is high, the energy is flowing through the Thomas and Mack Arena, Other Guy, it’s time to see just WHO will be the eight competitors heading into round two as we move closer and closer to the finals, and of course closer and closer to the FIRST SHOOT Project Pay Per View, UPRISING!

Other Guy: Let’s hit it then, Dave, REVOLUTION STYLE!

The focus is immediately placed on the ring, where Samantha Coil stands, microphone already in hand.


Samantha Coil: Tonight’s Revolution opening contest is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!

The SHOOT Project faithful come to life as the in ring action for the night is set to begin.  “Sober” by Tool starts to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena, and the lights turn all orange.  Kaz Sato steps out into the ring area, cracks his neck from side to side, and then starts towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match will receive a spot in the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship tournament and go on to face Cade Sydal in tonight’s MAIN EVENT!

Sato continues to walk towards the ring, and upon reaching it he walks up the steel steps and enters.  He raises both arms in the air as he stands in the corner, waiting to be announced.

Samantha Coil: And now introducing first, weighing in at 220 pounds, here is “The Beast” KAZ SATO!!!

Sato remains in the upper left corner of the ring, turning now from facing Samantha to facing the entryway. His music is cut off, and for a moment the lights go black.


The crowd in attendance gets louder as “Space Lord Intergalactic 7- The SHOOT edit” by Monster Magnet begins.  Spotlights flicker on one by one throughout the arena and soon the silhouette of Osbourne Kilminster can be seen standing just at the start of the ramp way leading to the ring.


White pyros erupt overhead and the lights return to normal.  Kilminster is seen in full as he pounds his fists together then points out to the fans while he walks to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, weighing in tonight at 235 pounds… here is OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

Kilminster tags hands with the fans, who are more than pumped to be seeing Kilminster in action, and more so because he’s getting a second chance at being in the World Title tournament.  He jogs up the steps into the ring and enters similarly to how Sato did.  Both men lock eyes for a moment, and then share a respectful hand shake.

Dave Dymond: We are kicking off Revolution in a HUGE way, Other Guy, as one of these competitors will get the final spot in the World Title tournament to declare the first SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: Oh yeah, Dave, it’s huge all right, but this match means nothin’ if you don’t mention the main event later to come.  One of the three cats goin’ into this will be fighting later tonight, and if they don’t get past Cade Sydal, then the spot they win here don’t mean shit.

Dave Dymond: Of course Sydal watching in the wings tonight, wondering just like all of us who he will face.  Will it be the MMA machine Osbourne Kilminster, “The Beast” Kaz Sato…

Before Dymond can finish naming the last competitor The SHOOT tron comes to life with the word

-Undeniable-.  The fans start to pick up as now clips of Jun Kenshin in action over the years are shown in a looping montage and “Undeniable” by Mos Def is heard.

“What it is, what you want?

Live your life right

Make the beat the bump

It’s like one for the treble

Two for the bass

Three for the pretty babies up in the place

The undeniable”

The noise inside the arena remains loud as Jun Kenshin steps out from the back, wearing his black and green wrestling tights, and no shirt.

Dave Dymond: Or will it be this man, the returning Jun Kenshin!

Other Guy: He says he’s undeniable; let’s see if he can live up to the moniker, Dave.

Kenshin looks out to the crowd, while both Sato and Kilminster stand in the ring, looking towards him.

Samantha Coil: And making his return to SHOOT Project, weighing in tonight at 204 pounds… he is “THE UNDENIABLE” JUN KENSHIN!!!

Kenshin walks to the ring, nodding his head to some of the fans, but keeping his focus on the other two opponents already inside the ring.  Kenshin waits on the outside of the ring for a moment, then slides in under the bottom rope. He rises quickly to his feet and stands there, with Sato and Kilminster in front of him.  Samantha Coil leaves, leaving just the three SHOOT Project soldiers and referee Tony Lorenzo in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin not exactly fortunate when it comes to his first match back after NEARLY eleven months gone from wrestling all in all.  And now tonight he has to face two men who have had the chance to get back into the swing of things, and neither Kilminster or Sato have seemed to miss a beat.

Other Guy: Jun’s a veteran, though, Dave. Can’t be countin’ that out either.  He’s faced tougher situations in the past… and while I ain’t sayin he won’t get knocked around, I AM sayin’ this man used to be called the perfector, and there’s a reason for that.

Dave Dymond: Oh no doubt about that, O.G. Three tremendous talents all in the ring at the same time to start off Revolution, each bringing a different style, but all sharing the same goal… and that being gaining that spot in the tournament and moving on to fight Cade Sydal

Referee Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell now with all three competitors checked in.  The fans settle in, those who were standing now sit back down, but the energy flowing through the Thomas and Mack arena is still high.  For a moment, neither Kilminster, Sato, or Kenshin move, and the three size each other up, cautious that at any moment they could be attacked from behind if they make a wrong or too sudden of a move.  Kenshin starts to  move towards the lower left corner, while Sato eyes Kilminster for a moment, and Kilminster looks back at Sato.  Kenshin quickly goes on the defensive, getting his arms ready as both Sato and Kilminster start towards Kenshin.  Sato gets ahead of Kilminster slightly, and that’s when Kilminster suddenly reaches out his arm and grabs Sato by the shoulder!

Sato is spun around by Kilminster and Kilminster goes for a quick right hook, but Sato ducks under and immediately gets behind Kilminster and locks his arms around Kilminster’s waist. Kilminster fires with a blind backwards elbow though, that CLOCKS Sato in the head, and forces him to lose his tight grip. Kilminster breaks free and Kenshin comes in now, picking his spot and just as Kilminster turns to face Sato again, Kenshin rolls up Kilminster from behind, bringing him down for a sudden pin!


Sato breaks the pin, stomping his boot into Kenshin’s back. Kenshin rolls off to one side and Sato lifts him up, whipping Kenshin across the ring.  Kenshin hits the ropes and comes bouncing back and Sato runs at him, bringing his knee up and catching Kenshin in the gut! Kenshin flips over and lands on his back.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin went for an early end to this match up, strategic, but in a triple threat match its always key to incapacitate one opponent first, before trying to score a pin fall victory on the other opponent.

Other Guy: Jun’s not been in active competition period for eleven months, Dave, let alone in competition against more than one man.  He’s definitely gonna be workin’ out some ring rust both physically and mentally in this one, especially if he wants to move on to face Cade Sydal.

Dave Dymond: Well Sato right now looking to be taking control, as he continues the offense against Kenshin and working him into that lower right corner with a few quick shoulder thrusts into the abdomen.

Kenshin struggles to get out of the corner, but each time he tries to break free, Sato brings another thrusting shoulder into his stomach.  Kilminster comes up from behind Sato now and nails him with a hard forearm shot to the back.  Sato turns around and Kilminster fires another forearm shot, this time to the sternum, followed by a HUGE uppercut shot!  Sato staggers backwards up against the ropes, his arms draping over the top.  Kilminster goes to whip Sato across the ring, but Sato reverses, but Kilminster reverses right back sending Sato into the ropes.

Sato hooks his arms though, stopping his momentum, then he and Kilminster walk towards one another, when Kenshin attacks from behind, sending Kilminster staggering forward into Sato.  Sato wraps his arms around Kilminster from the front, LIFTS UP Kilminster, turns, and PLANTS him back first via a powerful belly-to-belly suplex!  Kilminster sits up after meeting the mat, and clutches at his back in pain, while Sato quickly turns his focus to Kenshin, who charges at him.  Sato ducks a running clothesline, but Kenshin stops his momentum, turns quickly, spins Sato around, and lands a swift kick right into his gut.

Other Guy: Kenshin with them educated feet, rarely have failed him in the past.

With Sato doubled over, Kenshin winds up and DELIVERS a hard upwards kick right into Sato’s face. Sato staggers back and Kenshin looks to stay on the offense, but Kilminster right back up, and before Kenshin can capitalize on the staggering Sato, Kilminster grabs Kenshin from behind and pulls him down, wrapping his legs around Kenshin’s body, while locking on a sleeper hold!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster now with a tight grip on Kenshin, and if Sato can’t get his bearings back quickly, Kenshin could be brought to tap out.

Other Guy: Ozzy ain’t pulling any punches and he’s got that shit locked on tight, hell Kenshin’s face already is turnin’ all kinds of deep red!

The fans are on the edge of their seat now as Kenshin flails his arms, but he’s nowhere near the ropes. Kenshin goes to plan B, trying to pry Kilminster off of him, but Kilminster has the hold locked in to perfection.  Sato clutches at his head in pain, but eventually gets back with it, and seeing Kenshin locked into a sleeper hold, Sato snaps back to reality and charges towards both men, Kilminster sees Sato coming and breaks the hold on Kenshin so that he can lunge up to his feet.  He lunges at Sato and the two men lock up quickly for a moment, but Kilminster breaks the grapple with a knee strike.  Sato falters slightly but nails a European uppercut to get right back into the match. Kilminster stumbles, but Sato grabs him by the arm, and pulls him into a front face headlock!

Sato wastes no time in looking to elevate Kilminster, up, but Kilminster shifts the momentum the other way and pulls off an impromptu vertical suplex!  Sato is laid out on his back and Kilminster floats over now for the cover.

Other Guy: Kilminster counters, does he take it here…



Kick out by Sato.  Some of the fans let out a disappointing “oh” obviously wanting to see Kilminster win the match.  Kilminster keeps on the offense though, pulling Sato up off the mat, but only part way as he starts to assault Sato with a series of quick knee strikes to the ribs and sternum.  Sato continually slumps to one knee, only for Kilminster to pull him right back up and continue the assault.  Finally Kilminster lets go of Sato and as Sato tries to recover, Kilminster nails him with a hard roundhouse kick!  Sato spins, his back now to Kilminster, who locks his arms around Sato’s waist. 

Kenshin is up, and he charges at Sato… HUGE MAFIA KICK!!!

The momentum only carries over as Kilminster lifts Sato up now for a bridging German Suplex!!!

Dave Dymond: What a combination of moves there… as unintentional as I think it was, it made an impact!

Other Guy: Yeah, and Kaz Sato feeling a taste of his own medicine when it comes to that suplex there.

Kilminster keeps Sato pinned as referee Tony Lorenzo hits the mat for the count.


Broken up immediately by Kenshin who gets Kilminster now and pulls him up to his feet. Kilminster breaks the hold and goes for a high knee strike, only for Kenshin to drop down with a 360-leg sweep that sends Kilminster down onto his back.  Kilminster starts to get back up to his feet, looking to pivot and lunge at Kenshin, but Kenshin swoops around behind him, and before Kilminster can react, Kenshin pulls him back into a dragon sleeper!

Other Guy: Sato’s out, and now this one’s all Jun Kenshin’s, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has RARELY tapped out in his career, but then again SHOOT Project’s history has shown time and time again that anything can happen.

Other Guy: It ain’t lookin’ so good for Ozzy.

Kilminster struggles as Kenshin seems to be in full control now, with Sato down and out.  Referee Tony Lorenzo checks on Kilminster, but Kilminster waves his free arm, signaling that he does not tap out.  Kenshin continues to wrench on the neck of Kilminster, and as he does, Sato starts to get up.  The referee checks on Kilminster again, but again Kilminster refuses to give up. Fans start rallying a bit behind Kilminster now, who has won them over the past couple of weeks.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Kilminster’s attention to the fans is paying off here as they rally behind him, and I think its keeping Kilminster alive in this bout.

Other Guy: But here comes Sato!

Sato charges at Kenshin now, Kenshin breaks the hold on Kilminster and ducks a hooking clothesline from Sato.  Sato hits the ropes, while Kilminster moves to the side, Sato charges again, but this time Kenshin leap frogs… but there’s Kilminster!!!


Other Guy: SHIT!

The cover…



Sato realizes the pin is being made…

THR… and stops it just in time!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster so close to winning the match right then and there, but Kaz Sato puts the stop on that, and this one continues.

Kilminster gets up and quickly looks at Sato.  The two men share a look for a moment, and then turn to Kenshin who struggles a great deal to get up.  The fans begin to buzz as both Sato and Kilminster walk towards Kenshin now and lift him up off the mat. All at once both Kilminster and Sato WHIP Kenshin across the ring into the ropes.  Kenshin comes bouncing back, only picking up steam, but that steam is cut short as Kato and Kilminster hit combining knee strikes into Kenshin’s gut and without hesitation, hook him up and LAUNCH HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A DOUBLE TEAM SUPLEX!!!

Kenshin CRASHES onto the ring edge, His left shoulder taking the brunt of the impact as he falls to the floor!!

Other Guy: Dave, man that did NOT look right.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin tried to stop the momentum, but instead of being able to grab onto the ropes, Kenshin took a HARD spill, almost ricocheting off the ring edge. And I don’t know for sure, as I am no doctor, but Kenshin looks out of this one entirely.

Kenshin SHOUTS in pain on the outside now, clutching at his left shoulder, while Kilminster and Sato waste no time and face one another. Sato fires a quick shot that gets Kilminster off guard, and Sato now follows up with a series of Buzzsaw kicks, keeping Kilminster stumbling.  Sato then whips Kilminster into the lower left corner, and follows up with a HUGE hooking clothesline.  Kilminster slumps but Sato follows up, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up to his feet. Sato quickly lifts Kilminster… SNAP BRAINBUSTER!!!

Dave Dymond: THAT right there could be it… Kilminster took a shot right on the head…




Other Guy: He had to dig down DEEP to kick out of that one, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Sato not happy, but with Kilminster down and Kenshin possibly injured on the outside, this one looks to be all in the control of “The Beast.”

Sato paces back and forth in front of Kilminster now, shouting and motioning for him to get up.  Kilminster starts to get up, holding the back of his neck and head while wincing in pain. Sato stalks behind him, while now outside the ring, Kenshin starts to get up, still favoring his left shoulder a great deal.  Kilminster turns to face Sato… Sato lifts him up… GORY SPECIAL INTO… NO!


Kenshin lunges out with his signature super kick, but Sato drops Kilminster and moves out of the way just in time!  Kenshin regains his footing as quick as possible Sato turns, trying to regroup as well, but Kilminster right there… Sato with a desperation boot right to the face!  Kilminster snaps around from the impact.  Kenshin turns to face Sato, the fans on their feet… Sato SWINGS at Kenshin, Kenshin ducks… sitting drop kick to the back of both of Sato’s legs!

Sato drops down to his knees, and Kenshin hits the ropes for speed… Sato trying to get up… but not in time… 360 SHINING WIZARD!!!

Dave Dymond: The K-KRUSH is executed spot on… and Sato is out cold!





The fans gasp as at the very last possible second, Kilminster pushed Kenshin off of Sato.  Kilminster makes the cover now, looking for the victory.



Kenshin breaks the pin this time and pulls Kilminster up off of Sato and looks to whip him into the corner, Kilminster reverses, and then RUNS Kenshin shoulder first into the corner… AND SPEAR CHUCKS Kenshin right into the post, left shoulder first! Kenshin SCREAMS in pain, as he drops to his knees.  Kilminster turns, Sato starting to get back up… and never sees it coming…

Dave Dymond: GAME OVER!

The impact of the Spinebuster shakes the ring slightly, and Kilminster pushes his forearm hard against Sato’s face, keeping the cover on him.  He shouts at the referee to count, and Lorenzo does so…



THREE… NO! NO! NO!  Kenshin out of nowhere with a running kick to Kilminster’s side.  Kilminster rolls off on the other side of Sato, gets up and turns….


Other Guy: That time it connects! And damn he just knocked Kilminster’s teeth out.

Just as Kilminster’s head snaps back, Kenshin falls on top of Sato, having thrown all his effort into that kick.  The cover is made though…




Dave Dymond: Is it over for real this time?

Other Guy: Hell yeah it is, Dave, and Jun Kenshin was NOT denied here tonight.  That cat took some serious damage, but overcame it and now he’s goin on to face an old enemy.

Lorenzo signals for the bell as he gets up to his feet, and “Undeniable” by Mos Def begins to play once again. Kenshin rolls off of Sato, clutching his left shoulder.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match, and advancing on to face Cade Sydal in tonight’s main event… JUN KENSHIN!!!

Referee Tony Lorenzo helps Kenshin up to his feet, raising his right arm, while his left arm sort of dangles at his side.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin picks up the victory here at the start of Revolution, but he is not looking very good for what he STILL has to endure, and that’s a main event match up later tonight.

Other Guy: My guess is Jun’s gonna go straight back to medical and get his shit fixed and fixed quick, otherwise he’s leavin’ that shoulder as a wide open target for Sydal.

As Kenshin leaves the ring now, taking in the reaction from the fans, Kilminster just leans up against the corner, eyes slightly glazed over as he just looks out towards where Kenshin is leaving.  He rubs the side of his face, and his face begins to show signs of disappointment.  The focus shifts away from the ring right after one last shot of Kenshin standing at the entryway, raising his good arm in victory.


Questions will be answered…

Lives will be changed…

The SHOOT Project will crown its first World Heavyweight Champion!



The crowd is electric from the opening contest, and now at the prospect of the main event of this week’s Revolution, revealed to them. Suddenly, the World Heavyweight Championship tournament is taking shape. And in an effort to keep the momentum rolling, it appears we are being taken backstage to see Eryk Masters interview another participant in the tournament, this evening.

The camera has a close up shot of Eryk’s half-smiling face, which elicits a respectful applause from the SHOOT faithful.

Eryk Masters: …The long and winding road to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship remains the theme for this evening’s Revolution. We’ve already seen several men qualify over the past few weeks, and in our next match, we’re going to see another. But before we go to the action, I’ve managed to catch up with a man whose been experiencing some hard times in SHOOT of late. An athlete that has been a part of two standout, five star, match of the year candidate contests but on the losing end on both occasions! However, he comes to the Thomas and Mack Centre tonight, in hopes that on this weeks Revolution, his fortunes are about to change. SHOOT Project, I give to you … “Red Hot” Ray Willmott!! 

There is a loud roar from the crowd on hand. They remember the war Willmott and Del Carver waged on the opening night. They respected his tenacity and will to win when Ron Barker had him in the Argo Stretch and he refused to tap out. And now they hear this weeks, words of war and they identify with his focus coming into battle with Corazon! The camera pans around to face Ray, his long brown hair, soaked with water, and his hazel eyes, burning with renewed vigour. The crowd’s reaction is close to deafening.

Eryk Masters: …Ray, your match here tonight has the World watching. They know the history, they’ve seen what’s been happening on Revolution over the past month, and now they are waiting with baited breath to find out whether or not you have what it takes to make the next round of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. My question to you is …

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Actually Eryk, I have a question for you.

Eryk Masters: …Well that’s not usually the…

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Do you remember the time you and I stepped into a SHOOT Project ring, whilst you were preparing to fight Jonny Johnson?

There is a delayed pause; even some ardent SHOOT fans fall silent in remembrance of the brutal contest. 

Eryk Masters: …I …

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Do you remember when I told you that I was going to prepare you for ‘The Defiler’. That I was going to prep you and offer you some insight into a horrendous future?

Eryk Masters: …Well, I.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …DO YOU REMEMBER … what I did to you in that ring? When I lost my composure, when I went over the rails and walked a line, many people believed I didn’t have the guts to tread?! A line, that had people in the back turning their noses up in disgust at me, that made them circumspect to trust me, because I’d come THAT CLOSE to ending your life!!?

Eryk can feel some heat coming underneath his collar. Suddenly, the interview is becoming incredibly uncomfortable for him.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …For a night, I was ‘The Defiler’. I was Jonny Johnson. A motherfucking son of a bitch, that had no remorse, no respect for the man he was stood across the ring from! I showed a side that was both dominant and overwhelming. You fought hard Eryk, yet my only intention was victory. I was there to show the World why I was the #1 contender. Why I was the only man deserving of securing a Heavyweight title match! I wasn’t about to let one man’s individual crusade take that distinction, take that respect away from me.

Willmott furrows his brow. His full attention has been cast on Eryk Masters and has been for sometime.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I was proud to have that position. Everyday, I cherished it. Everyday, I felt blessed because of it. And God knows I was willing to do anything to defend it, against anybody who dared to question it!

Ray finally reverts his attention back to the camera and the capacity crowd on hand. The eyes of Eryk Masters seem distressed, almost overwhelmed by the sheer ferocity in Willmott’s words.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Here tonight, it all begins again. Me, right now, I’m just one of a group of people in this tournament. I’m one addition in sixteen. But I am willing to defend my place, to show why I belong, to show that I care and once again be deemed the #1 contender!!

Ray’s head falls down slightly, but his eyes, ever menacing, keep their concentration on the camera.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Only this time, I will go all the way! In wake of defeat, I will find success. And tonight, when I defeat the Iron Fist Champion, clear enough for the World to see, every doubter, every critic, every sceptic of the immaculate entity, Ray Fucking Willmott …

His eyes open wide, and the fans burst with enthusiasm as they witness his intensity, first hand.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Will choke back on Every. Last. Word!!

It appears Willmott has nothing further to say, as he storms out of shot, and makes his way toward the ringside area, with the fans chanting his name, as he goes.


Eryk Masters, still seeming rattled from the whole interview, clears his throat and speaks into the microphone so as to give the interview some closure.

Eryk Masters: …It’s Corazon vs Ray Willmott up next. Let’s just … get back to ringside for the action!

We fade back to ringside.


The lights dim as the arena comes alive for this World Championship tournament matchup…

“Sea of Sorrow” by Alice in Chains hits the overhead, and the man known simply as Corazon appears atop the ramp, in front of the video wall.  He holds the Iron Fist Championship HIGH over his head, before placing it back on his shoulder, the fans in attendance, have a very seething, very natural hatred for the man who’s believed to have ‘stolen’ that belt from one, Dave Marz.

Other Guy:  Well, Corazon is here, and the fans…  none too pleased about that. 

Dave Dymond:  What do you expect?  The guy basically STOLE the Iron Fist Championship, and he holds it like he really truly beat Marz for it.

Other Guy:  Way I saw it, dude got the 10 count after a sick move and a sick tactic…  people just sip on the hatorade for this guy, since he’s been pretty damn success—

Samantha Coil cuts him off.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, weighing in at 230 pounds, standing at six feet, three inches…  he’s the bringer of Original Sin…  the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…  CORAZON!

Corazon, now in the ring, stands in the dead center and holds the Iron Fist Championship up.

A drum starts to beat as the arena lights go dark again.  A guitar riff cuts through the silence as red and orange lights work through the arena, when finally…

“Ray’s up!  Everybody…  raise up!”

“Desire to Fire” by Machinehead takes over, and a HUGE pyro explosion engulfs the ramp!  Following that, Ray Willmott appears on the ramp, and SPRINTS down, extremely adrenaline filled. 

Dave Dymond:  Willmott is here, and Willmott is READY.

Other Guy:  Hopefully dude didn’t blow his whole load rushing out here.  Last time we saw Ray, he had just gotten handled by Barker, you know.

Dave Dymond:  Please.  Ray Willmott is a fighter.  He’ll bring everything and then some to this fight.

Samantha Coil, after Corazon heads to his corner, has the next introduction…

Samantha Coil:  And now…  standing in at six feet even…  weighing two hundred, twenty pounds…  he is “Red Hot” Ray Willmott!!

Willmott takes the top turnbuckle, posing for the fans who’re cheering him on!

Other Guy:  Yeah we get it, he’s a crowd pleaser.  Wooo.

Dave Dymond:  Show the man some respect, OG.

Other Guy:  Look, I have plenty of respect for good fighters.  Willmott is a good fighter.  I want to see some damn action, though.

The fighters take their corner, and Corazon’s Iron Fist Championship is placed with the ring announcer.  Scott Kamura calls the two to the middle to go over final rules, they break, and the bell rings.  Willmott and Corazon lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up.  Willmott takes the aggressive position and puts Corazon in a side headlock, but Corazon shoves him off.  Willmott turns around, but Corazon is right there, and Corazon hits a LOUD knife edge chop!  Willmott winces, and Corazon does it again! 

Dave Dymond:  Corazon looking to establish dominance early here, listen to those chops! 

Other Guy:  That’s my pick for this match for sure, Dymond.

Dave Dymond:  We’re only a few chops in!

After a third chop, Willmott’s backed up against the ropes.  Corazon takes ahold of his arm and whips him from the ropes to a corner.  Corazon follows, and hits Willmott square in the chest with a clothesline!  Willmott’s rocked against the turnbuckle, stumbling out and clutching his chest.  Corazon follows up with two more knife edge chops!  He and Willmott tie up again, but Willmott breaks it up with some knife edge chops of his own!  He whips Corazon into the turnbuckle, and follows THAT up with a clothesline as well!

Other Guy:  Is Willmott mocking the Iron Fist Champion now? 

Dave Dymond:  It would appear that he is, OG. 

Other Guy:  That’s certainly not gonna sit well.

And it doesn’t.  Corazon stumbles out of the turnbuckle, but Willmott deviates by doubling Corazon over, and snapping a suplex!  Corazon’s rocked, and Willmott covers!




Other Guy:  Almost had a winner right there, Dymond.

Dave Dymond:  That would have upset you pretty badly, right OG?

Other Guy:  It’ll get under control.  Just wait.

Willmott is off of Corazon quickly, wanting to continue working over the head and arm.  He takes hold of Corazon’s arm and simply wrenches it.  Corazon, while in pain, just grunts instead of screams.  He works his way over to the ropes, and Scott Kamura calls for a break.  Willmott backs off, allowing Corazon to get to a knee, but he’s right back on him after that!  Willmott clubs Corazon in the back as he gets up, and Corazon winces in pain.  Willmott locks in a front facelock again, and pulls Corazon up for a normal vertical suplex, but Corazon blocks it!  Willmott tries again, but Corazon pulls down with an inside cradle pin!




Dave Dymond:  Corazon almost surprised Willmott there!

Other Guy:  Damn, that was pretty close, too.  Willmott got pretty shocked there, it seems, right…  Dave?

Dave Dymond:  What was it that you said about it being under control?

Both men are up now, and they meet in the middle.  Willmott initiates the tie up, but Corazon breaks the hold and starts laying into Willmott with HUGE right hands.  He whips Willmott into the ropes, throws a lariat, but Willmott ducks.  Willmott uses the momentum and rebounds from the ropes.  He flies through the air with an attempt at a flying forearm, but Corazon catches it and moves to the side!  Willmott hits the mat hard, and Corazon uses this to pull him over towards the ropes.  Corazon goes to the outside, and with Willmott face down, Corazon runs from the far side of the ring apron and drops a knee right across the back of Ray Willmott!  Willmott screams in pain, as Corazon pulls him legs first back into the ring.

Dave Dymond:  That was NASTY.

Other Guy:  Corazon knows how to hurt people, man.  That’s why he’s Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond:  No, he’s Iron Fist Champion—

Other Guy:  Let’s get back to the action!

Corazon’s follow up involves pulling Willmott up HARD by the back of his head.  Willmott is still stunned, so Corazon doubles him over, rebounds off the ropes, flips over him and drags him from front to back with a running neckbreaker!  Willmott’s flat on the canvas, and Corazon covers!




Dave Dymond:  Close again, but Willmott will not be taken down by that!  He’s a fighter!

Other Guy:  Yes Dave.  He’s a fighter.  Thank you.

Kamura says that it was only a two count, which frustrates Corazon.  Corazon picks Willmott up again, but Willmott’s not stunned anymore!  Willmott hits a few forearms, which stuns Corazon!  Willmott hooks Corazon for a belly to belly, but Corazon kidney punches him, and hits a belly to belly suplex of his own!  Willmott’s forward momentum carries him back to his feet and into the corner!  Corazon follows, but Willmott ducks a punch and goes NUTS in the corner with the standing switch, and then a flurry of rights and lefts! 

Other Guy:  Oh man, Corazon’s in trouble here.  How many of these punches can he take?

Dave Dymond:  I think you’re starting to come around, OG!

Corazon’s wincing in pain, and Ray is continuing.  Ray stops the body punch, winds up and hits a SICK right hand!  Corazon’s stunned in the corner, hung up on the top rope.  Willmott takes to the second rope, holds Corazon’s head and starts in with the ten punches!  The crowd counts along with him!  One, two, three, four, five, six, but wait…  Corazon stops Willmott at six, picking him up off of the second turnbuckle and into a fireman’s carry!  He walks forward and swings Willmott around, finishing with a DDT!

Other Guy:  Fury of the Dark Heart!   This is over!

Dave Dymond:  We’ll see, he hasn’t covered yet, he’s sort of collapsed!

Corazon, now on the ground with Willmott, is breathing heavily.  Scott Kamura begins the obligatory ten count, but Corazon rolls over and covers Willmott.

Dave Dymond:  This might be it right here! 




Dave Dymond:  Ray gets a shoulder up!

Other Guy:  SO close.

Corazon’s back to his feet, and Willmott is on one knee.  Corazon waits, as Willmott tries to regain his composure, but before he can, Corazon runs to Willmott and kicks him in the side!  Willmott clutches his side and falls to the ground, but Corazon picks him right back up!  He looks around the ring before applying a double underhook!

Other Guy:  We’re about to see Original Sin!

Dave Dymond:  If Corazon hits this, the match is definitely over. 

Suddenly, “Have a Nice Day” by Bon Jovi hits the overhead, and the fans go NUTS.

Other Guy:  That’s Dave Marz’ music!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon’s dropped Willmott and gone to the close side of the ropes, waiting for Dave Marz!

When Dave Marz appears on the ramp, the crowd gets even louder!  He’s just standing at the top of the ramp, though, not going down.  He starts jawing inaudibly with Corazon, who stands on the bottom rope, leaning on the top rope, jawing back!  The fans are getting RABID for the confrontation, but Marz doesn’t even move, he just stands there yelling at Corazon!

Dave Dymond:  Man are the fans ready to see these two guys fight!

Other Guy:  You’re not kidding, man!

Ray Willmott is up, though exhausted!  He sees a distracted Corazon, and without even thinking about it, he pulls Corazon down, surprising him with a rollup!  Scott Kamura gets the count!




The bell rings, and Samantha Coil takes over!

Samantha Coil:  Your winner at a time of fourteen minutes, twenty-three sec-

Other Guy:  Corazon’s back up!  He is NOT happy.

Dave Dymond:  Marz sure is though, look at him laughing at the Iron Fist Champion!

Corazon snaps!  He punches the SHIT out of Willmott, and doubles him over!  He locks in the double underhook, but pauses, looking wildly towards Dave Marz.  He points at Marz, points at where the Iron Fist Championship is, while yelling!


Other Guy:  OUCH.  Did you hear what he said?

Dave Dymond:  Sounded like he said “You can thank DIE HARD for this, Ray!” to me.

Other Guy:  He’s DEFINITELY sending a message!

Corazon picks Willmott again, this time he faces Dave Marz!  He applies the double underhook again, but this time Marz doesn’t stand by and watch!  In a tear, he flies down the ring ramp, and slides under the bottom rope into the ring!  Corazon bails out, dropping Willmott and making his way around to the ring exit, with fan boos the entire way.

Dave Dymond:  Marz FINALLY ran Corazon off here, he would have really done a number on Willmott.

Other Guy:  Poor guy.  Corazon’s so hated by these fans, and really…  he’s just a smart guy.

Dave Dymond:  You’re such an apologist.

Other Guy:  The hell do you want from me?  Your boy got the win, and moves on.  Mine gets nothing except a ration of shit from these fans!

Dave Dymond:  Well, whatever.  While we regain some control here, we’ll take you back to 2003, the match features Ben Jackman, taking on OutKast, for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship…


An image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship fades in and out of your screen…

OutKast drops Jackman with the Alienator, and falls with the man, out of breath from the painful Absolute Zero and the hellish counter he had to perform to get out of the dangerous move.  He lays there, trying to catch his breath, while Jackman, simply put, is out cold.  The fans begin to chant for OutKast and Jackman all at once, the result being one jarbled mess.

Eryk Masters:  Jack Kast?  Out Man?

Mac:  OutKast has just hit the move dangerous move in wrestling today, fellas…and he is too damn out of breath to capitalize!

Dutch Harris:  This makes one for each of these men, Jackman hitting that Tope Rope Blue On Black, and OutKast hitting his Alienator.  Both of these men have had excellent chances at making the pin, but to no avail!  It doesn’t look good for Jackman right now, but if OutKast doesn’t go for a pin, then Jackman still has a chance!

OutKast rolls to his stomach, and crawls backwards towards the ropes.  He grabs the middle rope and pulls himself back up, the fans popping as he finally gets to his feet.  Jackman, however, is still out.  OutKast goes down to grab Jackman’s head, but Jackman grabs OutKast’s head, brings him down, and wraps him up in a small package!!  The referee slides in…1…….2…….THREE—KICKOUT!!!!!!!!

Mac:  Oh my GOD!

Dutch Harris:  OutKast was almost out with that one!

Jackman gets to his feet and throws OutKast to the turnbuckle.  OutKast bounces off and staggers forward, and Jackman goes to kick him in the midsection, but OutKast grabs the foot, spins Jackman around!!  Jackman spins all the way around, right into a kick to the midsection, straight into the SECOND Alienator of the night!!!  Jackman’s head bounces off of the mat with authority.  OutKast drops down to Jackman’s body, hooks the far leg with all the strength he has left in his body, and the referee slides in to position…

Dutch Harris:  Is this it?


Eryk Masters:  C’mon, Jackman, kick out!!  Enigma could do it!


Dutch Harris:  And Jonny Johnson couldn’t…what’s your point?!


Mac:  YES!!!!!!!

The bell rings as Samantha Coil stands up, microphone in hand.



Just moments from his match, Trevor Worrens makes his way to the gorilla position.  His head hangs low, causing his hair to fall in front of his face, so he doesn’t see, at first, the man approaching from the other direction.  Kaz Sato is no longer in his wrestling gear, but in a black sleeveless shirt and blue jeans.  He crosses his arms and stands right in front of Worrens, basically blocking the path to the entranceway to the ring area.


The shout knocks Worrens out of being lost in thought, as Worrens looks up with a shake of the head and a sigh.

Trevor Worrens: What?

The two share a tension filled moment, with Sato not saying a single word, at first.

Trevor Worrens: Look, if you want to say something about your match tonight, I don’t really have time for that, I’m due up.

Worrens continues walking now, and Sato actually steps to the side, letting him pass.  Worrens is made somewhat uneasy by this, walking slower as he passes by Sato.  Just as he passes, Sato suddenly slaps him hard on the back, causing Worrens to stop, but not turn around.

Kaz Sato: Just wanted to return the kindness, Trev… and wish ya good luck. So good luck.

Worrens stands there for a moment, but then continues to walk towards the gorilla position.

Kaz Sato: I’ll be right back here watching your back.

Worrens disappears from sight, and Sato turns to a nearby chair, and he takes a seat, again crossing his arms. From there, Revolution returns to the ring, for the next tournament match up.


Immediately, "The Pursuit," by Evans Blue starts to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. The SHOOT Project tron shows various clips of Worrens’ own produced promos in an art house montage, broken up by the words Trevor Worrens and "The Failed One."

Dave Dymond: A lot of tension on the line as this World Heavyweight Championship tournament continues, but you have to imagine that a little of that tension has been lifted for Worrens, now that Kaz Sato will not be entered into the mix.

Other Guy: "The Beast" had himself a hell of a match, Dave, but he couldn’t pull it off. And yeah, maybe Worrens is breathing easy right now, but we all heard what Sato had to say, he’s waitin’ for his damn payment and sooner or later he’s gonna collect. If I was Worrens, I’d be high strung throughout this whole tourney, Dave.

Trevor Worrens starts out from the back, the fans giving him a general "unwelcome" vibe. Worrens just walks to the ring in black shoes, black jeans, and a dark purple button-up shirt, untucked. He keeps his head lowered the whole time as he approaches the ring and walks up the steel steps.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at 233 lbs… here is "The Failed One," Trevor Worrens!

Worrens enters the ring, and as his music fades out he starts to unbutton his shirt, taking it off, until Rev. Horton Heat’s "The Devil’s Chasing Me" pumps through the arena. The fans cheer, although Deacon’s still got a way to go before he’s considered a true "fan favorite".

Other Guy: And here comes the man who could have the upset of the night if he takes this one home.

Dave Dymond: Summers is coming off an impressive debut against ROGUE two weeks ago, where he earned the right to be in this very match, OG. I think it’d be a mistake to count him out of this one.

Other Guy: Did I just hear "impressive" and "ROGUE" in the same sentence, Dave? Isn’t that against the law or something?

Deacon raises one hand, running up toward the ring, and sliding in to be met by heavy blows to the back of the head and shoulders, dropping him to the mat as Worrens takes the early advantage.

Dave Dymond: Worrens starting off before the bell, Summers hasn’t even been introduced!

Other Guy: If you were Worrens, would you want to let some complete rookie like Summers make this match a joke? He’s showing Summers just how serious it has to be.

Dave Dymond: And with Sato no doubt watching, he needs to show Kaz how serious it has to be as well.

Deacon hasn’t even gotten to his feet yet, as Samantha Coil quickly finds her way out of the ring, and Worrens keeps laying about the head and shoulders of Summers. Finally, he kicks Deacon in the ribs, sending him out of the ring and onto the floor! The referee starts the count, and Trevor is yelling down at the newcomer!

Deacon is pulling himself to his feet, and barely has his bearings before Worrens slides to the outside, whipping him around and into the ring apron. Deacon crumples quickly, and Trevor throws a boot to Summers’ face. Before the ref can get to 4, Trevor has tossed Deacon back into the ring, sliding in after him.

Summers hooks an arm over the ropes, trying to pull himself up, but Worrens is there, and he whips Deacon to the ropes, and Deacon comes back, ducking a clothesline from Worrens! Worrens turns around to find that Summers stopped short, and he plants the Failed One with a back kick to the face that stuns him! Deacon flies off the ropes with a spinning wheel kick that puts Worrens on the mat! Deacon immediately goes to the top, as Worrens starts to get up, and he leaps off– right into a punch in the gut from Trevor! Deacon again crumples, and Worrens drops down, locking Deacon in a camel clutch!

Other Guy: Worrens working over the back and neck of Summers, wearing him down.

Dave Dymond: Deacon definitely has a speed advantage, but if he doesn’t start controlling the pace, he’s going to find his run in this tournament extremely short-lived.

Deacon’s reaching for the rope, but Worrens breaks the hold before he can grab on, pulling Summers to his feet– low blow from Deacon! Trevor doubles over, and Deacon comes off the rope with a bulldog! Worrens hits the mat face first, and Summers hits a somersault leg drop across the back of his head! Deacon pulls him to his feet, and tosses him to the ropes, springing off the second rope to find that nobody’s home! Worrens grabbed hold of the top rope, and Deacon caught nothing but mat.

Worrens brings his knee down on Deacon’s leg, twice… three times! Deacon grabs his knee, howling in pain, as Worrens drags him up by his pompadour. They lock up for the first time in this match, although Deacon is obviously having trouble, and Trevor pounds Summers’ side with a left knee strike, following it up with a mirrored strike on the other side! Deacon stumbles back a bit, and Worrens cracks him in the chest with a palm strike, then the same to his face! Deacon spins, but Trevor levels him with a standing clothesline to the back of Deacon’s head! Summers is face down on the mat!

Worrens drops to a knee, wrapping his arms around Summers’ back and head, pulling him up into a full nelson! Deacon’s fighting it, but with the height advantage, he’s actually got Summers off the ground! The referee is checking on Deacon, but Deacon’s not giving up! Worrens holds on for a few more moments, before dropping him down to the mat, atomic drop style! Deacon’s tailbone bounces off the canvas, and he flops backward, hands clutching his neck and lower back!

Dave Dymond: Worrens cinching an arm back behind Summers’ head… we could be seeing the shortest World Title Tournament match so far!

Other Guy: And it looks like Summers is about to be Broken Beyond Repair!

Worrens goes to wrap his other arm under Deacon’s chin, but Deacon’s fighting him every step of the way! Deacon pushes his hips up, and brings himself into a bridge, but Worrens still has a hold on one of Deacon’s arms! Deacon sends a few punches to Worrens’ face, and Worrens finally lets go of Summers arm, as both men collapse to the mat! Worrens looks absolutely stunned!

Other Guy: Summers weasels his way out of that move, and I don’t think Trevor saw that coming!

Dave Dymond: I know I didn’t! Extremely unorthodox counter, and I don’t even think Deacon expected that!

Worrens is the first one up, and he looks extremely upset with the most recent turn of events. He puts a hand to his nose to find that a small trickle of blood has started to come from it, and he turns to Deacon with a fire in his eyes. Deacon’s pulling himself to his feet slowly, and Worrens grabs him by the head, locking up. Deacon turns around him with a rear waistlock, but an elbow or two from Worrens breaks the hold, and Trevor throws a clothesline that gets ducked by the rookie, and Deacon sends a knee into Worrens’ gut, wrapping an arm around his head! He’s going for the Man’s Ruin– no! Worrens drives Deacon into a corner, ramming his shoulder into his gut! Deacon hits the turnbuckle hard, and Worrens comes out of the corner, before charging Deacon! Worrens gets a boot to the face for his troubles, dropping to the mat, as Deacon goes to the top!

Deacon flies off the top turnbuckle with a senton that flattens Trevor Worrens, and immediately Deacon runs to the ropes again, flying off the top rope to roll Boxcars! But Worrens put his knees up! Deacon hits hard, popping to his feet, doubled over! Worrens is back up instantaneously, and drops Summers with a STIFF DDT that rocks the ring!

Dave Dymond: Worrens was playing possum, and Summers is paying for it now!

Other Guy: That would be a bluff, and you’d think Deacon would understand what that is.

Worrens goes for a cover!



Thr– kickout!

Other Guy: Unbelievable! How did he kick out of that?

Dave Dymond: Sometimes it really does come down to chance, OG! And Trevor better hope that was Deacon’s last!

Worrens can’t believe what he’s seeing, after the punishment he’s put Deacon through! He pulls Deacon to his feet, turning him around, and pushes off his shoulders! Worrens lands right behind Deacon’s knees with his own, and Deacon howls in pain! However, so does Worrens! Both men drop to the mat, and the ref starts the count!

1! 2!

Worrens is getting up, but he definitely put a strain on his knees! Deacon’s not doing as well!

3! 4!

Worrens is almost to his feet, but his knee gives, dropping him back down! He catches himself, while Deacon hooks on the rope!

5! 6!

Worrens is back to his feet, and Deacon hoists himself up on the rope! Worrens grabs him, whipping him to the corner– reversed by Deacon! Worrens hits the turnbuckle, and Deacon follows him in immediately with a clothesline! Worrens stumbles out, and Deacon jumps up, barely staying on the top rope, and Deacon flies off with the Dead Man’s Hand! Worrens turns around, and he catches Deacon, dropping him almost instantly with a side backbreaker! Worrens makes the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 12 minutes and 35 seconds, "The Failed One," Trevor Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Worrens advances in the tournament, and it looks like Deacon pushed his luck a little to far tonight!

Other Guy: Thankfully for Trevor Worrens, he’s one step closer to his ultimate goal, and I think the only person who wants that more than Worrens is this man, Kaz Sato!

Sato has stepped out on the entranceway, looking down the ramp at the winner, and starting a slow applause. Worrens spots him out of the corner of his eye, finally turning to look at him, and nodding his head.


An image of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship fades in and out of your screen…

Jonny, up again, now, sees both men nearly dead in the corner, and CHARGES at them with EVERYTHING he has left to offer!  OutKast, though, somehow sensing the attack, moves out of the way and sends Jonny straight into Chris, SQUASHING him in the corner!  Jonny falls backward in a daze, while Chris simply drops down to his hands and knees.

Before Jonny can fall, though, OutKast, not exactly all there either, spins him around…  both men now facing each other.  OutKast follows through with a boot to the midsection and IMMEDIATELY HOOKS BOTH ARMS!  THE NOISE IS DEAFENING…



Eryk Masters: OH… MY… GOD!!!

Scott Kamura drops down to count…  Everyone is going crazy…  Would this finally be it?

They just wanted an answer…

“ONE!  TWO…”

Yes.  This was it.


Everyone simply begins to applaud…  Masters, Hansen as well…  “Absent” by Snot begins to blare loudly, but is barely even heard beneath the ROAR of this sold out crowd.  Scott Kamura brings the SHOOT Project Championship into the ring, and kneels down, handing it to a beaten, battered man…

OutKast grasps the title in his hand and clutches it up against his heart, tears falling from his eye, the applause and support all lost to him.  It’s all one muffled sound…  Not exactly anything, but at the same time… Everything.


The camera shot returns to the ring, where we see Samantha Coil standing in the spotlight, chatting with referee Austin Linam.  Suddenly “Have A Nice Day” by Bon Jovi starts to play, and the fans come to their feet in unanimous cheers.  Dave Marz appears in the aisle and makes his way down to the ring.  The man known as Die Hard does take the time to reach out his arms to the fans as he marches down the aisle, but he has a deadly serious look on his face, and he rolls into the ring, taking the microphone from Samantha as his music fades.

Die Hard: CORAZON!  I know you’re back there, and I know you’re listening! Listen up you no good son of a bitch…

Die Hard’s microphone cuts off, and “Sea of Sorrow” starts to play.  The sold out crowd looks up the aisle in anticipation, awaiting the appearance of Corazon.  Dave Marz throws down his microphone and leans over the top rope towards the aisle, yelling for Corazon to come down.

Dave Dymond: Well fans, we were expecting to see Dave Marz lock up with Diamond Del Carver here tonight, in a World Heavyweight Title Tournament match, but it looks like Die Hard has Corazon on his mind.

Other Guy: I can’t say I blame him…Corazon sprayed Marz in the face with Mace, temporarily blinded him, and screwed him out of the Iron Fist Championship in the process…but if I was Marz, I would worry about Corazon later, and focus on Carver right now.

Dave Dymond: You make a good point OG, but let’s not forget that ever since Corazon did beat Marz for the Iron Fist, Marz has not been able to get his hands on him.  The war has been verbal and more importantly mental since that night…and it’s obviously driving Marz crazy.  He can’t wait to get his hands on Corazon.

Other Guy: Speaking of which…I hear his music, but where is the Iron Fist Champion?

Corazon’s music continues to play, and Die Hard continues to lean over the ropes in the direction of the aisle, calling Corazon out, but the Iron Fist Champion does not appear.

Suddenly, there is a commotion in the crowd, on the other side of the ring, behind Dave Marz. The camera shot goes into the crowd, and we see a huge man, almost 7 Feet Tall and well over 300 pounds, walking through the crowd towards the ring. The behemoth has stringy black hair in his face with a black beard and black contact lenses making his eyes completely black.


The sold out crowd gasps in recognition as Obsidian reaches the ringside area, steps over the crowd barrier, and easily hops up onto the ring apron. Obsidian steps over the top rope like it is nothing, and he is now standing directly behind Die Hard Dave Marz.


Other Guy: Oh shit, I think Marz is in for it now, he doesn’t even see Obsidian coming!

Dave Marz senses something behind him, and he turns around…but too late!  Obsidian reaches out with one of his massive arms, and clamps his hand over the face of Die Hard Dave Marz.  The hand of Obsidian is so huge, it almost totally covers Die Hard’s entire face. With one smooth motion Obsidian hoists Dave Marz high into the air, as if for a chokeslam, except that he is being held by the face!  Obsidian steps forward, up against the ropes, so that he is holding Dave Marz over the top rope, while Obsidian is still in the ring.  As the fans scream, Obsidian holds Dave Marz up in the air from inside the ring…

And slams him down to the concrete on the outside!

Marz lands directly on the back of his head, and is knocked out cold! 

Dave Dymond: HOLY SHIT!  Obsidian just slammed Die Hard from inside the ring, to the outside on the back of his head!

Other Guy: TEMPLESLAM!  That’s Obsidian’s version of the chokeslam, and he just blindsided Dave Marz with it!  And look who is showing up now!

Corazon finally appears up by the video wall, and looks down the aisle at the unconscious Die Hard Dave Marz, shaking his head and smirking.  Obsidian steps over the tope rope and over the body of Dave Marz, making his way up the aisle, where he meets up with Corazon.  The two men exchange nods.  Obsidian stands behind Corazon, and the two men stare at their handiwork, while the fans almost cause an earthquake with the volume of their jeering and booing.

Dave Dymond: Corazon and Obsidian are both former members of The Vanguard, and it looks to me like they are back in cahoots!

Other Guy: You think?  Man, that was brutal.  Let’s see a replay of that.

As the announcers show a replay of Die Hard taking the Templeslam from inside the ring to the outside, Corazon and Obsidian disappear into the back, and two referee and two EMT’s rush down the aisle and kneel next to Die Hard Dave Marz, administering first aid.  The crowd goes silent except for a sparse “Die Hard” chant, but even that is weak, as it is obvious that the fans are very worried for Dave Marz.

The shot goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy at the broadcast table.

Dave Dymond: I guess Dave Marz is going to lose this match by forfeit, OG.

Other Guy: You have to hand it to Corazon, he is a master manipulator.  I mean really, he has played Marz like a fiddle so far.  He outsmarts him in the Iron Fist Tournament, he taunts the guy by showing replays, which gets Marz to go nuts, but he won’t let Marz anywhere near him, and now he brings back Obsidian to lay the guy out, and cost him his spot in the World Title Tournament. Brilliant!

Dave Dymond: Brilliant is not the word I would use for it, as far as I’m concerned, it’s despicable.  It’s a good thing for Corazon that he has that giant Obsidian around to watch his back now, because one of these days, Die Hard Dave Marz is going to catch up with him, and he’s going to need all the protection he can get.

The shot goes back to the arena floor, where we see that Dave Marz has been revived, and is sitting up, holding the back of his head in agony. He seems to be arguing with the EMT’s and referees, and to the cheers of the fans, he staggers to his feet, and rolls into the ring!  The referees and EMT’s have a heated conference, with Samantha Coil listening in.  Finally, Samantha takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been informed that Dave Marz has refused to forfeit this next match, despite his injuries!  Therefore, against the advice of the paramedics, this match will continue!

A roar of approval goes up from the fans, as the EMT’s walk back to the dressing room, shaking their heads in disbelief.  Austin Linam is back in the ring talking to Dave Marz, but Marz shakes his head in anger.

The lights go down in the arena…


Samantha: “This next bout is scheduled for one fall, and is a SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship Tournament match!  Introducing first, already in the ring to my right, from Ozone Park New York, weighing 270 pounds, this is DIE HARD DAVE MARZ!”

The fans give the popular superstar a warm and sympathetic ovation; partially due to his enormous popularity and partially due to the horrendous attack he just suffered.

“It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC starts to play and Diamond Del Carver emerges from the dressing room and strides down the aisle.  The man known as “The Hardcore Outlaw” has a concerned look on his face as he makes his way into the ring.

Samantha: His opponent hails from Jackson, Mississippi and weighs 245 pounds.  This is “The Hardcore Outlaw” Diamond Del Carver!

Del Carver walks up to Samantha Coil and Austin Linam, and starts to argue loudly, waving his arm in the air and pointing at Dave Marz.  Carver shakes his head in anger and seems to be very upset about something.  Linam speaks to Samantha, who takes the microphone in hand again.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, Dave Marz has been offered the option of forfeiting this match and he has refused.  Mr. Carver has informed the referee that he does not wish to fight Mr. Marz in his current condition.

There is a mixture of boos and cheers from the fans.

Samantha: Referee Austin Linam has stated that if Diamond Del Carver does not wrestle this match, then both he and Die Hard Dave Marz will be eliminated from the tournament!

The crowd boos loudly, and Dave Marz shouts at the referee, while still holding the back of his head in pain.

Dave Dymond: I can’t say that I understand that ruling.  If Carver won’t fight Marz, then shouldn’t Marz win by forfeit?

Other Guy: All I can guess is that SHOOT Project has decided that there won’t be any wins by forfeit in this tournament, Dymond.  So basically, Carver and Marz have to fight or they’re both out, and you know Marz doesn’t want that!

Right on cue, Die Hard Dave Marz spins Diamond Del Carver around, and slugs the veteran right on the jaw with a wicked left hook!  Carver goes down like a ton of bricks, as Samantha Coil exits the ring in a big hurry and Austin Linam calls for the bell!

The bell rings as Dave Marz stands back and calls on Del Carver, asking him to stand up.  Rubbing his jaw in anger, Carver stands up, and floors Dave Marz with a sweeping backhand!  Now Carver stands over Marz and tells him to stand up!  Die Hard Dave Marz gets to his knees, and then spears Del Carver in the midsection, tackling him to the mat!  Marz starts to rain down punches on the head of Diamond Del Carver, but from the bottom, Carver starts to fire a flurry of rabbit punches in an upward motion at Marz.  Both men start to roll around on the mat, bashing each other in the face with punches back and forth at lightening speed, as the crowd comes to their feet!

Austin Linam stands back and looks on in wonder as Dave Marz and Del Carver roll around in a heap from one side of the ring to the other, slugging each other at point blank range.  Finally, Linam inserts himself between the two men and attempts to order them to their feet.  Carver and Marz comply, but they continue to throw shots at each other while Linam tries in vain to break them up. Both men are wearing T-Shirts, Carver has his customary light blue sleeveless shirt with a Diamond logo on the chest, and Marz is wearing his black and red “Die Hard” shirt.  Carver grabs a handful of Die Hard’s shirt, and Marz grabs a bunch of Carver’s shirt.  Using each other’s shirts to hold each other in place, the two men once again start to trade punches, back and forth, left and right!  The fists are flying!

Dave Dymond: Is this a wrestling match or a hockey fight?

Other Guy: I didn’t expect to see much wrestling in this match, and I wasn’t wrong.

Both men keep each other held in place by the shirt and pound away at one another with closed fists.  As the camera shot tightens up, we can see that Diamond Del Carver now has a bleeding nose, and Die Hard Dave Marz is working on a black eye.  As the fans continue to cheer, the fists continue to fly, but slowly a bit at a time, the two men start to slow down from fatigue.  Finally, their tanks running on empty, both men stop punching, and collapse to the mat, exhausted!  To a man, the fans give the two brawlers a standing ovation, and Dave Marz weakly gets to his knees and falls across Diamond Del Carver in a cover!



Carver kicks out!

Dave Marz curses, and pulls Del Carver to his feet.  Marz grabs Carver by the shirt again, and then starts to fire a succession of elbow smashes to the top of the head of the veteran, “bionic elbow” style.  Diamond Del Carver starts to rock back and forth on his feet, dazed.  Marz boots Carver in the chest as hard as he can, and once again The Hardcore Outlaw goes down!  Marz goes for the cover again…



Carver gets the shoulder up.

Die Hard stands up, but only for a moment.  Marz leaps into the air, and comes down with a legdrop across the chest of Del Carver.  As Carver shakes from the impact, Marz goes for the cover again…



No!  Carver stubbornly lifts his shoulder up!

Dave Dymond: You’d never believe that Dave Marz just got knocked out about ten minutes ago with the effort he’s putting in here now, OG.

Other Guy: Maybe so, but I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t have a concussion.  He’s fighting on pure guts right now, and that’s only going to get him so far.

Dave Marz is the first to his feet, and he starts to stomp on Carver, his eyes blazing. Die Hard is relentless, stomping away at Diamond Del Carver.  Carver places his arms over his head to protect himself, and starts to roll across the ring, towards the ropes. Finally, Carver rolls under the ropes, and falls to the outside with a thud!

As the referee starts to administer his count, Die Hard paces back and forth, shouting for Carver to get back in the ring.  Diamond Del Carver calmly stands up, and takes a moment to gather himself after the brutal stomping he took from Dave Marz.  Carver rubs his jaw and ribs painfully, but then shakes his head, and heads back towards the apron.

Suddenly, Del Carver reaches under the bottom rope, and grabs Die Hard by the leg, pulling as hard as he can! Dave Marz lands flat on his back in shock, after having his legs pulled out from underneath him!  Carver hangs on to Die Hard’s leg, and hauls him right out of the ring, to the outside! Carver grasps Marz around the left wrist and pulls, sending the Die Hard careening towards the steel rings steps! Die Hard collides with the steel steps shoulder first, and both Marz and the steps go flying!  The fans erupt, and Carver goes after Die Hard as the announcers run a replay of the wild collision!

Del Carver grabs Die Hard by the back of the head, and slams him head first to the apron.  Marz’s head bounces back, and Carver grabs it, and rolls him into the ring.  Del Carver slides in after him…but Die Hard is up first! Dave Marz grabs Carver by the back of the head as he slides in, and then drives a knee lift right into Carver’s gut, driving the wind out of him!  Carver keels over, and Die Hard starts to hammer Diamond Del across the back with a barrage of forearm smashes. Del Carver falls to his hands and knees, and Die Hard is on him like a tiger, hammering the wizened veteran with a non-stop assault of forearms across the back, and boots to the midsection.  Carver is being beaten down like a dog!

Dave Dymond: Man, somebody forgot to tell Die Hard that he was supposed to be injured here…he’s giving Diamond Del all he can handle and then some!

Other Guy: I have to admit, I am a bit shocked that Marz managed to survive being outside the ring with Carver.  Not many do.

Die Hard finally backs off Carver, and stands behind him, waiting patiently for the veteran to get to his feet.  However, Del Carver is so dazed from the onslaught, he simply lays on his face in the middle of the ring.  Marz gets impatient, and locks Carver up in a rear waist lock and launches Diamond Del Carver backward in a textbook Back Suplex!  Carver bounces from the impact, as Die Hard performs a bridging cover!  The referee slides down for the count…




At the last second, Diamond Del Carver lifts his shoulder off the mat!  The fans gasp in surprise at the close count. Die Hard is not done.  Marz pulls Diamond Del Carver to his feet by the back of the neck, grabs him around the wrist, and Irish Whips him into the ropes! Carver bounces off the ropes, and Die Hard fires a vicious looking lariat style clothesline at Diamond Del…but Carver ducks!

Diamond Del Carver uses the momentum to his advantage, and keeps going, and rebounds off the far ropes on the other side of the ring…and then comes back at Die Hard! Dave Marz will not be caught off guard, and he wheels around, and catches Carver on the rebound with a crunching knee to the midsection!

Diamond Del Carver literally spins 360 degrees in the air from the impact, before hitting the mat, flat on his back!  Die Hard goes for the cover again…




Carver kicks out!

Die Hard curses loudly, and pulls Carver back to his feet.  Marz drags Carver over to the ropes, and places his head on the ropes.  The fans scream, as Dave Marz drags Del Carver’s face along the ropes!

Dave Dymond:  Oh man, he’s just grinding Carver’s face into the rope!

Other Guy: You know how much is riding on this match, Dymond…and Marz knows Carver’s weak spots!

Diamond Del Carver stumbles away, adjusting his leather eye patch as he does so. Die Hard comes up from behind, and places both his hands together, and then lifts them over his head, ready to slam a double axehandle smash across the back of Diamond Del Carver.

Suddenly, without even turning around, Carver fires a boot backwards, in a mule kick, catching Die Hard right in the gut, and Marz falls to the mat, clutching his midsection. Diamond Del Carver turns around, leaps into the air, and lands a sharp elbow smash right across the chest of Die Hard as he lays on the mat. Die Hard’s body jack-knifes in the air from the impact of the elbow smash, and this time it is Carver who goes for the cover, hoping to take advantage of temporarily driving the wind out of Marz…



Die Hard kicks out!

Diamond Del Carver keeps on the attack, reaches down, locks up Marz, and fires him backwards with a snap suplex!

Another cover by Carver!



NO!  Die Hard kicks out with authority!

Dave Dymond: Good solid back and forth action here Other.  Carver almost suplexed Die Hard right out of his boots there!

Other Guy: Yeah…sometimes I forget that this old goat can actually wrestle.

Diamond Del Carver reaches down for another suplex. Die Hard sees it coming, and reaches up, grabbing Carver as he is leaning down to lock up the suplex.  Die Hard shifts his weight, and rolls Carver up in a small package attempt, pulling on his jeans for good measure!




At the last possible second, Carver breaks free from the small package attempt!  The fans come to their feet in excitement as the two men start to get up at the same time.  Dave Marz rolls out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair.  Seeing this, Carver rolls out of the ring on the opposite side, and grabs a steel chair of his own!  As the fans cheer in anticipation, both men roll back into the ring, holding steel chairs.  Diamond Del Carver and Die Hard Dave Marz both swing their chairs at the exact same time!


The two chairs collide at the sound echoes throughout the arena!  Both men are forced to drop their respective chairs due to the reverberations.  Austin Linam kicks one chair out of the ring, but Die Hard steps on the other one to keep it in play.  As Die Hard keeps his foot clamped down on the chair, Austin Linam tries to kick it away, and Diamond Del Carver takes advantage!  Carver slaps a rear waistlock on Die Hard and slips one arm up into a half nelson!

Dave Dymond: Look out!  Diamond Del Carver has Die Hard Dave Marz locked up for the DIAMOND DEATH DROP!

Other Guy: If he lands on top of his head, Marz will be out cold…maybe for good!

Die Hard Dave Marz starts to struggle mightily, knowing that if he comes down on top of his head, he will be in big trouble.  With a huge effort, Die Hard spins both men around, and reverses position, so they are facing the other way, and now Dave Marz has Del Carver in a rear waistlock! Marz is now standing behind Carver as he tucks his head under one of the Carver’s arms. Die Hard lifts Diamond Del Carver off the ground and falls backwards, dropping him on top of his head/neck…on top of the STEEL CHAIR!


The crowd gasps at the site of Die Hard Dave Marz hitting his patented Back Drop Driver on Diamond Del Carver, on top of a steel chair no less!  Die Hard makes the cover…




The bell rings and the sound of Bon Jovi starts to blast throughout the arena.  Austin Linam grabs Die Hard Dave Marz by the arm and raises it high in the air, as the fans blow the roof off the arena!


Die Hard stands in the middle of the ring with his arms over his head in victory.  Diamond Del Carver gets up to one knee, holding the back of his head.  Carver has a look of total shock and disbelief on his face, and is shaking his head.  The veteran rolls out of the ring, and grabs the timekeeper’s table, turning it over!  The bell flies to one side, papers and water glasses also fly through the air.  Diamond Del Carver picks up a steel chair, and hurls it onto the ground.

Dave Dymond:  What an upset fans!  Dave Marz comes by his nickname honestly, he really does DIE HARD!  After being knocked out cold by Obsidian just moments before this match, Dave Marz guts it out, and manages to defeat Diamond Del Carver!

Other Guy: Speaking of upset, look at Carver!  He’s throwing a tantrum out there that is worthy of Bret Hart in Montreal!

Del Carver is walking around the ring, his hands on his hips, shaking his head in anger.  Carver kicks a trashcan, sending it flying, and then a steel chair.  His face red with anger, Diamond Del Carver slowly walks up the aisle, back to the dressing room.

Die Hard Dave Marz is still in the ring, celebrating as his music plays.  Suddenly, the music stops.  Die Hard and the fans look around in confusion, when the spotlight comes on, and Obsidian and Corazon emerge from the dressing room again, heading towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: “Oh no, no not again!  For the love of gawd, leave this poor guy alone!  He just scored one of the biggest wins of his life, and here comes Corazon and Obsidian to ruin it!”

Sure enough, the massive Obsidian climbs the steps, with Corazon right behind him.  Die Hard charges at Obsidian, but Obsidian blows past him with a running clothesline which almost takes Die Hard’s head off!  Marz spins through the air and hits the mat!  As Corazon stands to the side and barks orders, Obsidian starts to stomp on the head of Dave Marz!  The fans are hurling trash and debris at the ring, and are booing so loud the building is almost shaking.  Samantha Coil and Mark Kendrick have set the timekeepers table up again, and are ringing the bell over and over again.  Corazon circles around the prone Dave Marz, while Obsidian continues to stomp away at his head…

Suddenly, the crowd erupts as Diamond Del Carver charges back down the aisle!  Carver comes barreling towards the ring at full speed, and slides under the bottom rope, holding a steel chair!  Carver swings the chair at Corazon, who ducks and rolls out of the ring!  As Die Hard Dave Marz lies on the mat, holding his head, Diamond Del Carver faces off with Obsidian!

Every fan is on their feet as Diamond Del Carver and Obsidian stare each other down in the middle of the ring, over the prone body of Die Hard Dave Marz!  Del Carver swings the steel chair, right at the head of Obsidian!


The chair literally bends…but Obsidian shrugs it off!

Diamond Del Carver looks at the bent chair in shock, and then at Obsidian.  Finally, Carver shrugs, and swings the chair again!


Once again, Diamond Del Carver nails Obsidian directly over the head with the steel chair, bending it…but Obsidian holds his ground! Carver throws the chair on the ground in anger, cursing.  Obsidian folds his arms across his chest, as if he is daring Carver to try and knock him down.

Diamond Del Carver balances himself on one leg, and takes a “karate kid” style stance, howling in a mock martial arts yell.  Suddenly, Carver boots upward as hard as he can, hitting Obsidian right square in the groin!  The crowd groans as Obsidian falls to his knees, holding his groin in pain!  Carver picks up the chair again, and brandishes it, as if he is about to wallop Obsidian over the head again, but from the outside, Corazon grabs Obsidian by the foot and pulls him out.

Obsidian roars in anger and tries to climb back into the ring, but Corazon holds him back, while he points at Diamond Del Carver and shouts.  Del Carver drops to one knee to check on Die Hard Dave Marz, but not before flipping his middle finger at Corazon and Obsidian.  Obsidian and Corazon head back up the aisle to the dressing room, Obsidian limping slightly and Corazon staring daggers at Diamond Del Carver.

Die Hard Dave Marz struggles to his feet, and looks at Diamond Del Carver in shock.  It is obvious that Marz is surprised that Carver made the save for him, after he had just defeated Carver and eliminated him from the World Title Tournament.  Marz looks at Carver uncertainly, but finally extends his hand.  Carver firmly shakes hands with Die Hard, as the fans explode!

Dave Dymond: Fans, have we just witnessed the rebirth of the Mason/Dixon Express?

Other Guy: We may have just witnessed Diamond Del Carver signing his own death warrant by getting in the way of Corazon and Obsidian.  Nobody asked him to come out here, and nobody would have blamed him if he hadn’t done it, after he just lost to Marz.

Dave Dymond: What a night!  Obsidian returns and knocks Dave Marz out cold!  Dave Marz toughs it out and defeats Diamond Del Carver, who then saves him from another beating!  Only in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy:  Well, while we recover out here, I’ve got word from the back that Donovan King is standing with one, Eryk Masters.


We cut backstage to Abigail Chase who looks beautiful as always. With mic in hand, she speaks.

Abigail Chase: What a terrific match that we just saw out there and one of the men watching that match very intently joins me right now.

The camera zooms out to reveal none other than "Ravishing" Ron Barker looking off into the distance with a serious look on his face. The crowd quickly begins to boo which forms a smirk on Ron’s face. He’s clearly not dressed for battle tonight as he’s dressed very casually in a simple black suit.

Abigail Chase: First off, we just witnessed an incredible brawl which saw–

Ron Barker: You know, I could care less who actually won because quite frankly it doesn’t matter. It’s a new era here in SHOOT Project… the Ravishing Era. I’ve prophecized it and indeed it has come true. This is MY time and everybody knows that this tournament is just a small formality before I get my hands on the SHOOT Project World Championship.

The crowd can be heard booing at the thought as Ron smiles in response.

Abigail Chase: Well, it won’t be an easy task as you’ve raised the ire of several SHOOT Soldiers including Osbourne Kilminster, Ray Willmott, Ainsley Lake, and one Cade Sydal.

Ron Barker: Give me a goddamn break! See, last week I wanted to send a message not only to Osbourne Kilminster but to the entire roster! "Ravishing" Ron Barker is just a few steps from claiming what is his and there isn’t ANYONE who’s going to stop me. Not Osbourne, definitely not Ray Willmott, and certainly not Ainsley Lake.

Abigail Chase: About Ainsley…

Ron interrupts her.

Ron Barker: What are you going to ask? What are my intentions with her? Am I going to wine and dine her? Try and get her in the sack? Please. Whatever I’ve got going on is my own damn business and to be honest, it’s none of yours. Next question!

Abigail is slightly taken aback.

Abigail Chase: Ok… well what about Cade? Two weeks ago you called him out on his personal issues and chastised him in front of the Revolution crowd. Do you think your actions will give him focus for his match tonight and do you think it could fuel the fire he needs to win?

Ron Barker laughs.

Ron Barker: Fuel the fire? Abigail, the only thing that fuels Cade’s fire is a lighter under that dirty spoon where he smokes his crack. That kid is nothing more than an over-hyped junkie who needs to get the help he so desperately requires! But without question, I’ll be watching. Will he win? I wouldn’t exactly count on it… but I’ve got my seat reserved and I’m going to see what that Acrobatic Addict can do tonight. That’s something you can count on.

Ron Barker grabs the mic from Abigail Chase and looks in the camera.

Ron Barker: Everyone in this tournament is on notice. While it may be fun and games to think you might have a shot… let’s be realistic. This is SHOOT Project. This MY home. This is MY time. None of you can stop me. And as for you, Cade? I’ll be seeing you very soon.

Ron smirks before walking off as he hands the mic back to Abigail who just watches him leave rather dumbfoundedly.


The camera moves to the backstage area where we see Eryk Masters standing with his microphone clutched in his grip.  Behind him is the SP banner.  The fans pop for him as he grins from ear to ear.

Eryk Masters:  We’re hip deep in SHOOT Project action tonight, and I for one can’t wait for the main event of this evening, momentarily pitting Cade Sydal against the man who went through Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato earlier tonight…Jun Kenshin!

The fans pop.

Eryk Masters:  After that, we’re going to have our ELITE eight competitors set up for next week’s semi-finals!  With me now is a man who already qualified for that next week…

From off screen appears none other than Donovan King, bringing the fans who were cheering for Eryk Masters to boo loudly.  King sucks his teeth at the sounds of the booing as he steps onscreen, wearing a pair of baggy black jeans with his plaid boxers barely showing.  He wears a gold bracelet and has no shirt on, exposing his newest tattoo over his heart, “est. 1983” written in gothic font.

Eryk Masters:  These fans aren’t happy to see you tonight, are they?

Donovan King:  Maaaan…fuck dese hatas, man.  Dey ain’t my problem.

The fans boo louder for that.

Donovan King:  Yeah.  Go ‘head.  Boo.  Y’all can hate all y’all want to, but it’s me in dat elite eight.  Did your hero Del Carver make it?

The boos continue.

Donovan King:  How about Ozzy Kilminster, the guy e’erybody was hyped up on.  Nigga had two shots…

He holds his fingers up.

Donovan King:  Fucked ‘em both up.  ‘Ey, Ozzy!  You got eliminated by dat Clown, right?  Wasn’t Ron Barker out dere, too?  Didn’t they both come from duh same company befo’ comin’ here?  Wasn’t you dere, too?

He sucks his teeth.

Donovan King:  Awww, too bad, so sad.  Sit on the sidelines and practice wit’ yo’ MMA, dawg, and let me take up duh mantle fo’ duh streets.

Eryk Masters:  Bold words, as always, Donovan.  There’s seven slots set for the next round of the World Championship Tournament.  Jester Smiles, Ray Willmott, Ron Barker, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, Michael Collins, and you, Donovan King.  In just a few moments, Cade Sydal and Jun Kenshin will duke it out for the rights for that eighth slot—

Donovan King:  How much you gon’ hype dat shit in MY interview, man?  A fuckin’ wiry ass junkie and a cat who looks like he can’t decide between the Art uh War and duh Fast and duh Furious.  Who gives a fuck about Jun Kenshin and Cade fuckin’ Sydal?

The fans boo again.

Donovan King:  Dis tournament’s seen its fair share of muhfuckas getting hyped up.  E’erybody loves Ozzy Kilminster, we can’t wait to see ‘im!  Del Carver’s last shot at glory, we can’t wait to see ‘im!  Benjamin Biggs, young star’s chance to shine outta his brother’s shadow, can’t wait to see ‘im!  Where duh fuck is dese cats at now?  Oh yeah…watchin’ Donovan King next week from dere couches as the torch ain’t just passed, it’s fuckin’ RIPPED out dey hands!

The fans boo once more.

Eryk Masters:  With the re-seeding, Donovan, are you anxious to see Jester Smiles in the next round?

Donovan King:  Dat Clown?

He pauses, glaring at the camera.

Donovan King:  No matter what happens in dis tournament…if I get my ass knocked out dis bitch or I’m your World Champ in duh makin’…none uh dat’s gonna stop what’s comin’, Clown.

His body tenses as his fury grows.

Donovan King:  Clutch yo’ belt tight, boy.  No matter what fuckin’ happens, bring yo’ axe, I’mma bring dat pipe dat put you down…I don’t give a fuck.  As a matter of fact, I wish Jason Johnson WOULD re-seed you against me!  I wish you would put dat belt up when you see me, too!  Come hell or high water, Clown, I don’t give a fuck!

Eryk Masters:  And if the random re-seeding puts you against someone else?

Donovan King:  Like who?

Eryk Masters:  Ray Willmott, Dave Marz, or—

Donovan King:  I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.  If I got Ray Willmott OR Dave Marz, I’ll finish the fuckin’ job Corazon an’ his boy started!  I don’t…

Donovan’s voice trails off as more boos resonate in the arena as Corazon appears with the massive brutal Obsidian.

Corazon:  Heh… 

Corazon glances up towards Obsidian, who’s looking down at Donovan King with a very controlled grin. 

Corazon:  Eryk, you’ve gotten Mr. King all feisty and excited.

Corazon smiles.

Eryk Masters:  I guess so, but—

Donovan King:  Damn.  Saw y’all out dere…like some killas!  Do yo’ thang, playboy.

Donovan King reaches his hand out to slap Corazon’s.

Corazon slaps King’s hand, but holds on and pulls him in, whispering something into his ear.  After, he pushes him back to where he was. 

Corazon:  Let’s hope we can keep things interesting, King. 

King looks up to Obsidian and back to Corazon.

Donovan King:  You ain’t said nothin’ but a word.

Eryk Masters:  Gentlemen, I..

Corazon and Obsidian brush past Eryk Masters while Donovan King begins to…sing?

Donovan King:  I was boooooorn by duh rivuh…in a lil’ tent…but like dat rivuh I been runnin’…ever since…

He walks off camera, leaving Eryk Masters very confused.

Donovan King:  It’s been a looooong…loooong time comin’, but I knoooooow…

His voice trails down the hall way.


Dave Dymond: Its time for our main event, and Other Guy, I’m absolutely excited about this one!

Other Guy: Why? Because Jun Kenshin got lucky and slipped past Kilminster to make it to this match?

Dave Dymond: No, because this is a rematch I’ve been waiting to see for a very long time now!

Suddenly, Dave Dymond and Other Guy’s back-and-forth banter is cut off by “Natural One” by Folk Implosion. The fans turn to the entrance ramp and begin to litter it vocally with jeers. Ron Barker steps through the curtain, still in the same casual attire from previously in the evening, Barker begins to make his way slowly down the ramp, smirking at the booing masses.

Dave Dymond: What is he doing out here?

Other Guy: Why don’t you ask him yourself? He’s comin’ this way.

Barker makes his way slowly around the ring and around the commentary table. He makes his way to the left of Other Guy, opposite Dave Dymond, and sits. He pulls a headset over his head and grins.

Dave Dymond: What are you doing out here?

Other Guy: I didn’t really think you’d ask him,sheesh. Show some respect!

Ron Barker: Its alright. I came out here to watch Cade Sydal fall flat on his face. I came out here because this is the best seat in the house to watch that happen.

The shot pans to the inside of the ring, where Samantha Coil now stands. Barker’s music fades out, and Samantha raises the microphone to her mouth.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is set with a 30 minute time limit, and is a first round match in the SHOOT Project World Title Tournament!

The fans begin to cheer, buzzing with excitement, as the tournament so far has been HOT! Suddenly nonpoint’s “Broken Bones” hits, and the fans turn back to the entrance ramp. Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, his eyes telling the story as he glares down the ramp, across the ring, at Ron Barker. The fans cheer as he starts marching down the rampe, his longish blonde hair tied back in a short ponytail, keeping it out of his face for the evening.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 179 poounds, from Southport, North Carolina! He is CADE SYDAL!

Cade leaps onto the apron almost effortlessly and launches himself over the top rope with a slingshot. Cade never takes his eyes off of Barker, who remains calm at ringside.

Dave Dymond: I’m not so sure it wasa smart idea coming out here, Barker!

Ron Barker: Why? He can’t do anything to me. He’ll get his ass locked up again.

Other Guy: Parole is a son-of-a-bitch like that, Dave.

“Broken bones” slowly fades out as Cade spits in Barker’s direction. “Undeniable” by Mos Def starts up, and the fans begin cheering yet again. Cade’s head snaps toward the entrance ramp, his angry gaze now going to the stage as Jun Kenshin steps through the curtains, his left shoulder wrapped in an ACE bandage thanks to the match he had earlier in the evening. Kenshin makes his way down the ramp, his face not etched with anger, but with determination.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from San Diego, California! Weighing in at 204 pounds! He is JUN KENSHIN!

Dave Dymond: I’ll tell you what, Jun Kenshin barely made it out of that match earlier!

Other Guy: he’s lucky to be alive, after everything Kilminster did, let alone in this match right now.

As Kenshin makes it to the bottom of the ramp, Cade hits the opposite ropes and dashes right for him, diving through the ropes, spiraling his body in a corkscrew suicide dive onto the unsuspecting Jun Kenshin!

Dave Dymond: You can’t deny it, guys! That was spectacular!

Other Guy: Sure, it was great, if you like that whole attacking the guy before the match starts, thing. But, don’t you think he should sorta forgive Jun Kenshin by now?

Cade gets to his feet first and grabs Kenshin by his left wrist. He pulls Kenshin to his feet before twisting under the arm and snapping a straight kick up into the wrapped up shoulder, damaged earlier in the evening. Cade grabs Kenshin by the back of the head and rolls him into the ring, keeping ahold of the wrist outside the ring, Cade hops onto the apron just quick enough to drive a knee down on the shoulder while the rest of Kenshin’s body lies on the other side of the ropes!

Dave Dymond: You’re being awfully quite Ron. Is it because you’re wondering if you made a mistake messing with Sydal?

Ron Barker: Not at all, Dave. I’m actually rather enjoying this, watching the junkie try and succeed and all.

Other Guy: To be fair, guys, Kilminster and Sato helped Cade out a lot earlier. Frankly, I think Kenshin is even lucky to have made it this far, because I thought Kilminster had this spot for sure.

Cade releases the wrist and steps through the ropes. Referee Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell finally, and the match is officially under way. Kenshin rolls to his right shoulder, keeping his arm close to him, and Cade sends a stiff kick across Kenshin’s shoulder blades for his efforts. Cade rolls Kenshin onto his back and hooks a leg, burying an elbow in Kenshin’s left shoulder as he does so.

Dave Dymond: The tenacity of Cade Sydal is off the charts tonight!



Other Guy: But is it gonna do him any good?


Kenshin kicks out and Cade glares outside the ring, right at Ron Barker.

Ron Barker: One thing’s for sure, him looking at me like he needs to borrow some money to get his next fix isn’t gonna help him tonight!

Dave Dymond: You’re a real damn jerk! Can’t you realize he’s battling some real demons, and you’re sure as hell not helping him any?!

Other Guy: Its like he said before, its called tough love, Dave.

Cade spits in Barker’s general direction, before pulling Kenshin up by his wrist. Cade twists under the arm again to apply pressure to the shoulder, before sending Kenshin off the ropes with an Irish whip. Kenshin manages to plant his feet and reverses the whip, using both hands to do so. Kenshin catches Cade with a hard back elbow on the rebound, running at Cade to add more force to the blow. Kenshin quickly follows by leaping over Cade and driving the same right elbow into Cade’s sternum!

Dave Dymond: Let’s not forget, folks, Jun Kenshin has been through a war earlier in the night, and he is doing everything he can to pull off the victory here, and he’s doing a good job at being resilient and offensive, as we just found out!

Other Guy: So you’re just gonna ride the fence all night, huh? Like, cheer for the guy on top the whole time, that way your guy wins no matter what?

Dave Dymond: The fans win no matter what in this case, Other Guy. The fans. I happen to believe both of these guys are incredible in-ring performers.

Ron Barker: Can it, Dave. You’re annoying me.

Kenshin rubs his left shoulder, trying to keep blood flowing to it, before he guides Cade to his feet. Kenshinsends a hard knife edge chop from his right hand into Cade’’ chest, and Cade steps back to the ropes. Kenshin whips Cade off the ropes quickly, and catches him on the rebound, this time with a drop toehold. Kenshin pushes to his feet quickly and rushes at Cade as Cade pushes to his hands and knees, Kenshin drives the bottom of his boot into the side of Cade’s face!

Other Guy: Wow! I heard that one, heh.

Kenshin hooks the leg deep!


Dave Dymond: That hard running boot certainly didn’t do any favors for Cade, that’s for sure!



Cade kicks out, and Kenshinrubs his left arm, having used it to help with the cover. Kenshin bends to pull Cade up, but Cade snaps a hard kick upward into Kenshin’s left shoulder! Kenshin backs up, holding his arm, then turns back to Cade, who nips up and snaps straight into kenshin with a dropsault, shoving off his chest with both feet to not only launch himself into a moonsault, but rather to backflip all the way through to his feet! Cade quickly hits the ground running, running right at Kenshin, Cade leaps into the air and drives a flying headbutt into the base of Kenshin’s shoulder! Cade quickly swings into a cover, holding Kenshin by his left wrist.

Other Guy: man, seriously, if this was Kilminster in there we’d be seeing a completely different match.


Dave Dymond: But we’re not, and Cade Sydal has the cover!



Kenshin kicks out, and Cade pulls Kenshin to a seated position by his arm, before bending the arm behind Kenshin’s own head, Cade grapevines his arm with kenshin’s to lock it into place, applying pressure to the shoulder. Cade apparently isn’t happy with just that, however, as he puts the top of his head on Kenshin’s wrist, Cade rolls forward, bridging, to apply more pressur to Kenshin’s shoulder as he bends him awkwardly forward!

Ron Barker: What the hell is that?

Dave Dymond: He has Jun Kenshin sitting, and bent forward, while bridging on his shoulder and torquing it.

Ron Barker: I can see that, but what the hell would you call it?

Other Guy: Iunno, the something-or-other special?

Cade swings his body to his left, rolling himself behind Kenshin, maintaing the hold on Kenshin’s shoulder, Cade quickly releases in time to dropkick Kenshin in the back of the shoulder! Cade pulls Kenshin down and covers him again, pressing his knee this time into Kenshin’s left shoulder.

Dave Dymond: Cade is keeping all his weight and pressure on that left shoulder every time he goes for the cover!



Other Guy: heh, yeah. Luckily for Kenshin that’s not exactly a lot of weight.


Kenshin rolls his right shoulder off the canvas. Cade pulls Kenshin to his feet by his left wrist and twists under the arm yet again, before whipping him into the nearest corner.

Ron Barker: He must be doped up on speed right now. Seriously, there’s no way he’s got this much energy if he was just on pot tonight.

Dave Dymond: How many times do you have to be told he’s clean now?

Ron Barker: I need to hear it until its actually true, Dave.

Other Guy: Man, I know that’s right.

Cade backs up to the opposite corner then glares at Ron barker at the commentary booth. He throws both middle fingers into the air and shouts out “FUCK YOU!” turning as he does toward Jun Kenshin, he charges still screaming. Kenshin throws an elbow up and out at the last possible second, catching Cade under the chin, and Cade stumbles back. Undeterred, Cade rushes back at Kenshin, and Kenshin this time throws his right foot up into Cade’s chest, sending him backward several feet again.

Ron Barker: See, Cade? Where has all your anger gotten you? Nowhere.

Dave Dymond: This time it does certainly seem like Kenshin has the upper hand, I’ll give you that. Kenshin is keeping his head cleared, and he’s seeing holes in Cade’s offense.

Other Guy: There you go, riding that fence. You got splinters in your ass yet?

Kenshin explodes out of the corner now, and this time Cade catches him hard with an elbow directed right at Kenshin’s left shoulder. Kenshin stumbles back into the corner, holding his shoulder, and Cade runs in at him again. Kenshin ducks his right shoulder down and sends Cade over the top rope, but Cade holds onto the top rope and swings to land on the apron. Kenshin turns around and Cade snaps a kick hard up into the side of Kenshin’s face, dropping him to the canvas.

Dave Dymond: Oh! Something tells me Cade wishes that was your face right about now, Ron Barker!

Ron Barker: Could that be because he’s looking over here at me?

Other Guy: Dave likes to point out the obvious. You’ll figure that out soon, man.

Cade ascends to the top rope and leaps off effortlessly, turning himself backwards head over heel into a Shooting Star Press, only his body keeps roatating and he looks to be coming through for an inverted 450!

Dave Dymond: 469 2k8!

Other Guy: I gotta give him props, that is so serious hang-time!

Kenshin gets his knees up at the last second, catching Cade in the small of his back, and Cade bounces off the knees onto his side, holding his lower back as he screams out in absolute agony!

Ron Barker: And yet, that hang-time didn’t help him out, because Kenshin’s knees had enough time to get up into his back!

Dave Dymond: That back he had broken some 11 months or more ago!

Other Guy: At Jun Kenshin’s hands! We’ll see if Kenshin has really changed now or not!

Kenshin slowly pulls himself to his feet, as Cade clutches his lower back, lying on his side. Kenshin stares down at Cade, before pulling Cade to his feet. Kenshin hooks Cade in a front facelock and quickly snaps him back with a snap suplex! Cade arches his back upon impact, and Kenshin quickly floats into a cover!

Dave Dymond: I’d say by his willingness to go for the cover, he has!




Cade kicks out.

Other Guy: Not that it matters, apparently, because he’s still gonna focus on that back now.

Ron Barker: That’s just smart strategy though. And if he does break Cade’s back again, who really cares? Anyone?

Dave Dymond: I—

Ron Barker: Shut up.

Kenshin oulls Cade to his feet, but Cade snaps a hard jab into Kenshin’s left shoulder! Cade clutches his lower back, before grabbing Kenshin by the wrist and starts to whip Kenshin. Kenshin reverses the whip! Kenshin swings a right-armed clothesline as Cade comes off the ropes, but Cade catches the arm at the elbow as he passes, using it to twist his body back around at full speed, he swings himself around Kenshin’s body with a flying headscissors, before flowing all the way through catching Kenshin by the left arm Cade falls all the way back without ever touching the canvas with his feet, with a falling armbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Wow! That falling armbreaker came out of absolutely nowhere!

Other Guy: But Cade had to drive himself down on his back in order to pull that shit off, Dave.

Ron Barker: All we need now is to see Cade fail, and I’ll have proven my point. He’s a loser. A hack. A junkie. He needs to be in rehab again, not in our ring!

Both men lie on the canvas. Kenshin cradling his left shoulder, and Cade arching his back in agony. Cade slowly gets to his feet as referee Tony Lorenzo checks on both men. Jun Kenshin is just a split-second behind him. Cade instantly lunges into Kenshin with a hard forearm to the side of the head. Kenshin rocks back, and responds in kind with his own right forearm. Cade rocks back and lunges in, thrusting his forehead forward at the last second, into Kenshin’s left shoulder! Kenshin grimaces in pain, but refuses to back down, kicking hard into Cade’s exposed lower back now!

Dave Dymond: Both of these men realize what’s at stake, and neither man wants to back down!

Other Guy: That ain’t no joke, Dave.

Cade drops to a knee after the hard kick to his lower back, and Kenshin takes a step back. Cade explodes off his knee and leaps into the air for the NINJAGUIRI!

Dave Dymond: NINJAGUIRI!

Ron Barker: Shit…

Jun Kenshin ducks it at the last second! Cade manages to get his feet under him to keep from crashing to the canvas, and Cade turns right into a superkick!

Other Guy: Heaven’s Blade! Haha, wow!

Kenshin drops to make the cover, hooking both legs with his right arm!




Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin did it! He went through Kaz Sato AND Osbourne Kilminster just to make it to the main event, and now he has finally out wrestled Cade Sydal!

Ron Barker: I knew Cade didn’t have it in him.

“Undhits the airwaves once again, as Jun Kenshin slowly gets to his feet, raising his right arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, and advancing to the second round of the WORLD TITLE TOURNAMENT! At a time of 23 minutes and 16 seconds! JUN KENSHIN!

Kenshin lowers his arm and bends, slowly helping Cade to his feet, as the fans begin to cheer loudly. Kenshin looks Cade in the eyes and the two stare at each other for a brief moment.

Other Guy: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Dave Dymond: That’s enough of that! They just went through a war with each other!

After a few wordless moments, with the fans cheering loudly at multiple possibilities, Kenshin slowly backs to the ropes and steps through. He starts to make his way up the ramp. Meanwhile, Ron barker slowly stands from the announce position and removes his headset.

Dave Dymond: Where the hell are you going, Barker?!

Other Guy: Maybe he’s gonna give Cade a pep talk?

Barker makes his way to Samantha Coil and takes the microphone from her hand. Barker slides under the bottom rope behind Cade.

Ron Barker: Well, well, well.

The music slowly fades and Cade turns his focus from Kenshin, as Kenshin makes his way through the curtain, to glare a hole through Ron Barker. Ron just smirks at Cade.

Ron Barker: Looks liken you proved me right. Looks like you’ve let everyone down again, because you can’t keep yourself clean! You’ve proven to be nothing but a needle-addicted waste of space, Sydal!

The fans go from elation to outright jeering at Ron Barker. Cade slowly shakes his head and starts to turn away.

Ron Barker: You don’t get to walk away this time, boy. Nah, see, you don’t deserve the spot you’ve got! You don’t deserve to be making a paycheck! You belong back in prison, and rehab! That’s where you belong, Sydal!

Cade stares at Barker, hard. Ron smiles and nods.

Ron Barker: You know why your hero is so silent, folks? Because he knows its true! He can’t stand here and say differently because he doesn’t want to lie to all of you, like he’s lied to himself! Think about your daughter, Sydal! Think about how your actions effect HER!

Cade snatches the microphone from Ron Barker and Barker steps back, a little shocked at the sudden action.

Dave Dymond: Let him have it, Cade!

Other Guy: Have what? Some crank?

Cade Sydal: I do think about how things effect her, Ron. That’s why two weeks ago, I didn’t fatten your lip and make you scream like a little bitch!

Ron reaches for the microphone, but Cade pulls it out of his reach, and the fans cheer at Barker being kept silent.

Cade Sydal: Fuck you, dude. I ain’t done yet. Fact is, though, I did some talking this week with my parole officer. And he says….ahhh fuck this!

Cade drops the microphone and leaps up into the air, deliviering a nasty spinning wheel kick to Ron Barker’s jaw, taking Barker down! Cade swings into a mount position and starts hammering Barker with punches with both fists, as the fans cheer loudly!

Dave Dymond: Yes!

Other Guy: What the hell? Isn’t he worried about getting arrested again?

Cade gets to his feet and lets out a feral growl. Barker starts pushing to his feet, and Cade hits the ropes! Ron turns into Cade as he rushes off the ropes, and suddenly snaps him up in his arms and swings him around, driving him down to the canvas!

Other Guy: Perfection!

Dave Dymond: No! Damnit!

Ron Barker gets to his feet and stands over Cade Sydal, staring down at him. Barker pushes his hands through his hair, fixing it appropriately, before he glances up and stares into the camera, grinning from ear to ear, as Revolution fades to black.