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Revolution 006: 9/15/07

Revolution Logo

The SHOOT Project logo fades into your screen, and is quickly replaced by the image for Revolution!  Panning around the Thomas and Mack Center, you see a capacity crowd amped to the brim for this evening’s contest!  Signs in the audience range from being for “Die Hard” Dave Marz, to Jester Smiles, to Jun Kenshin, and as the camera continues to pan around, we come to a stop with Dave Dymond, and the Other Guy.

Other Guy:  Well well, Dymond.  We’re back again, aren’t we? 

Dave Dymond:  That we are, OG.  And after last week, I wasn’t sure if the straight up brutality could be matched.  You saw Corazon’s next move in his very measured, very calculated issue with Dave Marz, when he brought back Obsidian.

Other Guy:  Incidentally, you also saw Dave Marz incredible heart when he was able to take the beating from Obsidian and STILL pull off what could be considered a pretty significant upset on Del Carver.

Dave Dymond:  In other tournament action, we saw Kenshin win a brutal triple threat match, over Kaz Sato and Osbourne Kilminster, and we saw him win AGAIN later that night against Cade Sydal.  That had to be considered the story of the night, if you ask me. 

Other Guy:  It’s a toss up for me between that and what Marz accomplished last week.  Worrens and Summers squared off in what was a pretty hotly contested tournament match, which saw Worrens as the victor.  Also, Corazon took his first loss in the SHOOT Project to advance Ray Willmott as the distraction by Dave Marz may have cost him. 

Dave Dymond:  Despite that, Ray Willmott has to be considered a tournament favorite now, especially with the momentum of beating the Iron Fist Champion on his side.  But let’s get ready to go here!  First up, we’ve got Kenshin taking on Michael Collins in the second round of the World Championship tournament! 


“Not Without a Purpose” by Street Dogs hits the overhead, and the crowd comes alive as they stand to their feet. The camera shows a fan with an Irish flag.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 230 pounds. Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of Dublin, Ireland… He is known as “The Devil from Dublin” MICHAEL COLLINS!

Not without a purpose and it’s not without a fight

I’ve got three tales to tell you so please sit tight

It’s the story of three underdogs who’ve grown to see their light

Not without a purpose, not without a fight

Collins comes out to enthusiastic applause from the crowd. Collins wastes no time getting in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins has been undefeated so far in SHOOT, OG.

Other Guy: He’s been impressive but he’s facing, arguably, his toughest test to date.

Dave Dymond: Collins is a tough brawler and he feeds on his opponents underestimating him because he doesn’t have a big name.

Other Guy: People will definitely remember his name if he can knock off his opponent tonight!

What it is, what you want?

Live your life right

Make the beat the bump

It’s like one for the treble

Two for the bass

Three for the pretty babies up in the place

The undeniable!!!

Jun Kenshin comes out wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, the back is painted with the Las Vegas skyline as he comes toward the ring.

Samantha Coil: Fighting out of San Diego, California, he stands at 6 feet and 204 pounds… he is “The Undeniable”…. JUN KENSHIN!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin pulled off a near superhuman feat last week.

Other Guy: He beat Kilminster and Sato in the first round.

Dave Dymond: And later defeated Cade Sydal on the same night!

Other Guy: That’s an impressive feat for sure but look at that arm, Dymond. It’s heavily taped and you know Collins is going to want to tear it off like a chicken leg.

Kenshin has taken off the black hooded sweat shirt, he’s wearing a NBA type sleeve on his arm as he wipes his feet on the apron and comes in.

The bell is rung and Tony Lorenzo is the referee for this match. Collins and Kenshin circle the ring as the two men touch fists in a sign of respect. Collins, the heavier and bigger of the two rushes in as he grabs Kenshin with his left arm and in a “dirty boxing” style, Collins with a right uppercut catches Kenshin on the chin. Kenshin absorbs the blow and responds with a knee to the liver of Collins.

Dave Dymond: The injured arm of Kenshin is well documented and not only is he incapable of doing any slams of any kind but his striking defense will suffer.

Other Guy: He sayin that the dude can’t cover up with one arm.

 Collins grits his teeth as he does a looping left hook that Kenshin ducks under as Kenshin grabs Collins around the waist and tries to do a take down but Collins is too strong as he does a sprawl. On the way up, Collins with a straight left hits Kenshin right on the nose and Collins does an overhand right that hits Kenshin on the forehead knocking Kenshin down!

Dave Dymond: This resembles more of a boxing match than anything OG!

Other Guy: Two guys that like to scrap, I like it.

Dave Dymond: You don’t get disqualified by using your fists here in SHOOT.

Collins pounces on Kenshin as he goes to the mount position as Collins cocks his right arm and delivers a powerful shot.


Collins hits all canvas as Kenshin rolls away, Kenshin gets up to his feet as Collins shakes his right hand. Kenshin does a lightning fast kick to the back of Collins knee instantly knocking Collins down. Kenshin covers.



Collins angrily kicks out.

Dave Dymond: You see the difference between the two, Kenshin will opt for quick pin falls in hopes of ending this match early.

Other Guy: Fat chance of that happening. Collins is healthy and this type of match is right up his alley.

Kenshin grabs Collins in a head lock going for a suplex but there is no strength to be found with his arm as Collins rams Kenshin back first into the corner. Collins with a nice one, two combo to the core of Kenshin doubles the San Diego native. Collins hits the near side of the ropes and does a Regal style knee to the head of Kenshin!

Dave Dymond: Not pretty but effective!

Collins covers!



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

Collins now stomps the bad arm of Kenshin as Kenshin yells in pain. Collins gets a hold of Kenshin and applies a standing arm bar over the bent over Kenshin as Lorenzo asks Kenshin if he’ll give it up to which he responds “NO!”

Other Guy: This is a bad position for Kenshin with the younger, stronger and bigger man wearing him down.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is reaching for the ropes and he barely makes it.

Lorenzo asks for a break as Collins does so. Collins now taps his fist as a few of the fans scream. He grabs Kenshin in an Irish whip as Collins whips Kenshin onto him and does a spinning back fist!

Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Kenshin ducks at the last second and Collins back is exposed as Kenshin grabs Collins on the side and rolls him up!




A near fall by Kenshin as Kenshin now has the upper hand. Kenshin hits the near side of the ropes and does a Mafia Kick to the downed Collins! The kick hits squarely Collins right on the nose knocking down the Irish brawler!

Dave Dymond: Nothing fancy there, just a kick to the face by Kenshin.

Other Guy: Kenshin isn’t afraid of mixing it up with strikes. He’s a former Iron Fist Champion in his own right.

Collins rolls on the apron now taking a break but Kenshin refuses to back down as he grabs Collins trying to suplex Collins back in! Kenshin’s bad arm prevents him from doing so as now Collins grabs Kenshin by his head and carelessly throws him over the top rope and onto the floor!


Dave Dymond: Kenshin hit the floor hard!

Kenshin falls on the ground as the fans shriek in horror. Kenshin angrily curses as he clutches the bad arm.

Other Guy: I think he landed right on the arm too. Bad news for Kenshin!

Collins now grabs Kenshin as he throws him toward the ring steps!


The steps are toppled in an instant as Kenshin shakes in pain. Collins with a scowl on his face continues to work over the veteran as he grabs Kenshin by the arm and he’s looking to ram it to the steel post! Kenshin uses his right foot to prevent it as Kenshin rakes the eyes of Collins with his good arm and then does a quick hook kick to the back of Collins head stunning him temporarily.

Other Guy: Oh please! The big hero Kenshin just raked the eyes of Collins.

Dave Dymond: It was either that or get his arm rammed to the steel!

Kenshin rolls back in as Collins is still stunned on the outside. Kenshin looks around for a moment clutching his arm as he thumps his chest to the crowd. Kenshin runs toward Collins and does an elbow suicide dive in between the ropes knocking down Collins! Kenshin is also down!

Other Guy: Well that was dumb! Now they’re both going to get counted out!

Dave Dymond: They have a 20 count to get back in the ring.









Both men are slow to get up as they’re on their knees!


Collins with a right hand!


Kenshin with a chop to the chest! Woo!


Collins with a slugging left hook almost knocks Kenshin down!

Dave Dymond: These two are trading shots on their knees!


Collins rams Kenshin face first to the side of the apron as Collins rolls back in!



Other Guy: Collins is going to win by count out!

Kenshin shakes his head and rolls in to the awaiting stomps of the Dublin brawler. Collins is stomping away at the arm of Kenshin who tries to cover up but he’s just too wore down. Collins easily hoists Kenshin over his shoulder as he does a running powerslam! WHAM! Collins with a cover!

Dave Dymond: Collins slammed Kenshin through the mat! Wow!



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

Collins is a little frustrated at not being able to put away the veteran as he grabs Kenshin by the shoulder and Collins drops to his butt “stunning” Kenshin’s shoulder in the process! Cover!



Kenshin still gets a shoulder up.

Other Guy: Kenshin said that his sheer would be enough to win this match but I’m not so sure.

Dave Dymond: Collins is also fighting for his family and for his country!

The few Irish fans in the crowd are becoming more and more vociferous. The crowd is split fifty- fifty on who too root for. Collins goes into the corner as Kenshin slowly stands up. Collins goes for a Jake Roberts style running knee lift but Kenshin ducks and leg sweeps Collins in one smooth motion!

Other Guy: Hella nice counter by Jun there.

Kenshin grabs the legs of Collins and does a jack knife pin as his bad arm can barely hang on for the count.



Collins kicks out. Kenshin is going up to the top rope now as he measures Collins and he flies off with a top rope leg drop connecting across the throat of Collins! San Diego Jam!



Collins kicks out. Kenshin lights the chest of Collins with a standing chop followed by a spine kick and the process is repeated over and over! Chop! Kick! Chop! Kick! Collins comically falls down face first onto the mat as Kenshin is FIRED UP!

Dave Dymond: That’s that Japanese Strong Style, OG. Look at Kenshin’s face!

Other Guy: Collins skin is a blistering red!

Kenshin is now positioned to the flank of Collins as he awaits Collins to get up. Kenshin charges in for the Roaring Wizard that he calls the K Krush but Collins throws his body into the charging body of Kenshin for a LARIAT! Kenshin does a 180 flip and lands face first to the mat as he is a crumpled mess!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin rushed in and he got caught!

Other Guy: THIS IS OVER!




Unbelievably, Collins can not score the pin fall as he curses loudly in his thick Irish accent.

Collins: Feckin hell!

Collins now grabs the chair of Samantha Coil as she runs off afraid. Collins comes in with chair in hand as he’s going to smack Kenshin in the head with it!

Other Guy: Don’t do it, Collins. You’re going to get DQ’ed!

Collins shakes his head as he throws the chair away. He grabs a hold of Kenshin…

GREEN MIST to the face of Collins!

Dave Dymond: He blinded Collins!

Kenshin aims and connects with his super kick!


Kenshin falls on top of Collins.




Samantha Coil: Your winner at 15 minutes and 36 seconds… The Undeniable JUN KENSHIN!

“Undeniable” plays over the air as Kenshin leaves the ring.

Collins is helped up by the referee as Collins angrily wipes the mist off his face. Kenshin nods in a show of respect as “Undeniable” continues to play.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin knows he was in a hell of a war with Michael Collins tonight.

Other Guy: Collins temper got the better of him tonight and cost him the match.

Kenshin grabs a mic and he’s breathing heavy.

Jun Kenshin: Cut the music.

“Undeniable” cuts off.

Jun Kenshin: Hell of a match, kid.

Kenshin points to Collins as the fans applaud the efforts of the Dublin native. Kenshin extends his good arm as a show of respect as Collins waits for a second.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is really going out of his way to show respect to Collins.

Collins “touches gloves” with Kenshin as the two fighters make their separate ways as the fans continue to applaud.

Other Guy: Collins went toe to toe with one of SHOOT’s all time great veterans.

Dave Dymond: He’s got a bright future in this business. He showed pretty good striking so maybe he’ll be a good fit in the Iron Fist division?

Other Guy: Who knows what lies ahead of Collins but Jun Kenshin advances to the Final Four of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Dave Dymond: We got more action tonight, folks!


The camera cuts to the back where Eryk Masters is standing at a doorway that leads in from the parking lot.

Eryk Masters:  He’s coming out here, right?  Okay.

Other Guy:  Who is he talking ab…?

The door is ripped open to reveal to the fans none other than Donovan King.  The fans boo mercilessly as he stands there in a white wifebeater, blue jeans, and tan Timberland boots.  Around his neck, though, is a steel chain.  He glares at Eryk Masters for a long moment.

Donovan King:  What is it, Masters?

Eryk Masters:  We’d heard rumors that you might be coming down to the show after being removed from the tournament and we wanted to give the fans the first chance to hear where you’ve been and what’s happened to remove you from this chance at the World Championship.

Donovan rolls his eyes.

Donovan King:  It’s been a long ass week, man.  I lost my grandmomma and I wasn’t able to perform fo’ dese faggot ass fans here tonight.

The fans boo loudly.

Eryk Masters:  I…I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Donovan.  Mr. Johnson didn’t tell us about this…

Donovan King:  I ain’t tol’ him yet.

Eryk Masters:  Um…okay.  So, I am sorry for your loss, but why are you here tonight?

Donovan pulls out a folded up sheet of notebook paper from his pocket.

Donovan King:  I got dis note from my Momma tellin’ Jason Johnson where to send the money fo’ all the flowers.

Eryk Masters:  Jason Johnson doesn’t send flowers—

Donovan King:  Me and my Momma figured dat’s the least he could do.  I came back out to da West Coast to show SHOOT dat I’m ‘bout my business and let y’all fans out dere know dat I luh y’all.  Y’all my peoples and I ain’t gonna abandon y’all to deal wit’ a Donovan King-less Revolution.

The fans boo.

Eryk Masters:  If you’re able to make it here tonight, why did you give your spot up for grabs?  Why not go out there and face Dave Marz?

Donovan King:  Didn’t Dave Marz beat Del Carver last week?  Ain’t Dave Marz the heavy favorite to win dis whole thing?

Eryk Masters:  After his bout with Del Carver and his tenacity against Corazon and Obsidian last week, his stock has certainly risen…hey…you’re not afraid to face Dave Marz, are you?

Donovan King:  What?  Pfft!  C’mon, man!  Dat’s…dat’s fuckin’ stupid.  Jus’ another white boy in my way, dat’s all.

Eryk Masters:  Oh…kay.

Donovan King:  Fuck it, man.  Whatever.

Donovan King walks past Eryk Masters, but Masters stops him again.

Eryk Masters:  What’s with the chain?

Donovan looks down and grins.

Donovan King:  Jus’ showin’ love to my fellow Memphian, Quinton Jackson, man.  M-E-M-P-H-I-S, NIGGA!

Donovan King walks past Eryk Masters, brushing him off.

Eryk Masters:  I…alright.  I guess Donovan King is in the building tonight.

Masters shrugs his shoulders as the segment comes to an abrupt end.


The camera shot switches to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position.

Dave Dymond: “Fans, as you all know, last week Die Hard Dave Marz scored what has to be considered an upset, when he defeated Diamond Del Carver in the first round of the World Heavyweight Title tournament.”

Other Guy: “What upset?  It didn’t upset me, at all.”

Dave Dymond shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

Dave Dymond: “We were hoping to get Diamond Del Carver’s feelings on his loss to Dave Marz some time this past week, but he has not been heard from, and he isn’t here in the arena tonight.  We have managed to arrange a brief televised interview right now, however.”

The television shot, and the scene on the video screens in the arena goes to a “split shot” with one half showing Dave Dymond and The Other Guy at the broadcast table, and the other now showing Diamond Del Carver.  Carver is seated at a bar, and the background is dark, and smoky.

Dave Dymond: “Hello Del, can you hear us?”

Diamond Del Carver: “Yeah, I can hear you, go ahead.”

Dave Dymond: “Well obviously Del, we’d like to get your comments on the match last week.”

Diamond Del Carver: “What’s to say?  I lost.”

Dave Dymond: “Well Del, as you probably know…a lot of people had you picked to win the whole tournament.  In fact, odds here in Vegas were predicting you and Ron Barker in the finals.  You have to be disappointed, and it seems we saw some of that last week after you lost.  Do you have any comments about any of this, or about Dave Marz?”

Diamond Del Carver: (sighing) “Dave Marz beat me fair and square.  I brought the damn chair into the ring, so I can’t complain that he used it.  I would have if positions had been reversed.  I have no beef with Dave Marz.”

The Other Guy: “What about what happened after the match with Obsidian and Corazon?”

Diamond Del Carver: “I respect Dave Marz, he beat me…and I didn’t feel like watching him get his head kicked in by that big ape Obsidian…so I did what I had to do in order to make sure it didn’t happen.”

Dave Dymond: “So what is next for you?  Do you intend to challenge Obsidian or Corazon?”

Diamond Del Carver: “No.  I don’t have any plans on challenging anybody else.

I have no plans at all.  The focus of SHOOT Project right now is obviously the World Title Tournament.  I have been eliminated from that.  So I don’t know if Jason plans on booking me at all between now and the Pay Per View.  If I get booked, I will show up and do my best.  If he books me and Marz to fight the Vanguard, I’ll be there and I will kick their asses. If he doesn’t, I won’t.”

Dave Dymond: “Del, I have to say…that since you were so focused on winning the World Title one last time, and now you’ve been eliminated…it sounds like you don’t know what to do.  I have even heard rumors that you really are finally planning on retiring, for real, and for good.  Is this true?”

Diamond Del Carver: “I’d be lying if I told you that the thought didn’t cross my mind after last week…but I’ve been thinking about retiring for the last seven years.  My doctor thinks I should.  I really don’t know what I’m going to do.  I don’t want to challenge Corazon, that is Die Hard’s deal right now.  I don’t want to challenge Jester Smiles because the Revolution Championship is a title which is meant to give exposure to the hot up and coming new guys, not old guys.  I’d love to find a partner to challenge for the Tag Team Championships…but we don’t have any.  I’m not feuding with anybody right now, so there is nothing going on there.  I don’t know what to say, and I don’t know what to do.  When I know, you’ll know. Until then?  Go away.”

The screen goes blank, and the shot returns to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: “Well, there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth.  Diamond Del Carver appears to be having a sort of crisis in his career.”

The Other Guy: “Yeah…straight from the horse’s mouth, and somebody should take that old horse out and shoot it.”

The scene goes backstage now, with Scott Kamura…


Mr. Kamura is being shown on both the television screens, and over the video monitors in the arena, so he is visible to the fans at home and in the arena.  Mr. Kamura looks down at a pre-prepared statement in his hands, and begins to read…

“Since SHOOT Project re-opened several weeks ago, the officials have been questioned by the fans, media, and superstars themselves regarding the Disqualification Rule in SHOOT Project. With the permission of President Jason Johnson, I am here this evening to officially clarify the rules which all SHOOT Project officials follow when enforcing the Disqualification Rule in SHOOT Project.

All matches are officiated with the assumption that “anything goes” during a SHOOT Project match, so long as the action is taken in an effort to win the match.

SHOOT Project wrestlers can be disqualified if the referee determines that the wrestler is trying to deliberately inflict injury on their opponent in an effort to maim them, not just to win the match.

For example…

If a wrestler hits another over the head with a Steel Chair, and goes for the pin, this is acceptable, but the official is expected to do his best to get the chair out of the ring after the chair shot.

If a wrestler hits another over the head with a Steel Chair three times, and the victim goes down, but the wrestler on the attack does not go for a cover, he simply continues to attempt to injure his opponent…this is grounds for a disqualification.

Outside interference is grounds for a disqualification but only if it is seen by the referee. If somebody manages to interfere and cause a pinfall, and the referee only finds out afterward, the decision cannot be reversed. The referee’s decision is based on what he sees at the time, and his call is final.

Intentional striking of the referee is grounds for a DQ, and a stiff fine by SHOOT Project.

Outside interference in a match on both sides, known as a "run in" will result in a ruling of NO CONTEST.

Wrestlers who are disqualified will be fined 10% of their earnings for that match, which is meant to motivate them to avoid the DQ and keep their hands off the officials.

Wrestlers have a count of 10 to get back in the ring when action spills outside. Anything that happens during the count OUTSIDE the ring, cannot be cause for a DQ.  It is also at the total discretion of the official when to start the count.

It is hoped that this statement will clarify for everybody the rules and procedures for the officials in SHOOT Project. 

Thank you, and enjoy the show.”

Dave Dymond:  Well, hopefully that clears it up.

Other Guy:  For the record, I never questioned the DQ rule here.  I preferred every match to be really loose.

Dave Dymond:  Sorta like your girlfriend’s vag—

Other Guy:  Moving on!  Next up, we’ve got Jester Smiles taking on Ray Willmott, in another second round match for the World Championship tournament.  There’s been some question as to Jester’s level of ability this week, but we shall see.


The familiar opening of Three Dog Night’s “The Show Must Go On” plays, bringing the fans to their feet.  The fans continue to cheer as out from the back emerges Jester Smiles, the Revolution Championship around his waist.

Dave Dymond:  Here we go!  SHOOT’s undefeated Revolution Champion is going to try to carve out for himself a slice of the final four!

Samantha Coil:  The following is another of tonight’s matches for the…OH MY GOD!!

The fans and everyone else immediately look to Jester as Samantha’s shriek of horror’s source is revealed…as Donovan King stands over Jester Smiles, who is clutching the back of his head.

Dave Dymond:  What the hell?!?!

Donovan picks Jester up and throws him into the side of the ring.  He orders Samantha to come to him with the microphone as the boos are deafening.


King takes off his chain, wraps it around his fist, and RAMS it into the side of Jester’s head.  Jester tries to fight back, but King continues to punch the living hell out of Jester’s head.


King picks Jester up and rolls him into the ring.  He slides in after him, grinning from ear to ear as the fans boo endlessly.

Donovan King:  Dis fuckin’ Clown…he’s humiliated me wit’ a fuckin’ axe…wit’ goddamn paintballs…I mean…what the FUCK are you thinkin’, fuckin’ wit’ me, Clown?

He reaches down and unbuckles the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship belt from Jester’s waist.  He crouches down, glaring at Jester as he holds the belt inches from Jester’s pained face.


King rolls Jester over onto his stomach, wrapping the chain around Jester’s face.

Donovan King:  I got dis move from my teacher.  He called it the Carolina Crossface.  Me?  I figure I’ll call it the Queen City Crossface an’ you, Clown?  You duh first recipient of the move!

Instead of the Carolina, now Queen City, Crossface, Donovan King hooks Jester’s arm and uses the CHAIN ITSELF to crossface Jester!  The fans boo emphatically as King is obviously not just trying to humiliate Jester, but to end his career.

Other Guy:  Damn, Dave.  This is fucked up.

Dave Dymond:  Could you sound more callous!?!  SOMEBODY GET OUT HERE, DAMN IT!

As if on cue, the fans ERUPT as out from the back, RAY WILLMOTT charges out from the back, prompting Donovan King to unwrap the chain and slide out from the ring, leaving the title next to the destroyed Jester Smiles.

Dave Dymond:  My God…I mean…Donovan King, on the week he was forced to pull out of his spot in the tournament for his dying grandmother…turns around and does this despicable thing to Jester Smiles.  I can’t…I can’t believe this.

Other Guy:  Believe it.  And you know what else?  We got a tournament to run.  Either Jester forfeits this match and Ray advances…or Jester lets Ray pin him and Ray advances…either way, there’s no way in the world that Jester’s gonna be able to fight Ray Willmott tonight.

The referee tries to help Jester up with Ray’s help as Donovan King stands at the entrance, holding the chain up for all to see.  He disappears to the back as Jester is finally brought to his feet, prompting the fans to cheer.

Dave Dymond:  Good job, and great sportsmanship.  Let’s get some medics out here to…wait…what is Jester doing?

Jester staggers over and grabs the microphone that King dropped.

Jester Smiles:  Ring…the…bell…ref…

The fans ERUPT.  Ray stands there in shock, as is the referee.

Dave Dymond:  I don’t…I don’t believe it.  Is Jester really trying to fight here tonight?  He’s in no condition at ALL.

Other Guy:  Ain’t it kinda…odd how this mirrors Corazon’s attack of Dave Marz last week?

Dave Dymond:  Now’s not the time to reminisce, OG.  This is serious.  Jester is begging the referee to ring the bell and have an honest to God contest tonight!  He knows if he doesn’t, his match is forfeit and Ray will advance!

The referee rings the bell and Jester is screaming at Ray Willmott to come on.  He beckons Ray on as Ray simply refuses to lay a hand on Jester.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe that Jester’s doing this.  Ray’s trying to talk some sense into Jester but it doesn’t look like Jester’s willing to hear it.

Ray holds his hands up and puts them on Jester’s shoulders, trying to talk to Jester.  However, Jester shoves Ray back and tells him to come and fight once more.  Jester charges Ray and begins to pepper him with rights and lefts, half of which don’t even hit on him!  The fans are in shock that Jester’s even trying to attack Ray!  Jester grabs Ray’s arm and tries to Irish whip him, but Ray reverses the whip and Jester staggers into the ropes and bounces off…RIGHT INTO A RAY WILLMOTT SCHOOLBOY!!




Jester tries to roll away from Ray and immediately goes for a clothesline, but Ray ducks the clothesline and NAILS THE ULTIMATUM!!  JESTER IS OUT.




The bell rings and Jester’s undefeated streak is over.  There is no real happiness in the arena as Ray is immediately calling for medics to come out to the ring.  He kneels over Jester, very concerned.  No music is even played.

Dave Dymond:  My God.  Ray Willmott HAD to put Jester down…Jester was NOT going to quit!

Other Guy:  Tough break for Jester, but he knows now he needs to tighten up or be ran over.  Donovan King isn’t gonna go lightly. 

The fans stay silent as the camera shifts away from the ring to allow for medical attention to tend to Jester Smiles without the prying eye of the fans at home.


We cut away from live action and are shown a pre-recorded segment. The voice is unfamiliar to the world. We see an old black and white logo of The SHOOT Project appear on the screen. Slowly one by one, a typewriter type effect appears on the screen and reads.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

“Hurt” by Johnny Cash starts to play.

I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel

I focus on the pain

The scene shows wrestlers from the past of the SHOOT Project. We see Diamond Del Carver tightening his glove preparing for a war. Suddenly, we see action shots of Carver. His brutal wars with Roland Caldwell and Robert Vallant appear on the screen. Teaming as Hardcore Style and we see him slapping hands with the fans. We see various clips of him with various championships. We see him holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. Finally, we see a blood soaked face of Carver shows as one word appears on the screen.


The type writer effect comes in and shows.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

The show now transitions to an empty ring. We see Jun Kenshin wiping his feet before entering the squared circle.

The only thing that’s real

The needle tears a hold

The old familiar sting

We see Jun Kenshin in his classic battles against Vincent Mallows. We see fast forward shots of Kenshin against SHOOT soldiers from the past. John Thomas, Cade Gonzalez and The Lonewolf . We see him thumping his chest to the fans and flying off a 13 feet ladder and crashing through a table.


The type writer effect comes in and shows.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

Try to kill it all away

But I remember everything

We see Chris Lee applying a submission hold to Ron Barker as he makes Barker tap out. He raises the Rule of Surrender Champion high. We see him performing his trademark suplexes onto past SHOOT soldiers. We see him running as we see the Golden Gate Bridge is on the horizon.


The type writer effect comes in and shows.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know goes away

In the end

We see Instant Heat. OutKast and The Real Deal. We see them teaming up and defeating Stellar Insanity and Anarchy Movement. We see them holding the World Tag Team Titles. We see solo action. Superkick by Real Deal knocking out Rocky Stellar. Alienator by OutKast onto Jackman. The shot slows down as we see the two friends wrestle. The two friends raise their arms in triumph.


The type writer effect comes in and shows.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt

The shot slows down as we see Carver peacefully working on his plantation. We see Kenshin riding his motorcycle past the gorgeous beaches of San Diego. We see Chris Lee hanging out with his family. We see OutKast and The Real Deal commenting on the first Revolution with smiles on their faces.


The type writer effect comes in and shows.

O-l-d  S-c-h-o-o-l

The shot fades to black and we cut to live action.

Dave Dymond: That was awesome!

Other Guy: What a great show of the past from the veterans of SHOOT.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project has a rich tradition and we are damn proud of the men that were in that video.


Backstage now, we go to the outside of a dressing room.  A quick look shows the Iron Fist Champion, Corazon, sitting on a bench and taping up his fists.  However, that’s as close as the camera man is able to get, because into the doorway steps the monstrous Obsidian.  The arena is immediately engulfed with boos.

Other Guy:  The fans really do not like this guy, Dave.  What’s he taping his fists up for?

Dave Dymond:  Well, I had assumed that Masters was gonna get back there and ask him, but with Obsidian in the way…  I’m not really sure.

Finally, Eryk Masters shows up, and for a bigger guy, looks positively small next to Obsidian, who looks down and says nothing. 

Eryk Masters:  Corazon!  Corazon!  I was hoping to get a word here on what your plans were for the evening, as it’s pretty apparent you’re not scheduled to wrestle tonight.

Corazon:  If you have to ask, Masters, then you truly are as dumb as some people say you are.

Eryk Masters:  You know how it is, man, I have to ask—

Corazon cuts him off by brushing past him.  With Obsidian in tow, Corazon makes his way down the hall, apparently in search of something, but gets cut off.

Other Guy:  It’s the boss!  Is that Real Deal, too?

Dave Dymond:  I think it is, OG!  Jason got to where Corazon is so fast, and it looks like he’s not interested in taking any chances with Corazon and Obsidian, ESPECIALLY if he’s got SHOOT Hall of Famer, the Real Deal, with him. 

With a security team behind him, Jason and Corazon stand nose to nose and eye to eye.

Jason Johnson:  Where do you think you’re going, Corazon? 

Corazon:  Like I told Masters, if you have to as—

Jason Johnson:  I wouldn’t finish that sentence.  I’m not in the mood, not interested, not anything with you tonight.  You’re not going to touch Dave Marz this evening.

Corazon:  I…  don’t really see how you can stop me, Jason.

Jason smirks, almost incensed with the belligerent Iron Fist Champion.  He keeps his cool.

Jason Johnson:  Look behind me, Adrian.  These men will be escorting you from the building, as your services will not be necessary tonight.  So, let’s go.

He pauses.

Jason Johnson:  Right now.

The security team moves from behind Jason, and blocks the SHOOT Project CEO from Corazon and Obsidian.  Without saying anything else, Corazon begins to walk forward, allowing security to escort him out.   He stops, though, and comes face to face with the Real Deal!

Dave Dymond:  Oohhh shit.

Other Guy:  This could get a lot more interesting than it already is.

Corazon smirks at Real Deal before commenting.

Corazon:  Reduced to lapdog security for your brother.  Pathetic.

Real Deal grins back, noticeably on edge.

Real Deal:  I’d keep walking before you get knocked the fuck out.  I patented that grin… bitch.

Corazon now stands flush, eye to eye with The Real Deal.  The two stare each other down, before Corazon simply turns and starts walking towards the exit of the building.

Dave Dymond:  WOW.  Just… wow.  Corazon does not seem to care one bit who you are, he will get under your skin no matter what. 

Other Guy:  I think Corazon, who’s typically very smart, is making a mistake here by taking on the boss, and taking a shot at a SHOOT Project Hall of Famer.  I just can’t see the positives in that, really.

Dave Dymond:  I agree with you one hundred percent, but you know what this means?  It means Dave Marz and Benjamin Biggs will be able to fight tonight with no fear of Corazon interfering.  That’s gonna add a whole new level of intensity to the main event.

Other Guy:  For sure, man.  But really, we need to GET to that main event first.  Up next, we’ve got upstart Trevor Worrens taking on a very smart, very manipulative Ron Barker.  These guys have been trading words all week, and from that, it’s pretty hard to determine who the winner is.  Thoughts, Dave?

Dave Dymond:  To be honest, it looked like at one point, Barker got stumped this week.  Worrens is somewhat of an enigma to the older guys here in the SHOOT Project, but at the same time, his connection to Vincent Mallows could eventually prove to work against him.  So far though, Worrens has done an excellent job when match time hits.  It’ll be good to see how he does against Barker.


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit, and is a second round match in the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship Tournament!

Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” comes over the airwaves and the fans begin to jeer, loudly. Ron Barker starts his slow descent down the ramp, grinning at the hateful fans.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 260 pounds, from Toronoto, Ontario, Canada! He is “Ravishing” RON BARKER!

Barker slowly climbs up the stairs, and steps through the ropes, grinning into the stationary camera.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker must feel like he’s on top of the world! He’s defeated everyone set before him, and has ruined Cade Sydal’s life!

Other Guy: Cade ruined his own life. Barker just brought it to the forefront, Dave.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds… TREVOR WORRENS!

Immediately “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue starts to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. The SHOOT Project tron show various clips of Worrens’s own produced promos in an art house montage, broken up by the words Trevor Worrens and “The Failed One.”  In an uncharacteristic move, Worrens runs out from the back, making a direct B-line for the ring.

Dave Dymond: The emotions running high for Trevor Worrens tonight, as we’ve heard it this week time and time again what Ron Barker represents.

Other Guy: Like a floodgate just opened the hell up, Dave!

Worrens slides into the ring, and just before he can get his hands on Barker, Barker flees, trying to kill his opponent’s momentum. Worrens paces back and forth and in the process quickly removes his white button up shirt and just throws it out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: This is HIGHLY unlikely of Trevor Worrens who seems to be running on adrenaline mixed with raw emotion.

Worrens continues to pace back and forth, while Barker stays on the outside, and soon referee Austin Linam calls for Barker to enter.

As soon as Barker gets in the ring, Worrens drives a left knee into Barker’s sternum! He immediately follows that up with a right knee to the same spot and turns Barker away from the ropes before thrusting a palm jab into his chest! Worrens snaps his palm up into Barker’s chin at an angle, and Barker spins a full 180 degrees, completely caught off-guard by the assault, and Worrens drives a stiff clothesline into the back of Barker’s head, taking him down to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens with an outright assault on Ron Barker, not allowing Barker to even get out of the gates!

Other Guy: He’s like a man possessed, what with fighting a man that reminds him of his former-idol and all.

Worrens climbs over Barker’s back and pulls Barker up right into a Camel Clutch! Worrens throws several stiff forearm shots from either side into the side of Barker’s head before releasing the hold and driving Barker down to the canvas with his foot to the back of the head!

Dave Dymond: This is a very uncharacteristic place for Ron Barker!

Other Guy: Yeah, on the canvas!

Worrens pulls Barker up by his hair and locks him in a front facelock, slowly cranking for a neckbreaker! Barker thrusts his foot up and back, right into Worrens’ groin! Austin Linam looks at Worrens curiously as Worrens releases the hold and drops to his knees. Linam asks Barker what happened, and Barker simply shrugs his shoulders.

Dave Dymond: That certainly has to stop Trevor Worrens’ momentum!

Other Guy: And he built up a ton of it out of the gate, too.

Barker turns to look at Worrens and then hits the ropes behind him, running full steam he drives his boot into the side of Worrens’ head, driving him to the canvas. Barker smirks as he pulls Worrens up under is arms and locks him into a front facelock. Barker hoists Worrens up, and then snaps forward, driving Worrens to the canvas with a gordbuster!

Dave Dymond: Barker just drove Trevor’s face into the canvas, hard!

Barker rolls Worrens over and hooks the leg.

Other Guy: And he’s going for the win, already!



Worrens kicks out quickly!

Dave Dymond: You have to imagine that Kaz Sato is watching in the back, and is happy that Worrens kicked out just now!

Other Guy: I think Worrens is happy he kicked out, what with this being the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament!

Barker, however, seems less than pleased that Worrens kicked out as he forcefully pulls Worrens to his feet and whips him to the nearest corner. Barker charges in, and Worrens quickly rolls to his right, avoiding contact as Barker crashes into the turnbuckle! Worrens gets to his feet and rushes Barker from behind with a running forearm to the back of the head!

Dave Dymond: And just like that, Trevor Worrens has found a way to stay in this thing!

Other Guy: That was a stiff forearm, Dave. Jesus!

Barker stumbles backward out of the corner, holding the back of his head, and Worrens quickly scales up to the middle rope in the corner. Worrens flies off the ropes and catches Barker around the head and drops into a DDT! Worrens rolls Barker over and hooks a leg.




Barker kicks out quickly, and Worrens gets to his feet. Worrens pulls Barker up, but Barker quickly grabs Trevor by the front of his tights and falls backward, dropping Worrens throat first on the middle rope!

Dave Dymond: And just like that, Barker has found an opening again!

Other Guy: I gotta wonder if that kind of attack reminds Worrens of Vincent Mallows even more?

Barker leans through the top and middle rope, placing both hands on the back of Trevor’s neck. He shoves all of his weight down on Trevor, choking him, until Austin Linam gets to a four count, then Barker releases the pressure. Barker pulls Trevor off the ropes with a waistlock and snaps backward with a release German suplex!

Dave Dymond: Look at how far Barker through Trevor Worrens!

Other Guy: he must have launched him half-way across the ring, Dave!

Barker pushes to his feet and rushes to Worrens to drive down an elbow! Worrens rolls out of the way and avoids contact though! Worrens rushes to barker and drives a knee into the side of his head! Worrens drives two more knees into the side of Barker’s head before Barker gets a foot on the ropes! Worrens continues to drive knees into Barker’s head!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens is not going to let up any time soon!

Other Guy: He needs to unless he wants to get disqualified!

Referee Austin Linam makes it to the count of four before he grabs Trevor and pulls him off. Trevor glares at Linam before grabbing Barker and pulling him to his feet, driving knees into Barker’s face. A third knee drops Barker to the canvas, and Worrens goes for the cover!




Barker kicks out. Worrens pulls Barker to a seated position and hooks him in a neck crank from behind. Barker turns and gets a knee under himself, and starts driving elbows into Worrens’ abdomen. Barker quickly shoots an arm through Trevor’s legs and snaps up, turning to drive Worrens down with a DVD on top of his head, forcing Worrens to release the hold!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker had to have acted out of sheer instinct with that escape!

Other Guy: Trevor Worrens is definitely in a fighting mood, and Barker is taken off-guard by that, for sure!

Barker stands over Worrens and drops to a mounted position, raining fists down on Trevor’s face! Barker stops punching after Austin Linam warns him. Barker pulls Worrens back to his feet and smirks at the jeering fans. He whips Worrens off the ropes and extends his arm!

Dave Dymond: He’s going for Perfection!

Other Guy: This could be it!

Worrens catches Barker by the arm, however, and uses his momentum to swing behind Barker into a crucifix! Barker struggles to keep from going down, and Worrens swings his feet down to the canvas! He throws a forearm into the back of Barker’s head, and grabs Barker’s left wrist, bringing it upward!

Dave Dymond: Now Worrens is looking to lock in the Broken Beyond Repair!

Other Guy: If he can get this, its over!

Barker drops to his right shoulder, using that momentum to sling Trevor over with a sort of arm drag. Worrens gets to his feet as Barker scrambles to his own feet! Worrens rushes at Barker and lunges with a knee! Barker side steps and Worrens drives his knee into the middle turnbuckle! Barker hooks Worrens from behind as the fans begin to…cheer?!

Dave Dymond: What’s going on?!

Other Guy: Look, over there!

Cade Sydal leaps over the barricade after a mad dash, wearing a pair of loose blue jeans and white Lugz boots. He pulls his simple black T-Shirt off over his head and puts his fingers to his mouth and drops next to the ring to avoid being spotted. Barker hooks Worrens under both arms and launches him backward with a Tiger Suplex!




Worrens kicks out and stays on his stmoach as Kaz Sato rushes down the ramp! He leaps onto the apron and Austin Linam moves to stop Sato from getting involved!

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Kaz Sato came down to attack Barker!

Other Guy: I think you’re right. I think he came down to stop Cade from getting involved!

Barker turns to Sato and begs him to come in. Cade slides under the bottom rope and taps Barker on the shoulder. bArker waves his hand, ignoring the tap. Cade shrugs and taps again. Barker turns around, saying “WHAT?” as Cade leaps into the air without warning and drives his foot into the side of Barker’s head with the NINJAGUIRI! Cade rolls out of the ring as Barker collapses!

Dave Dymond: Cade just knocked Barker’s lights out!

Other Guy: But Worrens is still down!

Cade smirks at Sato and winks, before running and leaping over the barricade. Sato drops off the apron and begins chasing Cade through the crowd, as Worrens pushes to his feet. Worrens looks at Barker, confused, before sitting Barker up and hooking him quickly with the Broken Beyond Repair!

Dave Dymond: This is all academic for Trevor Worrens!

Other Guy: All Austin Linam has to do is check Barker’s arms!

Lianm makes his way to Barker and checks his arm once, it falls. The second time, Trevor wraps his legs around Barker’s midsection and crank’s harder. The arm falls a second time, and Worrens arches his back, really applying the pressure now. Linam grabs the arm, and it falls to the canvas, hard, for the third time.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens did it!

Other Guy: With some unsolicited help from Cade Sydal, mind you!

The bell sounds quickly.

Samantha Coil: And your winner of the match, advancing on to the semi finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament… TREVOR WORRENS!!

“The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play once again, and Worrens sits up for a moment next to Barker who is laid out on the mat.  The fans aren’t sure how to react to Worrens’s victory, and Worrens himself doesn’t seem so sure.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens takes one more step closer to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight title, but right now, well, he seems to be lost in his own world.

Other Guy: I don’t get this cat, Dave, he almost seems… upset?

Dave Dymond: Certainly Worrens showed nothing but aggression throughout this match up, but again he looked at Barker and flat out said he saw the man that failed him, Vincent Mallows.  And well that emotion spilled right into this match and had a direct effect on the outcome.

Worrens continues to sit there next to Barker, and the referee attempts to lift his hand in victory, but Worrens pulls his arm away and runs both his hands through his hair.  He pushes his hair up and out of his face, showing pained eyes, and TEARS starting to stream down his cheeks.

Other Guy: He’s cryin’, Dave.  What the hell has he got to cry about?

Worrens continues to cry as the referee looks on, not sure how to react.  He simply gives Worrens his space who just looks at Barker, crying, and then finally gets up and exits the ring, looking at nothing but the floor under his feet.


With fans now still buzzing from Sydal’s in ring assault on Ron Barker, the focus shifts to the back, where Eryk Masters is seen standing directly next to Trevor Worrens.  Worrens still looks down at the floor, his hair falling in front of his face.

Eryk Masters: A very weird situation occurred out in the ring just moments ago.  Trevor Worrens, you won the match. You’re advancing to the semi finals of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but… you were crying.

Worrens nods his head.

Eryk Masters: Well sorry ahead of time if I touch on a sensitive subject or something, but why?  Were those tears of joy, or tears of sadness, as you looked on at the man you eliminated here tonight?

Slowly Worrens raises his head, just enough to see where Masters holds the microphone.  Worrens takes a hold of it and forces Masters to lean it in his direction.

Trevor Worrens: It wasn’t enough.  I thought it would be.  I thought putting Ron Barker down would make me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It wasn’t enough…

Eryk Masters: But he’s out of the tournament, Worrens, that’s BIG to a lot of people…

Trevor Worrens: It’s NOT to me, Masters… because he’ll go on being just who he is.  And I’ll have to see him.  I wanted this to mean more than it did.  I wanted Barker failing to be the same as if I got my hands on Vincent Mallows himself. But at the end of match, nothing changed. I move on to the semi-finals, sure… but if I can’t go that one last step, if I can’t make it to the main event at Uprising, then what, Masters?

Masters has no response, and now Worrens rips the microphone out of his hand all together.

Trevor Worrens: Then I fail myself.

Worrens shoves the microphone into Masters’s chest, causing the thud against his sternum to be heard via the microphone.  Worrens walks off, but doesn’t make it too much further as Kaz Sato steps into view, blocking him off from the rest of the hallway.

Kaz Sato: I suggest you don’t fail, then.

Sato looks at Worrens long and hard.  Worrens says nothing in return and bumps shoulder to shoulder with Sato, pushing his way past him to continue down the hall.  Masters inches closer to Sato while Sato watches Worrens walk away.

Eryk Masters: Kaz… some words?

Sato’s attention is placed on Masters.

Kaz Sato: Some words…heh! At this point and time, words mean nothing. At this point it is all about the action. And Trev, my good buddy, so far has made me happy. So far he has done what he has needed to do in order to be a man of his word. And that is a good thing; because that means that him and me get to meet later then sooner. So keep up the good work and make me proud, Trevor. Because you really don’t want to upset me, right now. So keep up the good work, I’ll be watching.

Masters just nods his head as the focus shifts away from the backstage interview position and the night continues on.


The lights in the Thomas and Mack Arena dip, slowly descending into nothingness, a veil of darkness shrouding the ten thousand people packed in. Anxiously awaiting some sign as to what might now happen, they rise from their seats, stood peering toward the curtains at the top of the walkway when suddenly a familiar entrance begins with tiny spotlights across the roof of the arena light up like stars in the night sky…


Other Guy: It certainly has!

Dave Dymond: Looks like Osbourne Kilminster’s in the house!

Leaping out from behind the curtains, Osbourne Kilminster throws his fists up in the air and prompts the fans to shout along to the song’s chorus, thousands of voices screaming simultaneously –



Dave Dymond: Haha. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing before…

Other Guy: I’m good, aren’t I?

Dave Dymond: Er… I’m not really qualified to judge that… maybe Simon Cowell or someone?

Nodding his head with a smile, he surveys the crowd from behind his blue-tinted, circular lensed sunglasses before ripping them off his face and throwing them out into the crowd, roaring aloud and pounding his chest with his fists, his black hoodie sat beneath an urban camo flak jacket which matches the print on his loose-fit MMA shorts, short-top wrestling shoes stomping into the metal grating as he marches forward toward the ring.

I left my throne a million miles away

I drink from your tit

I sing your blues every day

Now give me the strength

To split the world in two yeah

I ate all the rest and now i’ve gotta eat you

Well i sing…

Stopping in his tracks, Osbourne smiles and shouts –



Smiling broadly, he runs the rest of the walkway, leaping up onto the apron and springboarding into the middle of the ring, spinning in the spot with his index fingers pointing out into the cheering masses.

I lost my soul when I fell to earth

My planet’s called me to the void of my birth

The time has come for me to kill this game

Now open wide and-




Other Guy: Wow. That was cool. The crowd singing and everything…

Dave Dymond: Indeed it was, my man. I wonder what he’s out here to say…

Clapping his hands, Osbourne breaks for a moment to catch a microphone delivered by airmail from the timekeeper’s table. Looking up into each of the four stands, he points out at some of the signs the fans hold up, one in particular saying "Revolution is STIL O.K.". Laughing, he brings the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

O.K.: Now, I have to tell you… I know I can’t sing and if I had to sing for my supper, I’d be skeletal by now… but you guys… all of you… when you sing, you make a little guy like me feel special!

Patting his heart with his hand, Osbourne holds his hand up to cut off a small chorus of cheers before it escalates.

Other Guy: I’d feel pretty special if I got all these people to cheer for me like they do him, wouldn’t you?

Dave Dymond: It goes without saying.

O.K.: First things first, I want to apologise to all of you, and when I say I want to apologise don’t mean that I’m going to open my mouth and words are going to fall out of it… words that don’t mean a damn thing, because that’s not how it is. I want to apologise to each and every one of you who have pledged me your support thus far, and I want you to know that this apology comes from the bottom of my heart… I’m truly… truly sorry that I haven’t been giving you the wins you all want to see from me. And do you know why I’m so sorry? I’m so sorry because I feel like when I win, WE win… and when I lose… WE lose… and that’s terrible… The thing with Jester Smiles and Ron Barker and then this triple threat business… What can I say? I’m truly sorry for those performances. If not for Ron, I might well have beaten Jester and everybody knows I suck at triple threat matches…

Holding his hands up, Osbourne drops hishead and shrugs as the disappointment of each loss floods back, overwhelming him momentarily, but the fans cheers draw a smile to his face and his spirits soon pick up.

Dave Dymond: His record in multiple-opponent matches is admittedly less than spectacular.

Other Guy: Yeah, but the guy’s pouring his heart out here, don’t be pissing on his parade!

O.K.: That’s why I love you guys and girls… you pick me up whenever I get down, I know that I can come out here and you’ll forgive me… that you’ll understand that sometimes things don’t go your way for whatever reason, that you have to take the rough with the smooth… and I’d like to offer you my heartfelt thanks with as much genuine love as I gave you my apology. Really, I want you all to join me in a round off applause for you, the hard-working fans who come here every week, who switch on your televisions and watch us every week… all of you who give a damn about this show and about me. Come on, seriously, put your hands together and thanks yourselves…

Tucking the mic under his arm, Osbourne claps his hands and nods his head, turning to face all four quadrants of seats to give his appreciation back to all those people who’ve supported him thus far. Slowly, the odd clap from the stands is joined by another and another until everyone standing and in their seats joins in and they join their idol in a good half minute of appreciation before he brings the microphone back to his mouth and the claps trail off.

Dave Dymond: Fanfare for the common fan!

Other Guy: Your wit sucks, man. Seriously… stick to the play-by-play.

O.K.: You people deserve recognition just as much as anybody. Each time I tape on my gloves and step out here, I give you all I can, win or lose, and I love… that YOU love me for it. I really do. So what do I do now, huh? I’m not in the world title tournament anymore, despite two chances to get in there, it’s just not gone my way and I’m out in the cold on that front, right? WRONG. You see, there’s more than one way to get the job done around here and I set my heart on that World Title like I’ve never set my heart on anything. Yes, I need it and want it, but I want to hold it so that I can give back to you, so that I can lead by example and take this company to new heights and bring about a new golden age for The SHOOT Project where you out there in the stands are given the recognition you deserve. Too many people get to the top and forget where they came from and who got them there, but I’m not like that.

Shaking his head, Osbourne licks his lips and runs his tongue along the sharp edge of his incisors before continuing.

Dave Dymond: I wonder who he’s talking about…

Other Guy: Probably a lot of guys, man. When you’ve been around as long as this cat, you see a few things, y’know what I’m saying?

Dave Dymond: I suppose so.

O.K.: Jason Johnson knows only too well how irritated I am with the situation as it stands, and whilst he seems powerless to do anything to change it… or too unwilling… he’s a fair man, and I explained to him that I’m not going to languish about backstage and wait around for another shot. In fact, I told him that I’m not tremendously happy with not being booked for tonight because right now, I want a match every single week, I want an opportunity to give you those wins every single week until I’ve earned my way to a title shot, tournament or no tournament. One day, you can count on me personally making sure Barker gets what he’s due, but right now I’m concentrating on getting the big belt whatever way I can… That’s right. I don’t care who he throws at me… I don’t care what the odds have to be, in my favour or not… I will do it… and I’ll do it not just for me, people… I’ll do it… FOR US!

Throwing his right fist up in the air, he clenches his jaw and nods, slowly spinning on the spot and looking into the eyes of every single person in the front row, hearing the thousands of clapping hands before dropping the mic to his mouth for the final time.

O.K.: That is, of course… if it’s okay with you.

Other Guy: Certainly O.K. by me!

Dave Dymond: And about ten thousand other people by the sounds of it!

Tossing the mic over the top rop and back to the timekeeper’s table, Osbourne leaps onto the nearest turnbuckle, holding his fists high and roaring back at the cheering crowd, chants of "OS-BOURNE!" ringing out as "Space Lord" kicks back in, the English flag flying proudly on the tron screen high above.


The SHOOT Project World Championship fades in and out over your screen…

Ichiro kicks out! The fans are on their feet, as Cade sits up, almost with tears of frustration in his face. Cade springs to the top rope quickly, as Ichiro slowly gets to his feet. Cade leaps off the top rope with a flip, onto Ichiro’s shoulders! Cade backflips right through into a DragonRana! He holds the legs!

Robert Mack: This could be it!



Eryk Masters: Yes! Use what brought you to the dance, Cade!


Ichiro kicks out again! Cade slams the canvas repeatedly with his fists before getting to his feet and waiting patiently for Ichiro to get to his own! Ichiro gets to his feet and turns around into a boot to the abdomen. Cade whips Ichiro to the corner, but Ichiro reverses! Before Ichiro can capitalize, the Green Ranger runs through the crowd and into ring, with a green chair in hand! Ichiro turns around and is blasted right between the eyes!

Robert Mack: That son of a bitch?!

Eryk Masters: Who are the smartest people in the world, and why are D & C them? Good job Mirage!

Cade staggers out of the corner and pats the Ranger on the back before being handed the green chair. The chair is placed over Ichiro’s body and Cade springboards to the top rope, flipping and twisting off with the Phoenix Splash!

Robert Mack: 469 2k5!

Eryk Masters: Onto a chair!

Cade bounces off but quickly hooks the leg for the cover!




The fans boo loudly as “Scotty Doesn’t Know” plays over the airwaves and Dutch Harris runs down the ramp, sliding into the ring to help Cade to his feet…

Mark Kendrick: Here is your winner, in a time of 27 minutes and 13 seconds! CADE SYDAL!

…closely behind, and right after the announcement, Mirage comes down the ramp, clapping with a grin!

Robert Mack: What the hell?!

Eryk Masters: Huh?! How can he be in two places at once?!

Mirage slides into the ring as Ichiro is pulled to his feet by D & C. The Green Ranger pulls the helmet off and quickly cracks the helmet over Ichiro’s skull, letting him drop! The cameras zoom in on OUTKAST! Dutch Harris, Cade Sydal, Mirage, and OutKast look down at the fallen Ichiro Seppuku with sneers as the fans boo deafeningly loud, leading the show off the air!


The arena is dark, and a lone spotlight hits the middle of the ring, where Samantha Coil stands, holding the microphone. “Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age starts to play, and there is a loud reaction from the fans, and it should be noted that many of them are females.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, and is a SECOND ROUND match in the tournament to determine the next SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! Introducing first, making his way to the ring…hailing from San Francisco and weighing 170 …BENJAMIN BIGGS!

The cheers as the pumped up Benjamin Biggs charges down the aisle and vaults himself to the apron, then flips over the top rope and holds his arms over his head. As his theme music fades, “Have A Nice Day” by Bon Jovi starts to play. Another spotlight hits the entranceway, and illuminates Die Hard Dave Marz, who is standing at the head of the runway. Die Hard Dave Marz looks incredibly intense as he walks down the aisle, climbs into the ring, and heads towards the corner.

Samantha Coil:  His opponent hails from Ozone Park, New York and weighs in at 270 pounds, here is DIE HARD DAVE MARZ!

Marz raises one arm over his head to a loud chorus of cheers from the sold out crowd.  Marz and Biggs both step into the middle of the ring and lock each other in a staredown. Samantha Coil makes her exit from the ring, and SHOOT Project Head Official Scott Kamura calls for the to start the match…

Dave Dymond:  Well this is going to be an interesting clash of styles, OG.

Other Guy:  I’ll take a brawler over a high flyer any day, Dymond.  Plus Dave Marz showed all of SHOOT Project last week that he’ll do whatever it takes to win.  You have to respect that.

As if on cue, Benjamin Biggs charges at Die Hard Dave Marz at full speed.  At about three-quarters of the way across the ring, Biggs launches himself into the air, and flies at Die Hard Dave Marz, connecting with him, and driving him right back against the corner with a flying splash! 

Marz looks shocked at the attack from Biggs.  Biggs starts to rain down huge punches to the head of Die Hard, hammering him with lefts and rights as the fans cheer.  Biggs is swinging madly, peppering the head of Marz with repeated shots from both of his hands.  Marz is rocked. 

Finally, Biggs backs up and folds Marz up with a boot to the gut.  Benjamin steps back a few inches, reaches through and secures Marz’ arm, and then heaves him over the top rope in a huge hip toss!  The crowd erupts as Marz sails over the top rope and lands flat on his back on the floor outside!

Dave Dymond:  Benjamin Biggs came charging right out of the gate, and nailed Marz with that running splash, and now he’s tossed him over the top rope!  I guess Dave Marz isn’t the only who is willing to do what he has to in order to win!

Other Guy:  You know, starting like a bull right out of the gate is one of Die Hard’s tricks, so you can tell that Biggs studied his tapes this week…but I think he’s making a mistake going outside the ring with Dave Marz…that’s Dave Marz territory if you ask me.  Biggs should stick to flying, stick and move, and mat wrestling.  That is how you beat Marz.

Biggs quickly looks down, measures Marz off, and then grabs the top rope, and slingshots himself over the top rope to the outside, nailing Marz with a slingshot bodypress!  The shocked fans cheer loudly at the sight of Biggs flinging himself over the top rope and falling all the way to the floor outside on top of the stunned Die Hard Dave Marz.

Biggs gets up first, reaches down and pulls Marz to his feet, and then runs with him, and fires him face first into the steel ring post! Dave Marz is propelled into the ring post and hits it hard.  Marz staggers backward, dazed.  Biggs wastes no time in grabbing Marz by the back of the head again, and running full speed, propelling towards the ring steps!

Die Hard reverses!

BOOM! Marz propels Biggs right into the steel ring steps!  There is a loud crash as Biggs collides roughly with the steps, and somersaults over, landing on his back on the other side. Kamura has been standing at the ropes ordering the two men to get back into the ring this whole time, and Marz finally complies and rolls Biggs back in. 

Biggs is still a bit dazed as Marz pulls him into a sitting position in the middle of the ring.  Marz stands over Benjamin Biggs, grabs him by the back of the head with one hand, and with the other he starts to fire a rapid barrage of punches right into the face of Biggs, over and over again. Benjamin Biggs is rocked by the hammer-like shots to the head.  Finally, Die Hard stops punching, backs up and measures Biggs off, and then boots Biggs right in the face with the bottom of his boot!  Benjamin’s head snaps backward from the impact, and his whole body goes limp as he crumples flat on his back. Die Hard Dave Marz quickly makes the cover, and hooks the leg…



Right before the count of three, Benjamin Biggs lifts his shoulder from the mat, as the fans cheer the close call.

Dave Dymond:  That was a close one!

Other Guy:  Die Hard Dave Marz just pounded the pretty right off the face of Biggs, and then stomped his face.  Ouch.

Benjamin Biggs shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts.  Marz pounces on Biggs, and pulls him to his feet.  Marz locks Biggs up, and fires him quickly backwards with a suplex.  Biggs hits the mat at full speed, and bounces with the impact. 

Marz locks Biggs up again, and pulls him to his feet.  Marz grabs Biggs by the wrist, and throws him into the ropes.  Biggs comes off, and Marz attempts a clothesline…but Biggs ducks! Biggs puts one hand on Die Hard’s shoulder and spins him around, and then starts firing rapid-fire right hand closed fist punches directly to the face of the tough New Yorker.  Die Hard’s head snaps back violently from the impact of the shots from Biggs. Finally, Biggs grabs one of Marz’ flailing arms, and pulls him in quickly with a short clothesline.  Marz hits the mat.

Dave Dymond:  The pendulum has swung again, and now Benjamin Biggs is back in control!

Other Guy:  Biggs is fired up for this match, but I still think he’s making a mistake trying to brawl with Dave Marz.  Marz out brawled Del Carver last week, there is no way Biggs is going to beat Die Hard at his own game.  Biggs has to wrestle to win this match.

Biggs circles around behind Marz and crouches, waiting patiently, as Marz slowly gets to his feet.  In an incredible display of athleticism, Benjamin Biggs leaps into the air from a standing position, and locks his legs around the head and neck of Dave Marz in a reverse huracanrana!  Biggs then flips backward into a victory roll small package for a cover!



Marz sharply kicks out, but barely in time. The fans are now on their feet cheering the incredible lucha move they just witnessed from Benjamin Biggs, and the announcers show a replay on the monitors. Meanwhile Benjamin Biggs gets to his feet, comes off the ropes, does a somersault in the air, and then drops a leg across the chest of Marz.  Instead of covering, Biggs applies a scissor lock on the arm of Marz with his legs…and falls backwards while holding Die Hard’s arm. Biggs grimaces, and applies pressure by pulling down on Marz’ arm, so his elbow is hyper extended across Biggs’ body.

Dave Dymond:  Crucifix Armbar!  This move applies incredible pressure to the arm and shoulder area!

Other Guy:  What did I tell you?  Biggs has Marz on the run thanks to a highflying move, and now a mat submission!  This is the way to win this match.

Dave Marz bellows in agony, and starts to thrash around trying to pull free from the submission hold.  Biggs has the hold sunk in, and is applying full pressure.  The fans are on their feet, cheering in suspense, wondering how long Marz will be able to hold on in this submission maneuver. 

Marz looks to his left, and measures how close he is to the ropes.  Die Hard digs his fingernails into the mat, with his free hand and starts to pull himself, inch by inch towards the ropes. Biggs does his best to stay in place, but Marz slowly drags the two men over to the ropes, inch by painful inch.  Finally, Marz reaches up, strains, and grabs the bottom rope.  Kamura orders Biggs to break the hold.

Biggs pulls Die Hard to his feet, and he grabs Marz by the back of the head, and runs towards the corner.  Biggs smashes Die Hard’s head off the top turnbuckle, and then does it again. Biggs starts to repeatedly ram his head into the turnbuckle over and over again, as the fans count along.  When Biggs reaches ten, he lets Marz go, who collapses to the mat holding his cranium in absolute agony.

Dave Dymond: Benjamin Biggs has changed strategy now, and he is obviously working on that preexisting head injury of Dave Marz!

Other Guy: That could work too, obviously. There are some people who think that Marz is suffering from a concussion thanks to the attack by Obsidian last week, and he could be.  This will rock him good, the repeated blows to the head.

As Dave Marz lays on the mat holding his head in pain, Benjamin Biggs slowly climbs to the top rope, and then comes off with a flying fist drop into the head of the stunned Die Hard Dave Marz.  Biggs makes the cover…




Marz kicks out at the last minute.  Biggs cusses, and then pulls Marz to his feet.  Marz shocks Biggs with a quick uppercut to the midsection, knocking the wind out of him.  Biggs doubles over, and Marz hoists him into the air and drives him back to the mat with powerslam!

Cover by Marz!



This time Biggs kicks out. Marz starts to pick Biggs up, but Biggs reaches up, loops his hand around Marz’s neck and rolls him up in a surprise small package pin attempt!




Marz kicks out with all his might, breaking the small package up, as both men go sprawling. Biggs and Marz both get to their feet and the same time, and stumble towards each other.  They lock up, and Marz locks Biggs up in a bearhug, and then in an impressive show of power, hurls him overhead in a belly-to-belly suplex!

Biggs hits the mat and Marz covers…




At the last minute Biggs kicks out, as the fans are on their feet!  Marz pulls Biggs up, but Biggs buries a shoulder into Die Hard’s midsection.  Biggs hoists Marz up, scooping him up in a bodyslam position and then dropping him to the mat with a slam, staying on him for the cover…



Marz kicks out.

Dave Dymond:  This match is really swinging back and forth here, OG.

Other Guy:  Well, nobody needs to be reminded how much is riding on this match.  Both these guys want to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Marz gets up, and quickly goes behind and slaps Biggs in the full nelson!  Biggs is fighting for all his worth trying to find a counter. Marz puts Biggs back in the full nelson; he takes him backward with a Full Nelson Suplex!



Biggs kicks out, as Marz can’t believe it. He’s too tired to argue as he just his shakes his head in amazement. Marz slowly climbs to the second turnbuckle, he eyes the fallen Biggs and leaps off with a fist drop but Biggs rolls out of the way and Marz hits the mat like a ton of bricks. Both men slowly get to their feet.  Benjamin Biggs reaches out, and grabs Dave Marz by the wrist, whipping him into the ropes.  Marz rebounds off the ropes, and Benjamin Biggs leaps into the air, and nails Die Hard right on the jaw with a picture perfect high dropkick!

Dave Marz collapses as the fans erupt at the sight of Biggs hitting the highflying maneuver perfectly. Biggs heads to the apron, and then leaps to the top rope, measuring Die Hard off.  The fans are on their feet, expecting something big from Benjamin Biggs off the top rope.  They are not disappointed, as Biggs hurls his body into the air and executes a 630 Splash!  Just as his body spirals towards the mat, Dave Marz lifts his boot into the air…


The jaw of Benjamin Biggs collides with the upraised boot of Die Hard Dave Marz, and Benjamin’s head snaps backward in a sick looking contortion.  The crowd groans in sympathy at seeing Biggs collide with the boot of Dave Marz, all the way from the top rope.  Biggs falls to the mat next to Die Hard, holding his face in pain.

Die Hard stumbles to his feet, knowing he only has precious few seconds to take advantage.  Marz pulls the injured Biggs to his feet and locks him up in a rear waistlock! The fans start to buzz, knowing what is coming! Marz tucks his head under one of Benjamin’s arms. Die Hard lifts Benjamin Biggs off the ground and drives him backwards with all his strength, dropping him on top of his head!


Marz makes the cover…




The arena goes unglued as Scott Kamura raises the arm of Dave Marz in victory, and his theme music starts to play.  Marz slowly gets to his feet and holds both his arms over his head.  Benjamin Biggs rolls out of the ring, holding his jaw.  He does not look happy at all.  As Biggs heads up the aisle, Die Hard stays in the ring, celebrating as Samantha Coil makes it official…


Dave Dymond: Die Hard does it again, fans!  The tough scrapper from New York takes another step towards the ultimate prize in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy: That Marz Attack back drop driver of his is starting to prove deadly to the roster of SHOOT Project, Dymond.  You have to wonder who is going to be able to stop it!

Dave Dymond:  I’d love to discuss that with you, OG, and I’m sure we’ll get time to after the show, but we’re out of time right now!  Tune in next week for the semi-finals to the World Championship tournament, complete with reseeding!  I’m Dave Dymond, he’s Other Guy. 

Other Guy:  See you next week!

Fade to black.