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Revolution 007: 9/23/07


A black Mitsubishi Shogun pulls up outside the Thomas and Mack Arena, gaining the attention of the fans who wait patiently in line. The horn beeps, drawing even more stares as the driver’s door opens and Osbourne Kilminster leaps out, a black hoodie matching his plain wrestling shoes and a stylish accompaniment to his urban camo-print MMA shorts.

O.K.: Hey, everybody look over here! I’ve got something a little bit special for you all tonight! Come on over!

Waving his arms to those in the queue, some are a little reluctant to lose their place, but as more people swarm toward him, the line becomes much shorter. The crowd are in awe of seeing Osbourne Kilminster, and start talking excitedly amongst themselves. Ozzy smiles, surveying them. He gives an acknowledging nod, and shakes some hands that are thrust in his direction. Then, he steps backward and opens the passenger’s door of the car. Kilminster steps away, to make some room.

And from out of the car steps ‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott, generating a thunderous roar from the queue!

O.K.: Lookee lookee! If it isn’t the soon-to-be SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! I told you I had something special for you all!

Grabbing Ray by the shoulders, he pushes him into the fans who take pictures of him and shake his hand excitedly! The fans pat him on the back, some women even try to hug and give him a kiss! Ray seems a little overwhelmed, but quickly warms up and shows his love for being among the people. He happily signs autographs, and introduces himself to the small intimate crowd.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Thanks for coming out tonight … hi there … it’s my pleasure … hi … hello there … hehehe …

Ozzy chuckles to himself a bit; he himself continuing to sign some autographs and receive the people. Noticing that the attention on Ray is at fever pitch, he playfully sighs, shrugs his shoulders and pushes his way in through the crowd, nudging some of the fans away from Ray gently.

O.K.: Not too much heavy petting here, people! This man has a match tonight against the guy who put Del Carver out of the title picture! Isn’t that right, eh?

As Oz is speaking to the people, it seems not everyone is paying attention, as one feisty young girl seems close to be trying to thrust her tongue down Ray’s throat! Willmott laughs sheepishly, kisses her forehead quickly, and then tries to back through into the space Oz has created.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I really appreciate your support, thank you so muc…

Male Fan: …You haven’t got a hope in hell!!!

A young fan shouts out loud enough that Oz, Ray and everyone else in the group can hear him. Stepping toward the heckler, Osbourne looks him dead in the eye, millimetres from his face.

O.K.: Excuse me?

The fan seems a bit intimidated, and perhaps hadn’t initially anticipated anyone would hear him. Regardless, he shuffles through the crowd, sporting a dark black baseball cap, a very worn and weathered SHOOT Project top, and a pair of jeans. The fans give him some room, even though many of them are looking at him, slightly disgusted for challenging their hero.

Fan: …I … I … said he doesn’t have a hope in hell!!

Stepping back away from the fan, Osbourne shakes his head and laughs.

O.K.: You know what? If everybody thought Ray here was going to win, the match would be crap, right? If everyone knew for a fact that Ray was going to win, it wouldn’t be worth watching. There’s no point getting angry with this kid because his point of view is what will make tonight’s main event so special. Isn’t that right, Ray?

Willmott smiles and nods. However, he does revert his attention to the young fan, and looks at him in all seriousness. By now, the male fan seems embarrassed having been singled out from the crowd.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …What’s your name, kid?

Fan: …Dan … Danny.

Ray smiles.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Nobody ever said this match was going to be easy. But that’s what’s brought you all here, right? That’s why you come to our shows, because you know the men and the women that compete here are a class above. That matches could go anyway. This World title tournament, it’s brought about a lot of surprises for us all. Some good, some bad. Some of our favourites didn’t make it here; others still have somebody left to cheer!

Ray looks to Osbourne, a half smile on his face.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I may not have a hope in hell, Danny. I may be deluding myself. I may be a dreamer to many people that watch our shows! But fuck me if I don’t know what’s at stake here tonight! I’ll be damned if I’m just gonna roll over and die!

A cheer rises. One girl shouts out ‘I Love You, Ray’, which brings a smile to his face.

Laughing, Osbourne puts his hand on Ray’s shoulder as security guards rush over to break up the crowd and begin leading the two of them inside.

O.K.: Come on, big man. Let’s get this show on the road, eh?

A nod, and a final smile to the fans in attendance.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Enjoy the show, guys!

Ray allows himself to be escorted by Oz and the security guard, leaving behind an excited and energised group of fans, eager to see this week’s show.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

Revolution Logo

“…It’s about to get ugly in here!  Set it on ‘em motherfuckers!”

“Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond explodes onto the airways, as the Revolution logo fades from your mind into a barrage of clips from the first six Revolutions!

An aerial shot, moving through the Las Vegas strip takes over, the night life, the bright lights, and finally, the Thomas and Mack Center…

Static washes over the screen,

Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship. 

OutKast stands contains the  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, which then fades into the tandem of Instant Heat calling the action for that first night!

The static fades into Corazon holding the Iron Fist Championship high overhead, to the return of Obsidian. 

Jester Smiles is shown over a fallen Kaz Sato, as the newly crowned Revolution Champion.

A barrage of images displayed like a flip book, from Del Carver, Donovan King, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, the returning Jun Kenshin, Cade Sydal, on and on, until finally coming to a stop on Ron Barker, and as the pyro for the opening hits the top of the ramp, EXPLODING into the Thomas and Mack Center, the roller coaster ride of an opening video ceases. 

Other Guy and Dave Dymond take over…

Other Guy:  WELL.  Production said they had a bit of a treat for us for the show opener tonight, and while I thought it was going to be that cheese fest between Willmott and Ozzy, I was pleasantly surprised!

Dave Dymond:  Man, yeah.  I think we’re out of a job when it comes to opening this show up, OG.

Other Guy:  Good.  It saves us money if I have to talk less.  Cuz I get paid by the word.  Didn’t you know that?

Dave Dymond:  Riiiii—

Other Guy:  Don’t you even finish that sarcastic train of personality defamation, Dymond.  Let’s get this shit moving with a HUGE opening match up, that has implications on who will be participating in the Uprising main event!


Samantha Coil: “This match is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit, and is a semi-final match in the tournament to determine the new SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!”

Immediately “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue starts to play throughout the arena. The SHOOT video screen comes to life with an artistic montage of various shots of Trevor Worrens all in different locations.  Spliced between the shots of Worrens are brief moments of him in active competition.  All of the montage is tied together with the words “Trevor Worrens” and “The Failed One” that flash up on the screen every so often.

Samantha Coil: “Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds, he is “The Failed One” Trevor Worrens!”

Worrens steps out into the view of the jam packed Thomas and Dymond Center, and is met with generally no response in favor or against him. This doesn’t bother Worrens as he just walks to the ring, slowly unbuttoning his dark blue shirt as he walks.

Dave Dymond: “Looking back at the start of this tournament, I’ll openly admit that I didn’t expect to see Trevor Worrens standing strong come semi-finals time.”

Other Guy: “It’s been a hell of a crazy ass tournament, Dave, but that’s not takin’ away from the focus Worrens has shown… no matter what his messed up drive is.”

Dave Dymond: “I won’t argue that, and even more is put into this thing, as whether or not Worrens wishes to acknowledge it, his opponent is tied to Vincent Mallows almost as much as Worrens himself is.  Just yet another level to this match AND another moment where you see new and old crossing paths here in the new era of SHOOT Project.”

Worrens rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and as he gets up to his feet he removes his shirt and just tosses it to the outside.  He stands more than ready, awaiting his opponent. "Undeniable" by Mos Def starts to play and Jun Kenshin appears and makes his way to the ring as the fans cheer the fan favorite.

Samantha Coil:  “His opponent hails from San Diego California and weighs 204 pounds, here is “The Undeniable” Jun Kenshin.”

Kenshin enters the ring as Samantha exits.  Referee Tony Lorenzo slides into the ring and gives the nod to Mark Kendrick to ring the bell and start the match.  The lights go down all over the arena, leaving just the spotlight over the ring to illuminate the action.

The two men lock up and engage in a struggle for position, back and forth, tussling, with neither man able to gain the advantage.  Trevor Worrens has the slight height advantage, so he eventually forces Jun Kenshin back first into the ropes.  Tony Lorenzo calls for a break.  Trevor Worrens holds both his arms in the air, and steps backwards slowly.

Dave Dymond:  “Clean break by Worrens.”

Other Guy:  “I don’t get that.  This is the Final Four of the World Title Tournament…you need to be aggressive.  This Worrens is a complex dude.  Sometimes you think he’s going to do whatever it takes to win, and sometimes he acts like a sportsman.  You never know what he’s going to do.”

Dave Dymond: “You hit the nail on the head when you said he was complex.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t know what he’s going to do himself, so how could we guess?”

The two men lock up again.  Once again, Trevor Worrens gains the advantage but this time, Jun Kenshin drops to his back, places both feet on Trevor Worrens’ midsection, and flips him through the air using his knowledge of the martial arts and leverage to his advantage. Trevor Worrens falls over Jun Kenshin, and crashes to the mat. 

As Worrens starts to get up, Jun Kenshin goes deep, and hurls Trevor Worrens through the air with a deep arm drag!  Trevor Worrens sails over Jun Kenshin and hits the mat again, but Jun Kenshin keeps him locked up in an arm bar. Trevor Worrens is now flat on his back, and Jun Kenshin kneels over him, keeping him locked up in an arm bar.  Trevor Worrens keeps his cool, looking for any sign of weakness in Jun Kenshin’s grip.  Worrens cannot seem to find any sign of weakness at all in Jun Kenshin’s arm bar, so he reluctantly sticks his leg out, touching his foot to the bottom rope.  Tony Lorenzo sees this, and calls for Kenshin to break the hold.

The two men get to their feet, and lock up again.  Once again, Worrens has the weight advantage and backs Kenshin into the ropes.  Lorenzo calls for the break, and Worrens steps back.  Kenshin goes into a fighting stance, and starts to fire a rapid barrage of chops at Trevor Worrens, stinging him on the chest with open handed slaps and then alternating into knife edge chops.  Worrens staggers backward for a moment, stunned, but then he retaliates!

Worrens hits a left knee strike and a right knee strike to the sides of Kenshin, then quickly follows up with a palm jab to the chest, followed by a stunning palm jab to the face that hits Kenshin with such impact that it causes Kenshin to spin away from Worrens. Trevor Worrens stays on the acts, hammering Kenshin from behind with a hard standing clothesline!  Kenshin collapses to the mat face first, holding the back of his head in pain.

Dave Dymond: “Trevor Worrens started this match off trying to wrestle clean OG, but Kenshin decided to trade blows and that backfired on him in a hurry.”

Other Guy: “Trevor Worrens wants to win the World Heavyweight Championship, something Vincent Mallows never did, and he’s going to use every weapon in his arsenal to accomplish that goal.”

Trevor Worrens reaches down and scoops up the temporarily stunned Jun Kenshin, but then he slams him back down to the mat as quickly as he picked him up.  The body of Jun Kenshin actually bounces a few inches off the mat from the force of the slam.  Worrens is poised over Kenshin in a cat-like stance and as soon as Kenshin’s body comes to a rest, Worrens scoops him up again, and powers him back to the mat yet again, using his slight height and weight advantage to his best ability by performing another perfect bodyslam.  After the second slam, Kenshin’s body spasms slightly from the impact.

Trevor Worrens deftly rolls Kenshin over onto his front, then measures him off and drives a knee smash right into the upper back of Jun Kenshin.  It appears that Worrens has decided to focus on the back of Jun Kenshin with the repeated bodyslams and now the knee to the back.  Kenshin is feeling the effect of the attack as one of his hands instinctively goes to his back, rubbing it in pain.  Worrens zeroes in and drops a second knee smash to the back of Jun Kenshin.  This time we can clearly see the discomfort on the face of Kenshin.  Worrens backs off, and leaps into the air, aiming for the back of Kenshin with yet another precision kneedrop.

Just in the nick of time, Jun Kenshin rolls out of the way, and Trevor Worrens hits the mat at top speed, knee first!  The fans cheer in relief, as Kenshin escapes and Trevor Worrens grabs his knee in pain. Kenshin struggles to his feet, still holding his back tenderly.  As Worrens cradles his knee painfully, Kenshin takes a moment to rub his back, but finally he reaches down and locks Worrens up for a suplex.  In a crisp, smooth motion, Jun Kenshin snaps Trevor Worrens backward through the air with a perfectly executed snap suplex.

Dave Dymond: “Jun Kenshin finally getting his game together here, after being on the receiving end of some punishment from Trevor Worrens.”

Other Guy: “I have to question the wisdom of Kenshin using a suplex as an offensive maneuver here.  Worrens just did some decent work on his back, but now Kenshin is using that back to deliver a suplex.  He might be letting his competitor’s ego get the better of him.  Wouldn’t he be better off focusing on some mat wrestling and giving that back a rest for a few minutes?”

As predicted by The Other Guy, Jun Kenshin indeed seems to be using the suplex as his preferred method of attack.  After landing the snap suplex, Kenshin reaches down and locks up the stunned Worrens for another suplex.  Wincing with the exertion, Kenshin hoists Worrens high into the air with a vertical suplex, and then sends him crashing back to the mat.  As soon as Worrens lands, Kenshin goes for the first cover of the matchup…



Worrens kicks out with authority. 

Jun Kenshin gets to his feet, locks Worrens up again, and goes for another vertical suplex, but Trevor Worrens wisely sticks his foot out and blocks it.  Kenshin tries again, but once again Worrens sticks his foot out and blocks it. Worrens plants his feet, grabs Kenshin by the tights and reverses the process, hoisting Kenshin up into the air and powering him backward with a suplex!  Kenshin bounces and once again scowls in pain as he absorbs the impact on his back.  Instead of going for the cover, Trevor Worrens does exactly what Kenshin did to him, and locks him up for a second suplex!  Worrens swings Kenshin backward through the air and slams him back to the mat with a second perfectly executed vertical suplex!  Just as Kenshin to him, Worrens goes for a cover…



Kenshin kicks out, but he is still visibly wincing in pain, his back clearly hurting him.  Trevor Worrens reaches down and pulls Jun Kenshin to his feet.  As soon as Kenshin is vertical, he leaps into action and rolls forward, nailing Trevor Worrens squarely in the chest with a rolling kick!  Worrens is caught totally off guard and falls back to the mat, stunned.  Kenshin goes on the offensive and starts to unleash a blinding flurry of kicks to the body of Worrens.  Trevor Worrens lifts both his arms up in a boxer’s stance to protect his head and cover up, as Jun Kenshin repeatedly smashes him in the sides with precision kicks.  The crowd is loving it.

Dave Dymond: “This match is really back and forth OG, and now Kenshin is back in control.”

Other Guy: “Yeah and he’s showing some good aggression too, which is probably what he’s going to need to do in order to win.”

As Jun Kenshin continues his blistering assault on Trevor Worrens, the camera shot changes to a “split screen.”  We see Kaz Sato standing at ringside watching the action with a look of mild concern on his face. The shot goes back to the action, and finally Trevor Worrens has battled back to his feet.  Worrens starts to weakly return fire on Jun Kenshin, answering the kicks with some chops and palm strikes of his own.  A few of these strikes land, and Trevor Worrens gains confidence.  Finally Worrens reaches out and grabs Jun Kenshin by the back of the head, and drives a knee up into his face!  Kenshin reels backward, and Worrens sends him to the mat with a kick.

Trevor Worrens reaches down and picks up Jun Kenshin in a side suplex position.  Kenshin starts to flail around madly, kicking his legs wildly and Trevor Worrens is unable to hang on to him.  Both men collapse to the mat at the same time, but Jun Kenshin is only down to one knee.  Kenshin pulls Trevor Worrens to his feet by the hair, steadies him in place, and then flattens him with a spinning backfist!  Worrens crumples to the mat, dazed.

Jun Kenshin slowly climbs between the ropes and heads to the apron.  He climbs the turnbuckles, and then perches on the top rope, steadying himself for a moment, and then launching himself high into the air with a swandive headbutt…BAM! Kenshin nails Trevor Worrens dead on with the headbutt, and makes the cover…





At the last possible second, Trevor Worrens lifts his shoulder!

Dave Dymond: “Oh mama!  Was that…that was three, wasn’t it?”

Other Guy: “No it wasn’t, but it was about as close as you’re going to get.  Look at Kenshin’s face!  He’s shocked, holding up three fingers in the face of the ref, he’s sure he got that three count!”

Dave Dymond: “Hey never mind Kenshin’s face…look at Worrens!”

Trevor Worrens gets to his knees and places one hand over his nose.  Sure enough, blood is cascading down his face from a cut on the bridge of his nose.  As Kenshin continues to argue with Tony Lorenzo, Worrens rolls out of the ring, looking at the blood on his hands with an expression of disbelief and shock on his face.  Worrens grabs a steel chair, and slides back into the ring and brandishes it as if to strike Kenshin with it.  Kenshin has his back turned, as he argues with Lorenzo. Suddenly, Worrens stops…and stares at the chair in his hands as if he is seeing it for the first time.

Jun Kenshin turns around and sees Trevor Worrens holding the steel chair.  Worrens looks up at Kenshin, and then tosses the chair back to the outside!  Kenshin looks puzzled for a moment, but then rears his head back, and puffs out his cheeks…and sprays his mist!  Just as he starts to spray, Trevor Worrens fires a perfectly aimed and timed palm strike, directly at the face of Jun Kenshin!  The palm strike nails Kenshin upside the head, and his mist shoots out and to the side, missing Worrens!

Worrens goes on the attack. Worrens steps forward and wraps one arm across the chest of Kenshin and in a lightening fast motion, he sweeps Kenshin’s leg with his own leg to slam Kenshin back first to the mat with the STO!  Kenshin arcs in agony, as Worrens has executed this move directly on the spot where he focused his back attack earlier in the match! 

Worrens makes the cover…




The bell rings and Tony Lorenzo grabs Trevor Worrens by the arm and hoists him to his feet, jerking his arm into the air.  “The Pursuit” starts to play again, as Kaz Sato looks on in satisfaction from ringside.  Samantha Coil takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha: “Lades and Gentlemen…at a time of 24 minutes and 41 seconds…here is your winner, and advancing to the FINALS of the World Title Tournament in the MAIN EVENT of the SHOOT PROJECT UPRISING PAY PER VIEW…TREVOR WORRENS!!!”

Worrens holds his arms over his head in victory, but he still looks somewhat stunned, partially from the blood running down his face, and partially from shock.  Jun Kenshin rolls around on the mat cursing in pain and holding his back.  Kaz Sato looks up at Trevor Worrens in approval as the camera shot goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position.

Dave Dymond: “Well fans, the somewhat bizarre saga of Trevor Worrens continues, as he manages to earn his way into the Main Event of the Uprising Pay Per View, and he is now one victory away from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, something he seems intent on doing because Vincent Mallows never did!”

Other Guy: “Some questions have been answered but so many others remain.  What is the true nature of the relationship between Sato and Worrens?  Why does Worrens really feel the need to prove himself to, or better than Vince Mallows?  Why did Worrens almost use the chair but then change his mind?  Will the mysterious and complex Trevor Worrens be our next World Champion?”

Dave Dymond: “And what is next for Jun Kenshin?”


The scene fades to the backs of three people, and the size difference even between the two largest figures is notable, let alone the difference between how large the tallest is to the smallest. One almost-buzzed brunette, one long haired blonde, and a girl with a shock of bright red hair. For those who know SHOOT Project stars past and present, it’s clearly Long Island Hardcore and Ainsley Lake.

Jared Walsh: …And that was the greatest night of my life.

CJ Nelson: Dude, Asian twins.

Jared Walsh: Alright, second greatest night of my life.

The three come upon the door to Lake’s dressing room, and before the camera can properly see beyond CJ’s bigness, chatter can be heard.

Jared Walsh: It’s a bomb!

Ainsley Lake: It’s a trap!

CJ Nelson: You’re a douche!

When CJ gets his massive girth out from the doorway, the camera manages to focus on the ‘it’ in question: A teddy bear with a note on it. Clearly, a bomb. Ainsley walks up to the bomb/trap in question and picks it up, turning it over in her hands. A smile creeps onto her face, and she looks a good deal happier then she had a moment before. As she’s about to open the note, a large hand shoots out and stops her.

CJ Nelson: Don’t even think about it. It’s from Barker, just throw it the hell away.

Jared Walsh: I’ll get a blowtorch, I think that’ll be more satisfactory.

Ainsley Lake: Oh, come on. It’s a teddy bear.

Jared Walsh: Could be anthrax in the note.

Ainsley Lake: Now, how could he fit an entire band into one piece of paper?

In spite of her friends/bodyguards instructions, she opens the note. In a flash, Jared has it in his hand, and reads it out loud in a pompous and theatrical voice. For a prime example, the Ebaums Letters dramatic reading voice.

Jared Walsh: Dear Ms. Lake,

Hope you’re feeling better from our encounter and I would love to take you out to dinner as promised with no hard feelings.

Hope you’ll join me.


Ainsley Lake: Trap! Trap!

CJ Nelson: Sure you don’t want him to get the blowtorch?

Ainsley Lake: Nah, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a stupid note and a bear. Besides, the bear is kinda cute.

Jared Walsh: No, no it’s not. It’s the spawn of Satan, and it’d be better for you to kill it in it’s infancy. They always regret not killing the spawn of Satan when he’s still a baby, and look where that always gets the world.

Lake is indignant and clutches the gift, note and bear, to her chest with a maternal flare up in her eyes.

Ainsley Lake: You will NOT hurt, maim, or kill Vladimir Dmitri Pietro Nicolai Romanov-Urmen! He’s my bear!

Jared Walsh: Oh God! We’ve gotta burn her too!

CJ smacks Jared upside the head, and the scene fades out among their rapid-fire bickering.


As the arena plunges into darkness, a faint sound is heard over the P.A. system, getting louder as a hundred tiny white star-like lights shine above…


Other Guy: Y’all know what time it is!

Dave Dymond: I think I do… and by the sound of it, so do ten thousand other people!


Jumping out from behind the curtain, pumping his fists, Osbourne drops to his knees with his fists high as the fans roar their cheers at him, a single white spotlight almost silhouetting him.

Well I sing…




Dave Dymond: Why? Why? Why? Stick to the commentary, you karaoke kook!

Other Guy: Hey, interrupting a cat mid-flow is NOT cool, dig?

Leaping up onto his feet, Osbourne runs down the walkway with his hands outstretched to meet those of the fans who reach over the guardrail to him and launches onto the ring apron and springboards over the top rope to land in the middle of the ring, roaring back to the fans and pirouetting and pointing out into the crowd in all directions!

Now open wide and SAY MY NAAAAAAME!


Nodding his head, Osbourne rips off his sunglasses and throws them out into the crowd, causing a small pushing contest as the group of fans nearest clamour to catch them, running a quick lap of the ring as he catches a mic from the timekeeper, waving out into the sea of applauding fans.


Dave Dymond: Looks like Osbourne’s ready to get down to business…

Other Guy: When you’re getting ready to get down to business, you start licking your lips and unfastening you pants.

Dave Dymond: What?!

As the music fades out and the lights come back on, Osbourne turns slowly, looking out into all the faces, smiling to himself.

O.K.: I never grow tired of coming out here for you all, just being here and feeling the love and giving it back… it’s truly wonderful… But, you know, I wish I could do more for you… I wish I could come out here and put on a  fantastic match for you, but I’m not the guy who gets to decide what I do… Honestly, if I had a choice, right now I’d be down to my gloves, my shorts and my shoes… and I’d be throwing down with someone… anyone…

Throwing up his hands, Osbourne shrugs before bringing the mic back down.

O.K.: Nevermind, eh, two weeks and nothing to do but come out here and talk to you guys… but the flip side of that is that right now, I’m more rested and healed-up than I’ve ever been in my career. They’ve given me a break and I’ve used it to my advantage by just letting my body repair all the damage I’ve sustained in the last few months and now? Now I feel faster and stronger, sharper and more focused, which I guess is better for each and every one of you because now you know that whoever I face next is really going to have their hands full, right?!

Dave Dymond: I bet they will!

Other Guy: You had your hands full in the toilet cubicle earlier, Dave.

Dave Dymond: How would you even know?

Other Guy: I… er… I heard the grunting.

Throwing his fists into the air, Osbourne draws a cheer from the crowd, eager to see him back in action. Smiling, Kilminster waves his hand to quieten them down before continuing.

O.K.: Now, I’m not wanting to hold you people up too much longer because I really want this show to keep on ticking because… Jason Johnson has an announcement! Yeah, the guy who books these shows is going to come out here later on with something important to say… which interests me because some of you fans have been speculating whether or not that may or may not involve me, so yeah, I’m intrigued as to what he has to say… But just one more thing… Give a big cheer, a cheer so big that that deaf bastard, Jason Johnson, can’t help but hear… if you want to see me in this ring WITH AN OPPONENT next week!

Throwing his right fist into the air, Osbourne draws a massive cheer from the fans! However, Osbourne frowns and brings his left hand to his ear… and then brings the mic back down to mouth level.


Again throwing up his hand, Osbourne draws an EVEN LARGER cheer from the crowd, using both hands like an orchestra conductor to keep the cheers going louder and louder before, smiling broadly, he speaks into the mic for one last time.

O.K.: Thank you all very much.

Other Guy: Thank you too, Oz!

Throwing the mic back over to the timekeeper’s table, Osbourne leaps over the tope rope, grabbing it with one hand to lower himself down as he walks around the out-of-ring matted arean, greeting the fans on his way back to the walkway.


Dave Dymond: Yeah, I heard Jason had something to say… I wonder what it is…

Other Guy: I dunno… should be inetersting though. Will we see Osbourne in a match next week?

Dave Dymond: I hope so. It sounds like there’s enough demand for it!


After a brief pause to allow Osbourne Kilminster time to get out of the ring, “Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick Murphys begins to play, and the SHOOT video screen comes to life with two boxing gloves seemingly punching out the screen, both gloves in the colors of Ireland’s flag.  The name Killian Reilly appears on the screen next, followed by a few quick shots of Reilly knocking out various opponents on the boxing circuit.

Samantha Coil: This next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in tonight at 240 pounds, here is Killian Reilly!!!

After being announced out, the Irish boxer himself steps out into view, giving a nod of acknowledgement and respect to the audience.

Dave Dymond: While tonight obviously our big focus is to see just WHAT will be the main event at Uprising, you can’t overlook a match up like we’re about to have. Killian Reilly looking to continue to establish himself as a rising star, and in this match up against newer blood in Art De Luca, he has a chance to do just that.

Other Guy: It might not be as big as the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but hell if these guys want to gut it out and make it to the top one day, they’ll be comin’ out in this one swinging hard!

Reilly enters the ring now and once in his corner, he throws a couple of quick jabs through the air, followed by a series of uppercuts, loosening up for the fight ahead. His music fades out and then…


Yo these are true lies to help you remember tonight

while my schizophrenic symptoms got me livin’ two lives"

Yak Ballz’ "Method to Madness" hits the PA system as a white spotlight hovers back and forth over the stage. Nothing too flashy. After a few moments Art De Luca appears, being seen for the first time in the SHOOT Project!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 192 pounds, tonight he makes his SHOOT Project in ring debut… here is Art De Luca!!!

 A few fans here and there cheer, but nothing too big. Art De Luca is seen heading to the ring in black gym shorts. On the bottom of the right leg of the shorts is "De Luca Libre!" in white skinny text. A black bandana is also seen tied around his head, holding his shaggy and long hair out of his eyes. On his chest is a large bat tattooed, a vampire bat. Also seen is "avec la vie vient la mort" on his right forearm. Also sported are full black grapping gloves. His face is unshaven and unkempt as he heads to the ring, pointing his middle and index fingers down to form what looks to be an "A." As he makes his way to the steps, he walks up, gripping onto the ropes, then turns back to the fans, throwing another "A." As he enters the ring, he sizes up Killian Reilly, hopping in place a few times and cracking his neck.

Dave Dymond: Now I’ve see Art De Luca wrestle a few times before making it out here into the actual spotlight of SHOOT, and well, he has an interesting wrestle style that I can only really describe as a real gritty, but sometimes sloppy form of high flying and quick ground attacks.  De Luca proudly boasts his style though, even advertising it on his own apparel.

Other Guy: Ah so that’s what’s up with that “De Luca-Libre” shit.

Referee Dennis Heflin quickly checks over both men, and once Samantha Coil is out of the ring, he signals for the bell.


Dave Dymond: A sort of spotlight match in its own right here between De Luca and Reilly.  Reilly of course trying to show he’s got what it takes to continue to deserve the attention of these fans, and De Luca looking to capture their attention for the first time.

Other Guy: A bout that can go either way and… OH DAMN!  Hard kick by De Luca right off the bat, and Reilly didn’t see that one coming!

Dave Dymond: Reilly staggering now, and De Luca with another kick, this time to the opposite side of Reilly… and not a good start for the Irish boxer from Cork County.

Reilly staggers a bit and De Luca approaches now with two quick punches and then looks to whip him into the ropes. Reilly stops himself dead in his tracks though, turns… and SWINGS with a hard left hook, but De Luca ducks under and quickly sprints towards the ropes.  Reilly regroups quickly and turns just as De Luca summersaults forward and leaps up with a clothesline attempt… REILLY JABS HIM STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!!

Other Guy: I saw teeth fly!

Dave Dymond: Not sure about that, but still a big time impact from Reilly as De Luca is brought down hard.

Reilly stands there for a moment, but then snaps into the fact that it’s a wrestling match and drops down now for a quick cover.  The referee makes the count…



Dave Dymond: shoulder up after two, but De Luca’s gonna be feeling a sore jaw in the morning.

Other Guy: To hell with the morning, Dave, he’s feelin’ it right now, damn sure about that.

Dave Dymond: Reilly staying on the controlling side of this match now, pulling up De Luca to his feet… and a quick arm bar applied.

De Luca struggles a bit to break out of the armbar, throwing reckless blind elbows backwards at Reilly, but Reilly just absorbs the brunt of the blows and suddenly pushes De Luca forward.  De Luca turns around and Reilly gets both arms up, in a boxer’s stance, and fires with another straight jab.  De Luca’s head reels back and he stumbles into the ropes, arms almost hooking around the top rope.  Reilly moves in towards De Luca now, but De Luca with a quick kick up of the leg, catching Reilly in the gut.  Reilly doubles over and De Luca turns now to the ropes, springs off of them and flips over Reilly rolling him up for a pin!


Reilly quickly kicks out.  De Luca up to his feet though and he immediately leaps and drops a hard leg drop… another cover attempt.  Referee Dennis Heflin makes the count again.


TW… shoulder up by Reilly.

Dave Dymond: Reilly has taken a lot of hits over his illustrious boxing career, so its natural that you see him show a great deal of resiliency here in professional wrestling.

Other Guy: It ain’t an easy transition to make, from just usin’ fists to having cats come at you with every part of their body, but Killian Reilly doesn’t seem to let that get him off his own game.

De Luca starts to bring Reilly up off the mat now, but Reilly quickly breaks away from De Luca, pushing him back and then following up with a quick leg sweep.  De Luca goes onto his back and Reilly falls down towards De Luca with a fist drop to the face, but De Luca rolls out of the way, and before Reilly can get up, De Luca FIRES with a kick square to the back of the neck and head!  Reilly falls flat onto his stomach, head slightly resting on the bottom rope.  De Luca goes to the outside of the ring, holding onto the ropes now, clearly sizing up his opponent, but even taking some time to toy with Reilly by looking at him from slightly different angles.

Dave Dymond: A bit of arrogance coming through here on De Luca’s part, but that’s been noted several times in scouting reports about this relative unknown talent.

Other Guy: El Presidente seems to be all about the new stars, Dave, and ya know Jason loves himself the talent that talks the talk and walks the walk… and I think De Luca’s got that kind of shit goin’ for him.

Dave Dymond: De Luca gripping the rope tightly now… and… WOW!!

The fans buzz with excitement as De Luca does a forward flip and lands a leg drop across the back of Reilly’s head!  Reilly’s head bounces off the ropes and he falls backwards into the ring.  De Luca gets right back up after landing the leg drop and waits on the ring edge, taunting Reilly to get up while he swaggers a bit pacing up and down the length of the ring.

Reilly looks to recover now, getting up to his feet, but as he stands up, De Luca leaps up onto the top rope.… SHOOTING STAR PRESS straight on crashing into Reilly with basically a Lou Thez press!

Dave Dymond: HUGE impact there and innovative to boot as De Luca lands that shooting star press but coming at Reilly body to body!

Other Guy: A Shooting Lou, Dave!

Dave Dymond: I guess that’s what you could call it, but regardless I’d call it impressive!

The fans get into the match up a little bit more, as now De Luca fires at Reilly with his own medicine, throwing reckless punches at him while sitting on his chest.  Reilly gets his arms up to block as many of the punches as possible, but still feels a few of them connect hard.  De Luca gets more reckless as he pulls back his arms further and just swings his arms at random… which leaves him open to Reilly suddenly pushing him to the side.  De Luca gets up to his feet quickly, but Reilly is up as well with a rising uppercut!  Spit flies out of De Luca’s mouth and the fans let out a collective “oooh” in response to the huge hit.

De Luca comes back at Reilly, but Reilly fires with a hook, then another hook, then two jabs, and another hook! De Luca is knocked for a loop as Reilly continues with the punching combination.

Other Guy: Looks like De Luca done gone and pissed Reilly off now, and a boxing match is not something ya want to get into with Reilly.

Reilly continues his attacking momentum, but as he winds up for a knock out blow, De Luca suddenly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, which upsets some of the fans.  De Luca clutches at his face, trying to recover, and Reilly goes out after him but Helfin shouts for Reilly to keep in the ring.  Reilly turns to argue the referee, and just as he does so De Luca quickly grabs a chair from the outside and slides it into the ring.  He slides it seemingly too far though as it ends up right next to Reilly. Reilly spots it out of the corner of his eye and shakes his head, he picks the chair up…

Dave Dymond: Looks like De Luca going for some reinforcement, but it backfired on him.

Other Guy: But Reilly ain’t one to like weapons other than his fists… so not sure what’s gonna come of this.

Reilly turns around, looking to discard the chair from ringside, but as he does so, De Luca catapults himself off the top rope again, this time NAILING a spinning heel kick into the chair which NAILS Reilly in the face!!!  The chair falls out of Reilly’s hands and referee Dennis Helfin quickly kicks it out of the ring, shouting a quick warning at De Luca.  De Luca seems to just shrug the warning off a bit and goes to the corner now, taking full advantage of Reilly who seems down and out.  Some of the fans seem to be not so in favor of De Luca anymore, and a few closer to the ring shout out that he sucks.  De Luca just waves them off like nothing and goes to the top.

Without hesitation he flips himself tightly into a 540 but looks to land with his knees on Reilly’s stomach…

Dave Dymond: In his first tryout match De Luca ended with this 540 knee driver…. BUT HE MISSES!!!

De Luca hits nothing but knees on the mat, as Reilly just manages to roll out of the way.  De Luca’s eyes go wide with pain and even the fans seem to feel the pain vicariously through him as a general “ooh” groan fills the Thomas and Mack Arena.

Other Guy: Guy could bust both his kneecaps with somethin’ so fuckin’ dangerous, Dave.

Dave Dymond: De Luca Libre is all about risks, especially when you have an arsenal of moves that NEED to be precise for them not to do damage to your own body. This is a crucial time for Reilly to capitalize now.

Reilly is up to his feet slowly, still reeling from the chair to the face.  De Luca is on his knees, stunned with pain… and Reilly raises his right fist into the air, slowly stalking behind De Luca.  The fans get into it, cheering on Reilly now who looks to apply a headlock… he gets it in… but De Luca pushes right out!

Other Guy: Reilly goin for Pub Talk there, but De Luca not havin’ it.

Reilly is surprised by De Luca’s sudden escape, and despite being in pain, De Luca runs to the ropes, leaps up to the top turnbuckle. Just as Reilly turns around, De Luca LEAPS off, catches Reilly in a headlock of his own, and instead of turning around, pulls ALL his momentum back and just SPIKES Reilly with a DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: He calls that pieces of art… and I think I’ll call this one over.

Other Guy: That’s equal to a knock out shot no doubt, Dave.

De Luca makes the cover, wincing in pain himself as he pushes down on Reilly’s shoulders. The referee makes the count.




The bell is called for, signaling an end to this match up.  Yak Ballz’s "Method to Madness" plays once again as De Luca rolls off of Reilly and while still on his back, raises both his arms up into the air.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match… ART DE LUCA!!!

Dave Dymond: So a great debut showing for Art De Luca and his… well… interesting mix of street fighting and reckless high flying attacks, but it paid off in the end.

Other Guy: Almost didn’t though, Dave, meaning this De Luca cat is already walkin’ a fine line to bringing his career to a short end if he keeps that kind of shit up on a constant basis.

Dave Dymond: That might be so, but for the night, Art De Luca victorious, and that’s a good way to start out here in SHOOT Project.

De Luca rolls out of the ring as Reilly slowly sits up, shaking the cobwebs out of his head.  De Luca limps slowly to the back, throwing up an “A” once again, but obviously wincing in pain from the botched high-risk move earlier.  Reilly just looks on at De Luca walking away and frustrated with himself, he punches the mat a few times with his fists, the focus eventually cutting away from him, and the ring all together.



The straining beauty of an orchestra raises the heart and mind as Sarah Brightman begans her tour de force performance of “Time to Say Goodbye.”

Images.  Black and white.

Violence.  Blood.  SHOOT.

The Real Deal flies off the top rope.  Del Carver bleeds as he holds the World Championship in the air.

Soaring soprano.  Beautiful orchestral.  Andrea Bocelli’s tenor.  Sonic beauty.  Sonic elegance.  Visceral, violent images.

“Time to say goodbye…”

More classic clips.  OutKast in battle.  Mirage.  Cronos Diamante.  Skull.  X-Calibur.

Then fallen bodies.  The Lyger Kid gets taken from the ring in a stretcher.  Eryk Masters falls from a ladder.  Blood.  Broken bones.

“Time to say goodbye…”

Boccelli and Brightman sing in full duet, their voices becoming one spine-tingling wall of sound.  Goosbumps rise as the images flash by rapidly.

Recent highlights.  Jester Smiles taking The Ultimatum.  Osbourne Kilminster accepts the Heaven’s Blade.

The orchestra is rising in tempo as the song nears its final crescendo.  Various finishers and violent bloody moments throughout SHOOT’s history.  Christopher Davis.  Erik Boyer.  Shaolin holding the World Championship above his head.

The images fade to an image of Osbourne Kilminster standing on a turnbuckle after a victory.  He is filled with exhausted joy.  The image slowly fades as the orchestra and the vocals comes to an abrupt halt.  Everything is black, and then the words fade up:



"The Show Must Go On" by Three Dog Night hits over the PA, causing the fans in attendance to erupts with cheers. Jester Smiles emerges from the back, clad in jeans and a black SHOOT Project t-shirt, his Revolution Title slung over his shoulder. He walks down to the ring, almost ignoring the cheers, slapping the hands of a few fans, but otherwise keeping his eyes focused on the ring.

Dave Dymond: Smiles does not look happy tonight, OG.

Other Guy: Well, if Donovan King punked you out, again, wouldn’t you be upset?

Dave Dymond: Definately, but Jester’s demeanor here is very….different.

Other Guy: I do notice a lack of bullhorns.

Jester slides under the bottom rope and calls for a microphone. One is thrown to him, and, as the music cuts out, Jester goes right to work.

Jester Smiles: Normally, I’m the most laid back, easy to get along with guy you’d ever hope to meet. Normally, I’m a really relaxed and easy going kind of guy.

Normally, I don’t respond to anything with anger.

But Donny boy decided to taint my match with Ray Willmott. Losing to Ray is not the issue here. The issue is that Mr. King decided to ruin MY match, by once again attacking my back. Once again, taking the easiest possible way out.

Other Guy: Sounds like someone is complaining.

Dave Dymond: He spent the week in a hospital.


Jester lowers the microphone, running his hand down his face, taking a deep breath.

Jester Smiles: You didn’t learn, did you Don? You may think you’ve earned some kind of victory here, like you’ve gotten to me somehow, but you forget that, when you upset me, I’m not just going to get even.

I’m going to embarass you.

I gave you EVERY opportunity in the world to come at me face to face. If you had thrown out the challenge, I would have given you a shot at this title.

Jester taps his Revolution Championship.

Jester Smiles: But no, from behind, once again. You’re not a wrestler, a fighter, or a competitor. Donovan, you’re nothing more than a thug.


The fans instantly begin to boo as "Here Comes The Boom" by Nelly hits the PA system.

 Out from the back emerges Donovan King wearing his black wifebeater, black jeans, khaki Timberlands, and around his neck is the very sickening steel chain.  In his hands?  Right hand contains a microphone.  Left hand…that one holds the pipe.

Donovan King:  Cut my shit off!

The song cuts off abruptly before King even makes it to the ramp.

Dave Dymond:  This is bound to get heated, OG.

The camera focuses on Jester as King continues to speak.

Donovan King:  Speak uh the devil, Jester…and the devil?  He appears.

Jester drops the mic, throws his shirt off, and motions for Donovan King to get in the ring. And by motion, he’s screaming at Donovan to get in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Despite King holding a pipe and a chain, Jester STILL wants him to get in the ring!

Other Guy: This kid is either stupid or…no, he’s just stupid.

King holds his hands up, or at least his weapons, and motions for Jester to calm down.

Donovan King:  ‘Ey, man…you said I ain’t a wrestler, competitor…alla dat.  What makes you think I’mma just walk down to dat ring?  Besides, Clown…it ain’t worked out dat well for you any time we been in the ring together lately.

King grins.

Donovan King:  Nah, baby…dis a night of peace.

Dave Dymond:  Big talk from a man holding a pipe and wearing a chain.

Donovan King:  Holla at me, Clown…you holdin’ up aight?

Jester shakes his head and picks the mic back up.

Jester Smiles: Last I checked, when it comes to matches, it’s worked out very well. Course, you won’t get back in the ring. Some people might say you lack…what’s the word….

Balls? Yeah, that’s the word.

The fans get excited and pop for Jester as King sighs.

Donovan King:  No bullhorn for ‘balls’, huh?

The fans boo.

Donovan King:  See…now, dere you go.  You use dat revisionist history on dese fans…dey likely to buy it.

The fans boo slightly.

Donovan King:  Dey know you pinned Kaz Sato, not Donovan King, to become Revolution Champ.  Dey also know Kaz got dropped by Donovan King before you pinned ‘im, too.

Jester Smiles: And they also know that I hit my own finisher, yadda yadda, bla bla, they also know I’ve embarassed you twice. You look good in green and purple, by the way.

Fans pop and laugh at that one. King doesn’t even miss a beat, not allowing the fans to stop with their cheers.

Donovan King:  You don’t look half bad wrapped in steel, either.

The fans who cheer now boo.

Jester Smiles: Fair enough. Alright, enough chit-chat, we gonna fight or not?

The fans cheer again, but Donovan makes no signs that he’s moving towards the ring.

Jester Smiles: Alright, Donny BOY, I’ll play. I think I know who to get you. How about, at this upcoming Pay Per View, you and me, one on one, for the Revolution Title. And I’ll give you an added bonus. You can bring the pipe, the chain, you know what, bring whatever. Because THIS match, is no holds barred.

Is that enough to get you face to face, or are you going to bitch out again?

Fans pop LOUDLY. King looks to his weapons.  He drops the pipe to the ground with a loud CLANG.  He continues to glare at Jester for a long moment before he removes the chain.  He then drops it to the floor as well.

Donovan King:  Do you really think…you can fuck wit’ me?  You think you can beat Donovan King in a No Holds Barred match up for dat Revolution Championship, boy?

Jester Smiles: Beat you? I can do better than that.

I’m going to give you some shame.

Jester pauses for a moment.

Jester Smiles: Boy.

The fans pop even LOUDER, and a small "Je-ster" chant starts up.

Dave Dymond: The fans excited about that match up, and I’ve got to say, so am I, OG.

King is suddenly infuriated.  His whole calm and smooth demeanor is as rattled as

Jester’s was at the start of this.


He stops, his teeth gritted.  He bends down and wraps the chain over his neck again and clutches his steel pipe.

Donovan King:  Show me dat goddamn shame.  

He takes a few steps back.

Donovan King:  I’mma see you, man.  I’mma see you.

"Here Comes The Boom" by Nelly kicks back in as King disappears to the back, his swagger long gone.  The fans are HEATED with excitement as Jester stands in the ring, glaring dead ahead at the entrance.

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King and Jester Smiles at Uprising!  No Holds BARRED!!!

Other Guy:  We ain’t talkin’ a Hulk Hogan movie, neither!  King and Smiles are gonna tear each other apart at Uprising!


Samantha Coil: The following is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Dublin, Ireland! Weighing in at 230 pounds! He is MICHAEL COLLINS!

“Not Without A Purpose” by Street Dogs comes over the airwaves, and Michael Collins steps through the curtain. He raises his arms to a rousing mixed reaction, neither overtly positive or negative.

Dave Dymond: Usually he gets quite positive reactions, but I think his opponent might be a big reason as to why some fans aren’t quite solidly behind him tonight.

Other Guy: It ain’t his fault, he didn’t ask to be booked against Ainsley, ya know?

Collins’s face tells the story, as he looks less than pleased, to say the least. He slides into the ring and quickly backs into a corner as his music fades out.

“Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly hits, and the fans begin to cheer loudly as Ainsley Lake steps through the curtain, beaming with energy!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 160 pounds, from Wantagh, New York! AINSLEY LAKE!

Ainsley springts down the ramp, grinning, and slides under the borrom rope with ease. She gets to her feet and poses in the nearest corner, soaking in the cheers of the fans.

Dave Dymond: She sure seems thrilled to be here tonight!

Other Guy: Who wouldn’t be? No one wants to see her lose tonight, because for some reason they have sympathy for her because she’s a chick. I say fuck it, she knows she’s in a dangerous fuckin’ sport. I don’t have to like her just because she’s a her.

Dave Dymond: …uhm, okay?

Other Guy: I’m just sayin’.

Referee Austin Linam signals for the bell, as Ainsley Lake and Michael Collins begin circling each other. Lake moves in quickly, dropping to a knee, as she tries to swing around into a waistlock, Collins catches her in a front facelock instead.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley Lake tried to outmaneuver Michael Collins, but got caught by him instead!

Other Guy: She’s not gonna be able to muscle outta there, either.

Lake quickly kicks her inside leg through and pivots her body, moving behind Collins into a hammerlock. Collins turns his foot to step behind Lake, then quickly turns under her arm into a wristlock instead. Lake quickly spins under the arm and pulls herslef into Collins for a headlock.

Dave Dymond: Lake might not be able to out-power Collins, but she is very ring savvy, and incredibly quick.

Other Guy: I ain’t sayin’ the girl ain’t got skills. Just sayin’, toe-to-toe, Collins would win.

Collins sends Lake off to the ropes, and Lake immediately handsprings into the ropes and springs back to the canvas and leaps, turning in mid-air to catch Collins with a handspring cross body. Lake runs for the ropes to the right of Collins, Collins floats over to his belly and Lake keeps running. Collins scrambles to his feet and leapfrogs Lake, who continues running. Collins turns as Lake rebounds off the ropes, and Lake springs off her feet and catches Collins with a hurricanrana, rolling him to a corner!

Dave Dymond: She has a very good chance at taking home the victory tonight, if she keeps moving like this, OG!

Other Guy: There ain’t no denyin’ that. Collins needs to get his head in the game and take this broad to school.

Collins pulls himself up to his feet in the corner as Ainsley runs and leaps up onto his thighs for a monkey flip! Collins holds her though, preventing the maneuver, and turns her to place her seated on the top turnbuckle, before rocking her with an uppercut! Collins with a second uppercut before he joins her by standing on the second rope.

Dave Dymond: Whatever Collins has in mind here, can’t be good for Ainsley Lake!

Other Guy: That ain’t no lie.

Collins hooks under Lake’s arm and heaves her off, coming off with her and dropping to his knees as he throws her head over heels in a launching hip toss off the top of the ropes! Collins quickly scrambles toward her for the cover!




Lake kicks out, narrowly! Collins pulls Lake to her feet and sends her off the ropes. Lake ducks a clothesline and comes off the rebound looking for some flying headscissors! Collins tilt-a-whirls her through to her feet and drives her down to the canvas with a clothesline anyway!

Dave Dymond: Impressive counter to the headscissors from Michael Collins, who isn’t well-known for his wrestling technique!

Other Guy: I ain’t gonna lie, he improvised and it paid off, big!

Collins hooks her leg for the cover again.




Ainsley kicks out again! Collins sends Lake into the nearest corner. Collins charges in, but Lake kicks both feet up into his chest and the momentum springs her over the top rope onto the apron. Collins stumbles back and Lake springboards off the top rope over him, into a sunset flip!

Dave Dymond: Ainsley Lake’s quickness might score her the pinfall right here!




Other Guy: Not quite!

Collins kicks out quickly and both scramble to their feet, with Collins getting there just slightly quicker, he rushes Ainsley and drives a knee into the side of her head to regain control, dropping her onto her back again. Collins leaps into the air and drops a leg across her throat. He hooks the leg.




Lake kicks out again! Collins pulls her to her feet and scoops her up for a bodyslam, but Lake swings over his shoulders then jumps up and locks him under the arms with the tops of her feet and turns  to catch him for the rolling clutch pin!


Dave Dymond: Ainsley Lake is keeping Michael Collins off-balance with these roll-ups!


Other Guy: That ain’t no good for a cat that needs money, Dave!


Collins rolls backward to break the pin and runs and drops an elbow on the back of Lake’s head while she’s on all fours, before she can get to her feet! Collins pulls her up by her hair, and then headbutts her in the cheek! He drops to make the cover!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins is absolutely obsessed with getting the winning prize money!


Other Guy: Do you blame him?



Lake barely kicks out! Collins gets frustrated and pulls her up. Lake throws a sudden kick, Collins catches it, but she nails him with an enziguiri anyway! Lake slowly gets to her feet, rubbing her face, before she springs onto the top rope, turning in mid-spring, she launches off the top rope with a frog splash, catching Collins flush with it!




Collins kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Desparation is sinking in on either of their parts, it would seem!

Other Guy: no offense to Ainsley, but Collins definitely needs the cash more, and its definitely showing in his aggressiveness tonight.

 Lake quickly scales the ropes as Collins stirs and begins to make it to his feet, she loops her hands over each other, signaling for her flipping neckbreaker.

Dave Dymond: She’s calling for the Higher Side of Low!

Other Guy: If Collins is caught with this,, though, he’s pretty well screwed!

Lake leaps off the top rope and flips, but Collins steps aside as she’s upside down. She quickly corrects herself and flips through to get her feet under herself, landing on them! Collins hooks her from behind under her arm, looking for his version of the Angle Slam!

Dave Dymond: irish Car Bomb!

Other Guy: If he gets her with this she’s done for!

Lake slides over Collins’ shoulders and swings in front of him, swigning through into a small package! Collins kicks his legs frantically to get out of it!




Collins kicks hard enough to roll, stacking Lake on her shoulders instead, as now she kicks her legs frantically to get out of the pinning predicament!




Lake kicks out a split second after Austin Linam’s hand comes down the third time, and Linam moves to signal for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins won with a small package!

Other Guy: As a counter to the other one, Dave!

Samantha Coil: here is your winner, at a time of 11 minutes and 28 seconds! MICHAEL COLLINS!

Instead of Street Dogs’ “Not Without A Purpose” hitting, however, Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” does instead, and the mixed reactions for Collins’ victory turn into outright boos, as Ron Barker makes his way down the ramp, purposefully.

Dave Dymond: What is HE doing out here?!

Other Guy: Maybe he’s comin’ to congratulate Collins on a well-earned victory?

Dave Dymond: I doubt that.

Lake and Collins both look up the ramp, with Lake assuming a defensive stance. Barker climbs up the stairs, but before he can make his way into the ring, “Broken Bones” by nonpoint cuts his music off!

Other Guy: Oh now what the fuck?!

Dave Dymond: Maybe he’s coming down to congratulate Collins, OG?

Other Guy: That ain’t funny, Dave…

Cade sprints down the ramp, as Barker continues into the ring and backs Lake up. Collins moves beside Barker, trying to put his hands between the two, as Cade slides under the bottom rope and quickly gets between Lake and the other two.

Dave Dymond: We don’t know what Ron Barker came down here for, but he DID just back Ainsley Lake into a corner, and Cade Sydal DID just run down to put a stop to that!

Other Guy: And? Does he want a cookie? I mean, he sure could use a fuckin’ sammich or somethin.

Barker takes a few steps back and holds his hand out for a microphone. Samantha Coil quickly hands her’s to a ring crew member, who hands it off to Barker.

Ron Barker: Sydal, we’re not dealing drugs out here, so this doesn’t concern your pasty ass. Get on to the back, now. I’ve got business with Ainsley, and that’s it.

Cade smirks at Barker, and snaps his fingers, holding his hand out to the side. Another microphone is quickly produced for him.

Cade Sydal: Real cute, sugartits. But here’s the real situation as I see it. I ain’t gonna let you fuck around with no more lives. You’ve already fucked with mine, and I intend on making it end with mine.

Ron Barker: Are you talking suicide? Is it going to be overdose? Or razors? Remember…up the street down across the roa—

Cade Sydal: Shut. The fuck. Up.

The fans pop huge as Cade cuts Ron off!

Cade Sydal: You wanna fuckin’ roll down here and get in Ainsley’s face, that’s fine, she’s a big girl. She can handle her muthafuckin’ own. But you got the fuckin’ Lucky Charms lookin’ motherfucker down here with you when you do the shit? That ain’t so fine. That ain’t so hot. You want it that way, you’re gonna have my ass down here making the numbers a little bit more even.

Ron Barker: Are you suggestin’ a match?

Cade Sydal: You Gawdamn right I am. Far as I’m concerned, Ainsley and I will take you two bitches to school right fuckin’ here and right fuckin’ now!

The fans pop HUGE again at the thought of an impromptu match, right here and now!

Ron Barker: I’m sorry, but that just can’t happen…

The fans begin to boo.

Ron Barker: See, I’m not dressed to compete. These two have wrestled already tonight. And I frankly need you to be tested for Hepatitis C before I ever compete against you, junkie.

The fans boo loudly.

Cade Sydal: That’s fine. Play your little pussy games. But I got a stage you can’t turn down, and neither can that Irish fuck standin’ there with his thumb in his ass. Uprising…that means a bigger payday to you, Lucky, Ron Barker and Michael Collins versus Cade Sydal and Ainsley Lake! How the fuck you like them apples?

Ron Barker: I don’t have a problem with that. So long as you keep your hypodermic needles away from the ring, Sydal!

Cade Sydal: man, fuck you!

Cade drops the microphone and lunges at Barker. Barker sprawls to avoid the takedown and begins raining punches down on Sydal’’ ribs instead. Sydal swpins out and around behind Barker and starts throwing his own punches into Barker’s ribs, before Ainsley and Collins move to pull Cade and Barker away from each other. The separation allows Barker to roll out of the ring, as Cade continues to try and get at Ron Barker! Michael Collins and Ainsley Lake both do their best to hold Cade back, but Cade snaps up into the air and drives his foot across Collins’ skull with the NINJAGUIRI!

Dave Dymond: Wow! Michael Collins, who may or may not be an innocent bystander, just got his lights turned OFF by Cade Sydal and that NIJAGUIRI!

Other Guy: Who does he think he is anyway? Making a tag match and shit?

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker DID agree to the tag match!

Other Guy: And what about Lake and Collins?

Dave Dymond: They could have spoke up and said they wanted no part in this! Obviously, Lake has a history with Barker, and she’s likely not done with him. And now Collins is definitely going to want to get his hands on Sydal!


The camera pops up, presumably outside, as the sun is still shining brightly in a warm, middle-classed, suburban neighborhood. A small girl, likely no older than six, stands under a tree, glancing upward, with a quivering lower lip and pink ribbons keeping her blonde hair in pigtails.

Suddenly, a large man steps into the frame to her left, wearing an orange body suit, literally covering his body from head to toe, with the mask portion of his body suit having silver-outlined lightning bolts in yellow across the eye-holes. Yellow and silver lightning bolts crawl up each arm, of which he has bent with his hands on his hips. His broad chest has a silver oval, leaning to the left, with “FLASH” written in bold, capital, yellow letters. Under it, in cursive and far thinner lettering, it reads “Dynamite” The lighting bolts continue down his sides, and down his legs until reaching the red mid-calf-length boots, with white laces.

He grins at the girl, his yellow cape, with a big “FD” logo on it flapping in the gentle breeze.

FLASH Dynamite: What is wrong, small child citizen?!

The little girl looks up at the man, as if he had a third head. She knows its not Halloween yet, and is clearly confused by his…outlandish attire. She shakes her head slowly and then points in the tree.

Little Girl: My little kitty cat, Snuggles, is stuck in the tree and she won’t come down.

She pouts. The large man, FLASH Dynamite, grins at her.

FLASH Dynamite: Cheer up, small child citizen! I, FLAAAAAAASH Dynamite, will retrieve your kitten for you! For it is my duty, as YOUR superhero, to do so!

She looks at him again with that look as if he has an arm growing out of his chest. He doesn’t, of course. He seems to not mind the look as the camera pans out to reveal that the cat in the tree isn’t a small kitten, but rather a full-grown, mangy looking stray tabby. FLASH begins climbing the tree, and soon makes it the three branches up, and continues across the branch to retrieve the cat for the little girl. The cat swipes at FLASH Dynamite, and FLASH seems to pay it no mind, his wide grin still positively beaming. FLASH grabs the cat under its front legs, and it begins going berzerk!

Little Girl: Don’t hurt Snuggles, Mister!

FLASH Dynamite: I won’t!

The cat becomes a whirling dirvish of claws, and teeth, as it tries anything it can to get away from FLASH, finally spilling both FLASH and itself out of the tree onto the yard below! FLASH hits hard on his back, and the little girl takes off after the running cat.

Little Girl: Come back here, Snuggles! Come back!

FLASH Dynamite: You’re welcome, small child citizen! It’s all in a hero’s day’s work!

The shot slowly fades back to ringside, with Dave Dymond and Other Guy both shaking their head.

Dave Dymond: Well, that was…interesting.

Other Guy: Was that guy insane?

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure. Folks, I do know that Cade Sydal once portrayed FLASH Dynamite, when he competed in the Sky High Cup for TTW some years ago, but obviously…

Other Guy: Obviously that guy wasn’t Sydal. That dude was like at least half a foot taller, and probably a good 75 pounds thicker. That was a big dude, comparatively. But still, that was…crazy.


Backstage, and with the main event just moments away, Trevor Worrens is seen stepping out of Jason Johnson’s office within the Thomas and Mack Arena, and he closes the door behind him.  While he doesn’t smile, the way Worrens walks, as well as his overall demeanor suggests his satisfaction with how the night turned out for him. That demeanor changes slightly, however, as he moves further down the back hall, and is approached by the man who has been watching Worrens every step of the way.

Kaz Sato: Well, if it isn’t my investment. I’m taking so much pride in watching you come to fulfillment.

Trevor Worrens: Taking pride in, or just building up with anticipation caused by greed?  I know what you want, and now that I’ve signed the contract for the main event at Uprising, you’re one step closer, just like I am.

Kaz Sato: now, now, Trev. Don’t think of it like that. Think of it as having someone there for you… watching your back. I’ve come to consider it me being your moral support.

Worrens forces a laugh, almost spitting it right in Sato’s face.

Trevor Worrens: I’ve dealt with a lot of emotions these past couple of weeks, but honestly, I needed that little bit amusement. You didn’t exactly give much support when it came to Sydal getting into my match last week did you?

Kaz Sato: Every good master knows that sometimes you must let your pet fend for itself…it builds up the pet’s mean streak. Either way, you won, and to be honest, that is all that counts.

Worrens’s once expression of amusement turns dead serious.

Trevor Worrens: Pet?  Kaz, I think you need to remember who has the World Heavyweight Championship title almost in his grasp, and who… didn’t even make it into the tournament to begin with…

Sato looks at Worrens and in a split second nails him with a right cross.

Kaz Sato: Let’s remember something, Trev…you owe me. And up to now, I’ve been nice enough to let you wheel and deal your way out of the ass kicking that was coming. Now as much as being world champion means to me…kicking your ass is starting to get higher and higher to that number one spot. It would be in your best interest to not help it along.

Worrens rubs his jaw, and a stream of blood runs down from the corner of his mouth.

Trevor Worrens: Fine, but if you want to kick my ass and have it mean something so much more… then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to put me out ahead of time.

Sato sighs, realizing Worrens is right.

Kaz Sato: Round one goes to you, Trev. But as always. I’ll be watching. And when the time comes, the Devil will be right there at ringside looking over your shoulder, waiting fro his due. Remember that.

Worrens’s tension does not die down, but he nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: I know. And I’m not trying to escape it.

Kaz Sato: Good, I never was one for the hunt, especially when I’m this close to the kill.

Worrens looks dead into Sato’s eyes, but says nothing now. Instead, Worrens slowly backs away. Sato just nods his head, and the focus shifts from the tension filled moment back to Jason Johnson’s office…


Jason Johnson:  Alright.  I know it’s just a few moments before the main event, but everyone’s been so damn enthusiastic to get their mugs on television that it’s actually been hard for me to get a word in edgewise tonight!

He laughs and the crowd pops.  In the midst of this, Jason pulls a bag onto his desk, basically interrupting his normal show routine.

Jason Johnson:  Lot of people have been asking me if I have plans for them for Uprising.  And while I’ll admit, my attention has been focused pretty much all on the World Championship tournament, I have not forgotten about everyone.  From Del Carver to Osbourne Kilminster…  those dudes deserve to be on SHOOT’s first PPV, same with the guys on the negative end of the semi-final matches, that includes Jun Kenshin, and whoever loses between Marz and Willmott in a few minutes.

The crowd cheers again, as Jason nods, quickly unzipping the duffel bag and exposing a championship belt to the camera…  it reads:  LAWS OF SURVIVAL.  Just the belt gets a pretty nice pop from the crowd, obviously recognizing the success and challenges that championship brings.

Jason Johnson:  I don’t have anything cute to do with this belt, really.  No tournaments, no one night only situations that will make the winner have to fight in two matches.  But here’s the deal.  We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a new singles title, and between the Rule of Surrender Championship and this belt…  well, it was an easy decision.

He pauses, smiling widely.  He now stands holding the Laws of Survival Championship.

Jason Johnson:  At Uprising, five men will be competing for this belt.  They will be competing in a match innocently referred to as the Law of Gravity.  For those of you who don’t remember, that’s a ladder match.  Regardless…  here’s the five men in line for the Laws of Survival Championship at Uprising.

He brandishes a list, and starts to read from it.

Jason Johnson:  Jun Kenshin.

He pauses.

Jason Johnson:  Benjamin Biggs.

The crowd pops for the young SHOOT all star.

Jason Johnson:  Deacon Summers.

Mixed reaction for the man known as “Fortune’s Friend.”

Jason Johnson:  Osbourne Kilminster.

Solid cheers here for Kilminster.

Jason Johnson:  And one last guy…  you all know him as “Diamond”…  Del…  Carver.

MEGA pop for SHOOT’s resident outlaw.

Jason Johnson:  And yeah, that’s all I got.  Those five, at Uprising, next week.



Dave Dymond: CAN. YOU. BELIEVE IT!  The Laws of Survival, a staple from the more recent SHOOT Project past, and its being brought back for our first Pay Per View!

Other Guy: Jason Johnson sure knows how to get these fans buzzin’ and he knows how to get the cats in the back motivated.  Five of SHOOT’s hardest fightin’ soldiers are gonna dance the dance in a ladder match no doubt.

Dave Dymond: The excitement of that match alone has given that much more to Uprising, but of course, the main event of the night will be for the World Heavyweight Championship, and we find out just WHO will be going on to face Trevor Worrens… “Die Hard” Dave Marz or “Red Hot” Ray Willmott.

Other Guy: I thought I had it pegged, Dave, but after how this tournament has gone down, and with the unexpected advancement of Worrens into the finals… well damn this one can go either way.

Dave Dymond: It’s time for the main event, senior referee Scott Kamura in the ring, let’s see how this exciting night comes to a close, and just who will be competing at Uprising for the biggest prize this industry has to offer.

The focus shifts away from Dymond and Other Guy at ringside to the always lovely Samantha Coil.  The ring bell sounds three times.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution main event is a semi-finals match up in the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship tournament!!!

“Have a Nice Day” by Bon Jovi immediately starts up, and the fans are soon on their feet as Dave Marz steps out into the spotlight, focused and full of energy as he starts his pathway to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Marz has been through hell and back in this entire tournament, and has prevailed time after time… really showing that this time around Dave Marz is really looking to fulfill his utmost potential.

Marz tags hands as he makes his way down to the ring, and upon reaching the steel steps he walks up them and enters the ring.  He paces back and forth, rotating his arms to loosen up his shoulders.  The fans continue to cheer… and their positive momentum only builds as suddenly the lights go out in the arena.

Other Guy: And if ya want to talk about fighting through shit, speak no further than who’s about to make his presence known.

Dave Dymond: I think he already has just in this moment!

Then opening chords of ‘Halo’ by Machine Head play over the public address system. Flickering red and orange lights pan across the whole arena, highlighting clusters of the crowd for an instant, then putting them back into darkness as quickly. Occasionally, the lights engulf people in the crowd, pushing and shoving each other, starting the formation of a mosh pit! Some people in the crowd don’t know how to react to this, not used to this type of treatment. Some seem slightly intimidated. Others embrace it and really get into the vibe!!

Then just as the tune is about to kick in, it stops suddenly … and all we can hear is the buzz in the capacity crowd, each shouting different things to try to break the silence. All of a sudden, loudly reverberating throughout the arena, a gritty voice roars …


Dave Dymond: And here HE COMES!

‘Halo’ kicks into beat and a HUGE explosion of fire goes off around the entrance ramp area!! Ray Willmott charges out from the back, his arms thrust into the air, the fire still burning slightly behind him. As the tune continues to play, and Ray gets into the vibe of the intro, the first words uttered by Machine Head play over the PA …

‘This is a call to arms, will you stand beside me?!’

As the words are sung, a wave of fire rushes along either side of the entrance ramp, and when it reaches the end, explodes around the ring, just as ‘’ escapes their lips! From here, Willmott will dart into the ring, ascending the ropes, getting the crowd hyped up and ready for the battle. Throughout the tune, there may be small mosh pits in the crowd, with the fans really displaying raw emotion and getting into the tempo of the contest!

Other Guy: Everyone is pumped and ready just as much as the competitors, Dave, and that to me is the makings of one hell of a main event.

The song finally dies down as Willmott now turns his focus to Marz, and both men meet in the center of the ring.  Referee Scott Kamura stands between both men.

Samantha Coil: Introducing now, the competitors. First to my left, he hails from Ozone Park, Queens, New York, and weighs in tonight at 270 pounds… HERE IS “Die Hard” DAVE MARZ!!!

The cheers from the crowd are loud and energetic as Marz raises both his arms up.  Willmott bounces up and down in place, the energy from his explosive intro still running through his body.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… he hails from Cardiff Wales and weighs in tonight at 220 pounds… HERE IS “Red Hot” RAY WILLMOTT!!!

Willmott immediately turns out to the crowd now, again playing to the fans who give the energy right back, the cheers getting slightly louder.

Dave Dymond: No matter who comes out on top in this one, these fans are going to be happy as it seems like the love for Marz and Willmott is nothing short of strong, O.G.

Other Guy: And these two gotta have a fighter’s respect for one another… but not gonna be any love loss either as ya know these two cats are goin’ to go the distance to be the one walking into the main event at Uprising!

Samantha Coil leaves the ring now, and Marz looks directly at Willmott, extending his fist.  Willmott nods his head and bumps fists with Marz, and then extends his arm out to pat him on the back. Marz just nods his head and pulls back, both men awaiting the starting bell.  Kamura checks in both men, and clearly them both for competition. He signals for the bell.

As the match officially starts, Willmott is quick to move, keeping loose as he circles about the ring. Marz is more slow and methodical about it, though, watching Willmott, and taking more of a defensive stance.  Willmott comes in at Marz now but Marz is more than ready and the two lock up into an elbow to collar tie up.  Marz overpowers Willmott initially, pushing him up against the ropes.  Kamura calls for the break, and Marz breaks the grapple but quickly throws a shot at Willmott and whips him across the ring.  Willmott hits the ropes and comes bouncing back.  Marz takes a few steps forward and just drops Willmott with a short arm clothesline. Willmott hits the mat and Marz already with the cover.


Quick kick out by Willmott, who then rolls away to put some distance between himself and Marz. Willmott up to his feet, but Marz right there and again a hard straight punch that knocks Willmott for a bit of a loop.  Marz looks for a whip into the up ring ropes this time, but Willmott whips his entire body around, using Marz’s momentum against him to whip the bigger man into the ropes.  Marz hooks his arms though, stopping himself from bouncing back… and Willmott charges!

Dave Dymond: Willmott picking up the speed now, which is exactly the time that Willmott performs best!

Willmott LEAPS at Marz, but Marz moves just in time, and adds a little bit of lift to send Willmott over the top rope! The fans gasp, but Willmott grabs the ropes and manages to bring himself down on his feet, standing on the edge of the ring, Marz turns quickly and just KICKS his leg through the middle rope, nailing Willmott in the gut and sending him FLYING off the ring edge!

Other Guy: Nasty spill by Willmott, but Marz had it damn well scouted.

Dave Dymond: Willmott usually known to capitalize in those moments, but just like you said, Other Guy, Marz knew exactly how to react in that situation and he got the better of Willmott.

Willmott rolls about on the ground, clutching at his stomach, while Marz exits the ring.  The referee starts the count out count…



Marz has no intention of keeping the fight outside as he picks up Willmott and rolls him right back into the ring.  Marz comes in after, and Willmott is up and suddenly as Marz slides into the ring, Willmott jumps up and then lands in a sitting position, NAILING Marz in the top of the head with a double footed seated dropkick!  Marz swings his legs into the ring, all the while clutching his head in pain.  Willmott turns him over for the cover.

Dave Dymond: Kamura for the count after that impact…



Other Guy: Can’t get him just yet.  Marz took a hell of a far worse beatin’ at the hands of Obsidian, and still went on to beat Del Carver, no way one dropkick to the head is gonna knock out Die Hard.

Willmott gets up to his feet while Marz slowly gets up to his, shaking his head slightly.  Willmott keeps moving and he hits the ropes behind Marz and lands a running kick to the small of Marz’s back.  Marz stumbles forward just as he gets up to his full vertical base, only for Willmott to chop him right down with a low angled dropkick from behind, this time to the back of the legs.

Marz falls to the mat, back first, and Willmott drops a quick leg drop, but then pulls Marz’s arm up in between his legs, locking on a slightly modified fujiwara arm bar!

Dave Dymond: And Willmott with a quick submission hold, and that’s really a main key in ANY match Willmott steps into. He keeps the fast paced, and always keeps his opponents guessing. As he can go high flying just as quick as he can keep you grounded with a sudden submission lock.

Marz shifts his body, trying to move in such a way to get Willmott to break the hold, but finally he kicks his leg out and shifts his body far enough that he reaches the ropes.  Willmott is forced to break the hold, and before Kamura can issue the five count, Willmott breaks the hold, but transitions right into a pin.

Other Guy: And another pin attempt.  Willmott ain’t stopping for a single breath.



Marz shoulders out! The fans more in favor of Marz let out a cheer and Willmott backs off, nodding his head in respect and giving Marz some room.  Marz again gets up to his feet, this time shaking his arm, trying to basically shake away the pain.  Once Marz is up to his feet Willmott starts in towards him again, slowly raising his arms. Marz does so as well… at first, but as Willmott draws closer, Marz suddenly brings up a leg, and again hits a well placed boot to Willmott’s gut.

Willmott doubles over and Marz DROPS him stomach first with a STIFF clubbing blow to the back of the neck.  Before Willmott can get up, Marz pulls him up, only to turn his back to Willmott’s back, reach behind… and drop him again… this time with a dropping neck breaker!  Willmott writhes on the mat, rolling over onto his stomach as he clutches at his neck, but Marz rolls him back onto his back and makes the pin.

The fans of Marz are on their feet as Kamura again drops to make the count.



Dave Dymond: Solid two count, but Marz seems to be focused on the neck now, obviously making sure he has Willmott weakened for that vicious backdrop driver.

Other Guy: But that’s the thing, Dave, both these guys have been beaten up pretty bad since the SHOOT Project re-opened, and both men can take damage like nobody’s business.  Marz has got the right idea, but he’s got to be prepared to give everything and then some to Willmott if he wants to keep him down for the three count.

Marz is quick to pull Willmott back up to his feet and again lands a clubbing blow to the neck. Willmott doesn’t go down and Marz lands a second consecutive one.  Willmott drops to one knee, again looking to clutch at his neck, but Marz swats Willmott’s hand away and then hooks him into a front facing headlock.  He pulls Willmott up to his feet, wrenches once, and then just SPIKES Willmott’s head down onto the mat with a DDT!  The fans let out a collective “oooh!” as Willmott seems to bounce straight upward from the mat, still upside down, and then flopping over onto his back.  Marz sits up, shakes his head a bit, and then rolls on top of Willmott, arm extended over the majority of Willmott’s upper body.



THRe… KICK OUT!  Kamura holds up two, and the Willmott fans cheer.

Other Guy: Stiff fuckin’ DDT, but Willmott not stayin’ down.  That’s not the best thing for Willmott though, Dave, as Marz, while a respectful man, doesn’t hold back a damn bit. And if Willmott keeps fighting out of these things, Marz is gonna bring the hurt harder and stronger.

Marz, somewhat surprised Willmott kicked out, doesn’t let up at all, and again pulls Willmott up to his feet. Willmott staggers in place, and Marz goes to fire a punch, but Willmott suddenly brings up his arm and blocks it.  Marz fires with the other arm for a punch, Willmott blocks it again… but before he can get his arm up a third time, Marz DECKS Willmott, which sends him spilling to the outside once again in this match.  Willmott scrambles up to his feet, flopping onto the commentary table close by.

Dave Dymond: The action getting a little TOO close for comfort here, and Marz going to join us as well here at ringside!

Marz comes up behind Willmott, grabs him by the head, and looks to smash him face first into the commentary table, but Willmott fires a back elbow. Marz staggers, but comes at Willmott again, and this time Willmott kicks back his leg.  Marz staggers back again, and Willmott suddenly leaps up onto the table… MOONSAULT SPLASH!

Dave Dymond: HOLY TOLEDO, O.G!!  High risk, high impact, HIGHLY dangerous but it pays off!!!

The fans are going nuts, and a huge “RAY! RAY! RAY! RAY!” chant echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena. Both men lie on the ground now, and Kamura has half his body out of the ring, continuing the double count out.




Willmott starts to get up off of Marz now, rolling to the side, but then suddenly he kips up, and the fans pop!  Willmott nods his head, wincing in slight pain, but letting adrenaline and excitement take over.  He shouts for Marz to get up to his feet, and as Marz slowly does so, Willmott hops up onto the ring edge, enters the ring to break the count, but then gets out, but stays on the ring edge.

Other Guy: Willmott makin’ a smart move to give himself more time, and looks like he’s got somethin’ planned now for Marz!

The fans are on the edge of their seats as Willmott continues to shout.  Marz is up to his feet, back to Willmott at first.  Marz turns, Willmott runs… SEATED SENTON…. COUNTERED INTO A POWERBOMB!!!

Other Guy: SHIT!!!

The arena is silenced as Willmott folds up on the ground and Marz staggers backwards, having put so much force into the powerbomb!

Dave Dymond: Willmott’s back making a SICKENING thud on the floor… and wow…

As Kamura and Marz both look on, the screen suddenly splits, showing in slow motion as Willmott runs off the ring edge, leaps onto Marz, only for Marz to catch him in the sitting position, turn around and powerbomb him onto the floor.  The split screen then cuts away to the live action and Kamura shouts for Marz to get into the ring.  Marz walks over to Willmott and slowly pulls him up and rolls him into the ring.  Marz, a bit winded himself, follows in closely after.

The cover is made, and Kamura drops to the mat… the fans cheering, others watching on in silence, hoping Willmott kicks out.




Other Guy: And Marz wins this

Dave Dymond: NO HE DOESN’T! Willmott with the strength to get the leg up and over the bottom rope!!

The faithful Willmott fans ERUPT, and the noise echoes throughout the arena as Kamura rises to his feet only showing two!  Marz sits up and quickly SHOVES Willmott’s leg off the rope and makes another cover, this time pushing his full body weight into Willmott.  Kamura has to drop down again…



THRe… shoulder up this time… just barely, but Willmott gets it up!

Other Guy: Ray’s up again!

Dave Dymond: We’ve seen this kind of fight before, and when it comes to do or die time, Willmott ALWAYS refuses to die.

Marz is a bit beside himself now, and he gets up to his feet, bringing Willmott up off the mat as well.  Instead of letting his own frustration get the better of him though, Marz keeps control, whipping Willmott into the upper left corner of the ring now.  Willmott hits back first and slumps a bit, his arms dangling over the ropes connecting to the top turnbuckle.  Marz runs at Willmott as best he can run, but as Marz comes at him, Willmott suddenly leaps up onto the second rope, jumps off with a double axe handle attempt, but Marz catches him…


Dave Dymond: That’s…

Other Guy: Don’t even say it.

Marz drops Willmott and staggers back, and Willmott turns to the corner he just came out of… seems to literally run up them and corkscrew spirals off… just hap-hazardly crashing down onto Marz!  Both men are down again, this time on the mat, and Willmott is just a few inches away from making a cover on Marz.

Dave Dymond: Willmott not out of this fight just yet… and if he can get back on that adrenaline rush seen earlier, he could find himself with a ticket to the main event at Uprising!

Willmott doesn’t make the effort to cover and Kamura starts to count, but doesn’t get very far as the two men get to their feet.  They execute a tie up, but both are noticeably exhausted, but the want…  the need, to win this match is at an absolute high.  The fans are reaction beautifully to it, and as Marz takes the advantage, locking Ray in a front facelock.  He starts to pull him up, but Ray slumps over Marz’s back.  Willmott straight shoves Marz into the ropes, Marz rebounds, but turns around and hits a NASTY spinning elbow.

Other Guy:  There is just NO give for any of these guys.

Dave Dymond:  This is so important to them, how could you expect there to be.

Marz goes for the cover on Willmott.



THRE–  Kamura calls a break, because Willmott’s foot is somehow under the ropes.

Other Guy:  Bad break there for Marz.

Dave Dymond:  Oh man…  and we’ve got trouble now, OG.  Big…  big trouble.

Other Guy:  You…  you don’t mean…

“Sea of Sorrow” by Alice in Chains his the PA, and the view shifts to the MONSTROUS Obsidian who is now sauntering down the aisle.  Marz is leaning against the top turnbuckle, as is Willmott, both exhausted, but both daring Obsidian to come down and get involved. 

Dave Dymond:  Those two are either the dumbest men I’ve ever seen, or the bravest…

Other Guy:  I don’t even know what to say.  This goes so far beyond the phrase ‘more guts than brains’ that I don’t even know what to do here.

Obsidian stops, looking puzzled at Marz and Willmott for the same reason that OG and Dymond are, but he’s not stopped long.  He reaches the bottom of the ramp, and slides into the ring, where Marz and Willmott just jump him!

Dave Dymond:  This is NUTS, OG.  Marz and Willmott have attacked Obsidian, though for how long he’s down, I have no idea.

Other Guy:  Those two really just want to finish this match, Dave.   Kamura went to ring the bell in the midst of Willmott and Marz’s raining down on Obsidian, but Marz pulled Kamura by the collar and yelled “NO DISQUALIFICATIONS.”

Dave Dymond:  They really think they can han–  WHOA.

Suddenly, Obsidian is up!  Marz is still jawing with Kamura, and Willmott charges Obsidian!  The big man is backed into the corner, but something else is going on!


Dave Dymond:  Oh that BASTARD.

Other Guy:  Obsidian just hit the PITCH BLACK POWERBOMB on Willmott, and he’s out!  Marz doesn’t see Corazon!

The fans are erupting in boos, with Marz and Kamura still having words!  After hearing the thud from Willmott hitting the mat, Marz turns around right into the Iron Fist Champion.  Corazon looks at the exhausted Marz, who’s rearing back to finally get a piece, but Corazon whips out a can of mace!  He sprays Marz in the eyes! 

Other Guy:  What a cunning!  No, ruthless!  No!  Sinister…

Dave Dymond:  What a motherfucker!

Other Guy:  ORIGINAL SIN!!!  Marz is out!

Corazon gets in the face of Scott Kamura, and calls for a microphone.  Obsidian pulls Willmott to the center of the ring, and then lifts him up, before placing him over Marz!

Corazon:  You heard what Marz said, Kamura.  No disqualifications.

He points to the heap of bodies, with Willmott on top of Marz.

Corazon:  Count.

Kamura has a bit of an inner battle, which causes Corazon to become angry.

Corazon:  KAMURA.  You HEARD what the man said.  NO DISQUALIFICATIONS.  COUNT.

Defeatedly, Kamura falls to the mat, and begins to make the count.

Dave Dymond:  No Scott…  don’t man.  Don’t let him ruin this.

Other Guy:  What a fucking GENIUS.


The fans start to fill the ring with debris…


Corazon instructs Obsidian to place his huge foot on top of the back of Ray Willmott.


And then it was all over.

Corazon:  Your WINNER, and moving on to fight TREVOR WORRENS at Uprising…  “Red Hot…”  Ray.   Willmott.

Obsidian stands Willmott up, and Corazon, laughing, lifts Willmott’s hand up before Obsidian tosses him effortlessly into one of the corners.  Corazon moves to standing directly over Marz, with microphone and Iron Fist Championship still in hand…

Corazon:  Guess what, Marz?  You’ve been granted a chance at sweet, sweet vengeance.  At Uprising?  It’s going to be you…  and me.

Other Guy:  WOW.

Corazon stands over the fallen Dave Marz, and holds the Iron Fist Championship high.

Dave Dymond:  I…  I just… I just can’t believe…

Other Guy:  Believe it, Dave.  Just like last week, Corazon has no regard for the people he comes into contact with.  Though I will say…  Mace’ing Marz a second time…  Talk about a serious hornet’s nest being disturbed here.

Dave Dymond:  I hope that bastard gets everything that’s coming to him.  Marz is going to kill this man.

Other Guy:  As much as I want to see Corazon continue the mind games, Marz certainly will be out for more than blood here.  But, Dave…  we’re out of time.  Next week, when you see us…  it’ll be at Uprising.