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Dominion 7: 5/14/2013

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play. The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome. We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it. The scene is serene.

I’m ready.

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. Suddenly, the monochrome screen shakes, the colors flashing in and out.


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.

I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.

Can’t be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Dan Stein appears, slowly removing the hood that reveals himself to the world as he stands over a fallen foe.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Donovan King snapping off the Dealbreaker on an unsuspecting victim.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!

We are

Yeah I said it

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera before Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the darkness in front of the hulking trio, Flay’s eyes darting left and right while Gaunt grins wildly.

This is Roc Nation

Pledge your allegiance

Get ya black tees on

All black everything

Black cards, black cars

All black everything

The camera spins around Adrian Corazon, who stands bathed in the spotlight. His chest is bare and his arms outstretched, the camera settling on Corazon’s massively scarred back.

And our girls are blackbirds

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Tanya Black strikes at Chance Ryan, connecting with a DDT before the scene shifts to Kincaid smirking as he is face to face with Thomas Manchester Black. Just as quickly as that image shows up, Ja-Gi Kyung Moon throws his arms in the air in victory, holding the Iron Fist Championship high.

Other Guy: This could do it!

I’d get more in depth

If you boys really real enough

The Bad Ass Brotherhood saunter down to the ring, both men dressed for success before we see Lunatikk Crippler connecting with the Lunatikk Sweet before Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming a victim down into the mat.

Eryk Masters: Come on!

This is La Familia

I’ll explain later

But for now let me get back to this paper

Johnny Napalm is destroying Edmund Augustus Shan ruthlessly before it shifts to ANARCHY standing in the center of the ring, the camera circling them to reveal Loco Martinez behind them, trying unsuccessfully to get them to move out of his way.

I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back

Solomon Richards is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open. Mason Pierce appears next, the monster Malice behind him as his support, Mason’s eyes filled with eagerness while Malice’s eyes are filled with silent fury.

I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

Valentine Lionheart connects with a low blow before the camera catches his knowing grin. It cuts to Rich Mahogany and Don Hollywood stand tall in the ring, looking around at the Epicenter with a glint in their eye that hints at their cunning. Finally, it cuts straight to Loris Arclale, callously attacking a poor victim, who is long been down on the ground.

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas

Now we squared up

Hold up

Randall Kash stands in the spotlight, sneering at the camera. It quickly switches to Ripper, running his hands through his hair as his eyes are so wide they threaten to bulge out from his skull. Quickly, the camera switches to Jacob Mephisto, exhausted, holding the Sin City Championship in his clutches, staring down at it as if it was the end of a long road for him.

Eryk Masters: …this is YOUR moment!

We cut back to Datura slowly walking down to the ring before it shifts to Conor Caden doing the same. It cuts back to Sex & Violence with their World Tag Team Championship belts, holding them high for all to see, proud champions in the spotlight. We cut to a hapless victim being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian!


Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on someone before we see the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship held in the hand of Donovan King, standing tall after a hard fought victory. The camera focuses in on the face plate.

Other Guy: WHAT!?!??

Eryk Masters: NO!!!

Suddenly, the camera zooms right back out again, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling high above the Epicenter as the music dies down. The piano returns…and Rihanna’s voice does as well.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We come back to Adrian Corazon, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring. He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. Then, we see Project:SCAR en masse, the group standing among a mass of followers who keep their heads low, hidden by hoods. Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and pulls her in close while Entragian slides his hand across Gaunt’s midsection. Obsidian remains silent, glaring ahead.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Dan Stein slowly runs his fingers across the face plate of his World Tag Team Championship while Napalm clutches his to his chest. Vermont’s Finest is shown, El Asso Wipo making a snapping motion with his hands while Silas looks on, ever annoyed.

I’m addicted to the thrill

The screen flashes with Maya Nakashima flying in the air, connecting with a splash on someone before it shifts to Cronos Diamante, throwing his arms to either side, beckoning Orion to come to him. Mirage remains by his side, a knowing smile on his face.

It’s a dangerous love affair

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Lunatikk Crippler, Crippler’s raven locks swaying effortlessly in slow motion.

Victory’s within the mile

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

Almost there, don’t give up now

SCAR descends upon Corazon, ready to brand him.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Trey Willett appears, his head bowed so that his face is bathed in the shadows.

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey Willett, we see Henry Gordon trading punches with Johnny Napalm. Chance Ryan entering the ring, Logan Caine clapping his hands as he readies for his opponent to get to their feet, Vermont’s Finest hamming it up in the spotlight, Orion marching to the ring, Loco Martinez attempting a pin on Buck Dresden, cutting finally to the briefest image of Jonny Johnson himself, slowly rising from the darkness as a black phoenix in the spotlight.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.


Dutch Harris: SHOOT Project! We are live! Joining me as we kick off another edition of Dominion is none other than the Nittany Lion himself, Mark Kendrick.

Mark Kendrick: Dutch, I’m really glad to be here tonight. We’ve got a great card ahead of us!

The crowd cheers, hearing the words of the announcers.

Dutch Harris: We absolutely do. Tonight, SHOOT Project rolls on towards Master of the Mat with the best competition in professional wrestling AND we’re going to see who will be the new Number One Contenders to the World Tag Team Championships!

Mark Kendrick: So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Dutch Harris: I couldn’t agree more! Take it away, Samantha Coil!

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown pounds through the Epicenter, and the crowd EXPLODES as Lunatikk Crippler steps out from behind the curtains. Crippler looks determined and confident as he begins making his way down to the ring, and he takes time to slap hands with the fans as he nears the apron.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he hails from South Bend, Indiana…weighing in at 238lbs…THE WHOLE FUCKED UP SHOW, LUNATIKK CRIPPLER!!!

Dutch Harris: Crippler looks absolutely hungry tonight, Mark. The man is out to make an impression…and knowing his skill level, I don’t envy his opponent even a little bit.

Mark Kendrick: Crippler’s gotta be frustrated after coming up short in the Master of the Mat tournament last week against Lionheart. It took a well-timed lowblow from the Orion member to put Crippler down for the count, and I can only imagine he’s looking to blow off some steam from that here tonight.

Dutch Harris: I’ll say this much…never count out Crippler. This man has come within inches of obtaining World Heavyweight Championship gold on numerous occasions…and when he says he’s going to hurt someone? He MEANS it.

“Blood” by In This Moment roars through the Epicenter at maximum volume, and a pair of crazed turquoise eyes appear on the Video Wall, the pupils dilating, mascara running…madness on full display.

Red & Black rose petals start to pour down from the rafters at the top of the ramp, and Liz Gaunt steps out beneath the shower of petals, an expression of barely contained viciousness passing across her features.

Gaunt wears leather tights and a form-fitting black top, and her midriff is bare with a black handkerchief wrapped around the wound on her stomach. She begins stalking down the ramp like a feline on the prowl as the fans unleash a massive negative response against the SCAR member.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, she hails from Coney Island, New York…weighing in at 155lbs…representing Project: SCAR…ELIZABETH “HELLCAT” GAUNT!!!

Dutch Harris:Gaunt looks pissed, Mark. I’m talking….FUMING.

Mark Kendrick: She’s one crazy kitty under normal circumstances anyways, but after what Corazon did to her last week? Let’s just say the happy smiley face on her tummy doesn’t necessary reflect her mood going into this match.

Dutch Harris: Gaunt is definitely looking to vent some frustrations here tonight, and we’ll see if that will help or hinder or her as a strategy against a World Title-caliber athlete like Crippler. 

Gaunt gets to the apron and she slithers into the ring beneath the bottom rope, proceeding to pop right back up to her feet while glaring at Crippler. Crippler stares right back while cracking his neck to the side.

Quite suddenly, “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga pounds through the arena speakers, and LAURA SETON steps out from behind the curtains. Laura has a steel chair in one hand and a banana and can of Pepsi in the other, and she stares down at the ring while the fans boo her like crazy.

Dutch Harris: Uhoh. Seton has no part in this match, so I don’t know what she’s doing out here…

Mark Kendrick: Well remember Dutch, Crippler dropped Seton after her match on Revolution…and I’m betting she wasn’t too thrilled about that.

Seton strolls about halfway down the ramp…and then she just sets up the steel chair a few feet away from the apron before sitting down. Crippler glares out at her, and she just stares back while cracking open her Pepsi to take a sip.

Dutch Harris: Looks like she wants a front row seat for this one. 

Mark Kendrick: She even brought a snack! But getting back to the match…as the stipulation states…it’s time to SHUT UP…and FIGHT!

The bell rings with a loud clang, signaling that were are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Crippler moves to the center of the ring, and he brings both arms up to invite Gaunt into a lockup…and she tentatively raises her own hands up while moving forward…only to SNAP off a stiff knee to Crip’s gut, doubling him over.

Gaunt then drops down to the canvas and PISTONS a palm strike into the underside of Crippler’s jaw, and she pops right back up to her feet and irish whips him HARD into a turnbuckle, dropping down to her stomach to ensure maximum torque. Gaunt then races forward and looks to front dropkick the face right off of Crippler….but she’s caught!!!

Crippler holds tight to her legs, pulling her up onto his shoulders only to step towards the center of the ring and POWERBOMB THE HELL OUTTA HER!!

Gaunt gets obliterated, and Crippler wastes no time at all in sending ELBOW DROP after elbow drop into Gaunt’s lower back, using all of his size and weight with each elbow strike that connects. Gaunt is writhing already, both hands plastered across her lower back.

Dutch Harris: Speed and deception from Gaunt to start things out, but Crippler just bulldozed his way into the offense zone with that perfect powerbomb counter.

Mark Kendrick: Two different styles coming into play here, Dutch…Crippler likes his suplexes and submissions, and Gaunt likes to work that speed and agility game while wearing someone down with quick strikes. It’ll be interesting to see how those two styles mesh.

Crippler reaches down to bring Gaunt to her feet, and he does so by CLAMPING his hand across Gaunt’s nose and twisting it, causing her to shriek in pain as he drags her up to her feet. Crippler then switches into a quick waistlock…and he pops his hips backwards for a German suplex…but Gaunt flips into a full rotation and lands on her feet!

Crippler quickly turns around only to be met by a DRILLING roundhouse kick to the temple that staggers the bigger man into the ropes. Crippler tries to shake it off, and he goes for a quick clothesline on Gaunt…but she ducks and hits the ropes only to come back on the rebound and CHOPBLOCK the back of Crippler’s knee with sickening intensity!

Crippler gets cut down with a growl of pain and frustration, and Gaunt leaps up onto the second rope and SPRINGBOARDS while turning her body all the way around in midair to SMASH a forearm shot into the side of Crippler’s face. Crip gets blasted down from the impact, and Gaunt goes for a quick cover.



Crippler powers out.

Mark Kendrick: And THAT is how dangerous Liz Gaunt can be when she gets the momentum on her side. She’s got that rapid fire approach that can knock almost anyone totally off their game.

Dutch Harris: Not even a two count though, Mark. Crippler’s resilience is a well-known attribute in SHOOT Project too. 

Crippler is already back up to his feet, and Liz is just RAINING down on him with elbow strikes to his head and neck, the sheer ferocity of the assault forcing Crippler to stumble backwards…but finally Crippler catches one of Liz’s arms, and he falls down to the canvas while driving BOTH knees into the arm with a single arm breaker!

Gaunt staggers while holding her arm close to her midsection, and Crippler gets right back up and locks his grasp around Gaunt only to send her FLYING with an exploder suplex!! Gaunt comes crashing down like a ragdoll, limbs twitching from the impact. Crippler moves in on the downed Gaunt, but instead of going for a pinfall, he takes hold of her legs and flips her only her stomach…only to start GRINDING BACKWARDS with all of his might!!

Dutch Harris: Boston Crab!! Crippler has that applied perfectly…Liz looks like she’s about get SNAPPED in two!

Mark Kendrick: Judging by the sounds she’s making, I’d have to agree! 

Gaunt is screaming like a banshee, and she’s clawing desperately across the canvas in an attempt to get to the ropes. Crippler grinds back even harder, and Gaunt bites her lip against the pain…and her fingers inch forward JUST enough to snag the bottom rope!

Crippler releases her legs, his demeanor slightly annoyed that she made it to the ropes.

Dutch Harris: Seems that desperation paid off…because it allowed Liz just enough time to get to the ropes.

Mark Kendrick: ….

Dutch Harris: Mark?

Mark Kendrick: Sorry, I got distracted by Seton nibbling on her banana…

The camera focuses on Seton for moment while she’s nonchalantly eating her banana while watching the action unfold in the ring.

Meanwhile in the ring, Crippler goes to pull Gaunt up, but she JACKS his jaw with brutal-looking jumping knee to the chin. Crippler is reeling, and Gaunt begins to just SLAM right crosses into Crippler’s face, rocking him back bit by bit. She pushes Crippler into the ropes and tries for an irish whip, but Crippler reverses in the center of the ring…but on the rebound Gaunt BLASTS Crippler right in the face with a spinning wheel kick!!

Crippler goes down hard, and Gaunt immediately heads for the nearest turnbuckle, ascending to the top just as quick as a cat. She waits patiently for a moment as Crippler attempts to get up using his hands and his knees…AND THEN GAUNT LEAPS FROM THE BUCKLES AND DOUBLE STOMPS THE BACK OF CRIPPLER’S SKULL!!

Mark Kendrick: Gaunt scores with Lobotomy! Will that be enough??

Dutch Harris: That was NASTY to watch…

Crippler crashes down face first, and Gaunt flips him over and hauls back on both of his legs.




Dutch Harris: Very close!

Mark Kendrick: That definitely scrambled Crippler’s brains, I think the kick out was purely instinctual on his part.

Gaunt gets right back up to her feet and she goes right back to the turnbuckle, climbing her way back up. Crippler drunkenly gets up to his feet while holding the back of his head…and Gaunt LEAPS again looking for a cross body…but Crippler catches her!

Crippler promptly places her up onto his shoulders…and he CRUSHES Gaunt into his knee with a brutal gutbuster!! Gaunt HOWLS with pain, her body rolling across the canvas with both hands plastered across her wound.

Dutch Harris: DAMN! Crippler pretty much perfectly targeting that carved smiley face on Gaunt’s stomach, and she is HURTING right now.

Mark Kendrick: You can just imagine how tender the flesh of that area is…

Something in Crippler’s eyes has changed, a deep-seated anger playing across the features of The Whole Fucked Up Show. Crippler moves in on Gaunt and RIPS the handkerchief from her wound, exposing the carved smiley face…AND THEN HE JUST BEGINS TO HAMMER ON IT WITH FISTS!!!

Dutch Harris: We’re seeing a whole new side of Crippler right now, Mark. He is PUNISHING Gaunt for all she’s worth…and there is no mercy being shown here tonight.

Mark Kendrick: Crippler knows what Gaunt is, Dutch. People might forget it sometimes because she’s the cute little lady that skips around while twirling her pigtails…but rest assured, Gaunt is a member of SCAR…and she is a monster. If you show her even a speck of mercy, she’ll go right for your throat…

Gaunt is screaming yet again, wiggling and squirming while trying to get away…but Crippler will have none of that. He drives twisting knuckles into her stomach over and over again…and then Crip grabs Gaunt up into a military press…AND FLAPJACKS HER STOMACH FIRST ACROSS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

Gaunt gags nastily, her red-rimmed eyes bugging out of her head, and a few strings of messy saliva can be seen dripping from her lip-gloss covered mouth. Crippler grabs her by the hair, peeling her off the ropes…only to slam her right back down to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex!

Dutch Harris: That’s GOTTA be it! Gaunt is writhing in anguish right now…

Crippler goes for the pinfall.




Gaunt shoulders out DEFIANTLY, her lips pulled back from her teeth in the snarl of a rabid dog that just won’t die.

Mark Kendrick: WHAT?? How in the hell did Gaunt survive that? 

Dutch Harris: Don’t let the giggly exterior fool you, Mark. Liz is as tough as nails…she’s the type that can take a whipping and keep on ticking.

Crippler grabs Gaunt by the hair and drags her right back up to her feet, but she leans forward and CRUSHES a headbutt into the bridge of Crippler’s nose, knocking him back a step or two. Gaunt then snatches Crippler’s head in both hands…and she runs him towards the buckles, proceeding to hop up to the top and walk across the ropes for a moment before SMASHING Crippler down against the canvas with an elevated bulldog!

Crippler’s face crunches against the canvas, and Gaunt just mounts him and begins to POUND his face with fist after fist. Crip tries to get his hands up to block the fists, but Gaunt BITES into the heel of his hand, forcing an enraged Crippler to flip her over and to begin hurling heavy knees right into her midsection over and over again!

Dutch Harris: I swear….this is one hell of a dirty, emotional type of fight. These two act like they wanna kill each other!

Mark Kendrick: Nothing is on the line here except for pride, Dutch…and as SHOOT Project Soldiers, Crippler and Gaunt are both known for battling it out until the bitter end.

Crippler fights up to his feet, and he grabs Liz’s legs around the ankles and he begins to SPIN in the ring, elevating Liz off the canvas and spinning her around crazily before TOSSING her out head-first through the middle ropes!! Liz SAILS forward, and her HEAD SMASHES UP AGAINST THE SECURITY RAILING!!!

Liz crumples down into a sitting position, her neck bent awkwardly to the side….and we see blood GUSHING down Liz’s face from a cut that’s been opened up on her scalp. 

Dutch Harris: JESUS…Crippler just threw her out of the ring like a piece of trash, and Gaunt is sporting a particularly wet crimson mask right now.

Mark Kendrick: Crippler knows how to draw first blood, and I honestly don’t know if Gaunt can even attempt to recover from something like that. The impact was SCARY.




The official has started his ten count, and Liz remains unmoving on the outside. Crippler leans up against the turnbuckles, breathing hard and looking to take a moment to gather himself.






Still no motion from Gaunt.


Mark Kendrick: Looks like we’ll be getting a count out here…and that’s a shame, because this has been a great match thus far.



Gaunt stirs…her fingers twitching, her bloody mouth snarling…her eyes shimmering with that madness that fuels her.


Gaunt crawls towards the apron…digging with everything she has…and she PULLS herself up and slides back into the ring!

Even Crippler seems slightly impressed with this, shaking his head from side to side at Gaunt’s tenacity. Liz struggles up to her knees while weaving from side to side, and she raises up her fists while blood patters down from her face to stain the canvas.

Dutch Harris: This is pretty amazing, Mark. Gaunt managed to beat that count, and despite the fact that blood is pouring down her face…she STILL has fight left in her.

Crippler makes a beeline for Gaunt, dragging her up to her feet by her hair…and he drags her over to one of the turnbuckles and just begins to BASH her face into the buckle, leaving blood ripping down the pads each time. Gaunt can barely stand, so Crippler finally tosses her back first into the buckles…and he heads to the other side of the ring, running at full speed for a turnbuckle clothesline…BUT LIZ DUCKS OUTTA THE WAY AND THROWS CRIPPLER SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

Crippler reels out from the turnbuckles…and GAUNT SNAPS HIM DOWN ACROSS HER SHOULDER WITH A STUNNER!!!

Mark Kendrick: DEAD ORCHID!! That’s all she wrote, folks! This match is OVER!

Crippler flips backwards from the impact, landing on his stomach…and Gaunt has to work hard to flip his dead weight over, only to pull back on his leg with a deranged smile playing across her blood-speckled lips.





At the LAST possible second….Crippler reaches out and takes hold the bottom rope, effectively breaking the pinfall attempt!

Dutch Harris: WHAT?!!? How did Crippler do that?? 

Mark Kendrick: Crippler is a ring general, Dutch…he’s a fighter…he’s one hell of a competitor…and he is NOT ready to let this bratty little monster put him down tonight!

Gaunt is FREAKING the fuck out thanks to Crippler kicking out, she’s rolling around the canvas while pulling at her hair, and she starts to just PUNCH and kick the toes of her boots into the canvas while screaming at the top of her lungs.

Mark Kendrick: Is Gaunt…having a temper tantrum in the middle of this match?

Dutch Harris: Looks like it, Mark. You’ll find her picture in the dictionary next to the word “unbalanced.”

She finally pulls herself into a sitting position against the turnbuckles, staring at Crippler with a mixture of blood and mascara dripping down from her eyelashes. 

She reaches up to the middle rope, proceeding to pull herself up to a standing position. Gaunt marks Crippler from afar…and she leaps up onto the turnbuckles, preparing to fly…but Crippler struggles up to his feet, and he cuts her off on the buckles…proceeding to CRUSH a few uppercuts into Liz’s jaw.

Gaunt is reeling backwards on the top turnbuckle…and Crippler starts to climb the buckles himself now. He makes it up to the middle rope, and he proceeds to grab Gaunt’s neck…his feet inching carefully up to the top rope.

Dutch Harris: Oh crap…whatever is about to happen here…it’s going to be BAD.

Crippler sets his feet on the top rope, and he reaffirms his grip on Gaunt’s neck…AND THEN HE FALLS BACKWARDS FROM THE BUCKLES, CRUSHING GAUNT INTO THE CANVAS WITH SUPERPLEX!!!

The ring shakes from the impact, and the crowd EXPLODES for The Whole Fucked Up Show!




Mark Kendrick: Talk about IMPACT!! These two took the fight up to the skies…and they came crashing down right outta the clouds!

Crippler stumbles up to his feet while holding his back…and instead of going for a pinfall, he DRAGS a motionless Gaunt up with him…and he starts to PULL back on her limbs, proceeding to lock in an abdominal stretch!

This wakes Liz up quick, and she howls with blood pouring from her face…the wound on her stomach being stretched and irritated by the submission move.

Dutch Harris: Amazing strategy from Crippler here! He’s taking advantage of Corazon’s handiwork by targeting that carved section of Liz’s stomach with an abdominal stretch…and she is feeling it right now.

Mark Kendrick: Gaunt is seconds away from tapping, Dutch…you can just see it in her eyes.

Suddenly from outside of the ring….Laura Seton rises up to her feet. She CRUNCHES her empty Pepsi can in one hand, drawing Crippler’s attention over to the outside for a moment. Laura favors him with a knowing smirk.

Crippler lets up on the pressure for just a moment…and Gaunt takes full advantage. She PUMPS an elbow into Crippler’s ear, forcing him to break the submission…AND THEN SHE SLAMS A SUPERKICK INTO CRIPPLER’S RIBCAGE!!!

Crippler flies backwards from the velocity of the superkick, both of his hands plastered across his heart.

Dutch Harris: WHOA!! Seton on the outside crunched that damn soda can, it distracted Crippler for JUST a second…and Gaunt was able to break free and snap off Heartless!

Gaunt immediately rolls Crippler up, and as soon as the referee is down she YANKS up a huge handful of Crippler’s tights AND throws both of her feet up on the middle rope for additional leverage! 




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…at a time of fourteen minutes and fifty eight seconds…representing Project: SCAR…ELIZABETH GAUNT!!!

Gaunt rolls out of the ring, that bratty grin STRETCHED across her face. She reaches her hands up and slicks her hair back with her own blood, and she pauses to smooch her fingertips and blow a bloody kiss at Laura Seton while backpedaling up the ramp, one hand still held against her carved stomach.

Dutch Harris: Well that one ended in yet another underhanded fashion for Crippler. Last week it was the low blow from Valentine…and this week it was a distraction from Seton AND Gaunt grabbing up tights and throwing her feet up on the ropes for an unfair advantage.

Mark Kendrick: Definitely a treacherous victory for Gaunt, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind one bit. The implications are HUGE for Gaunt; Dutch…this is a monumental win for her against a man who was just recently Number One Contender to the World Title.

Dutch Harris: I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of this, especially since Gaunt is still in the Sin City Championship Series hunt.

Crippler comes to his knees in the ring, sweating and exhausted from the battle he just took part in. Seton locks eyes with him on the outside of the ring, and she casually tosses her crushed Pepsi can into a waste basket at ring side.Seton stops moving and the two stare at each other as Crippler continues recovering.  She takes a step towards the ring.  Then a second.

Dutch Harris: What’s she doing…?

She slides in under the bottom rope and then stands against the ropes with a grin.  The two share a handful of undecipherable words before Laura shoves Crippler back.  Crippler responds with a shove of his own!  Laura comes off the ropes and lands a clothesline, to the dismay of the crowd.  Crippler has enough wits about him to reach out and grab her closest leg and whips her to the ground.  Laura reacts by rolling over and pouncing on Crippler!

Mark Kendrick: And here come the fists!  Punches going left and right!  Neither one letting up!

Crippler lands a fist to the right side of her face as the crowd cheers!  She rolls off him and stands back up.  As she checks her face for blood, Crippler gets right back to his own feet.  Not seeing any blood on her hands, Laura tries going after Crippler again, but he dodges!  Quick thinking, Laura turns around once behind him and drops to a knee.  A loud “OHHHHH!” is heard from the crowd.

Mark Kendrick: A cheap low blow by Seton!  And Crippler is down once again. 

Dutch Harris: People were wondering when she was going to get her retribution from Revolution.  It looks like that’s our answer.

Laura rolls out of the ring and heads for the ramp.  Halfway up, she turns her head and grins for the camera as Crippler gets to a knee of his own to recover from this latest hit on top of the damage done from the match.

Dutch Harris: By that look, I’m guessing she has much more to offer Crip, as I’m sure Crip would love to do more than at Revolution last night.

Mark Kendrick: I can’t stand that woman, so whatever Crip can do to her, within reason, I am all for.  This is one can of worms she’ll regret opening.


Backstage at the EPICENTER, Rich Mahogany sits disgustedly in front of a table with a gift basket spread out before him. The look on his face says it all, a raised eyebrow, scrunched nose and bared teeth is not exactly his best look. Still, he looks better than you.

Rich: I am Jack’s complete and utter disdain for this sad, sorry excuse for a gift basket.

For those of you who weren’t paying attention, that overblown and overhyped excuse for a wannabe mafia hardass apparently has a soft spot for dudes in thongs, because he’d gone out of his way to send Don and Rich a care package once he’d heard about the dire straits of their monetary situation after purchasing the soon to be sleaziest strip joint on the entire strip.

Don: I was more satisfied with basket full of afro-American hair products and menthol cigarettes I got at the Source Awards four years ago. I went as a guest of my good friend Coolio, the man’s a true poet.

The Red Rocket reaches into the basket, grabs a bar of Ivory soap and tosses it over his shoulder.

Rich: Nope.

And then a bottle of Head and Shoulders.

Rich: Nope.

Followed by a tube of Colgate and a cheap electric toothbrush.

Rich: Nope.

Veet’s Hair Removal.

Rich: Nope.

Dapper Don just nods his head in abject disappointment. Rich throws his hands up in disgusts, stands up, kicking the small table away from him in the process.

Rich: This mook wouldn’t know a proper man-scaping product if it lubed itself up and flew up his ass! I can’t work under these conditions!

The Mustachioed Mafioso of Machismo walked off, stage left.

Rich: [off-screen] You finish, I’m gonna go find some babyoil.

Don: You two jerks listen close, okay? It ‘aint rocket science. What you’re lookin’ at here is the hottest act in SHOOT. The second toes hit the sand on this beach all eyes have been locked and all lips have been flappin’ about us Angel City boys. You two? Look around fella’s… there’s a million of you jerks with your cool guy hair and your tattoos and your stupid dour faces so sad, so wistful, so PATHETIC!

The ACX are all fun and games, but behind Dapper Don’s eyes there’s definitely some real anger and resentment.

Don: I’ve been fucked by this business for YEARS… this right here? This is my shot. I’m a desperate man, boys. A desperate man can do some wild crazy shit, everything on the line like that. Me and my boy are gunna’ come out there and rip your peckers off, ya’ hear me loud and clear there ya’ filthy canucks? Huh?!

The Big Bad Wolf slowly takes off his sunglasses.

Don: You’re the everybody else. You’re typical. You’re boring. We dress better, we look better, we have more fun, we bang more hot broads, we party EVERY DAMN NIGHT… and boys, we’re gunna’ unload and lay down some absolutely righteous kung fu on both your asses tonight. This shit is so over I’ve already forgotten your goddamn NAMES! Rich! Finish these fuckers off and toss a twenty on the nightstand my boy, we’ve got things to do.

Fully lubed up from head to toe Rich steps back into the scene absolutely glistening

Rich: You see this, Randork P. Kashington? THIS IS WHAT A REAL MAN LOOKS LIKE! I ain’t got time for a bald head and some ugly bullshit denim vest and goatskin boots! Crack all the jokes you wanna crack, fatboy, but when it’s all said and done you can thank us for getting you laid, all it’s gonna take is you to hold down some poor slag and just before she pulls out the pepper spray, tell her about how ol’ Richie-Rich and Don-Ho humped you and your boyfriend into submission on Live Tee-Vee in front of the whole of the SHOOTiverse!

Mahogany reaches into his banana-hammock, produces a twenty, and flicks it at the camera. Satisfied, the two Angel City ass kickers walk off the screen, bitches to fuck and losers to embarrass. All in a days work for the two finest examples of good ol’ fashioned American sleaze this wonderful country can produce.


Entragian finds them in a murky corridor, the lighting here so poor that you can barely see your hand in front of your face. It didn’t take him long…he just followed the sounds of Kenji’s fist pistoning into Flay’s abdomen. That fleshy SMACK sound echoes through the corridor, and Isaac leans up against the wall for a moment, simply watching Flay’s eyes minimize into pinpricks of pain.

Kenji looks over his shoulder for a moment to acknowledge the albino’s presence, his scarred features glistening with sweat.

Entragian: Be alert tonight, Kenji. Evers is hunting him…but if by some miracle he manages to evade Danny…he might try to make a play against you and Flay during your match.

Isaac’s eyes trail across the lengthy shadows of the corridor.

Entragian: Every shadow is his camouflage for the taking. Keep your eyes and your nostrils open…and if you glimpse him…or smell the stink of charred flesh he carries with him now…you’ll need to be ready.

A laugh straight from Kenji’s belly reverberates through the shadows and off the grimy walls, turning with his arms stretched to the sides.

Kenji: Ready? Ready for what, Isaac?

His deep scarred fingers run against coarse green walls.

Kenji: For the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man Alive", is that it? 

He smiles, turning his gaze towards Flay.

Kenji: What’s he going to do, Isaac, hmm, is he going to hurt me, maybe a carve his little insignia in my flesh? I challenge him to find a spot on this form for it. 

He shakes his head, hands limply falling to his sides.

Kenji: I’ve endured every form of torture known to man, Isaac. Unless his grand plan for me is to murder me in front of the SHOOT Project faithful, then there is little he can offer in the form of physical torment that would have me quivering in my boots. 

Kenji reaches up and puts both his hands reassuringly on Isaac’s shoulders.

Kenji: We shouldn’t be ready for him, Isaac, it is HE who should be ready for US. Because if we find him, and knowing how my Brothers work we will… this time we don’t stop with just his back. Corazon wants to play phoenix and rises from the ashes? Then this time, Isaac, we BURN him until not even ASH remains.

Isaac smiles, his razor-sharp teeth glimmering as he admires the patchwork of old scars that makes up Kenji Yamada’s flesh.

Entragian: I can’t argue with that. Nevertheless….be vigilant. The sooner his career is castrated FOREVER…the better I think we’ll all feel.

Isaac starts to walk away…but then he turns back for a moment, almost like a light bulb clicked into life in his head. He gestures to Flay with one pallid hand.

Entragian: All this stress…it’s so irritating. I just need a RELEASE, man….would you mind? Just a quickie?

A rare toothy grin pulls at Kenji’s scarred lips, and he gestures to the shivering mass that is Flay Rios while stepping back for a moment.

Kenji: By all means, brother.

Isaac nods, still grinning…and he takes a step towards Flay. Isaac inhales deeply of the woman’s sweat…and then he just hauls back and PISTONS a massive uppercut into the shelf of Flay’s jaw.

The young woman FLIES backwards like a ragdoll, the back of her head smacking up against the concrete wall with a sickening crunch before she sinks down to her knees on the floor.

Isaac turns back to Kenji with a smile, his hand drawing inward to form a fist.

Entragian: Much better. She’s definitely a keeper, Kenji…

Isaac smirks, and he pats Yamada on one scarred shoulder before stalking off into the shadows. Kenji grins after him for a moment, and then he just looks at the crumpled, bleeding frame of Flay Rios as she shivers against the cold floor.

We cut on Kenji’s satisfied expression. 

The crowd is sending a mixed reaction towards the ring as Randall Kash and JP Corino stand in the ring ready for competition. The two men are jaw jacking at one another in some sort of argument that the cameras can’t quite pick up on audio.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of JP CORINO AND RANDALL KAAASH!!!

The crowd’s reaction is still mixed for the two men in the ring.


A heavy bass line picks up over the speakers, with a whole host of howling and electo-percussion noise.  The fans begin to rain down boos as they are a bit more familiar with who is about to enter the arena. After a few moments, “Dapper” Don Hollywood and Rich Mahogany saunter out onto the entrance stage. Mahogany is carrying a small plastic bag in one hand and a lit Virginia Slim 120 cigarette in the other as he jaw jacks at the booing fans. Hollywood immediately starts posing and gyrating at the crowd.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, the team of “DAPPER” DON HOLLYWOOD AND RICH MAHOGANY! Together they are, the ANGEL CITY EEEXXXPREEESSS!!!

Rich and Don begin to saunter down the entrance ramp as the crowd continues to jeer, boo, and hiss.

Mark Kendrick: The guys are just… so bad. I really don’t think I like them much.

Dutch Harris: I couldn’t agree with you more. After watching Don Hollywood defeat Logan Caine at Revolution 110, you have to know that these two are going to do anything they can get away with to win.

About half way to the ring, Don manages to strut about 9 different ways showing off as much of his body as humanly possible. Meanwhile, Rich has begun tossing items to the crowd on his way to the ring while talking non-stop. As the cameras get closer to the two, it is revealed that Rich is handing out small bottles of baby oil and…

Mark Kendrick: Is he handing out…

Dutch Harris: He is. He’s handing out hotel room keys. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to apologize to you all in advance for the lewd behavior of the two men on their way to the ring and to remind you that their views do not reflect the views of the SHOOT Project as a whole.

The Angel City eXpress continues to saunter and strut to the ring, Rich walking up the ring steps and stepping between the ropes and Don pulling himself up onto the apron from the floor before stepping into the ring. Don Hollywood looks at Samantha Coil and licks his lips and Rich, being as sleazy as ever, rubs some baby oil onto his hairy chest before making a “helicopter” motion towards her with his hips. Ms. Coil quickly exits the ring in disgust.

Mark Kendrick: That is just absolutely disgusting, Dutch. These guys are so…

Dutch Harris: Sleazy? Yea, I think that’s what they’re going for, Mark. Regardless, we’ve got a match to call here so let’s try to keep it impartial.

The music fades out and Rich and Don both remove their entrance gear, demanding a ring hand come and take it personally from their hands. Randall Kash and JP Corino stand across the ring and finally have turned their attention towards their opponents. Rich points and laughs at the duo while Don simply smirks at them. Rich nods arrogantly at Don and “The Dapper One” steps out onto the ring apron.

Kash and Corino argue about who will start the match for a few more seconds before Kash just shakes his head and steps out of the ring onto the apron. 

The bell sounds and Corino turns to face Mahogany and the two advance and lock up. Both men jockey for position until Corino forces Mahogany into his own corner. Referee Dennis Heflin calls for a break, but Dapper Don reaches in and SLAPS Corino right across the face from the outside. Corino breaks the tie up and goes after Dapper Don, but Mahogany fires a quick sucker punch to JP’s jaw, knocking him off balance. The referee admonishes both Mahogany and Hollywood, but the two men ignore him completely.

Mahogany stays on the attack and as JP turns to face him, he rakes the eyes! Rich boots Corino in the stomach and SNAPS Corino down with a DDT. Mahogany makes the quick cover, grinding his forearm into Corino’s face!




Dennis Heflin admonishes Kash and Kash simply puts his hands up and goes back to his corner. Rich brings Corino to his feet and takes him to the ACX corner, tagging in Don Hollywood. Mahogany holds Corino’s arms behind his back and Hollywood steps into the ring and MEASURES Corino before firing a right hand right between the eyes of JP. Mahogany releases Corino and steps out of the ring. Dapper Don backs Corino into the corner and Irish whips him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Don swivels his hips to the disgust of the Epicenter crowd.

Corino goes to step out of the corner, but Randall Kash SLAPS him on the back, tagging himself in! Kash steps into the ring and Corino looks upset about it. Corino steps onto the apron but continues to argue with Kash. Dapper Don leans back in his corner and the ACX simply start laughing at the argument across the ring.

Kash finally has had enough and SHOVES Corino! Corino falls off the apron and lands awkwardly on his leg, collapsing to the floor. Don whispers something to Rich and rushes in at Kash who TURNS AROUND AND LEVELS “The Dapper One” with a big clothesline!

Mark Kendrick: Oh man, that is NOT good! Corino tweaked something when he landed and he’s having a hard time getting back to his feet out here.

Back in the ring, Kash is putting the boots to Don, but Don quickly backs up into the ropes and shouts at Dennis Heflin to “get him back!” Heflin is trying to get Kash to back off and outside the ring, Rich Mahogany has snuck up behind JP Corino who is VERY unsteadily getting to his feet. Mahogany DIVES low and CHOP BLOCKS Corino, sending him crumpling to the floor on the outside clutching his leg in agony! Rich quickly runs back to his corner and hops back onto the apron.

Dutch Harris: That was just DESPICABLE! The man was already possibly injured and Rich Mahogany just added on to that!

Mark Kendrick: It wasn’t a nice thing to do, but Dutch, the match is still going technically.

In the ring, Kash has backed off and Don has made it to his feet. He goes to lock up with Kash, but steps away arrogantly at the last second. Kash quickly moves forward to make a move, but Don quickly steps between the ropes and demands that Kash back up again. Kash is backed away by Dennis Heflin and Don moves forward. He goes to lock up with Kash, but steps away again and poses to the crowd, eliciting boos from the fans. Kash moves in to attack again and AGAIN Don steps between the ropes. BUT THIS TIME KASH ATTACKS, firing fists into the forehead of Don Hollywood! The crowd begins to cheer, but Dennis Heflin is there making his count!





Kash backs away before the count of five, but rushes back in and grabs Hollywood by his hair, pulling him away from the ropes. Kash scoops Don up and SLAMS him down with a bodyslam! Kash goes to look for a tag from JP, but notices that he is still on the floor clutching his leg. Kash shakes his head and turns around, only to eat a picture perfect dropkick to the face from Don Hollywood!

Mark Kendrick: I don’t think Kash realized that JP may be really hurt out there, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: Honestly? I don’t think he cares. But that could very well cost him this match.

Don brings Kash to his feet and WHIPS him into the ACX corner. He tags in Rich Mahogany. Mahogany steps into the ring and gyrates, eliciting boos from the crowd before ACX hoists Kash up and over with a double suplex!

Dapper Don steps back outside the ring and Rich brings Kash to his feet. He Irish whips Kash to the ropes and ducks down, BUT KASH STOPS SHORT and kicks Mahogany right in the chest. Mahogany pops up and Kash DRILLS him with a BIG lariat! Kash again looks for the tag and sees that Corino is STILL on the floor, but has managed to get to one knee. Kash, fuming walks over and reaches down, SLAPPING Corino’s hand. Dennis Heflin begrudgingly acknowledges the tag and Kash rolls out of the ring and TOSSES JP in under the bottom rope. Randall Kash walks back up the ramp with his hands on his hips and a look of disgust on his face while the crowd boos.

Mark Kendrick: What is Kash doing?

Dutch Harris: I think he got frustrated that Corino wasn’t there for a tag twice. Even though it’s his own fault that he wasn’t.

Mark Kendrick: Oh, man, this is bad for JP.

Rich Mahogany is practically salivating as JP Corino struggles to try and get to his feet. Amazingly, he does, but Mahogany circles behind and CHOP BLOCKS the back of that leg AGAIN.

Mark Kendrick: Oh, this is TOO much! The man can barely stand up!

Rich sits Corino up and stands behind him. He reaches forward, figure fours the legs, and pulls them up toward Corino’s face in a modified stump puller! Mahogany starts grinding his groin against the back of Corino’s head and JP is screaming in agony!

Dutch Harris: He calls this submission the Sex Panther and Corino is in a bad way right now!

Mark Kendrick: Is all that gyrating really necessary? I mean, talk about adding insult to injury, that’s just disgusting!

Dennis Heflin is right there asking JP Corino if he wants to quit, but JP can do nothing but scream in pain! Heflin has seen enough and calls for the bell!

The Big Bad Wolf plays again. And Mahogany releases the hold. Don steps into the ring and he and Rich share an over the top high five.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, THE ANGEL CITY EXXXPREEESSS!!!

The ACX demand that Heflin raise their hands and he complies. The two men exit the ring and saunter back up the entrance ramp as medical personal rush to the ring to attend to JP Corino, who is still shouting out in pain.

Mark Kendrick: Well, there’s not much to say about this one, folks. The Angel City Express took advantage of a bad situation between partners who couldn’t get along and we all saw the result. Let’s just hope JP Corino’s injury isn’t TOO serious.

Dutch Harris: Absolutely, Mark. We’ve still got some great matches here tonight folks, so stay tuned!


We keep it at ringside as the fans in the arena are absolutely losing their shit. People hold up various signs, "THE DEFILER RULZ", "DONOVAN IS KING", and "WE WANT HYDRO LOL signs… being the most notable. It isn’t long before the camera pans in on two figures, one is wearing a black "GHOST OF ANN ARBOR" T-shirt… his face hidden behind a Darth Maul Mask… double fisting beers. He’s holding a sign high above his head that says "NEEDZ MOAR CONOR CADEN YA’LL!" We can only imagine this is Art De Luca… and next to him is none other than Conor Caden in his plain white mask, his hair disheveled… a black hoodie on. He holds a sign high above his head that reads"DOMINION NEEDS AN ENEMA."

Dutch Harris: At first it seemed like Conor wasn’t really digging Art De Luca’s style of promoting him… now it looks like he’s given up and joined in…

Mark Kendrick: Hey, he’s getting his name and face out there, Dutch. Can’t blame the kid.

Dutch Harris: Makes me wonder why Conor isn’t watching the show backstage?

Mark Kendrick: Well, from what I understand Art De Luca isn’t allowed anywhere backstage after what happened on Revolution with him STORMING the ring…

Dutch Harris: When he got speared out of his shorts! Ahaha, never seen a whiter ass in my life, ‘Drick.

With the camera still zoomed in on them, Art De Luca sets one of his beers down and reaches under his seat, grabbing a red light saber… he lunges it towards his mouth as if he were ‘deep throating’ it.

Mark Kendrick: Okay that’s enough, let’s cut away…

Dutch Harris: Looks like A.D.L. has had a few too many.

With that the camera pans out and returns back ringside.

Dutch Harris: Maybe Art’s had one too many, eh?

As the camera begins to pan away due to Art’s ‘unprofessional’ behavior, he screams out…


The fans pick up a little bit, some getting into "Ghost" chants as we find ourselves back at ringside.


Backstage, we see interviewer Mary Kelly straightening the lapels on her shirt and smiling at the camera. Beside her, dressed uncharacteristically down in a pair of jeans and a Datura “Taste the Thorns” t-shirt.  His arms are crossed over his broad chest, one hand reaches up to stroke the goatee forming at the bottom of his chin.


Mary Kelly: Ladies and gentleman, I’m standing here with former number one contender to the Iron Fist title Kincaid! Kincaid, with you now being out of the Master of the Mat tournament and your Iron Fist title shot now being passed on to Ja Gi Kyung-Moon what’s your next-


He snorts and holds up one hand. Mary looks offended but goes quiet. Kincaid sighs and shakes his head.


Kincaid:  No. No, we’re just moving past that Abby. My title shot didn’t just pass its way along to Ja Gi, he took it. I’ll remind you that he’s the one I beat to earn that shot. Now, Moon’s a great wrestler. If it wasn’t for me coming down the pipe he’d be champion for a very long time. But let’s talk brass tacks: Since the day Moon and I came into this company we’ve been the two guys that everyone knows is going to be a star of the future. When others wash out, me and him go out there and put on some of the best matches on the show. When other people climb to the top, fail at being a champion or getting their big win they take off.  Well, what did he do when I beat him? When he suffered the biggest loss of his career so far did it keep him down? Of course not, Moon did he always does. He kept going on sheer force of will and he became the new Iron Fist Champion. Good for him.


If he’s actually happy for what Moon’s done it doesn’t show in his face. He looks near emotionless as he turns to face the camera.


Kincaid: But you know you didn’t escape. Because you know that the opportunity that you got, the title reign you’re currently establishing, is defined by me. The feud we had was what made you matter enough for the shot. The shot that should have been mine. Every time you get in the ring, the fans think “He’s good but I don’t know if he’s as good a champ as Kincaid.” They know that that belt is rightfully mine. That you stole my shot. Well, first chance I get? I’m taking it back. I had a shot before I hurt my knee.  Far as I’m concerned? That makes me number one contender. So, I’m thinking that at Master of the Mat? You and I get in there and get this thing done.


Mary clears her throat. Kincaid, snapped out of his speech, closes his eyes and slowly turns to face her. His anger is clear but she swallows nervously and stammers out her next words.


Mary Kelly:  Uh, well…I mean…I…Thomas Manchester Black was the previous champion. He just lost to Moon. Surely, he’s due for a rematch right? You saw what he did to Moon last night! Plus,  he was expecting to face you. He trained for you. Moon was a last minute substitution and-


Kincaid tilts his head  to the side and she goes quiet. It’s an unnerving sight. He goes quiet long enough for the silence to become tense. Then he turns back to the camera.


Kincaid: TMB had his chance. He wants to be a champion again? He can EARN another shot. I had to earn mine. Black, you dodged a bullet by not having to get into the ring with me. Pray it stays that way. If you interfere on my way to taking my Iron Fist title? You’ll be out of the way fast. Because I’ll take you out of the way. Moon? I’m coming for you.


With that, he walks out of the shot and we close on the apprehensive face of Mary.

Maya wanders, bright eyed, through the halls. His hands gently rest in his pockets, several backstage crew members nod and smile at him, Maya reciprocates bowing his head lower with a warm soft smile. He notices several men on a headset screaming, something about making sure SCAR’s locker room is taped off so no one haphazardly wanders in their direction. Maya’s smile fades, his head dips towards the plaque white linoleum floor.

Abigail Chase: Maya!!!

Maya’s head jolts up, looking left and right. He finally turns his head slightly to see Abigail Chase jogging in his direction, heels click clacking against the hard floor. He forces a smile on his face.

Maya: You startled me…

She takes a moment to catch her breath, clutching an envelope to her chest.

Abigail Chase: I’m so glad I found you, I’ve been looking all over for you since Revolution… do go into hiding when you’re done here or something?

Maya’s eyes drift away from Abigail, a glint of a laugh escapes through closed lips, and shrugs.

Abigail Chase: Anyway, listen, Tanya wanted me to give this to you. It’s not really my place to tell you what it’s all about.

Maya doesn’t even have a chance to thank her before she runs off. Maya stares at the envelope for a second, looking up only to glance around the room for a moment, before opening it and reading it.

Tanya walks up seeing Maya folding the letter back up and she smiles warmly as she moves in front of Maya, hands held open to indicate no hidden weapons or anything underhanded was afoot.

Tanya: I see the letter reached you Maya. I know we aren’t friends but I think we’ve both seen what this business does to friendships anyway. Still I hope you see that letter for what it is and not something nasty. All I ask is you consider it’s proposal with an open mind.

Maya smiles, carefully folding the letter and placing into his jacket pocket. He puts his other hand over his pocket for a moment.

Maya: I don’t think it’s nasty, what you’re trying to do. I think it’s what this company, what the people who believe in this company, need more than anything. What you’re doing, it’s pure. To be able to wrestle just for the sake of competition…

Maya turns away, his head shifting downward, still clutching his jacket pocket.

Maya: But… I can’t.

Tanya stares for a moment then nods her head in agreement.

Tanya: The hate takes a long time to let go. It can’t just be cast aside like spoiled leftovers. I thought this might be the case. But hey, I’ve been surprised before so I had to make the offer in all sincerity. Just don’t let your emotions dig too deep a hole. Heroes die young you know.

Maya smiles, keeping his eyes tightly shut.

Maya: Tanya… please make this happen. Make it thrive, make it shine, and make sure the whole world sees what you’re doing. Right now, I’d only ruin it… I…

He shakes his head.

Maya: Tanya, the day I can fight at your side, for the cause you’ve made…

He turns to her, patches of moisture cloud his deep brown eyes.

Maya: Will be the happiest day of my life.

Tanya watches for a moment then shakes Maya’s hand firmly stunning the distraught wrestler for a moment.

Tanya: Relax. My cause is noble but I’m still a bit broken. So there is plenty of time for you to sort your head out. Besides I’m always going to be a bit of a bitch so it would probably only be your second happiest. Third if you aren’t as kinky as me. Now if you will pardon me, I want to devote my full mental focus to the main event. Whoever wins is my next Master Of The Mat opponent. The preparation begins the second that match ends.

With that said, Tanya Black turns on her heels and leaves giving Maya one last smile as the show goes on.

The Epicenter crowd is anxiously awaiting the next match of the evening. Out of nowhere, the vicious sound of First Blood by Epysode begins to blast over the speaker system.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, to be accompanied to the ring by Morgana; hailing from parts unknown; he stands 6’7 and weighs in at 285 pounds. Here is… MAAALLIIICE!!!

As the heavy chords of the music continue to rip through the Epicenter, Morgana steps out onto the entrance stage clad head to toe in all black. The raven-haired lioness is decked out in a black dress, black jacket, and black knee-high heeled boots. She sneers out at the capacity crowd for a moment before looking back over her shoulder. Malice steps out onto the stage behind her, a hulking presence with his head bowed as if channeling his rage. After a few seconds his head snaps up and a close up camera view catches his eyes narrow as Morgana and Malice begin their trek down the ramp.

Mark Kendrick: Well, it’s time to see Morgana’s monster in action, Dutch. From what we’ve heard coming into this week, Malice has been just ITCHING to get in the ring and now we are going to get the chance to see the man that many call Orion’s trump card in action for the first time in a SHOOT Project ring.

Dutch Harris: Well, Mark, they say the bigger they are, the harder they fall. But, somehow I don’t get that impression with this guy. Rumor has it that Morgana specifically asked for this match in order to, as she put it, “take the chains off and let the monster loose.” We’re going to see what Malice can do tonight.

Malice and Morgana reach the ringside area and walk up the ring steps onto the apron. Morgana steps through the second and third ropes into the ring as her monster steps over the top rope. Morgana barks out some kind of instructions to Malice and he walks to a corner and waits, his eyes staring across the ring, perhaps envisioning his opponent, or, in his mind, his prey.

The arena turns black. On the screen, scenes of post-apocalyptic landscapes haunt the darkness. Over the speakers an eerie synth-pad sets the mood as a deep, raspy voice begins speaking. 

The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides and a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt and we’re on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this:

A chorus of string instruments begins to play a melancholic tune as a pale spotlight rushes to the top of the stage. There, it falls on Elizabeth Mauduit dressed in a pair of tight, dark jeans and a black hoodie. She stops at the top of the ramp and looks out into the darkness of the crowd.

Samantha Coil: And now, making her way to the ring, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Tampa, Florida and weighing in tonight at ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY pounds…DATURAAAA!

The buildings tumbled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies, picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upwards everything washed in a thin orange haze.

Elizabeth makes her way down the ramp. The silhouette of hands reaching out to grab her can be seen on the outskirts of the spotlight. Datura ignores them as she makes her way to the steps and into the ring.

Mark Kendrick: It looks like we’ve got a classic “David versus Goliath” about to start here, Dutch. Datura doesn’t seem like she’s all there sometimes.

Dutch Harris: Don’t let that fool you, Mark. Ms. Mauduit showed that she can get the job done against J.P. Corino. She fell short against Conor Caden in her latest outing, but she seems to be ready for Malice. It’ll be interesting to see what her strategy is against her much larger opponent.

Mark Kendrick: Malice hasn’t said a word leading into this match, but Morgana and Datura have certainly had their verbal sparring sessions.

Dutch Harris: Well, it’s not Morgana she’s got to worry about in that ring. Verbal sparring is great and all. It adds a psychological element to the contest, but what’s important is how each of these fighters performs once the bell rings.

Datura goes to her corner. Malice seemingly stares a hole into his opponent, while Datura turns toward Morgana and gives a VERY over exaggerated bow in her direction. Morgana offers a wry smile to Datura and gives Malice a few last minute instructions before exiting the ring.

The bell rings and Malice CHARGES forward like a bull! Datura jumps to the side, but Malice catches her with one arm and FLINGS her back into the corner! Morgana’s monster begins to DRILL heavy shots to Datura’s body in the corner. He grabs her by the wrist and Irish whips her across the ring to the opposite corner. Datura hits the buckles HARD, the force causing her to bounce back out of the corner, only to run into a HUGE lariat from Malice!

Mark Kendrick: Oh, man, Malice has started this one off in a hurry! And he’s already using his strength to his advantage.

Dutch Harris: And Morgana is out there shouting continuous instructions to her monster, Mark. He is following her orders to a tee. This could prove interesting as this match wears on and depending on what Datura is able to do.

Malice brings Datura to her feet and scoops her up. He DROPS to a knee, bringing her down with a VICIOUS backbreaker! Malice pushes Datura off his knee to the canvas and Datura is rolling around in pain trying to get some distance between her and Malice. Morgana continues to shout instructions to Malice and he stalks forward, grabbing Datura by her hair. He brings her to her feet and hooks her head. Malice HOISTS Datura up and brings her over HARD with a big vertical suplex! Datura arches her back, clutching it in pain.

Malice gets to his feet and begins to stomp away at Datura as she rolls towards the ropes. Datura reaches the ropes and begins to pull herself to her feet. Malice moves in quickly and begins to BLATANTLY choke Datura while she leans on the ropes. Referee Willie Dean shouts at Malice to release the choke and begins his count.





FIV-Morgana shouts something to her monster and he quickly releases the choke, but the damage has been done!

Datura drops to her knees clutching her throat as she leans back against the ropes. Malice advances and YANKS Datura back to her feet by her hair. He Irish whips her across the ring. Datura comes off the ropes and DUCKS under a BIG clothesline attempt from Malice. She hits the opposite ropes, building momentum. Malice doesn’t turn around to face her in time and Datura LEAPS up onto his back, locking in a sleeper!

Malice begins to thrash and buck wildly as Datura holds on for dear life! Datura manages to switch her grip and bar both arms, bringing them behind them monster’s back. Malice continues to twist and turn, trying to throw her off, but Datura brings her knees up, putting them against his bent back forearms and DROPS straight back with a modified backstabber! Malice rolls around on the canvas in obvious pain, holding his arms while Morgana begins frantically shouting at him to get up.

Mark Kendrick: What a smart move by Datura! She finally found a way to change to momentum of this match and it came at just the right moment!

Dutch Harris: It was a desperation move, for sure, but it was calculated. She went for those arms, Mark. If she takes away the arms of Malice, it will be might hard for him to mount a strong offense.

Datura makes it to her feet and immediately goes on the attack, dropping down and firing clubbing blows to Malice’s arms while he is on the canvas. Malice THROWS Datura off him, but she quickly dives back onto him, continuing to take shots at those arms. Datura breaks away and gets to her feet, only to JUMP up and connects with a NASTY double stomp to Malice’s right arm! She JUMPS up again and hits ANOTHER double stomp to the left arm! Malice rolls to his stomach, trying to protect his arms, but Datura drops down and SNATCHES his left arm, sitting on his back and bending back the arm in a London Dungeon! Willie Dean is right there asking Malice if he wants to quit, but the monster simply shakes his head no.

Mark Kendrick: Datura is really working that arm now.

Morgana is shouting at Malice from the outside and he stares out at her before using his free arm to DRAG himself forward towards the ropes. Datura wrenches back with all of her might, but Malice manages to get his knees under him and reaches out, but he can’t quite reach the ropes. Morgana LEAPS up onto the apron and grabs his arm, pulling it to the ropes behind Willie Dean’s back! She hops down off the apron and begins shouting at the referee to check the ropes. Willie Dean turns and sees that Malice has the rope and commands Datura to release the hold. She glares out at Morgana and lets go of the hold, before complaining to the referee, but Willie Dean has no choice but to let the match continue since he didn’t see anything!

Malice pulls himself to his feet and Datura immediately goes back on the attack, delivering SNAPPING leg kicks to Malice. Malice moves away from Datura and is backed into a corner. Datura backs away and charges forward with a splash, BUT MALICE STEPS OUT OF THE CORNER AND CATCHES HER IN MID AIR! Malice reaches through her legs and scoops her up into a bodyslam position. He turns and RAMS Datura into the turnbuckles! Malice backs up and RAMS her into the buckles again, this time tying her up in a tree of woe position!

Dutch Harris: Uh oh, this isn’t going to be good for Datura! Malice just stopped her momentum in its tracks!

An evil smile forms on the lips of Morgana on the outside and she shouts out instructions to Malice. Malice reaches down and grabs Datura by her head and begins to deliver CRUSHING knees to her cranium! Referee Willie Dean shouts at Malice, trying to get him to bring Datura out of the turnbuckles. Willie Dean begins his count.





Malice releases her head and backs out of the corner for just a second. He quickly moves back in and releases Datura from the tree of woe, but brings her back onto his shoulder. He RAMS Datura back into the turnbuckle again before turning and dropping her with a BIG powerslam! Datura is writhing in pain on the canvas!

 Malice brings Datura to her feet and Irish whips her back into the corner. He gets head of steam and CHARGES in for a big clothesline, BUT DATURA MOVES OUT OF THE WAY and Malice hits the buckles chest first and his outstretched arm connects with the steel post!

Mark Kendrick: OH! That may be the break that Datura needs!

Dutch Harris: Let’s see if she can capitalize, Mark! A lot of damage has been done to Malice’s arms, but Datura has taken a lot of punishment as well!

Malice turns around in the corner clutching his arm. Datura rushes forward and quickly grabs Malice’s arm. She wraps both arms around the top rope and STEPS UP onto Malice’s chest! Datura plants her feet in his chest and PULLS forward on his arms! Willie Dean is right there and he is SHOUTING at Datura to release the hold, but she is in a rage and just continues to pull forward! The referee begins his count!





FIV-Datura releases the hold at backs out of the corner. She begins arguing with Willie Dean, but MALICE COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A HUGE LARIAT, sending Datura down to the canvas HARD. The monster shakes out his arms and Morgana is outside shouting instructions to his rapidly!

Mark Kendrick: Datura is pulling out all stops, but she nearly got disqualified there.

Dutch Harris: Not only that, but she let up on Malice, and got distracted dealing with Willie Dean and paid for it dearly.

Malice brings Datura to her feet and wraps his huge hand around Datura’s throat. He HOISTS her up in a chokeslam and SNAPS her down with a transition to an STO!

Dutch Harris: What a BIG TIME move there! He calls that the 114.

Morgana screams up at Malice to “finish her!” Malice wastes no time, and brings Datura to her feet. He boots her in the stomach, hooks her arms, and HOISTS her up!


Mark Kendrick: What a devastating move! This should be it!

But Malice does not go for the cover. Instead, he turns Datura to her stomach and sits on her lower back facing her head. Malice GRABS Datura by the sides of her head and begins to SQUEEZE!

Dutch Harris: That’s called the Malicious Intent and Malice is absolutely squeezing on Datura’s head. A move like this can slow down the blood flow to the brain, similar to squeezing on the carotid artery!

Malice continues to apply HEAVY pressure and Datura is SCREAMING in agony! Willie Dean is right there checking on Datura. She is doing everything she can, but her 130 pound frame is having trouble coping with having the much large Malice sitting on her back and squeezing her head. Datura claws and scrapes at the mat, but quickly realizes that there is nowhere to go… and she is forced to tap out!

Willie Dean calls for the bell, but Malice keeps the hold locked in! Datura continues to scream in agony as Willie Dean does his best to break the hold, to no avail!

Mark Kendrick: Oh, come on! This isn’t fair! The match is over!

Dutch Harris: Clearly Morgana is having her monster send a message here, but you are right, Mark. This is just unnecessary!

Morgana has gotten in the ring and lightly shoves Willie Dean out of the way. She smirks as she watches her monster continue to squeeze on the head of Datura, who has begun to fade. Malice begins to JERK her head back and forth and very quickly, Datura passes out!

Willie Dean is shouting and threatens to reverse the decision! Morgana shouts something at Malice and the monster releases Datura and quickly stands. Willie Dean goes to raise his hand, but Morgana pushes him out of the way and raises Malice’s hand herself.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by way of submission; MAAALIIICE!!!

Epysode’s First Blood begins to hammer throughout the speakers again as Morgana and Malice exit the ring. The crowd rains down boos as they make their way back up the entrance ramp and officials rush to the ring to check on Datura’s condition.



The fans rip into cheers as out from the back with no fanfare steps the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN KING.  King stands there dressed casually, his KING hoodie unzipped to show his new King Helmet t-shirt with blue jeans and black boots, very similar to Revolution.  On his shoulder is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt.  He stands there, microphone held limply in his hand.  King smirks a small and calm smirk as he looks over the sea of fans.

Donovan King:  Let’s go ahead and cut the music, I ain’t here to waste everybody’s time.

“All of the Lights” dies down.  King nods his head as he adjusts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt on his right shoulder.

Donovan King:  At Revolution, I told Dan Stein that if he ever wanted to beat me an’ become World Champion, he’d have to have the heart for it.  I say this because I want y’all to remember that statement.  See, talent…skill…intellect, thangs like that can only do so much.

King points to his chest.

Donovan King:  It’s heart.  Passion.  For this business.  For this company.  For you people.


Donovan King:  So later tonight I hope he’s watchin’ his partner Johnny Napalm goin’ up against a man who bleeds fuh this company an’ a man with more heart than most: Adrian Corazon.

The fans pop big time for this announcement.

Donovan King:  An’ I know that next show cycle, we’re gonna have two more great shows wit’ two more great main events.  What I also know is that one of ‘em…is gonna be a World Heavyweight Championship title match.

The fans break into cheers at the sound of that.

Donovan King:  While I’ve been World Champion, I’ve faced monsters, men, legends…an’ I’m finna face somebody I’ve been wantin’ to face for a very, very long time.  He don’t know it, this the first mention of it here.  See, I told Dan Stein I wanna see heart because heart’s all that can be a champion.  You can win a title…but bein’ a winner ain’t bein’ a champion.

So at Revolution 112, I’m gonna be defendin’ my World Championship belt against the biggest heart this company’s ever seen.  Some would say the biggest heart in professional wrestling.  Maybe the heart of this company beats in the chest…of this person.

King bows his head and smiles.

Donovan King:  When I was down on my luck a few months ago, contemplatin’ quittin’ this business an’ disappearin’ forever, I found this note, you see.  It was a small thing, like a Post-It.  It was taped to a wall an’ starin’ me in the face with four letters on it that had more meanin’ than I ever thought possible.  Those four letters spelled out one word an’ it got me to pick myself up an’ keep on goin’.  To fight harder.

I’m World Heavyweight Champion today because I never lost my…hope.

He pauses to allow those words to sink in.

Donovan King:  So at Revolution 112, Donovan King is gonna be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against…

Maya Nakashima.

The fans…fucking…lose it.

Donovan King:  Maya, I know you’re watchin’.  I know you’re lookin’ at this right now.  That’s the match I want.  Revolution 112, I want you to step into this main event wit’ me an’ put on the show of a lifetime.  Come tryna take my spot at Master of the Mat against Dan Stein.  Prove to the world what a World Championship should be fought for.  Hope.  Heart.  Don’t turn me down, homie.

I’ll see you there.

“All of the Lights” kicks in one more time as the fans go crazy at the announcement that was just made.

Mark Kendrick:  Sweet sassy molassey did you hear that?!

Dutch Harris:  Is that wise?  Donovan King is putting his World Championship on the line at Revolution 112 and he wants to face Maya Nakashima?!  Maya, who is SHOOT’s biggest underdog, the epitome of SHOOT’s very heart.  I get what King is trying to do here, but Maya Nakashima?!

Mark Kendrick:  At Revolution 112, we’re gonna have one heck of a party, I’ll tell you what, Dutch!

Dutch Harris:  I can’t say I agree with Donovan’s decision to go against somebody as massively talented as Maya Nakashima, but I’m more than excited to see it.  I can’t wait!


The man known as Obsidian is walking backstage through the Epicenter, as Dominion has paused to observe what is about to happen.  He immediately finds himself looking down onto Danny Evers, a man who has been charged by Isaac Entragian, to find and main Adrian Corazon.


Obsidian sighs and shakes his head, looking into the eyes of the man formerly known as Deviant. 


Obsidian:  You know what you have to do.


Danny Evers:  Yes, I do.  I do, Erick… Obsidian… I don’t…


Obsidian:  You have to forget about the past. Forget about the Vanguard. Adrian Corazon is not your friend anymore.  He is your target.  He is your ticket in. 


Danny Evers:  We were brothers, Erick.  Brothers.


Obsidian takes a long, heavy breath in, and then exhales, clearly annoyed. 


Obsidian:  You are brothers no longer.

Danny turns his back to Obsidian as Obsidian points down the hall.  They begin to walk what feels like an extraordinarily long walk.  Evers feels his pulse rising and his heart racing as he gets closer. Obsidian stops in front of solid metal door.  He throws it open and in front of him is a sight that so few have seen, a vision of pain and agony, personified in the form of human scar tissue.  The back of Adrian Corazon is to the door, and the mangled scarring is all that Danny Evers can focus on. 

He nearly gags, but knows he must follow through on his promise.

Obsidian: Isaac sends his regards, Adrian.

Corazon chuckles to himself as Obsidian shoves Evers into the room and shuts the door behind him.  A thud is heard against it, presumably the much larger mans mass holding the weight of the door shut.  

Corazon: I smell desperation.

Evers clenches his fist, unsure what exactly Corazon is referring to.  He starts to say something but cuts himself off.

Corazon:  It’s been my experience that desperate men do desperate things, and when I found out that it would be YOU who would come for me… I was disappointed, Danny. I wasn’t really SURPRISED, per say… just… disappointed.  This…

Corazon pauses and turns to Danny Evers with just the slightest hint of softness in his eyes.

Corazon:  This is what happens when a brotherhood falls apart.

The words echo in the empty room with a touch of sadness.  Evers is slightly confused, but keeps his fists clenched, still knowing what his job is.  What he MUST do.

Corazon:  When Erick turned his back on me, I was heartbroken, Danny.  To see you do it… to see you throw your lot in… just like that… it just… it speaks to a lack of conviction.  I suppose, though, it’s to be expected.  

Danny Evers:  What do you mean, Adrian?  Are riddles really necessary at this point?

Corazon:  There’s no riddle here, Deviant.  None whatsoever.  It’s very simple.  You have lost your way.  You have become everything that you ever despised, and it’s just… it’s so sad.  All because of what, Danny?  Because you lost your footing in the business?  Because you want to find a reason to FEEL again?  

Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon:  I think it’s even easier than that.  

Corazon smiles and leans against the wall, very casually.

Corazon:  This… this must be what happens when a man has his heart broken.

Corazon sneers, and Evers starts to move towards him.

Danny Evers:  What did you say?

Corazon: I said that this… this wounded child… lost puppy act… that’s what it feels like when a man has been broken.  

Danny Evers:  You’re so smug.  Such a goddamn smug asshole.  You ALWAYS have been… I can’t…

Evers hears himself getting goaded in and tries to let it go… tries to let it slide off his shoulders.  

Danny Evers:  What would you even know, anyway?  You don’t know what any of this feels like…  you are on top of the world.  You’re the, what?  The second most valuable name in this company next to Donovan?  You look down on me from your mountaintop and you mock me because I…  because I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

Then, Danny decided he was indeed going to go through with what he intended to go through.

Danny Evers:  Well fuck you, Adrian.  What do you even know about what a brotherhood even is?!  I only ever wanted to help you, I only ever wanted the best for you.  And when you got that, where were you?  As far away from me as you could get.  When it was your turn to be there for me, you had had your fill and moved on.  You did that to the Vanguard, you did that to SCAR and this?  What this is?  This is for me just as much as it is for Isaac Entragian.

With that, Evers breaks into a run.  He doesn’t have far to go before he meets Adrian Corazon head on.  Evers throws a right that connects.  Evers pulls him down quickly into a headlock and begins kneeing him everywhere his knee would hit.  Corazon takes the shots with Evers building his confidence.  Evers stands Corazon up and looks him face to face before shoving him HARD into the brick wall.  

Corazon feels the breath leave his body, but he has a smile on his face as Evers continues, throwing rights and lefts into the body of Adrian Corazon.  Corazon’s covering up, trying to have as much of that damage absorbed as possible.  Evers finally pauses for a moment before he attempts to throw more punches.  Corazon, though, catches his right arm.  Evers throws his left hand, and Corazon catches that too.  

Corazon:  Now, brother… it’s my turn.

With RIDICULOUS force, Corazon headbutts Danny Evers, staggering the man formerly known as Deviant.  He takes two steps back and starts to move towards Corazon again, but Corazon turns him around and shoves HIM into the wall.

Corazon:  You want to talk to me about brotherhoods.  You want to tell me about how I’ve failed YOU.  YOU YOU YOU, Danny.  Do you listen to yourself?  That’s what your big message is?  Newsflash…  I… I failed EVERYONE.

Corazon throws a HARD right that catches Danny in the jaw.  He then pulls Evers away from the wall and turns him around before driving Evers’ forehead into the wall itself.  Danny’s stunned but not unconscious.  

Corazon:  I failed EVERYONE, Danny.  Not just you.  Not SCAR.  But everyone.  And this?  Heh… when you wake up?  You tell Isaac Entragian… you whisper it in his ear… you shout it in his face… you tell HIM that… *he clears his throat* THIS IS WHAT REDEMPTION FEELS LIKE.

Corazon pulls him away from the wall once more and with SICK force, drives his head into the wall.  Danny Evers slumps down to the ground, unconscious.  Corazon looks down at his victim as he regains his composure.

Corazon:  Goodnight, hermano.  May you rest well.

A shuffling sound comes from the direction of the metal door as Obsidian removes his weight from the door.  Corazon opens it and stands in front of the mammoth.  He smirks at Obsidian and places a hand on his shoulder.

Corazon:  I’ve left Entragian’s assailant in a bit of a smear against the wall.  I suppose it’s up to you to clean up the mess you’ve made.

Obsidian and Corazon share a tense stare.  The two longtime friends…brothers…could tell an entire saga in their eyes.  In the quickest of moments, love and hate, anger and grief, flash through each of their eyes.  Neither man makes a move until finally, at long last, Obsidian’s stance relaxes and he sighs.

Obsidian:  One does what one must in times of war, Adrian.

Obsidian slowly peers into the locker room and closes his eyes.

Obsidian:  No matter the cost.

He steps into the room past his former brother and begins to collect the remains of Deviant.

The crowd is buzzing with pure anticipation for the next match of the night. The low buzz turns into a huge chorus of boos as the opening of You’ve Seen the Butcher begins to play and the lights cut off.

The SHOOTtron lights up with the image of an overweight man’s stomach dominating the screen. And invisible scalpel begins to carve into the stomach, blood beginning to slowly pour from the cuts. After a few seconds, it becomes apparent that the cuts form a four way tournament bracket. The blood pouring from the wounds distorts the carved brackets and the camera pans down to see a single word formed from the blood.


The song kicks into full gear and the lights of the arena go to their full brightness for a split second before the arena is plunged into darkness, save for a single spotlight on the entrance stage. Standing in that spotlight are Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios. Flay stands in front of Kenji, almost cowering, while Kenji stands tall, glaring down at the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the final contest in the Tag Team Tournament. The winners of this match will be named the Number One Contenders to the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship!

Mark Kendrick: Here we go, Dutch! As sick as these two are, this match has the potential to be amazing.

Dutch Harris: You’re right about that, Mark. These two are… unorthodox to say the least, but this promises to be one heck of a contest.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, representing Project: SCAR, the team of FLAY RIOS AND KENJI YAAMAADAAA!!!

Flay tries to turn back, but Kenji grabs her by the hair and SHOVES her forward, causing her to almost fall down the ramp.

Mark Kendrick: I’ve got to say, Dutch, the way Kenji treat Flay is just despicable and not befitting of the way a professional athlete should act.

Dutch Harris: A lot of people share that sentiment, Mark. But, we’ve seen what Flay can do in the ring when she is, for a lack of a better term, provoked. I think a lot of what these two do equates to mind games. Flay Rios turns into a rabid dog in that ring at times, and you can never count out Kenji’s lethal style either.

Kenji stalks towards the ring, practically kicking Flay, whose upper body is simply wrapped in tape from her chest down to her waist, down the ramp in front of him.

When they get to the ring, Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and SLINGS her underneath the bottom rope. Kenji then climbs up onto the apron and steps between the ropes. The fans let out thunderous boos in the direction of the SCAR members. Flay shrinks backward, but Kenji stays stone faced, ignoring the people.

You’ve Seen the Butcher fades and the crowd continues to rain down boos. However, a small chant begins to break out and catches like wildfire as the crowd awaits the SCAR members’ opponents.


A drum beats as the jumbotron jumps to life as ANARCHY is spelled letter by letter and as a final "!" is put on the end we hear Sebastian Bach’s shriek rips through the Epicenter as the crowd jumps to their feet.   


T.Rex and Arch Angel step out onto the entrance ramp in their matching black leather wrestling pants and white tank tops with the red circle with an "A" through it.  They pause at the top. They turn to each other.  T.Rex winds up and slaps the hell out of Arch Angel’s chest all the while yelling.  He points at the ring.  Arch Angel nods with a confident smile and they turn and walk with a purpose slapping hands with some fans.

Samantha Coil:  And their opponents! Making their way to the ring at a combined six hundred thirty six pounds, and hailing from Seaside Heights, New Jersey.  T.Rex.   Arch Angel…  AAAAANAAAAAARRRRCHY!!!!!

The crowd responds with "ANARCHY!"  They get to the ring and slide in.  They throw their hands in the air as the crowd roars their approval.  The music dies down as the two men head to their corner speaking a little strategy and deciding who will start out.

Austin Linam looks to both teams and gives instructions to choose who will start the match. Kenji steps out of the ring, leaving Flay standing in the corner looking apprehensive. Meanwhile, T.Rex and Arch Angel fist bump and Arch Angel steps out of the ring, leaving T.Rex in the ring, prepared to fight.

Austin Linam signals for the bell and this one is underway. T.Rex starts forward, but Flay remains in her corner, not wanting to start. Kenji reaches forward and grabs her by the hair, shoving her forward.

Flay timidly moves forward to lock up and T.Rex obliges. Flay is no match for T.Rex’s power and he SHOVES her back into her corner. Flay hits the buckles HARD and clings to the top rope with a look of fear in her eyes. She looks to Kenji who simply stares ahead coldly and points back at T.Rex. flay hesitates to move forward and Kenji SHOVES her towards T.Rex, who BLASTS her in the face with a right hand! Flay rocks back and T.Rex moves forward again and grabs Flay by her wrist, Irish whipping her to the opposite corner. Rex rushes forward and SMASHES into Flay with a running clothesline to the corner. He tags in Arch Angel and holds up Flay’s arm as Angel gets in the ring and plants a boot to her ribs, dropping her to her knees.

Mark Kendrick: Well, it looks like Anarchy isn’t going to make the mistake others have made, Dutch. They aren’t going to be shy with Flay here.

Dutch Harris: Well, they’ve gone on record as saying that they will give her what she wants in this match. But, they’ve got to be careful because we all have seen what happens when she snaps.

Arch Angel brings Flay to her feet. She doesn’t show any pain on her face. It is more like mild boredom and Angel FIRES a shot to her face, snapping her head back. He scoops Flay up and SLAMS her to the mat with a bodyslam. Flay quickly rolls to her stomach and begins to crawl to her corner with her arm stretched out for a tag, but Kenji simply looks down at her and shakes his head. Angel moves forward and STOMPS on Flay, dropping her flat on the mat. He grabs her by the hair and brings her back to her feet. Arch Angel hooks Flay’s head and LIFTS her up and over with a big vertical suplex. Flay’s eyes roll into the back of her head with enjoyment.

Angel brings Flay back to her feet again and whips her into the Anarchy corner. He tags in T.Rex, who enters the ring quickly and begins to lay into Flay with HEAVY shots to the midsection. Flay winces with each shot, but it is clear that the pain isn’t too much for her. Austin Linam is right there telling Rex to get her out of the corner. T.Rex complies, grabbing Flay by the head and TOSSING her half way across the ring with a biel!

Flay slowly gets to her feet, her eyes glossed over. T.Rex moves in and fires a BIG right hand to Flay’s jaw. She reels for a moment, BUT THEN LOOKS AT HIM AND SMILES. There is a primal gleam in her eyes as she stumbles forward. T.Rex drops another HEAVY bomb of a shot to Flay’s face and again she reels backwards. BUT AGAIN SHE TURNS BACK TO HIM AND SMILES. Kenji stands on the apron and a small smile forms on his face.

Flay continues to shuffle forward with that odd smile on her face. T.Rex shrugs and BOOTS Flay and the stomach and SPIKES her with a DDT!

Mark Kendrick: That was just… disturbing. Flay Rios actually seemed to ENJOY taking those big shots from T.Rex there, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: It looks like she is starting to get into that zone, but T.Rex just spiked her with that DDT there before she could act.

T.Rex brings Flay to her feet, BUT FLAY LAUNCHES FORWARD and headbutt T.Rex right in the face! Rex staggers backwards, clutching his nose. He stops and looks at Flay with anger in his eyes. Flay lets out a PRIMAL scream and T.Rex rushes forward with a BIG clothesline! Flay snaps down to the mat, but immediately begins getting back to her feet with that sick smile on her face. Rex moves forward and grabs Flay by her hair before she can get back up. He starts to HAMMER her with shots, sending her SNAPPING back to the mat, but SHE KEEPS GETTING UP!

T.Rex brings Flay to her feet and Irish whips her to the ropes. Kenji slides over and makes the blind tag, but Rex doesn’t see it. Flay comes off the ropes and ducks a big clothesline. She hits the far ropes and LAUNCHES herself forward with another headbutt to Rex’s face, busting his nose! Blood leaks from T.Rex’s nose as he turns around and eats a STIFF Yakuza kick from Kenji Yamada! T.Rex hits the mat HARD and Kenji quickly grabs Flay and snap suplexes her over onto T.Rex! Flay rolls off T.Rex and Kenji points to the corner. Flay exits the ring and stands on the apron as Kenji goes to work.

Mark Kendrick: T.Rex got caught there. He didn’t see the blind tag. And Kenji Yamada uses Flay Rios as a weapon again.

Dutch Harris: Make no mistake about it, Mark. Kenji has no care for Flay’s well being, but he DOES want to win this match.

Kenji stomps on T.Rex’s stomach and quickly wraps his legs up, turning him over in a cloverleaf! T.Rex shouts in pain and Austin Linam is right there checking on him! BUT Arch Angel rushes into the ring and CLUBS Kenji across the back of the neck, breaking the hold! Austin Linam is up quickly, admonishing Arch Angel and trying to make him go back to his corner.

With the referee’s back turned, Kenji waves Flay into the ring. She comes in quick and helps Kenji bring T.Rex to his feet and WHIP him into the SCAR corner. Kenji grabs Flay by her shoulders and begins to RAM her into T.Rex’s midsection like a battering ram repeatedly! Arch Angel is LIVID on the other side of the ring, but begrudgingly steps out onto the apron as Kenji exits the ring on his side. Austin Linam turns back to see Flay in the ring and questions Kenji about a tag. Kenji simply nods his head and Linam lets it go.

Mark Kendrick: Oh, come on! There was no tag there. Flay isn’t the legal person in the ring. Throw a flag, ref!

Dutch Harris: Wrong sport, Mark. But, you’re right. Austin Linam didn’t see that tag and he shouldn’t allow it, but nonetheless, Flay is now the legal competitor in the ring.

Flay begins to MERCILESSLY send repeated kicks to the midsection of T.Rex in the corner. After six consecutive kicks, T.Rex slumps down and Flay swings wildly a SCRATCHES T.Rex across the face with her nails! Austin Linam is shouting at Flay to get Rex out of the corner but he is not listening and goes right back to repeatedly sending a series of BRUTAL kicks to the stomach! Linam starts his count!





Kenji reaches into the ring and GRABS Flay by her hair and YANKS her out of the corner before Linam can get to five. Kenji tags himself back into the match and plants a boot to T.Rex’s stomach before pulling him out of the corner, hooking him up and dropping STRAIGHT back with a STO! Flay is exiting the ring, but Kenji grabs her by the hair and hooks her head for a DDT. He positions himself directly over T.Rex’s head, BUT T.REX ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY just as Kenji drops down and DDTs Flay into the mat!

Mark Kendrick: T.Rex avoids a close call there, but Flay Rios took all the punishment!

Dutch Harris: Kenji doesn’t really care though. We saw last Revolution that Kenji Yamada will still plant Flay even if it doesn’t benefit him.

Kenji shoves Flay out of the way and gets to his feet as T.Rex is getting closer to his own corner. Arch Angel is practically shaking with anticipation as he reaches out for his partner’s hand! Kenji quickly positions himself between the Anarchy members and hooks T.Rex’s head. BUT T.REX POWERS FORWARD, pushing Kenji closer to his partner!

Kenji waves Flay back into the ring and she charges in, but Austin Linam sees her and runs over to admonish her! Linam is trying to get Flay back into her corner. T.Rex gives Kenji a BIG push and reaches Arch Angel and MAKES THE TAG!

The crowd explodes as Arch Angel barrels into the ring and CLOBBERS Kenji with a big time clothesline! He rushes forward and LEVELS Flay as well! Austin Linam sees what is going on and ORDERS ARCH ANGEL BACK OUT OF THE RING!

Mark Kendrick: WHAT? He made the tag!

Dutch Harris: Yea, but Austin Linam didn’t see it. It’s the right call, Mark.

Mark Kendrick: THAT’S CRAP! He let Kenji and Flay do it!

Dutch Harris: Calm down, Mark.

Mark Kendrick isn’t the only one angry at the decision as Arch Angel argues vehemently that a tag was made and the crowd boos extremely loudly. Austin Linam is having none of it though and ushers him back to his corner. Kenji takes the opportunity to go after T.Rex again and begins to stomp at him violently. He brings T.Rex to his feet and Irish whips him to the SCAR corner. Austin Linam turns his attention back to the match just as Kenji makes a clean tag to Flay. Kenji grabs Flay by the hair and RAMS her head into T.Rex’s before exiting the ring. Flay brings T.Rex out from the corner and FIRES a NASTY elbow into his already bloody nose. Flay hits the ropes and DIVES forward, taking T.Rex down with a spear! She stays on top of him and continues to rain down fists and elbows to his face and chest. Austin Linam warns Flay about the closed fists and she rolls off T.Rex, but begins to just STOMP down on his arm! Then on his ribs! And then on his leg! Flay continues to stomp around T.Rex’s body before hitting the ropes and JUMPING up for an elbow drop. BUT T.REX ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Flay hits the mat HARD and T.Rex begins to crawl to his corner! Flay quickly dives on top of him, but T.Rex FIRES and elbow back into her face, toppling her over. T.Rex crawl closer and closer to Arc Angel’s outstretched hand! Flay grabs T.Rex by the boot and tries to plant herself and hold him back, BUT HE MULE KICKS, sending Flay ACROSS the ring into her corner where Kenji tags in a rushes forward. AND T.REX MAKES THE TAG TO ARCH ANGEL!

Mark Kendrick: HERE WE GO!

The crowd goes CRAZY as Arch Angel rushes the ring and meets Kenji head on with a series of BIG right hands! Kenji is rocked back, but Arch Angel quickly brings him forward and takes him up and over with a BIG vertical suplex! Flay rushes forward, but Arch Angel quickly scoops her up and SLAMS her down with a powerslam! Arch Angel stands tall in the middle of the ring and lets out a war cry and the crowd shouts back!


T.Rex is back up and in the ring with Arch Angel and the Anarchy boys grab Flay and toss her out of the ring through the middle rope. They advance on Kenji as he gets to his feet. Kenji turns around and gets PLANTED by a double clothesline. Austin Linam is shouting at Anarchy to get one man out of the ring, but he goes ignored. T.Rex and Arch Angel each grab a wrist and bring Kenji to his feet, only to hit a DOUBLE shoulderblock, sending him back to the mat HARD. The grab a wrist again and hit ANOTHER shoulder block, sending him crashing back to the mat. Anarchy grabs Kenji by the wrists bring him up and LIFT him before DRIVING him to the mat with a VICIOUS double spinebuster!

Dutch Harris: And Anarchy takes control of this match. Things are NOT looking good for Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios right now!

Arch Angel and T.Rex signal for the end and the crowd is on their feet! T.Rex goes to the corner and climbs to the second rope while Arch Angel brings Kenji to his feet and takes him close to the corner. He boots him in the gut and sets him up, hooking the arms.

But Flay Rios has gotten back in the ring AND CLIMBS UP ONTO T.REX’S BACK! She begins clubbing the back of his neck repeatedly, causing him to lurch forward. Arch Angel NAILS the pedigree and T.REX LEAPS OFF THE TURNBUCKLES WITH FLAY STILL ON HIS BACK!



Mark makes the sign of the cross as he exclaims at the feat of amazement in the ring.

Dutch Harris: T.Rex just took Flay Rios along for the ride and that extra weight HAD to have hurt Kenji even more!

Arch Angel grabs Flay by her hair and YANKS her off of T.Rex who is covering Kenji. Austin Linam is there!




The bell sounds and the crowd goes crazy as Monkey Business by Skid Row begins to play and ANARCHY is ecstatic!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here are you winners, and the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS to the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, AAAAANAAARCHYYYY!!!

Mark Kendrick: What a win here tonight by ANARCHY! These guys have come such a long way on their road back and now they’ve got a shot at the titles!

Dutch Harris: They certainly do, Mark. What a great underdog story these guys have been and now they have just one more match to go to complete it!

T.Rex is in the ring fist pumping and the crowd is following suit with a huge chant!


Arch Angel is ecstatic as well, but he grabs T.Rex and we can see him mouth “One More” to him as the two men “bro-hug” before they exit the ring and walk back up the ramp, celebrating with the fans on their way.

Kenji rolls out of the ring with a look of disgust on his face. Flay follows timidly behind him and he SNATCHES her by the hair and starts to practically drag her up the aisle with him.


The cameras pick head backstage where SHOOT Project backstage corispondant Mary Kelly is standing alongside Valentine Lionheart.  The SHOOT backdrop hangs behind them, and everything looks about right for a simple interview segment.

Mary Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I’m herewith controversial Orion member and Master of the Mat contender Valentine Lionheart….

Mary rocks back on her heel and looks up at Valentine, who stands dressed from head to toe in a dark black pin-stripe suit, he unties his pulled back hair and shakes it out over his shoulders.

Valentine: Controversial? I am not controversial Mary, by any means.

Mary Kelly: I am talking about your recent actions, your attack on Johnny Johnson and the recent interactions between you and Marcus Mirage.

Valentine: The only controversy surrounding Marcus Mirage is what lies between his legs. He was a  man who took our World Champion to the brink; but now has trouble finding his fucking purse. The less said about that disappointment the better.

Mary Kelly: And Johnson?

Valentine:  What happened to Johnny Johnson was no mere attack, Mary. It was the proverbial “Cannery in the coalmine” a warning of things to come.  I want to win the Master of the Mat; I was disrespected by Lunatikk Cripler who refused to take me seriously. I was doing Johnny a great service by reminding him who I am and what I do…

Lionheart trails off, after being distracted by something off camera…

That something…


As soon as the man formerly known as DEFILER enters the shot, the fans in the arena POP NOTICABLY LOUD.  To his credit, Valentine remains calm, as Jonny approaches both he and Kelly.  The former SHOOT World Champion is wearing a yellow T-shirt that has "NEXT Orion Champion" scribbled on the front in black sharpie, skinny jeans and grey converse.  His right eye has a VERY nasty bruise from the attacks he suffered a night prior and a small, but not insignificant scar just above his lip on his right cheek  

He looks Lionheart over from head to tow, sniffles and wipes at his nose.

Jonny: …And I’m Jonny Johnson.

He extends his hand for a handshake.

Jonny: Good to meet you.

Valentine steps forward and shakes his hand, but not without a knowing smirk.  Jonny grips his hand tightly, never once pulling his eyes away from his soon-to-be Master of the Mat opponent.

Jonny: Orion…  Mirage…  I’d suggest putting those ideas somewhere deep in the back of your mind….  because if JONNY JOHNSON isn’t the only name… thing… ENTITY you breath in for the next two weeks…

He gives a spiteful smirk of his own.

Jonny: Your LIFE…  (Straight faced) will become a very DEMORALIZING process.  Guarenteed.

Jonny pulls back and casually stretches out the T-shirt he’s wearing, not-so-subtley making sure Lionheart gets one final look before he backs away out of the shot.  Kelly is alone with Valentine, who solemnly nods and walks off the other direction.

Mary Kelly is now alone.

And no one is paying to see that.

The shot fades.



The camera cuts back to ring on Mark and Dutch at the announce table, getting ready for the main event!

Mark Kendrick: The MAIN EVENT OF the EVENING, FOLKS. Two men who pride themselves on their violent sides are set to wage war here!

Dutch Harris: Tanya Black waits with baited breath because SHE faces the winner of this match in the Master of the Mat "Elitist Eight".

Mark Kendrick: And even though he has returned to the Epicenter, tonight marks the first match for Adrian Corazon after his inhuman attack at Reckoning Day!

Dutch Harris: And he won’t have it easy with the near seven foot Johnny Napalm, one half of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for ONE FALL in the Master of the Mat tournament, and is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING. 

As soon as Samantha stops talking the lights go out the crowd just explodes in boos.

Mark Kendrick: Here we go Napalm versus Corazon, this war has been heated all week and being the Main Event this one could be important for Master of the Mat tournament.

Dutch Harris: Napalm has been on a roll since winning the Tag Titles with Dan Stein, now from what he has said leading up to Dominion is that he has something to prove. 

Mark Kendrick: Well, we also got to take a pause for Corazon, this is his first match back since Reckoning Day and with all his experience here in SHOOT, I will not call him a little rusty, but when you have him up against Johnny Napalm, things could turn ugly.

Dutch Harris: I spoke with Napalm backstage before Dominion and let me say this, Corazon may be a number one seed in Master of the Mat, but Napalm already took down Kincaid, and Edmund Shan in the Sin City Championship Series. This will be a war and we’re at ringside for a violent one!

"Absolute Zero" By Stone Sour kicks in and out comes Johnny Napalm to begin his descent into the ring. His gear is very simple, black t-shirt and blue jeans, no bravado, just Napalm looking out at the crowd for a second then he looks at the ring and Samantha Coil.

Mark Kendrick: Napalm is all business here, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: I think Napalm knows that this is potentially his best shot to prove that he’s become considerably better against top notch SHOOT Project talent. He’s certainly in the zone.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first. He hails from South Boston, MA standing six foot nine inches tall and weighing three hundred and two pounds. He is one-half of the SHOOT world tag team champions, and the self-proclaimed Violent Savior of SHOOT… JOHNNY NAPALM!!! 

Napalm at the top of the steps as he puts up the devil horns to the fans.

Mark Kendrick: Well, he said he was not coming out with Selena or the Tag team belt, he said Corazon was getting just him, nothing more. 

Dutch Harris: From the look in his eyes, he’s ready for this fight.

Napalm walks into the center of the ring, no swagger to be seen, just full on focus.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent!

A low purple glow starts to blanket the arena, and it’s immediately followed by a dirty blues guitar riff that sends the crowd into total mark out mode.

“I could take the pitchfork from the devil  

Keep a super suit like I’m incredible.  

From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky….” 

The song cuts out and the lights go dark, and then seconds later a purple spotlight falls at the top of the ramp, and ADRIAN CORAZON steps out from behind the curtains. Dark purple pyro fires off to either side of him, and the crowd pops HARD for the Brutal, Inhuman Soldier of SHOOT Project.


The cheers just continue to grow and grow with The Black Key’s “Baddest Man Alive” serenading the Epicenter.

Mark Kendrick: THERE HE IS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Returning to the ring just under two months after suffering life threatening burns at the hands of the sick and twisted Isaac Entragian, SHOOT Project’s leader in the fight against Project: SCAR is ready for action!

Dutch Harris: I don’t think I’ve ever heard this arena this loud. Corazon is wearing those scars proudly, just another sign to his INHUMAN ability to recover!

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, he is the BADDEST Man ALIVE… ADRIAN CORAZON!

Corazon looks out at the fans, slowly walking his way down to the ring. Napalm walks over to a ring corner and collapses into it, leaning back on the turnbuckle as the fans begin to chant.




Corazon walks up the steps to the ring, wiping his feet before ducking under the second rope. The fans absolutely EXPLODE as he stands up and looks over at Johnny Napalm.

Mark Kendrick: Tony Lorenzo checking over both men now and I have to tell you, Dutch, seeing Adrian Corazon here in the ring, ready for this fight…

Dutch Harris: Makes you wonder if Project: SCAR might have met their match!

Lorenzo steps back and calls for the bell as Napalm steps out of the ring corner! Corazon and Napalm lock eyes and then head to the center of the ring. Napalm swings a right fist but Corazon ducks, now catching Napalm with a fist of his own! Napalm staggers back but doesn’t fall, so Corazon hits a left to Napalm’s chin quickly! Again Napalm only staggers! Corazon pulls back a fist and DRILLS Napalm with a right hand, bouncing the bigger Johnny Napalm off of ropes! Corazon catches Napalm off of the bounce, lifts him up off the mat and SLAMS him to the mat with a perfectly executed spinebuster! The fans ERUPT!

Mark Kendrick: That back showed no signs of giving with that spinebuster! Corazon looks to be back!

Dutch Harris: Now that Adrian KNOWS his back isn’t going to give out, I think we’ll see everything Corazon has to offer in this match!

Napalm writhes in pain briefly as Corazon bounces on the mat in excitement. Adrian grabs the much larger Johnny Napalm by the head and pulls him up to his feet, leaning him against the ropes. Corazon whips the dazed Napalm across the ring, and on the return…

Dutch Harris: NO! Knee by Napalm. 

Running full force, Corazon just did a somersault after the collision with Napalm’s knee! Napalm drops a quick elbow across the chest of The Baddest Man Alive, all of the weight on the man’s chest! 

Mark Kendrick: Johnny Napalm isn’t going to be just another pawn in the Adrian Corazon story, and he has quickly taken control of the match back!

Dutch Harris: If there’s anyone in SHOOT Project that Corazon can use as a warm up for the impending battle with Isaac Entragian, Napalm is it. Both men are absolute MONSTERS, in size and personalities.

Napalm wipes his lip of the blood from Corazon’s punches, and reaches down to pick up Corazon by his hair. Corazon snaps up and drags Napalm down to the mat quickly, spinning on his back to lock in an armbar. Napalm fights the submission!

Mark Kendrick: And JUST that quick, Corazon has Napalm in a submission hold!

Napalm swipes at Corazon’s hands trying to break the hold. The fans are on their feet as Napalm screams out in pain! Johnny begins to scoot his body across the ring as Corazon YANKS back on that right arm. Napalm reaches his foot out to the bottom rope… 

Tony Lorenzo: Break it up! Foot on the ropes, Corazon!

Adrian holds on to the arm for just a split second longer but finally releases the hold, allowing Napalm to drag himself out of the ring!

Dutch Harris: I like the idea with that armbar, Mark. Napalm’s not going to out wrestle Corazon, but he definitely packs a punch. With Corazon’s speed advantage, even if he is a brawler, if Napalm can’t strike with his strong arm it puts Napalm in the hole quickly! There’s a reason why Corazon has been as successful as he has and it’s not just his physical attributes.

Napalm shakes out his right arm, holding his forearm to support his elbow. Tony Lorenzo walks over to the ropes and begins the ten count. Johnny snarls up at Lorenzo and grabs the top rope to pull himself up…and is face to face with Corazon! Corazon grabs Napalm’s head and DROPS down, choking Napalm on the top rope! Lorenzo begins the five count as Corazon YANKS back on Johnny’s head!




As Lorenzo hits five, Corazon lets Napalm’s head go, slingshotting the man down to the ring apron. Napalm grabs his throat in pain and Corazon quickly drags the Violence Savior into the ring for a cover.




Napalm kicks out with force, sending Corazon to a sitting position. Corazon runs his hands through his hair to get it out of his eyes, and looks over his shoulder to see Napalm leaned up against the ring post, still holding his neck. Corazon stands up and walks to Napalm, swinging his arm for a knife-edge chop, but Napalm grabs the hand! Corazon realizes he’s been caught! Corazon attempts to swing his other hand to break free…but Napalm catches that one, too! Napalm steps out of the ring corner and to the center of the ring as Corazon tries to fight free…NAPALM WITH A HUGE HEADBUTT!

Corazon is immediately dropped to the mat, holding his face in pain. Napalm bounces off the ropes and leaps across Corazon with a HUGE backsplash. Corazon contracts into a ball with the crushing weight across his ribs, allowing Napalm to get up and bounce off the ropes once more with ANOTHER huge backsplash!

Mark Kendrick: You could HEAR the oxygen escaping from Corazon! 

Dutch Harris: As long as I can remember, Johnny Napalm has preached about getting respect! Moving on in the Master of the Mat Tournament, beating a man who most people consider better at Napalm’s own game? That’s a hell of a way to get respect, Mark.

Napalm picks up Corazon by the hair once more, but keeps him bent forward. Napalm applies one underhook, now two, looking for the Napalm Bomb! Napalm lifts Corazon- no, Corazon fights out of it, causing Napalm to put him back down. Once more, Napalm lifts up…and AGAIN Corazon kicks out of it. Napalm is furious and SLAMS a forearm into Corazon’s heavily discolored and scarred back, dropping Corazon to a knee! The fans let Napalm know they don’t appreciate the cheap shot!

Mark Kendrick: Napalm smashes his forearm into the tender muscle on Corazon’s back!

Dutch Harris: Hey, Napalm didn’t ask for Corazon to be nursing his injuries coming into this match! Napalm is just taking advantage of a glaring weakness!

Napalm lifts Corazon up off of his knee and AGAIN tries to lift Corazon, but ONCE MORE Corazon fights back! Before Napalm could attack his back once again, Corazon DRIVES the bigger man away and THROUGH the ring ropes! Both men go spilling out to the floor!

Mark Kendrick: Adrian Corazon knew that if Napalm hit his Napalm Bomb it would be ALL over! He did everything he could to save the match for himself there, Dutch!

Dutch Harris: But at what price? Both men are dow-WAIT. Wait a minute. What’s he doing out here?

The cameras catch the entrance ramp, Dan Stein standing in front of Molly, his Assistant, Maximus Clementine Fanjita III, and the rest of the Steintourage with his arms crossed over his chest and a smirk. 

Mark Kendrick: Let’s hope he stays up there, Duh–Oh, Gosh.

Dutch Harris: Just had to say something, Mark. 

Stein looks over his shoulder at Molly and calls her down to the ring, sending Maximus and the rest of the bunch backstage. Corazon stands up and rolls himself into the ring to break up Lorenzo’s count, then back out to the outside of the ring away from the ramp. Stein makes his way to the announce table as Corazon has Napalm in a side headlock, dragging him back to the apron.

Dan Stein: Is this thing on? 

Dutch Harris: Well, seeing as how you took Mark’s headset off his head and left him with the extra, I’d say yes.

Dan Stein: Good. How are you doing, Dick? Mick?

Corazon slams Napalm’s head into the apron, causing the man to get weak kneed. Corazon picks up Napalm’s heavy leg and throws it onto the apron before rolling him into the ring.

Dan Stein: Jeeze, Adri. Don’t hurt that back, wouldn’t want to face you at anything less than 100%.

Corazon is back in the ring, grabs Napalm by the tights and throws an arm up around Napalm’s head. Corazon archs back attempting to snap Napalm over, but can’t lift the big man! Corazon’s back gives out, dropping Napalm to the mat.

Dan Stein: Oh, God. Rest in peace, Corazon’s career. Johnny Napalm’s about to take this match.

Mark Kendrick: That’s what this is all about? Scouting a man that you may never meet? You know you still have to beat Donovan King befo-

Dan Stein: Napalm needs to capitalize here, Dutch!

Mark Kendrick: Did you just cut me off?

With Corazon down, Napalm swings his head down and LIFTS Corazon up off of the mat in a backbreaker. Napalm walks out to the center of the ring and DROPS to the mat, giving Corazon a Shock Treatment! Corazon BOUNCES off of Napalm’s shoulders and down to the mat. Napalm thinks about making the cover…but passes and grabs Corazon, standing him back up. Napalm SLAMS his forearms REPEATEDLY  into Corazon’s back, dropping the man down in pain. Once again, Napalm puts Corazon in a double underhook…

Dutch Harris: NAPALM BOMB! 




Corazon kicks out at the last moment! The fans erupt! Napalm slams his fist onto the mat!

Mark Kendrick: YES! Corazon kicked out!

Dan Stein: FUCK! 

The headset slams against the announce table, causing feedback to ripple through the sound system before the headset is turned off. Stein jumps on the ring apron, pointing over at Lorenzo! Napalm notices Stein’s distraction and RAKES his hands down Corazon’s back! Napalm has Corazon bent over the ring ropes now and is choking him with the second rope!

Mark Kendrick: Stein is distracting Tony Lorenzo, Lorenzo doesn’t see Napalm choking Corazon!

Just then, from the fans, jumps World Heavyweight Champion Donovan King. Napalm notices King, and lets go of the ropes, causing Corazon to fall to the mat! Stein notices King out of the corner of his eye and runs the opposite way! Napalm’s eyes follow King around the ring…


Mark Kendrick: The Final Act! Corazon just OBLITERATED Johnny Napalm!

Lorenzo hears the commotion and sees the pin!




Mark Kendrick: YES! Corazon picks up the win and moves on in the Master of the Mat tournament!

Samantha Coil: Your winner at a time of sixteen minutes and twenty five seconds, and advancing in the Master of the Mat Tournament… “The Baddest Man Alive!” Adrian Corazon!

Corazon gets his hand raised in the center of the ring, though Donovan King and Dan Stein still look at each other from across the ring. King blocks off the entrance ramp, leaving Stein no place to go. Napalm rolls out of the ring. Adrian Corazon looks around at King and Stein and ducks out of the ring as well.

Mark Kendrick: NO place for Stein to go now. The fans are forming a barricade around the ring.

Dutch Harris: King wants Stein, Stein wants no part of King until Master of the Mat.

King grabs the middle rope, Stein mirrors his movements. Both men duck into the ring, standing across the ring from each other. King steps forward. Stein steps forward. The fans cheer as King takes another step. Stein takes another to a chorus of boos. King finally steps forward…then again, closing the distance to get nose-to-nose with Stein.

Mark Kendrick: Ladies and gentlemen, your Master of the Mat main event!

Dutch Harris: Dan Stein versus Donovan King for the World Heavyweight Championship! Good night everybody!

The two men stand close to each other for another moment before Stein swings at King! King catches the arm and DROPS to the mat, tucking the arm between his legs! Stein flails around as King tries to sinch in the Carolina Crossface! So much movement from Stein! He’s fighting through it, King’s trying to wrench it in! A dazed Napalm stands up and hears Stein’s cries for help! Napalm drags Stein from the ring much to the dismay of the fans! 

The camera fades on King, standing tall in the center of the ring, pointing out at Stein and Napalm!