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Revolution 008: 10/14/07


“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

Revolution Logo

“…It’s about to get ugly in here!  Set it on ‘em motherfuckers!”

“Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond explodes onto the airways, as the Revolution logo fades from your mind into a barrage of clips from the first six Revolutions!

An aerial shot, moving through the Las Vegas strip takes over, the night life, the bright lights, and finally, the Thomas and Mack Center…

Static washes over the screen,

Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship. 

OutKast stands contains the  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, which then fades into the tandem of Instant Heat calling the action for that first night!

The static fades into Corazon holding the Iron Fist Championship high overhead, to the return of Obsidian. 

Jester Smiles is shown over a fallen Kaz Sato, as the newly crowned Revolution Champion.

A barrage of images displayed like a flip book, from Del Carver, Donovan King, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, the returning Jun Kenshin, Cade Sydal, on and on, until finally coming to a stop on Ron Barker, and as the pyro for the opening hits the top of the ramp, EXPLODING into the Thomas and Mack Center, the roller coaster ride of an opening video ceases. 

As the action goes live for Revolution, “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue plays throughout the arena.  The crowd, just coming to a settle, picks right back up now, their focus turned to the entryway.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, TREVOR WORRENS!!

The art house montage showcasing Trevor Worrens plays in a continuous loop on the SHOOT video screen, and after a moment the newly crowned champion steps out from the back, the world heavyweight championship title worn over his left shoulder.  Dressed in his usual attire of black jeans, black shoes, a black leather jacket, and tonight wearing a dark green button up shirt un-tucked, Worrens stands at the entryway for a moment.  He looks out at the crowd but chooses not to raise the title up and display it for the fans in attendance tonight.

Dave Dymond: Fourteen days have past, Other Guy, but what went down at Uprising and well all that followed, it feels like it just happened yesterday.

The Other Guy: No kiddin’ Uprising was beyond what anyone thought it would be, and that’s includin’ the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. And we’re starting off tonight’s Revolution with a man who seems to sit right smack dab in the middle of that spectrum… our World Heavyweight Champion.

Worrens takes his place in the ring, and Samantha Coil hands him a microphone.  He takes a moment to adjust the belt on his shoulder and slowly his music fades out.  The crowd’s reaction is a mixture of murmurs and boos as Worrens just stands there in the moment.  With his free hand he runs his hand through his hair for a moment, looking slightly down at an angle.

Trevor Worrens: I’m not sure exactly how this goes, I’m not sure what to expect… I’m not sure what any of you want me to say.  But I feel, after what happened, that this is my public forum tonight.  This is my soapbox to address all of you… not from behind a film camera, but right in front of each and every one of you.

Worrens looks up now, first time in actually making initial eye contact with the sea of people in attendance.

Trevor Worrens: At Uprising, I learned first hand what this profession is all about.  For grueling minute after grueling minute I faced a man who fought me every step of the way…

Some of the fans begin to cheer now, partially interrupting Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: Not a second was wasted by this man, and even in injury, even in pain, he tried to fight me.  This championship title (Worrens lifts the title off his shoulder and it hangs vertically from his grip) meant everything to him… because him winning it meant everything to all of you.

Worrens stops now, the resonating chant of “Ray! Ray! Ray!” seems to fill the arena, making it difficult for Worrens to be heard.

Dave Dymond: Listen to this overwhelming love for Ray Willmott, who gave this organization everything he had at Uprising! Its truly a moment to just take in, O.G.

Other Guy: Yeah but can’t be sitting to well with Worrens, that these fans are turning his moment into Ray’s.

Dave Dymond: What do you think Worrens expected… he’s the one talking about him.

Worrens paces a little, after he puts the title back on his shoulder.  The chanting continues on and even the champion himself nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: Exactly.  Everyone here has a strong faith in Ray Willmott… but that doesn’t change what happened, does it?

The chanting suddenly stops, and it doesn’t take long for the fans to begin booing once again.

Trevor Worrens: No.  I’m not selling Willmott short.  I’m not saying your hero didn’t deserve the World Heavyweight Championship, but I AM standing here telling you that it doesn’t change the fact that I WON the match!  It doesn’t change the fact that I AM The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

The boos only seem to grow louder, which irritates Worrens slightly, the tone in his voice carried more with a bitter edge to it.

Trevor Worrens: But hey, even in holding this, I have to look to you guys, don’t I?  Because let’s face it, without the SHOOT Project fans, there would be no SHOOT Project, would there?

The fans are caught off guard now as Worrens begins to clap, seemingly applauding the fans.

Trevor Worrens: And if there was no SHOOT Project, I wouldn’t be the organization’s champion.  Right?

Worrens continues to clap, but then stops abruptly and shakes his head no.

Trevor Worrens: No.  In fact, it’s because of the fans that there are times when there could not be a SHOOT Project.  It’s because of the fans that Ray Willmott is pretty much gone, because he lives and dies by you people.  It’s because of the fans that Osbourne Kilminster got the ever-loving SHIT kicked out of him by multiple people on one night… and in turn left the SHOOT Project.


Dave Dymond: These fans not happy with the way the start of the night is unfolding…

Worrens seems to look out at the fans with disgust for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: You don’t get it.  Your undying love for Kilminster, it made him the target of two bitter men in Jun Kenshin and Del Carver.  It made him the VICTIM of a rage-filled monster in Roland Caldwell.  You people are single handedly determining a fate that can only lead to self-destruction. Because you fail to grasp reality.  You look at the Soldiers of SHOOT, the ones you cheer, with rose-colored glasses.

Worrens pauses for a very brief moment and then continues on.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah… If you all had your way, Dave Marz would hold the Iron Fist Championship.  Jester Smiles would still be The Revolution Champion, and where would that take this place?  Straight into the ground… because at Uprising the men who won, PROVED they wouldn’t stop until they had what they wanted, and in my case, NEEDED!

Other Guy: Wow! That’s one hell of a statement, but not one that’s changing the opinions of the fans, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Not one bit, and if anything Worrens justifying what happened in both the Revolution Championship and Iron Fist Championship matches has only pushed him further onto the bad side of this sold out crowd.

Worrens lets the fans express their anger towards him, his pacing now stopping as he goes to speak again.

Trevor Worrens: Of course on the flip side of that coin, the reason I am standing here as the World Heavyweight Champion, as THE man to beat in SHOOT Project, is because I didn’t need to fight Ray Willmott two on one.  I didn’t need to blind Ray Willmott with mace, and I didn’t need to be handed my victory by two old guys masking the fact that they would have lost anyway.

Worrens forces a harsh grin, which only gets the crowd going again, but before they can get too loud, Worrens continues on talking, cutting off the fans.

Trevor Worrens: So sure, they did what they had to do, and because of that they deserve to be called champions, because they obviously WANT to be champions. But their actions, their twisted lies to themselves that they are somehow better than the men they beat, well that’s what will separate their reigns from mine.

Worrens starts to pace again, every so often looking out to the crowd, but mostly looking down at the canvas of the ring.

Trevor Worrens: Benjamin Biggs, Corazon, Donovan King.  They don’t deserve what I hold.  And the men they beat, don’t deserve it even more. Truth is, as I look at what’s to come, as I stand here and think… I’m not certain there is ANYONE who has an honest claim to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  So maybe I’m being too blunt when I say this, but the simple fact is that NOBODY deserves…

“Sober” by Tool kicks in over the arena sound system and the lights turn orange and red in color.  Trevor Worrens immediately looks to the entryway as the fans pick up upon seeing Kaz Sato start his way out from the back.

Dave Dymond: Looks like The Beast has heard enough, and I was getting to that point myself.

Other Guy: Sato’s been doin’ nothing but listening, Dave, now with what’s on tap for tonight’s main event, he finally gets to be heard himself.

Sato enters the ring quickly and walks right in front of Worrens, not even looking at him.  He then motions for a microphone, and Samantha Coil hands him one.  Sato then walks slightly past Worrens, as if he was going to exit the ring again, but then turns around and gets right in Worrens’s face. Sato’s music cuts off abruptly.

Kaz Sato: you know Trev…if I didn’t already know what was going down tonight, it would almost sound as if you are about to say that no one deserves a shot at the title. But that wouldn’t be true, now would it, Worrens?

Worrens takes a step back from Sato, but only to put a little more distance between the two.

Trevor Worrens: There’s a thin line between what someone deserves… and what someone was promised, Kaz.  I understand I made a promise.  You watch my back through the entire World Heavyweight Championship tournament, and in return you get a shot at me and…. this.

Worrens pats the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title.

Kaz Sato: That is correct…a pact you made. And the Devil is ready to collect his due.

The fans begin to buzz, feeling the tension rise between Worrens and Sato.  Sato takes another step in towards Worrens, only for Worrens to take another step back.

Trevor Worrens: Oh yes, a pact. Where in that same pact you, Sato, The Beast, The Devil, promised you’d make sure NOTHING interfered with my matches.  You didn’t quite live up to your end of the bargain, did ya, Kaz?

Worrens points now to the SHOOT video screen that hangs over the entryway, causing Sato to turn and look.  The footage that plays is from the September 15th edition of Revolution.

The footage picks up where Cade Sydal leaps over the barricade after a mad dash, wearing a pair of loose blue jeans and white Lugz boots. He pulls his simple black T-Shirt off over his head and puts his fingers to his mouth and drops next to the ring to avoid being spotted. Barker hooks Worrens under both arms and launches him backward with a Tiger Suplex!




Worrens kicks out and stays on his stomach as Kaz Sato rushes down the ramp! He leaps onto the apron and Austin Linam moves to stop Sato from getting involved!

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Kaz Sato came down to attack Barker!

Other Guy: I think you’re right. I think he came down to stop Cade from getting involved!

Barker turns to Sato and begs him to come in. Cade slides under the bottom rope and taps Barker on the shoulder. Barker waves his hand, ignoring the tap. Cade shrugs and taps again. Barker turns around, saying “WHAT?” as Cade leaps into the air without warning and drives his foot into the side of Barker’s head with the NINJAGUIRI! Cade rolls out of the ring as Barker collapses!

The footage ends there and we cut back to the ring where Worrens shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: That footage speaks for itself, Sato. You jeopardized my chance to claim this championship title as my own, WITHOUT anybody else getting involved.  Sure I reached the end, sure I made it out with the BIGGEST prize possible, but that footage is what sits with me…  what makes something very clear.

Worrens gets a dead serious expression on his face.

Trevor Worrens: You FAILED, Kaz.

“OOOOOOH.” The sound echoes from the fans, as Sato looks right back in Worrens’s eyes.

Kaz Sato: Failed? I did my job…and you standing here proves my point. You see I made sure nothing stopped you from becoming champion and as we can see, by you holding that belt, nothing and nobody did. Don’t tell me that you are having second thoughts?

Trevor Worrens: No. No second thoughts about it. Because the truth is, someone slipped by. Cade Sydal ruined my otherwise perfect streak. And the reason Sydal had that chance, is because you didn’t stop him. So, like I was about to say, there is nobody here right now that really deserves to face me for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Worrens now is the one to get right in Sato’s face.

Trevor Worrens: Prove to me otherwise in the ring tonight… then maybe we can work out a new deal.

Sato chuckles a bit.

Kaz Sato: So Cade got by…he didn’t stop you and you still continued on for that piece of gold. But I see that you have thought this out and have made up your mind. And that’s quite all right. You just made what I have to do that much easier. Tonight, despite what your mind has come up with…I won’t prove anything…except that you have willing decided that you no longer want a career.

Worrens just glares hard into Sato’s eyes, not responding one way or another to his threat.  Sato then is the one who steps to the side, allowing Worrens to pass him by.  Worrens offers a fake smile and heads towards the edge of the ring, looking to leave.  Sato turns his back to Worrens and hands his microphone to someone outside of the ring…

And just as Sato turns back around, Worrens whips around and SWINGS with his World Heavyweight Championship. Sato reacts however, ducking under!  Before Worrens can recover, Sato LOCKS ON THE KATAHAJIME!!!

Dave Dymond: Worrens thought he could get the better of Sato, but it looks like The Beast had another thought in mind!

Worrens struggles, dropping the World Heavyweight Championship title in the process.  The fans are on their feet, many of them cheering now as Worrens tries to fight it, but now Sato drops down to the mat and wraps his legs around Worrens’s body, keeping him in the dead center of the ring.

Other Guy: Here comes the SHOOT officials, and I’m guessin’ they were sent out here on direct orders from Jason Johnson to protect tonight’s main event!

Quickly the officials dart down to the ring, and all of a sudden the fans are cheering even louder.

Dave Dymond: WORRENS IS TAPPING!  O.G.  Kaz Sato is making the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion tap!!!

Senior official Scott Kamura is in the ring first, followed by Austin Linam, and then a few other unknown plain-clothed males.  Worrens is tapping repeatedly still, and now the officials work on pulling Sato off of Worrens, trying to break the two up.  Sato finally releases the hold on his own accord, as the officials couldn’t get him off of Worrens.  Sato springs up to his feet as Worrens grabs his title and rolls out of the ring, while “Sober” begins to play once again.

Dave Dymond: Well, Kaz Sato might not have a World Heavyweight Championship match tonight, but boy did he just get a MAJOR one up on Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: You’re tellin’ me, Dave.  He just punked out Worrens, no matter which way ya look at it!

Sato glares at Worrens as he recovers on the outside, and from there the focus cuts away from the ring area, taking us backstage just moments before the first match of the evening.


We cut right to a camera on Kilgore Stochansky as he walks through the corridors of the Thomas and Mack Center on his way to the ring.  He’s wearing a shiny blue tack suit with the jacket open to reveal his bare chest.  His expression isnt one of intensity; In fact, he seems to be very at ease, and wears his smirk with an almost alarming calm.  He pops his neck as he continues to walk, and addresses the camera without looking directly into it, always beyond it.

Kilgore: That’s right, I’m here and I’m ready, but I’d like to request that all of you viewing at home to please hold your applause until after I’ve triumphed this evening. 

Our man turns a carner, running his hand across the wall.

Kilgore: Yes, I will–wait.

He stops and stuffs his hands in his jacket pockets, looking up towards the ceiling, a deep-set look of confusion on his face.

Kilgore: Wait, wait.  Did Jay Encina show up to the arena tonight? 

He looks off beyond the camera and cocks his head as if listening.

Kilgore:  Because I dont want to get into the competitive mindset if I dont have to. 

Our man listens for a few more moments, then nods his head and resumes his walk, a spring in his step that seems to have a pupose to it.

Kilgore:  You see, folks at home, I’ll let you in on a little secret here:  Right now, I’m Kilgore Stochansky. 

He pulls the hood of his jacket over his head and pulls down so that it covers his eyes from view.  All that can be seen is his nose down, his moustache curling into a mocking grin.  His voice is slightly lower when he speaks.

Kilgore: But right NOW, out there…I’m Kilgore Stochansky.  Have some self-respect ladies:  Dont throw your undergarments at the ring. 

He rolls on the balls of his feet and waits for his turn to hit the entrance…


The camera shot goes to the ring, where we see Samantha Coil standing in the middle of the ring, holding a microphone. Referee Dennis Heflin is also in the ring, chatting with Samantha and “Keep Away” by Godsmack is playing over the sound system in the arena.  Jay Encina has just entered the ring and is standing in the far corner, removing his warm up jacket as Samantha starts to make her introductions.

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to SHOOT Project Revolution!  Our first bout of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.  Introducing first, in the far corner, he hails from St. Louis, Missouri and weighs 280 pounds, this is Jay Encina!”

Jay Encina raises his arms over his head, and there is a largely silent reaction from the fans in attendance, although there is a scattering of boos.  "Coke and Wet" by Spank Rock starts to play, and a spotlight clicks on, and illuminates the entranceway at the head of the aisle. After a moment, the impressive looking Kilgore Stochansky appears and begins to stride down the aisle.  Stochansky has a confident, impassive, and slightly arrogant appearance and overall way about himself as he ignores the fans, climbs the ring steps, and enters the ring.

Samantha: “And now, his opponent, hailing from Verona, New Jersey and weighing in at 250 pounds, here is Mr. Kilgore Stochansky!”

Stochansky takes his place across the ring from Encina, as Samantha exits the ring and Stochansky’s music slowly fades. The house lights around the arena dim, leaving only the massive spotlight above the ring to illuminate the action.  Dennis Heflin nods at Mark Kendrick outside the ring, who nods back, and rings the bell to officially start the match, and we are underway!

Dave Dymond: “Two brand newcomers to SHOOT Project here tonight in our opening contest OG.”

The Other Guy: “Yeah, and that’s a lot of beef in there too, Dymond.  Encina goes 280 and Stochansky…sorry…Mr. Stochansky is about 250.   This ain’t going to be no cruiserweight match.”

Dennis Heflin slaps his hands together and points to the middle of the ring, gesturing for the two men to lock up.  Encina and Stochansky both head to the center and stare each other down.  Suddenly, Stochansky decks Jay Encina with a blistering open handed slap.  The smack sound of Stochansky’s hand against Encina’s face echoes throughout the arena, and you can almost hear the entire crowd gasp at the show of disrespect by the newcomer.  Stochansky has a derisive sneer on his face, as Encina stares at him in disbelief.  Finally, Encina charges…but Mr. Kilgore Stochansky decides to retreat, and he runs!

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky slides out of the ring, and takes flight, running from Jay Encina!  Encina yells in anger and takes off after Stochansky.  Encina slides out of the ring and starts to chase Mr. Kilgore Stochansky around the ring, once, and then again!  Finally, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky slides back into the ring, and then stands up quickly.  Encina follows, but he has fallen right into the trap of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky.  As Encina slides into the ring, Stochansky is already standing over him, waiting.  Stochansky leaps into the air, and comes down with a double foot stomp, right across the back of the head of Jay Encina!  There is another gasp from the fans, this time in shock at the brutality of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky.

Dave Dymond: “Good lord!  Mr. Kilgore Stochansky just stomped down with all of his body weight on the back of the head of Jay Encina!”

The Other Guy: “Like I was saying Dymond, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky isn’t any little guy either, that’s 250 pounds being driven down right across the back of the head of Jay Encina!  Look at this replay…this is brilliant.  Mr. Kilgore Stochansky baits Encina into chasing him around the ring, then slides back in, gets up, and is ready to spring his trap and stomp the head of Jay Encina like a melon!”

We go back to live action, and see Jay Encina rolling around on the mat holding his head and kicking his legs in pain.  Mr. Kilgore Stochansky is pacing around him, like a cat toying with a mouse.  It is obvious that Stochansky has Encina right where he wants him, and he reaches down and pulls the stunned Jay Encina to his feet.

Stochansky puts his head under Encina’s shoulder, positioning him so Encina’s arm is across Stochansky’s shoulders. Stochansky pulls Encina’s other arm through his legs, grabs it, and then reaches across Encina’s chest and hooks his head with the other arm. Stochansky then lifts Encina up and falls backwards, dropping Encina down right on top of his head!  The crowd gasps at the incredible impact, and there are even some audible screams, followed by a hushed silence.

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stands up, a huge sneer on his face, and strikes an arrogant pose over the prone body of Jay Encina.  We can see Encina’s leg twitching slightly thanks to the two high impact blows to the head that he has suffered.

Dave Dymond: “That was just…brutal.  That move is crippling.  It’s like an exploder suplex which sends you right down on top of your head…but after already stomping on the head of Jay Encina…that’s too much.”

The Other Guy: “Mr. Kilgore Stochansky calls that the “Dead Bent” and I can see why.  Especially the Dead part.”

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky pulls the clearly unconscious Jay Encina back to his feet.  Encina’s body is totally limp.  Stochansky locks him up a second time, first in the belly-to-belly position, he sticks his head under the arm, throw’s Encina’s arm across, reaches down, locks him up and spikes him into the mat a second time!  BAM!  Jay Encina’s body convulses after the impact of the second “Dead Bent” maneuver. The fans are now starting to boo and jeer loudly.

Dennis Heflin slides down and checks on the condition of Jay Encina.  He opens Encina’s eye and checks his pupils, and then looks outside the ring to Mark Kendrick and shakes his head.  Kendrick rings the bell, and then stands up and makes a gesture to the back.  Two paramedics quickly run down the aisle, pushing a stretcher.

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, referee Dennis Heflin has determined that Jay Encina will be unable to continue and has put a stop to this match.  Your winner, via referee stoppage at a time of 4 minutes and 17 seconds…MR. KILGORE STOCHANSKY!”

Stochansky’s music starts to play again, and Mr. Kilgore Stochansky heads to the top turnbuckle and holds his arms over his head theatrically in victory.  The fans are now sure what they think of this brash newcomer, and they shower him with loud abuse. Meanwhile, the paramedics quickly slide Jay Encina onto the stretcher and rush him up the aisle.  We can see that one of his legs is still twitching.  The announcers show a replay of Kilgore Stochansky stomping on the back of the head of Jay Encina, and then giving him not one, but two Belly-to-Belly Pumphandle Brainbusters, right on top of his head.

Dave Dymond: “Well fans, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky has officially arrived in SHOOT Project, and he just sent out one hell of a message.  I just hope Jay Encina is going to be okay.”

The Other Guy: “This is a tough game, Dymond.  It’s survival of the fittest, and it looks like Mr. Kilgore Stochansky was the fit one here tonight, that’s for damn sure.”


The camera fades in to the back. We see Jester Smiles, dressed in street clothes, walking around with an angry look on his face. As he walks, he stops to open doors, as if he’s looking for someone, and when his search comes up negative, he slams the door, moving on to the next spot.

Jester Smiles: HARMSTON! Get your ass out here!

Jester sees a group of SHOOT Project ring crew, standing around a coffee pot, talking.

Jester Smiles: Have any of you seen Harmston?

The crew seems to not notice Jester, thinking he’s talking to someone else.

Jester Smiles: Hey, have any of you Alex Harmston or not?!

Jester’s voice is booming, and it frightens the crew members, one of which drops his coffee mug. They all shake their heads no. Jester storms off, still searching.

Jester Smiles: Harmston! Where the FUCK are you?!

Jason Johnson, overhearing the noise outside, peeks his head out of SHOOT’s executive office in the Thomas and Mack Center.  He sees Jester Smiles and his eyes get a bit wide. 

Jason Johnson:  Smiles!  You’re not medically cleared!  I hope you’re not looking for a fight!

Jester Smiles: Well, hate to disappoint, but that’s exactly why I’m here. HARMSTON!

Jester makes no move to go past Johnson, but he does look on, hoping to see Alex Harmston in passing.

Jason Johnson:  You’re gonna get yourself killed, Smiles.

Johnson shakes his head, almost annoyed, but not really. 

Jason Johnson:  What do you think you’re gonna do when you find Harmston, who’ll undoubtedly be accompanying King? 

Jester shrugs, crossing his arms and tapping his foot, impatiently, still looking past Johnson, occasionally looking behind him.

Jester Smiles: I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but whatever it is I’ll do, it will involve one of them getting hurt.

Jason sighs. 

Jason Johnson:  And then it’ll involve you ending up in worse shape than you already are.  I get that you want revenge, and I get that you want to hurt them both, but why not wait until I can give you a rematch with King, or a match with Harmston.  You know…  after you get cleared.

Jester begins to tap his fingers on his arm, thinking about the prospect. It’s very clear that any waiting is just going to further piss Jester off. Finally, he comes to a decision.

Jester Smiles: I want Alex Harmston, next week.

Jason mulls the idea over in his head, before answering.  He smiles.

Jason Johnson:  As far as I know, barring any further injury, you should be medically cleared next week.  So, I’ll give you that match.  Next week.

Jester Smiles actually grins a bit for the first time today.

Jester Smiles: Good. Finally, we’ll have some justice in this place.

Jester turns quickly and walks away.


Revolution fades to black in this moment, and a soft guitar rift begins to play the opening to “Breathe In, Breathe Out” by Matt Kearney.  Slowly fading up from black, a video clip of Ray Willmott in black and white is seen, Willmott walking out to the ring in slow motion.  Shots of fans are mixed in with the walk, showing them smiling and cheering, though there is no audio aside from the music.

Ray Willmott is nothing short of tremendous…

“Breathe in, breathe out

Tell me all of your doubts

Everybody bleeds this way, just the same”

Willmott ascends the top turnbuckle, feeding off the energy of the fans, smiling from ear to ear.

“Breathe in, breathe out

Move on and break down

If everyone goes away, I will stay”


Shutter shots are seen, like a camera flashing, but with each flash Willmott comes closer and closer to the ring mat.

“We push and pull

And I fall down sometimes

And I’m not letting go

You hold the other line”

Just as Willmott is about to crash to the mat, it quickly fades to black, then a circular wipe takes us to Willmott in action, battling through gritted teeth as he is seen throwing down with Ron Barker, the end of the chorus picking up with the heightened orchestral.

“Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes”

Barker is seen slamming Willmott hard into the mat, but again just before Willmott is about to be dropped, it fades to black, the music softening again.

I have never seen a man so dedicated so passionate, Willmott is a true testament to the word hero.

“Hold on, hold tight

If I’m out of your sight

And everything keeps moving on, moving on”

In slow motion again,we see Willmott shaking hands with Del Carver, which fades into a pained, but passionate expression on Willmott’s face as Carver tries to put him down for a three count.

“Hold on, hold tight

Make it through another night

In every day there comes a song with the dawn

We push and pull”

Willmott kicks out!  He’s still fighting!!!

“And I fall down sometimes

And I’m not letting go

You hold the other line”

The next thing seen is Willmott battling it out with Trevor Worrens, fans on their feet as Willmott has Worrens slumping over the guard railing.

“Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes

There is a light in your eyes, in your eyes”

In very slow motion Willmott runs the length of the ring, and leaps off for a leg drop.


“Breathe in and breathe out”

The angle changes with a slight roll back, showing Willmott jumping again.

“Breathe in and breathe out”

Another angle change, this time from the front.

“Breathe in and breathe out”

One more angle change, this time from the perspective of the fans as Willmott now comes crashing down on Worrens.

“Breathe in and breathe out”

Cut to black.

Then Willmott is seen in great pain lying on the floor, holding his left leg.

“Look left, look right

To the moon and the night

Everything under the stars is in your arms”

It’s over… NO!

As the music picks up, the fade up from black reveals Willmott getting up, then a cut to him trying to continue to fight against Worrens, limping on his leg.

“Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes

There is a light in your eyes, in your eyes

There is a light in your eyes, in your eyes”

As the music fades, the last image seen is Willmott down on the mat… unable to get up, an image that is juxtaposed with the opening footage of Willmott walking to the ring, a smile on his face.

Then one last fade to black.

Back inside the arena, the SHOOT Project faithful are on their feet, many of them cheering, but only heard, as the focus is placed on Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside.

Dave Dymond: A very fitting tribute to one of the hardest working men I’ve seen in this industry in some time.  No matter what, Ray Willmott has fought through the odds, and just like it was said, he is a true testament to the word hero.

Other Guy: No doubt, Dave.  It’s a sad thing too though, seeing that video, because none of us know what’s next for Ray Willmott, if anything at all.  And we can only hope that just like he has in the past, he’ll pull through and bring his spirit and passion back to SHOOT Project.

Dave Dymond: Willmott always gave it his all, and from all his battles, all his matches, whether here in the SHOOT Project or anywhere, is what his career will be remembered by. But let’s hope, O.G. that his career is not ending with the match he had at Uprising.

Other Guy: Amen. My prayers and best wishes are sure with Willmott, and I’m sure countless of these fans feel the same way.


We go back to the ring, and see Samantha back in the spotlight, holding a microphone and chatting with referee Willie Dean.  In the far corner, the newcomer to SHOOT Project, “Eve” has arrived to little fanfare, and she is waiting patiently for the match to start.

“Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys starts to play, and the fans come to their feet in unison for the entrance of Killian Reilly. Reilly jogs into the aisle and slaps hands with a few fans as he makes his way down to the ring.  Killian Reilly heads up the steps and enters the ring.

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first, from Cork County Ireland and weighing 240 pounds, this is Killian Reilly!”

Reilly holds his arms over his head to a huge ovation from the SHOOT Project faithful.

Samantha: “His opponent…”

Before Samantha can finish her introduction, Eve marches forward, pushing Willie Dean and Samantha out of the way.  Eve gets right up into Killian’s face, points her finger, and jabs it into his chest, screeching at him and trying to trash talk him.  Reilly rolls his eyes, and tries to step back, but the brash newcomer stays in his face, screaming at him.

Finally, Killian Reilly has had enough.  Reilly places one hand over the face of Eve, and pushes her gently backward.  She falls on her butt, and bounces back up, screaming and charging at Killian Reilly.  Reilly sighs, sidesteps, and as Eve runs into him, he calmly reaches out and wraps her head and neck up in a perfectly executed sleeper hold!

The fans continue to cheer, as the loud and obnoxious newcomer starts to scream and thrash around, locked up in the sleeper hold by Killian Reilly.  After a few seconds, her kicks and swings start to weaken, and soon enough, her eyes shut!  Reilly releases her from the hold, and she collapses to the mat, out cold! Willie Dean looks down at Eve, shrugs his shoulders, and shouts something to Samantha, who has not even had time to exit the ring.

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner…at a time of 33 seconds…KILLIAN REILLY!”

Although his music has barely had time to be shut off, it starts to play again, and Killian Reilly smiles and shakes his head as he allows Willie Dean to hold his arm in the air in victory.  Reilly exits the ring and greets the fans, as we go to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position.

Dave Dymond: “I think the phrases “Bit off more than she could chew” or “In over her head” may just apply to Eve.”

The Other Guy: “She just set the cause of workplace equality back by 30 years.  Let’s hope that if we get any other ladies coming in to SHOOT, they know what they’re getting into.  She’s lucky Reilly just put her to sleep, and that he didn’t knock her block off.  There are a lot of people who would have made an example of her, not just make a fool out of her.”


We move right into an interior shot of Jason Johnson’s office focusing on the door.  Jason walks in and sets some papers on his desk, then looks to his left in surprise.  The camera turns to follow his gaze, and stops when it reaches his closet door.  On the wall and the door, in red spraypaint, is the word "BOOO" and an arrow pointing to the doorknob of the closet.  Jason Johnson looks at the word "BOOO" and immediately freezes in thought.

Jason Johnson:  This better not be what I think it is.

He slowly paces towards the door, regarding it with a sort of apprehension.  He places his hand on the knob and pauses for a moment before opening it.  The camera focuses on the contents:  A white sheet, with it’s head stuffed, hanging from a crudely tied noose that is connected to the clotheshanging bar.  It rocks back and forth slowly, and we can see that it has a note connected to it with a safety pin.  It is plainly visible to everyone that the letters "C. D." are written on the note in black permanent marker.  Jason quickly snatches the note off of the sheet and looks at it for a moment.

Jason Johnson:  Good Christ…not again.

He crumples up the note and slams the closet closed in annoyance.


The camera opens up on the face plate of the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship.  It is still stained with Jester’s blood, bringing the fans in attendance to boos.  The camera zooms out to reveal Donovan King and the fans boo even more.  He wears the brand new Donovan King crown skullcaps, black with small gold crowns on the front.  He is obviously not at the arena tonight, as it appears that behind him, several scantily clad women can be seen cavorting with other patrons.

Donovan King:  What is up, SHOOT Project?!

The fans boo in response, and King allows them to go for a while before continuing.

Donovan King:  Now…I know y’all probably booed, but the best part about this is that…I ain’t really here!  Memorex, bitches!

The fans boo even further.

Donovan King:  At our last show, the pay-per-view event known as Uprising, the world got ta see a great injustice performed upon several of SHOOT’s finest good guys…but none moreso den our hero in make up, Eric ‘Jester’ Smiles.

King grins.

Donovan King:  Eric Smiles, all last week, had ta contend wit’ the fact dat he got got.  He’d been Revolution Champion for a minute, and was about to successfully defend his title against that lil’ nigga Donovan King.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  But, you see…Donovan King, The Cornerstone…he ain’t one ta get got like dat.  Now, Eric Smiles is lickin’ his wounds, cryin’ like a lil’ bitch…and Donovan King?  He’s SHOOT Project’s NEW…REVOLUTION…CHAMPION!!

The fans boo loudly, but King merely laughs at the fans’ response he knows he’s getting.

Donovan King:  Uprising was the night dat SHOOT Project gave a middle finger to the cats of old and said welcome to the next generation.  Man…dis is a new era.  A new era dat’s personified…in Donovan King.

He chuckles as the fans boo some more.

Donovan King:  Go tell Dick Suckers Inc dat I put dere golden boy down for the count.  If dey want real talent, dey need to come see about me!  I’m sure y’all are all left wit’ some questions about Donovan King and Alexander Harmston.  How did The Foundation come to mentor The Cornerstone, dat sorta thing.

He looks down at his Revolution Championship.

Donovan King:  The fact is…if you wanna know anything about SHOOT Project’s latest and greatest alliance…y’all can keep guessin’ as far as I give a fuck.

The fans give him what he wants…more boos.

Donovan King:  I have ran dem streets in Las Vegas for weeks, y’all ain’t care.  I been promisin’ a change gon’ come, y’all ain’t care.  Well, muhfuckas…dat change…is here.  Alex ain’t wit’ me tonight, and I’mma leave it up ta him to tell y’all anything.  Because…you see…as far as I give a fuck?  Y’all don’t deserve no ‘Why, Donovan, why’ speeches.

The fans continue to boo.

Donovan King:  I’mma enjoy my week off this week in this fine establishment here…show off my blood stained belt dat I earned…and tell y’all niggas dat Donovan King is your new Revolution Champion…and he is here…to…stay.  Hate it or love it…because you ain’t got a choice but ta live wit’ it.  Dat’s my word.  Now turn dem cameras off.

King slaps the blood stained face plate of the Revolution Championship title and ignores the camera, walking away to join the women behind him as the camera fades.


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Metropolis, Illionis! Weighing in at 263 pounds! He is FLASH DYNAMITE!

The fans begin to cheer a little as OK Go’s "Here It Goes Again" starts up. FLASH Dynamite steps through the curtain proudly and makes his way to the center of the stage, right above the ramp, and grins widely, his hands on his hip. The yellow cape billowing slightly behind him as he begins a steady march down the ramp, gazing out at the sea of fans, grinning from ear-to-ear, FLASH springs onto the apron with ease. He slingshots over the top rope and drops to a knee in the center of the ring, his arms out wide. He expldoes off his knee and leaps into the air, spinning a full circle, he manages to unclasp his cape and swings it out in front of him when he lands.

Dave Dymond: The eccentric newcomer, FLASH Dynamite, believes himself to be a legitimate superhero in our modern age, and he sure is full of energy from what I can gather.

Other Guy: Yeah, he’s enthusiastic about life. Great. All that’s gonna change now that he has put himself in the warpath of Ron Barker.

FLASH hands his cape off to a stage hand outside the ring as his music fades out, to be replaced by "Devil’s Dance Floor" by Flogging Molly. The fans begin to boo as Ainsley Lake steps through the curtain, with Ron Barker by her side.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from Wantagh, New York! And weighing in at 160 pounds! She is accompanied by "Ravishing" Ron Barker! "The Black Widow" AINSLEY LAKE!

Ainsley starts her way down the ramp, tonight wearing a full black body suit, similar to FLASH’s orange one, with purple spiders down the arms and legs. It reads "BLACK" in bold lettering and "Widow" in cursive below, in another mock-up of FLASH’s gear. She smirks to herself as FLASH looks at her curiously. Ron Barker continues walking beside her, parting from her at the ring, as he makes his way to the commentary booth.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley Lake is showing no respect for her opponent, mocking his gear like that, and it appears we’re going to have a visitor tonight. Joy.

Other Guy: Don’t be so down about that, Dave. We’re going to have the Ravishing One join us, and that’s going to be brilliant!

Ron Barker joins Dave Dymond and Other Guy, calmly putting a headset on.

Dave Dymond: You two should be ashamed of yourselves, Barker! What you two did to Cade Sydal was inexcusable!

Ron Barker: Whatever, Dave. Would you rather have a drug addict running around risking the safety of every other performer on our roster? Whatever, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m simply here to cheer my Black Widow on to victory tonight, against that dolt in the ring.

Referee Austin Linam signals for the bell. Ainsley starts to circle the ring, but FLASH  Dynamite quickly approaches the center of the ring and extends his right hand out in front of himself. Ainsley Lake looks at him quizically, and he points at his hand, smiling wide.

Dave Dymond: I think FLASH Dynamite is trying to shake her hand…?

Other Guy: …why?

Ainsley shrugs her shoulders and places her petite hand in his, but quickly sneers as she drives the heel of her boot into the top of FLASH’s left foot!

Ron Barker: Because he’s an idiot, haha!

Ainsley quickly grabs him by his head with a headlock as he pulls his foot off the canvas instinctively. She seems proud of having caught him in a headlock, until FLASH shoves her forward into the ropes. She quickly slides toward him as he straightens up, however, and catches him with a running drop toe hold! She floats quickly back over his back into a headlock.

Dave Dymond: FLASH definitely seems unprepared for the treachery of Ainsley Lake, and she is taking full advantage of it!

Other Guy: To be fair, Dave, she tried to warn him, ya know?

FLASH starts getting to his feet, dragging Ainsley to her’s with him, absolutely over-powering her he shoves her into the ropes again. Ainsley drops to slide for a basement dropkick to the knee this time, but FLASH leaps over her to avoid it! Ainsley quickly scrambles to her feet and rushes FLASH, catching him with a flying headscussor! FLASH tilt-a-whirl’s her through to her feet and throws her arm over his head, snapping backward suddenly with a back suplex!

Dave Dymond: FLASH’s technique training, and frankly his strength advantage, was on full display with that counter!

Other Guy: Ainsley is resilient though, I mean she’s taken a lot more than that.

Ron Barker: Indeed she has. She’s a tough chick…errr young lady. She’s gonna bounce back from this, I’m positive.

FLASH hooks her leg, and Austin Linam slides into position to count.



Ainsley kicks out quickly. FLASH pulls her to her feet quickly and whips her off the ropes. He catches her on the return with a hip toss, but catches her leg before she can crash to the canvas! FLASH tosses her up over his head with ease, onto his shoulders, and drops back quickly with a Samoan Drop!

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Impressive method to get to the Samoan Drop by FLASH Dynamite!

FLASH hooks the leg!

Ron Barker: I’m impressed and all, but I mean, she’s dainty. I’d like to see him try and do that to someone like me.


Other Guy: Heh, he is a superhero. Maybe he has super strength.


Dave Dymond: In all seriousness, I think his known trainer and friend, Cade Sydal, would love to watch him do that to you also.


Ainsley Lake kicks out!

Ron Barker: Who cares, Daver? Focus on the match.

Ainsley rolls all the way out of the ring and to the floor outside the ring. She clutches her ribs. Ainsley starts to get to her feet slowly, clutching her ribs. FLASH spots her and claps his hands rapidly before hitting the ropes opposite her!

Dave Dymond: It’s a bird!

FLASH comes running off the ropes full speed nd dives through the ropes with a suicide dive!

Other Guy: It’s a plane!

Ainsley moves out of the way at the last second, and FLASH slams into the security barricade head first!

Ron Barker: It’s engine failure! Haha! I told you she’d bounce back fellas! That’s my girl!

Ainsley rolls into the ring and back out, stopping Austine Linam from even beginning to count the two of them out. Ainsley approaches FLASH and grabs him by the head. Austin Linam begins his count.



Ainsley struggles to pulls FLASH to his feet.


Dave Dymond: Why is she even trying to get him to his feet?


Other Guy: Good point, she’d win off of a count-out.


Ron Barker: We talked about this. We want to prove a point. She wants to pin him to show everyone she’s a big threat, even against a superhero.


Ainsley finally gets FLASH half way to his feet, and gets him leaning against the barricade.


Ainsley rolls into the ring, even though she has plenty of time, and rolls back out to break the count again.

Dave Dymond: She sure is exerting a lot of energy, when it looks like FLASH has taken himself completely out of the match!

Other Guy: Yeah, he FLASH’d and burned! Heh!

Dave Dymond: …wow.


Ainsley grabs FLASH by his head and guides him to the ring apron.


Ainsley leans his head against the apron.


Ainsley grabs FLASH’s left leg and starts hoisting it up to set it on the apron.

Ron Barker: There you go, Ainsley. You can do it.


Ainsley gets FLASh’s leg on the canvas and exhales heavily.


Dave Dymond: Ainsley is abolutely trying her best to get FLASH back in the ring.


Ainsley grabs FLASH’s right leg now.

Other Guy: You heard Ron though, she wants to prove a point.


Ainsley gets FLASH’s right leg on the apron.


Ainsley shoves and rolls FLASH under the bottom rope, into the ring.


Ainsley hops onto the apron and slingshots over the top rope and tucks her knee, driving her right knee into the back of FLASH’s head!

Dave Dymond: That was a big-time knee drop that could end the match!

Other Guy: Now she just has to get FLASH onto his back!

Ron Barker: Go Ainsley! Go!

She rolls FLASH over, struggling to do so, and hooks both legs deep as she can!




FLASH kicks out strong! Ainsley exhales ehavily again and struggles to bring FLASH to his feet. She snaps a short kick into his ribs and then starts thrusting forearms into his face! She runs at the ropes and handsprings forward, snapping her legs off the top rope she snaps backward and leaps up for the handspring elbow! FLASH catches her under her elbow and hr left leg! FLASH snaps backward, releasing her, but Ainsley flips backward and lands on her feet, and instantly clutches at her right eye as FLASH scrambles to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Ainsley countered the counter to her elbow, but she’s holding her eye.

Other Guy: What…why?

FLASH looks at her curiously as Ainsley’s face is a perfect picture of panic and confussion as she points at the canvas, and her eye, trying to tell the referee something.

Ron Barker: Guys, I think…I think she lost a contact lens.

FLASH looks at her, and Ainsley clearly tells him about the situation, whatever it may be. He nods his head and starts looking at the canvas.

Dave Dymond: I think you’re right, Barker. And I think FLASH is helping her find it!

Other Guy: Okay…why?

Dave Dymond: Because he’s a man of honor, Other Guy!

FLASH gets on his hands and knees, glancing about, for a better look. Ainsley’s lips curl up in a devilish smile before she thrusts her knee into the side of FLASH’s unsuspecting face!

Ron Barker: Haha! I told her that would work with that idiot!

Ainsley laughs at her handiwork as FLASH pushes himself off the canvas. Ainsley quickly springs onto his back with both feet and then launches herself upward and moonsaults, landing with her chest on the back of FLASH’s neck! FLASH rolls to his back, cradling his neck, as she rushes to the ropes! Ainsley springs to the middle rope and twists and flips with a corkscrew moonsault across FLASH’s chest! She quickly hooks his leg for a cover!

Dave Dymond: be that as it may, she may steal the win right here!




FLASH kicks out!

Other Guy: So what we learned from that experience is that FLASH is naive, right?

Ron Barker: Pretty much.

Other Guy: Okay, just checking.

Ainsley grabs FLASH by his head and struggles to bring him to his feet. Ainsley grabs FLASH by the left wrist and attempts to whip him off the ropes! He quickly reverses the momentum of the whip, but Ainsley twists under his arm and swings herself straight into a wheelbarrow around his waist!

Dave Dymond: Ainsley’s speed and experience is paying off in dividends!

Other Guy: FLASH can’t seem to get out of the blocks tonight.

Ainsley springs up off her hands, her legs wrapped around FLASH’s waist. She reaches her arm up for a bulldog, but FLASH suddenly underhooks Ainsley’s reaching left arm, then underhooks her right arm! He snaps back suddenly with a Tiger Suplex, bridging!

Dave Dymond: Wow! Out of nowhere!


Other Guy: He drove her onto her neck, Dave!



Ainsley kicks both legs hard, and FLASH rolls to hs left clutching his neck. FLASH pulls Ainsley to her feet, not willing to give up the momentum, he sends her to the near corner forcefully. FLASH follows her, walking, and hoists her up onto the top rope! FLASH grabs her by the head and tucks it neatly onto his shoulder. FLASH grabs her behind her knees and walks backward away from the corner!

Dave Dymond: FLASH looks to be going for a sort of Muscle Buster!

Other Guy: That ain’t gonna be no good for her if he hits it!

Ainsley kicks her legs forcefully, breaking his tentative grip on her knees, she rolls forward over his shoulders, tucking all the way through into a sunset flip! FLASH doesn’t go down with it, however! FLASH grabs her wrists to steady himself. He reaches down and grabs under her shoulders, swinging her through his legs and up into the air, for a powerbomb! Ainsley snaps backward, though, into a hrricanrana that spills FLASH through the ropes to the outside!

Dave Dymond: Ainsley’s athleticism and experience has caught FLASH once again!

Other Guy: She’s showing the self-proclaimed superhero what flying is really about in the SHOOT Project.

Ron Barker: Yeah she is. She’s a firecracker, I’ll tell ya that much.

FLASH starts to get to his feet as Ainsley hits the ropes, running full speed. Ainsley leaps over the top rope, tucking into a somersault with a Hilo, as FLASH turns around! Ainsley lands on FLASH’s shoulders, and FLASH just outright catches her. He swings her right leg off his shoulder and pushes up by her left knee and her right shoulder, pressing her high above his head before hurling her through the middle and top ropes, back into the ring!

Dave Dymond: But FLASH is showing Ainsley what super strength really feels like!

Ron Barker: How do you know that I haven’t, eh?

Other Guy: Heh.

FLASH steps onto the apron and starts through the ropes, but Ainsley is up quickly and kicks hard into his chest, stopping him from continuing to get into the ring. Ainsley grabs FLASH by his head and flips forward, swinging him with her and driving the back of his neck into the canvas with a SICK neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond: That’s a big time neckbreaker!

Other Guy: Wow! She could have this right here!

Ainsley struggles to drag FLASH away from the ropes and drops into the lateral press.




FLASH kicks out!

Ron Barker: How the hell?!

Other Guy: No way!

Dave Dymond: I think you two are forgetting that FLASH Dynamite is a bonafide superhero, gentlemen!

Ainsley, however, doesn’t dwell on the fact that he kicked out. She quickly springs to the top rope, as FLASH struggles to get to his own feet. FLASH turns, as Ainsley leaps off the top rope!

Other Guy: Higher Side of Low!

FLASH ducks under as Ainsley reaches for his head! Ainsley contorts to land on her feet! Ainsley turns and rushes FLASH as he turns around, and FLASH catches her with a huge spinebuster that drives Ainsley into the canvas! FLASH steps through the ropes and slowly begins to ascend to the top rope!

Dave Dymond: The big man is going up top!

Other Guy: That ain’t gonna be no good for Ainsley!

Ron Barker: No way is he gonna flatten my Ainsley!

Barker throws his headset off and jumps out of his seat. He runs up on FLASH’s left and shoves him hard to the right, where FLASH lands on the middle of the top rope, with the rope between his legs! The fans let out a collective gasp and groan in complete sympathy!

Dave Dymond: That is NOT how FLASH wanted to land!

Other Guy: You can say that again!

Barker steps into the ring, where Austin Linam is fully aware of his presence, and pulls FLASH off of the top rope. Barke sends FLASH off the ropes and catches him as he rebounds, driving FLASH to the canvas with Perfection! Austin Linam signals for the bell, as the fans begin to jeer loudly.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner via disqualification, in 20 minutes and 44 seconds! FLASH Dynamite!

Ron Barker glares at Austin Linam as Ainsley Lake slowly makes her way to her feet, looking at Barker curiously. Barker calmly starts to explain something to her before turning his attention to FLASH Dynamite again! Ron mounts FLASH and starts hammering FLASH with rights! Barker grabs at FLASH’s eyeholes, trying to tear at the mask. The fans continue to boo at the onslaught, until a small rustling of cheering rises up.

Dave Dymond: What is Ron Barker trying to do, unmask FLASH?!

Other Guy: he might not get the chance to! Look!

The camera pans to the section of fans cheering, as Cade Sydal leaps over the barricade without even using his hands as he dead sprints for the ring! Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake see him and quickly slide out of the ring as Cade slides in! Cade tears his shirt off and throws it on the ground, wearing just a pair of white Lugz boots, and blue jeans now! Cade motions for them both to get back in the ring, as Ainsley and Barker both back up the ramp, smirking at Sydal coyly.

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite has won the match, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him! Luckily for him, his mentor ran down to stop the physical abuse!

Other Guy: Luckily for Cade, Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake thought discretion was the better part of valor, and stuff like that.

Cade turns and helps FLASH to his feet, as now "Here It Goes Agin" by OK Go hits the airwaves. Cade helps FLASH out of the ring and up the ramp.


The camera crew has made its way into the offices of SHOOT Project owner, Jason Johnson. Cutting away from the in-ring mayhem, temporarily, the capacity crowd on hand and the viewing world, can see a slightly agitated Johnson. He wrestles furiously with paperwork on his desk, angrily picking up random pieces, tearing them up and throwing them into a waste bin at the other side of the room. Something seems to be on his mind.

When at last he realises what he is doing, Jason stops for a moment to catch a breath, and looks around his office.

SHOOT Project’s most illustrious moments clutter his walls in the form of framed pictures. Real Deal and OutKast holding the World tag team championships. Del Carver and Roland Caldwell engaged in bitter warfare. Chris Lee and Ron Barker competing over the Rule of Surrender Championship.

Jason sighs as his eyes then glance over his newest acquisition.

SHOOT Project’s first World Heavyweight Champion since the relaunch.

Trevor Worrens.

For a moment, Jason studies the picture, not cracking a facial expression that will divulge his innermost feelings. Nor does he vocally express an opinion. For a time, he just sits, arched forward in his chair, gazing at the man who now represents his company at the highest level. A true enigma, that the World has found difficulty in deciphering. A man, who indeed, has made an emphatic mark in a short space of time.

The match was incredible. It represented everything that SHOOT Project was, and what Jason hopes it will be. The finals of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament couldn’t have been a better ending to Uprising.



Jason jumps out of his seat in surprise over a sudden knock at the door.

He sits himself back in his chair, carefully loosening his tie, allowing more freedom for breathing, and then ushers the interruption inward.

The door slams shut, leaving Johnson once again overwhelmed with surprise.


At the sound of the name, the Thomas and Mack Centre, ERUPTS!! All of a sudden, there is a thunderous buzz in Las Vegas, as the name everybody was hoping they would hear, just got spoken across the airwaves! Sure enough, the camera wastes no time in exploring the intrusion, revealing ‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott live and in person on our television screens!

Dave Dymond: …My God, he’s here OG! He’s here!! You’ve heard the rumours. The speculation. But despite them all, Ray Willmott is here tonight at Revolution!!

Other Guy: …I don’t know what to say. I was convinced he’d just walked out on us. I’m in shock …


The building is electrified!!

Jason Johnson: …Ray, I didn’t…

Willmott does not wait for an invitation to sit down, perhaps taking temporary advantage of Jason Johnson’s inability to speak. For a time, Willmott himself says nothing. In fact, since Uprising, he hasn’t spoken a word. Not to anyone. Reports have flooded the Internet over, that have spoken on a great many subjects in regard to this man. Some claim he will be unable to wrestle until next year. Some say a shorter time span. Others are convinced that he is on the verge of retirement.

Nothing definitive has been heard from the Willmott camp in close to a fortnight.

But finally, the viewing World might be about to learn some answers.

Jason Johnson: …I didn’t expect to see you here tonight. I mean …this is …well… how are you, man?!

There is an ice-cold stare in the eyes of Ray Willmott. Dressed casually in a simple yellow vest top and a pair of faded blue jeans, he does not appear to be in the room with Johnson for negotiation. His eyes declare that he may yet have something to say, that there are a million and one different things on his mind. That for fourteen days, he has been waiting for this moment, this opportunity, to convey everything churning in the pit of his stomach to the head of SHOOT Project.

But so far, not a word has escaped his lips.

Overly confused, but ever so slightly agitated that his question hasn’t been answered, Jason clears his throat, in hopes of breaking the silence, and once again tries to engage the Welshman. To assess what’s going on inside his head.

Jason Johnson: …I’ve heard a lot of reports, lots of things have been said about you, the dirt sheets, fellow wrestlers, my competitors, it’s all out there right now, but nobody knows what’s going on for sure. What I want to know is the truth, Ray. I want you to be frank with me. Tell me what you feel needs to be said…

The fans are at fever pitch, waiting for that first word to come from Ray’s lips. Waiting for him to finally come out and inspire them with his trademark tenacity.

And yet, there is still nothing.

Willmott continues to stare at Jason Johnson. Continuing to look at the man who writes his cheques, who was there when he signed to return to action, who was there when he signed the contract to compete at the main event of Uprising! He looks on, and still says nothing.

Emotions start to boil over within Jason, frustrated that he cannot get an answer out of one of his SHOOT soldiers. He rises up out of his seat!

Jason Johnson: …If you’re not gonna talk, then  …

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Talk is cheap!!

Willmott fires back at Johnson, emulating the gesture of getting out of his seat as he does, eliciting an enormous reception from the ten thousand plus in the building. For a time, the words hold on the air, as both Johnson and Willmott look at each other, the fans buzzing in the background.

The silence, has at last, been broken.

Willmott snaps his head to the left, facing away from Jason and starts to pace the room, looking at the walls, soaking up the memories of ages gone by. He looks at them through distraction, yet still with the sense of respect and appreciation he feels they deserve. Many of them, he remembers, others he does not. But it doesn’t matter, because all of them have helped build the here and now. Have made this moment.

Ray spins on his heel quickly, once again looking at the owner of SHOOT. At a man who has been face to face with the biggest names in the industry and stared them down. They share a stare for a while longer, until at last, Ray Willmott unpurses his lips.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …When at last, you get some time to yourself, it helps put things into perspective, your thoughts have time to develop, to wrap their head around things. Things that didn’t make sense at first suddenly become very clear.

He widens his eyes.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …When you tell the entire World you’re going to be a Heavyweight Champion, when you guarantee it after training tirelessly for it. When you can stand in front a camera just like this, speaking to an audience as diverse as our own, and tell them that the man they are seeing in front of them, the man who has scratched and clawed his way to the finals of a World Championship tournament, is going to be the one to stand proudly with the distinction at the end of it. When you can do that Jason and end up with nothing, but a busted up leg and a broken heart … then you can relate to the reason why I’m not in the fucking mood for talking!! 

Jason Johnson doesn’t say a word, giving a member of his roster a chance to say his piece.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I have no excuses to make to you or to anyone. I lost at Uprising, and that is all there is to it! I gave it everything. I pushed myself beyond my limits, but still came away empty-handed. What can any man say to that, Jason? What am I supposed to tell the World?

There is no immediate reply.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Trevor Worrens beat me, and at the same time, injured me. I did not get the World Heavyweight Championship I have long aspired for, and in addition, one of my good friends, both personally and professionally; Osbourne Kilminster has left the company…

There is a loud boo from the Kilminster fans in the crowd, who start a ‘Ozzy’ chant up, in homage of their hero.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …All that I ever offered you. All that I ever offered SHOOT Project, has spiralled into oblivion. And right now, I stand before you an empty man, with nobody to blame but myself.

There is a frozen silence in the Thomas and Mack Centre. Jason, slightly worried by the sudden direction of the conversation, quickly thinks on the spot and interjects himself.

Jason Johnson: …The leg injury … how bad is it?

Slightly surprised by Jason’s choice of question, Willmott furrows his brow, and then looks down toward the floor. Supporting the base of his left leg is a black support, wrapped tightly around the calf and shin area. Ray stands there in silence, observing the handiwork of his opponent at Uprising. Remembering how it all transpired, recollecting the violent images in his mind, and how he ultimately fell to Trevor Worrens on SHOOT’s grandest stage.

He shakes the thoughts from his head quickly, and stares hard at Jason Johnson.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It’s all fabricated, Jason.

Jason Johnson: …Wha … what do you …

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Worrens messed up my leg, but not to the extent people are making out. Four months? Two months? Bullshit!

A HUGE roar comes out of the fans! The building feels as if it’s going to collapse from the reception.

Jason Johnson: …But I … how lo…

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …A week, maybe two. I could go now. Just the doctors are being over-protective.

Jason Johnson: …That’s great news! Man, after what I’ve been hearing, that takes so much pressure off …

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott:   …I’ve no intention of forgetting my hunt for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship! Never a day has passed, that I didn’t fucking think about holding that title, and my heart still beats, still yearns for it! So, I’m going to work my way back up to get that second chance against Worrens or against Sato! I’m going to do the exact same damn thing I’ve been doing since the very first night and keep fighting until I get what I want!!


‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I just thought I’d come to tell you to ignore the crap that gets posted out there, and that, just like the very first night of the relaunch, I’m ready for booking, whenever you have a free slot!

The fans pop like crazy, ecstatic that Willmott intends to remain with the company, finally putting the rumors to rest. He nods finally, and turns to leave out through the door. But before he can put a foot out, he is stopped by a hand on the shoulder from Jason Johnson.

Jason Johnson: …I understand you’re hurting Ray. I understand how much this means to you. How strongly you feel about becoming the champion of my company, and I can’t tell you how proud that makes me feel. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that you will make that ascension to the top, and to hear you say you won’t concede, won’t give up, has given me inspiration!

Willmott turns around once more to face Jason, cocking his head with intrigue.

Jason Johnson: …People spoke out against the tournament. Saying that matches which were leading toward the grandest prize in the industry were tarnished by interference and personal grudges. I respect our officials that work with SHOOT. Men who’ve been here for years, being the decision makers in some of our most challenging and difficult contests. But frankly, after seeing what happened earlier with Kaz Sato and Trevor Worrens, I’m concerned …

Ray Willmott gives Jason Johnson his complete and undivided attention

Jason Johnson: …The whole situation looks set to go completely out of control, and I WILL NOT HAVE THAT for the first defence of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!!

Jason puts his other hand on Willmott’s other shoulder.

Jason Johnson: …I need enforcement! I need someone who can maintain the order! Who can control these men! Who will show them what a match of this magnitude actually signifies for SHOOT Project! What a World Heavyweight Championship match in SHOOT Project is all about!

Jason Johnson looks Willmott up and down, and then back to his eyes.

Jason Johnson: …I need you!

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …What?!

Jason Johnson: …I need you to go out there and officiate this match, Ray! To be the decision maker! To be the man who keeps these two unique forces under control! This should be a special night. A great night for us all! After being away for so long, we finally have a World Champion again, and this is his first title defence!

Jason looks at Willmott with total seriousness.

Jason Johnson: … I can think of no man better than you to stand out there with them and make sure this goes down the way it fucking should!!

The fans are completely ecstatic over the idea, and are in real hope of seeing Willmott come out again for the main event of the evening.

OG: …Guest Referee?! Ray Willmott?!

Dave Dymond: …We’re dealing with a potentially volatile situation here, Worrens and Sato look set to kill each other tonight!

OG: …It’s about to get even more volatile if they go ahead with this!!

Jason Johnson: …Do you accept?!

Once again, silence. Ray Willmott does not immediately respond, and instead listens to the reception from the people who are in total support of the idea.

He hadn’t anticipated this, coming into Jason’s office this evening. He hadn’t expected an offer like this. Never once did it occur to him, and has thus, left him slightly shell-shocked and surprised.

He swallows deeply.

And finally, when he collects his thoughts, Willmott manages a half smile, and gives a nod to Jason.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It would be an honour!

It’s deafening in Vegas with these fans, as they hear Willmott’s acceptance!! Jason returns a smile and pats Ray on the back.

Jason Johnson: …Thank you, Ray, now go get yourself ready!

Willmott nods, then makes his way out as abruptly as he came in. The scene quickly pans back to the surprised faces of both Dave Dymond and The Other Guy!!


The crowd grows silent as they await the first man to enter the ring in this tag team contest.

Samantha Coil: The next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first…hailing from Bronx, New York. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs in at 192 pounds… he is The Indie Rockstar…. ART DE LUCA!

The lights dim.. then, we hear the opening hard guitar strumming of "Little Cream Soda" by the White Stripes. On the Tron now flashes the attack of Jun Kenshin by Art De Luca three times, then finally the lights come back on to see Art De Luca already standing on the ramp as he is greeted with boos from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Art De Luca has been making serious waves recently in the SHOOT Project and the big commotion was his backstage attack at Uprising.

Other Guy: De Luca is thinking his time is now. Some people didn’t understand the metaphorical meanin of his attack.

He stands clad in black gym shorts with "De Luca Libre" written in white text on the bottom of the right thigh, black shoes, black gloves with the fingers cut off, and a black bandana tied around his head. His facial hair is again unshaven, given him a ‘who gives a shit feel.’ He makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans for the most part as a good bit sound off in boos, a lot of them not caring either way. He finally slides under the bottom rope, using the top rope to stretch himself as he heads to his corner.

Dave Dymond: Art De Luca has been talking a TON of smack the past couple of weeks. Other than shooting his mouth off, we’ve seen that he’s got like a weird Lucha Libre style.

Other Guy: Don’t you gotta be like Mexican to be Lucha Libre. This dude is white.

Dave Dymond: Nothing gets past you, OG.

“Little Cream Soda” cuts off as “The Devil’s Chasing Me” by Reverend Horton Heat comes through the sound system as out steps “Fortune’s Friend” Deacon Summers.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada… he stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at 201 pounds this is “Fortune’s Friend” DEACON SUMMERS!

Summers gingerly holds his torso as he still feels the ill effects from the Law of Gravity match two weeks ago as the screen shows still photos of the brutal Law of Gravity Match at Uprising.

Dave Dymond: The one man that stole the show at Uprising was this man, OG.

Other Guy: Summers is tough, man. Anybody that doubles down on a 12 in blackjack is tough.

Dave Dymond: What the hell are you talking about?

Other Guy: The dude can count cards, win at any casino game, get casino comps like no one’s business and he’s a damn good high flier. I wonder if he does taxes too.

Summers jumps on the top rope and moonsaults in to the ring. De Luca looks indifferent to his partner as Summers stretches his arm and his music cuts off. The two men barely recognize each other’s presence. The music cuts off as the lights go dark for a moment.

Dave Dymond: Deacon Summers and Art De Luca make an impressive duo but they are about to face one hell of a team.

The Tron shows a live shot of the locker room. It is side by side, one of Jun Kenshin’s and the other is Benjamin Biggs. Both men get out of their respective locker rooms at the same time. Biggs is rocking the white and gold with the Law of Survival Championship around his waist while Kenshin wears his colors of white and green.  The fans pop as the two make their way to the guerilla position as “Misfit Love” blares over the speakers.

Samantha Coil: They are facing a team that has a combined weight of 375 pounds… They are “The Undeniable” JUN KENSHIN and The Law of Survival Champion BENJAMIN BIGGS!

Wanna see my past in flames,

Don’t waste a drop baby, I ain’t fussed.

Where I was born, no escape,

There, there ain’t even no good/bad drugs.

In the city is it true?

If you don’t, you act like you do.

Feast of fools. I can’t wait,

Give ’em a taste of my misfit love.



Feel my heart wake up.

Dave Dymond: What a show of team unity here, OG. They come out at the same time and with Benjamin Biggs music.

Other Guy: So what? That don’t mean anythin.

Biggs and Kenshin storm out of the back as they slap hands with the fans.  Biggs poses with some teenage cuties, barely legal he hopes, to take a quick picture. Kenshin can’t help but smirk. Kenshin does his routine every match as he wipes his feet on the ring apron before coming in like he’s coming into his own house while Biggs flashily does a front flip landing on his feet and then raising his arms.

Ain’t born to lose baby,

I’m born to win,

I’m so goddamn slick baby, it’s a sin,

It’s a sin.

“Misfit Love” cuts off as Biggs takes off the Law of Survival Championship and hands it to the referee Austin Linam as Linam neatly folds the belt and hands it to Sam Coil as she takes her seat and the bell is rung.

Summers and Biggs are the respective fighters for their teams as the fans clap their hands, stomp their feet and are pretty fired up for this match. Summers and Biggs do a collar and elbow tie up as the slightly larger Summers powers Biggs into the corner and Summers with a blistering knife edge chop stuns Biggs. Summers fires fast forearm shots to the chin of Biggs as Summers shoots Biggs to the far side as Summers runs in but Biggs gets the boot up. Biggs quickly hops on the middle turnbuckle as he flies off and does a beautiful flying head scissors!

Dave Dymond: Biggs is so damn quick!

Other Guy: Summers was favoring the ribs, let’s see if the LOS Champ saw that.

Biggs hits the ropes as he does a tumbling body splash onto the aforementioned damaged ribs. Cover by Biggs as Austin Linam counts.



Summers kicks out as Biggs hops onto the middle ropes and begins to go the top but wait! Art De Luca JERKS the top rope and Biggs straddles the top rope as the crowd groans in pain! Kenshin yells at the referee but De Luca raises his arms in innocence. The front row is pointing fingers at the Bronx native who shakes his head admitting no wrong doing. The distraction helps Summers get up as he looks at De Luca but Summers doesn’t go for the tag instead opting to do a dropkick onto the distracted Jun Kenshin knocking him off the apron and onto the floor!

Dave Dymond: Cheap shots all around!

Other Guy: That ain’t cheap… that was smart! Kenshin wasn’t paying attention and he got caught.

Kenshin is dazed for a moment as Summers sees Biggs is about to get up as Summers runs in and drops Biggs down face first with a running bulldog! Summers gets up but he gets a blind tag from De Luca. De Luca flies in with a springboard leg drop catching Biggs as Biggs coughs violently. De Luca sees Kenshin about to get up as De Luca does a baseball slide drop kick and Kenshin goes down again!

Dave Dymond: De Luca wants no part of Kenshin so he’s doing best to keep him out of this match and try to wear down Benjamin Biggs.

Other Guy: It’s good to slow down the pace cause Biggs is hella fast.

Dave Dymond: All four guys are quick, agile and they’re all high fliers with the exception of Kenshin being more of a ground and pound grappler at this point of his career.

De Luca has a smug look on his face as the fans boo. De Luca hits the ropes now and jumps HIGH into the air as both knees crash onto the chin of Biggs! De Luca now blatantly chokes Biggs right in front of Kenshin as an infuriated Kenshin slides into the ring and goes to kick the hell out of De Luca but the ref barks at Kenshin to get back to his ring. The distraction causes Summers and De Luca to come in as the two grab Biggs and the duo hoist Biggs in a front face suplex but both men fall forward as Biggs lands face first onto the mat with a double gourd buster!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is really costing his partner here!

Other Guy: This is a surprise, Dymond. You’d think Kenshin and Biggs would work better with all their talk of teamwork.

De Luca points at Kenshin as the San Diego native curses loudly but he grabs the tag rope to show the ref that he’s in his corner. De Luca goes to the top rope now as he is perched up there like an eagle about to swoop in for the kill. De Luca flies off but Biggs must have saw De Luca in the corner of his eye! De Luca flies off with a Savage style top rope double axe handle smash but Biggs counters with a dropkick!

Dave Dymond: This is Biggs chance to make the tag and get some rest!

Biggs crawls at his corner but Summers comes in and grabs Biggs by the foot. Biggs does a beautiful enzugiri counter reminiscent of the late GREAT Owen Hart! Summers falls face first comically as Biggs tags Kenshin!

Other Guy: Oh damn. Here comes trouble!

Kenshin hits the ropes and does a hard Mafia Kick to the face of the still stunned Summers as Summers is woozy and Kenshin finally knocks Summers over the ropes with a Roaring Elbow as Summers goes tumbling over the ropes. Kenshin points at De Luca like FINALLY as the crowd pops big! De Luca ducks out of the way though like the rat that he is as the fans BOO the hell out of the overt cowardice.

Dave Dymond: Hey! De Luca just left the ring. He really wants no part of Kenshin.

Kenshin is in hot pursuit of De Luca as the younger grappler is much faster than Kenshin as De Luca dives in head first and Kenshin dives in seconds after he does but De Luca connects with a kick to the ribs! BOOO!!! De Luca pounces on the downed Kenshin with STIFF shots to the back over and over as De Luca has a crazed look on his face!

Dave Dymond: De Luca is using Kenshin’s aggressiveness against him, there’s more than meets the eye with De Luca.

De Luca grabs Kenshin up and immediately grabs him in a MMA clinch as De Luca pulls Kenshin’s head down while De Luca does a crushing knee! Kenshin is stunned as De Luca hits the near side of the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Kenshin ducks it. Kenshin legs weeps De Luca down to the mat as Kenshin grabs an ankle of De Luca looking to apply an ankle lock as De Luca rolls out easily. The faster De Luca gets back to a standing base as he connects with a stinging right to the chin of Kenshin! Kenshin is rocked but he takes another shot! De Luca rears back and hits Kenshin again! Kenshin shakes his head like it doesn’t hurt me!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is nuts! He’s telling De Luca to give him his best shot!


Kenshin punches his own chin several times to emphasize as De Luca hits the ropes and looks to gain steam with a big knockout punch but Kenshin was playing with De Luca as Kenshin ducks the KO punch by Art and then does a high kick catching De Luca right behind the ear stunning him. Kenshin fires a kick to the thigh of De Luca, followed by a kick to the quadriceps and then a rolling Lyger style kick to the face of De Luca as the crowd pops. Kenshin doesn’t go for the cover but instead just goes down and starts to hammer right hands to the head of De Luca!

Other Guy: Kenshin really wants to bust up De Luca tonight.

The ref barks at Kenshin to get off De Luca as Kenshin waves him off but De Luca grabs the trunks of Kenshin and use his own momentum against him as Kenshin goes chin first to the top turnbuckle. De Luca goes to the far side of the ropes and makes a mad dash at Kenshin throwing BOTH knees high at the back of Kenshin’s head Express style!

Dave Dymond: Oh man! De Luca just NAILED Kenshin with both knees in the back of his head but he’s not going for the cover though.

De Luca looks to issue more punishment on Kenshin now as he has Kenshin in the middle ropes as he is just dangling there as De Luca does a 619 quite sloppily to mock Kenshin and does further taunts by thumping his chest and wiping his feet on the apron like Kenshin does.

Other Guy: HA! I love it.

Summers is not impressed though as he yells at De Luca to put Kenshin away. De Luca now rudely slaps Summers in the chest as Summers glares at De Luca. Summers hits the ropes and does a jumping elbow smash to the heart of Kenshin. As Summers is getting up, he is on all fours as De Luca runs back in and uses the downed Summers like a jumping board executing an assisted Standing Shooting Star Press!

Dave Dymond: I think De Luca tagged out just so he could use Deacon Summers for that move alone!

Other Guy: Why not? It was awesome!

Summers gets up and yells at De Luca. The bickering between the partners gives Biggs an opportunity to come in now as he comes in illegally with a springboard missile dropkick nailing BOTH guys! The ref is starting to lose control as he kicks Biggs out as Kenshin is clutching his side while De Luca is knocked loopy after the dropkick. Summers grabs Kenshin’s foot but Kenshin pushes him off and he makes the tag to Biggs! Biggs hops in as he does a hurricanrana on Summers!



De Luca breaks it up!

Kenshin comes in and just tackles De Luca to the floor as the fans are going crazy at the fist fight that breaks out between the two! Biggs hits the ropes as he does a Throwback style face crusher on Summers! Biggs realizes the end is near as he goes to the top rope now as he yells “What time is it?”

Dave Dymond: 6:30! It’s 6:30 time!

Biggs goes to the top but wait! Summers is up now as Summers is up and he does several fists to the ribs of Biggs! Biggs winces in pain as Summers grabs Biggs and throws him off the top ropes. Summers now goes up top as he goes for a Moonsault but…. something HORRIBLY goes wrong!

Summers before he flies off slips just barely to skew his landing as he lands neck first onto the mat missing Biggs badly!

Dave Dymond: Jesus Christ!

Other Guy: Oh my God! Somebody get help!

The referee does an “X”, the universal sign that one of the boys is hurt as Biggs quickly goes for the cover knowing it’s time to “go home”.




Samantha looks around for a moment as the confusion is overwhelming but she still has to do her job.

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match… Jun Kenshin and Benjamin Biggs.

The fist fight with Kenshin and De Luca abruptly stops as Kenshin rolls back into the ring while De Luca… instead of checking on his partner… he walks away while EMT’s rush in and check on the fallen Deacon Summers. With a somber voice, Dymond speaks as the camera shifts away from Summers and to the broadcast booth.

Dave Dymond: Folks, what you saw was very real and it is a clear example of the risk that these men and women take. We don’t know how bad Deacon Summers is hurt but as someone that’s been a wrestling fan for many years, that was a sickening sight to witness.

Shots of the fans look on as looks of horror and confusion are on the faces of the SHOOT Project faithful. Kenshin and Biggs continue to look on as both men look gravely serious.

Other Guy: Deacon Summers has probably executed that moonsault a hundred times in training but… man. Dave, he landed right on his neck!!!

Other Guy is a little flustered as now Deacon Summers is stabilized on the backboard, his whole body is strapped in place as EMT’s place him on the gurney. No other words are necessary as Dave and OG go silent. Biggs and Kenshin look on in horror while De Luca is nowhere to be seen. Samantha Coil has her hand over her mouth while Austin Linam shakes his head. An ambulance is waiting by the loading docks of the arena as Deacon Summers, who was unresponsive is wheeled onto the ambulance. Some of the boys, road agents, techies and staff look on as one of SHOOT’s soldiers is badly hurt in the line of fire. The unmistakable ambulance lights swirl as the ambulance peels off for the nearest hospital.


As the arena plunges into darkness, a faint sound is heard over the P.A. system, getting louder as a hundred tiny white star-like lights shine above…


Other Guy: What?!?!

Dave Dymond: I’m bewildered, and so are ten thousand other people here!


The crowd stands on its feet. Some boo. Some cheer. Many are silent.

They don’t know what to expect.

Jumping out from behind the curtain, pumping his fists, a hooded figure drops to his knees with his fists high as the fans meet him with disbelief, a single white spotlight almost silhouetting him.

Well I sing…



Leaping up onto his feet, the Hooded Figure runs down the walkway with his hands outstretched to meet those of the fans who reach over the guardrail to him and launches onto the ring apron. He climbs through the ropes and into the ring, roaring back to the fans and pirouetting and pointing out into the crowd in all directions!

Now open wide and SAY MY NAAAAAAME!


Nodding his head, the Hooded Figure rips off his aforementioned hood and reveals himseld to the audience.

He is not Osbourne Kilminster.

He is Roland Caldwell.

The high pitches in the crowd boo. The deeper voices… they… they… well, some cheer. A slight, very slight, Ro-land-Cald-well chant begins, before being drowned out by the majority of the crowd.

Roland circles the ring, staring at the crowd with a dark smile upon his face.

Other Guy: Well, this is just…

Dave Dymond: Sad? Mean spirited? After what he…

Roland points towards the announcer’s table and starts screaming at them. Other Guy and Dave Dymond practically stutter as spittle flies from Roland’s mouth.


Dave Dymond: This man… to come out here like…

Other Guy: It’s vile.

As the music fades out and the lights come back on, Roland Caldwell turns slowly, looking out into all the faces, smiling to himself.

Roland: My name is Roland Caldwell.

A good deal of boos rain down on Roland, and yet he smiles. His teeth are yellow and the smile is joyless.

Roland: What? Are you sad about poor Ozzy? Are you upset? Upset that I dismembered him before your virgin eyes? Upset that I showed him how SHOOT Project once was… upset I showed him what a real man is like?

Roland pauses for emphasis before continuing.

Roland: Are you upset that Ray Willmott destroyed his leg? He and Ozzy were friends, after all. Maybe there’s a curse. I believe in curses. For instance, you are all cursed to be physically and mentally inferior to me. And I am cursed to deal with all of you!

The boos are harder. Roland stalks around the ring like a lion. He looks at the announce table and approaches it.

Dave Dymond: What now?

Roland: I have to deal with people like Other Guy here.

Other Guy: What did I do?

Roland: Look at yourself! Who the hell do you think you are? What the hell do you think you are? Is that a throwback Washington Bullets jersey?

Other Guy: Uh, yes.

Roland: Go back to Compton homie. Or, wait, you’re more of the Beverly Hills type. This whole image is a sad mask for your own pathetic life. Only a piece of crap that goes around pretending he’s black would mistake a road agent for the now retired Osbourne Kilminster. You’re pathetic, and if I had my way, you’d be sent out to the desert for that ridiculous mistake.

Other Guy: It was a… I…

Roland: SHUT UP! You’re just another sign of what has become of SHOOT Project. This federation was once something to be proud of, but now, from the announcers to the wrestlers to the ring crew to the… to the fans; they have all becomes things to be ashamed of.

Dave Dymond: I think someone should look in the mirror.

Roland: Where once SHOOT Project was revolutionary, now it embraces the mainstream. Men like Skull, Cronos Diamante, and the Real Deal were once our poster boys. They were the toughest. They were the strongest. They earned their ways to the top. They made themselves the headliners. Now… now the front office tries to shove Osbourne Kilminster and Ray Willmott down our throats. Your throats. It ends now.

Roland: If you don’t believe me, find the old tapes and DVDs of the warehouse days. They’re out there. The front office tries to destroy them. To eliminate SHOOT’s past. But that was SHOOT Project. This is crap. And I will tear this place down until it becomes what it should be. Until it becomes what it once was.

Roland: I will destroy the sinners in the federation. Ozzy was the first. Willmott took care of himself. Ozzy was just my first victim.

Roland pauses and soaks in the boos from the crowd. He smiles wide and thoroughly.

Roland: My night may not be over.

Roland drops the microphone, and his music, “Summer Overture – Remix” by Clint Mansell hits. The straining orchestra begins to pound through the arena.

Dave Dymond: That was interesting.


“Sober” By Tool begins to play and the lights change to bathe the arena in red and orange.  The fans pick up, having only had a moment to settle in before tonight’s Revolution main event.

Dave Dymond: We are getting right into what we all THOUGHT would be a SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship match… but instead will be a non-title fight.

Other Guy:  That’s the best way to put it, Dave, a fight.  Kaz Sato is looking to knock the world champ’s head off or make him tap for a SECOND time here tonight.

Dave Dymond: And as it was announced earlier tonight, Ray Willmott was set to be the guest referee, but medical concern arose just moments ago and with everything else going on, we’ve been informed that it was decided for Willmott’s safety that he NOT be involved in tonight’s main event.

As the song plays on, Kaz Sato emerges from the back, wearing a dark red wrestling singlet, and dark red boots to match.  Sato marches to the ring, and as he passes by the fans he slaps a couple of hands but keeps his focus on the ring ahead of him.

Samantha Coil: This next match up is scheduled for one fall and is tonight’s Revolution Main Event!

Sato enters the ring quickly, stretches out on the ropes a few times, and then turns his attention directly to the entry way.

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, weighing in tonight at 220 pounds… here is KAZ SATO!!!

The fans respond well enough with some cheering being heard.  Sato lifts both his arms into the air upon being announced and then brings them back down to his side.

Dave Dymond: Can that man, or as he has come to be called, The Beast, repeat what happened at the start of tonight’s Revolution, that’s the main question that you have to ask.

Other Guy: He got him there before, and sure it wasn’t official, but that doesn’t stop it from counting.  And if Sato does it again, that puts him in damn good running for the championship match he was promised, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That it would, but did Kaz make a mistake?  By locking in that katahajime submission earlier in the night, Kaz may have forced Worrens to prepare for that in this match, and now he’ll be looking to escape being put in that situation every chance he gets.

Sato’s music has since ended, the fans now buzzing in anticipation for the night’s main event.  Sato bounces slightly, a sign that the anticipation is building up inside of him as well.  Just then the lights flicker a bit, but return to normal just as “The Pursuit” by Evan’s Blue begins to play throughout the arena. The SHOOT video screen plays the art house montage of various odd angles depicting shots of Trevor Worrens, and after the images loop for the first time, Worrens steps out from the back, carrying with him the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Sato looks to exit the ring, but senior official Scott Kamura keeps him at bay, issuing a stern warning.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds… here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

As Worrens walks to the ring he holds up the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship title so that it hangs vertically by the belt strap.  Worrens stops right at the edge of the ring, remaining on the outside for a moment.  Sato backs up a few steps, motioning for Worrens to get into the ring.  Worrens walks up the steel steps and then enters the ring.

Dave Dymond: Imagine the absolute rage that must be stirring inside of Sato right now. After all this time, biding his time, exercising patience, and now in the moment he is supposed to be getting his shot at the biggest prize in any organization, he has to wait even longer.

Other Guy: well he’s only gotta wait a few more seconds to get his hands on Worrens, and I think that’s the mind set that The Beast has switched to in the here and now.

The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship title is taken out of the ring by Samantha Coil while the referee checks in Kaz Sato. Sato is cleared and Worrens is next to be checked in.  The second Kamura finishes, and just as he motions for the bell, Sato makes a dead sprint across the ring at Worrens, catching him immediately with a thunderous clothesline!!!


Worrens hits the mat like a ton of bricks, and Sato drops down right next to him, brings his head up into a tight headlock and just PUMMELS Worrens’s head with fist after fist!  The fans get into it, some trying toc count along, but Sato is punching too quickly and recklessly.  Worrens shifts his body enough so that his leg is under the bottom rope, and Kamura spots this.  He shouts at Sato to back off, and Sato fires a few more good punches and then rises to his feet, backing off from Worrens.  Worrens grabs at the ropes now, the fans cheering on Sato who stands there, a vicious smirk on his face.

Dave Dymond: Round one goes to Sato!

Other Guy: No kidding. Damn did he come at Worrens like there was no tomorrow.

Dave Dymond: He’s here tonight to prove he deserves the title shot, and maybe he’s going to go above and beyond that and just take the SHOOT Project Champion out completely.

Worrens gets up to his feet now, and slowly but surely a ‘YOU TAPPED OUT” chant builds up inside the arena, until the majority of the fans are getting in on it.  Worrens glares at Sato who nods his head with each word chanted.  Worrens, bothered by Sato’s smugness, moves in towards him now, and there is quick lock up, but Sato breaks it, turns Worrens into a side headlock and drills him again, but this time with just one hard punch!  Worrens goes down to one knee and Sato looks for a strong kick to the face, but Worrens gets up in time and grabs Sato’s now extended leg and quickly turns his body, falling to the mat and twisting Sato’s leg in the process.

Dave Dymond: Quick leg twist take down by Worrens gets him out of a potential knock out situation.

Worrens gets up to his feet quickly, still holding onto the leg, but Sato gets in good position and kicks his other leg at the side of Worrens repeatedly, forcing him to let go of the other leg.  Sato starts to get up, but Worrens fires a well placed knee strike right into Sato’s sternum, causing him to stumble backwards clutching at his chest.  Worrens follows up with a running clothesline, but Sato ducks it, only for Worrens to continue running, leap up onto the second rope and spring off of it!

Sato turns just as Worrens comes crashing into him with a flying second rope clothesline!

Other Guy: Not usually his strong suit, but Worrens made the high-risk jump pay off.

Dave Dymond: First pin of the match… is it the last…


Sato gets his shoulder up with authority, and Worrens gets up and just KICKS Sato in the side.  The fans boo in response as Sato rolls over onto his stomach and Worrens now with a knee to the back of Sato.  Sato fights through, trying to push himself up off the mat, but Worrens repeatedly knees him in the back, keeping him grounded.

Dave Dymond: Worrens has now taken this into an area he is MORE than comfortable in, and that’s keeping the opponent down and under his control.  Its at this juncture that Worrens could run away with this match just like that.

With Sato down on his stomach, Worrens now sits on his back and immediately goes to lock in a camel clutch submission.  Sato struggles though, grabbing Worrens’s hands and trying to force them away from his chin.  Worrens shifts his focus and FOREARMS Sato in the back of the head, trying to knock him out, and goes to lock it on again. Sato still fights against it now, using his strength to keep Worrens from locking on the camel clutch, and Worrens gets annoyed.  He puts his hand in front of Sato’s face now and just BLATANTLY rakes his fingers upwards over Sato’s eyes!


Worrens gets up as Sato writhes on the mat, rolling over onto his back and grabbing at his face.

Other Guy: There’s that unpredictability, Dave. Worrens will put up a clean competitive fight, but sometimes the cat just snaps and pulls something like that.

Dave Dymond: Certainly frustration taking its toll… and you also have to factor in that Worrens is a younger competitor, and already holds the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship, that kind of pressure to perform can build up as well.

As Sato, half blindly, gets up to his feet, Worrens is right there with a hard knee strike to the side of Sato’s right leg, then another knee strike to the side of the left leg. As Sato falters. Worrens lands a palm strike to the chest, then crushes Sato with another palm strike, this time to the face.  Sato spins and Worrens looks to complete the striking combination as he winds up with a standing clothesline, only Sato SNAPS back around, grabs Worrens around the waist and LAUNCHES him up and over with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex!!!!

Other Guy: Damn!  Sato took that blow full on, but knew what was coming and he stopped Worrens DEAD, Dave, dead in his tracks!

Dave Dymond: We have heard Sato say it all this week. He’s waited and watched. He knows Trevor Worrens incredibly well, and he’s going to look to use that as his vantage point as this match continues.

Other Guy:  Couple more suplexes like that, not sure it’s gonna continue much longer.

Sato keeps on the offense now, walking towards Worrens who sits up, only to get kicked square in his back!  Worrens arches forward in pain, and Sato picks him up from behind, landing a few forearm shots square to the back, and Worrens responds with desperation back elbow.  The shot connects, and Worrens looks to capitalize, but Sato lunges right back in, and DRIVES Worrens down onto his back.  Sato goes down with him, and now once again goes back to a full on assault on Worrens, this time repeatedly scraping his forearms across Worrens’s face.  Worrens tries to fight it, but Sato overpowers him, at least for a bit, but Worrens eventually knocks Sato off of him with his arms, shoving him hard to the side.  Sato is up, looking to get right back at Worrens, but now Worrens rolls out of the ring completely.

Dave Dymond: Worrens doing whatever he can to escape, but Sato won’t have ANY of that, O.G.

Other Guy: I know, I’m watching the same match you are, so don’t have to tell it to me!

The fans pick up as Sato goes right out of the ring as well, forcing Worrens to continue to fight.  Worrens throws a palm strike at Sato.  Sato responds with a hard closed punch.  Worrens fires back with another palm strike, and Sato takes it and fights through, throwing another hard punch.  The exchange continues, with each shot thrown more forcefully, and all this time, Kamura counts the mandatory 20 count.  Sato gets the upper hand on Worrens, firing two successful punches in a row, which sends Worrens staggering towards the guard railing.



Sato comes at Worrens from behind, but Worrens is quick to counter, side stepping Sato and bringing him down with an impromptu drop toe hold!  Sato falls forward, just catching his head on the railing as he falls to the arena floor.


Worrens picks him right back up and now leans the somewhat dazed Sato up against the railing.  Worrens then back up, giving him some space to pick up speed.

Dave Dymond: Not sure what Worrens is planning here, but he has that look in his eyes, the very same one we saw at Uprising when he just DROVE that final knee into Willmott’s head to become the World Heavyweight Champion.


Worrens, having sized up Sato, runs full speed towards him, looking to bring a knee straight into his head, but Sato drops even lower, and with ALL his strength lifts Worrens up by the leg and from under the knee, turns and sends Worrens CRASHING back first onto the guard railing! Worrens bends over the railing then bounces back so he lands on the ring side of the railing, stomach first.


Sato grabs Worrens now and drags him closer to the ring, then lifts him up and rolls him in.  Sato then rolls in himself, breaking the ring-out count, but then rolls right back outside.

Dave Dymond: Sato has something on his mind as he’s right back to the outside, and now… he’s got the apron up.

Other Guy: Sato PLUS a weapon, not good, Dave… for Worrens anyway. Great for these fans.

Sure enough the fans start to buzz, and then they begin to cheer as Sato pulls out a table from under the ring!  Kamura shouts a warning at Sato to get back into the ring, but Sato shrugs it off and starts to set up the table.

Dave Dymond: Wrestling fans have always been known to LOVE the tables, and the SHOOT Project faithful no different.

Worrens starts to get up to his feet inside the ring, and Sato has the table set up close to the ring, and then seeing Worrens up he slides back into the ring, leaving the table on the outside.  Worrens goes after Sato immediately, and Sato lunges upward to his full vertical position, blocks a palm strike, but leaves himself wide open to a knee strike to the gut.  Sato slumps forward and Worrens locks him in a front facing headlock quickly, looking to take him down for a DDT, but Sato powers out, pushing Worrens backwards!

Worrens stumbles, his momentum off, and his elbow KNOCKS Scott Kamura right upside the head!

Other Guy: Man down!

Dave Dymond: Kamura in horrible position there, and he’s out now because of it.

Other Guy: that was solid elbow to head contact, and that leaves this match possibly headin’ straight for chaos, Dave.

Worrens doesn’t so much as look over his shoulder to check on Kamura, keeping his focus on Sato who comes at him.  Worrens throws another knee, and this time CONNECTS with the DDT.  Sato’s head is planted into the mat, and Worrens now looks to Kamura, clearly frustrated at the situation.  He shouts at Kamura, trying to bring him back to his senses, but to no avail.  Worrens turns back around now, Sato starting to get up to his feet.  Worrens grabs Sato and brings him up the rest of the way, and suddenly the fans begin to cheer!

Dave Dymond: Looks like we’ve got a new referee heading to the ring in the form of Ray Willmott!!!

Other Guy: He’s putting himself at risk here, though, but damn does that show his dedication to being out here for the fans.

Dave Dymond: Willmott on hand to keep this match going… and Worrens with a quick inverted backbreaker!!!

Sato is down, and Worrens sees Willmott out of the corner of his eye and now covers Sato.  Willmott, despite the leg brace, drops to the mat swiftly and makes the count.



Sato kicks out!

Willmott shows two and Worrens looks at him for a moment, and Willmott just motions for the match to continue.

Other Guy: Think Worrens was questioning that count, Dave?

Dave Dymond: Seemed fair to me, but definitely Willmott’s presence in this match will have some effect on Worrens’s focus, despite Willmott looking to be as fair as possible as he takes over as the official of this one.

Worrens brings Sato up off the mat again, and now whips him into the ropes.  Sato however snaps back into things, hooking his arms around the ropes, stopping his momentum. Worrens charges at him and Sato reacts, lifting Worrens up and over!  The fans hold their breath as Worrens almost sails over completely, and crash into the table set up outside, but Worrens holds onto the ropes and pulls his body in so he ends up on the outside ring edge.  Sato turns and Worrens fires with a palm strike to the head  Sato staggers back a step, clutching at the side of his head, but he quickly recovers and charges back at Worrens.

Worrens moves and then pulls the ropes down, causing Sato to spill over, but he stays on the ring edge as well. Worrens gets into the ring now, his back to the ropes and Sato, and before he can even react. Sato rises up to his full vertical position and just grabs Worrens from the outside, locking on the Katahajime!!!

Other Guy: OH MAN!  Just like that, Sato’s got it on!

Dave Dymond: But Worrens is in the ropes, and regardless of the fact that Sato, and theses fans, and even Ray Willmott probably want to see Worrens tap again tonight, it’s not legal and Sato MUST break the hold!

The fans are cheering now, just as caught off guard as Worrens was.  However, Willmott right there to enforce the rules, shouting at Sato to break the submission.  Worrens struggles against it, flailing his arms as best he can, and Sato does not let go!  Willmott shouts a second warning, but still Sato keeps it locked on, with Worrens trying to break free anyway he can.  Willmott has no choice and starts the disqualification count.

One!  Two!  Three!  Four!

Sato lets go, with a slight shove.  Willmott avoids being knocked into by Worrens, but his footing is off and he falls, his left leg buckling under him.  “OOOOH!” the fans look on as Willmott grits his teeth in slight pain, definitely favoring the left leg… and before Worrens can recover, Sato just re-applies the katahajime submission!!!

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato out to put Worrens out now as he AGAIN locks on his signature submission hold.

Other Guy: We almost had two referees taken out though tonight, Dave, I’m surprised this one hasn’t been thrown out by now!

Dave Dymond: Willmott appears to be okay, though his leg injury may have been aggravated because of that awkward fall… but he’s getting back up and inserting his authority as the official once again!

Willmott limps, but still walks with a purpose as he moves to the side of Worrens and physically grabs a hold of Sato, forcing him to break the submission hold. Willmott loosens Sato’s arms a bit, but he still has the katahajime locked on, but the loosened arms allows for Worrens to now position his body to break free.  He slips out of the submission hold, turns quickly and just violently HEADBUTTS Sato in the face.  Sato slumps on the ring edge, holding onto the rope with one hand, clutching his face with the other.  The fans responded with a collective “oooh” as Sato teeters on the verge of falling off the ring edge and crashing down through the table.  Worrens grabs Sato though and pulls him up to his full vertical base and looks to bring him up and over into the ring with a vertical suplex, but Sato stops it….

The fans on their feet as Sato reverses the suplex…

But Worrens swerves his body to the side and lands on his feet on the ring edge.  Worrens grabs Sato, by the back of the head, intertwines legs, and just throwing it all away Worrens LUNGES backwards and BOTH he and Sato crash through the table!

Other Guy: Worrens sacrificing himself to hurt Sato… that’s what this one comes down to. Sato wanted to take the champ out, and this is what Worrens was pretty much backed in a corner to do, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Both men out now amongst the table wreckage and the special guest referee now, Ray Willmott has no other choice but to start the double knock-out count.

The fans look on, buzzing after what they just saw, and Willmott leans over the ropes a bit, double checking on the situation before he starts counting.





Worrens stirs a bit, but doesn’t move enough to get up to his feet.  The fans watch on, on the edge of their seats at this point wondering if either Sato or Worrens are going to get up.




Willmott again looks to both men, Sato trying to move towards the ring, but not standing up.


Sato seems to get a burst of adrenaline as he tries to scramble up now, Worrens slowly moving as well.


Worrens looks to get up… but Sato grabs both his legs, keeping Worrens down…


Willmott calls for the bell now, bringing an end to the match.  Worrens kicks Sato’s arms away and storms around to the other side of the ring, grabbing his world heavyweight championship with anger.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been ruled a draw as a result of a double knock out!

Dave Dymond: Obviously neither Worrens nor Sato are knocked out, but the ruling is simple, one of the competitors had to get to his feet by a ten count, and that did not happen.

Other Guy: Nobody wins, nobody loses, but Worrens NOT happy about how this one has turned out, as Sato basically used Worrens’s own medicine against him there. He sacrificed himself so that Worrens wouldn’t win the match.

Worrens starts to the back now, and as he passes by Sato, Sato just looks at him with a slight smile on his face and a look of “I’m going to get you” in his eyes.  Willmott looks on as well as Worrens walks to the back, when suddenly he lurches forward, FORCED to the mat by the sickening impact of a STEEL CHAIR!!!


Willmott is on palms and knees and standing over him now is Roland Caldwell!!

Dave Dymond: Where did he come from?

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave! All eyes were on Worrens and Sato and then BAM!  Out of nowhere Roland CRUSHED Willmott’s back with that steel chair.

Worrens stops now, looking at what just happened in the ring on the SHOOT video screen.   Roland hits Willmott with a SECOND steel chair shot, laying him out flat on his stomach. He then starts out of the ring quickly, just as Sato turns, Roland is right there and SMASHES the steel chair over Sato’s cranium!

The fans boo louder as Roland looks down at Sato’s body, a look of cold hatred on his face. But then Roland turns his attention further up the ramp way, and immediately storms towards Worrens!  Worrens, with his back to Roland, but seeing him approaching via the SHOOT video screen, drops his championship title and turns quickly, looking to meet Roland head on.  Worrens throws out a hard palm strike, but Roland just swats his arm away with one hand… and then with the other hand… CRACKS Worrens across the face with the steel chair!

Dave Dymond: MY GOD!  One handed chair shot, STRAIGHT across the face… what is this all about?

Other Guy: Oh we know exactly what this is about.  Roland Caldwell wants carnage.  Roland Caldwell wants to take SHOOT Project back to the warehouse days… and he just sent that message by BUSTING the face of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!!!

The fans are near deafening with their boos now as Roland Caldwell stands at the entryway now, he glances down at the World Heavyweight Championship title.  Then he turns around, and looks out at his doing.  A row of three bodies from the ring to the entryway.

Revolution ends on that very image.