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Dominion 8: 5/29/2013

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play. The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome. We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it. The scene is serene.

I’m ready.

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. Suddenly, the monochrome screen shakes, the colors flashing in and out.


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.

I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.

Can’t be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Dan Stein appears, slowly removing the hood that reveals himself to the world as he stands over a fallen foe.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Donovan King snapping off the Dealbreaker on an unsuspecting victim.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!

We are

Yeah I said it

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera before Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the darkness in front of the hulking trio, Flay’s eyes darting left and right while Gaunt grins wildly.

This is Roc Nation

Pledge your allegiance

Get ya black tees on

All black everything

Black cards, black cars

All black everything

The camera spins around Adrian Corazon, who stands bathed in the spotlight. His chest is bare and his arms outstretched, the camera settling on Corazon’s massively scarred back.

And our girls are blackbirds

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Tanya Black strikes at Chance Ryan, connecting with a DDT before the scene shifts to Kincaid smirking as he is face to face with Thomas Manchester Black. Just as quickly as that image shows up, Ja-Gi Kyung Moon throws his arms in the air in victory, holding the Iron Fist Championship high.

Other Guy: This could do it!

I’d get more in depth

If you boys really real enough

The Bad Ass Brotherhood saunter down to the ring, both men dressed for success before we see Lunatikk Crippler connecting with the Lunatikk Sweet before Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming a victim down into the mat.

Eryk Masters: Come on!

This is La Familia

I’ll explain later

But for now let me get back to this paper

Johnny Napalm is destroying Edmund Augustus Shan ruthlessly before it shifts to ANARCHY standing in the center of the ring, the camera circling them to reveal Loco Martinez behind them, trying unsuccessfully to get them to move out of his way.

I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back

Solomon Richards is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open. Mason Pierce appears next, the monster Malice behind him as his support, Mason’s eyes filled with eagerness while Malice’s eyes are filled with silent fury.

I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

Valentine Lionheart connects with a low blow before the camera catches his knowing grin. It cuts to Rich Mahogany and Don Hollywood stand tall in the ring, looking around at the Epicenter with a glint in their eye that hints at their cunning. Finally, it cuts straight to Loris Arclale, callously attacking a poor victim, who is long been down on the ground.

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas

Now we squared up

Hold up

Randall Kash stands in the spotlight, sneering at the camera. It quickly switches to Ripper, running his hands through his hair as his eyes are so wide they threaten to bulge out from his skull. Quickly, the camera switches to Jacob Mephisto, exhausted, holding the Sin City Championship in his clutches, staring down at it as if it was the end of a long road for him.

Eryk Masters: …this is YOUR moment!

We cut back to Datura slowly walking down to the ring before it shifts to Conor Caden doing the same. It cuts back to Sex & Violence with their World Tag Team Championship belts, holding them high for all to see, proud champions in the spotlight. We cut to a hapless victim being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian!


Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on someone before we see the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship held in the hand of Donovan King, standing tall after a hard fought victory. The camera focuses in on the face plate.

Other Guy: WHAT!?!??

Eryk Masters: NO!!!

Suddenly, the camera zooms right back out again, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling high above the Epicenter as the music dies down. The piano returns…and Rihanna’s voice does as well.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We come back to Adrian Corazon, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring. He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. Then, we see Project:SCAR en masse, the group standing among a mass of followers who keep their heads low, hidden by hoods. Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and pulls her in close while Entragian slides his hand across Gaunt’s midsection. Obsidian remains silent, glaring ahead.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Dan Stein slowly runs his fingers across the face plate of his World Tag Team Championship while Napalm clutches his to his chest. Vermont’s Finest is shown, El Asso Wipo making a snapping motion with his hands while Silas looks on, ever annoyed.

I’m addicted to the thrill

The screen flashes with Maya Nakashima flying in the air, connecting with a splash on someone before it shifts to Cronos Diamante, throwing his arms to either side, beckoning Orion to come to him. Mirage remains by his side, a knowing smile on his face.

It’s a dangerous love affair

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Lunatikk Crippler, Crippler’s raven locks swaying effortlessly in slow motion.

Victory’s within the mile

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

Almost there, don’t give up now

SCAR descends upon Corazon, ready to brand him.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Trey Willett appears, his head bowed so that his face is bathed in the shadows.

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey Willett, we see Henry Gordon trading punches with Johnny Napalm. Chance Ryan entering the ring, Logan Caine clapping his hands as he readies for his opponent to get to their feet, Vermont’s Finest hamming it up in the spotlight, Orion marching to the ring, Loco Martinez attempting a pin on Buck Dresden, cutting finally to the briefest image of Jonny Johnson himself, slowly rising from the darkness as a black phoenix in the spotlight.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.


Dutch Harris: SHOOT Project! Welcome to another edition of Dominion! Joining me, as always, is none other than SHOOT Project’s keeper of time itself, Mark Kendrick!

Mark Kendrick: Man, oh man, we’ve got a great night of action ahead of us! But, let’s talk for a moment about last night’s Revolution! We learned that Donovan King has agreed to face Jonny Johnson next week for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd cheers, hearing the words of the announcers.

Dutch Harris: That’s absolutely right, Mark. And Adrian Corazon broke the news to Kenji Yamada that Kenji’s next opponent is going to be Maya Nakashima! Speaking of Maya, his shot at the World Championship last night was marred by the interference of Dan Stein, who laid both Maya and Donovan King out, causing the match to be ruled a no contest.

Mark Kendrick: It’s all very interesting, but tonight we’ve got a ton of action, so let’s not dwell on Revolution too much. Tonight we are going to see the last Master of the Mat Quarter Finals match featuring Isaac Entragian and Mason Pierce. We’ll also see the World Tag Team Championships on the line in our Main Event as Sex & Violence defends against the cinderella story team of Anarchy!

Dutch Harris: We’ve got all that and more tonight! Let’s go up to ringside and get it started!

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Please stay tuned. Lunatikk Crippler and Laura Seton vs. Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios will be broadcast as soon as possible.

The scene cuts to a backstage area which looks to be a ‘studio’ of sorts. Black backdrop with a lamp on either side for just enough lighting to see what’s attached to the back drop. There are pictures of Conor Caden in action, and various signs. "WHITE BOY LUCHADORE", "GHOST=RATINGS", "CONOR CADEN SEES CHRONO’S GHOST". Hanging high above the pictures is a banner that reads "BOO, MOTHERFUCKERS." In front of us stands two figures, one is Conor Caden who is shirtless, with just a pair of black jeans and combat boots on… two sleeves of tattoos, "MEMENTO MORI" across his chest… his face hidden behind his white, generic mask. Next to him is a figure in a black "SUICIDE SILENCE" hoodie and black gym shorts. He wears a pink generic mask much like Conor’s… but it has "ADL" written across the forehead… he motions for the camera to zoom in and it does.

Art De Luca:Hey man. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. My name’s Art De Luca. Failed SHOOT Project soldier… but a fucking HYPEBEAST for my boy, Conor Caden. Let me give you a few tips when wrestling my boy tonight.

#1: Keep your eyes to the skies. Dude is a high flying, spectral fucking being with no regards for his safety.

#2: This motherfucker can’t be picked up by EMF detectors… so sorry if you planned on having Zach Bagans and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew in your corner.


#3: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST, DAWG?! NAW. YOU HAVEN’T. Your best bet is to swing wildly… albeit, without messing up your beautiful make up too badly… we don’t want people to see the face of a sad, emo virgin underneath.

And the last is… just have fun dude. Have lots of fun. When you think of Conor Caden… think… like… casper on steroids. This is the nicest dude you’ll ever meet, but in that ring, man? He’s a regular Steven Segal meets Bruce Lee meets fucking Juventud Guerrera, bro. Have fun out of there, man. And remember, watch the skies, dudeski.

Conor shakes his head..

Conor Caden: That’s what you call ‘hyping?’ You think this is going to reach my audience, dude?

Art looks at him, his face hidden behind the mask still.

Art De Luca: I don’t even remember what I just said dude, toooooooooo high right now…

Conor Caden quickly tries to change the subject.

Conor Caden: The Ghost of Ann Arbor… uhh… in action! Live! Tonight! Watch me wrestle and uhh… buy some merch or something. Yeah! You guys are awesome!

He looks over to the side awkwardly, talking to someone off camera.

Conor Caden: Uhh… just cut the feed. We’re done here.

The pounding opening strains of “Set The World On Fire” echo throughout the arena, bringing with it a chorus of boos from the crowd as a familiar logo appears on the JumboTron..

Leona emerges from the backstage area first, followed by Mason Pierce, Malice, Valentine Lionheart and Morgana is the last to appear, her face obscured by a black cloak. Mason adjusts the Orion belt on his left shoulder as the group make their way toward the ringside area. Valentine has a black box tucked underneath his right arm and a smirk on his face. Leona is the first to ascend the stairs, holding the ropes for the rest of the group.

Mark Kendrick: This can’t be good. When Orion stands together, trouble follows.

Dutch Harris: No arguments there. And with their de facto leader set to do battle with Isaac Entragian later tonight, something tells me there’s a fair bit to say.

Mark Kendrick: Maybe we’ll get some clarification on the rumor swirling around as well concerning Valentine Lionheart. And speaking of, what’s the deal with that box?

Dutch Harris: Your guess is as good as mine.

Mason takes the microphone from Leona and looks out at the crowd, acknowledging the catcalls of the crowd by patting the gold belt around his shoulder.

Mason Pierce: You finished yet?

This only serves to fire the crowd up even more, the boos becoming louder.

Mason Pierce: You do realize, don’t you, that these guys putting this shindig on for you tonight are paid by the hour, and that every minute you keep flapping your gums and booing us just means more money we have to pay them and, as a direct result, the more you’re going to have to wind up shelling out just for the pleasure of seeing us?

He turns to say something to the other members of Orion, out of range of the microphones. The crowd quiets slightly and Mason notices a sign in the crowd- “SHOW US THE MANE” He points to it and laughs, then motions to Morgana, who allows a slight smile to cross her lips before reaching up and removing the cloak to reveal her snow-white hair.

Mark Kendrick: Wow.. what a change. Seeing Morgana like that is definitely going to take some getting used to, for sure.

Dutch Harris: Her hair might be white, but make no mistake- that’s probably the only pure thing about her.

Mason Pierce: There. Don’t say we never do anything for you. Now we have some business to discuss. First off, I’m sure there’s probably more than a few of you that have been wondering just what happened after the last time you all saw me in this ring. I can tell you this much- it wasn’t very much fun. Thanks to one Cronos Diamante, I found myself in the company of the United States government for longer than I would have liked. Now while I would love to confront Mr. Diamante to his face- and more than likely send his ass out of here in the back of an ambulance, he hasn’t shown his face around the Epicenter since the incident. If he’s got half a brain left in that head of his, he’ll do wise to continue along that path. He shows up here, there will be a very unpleasant welcome back for him. It will be an arrival that I can assure you he will regret making.

He hands the microphone to Valentine Lionheart, who holds the mike in one hand and the box in the other, staring at it as if it’s a skull and he’s about to start quoting Shakespeare.

Valentine Lionheart: Recently..I have been troubled. Troubled by a deeply moving story of heartache and personal suffering. *He pauses.* It seems that the loving wife of one Marcus Mirage has become terribly ill. Her face is starting to look a little ropey, her breasts have begun to sag, her body is not looking as tight as it once was; and most importantly, her ticker seems to be giving out on her.

He paces the ring, looking at each and every member of Orion.

Valentine: Which is why…out of the goodness of my heart- a heart which, by the way,is fully functional-. I am starting a collection here tonight. Together ORION is going to pool our resources and save poor little Sahara. What do you say,guys? Time to give a little for our fellow man?

Mason is the first to step forward, he then rummages through his pockets and produces a single English pound.

Valentine: A pound. Far too generous Mason. You do know that is worth just over a dollar and half here?

Mason Pierce: Well, it was either that or tip that hot blonde at Smith & Wollensky’s the C-note. I thought she could use it more.

Lionheart shakes his head and then walks over to Leona who swiftly produces a five-dollar bill and tucks it into the collection box. Mason gives Leona a quizzical glance.

Leona: Girl Power. Gotta stick up for the gender, ya know? Besides, the slots were good to me earlier. I suppose I can sacrifice Starbucks for tonight.

Valentine nods his head in agreement and then turns to Morgana and Malice; Malice doesn’t move or even bat an eyelid. Morgana on the other hand pops a small slip of paper into the collection box.

Morgana: For her good fortune. It does me little good.

Mason Pierce: That from last night’s Chinese? Thought so.

Valentine: You know, we could very easily pay for your wife to have her heart operation Marcus; but if I am going to put my hand in my pocket and pay for a human heart I want it grilled up with some garlic and hot sauce so I can sit back and enjoy it. So here Marcus…Here is.. let’s see…Around six dollars fifty, some lint and fortune cookie paper; put that towards your wife’s operation. Or better still buy her something off the dollar menu at McDonalds.

Mason laughs a he takes the microphone back.

Mason Pierce: And people think we’re so horrendously evil, even though we show these acts of charity toward our fellow man. You want evil, one need look no further than the man I’m going to be facing tonight. Isaac Entragian. Now THERE is a badass. One of the scariest looking sons of bitches in SHOOT- and considering present company…

He gives a quick nod towards Malice.

Mason Pierce: That says something. I’ve stared down this bugger before, even traded shots with him in this very ring. Someone who’s as nails-tough as is he is spooky-looking. For the first time, everyone who’s been fan-boying it on the Internet, asking who would win if Mason Pierce and Isaac Entragian actually fought it out one-on-one, will finally get their answer.  How long it stays that way is another story entirely. We all know Project: SCAR doesn’t play by the rules. Which is why I’ve got a little strategy of my own. You’re not the only one with monsters at the ready, Whitey. You see this group here? They’re going to be right here with me at ringside when we duke it out. Keep things honest, ya know?

Valentine raises his hand quickly, cutting Mason off and taking the mic.

Valentine: Unfortunately, Mason, I won’t be able to be at ringside for your match this evening. As much as I would love to be there to celebrate your victory over Isaac Entragian tonight. I have a few other matters to attend to and I wouldn’t want to cause any “conflict of interest”between both Orion and Project SCAR.

Mason gives Valentine a slightly puzzled look, but he nods his approval. He then removes the Orion belt from his shoulder, staring at it for a moment before holding it up for the crowd to see.

Mason Pierce: And finally we come to this. The Orion Championship. A title that, to date, nobody has had the balls to step up and challenge for. I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid to say it again. Anyone who wants a piece is more than welcome to come and try to take this from us. Doesn’t matter who, when. I have to admit, I’m quite shocked. A chance to go for a title that nobody in SHOOT outside of Orion has ever held, one that you don’t need to kiss the ass of the corporate brass to get a piece of. And apparently nobody in SHOOT has the guts to answer the call for. What are you afraid of?

Mason goes to the ropes,  looking to the back and yelling something, as if he’s taunting the entire locker room. Leona grabs him by the arm and whispers something to him. Mason smiles and nods, and Leona repeats the message to the other members, getting the same nod from Morgana and Lionheart.

Mark Kendrick: Looks like Leona’s got an idea that Orion seems to be on board with. Should we be afraid?

Dutch Harris: Mason wants to know why nobody wants to challenge for that belt? Two words. Orion Rules. Nobody likes to go into a match with the deck stacked against them from the very beginning. Sure, it’s a great opportunity, but at what cost?

Mason steps back to the middle of the ring, making sure that everyone is on board with the idea before bringing the microphone back to his lips.

Mason Pierce: Leave it to Leona to come up with a piece of absolute brilliance. We’re going to issue an Open Challenge at Master Of The Mat. You want a shot at this gold, all you need to do is step up to the plate. We don’t care-





The fans roar as Trey Willett walks slowly from behind the curtain, microphone in hand. The music plays for a few seconds as Trey looks over the arena of cheering fans. He stops, and stares down the ramp, and into the ring. The music comes to a stop, but the fans continue on.

Mark Kendrick: Here we go! Here’s the man for the job right here, Orion!

Dutch Harris: Good God! Is Trey Willett here to answer the challenge?

Trey paces back and forth across the stage and finally stops in the middle. He points one hand down the ramp and takes a deep breath, sighing loudly into the microphone.

Trey: I have been back in the SHOOT Project for a little over a month. I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of things different than when I left them. I see you’re one of those that have changed quite a bit, Mason.

The fans begin to boo as Mason creaks a small grin in the direction of SHOOT’s Wayward Son.

Trey: I have listened to Orion spout nonsense for the entirety of my short time back in SHOOT Project. I’ve seen you wave your trinket around in the air, and I’ve seen you become just another cancer on the face of MY SHOOT PROJECT.

Trey begins pacing back and forth again on the stage, scratching his chin as if he is deep in thought. The fans begin to cheer again at the association of SHOOT with the Wayward Son.

Trey: Now, I thought long and hard about this before I made my way down here. I was going to ignore you. I was going to let you go on mocking the health of a fellow superstar’s wife. I thought about letting you have your Orion Title all to yourselves. After all, it has NOTHING to do with the SHOOT that I hold so close to my heart.

He stops and finally smiles at the five members of Orion.

Trey: But then I thought…Why? Why would I let yet another group of monsters ruin the place that I call home? Why would I let you guys spit all over the broken bodies of those that came before you? Why would I let you DEFILE the place that I call home?

Mark Kendrick: I like where this is going.

Dutch Harris: It looks like Trey is finally going to shut Orion up!

Trey: Master of the Mat. I don’t care which one of you decides he’s man enough to come down to the ring with me. Just bring that Orion title. You want to flaunt your title in SHOOT? Well then get ready for a fight the way that only a real SHOOT Soldier can bring.

Mark Kendrick: Master of the Mat 2013! Trey Willett vs. Orion for the Orion championship!

Dutch Harris: Trey Willett has spent his entire career with the deck stacked against him. Now he’s entering an Orion Rules match at Master of the Mat!

Trey Willett drops the mic on the ramp as “Carry on, Wayward Son”hits the PA once more. The fans EXPLODE at the answer of the challenge. Trey smiles once more at Orion before making his way back to the back.

The camera reveals a simple backdrop of the SHOOT Project Helmet.  It is golden against a black background.  It flutters slightly as some random breeze drifts into the frame just before, from the opposite side, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN KING appears.  He has his hood pulled over his head and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt resting comfortably on his right shoulder, his right hand clasping the belt firmly.  He looks down at the face plate before he finally begins to speak.

Donovan King: There isn’t much I can say right now that won’t sound…fuckin’ furious.

He clenches his jaw.

Donovan King: I got inspired when I saw Loco Martinez face off against Ja-Gi Kyung Moon an’ I wanted one respectable title match.  Jus’ the one.  I wanted the one match an’ I wanted it wit’ Maya Nakashima.

King licks his lips as he pauses.

Donovan King: An’ I got it.  Or so I thought.  On that night, that Revolution, I wanted to bury a hatchet an’ I wanted to put on a fuckin’ show.  Years ago, me an’ Jonny Johnson were the opposite ends of the spectrum an’ things were foul between us an’ I set out to end him.  So I hunted him, I hounded him, an’ I did what I set out to do.

I ended him.

He lets those three words simmer for a moment before he continues.

Donovan King: When he came back I didn’t bat a damn eye because I’m a different man than I used to be.  I ain’t so filled wit’ hate, I just wanted things to be done right…honorable.  So I went to wish the son of a bitch some luck on his match an’ you know what happened?  He lost his match an’ lost his mind.

Top that all off, my match wit’ Maya ends in a no contest because Dan Stein’s a little primadonna bitch who can’t stop himself from gettin’ involved in things don’t belong to him.

King removes his hood, revealing the bruising on his face and the stitches on his eyebrow.

Donovan King: See that?  All because uh some hashtag Twitterbation bullshit.  That’s fine.  That’s good. Dan, that’s real good.  I hope you watch me real closely, Dan.  I hope you watch when I face Jonny Johnson for the World Championship an’ I hope you enjoy your seat.

Because you don’t get to come down for this one.  Oh no no no.

Jonny Johnson, your spiritual mentor.

Jonny Johnson, everything you have ever wanted to be.

I am gonna face Jonny Johnson, put the SHOOT Project World Championship on the GODDAMN LINE…

He stops himself, already breathing heavily.  After taking a moment to calm himself, he continues.

Donovan King: …and I am going to beat the fuck out of him.

A sigh.

Donovan King: I am the World Heavyweight Champion of the SHOOT Project.  The best mother fucking wrestling company in the mother fucking world.  I have stared evil in its face and slain monsters while puttin’ on clinics wit’ legends.  You wanna talk destiny?  You wanna talk fate?

I built my career on hate.  Hate for people like you, like Jonny fuckin’ Johnson.  Here I am…right here, right now…beaten an’ bruised an’ I’m tellin’ you like I’m tellin’ The DEFILER himself.  So you listen well, Jonny.

You think this is yours?

He holds the face plate up to the camera.

Donovan King: You think you got what it takes to settle up against Donovan King?

He brings the belt back to its seated position on his shoulder.

Donovan King: Then come.  Do your worst.  Because I promise you…I will do mine.

With that, he steps off screen, leaving the viewer a nice parting shot of the SHOOT Project Helmet.  That same Helmet that have made mere men gods.

Mark Kendrick: Up next we got none other than Conor Caden wrestling for a third consecutive week!

Dutch Harris: Gotta be some kind of record, eh Mark?

Mark Kendrick: Funny, but kind of true.  He battles the debuting Demetrius Cafarella.

Dutch Harris: Aye, SHOOT’s resident satanist.

As the lights in the arena simultaneously begin to fade out one by one the arena can be seen in a state of almost complete darkness as a growing echo takes over throughout the Epicenter as the sound of a guitar kicking in can be heard coming from the PA sound system as the song "Man that you Fear" Marilyn Manson kicks in full force, as it does a single pulsing red strobe light flickers on. The first few lyrics of the song can be heard as out steps "The Leper Messiah" Demetrius Cafarella himself from behind the black curtains, as he does a white pulsing strobe light begins to shine down on him as he turns his back away from the fans revealing the DC comics logo that can be seen going across the back of his sleeveless vest as it is seen after a few minutes Demetrius quickly turns back around taking a moment to look out into the darkness that surrounds around him as the white pulsing light continues to shine down on him, as it does Demetrius drops down onto the entrance ramp below him and takes a knee as he does he continues to look out into the darkness as the single pulsing white light continues to shine down upon him as it does two other lights flicker in on Demetrius.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Rome, Italy by way of Chicago, Illinois he weighs in at 228 pounds and stands approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall, he is the Leper Messiah… DEEEEEEMETRIUS CAAAAAFARELLA!!!

As Cafarella’s name is announced, Cafarella begins to slowly walk on down the entrance ramp, he can be seen getting chants of abhorrence, and disdain from the nearby fans at ringside as he saunters to the ring with a villainous smirk on his face, once at the bottom of the ramp Demetrius walks up to the ring, and as he does he slowly makes his way on around to the steel steps, once at the steel steps Cafarella slowly walks on up them, before stepping inside the ring he removes his hooded cloak before stepping inside the ring, once inside the ring Cafarella climbs up the nearest ring post and throws one of his arms up, his hand in the formation of a fist before jumping back down from the ring post and waiting for his opponent.

Mark Kendrick: Cafarella looks focused and ready to get this thing going, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: Pretty sure I’m having nightmares tonight, Mark.

The lights go dim. 

"We will never sleep!  ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!

No, we will never rest!  ‘Til we’re all fuckin’ dead!

We will never sleep!  ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!>

No, we will never rest!  ‘Til we’re all fuckin’…"

"Diamonds Aren’t Forever" by Bring Me The Horizon kicks in… the metal melody bringing in a few cheers from the crowd as they await Conor Caden.  And the song starts to pick up!



And still, nothing.  As the blue and red strobes begin to hit the arena, we notice a fan get up from ringside… front row.  He stands on top of his seat… reaching in his black "NORMA JEAN" hoodie pocket, fetching a plain white mask.  He places it over his face and unzips his hoodie.

Dutch Harris: Is that uhh… Conor?

Mark Kendrick: Looking like it, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: Why is he in the crowd?!

Mark Kendrick: That’s where Art is, that’s why!

He wears just a black pair of tattered, tight fitted jeans with a pair of all black converse.  He then turns to Art De Luca who is clad in a "Captain Spaulding" latex mask, a black "Devil Wears Prada" hoodie.  Above his head he holds a sign that reads "TONIGHT, DEMETRIUS CAFARELLA GETS 8 INCHES OF GHOST IN HIM!" Conor looks up at his sign, and just shakes his head.  He jumps down from the seat, pounding Art’s fist before he jumps up on the barricade, facing the crowd!



As the song starts to pick up heavier, Conor runs along the barricade, slapping the hands of numerous fans lucky enough to be seated in the front row!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from Ann Arbor, Michigan… he weights in at 185 lbs… He is THE GHOST!  OF!  ANN ARBORRRRR!  CONNNNNNNOOOOOOOR CAAAAAADEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!"

Conor hops down from the barricade and jumps onto the ring apron, holding onto the ropes as he spins and turns to the crowd, crossing his arms… his hands forming two opposing "C’s".  He turns and holds onto the top rope, using it to springboard himself into a moonsault into the ring!  He runs over to his corner, placing his feet on the middle ropes and peering out into a cheering crowd.

Dennis Heflin looks to see that both men are in their corners and rings for the bell!!

Dutch Harris: And it looks like this one is underway…

Mark Kendrick:I’m really interested in seeing how Conor handles the size difference, Dutch.  This’ll be the first time we see this "new" Conor fight someone who weighs more than him.

Dutch Harris: And I have a feeling this creep is going to enjoy showing Conor what it’s like…

Demetrius looks over to Conor as the two close in on one another.  And he puckers his lips, blowing a kiss to Conor Caden…

Dutch Harris: Looks like Cafarella is already trying to mess with the mind of—

And in a split second, Conor throws the HARDEST SPINNING HEEL KICK HE EVER HAS!!  Demetrius’ body falls flat on the canvas… his body motionless!  And the fans cheer in disbelief.

Mark Kendrick: Annnnd down he goes.  Well, that was quick.

Conor drops down to his knees, going in for the pin… and then stops.  He motions for a mic from Coil and she obliges.  He pushes his long brown hair out of his face before speaking.

Conor Caden: So I was uhh… going to just pin him?!  (He shrugs.)I kind of assume he’s dead… I’m not sure.  But then… then I remembered this is a SHOW!!  And I’m a wrestler… yeah… but first?!  I’m an ENTERTAINER!

The crowd pops a little bit… Conor just nods.

Conor Caden: I don’t want you leave without having seen your favorite wrestler put on a show, right?  No?  Second favorite?  Top 5?  Fuck… guys. (Conor points to De Luca.) I know I’m this crazy fucker’s favorite wrestler!

A few fans kick up with an "Art" chant as Conor paces.

Conor Caden: But really… you guys paid to see a SHOW, right?!  (Another decent pop.) Then I plan on putting on a show…

With this Conor closes in on the fallen Cafarella… as he kneels down… lightly patting him over the head repeatedly with the microphone.

Conor Caden: Wake up, Cafarella!  You’re LIVE, on the GRANDEST STAGE IN YOUR WRESTLING CAREER!!!  IN THE EPICENTER!  WITH THOUSANDS OF FANS IN ATTENDANCE!!(Another pop.) I mean seriously, you’re embarassing yourself, bro…

At this time Heflin warns Conor about using the microphone, and Conor just backs up… his hands thrown up.

Conor Caden: Whoa, bro!  You don’t havta flex the stripes on me, Hef!

Conor drops the microphone and sets it on the side of the apron as he goes over to the corner… taking a seat atop the top turnbuckle!

Mark Kendrick:It really looks like Conor plans to wait this out until Cafarella is back up…

Dutch Harris:Looks like we won’t be waiting long, Mark.  Demetrius is starting to regain his senses.

As Demetrius stirs up, Conor looks to the crowd… the microphone back in his hand.

Conor Caden: Time to earn my check, I s’pose.

He drops the microphone and closes in on a staggering Cafarella… he throws a european uppercut with his right!  And he falls back into the ropes and comes forward!  He throws a european uppercut with his left!  And he staggers back.  As he comes in again, Conor throws a massive superkick that floors him!

Mark Kendrick:Conor is just putting on a CLINIC tonight.

Dutch Harris:Still disappointed, Kendrick.  I was hoping for Conor to be tested… this is just a joke.

Mark Kendrick:He’s atleast trying to make it worthwhile, Dutch. 

With him on the mat, Conor runs into the ropes and flies forward with a 360 leg drop!  He springs back to his feet and runs off of the opposing ropes, and comes back, leaping off of the mat with a frog splash!  He hops to his feet and faces the crowd, Demetrius’ body laying behind him.  He points out to the crowd and flies into the air with a moonsault, his knee coming across Cafarella’s throat!  Cafarella rises to his feet, still staggering… but charges in!

Dutch Harris: Pure desperation from Cafarella now.

Conor side steps and pushes Cafarella into the ropes and Cafarella now stands outside of the ropes on the apron.  Conor throws a spinning kick to his abdomen and doubles him over, his head sticking out between the ropes.  He runs into the ropes and comes back with a massive FLASH KICK!  Flipping backwards and catching the jaw of Demetrius Cafarella with his boot!  Demetrius’ head flies backwards, hitting the top rope which just tosses him into the ring, motionless. 

Mark Kendrick:That one’s called the Haunting!  That’s it, Dutch.

Conor looks out to the crowd as he drags Demetrius in the center of the ring… throwing his right index finger into the sky!

Dutch Harris: He isn’t done yet, Mark.

Conor scales the top turnbuckle… and in a flash, jumps off with a star shooting press 450… flipping an entire rotation and a half and coming down with a massive leg drop across the neck of Cafarella!!!

The fans pop!

Dutch Harris:Good GOD almighty!  That may have hurt Conor more than it hurt Demetrius…

Mark Kendrick:That’s the Greetings From Ann Arbor!

Conor, holding his back in pain rolls in for a cover.




Mark Kendrick:No surprise there… Demetrius just isn’t a gamer, Dutch.  And like Conor said, this is probably going to be the last we hear from him.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner!  At a time of 4:55 seconds… THE GHOST!! OF ANNNN ARBOORRR!! CONORRRRR CADDEENNNN!!

Conor Caden pops his head through the middle and top ropes and motions for the mic.

Conor Caden (Clutching his back in pain): Can I hear a little noise?!(Small pop.) This is Vegas, guys.  You guys sound like some 80 woman who just won a few bucks in the quarter slots… so I’ll ask again, CAN I HEAR SOME FUCKING NOISE?!

The fans pop noticeably bigger this time as Conor rolls out of the ring and goes ringside to Art De Luca, summoning a marker.  He removes his white, generic mask and writes "RIP" across the forehead.  He rolls back into the ring.

Conor Caden (Maskless): You guys… all of you.  You make it possible for a recovering junkie… just an everyday guy be able to do this and have so much fun doing it!  You guys have resurrected my love for this sport.  And I have a special place in my heart for you junkies and former junkies.  You guys who have caught possession charges.  All of you who grew up unwanted… all of you forsaken souls.  My Misguided Misfits!  And everyone in between!

The fans pop again as Conor drops to his knees next to a fallen Demetrius Cafarella.  He places the mask over his face… the camera focusing on "RIP" across the forehead.

Conor Caden: It was fu… fuck that, it was an absolute waste of my time, (Mocking air quotations) ‘Leper Messiah.’  Sorry I had to bury you, man.  This sport just isn’t for everyone…

With this, he drops the mic and Bring Me the Horizon kicks back up.  Conor rolls out of the ring and hops the barricade, taking a seat back next to Art De Luca.

Dutch Harris:Another win for Conor Caden… kid’s got a bright future.

Mark Kendrick:We’ll see where he goes from here, Dutch. 

The camera closes in on the two as Conor takes a sip from a plastic cup… Art De Luca screams into the camera, his face hidden behind the "Captain Spaulding" mask.


With this, the camera pans out and cuts.

Standing in the hallways of the Epicenter Abigail Chase takes a deep breath and steadies herself before looking at the camera.

Abigail: Last night at Revolution, Tanya Black and Adrian Corazon competed in a hell of a match but only one was allowed to advance to the semi-finals of the Master Of The Mat. We are here now to get a word with the unfortunate loser of that all-important match, Tanya Black, about what the future holds as we get closer to the Master Of The Mat Pay-Per-View.

Opening the door Abigail Chase enters and sees Tanya Black sitting on a bench, her hand hanging down staring at the floor. Abigail hesitates but Tanya say nothing so Abigail moves into the room and next to Tanya Black.

Abigail: Tanya… um how are you?

Tanya says nothing just keeps staring at your feet.

Abigail: Look I mean you are here and all even if you haven’t left your locker room all day.

Tanya: I don’t have wads of disposable income from second jobs and rich relatives. Can’t afford to be fined. They told me to show up to work. I did.

Abigail: Oookay. Well if that is true. Why don’t we do an interview?

Tanya: If you want.

Abigail hesitates for a moment as Tanya refuses to look up, her voice showing none of it’s usual energy and passion.

Abigail: I’m sure that last night at Revolution was hard for you but people want to know. What’s next for Tanya Black?

Tanya: Nothing.

Abigail: Well that’s… wait what?

Tanya: I told all of you. I told Adrian. Master Of The Mat was my career. I bet everything on beating that pathetic man-child who thinks the world revolves around him and his enemies. I had Nothing Else. So now, I lost. I Have Nothing. I Am Nothing.

Abigail looks honestly concerned hearing those words. She strains to think of something encouraging to say to the sullen wrestler. Reaching out she barely touches Tanya’s shoulder when the words begin and shock her into backing off.

Tanya: I can’t get an Iron Fist Title shot even though folks who have had one match are being booked into “contendership matches”. Heh I remember when you had to work hard and prove yourself before graduating from the Sin City Title division to Iron Fist. But I’m still not good enough.

I lost two Redemption Rumbles without even achieving a lesser honor like “Iron Man” or “Most Eliminations”  or “Final Four” either year.

I can’t win Master Of The Mat, can’t even manage a respectable two wins.

Even if I won a title belt I’d just lose it right away like every other time. Two and a half years and all my alleged accomplishments are hollow and meaningless. No one here would care if I was fired. No one on the roster respects me.

Abigail: Tanya… it’s not like that…

Tanya: I failed myself. I failed MY fans, as few as they are. I failed The New Revolution when I let Adrian Corazon beat me. I don’t deserve to be it’s General.

Tanya Black stands up and for the first time Abigail Chase and the audience actually sees her face. There is no makeup, not even the little bit of concealer and lipstick Tanya allows herself. Her eyes are bloodshot as it’s becoming obvious she has not only been crying a lot but didn’t sleep at all last night.

Abigail: Oh wow. You look rough.

Tanya: I’ve been here all day. Have I fulfilled my contractual obligations?

Abigail: I guess.

Tanya shrugs and staggers out the door not bothering to say goodbye as she heads for the door and down the hallway, her spirit broken. An empty shell walking towards the shadows.

The crowd remains intense, set for the next match of the evening.

Mark Kendrick: Well, folks, up next we’ve got our reigning Sin City Champion going one on one with a debuting Takuma Sato. This should prove to be an interesting match.

Dutch Harris: I’m interested to see how Sato utilizes his martial arts in the world of professional wrestling.

“Protovision” by Kavinsky begins to place and the crowd gives a mildly favorable reaction. Takuma Sato walks out from behind the curtain with his manager, Ivan Stricker and makes a no nonsense walk to the ring. He wears a simple pair of black martial arts pants and no shirt.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title match. Introducing first, weighing 190 pounds, here is TAKUUMAAA SAAATOOOO!!!

Mark Kendrick: Well, he seems to be in great shape, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: He certainly does. But, we’re about to see just how good a shape he is in. He’s going in there with a SHOOT Project champion.

Sato rolls into the ring and goes to a neutral corner, awaiting his opponent as his music fades.

The arena is plunged into darkness and the crowd begins to stir and boo slightly. Suddenly, the SHOOTtron lights up with a pair of eerie grey eyes. Those eyes merge together and turn red, forming a shiny apple. A sleek green serpent coils itself around the apple and then…


“Time is on My Side” by the Rolling Stones begins to really hammer those haunting vocals as the music plays. The curtains part and out steps Jacob Mephisto as the lights return to normal. He carries the Sin City Championship on his shoulder as he stalks to the ring with a smirk on his face.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 270 pounds, he is the reigning SIN CITY CHAMPION, JAAACOOOB MEEEEPHIIIISTOOOO!!!

Mark Kendrick: Mephisto seems focused tonight, but confident as well.

Dutch Harris: A lot of people have said that Jacob has become content being the Sin City Champion, but I disagree. I think he has hidden intensity that really comes out when he is in the ring.

Jacob uses the ring steps and climbs into the ring. He stands in his corner and smirks as he slowly raises the Sin City Championship into the air before handing it off to the referee.

Scott Kamura calls for the bell and the two men begin to circle. Jacob advances cautiously, not knowing what to expect from the newcomer. Sato steps back and bows, showing Mephisto a measure of respect and JACOB QUICKLY RUSHES IN with a running kneelift! Sato pops up from the impact and Jacob follows up with a lariat, sending him to the canvas hard!

Mark Kendrick: Jacob took a real cheap shot there. Sato was showing respect to a champion, as is customary in Japan and Jacob took advantage!

Dutch Harris: I don’t like it either, Mark, but the bell has rung and Jacob took advantage of a distracted opponent.

Mephisto quickly brings Sato back to his feet. He boots him in the stomach and SNAPS him over with a snap suplex. Jacob gets to his feet as Sato writhes on the canvas, arching his back in pain. Jacob looks down at Sato and smirks, shaking his head at the newcomer.

Mark Kendrick: It appears that Jacob Mephisto has no respect for Takuma Sato.

Dutch Harris: Well, he views him as untested and unproven, Mark. But hopefully, Jacob isn’t underestimating Takuma.

Jacob again brings Sato to his feet, BUT SATO NAILS A ROUNDHOUSE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE, absolutely FLOORING Jacob! Sato backs away and Jacob scurries back into a corner before Sato can capitalize, a look of SHOCK on his face.  Jacob rubs the side of his face where the kick connected as he pulls himself to his feet. Jacob nods, a serious look on his face as he stalks out of the corner.

Jacob fakes a lockup attempt and ducks behind Takuma, grabbing a rear waistlock. Sato FIRES and elbow into Jacob’s nose, backing him off. Sato turns around and UNLEASHES a flurry of martial arts strikes, backing Jacob into the corner. Sato SNAPS off a few quick kicks to the chest and Irish whips him across the ring.

Jacob hits the buckles hard and staggers out. Sato rushes forward with a spinning heel kick, but Jacob CATCHES HIM in mid air, dropping down with a SLAM! Jacob slowly gets to his feet and drops a knee into Sato’s stomach, causing him to clutch at his midsection in agony. Mephisto gets to his feet again and begins to STOMP down on Sato repeatedly. After a few stomps, he brings Sato to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes. Sato comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline, he picks up speed, hitting the opposite ropes and NAILS Jacob with a spinning heel kick! Jacob hits the canvas HARD and Sato covers!




Jacob gets the shoulder up!

Mark Kendrick: Takuma Sato is proving that his fighting style can do the job in SHOOT!

Dutch Harris: He nearly got Jacob there, but you can bet Jacob will try to refocus if he can get some distance between him and Sato.

Sato wastes no time and gets to his feet. He drops a quick leg across Jacob’s throat. He brings Jacob to his feet and begins to PEPPER Jacob with various martial arts chops to the chest. Jacob backs away, trying to cover up. He backs into the ropes and Sato immediately backs away before Scott Kamura can even tell him to break.

Mephisto quickly drops down and exits the ring. He walks around the ring trying to regain his composure as he glares up at Takuma Sato. Scott Kamura begins his count.






The ringside fans shout insults at Jacob and he turns towards them and shouts for them to shut up. He turns back to see Takuma FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE with a suicide dive! AND JACOB MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND! Takuma CRASHES head first into the ringside barricade. The crowd gasps as he hits the barricade HARD. Scott Kamura restarts his count as Jacob stalks Takuma, who is holding his head in absolute pain.





Jacob brings a very dazed Takuma to his feet and WHIPS him into the ring post. Takuma hits shoulder first and drops to the floor.



Jacob brings Sato back to his feet and rolls his nearly limp body back into the ring, following him underneath the bottom rope and breaking the count.

Mark Kendrick: Sato took a big risk with that dive and it REALLY cost him.

Dutch Harris: Hopefully he’s not seriously hurt after that. It was partially a rookie mistake and partially a high risk move. It did not pay off and now Jacob Mephisto is stalking his prey.

Jacob has gotten to his feet and MEASURES Takuma before dropping ANOTHER knee onto Sato, this time directed at the head. He brings Takuma to his feet and brings him UP AND OVER with a big vertical suplex. Mephisto floats over for the cover, not bothering to hook the leg.





Mephisto pushes himself up to his knees and smirks as he looks down at Sato. He simply nods as if to say “you’ve got heart, kid” before bringing Sato back to his feet. Jacob backs Sato into the ropes and Irish whips him across the ring. He catches Sato in a side slam, BUT SATO BRINGS HIS LEGS UP and wraps them around Jacob’s head! He rolls forward with a headscissors takedown! Jacob gets to his feet quickly and rushes forward, BUT SATO hits a LIGHTNING FAST superkick, FLOORING Jacob.

Mark Kendrick: What a SHOT!

Dutch Harris: He may have him here, COVER HIM KID!

Sato drops down and covers Jacob, hooking the leg!




Jacob gets the shoulder up before Kamura’s hand hits the mat!

Sato gets to his feet. He’s still holding his head and neck, but he is building energy. He brings Jacob to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes, BUT JACOB REVERSES, sending Sato into the ropes instead! Jacob hits a quick back body drop as Sato comes off the ropes. Jacob hits the ropes gaining momentum as Sato pushes himself to a sitting position.


Mark Kendrick: OH! That came out of nowhere!

Dutch Harris: That NASTY yakuza kick just DROPPED Takuma Sato. It’s all over. Thanks for coming.

Jacob lets out a sigh of relief as he drops down, hooking the leg for the cover.




Kamura calls for the bell and “Time is on My Side” plays again. Kamura raises Jacob’s arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, JAACOOOB MEEEPHIIISSTOOO!!!

Jacob drops down and rolls out of the ring, grabbing his Sin City Championship and walking back up the entrance ramp. He stops at the stage and raises the title high in the air before walking back behind the curtain.

Mark Kendrick: Takuma Sato came up short tonight, but he has a bright future in SHOOT.

Dutch Harris: Absolutely. He put on a good showing tonight, but Jacob Mephisto just happened to pick up the win.

Sato rolls out of the ring clutching his head and neck. Kamura follows him out, checking on him. Sato whispers something to Kamura and his manager, Ivan Stricker. Kamura and Stricker both put one of Sato’s arms around their neck and help him back up the entrance ramp and to the back.

The cameras go to the back with Mary Kelly standing by, a microphone in her hand and a small smile on her face as Chance Ryan towers over her on the left, offering his own half smile back.

Mary Kelly: Hi guys, as you can see I’m here with Chance Ryan. Chance, while we were waiting for our cue, we were talking about last night’s Revolution, right?

Chance Ryan: Why yes we were, Mary. We were sharing a small chuckle at the Brotherhood’s latest farsical vignette.

Mary Kelly: I have to say, I’m a little surprised that you’re taking it so well. These guys have pushed you and pulled you in every which way ever since Reckoning Day. I’m not sure anyone else would be able to smile at this point.

Chance slowly nods his head with a small shrug of his shoulders.

Chance Ryan: I suppose that’s true. I just…well, I happen to know something they don’t. They’re not entirely accurate with their statement that I’m a traitorous partner and no one will tag with me and so on and so on. Really, the only truth they spoke was the fact that they have pushed me around time and time and time again.

Chance rubs his right hand over his mouth and turns his attention from Mary, to the camera.

Chance Ryan: But that’s done with, Brotherhood. I’ve made my fair share of mistkaes, and I’ve lost some partners along the way that’s true. I’ve had faith in those I shouldn’t have…and those that shouldn’t have at times, had faith in me when they shouldn’t have. No one is perfect, and that’s just the way of the world. I’m not telling you or anybody else what they don’t already know, what they haven’t already witnessed on their own.

He slowly smiles, wider and wider.

Chance Ryan: But what I’m about to tell you boys, you might not know. I have a partner. A partner I have tagged with before, a partner that’s more than willing to get in the ring with the two of you again and prove that we’re the better team. I…

Chance starts to shake his head, stifling a laugh.

Chance Ryan: I was…I was going to build a little suspense. Tell you guys that you’ll find out next week just who that is, but I’m just too thrilled to reunite with my first partner I can’t keep it to myself. Next week, boys, you’ve talked a lot of garbage about the Flying Avengers! And now you’ll have your chance, two-on-two, to back it up! Kid Lightning! FLASH Dynamite! Goofy masks and capes and all, Brotherhood, we’re comin’ for you! WOOOOO!

Chance turns to Mary Kelly as he pulls an orange mask out of his back pocket, pulling it over his head, with a big yellow cartoony explosion around his right eye and a bundle of dynamite with a lit wick running under the left eye. He raises his right hand and waves to the camera, the closed mouth of the mask hiding the smile underneath.

Previously Recorded…


Flay Rios walks into an empty segment of the SHOOT Project Epicenter, holding a business card.  Further review of that business card shows a time and a place, but no name and nothing else in the way of identifying information. 

Flay Rios: …hello?  Eva?

Flay takes a few more steps into the room and looks around, seeing no one.  She hears the metal clang of a door shut behind her, and then another metallic click, as a lock is triggered.  Flay looks down at the floor and then smiles.

Flay Rios: I was told this wasn’t going to be a good idea, but so far… I like it.

Flay turns around and faces the person responsible for locking them into this predicament.  She assumes it’s going to be this “Eva” person, but instead…

It’s Adrian Corazon, and he’s got… an astonishingly warm smile on his face.

Corazon: It’s time for you to pay for what you’ve done, Flay.

Flay smiles to herself, believing that what’s coming is going to provide her with the absolute most incredible sense of joy.  She can’t help but smile wide as she locks eyes with him, the Baddest Man Alive.

Flay Rios: I can’t wait.

Corazon smirks.

Flay Rios: What are you going to do to me, Adrian?  Are you going to beat me senseless?  Slam my face into a wall like you did Danny Evers?  Hm?  Carve me up? 

Corazon shakes his head.

Flay Rios: What then? 

Corazon: You and I are going to talk.

Flay Rios cocks her head at him.

Corazon: We’re going to talk, Flay.  You and I.

Flay Rios: What the hell would we ever talk about?  I KNOW.  How about how I helped them string you up so you could be burned alive!  Let’s talk about that!

Corazon: I want to be friends, Flay.  I want to know what I can do to help you.

Flay Rios: This is ridiculous.  Let’s talk about how Isaac Entragian is going to cut your intestines out and choke you with them!

Clearly trying to get Corazon to lose focus, Flay continues to throw barbs out.  Reminders of Corazon’s failings.

Corazon: Flay, come now.  Let’s just talk.  I want to know why someone so beautiful and intelligent is stuck in this situation.  You deserve so much better than what you’re getting.

Flay is getting angry as he speaks.  She charges at him and tries to punch him, but he catches both of her arms and looks down at her with caring, warm eyes.

Corazon: This isn’t necessary.  We don’t need to fight, Flay.  I would never try to hurt someone so amazing.  Someone so smart and clever.

Flay Rios: I… I know what we can talk about.  We can talk about how you’ve failed.  How you’ve been a big failure. A SHOOT failure.  How you’ve let SHOOT and everyone down.  We can talk about how you’re a weak, pathetic fool. 

Corazon: Is that what you need, Flay?  Do you need a sounding board?  Do you just want someone to listen? 

Corazon pulls her in closely and wraps his arms around her.  She hopes for a moment that this is the beginning of something, and she smiles a little to herself.  Corazon simply stands pat.

Corazon: It’s not necessary that we fight like this, Flay.  I really do have only the best intentions for you. 

Corazon smirks.

Corazon: I’d never hurt you.

Flay crumples to the ground near him and just shudders.

Corazon: I always wanted to know what it would be like to have a sister.  A REAL sister.  A familial sister.  Would you want to be that for me, Flay?  I never got to have any siblings. It would be as great an honor as you could bestow upon me and I would be forever in your debt.  I just… I think you deserve all the love and adulation in the world.

Flay tenses up and starts to get back to her feet, angry, but she just collapses down to her knees again and begins to sob.  Corazon kneels down next to her, fully satisfied in his mission.

Corazon: Remember this, Flay.  Remember that all it took was a little care and love to bring you to your knees.  I didn’t need fire…  I didn’t need a box cutter or a screwdriver… I didn’t need to brutally slam your face into the wall… all I had to do was tell you that I love you, and I do love you, Flay.  When you go back to your master… you’ll always remember these moments.

Corazon stands and unlatches the lock.

Corazon: This was the moment you betrayed Kenji Yamada for Adrian Corazon, and then Adrian Corazon tortured you.

Mark Kendrick: Do I have to be here, Dutch? I really don’t want to commentate on a Sammy Rochester match.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a SHUT UP AND FIGHT exhibition match scheduled for ONE FALL with a time limit of TWELVE MINUTES!

The arena turns black. On the screen, scenes of post-apocalyptic landscapes haunt the darkness. Over the speakers an eerie synth-pad sets the mood as a deep, raspy voice begins speaking.

The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides and a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt and we’re on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this:

A chorus of string instruments begins to play a melancholic tune as a pale spotlight rushes to the top of the stage. There, it falls on Elizabeth Mauduit dressed in a pair of tight, dark jeans and a black hoodie. She stops at the top of the ramp and looks out into the darkness of the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Making her way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE POUNDS…Elizabeth Mauduit…DATURAAAA!

The buildings tumbled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies, picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upwards everything washed in a thin orange haze.

Elizabeth makes her way down the ramp. The silhouette of hands reaching out to grab her can be seen on the outskirts of the spotlight. Datura ignores them as she makes her way to the steps.

I said: "kiss me, you’re beautiful – these are truly the last days. You grabbed my hand and we fell into it like a daydream or a fever.

Dutch Harris: Yeah, Mark, you have to commentate on a Sammy Rochester match. Be careful. They say if you show Sammy fear, Project: SCAR hides under your bed at night.

Mark Kendrick: I knew it!

Datura looks more focused than normal, standing on the ring apron, staring at the center of the ring. She slaps herself in the face to psyche herself up before stepping through the middle and top rope and into the ring.

Dutch Harris: You can see that Elizabeth is a lot more focused than she’s been of late. What with the attack from Malice and now her facing the monster child Sammy Rochester, she has very good reason to be focused.

Mark Kendrick: You could say she’s a real Watch It Right Rita!

Dutch Harris: I have no idea what you just said to me.

As Datura stretches out, “The March of Mephisto” hits over the PA. JESTER SMILES comes out wearing an MPW t-shirt with “JESTER” spray painted over the logo. Jester looks tired, but he still wears a cocky, shit eating grin. Sammy Rochester emerges behind Jester, staring straight at the ring. Both men begin to make their way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, being accompanied by JESTER SMILES, he weighs in tonight at FOUR HUNDRED and SIXTY FIVE POUNDS…SAMMY…ROOOOOCHESTER!

The crowd boos, which Sammy ignores. Jester reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair, unfolding it and taking his seat at ring side. Sammy walks up the stairs and stands on the apron, staring at Datura, who, to her credit, does not flinch, and stares back.

Dutch Harris: Just to get it straight folks, this is what Datura is up against. It would take just shy of three and a half Datura’s to weigh what Sammy Rochester weighs. Datura is definitely more technically sound than Sammy, but Sammy has an insanely high threshold for pain. Ms. Mauduit has an uphill fight on her hands here.

Sammy steps over the rope, but while he does so, Datura lashes out with a dropkick to the leg. This causes Sammy to lose his balance and he racks himself on the top rope! Willie Dean warns Datura that the match hasn’t start, but Datura ignores, springboarding off the middle rope and spinning around, slamming Sammy in the head with a springboard enziguiri! Willie Dean decides to go ahead and signal for the bell, which causes Jester to erupt from his chair and scream out protests, which Willie Dean ignores.

Dutch Harris: Jester not happy, but Elizabeth Mauduit is taking the fight RIGHT to Sammy Rochester, and early on, Sammy is not in a good way!

Sammy tries to recover, but Datura slams his leg that is in ring the ring with hard leg kicks, a loud pop sounding with each one. Datura, however, gets a little too close and is pushed back with force! Datura is up quickly, and while Sammy gets his leg over and has his full self in the ring, Datura slams the back of his knee with a chopblock! Sammy goes down to one knee. Datura hits the ropes and comes flying at Sammy, looking for a bulldog takedown, but Sammy just shrugs Datura off, tossing her away. He stands up, an enraged look on her face, and Datura quickly scrambles and circles, doing her best to make distance.

Mark Kendrick: God I hope she stays quick on her feet. This match will be over quick if Sammy gets his hands on her.

Sammy charges forward, but Datura easily gets out of the way, planting a leg kick to the leg she had been working on. Sammy looks unfazed, turning and charging for Datura again, which ends with the same result. Sammy again shrugs the move off and throws a sloppy punch, which Datura dodges, catches, and turns into a standing armbar! Sammy’s eyes go wide, but he simply lifts the MUCH smaller Elizabeth high in the air before dropping her flat on her head! Datura holds on, but Sammy repeats this, and Datura releases the hold, rolling away and clutching her head.

Dutch Harris: Datura trying to go to her technical roots, but it was too early, and Sammy’s raw power has put her in a very bad situation.

Mark Kendrick: Oh no no no no. I do not feel good about this.

Sammy reaches down for Datura and grabs her by the head. He plants a HARD headbutt before flinging her across the ring. For the first time since the match started, Jester sits down, that wicked smile crossing his face again. Sammy stalks across the ring, Datura looking very dazed as she tries to get to her feet.

Dutch Harris: That attack from Malice still really affecting Datura. If Sammy hits with another one of those nasty headbutts, she may very well be going to the hospital with a concussion tonight.

Datura is on her knee. She throws a wild punch, but Sammy just swats it away. He grabs her by the hair and lifts her up to her feet. He then proceeds to lift her up in the air, by the hair, which causes Datura to grimace in pain. Sammy just stares at her, anger in his eyes, watching her squirm. Willie Dean warns Sammy to release the hold, but Sammy ignores. Willie Dean begins the five count.





FI-Sammy tosses Datura aside. The crowd is booing. Datura again looks dazed as she stumbles to her feet.

Mark Kendrick: I would like to remind Datura that running away is a viable option.

Sammy again stalks towards Datura. Willie Dean is yelling at him to obey his commands, but Sammy ignores. Sammy suddenly lets out a primal scream and charges for Datura, but Datura suddenly comes to life, rolling just to the left of Sammy. She turns quickly, lashing forward and again hitting a chop block on Sammy’s leg! Sammy is completely unprepared for the move and falls down with both feet flying outwards. Once Sammy lands on his back, Datura quickly grabs hold of his legs and flips over, bridging with a pinning predicament! Willie Dean counts!




Dutch Harris: Woah! What the hell just happened?

Datura looks elated, but she also sees the problem this could create, and she quickly leaves the ring. Willie Dean joins her, as Sammy is now up, and he looks pissed.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, at a time of SEVEN minutes and SIX seconds…DATURAAAAA!

Sammy is completely distracted as he stares down at Willie Dean and Datura in an absolute rage. Suddenly, there is a mixture of loud boos and cheers from the crowd.

Mark Kendrick: What is HE doing out here?

Jacob Mephisto comes sprinting down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring behind an unsuspecting Sammy Rochester.

Dutch Harris: Wait a minute, Mark. Jacob got Liz Gaunt last night at Revolution and it looks like he’s going to get Sammy Rochester as well!

Jacob poises himself to strike, holding the Sin City Championship with the faceplate out. Jester is on the outside and his eyes grow wide.


Sammy cocks his head to the side for a moment as Jacob sneers. Sammy turns around and Jacob LAUNCHES himself forward, CRASHING the Sin City Championship into Sammy’s face! Sammy doesn’t fall, but staggers back. Jacob’s eyes go wide and he launches himself forward again, slamming the title belt into Sammy’s face for a second time! Sammy rocks back against the ropes and Jacob lays the title on the canvas. He boots Sammy in the stomach and hooks his head.

Mark Kendrick: This isn’t going to be good!

Jester jumps up onto the apron, but Jacob quickly SNAPS down with a DDT onto the title belt! He pops back up and slides the Sin City Championship out from under Sammy’s head. He steps over Sammy and stares eye to eye with Jester.

Dutch Harris: Oh, man. This could be a very interesting confrontation.

Jester hops down of the apron and backs up. Jacob smirks as he raises the title belt high in the air. Strangely enough, Jester smirks back. Jacob cocks his head to the side and Jester simply points and mouths “behind you” to Jacob.

Mark Kendrick:Jacob is about to have a really big, angry problem on his hands.

Jacob’s eyes go wide with realization as he slowly turns around to see a seething Sammy Rochester getting to his feet! Sammy LUNGES forward, but Jacob dives to the side and rolls out of the ring and quickly makes his way back to the entrance ramp. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks back to the ring where Jester and Sammy lean against the ropes staring daggers at the Sin City Champion. Jacob shoulders the title, smirks nervously and makes a quick exit behind the curtain.

Backstage.  Anarchy’s locker room.  Both men sit in their wrestling gear.  T.Rex is running black athletic tape around his right wrist.  Arch Angel is sitting on the floor stretching.  A quiet anticipation hangs in the room.  The type of nervousness where you really just want to get on with it, already.  A knock on the door.

T.Rex: Yeah.

The door opens and Loco steps in. A proud smile on his face.

Loco Martinez: Just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing.  You needed anything?

Arch Angel and T.Rex exchange a look.  Take a moment to consider.  Arch Angel shakes his head, "no".

Arch Angel: Nah. I think we’re good, man.  Thanks.

Something crosses T.Rex’s mind.

T.Rex: How is Jakey?

Loco Martinez: Don’t worry.  He had a blast.  Gave him the full backstage tour.  He met a bunch of the guys.  He’s in his seat and I told him if he needed anything to text or call me.   He’s having a blast, AND he hasn’t stopped smiling since we got here.

The two men of Anarchy smile genuinely.

T.Rex: Thanks.  I’m glad to hear that.

Arch Angel: Yeah, Loc.  Seriously.  Thanks. 

Loco Martinez flashes a smile and nods.

Loco Martinez: Not a problem.  We had a good day, and I want you two focused on the task at hand.

T.Rex: Yeah, but we know you’ve had stuff on your plate too these couple-a weeks.  You helping out with Jakey, really means a lot to us.  I don’t know how we can repay you.

Loco has a smile cross his face.

Loco Martinez: Oooh… I can think of ONE way you can repay me tonight…

Loco smiles larger as Arch Angel and T.Rex nod knowingly at Loco’s unstated mission statement. 

Loco Martinez: Go get ’em!

Loco exchanges a quick handshake into a hug with each man, before turning on his heels and getting out of Anarchy’s collective hair.  T.Rex casts  a nervous look Arch Angel’s way, who answers with a confident nod that sends both men back to their pre-match preparations. 

The cameras head back ringside, to the announcers pod.

Dutch and Mark, in their SHOOT Project Polos, are the picture of professionalism as they stare at their captivated audience watching at home.

Dutch Harris: Back at ringside.  Dutch and Mark with you folks, and during the previous segment we got a call into the show…  Or well, into our trucks, and we’re gonna go ahead and patch that phone call in live.   Ladies and gentleman, we have a very special guest at this time…  SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, and a man who…  I guess we can just go ahead and make this announcement now…  who WILL be CHALLENGING Donovan King for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in TWO WEEKS at Revolution ONE, THIRTEEN…  Jonny Johnson.

"Jonny, we coming through okay?"

There’s a pause, while the announcers await a response.  Kendrick perks up, and Dutch asks for clarification once more.

Dutch Harris: Jonny you…

Cell Phone Voice: Hello?

Dutch Harris: Jonny?

(Cell Phone Voice) Jonny: Hello?  We good?

Dutch Harris: Gotcha clear on this end.

(Cell Phone Voice) Jonny: K.  Perfect.

Harris nods and proceeds with the interview.  A few fans are peeking into the camera range, which is to expected since they can’t hear what’s happening and are probably curious.

Dutch Harris: First of all Jonny… last night.  Master of the Mat Quarter Finals…  so much riding on the line for you.  Take us through what happened.  What do you think went wrong?

(Cell Phone Voice) Jonny: …Went wrong?  With the match?  I lost, Dutch.  What went wrong was that Valentine was a superior opponent and beat me.  That’s a stupid question.  Now, if you mean in terms of…  "what went wrong with the night as a whole?"  Then that answer is, "Nothing".

Dutch is confused.

Dutch Harris: I mean, a live breakdown on a show that reaches a few million homes on a bi-weekly basis?  I don’t kn…

(Cell Phone Voice) Jonny: (Interrupting) I didn’t call to chit-chat.  Dutch, Mark.  All I wanted to do was appologize.  I’m sorry that what happened last night; what I said to Donovan King…  didn’t happen five years ago.  I’m SORRY that I left the SHOOT Project to fall apart like it has.  Without anyone to inspire, to lead…  Without someone to keep you all united.  X-Calibur would never have been a world Champion with me here.  Project SCAR would have stayed an idea in the back of Adrian Corazon’s brain.  I let you down.  I was selfish.

"I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to protect you."

Dutch and Mark are absolutely miffed, and have no response.

(Cell Phone Voice) Jonny: But it’s fine now.  I’ll be World Champion again soon, and I’ll fix everything.  I love you guys, and I’ve missed you so much.


"Thanks for doing this.."

There’s a soft, audible click sound.

Fans in the arena are restless, so there isn’t a lot of fan noise.  Harris doesn’t seem to really know what’s going on.

Dutch Harris: Jonny?

Mark Kendrick: We lose him?

Dutch Harris: Or hung up.  I’m not sure.  Fans…  sorry for the confusion.  But I guess…  that’s it.  That was Jonny Johnson.  And we are INDEED confirming that in two weeks, he will go ONE on ONE with Donovan King. SHOOT Project World Championship on the line.

Harris pauses, still a little flustered with the abrupt end to the segment, but ready to move on.

Dutch Harris: As for the rest of TONIGHT, Dominion rolls on.  We have a Master of the Mat quarterfinal match coming up.  Entragian and Pierce.  And then our main event…  SHOOT Project Tag Titles on the line Sex and Violence, Stein and Napalm, defend the straps against Anarchy.  So don’t click away!  Facebook and twitter can wait!!!

He walks through a darkened corridor, the roar of the Epicenter crowd waiting beyond the curtains pounding through his eardrums. Entragian casually cracks his neck from side to side while heading to the gorilla position to face the always deadly Mason Pierce in his Master of the Mat quarter-final bout.

This match is of grave importance to The Ivory Terror, and his thoughts are focused purely on the battle he’s about to enter into. His sinister eyes sparkle, his mind consumed with tactics and strategies to ENSURE that he advances into the semi-finals.

He’s so deeply into his own headspace that he doesn’t even notice the man sitting on the crate until he’s barely a foot away from him. Entragian stops in his tracks for a moment, his head craning around slowly until his gaze fixes on the figure sitting in there.

Loco Martinez stares back at the albino with a Cheshire-cat grin plastered across his lips, and Isaac can’t help but grit his teeth with irritation.

Loco Martinez: Fancy seeing you here!

Isaac inhales deeply through his nostrils, and he clicks his tongue against his teeth while staring holes through Martinez.

Entragian: Cut the shit, clownshoes. I’ve got places to be and opponents to wreck…so if you’ve got something to say to me? Spit it the fuck out…

Loco stands up and goes to put a hand on Entragian’s shoulder, but Isaac recoils with a glare.

Entragian:  Careful.  Lay a hand on me right before I go out there?  You might pull back a bloody stump.

Loco throws up his hands, innocently.  

Loco Martinez:  I might as well wish you luck out there tonight.  Since I plan on hanging right here to keep a CLOSE eye on tonight’s match up.

Loco points at the bevy of TV monitors set up for SHOOT’s TV production crew.  Isaac snorts dismissively.

Entragian:  You think I need luck?

Loco shrugs.

Loco Martinez:  In this city?  We can all use a little luck. 

Loco smiles with a playful wink and goes and sits next to the production monitors with all the camera angles.  He pulls up a chair and takes a seat for his expanded viewing pleasure.

Isaac’s forked tongue slips out for a moment…and he wets his pallid lips. He leans down, his face inches from Loco’s face.

Entragian: Tell you what, Loc…you can take your luck…and you can deep fry it in the tanning booth right along with your FACE. There is something I’d like to say to you, though…(A grin starts to pull at Isaac’s cheeks) Congratulations. A hard-fought victory against Trey…and you’re heading to the Master of the Mat semi-finals.

Loco nods, and Isaac’s grin broadens.

Entragian: I’ve stepped into your happy little world so many times over the years. The birthday parties, the interventions…the sunshine, the happy faces, the upbeat Ke$ha tunes. Rather it be a moon bounce or a water park…you LOVE to spread that joy, don’t you, Loc?

Martinez is about to respond, but he’s immediately cut off.

Entragian: You always think of me…so it’s time I returned the favor. I’m issuing you a PERSONAL invitation to my party, Loco. A one-way ticket into MY world. My party…is called the Master of the Mat semi-finals. It takes place in that squared circle out there. Party favors include lacerations, fathomless pain…and the DEATH of every speck of joy you have inside of that glittery organ you call a HEART.

Loco Martinez can’t help but shake his head at the sheer hatred that bakes off of the monstrous Ivory Terror.

Entragian: I’ve waited a long time to put you…and everything you stand for down, Loco. Watch what I do out there tonight…and realize that you are…next.

Isaac leans even closer to Martinez, a hiss of a whisper flowing into his ear.

Entragian: And after all the hospitality you’ve showed me over the years? When you come to my party, Martinez…I intend to be a VERY…gracious host.

Isaac suddenly SNAPS his razor-sharp teeth together mere inches from Loco’s ear, and then he stands back up while chuckling. The monster resumes his path down the corridor, stalking his way out to the gorilla position while Loco stares intensely after him.  He deadpans.

Loco Martinez: Lacerations and fathomless pain?!  His party favors are a little lacking.  

Loco continues raising his voice a little in hopes Isaac can hear him.

Loco Martinez: He wants to be a "gracious HOST"?  How about he earns himself the right to THROW a party, and if he DOES?  He can bet his big white ass my RSVP will be waiting for him when he gets home…(Loco smiles huge);…and that shit’s gonna be COVERED in glitter. Loco turns his attention to the TV monitors.  His face melting into silent concentration as we hear the Epicenter spring to life with music.  We cut ringside.

Darkness descends on the Epicenter, and triggered bursts of flame start to engage at the head of the stage. “I Am Hell” by Machine Head roars through the arena speakers, the cryptic Latin chants transitioning into scorching vocals.

Entragian steps out from behind the curtains to a HUGE negative response, the crowd exploding with disdain for the wicked albino. Isaac stretches his arms outward, his head hanging low so that white hair partly obscures the deathly grin on his face.




Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska…weighing in at 320lbs…representing Project: SCAR….THE PALE RIDER, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

The flames reach even higher around Isaac, the firelight painting him in especially sinister tones…and he finally starts to stalk his way down the ramp.

Dutch Harris: The theme song is fitting, Mark. This man is HELL on two legs…and he’s vowed to claw and scrape his way through this Master of the Mat tournament until he reaches the end.

Mark Kendrick: We all know what Entragian’s about…this is a VERY ambitious monster. He wants to see SCAR elevated at every possible juncture…and he’s always got something in the works to ensure that he and his brood prosper here in SHOOT Project.

“Mislead” by James LaBrie plays overhead, and out from the back steps Mason Pierce, only to be greeted by a chorus of boos. Pierce doesn’t come along however; he’s got almost the entire Orion continent at his side. Leona stands with her hands on her hips to Mason’s right, and on his left we find the paring of the vivacious Morgana and her loyal beast, the man known as Malice.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he hails from Manchester, England…weighing in at 230lbs…representing Orion…THE FIXER, MASON PIERCE!!!

Dutch Harris: Pierce is exceptionally dangerous on his own, but it looks like he’s got some back-up tonight too. He’s got almost the entire Orion faction out here aside from Valentine.

Mark Kendrick: Mason is smart, Dutch…who knows if Isaac has plans for SCAR members to come out here and get involved in this match? Both of these guys think alike in terms of the pack mentality…and Mason has brought his pack out as a show of strength. It won’t garner any love from the crowd, but both Mason and Isaac both have made it apparent that they don’t care at all what the fans think…

Dutch Harris: Looks like Morgana changed her hair too; no longer rockin’ the raven-colored locks….she’s a platinum blonde now, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Morgana ruffles her blonde hair as she walks down the ramp, and she instructs her monster Malice to remain on the outside near the apron. Pierce and Leona share some words before Mason starts up the steel ring steps while smirking at The Ivory Terror.

Isaac offers a little smirk of his own, shaking his head while gesturing to the Orion members on the outside. He mouths “really? don’t trust me, Fixer?” and Pierce just grins in response while stepping into the ring between the ropes.

Both men stand in their respective corners for a moment as Samantha Coil steps to the center of the ring.

Samantha Coil: The following match is a QUARTER-FINAL bout in the Master of the Mat tournament…and it is scheduled for one fall!

Samantha exits the ring while Pierce grabs the ropes and crouches down to start warming up, and Entragian just stands perfectly still while glaring at his opponent. The official ensures that both men are ready, and then he makes a motion to the timekeeper.

The bell rings to signal that this match is OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Pierce and Entragian start to circle each other, and then they lock up in the center of the ring. Isaac bulls Mason across the ring and SLAMS him up against the turnbuckles, and the official has to get involved to ensure Isaac steps back.

Isaac complies, but then he immediately darts forward and starts to PISTON body shots into Mason’s torso and stomach, one hard punch after another…and he caps the assault off with a jarring uppercut to the chin that sends Mason flying backwards against the buckles like a shockwave just traveled through his limbs.

Dutch Harris: When Entragian starts throwing those soup bones he call hands…you gotta watch out. He’s one of the most devastating strikers in all of SHOOT Project because there is just SO much strength behind his punches.

Mark Kendrick: You definitely don’t wanna let The Ivory Terror box you in, because once he starts to throwing hands…it’s a matter of time before it’s lights out for the opposition.

Entragian finally backs up while grinning…and Mason rallies from the buckles and locks up with him again! Entragian bulls Pierce toward another set of turnbuckles, but Mason switches it around at the last second…and this time the referee has to push Mason back. Mason steps back for just a moment…and then he starts to SLAM knee strikes into Isaac’s torso, one after another…and he ends the assault with a stiff elbow smash that ROCKS Isaac’s head backwards.

Dutch Harris: And that’s an example of what The Fixer brings to the table. Every impact lethal and calculated…he aims right for the pressure points when he’s looking to hurt someone.

Mark Kendrick: Pierce is definitely one of the most dangerous men to ever grace the SHOOT Project roster…and we’re seeing in this match.

Isaac rubs a hand against the side of his jaw, and Mason immediately hits the ropes and leaps up to DRILL Isaac on the side of the temple with a jumping knee strike. The monster falls forward from the buckles, landing on his hands and knees. Mason moves in, sizing Isaac up…and he waits patiently for Entragian to rise to his feet…ONLY TO SNAP HIM DOWN WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX!!!

Entragian lands badly while arching his lower back in pain, and Pierce grabs both of his big legs and flips over, bridging with a pinfall attempt.



Isaac shoulders out with authority.

Mark Kendrick: Beautiful T-Bone suplex, The Fixer using leverage there to get the momentum on his side.

Dutch Harris: And that leaping knee to the temple definitely seemed to daze Entragian too…some major torque behind that one.

Mason gets right back up to his feet, and he just begins to STOMP down on the legs of The Ivory Terror, specifically targeting the calves and ankles. Isaac is slithering across the canvas, trying to reach the ropes to help him gain a vertical base…but Pierce hops up onto the second rope and uses the added height to DROP AN ELBOW ACROSS THE BACK OF THE MONSTER’S NECK!

Isaac rolls across the canvas while holding the back of his neck, and Pierce takes a moment to favor his Orion brethren with a satisfied grin.

Dutch Harris: Pierce has been on fire thus far, he seems to have a very specific game plan in mind here. Keep the seven footer grounded…and you nullify that strength advantage that Isaac has.

Mark Kendrick: He needs to stay on him though, Dutch. You can never afford to take a breather when you’re in there with Entragian.

Pierce continues to kick at Isaac’s legs, driving him crawling across the canvas to the turnbuckles…but when Mason goes pick Isaac up, Isaac grabs the front of his tights and RAMS him face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Pierce stumbles backwards while holding his nose…and Entragian rises back up to his feet.

Dutch Harris: Isaac’s vertical again…

Mark Kendrick: Uhoh.

Isaac moves forward and grabs Pierce by the midsection…and then he LIFTS him upwards into the air, holding The Fixer high above his head in a military press. Entragian steps to the side of the ring…AND HE DROPS MASON THROAT FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!!

Pierce is flung backwards off the ropes while gagging…and Isaac hits the ropes and CRUSHES him square in the face with a leaping bicycle kick!

Mason goes down like he just got hit by a mack truck, and Isaac goes for a quick cover.




Pierce managers to kick out while still holding a hand against his nose…and we see that behind his hand blood is gushing down from both nostrils.

Mark Kendrick: That is SCARY power, Dutch. Pierce is a 230lb man and Entragian picks him up over his head like it’s nothing…

Dutch Harris: And Pierce is busted open now too….he might even have a broken nose for all we know. Back to back impacts there with his nose crashing into the turnbuckle pad and then meeting Isaac’s size 15 boot.

Entragian goes to pull Mason back up to his feet…but The Fixer gets right up into the monster’s grill and SLAMS him in the gut with a knee-lift. Isaac staggers backwards against the ropes….and Pierce clotheslines him over the top rope!

Mark Kendrick: Clotheslined right outta the ring…but Entragian landed on his feet!

Dutch Harris: There’s a dangerous place for Isaac to be though, Mark…all those Orion members lurking on the outside.

After Isaac land on his feet he reaches beneath the bottom rope and DRAGS Pierce out of the ring by the legs, proceeding to CHOKE TOSS him back-first against the security railing. The masked abomination known as Malice makes a move like he’s itching to engage Entragian…but Morgana holds her beast back in fear of disqualification. Isaac grins at Malice with his sharpened teeth…and he taunts Morgana by flicking his forked tongue at her, causing the vixen to scoff in frustration.

Isaac goes to continue the assault on Pierce, but Mason SHOULDERS TACKLES ISAAC UP AGAINST THE APRON! Entragian connects spine first, and he grits his teeth against the pain…and Mason just begins to TEE OFF with right hand after right hand, rocking Isaac’s head from side to side.

Mark Kendrick: These guys need to be careful; the referee is already up to a six count…

Dutch Harris: Neither of these men can afford to get counted out in a high stakes environment like the Master of the Mat quarter-finals.

Pierce finally grabs up a handful of Isaac’s white hair and rudely shoves him back into the ring beneath the bottom rope, and Mason follows him in. Isaac is already up though, and he begins to just CLUB the hell out of Mason’s shoulders with hammer-like blows before he’s even able to stand…and then he irish whips The Fixer hard into the ropes…ONLY TO SMASH HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SPINNING SIDE SLAM!!

Dutch Harris: Isaac scores with Fangbanger…and Mason definitely looks like a good bit of the wind was taken out of his sails with that one.

Pierce is gasping for breath, trying to get air back into his lungs…and one hand comes out to wipe a cluster of dried, clumped blood from his nostrils.

Mark Kendrick: Mason’s nose looks rough…he’ll need to ice that down for sure by the time this match ends.

Isaac grabs Pierce by the head and starts to drag him up to his feet…but PIERCE SNAPS HIM DOWN WITH A QUICK NECKBREAKER!! Isaac grabs the back of his neck yet again, and Pierce follows him down to the canvas and he starts to GRIND back on Isaac’s thick neck with a stiff-looking neck crank!

Isaac’s neck is getting twisted to the side, and his razor-sharp teeth are bared as anguish travels through the length of his spine.

Mark Kendrick: Mason’s strategy seems to be to weaken and soften up Isaac’s neck as much as possible…and that’s very wise, if you ask me.

Dutch Harris: Totally agree. It’ll make it that much easier for him when he looks to fit Isaac with that Manchester Necktie.

Isaac hisses through his teeth like a serpent…and he tries to pry Mason’s hands from his neck, and he starts to succeed…but Pierce breaks the hold himself first and hits the ropes…ONLY TO SEND A DIVING FOREARM SHOT INTO THE SIDE OF ISAAC’S NECK!!!

Isaac actually rolls a few feet across the canvas from the sheer impact of the forearm, and Pierce drops down to pull back on a leg.




Isaac kicks out hard while gritting his teeth together.

Mark Kendrick: That was close…Entragian’s neck seems to be giving him more and more problems as this match goes on. Mason is just relentless in targeting it.

Dutch Harris: Isaac has a very high pain threshold though, Mark…so it’s going to be an uphill battle for The Fixer to really make that damage last so that he can get the three count or the submission.

Pierce grunts with frustration, and he promptly drops back down and locks in a front facelock on Entragian…but the monster is already starting to fire up, and he LIFTS Mason up from the front facelock and locks in a front facelock of his own, holding Pierce fully vertical in the air with the blood rushing to his head!

Isaac takes his time, allowing Pierce to dangle in the air with his legs weaving from side to side…AND THEN ENTRAGIAN DROPS DOWN AND SLAMS PIERCE INTO THE CANVAS WITH A JACKHAMMER! Isaac floats directly into the cover.




This time Pierce is the one to kick out hard, his breathing labored and ragged.

Dutch Harris: DAMN…talk about impact. White Death wasn’t even able to keep The Fixer down for a three count though, and that’s a testament to the Orion leader’s resilience.

Mark Kendrick: Both of these men are pulling out the big guns now…they want to taste that Master of the Mat glory more than ever.

Isaac slams a fist into the canvas with frustration…and he climbs back up to his feet and heads to one of the turnbuckles, proceeding to scale his way up to the top. Isaac crouches on the top turnbuckle like a pallid dragon…and Pierce finally starts to rise up to a wobbly vertical base.

Dutch Harris: Might not like what you see when you turn around, Mason!

Pierce wheels around JUST as Entragian leaps from the buckles and NAILS Pierce across the throat with a flying clothesline…BUT PIERCES ROLLS THROUGH WITH ENTRAGIAN AND HOLDS HIM DOWN WITH A SCHOOL BOY ROLL-UP!!





At the LAST possible second, Entragian kicks out.

Mark Kendrick: Holy CRAP…have you ever seen anything like that? Pierce took the full brunt of that Wings of War clothesline but still managed to roll Isaac up.

Dutch Harris: I’m amazed by the fact that Entragian kicked out! Mason ALMOST had him there!!

Mason is quick to get back up to continue the assault…but Entragian DROPS him back down to the canvas with a bone-crunching uppercut. Isaac rubs a hand against his aching neck for a moment…and then he goes over to one of the turnbuckles and drops down to a three-point stance while baring his teeth.

Mark Kendrick: Looks like Entragian is ready to end this thing…and if he manages to uncoil and hit that spear of his…The Fixer is finished.

Mason struggles up to his feet, one hand still held against his jaw…and Isaac uncoils, racing across the ring like a wrecking machine to connect with Corruption…BUT PIERCE COUNTERS WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!!

Isaac gets slammed down to the canvas before rolling over onto his stomach….and Pierce starts to pull back on his arms, proceeding to slink his free arm around his throat in an attempt to lock in the Manchester Necktie!!

Dutch Harris: WHOA!!! Pierce avoided Corruption, and now he’s trying to lock that Manchester Necktie in on Isaac! Can he do it??

Mark Kendrick: He’s struggling hard to get it cinched, Dutch…but Isaac is fighting him like a rabid dog!

Mason struggles to lock his hands around Isaac’s neck, but Entragian is bucking backwards like a bronco in panic mode, and he begins to just DRILL elbow strikes into Mason’s face…a few of them finding Pierce’s tender nose and knocking him backwards.

Mason crawls backwards on his hands and knees, proceeding to use the ropes to pull himself back to his feet…and Isaac looks to BEHEAD him with a big boot, but Mason ducks the attempt…AND ISAAC TAKES OUT THE REFEREE!!

Entragian growls out “FUCK” while spinning around…only for Pierce to DRILL his skull into the canvas with a surprise DDT!!

Pierce stays down too, exhausted and covered in sweat…but also noticing that the official is down on the other side of the ring. A light bulb seems to click in Pierce’s head, and he yells something out to Leona…and she slides the Orion title belt into Pierce’s hands!

Dutch Harris: This is bad, folks…the official is out….and Leona just slid that Orion belt into Mason’s hands.

Mark Kendrick: The Fixer’s got himself a very effective tool in hand right now…and he’s gonna look to put Isaac’s lights out with it.

Mason sizes Isaac up, barking out “get up” to the pallid albino monster. Entragian struggles against the canvas, floundering while holding his strained neck…and he finally uses the middle rope to pull himself back up to his feet.

Pierce sees his opportunity and he darts forward, throwing the Orion belt forward to NAIL Entragian in the face with it…BUT ISAAC DUCKS!!!

Mason staggers forward and the belt flies out of his grasp, and Isaac immediately grabs his arm and lifts him up into a fireman’s carry. Pierce struggles hard, throwing elbows into Isaac’s head…BUT ISAAC TAKES HIM UP AND OVER WITH A RING-ROCKING GUTBUSTER!!!

Mark Kendrick: THE DISEMBOWELER!!! Entragian drove Pierce into his knee with ALL of his might!

Dutch Harris: The referee is coming to now…and that pallid demon is looking for a cover!!

Isaac drops down and pulls back on both of Mason’s legs, and the referee slowly crawls across the canvas while holding his face.

He’s slow to find his bearings, but he finally starts to make the count.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…at a time of nineteen minutes and three seconds…advancing in the MASTER OF THE MAT tournament…THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

Dutch Harris: Talk about a HARD fought match between these two men…one of the most closely contested battles I’ve seen thus far in the Master of the Mat tournament.

Mark Kendrick: Entragian advances…but The Fixer gave him the fight of his life here tonight. I get the idea that Isaac will be feeling the effects of this one for quite a few days.

Entragian rises up to his feet, a filed-fang grin spreading across his face…and he looks down at the Orion title for a moment and then back to Pierce as he starts to awaken on the canvas. Isaac actually nods his head at Pierce…as if to say “well played.”…before he exits the ring by flipping backwards over the top rope to land on his feet.

Dutch Harris: That’s incredibly rare…have we EVER seen Entragian show anyone respect after a match? Gotta be a first…

Mark Kendrick: I think Isaac admires how cunning and ruthless Pierce was in this match…these two men are pretty much universally hated by the SHOOT Project fans…and they’re pretty damn alike in a multitude of ways. Both of them are as dangerous as they come…

The shot closes out on a victorious Entragian stalking his way up the ramp past the ranks of Orion.

The scene fades into the back. We see Mary Kelly standing in front of Jester and Sammy’s locker room. This is made clear by the fact that the door says “Jester and Sammy”. Mary Kelly looks nervous.

Mary Kelly: Why is it always me, guys? Is it because I am the head interviewer now? I mean, I know the pay is better, and I’m REALLY happy to get the promotion, but…come on.

The door opens and Jester steps out, looking pissed. His look of  ‘pissed-offness’ seems to increase at the interviewers.

Jester Smiles: Mary…camera guy Derek…boom mic guy Shane…the fuck do you want?

Mary freezes for a second, gulping.

Mary Kelly: We…we…we wanted to ask about what you said to The SHOOT Informant…

Jester looks at Mary, disgusted.

Jester Smiles: You can’t fucking read?

Mary looks really hurt, looking down at her feet.

Mary Kelly: I…I can…I just wanted you to elabor-

Jester Smiles: Listen, I’ve got to try and console Sammy, as he’s REALLY pissed about losing his match and Jacob Mephisto attacking him.

A loud crash is heard inside the locker room, as if on cue.

Jester Smiles: It’s REALLY fucking simple. I don’t have any desire to face The Real Deal. Not because I’m scared. Not because I think he’d make a fool of me. I just don’t want to. I don’t see the upside for me. He talked shit about me, I got even. That’s that. I’m done with him.

But, you know what, fuck it. If it appeases everyone, I’ll give The Real Deal ONE Revolution or Dominion. He can face me on regular TV, because I’m not wasting a PPV, especially one of our biggest, like Master of the Mat, on a guy who’s supposed to have been forcibly retired, like, eight hundred times. That’s it, Real Deal. You want me, it’s got to be on Dominion or Revolution. That’s it. That’s all you get.

And, before you ask, yes, my contract DOES state that I can deny matches. I can deny matches up to 5 times a year. There. Now you’ve got the scoop. Go away.

Jester walks back into his locker room and slams the door. As soon as he is gone, Mary runs away. The scene fades out.

The distinctive notes to “They Are Lost”  by Last Remaining Pinnacle ring out, signaling the arrival of the former SHOOT Iron Fist Champion, Thomas Manchester Black.  TMB walks through the curtains and stops at the top of the ramp for a moment to register the reaction he gets from the people.  The reception is mixed – a few diehard fans cheering, but more fans giving him a lukewarmly apathetic welcome or even booing him.  Black sighs before continuing his path down to the ring holding some papers in his hands.  Reaching the ring, TMB walks around to the side and calls for a mic before sliding into the ring.

TMB: Ja Gi… I know you’re back there.  Come to the ring.  Now.

It doesn’t take long before “JAP THE RIPPER” from B’z brings out Ja Gi Kyung-Moon with the Iron Fist Championship over his right shoulder.  Last night’s suit is color-swapped out for white, with a blue shirt and black tie.  Kyung-Moon has his own microphone, and wastes no time in walking down to the ring.  Up the stairs and into the ring, Ja Gi acknowledges the cheering crowd for a moment before turning toward Thomas Manchester Black, who still has things on his mind.

TMB: Cut the music!

It is.

TMB: I gave you the chance, little brother.  I gave you the opportunity to be proactive about this.  Yes, I went to San Diego and put you down.  Yes, I made it clear that the Iron Fist Championship, and how you won it, is still an unsettled matter.  And what do you do?  Instead of projecting strength, instead of declaring that you would challenge me for the Iron Fist title, you tell me to invoke my rematch clause in writing before you’ll do anything.  You’re stalked and ambush and you… run and tell on me instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Black points at the Iron Fist title over Ja Gi’s shoulder, poking it with his finger.

TMB: You have no idea what that title represents.  You have no right to wear that championship.  I wanted to help you, but I see now that you’re too stubborn for your own good.  I can’t take it easy on you.  I have to break you down… destroy you.  Temper you in the most searing flames, forge you under the intense pressure, and finally make you a believer.

Black brushes the faceplate of the Iron Fist championship, then lightly taps Ja Gi with a condescending not-quite-slap on the face.

TMB: You brought this on yourself.  Remember that.

After Black finishes, Ja Gi takes the title off of his shoulder and polishes the faceplate with his sleeve.  Setting the belt back over his left shoulder, with microphone in the same arm, Ja Gi points accusingly toward Thomas Manchester Black with the right hand,

Ja Gi: I can think of at least everything wrong with what you just said.  I don’t even know where to begin.  It’s my fault for winning the Iron Fist championship!  It’s my fault for you being a sore loser and a punk bitch!  It’s also my fault for reminding you that crime doesn’t pay.  Anything else you want to blame on me?  This sounds like a fun game, let me try!

Kyung-Moon turns his attention to the crowd.

Ja Gi: Hey, everybody!  I framed Roger Rabbit!  I’m also singlehandedly responsible for the unfair scrutiny that groups labeled “Tea Party” and/or “Patriot” received in the IRS.  Not to mention, literally any and all bad things that have ever existed on 4Chan are the direct machinations of supergenius evil villain Baron Doctor Von Sexgood, aka Ja Gi Kyung-Moon.  Mwahahahahaha!

After a goofy grin and some people laughing, Kyung-Moon turns back toward Thomas Manchester Black.

Ja Gi: Maybe I’m being too hard on you.  Maybe your Insane Troll Logic makes SO MUCH SENSE that the universe had to loop back upon itself and make you sound like a dumbass to achieve a state of full quantum equilibrium.  But I’m just not seeing it, Chesty.  I’m not.  So why don’t we just skip to the part where you start talking like a reasonable human being, hm?

Thomas Manchester Black is not amused, staring straight through to Ja Gi’s soul.  His reply is direct, low in tone, and precisely worded.

TMB: I have a contract in my hand.  I will use my rematch clause and face you for my championship at Master of the Mat.  The only thing you need to is to sign this.

Black lowers the microphone from his mouth and hands over the contract.  Ja Gi does carry a monogrammed pen in his breast pocket, which he removes and holds in his hand.  After scanning quickly over the contract and finding nothing wrong with it, Kyung-Moon signs the document and hands it back to Thomas Manchester Black.

TMB: So you can follow instructions.

Black takes the contract and places it in his back pocket.  Ja Gi also hands over an envelope.

TMB: What is this?

Ja Gi: Four.

TMB: What?

Ja Gi: It’ll make sense when you open it later.

Black places the envelope in his side pocket.  Ja Gi turns to leave, prompting TMB to stop him.

TMB: One more thing…

When Ja Gi faces TMB again, the Queen City Hitman uses a toe kick to briefly stun Kyung-Moon, punching him in the head a few times before whipping him into the ropes.  Ja Gi rebounds off of the cables and slides through the legs to avoid the clothesline from Black.   Thomas Manchester Black turns around, taking a spinning back chop to the head.  He follows up with a rolling sole-butt to the diaphragm, then reverses once more and spins back into a Roaring Elbow.  Black shoves Ja Gi away and leaps in, taking advantage of the long legs for a piston bicycle kick.  Ja Gi throws himself backward into a suicide to avoid the kick, and kips back up before TMB can recover his guarded stance from missing the kick, allowing Ja Gi to twist into the Good Night Moon as an enzuigiri!  Black falls to the mat, holding the back of his head.  Ja Gi retrieves the envelope from TMB’s pocket and opens it, taking out a piece of 8×11 paper and holding it up close to the camera.  The letters read, in Sharpie,

The number of hits it’ll take to put TMB down if he tries something.

The punchline achieved, Ja Gi crumples the paper and stuffs it into his pocket, laughing as he hops out of the ring.  TMB comes to his senses in time to see Ja Gi backing up at the top of the ramp, the Iron Fist Championship held high above his head as “JAP THE RIPPER” plays again.

Mark Kendrick: It looks like we have a title match!

Dutch Harris: Ja Gi stood up for himself this time, but Thomas Manchester Black is nothing to play with.  Kyung-Moon might’ve just earned himself an even worse beating than he already had coming.

Mark Kendrick: If that’s to be the case, we’ll see it LIVE at Master of the Mat!

We head to the backstage of the Epicenter.  Our focus is one Buck Dresden, who is as deep in thought as a guy like him can be.  From behind him, we see a finger with red nail polish.  A female finger that belongs to Laura Seton.  As we get a view of her, well—she doesn’t look to be in a good mood.  She fiercely taps him on the shoulder.  Buck turns around and finally…at long last…his longtime equine foe.

Buck Dresden: Well then.  It’s been…a long time comin’.

Laura Seton: GAY PONY!?

She balls up her right fist, rears back with it, and unloads with a huge punch to the BAB member!  With no remorse, she has a quick hair toss and walks off.  Buck is flat on his ass as Magnus reappears, armed with the sandwiches he was apparently sent to catering to receive.

Charles Brandon Magnus: What happened?  Are you okay?!

Buck slowly strokes his jaw as he looks offscreen.

Buck Dresden:  Chuckie…I think I finally know what it’s like to wanna fuck a horse.

Magnus drops the sandwich on Buck and turns around.

Charles Brandon Magnus: Nope.  Not doing this.  Not tonight.

Magnus leaves Buck on the ground.  Buck stares offscreen still, rubbing his jaw as he grins.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, and is for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships!!

The crowd buzzes with excitement awaiting the challengers. The live Epicenter crowd roars as the lights flash in time with a drum beat.  Each beat a letter flashes on the jumbotron. The crowd shouts along with each letter as it flashes "A…N…A…R…C…H…Y!!!! "  They shout "ANARCHY" as the whole word jumps onto the screen before a series of highlights begins to play as soon as Sebastian Bach’s shriek rips through the Epicenter as the crowd jumps to their feet. 


A focused and maybe a tinge nervous T.Rex and Arch Angel step out onto the entrance ramp in  their matching black leather wrestling pants and white tank tops with the red circle with an "A" through it. They pause at the top. They turn to each other. T.Rex winds up and slaps the hell out of Arch Angel’s chest all the while yelling. He points at the ring. Arch Angel nods with a confident smile and they turn and walk with a purpose slapping hands with some fans. 

Samantha Coil: Making their way to the ring at a combined six hundred thirty six pounds, and hailing from Seaside Height, New Jersey. T.Rex. Arch Angel…  AAAAANAAAAAARRRRCHY!!!!!

The crowd responds with "ANARCHY!" They stop ringside where an old friend, Jake stands.  He smiles huge as each member stops to give the man a hug.

Mark Kendrick:  Their long time friend, Jake is ring side. A promise they made to the man many months ago, back when this moment right here, main eventing a SHOOT show for the tag team championships was nothing more than fantasy! 

Dutch Harris::  It’s been a long hard road for these two grizzled veterans. Can they capitalize on their momentum? Can they complete this amazing underdog story that started with them unemployed and homeless??

Mark Kendrick:  Well listening to the Epicenter, here tonight? We know what THEY think! 

T.Rex and Arch Angel take a moment outside the ring. All they do is exchange a look. Give a single confident nod and slide into the ring. Throwing their hands up as the crowd roars their approval. They head to their corner as "Monkey Business" fades.


The music cuts out entirely; leaving the arena in silence, save for the unbelievable amount of hate being spewed from the fans. Suddenly… 


Then, My Darkest Days’ song Porn Star Dancing starts, and a familiar voice over top of even that is heard. 

Molly the Assistant: Now making their way to the ring…

Out from the back walks Johnny Napalm with the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. The massive man has his hands raised high, giving the devil horns with each hand. Each and every fan in the arena boos, waiting for Napalm’s partner. Napalm looks around the arena, smiling at the chorus. The music plays on; he bobs his head to the rhythmic beat, bringing down the hate from the fans with open arms. 

Molly the Assistant: The man standing in front of you is the six foot nine inch massive force to reckoned with, JOHNNY NAPALM! AND HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER!  

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go

She takes it off nice and slow

Because that’s porn star dancin’

Stein GALLOPS out from the back Gangnam Style, title around his waist, exposed by his cut off Stein Project t-shirt, and a HUGE smile on his face. As he moves over in front of Napalm, he throws his arms out egging on the boos with his eyes closed. Stein takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. Stein moves down the ramp, Napalm follows, and Molly the Assistant and Selena pour out from the back.



Dan stands in front of the ring, and Napalm stands next to him. Napalm walks over to the apron, grabs the top rope and PULLS himself up. Stein looks over at Molly, who hands her microphone to someone on the road staff, and then to the fans before jumping up and rolling into the ring with the title belt around his waist. Stein smirks, running his fingertips down his abdomen and over the Tag Team Championship belt before he and Napalm hand their SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships to Molly, completely ignoring the referee.

Johnny Napalm steps over the top rope onto the apron outside. The Anarchy boys take a few more seconds to strategize before Arch Angel steps to the outside, leaving T.Rex to start things off with Dan Stein.

Tony Lorenzo prepares to call for the bell, but suddenly…


The crowd begins to boo loudly as “Time is on My Side” by the Rolling Stones begins to play throughout the Epicenter and Jacob Mephisto steps out onto the entrance stage. He looks out at the crowd with a smirk on his face before beginning to walk down the entrance ramp. He is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black “Long Live the King”  t-shirt. The Sin City Championship is draped over his shoulder as he makes his way down the aisle.

Mark Kendrick: Why is Jacob Mephisto coming to the ring? He has absolutely nothing to do with this match.

Dutch Harris:: Well, Mark, I can only assume, but he is set to face Johnny Napalm in the Sin City Championship Series Semi-Finals at our next set of shows. Maybe he’s scouting.

Jacob makes his way to ringside and walks around the ring. All four competitors look out a Jacob. The boys of Anarchy simply look puzzled, while Stein and Napalm glare at him. Mephisto points at Stein and then makes a display of showing off his King t-shirt before looking at Napalm with a smirk and slapping the Sin City Championship on his shoulder.

Jacob walks to the barricade around the ring and then into the commentators’  pod. Jacob takes a seat, places his championship belt on the table, and dons a headset as his music fades.

Mark Kendrick: Well, it appears we are being joined by the Sin City Champion, Jacob Mephisto. Welcome to commentary, Jacob.

Jacob Mephisto: I appreciate it, Mark. These fans don’t appreciate me being out here, but who cares about them, really?

Dutch Harris:: Why are you out here, anyway, Jacob?

Jacob Mephisto: You know, Dutch, I thought a man with your broadcast journalist experience would understand that already. Johnny Napalm is my opponent coming up very soon. I’m just here to get an up close and personal look, that’s all. Let’s get this show on the road, come on!

Back in the ring, Lorenzo calls for the bell and we are underway! Stein takes a step toward T.Rex, but stops in his tracks with a smile on his face. T.Rex returns the smile and starts making gestures for Stein to go ahead and take off. We see him mouth “you’ve got a World Title match to prepare for” before he walks to the ropes and holds them open. He motions for Stein to step out of the ring.

Stein smirks and turns away for a moment, BUT HE QUICKLY RUNS TOWARDS T.REX and hits a step up enziguri to the back of his head! T.Rex drops like a sack of potatoes and Stein IMMEDIATELY covers!




Tony Lorenzo admonishes Arch Angel as he returns to his corner and Stein smirks.

Mark Kendrick: Oh man, that was CLOSE. Stein hit that flash finisher of his on an unsuspecting T.Rex.

Jacob Mephisto: Well, that’s what ol’ Teddy gets for trying to play mind games, if you ask me.

Dutch Harris:: You make a solid point there, Jacob. Anarchy’s continued needling of Dan Stein almost cost them the tag titles right there.

Stein begins to stomp away at T.Rex, he drops a quick elbow across his back before bringing him to his feet. Stein drags him to the Sex & Violence corner and tags in Johnny Napalm. Napalm steps in over the top rope and HAMMERS T.Rex with a big right hand. Napalm begins to drive his shoulder into T.Rex’s midsection repeatedly. Tony Lorenzo is right there, shouting for Napalm to get T.Rex out of the corner and he begins his count!





Napalm backs off before the count of five. Napalm moves back in and brings T.Rex out of the corner as Stein appears a bit fidgety on the ring apron. Napalm turns T.Rex around and delivers a pair of VICIOUS right hands to the lower back, causing, T.Rex to arch back in pain. Napalm spins T.Rex back around and lifts him up and DRIVES him into his knee with a backbreaker!

Jacob Mephisto: Oh, look, Napalm knows how to target specific body parts. I didn’t think he was that smart.

Dutch Harris:: A lot of people don’t give Johnny Napalm the credit he deserves. The man is a certified ring veteran.

Mark Kendrick: I have to agree with you there, Dutch. Napalm knows his way around the ring.

Jacob Mephisto: So does a referee. Doesn’t make him a ring technician like yours truly.

Napalm gets to his feet and stomps away at T.Rex while Stein cheers him on from the apron. Napalm brings T.Rex to his feet and FIRES an uppercut to his jaw, staggering him back. Napalm hits the ropes, but Dan Stein tags himself in! Napalm looks at Stein with a look a slight irritation before he steps out of the ring. Stein climbs to the top turnbuckle as T.Rex is staggering. T.Rex turns and Stein LEAPS from the top with a sunset flip! He tries to pull T.Rex down, but T.Rex regains his composure and DROPS straight down, sitting on Steins chest! T.Rex rolls off and gets to his feet! Stein clutches his chest in agony and scrambles towards his corner trying for a tag!

BUT T.REX grabs him by the tights and pulls him back to the center of the ring! T.Rex brings Stein to his feet and LEVELS him with a right hand, sending Stein to the canvas. Napalm is furious on the ring apron, pacing back and forth! T.Rex brings Stein to his feet, scoops him up, and SLAMS him down with a HEAVY body slam! The crowd cheers loudly as T.Rex begins to get momentum on his team’s side!

Mark Kendrick: Dan Stein tried to “pick the bones” of T.Rex so to speak and now he’s paying for it!

Dutch Harris:: Absolutely, Mark. And this is exactly where Dan Stein does NOT want to be.

T.Rex brings Stein to his feet and WHIPS him into the turnbuckle in Anarchy’s corner. He gets a head of steam and RUSHES in, connecting with a BIG clothesline to the corner! T.Rex makes a much needed tag and Arch Angel steps into the ring, planting a boot into Stein’s midsection. Arch Angel brings Stein out of the corner, lifts him up, spins, and PLANTS Stein with a big spinebuster! Arch Angel covers!




Napalm stalks back to his corner as Arch Angel gives him a look of disdain. Arch Angel gets to his feet and drops a HEAVY leg across the chest of Stein. He gets to his feet again, this time bringing Stein up with him. Stein quickly reaches up and RAKES the eyes, causing Arch Angel to break his grip. Stein SCRAMBLES over to his corner and quickly tags in Napalm, who looks down at Stein and shakes his head before stepping back into the ring.

Arch Angel has recovered and turns around, expecting Stein, but notices Napalm stepping towards him. Arch Angel simply nods and FIRES a right hand to the face of Napalm! Napalm rocks back and returns fire with a BIG right hand of his own! Napalm and Arch Angel trade off shots a few more times before Arch Angels ducks a shot from Napalm, hits the ropes, and NAILS a BIG lariat, sending Napalm to the canvas, much to the delight of the crowd!

Jacob Mephisto: Not so big and tough now, is he?

Mark Kendrick: This match is far from over, Jacob.

Dutch Harris:: You are correct, Mark. Napalm is no slouch and I am sure he has a lot of fight left in him. But the boys of Anarchy are more than up for the task!

Napalm starts to get to his feet and Arch Angel is waiting for him. Arch Angel hits the far ropes, BUT DAN STEIN STEPS OVER and plants a knee to Arch Angel’s back, stopping him in his tracks! Napalm smirks and nods at Stein, who returns to his corner while Tony Lorenzo admonishes him.

Napalm advances on Arch Angel, Irish whipping him across the ring. Arch Angel hits the ropes and runs RIGHT into a big boot from Napalm, sending him down to the canvas HARD. T.Rex stands on the apron, reaching in for a tag and calling to his partner! Napalm rushes over and FOREARMS T.Rex, causing an IRATE T.Rex to step into the ring! Tony Lorenzo rushes in to cut T.Rex off, trying to get him back to his corner.

During the distraction, Napalm waves Stein into the ring. Stein rushes into the ring and they WHIP Arch Angel into their corner. Both men begin to stomp away at Arch Angel, causing an already angered T.Rex to try and push past Tony Lorenzo. The referee continues to shout at T.Rex and tries to push him back to his corner as Napalm and Stein continue to do a number on Arch Angel in the corner.

Mark Kendrick: This is just despicable! Stein and Napalm have no sense of fair play!

Jacob Mephisto: Hey, if the referee doesn’t see it, it never happened, Kendrick. It’s good strategy by Sex & Violence. I bet Stein came up with it. Napalm’s too stupid to think of something like that.

Dutch Harris:: I’d like to note that Jacob Mephisto said that, not myself or Mark Kendrick. You know, just in case Johnny Napalm watches a tape of this later.

T.Rex FINALLY relents and steps out of the ring. Tony Lorenzo turns around, but Stein has gotten back out of the ring. Napalm places his boot on the throat of Arch Angel and Lorenzo immediately begins his count!





FI-Napalm removes his boot from Arch Angel’s throat JUST before the count of five.

Napalm goes to tag Stein, but Stein is facing the entrance ramp? Napalm shakes Stein by the shoulder, causing Stein to turn around quickly and flinch! Napalm shouts the words “Focus, Man” to Stein before tagging him in. Stein takes one more glance at the entrance ramp before stepping into the ring and STOMPING Arch Angel in the chest!

Dutch Harris:: SOMEONE’S a bit paranoid tonight. And after what he did to King and Maya last night, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Stein backs up halfway across the ring and gets a running start, sending a dropkick RIGHT to Arch Angel’s face, snapping his head back into the turnbuckle! Stein gets to his feet quickly and DRAGS Arch Angel to the center of the ring and makes a quick cover!




Arch Angel gets the shoulder up! Stein brings Arch Angel to his feet and sends him back into the S&V corner, tagging in Napalm. He holds up Arch Angel’s arm and Napalm plants a boot to his midsection. Stein steps out of the ring and Napalm brings Arch Angel out of the corner. Napalm LIFTS Arch Angel onto his shoulders. He looks directly at the commentators’ pod and DRIVES Arch Angel down to the mat HARD with a BIG Death Valley driver!

Mark Kendrick: WOW! What a show of pure POWER by Johnny Napalm!

Jacob Mephisto: I’ll give the big guy his due. THAT was impressive.

Dutch Harris:: You getting worried, Jacob?

Jacob Mephisto: I wouldn’t say that. But, I AM impressed.

Napalm drops down for a cover, hooking the leg!





The crowd sighs in relief as Tony Lorenzo admonishes T.Rex, sending him back to his corner. Napalm doesn’t look happy as he gets back to his feet. He brings Arch Angel up to a standing position and starts to PISTON right hands to his jaw, backing him into the ropes. Napalm backs off and RUSHES forward, clotheslining Arch Angel over the top rope to the outside! Napalm steps out of the ring and stalks Arch Angel. Tony Lorenzo begins his count.

Mark Kendrick: This is NOT where Arch Angel wants to be with a man like Johnny Napalm!

Napalm WHIPS Arch Angel into the ringside barricade. The crowd jeers and boos Napalm but he pays them no mind. Instead, he notices that he and Arch Angel are directly in front of Anarchy’s long time friend, Jake. Napalm spouts off at the mouth to Jake before grabbing Arch Angel by his head. He attempts to RAM Arch Angel into the barricade, BUT ARCH ANGEL BLOCKS IT! Napalm tries again and AGAIN Arch Angel blocks it!

Arch Angel FIRES and elbow into Napalm’s midsection, grabs his head and RAMS it into the barricade! He tosses his head back and ROARS! The crowd answers in kind:


Arch Angel grabs Napalm and WHIPS him back first into the ring apron. He pulls Napalm forward and NAILS a side Russian legsweep onto the floor to the delight of the crowd! Arch Angel slowly gets to his feet, walks over, and high fives Jake. He grabs Napalm and rolls him into the ring, breaking Lorenzo’s count, which has just reached eight. Arch Angel rolls into the ring and grabs Napalm by his head, bringing him to his feet, BUT NAPALM GRABS ARCH ANGEL BY HIS HEAD and DROPS down with a jawbreaker!

Jacob Mephisto: Smart move there. Looks like Napalm is more resourceful than I gave him credit for.

Both men are down and crawling towards their corner. Napalm makes it to Stein first and makes the tag! Stein dives into the ring and GRABS Arch Angel’s boot, BUT ARCH ANGEL MAKES THE TAG! The crowd goes berserk as T.Rex BARRELS into the ring and DROPS Stein with a BIG clothesline! Napalm rushes into the ring, but T.Rex is ready for him and NAILS him with a clothesline as well! T.Rex is a house of fire! Napalm rolls back out of the ring and gets to his feet on the ring apron, shaking out the cobwebs.

Dutch Harris:: Arch Angel made that much needed tag and now Dan Stein is in trouble!

T.Rex brings Stein to his feet and SLAMS him down HARD! Arch Angel steps back into the ring and brushes off Tony Lorenzo’s protest. T.Rex and Arch Angel each grab a wrist, bringing Stein to his feet. They rear back and land stereo right hands, sending Stein CRASHING back to the mat. They keep his wrists and bring him to his feet, only to double shoulderblock him back down! They keep his wrists again, this time bringing him to his feet and LIFTING him up. The Anarchy boys SLAM Stein back to the mat with a double spinebuster! Arch Angel steps back out of the ring and T.Rex fist pumps, causing the crowd to cheer!

T.Rex brings Stein to his feet and Irish whips him to a neutral corner.  T.Rex gets a head of steam looking for a splash, BUT Stein PULLS Tony Lorenzo in the WAY! Lorenzo only gets clipped by T.Rex, but it is enough to cause him to stagger away. Stein takes advantage of the situation and hits T.Rex with a LOW BLOW! The crowd boos loudly as T.Rex drops to his knees.

Mark Kendrick: What a BLATANT cheap shot!

Jacob Mephisto: I didn’t see anything. How can you guys stand being cooped up in here all show watching on these monitors? I’m going to get a better view.

Stein crawls to his corner and tags in Napalm, who quickly enters the ring and starts putting the boots to T.Rex. Meanwhile, Jacob Mephisto has exited the commentators’ pod and has climb on TOP of the pod, sitting there with his Sin City Championship draped across his shoulder. Napalm pauses to glare up at him, but Mephisto simply raises his hands in the air as if to say “just watching.”

Napalm brings T.Rex to his feet and LIFTS him up, driving him down with a HARD sidewalk slam! He covers and hooks the leg!




T.Rex gets his shoulder up!

Napalm slaps the mat in frustration and Jacob STANDS on top of the commentators’  pod. His eyes go wide as he looks up the entrance ramp. He shouts towards Stein, who is on the ring apron observing the happenings in the ring.

Jacob Mephisto: STEIN!

Stein looks over at Jacob quizzically. Jacob points up at the entrance ramp, his eyes wide. Stein turns around QUICKLY  as Napalm goes to make the tag. A sly smile forms on Jacob’s face as Stein turns back looking angry. Napalm shakes Stein again to get him to focus, but T.REX HAS MADE A TAG UNBEKNOWNST TO STEIN AND NAPALM! Arch Angel BARRELS into the ring and CLUBS Napalm across the back, sending him into Stein!

Stein goes flying off the apron to the floor! Napalm turns around and catches a boot to the stomach! Arch Angel lifts him up!



Dutch Harris:: Could this be it!?

Arch Angel covers!





The crowd GROANS!

Stein rolls back to the outside and gets to his feet on the apron, BUT ARCH ANGEL LAUNCHES FORWARD, sending Stein off the apron again! He brings Napalm to his feet and takes him to his corner, tagging it T.Rex. T.Rex steps into the ring and climbs the second turnbuckle! Arch Angel sets up Napalm!


Mark Kendrick: THEY HIT IT!

Dutch Harris: COVER HIM!

T.Rex makes the cover, hooking the leg with all his might!



Stein dives in for the save! BUT NOT IN TIME!


Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and the crowd absolutely loses their shit!

T.Rex and Arch Angel are LEAPING in the air with joy and hugging one another with tears in their eyes!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, and NEEEEWWWW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…. AAAAANNNNAAAARCHHYYYYYYY!!!!

Napalm has rolled out of the ring and grabbed both Tag Team Titles. Jacob hops down off the commentary pod and walks backward up the entrance ramp, smirking at Napalm while Napalm glares at him. Jacob slaps his Sin City Championship and turns around, heading to the back.

Napalm rolls into the ring with the titles as Stein and Molly head to the back. Anarchy takes a fighting pose, not sure what to expect and the crowd has gone silent. Napalm looks down at the championship belts in his hand for a very long moment before looking up at Anarchy. Without a single word, Napalm steps forward and hands the titles to T.Rex and Arch Angel. He simply exits the ring and stalks back up the entrance ramp with Selena in tow.

“Monkey Business” begins to blare over the speakers and the crowd goes crazy as Anarchy holds up the World Tag Team Championship for all to see, hugging one another and pointing out to their long time friend, Jake! The cheers get even LOUDER as Loco Martinez comes SPRINTING down the ramp with and arm full of champagne bottles!

Loco slides into the ring, placing the bottles on the mat and the three friends embrace in the center of the ring in tears! The crowd goes wild! Loco and Anarchy pick up the bottles, shake them up and shower themselves and the ring with champagne! The last shot of the evening is of Loco Martinez and the NEW World Tag Team Champions, ANARCHY drenched in champagne in the center of the ring. T.Rex and Arch Angel hold the title belts high in the air.