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Revolution 009: 10/21/07


“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

Revolution Logo

“…It’s about to get ugly in here!  Set it on ‘em motherfuckers!”

“Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond explodes onto the airways, as the Revolution logo fades from your mind into a barrage of clips from the first six Revolutions!

An aerial shot, moving through the Las Vegas strip takes over, the night life, the bright lights, and finally, the Thomas and Mack Center…

Static washes over the screen,

Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship. 

OutKast stands contains the  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, which then fades into the tandem of Instant Heat calling the action for that first night!

The static fades into Corazon holding the Iron Fist Championship high overhead, to the return of Obsidian. 

Jester Smiles is shown over a fallen Kaz Sato, as the newly crowned Revolution Champion.

A barrage of images displayed like a flip book, from Del Carver, Donovan King, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, the returning Jun Kenshin, Cade Sydal, on and on, until finally coming to a stop on Ron Barker, and as the pyro for the opening hits the top of the ramp, EXPLODING into the Thomas and Mack Center, the roller coaster ride of an opening video ceases. 

Within the inner workings of the Thomas and Mack Arena, in a hallway the fans are only privy to seeing if a camera is present, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion walks towards what has been deemed the locker room area.  He passes by some of the unknown staff, the ones who work the thankless jobs that help to keep SHOOT Project running smoothly.  Worrens keeps to himself, clearly making it known he is not a champion of the people.  Worrens carries with him of course, his championship title.  He doesn’t seem to have any urgent business to attend to tonight, as observed from his slow strides.  All of that seems to change, however, as a balding man approaches Worrens with an envelope. 

Messenger: Trevor Worrens, right? 

Worrens brushes his bangs from his eyes to get a look at the man in front of him. 

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, that’s me. 

Worrens immediately notices the envelope in the man’s hand. 

Trevor Worrens: And that’s for me too, I’m guessing? 

The man nods his head and hands him the envelope. 

Messenger: Yes it is. I don’t know why the man didn’t just deliver it himself, he was just here all of two minutes before I spotted you. 

A sudden sense of tension and concern seems to come from Worrens now as he just eyes the envelope. 

Trevor Worrens: And just who was the man that gave this envelope to you? 

Messenger: Very well dressed, looked important… oh and he was in a wheel chair. 

Worrens’s expression goes blank. 

Trevor Worrens: Open the envelope. 

Worrens gives the envelope back to the messenger. But then shakes his head. 

Trevor Worrens: No, on second thought, forget it. I don’t even want it. 

Messenger: But he insisted you read the note. 

Worrens becomes visibly bothered. 

Trevor Worrens: Then you read it for me. 

The messenger seems confused by this, but does as he’s told and opens the envelope.  From within, the messenger pulls out a note which has been written upon an index card. 

Messenger: Well… I don’t see why this is so urgent… it just says congratulations. 

Worrens’s eyes narrow, the message may only say congratulations, but taped to the back of the index card is a photo.  A photo of Worrens knocked out at the feet of Roland Caldwell.  Worrens starts looking around. 

Trevor Worrens: You son of a bitch! Where are you!?  Huh!  Man up and congratulate me to my face!!! 

Worrens’s shout echoes in the otherwise empty hallway.  And he storms off, not saying another word. The messenger stays on, confused beyond belief, and from there, the focus takes the viewers back to ringside. 

Dave Dymond: Hmmm, I’m not sure I like what that could mean, Other Guy. 

Other Guy: I’ve done my research, I know what’s what… and if that note means that the fabled Vincent Mallows somehow got himself backstage… well I don’t even know how to react to that. 

Dave Dymond: It certainly got under Worrens’s skin, as he went from incredibly calm to incredibly frustrated in a matter of moments.  How is this going to effect Worrens’s ability to focus as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion? 

Other Guy: He’s already got a lot of shit to deal with after what went down last week, I can only imagine Worrens coming unhinged from the pressure. 

The camera angle shifts suddenly now, showing off a shot of the ceiling of the arena, and more importantly the steel cage that hangs over head. 

Dave Dymond: Well folks if you want to talk about pressures, it has been confirmed that tonight, that steel cage will lower, and Revolution’s main event match up between Roland Caldwell and Ray Willmott is going to be THAT much more interesting.  That match still to come, but right now, let’s continue on with the action and shoot it to Samantha Coil in the ring for the start of our first match.


Samantha Coil:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!”

The crowd roars in excitement, as “In A Heartbeat” by John Murphy begins to pound over the sound system.  The spotlight at the head of the ramp clicks on…

Samantha Coil:  “Introducing first, hailing from Crimson Creek, Louisiana he weighs in at 289 pounds; here is “The Doombringer” Jacob Delacroy!

Jacob Delacroy emerges from the entranceway into the aisle to a very negative reception from the fans.  Delacroy makes his way down the aisle calmly, taking the time to exchange dirty looks with the fans.  Delacroy slides under the bottom rope with ease, and heads to the far corner.

"New York" by DJ Khaled featuring Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss cuts in.

Samantha:  “And now his opponent…hailing from Long Island, New York he weighs in at 240 pounds, introducing Mario Giovanni!

Giovanni strides into the aisle, his face difficult to read.  He is oblivious to the reaction of the crowd, and wastes little time on fanfare, as he makes his way into the ring, and locks Jacob Delacroy in an icy staredown.  Jacob Delacroy does not flinch, nor does he look away. Referee Austin Linam enters the ring, as Samantha departs the ring and takes a seat at ringside.  The bell rings to start the match…

Dave Dymond:  “We’re ready to go here in this battle of the SHOOT Project newcomers.”

Other Guy:  “Mario Giovanni and Jacob Delacroy are two perfect examples of the new blood in SHOOT, Dymond.  These guys could be wrestling for the World Championship in six months, or they could be gone by next week.  They both have the potential, but it is up to them.”

Delacroy and Mario Giovanni lock up and jockey for position.  Delacroy goes behind, and slaps on a rear waistlock, but Giovanni immediately reverses. Delacroy reverses again as the fans applaud the smooth wrestling exhibition they are seeing. A back elbow by Giovanni to the side of the head of Delacroy breaks the hold.  Giovanni turns and fires a right hand at Delacroy, and then whips him into the ropes.  Delacroy comes off the ropes…and is met by a dropkick to the face from Giovanni!

Dave Dymond:  “What a move by Mario Giovanni!”

Other Guy:  “It’s obvious from just the opening lockup here, that this Giovanni has some technical skills.”

Delacroy starts to get up, and Giovanni stays on him with a kneelift into another waistlock. Delacroy reverses, but Giovanni sits out and escapes!  Giovanni kips back up, and fires another quick knee to the gut of Delacroy, and attempts to toss Delacroy over the top rope to the outside.  Delacroy lands on the apron, and grabs Giovanni by the back of the head, and drops…dropping Mario Giovanni neck first on the top rope!

Dave Dymond:  “WHOA!  That always changes the momentum!”

Other Guy:  “We have seen that Giovanni has wrestling skills, and now we see that Delacroy can brawl.”

Delacroy slides back into the ring, and throws the choking Mario Giovanni into the ropes.  Giovanni reverses the Irish whip, but Delacroy comes off with a leapfrog, and lands on the other side of Giovanni.  Giovanni spins around, and is met with a vicious boot right to the face!

Dave Dymond:  “Oh man I think Delacroy may have knocked Mario Giovanni out there!  He drops down for the cover! Cover: One!  Two! No!”

Other Guy:  “A kickout with power by Giovanni, and both men are back to their feet, squaring off…”

A rapid-fire right hand by Giovanni stuns Delacroy, and Giovanni takes advantage, and ties Delacroy in the ropes.  Giovanni hits a punch on the helpless Delacroy.   Mario Giovanni backs up, and takes a run at Delacroy while he is tied in the ropes.  Mario Giovanni leaps into the air, going for a flying knee on Delacroy while he is tied in the ropes… but Delacroy pulls himself free and moves!  Mario Giovanni Mario Giovanni lands crotch first on the ropes, as the crowd groans in sympathy.

Holding his groin in agony, Mario Giovanni rolls outside of the ring to try and recover, but Delacroy follows outside. Delacroy jumps right on Giovanni, running him shoulder first into the stairs! BOOM! The stairs and Mario Giovanni both go flying, and Mario Giovanni immediately grabs his shoulder, wincing in pain.  Delacroy rolls the stunned Giovanni back in the ring, and follows him.  Delacroy starts stomping on the right shoulder of Mario Giovanni relentlessly. Delacroy picks Giovanni up, and tucks his arm under his body. 

Dave Dymond:  “Running powerslam on Giovanni by Delacroy, and he puts all the weight right onto that injured shoulder area!”

Other Guy:  “Cover! One!  Two! No!”

Delacroy gets back up, and starts stomping away at the shoulder of Giovanni again.  Delacroy backs off for a mere second, rubs his hands together, and then shoots down and applies a reverse armbar on the right arm of Mario Giovanni!  By using this move, Delacroy continues to focus on he shoulder area of Mario Giovanni.

Dave Dymond:  “Delacroy has spotted an area of possible weakness, and he’s working it!”

Other Guy:  “Smart move!  Giovanni cursing in pain, trying to get to the ropes…and he makes it!”

Delacroy lets go at the orders of Austin Linam, but as soon as Giovanni is free from the ropes, Delacroy starts pounding way on the shoulder again. Delacroy starts to drop repeated knees into the sore right shoulder of Mario Giovanni.  The Doombringer then grabs Mario Giovanni by the ankle and pulls him into the middle of the ring.

Delacroy then slaps the reverse armbar right back on!

Austin Linam checks the free left arm of Giovanni…and it drops!

He checks it again…it drops again!

He checks a third time…NO! 

Cursing in pain, Mario Giovanni shouts that he does not wish to verbally submit.  Even though he is locked in the armbar, Mario Giovanni gets to his knees, shaking with pain.  As the crowd stomps and claps, he slowly struggles to his feet.  Delacroy releases the armbar, and secures Mario Giovanni around the left wrist and tosses Giovanni into the ropes…but the whip is reversed.  Delacroy comes off the ropes, but launches himself at Giovanni and drops him with a running clothesline. Delacroy up, gets back up, comes off the ropes again, but gets caught with a surprise back elbow, right to the face!

Mario Giovanni does not go for a cover, but instead fires off a shortarm clothesline.  As Delacroy starts to get to his feet, Mario locks him up and then plants The Doombringer with a DDT!   Delacroy immediately stumbles to his feet, but is totally rocked, and staggers backwards into the corner holding his head.  Mario Giovanni charges at him, but Delacroy gets the leg up at the last minute.   Mario Giovanni collides face first with Jacob Delacroy’s boot, and he stumbles backward, stunned.  Delacroy staggers out of the corner, trying to get away, but he walks right into a Belly To Belly Suplex!

Dave Dymond:  “Holy Crap! Did you see the height on that?  That’s it! Cover! One!  Two! No!”

Other Guy:  “What a great move by Giovanni, and what a great kickout by Delacroy!  I am amazed Mario Giovanni had the presence of mind to hit that move so quickly after getting a face full of boot!”

Giovanni pulls Delacroy to his feet, and then angrily throws him over the top rope to the outside of the ring.  Mario Giovanni then sprints, rebounds off the far ropes, and flies across the ring and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive, nailing Delacroy just as he was getting up!

The fans chant “HOLY SHIT” as the stunned commentators show a replay from various angles. Both men stay down for a moment. Slowly, Mario Giovanni gets to his feet, and painfully rolls Delacroy back into the ring and heads to the top. Delacroy opens his eyes, catches him, and staggers to his feet.  Delacroy runs to the corner, grabs the ropes, and shakes them to prevent him from getting up.   Delacroy climbs up himself, and looks to be going for the superplex, but Giovanni fights back…and shoves Delacroy backward.  Delacroy hits the mat, and Giovanni leaps off the top rope with the flying elbow, but Delacroy rolls out of the way!

Both men are now laying on the mat, out of it.

Delacroy is up just before Giovanni, and he stumbles towards Mario.  As Mario starts to get up, Delacroy grabs him around the back of the neck and starts to fire a rapid barrage of knees to the face!  Delacroy hammers knee after knee into the jaw of Mario Giovanni, who falls to his knees.  Jacob Delacroy locks Mario Giovanni’s head between his knees, leaps into the air, and then hammers him into the mat face first.

WHAM!  It’s Jacob Delacroy’s patented “Shotgun Blast” and Delacroy goes for the cover!




The bell rings and Delacroy’s music starts to play over the sound system, as Austin Linam grabs Jacob Delacroy’s arm and holds it in the air.  Mario Giovanni gets up, holding his head and cursing in anger.

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, at a time of 15 minutes and 44 seconds, here is your winner…JACOB DELACROY!”

The camera goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast booth…

Dave Dymond: “Well that was one hell of a sprint. Both these guys showed me something here tonight.  I hope they both stick around because if this was any indicator, both of them could go far.”

Other Guy: “Great showing by both men, but Delacroy squeaking out the win.”


We cut backstage to Abigal Chase standing by with her next interviewees. The crowd in the Thomas & Mack Centre boo immediately as they recognize none other than "Ravishing" Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake who have huge smiles on their faces.

Abigial: I’m standing here with SHOOT Project’s very own romantically linked tag team and–

Ron Barker cuts her off as the crowd begins to boo.

Ron: Now I have to stop you right there, Abigail… you see, AInsley and myself are NOT the only couple here in SHOOT Project. After all, Cade Sydal has his very own bitch in FLASH Dynamite!

The crowd boos intensely as Other Guy can be heard laughing. Ron looks at Ainsley, who’s also laughing, and kisses her forehead as he continues.

Ron: But let’s get right down to business. I asked for this time because I wanted to set the record straight once and for all. Everyone has been asking me what the deal is with Cade’s arrest a few weeks ago and I feel that I have to clear my conscience once and for all.

Ron: I absolutely and positively did NOT plant any drugs in Cade’s locker room and I’m absolutely shocked that everyone would assume I did. All I did was act on a tip that he may or may not have had something in his possession and I did my duty as a human being to report it to the authorities. Would you really want that drug-crazed fiend standing here right now rambling about whatever it is that drug addicts talk about?

Ron looks to Abigal who doesn’t entirely know how to answer. As she’s about to speak, Ron snatches the mic away from her.

Ron: I didn’t think so! I was acting in the interest of EVERYONE here in SHOOT Project and I’m surprised that Jason Johnson himself hasn’t come down from the heavens and granted me with a World Title shot. But that’s neither here no there… you see, tonight Ainsley and myself are going out there to prove a point. Cade Sydal and FLASH Dynamite don’t have a chance against us and after tonight, Cade is going to be FORCED back into rehab whether he likes it or not. As for FLASH Dynamite? Well, I’ll let Ainsley here tell you what’s in store for him.

Ron hands the mic back to Abigail and stands behind Ainsley as she stares down Abigail Chase. Slightly confused, Abigail speaks.

Abigail: Well, Ains–

Before she finishes her thought, Ainsley looks away disinterested and leaves arm in arm with Ron Barker as we cut back to ringside.


The camera cuts to a backstage hallway, the flourescent lights giving the walls a harsh glow.  Further down the hall, we see a farmiliar hooded figure: Shiny blue jacket, shiny blue pants, red and white strips down the legs and arms.  Gold chains, bare chest.  Moustache.  Kilgore Stochansky.  He is leaning against the wall, his arms in his pockets, and as the cmera inches closer, we can hear he’s humming.  When the shot gets close enough, The self-stylized "Hero of the People" acknowledges it with a wave, though he doesnt turn his head.  Although his hood is pulled low, we can see the glare of the light reflect on his eyes.  He smiles.

Kilgore: Oh, tonight is the night.  Last week, I opened the show against a nobody.  A joke.  An embarassment to himself and to this company.  This week?  Revolution Title Consideration match, against two others.  Second up on the card.  Is this a direct paralell?

He slides his hood back slightly so that we can see his face, and he leans his head back with his eyes closed.

Kilgore: Yes, yes, yes it is.

Our man slides his hands out of his pockets and starts cracking his knuckles, the sound echoing off the concrete in the hallway.

Kilgore: See, as I rise in the card placement, I rise in name and fame.  That is what it is: Not incredibly important.  However…if my profile is bigger, so is yours.  Not you, Intrepid Cameraman.  Although it includes you.  I mean everyone I represent.

Stochansky bites the nail of his thumb for a moment, deep in thought.

Kilgore: I won’t go into details, because you fine folks have heard me do that repeatedly this week.  My glory is your glory, remember?  That’s the beauty of this whole process.  If I win tonight…which I will, because I have all of you on my side, then next week becomes even higher and greater.  The spoils go to us all.

He pulls the hood back down and grins, his teeth gleaming.

Kilgore: Defeat ’em and smile.  That, everybody, is the Stochansky garauntee.  Because when you’ve got a guy like ME in your corner, well…

Our man does an about-face, bounces on his feet for a moment, and stretches slightly.  He shakes his arms and laughs a little bit.

Kilgore: …Well, then the sky is truly the limit.  Try not to riot in joy when I take this one home, folks.

He walks past the Intrepid Cameraman, who turns to record him walking off.  We can see that the back of his jacket carries the "TLFG" logo.  We cut away…


As Samantha Coil stands in the ring, ready to announce her match, her microphone cuts and Gogol Bordello’s "Start Wearing Purple" blasts through the arena. The crowd isn’t quite sure how to make of it, even as a single purple spot hits the entranceway, and LIHC’s Jared Walsh steps through the curtain… half the crowd remembers their actions last time they were in SHOOT, and half the crowd seems to have some respect for their actions in OPW. Jared, in his purple suit and hat, soaks up the mixed reaction (as best as one can), sauntering down the ramp toward the ring.

As he gets in, he tries to persuade Samantha to give him the mic, but she’s not biting. He starts tapping his foot, and she stands up to him again. Finally, he gives up on the diplomatic route and rips the mic from her hand with a grumpy face. He then shoos her away with four fingers, and turns to the audience, smiling his biggest fake smile.

Jared Walsh: Ladies, gentlemen, and SHOOT fans! It is an honor to be able to introduce one of the greatest personalities to ever grace a SHOOT Project ring, and it is an honor for you to be able to witness the most amazing interview in SHOOT Project history. Allow me to introduce, one-half of the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling ever, CJ Nelson!

Dave Dymond: This can’t go well.

"Intolerance" pipes up, and CJ Nelson steps his way through the curtain to a stronger chorus of boos, as the crowd is a little more aware of just how this is going to go. CJ is definitely a lot more hostile to the crowd, flipping people off left and right, smacking signs out of people’s hands, and taking some time to curse at people. He steps over the top rope into the ring, and stands next to his tag partner.

Dave Dymond: Can we get to the match already?

Other Guy: C’mon, Dave, I wanna hear what he has to say.

Jared Walsh: CJ, it’s an absolute honor to be standing here with a talent such as yourself, although I gotta say I like your partner a bit better. In just a few short moments, you’re going to be facing off against Kilgore Stochansky and Killian Reilly, two of SHOOT’s rising stars, if you can believe that.

CJ Nelson: I can’t believe that.

Jared Walsh: So, what are your thoughts going into this absolutely one-sided affair?

CJ Nelson: To be honest, Jared, I kind of pity the pair. They really have no idea what they’re getting into, and, going up against a major talent like myself, they’re really going to have a serious issue.

Jared Walsh: Well, that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll be able to carry them to SHOOT Project’s greatest match thus far.

CJ Nelson: Not exactly difficult, Jared.

Jared Walsh: What do you mean? I mean, look at what else we have on store tonight? We just had Jacob Delacroy and Mario Giovanni… snore…, and Smiles vs. Harmston has yet to happen tonight, that’s sure to be an amazing match…

Jared makes a masturbatory gesture with his hand, and the crowd is not happy.

Jared Walsh: I guess I see your point. But surely you couldn’t say that the champions in SHOOT are useless?

CJ Nelson: That’s exactly what I’m saying. Look who we have with the belts: Benjamin Biggs, also known as the Smallest Man Alive, who is somehow still propelling himself to semi-stardom by leeching off his brother. Donovan King thinks that insulting DSI is the best way to get himself involved, although he did insult Jester Smiles, so I almost want to forgive him.

Jared Walsh: And what about Trevor Worrens?

CJ Nelson: One piece of advice for Worrens: it’s down the block, not across the street. Do it right.

Jared Walsh: Strong words from the soon-to-be Laws of RevolutIron Fist Project Champion. I guess Samantha can introduce those other toolbags now.

Jared drops the mic in the ring, and CJ starts to pull his shirt off.

Samantha Coil: The next contest is scheduled for one fall is a triple threat match! Introducing first…hailing from Westhampton Beach, New York. He stands at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in at 315 pounds… this is CJ NELSON!

Nelson is already in the ring as he nods. All of a sudden, the lights fade and a green hue falls over the entrance ramp. The unmistakable opening of “I’m shipping out to Boston” starts to play as the fans nod their heads and some hardcore fans loudly yell along.

I’m a sailor peg

and I’ve lost my leg

I’ve climbed up the top sails

I’ve lost my leg!

Dave Dymond: “Here comes a man who won’t back down from a fight!”

Other Guy: “SHOOT Project’s resident fighting Irish man!”

Killian Reilly jogs down to the ring, slapping the fans of the hands on his way, in his hand a bottle of whiskey.

Dave Dymond: “Looks like Reilly is coming down to the ring with his favorite drink.”

Other Guy: “Way to live up to the stereotype, Reilly. Maybe he’s got a bowl of Lucky Charms with him too.”

Dave Dymond: “Will you stop?!?!”

Killian Reilly stands on the apron of the ring, takes a swig, raises the bottle in the air, and pumping his fist, the fans are going crazy. Reilly glances at Jared Walsh across the ring as Reilly raises his hand to salute the fans. He places his whiskey carefully by the ring bell.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Cork, Ireland… he stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs in at 250 pounds .. this is KILLIAN REILLY!

Dropkick Murphys cuts off as the lights come back on as Reilly jogs in place. “Coke and Wet” plays over the speakers as out steps Kilgore Stochanksy to scattered boo’s throughout the crowd, Stochanksy has a grimace on his face as he makes his way down the ramp.

Dave Dymond: “Kilgore Stochansky made his successful debut against … who was it again?”

Other Guy: “Someone that don’t work here no more.”

Dave Dymond: “Well, Stochanksy will face a very stern test tonight against the fighting Irishman and the New York giant.”

Stochansky is careful not to get touched by fans who continue to jeer him as he rolls into the ring.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Verona, New Jersey….he stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs in at 250 pounds… this is Mister KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

Dave Dymond: “This match pits three huge guys that love to scrap.”

Other Guy: “This might have ramifications on the Revolution Title scene.”

Dave Dymond: “A lot of sub plots here. CJ Nelson is making his re-debut, Reilly wants a good fight .”

Other Guy: “I’m more interested to see how Stochanksy does against two guys with a pulse cause these two ain’t pushovers.”

CJ Nelson is talking with his partner, Jared Walsh as Reilly wastes no time getting right under the 6 foot 8 giant from New York! Nelson shoves Reilly as Reilly answers with a stinging right cross that rocks the big man! Nelson staggers as Reilly hits the ropes but eats a big boot! Nelson drops an elbow to the heart of Reilly as he goes for the cover. One! Stochanksy sneaks over as he drops the knee but Nelson saw the mustached grappler from his peripheral! Nelson gets up now as he grabs Stochanksy by the head and does several knees to the gut as Nelson grabs Stochanksy and throws him over the top ropes and onto the floor!

Dave Dymond: “CJ Nelson is ruling this ring right now, OG!”

Other Guy: “Oh and look, Jared Walsh is gonna help out Kilgore out. What a nice guy!”

Walsh grabs Stochanksy as he looks to do a cheap shot but Willie Dean lays down the law and barks at Walsh to get away from Kilgore. Nelson argues with the referee who points to his pinstripes as Nelson backs off and onto the downed Reilly who does a school boy roll up!



Nelson kicks out as the fans are getting behind Reilly as Reilly peppers Nelson with stinging rights and lefts and finally knocks down the 6 foot 8 New Yorker with a discus punch! Reilly is pumped up but as he turns around, Stochanksy grabs him by the waist and does a MASSIVE standing lariat! Strong Arm Tactics! Reilly is down as Stochanksy covers.



Reilly kicks out. Nelson gets up now as Stochanksy rakes the eyes of the big man as the fans boo the cheap ploys of Kilgore. Reilly slowly gets up but gets his knee clipped by Stochanksy! Reilly’s knee buckles awkwardly as the Irishman yells in pain and clutches his leg. Stochansky zeroes in on the leg with several stomps but his stomping is cut off as he gets turned around by the angry CJ Nelson whose right eye is red from the eye rake. Stochansky begs off as CJ Nelson shakes his head no way! The fans can’t wait to see Kilgore get his comeuppance but Kilgore sticks his head out through the middle ropes causing a mandatory break! The fans boo loudly!

Other Guy: “These fans may not like it but that’s smart. Kilgore knows he can’t go toe to toe with this giant.”

Dave Dymond: “Stochanksy is crafty, for sure.”

Killian Reilly gets up now as CJ Nelson turns around and gets knocked down with a flying forearm smash by the Irishman! Reilly taps his knee and curses loudly obviously in pain but ignoring it as Reilly drags Stochanksy by his hair to the middle of the ring as Reilly pounds the forehead of Stochansky with lightning fast punches as the fans shout and laugh in approval at the misfortunes of Stochanksy. Stochansky falls face first comically onto the mat.

Dave Dymond: “Reilly with jackhammer right hands to the head of Stochanksy!”

Other Guy: “Blatant cheating by the Irishman, why isn’t the ref warning him about using the fists.”

CJ Nelson gets up and eats a right cross from Reilly as Nelson staggers. Jared Walsh stands up on the apron as he objects to the punches by Reilly and Walsh gets a punch for good measure! The fans pop loudly at the obnoxious Jared Walsh getting knocked down as Reilly turns around! Nelson has his big paw wrapped around his throat. Stochansky runs in and gets a big boot to the nose. CHOKESLAM by Nelson!

Cover on Reilly!



Other Guy: “Reilly got the shoulder up!”

Dave Dymond: “I thought Nelson had it for sure!”

Nelson now grabs Stochanksy as he wraps his paw on the throat of Stochanksy but Stochanksy uses his left hand to jam his thumb to the eye of Nelson as Nelson yells in pain. Stochanksy hops on the second turnbuckle now and he bites the forehead of the giant as Nelson yells in pain! The ref forces Stochanksy to stop biting Nelson as Nelson clutches his face in pain, Stochanksy flies off the second turnbuckle doing a guillotine leg drop as Nelson is bent over! Stochansky with a cover!



Nelson gets a shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: “This action is back and forth. All three men are so evenly matched.”

Other Guy: “I think Kilgore and Reilly need to team up to get rid of Nelson and then they can beat the hell outta each other.”

Stochansky sneaks behind Reilly now as Stochansky looks to look in the Sleeper Hold! Reilly tries to block it but Stochanksy has it applied! Reilly’s arms trash about wildly as CJ Nelson gets up groggily as the ref checks Reilly who is fading fast as Reilly is going to sleep. Hold on though! Nelson now applies the Sleeper on Stochanksy as Stochanksy’s eyes go BIG! He knows he can’t break the hold now as he’s trapped! Reilly tries to fight his only way out of it as he drops to his butt as his skull hits Stochansky and Stochanksy’s skull hits Nelson causing a domino effect on the two grapplers!

Dave Dymond: “Smart thinking on the fly by Reilly there.”

Stochanksy and Nelson are both rubbing their jaw in pain as Reilly hits the ropes and does a flying shoulder tackle on BOTH guys knocking them down. Reilly whips Stochanksy to the corner as Stochansky hits back first! Reilly then whips Nelson into the corner as Stochansky is crushed in the corner! Reilly charges in and spears Nelson’s midsection further crushing Stochanksy! Nelson staggers out of the corner as Reilly hits the ropes and grabs Nelson by the hair and does a running bulldog takedown! Cover by Reilly!



HARD kick to the face by Stochanksy stuns Reilly as the fans boo.

Other Guy: “Don’t sleep on Stochansky. Think globally, bitches!”

An angry Stochansky chokes Reilly as Willie Dean does the count as Stochansky waits until the four count to do so. Jared Walsh gets up on the ring apron again as he jaw jacks with the referee. Nelson sneaks behind Stochansky as Kilgore grabs the ref and tells him to count. Nelson pounces on the distraction of his partner by throwing Stochanksy over the ropes and onto the floor! Nelson now grabs Reilly, kick to the gut, standing headscissors… POWERBOMB on Reilly!




Dave Dymond: “How the hell did Killian Reilly kick out of that?!?!”

Other Guy: “The dude is tough as nails.”

Nelson looks on in disbelief as he and Walsh are talking strategy. Meanwhile, Stochansky gets up with an angry look on his face as he storms over to where Long Island Hardcore is. Stochansky snatches a coke from a fan and wanders over as he grabs Jared Walsh and throws the coke in his face blinding him! Nelson is angered as he grabs wildly at Stochanksy missing him. Reilly gets up and does a roll up from behind! Nelson is trying to kick out but he can’t!



Stochansky pulls Willie Dean out of the ring!


Reilly looks at Stochansky in anger as Stochansky throws the empty plastic soda cup at the enraged Irishman who swats it away easily. Reilly points at Stochanksy like “you’re next!” as Stochansky doesn’t cower this time but instead, he rolls in and we got a fight! Reilly and Stochanksy are throwing wild haymakers at each other in the middle of the ring!

Dave Dymond: “We got a fight on our hands and I love it!”

Other Guy: “Reilly thought he got himself a win there but Stochansky had other ideas.”

Reilly gets the better of the exchangers as Stochanksy is knocked down. Nelson comes over but knows better than to take on the enraged Irishman as Reilly glares at Nelson like “stay out of this!” as Nelson is more than glad to take a breather. Reilly grabs Stochanksy and whips him to the ropes as Stochanksy comes back and onto the awaiting arms of the Irishman in the form of a power slam!



Nelson comes in with a boot to the back of Reilly. Nelson and Reilly now are trading shots as neither man is giving an inch. Stochanksy gets up but his legs fail wobble as BOTH men hit him with big right hands knocking him down to the floor as the fans are loving it. Nelson with a knee to the gut, Nelson goes for a powerbomb but Reilly DROPS all his weight straight south sandbagging the big man as Nelson now with stiff shots to the back. Reilly is stunned as CJ Nelson hoists him up but Stochanksy gets up in time to trip the giant as Reilly lands butt first onto the chest of Nelson!



Stochanksy punches Reilly in the ear to break up the pin. Reilly clutches his ear in pain and now Stochansky rolls up the pained Reilly using a handful of trunks!



NO! Reilly got out.

Dave Dymond: “Stochansky is nearing desperation here.”

Other Guy: “What’s it going to take to win this?”

Stochansky gets Reilly back up using the hair pull and then throws him against the corner. Stochansky rushes in with a running splash squashing Reilly as Reilly staggers out and onto the awaiting arms of CJ Nelson who does a belly to belly suplex throw! CJ Nelson and Stochansky are now left one on one. Collar and elbow tie up, Nelson overpowers Stochanksy to the corner. A back elbow is ducked by Stochansky as Stochansky fires rights and lefts to the gut of Nelson stunning the big man. Stochansky kicks the gut of Nelson doubling him over and Stochansky applies a front face lock going for a suplex but the big man is just too much for Stochansky now. Reilly comes in holding his back but in a rare show of teamwork, Reilly and Stochanksy do a double suplex on Nelson!

Dave Dymond: “They got the big man up and down!”

Stochansky immediately does a running knee to the back knocking Reilly out of the ring as Stochanksy covers!



Reilly breaks it up this time with a double smash to the back of Stochanksy’s head. Reilly whips Stochansky and does a back body drop! Stochansky arches his back in pain and begs off. Stochansky looks to shake the hand of Reilly. Reilly indeed shakes his hand but pulls him in with a Jake the Snake style Short Arm Clothesline!  Reilly hoists the stunned Stochansky on his shoulders but Reilly is distracted by the entrance ramp.

Other Guy: “Now what?”

The Collins Twins walk out with Rowland waving the Republic of Ireland’s flag. The two men stand there, distracting Killian for a split second.  Stochansky slides off the shoulders of Reilly, who is leaning over the ropes now, yelling at Collins and Rowland. CJ Nelson is back up from the double suplex, and he spins Stochanky around and hails him in the face with two quick jabs and then a brutal clothesline.

Killian Reilly still has his back turned, and CJ Nelson makes him pay for that by hammering him in the kidneys with an awesome kidney punch. Reilly yells in pain and starts to fall, but Nelson grabs him, scoops him up, and then in one smooth motion he hoists him high overhead, holding him there for a moment, and then drops him face first to the mat!  CRUNCH!  It’s “Purgatory” and Nelson makes the cover on Reilly!



At last minute, Kilgore Stochansky stumbles to his feet and lurches forward, smashing Nelson across the back with a double-axehandle, trying to break up the pin, but it is too late!


The bell rings and the referee leans down and hold’s Nelson’s arm in the air as “Intolerance” by Tool starts to play…

Samantha: “Here is your winner, at a time of 20 minutes and 17 seconds…CJ NELSON!”

Nelson rolls out of the ring, holding his arms over his head in victory.  Stochansky follows suit and he does not look pleased.  The two men stumble back up the aisle, while Reilly is still in the ring.

Michael Collins stands at ringside, looking pleased with himself as he pulls a microphone out from his back pocket.

The Devil from Dublin: So yeh wanna make me life a livin’ hell, boyo? Is that what yeh want?

Killian looks down at Michael, walking to the ropes and calling him into the ring.

The Devil from Dublin: Don’t worry, yeh feckin’ idgit. We’ll get our match, and I’ll get me hands around yer neck, boyo. But not tonight, and definitely on yer time. Yeh wanna feck me over? That’s fine. Yeh don’t like who I am, also fine, boyo. But I wont be lettin’ no feckin’ washed up fairie feck of a fighter dictate me life. So hold onto yer knickers, boyo. I’m not gonna attack yeh when yer not lookin’.

Michael laughs, patting his brother on the shoulder.

The Devil from Dublin: Which is what I thought being Irish was all about, right, Rolly? Bein’ proud and true, fighting like a man, an’ not a mouse. But noo. Yeh come down to the ring tuh ‘make sure things stayed clean’, aye? And what the feck happens? Yeh attack me! Yeh feckin’ attack me when my back’s turned! And yer the one callin’ me a fairie! Bahaha! But don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m not goin’ to keep yeh holdin’ on for much longer, no no no. I want me hands around yer feckin’ neck more ‘an yeh know, Reilly. But not on yer time. I will give you the match, boyo, but I wont sign ANYTHIN’ until I’m good and ready fer yeh. Be it next week, next month, or maybe even next feckin’ year, yeh’ll have yer match. And the people will see a fight… the people will see a blood bath, boyo.

Michael smirks to his brother.

The Devil from Dublin: Good luck in the next coming weeks, Reilly. Yeh know I’ll be watching.

The Collins Twins walk backwards up the ramp, Rowland waving the flag still. The camera goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: “An outstanding match tonight, ruined by The Devil From Dublin.  Killian Reilly was just robbed!”

Other Guy: “Hey now Dymond, let’s give CJ Nelson some credit.  He almost broke Reilly’s face with that press-slam there.  Nelson is a force to be reckoned with, no matter who is inside or outside the ring.”


The camera shot switches to the backstage area, where we see Diamond Del Carver walking down the hall.  Carver looks like his normal self, decked out in shabby denim with a mini-cigar hanging from his lips.  The Hardcore Outlaw appears to be heading toward the back doors of the Thomas and Mack Center.  Carver opens one of the doors, and we see a huge crowd of fans milling around outside, waiting for the show to be over so they can seek autographs.  At the sight of Diamond Del Carver, many of the fans start to cheer and call out his name.  Carver holds up an arm.

Diamond Del Carver:  “Hey!  Who wants to do the old man a favor?”

A bunch of fans jump and down and wave their arms.  Carver points at one kid, a boy about 14 years old, and motions him over.  The boy steps forward, and Del leans toward him.

 “Okay kid, here’s what you do.  I need you to run over to the Wal-Mart and buy me two things.  You come back here right away with them, like in the next few minutes, and I’ll leave a pair of tickets for next week’s show for you with the guard?”

The boy’s eyes light up in excitement.  “No shit!  Are you serious?”

“Don’t cuss kid, it makes you sound like you ain’t got no damn class.  Okay, so that’s the deal.  Run over and get me these two things I need, and get back here right away, and those tickets are yours.”

“What do you need?”

“I need a water pistol, and a bottle of hot sauce.”

“What?  Are you serious?”

“I’m serious as a heart attack, kid.  A spray gun, and some Tabasco sauce or something.  Now get going, and them tickets are yours.”

Without a word, the kid runs off into the night, and Diamond Del Carver closes the door and walks down the hall with a smile on his face.


Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 423 pounds! They are the team of "The Black Widow" AINSLEY LAKE and "Ravishing" RON BARKER!

"Natural One" by Folk Implosion hits the airwaves and the fans begin to jeer naturally just at the names alone, and the jeering grows once Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake step through the ropes, both smirking at the outrageous hatred held for both of them, primarily Barker. Nevertheless, they advance down the ramp, and Barker quickly springs onto the apron, and sits on the middle rope to hold the ropes open for Ainsley Lake, who bends at the waist with her back to him, affording him a nice view.

Dave Dymond: Ya know, I really can’t stand Ron Barker, and I can’t see what Ainsley Lake could possibly see in him!

Other Guy: What’s not to like, Dave? He’s got cash, style, and strength. Bitches love that. Shit, there’s even some dudes that love that.

The music slowly fades and is replaced by nonpoint’s "Broken Bones." The fans begin to cheer as FLASH Dynamite and Cade Sydal step through the curtain. FLASH is grinning, his yellow cape flowing behind himself, as Cade is glaring hatefully down at the ring.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 441 pounds! They are the team of FLASH DYNAMITE and CADE SYDAL, the FLYING AVENGERS!

Dave Dymond: That is an AWESOME name for this team!

Other Guy: Oh God…

FLASH and Cade both sprint down the ramp suddenly and slide into the ring under the bottom rope! FLASH rises to a knee and whips his cape off of himself, as Cade starts advancing across the ring toward Ainsley and Ron both. Referee Tony Lorenzo makes his way to stop Cade, as Samantha Coil safely removes herself from the ring. Barker steps out onto the apron, and FLASH does the same in the opposite corner.

Dave Dymond: It is, seriously. They both fly, FLASH is a superhero, and Cade is particularly vengeful right now. It makes eprfect sense!

Other Guy: You are such a nerd.

Refree Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell as Cade Sydal and Ainsley Lake begin to circle one another. Lake ducks a lock-up attempt and hooks Cade in a waistlock. Cade worms his left arm down between her left arm and his hips. He lifts his left leg, bending the knee, he grabs his knee with his left hand while grabbing her left wrist with his right hand. He slams his left foot down, using that as a means to pry her grip free, as he spins under her left arm to latch onto a wristlock!

Dave Dymond: An interesting reversal to the waistlock, and really if you think about it, we’ve come to expect that sort of thing from Cade Sydal.

Other Guy: Absolutely. When he’s concentrating, and he ain’t all fll of venom, he is one of the best pure wrestlers in the game. But he’s been real angry lately, and I ain’t so sure he can continue to come up with these innovative counters and shit for much longer.

Ainsley rolls forward to try and reverse the hold, but Cade actually drops to his shulder and rolls over his back with her, coming to his feet as she does the same, the hold still locked on! Ainsley turns her right side to Cade an drops her right elbow on Cade’s wrists, breaking the hold, before she swings into a drop toehold! Ainsley quickly rolls over Cade’s back and locks him up with a side headlock! Bth start getting to their feet quickly.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley Lake knew she wasn’t going to outmaneuver Cade on that exchange, and she went a more physical route, and to be honest that was a smart strateg on that exchange.

Other Guy: You seem to forget, Dave. Ainsley’s been in there with Cade a couple of other times. She’s even managed to beat him in his own game. She knows what she’s gotta do.

Cade quickly sends her off the ropes and catches her as she rebounds with an arm drag, and keeps her locked in the armbar! Cade pulls her to her feet and backs up to his corner, tagging FLASH in. FLASH steps through the ropes and Cade sends Ainsley off the ropes, and quickly runs and drops to his belly in front of her. Ainsley leaps over the drop down trip attempt, but leaps right into FLASH’s waiting arms as he snaps through with a powerslam!

Dave Dymond: Interesting team work from the two calling themselves the Flying Avengers tonight!

Other Guy: And FLASH is hooking the leg for the pin!

Cade darts across to Barker, forearming him off the apron, as Tony Lorenzo slides to make the count, unaware of Cade nailing Barker.




Ainsley shoulders out of it. FLASH pulls Ainsley up by her wrist and sends her off the ropes. FLASh launches her high into the air for a bck body drop, but Ainsley twists in mid-launch and ends up sitting on FLASH’s shoulders facing the same way! She spins her body and snaps off a hurricanrana that spills FLASH through the ropes to the outside! Ainsley springs to her feet quickly, holding her lower back briefly, she hits the ropes as FLASH gets to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Here she comes!

Other Guy: Up, up, and away!

Ainsley sails over the top rope, flipping forward right into FLASH, bowling him over with the momentum! Ainsley has little time to celebrate, however, as Cade slips into the ring and slingshots himself up onto the top rope, twisting in mid-air he lands with his abck to Ainsley, before he springboards off the top rope with a picture perfect Asai Moonsault that takes her down while he lands on his feet!

Dave Dymond: Incredible agility by the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: But look at Ron Barker!

Ron Barker steps into the ring as FLASH starts getting to his feet, while Cade pulls Ainsley up and starts hammering her with forearms! Barker hits the ropes and builds up a full head of steam as the fans in attendance watch, wide-eyed, as Ron Barker is about to fly!

Dave Dymond: This has never been seen before!

Other Guy: Do it, Ron! Heh.

Barker slides suddenly on his knees, halting his momentum, he explodes off his knees and thrusts his middle fingers out at the crowd, who begin to boo the bait-and-switch loudly. FLASH Dynamite slides into the ring behind Barker, while Cade and Ainsley now trade forearms back and forth. FLASH spins Barker around and sends him through the middle and top rope, toppling right in front of Cade and Ainsley. FLASH then hits the ropes as Brker gets to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Uh oh!

Other Guy: Someone needs to tell that guy he’s over 260 pounds, Dave!

FLASH dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive onto all three combatants! The fans cheer loudly at the unbelievable dive, as FLASH grabs Ainsley by the arm and rolls her into the ring. FLASH follows her and checks with Tony Lorenzo, clearly making sure that he knows they’re both still legal. After Lorenzo gives him the okay, FLASH guids Ainsley to her feet and sends her to the corner! FLASH follows, but Ainsley slips both feet through the ropes as FLASH crashes chest first into the turnbuckles. Ainsley slingshots to the top rope and springboards off with a hurricanrana! FLASH holds onto her legs and swings her back up before reaching up and grabbing her head, tucking it he pulls her right into a fireman’s carry out of the powerbomb position!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite could have broken her in half with a powerbomb!

Other Guy: But he chose not to, perhaps for something more efficient.

Ron Barker rushes the ring and FLASH sees him, but not in time to stop Ron from snapping a boot up into FLASH’s gut, stopping him from whatever he was going to try and do! Ainsley swings off his shoulders, unharmed, as Ron is ordered out of the ring. Ainsley takes advantage of FLASH’s doubled over state, and snaps a knee up into the side of his face!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker just recovered from that dive and saved Ainsley from a devastating blow, I’m sure of it!

Other Guy: He shoulda powerbombed her when he had the chance, Dave.

Ainsley grabs ahold of FLASH’s head and backs into her corner, tagging Barker in now. Barker steps into the ring, and both whip FLASH off the ropes. FLASH ducks under both arms as they go for a double clothesline and tags Cade! Cade springboards off the top rope and snaps a spinning wheel kick into Ron’s face! Ainsley grabs at Cade, but Cade swats away her hands and grabs her head, dropping to a knee with a jawbreaker before rising up and snapping her down to the canvas with an STO!

Dave Dymond: Cade has been wanting to get in there with Ron Barker for a long time now, and they’re both legal!

Other Guy: He needs to be careful what he asks for though, for real Dave.

Cade pulls Ron to his feet and twists under Ron’s left arm, holding a wristlock. Cade turns his back to Ron, hooking his right arm over Ron’s head, while his left still holds the left wrist, Cade kicks his right foot forward bfore snapping it bck into Ron’s shin as he drops forward, using all of that momentum to snapmare Ron over onto his bck!

Dave Dymon: Cade found a way to take the much bigger rival of his to the canvas in a hurry!

Other Guy: That’s exactly where Ron doesn’t wanna be, too! Cade can do an awful lot with you on your back.

Cade starts that awful lot by lifting Ron to a seated position and fires an ungodly stiff sounding kick to Ron’s spine, that makes Ron visibly cringe, and Ainsley can be seen grimacing on the apron with him. Cade snps a second kick onto Ron’s chest that actually makes some of the sweat on Ron’s chest splash off before Ron hits the canvas! Cade leaps high into the air completely vertically, he tucks his knees then snaps backward and moves forward with a standing shooting star press!

Dave Dymond: Wow! Did you see the hang time!

Other Guy: Insane!




Barker kicks out as Ainsley starts through the ropes. Cade turns to beg her to get in the ring with him, and that’s all Barker needs as he gets to his feet and clotheslines Cade in the back of the head! Ron clutches hs chest as he places a foot on the back of Cade’s head before stretchng an arm out and tagging in Ainsley! Ainsley steps through the ropes and runs off the ropes. Barker catches her as she runs at him, and launches her high into the air! Barker removes his foot from Cade’s head as Ainsley turns in mid-air and lands with a huge elbow drop to the back of Cade’s head!

Dave Dymond: She must have been launched at least ten feet into the air!

Other Guy: Now THAT is some impressive team work!

Ainsley pulls Cade up by his head, smirking at him, before rocking him with a forearm. She whips him off the ropes and catches him as he rebounds with a igh dropkick to the face! She slides over him and hooks a leg!




Cade kicks out, as FLASH slaps the top turnbuckle, starting to rally the fans! Ainsley pulls Cade to his feet and sends him off the ropes again! Cade reverses, however and clutches the back of his neck as Ainsley rebounds! Cade snaps into the air at the last second and drives his calf into her face with a jumping calf kick!

Dave Dymond: That kick would have made Dean Malenko jealous, I suspect!

Other Guy: He gets impressive extension and force with every one of his kicks, why should that one be any different, Dave?

Cade starts for the ropes, but Barker sits on the middle rope and pushes the top rope up onto his shoulder just as Cade turns to hit them, causing Cade to spill out of the ring to the floor! Barker drops off the apon, pulls Cade up, and sends Cade back into the ring before getting back on the apron. Ainsley gets to her feet,  holding her mouth, she tag Barker in. Barker gets into the ring and pulls Cade up with a waistlock. Ainsley springs onto the second rope before leaping off and placing her leg across Cade’s face as Barker snaps back with a German suplex!

Dave Dymond: More impressive tandem offense!

Other Guy: Every time they tag each other in they give Cade a little reminder as to what kind of match he’s in this week.

Barker, rather than going for the cover, pulls Cade to his feet and fires a straight jab into his cheek! Cade rocks back toward a corner, as Barker follows with a second jab. A third and Cade leans against the turnbuckles. Barker hoists Cade up to plant him on the top turnbuckle before following! Cade snaps his head froward into Ron’s face! A forearm and a second headbutt sends Ron off the second rope onto his back on the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just avoided what might have been a superplex!

Other Guy: We’ll never know what it was intended to be, Dave.

Ron starts getting to his feet as Cade pushes himself up to stand on the top rope. Cade leaps off, looking for a cross body! Barker takes a step back and drops to a knee, and grabs Cade by his knee and his shoulder, making sure he lands chest first across the outstretched knee!

Dave Dymond: A huge gut buster! Cade Sydal was looking to regain momentum, but Ron Barker was one step ahead of him!

Other Guy: Ron Barker has the advantage of being willing to break the rules, and has a partner he can tag in and out. FLASH won’t break the rules to help Cade out, no matter how much it pains them both, and that is going to severely limit them!

Barker hoists Cade up into a fireman’s carry and walks over to his corner, tagging in Ainsley! Ainsley gets onto the top rope and measures Cade! Ainsley leaps, as Cade kicks his legs and drops in front of Ron with a front facelock! Ainsley adjusts whatever she was going for and lands on her feet, rolling forward to absorb the punishment he rknees would have taken. Ainsley turns and rushes Cade, but Cade boots her in the gut and hooks her head before snapping backward and driving both of their heads down with a DDT!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal may have found himself a much needed opening to tag in his much larger, much fresher, partner FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: If FLASH gets in there, I’m not sure what good it’ll do. The kid is still vastly unproven here, and Ainsley and Barker are two legitimate veterans!

Cade starts crawling toward FLASH, while FLASH reaches his hand out. Barker and Ainsley make it to their feet slowly, with Barker taking the lead. Barker moves to grab Cade’s ankle, and succeeds in getting ahold of it! Cade rolls onto his back and plants his free foot in Barker’s face! Cade shoves hard, and Ron stumbles backward before bumping into Ainsley! Cade rolls backward and turns, slapping his hand against FLASH’s!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite is about to explode!

Other Guy: …that wasn’t cliche’ at all.

FLASH steps through the ropes quickly and clotheslines Barker! Ainsley charges FLASH, and FLASH launches her upward with a bck body drop that has her land hard on Barker’s chest with her back! FLASH pulls Ainsley to her feet and sends her off the ropes, popping her up into the air on the rebound  he catches her and snaps backward with a Samoan Drop! Ron charges at FLASH as he gets to a knee! Ron lunges at him with a running Yakuza kick, but FLASH ducks his head under it, and Ron turns just as Cade comes charging at FLASH! FLASH launches Cade into the air and Cade twists into a cyclone kick into Ron’s face! Ron spills through the ropes to the outside, and Cade follows!

Dave Dymond: Incredible team work from the Flying Avengers!

Other Guy: You really like that name huh?

FLASH pulls Ainsley up, but Ainsley quickly stomps on his toes with both feet! Cade, meanwhile, slides into a mounted position on Barker and starts raining punches down on his face! Ainsley hits the ropes and comes in ooking for a flying head scissors! FLASH twists her through a full tilt-a-whirl, hooking under the front of her right knee he plants her right shin on his left hip! FLASH grabs her left shin and snaps it up onto his right hip, he quickly tucks her head under his arm and drops back with a sick Cradle DDT!

Dave Dymond: Dynamite Drop!

Other Guy: Oh my God! He could have broken her neck!

FLASH quickly hooks her leg as Ron shoves Cade off of him!




Cade rushes Ron, just as the bell sounds! Ron explodes to his feet and catches Cade coming, and swings him through with a Black Hole Slam, that he calls Perfection!

Dave Dymond: The Flying Avengers have won, but Ron Barker could have just broken Cade’s back on the outside!

Other Guy: Cade really shuldn’t have been so overzealous, Dave. Its his own damn fault.

FLASH quickly slides out of the ring and gets in Barker’s face. Barker smirks at the superhero bfore rolling into the ring and helping Ainsley to her feet, as now Samantha Coil seems comfortable with announcing a winner.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 25 minutes and 41 seconds! Cade Sydal and FLASH Dynamite, THE FLYING AVENGERS!

FLASH pulls Cade up and hooks him over his shoulder, as OK Go’s "Here It Goes Again" hits the airwaves. Barker, meanwhile, rolls Ainsley out of the ring and helps her up the ramp, dragging her almost limply.

Dave Dymond: Call me crazy, but I don’t think this issue between Cade Sydal and Ron Barker is anywhere near finished!

Other Guy: No shit? Ya think?


"Little Cream Soda" by the White Stripes hits the PA system as the fans know who to expect, and immediately begin booing. As the song gets further in, Art De Luca is finally seen!

Dave Dymond: "Here comes the man who attacked Kenshin at Uprising, and last week LEFT his partner not caring if he was seriously injured or not.."

Other Guy: "That he did."

Art is clad in his black gym shorts with "DE LUCA LIBRE" on the bottom of the right thick in white skinny text as he sports all black Onitsuka Tiger shoes and a black bandana tied around his head. He grins as he walks up the steps, pointing his index and middle fingers down to form an "A" as he slips in through the top and middle ropes. He calls for a microphone, and eventually is handed one. He grins as his music cuts.

Art De Luca: "You know what the bad thing about not traveling is in the SHOOT Project? Having to see you same pieces of shit, day in.. day out.."

The crowd immediately starts out in boos. De Luca shakes his head.

Art De Luca: "Anyways, you dudes know the drill. I’m sure most of you were here last week and saw what happened, huh? If not, let me go ahead and update you.. I left my partner Deacon Summers lying in the ring.. and it appears that he’s out of action now. Now before you all-"

The fans immediately boo again, not giving much love for De Luca.

Other Guy: "He’s definately not a very loved guy here in Vegas.."

Dave Dymond: "I mean can you really blame ANY of them? What he did last week was in bad taste, and his whole ordeal with Kenshin started with HIM assaulting the SHOOT alumni."

Art pauses, sighing.

Art De Luca: "Before you all start throwing shit into the ring, or trying to get at me.. let me explain one thing. Deacon Summers came to a WRESTLING federation. A place where PROFESSIONALS…. WRESTLE. What he did wasn’t professional. I mean, did you see that moonsault? Nice one, ya idiot. The dude botched a moonsault, screwed himself up royally, and looked like a complete jackass doing so. Now, is that really MY fault? I mean, technically, he cost ME a match.."

Dave Dymond: "The man is out of action, and Art’s worried about the outcome of the match?!"

Art De Luca: "But that’s fine. Tonight isn’t about Kenshin or last week.. and it CERTAINLY isn’t about Deacon Summers, it’s about SHOOT’s newest addition.."

All of a sudden, at the stage, a banner unravels. It reads "DE LUCA’S DOJO."

Art De Luca: "That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, you will see the first addition of ‘De Luca’s Dojo.’ Where I, your Indie Rockstar and the "Shit" in "SHOOT", show a few young aspiring wrestlers the amazing practice of DE.. LUCA.. LIBRE!"

The fans ring out in more boos, not wanting to see De Luca for any longer.

Other Guy: "De Luca’s Dojo? I like it."

Dave Dymond: "Well that makes one of us."

Art De Luca: "Now let’s go ahead and bring down the first two kids."

Some generic theme hits the PA system. And two guys, one dressed in a red full Lucha Libre traditional costume, and the other in a full green Lucha Libre traditional costume hit the ring. The two immediately stand in front of De Luca, actually SMALLER than the small De Luca himself.

Art De Luca: "You guys are in the ring, with one of SHOOT’s SOON TO BE hall of famers. How does it feel?"

He puts the microphone in front of the kid in the red outfit.

Young Kid #1: "It feels great! I mean this place is insane, it really is an experience being here in front of all these fans and in a SHOOT Project ri-"

Art cuts him off abruptly.

Art De Luca: "WHOA WHOA WHOA, cowboy. I didn’t ask you to have an A&E special. This isn’t YOUR show, broski. This is MY show.."

The fans ring out in boos, which he probably expected anyways.

Other Guy: "Haha, did you see that kid’s face?"

Art De Luca: "Now, my first move is what I call the ‘Artorana.’ You, over here.."

He pulls the kid in the red outfit towards the turnbuckle as he scales the top.

Art De Luca: "Here, you hold my microphone.."

He hands the microphone to the other kid as he stands at the top, balancing himself.. then, he hops off performing a sketchy front flip as he lands on the kid’s shoulders.. taking him down for a ‘dragonrana’. He then retrieves his microphone as the kid is still on the ground, hurting.

Art De Luca: "I invented that move. Yeah. It’s one of my favorites. Did you see how I did it? You try."

The kid immediately goes to the top as he tells De Luca to move in closer.

Art De Luca: "OH WHOA WHOA WHOAA. What are you thinking, broski? You think you’re going to do it on ME?!"

The fans boo, now realizing that De Luca doesn’t plan on being his ‘dummy.’

Dave Dymond: "That doesn’t seem fair."

Art De Luca: "You, Jolly Green idiot, get your ass over there."

The kid in the green costume heads over towards the turnbuckle as the kid in the red flies off and hits a PICTURE PERFECT DRAGONRANA! Executed a million times better than De Luca’s. The fans pop big for the kid as Art shakes his head.

Art De Luca: "Nice try.. BUT.. SWING AND A MISS! I mean, is that how you wrestle? You could have killed the kid!"

Dave Dymond: "Are you kidding me? That was VERY nicely executed."

Other Guy: "I’m with you, that kid SHOULD be in SHOOT."

Art De Luca: "I mean, really. I guess those aren’t your thing, how about an Artsault?"

Art get’s the ‘dummy’ of sorts (the kid in the green) to lay down in front of him as Art ascends to the top turnbuckle, and flies off with a NICE moonsault.

Art De Luca: "Just remember NOT to do it the Deacon Summers way. We all know where that leads."

Dave Dymond: "Art’s got no class, does he?"

Art then smirks as the kid goes to the top rope. However, before he can hit the moonsault, De Luca runs over to the turnbuckle, hops off of the second rope, and plants both knees into his back, sending him crashing on the outside!

Other Guy: "MY GOD! That wasn’t necessary!"

Art De Luca: "Bad form. I probably saved your life. But to be honest, you’re not fit for wrestling. And to be honest, you left a bad taste in my mouth, but I STILL have another trainee.. so you BETTER be worth my time."

That same annoying generic theme hit as a man dressed in a yellow lucha libre suit appeared from the back. This man’s physique was a lot better than the other kids, and he looked to be well in shape. It didn’t take him long to get in the ring as he stood face to face with De Luca.

Art De Luca: "So you’re the next hopeful, huh? Well the first move I’m going to do is my PATENTED crescent kid, ya ready broseph?"

Art whipped the kid into the ropes, but as the kid came back he LAUNCHED in the air for a Lou Thesz press!

Other Guy: "What in the hell?!"

The kid began to pummel away on Art as he got up, now laying in the boots. The kid hits the ropes but Art catches him with a spinning back fist! The kid hits the mat in a flash as now Art pounds the canvas with his foot egging the egg to get up.

Dave Dymond: "What the hell is this?"

Art mockingly wants the overmatched kid to get up as the kid staggers up and EATS a superkick. Art now pounces on the kid with stiff shots to the head

Other Guy: "That was Heaven’s Blade! He’s sending a message to Jun Kenshin!< P>


The opening of  “Undeniable” hits the speakers as the fans jump up in unison looking at the entrance ramp as Jun Kenshin’s music plays. Art immediately releases the kid and looks around.

Dave Dymond: “Jun Kenshin is going to get him some of Art De Luca!”

De Luca looks around as he slithers out of the ring, he grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring and makes his retreat to the back.

Other Guy: “I guess Kenshin is still in Japan but who cued for his music to play?”

Dave Dymond: “De Luca isn’t taking any chances. He’s leaving the Thomas and Mack armed with that chair.”

De Luca continues to look around as he runs away. The fans pelt him with trash and boo him on his way out.


 We see a shot of an abandoned warehouse as debris floats by. Neither man or creature has inhabited this place for a very long time. The windows are grimy, the paint is faded and there is rust scattered on the metal. We see a man wearing all black with a black hood up come into the shot. He turns around and we see that it is Jun Kenshin.

Jun Kenshin:”Hey folks. Sorry I couldn’t be there tonight but I had to take care of some family business back home in Japan.”

He goes inside the warehouse. It is desolate except a few loading pallets and some boxes strewn about.

Jun Kenshin: “I tracked down one of these famous warehouses where SHOOT used to run their shows. Look at this place. It’s not much but it’s history. These were SHOOT’s humble roots.”

He pauses as he pulls the hood down.

Jun Kenshin: “I won’t take long because unlike some people in this company, I don’t love to waste time with unnecessary TV time. Let me address the one man that decided to further make an embarrassment of himself…. Art De Luca.”

The fans boo.

Jun Kenshin: “Next week? You won’t be facing some overmatched rookies they got from development camp. Oh no! You will come face to face with your maker. NEXT WEEK. I come back and I will beat. YOUR. ASS.”

Kenshin slams the doors of the warehouse shut as we go back to a live shot.

Dave Dymond: “Jun Kenshin is back home in Japan but he’ll be here next week, OG.”

Other Guy: “Art De Luca must be breathing easier then.”


Without much warning, “The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night plays, bringing the fans to their feet in excitement.

Other Guy: “I’m sure the fans won’t have a clue what to make of this guy when he finally brings himself out here for them all to see!”

Dave Dymond: “You may be right, OG. Jester’s definitely not been the same since he was beaten by Donovan King at Uprising.”

The fans pop to see Jester Smiles come out from the back, but he says nothing and barely acknowledges the fans. He glares at the ring as he continues his walk down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: “The following contest is set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…from Richmond, Virginia…weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the self proclaimed Hero of SHOOT Project…here is JESTER…SMIIIIIIIIILES!!”

Jester slides into the ring and pops his neck from side to side, stretching to get ready for his opponent.

“I got it from here, Sammy, thanks.”

The fans instantly boo as they recognize the voice of Donovan King. “Holy Fool” by The Boondock Saints plays as out from the back comes “The Foundation” Alex Harmston. King comes out behind his mentor, with a microphone in his hand and the still Jester bloodstained SHOOT Project Revolution Championship on his waist.

Donovan King: “Now, y’all know I couldn’t miss dis right here!”

Dave Dymond: “Oh Lord…that means we’ll have to deal with him at ringside. Or worse…in the announcer’s booth!”

Donovan King: “Weighin’ in tonight at a rather lean an’ mean two hunnerd and eighteen pound fightin’ an’ sexin’ machine…he is a former Revolution Champ but forever a champ in y’all hearts! He is the one…the only…THE FOUNDATION, BITCHES…ALEXANDER…FUCKIN’…HARMSTOOOOOOOOON!!!”

Harmston slaps hands with King as the two of them stop at ringside, staring up at Jester, WHO BARRELS INTO THEM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! Dennis Heflin calls for the bell and the match is on!

King, Harmston and Smiles are all lying in one big pile outside the ring. Smiles is up first and he starts to rain down punches on both King and Harmston, but he is clearly outnumbered. 

Soon enough, King and Harmston have Smiles down on the ground and they are brutally kicking and stomping away at him.  Referee Dennis Heflin leans over the top rope and threatens to invoke the SHOOT Project Disqualification Rule, due to the outside interference.  King and Harmston roll Smiles back into the ring.  Harmston heads into the ring and King heads over to the announcers table.

Alex Harmston grabs Smiles around the neck, throws Smiles into the turnbuckles at full speed, and then starts to launch a flurry of punches, hitting the middle of Smiles’s forehead.  The former champion is rocked by the barrage of punches, but he stands his ground, and after a moment, fires back with a knife-edge chop, which gets a “WHOO” from the crowd. Alex Harmston answers with another jab. Smiles responds with a knife-edge chop. The two men start to pummel each other, back and forth, over and over, and the fans rush to their feet cheering.

Suddenly, Alex Harmston side-steps Smiles’s chop, grabs him in a belly to belly lock, takes one step into the middle of the ring, and PLANTS Smiles into the mat with a SPINEBUSTER!

Dave Dymond:  “Wow.  What harsh impact on the Spinebuster from Alex Harmston!”

Other Guy:  “Alex Harmston is so damn aggressive that he’s hard to maintain the advantage over…”

Donovan King:  “Yeah…and Jester Smiles sucks too.”

It appears that Alex Harmston has weakened Smiles’s back with the spinebuster, and The Foundation immediately goes to work. Alex Harmston pulls Smiles to his feet, and then sends him right back to the mat with a heavy overhand kidney punch!

Smiles collapses in agony, holding his back, and Alex Harmston starts to lay the boots to the lower back of the former champ. Finally, Alex Harmston pulls Smiles to his feet, and then locks him up and DRIVES him to the mat again back first, with a SIDEWALK SLAM!

Smiles bounces wildly, and Alex Harmston makes the cover.

Dave Dymond:  “Cover by Alex Harmston: One! Two! No!”

Other Guy:  “Kickout by Smiles…but just barely! He’d better get something going or he is trouble here!”

Donovan King:  “He was in trouble when he signed da contract.”

Alex Harmston pulls Smiles to his feet again, goes behind, locks him up, and fires him backwards with a German Suplex, with all of the impact landing on the neck and back of Smiles!

Alex Harmston pulls Smiles up, and swings him into the air, and then drops him down in another sidewalk slam but this time extends his knee out, and drops Smiles over his knee BACK FIRST!

Dave Dymond:  “THAT’S GOT TO BE IT! Cover by Alex Harmston: One! Two! No!”

Other Guy:  “Kickout by Smiles.  Man he’s really taking a beating here.”

Donovan King:  “I tole you Smiles sucks.  He be gettin pinned any second now.  That was three anyhow.  Dis ref is a idiot.”

Alex Harmston gets up, and gets in the face of referee Dennis Heflin.  It’s clear that Alex Harmston is accusing Heflin of a slow count.  As Alex Harmston holds up three fingers, and waves them in the face of Dennis Heflin, Smiles sits up, grabs Alex Harmston, and rolls him up in a surprise schoolboy small package from behind!



At the last minute, Alex Harmston kicks out of the surprise roll up.

With a shocked and angry expression on his face, Alex Harmston stumbles to his feet.  Smiles also gets up and stands back, still holding his lower back area and wincing in pain. Alex Harmston reaches out, grabs Smiles’s arm, and whips him into the far corner.  Smiles hits the turnbuckles at full speed, back first.  Alex Harmston tries to follow with a clothesline, but Smiles gets his foot up.

The Foundation’s head snaps back as he gets Smiles’s boot to the face. Alex Harmston falls right in front of the corner.  Although he is in obvious pain, Smiles quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle, steadies himself for a moment, and then launches himself back with an elbow smash!

Dave Dymond:  “Cover by Smiles!”

Other Guy: “One! Two!  NO…Alex Harmston gets the shoulder up.”

Donovan King: “CHEATIN by Smiles.  And dis man call himself a HERO?”

Smiles staggers back to his feet, desperate the keep the advantage, backs up, and comes off the ropes.  Smiles launches himself into the air, and lands another elbow smash across the torso of Alex Harmston! Alex Harmston folds up, the air driven out of him, so Smiles heads outside, and climbs to the top rope.  As he is doing so, Alex Harmston quickly scrambles to his feet, and heads up after him. Smiles and Alex Harmston start to trade punches as Smiles is perched up top and Alex Harmston is half way up. Alex Harmston is easily winning the slugfest, and he swings with a wild haymaker left hook, and CLOCKS Smiles upside the head!

Smiles immediately goes limp, slumped on the top turnbuckle.  Alex Harmston wastes no time, and locks up Smiles.  With a smooth effort, Alex Harmston hoists Smiles into the air…for the SUPERPLEX!  Both men hit the mat with a resounding thud, and bounce off the mat a few inches with the impact.  Alex Harmston wastes no time, and goes for the cover.



Smiles slings his leg over the bottom rope, just as the ref’s hand is coming down for the three count!  Alex Harmston is irate.  He gets off Smiles, and violently SHOVES the Dennis Heflin, accusing him of a slow count.  Alex Harmston turns back to Smiles, and once again begins violently stomping away at him, over and over again. Alex Harmston pulls Smiles up, and tosses him high through the air with a suplex.  Smiles lands with great impact, on his tender back again.

Alex Harmston gets back to his feet again, and locks up Smiles, pulling him to his feet for another suplex.  Smiles deftly leaps over top of Alex Harmston, then leaps into the air, and nails The Foundation with a flying kick!  Alex Harmston is rocked, and Smiles leaps over him and drives him to the mat with a SUNSET FLIP…

Dave Dymond:  “ONE! TWO!  NO!  Alex Harmston breaks free again!”

Other Guy:  “Oh MAN that was close! Smiles almost got him there!”

Donovan King:  “No he didn’t.  It wasn’t even close.”

Both men untangle from the pinning combination and scramble to their feet.  Alex Harmston is irate and rushes forward, swinging wildly.  Alex Harmston buries a quick flurry of body shots on Smiles, almost lifting the former champ off the ground with the impact of each body blow.  Alex Harmston starts to follow up with some wild roundhouses to the upper body, and finally stuns Smiles with a right hook to the face. Smiles staggers back into the corner under the relentless pounding from Alex Harmston.  The crowd is roaring, as the flying fists from Alex Harmston are a BLUR.

Alex Harmston backs up, measures the groggy Smiles off, and then fires a wicked right hand at Smiles…who ducks!  Smiles leaps into the air, and NAILS Alex Harmston on the jaw with a kick!


Alex Harmston hits the mat, and Smiles dives on him for the cover…



NO!  Alex Harmston kicks out!

Dave Dymond:  “MAN! Smiles pasted Alex Harmston there, but The Foundation still had it in him to kick out!”

Other Guy:  “The fans on their feet again! What a MATCH!”

Donovan King:  “Pffft.”

Alex Harmston is back up, and fires a quick knee to the gut, and attempts to toss Smiles over the top rope.  Smiles lands on the apron, and grabs Alex Harmston by the back of the head, and DROPS…dropping Alex Harmston neck first across the top rope!

Smiles wants no part of brawling on the outside, so he slides back into the ring, and throws the staggered Alex Harmston into the ropes.  The Irish whip is reversed by Alex Harmston, but Smiles comes off with leapfrog, and lands on the other side of Alex Harmston. 

Alex Harmston spins around, and is met with a shortarm clothesline!

Alex Harmston’s head snaps back, and he hits the mat…dazed!  Smiles grabs him by the back of the knees, and Alex Harmston falls back first to the mat!  Smiles leaps over and holds onto the knees of Alex Harmston as he lays on top of him for the cover…



Alex Harmston kicks out!

Smiles rolls off Alex Harmston, and the two men scramble to their feet at the same time. A rapid-fire right hand by Alex Harmston stuns Smiles, and Alex Harmston takes advantage, and ties Smiles in the ropes.  Alex Harmston hits a Roundhouse on Smiles. Alex Harmston tries for another, but Smiles vaults his feet into the air, and kicks The Foundation to the mat with both feet.

As Smiles untangles himself from the ropes, Alex Harmston rolls outside of the ring.  Smiles measures the distance, and then FLINGS himself over the top rope in a suicide plancha! Smiles lands directly on top of Alex Harmston, and the two men crash to the floor!

The capacity crowd starts to chant in unison: “HOLY SHIT!  HOLY SHIT!  HOLY SHIT!”

Smiles is up first, and jumps right on Alex Harmston, pulling him to his feet, and then running him shoulder first into the stairs! BOOM!  The steel steps go flying!

Smiles rolls the stunned Alex Harmston back in the ring, and follows behind.  Smiles pulls Alex Harmston to his feet, and tosses him into the ropes…but the whip is reversed.  Smiles comes off the ropes, but launches himself at Alex Harmston and drops him with a clothesline!

Smiles gets back up, comes off the ropes again, but gets caught…and hurled over in a powerslam! CRUNCH! Alex Harmston does not go for a cover, but instead fires off a boot as Smiles starts to get to his feet. Another kick as Smiles staggers, and then a HIGH backdrop! Smiles is totally disoriented, and falls backwards into the corner. Smiles staggers out of the corner…right into a flapjack across the top rope!

Dave Dymond:  “Cover! One! Two! No!”

Other Guy:  “What a move by Alex Harmston! He almost crushed Smiles’s windpipe!”

Donovan King:  “Dat means we never have to listen to Smiles talk again? Sweeeet.”

Alex Harmston pulls Smiles to his feet, and then throws him over the top rope to the outside!  The fans come to their feet again, buzzing in anticipation!

Alex Harmston slides under the bottom rope, and immediately grabs a steel chair, folds it up, and waits patiently for Smiles to stumble to his feet.  Smiles gets up…

WHACK!  Alex Harmston NAILS Smiles in the back with the Steel Chair!

WHACK!  Again!


Alex Harmston rolls the battered Smiles back into the ring. Alex Harmston scoops Smiles back up, and NAILS him with another backbreaker!




NO!  As the fans gasp in shock, and at the very last second, Smiles barely lifts his shoulder!

Alex Harmston grabs a handful of hair from Smiles, pulls him to his feet, and slams his head to the buckle.  Smiles crumples to the mat, and Alex Harmston stomps on his back. Alex Harmston pulls Smiles to his feet, and begins punching the body, and a gives him a swinging backhand shot to the face. Alex Harmston rams Smiles’s head into the turnbuckle. Alex Harmston grabs him by the wrist and whips him to the opposite corner, Smiles reverses, then quickly snaps his leg into the air…

BAM! The Virginia Sidekick!

Cover on Alex Harmston by Jester Smiles…




Donovan King:  “DAMMIT!”

The bell rings, and Jester Smiles’s music starts to play as Samantha grabs the microphone…

Samantha:  “Ladies and Gentlemen…HERE IS YOUR WINNER…at a time of 25 minutes and 14 seconds…JESTER SMILES!!!”

As Samantha is making the announcement, King leaves the broadcast position and joins Alex Harmston in the ring. Smiles cannot even enjoy his ovation before King and Harmston fall on Smiles and start beating the hell out of him.  Fist and legs are flying, it looks like a mugging.  Harmston and King are pounding the hell out of Jester Smiles.

The fans suddenly start to cheer, as we see none other than Killian Reilly charge down the aisle to the ring!  King and Harmston bail out quickly and make a hasty retreat.

Dave Dymond: “Killian Reilly is here and he makes the save!  Looks like King and Harmston are heading back to the dressing room!”

Other Guy: “What the hell…look at Smiles!”

Jester Smiles is on his feet, and instead of looking happy that Reilly came down to help him out, Smiles is shaking his head in anger!  Smiles waves his arms in disgust and leaves Killian Reilly standing in the middle of the ring, looking shocked.

Dave Dymond: “Well, that’s gratitude for you.”

Other Guy: “Who knows Dymond.  Maybe Smiles figured that since he won the match on his own, he could handle the beating.  I don’t agree, but what can you do?”


Just outside the office of Jason Johnson, two SHOOT Project security guards stand.  It appears that the owner of SHOOT does not want to be bothered, but despite the presence of security, Trevor Worrens approaches the door. He looks at both men, still carrying his frustration from earlier.

Trevor Worrens: I need to see the boss.  What’s the deal?

Security Guard: Sorry, direct instructions from Jason Johnson, he has enough to deal with as of late, and doesn’t want to be bothered.

Worrens forces a hard laugh.

Trevor Worrens: Oh, poor Jason… I bet sitting back and watching insanity unfold is really tough to deal with.  Now that I think about it, my personal problems as the World Heavyweight Champion pale in comparison to the boss being pranked with ghosts in the closet.

Worrens knocks on the door, but both security guards shake their head.

Security Guard: He’s not going to answer.  Sorry.

Trevor Worrens: Sorry?  I’m the fucking SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  I’m the ONE man that should be allowed in there right now.  I’ve got problems, and my solution is demanding that I am the special guest referee for tonight’s main event.

Worrens knocks harder on the door.

Trevor Worrens: Jason, I know I’m not the poster boy you want as champion, but listen up!

The door surprisingly opens, but it is not Jason Johnson that steps out of the room… instead Eryk Masters emerges.

Eryk Masters: Trevor…

Trevor Worrens: Oh come on…

Masters picks up on the annoyance, but continues on.

Eryk Masters: Look, Jason Johnson is busy, but he’s told me to let you know that he doesn’t want you involved in tonight’s main event at all.  Same goes for Kaz Sato.  That’s why the steel cage was brought in, to keep Roland and Willmott inside the ring, and yourself and Kaz Sato out of the ring.

Worrens just narrows his eyes, clearly unhappy.

Trevor Worrens: Oh yeah? Well that’s fine, I won’t go against his ruling. But do me a favor, Masters.  When you go back in there, let Jason know that whether he likes it fully or not, I AM the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  And sooner or later I’m the guy he’s going to need to be backing.  Not Ray Willmott.

With that, Worrens heads off down the hall.  Masters just looks to the security.

Eryk Masters: Don’t let anyone else even approach the door, okay?

The two security guards nod, and Masters steps back into the office, and closes the door.  The night continues as the focus shifts elsewhere.


The camera shot goes back to the arena, which is dark with the exception of a lone spotlight that is slowly scanning the crowd in time with the camera shot.  As the fans are illuminated, they cheer and jump to their feet, waving their arms and holding up signs, because they can see themselves on the video screens in the arena, and know that means they are being seen on television.

Suddenly “The One” by White Zombie starts to play, as the spotlight continues to scan the crowd.  As the shot reaches deep into the crowd on the floor, it comes to a sudden stop, as we see Diamond Del Carver standing in the middle of the crowd.  The crowd gives a cheer at the sight of Carver, and the fans surrounding him are slapping him on the back and reaching out to touch him.  Finally, the man known as “The Hardcore Outlaw” starts to weave his way through the crowd, making his way to the ring.  The fans continue to slap him on the back and give the veteran high fives as he makes his way through the throng, his music continuing to play over the sound system.  Diamond Del Carver reaches the ringside area, jumps over the crowd barrier, and slides into the ring.  As his music fades out, Carver picks up a microphone and starts to speak…

Diamond Del Carver: “Sin City…what’s up?”

A cheer goes up.

Diamond Del Carver: “So it’s been a while since y’all have seen The Hardcore Outlaw.  Thing is, everywhere I go, I run into people and they all want to know the same thing.  They all ask the same question.  They all ask me…

Del…what’s up with you and SHOOT Project?

They must all think that they’re Hulk Freaking Hogan or something, because everybody says the same damn thing to me.  They ask me, Del…what you gonna do, brother?”

A laugh goes up from the SHOOT Project faithful at Del Carver’s Hulkster imitation.  Carver continues to pace around the ring, as the camera follows him and he continues to speak…

Diamond Del Carver: “People, they want to know.  Am I going to go for gold?

I thought about that.  Everybody knows that I got into a scuffle with Markus King in the locker room a few weeks back.  So do I want to take his belt away from him?  What about Biggs?  He sounds mad that he got my help in winning the Laws Of Survival title, and everybody knows I am the most hardcore sumbitch in SHOOT, so maybe I should teach little Biggs a lesson in respect.

Or what about me taking on Trevor Worrens?”

A massive roar goes up from the crowd at the thought of Carver challenging Worrens for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Diamond Del Carver: “Anybody who knows anything about me knows that there ain’t a person on this planet that I hate more than Vincent Mallows…and Worrens has some sort of trip with Mallows…so should I look into that?

Or hey…maybe I should push for a title that don’t exist yet!  Maybe I should get me a partner, and beg Jason to bring back the Tag Team titles!  Or maybe I should try and become the winner of the SHOOT Diva Search, because I’m so damn SEXAY!”

The crowd hoots in laughter as Del Carver grins.

Diamond Del Carver: “I’ve thought about all them things…but let me tell you what else I’ve thought about. I’m real old, see.  So when you get to where I’m at, what you really look for is the stuff you’ve never done before.  You try and find the thrills you ain’t never had before.  And you know what I ain’t never had before?

I ain’t never been the Iron Fist Champion. Every other title in the history of this entire organization, I’ve held it.  I’ve held a lot of them more than once, but I ain’t never ever been the Iron Fist Champion. But there’s a problem.

The dude who has that title right now?  El Corazon? Seems like this bendeco likes to cheat.  Seems like el heffe can’t win himself a match without spraying some shit in his opponent’s eyes.  So I bet he doesn’t want none of old Diamond Del Carver, because he knows that I wouldn’t put up with his dirty tricks…and he knows that nobody gets dirtier in SHOOT Project than Diamond Del Carver.

Let’s be honest, people.  Corazon don’t want to fight The Hardcore Outlaw, because he knows he’d lose an—”

"I’m brutal…  inhuman."

Lights go down, and the fans start to boo, knowing who’s on his way out.  The white strobes hit, as “Inhuman” by DZK takes over from where Carver left off.  Five seconds after the chorus hits, Corazon appears on the ramp, with the daunting, massive Obsidian, in tow.  Corazon is in his typical attire, jeans, silver steel rimmed sunglasses, black coat, and the Iron Fist Championship.  Obsidian is well…  he’s Obsidian.  The duo seemingly glides down the ramp, in a very meticulous and definite fashion.  Carver backs up into the corner, as Obsidian gets in the ring first, followed by the Iron Fist Champion, who now has a microphone in his hand.

Corazon:  “I have to give you credit, Carver.  You came at me with enough buzzwords to get me to come out here and address you, your claims, and my Iron Fist Championship. 

It’s cute to throw out a number of typical Spanish slang words, because as we all know, Del Carver is a well known friend of the Latin American man.  I’m sure if you asked Donovan King, he’d tell you that Del Carver was a fan of the African American man as well.  But that’s not what this is about, is it, Del?”

Obsidian backs off, as Corazon takes the center of the ring, eyes glued on Diamond Del Carver.  A small Carver chant is going off.  Corazon is unmoved by this and keeps talking.

Corazon:  “This is about my belt.  You want to hold a title you’ve never held before.  It’s a title that your partners have held, and it’s a title with an extreme amount of prestige behind it, no doubt.  I get that.  I get why you want it.  So let me tell you something about me, and about how the Iron Fist division works, because you seem to be confused.”

He pauses, letting that sink in.

Corazon:  “The Iron Fist Championship division, as I see it, and as it has been explained to me, is not about pins or submissions.  It’s not about keeping the ideals and morals of a fight in tact.  It’s about brutality.  Survival.  Something that, you, Del Carver, harp about constantly.  It’s more about mastering your opponent to the point of total unconsciousness, more than anything else.  And because of that…  because of that very primal sense of violence…  Spraying Marz in the face was simply a tactic.  Simply another maneuver, in what the brutality of the Iron Fist Championship SHOULD be about.”

Corazon shifts the Iron Fist Championship on his shoulder, staring into it, and then staring back into Del Carver.

Corazon:  “So, talking about how you’re the dirtiest…how nobody is dirtier…Del…”

Corazon walks, swiftly, and stares right in Del Carver’s face.

Corazon:  “I consider that a CHALLENGE.  If you want your flame extinguished at my hand…you’re more than welcome, because mark my words, Del.  I will ERASE a page out of the SHOOT Project History books, and END the legend that is Diamond Del Carver.”

Diamond Del Carver takes a moment and stands face to face and eye to eye with Corazon.  Finally he smiles and nods as he starts to speak again.

Diamond Del Carver: “You ain’t the first person to threaten to do that boy, and you won’t be the last.  If you think that what I’m saying is a challenge, then let’s do it.  I look forward to it, because I’ll give you credit, son.  You got balls coming out here to talk shit to my face…although I can’t help but notice you brought your shaved ape with you.  The thing is, you can say whatever you want, but the fact is that you kept spraying mace in Die Hard’s face to beat him.  That ain’t fair, and it ain’t right. I mean hell son, how would you like it if somebody did that to YOU?  Like, if I was to say…do this…”

Del Carver reaches into the back pocket of his jeans and pulls out a water pistol, which appears to be filled with some sort of red liquid.  Before Corazon can even speak, Carver takes aim, and sprays the gun directly into the eyes of Corazon!  The fans erupt and Corazon screams and falls to the mat, his hands over his eyes.  Carver brings the pistol up and fires a couple of shots into the face of Obsidian, who also places his hands over his eyes and yells out in pain.  As the two men rub furiously at their faces, Diamond Del Carver grins, tosses the toy aside, and picks up the microphone again…

Diamond Del Carver: “Suck it up, poncho.  That ain’t even mace, it’s just Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  But maybe now you know how people feel when you pull that shit on them.  Maybe you’ll think twice before you…”

Del Carver is cut off mid-sentence, as Corazon drops to his knees and much to the shock of The Hardcore Outlaw, executes a spinning leg sweep, knocking the veteran’s legs out from underneath him.  Even though he is temporarily blinded, the Iron Fist Champion has had enough presence of mind to take Carver’s legs out from under him.  Carver starts to stand up, but Obsidian is ready, and as he finishes wiping the red liquid out of his eyes he starts to charge, and he bowls Diamond Del Carver over with a clothesline that almost decapitates the veteran.

Corazon slowly stands up, wiping his eyes with an expression of rage on his face.  He shouts a couple of words at Obsidian, who nods and pulls Diamond Del Carver to his knees, and then shoves him towards Corazon.  The Iron Fist Champion jams Del Carver’s head between his knees, and then leaps into the air and comes down hard, ramming Carver’s face into the mat with “The Original Sin” his patented pedigree style finishing maneuver.  Diamond Del Carver appears to be out of it, but Corazon isn’t finished. Obsidian slides the Iron Fist Championship title belt onto the mat, in front of Corazon.  Corazon locks Carver up again, and gives him another Original Sin, face first on top of the title belt!

Other Guy: “Hey look…Carver wanted the Iron Fist Championship so bad?  Now he has it permanently imprinted on his forehead!”

Dave Dymond: “All joking aside OG, Diamond Del Carver just took two straight face first piledrivers…and now it looks like his nose might be broken.”

Sure enough, blood has begun to flow from the nose of Diamond Del Carver as he rolls on to his back, holding his face in pain.  Not satisfied, Corazon and Obsidian start to stomp away at the prone veteran, hammering him with repeated boots to the face and torso.  Carver is being stomped down to the mat violently, and thanks to the two consecutive pedigrees, he is unable to fight back or defend himself.  The crowd is booing loudly now, jeering at the two on one attack, and some even begin to hurl trash at the ring.

Suddenly, the jeers turn to cheers, as we see Die Hard Dave Marz charging down the aisle, towards the ring at full speed…and Die Hard is holding a steel chair!  Marz slides into the ring and takes a wild swing at both Obsidian and Corazon.  The two men leap out of the way, and slide out of the ring.  Marz is cussing at Corazon and Obsidian and brandishing the chair.  Corazon simply points at Marz as he and Obsidian start to back their way up the aisle, staring at Marz.

Behind Die Hard Dave Marz, Diamond Del Carver slowly stands up!  The crowd comes to their feet, shocked that Carver is getting up after taking such a beating.  Blood is streaming down the face of The Hardcore Outlaw and he is holding his ribs from the brutal stomping he just took…but he is up.  Marz turns around to check on Carver and the two men speak to each other while Obsidian and Corazon make their way to the back.  Marz slaps Carver on the back, and two men once known as “The Mason/Dixon Express” start to make their way out of the ring, as the camera goes to the broadcast booth.

Dave Dymond: “Well fans, we just saw Diamond Del Carver give Corazon a taste of his own medicine, and it looks like the Iron Fist Champion didn’t like it much.”

Other Guy: “More like we just saw Dave Marz save Del Carver from getting beaten to death.”

Dave Dymond: “Could be, but you’ll notice that Del Carver got up on his own afterwards OG.  It takes more than that to put The Hardcore Outlaw away.”

Other Guy: “We’ll see about that.  If anybody has what it takes to put that old man away for good, it’s Corazon.  I think one thing we can agree on is that we have just seen the first shots fired in what could prove to be one hell of a war.”


With the main event set to begin, the steel cage that has loomed over head the whole night finally starts to lower.

Dave Dymond: We’ve seen it countless of times in this industry, but every time that cage comes down, well it just sends a chill up your spine, doesn’t it O.G?

Other Guy:  Not that it makes me less of a man to say it, but yes.  Because every cage match has that one chilling factor to it, unpredictability.  And ya know, being Ray Willmott and having to go inside that thing with someone who openly wants to destroy his way through the SHOOT Project locker room… that just can’t be a good feeling.

Dave Dymond:   Yes, but Ray Willmott is the type that won’t back down from a challenge, won’t back down from a fight, and tonight I believe he is more than ready for the fight ahead.

Other Guy:   It’s gonna be a bloodbath if Roland has his way, and not to damper the mood or your Ray love, Dave, but if we thought Willmott’s career might have been over after Uprising, I’m not too sure he’ll make it out alive after tonight.

The last bit of the cage is tied down into place and the ring crew soon darts out of the way.

Dave Dymond:   The cage is in place, there absolutely no turning back at this point…

“Summer Overture- Remix” by Clint Mansell begins, already giving off an unsettling vibe.  The lights flash between red and their normal setting as Roland Caldwell emerges from the back, his face void of expression.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution main event will be a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!

The fans begin to boo, despite their excitement for seeing a steel cage match, as Roland approaches the cage, looking it up and down and just nodding his head.  He punches the steel a few times, which rattles the cage, and then he stomps up the steps that lead to the door into the cage.

Dave Dymond:   Roland Caldwell very much the representation of a SHOOT Project long since gone, and just seeing him, and the shape he’s in… the mentality, it’s frightening.

Other Guy:   That’s what I’m sayin’, Dave!  Willmott is going into this one not one hundred percent no matter which way ya look at it… and he’s gotta fight this man who has no qualms with ending careers.

Roland enters the cage, and his music is abruptly cut off…


“Halo” by Machine Head picks up right after the gritty voice roars, the fans ERUPTING with cheers as an invigorated Ray Willmott SPRINTS down to the ring!

Dave Dymond:   Maybe we’re scared for Willmott, but I’m going to say its safe to say Willmott is NOT afraid of Roland Caldwell!!!

Samantha Coil forgoes the announcing of the competitors as Willmott runs up the steps into the ring, and Roland comes at him, but Willmott ducks and sends his shoulder through the middle and top rope, catching Roland in the gut.  Roland staggers back and Willmott quickly enters, staying on the offense, and the second he’s inside, the ring door is shut by outside official Austin Linam. Scott Kamura calls for the bell, while Willmott is just ASSAULTING Roland with hard punches, in uppercut form.

Other Guy:   Didn’t expect this, Dave… but it’s damn good to see!  C’mon Ray!

Dave Dymond:   Even though we’re supposed to be unbiased, I agree, Other Guy, Ray is FIRED up and I love it!

Roland continues to stagger as Willmott just nails uppercut shot after uppercut shot.  The fans are completely behind him as well, and now with Roland good and groggy, Willmott charges at the ropes.  Some of the fans rise up out of their seats, other continue cheering as Willmott picks up more speed and LEAPS at Roland with a flying clothesline!  HE CONNECTS and Roland goes down.  Willmott turns out to the fans for the first time now, raising his arms as he pumps himself up!  Roland gets up quickly though, a look of aggravation on his face.  Willmott gets his focus back on Roland and fires another uppercut shot, but this time Roland swats the arm away, but Willmott quickly throws a kick to Roland’s right leg, which catches Roland off guard.

Roland falters slightly and Willmott goes to capitalize, but as he lunges in at Roland, Roland gets back to his full vertical base and just LEVELS Willmott with a standing clothesline!  The energy, the cheering, it dies abruptly as Willmott clutches at his head.

Other Guy:   Talk about a mood killer!

Dave Dymond:   One solid shot from Roland and the atmosphere inside the Thomas and Mack Arena changes dramatically.  This is not a spot that Willmott wants to be in right now.

With Willmott down, Roland starts stomping down repeatedly on his prone body, causing Willmott to writhe on the mat in pain.  After a few more stomps, Roland bends down and grabs Willmott by the arm, and yanks him up viciously, almost pulling the arm out of the socket…

But Willmott leaps up even further, hooks his arm around Roland’s neck and spins his body around!!!


But Roland SHOVES Willmott off, sending him into the upper left corner of the ring!  Willmott hits back first and staggers out of the corner, RIGHT INTO A YAKUZA KICK!

Willmott’s head snaps back as he falls to the mat, and Roland now drops down, forearm pressed firmly against Willmott’s face for what looks to be a pin.  Kamura goes down to make the count, but Roland suddenly just starts grinding his forearm across Willmott’s face, clearly not making the pin.  The fans begin to boo loudly as Roland is toying with Willmott a bit.  Willmott’s face turns red from the friction, and Roland brings Willmott up to his feet again and whips him into the ropes.  Willmott comes bouncing back and Roland side steps him, grabbing the back of his head and runs him towards the other side of the ring.  He then lifts Willmott up by the back of the head slightly, and shoves him head first into the steel cage!

The cage rattles from the impact, and Willmott bounces right off the cage, about to fall to the mat, but he staggers right back into Roland who just grabs his head and sends him into the cage a second time!

Other Guy: This is where the cage becomes a man’s worst nightmare, and really this one could be all down hill from here.

Dave Dymond:   Well as we learned earlier tonight, the reason this cage is in place was to keep outside factors from playing into this match, but you’re right, it also adds a weapon to this match that both Willmott and Roland can use, and Roland’s more than happy to have it at his disposal.


Roland manually slams Willmott’s head into the steel cage, making it three times Willmott has felt the steel on his forehead!

Dave Dymond:   And another hard shot into the steel cage!

The fans are booing loudly as Roland looks to have complete control of this match, he grabs Willmott by the head, but now walks away from the cage with him.  Willmott is not able to quite stand on his own, and almost falls when Roland lets go of him.  Willmott keeps his balance, but suddenly Roland rears back and just KICKS Willmott in the left leg!!!

Willmott goes down immediately, and the fans gasp.  Roland looks down at Willmott with a sinister smirk, and looks to continue on the attack, but senior official Scott Kamura keeps him at bay, shouting for him to stay back as he checks on Willmott’s condition.  Roland doesn’t listen to the official at all and grabs at Willmott, pulling him up to his feet, then scooping him all the way up into a gorilla press position.  Roland looks to the cage once more, and looks to LAUNCH Willmott.  The fans sit on edge, concerned, but start to pick up as Willmott shows signs of life, moving his body to get out of the gorilla press position.

Other Guy:   Willmott fighting back, and I guess he wasn’t masking it. The injury, it was just the media overplaying it because Willmott is showing he’s still in this thing!

Dave Dymond:   Roland faltering now, but he’s running towards the edge… Willmott drops though…

Willmott lands on his feet behind Roland. Roland stops his momentum, turns… HOOK KICK TO THE JAW!!!

Roland is knocked into he ropes, and as he bounces off of them slightly, Willmott side steps and takes Roland down with a drop-toe hold, SMASHING Roland’s face into the mat.  Willmott quickly rolls Roland onto his back and makes he cover, taking advantage of the stunned Roland.

Kamura makes the count.


STRONG kick out by Roland who knocks Willmott off to the side. The fans buzz with concern as Roland gets right back out and shouts out with anger.  Willmott is already up to his feet and as Roland gets up to his, Willmott fires a quick dropkick, knocking Roland right back off his feet, this time into a sitting position.  Willmott hits the ropes, again picking up momentum, and this time he lands a sitting front footed dropkick, snapping Roland’s body backwards.  Again Willmott makes the cover.

Dave Dymond:   Willmott hooks the legs…


TW… not even the full two count!

Other Guy:   I think its startin’ to set into Willmott’s head that the longer he stays in this, the better chance Roland’s just gonna snap and look to kill Willmott.

Dave Dymond: Definitely a strong survival instinct within Ray, as he continues to try to end this match with pretty much anything he’s got.

Willmott up to his feet again, Roland now a little slower to sit up, but surprisingly Willmott works on bringing Roland up to his full vertical base, now working him with a quick series of knife-edge chops, just to keep Roland staggering.  Willmott then looks to whip Roland into the corner, but Roland forcefully counters, whipping Willmott into the opposite direction.  Willmott collides sternum first into the lower right corner of the ring, arms slumping over the connecting ropes.  Roland follows up with a running knee square into Willmott’s back! Roland doesn’t stop there and continues to drive knees into Willmott’s back and then he grabs at Willmott’s legs and just lifts them up and lets Willmott FLOP down onto the mat!  Willmott writhes in pain again, rolling onto his back and moving into the corner.  Willmott blindly reaches backwards for the ropes behind him, looking to use them to get up.  Roland bends to grab at Willmott, and Willmott lifts his body with his arms and KICKS Roland in the face! 

Spit flies from Roland’s face as he stumbles back a couple of steps.  Willmott gets up off the mat a bit more, but Roland charges in again. AGAIN Willmott catches Roland with a kick to the face.  Roland staggers again, Willmott up to his feet, Roland charges in again, and now Willmott LEAPS up onto the ropes, FLIPS backwards behind Roland and catches him from behind with a reverse DDT!!!

Dave Dymond:   HUGE IMPACT!!! WOW!

Other Guy:   Hell of a DDT, and now Willmott’s gotta make the cover, this could be his only window of opportunity.

The fans are on their feet now as Roland is down on the mat, Willmott favors his left leg slightly, but seems to be still with it as he slowly makes the cover on Roland.  Scott Kamura drops to the mat to make the count.




The fans let out a collective “ooooh” as they settle a bit with the realization that this one is still going to continue.  Willmott himself lets out a sigh, but gets up quickly as Roland starts pushing up off the mat.  Willmott favors his left leg a bit, but doesn’t seem to hindered by it.  Roland is up to his feet, but Willmott stands strong, sending another knife edge chop into Roland’s chest that causes him to wince in pain.  Roland swings violently with a standing clothesline, but Willmott ducks under the arm and starts kicking at the back of both of Roland’s legs.  The fans picks up now as Roland falters, and Willmott takes Roland down onto his knees… and before Roland can react Willmott LOCKS on a dragon sleeper submission!!!

Dave Dymond:   Willmott going with a new game plan as pinning Roland didn’t work, so now can he make the demon from SHOOT’s past tap out?

Roland fights to get up from his knees, but Willmott kicks at Roland’s legs anytime he tries to get up.  Roland flails his free arm, trying to get to the rope inside of the ring for added leverage to help his cause, but Willmott continues to do what he must to keep the submission hold locked on.

Other Guy:   Roland fightin’ for those ropes, but steel cage makes that rule null and void, don’t it Dave?

Dave Dymond: Indeed, inside the steel cage only three things apply, pins, submissions, and escaping the cage.

As Roland seems to slow down a bit, the submission hold taking its course, the fans all at once start up with a “WILL-MOTT! WILL-MOTT!  WILL-MOTT!” chant.  Willmott nods his head, feeding off the energy of the crowd as he torques back more on Roland’s neck and head, causing a few neck veins to become more defined from the strain.  Roland continues to fight it though, despite Kamura constantly asking him if he wants to give up.  Roland repeatedly shouts no through muffled voice, and again works on getting up to his feet.  Digging deep down Roland gets up, fighting past Willmott kicking him in the back of the legs.   Roland now works on prying Willmott’s hands from around his neck, and just as he starts to, standing up completely in the process, Willmott suddenly breaks the hold completely and wraps around the side of Roland, doubling him over with a quick knee.  Willmott then grabs Roland’s head, points to the steel cage, and SHOVES Roland through the space between the middle and top rope, driving the top of Roland’s head straight into the cage!

Dave Dymond:   And Caldwell FEELS THE STEEL!

Other Guy:    You gonna copyright that phrase? Do we have the next REMEMBER THE CAGE on our hands?

Dave Dymond:   I just might…

Roland slumps on the middle rope, and Willmott now hit’s the up ring ropes to pick up speed, and just as Roland tries to pull away from the ropes, Willmott DROPKICKS him square in the small of the back! Roland smashes into the cage again, this time his whole body hits as he spills over the ropes and gets caught up in the small space between the ropes and the cage.  Willmott sees his opportunity now, and seizes it.  He starts for the right side of the cage and immediately begins to climb up.

Other Guy:   Here we go now, the third and final option to win this match, and Willmott’s goin’ for it.

Dave Dymond:   Roland seems to be stuck up, is this it?  Has Ray Willmott survived the cage?

As Willmott nears closer and closer to the top, the noise inside the Thomas and Mack Arena increases.  However, cheers start to turn to boos as Roland is up now and storms towards the lower right corner post, quickly climbing up which cuts away on the climbing time tremendously.  Willmott sees Roland and instead of continuing to climb up, he starts climbing sideways, purposely going towards Roland who climbs horizontally in his direction!

Other Guy:   Is Willmott f’in crazy!?  All he had to do was hoist himself up and then he’d been home free down the other side!

Dave Dymond:   I think this match is more than just winning for Ray.  Roland has vowed to destroy him, and knowing Ray like we’ve all come to know him, he’s not about to just let that slide without some punishment!

Roland and Willmott are close now and Roland holds onto the cage with his right arm and then CRUSHES Willmott in the back with a hard elbow shot!  Willmott spasms a bit, but still holds onto the cage and continues to move horizontally, kicking at Roland once, trying to knock him off the cage. Roland holds on as well, and now the fans begin to buzz as Willmott starts to climb directly over Roland!

Dave Dymond:   I’ve seen a lot of cage matches in my time, O.G., and so I’ve seen a lot of things done off the cage, but right now I can honestly say I have no idea what Willmott is about to do!

Willmott climbs up now, one leg on each side of Roland’s head, and he suddenly locks his legs around, his backside hanging out from the cage, arms extended fully as Roland’s eyes go wide!  The fans go nuts as Roland’s face starts to turn red.

Other Guy:   Leg scissors choke ON the side of the cage, that’s why Willmott is one unorthodox cat!

Dave Dymond:   Roland has only one option to save himself, but that means letting go of the cage, which means a hefty drop right back to where they started, on the ring mat.

Other Guy:   Roland ain’t loosening his grip… but hey wait a damn second… Willmott’s trying to pull him down with his legs, he’s twisting his body… OH SHIT!!!

THE FANS POP HUGE as Willmott twists his body and carries his momentum down towards the mat, taking Roland down with him with a make shift head scissors take down!  Both men CRASH down onto the mat hard.  “RAY! RAY! RAY! RAY! RAY! RAY!” echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena, and now referee Scott Kamura checks on the situation, with Willmott slowly crawling his way to the cage door!  Willmott inches closer, now rising up to his feet, though clearly favoring his left leg still with a slight limp.  Kamura motions for Austin Linam to open the door, and he does so as Willmott gets even closer.  Roland is up now though, again changing the mood in a heartbeat.  He shakes off his pain and charges towards Willmott now, grabbing him by the shoulder!  Willmott is spun around forcefully and nailed in his torso with a rising knee lift.  Willmott doubles over in pain and Roland continues with a series of knee strikes and then suddenly SPIKES Willmott’s head into the mat with a double arm DDT!!!

Dave Dymond:   Devastating DDT executed by Roland and that cage door is wide open for him to walk right out of… so why the hell is he just standing there.

Other Guy:   You know why, I know why, the whole world knows why.  Roland’s not here to win, he’s here to take Willmott, JUST like he took out Osbourne Kilminster!

The fans begin to boo loudly as Roland stalks over Willmott who stirs on the mat.  Roland’s eyes fall into a dead glare at Willmott, sizing him up, stalking him as Willmott slowly gets his bearings back.  Roland nods his head, ready and waiting with Willmott’s back to him…

Dave Dymond:   Willmott up, but he has no…



Other Guy:   no idea… maybe not, but that desperation move connected!

Willmott hits the mat a second after Roland does, and immediately starts for the door again, but Roland sits up quickly, eyes burning with rage now!  Willmott is dragged by the leg from the corner all together, scooped up from around the waist, and flipped inside out with a suddenly overhead suplex toss!

Dave Dymond:   My god… the strength of Roland just unnerving.

Other Guy:   Not a pretty lookin’ suplex, but damn effective.

Dave Dymond:   A momentum killer for sure as Willmott is down.

Roland wastes no time in picking Willmott back up off the mat, and he grabs him and just viciously charges at the side of the cage, launching Willmott once again into the unforgiving steel.  Willmott bounces off the cage, but Roland grabs him again and presses his forehead squarely against the cage meshing… and just GRINDS Willmott’s head back and forth repeatedly!

Dave Dymond:   And the blood lust of Roland Caldwell kicking in… a damn sickening sight if you ask me.

Other Guy:   That’s what the steel cage is known for, Dave.  Roland now finally using it to do some serious damage to Willmott.

Roland pulls Willmott’s head back for a moment and points to Willmott’s face while looking out at the fans.

Roland Caldwell: This is the face of your hero!

SMASH!  Willmott’s head goes right back into the cage and Roland starts grinding it more, blood now seen running from various small cuts on Willmott’s forehead!

Other Guy:   Ray bloodied now…. And I think that’s only gonna motivate Roland more.

Roland laughs as he pulls Willmott’s head away from the steel cage, and then FALLS backward with a Russian leg sweep, dropping Willmott on the back of his head with malicious force.  Willmott writhes in pain from the impact, and Roland now just UNLEASHES with hard stomp after hard stomp, just trying to decimate Willmott all together!  Then Roland lands one hard stomp RIGHT onto Willmott’s face!  He then twists his foot, smearing the blood, and further tearing open the cuts on Willmott’s forehead!

Dave Dymond:   This is where it becomes too much.  Roland has proven his point already, he bloodied Willmott, he’s shown he has control of this match, I say just end it already.

Other Guy:   We want him to stop, the fans want him to stop, but Roland’s only gonna stop when he’s good and ready. He’s a messed up cat, Dave, and this just puts him more on my bad side, ya know?

Dave Dymond:   Well Roland clearly not looking to end this match as he has Willmott up again, quick whip into the corner….

HUGE elbow shot to Willmott’s face. Willmott starts to slump, but Roland picks him right back up to his full vertical base and fires another elbow, then a knee, then an elbow… then a knee!  Willmott slumps to a sitting position now, face smeared with his own blood.  Roland backs out of the corner, again glaring right at Willmott as he runs directly at him, looking to knee him straight in the face.

The fans are on the edge of their seats as Roland barrels towards Willmott, lifts his knee… and at the LAST possible second, Willmott slumps down, and Roland’s knee collides with the corner post!  Roland grimaces in pain, stumbling back from the corner while Willmott gets up to his feet, and despite being a bloody mess at this point, continues on.   Roland turns around to face Willmott, who kicks right at the slightly injured knee.  Roland falters, wincing in pain, and Willmott fires an uppercut shot, then another kick to the knee.  Roland falls to one knee, and from that one knee Willmott puts Roland all the way down with a quick make shift DDT.   And then Willmott walks down ring, to the corner post, and starts to climb the cage.

Dave Dymond:   Here we go! Willmott on the climb again!

Willmott stops every so often to look back at Roland, making sure he’s still down… and so far so good. Willmott continues to climb, but Roland starts to get back into it, slowly rising to his feet.   The fans shout out to warn Willmott, and with all the noise, Willmott looks back, seeing Roland up now.

Other Guy:   Roland coming at the cage fast, and Willmott’s at the top!

Willmott has one leg on the inside of the cage and one leg on the outside of the cage, and he lets out a sigh as Roland starts climbing up the cage, reaching out to grab at Willmott’s foot.  Willmott tries to kick him away, but Roland gets a hold of him and starts to pull him down. Willmott fights though, shimming towards the corner of the cage, constantly kicking at Roland who is now stepping up onto the corner turnbuckles.  Willmott NAILS Roland finally with a square boot shot to the face. Roland stumbles, losing his balance a bit, but he  swats upward, again grabbing Willmott’s leg.  Willmott shimmies a bit more… his body above the cage door, and he KICKS Roland again… then he leans down and PUNCHES Roland on the top of the head! Roland falters more, and Willmott KICKS him again!

Dave Dymond: TIMBER!!!

Other Guy:   Roland is down on the mat, Willmott at the top of the cage, I say end this thing Ray and climb the hell down!

The fans cheer loudly as Willmott hoists his other leg up and over the top of the cage, but then looking down at Roland, he stops… and instead of climbing down, Willmott gets up to his full vertical base on the top of the cage!

Dave Dymond:    this can only mean ONE thing, Other Guy.

Other Guy:   Yeah, that Ray Willmott is insane!

Willmott raises his arms up to steady his balance, and all fans are on their feet as Willmott sizes up his opponent way down below… and JUMPS!  450 GUILIOTINE LEGDROP!!!


Other Guy:   Un-fucking-believable!!!

The fans are cheering and chanting so loud the noise almost blows the roof off the Thomas and Mack Arena.  Roland is out, Willmott is wincing in pain, but he inches towards the cage door, after hitting the high-risk, but high-impact move from the top of the cage.  Willmott motions for the door to be opened, and once he’s close enough, Austin Linam opens the door.

Dave Dymond:   The door is opened… Willmott crawling.  Now up to his feet…

Roland starts to stir, but Willmott is almost out of the cage.   And finally, just as Roland starts to push up, trying to get his bearings back, Willmott slides out of the door, moving down the steel steps by the palms of his hands!

Other Guy:   It’s over!

Dave Dymond:   Ray Willmott has survived the cage and pulls of a HUGE victory against his assailant, and got some damn sweet revenge on Roland for putting Osbourne Kilminster on the shelf!

The fans just continue on cheering as “Halo” by Machine Head starts to play for a second time tonight.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match…. “RED HOT” RAY WILLMOTT!!!”

Willmott rises up to his feet once clearly outside of the ring, and immediately raises his arms in victory!

Dave Dymond:   There you have it, folks, proof that Ray Willmott is FAR from down and not even close to being out!

Other Guy:   This win puts him right back into the thick of things, Dave.  The man’s driven to claim the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship Title… and you saw that drive and emotion pour through in this match tonight.  Awesome… and Roland got what he deserved if ya ask me.

Willmott moves towards the fans who are fortunate enough to be sitting the closest to ring side, and he celebrates his victory with them, going as far as to get on the other side of the guard railing, putting his arms around anyone who bunches near him.

Dave Dymond:   What a night, but that’s just what Revolution always is, a night to remember.  And our VERY first steel cage match since SHOOT Project re-opened its doors sees Ray Willmott as the winner.

Willmott heads out through the aisle way through the crowds, while Roland, back inside the ring is up to his feet, looking on in rage as he grips the steel cage tightly!  He shakes it violently, his anger taking over.

Revolution fades to the SHOOT Project logo, another night in the books.