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Dominion 9: 6/11/2013

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play. The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome. We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it. The scene is serene.

I’m ready.

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. Suddenly, the monochrome screen shakes, the colors flashing in and out.


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.

I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.

Can’t be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Dan Stein appears, slowly removing the hood that reveals himself to the world as he stands over a fallen foe.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Donovan King snapping off the Dealbreaker on an unsuspecting victim.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!

We are

Yeah I said it

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera before Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the darkness in front of the hulking trio, Flay’s eyes darting left and right while Gaunt grins wildly.

This is Roc Nation

Pledge your allegiance

Get ya black tees on

All black everything

Black cards, black cars

All black everything

The camera spins around Adrian Corazon, who stands bathed in the spotlight. His chest is bare and his arms outstretched, the camera settling on Corazon’s massively scarred back.

And our girls are blackbirds

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Tanya Black strikes at Chance Ryan, connecting with a DDT before the scene shifts to Kincaid smirking as he is face to face with Thomas Manchester Black. Just as quickly as that image shows up, Ja-Gi Kyung Moon throws his arms in the air in victory, holding the Iron Fist Championship high.

Other Guy: This could do it!

I’d get more in depth

If you boys really real enough

The Bad Ass Brotherhood saunter down to the ring, both men dressed for success before we see Lunatikk Crippler connecting with the Lunatikk Sweet before Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming a victim down into the mat.

Eryk Masters: Come on!

This is La Familia

I’ll explain later

But for now let me get back to this paper

Johnny Napalm is destroying Edmund Augustus Shan ruthlessly before it shifts to ANARCHY standing in the center of the ring, the camera circling them to reveal Loco Martinez behind them, trying unsuccessfully to get them to move out of his way.

I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back

Solomon Richards is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open. Mason Pierce appears next, the monster Malice behind him as his support, Mason’s eyes filled with eagerness while Malice’s eyes are filled with silent fury.

I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

Valentine Lionheart connects with a low blow before the camera catches his knowing grin. It cuts to Rich Mahogany and Don Hollywood stand tall in the ring, looking around at the Epicenter with a glint in their eye that hints at their cunning. Finally, it cuts straight to Loris Arclale, callously attacking a poor victim, who is long been down on the ground.

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas

Now we squared up

Hold up

Randall Kash stands in the spotlight, sneering at the camera. It quickly switches to Ripper, running his hands through his hair as his eyes are so wide they threaten to bulge out from his skull. Quickly, the camera switches to Jacob Mephisto, exhausted, holding the Sin City Championship in his clutches, staring down at it as if it was the end of a long road for him.

Eryk Masters: …this is YOUR moment!

We cut back to Datura slowly walking down to the ring before it shifts to Conor Caden doing the same. It cuts back to Sex & Violence with their World Tag Team Championship belts, holding them high for all to see, proud champions in the spotlight. We cut to a hapless victim being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian!


Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on someone before we see the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship held in the hand of Donovan King, standing tall after a hard fought victory. The camera focuses in on the face plate.

Other Guy: WHAT!?!??

Eryk Masters: NO!!!

Suddenly, the camera zooms right back out again, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling high above the Epicenter as the music dies down. The piano returns…and Rihanna’s voice does as well.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We come back to Adrian Corazon, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring. He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. Then, we see Project:SCAR en masse, the group standing among a mass of followers who keep their heads low, hidden by hoods. Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and pulls her in close while Entragian slides his hand across Gaunt’s midsection. Obsidian remains silent, glaring ahead.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Dan Stein slowly runs his fingers across the face plate of his World Tag Team Championship while Napalm clutches his to his chest. Vermont’s Finest is shown, El Asso Wipo making a snapping motion with his hands while Silas looks on, ever annoyed.

I’m addicted to the thrill

The screen flashes with Maya Nakashima flying in the air, connecting with a splash on someone before it shifts to Cronos Diamante, throwing his arms to either side, beckoning Orion to come to him. Mirage remains by his side, a knowing smile on his face.

It’s a dangerous love affair

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Lunatikk Crippler, Crippler’s raven locks swaying effortlessly in slow motion.

Victory’s within the mile

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

Almost there, don’t give up now

SCAR descends upon Corazon, ready to brand him.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Trey Willett appears, his head bowed so that his face is bathed in the shadows.

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey Willett, we see Henry Gordon trading punches with Johnny Napalm. Chance Ryan entering the ring, Logan Caine clapping his hands as he readies for his opponent to get to their feet, Vermont’s Finest hamming it up in the spotlight, Orion marching to the ring, Loco Martinez attempting a pin on Buck Dresden, cutting finally to the briefest image of Jonny Johnson himself, slowly rising from the darkness as a black phoenix in the spotlight.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.

Dutch Harris: SHOOT Project! Welcome to another edition of Dominion! Joining me, as always, is none other than SHOOT Project’s keeper of time itself, Mark Kendrick!

Mark Kendrick: Tonight, SHOOT Project rolls on! This is the last stop on the road to Master of the Mat!

The crowd cheers, hearing the words of the announcers.

Dutch Harris: You’re absolutely right, Mark! Last night at Revolution, we had one heck of a show! Donovan King retained his World Heavyweight Championship in an AMAZING encounter with Jonny Johnson. Speaking of Jonny Johnson, news reports claim that he’s signed, or may be signing, a long term contract with SHOOT. Hopefully we’ll hear something on that tonight.

Mark Kendrick: Not only that, Dutch, but we learned who one half of the Master of the Mat finals match is going to include as Valentine Lionheart defeated Adrian Corazon after Isaac Entragian injected himself into the mix. And also, Sammy Rochester defeated Liz Gaunt to earn his spot in the Sin City Championship Series Finals!

Dutch Harris: Absolutely, Mark! But, TONIGHT we have a whole lot more for you, folks! Tonight we are going to find out who the OTHER finalist for both the Master of the Mat and Sin City Championship Series tournaments are! Isaac Entragian and Loco Martinez will mix it up in a Master of the Mat Semi-Final match and Jacob Mephisto will defend his Sin City Championship against Johnny Napalm in a Sin City Streetfight! We’ve got a ton of action tonight folks, so let’s get to it!

The Epicenter crowd is on their feet and AMPED for the opening match of the evening. It’s the go home show leading into Master of the Mat and you can almost FEEL the energy coming from this capacity crowd. The opening bell sounds and Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring with a microphone.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall. It is a Semi-Finals match in the Sin City Championship Series!

The cheers of the Epicenter fans grow louder.

Samantha Coil: This match will be a SIN. CITY. STREET FIGHT! There will be no disqualifications, no count outs, and FALLS. COUNT. ANYWHERE! AND, this match is for the SIN. CITY. CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Mark Kendrick: What a way to kick off Dominion! Folks, this one promises to be crazy. These two were already scheduled to meet tonight, but it became a Sin City Street Fight after the altercation between these two Soldiers at Dominion 8.

The lights in the Epicenter die and after a few seconds the entire arena is bathed in a red light as the crowd begins to buzz with sheer anticipation. The SHOOTtron comes to life with nothing but static and the crowd seems to be a bit confused.

Dutch Harris: Are we having some technical difficulties in the back?

After about twenty seconds, the SHOOTtron goes black and the lights completely go out, leaving the crowd in sheer darkness. Then the SHOOTtron springs back to life with the image of a large red “JN” logo and we hear…




The lights rise as the opening to Pop Evil’s Trenches kicks to life. Then out from the back comes Johnny Napalm to a decidedly mixed reaction. Some of the fans still boo him, but there are a fair amount of cheers as well. He stands at the top of the ramp just taking it all in.

Mark Kendrick: This match is going to be a war, Dutch. The champion’s cheap attack on Johnny Napalm after Dominion 8 has lit a fire under Napalm.

Dutch Harris: There are reports that after Dominion 8 went off the air, these two guys tore through the backstage area and that’s the reason this match was changed officially to a Sin City Street Fight. It’s going to get bloody.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! He hails from South Boston, Massachusetts and weighs in at 302 pounds. He is the self proclaimed VIOLENT SAVIOR of the SHOOT PROJECT! Ladies and gentlemen, here is JOHNNNYYY NAAAAPAAALLLM!!!

Napalm is not wearing any wrestling attire tonight. He is dressed in street clothes. He wears and interesting t-shirt that simply reads "Time is on your side?"  on the front and on the back is his blood red logo with text underneath that reads "Time’s Up!" He walks to back behind the curtain slightly and reemerges with a trash can loaded with a various weapons. The crowd actually cheers slightly as he starts down the ramp. He stops about halfway down the ramp, where he sees a fan with a poster reading “NAPALM: NEXT SIN CITY CHAMP!” Johnny smirks and shrugs his shoulders at the camera.

Napalm chucks the trash can in the ring and some of its contents fall out, including a kendo stick and a cloth bag tied up with string.

Dutch Harris: Oh, man. Remember Revolution 107? I have a feeling I know what’s in that bag.

Mark Kendrick: I don’t think it’s money, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: I’d call that a safe bet.

Napalm slides in the ring and grabs a wooden crutch from the trash can he tossed into the ring he crouches down and asks for the mic from Samantha. Napalm motions for his music to be cut and it is.

Napalm: MEPHISTO! YOU WANT THIS WAR? GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, I’M DONE WAITING!Napalm hands the mic back to Samantha and waits, but not for long.


The Epicenter fans begins to reign down heavy boos as Time is on My Side by the Rolling Stones begins to really hammer those haunting vocals through the speakers. The curtains part and out steps Jacob Mephisto, the Sin City Championship draped over his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Nazareth, Pennsylvania; he weighs in at 270 pounds. He is the self proclaimed Mr. Sin City and the current reigning SIN CITY CHAMPION, here is  JAAACOOB MEEEPHHIIIISSSTOOO!!!

Jacob stalks down the ramp, a look of serious determination on his face. He gets about half way down the aisle before he stops and slowly raises the Sin City Championship in the air, shouting at Napalm in the ring.


Napalm is only happy to oblige as he steps to the outside and RUSHES up the ramp towards Mephisto. Jacob SWINGS the title belt at Napalm’s head as he charges in, BUT NAPALM sees it coming and ducks under the attempted cheap shot!  Jacob turns around and Johnny begins to UNLOAD with heavy rights and lefts to the Sin City Champion! Jacob drops the title as he staggers down the aisle from Napalm’s heavy rights and lefts. Johnny quickly scoops the title off the ground and raises it in the air, receiving a surprising amount of cheers from the crowd.

Napalm RUSHES forward and SLAMS the championship belt into Jacob’s face, sending him CRASHING to the floor! He brings a very wobbly Jacob to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Napalm slides in under the bottom rope and the bell rings, signifying the official start of the match!

Jacob begins to pull himself to his feet using the ropes, but Napalm is right there SLAMMING a knee to Jacob’s stomach. Napalm picks up the wooden crutch and SLAMS it right across the champ’s back, sending him crashing to the canvas and arching his back in pain.

Mark Kendrick: Here we go! Jacob Mephisto may already be regretting his actions two weeks ago as Napalm takes it to him!

Dutch Harris: It’s been a good while since Johnny Napalm has had a shot at the Sin City Championship and he is looking to take it home here tonight! Jacob Mephisto may have bit off more than he can chew in this one.

Napalm SLAMS the crutch down across Jacob’s back again before tossing it to the side and bringing Jacob to his feet again, BUT JACOB rakes the eyes and quickly drops down, rolling out of the ring to distance himself from the Violent Savior. Napalm quickly shakes off the dirty tactic as the crowd jeers at Mephisto.

As Jacob collects himself on the outside, Napalm slides out of the ring carrying the kendo stick from the trashcan he brought to the ring. Jacob turns JUST as Napalm RUSHES forward swinging the kendo stick, BUT JACOB DROPS DOWN and catches Napalm with a drop toehold, sending Napalm face first to the floor! The crowd jeers, but Jacob simply pushes himself to his feet with a snarl on his face. Napalm pushes himself off the floor, grabbing the kendo stick he dropped, but Jacob is RIGHT there and STOMPS on Johnny’s hand, causing him to drop the kendo stick.

Mephisto stomps at the back of Napalm’s head and reaches down, picking up the kendo stick. As Napalm continues to push himself back up, Jacob steps back and measures him. JUST as Napalm gets to his feet, Jacob SWINGS and CRACKS Napalm right in the back of the head with the kendo stick, sending Napalm down to the floor again, clutching his head in pain!

Dutch Harris: I may have spoken too soon. The champion has taken control of this match with that kendo stick. He suckered Napalm into following him to the outside and took advantage of the challenger’s eagerness.

Jacob drops the kendo stick and begins to STOMP away at Napalm on the floor. He grabs Napalm by the head and brings the big man to his feet, firing a right hand to his jaw for good measure. He boots Napalm in the stomach, hooks his head and SNAPS him down with a DDT. Mephisto gets back to his feet and takes a few steps away from Napalm as the ringside crowd hurls insults his way. Jacob gets a running start as Napalm slowly pushes himself up to his knees and Jacob RAMS a knee to Napalm’s lower back. Johnny arches back in pain but doesn’t fall forward.

Jacob moves around Napalm so they are facing one another and begins to HAMMER right hands into Napalm’s forehead. The Violent Savior’s head SNAPS back with the force of each blow, but the big man REFUSES to fall! Jacob backs off again and LUNGES forward with a BIG right hand, BUT NAPALM BLOCKS IT and NAILS Jacob in the midsection with a right hand of his own! Jacob clutches his stomach and staggers away as Napalm slowly gets to his feet. Mephisto turns back to Napalm and Napalm STEAMROLLS Jacob with a BIG clothesline, sending him CRASHING to the floor!

Mark Kendrick: I think Jacob made a big mistake keeping Johnny Napalm out on the floor. This is Napalm’s environment. Mephisto should have tried to keep it in the ring.

Napalm brings Jacob to his feet and buries a knee to his midsection before HURLING Mephisto into the ringside barrier as the fans begin to cheer! Johnny rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope and quickly gets to his feet. He empties the rest of the contents from the trashcan and steps out of the ring, trashcan in hand.

Dutch Harris: And Johnny Napalm has some bad intentions for the champion with that trashcan!

Jacob brings himself to his feet and turns around, only to get BLASTED by Napalm with that can! He tosses it to the side as Mephisto crumples back to the floor in a heap. Napalm reaches down and brings Jacob to his feet with a sick smile on his face. There is a tiny cut on Mephisto’s forehead from the trashcan and Napalm RAMS Mephisto’s head into the ring post. Jacob’s head bounces off the post and he staggers back into Napalm, only to get SHOVED into the post again! Napalm advances forward, grabbing Mephisto by his hair and DRAGGING him away from the ring into the aisle. Mephisto drops to a knee to slow Napalm down, but Napalm turns to fire a right hand into his already bleeding forehead, BUT JACOB NAILS NAPALM with a low blow! The crowd begins to rain down boos on the Sin City Champion.

Mark Kendrick: What a cheap shot!

Dutch Harris: True, but it’s all legal in this one.

Napalm drops to his knees clutching the family jewels as Mephisto staggers to his feet. Jacob grabs Napalm by the head and just RAMS him face first into the floor. Some of the fans lining the aisle gasp at the way Napalm’s face smacks the unpadded aisle floor. Mephisto wipes blood from his forehead and begins to STOMP across Napalm’s back! He grabs Napalm by the head and brings him to his feet. Jacob fires a shot to Napalm’s face, where we can see his nose has been busted and blood flows freely from his nostrils. Jacob begins to walk Napalm up the entrance ramp onto the stage. Napalm fires a few shots to the ribs, but Jacob cuts him off with a NASTY knee that goes a bit lower than the midsection.

Jacob RAMS Napalm’s head down onto the entrance ramp before getting to his feet and sneering out at the booing crowd. The sneer slowly turns to a smirk as Jacob drops down off the stage and begins to set a table up just below where Napalm is slowly getting to his feet on the stage. Jacob climbs back up onto the stage.

Mark Kendrick: This could be really bad for Johnny Napalm!

Mephisto RAMS a knee into Napalms stomach and sets him up for a vertical suplex, hooking the head.

Dutch Harris: Correction, Mark, this is going to be bad for BOTH guys. Mephisto is trying to superplex Napalm off the stage through that table!

The crowd is getting loud with a mixture of boos and cheers as Mephisto attempts to HOIST Napalm up, but Napalm blocks! Again Mephisto lifts, and GETS NAPALM UP! But Napalm shifts his weight and stops the attempt again! Finally, Mephisto begins to deliver CLUBBING forearms to the back of the neck and head of Napalm. He follows up with a kneelift before grabbing a wrist and pulling Napalm in for that patented short arm clothesline…

BUT NAPALM DUCKS IT and YANKS Mephisto in and delivers a HUGE belly to belly suplex right onto the unforgiving steel of the entrance ramp! Mephisto is rolling around on the steel clutching his back and head in agony!

Napalm gets to his feet, bringing Jacob up with him. Napalm lifts Jacob up by his throat and TOSSES him down the entrance ramp into the aisle. Jacob is very slow to get to his feet and is RAN OVER by a running lariat from Napalm! The crowd is getting louder as a chant begins to pick up.



Napalm brings Jacob to his feet and SLINGS him into the barrier along the aisle. He doesn’t relent and LAUNCHES forward with a knee, BUT MEPHISTO MOVES at the last second and Napalm RAMS his own knee into the metal barricade along the aisle! Jacob stumbles to his feet and quickly goes to work, SNAPPING off kicks to the side and back of Napalm’s knee. Napalm pushes himself to his feet, fighting off the pain of Jacob’s kicks. He turns and swings a haymaker, that Jacob ducks and goes CRASHING down to his knees as Mephisto clips the leg with a chop block! The crowd boos as Jacob gets up and begins to alternate between stomps and driving knees into Napalm’s damaged knee. Jacob stalks away, walking back to the ringside area. He picks up a chair from the crowd at ringside. A fan tries to pull the chair away, but Jacob SHOVES the fan down and snatches the chair from his grip.

Mark Kendrick: That’s despicable, Dutch. You just don’t put your hands on the fans!

Dutch Harris: Well, in all fairness, the fans shouldn’t be trying to restrain our soldiers here, but I agree that Jacob shouldn’t have done that, but for a different reason.

Mark Kendrick: Why is that?

Dutch Harris: Because he gave Napalm a chance to recover.

As Jacob turns the corner to get back into the aisle his head nearly comes off his shoulders as he is met by a HUGE running lariat that sends him crashing to the padded floor, the steel chair dropping from his grasp. Napalm leaves Jacob laying as he walks around the ring, going underneath and pulling out a table. The crowd begins to cheer wildly as Napalm props the table up against the barricade. He goes back under the ring and brings out a second table and the crowd gets louder!

Jacob has made it to his feet and is slowly trying to pull himself onto the ring apron, but Napalm gets around and YANKS him off back to the floor! Napalm boots Jacob in the stomach and hooks his head before HOISTING him up and over with a vertical suplex on the outside. Jacob’s arches his back in pain yet again! Napalm gets to his feet clutching his back as well. He brings Mephisto to his feet by the hair and walks him around to the table propped up. He leans Jacob against the table and goes to pick the other one up.

Dutch Harris: Shades of Revolution 107 here. Napalm’s going to sandwich Mephisto between those tables!

Napalm gets a running start with the table, BUT JACOB MOVES and Napalm goes CRASHING through both tables into the barrier. Jacob CRAWLS away from the wreckage and slowly DRAGS himself to his feet, a sly smile forming on his face. He quickly darts forward, moving pieces of table out of the away and rolling Napalm over. Mephisto makes the cover! Scott Kamura is right there!




Napalm got the shoulder up!

Mark Kendrick: Mephisto had the presence of mind to move out of the way there and it nearly cost Napalm the match and his shot at the Sin City Championship.

Jacob gets to his feet and steps away from Napalm, rolling into the ring. Jacob grabs the cloth bag from the ring and goes back to the outside.

Dutch Harris: Oh, god. If that bag has what we think it does than Jacob is about to give Napalm a dose of his own medicine and I don’t think I like it!

Jacob removes the string from the bag and empties it out onto the floor. It is a whole lot of broken glass that litters the padded floor of the ring side area now. Jacob tosses the bag away and sneers out at the crowd before turning his cold gaze toward Napalm, who is VERY slowly beginning to push himself to his knees.

Mark Kendrick: This is going to be bad. Jacob is practically stalking Johnny Napalm right now. What’s he have in mind?

Jacob HAMMERS Napalm on the back of the neck with a couple of forearms before pulling him into a standing headscissors.

Dutch Harris: Oh, no. He’s not gonna do that. Tell me he’s not going to PILEDRIVE Napalm onto the glass shards?

Mark Kendrick: It looks that way, Dutch. If he does that, this one’s over!

Mephisto lifts Napalm up into position and prepares to sit out with a piledriver, BUT NAPALM is able to shift his weight back down and LIFTS Jacob for a backdrop BUT CATCHES HIS LEGS!

Dutch & Mark: NO WAY!

Napalm SLINGS Jacob down onto the shards of glass with a HUGE Alabama Slam! Jacob’s face is LIT UP with pure agony as he rolls around in the glass! The crowd is going crazy!


There is a sick gleam in Napalm’s eyes as he walks back around the ring and picks up the chair that Jacob dropped earlier. He climbs up onto the ring apron and DIVES onto Jacob with the chair to the delight of the crowd! Napalm covers Mephisto in the glass!




Mephisto BARELY kicks out!

Napalm brings Jacob to his feet and the crowd cheers as they can see the shards of glass sticking out of Jacob’s back. Napalm fires a fist directly into Jacob’s face, staggering him back, but Jacob returns fire with a right hand of his own! But, Jacob’s shot didn’t have but behind it! Napalm barrels forward with a HUGE clothesline, BUT JACOB SIDESTEPS and DROPS Napalm down into the glass face first with a drop toehold!  Jacob quickly JUMPS up and double stomps across Napalm’s back as the crowd boos loudly. He reaches down and picks up the steel chair.

Mark Kendrick: Both of these men want that Sin City Championship so badly, look what they’ve done to their bodies!

Jacob grabs Napalm’s legs and laces them through the steel chair as he wraps them up and wrenches back!

Dutch Harris: MEPISTO’S METHOD! My god he’s got it locked in around that chair with Johnny Napalm face down in a pile of glass shards! Can Napalm hang on and find a way out?!

Napalm is SCREAMING in pain as he crawls around in the glass trying to grip something, anything to give him leverage. His hands are slick with blood as the glass cuts into him. Jacob WRENCHES back on the hold with everything he has, letting out a primal scream as he does.


Johnny Napalm REFUSES to quick, DRAGGING himself to the barricade and reaching up with his long arms, BUT MEPHISTO DRAGS HIM BACK THROUGH THE GLASS! You can hear the crowd gasp before then rain down MORE boos on Jacob. Mephisto WRENCHES back even HARDER, dropping his knee across the back of Napalm’s neck! Napalm SHOUTS in pain and reaches out…

BUT HE TAPS OUT! Napalm taps out and Scott Kamura calls for the bell! The crowd unleashes a raucous amount of boos down at Mephisto as he releases the hold and falls forward. Time is on My Side begins to play and Kamura hands the Sin City Championship to Jacob.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, advancing to the finals of the Sin City Championship Series and STILL Sin City Champion, JACOB MEEEPHIIISTOOO!!!

Jacob clutches the title close to his chest as he staggers to his feet. He stumbles and staggers his way back up the aisle and onto the entrance ramp as the SHOOT Project medical staff rushes to ringside to check on Johnny Napalm’s condition. Jacob stops at the top of the entrance stage and slowly raises the Sin City Championship belt high in the air before staggering back behind the curtain.

Mark Kendrick: That was a BRUTAL match and I thought maybe Johnny Napalm would get it done, but Jacob Mephisto retains his title.

Dutch Harris: Well, we now know that at Master of the Mat the finals of the Sin City Championship Series is going to be Jacob Mephisto defending his title against Sammy Rochester in a rematch of sorts from Reckoning Day. That one is SURE to be brutal. Still to come tonight though, we’ve got the other semi-finals match in the Master of the Mat Tournament between Isaac Entragian and Loco Martinez!

Mark Kendrick: Absolutely, Dutch. We’re also going to see Solomon Richards take on Mirage as well as two men who have made quite the name for themselves collide in Randall Kash and Conor Caden. BOTH of those guys are undefeated in singles competition.

The cameras cut elsewhere as the ringside crew begins to clean up the area.

Maya paces back and forth in front of his open locker, hands on his hips. After a short while, he runs his hands through his hair, hands visibly struck with shaking nerves. He lenas his forehead against the dim blue locker, closing his eyes trying to focus. His eyes slowly drift open when he hears the door open.

Maya sees the limping Donovan King, still sore from the insane match from the night before. He stands there, dressed in his black hoodie and shirt with blue jeans. He smiles a little smile at Maya.

Donovan King: You good?

Maya offers a half hearted smile, still obviously nervous, and bows his head slightly to Donovan King. He notices King limping and puts a hand on his shoulder, motioning towards one of the locker room benches.

Maya: I’m fine but, please, sit down.

King groans as he sits down, as if Maya’s light touch weighs a ton.

Donovan King: You don’t look it. I know we’re not friends an’ I get that…but talk to me, man.

Maya tries to put on a brave face, smiling and non chalantly rubbing the back of his head.

Maya: Oh, you know, just pre-match jitters is all…

Maya shakes his head, he stops trying to hide it. Carefree smile turns to a creased worried slant.

Maya: It’s just… I thought I could do more, you know? I get that Kenji doesn’t deserve any sympathy, least of anyone, but I… I mean he freed me when no one else came for me, you know? Maybe he just saw his kid or whatever, but he… he saved my life and now I’m just…

Maya puts a hand on his forehead.

Maya: I don’t know anymore.

King nods his head before he bows it to look at the floor.

Donovan King: Man…I just don’t know about them SCAR boys. Even Obsidian, an’ he helped teach me how to do this thing we do. Kenji’s scary, he started that whole damn group. The thing for me is…

King looks up to Maya.

Donovan King: You were gone for a long time. Kenji might’ve saved you, but he kept you, too. He’s got a conflict in him, he always has. That demon in him’s always beaten that angel down, though, man. I get you thought you saw something in him because you benefitted from that angel, but man…I gotta tell you…

He shakes his head, sighing.

Donovan King: …the only way to get through to a man like Kenji Yamada is by beatin’ the mother fuck out of him.

King looks at Maya, a small smirk that goes against the sadness in his eyes when he says those words to Maya.

Maya sits himself down next to King.

Maya: There really isn’t any other way, is there?

King shakes his head.

Donovan King: Sometimes redemption can’t come in words, man. I needed to get my ass beat before I looked up an’ saw the road I was on.

He looks at his lap for a moment, trying to think about the words he needed to say.

Donovan King: You couldn’t have told me nothin’ back then, Maya. I got beat back an’ forth, over an’ over, used an’ abused. It took somebody’s fist to show me the way.

Maya turns his head to look at King.

Maya: Do you think that sort of thing can happen for them?

Maya folds his hands in his lap, calm and still, shaking his head again.

Maya: You must think I’m crazy… I should be looking forward to this and here I am… here I am…

Maya stands up putting his hands behind his head again.

Maya: Listen, I’m sure you have more important things to do than babysit me. After what you went through on Revolution… you must have a nice ice bath somewhere waiting for you.

Maya bows low to King, closing his eyes.

Maya: Don’t worry, I’ll be alright.

Donovan King: Look…

King smiles a little bit.

Donovan King: I’m one of the guys who believed in Hope. I believed when the chips were down. You got the heart of a damn lion in that chest, Maya. If there’s anybody with the will to achieve the impossible, it’s you.

He pauses.

Donovan King: We all got our wars to fight. I’ll see to mine soon. But you gave me the most fun I’ve had in years in that ring. I owe it to you to do what…ever I can.

Maya turns to walk to the door, holding it open.

Maya: You don’t owe me anything.

Maya tilts his head to the side, looking towards the ground.

Maya: You’ve already given me more than I could have asked for.

King blinks a few times, sighing as he gets up.

Donovan King: You have literally just shown me the door.

He grins.

Donovan King: If you need me, Maya, I’ll be around. Just look for the loudmouth black dude gettin’ his ass kicked.

He extends his hand.

Maya grips King’s hand, smiling.

Maya: And you need just look for the scrawny little crybaby if you ever need anything… and thank you, King… for everything.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a time limit of TEN MINUTES!

“Long Black Train” by Josh Turner hits over the PA system. Two burning white crosses appear on the titanatron as “The Evangelist” Jerry Matthews emerges from the back. He looks out at the crowd, which is mostly silent, and mouthes “God Bless Ye Sinners” before advancing to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY FIVE pounds…he is THE EVANGELIST…JERRY MATTHEWS!

Jerry ignores the fans, simply walking to the ring, walking up the steel steps and entering the ring between the middle and top rope. Once in the ring, he goes to the turnbuckle and drops to his knees, saying a prayer.

Mark Kendrick: It’s nice to see a man so faithful.

Dutch Harris: I mean…he seems a bit judgemental to me, but, whatever. Jerry Matthews is a top competitor that came over here after facing Jacob Mephisto in the Transatlantic Cup tournament. He put up a hell of a fight against the current Sin City Champion, so we are all definitely interested to see how Jerry does against Hammerin’ Hank tonight.

“Give Me Back My Bullets” by Lynard Skynard now plays. Henry Gordon emerges from the back, looking focused on the ring. Henry Gordon slaps hands with a couple of fans,  and there is a noticeable amount of cheering for Gordon. Gordon, however, remains focused on the ring.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at THREE HUNDRED and THIRTY SEVEN pounds…he is HAMMERIN’ HANK…HENRY GORDON!

Gordon also walks up the ring steps. He stops on the apron, looking at the praying Jerry Matthews, slightly confused, but he  shakes it off quickly, entering the ring between the middle and top rope. He takes an opposite corner, bouncing and stretching to warm himself up. Dennis Heflin motions for both me to come to the center of the ring, but Jerry Matthews ignores, still in prayer. Heflin looks irritated, but he honors Jerry’s showing of faith.

Mark Kendrick: I mean, it’s good to have the power of god on your side.

Dutch Harris: Seems a bit excessive, though, don’t you think?

Jerry finally finishes and comes to the center of the ring. Heflin explains the rules to both men. Both men nod. Henry Gordon offers a handshake, but Jerry Matthews ignores it. Heflin signals for the bell, and both men lock up quickly! Jerry Matthews attempts to overpower and use his height advantage, but Gordon has a good sixty pounds on Matthews, and Gordon pushes Matthews back against the turnbuckle. Jerry holds up his hands, and Heflin tells Gordon to break, which Gordon obliges. Matthews moves forward, offering a test of strength, which Gordon obliges. At first, Jerry takes the advantage, again using his height advantage to gain leverage, but then Gordon uses his size and strength advantage to take control, turning Matthews hands and bending his fingers. Jerry squeals in pain, but his agony is short lived as Henry Gordon pulls Matthews into a headlock! Matthews shoves Henry against the ropes and then tosses him, but Gordon hits the ropes and comes back with a shoulder tackle! Jerry pops up quickly, but he is taken down by another shoulder tackle! Matthews again pops up quickly, but this time he is laid flat by a clothesline! Gordon shakes with excitement, feeling the momentum in his favor.

Dutch Harris: Henry Gordon may not have the best win loss record in SHOOT Project, but he is still a soldier, and he is still not to be taken lightly.

Matthews is up again, slower this time. He again offers a test of strength, which again, Gordon goes to oblige, but instead hits a boot to the gut! The crowd boos the bad showing, but Matthews simply follows it up with a DDT! Gordon hits the mat hard, but Matthews does not release the hold of the head and locks in a guillotine choke! Gordon, however, is near the ropes, and he manages to get his foot on the ropes. Heflin tells Matthews to release the hold, but Jerry ignores. Dennis Heflin tells Jerry again, but Jerry loudly says no! Dennis Heflin begins the count.





FI-Matthews releases the hold. The crowd boos again, seeing that Jerry Matthews is bending the rules in anyway he can to keep the advantage.

Dutch Harris: So much for a faithful man, huh?

Mark Kendrick: Yeah! He’s just a…a…a big poop face!

Jerry Matthews stands, placing a few stomps down on Henry Gordon. He then grabs Gordo by the head and picks him up, but suddenly Hank comes alive, pushing Matthews away and dropping him with a hard right! Jerry is up quickly, but he is dropped again by a hard right! Jerry pops up quickly again, but again Gordon fires a hard right-BLOCKED! Jerry fires his own hard right that staggers Gordon, but Gordon remains standing. Another right by Jerry! Another! Another! An-BLOCKED! Gordon now fires off a quick right hand that AGAIN knocks Jerry flat! The crowd cheers on Hammerin’ Hank, and again, Gordon looks absolutely ecstatic. He goes to pick up Jerry Matthews, but Jerry grabs a big handful of tights and pulls Gordon towards the ropes, causing Gordon to lose his balance and fall against the ropes. Jerry scrambles, and Gordon is quick to be on the assault again. Gordon goes for another hard right hand, but Jerry ducks under, goes behind Gordon, and brings Gordon down with a bulldog!

Dutch Harris: And again we see Jerry Matthews take advantage by bending the rules.

Dennis Heflin admonishes Jerry Matthews for using the tights, but Jerry ignores Heflin, getting back up and grabbing Gordon by the hair and pulling him to his feet. He hits a knee to Gordon’s gut, which knocks the wind out of Henry Gordon. He then drops Gordon with another DDT. Jerry holds the front chancery and stands back up. He lifts Gordon in a suplex attempt, but Gordo flails his legs and keeps himself from going up and over. Jerry again lifts and tries to get Gordo up and over, but again, Gordo flails and stops the suplex. Gordon throws a knee that catches Jerry, causing Jerry to release his hold. Gordon throws a right hand, followed by left, rocking Jerry and sending Jerry against the ropes. Gordon advances, but Jerry holds the ropes, yelling for Heflin to stop Henry Gordon. Heflin begrudgingly steps in the middle, telling Henry Gordon to back off.

Dutch Harris: Oh, sure, Henry Gordon has to follow the rules, but Jerry Matthews can do what he wants.

Gordon looks frustrated and argues with Heflin, but Heflin stays firm. Henry finally backs off, allowing Jerry Matthews a good break. Jerry moves forward, and the two men begin circling one another. Henry Gordon goes for the tie up, but Jerry backs up, not wanting to play the power game. The two again circle, and again Henry attempts to lock up, but again, Jerry Matthews wants none of it. Henry lashes out, throwing hands at Jerry Matthews. Matthews eats a hard right, but return his own to Henry. Henry hits. Jerry hits. Henry hits! Jerry hits!

Mark Kendrick: This just became a real BRUISE’EM UP BRAWL!

Dutch Harris: Stop doing that, Mark.

Henry throws another punch, and this one rocks Jerry! He throws another! Another! Another! Henry Gordon continues punching Jerry Matthews until Jerry Matthews is against the turnbuckle. Henry Gordon then plants a kick in Matthews’ gut-CAUGHT! Jerry throws the leg down and, lightning fast, throws a thumb to Gordo’s eye! Heflin does not see the thumb, and Gordon has no time to say anything, as Jerry kicks him HARD in the gut. He locks in the suplex hold and this time is able to lift Gordon up…and DROP him with the Jackhammer!

Dutch Harris: After some awful trickery, he calls that one Savior’s Wrath, and I think this one is done!




Jerry Matthews is up quickly, and he quickly drops back to a knee, cheering. Gordon doesn’t seem to be fully aware of what happened, and he rolls around clutching his back. The crowd, meanwhile, boos the victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of EIGHT minutes and FORTY SEVEN seconds…JERRY MATTHEWS!

Dutch Harris: Well, it looks like with all the tricks and cheating, Hammerin’ Hank was not able to hammer out a victory.

Mark Kendrick: That was corny Dutch.

The Bad Ass Brotherhood appear, turning the corner as they are on the hunt.  Charles Brandon Magnus is wearing a black BAB t-shirt and blue jeans, ready for a fight.  Buck, meanwhile, is wearing his battle damaged Hodor costume, the trash bag with holes torn into it.  The two heroes storm around the backstage area, their fists and jaws clenched and their potential victims?  In soooo much trouble.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  An outrage!  An outrage, I tell you!

Buck Dresden:  Now I’ll never get to see how Hodor gets the Iron Throne!

Magnus ignores him.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Chance Ryan and that insufferable little sidekick friend of his has causes us enough problems.

Buck stops him from walking.

Buck Dresden:  Hey, I could call Tanya Black fer some hints on how to beat him!

Magnus pushes Buck’s hand off of his shoulder.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  No!  We’ve beaten Chance Ryan so many times it’s child’s play in the ring…but he just…keeps…coming!

Buck Dresden:  S’what she said.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, BUCK!

Buck gets silent as Magnus continues to hunt.  Suddenly, he stops and points around the corner.  He leans in and whispers to Buck.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  There they are.  Those two idiots are dressed up like they have a match, can you believe it?

Buck looks down at the trash bag costume he’s worn for two straight shows now.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  There isn’t any logical way to attack them so we may need to do as the Neanderthals before us and attack head on.

Buck Dresden:  Beatin’ the Flying Avengers: So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I’ll go first, you go second, and we’ll overpower them IF…IF we have the element of surprise on our side.

Magnus pinches Buck’s cheeks so that the two of them can be eye to eye.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Are you with me, brother?

Buck nods as best he can.  Magnus shouts in victory as he charges down the hallway and attacks!  Buck chases after him as he sees Magnus HURL Kid Lightning into the wall and pummel FLASH Dynamite with lefts and rights, bringing the bigger man down!  Kid Lightning goes to get up, but Buck Lariats him down.

Buck Dresden:  STAY DOWN YOU!

Buck turns and looks at FLASH, who Magnus is kicking while he’s down.

Buck Dresden:  Hey, Chance’s really let himself go…


Buck Dresden:  …I mean, since last night.  He’s FAT Dynamite.

Magnus stops kicking FAT Dynamite.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  I…he is…

Magnus bends down and RIPS the mask off of FAT Dynamite to reveal…a fan?  Buck quickly rips Kid Frightening’s mask off and reveals…another fan.

Buck Dresden:  Chuuuuuuck…

Buck looks behind them and they see CHRIS SYDAL AND CHANCE RYAN.  Both men in their street clothes.  Chance is eating an apple.  He looks down at his stomach and pats it before he looks back at the Brotherhood.

Chance Ryan:  Really, guys?

Without warning, Chris LAUNCHES into a Ninjaguiri to Buck, but Buck counters and the fight is joined!  Quickly road agents and referees rush in, pulling the two teams apart.  Several people get in between the two teams as they shout at one another.





The teams continue to struggle against the referees and road agents until Tony Lorenzo final speaks up.

Tony Lorenzo:  That’s ENOUGH!  Both of you!  Cut the bullshit!  Magnus, Dresden, BACK to your locker room!  Chance, Lightning, BACK to your locker room!  You can settle this at Master of the Mat!

Chance and Chris throw their hands up as Magnus pulls Buck away.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Good idea, Tony.  We’ll see you two never-will-bes at Master of the Mat.

Chance Ryan:  Looking forward to it, Chuck.

The Bad Ass Brotherhood slink back around the corner as the Flying Avengers tend to their fallen fans, leaving the camera to focus on the two beaten fans still lying on the floor.

We’re back in the arena with the chorus to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”  already playing.  Laura Seton stands at the top of the entrance ramp wearing a yellow shirt, white shorts and white Nikes.  A mic is in her hands and heavy booing welcomes her to the arena.

She’s got me like nobody.

Can’t read my, can’t…

Her music fades out as the booing picks up.  She simply rolls her eyes and waits for it all to die out before speaking.

Laura Seton: My name is Laura Seton and this is as far as I go tonight because you don’t deserve to see me in that ring twice in one week.  Now… last night, I had one goal.  That goal was not to win the match, but win the evening.  I did just that, and did it emphatically.  Last night, there’s no question who the better person was and there’s no question who the better person is going in to Master of the Mat.  Production guys, bring up what I wanted.

Laura points towards the SHOOTtron with a huge smile.  A still shot of her mid-chair swing.  A nod of her head and the replay of the first chairshot on Lunatikk Crippler plays.

Laura Seton: Okay, stop it right there!

Crippler is slumped over on the video screen as Laura turns back to the crowd, still smiling widely.

Laura Seton: That—that right there is the man you cheer for.  The man that’s supposed to be able to do it all and come back from everything.  That moment—that moment was by far my favorite moment of the night.  That is, until this…

She again points at the ‘tron and the clip of the second sickening shot plays out.  The screen returns to showing her live as she again turns to the crowd.

Laura Seton: Tell me that wasn’t outstanding!  That right there?  That’s called doing it all.  I want to win.  I want to win so badly and show I belong here in the same vein as Lunatikk Crippler that I’m pulling out all… the… stops…

A confused expression comes across her as the booing again picks up.

Laura Seton: But I used VIOLENCE!  I did what you all want!  Why are you booing me?  I mean, I know it would have been better if I hit him about three or four more times, but he’ll survive either way.  After all, he’s Lunatikk Crippler.  He’s tough.  He’s a man because he goes out of his way to win.  I DO IT TOO!  WHERE’S MY RESPECT!?

The crowd picks up on the initial sarcasm and boos again.  And not just booing.  The “Cunt!” chant starts up as well.  Her now-angry tone continues.

Laura Seton: I AM NOT A CUNT!!

Some fans laugh at the anger; others boo harder.

Laura Seton: No, go ahead. Chant it.  Do that as loud as you can.  Do it at Master of the Mat.  I hope you idiots chant that as I have my arm raised after that match.  You all flock to him like a bunch of cocker spaniels.  He killed someone, but that’s okay.  Never mind his ego either.  He only manipulated his way into the Reckoning Day main event.  Yeah, real high class guy.  But it’s okay.  He’s on your side.  He fights for the right reasons these days.

A bucket of popcorn is thrown her way and hits her.  She eyes the crowd with a glare.  A specific fan begins pointing at himself while heckling her.  She picks up the bucket and walks over to him.  She gets to a knee to be at his level and has a quick staredown.  She then throws the popcorn in his face.

Laura Seton: How do you like when someone does that?

As she’s about to stand back up, she notices a youngster sitting next to him.

Laura Seton: Is this your kid?

The man says yes, along with a few other derogatory words.  The boy wears a Lunatikk Crippler shirt that shows a couple years of age.

Eryk Masters: Come on, Laura.  Don’t do anything to him like you did that kid a couple months ago.

Laura Seton: I see you’re a Lunatikk fan.  Is he your favorite?

Boy: Yup!

She starts eying the shirt.  She reaches a hand out and runs it along a sleeve.  Rabid fans begin reaching out to try touching her arm but she repeatedly shakes them off as she delicately runs her hand along the shirt.  Her face lights up as she finds an area on the shirt.  A small spot where the threads have come apart.

Laura Seton: This is kind of beaten up.  You’re getting a new one, aren’t you?

Boy: Already did!  And other stuff.

He proudly holds up a bag containing his new merchandise. Laura takes the shirt out of the bag and has good look at it before stuffing it back in the bag.  She then pulls out a Crippler trading card and a poster as well.  She unveils the poster and the crowd cheers seeing the picture.  She tucks the mic under her left arm and proceeds to tear up the poster and then card; throwing the pieces on the ground.

Other Guy: Now honestly, Seton!  What a low-life!

She reaches to the boy again, places both hands on the ‘sweet spot’ of his current shirt she just found, and gives a good tug, tearing it!  She keeps pulling until it’s ripped in half and off him.

Eryk Masters: And that’s worse!  What did he ever do to you?  You are absolutely pathetic.

She stands back up and holds up the torn shirt with her big smile back as the “cunt” chant starts again.

Laura Seton: This right here resembles post-Master of the Mat Lunatikk Crippler!  Only a bunch of shreds.  He will become nothing more than a dishrag.  It was a wild run for you, Crip, but like this shirt?  You had your time and you’re worn out.  At Master of the Mat, you get ripped off of the SHOOT Project body.   A replacement will enter.  Made of new material and built to last.  A fresh design with flashy colors and a brightness you never held.  A design… named Laura Seton.

There is no music as she throws the rag-tag remains of the shirt in the air and walks to the back.  Just the jeering of the crowd.


The darkest bowels of the Epicenter, rats scutter around like it’s their home. Roaches and pests are common place, along with the fermenting smell of rusted metal and putrid garbage. Kenji sits among this disgusting caucophony in a corner all his own. Curled up on himself, hidden away from the murmurs of the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the locker room area. Few would even know this place existed. The sound of harsh footsteps drew near, Kenji didn’t move an inch as they got closer, he had no fear of them. Obsidian steps into the light, sniffing the air. He tilts his head up slightly, licking his lips as if he tried to taste the air. 


Obsidian: It is a little…aged in here, Kenji. Why do you hide down here?

Kenji doesn’t look up, he just sits and stews. 


Kenji: It’s quiet…  


A rat scurries across Kenji’s feet, he still doesn’t move. 


Kenji: Needed to get away. 

Obsidian: Because there are so many people up there that want to speak to us. 


Obsidian kneels down, squatting d
own so that he can see his brother a little better. 


Obsidian: I apologize for my sarcasm, kin. You always tend to bring the vitriol out of me. At least you understand it for what it is, malice unintended.

Kenji remains unmoving through it all. 


Kenji: I understand. 


He looks up slighty, meeting eyes with Obsidian. 


Kenji: You must think me a fool right now… 

Obsidian: Because of…Maya? 

Kenji nods his head slightly. 


Kenji: Because of him. 

Obsidian: I have thought many things of you. 


Obsidian sighs. 


Obsidian: You have made foolish decisions. You have done foolish things. You have dealt with foolish people. But you? You the fool? 


He shakes his head. 


Obsidian: Never.

Kenji tries not to look at Obsidian. He clutches his hands together, the vibrations obvious still. His eyes continue to wander everywhere except on Obsidian. 


Kenji: That makes one of us at least. 


Kenji tries clenching his hands into fists, but they still shake. 


Kenji: I still see him, Obsidian, I still see… him. 

Obsidian sighs and sits down the rest of the way. 


Obsidian: Do you see him in Maya or do you just…see him?

Kenji: I can’t tell… sometimes I can tell the difference. Sometimes I… 


Kenji leans
his head back against the wall with such force that it almost sounds like his skull cracked. 


Kenji: I should have been ready for this… 

Obsidian narrows his eyes. Part of him wants to reach out and take Kenji by the throat and make him focus. But his fists relax, and another sigh calms him completely. 


Obsidian: I still see my Kyle. Sometimes. It can be someone’s blonde hair or their blue eyes, but I see him. Sometimes I don’t even need an inspiration. He is just…forever there. 


He pauses. 


Obsidian: Ghosts never leave, Kenji. They would not be ghosts if they did not haunt us. 


His face tightens. 


Obsidian: But Kyle is dead. 


His jaw clenches. 


Obsidian: And so is your son. 


He lets it sink in. 


Obsidian: Do you think Maya never sees Shinya? Do you think Shinya is not in every face that smiles at him, every voice that speaks to him? Wake up from your dream, Kenji. We are, all of us, haunted.

Kenji just keeps looking at the darkened ceiling. 


Kenji: I kno
w he’s dead, I know I should just… wake up. 


Kenji closes his eyes. 


Kenji: But I can’t. No matter how hard I try I… can’t. And now, now he has been placed before me as my executioner… 

Obsidian: Then let a dead child beat you. He already broke you. You clearly have never had what it took to heal from the scars your son gave you. Tragic, that. I thought better of you than to collapse fully in the face of Adrian Corazon’s mindgames. 


Obsidian smirks. 


Obsidian: Clearly I misjudged my own brothers. Perhaps he really did know how to shatter you.

The words cut Kenji deep, he stood up almost immediately, turning his back to Obsidian. He thrust his palms against the wall, slamming his head into concrete over and over again. He finally stopped, and slithered against the wall when he realized he couldn’t beat the weakness out of himself. 


Kenji: What… what would you have me… do then? 

Obsidian: FIGHT. 


The single word echoes through the bowels the two of them currently re


Obsidian: You fight, Kenji. Against Maya. Against Adrian. Against…Akira. 


He reaches for Kenji, but he stops himself. 


Obsidian: Because that is what we do. That is who we are. SCAR was built to fight. To maim. To correct. Not shrivel in the face of the ghosts that forever haunt our souls.

Kenji’s body remains unchanged, slumped against the wall.  


Kenji: That’s all I can do… isn’t it? 

Obsidian nods. 


Obsidian: I am truly sorry. But that is all we were born to do. We
are the damned, my brother. It is our lot. 

Kenji turns around to face Obsidian, his face empty of emotion except for his eyes. His eyes are a sea of sorrowful opaque blue, endless. 


Kenji: Then I will do what I was born to do. 

The tron springs to life with a giant "A" a corresponding drum beat followed by an "N" and the same drum. Letter by letter ANARCHY! is spelled on the giant screen and as the exclamation point hits we hear Sebastian Bach’s howl rip through the Epicenter’s sound system. 




Dutch Harris: Looks like our tag champs will be joining us. 


Mark Kendrick: They capped off an amazing resurgence since coming to SHOOT. Now they’re the big dogs of the division. We’ll see how they handle not being in the underdog role! 


The crowd roars as SHOOT’s NEW tag team champions step out onto the entrance ramp. Both men wear faded jeans, black work boots, and a plain white t-shirt. Each carrying their respective belts on their left shoulder. They exchange some pounds with the ringside crowd, before walking up the ring steps and stepping between the ropes. They grab their belts and hold them up high as flash bulbs go off. They turn and do it to the other side of the arena. They’re handed mics. 


T.Rex: I’ll be honest. That’s a real nice way to cap off our "Victory Lap. We wanna thank you’s for all the support and getting behind me and Chris the last few months. 


A "AN-AR-CHY" chant picks up. The two smile genuinely. 


Arch Angel: But seeing as we won these things…  


Arch Angel taps his belt. 


T.Rex: And we went and had our fun… 


Arch Angel: We’re back here cuz its time to get back to WORK! 


The crowd roars. 


T.Rex: And we know there are plenty of teams and people back there that want to line up and take a shot at us two. To try to get these belts. To represent SHOOT as champions. We know what these belts mean. We know the teams that have held ’em. And now we go to work at being the best damn team we can. 


Arch Angel: And that means being fighting champions, and seeing as we got ourselves a Pay Per View right around the corner? 


T.Rex: We ain’t gonna be coasting through a pay per view without seeing THESE (holds his belt high) – defended at Master of the Mat. So here we are. First come. First serve. You want a shot at the SHOOT Project Tag team Champions on the grand Pay Per View stage? 


Arch Angel: Whoever you are… current teams? Vermont’s Finest? Bad Ass Brotherhood? 


T.Rex: Champions from the past? Instant Heat or the Beautiful People? 


Arch Angel: We want to be fighting champions, and help usher in another golden age of tag team… 


Arch Angel trails off as his attention is shifted up the ramp where there is a commotion in the crowd as it appears someone is stepping out to accept this challenge. Flay Rios. 


Dutch Harris: Looks like Anarchy has a taker.  


Flay continues to walk down. Without Kenji. The cheers of the crowd turn into a storm of disgust as Flay slides into the ring with ANARCHY. She looks somehow terrified and anxious all at the same time, her hands visibly shake the microphone in her hands.

Flay: Anyone can… ?

Flay points to the tag team titles, T.Rex and Archangel both nod their heads.

Flay: So, Kenji and I could…

T.Rex and Archangel nod again.

Flay: Okay… we’ll do it.

T.Rex and Archangel both look at each other and nod their heads in agreement, the crowds hatred towards Flay and Project: SCAR turning into anxious hopeful energy directed towards Master of the Mat. Archangel and T.Rex try to leave the ring, but Flay stands directly in their way. T.Rex looks down at Flay and mouths “move”, Flay shakes her head.

Flay: Make me.

A surprised “OOOOH” echoes through the crowd at the remark made by Flay, anxious to see if ANARCHY will oblige her. T.Rex shakes his head with a smile, and lifts Flay up by her arms like a small child and moves her to the center of the ring, very gently.

T.Rex: Not tonight sweetheart. Master of the Mat.

The crowd roars with their approval as ANARCHY exits the ring while Flay crumbles to her knees with her eyes starting to water slightly.

Dominion heads backstage to where we find Mary Kelly, microphone in hand and professional smile on her face as always. Standing beside her; clad in a fine black suit and dark shades is none other than Master of the Mat finalist Valentine Lionheart.

Mary Kelly: Valentine, how does it feel to become the first man to make it to the Master of the Mat finals?

Lionheart snatches the microphone from out of her hand, looking down at her with a sick toothy smile etched into his face. 

Valentine: You arrange an interview with me to ask how I feel? *He snarls, flaring his nostrils.* You can do better than that Mary. This is your time to shine, live on Dominion; standing next to a man who has single handily left all your heroes lying face down in the dirt. And all you can ask is “How does it feel?”

He steps closer to Mary, leering over her sniffing the air around her and making her feel utterly uncomfortable.

Mary Kelly: Well…I…*She swallows the lump in her throat, regaining her professionalism.* You have been on a roll here in SHOOT; these wins are a big deal. I just wanted to gage your response on just what you have managed to accomplish so early in your SHOOT career. You are one win away from reaching the very top of our industry.

He steps back nodding his head in agreement to Mary’s second, more detailed question.

Valentine: I came into SHOOT Project and saw a hard slab of rock standing before me; a blockade of hungry, talented fighters who would stop at nothing to reach the top. Since then I have sculpted that rock into my masterpiece. Like Michelangelo and his David.

He pauses for a second, fighting off an uncontrollable urge that is slowly making its way to the surface.

Valentine: I more than understand the gravity of my work; I have nothing but respect for the tools that helped me carve my image into the cold hard granite that is SHOOT Project…Henry Gordon, Lunatikk Crippler, Jonny Johnson and now “The Burned Man” Adrian Corazon; each of these dead kings played an important part in my rise. Each of them are now woven into my tapestry; defeating these men has defined my career more than anything I have ever done before. 

Mary Kelly: That almost sounds like respect?

Valentine: I wonder why that is? *He raises an eyebrow.*

Mary Kelly: *Laughing off his sarcastic tone.* Obviously we do not know who your opponent in the finals will be. Do you have any preference on who that will be?

Valentine: *Letting out a slight laugh.* Whoever stands before me in the final deserves to be in that position.  Whether it be a “Great White Shark” incarnate like Isaac Entragian or talent such as Loco Martinez; whoever it is, is going to give me the battle I deserve.

Mary Kelly: Speaking of Isaac Entragian, what is the “deal” between the two of you?

Valentine: Isn’t it obvious? Like-Attracts-Like, Mary. *Again his eyes undress her on the spot.* from the moment I came into SHOOT I knew that Isaac and I would somehow gravitate towards eachother. Those who share our “proclivities” often do.

He steps forward once again, licking his lips while staring down at Mary, who once again can feel a cold sweat coming on.

Mary Kelly: *Hep Hem.* Do you have anything to say about what lies beyond Master of the Mat?

Valentine: Beheading the King of course, unless the Court Jester is sitting on the throne…

Mary gets a signal to wrap this thing up and so she turns to Valentine to sign off when he steps even closer to her, smiling like a hyena.

Valentine: Fear is such a delicate smell; you wear it almost like a perfume. Once this show is over why don’t you come with me and I will show you just how exquisite it is to confront you terrors head on. *Again he licks his lips.*

Mary backs away quickly, motioning to the production team to “cut;” while aimlessly looking around for comfort from any passer-by as the backstage interview comes to an abrupt end.

Without warning, “Signal to Noise” by Peter Gabriel kicks off and the fans POP as out from the back comes none other…than OUTKAST.  He stands there, dressed in a black Hawaiian INSTANT HEAT button up shirt, undone to show his wifebeater tank top underneath.  He has his hands taped and he is clearly ready for a fight.  His face, however, is a grin.  He stands there at the entrance stage with a microphone in hand.  He paces as “Signal to Noise” dies down.

OutKast:  Later tonight…I’m going to beat the fuck out of Dan Stein.

The fans ERUPT.  Kast purses his lips and shrugs as they cheer.

OutKast:  But…ya know, hey.  That isn’t why I’m out here.  We have a lot of matches at Master of the Mat.  We’re gonna see the Master of the Mat for 2013 crowned, the World title’s up for grabs, the Sin City Championship Series comes to a head and a new 2013 Sin City Championship Series winner will walk out with the Sin City Championship on their shoulder, juuuuuuuust to name a few.

There’s a belt for the champion of the World.

A belt for the best tag team.

A belt to exemplify Las Vegas.

A belt for who can knock somebody the hell out, for Christ’s sakes.

What’s one more?

The fans POP.

OutKast:  So I got together with the board and we talked about what we’d like to see, who we’d like to see in it, and how we’d like to see them compete for it.  Oh, you know, people went on and on about the belts they’d like.  Goeren’s whole new set of Laws for a Laws of Survival title were…the scariest fucking things I’ve ever heard a human being say they’d like to see other human beings do to one another.

Despite that, we all settled on one single belt that we’d like to see.  It’s my favorite.

The Rule of Surrender Championship.

The fans, especially the longtime SHOOT faithful, lose their minds at that announcement.

OutKast:  So, at Master of the Mat, we’re going to see the Rule of Surrender Championship up for grabs in a match that will feature some…serious talent.  It’s not a tournament, it’s not a singles match…no…the Rule of Surrender Championship will be up for grabs in something of an ultimate surrender match.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, NINE Soldiers will step into the ring in the longest and hardest fight of their lives.  These nine will do this…one at a time.  Gauntlet style.  When one person is out, the next comes in, until we have our final survivor and NEW Rule of Surrender Champion.  You see, this isn’t a situation where they get to throw somebody over the top rope.  This is the RULE OF SURRENDER, people.


He grins.

OutKast:  So at Master of the Mat, I, along with the board, selected nine individuals to compete for this title.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not in any particular order.  These nine won’t know until the night of what their position will be.

Our first Soldier has been something of a house on fire of late, taking on much bigger challenges and rising to the task at each and every turn.  With only a few matches under her belt, we wanted to give her a high stakes situation.  The first entrant in the Rule of Surrender Championship match: DATURA.

He pauses.

OutKast:  Second, a fresh face that we’ve just wanted to see kick it up in the SHOOT Project ring.  People are interested in seeing what he has to offer and, quite frankly, I can’t wait myself.  That person is…JERRY MATTHEWS.

The fans are as silent as they can be, listening to the names as he talks about them one by one.

OutKast:  The third person on our list is someone I’m very interested in seeing how they handle the world of submission wrestling.  He’s impressed me in his short time here, and I’m sure he’s gonna continue to do that at Master of the Mat.  Soldier number three is…RANDALL KASH.

But don’t worry, Randy, my friend.  I know your submission game isn’t something people know a whole lot about and that’s fine and good, because the fourth person is known for butchering their opponents.  He’s been in the main event, he’s torn men down and grinned while he did it.  The fourth Soldier is…JOHNNY NAPALM.

The fans give a mixed reaction at the sound of the former Tag Champion.

OutKast:  The fifth Soldier, like Jerry Matthews, is something of an x factor.  Nobody knows really what to expect from this fresh face but…for me?  I think that’s why we chose this person.  Soldier number five is…TAKUMA SATO.

Number six is interesting to me because, let’s be honest, he’s one of the more intriguing faces that’ve popped up in this company in recent months.  He’s been around the block before, and now he’s going to have to show the world he can hang with the big boys in submission wrestling.  Ladies and gentlemen…CONOR CADEN.

Soldier number seven is one I selected.  I like this Soldier for a lot of reasons.  She follows her own code and while I don’t agree with that code, nine times out of ten I can respect anybody who handles themselves the way she does.  Her future is wide open and her career here is dotted with titles…Soldier number seven is…TANYA BLACK.

The fans give another mixed reaction at the announcement of the Alpha Female.

OutKast:  The eighth guy is something of an enigma.  He’s been through the ringer and I know his heart is pretty unparalleled in this company.  He hasn’t had much time to shine, but he’s put some heavy hitters to the test when in the ring with them.  The eighth Soldier is…SOLOMON…RICHARDS.

There is…one more Soldier.  One we were unanimous in wanting in this match.  He had been through…so much.  We wanted a Soldier who knows a thing or two about this division.  Someone that can be shown as strong, durable, and above all else…resolute.  The ninth Soldier is a former Rule of Surrender Champion and, just recently, he showed that he can go toe to toe with the best SHOOT Project has to offer.  Our final selected Soldier…MAYA NAKASHIMA.

The fans just go NUTS at that announcement.

OutKast:  If you don’t have a submission move in your repertoire, kids, you best get one by Master of the Mat because in this division? 

You either tap…or something snaps.

“Signal to Noise” kicks back in as the fans cheer this announcement.

Mark Kendrick:  Can you believe it?!?!  One of my FAVORITE championship divisions is coming BACK to SHOOT!

Dutch Harris:  It’s either tap or snap, Mark!  One of the hardest titles to win is coming back to this company and I, frankly, can’t wait to see which of the nine of them make their mark on this company!

It kills me not to know this but I’ve all but just forgotten

What the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them

As the telling signs of age rain down a single tear is dropping

Through the valleys of an aging face that this world has forgotten

The opening riff to “Savior” by Rise Against hits the speaker system and Solomon Richards steps from behind the curtain.  There is a mixed bag of cheers and others who are simply watching the superstar walk down the ramp.  He reaches out and slaps hands with a few of the fans that cheer for him and continues his walk down the ramp.

Mark Kendrick: Solomon Richards has quite an impressive skill set Dutch, but he has yet to really hit his stride here in SHOOT.

Dutch Harris: He is big guy with a lot of untapped talent.  Let’s see what he does here tonight against a true legend and former world champion.

Samantha Coil: This match is set for one fall.  Introducing first, hailing from Wichita Kansas.  He is SOLLLOMON RIIICHARDS!

Solomon climbs into the ring between the top and middle rope and stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for his opponent.

“Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus blares over the PA as the fans in attendance stare at the ramp in confusion.  Marcus Mirage slowly steps out from the curtains and seems a little rattled.  He looks up at the SHOOTtron to see a picture of a beating heart and sigs loudly, shaking his head at the outrage.

Mark Kendrick: I’m getting reports that Valentine Lionheart was spotted coming out of the control room just a few minutes ago.  I don’t think there is any doubt that this is nothing more than a sick mind game from a disturbing individual.

Dutch Harris: This is one of the most tasteless things that I have seen in a long time.  And I’ve seen a lot, Mark.  This man has been through the ringer.  His wife is in a hospital, fighting for her life and Mirage is trying to make his better through rehabilitation.  As if he doesn’t has enough on his plate, he has to deal with this trash Valentine is trying to pull.

Mirage slowly makes his way down the ramp and to the ring.  It is clear that he is a more than just a little shaken by the “prank” played by Lionheart.  He rolls into the ring and stands in front of Solomon, looking at the apron, clearly in agony.

Dennis Heflin calls for the bell and Solomon immediately goes to lock up with Mirage, wasting no time.  Mirage gets his hands up, but is clearly not giving it his full strength.  Solomon easily transitions into a headlock.  He wrenches down on Mirage’s neck but meets no resistance.  Solomon releases the hold and backs up from Mirage, who looks up at Richards and slowly raises his hands in defense.

Mark Kendrick: Something is wrong here.  I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen Mirage in the ring, but something is very, very wrong here.

Solomon locks up with Mirage again, but Mirage drops down to one knee, catching Solomon off guard a little.  Solomon releases the hold and Mirage stays down on one knee, his eyes glazed; clearly in another place all together.  Solomon walks over to Heflin and shares a few words with him as Mirage starts to stand up on his own.

Solomon continues talking to the referee as Mirage begins slowly walking towards Solomon.

Solomon can clearly be heard saying to Mirage “You are NOT ok” as he puts both of his hands up to hold off Mirage.  Mirage tries to swing in Solomon’s direction, but Richards easily deflects the blow.  Mirage begins falling backwards, but Solomon catches his in his arms and lays him down in the corner.  Solomon makes his way towards the ramp end of the ring shouting for EMS as Dennis Heflin walks to the corner and kneels down, checking on Mirage.

Dutch Harris: Mirage is clearly in no state of mind to be here tonight.  Someone needs to get out here fast to check on this man.  There could be something serious going on here.

Mark Kendick:  Well if it was going to happen, Solomon Richards is a good opponent to have.  He is a retired Paramedic after all.

As Solomon looks towards the ramp for EMS, he instead is met by Tanya Black walking down the ramp.  There is no Pomp and Circumstance to her entrance, she just calmly walks down the ramp, shaking her head and pointing to Mirage, then to Solomon.  Solomon looks confused as she walks around the side of the ring and past him.  Dennis Heflin walks over to the other side of the ring, presumably to shout for EMS as well as Tanya slides in behind him, unnoticed.

Mark Kendrick: What is she doing here?

Dutch Harris: I don’t know, but I know nothing good is going to come from it.

Solomon turns to meet Tanya.  She walks up to the large man and calmly tells him to “Finish the Job.”  Solomon shakes his head and says something unintelligible to Black.  While Solomon pleads with Tanya to go back to the back and get help, Mirage gets to his feet.  Solomon turns his attention to Mirage, begging his to sit back down until help arrives.

As Mirage makes his way towards the two other competitors, looking slightly confused, Tanya blasts him with a kick to the midsection and immediately plants an Asai DDT on Marcus Mirage!


She comes back to her feet and points down at Mirage and tells Solomon again, very calmly, to finish him.  Solomon shakes his head and again pleads with Tanya to leave the ring.  Richards turns around again to check on the status of EMS.  Tanya grabs his arm and spins him around giving Solomon Richards a kick in the midsection as well and hits Richards with the Tough Love as well!

Dutch Harris: This is getting out of control!  What is Tanya Black playing at here?

Dennis Heflin turns around at the commotion in time to see Tanya Black roll Mirage over onto his back.  She grabs Solomon Richards arm and drags it over Mirage’s lifeless body.  She gives Heflin a stern look and demands that he start counting.  He hesitates at first, but Tanya more sternly demands that he begin counting.  Dennis Heflin begrudgingly begins his count.



The fans begin to roar in disapproval of the situation.

Dutch Harris: NO!  Not like this.  What the heck is this even all about?


Tanya Black simply slides out of the ring as EMS storms the ring to check on both competitors.  Black turns her back on the carnage in the ring and casually makes her way back up the ramp and into the back.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…At a time of eight minutes and thrity seconds…SOLLLLOMON RICCCCHARDS!

Mark Kendrick: This is a travesty.  Someone has got to do something about this.

Dutch Harris: What an ugly black mark on such a great show.  Tanya Black should be ashamed of herself.

The fans quit booing and start to cheer as Solomon Richards stands on his own.  He looks down to Mirage and hoists him up on his shoulders single handedly and lays him down on the EMS stretcher.  He continues to assist the professionals as they all make their way up the ramp and to the back.

Tanya Black is walking backstage with a satisfied look on her face, her walk determined and steady. She isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. However as Tanya rounds the corner into catering she stops dead in her tracks as she sees Mary Kelly standing there with a microphone.

Tanya: You aren’t Abby.

Mary Kelly: No I’m not. I am the head interviewer of Dominion and I have a lot of questions for you.

Tanya: Fine but I’m calling you NotAbby.

Mary Kelly: I am going to rise above that. Tanya Black last time we saw you it looked like you might be gone for a while. You were well a bit heart-broken.

Tanya: I was NotAbby. Last Dominion I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to wrestle again. I lost to a douche who represents everything I hate about SHOOT Project’s mindset. In Master Of The Mat.

Buuuut that was two weeks ago. I am a mature adult unlike say… Jonny Johnson. I grew up and stopped throwing tantrums. I take care of business. Time heals all wounds when you acknowledge the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Plus I saw Revolution.

Mary Kelly: Revolution?

Tanya: Yes my uneducated one. See Revolution was a disgrace. MOTM losers getting free World Title Shots. Hell I lost Master of the Mat. I’m upset about it. Can I get a main event title match Donnie K? I can get up in your face if you want. I’m in catering. I’ll find some onions so I can get a good cry going. That’s what gets you off isn’t it? Being a giving King to the unworthy.

Then we had OMG OutKast! OutKast the Retired! Another legend who treats MY SPORT like a cheap slut. You know the one. Lonely and desperate, sitting at the bar drinking every night. You’d never marry her or hell even have a real relationship with her. But you get bored. You find yourself between girlfriends. So you woo her and screw her and leave as soon as she falls asleep. At least until the next time you need a quick thrill. She’ll always be there right Real Deal?

That’s why I had to do that to Mirage. Legends and Icons have no place amongst the hungry. Pass the torch or get it taken from you.

Mary Kelly looks at Tanya for a moment before choosing her next question carefully.

Mary Kelly: But what do you think Solomon Richards will think about you taking him out as well?

Tanya: He owes me a Thank You. I did what no one else in SHOOT Project has been willing to do. I taught him what it means to be a SHOOT Soldier. What it means to respect the purity of competition and what you do with people who don’t have that respect.

In fact I might be willing to continue mentoring Solomon Richards if he wants. The Syndicate is the face of the New Revolution. We always need more Generals. Competition keeps me Immortal. SHOOT Project is going to change, whether it likes it or NOT.

Walking past Mary Kelly before she can ask any more questions, Tanya grabs a bottle of water and heads down another hall leaving the Dominion Head Interviewer frustrated.

“The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot hits over the PA system. The crowd begins to boo loudly as JESTER SMILES emerges from the back. He wears a purple shirt with the SHOOT Project helmet logo on it, JESTER spray painted in green over the logo. He makes his way to the ring, feigning a high five with a fan before simply retracting his hand, laughing.

Mark Kendrick: Oh cool, this guy.

Dutch Harris: Yeah, can’t say I love it when Jester Smiles comes into the arena. The guy has become so anti-SHOOT lately that it’s really hard for anyone with any respect for this company to appreciate him.

Jester pulls a microphone out of his pocket and leaps onto the apron, climbing into the ring through the middle and top rope. He stands in the middle of the ring, beaming at all the booing SHOOT Project fans. He raises the microphone to his lips, but the fans boo louder to try and drown him out. Jester snickers, lowering the microphone and tapping his foot, feigning impatience. The booing does not stop, so Jester raises the microphone and speak.s

Jester Smiles: I mean…I got all night. Makes no difference to me. The sooner you shut the fuck up, though, the sooner we can get on to whatever match we all care SOOO much about. So, you know, up to you.

Jester lowers the microphone, and the crowd continues their booing.

Mark Kendrick: He is not a very nice fellow, Dutch.

The crowd finally grows tired of booing and dies down, allowing Jester time to speak.

Jester Smiles: I just…I just want to talk to you folks about…memories and perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong, I get that my perspective is…flawed. I admit that the way I look at things isn’t inherently accurate.

But, then again, everyone else is wrong too, so, we are all just different levels of incorrect, aren’t we?

Jester smiles happily, but the grin is only returned with ire from the crowd.

Jester Smiles: You all hate me and boo me louder than other people around here, but really, why? It’s not like I go around blow torching people’s backs or holding the Tag Team Championships hostage and in a state of uncertainty just to get one up on the World Champion. I mean, really, there are far worse people around this place. Hell, you cheer Jonny Johnson, which just blows my fucking mind.

Nah, I think you boo me because you don’t think I deserve to be as confident as I am. I hear the rumors, I read the tabloids folks. Jester Smiles is a has-been, right? Some even say a never was. Jester Smiles hasn’t mattered in 5 years. Glorified manager, right?

Well, you know, you may be right. Maybe I am a has-been or a never was. Maybe I should hang up the wrestling boots and accept my role as a manager to one of the hottest stars in SHOOT Project right now. I mean, seriously, saying that I helped Sammy Rochester rise to stardom is no terrible achievement.

But, here’s the thing, how do we really KNOW I was a never was? How do we KNOW I don’t matter nowadays?

When did I really get my chance to prove myself, recently? I’ve had ONE match with Lunatikk Crippler, in which I lost, but fought a hell of a match. I don’t think you can say with certainty that if Lunatikk Crippler and I faced off again, he’d DEFINITELY have me beat.

Otherwise, I’ve had some successes and some defeats, much like everyone else around here, but I haven’t really been put up against the top talents in recent history.

So, with that said, how do we KNOW I am as worthless as the tabloids say I am? We really don’t. And all we can go off is history.

Jester loses the grin, scowling at the crowd.

Jester Smiles: Last night, we saw two of SHOOT Project’s greatest warriors, two of the greatest SOLDIERS who have ever graced this ring face off. Jonny Johnson vs Donovan King for the World Title. Jonny lost, and Donovan King remains World Champion.

Now, let’s examine those two men real quick.

Donovan King is legitimately my friend. He’s probably one of two people in this industry that I can say that about. He’s a great wrestler and he’s become a pretty cool guy.

With that said, when Donovan King and I have met, in the ring, generally speaking, when no bullshit was involved, I’ve been the victor. I’ve beaten Donovan King, and I’ve beaten him soundly, on more than one occasion. This is not me being arrogant or trying to insult the World Champion. These are facts.

Now, let’s look at…

Jester pauses for a moment.

Jester Smiles: Jonny Johnson. A legend, sure. One of the best this industry ever has and ever will see, sure. Also, a manipulative, terrible human being who, once again, I beat clean and sound. With no weird stipulations, with no strange happenings, I beat Jonny Johnson, one two three. 


Jester looks down at the ground, a sadness crossing over his face.

Jester Smiles: The biggest moment of my life, in the Richmond Coliseum, when I became SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion…ruined a couple of weeks later. A bullshit match with a bullshit outcome, and here’s the real kicker.

I didn’t even get to lose on PPV. I didn’t even get to lose on one of SHOOT Project’s biggest events, which the next would have been the fucking REDEMPTION RUMBLE.

No…I lost on Revolution. I got beat on the weekly program, on the small stage. But…but see, this sport is funny, because…I didn’t get beat because Jonny trained harder or was the better athlete.

I got beat because Real Deal didn’t show up to the ring. I got beat because I followed the rules presented…and Jonny didn’t.

And, let’s make matters MORE hilarious, I was crippled. I was injured, so when my rematch came against Corazon and Jonny…my leg gave out. I didn’t even get to lose clean in my rematch.

Sadness turns to fury.

Jester Smiles: So fuck you, Real Deal. Fuck your match. Fuck your PPV opportunity. Why should I give you what you took from me? Why should I allow you the chance to stand on the grandest stage, a SHOOT Project PPV, Master of the fucking MAT no less, and answer the question everyone wants answered. Why Real Deal? Because you are a legend? Because your brother owns the company?

Fuck all that. Just…fuck you. You STOLE my chance. You STOLE my opportunities years ago. You CRIPPLED me back then.

So I no showed our match last time? Big fucking deal. You no showed the 11th Hour match 5 years ago and it cost me my whole fucking world.

I’ve NEVER had the chance to prove myself again. Not against Donovan King, not against Jonny Johnson. I’ve NEVER been given the chance to prove that I really belonged in that upper echelon level. So I remain a fluke. A dud. A two week champion.

All because of the fucking Real Deal.

So fuck you, fuck Jason-

The crowd starts popping, but Jester doesn’t seem to notice. From out of the crowd, behind Jester, THE REAL DEAL emerges. Real Deal slides into the ring, just as Jester is turning around.

Jester Smiles: Fuck Jonny, fuck Real Deal, and FUCK SHO-!


Dutch Harris: THANK GOD!

Mark Kendrick: FEEL THE LION!

Dutch Harris: Huh?

The Real Deal stands over Jester as the fans ERUPT into cheers. Real Deal stares down at an unconscious Jester, a satisfied smirk on his face. The cameras can see him mouth “Bitch” before Real Deal turns to the crowd and taunts for a moment, the crowd eating it up. Real Deal then turns to the ropes and exits, the satisfied smirk never leaving his face.

Mary Kelly is starting to think that she just made one of the biggest mistakes of her SHOOT Project career.

Her low heels click against concrete as she approaches that old fire-damaged skybox at the top of the Epicenter. Her breathing comes in quick gasps, and she tries to keep reassuring herself that if she gets this interview, she’ll be MILES beyond anything Chase or Dutch can provide for SHOOT Project’s media department.

Abigail Chase refuses to interview him anymore. She was traumatized the last time. Dutch wouldn’t even TRY. But Mary is young and ambitious…and as a backstage reporter it’s her job to cut into the meat of even the most ROTTEN of stories if she wants to succeed in this industry.

Everyone knows who makes his den up here. Everyone knows…and everyone stays away. This place is LIFELESS compared to other parts of the Epicenter…no backstage officials, no other Soldiers milling about, NOTHING…except ominous silence and the ashy wood of that skybox door.

She’s steps close to that door…microphone clasped in a hand that is SLICK with sweat. She’s just about to knock…when the door creaks open before her…and a jagged, deep voice begins to softly sing.

“Mary had a little lamb…”

“Little lamb…little lamb…”

“Mary had a little lamb…”

A white hand SHOOTS up out of the darkness, and it pulls her violently down to a sitting position on the floor of the skybox.

Candles burn in the old skybox, providing just enough light to show a white and shiny face in the darkness…with a mouth full of sharp and glistening teeth.

“Whose fleece was white as snow…”

This last line leaves Entragian’s mouth, and he grins at her. He’s sitting beside her on the floor with his back against the wall, so close that she can feel the enormous PRESENCE of his body mere inches from her.

Mary: How…(deep swallow)…how did you know I was coming?

Entragian: I know lots of things, Mary. I’ve got little birds that sing to me all OVER this Epicenter…and you’d do well to remember that.

Mary attempts to stand back up, but Entragian slinks a heavy arm across her shoulders.

Entragian: Sit by me. Let’s keep this informal.

Mary: I…(eyes big, mouth quivering) I’d prefer to stand…

Entragian: (A chuckle, dark and bubbling from his chest) I’m not asking.

Mary doesn’t know how to respond, so she just plunges straight into her prepared interview questions like they’re the only lifeline she has left in this situation.

Mary: Right…I…just wanted to get a quick interview in with you, Isaac. Just a few thoughts on Master of the Mat…certain allegiances you’ve seemed to bolster as of late…uh…other things too. What are your..(deep breath) what are your thoughts?

She tentatively presses a microphone close to Isaac’s lips…and it’s almost pitiful how badly that microphone is shaking in Mary’s hand.

Entragian: My thoughts? (A smile…lecherous, growing by the second) Well right at this second…I’m THINKING about sticking my slippery tongue about two inches deep into the tight little asshole you got hiding beneath your slinky dress.

A forked tongue slips out to lick pallid lips…and Mary turns her head away just in time to BELCH something up in her mouth, likely vomit, before swallowing it down. She’s about to stagger up to her feet when Isaac’s arm firmly brings her back down, his laughter dark and endless.

Entragian: Don’t run off so quick, little lamb! I’m just playing with you. I’ve got a bit of a DRY sense of humor, ya know? And I mean…you DID ask what I was thinking. I blame SHOOT Project’s lax sexual harassment policy…they’re REALLY gonna send a pretty little thing like you over to me all by your lonesome?

(Isaac casually adjusts his cock inside of his tights, making no effort at all to hide it) If you put some red meat on a hungry man’s plate…you better believe he’s gonna wanna EAT IT.

Mary is shivering uncontrollably next to Isaac, and she now realizes that she DID make one of the biggest mistakes of her SHOOT Project career approaching this man.

Entragian: Anyways…you seem a little indisposed when it comes to interviewing skills at the moment, Mary quite contrary…so lemme take over here and salvage this for ya. You were probably gonna ask me about Lionheart and my involvement in Corazon’s match…

Entragian rubs his chin for a moment.

Entragian: I like Lionheart. He’s going places in SHOOT Project…mark my words on that. I don’t like Corazon. That crispy fuckin’ tater tot is ALWAYS getting in my way…and I’m tired of it, so I did what was necessary to knock his ass off my chessboard. Does that answer the question you WANTED…to ask?

Mary’s head just bobs up and down, her eyes like saucers as she stares UP into the face of Entragian.

Entragian: Feel like I’m being interviewed by Silas Mitchell right now…did I shock you into a sudden onset of mental retardation or somethin’? (Mary’s trembling lips look like they’re TRYING to form some type of response, but Isaac just shakes his head) Don’t answer that, honey. Rhetorical question.

Isaac pauses.

Entragian:Anyways…MOVING ON with the interview. So Isaac, are you ready for your Master of the Mat semi-final match tonight against Loco Martinez? (Isaac tilts his head to the side) Well that’s an excellent question, Isaac! So glad you asked. I’m absolutely ready to be the ECLIPSE that darkens Loco’s light. And might I just say, Isaac…you are looking devilishly handsome tonight…pale skin looks SO good on you.

Mary’s still got that deer in the headlights expression on his face, and Isaac just pulls her close like they’re old pals sitting together and sharing stories.

Entragian: Here’s the thing, Mary…there’s a beast in every man…and it STIRS when you put a World Title shot in front of him. Hell, I got so many fuckin’ beasts in me that I might as well open up a ZOO inside my soul…and every single one of em’ is slavering with eyes on the Master of the Mat prize.

Isaac leans his head back against the wall, his smile as ghastly as ever.

Entragian: You gotta understand the nature of SHOOT Project, Mary. It ain’t all epic battles between Jonny and King ending in emotional hug-it-out sessions. It ain’t about Loco’s LIGHT shining on the hillside…or Maya fighting for pointless HOPE…and as long as I’m around, Corazon ain’t REDEEMING shit.

Isaac leans forward, his face growing gravely serious.

Entragian: This place has got an UGLINESS to it, Mary. A dark white underbelly that just keeps on growin’ and growin’. As long as I’m around…SHOOT Project ain’t never be gonna be heaven. It won’t be a place for honorable men to do honorable deeds. Every time those SHOOT cameras fall upon my face…this world gets a hard dose of HELL…and believe me when I tell you, I plan to keep on fillin’ that prescription…

Isaac slowly rises up to his feet, leaving Mary there quivering against the wall.

Entragian:People might call me a tumor on the face of SHOOT Project…but can’t NOBODY deny that I’m a PART of SHOOT Project. An integral part. A dark, awful piece of this place that has put down DEEP roots. SHOOT Project is my home, Mary. I’m here to stay…and I…AM FOREVER.

Entragian casually reaches down…and he ruffles Mary’s hair.

Entragian:Word of advice, kiddo…don’t take your work home with you. If you’re gonna seek me out and hear what I have to tell you and SEE what I have to show you…it’s gonna leave a residue in your head. Don’t take your work home with you…because if you do? Might just drive you fuckin’ CRAZY.

That chuckle births itself into the skybox once again…and Isaac stalks off out the door, leaving Mary Kelly to sit there looking like she just drove headfirst into a reporter’s equivalent of a pool of acid.

She raises her hands up, watching them shake and tremble violently without being able to stop it from happening….and the shot fades out on this.

Mark Kendrick: Our next contest for the evening is going to be an emotional one, ladies and gentlemen. It was a match put together by SHOOT’s self proclaimed “Baddest Man Alive”  Adrian Corazon as a means to get back at one Kenji Yamada for his role in that savage assault that took place at Reckoning Day.

Dutch Harris: Look, I get that Corazon is trying to get in Kenji’s head space here by throwing Maya at him. But let’s be honest, with how unrelenting and malicious Kenji, or any SCAR member, is… you have to wonder if this won’t backfire on Corazon and turn into a punishment for Maya.

The fans begin to cheer as the lights in the Epicenter die down and the start of “HORIZON” by D’espairsRay fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation.

The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the SHOOT-Tron in elaborate silver script for a moment, the searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the SHOOT-Tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first…by way of Nagasaki, Japan…standing at FIVE feet and SEVEN inches… weighing in at ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE pounds…  he is a former RULES OF SURRENDER and SIN CITY CHAMPION…MAYA…  NAKASHIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAA!!!

Mark Kendrick: All you need to do is listen to the ovation of all these SHOOT Project faithful to understand how loved Maya is.

Maya walks down the entrance ramp, making sure to reach out and tag hands with as many fans as he can. Maya finally slides into the ring, stretching the ropes, and shaking his arms to try and stay loose.

Suddenly, all the lights in the arena fade out and leave the sold out Epicenter in complete darkness. The SHOOT-tron lights up all white, a black noose falls into view. The noose swings back and forth as the sound of a child’s music box chimes the song “Masquerade” from Phantom of the Opera. The sold out crowd sits in dulled silence, listening, until the noose finally stops swinging and sits in the middle of the SHOOT-tron, forming the “O” in PROJECT: SCAR.

“Dim SCENE” by the Gazette finally storms through the Epicenter, as every spotlight in the arena now converges at the entrance ramp on Kenji Yamada. The crowd goes into a hate filled roar of malice as he walks down the aisle, but his eyes never leave Maya.

Samantha Coil: Now making is way to the ring, by way of Kyoto, Japan, standing at five foot nine inches and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he represents Project: SCAR... KENJI… YAMMAAAADA!!!

The fans continue to shower Kenji with their disgust as he slides into the ring. Maya stands in the very center of the ring, unafraid of Kenji as he retreats to his corner.

Mark Kendrick : Kenji looking a little tentative right now, this whole week it seemed like Corazon’s game plan worked and he had completely gotten inside Kenji’s head by giving him Maya Nakashima as an opponent this week. It’s also odd, as of late, to see Kenji without Flay Rios at his side, you’d think he would want that ace in the hole for a match-up like this.

Dutch Harris: Maya has been trying to fight off Project: SCAR since they kidnapped him for half year, but trying to go up against these men by yourself is almost a death sentence. But now, Maya has a chance to strike a blow to his previous captures, maybe show the world that Project: SCAR aren’t quite so scary as they seem. And you know, I think there might be a small twinge of pride left in that monster from Project: SCAR, he wants to handle this like a man, by himself, mano-a-mano.

Kenji finally walks to the center of the ring at the behest of Willie Dean, he stands face to face with Maya. Neither of the two are listening to Willie Dean deliver the match instructions, both deadlocked in each others’ eyes. When the bell finally rings, Maya immediately starts throwing kicks to the thigh area of Kenji. Kenji tries to throw a haymaker, but Maya ducks it easily and starts whipping kicks to the thigh and leg area of Kenji! Kenji tries to grab hold of Maya, but Maya easily sidesteps and hits the ropes! On the rebound, Maya sidesteps an attempted punch, wraps an arm around Kenji’s neck, and throttles him down to the canvas with a modified neckbreaker! Maya pops up and screams towards the crowd, making the sold out attendance of the Epicenter go absolutely crazy!

Dutch Harris: This is exactly the start Kenji didn’t want to happen if he could help it. Maya is well known for his high speed and high flying offense, once he gets going it’s incredibly hard to stop his momentum. With Maya already in Kenji’s head from their… troubled… pasts, this doesn’t bode well for Kenji.

Mark Kendrick: I’d dare say that Kenji is reaping what he sowed right now. He and Project: SCAR tormented that poor kid for half a year of his life when he was at the peak of his game. Maya was the Rule of Surrender Champion, and his absence for that long killed the division. You can bet top dollar Maya is ready to get him some of Kenji tonight for all that they did to him.

Kenji wearily gets to a knee, but Maya is right there pelting him with stiff kicks to the ribs and his back area. Kenji shoves Maya as hard as he can, sending Maya rolling to the ropes, but Maya kips up as quick as he can and gets right back up and charges back in, but Kenji has had precious seconds to recover and absolutely flips Maya inside out with a Yakuza Kick! The crowd groans in agony as Kenji grabs Maya by the hair, much to the dismay of Willie Dean, and brings him back to his feet. Kenji looks Maya right in the face, rears his head back, and SMASHES his forehead right into Maya’s! The sickening thud echoes to even the rafters of the Epicenter as the impact even forces Kenji to drop to the mat.

Mark Kendrick: That sounded like a cannon went off in here!

Dutch Harris: Anyone who knows anything about Kenji knows he isn’t afraid to put himself in harm’s way if it means crippling his opposition.

Kenji is the first back to his feet, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, and starts to stomp at the extremities of Maya. Maya winces in pain as his fingers are crushed to the mat under Kenji’s boot. Kenji drops down and grabs a hold of Maya’s face, pulling back as hard as he possibly can. Willie Dean gets in close to see if Maya wants to continue, but before he can even ask Kenji fishooks Maya with his free hand! Maya groans and struggles while Willie Dean screams at Kenji to stop and, finally, Kenji CLUBS Maya across the face with a big forearm.

Mark Kendrick: Dutch, I do believe you was saying something about Kenji having a twinge of pride left in him somewhere?

Dutch Harris: He didn’t get disqualified, did he?

Kenji stares down at Maya, rolling and writhing in pain, and he takes a few cautious steps backwards. He shakes his head for a moment, and rubs his eyes with his forearm before walking, slowly, back to Maya. Kenji tries to bend down to pick Maya up, but Maya sweeps his leg forward and crashes it into the back of Kenji’s skull! Kenji stumbles backwards as Maya pops back up and rushes towards Kenji who tries to, again, wildly connect with a clothesline, but Maya is too fast and dips under! Maya hops up onto the rope and launches himself backwards with a springboard moonsault, Kenji turns around just in time for Maya’s feet to collide with his skull sending him to the mat with Maya on top of him!



TH…Kickout by Kenji!

Maya doesn’t waste any time arguing with the ref and hits the ropes again, getting a full head of steam. Kenji hobbles his way up to a vertical base, but Maya has already rebounded a second time off the ropes. Kenji tries to turn around, but by the time he does Maya is already zipping past him! Maya finally runs up to Kenji’s back and jumps up onto his shoulders pushing all his weight and momentum down looking to score with For Japan… but Kenji holds on to Maya’s legs and DROPS him with a spike piledriver! Kenji lets Maya fall forward onto the mat before hooking his far leg for a pinfall!





Mark Kendrick: My goodness, this crowd cannot BELIEVE that Maya Nakashima just managed to kick out of that spike piledriver. The way his head bounced off the canvas, I thought that boy might have just been dead.

Dutch Harris: And from the look on Kenji’s face right now, I’d say he’s feeling the exact same way that you are, Mark. But Maya came to play for keep tonight, he may not have liked the fact that Corazon was using him as a tool for his revenge against SCAR, but Maya is giving this one all he’s got.

Kenji gets back to his feet and looks back down at Maya then around at the crowd, who have all started chanting Maya’s name. Kenji just stands there and looks at Maya, then nods his head, finally resolved with what he has to do. Kenji picks Maya back up and wraps both hands around his neck and hauls him up into the air, letting the whole crowd see Maya struggle and gasp for air. The crowd continues to chant Maya’s name, trying to somehow get him back into this match. But, it seems futile as Maya just doesn’t have the strength to match up to Kenji, and the crowd falls to a dull silence.

Mark Kendrick: This is… I don’t want to say that Kenji got him but… he ain’t strugglin much anymore.

Dutch Harris: It’s looking more and more like Corazon chose the wrong person… looks like he might have just thrown Maya to the slaughter for his petty revenge. I hate to say this, but it looks like SCAR is going to get another one up on Corazon right here…

Suddenly, Kenji’s face turns a pale white and his eyes seem to widen in horror and shock. He immediately drops Maya, and starts staring at his hands. Maya, however, had the where with all to land on his feet and use that split second to jump up onto a handstand on Kenji’s shoulders and drops Kenji with the OTS!


Maya uses everything he has left to cover Kenji and make sure to hook the far leg…




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… MAAAAYYAAAA NAAAAKAAASHIIIIIIMAAAA!!!

There even a hint of sheer joy in the voice of Samantha Coil as Willie Dean raises Maya’s hand. Maya doesn’t even have the strength to stand up, he is still laid out on top of Kenji as the crowd continues to go ballistic. Maya’s name continues to be chanted at the absolute top of their lungs.

Dutch Harris: I’m not quite sure what happened there, Mark, because Kenji had Maya dead to rights. I mean, I certainly thought so, this sold out crowd was dead silent so they must have felt the same way. But it looked like something spooked Kenji in those closing minutes, he looks absolutely dead with fright.

Mark Kendrick: I don’t think many of these fans care, they’re just happy to see one of the most ruthless and self serving men in Project: SCAR get his backside whopped here tonight! And you know what, I count myself among them, whatever happened to Kenji at the end right there? Karmic retribution, Dutch, for all the horrors and atrocities he’s been a part of in his life. You reap what you sow, folks, remember that.

With the help of Willie Dean, Maya finally makes it back to his feet and is able to roll out of the ring to a chorus of praise for his victory. Even when half conscious, Maya still reaches out towards the fans to thank them for the support. Kenji, however, remains in the ring and has since rolled over onto his stomach and pushed himself up to his knees. He simply stares at his hands, the crowd pointing, booing, and throwing their hatred towards him now that Maya has exited to the backstage. Kenji shakes his head, holding his hands to his face before rolling out of the ring.

The sound of rain fills the arena as the lights go out, followed by the slow rumbling of thunder, followed by a soft, yet almost raspy female voice.

The rain feeds the seed, which blooms the flower that brings the poison that causes the pain…. such delicious pain.

The screen comes to life with the camera focused in on a rainy landscape, the camera’s focus on a small gathering of white flowers.

Such pretty flowers… it has been so long since I’ve been allowed to touch them… to feel the fragility of the petals in my palm.

The camera pulls back to a white room with barred windows.

They don’t want to let me out. They’re afraid I’ll do bad things. Very bad things.

A figure with dark, green-streaked hair looks out the window, the profile partially obscured.

They call me a menace to society. Dangerous to others. Psychopathic. They say these things like they’re bad. For so long they have told me that I’m ill. Mentally unstable. But they don’t know. They don’t know the real me. They only think they do.

But you will. You all will.

I want to wrap my hand around the pretty flowers. Feel their fragility within my grasp…

Before I mangle them so badly they will never be pretty again.

The screen goes dark as her evil laugh echoes throughout the arena and three words slowly fade in across the JumboTron.


Without music this time, OutKast steps out onto the entrance stage, bringing the fans’ attention immediately on him!  He walks down to the ring quickly, his face stern and his jaw clenched.  He steps up onto the ring apron and into the ring, microphone already in hand.  He is dressed like he was earlier, but he throws the INSTANT HEAT Hawaiian shirt off to the outside of the ring.

OutKast:  No music, no bullshit.  Just a man sick of listening to another man bitch and moan.  Just a man about to beat the FUCK out of that other man.  DAN STEIN!

The fans pop.


Mark Kendrick: Let’s see if that yellow bellied Golden Boy actually answers OutKast!

Dutch Harris: OutKast is giving Dan Stein an opportunity to make an example out of a Hall of Famer, and you don’t expect Stein to use that opportunity?

Mark Kendrick: I think there’s fear in his eyes, Dutch, and that’s why he attacked OutKast last night at Revolution!

The fans in the arena are buzzing as they’re looking up at the entrance ramp. OutKast stands poised, though checking around himself to make sure nobody attacks him from the sides. The fans begin to grow impatient.

Mark Kendrick: See! I knew he woul-



The fans absolutely EXPLODE with boos as “The Touch”  by Stan Bush plays over the PA system.  Dan Stein walks out from the backstage area with a baby blue spotlight highlighting his physique. Stein wears a hot pink muscle shirt with “Golden Boy” written in gold script across the front and his normal wrestling attire. Molly, his assistant, follows behind him along with Maximus Clementine Fanjita III and the rest of his relatively large gaggle of bitches. Stein rubs his taped wrists as he walks to the ring, a smug half-smile across his face.

Dutch Harris: I’m just telling you, this kid is an egomaniac. Any chance he gets to make himself look good, he’s going to take. I don’t think he’s taking OutKast very seriously, though.

Mark Kendrick: Here’s a man, a HALL OF FAMER, calling out Dan Stein for a fight and the Number One Contender is stalling as long as possible. Absolutely disrespectful, Dutch.


“The Touch” dies as quickly as it began, as does the spotlight.  The arena lights come up and Stein is visibly annoyed.

OutKast:  Now, bitch, I told you…this a fight.  Now bring your frilly ass in this ring and take my boot like you supposed to.

Stein finally makes his way to the ring steps and walks up them to the ring apron, dusting his feet off on the apron toward the fans at ring side. Stein ducks under the second rope, lingering bent over for a few seconds as he looks at OutKast. Molly makes her way up the stairs as Stein steps inside the ring, holding a waterbottle and a towel. Fanjita sets a small stool down in the corner nearest the ring ropes and Stein sits down, leaning back against the ropes. Molly sprays a squirt of water into his mouth, which Stein then spits right back out onto the canvas of the ring.  Before any further nonsense can occur, OutKast shoves Molly out of the way and starts WAILING on Stein!  The fans ERUPT as Stein rolls from the ring, shocked at OutKast’s attack!

Dutch Harris:  OutKast isn’t here for grandstanding and games, Stein!  You might want to go ahead and get this fight over with!

Stein huddles with Molly and Maximus for a moment before he walks up the ring steps.  He puts one leg into the ring and straddles the middle ropes, motioning for OutKast to give him some space.  OutKast steps back, allowing Stein to get into the ring.  Just as quickly as he does, however, OutKast DRILLS Stein with a right hand, sending the Golden Boy sprawling. Dan looks up in a fit of anger and SPRINTS toward OutKast who simply sidesteps the man, grabbing him by the shoulder and taking him to the ground upon impact. OutKast has Stein covering himself and is waylaying on him.

Dutch Harris: OutKast taking a pound of flesh for Stein’s attack at Revolution last night!

Stein manages to swat away a few of OutKast’s fists and times a grab of OutKast’s arm, trying to stop the fists. Stein kicks up his legs, moving OutKast back with butterfly guard. OutKast senses the tide turning and jumps up off of Stein, motioning him up.

Mark Kendrick: Most people won’t remember Stein’s time in ALBATROSS where he captured the first and only Heavyweight Championship before the doors closed.

Dutch Harris: He definitely has Mixed Martial Arts skill, but this fight isn’t contested under MMA rules and if Stein isn’t careful, OutKast will have his head on a platter!

Mark Kendrick:  You also can’t let the fact that OutKast is highly trained in amateur wrestling get away from you, either, Dutch.  He isn’t the type to just leave himself open for anything, he’s as defensive minded in the ring as they come!

Stein sprawls to his feet and he and OutKast begin to circle each other.  Stein goes to hit OutKast, but Kast takes the arm and drags Stein to the mat, going for a Carolina Crossface, but the move causes Stein to freak out, and he rolls quickly to his back and lets Kast get on top of him and start WAILING on him again!  Right after right after right after right!  Stein is barely able to handle the assault as Kast stands up, picking Stein up by his hair.  He tries to get Stein’s attention, keeping his grip on Stein’s hair, but Stein PUNCHES OUTKAST IN THE THROAT.


OutKast grasps his throat, trying to breathe, but Stein takes Kast’s head and SLAMS his knee into Kast’s face, Muay Thai style.  Kast crumbles to the mat as Stein shakes his head, asking for something from Maximus.  Maximus reaches under the ring apron and brings out a STEEL CHAIR.  He slides it into the ring and Stein picks it up, SLAMMING it into the back of Kast’s head!  Kast tries to crawl away, but Stein LEVELS him with ANOTHER shot to the back of the head!  Blood is trickling out from the back of his head as the fans are booing like mad!

Dutch Harris:  Dan Stein just knocked about five years out of OutKast’s memory banks with those chair shots!

Stein unfolds the chair and rolls OutKast over, pinning OutKast by the throat  with the supporting bar between the chair’s legs.  He asks for a microphone.

Dan Stein:  (breathing heavily) All that talk and it only took, what?  A knee?  A chair?  Jesus, I thought you were one of the toughest Soldiers in SHOOT Project history!

Stein looks out at the fans before pressing his boot against the side of Kast’s face, pinning his head to the ground. Stein’s free hand grips the top of the chair as he speaks.

Dan Stein: Stepping into the ring with your top talent, Kast. Tsk tsk. (Stein presses his boot down harder) You’re out of the game, bro. You’ve BEEN out of the game. How long have you been retired, Kast? Six years now? Seven?… Longer?

Stein exhales deeply.

Dan Stein: Let’s make sure this is permanent, shall we? Hm?

Stein throws the microphone to the mat, lifting the chair off of Kast’s throat and spins it so the back of the chair is facing down. The fans breathe in as a collective unit as Stein puts the edge of the chair high in the air…


The fans ERUPT as DONOVAN KING appears at the entrance stage.  He stands there, his KING hoodie unzipped to reveal his SHOOT Project Helmet shirt, a KING Crown emblem above the Helmet.  He walks down the ramp, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt in one hand, a microphone in the other.

Donovan King:  DAN…stop this.

Stein smirks to himself and pauses before throwing the chair down at his feet. As he turns around, Stein grabs the microphone on the canvas and stands over the fallen OutKast.

Dan Stein: Stop what? I didn’t start this. (Pointing down at OutKast) Your hero started this. I was just playing along. Why don’t we ask OutKast if he wants this stopped, huh?

Stein moves to put his boot back on OutKast’s face…

Donovan King:  Your fight isn’t with OutKast.  It’s with me.  Now let him go…and deal with me.

Dan Stein: Your fight wasn’t with JONNY JOHNSON, EITHER, DONOVAN.


King stops himself, speaking through clenched teeth. Stein steps over OutKast, his jaws clenched behind closed lips.

Donovan King:  Now…please.  Let him go.

Stein looks at King, then down at OutKast. Dan looks out at the fans once before stepping away, causing OutKast to roll out from underneath him. As the ringside trainers rush to OutKast pulling him from the ring, Stein pushes him out with his heel, much to the chagrin of the fans. Stein turns back to King.

Dan Stein: Should’ve told Old Yeller to stay back, King. Save him before this even started.

Dan moves to the center of the ring, claiming it for his own.

Dan Stein: I don’t know why you’re upset. This is what OutKast wanted. Hell, Donny. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?

King moves to talk but Stein cuts him off.

Dan Stein: We’ve been doing this dance for over six months now, Donny. Six months. I earned my one on one spot at Redemption, you ruined that by allowing Crippler to pull some bullshit cloak over my eyes. YOU allowed that. You’re King around here, right? You allowed that.

Because you were afraid.

The fans erupt in boos. Stein screams at them.


The fans EXPLODE IN BOOS. King looks around, slightly smirking at Stein for a moment. Stein speaks over the noise, drowning it out.

Dan Stein: But this… OutKast calling me out, me absolutely DESTROYING your hero. This gives you NO EXCUSE. You let this happen. You let OutKast call me out because you knew that you would have no CHOICE but to honor your commitment to me, the way you should’ve at Reckoning Day. This…this is what you NEEDED.

This is what WE needed to make this a Master of the Mat moment. You couldn’t just let this be about ME, like I EARNED at Redemption. Has to be about you.

King looks around the ring.  At Molly.  At Maximus.  He looks up to Dan Stein and he nods his head, audibly sighing into the microphone.

Donovan King:  I’m going to say this one time.  I hope you can handle that, given how often you repeat the same shit over an’ over.  So…

He holds his finger up.

Donovan King:  Just the one time.

He pauses, letting his words sink in.

Donovan King:  Ever since you won the Redemption Rumble, you’ve gotten worse and worse.  I used to respect Dan Stein.  I used to admire Dan Stein.  Now, I look at you an’ all I see…all I hear…are the ravings of some half psychotic mother fucker who has been convincin’ himself for years uh things nobody’s listenin’ to but him.

There are some cheers, but overall the people continue to listen.

Donovan King:  That man you just beat down, he’s my mentor.  He’s…nah, he’s more’n that.  That man is like a father to me.  He taught me everything he knows about the wrestling business…how to handle myself both in an’  out of the ring.  He taught me everything he knows…

…but he didn’t teach me everything know.


Donovan King:  You right, Dan.  This is your time.  It’s been your time since Redemption.  You lost your number one contendership when you got your ass beat at Reckoning Day, but you didn’t get pinned…so here we are.  In a match I agreed to let happen.

He fights a smirk that threatens to crawl across his face as he knows his words are eating at Stein.

Donovan King:  One thing OutKast never taught me was how to defeat Dan Stein.

That’s somethin’ I learned on my own.

The fans cheer once more as Stein has had…just about enough of King’s words.

Dan Stein: Stop. Stop. Because you know what OutKast taught me? You know what Real Deal taught me? You know what any other SHOOT Project star ever taught me, Donovan?

Stein steps towards the ropes holding a big fat zero up to King’s face.

Dan Stein: Zip. I got here, where I am? On my own. I didn’t have a mentor teaching me the Alienator, or the #Twitterbation, or the Carolina Crossface…

Stein blinks rapidly at the mention of the name, causing the fans in the arena to erupt in cheers. King looks up at Stein, putting the mic to his mouth.

Donovan King: Scared uh that one, huh?

Stein looks down at King, blowing air through his nose. He looks around at the cheering fans once more.

Dan Stein: I EARNED everything I have, Donovan. I EARNED my shot against you. My one on one shot against you that you’ve ROBBED from me.

Stein looks around for a second.

Dan Stein: Against you. Not against Jonny Johnson, I don’t CARE about Jonny Johnson. I don’t care about Maya Nakashima. I don’t give a flying fuck about Isaac Entragian. It’s you that I want. It’s you that I deserve to beat at Master of the Mat, because you are the benchmark in SHOOT Project.

The fans let King know that they agree with their cheers.

Dan Stein: Listen to these idiots. You’re their hero. You have cut down every single person set in front of you since RISE. Some of that you can thank me for, some of that you can thank a bullshit reversal, but you get shit done.

And you do it with what you were taught.

Stein looks down at him, gripping the microphone.

Dan Stein: And SHOOT Project deserves better, Donovan. SHOOT Project deserves me. Raw talent. A man that doesn’t follow someone else’s path, but blazes his own, Donovan. That’s what SHOOT Project is.

Stein looks up at the Master of the Mat banner.

Dan Stein: The #AgeOfEnlightenment is upon us, Donovan. You just don’t know it yet.

Donovan King:  You can hit me with all the rhetoric you want, Dan.  Tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself.  Here’s the facts.

I’ve been World Heavyweight Champion since RISE.  I’ve been World Heavyweight Champion for over ten months now.  I’ve defended this title against some of the best names in SHOOT Project.  While I’ve been World Champion, this company’s flourished wit’  serious new talent comin’ through the doors every single fuckin’  day.  I’ve greeted every single one of those people.

See, I know this company, Dan.  I know SHOOT Project.  I didn’t abandon SHOOT when it closed.  I never left Nevada.  I waited.  I worked.  I slept in my car for this company.  I did all I could to get back to this company an’ when it came back?  So did I.

I’ve beaten you before, Dan Stein.  I know your measure.  You’re one of, if not the, most untapped talent in SHOOT’s entire history.  You have what it takes to take this company to places I’ve only dreamed of.

Unfortunately for you…you’ve wasted all your talent an’ all our time throughout your whole career.  Every milestone you ever had was stacked with some new regret.

So I get why you mad.

King takes a step forward towards the ring, prompting Stein to take a step backward.  King slowly raises the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high into the air.

Donovan King:  But anger don’t make a champion, son.

I’mma see you at Master of the Mat an’ when we get there?

I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you an’ make you tap out in front of each an’ every one of these fans out here, each an’ every person in the back, an’ just like I told Jonny…all you’re gonna have is a video tape.

Lots uh people say it’s their time, Danny.

Only one of us has the Championship to prove it.


King takes a few steps back as “All of the Lights”  kicks in.  He stands there, on the ramp, holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high for the world to see. Dan Stein can’t stand to look at King so his eyes lock in at the Master of the Mat banner.  Donovan King continues to walk up the entrance ramp slowly, a stern look upon his face and a World Championship in his hand.  The camera cuts back to Stein once more.  Then, back to King.

Dan Stein.

Donovan King.

The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Master of the Mat.

We cut backstage where Jacob Mephisto sits in the locker room with the Sin City Championship draped across his lap. He stares down into the golden faceplate of the title as if mesmerized by it. We can see that the cut on his head has been stitched up. He is leaning forward and we see the bandages covering the wounds left by the glass shards. Still, there is not pain on his face. His expression is blank, emotionless. He caresses the Sin City Championship lightly.

Jacob: One more. Just one more.

Jacob gingerly leans back against the cool locker, clutching the title close to his chest.

Samantha Coil: The following is a MASTER OF THE MAT semi-finals match…and it is scheduled for one fall!

Dutch Harris: Here we go, folks. The main event of Dominion…two polar opposites going to war in the pursuit of Master of the Mat supremacy.

Mark Kendrick: You got big nasty evil facing a man of light and honor…and when two worlds like that clash? Bound to be fireworks.

The lights cut out for a few moments, and the SHOOT Video Wall starts to showcase a time lapsed sunrise. The sun hits the top of the tron and quite suddenly the ENTIRE Epicenter is bathed in warm, soft yellow light…the perfect replication of sunbeams falling across the faces of so many excited faces in the crowd.

"Tonight we’re going Har-Har-Har-h-h-h-HARD!!!”

Loco Martinez EXPLODES out from behind the curtains, bobbing to the sounds of Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R.” The fans ROAR for the MoFo, many of the people in the front row giving him a standing ovation and going wild for Martinez.

Dutch Harris: I swear…that ovation? It’s INSANE, Mark. Few Soldiers can get this crowd as pumped as Loco Martinez can. This man just radiates positive energy when he enters the building.

Mark Kendrick:He was is one the best pure athletes this industry will EVER see…and his personality is just such a welcome breath of fresh air compared to some of the negativity that exists in SHOOT Project. Loco doesn’t just light up a room…he LIGHTS UP an entire Epicenter!

Dutch Harris: Literally!

Loco wears a powder blue “Welcome To The Freakshow” tee, black pants with the word “MoFo” written up the leg along with a pair of yellow wrestling boots.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…he weighs in at 218lbs…THE FREAKSHOW, LOCO MARTINEZZZZZ!!!!!

Loco jogs his way down the ramp, bouncing up and down with energy all the way, and he makes sure to high five and fist bump as many fans as he can before he makes it to the apron, proceeding to slide beneath the bottom rope and roll forward only to kip up and throw his arms wide with a Cheshire cat grin on his face. The fans let out another HUGE pop of excitement for Martinez as he removes his tee and tosses it into the crowd.

Loco then makes his way over to one corner and starts to stretch and loosen up, his eyes locked on the stage to await his opponent.

Dutch Harris: Loco looks ready. He knows what’s at stake here…and he knows he’s facing one of the vilest human beings to ever walk this earth tonight in the main event.

Mark Kendrick: The MoFo wants to win Master of the Mat, Dutch. He’s fresh off a HUGE return to SHOOT Project…and he’s been on the type of roll that is easily the feel good story of the year so far.

Dutch Harris: He’ll need every bit of that light he has inside of his soul tonight, Mark…because you and I both know…there’s a WHOLE lot of darkness coming his way…

With these ominous words fresh from Dutch’s lips…a great and heavy darkness descends on the Epicenter. This darkness is different from Loco’s entrance though…because it carries no promise of a sunrise. Instead, a full moon appears on the Video Wall…all white, pallid illumination that provides no comfort…only a cold glare along the ramp.

With the darkness heavy and the moon high…”I Am Hell” by Machine Head starts to blaze out of the speakers, and bursts of simulated hellfire appear on either side of the stage.

Isaac Entragian throws aside the curtains, standing there with pallid white hair framing a grinning and malevolent face. Isaac stretches his arms outwards, his head hanging low…and the fans greet him with INFURIATED booing, so many angry and frightened faces staring out from the stands.




Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska…weighing in at 320lbs…representing Project: SCAR…THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

Dutch Harris: He’s a sorry son of a bitch with a heart as black as coal…and he’d likely tear his own Grandmomma’s throat out if it gets him just a BIT further in the Master of the Mat tournament. Nothing worse than a monster with ambition, Mark…

Mark Kendrick: And I can only imagine how PROUD he is of himself for taking Corazon out of the Master of the Mat tournament on Revolution. Such a dirty, underhanded move on Isaac’s part…but that’s practically his M.O in SHOOT Project.

Isaac stalks his way down the ramp…and he notices a little boy holding up a big sign drawn up in crayon, showcasing a bright yellow sun with the phrase “LOCO IS MY HERO” in the middle. Entragian smiles at the boy…and then he RIPS the sign from the child’s hands, proceeds to TEAR it to shreds and toss it on the floor…and then he hawks up some phlegm and SPITS onto the torn remains of the sign.

The little boy cowers back in his seat with tears starting to spill down his cheeks, and Martinez just shakes his head in disgust inside the ring.

Dutch Harris: Yeah…you’re a REAL big man, Isaac. Tormenting a child. I’m being completely honest when I say I wish that this scumbag would get hit by a damn city bus when he leaves the arena tonight.

Mark Kendrick: That’s Entragian for you, Dutch. No morals, no conscience…just a mean, cunning alpha wolf of man that believes only HE and his pack should prosper.

Entragian enters the ring by stepping over the top rope…and his cold glare falls on Martinez. The two men stare across the ring at each other…and then the bell sounds, signaling that we are OFFICIALLYUNDERWAY!

Entragian wastes no time heading to the center of the ring…and Loco courageously meets him there. Loco stares up into Isaac’s face, and the two seem to be exchanging words. A vile grin spreads across Isaac’s face after he make some vulgar comment…and Loco responds with a SNAPPING kick to his thigh! Entragian hisses in pain, and he PISTONS a straight right hand into Loco’s face!

Loco is rocked, but he rallies right back with ANOTHER kick to Isaac’s opposite leg, and Isaac answers it with anotherhuge punch! The two men start to get into a rhythm, Loco whipping out scathing kicks to Isaac’s legs and torso, Isaac hurling out right crosses and left jabs at Loco’s face…the two men trading strikes and knocking each other EVERY which way across the ring!

Dutch Harris:Fast paced start to this one…neither man giving an INCH. Loco is moving like a whirlwind with those kicks, and Isaac is throwing out the soup bones and scoring with punches that would make Rocky blush.

Mark Kendrick: It’s hard to keep up! Loco with a kick to Isaac’s ribs…Isaac with a right cross to Loco’s jaw…they just keep going and going!

Loco snaps off a particularly HARD kick to Isaac’s sternum, making him reel for a moment…and Loco takes advantage by hitting the ropes and BLASTING Isaac square in the face with a spinning wheel kick that takes the monster down to the canvas!!

Isaac is already climbing back up while holding his jaw…but Loco gets some more momentum and CRUSHES a big forearm shot into Isaac’s temple, spinning him back down to one knee…and then Loco just grabs Isaac’s white hair and WHIPS his face down to the mat with a brutal-looking faceslam!

Mark Kendrick: That quick controlled frenzy style is Loco’s bread and butter…he knows if he keeps Isaac off balance then this match will be fought on HIS terms.

Dutch Harris: Definitely a great strategy from Loco. He can’t afford to take too many big power moves from Entragian…best to evade and get as many hard shots in as you can WHEN you can.

Loco goes for a quick BODY SPLASH onto Isaac, and he immediately hooks a leg.



Entragian kicks out with authority, and Loco starts to pull him back up to his feet by handfuls of white hair.

Isaac breaks free though and answers with a BONE-CRUNCHING uppercut to Loco’s jaw that sends the smaller man flying down against the canvas.

Loco attempts to get back up, but Isaac grabs the back of his head and SLAM DUNKS him face first against a top turnbuckle pad, Loco staggering backwards while holding his face…and the MoFo staggers RIGHT into a standing sleeper hold!

Loco’s eyes began to bulge from his head as Isaac TIGHTENS his grip on Loco’s throat, squeezing and choking him for all he’s worth. The Ivory Terror literally just ragdolls Loco from side to side, his limbs and legs flying…totally at the mercy of Entragian’s near otherworldly strength.

Dutch Harris: Oh crap. The tide has turned now…and Loco is in danger of being choked out by that sleeper. Just imagine those giant pythons Isaac calls arms CONSTRICTING around your throat…it’s not a pretty picture.

Mark Kendrick: Freakshow usually has a great tan, it’s one of his trademarks…but right now that tan is turning BEET RED…he needs to find a way to get out of this hold and fast..

The loud clatter of hands clapping in unison is heard throughout the Epicenter, and suddenly the fans starting trying to get Loco back into it.





A look of pure RAGE oozes across the face of The Ivory Terror. Loco’s arms start to shake, his body starts to gather strength…and he starts to fight his way up to a vertical base, PRYING at Isaac’s arms and actually managing to break his grip…but before Loco can fully break free Isaac just BLASTS him in the back of the skull with a horrifying knee strike.

Loco crumples down to the canvas, and Entragian wheels on the crowd, roaring at the fans.



Mark Kendrick: Such a personable guy, this Entragian.

Dutch Harris: The fans getting a little creative there with that chant trying to get Loco back into the game…but is it already too late? Is the damage done?

Isaac drops down and attempts a pinfall.



Loco gets a shoulder up, and a frustrated Isaac starts to drag Martinez back up to a vertical base.

Loco is wobbly, and Isaac hits the ropes for a clothesline…BUT LOCO DROP TOE HOLDS ISAAC INTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!

Entragian’s throat connects, forcing him to cough and gag…and Loco promptly plants both feet onto Isaac’s upper back…ONLY TO JUMP OVER THE TOP ROPE AND GUILLOTINE A LEG DROP ACROSS THE BACK OF ISAAC’S NECK!!

The crowd goes WILD for this, and Isaac rolls back into the ring while holding the back of his neck, his expression scrunched down in agony.




Dutch Harris: Definitely a lively crowd in Las Vegas here tonight…and they LOVED that move Loco just pulled off.

Mark Kendrick: For good reason too, Dutch…talk about a phenomenal showing of agility…that’s a match-ending type of maneuver and the MoFo needs to capitalize!

Loco does just that, dragging Isaac’s big body away from the ropes before attempting a pinfall.




Entragian military presses Loco off his chest, showing that there’s still PLENTY of life left in the monster!

Mark Kendrick: I swear…if it had been ANYONE else this match would be over right now…but Entragian is one the toughest bastards to ever take up a place on the SHOOT Project roster…it’s just so hard to put him down for the count.

Loco is struggling to pull Isaac up, but Entragian bursts up to his knees by himself and starts to just PEPPER Loco’s stomach with stiff body shots, each punch so forceful that Loco’s feet nearly fly up from the canvas after each one that connects.


Loco’s body gets VIOLENTLY crushed into the turnbuckle pads, the back of his neck and upper back taking the majority of the damage…and he collapses down to the canvas right on his head.

Mark Kendrick: GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN…that was SICK to watch! Isaac might have just snapped that man’s spine with that move!

Dutch Harris: That’s the Forked-Tongue Finale from Entragian…but he modified it there by aiming Loco at those turnbuckle pads. Loco looks like he just got WRECKED.

Martinez is shivering on the canvas, his hands rubbing and massaging at his upper back…and when he attempts to stand he immediately falls right back down on his face. Isaac smells blood…and he moves in with a malignant smile birthing itself on his face.

Isaac leans down…watching as Loco struggles to crawl up to his hands and knees. Entragian just callously SMACKS the side of his head, taunting him while chuckling.


Loco tries to grab the middle rope and pull himself up to his feet, but something in his back seems to hurt him badly, and he contorts backwards in pain. Isaac just palms his face and PUSHES him back to the canvas…taking great pleasure in torturing a clearly dazed MoFo.

Entragian lifts his fists up high, taunting the crowd while along with Martinez.


Isaac illustrates this point by KICKING a crawling Martinez right in the side of the face, and Loco’s head whips so violently to the side that a gush of blood flies from his freshly busted open lip.


Dutch Harris: This is just…disgusting to watch. Martinez is feeling some major effects from that powerbomb…and Entragian just GETS OFF on seeing a person at their weakest. It’s like fuel for him.

Mark Kendrick:I’m not a religious man, Dutch…but I can firmly say that Entragian was born to do the devil’s work. Never in my life have I seen a man so SADISTIC…so VILE…so opposed to anything that is GOOD in this world.

Loco wipes blood from the bottom of his mouth, and he tries once more to stand…but Entragian immediately goes to grab him…BUT THE MOFO FIRES UP!!!

Martinez begins to just PISTON rights and lefts into Isaac’s face, rocking the monster back step by step, and then he switches to STINGING knife-edge chops that turn the pale flesh of Isaac’s chest a fiery and inflamed red.


Entragian crashes down hard on the outside, but Loco manages to land on his feet on the apron!!

Dutch Harris: How you like that, Isaac? Loco is shining pretty damn bright right about now, if you ask me!!!

Mark Kendrick: He’s punching and chopping his way through the darkness…and with the fans roaring in support, seems the MoFo is just getting started!

Martinez runs along the length of the apron…AND HE LEAPS AND AIMS A WELL-TIMED KNEE BLAST AT ISAAC’S FACE!!!

Entragian manages to throw hisforearms up to block the full brunt of the knee strike, but the impact STILL knocks him on his pale ass!

Mark Kendrick: WHOA…Loco went for the Zombie Kill of the Week on the outside…he didn’t get all of it, but he got enough of it to knock the seven footer right back down!

Isaac is struggling to get back up to his feet at the steel steps, but Loco grabs him and starts to pull him up…but Isaac SLAMS Loco’s face down against the steps! Martinez staggers backwards, and Isaac boxes him in and just begins to RAM his shoulder into Loco’s gut over and over again, driving his back into the ring apron.

Dutch Harris: And just like that…Entragian manages to get back on offense. The outside of that ring is like a playground for a man like him…so many ways to HURT someone.

Loco attempts to throw a desperate forearm into Isaac’s face, but the monster catches it…and with the referee out of position Isaac BITES into Loco’s forearm, sinking his teeth deeply into the flesh of the MoFo’s arm.

Martinez can’t help but scream in anguish and horror…and he bats at Isaac’s head as hard as he can with his free hand, forcing him to let loose of his arm. A few little streams of blood drip down Loco’s arm from tiny bite marks…and Isaac grabs that same arm and TOSSES Loco back into the ring.

Mark Kendrick: Come on, Linam! The ref needs to keep his eyes open in this match…that sick freak just BIT into Loco’s forearm!

Isaac begins to STOMP down on Loco’s arm, and Loco tries to draw it inward to his abdomen to thwart Isaac. Isaac makes a move to pull it back out in the open, but Loco TACKLES Isaac down to the canvas and begins to just WHIP fists down into Isaac’s face with his good arm, left hand after left hand…and we see one of Isaac’s eyes starting to blacken and bruise as those hard lefts keep falling.

Loco keeps at it, but Entragian uses leverage to FLIP him over, and then Isaac starts to just WAIL on Loco with mounted punches, sending hard rights and lefts raining down on Loco’s face…fresh blood dripping down from Loco’s mouth as Isaac just brutalizes that busted lip even more.

Isaac looms over Loco, white hair plastered with sweat and eyes absolutely CRAZED.


Isaac hands drift up…and he begins to just CHOKE Loco with all of his strength, digging his fingers down into the flesh of his throat with all of his might while the official starts to admonish Entragian.

Dutch Harris: This fight just keeps getting nastier and nastier, Mark. These men seemed determined to damn near KILL each other to advance in Master of the Mat!

Mark Kendrick: Something’s gotta give; Dutch…human bodies can only take so much.

Loco is gagging and choking, saliva bubbles bursting at the corners of his blood-stained mouth…but he manages to wiggle a knee up into Isaac’s stomach, and he starts to just CRUSH knee strikes into Isaac’s chest and stomach, knocking the monster away from him.

Loco struggles up to his feet while gasping for breath, and he begins to just PUMP hard as stone shin kicks into Isaac’s body, smashing Isaac’s legs and torso with all of his energy and quickness.

Isaac finally falls to his knees when his legs can take no more hits, and Loco just begins to SMASH shin kicks into Isaac’s upper chest, the look on Loco’s face furious and determined!


Isaac’s arms are pin-wheeling, he looks SECONDS away from just collapsing backwards…and Loco looks to send one last finishing kick into Isaac’s temple…but Isaac DUCKS HIS HEAD OUTTA THE WAY!!!

Loco spins around with his own momentum, and when he turns back around Isaac stumbles up to his feet and CLAMPS a hand around Loco’s throat…ONLY TO ROCKET HIM UP INTO THE AIR AND CRUSH HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!

Isaac immediately falls backwards in exhaustion, unable to capitalize…and Loco remains motionless on his back, some blood from his forearm soaking in the canvas.

Mark Kendrick: This is a PIVOTAL moment in this match, folks…the first man to get up to his feet is gonna have the advantage here.

Dutch Harris: Isaac sent Loco crashing down, Mark…that might have been enough to get the win, but Loco has just WORN Isaac out with those kicks.

From across the ring…a sweat-soaked and badly bruised Entragian SITS UP…his razor-sharp teeth gritted together with fury. Many of the fans are almost shocked into silence….and Isaac stumbles and staggers his way up to his feet, using the ropes to get to that vertical base.

Mark Kendrick: The monster LIVES…and Loco hasn’t moved yet. NOT GOOD.

Isaac holds his ribs and he makes his way over to the turnbuckle…and then he drops down to a three-point stance with only BAD things in mind.

Isaac’s head starts to weave from side to side, eyes shining from the bruised and battered flesh of his pale face…and he motions with one hand for Loco Martinez to get up.

Dutch Harris: This is it…as much as I HATE to admit it, Entragian is sizing Loco up for that spear…and Corruption will put the MoFo down for good.

Mark Kendrick: If Loco has ANYTHING left in the tank….now is the time to call on it!

Loco Martinez starts to fight his way up to his feet, stumbling and falling…only to try again while holding his bleeding arm close to his body. Loco actually grabs the shirt of the referee, using it to try and pull himself up to his knees…and the referee leans down to check on Loco, putting all of his focus on the MoFo as he struggles to rise up.

Entragian seems to get impatient…and he races across the ring anyways, looking to SPEAR Loco in the lower back…BUT SOMEONE SLIDES INTO THE RING AND BLASTS AN ACT OF REALITY SUPERKICK INTO THE FACE OF THE SPRINTING MONSTER!!!

It takes the crowd a moment to register that ADRIAN CORAZON is standing is the ring, but when they do realize it…the Epicenter goes INSANE!!!

Dutch Harris: THAT’S CORAZON!! Corazon has come to GET him some of this pale sumbitch!!

Mark Kendrick:The referee is still focused on Loco…but Corazon needs to work fast here!!

Isaac is staggering backwards, seconds away from falling with his arms swinging wildly…AND CORAZON JUMPS UP AND THROWS BOTH KNEES INTO HIS FACE WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!

Entragian’s body FLIPS backwards until he lands motionless on the canvas….and Corazon is quick to slide out of the ring and head off into the crowd, the fans slapping him on the back and raising some HELL for the Baddest Man Alive!

Meanwhile Loco Martinez FINALLY pulls himself up to a vertical base, and he spins around with his fists raised up and ready to fight to find Entragian laid out.

Dutch Harris: I don’t think Loco Martinez even realizes what happened here, Mark…he was busy trying to find his footing…I don’t think he even saw Corazon get into the ring!

Mark Kendrick: Well Loco sees a fallen Entragian now…and he’s not gonna let this opportunity go to waste!

Martinez staggers his way over to the closest turnbuckle with the fans ROARING in support…and he gingerly begins to climb up to the top while favoring his bloody arm. Loco Martinez scouts Entragian from the buckles…and with one last gasp he FLIES FROM THE BUCKLES AND CRASHES DOWN ONTO ISAAC WITH A SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT!!!


Martinez uses all the strength he has left in his good arm to pull back on one of Isaac’s big and motionless legs.





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, advancing to the FINALS of the MASTER OF THE MAT tournament…THE MOFO…LOCO MARTINEZZZZZZ!!!!

Dutch Harris: YESSSS!! THE MOFO DID IT!!! Loco Martinez is going to the FINALS!

Mark Kendrick: And would you look at Corazon up there smirking in the crowd? This grudge between Entragian and Corazon has become SO personal that they’ve taken EACH OTHER out of the Master of the Mat tournament!

The shot takes in a smirking Corazon for a moment before he heads into the back before fading back to Loco Martinez in the center of the ring.

Despite the pain he’s in, Loco has a happy smile on his face…and he lifts his good arm up into the air and brings it down, and triggered blasts of GLITTER pop up from all four turnbuckle posts. That warm yellow sunrise reappears on the SHOOT Video Wall, bathing Loco and the fans in its glow as the glitter floats through the air.

Dutch Harris: An AMAZING win for Loco Martinez! And ladies and gentlemen…the FINALS of Master of the Mat are now set. We know who’ll be headlining the PPV in the match to decide who’ll be winning it ALL…

Mark Kendrick: That’s right. LOCO MARTINEZ will face VALENTINE LIONHEART at Master of the Mat…the LAST match in this tournament…winner take all!

The final shot of the night takes in a battered but happy Loco Martinez. He stands tall…he stands victorious…

He stands TRIUMPHANT…in the light.