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Revolution 010: 10/28/07


“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

Revolution Logo

“…It’s about to get ugly in here!  Set it on ‘em motherfuckers!”

“Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond explodes onto the airways, as the Revolution logo fades from your mind into a barrage of clips from the first six Revolutions!

An aerial shot, moving through the Las Vegas strip takes over, the night life, the bright lights, and finally, the Thomas and Mack Center…

Static washes over the screen,

Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship. 

OutKast stands contains the  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, which then fades into the tandem of Instant Heat calling the action for that first night!

The static fades into Corazon holding the Iron Fist Championship high overhead, to the return of Obsidian. 

Jester Smiles is shown over a fallen Kaz Sato, as the newly crowned Revolution Champion.

A barrage of images displayed like a flip book, from Del Carver, Donovan King, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, the returning Jun Kenshin, Cade Sydal, on and on, until finally coming to a stop on Ron Barker, and as the pyro for the opening hits the top of the ramp, EXPLODING into the Thomas and Mack Center, the roller coaster ride of an opening video ceases. 

Roland Caldwell walks into the Thomas & Mack Center, gym bag in hand.  Roland is wearing his usual black shorts and shirt. He’s all business.  He walks past a couple of stagehands, and then a familiar voice shouts out to him from the shadows. The voice belongs to “The Beast” Kaz Sato.

Sato:  Well, well, well…if it isn’t the king of SHOOT old school?

Roland turns and sees Sato, sitting upon a couple equipment cases.

Roland  Why, Kaz.  How clever.  Didn’t you get enough last time?

Sato Last time you had the benefit of attacking me while my back was turned. I wonder how you would fare in a fair fight?  Like last week perhaps?

Roland’s fists slowly clench and he begins to speak through is clenched jaw.

Roland  Oh.  I’d be fine Kaz.  Don’t you have a match to get ready for?

Sato  Don’t you worry about Ray…I’ll be ready for him. But you are welcome to come down some time and we can have a little chat.

Kaz walks away, and Roland calls after him.

Roland: Say hi to Ozzy for me!


We go backstage as we see Abigail Chase standing by.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time…. Jun Kenshin!

The fans pop in the background as we see Jun Kenshin proudly dressed in a black “San Diego Fire Rescue Department” shirt.

Jun Kenshin: Hey Abi. Let me first say that this week has quite possibly, the most trying of my life.

He pauses.

Abigail Chase: Was this because of all the fires in Southern California?

The cheers in the back are suddenly cut off as the fans respectfully let Kenshin speak.

Jun Kenshin: Yeah. I had just gotten back from Japan and I was shocked. I had never seen anything like this. The sky was on fire, the air was thick of smoke and lives were lost. It was a damn war zone in San Diego! Now I was supposed to come out here and confront Art De Luca tonight. I don’t know where he is. The Thomas and Mack Center is a big place and I wasn’t about to go through every room. He’s probably hiding underneath some tables because everyone saw how scared he was when my music hit last week. Suddenly, he wasn’t the bully. Oh sure, he’s a big man when he attacks people from behind. I’m challenging you to a match on the next Revolution, De Luca. No more mind games. No more childish exhibitions. Me and you in a match where I show the whole world what I am all about and that is quite SIMPLY… one of the BEST wrestlers on this planet!

Abigail Chase:Oh my!

Jun Kenshin:That’s right. Oh and that match? I am dedicating it to the people of San Diego! To all the people that lost their homes, their businesses and their loved ones! I do this for THEM!

Kenshin gets a little choked up as he collects himself as a chant of “619” echoes in the background. He balls his fist and thumps his chest.

Jun Kenshin: You bring your “A” game, punk. Cause I damn sure will!

Kenshin walks away as he looks absolutely determined. The “619” chants continue as we go ringside.

Dave Dymond:Jun Kenshin is a proud resident of San Diego, OG.

Other Guy:Kenshin reps the 619 to the fullest.

Dave Dymond:Will Art De Luca accept the challenge though?


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…

"In a Heartbeat" by John Murphy starts up and the fans turn to the stage. Jacob Delacroy steps out, sneering vilely at the fans, who begin to jeer at him. He stalks down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: …weighing in at 289 pounds! From Crimson Creek, Louisiana! He is JACOB "Doombringer" DELACROY!

Delacroy stalks up the steps and through the ropes. He glares hatefully at Willie Dean, as the official starts talking to him about the rules. The music fades out to be replaced by Street Dogs’ "Not Without a Purpose"! Some fans continue to boo, though a good more than half switch over to cheering, as Michael Collins steps through the curtain.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Dublin, Ireland! Weighing in at 230 pounds! He is "The Devil from Dublin" MICHAEL COLLINS!

Collins makes his way down the ramp, his demeanor stoic. He steps through the ropes purposefully and stares at Delacroy, who stands in a corner. Samantha Coil gets out of the ring while Willie Dean begins explaining to Collins the rules he expects him to follow tonight.

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins doesn’t look intimidatedby Jacob Delacroy’s presence or demeanor here tonight!

Other Guy: Well the guy is new, ya know? Not a lot of cats are gonna be afraid of him right off the bat. But he’s a mean son-of-a-bitch, that much is for sure.

Willie Dean calls for the bell and Jacob Delacroy barrells out of the corner, swinging a hard clothesline! Michael Collins ducks it and starts hammering on Delacroy’s shoulders with forearms. Collins continues to rain forearms down on Delcroy’s shoulders and the back of his neck, but Delcroy turns toward Collins and shoves him off with both hands.

Dave Dymond: Jacob Delacroy is going to possibly have his hands full with the enraged Irishman, Michael Collins!

Other Guy: The Devil from Dublin has made a name for himself as an absolute warrior in that ring, but Delacroy is called the Doombringer for a damn reason, Dave. He’s a monster of a man!

Collins comes at Delacroy again, but Delcaroy slams into him with a clothesline, bowling him over with ease! Delacroy starts stomping down on Collins’ chest, viciously! After about four hard stomps Delacroy drops to make the cover, burying his elbow on Collins’ face while pressing all his weight on Michael’s chest!




Collins kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Jacob Delacroy was looking to end things early there.

Other Guy: I like his spirit, but he’s gonna have to do a bit more than that to keep Collins down and out.

Delacroy pulls Collins to his feet and starts to whip him, Collins reverses and raises a knee up into Delacroy’s abdomen! Collins his the ropes and drives his knee into the side of Delacroy’s head off the run! Delacroy drops to the canvas, and now Michael Collins starts stomping down on Delacroy! Collins hops up into the air and drops a leg before swinging to hook a leg!



Delacroy quickly thrusts a shoulder off the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Alternatively, Collins will need to get this over with quickly, because if he doesn’t, Delacroy’s size and power will overwhelm him, I think.

Other Guy: Oh, no doubt. But it’s not gonna be easy to do that, either, Dave.

Collins pulls Delacroy up to his feet and starts hammering him with punches, backing him to a corner. Collins continues to rain punches down on Delacroy before back away from the corner. Collins comes charging back in, but Delacroy gets an elbow up into Collins’ chin! Collins staggers back! Delacroy comes out of the corner, but Collins dropkicks him in his left knee!

Dave Dymond: Collins is doing everything he can to stop Delacroy from getting his hands on him!

Other Guy: That’s gonna have to be his goal, because Delacroy will seriously hurt him with those big hands I think.

Collins rushes to the ropes and comes back quick! Delacroy explodes off his knee and launches his right boot up into Collins’ face, driving him to the canvas! Delacroy goes for the cover, burying his hand over Collins’ mouth!




Collins barely kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Did you see what Delacroy did? He covered Collins’ mouth and nose with that massive hand, stopping him from being able to breathe, making it even harder for him to kick out!

Other Guy: Delacroy is definitely unorthodoxed in his approach, but he’s a smarter wrestler, even if he doesn’t look the part.

Delacroy pulls Collins to his feet and shoves Collins’ hand through his own legs, grabbing the wrist behind Collins’ legs, Delacroy hooks under Collins’ shoulder and snaps back suddenly with a crazy exploder suplex! Delacroy sits up and quickly covers Collins, laying his entire side over Collins’ chest to hinder breathing!




Collins kicks out again!

Dave Dymond: Jacob Delacroy is abusing Collins in every possible way!

Other Guy: He is a beast of a man, no doubt about that.

Delacroy pulls Collins to his feet before snapping his fist upward into him with a vicious uppercut that sends Collins to the canvas hard! Delacroy drops to make the cover.




Collins kicks out! Delacroy pulls Collins to his feet and snaps an uppercut into Collins’ mouth again! Delacroy with another cover!




Collins kicks out again!

Dave Dymond: The more Delacroy pins Collins, and punches him in the mouth, the harder its going to be for Collins to pull through this!

Other Guy: The Doombringer is really starting to grow on me, Dave. He’s brutal!

Delacroy pulls Collins to his feet and hooks him with a front facelock. Delacroy snaps Collins up into the air and holds him steady, holding him upside down for several long seconds.

Dave Dymond: Look at the raw strength and power on full display!

Other Guy: Its uncanny!

Delacroy finally drops back, driving Collins into the canvas HARD! Delacroy slides into the cover, his right palm on Collins’ face as his left presses hard on Collins’ sternum!




Collins barely kicks out again, and Delacroy growls down at him.

Dave Dymond: Wow! Collins is really showing some resilience, even if he can’t get anything to stick against Delacroy so far!

Other Guy: He can be as tough as he wants to be, but eventually he’s gonna get knocked out if Delacroy keeps this shit up.

Delacroy starts to pull Collins up, but Collins thrusts an elbow into his gut! Collins fires in two more elbows before he rushes for the ropes! Delacroy lunges for a back elbow, but Collins ducks the elbow and builds up more steam as he runs, and comes back with a hard clothesline on the rebound, but Delacroy doesn’t budge! Collins hits the ropes again and comes back with another clothesline that staggers Delacroy! Collins hits the ropes, but Delacroy explodes and snaps his elbow up into Collins’ mouth, driving him to the canvas, halting all that momentum being built up!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins almost had the big man down!

Other Guy: Almost don’t count here, Dave!

Delacroy, rather than going for the cover, pulls Collins to his feet. Delacroy sends Collins to the corner. Delacroy rushes in, but Collins launches both feet upward into Delacroy’s face! Delacroy stumbles back a bit, and Collins hops onto the second rope! Collins leaps off the second rope and turns with a diving elbow that finally bowls Delacroy over!

Dave Dymond: Collins has Delacroy down!

Other Guy: But he ain’t out, Dave! He’s already getting up!

Sure enough, Delacroy is almost to his feet while Collins struggles to get to his own feet. Collins drives a fist into Delacroy’s face, and continues raining the punches down, trying everything he can to stop Delacroy from getting the advantage back. Collins gets Delacroy staggering and hits the ropes! Collins dropkicks Delacroy in the knee! Collins hits the ropes again, to the side, and drives his boot into the side of Delacroy’s head!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins has to keep up the momentum to keep Delacroy down for good!

Other Guy: He’s gonna be lookin’ for that Irish Car Bomb of his soon, but I don’t even know that he can get Delacroy up for that!

Delacroy begins pushing to his feet again, still barely damaged by the attack. Collins hooks behind him under his arm and tries to lift, but Delacroy won’t budge! Delacroy elbows Collins in the face then turns and drives a knee into Collins’ head! Two, three more knees follow! Delacroy rears back for a bigger knee strike, but Collins shoves the knee aside and moves around Delacroy, hooking him from behind with a schoolboy, rolling him backward to pin his shoulders to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins countered what I believe was meant to be the Shotgun Blast into a schoolboy!



Other Guy: There’s no way he’s keeping Delacroy with that!


Willie Dean calls for the bell just as Delacroy kicks out! Michael Collins barely managed to keep Delacroy long enough for the three! Collins slides out of the ring, breathing heavily after all the attacks hindering his breathing. "Not Without A Purpose" by Street Dogs begins to play once more as Michael Collins raises his arms high in the air!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 12 minutes and 39 seconds! "The Devil from Dublin" MICHAEL COLLINS!

Michael Collins begins to back up the ramp, smiling to himself, as the fans react with a combination of cheers and boos, with a stronger positive reaction. Delacroy spits as he yells angrily at Collins on the ramp.


Kaz is stretching inside of his locker room. Someone knocks.  Sato goes and opens the door and is quickly snatched through the doorway and slammed into the nearby wall.

Roland Is it too early for our talk, Kaz?

Sato staggers off the wall and right into a sick chairshot.  Sato crumbles onto his hands and knees as Roland just stands over him with a evil grin.

Roland cocks back for another shot, but security and a few wrestlers rush in and stop him. As they pull Roland back, Sato slowly gets to his feet with a pissed look on his face.  Kaz goes to rush at Roland, but more security and wrestlers grab him. Both groups struggle to keep the men apart.

Roland If you want more, you know where to find me!


From Roland’s attack, to back in the back, the focus shifts to Eryk Masters.  He stands in front of a SHOOT Project backdrop, microphone in hand.

Eryk Masters: At this time, I’m standing with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… Trevor Worrens.

The camera zooms out slightly to reveal Trevor Worrens standing next to Eryk Masters.

Eryk Masters:   Worrens, last week you and I didn’t exactly have the best encounter, but truth is…

Trevor Worrens:   I know exactly what the truth is, so let’s not make this about you and I, Eryk.  I know Jason Johnson didn’t want to be bothered; I know you were just the messenger.  I’m not here to shoot the messenger, Eryk.  I’m here because its come to my attention that people only pay attention based on how vocal you are.  When I came here, when I set out to do the ONE thing Vincent Mallows could never do, I expected a process. Turns out that wasn’t the case. And that’s good, Eryk, because it’s all the sweeter to have run through the ranks in a matter of two months, when that son of a bitch couldn’t do it within several years.

Masters nods his head.

Eryk Masters:   You took a lot of people by surprise and that’s certainly…

Worrens quickly interrupts.

Trevor Worrens:   Impressive? Yeah, maybe.  But as impressive as it was, as much as it lifted a great deal of my burden off my shoulders, it’s not what Jason Johnson wanted. It’s not what public opinion wanted.  And because I’m not being praised… because I’m not even their choice for SHOOT Project World Heavyweight champion… that has given Mallows an in.  How can I trump him, how can I keep him from smiling that sly grin that I know he’s smiling… when I am hardly recognized.  When Jason Johnson has every intention of seeing to it that someone takes this title away from me…

Worrens pats the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title once.

Trevor Worrens:   This championship means nothing; if it doesn’t bring with it the sway I saw it bring in the past. When I was an outsider looking in, this was what it was all about.  The man who held this, held the power, made the demands… HAD the focus.  All eyes would be on them.  But all around me, all eyes are looking elsewhere… (pause) Maybe that’s it then.

Masters looks on, confused.

Eryk Masters:   Maybe what’s it?

Trevor Worrens:   Maybe I AM the center of the universe, Eryk.  Maybe I am the catalyst for everything else.  Because if the center is unstable, everything around it just… falls a part, doesn’t it?  So if Jason Johnson wants SHOOT Project stable again… then I’m STILL the key.

Worrens smirks slightly.

Trevor Worrens:   I’m still the key… and he’s going to know just that… I’m going to tell him JUST that.

Worrens hurriedly walks off now, and as he does, the focus returns to ringside with Dave Dymond and The Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: Sounds to me like the pressures of being the World Heavyweight Champion are already getting to Worrens.

Other Guy: He mighta been around the SHOOT Project block before, but like he said he was an outsider lookin’ in.  It’s a whole nother story, Dave, when not only are you on the inside, but you’re carrying the biggest prize in professional wrestling.

Dave Dymond: Which begs to question, can Worrens keep it together?  With Ray Willmott getting right back into the thick of things with a HUGE main event victory last week, and now in a fight against the man who made Worrens tap out two weeks ago… well it’s really only a matter of time before Willmott has the confidence to challenge Worrens directly… and who knows how THAT will effect the current SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: His bout with The Beast is comin’ up later tonight, but right as we speak, we’re ready for the first title defense of the re-instated Laws of Survival Championship, and it’ll be falls. Count. Anywhere!

Dave Dymond:  But first…  there’s a camera back with tonight’s challenger, Kilgore Stochansky, in what’s becoming sort of a staple of his…


We cut to the backstage hallway, the setting for a farmiliar scene: Kilgore Stochansky’s pre-match conversation.  We can see the tall figure in his standard tracksuit, with his hood pulled down low so that we canot see his face.  As the Intrepid Cameraman inches closer, Stochansky turns to face it, then pulls off his hood.  It reveals that Kilgore is wearing another "Lyger Kid" mask, this one a different color scheme than his previous one.  He also pulls open his jacket to reveal a crudely-made cardboard and duct tape title belt, on which "LoS" has been written in sharpie.  He adopts a ridiulously heroic stance and points at the camera, a move directly out of a G.I. Joe afterschool special.  When he speaks, it is with an incredibly over the top "nerdy kid’s voice", giving the following speech a surreal quality.

Kilgore: Hi, everyone!  It’s me, Benjamin "The Lyger Dragonfly Benji Kid" Biggs, and man do I gotta say, I am NERVOUS about this upcoming match!  I mean, not only am I woefully unprepared for it, but to top things off, I really dont give two flying f-bombs about this here title!

Our man undoes and holds up his homemade belt, then pantomimes a sneeze on it, complete with…

Kilgore: …Ah…AHCHOO!  Man, it’s like I’m alergic to success!  I–

He drops the title on the floor.

Kilgore: Whoops!  Dropped my title belt!

He reaches down to pick it up, "accidentally" stepping on it.  "Biggs" recoils in mock horror.

Kilgore: Whoops!  Stepped on my title belt!  Got it all dirty…gosh, I really do hope the almost brutally handsome Kilgore Stochansky takes this away from me tonight, because I am just treating it Horribly!

Our man pulls back his sleeve, checking an imaginary watch.

Kilgore: Oh man, Lookit the time!  It’s close to the match…Hm. 

He picks up the title and gingerly sets it inside a convenient trash can.

Kilgore: Well, I’d better leave this here.  Heck, it’s probably safer in this garbage can than it is with me!  Oh well, time to go not give it my best!

Our man walks just out of the camera’s view, and then we see the mask fall to the floor, presumably because he has shed it.  We cut away…


The camera goes back to the ringside area, where Samantha Coil stands next to the timekeeper’s table. Mark Kendrick rings the bell three times to get the attention of the fans, and then Samantha takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha Coil: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for a 30 minute time limit, and is a one fall contest, with the special stipulation that FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE in the building, and is being contested for the SHOOT PROJECT LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The fans cheer loudly, as the lights in the arena dim, and ‘Misfit Love’ by Queens of the Stone Age starts to play. A spotlight slowly heads up to the entrance, and after a moment, Benjamin Biggs steps out from behind the curtain, and into the aisle. The fans cheer, and reach out to the Laws of Survival Champion as he jogs down the aisle. Biggs rolls under the bottom rope, and heads to the far corner. Benjamin crouches down in the corner, and just stares up the aisle, as his music slowly fades…

“Flashlight Fight” by The Go! Team starts to play and the crowd starts to boo loudly, as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky struts into the aisle, a smirk on his face. Stochansky plays to the crowd, mocking them, which makes their negative reaction grow even louder. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky calmly climbs the steps, and takes his place in the corner across from Biggs, ignoring him. The music dies out as Samantha takes the microphone.

Samantha Coil: “Introducing first, in the corner to my left…he hails from Verona, New Jersey and weighs in at 250 pounds…this is the challenger Mr. Kilgore Stochansky!”

The crowd boos as Stochansky prepares to begin the match.

Samantha Coil: “His opponent, in the corner to my right…from San Francisco he weighs in at 197 pounds and is the reigning and defending LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION…this is BENJAMIN BIGGS!”

Biggs stands up, and raises one arm over his head to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd, while still staring directly at Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, who is still making a production of ignoring Biggs.

Dave Dymond:: “Here we go, the LOS Championship being contested under The Law of Chaos!”

Other Guy:: “Yeah and I think chaos is going to be the order of the day here too.”

Biggs stands up, and slowly walks to the middle of the ring. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky finally looks at Benjamin, and also makes his way to the center of the squared circle. For a moment, the two men just stare at each other, with Biggs looking angry, and Mr. Kilgore Stochansky looking cocky.

Suddenly, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky shoots down, and nails the surprised Biggs with a chop block! Caught totally by surprise, Biggs bellows in pain, grabs his knee, and collapses to the mat in shock, and agony!

Without wasting any time, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky leaps into the air, and drives his knees into the right leg of Benjamin Biggs! As Benjamin Biggs literally spasms from the pain, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky goes for the cover…and referee Tony Lorenzo caught out of position for moment, stands there in shock, but then recovers and dives down…



Biggs angrily kicks out, but instead of getting up, his hands instantly go to his injured right knee, and he cradles it, his face twisted in pain.

Dave Dymond:: “No slow build in this match, Kilgore goes on the attack right away!”

Other Guy:: “Yeah…and he would have just won this match if that idiot Lorenzo hadn’t been sitting there with his mouth hanging open.  And that’s MR. STOCHANSKY to you, by the way.”

As OG bemoans the officiating, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky gets back to his feet and starts to mercilessly stomp on the right leg of Benjamin Biggs. Some of the fans get a weak “Let’s go Biggs” chant going, but it’s obvious that everybody has been taking aback by the insane attack from Mr. Kilgore Stochansky.

Finally, Stochansky stops stomping, and exits the ring! As Biggs lays crumpled in agony on the mat, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky grabs a steel chair from the outside of the ring, and folds it up. Stochansky climbs back into the ring with the chair, and an evil grin on his face. Biggs sees Mr. Kilgore Stochansky coming, and tries to use the ropes to pull himself to his feet…but it is too late!


Mr. Kilgore Stochansky raises the chair high over his head, and then brutally swings it down, slamming it over the right leg of Benjamin Biggs. The crowd gasps in shock at the sound of the steel chair connecting with The Laws of Survival Champion’s prone right leg.


Again, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky hammers the chair over the leg of Benjamin Biggs. The referee is powerless to do anything to stop it, due to the nature of the rules for a Falls Count Anywhere match!


As the crowd groans in sympathy, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky hammers Benjamin Biggs’ right leg a third time!

Dave Dymond:: “The referee may have to step in and stop this match.”

Other Guy:: “Why? This is totally legal, and besides, if you can’t deal with the Laws of Survival then you shouldn’t be the LOS Champ!”

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky takes time to step back, and admire his handiwork. Biggs is now lying on the mat in the fetal position, holding his obviously injured right leg with both his hands. He is defenseless.

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky places one boot on Biggs’ body, and then holds the steel chair high over his head, posing, with a huge smirk on his face! The boos and jeers from the capacity crowd are almost deafening.

Finally, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky steps back, and winds up with the steel chair for a fourth shot…


The crowd erupts, as Benjamin Biggs rears back with his good leg, and just as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky swings the chair down, Biggs BOOTS the steel right back into the face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! As the crowd roars their approval, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky sails backwards and lands flat on his back, holding his face. The chair lands on the mat between the two men, and Benjamin Biggs frantically crawls towards it, with fire in his eyes.

Biggs grabs the chair, and uses it as crutch to help him to his feet. Then, standing on one leg, Benjamin Biggs takes the chair, folds in up, and DRIVES it into the face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! The edge of the steel chair collides with the face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, busting him open instantly! The crowd is on their feet!

Dave Dymond:: “Oh my lord, that’s sick!”

Other Guy:: “Did you see that! Biggs just used all his weight, and drove that chair right into the face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! That’s WRONG! He just opened up a huge cut on his forehead!”

Just as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky used the chair on Biggs repeatedly, now it is Benjamin’s turn, the take the folder chair, and drives the edge down into the face of the challenger! Stochansky puts both hands over his face, his legs kicking in pain. Blood can be seen dripping through his fingers from the blunt force blows to his forehead and nose. As Benjamin Biggs stands back, and raises his right foot. It looks as if Biggs is about to stomp right on the lacerated face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky…but Stochansky sits up, reaches forward, and grabs Biggs by the foot, and TWISTS! Benjamin Biggs spins through the air, screaming in pain, and falls through the ropes, to the concrete outside!

Dave Dymond:: “DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP! Brilliant move by Mr. Kilgore Stochansky!”

Other Guy:: “That idiot Biggs had no business trying to use his right leg, and Stochansky being the brilliant tactician that he is, made him pay for it! He took Biggs’ leg, and twisted it as hard as he could…and sent him all the way to the outside of the ring!”

The announcers show a replay of Biggs spinning through the air, falling through the ropes, and crashing to the concrete on the outside. As they show the instant replay, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky staggers to his feet, his face now soaked in blood. Stochansky flips his blood-soaked hair back out of his face, and looks over the top rope, to where Biggs is still laying on the outside.

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky grabs the chair which is laying on the mat, and clutches it to his chest, like a surfboard. Stochansky holding the chair to his chest, vaults over the top rope landing right on top of  Benjamin Biggs…driving the chair right into his prone body! The capacity crowd comes to their feet, and begins chanting in unison:


For a moment, both men just lay on the concrete. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky is holding his ribs in agony. It is clear that he sacrificed his own safety in order to drive the steel chair into  Benjamin Biggs.

If Biggs was going to be attempting to get up, that idea has been put to rest by the bone crushing impact of the steel chair being driven into his body, with all the force of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky on top of it.

It is Mr. Kilgore Stochansky who gets up first, holding his ribs, but smirking in satisfaction at the sight of Biggs laying in a crumpled heap. Stochansky lays some sharp kicks into Biggs’ body, before looking around…

Dave Dymond:: “HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!”

Other Guy:: “RUN DYMOND!”

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky looks crazy, his face soaked with blood, as he staggers over to the announcers table, and with one arm, sweeps all of the items off the surface, onto the floor! Papers, the monitors, and water bottles…everything goes flying as Stochansky clears room. Dave Dymond and The Other Guy have ripped off their headsets, and fled the scene. They stand a few feet away, with Samantha Coil and Tony Lorenzo, watching warily.

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky grabs  Benjamin Biggs by the hair, and then climbs up and stands on top of the announcers’ table! Stochansky pulls, and the semi-conscious and dazed Benjamin Biggs has no choice but to stumble after him, or have his hair yanked out by the roots. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky drapes one arm over Biggs’ shoulder, and then carefully places his right leg right behind Biggs’ right leg, as he stands in front of him…Mr. Kilgore Stochansky drives Benjamin Biggs forward, through the top of the announcers’ table, as hard as he can!

CRASH! The fans, already on their feet, blow the roof off the arena, at the sight of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky driving Benjamin Biggs through the announcers’ table! The now familiar chant of “Holy Shit” goes up, as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs both lay amidst the wreckage of the announcers’ table. The tech crew in the back show a replay to the fans at home, and in the arena over the video screens, of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky pulling Biggs up to the top of the table, and then driving him through it. For added injury, the replay shows how Mr. Kilgore Stochansky violently kicked out the back of the right knee of Biggs, to ensure that he couldn’t fight, and would be driven through the table on the back of his head.

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stands up for a moment, and looks around. As the fans boo loudly, Stochansky points down at Biggs and laughs. Benjamin Biggs looks as if he has been in a car wreck, his body laying twisted amongst the broken table, and his right leg slightly twitching involuntarily. Benjamin looks to be semi-conscious, as best. Stochansky flips his blood-soaked hair back, and then falls on top of Biggs for the count!

Referee Tony Lorenzo is standing back, and is once again caught out of position! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky screams at Lorenzo to make the count, and the ref snaps out of it, and dives down…




At the last possible second,  Benjamin Biggs just barely lifts his shoulder from the mat! The fans cheer the close call, as many of them thought that Biggs was done. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky staggers to his feet, and violently shoves Tony Lorenzo with both hands. The referee shrugs meekly, and holds up two fingers.

Stochansky turns back towards Biggs, and looks down at his prone body with an expression of disgust on his face. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky rears his head back…and SPITS on Benjamin Biggs! The fans hurl garbage at Mr. Kilgore Stochansky…and suddenly, The Champion’s eyes open! Biggs looks enraged, and as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky looks on in shock, Biggs slowly stands up!

The fans are now cheering loudly, as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stands in front of  Benjamin Biggs, with his mouth hanging open. Biggs’ mouth starts moving, and it is obvious that he is laying the trash talk on Mr. Kilgore Stochansky. Benjamin lurches forward, putting his weight on his good leg, and then he reaches out, and grabs Stochansky by the back on the head with his left hand, and rears back with his right hand in a closed fist…

BAM! Benjamin Biggs pummels Mr. Kilgore Stochansky right in the face with his right fist, and to add to the impact, he pushes Stochansky’s head forward with his left! More blood spatters from the already blood soaked face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky…but  Benjamin Biggs isn’t done. Biggs keeps Stochansky secured by the back of the head, and continues to slam his closed fist into Stochansky’s face in a rapid barrage of shots! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky’s head comically rocks back and forth from the jackhammer like impact of the shots from Biggs. Blood is literally flying as Biggs lays into Stochansky over and over again.

Finally, Benjamin lets his grip on the back of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky’s head go…and Stochansky collapses, dazed. Now it is Biggs’ turn to pull Stochansky to his feet by the hair, and Benjamin limps as fast as he can, and then tosses Mr. Kilgore Stochansky by the hair, over the security rail, into the crowd! The crowd scatters, as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky sails over the railing, and lands in a heap, sending chairs and spectators flying everywhere! Biggs, his face a mask of rage and determination, limps over to the railing, and painfully vaults himself over, into the crowd!

Dave Dymond:: “Hello? Hello OG, can you hear me?”

Other Guy:: “Yeah, we’re back on. We got no table left, but our headsets and monitors still work!”

Dave Dymond:: “Well fans, as you can see, this match has degenerated into a pier 6 brawl…and  Benjamin Biggs has thrown Mr. Kilgore Stochansky out into the crowd!”

Other Guy:: “Yeah, but he can barely walk! Look at him! Stochansky has hammered the hell out of the LOS Champ’s right knee!”

Benjamin Biggs is now out in the crowd, surrounded by fans. Biggs pulls Mr. Kilgore Stochansky to his feet, however Stochansky surprises Biggs, and everybody, by rearing back, and nailing Biggs with a sharp knife edge chop, right across the chest! The sound of the sharp chop across the sweat soaked torso of  Benjamin Biggs echoes throughout the arena!

Biggs answers back with another punch to the face of Stochansky! Although he is staggered, Stochansky answers back with a punch of his own! A shot from Biggs! A punch from Stochansky! Biggs! Stochansky!

As the crowd flees in terror, the two men stagger and stumble around in the stands, exchanging punches back and forth, neither man willing to back down. The cameraman with the remote unit does his best to follow the two men, who continue to trade shots as they make their way through the crowd, not even paying attention to where they are going!

Dave Dymond:: “This is crazy! Biggs and Stochansky are trying to kill each other! Look at them! Every time Biggs lands a good punch to the bloody face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, Stochansky’s head snaps back, but then he fires back! Every time Stochansky nails Biggs, Benjamin comes right back with a punch!”

Other Guy:: “Ha Ha Ha! This is great! Look at the cameraman, and that idiot ref running through the crowd, trying to catch up to them! Hey look! They’re all the way back at the Snack Bar! Hey Lorenzo, make yourself useful and bring me back something to eat!”

Indeed, without even noticing what they were doing, or looking where they were going, the two stars have brawled their way back to the concession stand! The fans in line run away, as the two men keep staggering around, trading shots back and forth. Benjamin Biggs turns his head after a blistering shot from Stochansky, and sees a huge tray of Cokes on the counter. Biggs’ eyes light up, and he grabs the tray, and throws it at Mr. Kilgore Stochansky!

The entire tray splatters all over Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, with cola and soft drink containers flying every which way! Stochansky stumbles back, but does not go down. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky lowers his head, and charges right at Biggs like a rhino, catching him in the midsection. Biggs does not go down either, but he does get pinned back first against the counter top! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky sees another tray, this one loaded down with popcorn, and grabs a bag. Stochansky pushes on Biggs’ jaw, as he holds him in place with his shoulder, and then starts to ram the bag of popcorn right into Biggs’ mouth!  Benjamin Biggs’ arms flail about everywhere, as he chokes!

Other Guy:: “Oh man, this is priceless! Hey Biggs, want some popcorn!”

Dave Dymond:: “It might look funny, but take a look at the face of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! He looks like a crazy man, all soaked in blood, trying to ram an entire bag of popcorn down Biggs’ throat! He’s lost it!”

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky finally backs away, allowing Biggs to collapse, choking and coughing violently, spewing popcorn everywhere. As Biggs tried desperately to catch his breath, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stumbles around to the other side of the counter! The employees flee, as Stochansky charges back into the food service area! As everybody watching on the video screen screams in horror, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky pulls a basket of French fries out of the deep fryer, and leans over the counter, dumping them all over Biggs! Benjamin Biggs rears his head back and screams in unimaginable pain, as the boiling cooking oil gets dumped all over him!

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky grabs the fire extinguisher off the wall, and walks around to the other side of the counter, where Biggs is rolling around on the floor in agony! WHOOSH! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky aims the Fire Extinguisher at Biggs, and empties it in his face!

Dave Dymond:: “This is too much! Pouring boiling oil over a man? That’s not wrestling!”

Other Guy:: “Hey, at least he cooled Biggs down with that fire extinguisher!”

Benjamin Biggs slowly gets to his knees, and shakes the foam off his body. As Benjamin crawls on all fours, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stands over him, holding the now empty fire canister…but Benjamin Biggs fires a brutal “mule kick” backwards, catching Mr. Kilgore Stochansky right in the gut! Stochansky drops the canister, and falls to the floor with the wind knocked out of him.

Biggs staggers to his feet, grabs the empty canister, and in a battering ram like motion, rams it right into Mr. Kilgore Stochansky’s FACE! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky falls back, stunned.  Benjamin Biggs looks around desperately, and sees a huge steel trash container. Biggs grabs the huge steel trashcan, and then dumps all of the trash right onto Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! The fans cheer, as Biggs empties the massive can over Stochansky’s head, and then holds the steel can high above him…

Biggs brings the steel trashcan down as hard as he can across the top of the head of Mr. Kilgore Stochansky! A huge dent appears in the can, as Biggs pulls Stochansky to his feet, stands him up, and then forces the can down over his body!

Dave Dymond:: “Okay…now THAT is FUNNY!”

Other Guy:: “NO IT ISN’T! What kind of a man dumps garbage over a man, and then sticks a trashcan over his body?!”

As Mr. Kilgore Stochansky struggles as hard as he can, Benjamin Biggs rams the can down over his head, pinning Stochansky’s arms to his side. Finally, Biggs gets behind the canned Stochansky, and starts pushing him as fast as he can through the crowd! Once again, the fans part to make way, as Biggs directs Mr. Kilgore Stochansky right through the crowd, back towards the ring, with the massive garbage can secured directly over his head!

As the two men reach the crowd barrier, Biggs shoves Stochansky over, can and all! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky collides with the rail, and topples over, popping out of the can. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky and the huge garbage can both land next to the ring. Benjamin Biggs starts to gingerly hop over the railing, back to the ringside area. Mr. Kilgore Stochansky sees his chance, and grabs the trash can, hurling it right at Biggs’ leg as he slings it over the railing…

The huge metal can collides with Biggs’ right knee! Biggs screams in pain, and falls over the railing towards Stochansky! Stochansky grabs Biggs by the hair, and rolls him back into the ring! Biggs lays in the ring, holding his right leg in pain. Cussing and swearing at the top of his lungs, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky brushes the trash off his body, and then heads towards the metal ring steps.

Dave Dymond:: “Uh oh…I don’t like where this is going…”

Other Guy:: “Hey listen, Benjamin Biggs just covered Mr. Kilgore Stochansky in trash! He deserves whatever he gets!”

As the crowd murmurs, Mr. Kilgore Stochansky pulls the huge steel steps away from the ring post, and slides them into the ring! Tony Lorenzo is finally back from the crowd, and he crawls into the ring as well, but is helpless to do anything!

Mr. Kilgore Stochansky slides into the ring himself, and then with a huge effort, hoists the steel steps over his head! Flashbulbs pop, as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky holds the steel steps over his head, as he stands over Benjamin Biggs…

WHAM! The crowd gasps…as Mr. Kilgore Stochansky DRIVES the steel steps right into the leg of  Benjamin! Biggs actually sits up for a moment, screaming, and then falls backwards! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky shoves the steps aside, and then falls on Biggs for the cover!




Biggs kicks OUT!

The fans cheer in disbelief, as Benjamin Biggs kicks out, using his left leg and shoulder! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky stands up, and reaches into his tights…pulling out a pair of brass knuckles!

Dave Dymond:: “Uh oh!”

Other Guy:: “As if this match wasn’t violent enough already!”

As the fans mutter in shock, the crazed looking Stochansky slides the knucks over his hand. Finally, he grabs  Benjamin Biggs’ right leg…and does a textbook step-over-toe-hold! As Stochansky holds Biggs’ right knee in place, he starts to slam the brass knuckles right into Biggs’ right kneecap! Benjamin Biggs starts thrashing around the ring, like a fish out of water! Biggs is obviously in unbelievable pain! Mr. Kilgore Stochansky has the toehold cranked tight with one arm, and he is driving the brass knuckles into Biggs’ knee with the other!

Biggs tries swinging punches madly at Mr. Kilgore Stochansky, but since Stochansky has the hold on properly, he cannot connect! Next, Biggs tries to twist to one side, reaching for the ropes to break the hold! It doesn’t work. Biggs then twists the other way, trying to reach for the ropes…but he is too far away. Benjamin Biggs slaps both his hands on the sides of his head, and screams in agony, twisting and turning, trying to get out of the brutal torque of the hold which is twisting his leg, while Mr. Kilgore Stochansky uses his other hand to pummel his kneecap!

Biggs’ face is distorted in absolute agony, as his back arches, he contorts with the pain. Biggs looks over at referee Tony Lorenzo…reaches his arm out…

The bell rings!

Dave Dymond:: “Did…did Benjamin Biggs just submit?”

Other Guy:: “He must have verbally submitted, I didn’t see him tap.”

Samantha Coil: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been informed by Mark Kendrick that the 30 Minute Time Limit for this match has EXPIRED, therefore referee Tony Lorenzo has no choice but to declare this match a DRAW!”

The crowd is on their feet, booing and chanting “bullshit.”  Kilgore Stochansky is irate and even Benjamin Biggs does not look happy as Tony Lorenzo hands him his title belt back.

Other Guy:: “Man, Biggs was about 3 seconds away from tapping out!”

Dave Dymond:: “That remains to be seen, but you can’t deny that Kilgore Stochansky made an unbelievable showing during this match, and although he didn’t beat Biggs, Biggs did not beat him!  I have to wonder if there will be a rematch?”

Other Guy: “Well there should be because Mr. Stochansky got robbed!”


Eryk Masters is shown in the back of the arena. Standing behind him, and the source of the boos from the fans, is none other than ‘The Foundation’ Alexander Harmston and his pupil, ‘The Cornerstone’ Donovan King. King has on his shoulder, the blood stained SHOOT Project Revolution Championship. He also has on his head the golden crown Donovan King skull cap, available at your local retailers nationwide.

Eryk Masters: I’m here tonight with none other than the Revolution Champion, Donovan King. King’s been on vacation but he called for this time for—

Harmston takes the microphone.

Alex Harmston: Get lost, Masters. Obviously it takes men of my stature to properly speak to men of Donovan King’s stature.

Eryk Masters: But I’m the interv—

Harmston cuts him a glare which causes Masters to shake his head and throw his hands up, moving to the background.

Alex Harmston: Now, Donovan King, Revolution Champion, The Cornerstone…

King grins his cocky grin.

Alex Harmston: The First, The Last, The Everything…

King’s grin shrinks to a confused look.

Dave Dymond: That’s…Barry White?

Alex Harmston: The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be…

Donovan King: Ain’t dat Bret Hart?

Harmston stops King, continuing.

Alex Harmston: …and the Best Damn Professional Wrestler…Period!

King’s look of confusion only strengthens on his face as Alex Harmston looks proud of himself for his hype.

Alex Harmston: Now. You have been the Revolution Champion since Uprising, where you beat Jester Smiles in what many have called the most embarrassing performance by a champion against a challenger in recent professional wrestling history…

Dave Dymond: What many? Who has he been talking to?

Alex Harmston: …and you’re here tonight to tell the world…what, Mr. King?

Donovan King grins once more, taking the microphone from Alex Harmston.

Donovan King: Y’all see dat man dat introduced me? Y’all need to thank him. Dat man’s the only thing keepin’ SHOOT from feelin’ the full fury uh Donovan King.

The fans boo once more.

Donovan King: If it weren’t for him, I’d be in a Las Vegas jail cell even tonight, and Jester Smiles might uh found himself dead an’ buried. He’s taught me to withhold my anger and my hate…an’ channel it. An’ make no mistake…Donovan King is filled with anger and hate. I am angry at the disrespect I continue to suffer by those scandalous bitches dat doubt me. And I hate each…and…every…one…of…you.

The fans boo loudly.

Donovan King: Y’all don’t like what I say? Who can prove me wrong? I mean…

He laughs.


His laughter is suddenly stopped when Harmston taps him on the shoulder.

Donovan King: What, man?!

King snaps his head to Harmston, who merely points off camera. The camera turns to reveal none other than Jester Smiles! The fans POP at the sight of the Clown as he stands there, doing the best he can to maintain his own anger and hate.

Donovan King: Oh…oh! Let me fuckin’ guess. If anybody can stop Donovan King, it’s you? Dude, I ended my shit wit’ you! I’m movin’ on!

Jester continues to stare at him, saying nothing.

Donovan King: What? What the fuck do you want?!

Jester snatches the microphone out of King’s hand and brings the microphone to his lips.

Jester Smiles: I want…my…rematch.

The fans ERUPT. King busts out laughing.

Donovan King: You wanna go another round wit’ me?! Nigga, is you out yo’ mutha fuckin’ mind?! Do you not remember what the fuck I did to you or was it so much yo’ brain blocked out the trauma?

Jester Smiles: I remember having you down for longer than a three count. I remember kicking out of everything you, by yourself could do, and I remember getting jumped by your ‘mentor’ there. What I DON’T remember is being beaten cleanly.

The fans cheer.

Donovan King: Look, Smiley, I’m sorry, but I got challengers lined up ‘round the block wit’ more credentials for a shot den you. I mean, let’s face it…you can’t even be in yo’ right mind after what we did to you. Call it a day, dude. Dere’s the Laws uh Survival…Iron Fist…hell, you popular, go get dat World title.

Jester Smiles: Lovely as it sounds, that wouldn’t send any message. Besides, I’d rather go with the guaranteed victory over you. So, stop your little dancing and give me my rematch.

The fans POP as King begins to get infuriated.

Donovan King: Look, you painted up bitch ass muh fucka. I beat you. I pinned you. I ended your worthless ass title reign. I’m done wit’ you. Done. What the fuck have you even done to earn a shot?

Jester Smiles: Well…

Jester points behind King to Harmston.

Jester Smiles: I kicked your mentor’s teeth in and beat The Foundation. That count?

King grows even more furious.

Donovan King: You want this fuckin’ title, bitch?

Alex Harmston: Donovan, calm down…

Donovan King: Nah! Dis nigga wants his title shot! He thinks he’s earned shit! Well, Eric, I got yo’ title shot. Next muh fuckin’ week. Donovan King and Jester Smiles for the Revolution Championship.

Jester smiles, no pun intended.

Jester Smiles: Perfect, any stips?

Alex Harmston: Donovan! Think about this!

Donovan King: Oh, I thought about it, Alex. Dis nigga needs a lesson in respect.

Jester Smiles: You think you’re big enough to do it, all you have to do is name your stips. Course, you could always run, hide, and piss yourself again…..

King gets in Jester’s face, teeth gritted.

Donovan King: No stips. I don’t need no stips to fuck you up. Come get yo’ title the old fashioned way. Bitch ass.

Jester Smiles: Very eloquent of you. Now, I’ll see you next Sunday…

He takes a step back before leaving.

Jester Smiles: …boy.

As if on cue, King charges for Smiles, but Harmston pulls him back as Jester leaves, grinning at getting under King’s skin once again.

Alex Harmston: Are you insane?! He’s…I mean…he’s…

Donovan King: Dead. He’s dead.

The camera moves away from King and Harmston as we end this confrontation. Eryk Masters picks up the microphone and says with a nervous smile.

Eryk Masters: Back to you guys!


Suddenly, and without warning, "Broken Bones" by nonpoint hits the airwaves. The fans begin to cheer rather loudly as Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, a microphone in hand, as he marches down the ramp to the ring. He wears a pair of black shorts, with white and blue dragons swirling around each leg, and matching kickpads.

Dave Dymond: Well, Cade Sydal certainly looks ready to fight tonight!

Other Guy: But he’s not even booked to be here, Dave!

Cade Sydal slides into the ring and paces slowly as his music fades out. Cade slowly raises the microphone to his lips, and the fans begin to cheer. Cade lowers the microphone and stares out at all the fans, nodding his appreciation slowly. He raises his right hand, the other holding the mic. The cheering slowly dies down, and Cade raises the microphone to his lips.

Cade Sydal: Thank you. Unfortunately, I’m ot out here for a social call. So while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I have some serious business to get to.

Cade begins to pace again, carefully thinking about his wording.

Cade Sydal: Ron fucking Barker. You are a fucking bitch!

The fans begin to cheer. Cade raises his hand, slowly easing their excitement.

Cade Sydal: See, Ron Barker, I’m tired of this bullshit! I want your ass to come down to this ring. I want your ass to step through those ropes. And I want your ass to accept a match…fuck that, a FIGHT with me, right fucking NOW!

The fans cheer, loud now, at the prospect of a fight!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal wants to light Ron Barker up!

Folk Implosion’s "Natural One" kicks into high gear over the airwaves. Ron Barker steps through the curtain, carrying a microphone of his own, as he is wearing a pair of black slacks, polished black boots, and a dark gray collared shirt. Ainsley Lake steps right out behind him, both of them smirking at Cade.

Other Guy: He shoulda been careful about what he asked for, cause he’s gonna get it!

Cade Sydal: If your little whore wants some, she’s more than welcome to join you in this ass-whippin, too, Ronny!

Cade drops the microphone as the fans cheer. He motions with both hands for them to come on down and join him in the ring. Barker raises the microphone slowly.

Ron Barker: There will be none of that, Cade. She’s not coming down there to answer your ridiculous challenge.

The fans begin to boo, loudly.

Ron Barker: But, Cade, I agree with you. This shit has gone on long enough, and I’m all for coming down there and beating you into a bloody stump! So while I may not be dressed for combat tonight, I WILL come down there, and I will beat your ass like you’re begging for me to do! Tonight, I’m going to put you out of your misery, and send you to rehab, for good!

The fans begin to cheer now as Barker drops the microphone. He slowly begins to unbutton his shirt as Ainsley Lake and he make their way to the ring. Ron hands the shirt to Ainsley as he gets it removed.

Dave Dymond: We have ourselves a fight about to go down right here, tonight!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good for Cade, heh.

Barker starts to climb up the steps and Cade darts for him. Barker backs away, not allowing Cade to reach him over the ropes. Suddenly, referee Austin Linam darts out from the back and slides under the bottom rope. He calls for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Apparently Jason Johnson is paying attention, and he has decided to make this an official match!

Other Guy: Oh man, Cade is in for it now.

Barker steps through the rope as Austin Linam backs Cade to the middle of the ring. Barker explodes as Cade moves past Linam, nailing Cade with a clothesline! Barker pulls Cade up by his shoulder-length dark hair and starts laying into him with punches. Barker whips Cade off the ropes and swings a clothesline again! Cade rolls forward, rolling under the clothesline, and leaps off his feet to springboard off the middle rope! Cade turns and nails Barker with a flying cross body block!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is so quick that it’ll be hard for Barker to catch him with the same maneuver twice in a row!

Other Guy: Not to give him more credit, but he’s also really exepreinced, especially considering how young he is.

Cade rolls right over Barker, opting not to go for the cover. Barker scrambles to his feet and Cade leaps up, swinging his right foot hard and fast at Barker’s head for the NINJAGUIRI! Barker steps back quickly, narrowly avoiding being kicked in the side of the face, and Cade twists to land on his feet. Barker quickly pulls Cade around and whips him off the ropes. Barker catches Cade on the rebound and swings him around!

Other Guy: Perfection!

Cade kicks his feet hard and fast, using the momentum to swing around Barker’s back, swinging all the way under Barker’s left arm as well, into a wheelbarrow, Cade shoves his hands off the canvas quickly and grabs Barker by his head, driving him down to the canvas with a bulldog!

Dave Dymond: Did you see that?! Cade just countered Perfection impressively into a bulldog!

Other Guy: You take a move enough, Dave, and you start figuring out how to counter it.

Barker rolls out of the ring immediately and holds his jaw. Cade dashes for the ropes and dives feet first through the top and middle rope, nailing Barker with a dropkick to the face! Cade crashes on the padding outside the ring as Barker crashes backward into security barricade.

Dave Dymond: Cade is putting everything on the line to put the hurt on that bastard Ron Barker!

Other Guy: Its sad, really. Ron is just trying to help Cade get the help he needs.

Cade picks himself up off the floor and roars out to the sea of cheering fans. Cade glares at Ainsley Lake as she approaches, and Lake backs off quickly. Cade grabs Barker by the wrist and rolls him under the bottom rope, keeping his head hanging over the apron. Cade backs up, glaring at Lake the whole time before he runs directly at Ron and thrusts his right foot up into the side of Ron’s face!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is completely stopping Ron Barker from getting out of the blocks tonight!

Other Guy: To be fair, he knew he was coming here to fight, and Barker really didn’t. Dig?

Cade gets back into the ring and pulls Barker away from the ropes by the ankles before dropping into a cover.




Barker kicks out and clutches the side of his face. Cade swings into a mounted position, however, and starts raining right fists down upon Barker’s face! Austin Linam starts warning Cade ro get off of Barker with the punches, but Cade refuses to relent, forcing Linam to start counting!



Dave Dymond: Cade is out for blood tonight!


Other Guy: If he ain’t careful, he’s gonna get disqualified and ain’t gonna do such a hot job at proving his points.


Cade swings off of Barker, relenting finally, after the continuous barrage of fists. Cade pulls Barker to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Barker reverses quickly, but Cade swings under Barker’s arm and brings his right foot up and over the wrists, breaking Barker’s hold over him. Cade leaps all the way up immediately and turns himself upside down, snapping Barker over with a flying head scissors out of the blue! Barker rolls through to his feet as Cade leaps up for a spinning wheel kick! Barker side steps and as Cade comes sailing past him, Barker thrusts a foot upward catching Cade in the small of his back before Cade crumples to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! Now that’s a way for Ron Barker to stop all of Cade’s momentum! Cade’s back problems in our last official run here in SHOOT are well-documented, and that kick definitely helped bring some of those back, I have to believe!

Other Guy: And now Ron has Cade exactly where he wants him. This is gonna get ugly for Sydal.

Barker mounts Cade and starts raining punches down on his face, sneerin all the while. Austin Linam starts ordering Barker to get off of Cade, but Barker ignores him.





Austin Linam grabs Barker’s hand and can be heard telling Barker that if he continues on he will be disqualified. Ron Barker openly rolls his eyes at him and gets off the mount position.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker is openly defying Austin Linam, and that could get him in trouble tonight!

Other Guy: Why? Cade did the exact same thing moments ago. Only difference is, he stopped when Linam got to four.

Barker pulls Cade to his feet and quickly sends him to the nearest corner. Barker charges in and thrusts a knee high up into Cade’s sternum! Barker then lifts his right boot up into Cade’s throat! Austin Linam orders Barker to get off the throat and out of the corner, but Barker stares at him blankly! Austin Linam begins counting again!





Linam grabs Barker by the ankle arm and starts tugging, making him release the choke. Barker glares at Linam, as Linam points at the SHOOT Project emblem on the front of his referee shirt.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker is really cutting things close with Austin Linam tonight!

Other Guy: Well, maybe he doesn’t care about winning? Have we thought about that? He might just wanna hurt Cade tonight, and force him into rehab while he’s injured. Just sayin’, that’s a possibility.

Barker turns back to Cade as his right hand reaches into his pocket. Barker grabs Cade by the left wrist and starts to whip him as his right hand comes out of his pocket. Ron swings a wild punch into Cade’s lower back with his right hand, and Cade collapses to both knees as Barker grins cruelly at Cade as the camera focuses in on a set of brass knuckles on Ron’s fist!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker just hammered Cade with a set of brass knuckles to the spine!

Other Guy: Wow! I totally didn’t see that coming!

Austin Linam gets in Barker’s face, warning him that if he doesn’t go for the cover and persists with the attacks he’ll be disqualified.

Dave Dymond: Austin Linam is enforcing the disqualification rule! If Barker doesn’t go for the cover and just continues to viciously attack Cade, it’s done. He’s out!

Other Guy: Maybe he doesn’t care though, Dave.

Cade clutches his back with one hand, as he rests on a hand and both knees. Barker drops and drives his fist into Cade’s spine, driving the brass knuckles into it! Barker continues to wail on Cade’s back with the brass knuckles as Austin Linam calls for the bell! Barker doesn’t seem to care, as he continues the attack on Cade’s back! As the fans boo, Ainsley Lake starts to get in the ring, but the fans start to cheer as suddenly FLASH Dynamite dashes down the ramp! FLASH slides into the ring and Ainsley Lake quickly escapes from the ring!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite is here to save the day!

Other Guy: Could he be more cliche’? Ugh.

Barker turns around and spots FLASH! Barker swings at FLASH, but FLASH ducks! FLASH starts hammering Barker with forearms and sends Barker off the ropes! Barker hooks the ropes, stopping himself from rebounding, but FLASH barrels into him just as the cheering turns into boos, FLASH clotheslines Barker over the top rope to the floor! FLASH moves to check on Cade, as a massive Japanese man in tattered clothes makes his way down the ramp, being lead by a finely dressed Japanese man.

Dave Dymond: HantaKira! What the hell is he doing getting involved in this?!

Other Guy: Man I said it was gonna get ugly, but I had no idea it would get this damn ugly!

HantaKira finally slides into the ring and he pulls FLASH up from behind and whips FLASH around to face him before digging his nails into FLASH’s throat! HantaKira backs FLASH up against the ropes before whipping FLASH off, he catches the superhero on the rebound with a huge powerslam, absolutely manhandling the 263 pounder! Cade slowly picks himself up off the canvas, and HantaKira grabs him by the neck with both hands, lifting him into the air, just holding him high as he chokes the life out of him!

Dave Dymond: Someone has got to stop this!

Other Guy: But who? I mean, really now, Dave? Think about this.

Ainsley Lake helps Ron Barker to his feet, and Barker soon gets into the ring as Austin Linam is yelling for HantaKira, Ron Barker, Ainsley Lake, and Mr. Xan to leave! Barker ignores the orders, however, and HantaKira launches Cade upward and Barker catches Cade in mid-air and brings him down with a backbreaker! FLASH slowly gets to his feet, but Ron turns and catches him as he charges and swings him through, driving him to the canvas with Perfection!

Dave Dymond: FLASH is just trying to do the right thing and put a stop to this, and he is just getting assaulted!

Other Guy: That’s what he gets for sticking his nose in this.

Ron Barker calls for a microphone, and Ainsley Lake quickly grabs it. HantaKira straddles Cade and starts choking him, as Barker lifts the microphone to his lips as fans boo loudly, some even littering the ring with empty nacho containers and drink cups.

Ron Barker: Cade Sydal, you son-of-a-bitch! You want me so bad? You want to fight me so bad you’re willing to die? FINE! But! next week, we’ll find out how badly you really want it! Next week, you will face HantaKira, and if you survive? IF you survive?! Maybe THEN you will get the match, the FIGHT, you so desparately crave! Maybe THEN you will get your fix, you little BITCH!

Ron Barker throws the microphone down onto Cade and starts guiding HantaKira off of Cade as "Natural One" by Folk Impossion hits the airwaves. Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake lead the other two to the back, smirking as Mr. Xan joins them with his own grin.


Abigail Chase: Thanks guys, I’m here with Killian Reilly backstage at the Thomas and Mack Arena.

::Cheers from the crowd.::

Abigail Chase:  Killian, how do you feel about your match last week against veteran CJ Nelson and the newcomer Kilgore Stochansky?

Killian Reilly: Eh, that lot wasn’t half bad.  More Nelson than Stochansky quite frankly, but they both put up a good fight.  But yah know, I

clearly should have had it.

Abigail Chase: Are you referring to Michael Collins interruption of your match?

Killian Reilly : What else would I be talking about.  That dumb bastard came rollin’ out there, waving the flag of the country he disgraces, my country.  But I’m not one to judge you know?  Clearly the boy wants a brawl, and I ain’t one to deny him the pleasure of my fist breakin’ his rotten head.

::More cheers from the crowd::

Abigail Chase: Alright, onto another question.  Have you spoken to Jester Smiles since you ran into his match last week?  Also why did you run in.

Killian Reilly:  Aw yah know Abby, I ain’t got a damn clue what I did wrong there.  Yah try to do a guy a favor and it blows up in your face aye?  I mean, it ain’t no secret me and Donovan King ain’t the best of buds.  But I didn’t think the funny man would get all pissed at me for savin’ his ass.

Abigail Chase: Anything else for us tonight Killian?

Killian Reilly:  See you next week I’m sure.  Good night Las Vegas!

::Huge pop from the crowd::

Abigail Chase:  There you go folks!


Backstage, like on all SHOOT shows, the Thomas and Mack Center churns to life as the production of Revolution goes on seamlessly.  The camera switches to the lockerroom of Obsidian, and the Iron Fist Champion, Corazon, who’re both geared up and ready to go.  Corazon ties the last lace on his boot, as Obsidian stands ready.

Corazon:  We go to war tonight, Obsidian.  We cross Carver’s battle lines, just a few minutes from now.  Are you ready, brother?  You look ready.

Obsidian shifts his weight, in acknowledgement.  The verbose man from earlier in the week has been replaced by an expressionless monster, who’s eyes are focused and determined.

Corazon:   That’s a fine answer, Obsidian.  Shall we?

Obsidian leads the way into the hall, as Corazon follows behind, adjusting his wrist tape, one last time.  Rushing footsteps are heard down the hall, but the man is not running, merely walking at a heightened pace.  Obsidian steps out, causing the intense pace of this man who’s obviously in a hurry, to collide with the true goliath.  Corazon hears the noise, and steps out, smirking.

Corazon:   They say that patience is a virtue…  but then, it would seem that someone of your stature knows that already, don’t you, Mr. Worrens?

For a moment Worrens just looks at the mammoth of a man who steps in front of him. But then shifts his focus to the voice of the Iron Fist Champion.  Their eyes meet first, but then seemingly at the exact same time their gazes fall upon one another’s championship titles.

Trevor Worrens: The Iron Fist Champion… telling me about patience?  The man so impatient to get what he wanted, that he resorted to a can of mace to claim his prize… is telling me about patience.

Worrens forces a hard, almost emotionless laugh.

Trevor Worrens: But no, I’m not a patient man right now, so if you could remove your enforcer out of my way…

Corazon cuts him off, eyeing the man who stands before him, while Worrens looks up at Obsidian, who turns and looks down on the World Heavyweight Champion.

Corazon:   Worrens, Worrens, Worrens…  you should know better than anybody that you have to present a level of “fevered pace” in order to really get things going around here.  But clearly, the both of us have more pressing matters to attend to, than the psychology of patience and its virtues in professional wrestling.  So, Obsidian, if you will…  we have pain to inflict.

Obsidian relents, moving to Corazon’s side.  Corazon nods.  Worrens, now somewhat drawn into Corazon’s calm tone, doesn’t start walking right away. Instead he just looks at Corazon, a sense of frustration taking over.

Trevor Worrens: You know, it’s a lot easier to keep calm when you’re carrying a championship title very few seem to be concerned with. I’m the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight champion, I am the buzz on everyone’s lips, and currently a target of three men specifically… I don’t come equipped with a behemoth to take care of my problems… I have to deal with my burden on my own.  And along with ALL of that… I’m not given the time of day by the one man that NEEDS to be treating me with the most consideration.

Corazon sighs.

Corazon:   You come dangerously close to whining, Worrens.  My advice to you is to just go about your business, and handle your issues another way.  You won’t get anywhere waiting on Jason Johnson to hold your hand, trust me, I can tell you this from personal experience.  Jason Johnson, while relatively solid at what he does, does not always recognize the things that are considered to be best, in a competitive sense.  He’s very apt at handling things in a sense of business. 

Corazon pauses.

Corazon:   I understand your frustration, because I have quite a similar problem, but do you really think you’re what’s good for business, Trevor?

Worrens stares intensely at Corazon.  The tension suddenly becomes thick in the air, and even the fans can be heard buzzing from ringside.  Worrens though, instead of striking, simply releases all of his own tension.

Trevor Worrens: No… I don’t.

The words come almost in a shocking moment, but then Worrens perks up a bit, seemingly re-vitalized.

Trevor Worrens: But this… (he points to his title) and that (he suddenly points to the Iron Fist Championship) are not really about business, are they?

Corazon smiles.

Corazon:   No.  They most certainly aren’t.  These belts…  championship gold…  are about a lot more than business.  They’re about command.  They’re about conquest.  They’re about attaining legendary status, in an organization that recognizes only ancient dinosaurs as its legends.  If they were just about business…  nobody who’s…  like us…  would have a chance at holding them.

Corazon stops, looks down at the Iron Fist Championship, and then over to the World Heavyweight Championship, and nods his head.

Corazon:   These are symbols…  icons, even…  of brutality.

Worrens smirks in an odd fashion, his once high strung demeanor completely gone.

Trevor Worrens: I guess they are…

With that, Worrens turns around, no longer heading in the direction he was originally going.  With that, Corazon and Obsidian both turn and walk towards the ring entrance area, a satisfied smile across the lips of the Iron Fist Champion. 

Corazon:   Shall we?

Obsidian nods, as the cameras go back to ringside, with Dave Dymond, and Other Guy…


"I’m brutal…  inhuman."

The lights in the arena go down, and the fans start to boo loudly, knowing who is coming.  The white strobe lights hit, as “Inhuman” by DZK starts to play.  Corazon appears on the ramp, with the massive Obsidian behind him.  The two men ignore the deafening jeers from the fans and saunter down the aisle to the ring.

Samantha Coil: "Ladies and Gentlemen this next bout is a Tag Team Match scheduled for one fall with a 45 minute time limit.  Introducing first, now entering the ring at a combined weight of 575 pounds here are Corazon and Obsidian!"

Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of Ozzy Osbourne’s voice echoes throughout the arena…


As “Crazy Train” starts to play, the fans erupt into cheers.  Diamond Del Carver and Die Hard Dave Marz appear in the aisle.  Both men are wearing matching jeans and boots.  Marz is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt with the American Flag circa the Revolution, and Carver is wearing the Confederacy Stars and Bars.  Marz starts on one side of the aisle, and Carver starts on the other, and the two men start to make their way to the ring, but are exchanging high fives and handshakes with as many fans as they can.  Corazon looks on in disgust.

Samantha Coil: "Their opponents this evening have a combined weight of 515 pounds…here are Diamond Del Carver and Die Hard Dave Marz: THE MASON/DIXON EXPRESS!"

As Carver and Marz roll under the bottom rope and take position in the ring, Dennis Heflin enters and holds the ropes open for Samantha Coil, who takes her place at the timekeeper’s table next to Mark Kendrick. Dennis Heflin orders both teams to pick a man to stay in the ring.  Diamond Del Carver heads to the apron, as does Corazon.  We have Die Hard Dave Marz and Obsidian in the ring to start the match, and the fans are all stomping their feet and clapping their hands in excitement.  Heflin calls for the bell, and we’re underway!

Die Hard Dave Marz immediately starts to unleash a series of chops aimed at the chest and torso of Obsidian, who answers back with a series of overhead forearm smashes to the back.  Die Hard is fighting gamely, but Obsidian is so big he knocks Marz to the mat.  Obsidian steps back, measures Marz off, and then delivers a kick right to the head of Marz!  The crowd gasps at the sight of the giant violently booting Die Hard Dave Marz right in the head.

Dave Dymond: "That’s vicious!  Obsidian just kicked Die Hard Dave Marz right in the head!"

Other Guy: "Hey Dymond, I don’t think Obsidian and Corazon are going to be famous for their kindness and fair play here.  Both these guys have the potential to be ruthless."

The crowd boos mercilessly as Marz rolls on the mat, holding his skull, trying to regain his senses. From the apron, Corazon grabs Marz and forcefully lifts him to his feet. Die Hard’s arms go up in a defensive cover up position over his face, but Obsidian drives a boot into his gut, doubling him over. The crowd boos the double team.

Obsidian looks carefully as Marz staggers to his feet. Marz rushes at him somewhat groggily. Marz manages to grab Obsidian around the waist but is too disoriented from the kick to head to do anything.  Marz tries weakly to hoist Obsidian up with a German Suplex, but Obsidian grabs the top rope, and Corazon calls for official Dennis Heflin to break it.

Marz starts to back off but Obsidian hammers across his back with a double axe handle smash, and then connects with an upper cut to the chin as he drops to a knee to deliver it. Marz spins around but stays on his feet, walking as he turns right into Obsidian who delivers a textbook T-Bone suplex!

Dave Dymond: "Obsidian starting things off for his team nicely using his power to his advantage, OG."

Other Guy: "That is Obsidian’s gig, that’s what he brings to the table."

Die Hard Dave Marz tries to get up right away,  but falls back against the ropes. Obsidian rushes at him and lifts a knee aiming for the mid-section but Marz side-steps it and as Obsidian hits the ropes chest first Marz hands find the underside of Obsidian’s chin and he drops straight down, delivering the neckbreaker! Marz gets to his feet a bit sluggishly and steps towards his own corner. Obsidian in the meantime, well aware of the situation simply reaches a hand up and across and Corazon slaps it.

Corazon springs into the ring and runs across at Marz, delivering a clothesline to the back of his head. Marz falls forward, and his fingers just scrape the outstretched hand of Diamond Del Carver, and the fans erupt!

The Other Guy: "No tag, no tag!"

Dave Dymond: "Oh shut up OG, everyone in the building saw it!"

Carver propels himself over the top rope and lands right in front of Corazon. Carver fires off a hard right which connects, driving Corazon backward. Diamond Del Carver moves in with another hard right, hitting again, knocking Corazon into the middle of the ring. Carver grabs the arm of Corazon and Irish Whips him into the ropes. Corazon bounces off hard and Carver nails him with a perfectly timed lariat!

Dave Dymond: "Diamond Del Carver goes for the cover!



Easy kickout by Corazon."

Other Guy: "You simply cannot expect to keep Corazon down so early with such a weak move. Stupid waste of time by Diamond Del Carver."

Both men climb to their feet and Diamond Del Carver connects with another punch to the jaw of Corazon, then follows it up with a series of blows which Corazon unsuccessfully tries to fend off. The result has Corazon dazed, leaning back against the ropes and Carver clotheslines him up and over the top rope! In an amazing display of balance, Corazon actually lands on his feet but takes a few steps back trying to maintain it. Carver grabs a hold of the top rope and flies over it, landing on Corazon with a cross body block…and they both spill to the floor!

The fans are on their feet, cheering the reckless high spot, as the announcers show a replay of Diamond Del Carver launching himself over the top rope in a suicide dive onto Corazon. As we go back to live action, both Die Hard Dave Marz and Obsidian pound the turnbuckles, trying fruitlessly to revive their teammates who lay outside the ring. Inside the ring Heflin’s hands fly into the air as he loudly shouts out his count.

Obsidian is the closest to the place outside the ring where the two men lay.  Obsidian looks like he is about to jump down, and give them an unwanted hand.  Die Hard Dave Marz stares over at Obsidian and steps through the ropes suddenly, sprinting across the ring heading for Obsidian. Obsidian sees Die Hard Dave Marz coming and drops off the apron, pointing to Dennis Heflin and yelling at him, telling him to deal with Die Hard Dave Marz.

As Die Hard Dave Marz tries to fight his way through the official, Obsidian runs around to where the two others lie, helps Corazon to his feet, rolling him into the ring. Heflin sees this over Die Hard’s shoulder and starts to shout at Obsidian to get back to his corner. Obsidian holds his hands up in the air and goes back to his corner as Heflin is about to convince Marz to go back to his own corner.

Dave Dymond: "Excellent job by the official there to maintain order in this match."

Other Guy: "It’s not going to last.  You know it and I know it."

Diamond Del Carver has now managed to crawl to his feet and roll into the ring. As he rolls into the ring, Corazon grabs his arm and yanks him to his feet, tossing him into the Corazon & Obsidian corner, smack into the turnbuckle, with some serious authority. Carver slumps down into a sitting position and Corazon runs at him and delivers a sit down drop kick right to the face of  Diamond Del Carver!  The sold out crowd gasps loudly at the sight of Corazon nailing Diamond Del Carver with the precision move.

Corazon tags in Obsidian and then props Carver up, leaving him open for the shot to the gut that Obsidian delivers. Obsidian grabs Carver as he drops to a single knee, puts Carver’s arm around his shoulders, and delivers a snap suplex! Carver’s body smashes into the canvas, but Obsidian doesn’t release the hold. He uses his legs to power back up to a standing position and, still in the suplex hold, lifts Carver vertical in the air, then lets the bottom fall out, dropping Carver onto his skull with a brainbuster!

The Other Guy: "Another punishing move delivered by Obsidian…and a cover!



Kickout by Diamond Del Carver!"

Dave Dymond: "Nobody can question Carver’s heart after getting out of a move like that."

Obsidian looks down as Carver slowly gets up to his feet. Diamond Del Carver, visibly wavering on his feet, throws an awkward punch at Obsidian that misses and sends him spinning around. Obsidian grabs Carver from behind in a full nelson and launches Carver up into the air as he falls back. Carver’s neck hits the mat at an odd angle and his body goes limps as he skids a few feet after impact.

Obsidian slides to the mat and hooks Carver’s leg.



Dave Dymond: "Marz jumped into the ring and broke up the count and now he’s going after Obsidian!"

Dave Marz knocks Obsidian off of Carver and then gets on top of him, beginning to pound away at Obsidian without any control. Corazon quickly gets into the ring and pulls Marz off of his tag team partner. Die Hard Dave Marz turns to face Corazon and lifts him clear off the mat with a devastating uppercut. Obsidian is on his feet now and he spins Die Hard Dave Marz around and is about to lay into him when his face turns to shock…as Diamond Del Carver sneaks up behind and executes a school boy roll up!



Obsidian escapes!

Dennis Heflin starts to shout at Dave Marz to leave the ring, and he does so grudgingly as Corazon lies in the corner of the ring still trying to recover his senses. Obsidian jumps right up, furious at the attempted sneakiness from Diamond Del Carver, and knocks Carver straight to the mat with a short arm clothesline.

Carver pops right back up however and ducks a second clothesline. Carver fires a kick at the side of Obsidian, but the giant grabs Carver’s foot. An instant later the standing leg of Carver goes airborne and he connects with an enzugiri drops Obsidian! It wasn’t pretty coming from Carver, but it did the job.

Dave Dymond: "This is Carver’s chance to bring in Marz, look at him crawling to let his partner get his hands on Obsidian!"

The Other Guy: "Carver needs this tag badly!"

Carver lunges and tags in Marz and the roof blows off the arena as Marz quickly gets into the ring! Obsidian is on his feet now and faces Die Hard Dave Marz, who leaps into the air with a spinning forearm smash that sends them both down to the mat! Die Hard Dave Marz gets up quickly and immobilizes the head and shoulder of Obsidian as he brings him to his feet. Marz lifts Obsidian up and with a huge effort snaps him over with a suplex!  The crowd roars at the amazing sight of Marz managing to fire the giant monster back with a suplex.

Dave Marz releases Obsidian on impact and staggers to his feet, holding his back in pain. Die Hard takes a few steps back and then the fans go nuts as Marz leaps on top of Obsidian, pinning him down to the mat, and sending a barrage of punches at him.

Corazon gets into the ring and rushes in to break up the beating, but Diamond Del Carver intercepts him with a dropkick that knocks the old man to the mat. Marz continues to unleash on Obsidian, delivering three or four successive blows straight to the face. In the middle of the ring Corazon ducks a clothesline from Diamond Del Carver and runs and leaps on top of Die Hard Dave Marz, trying to pin his arms so he can’t keep hitting Obsidian.

Obsidian, somewhat dazed from the beating Marz gave him lays mostly still as the struggle ensues just a few feet away from him. Suddenly Diamond Del Carver flies into the picture, dropping an elbow on the struggle between Corazon and Marz, hitting both of them!

The Other Guy: "Diamond Del Carver screwed up, he missed Corazon and partially got Marz! Now everybody is down!"

The crowd watches on pins and needles as all three men slowly recover. Heflin has sent Carver out of the ring, who watches as Heflin now tries to get Corazon to crawl to his own corner. Obsidian drags himself to his feet at roughly the same time as Marz. They lunge at each other, tying up a second time.

Marz tries to push Obsidian back into the turnbuckle but Obsidian is just too big and too strong.  Obsidian smashes Marz over the head with an elbow. Dave Marz gasps in shock and falls to the mat. Obsidian takes the time to go over and tag out to Corazon, while Die Hard Dave Marz lies on the mat. Corazon stands over Die Hard Dave Marz with a big smirk on his face. Finally, Corazon reaches down, dragging Marz back up to his feet and stunning him with a forearm shot to the head. He pushes Die Hard Dave Marz against the ropes and then sends him flying into the opposites ropes. Marz comes off and gets taken down with a perfect drop toehold.

In an instant Corazon is on his feet and flips Marz over, splitting his legs. Corazon steps between and crosses Die Hard’s legs in front of him. Corazon gets a cocky smile on his face and tries to turn Marz over, who fights it. With one powerful movement Corazon gets Die Hard Dave Marz over and Marz immediately yells in pain!

Other Guy: "WHOA!  Corazon has Die Hard locked in a single leg Boston crab!"

Dave Dymond: "Look at his face!  Corazon seems to be getting quite a thrill from trying to make Die Hard Dave Marz beg for him to stop, and this is one way that could happen! Maybe Corazon is trying to prove a point here!"

Die Hard pushes himself up, and tries to walk on his hands towards the ropes. He gets a bit closer to the ropes, but the smiling Corazon simply applies more pressure to his back and Marz collapses back to the mat. On the apron, Diamond Del Carver begins lifting his arms, gathering the crowd behind Marz, who is clearly screaming in pain as this crippling submission hold goes on.

Other Guy: "He’s going to tap! I know it!  Corazon is going to make Die Hard TAP OUT!"

Die Hard Dave Marz once again props himself up and in two quick hand steps and a lunge grasps a hold of the bottom rope!

Dave Dymond: "He got it!"

Corazon releases the hold, shrugs, and walks over to his corner, tagging in Obsidian. Die Hard pulls himself along the bottom rope towards one of the neutral turnbuckles, slowly getting up. As he turns around, Obsidian is right there, and surprises him by throwing him into the far ropes with an Irish Whip. However, Obsidian doesn’t realize how close to the corner Die Hard got, and as he bounces off, Diamond Del Carver slaps Dave Marz on the back tagging himself in!

The fans erupt again, but Obsidian still guns for Marz, clinching him in a belly-to-belly suplex hold. But before he can send Marz into orbit, Carver leaps around and delivers a violent punch to the kidneys of Obsidian, causing him to release the hold. Marz drops to a knee and quickly rolls out of the ring.

Other Guy: "Diamond Del Carver just saved Die Hard Dave Marz, big time."

Dave Dymond: "I don’t know, OG.  Corazon did so much damage with that perfectly applied sharpshooter, he may have effectively taken Marz out of this match and turned it into a handicap match!"

Diamond Del Carver grabs Obsidian’s head and drives it into the mat with a bulldog. Carver scales up the turnbuckles and waits while Obsidian gets to his feet, facing opposite of Carver. Slowly Obsidian turns and Carver jumps off, but Obsidian moves out of the way! Diamond Del Carver hits the mat hard and Obsidian staggers over and brings in Corazon!

Diamond Del Carver is up, holding his tailbone but he gets promptly knocked back down with a thunderous elbow to the head. Corazon immediately reaches down and brings Diamond Del Carver up to his feet. The fans boo loudly as Corazon nails Diamond Del right across the throat with a martial arts style chop! Diamond Del grasps his throat and thrashes on the mat as Corazon smirks above him, stalking around in a circle. As Diamond Del Carver brings himself up to a single knee Corazon grabs him and Irish whips him. Carver runs right back into the waiting arms of Corazon who picks him up and drops him down with a sidewalk slam, staying in position for a casual cover.



Kickout by Diamond Del Carver!

Dave Dymond: "Close call!  We’re getting into the heat of this one, OG."

Other Guy: "I agree.  Any one of these moves now could be the one to finish this match.  These guys have been going at it for a good long while now."

Corazon laughs as Carver shakily gets back up to his feet. He sends Carver into a vacant turnbuckle chest first. Carver hits with a ton of momentum chest first and staggers, back facing towards the center of the ring. Corazon spins him around quickly and hooks a leg in the air…cradle suplex!


Other Guy: "This is it!"



Dave Dymond: "MARZ BREAKS IT UP!"

The fans cheer in relief as Die Hard lifts Corazon completely off Diamond Del Carver with a powerful kick to the ribs. Dennis Heflin orders Marz out of the ring, and Obsidian as well.  After some arguing, both men leave the ring. Corazon stands over the fallen Diamond Del Carver, and looks down for a moment.  Finally, he grabs Carver’s right leg, and grapevines him into a Texas Cloverleaf style leglock!

Both men are screaming loudly enough to be heard over the racket caused by the fans. Corazon is screaming at Diamond Del Carver to quit, to give up. Corazon’s face twists in a demented visage of rage as he cranks on the leg of The Hardcore Outlaw even further. Carver stretches out, desperately trying to get out, but the ropes are too far away on either side, and he’s dead center of the ring!

Dave Dymond: "Holy crap, I just figured something out.  I know what Corazon is doing."

Other Guy: “Yeah, he’s trying to get Carver to tap out.”

Dave Dymond: “No OG, he is twisting on Carver’ right leg and right hip.  You know, the hip that Carver had REPLACED a year ago?  Corazon did his homework!”


Diamond Del Carver’s hand is just inches off the mat, trembling as he fights the urge to tap, his expression contorted in unbelievable pain. The camera shot zooms in on the face of Diamond Del Carver, and you can see the agony on his face as he shakes his head, refusing to submit, unwilling to give up. 

Dennis Heflin kneels next to Carver, asking him if he will submit, but he shakes his head and screams that he will not. The fans start to stomp their feet and clap their hands in unison, as Corazon continues to twist and pull as hard as he can on the right leg and hip of Diamond Del Carver.

Dennis Heflin points at Obsidian and Die Hard, and shouts at both them, warning them that if they enter the ring, their team will be disqualified.  Both men nod. Obsidian is staring at Corazon twisting Carver’s leg in satisfaction, but Die Hard is pacing back and forth like a caged lion, dying to enter the ring and make the save.

Del Carver digs his fingernails into the mat, and pulls himself towards the ropes! Corazon shakes his head in disbelief, as inch by inch, The Hardcore Outlaw pulls himself towards the ropes, trying to force a rope break!  Carver reaches out, straining…and just as his fingers touch the bottom rope, Corazon stands up for a moment, and pulls Carver back into the middle of the ring, while keeping his right leg secured!

The crowd groans loudly in disappointment and sympathy, as Corazon now has Diamond Del Carver dead in the center of the ring locked in the grapevine.  Corazon leans back again, and once again, the right leg and hip of Diamond Del Carver is twisted in a way that is hard to even look at.  Diamond Del Carver’s face begins to slowly drain of color.

Dave Dymond: “I don’t know if Corazon wants Carver to tap or if he is just enjoying torturing him here.”

Other Guy: “I think Corazon would like to get Carver to tap out, not many men have managed that over Carver’s career.”

Indeed, the camera shot zooms in on the face of Corazon and it is Corazon who looks angrier than Carver!  Corazon appears to be yelling at Carver to give up, but Carver now has his eyes closed. Die Hard is leaning over the ropes begging Carver to do something, but Del Carver has stopped moving.  Dennis Heflin raises Carver’s arm, and it drops.  He raises it again, and it drops again.  He raises it a third time…

It drops.

The crowd boos loudly as Dennis Heflin calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil:  “Ladies and Gentlemen…referee Dennis Heflin has called a stop to this match after declaring Diamond Del Carver unable to continue.  Your winner, at a time of 27 minutes and 19 seconds…OBSIDIAN AND CORAZON!”

Corazon releases the leg of the unconscious Del Carver and grabs Dennis Heflin by the shirt, shaking him!  It seems that Corazon is angry that the referee stopped the match!

Dave Dymond: “I don’t understand this.  Why is Corazon upset?”

Other Guy: “I guess he either wanted to make Carver tap, or he thinks that Heflin stopped the match too soon because Corazon wanted to torture Carver more.  Either way…he is turning out to be one sick bastard, and I like it!”

Dave Dymond: “What kind of man focuses on a weak area of his opponent like that, and basically tortures him?  What kind of man is this Corazon?”

Corazon stops arguing with Heflin, and turns his rage on Carver.  Corazon is joined by Obsidian, and the two men start to stomp Diamond Del Carver into the mat.  Die Hard jumps off the ramp, and throws up the skirt of the apron, and crawls under the ring.  Marz disappears under the ring for a moment, while Corazon and Obsidian continue to beat the hell out of Carver, to the boos of the fans.

Suddenly, Die Hard reappears and he is pulling a huge length of steel chain behind him!  It is the massive chain that the crew uses to lash all the pieces of the ring together when they move it!  Marz rolls into the ring, and starts to swing the massive chain over his head!  Heflin runs like a scared child.

The chain cracks both Obsidian and Corazon upside the head as Marz swings it like a crazy man!  The fans go nuts cheering, and finally Obsidian and Corazon bail out of the ring and head up the aisle as Die Hard brandishes the chain, with fire in his eyes.

Diamond Del Carver appears to be awake now, and he allows Dave Marz to help him to his feet.  Marz props Carver up, and Carver points at Corazon and shakes his head.  Corazon is in the aisle and is going nuts, pointing at Carver and shouting something.

Dave Dymond: “I really don’t understand Corazon.  He won this match, cleanly.  He made Carver pass out in pain.  Why isn’t he happy?”

Other Guy: “I don’t know Dymond, but I get the feeling this ain’t over.”


Dave Dymond  I understand Abigail Chase has a special guest in the back.  Abby?

The shots cuts to Abigail Chase in all her glory staring at the camera.  She misses her cue, but then blurts out her greeting.

Abigail Chase: Thanks Dave.  I’m here with… Roland Caldwell.

Roland Caldwell walks into the shot, a sharp smile on his face.  The fans boo him enthusiastically.

Abigail Chase   Roland, earlier tonight we saw you attack Kaz Sato…

Roland pushes Chase out of the way and wrestles the microphone out of her hand.

Roland   Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  Poor Kaz.  Poor Beast.  I’m such a bad guy.  So cruel.  Picking on innocent bastards like Osbourne and Kaz and Red Hot Willy.

Roland glares into the camera.  His face turns red and his body begins to shake.

Roland   Fuck you.  Fuck all of you.  I’m not concerned with your perceptions.  I’m not concerned with injuries.  I’m not concerned with repercussions.  Its not my fault all these so called tough guys are too cowardly to strike back.  You see.  I am that part within each man, the animal.  I am the very essence of man.  But all of these cowards shy away and try to destroy me.  I won’t let them.  I am the nightmare of SHOOT’s past.  And if anyone wants to come at me…  I’m not hard to find.

Roland begins to walk off, but Abigail Chase walks after him.

Abigail Chase:   Roland!

Roland turns back.

Roland   What, Abby?

Abigail Chase Do you have anything to say to Ray Willmott?

Roland grabs Chase and pulls her close.

Roland He hasn’t seen the last of me.

Roland tosses Chase aside and lurks off.


We go backstage, and see none other than Diamond Del Carver standing unsteadily in front of a row of lockers.  Carver is soaked in sweat, but he is standing.  The Hardcore Outlaw looks slightly crazed as he stares into the camera.

Diamond Del Carver:  Corazon.  Corazon…are you there?  Can you hear me?

Can you see me buddy?  Look at me, champ.  LOOK AT ME.  You did it!  You broke my nose and humiliated me by driving my face right into that title belt…the one I can’t seem to win.  You humiliated me and made me BLEED.  Then you and your partner beat me down, pounded me into the mat, twisted me into a pretzel in the middle of that ring and you beat me fair and square.  YOU BEAT ME FAIR AND SQUARE.  You hurt me so bad Corazon…you hurt me so bad I couldn’t fucking take the pain.  You made me pass out like a wussy.

Are you happy now, champ?  Are you satisfied?  I don’t think you are, are you Corazon?  You’re not happy, are you?  It wasn’t enough, was it?  It was a hollow victory, wasn’t it?  Deep inside, you feel empty don’t you?  Did you think humiliating me, making me bleed, and beating me fair and square in the ring was going to make you feel better than this?  I bet you did.  I bet you figured you’d feel like a big man, but you don’t, do you?  DO YOU?

It’s not enough, is it Corazon? It’s not enough because you didn’t really get what you want!  I’m doing something you hate, aren’t I?  I’m getting under your skin, ain’t I?  What am I doing?  What am I doing that’s so bad?


You have now had TWO chances to wipe me out, and you couldn’t do it!  Sure you hurt me…you hurt me bad…but it’s not enough, is it?  You want more, don’t you Corazon? You want more?

Come get more, champ!  I’m still here!  I’m still here, champ…come and get me!  I’m still standing!  I’m still in SHOOT Project, so you have to finish what you started, don’t you?  You HAVE to make me quit!  You HAVE to make me beg!  You HAVE to make me crawl like a dog out of this place and never return!

You want more?  Come get more!  Come on, Corazon!  You almost did it!  You’re almost a legend!  Finish me off!  I’m weak!  I’m on one leg now!  Come finish me off!  Put me out of my misery, brother!


Diamond Del Carver stares into the camera, breathing heavily as the shot fades to black.


Dave Dymond: Tonight’s main event is upon us, Other Guy, and while its your standard affair on paper, this match has A LOT of implication behind it.

Other Guy:  Damn right it does, Dave, Jason ain’t callin’ it what it is, but this one’s about two guys staking claim to what Trevor Worrens has, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship. The winner tonight I’d say without a doubt has a rightful shot at Worrens.

Dave Dymond:  It started out two weeks ago, no sooner off of Uprising… that Kaz Sato struck, catching Trevor Worrens off his guard and going as far as to make the world champion TAP out.  Later that night, the two would of course duke it out to a draw as called by Ray Willmott who inserted himself as referee once Scott Kamura was knocked out.  Of course when it was all said and done that night, it would be Roland Caldwell who would be the one left standing, indirectly making a claim of his own.

Other Guy:  But  it don’t stop there.  Last week, the cage was lowered to keep all other factors out, and all brutality IN, when Ray Willmott faced off against Roland Caldwell.  The man they call “Red Hot” was just that, and man that cat brought his A game into the cage… and survived.

Dave Dymond:  It was just that, though, Other Guy… Willmott survived.  After trying to pin Roland and make him submit, Ray Willmott had no choice but to exercise his third option, that being escape the cage.

Other Guy:  SHOOT Project’s all about surviving, Dave.  Willmott ain’t no fool about that… of course that 450 leg drop was down right insane!

Dave Dymond:  Which brings us to this moment, a huge match up for both Sato and Willmott.  Both have momentum going into this fight, both have the drive and desire to call themselves the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

“Sober” by Tool begins to play, as the lights flash between orange and red, bathing the inside of the Thomas and Mack Arena in almost a flame-like glow.  After a moment, Kaz Sato steps out from the back, and the fans buzz with confusion as they see his head wrapped up in bandages, and a large circular area towards the back is soaked through in dark red color.

Dave Dymond:  What… what’s going on?

Other Guy:  Well what we’re seein’… looks like the simple answer is Kaz Sato got attacked!

Sato looks out at the crowd, eyes narrowed, clearly not in a good mood.  He carries with him a microphone of his own as he starts towards the ring.

Kaz Sato: Cut it!  Cut it right now!

The music abruptly ends as Sato rolls into the ring and rises up to his feet.

Kaz Sato: I’m not going to make this a “woe is me” moment.  So I’m getting right down to it.  SOMEONE saw it fit to bust me open.  Someone didn’t want me to make it out to this match… but here I am. Now I have my guesses, three of them to be exact… course I think everyone here agrees with me that THIS!

Sato points to the head injury

Kaz Sato: Is not something Ray Willmott would do.

The fans cheer as their way to show they agree.  Sato starts to pace, his anger building up inside of him.

Kaz Sato: Which means that leaves me with two guesses.

Sato turns his attention to back.

Kaz Sato: Roland Caldwell… Trevor Worrens… one of you is the guilty party and I know I’ve got a match up, but damn it if I’m gonna let my attacker hide out in the back to strike again!

Sato tosses the microphone down and readies himself for a fight!

Dave Dymond:  I don’t think Sato has his head on straight right now.  He’s calling out his attacker right before he has to go head to head with Ray Willmott!?

Other Guy:  That’s exactly what he’s doin, and that just shows the fight Sato has, but also his brash behavior.  The Beast is ready to kill, Dave.

The fans all turn their focus to the entryway, almost as eager to find out who attacked Sato as Sato himself is.  However, nothing happens.  Sato paces back and forth like a caged animal, and then…


Pyros blast up from the entryway and flashes of fire go off repeatedly down the ramp way as “Halo” by Machine Head kicks into full gear!  Ray Willmott comes out to confusion, the fans cheering loudly, but many buzzing with concern as well.

Other Guy:  Holy… Dave does this mean Willmott is the attacker!

Dave Dymond:  I highly doubt that, but he has a microphone, so I’m guessing questions are about to be answered.

Other Guy:  Let’s hope so.

Willmott looks out to the fans and nods his head in a show of appreciation.  But he motions for them to quiet down as he starts towards the ring as well, bringing the microphone to his lips as he walks.

Ray Willmott:  Kaz Sato, what has happened is uncalled for and I assure you I had nothing to do with it.  Clearly though your attacker is showing cowardice!  They don’t want these fans to see two proud men fight for the right to be called the next contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd pops for Willmott who reaches the edge of the ring.

Ray Willmott: You have shown your strength by coming out to this ring despite the attack carried out on you, and that I respect.  So now let us both show our strength by giving these fans a main event worth watching!

Willmott gets up onto the ring edge now, via the steel steps in the corner.  He then enters the ring and walks right up to Sato.

Ray Willmott: Neither of us has an advantage, and we both might not be at one hundred percent, but Kaz Sato we can give these people ONE HUNDRED AND TEN!

Sato cracks a slight grin, his frustration turning into a competitive focus.  He then takes Willmott’s microphone, leaning in slightly.

Kaz Sato: Let’s do this.

Sato drops the other microphone, and senior official Scott Kamura picks them both up and gets them out of the ring, while Samantha Coil steps forward.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Revolution MAIN EVENT!!!

The fans continue to buzz with excitement from earlier as now Sato and Willmott stand face to face.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, to my left, he weighs in tonight at two hundred, thirty pounds, he is “THE BEAST” KAZ SATO!!!

The crowd reacts favorably, showing their respect for Sato.  He nods his head in return, keeping his focus on Willmott.  Samantha Coil then turns slightly to face Willmott, and the fans get louder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… weighing in tonight at two hundred, twenty pounds, here is “RED HOT” RAY WILLMOTT!!!

Again the fans erupt with boisterous cheers, many of them rising up to their feet. Willmott raises his arms up into the air and looks out to the fans with a genuine smile on his face.  Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring now as the referee checks in both Sato and Willmott.

Dave Dymond:  Well an interesting start to this match up, but as it is apparent by Sato still out here, this match is going to happen.

Other Guy:  Yeah, but it’s gonna have a different vibe to it.  Ya know Sato is gonna be looking over his shoulder the whole time, and who knows, maybe Willmott’s next!

Dave Dymond:  It could just be personal bias after what we’ve seen over the past weeks, but this seems like the work of the demon of SHOOT’s past himself, Roland Caldwell.

Other Guy:  Wasn’t gonna say it because frankly I don’t want to be harassed anymore by that man… but I won’t disagree with your opinion.

Both men are checked in and cleared. And with that, Scott Kamura calls for the bell.


Willmott and Sato immediately begin to circle the ring, sizing one another up.  Sato doesn’t keep the distance for long, and lunges in towards Willmott, looking to lock into a grapple.  Willmott darts out of reach, but Sato comes forward with another lunge, and catches Willmott quickly with a forearm shot to the face. Willmott staggers back and Sato follows up with another forearm shot that knocks Willmott up against the ropes.  Sato grabs Willmott by the arm and looks to whip him across the ring, but Willmott recovers from the two forearm shots and reverses, sending Sato into the ropes instead.  Sato hits and comes running back, Willmott goes for a high dropkick, but Sato puts on the breaks.

Willmott hits them at, but springs back up quickly, but not quick enough as Sato NAILS him with a clothesline!

Other Guy:  Sato right on top of things, and he’s looking’ pretty fired up.

Dave Dymond:  cover made…


TW… kick out!

Sato brings Willmott up to his feet, a knee to the gut, then he locks in a front facing headlock.

Dave Dymond:  As you were saying Other Guy, Sato looking very fired up, and maybe this whole attack backfired and has brought NEW motivation to Sato, instead of taking him out of this match all together.

Willmott struggles within Sato’s grip, and Sato brings a solid knee up right into Willmott’s sternum.  Willmott falters, but Sato changes how he holds Willmott, hooking his arms under both of Willmott’s and then he elevates him up and over with a double underhook suplex!  Willmott sits up after hitting the mat, arching his back forward in slight pain.  Sato comes up right behind him, not letting up on the offense as he sends a hard kick square to the back.  Willmott falls to the side, clutching his back in pain, and Sato again just lifts Willmott right off the mat, and brings him into the front facing headlock again….

But this time Willmott gets a surge of strength and shoves Sato back!  Sato loses his hold on Willmott, and as he goes to recover, Willmott uses Sato’s momentum against him, snapping him down onto the mat with a quick arm drag.  Sato hits the mat but is right back up, and now Willmott leaps over the charging Sato and drops down behind him just as quickly….




Other Guy:  Sato kicks out, but Willmott picking up the pace, Dave, and that’s gonna put him in control.

Dave Dymond:  Indeed the fast moving action is Willmott’s cup of tea, and he’s clearly starting to feel the momentum shift in his favor.

Willmott bounces off the ropes now while Sato gets up to his feet, Willmott goes for a running clothesline, but Sato ducks it.  Willmott stops dead in his tracks though, blindly reaches back and brings Sato down with a quick neck breaker!  Willmott floats over from there for another cover, hooking the leg.



Another kick out by Sato.  Willmott up, but now so is Sato who touches his head, specifically where the blood has stained the bandage. He shakes his head for a moment but then gets his focus back on Willmott who charges in at Sato. The two lock up, and Sato gets a sudden upper hand, dropping down with Willmott face first, for third time locking in the front facing headlock.  Willmott then shows his strength by pulling Willmott up from being completely laid out on his stomach… hooks the leg…. FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!

Right into a bridging pin!

Dave Dymond:  Well executed by Sato, and does he have it…



Willmott is the one kicking out this time, and Kamura shows two.  Sato is up to his feet first, while Willmott rolls closer to the edge of the ring. Sato goes for him, but Willmott reaches the ropes and pulls himself up.  Kamura calls for Sato to back up, and respectfully Sato does so.  Willmott comes off the ropes and immediately Sato snaps back into things, meeting Willmott with a hard forearm shot!  Willmott staggers from it, but comes back with a kick to the mid-section.  Sato doubles over in pain and Willmott turns his back on Sato, LEAPS up onto the top rope, and then leaps off, turning in mid-air just as Sato reaches his full vertical base… and nails Sato with a flying clothesline!

Other Guy:  and Willmott makin’ the pin again…. This one’s just goin back and forth!


TW… not quite a two count as Sato powers out from under Willmott.  Willmott is up but Sato up just as quick now, forearm to the face. And now a whip across the ring. Willmott comes bouncing back and Sato lifts him up and over with a powerful belly-to-belly overhead suplex!  The cheering Willmott fans quiet down now, as Willmott rolls back and forth on the mat in pain.

Dave Dymond:  Willmott brought back down by yet another textbook suplex from Sato, and this is a crucial moment as Sato looks like he’s ready to end this…

Sato somewhat stalks towards Willmott, and then points at Willmott.


Sato pulls Willmott up to his feet, looking to lift him up for his signature finishing move, when suddenly Willmott leaps all the way up… grabs Sato around the neck and spins…. Tornado DDT….NO!  Sato brings Willmott down with a reverse atomic drop!  Willmott winces in pain as he turns, his back now to Sato. Sato is just about ready to lock on the katahajime submission, when suddenly the fans begin to boo.

Dave Dymond:  Roland Caldwell storming to the ring… and look, look Other Guy!

Other Guy:  I’m looking and I see it, the steel chair in hand… and it’s got blood on it!

Roland quickly gets up on the ring edge, when suddenly Sato spins around…. ROARING ELBOW INTO THE CHAIR INTO ROLAND’S FACE!!!  Roland spills to the floor, the chair landing on top of him… and Sato turns his focus back to Willmott who now faces him, but Sato fires with a hard forearm shot! Willmott staggers back, and Sato goes to the ropes, charges at Willmott with added speed, but Willmott side steps…

Drop toe hold!

Sato is down on his stomach… Willmott quickly looks to lock in an STF, but then from the front, pulls Sato up into a dragon sleeper!

Dave Dymond:  That’s it… he has it locked on!  Sato is dead center in the ring with nowhere to go and Willmott has the sleeper in place!

Other Guy:  This is huge!

Senior official Scott Kamura gets into place, checking on Sato now who’s flailing his free arm.

Dave Dymond:  Sato in a bad spot, but its also a race against the clock for Willmott.  If Roland gets up on the outside… you KNOW he’s not going to let this one just slide.

Other Guy:  Ya never know, if he wants to see Sato lose, he might let him lose.  And once this one is all said and done, then we might see a blood fest in there, Dave.

Dave Dymond:  Sato fading, Willmott has this thing, its only a matter of time as Sato literally has nowhere to go!

The fans are either on the edge of their seats or standing, many looking on at Willmott, cheering him on.  Outside of the ring, Roland Caldwell starts to get up… Willmott continues to wrench backwards on Sato’s neck and head… Sato fading… fading…

The arm drops…  Kamura lifts it up… it drops again.


Kamura lifts it up a second time.  It drops.


The fans suddenly start buzzing as now the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion is en route to the ring.

Dave Dymond:  Worrens is on his way out here… Roland up… the hand lifted…

Sato’s arm drops!


The bell is called for and just as “Halo” begins to play again, Worrens slides into the ring, passing right by Roland, clenching his title tightly.  Willmott releases the hold on Sato letting him fall to the mat.

Samantha Coil: Here is the winner of this match… RAY WILLMOTT!

Willmott turns around…


Dave Dymond:  Son of a…

The fans begin to boo now as Worrens stands over the fallen body of Willmott, having taken him down with one swing of the championship title.  He stares down at Willmott for a moment, then looks to Roland on the outside, whose forehead is gashed open slightly by the chair that was intended for Sato.

Other Guy:  Is this going to happen right now…. Roland and Worrens?

Dave Dymond:  I don’t think so… Jason Johnson on top of things tonight as here comes security.

Other Guy:  Yeah, but the damage still has been done. Roland clearly Sato’s attacker, and Worrens just delivered a message to Willmott via championship title to the head.

Dave Dymond:  But considering what COULD be done, and what we KNOW Roland is capable of doing, security arrived just in time.

Security approaches Roland from behind, catching him completely off guard.  He has no time to react, and decides not to.  He drops the chair and just looks on, but Worrens no longer looks back, his focus returned to Willmott who lies on the ring mat. Then slowly, Worrens raises the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship up by the strap so it dangles vertically.

Other Guy:  That’s an image that speaks louder than words, Dave.  Willmott’s wave of momentum, brought to reality.   Cause right there is the pictured proof that like it or not Trevor Worrens is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Dave Dymond:  So the animosity surrounding these four men only heightens… which means who knows what we can expect in the weeks to come…

Other Guy:  Anything… and everything Dave.  Anything and everything.

The fans continue to boo as Revolution fades to black.  After a few seconds, the SHOOT Project logo fades up… then fades away.