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Dominion 10: 7/23/2013

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play. The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome. We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it. The scene is serene.

I’m ready.

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well. Suddenly, the monochrome screen shakes, the colors flashing in and out.


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.

I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.

Can’t be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Dan Stein appears, slowly removing the hood that reveals himself to the world as he stands over a fallen foe.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Donovan King snapping off the Dealbreaker on an unsuspecting victim.

Mark Kendrick: OH MY GOD!

We are

Yeah I said it

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera before Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the darkness in front of the hulking trio, Flay’s eyes darting left and right while Gaunt grins wildly.

This is Roc Nation

Pledge your allegiance

Get ya black tees on

All black everything

Black cards, black cars

All black everything

The camera spins around Adrian Corazon, who stands bathed in the spotlight. His chest is bare and his arms outstretched, the camera settling on Corazon’s massively scarred back.

And our girls are blackbirds

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Tanya Black strikes at Chance Ryan, connecting with a DDT before the scene shifts to Kincaid smirking as he is face to face with Thomas Manchester Black. Just as quickly as that image shows up, Ja-Gi Kyung Moon throws his arms in the air in victory, holding the Iron Fist Championship high.

Dutch Harris: This could do it!

I’d get more in depth

If you boys really real enough

The Bad Ass Brotherhood saunter down to the ring, both men dressed for success before we see Lunatikk Crippler connecting with the Lunatikk Sweet before Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming a victim down into the mat.

Mark Kendrick: Come on!

This is La Familia

I’ll explain later

But for now let me get back to this paper

Johnny Napalm is destroying Edmund Augustus Shan ruthlessly before it shifts to ANARCHY standing in the center of the ring, the camera circling them to reveal Loco Martinez behind them, trying unsuccessfully to get them to move out of his way.

I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back

Solomon Richards is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open. Mason Pierce appears next, the monster Malice behind him as his support, Mason’s eyes filled with eagerness while Malice’s eyes are filled with silent fury.

I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

Valentine Lionheart connects with a low blow before the camera catches his knowing grin. It cuts to Rich Mahogany and Don Hollywood stand tall in the ring, looking around at the Epicenter with a glint in their eye that hints at their cunning. Finally, it cuts straight to Loris Arclale, callously attacking a poor victim, who is long been down on the ground.

Dutch Harris: WHAT?!!!!

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas

Now we squared up

Hold up

Randall Kash stands in the spotlight, sneering at the camera. It quickly switches to Ripper, running his hands through his hair as his eyes are so wide they threaten to bulge out from his skull. Quickly, the camera switches to Jacob Mephisto, exhausted, holding the Sin City Championship in his clutches, staring down at it as if it was the end of a long road for him.

Mark Kendrick: …this is YOUR moment!

We cut back to Datura slowly walking down to the ring before it shifts to Conor Caden doing the same. It cuts back to Sex & Violence with their World Tag Team Championship belts, holding them high for all to see, proud champions in the spotlight. We cut to a hapless victim being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian!


Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on someone before we see the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship held in the hand of Donovan King, standing tall after a hard fought victory. The camera focuses in on the face plate.

Dutch Harris: WHAT!?!??

Mark Kendrick: NO!!!

Suddenly, the camera zooms right back out again, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling high above the Epicenter as the music dies down. The piano returns…and Rihanna’s voice does as well.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We come back to Adrian Corazon, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring. He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face. Then, we see Project:SCAR en masse, the group standing among a mass of followers who keep their heads low, hidden by hoods. Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and pulls her in close while Entragian slides his hand across Gaunt’s midsection. Obsidian remains silent, glaring ahead.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Dan Stein slowly runs his fingers across the face plate of his World Tag Team Championship while Napalm clutches his to his chest. Vermont’s Finest is shown, El Asso Wipo making a snapping motion with his hands while Silas looks on, ever annoyed.

I’m addicted to the thrill

The screen flashes with Maya Nakashima flying in the air, connecting with a splash on someone before it shifts to Cronos Diamante, throwing his arms to either side, beckoning Orion to come to him. Mirage remains by his side, a knowing smile on his face.

It’s a dangerous love affair

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Lunatikk Crippler, Crippler’s raven locks swaying effortlessly in slow motion.

Victory’s within the mile

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

Almost there, don’t give up now

SCAR descends upon Corazon, ready to brand him.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Trey Willett appears, his head bowed so that his face is bathed in the shadows.

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey Willett, we see Henry Gordon trading punches with Johnny Napalm. Chance Ryan entering the ring, Logan Caine clapping his hands as he readies for his opponent to get to their feet, Vermont’s Finest hamming it up in the spotlight, Orion marching to the ring, Loco Martinez attempting a pin on Buck Dresden, cutting finally to the briefest image of Jonny Johnson himself, slowly rising from the darkness as a black phoenix in the spotlight.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.

Dutch Harris: SHOOT NATION! Welcome to the tenth edition of Dominion! Tonight, just like last night on Revolution, we are bringing you an action packed card full of matches chosen by YOU!

Mark Kendrick: The anticipation is off the charts for this one, folks. Tonight, our main event is a dream match if I ever saw one! Tonight, Donovan King and Adrian Corazon step into the ring with the returning legend, Diamon Del Carver in a triple threat match!

The crowd cheers wildly, hearing the words of the announcers.

Dutch Harris: That match is going to be absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see it, Mark. But, just like last night, we’ve got a co-main event! This year’s Sin City Championship Series winner and reigning Sin City Champion, Jacob Mephisto will defend his title against the previous Series winner, Lunatikk Crippler. And folks, it’s going to be a ladder match!

Mark Kendrick: That’s a main event on any other night, Dutch. But, that’s not all, folks! We’re also going to see relative newcomer "The Evangelist" Jerry Matthews going one on one with Conor Caden as well as the debut of Mr. Ocelot, as he> takes on Randall Kash!

Dutch Harris: Those two matches should be very hotly contested and it’s great to see that the SHOOT Nation lobbied to see some of our up and coming soldiers in action. But, kicking things off tonight, we see the return of the DeathKore stipulation, as Thomas Manchester Black steps into the ring with Sammy Rochester, and that match should prove to be absolutely vicious!

Mark Kendrick: By golly I can’t wait to get things started! As a matter of fact, let’s get right into it and send you up to Samantha Coil!

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a DEATHKORE MATCH…

The crowd roars the match stipulation, but those cheers turn to boos as “The March of Mephisto” by Kamelot his over the PA, and the crowd reigns down boos as Sammy Rochester storms from the backstage area.  He wastes no time stomping angrily towards the ring. His eyes ares wide and scary.  A few brazen fans who extended hands ringside pull those hands back when they see the look on Sammy’s face.

Mark Kendrick: That guy is scary on any given day.  But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Sammy like-like… like THIS!  Throw into the mix the stipulation for this match?  I think referee Scott Kamura has his hands full tonight!

Keeping a distance, and looking haggard, tired and even scared Jester Smiles slowly walks down the ramp. 

Dutch Harris:  I think Jester’s look and demeanor says it all, Mark. 

Sammy stomps up the ring steps and goes to a corner where he starts pacing.

Samantha Coil: And now, her opponent, making his way to the ring, accompanied by Jester Smiles, he weighs in tonight at FOUR HUNDRED and SIXTY FIVE pounds…SAMMY ROCHESTER!

Jester goes ringside, but doesn’t voice any encouragement.  In fact he barely even looks up at the hulking monster inside the ring. 

Mark Kendrick:  He accidentally hit Sammy so clearly he’s worried about losing control of Sammy.

Dutch Harris:  Or Sammy "losing control" all over Jester!

"The March of Mephisto" fades away.  Sammy still pacing. "They Are Lost" by Last Remaining Pinnacle begins to play. More boos as TMB steps out onto the ramp. 

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, first, hailing from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina, he weighs in at two hundred forty five pounds, here is THOMAS MAANCHESTEEER BLAAACK!!!

TMB stalks down the ramp as the crowd continues to boo. He doesn’t take the time to acknowledge the booing fans as he makes his way to the ring.  His eyes locked on Sammy Rochester.  He takes a quick look at Jester Smiles who barely acknowledges Black. 

Mark Kendrick:  Its quite the size difference, but with just about EVERY SHOOT Soldier, a match against Sammy Rochester will put you at a disadvantage!

Dutch Harris:  Its eight inches and two hundred twenty pounds.  Deathkore match may be the ultimate equalizer for TMB to combat Sammy’s size and mind state!

Scott Kamura calls for the bell.  Sammy immediately charges and levels TMB with a running body splash.  He quickly sits down onto the chest of TMB and begins driving huge clubbing blows to TMB’s temple.  TMB covers up, but Sammy continues to swing wildly with as much force as he can muster, but with little precision or accuracy.  Sammy winds up with both hands up over his head.  He lets out a guttural scream and goes to drive both of his hands down into TMB’s forehead with a double hammer punch, but Black is able to slide himself down so that Sammy misses TMB’s head and slams with all his might into the SHOOT ring. 

Mark Kendrick: Thomas Manchester Black was lucky to get out of the way of that.

Sammy’s momentum allows TMB to slide all the way out and quickly get to his feet.  Sammy gets up, we notice the knuckles on both hands are red, swollen, some blood beginning to run back.

Dutch Harris:  He hit the mat so hard, he hurt his hands, but he didn’t flinch.

Sammy looks at the speckles of blood on the back of his hands for a moment before he turns his rage filled eyes back to TMB.  Black leans against the corner and gesture for Sammy to "come get him".

Mark Kendrick: That can’t be wise. 

Another jump inducing shriek and Sammy runs full speed towards TMB, who quickly sidesteps the charging giant.  Sammy runs full speed chest first into the turnbuckles.  The crowd "oohs" at the force.  Sammy actually slouches a bit, the wind ripped from his body.

Dutch Harris:  Mark, I think the ring moved there.

Mark Kendrick: Wouldn’t surprise me.

Sammy stays slouched over the top turnbuckle as he takes deep breaths attempting to refill his lungs.  TMB quickly hits the opposite ropes, and comes back full speed with a running big boot to the back of Sammy’s neck. 

Mark Kendrick:  Goodness!!  TMB’s amateur chiropractic work really did a number on Sammy, there!

Dutch Harris:  He’s doing everything he can to wear the big man down!

Black drives  a shoulder into  Sammy’s lower back.  He grabs the ropes,  steps back.  Drives another shoulder and another and another AND ANOTHER! 

Dutch Harris:  Each of those shots keeps knocking the wind out of Rochester on top of the fact a man the size of Sammy will be susceptible to some structural weaknesses.  Namely the back and knees!

Mark Kendrick:  Thanks, Doctor Dutch!

Black stands up and drives one knee up into his lower back, but keeps it there.  He grabs Sammy behind the chin and pulls back with all his might in almost a modified standing camel clutch.   He pulls back, and then puts his knee down on the ground and then starts delivering vicious muay thai knees up towards the back of Sammy’s neck.  Each one driven right into the base of Sammy’s skull.   Sammy’s knees wobble.   TMB drives a couple more and then leaps up onto the back of Sammy and locks in a rear naked choke and securing a body triangle. 

Dutch Harris:   Black has a strategy here, with the big man.  Wearing him down, trying to secure a submission or a knockout by choking him out.

Mark Kendrick:  And lets remind the people, the reason he could stay over in that corner so long with no count from referee Scotty "too hotty" Kamura, is because of our Deathkore stipulation.  No DQ or Countout or rope breaks!

Dutch Harris:  Good point, Mark.  Please don’t give the referee’s nicknames?

Outside the ring, Jester looks nervously at the situation Sammy is in.   He quickly runs to the time keeper’s area.  He shoves a production assistant off a chair and quickly grabs it up, folds it and slides it right behind where the two men are standing.   He catches Sammy’s eyes.  He points to the chair and screams "Fall back".   Sammy takes a wobbly step back.  Then another, but before TMB can do anything to change Sammy falls backwards.


Straight back onto the chair laying on the mat.  TMB lets go limp.  He lets go over the rear naked choke.  Sammy rolls off of Thomas He goes to his hands and knees taking huge gasping breaths.  He sees TMB stirring, but instead of continuing the attack he rolls out side.   The crowd roars with excitement.   He goes under the ring.  He pulls out…


The giant metal trash can with a few kendo sticks, a baseball bat, a crowbar, a mop, a few cookie sheets, a snow shovel, and god knows what else. 

Dutch Harris:  Is that a snow shovel?

Mark Kendrick:  My years shoveling snow at Penn State for book money, tell me it is, Dutch. 

Sammy launches the trash can over the top rope.  It spills its contents into the ring which also include a signed 8×10" Azrael Goeren framed picture, a staple gun, and an original X-Box.  

Mark Kendrick: Well I think we know which SHOOT Employee made up that "goody bag"!

Dutch Harris:  It does appear Herr Goeren had himself a busy afternoon.

Sammy rolls back in and surveys the weapons, but can’t seem to make up his mind, which takes too long.  CCRRRAAAAAACKKKKK!!!!   TMB bends a cookie sheet over Sammy’s head. 

Mark Kendrick: The big man WOBBLES…  but he don’t fall down!

TMB takes off from the far ropes.   He winds up and… CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!! !  Another vicious cookie sheet shot.   Sammy slumps back against the ropes.  The cookie sheet is useless.  TMB tosses it outside.  His turn to look through the mix of weapons.  His eyes land on the picture.  He picks it up and winds up smashing the frame over Sammy’s head.  Glass goes everywhere.  

Mark Kendrick:  NOO!!!  We could have gotten twenty bucks for that on Ebay!

We see a few cuts high on Sammy’s forehead start to flow.  Sammy puts a hand to his forehead.  He pulls it back and sees the crimson and his eyes go wide.  He glares at TMB.   He lets out a war cry and charges, leveling Black with a clothesline.   He scoops up the nearest weapon, a Kendo stick.  He begins overhead swinging it down into TMB.  There is no focus.  Just wild swinging hitting whatever part of TMB is unfortunate to be under the kendo when it makes contact.   The last of nearly a dozen frantic shots breaks the kendo stick across TMB’s forehead!

Outside Jester Smiles slides another chair in.   Sammy gets up and goes to get the chair.  He sets up one.  He goes to set up the other so they’re facing each other in the corner, but TMB gets up and grabs the XBox, he hurls it with all his might into the back of the head of Sammy Rochester.   He stumbles into the corner, dropping the chair.  TMB runs full speed and leaps off the set up chair and comes crashing down hard into Rochester’s back with a huge leaping splash!  

Mark Kendrick:  That big splash in the corner could be a game changer!

Dutch Harris:  Looks like Thomas Manchester Black has something in mind.

TMB scoops up the chair Sammy just dropped and sets it up so the seats of both chairs are facing each other.  He then grabs drives a few elbows into the back of Sammy’s head, before climbing to the second rope next to Rochester.

Dutch Harris: What does TMB have in mind for the monster?

TMB puts Sammy in a reverse chinlock.  He looks at the two set up chairs behind him and with all his force he pushes out off the middle rope with a  reverse DDT.   Sammy for a second looks like he might be able to stop the momentum, but his back gives way and he comes crashing down through the seats of the two set up chairs.  The crowd leaps as the impact of the move obliterates the two chairs!  A "holy shit" chant kicks in.   TMB crawls, and hooks a leg.



THREE!!    – Sammy shoulders out just after the three, referee Scott Kamura calls for the bell.   TMB quickly rolls out of the ring.  We see a shocked Jester Smiles watching on.

Samantha Coil:  The winner of this match at a time of thirteen minutes, fourteen seconds.  THOMAS.  MANCHESTER.  BLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

Black holds his hands up high as he walks backwards up the ramp.   In the ring Sammy is glaring.  Irate.  Unhinged.

Mark Kendrick: Quite the battle those two had!   Thomas Manchester Black picks up a big win with a spectacular move, and Sammy is NOT too happy with it. I wouldn’t want to be his next opponent.

Dutch Harris:  I wouldn’t want to be Jester Smiles!

Sammy rolls out of the ring.  He shoots a dirty look Jester Smiles way, before storming up the ramp to the back.   We cut away.

The camera shows a car door opening.  The door looks to have been keyed savagely.  A boot steps down on the concrete of the parking deck and the camera pans up to reveal Donovan King, prompting the fans to cheer rather loudly.  He slowly pulls out his duffel bag and slings it over his shoulder, closing the door behind him.  He stands there and sighs as Dominion Interviewer Extraordinaire Mary Kelly marches up to him with a smile on her face.

Mary Kelly: Donovan King!

Donovan King: Mary Kelly.

She giggles a little before she notices his car door.

Mary Kelly: Oh WOW.  What happened to your car door?

King glances down at it.

Donovan King: Some asshole keyed it at the place I’m staying at.  I don’t know.  No big deal.  Did you need something?

Mary clears her throat.

Mary Kelly: Um, well?  The public’s been wondering what your thoughts have been ever since you lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Dan Stein at Master of the Mat.  You didn’t show up at Revolution and now, here you are, ready for your main event dream match with you going up against Adrian Corazon and the returning Diamond Del Carver.  The people are all wondering…just what are your thoughts?  How do you feel?  Will you be demanding your rematch against the World Champion?

King looks at her as she collects her thoughts.

Mary Kelly: OH!  And the new World Heavyweight Champion!  Trey Willett overcame nearly twelve years of close calls, near finishes, and missed opportunities to take the World Championship from Dan Stein, the man who beat you at Master of the Mat!

King nods his head with a sigh.

Donovan King: You wanna ask me about Isaac Entragian and Corazon, too?

Mary Kelly: YEAH!

King chuckles.

Donovan King: Look.  Mary.  I’m proud of my time as the World Heavyweight Champion.  I’m also proud of how Dan Stein defeated me at Master of the Mat.  No, I don’t like him beatin’ me.  I wish I had retained.  But he didn’t do it like a bitch, he did it like a man.  He was the World Heavyweight Champion for somethin’ like three weeks, an’ you know what?  Sometimes that happens.  Kudos to Trey Willett for makin’ it to the top after God knows how many times he failed to do it.  I’m ready to see what he does with it an’ if he has what it takes if Dan Stein wants a rematch or…if I’m ready to request my rematch.

The fans cheer once he mentions getting back in the title race.

Donovan King: But for tonight?  Just for tonight…I’m going to welcome Diamond Del Carver back to SHOOT with the only kind of greetings a guy like him deserves…an’ that’s a shake of the hand an’ a boot in the ass.

More cheering.

Donovan King: Same for Adrian.  I don’t want to inundate you with my thoughts on what Corazon did to Isaac.  Not right now.  The bottom line is I got a match tonight an’ my opinions are just gonna have to wait.

Mary Kelly: Kinda like your car door?

King glances behind him at the damage and sighs.  He turns to her and smiles.

Donovan King: Like my car door, Mary.

Mary lets out a little “eee” as she hops at his acknowledgement of her joke.  King walks past her and leaves her staring at his car door.

Dutch Harris: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as Randall Kash stretches in the center of the ring waiting his opponent, as are the many who packed into the Epicenter tonight.

Mark Kendrick: The Black Wolf and referee Austin Linam are conversing in the ring and I’m curious if their discussion has anything to do with what’s to come…Mr. Ocelot

Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring with Kash and Linam in the background. She smiles and embraces the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is the famous SHOOT Project Shut up and Fight contest. Standing in the ring, and weighing in at 272 pounds. He is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The BlackwolfRANDALL…KASH!

Dutch Harris: Mr. Ocelot and his drunken-buffoon manager have been blazing a trail through the SHOOT Project in the last month attempting to spread the word and image of Mr. Ocelot. I’ll say this, Mark, I wouldn’t want to be the first few men in his path…

Mark Kendrick: I’m right there with you, my friend. Randall Kash doesn’t seem to mind. He is a SHOOT soldier, after all. He has the sufficient testicular fortitude.

Dutch Harris: Naivety, perhaps? Regardless – we’ve been given hints of Ocelot’s training. He’s going to be taking our SHOOT soldiers to new heights.

Mark Kendrick: We have a trophy display of phenomenal performers, Dutch, so I’d sprinkle some salt on that comment for the time being.

Dutch Harris: I’ll place my bet on Mr. Ocelot, but only time will tell if he’s got the rock-solid guts to spend the long-term delivering and receiving beat downs.

Mark Kendrick: This is a dirty sport, but if he’s been initiated to the world as he has claimed then this should be another walk in the park. Piece of cake

Cue “Soldier of Fortune” by Liquid Cinema. The keyboard plays it’s tempo. All heads in the Epicenter turn their attention to the video wall. The Epicenter lights dim. Lightning strikes in the song at 0:16, and another 8 seconds later. The keyboard tempo rises, add in the trumpets for effect. The orchestra chimes in less then ten seconds later at about 0:31. Thus it reads on the screen:




Dutch Harris: Here he comes, Mark. The man who is taking the SHOOT Project by storm.

Mark Kendrick: He’s got quite an entrance.



And at 0:48 comes the drop. Silence. White fireworks erupt in front of the video wall and around the stage as the entire ensemble explodes in climax at about 0:51. Enter Mr. Ocelot with Luther Crumb at his side. The Las Vegas fans seem rather open to the new SHOOT soldier. Many of them are cheering. Many enjoy his elegant entrance.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, heading to the ring and weighing in at 235 pounds. He hails from Great Falls, Montana. With his agent, Luther Crumb, …MR.….OCELOT!

The epic score continues its climactic hook. Luther Crumb spins around his agent as they begin walking down the ramp. Crumb has a large white plastic bag in one hand. The lights flicker in the Epicenter. Crumb opens his arms to reveal his client as he side-steps in front of the masked superstar.

Mark Kendrick: Samantha Coil has exited the ring, and now Randall Kash and Austin Linam await their introduction to Mr. Ocelot.

Dutch Harris: I met Mr. Ocelot at Master of the Mat, and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Kendrick: The sly and devious Luther Crumb leads his client to the ring as Ocelot, dressed in black tights, black boots and his signature mask, holds is arms out to his side and gestures for the crowd to send more cheers his direction.

Dutch Harris: These guys have a sick, sick plan. They’re going to unleash it into the SHOOT Project, and I have this gut feeling that we’re about to witness history

Mark Kendrick: Here’s to hoping Randall Kash has reached 100% after his loss in the Rules of Surrender gauntlet just a few weeks ago…

Ocelot and Crumb confront ringside. Kash leans over in the center of the ring and catches his opponents bold, white eyes. Kash smiles, and then signals for Ocelot to enter the ring, but the superstar ignores the demand, and instead walks to an opposite side of the squared circle. Luther Crumb splits the adjacent side. Suddenly Kash and Linam begin looking back-and-forth to make certain these two gentlemen don’t pull a sly one.

Dutch Harris: Crumb and Ocelot are surrounding the ring.

Mark Kendrick: On the contrary. Crumb is heading toward us and Ocelot is using the staircase.

Dutch Harris:Great. Are we going to have to deal with him

Mark Kendrick: I’m afraid so, my old comrade.

Ocelot guides himself slowly along the ring apron as his music is coming to a crashing closure. Kash carefully plants himself with Ocelot’s every move. Mr. Ocelot bends between the ropes and enters the ring. He’s immediately confronted by Austin Linam. The referee guides Ocelot toward the turnbuckle for a quick official procedure.

Luther Crumb walks over to the commentary pod. Mr. Ocelot’s music fades out. The Epicenter faithful unleash a variety of loquacious shouts and cheers for the second match of what will be an amazing evening. The manager-agent wears a gold fedora, a disgusting dark green sports coat, and black jeans. He walks over to the pod and taps on the door. He’s motioned to enter by Mark Kendrick.

Dutch Harris: Oh, fantastic, Mark. I’m glad we don’t occupy this pod together.

Mark Kendrick: What exactly to you mean?

Luther Crumb enters the pod and slams his white plastic bag onto the table.

Austin Linam steps back from Mr. Ocelot and gives him the nod to step into the center of the ring.

Dutch Harris: Never mind that. Let’s get on with this.

Dutch and Mark gain their composure as their confronted by Luther Crumb. The agent puts on a set of headphones and slouches in a vacant black leather desk chair. He looks at his commentary team.

Luther Crumb: Evenin’, gentlemen.

Dutch Harris: Luther, it’s good seeing you again…

Mark Kendrick: Thank you for joining us, Luther.

Dutch and Luther shake hands for a moment, and then Luther immediately digs into his white plastic bag.

In the ring – Mr. Ocelot and Randall Kash stare each other in the eyes. The fans are cheering as Kash shares a few words with the masked superstar. Ocelot may have responded, but it’s hard to tell with his mask on. Kash immediately pushes Mr. Ocelot back a peg and Austin Linam rushes to the opposite side of the ring to communicate with the timekeeper. Thus – the three chimes of the ring bell. The match begins.

Dutch Harris: Uh-oh, Crumb, your man just took a pretty mean shove. It doesn’t seem like Randall Kash cares much for what you two have said over the past week.

Luther Crumb: Doesn’t matter, Dutchy-boy. My client is a devious sunuvagun.

Meanwhile – Mr. Ocelot responds to the shove, and lunges toward Randal Kash. The duo lock-up in the center of the ring. Linam studies the grapple as the fans begin to clap and cheer. Kash pushes off Ocelot but hurries toward him with a vicious forearm that meets the masked character at the side of the face. Ocelot tumbles back against the ropes.

Crumb slams a bottle of tequila onto the commentary desk. He clanks a shot glass against it, and then tupperware filled with limes.

Luther Crumb: And, I have every right to believe he’s going to destroy this fella in the ring.

Kash whips Ocelot across the ring. Mr. Ocelot bounces off the opposite set of ropes. Kash attempts to meet Ocelot in the center of the ring with a boot to the face, but Ocelot ducks underneath the Blackwolf’s leg and makes his way back to the initial set of ropes. Kash spins around as Ocelot bounces off. Mr. Ocelot leaps toward Randall Kash and nails him with a flying right punch to the face!

Luther Crumb: See what I mean? And, every time my client gets the best of his opponent tonight – I’m going to take a shot of tequila.

Crumb pours tequila into the shot glass, and holds it up to Mark and Dutch. Ocelot and Kash fall to the center of the ring as the Blackwolf nurses his jaw which just met the fury of a flying right punch. Mr. Ocelot rolls onto one knee and slowly raises his right fist to his face. He flexes. His veins bulge from his skin.

Crumb takes the shot, and then sticks his tongue out with his eyes firmly shut.

Mark Kendrick: You have a problem, Luther.

Dutch Harris: Well, it’s a simple formula, Mark. While Ocelot destroys the opposition in the ring, Luther Crumb will sit and get drunk while reaping the benefits. Get the strategy?

Mark Kendrick: Understandable.

Luther Crumb:[speech beginning to slur] Dutch…nail…on head. And, just look at that special freakin’ Adonis in that ring. Mask, or no mask, he’s a God damned hero to us all…

Crumb slams his shot glass onto the table top as Ocelot stands up and turns to view his opponent. Randall Kash is slowly getting to his feet and adjusting his jaw. Austin Linam side-steps passed the bald wrestlers and watches Mr. Ocelot extend a leg as if to kick Randall Kash in the gut. Kash attempts the block, or counter, but it’s a fake!

Dutch Harris: Oh! Ocelot stopped the kick mid-way and caught Kash attempting to counter.

Luther Crumb: He’s an impressive specimen, peeps.

Kash’s face drops, and his eyes widen as Mr. Ocelot stands tall in front of him, and the masked man waves his index finger at Kash. Naughty-naughty. Randall watches a flash of black smiley face lunge toward him. The Blackwolf is met with a series of punches to his chest. The crowd is going wild as Ocelot follows ten solid-quick thrusts to Kash’s sternum with a viscious headbutt to the bridge of his opponent’s nose. Kash immediately falls onto his back with a solid thud.

Luther Crumb:TIGER ATTACK!

Dutch Harris: Is that what that’s called? Because he just laid Randall Kash out with one dominant thrust…

Luther Crumb takes another shot of tequila.

Mark Kendrick: Eventually you’ll be tossing AA chips at your foes.

Luther Crumb:[Voice slurring more] Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice, Mark.

The fans watch the rookie sensation stand over Randall Kash. Mr. Ocelot pounds on his chest and then points several times at his fallen opponent.

Mark Kendrick: Listen to this crowd, Dutch. They really like Mr. Ocelot.

Dutch Harris: Randall Kash is nursing his bloodied nose. Ocelot leans forward and grabs Kash by the arm. The competitors are standing in the ring, and it seems that Ocelot’s going to attempt yet another interesting combination of attacks…

Luther Crumb: Beast Ascension, Dutch. He’s about to throw Kash around the ring like a freakin’ rag doll, and get me really drunk in the process.

Dutch Harris: Touche, sir.

The crowd is stomping their feet. Austin Linam encompasses the wrestlers. Randall Kash’s legs wobble before Mr. Ocelot. The masked superstar attempts to chop Kash in the neck, but Kash blocks it! The Blackwolf blocks another chop! The crowd’s tempo rises, and the stomps grow heavier and more consistent. Kash pushes Ocelot back two steps. Randall Kash initiates the toe kick to Ocelot’s mid-section. Mr. Ocelot catches Kash’s foot. He takes a few steps back and Kash falls flat on his back once again. Ocelot holds on to Kash’s foot as he moves into the fallen foe and begins to stomp a mudhole in Kash’s abdomen!

Dutch Harris: Ocelot is beating the life out of Randall Kash.

Mark Kendrick: He’s a counterattack specialist, Dutch. He doesn’t play around. You really have to know where to hit Mr. Ocelot, or he’ll take you to the mat, and that’s not where you want to be against him.

Luther Crumb: I’m never playing this drinking game again, that’s for sure.

The fans cheer with every stomp, and they stomp in unison. Ocelot throws Kash’s leg to the side and it flops to the ring as The Blackwolf rolls over and hugs his sides. Mr. Ocelot falls onto his knees and leans over Kash’s body. He rolls Kash onto his back and then hooks his leg. Linam slides onto his knees and slams his hand onto the canvas.

Luther Crumb: Ye…YES!

Dutch Harris: Ocelot might have this in the bag.

Mark Kendrick: I’d hate to point out the obvious, but in the early going he’s looking rather tough.

ONE! – Ocelot watches Linam’s hand fall to the ring a second time. TWO! – But, before he can even hint at nailing the third fall – Kash throws up his shoulder. Ocelot responds to Kash’s pop-up with a few bludgeoning hammer punches to the forehead.

Luther Crumb: It’s almost over, gentlemen.

Dutch, Mark, Luther, and the rest of the world watch as Linam shouts at Ocelot to cease his endless pounding. The masked superstar lets out an uproarious ‘AH!’ with every blow. He’s released about five vicious shots to Kash’s forehead. Kash did block a few, but some slipped through with decent force. Ocelot spins away from his opponent and leaps to his feet. He embraces the crowd as they continue to stomp. Kash rolls to the ropes and holds on to the bottom as Austin places a hand on his shoulder and leans in to make sure he’s doing OK.

Luther Crumb sets out a second shot glass.

Luther Crumb: I’ll be taking two shots in a moment, gentlemen.

He pours tequila in each glass.

Dutch Harris: Ocelot is watching Kash guide himself up slowly using the ring ropes. Linam slowly steps away from the blackwolf as he rests for a moment against the ropes. Ocelot takes position in the center of the ring. He adjusts his black tights. He stomps on the canvas one time. The crowd stands as Randall Kash slowly walks away from the ropes.

Mark Kendrick: Here we go, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: The Epicenter is on their feet as the rookie, Mr. Ocelot, holds his hand in the air to signify the calling of…

Luther Crumb: Let me have this one, Dutch…

Kash confronts Mr. Ocelot’s innocent white grin. Ocelot toe-kicks Kash in the mid-section. The blackwolf leans over. Ocelot immediately lifts the 270 plus pound superstar onto his shoulders with ease. Ocelot’s veins bulge. Kash’s arm is awkwardly twisted around his neck. Ocelot stomps once more.

Luther Crumb: The BIG

Crumb takes one shot.

Ocelot then releases his finishing manuever, and sends Randall Kash twisting and crashing awkwardly onto the canvas. A wicked, wreckless, twisted style of death valley driver. A cut-throat driver. Kash’s fall makes a fantastic impact onto the canvas.

Luther Crumb:BANG!

Mark Kendrick:The Big Bang!

Dutch Harris: What finesse. What strength. This is what we’re guaranteed to see.

Crumb takes a final shot.

Ocelot falls onto his knees and crawls toward the fallen opponent. He hooks into the lateral press. Linam slides onto his knees and connects with the first fall. ONE!

Dutch Harris: Mr. Ocelot has sealed his first victory in the SHOOT Project!


Mark Kendrick: In grand style, to say the least. Kash was given no opportunity to strike, and Ocelot had the momentum from the moment he stepped into the ring.

Luther Crumb: THREE!

Crumb pushes himself away from the table and leaps from the leather desk chair. He leaves his belongings in the pod as the hook to “Soldier of Fortune” by Liquid Cinema takes another loop through the P.A. System.

Dutch Harris: Mr. Ocelot throws Kash’s leg aside and hurries to his feet. It’s certain the rookie superstar is going to soak in the opportunity he’ll have in the SHOOT Project.

Mark Kendrick: What a way to debut tonight, Dutch. There’s a lot of special people backstage, and I’m sure they’re watching Luther Crumb and Ocelot standing in that ring with their arms held high. Quite an impressive showing, and he stayed true to his word.

Samantha Coil, and Luther Crumb join the victorious Mr. Ocelot in the center of the ring. The bell sounds three times. Austin Linam kneels next to Randall Kash. Crumb reaches out and grabs his clients arm. He raises it into the air. He points at Mr. Ocelot and yells to the crowd: “This is the man!…This is the man right here!”

Samantha Coil: Your winner by pinfall…MR.…OCELOT!

Coil exits the ring and fans throughout the Epicenter take focus of Ocelot’s celebration. Linam helps Kash out of the ring. The Blackwolf is holding the back of his head. His arm is around Linam’s shoulder as the official and superstar walk the ramp to the back.

Mark Kendrick: This could be the last we see or hear from Randall Kash, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: He’s had a good run, but let’s not count him out yet. He didn’t look too beat up.

Mark Kendrick: I suppose it goes to say – Mr. Ocelot is here

Dutch Harris: This is going to be a very interesting era for the SHOOT Project.

Ocelot and Crumb have exited the ring. Ocelot’s theme music continues on a loop as he and his manager-agent slowly ascend the ramp. The fans’ have lowered the tempo on their vociferous cheering and they watch the masked superstar exit the Epicenter. Luther Crumb continues to yell out to the crowd: “The man! THIS IS THE MAN!” He points his gold fedora at Mr. Ocelot and continues a variety of ways to say that his client is ‘the man’. Crumb nearly trips, but his client is there to catch him. The agent smiles foolishly as he’s guided up the ramp by his client. Fade to black.

Sitting alone in her locker room, Tanya Black hears the door knock and looks over at it a bit surprised but mostly uncaring about the situation. Pulling herself off the bench she walks over and opens the door to find Mary Kelly standing there.

Mary Kelly: Tanya Black, I am here to interview you and I won’t take no for an answer.

Tanya: Why would I tell you no, NotAbby?

Mary Kelly sighs and follows Tanya in her locker room as Tanya sits back down and stares at a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Mary Kelly: What are you doing?

Tanya: Trying to remember why I made that silly vow not to drink anymore. I miss losing my clarity of thought.

Mary Kelly: Is this about losing to Liz Gaunt?

Tanya: Liz is just one link in the chain. I am a better wrestler than Liz Gaunt and everyone knows it. If I wanted her to end up in a hospital bed next to her cult leader, I would have done it. Conor Caden shouldn’t have beaten me and that’s obvious to anyone with half a brain. Adrian Corazon? He’s no wrestler, just another SCAR demon. Just lying to himself and everyone else about it. But no one is buying anymore. Solomon Richard? Damn straight I can tap him out.

The simple truth is all arrogance aside, because I am not arrogant just smart, I have the ability and skill to beat everyone here. Well no, let me correct that. There are three people who could beat me any given night in a fair and proper match.

Donovan King. Cade Sydal. Jonny Johnson. Fortunately for me, all three of those are SHOOT Project Cowards. There are no “Soldiers” here because this is not a war.


I am a wrestler and I am proud to call myself a wrestler. I am proud to say I care about wrestling, not terrorism and horror and fucking supermodels instead of training. I don’t need the fan’s acceptance and forgiveness.

My fans have always cheered for me. They respect the fact that by all rights I EARNED an Iron Fist Title match a LONG time ago and never got it. My fans know that the only reason I didn’t walk out of Master of the Mat Rules of Surrender Champion was… Injustice.

Mary Kelly: What does that mean?

Tanya Black: If you can’t read between the lines, you have already been brainwashed. I am not a hero, I am not a villain. I am not a Soldier!


There is no shame in that. Because I am a wrestler that means I believe one thing: If you won’t fight me for two and a half years. YOU ARE A COWARD!

Mary Kelly: But why think about getting drunk? And on company time?

Tanya Black: There is no Justice in SHOOT Project. There is no wrestler’s honor and no professional pride from anyone but me. So why allow myself to stay sober enough to let that thought haunt me? Take your attempted murder. Profit off of it. Treat it like a harmless Hollywood CGI effect.

From now on I wrestle for free. I don’t want Jason Johnson’s blood money. His demented desires to push the envelope until Eli Roth can’t watch anymore are beyond what I wish to be associated with.

If there are any other REAL wrestlers in SHOOT Project, do as I do. Take your checks, take that dirty money and donate it all to charity. Don’t keep a dime of it. Don’t encourage the industry to think this is acceptable. Don’t teach the children in the audience that this is what all the little boys and girls should grow up to be.

Mary Kelly: How are you going to afford to eat if you never keep your money?

Tanya: That’s my concern. Just tell the roster they are lucky. Tell them SHOOT Project is lucky I won’t let my Evil out. Tell the Front Office they better never try to take away my honor and my pride. Because when I have nothing restraining me, when my Evil is unleashed. It doesn’t SCAR.

It Ends Careers.

The fact Diamond Del Carver is back in the ring proves even Isaac Entragian can’t do that. If he has a problem with that, wheel Isaac into my ring. I’ve been waiting for almost three years for Isaac to find his nutsack. Just like the rest of the cowardly soldiers SHOOT Project employs.

As Mary Kelly goes to ask another question Tanya Black takes her bottle and holds it up to Mary, almost taunting her with it. Laughing warmly, Tanya walks out as she sings a song:

Almost to the mountaintop, 

You slip and fall just like a stone, 

Rolling ever faster to this nightmare you have sown. 

You had it all right in your grasp, 

But in a breath, your minute passed, 

Now at last the end has come, you are all alone.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come back to you tonight, with a scene that; well, a scene that…sorry I am lost for words…let’s just say it’s in very bad taste.

Mark Kendrick: Bad taste? This is utterly disrespectful!

Dutch Harris:  During the break, Valentine Lionheart had our stage crew cart a casket and podium down to ringside, and none of us really knew what was going on while the stage crew dressed turnbuckle posts with flowers. But I have to say, I had a bad feeling about this situation.

Mark Kendrick: At first I thought he was going to reiterate his recent words about SHOOT Project being taken behind the woodshed…

Dutch Harris:  I thought the same thing Mark, until I caught a glimpse of the “In Memorial” plaque aimed at the wife of Marcus Mirage.  Luckily for the viewers at home, our director has kept the camera away from ringside.

Mark Kendrick: Unfortunately, Dutch, and to our viewers at home, I am being told by the production truck that we are indeed going to allow this filth to air…although, from a personal standpoint I cannot condone this.  I’ve been at this for many years, and this is one of the most deplorable acts I can recall.

The camera quickly changes from the concerned announcers and to the ring; the loud boos and jeers echo throughout the Epicentre as Valentine Lionheart stands tall behind the podium with a shit eating grin beaming from his face.  Lionheart dusts down his black suit, taps the microphone with his knuckles to check if it is working and then pulls his sunglasses up into his long dark hair.

Valentine:  We are gathered here today…to pay tribute to my dear friend, Lauren…she has meant a lot to me other the past few months and has been somewhat of a rock for me to cling to through these hard and difficult times.

He pauses and pretends to wipe tears away from his eyes, an action that garners even more criticism from the already irate fans.

Mark Kendrick: Can you believe this guy?

Valentine: She has always been there when I needed her…all I had to do was close my eyes and imagine her lips wrapped around my cock…and I had enough pep in my step to last me a lifetime!  But now, due to the greedy actions of her coward of a husband, I will never get a chance to ruin every orifice on her body.

A chorus of hisses and violent remarks spew from the incensed crowd, each of them spitting as much venom at the Orion member as they possibly can. One notable chant breaks out with the words “Fuck You Lion-Heart”.

Dutch Harris:  I didn’t think this could get much worse Mark…I…I… Can’t even listen to this!

Mark Kendrick: We have a job to do and I am going to try my best to call it. And the only excuse I can come up with is that after losing the Master of the Mat final, Valentine has snapped.

Lionheart moves away from the podium, microphone in hand, and then stands beside the coffin. Here he runs his fingers across the varnished wood. With a sneer Lionheart leans forward and runs his tongue across the coffin as the fans let out a collective wince; many of them turning away or shaking their heads in disgust.

Valentine: Unless…

Slowly, Valentine lifts the lid of the coffin; the cameras can’t quite get a glimpse of what is inside, but from Valentine’s expression you could almost believe that a body is resting inside. The fans begin to throw trash his way and the “Fuck You Lion-Heart”  taunts boom from the mouths of all those in attendance.

Valentine: Shhh…have some respect, what are you trying to do… Wake the dead?

Dutch Harris: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been asked to clarify this. The wife of Marcus Mirage is still very much alive; while her condition is critical I need to make this clear that she is not in that coffin and this is merely theatrics and mind games on Valentine’s part.

Mark Kendrick:  Although, this is still very hard to watch; we apologize for the distastefulness of this part of the show.

Lionheart licks his lips and peers into the coffin.

Valentine: Would you look at that, so pale, so bleak…so…Fuckable. Even as a corpse you arouse me. Lauren…I feel we are destined to be together…to a point, that I am willing to overlook the differences in our body temperature. All for a taste of those…Cold. Dead. Lips.

He leans in puckering his lips for a kiss, an action, like most here tonight that is greeted by an unfavorable reaction from the crowd, a reaction that causes Valentine to shudder and halt mid motion.

Valentine: Come on, a little privacy, PLEASE! Some people have no shame…if…

The lights suddenly die and Valentine immediately turns toward the entryway, stopping mid-sentence.

Moments pass as anxiety pours over the crowd in the now darkened arena.

The SHOOTron springs to life with a flash, drawing everyone’s attention as Daft Punk’s ‘The Game Has Changed’ begins playing over the PA.

As the video fades, the lights begin to turn on in a wave down toward the center of the arena, where a very familiar masked figure lurks, quietly squatting Spider-Man style on the top turnbuckle behind a thoroughly angered Valentine Lionheart.

The crowd goes absolutely ballistic.

Dutch Harris: Listen…to this reaction!

Kendrick’s reaction is similar, his voice rising, with an added pause between each of his words.

Mark Kendrick: Be – careful – what – you – wish – for – Valentine – Lionheart!

The masked figure, draped in white on black tribal designs splashed over a sweeping leather duster nearly resembling a cape, falls in folds over the top ropes on either side of him, reflecting random light from the scaffolding above the ring.  The spawn-like figure slowly cocks his head as he gazes down upon Valentine Lionheart, complete with a steel chair in hand.

Looking toward the SHOOTron, Valentine motions toward the ring as if to say, “come get some”, to which 3M complies, slowly rising to a standing position on the top turnbuckle, causing the crowd to amp up accordingly.  While staring down at his prey, the shrouded figure suddenly leaps, his duster flaring out as the ropes surrounding the ring shake, alarming Valentine who has mere microseconds to react, spinning on his heels just in time to raise his hands as 3M crashes down with a chairshot off the top that echoes throughout the arena, accompanied by a simultaneous crowd reaction of, “Ohhhhhhh!”.

Valentine falls in a heap.

Mark Kendrick: My God, that impact, that could have killed him!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a chairshot off the top!

Dutch Harris: Even though the noise, Mark, Valentine saved himself right there by getting his hands up just in time to lessen that blow enough to stop it from doing permanent damage.

Mark Kendrick: It still got him good, Dutch, the way he just collapsed, I’m gonna say he’s lights out!  3M better hurry, though; you know Orion is never far behind!

Stepping around the fallen Valentine Lionheart, who has blood pouring down from his hairline, 3M kicks the casket over with authority, knocking it against the ropes and sending the table tumbling to the canvas.  As he clears the center of the ring, his sweeping duster flows with his every movement.  Slamming the chair he previously used down flat in the center of the ring, he motions to a ringside assistant, grabbing a mic from her.  Turning toward the announcers, he makes another quick motion, and can be heard yelling, “The water, throw it!”

Complying, Mark Kendrick grabs one of the square Fiji water bottles on the announcer table and tosses it into the ring which 3M catches with relative ease.  Putting the mic beneath his arm, he opens the bottle and pours some out over his masked face as he approaches the fallen Valentine, who now has blood pooling on the mat where his head rests.  3M throws water out of the bottle down at Valentine in an obvious attempt to wake him.  Though his voice is muffled and seemingly deeper, it can still be understood through the form fitting mask he now wears, but is uniquely the voice of 3M.

3M: Wake up, Val.  You’ve been waiting all this time to see me and you’re gonna miss the show!

Mark Kendrick: He’s actually trying to wake him!

Dutch Harris: After everything he’s put Mirage through, there is no doubt he wants him to be conscious to receive the message he’s sending tonight.

As Valentine begins to stir, 3M suddenly drops the items he has in his hands and forcefully grabs him, shaking him violently while yelling something unintelligible.  Forcing Valentine to his feet and holding him up while the cobwebs slowly begin to clear, 3M grabs Valentine and locks him in a full nelson, slowly turning for the entire audience to see.  After moments of anticipation pass, he takes a step forward with a sudden sweep of the legs, slamming Valentine face first onto the steel chair he left laying in the center of the ring.  The gruesome sound of metal on flesh and bone echoes throughout the arena once again, causing the crowd to cheer madly at the sight of a fallen, bloodied Valentine.  As he pushes himself back to his knees, 3M stops a moment, gazing out across the crowd, taking it in.  He grabs the mic, now propped on one knee, staring down at Valentine.

3M: It’s too bad you missed the action, Val.  But, look on the bright side, when you’re in the comfort of your own home later this week and you watch what went down here tonight — over and over — you’ll get the message.  I wanted you to know something.  Something important.  This little funeral you staged here tonight, you got one thing very…VERY wrong.  This wasn’t some poor innocent woman’s funeral.  No…

3M slowly stands, continuing to stare down at his fallen prey.

3M: It was Mirage’s.

Mark Kendrick: And with an ominous message from 3M, I have to say this was a long time coming, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: The question of whether 3M would return to SHOOT Project has been answered as he stands there in that ring, lording over this arena who seem to have accepted him with open arms and…woah, woah, woah, we aren’t done yet!

Mark Kendrick: You knew they were coming sooner or later!

Just then, members of Orion pour through the entrance charging down toward the ring, but as quickly as the thunderous boos start, they stop as everyone immediately realizes 3M doesn’t retreat!  Dropping the mic, 3M slowly turns in the ring, watching intently as members of Orion surround him on the ring apron.

Dutch Harris: We knew it was only a matter of time before Orion showed up, but they had to expect he’d retreat, even I thought he would!  I’m just not sure this was the wisest move, but the message we’ve received from 3M is clear…he’s not backing down!

Mark Kendrick: He sure isn’t, I just hope the rise of 3M isn’t stopped dead in it’s tracks at the hands of Orion!

The crowd roars as members of Orion step one leg through the ropes as a number of referees and security guards storm the ring, blocking off access to 3M, though this doesn’t stop a few attempted shots from Orion, 3M is backed into the turnbuckles by the guards standing in front of him, just out of the reach of Orion.

Dutch Harris: That could have gone very badly for 3M had the cavalry not saved the day, but wow, what action.  What a moment!

Stepping through the ropes and dropping off the ring apron as various members of Orion bark at him, 3M slowly backs up the entrance ramp as fans lean over the guard rail, slapping him on the shoulders.  He stares intently into the ring, as random fans surrounding him can be heard yelling, “Welcome back!”  Back in the ring, Valentine Lionheart is back on his feet, his arm around Malice as he rubs blood off his forehead and looks at his hand.  As he looks up, his gaze stops, locking on the man he’s been waiting to see for months.


And ever so slightly, the crimson masked Lionheart grins…

Backstage.  SHOOT Helmet backdrop.  Mary Kelly.

Mary Kelly:  I’m here with the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, ANARCHY!

T.Rex and Arch Angel step into frame.  White t-shirts, championship belts resting comfortably over their shoulders.  The crowd replies to Mary with an "ANARCHY!" of their own. 

T.Rex:  Thanks for having us, Mary!

Mary Kelly:  We saw you victorious on Revolution over Maya Nakashima and Laura Seton.  We saw your match abruptly ended by Project SCAR at Master of the Mat.  SHOOT is wondering what is next for the boys of Anarchy?

T.Rex:  Well we pride ourselves as being fightin’ champs, Mary.  We want to be challenged.  We want to make sure these belts get rep’d with the passion, ability, and profile they deserve.

T.Rex lovingly "polishes" his belt with  the inside of his wrist.

Mary Kelly:  What about the ending of that battle with SCAR? 

Arch Angel:  Yeah,  we had hit the Turnspike on Flay.  We were about to successfully defend these bad boys – (slaps his belt)  when the three count got interrupted.  Match might have gotten tossed out because SCAR wanted to get retribution for something earlier.  Maybe they wanted to get revenge for our part in holding them from Corazon’s vicious attack on Entragian.   Maybe they just wanted to stop Anarchy from winning-

T.Rex:  An attack that big white bastard had comin’ if you ask me.

Arch Angel:  No one did, Teddy.  But Teddy’s mission statement is accurate.  We may not have thought we could get to… well… HERE?  But?  Here we are, and for any teams out there who dream about knocking us off?   Well… In a distinctly east coast phrase…

T.Rex:   Fuggin’ Fughedaboutit!

Arch Angel extends his arms welcomingly. 

Arch Angel:  But we welcome the challenge.  If its SCAR who wants to step back up and take another crack?  If its someone new like Orion? Or the Flying Avengers?  Or the Bad Ass Brotherhood? Or some new collective or some returning team?   Come at us hard, bros.  Cuz now that we have these belts?  We’re gonna damn sure do everything in our power to keep them for as long as we can.

T.Rex:  Its the only weight I’ve gained since I got to SHOOT, and I ain’t in no hurry to lose it!  We wanna fight for what these belts represent.   That we are SHOOT Project’s TEAM. TO. BEAT. 

Each man holds up their title to the camera to drive home their point.

Mary Kelly:  Strong words from our tag team champions!  Thanks for the interview, guys!

We cut away.

“These Colours Don’t Run” by the Architects plays up with the people cheering in anticipation.

Samantha Coil: The following match is one fall with fifteen minute time limit!  Coming to the ring first, weighing 185 pounds – he is the Ghost of Ann Arbor, Michigan…  Conor Caden!

Caden throws his arms wide as he steps out from the back, sporting his usual ring attire, save for an addition… a T-shirt that reads, “God’s Broadsword” with an arrow pointing down to his genitalia.

Mark Kendrick: Now that’s kind of in poor taste.

Dutch Harris: I agree, but it’s also a message direct to Jerry Matthews that Caden does not respect him or his religious views.

Caden struts to the ring, hopping in from the floor and playing to the crowd while the music changes to “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Redemption, Alabama, weighing 275 pounds… The Evangelist, Jerry Matthews!

Mark Kendrick: Actually, I can see from here… Jerry Matthews’s tights say “God’s Broadsword” so that shirt is definitely aimed at him.

Dutch Harris: The archangel Michael wields his sword in the Lord’s name against demons… Jerry Matthews believes he is the weapon to combat wicked men.

Jerry Matthews does not wear a robe or a collar, or anything to suggest that he is interested in preaching or salvation.  He already said that Caden was beyond saving.  As The Evangelist enters the ring, though, he kneels in the corner and prays.

Jerry Matthews: Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek out your decrees. Your compassion is great, O LORD; preserve my life according to your laws.  Many are the foes who persecute me, but I have not turned from your statutes.  I look on the faithless with loathing, for they do not obey your word.  See how I love your precepts; preserve my life, O LORD, acco—


Dutch Harris: Caden chose to get this match started early.

Mark Kendrick: Scott Kamura’s calling for the bell.

Caden attempts the early pinfall.



Dutch Harris: We’ve seen Matthews bend the rules before.  Caden had to have seen that and wanted to take the initiative.

Jerry Matthews attempts to pull himself up with the ropes, with Conor Caden holding the top rope and stomping on his back.  The Evagenlist rolls out of the ring to get his bearings, a Caden low-sling dropkick helping him along the way.  Caden pulls back on the rope and slings himself over the top.  Matthews ducks out of the way!


But Conor faked him out, landing with his feet on the apron.  Matthews walks away, his back to Caden, unprepared for the apron somersaulting dropkick to the back of the head to send him to the floor!


Mark Kendrick: The Ghost of Ann Arbor favoring the fast-paced offense.  He’s not going to beat Jerry Matthews in a battle of strength, he needs to keep The Evangelist Jerry Matthews from getting any momentum.


The Ann Arbor Apparition kneels on the floor, his hands in prayer.

Conor Caden: God?  If you’re there… how fuckin’ sweet was that dropkick?  I mean, really?


Hopping up, Caden stomps at Jerry Matthews’s back again, not allowing the massive preacher any time to recover.  After a brief roll into the ring to break the ring count, Caden is back outside and sees Jerry Matthews quickly rising.


A front kick to the forehead puts him down on his ass, hands behind him to keep from falling out. 


The Ghost of Ann Arbor calls out.

Conor Caden: Wave goodbye to Jerry!

And charges in for the Shining Wizard but Matthews reaches out and grabs him by the front of the pants, pulling Caden down past him into the ring stairs!


Mark Kendrick: That’ll change the complexion of this match… and Conor Caden’s face.

Dutch Harris: That’s the kinda thing you’d see in a biker bar fight.


The Evangelist grabs Conor Caden and smashes his head into the steps.  Caden recoils and falls to the floor.  Jerry Matthews shakes out the remaining cobwebs and takes the opportunity to tear Caden’s shirt off of his body and rip it in two.


Bringing Caden to his feet, Matthews locks in the standing bearhug and lifts, spinning and SLINGING CONOR INTO THE APRON WITH A SPINEBUSTER!  This gets Caden’s attention, the agony escaping his lips in throes of pain.


The Evangelist pulls up the Celtic Saint and sends him into the ring.  Matthews clasps his hands to finish the prayer that Caden interrupted earlier.

Jerry Matthews: According to your love.  All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal. Rulers persecute me without cause, but my heart trembles at your word. I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil.


Jerry Matthews: I hate and abhor falsehood but I love your law. Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.

Mark Kendrick: Not to disrespect his religion but is this really the best time to be praying?


Matthews seems in no hurry, unmoving as Scott Kamura continues his count.  The silent prayer ignores the obnoxiousness of the fans, who scream and shout near Jerry Matthews as to distract him.  The referee looks over toward the timekeeper with an inquisitive expression, with the timekeeper shrugging and using the rolling gesture to keep it moving.


Looking up, Jerry Matthews finally finishes and slips underneath the bottom rope just before he gets counted out.  Conor Caden tries to get up, but isn’t mobile yet.  Matthews stops him with a violent clubbing blow to the back of the neck, using it to stun the Celtic Saint.  Three more keep Caden controlled, allowing Matthews to back his opponent into the corner.

Mark Kendrick: Jerry Matthews lunges in with a back elbow in the corner and Conor Caden just got ROCKED!

Dutch Harris: With his height and upper body power, that’s a good move to use.  Beats on the head, and throwing his body in like that pins his man in the corner for another hit.

Mark Kendrick: Scott Kamura counts to get Caden out of the corner.





Just before five, Jerry Matthews pulls Conor by the neck into the ropes and whips him away, but yanks him back into a shortarm knee lift.  Caden’s doubled over for the Gutwrench Suplex!

Mark Kendrick: There’s the pin – one, twooo and a kickout.

Dutch Harris: Now see, there’s the lack of technical polish that The Evangelist shows.  That was a good series, the shortarm into the suplex, but it didn’t flow.  Each move just started and stopped on its own, and he took a couple of seconds to crawl over to Conor Caden for the pin.

Jerry Matthews kneels beside The Ghost of Ann Arbor and cradles his head.  The Evangelist gently brushes aside the hair from Conor Caden’s face, so that he may see his eyes and SEND PUNCH AFTER BARBARIC PUNCH INTO CADEN’S FACE!

Mark Kendrick: Matthews finally stops at the count of four.

Dutch Harris: That wasn’t quite illegal but I think Kamura was just trying to protect Conor Caden at that point.

Jerry Matthews pulls Conor Caden back to his feet, sending him into the ropes with the Irish Whip and Caden returns into the high body press AND ANOTHER DROPKICK!

Mark Kendrick: Conor’s still in this!

Both men are down, but it doesn’t take long for Matthews to get back up and meet Caden for the Small Package by the Celtic Saint!




Dutch Harris: This is where Matthews has to keep from getting overconfident.  Even a weakened man can still flash pin you.

Matthews stands up into a wheel kick, getting knocked down only to pop back up into the Calf Kick as Conor Caden begins to pick up steam.  Jerry Matthews comes up again, blocking the jumping back heel kick and pushing the leg away.  Caden swings it around for the Enzuigiri to leave Matthews reeling!  Caden attempts the whip, Matthews reverses it and Caden comes back into the spinning side slam!

Dutch Harris: Jerry Matthews just ended that comeback with the Hammer of God!

Matthews pins.



Mark Kendrick: Caden kicked out!

But Jerry Matthews simply pulls Conor Caden back to his feet and lifts him high into the air with a vertical suplex before turning it into the powerslam cover!




Mark Kendrick: He calls that the Savior’s Wrath and I definitely wouldn’t want to know what that feels like!

Dutch Harris: Conor Caden fought a good match but in the end Jerry Matthews’s power and desire to punish the Ghost of Ann Arbor was too much.

“Long Black Train” by Josh Turner plays again, the crowd booing at Matthews.  The Evangelist takes their disapproval in stride, knowing that he must be doing the right thing if they despise him.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match by pinfall…. THE EVANGELIST JERRY MATTHEWS!

Matthews wastes no more time on Conor Caden, making the sign of the cross over Caden’s heart before leaving the ring.

The scene fades into the back. Jester Smiles is in a hallway, cowering against a soda machine while Sammy Rochester is barely being held back by about five security guards.


Sammy tries to lunge forward, but the security team is able to barely hold him back.

Jester Smiles: Sammy, please. Sammy, I have a plan. I can get you notice again. We can get you back on top!


Though Sammy still looks incredibly angry, he actually stops. The security team backs away, but keeps close, still staying in between Jester and Sammy.

Jester Smiles: Tonight, Sammy. Tonight. We’ll get you noticed by Jason tonight. The world will notice and you’ll be on the fast track to being back on top. I promise, Sammy. Please, Sammy, I promise.

Sammy turns his back on Eric. He is enraged still, but he ponders these words. He then lets out a horrifying yell and slams himself in the face with his own fist. Jester and the security team jump.

Sammy Rochester: Tonight, Eric. If you don’t have a great plan for tonight, you are fucking dead.

Jester nods, swallowing hard.

Jester Smiles: It’ll work, Sammy. It’ll work.

The scene fades out.

We return to the ring, which is covered in a black mat.  There are wreaths set up, flanking a podium.  In the ring are four folding chairs facing the podium as well as an image of Kid Lightning, his face a contorted and bloody mess.  The lights dim down and the boos commence as "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd begins to play.  The camera goes up to the SHOOT Video Wall as we see Chris Sydal laughing in slow motion.  He is shown being slapped in the face by OutKast before it shows him again being abandoned by Chance Ryan.  Soon, the singing begins.

So, so you think you can tell

Heaven from Hell,

blue skies from pain?

We see Kid Lightning’s head dropping as the Bad Ass Brotherhood win the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship.

Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?

A smile from a veil?

Do you think you can tell?

We see OutKast breaking Chris Sydal’s arm.

And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?

Kid Lightning being ambushed by the Bad Ass Brotherhood.

Hot ashes for trees?

A behind the scenes shot of Chris Sydal scrambling to get his mask on as he rushes to get to the entrance stage.

Hot air for a cool breeze?

The attack from the Bad Ass Brotherhood is shown from Master of the Mat, all in slow motion.

Cold comfort for change?

We see Kid Lightning’s mask pried from his bloody head.

And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

Finally, we see a slow motion shot of Kid Lightning being carted off by the EMTs as The Bad Ass Brotherhood hoists the Kid Lightning mask high above their heads.  "Wish You Were Here" dies down as the boos begin to drown it out.  We see RINGO STARR march down to the ring first, Bobby Ringo on one side of a casket and AJ Starr on the other, serving as pallbearers on this extremely small coffin.  Behind them comes Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden, the BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD.  The fans boo as Buck and Magnus nod their heads, touching the coffin lightly with their fingertips as RINGO STARR slide it into the ring and roll in after it, placing it upon a small gurney.  They open it to reveal the Kid Lightning mask, Chris Sydal’s blood staining the face of it.  Magnus and Buck shake their hands as they leave the two of them there.  Both men have microphones.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Folks…ladies and gentlemen…please be seated.

The fans boo even more.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Please, so we can begin.

More boos.


The fans boo EVEN LOUDER.  Buck rolls his eyes, shaking his head as Magnus takes to the podium.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  That’s quite alright.  Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Sydal was a…special lad.  He was born to be special.  Truly, no one knew just how special he was going to be, even after his frequent trips to his school in the short bus.

Buck is shown nodding his head, seated in one of the chairs.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We understand Chris’ parents couldn’t make it because they don’t love him as much as they do their Chicken Wingo Bingo night at the local armory, but that’s okay!  That’s okay because we…Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden…we are here to honor your memory, Christy.

Buck continues to nod.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  You know what, though?  I…this is hard for me.  I’ve never had to officiate a funeral before.  Weddings, circumcisions, exorcisms, Monopoly games, but funerals?

Magnus wipes a tear.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It’s just…so hard.

Buck stands up.

Buck Dresden:  It’s okay, Chuck.  Hold back them tears.  Don’t want people to confuse you with that silly ass partner of Lightning’s, right?  See, Chance Ryan’s the key example o’ the thing my Momma used to tell me.  She’d say Buckley an’ I’d say What!  She’d say ain’t but two reasons fer a grown man to cry.

Buck hold his index finger up.

Buck Dresden:  When yer dog dies.

Middle finger.

Buck Dresden:  When yer a lil’ bitch.

Magnus nods, understanding.

Buck Dresden:  Either way, the fact is this guy rightchere?  I respected him in the ring.  He was a dumbass, sure, but he could get it done in the ring.  Well…he could KINDA get it done.  I mean…he did take a beatin’ like nobody this side o’ Rihanna.  Gotta love that.

Buck picks the mask up.

Buck Dresden:  Guy like this idgit deserved to wait tables, not get pulled into this mess.  Now look at ‘im.

Buck holds the mask up to the booing masses.

Buck Dresden:  Now this piece o’ cloth is the only reminder the world ever has that Chris Sydal was anythin’ more’n a dumb mother fucker who took one too many bullets fer one too many undeservin’ sons o’ bitches.

More boos.

Buck Dresden:  But don’t worry, you guys!  I’m gon’ find me a nice lady o’ the night, strap this bad boy on her…an’ show ol’ Christy the love an’ respect he never got from Chance or his pothead ass cousin Cade.

Magnus chuckles as he looks at the mask in Buck’s hands.  Buck hugs the mask close to his chest and kisses it on its forehead before he spits on the ground.

Buck Dresden:  Okay, never mind.  It tastes too much like failure.

Magnus laughs once again when all of a sudden…

I can almost taste it…

Magnus and Buck turn to look at the stage incredulously as the lights drop and the fans begin to cheer!

Dutch Harris: Well this is a different reaction!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Mark Kendrick: I can still hear a few boos, OG. I’m guessing not everyone thinks he’s sincere.

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Dutch Harris: Are you kidding? What’s there to "buy" if he isn’t trying to sell anything? These guys tried to kill his cousin, and I think that says it all right here!

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Mark Kendrick: I’m not saying don’t buy it, I’m just saying.

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As "Almost Famous" by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, dressed in a black Armani suit, with a blue tie. A microphone in his left hand. He taps his hand on the microphone repeatedly and his music fades out as he begins walking down the ramp with a slight limp.

Cade Sydal: Wait. Hold on. I’m here boys. Dressed for a funeral, even. Cute video, by the way, really captured the spirit, ya know?

His right hand waves down from head-to-toe before he starts to take his jacket off.

Cade Sydal: There’s just one small problem with these clothes, though. They’re not good for walking. They’re a little stiff in this leg.

He points at his right leg after throwing the jacket down on the ramp, now at the halfway point, as Buck and Magnus stare at him curiously from inside the ring.

Cade Sydal: Yeah, man, it’s the damndest thing. And another thing? Another problem?

Cade loosens his tie before returning the microphone to his mouth, his right hand nimbly untucking and unbuttoning his white shirt.

Cade Sydal: This shirt? It’s too restricting, ya know? Can’t really…stretch properly in it. It’s silk, ya know, and I don’t wanna tear it. Here.

Cade tosses his shirt to one of the stagehands near the bottom of the ramp. He points at the Bad Ass Brotherhood as they move toward the ropes.

Cade Sydal: Wait right there. Trust me, I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

Cade grins at them before looking at the stagehand.

Cade Sydal: Now, there’s a crisp Franklin in it if you can return that shirt to me in perfect condition, got it? Because this suit…this suit is already damaged enough. Yeah, it is, and that’s a bummer man. I’ve got this hole in this right pocket here…

Cade reaches into his right pocket and a rip can be heard, and then another as he starts to pull his hand from his pocket, pulling a crowbar out with it, duck tape still hanging from it in two places! Cade drops the microphone and slides into the ring, and immediately uses the crowbar to block Buck’s incoming swing, catching him on the inside of his elbow with it upraised vertically as the crowd cheers loudly!

Mark Kendrick: Cade just held that crowbar like a sword to block Buck!

Buck grabs his arm as he staggers back and away from Cade, and Cade turns to meet the other threat in Magnus just in time to duck under Magnus’ own clothesline attempt. Magnus turns around just as Cade snaps into a backflip, delivering a Pele Kick to the top of Magnus’ head, sending Magnus stumbling back and falling through a pair of wreaths!

Dutch Harris: The Bad Ass Brotherhood should have jumped Cade when they had the chance! He’s all over them right now!

Cade pushes to his knees and rolls forward to scoop up his crowbar in time to swing it horizontally into Buck’s abdomen, doubling him over in a fit of coughs and gasps! Cade pushes to his feet and grins before bringing the crowbar down across the back of Buck’s shoulders and neck, sending him crashing to the  canvas face first!

Mark Kendrick: No matter what, there are still two of them and only one of him. He can’t spend too long in there or…

Dutch Harris: His ego will write him a check, definitely.

Cade stares down at Buck’s body, raising the crowbar high in the air with both hands. The fans in the Epicenter cheer loudly, and Cade pauses for a moment to look out at them, nodding his head with a sinister grin. He turns his attention back down to Buck and just as he starts to bring the crowbar crashing down on him, Magnus pushes up behind Cade and hooks him in a half nelson before quickly snapping back, dropping Cade on his head in a half-nelson suplex!

Dutch Harris: Like that! The moment Cade stopped, Magnus came out of nowhere!

Mark Kendrick: And just like that the mood has changed here, you can feel it!

Magnus pushes to his feet, cradling his own head after the Pele, and takes a moment to check on Buck before turning his attention back to Cade. Buck waves one arm weakly and that’s all Magnus needs to move in on Cade, lunging with a boot to the side of the head that drives Cade back down to the canvas and finally releasing his grip on the crowbar! Magnus grabs Cade by his left arm and forcefully yanks him to his feet and right into a standing front facelock. Magnus turns his body just slightly and looks, checking that the mask’s coffin is behind him before he lifts Cade up into the air and drives him through it with his Jackhammer-Brainbuster!


Mark Kendrick: Magnus just obliterated that coffin with the Bloodline on Cade!

Dutch Harris: If Cade just stays still, they might leave him alone…or not!

Magnus looks down at Cade for only a moment before Buck scrambles across the ring to mount Cade and starts raining his left fist down on his face while clutching his right arm close to his side! Magnus helps Buck get off of their prone victim and then pulls Cade up as Buck brings a chair over to the pile of debris, keeping it opened he sets it in place before moving to retrieve a second chair and doing the same with it. Magnus pulls Cade’s limp body into a standing head scissor next to the two chairs.

Dutch Harris: This looks bad, E.

Magnus pulls Cade up for a powerbomb and turns toward the chairs. Buck reaches up with his left arm, catching Cade around the neck and stepping out as Magnus snaps Cade down with a powerbomb and neckbreaker combo through the seats of the two chairs!


Mark Kendrick: Those two just broke him in half!

Both chairs fold the wrong way, breaking at the hinges, as Cade writhes on the canvas in agony! The fans boo loudly as Buck pushes to his feet and together the Bad Ass Brotherhood stare down at Cade. They raise their arms in the air as "Take What’s Mine" by Black Bone Child starts up.

Mark Kendrick: Just a disgusting display from the Bad Ass Brotherhood tonight!

Both men move to get out of the ring, but as soon as their feet touch the floor outside the ring, Cade starts to roll to his side!

Dutch Harris: I agree, but Cade’s got to stay down or they’re going to keep coming back.

True to those words, as Cade starts to push to his knees Magnus notices him and stops Buck. He points in the ring and together they start heading back to the ring from the ramp. Cade starts to laugh as he pushes to his feet and he turns to stare at the Brotherhood, spraying blood and spittle in both of their directions before continuing his laugh! The fans cheer at the act of defiance!

Dutch Harris: Don’t antagonize them further, Cade!

Mark Kendrick: Big mistake!

Both members of the Bad Ass Brotherhood slide into the ring together, and Cade stumble-steps twice to drive a foot into each of their faces with a low basement dropkick before either can get off their hands and knees! Cade forces himself to his feet, and drives both forearms down across Magnus’ back, who is the quicker of he and Buck to try and get to their feet, and their music fades out.

Mark Kendrick: He’s lost his mind!

Dutch Harris: Obviously.

Cade drives both forearms down across Magnus’ back a second time before turning to Buck and rushing at him to deliver an abrupt Shining Wizard! Buck collapses back to the canvas as Cade’s knee crashes into his face, and the fans cheer even louder! Cade pushes to his feet and spits some more blood down on the canvas before turning back to the recovering Magnus. Cade rushes at Magnus, looking for another Shining Wizard but Magnus ducks under Cade’s flying knee! Cade skids on his knees and turns in one fluid motion, pushing back to his feet in a run!

Mark Kendrick: Even so, that’s some amazing body control!

Magnus turns and Cade leaps into him for a flying head scissors attempt, but Magnus shoves Cade’s legs off of his head and quickly Catches Cade’s body and dives forward, laying Cade out with a powerslam instead, and the cheers turn into jeers immediately!

Dutch Harris: Great athleticism aside, he’s still in there fighting two men as that move right there just proved! One ore the other is going to be able to recover enough to turn the tide and that’s all it takes.

Magnus pushes to his feet and pulls Cade up by his arms, hooking him in a full nelson. Buck pushes to his feet, holding his mouth, as Magnus says something inaudible. Buck nods and starts sifting through the wreckage. Cade struggles to escape from Magnus’ grasp, but the grip is too strong and finally Buck finds what he’s searching for. Out of the carnage, Buck lifts the crowbar Cade brought into the ring and smiles at Cade.

Dutch Harris: If Cade ever had any friends, now would be a great time for them to…ya know…be friends!

Mark Kendrick: I don’t see you doing much beside sitting here…

Dutch Harris: And sitting here is important work!

Cade kicks at Buck, but Buck wisely stays away from the flailing limbs before stepping in suddenly and driving the crowbar across Cade’s abdomen! Cade coughs and wheezes as Magnus tightens his grip even more, forcing Cade to straighten back up rather than double over, and Buck strikes with a second shot to the ribs this time! Buck puts the crowbar against his left forearm and nods at Magnus, who shoves Cade forward right into the Buckshot! The crowbar drives into Cade’s chest and he hits the canvas hard, clutching at his torso as he curls into the fetal position out of sheer instinct!

Mark Kendrick: Okay guys, enough is enough!

Magnus and Buck stare down at Cade for a long moment, ignoring the hateful boos from the sea of fans. They both stomp down on Cade’s body a handful of times, just to be sure. Once they’re satisfied, they both step back out of the ring and start toward the ramp again. No music this time, just the deafening boos showering down on them. They’re halted, however, as they hear a tapping against a microphone.

Dutch Harris: C’mon, Cade! They were leaving you alone, let them!

Both men turn to the ring again, staring in disbelief as Cade rests on his knees weakly tapping a microphone found in all the wreckage with the Kid Lightning mask wrapped up in the left hand doing the tapping.

Cade Sydal: Baaad.

Cade breathes into the microphone.

Cade Sydal: Aaaaasssssssss.

He spits on the canvas, a long trail of blood.

Cade Sydal: Broooootherrrrrrrrrhoooooooooo od.

Cade starts to push to his feet, coughing as he struggles with every inch of elevation.

Cade Sydal: Is that…is that all you’ve got? Fuck, you two are a bunch of pussies! Get your dick-sniffers back in this fucking ring and…

Cade loses his voice to a coughing fit and drops to a knee again as he tries to steady his breathing. Buck and Magnus start back down the ramp, and Cade looks up at them with a grin. He forces his words out through the pain.

Cade Sydal: That’s right! I’m not leaving this ring until you two S&M rejects get back in ehre and we finish this!

Cade throws the microphone down on the canvas as he pushes off his knees, steadying himself on noodle legs as Buck and Magnus slide back into the ring, staring hatefully at Cade. Cade lifts both fists in front of himself as the fans begin to cheer louder!

Mark Kendrick: It’s about time!

The Bad Ass Brotherhood turn to look back at the ramp just in time to see Chance Ryan sprinting down it! Buck and Magnus both split, exiting on opposite sides of the ring as Chance slides under the bottom rope and to the middle of the ring, just when Cade collapses to both knees again! Buck and Magnus rejoin each other at the bottom of the ramp and start backing up it as Chance checks on Cade, who has resumed coughing and wheazing. "Bullet With A Name" by Nonpoint hits as Chance continues to look between Cade and the Broterhood, who point at both men in the ring threateningly whilst backing up the ramp.

Mark Kendrick: Looks like Cade’s going to have to wait to settle this score after all.

Dutch Harris: Right, because the Bad Ass Broterhood have no interest in a fair fight. Chance coming down evened the sides too much and they hightailed it out of here!

Mark Kendrick: He might be too proud to say it, but Cade wouldn’t have survived another wave.

Mark Kendrick: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Earlier tonight we were able to witness the debut of Mr. Ocelot in the SHOOT Project ring…

Dutch Harris: It was an interesting message, to say the least. Not only did Mr. Ocelot pick up his first victory under the SHOOT banner in a grand style, he destroyed Randall Kash, and his manager might have inspired college students around the nation.

Mark Kendrick: Here’s to hoping that inspired nobody

Earlier Tonight…

Dutch Harris: The Epicenter is on their feet as the rookie, Mr. Ocelot, holds his hand in the air to signify the calling of…

Luther Crumb: Let me have this one, Dutch…

Kash confronts Mr. Ocelot’s innocent white grin. Ocelot toe-kicks Kash in the mid-section. The blackwolf leans over. Ocelot immediately lifts the 270 plus pound superstar onto his shoulders with ease. Ocelot’s veins bulge. Kash’s arm is awkwardly twisted around his neck. Ocelot stomps once more.

Luther Crumb: The BIG

Crumb takes one shot.

Ocelot then releases his finishing manuever, and sends Randall Kash twisting and crashing awkwardly onto the canvas. A wicked, wreckless, twisted style of death valley driver. A cut-throat driver. Kash’s fall makes a fantastic impact onto the canvas.

Luther Crumb:BANG!

Mark Kendrick:The Big Bang!

Dutch Harris: What finesse. What strength. This is what we’re guaranteed to see.

Crumb takes a final shot.

Ocelot falls onto his knees and crawls toward the fallen opponent. He hooks into the lateral press. Linam slides onto his knees and connects with the first fall. ONE!

Dutch Harris: Mr. Ocelot has sealed his first victory in the SHOOT Project!


Mark Kendrick: In grand style, to say the least. Kash was given no opportunity to strike, and Ocelot had the momentum from the moment he stepped into the ring.

Luther Crumb: THREE!

Ocelot pushes himself away from the lifeless Randall Kash. He immediately leaps to his feet. He throws both of his muscular arms into the air.

Mr. Ocelot: I’m not going anywhere.

Fade in. Backstage in Mr. Ocelot and Luther Crumb’s room. Luther Crumb sits on the edge of a black leather couch. He’s drinking a bottle of red wine. Mr. Ocelot stands before him. He’s unmasked, but still wearing his wrestling gear; which isn’t much. Luther removes his fedora and wipes sweat from his forehead. He’s anxious. His voice is slurred. He’s had a lot to drink tonight.

Luther Crumb: Kermon, guy. We gotta serlabrate.

Mr. Ocelot: You go. I’m going to stay and watch the rest of this show.

There’s a flat screen television in the foreground. Luther applies his fedora and then winks at Mr. Ocelot.

Luther Crumb: I…see what yer’doin. This is a strat…[Burp-Hiccup]…strategize…

Mr. Ocelot: Luther. What you did out there was not cool. I don’t give a rat’s ass if this is the SHOOT Project, or if this is Las Vegas. If you’re going to be my agent then you’re not going to be the walking advertisement for reckless behavior.

Crumb puts out his hand to distract Mr. Ocelot.

Luther Crumb: Listen…

But, the distraction doesn’t work.

Mr. Ocelot: I do. I will. But, not tonight. I’ll listen to you when I know you’re capable of making a pragmatic decision. Going out to devour the night in some sort of deviant dervish is not on my agenda. I’m not going to let your image, and what you do, make it so that I have to take a different path to make my way to the top.

Crumb huffs, and then places his hands on his hips. He’s drunk, but he can tell when somebody is getting upset. A drunk can stabilize quickly when attacked. Crumb gets serious.

Luther Crumb: Ocelot…

Mr. Ocelot bends forward and points his finger at Luther Crumb.

Mr. Ocelot: Don’t fuck this up, Luther. This was your idea. This was one match. This wasn’t my world title victory. This wasn’t me defeating Jacob Mephisto, or Dan Stein. I didn’t knock out Isaac Entragian. So, CALM DOWN

Ocelot backs up, but his agent is quick to jump from the edge of the couch. Luther Crumb stands, and glares at his client.

Luther Crumb: Are you…

Ocelot isn’t having it. He turns to the television and turns it on.

Mr. Ocelot: There’s a lot left to this night.

He peers over his shoulder at Crumb.

Mr. Ocelot: You’ve seen Revolution. You witnessed what’s happened. You’ve seen the transition this company is making. You’re telling me that I need to walk away from all of that? You’re telling me that I need to ignore it?

He spins around and opens his arms.

Mr. Ocelot: What the Hell are you teaching me, anyway?

Luther smirks, and then stares at the carpet. He puts his hands in his pockets. He walks toward the door. He stops half way.

Luther Crumb: Yer’right. Stay. Watch…the rest of your show.

He removes his hands from his pockets and shrugs.

Luther Crumb: I’m so sorry I even asked you. I’m going to go devour the night, as you so pompously put it. I’ll see you tomorrow…

He takes one step and then pauses. Lightbulb…

Luther Crumb: …unless I’m hungover and could give two healthy cat shits about my existence…

He chuckles. He remembers what Ocelot said moments ago.

Luther Crumb:“Don’t fuck this up…” HA!

He drunkenly glares at his client. He wears a very devious grin.

Luther Crumb: You arrogant little shit…

He reaches for the door knob.

Mr. Ocelot: Before you go – I want you to know that I’m not trying to be an asshole about this. You need to slow down. You don’t have to stop, but you need to remember what’s going on, and who you’ve brought for your ride. I’m not just your money loading brute. I’m your friend, and I don’t want to see you go the wrong direction. But, celebrate, if that’s what you do. This is what I do. That’s all there is to it.

Ocelot points at his manager.

Mr. Ocelot: So – if your problems intertwine with my career – I’m going to remove your liver myself

Mr. Ocelot: Goodnight, Luther.

And, with that, Luther Crumb leaves to take on the city of Las Vegas. He’s already fairly numb. It shouldn’t be much of a problem. Mr. Ocelot turns back to the television. He rubs his hands together.

Mr. Ocelot: Goodnight, Randall Kash

He laughs to himself.

Mr. Ocelot: Disposable. Deplorable. Two words that come to mind when remembering Randall Kash. That’s if anyone decides to remember him at all? If they do – it’s because he’ll be associated with Mr. Ocelot’s first win with the SHOOT Project. I’m certain there will be more triumphs. Greater challenges. I can sense it. But, until then – I’ll continue to pick at the mystery of what’s hidden in an empty box…

He stares at the television, and patiently waits what will happen next in the SHOOT Project.

The fans in the Epicenter are eagerly anticipating the next match. You can cut the anticipation with a knife as a SHOOT Project road agent places a large black steel ladder with silver rungs in the middle of the aisle.

Dutch Harris: Well, folks, we’re about to have our co-main event here. As you can see, the ladder has been put in place.

Mark Kendrick This is a match people have been looking forward to, Dutch. Not just in the two weeks leading into tonight, but really, since about the middle of the Sin City Championship Series. Let’s go up to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this is co-main event of the evening!

The fans let out a loud cheer at the initial announcement.

Samantha Coil: This is a Sin City Ladder Match and it is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing first…

The opening of "Sound of Madness" starts up, and the crowd rises to their feet, cheering for the man stepping out onto the top of the ramp.

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think

You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


Lunatikk Crippler stares out at the crowd from under his hood, his face etched in rage. His focus is on the ring, and the war that is surely about to take place.

Samantha Coil: He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of South Bend, Indiana and weighs in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds! He is the 2011 Sin City Championship Series Winner, a former Sin City Champion, and tonight, he is the CHALLENGER! Ladies and gentlemen, here is LUUUNATIKK CRRRRIIIPPLEEEEERRR!!!

The crowd gets LOUD as his name is called and Crippler marches down the ramp into the aisle. He stops where the ladder has been placed and stares at it for a short moment, glancing to the top, before continuing his way to the ring.

Dutch Harris: And here comes the man that the PEOPLE dubbed Mr. Sin City! Lunatikk Crippler has been embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Laura Seton and his temper cost him a victory at Master of the Mat, though many believe he was the real winner.

Mark Kendrick Absolutely, Dutch. But tonight, he doesn’t have to worry about a decision reversal. Crippler is free to do what he pleases in this match and that does not bode well for the current Sin City Champion, who has infuriated Crippler over the past two weeks with his words and actions.

Crippler slides underneath the bottom rope and pops to his feet as the crowd continues to cheer. He whips off his vest and tosses it to the outside before staring up at the entrance awaiting the champion.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The cheers of the crowd turn quickly to boos as the light in the Epicenter flicker for a moment before plunging the arena into darkness.

Mark Kendrick Crippler is extremely focused tonight, and now we’re about to see the champion make his entrance.

There are a few moments of darkness as the crowd can be heard booing and jeering. And then…


A HUGE burst of silver and gold pyro explodes on the entrance ramp as the lights return to normal and Jacob Mephisto steps out onto the stage, the Sin City Championship draped across his left shoulder and the SCCS trophy clutched in his right hand. The crowd boos louder as they see him emerge, a smirk on his face.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and weighs in at two hundred and seventy pounds! He is the 2013 Sin City Championship Series winner and the current REIGNING SIN CITY CHAMPION! Here is JAAACOOOB MEEEPHIIISSTOOO!!!

Jacob begins his walk to the ring, not hurrying, but taking his time. The crowd rains down boos on the champion as he walks. He, too, stops at the ladder and favors it with a long, pale grey gaze before continuing down the aisle.

Dutch Harris: The champion looks ready tonight, Mark. Last night on Revolution he made some remarks on just why he’s been making his comments directed at Lunatikk Crippler. I don’t know if I can agree with what he said, but he sure looks confident.

Mark Kendrick He definitely does, Dutch. But, regardless of what Jacob Mephisto thinks, he’s in for a fight tonight. Both of these men, whether you like them or not, can bring it in that ring. This should be a great match.

Jacob approaches the ring, leaving his trophy by the ring steps, and pulls himself onto the apron. He steps between the ropes and walks to an empty corner, turning to face Lunatikk Crippler. Jacob smirks as he slowly raises the Sin City Championship high in the air, never taking his eyes off Crippler, before finally handing it over to Dennis Heflin.

Dutch Harris: Crippler is ITCHING to get his hands on Mephisto, but Mephisto seems content on taking his time.

A wire lowers from the rafters with a circular apparatus attached to it. Dennis Heflin takes the Sin City Championship and fastens it securely to the holder and motions for the title to be raised. The crowd begins to cheer wildly as the title is slowly raised high in the air. Both Crippler and Mephisto lock their eyes on the title as it rises. Finally, the title is in place. Mephisto and Crippler lock eyes with one another. Heflin calls for the bell.

Mark Kendrick BY GOLLY HERE WE GO! Look at Crippler go!

At the sound of the bell, Crippler has charged across the ring and has begun firing forearms into the face of Mephisto! Mephisto quickly staggers back into the corner and Crippler does not relent, firing more and more shots that snap Mephisto’s head back. Crippler quickly grabs a wrist and whips Mephisto across the ring. Mephisto hits the buckles hard and staggers out towards Crippler, who LEVELS Jacob with a BIG running lariat as the crowd ROARS their approval!

Dutch Harris: So much for Mephisto’s confidence! Crippler wasted absolutely NO time going after the champion!

Crippler brings Jacob to his feet quickly. He STOMPS down on Jacob’s foot, pokes him in the eye blatantly, and then grabs his arm and SNAPS Jacob down with a VICIOUS single arm breaker! Jacob rolls on the canvas trying to clutch his arm and foot, while simultaneously get his vision back. Crippler stays on the offensive, wasting no time in delivering repeated stomps to Jacob’s arm. Finally, Crippler starts to bring Jacob to his feet, but Jacob goes dead weight, dropping back down to his knees.

Mark Kendrick WHAT A DIRTY MOVE! The supposed “technical mastermind” just blatantly low blowed the challenger!

Dutch Harris: It was a dirty move, but remember, Mark, anything goes here. And these two men are willing to do anything for that title.

Crippler has dropped to his knees clutching his unmentionables as Jacob slowly gets to his feet. With Crippler still on his knees, Jacob hooks his head and SNAPS back, dropping Crippler head first with a modified snap DDT.

Jacob gets back to his feet and STOMPS on the back of Crippler’s head, no longer smirking. He grabs a handful of Crippler’s silken ebony locks and brings him to his feet. He Irish whips Crippler into the ropes. Crippler comes off on the rebound and Jacob sidesteps, taking Crip down with a quick drop toehold. Jacob floats over to a front face lock, GRINDING the challengers face into the mat before floating over again and grabbing a leg. Jacob gets to his feet, bringing the leg up with him and SLAMS Crippler’s knee into the canvas! Jacob smirks as he walks over to Crippler’s head and SLAPS him on the back of the head. Mephisto looks out to the crowd with that smirk on his face, holding his arms out to his sides. The crowd boos loudly, voicing their displeasure with him. Jacob points out to the aisle where the ladder stands, waiting to be used.

Mark Kendrick And the champion, after a very nice display of his mat skills, shows more blatant disrespect to Lunatikk Crippler!

Dutch Harris: That was Jacob’s way, in his mind I’m sure, of showing everyone he can outwrestle just about anybody. And now the champion is heading towards the ladder!

Jacob has, indeed, left the ring and is slowly making his way to where the ladder stands in the aisle. He gets a few feet away from it and the crowd begins to cheer wildly! Jacob doesn’t turn around in time to notice that Crippler has gotten up, left the ring and SPRINTED up the aisle after him!

Dutch Harris: WHAT A SHOT!

Crippler NAILS Jacob from behind with a running forearm, sending him into the ladder. The ladder lurches forward towards the ramp, but doesn’t fall. Jacob keeps his balance, but staggers backwards and Crippler wraps his arms around his waist from behind!

Mark Kendrick WOW! Crippler shows his strength and just PLANTED the champion with a German suplex on the outside! There’re no mats in the aisle where they are, folks!

The crowd is going crazy for Crippler as he gets to his feet with a look of fury on his face. Crippler marches forward, grabbing the ladder and folding it up. He lifts the ladder and holds it in position as Jacob makes it to his feet groggily. Crippler rushes forward!


Jacob takes the ladder right to the face and gets DROPPED. Crippler, with the ladder still in hand stalks back to the ring and props the ladder up against the ring apron vertically.

Dutch Harris: Crippler said he was going to hurt Mephisto tonight, folks. And, judging by the way he’s got that ladder set up, I have to agree with him!

Crippler goes back to where Mephisto is willing himself to his knees and grabs him by his hair. He brings Mephisto to his feet, firing a forearm to the face for good measure before leading him down towards the ring. Jacob goes dead weight again and drops to his knees, this time firing a forearm to Crippler’s stomach. Crippler barely registers the blow and NAILS Jacob with a pair of fists to the forehead. He brings Mephisto to his feet and grabs a wrist.

Mark Kendrick Crippler whips Mephisto into the ladder, NO! Mephisto reversed and Crippler hit that ladder full force!

The crowd groans as Crippler collides with the ladder. Jacob takes a few seconds to get his bearing, but quickly moves forward. There is a cut on his forehead from the shot he took from the ladder. Jacob wipes the blood from his head and grabs Crippler by his hair. He pulls his head back and RAMS his face into one of the rungs of the ladder! Crippler’s head snaps back and he falls to the ground as Jacob grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring. He rolls into the ring after it, looking up at the title.

Dutch Harris: It looks like Jacob wants to end this thing right now, Mark. Yes. He’s setting that ladder up.

Mark Kendrick I think he may have realized that Crippler seriously wants to hurt him badly, Dutch.

Jacob begins to climb the ladder, his eyes on the prize as the crowd begins to boo loudly. But those boos quickly turn to cheers as Lunatikk Crippler rolls into the ring. Jacob turns on the ladder JUST as Crippler reaches him. He attempts to fire a right hand at Crippler from the ladder, BUT CRIPPLER GRABS HIS ARM AND YANKS HIM OFF THE LADDER ONTO HIS STOMACH!

Dutch Harris: BITCHIFIED! He’s got Mephisto in that crossface!

The crowd is EXPLODING with cheers as Mephisto screams in pain on the canvas!

Mark Kendrick Mephisto is tapping! He’s tapping! But that doesn’t do anything for Crippler in this match, Dutch!

Crippler WRENCHES back on Mephisto as the champion continues to tap to no avail! FINALLY, Crippler releases the hold. Mephisto cradles his neck and arm as Crippler gets to his feet. He brings Mephisto up as well, sets him up, and DRIVES him to the mat with a t-bone suplex as the crowd cheers. Jacob lies on the mat, not moving. Crippler slowly turns to the ladder and the crowd begins to SCREAM for him to go get the title!

Mark Kendrick There he goes, Dutch! Crippler is on the climb!

Dutch Harris: We may have a new champion here!

Crippler gets near the top, reaching up towards the title, but the ladder suddenly lurches sideways!

Dutch Harris: Mephisto’s back on his feet and just tipped the ladder!

The crowd groans as Crippler goes CRASHING to the mat and the ladder bounces on the ropes before steadying itself over the top rope.

Dutch Harris: It looks like the fall wasn’t that bad for Crippler though. He’s moving around there.

Crippler is on his hands and knees. He crawls forward, placing his hand on one of the ladder’s legs for balance. A sudden wicked gleam enters the eyes of Jacob Mephisto. He steps out onto the ring apron and LEAPS OFF!


Jacob has grabbed the ladder in mid-leap and pulled down, sending the leg Crippler was leaning on right into his face! Crippler is rolling around on the canvas in obvious pain, clutching his mouth! When he removes his hand, the crowd gasps.

Mark Kendrick Oh man! Crippler’s mouth is busted open pretty badly. That’s a lot of blood.

Jacob quickly slides into the ring and lays the boots to Crippler. He closes the ladder, propping it up in the corner. Mephisto brings Crippler to his feet and WHIPS him into the ladder. Crippler hits HARD and Mephisto moves in, firing heavy shots to Crippler’s face. Crippler finally collapses to a sitting position. Jacob backs away across the ring with a sick gleam in his eyes.

Dutch Harris: Oh god. He’s gonna hit Crippler with that Godless kick.

As if on cue, Jacob SPRINTS forward, bringing his leg up for the seated Yakuza kick. BUT CRIPPLER MOVES! The crowd BURSTS with cheers as Jacob’s foot connects with one of the rungs, the impact clearly jarring his leg! Mephisto quickly turns and begins to limp away slightly. Crippler staggers to his feet as fast as he can and sees that Mephisto is hurting. He RUSHES forward and drops Jacob with a nasty looking chop block. Jacob crumples to the mat and Crippler gets to his feet, going back to the ladder. He brings it out of the corner and places it in the middle of the ring!

Mark Kendrick: Whatever Crippler’s planning, it’s not going to be pretty. He look demented with all that blood coming  from his mouth!

The crowd is getting loud as Crippler takes a stance, just waiting for Mephisto to get to his feet. Jacob staggers up and turns!


Mark Kendrick He PLANTED the champ with that one!

But Crippler isn’t done yet! He DRAGS Jacob off the ladder, leaving a small blood smear where Jacob’s face just was. Crippler opens the ladder and places Jacob’s arm between the legs, SLAMMING the ladder shut! He drops down!


Mark Kendrick And Jacob is busted wide open!

Crippler WRENCHES back on Jacob’s head and neck and Mephisto is SCREAMING in pain. After a few moments Crippler releases the hold and removes Jacob’s arm from the ladder. He rolls Jacob to the outside before staggering back to his feet. Cripple stands alone in the ring and he looks up to the Sin City Championship. The crowd nearly explodes with cheers as Crippler reaches down, picking up the ladder and opening it in position underneath the title.

Dutch Harris: Here we go! Crippler’s gonna go get the title. He’s climbing!

Mark Kendrick: But look at Jacob! He’s pulling himself back into the ring!

As Crippler makes his slow climb, Jacob has gotten to his feet after dragging himself into the ring. He slowly begins to climb up the ladder opposite of Crippler. JUST as Crippler reaches the top, he realizes Mephisto is on the ladder with him. Crippler FIRES a right hand down at Mephisto, but Jacob FIRES a shot back up at Crippler! Jacob continues to climb until BOTH men are standing near the top rung!

Mark Kendrick I don’t like the looks of this!

The two men trade shots near the top of the ladder. Jacob ducks his head causing Crippler to miss! Jacob hooks Crippler’s head and LIFTS!

Dutch Harris: No way!



Jacob and Crippler hit the canvas with a horrible crash and BOTH men are down and not moving. The ladder teeters ominously above, but mercifully doesn’t fall on them. The crowd is in a frenzy!


Mark Kendrick Holy Poop is right! These two soldiers may be seriously injured here!

Dutch Harris: I tell you what, Mark. These fans are getting their money’s worth tonight!

Crippler and Jacob both slowly begin to stir on the mat. They WILL themselves to their knees and both men begin to CRAWL back towards the ladder amidst a sea of screaming fans. Both men reach the ladder at the same time, looks of pure determination etched on their blood covered faces. They begins to DRAG themselves to their feet on either side of the ladder and then BOTH begin to climb.

Dutch Harris: This is it! Who wants it more?!

Mark Kendrick Lunatikk Crippler is showing how much guts he has here. And Jacob Mephisto, like him or hate him, is doing the same!

Jacob and Crippler make it up the ladder, rung by rung. The both reach the top at the same time. They pause for a moment, staring each other in the eye, neither willing to give an inch. Cripple rears back a NAILS Jacob with a heavy right hand! Jacob rocks back back grips the ladder, preventing a fall. Crippler reaches up for the title, his fingers brushing the faceplate, and Mephisto FIRES a shot to Crippler. Crippler and Mephisto trade heavy right hands, trying to knock each other off!


The crowd is ROARING as Crippler PEPPERS Mephisto with WILD right hands. Mephisto is dazed! Crippler rears back and BLASTS Mephisto with a HARD shot that sends him sliding down the rungs to the bottom of the ladder! The crowd EXPLODES!!

Mark Kendrick MEPHISTO IS DOWN! Crippler is there! This is it! This is it!

Crippler takes one more pained step and is at the very top of the ladder. He reaches up, his hands on the Sin City Championship!


The crowd is hurling heavy boos at the ring as LAURA SETON has made it to the ring and climbed the ladder right behind Crippler. She is FIRING snapping forearms to the back of his neck, causing his to release his grip on the title!

Mark Kendrick No! No! This is horrible! She has no business out here!

Crippler has dropped a few rungs and Laura hooks his head from behind! The crowd boos louder!

Dutch Harris: And a GOLD MEDAL off the ladder! She just can’t stand to see Crippler win!

Laura rolls out of the ring look highly pleased with herself as the crowd voices it’s displeasure.


Meanwhile, in the ring, Jacob has begun to climb slowly back up the ladder.

Dutch Harris: No! Not like this!

Jacob continues to ascend, BUT CRIPPLER IS STIRRING!

Mark Kendrick There’s still hope! Look at Crippler fight!

Crippler pushes himself to his knees and begins to try to climb, the ladder yet again! BUT LAURA SETON notices and slides into the ring!

Dutch Harris: HIGH HURDLE enziguri! That woman is despicable!

Seton glares down at Crippler for a second before leaving the ring again looking pleased with herself.

Jacob has made it to the top of the ladder and the crowd is IRATE! He looks down at Laura Seton on the outside and at Crippler down on the canvas below. He SMIRKS as he reaches up, grabbing the Sin City Championship and pulling it down off the hook. The bell sounds and the crowd boos louder than ever as the Rolling Stones begin to sing their haunting vocals again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and STILL SIN CITY CHAMPION, JACOB MEEPHIISTTOOOO!!!

Jacob stands atop the ladder for a moment, clutching the title close to his chest. He slowly climbs down the ladder and looks down at Crippler, who is pushing himself to his knees. Jacob drops down and rolls out of the ring, backing up the aisle clutching his title to his chest with a smile on his face. He pauses for a moment to nod politely at Seton, who scowls. Jacob turns around and staggers, bloody, up the ramp and Crippler glares daggers at Laura Seton. Seton waves merrily at him before hightailing it back up the ramp.

Mark Kendrick This was a travesty, Dutch. We should have a new champion right now!

Dutch Harris: I know, Mark, but anything goes in a ladder match, and the fact is that Jacob Mephisto is still the Sin City Champion. Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ve still got our Main Event ahead!

We cut back to the back where we see none other than the mastermind behind the SMILE Project and the most brutal and inhuman being walking the hallways of the Epicenter…ADRIAN CORAZON.  Corazon is sitting in his locker room, getting himself ready for his match later in the evening.  He is lacing his boots and instantly starts to smirk without looking up when he hears footsteps entering the room with him.  Never lifting his head, Corazon’s eyes glance upward to see none other than DEVIANT and OBSIDIAN.  Deviant is dressed in a black suit with a blood red sash draped across his shoulders, a new mask on his face: black fingers interlocked over his mouth, allowing his eyes to be visible behind his long, dark hair.

Deviant:  It makes my heart heavy and my soul weep when I see a man such as what you have become, Brother Adrian, walking these hallowed halls while our brother lies broken.

Deviant glances back to Obsidian, who blocks the door way and says nothing.

Deviant:  Yet, here you are.  A woman cradles the head of a fallen lover and all you have to show for yourself is a derisive grin and a callous disposition.  I’d pity you were it not for your judgment that is upon you.

Corazon laughs.

Corazon:  I wonder how many brothers you’ve had in your career, and even then, I wonder how many more brothers you’ll have by the time you mercifully call it a day.

Corazon looks up to Obsidian and sighs.

Corazon:  This is what Project: SCAR is now?  Broken men with hollow words that come out of their mouths?  Isaac Entragian is well aware of why he’s in the hospital, and really… none of you are so ignorant that you don’t also understand why he met the fate he did.

Deviant:  You do not need to speak to him, Adrian!

Deviant points behind him.

Deviant:  He made the right decision to turn away from your sick greed!  We ALL made the right decision to turn away from you!  Someday soon, you selfish monster, your corporate market laden catch phrases and your T-shirt sales will be the only memories anyone shall have of you.  You have hobbled the mighty Ivory Terror, and you have only strengthened Project:SCAR.

Deviant puts his hands on his hips, triumphant.  Obsidian closes his eyes and tilts his head down to the ground.

Corazon:  Don’t you have a wall to go smear with your face?

Deviant’s eyes grow wide.

Deviant:  How…DARE…you!  I…

Obsidian puts his hand on Deviant’s shoulder.

Deviant:  But, he…

Obsidian tightens his grip.  Deviant steps back as Obsidian takes his place.

Obsidian:  Isaac is fallen, but he is not dead.  SCAR is frayed, but not unfocused.  Be wary of the path you tread here.  Tonight, you needn’t be concerned with the ramifications of your actions.  Diamond Del Carver and Donovan King are enough punishment for any man.  Tonight, SCAR merely…observes.

Obsidian leans forward, whispering to his former brother.

Obsidian:  But tomorrow is a new day.

Corazon smiles and stands up, looking Obsidian in the eye and blatantly disregarding Deviant.

Corazon:  So it is.

He begins to walk away.

Corazon:  For tonight… we make our marks in different ways.


The SHOOT Epicenter crowd is quiet, waiting for the next match to begin.  The house lights go out, and suddenly the jarring instrumental “Nightmare” by Jim Johnson starts to play.  An image of a large diamond wrapped in barbed wire appears on the video screens, and a spotlight starts to slowly scan the crowd. The fans come to their feet, and a roar of recognition and appreciation goes up from the sold out crowd in the SHOOT Epicentre.

Far back into the crowd, the spotlight stops. Standing among the fans is Diamond Del Carver.  The man known as “The Hardcore Outlaw” has his long silver hair flipped back, a leather eye-patch over his right eye, and a cigar stub clenched between his teeth. Carver is dressed in faded jeans, heavy biker boots, and he is wearing an old denim work shirt with the sleeves cut off.  Carver is brandishing a Kendo Stick wrapped in six or seven strands of barbed wire, holding it in front of himself like a samurai sword.

As the image of Diamond Del Carver standing among the fans, holding his Kendo Stick is shown on the video wall, the thunderous ovation from the SHOOT Project fans continues unabated.  Carver begins to slowly pace through the crowd, toward the ring.  He has a determined grimace on his face, as he walks directly to the ringside area.  The fans slap him on the back appreciatively as his music continues to blast over the sound system.

The Hardcore Outlaw reaches the crowd barrier, and slides over.  He ascends the stairs into the ring, and as the music continues to blare, he holds the barbed wire kendo stick high above his head.  The deafening ovation from the crowd increases in volume.  A loud “Welcome Back” chant breaks out, with a competing chant of “D-D-C” repeating from other parts of the epicentre.

Diamond Del Carver’s music slowly fades out, as he removes his shirt, and throws it outside the ring.  He places his Kendo Stick on the ring apron near the far corner, and flicks his cigar butt to the concrete floor outside the ring. 

A dark purple glow overtakes the Epicenter, and “Baddest Man Alive” by the Wu-Tang Clan starts to pour through the arena speakers. The SHOOT Project video wall showcases “BADDEST MAN ALIVE” in western-style tombstone font, and the crowd is already which was already cheering for Diamond Del Carver, continue to do so when Adrian Corazon steps into view.

Corazon stands at the top of the ramp for a moment, staring intently down the aisle at the ring.  Del Carver is pacing back and forth like a caged tiger, and as the camera focuses on him, we can see his mouth moving a mile a minute.  He is obviously laying trash talk on Corazon, waiting for his long time enemy to make his way to the ring.

Corazon’s trademark smiley face appearson the video wall, and dark purple pyro blasts up into the air on either side of the ramp, getting the frenzied fans even more excited. Corazon starts to slowly walk down the ramp.  Corazon is still walking to the ring, keeping his eyes trained directly on Diamond Del Carver, as his music fades.

“All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to play. Corazon’s custom video is replaced by the images normally associated with Donovan King, and sure enough Donavan King’s name appears on the video wall, much to the continued approval of the fans.  Corazon pauses in the aisle before he reaches the ring, and turns and looks up at the stage, expecting Donavan King to emerge from behind the curtain…but King does not appear.

After about a minute, King’s music fades out.  Diamond Del Carver is still standing in the ring, staring daggers at Adrian Corazon.  Corazon has almost reached the ringside area, but he has not climbed the steel steps into the ring yet, as he is looking up the aisle, waiting for Donavan King to appear.

The arena becomes eerily silent.

Mark Kendrick: Fans, we are waiting for the arrival of Donavan King, so we can get underway with our huge Main Event, a Triple Threat Match between King, Adrian Corazon, and the returning Diamond Del Carver.

Dutch Harris:  The wonders of live television, missed cues and all.  Does somebody in the back wanna wake up King and tell him we’re waiting for him?

The camera shot does indeed go backstage, but we see something we were definitely not expecting.  We see Donavan King, dressed in his ring gear, but King is on all fours, and blood is literally pouring from an unspecified wound somewhere on his head.

Standing over the bleeding Donavan King is…

Sammy Rochester!

Boos and jeers go up from the crowd, as the fans in the Epicentre can see exactly what the television viewers can see.  The 7 foot tall, almost 500 pound Rochester is standing above the bleeding Donavan King, and Rochester has a demented look on his face, half way between a stare and smirk of satisfaction.

As the fans both at home and in the Epicentre watch with horror, Rochester rears back and lays in a brutal looking kick right to the head of Donavan King, sending the former champion spinning across the floor!

Mark Kendrick: Fans, obviously Sammy Rochester has waylaid Donavan King on his way to the ring tonight, and King is looking the worse for wear because of it!

Dutch Harris: Looks like Rochester isn’t done with King either!  He’s punting King around like a soccer ball!

The shot goes back to the arena.  Corazon has seen what is going on backstage, and he starts to quickly head up the aisle, to either assist Donavan King or at the very least help break up the fight.

Diamond Del Carver has other ideas.

Carver rebounds off the ropes, sprints across the ring, bounces off the far ropes, and then charges across the ring and dives right through the ring ropes, into the aisle, landing directly on top of Corazon with a suicide dive!

Corazon is caught with his back turned, totally unaware.  The fans are shocked, but the SHOOT camera crew wastes no time replaying Diamond Del Carver’s insane dive through the ropes, and a chant breaks out…

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

Mark Kendrick: OH MY GAWD!  Diamond Del Carver just used the ring ropes for propulsion and ricocheted right into the aisle, landing on top of Corazon!

Dutch Harris: That old bastard is crazy!  He could have landed on top of his head – but instead he landed on top of Corazon! 

Diamond Del Carver grabs Corazon by the throat and starts to bash his head on the concrete, and then he slowly gets back to his feet, and pulls Corazon back up to his.  

Carver measures Corazon off, and fires off a jackhammer like right cross, which connects with the middle of Corazon’s forehead. Corazon stumbles backward a couple of steps, before steadying himself, and putting all his weight into a perfectly executed European Uppercut, which sends Carver’s jaw and face snapping backward from the impact of Corazon’s fist and forearm connecting with a swinging upward motion.

Carver shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts, and then fires another straight punch to the head of Corason – which connects.  The closed fist is accurate, and it sends Corazon backward for a moment but once again he comes back, throwing all of his weight and effort into a perfectly placed upward European Uppercut.  It connects right on target, and Diamond Del Carver is rocked, stumbling back a few feet.

Mark Kendrick: This is nuts.  We’ve got Donavan King laid out backstage by Sammy Rochester, and now we have Diamond Del Carver and Corazon duking it out in the aisle!

Dutch Harris: This is great!  Samantha never even made the announcements, and we don’t even have a ref in the ring yet!  We haven’t heard a bell, this match isn’t officially underway…but check out Carver and Corazon!  Carver keeps nailing Corazon with those shots to the head, but Corazon keeps coming back with those upward swinging punches.  These guys are clobbering each other!

Indeed, the two men are brawling back and forth in the aisle and every time Diamond Del Carver lands another crushing punch to the head of Corazon, Corazon comes back with an uppercut.  The two men are literally brawling their way up the aisle not paying any serious attention to where they are going.

The two men are now so far away from the ringthat the cameraman has switched to a remote unit, and is following them at a safe distance.  Diamond Del Carver and Corazon are beating the hell out of each other.  Every time one lands a good shot, the other one fires right back.

The two men have now brawled all the way up the aisle, and around the stage. Diamond Del Carver sees a huge steel garbage beside the entrance stage, and he grabs it, and holds it over his head.  Carver has a crazy look on his face as he swings the trash can down and bashes it over the head of Corazon.

Corazon lands on tailbone, and is holding his head in pain.  However, he has the presence of mind to roll to the side, and grab a steel chair, folding it up.  Diamond Del Carver swings with the steel trash bin again, but this time Corazon is ready, and swings the chair in defense.  The chair hits the trash can, knocking it out of Carver’s hands and sending garbage flying everywhere.

Corazonkeeps the steel chair folded up, and rams it into the midsection of Diamond Del Carver, doubling him over. Corazon throws the chair aside, and nails Diamond Del Carver in the jaw with a wicked kneelift!  Carver staggers backward.

Both men are dripping with sweat, and both men are now bleeding.  Corazon has a red welt on his face, and Diamond Del Carver has a busted, bloody lip. Even though they have brawled out of the arena area and are back where the technical crew is, the two men are still slugging back and forth.  Diamond Del Carver is still firing punches at Corazon, who is answering back with swinging uppercuts. A large crew of SHOOT Security Guards appears, along with most of the referees.  The crowd swarms Carver and Corazon, and attempts to separate them.

Mark Kendrick: Fans, this has deescalated into utter chaos.  Donavan King never even made it to the ring, thanks to what appears to be an unprovoked attacked from Sammy Rochester.

Dutch Harris: Speaking of never making it to the ring, neither did Corazon!  The minute Carver was within striking distance of his old enemy, he took a run at him, and the two men have been brawling ever since!  I guess this match never started?  Are we out of time?  Are we still on the air?