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Revolution 011: 11/4/07


“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

Revolution Logo

“…It’s about to get ugly in here!  Set it on ‘em motherfuckers!”

“Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond explodes onto the airways, as the Revolution logo fades from your mind into a barrage of clips from the first six Revolutions!

An aerial shot, moving through the Las Vegas strip takes over, the night life, the bright lights, and finally, the Thomas and Mack Center…

Static washes over the screen,

Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship. 

OutKast stands contains the  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, which then fades into the tandem of Instant Heat calling the action for that first night!

The static fades into Corazon holding the Iron Fist Championship high overhead, to the return of Obsidian. 

Jester Smiles is shown over a fallen Kaz Sato, as the newly crowned Revolution Champion.

A barrage of images displayed like a flip book, from Del Carver, Donovan King, Dave Marz, Trevor Worrens, the returning Jun Kenshin, Cade Sydal, on and on, until finally coming to a stop on Ron Barker, and as the pyro for the opening hits the top of the ramp, EXPLODING into the Thomas and Mack Center, the roller coaster ride of an opening video ceases. 

Dave Dymond: Welcome to Revolution, and a happy November to all the SHOOT Project faithful tuning in.

Other Guy: Oh that’s right the SHOOT Project keeps rolling forward and pickin’ up every ounce of momentum it can along the way.  Tonight, ain’t no different.

Dave Dymond: Plenty on tap, plenty of action, including later tonight, the Revolution Champion, Donovan King goes one on one with Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: No stips on this one this time as that heated rivalry only gets hotter.

Dave Dymond: And in making this night somewhat of a night of champions, our tag team main event features… get this, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion TEAMING up to take on their respective competition in Del Carver and Ray Willmott.

Other Guy: Not sure how well Corazon and Worrens are gonna work as a team, but then again same could be said for Carver and Willmott.

Dave Dymond: That all on tap, but right now it starts off with Samantha Coil in the ring as we are ready for our first match up of the night.

“Summer Overture” begins to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, and as Roland Caldwell steps out from the back, the boos begin to sound.  Roland Caldwell walks with a purpose towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s opening Revolution bout is scheduled for one fall… introducing first, he weighs in tonight at 289 pounds, here is ROLAND CALDWELL!!!

Roland enters the ring and stomps quickly towards Samantha Coil. Her natural instinct is to shield herself with her free hand, and as she does so, Roland snatches the microphone from her, all the while the beating electronic orchestra of Summer Overture continues to pulse across the arena.

Roland:  Cut the music!  Cut it!

The music fades and the crowd boos.

Roland:  Oh, get over it.  Tonight, you’re going to see something special.  Tonight, I will fight Kaz Sato without a chair.  I don’t need a chair to defeat anyone.  Whether it be Sato, Carver, Rod Rocket Willmott.  Anyone!  The rumors are not true.  I am a wrestler.  I can be a technician.  And tonight, I will show everyone how versatile, and dangerous I am.  When you see me cause Kaz Sato, the Beast himself, when I cause him to tap out, with my version of the Cross-face Chicken Wing!

Roland shoves the microphone back into Samantha Coil’s hands and yells some obscenities at her.

Dave Dymond:  Seems Roland’s tired of being looked at as a monster, but to me that makes no sense… he’s played into that role, he WANTS SHOOT Project to fear him.

Other Guy: Yeah and what’s more scary than a violent chair wieldin’ demon?  I’ll tell ya, a chair wieldin’ demon that can also out-wrestle ya.  Roland’s more than motivated and that makes Kaz Sato in a bad spot.

Roland stands completely still and soon “Sober” by Tool kicks in over the sound system, and the lights flash between red and orange.  Kaz Sato is quick out as well, already jaw-jacking as he points at Roland Caldwell.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 230 pounds… here is “The Beast” KAZ SATO!!!

Sato picks up the pace and suddenly slides under the bottom rope and springs up to his feet. Samantha Coil flees from the ring, and referee Austin Linam calls for the bell just as Roland and Sato immediately start to exchange blows.

Dave Dymond: No love loss between these two, in fact the hatred has only grown since Roland Caldwell took out Sato’s good friend in Osbourne Kilminster…

Roland blocks an elbow strike from Sato and LEVELS him with a clothesline!

Other Guy: And that clothesline just said “Sato’s next on the chopping block!”

Sato cradles his head in between his arms, but Roland grabs Sato and pulls him right back up to his feet.  Roland goes to whip Sato into the ropes, but Sato looks to whip Roland all the way around, but Roland stands his ground, pulls Sato into a front facing waist lock.  He squeezes Sato once then turns with him, PLANTING him down onto the mat with a belly-to-belly take down suplex.  Roland in a surprising show of agility floats over  and then pulls Sato up in a reverse headlock position… WRENCHING the neck.

Dave Dymond: Roland actually wrestling Kaz Sato, though for those old SHOOT faithful who remember Roland from back in the day, that’s almost going back to his roots.

Other Guy: Technical violence I think they call it, Dave, or some shit like that. 

Dave Dymond: Well whatever you want to call it, it’s working as Roland now working the neck of Sato, clearly setting up for his called shot, that crossface chickenwing Roland says he’ll make Sato tap out to.

Sato flails his arms now as Roland continues to wrench the neck, and he gets a couple of good shots fired blindly upward at Roland’s face.  Eventually Roland looses his grip and Sato forces his way out, turns quickly to face Roland… Roland tries for another standing clothesline but this time Sato ducks it, and NAILS Roland square in the back with a hard forearm shot.  Roland arches only slightly and now Sato hits him again…and again… and again and again and again!  The fans start to pick up as Sato looks to be building some serious momentum.

Another shot, and another.  Roland staggers, back arched now more, and Sato suddenly grabs Roland from behind and with ALL his strength manages to get Roland with a german suplex pin!

Dave Dymond: HUGE show of strength by Sato… and now the count…



Linam shows two as Roland fights out of the pin, and now gets up to his feet, eyes wide with fury.  Sato smirks at Roland, causing Roland to charge without thought. Sato takes advantage of this, moves out of the way and lands a hard kick right to the back of Roland’s legs… which buckle, and Sato turns Roland around, HARD European uppercut!  Roland’s head snaps back and now Sato hits the ropes, picking up speed… he brings his knee up for a running knee strike…


Other Guy: He twisted the shit out of Sato’s knee right there.

Dave Dymond: Desperation, frustration, whatever the motivation it pays off and Sato’s grabbing for his knee… he might be hurt.

The referee checks on Sato, but Roland has no concern and grabs at Sato, violently pulling him up to his feet. Sato limps slightly on his one leg, but manages to nail a harsh Buzzsaw kick to Roland with his other one.  Roland is caught off guard and knocked flat on his ass by the kick, but Sato stumbles afterwards, giving Roland time to get up.  Roland moves in towards Sato now, and before Sato can recover himself, Roland just SCOOPS him up and locks him into a full on bear-hug!  Roland squeezes as tightly as he can, looking to take all the air out of Sato.  Sato struggles, but the pain shooting through his body makes it difficult for him to break free.

Other Guy: It’s not the chickenwing, but it’s effective.

Dave Dymond: Roland has been known to just manhandle opponents in the past, and he is not letting Kaz Sato be an exception to that.

Other Guy: It’s hard to see the pain inflicted by a bear hug, but ya know, ya just know Dave that Sato is feeling it.  The Beast is becoming the bitch.

Dave Dymond: Crudely said, but hard to argue that point as Sato just not able to even breathe it looks like as he’s trying to break the grip but with NO success.

The fans watch on now, wondering if this one is close to being over.  Roland whips from side to side a bit, adding more pressure to Sato’s ribs.  Sato’s face turns red from the struggle, his arms unable to pry free Roland’s.  The referee checks on Sato, asking if he gives up, but Sato refuses, and out of desperation LANDS a head to head strike via headbutt!  Roland staggers, but keeps the bear hug locked on.  Sato with a second headbutt, and the sound of the two skulls cracking into one another makes the fans cringe.  Roland slumps a bit… THIRD headbutt… Roland falls to his knees and lets go of Sato.  Sato holds his own head in pain, staggering away from Roland.  Roland recovers now, slowly getting up, pressing his palm to his head, checking to see if there is blood.  There is none though and Roland goes after Sato again.  Sato boldly moves in at Roland as well, but Roland is there just a bit quicker, taking Sato’s arm and pulling downwards on it as hard as he can.

Sato shouts in abrupt pain and Roland now turns the arm around, then suddenly kicks his leg up right under it!  He lets go and Sato’s arm flies off to the side, almost popping out of the shoulder all together.  Sato clutches at his right arm, and Roland is the one to hit the ropes now… STIFF YAKUZA KICK!!!

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell is systematically destroying the body of Kaz Sato.  He’s not leaving any body part unpunished.

Other Guy: He’s an unrelenting bastard if I ever saw one, Dave.  And while I’m not hot on Kaz Sato, I don’t want to see Roland pull this off either.

With Sato down, Roland makes a hard cover, shouting at referee Austin Linam to make the count.



Kick out by Sato.  Roland is furious about this though and shoves Sato’s shoulders back down onto the mat and makes the cover again, shouting yet again.  Linam stays down on the mat to make the count.



Dave Dymond: Another kick out by Sato.

Roland snaps up to his full vertical base and turns full attention to Linam. The referee just shows the two count though and motions for the match to continue. Roland becomes consumed by his own frustrations, and he turns now to Sato and pulls him up off the mat.  Sato, groggy as hell, has trouble standing on his own, which is why Roland holds him standing.  Roland forces Sato to look him in the eyes.

Roland: You’re FINISHED!

Roland DECKS Sato clear across the face and that forces him to spin around from the impact.  With Sato’s back to Roland, Roland looks to lock on the crossface chickenwing, when suddenly Sato SPINS quickly and without warning DRILLS Roland with a roaring elbow!

Other Guy: What a fuckin’ shot!  Man Sato dug down deep and put something real behind THAT one, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Roland didn’t know what hit him… and wait… SATO LOCKS ON THE KATAHAJIME!!!

The fans pick up now as Sato gets Roland right where he wants him, locking on his signature submission hold!  Roland is quick to react, flailing his arms and body, trying to move somehow to break out of the hold.

Dave Dymond: Sato has made the World Heavyweight Champion tap to this, and now Roland Caldwell could be the next on that list.

Other Guy: Talk about taking someone down a peg or two while raising your own peg. This could be HUGE for Sato.

Dave Dymond: Roland still very much with it though, trying to get to the ropes, but if Sato can gets his legs wrapped around Caldwell and drop him down to the mat, I’d say this one is over.

The referee checks on Roland now who is fighting to the best of his ability.  Fans are on edge, and now Sato trying to get his leg up around Roland… but Roland suddenly forces all his body weight backwards, SMASHING Sato back first against the corner post.  There is a collective “oooh” that comes from the fans, as Roland keeps the match alive.  Roland tries to walk away from the corner… but then surprisingly SATO LOCKS ON THE KATAHAJIME AGAIN!  There is a quick pop, but Roland AGAIN smashes Sato into the corner, this time harder, causing Sato to slump a bit.

Roland, beside himself now, suddenly goes out of the ring… storming towards Samantha Coil.

Other Guy: Gimme a break! Roland already harassed Coil earlier, what’s this cat’s issue!

Dave Dymond: He doesn’t want our ring announcer, Other Guy; Roland wants what she’s sitting on!

The fans all at once begin to boo loudly as Roland forces Samantha Coil out of her seat and then takes the chair, folding it up as he grabs it.  Inside the ring, Austin Linam shouts a stern warning for Roland to get back into the ring without the steel chair, but Roland doesn’t pay him much attention.  Sato comes out of the corner now, and actually taunts Roland to come into the ring and bring the chair.  Roland grips the chair tightly, shouting right back at Sato.

Dave Dymond: We’re at a standstill right now, as Sato WANTS Roland to bring the chair… but the referee singing a different tune.

Roland gets up on the ring edge, chair ready in hand, but the referee inserts himself now, forcefully grabbing a hold of the steel chair.  Roland lets go of the chair just as Sato SPRINTS at him and the referee!  The fans pick up as Sato CLAPS his forearms on both sides of Roland’s head, sandwiching Austin Linam in between in the process!  Roland falls slumped on the ropes, Linam hits the mat… and Sato is left standing… AND HE LOOKS TO THE CHAIR!!!

Other Guy: Oh yes, oh’ fuckin god yes!  Turn about is fair game!

Dave Dymond: These fans thinking exactly what you are, O.G. as this arena has come alive at the very idea that Kaz Sato picks up that chair and CRUSHES it over the skull of Roland Caldwell.

Sato hesitates for a moment, but the fans continue to cheer him on, and Sato picks up the chair.  Large pop from the fans who want to see blood tonight.  Sato grips the chair, and as Roland stirs Sato charges at him… blinded by revenge on Roland, and not seeing Austin Linam starting to get up.


The chair hits head on… Roland spills to the outside..

And the bell sounds.

Confusion takes over as the once cheering fans suddenly fall silent; Sato himself realizes what just occurred and suddenly WHIPS the steel chair down onto the mat.  He then looks to Linam who is up and motioning to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been ruled a disqualification…

The boos begin to fill the arena now, and Sato shakes his head in disbelief.

Samantha Coil: Therefore your winner of the match… ROLAND CALDWELL!!

The booing continues and Sato now looks to Linam, saying something that isn’t picked up by the microphones.  The referee shakes his head no a couple of times, pointing to the chair and then to Roland on the outside of the ring.  Sato bites his own tongue, turning from the referee, shaking his head again.

Dave Dymond: Sato thought he was in the clear, and well so did all of us.  Austin Linam however enforcing the rules here tonight… and well Kaz Sato unlucky as now Roland walks away with the official “W” on his record.

Outside of the ring, Roland Caldwell starts to get up, not sure what exactly happened until the referee comes to the outside to raise Roland’s arm in victory.  Roland pulls away quickly, not happy at all about his victory.  He slams his hands on the ring mat.

Other Guy: Looks like nobody is happy about this one.

Dave Dymond: I don’t see what Roland has to be upset about, he brought this upon himself, HE resorted to getting that steel chair.

With Sato leaving the ring now on the other side, frustrated as well, Roland shouts out at him, the microphone’s just barely picking up the words “Not Over!” coming from Roland.


Immediately following the match, the focus shifts from the ring area to a set up backstage where Abigail Chase stands with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Worrens. Both stand in front of a Revolution backdrop, lit with blue lights.

Abigail Chase: I’m here, obviously, with the World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Worrens. Now Trevor, tonight you have a very important match, and it will be the first time since Uprising that you will stand across the ring from Ray Willmott.

Trevor Worrens: And that makes this match important why, Abigail?  Why word it like that. The “First” time since Uprising.  That’s not epic, because we’re not so far removed that anyone has forgotten what happened at SHOOT Project’s first Pay Per View.  I BEAT Ray Willmott at Uprising.

Abigail nods her head.

Abigail Chase: Right, you did. I was just getting to the point that now you’ll be facing him again and as of late he’s seen a streak of victories.

Trevor Worrens: He barely survived a steel cage, and then he beat someone who just proved again tonight that he’s inferior.  So I’m going to set the record straight.  The way I see it, Kaz Sato screwed himself. He didn’t do his job, so he’s done.  And as for Ray Willmott, after tonight… I’m done with him too.  In fact, I’m going to move ahead right here, right now.

Abigail looks at Worrens slightly confused.  Worrens doesn’t even take note of her reaction, he just moves in closer to the microphone she holds.

Trevor Worrens: Three men have openly inserted themselves into my life.  One thought he could piggyback off my success… he thought wrong.  Another thought he could share the spotlight with me ONE more time, but after tonight, that thought will be proved wrong.  So that leaves me with one last man.

Worrens pauses for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: Roland Caldwell.

The fans can be heard booing from the ring area now, and Worrens acknowledges them, but doesn’t really react positively or negatively.

Trevor Worrens: Seems like you’ve locked up with my past issues.  Seems to me, you and I STILL have an unresolved past issue of our own.  And sure, maybe I’m not always the most simplistic man around the SHOOT Project, but I’m also not one to ignore simple logic.  You wanted to prove yourself tonight, but looks to me like you failed.  Looks to me you’re going to want to redeem yourself.

Worrens suddenly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title off his shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Maybe this is your redemption then.  Because I’m done being chased. I’m DONE being the one sitting and waiting for something to come my way.  So next week, Roland Caldwell, I’m issuing a challenge to you.  One on one, for MY World Heavyweight Championship title!

Abigail herself reacts with shock, which just reflects the noise of the fans buzzing from the ring area.

Abigail Chase: That’s a pretty big challenge, Trevor, but do you really have the power to make that match?

Trevor Worrens: No. I just made the challenge. Roland Caldwell can choose if he wants to accept it, and Jason Johnson can choose if he wants to make it official.  But either way, Caldwell now knows my intent.  Either way, I’m going to cross him off that list and move on.

Worrens looks dead into the camera.

Trevor Worrens: So Roland, they call you the demon of SHOOT Project’s past.  Funny thing is I know a thing or two about demons… hell I worshipped one.  Because of that, I NEED to know what you’re bringing to the table. I NEED to know just why they call you that.  But more than anything, I NEED to beat you because you humiliated me!

With that Worrens heads off, leaving Abigail Chase with a speechless expression on her face.

We see Jun Kenshin getting prepared for his big match with Art De Luca as he begins to tape up his wrists. His eyes burn a determined fire, feeling physically and mentally ready. He hears a knock at his locker room door as the door opens and in comes Pacific Connection alum Benjamin Biggs, dressed in his street clothes, smiling from ear to ear.

Benjamin Biggs: Dude… do you hear that crowd? They’re jacked UP, bro… and when you finally get out there tonight and fuckin’ jack that bitch up, you’re gonna blow the ROOF. Oh, you’re gonna give him a left and a right… and a kick to the FACE!

(Benjamin begins to shadow box behind Jun as he continues to prepare for the match, still showing that determined look, despite the obvious distraction.)

Jun Kenshin: You have no idea how much this match means to me, Benji. It’s more than just revenge, it’s more than championships, it’s more than THAT. It’s about proudly representing the people that have backed me up through the good and the bad! Sometimes this week can be incredibly complex but this week? The game is checkers, not chess. It’s simple. De Luca is an asshole and I need to beat him for my people. 

Kenshin finishes taping his fists as he pats his friend on the shoulder. He loosens up his shoulders eagerly anticipating the fight.

Benjamin Biggs: Fuck yeah, bro. Do it for San Diego… do it for your fans… do it for every single person out there who wants to see you put a boot in his temple… but for the most part, do it for yourself.

Benjamin looks as excited about this match as Jun, looking like he’s hopping in place.

Benjamin Biggs: And knowing how important this is to you… I really wanna help you out, bro. I wanna be by your side… your second… your right-hand man… just to take this sucka down. What Art did to you and what he said to you is inexcusable. And for my California peeps… and for my friend… I’m gonna be by your side, bro… and if I NEED to, I’ll get in a couple of hits on him… oh yeah, he’s gonna get his ass HANDED to him.

Jun Kenshin: Wait a minute. You’re coming down to the ring? Listen, Benji. What happened at Uprising was a one time deal. I did that to prove to you and to the people that I have changed. I appreciate the gesture but you don’t need to help me tonight.

Benjamin Biggs: Dude… don’t FIGHT this… I WANT to help you. You had your reasons to help me… and I have my own. Let me show you my generosity in helping you extract your revenge in the form of blood from Art’s beaten-down body!

Jun Kenshin: You’re my friend so please understand. I need to go out there and do this on my own.

Benjamin Biggs: Bro… you’re gonna get my help, whether you want it or not.

Benjamin genuinely smiles as he pats Jun on the shoulder.

Jun Kenshin: I know that you’re more stubborn than me or your brother. If you’ll excuse me though, Benji. It’s time to punch in. I got a bitch to beat.

Benjamin Biggs: I’ll see you out there, Jun… you’re gonna go out there and wish he hadn’t picked on such a deadly fighting machine.

Kenshin slaps himself on the face a couple of times to get back into the "zone" that a fighter gets himself into. He leaves the dressing room as Benji looks on, grinning.


"Icky Thump" By the White Stripes blasts through the Arena, and NC-17 appears in the entrance.  The Crowd is cheering quite loudly, and he wakes sure to slap hands with a few of them as he walks down the ramp. 

Samantha Coil: The Following is a Triangle Match…first, coming in at Six Foot Two Inches and weighing in at Two-Hundred and Thirty-Four Pounds…NC SEVENTEEN!!

NC makes it into the ring–and his music is cut off abruptly.  He looks around in confusion as the lights is the arena go to blood red.  "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin starts up, and out walks the imposing figure of Sepulcher.  He has no expression on his face, and the arena seems evenly divided with cheers and jeers.

Samantha Coil: Next, coming in at Six Feet Ten Inches Tall and Weighing Three-Hundred Pounds…SEPULCHER!!

The Big Guy makes his way to the ring and calmly climbs the steps and enters.  NC eyes him with concern as the lights start to dim and go back to standard illumination.  "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger Starts up, and Out walks the Willenium, who is getting cheered by the crowd.  He finally makes his way to the ring as the chorus hits…

Samantha Coil: And Finally, coming in at Six Feet tall and Weighing Two Hundred and Ten Pounds…"THE WILLENIUM", TREY WILLETT!!

Other Guy: MOTORIN’!  Hell yeah!

All three Men eye each other as Samantha exits.  The bell rings to signify that the match is under way, but no one seems to be doing anything.  It’s something akin to a Pro-wrestling Mexican Standoff.

Dave Dymond: This match is definetly a proving ground situation, and none of these three are willing to make the first move.

Other Guy: Well at least they bothered to show up, Double D.

All three Competitors are staying in ready stances, but Sepulcher makes the first move, running towards Willett and catching him off guard with a massive forearm to the chest!  The Willenium falls to the mat as NC-17 runs up behind Sepulcher and lays two powerful kidney punches into the sides of the big man!

Other Guy: Ooh, and you know that’s gotta smart, D!

Dave Dymond: NC-17’s making a valiant effort, bit it isnt enough to topple Sepulcher!

Sepulcher growls and turns around, attempting to take NC-17’s head off with a backhand, but he ducks out of the way and lays a big right hand into Sepulcher’s gut!  He doubles over from the strike, but grabs NC-17 by his head and pushes with enough force to send him almost across the ring!  As he stalks after NC-17, the Willenium climbs his way up onto a Turnbuckle and gives the crowd a nod. 

Dave Dymond: Sepulcher’s too busy with NC-17, but he’s about to make a big mistake…Willett’s about to fly!

Sepulcher can hear the growd buzzing and starts to turn–but too late, as Willett flies off of the top with a diving double double axe handle straight to the back of Sepulcher’s head!  The crowd pops big, and Sepulcher finally drops to his knees, clutching the back of his head.  The Willenium rolls out of the ring and starts rummaging underneath the apron, as NC-17 takes the advantage and lays a standing dropkick into Sepulcher’s chest!  The big man leans back, but doesnt fall!

Other Guy: The Man’s a freak of nature!  He took the full force of that axe handle AND a dropkick to the chest, but he will not fall!

Dave Dymond: Chalk it up to being the toughest guy in the room right now, and–Wait, what is the willenium doing?

Other Guy: Looks like he might be evening the odds, and I gotta say that I’ve missed the old Willenium.  What could it be, a taser? A t-shirt cannon?

As NC-17 lays a huge right hand punch right into Sepulcher’s face, The willenium rolls back into the ring, packing…

Dave Dymond: A String of Garlic and a Wooden Stake?!  Is he Serious?!

Other Guy: Hahaha!  Trey’s taken the vampire look of Sepulcher and he’s ran with it!  I love this guy’s style!

Sepulcher puches NC-17 off and lumbers to his feet.  He seems to be raring back for a big finishing punch–But he gets slapped in the face with the sring of Garlic cloves!  Sepulcher turns around and gives the Willenium a very confused look, and Willett thrws the sting of garlic into Sepulcher’s face!  It bounces off harmlessly, seemingly disappointing Trey, but it gives NC-17 enough time to run and dive right at Sepulcher’s knee with a chop block!!  Sepulcher drops to one knee, his face cross with pain…and the Willenium dives at him the the wooden stake!!

Dave Dymond: Oh come on, this supposed to be a match, not a damn comedy show!

Other Guy: Hey, Double D, if this does the job then I dont care!  Plus, we might get to see if Sepulcher REALLY IS a Vampire!

It seems like Trey might have the advantage of surprise, but Sepulcher catches Trey’s hands in his own, leading to a struggle with the stake pointed directly at his chest!  Willett attempts to overpower him, but the big man is too strong, and easily rips the stake right out of Trey’s grip and throws it outside the ring.  He lifts a struggling Willenium up…then drops him down with a spinebuster!! 

Dave Dymond: Wow!  Sepulcher got tired with the games, and sent Trey down to the mat with authority!

Other Guy: But he’s spending too much time with Trey–Look out!

Out of Nowhere, NC-17 runs from behind and lays a HUGE shoulder tackle straight into the small of Sepulcher’s back!  He double’s forward, giving NC the oppurtunity to bounce off the opposite ropes and give him a running knee right to the face!!  Sepulcher stumbles back, holding his jaw, and NC bounces off the ropes once again to give him a jumping forearm right to the collarbone!  The force is enough to send Sepulcher tumbling out of the ring!!

Dave Dymond: Looks like NC-17 finally figured out how to topple the giant!  The crowd is going wild here, and NC-17 is wasting no time by dragging the Willenium to his feet!

Other Guy: Jesus, did you see what it took to get that guy down? 

The Willenium is dragged to his feet by his hair, and NC-17 looks to the crowd while smiling.  They explode into cheers, and NC swings with a big left hook…but the Willenium blocks it and returns with a punch of his own!  NC stumbles for a split second, then responds with a punch of his own!  The crowd is going wild as the two men trade punches, but NC-17 gains the upper hand with a toe kick!  The Willenium topples over, giving NC the oppurtunity to hoist him into the air…and take him to the mat with a big suplex!!

Other Guy: Oh come on, Willett!  Get your head in the game!

Davy Dymond: Objectivity apparently flew out the window a while ago for my companion here.  NC-17 has The Willenium in his clutches, but here comes Sepulcher!

Sepulcher climbs back into the ring, and NC-17 makes sure to greet him with a big backhand, which he follows with a kick to the gut, stunning the big man.  NC locks up with Sepulcher and hooks a leg, possibly going for a Fishrman’s suplex–but Sepulcher appears to be too heavy!  NC struggles, especially since Sepulcher is laying fists into his side, but he finally raises him off the groun and drops him with a BIG Fisherman’s DDT!!  The crowd is cheering wildly as NC Goes for the cover…



The Willenium knocks NC-17 off of Sepulcher and covers himself!!  The ref drops to make the count…



Sepulcher tosses the Willenium off of his body and gets to his feet!  All three men are standing again, and the crowd is buzzing in anticipation…NC runs up to the Willenium, looking to land a big clothesline, but Willett ducks and takes him down to the mat by the head!  Sepulcher walks towards the Willenium and grabs tim from behind, attempting a german suplex, but the Willenium brings three big elbows right into the big man’s face, breaking up the hold!  He starts to lay big punches into Sepulcher’s ribs, staggering the big man–But he drops to the mat as NC-17 lays two stiff elbows into his lower back!!

Dave Dymond: Oh, and that has to hurt!  The Willenium’s back is already shot by that huge spinebuster, and NC-17 is exploiting that weakness!

Other Guy: I know, doesnt it just make you sick to see someone taking such an unfair advantage?

NC runs up to the staggered Sepulcher and starts laying into him with Elbows–but Sepulcher blocks one and brings a HUGE uppercut right into NC-17’s chin!  The strike dazes him, and Sepulcher hoists him above his head…he pauses, the flashbulbs going off and NC struggling in vain…Sepulcher brings him down with a MASSIVE Dominator Slam!! 

Dave Dymond: This is it!  Sepulcher has landed the Desperation Slam!

Other Guy: He’s covering!




No!  The Pin is broken by the Willenium, who lands a double stomp on Sepulcher!!  NC-17 is still laid out as Sepulcher rises and makes his way towards the Willenium, who has backed up into a corner.  The crowd is buzzing as Sepulcher’s face turns into a smirk and he cracks his neck. 

Dave Dymond: The Willenium is in the worst possible spot right now: He’s been cornered by the big man!

Sepulcher digs his heels in, then takes off running–But the Willenium drops down and takes Sepulcher’s face right into the Turnbuckle with a Drop Toe Hold!!  Sepulcher’s face makes a HUGE impact onto the top turnbuckle, and he stays tied up in the corner, not moving!!  The crowd is going wild at this point!

Other Guy: JESUS!!  That was a massive impact…all damn near seven feet crashing down right onto the turnbuckle!!  Sepulcher might be knocked out cold!!

The Willenium quickly runs to the opposite turnbuckle, pausing to give NC-17 a big stomp to the face to assure that he stays down.  He jumps to the top and stands up…cameras in the arena are going off, and Trey leaps into the air…he turns a full 450 degrees before landing with a BIG impact onto NC-17’s body!!

Dave Dymond: Four Hundred and Fifty degrees!  Trey-Fifty Splash!! 

Other Guy: This has GOT to be it!  The Ref’s Counting!!




The Bell rings as Sepulcher is pulling himself out of the corner, his nose bleeding.  The Willenium stands up, holding onto his ribs with great pain as the referee raises his arm.

Samantha Coil: Your Winner, by Pinfall…"THE WILLENIUM", TREY WILLETT!!

The Crowd Cheers Trey on as he rolls out of the ring, and the official helps NC-17 up.


Roland Caldwell walks through the back, a Powerbar and bottle of water in his hands.  He reaches Locker Room C and pulls the door open.

He stops in the doorway.

Roland Caldwell:  Interesting.

Roland walks through the door and we see the locker room.  He kicks a chair out of the way.  But its like using a Dixie cup to bail out the Titanic.

The floor is a sea of folding chairs.  Hundreds of them fill the locker room.  Roland kicks one across the room.

Roland Caldwell:  Guess I’m changing in the bathroom.

And then he sees the wall.  On the wall, the name SATO, is scrawled in marker in large over-sized letters.

Roland smiles that smile.  He yells to no one in particular.

Roland Caldwell:  I think Kaz is starting to really lose it.


The camera cuts elsewhere, where we see Killian Reilly standing next to Eryk Masters. Masters puts the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

Eryk Masters: Killian, in what some people call somewhat of a dream match-up, you and Michael Collins seem to have some bad blood.

Reilly laughs

Reilly:  Yeah, he ain’t my favorite guy that’s for sure.   Little fucker is pissin’ all over my homeland with his boorish bullshit.

Eryk Masters: What exactly has he done to upset you, really?

Reilly: To get down to it?  He was actin’ like a rude cheatin’ jackass, and I offered him some advice.   Then the fuck had the gaul to throw it back in my face.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s a scar on the face of this organization.   He’s trash.

Eryk looks around the hallway before turning back to Killian.

Eryk Masters: What Michael has done has been well within the limits of the SHOOT Project rules, Killian. You, on the other hand, attacked him during a match and the ensuing brawl cost Michael two weeks pay – pay which he desperately needs. What makes him so much worse than you?

Reilly scowls at Masters.

Reilly: Is this an interview or the fuckin’ inquisition man?  Jesus, what do I have to say?   If that jackass was dumb enough to dive out of the ring at me, then he deserves what he got.  Maybe if him and his dumb fuck brother weren’t such rejects to begin with they wouldn’t need the money so bad.

A scoff from down the hall.

Michael Collins: Whoa. Whoa! Rejects, Lad? Rejects! How many matches has yer arse won in SHOOT Project, boyo? Look up Michael Collins on the SHOOT Project records book. One lost match, boyo! ONE! To Jun Kenshin. And how many have yeh won, again?

Michael is down the hall from the two men, walking towards them slowly.

Michael Collins: If anyone’s a reject, lad, it’s yer idgit arse.

Reilly: Wow look at the chicken shit with the guts here.  I should break you in half right here lad, but I’m savin’ my fightin’ for the ring.   I guess you’d call it fair game, distractin’ me durin’ my match and all.  But you’re still a fuckin’ disgrace in my book Michael.

Michael shakes his head, but blows whatever it was on his mind off.

Michael Collins: Chicken shit, no. Afraid of yer douser arse spittin’ on me face when yeh get angry – yes. Excuse me if I keep my distance, don’t need a spit shine on me face, boyo.

Reilly walks towards him.

Reilly: Spit shine asshole?  More like a broken jaw yah little shit.   Come on now Michael, if you want to play this game, I’ll play.  You want a match?  Let’s brawl.  

Michael scoffs again, walking forward through a shadow.

Michael Collins: It’s a brawl yeh want, eh? Who am I to disappoint. Michael Collins says he’ll give yeh a match, it’s a match he’ll give yeh. But, one thing, Killian.

Reilly: Yeah?  What’s that scumbag?

As he walks out of the shadow, Michael’s face seems… different.

Michael Collins: Who said I was Michael?

From out of nowhere, the REAL Michael Collins spears Killian from the side, drilling him into a crate along the hallway. Killian puts Michael into a headlock and lands some solid body shots before security rushes over to break up the melee. As Michael and Killian are drawn apart, Michael laughs.

Michael Collins: Yeh want a brawl, Idgit? Fine. I have an idea. Lets give the fans what they want. Yeh. Me. Irish Pub Fight. At Animosity!

Reilly’s head rolls as he is restrained by security.

Reilly: It’s a go then you dirty fuck!

The camera shifts to Eryk, who’s eyes are wide.

Eryk Masters: Well… back to you guys…


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit!

"One Of These Days" by Pink Floyd begins to play and the fans turn toward the entrance ramp. Ron Barker and Mr. Xan, the latter holding a briefcase, step through the curtain first, leading the deranged Japanese sumo, HantaKira, down behind them! The fans begin to boo, now knowing who the music belongs to, as the trio make their way down the ramp!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan!Weighing in at 400 pounds! Being accompanied by Mr. Xan and "Ravishing" Ron Barker…HANTAKIRA!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker has enlisted the assistance of Mr. Xan and his monster, HantaKira, to destroy Cade Sydal here tonight!

Other Guy: Well if you want someone destroyed, I’d say HantaKira is a damn good hitman to get that kind of job done.

Mr. Xan guides HantaKira into the ring before joining Ron Barker on the outside. Ron Barker makes his way to stand in front of the commentary table, grinning widely. The music fades out and is soon replaced by "Broken Bones" by nonpoint, and the fans begin to cheer loudly!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Southport, North Carolina, weighing in at 179 pounds! He is CADE SYDAL!

Cade steps through the curtain and paces on the stage, soaking in the cheers of the fans as he stares down at the daunting task before him inside the ring.

Other Guy: Lemme ask you, Dave. If you’re Cade Sydal, how are you gonna come into this match with any belief that you can secure a victory?

Dave Dymond: Honestly, I think Cade Sydal will be happy just to survive the match!

Cade Sydal stops pacing on the ramp as Samantha Coil gets out of the ring. He takes a deep breath before running straight down the ramp! Cade slides under the bottom rope and continues running right at HantaKira, while the bell rings! HantaKira swings a clothesline, but Cade ducks it, and in doing so dives right through the ropes with a suicide dive onto Ron Barker on the outside!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is going to have to be all about hit-and-run tactics here tonight, and that suicide dive onto Ron Barker is a perfect example! I mean he literally just took Ron Barker out right in front of us!

Other Guy: Oh for sure, if he wants to survive, he’s gonna have to be quick as fuckin’ lightning, Dave.

Cade gets to his feet quickly and hops onto the apron as HantaKira turns around. HantaKira moves to lunge at Cade, and Cade springboards to the top rope, using it as a launchpad to spring high above HantaKira’s reach! Cade lands on his feet and hits the ground running!

Dave Dymond: Cade with some amazing elevation!

Other Guy: Luckily for him, HantaKira ain’t but two inches taller than he is anyway.

Cade springboards to the second rope as HantaKira turns around again! Cade springs back and turns, landing with his legs on HantaKira’s shoulders, Cade rolls backward into a hurricanran! Cade hooks both legs!




The bell sounds as Cade scrambles to his feet! The fans cheer loudly at the sudden victory!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of one minute and two seconds! CADE SYDAL!

Dave Dymond: Wow! In record time, Cade Sydal secures a win!

Before Cade’s theme music can play, Ron Barker slides under the bottom rope and rushes Cade, taking him down with a huge clothesline that tuns him inside out, turning the cheers into instant boos! Mr. Xan opens his briefcase and holds a railroad spike up! He slides the spike into the ring toward HantaKira, before HantaKira scrambles to his feet!

Other Guy: I think that whole surviving thing you talked about is about to go right out the window, Dave!

Barker pulls Cade off the canvas and sends him off the ropes! HantaKira lunges for him on the rebound and stabs the point of the spike into Cade’s forehead on the rebound! Cade hits the canvas, blood already flowing from his forehead where the spike nailed him! HantaKira takes up the mount position and starts stabbing the spike into Cade’s forehead, ruthlessly, as Ron Barker stares down, happily!

Dave Dymond: This is a disgusting assault! Someone needs to put a stop to this!

Other Guy: Ron Barker is absolutely thrilled by this, Dave…I mean, its kinda disturbing, but what can we do?

Just as Other Guy poses the question, the fans turn from their jeering into some cheering as FLASH Dynamite runs down the ramp! FLASH slides into the ring as Ron Barker turns around, and lays Barker out with a clothesline while HantaKira dismounts Cade! FLASH meets HantaKira with a right jab! Two more stagger HantaKira as Ron Barker gets to his feet! FLASH runs at Barker and nails him with an upraised boot!

Dave Dymond: SHOOT’s newest superhero is cleaning house! What a Yakuza Kick he just leveled Ron Barker with!

Other Guy: He’s young, Dave, and he needs to learn when its right to get involved in someone else’s business!

FLASH turns back to HantaKira, who has the spike in both hands! HantaKira swings the spike, like a club, hitting FLASH in the ribs with the blunt end! HantaKira swings it like a club again into FLASH’s back, while Cade Sydal grabs the ropes and starts pulling himself up! Blood pours from his face, freely.

Dave Dymond: How is Cade Sydal even managing to start standing?!

Other Guy: It’s idiotcy, mostly. If I was him, I’d stay the  hell down.

HantaKira turns the spike around in his hand to stab the point down into FLASH, but Cade is there! Cade grabs HantaKira by the arm, stopping him from stabbing FLASH! HantaKira whirls around and drives the point into Cade’s forehead once more, opening another new wound, allowing even more blood to flow from his face!

Dave Dymond: How much more blood has to be shed before someone puts a stop to this?!

Other Guy: I am so glad I don’t have a weak stomach right now, Dave.

HantaKira turns back to FLASH as FLASH gets to his feet! FLASH ducks a swing from HantaKira! HantaKira turns and FLASH leaps up, driving two boots into his chest with a dropkicki! HantaKira rocks back, and FLASH gets to his feet! FLASH hits the ropes to capitalize, but Ron Barker explodes into action as FLASH comes off the rebound, catching him and swinging him through with Perfection!

Dave Dymond: Damnit! Ron Barker just stopped FLASH Dynamite in his tracks!

Other Guy: This is turning out to be a massacre for the two that call themselves the Flying Avengers, huh Dave?

As FLASH is kicked out of the ring, Ron Barker forcefully pulls Cade to his feet and whips him into a corner! HantaKira charges immediately behind him and slams into him with a running splash in the corner, forcing Cade to slump in the corner to a seated position! Blood continues to pour from the several open wounds! Ron Barker starts driving his foot into Cade’s face, and after six kicks he pulls Cade out of the corner by his ankles, only a little bit, just enough to lay him down.

Dave Dymond: This is an outright execution!

Other Guy: It’s getting pretty gruesome, I’m not gonna lie to you.

HantaKira is instructed to rise up to stand on the second rope. He complies and then jumps off, landing in a seated position on Cade’s chest with a huge Banzai Drop! Barker gives him the spike once more, and HantaKira begins to hammer the spike into Cade’s face again, while Ron Barker calls for a microphone. He is soon handed one while the fans boo continuously!

Ron Barker: You like that, Cade?! Is that what you wanted?! You wanted a war, right?! You wanted to fight me, right?! Well you got a fight!

Barker yells into the microphone, stunning the crowd into near silence. He pushes his hair from his face, slowly regaining his composure.

Ron Barker: Now, Cade. My friend. My comrade. While I have your attention…HantaKira, stop. And sit him up so I can look him in th eye.

HantaKira stops hammering Cade’s face with the spike and moves to sit behind Cade, holding his head up by his hair so Barker can get to a knee and look him in the bloody face.

Ron Barker: Excellent. Now, while I have your attention, Cade, allow me to shed some light on a recent situation. Everyone knows that you were arrested for having drugs in your locker room, and everyone assumed I planted it. Now, I denied it, and I’m going to tell you…I told the truth. I absolutely did NOT plant the drugs in your locker room.

The fans begin to boo, not believing him.

Ron Barker: No, that’s the truth. But, Cade, I did buy them.

This time he pauses himself, allowing that to be digested.

Ron Barker: And I hired someone to plant them in your locker room during our match at Uprising. I notified the police before coming down to the ring, so that during the match they would find the drugs, and they would arrest you shortly after. And it worked. I admit, now, that I wanted to get rid of you. Looks like all I had to do was get HantaKira here to stab you a couple times, though. Who knew? In the end it wouldn’t have cos–

Barker’s lips continue to move, but no sound escapes from the microphone. He stops and stares at the microphone as the fans begin to look around, confused as well.

Dave Dymond: So Ron Barker is behind Cade’s most recent legal troubles! That son-of-a-bitch!

Other Guy: Yes, but the real issue is our production crew. Why the hell can’t we get working microphones around here when things start to get juicy?

As Ron Barker continues to look about confused, a voice interrupts.

Jason Johnson: Stop being confused, Mr. Barker. I cut your mic.

Jason Johnson steps through the curtain as Ron Barker gets to his feet and glares at him incredulously. HantaKira moves to the edge of the ring, but Mr. Xan and Ron Barker both stop him.

Jason Johnson: Now that I have your attention, you’ve cost me a lot of money, Ron Barker. You’ve also caused a lot of headaches for me. You see, Ron, I have been helping Cade pay his legal fees. He was, at one time, a top star of mine, and I would love nothing more than to see him get his life back on track. If he tells me he didn’t buy cocaine, then I believe him.So not only are you taking money from me there, you took money from me for merchandising. A top star can’t sell merchandise if he’s constantly being scrutinized and looked into for drug deals. parents don’t feel confortable paying for a t-shirt marketed by a drug addict.

Jason Johnson shakes his head slowly as his free hand moves to rub at his temples.

Jason Johnson: This whole thing has caused me a lot of headaches. And I could send your ass to prison right now. Cade Sydal can do the same. But, if Cade Sydal wants it, I think I have a better solution. You’re going to make me some money back, Ron. See, Cade Sydal wants a fight with you? He’ll get one. At the Animosity Pay-Per-View, on November 25th, in any match Cade Sydal wants, you will face him in!  He gets to decide your fate! And if you don’t show up, you WILL be prosecuted. Now, get the fuck out of my ring, and my building!

Jason Johnson turns quickly as Ron Barker and Mr. Xan yell up the ramp, angrily protesting, as HantaKira starts kicking the ropes! Several security members make their way to the ring to escort them out, while medical staff sneak around to help get Cade Sydal out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: The boss has put his foot down! Cade Sydal and Ron Barker will square off, at Animosity, in whatever kind of match Cade Sydal wants!

Other Guy: This could either be really bad, or really good, for Ron Barker! Right now, I don’t think Cade is gonna be making any kind of decisions!


We transition directly to the hallway of the Thomas and Mack Center.  The camera focuses on Benjamin Biggs first, who is rocking jeans with a hooded sweatshirt.  His face is slightly shiny on one side, presumably ointment from the oil burns.  He walks with a very pronounced limp, and from the looks of things, isnt entirely pleased to be moving around at all.  The camera then swings to the other side of the hall, and we see the imposing figure of Kilgore Stochansky walking in the direction towards Benji.  Kilgore’s wearing his usual tracksuit, but has a large gauze bandage over his left eye and a brace over the bridge of his nose, all being held with tape.  As they continue walking, they notice each other, and it seems something might happen as they lock eyes…but they pass without incident.  Until Kilgore turns his head…

Kilgore: Thanks for keeping it warm for me.

Biggs slowly turns around, his posture as defiant as it can be with a banged up leg.

Benjamin: Oh… MY belt? Oh yeah, don’t mention it. What with all the gold-painted chains around your neck, I wouldn’t think you would know how to handle REAL gold.

Stochansky turns around, his hands on his hips.  He’s smiling, but his bandaged up nose lends this a grim quality.

Kilgore: You fancy yourself a comedian, pal?  That’s fine.  I’ll just let that limp of yours remind you on a daily basis who really won the title.

Biggs crosses his arms, his mouth smirking but his eyes smoldering with anger.

Benjamin: HA! Don’t make me laugh, Kilgy. I’ve been through worse before and came out the winner. If you couldn’t finish me off in thirty minutes, I don’t think you would have gotten the job done if you had thirty MORE.

Stochansky places his hand on his chin and looks up, a very exaggerated "Thinking Man’s Pose".

Kilgore: Although I do sometimes wonder…if the Lyger Kid is HERE, who’s protecting the streets of Vegas from the badmen and villains?

Benjamin: Oh don’t worry about the criminals, Kilgorian. That caterpillar on your upper lip would scare them off… that and little children, old ladies, prostitutes–

Stochansky holds up a hand…

Kilgore: Ah-bap-bap.  Keep cracking wise, Dragonfly.  Just remember that you’re just a placeholder at the moment…the people have spoken, and they dont want something better and more pure than what you have to offer.

He grins, and Biggs throws up his hands.

Benjamin: Whatever Stochansky… you’re wasting my time… I’ve got somewhere more important to be at the moment, and apparently, it’s not here talking to you.

Biggs turns around slowly, eventually putting his back to Kilgore.  He starts to limp off, and we can see Kilgore getting into something of a stance and withdrawing his brass knuckles from his pocket.  He wiggles them onto his hands and makes a fist, his face expressionless.  He then gets a running start…Benji can hear him coming and starts to turn, but it’s too late, and Kilgore kicks his bad leg out from underneath him!!  Benji hits the ground hard, immeadiatly grabbing for his knee!  Kilgore stands over his body, shaking his head from side to side.

Kilgore: I dont want to do this, but it’s for your own good.

Stochansky puts a stiff soccer kick into the Knee, then grabs the leg.  Biggs tries to kick him off, but Kilgore puts an end to that with one twist of his hands.  Benji is growling, but those noises turn into screams–Because Kilgore takes his brass knuckles and rams his fist into the side of Benji’s Knee!!

Kilgore: It’s for the greater good…

He lets go of Biggs’ leg, and Benji immeadiatly grabs his knee, groaning.  Stochansky goes for a trash can, grabs it, and seems set to bring it down on Benji’s leg.  However, just as he’s about to deliver this blow, security swarms him and seperates him from Biggs’ prone form.  The trash can clatters loudly to the ground, and the hallway is full of shouting, as it takes four guys to hold back Kilgore.  Two more help Benji up, and he hops on his good leg while glaring at Stochansky with unmasked rage.  Stochansky returns the look with a flippant smile, as he finally throws his hands up and the security personell release him.  Benjamin looks as if he’s about to do something…but thenks the better of it, hobbling off with support from one of the security guards.  We cut away…


(The Willenium is in his dressing room with a radio listening to the Dallas Game. Trey seems to be concentrating solely on the game at hand. He has an ice pack on his knee, and a towel over his head. He is still wearing his White linen pants, and has a cigarette in hand. After a few minutes listening to the game, there is a knock on his dressing room door.)


Female Voice: Mr. Willett. I know you are in there, security told me you would be. I suggest that you come outside.


(Trey sets the radio down, and takes the towel from his head. He still hasn’t put any shoes on from him match. He takes a long drag from his cigarette and motions toward the door as if anyone can see him.)


Willenium: I’m not doing an interview tonite. You’ll just have to get ahold of my agent tomorrow. Or are you here for a personal “One on One?”


(The woman beats on the door harder, and sharper.)

Female Voice: I would suggest that you open the door. I am not here for an interview.


Willenium: GROAN. You certainly are persistent aren’t you?


(Trey goes to the door and puts his ear to it. He places his hand on the knob and slowly opens it. As he opens the door, it is slammed the rest of the way open, smacking him directly in the nose. He goes to the ground, holding his face.)


Willenium: The FUCK sugar-tits!?


(As the camera focuses in on the door, we can see that there is a busty, blonde police officer standing in the doorway, with her pistol drawn. She keeps it trained on the Willenium with one hand, and with the other, slaps a pair of cuffs over the hand he has not covering his face.)


Officer: Trey Willett, you are under arrest for failure to pay child support. You have the right to remain silent…


(The woman continues to read Trey his rights, and he removes the hand from his face. His nose is pouring blood, and is clearly displaced to the other side of his face.)


Willenium: The Hella re you talking about? I took her to court. She refused to take my money, so I just quit sending it. Failure to pay, fuck her and her nose-breaking cop. Why are you still holding that gun to my face?


Officer: Your ex-wife has alerted us to your previous history with violence, and unreported domestic abuse. I, being a woman, was warned that you would be resistant to coming with me. If you would be so kind as to get on your feet and come with me, I can take you down to the station to get you booked.


(Trey shakes his head in disbelief, and scoots back away from the officer.)


Willenium: I will do no such thing. This is ridiculous. I swear to Christ, if my nose is damaged beyond repair, I’ll have your whole office. I’ll be the goddamned police chief by the end of this.


Officer: Threats aren’t necessary, just come with me Mr. Willett.


(Trey slowly gets to his feet, still in shock. He is trying to smile through it all, but you can see a little hint of fear, and sadness in his eyes. He opens his mouth as if trying to come up with something to say back to the officer, but for once in his career, is silenced.  He leaves the lockerroom with the officer.)


Samantha Coil: The next contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute limit!

The lights fade momentarily as we hear Mos Def on the sound system.


Kenshin comes out of the entrance ramp looking extremely focused as the fans loudly clap for him.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin is the one man in the SHOOT Project that has been affected by the fires in Southern California, OG.

Other Guy: I got to wonder if this has distracted him from preparing against his opponent tonight.

Dave Dymond: This match has been building up since De Luca attacked Kenshin at Uprising.

Kenshin storms to the ring as he wipes his feet onto the apron before coming in. He takes off the “CFD” t-shirt and paces the ring.

Samantha Coil: From San Diego, California.. he weighs in at 205 pounds… This is The Undeniable Jun Kenshin!

Kenshin thumps his chest to show his respect for the fans as “Undeniable” cuts off. Immediately, the fans boo knowing whose going to come next.

“Method to Madness” hits the sound speakers as out steps Art De Luca. The fans greet him with loud boo’s and some throw trash at him. He just stands there with a smirk on his face and a look like ‘what’d I do?’

Other Guy: I like this kid. He’s brash and he’s not intimated by a SHOOT veteran.

Dave Dymond: He always seems to find himself in the middle of controversy.

Other Guy: Last time we saw Art was tagging with Deacon Summers when Summers suffered that neck injury.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from New York City… weighing in at 192 pounds…. This is ART DE LUCA!

De Luca comes in as he waves “hi” at Kenshin in an attempt to further agitate Kenshin who continues to pace the ring like an animal poised to strike. “Method to Madness” cuts off.

Kenshin and De Luca stare at each for as Tony Lorenzo stands behind them. The bell is rung as the two tie up in a collar and elbow lock up. Kenshin smoothly transitions by grabbing De Luca by the wrist and tripping De Luca up. De Luca skillfully springs back up firing a forearm shot to the chin of Kenshin stunning him. De Luca hits the ropes but Kenshin counters with a picture perfect drop kick. De Luca rolls to the outside but there is no respite on the floor because Kenshin quickly nails De Luca in the chest with both boots via a baseball slide. Kenshin gets to the floor and chops De Luca in the chest lighting him up as the crowd goes “Woo!”

Dave Dymond: De Luca better not be expecting any clean breaks in this match because he won’t be getting any.

Other Guy: De Luca has to find a way to use Kenshin’s aggressiveness against him somehow.

Kenshin whips De Luca hard into the guard rails. De Luca arches his back in pain and Kenshin charges with a mafia kick propelling De Luca into the second row. Kenshin motions for the crowd to back up now. Kenshin backs up a few steps and runs toward De Luca as he throws his arms out in a flying splash into the third row! Kenshin hammers right hands to the forehead of De Luca over and over as the crowd claps along. Lorenzo has been counting this whole time and is up to a 5. Kenshin grabs De Luca and throws him over the guard rail. Kenshin hops over and grabs De Luca by the hair and breaks the plane of the ring with De Luca’s head and then rams his head onto the ring apron!

Dave Dymond: Well, that’s one way of restarting the twenty count.

Other Guy: You really think this is the kind of behavior that those firefighters would appreciate, Dymond?

Dave Dymond: Well Kenshin is beating the hell out of a man that mocked and belittled the fires in Southern California so YEAH!

Kenshin comes over to the announce table now as he cocks De Luca head back and violently rams it onto the wooden platform above the monitors! A resounding thud echoes as Kenshin does it AGAIN with added force. De Luca comically slumps over the table. Kenshin has an evil look in his eye now as he jumps onto the ring apron. He backs up a few steps and proceeds to run but De Luca was playing possum! Kenshin takes flight and goes for a cross body block but De Luca catches Kenshin in a mid air powerslam onto the thin ring mats on the floor!

Other Guy: I like THAT!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin wanted to put De Luca through the table but it backfired on Kenshin.

De Luca grabs the legs of Kenshin and catapults Kenshin face first onto the ring pole! Kenshin tries to block it with his hands but the sudden force was too fast. He takes the blunt on his head and he is stunned. De Luca now grabs Kenshin and tosses him back into the ring. De Luca hops onto the ring apron and jumps over the ropes landing on Kenshin with the point of his elbow in a nice springboard elbow drop! De Luca covers.


Kenshin angrily kicks out.

Dave Dymond: It’s going to take a lot more than that to keep Kenshin down tonight.

Other Guy: Art don’t seem to mind though.

De Luca does a snap soccer kick to the back of Kenshin. Kenshin recoils in pain while De Luca hits the near side of the ropes and drops a flying knee smash to the forehead of Kenshin. De Luca instead of covering slaps on a submission by applying a leg scissors onto the neck of Kenshin. Lorenzo checks making sure that it doesn’t slip into an illegal choke as Kenshin puts his arms out and is using it to try to leverage his way out.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is no stranger to the mat game, OG. He’s a former Rule of Surrender Champion.

Other Guy: Yeah but does he know De Luca Libre? I think not!

Kenshin managers to stack De Luca off him releasing the pressure. Both guys get up to a standing base but that’s only for a moment because De Luca does a rake to the face. Kenshin’s eyes are blinded and De Luca kicks him in the stomach. De Luca hits the near side of the ropes and does a shake, rattle and roll style neckbreaker! De Luca with a cover.



Dave Dymond: I think De Luca’s plan is to wear Kenshin down and end this match as soon as he can.

Other Guy: The one weakness in Kenshin is his neck area cause it was surgically repaired several years ago.

De Luca grabs Kenshin up and applies a rear waist lock. De Luca pops his hips and releases Kenshin in mid air in a release German Suplex. De Luca hangs on though and rolls for another but Kenshin grabs ahold of the top ring rope knowing Art is attempting another German. De Luca fires aggressive shots to the back stunning Kenshin who releases his hold of the rope and De Luca does another German suplex… this time no bridge, all impact!

Dave Dymond: De Luca is staying on the offensive here.

Other Guy: He’s in for big things if he can pin Kenshin. The last man that did that is now called World Heavyweight Champion of this company.

De Luca now turns Kenshin to face the mat as De Luca slaps the sides of Kenshin and then grab the arms of Kenshin while standing up in a standing surfboard position. Kenshin yells in pain while De Luca is standing proceeding to try to yank the limbs of Kenshin! Lorenzo asks Kenshin if he’ll give it up to which Kenshin responds “NO!!!!” in an anguished way. The fans try to “rally” Kenshin by clapping and stomping their feet. Kenshin’s arms are shaking in pain but Kenshin managed to break free on his left arm. De Luca tries to grab Kenshin but Kenshin smoothly transitions onto his back and then kick both feet onto the chest of De Luca knocking the Bronx native off him.

De Luca runs at Kenshin as Kenshin twists his hip and does a nice Judo style throw using De Luca’s momentum against him!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin knows all the disciplines as evidence of that nice Judo throw he just executed.

Other Guy: But is he the excellence of execution? No, he’s not so I’m not impressed.

Kenshin fires himself up with a visceral war cry as he motions for De Luca to pop back up. De Luca gets himself up as Kenshin does a hard boot to the chest. Kenshin executes a perfect vertical suplex…. He twists the hips and does another vertical suplex… he twists the hips but instead of another vertical, he drops De Luca face first onto the mat smashing his face!

Dave Dymond: I thought he was going for the triple verticals that the late great Eddie Guerrero perfected.

Other Guy: Kenshin did his own little twist, that was kinda decent.

Kenshin waits for De Luca to get up and just as De Luca gets in a sit up position, he gets popped in the side of his head with a snapping kick as the crowd goes “OH!” Kenshin hits the ropes and connects with a Shining Elbow!



De Luca gets a shoulder up.

Kenshin grabs De Luca by the shoulder and drops down immediately in a single arm DDT. Kenshin hangs on and looks on to apply a Cross Arm Breaker but De Luca managers to get his leg to the bottom rope forcing a break,

Dave Dymond: Kenshin was looking for the submission there.

Other Guy: De Luca easily got to the ropes tho.

Kenshin kicks both boots knocking De Luca to the floor. Kenshin hits the far side of the ropes and does a handspring and then throws himself OVER the top ropes landing with “All around the World!”

The crowd chants “Holy Shit!” over and over as Kenshin emulates Tiger Mask with a beautiful hand spring cart wheel dive to the floor!

Kenshin is slow to get up as he throws De Luca back into the ring. De Luca begs off but Kenshin doesn’t buy into it one bit. De Luca has one arm behind his back signaling he wants to shake his hand and Kenshin does shake his hand but then snaps the brash Bronx native with a stiff lariat!

Dave Dymond: Oh please! De Luca really wants to shake hands with Kenshin? Please!

Other Guy: Why not? De Luca respects Kenshin in the “I want to make him a stepping stone” kind of way!

De Luca slithers out of the ring and onto the ring apron. Kenshin goes over but De Luca grabs him by the neck and then De Luca drops down hotshotting Kenshin throat first onto the rope. Kenshin coughs violently as he clutches his throat. De Luca shakes his arm to make sure it’s ok. He motions for Kenshin to get up. Kenshin slowly gets up. Boot to the abs…. front face lock and then a DDT! The execution is pretty sloppy but effective nonetheless!



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

De Luca gets Kenshin in a standing head scissors now. De Luca pulls Kenshin by his tights in a Cactus style piledriver! WHAM! Kenshin is driven to the mat!



Kenshin barely got out!

De Luca goes to the top rope now motioning for Kenshin to get up. De Luca flies off going for the “Piece of Art” but WHAM! Superkick that Kenshin calls “Heaven’s Blade” on the air borne De Luca!

Dave Dymond: NO WAY!

Other Guy: De Luca could have broken his jaw!

An instant replay shows De Luca flying for a top rope DDT but getting absolutely CAUGHT with a perfect super kick to the jaw! Both guys are down as they are spent! Lorenzo counts.








Both guys start to stir as Kenshin runs and De Luca drops down. Kenshin hits the far side of the ropes now as De Luca drops down onto the mat and uses his legs to kick up and launch Kenshin back first onto the mat! De Luca kips up as the crowd lets him greets his arrogance with loud “Boo’s”! De Luca could care less though. He waits for Kenshin to get up and then tosses him over the top rope and onto the floor. De Luca mockingly raises his arms in triumph like he won a battle royal and the crowd greets him with more ‘boo’s’ for acting like a penis. Kenshin is down on the mat as De Luca goes down to the floor. He points his finger into some fans who respond with the middle finger. A security member comes over and restrains the vociferous fans from the Indie Superstar. De Luca now grabs the ring mats from the floor and moves them out of the way. De Luca now does the motion for a piledriver as the crowd shouts and yells at Kenshin trying to alert him. De Luca has Kenshin in a standing head scissors but Kenshin counters with a back drop!


De Luca lands back first onto the cold unforgiving concrete as he yells in pain!

Dave Dymond: Thank goodness Kenshin countered there.

Other Guy: Oh so you’re admitting that you’re rooting for the so called Undeniable one?

Dave Dymond: Oh be quiet. I just didn’t want to see a human being get pile driven onto the damn floor!

Other Guy: I wish I could piledrive you on the floor sometimes.

Kenshin slowly gets up as he now has a look on his face. He looks down on the exposed floor as he grabs De Luca. Front face lock and he tries to hoist De Luca up for his brainbuster but De Luca grapevines the leg. De Luca with several shots to the ribs of Kenshin and Kenshin breaks free. Kenshin slumps down and De Luca immediately does a Rocker Dropper onto the floor! Kenshin’s face hits the mat in a flash! De Luca realizes Kenshin is out cold! He tries to get Kenshin back into the ring but Kenshin’s 205 pounds are just dead weight now as De Luca rolls Kenshin into the ring and covers!




Dave Dymond: WOW! I can’t believe Kenshin kicked out after being driven face first onto the floor!

Other Guy: Can Lorenzo even count to 3?

De Luca goes to the top rope now. He flies off with a top rope splash but Kenshin got the knees up! De Luca’s ribs meets Kenshin’s knees as De Luca coughs violently and clutches his ribs. Kenshin slowly gets to a standing position as he awaits De Luca to get up. Kenshin with just a straight front kick followed up by a step up enziguri but De Luca doesn’t go down, instead he kind of wobbles there aimlessly. Kenshin hits the ropes and does a brutal running high kick! Kenshin covers!



Dave Dymond: Kenshin is just lethal with those kicks!

Other Guy: De Luca is seeing stars after that barrage.

Kenshin grabs De Luca and hoists him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He throws De Luca up in a 90 degree fashion so De Luca’s chest is targeted with a stiff knee! GO TO SLEEP!





Kenshin goes to the top rope now as he measures De Luca. He takes flight with a picture perfect Swan Dive Headbutt sacrificing his own body to hurt his opponent! Kenshin’s head crashes onto De Luca’s head! Instantly, the blood starts to pour out of Kenshin’s head!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin collided with De Luca on that Swan Dive Headbutt!

Other Guy: He’s bleeding pretty bad too.

Indeed, the blood is trickling out of the head of Kenshin as the blood loss seems to have curtailed the momentum of the San Diego native. De Luca groggily gets to a standing position now as he grabs Kenshin up. He has him in a Russian Leg Sweep position but instead drives Kenshin face first onto the mat in a “Stroke” motion! The mat is instantly bloodied with Kenshin’s blood as De Luca covers!



De Luca goes to the top rope now but this time, his ascent is more deliberate. He is breathing heavy as he goes to the top rope. He flies off in a 450 but he rolls slightly forward so his knees land onto Kenshin’s stomach! CRUNCH!

Dave Dymond: Hell’s Winter!

Other Guy: Stick a fork in Kenshin. He’s done!




De Luca looks on in pure shock!

De Luca can not believe it! His stomach is stained with Kenshin’s blood as he motions for Kenshin to get up wanting to put him away. De Luca does a drop toe hold and then applies a cross face. STF! De Luca yanks back HARD on the STF as the blood is just gushing out of Kenshin’s head now with the added torque being executed by De Luca! A shot of various fans hiding their faces behind their hands. It’s hard to watch.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is losing blood fast! This is hard to watch, OG.

Other Guy: The ref may have to stop this.

Kenshin reaches out but De Luca is furiously shaking his head NO! De Luca tries to block Kenshin but Kenshin has too much damn willpower and he makes the bottom rope! De Luca waits until the four count to break the hold. De Luca pulls Kenshin back in but Kenshin kicks him off. De Luca is visibly agitated as he gets up but he gets GREEN MIST to the face. The green has some streak of red from the blood loss. De Luca claws at his face as Kenshin thrusts his right foot into the chin of De Luca for one more superkick!

Dave Dymond: Heaven’s Blade!

Other Guy: De Luca is OUT!

De Luca looks like he got shot and falls down instantly. Kenshin falls on him as Lorenzo counts. The crowd chants along!




Samantha Coil: Your winner at 23 minutes and 48 seconds….. JUN KENSHIN!

“Undeniable” plays as Kenshin tries to raise his arms but he’s too weak. Lorenzo has to prop him up as Kenshin collapses onto the mat obviously suffering the effects of the blood loss.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin pulls out a win but look at the price that he paid!

Other Guy: He busted himself open too, the big dummy but what about Art?

Kenshin is helped to the back as De Luca is seen shaking the cobwebs loose. He realizes that he lost as he curses loudly! De Luca looks at his hands bloodied with Kenshin’s blood. He grabs a steel chair and rams it onto the steel post numerous times in obvious frustration!

Dave Dymond: De Luca is throwing a temper tantrum out here!

Other Guy: He had this match won but Kenshin used that damn green mist to blind De Luca!

De Luca throws the chair away as he is breathing hard. He shakes his head in disgust with himself.


The scene switches to the backstage area, where we see Abigail Chase, walking down the hall next to…

A clown?

Yes, it’s a man dressed in full clown regalia.  A big blue wig, a big clown nose, a puffy outfit with bows, and a huge bunch of balloons.  As the clown stands in the hall and waits, Abigail stops at one of the dressing room doors and knocks.  The door is opened by the Iron Fist Champion, Corazon.  Standing directly behind him, we see Obsidian.  Corazon stares at Abigail.

Corazon:  What?

Abigail: Mr. Corazon, there is somebody to see you, and he says it’s urgent.

Corazon and Obsidian step into the hallway, and Abigail Chase runs off.  Corazon comes face to face with…the clown.

Clown: Hello there, little boy!  My name is Boffo!  Boffo the birthday clown, and I hear that TODAY is your birthday!

Corazon: Today is not my birthday, and if you want to live to see your next birthday, I suggest you leave.  Now.

In the background, we see none other than Diamond Del Carver!  Carver is holding a paper bag, and he takes a quick look at the scene unfolding in the hallway, and then takes advantage of the distraction long enough to sneak into Corazon’s dressing room!

Meanwhile, Boffo the birthday clown is not put off by the fact that Corazon seems less than please to see him.

Boffo: Oh come on now!  Everybody loves a birthday!  Let me give you a present!

As Corazon and Obsidian look on in shock, Boffo starts to blow into a balloon and twist it into a balloon animal for his audience.  Boffo twists and turns the balloon into the shape of some sort of animal.  Boffo holds it out for Corazon.  Obsidian sticks his hand out, and squeezes.


The balloon animal is destroyed.  Boffo looks dejected for a moment, but then perks up again.

Boffo: Okay…maybe balloon animals are not for you.  How about a song?

Corazon:  Leave.  Now.

Boffo: It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday…

Boffo starts to do an outlandish dance in the hallway, swinging his arms and legs around wildly as he sings.  In the background, we see Diamond Del Carver slowly exiting the dressing room of Corazon and Obsidian, undetected.  Meanwhile, Boffo has pulled a big horn out of one of his pockets, and he starts to honk it loudly in time with his song and dance. 

Corazon and Obsidian look at each other and nod.  The two men spring forward and proceed to beat the hell out of Boffo the birthday clown.  Boffo goes down in a heap, and Corazon and Obsidian start to pummel him with repeated punches and stomps.  The honking sound gets louder and faster, and then fades out. The two men step back, look down at the now unconscious clown, and then shrug their shoulders as they return to their dressing room. The camera shot zooms in on the disheveled and beaten Boffo, lying on the floor, out cold.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe that Corazon and Obsidian just beat up Boffo the birthday clown.  They should change their names to The Party Poopers!

Other Guy: Don’t be an ass, Dymond.  You and I both know that obviously, Carver arranged that as a distraction so he could sneak in and out of Corazon’s dressing room.  The question is…what the hell was he doing in there?

Dave Dymond: I don’t know.  I’m too upset about poor Boffo.


Dave Dymond: Well, tonight has been shaping up as one action packed show.

Other Guy: That’s right Dave…nothing says SHOOT Project then a bunch of guys beating each other’s brains in. But then again…

All of a sudden Kaz Sato walks out onto the rampway, steel chair in hand. No music or fanfare, Kaz makes his way down the rampway and slides into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Okay, Kaz has already had his match. And I don’t think he is booked for anything else?

Other Guy: See…see…this is what happens when the inmates start trying to run the asylum. Christ I thought Ozzy was bad enough hogging air time. I guess its now Kaz’s turn.

Kaz paces the ring for a moment before calling for a mic. A ringhand hands Kaz a mic and “The Beast” pauses for a moment.

Sato: I hear somewhere backstage there is someone a little peeved at me. Well, let me be the first to say…you aren’t the only guy who knows how to use a chair, Roland. And if you think for one second that tonight is supposed to end anything, then you have lost your friggin’ mind. Now, since we opened the show, I have a whole night free, so why don’t you come out and how I helped out the Fung Shuai of your locker room.

Just as Kaz finishes his sentence, Roland walks out to the rampway screaming. Kaz just stands in the ring smiling. Kaz allow Roland to shout a bit more, before speaking again.

Sato: You got off very easy tonight, but if you still feel a little jumpy, then feel free to drag your ass down that rampway and we can have another talk.

Roland starts to walk towards the ring, but is stopped by security. As the guards get escort Roland backstage and get Kaz out of the ring, the cameras shift back to the announcer’s table.


Dave Dymond: It’s time for our next match, OG, and I gotta say, this one could and probably will get real ugly, real fast.

Other Guy: That goes without saying. Jester Smiles hates Donovan King, and Donovan hates Jester. Course, if this does get ugly, Jester’s track record isn’t exactly great. He’s been in the hospital because of this man, what…twice now?

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship!!

“The Show Must Go On” begins to play over the PA, which causes the fans to cheer. Jester comes out from the back, staring straight down at the ring. He high fives a few fans, but never moves his eyes from the ring.

Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 243 pounds. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, he is the former Revolution Champion and the Hero of SHOOT Project. JESTER SMILES!!

Other Guy: Looks like a man walking to the gallows if you ask me.

Dave Dymond: Well, no one asked you, and if you ask ME, it looks like Jester is focused and determined to win here tonight.

Other Guy: Well, no one asked you either, now did they?

Upon reaching the ring, Jester leaps onto the apron in one bound, entering between the second and top rope. Upon entering the ring, he goes to the opposite side, doing a few stretches, but keeping his gaze on the entrance.

Dave Dymond: A lot of hate in those eyes.

“Relax and Take Notes” hits over the PA, which signals a chorus of boos and jeers. Donovan King comes out, holding his no longer blood stained belt high in the air, which just signals even louder boos from the crowd. Donovan returns the love to the fans, with one big middle finger. This, of course, causes the boos to get even louder.

Samantha Coil: And now, weighing in tonight at and hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the CURRENT Revolution Champion and is the Cornerstone of SHOOT Project. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen City King, DONOVAN KING!!

Dave Dymond: The fans very vocal about their opinion of Donovan King.

Other Guy: And King isn’t exactly quiet about he feels.

Donovan King walks down to the ring, ignoring the fans, a twisted grin crossing his face. He looks up at Jester, that twisted grin never leaving his face. He points at the Revolution Championship, holding it towards Jester. Jester just stares at King.

Dave Dymond: Tense moment here. This could erupt at any moment.

Other Guy: I hope it does. There’s nothing like a good blood bath.

Dave Dymond: You’re parents didn’t hug you enough, did they?

Other Guy: Shut up Dymond.

King walks up the steel steps, moving VERY slowly. He points at Jester, holding his finger up as if to say “one moment”. He wipes his feet off on the apron, polishes his title, and enters the ring between the second and top rope.  He walks right over to Jester, holding the title right in Jester’s face. Jester’s expression does not change, and eventually, King goes to his own corner and hands the title to Dennis Heflin. Dennis Heflin holds the title up to the crowd, then to Jester, and then to King. Both competitors nod they understand, both men’s’ eyes locked on one another, Jester’s eyes burning with passion, and King just grinning. Dennis Heflin hands off the belt to the bell keeper and signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: And this one is-Look at them go!

Jester and King instantly charge each other, swinging lefts and rights, both men fighting wild, beating on each other with all their hate and rage. King launches a knee that connects with Jester’s midsection, and he begins to the get the upper hand, backing Jester against the ropes with various lefts and rights.  Donovan King eventually beats Jester down to one knee, before running back, hitting the ropes, and launching for a HUGE big boot!

That misses entirely.

Dave Dymond: Jester had that boot scouted. Jester’s behind Donovan, Donovan is turning around,-

Other Guy: BIG Spinebuster by Jester!

Jester takes a mounted position on King and begins to launch punches at King. King tries to cover, but he can’t block all the head shots. Dennis Heflin begins his count for Jester to get off, which Jester obeys at the count of 3. Donovan King begins to get up as Jester backs up, but as soon as Donovan is up…

Dave Dymond: Spear by Jester! And he begins to launch more punches at Donovan King.

Other Guy: Jester fighting desperate here, just doing everything he can to keep Donovan down.

Donovan King starts to back up against the ropes as Jester is launching punches. Dennis Heflin begins to count, and at four, he goes to pull Jester off, which gives Donovan King enough time to slide out of the ring, clutching his head and catching his breath.

Other Guy: King being smart here, slowly the match down and not giving Jes-what the hell is he doing?

Dave Dymond: Jester looking to fly!

Jester Smiles leaps onto the top rope and comes flying off with a HUGE cross body!

That misses entirely.

Dave Dymond: Donovan King playing possum and manages to move at the last second.

Other Guy: Jester’s going to be hurting here. His knees hit the floor pretty hard, and his chest and face slammed right into the guard rails.

Jester is dazed by the previous miss, and Donovan King takes advantage, reigning down punches on Jester. The referee begin his count as Donovan King backs up, runs forward, and nails a big kick to the head of Jester. Jester crumbles to the ground, but it’s not for long, as Donovan lifts Jester up and begins to pound his head against the guard rails. As Dennis Heflin reaches 8, Donovan irish whips Jester into the nearest turnbuckle, which Jester hits shoulder first! Jester turns a full 180 and comes crashing down, back first, against the guard rail.

Other Guy: Jester taking quite the beating, and Donovan looking to end it here. He runs forward, looking for the kne-

Dave Dymond: JESTER MOVES!

Donovan’s knee collides with solid steel, and King goes down, clutching his knee. Jester makes his way to his feet and goes over to King, placing a few stomps to the head and stomach before picking King up and rolling him back into the ring. Jester slides in after, placing a few more big stomps to the back of King. Jester then hit’s the ropes,  leaps, and hit’s a big flipping senton splash on Donovan King! Jester kips up, flips back, and hit’s a standing moonsault to follow!

Dave Dymond: Quite the athleticism by Jester, and there’s the pin!


King easily kicks out, but Jester doesn’t seem to notice, as he instantly picks King back up, locks in a Muay Thai style clinch, and begins to launch knees at the upper body and head of King. After Donovan is sufficiently dazed, Jester bounces off the ropes and goes for a big clothesline, but King ducks! As Jester turns around, Donovan King leaps, turning all the way around in the air and landing a HUGE Penalty Kick!!

Other Guy: An AMAZING counter by Donovan King! He could have the match here!!

Dave Dymond: If he’d cover, but he’d rather just beat Jester’s face in!

Donovan King mounts Jester and pulls his head up, launching punches with the other hand, before flinging Jester’s head back into the mat.


King stops the punches at the count of 4, getting off Jester, but launching stomps instead. He then grabs Jester by the head and lifts him to his feet. King launches a few punches to the head,  a quick kick to the stomach, and then hit’s a snap suplex. King holds on, rolls, and gets Jester back up. This time, he pulls Jester in close and slams Jester down with a belly to belly suplex! King still holds on, powering Jester back up, turning him around, and hitting a hard back suplex with special focus on the neck of Jester!! King still doesn’t pin, however, and goes for the Queen City Crossface!!

Dave Dymond: The ropes were too close, and Jester grabs them.

Other Guy: Sheer luck, Dymond. Jester’s just surviving now.

King looks frustrated, and Jester pays for this with a few mean elbows to the back of the head. King once again gets Jester to his feet and throws him against the ropes. Jester comes off, and King goes for the polish hammer, but Jester ducks, hit’s the ropes behind King, and comes back, slamming an unsuspecting King with a rolling sobat kick!! Jester pins!

Other Guy: 1…2..kickout by King! Jester’s gonna have to do more than that.

Dave Dymond: But if King keeps giving him those openings, Jester might just walk out tonight a two time Revolution Champion.

Jester shakes his head, catching his breath and Donovan King clutches his own head, opening and closing his eyes. Jester uses the ropes to get to his feet. He sees that King is still down, so he responds by running forward and dropping the elbow. He lands right on King’s chest, which causes King to roll over, clutching his chest in pain. Jester grabs King, picking him up by the head and launching a kick to his stomach.  Jester then wrenches the arm, puts a leg grapevine on, and looks to go for the End of the Laughter DDT, but Donovan King wiggles his arms out and trips up Jester, causing Jester to land on his back. Donovan grabs a hold of both of Smiles’ legs, falling back and catapulting him onto the top rope!! Jester’s stomach hit’s the ropes hard, and as he turns, clutching his stomach, King lifts Jester up onto his shoulders, going for the KTFO!! However, Jester launches a strong elbow to the face of King, hitting him right in the eye. King drops Jester, clutching his eye. Jester lands on his feet, turns a half blinded King around, and launches the Virginia Sidekick!!

That misses!! King ducks under, turns Jester around, and once again lifts Jester onto his shoulders. This time, he manages to halfway complete the KTFO, but Jester lands on his feet, falling backwards and slamming Donovan down with a Reverse DDT!! Jester covers!!



Dave Dymond: Quite a series of counters there, and Jester once again going for the pin attempt.

Other Guy: He’s desperate Dave, and he’s going to take every cheap opportunity he can.

Dave Dymond: Cheap?

Jester looks a little frustrated, but he continues the assault, floating smoothly over into an armbar. However, Donovan wiggles out before he can really lock it in tight, and slides out of the ring again. Jester is up, and ready to pounce, when he sees that Alex Harmston has made his way to the ring. Jester backs off, glaring down at both King and Harmston.

Other Guy: This doesn’t bode well for Jester.

As Dennis Heflin begins his count, the crowd begins to cheer as Killian Reilly also makes his way down to the ring. Killian keeps his eyes on Harmston and King. However, he looks up at Jester when he sees that Jester is yelling at him. Jester looks furious, and is motioning for Killian to go to the back. Killian shrugs his shoulders, not sure why Jester is getting upset. He then tries to point behind Jester, but Jester is too late, and King hit’s a hard polish hammer to the back of Jester’s head!

Dave Dymond: That bizarre heat between Killian and Jester just gave Donovan the opening he needed.

Killian and Harmston, who are standing on the same side of the ring, trade glances, before returning their focus to the ring. Donovan has Jester up, and he begins to launch lefts and rights at Jester. However, suddenly, Smiles comes alive, and begins to strike back! Donovan eventually gets backed up into the ropes, where Harmston and Killian look on. Once Jester has Donovan sufficiently beaten down, Jester runs back, hit’s the ropes, and leaps forward, SLAMMING Donovan with a flying forearm smash!!

That sends both men spilling out of the ring, onto the floor, and ONTO Alex Harmston and Killian Reilly!!! Jester falls onto Harmston, and King falls onto Killian.

Dave Dymond: What chaos! Bodies are everywhere and-Dennis Heflin calls for the bell?

Other Guy: I’m just as confused, Dave. And, hell, I’m the smart one here.

Alex Harmston, Killian Reilly, Jester Smiles, and Donovan King all slide into the ring, looking at Dennis Heflin, all asking what’s going on. Dennis Heflin calls for the belt, and then hands it back to Donovan King, much to the amusement of King, and much to the disappointment of Jester.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, due to the possible interference of both Killian Reilly and Alex Harmston, the ref has called a double disqualification, which means that this match is a draw, and Donovan King is STILL your Revolution Champion!!

King and Harmston slip out of the ring, both men smiling happily, the crowd booing, a few people throwing drinks and trash. Jester stands in the ring, arguing with Dennis Heflin, who keeps signaling that he didn’t see things clearly, and called what he saw.

Other Guy: Referee wasn’t sure exactly what happened there, so he decided to be on the safe side and call it a double DQ. It’s neither a win or a loss for Jester or for King, but King does retain, and you know Jester is not happy about that.

Dave Dymond: With all the cheap finishes that have been going on, Dennis Heflin is just trying to be safe here. Still, the fans aren’t happy, and Jester sure as HELL isn’t happy. However, Alex Harmston and Donovan King look SO god damn thrilled.

Jester turns to look at Killian, who seems to be trying to say he’s sorry. Jester simply pushes Killian and slides out of the ring, yelling up at him as he goes.

Jester Smiles: I didn’t ask for your fucking HELP Reilly!!

Jester leaves, giving the entrance walls a hard punch before walking to the back. Killian just stands in the ring, looking incredibly confused.


Walking through the corridors in the back of the arena, Donovan King and Alex Harmston seem rather upset over what just happened.  King tosses the Revolution Championship onto his shoulder.

Alex Harmston:  I told you not to go out there and fight him, Donovan, but did you listen?  No!  Now he’s got one up on you, NOW he’s—

Donovan King:   SHUT.  THE.  FUCK.  UP.

Harmston glares at his pupil as King continues to pace, clutching his title.

Donovan King:   Look, I’m sorry.  So the fuck what he got one on us?  He ain’t get me completely.  He ain’t win the title.  I’m still right the fuck here, ain’t I?

Killian Reilly walks up and shoves King on the shoulder, directly on the Revolution Championship belt, the fans cheering at the sight.

Killian Reilly: Yeah you are still here, like the little coward bitch you are.

Reilly gets inches from King’s face.  King glares at Reilly, while Harmston steps in between the two.

Alex Harmston: Look, Mickey McMickerson, maybe now isn’t the best time.  Don’t you have some hearts or clovers or blue moons to go get?

Donovan King:   Nah, fuck dat.

Harmston sighs.

Donovan King:   What the fuck do you want, Reilly?  You here ta tell me you don’t approve uh what you just seen?

Reilly sneers and spits to the side of him.

Killian Reilly:   Nah Mr. Badass I don’t.  I’ve had my eye on you ever since you started stinkin’ up this federation with your bullshit.  And I for one am tired of it.

King moves Harmston out of the way and glares at Reilly once again.

Donovan King: Really now?  Well, tell me, mutha fucka…what in the fuck are you gonna do about it?

Reilly smirks.

Killian Reilly:  I’m gonna kick your ass.

The fans pop.

Killian Reilly:  And not in any back alley, because unlike you, I got the stones to take you on in a ring.  So you and me, next Revolution, for all the marbles.  I’m gonna make sure scum like you stays out of SHOOT Project.

The fans cheer as Donovan takes a step back.  Slowly, a smirk crosses King’s lips.

Donovan King:   Look, I’m sorry to tell you this, man, but if you want a shot at dis nigga here…you gotta earn it.

Reilly sneers.

Killian Reilly:  Let me guess, I gotta tangle with your bitch Harmstrom first?  Or are you his bitch?  I always get confused with the little bitch hierarchy assholes like you seem to thrive on.

The fans pop as Harmston seems ready to fight.  King, however, looks back, waving Harmston off.

Donovan King: Nah, son.  You wanna get at me…you gotta beat that little muh fucka you just saw get schooled out there tonight.

King grins as he hears the fans booing.

Donovan King: Killian Reilly wants Donovan King in the ring…Killian Reilly’s gonna have to beat Jester Smiles.

Reilly steps back, shaken for a second.  A smile crosses his face.

Killian Reilly:  That ungrateful prick?  And then I get my hands on the big, bad Donovan King? 

He pauses.

Killian Reilly:   Sounds great.  What’s the catch?

Donovan King:   Well, I mean…Killian..with all dat bad blood between you an’ Jester, it seems only right dat you two have a special guest referee to, you know…officiate and regulate yo’ asses.  God knows y’all two need the heat uh havin’ a champion in the ring witchu.  Who better than me?

The fans boo slightly.

Donovan King: So, Reilly…dere you have it.  Next week on Revolution, for a shot at Donovan King.  Killian Reilly takes on Jester Smiles for the right to face the Revolution Champion…with special guest referee…

King’s grin in inescapable now.

Donovan King:  Revolution Champion Donovan King.

King grins.  Reilly pokes a finger into King’s chest, getting nose to nose with him.

Killian Reilly:  See you there asshole.  See you there.

Reilly walks away lighting a cigarette as the camera shifts back to ringside.

Dave Dymond:  WHAT?!  When Jester faced Harmston, it was Killian who came to Jester’s defense once King attacked!

Other Guy:  Dude, I know!  Jester didn’t approve of the assistance…and now it looks like Donovan King is looking to capitalize on that little bit of tension!

Dave Dymond:  Next week on Revolution, Donovan King, our Revolution Champion, is the special guest referee for the number one contender’s match between Jester Smiles…and Killian Reilly!!


We go back to the ring, where we see Samantha Coil standing next to Scott Kamura.  Samantha takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for your Main Event!

A huge cheer goes up, and “Desire To Fire” by Machine Head starts to play.  A spotlight illuminates the runway, and in short order “Red Hot” Ray Willmott and Diamond Del Carver step into the aisle, side by side.  Each man takes one side of the aisle, and the two men start to make their way down to the ring, exchanging high fives with the people as they slowly walk toward the ring.  As they reach the ringside area, Willmott goes one way, and Carver goes the other, and each man walks around the ring and continues to greet the fans as Ray Willmott’s music plays loudly over the Public Address System.  Finally, the two men enter the ring, and exchange a warm handshake as the music slowly fades.

“I’m brutal…  inhuman.”

The white strobe lights hit and start to flicker all over the arena, as “Inhuman” by DZK starts to play, and the fans start to boo loudly, knowing who is coming. Corazon appears in the aisle, his face expressionless and the Iron Fist Championship over his shoulder.  Totally ignoring the deafeningly negative reaction, Corazon slowly wanders down the aisle and enters the ring across from Carver and Willmott.  Diamond Del Carver is staring a hole into Corazon, but Corazon appears to be totally ignoring it.  Ray Willmott slaps Carver on the back and appears to be asking his partner to be patient.

Corazon’s music fades out, and after a moment, the opening guitar rift to “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play. The SHOOT video screen comes to life with an art house montage of shots of Trevor Worrens from various angles.  Between the artistic shots are quick clips of Worrens in action, shots of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title belt, followed by the words “The Failed One” and then his name.

The lyrics pick up, but there is no fancy opening pyrotechnics, Trevor Worrens just slowly steps out from the back, standing there, in black shoes, black jeans, and a dark blood red button up shirt, untucked, seen just partially under an unbuttoned black leather jacket.

“You lived a time of lies until you told me everything

I hope we make amends, but you don’t”

Loud boos and jeers continue to echo throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.

“Life taught you how to fly and then you flew away from me

You left me haunted, star the ending image of the one

‘Cuz they’re still in you too low

All the voices you don’t know

And they’re still in you too low

All the choices that you chose

(Make the voices tell me who you are and who I am to be)”

As the chorus wraps up, Worrens walks down towards the ring, never once looking at the sold out crowd that surrounds him.  Worrens has the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and the camera zooms in tightly on the coveted title belt as Trevor Worrens enters the ring and nods at Corazon as he takes his place next to him, across the ring from Carver and Willmott.

The music fades slowly as the four men stand across the ring from each other and Samantha Coil once again holds the microphone to her lips and begins to announce…

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout is a Tag Team contest, scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit.  Introducing first, the team to my right…at a combined weight of 465 pounds, this is “Red Hot” Ray Willmott and Diamond Del Carver!

The Hardcore Outlaw and the incredibly popular Welshman both step forward and hold their arms over their heads to a deafening ovation from the crowd.  Carver and Willmott both look a bit surprised by the volume of the reaction from the fans, and appear to be humbled by the support.  Samantha Coil points to the other side of the ring.

Samantha:  And now, their opponents!  Introducing first, at a weight of 225 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION…this is Corazon!

The fans blast Corazon with a chorus of jeers, but the Iron Fist does not seem to notice or care.  Trevor Worrens claps solemnly next to Corazon as Samantha continues her introductions.

Samantha: His partner weighs 233 pounds and is the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…here is “The Failed One” Trevor Worrens!

The negative reaction continues.  Corazon and Worrens both remove their championship title belts and hand them to Samantha, who exits the ring and takes a seat next to Mark Kendrick at the timekeeper’s table.  SHOOT Project head official Scott Kamura stands in the middle of the ring, and barks some instructions at both teams.  Corazon heads to the apron for his team, leaving Worrens in to start the match.  Accordingly, Carver heads the outside but not before slapping Ray Willmott on the back affectionately and shouting some last minute encouragement to his partner.

The lights dim all over the arena, leaving only the massive spotlight over the ring to illuminate the match.  Scott Kamura points at Mark Kendrick, who rings the bell three times…and we’re ready to go!

Dave Dymond: You can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air, as our two biggest champions prepare to take on the two men some fans have dubbed “The SHOOT Project Dream Team” in our Main Event!

Other Guy:  Yeah, I actually saw some fans holding signs up calling Carver and Willmott the SHOOT Project Dream Team.  What a crock!  They ain’t no dream I ever had, I’ll tell you that much.

The fans are on their feet, cheering their hearts out as Trevor Worrens and Ray Willmott head to the middle of the ring, and waste no lime in locking up!  The two men tussle, driving each other back over and over again.  Finally, Worrens backs Willmott against the ropes. The referee pulls the two men apart, and then, Trevor Worrens drives a quick surprise knee right to the midsection of Ray Willmott! Ray Willmott collapses, and Trevor Worrens drops down for a cover…



Ray Willmott angrily kicks out.

Trevor Worrens pulls Ray Willmott up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Willmott plants one foot and reverses. Trevor Worrens comes back, ducks the clothesline attempt from Willmott, bounces off the ropes, ducks yet another clothesline, and then grabs the ropes, stopping his momentum, sees Ray Willmott ducking for a back body drop, and nails a huge boot to Ray Willmott’s face. Ray Willmott bounces up, Trevor Worrens hooks him up and hits a body slam. Ray Willmott hurries to his feet and Trevor Worrens hooks him in an arm drag, Ray Willmott back up, and gets pulled into a hip toss by Worrens. Ray Willmott gets back up again, Trevor Worrens snaps another arm drag, then he rushes in, Ray Willmott nails an arm drag, and the two men roll away from one another, spring to their feet, and gets into fighting stances.

The fans applaud loudly.

Ray Willmott goes down hooks on Trevor Worrens’s leg, lifts him up, and hit’s a dragon screw leg whip! Trevor Worrens falls to the mat, clutching his leg. He looks up, sees Corazon’s outstretched hand, and slaps it for the tag! Ray Willmott calls Corazon on, and the two men lock eyes. Ray Willmott slaps Diamond Del Carver’s hand for the tag!

Dave Dymond: Here we go!  To borrow a phrase, business is about to pick up.

Other Guy: Diamond Del Carver is probably still pretty sore from last week, in more ways than one.

Corazon stands in his corner, and Diamond Del stands in his. The two men walk toward one another slowly, and then bump chests, talking the entire time. The two men are nose to nose now, and the two men continue to jaw at each other. Corazon goes to tie up, but Carver instead fires an immediate shot to Corazon’s stomach, doubling Corazon over. Carver nails a forearm shot on Corazon, then another, and Corazon falls to his knees. Diamond Del nails another forearm shot, and again brings Corazon to his knees. One more, and Corazon is on his stomach. Diamond Del Carver stands up over Corazon, angered. He picks Corazon up, nails a forearm shot to Corazon’s face, then another, and another, and spins around, and nails yet another forearm shot, dropping Corazon to the mat.

The Hardcore Outlaw is getting the better of Corazon, as Carver picks him up yet again, whips him to the ropes, keeps a hold of the arm, spins him back around, nails a back elbow smash, and with Corazon dazed, Carver hits a boot, doubling Corazon over, he hooks Corazon’s arms, jumps up for momentum, and nails a double underhook suplex!

Corazon bumps against the mat, sliding over to Carver and Willmott’s corner. Carver walks over and points to Ray Willmott, who points back to Carver. Carver picks Corazon up, sitting him in the corner. Carver tags Ray Willmott, and Ray Willmott steps in. They whip Corazon to the opposite rope, Corazon hooks his elbow, stopping momentum, and rushes back toward them. He leaps into the air, and nails a double clothesline, dropping both Carver and Willmott to the mat!

Carver rolls to the outside instinctively, and Ray Willmott rolls to his stomach. He lifts himself up, and sees Corazon, who is already ready for him to get up. Ray Willmott charges, and Corazon snaps an arm drag. Ray Willmott stands up, frustrated and charges at Corazon. Corazon stops himself, and the two men start trading rights and lefts. Ray Willmott is being hit with Corazon’s devastating rights, and Corazon is being nailed with Ray Willmott’s knife-edge chops. Corazon uses his right knee to knock Ray Willmott off his momentum. Ray Willmott staggers forward, Corazon hooks his head, hooks his arm, and then nails a snap suplex on Ray Willmott. Corazon rolls over onto Ray Willmott, and the referee slides down for the count…



Strong kickout by Ray Willmott!

Dave Dymond: I have to admit, I thought Corazon and Worrens were going to have some trouble based on their individual egos and their interaction last week, but so far they’ve been functioning like a well oiled machine and they are now firmly in control of this match.

Other Guy: Exactly.  Our World Heavyweight Champion and our Iron Fist Champion, working together.  There’s your dream team, Dymond.

Corazon gets on his knees and immediately hooks in a rear chinlock on Ray Willmott, who struggles to get his feet under the ropes. Corazon drags Ray Willmott to the center of the ring with the weardown hold, and then forces Ray Willmott to his feet. The hold is tough to keep locked in, as Willmott is really fighting it, so Corazon immediately lets go…right into a full nelson. Ray Willmott flails his arms abut, and before he gets to go limp, Corazon thrusts him over into a release Dragon Suplex!

Corazon springs back up to his feet, picks Ray Willmott up, and Irish whips him to the ropes. Ray Willmott hangs on, and leaps over to his corner making the TAG to Diamond Del Carver! Ray Willmott gestures to Carver, who puts his boot over the top rope. Ray Willmott grabs Corazon by the hair, and slams Corazon face-first into the boot. Corazon stumbles, and Ray Willmott charges at him. Corazon drops down and takes Ray Willmott to the mat. Trevor Worrens runs in…

Trevor Worrens brings Ray Willmott up and hurls him into the corner, then begins unloading. Trevor Worrens hits Ray Willmott with a left knee strike and a right knee strike to the sides, a palm jab to the sternum/chest, a palm jab to the face that causes Willmott to spin around, and then the Worrens pulls back and nails Willmott from behind with a hard standing clothesline. Holding his head in pain Ray Willmott rolls out and finally allows Diamond Del Carver in, although the tag was already made…

As the fans rally, Carver steps through the ropes and slowly approaches Trevor Worrens. Trevor Worrens goes for an amateur wrestling style takedown, but Carver plants his feet and blocks it. Carver brings Trevor Worrens to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Carver charges in after him and nails Trevor Worrens with a running boot to the face. Carver backs up out of the corner and waits for Trevor Worrens to come to him, then whips him into the ropes. As Trevor Worrens comes off, Carver picks him up and slams him to the mat with a spinebuster!

Carver makes the cover…



Trevor Worrens manages to get a shoulder up at two.

Dave Dymond: Our World Heavyweight Champion is in some trouble here, OG.

Other Guy: He’ll be fine, believe you me. The champ has been frustrated by a lot of things lately, but the sign of a true champion is the ability to overcome adversity when it really matters.  He might be a bit preoccupied with this whole Mallows situation, worried that Mallows is around somewhere…but he’s still the man who won that tournament and he can win this match and send a big message to Willmott.  Trust me.

Carver is undaunted and brings Trevor Worrens back up to his feet. He lifts Trevor Worrens up in the air, then takes him down with a big powerslam. With Trevor Worrens down, Carver runs into the ropes, then leaps high into the air and drops a leg across the throat of Trevor Worrens. Carver makes another cover…



Worrens kicks out again, and Carver lifts Trevor Worrens up and holds him, then tags out to Ray Willmott. Ray Willmott vaults into the ring and hammers Trevor Worrens with a kick to the kidneys, then follows it up with a pair of spin kicks to the face as Carver returns to the corner. Ray Willmott then clocks Trevor Worrens with a big roundhouse kick, knocking him to the mat. Ray Willmott brings him back up, then hooks him up and takes him down with a snap suplex!

Trevor Worrens is down, and Ray Willmott heads to the top as he waits for Trevor Worrens to get up. Trevor Worrens slowly gets to his feet, and Ray Willmott leaps from the top and nails him with a flying body press!

Ray Willmott hooks the leg and makes the cover…



Trevor Worrens manages to get a shoulder up. Ray Willmott curses as he brings Trevor Worrens up, then hooks him up. He tries to lift him for a brainbuster, but Trevor Worrens uses his strength to block the move, then lifts Ray Willmott up and executes a brainbuster of his own! With Ray Willmott down, Trevor Worrens heads to the corner and tags out to Corazon.

Dave Dymond: The World Champion and Iron Fist Champion continue to show great teamwork as now Corazon hits the ring.

Other Guy: Anybody who thought these guys wouldn’t work well together just wasn’t thinking.  They’re both winners, and they both want to win this match…something they couldn’t do if they ended up fighting with each other.

Corazon hits the ring, and as Ray Willmott gets to his feet, Corazon nails him with a high knee. Corazon sneers and brings Ray Willmott up, then takes him to the mat with a suplex. Corazon runs into the ropes, then drops a knee, driving it into the throat of Ray Willmott. He brings Ray Willmott to his feet, and shoots a few words in the direction of Diamond Del Carver.

Carver falls for it. As Del Carver enters the ring, the referee cuts him off and orders him back to his corner and Trevor Worrens hits the ring, and he and Corazon double-whip Ray Willmott into the ropes. They hit Ray Willmott with a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! WHAM! Trevor Worrens leaves the ring, and Corazon calls the ref over and makes the cover…



Ray Willmott kicks out!

Corazon slams the mat with his hands, as he thought he had him. Corazon brings Ray Willmott up, then drives him into the mat with a facebuster. He follows that up by bringing Ray Willmott up and driving him into the mat with a big slam. Corazon knows he has him now, and makes the cover again.



Kickout by Ray Willmott!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Corazon is still stunned. He begins to jaw with the ref, and Ray Willmott crawls up behind him. Instead of the usual rollup, Corazon senses him coming and back-kicks Ray Willmott in the face, sending him sprawling back. Corazon brings Ray Willmott up again and kicks him in the gut, setting him up for the Original Sin! Ray Willmott, however, counters out of it with a left hook. He then hooks Corazon up and drives him to the mat with a spin kick!

Dave Dymond: I thought it was over there for a minute!

Other Guy: Corazon almost nailed Willmott with that face first piledriver of his, but almost don’t cut it, and now both men are looking for the tag.

Both men begin to crawl to their corners. Corazon tags out to Trevor Worrens… and Ray Willmott tags out to Carver. Carver hits the ring running, and clobbers Trevor Worrens with a huge lariat. Corazon heads for him, but eats a lariat as well. Carver grabs Trevor Worrens and drives him into the mat with a powerslam. Corazon tries to get a piece of Carver, but Carver blocks his punch and whips him into the ropes, then plasters him with a big boot, knocking him from the ring. Carver grabs Trevor Worrens again and wraps a hand around his throat, then tags out to Ray Willmott, who climbs to the top rope.  Ray Willmott leaps from the top rope as Del Carver plants Trevor Worrens with a “nodowa” style chokeslam. 

Ray Willmott connects on Ray Willmott with his patented 450 legdrop known as “Elegance!”  WHAM!  Willmott makes the cover on Worrens!



NO!  Corazon leaps into the ring and breaks it up!  Carver comes in and jumps on Corazon!  Ray Willmott starts to rain punches down on the still prone Trevor Worrens, and now Corazon and Carver are duking it out.  The referee has lost all control of this match and we have all four men in the middle of the ring, slugging it out.

Suddenly, the fans start to boo, and we see none other than Obsidian making his way down the aisle toward the ring.  As always, the big man’s face is inscrutable. As Obsidian takes his place in Corazon’s corner, Scott Kamura sends Trevor Worrens and Ray Willmott out to their respective corners, leaving Diamond Del Carver and Corazon in the ring. The two enemies begin to trade punches back and forth in the middle of the ring.

As if Obsidian’s appearance isn’t enough, suddenly the SHOOT Video Wall turns on!  We can see, looped over and over again…the SHOOT Project World Champion Trevor Worrens tapping out to Sato with the word “Congratulations” showing up in front of the video loop!  Trevor Worrens sees this, and jumps up the apron, looking up the aisle with a look of anger and confusion on his face.

Dave Dymond: What the hell is this?  Who is playing this video of Worrens tapping out?

Other Guy: Who do you think?  It’s got to be Mallows!  Look at Worrens!  He’s not happy!

Indeed, Trevor Worrens is pacing around in the aisle, looking toward the dressing room in concern.  Ray Willmott sees this, and sprints across the ring, and hurls himself over the top rope, and lands right on top of Worrens in the aisle!  The crowd erupts at the sight of the insane suicide dive by Ray Willmott on Trevor Worrens!

Meanwhile, Corazon and Carver are still slugging it out. Scott Kamura is leaning over the top rope, yelling at Ray Willmott, so Obsidian takes advantage and jumps up onto the apron!  Obsidian reaches behind him, and pulls out an object!

The can of mace!

Obsidian has pulled out the infamous can of mace that Corazon used to defeat Die Hard Dave Marz with, twice!  Obsidian throws the can in the ring, and Corazon catches it!  Corazon points the can at Diamond Del Carver, and presses down!


The crowd erupts in laughter, and so does Diamond Del Carver.  Corazon stands there in total shock, staring at his can of mace, which just made a sound suspiciously like an airhorn.

Corazon points the can at Carver and presses again…


The unmistakable sound of an airhorn blasts through the arena!

Dave Dymond: Well, now we know what Diamond Del Carver was doing in the dressing room of Corazon earlier!

Other Guy: What kind of man switches a can of mace with an airhorn?  Those things are really loud and annoying!

Corazon just stares at the can in his hand, an expression of disbelief and anger on his face. Diamond Del Carver boots Corazon in the gut, as hard as he can.  The can flies into the air, and Carver catches it!  Diamond Del Carver holds the metal can high overhead, and then starts to pound it into the forehead of Corazon!  As the fans go crazy, Diamond Del Carver repeatedly drives the metal can into the head of Corazon, busting him open!

On the outside of the ring, Obsidian is going mental, kicking chairs and pounding his hands on the apron.  Meanwhile, Trevor Worrens and Ray Willmott have both struggled to their feet and they are starting to trade shots back and forth, wildly fighting in the aisle.

Obsidian gets on his knees, and reaches under the apron.  He pulls out the toolbox which the stage crew uses to assemble the ring, and dumps it out.  Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools spill all over the place.  As Del Carver continues to pummel Corazon with the metal can in the ring, Obsidian selects a medium sized screwdriver, and jumps to the apron.

Scott Kamura turns around, sees Obsidian on the apron, but then he sees Carver pounding on Corazon with the can.  Kamura tackles Carver and starts to struggle with him, pulling at his hands trying to take the can away.  Kamura threatens to call for the bell, so Carver lets the can go.  As Kamura turns his back and throws the can outside the ring, Obsidian throws the screwdriver to Corazon.

Scott Kamura turns back around, and seeing that Worrens and Willmott are still brawling outside the ring, he heads to the apron and orders Obsidian to get down.  Obsidian starts to argue, holding his arms up.  Meanwhile, Corazon brandishes the screwdriver in his hand.  Carver has been so busy arguing with Kamura, he didn’t even see Obsidian throw the weapon to Corazon.  Now he sees it for the first time, but it is too late.

Dave Dymond: Oh, no.  NO!

Other Guy: Don’t tell me he’s going to…

Corazon jabs his arm forward with a quick thrust, and jams the screwdriver directly into the right eye of Diamond Del Carver!  Carver screams in shock and pain, and hits the mat, his hand over his one good eye.  His legs are thrashing around with pain, and both his hands are now over his face.  Seeing that Corazon has struck, Obsidian jumps down from the apron.  The fans are irate, booing and throwing trash at the ring.

Corazon covers Diamond Del Carver, and seeing this, Scott Kamura slides down for the count…




The bell rings, and Samantha takes the microphone in hand.

Samantha: Your winners, at a time of 37 minutes and 43 seconds, CORAZON and TREVOR WORRENS!

“Inhuman” by DZK starts to play.  As soon as the music sounds, Trevor Worrens looks up into the ring.  Ray Willmott and Worrens are still struggling, but as soon as the music starts, Worrens tries to head up the aisle.  Ray Willmott starts to follow him, but then he stops when he sees Diamond Del Carver.

Carver is still holding his hands over his face, but he has stopped moving.  Blood is slowly dripping between his fingers down to the mat.  Corazon and Obsidian both stand over Carver, holding their arms high in the air.  Ray Willmott slides back into the ring and scrambles towards Carver, a look of shock and concern on his face.  Scott Kamura goes down on one knee, and checks on Carver.

Dave Dymond: Ray Willmott and Scott Kamura have no idea what just happened, and to be honest I can’t believe it myself.

Other Guy: Look at this replay, Dymond.  This is…man, I don’t know.  Corazon may have gone too far this time.  There’s being tough, but this is…I don’t know.

The replay shows on the screen.  We see Obsidian throwing the screwdriver to Corazon as Kamura takes the mace can from Carver.  We see Kamura ordering Obsidian off the apron, and Corazon jamming the screwdriver into the good eye of Diamond Del Carver, incapacitating him.  We see the blood dripping from the hands of Carver, who is still covering his face.

When we return back to live action, the fans are mostly silent as Scott Kamura and Ray Willmott kneel next to Diamond Del Carver, who has still not taken his bloody hands away from his face.  The last thing we see is Corazon and Obsidian standing by the entrance, smiling, as Revolution fades…