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Dominion 11: 8/6/2013

The screen is black as the gentle piano of "Run This Town (E.S. Posthumus Remix)" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and E.S. Posthumus begins to play.  The spotlight lights up slowly, the screen monochrome.  We see an empty locker room, with an empty chair sitting in the middle of it.  The scene is serene.

I’m ready.

The scene switches to the Epicenter Ring, empty as well.  Suddenly, the monochrome screen shakes, the colors flashing in and out.


The sun is shown in twice the normal speed, racing towards the horizon, hiding from the coming war.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We look down the entrance ramp of the Epicenter now, down to the ring.

Hear the screams from everywhere

Slow motion images of the fans cheering their heads off.

I’m addicted to the thrill

It’s a dangerous love affair

An image of someone, the camera distorts just who, screaming back to the fans as they enter the arena.

Can’t be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Donovan King appears, slowly removing the hood that reveals himself to the world as he stands over a fallen foe.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The music ERUPTS as we see Trey Willett hitting the Dawn of a New Era on an unsuspecting victim.


We are

Yeah I said it

We are

The camera shows Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, and Isaac Entragian standing in the shadows, glaring back at the camera before Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the darkness in front of the hulking trio, Flay’s eyes darting left and right while Gaunt grins wildly.

This is Roc Nation

Pledge your allegiance

Get ya black tees on

All black everything

Black cards, black cars

All black everything

The camera spins around Adrian Corazon, who stands bathed in the spotlight.  His chest is bare and his arms outstretched, the camera settling on Corazon’s massively scarred back.

And our girls are blackbirds

Ridin’ with they Dillingers

Tanya Black strikes at Chance Ryan, connecting with a DDT before the scene shifts to Johnny Napalm holding the Iron Fist Championship high in the air.  Just as quickly as that image shows up, Ja Gi Kyung-Moon flying through the air, juxtaposed with Maya Nakashima doing the same.

Dutch Harris: I’ve never seen anything like it!

I’d get more in depth

If you boys really real enough

The Bad Ass Brotherhood saunter down to the ring, both men dressed for success before we see Lunatikk Crippler connecting with the Lunatikk Sweet before Sammy Rochester is shown, slamming a victim down into the mat.

Mark Kendrick: Come on!

This is La Familia

I’ll explain later

But for now let me get back to this paper

Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart are shown putting the boots to a poor victim ruthlessly before it shifts to ANARCHY standing in the center of the ring, the camera circling them to reveal Loco Martinez behind them, trying unsuccessfully to get them to move out of his way.

I’m a couple bands down and I’m tryin’ to get back

Solomon Richards is shown, looking up to the spotlight, his eyes filled with hope and his hands are open.  Jerry Matthews appears next, preaching to a congregation with great fervor before we see Datura slowly closing a book with a smile on her face.

I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks

Yeah I’m talkin’ five comma, six zeros, dot zero, Jigga

Valentine Lionheart connects with a low blow before the camera catches his knowing grin.  It cuts to Cronos Diamante running his hands over his head before it finally cuts to Corey Lazarus slapping his hands together as if to say “CUT”.

Mark Kendrick:  Let’s get down to it!

Back to runnin’ circles ’round niggas

Now we squared up

Hold up

Randall Kash stands in the spotlight, sneering at the camera.  It quickly switches to Ripper, running his hands through his hair as his eyes are so wide they threaten to bulge out from his skull.  Quickly, the camera switches to Jacob Mephisto, exhausted, holding the Sin City Championship in his clutches, staring down at it as if it was the end of a long road for him.

Dutch Harris:  He didn’t even FLINCH!

We cut back to Datura slowly walking down to the ring before it shifts to Conor Caden doing the same.  It cuts to Adrian Corazon connecting with the Act of Inhumanity.  We cut to a hapless victim being SPEARED THROUGH BARBED-WIRE by Isaac Entragian!

Mark Kendrick: GOODNESS!

Jester Smiles is up next, hooking the Last Laugh on someone before we see the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship held in the hand of Trey Willett, standing tall after a hard fought victory.  The camera focuses in on the face plate.

Dutch Harris: He gave it everything he can!

Mark Kendrick: CAN THAT BE IT?!

Suddenly, the camera zooms right back out again, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling high above the Epicenter as the music dies down.  The piano returns…and Rihanna’s voice does as well.

Feel it comin’ in the air

We come back to Adrian Corazon, his head down, sitting in the corner of the ring.  He looks up to the camera, and a confident smirk slides across his face.  Then, we see Project:SCAR en masse, the group standing among a mass of followers who keep their heads low, hidden by hoods.  Kenji grabs Flay by her hair and pulls her in close while Entragian slides his hand across Gaunt’s midsection.  Obsidian remains silent, glaring ahead.

Hear the screams from everywhere


Dan Stein slowly runs his fingers across his chest before we cut to Donovan King practicing in the ring, locking up with an opponent before snapping off a Dealbreaker.  Vermont’s Finest is shown, El Asso Wipo making a snapping motion with his hands while Silas looks on, ever annoyed.

I’m addicted to the thrill

The screen flashes with Maya Nakashima flying in the air, connecting with a splash on someone before it shifts to Cronos Diamante, throwing his arms to either side.  3M slowly raises his head to the camera, his eyes ablaze with fury.

It’s a dangerous love affair

Donovan King is shown, the Carolina Crossface locked on tightly against Lunatikk Crippler, Crippler’s raven locks swaying effortlessly in slow motion.

Victory’s within the mile

Pyro rains down as the silhouette of someone standing at the entrance to the Epicenter is shown, clutching the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

Almost there, don’t give up now

SCAR descends upon Corazon, ready to brand him.

Only thing that’s on my mind

Trey Willett appears, his head bowed so that his face is bathed in the shadows.

Is who’s gonna run this town tonight

The music hits its crescendo, we see Corazon lording over a fallen Trey Willett, we see Henry Gordon trading punches with Johnny Napalm.  Chance Ryan entering the ring, Cade Sydal screaming for his opponent to come back and fight him, Vermont’s Finest hamming it up in the spotlight, Orion marching to the ring, Loco Martinez attempting a pin on Buck Dresden, cutting finally to Diamond Del Carver, the cherry of his cigar all that’s visible in the darkness.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight…

The pyro continues to rain down as a silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.

The pyro continues to rain down as the silhouette slowly lifts the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt up, the images of each and every Soldier is shown as quickly as possible before finally settling one last time…on the World Heavyweight Championship, the music dying down.

Mark Kendrick: SHOOT Nation! Welcome to another edition of Dominion! Last night on Revolution, a new Rule of Surrender Champion was crowned, and tonight we’ve got ANOTHER championship match as Jacob Mephisto defends his Sin City Championship against both Jerry Matthews and Conor Caden in a triple threat match!

Dutch Harris: Absolutely, Mark. But, that’s certainly not all! The members of Orion made their presence felt last night as Mason Pierce assisted fellow Orion member, Valentine Lionheart and Project: SCAR member Elizabeth Gaunt beat down Corey Lazarus and 3M after thei main event match had concluded, culminating in the removal of blood via syringe from 3M. Well, tonight, Orion will certainly be making another appearance, as one member of Orion will defend the Orion Championship against the leader of the Third Army, Tanya Black!

Mark Kendrick: That should prove to be a very interesting match, Dutch. Also scheduled tonight, folks, we’ve got Cronos Diamante making his in-ring return after his despicable actions two weeks ago as he steps into the ring with SHOOT Project’s LEGENDARY LUCHADORE, El Asso Wipo!

Duth Harris: All of those matches sound absolutely fantastic, Mark. But, tonight, in our main event, we are going to see a match that has seemingly been coming for quite some time. The former World Heavyweight Champion, "The Golden Boy" Dan Stein will step into the ring and go one on one with the 2013 Master of the Mat and Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Loco Martinez! THAT should be a classic!

Mark Kendrick: I certainly agree, Dutch. Tonight should prove to be yet another amazing night of action for the SHOOT Project! Let’s get things started!

The crowd is all set to begin the night’s festivities as Samantha Coil steps into the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall. It is a triple threat match and it is for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The crowd lets out a roar of approval and then the arena lights dim until the Epicenter is plunged into darkness until…

"We will never sleep! ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!

No, we will never rest! ‘Til we’re all fuckin’ dead!

We will never sleep! ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!

No, we will never rest! ‘Til we’re all fuckin’…"

Diamonds Aren’t Forever by Bring Me The Horizon kicks in… The metal melody bringing cheers from the crowd as they await Conor Caden. And the song starts to pick up!



Samantha Coil: Introducting first, he hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and weighs in at one hundred and eighty-five pounds! He is the GHOST. OF. ANN. ARBOR! Here is CONOOOR CAAAADEEEENNN!!!

After a few seconds, Conor steps out onto the entrance stage and the lights brighten to normal. Conor looks around at the crowd for a moment before pulling on his mask and running down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans lining the aisle on either side. He slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope and springs to his feet quickly.

Mark Kendrick: Conor Caden has been very quiet coming into this. As a matter of fact, all three competitors in this match have. You’ve got to wonder what is going through the heads of these guys coming into this match.

Dutch Harris: Absolutely, Mark. Conor Caden has been increasingly quiet over the past month or so. It will be interesting to see how he approaches this match tonight.

The music fades and there is silence for a moment before Long Black Train kicks up over the speakers and the crowd begins to boo.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, hailing from Redemption, Alabama and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, here is THE EVANGELIST, JERRRRYYYY MAAATHHEEEWWWSSS!!!

Matthews steps out from behind the curtain onto the ramp as the crowd continues to boo. He saunters down towards the ring, holding his bible out in front of him and preaching to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Mark Kendrick: Well, as quiet as he was coming into this match over the past few weeks, The Evangelist is certainly not at a loss for words right now. He’s spoken out about the Sin City Champion since his arrival in SHOOT and let’s not forget that just two weeks ago, Matthews picked up a big win over Conor Caden.

Dutch Harris: Very true, Mark. We’ll see if Jerry Matthews can exact his own brand of judgment on the Sin City Champion as well as Conor Caden tonight.

Matthews climbs into the ring and goes to a neutral corner and the music fades. The crowd begins to boo loudly and buzz in anticipation of the champion’s arrival when suddenly…

The blaring sounds of The March of Mephisto begin to pound through the speakers and the crowd is taken off guard for a moment before launching into a chorus of boos as Sammy Rochester stalks out onto the ramp and begins to march towards the ring with menacing purpose.

Mark Kendrick: Uh oh. This cannot be good. Sammy Rochester looks absolutely furious.

Dutch Harris: If I were Matthews and Caden, I’d be trying to get out of dodge right now!

Sammy doesn’t miss a single beat as he pulls himself up onto the ring apron and steps over the ropes into the ring. He stares with fury from Jerry Matthews, who has backed into a corner thrusting his bible out towards the manster, and then to Conor Cadenm who is defiantly standing his ground.

Sammy lunges forward without warning towards Conor as Samantha Coil bails from the ring. Conor fires a few shots at Sammy, trying valiantly to fight off the monster, but Sammy doesn’t seem to feel the shots! Sammy snatches both of Conor’s arms, trapping them under his own arm pits in an overhook and then begins to UNLEASH a barrage of NASTY headbutts into Conor’s face! Sammy HOWLS in a rage and then LAUNCHES Conor across the ring. He turns around to see Matthews attempting to escape between the ropes, but quickly stops him, brining him into the ring and beginning to HAMMER away at The Evangelist. The crowd is torn between booing and cheering, not knowing what to think of Sammy’s actions.

Mark Kendrick: Sammy Rochester has lost it, Dutch! He’s on a path of destruction and these two challengers to the title he failed to regain at Master of the Mat just happened to be right in the middle of the path!

Dutch Harris: That seems to be the case, Mark. And it looks like Jacob Mephisto has finally mustered the courage to join the fight!

Sammy continues his onslaught in the ring, going back and forth between Jerry Matthews and Conor Caden as the Sin City Champion walks out onto the stage. The Sin City Championship gleams on his shoulder as he glares down at Sammy. Sammy, sensing something new in the fans’ reactions, turns around and glares daggers up at the Sin City Champion. A few seconds pass and then Jacob simply smirks and shrugs his shoulders before turning and walking right back behind the curtain again.

Sammy turns back to his work and SNATCHES Conor by the back of his neck, HOISTING him high into the air and DECIMATING him with the reverse chokeslam! He turns to Matthews, who has managed to struggle to his feet and clamps his massive hand around the back of his neck before LIFTING and DRIVING Matthews face first into the canvas with another reverse chokeslam! Sammy throws back his head and utters a PRIMAL scream. A slight hush has fallen over the crowd and we see the referee speaking quickly with Samantha Coil waving his arms frantically. As Sammy trembles with rage in the center of the ring.

Mark Kendrick: Well folks, it’s clear that this match is being called off due to the injuries of Jerry Matthews and Conor Caden. But, Jacob Mephisto showed his colors tonight when he decided not to enter the fray.

Dutch Harris: Well, to be fair, neither of those guys are exactly his friends. I mean, he had no real reason to throw himself into the mix. Folks, we didn’t intend to start the night off like this, but there is still plenty of action left to come. Stay tuned!

The camera has spotted two members of Orion- Valentine Lionheart and Leona- heading through the backstage area toward the locker room area.

Valentine Lionheart: I certainly hope you know what you’re doing, Leona. While I do agree with your analysis, at the same time I am quite aware this is going to cause some significant friction within Orion. You heard Mason, and it’s quite apparent Morgana feels the same way. They seem to think this is a very bad idea.

Leona stops and turns to Lionheart, her hands on her hips.

Leona: You want to turn back?

Valentine Lionheart: Of course not. I just want you to make sure-

Leona: Let me deal with Mason and Morgana. They bitch, it’s on me. I’m a big girl. I can handle the heat.

They stop in front of one of the locker room doors.

Leona: Here goes nothing.

The door to Cronos Diamante’s locker room is slightly cracked open. His television is turned on and a CD case is on top a DVD player, labeled “Wedding.” Leona and Valentine Lionheart knock on the door and the television is instantly turned off and the door is ripped open quickly, revealing a none too pleased Cronos Diamante. Cronos’ countenance transitions from anger to quizzical in a matter of seconds as he looks at two people you could more or less call his enemies a few short months ago.

Cronos Diamante: Should I be expecting a fight or are you here to make peace? If that’s even in your Orion vocabulary.

Leona chuckles and approaches Cronos.

Leona: I find that funny, how you talk about us wanting to make peace with you, when you were the one who wronged us. But that’s not why we’re here. And no, we’re not here for a fight. If we were, you’d be staring down all of us. Obviously that’s not the case. In fact, Mason doesn’t know we’re here. And for the time being, it would probably be best to keep it that way. We’re here right now because we wanted to express our.. what’s the best word here.. admiration,maybe? Watching what you did against Johnny Napalm- I have to give it to you, that was a work of art. Never thought you had it in you. You’ve got that fire back-and to be honest, it’s quite refreshing to see. Watching you out there, pandering to the fans.. I could see it in your eyes how sick it was making you. Bet it feels pretty damn good to know you don’t have to go back down that road again, doesn’t it?

Cronos eyes Leona with uncertainty and then Valentine who has his hands in his pockets. Cronos opens the door widely and turns around.

Cronos Diamante: Come in.

He sits back down in the seat he was at before hopping up to answer the door and grabs the remote control. He motions to the couch across from him for the pair to sit.

Cronos Diamante: What exactly is it you want from me?

Leona doesn’t hesitate, taking a seat and leaning back, crossing her legs and smiling at Cronos.

Leona: Right to the point, I see. Same old Cronos. Well, if you’re that anxious to know what’s going through our heads… you’ve changed, Cronos. That much is obvious. Any fool can see that. And I see an opportunity here. You’ve apparently come back to SHOOT with a chip or two on your shoulder.

Cronos holds up his hand to interrupt Leona before she can keep talking.

Cronos Diamante: A chip or two? You’re supposed to be the smart one in Orion, Leona. No offense Lionheart. If that’s all you see, I don’t know if you’re approaching me properly.

Lionheart glances at Leona, who nods slightly. He steps forward, lightly pressing the tips of his fingers together.

Valentine Lionheart: There seems to be little point to continuing this little runaround. You’re quite astute in your observation that there is a reason Leona and I have come to you, and I can assure you it is not to take in the decor, pay a social call or intrude on your television viewing time. We were listening earlier. The things you said to 3M. At first we wondered if this new attitude of yours was little more than act. Your actions have spoken volumes.

Leona: Bottom line is this, Cronos. We see something in you. Something that,in the right hands, can be quite useful. And something that can be of great benefit to-

Cronos starts laughing uncontrollably. Leona and Valentine exchange looks with one another and Cronos looks back at them, laughing even harder.

Leona: Apparently we’ve said something amusing. No idea what that could be, though.

Valentine Lionheart: Apparently so. Care to enlighten us, Cronos?

Cronos lets his laughter die down then stares at both Leona and Valentine intensely before continuing.

Cronos Diamante: Listen guys. I’ve always had some ounce of respect for the two of you. I was on a crusade with that bitch 3M to rid The SHOOT Project of people like you back when I was here last but you kept on coming and you gave me a fight. I had to think outside the box to put a dent in you where it counted. And I respected that. I respected that both of you were uncompromising people and you were who you were regardless. Obviously you remember it. I wager that’s why Mason and Malice aren’t here with you right now.

Leona has a hard time hiding just the faintest hint of anger in her face whereas Valentine shows almost nothing. He simply sits there listening with his arms crossed.

Cronos Diamante: The thing is… your boyfriend. His comrade. He owes me something. And that’s part of why I came out there and interrupted your one on one, V. I gave him a very big compliment after he beat me for the Rule of Surrender and he never repaid that favor. Sending him to jail was… well, it was close to repaying the favor. But before I even think about joining a group like Orion, as charming as the offer is, Mason Pierce is going to get in that ring with me and he’s gonna show me the damn respect I gave him. One on one. No Orion. No Leona. Just him and me and that mat. Then and only then will I even consider this proposition.

Leona stands up and approaches Cronos, the look in her eyes one of very thinly veiled fury.

Leona: Funny you should mention people owing you- especially when you’ve got one hell of a marker yourself. You’re right on one point. Mason hasn’t forgotten. And yeah, that’s why he’s not here right now. If he was, hell, if he even knew that I was here right now, chances are it wouldn’t end well for anyone. You want Mason in the ring one on one? I’ll be more than happy to pass the message along. But at the same time, I’d strongly suggest you think long and hard about what we’ve said here. By my count, you’re already down one ally. You really want to add more to that list? Especially ones who would love nothing more than to see you put on the disabled list for the next year or so? You don’t want us as enemies, Cronos. You know it. We came here to discuss a possible peace. You came back with a demand.

As the pair are turning to leave the room, Valentine spots the DVD case on the television. He picks it up and looks at the cover.

Valentine Lionheart: Cute. Do yourself a favor, Cronos. Don’t bring her into things.

Cronos rushes past both of them and shuts the door on their exit.

Cronos Diamante: Let me tell you both something. Especially you Leona. I didn’t come back at you with a demand. It was a condition. And I’m not just down one ally. I don’t have any. The way I see it, the world is against me. And bringing her into it? You’re right, Valentine. We don’t want to. Because there’s nothing you can do to her. I want you both to take one real good look at me and compare it to who I was before I left. One fucking look. Do you think I have anything even remotely close to what I had back then? Or am I, as they say… a wounded animal permanently backed into a corner ready to lash out at anyone and everyone? Now both of you tell me why that would be.

Cronos jerks the DVD case from Valentines hand. Leona opens the door and the two of them exit the room. Leona turns back to face Cronos.

Leona: We’ll be in touch.

The two of them head down the corridor as Cronos stands in the doorway, arms crossed, watching them. Leona turns to Valentine just as they leave Cronos’ earshot.

Leona: Nicely done.

Valentine Lionheart: Think he’ll come around?

Leona: If he doesn’t, I almost pity him. And the people SHOOT throws at him. That’s a potential monster in that locker room. Something happened to him, that’s for damn sure. Something that I think bears some looking into. He’s got me curious.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The fans buzz a bit, before "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D kicks on. Surprisingly, these people lose it as a spotlight shines at the top of the ramp, revealing El Asso Wipo, Supermanning in all his glory!

Mark Kendrick: I have to say, these people love them some Wipo!

Dutch Harris: He is one of the more loved Soldiers here in the "Project of SHOOT" as he says it, and he’s looking to notch a huge win on his record. One that is sorely needed!

Wipo flips his cape behind him and runs to the ring, making the cape "flap" in the "wind" as he does. He trips, pratfalling into the ring apron, before getting up in a hurry, cape flung over his face. The crowd is loving it, laughing as the LEGENDARY LUCHADORE tries to unwind himself from his own costume.


Dutch Harris: Conspicuous by his absence is one Silence Mitchell. You have to wonder where the big lug is.

Mark Kendrick: Well, I had a conversation with Wipo earlier tonight. He is intent on taking on Cronos Diamante one on one, and does not wish Silas to interfere! The big man isn’t even in the building tonight!

Dutch Harris: That could really hurt the chances of the SHOOT Project’s resident luchadore, but time will tell.

Wipo ascends the turnbuckles, Supermanning for the crowd once more, as flashbulbs go off in the crowd from all the fans snapping photos of their masked hero. 

"I can hear what you’re thinking

All your doubts and fears

And if you look in my eyes, you’ll find the reason I’m here,

And in time all things shall pass away”

In Time kicks on, replacing Wonderboy, and replacing the cheers with loud, racous booing.

"In Time you may come back some day

To live once more or die once more

But in time your time will be no more

You know your days are numbered

Count ‘em one by one like notches in the handle of an outlaw’s gun”

Cronos Diamante stalks forward, eyes locked on what he considers as the biggest joke in SHOOT. Fury is etched in every line of his face as he ignores the venom coming from the crowd, his mind on one thing: pain.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds…..CROOOOOONOOOOOOOOS DIAMAAAAAAANTEEEEE!

Dutch Harris: Determination. Drive. Fury. Hate. These are the things that drive Cronos Diamante tonight.

Mark Kendrick: He feels disrespected by being booked against someone like Wipo, but if he’s not careful, he’s going end up on his back, while Wipo makes him FEEL THE LION.

Dutch Masters: Again with the lion. ENOUGH WITH THE LION.

Mark Kendrick: NEVER!

Cronos is ready for battle. He saunters closer to the ring, pulling himself up quickly to the ring apron, and stepping through the ropes. The music shuts off and Dennis Heflin makes sure both men are ready. Wipo nods vigorously, and Cronos ignores the question. The bell is rung, and this one is underway.

Mark Kendrick: Wipo charges, and he and Cronos are wailing away, blasting one another with the savagery of Nittany Lions!


Wipo stops Cronos’ momentum with a well placed thumb to the eye! Diamante covers his pupil in pain, and Wipo motions to the crowd. They roar with delight as Wipo grabs both of Cronos’ legs and takes him down, causing Diamante to crash into the mat face first!

Dutch Harris: Excellent take down by El Asso Wipo! I can’t believe I just said that!

Cronos is a bit taken off guard, but he gets to his feet. He turns, and walks right into a drop toe hold from Wipo that brings Cronos down once more! Cronos is quick to his feet, getting angrier, but Wipo takes him down once more with a fireman’s carry!

Mark Kendrick: And Wipo is getting the early advantage with a series of takedowns!

Dutch Harris: He needs to make something out of this. Cronos Diamante will get over his surprise soon enough!

Cronos is back on his feet, and Wipo takes him around the waist. Cronos with a quick reversal, going behind Wipo, readying him for a German Suplex. Wipo blocks the attempt, stomping down on the foot of Diamante! Cronos hops up and down on his right foot, grabbing at his now injured left, as Wipo stomps on the right foot as well! Cronos falls to his ass, the crowd laughing at Wipo’s antics.

Dutch Harris: These fans are about to get their hero in some serious trouble.

Mark Kendrick: I agree. Cronos does NOT like to be laughed at.

Cronos gets up, looking murderous, but Wipo rushes him, shoving him into the corner with a quick avalanche! Wipo quickly ascends the middle turnbuckle, pinning Cronos in the corner! He looks out to the crowd as Dennis Heflin tries to get in between to free Cronos from the ropes! But he is too late as Wipo makes a fist and begins to lower it onto the skull of Cronos, as the crowd counts along!







Unknown to Heflin, who is trying to pry Wipo from the turnbuckle, but Cronos Diamante got a hand free, and balled up his fist and, well, smashed the JUEVOS of the luchadore, who’s mouth is frozen in a near comical O shape. Cronos reaches up and pie faces Wipo, throwing him past the referee and to the canvas.

Mark Kendrick: A vile shot by Diamante, and Wipo will be going TCHA in a much higher octave for a little while!

Dutch Harris: That is the least of his worries. Look at the face of Cronos!

The fans boo as Cronos’ face, twisted in a sneer, meets Wipo’s head, a driving headbutt that rocks the luchadore. Cronos follows up with a series of elbow shots, thrown hammer style into the head and face of El Asso Wipo. All of Cronos’ frustrations and the insults are thrown into every shot, leaving Wipo sprawled helpless in a heap on the canvas. The blows have somehow torn the leather mask of Wipo, where his forehead and hairline is now peeking through.

Dutch Harris: Cronos is relentless and vicious. Wipo is about to pay for his moment of fun!

Cronos slams his head into Wipo’s once more, and then hooks him in a fujiwara armbar. Cronos yanks back, causing Wipo to call out in obvious pain.

Dutch Harris: Diamante almost literally trying to remove the arm from Wipo’s body. Wipo needs to fight back if he’s any hope of escaping this!

Wipo tries to push himself off the mat with his free arm, but Cronos drives his weight into Wipo’s body, causing him to be pinned against the mat. Cronos pulls on Wipo’s limb, trying to inflict massive damage. The fans begin clapping in unison, trying to will Wipo on and out of this predicament. Wipo’s hand starts shaking, getting the crowd cheering even more. Wipo pushes up again, and this time, he’s able to get to his knees! The fans roar, but Cronos holds on, still jerking on the arm of Wipo! EAW pushes up to his feet, his head shaking wildly, part of his mask flapping around. Cronos is surprised, but he tries to fire a left hand into the face of Wipo. It causes him to loosen his grip on Wipo’s arm, and all it does is cause Wipo to start shaking his fists in rhythm with his head, marching around the ring.

Dutch Harris: The fans are in a frenzy and El Asso is WIPO-ING UP!


Dutch Harris: That’s better than-

Mark Kendrick: OR A LION!

Dutch Harris: Dammit.

Cronos lays into Wipo with a big right hand, and Wipo freezes in his tracks, straightening up, eyes wide. He extends his arm, pointing directly at Cronos Diamante, and the crowd yells out.


Cronos fires off a right, but it’s blocked! Wipo picks Cronos up by the waist and brings him down with a huge backbreaker! The crowd yells "TCHA!"  Cronos gets back to his feet, clutching at his back, but walks right into the grasp of Wipo who picks him up for a powerslam, but instead, sticks out his knee for a second backbreaker! A second "TCHA! thunders across the crowd, and Wipo is on a roll! He picks up Cronos in a gutwrench and lifts him over his shoulder, but it gives way! Cronos slips behind Wipo, grabbing him about the face and rakes the eyes of the luchadore from behind! Wipo stumbles, flailing his arms blindly. Dennis Heflin has to jump sideways to avoid a blind haymaker from Wipo. Cronos grabs an errant blow meant for him, and quickly pulls Wipo to the ground, locking in a cross armbreaker!

Dutch Harris: Great psychology from Cronos, going right back to that arm!

Wipo is desperately trying to reach out for the ropes, needing badly to escape. Cronos is trying to rock back and forth, causing more tension in the joints of Wipo. Heflin is on the ground, asking Wipo if he submits, his eyes fixed firmly on the hold. Wipo reaches out for the ropes, extending his free arm as far as he can, but it’s not far enough! He’s reaching….


His eyes go wide in a painful surprise. Dennis Heflin is shocked as well, as Cronos yanks back hard. Heflin covers his mouth with both hands for a moment, before getting over his shock and getting up, calling for the bell. It rings, and Cronos releases the hold, confused. Dennis Heflin moves towards the entrance ramp, his arms in an X, calling out for assistance. Samantha Coil stands by, confused, as is everyone else.

Mark Kendrick: I’m not sure….I mean. The match is over but….How?

Heflin turns back to Samatha Coil as a pair of medical trainers come out and immediately go to El Asso Wipo, who wants to fight, fist clenched close to his body. Heflin explains something to a shocked Coil, who raises her mic to address the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Dennis Heflin has stopped this match, due to El Asso Wipo’s inability to continue. He has awarded this match….to Cronos Diamante!

Wipo seems perplexed, wanting to continue, but not able to shake the trainers off him. Cronos raises his fist triumphantly.

Dutch Harris: Cronos wins but….Wipo still wants to go. What happened?

The JumboTron springs to life, showing a replay from near Heflin’s point of view. We see Cronos yank back and…..

Mark Kendrick: Oh my god. His arm….

The replay shows clear as day, the bone in Asso’s forearm snapping under his skin. Wipo looks shocked, and then stares at his arm, which shows the truth. The raised area in his forearm where the bone was broken.

Dutch Harris: I’ve worked closely with Wipo before. And I know how much he loves his company, but it looks like he’ll be spending a little time away from the ring right now. Say what you want about his mentality, or his goofiness. This is not something I’d wish on anyone.

Mark Kendrick: There’s always a risk that something like this can happen. A freak accident like this goes with the territory.

Having seen enough of Wipo being tended to by trainers, Cronos springs into action and takes Wipo down to the ground. He lands on the broken arm and blood begins to spill out. Cronos stands up and grabs Wipo by his mask and rubs his face in his own blood. Cronos smirks as he looks down at the helpless Wipo. He calls for a microphone and one is tossed to him.

Cronos Diamante: I told you I’d make you feel what I feel, Wipo. I promised you that. But it looks to be rather one sided as of right now. I think we need to even that up. Both arms, wouldn’t you say?

Mark Kendrick:  This is the most despicable thing that Cronos has ever done, Wipo is defenseless!

The scene is not looking good for Wipo after this dismantling, however the crowd pops hard as we see someone dash down to the ring in a hurry and as the camera catches a glimpse of the Iron Fist Title. It’s safe to assume, someone wants payback.

Mark Kendrick: IT’S NAPALM! Of all people! And Cronos doesn’t see him yet, Come on Johnny give him what for!

Napalm is just standing behind Cronos who has no idea he is back there, and as Cronos turns around, Napalm moves in to strike but Cronos sees who it is and dives out of the ring quickly.

Dutch Harris: Dammit, Cronos was like a snake he slithered out of the ring quick when he saw the six foot nine, three hundred pound Iron Fist Champion.

Napalm drops the belt and asks an assistant for a towel which he tosses to Napalm, and helps Wipo to a sitting position and puts the towel over his torn mask and bloody face. Napalm just looks over to Cronos with fuming hatred as he yells at Samantha to give him a mic.

Mark Kendrick: OK, it is clear to see that Napalm wants to rip Cronos a new one after two weeks ago, now it seems that this may have escalated things.

Napalm grabs the mic checks if Wipo is alright, he nods as the medical team comes in to attend to Wipo, as Napalm walks over to the other side of the ring as Cronos is walking up the ramp.


The crowd pops hard, as Cronos turns around and smirks at Napalm. He holds out his hands and yells up to Napalm “What? You want some more?”

Johnny Napalm: In all my damned years in this sport, I have seen some horrible beatings, BUT that one was more than Inexcusable, It was uncalled for and completely barbaric to do that to a soldier as loved as El Asso Wipo! I hope that was a message cause I read it loud and clear, and I for one won’t stand for someone like you taking liberties on any soldiers who have done nothing to you.

Napalm picks up the Iron Fist Title

Johnny Napalm: You see this Cronos, I won this before you decided to bounce my head off the mat with the Ne-Han, I beat Ja Gi for this title and I have respect for that man for going toe to toe with me and not back away, like what you are doing now. As for people who just piss me off congratulations Cronos you just made the top of the list, and from now on if you even think about going after the Rules of Surrender title you son of a bitch, YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST!!!

Oh the crowd pops hard for that one, as Cronos starts fuming with hate. Cronos begins to talk but he instead starts backing up the rampway and its obvious he’s plotting something.

Johnny Napalm: Good, NOW I have your attention I tried the diplomatic approach and that went nowhere, the next time you do that to ANY soldier in SHOOT I will more than make an appearance, I will make it my personal duty to beat you into a bloody pulp! Now get your fucking ass outta here before I come out of this ring and start this shit early, cause I don’t fear you Cronos, I want to take my fist and drive it THROUGH YOUR SKULL!!!

Napalm throws down the mic as he looks hard at Cronos, it don’t take much as Cronos back away from the ring getting shit thrown at him as he retreats, Napalm then walks over to the medical team and helps escort Wipo up the ramp on guard just in case Cronos tries anything backstage.

Mark Kendrick: It seems Napalm has had enough of Cronos already, now if he wants the Rules of Surrender Title, he has to go though Napalm to do so.

Dutch Harris: When those two meet in the ring, That is going to be a war.

Static envelops the screen and slowly reduces itself to its point of clarity..a metal cage in the middle of a vast and otherwise empty room, with the exception of a flourescent light overhead that is slowly nearing the end of its cycle, its impending expiration evident by the flickers as it flashes its current, accompanied by an eerie hum… a hum that is soon joined by a haunting melody coming from the lips of the solitary figure trapped inside the cage. Today they have left the restraints off. As the camera closes in on the female form sitting in the middle of the cage, legs drawn up, the loose-fitting hospital shirt showing a glimpse of scarred and bruised wrists and forearms, she begins to speak, her head bowed to keep her face hidden from the camera lens.

So much pain… to the point where it has not only numbed the senses, but turned itself into the most delicious of pleasures.

She slowly lifts the sleeve of the shirt, running a green-tipped finger along the marks on her left arm.

Some will go to lengths to hide their scars, as if they’re ashamed of the fact that they have suffered and endured.

Those people make me sick. They send me into the most orgasmic of rages.

She digs her fingernails into one of the more recent markings, drawing a rivulet of blood that begins to drip down her arm.

And then there are those who proudly display the remnants of the battles… each one a story carved into their flesh of wars fought, blood spilled, victory, defeat.

So full of themselves. They think their scars elevate them- make them more than they truly are. Almost as if each one brings them honor. The healed-over flesh, the markings, each one more intricate than the last.

She removes her hand, letting the sleeve fall back into place.

I don’t need them. I never have. I never will.

Honor? Prestige? That’s for heroes.

Me? I’m no hero. I never have been, I never want to be.

For so long, I have been nobody. A number marked on a door, written in a file. For so long, it’s all I’ve ever known. The black sheep nobody wants to even acknowledge. The dirty little secret that behind the door that everyone whispers about.

But it’s only a matter of time….

Without warning and with catlike reflexes, she lunges at the cage, gripping the fencing, her eyes visible through the long bangs of green-tinted dark hair, the rest of her face mostly obscured by the black mane.. The camera pulls away to her haunting laugh through the mesh of the metal cage.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

The camera fades as three words appear on the screen……

Dutch Harris: Mark – the next match is going to be a battle.

Mark Kendrick: They’re all battles, comrade. However, this match is warfare. Tanya Black isn’t holding back, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for the Orion Championship. She’s going to tear Mason Pierce a new you-know-what…

Dutch Harris: According to the SHOOT Project committee – the match is now no disqualification. Pierce was absolutely correct – the rulebook is out the window!

The beautiful Samantha Coil is center ring, and she raises the microphone to her vibrant lips. The fans stand as the she announces…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is for the Orion Championship under NO DISQUALIFICATION!

The crowd cheers.

Samantha Coil: Heading to the ring first….

Your fear it moves me. Your weakness I taste. I breathe you, I hate you. You course through my veins.

And now. And now.

Samantha Coil: …The Challenger! Weighing in at 165 pounds! From BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS! …

The lights dim down for a moment and an explosion of pyro signals the entrance of Tanya Black who stands on the stage looking mesmerized for a moment as she soaks in the boos of the fans.

Samantha Coil: …The ALPHA FEMALE! …

You want me. You love me. And I hate myself. I need you, but I hate you. ‘Cause I want nothing else.

And I bleed you since I’ve healed you. Your pain escapes through me. ‘Cause I breathe you, but I hate you. ‘Cause they say we could never be. They can’t see.

As Die For You continues to play the arena watches as Tanya Black begins walking to the ring, every step seeming to awaken her more and more, her look going from vacant to determination.


Sliding into the ring Tanya Black moves to the middle and holds her arms out to the sides as she leans her head back.

Mark Kendrick: The Revolution is here, Dutch, and Black isn’t looking back at her losses as of recent. No – she’s looking forward to another phenomenal showdown here on Dominion.

Dutch Harris: It’s definitely going to be a showdown. Pierce’s recent manifesto against Black wasn’t taken lightly, and this is a woman scorn. Nothing beats a woman scorn…

And before Black can make it to her feet – her parade is cut short by the sounds of James LaBrie. The Alpha Female slowly rises with her eyes focused on the video wall not far from the ring. Coil positions herself and extends her arm.

LaBrie’s “Mislead” pours from the Epicenter’s sound system. The members of Orion step onto the stage. At their core is Mason Pierce with his beautiful Leona beside him.

Samantha Coil: Her opponent…and representative of ORION! …Weighing in at 230 pounds…from MANCHESTER, ENGLAND!!…

More boos. With the combatants in this match – the Epicenter almost sounds like a cow farm…

Mark Kendrick: Pierce is a delightful 65 plus pounds heavier than his opponent, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: The bigger they are – the harder they fall, ole’ buddy…


The members of Orion talk amongst themselves, and Pierce directs the team accordingly. The men immediately nod to each other, and then dispatch to the backstage area; but not without taking a keen eye on the lady in the ring. They leave Pierce and Leona to do the bidding.

Black bounces from right to left, and stretches her muscles with her eyes focused on Mason and Leona as they begin descending the ramp.


Samantha Coil extends her arm once extend to welcome the champion. The crowd continues to boo. Coil exits the ring and Black leans forward to scope her opponent. Her eyes are fixated on the two heading to the ring. Pierce removes the Orion Championship and hands it over to Leona. The crowd suddenly burst into cheers as Black jolts for the ropes! Baseball slide! The Alpha Female slides underneath the ropes and nails Pierce in the chest with her boots! Pierce’s music comes to a halt.

Dutch Harris: Here we GO, Mark!

Pierce takes a few steps back as Leona scurries away with the championship in her grasp. The referee signals for the bell as Black doesn’t hesitate to continue her early assault. Pierce nurses his mid-chest as Black begins to deck him in the face with a cornucopia of rights and lefts. The fans are going ballistic as the Alpha Female then whips the Fixer toward the ring! Pierce nails the edge of the ring apron with his back and he leans against it. Black wastes no time. She takes a couple steps toward her opponent and then directs his body back into the ring. Her power is impressive, and she slides after her opponent.

Mark Kendrick: Take THAT, Pierce! The Alpha Female taking control in the early going by halting Pierce’s ring entrance with a baseball slide and then a boxer’s trademark litter of right and left jabs…

Black acts as a predator. Pierce quickly stands, but he won’t gain any momentum just yet. Leona stands outside hugging the championship and watches with concern as Black turns Pierce around. The soldiers stare at each other for a moment until Black initiates a grapple. The two collide in the center of the ring, and the fans enjoy every bit of it.

Black attempts a move, but Pierce pacifies it. The Alpha Female pushes herself away from the Fixer and then delivers an elbow to the side of his head! This doesn’t faze Pierce. The Orion Champion takes a step to his side, shakes it off, and then lunges toward his opponent. Black is met with an immediate back hand chop to her chest! The fans shout OHHHH as Black takes a few steps back. Mason grabs Black and immediately whips her around and toward the opposite set of ropes. The former Sin City Champion smacks against the ropes and returns toward the champ. Pierce sets himself up in the center of the ring with his legs spread and ready to dominate. Black slides between his legs! The Alpha Female pushes herself up and spins to face the back of Pierce! The Fixer is duped! He peers over his shoulder, but Black meets him half-way with a forearm to the back of the head. She spins Mason around. Leona smacks her hands against the canvas repeatedly in support of her man. Black attempts to toe-kick Mason in the gut. He grabs her by the ankle, and with a sudden thrust he sweeps her off her feet!

Dutch Harris: I’m sure she’s not the first woman to be swept off her feet by Mason Pierce!

Mark Kendrick: And, I’m sure Pierce isn’t the first man to do that to Ms. Black…

Black falls to the canvas, but isn’t wanting to stay down. She crawls toward the ropes and Mason follows her every move. The Fixer stands over top the Alpha Female. Willie Dean encompasses the fighters. Mason bends forward and grabs Black by the hair. Dean leans forward and insists that Pierce release his opponent’s hair, but it’s only a plea – Mason is allowed to do whatever he wants. Black holds onto Pierce’s wrists as the 230 pound superstar lifts Black with ease. Tanya slaps Pierce in the face, but the Fixer doesn’t let go! Black risks her hair and leans back against the ropes! She grabs Pierce by the arm, and with all of her might she’s able to fall back and over the ropes bringing Pierce with her in a tumbling mess toward the outside! Their bodies smack against the ring canvas awkwardly, and the soldiers land on the outside floor. The fans go crazy as Dean immediately slides out of the ring.

Dutch Harris: YES! This is when no disqualification gets very interesting!

Mark Kendrick: Black and Pierce are on the outside, ladies and gentlemen, and they’re both nursing their fall. Black is confident and she’s retreating to her feet. WAIT A DAMN SECOND!

Suddenly Leona sneaks around the ring and captures Black with a dastardly covert shot in the back of the head with the Orion Championship! Black tumbles forward and Leona attempts to make a quick decision. She slides onto her knees near the fallen Pierce as Willie Dean converses with Black who is nursing the back of her head and leaning against the ring canvas.

Dutch Harris: That BITCH!

Leona helps Mason back to his feet. Black turns to notice the couple on their feet. She pushes Dean out of the way and aims to continue her assault on the Fixer. She immediately slaps the spit out of Leona, and the valet falls to the floor. Black returns her attention to Pierce, but the Fixer’s rage is engaged after witnessing an assault on his lady. Pierce grabs Black by the throat with both hands. He begins to choke her out as Willie Dean attempts to negotiate with the Fixer. Pierce spins around and lifts Black from her feet! He slams her up against the black barricade as the first row takes a step back. The fans are waving their arms and shouting as the two SHOOT vets beat the crap out of each other. Pierce lets go of Black’s throat and then punches her in the face. He follows that with a swift knife edge chest against her breast. Pierce hops over the canvas and grabs a steel chair from the crowd. He folds it, and then returns back across the barricade. He leans the chair acutely against the barricade wall, and then grabs Black. He drags her to the chair, and then headbutts her as insurance before he locks her up in a DDT, and sends her head first into the chair! The fans go ballistic as Pierce rolls to his side, and then peers around to see Black’s face folded into the chair like a taco!

Dutch Harris: HOLY SHIT!

Mark Kendrick: Pierce DDT’s Tanya’s Black skull directly into the chair up against the barricade! This match could be over!

Pierce crawls toward his opponent. Black shows signs of consciousness. She slowly rolls onto her back. Her arm flaps over her forehead. She breathes heavily. The Fixer hooks her leg and lays over her. Willie Dean slides onto his knees and the fans boo as Dean slaps the floor once. ONE!

Leona is slowly getting back to her feet as she sees Mason with the lateral press on Black. Dean slaps the floor a second time. TWO!

But, Dean’s third fall is short as Black immediately raises her shoulder! She holds her arm in the air, and her fist high – the sign of the Revolution! Pierce pushes himself away and looks livid as Dean hurries to his feet to signify the two count. Black is slowly trying to roll away from the scene of the DDT. Leona rushes to the scene and tosses something over Tanya Black. A large chain floats over the Alpha Female, and Mason Pierce catches it accordingly. Black notices that she’s between a rock and a hard place. She lunges for the ring and slides underneath the ropes. She quickly gets to her feet as Pierce follows her with the chain in tow. The competitors get to their feet as Willie Dean joins them. The fans are on their feet as Pierce begins to wrap the chain around his fist. They circle each other in the ring. Pierce lunges toward Black! She drops to the canvas and wraps her legs around Mason’s feet! The Fixer falls face first onto the canvas and the Alpha Female scurries to her feet after the drop toe! Pierce immediately rolls toward the side of the ring and lies underneath the ropes on ring apron. Black rushes toward Pierce. She slides again! She kicks Mason out of the ring and he flies off the apron and smacks against the barricade! The chain flies off his hand and lays outside the ring.

Leona hurries to her man. Mason is shaking off another baseball slide after his head was rocked against the barricade. Leona helps him up. Black returns to her feet in the ring. She grabs the ropes for leverage and then leaps onto the top rope and pushes off! She lunges down with a cross-body directly onto both Pierce and Leona!

Dutch Harris: A woman possessed!

Mark Kendrick: Just when we think she’s out…SHE’S NOT!

The Fixer and his valet slam against the barricade! Leona slides out of the way, and nurses her back! The fans in the first row back up yet again. The Alpha Female falls to the floor but is quickly to her feet as she measures up her opponent. Mason leans against the barricade. Tanya grabs him by the back of the head and directs him toward the steel ring steps.

Dutch Harris: Don’t do it, Tanya!

Willie Dean watches from the outside as Black places Pierce in the according position. The Fixer stands between the barricade and the steel ring steps. Black hops up onto the barricade and gains her composure. She straights herself. She lunges forward off the barricade and wraps her arm around Pierces head! She spins her opponent and then nails a tornado DDT onto the steel ring steps! Pierce’s head bounces off the steel with a thud! He stands straight for a moment and looks awkwardly forward. Black missing nailing her back against the edge of the steps, and falls to the floor. She watches as the Fixer then falls onto the floor and sells the DDT with a flop! Black hurries to her feet and scrambles to apply the pin. Dean rushes to the fallen star. Black falls onto Pierce and hooks his leg!

Mark Kendrick: Black has done it! The Tornado DDT onto the ring steps may have ended Pierces run with the Orion Championship!

Pierce’s forehead is busted open. Blood begins to run down the side of his face as Dean’s hand smacks the floor. ONE! Leona rests against the barricade, she’s still nursing her back as she watches from the distance. TWO! Black pulls on Mason’s leg harder and her face clentches. Dean’s hand follows for the third fall…THR – NO! Pierce lifts his shoulder from the floor and pushes Black away from him! The fans are banging their feet against the floor as Black punches the barricade twice and then looks furiously at Willie Dean. He throws up two fingers and then shakes his head. Leona smirks and then slowly returns to her feet. Black is doing the same. Pierce lies on his side as blood continues to stream down the bridge of his nose. And then Mason realizes what’s lying near him. The chain.

Black pulls herself up using the barricade. Pierce slides the chain and hides it from everyone. He is sneakily wrapping it around his fist yet again. Black bangs on the barricade a final time and then turns to her fallen opponent. She leans forward and begins to guide him to his feet. Once on his feet the Fixer spins around and attempts a jab using the chain covered fist, but the Alpha Female ducks underneath! She sends an elbow into Pierce’s ribs, and the Fixer takes a couple steps aside. Black reacts quickly, as does Pierce. Instead of worrying about his side, the Fixer unravels the chain. Black rushes toward Mason, but the Fixer moves aside and then wraps the chain around Black’s neck! He throws the Alpha Female up against the ring apron and begins to choke her with the chain from behind! The fans are going nuts! Dean once again attempts to negotiate, but Mason won’t let go! Leona walks over to her man and pats him on the back. He turns to her, and she grabs the chain. Pierce gives it to her as Black lies against the apron in a mess. Leona starts where Pierce left off, and the Epicenter watches as Mason’s girlfriend chokes out Black with a chain, and then begins to bang her head against the apron!

Dutch Harris: Redemption!

The fans boo Leona, and some are cheering on Black to retaliate, but the Alpha Female looks worn down. Leona backs off, but leaves the chain wrapped around Black’s throat. Pierce is busy digging underneath the ring. He slides a steel chair, and a steel pipe into the ring. He then wields a kendo stick in his hand and stands up. Pierce walks over to Black and immediately delivers one vital thrust into her mid-back with the stick. It thwacks throughout the arena as Tanya pushes herself off the apron and nurses her mid back as Pierce and Leona watch her suffer another shot! Two shots to her back, and the Alpha Female isn’t down! Pierce attempts another shot! The Alpha Female spins around and removes the chain from her neck; she whips the chain toward the kendo stick and it wraps around. She tugs and pulls the stick from Mason’s hands! The weapons fall to the floor! Pierce lunges forward and ends Black’s possible retaliation with a vicious clothesline that sends her back-first against the floor. The crowd cringes as Mason stands over top of her and growls. Leona stands over top of her and talks shit in support of her man. Pierce bends forward and pulls Black up by her hair. He rolls her back into the ring where he’s got two more weapons waiting for her.

Mark Kendrick: What a match, ladies and gentlemen! Pierce has been busted open, but he’s still in control!

The Orion Champion follows Black into the ring. Dean follows. Tanya is trying to get to her feet, because the clothesline didn’t take her out. She’s tough. Pierce creeps behind the Alpha Female. Black leans forward over the steel chair that Pierce threw into the ring moments before. She immediately grabs it, and then spins around! She throws it at the Fixer! He grabs the chair and then Black jolts and NAILS THE CHAIR WITH A VAN DAMINATOR! Mason falls to the floor with a large thud! The crowd is going crazy! Leona immediately leaps onto the ring apron and pulls herself up using the ropes. Dean hurries to the ropes and is attempting to ask her to leave. Leona and Dean begin to argue. Black looks furious. She gets to her feet and immediately waltzes to the ropes. She slaps the taste out of Leona’s mouth! Leona leaps off the ring apron and falls to the floor below! The fans are waiting for the Alpha Female to defeat Pierce for the belt! The bloodied Pierce rolls to his side. Black returns to her opponent after sharing a few volatile words with his valet. Black leans forward and guides Pierce to his feet. She stands behind him and then wraps her arms around his neck! Pierce reacts and flips Black over his shoulders! She comes crashing onto the canvas! The Van Daminator isn’t stopping the Fixer! Mason immediately kicks Black in the back of the head and she falls to her side. Pierce rolls her over, and then mounts her to set-up the MANCHESTER NECKTIE!

Dutch Harris: NECKTIE! NECKTIE! Pierce is going to put Black in the Manchester Necktie!

The Fixer doesn’t know that his girlfriend was yet again attacked by The Alpha Female, but he’s got his mind set on making her submit as he applies the cluth and begins to scream through clenched teeth. Black is trying to squirm away, but her 165 pound stature isn’t enough for Pierce who’s got the submission locked tight! Dean is on his knees as Black closes her eyes and tries not to tap. Her hand hovers over the canvas as Mason applies more pressure, and isn’t letting go. Dean is concerned. He asks Black if she’s OK, but there’s no answer. Her arm is going limp as Pierce continues to apply a momentous finishing submission on his opponent!

Mark Kendrick: Black is still holding out! The Necktie could put her to sleep if she doesn’t fight her way out!

Kendrick spoke too soon. After all the fighting, Black’s arm falls limp to the canvas as Dean leans in for a closer inspection. Black isn’t responding and Pierce continues to let out a momentous roar. Dean hurries to his feet and rushes to the ropes. He waves for the match to end and the bell sounds three times. “Mislead” by LaBrie blares through the PA system yet again as Pierce slowly releases the Manchester Necktie. The fans boo as Leona slides into the ring, regardless of the tiny little beating she has received. In her hands is the Orion Championship she’s kept nearby the entire match. Pierce, with blood running down his face, confronts his valet and grabs the belt from her. He lifts it into the air.


Dutch Harris: Pierce has done it! He put Black to sleep with the Manchester Necktie and after a hard fought match between the two…he’s still the champion!

Mark Kendrick: With blood running down his face he represented Orion with the fight the team deserved. Pierce walks away from this match the victor, but what’s next for the Alpha Female?

Pierce and Leona exit the ring and walk toward the back, but not without nursing their wound during a tiny celebration ascending the ramp. Willie Dean lies next to Black who is slowly regaining consciousness. The Alpha Female is shaking her head slowly, and Dean is trying to help her to her feet without her falling back over.

Dutch Harris: It’s been a tough month for the Alpha Female, ladies and gentlemen. This night isn’t over yet. We’ll be right back…

I…am a man…of constant sorrow…

I’ve seen trouble…all my days…

“Man of Constant Sorrow” by Charm City Devils kicks in, bringing the fans to stare at the entrance, very interested in just who is coming out.  Their excitement turns to boos, however, when out from the back emerges BUCK DRESDEN and CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS appear.  Buck is wearing his BAB Cowboy hat and his BAB Biker vest with black jeans.  Magnus is beside him dressed in his BAB wrestling tights and his BAB Biker vest, his hair brushed back against his head.  The two of them walk down to the ring amidst the booing, ignoring the masses as they each take microphones.

Mark Kendrick:  I’m nervous about what these two have to say.

Buck Dresden:  Hey, y’all!

The fans boo.

Buck Dresden:  Oh come on.  Seriously?  What?  What the hell did we even do to y’all?  What?  We hit Chance Ryan a few times?  We hit Cade Sydal a few times?  I mean…we ended Kid Lightning’s career.  We could at LEAST get a YOU’RE WELCOME.

The fans SHOWER them in jeers.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  HEY.  HOW DARE YOU.

More boos.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  That meager minded mealy mouthed miscreant was a bane on ALL of our poor souls!  We were forced, all of us, to watch the Flying Avengers pretend to be a tag team, pretend to all of us they were some sort of important tandem to this division!  We ended his wretched career, and we even showed him the proper respect of a funeral!

Buck nods his head as the fans disagree with the two of them.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  And do you know what happened?  After we cleansed this company of that terrible tag team?

Magnus motions to the SHOOTVision.  We see a still image of Cade Sydal walking down to the ring.

Cade reaches into his right pocket and a rip can be heard, and then another as he starts to pull his hand from his pocket, pulling a crowbar out with it, duck tape still hanging from it in two places! Cade drops the microphone and slides into the ring, and immediately uses the crowbar to block Buck’s incoming swing, catching him on the inside of his elbow with it upraised vertically as the crowd cheers loudly!

Buck grabs his arm as he staggers back and away from Cade, and Cade turns to meet the other threat in Magnus just in time to duck under Magnus’ own clothesline attempt. Magnus turns around just as Cade snaps into a backflip, delivering a Pele Kick to the top of Magnus’ head, sending Magnus stumbling back and falling through a pair of wreaths!

Cade pushes to his knees and rolls forward to scoop up his crowbar in time to swing it horizontally into Buck’s abdomen, doubling him over in a fit of coughs and gasps! Cade pushes to his feet and grins before bringing the crowbar down across the back of Buck’s shoulders and neck, sending him crashing to the canvas face first!

Cade stares down at Buck’s body, raising the crowbar high in the air with both hands. The fans in the Epicenter cheer loudly, and Cade pauses for a moment to look out at them, nodding his head with a sinister grin. He turns his attention back down to Buck and just as he starts to bring the crowbar crashing down on him, Magnus pushes up behind Cade and hooks him in a half nelson before quickly snapping back, dropping Cade on his head in a half-nelson suplex!

Magnus pushes to his feet, cradling his own head after the Pele, and takes a moment to check on Buck before turning his attention back to Cade. Buck waves one arm weakly and that’s all Magnus needs to move in on Cade, lunging with a boot to the side of the head that drives Cade back down to the canvas and finally releasing his grip on the crowbar! Magnus grabs Cade by his left arm and forcefully yanks him to his feet and right into a standing front facelock. Magnus turns his body just slightly and looks, checking that the mask’s coffin is behind him before he lifts Cade up into the air and drives him through it with the Bloodline!

Magnus looks down at Cade for only a moment before Buck scrambles across the ring to mount Cade and starts raining his left fist down on his face while clutching his right arm close to his side! Magnus helps Buck get off of their prone victim and then pulls Cade up as Buck brings a chair over to the pile of debris, keeping it opened he sets it in place before moving to retrieve a second chair and doing the same with it. Magnus pulls Cade’s limp body into a standing head scissor next to the two chairs.

Magnus pulls Cade up for a powerbomb and turns toward the chairs. Buck reaches up with his left arm, catching Cade around the neck and stepping out as Magnus snaps Cade down with a powerbomb and neckbreaker combo through the seats of the two chairs!

We cut back to Magnus and Buck, who seem very proud at their attack on Cade Sydal.  The fans, however, don’t agree.

Buck Dresden:  This is just gettin’ ridiculous, Charlie.  After EVERYTHING we’ve done for you people, this is our thanks?  Hate?  Boos?  After we got rid of Long Island Hardcore, boos?  After we got rid of the Flying Avengers, boos?  After we REBIRTHED the tag team division and tag team wrestling, boos?  AFTER YOU PEOPLE BOUGHT OUR T-SHIRTS, BOOS?!?!?!

Magnus wraps his arm around Buck, keeping him from going off too much.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  They know not what we’ve given them, what we’ve sacrificed, Buck.  They don’t deserve our kindness and our love, EVEN AFTER WE GIVE IT SO FREELY.  Did you SEE that video, people?  Did you…did you SEE what we did to Cade Sydal?  How we DECIMATED him?!  I mean…I mean, my God, people.  He has been World Champion after beating some of the toughest people in this company, but he was a WASH OUT and worst of all, a BURN OUT!  I mean…he’s the reason Chance Ryan even teamed with Tanya Black in the first place.

Buck shudders.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  It’s…

“Bullet With A Name” by nonpoint kicks in, and the fans ERUPT into cheers!  Magnus and Buck immediately prepare themselves for an attack as out from the back emerges CHANCE RYAN.  Ryan stands there, nodding his head and clapping at the two of them.  He pulls a microphone out of his back pocket and waits for the music to die down.

Chance Ryan:  Fellas, come on.  ANOTHER theme song?  At some point, even you have to admit it’s getting old.  Anyway, listen.  I liked your video recap, but that’s like cutting Seven off before Kevin Spacey shows up.

Buck cups his ears.

Chance Ryan:  No?  Fight Club before Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are revealed to be the same person?

Buck Dresden:  STOP!!

Chance Ryan:  Wait.  Okay.  What about the Sixth Sense?

Buck Dresden:  SHUT UP!!

Charles Brandon Magnus:  HOW DARE YOU, CHANCE RYAN.  Buck Dresden hasn’t seen those films!  You MONSTER.

Chance stops himself, blinking.

Chance Ryan:  That’s…really weird.  My point is, boys, you missed the big twist at the end!

Chance looks up and we see…more footage.

Both men turn to the ring again, staring in disbelief as Cade rests on his knees weakly tapping a microphone found in all the wreckage with the Kid Lightning mask wrapped up in the left hand doing the tapping.  Cade loses his voice to a coughing fit and drops to a knee again as he tries to steady his breathing. Buck and Magnus start back down the ramp, and Cade looks up at them with a grin. He forces his words out through the pain.

Cade throws the microphone down on the canvas as he pushes off his knees, steadying himself on noodle legs as Buck and Magnus slide back into the ring, staring hatefully at Cade. Cade lifts both fists in front of himself as the fans begin to cheer louder!

The Bad Ass Brotherhood turn to look back at the ramp just in time to see Chance Ryan sprinting down it! Buck and Magnus both split, exiting on opposite sides of the ring as Chance slides under the bottom rope and to the middle of the ring, just when Cade collapses to both knees again! Buck and Magnus rejoin each other at the bottom of the ramp and start backing up it as Chance checks on Cade, who has resumed coughing and wheezing. "Bullet With A Name" by Nonpoint hits as Chance continues to look between Cade and the Brotherhood, who point at both men in the ring threateningly whilst backing up the ramp.

Chance is grinning as Buck and Magnus shake their head vehemently.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  No no no.

Buck Dresden:  Nope, didn’t happen.  CGI.

Chance Ryan:  Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.

Buck slaps the sides of his head, covering his ears.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  LOOK AT YOU, CHANCE RYAN.  Up there all high and mighty, acting like you’re so untouchable!  What’s stopping us from coming up there and forcing you to walk away from this sport like we’ve done to ALL your friends?  Where IS your erstwhile mentor so we can remove him from this profession like we did your wretched little weakling of a partner Chris, anyway?!

Chance Ryan:  You know that trick where one tag partner shows up on the stage and the other appears behind his distracted rivals?

Suddenly, Magnus snaps his head behind him to see…nothing.

Chance Ryan:  It’s nothing like that.

Without warning, CADE SYDAL SPRINTS down to the ring, Chance chasing behind!  Both men slide into the ring and immediately begin trading blows with Magnus and Buck!  Buck and Cade, Chance and Magnus!  Chance suddenly CLOTHESLINES Magnus over the top rope to the floor below!  Buck is in the ring by himself!  He goes for a Lariat on Cade, but Cade LEVELS him with a NINJAGUIRI!  Buck is OUT on the mat!  Magnus clutches his head on his knees on the outside of the ring as Chance kneels down over Buck’s unconscious form!

Chance Ryan:  Darth Vader is Luke’s father.  Samuel L. Jackson is the villain all along.  Mr. Orange is the rat.

Chance picks Buck up and leans him against the ropes.  Cade speaks into the microphone.

Cade Sydal:  And you just got the FUCK beat out of you, Brotherhood.


Mark Kendrick:  How’s THAT for a spoiler alert!!!

Chance Ryan:  I want you two morons to listen to me.  If you can’t because you’re, I don’t know, beat up or whatever, go back and watch the tape.  You see this?  Cade Sydal and Chance Ryan?  YOU made this happen.  YOU DID.

Chance grits his teeth.

Cade Sydal:  And at the next big SHOOT event, us two high and mighty mother fuckers are gonna show the both of you just what kind of beast you’ve awakened.  Now, hit our music.

“Bullet With A Name” by nonpoint kicks in once more, and the fans are LOVING the two of them as they exit the ring.  They step over Buck’s unconscious body and both men glare at Magnus, who is clutching Buck, trying to protect him.  He glares at the both of them, but they walk past the Bad Ass Brotherhood, leaving them on the outside of the ring.

Dutch Harris:  Bold claims made by Cade Sydal and Chance Ryan, who look like they’re alarmingly on the same page!

Mark Kendrick:  They bring up a great point, Dutch.  After taking Jay Skyy and Kid Lightning out, Chance is running out of friends, but it looks like he might’ve just found one in his mentor Cade Sydal!

Dutch Harris:  And if there’s one thing I know about one of my best friends in this business, it’s that Cade Sydal doesn’t back down, no matter the enemy.  The Bad Ass Brotherhood have NO idea what they’ve started!

Mark Kendrick:  We’re ready for our main event of the evening, but we’re getting word that we’re going to be joined by a special guest.

The Epicenter is on their feet waiting the main event and are surprised to hear:





The roof explodes as the NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champions steps out into the Epicenter, with his title belt over his shoulder.  He walks quickly to announce table and sits down.

Mark Kendrick:  We’re being joined on commentary by SHOOT’s Wayward Son.  Trey Willett!

Trey Willett:  Thanks for having me, fellas. 

Dutch Harris:  What brings you out here tonight? 

Trey Willett:  Two guys who no doubt want a shot at me.  I figured why not take a closer look.

His music fades away. 



The fans begin to boo as out from the back comes DAN STEIN.  Stein stands there at the entrance and there is no fanfare.  No pyro.  He walks down the ramp, not paying the booing fans any attention. 

Samantha Coil:  Coming to the ring first …hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 215 pounds…he is the 2012 Redemption Rumble winner…DAN… STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIII IIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!

He slides into the ring shooting a look Trey’s direction.  He goes to his corner and bounces as the music fades.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…

"Tonight we’re going Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-HARD!"

Loco Martinez explodes from the back.  A smile on his face, but his eyes intense as they lock with Dan Stein.  He slaps a few fives coming down the ramp.  He runs and slides under the bottom rope.  Rolls to his back and kips up.  He lands and takes a brief look at Trey Willett’s championship.  He gives a nod to the champ, who exchanges the gesture.  Stein rolls his eyes.  The music fades and Tony Lorenzo gives his last instructions.

Mark Kendrick:  These two were long time friends.  They’ve fought countless times as both friends and foes. 

Dutch Harris:  Tonight falls along the "foe" end of the spectrum. 

Mark Kendrick:  Both of these men have the SHOOT Project World Champion in their sights.  A man sitting with us tonight.  Trey what do you think about these two competitors?

Trey Willett: They’re both tough as hell.  I’ve been in the ring with both recently and each man has been on top of their game the last few months!  It saw Dan Stein win this title.  It saw Loco Martinez win Master of the Mat!

Mark Kendrick:  Lets get to the ring with referee  Tony Lorenzo calling the action.

Loco and Stein lock eyes and begin to circle.   Tony Lorenzon calls for the bell.  Loco charges looking for a flying knee.  Stein side steps.  Loco lands and as he turns, Stein goes for a side kick to the gut, but Loco senses this and catches his foot.  Loco tries to sweep Stein’s other leg, but Stein deftly jumps.  Stein then seamlessly leaps looking for an enzuguiri.  Loco ducks it, and as Stein lands flat on his stomach.  Loco moves quickly to him around the waist and launches him up and over with a wheel barrow suplex. 

Mark Kendrick:  That’s what we were expecting.  Two athletic and agile opponents who know each other. 

Loco moves and quickly brings Stein to his feet.  Whips him off the ropes.   Lunges with a  clothesline, but Stein ducks and runs under it.   Goes off the far ropes, Loco doubles over looking for a back body drop, but Stein leap frogs over.   Hits the rope and as Loco turns Stein levels him with a spinning heel kick!

Stein makes a quick cover.


Two-NO!  Loco shoulders out.  Stein gets up.  Goes to drop an elbow.  Loco rolls out of the way.  Stein gets back up quickly. Goes to hit Loco wit another elbow, but Loco rolls out of the way once again.   Stein gets up once more.  WInds up like he’s going to attempt another elbow drop, but pulls up short as Loco rolls once again, Stein takes a step back and runs and hits a baseball slide drop kick that drives Loco out of the ring.  He lands with a thud on the outside. 

Mark Kendrick:  Big momentum changer, there.  Loco landed HARD on the outside.

Trey Willett:  That fall doesn’t feel good.  Stein adapted quickly and effectively there!

Stein smirks at Loco who is writhing holding his ribs.  Stein drops down and rolls to the outside.  The referee begins his count.  Stein grabs Loco by the wrist and whips him hard into the barrier.  He sizes him up and runs full speed and drives a dropkick into Loco’s ribcage.  


Loco slides down the barricade in a heap.   Stein is back on the attack.  He drives two stomps down into the ribcage.  Drags Loco to a vertical base, and hits a snap suplex on the outside. 


Stein rolls into the ring to break the count, and rolls right back out.  The crowd starts up a "Lets Go Lo-Co!" chant.  Stein sneers at the Epicenter.  He scoops Loco up and slams him down hard on the outside. 

Mark Kendrick:  Loco’s back and ribs really taking a beating here.

Dutch Harris:  Its hard to move and be effective if your back and ribs hurt.

Trey Willett:  Rib injuries are painful and debilitating.  If taking a breath hurts?  Imagine landing with that much velocity.

Stein gets up and drags Loco up and sets him up for a piledriver.  The crowd murmurs with worry.  The referee is back up to a four count.

Mark Kendrick:  Not on the outside!

Stein goes to lift Loco, but Loco kicks his legs and is able to block it.   Stein tries again.  Loco blocks again.   Stein tries one more time, and Loco grabs the apron.  As soon as his feet land Loco launches back with a backbody drop.  Sending Stein up and over.  He lands with a thud.  Loco drops to a knee.  The Epicenter roars.  Urging Loco on.  

Trey Willett:  That’s a game changer!

Loco is able to get up and rolls into the ring.   Ref’s count is up to seven!  

Eight…  Stein is now up, and is rubbing at his right hip.

Mark Kendrick:  Looks like the Golden Boy took the brunt of the impact on his right hip.

Stein rolls into the ring, and as he gets up, Loco drives a leg kick into Stein’s hip.  Loco winds up, and drives another kick into that hip.  One more time, and Loco drives one more kick with velocity.  With Stein feeling the effects of that Loco shoots in and grabs his right leg and nails a lightning quick Dragon Screw Leg Whip.  Loco gets up with a fist pump that gets a reaction from the SHOOT crowd.  Loco brings Stein to his feet.  Whips him hard into the corner.  Loco charges in with a full speed dropkick.

Mark Kendrick:  That was a filling rattler! 

Loco snaps off two more quick leg kicks to that hip.  He then leaps up onto Stein’s thighs and goes back launching Stein with a monkey flip! 

Mark Kendrick:  Loco just sent Stein SKY HIGH!

Trey Willett:  Pun intended, Mark?

Mark Kendrick:  You know it, champ!

Loco dashes across the ring and makes a lateral press.


Two- NO!  Just barely a two count.  Stein shoulders out.

Trey Willett:  Loco should have hooked the left leg, there.  Make Stein use that right leg and hip at every turn.

Loco goes to bring Stein back to his feet, but once Stein is up to his knee he drives forward with driving the top of his head  right into Loco’s ribcage.   The crowd boos.  Loco recoils, but winds up and drives a leg kick into the hip.  The crowd cheering.  Stein this time drives a european uppercut into Loco’s torso. 


Loco takes a step back and then lays his shin into Stein’s hip.  Driving him to a knee.


Stein with another  European uppercut! 


Loco with a straight right hand.


Stein answers with an overhand right of his own. 


Dutch Harris: Things are heating up with these two!

Loco with an overhand right. Followed with another leg kick, Stein lunges back looking for a while haymaker, but Loco ducks, and as Stein’s momentums spins him the whole way around, Loco grabs Stein around the throat!  

Dutch Harris:  Goozle!

Loco steps in quickly and hoists Dan Stein up high and dives forward with all his force with a chokeslam!

Mark Kendrick:  Sky High Chokeslam!!  WE ARE!!!  IM.  PRESSED!  

The crowd roars.   Loco makes the cover.   Hooks the left leg. 

Dutch Harris:  He musta heard, you Trey.



TH-NO!   Stein shoulders out. 

Loco gets up.  He brings Stein up.   Front face lock.  Loco hoists Dan into vertical suplex position, but Stein brings a knee down onto Loco’s head, and manages to flip through the suplex and land on his feet and behind Loco.  He takes his hands and rakes them down Loco’s back.  The crowd booing mercilessly!

Mark Kendrick:  Back rake!  That no good dirty scoundrel!

Trey Willett:  Scoundrel?

Stein continues his offensive.  He leaps and grabs Loco and pulls him back, driving his knees up into Loco’s back with a backstabber!  Stein quickly scrambles to make a cover.



Th-NO!  Loco is able to shoulder out. 

Stein brings Loco to his feet.   Goes to whip Loco off the ropes, but Loco reverses.   Stein bounces off the ropes.  Loco doubles over looking for another backbody drop,  but Stein dives over Loco’s back with a sunset flip!




Mark Kendrick:  So close there.  The sunset flip almost got the Master of the Mat.

Stein is up.  Loco sits up, but Stein levels him with a knee to the forehead.  He follows that up with an elbow drop.   He stays on with a cocky cover,  smirking out to the Epicenter.


Two-NO!  Loco shoulders out. 

Dutch Harris:  Stein is never short confidence. 

Stein brings Loco up and whips him HARD into the corner.  Stein charges in leaping with a high elevation high impact big splash! 

Mark Kendrick:  Steiner Splash!

Trey Willett:  Not sure that one is gonna work, Mark. 

Stein drives a series of shoulders into Loco’s ribs.  he then grabs Loco in a Muay Thai clinch and begins peppering him with knees to the body and head.  Loco’s legs start to give out.  He goes wobbly.  Stein then pulls Loco out and levels him with a vicious short armed clothesline!  Loco is down in the corner.  Stein sees how close to the ropes he is and his eyes glimmer with a dickbaggy idea.  He slingshots himself up to the top rope…   Splits his legs, and uses the ropes to flip himself back with a split legged moonsault!  

Mark Kendrick:  Happiness?! 

Dutch Harris:  Stein giving Loco a little taste of his own medicine, so to speak!

Trey Willett:  That’s how well these two know each other and how personal this contest really is.



Three-!NO!  Loco is just able to shoulder out.  Stein gets up and gets in Tony Lorenzo’s face.  The two are nose to nose like a baseball manager and ump going at it over balls and strikes.  Stein is holding up three fingers.  Lorenzo answering with an emphatic two.  Loco crawls up from behind and pulls Stein down into a roll up!




Mark Kendrick: That was CLOSE!

Trey Willett: Thought Loco had him there.

Dutch Harris:  Stein took his eye off the ball for a second and it nearly cost him!

Stein is back up and with a vicious look waits for Loco.  Loco is up.  Stein with a huge head kick attempt, but Loco ducks it.  Stein spins around.  Loco quickly snatches him into a tight waist.  He goes to launch him back with a release german suplex, but Stein senses it and flips through it, landing on his feet.  He stumbles back into the ropes.  Loco turns, and like two bulls who see red they charge one another at full speed.  They have the same idea.  Clothesline.  And they absolutely level one another!!!  Both men are down.  Epicenter and referee Tony Lorenzo on their feet.   Lorenzo starts a count.



Three…  Stein rolls to his side.

Four… Loco starts to stir.

Five… Stein gets to a knee.

Six… Loco starts pulling himself up with the help of the ropes. 

Seven… Stein gets up. 

Eight… Loco is up.  

The two lock eyes.  Stein charges.  Loco drives his boot into Stein’s hip, dropping him to  a knee.  Loco then scoops Stein up looking like he’s going for a piledriver, but steps over Stein’s arms.  The crowd roars with recognition.

Mark Kendrick:  Loco looking to set up the #Twitterbation!

Stein feels it coming, and reaches down wrapping his arm around Loco’s leg.  He pulls himself out, and sweeps Loco’s leg.  He smoothly transitions, locking in an ankle lock!  Stein twists the ankle hard, Loco winces in pain, but shakes his head "no" when the referee asks if he wants to submit.  Loco does a push up, and drives his free leg into Stein’s left shin.  Stein reacts by really torquing the ankle.  Loco winds up and with all his might again drives his leg back into Stein’s leg.  He lifts the leg, and Loco is able to crawl to the corner.  Lorenzo starts the five count for Stein to break the hold.  Loco pulls himself up in the corner.  Stein charges in.  Loco quickly slides through the middle and top rope and leans back stunning Stein with a kick!  Stein stumbles back. 

Trey Willett:  Dan is trying to shake the cobwebs from eating both of those feet.

Loco quickly gets out to the apron.  Leaps up to the top rope and launches himself driving his knee into Stein’s temple!

Mark Kendrick:  Zombie Kill of the Week!!!

Stein is down.  Loco makes the cover.  Hooks the right leg.




Loco rolls off.  Tony Lorenzo hoists Loco’s hand high. 

Samantha Coil:  The winner of this match at eighteen minutes and forty four seconds,  LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO. CO!   MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAR.  TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.  NEZ!!!!

Mark Kendrick:  An amazing fight tonight between these two.  I wonder if that man is who we’ll see fight Trey Willett next?

After the final bell is rung Trey Willett removes his headset and sets it on the announce table.  He grabs the world title from his lap and slings it over his shoulders.  As the fans begin to cheer loudly, Trey steps up onto the apron and steps into the ring.  He grabs a mic from his pocket.

Trey Willett: I wanted to do this with the two of you in the ring.  I know that I’m not used to doing this kind of thing, but here we are.  I am the World Champion.  With that comes certain responsibilities.  I’m not just responsible for being the best champion that I can be, I’m also responsible for giving the people the best possible matches and challengers that I can.

Loco Martinez smiles and looks towards Trey and the fans EXPLODE at the idea of a Loco vs. Trey Main Event.  Trey quiets them down for a moment and brings the mic back to his face.

Trey Willett: Now I know that Loco has won probably the most stacked Master of the Mat tournament to gain his shot at the belt.  Hell, he even put me down on the mat in one of the most grueling matches in my career.  To be honest, there is nothing I would like more than facing Loco Martinez at the next Pay Per View for the biggest prize this company has to offer.

The fans all rise to their feet and begin to chant “Match of the year!  Match of the year!”  For his part, Loco begins nodding his head and pointing to the title on Trey’s shoulder in a playful “that’s mine” manner.  Trey smiles and looks towards Loco.  Dan Stein however, seemingly lost in the shuffle, grabs a microphone from the announce table and slides back into the ring.

Dan Stein: Wait just a damned minute.  You people can cheer these two all you want, but the fact still remains that that belt belongs to the Golden Boy.  Trey Willett may have beaten me for it, but if I look over my contract, I can tell you that I am guaranteed a re-match for that belt.  So take your dreams of a Trey and Loco rematch and get the Hell over it!

The fans begin to boo loudly as both Trey and Loco shoot glares in the direction of Dan Stein.  Loco reaches through the middle ropes and grabs a microphone for himself.

Loco Martinez: Well now wait a minute.  Let me give you a little history lesson, Dan.  I’m sure that you forget the way the rules work when they don’t directly involve you.  But wasn’t it just a month ago that Jonny got his re-match for the title he lost four years ago?  What about Donovan King?  You remember?  The man that you took the title from for that few days?  What about his re-match?  What makes you so special that you get to enact your rematch as the first challenger to Trey’s title?

Dan Stein walks towards Loco and two begin to jaw back and forth to one another.  After a few moments of watching the argument escalate, Trey seems to have had enough.  He steps in between the two men and distances them from one another.

Trey Willett: I wasn’t done yet, gentlemen.  As much as I would love to have a rematch with either one of you, I think you both have forgotten that I made a commitment to the fans of the SHOOT Project.  I promised them to put an end to this Orion title nonsense at Master of the Mat.  I promised them that I would shut Orion up once and for all. Obviously, thanks to a certain someone who pulled the rug out from under me, I failed to do that.  If I don’t make good on that, I’m no better than any other previous champion.

Suddenly, Trey is interrupted by the opening strains of “Set The World On Fire” over the loudspeakers. The crowd’s roars turn to boos as Mason Pierce and Leona emerge from the back. Leona has the Orion belt over her left shoulder, a smirk on her face.

Mason Pierce: CUT THE MUSIC!

The boos intensify as Mason starts to pace across the stage.

Mason Pierce: Trey, Trey, Trey. You poor, hard done by little piss-pot of a champion. Making excuses for why you couldn’t get the job done at Master Of The Mat. Always easy to blame someone else for your own shortcomings, isn’t it? Can’t live up to the billing, so you look to make us the scapegoat. We changed the rules on you, waah, waah, waah. Honestly, Trey, ya want a little cheese to go along with your whine?

Leona takes the microphone, adjusting the title belt on her shoulder.

Leona: Seriously, Trey. What did you THINK was going to happen? We told you right from the beginning that we were going to do whatever it took to make sure this belt stayed with Orion. Are you REALLY that surprised? We warned you. You sit at Orion’s table, you come into our yard and think you’re going to take what’s  ours,you play by OUR rules. Orion Rules. And speaking of which… thanks a lot, Trey. Nice little play, winning that big belt, taking your stroke to the head office and bitching to the brass about how Orion fucked you over at Master Of The Mat.

This brings a fresh round of boos from the crowd.

Mason Pierce: In reality, Trey, you should be thanking us. If you’d actually managed to beat Malice, do you really think you would have gotten a shot at Stein and the biggest belt in the company? Which brings us to wonder.. just how DID you manage to get to the front of the line? Whose ass were you nose-deep in to get first crack at Danny? And speaking of you, Stein- congratulations. Great job on what’s probably the shortest SHOOT Championship reign in history. Not the way you wanted to cement your legacy, I’m guessing. Golden Boy? Fool’s gold, maybe.

Orion begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring as Stein and Loco now direct their anger towards Orion.  For his part, Trey Willett attempts to keep the peace, but the situation is rapidly getting out of hand.  Loco and Stein ready themselves for a fight as Orion inches closer to the ring as Trey makes his way to the ropes to greet Orion.  Just as Mason grabs hold of the bottom rope to pull himself into the ring, “Signal To Noise” by Peter Gabriel plays and the fans ERUPT as out from the back steps none other than SHOOT Project COO Sean Kygon…also known as…OUTKAST.

Mark Kendrick:  He’s back!  Thank my lucky stars, OutKast is BACK!

OutKast stands there on the stage, looking at the fans before he waves for his music to be cut short.  He is dressed to the nines in a charcoal coat and pants with a white dress undershirt and a million dollar smile.

OutKast:  WOW.  Look at you four guys.  I mean, let’s look at ‘em, folks.  Mason Pierce.  Dan Stein.  Loco Martinez.  Trey Willett.

OutKast motions to the ring, a smirk on his face.

OutKast:  SHOOT Project would be proud with any one of you four as its World Champion, even if one of you rang my bell a few weeks back.

Kast rubs the back of his neck as Dan Stein glares at him menacingly.

OutKast:  But bygones are bygones, Danny boy, I don’t hold that against you.  In fact, I agree with you.  You DO deserve your title rematch against Trey Willett.

The fans boo at the sound of that.

OutKast:  But, then, really, Loco Martinez deserves a shot as well.


OutKast:  And Mason Pierce is…well…he’s caused plenty of troubles for Trey Willett, so I can feasibly see him getting a shot, too.

Mason nods as the fans boo at that last one.

OutKast:  But, hey guys, listen.  I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking “OutKast is gonna set us up in a fatal four way, isn’t he?” Well…no.  No, I’m not.

He pauses as he paces the entrance stage.

OutKast:  Last year around this time we had ourselves perhaps the most important event in SHOOT Project history.  You might remember it.  I believe it was called RISE.

The fans cheer as they recall the monumental event.

OutKast:  Now, no, this event right here isn’t RISE II or anything.  But it IS a celebration of who we are and what we’ve become over years of hard work and toil.  The board and I came the conclusion we wanted to celebrate our reputation that we’ve more than earned.  That’s why this event is going to be called…ELITE.

OutKast grins as he announces the name of the event.

OutKast:  And to celebrate ELITE, we’re going to have a main event that reminds the world of just how ELITE we are.  By pitting one…two…three…four…

He can’t help but chuckle.

OutKast:  …FIVE…SIX…and SEVEN…talented Soldiers in the ring for the World Heavyweight Championship.  I believe a match of that magnitude can really only be called one thing.


The fans POP as Mason nods his head, glancing over at Trey, who stands tall, belt on his shoulder.

OutKast:  Trey Willett no doubt wants to find himself some retribution in a match like that, since the only other PRIMUS in SHOOT’s history nearly ended his career.  Unfortunately, he’s also got Mason Pierce in that thing as well, and he was the runner up in that match, outlasting even Trey himself.  Bu, to spice things up, 2013 Master of the Mat Loco Martinez is ALSO going to be in that match, having beaten Trey on his way to become Master of the Mat and Dan Stein is ALSO going to be in as well…getting his rematch.  Oh, and make no mistake, Dan, no loopholes and no whining.  The PRIMUS IS your title rematch.

Stein sneers at OutKast as the fans continue to cheer.

OutKast:  But it goes beyond that.  See, there’s three more spots left to fill.  We’ve gone back and forth in the board meetings about who’s going to be taking those final three spots and we’ve decided that next Revolution and Dominion, we’re going to have three qualifying matches to determine who goes in.

The first match will feature a monster and a former number one contender to the World Championship…and that match is SAMMY ROCHESTER…versus LUNATIKK CRIPPLER.

The images of Sammy and Crippler appear on the screen above OutKast’s head at the fans continue to cheer.

OutKast:  Our second match will feature two major up and coming stars who more than benefit from a match on this level.  Two Soldiers who’ve never really gotten to main event a SHOOT Project pay-per-view, but more than deserve it.

We will see LAURA SETON…go one on one against…MAYA NAKASHIMA.

Their images flash on screen and the fans continue their excitement as the camera goes back to OutKast.

OutKast:  Last, but not least, guys?  There’s two more Soldiers who’ll be qualifying for this thing.  One’s already a champion here and the other’s one of the best champions…we’ve ever had.  This last match…if he is medically cleared, that is.

Our final qualifying match with feature Sin City Champion JACOB MEPHISTO…

…against former World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN KING.

The fans ERUPT as OutKast nods his head.  We see Mason Pierce shaking his head, thinking back to the last Primus.  We also cut to Loco Martinez, who is grinning from ear to ear at the thought of participating in the Primus.  We then cut to Dan Stein, who is gritting his teeth, visibly infuriated.  Finally, it cuts to Trey Willett, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, who stands strong, staring at OutKast.  Suddenly, “Signal To Noise” kicks in as OutKast stands on the stage, chuckling.

Dutch Harris:  We’re in for it now!  The PRIMUS is BACK!!  Not just that, Mark, but OutKast has added a seventh guy to the mix, and with only four people automatically in the Primus, these three qualifying matches are bound to be crazy, no doubt.

Mark Kendrick:  And the winners of those three SUPER big matches are destined for greatness in the main event of our next event…ELITE!

Dutch Harris:  Between Laura Seton and Maya Nakashima, Sammy Rochester and Lunatikk Crippler, and the big question mark…is Donovan King even going to be medically cleared to face Sin City Champion Jacob Mephisto??!

Mark Kendrick:  I can’t wait to find out!  For Dutch Harris, I’m Mark Kendrick, thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you next time!

The show ends with Trey Willett slowly turning his head from side to side, looking at Loco and then to Mason and then to Dan Stein.