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Revolution 013: 11/18/07


The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling both Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Deacon Summer’s chest.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd. Michael Collins and Killian Reilly duking it out at ringside.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Dave Marz wildly swings a chain in the air to ward off Corazon.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

A shot of Ray Willmott flipping off the top of a steel cage! Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Donovan King.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Benjamin Biggs.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Trevor Worrens standing with the World Heavyweight Championship held vertically by it’s strap.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


Dave Dymond: …Welcome once again to Revolution, folks! We’re one week away from Animosity, and the Thomas and Mack Center is in a frenzy!!

Other Guy: …We’ve got a four way ladder match main event for the Revolution Championship, Jun Kenshin and Kilgore Stochansky squaring off and not to mention the World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Worrens going up against Kaz Sato in non-title action and this time, there MUST be a winner!

Dave Dymond: …Exciting times, indeed, but in contrast, we’ve heard rumours of an announcement this evening from Diamond D … wait a minute… who put out the lights?! What the hell …

The capacity crowd responds too, excitement overwhelming them as they are suddenly shrouded in darkness. For a time, all one can hear are the screams of the people, and the anticipation they are emitting.

Then the violent chords of ‘Halo’ by Machine Head blare over the Public Address system to a THUNDEROUS ovation! Red and yellow strobe lights circulate the Thomas and Mack Centre as every person in the arena is stood on tiptoes, gazing down to the entrance ramp way in hopes of seeing the first arrival of the evening.

Dave Dymond: …That song means one man, OG and the crowd know damn well who it is! This place is deafening!!!

Other Guy: …What does he want?!


A huge burst of fire brightens the whole arena, exploding at the entrance ramp, and the raucous applause heighten, as the tune kicks into beat and Ray Willmott storms out from behind the curtain!! You can see people toppling over each other, and small mosh pits forming at the front end of the crowd as the energetic Welsh man practically sprints down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he does!

Dave Dymond: …My God, this is insane!!!

Other Guy: …There are people moshing out there!! Talk about starting Revolution with a bang!!

“This is a call to arms, will you stand beside me?!”

Two waves of fire bolt along either side of the ramp way, and explode when they reach the ringside area!!! Fans in the front row can feel the heat as the fire goes up, and reel back, slightly in surprise.

Wasting no time, Willmott dives into the ring, making his way through the fog and the smoke, and calls for a microphone! After sending the crowd into hyperactivity, Willmott asks for the music to be cut, and draws the microphone to his lips. The dimmed lights in the arena are now turned on in full and everything is once again clear.   But the fans won’t let him talk. Not without first expressing their excitement in seeing him, sending out a long and loud ‘Willmott’ chant! Every voice in unison makes it abundantly clear who is in the house! Ray drops his arm slightly, looks around him and smiles. Moments like these, he thinks…

Dave Dymond:  The popularity of Ray Willmott was always hot even when he first started out in SHOOT, but week in, week out, the cheers only seem to get louder, OG!

Other Guy: …I wish he’d just get on with it. We’ve got a show to do tonight!

Adhering to the Other Guy’s request, Willmott brings the microphone to his lips quickly, projects his voice, and interrupts the ten thousand plus with a few words of his own.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Animosity is one week away!

A huge pop for the reference to SHOOT Project’s upcoming Pay-Per-View. The second event since the relaunch. After a while, the crowd starts to settle, allowing Willmott to say his piece.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It’s that time again when everybody is at fever pitch. Where SHOOT Project is out promoting another epic event for the dedicated and the faithful. Uprising was a great success for a company many had given up for dead. But Animosity is evidence enough that we’re in this for the long haul! That SHOOT Project is far from dead!

He looks into the camera.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …PROOF, that we’re here to fucking stay!!!

Ray Willmott has sustained the excitement in the Thomas and Mack Centre. His convictions are unrelenting, giving people no choice but to be spellbound by his love of all that is this company. They respond, echoing his sentiments with a large ‘SHOOT’ chant!

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: Main-evening Uprising is one of the proudest moments of my professional wrestling career! My eyes, nor my heart deceives you not. Competing for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is as great an honor as has ever been bestowed upon me.

His eyes, once again transfixed on the camera, looking through it and at the people watching.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: From all that’s been made official, I couldn’t help but to notice, that at Animosity, there’s been no decision made as to who will get the next shot at the aforementioned distinction.

A sly smirk crawls across his face. The fans pop in anticipation of his next words.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: So here I stand, microphone in hand, ready to express my intentions. Make them crystal clear, so everybody knows exactly where I’m coming from …

A dramatic pause. And then.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: It’s time!! It’s mother-fucking time for Worrens vs. Willmott Part Two!!

Dave Dymond: …Whoa!!! These people are responding!!

Indeed, the crowd is going ballistic at the thought of a re-match between the current World Champion Trevor Worrens and Ray Willmott! Undoubtedly, the first match brought the best out in both men. Looking into his eyes, Willmott is aware of that fact, but also pumped up and inspired by all that can come from another competition!

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: I went into the ring with Roland Caldwell, I fought the Lost Soul, without even knowing it would be in a steel cage, moments before I was set to fight! And I won!

The memories of the match send goose bumps across people in the arena.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I fought Kaz Sato, despite the beating he got earlier, despite the amount of blood he lost, he still gave me everything! But I still won!!

Stretching Kaz Sato’s body with Anxiety Amplified comes to the forefront of people’s memories, causing some to cringe!

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I’ve done all that I’ve been asked to do. I’ve beaten the best of the best, and I am still standing, still ready for more! I lost at Uprising, and for the last month and a half, that has haunted me. That’s been stuck in my fucking head, for better or worse!! But now is the time! Now, I’m ready to avenge that loss! I’m ready to take the next step!

The next words come from the bottom of his stomach, roared out on the microphone.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It’s my time to become the World Heavyweight Champion!!

It’s hard not to be soaked up and washed away by the spirit and tenacity of the Welshman, as his words roll off the tongue. There is no official match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Animosity, but Ray Willmott is out here tonight, playing his full hand in Vegas.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: Trevor. Jason. What’s your answer? What’s it going to be? Will you give me another…

Pounding classical style music fills the arena. “Summer Overture – Remix” fills the arena and Roland Caldwell walks slowly towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: What is he doing here?

Other Guy: He’s not in a match either! We should be well into the first match already! This isn’t an open mike!

Roland climbs into the ring with a microphone in his hand. He holds no chair, but Willmott braces for battle nonetheless. Roland stands on the opposite side of the ring as boos rain down upon his shoulders. He raises his hand to quiet the music. As it fades he steps closer to Wilmott with disgust upon his face.

Roland Caldwell: Proudest moment? The main event at Uprising? That disgusts me. And that should disgust all these sheep in the audience. You lost… wait, no, you gave up. You let that knee get in the way, and then you return three weeks later without a limp!? But you’re the new babyface they want to push. You’re the new guy the office loves. Since I destroyed Osbourne Kilminster, you’re the only one they got, Ray. So no one questions your lack of courage. Your lack of mettle. Your lack of tenacity. You cried in that ring, clutching your leg because you couldn’t beat Worrens then. And you can’t beat Worrens now.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: Blah, blah, blah! Last I checked you lost to Worrens last Sunday!

Roland nods.

Roland Caldwell: Yes. Worrens beat me. We met in the middle of this ring and we fought. We both brought everything we had and he beat me this time. But I learned. I learned from this, and the next time we meet it will not be redundant! Unlike you, I had the balls to finish my fight like a man. All you did was cry and quit. You couldn’t beat me, you won by escaping the cage. That is not a victory. That is not a defeat. That is the easy way out. There will be NO easy way out anymore! Not for you. Not for Kaz Sato… and not for Trevor Worrens.

Willmott seethes in the ring. He and Roland stare each other down as the crowd buzzes with expectation.

Dave Dymond: It looks like we might get some physicality here!

Other Guy: At this rate we’ll never get to the matches tonight!

Roland Caldwell: What Ray? You wanna hit me? Or do you want to continue being the bitch target for my chair.

Willmott begins to shake with rage.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: Why don’t you crawl back into the hole you crawled out of you son of a bitch!

Roland just smiles that smile.

Roland Caldwell: Hit me, or walk away like the weak, spineless…

Willmott’s right hand flashes out like lightning and nails Roland square in the jaw.

Dave Dymond: Roland’s on his heels! Ray’s going to shut him up once and for all!

The crowd goes wild as Roland falls backwards. He gets to his feet quickly, but Willmott is on him. The fists fly at Roland who frantically tries to block them with his forearms. Roland bounces off of the ropes and Willmott grabs him around the neck.

Dave Dymond: I think Ray’s going for the Ultimatum!

Willmott jumps up and begins to spin with Roland’s body, going for his implant tornado DDT, but Roland finds himself and pushes Ray off. Ray lands off-balance, but on his feet. He gathers himself, and just as he looks up…

Other Guy: Clothesline from Hell!

Roland clotheslines Willmott so hard his tumbles completely over onto his stomach and Roland falls face down. Roland takes a couple deep breaths and stands, much to the ire of the crowd.

Blood pours from Roland’s nose and lip. He reaches up and some blood comes off onto his fingers. He smiles and picks Willmott up. He puts him, back first, onto his shoulders and stands up.

Dave Dymond: Oh my God. No!

Other Guy: He’s going for the Burning Hammer!

Dave Dymond: This is the move that ended Ozzy’s career!

Willmott lays prone on Roland’s back, and Roland screams.

Roland: You’re next, Kaz!

The fans suddenly pick up though, which comes as a surprise… and all eyes turn to the entryway to see Trevor Worrens SPRINTING down to the ring!

Dave Dymond: Worrens is in the building now, and he’s making a mad dash straight for Caldwell!

Other Guy: Didn’t expect this!

Caldwell lets go of Willmott in readying for Worrens who slides under the bottom rope and is up to his feet immediately nailing Caldwell with palm strikes to the chest and face!  Roland starts to stagger, but brings up a knee, that doubles over Worrens.  Roland then looks to capitalize, but Worrens fights right back, snapping up to his full vertical base and going at Roland with more palm strikes, and now a few knees shots thrown in as well!

Other Guy: Holy shit, Dave, The World Champion’s going to TOWN on Caldwell!

Dave Dymond: These past couple of weeks has seen a shift in Worrens’s nature, his attitude, everything really, and I’d say this is almost a culmination of it.

Other Guy: That or he’s just tired of being assaulted with by Caldwell and now we got some payback on tap!

Roland continues to stagger and now Worrens runs away from Caldwell, springs off the second rope and TURNS with a leaping second rope clothesline and now Caldwell goes down!  Worrens springs up to his feet, the fans actually cheering some.  Worrens looks to Willmott, checking on him, but before he can move, the crowd reaction instantly changes.

Dave Dymond: Where the hell did Sato come from!

Worrens feels Sato’s grip tighten around his waist, and before Worrens can prepare for it, Sato lifts Worrens up and over with a powerful belly-to-back overheard suplex! Worrens lands in a crumpled up heap close to the edge of the ring, and Sato gets up to his feet quickly, turns and then lunges downward at Worrens, landing strike after strike on his opponent tonight.

Other Guy: This one has gotten out of hand now; it’s a four way free for all!

Dave Dymond: We saw shades of this last week as Revolution went off the air, but this time, its happening in full force!

The fans are all buzzing, many on their feet as Sato beats on Worrens.  Caldwell is up now, however, and seeing Sato he storms towards him and with a great showing of strength lifts Sato off of Worrens, turns him, and shove tosses Sato into the corner!  Sato hits hard, and Caldwell looks to Worrens, anger in his eyes.  Willmott stirs on the mat as Caldwell lifts Worrens up and readies HIM for the Burning Hammer now.   Sato comes from the side though and temporarily halts that, nailing Caldwell now with quick elbows and forearms!

Other Guy: Sato back in the mix, but man, if he gets into it with Caldwell, he might not make it to the ring later tonight.

Dave Dymond: Neither will Worrens if Roland can get his hands on him too.

As Sato and Caldwell duke it out, Willmott rolls out of the ring, and flips up the ring apron, without hesitating, Willmott pulls out a large hammer!

Other Guy: Willmott has found the great equalizer in this brawl, Dave!  And he’s looking right at Roland!  I MAJORLY dig this!

Willmott slides back into the ring, just as Sato is knocked away by Caldwell with a stiff kick.  Sato falls to the mat and Caldwell turns his focus back on Worrens, but before he can do so, Willmott reaches out, grabs Caldwell by the shoulder, spins him around….



Other Guy: I saw, I saw.  Man this is A HELL OF A WAY to start out Revolution, Dave!

The fans are going nuts as Roland is sent out of the ring via sledgehammer to the face and Willmott looks on at him, shouting loudly.  Sato back up to his feet though, and spotting Willmott he charges from the corner… but Worrens back with it… KNEE SHOT TO THE FACE!!!

Sato snaps backwards and rolls out of the ring, clutching his face as he drops to one knee on the outside!

Dave Dymond: And AGAIN Worrens makes the save for Willmott!

The fans continue to cheer as now Worrens and Willmott are left standing in the ring.  Worrens looks to Willmott for a moment, eyeing the sledgehammer somewhat cautiously. Willmott however switches his focus back and forth to Roland and Sato, waiting for a second attack to come at any moment.

Other Guy: After their fight at Uprising, Dave, I NEVER thought we’d be seein’ Ray Willmott and Trevor Worrens standing side by side.

Dave Dymond: A lot has happened since then, but I agree with that, definitely a sight you might not expect given the recent history of these two competitors.

Sato starts to regain his bearings, and Roland starts up as well, face now covered in blood.  Worrens and Willmott ready themselves…

“That’s not going to happen anymore tonight!”

All eyes turn to the entryway where now the owner of SHOOT Project himself, Jason Johnson, stands defiantly.

Jason Johnson: You four know just like everyone else how much I hate having to come out here and play the role of babysitter when I have plenty on my hands as it is.  But really, you aren’t giving me much of a choice.

None of the four men in the ring say anything, as they know if Jason Johnson is out at ringside, that he means business.

Jason Johnson: So in the interest of tonight’s Revolution, I’m making this quick and simple.  Kaz Sato and Trevor Worrens, tonight you have a match in which there MUST be a winner….so the fighting can wait until then. Because I don’t want to hear any excuses about someone being less injured than the other one and that’s why they won… or whatever else you can come up with.  Later tonight though, kill each other for all I care.

The fans pop at the mere thought of such a brutal fight between the two.

Jason Johnson: And because there must be a winner, but I want it to be on THEIR terms, and not anyone else’s, Roland Caldwell and Ray Willmott… if EITHER of you come down to the ring during the match, consider any future World Title shots out of the question.

Dave Dymond: Wow, Jason Johnson really laying down the law tonight.

Other Guy: I think it’s a damn good decision too, Dave.

The fans continue to buzz after Jason’s decision and he just looks at all four men.

Jason Johnson: So now it comes down to either all four of you can leave the ring… or I can have all four of you removed from the ring.  Your call.

And with that, Jason Johnson turns and heads to the back, having put his foot down.

Dave Dymond: So this mess all cleared up at least for now, and we can officially start with the action and well… I’m not sure what we have up next as earlier this week we received word that Dave Marz would not be competing here tonight.

Other Guy: Yeah, not sure what that’s all about, but hopefully everything’s okay with the one they call Die-Hard.

Dave Dymond: All we DO know is that the debut of Chivalric is coming up NEXT!

The focus cuts away from the ring, just as Roland starts to walk away from the ring, the first to leave.



"Down a Rabbit Hole" by Bright Eyes kicks in as some fans cheer but the majority don’t seem to know who he is.

Other Guy: Most of us know Conor for his tag team with Declan O’Leary dubbed the Celtic Saints, and now he’s looking at the SHOOT Project for a contract as he gets his tryout match live tonight!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he weighs in at 201 lbs., he is .. Conor McLellan!

The song continues as Conor McLellan heads down the ramp, clad in black wrestling tights with "fortuna dell’Irlandese" down the right leg in green. He smirks, bobbing his head to the music, obviously in good spirits as he heads up the steps and into the ring. He then stands there, awaiting his opponent.

Dave Dymond: Alright, let’s see who Conor has to get through in order to get his contract.

"Swing" by Lifters hits the PA system as the song begins to pick up.

"Sit down and smile

And we’ll watch it all ignite"

Other Guy: Music isn’t familiar, so I’m not really sure what’s going on..

Then we see a female hit the stage. She’s got a semi-tan, and has asian eyes, however, she doesn’t look to be full asian. On this night she sports a black short dress with black leggings along with black boots. On her head she wears a simply black beret. Then we notice something in her hand, it’s a cane. And on top of the cane is a metallic ‘locust’.

Other Guy: It’s not Chivalric that he’s facing, is it?

Dave Dymond: Not sure, OG, but if that cane’s any evidence to who it is, I can only imagine so.

The woman heads up the steps as she walks over to Samantha Coil and takes the microphone from her hand.

Other Guy: Definately not a shy one, Dave.

She stands there silent, as she receives a few boos, but it doesn’t seem to matter to her.

???: Bonjour. Mon nom est Mercedes Bellamont, and I’m the manager, and part time lover of SHOOT Project’s POTENTIAL… biggest star. A star that will shine so bright, that it’ll blind you all. And before you know it? This man will be the man whom you ALL hate, yet respect nonetheless. Ladies and gentleman, he is the man who’s known as the locust… he is Chivalric, Mason Bishop!

Immediately we catch a view of Conor McLellan who shakes his head.

The lights cut.

Other Guy: So I suppose it isn’t Dave Marz who Chivalric will be debuting against, instead, he’ll be taking on Conor McLellan!

An annoying buzzing sound commences. It’s almost ear piercing, but it only lasts a few seconds. Then the tron comes to life. We see locusts in flight in greyscale, then "Heathen Mothers" by Nata/Lee/Nasal kicks in.

Dave Dymond: Good god was that buzzing necessary? I need some advil now.

The tron then cuts to a still shot of a noose as we see Chivalric now standing at the stage. He just stands there, clad in a full black uniform with a black mask with mesh eyeholes to see out of. He also sports black full gloves and black combat boots. He cocks his head, still staring as he makes his way to the ring. It isn’t long before he’s in the ring as Bellamont heads outside of the ring and in his corner. She stares up at Bishop as Bishop stares into the eyes of McLellan.

Other Guy: Alright, here we go! Conor’s tryout, and Bishop’s debut.

The bell rings, and Chivalric explodes out of the corner and aims at Conor with a crescent kick, but Conor ducks. Conor catches Chivalric when he turns around with a sudden arm drag, and Chivalric rolls into the corner. Conor rushes Chivalric and monkey flips Chivalric out!

Dave Dymond: Conor McLellan is using hit-and-run tactics here tonight, and I think that’s his best bet against a man that picks his opponents apart so well in Chivalric!

Other Guy: You’re like a damn encyclopedia, Dave, shit.

As Chivalric crashes to the canvas, Conor leaps up onto the second turnbuckle and springs off, turning as Chivalric turns around, catching him with a high cross body! He hooks the leg!



Chivalric kicks out! Conor pulls Chivalric to his feet and whips him off the ropes, but Chivalric reverses! Conor springs onto the second rope and springboards back, but Chivalric leaps into the air and catches him with a spinning wheel kick, taking Conor out of mid-air! Chivalric gets to his feet and stares down at Conor before driving the heel of his boot into Conor’s throat! Without being warned to, Chivalric removes his boot from the throat and leaps into the air, landing with a high leg drop!

Dave Dymond: chivalric is keeping the high-flying Irishman grounded the best way possible! If you can’t breathe, its real hard to get the steam necessary to fly!

Other Guy: That and, if you stay on the dude like white on rice, he can’t get off the ground any damn way.

Chivalric, rather than going for the cover, pulls Conor to his feet and sends him to the corner hard! Chivalric rushes Conor and hits a running leg lariat on Conor! Conor slumps to a seated position as Chivalric actually rolls over the top rope and lands on the apron on his feet. Chivalric drops off the apron and pulls Conor’s head down, hanging it over the apron! Chivalric kicks upward into Conor’s face with a loud snap!

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is absolutely drilling Conor with kicks tonight!

Other Guy: He has some of the most lethal kicks in the business, and that says something on a roster that has Cade Sydal on it!

Dave Dymond: You’re not kidding there, Cade Sydal has made a name for himself with his kicks, and I’m not sure that he can go kick-for-kick with Chivalric either!

Chivalric moves around the corner and sizes Conor up. Chivalric hits a dead sprint suddenly and grabs the ring post, swinging his body around he releases the post and drives both boots into the opposite side of Conor’s head as he hits the arena floor chest first!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?!

Other Guy: He just knocked Conor McLellan’s lights out, no doubt in my mind!

Chivalric slides back into the ring and drags Conor away from the ropes. He drops to make the cover and stares at Mercedes.




Conor kicks out! Chivalric doesn’t seem bothered as he pulls Conor up by his hair. He sends Conor off the ropes, but Conor ducks under a clothesline and hooks the arm! Conor uses the momentum to swing himself and hooks Chivalric’s head and drives him down with a bulldog and both men are down!

Dave Dymond: Conor McLellan just used his explosive speed to his advantage!

Other Guy: But after getting his head kicked in how much does he have in the tank, Dave?!

Conor slowly starts to get to his feet, while Chivalric is a step ahead of him. Chivalric launches a low kick at Conor’s leg, but Conor rolls forward over Chivalric’s leg, avoiding the kick as he gets to his feet, Chivalric turns around and is caught with a dropkick! Chivalric scrambles to his feet, and Conor catches him with a running clothesline! Chivalric scrambles to his feet again and Conor leaps up to hurricanrana Chivalric!

Dave Dymond: Conor is rolling on all cylinders!

Chivalric shoves Conor off his shoulders up into the air! As Conor is coming down, Chivalric drives his boot straight into Conor’s chest!

Other Guy: What the fuck was that?!

Dave Dymond: Pulmonary Archery, OG! That’s called Pulmonary Archery!

Chivalric drops to cover Conor and stares at Mercedes again.




The sounds of "Heathen Mothers" by Nata/Lee/Nasal as the fans react with mixed responses. Chivalric rolls out of the ring.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 7 minutes and 56 seconds! CHIVALRIC, MASON BISHOP!


The fans boo mercilessly once they see none other than Revolution Champion Donovan King.  He is walking through the hallway when he freezes dead in his tracks.  King’s eyes glare dead ahead and the camera moves back to reveal none other than Ainsley Lake.  The fans in attendance give another decidedly negative reaction as Ainsley and King lock eyes.  They say nothing for a long moment before King finally starts to speak.

Donovan King:  Ainsley fuckin’ Lake.

Ainsley glares at him, rolling her eyes as he continues to speak.

Donovan King:  Keep lookin’ at me like dat, bitch…I’m likely ta think you’ll have developed some kinda thing fo’ ya boy.

Ainsley Lake:  Pfft.  Please, spare me.  You know…

She walks up to Donovan and gets right in his face.

Ainsley Lake:  At the risk of overstepping my bounds, I have to say that the things you’re doing to Jester is low.  I don’t care what you have to say about me, because your opinion means about…

She pinches her fingers together in his face.

Ainsley Lake:  …thismuch to me.  But what you go and do to him is too damn low for me to stomach.

He continues to stare at her as she speaks.

Ainsley Lake:  You make me sick, King.  And when you least expect it…I assure you, I’ll be waiting.

Lake saunters past King.  He continues to watch her as she walks past him.  Suddenly, he snaps around and wraps his arms around her, wrapping his hand over her mouth.  The fans are in stunned silence.

Donovan King:  Why wait, Ainsley?

She tries to struggle with him, but he begins to drag her off screen.

Donovan King:  I’ve got somethin’ fo’ ya, baby…just you wait…

She lets out a muffled scream, but there’s no one there to hear her.  Suddenly, there’s a slamming of a door off screen, and nothing is heard.  Nothing.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match up is a tag team contest set for one fall!

"Icky Thump" by The White Stripes suddenly picks up, and as NC-17 emerges from the back some of the fans start up a small smattering of cheering.  NC-17 acknowledges those cheering him on or reaching out their hands towards him.

Dave Dymond: We have not heard a single word from Trey Willett leading up to this match up, but still confidently NC-17 walking to the ring tonight, despite the fact that he might not even have a tag team partner.

Other Guy: And this ain’t a fight you want to get into without someone watchin’ your back.  Lot of bad blood built in a short amount of time, and NC-17, as much as the cat has slowly grown on people, might be kissing his SHOOT Project career goodbye.

NC-17 reaches the ring, coming out alone tonight, no Barbie, nobody.  He slides into the ring and paces about, looking out at the fans.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, weighing in tonight at 234 pounds, he is known as the Cream of Extreme… here is NC-17!!!

NC-17 raises his arms up into the air, and while confident, also seems somewhat concerned.  His music fades out and he turns to the entryway.

Dave Dymond: Something tells me NC-17 never did find his partner, what are your thoughts, O.G?

Other Guy: I’m thinkin’ somebody better come out here and partner with the guy if Willett is nowhere to be found.

The fans settle in as NC-17 awaits his partner.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner…

The opening to "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger begins to play, the classic 80’s starting rift pumps hope into the masses, but Trey Willett is nowhere to be seen.  NC-17 immediately goes from looking confident to looking frantic.  After a minute the music is cut off and Samantha Coil remains professional, despite the confusion that now fills the Thomas and Mack Center.

But all that changes the second "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace picks up, and Jacob Delacroy stomps out from the back, fuming with utter hatred for the man he glares at in the ring.  He grips a microphone tightly in his hands as he stands at the start of the ramp leading to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponents…

Jacob Delacroy: OPPONENT, Samantha. His opponent.  The way I see it, that man and I, we’ve got unfinished business. And I don’t need a handicapped match tonight to right the wrong that was done to me!

With that, Delacroy drops the microphone and starts to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 289 pounds… here is JACOB DELACROY!

NC-17 readies himself in the ring as Delacroy enters, and just as referee Tony Lorenzo can call for the bell, Delacroy charges at NC-17!

Dave Dymond: So it looks like we’ve got ourselves an official rematch!

NC-17 ducks a clothesline, but Delacroy quickly whips around and just punches NC-17 square in the back of the head. NC-17 stumbles forward, but Delacroy grabs him by the shoulder, spins him around and nails a right hook.  NC-17 falls flat on his back and Delacroy follows up, looking to drop his leg across NC-17’s throat, but NC-17 rolls out of the way, forcing Delacroy to hit nothing but mat.  NC-17 then hits a quick dropkick that knocks Delacroy onto his back and NC-17 scrambles for an early cover.

Other Guy: NC-17 just wants out of the match!


TW… not even a full two count as Delacroy powers out from under NC-17.

Dave Dymond: But he doesn’t get his wish, at least not there as Jacob Delacroy showing just like last week what kind of strength he possesses.

NC-17 gets up quickly, but unfortunately for him, so does Delacroy. Still NC-17 stays on the offense, now working quick forearm shots mixed with a couple of kicks… basically anything to try to knock Delacroy back down.  Delacroy takes each hit full on, only to suddenly trap one of NC-17’s arms.  NC-17 tries to fight free with the other arm, but Delacroy traps that as well!  Immediately Delacroy starts landing headbutt after headbutt to NC-17, forcing NC-17 to pretty much fall limp in his grasp.  From there Delacroy HOISTS NC-17 up in front of him, holding into both arms and then just DROPS him on his back!

Dave Dymond: Modified powerbomb there from Delacroy who ever since stepping foot in SHOOT Project has shown that he’s going to be a tough fight each and every time you face him.

Other Guy: Yeah, but what we’re seein’ goes beyond that now, Dave.  NC-17 pissed Delacroy off, and what would normally be about the business of a wrestling match, has turned into a personal fight.

Delacroy looks at NC-17, who rocks back and forth on the mat, but doesn’t make a cover. Instead he reaches down and grabs NC-17 by the head and immediately runs him towards the lower right corner of the ring.  NC-17 manages to put on the breaks though, stopping and trying to shove Delacroy forward. Delacroy takes about two steps, but stops his own momentum and turns.  NC-17 fires with a hard punch, but Delacroy swats NC-17’s hand to the side and goes for a big boot.  At the same time NC-17 side steps and lands a low angled dropkick to Delacroy’s planted leg, again getting the better of him.

Delacroy hits the mat, but NC-17 now doesn’t make the cover, but instead just starts kicking the HELL out of Delacroy’s left side!!!

Other Guy: Like I said, personal fight, and now we’re seein some serious violence coming out of NC-17!

The fans start to kick up as NC-17 literally goes ballistic now, continuing to kick Delacroy… before turning around and then turning right back… runs…. BASEBALL SLIDE INTO DELACROY’S HEAD!!!

Dave Dymond: Not a usual sight there, an in ring baseball slide, and it connects!

Other Guy: Guess that’s why they call him the cream of extreme, Dave.

Dave Dymond: I’m pretty sure that his nickname is laced with sexual innuendo as well, but we won’t go there.

NC-17, having the advantage now, makes a cover on Delacroy, hoping to have this one finished off.  Referee Tony Lorenzo drops and makes the count.



Another strong kick out from Delacroy, which forces NC-17 back up to his feet.  Delacroy starts to sit up, shaking his head a bit, and NC-17 tries to stay in control, grabbing Delacroy and pulling him up into a headlock position.  Delacroy looks to lift NC-17 up from there, but NC-17 drives a knee into Delacroy’s chest as he lifts him, causing him to double over, and NC-17 follows up with a dropping DDT!

Delacroy’s head hits the mat first, and NC-17 pushes him over onto his back and makes another cover.



Dave Dymond: Not enough yet as Jacob Delacroy shoulders out with authority.

Other Guy: These two battled it out pretty fierce last week, Dave, and it’s almost like we’re seeing a replay.

Dave Dymond: If this is a repeat of history, than NC-17 should be feeling good about himself, as last week NC-17 managed to pick up the victory… but this week is a whole new story.

NC-17 gets back up yet again, and he shakes his head showing a bit of frustration.  He looks to the corner though and immediately more fans pick up as NC-17 starts walking into the corner and then climbs to the top rope.

Other Guy: NC-17 goin airborn, and the SHOOT faithful love the high risk!

Sure enough people start getting up to their feet, but the reaction changes as Delacroy snaps up to his full vertical base and just CHARGES the corner, causing NC-17 to lose his balance and fall split legged, landing groin first on the top turnbuckle!  NC-17 winces in pain and Delacroy is quick to capitalize, ascending to the second turnbuckle, but then he turns to face away from NC-17.  The fans buzz as Delacroy reaches behind, grabs NC-17 and jumps off into a HARD Jawbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Snapping jawbreaker from the second rope… top rope of you’re NC-17! And that could have very well just BROKE NC-17’s jaw.

Other Guy: Hence callin’ it a jaw breaker, Dave.  And a violent one at that.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 is out cold it looks like and now Delacroy makes the cover… is this it!?



THR… NO!  NC-17 kicks out before the three can be counted.  This does not sit well with Delacroy who just snaps his head upward and glares at Tony Lorenzo.  Lorenzo confidently shows two fingers to represent the two count, and then signals for the match to continue. Delacroy pulls the half with it NC-17 up to his feet and violently whips him into the upper left corner of the ring.  NC-17 hits with such force that he bounces off the corner and falls flat on his face.  Delacroy storms towards him and NC-17 struggles to get up to his feet, which has Delacroy smirking as he stands in front of NC-17 just looking at him.

Other Guy: This guy’s enjoying what he’s putting NC-17 through, its like he knows he could end this match at any point, but he’s toying with him.

Dave Dymond: That he is, O.G, BUT Delacroy has lost to NC-17, and so you’d think the Louisiana Native wouldn’t want to be toying with him and just put this one in the record books as a win for him.

Other Guy: BUT it all goes back to this bein’ personal now, Dave.  And Delacroy, as messed up a cat he is, is enjoying this moment.

NC-17 crawls right into Delacroy’s legs and reaches up, not fully realizing its Delacroy in front of him and not the referee.  Delacroy pulls NC-17 up all the way and LAUGHS right in NC-17’s face… when suddenly NC-17 SLAPS Delacroy!

The fans POP as Delacroy’s head snaps to one side and NC-17 now lands a hard kick to the mid-section, causing Delacroy to double over, winded.  NC-17 then charges at the ropes for added momentum, bounces off of them, and looks for a leg drop bulldog!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 looking to hit the Extreme Makeover!

As NC-17 drops the leg, Delacroy suddenly snaps upward, causing NC-17 to flip backwards. NC-17 keeps his balance though, landing on his feet, and as Delacroy turns, NC-17 SLAPS him again!  Delacroy quickly extends his arm out, grabbing NC-17 around the neck, and NC-17 squirms in place.  Delacroy lifts NC-17 up… HUGE CHOKESLAM!

Other Guy: Slap him once, shame on Delacroy, slap him twice, PAIN on you, NC-17.

Dave Dymond: Looked like NC-17 got a little caught up in his own momentum, and paid dearly for it.

NC-17 is flat on his back, arching upward in pain and Delacroy now motions for the end.  The fans begin to boo, but Delacroy pays no attention to them as he lifts NC-17 up to his feet.  He then hooks both of NC-17’s arms, looking to hoist him up for the Dirty Bastard bomb.  BUT just before he does, NC-17 out of pure desperation pulls his leg back… then KICKS straight forward, NAILING Delacroy straight in the groin, but NC-17 bends his knee in such a way that the referee sees it as a knee to the gut!

Other Guy: Hah! A concealed low blow… gotta love that.

Dave Dymond: In this instance, I admit I cheered inside.  NC-17 avoids certain end and now Delacroy feeling what NC-17 felt earlier in the match.

The fans are cheering again as Delacroy doubles over in pain, and NC-17 suddenly goes outside of the ring, while the referee checks on Delacroy, who is shouting about a low blow.  NC-17 flips up the ring apron and from under he pulls out a steel chair. The fans begin to stir however, and then the boos begin.

NC-17 doesn’t see it coming… he gets out from under the ring, and Sepulcher in from the side… HUGE BICYCLE KICK TO THE FACE!!!

Dave Dymond: Sepulcher out of nowhere with The Smasher!

Other Guy: Aptly named as he just smashed the hell out of NC-17’s face!

NC-17 falls instantly onto the floor, and Sepulcher quickly picks him up with ease and tosses him back into the ring.  Inside, Lorenzo is still focused on Delacroy, but Delacroy recovers and shoves past the referee, seeing NC-17 out cold.  Delacroy locks eyes for a split second with Sepulcher, and Sepulcher just nods his head.  NC-17 smirks and lifts NC-17 up… and then DROPS him with what is mainly known as the widow’s peak.

Dave Dymond: And adding that final bit, Delacroy nails the Dirty Bastard bomb… and the hook of the leg.

Lorenzo drops to the mat, the fans booing loudly as the count is made.




The referee calls for the bell now, and Delacroy gets up off of NC-17, but just remains close to his body as he remains on one knee.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match… JACOB DELACROY!

Dave Dymond: So this heated battle comes to its conclusion, at least for tonight, as Jacob Delacroy picks up the win, but his supposed to be partner of the night definitely played a hand in that.

Other Guy: Maybe it was planned, maybe it wasn’t, but despite my personal feelings about Delacroy’s beliefs and Sepulcher’s attitude, they got the job done.

Dave Dymond: the score is tied for those keeping track, but after this one, does it end here? Has Delacroy exacted his… wait a minute… it doesn’t look like Delacroy is done!

Inside the ring, NC-17 is helped to his feet by Tony Lorenzo, and starts to stagger towards the edge of the ring to leave.  At that same moment, a profound change comes over Jacob’s face. Something in his expression makes it look as though he’s snapped. Cords are standing out on his neck and his eyes are practically bulging out of their sockets. Suddenly Jacob races forward and slams into NC-17 like a runaway train, and before NC-17 can react Jacob begins to smash fists into every visible portion of his body!

Other Guy: What the hell!?  Where is this coming from!?

Dave Dymond: I guess winning wasn’t enough, and now Jacob Delacroy is just beating down on the fallen NC-17

NC-17 staggers back, unprepared for this barrage. Jacob swings wild left and right hooks, smashing them into NC-17s face like piston blows. He caps off this combination with an uppercut of such velocity that NC-17 is knocked off of his feet and onto the canvas. Without wasting a second Jacob rolls out of the ring and pushes Coil indifferently off her seat, grabbing up the steel chair she was sitting on and folding it with a sick grin spreading across his features. He licks his lips, cocking his head to look back at NC-17 who lays motionless in the ring.

Dave Dymond: This has reached the point of going too far, Jacob Delacroy is possessed!

Other Guy: Revenge does that to a man, Dave.  And last week, a lot of what Delacroy believes in was tested when NC-17 mockingly and jokingly kissed him.  That’s enough to set off a man like him… and NC-17 REALLY paying for that now.

Jacob sprints forward and rolls under the bottom rope, hopping to his feet he begins to circle NC-17’s body like a jackal smelling blood. NC-17 looks dazed, he puts up one defensive hand as he lies on the mat, unsure of Delacroy’s intentions. The maniac just stands there for a moment, looking down at NC. He begins to gnash his teeth, froth starting to flow from his mouth as he starts to let out heavy breaths. Then taking a step back he raises up the chair and SLAMS it down onto NC-17’s body. The blow smashes into his arm and torso, making his face contort with pain. Delacroy raises up the chair again…BLAM a shot right to the ribs. BLAM another shot to the ribs. BLAM a shot to the head. BLAM BLAM BLAM multiple shots all over the body. He smashes the chair down onto limbs and torso alike, seeming to really be getting into a groove now. Jacob takes a few steps back and then lunges forward, dropping to his knees while driving the edge of the chair into NC-17’s throat.

Dave Dymond: Get security out here… my god… how much more is NC-17 going to have to suffer!

NC-17 rolls around on the canvas gasping, his entire body racked with agony from each chair shot. Jacob stands up then, dropping the chair down into the middle of the ring. He stands over the broken body of NC-17, admiring his handiwork. The toothy grin plastered across his features seems to exude insanity.

The crowd has been booing mercilessly throughout all of this, hoping for an end to this brutal onslaught. Jacob begins to walk slowly over to the ropes, about to make his exit.

Other Guy: Security has not arrived, but it looks like… wait… you can’t be serious!

Delacroy gets one leg over the top rope, then stops. He seems to be thinking about something. Considering something. His head swings slowly back to NC-17’s body…his bloodshot brown eyes rolling with sick intentions. Much to the crowd’s dismay Jacob steps back into the ring, charging over to where NC-17 is laid out. He grabs up NC-17 and using all of his force he manages to position the half-conscience man’s head between his legs. Then rearing back with all his strength Jacob raises him up and places him in the Gory Neck breaker position along his back. Jacob steps towards the chair in the middle of the ring and then sits out while CRUSHING NC-17’s body into the unforgiving steel with a Bayou Bomb!

Dave Dymond: This is sick!  NC-17 absolutely helpless and now very possibly seriously injured!

Delacroy starts to let out a series of ragged chuckles then, grabbing hold of NC-17’s body he turns him over so that he’s lying on his back. NC-17’s face has gone total crimson from a wound opened up on his head by the chair barrage. Jacob takes the palm of his hand rubs it in this blood, then peeling off his own shirt he wipes the blood all over his swastika tattoo. He marks his chest with the blood, his face drawn down into a grimace of pure derangement. Once more he turns his attention to the crowd, showing them the destruction he has caused. Then without another word Jacob makes his way out of the ring and heads up the ramp. His eyes remain distant and unreadable, and his breathing has become so forceful that it seems like the growling of a dog.

Never once does he look back.

Dave Dymond: Folks I am sorry for what we all just had to bare witness to. We should have cut away or stopped this… I don’t know what got into Jacob Delacroy, but if he was looking to make a statement, he made it loud and clear.

Other Guy: Just when NC-17 was starting to make something of himself, Delacroy could have very well ended that chance for him tonight.

The mood is somber inside the Thomas and Mack Center as medical staff heads to the ring, summoned by the referee.  The fans look on, wondering if NC-17 is okay, and from there, the focus finally cuts away to elsewhere in the arena.


The camera shot goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy, who are seated at the broadcast table.

Dave Dymond: Many of you will remember that approximately one month ago at Revolution IX, SHOOT Project Hall of Famer Diamond Del Carver made an appearance, and stated that he wanted a shot at the Iron Fist Championship…the only title in SHOOT Project that he has never won.  Carver’s challenge was immediately answered by our Iron Fist Champion Corazon…and chaos ensued.

As Dave Dymond reminds us of the events, we see a replay on the screen of Carver’s challenging Corazon, and the resulting attack.

Dave Dymond: During the resulting melee, Del Carver was beaten by Corazon and his ally Obsidian, and Carver’s nose was broken.  Carver was only saved from further injury due to the intervention of Die Hard Dave Marz.  The following week, at Revolution X, Marz and Carver reunited their infamous tag team, and battled Corazon and Obsidian.  Unfortunately, Carver suffered another injury that night at the hands of Corazon.

As Dave Dymond continues to recap events so far, we see a clip from the Main Event of Revolution X, when Carver passed out as a result of the grapevine submission by Corazon.

Dave Dymond: The following week at Revolution XI, Diamond Del Carver went for revenge against Corazon…this time teamed up with Ray Willmott against Corazon and Trevor Worrens.  This time, the results were tragic.

We see the closing moments of the match from Revolution XI, where Corazon is tricked by Diamond Del Carver into attempting to use a fake mace can…and then he subsequently stabs Del Carver in the eye with a screwdriver.  The attack is shown in slow motion, and we see Carver collapsing to the mat and holding his hands over his face, as blood drips onto the mat.  The scene then returns to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy at the broadcast table.

Dave Dymond: In the two weeks since this attack, SHOOT Project has fined and suspended Corazon.  However, the main question has been regarding the long term status of Diamond Del Carver.  Here now to answer this question and clarify his future, live via satellite from his home in Jackson, Mississippi is Diamond Del Carver.

A roar of appreciation goes up from the capacity crowd in the arena.  All of the lights go down, and we see on the large video wall and on the monitors all over the arena the sight of Diamond Del Carver.  Carver looks pale and his face is sallow and drawn.  He is wearing a SHOOT Project baseball cap with the brim pulled down low, and sunglasses, which totally obscure both of his eyes, and he appears to be sitting in front of a plain white wall.

Diamond Del Carver: Hello.  I am going to keep this short and sweet, and I am not going to be answering any questions…I am just making a statement and that is it.

Obviously everybody knows what has happened to me.  I guess you just saw it.  After Revolution XI, I was taken directly to the hospital.  My right eye was totally swollen shut.  They treated the laceration with anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid drops.  The doctors told me that there were two possibilities for this injury.  Either the cornea was punctured, or it wasn’t.  If it wasn’t, it would take ten days for the swelling to go down, and I’d be as good as new.  If the cornea was punctured, I’d be blind.

I’m blind.

As many of you know, I suffered a detached retina in my left eye during a match in OPW years ago.  As a result, I am now legally blind in both of my eyes. Therefore, at this time I have no choice but to announce…

I’m brutal…inhuman."

Incredibly, Diamond Del Carver is cut off by the sound of “Inhuman” by DZK.  Del Carver’s face freezes on the video screen, and he stops talking.  The fans in attendance start to go absolutely crazy with anger, as Corazon appears in the aisle. Corazon is in his typical attire, jeans, silver steel rimmed sunglasses, black coat, and the Iron Fist Championship over his shoulder.  He is holding a microphone in his hand as he makes his way down the aisle to the ring.  The fans are almost deafening in their jeers and security has to rush to the guardrails to prevent some fans from hopping over and actually attacking Corazon. 

Dave Dymond: What the hell is this bastard doing here?

Other Guy: Hey, that’s our Iron Fist Champion you’re talking about, Dymond.  He has every right to be here.

Dave Dymond: Actually NO, he does not.  He is suspended and barred from this arena.  Obviously he forced or conned his way in here, and for him to interrupt what is going to be Diamond Del Carver’s retirement announcement is just…unconscionable.  Does this man Corazon have no decency whatsoever?

As Dymond rants on commentary, Diamond Del Carver’s face remains frozen on the screen.  He has not moved a muscle since Corazon’s music hit.  Meanwhile, Corazon is now in the middle of the ring, facing the Video Wall.  The fans are incensed at the mere sight of Corazon, they are literally screaming their hatred towards them, and he seems to be enjoying that fact. Corazon begins to speak…

Corazon: Ahhh…  the undaunted Sherriff of the SHOOT Project…  the icon…  the legend…  Diamond…  Del… Carver…

Corazon pauses, shutting his eyes, plotting.

Corazon:  Live via satellite, even…  I’m disappointed, Carver.  I would have figured the biggest announcement of your career…  would have merited your attendance, live and…

He takes his finger and circles his right eye…

Corazon:  …uncut.

The boos are relentless, which seemingly only intensifies Corazon.

Corazon:  I’ve got to applaud your intelligence though, Carver.  I don’t know that I would have wanted to face my demons either.  You’ve got a pretty great knack for running from them, don’t you?  No sense in completely ignoring the Carver Status Quo there.

Corazon sneers, now standing on the second rope.

Corazon:  You have been an utter failure, and a huge disappointment, Del!  You came out, you DARED challenge for my Iron Fist Championship…  and what happened?  WHAT DID I SAY TO YOU DEL CARVER?  I told you that I would ERASE you from the SHOOT Project history books…  and that I would END you.  My brutality…  my inhumanity…  it WOULD BE YOUR UNDOING.

He holds up his Iron Fist Championship now, staring daggers into the video wall, soaking in the boos, soaking in everything…

Corazon:  And guess what, Del…  I was RIGHT.  The iron will of Del Carver could NOT stand up to the IRON FIST of Corazon

The entire time that Corazon has been speaking, Del Carver’s face has remained totally still.  He has not moved a muscle, or spoken a word. Finally, Diamond Del Carver comes back to life, and he begins to speak on the Video Screens again.

Diamond Del Carver:  I was trying to make an announcement, before I was so rudely interrupted.  Now that you’re out here and seeing this Corazon, I can say what I really wanted to say. 

I know…I am supposed to address my future, but before I do that, I have a big confession to make.  I am a bad person.  I do bad things.  I hope kids never follow me as a role model, because I do things that parents never want their kids to do. 

I tell lies.

The crowd, which has been booing their hearts out at Corazon since he first appeared, now goes somewhat silent.  The fans look at Carver on the screen in confusion.

Diamond Del Carver:  It’s true.  I’m a big liar.  Like, you know how I just announced that I’m blind?  That was bullshit.

Del Carver removes his baseball cap, and then his sunglasses, and we see that his left eye still has the eye patch covering it as always, but that his right eye is clear…although there is an ugly purple bruise directly underneath, and a bright red scar on his eyelid.

As Diamond Del Carver stares into the camera, the fans go ape, cheering their hearts out.  Carver continues to speak.

Diamond Del Carver: As soon as the swelling went down, my vision came back, but I let everybody think I was blind.  But that’s not even the worst lie.  You know what’s worse Corazon?  What you’re seeing right now is not “live via satellite” from Jackson Mississippi.  It’s a prerecorded video that I shot right here in Vegas today.  You know how when you came out here, I got all quiet and didn’t move?  That’s because I was on PAUSE.  See, I KNEW that there was no way you would be able to resist interrupting me as I announced my “retirement.”  So as soon as you came out, the boys in the truck hit the pause button.

I’m not here.

The fans are still cheering, but now there are some laughs mixed in as well.  Corazon is still in the ring staring at the Video Wall, but now he does NOT look amused.  The recording of Diamond Del Carver continues…

Diamond Del Carver: So if I am not blind in Mississippi right now, then where am I?  Let me tell you where I WILL be, first.  I WILL be at Animosity, and according to Jason Johnson I WILL be fighting you for the Iron Fist Championship.

The fans turn up the cheers an extra notch, as Corazon stares at the screen with his face twisted in rage.  Carver continues…

Diamond Del Carver: Now as far as where I am right now?  Well, if everything has gone according to plan?  Turn around, motherfucker.

The video wall goes black, the house lights go up, and Corazon starts to turn around.  Diamond Del Carver is here, live and in the flesh!  The Hardcore Outlaw has just finished running through the crowd, and he is sliding under the bottom rope, right behind Corazon!

Del Carver has something in his hands…it is a cane.  Not just any cane, it is the long white cane that the blind use to help them walk, but this cane is also wrapped up in several strands of barbed wire!  Corazon looks in shock, as Del Carver leaps to his feet, and attacks!

The fans go nuts and almost blow the roof off the arena, as Diamond Del Carver lays into Corazon, lashing him directly over the head with the barbed wire cane, over and over and over again!  Corazon is not able to defend himself, partially because he has been caught totally by surprise, and partially due to the total rage and fury of the attack from Carver.  Del Carver stands over the fallen Corazon and smashes the barbed wire cane over his head repeatedly, a look of insane rage on his face.

Scott Kamura, Willie Dean, Austin Linam, Tony Lorenzo, and Dennis Heflin, the entire SHOOT Project official staff come running down the aisle, and rush at Carver and Corazon.  Dean and Lorenzo grab Carver by the arms, and Kamura wrestles the cane away from him, as Linam and Heflin try to aid the bloody Corazon.

Corazon gets to his feet, and screams in rage, charging at Carver!  Carver breaks free from the refs who are holding him, and the two men collide in the middle of the ring, and start to trade wild punches, slugging away at each other at full speed! The fists are flying so fast you can barely see them, and all of the referees gather around the two men, trying desperately to break them up…with no effect!

The crowd continues to cheer their hearts out as Carver and Corazon blast each other back and forth.  Each man has grabbed the other by the back of the head with one hand, and is punching with their free hand.  The referees cannot get in close enough to do anything.  Mark Kendrick starts to ring the bell over and over again, as Carver and Corazon show no signs of slowing down their brawl.

Finally, a crowd of six security staff charge down the aisle to the ring.  Corazon and Carver now have each other by the throat and they tumble to the mat, where they are rolling around trying to choke each other. The bell continues to ring as the referees and security staff team up and manage to pull Corazon and Carver apart, with great effort.  Both men are bloody now, as the SHOOT Project staff manage to separate them to opposite sides of the ring.

The shot returns to the broadcast position…

Dave Dymond: Order is finally restored here fans, as the reports of Diamond Del Carver’s demise have clearly been greatly exaggerated!

Other Guy: Very cute, but let’s be honest.  The man is a liar and set this whole thing up to sneak attack…OH SHIT!

The shot goes back to the ring, and incredibly, Carver and Corazon have broken free from the men holding them back, and are once again trying to get at each other!  Mark Kendrick starts to ring the bell frantically, and another crowd of security staff come running down the aisle!  There has to be almost fifteen men in the ring now, trying to keep Corazon and Del Carver from killing each other.

We see none other than Jason Johnson appear, and he is seen ordering the security staff to take Corazon and Carver to different sides of the arena and escort them out of the building.  Each man is literally dragged in opposite directions by a crowd of security men, and as they are finally separated, we can see Diamond Del Carver and Corazon yelling at each other in anger.

Dave Dymond: What a night this turned out to be!  Let’s go backstage while the security staff restore order and escort Carver and Corazon out of the Thomas and Mack Center. And man, Jason Johnson is all over the place tonight!

Other Guy: These guys are going to kill each other at Animosity, Dymond!  This is going to be great!

The shot goes backstage…



We cut to the ring announcers table, where we see the nomral duo of Dave Dymond and Other Guy. However, they have a Guest: One Mr. Art De Luca. Art puts on an oversized headset, and shakes both of their hands.

Art: Guys, how’s it going?

Dave Dymond: Welcome, Art…any particular reason you’re here?

There’s a moment where De Luca and Dymond stare at each other, but Art breaks into a grin.

Art: Hell, I’m just here to grace the viewing public with some fair and balanced commentating!

Other Guy: Yeah, Dave. That should be obvious.

The camera cuts to the ring, where we see Samantha Coil ready to give the introductions. Almost as soon as the cut happens, "Undeniable" by Mos Def hits. The fans are brought to their feet as cheers fill the arena, and we see Jun Kenshin appear on the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall. Introducting First, coming in at Six Foot One and Two Hundred and Four Pounds…From San Diego, California…THE UNDENIABLE, JUN KENSHIN!!

Kenshin makes his way to the ring, pausing to jaw and pose for the fans. He finally enters the ring, wiping his feet with reverence before going in, and his music is abruptly cut. "Flashlight Fight" by the Go! Team blasts through the arena, and all the goodwill that Kenshin got from the fans turns on a dime, as riotus boos are heard throughout at the sight of Kilgore Stochansky. He smiles and waves as he makes his way down, completely ignoring the hate that’s coming his way.

Samantha Coil: And His Opponent, Coming in at Six Feet Five Inches Tall and Two Hundred Fifty Pounds…from Verona, New Jersey…MISTER KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Stochansky gets into the ring and sheds his tracksuit, as Jun Kenshin calmly looks at him and does some pre-match stretches. We can see Art has shed his headgear and is walking over to Kenshin’s corner, putting a finger to his lips in an exaggerated "Shh" motion.

Dave Dymond: What’s he doing?

The Bell Rings, and just as Kenshin is about to head towards center ring, Art leaps onto the ring apron and taps Kenshin on the shoulder. The men start exchanging words, as Kilgore calmly walks up behind Jun.

Other Guy: The match is underway, but De Luca has generously decided to give Jun Kenshin…a pep talk!

Dave Dymond: Argument or not, Jun needs to get his head in the game…Kilgore’s right behind him!

Kenshin attempts to shove De Luca, but Art leaps to the floor before Jun can connect. Kenshin turns around…only to get a MASSIVE Shotei palm strike right to the jaw!! Kenshin reels backward into the corner, and Kilgore winds up and connects with a Loud chop! The crowd is buzzing as Kilgore grabs Jun around the throat. The Undeniable struggles as the bigger man rears back with his free arm and seems poised to deliver a big forearm–but Kenshin brings his knee up high and catches Kilgore right in the gut! Stochansky walks backwards, and Jun gets a slight running start before launching himself in the air with a flying shoulder tackle! Kilgore falls back but gets up just as quick, and Jun rises at the same time. There’s a slight pause as both men eye each other, and the crowd cheers the action so far with applause.

Dave Dymond: This is already getting intense, but both of these men need to pace themselves!

Art: Wa-ha-hey, I’m back! you see Kilgore clean JK’s clock?

Other Guy: I did!

Dave Dymond: I also caught Jun powering out of that, but now we have a standoff!

Both men start to circle each other, the very picture of an old Kurosawa Samurai movie. Jun wipes his nose with his thumb and Kilgore cracks his knuckles, both men inching closer toward one another. Their body language suggests they’re ready to pounce at any moment. Kilgore makes the first move, leaping forward and locking up with Jun. Kilgore spins Kenshin’s arm around, putting it into a wrench. He puts more pressure on the hold, and Jun winces in pain–before rolling out of the hold and taking Stochansky down with an arm drag!

Art: Hm. I’ll be right back, fellas.

Dave Dymond: Aw, now where’s he going? This isnt a handicapped match!

Other Guy: Oh, he’s just gonna go pump his friend up!

Kenshin leaps into the air, ready to give a kneedrop right to Kilgore’s head, but the big man rolls out of the way! Kenshin’s left knee hits the mat hard, and he immeadiatly grabs for in and grits his teeth in pain before getting to his feet. We can see Art on one side of the ring, watching the action with an analytical eye. Kilgore gets to his feet and mockingly gives Jun the "come on" hand motion. Jun runs and starts to bound off the ropes–But De Luca grabs his leg and stops him! Jun turns and leans over the top rope, screaming at Art, who for his part shrugs his shoulders. Kilgore gets a running start and jumps into the air…and clubs Jun Kenshin across the back of the head with a HUGE double axe handle!! Jun takes a spill out of the ring, and Art walks back to the announce table.

Dave Dymond: Jesus De Luca, you see what you just did?

Art: Hey, Dave, it was HIS choice to turn around and yell at me. That’s his fault.

Other Guy: Course, he didnt have much of a choice after Kilgore knocked him out of the ring with that Axe Handle!

Kilgore Calmly makes his way to the exterior of the ring, jawing to the crowd only to recieve boos in return. Jun is slowly trying to get to his feet, still reeling from the strike on his skull. Kilgore digs his heels in far back from Kenshin, seemingly ready to run and strike him when the moment is oppurtune. The crowd is buzzing very loud with anticipation at this, as Jun uses the apron to help himself to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Jun has to get out of this situation and shake off the cobwebs, or else Kilgore might just decimate him!

Art: You hear that crowd? They WANT Kilgore to hurt him.

Jun begins to turn around as Kilgore takes off at full speed, seemingly trying to take Kenshin down with a spear–But Kenshin rolls out of the way, and Kilgore connects with the ring steps!! The crowd erupts!

Dave Dymond: And this might be a turning point!

Other Guy: That impact was sick!

Jun gets to his feet as Kilgore quickly gets up and rolls into the ring, grabbing his head in pain. He manages to get himself to his feet, albeit leaning against the ropes, as Jun shakes the cobwebs off. Kenshin rollins into the ring, and Kilgore wearily faces him, possibly still dazed. Kenshin paces towards him, and Kilgore tries to take his head off with a right hook, but Jun ducks and brings a BIG elbow right into Kilgore’s gut!! The Big man sputter, coughs and shakes his head, and it appears that that blow woke him up. Jun follosw up with an attempt at a toe kick, But Kilgore Catches his leg and drives his elbow into Kenshin’s knee! Jun steps back, favoring his left knee, but Kilgore keeps the fight close, locking up with him. Kilgore slaps on a front faclock and holds Jun there for a moment, regaining his bearings.

Art: See that? That’s skill!

Dave Dymond: Wouldnt be so sure of that, Art: Jun looks like he’s struggling out!

Kenshin lays three big punches right into Kilgore’s gut, causing him to break the hold. Kilgore takse a step back, and Kenshin takes the oppurtunity: He leaps in the air and connects with a MASSIVE Dropkick! Kilgore hits the mat hard as the fans get even louder!

Dave Dymond: And it appears that Kenshin still has some fight left in him! It’s still anybodies match!

Kenshin gets up, a slight limp still in his leg. The crowd’s volume keeps up as he grabs Kilgore by the head and drags him to his feet. Jun attempts to suplex him, but Kilgore plants his feet and reverses it…he holds Jun up in the air, the anticipation growing–But Jun slips out, landing on his feet back to back with Stochansky! Kilgore immeadiately turns around, as does Jun, and both men attempt to give each other spinning elbows–both of which connect!! The crowd goes wild at this point, both men seperating and holding their jaws!

Other Guy: This is intense, but I cant figure out who’s winning!

Dave Dymond: I know, these two men are some of the best in-ring minds we have in SHOOT, and they seem to be cancelling each other out at this point! No one can get an upper hand and– wait, Art, where are you..?

De Luca is rummaging through Kilgore’s tracksuit, but the camera cant stay on him, as it turns to the ring to catch Kilgore blocking a punch from Jun! Kilgore attempts to counter with a strike of his own, but Jun’s hand to hand training pays off: He bots the strike away with his forearm and vaults forward, landing a HUGE Knee right into Kilgore’s jaw! The crowd is on their feet, as Jun retreats to a corner and rubs his knee, then raises his arms to the fans. The crowd starts to cheer him on, as Art slides what appear to the the knuckles right to Kilgore’s slowly recovering form!

Other Guy: I think that Kilgore’s about to gain the upper hand!

Dave Dymond: That’s IF he can do something before Jun gets to make his next move–It looks like he’s signaling for the Heaven’s Blade!

Kilgore immeadiatly hides the knuckledusters in his tights. He gets to his feet, blood covering his bottom lip, and immeadiatly sees what Jun is about to try…and he rolls out of the ring. The crowd breaks into boos at this.

Dave Dymond: Oh Come On! Either fight the man or dont, but quit wasting our time!

Other Guy: You call it a waste of time, but I see it as being smart about it.

Kilgore grins, some of his teeth soaked in blood, and taps his temple, letting Jun know that he believes himself to be smarter. Jun looks angry as he leaps out of the ring and starts to stalk Kilgore, but Kilgore starts to run around the ring! Art moves out of the way, hanging out at the spanish announce table. Jun begins the chase, but Kilgore’s legs are much longer, and he’s confidently keeping ahead. The crowd starts booing, as the chase is taking a few moments. Jun starts to slow down, his left knee bothering him, and Kilgore looks back to see this. After one more lap, Kilgore slides into the ring, and a hobbling Jun Kenshin follows him in–and actually escapes the awaiting double stomp with a quick roll!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin escaped, but he’s definetly winded, and Kilgore barely broke a sweat!

Kenshin gets to his feet as an enraged Stochansky runs at him with a HUGE Lariat, but Kenshin rolls out of the way of the Strong Arm Tactics! Kenshin meets the recovering Kilgore with an attempt at the Mafia Kick, But Stochansky drops to the mat and takes Jun’s left leg out from under him with a chop block! Kilgore stands, wiping blood out of his mouth, and seems pleased with himself–But Kenshin, powering through the obvious pain he’s in, Kips up and grabs Kilgore around the waist. He lifts him to the air, and takes the big man down with a BIG german suplex!! Kilgore powers through the pain as well, getting up faster than he probably should, and Kenshin is able to deliver a big kick to the gut! Kenshin locks Kilgore and tries to take him down to the mat with a DDT, but Kilgore counters with a kidney punch! They break from each other and we’re in another standoff, with Kilgore’s mouth continuing to bleed, and Kenshin in obvious pain over his left knee.

Other Guy: The crowd is digging that last Counter from Kilgore!

Dave Dymond: I think they’re more wild over the match itself, OG, but–Whoa, look out!

Kenshin attempts to lock up with Kilgore, but Kilgore sidesteps him while taking his brass knuckles from his tights–The crowd is screaming at this, but Kilgore’s back is to the ref! Kenshin turns to face him, and Kilgore throws a left hook that Kenshin easily blocks, but he’s played into Kilgore’s hand: Kilgor lays a HUGE Brass Knuckled Right fist Into Kenshin’s Left temple!! The crowd erupts in angry shouting as Kilgore stuffs the knuckles back into his tights and covers up his fallen opponent. The ref goes to the mat and makes the count…




Dave Dymond: Kenshin kicked out! Kenshin Kicked out!

Other Guy: Jesus!

Kilgore immeadiatly gets up and starts yelling at the ref, even going as far as to spit blood on Jun Kenshin’s motionless Body. This seems to stirr Jun, and as Kilgore keeps advancing on the ref and arguing, Jun begins to attempt to get to his feet. With his back to his opponent, Kilgore is wide open, And Kenshin eventually does get to his feet, his eyes burning with rage. With Stochansky distracted, he’s given an oppurtunity and takes it…he runs forward and brings Kilgore to the mat with a STIFF Bulldog!! The crowd are cheering with almost deafening volume!

Dave Dymond: Just like that, the tables have turned once more!! I cannot believe this man’s determination!!

Other GUy: Come on Kilgore, get up!! I have money on this!!

Kenshin leans against the ropes, catching his breath. He then leans down and grabs Kilgore by his hair, and hauls him up to his feet. He seems poised to deliver a final blow, but Art jumps up on the apron and grabs Kenshin’s arm! The Ref goes to break that up, as Kilgore shakes his head, trying to clear it. Kenshin is involved in a screaming match with De Luca, and the ref is trying to seperate them as best he can, but mostly in vain. Kilgore finally moves toward Kenshin’s turned back, a sick sneer on his face–and Kilgore slaps on a CrossFace Chickenwing!! Kenshin is struggling trying to get out of it, but Kilgore Appears to have it on tight!!

Dave Dymond: This could be it! He has that hold on tight!!

Kilgore wrenches the hold for a few moments, gritting his teeth and growling. Jun attempts to slip out of the hold, and just as it seems like he’s about to, Kilgore throws him backwards and over his head–Kilgore drops Jun directly on his head with a crossface chickenwing suplex!!


Kilgore makes the cover, and the ref makes the count…




The bell rings as the crowd starts to boo very loudly, and Kilgore gets to his feet, blood covering his chin. He raises his arm as it’s announced…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, by pinfall…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Kilgore rolls out of the ring, and he and Art give each other respect knuckles. Kenshin is stirring on the mat, and he finally makes it to his knees, with murder in his eyes.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin is pissed off, and rightfully so!

Other Guy: No way, Kilgore won that fair and square!!

Kilgore’s music fills the arena, and Jun calls for a microphone as he gets to his feet. Samantha Coil hands him hers…

Kenshin: Cut that music off. De Luca, you son of a bitch!

The crowd is on its feet sensing a showdown between the two rivals.

Kenshin: I know we’re booked for Animosity but I can’t wait that long. I’m tired as hell right now but I could care less. I’m challenging you RIGHT NOW!

Kenshin slams the mic down causing feedback on the speakers. Kenshin motions for De Luca to get in the ring who shakes his head. De Luca for the most part is timid, as he stands there… looking down at his right knee.

Art: As much as I’d love to come in the ring and beat the living crap out of you, last week… I messed up my knee and haven’t had time to check it out. THEREFORE, you’ll have to wait for that, but maybe some other time…

Art turns around, heading to the back.

Dave Dymond: Wait a minute! De Luca is sneaking away like a thief in the night!

Other Guy: You heard him, his knee is hurt.

The crowd boos loudly wanting to see the confrontation now.

Kenshin: De Luca, get your ass in HERE! Finish what you started, punk!

A livid Kenshin is pacing the ring demanding that De Luca come into the ring.

Art: I WILL finish what I started, just not here. I mean, honestly, why should I? You ‘beat me’ already, didn’t you? Or wait, obviously that wasn’t satisfying enough? Don’t feel like you actually beat me, do you? And now you want me again? Well, it’s not going to happen… not tonight. So, sorry.

Art stands at the top of the stage, shrugging as he turns back around and heads up.

A frustrated Kenshin kicks the bottom rope knowing that he is powerless right now. He gets out of the ring and runs in hot pursuit for De Luca.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin can’t wait for Animosity. He wants to fight again!

Other Guy: Art De Luca doesn’t’ answer to anybody. Not even Jun Kenshin.


We go to Jason Johnson’s office where he is on the phone handling some business. Suddenly, the door is opened and we see Jun Kenshin storming in, still in his ring gear.

Jun Kenshin: Johnson, you know me. I hardly ask for anything but I’m not asking… I’m DEMANDING something from you.

Jason hangs up the phone and a livid Kenshin slams his hands on the desk shaking some pens and paper clips flying off.

Jason Johnson: What is it, Kenshin?

Jun Kenshin: I want to make sure that at Animosity? This feud with Art De Luca and myself is finished once and for all.

Jason Johnson: Of course, you guys are scheduled to face each other.

Jun Kenshin: You saw what happened just now. He just ran away, just like when he ran away when his tag partner Deacon Summers was hospitalized. Well, I want to make sure he CAN’T run away at Animosity.

Jason Johnson: What do you propose?

Jun Kenshin: I say we surround the ring with the meanest and toughest sons of bitches you can find and we have ourselves a lumberjack match!

The crowd pops in the background.

Jason Johnson: Done.

Jun Kenshin: The last time I faced, De Luca, I beat him for my city and for my people. This next go around? I’m beating him again but this time… I’m doing it for ME.

Kenshin storms out of the office.



Samantha Coil: This next match up is scheduled for one fall and there MUST be a winner!

The fans pop.

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, weighing in tonight at 220 pounds. Now residing in Brooklyn, New York… here is THE BEAST KAZ SATO!!!

”Sober" plays over the speakers and out steps Kaz Sato. Sato is cheered by some while some boo him. It’s a split reaction for him but it doesn’t bother him.

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato battled Trevor Worrens to a draw the last time they faced.

Other Guy: He’s looking to get the Title Shot that was promised to him. A victory tonight would go a long way to accomplishing that.

“Sober” cuts off and the lights fade to black. “The Pursuit” plays now and The Tron goes to a cinematic black and white shot like an old style video. The words “The Failed One” come onto the screen and out steps Trevor Worrens. The boos are deafening for the World Champion who comes out with a disgusted look on his face.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds. From Claremont, New Hampshire. He is THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… this is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens calls himself The Failed One but his track record is quite the opposite. He defeated Ray Willmott at Uprising and he successfully defended against Roland Caldwell last week.

Other Guy: This man may be burning himself out though. Fist, Roland and now Sato. That’s a hell of a schedule.

Worrens takes off his World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Kamura. Kamura neatly folds the Championship and hands it to the departing Sam Coil who takes her seat. The crowd is buzzing for this one.

The two men are standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Kamura motions for the bell to ring and it’s on!

The taller and heavier world heavyweight champion goes right at the challenger and the two immediately tie up. Sato shoves Worrens into a corner and immediately clubs at Worrens chest. Worrens is stunned by the blow and Sato follows with an Irish whip to the opposite corner. Sato rushes in but Worrens gets a boot up but Sato catches the right boot of Worrens. Worrens goes for an enziguri counter and Sato ducks out of the way! Sato replies with a Brooklyn boot but Worrens ducks out of the way and does a forward spin onto a vertical base. Both men go for punches but stop in mid motion. Stand off? No! Worrens just clobbers Sato with a clothesline and that gets boo’s from the crowd!

Dave Dymond: I thought we had a stand off there but Worrens thought different.

Other Guy: Worrens will take any shortcut he can and that mindset has led him to become what he is today.

Sato rubs his chin in pain while lying on the mat. Worrens hits the near side of the ropes and does a nice running flying knee smash to the head of Sato! Worrens covers.


Sato angrily kicks out. Worrens waits for Sato to get up now. Sato gets up and gets a knee to the gut that doubles him over. Worrens has a front face lock and lifts Sato up and over for a suplex. Worrens goes for another cover.


Again, Sato kicks out. Worrens hits the ropes anticipating Sato to get up and the timing of the world champion is perfect. Sato gets up only to get a running forearm smash to the head knocking Sato down. Worrens sits Sato up and kicks him in the upper back area that causes a loud slapping of the flesh! Sato is facing the mat being knocked down by the blow. Worrens quickly applies a camel clutch submission on Sato.

Dave Dymond: Worrens is looking to wear down Sato here or maybe get an early submission.

Other Guy: I doubt that. Sato has been kicking out at the one count every time Worrens has gone for the cover.

Worrens is wrenching back on Sato’s neck with the painful hold that the Sheik made famous. Kamura asks Sato if he’ll give it up and Sato says no. Sato uses his arm strength to get to the ropes and forcing a break. Worrens uses all 4 seconds to continue to apply the hold. Worrens gets up holding his arms up in mock innocence only to stomp the back of Sato’s head. The crowd boo’s Worrens antics and starts to get behind Sato with sporadic clapping for the Brooklyn native.

Dave Dymond: Worrens knows every trick in the book, OG.

Other Guy: As well he should. He learned from the master puppeteer in Vincent Mallows.

Worrens hits the ropes now anticipating Sato to get up and be in his sights. However, the timing is off by the world champion when he gets both boots to his face via a dropkick by Sato. Worrens staggers to the ropes and gets a thunderous clothesline knocking him to the floor! Sato immediately goes through the middle ropes to chase Worrens.

Dave Dymond: We got to have a winner in this match so Kamura can’t count these guys out.

Other Guy: Must be a winner. Gotta love that.

Sato grabs Worrens by the back of the head and drives him face first to the guard rail! Sato grabs Worrens around the waist and executes a Belly to Back Suplex on the floor! A giant SPLAT is heard by all. Worrens arches his back in pain. Sato pulls the guard rail closer to the ring now and you can tell Sato has something planned. Sato motions for the fans in the front row to back up. Worrens gets up and Sato grabs him by his torso and Sato just THROWS Worrens up and over the guard rail in an Exploder Suplex! The crazy move almost backfires on Sato as the back of his head narrowly misses the guard rail!

Dave Dymond: Oh my! Worrens is getting thrown around like a rag doll!

Other Guy: Kaz Sato is so damn thick and powerful. He’s built like a tank.

Dave Dymond: Sato thinks that the whole world is against him and he’s taking his frustrations out on the World Heavyweight Champion.

The split crowd POPS loudly for the insane highspot. Sato does a war cry and you can tell he’s fired up! Kamura barks at both men to get the action back into the ring. Sato grabs Worrens and tosses him back into the ring. Sato stalks his prey and he’s got his arms up in anticipation for the hold that Worrens tapped out to! The crowd is standing up in anticipation!

Dave Dymond: Katahajime time!

Other Guy: Worrens tapped out to this.

Sato looks to apply the dreaded choke hold! Sato applies the KATAHAJIME! IT’S LOCKED IN!

Dave Dymond: This thing could be over right now!

Other Guy: I can’t believe it!

Worrens however has learned his lesson from last time and he uses his remaining oxygen to make a mad dash to the ropes. He REACHES out and he grabs the ropes causing a break! Sato curses loudly and he breaks the hold with an obvious look of disappointment on his face. Worrens face looks like a tomato even though the choke hold was only on for a few seconds. Sato grabs Worrens and shoots him to the ropes, Sato ducks his head but he telegraphed in. Worrens hits the brakes and drives his knee to the face of Sato but Sato shakes his head like NO! Worrens eyes go BIG in disbelief.

Dave Dymond: Sato just got his face driven into the knee of Worrens and he didn’t even feel it.

Other Guy: Oh man! Sato looks pissed too!

Worrens hits the ropes and does a shoulder block but Sato doesn’t go down. Sato yells at Worrens and tells him to hit again. Worrens fakes like he’s going to do another running shoulder block but the dastardly world champion instead rakes the eyes of Sato. The heavy hitter from Brooklyn winces in pain and the crowd boos the cheap shot by Worrens. Worrens trips up Sato using technique and leverage rather than brute strength. Worrens drops his right knee into the head of Sato. Worrens slaps on a half nelson and then rolls Sato into a nice amateur style pin!



Sato kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Worrens knows he can’t get into a slugfest with Sato.

Other Guy: Worrens is at his best when he can dictate the pace of the match.

Dave Dymond: This is a man that grounded Ray Willmott and survived the brutality of Roland Caldwell. He’s a jack of all trades.

Worrens is behind Sato now. Worrens now goes for the Katahajime and the crowd BOOS the hell out of it. Worrens however is unsuccessful when Sato counters the choke and turning around to face Worrens. Sato grabs Worrens around the waist and throws him up and over with a Belly to Belly Kazplex. Sato doesn’t stop there and he grabs Worrens off the ground. Sato grabs Worrens and wraps both his arms around the head Worrens. Sato hoists Worrens in an arching throw motion and executes a Head and Arm Kazplex! Worrens is DRIVEN to the mat in an incredibly stiff suplex!

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato has some of the best suplexes in the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: Correction. Kazplex.

Sato doesn’t opt for a cover though. Instead, he wants to dish out more punishment. Sato has Worrens in a standing headscissors and lifts him up going for the Razor’s Edge but Worrens slithers out of the way. Worrens grabs Sato from behind and Worrens uses his back and drops straight south with a side back breaker! Sato’s ribs is jammed and he shouts in pain.

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato has said that he is NOT looking to pin Worrens but he wants to hurt him and it just backfired him there.

Other Guy: When you get the World Champion down for a 3 count, you go for it.

Worrens is slow to get up and he is the worse to wear as he is feeling the after effects of the barrage of Kazplexes he just suffered. He is breathing rather hard and is trying to get himself. Worrens holds the back of his head and rubs his neck but he fights on. Sato staggers up and gets a club shot to the ribs, Worrens applies an inverted face lock and drops straight south with a reverse DDT! Worrens covers.



Sato kicks out.

Dave Dymond: So close there!

Worrens gets Sato up now and Irish whip but Sato counters the Irish whip. Worrens comes bouncing back and gets his head taken off with a Clothesline! Both men are down and breathing hard. Sato is slow to get up and Worrens gets up a few seconds after Sato does. Worrens fires a thrust shot at the throat of Sato but Sato catches Worrens and throws him over his shoulder in a Judo throw! Sato hits the near side of the ropes now anticipating Worrens is going to get up. Sato flies off with a flying body press but Worrens catches him and then delivers a power slam! Worrens with a cover!



Sato kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Sato took a chance there but it backfired!

Other Guy: Worrens is deceptively strong.

Worrens drops the elbow to the back of Sato’s head. Worrens applies the Camel Clutch submission again! Sato is in the middle of the ring and looks to be trapped! Worrens is screaming “TAP!” over and over in obvious frustration at the resiliency of the Brooklyn native. Sato is pumping his fists and shaking his arms furiously and musters JUST enough strength to LIFT Worrens on his neck in an Electric Chair. Worrens is in a precarious position of being on Sato’s shoulders and he shakes his head NO! The fans are clapping loudly and Sato leans forward and Worrens lands throat first on the top ropes! Worrens coughs violently and grabs a hold of his throat. Sato applies the Million Dollar Dream on Worrens in the middle of the ring. Worrens is flailing his arms about in a furious manner! Worrens uses his remaining strength to get to the corner and throws both legs on the middle turnbuckle. He smoothly jumps off the turnbuckle and stacks Sato on his shoulders for a COUNTER PIN while Sato still applies the Million Dollar Dream!

Dave Dymond: Incredible counter by Worrens!

Other Guy: Kamura is checking if the shoulders are down and indeed they are! ONE! TWO! NO! NO!

Sato’s only choice to release the hold otherwise he was pinned! Worrens is crawling on his belly and quickly takes the cover off the bottom turnbuckle. Worrens kicks Sato in the stomach and applies a front face lock and looks to DDT Sato on the exposed turnbuckle! Sato however drives Worrens into the corner and rams his shoulder into the bread basket of Worrens several times. Sato now props Worrens on the top turnbuckle. Sato positions himself on the top turnbuckle with a front face lock. Superplex? Sato hoists Worrens up and BRAINBUSTER on the turnbuckle. Sato carelessly just drops Worrens head first onto the turnbuckle! The crowd GASPS in horror and amazement at the absolutely stunning move!

Other Guy: What the hell?!?!?!

Dave Dymond: A top rope brainbuster on the turnbuckle! I’ve never seen that!

Sato drags Worrens carcass onto the middle of the ring and makes his first cover of the contest!




Sato can’t believe it. Worrens eyes are still closed and his body is convulsing in pain. Sato’s face is etched in anger and he is poised to strike now. Worrens staggers to his feet and Sato charges with a Roaring Elbow. Worrens ducks and quickly executes an STO! Sato arches his back in pain and Worrens covers!



Sato kicks out. Worrens looks over and sees the bottom turnbuckle is still exposed unbeknownst to referee Kamura. Worrens kicks Sato, front face lock and executes a DDT onto the bottom turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Constant Headache! That’s got to be it!

Dave Dymond: ONE! TWO! NO!

Sato kicks out again amazingly. Worrens runs to the ropes and jumps to the bottom rope and flies at Sato going for his clothesline… The Takedown but Sato catches him in mid flight and DRIVES Worrens down with a Capture Suplex! Sato again doesn’t opt for the cover but this time, he doesn’t wait for Worrens to get up and he applies the Katahajime onto the exhausted Worrens! Worrens is IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

The fans are chanting “TAP!” over and over wanting to see the World Champion tap out!

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato has the dreaded Katahajime locked in!

Other Guy: He’s got nowhere to go.

Sato is furiously yanking back on the hold but Worrens will NOT tap out. He fights and inches his way closer to the ropes and he BARELY makes it. Worrens actually crawls onto the ring apron now. Sato joins him on the ring apron now and Sato looks to Kazplex Worrens off the apron! Worrens however fights out of it and rakes the eyes of Sato. Worrens quickly applies a front face lock and drops straight south with a DDT to the ring stairs!


The sound of skull meeting steel echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack as the exhausted Sato is laid out on the steps. Worrens can barely stand but he rolls Sato into the ring now. Worrens rolls back into the ring. He measures a dazed Sato with just a SIMPLE BUT BRUTAL AS FUCK KNEE to the head!

Sato is OUT!




Samantha Coil: Your winner at 21 minutes and 43 seconds… TREVOR WORRENS!

Dave Dymond: My God. It is finally over. That was a war of attrition, OG.

Other Guy: Kaz Sato took Trevor Worrens to the limit!

“The Pursuit” plays over the speakers and Kamura hands Worrens his World Heavyweight Championship. Worrens holds his arms in triumph and even though he can barely stand. He does put the Championship on his shoulders and looks down at his conquered foe.

With the match over and done with, Trevor Worrens makes his way out of the ring, but instead of looking to exit, Worrens turns back around and grabs one of the spare microphones from off of the timekeeper’s table.  Worrens makes a “cut” motion and his music abruptly stops.

Trevor Worrens: (breathing heavily) you know… it’s over.

The fans buzz, not really certain as to what Worrens means.  They watch with curiosity as Worrens rolls back into the ring and looks to Sato, who is still down on the mat, stirring.

Trevor Worrens: I beat Ray Willmott at Uprising.  Last week, I beat Roland Caldwell and successfully defended MY SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  And tonight… when there HAD to be a winner… I beat that man!

Worrens points directly at Sato.

Trevor Worrens: I beat Kaz Sato.  And so now I stand here, logic dictating that NOBODY has a claim against me.  I stand here, with logic dictating that there is NOBODY who has the right to challenge me.

Worrens smirks.

Trevor Worrens: I’m a free man.

Worrens drops the microphone right by Sato and with his world heavyweight championship thrown over his shoulder; he starts out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: While I’m not sure Worrens is truly a free man, what with a locker room of challengers in the back… he does make a point.  For the past several weeks three men have challenged Trevor Worrens.  Three men have looked to take his championship title… and he has beaten each of those three men.

Other Guy: Not sure what that means for Animosity though, Dave.  I mean, who has the right to claim a shot at the title now?  Willmott, Caldwell, or Sato?  Because the way it’s lookin’, and the way it’s soundin… doesn’t look like ANY of them have more of a right than anyone else.

Just as Worrens is about to leave the ring, Sato moves slightly, grabbing the microphone, while still on the ground.

Kaz Sato: Worrens…

Worrens stops and turns, seeing Sato coming to.  Slowly Sato starts to get up to his feet, staggering though a bit from the hellacious match he endured.

Kaz Sato: Worrens, you’re right.  You beat me.

The fans buzz with confusion, showing that this is something they did not expect.

Kaz Sato: There had to be a winner, and it was you. I’m not so far gone that I don’t understand that simple fact.

Sato pauses, looks down at the mat for a moment, then looks back up at Worrens and extends his free hand.

Kaz Sato: So let me be the first to shake the hand of a free man.

Worrens is VERY hesitant about the situation now, as he just looks right into Sato’s eyes.

Dave Dymond: Whoa!  Kaz Sato apparently humbled here tonight… did this fight tonight knock some sanity back into the Beast?

As Worrens stands there, contemplating the situation, the fans start to chime in with their opinions, some shouting to shake his hand, while others actually boo, showing they don’t think he should.  Worrens continues to struggle with the decision.

Kaz Sato: Shake my hand, Trev.  You’re the man tonight, so be a man. I’m owning up… why don’t you own up.  Own up to the fact that you’re not as tortured as you want to be. Own up to the fact that right now you’re sitting pretty and shake my hand!

Sato nearly shouts into the microphone now and Worrens takes a step back… then he just shakes his head and turns away from Sato all together, and steps between the ropes.  Sato snap and just CHARGES from behind NAILING Worrens in the back of the head with the microphone, which sends him spilling to the floor outside of the ring!

Other Guy: Guess he shoulda shook Sato’s hand, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Why do I have the feeling that the outcome would have been the same no matter what!

The fans boo loudly now as Sato storms out of the ring as well, turns Worrens over onto his stomach and SMASHES the microphone down into his forehead!  Worrens writhes on the floor in pain, and Sato’s eyes go wide as he tosses the microphone to the ground and looks to the steel steps in the corner of the ring.  Sato walks towards them with a purpose,  and pulls them away from the ring, now looking down at Worrens, the stair side held right over Worrens’s head!

Dave Dymond: He can’t be serious… Sato is going to literally crush Worrens’s skull with those steel steps!

Other Guy: Those things ain’t exactly light, Dave. And it’s not like a steel chair, that’s some serious thick metal!

Sato just stands over Worrens who writhes on the floor, the fans booing mercilessly. He holds the steps in place, swaying in place a little bit… he then lifts the steel steps up a little higher… almost about to drop it square on Worrens’s head… but then he turns and lets them fall to the side.  This changes the mood inside the Thomas and Mack Center as Sato looks down at Worrens… and just smirks.  He then drops to one knee, picks up the microphone he used to nail Worrens and gets in real close.

Kaz Sato: You beat me, Trevor.  But that won’t stop me from destroying your career.  That was your second ticket right there.  Last week, the verbal warning… this week, the physical warning… last ticket… is YOUR last breath, Trev.

“Sober” by Tool begins to play as Sato walks off now, looking back every so often at Worrens, who stirs on the outside of the ring.


The scene fades in. We see Jester Smiles walking through the hallways, a determined and passionate look on his face. He is heading towards the entrance ramp, as his match is on next. However, before he can reach the entry way, a man wearing a SHOOT Project Crew t-shirt comes running up behind him, calling after him.

Crew: Jester! Jester!

Jester turns around, looking slightly irritated that he’s been interrupted.

Jester Smiles: Sorry man, but I need to keep focused. Whatever it is, it can wait.

Crew: It’s about Ainsley. She’s-

Jester Smiles: The last person I need to worry about right now. I’ll find her after the show.

Jester takes off, jogging away before the crew member can say anything else.

Crew: But she’s been kidnapped.

The scene fades out.


Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” begins to seep over the PA system as the Thomas & Mack Center crowd rises to their feet, booing in unison.

Dave Dymond: They’re certainly not looking forward to this appearance by Ron Barker here tonight, are they OG?

Other Guy: Please, Dymond. These people wouldn’t know talent if he walked up to them and said “Hi. My name is talent.”

Ron Barker looks to be all business as he smugly looks over the crowd. The fans lined up against the aisle shout obscenities while Barker just shakes his head in disgust. He quickly darts at one of the shouting fans as they flinch!

Other Guy: Ha! Just like this damn crowd, Dave. All talk and too chickenshit to back it up.

Dave Dymond: Well Ron Barker isn’t exactly a slouch. These fans would be wise to stay behind that guardrail if they don’t want to get hurt.

Ron Barker makes his way into the ring and walks over to Samantha Coil to pick up a microphone. The music dies down and the crowd continues to boo mercilessly. Ron sneers as he waits a moment for the crowd to calm down.

Ron Barker: Alright, alright… now that you have that out of your system… I need to talk about something very important. You see, for several weeks now, I have been trying to reach out and be a great friend to Cade Sydal.

The crowd begins to cheer at the mere mention of his name.

Ron Barker: I know Cade Sydal doesn’t have many friends right now… just the police and some kid who wishes he were leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. To be honest, I wish he would live out his dream and take a leap from one here in Las Vegas.

The crowd boos as Barker begins to smirk.

Ron Barker: Anyway, the point I want to make is that for weeks upon weeks I’ve been trying to be a friend to Cade to show him that he isn’t over his addictions. I’ve been trying to show him that he needs help and he needs to step back and take care of his issues before they get the better of him. But as you’ve all seen, Cade can be a little stubborn and that cocky attitude of his has gotten him into some trouble in recent weeks.

Clips are shown where Ron Barker is getting the better of Cade including clips of HantaKira slicing open Cade’s head with his spike. After that gruesome display, Ron Barker stares directly into the camera.

Ron Barker: I’m tired, Cade. I’m tired of trying to be a friend and helping you through all of this. I’m tired of having to show you what kind of junkie you really are… and most of all, Cade? I’m sick and tired of you.

The crowd begins to boo some more but Ron Barker ignores them.

Ron Barker: Week after week after week you’ve done all you could to stand up to me and show that you’re better than I give you credit for. Week after week after week you’ve come out here and you’ve given the most intense interviews talking about how you’re going to hurt me. Last week you even cashed in your golden ticket and decided how it’s going to go down at Animosity.

Dave Dymond: Iron man, OG! I can’t wait!

Other Guy: If anyone knows the Iron Man, Dave, it’s definitely Cade.

Ron Barker: I’ve seen your Iron Man matches, Cade. I know you can go the distance with some of the best this sport has ever known… but one thing you haven’t taken into consideration is the fact that you don’t know how long I can go. You haven’t seen me wrestle any sixty minute broadways. You haven’t seen me in grueling battles that have left me worse for wear. Do you want to know why?

The crowd boos again and this time Barker reacts by climbing out of the ring and getting face to face with the rowdy fans in the front row. He scowls as he looks for a nearby cameraman to finish his thought.

Ron Barker: The reason you haven’t seen those matches, Cade, is because they don’t exist. I don’t fight in epic Iron Man matches. I don’t go all out for hours on end because, quite frankly, these people don’t deserve it. These people don’t deserve to see me put on wrestling CLINICS out here and they’re not going to see one at Animosity either.

Dave Dymond: What is he talking about? The contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered! Ron Barker is obligated to face Cade Sydal at Animosity!

Ron Barker climbs into the ring and continues.

Ron Barker: You see, Cade. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m tired. Sick and fucking tired of you and to be honest? I don’t want to fight you at Animosity.

The crowd begins to boo intensely at that announcement.

Ron Barker: Because, Cade Sydal, I am going to beat your ass TONIGHT.

The crowd erupts as “Broken Bones” by nonpoint begins to blast throughout the Thomas & Mack Center! Within moments, Cade Sydal appears from behind the curtain and the crowd goes insane!

Dave Dymond: Cade is here! Cade is staring a hole through Ron Barker and looks like he isn’t going to wait for Animosity!

Other Guy: Barker doesn’t look like he’s backing down, Dave. He’s taking off his jacket. This man is ready for a fight!

Cade looks over the responsive crowd and smiles as he begins making his way to the ring. This sends the crowd to a deafening level as Ron Barker begins taunting Cade to get into the ring!

Other Guy: This is it, Dave! Animosity be damned… we’re going to see a war!

Dave Dymond: You may be right, OG!

Cade gets fired up by the crowd’s response as Barker continues to goad Cade into getting into the ring. The crowd begins to boo once more as Ron Barker begins to smile.

Other Guy: What the fuck, Dave? Who ratted out to security what was going to happen?!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know, OG, but Cade doesn’t look too pleased himself!

A flood of security swarm the ringside area and hold back Cade Sydal from entering the ring. Ron Barker grins widely as he continues to try and taunt Cade into getting into the ring. This enrages Cade and he struggles all he can to break free!

Dave Dymond: Just let him go! For five minutes! Come on!

Other Guy: Way to be impartial, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker has made Cade’s life a living hell for months now! The man deserves to get a little revenge!

The crowd continues to boo as Jason Johnson steps out from the back waving his hands furiously, with a microphone in hand!

Jason Johnson: No! This ain’t happening. Not here, and not now!

The crowd begins to boo, as Cade continues to struggle with the security team some more.

Jason Johnson: Cade, dude, you have to calm down! I am not throwing away my pay-per-view main event! You two will not ruin the Animosity main event by throwing down right now! Save it for Animosity!

Cade slowly stops struggling as Barker continues to beg Cade to step in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Did you hear that, OG?!

Other Guy: Animosity has her main event, Dave!

The fans, themselves, begin to cheer at that announcement, as the security team starts backing Cade up!

Jason Johnson: That’s right, fellas! You two are headlining Animosity with your 60 Minute, No Disqualification, Iron Man Match! Ron Barker, you will not weasel out of this one! Now get out of my ring so tonight’s main event can start!

Jason Johnson turns on his heels and makes his way to the back, as Cade shrugs off the hands of the security team. He makes his way to the back on his own, but the security crew follows him regardless. Ron Barker, however, is not so peaceful, as he exits the ring kicking his feet angrily and throwing his sports coat up the ramp in a fit of rage!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker almost had Cade Sydal convinced not to wait until the pay-per-view, and they almost settled the score here and now!

Other Guy: Either way, this won’t be good for Cade Sydal, because now Ron Barker is even angrier that his plan to get out of it failed!



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a ladder match, with no time limit, and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship!

The camera focuses on the Revolution Championship hanging from above before moving to show four ladders, two on each side of the ramp. The fans buzz in anticipation, and begin to cheer once “Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphy hits. Killian Reilly steps through the curtain, his fists clenched!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 240 pounds, from Cork County, Ireland! He is KILLIAN REILLY!

Killian makes his way down the ramp, focused with determination as he rolls under the bottom rope into the ring. He glares back up at the ramp, awaiting his first opponent as his music fades out, to be replaced by Three Dog Night’s “The Show Must Go On” and the fans cheer even louder!

Samantha Coil: And his first opponent, from Richmond, Virginia! Weighing in at 245 pounds! He is JESTER SMILES!

Jester Smiles steps through the curtain, smiling out at the cheering fans. He slaps hands on his way down the ramp, and he grins as he slides into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Something tells me when Donovan King gets out here, that grin will be gone!

Other Guy: Because Donovan King will remove it for him!

The lights dim just a bit, then smoke covers the walkway. Green lights shine down at the top of the ramp, creating a green ‘fog’ feel. As Flogging Molly’s “Queen Anne’s Revenge” begins to play, Samantha Coil puts the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Introducing now, weighing in at 230 pounds, accompanied to the ring by Rowland and Maureen Collins, here is ‘The Devil From Dublin’, MICHEL COLLINS!

You can’t see the demons

Till the demons come calling for you

You’re deaf to them screaming

Till they’re standing right behind you…

The crowd begins to boo Michael, though there are some cheers. The Collins Clan simply walk down the ring, with Rowland patting his brother on the back.

You’re miles from safe harbor

Run, run, run, run, run away

The fire has reached starboard

Michael slides under the bottom rope, then hops to his feet before walking to the ring corner and up to the second rope, looking around himself at the fans.

On the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Skull and bones and a serpent’s head

Are dancing with the madmen

On the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Have a gargle with your demons and me

The music fades out, as the fans begin to instantly boo, knowing who the last man to come down will be.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent, weighing in at 242 pounds, from Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Memphis, Tennessee! He is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! DONOVAN KING!

“Blue Magi” by Jay-Z & Pharell hits and Donovan King steps through the curtain. He looks down from the ramp to the ring smugly, shaking his heads at all three of his opponents. He points up at the belt hanging from the ceiling as he slowly marches down the ramp, ignoring the hateful jeers thrown his way.

Dave Dymond: Its very interesting that Alex Harmston isn’t out here with Donovan King tonight!

Other Guy: That’s because Donovan King doesn’t need Harmston’s help to win a match, Dave!

King rolls into the ring, and Samantha Coil escapes. The bell sounds and Killian Reilly charges at Michael Collins and takes him down with a tackle, pummeling him with fistd! Collins fights back, throwing jabs from underneath, as both men tumble around through the ropes. Meanwhile, Jester Smiles thrusts several jabs of his own into Donovan King’s cheek, rocking him back to the ropes! Jester whips King, but King reverses! Jester rebounds, and King rushes him, catching him with a drop toehold! Killian and Collins are both standing, trading blows now on the outside, and Collins gives Killian a knee to the abdomen and brings a clubbing forearm down onto his back!

Dave Dymond: The action is frantic and hard to keep up with right now, OG!

Other Guy: You have two rivalries contained within one match, of course its going to be insane!

King runs to the ropes as Jester starts to push to his hands and knees, but Collins grabs King’s ankle, tripping him and making him land face first on the canvas! King starts to get to his feet as Killian brings an elbow into the back of Collins’ head! Collins turns and starts trading punches with Killian once more as Jester charges at the rising King! King ducks his shoulders and back body drops Jester over the top rope to the floor, making him land on Killian and Collins!

Dave Dymond: Holy crap! And this is the opening moments of the contest, and already we’ve seen Donovan King take all three men out in one move!

Other Guy: I’ m not sure it was designed that way, but you can bet your ass King’ll take advantage of that shit.

King slides out of the ring opposite the heap of humanity and grabs one of the four ladders set up on either side of the ramp. He closes it and moves back to the ring, sliding the ladder in, he quickly follows. He sets the ladder up with a grin as the three on the outside slowly start to collect themselves. King starts climbing, without an ounce of hesitation! Michael Collins slides into the ring, and King spots him and drops off the ladder with a double axe handle to the top of Collins’ head!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just stopped himself from being jerked off the ladder, and brought two clubbing forearms down on Collins’ head!

Other Guy: Nothin’ pretty about that, but it damn sure was effective!

King shoves the ladder over, then pulls Collins to his feet. King sends Collins off the ropes and swings a hard clothesline! Collins ducks under it and catches King by the arm as he does! Collins twists King around and then spins through with a sudden neckbreaker! Collins moves to grab the ladder and quickly stands it up. He starts climbing just as Jester slides back into the ring! Smiles grabs Collins from behind and pulls him off the ladder onto his feet, with a waistlock!

Dave Dymond: we could be seeing a German suplex here!

Other Guy: Not if Collins has anything to say about it!

Sure enough, Collins elbows Smiles twice in the side of the head before grabbing Jester’s left wrist. Collins breaks the waistlock and spins under Jester’s arm and yanks Jester in, thrusting his right elbow up into the side of Jester’s face as he does, taking him down with a vicious back elbow!

Dave Dymond: Absolutely devastating elbows from Michael Collins aimed at Jester Smiles’ head!

Other Guy: He is throwin’ some bombs out there tonight, Dave.

Killian comes in behind Collins and turns him around by his shoulder, whipping him around. Killian swings a wild punch, and Collins ducks under it! Collins straightens up and lunges into Killian with a clothesline, riding him down to the canvas! Collins straightens up and positions the ladder once more and begins his ascent!

Dave Dymond: With all three men down, its now Michael Collins’ turn to climb for the gold!

Other Guy: But Donovan King has made it back to his feet!

King, cradling his neck a little, spots Collins and runs directly at the ladder! King leaps at the last second and drives the bottom of his right foot into the hinge of the ladder, breaking it! Collins manages to drop off of the collapsing ladder and lands on his feet, But King has turned to land on his belly. King shoves off to his feet and leaps once more, driving his boot this time into the side of Collins’ head!

Other Guy: Penalty Kick!

Dave Dymond: Twice! Once to make that ladder unusable, and the second time to take Michael Collins’ head off!

Smiles rises to his feet himself on the apron and springboards off the top just as King turns around! Jester turns to deliver a cross body, but King jumps backward and kicks straight up, catching Jester in the chest, dropping him to the canvas in a heap! Killian is behind King now and he has the broken ladder folded closed in his hands. King turns around and Killian swings at King’s head! King ducks and kicks Killian in the gut as he does! King turns around and grabs Killian’s head and drives it into the ladder with a bulldog!

Dave Dymond: Insane bulldog on the ladder Killian was HOLDING!

Other Guy: Its like all four men have to have eyes in the back of their head with as fast and continuous as this shit is.

King gets to his feet and slaps his own chest, jawing at some fans in the front row, telling him that he’s “da muhfuckin’ man” as Jester pushes to his feet, clutching his chest. Jester leaps up behind King and dropkicks him in the back of the shoulders, and King spills through the ropes to the floor! Jester grabs the top rope, ready to slingshot out onto King, but Collins is up behind him and locks him with a waistlock of his own! Jester throws three elbows into Collins’ head and Collins sutmbles back! Jester springs onto the second rope and leaps backward, thrusting a foot up into Collins’ face, dropping him to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: The Devil from Dublin is taking some abuse to his face here tonight!

Other Guy: Good thing he doesn’t rely on his face to make him his money then, huh?

Killian Reilly slowly makes it to his feet, but Jester rushes him with a running forearm, taking him down! Jester scoops Reilly up and slams him back down on the broken ladder!

Dave Dymond: That ladder is the focal point for a lopt of abuse, as well, OG!

Other Guy: Are you surprised?

Jester climbs to the top turnbuckle and steadies himself, his back to Reilly. King slides back into the ring and pushes Killian off of the ladder forcefully just before Jester leaps off backwards for a moonsault! King narrowly avoids being landed on himself as Jester lands on nothing but the ladder, with King sitting on the bottom rope pointing and laughing!

Dave Dymond: That is the second time in the last several weeks that Jester has failed to connect with a high risk moonsault!

Other Guy: And Donovan King couldn’t be happier about that shit, Dave!

King rolls out of the ring and retrieves another ladder. He folds it and slides it into the ring, but Killian Reilly is outside the ring and cuts him off with a clubbing forearm to the side of the head as Collins makes it to his feet. Killian grabs King by the head and starts driving quick, furious, jabs into his face! Meanwhile, in the ring, Collins spots the ladder and sets it up! Killian whips King into the ring steps with an audible clang! Collins starts climbing, but Killian is in behind him! Killian pulls Collins off by the back of his pants and ducks his head under Collins’ arm before snapping backward with a back suplex!

Dave Dymond: Killian Reilly just hit a wrestling move! Holy shit!

Other Guy: No one is more excited about that than Killian Reilly himself!

Reilly, in fact, gets to his feet with a roar as the fans cheer him on! Jester shoves off the broken ladder, clutching his chest more, and Killian meets him with a couple rights to the side of the head! He sends Jester off the ropes and runs to catch up with him on the rebound, ducking his head he back body drops Jester right into the set-up ladder!

Dave Dymond: Another wrestling move by Killian Reilly, and I am thoroughly impressed!

Other Guy: You see how he turned to make sure Jester got launched into the ladder? That’s what I’m impressed with.

Killian moves the ladder so the top faces a turnbuckle before he pulls Collins to his feet and straddles him on the top rope! He points at the ladder, and the fans cheer wildly. Killian starts up, as if to superplex Collins off onto the ladder, dangerously, but Collins headbutts Killian! Killian drops to his feet back on the canvas and starts trading punches with Collins, who is still seated on the top rope! Jester picks himself up and clubs Killian in the back with the entire length of his arm!

Dave Dymond: I think Jester took offense to Killian launching him into the ladder!

Other Guy: Wouldn’t you?

King slides into the ring and grabs the broken ladder! King rushes and rams Killian in the back, shoving him through the ropes to the outside! Jester turns and punches King in the side of the face, and King drops the ladder across the other! Collins kicks Jester in the face from his seated position, and King slaps Collins with the back of his hand in the belly!

Dave Dymond: I don’t like the look of this, OG!

Other Guy: I do! It shows just how bad these four want this shit, Dave!

Jester punches King in the side of the face, and King retaliates! Collins, now, kicks King in the side of the head! Killian rolls back into the ring! King punches Jester! Jester punches King! Killian turns to the action and Collins leaps off the turnbuckles at Killian! Killian catches Collins and spikes him down with a spinebuster on the ladder! The other end ctapults up into King and Jester’s face, knocking them both through the ropes to the outside!

Dave Dymond: OH MY GOD!

Other Guy: Killian Reilly’s third wrestling move just wiped out the rest of the people in the fucking match!

The fans explode into cheers!


The chant rings out as Killian rolls slowly out of the ring. Killian crawls toward the ladders and  grabs a third ladder and folds it, and slides it into the ring as the chant dies down, but cheering continues. Killian follows the ladder into the ring and sets it up, looking around at the cheering fans! He grabs a hold of the ladder firmly with both hands and slowly starts to pull himself up!

Dave Dymond:Killian Reilly must be running on empty, just like the rest of these men, but you know he is on an emotional high right now after wiping all three other men out!

Other Guy: He needs to start hustling! King is rolling back in the ring, and Collins is picking himself up! Killian wants this shit, he’ll climb faster!

King crawls to Killian as Collins walks on his knees, holding his lower back! Both men reach at the same time and grab an ankle of Killian’s! They glance at each other and both get to their feet, preventing Killian from climbing further than half way up the ladder! They both run toward the ropes, and yank Killian down, releasing his ankles and he drops face first to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: A bit of teamwork from those two, and Killian’s chances at victory, for now, are shot out of the water!

Other Guy: If they have anything to say about it, his chances for victory are out the water for good.

Jester starts pulling himself up in the corner as Collins grabs the first broken ladder and slings it through the ropes out of the ring, and King grabs the other broken ladder and shoves it under the bottom rope. Both move toward Jester then, but King stops, shrugs his shoulders, and clotheslines Collins in the back of the head! King smirks as Collins rolls under the bottom rope, but Jester explodes out of the corner and takes King down with a spinning wheel kick!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles just ran King over with that kick!

Other Guy: How do any of these guys have any energy left, Dave? Damn I’m tired just watching them!

Jester grabs the ladder, that has since fallen, and stands it back up. Collins slowly works to his feet as Jester starts climbing! Collins starts climbing up the opposite side, as Jester reaches for the belt. Jester spots Collins coming and opts to punch Collins in the face before taking another step up the ladder! Collins rocks back but continues to climb and catches Jester as he reaches again with a shot to the gut! The camera takes a rare shot of the outside, with Rowland and Maureen cheering Michael on.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles and Michael Collins are playing a very dangerous game!

Other Guy: Likely, whoever comes crashing off of this thing, it’s the end of the ball game for them! I can’t imagine anyone getting up after a fall like that!

Jester and Collins now are on an even level. They start trading punches, both rocking a little with each blow they take. Jester swings twice in a row to try and take the advantage, but Collins ducks under the arm and catches the wrist! Collins grabs Jester by his right leg, behind the knee, and swings him off, and they both crash to the canvas below!


Other Guy: WHAT THE FUCK?!


Collins writhes in pain, as Jester lies absolutely motionless! Collins clutches at his right shoulder, having landed on it more than anything, as referee Scott Kimura checks on both men! King slowly gets to his feet during the confusion and sets the ladder up. He taps Kimura on the shoulder and tells him to pay attention. During that moment, Rowland Collins grabs his brother by the left arm and yanks him out of the ring! Rowland rolls Michael under the ring and rolls into the ring for him!

Dave Dymond: What the hell? Is that even legal?!

Other Guy: haha, he just did the ole’ twin switch for his brother! Who cares if that’s legal, Dave! It’s classic!

King starts climbing up the ladder, and the fresh Collins, Rowland, makes it to his feet, holding back a grin. Rowland grabs King from behind and pulls him down to the canvas, stopping him from making it to the top of the ladder! Before Rowland can do anything, Killian comes out of nowhere with a running elbow thrust to Rowland’s temple! Rowland hits the canvas as Killian pursues him, King turns around and pulls Killian around to face him and drops him with a drop toehold onto the ladder! Killian’s chin lands on the second rung of the ladder! King hits the ropes behind Killian and drives his boot across the back of Killian’s head!

Other Guy: That was a sick ass Curb Stomp!

Dave Dymond: He may have knocked Killian Reilly right out with that one!

Killian’s body goes limp and his head remains rested on the second rung of the ladder. King looks down at Reilly and grins, proud of his work he starts climbing the opposite side of the  ladder. King reaches, his fingertips graze the bottom of the belt! Rowland Collins is back to his feet and he runs straight up the other side of the ladder and punches King in the side of the head. King and Rowland start trading blows as Killian remains limp against the ladder!

Dave Dymond: Last time a Collins was at the top of a ladder it didn’t turn out too hot for the other man!

Other Guy: And this Collins hasn’t done dick all match, he’s fresh!

The fans slowly start to cheer as Jester Smiles turns over onto his chest and pushes himself to his hands and knees! Jester starts crawling to the ladder as both king and Rowland continue to trade punches. Jester uses the side of the ladder to pull himself to his feet and he grabs both of their ankles! King kicks Jester first, and then Rowland, both forcing him to release his grip! Jester shoves Rowland by the hip, and Rowland lands on his feet, but no longer on the ladder, and Jester meets him with forearms!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know if Smiles even knows where he is, but one thing is for sure, he is taking it to Collins with some renewed anger!

Other Guy: He doesn’t even realize that’s not the same dude that dropped him off the ladder!

King takes this time to reach for the title, and as his hand touches the bottom gold plate, a hand lunges up through the rungs of the ladder and catches him in the gut! Killian slowly starts climbing the ladder, blood trickling from his mouth! King elbows Killian on top of the head, and Killian lunges his arm through the rungs of the ladder again to punch King in the gut once more!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure how Killian Reilly or Jester Smiles are even moving right now, but they are both putting the hurt on the men they’re paired up with!

Other Guy: How in the hell is this match even still going?!

Killian pulls himself up the ladder some more, and receives another elbow, this time to the face! Killian pulls himself to be at an even height with King and snaps his forehead into King’s nose! Killian grabs King by the back of the head and leaps off the ladder, pulling King down with him with a huge bulldog!


Other Guy: You’re not kidding!

The fans cheer loudly, as Killian clutches at his lower back, also in pain from the huge fall! Rowland and Jester continue to brawl however, and Jester backs Rowland up into a corner. Jester ducks a wild punch that turns Rowland around, and Jester scoops Rowland up from behind and drops him on the top turnbucikle. Several clubbing blows to the back, and he has Rowland hung upside down in a tree of woe! Jester slides out of the ring and grabs one of the two broken ladders. He quickly slides back into the ring and rams the ladder into Rowland’s abdomen, the bottom end first! He drops the top and wedges it, keeping Rowland pinned to the turnbuckles with it!

Dave Dymond: Whatever Jester has in mind, it doesn’t look good for anyone else!

Other Guy: You can say that again!

Jester pulls Killian to his feet and locks him with a front facelock, his back to the wedged ladder! Jester snaps Killian over with a suplex, driving him into the ladder where he remains, hung at a slight angle! Jester forcefully yanks the dead-weight of Donovan King off of the canvas and wrenches under his arm. He slowly grapevines the leg as he looks out at the fans, before DDT’ing King across Killian’s chest!

Dave Dymond: Jester King just nailed the Desecrator DDT on Donovan King, and all three men are out! We’re going to have a two-time Revolution Champion, OG!

Other Guy: How can you be HAPPY about that, Dave?!

Jester slowly gets to his feet, appearing to be absolutely exhausted himself. He slowly makes his way to the fallen ladder in the ring, and he slowly sets it up. He takes the time to set it perfectly under the title, as the fans in attendance cheer him on wildly. King rolls off of Killian, as Killian drops off of the diagonally sloping ladder in the corner. Jester slowly starts climbing the ladder, as Killian starts dragging himself toward the ladder!

Dave Dymond: Killian Reilly is moving!

Other Guy: And Jester Smiles is slowly crawling up the ladder! It’s a race to see who crawls the fastest!

Killian wins that race, as he reaches up and grabs Jester by the leg, pulling him off of the ladder. King slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes, cradling his head. Killian punches Jester, and Jester responds in kind! Killian swings, but Jester catches the arm and pulls Killian up into a Fireman’s Carry!

Dave Dymond: Could we see a Side Splitter?!

Other Guy: Not if we’re lucky!

King stomps the ladder into Rowland’s chest once and then runs at Jester from behind, kicking Jester in the back of the leg, forcing him to fall abckward with a Samoan Drop instead!

Dave Dymond: How is Donovan King still moving after the punishment he’s taken!

Other Guy: No idea, but I’m glad he is!

King continues to cradle his head as he rolls out of the ring. He makes his way to the ring steps and shoves them out of the way with a few kicks. Underneath them he finds what he’s looking for, a pair of metalic bracelets attached by a chain!

Dave Dymond: No! Donovan King has found a pair of handcuffs! He must have planted them there earlier, because he knew exactly where to look!

Other Giuy: Oh that’s just good luck, Dave. You’re such a pesimist.

King grabs Jester from the outside and pulls him out of the ring by the left wrist. He uses the bracelets of the cuffs to punch Jester repeatedly in the face before snapping one on Jester’s left wrist! King stomps Jester and hangs the chain over the bottom rope and pulls down on it hard before grabbing Jester’s right wrist and snapping the other cuff on that wrist!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just handcuffed Jester Smiles to the bottom rope!

Other Guy: And now all he has to do is make sure Killian and Rowland out of his way, and he keeps his title!

King starts stomping on Jester, while Rowland has gotten the ladder off of his gut and has gotten out of the tree of woe! Killian starts climbing the ladder in the ring, and Rowland is right behind him on the other side, while King continues to drive his boot into Jester’s face! Killian reaches for the title!

Dave Dymond: If Donovan King doesn’t pay attention, we’re going to have a new champion!

Other Guy: He knows what he’s doing!

Collins punches Reilly in the abdomen and joins him nearer to the top of the ladder, and both begin trading blows now. King gives Jester one last stomp to the face, and slides into the ring! King grabs the ladder by the side as Rowland and Killian are oblivious to him! King swings his body away from the ladder then kicks his legs hard through to the other side of the ladder, pulling with all his weight as the ladder sways and drops backward, bringing it past his head as he lands on his back! But Killian and Collins aren’t as lucky, as they both crash hard on their faces to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just swung with all his weight to bring both men off the ladder as if he was swinging on a swingset!

Other Guy: This is the opening he needs!

The fans begin to boo as King picks himself up! King slowly pulls the ladder back up into place and starts climbing it. The fans begin to boo and throw trash at the ring as King continues his deliberate climb with no opposition. Killian and Rowland lie motionless on the canvas, and Smiles struggles with the handcuffs on the outside of the ring! King finally makes it to the top, reaches up, and unstraps the title! The bell sounds as King slowly climbs down from the ladder, safely!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 41 minutes and 23 seconds, and STILL SHOOT PROJECT REVOLUTION CHAMPION! DONOVAN! KING!

The fans continue to boo loudly as King raises the title over his head.

“Blue Magic” cuts off as King walks towards the cuffed Jester Smiles.  He calls for a microphone as he stands there looking at Smiles.  He throws the Revolution Championship on his shoulder and smirks.

Donovan King:  Look at you.

The fans are booing as Jester glares at King.

Donovan King:  You’d think in the middle of a ladder match…wit’ all dese people watchin’ here an’ at home…an’ wit’ two Irish guys able to back you up…dat you’d be able to dethrone me.

The fans continue to boo as Jester says and does nothing.

Donovan King:  What?  Are you…you expectin’ me ta hit you?  Beat you bloody?

King drops down to one knee, so that he’s eye to eye with Jester Smiles.

Donovan King:  Nah, man.  It’s cool.  Relax.  I won’t shed any more uh yo’ blood tonight.

He cocks his head to the side.

Donovan King:  Remember…remember when I told you dat tonight I was comin’ fo’ yo’ heart?

Dave Dymond:  Oh God…

Donovan King:  Well, I think dat’s just what I went an’ did!

King motions behind him and moves out of Jester’s way and Jester can see on the SHOOT-Tron Ainsley Lake, bound and gagged.

Dave Dymond:  OH MY GOD.

Jester’s eyes are like saucers as he sees Lake’s face being forced to look at the camera by a black gloved hand.  Ainsley whimpers slightly and a tear falls from her left eye.  The hand squeezes her cheeks hard, pursing her face in slightly.  Jester can hardly move from the shock of what he’s seeing.  The fans are also in some sort of shock.  Donovan King starts to laugh and the fans fucking ERUPT in boos.

Dave Dymond:  THAT SON OF A BITCH!

Donovan King:  I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!!

He continues to laugh as Jester seems to shake with anger.

Donovan King:  She fucked Cade Sydal over, she backed Ron Barker…an’ dese fans STILL know what she means to you enough to boo!  HA HA HA!!!

He laughs triumphantly as the fans continue to boo.

Donovan King:  What’s the matter, Eric?

Jester’s eyes dart back and forth between King and Lake on the screen.

Donovan King:  I’ve made you bleed.  I’ve taken my title from you.  I’ve stripped you uh yo’ money makin’ set up.  Now…I’ve cuffed you to the rope, defended my title for the second time against you…AND I’ve put one of your closest and best friends in the line uh fire!

The fans boo once more.

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles…from day one…dere’s been NO ESCAPE fuh you an’ me.  We been on a collision course from the first day here.  Here an’ now, dere’s STILL NO ESCAPE.  Come Animosity…we bring dis shit to an end!

The fans go silent as King slaps Jester’s face to bring his attention back to him from the now crying Lake on the screen.

Donovan King:  Come Animosity…I put my title up against you one…final…time.  We face off one…mo’…time.  No Escape.  We get together at Animosity…in a cage.

Dave Dymond:  WHOA!

Donovan King:  An’ we wrap the top uh dat cage…in barbed wire.  The only way to beat you…an’ the only way to beat me…is by pinfall…submission…or knock out.  There’s no more weapons.  No mo’ cheatin’.  I put it all on the line and I put an end to yo’ ass fuh GOOD!

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King an’ Jester Smiles in a No Escape Match!

Donovan King:  So tell me, Smiley…NOW who got got?

“Blue Magic” by Jay-Z picks back up as King leaves Jester in the ring staring at Ainsley’s frightened face on the screen.

Dave Dymond:  It’s on now!  Donovan King has laid it all on the line!  The only way to win is pinfall, submission, or KO!  There’ll be NO ESCAPE for Jester Smiles and Donovan King next week at Animosity!

Other Guy:  What about Ainsley?!  What’s gonna happen to her?!

Dave Dymond:  All your questions, as well as every single answer every fan is seeking for the wars going on in SHOOT Project WILL be answered next weekend at Animosity!  For The Other Guy, I’m Dave Dymond!  I’m sorry, but we’re out of time!  We’ll see you at Animosity!

“Blue Magic” continues to play as King glares at Jester Smiles from the entrance ramp.  He slowly lifts the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship over his head as the camera fades out to black.