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Revolution: Championship Edition


The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling both Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Deacon Summer’s chest.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd. Michael Collins and Killian Reilly duking it out at ringside.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Dave Marz wildly swings a chain in the air to ward off Corazon.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

A shot of Ray Willmott flipping off the top of a steel cage! Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Donovan King.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Benjamin Biggs.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Trevor Worrens standing with the World Heavyweight Championship held vertically by it’s strap.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


The show opens not with a match or the arena itself, but rather a very, very angry face.  The face is that of Donovan King, who is glaring hard at the camera.    He stands there in the back of the arena, and then he starts to pace.  The fans can be heard booing in the arena.

Donovan King:  I wanted to give SHOOT Project a moment ta…reflect on Animosity.

King stands there for a moment, inhaling deeply.

Donovan King:  You saw Jun Kenshin beat the hell outta some dude named Art.  You saw a new Laws of Survival Champion get crowned…an’ you saw two Irish boys beat the hell outta one another…an’ you saw Del Carver decide he just ain’t gonna fuckin’ DIE.

King shakes his head.

Donovan King:  An’ you saw a black man’s HERO, Christopher Davis…take on our quote unquote esteemed champion Trevor Worrens…an’ you saw a number one contender get named fuh the World Championship.

King rolls his eyes.

Donovan King:  Dere was some long ass match dat shoulda taken a backseat to the REAL money maker uh the night…AND you got ta see Donovan King be fucking RUINED by one Jester Smiles.

The fans obviously cheer loudly at the concept.

Donovan King:  Dat fuckin’ Clown made off wit’ my Revolution Championship!  He beat the hell outta me from pillar ta post!  He even…made…me…bleed.  Stitches, bruised ribs, lacerations…dis Clown did it ALL…ta Donovan King.

King breathes in deeply, trying to contain his anger.

Donovan King:  But…you know what?  Jason Johnson…he took pity on me.  He saw my injuries an’ he said dat I could go fuh any belt I wanted to on dis Championship Edition uh SHOOT’s Revolution.  Me?  I tol’ Jason dat I could win the belt I wanted, any belt I wanted, when the time came.  Tonight, though…I’m gonna lick my wounds.  I know when I got my ass kicked an’ believe me…Jester Smiles beat my fuckin’ ass.

The fans cheer.

Donovan King:  So, I’mma have a drink…an’ I’mma watch every OTHER busted up champ drag their asses out dere fuh all y’all SHOOT fans tonight an’ get dey asses to’ UP!

The fans cheer again.

Donovan King:  An’ don’t you worry about Donovan King, SHOOT Project.  Dis nigga here…he don’t go down easy.  Y’all finna hear from me REEEEAL soon.

King smirks, bringing the fans to boo again.

Donovan King:  Enjoy the show, bitches.




Dave Dymond:  Well, thank you…  I think…  to Donovan King? 

Other Guy:  Hey, guy had some things to get off his chest.  It’s all good. 

Dave Dymond:  Well, in the time he said all that, the competitors for the Revolution Championship match have made their way to the ring.  Jester Smiles, the new Revolution Champion, is last to enter, and he’s just now walking up the ring steps.

As soon as Jester Smiles steps through the ropes he drops the Revolution Championship and rushes at Cade Sydal! Cade ducks a clothesline from Jester, and Sepulcher comes rushing at Cade on his right! Cade turns his body and grabs Sepulcher’s wrist, arm dragging him to avoid getting hit.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal hasn’t earned himself any friends this week!

Other Guy: Neither did Jester, and to be honest, that’s not a smart move for either of them.

Jester catches Cade as he gets to his feet with a boot to the gut. Jester whips Cade to the ropes and ducks for a back body drop! Caldwell sees his time to strike and moves into position behind Jester! Cade leapfrogs over Jester on the rebound and lands with his feet on Caldwell’s hips! Cade grabs Caldwell’s head and snaps his body to the side, falling as he does so, with a monkey flip that sends Caldwell rolling through the ropes!

Dave Dymond: Cade has managed to avoid Jester’s attacks and has managed to get both Roland Caldwell and Sepulcher out of his way with little difficulty!

Other Guy: No one has said he’s a bad wrestler, Dave. We know he can do that. Fuck. Dave. You’re like a fuckin’ cheerleader over here. Shit.

Jester catches Cade before he can get to his feet with a stomp on the back. Another stomp follows before Sepulcher turns Jester around and punches him in the face! Jester rocks back into the ropes, and Sepulcher sends him off of them. Sepulcher swings a huge clothesline, and Jester ducks it! Jester springs to the middle rope and springs back, lunging his right foot backward into Sepulcher’s chest, and Sepulcher stumbles backward! Cade is back up, looks at them, shrugs his shoulders and slingshots to the top rope and springboards off with a flipping senton onto Roland Caldwell on the outside as Caldwell turns toward him!

Dave Dymond: Jester with a beautiful kick, and Cade one ups him with a picture perfect senton onto Caldwell!

Other Guy: But neither advantage can last for long, I’m bettin’.

Jester charges at Sepulcher, who’s against the ropes. Sepulcher ste[ps forward and catches Jester by the back of his head and throws him over the ropes! Jester grabs the rope and swings himself onto the apron. Sepulcher spots him and charges, but Jester drops, still holding the top rope, and lands with his back on the apron and Sepulcher spills right over and lands on the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: Jester out-maneuvered the big man there!

Other Guy: Its smart. Trying to fight hand-to-hand with either of these big monsters isn’t smart for anyone.

Jester gets back to a standing position as Cade slides into the ring. Cade rushes Jester and dropkicks him in the chin! Jester moonsaults through and lands with his chest against Sepulcher’s before Sepulcher can even completely get to his feet! Caldwell is in right behind Cade though as Cade gets to his feet. Caldwell grabs Cade by the head and scoops him up onto his shoulders!

Dave Dymond: He’s going for the Burning Hammer!

Other Guy: If he hits this right now he’s got it won!

Cade starts kicking his legs wildly and then slams his right elbow into the side of Caldwell’s head! Cade slides down behind Caldwell. A shot from his forearm to Caldwell’s back before Cade hits the ropes. Caldwell turns as Cade rebounds and slams a heavy clothesline into Cade’s chest that spins him inside out!

Dave Dymond: Good God!

Other Guy: Caldwell just drove Cade straight to the canvas!

Jester rolls under the bottom rope and turns Cadlwell around and scoops him with a gutteral grunt into a fireman’s carry! Caldwell only sends one elbow to Jester’s head to get out and grabs Jester from behind and snaps backward with a back suplex! Sepulcher slides into the ring and Caldwell turns toward him. Sepulcher points down at the two on the ground and then at he and Caldwell. Caldwell shrugs before grabbing Jester by his wrist and pulling him to his feet. Sepulcher quickly pulls Cade to his feet as well.

Dave Dymond: It looks like, at least momentarily, these two monsters are going to work together!

Other Guy: I don’t like anyone’s chances when that shit happens.

Caldwell and Sepulcher send them both off the ropes in stereo. Both men swing a clothesline, and both adversaries duck! On the rebound Jester springs into Caldwell with a wheelbarrow, while Cade runs up Sepulcher’s body and arches back for a hurricanrana! Caldwell uses his right hand to block Jester’s reaching hand, as Jester goes for a bulldog, and then spikes Jester down face first! Sepulcher pulls Cade back to an upright position and then spikes him with a powerbomb onto Jester’s back!

Dave Dymond: Sepulcher and Caldwell just laid both Jester Smiles and Cade Sydal out! What impact!

Other Guy: Did you see how hard Cade’s head hit the canvas at that anlge?!

Sepulcher pulls Cade off of Jester’s back and covers him with a lateral press, as Caldwell pulls Jester to his feet and sends him into a corner and starts punching him.



Cade kicks out as Caldwell moves to stop the count. Caldwell then points Sepulcher in the direction of Jester. Sepulcher grabs Cade by the head and throws him through the ropes before rushing Jester and avalanching him in the corner with his massive body! Sepulcher grabs Jester by the back of the head and shoves him into Caldwell, who catches him and spins, driving Jester down with a huge spinebuster!

Dave Dymond: A high impact spinebuster from our World Championship’s Number One Contender on the Revolution Champion!

Other Guy: So far the two big men have been working moderately together, whether Caldwell wants to or not.

Caldwell gets to his feet and turns, right as Cade Sydal springboards off the apron to the top rope and fires with a spinning wheel kick that catches Caldwell in the chin! Cade gets up quickly and he immediately ducks a clothesline from Sepulcher! Sepulcher stops his charge and turns as Cade snaps bac with a backflip, kicking his right foot into Sepulcher’s chin, and Sepulcher staggers into the nearby ropes!

Dave Dymond: Cade is dancing with what brought him, as the old expression goes!

Other Guy: But is it gonna be enough against three people? How long can he keep this pace up?

Cade quickly scrambles to his feet and he hits the ropes. On the rebound Cade dropkicks Sepulcher in the knee, and Sepulcher drops to his face! Cade gets to his feet and taps his foot, as the fans cheer. Cade hits the ropes as Jester gets to his feet slowly. Jester rushes to cut Cade off as he rebounds, and Jester ducks suddenly for a back body drop! Cade sails through the air and tucks his body into, twisting for a 450 and crashes down on Sepulcher’s back with his chest!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure if Jester meant for that to happen or not, but did you see how high he threw Cade?!

Other Guy: With as much shit as Jester’s been talking about Cade, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to help him with anything.

Jester turns and pulls Cade up from behind. He turns, putting Cade’s chest near the ropes, and snaps back with a German suplex! Jester is to his feet quickly and begins to stomp on the back of Sepulcher’s head! Caldwell grabs Jester from behind and turns him around. Caldwell sends Jester to the corner! Caldwell charges, and Jester lunges a boot into Caldwell’s chin! Jester hops onto the second rope as Caldwell turns back to him, Jester pushes out of the corner and swings through a tornado DDT!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles just spiked Caldwell with a tornado DDT!

Other Guy: But look at Sepulcher!

Sepulcher is up behind Jester as he gets to his feet. Sepulcher whips Jester off the ropes and snaps up for a bicycle kick! Jester ducks the devastating kick and catches Sepulcher when he turns around and starts forearming him repeatedly! Jester hits the ropes and Sepulcher catches him on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl! Jester hooks his legs around Sepulcher’s head, however, and swings through with a flying head scissor!

Dave Dymond: Jester, now, has taken all three down!

Other Guy: I told you, I was startin’ to like the big oaf.

Cade slowly gets to his feet, but so is Sepulcher! Sepulcher lunges at Jester again with a sudden bicycle kick! Jester swats the kicking leg to the side, right at Cade! The big boot of Sepulcher drives Cade to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Wow!

Other Guy: The Smasher just hammered Cade’s skull in! Heh.

Jester turns Sepulcher around and forearms him to the ropes. Jester tries to whip Sepulcher, as Caldwell gets to his feet, and Sepulcher reverses, sending Jester into Caldwell, and Caldwell catches Jester with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Caldwell pulls Jester off his knee right into the Torture Rack position, effortlessly!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell is going for another Burning Hammer!

Other Guy: Not if Sepulcher has anything to say about it!

Sure enough, Sepulcher sends his boot into Caldwell’s gut! Caldwell drops Jester, and Sepulcher whips Caldwell off the ropes! Both men with the same though, and they both fire a clothesline into each other, and both crash to the canvas! Cade pulls himself to his feet, holding his jaw. Jester does the same, clutching his back, and the fans begin to boo loudly! The camera angle quickly switches to see Ainsley Lake running down the ramp!

Dave Dymond: What is that little harlot doing?!

Other Guy: Harlot? That’s what you’re gonna call her?

Jester meets Cade, ignoring the pain in his bakc, with a pumnch! Cade responds with a forearm! They begin trading blows, and Cade gets the advantage, rocking Jester back toward the ropes with rapid-fire forearms! Cade whips Jester and Ainsley extends her arm under the bottom rope! Jester reverses, and Ainsley’s swinging hand catches Cade on the ankle, and Cade stumbles forward after the trip attempt! Cade turns to see her and rolls out under the bottom rope. Cade grabs her by the hair, as her back is turned to him, and she begins to panic!

Dave Dymond: You’re finally goin’ to get what you deserve, Ainsley Lake!

Other Guy: She didn’t, ya know, mean to trip him.

Cade turns Ainsley around and shoves her back, yelling at her, but Jester baseball slides, dropkicking Cade in the back of the head! Cade hits the arena floor, as Sepulcher and Caldwell are to their feet! Sepulcher and Caldwell spot the two on the outside, and then start throwing heavy punches at each other!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell and Sepulcher aren’t working together any longer!

Other Guy: Well, I mean, someone’s gotta win, right?

Caldwell ducks a swing and pulls Sepulcher up from behind with a Torture Rack! Caldwell snaps Sepulcher down with a HUGE Burning Hammer! Caldwell turns Sepulcher over and hooks the leg deep!




Jester dives back into the ring and punches Caldwell in the face, breaking the count!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles kept his title, for at least a moment longer!

Other Guy: Exactly. Just a moment longer, because as long as one of those monsters can stand, nobody’s gonna win.

Cade slides back into the ring as Jester starts hammering Caldwell with punches, not allowing him to get to his feet. Cade pulls Jester off and turns him around. They start punching each other in the face, as Caldwell gets to his own feet. Caldwell rushes at them both! Jester turns into a clothesline, as Cade ducks under the arm stretched out for him! Caldwell turns, and Cade is in the air! Cade snaps his right foot into the side of Caldwell’s head!

Dave Dymond: NINJAGUIRI!

Other Guy: Fuck, there goes that! Both monsters are down!

Cade scrambles to cover Caldwell!




Jester dives off his chest and lands with his arm on the back of Cade’s head, breaking the count! Jester slowly gets to his feet and pulls Cade up with him. Jester starts punching Cade and backs him to the ropes. Jester sends Cade into the corner! Jester charges Cade, but Cade swings through the ropes! Jester hits the turnbuckles with his chest and stumbles back just as Cade springboards back into the ring! Jester catches Cade on his shoulder with a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: Side Splitter!

Other Guy: That’s it!

Sure enough, Jester shoves Cade up immediately and drops to his back, driving both knees into Cade’s chest and gut. Cade bounces off and Jester scrambles to cover him!




Ainsley Lake slides into the ring, and Dennis Heflin moves to stop her! Heflin quickly gets Ainsley out of the ring, as Jester gets to his feet and turns toward her. He starts arguing with her while she stands outside the ring. Sepulcher slowly pushes to his feet and surveys the scene, cradling his head. Sepulcher pulls Jester around to face him and swings him around for a Tombstone! Sepulcher spins to the center of the ring before jumping high into the air and drives Jester down headfirst!

Dave Dymond: Darkness Falls!

Other Guy: That’s gotta be bad for the multiple concussions Jester has suffered recently!

Sepulcher quickly into the cover!




Both Caldwell and Cade dive to break the pin! Caldwell pulls Sepulcher to his feet and cradles him for another Burning Hammer immediately, spiking him on his head! Cade quickly kicks Caldwell in the face before hitting the ropes! Caldwell pops Cade up into the air, and Cade snaps Caldwell over with a sudden hurricanrana! Caldwell spills through the ropes, and Cade spots Sepulcher on his back as Jester cradles his head near the ropes. Cade quickly springs up onto the top turnbuckle, facing Sepulcher he springs off with a shooting star through to a 450 to land with his back across Sepulcher’s chest!

Dave Dymond: 469 2k8!

Other Guy: How the hell does he do that?!

Cade quickly turns and hooks both legs of Sepulcher’s!




Caldwell lunges at Cade just a split-second too late, as Dennis Heflin gets to his feet and signals for the bell. Caldwell rolls under the ropes and kicks the ring steps, while Dennis Heflin checks on Jester Smiles, who hasn’t moved since the Darkness Falls, and “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits the airwaves. The fans cheer loudly as Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 24 minutes and 57 seconds! And NEEEEEEEEEEEEW REVOLUTION CHAMPION! CAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYDAL!

The fans cheer loudly as Dennis Heflin waves to the back, and a second official runs out from the back. Heflin and Tony Lorenzo, the official to run down, roll Jester under the bottom rope and steady themselves to help guide him to the back, as his mouth is moving as if he were mumbling something. Ainsley Lake torments him with mocking words and giggles. Cade raises the Revolution Title high in the air in celebration!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has won his first championship since the reopening of the SHOOT Project!

Other Guy: But look at Jester. He’s bein’ helped to the back, and Ainsley is just goading him! Heh, that’s brilliant!

Cade spots Ainsley mocking Jester on the outside. He slides out of the ring and grabs Ainsley by the arm and turns her around, quickly swinging her up into a fireman’s carry, while Jester Smiles is helped to the back by Dennis Heflin and Tony Lorenzo. The fans cheer loudly at Cade getting ahold of Ainsley!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is dragging Ainsley Lake back to the ring!

Other Guy: Why? This match is done and she hasn’t done anything!

Dave Dymond: Except help make his life hell several weeks ago and she did try to stop im from winning earlier by grabbing his ankle here tonight!

Other Guy: Whatever, Dave. You’re just a hater.

Ainsley is not going peacefully though, as she starts kicking her legs. She manages to make it back to her feet but Cade turns her around and grabs her by the back of the hair before forcefully rolling her into the ring. Cade quickly follows and pulls her up to her feet by her hair, forcefully. He jerks his hand down, tilting her head up at him, as he holds his free hand out snapping his fingers. A microphone is quickly passed to him. The cheering of the fans dies down slowly.

Cade Sydal: Ainsley Lake. I want one thing from you. Not the same thing everyone else you’ve been in this position with does, though. All those fuckers wanted was a nut. Nah, I want you to tell me the Gawdamn truth!

Ainsley Lake shakes her head slowly as Cade backs her into a corner.

Cade Sydal: Did you plant the fucking drugs in my fucking locker room at Uprising you bitch?

The fans buzz with anticipation, while Cade moves the microphone to her face.

Ainsley Lake: N…no! I swear!

Cade pulls the microphone away from her face.

Cade Sydal: No, listen to me. If you don’t tell me the fucking truth I will beat your ass all over this ring.

Ainsley, suddenly, thrusts her left foot up to try and kick Cade below the belt, but Cade catches her ankle! Cade shakes his head, drops the microphone, and quickly snaps Ainsley over with a dragon screw leg whip! Cade loops his foot through her legs and crosses them over his thigh as he bends and places his left elbow on her ankles. He picks the microphone back up, having her pinned and her legs knotted up.

Cade Sydal: Is that how you want to solve this? Because I’ll do it, if I have to. Now, did you fucking plant the fucking cocaine in my fucking locker room, you stupid…fucking…bitch?!

Ainsley shakes her head, violently, as the microphone is brought to her face.

Ainsley Lake: I swear, Cade! I didn’t plant the drugs. I would NEVER do something like that, ever!

Cade shakes his head slowly and raises his hand, balling it into a fist. Ainsley Lake’s face changes from a sneering hateful glare mixed with a bit of fear, to a smirk.

Ainsley Lake: But I know who did…

Cade looks at her blankly as he starts to stand, unlocking her legs and she scrambles to her feet. The fans begin to buzz, curiously, as a man in a pair of baggy black jeans and a plain black hoodie jumps over the guardrail. Security moves toward him, but he gets past them and slides into the ring. Cade turns around just as the man leaps up and drives the bottom of his foot into his face! The hood of the hoodie falls off the top of his head as the man scrambles to his feet quickly.

Dave Dymond: DONOVAN KING! That asshole!

Other Guy: He saved Ainsley!

Donovan King bends and grabs the microphone that Cade dropped when the kick caught him in the face. Ainsley Lake quickly rolls under the bottom rope and heads to the back, ignoring the jeers tossed at her.

Donovan King: Well, GOD. DAMN. Cade Sydal! How in the FUCK are you doin’?!

The fans begin to slowly boo as King.

Donovan King: Me? Oh, well…I’m fine. Thanks fo’ askin’. Kinda sore, though. Been a rough ass few weeks, as I’m sure you understand. You must be all tore up, homie. After takin’ my rightful main event spot at Animosity…after winnin’ my Revolution Championship from the Clown just now, and den…after dat Penalty Kick…you must be wonderin’ what the hell is goin’ on right about now.

The fans begin to boo at Donovan King in earnest.

Donovan King: Well, allow me ta let you in on what’s goin’ down wit’ you. See, I know who planted the drugs in yo’ locker room at Uprising, Cade. I also knew you wouldn’t listen if I just came down and told you, so I had to knock you on yo’ ass.

Cade rolls to his side, holding his chin. King shakes his head and sets the microphone down on the canvas. He grabs Cade by his wrist and pulls him up to his feet, right into a fireman’s carry before swinging him out with his version of the TKO!

Dave Dymond: King just hit Cade with the KTFO!

Other Guy: He didn’t just hit him with it, he killed him with it, Dave!

King grabs the microphone and fluidly gets to his feet in the same motion.

Donovan King: I’mma say dis one time, Cade. Stay down, man. That’ll make this much, much easier.

Cade is barely moving as King inhales deeply, pacing around Cade’s body.

Donovan King: You listenin’ real good, bruh man? I mean, I need you to listen reeeeeeeeeal muhfuckin’ close, okay? Not only do I know who dropped dat baggie in yo’ locker, homie…

King bends down, glaring hard at Cade.

Donovan King: I DID IT.

King smirks as the fans begin to boo, even louder.

Dave Dymond: THAT SON OF A BITCH!!

Donovan King: Relax, now. Don’t get up on my account. Fuh now, take a breath, chill, sleep on it. Keep my belt warm for me. Hug it up and love on it reeeeeal good now that you know, your little witch hunt is over. Now–

Cade reaches his hand up and grabs King’s pants, nea the knee.

Donovan King: You a stubborn little fuck, ain’t you?

King drops the microphone and turns Cade over onto his back. King grabs Cade’s ankles quickly and steps between his legs before turning Cade over, locking Cade’s ankles around his left knee. King uses his right foot to kick Cade in the ribs, forcing him to arch his back. King grabs Cade by the right wrist, before bending and picking his left wrist up as well. King plants his foot on Cade’s head!

Other Guy: CURB STOMP!

Dave Dymond: Why? Why did Donovan King plant the drugs, and why does he feel the need to commit this heinous assault?!

King drives his foot down, smashing Cade’s head into the canvas. King smirks as he backs up and steps through the ropes. He waves to the fans and then makes the motion of a belt around his waist and holds up two fingers as "Hail Mary (Rock Remix)" by 2Pac begins to play.

Other Guy: I can’t believe it! All the while he was fighting Jester Smiles, King’s been working with Ainsley? Is he working with Ron Barker? What the hell is going on!?

Dave Dymond: I hate to say it, but Donovan King answers one question and then leaves us asking two more every time he’s out here. I just hope Cade Sydal paid very close attention to Jester Smiles’ war with King…because if what King did to Jester all those months is any indication, Cade Sydal is in for the fight of his life!


The camera opens to the back, where Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite both stand. They both grin widely at the camera in their full superhero wear.

FLASH Dynamite: Welcome, SHOOT Project citizens!

Kid Lightning: We are the Flying Avengers!

FLASH Dynamite: And we’re here to wish you all the happiest of Happy Holidays!

Kid Lightning: The Holidays are a special time of gathering and family!

FLASH nods.

FLASH Dynamite: We understand that’s important, and we’re happy that you and your family have tuned in to watch Revolution!

Kid Lightning: See, with so many other entertainment options for you and your huge family, we appreciate that you’re all sitting down to watch the men and women of the SHOOT Project do what we do best!

FLASH Dynamite: It is because of that that, next week here on Revolution!

Kid Lightning: We’re going to compete, live!

FLASH Dynamite: We don’t know against who!

Kid Lightning: But we promise to deliver our own brand of excitement to you, the fans!

FLASH Dynamite: We will thwart evil!

Kid Lightning: Because that’s what we do!

FLASH Dynamite: Because…we’re…superheros.

Kid Lightning turns to look at FLASH.

Kid Lightning: We shoulda worked on this back and forth thing a lot more.

FLASH Dynamite: Well, I mean…yeah…we could’ve but it wouldn’t seem so natural.

Kid Lightning: Yeah, but I mean, we kinda just got sidetracked.

FLASH Dynamite: well…uhhh…I have a cool cape and you don’t!

FLASH sticks his tongue out at Kid Lightning and dashes off, his cape flapping behind him. Kid Lightning shrugs and plants his hands on his hips, grinning wide.

Kid Lightning: Happy Holidays, SHOOT Project citizens, from your friendly neighborhood Flying Avengers!…Man, I need a cape…

The shot moves back to ringside, with Dave Dymond and Other Guy, Dave laughing slightly.

Dave Dymond: Those two are certainly something!

Other Guy: Yeah, something annoying.

Dave Dymond: Why do you do that? Why are you so cynical? I mean, damn, OG. Those guys are bringing us some good clean fun, and you’re just being a sarcastic ass about it!

Other Guy: Calm down, Dave. Damn.

Dave Dymond: Just…don’t. Just don’t.

Other Guy: Don’t what, Dave?

Dave just shakes his head at Other Guy. Other Guy shrugs.

Other Guy: Whatever, man.


Roland Caldwell is walking through the backstage area. There’s a hard glint in his eyes and he smiles slightly.  He definitely continues to walk with a purpose on this night as he passes by a random SHOOT Project crew member who stands idly in the hall, awaiting his next assignment.

Roland Caldwell: Where is Worrens?

The crewmember is no fool and while half shielding his face from any potential physical damage, he points a bit further down the hall.  Roland just nods his head, the glint in his eyes remaining as he sees a few doors towards the end of the hall, and one of them opens to reveal none other than the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  At first Worrens doesn’t see Roland at all, he looks straight ahead, mentally preparing himself for his title defense still to come.

Roland Caldwell: Trevor Worrens…

Worrens turns just as Caldwell storms quickly towards him.  Worrens’s focus shifts to frustration as he narrows his eyes, but surprisingly walks right up to Caldwell.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t same one thing, Roland.  I’ve listened to you all week long; I know EXACTLY what you would say to me right now.  But guess what, tonight, tonight doesn’t change a damn thing regarding you and I.  I don’t care if Kaz Sato still wants to cash in that final ticket of his and ruin my career, I don’t care that tonight Jun Kenshin and Del Carver are both looking to ruin my championship reign. I don’t even care that lurking somewhere is that son of a bitch Mallows… and I don’t even care that you may or may not have some involvement with him.

Worrens takes another step forward, defiantly stepping right up against Roland.  Roland seems somewhat surprised by this.

Trevor Worrens: Because like I said tonight doesn’t change anything.  Tonight DOES NOT change the fact that I have beaten you before, Roland. I have battled with you; I went the distance with the demon of SHOOT’s past.  And after tonight, after I have to physically silence two men who have done nothing but sling bullshit in order to garner some attention… then I’ll just have to beat you again!

Roland Caldwell just stands there, jaw clenched as Worrens shoves right past him, clearly in no mood to even hear what Caldwell has to say.  Caldwell slowly turns as he watches Worrens walk off, still fuming.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Roland looks shocked to have Worrens talk to him that way, but I have to admit I’m impressed with our current world champion.

Other Guy: (From ringside) Yeah well Trevor Worrens has got a lot on the mind, and the main thing he’s thinkin’ about is that after tonight, he MIGHT not be world champion.

The focus shifts from Roland’s angry expression to elsewhere.


We cut to the familiar confines of the Thomas and Mack Hallway.  The flourescent lights give off their same sickly glow, which is especially reflected in the shiny rayon robe of the figure standing in the middle of the shot.  It’s our old pal, Kilgore Stochansky, but he seems to be dressed…rather odd. He’s wearing a golden robe, sinched at the waist with his Laws of Survival title.  He’s also wearing a skullcap with a large, flat square on top of it.  In so many words: A Graduation gown and hat.  He’s rocking some golden aviator shades, all tying in with his smile that reveals his gold tooth.  Gold would be the theme of tonight, it seems.  He cocks an ear towards the camera, a sure sign that Intrepid Cameraman is making some sort of comment that the boom mic cant pick up.

Kilgore: Hm?  Oh, this.  Well, you see, Intrepid…tonight’s my graduation.

Another long few seconds pass, and Kilgore chuckles after a few moments.

Kilgore: Oh ho ho.  Intrepid, sometimes you are so naieve.  No, not from college.  I am graduating from the lower-levels of competition to the…

He gazes at the ceiling, thinking for a moment, then looks right back at the camera with a renewed grin.

Kilgore: …the upper echelon.  Now, let’s not make any sort of harsh assumptions.  I dont really think that ANYONE here considers Jacob Delacroy or Kaz Sato to be the proverbial "Upper Echelon".  I’m not that silly.

Our man laughs at this, then places his hands on his hips, hooking his thumbs on his title belt.

Kilgore: No, this is for when I defeat them and retain the love of my life here.

At this, he pats the title belt.

Kilgore: And trust me, I will be victorious.  Not because I’m more brutal; we’ve been over this.  Not because I hate harder than others.  And certainly not because I use bloated phrasing OR racial slurs.

Stochansky’s grin drops to a smirk, and he begins disrobing, first with the hat, then twith the gown itself. Underneath, he’s wearing…a gold track suit, with black piping.  It appears that when our man sticks with a theme, he really sticks with it.  He folds the gown and the hat into a neat bundle.

Kilgore: Save these for my post-match ceremony.  Couldnt have them getting dirty, could we?

He breaks back into his moustache and canines grin.

Kilgore: But trust and believe, I am retaining tonight.  Now, some folks might think that I’ve gotten myself a big ego since I won this title.  Untrue, untrue.  I’m not predicting a win because of sheer cockiness.  I’m predicting a win tonight because I have two things that Jacob Delacroy and Kaz Sato will never have. 

Our man leaves it at this, crossing his arms with self-importance, before dropping his grin and leaning in to hear yet ANOTHER question from the Intrepid Cameraman.

Kilgore: Hanh?  You want to know what those two things are?  Well, it’s quite simple.  I’ve got these,,,

He taps his temple…

Kilgore: …and this.

…He taps his chest.

Kilgore: Intelligence and love.  They’re the two most powerful weapons in the world, boys.  Too bad I’m holding onto them.

Stochansky does a little bit of a heroic pose, arms akimbo, and then walks past the Intrepid Cameraman with a happy spring in his step.  We cut away…




Samantha Coil: The following contest is a Law of Endurance Match for the Law of Survival Championship!

The crowd pops.

“I hate everything about you” blares over the speakers and out steps Jacob Delacroy to boo’s from the crowd.

Samantha Coil: From Crimson Creek, Louisiana. He weighs in at 289 pounds this is The Doombringer… JACOB DELACROY!

Dave Dymond: Delacroy made his presence felt at Animosity when he and Sepulcher laid out Christopher Davis and Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: They called themselves Malice and Delacroy is just that. He’s malicious and violent.

Dave Dymond: This Law of Survival Division is tailor made for him.

“Sober” by Tool now blares over the speakers.

Samantha Coil: From Brooklyn, New York. He weighs in at 220 pounds. This is The Beast KAZ SATO!

A mixture of boo’s and cheers from the crowd greet Kaz Sato. Sato wastes no time getting in the ring.

Dave Dymond: This is a man that was one second away to becoming the Number One Contender.

Other Guy: He and Roland Caldwell tore the house down at Animosity. Sato is now looking to gain some gold that has eluded him so far in his SHOOT Project career.

Dave Dymond: Sato was embroiled in controversy when he and Worrens made a side deal.

Other Guy: Sato has faced some of the best so far. Kilminster, Kenshin, Caldwell and Worrens just to name a few guys that he’s faced. Those are the cream of the crop.

“Harder Better Faster Stronger” plays over the speakers now. The cocky Law of Survival Champion struts to his new theme song. He even goes as far to do the Robot and that gets boos from the crowd. He’s got gold around his neck, on his knuckles and around his waist. A fan holds a sign that reads “Benjamin Biggs was robbed!” but Kilgore ignores it.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky has been untouchable since debuting.

Other Guy: This song is the shit!

Dave Dymond: His song? Are you kid…

Other Guy: Can you just keep your mouth shut for once? I wanna hear this.

OG dances to Daft Punk while Stochansky continues to strut and takes his time getting into the ring. He takes off his chains and his gold brass knuckles. Finally, he takes off the Law of Survival Championship and orders Tony Lorenzo to block his two challengers. The ref does exactly that and Stochansky climbs in.

All three men are in the ring now and are in their respective corners. Lorenzo neatly folds the Law of Survivals Championship and raises it high into the air for all to see. Sato and Delacroy sneak a peek but goes right back to studying their opponents. Stochansky gets right in the mix of things when he shoves Sato hard. Sato is pushed back a few feet and Stochansky uses that to take a powder to the outside!

Dave Dymond: We start this match off with some non-sense from Stochansky.

Other Guy: Just a lil friendly shove from your new Law of Survival Champion.

Stochansky eggs both men to go at it. JD doesn’t any more instructions when Doombringer fires a right hand to the jaw of Sato knocking him down. Stochansky can’t help but smirk at seeing the two challengers go at it. JD waits for Sato to get up. JD whips Sato to the ropes and JD introduces his boot to the face of Sato! JD goes for a cover.


Stochansky immediately comes in with a hard forearm smash to the back of JD. Stochansky immediately goes to work with stomps to the head but Doombringer SNAPS his head to Stochansky and his eyes are red with fury! Stochansky immediately curtails his offense and backpedals a bit. Stochansky puts his hands up in a show of mercy but Doombringer shakes his head no. Stochansky shrugs his shoulders and fires a punch but JD catches the punch and headbutts Stochansky right on the nose. Stochansky is knocked down and looks to roll out but his progress is stopped by a figure blocking his path. Stochansky comically paws with his back to the mysterious figure and he knows who is behind him but he doesn’t want to turn around. 

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato is right behind Kilgore Stochansky and he’s going to get it right now!

Other Guy: Stochansky gets turned around and Sato fires a wild haymaker but Stochansky ducks and it hits Delacroy!

Kilgore slithers out of the ring and takes another break. Delacroy holds his jaw in pain. Sato pounces on the downed Louisiana native by mounting him and going for more punches. Delacroy covers up as best as he can but a few of the shots go through. Stochansky sarcastically claps for both men and goes as far to slap the ring apron to start a “rally” for the fans. The fans are torn on who to boo because all three are no fan favorites but most seem to relish in booing the current champion and his boorish antics.

Dave Dymond: Is Stochansky going to wrestle or is he going to continue to waste time on the floor?

Other Guy: The champ does whatever he wants, Dymond.

JD is stunned on the mat. Sato props him up in a sit up position when Sato fires a kick to the spine eliciting a loud “Oh!” from the crowd. Sato hits the ropes looking to score a knockout kick but he gets tripped up by Stochansky! Stochansky pulls Sato to the floor and slams him back first to the floor! Stochansky sneaStochansky in and drops a quick knee to the forehead of JD and immediately looks to score a pin fall!


Emphatic kick out by Delacroy.

Dave Dymond: It’s obvious Kilgore wants to make this a singles match if he can help it.

Other Guy: Smart game plan by the champ but Sato is stirring right now.

Sato is about to get back up but he gets a boot to the chest by Stochansky. Stochansky is now preoccupied by stopping Sato to get back in the ring. JD is now up to a vertical base when Stochansky turns around and gets his head taken off with a stiff clothesline! Sato now angrily comes into the ring and he waves JD off. Sato grabs Stochansky and measures him for his stiff clothesline! Stochansky shakes in pain and he comically faces the mat with his back turned to both challengers. JD is not impressed by Sato and says “watch this!”. JD grabs the LOS champ and shoots him into the ropes but Sato swoops in to steal Jacob’s thunder with a flipping dropkick! Sato and Delacroy are now arguing on whose going to beat the hell out of Kilgore but both men stop and look like they have something in mind. This gets the fans fired up and are clapping loudly at the misfortunes of the mustached Jersey native.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Sato and Delacroy are going to team up here.

Other Guy: That’s Kilgore’s worst nightmare!

JD and Stochansky grab Kilgore off the mat. They apply a double front face lock and execute a suplex. Immediately, Doombringer turns on Sato by kneeing him on the gut. Delacroy drops Sato with a DDT!




Sato kicks out.

Delacroy now covers Stochansky!



Kilgore kicks out.

Dave Dymond: It looks like Delacroy now wants to score the first pin fall in this match and he doesn’t care who he pins.

Other Guy: That’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

Delacroy grabs the legs of Stochansky and applies the Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Kilgore frantically waves his arms about wanting to get to the ropes. Sato shakes his head and he’s reeling from that DDT. He is stunned but he sees Delacroy’s back is turned to him. Sato hits the ropes and hits a running bulldog on Jacob Delacroy who had Stochansky locked in the Texas Cloverleaf!

Dave Dymond: Delacroy didn’t see that coming!

Other Guy: He thought he knocked Sato out with that DDT but the Brooklyn native can take a shot.

Sato now rolls Delacroy’s body out of the ring and he wants to be alone with Kilgore. Sato gets Stochansky up and shoots him to the corner. Stochansky is stunned in the corner when Sato runs in for a flying forearm smash. Sato props Stochansky up on the top rope now. Sato wraps his arms around the waist of Kilgore and executes a TOP ROPE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

Dave Dymond: Sato just threw the champion like he was a small child!

Other Guy: Sato is freakishly strong. The champ found that the hard way!

Sato makes the cover.



Sato is now poised to strike when he’s behind Stochansky. He wants to lock in the Katahajime!

Dave Dymond: Wait! Delacroy is behind Sato!

Other Guy: Sato doesn’t know that!

Sato is so focused on locking in the Katahajime that he is unaware of the Doombringer’s presence. LOW BLOW by Doombringer causes Sato to slump over. Jacob now locStochansky in the Pedigree and DRIVES Sato down! THE SHOTGUN BLAST! Cover!



Kilgore makes a desperate lunge!


Samantha Coil: Your winner of the first fall… JACOB DELACROY!


Jacob Delacroy: One

Kaz Sato:

Kilgore Stochansky:

Delacroy gets his hand raised in triumph but his celebration is cut off short. The enraged champion turns him around and almost knocks a tooth out with a right hook! Stochansky whips him to the ropes and does a Shotai palm strike onto the chin of Jacob. Stochansky kicks him in the gut, front face lock going for a suplex here but JD drives him to the corner driving the air out of him. JD drives shoulder strikes to the belly of Stochansky. JD now props Stochansky back up the top turnbuckle. He’s got Stochansky locked in for a superplex but wait. Sato begins to stir and he bends down to grab Delacroy on his shoulders in an electric chair while Jacob has Kilgore in a superplex position. All three guys execute a superplex/electric chair combo. TOWER OF DOOM!

Dave Dymond: That was incredible!

Other Guy: All three men are down and hurt.

Lorenzo starts the count on all three men.








Delacroy starts to stir.


Stochansky uses the ropes to get up.


Delacroy is up and charges at Stochansky. Stochansky drops down and uses Jacob’s own momentum against him to throw him over the top rope and onto the floor. The Louisiana native is down on the floor now and he’s clutching his knee in pain! Stochansky eyes up the fallen Sato. Sato gets up and Kilgore goes for a kick but Sato catches his foot. Sato pulls Stochansky close to him and with his right leg still up, Sato executes a Capture Suplex! Stochansky’s body is completely limp from the devastating counter! Sato slams his fist onto the mat and he’s fired up. Sato grabs Stochansky up. A boot to the gut onto Kilgore. Standing headscissors by Sato and Sato hoists Kilgore up for a powerbomb but Kilgore squirms free. Kilgore runs the ropes but he gets tripped up by Delacroy whose hobbling and looks to have injured his knee in the tumble to the floor. The trip throws off the timing of Kilgore. Sato now charges at Kilgore for a running clothesline knocking Kilgore up and over onto the floor. Kilgore falls onto Delacroy and both men are down. Sato now goes up the top rope and he takes a flight for a TOP ROPE SUICIDE DIVE!

Dave Dymond: Oh my! Kaz Sato took a big risk there!

Other Guy: He took both guys out!

Sato throws the hobbled Delacroy back in now. Sato slams Jacob’s leg onto the mat and Doombringer cries out in pain. Sato now has the leg and turns him over for a single leg crab! The Brooklyn native is cranking back onto the leg of Delacroy. Lorenzo asks Doombringer if he’s had enough and he responds with a loud “No!” Kilgore shakes his head and he’s still reeling from Kaz’s unexpected suicide dive. Delacroy has his right arm up and he looks like he’s going to tap!

Dave Dymond: That injured knee of Delacroy might force him to relinquish one fall.

Other Guy: He should tap now or else he’ll be injured for this match!

Delacroy’s arm is about to tap but Kilgore comes in with a knee to the cheek of Sato! Kilgore grabs Sato and rams him shoulder first onto the ring post! The crowd groans in pain. Kilgore now sees the downed Louisiana native and can’t help but smile at his fortune. Kilgore grabs the leg of Delacroy but Delacroy counters in a small package pin! The near 300 pounder surprises the champion!

Dave Dymond: Delacroy already has one fall under his belt. Could he be the new champ?



Kilgore escapes.

Sato is now clutching his left shoulder in pain but he fights through the pain. Sato is behind Delacroy now. Sato fires a kidney punch stunning the big Southerner. Sato lifts Delacroy for a German Suplex Pin!



Delacroy kicks out.

Kilgore now goes to the outside and he’s got the Law of Survival Championship with him. He rolls into the ring and he’s had enough of this match. Lorenzo stops him but suddenly, Kilgore drops the belt. Kilgore now pulls out a set of brass knuckles from his shorts. He takes aim at Sato but he misses! Sato rolls him up!




Other Guy: NO! NO! Kilgore Stochansky just got pinned by Kaz Sato!

Dave Dymond: That means he’s one fall away from losing his Championship.

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the second fall… KAZ SATO!

Other Guy: He hasn’t scored a fall yet!


Jacob Delacroy: One

Kaz Sato: One

Kilgore Stochansky:

Sato doesn’t know that Kilgore STILL has the brass knuckles with him though. Sato gets his hand raised but he gets a SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE BRASS KNUCKS! He’s out cold!




Delacroy breaks up the fall. Delacroy stomps Kilgore’s hand and Kilgore recoils in pain. The brass knuckles were knocked loose and Delacroy now looks to grab the brass knuckles but Lorenzo has had enough and kicks the brass knuckles out of the ring! The referee won’t stand by for any more rule breaking. Delacroy and Stochansky are now brawling wildly in the corner with the champion frantic to try to get a pin on the knocked out Sato. Delacroy gets a thumb to the eye and Stochansky shoves him to the outside. Stochansky goes for the cover!



NO! Sato kicks out and that gets a pop from the crowd!

Stochansky eyes go BIG as saucers and he goes for another pin!



Again, Sato kicks out and Kilgore is furious! The mustached warrior is pounding the mat in frustration! The champ has completely lost his composure and the fans love every minute of it laughing at his childish temper tantrum.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Kilgore is losing it!

Other Guy: This ain’t fair! He shouldn’t have to defend a title he just won under these circumstances. Why they gotta hold down the black man, huh?

Dave Dymond: Black man?

Stochansky continues to pound the mat and he’s unaware that Delacroy has snuck into the ring. He’s got his eyes set for either man. Sato gets up and he gets GORED by Delacroy! All the wind is knocked out of Sato and Delacroy covers!



Stochansky breaks up the fall. Stochansky shoots Delacroy to the ropes. Kilgore ducStochansky down and the challengers clunk heads! Sato is knocked to the floor and Doombringer gets rolled up with a handful of tights!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of the third fall… .KILGORE Stochansky!


Jacob Delacroy: One

Kaz Sato: One

Kilgore Stochansky: One

Dave Dymond: Stochansky got lucky there!

Other Guy: Shut up Dymond. Finally, Kilgore gets a pin fall!

Kilgore raises his arm not in triumph but in relief but he immediately gets dumped on his head with a German Suplex by Kaz Sato! The fans pop at Sato sneaking in to attack the obnoxious Law of Survival Champion. Sato now has his arms up and ready to lock in the Katahajime on EITHER man. Delacroy gets up and he gets the KATAHAJIME! Delacroy arms wave frantically and the big man is quickly losing oxygen!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky is going to lose his Championship and he won’t be involved in the fall!

Other Guy: Like I said.. it ain’t right!

Lorenzo asks Delacroy if he’ll give it up and a garbled response means a “no!” The champion pulls out another weapon from his trunks!

Dave Dymond: What the hell? Does Stochansky keep a stash of weapons in his crotch?

Other Guy: Why don’t you check, you sick freak!

Stochansky pulls out a backup set of brass knuckles. Stochansky takes aim and he CLOCKS Sato right in the forehead with it! Sato falls down and Delacroy falls on top of him.



Kilgore kicks him off.

Delacroy gets up now and he barks at Kilgore to get him his best shot with the brass knuckles! Kilgore yells loudly and takes a wild shot with the brass knuckles, and connects with Delacroy’s forehead!  He makes the cover!




Samantha Coil:  Your winner, and STILL Laws of Survival Champion…  KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

Dave Dymond:I can’t believe it, but Kilgore Stochansky just eeked out a win right here!

Other Guy:  You’re telling me, man.  But, Kilgore is a crafty fool, so I mean, you know he had it under control.  And as such, he’s had his first successful defense!

Dave Dymond: I guess that’s true.  You can’t knock his cleverness, I suppose, but I hear we’re getting word from the back!  Something involving one of SHOOT’s newest superstars?!

The scene fades in to a backstage hallway. The camera moves forward, showing that the camera man is walking down said hallway. He comes to a corner, about to round it, when suddenly, a strange voice is heard.


???: I’ll hurt them tonight, Mikey. Yes I will. Yes I will.

The cameraman, realizing who the voice belongs to none other than Sammy Rochester, stops, a little nervous about rounding the corner and interrupting the large man and his doll.

Sammy: They’ll see that Mikey is the greatest. I’ll show them. And if they don’t see…well…..

Sammy’s breathing begins to quicken and grow deeper, sounding more like some kind of snarl than actual breathes.

Sammy: I’ll do to THEM what I did to that cunt of a sister I had.

While walking down the hall of the Thomas and Mack Center, Jason Johnson nearly gets rolled over by the monstrous Sammy Rochester.  He catches himself in time, but looks up to the behemoth and acknowledges him. 

Jason Johnson:  Ahh, Sammy Rochester.  Welcome to Revolution, kid.

Sammy cranes his neck down to Jason, a sick smile crossing his face. His yellow teeth are bared before the boss and before the SHOOT Project audience watching the broadcast, his bloodshot eyes growing wide with the smile.

Sammy: Mikey wants to know who we’re hurting.

Sammy shoves the doll, Mikey, in Jason’s face, almost as if he’s expecting Johnson to answer the doll.

Jason looks at the doll a bit quizically, before showing a bit of disappointment. 

Jason Johnson:  Mikey…  err, Sammy…  because of the Championship Edition this week, we had to push your in-ring debut back to next week.  Someone was supposed to get something out to you to let you know.

He furrows his brow. 

Jason Johnson:  I’ll assume you didn’t receive it.

The grin is suddenly gone. The eyes remain wide, but the grin is gone. Sammy’s mouth is now open, in a bit of an O shape, a look of almost horror on his face. He begins to shake, his fists clenching.

Sammy: Mikey said we’d hurt someone. YOU said we’d hurt someone. They promised. They always promise.

Sammy suddenly holds the doll to his ear, listening intently, still shaking, and still looking horrified and betrayed.

Sammy: They lied to us, Mikey. I know, I know they are. They are bad people. Bad, lying people. They know we need to, that you need to. They know what we need to do. But they won’t let us?

Sammy suddenly looks at Johnson, a look of sheer rage on his face.

Sammy: Why the FUCK did you lie to us!?

Jason Johnson:  Like I said, Sammy…  the whole Championship Edition has kind of taken over everything this week.  It’s like we say as a disclaimer, man.  The card is always subject to change. 

Jason looks at Sammy still, who seems to be seething even after this.  He continues… 

Jason Johnson:  But regardless, you’ll be on the next Revolution for sure.  I don’t want to keep SHOOT and its fans waiting for you for too much longer.  So, relax and everything will be okay.

Sammy, however, does not relax. He turns to the wall, gently setting Mikey down, in a seated position, on a nearby table. He then begins to slam his fists against the wall, the sound of fists connecting with wall echoing through the halls of the Thomas and Mack Center.


Sammy sets his sights on a nearby stack of steel chairs. He dashes over to them, tossing them every which way, being careful not to throw them in the direction of Mikey. Jason Johnson, who seems completely shocked, signals for his two security guards to calm Sammy Rochester. However, as soon as both men grab hold of his arms, it becomes clear that Sammy is not going to be controlled by two men. One of them is slammed against the wall. The other is caught in the face with Rochester’s free hand. Three more men, who had apparently been called for, appear, and they attempt to restrain Sammy. With the help of the two other security guards, they begin to get Sammy under control…..

Until a nearby staff member picks up Mikey.


All five men are suddenly thrown off of Sammy as Sammy charges for the doll. The staff member runs, running into the camera man. The camera falls to the ground, cracking, and then fading into static. After a few moments, the camera fades back to the announce table, where both Dave Dymond and Other Guy look completely stunned.

Other Guy: What…the fuck….was that?

Dave Dymond: I don’t know, but you heard it, folks. Next week, Sammy Rochester will have his in ring debut. God help the poor soul he gets put against.


We are taken backstage where we see Jun Kenshin already dressed for battle. He is on the floor sitting down Indian style and looks to be meditating. He is approached by the lovely Abigail Chase.

Abigail Chase: Kenshin, a word please?

Kenshin gets up and cracks his neck.

Jun Kenshin: Yeah?

Abigail Chase: Kenshin, it has been several years since you’ve challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship. You are widely recognized as the greatest wrestler that has been in the SHOOT Project that has never become World Heavyweight Champion. Trevor Worrens defeated you in the semi-finals of the Tournament. Diamond Del Carver broke your neck on your first try. How are you feeling right now?

Kenshin pauses for a moment thinking deeply of the right words to say.

Jun Kenshin: How am I feeling? Honestly, Abigail? Right now, my stomach is doing somersaults inside. I’m a nervous wreck, right now.

Kenshin laughs nervously.

Jun Kenshin: It’s funny because I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I’m usually calm and collected but I’m bouncing off the walls right now. The atmosphere right now is absolutely electric. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on its ends JUST waiting for this match to happen.

Abigail Chase: Trevor Worrens had a lot of disparaging things to say to you and to the other challenger, Diamond Del Carver. He says that neither of you are rightful challengers to his championship. He says that this is a glorified nostalgia act.

Kenshin stops pacing for a moment.

Jun Kenshin: Nostalgia act?

Kenshin scoffs.

Jun Kenshin: Was it an act of nostalgia when Diamond Del Carver main evented the first Revolution of the re-launch and defeated Ray Willmott in a near one hour classic? Was it nostalgia that compelled Carver to continue to take the punishment of “The Inhuman” Corazon?

Jun shakes his head.

Jun Kenshin: Was it an act of nostalgia when I defeated Osbourne Kilminster, Kaz Sato and Cade Sydal all on the same night on my first match back? Did nostalgia help me out when I beat De Luca at Animosity?

Jun shakes his head.

Jun Kenshin: No, it wasn’t. It’s like THIS, Abigail. Whether people want to admit it or not? SHOOT’s past, present and future are in the hands of its two grey beards. The veterans of this great company…the guardians of the gate… the ambassadors of this sport….whatever you want to call us. Diamond Del Carver or myself WILL walk out tonight as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. I have said that Trevor Worrens reign is at an … end.

He looks right into the camera to emphasize his next statement.

Jun Kenshin: Worrens said a lot of things about me. He’s questioned my integrity, my fortitude and my realness but at the end of tonight? The only thing that he can call me is…..

He pauses and leans close into the camera.

Jun Kenshin: …. Champion.

After the emphatic statement, Kenshin leaves and the crowd pops in the background.


Diamond Del Carver is taping his wrists. He takes a deep breath. There’s a knock on his door. Carver rolls his eyes and walks over to it. He opens it.

Carver: Roland…

Roland Caldwell walks into the room.

Roland Caldwell: Del. Its been a long time. We’ve both been caught up in our own things, but you’re the only man in this federation that I truly respect. What you did to me… the scars still stand. Every memory that slips away I have you to thank for. Our second match was a career changer. I never really recovered from it. And here you are. Wrestling for the title. Good luck tonight, Del. Because if you win it, it will be an honor to end your career again. It will be an honor to go into that ring and kill you again. It will be an honor to feel the bite of your fists and your chairs and your kicks and your barbed wire. If you win tonight, I will be waiting to beat you for a third time. This time, for the World Championship.

Carver: I guess what they say about your sins of the past catching up to you is true, Roland. I don’t have a lot of regrets in my life…but betraying you is the one thing I did that has haunted me for years. So I guess you should be cheering for me, old friend. Because if I win…check that…when I win…not only do you get your World Title shot, but you get your revenge on me for what I did. I don’t know if it will be an honor…but it will be a hell of a fight. The funny thing is, we both get what we got coming to us. For you it’s a title shot, and for me…it’s an asskicking from the guy I turned on.

Roland’s face is unreadable as he nods, turns, and walks out the door.



The action of the night returns to the ring once more, and already “Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age begins to play.  An energetic and more than ready to fight, Benjamin Biggs explodes out from the back, receiving a huge pop from the SHOOT Project faithful.  Biggs high fives his way down to the ring, showing only very slight wear from his match up at Animosity.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is a FATAL FOUR WAY for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP in which WHOEVER scores a knock out victory first will be declared the Iron Fist Champion!

Biggs picks up the pace, leaps up onto the ring edge, and then flips himself over the top rope.  He lands perfectly on his feet and walks off into the corner, playing up to the fans who continue to cheer him on.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 170 pounds, here is Benjamin Biggs!!!

Biggs hops down off the corner turnbuckle and keeps moving around the ring, staying loose.

Dave Dymond: Biggs suffered a loss at Animosity, and in turn lost the Laws of Survival Championship, but here he is looking to regain championship gold, but this time in the form of the Iron Fist title.

Other Guy: And Biggs has NO problem doin so, Dave, cuz’ if you remember when Biggs first returned he actually called out Corazon, and now months later he finally has his shot.

Dave Dymond: Of course he’ll have two other people in his away in addition to the current champion, Adrian Corazon… making this a VERY unique Iron Fist Championship match up.

Biggs’s music dies down, and is immediately replaced by “Natural One” by Folk Implosion.  The once cheering fans immediately begin to boo as a very snide Ron Barker slinks out from the back, not in the good mood at all.  Barker walks slowly, obviously nursing some injuries he suffered against Cade Sydal.  Biggs looks ready for him in the ring, but Barker takes his time, scoffing at the fans who continue to boo and shout in his direction.

Samantha Coil: And the next challenger, weighing in at 260 pounds, here is “THE RAVISHING ONE” Ron Barker!!!

Barker does not enter the ring, but instead continues to walk around on the outside, shaking his head.  His music fades out, and the introductions continue with “Not Without A Purpose” by Street Dogs starting up. The SHOOT Video screen comes to life with the Irish flag, and then two beer mugs clink together, shattering into a montage of Michael Collins and his brother Rowland.  After a moment, The Devil From Dublin steps out from the back, but not alone. He is accompanied by Maureen and his twin brother Rowland.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Michael Collins is making this championship night a family affair.

Other Guy: I’d be keeping my eyes on Rowland Collins if I were Barker, Biggs, or Corazon.  A quick switch and suddenly you’re facing a completely different Collins.

The fans seemed to have a mixed reaction to the approaching Collins, though there seems to be a bit more cheering than booing at this point.  Collins pumps one fist into the air, and then enters the ring, leaving Maureen and Rowland on the outside.

Samantha Coil: Introducing the third challenger, who weighs in tonight at 230 pounds, he is the Devil From Dublin… Michael Collins!!!

Collins looks at Biggs and then outside the ring to Barker, who slowly starts to walk up the steel steps on the other side.  However all three suddenly turn their attention to the entryway as a white strobe light starts up, the regular lights slightly fading down… and then “Inhuman” by DZK blares over the sound system. The SHOOT Video Screen shows various towns in Mexico bereft of life, and Adrian Corazon’s name shows up in front of the images.  The boos are absolutely deafening as slowly but surely the Iron Fist Champion steps out from the back, carrying with him the Iron Fist Title.

Dave Dymond: And here comes the man whose title is on the line.  The devious, the inhumanly brutal Adrian Corazon.

Other Guy: Yeah and he’s got his work cut out for him. First time the Iron Fist Title has been defended in a multi-person match, Dave, which means knockin’ someone down for the ten count is that much harder.

Dave Dymond: Interesting to note as well that in this situation I would have expected Corazon to bring with him the monster that is Obsidian, but the bodyguard and tag team partner of the Iron Fist Champion is no where to be seen, which could be a good thing… OR a real bad thing.

As Corazon approaches the ring, the lights return to normal, but the strobe light continues to flash throughout the arena.

Samantha Coil: And finally, introducing THE IRON FIST CHAMPION… he weighs in tonight at 226 pounds… ladies and gentlemen… THIS. IS. CORAZON!!!

Corazon enters the ring and takes a moment to stare intensely at each one of his opponents.  He then hands the championship title off to referee Willie Dean who raises the title up in the center of all four men.  Ron Barker officially enters the ring, and each competitor stands in a different corner.  Willie Dean hands the title off to Samantha Coil who takes it out of the ring, and once she is safely outside the ring, the referee calls for the bell, making the Iron Fist Championship match official.

And nobody moves an inch.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, Iron Fist Title on the line, but look at how cautiously all four men are approaching the start of this match up.

Other Guy: It’s a crucial moment. One wrong move and it could be knock out city for anyone on the wrong end of a punch or high impact move.

Corazon’s eyes dart back and forth, and of the four he appears the most calm.  Biggs starts to move suddenly, and then like a bolt of lightning he charges at Corazon!  Corazon reacts, turning quickly to intercept Biggs, and as Biggs flies at him with a forearm attempt, Corazon LEVELS Biggs with a stiff clothesline!  Biggs hits the mat hard and Corazon lands well placed precision stomps down onto Biggs’s sternum.  With Corazon’s back to Collins, Collins goes to strike, but Barker gets involved, grabbing Collins from behind by the shoulder and then he spins him around.  Collins SWINGS wildly connecting hard with Barker’s jaw! Barker stumbles back and Collins hesitates for a moment, but decides to go after the Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: Barker knocked for a loop by his one time tag team partner in Michael Collins, and now the Irishman is a man on a mission.

Before any more damage can be done to Biggs, Collins gets a hold of Corazon and quickly whips him across the ring into the ropes.  Corazon hooks his arms around the top rope though, stopping his own momentum.  Collins charges, only for Corazon to turn his body and CRUSH Collins with a back elbow.  Collins staggers, and Corazon believes he has the better of him, but Collins snaps back with a HARD straight punch to Corazon’s face. Corazon staggers back and Collins winds up… CLOTHESLINE!!!

Other Guy: And Corazon is taken out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: And these fans loving that fact, Other Guy! Michael Collins showing some serious intensity in this match up, of course the only way a ten count is official in this one, is if it takes place inside the ring.

Collins turns now and Barker comes back at him, nailing him with a running double axe handle.  Collins is knocked down to one knee and then Barker just KICKS a leg up and boots Collins in the face.  Collins is laid out and Barker looks to Dean now, demanding a count.



Biggs starts to get up while Barker stands almost expecting victory.



Barker sees Biggs, and quickly goes after him before Biggs can get his full bearings back.  The referee continues to count.


Collins stirs as Barker nails Biggs from behind, but Biggs kicks back at the same time catching Barker in the gut!  Barker doubles over in pain, and Biggs LEAPS over the top rope onto the ring edge, then VAULTS back over and lands a guillotine leg drop across Barker’s neck! Barker goes down, and the fans cheer!!!


Collins sits up now, but isn’t quite up to his feet, Corazon regroups on the outside, but remains out there for a moment, watching with caution and careful planning.  Just as the referee is about to count seven, Collins is up to his feet, and the count is ended. Corazon springs back into the ring now, and before Collins can react, Corazon spins him around… STIFF SNAPPING DDT!!!

Other Guy: Damn, Collins never saw it coming!

The cheering fans boo, and outside Maureen shows concern for her brother, while Rowland looks ready to fight Corazon himself.  Biggs comes at Corazon before Corazon can do anything else and starts firing with a combination of quick chops to the chest and kicks to the legs. Corazon falters while Biggs builds up some serious momentum and Willie Dean checks on the status of Collins.  Biggs works Corazon into the lower right corner of the ring, continuing now with just hard chops, causing Corazon to reel from each blow.  Biggs then backs up, builds up speed, and sprints at Corazon!  Corazon moves out of the corner as Biggs leaps, but Biggs lands both feet on the second rope, only for Corazon to kick the ropes and cause Biggs to fall, landing on his back!  Biggs’s legs fold over his body and Corazon grabs Collins who is working his way up to his feet once again.

Corazon and Collins lock up in grapple, with Corazon trying to get the better of Collins, but Collins puts up a fighting effort, struggling against Corazon and finally shoving Corazon back hard. Collins follows up with a running clothesline attempt, but Corazon ducks… AND BARKER OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!

Dave Dymond: Barker got Collins out of nowhere with that end all be all move, but is it enough to knock out the Devil From Dublin?

Other Guy: Collins has been taking a lot of hits in this match up, so that might just be!

Barker gets up now and with Collins motionless on the mat, the referee again starts the ten count.


Barker turns away from Collins and immediately locks eyes with Corazon.  The fans buzz as the tension builds up.  Both men look at each other, and Barker starts to clench his fists.


Dave Dymond: We’ve got a showdown between two of SHOOT Project’s most cerebral individuals, and I don’t know WHAT is going to happen.


Other Guy: It’s an odd fantasy match in the making if these two throw down right here and right now… that’s for sure, Dave.


Dave Dymond:  Corazon ready to strike… and here we go!


Corazon moves in after Barker, Barker follows suit…. But then suddenly both men turn and seeing Biggs getting up they charge… DOUBLE TEAM CLOTHESLINE!  The boos ring out as it appears there is an alliance formed, but just as Barker adds insult to injury by shouting down at Biggs, Corazon turns him for a quick neck breaker!


Corazon moves towards Collins now and lifts him up himself, thus breaking the knock out count.  Willie Dean motions for the match to continue and Corazon whips Collins into the corner, apparently keeping him out of the way.

Dave Dymond: And there we see just WHY this is going to be a difficult match to win.  You basically have to get everyone out of the way to score a single knock out victory.  Ron Barker was on the verge of scoring the win over Michael Collins, but Corazon interrupted that and so the match continues.

Other Guy: With Corazon in command of what is going on though, Dave, which seems to be the case with this man, EVEN when ya think you finally have him down.

Barker is back up, holding his neck in pain, and Corazon sees this and lunges in his direction like a vicious dog.  Barker has no time to react as Corazon lands a stiff knife-edge chop, then a European uppercut, then a second knife edge chop… and finally a spinning back elbow that takes Barker down onto the mat. Corazon snaps down to the mat himself and wrenches the neck of Barker!

Dave Dymond: Corazon has picked his spot on Ron Barker, and now he’s slowly wearing him down.

The referee continually looks back and forth between the fallen Biggs, Corazon and Barker, and Collins in the corner, making sure nobody is knocked out.  Corazon is focused on Barker completely, which allows for Biggs to try to capitalize. Biggs quickly climbs up to the top rope, back to Corazon and Barker… and all fans rise up to their feet…. HUGE MOONSAULT!!!

Biggs CRASHES down on top of Corazon, which forces him to let go of Barker. Biggs springs up to his feet while Corazon rolls to the side, and just as Biggs turns around, Collins is right there, RIGHT HOOK, RIGHT HOOK AGAIN, AND RIGHT UPPERCUT!!!  Biggs drops to the mat hard and Collins then goes and just STOMPS down on Barker for good measure… and then the same to Corazon!  Some of the fans start to cheer, feeding off of Collins’s burst of energy.  Rowland and Maureen cheer him on and Collins now points to Corazon, actually playing into the cheers he is receiving.

Other Guy: I hate to sound like a fan boy, but are we gonna see a NEW Iron Fist Champion?

Dave Dymond: Collins is calling for it, and he’s waiting, he wants to end this by taking out the current champion himself!

More of the fans pick up as Corazon is up to his feet, shaking his head after feeling the full weight of Biggs’s body crashing down on top of him. All the while referee Willie Dean checks on Biggs, see’s he’s not moving and starts the ten count.




Collins stalks in closer to Corazon


Before Corazon can turn around, Collins steps to Corazon’s side, lifts him up and looks for the Irish Car Bomb, Corazon fights his way out of it though, falling back onto the mat on his feet.


Collins turns around and Corazon kicks Collins in the gut, unaware of the count taking place.  Corazon hooks Collins around the head, goes for a suplex, but Collins quickly reverses it, bringing Corazon up for a suplex…


But Corazon DIGS at Collins’s eyes while vertically upside down, causing Collins to nearly drop Corazon.  Corazon lands on his feet, back to back with Collins, and then drops into a sitting position, CRACKING Collins’s neck on his shoulder!


Collins writhes on the mat in pain and Corazon gets up to his feet and surveys the scene.


Corazon sees what’s about to happen and moves over towards Biggs now, but he’s intercepted by Barker!  Barker hits an impromptu double axe handle to the gut, halting Corazon.


Dave Dymond: Collins has got it!  Collins is going to be the new Iron Fist Champion!

Willie Dean is ABOUT to count ten, when Barker charges in and just scoops up Biggs, breaking the ten count!  Barker tosses Biggs to the outside, and before he can turn around, Corazon is back at it, pulling Barker right back into a dragon sleeper!  Barker starts to squirm, but Corazon has it locked on with no intention of letting go, basically working to choke out Barker completely.  The fans watch on, booing once again.

Other Guy: Wow, you’d think there would be some cheers because Barker’s the one on the receivin’ end of that sleeper hold, but looks like NOBODY wants to see Corazon walk away STILL the Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: They might not want it, but it could very well be the case here. Biggs is down on the outside, Collins is still not moving from that sick neck breaker, and Ron Barker could be on the verge of being forced into submission!

Corazon keeps the hold locked on tightly, and because he does, Willie Dean doesn’t take notice to Collins being knocked out.  Barker struggles against Corazon, but then slowly starts to show signs of powering out.  Corazon fights back, and just as Barker is about to power out of the dragon sleeper, Corazon SNAPS him down with a roll of the dice!  Barker is laid out cold and Corazon now stands once again as the sole survivor.

Dave Dymond: This has been one of the more fast paced hard hitting Iron Fist Championship matches I’ve witnessed in SHOOT Project’s history, and right now that man still stands at the helm!

Corazon turns his attention to Collins now who finally starts to stir, slowly sitting up and holding his neck in a great deal of pain.  Corazon is the one to do the stalking now, but not secretly. He shouts at Collins to get up… taunting the Devil from Dublin.  Collins starts to get up and Corazon moves in closer, and Rowland has had enough. Rowland starts shouting at Collins from the outside… trying to get his brother to snap back into things. Collins gets with it and as Corazon moves in for the proverbial kill, Rowland hops up onto the ring apron and looks to enter, Michael stops him though, unknowing of Corazon right there behind him.  Collins turns around, and Corazon RIGHT THERE… BOOT TO THE GUT!!!

Rowland shouts at Corazon, after dropping down off the ring edge, and before Corazon can hit original sin, Collins lifts up with all his strength, and tries to send Corazon over the top rope and to the outside!  Corazon however hooks his arm around the rope, and lands on his side on the ring edge. Maureen pulls Rowland back from danger, and Corazon pulls himself up to his feet, on the other side of the ring ropes, and Collins turns around, quick right hook! SPIT flies from Corazon’s mouth and Collins grabs the Iron Fist Champion by the back of his head and runs him towards the corner post!  Corazon’s head is RAMMED into the post and just as he slumps down, Collins grabs him pulls him into the ring and with Corazon’s legs still somewhat on the ropes… Collins SPIKES Corazon with a DDT of his own!

Other Guy: Corazon is down… Barker is down… Biggs is down!!!

Collins points to Corazon and then looks to the referee.  The referee starts the ten count, and the fans pick up just a bit more.






Dave Dymond: Corazon is not moving an inch.

Other Guy: But Barker is starting to come back to, Dave, this could be bad from Michael Collins.


Barker is up to his feet and he storms towards Collins now, while Collins starts to smile, counting along with the referee.


Barker grabs Collins from behind, Collins DECKS him… NO!  Barker ducks it up and over back body drop… NO!  Collins lands on his feet!


Barker turns around, Collins with a running clothesline…


Barker ducks and lifts Corazon up… only for Corazon to snap him back in the other direction… having played possum!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon right back into this thing and he takes Barker down with a reverse STO!

Other Guy: That cunning son of a bitch.  I’m warming up to Michael Collins, but Corazon was playin’ possum!  Thought The Devil from Dublin had it there.

Dave Dymond: Twice now he’s been close, but that ten count has yet to be reached.

Corazon continues to fight against Barker now, and as he does so, Biggs finally gets back into the ring, and Collins sees this.  So instead of Collins going for Corazon, he turns his focus on Biggs. Biggs fires with a knife-edge chop… Collins fires back with a straight punch.  Biggs staggers a great deal…. But still fires back with another knife-edge chop.  Collins NAILS a harder punch, and Biggs is almost taken completely off his feet.  Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Corazon and Barker battle it out… and Barker is just about to get the upper hand, when suddenly Corazon wraps both his arms around Barker’s stomach and LIFTS him high up over head with a belly-to-belly suplex!!!



Dave Dymond: Michael Collins fighting through it all and now Biggs is out cold and once more the referee counting in Collins’s favor!



Corazon turns around quickly after seeing to it that Barker is sufficiently out.  He sees Willie Dean counting and immediately walks over to him.  Corazon spins the referee around and starts arguing with him, thus interrupting the count.  Collins becomes instantly pissed off and walks closer towards the referee and Corazon.  He gets involved and Corazon SHOVES Collins hard.  Collins reels, but then musters up all his strength and SHOVES Corazon back!  Corazon seems to FLY backwards almost, staggering a great deal, almost up against the left side of the ropes.  Collins charges looking to take full advantage, but Corazon side steps, pulling down on the ropes, and Collins takes a NASTY spill to the outside!

Then Corazon gets up, and smirks, all the while walking with purpose towards Biggs.  Immediately Corazon pulls Biggs up into proper position… and without hesitation… HE NAILS Original Sin!

Dave Dymond: Oh no… you can’t be serious… Corazon lured Collins in and he’s stealing the win right out from under him!

Corazon gets up to his feet and demands Willie Dean start the ten count.  The referee simply does his job, while Corazon stands there, soaking up the hatred.





Collins starts to get up on the outside, but not so far from him is Barker, who also starts to stir.


Other Guy: He’s gonna win this, Dave.  Corazon saw this match as one about smarts and not brutality tonight… and now he’s gonna fucking win the damn thing.


Collins is up, but sees Barker getting up out of the corner of his eye. He goes for him first, but then Corazon sees both men standing on the outside.


Corazon hits the ropes on the opposite end of the ring, and then sprints full speed… FLYING over the top rope with a plancha!!  Corazon CRASHES down on top of both men!


The fans buzz as the count continues, and now Corazon has taken out Barker and Collins.  All three men stir on the ground outside the ring.


Dave Dymond: Come on Biggs, get up!  Get up!

Other Guy: No dice, Dave.  This one is over.


The referee calls for the bell and at the same time “Inhuman” begins to play for the second time in the course of this match.  Corazon rises up on the outside, cracks his neck to one side and re-enters the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and STILL The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… CORAZON!!!

And with the belt being handed back to Corazon, the boos sound loudly.  Corazon hoists his title high over head, standing amongst the three fallen competitors.


Jun Kenshin stretches in a hallway. He looks up and stops suddenly as a figure walks up to him and stops.

Roland Caldwell: Jun Kenshin.

The crowd boos and Kenshin stands. He glares into Roland’s eyes and his jaw tightens.

Jun Kenshin: What could you possibly want?

Roland shrugs.

Roland Caldwell: You could be the World Champ after tonight. What could I possibly not want? Tonight, you’re going to war against Trevor Worrens and Del Carver. Tonight you could rise to the top of the mountain, only to have me waiting for you. Because Jun Kenshin, I am the number one contender. I will be waiting for you. So after the war you have tonight, all that will await you is another war. Because if you win, in only a matter of a few weeks, we will tear each other apart. Our blood will spill. Our bones will break. We will crash to the floor in broken heaps. And then… oh, then! Then we will stand, the crowd on its feet, you will wipe the blood from your eyes. You will hold your ribs. You will take a deep breath, feeling the sharp pain in your side. And then you will see me. You will see me, smile that smile…

Roland smiles.

Roland Caldwell: And All I have to ask you, Jun, is this… Will you be ready for me? Do you really believe that you can beat me?

Jun Kenshin: There will be a time when our blades will clash, Caldwell but that time is not now. I’m not in the mood for any of your theatrics. I have a World Heavyweight Championship to prepare for.

Kenshin and Caldwell meet eye to eye and the two have an intense face off. Neither man is willing to give in and look away, almost like a game of chicken.


An Abrupt interruption to the Revolution broadcast.

A loud, obnoxious static takes over, and lasts just long enough to make you wonder if your cable went out.  But then an image appears for a moment, but then becomes more definite.  The face of Vincent Mallows within the black and white dots of the static.  Soon the noise of the static starts to take a consistent beat, and transforms into the opening rift of “In This Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails.

I wasted away because of what happened here.

“watch the sun,

as it crawls across a final time

and it feels like,

like it was a friend.”

I fell back into the void.  A hopeless life of no escape.

“it is watching us,

and the world we set on fire

do you wonder,

if it feels the same?”

Suddenly the song picks up into its chorus, the static churns out images of Christopher Davis being brutally attacked by Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher.  These images are mirrored by black and white images of the past, of a group known as Ascension laying waste to any who opposed them.

“and the sky is filled with light

can you see it?

all the black is really white

if you believe it

as your time is running out

let me take away your doubt

you can find a better a place

in this twilight”

I can’t live like I used to.  I can’t cause the pain you have caused me.

“from dust to dust,

ashes in your hair remind me

what it feels like

and I won’t feel again

night descends

could I have been a better person

if I could only do it all again”

But there are those who I can live through, who can make me feel alive again!

The chorus picks back up and now the images are seen are hard to completely decipher.  Book pages being burnt, blood-stained walls, fog billowing in over a small lake, eyes seen in the darkness.  Images that are caught but move by too fast to really see much more that happens in between.

“and the sky is filled with light

can you see it?

all the black is really white

if you believe it

and the longing that you feel

you know none of this is real

you will find a better place

in this twilight”

The music slowly fades out, returning the annoying static…but then silence, and then black.

A New Year, a new life.

An abrupt return to full color, Vincent Mallows seen sitting in his wheel chair, glaring.

Redemption comes!




Dave Dymond:  Well OG, next up, we’ve got quite a contest for you.  There are a lot of firsts at stake here, and for Trevor Worrens, I believe this is the first time he’s defended the championship in a triple threat match, right?

Other Guy:  I believe so, Dave.  It’ll be quite a task for Worrens, who, through it all, has very much been a steadfast champion.  His struggle is well documented, to the point where people from the fans to the stars in the back…  aren’t really sure how to react to it.  He’s a very unique individual.

Dave Dymond:  Beyond that, all three of these guys have fought each other in some capacity or another, before.  Kenshin lost to Worrens in the World Championship tournament, and Carver’s fought against Worrens in tag team action.  I’m sure those contests have been weighing on the minds of these competitors all week.

Other Guy:   I’m sure they have, but for now Dave?  It’s World Heavyweight Championship time.  Who do you have winning this thing?

Dave Dymond:  Now, OG, you know it’d be really unfair of me to say anything like that.  But with this match…  I just can’t help it, if I had to guess, I’d sa–

“The Pursuit” by Evans Blue interrupts Dave Dymond and the house montage for Trevor Worrens takes over the video wall.  Worrens is viewed from different angles, and the last impression you’re left with before he takes to the ramp, is a silhouette with Worrens holding the World Heavyweight Championship.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  from Claremont, New Hampshire…  weighing in at 233 lbs., he is “The Failed One,” and he is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion…  TREVOR WORRENS!

Worrens appears after the introduction, and his face tells the story.  His focus is off the charts right now, as he clutches the World Heavyweight Championship close to him.  He ignores everyone on the way, and just walks in perfect rhythm to the ring.  Once Worrens is in the ring, he quickly motions for his music to be cut, and it abruptly ends.  The fans buzz, as Worrens walks towards Samantha Coil and asks for the microphone.  She hands him hers and Worrens quickly turns his attention to the entryway.

Trevor Worrens: Del Carver, Jun Kenshin.  In a few moments the two of you will be out here and there will be no turning back.  After this week, after what I’ve heard you two say… I am FULLY aware of what you plan on doing to me.  I acknowledge your abilities, I acknowledge your motive, I acknowledge your dreams.

Worrens pauses, his demeanor changing to one of utter hatred.

Trevor Worrens: But there’s a real thin line between the idea of acknowledging something and respecting it… and quite frankly I don’t RESPECT either one of you!

The boos start up now from the sold out crowd, but Worrens expects it and continues right through the sudden increase in noise

Trevor Worrens: Not for one single day have I EVER looked at either of you as two men I could come to respect.  I will say this to my dying day, championship on my shoulder or not, I will NEVER respect either one of you.  In my world, in my mind, you two are liars, you two are in this all for the wrong reasons, and quite frankly you two stand for NOTHING!!!  Do you hear me!  You two have NO passion, no TRUE desire, and tonight I’m going to expose that fact!

Worrens angrily hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil as he awaits his two opponents.

Other Guy: Worrens might think he got a lot off his chest, but I think he just fueled a raging fire in the form of Del Carver and Jun Kenshin.  I think the champ’s got himself into some serious trouble!

The lights in the arena start to flicker and dim. A bright spotlight clicks on and starts crawl over the fans in the packed arena.  The spotlight slowly illuminates the fans on the floor. 

“The One” by White Zombie starts to play. The spotlight continues to search the crowd, and comes to a stop in the second level. There, deep among the fans, we see Diamond Del Carver.  Carver is surrounded by the fans, many of which are patting him on the back and reaching out to touch him.  As soon as the spotlight hits him, Carver holds his arms over his head, and then starts to slowly pace through the crowd.  The fans part in front of him, as White Zombie continues to play and Carver goes down the stairs, into the floor section, and then weaves his way through the fans until he reaches the ringside area.  Carver hops over the steel guard rail, and stands at ringside.

Samantha: “Introducing next, from Jackson Mississippi and weighing in at 245 pounds, this is The Hardcore Outlaw…Diamond Del Carver!”

Other Guy:  This, Dymond…  This is big. 

Dave Dymond:  No doubt about that, OG.  Worrens has more than a handful tonight, and if he wants to keep that title, he’ll have to go through not only Jun Kenshin, but that man standing at ringside.

At this point, Carver slides into the ring and takes to a turnbuckle, raising his arms triumphantly, and drawing the cheer of the crowd to boot. 

Other Guy:  Sounds like the crowd’s ready for this, too!

Dave Dymond:  This match, hell, this whole show has just been so crazy that for this to cap it off will be nothing short of incredible.


”Undeniable” by Mos Def plays over the speakers and the fans jump from their seats. Jun steps out from the back with white tights with green trim, and "UNDENIABLE" down the side. He stands at the stage, looking around to the crowd as he smiles, appreciating them.  He then wipes his feet on the apron, and comes in.

Samantha Coil: He weighs in at 204 lbs., Hailing from San Diego, California. He is the UNDENIABLE, JUN… KENSHHIINNNNN!

The fans cheer louder as they hear his name. He hops onto the apron, using the top rope to pull himself up as he makes his way into the ring.  He doesn’t take his eyes off of Trevor Worrens, who shares that same focus.  The two are locked on one another.

Dave Dymond:  Talk about the focus that’s going on right there, man.  That’s something else.

Other Guy:  Both Carver and Kenshin have claims to that World Championship.  Both of them want it bad.  Worrens wants to keep it in the worst way.  I can’t wait!

Referee Scott Kamura takes the belt from Worrens, and shows it to each side of the arena.  He then holds it up over his head, signaling that the title is indeed on the line.  The crowd pops for this, because their excitement level has been high all night.  He hands the belt to Mark Kendrick, and calls for the bell!  Del Carver IMMEDIATELY explodes out of his corner, and goes after Worrens!  He begins to lay into him with HARD rights and lefts, that’ve caught Worrens off guard.  Carver has Worrens pinned against the turnbuckle in his corner, is just relentless with the rights and lefts. 

Dave Dymond:  Holy hell, Del Carver is already on fire! 

Other Guy:  You have to figure that after the beating he took at Animosity at the hands of our Iron Fist Champion, that he had some aggression that just…  had to be let out.

Kenshin, not wanting to sit around and do nothing, rebounds off the opposite rope, and flies into the corner with a body splash, breaking the melee up!  Carver’s staggered, as Kenshin starts to go to work on him!   His fury backs Carver up against the ropes, and Kenshin follows it up with an irish whip, and upon Carver’s return, he turns Carver inside out with a kitchen sink!  Worrens is back in the mix as well, as he hooks Kenshin’s arm and applies a sleeper! 

Other Guy:  Broken Beyond Repair!  Worrens going for the early win here! 

Dave Dymond:  That’s a good strategy.  Kenshin took Carver down, for a moment, allowing Worrens enough time to sink in that move!

Kenshin reaches the ropes though, and Worrens is forced to break the hold.  He doesn’t do so cleanly, though, choosing to toe kick Kenshin in the gut against the ropes!  Worrens grabs Kenshin’s head and pulls him down, executing a picture perfect DDT!  He goes for a cover!



Carver breaks the pinfall up with a double axe handle to Worrens back, which rocks the World Heavyweight Champion.  Worrens groggily gets to his feet, where Carver is waiting!  Carver rakes Worrens across the eye, causing the World Heavyweight Champion to clutch his face!  Kenshin is recovered from his DDT, as he follows up on the eye rake and pulls Worrens down, head first, into a sitout neckbreaker, of sorts!  Kenshin feigns going for the pinfall, but when Carver comes to break it up, Kenshin hooks him with a drop toe-hold and Carver goes down right next to Worrens!

Dave Dymond:  That was a crafty move from Jun Kenshin!

Other Guy:  No kidding!  Talk about reeling Carver in, hook line and sinker, man!

Kenshin follows up on Worrens, who’s still suffering from the effects of that neckbreaker.  He applies a rear chinlock, and puts a knee in Worrens back.  Carver is up now, and he bounces off of the ring rope facing both Kenshin and Worrens and he LEVELS Kenshin with a BRUTAL lariat.  Worrens rolls out of the ring, and Carver follows, not wanting to give the Champion the time to recover.  But, Carver doesn’t leave the fight outside the ring, choosing only to hit Worrens a few times with some right hands, before sliding him back in.  Carver follows, and goes to work on Kenshin now, pulling him to his feet.

Other Guy:  This is pretty smooth micro-managing by Carver.

Dave Dymond:  He clearly wants to keep the two competitors close to each other, so that nobody gets any real recovery time.  Very smart.  We’ll see if that’s a viable strategy soon enough.

Kenshin breaks Carver’s hold on him, stunning the SHOOT Project Icon.  Kenshin takes Carver’s wrist, and sets him up for the D.I.E., but Worrens is there to answer, using Carver as a springboard and kneeing Jun Kenshin in the face, with a variant of the Shining Wizard!  Kenshin and Carver both topple over, and Worrens picks Carver to work on, helping him to his feet.  He goes into striking mode, kneeing Carver in the left upper thigh, then the right upper thigh, then hitting him with a stiff right palm jab to the sternum, before following that up with a palm strike to the face!  Carver’s spun around, and Worrens caps all of that off with a NASTY standing clothesline, which leaves Carver on the ground, clutching the back of his head!

Dave Dymond:  GREAT series of moves from our Champion, and Carver is DOWN.

Other Guy:   The impact of those moves were just so audible, that I’m holding the back of MY head right now.

Dave Dymond:  He really is, folks.  He really is.

Kenshin’s back on his feet, as Worrens is standing over Carver, zeroing in on his neck.  Worrens pulls Carver up with his back to him, and applies a half nelson, but Kenshin intervenes and surprises Worrens with a german suplex that leaves the champion clutching the back of his head!  Carver spins around, almost unwittingly, and nearly takes Kenshin’s head off with a clothesline!  Carver falls over and hooks Kenshin’s leg for a pin attempt!  Kamura hits the mat and starts to count!





Other Guy:  That was WAY closer than I thought it was going to be.  Holy shit my heart skipped a beat.  We almost had a new World Champion!

Dave Dymond:  No kidding!  Del Carver almost made history right there.

Carver and Kenshin both are to their hands and knees, while Worrens is leaning against the turnbuckle, waiting for them to get to their feet.  Once they do, he runs towards them and attempts a double clothesline, but they catch him!  They hook his head under their arm and pull off a double suplex that leaves him flattened!  Then Carver and Kenshin both barrage him with a series of elbow drops!

Other Guy:  Didn’t expect to see Kenshin and Carver working together there.

Dave Dymond:  Both of them don’t have much to like about Trevor Worrens, OG.  That doesn’t surprise me at all.  Looks like they’re not done, too!

Carver picks Worrens up and puts him on his shoulders.  Kenshin ascends the turnbuckle, and flies off with a missile dropkick, but Worrens ducks it and Kenshin lands on his front, from way up in the air!  Worrens uses the momentum and Carver’s unsteadiness against him, and rolls Carver up from his shoulders!




Dave Dymond:  WOW. 

Other Guy:  I thought FOR SURE that Kenshin would hit that dropkick, man.  I can’t believe Worrens was pseudo playing possum there! 

Dave Dymond:  Say what you will about the World Champion, OG, but Worrens is a clever man.

Kenshin doesn’t give Worrens much time to get up, as he immediately puts the boots to the World Champion, with each kick increasing in their intensity.  Eventually, the World Champion is backed up against the turnbuckle, and Kamura starts the mandatory five count, to get Kenshin off of the Champ.  But, Kenshin doesn’t relent, and instead it’s Del Carver who comes in like a house of fire, and cleans up the mess.  He whips Kenshin from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, picks Worrens up, and whips him into Kenshin, before charging the both of them and NAILING the two superstars with a spear!  Kenshin stumbles right into Carver who locks him in with a front chancery and snaps him over with a snap suplex!

Other Guy:  Carver showing his more technical side here.

Dave Dymond:  He’s got the ability, he just prefers to brawl.  You know how it is.

Other Guy:  Actually, I don’t know how it is.  I’m not really a wrestler, or anything like that…

Dave Dymond:  I used to hear something about you surviving two out of three pins because of your parents or some such…

Worrens recovers and stalks Carver, who’s just gotten up from the snap suplex on Kenshin, who’s down.  Worrens locks Carver in from behind with a full nelson!  Carver’s struggling, but has little in the way of leverage to really gain any ground from the move.  Worrens gets Carver to a knee now, but the veteran doesn’t do so without a fight.  His struggling is almost overwhelming Worrens, who’s applying an insane amount of pressure, to the point where you can see a vein sticking out of his forehead.  Out of nowhere, Jun Kenshin takes both of them out with a flying cross body block!

Other Guy:  I think we can thank Jun Kenshin for saving this match!

Dave Dymond:  That was a desperation move, for sure.  Carver looked like he was starting to fade!

Kenshin’s back up to his feet immediately, and he goes after Worrens, who took the least amount of damage.  Worrens sees Kenshin coming, ducks his oncoming assault and goes behind him.  He locks Kenshin in the full nelson, but Kenshin breaks the hold and turns around and connects with a HUUUGE roaring elbow, that sends Worrens to the canvas!  Kenshin looks to Carver, who’s up on one knee.  Kenshin bounces from rope to rope, and then DRILLS Carver in the side of the head with a knee level dropkick! 

Dave Dymond:  Kenshin is ON FIRE!

Other Guy:  And now he’s going to the top rope!

Kenshin ascends the turnbuckle, and turns around, waiting for both Carver and Worrens to get up.  They stagger to their feet, and as they turn to see Kenshin, Kenshin jumps executing a picture perfect moonsault!  It seems like he floats through the air, but Worrens and Carver both duck it, forcing Kenshin to alter his course and try and land on his feet, which he does!  From his feet, Kenshin charges both Carver and Worrens, who inadvertently work together and back body drop Kenshin to the outside ring apron, where Kenshin BARELY catches himself.  Carver turns around, only to be shouldered in the gut by Kenshin, doubling him over.  Kenshin then takes to the air, using the top rope as a springboard, and he NAILS Worrens with a springboard missile dropkick!  He goes for the cover!




Dave Dymond:  Carver with tie interruption!  That could have been it!  What on earth has gotten into Kenshin!?

Other Guy:  He’s a man possessed, Dave.  He NEEDS that World Heavyweight Championship.  He NEEDS it.

Worrens is flat on the canvas, while Carver and Kenshin start to go at it with an insane flurry of rights and lefts!  The crowd is absolutely nuts at this, chanting for both men!  The noise is raucous, so Carver and Kenshin play into by just laying into each other at an insane pace!  Worrens is getting to his feet while all this is going on, but Carver and Kenshin both notice it and clothesline him to the outside!  Carver follows him, but Kenshin takes to the rope again, this time HITTING that moonsault!  All three men are down!

Dave Dymond:  What a match!

Other Guy:  Man, I don’t know what to say!  All of these guys are showing such great resilience.  You’d never believe they were all in wars at Animosity!

Dave Dymond:  Between Worrens having his hands full with Davis, Kenshin and De Luca going at it, and Carver and Corazon engaging in a total mess of an Iron Fist Championship match, I had no idea these three guys had this kind of resilience and tenacity at this point!

Worrens and Kenshin are the first to their feet.  Kenshin advances on Worrens, but Worrens reverses and sends Kenshin into the guard rail!  From the rebound, Worrens turns Kenshin around and drops him with a reverse DDT on the ground!   Kenshin curls into a fetal position clutching his head in pain, while Worrens gets back into the ring, and taunts both Carver and Kenshin on the outside, causing the fans to boo!

Dave Dymond:  Worrens is on fire now, having taken a HUGE move from Kenshin, and with Carver laid out like that, he’s on top of the heap and he’s letting the people know!

Other Guy:  Carver’s up though, Carver’s up!

Worrens notices Carver start to climb into the ring, but quickly rushes over and hits a knee strike right in Carver’s face, through the second rope!  Carver drops down and clutches his head in agony, but tries once again, only to be met with the same conclusion!  This only INFURIATES Carver, who tries AGAIN.  Worrens hits him one more time with a knee strike through the second rope, and while that stops Carver, it only makes him even more angry! 

Dave Dymond:  Worrens is very literally, keeping Del Carver from returning to the ring. 

Other Guy:  I can’t say that I think pissing off a guy like Carver is a good idea.  And it looks like I was right!

Carver tries to get in the ring again, but drops down quickly as Worrens charges!  Carver reaches in and pulls Worrens feet out from under him, and slides into the ring right next to the World Champion!  Kenshin is also up as well, though very groggy.  He’s on the side of the apron right now, away from both Carver and Worrens.  Carver is the first to his feet, but Worrens is not far behind.  Carver tries to throw a Diamond Line but Worrens ducks it and frees his foot!   Worrens puts the breaks on, choosing to pivot around, double Carver over, and hit him with a double arm DDT!  Worrens attempts a pin!



Kenshin flies through the air after a springboard, and NAILS Worrens with a legdrop to the back of the head, breaking up the pinfall!

Dave Dymond:  Kenshin with more guts than brains here, OG!

Other Guy:  He saved the matchup again right there, Dymond.  What a fight!

Kenshin is the only man standing, with Carver and Worrens working to their feet.  Worrens is close than Carver, so Kenshin follows up.  He bounces off the ropes and floats over, nailing a DDT of his own!  He doesn’t go for the pinfall though, and instead chooses to pull Worrens to his feet, and set him up for the D.I.E.!  He connects!  NOW, he goes for the pinfall!




Carver BARELY breaks the pin attempt up, which infuriates Kenshin, and relaxes Worrens.  Kenshin and Carver start to go at it now, with Kenshin taking advantage.  He whips Carver into the ropes, and hits Carver with his second massive roaring elbow of the night!  Carver is hit so hard, he has to roll out of the ring to recuperate!  Kenshin stands over Worrens now, and lets the fans know who’s time it is!

Dave Dymond:  I believe him, OG!  I believe him!

Other Guy:  Kenshin’s in a good spot right now, that’s for sure, but Worrens is getting up!

The fans begin to boo profusely, as Worrens gets to his feet, but the booing doesn’t seem to be directed towards the World Champion.  Kenshin ignores it and goes for Worrens, who ducks a clothesline, and NAILS Kenshin.  Kenshin’s rocked and is thrown back against the turnbuckle.  Worrens uses the solid back of the turnbuckle to his advantage, and goes for his striking combo on Kenshin!  Knee to the left thigh, knee to the right thigh, palm strike to the sternum, and then a palm strike to the face, and Kenshin is turned around with his back to Worrens!  Worrens tries for his standing clothesline, but Kenshin instinctively ducks, and now has Worrens against the top turnbuckle as well!  The fans CONTINUE to boo uninhibited, which confuses Jun Kenshin, but he keeps on.

Other Guy:  I see what they’re booing!  Look in the stands!  We’ve got company…

Dave Dymond:  Oh no…  no no no.  That better not be who I think it is.  They better not be here to ruin this match!

The view shifts to show none other than the Iron Fist Champion and Obsidian, working their way to the crowd, right by where Del Carver is.  They climb over the guard rail, and stand around the SHOOT Project Icon, as he gets to his feet.  He looks to one side, and sees Corazon, who’s holding the Iron Fist Championship.  He looks to his other side, and sees Obsidian, who towers over him.  Carver sighs and shrugs, and attacks Obsidian!

Dave Dymond:  Del Carver fights back!  What on earth!

Other Guy:  WOW.  Carver is NOT going to let those two interfere!

Carver is getting the better of Obsidian for awhile, before Obsidian very literally, just catches Carver’s fists and starts to hold his arms!  Corazon yells something about “keeping your eyes on the prize” while holding the Iron Fist Championship flush against Carver’s face!  Then he rears back and just DESTROYS Carver with the Iron Fist title belt, and Carver is out cold!  While all this is going on, Kenshin is laying into Worrens, who’s got a putrid grimace on his face!  Finally, Kenshin falls back and attempts the Heaven’s Blade!  Worrens ducks!  Worrens goes behind Kenshin and locks in the arm hook sleeper, better known as Broken Beyond Repair!  Kenshin’s hooked!

Other Guy:  This could be it!

Dave Dymond:  I can’t even goddamn BELIEVE Corazon and Obsidian.  I cannot believe this.  Carver would be breaking up that hold RIGHT NOW.  What a bunch of low-life….  UGH.

Other Guy:  Kamura’s checking on Kenshin, who’s EMPHATICALLY screaming NO.  Dave, you really have to ease up on Corazon and Obsidian.  Honestly.

Dave Dymond:  They’ve COMPLETELY taken Carver OUT of this equation, and now it’s down to Kenshin and Worrens!  How can I just EASE UP ON THAT?

Kamura is checking on Kenshin again who says NO once more.  He’s starting to fight the hold, but Worrens sinks it in deeper and deeper.  Kenshin’s fighting, and fighting, and fighting, but Worrens has the hold in so deep!  Kamura checks once more, and Kenshin says NO again.  Kenshin gets to a knee, relieving some of the pressure.  Worrens unexpectedly releases the hold, and hooks in a half nelson, with Kenshin on one knee.  Kenshin is then pulled to his feet by Worrens, who’s going to try and pull him over with a half nelson suplex, but Kenshin’s not having any of that!  He elbows Worrens in the side of the head, but Worrens hangs on.  He does it one more time, causing the World Champion to release the hold.  Worrens recovers quickly though, and throws a standing lariat at the back of Kenshin’s head!  Kenshin ducks it!

Other Guy:  What GUTS from Kenshin.  What RESILIENCE.  Hey, how come Carver hasn’t really…  been involved in these past couple of minutes?

Dave Dymond:  I’m going to punch you.  You know that, right?  His shot was RUINED.  Corazon and Obsidian are STILL out here, too. 

Worrens is caught off balance from Kenshin’s reversal, and Kenshin whips him to the far rope.  Kenshin bounces off his close rope, but Worrens has recovered, and throws another lariat!  Kenshin ducks, puts on the breaks, and as Worrens turns around, you hear a SICK thud as Kenshin’s boot connects with Worrens chin!  HEAVEN’S BLADE.


The crowd goes absolutely bat-fucking-shit crazy, as Worrens topples to the ground.  Kenshin practically hits the ground before Worrens does, and hooks his leg!






Kenshin immediately stands up and a look of sheer amazement crosses his face.  Mark Kendrick hands the World Championship belt to Scott Kamura, who has the BIGGEST grin on his face.  He walks over towards Kenshin, as Samantha Coil makes her announcement.


Trevor Worrens is back up, and he’s totally stunned.  Shocked.  He’s completely gutted, and a look of total failure has taken over his face.  His eyes are glazed, and he’s vacant.  You can’t help but almost feel sympathy for him.

Other Guy:  Man…  that poor guy.  I…  I’m actually sorry for him.

The fans in attendance are absolutely rabid for Kenshin right now, as Scott Kamura hands him the Championship belt.  His eyes glaze over, and he falls to his knees, staring at the belt.  He’s totally overcome with emotion right now, as tears begin to drop from his face.  He finally gets to his feet, with the World Championship in hand, and stands in the middle of the ring.

Dave Dymond:  Ladies and gentlemen, we’re out of time for tonight, but we have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion, and his name is JUN KENSHIN. 

Other Guy:  What does this mean for Redemption?!  What does this mean for Roland?!  I guess we’ll find out!  But, bottom line…  MAJOR congratulations go out to Jun Kenshin, for FINALLY capturing the one thing that’s eluded him for so long.  Until next week!

The scene begins to fade with Kenshin stands in the center of the ring, and holds the title up high, tears streaming down his face, as Revolution fades to black.