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Revolution: 015

A black and white photograph of Ray Willmott takes your screen, as the sound of a ten bell salute begins.  We in the SHOOT Project will miss “Red Hot” and wish him the best of luck from the great beyond. 

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling both Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Deacon Summer’s chest.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd. Michael Collins and Killian Reilly duking it out at ringside.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Dave Marz wildly swings a chain in the air to ward off Corazon.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

A shot of Ray Willmott flipping off the top of a steel cage! Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Donovan King.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Benjamin Biggs.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Trevor Worrens standing with the World Heavyweight Championship held vertically by it’s strap.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


Other Guy:  We got a GREAT show ahead of us tonight, and we’re kicking it off with the one, the only…  THE UNDENIABLE.  Take it away, Sam!

Samantha Coil, wearing a Santa Hat, stands in the middle of the ring with a smile on her face.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion JUN KENSHIN!

Dave Dymond: The roof is about to get blown off!

Other Guy: No one in this sport deserves it more.

The Undeniable!

The crowd ERUPTS and they stand up in anticipation. We go to the guerilla position where we see Jun Kenshin in the back walking to the ring. He’s got on a black SHOOT Project hooded sweat shirt, jeans and Timberlands.  The World Heavyweight Championship is brightly polished and looks as gorgeous as ever and it’s on his left shoulder. The chorus of “Undeniable” plays now.

No matter how hard you try

You can’t stop us now

Yea, the undeniable

There ain’t no future in fronting

So just love me now

Yea, the undeniable

Kenshin slaps hands with the fans and he’s got on a HUGE smile on his face. There is no pyrotechnics display or streamers or balloons, just the champion of this company paying a small homage to the people that supported him. Kenshin asks for a microphone and “Undeniable” cuts off. Kenshin climbs over the guard rails and he’s in the front row with the fans who are raucous and wildly trying to come over. Security rushes over to try to derail the onslaught off fans.

Kenshin: Jason Johnson wanted to have the red carpet and have a little celebration for me. I respectfully declined. You see, I know that last week was a great accomplishment. I know that I was in the ring with two of the best that this game has to offer. One is a two time World Champion. He’s triple tough and I’m of course talking about “Diamond” Del Carver.

The crowd pops for the veteran!

Kenshin: It was only fitting that Carver was there because he was the very first man that I challenged for this Title.

Kenshin now holds the Championship for all to see. Some of the fans in the front row quickly try to touch the gold.

Kenshin: He fought a hell of a match and it’s a damn shame that Corazon and Obsidian interfered.

The crowd boos.

Kenshin: However, it is my job to win the match despite of any circumstances and I did that. I super kicked my way into the history books when I pinned Trevor Worrens. I said that his reign was at an end and I proved exactly that.

The crowd boos at the mention of the former Champion. Kenshin’s face looks angered.

Kenshin: Worrens has had a lot to say about me. Some of it is true. It is true that he has pinned me in one on one competition. It’s true. It’s also true that he does hold a rematch clause for the World Heavyweight Championship which means that we’re not quite through with the Whiny One. Listen close, Worrens.

He leans in closer.

Kenshin: How’s that jaw, Trev?

Kenshin laughs and he’s having a good time.

Kenshin: Seriously though, Worrens will get his shot and I’m not here to deny any man of his rightful shot. Now there is another man that has a right to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship and that is The monster…. Roland Caldwell.

The crowd boos.

Kenshin: Roland Caldwell is the Number One Contender after defeating Kaz Sato at Animosity. So if my math is correct. That means that I have TWO challengers for this title. It’s the time for the Holidays and no matter what you celebrate, this is the time for giving. When the time is right?

He pauses.

Kenshin: I’m going to give both these guys what I have to offer. You ask? What would that be. I’m going to give them a match of their lifetimes. I promise to both of you that it will take a hell of an effort to pry this Championship away from me.

His face, which was jovial and festive earlier, is now replaced with determination.

Kenshin: It took me FIVE years to realize my dream. FIVE years of my blood. FIVE years of personal and professional sacrifices. FIVE years of pain and sorrow. I went through ALL of that to hold this and I can honestly that it was WORTH IT!

The crowd pops HARD.

Kenshin: Let me briefly address this retirement rumor. They were saying that I was on the verge of retirement. They said that if I had lost, I would have taken my ball and gone on home.

He looks angry.

Kenshin: When the time comes for me to hang up these boots. I’m going to do it on MY terms but that time is far away. So therefore, you kids are going to have DEAL with me for a VERY long time. I mean, I did sign a One year contract last week.

He smiles.

Kenshin: Let me end this little speech with a statement. Roland Caldwell asked me last week if I could beat him. Trevor Worrens asked me if I could beat him if he had time to prepare and whatever sorry ass excuse he had to say. Listen up, boys.

He walks around the front row area.

Kenshin: It took me this long to get to where I am. Can you imagine what I’ll do to RETAIN my dream? To make sure that my dream continues to live on. This is the Undeniable Era where tradition, honor and the essence of the fight is reborn. I’m..

Jun Kenshin is talking when suddenly "Sober" plays over the speakers and out comes Kaz Sato.

Dave Dymond: Why is this man out here?

Other Guy: Guess we gonna find out in a minute.

The crowd boos the interruption and Sato makes his way into the ring with his own mic in hand.

Sato: Well, well…if it isn’t the … champ. That belt looks very nice on you, Jun.

Kenshin looks confused.

Jun Kenshin: I’m sorry. Who are you again?

Kenshin tilts his head and scratches his head. The fans laugh and Sato looks furious!

Sato: Heh…funny, very funny. Normally, that would of resulted in violence. But I’m not here for that. I’m here to actually offer my services.

Jun Kenshin: That’s a joke right? You come out here and interrupt me when I’m addressing the people. Normally, THAT would be cause for violence but I’m being rude. You mentioned services. What services would that be?

Sato: Do I look like I give a damn about these people, Jun. Do you think they give a damn about you. How quickly you forget how they turned on you, left and right during your career. (sighs)…But anyway, it seems like we have a common problem.

The fans boo and start a "Sato sucks!" chant.

Jun Kenshin: Actually, it was I that turned on the people but you wouldn’t remember seeing as you weren’t around back then. You’re talking in riddles about services and common problem. Speak.

Kenshin grows impatient and he looks at Sato with a scowl on his face.

Sato: Trevor Worrens. I’m offering to permanently take him off your hands.

Jun Kenshin: As tempting as that sounds. I’m going to take a pass. When Trevor Worrens fails again, it will be under MY hands. Not yours. Not Rolands.

Sato: Fine…you’ve made your choice, Champ. but as you know, as everyone knows…sometimes things aren’t left up to you.

Sato drops the mic and leaves the ring. The playful demeanor of Jun’s now gone and he looks angered at the threat that Sato just made.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin addressed Trevor Worrens and Roland Caldwell, who are going to compete in our Main Event later on but now Kaz Sato interjects.

Other Guy: Kaz Sato caught a lot of grief when he entered the World Title Picture when Worrens was Champion and it looks like Sato doesn’t like Kenshin taking his spot.

Dave Dymond:  With that in mind, and while Kenshin heads to the back, we’ve got what should be an excellent tag team match that’ll start us off tonight.  The Flying Avengers, Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite, taking on the Collins Twins, Michael and Rowland.

Other Guy:Indeed, indeed.  This is going to be Rowland’s first official match here in the SHOOT Project.  Suffice to say, I’m sure these guys have all been working extremely hard for this matchup.




Samantha Coil: The following Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall, and is set with a 30 minute time limit!

“Not Without a Purpose” by Street Dogs hits, and the fans begin to react with a combination of jeers and cheers. Michael Collins steps out, with Rowland Collins behind him waving a huge Irish flag! Maureen Collins, their little sister, steps through the curtain behind them to follow the brothers to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 462 pounds! Accompanied by their sister, Maureen Collins. They are Michael and Rowland Collins, the COLLIIIIIIIIIIIINS TWIIIIIIIIIINS!

Rowland hands the flag to Maureen, as both Michael and Rowland roll under the bottom rope. Maureen clumsily sets the flag in a corner, outside the ring, as Michael and Rowland ascend the turnbuckles nearest the hard camera and raise a fist each.

Dave Dymond: You’ve got to believe that these two are loving that they’re competing tonight as partners. It’s always helpful for morale when you get to tag with your brother, I’m told.

Other Guy: That, and these two like to get paid. And with two paychecks coming in now, that’s way more helpful for the family income.

The music fades out, and is soon replaced by “Here it Goes Again” by OK Go hits, and the fans cheer loudly! FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning step through the curtain and place opposing hands on their hips, raising the thumb closest to their partner high into the air! They both march down the ramp, grinning the whole way down.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning, the FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYING AVEEEEEEEEEEEEENGERS!

Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite both slide into the ring, Kid Lightning sliding further. Both get to their feet and turn circles, moving in the opposite direction of each other, they stop and clap their right hands together, giving thumbs up with their left hands and grinning for the hard camera.

Dave Dymond: These two are definitely happy to be out here, entertaining the fans!

Other Guy: if you ask me, they’re just a couple of fake-ass posers. Who the fuck thinks they’re really modern day superheros anyway?     

Kid Lightning and Michael Collins both step through the ropes and onto the apron in opposite corners, as Dennis Heflin signals for the bell. FLASH Dynamite and Rowland Collins begin to circle the ring, until FLASH stops and extends his hand!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite is…extending his hand?

Other Guy: What, does he want Rowland to shake his hand or something?

Rowland looks at the hand curiously before giving it a quick shake with his own hand. He suddenly jerks FLASH into a side headlock. It doesn’t take long for FLASH to shove Rowland toward the ropes, and on the rebound FLASH snaps into him and drops Rowland to the canvas with a shoulder tackle. FLASH places his left hand on his hip, his right thumb in the air, and a grin on his face! FLASH quickly runs o his right and rebounds off the ropes as Rowland rolls a full circle toward FLASH, ending on his back, he grabs FLASH by the left leg and riolls toward his belly, dropping FLASH to the canvas with a variant of the drop toe hold.

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins with a unique drop toe hold on the, pardon the pun, flashy FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: Maybe that’ll wipe that stupid grin off of his face.

Rowland floats over FLASH’s back into another side headlock. Rowland and FLASH quickly work up to their feet, with Rowland maintaining the headlock. FLASH grabs Rowland’s left wrist and quickly snaps his head out from under the arms of Rowland and moves behind Rowland, catching him with a hammerlock. FLASH backs into his corner, and Kid Lightning tags himself in. Kid Lightning slingshots over both of them with a Hilo! In mid-air, Kid Lightning catches Rowland by the head as FLASH releases his arm, and Kid Lightning snaps through his Hilo to his knees, snapmaring Rowland to the canvas in a seated position!

Dave Dymond: Incredible athletic ability from Kid Lightning!

Other Guy: He has an even stupider name than FLASH Dynamite’s. What’s next? Cosmic Cyclone?

Kid Lightning quickly moves behind Rowland and hooks Rowland’s right arm with his right leg and rolls toward Rowland’s left., capturing his left arm in the process, for a modified crucifix pin!



Rowland Collins quickly kicks out! Both of them scramble to their feet, and Kid Lightning comes at Rowland for what is sure to be another aerial move, but Rowland shuts it down with a knee to the abdomen! Rowland whips Kid Lightning off the ropes, and Kid Lightning ducks a clothesline! On the rebound, Kid Lightning springboards to the middle ropes and twists his body to face Rowland, catching him with a springboard hurricanrana that spills Rowland to the outside of the ring!

Dave Dymond: He is simply amazing, folks, in only his first match on television, he is absolutely thrilling to watch so far!

Other Guy: He’s a gymnast, Dave. All he does is the flippty-dos. That’s all I’ve sen from him anyway.

Kid Lightning is quick to his feet and spots Rowland collecting himself on the outside. Kid Lightning quickly hits the opposite ropes, gaining momentum, he leaps through the top and middle rope, turning his body in a corkscrew as he does, but Rowland stpes to the side early! Kid Lightning quickly adjusts and tucks his elbows out, catching the top and middle rope with an arm, and the momentum springs him back like a slingshot back into the ring, where he reverses the corkscrew motion to land on his feet, and suddenly backflips, corkscrewing in mid-air, and lands flawlessly on his feet again with his arms outstretched, as fans applaud the athletic display!

Dave Dymond: How can you NOT be impressed, OG?!

Other Guy: Its real simple, Dave. I ain’t impressed.

Rowland slides back in the ring and quickly tags in Michael. Michael rushes Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning ducks a clothesline. Kid Lightning catches Michael with a waistlock, and Michael rushes the ropes, grabbing under them and the slingshot effect works once more to spring Kid Lightning backward into a back handspring. Michael turns and swings another clothesline, this time Kid Lightning ducks it and catches the offending left arm by the wrist an twists into a wristlock.

Dave Dymond: This young kid is really embarrassing the Collins Twins thus far by showing some real skill!

Other Guy: Sure, they didn’t expect it, but nothing he’s done has been that amazing. It’s been either really basic like this wristlock or its been really just a tumbling act from the circus.

Kid Light ning quickly stretches his left leg out behind him, toward his corner, and FLASH taps it with his hand. Michael reverses the wristlock with ease as FLASH steps through the ropes. Kid Lightning backflips and swings under Michael’s arm, reversing the wristlock and he passes the wrist to FLASH! Kid Lightning hits the ropes as FLASH ducks his head, Kid Lightning runs up FLASH’s back on the rebound and jumps off FLASH’s shoulder to land with a knee across Michael’s extended elbow!

Dave Dymond: Some very unique tandem offense from the two superheros!

Other Guy: I really wish you wouldn’t encourage them, Dave.

As Dennis Heflin instructs Kid Lightning to get out of the ring, FLASH recaptures Michael’s arm and wrneches it into a hammerlock. FLASH pushes Michael’s head down and turns him to the left, before quickly spinning under to another wristlock, using it to send Michael off the ropes. Rowland slaps Michael’s back, as FLASH ducks for a back body drop! Michael punts straight up into FLASH’s chest, and Rowland and Michael both charge at him with a double back elbow! Rowland is quick to make the cover!



FLASH quickly kicks out!

Dave Dymond: You had to believe it would take a little more than a pair of vicious elbows to take FLASH down for the count!

Other Guy: Sometimes all you need is a well-placed elbow to the point of the chin and its bedtime, Dave

Rowlad guides FLASH to his feet and sends him off the ropes, only to hanve FLASH reverse the whip straight into a tilt-a-whirl! In mid-motion, FLASH tucks his left arm through Rowland’s legs and scoops him straight up, higher, using his momentum to carry him to FLASH’s shoulders for a fireman’s carry! FLASH quickly snaps downward with a big Death Valley Driver!

Dave Dymond: A tilt-a-whirl DVD!

Other Guy: How in the fuck?

FLASH quickly tags Kid Lightning and moves to Rowland’s side. Kid Lightning hits the ropes and FLASH ducks his head! On the rebound, FLASH launches Kid Lightning up with a back body drop! Kid Lightning tucks his body into a ball on the launch and spins through a full 630 degrees before landing with his back across Rowland’s chest! Kid Lightning quickly springs to his feet and hits the ropes with both feet springing to the middle rope, he turns a corkscrew moonsault across Rowland’s chest again! He hooks both legs deep!




Michael Collins runs in and kicks Kid Lightning in the side of the chest, breaking it up!

Dave Dymond: Did you SEE how high up there Kid Lightning was?! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he actually could fly!

Other Guy: It didn’t help him win, though, Dave, as Michael Collins was right there to save his brother from being humiliated.

Kid Lightning guides Rowland to his feet, but Rowland snaps in a sudden knee to the abdomen and snaps Kid Lightning over with a sudden northern lights suplex, complete with a bridge!



Kid Lightning quickly kicks out, and FLASH Dynamite starts leading a small chant to cheer Kid Lightning on. Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and tags in Michael. Together they send Kid Lightning off the ropes and catch him with a double drop toe hold. Rowland hits the ropes and drops a quick leg across the back of Kid Lightning’s head! As soon as Rowland swings his body out of the way, Michael is there with a quick elbow drop across the back of Kid Lightning’s head! Michael turns Kid Lightning over and hooks the legs.

Dave Dymond: Some impressive teamwork from the Collins Twins, leading to a pin attempt!



Other Guy: Now this kind of teamwork is impressive! Its not flashy it just hurts a dude!


Kid Lightning kicks out! Michael pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and whips Kid Lightning off the ropes! Michael swings for a back elbow and Kid Lightning ducks, and turns it into a flying headscissors! Kid Lightning swings all the way through, under Michael’s other arm, and around Michael’s back, driving Michael to the canvas with a bulldog! Kid Lightning turns toward his corner and starts moving toward it, but Rowland steps through the ropes and rushes Kid Lightning! Rowland grabs Kid lightning from behind and snaps him backward with a German suplex!

Dave Dymond: He’s not even the legal man!

Other Guy: No, but it stopped Kid Lightning from tagging out!

Dennis Heflin orders Rowland out, as Michael makes it to his feet. Michael quickly tags Rowland in, and now he is legal. Rowland pulls Kid Lightning up and drops him with a body slam! Rowland leaps into the air and lands, driving his knee into Kid Lightning’s face in the process! He hooks a leg!




Kid Lightning kicks out, as the small chant for him grows louder as lead by his tag partner, FLASH Dynamite!

Dave Dymond: These fans are really starting to get behind Kid Lightning, and I couldn’t be happier!

Other Guy: They’re being lead to by that idiot partner of his!

Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and quickly whips him into the Collins’ corner! Rowland rushes him with a running forearm, and Michael tags himself in! Michael and Rowland both hook under an arm of Kid Lightning’s and run out of the corner to hip toss Kid Lightning together! At the last moment they catch under Kid Lightning’s legs and rush back at the corner, snapping him backward to drive his abdomen into the top turnbuckle!

Dave Dymond: More impressive teamwork from Michael and Rowland here tonight, as the Collins Twins are not showing any signs of letting up!

Other Guy: They wanna win, Dave, so why would they let up on their assault?

Michael pushes Kid Lightning backward so that he sits on the top turnbuckle. Michael ascends the ropes to join Kid Lightning, but Kid Lightning suddenly fights back with forearms to the side of the head! Kid Lightning sends a poth palms into Michael’s chest and shoves him backward! Michael lands on his knees, and Kid Lightning pushes to stand! Rowland, however, occupies the corner and grabs Kid Lightning’s left leg and sweeps it, crotching Kid Lightning on the turnbuckle!

Dave Dymond: That is NOT how Kid Lightning wanted to land!

Other Guy: But Rowland made him stick it anyway! Heh.

Michael tags Rowland back in, and Rowland steps through the ropes before moving to ascend the ropes to join Kid Lightning. Kid Lightning fights him off too with forearms! Kid Lightning, again, shoves both palms into his chest, and Rowland lands perfectly on his feet. Kid Lightning pushes himself to the top turnbuckle and leaps off, turning a full flip onto Rowland’s shoulders! Kid Lightning snaps backward, completing the DragonRana!


Michael Collins won’t let it get past that as he lunges through the ropes and drives his boot into Kid Lightning’s head!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning, as much as he’s fighting back, needs an opening to tag in FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: Yeah, if you want them to win, I guess he does. I, personally, am rooting for the Twins!

Maureen Collins is shown on the outside, shaking her head slowly as it looks like her and Michael are exchanging words. Rowland, meanwhile, scoops Kid Lightning up and snaps him backward with a back suplex. Rowland quickly to his feet and he stomps down on Kid Lightning’s face, grinding his boot down more after the fact! Rowland quickly tags Michael and both men move to a side of Kid Lightning. Both grab an ankle and a wrist and they pull Kid Lightning up off the canvas and launch him into the air! Both get poised next to each other to catch him, but Kid Lightning turns his momentum and lands with a foot on either one of their shoulders! He snaps backward off of the less than stable perch and backflips to his feet, and the fans in attendance cheer loudly!

Dave Dymond: DID YOU SEE THAT?!

Kid Lightning rushes at the stunned twins, to try and get to his partner FLASH on the other side. But both men are ready and snap into him with a double clothesline, driving him back to the canvas!

Other Guy: Yeah, and I saw THAT!

Michael quickly drops to make the cover, grinding his elbow in Kid Lightning’s face as he does this time.




Kid Lightning kicks out! Michael pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and sends him off the ropes! Kid Lightning ducks a clothesline attempt and baseball slides out of the ring! He ends up right next to Maureen Collins! Kid Lightning appears to be a little shy as he waves at her, before being brought back to reality when Michael and Rowland start yelling! Michael steps through the ropes to get Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning slides back under the bottom rope!

Dave Dymond: Run, Kid Lightning! Run like the wind!

Other Guy: …oh God.

Michael slides back into the ring and Rowland steps through the ropes, as Kid Lightning sprints for FLASH Dynamite! Kid Lightning tags FLASH’s hand, and FLASH steps through the ropes! Michael is the first in line, and he is caught by FLASH with a tilt-a-whirl into a backbreaker! FLASH pushes Michael off of his knee to duck a clothesline from Rowland! FLASH catches the swinging arm and tucks it between Rowland’s legs, moving to put his back to the center of the ring, FLASH snaps Rowland backward with a pump handle suplex!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite is exploding with offense!

Other Guy: You know what’s offensive? Your puns. Ugh.

Michael rushes at FLASH as he gets to his feet! Michael swings a clotesline at FLASH, and FLASH ducks it, catching under the am before hooking under the other arm, FLASH snaps back with a bridging dragon suplex!




Rowland quickly kicks FLASH in the chest! Rowland continues to stomp on FLASH as Michael slowly gets to his feet, cradling his neck. Both pull FLASH to his feet and whip FLASH off the ropes. Kid Lightning pats FLASH on the back for the blind tag! Both Michael and Rowland swing for a clothesline, and FLASH ducks both swinging arms! Kid Lightning springboards to the top rope and springs off, diving at Michael and Rowland, planting a foot in each of their faces with a dropkick!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning with yet another display of athleticism!

Other Guy: The Collins’ need to get their head back in the match, like now!

Michael rolls under the bottom rope, as FLASH pulls Rowland to his feet. Kid Lightning springs over the top rope and lands on the apron. FLASH, with his back to Kid Lightning, snaps Rowland up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb!

Dave Dymond: What do they have in mind here?!

Kid Lightning springs to the top rope and leaps off, turning in mid-air he lands on Rowland’s shoulders, sitting on them facing the same way as Rowland! Kid Lightning snaps backward for a reverse hurricanrana that swings Rowland backward off of FLASH’s shoulders onto the top of his head!

Other Guy: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Michael rolls back into the ring, and FLASH pulls him to his feet, throwing him back through the ropes as Kid Lightning rolls Rowland over and hooks both legs!




Dennis Heflin signals for the bell and as it sounds, Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 29 minutes and 22 seconds! FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning, the FLYYYYYYYYYYING AVEEEEEEEEEEENGERS!

“Here It Goes Again” by OK Go hits, and Kid Lightning scrambles to his feet, raising his arms high into the air. FLASH Dynamite joins him as Michael Collins rolls back into the ring. He makes a step toward Kid Lightning, but FLASH Dynamite turns to look at him quickly, and Michael Collins stops and helps roll Rowland Collins out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins is apparently not wanting to continue this fight just yet.

Other Guy: I don’t think he was trying to start a fight, I think he’s trying to get his brother out of there. What the fuck was that move they did to him, Dave?

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure, but it was definitely vicious!

Michael Collins helps Rowland up the ramp, and Maureen follows. She turns at the bottom of the ramp and turns to look in the ring. Kid Lightning waves his hand quickly in his direction, and Maureen turns and runs to catch up to Michael.


Ainsley:Look, Smiles, this isn’t going to be solved with a hug and an apology. You’re sorry because the cameras are rolling. Go home, masturbate to old tapes of us from OPW, and reminisce about the good ol’ days. But this friendship is over. Seriously, how much worse do I need to treat you before you leave me the hell alone?

Again, Jester thinks. After a moment, he simply shrugs.

Jester Smiles:Lost my title, my friend, my fans, and just about everything else I had. I mean, really, what worse can you do to me?

Besides, I don’t believe you. This new, evil you? It’s bullshit. I can’t believe it’s you. I don’t know what Donovan did to you, and I don’t know who he’s been working with, but whatever they’ve made you, Ainsley….it’s all a lie. And you may not believe this, but with a camera or without a camera, I’ll destroy myself if I can bring the old Ainsley back.

Ainsley: There is no ‘new’ Ainsley. I’m the same person, but I’ve grown up. I’m not going to be used anymore. It’s happened too many times. There’s nothing that Donovan did to mess up my head, you idiot. It was a work. I was doing it to get to you, and you’re too thick to see it. I knew it was going to happen. I helped orchestrate it.

She laughs, an empty and unfamiliar cold coming from the once-loving lips that had been Jester’s… once upon a time.

Ainsley: You never did think I could act, did you? All the crying… My desperate late-night phone call. The tears and the sobs. I was crying, yeah… Because I knew you were too stupid to see what was going on right under your nose, and I couldn’t believe I had ever loved you.

Jester winces, just slightly. The words are clearly very cutting.

Jester Smiles:Prove it.

Ainsley: You can’t prove a negative. Have you picked up nothing from me?

Jester Smiles:Cute. What I mean is, I want to see that hatred. Face to face, in the only place it’s going to do you any good. I want you in the middle of a SHOOT Project ring. I want to see this ‘grown up’ Ainsley.

Ainsley: How much can you really take, Smiles? Please. Go to your new little family, lick your wounds in private, and then you can come back and pretend I never existed. Isn’t your lady love the slightest bit pissed that you’re so obsessed with me? Come on, admit it: You still love me after all of this. You’re too weak. I’d no sooner fight you than I’d fight Samantha Coil.

Jester puts on a half-assed grin.

Jester Smiles:Scared?

Ainsley: Of you? Not in the slightest. Boden’s secretary is more frightening. I’m just not all that keen on wasting my time on you when you’re so pathetic. Maybe when you’re Hero Boy again.

Jester Smiles:Is this what growing up did? Taught you how to make excuses and duck out? Wow, you were at least slightly impressive when you were a damsel in distress.

Ainsley: Fight you now? And give you another match where you can complain that it was unfairly biased, and so you can ignore the fact that I’da wiped the floor with you either way? No, thanks. You want me? You wait.

Jester Smiles:Tell you what? You throw out a challenge, I’ll beat whoever you throw at me.

Ainsley: Remember… You offered. Now get out of here, I’ve got a high score to beat.

Jester shakes his head.

Jester Smiles:Pssh, grew up my ass.

With that, Jester walks out.

Ainsley: Looks like I’ll have to finish my explanation later, folks. And for the delay, remember: I was going to tell you, but Smiles interrupted.

Ainsley waves and the camera fades out of the locker room.


As we return to ringside, "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi" by Weird Al Yankovich hits, leaving the crowd a little confused. For a couple of seconds it looks like nobody’s going to come out. Then suddenly a Rabbi, complete with beard, wide-brim hat, and curly locks appears in the entranceway, arms crossed and doing a little jig. The crowd is buzzing with laughter as the Rabbi makes his way down the ramp, stopping half-way down.

Dave Dymond: And-and folks, I’m…I’m at a loss for words here. Is that what I think it is?

Other Guy: Aw, they didn’t forget your bar mitzvah after all! Stand up and give yourself a pat on the back, Dave. You’re finally a man.

The Rabbi points to the entrance with both arms, where the beautiful Barbie Kellers suddenly emerges, dressed in a sleeveless pink shirt and a pair of white jeans. She’s carrying a thick book under her arm and smiling from ear to ear as she follows the Rabbi down to the ring amidst a flurry of excited cheering.

Dave Dymond: If I’m not mistaken, that’s NC-17. Wonder what he’s doing out here. Maybe looking to even the odds here tonight?

Other Guy: Wouldn’t surprise me. I caught the guy sniffing a glue bottle in the women’s bathroom once. Intelligence isn’t exactly his forte.

Dave Dymond: What were you doing in the women’s bathroom?

Other Guy: Ask your wife. Haha!

Dave Dymond: (sarcastically) Good one, OG. Gotta wonder if that book’s got anything to do with why NC-17 is out here tonight.

Other Guy: A better question would be why is Barbie holding it? She can’t even read a stop sign!

The would-be Rabbi opens the ropes for Barbie before following her in. He signals for a microphone and has his wish granted as a ringside official tosses him one. He waits for the crowd to die down a little before speaking.

NC-17: Shalom, motherfuckers!

The crowd lets out a decent pop, NC-17 holding up a fist for their reception.

NC-17: I don’t know how many of you know this, but earlier last week, Hanukkah finally ended. The eighth and final night was the 12th, and…well, I didn’t have a chance to celebrate it with you, the fans.

Another pop.

NC-17: More importantly, I didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate it with a good friend of mine. So tonight, I thought I’d make it up to all of you by spreading some Hanukkah cheer!

The fans are mumbling and humming amongst each other.

Dave Dymond: This should be interesting.

NC-17: Jacob Delacroy, get out here, buddy! Come down here and see Rabbi-Clause. I’ve got the whole night planned out for us!

Other Guy: Rabbi-Clause! Haha!

NC-17: First on the agenda is potato pancakes. (pause) Yeah, that’s right Delacroy. You and I are going to make latkehs. But there’s a slight problem. I don’t have any flour.

The fans are cheering now.

NC-17: And I don’t have any milk…

Other Guy: What’s he talking about? Barbie’s right behind him.

NC-17: (stroking his chin)…Dammit! Now that I think about it, the only potato we have is sittin’ on your shoulders! (cheers) Hey, that’s okay Jake…we can work with what we’ve got. Step on out here, buddy. (straightening up) I’ll flatten you myself.

The cheers get considerably louder.

NC-17: After that? Well, I thought we could read a couple passages from the Torah here. Barbie, raise that up so they can see it.

Barbie raises the huge book she’s carrying in her hands.

NC-17: But I heard you’re a little hard of seeing. Don’t worry, Jake. I’ll make sure you get a real close look. So close, you won’t be seeing letters…you’ll be seeing stars.

More cheers. The crowd is definitely alive tonight.

NC-17: And last but certainly not least, what’s Hanukkah without presents, Jake? Boy oh boy have I got a present for you. Ya see, first I was thinking to myself…why not teach your little girlfriend Agnes what it’s like to sleep with a real man? Why not show her what she’s missing out on? I was gonna get together with her, maybe introduce her to my love rod, show her that trick I do with my thumbs. But then I said, "wait a second, Rabbi-Clause. You don’t know who or what’s been in that stinky twat of hers"…and we all know how Rabbi-Clause likes his pussy…

NC-17 smiles through his fake beard as the crowd picks up on their cue.

NC-17: Kosher! (the crowd cheers) No, I couldn’t give myself to her…that just wouldn’t be practical. Or hygienic. Because lets face it, folks. As much as you and I want to try and pretend that Agnes is a woman…well, that bulge in her pants says otherwise. (cheers) Which brings me to my present. Jake, I dunno how you back-country pig-fuckers do this, but in the old country we use something called a mohel…well, tonight, and for tonight only, I’ve hired a mohel…so Agnes, come out and get circumcised like the rest of America! You can-

At this point "I Hate Everything About You" blares over the sound system  within the Thomas and Mack Arena.  Jacob Delacroy comes bounding down the ramp way, face grim, fists balled. He doesn’t look too happy. NC-17 drops the microphone and grabs the Torah from Barbie.

Dave Dymond: And there’s Delacroy! There’s Delacroy!

Other Guy: Did ya honestly think Jacob was goin’ to tolerate this any longer?  NC-17 is about to get another beat down if you ask me!

Delacroy slides into the ring, only to get hammered in the head with NC-17’s Torah.

Other Guy: He just whacked him with the Torah! Haha!

Delacroy doesn’t go down, even after a second blow. Instead he grabs the book and tosses it out of the ring, coming face to face with NC-17. The brash youngster and the Nazi veteran begin to exchange a series of heated punches. Suddenly the fans begin to stir as Sepulcher makes his way towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: Looks like NC-17 is going to get a repeat of the first attack.

Other Guy: That’s what I just said.  NC-17 you were good while you lasted.

"Its what you all been waiting for aint it?

What people pay paper for damn it

They cant stand it, they want something new

So let’s get re-acquainted

Became the hood favorite

I cant even explain it

I surprise myself too"

The fans rise to their feet as "Barry Bonds" by Kayne West begins to blare into the arena.

Dave Dymond: "HE’S HERE! Christopher Davis is here! He FINALLY has shown up. He’s been silent since the attack at Animosity, but it looks like he’s coming out here to FINALLY settle the score!

Every fan rises to their feet and look towards the entrance. Sepulcher stops his walk towards the ring in order to prepare for Davis.

The music continues to play but Davis does not appear.

Other Guy: Davis is just playing games, he’s not going to come out here and get beaten up again. The Davis of old is gone; he’s wizened up in his old age.

Sepulcher smirks and shakes his head. He continues to walk towards the ring, his pace quickening. Meanwhile Delacroy has knocked NC-17 to the mat and is viciously stomping on him,

Other Guy: That kid is in trouble. He’s gonna get beat on bad. What was he thinking?

Dave Dymond: You have to respect him for sticking up to these two horrible individuals though, even if it DOES come at a price.

Sepulcher begins to jog towards the ring a big smile on his face. The fans boo loudly.

But then things begin to work in what looks like slow motion. The smile on Sepulcher’s face disappears, his eyes widen. He attempts to raise his hands to his face but it’s far too late. A steel chair slams violently into his face.

Dave Dymond: What the hell? Sepulcher was just crushed by a devastating chair shot to his face. It appears that a fan has decided to become a part of the action.

Security begins to move towards a hooded individual holding the steel chair. The man hops the guard rail.


Other Guy: He just gave Sepulcher one hell of a shot.

Davis stands, staring at Sepulcher who begins to stir a bit.

Dave Dymond: (reacting to another chair shot) OH! Davis just delivered a second shot to the head of Sepulcher!

Other Guy: I think he’s out!

Dave Dymond: You think. Maybe Malice should have realized who they were messing with at Animosity. Anyone who knows Christopher Davis knows he does not let a wrong against him go unpunished.

Davis crouches down over the fallen form of Sepulcher, his cold grey eyes staring a hole through his fallen nemesis.  He then turns his attention towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: Davis seems to have turned his attention to the ring now.

Other Guy: And for NC-17 I think it couldn’t come at a better time.

Jacob Delacroy is setting up NC-17 for the Shotgun Blast as Davis slides in to the ring, steel chair in his hand. Delacroy spins around and catches a chair shot right between the eyes.

Other Guy: Damn! Davis is swinging that chair with some seriously bad intentions!

Dave Dymond: That’s an understatement. We know the history of Christopher Davis; he is not a man to attempt to make a name off of.

Jacob Delacroy goes down to a knee, shaking his head from side to side to drive the cobwebs out.  Davis raises the chair once more, looking to hammer the final nail in the coffin.  However just as he raises up the chair Delacroy pistons one of his hands upwards and snaps it around Davis’s throat.  Despite the blood dripping down his face Jacob grits his teeth in a fiery rage and keeps the hand locked, simply trying to choke the life out of Davis while still on one knee.

Christopher’s eyes shoot open for a moment as he gasps for air…but then he SLAMS the chair down atop Jacob’s head. This time Jacob slumps all the way down to the mat, twitching from the impact of the blow.

Dave Dymond: WHAT A BLAST!

As the crowd is going ape shit, NC-17 takes this moment to jump on the turnbuckle and raise his fists. Davis is getting a microphone now.  Davis crouches down near Delacroy. With microphone in right hand, steel chair in his left, he admires his work. He sighs deeply.

Christopher Davis: When these bitches wake up let them know that I wanted to get their attention.

The fans pop!

Christopher Davis: When these bitches wake up remind them that I am Christopher FUCKING Davis and you DO NOT make a name off of me!

The noise only gets louder.  Davis feeds off the intensity

Christopher Davis: When these bitches wake up remind them that I do INDEED make people famous!

NC-17 drops down from the corner and now looks down at Delacroy just as Davis does.

Christopher Davis: When these bitches wake up someone put a pen in their hand and tell em to sign this."

Davis pulls a folder piece of paper from his back pocket. He unfolds it to reveal a SHOOT project contract.  Davis stands up and stares at NC-17 for a moment, he drops the chair and extends his left hand. NC-17 shakes it. The fans erupt.

Christopher Davis: When these bitches wake up let them know that in the new year… they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Dave Dymond: And you heard it here tonight, folks. Davis has a score to settle, and he plans on settling it on the FIRST Revolution of the New Year!

Other Guy: I just hope Malice is ready.

"Barry Bonds" begins to play once again as Davis and NC-17 stand over their fallen foes.  The focus then shifts to Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside still watching on, both looking charged up.

Dave Dymond: We have only just begun as they say, and already we’ve heard from the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion at the kick off of tonight’s Revolution, and now we have what appears to be a tag team match already set to go down in the first Revolution of 2008.

Other Guy: This night is shapin’ up that’s for sure, and its only going to get better!

Dymond nods his head in agreement and from there the action cuts away from the ring and takes us elsewhere within the Thomas and Mack Arena.


The scene opens to the locker room of Kaz Sato. Sato is just sitting in a chair staring at the mirror infront of him. He doesn’t even notice his door opening. Standing in the doorway is Osbourne Kilminster. Ozzy is wearing urban camo shorts, black trainers/sneakers and a black hoodie pulled up and wraparound sunglasses (he’s still ashamed of his scar and hiding his face). Kilminster allows the door to slam behind him to break Kaz’s focus.

Osbourne Kilminster: Sato… Willmott got what was coming to him…

Tilting his head to one side, Osbourne regards the thick-set Japanese man before him.

Osbourne Kilminster: …and now I’m here… for YOU.

Sato: You don’t want to step onto this path right now, Oz…not at this moment.

Laughing, Osbourne tilts his head back and clenches his jaw, pausing for a moment before stepping in closer to a man whom he would once have prudly called a friend.

Osbourne Kilminster: Not at this moment? ‘This moment’? What’s so specific about this moment? What’s wrong with right now? What was wrong with last week when you were vulnerable after Caldwell tore you apart? What’s wrong with in five minutes, or later tonight, or tomorrow, or next week or next month? Come on, Sato, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t do what I woke up thinking about this morning… why I shouldn’t act out the things I dreamed last night… Why I shouldn’t do to you now what you happily watched Roland do to me all those weeks ago…

Licking his lips, Osbourne shrugs his shoulders to provoke an answer from Sato, eager to hear his reasoning, his logic.

Sato: Do you think what happened to you was something, Oz. That scar you have on your head…I have that same scar across mine from Roland. but while you were at home thinking of ways to get even, I was here…suffering the after effects of you leaving. They couldn’t punish you, so they punish me by allowing Worrens to deny me what was owed to me. And now, I have no other choice but to open Pandora’s Box and unleash that which they are not ready for. You want my blood on your hands…wait in line…

Stepping back with a slight nod, Osbourne can’t help but smirk.

Osbourne Kilminster: You think I fucked you over, huh? You’re wrong, Sato. I warned you that getting involved with Worrens like you did was playing with fire, but you went ahead anyway, so don’t come crying to me now you’ve got burnt.

Running his tongue along the sharp edge of his incisors, Osbourne takes a second to let his words sink in before continuing…

Osbourne Kilminster: And Pandora’s Box? That’s all hot air, Sato… and you know it as well as I do, if not better. It’s the reason I’ve always beaten you, why you’ve never ascended above and beyond. You’re scared of the dark, and you know how dark the truth of me is… The difference between you and me is that I’m a bad, bad man who tried to be good but failed and came to the painful realization that I should stick to what I know whereas you’re a good man, a little goody two shoes company pet who wants to try something different and is thinking about dabbling in becoming a little bad yourself, maybe bending or breaking some rules… Just as I embrace what I am, what I have become… you’re too scared to acknowledge what you are…

Stepping back toward the door, Osbourne shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: I came here with the intention of destroying you, Sato, but just hearing you now… I know I can save myself the effort and actually increase my satisfaction by playing the waiting game, by being patient and watching as you do all the hard work for me.

Kilminster leaves Kaz’s locker room as “The Beast” stands up. Kaz looks at the door then back at the mirror.

Sato: What I am…what I have become…what I have been…Kaz Sato, “The Beast”, “The Monster”…”The Path of Violence”

Kaz grabs his chair and flings it against the mirror and watches the glass shatter on impact. The scene fades back to the announcers as Kaz gets up to walk towards his door.




"Money Honey" by State of Shock hits over the PA. The former SHOOT Project Tag Team Champion and Iron Fist Champion comes out to a respectable amount of cheers. Poe throws his arms in the air, jumping a couple of times out of excitement, apparently happy to be back in SHOOT and heading down the SHOOT ramp.

Other Guy: The Poe looks happy to be here tonight, but wait till his opponent for the evening comes out.

Dave Dymond: Don’t get me wrong, The Poe had a pretty decent run back in the day, what with being a very successful tag team champion and a former Iron Fist Champion, but he’s always been a bit of a prankster. I’m not sure if Sammy will find his jokes funny.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, this is our first bout of the night, and is scheduled for ONE FALL!!

The fans cheer a little more as Poe climbs up the stair steps, wiping his feet off on the apron. He leaps over the top rope, landing on his feet. He winks at Samantha Coil, who blushes slightly.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 195 pounds!! Making his redebut in SHOOT Project, a former SHOOT Project Tag Team Champion And Iron Fist Champion…The…POE!!!

The fans again give a fair amount of applause as Poe climbs to the nearest turnbuckle, stands on the second buckle, and raises his arms to the fans. He then leaps off and waits in the middle of the ring, stretching out.

Suddenly, the lights go out.

"You don’t want to hurt anybody."

There is a long pause as a single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp. A large man stands there, looking down at the ground, a small doll in his right hand.

"But I do, and I’m sorry."

As the man looks up, the camera does a close up, revealing a sick grin on his face, baring his horribly rotten and yellow teeth.

"It won’t stop."

As the quote from The Ring ends, "Danse Macabre" by Celtic Frost kicks in over the PA. Sammy Rochester throws his right arm in the air, holding Mikey high. There is an odd quiet as the lights come back on, the fans not really sure how to react to this monster of a man. Sammy lets out a loud, echoing yell, which signals the lights to come on. He then begins to walk down to the ring, holding Mikey to his ear, as if Mikey were talking to him.

Samantha Coil: L-L-Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your n-next opponent. He weighs in tonight at 425 pounds and stands at seven feet, two inches. He is Sammy….Rochester!!

After saying her bit, Samantha Coil quickly escapes from the ring. Sammy is now at the apron. He glares up at Poe, who flashes him a cocky grin. He then begins to twirl his finger at his head, signaling "crazy" and pointing at Sammy.

Other Guy: I’m scared Dave.

Dave Dymond: I’d make fun of you, but I have to agree. I’m not sure Poe wants to be taunting THAT man right now.

Sammy, who is fuming, gently places Mikey on the steel steps before sliding into the ring. However, before he can get up, The Poe hits a baseball slide dropkick! Austin Linam signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: And the match is on, and Poe is taking it RIGHT to Sammy Rochester!

Other Guy: He needs to hit him and never stop. I wouldn’t give this guy any opening at all.

The Poe seems to agree with Dymond and OG, as he begins to place boots to Rochester’s head. Rochester gets to his hands and knees, but is knocked back down by yet another dropkick to the head. Again, Poe begins to place the boots to Sammy’s head, making sure to keep him down. He follows it up with a few elbow drops to the back, continuing to keep the much larger opponent on the ground. Sammy continues to fight to get to his feet, but Poe is not letting up. He begins to launch stomp after stomp at Sammy’s head and back, a cocky grin forming on his face.

Other Guy: The Poe is fighting smart here. He sees that Sammy Rochester could be a danger if he gets to his feet, so The Poe is not letting him up.

Dave Dymond: This could be a very disappointing debut for Sam-Rochester is getting to his feet!

Sure enough, despite all the kicks, punches, forearms, and elbows The Poe is throwing, Sammy Rochester has one foot planted, and has his knee on the ground.

Other Guy: Remember, The Poe is a former Iron Fist Champion, so he’s got to have some knock out power. But right now, Sammy Rochester is just taking it!

A little bit of blood begins to trickle from Rochester’s lip and nose, but he doesn’t seem to notice, as Sammy Rochester manages to shake off all the punches from The Poe and stand STRAIGHT up!! The Poe continues to throw punches and kicks, but Rochester simply shoves The Poe, sending him rolling across the ring. The Poe is up quickly, and he charges back at Rochester, who is catching his breath on the ropes. Poe launches more kicks and punches, but again, he is simply pushed away. The Poe gets up one more time, charging forward to launch more punches and kicks, but this time, he is laid FLAT by a charging Rochester, via a MONSTEROUS Polish Hammer!!

Dave DymondOther Guy: DAMN!!

Sammy Rochester shakes off the blows and spits out a little bit of blood. The Poe rolls to his stomach and begins to get on his feet, a shocked look in his eyes. He quickly gets to his feet, but is knocked flat by Sammy via haymaker! The Poe once again gets up, and when Sammy tries the haymaker again, The Poe dodges, hit’s the ropes, and launches a high dropkick to the back of Sammy’s head. Sammy stumbles forward, clutching the back of his head. He turns around to face The Poe, a look of sheer hatred in his eyes. Poe again hit’s the ropes, this time spring boarding off and trying a clothesline. Sammy is knocked a step back, but remains standing, still just glaring at The Poe. Again, Poe hit’s the ropes, this time going for an Asai Moonsault, but he is CAUGHT IN MIDAIR!!

Other Guy: This does NOT look good for The Poe.

Dave Dymond: You’re telling me.

Sammy Rochester struggles to get The Poe up onto his shoulder, looking for a power slam, but Poe manages to wiggle out. He lands behind Sammy, this the ropes, and launches another dropkick, this one going low, hitting Sammy behind the knee! Sammy goes down to one knee. Poe is up quickly, and he launches a HARD thrust kick to the side of Sammy’s head, causing Sammy to fall against the ropes. The Poe continues to launch thrust kicks to Sammy’s head and body, each shot causing Sammy to slump against the ropes more, until, finally, only Sammy’s head rests on the bottom rope. Sammy’s nose is now bleeding quite badly, and blood is now running from both sides of his mouth, but his eyes still look crazed and wild.

Dave Dymond: The Poe is really giving it to Sammy Rochester, but it seems to be pissing him off.

Other Guy: If I were The Poe, I’d run.

Dave Dymond: Again, I’d normally make fun of you, but I can’t, because I’d do the exact same thing.

Sammy once again begins to get to his knees, but The Poe is quick to react, hitting a running forearm to Sammy’s forehead. Sammy is rocked, and The Poe takes the advantage, hitting yet another running forearm. The Poe tries for the third, but this time he gets caught, and…


Sammy covers.


2-kickout! Sammy glares at Austin Linam. He slowly but surely begins to get to his feet, as does The Poe. The Poe is the first one up, and he is clutching his back. As Sammy gets to his feet, using the top rope to steady him, The Poe rushes forward and begins to launch kicks to the back of Sammy’s leg, the same one he hit with the dropkick earlier. After three, Sammy is back on his knee. Poe lands a stiff dropkick to the back of Sammy’s head, knocking Sammy flat on his stomach. Poe leaps forward, locking in a tight sleeper hold on the ground. Sammy, however, comes alive, and is quickly up to his knees. The Poe still has the leverage, and he bears down on Sammy with all his weight, looking to choke the big man out.

Other Guy: The Poe has that sleeper tight! He might just prove us wrong and pull out a win over the big man.

Dave Dymond: Sammy’s taken a LOT of headshots. The sleeper is perfect right now.

Sammy begins to fade out, waving his arms, starting to fade out. The Poe simply continues to apply pressure, breathing heavily, yelling at Sammy to stay down. However, Sammy suddenly looks over to the ring steps and sees Mikey, staring right back at him. He lets out a loud, guttural yell and raises to his feet. The Poe keeps hold of the sleeper, wrapping his legs around Sammy’s waist as best he can. Sammy continues to scream. He begins to flail, trying to hit The Poe. He misses badly, and Poe continues to hold the sleeper. Sammy lets out one more yell, running backwards and slamming The Poe’s back into the turnbuckles. The Poe winces in pain, but he holds on, actually tightening the sleeper.

Other Guy: That spine buster already damaged Poe’s back. I’m amazed he was able to hold on.

Sammy turns around and runs, backward, at the opposite turnbuckle, again slamming The Poe, back first, into the turnbuckle. The Poe continues to hold, and, once again, somehow TIGHTENING the sleeper!!!

Dave Dymond: The Poe is showing a lot of heart hear, as he will NOT let go of that sleeper hold. Sammy is looking to fade again.

Sammy Rochester begins to head to the center of the ring, his eyes half open, his arms waving wildly. However, right when he reaches the center of the ring, his eyes go WIDE open, and he leaps back, sandwiching The Poe between himself and the mat!! The Poe lets out a loud “oomph” and releases the sleeper hold. Sammy Rochester rolls to the side The Poe, getting to his hands and knees, breathing heavily. The Poe rolls to his side, clutching his ribs, trying to catch his breath.

Other Guy: I’m amazed The Poe held on as long as he did.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, but once Sammy dropped all 425 pounds onto him, he had no choice but to let go.

The Poe rolls to the ropes and slowly gets to his feet, resting for a minute while holding the top rope. Sammy remains on his hands and knees, crawling towards Mikey. He reaches that corner of the ring, reaching out of the ring to the steel steps and grabbing his doll. He clutches Mikey, getting to his knees. A crazed look forms on Sammy’s face. He begins to turn, but the Poe is right there. He grabs hold of Sammy’s head, falls back, and NAILS The Long Kiss Goodnight!

Other Guy: THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT!! It’s over Dave!!! The Poe somehow did it!!

Sammy hit’s the mat hard, losing his grip on Sammy. With some effort, The Poe rolls him over, Sammy’s head pointed in the direction of Mikey. The Poe puts on a sloppy lateral press and Austin Linam counts.



3-NO!! The Poe is THROWN OFF OF SAMMY ROCHESTER!!! Sammy gets to his knees and stares down at Mikey. He suddenly gets to his feet, letting out a HUGE roar!! Blood flies from Sammy’s mouth with the scream, and he barely seems to notice. Poe charges forward, but so does SAMMY! Sammy slams The Poe with a clothesline, a clothesline that causes The Poe to flip completely backwards!!

Dave Dymond: Jesus Christ!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Sammy lifts The Poe back up. The Poe launches a few wild punches at Sammy, all of which connect with his head, but Sammy simply shrugs them off, that same crazed look in his eyes. He knocks The Poe back down with a thunderous head butt! He then lifts The Poe back up, Irish Whips him to the ropes, and SLAMS HIM FLAT WITH A BIG BOOT!!! Sammy covers!!




Other Guy: How did The Poe get his shoulder up!!!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know, OG. I thought he was done.

Sammy lets out a scream of anger, quicky getting off of The Poe and lifting him off the ground. He then lifts him HIGH in the air, above his head. He runs over to the ropes and TOSSES THE POE TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!! There is a loud, echoing thud as The Poe connects with solid concrete!!! Austin Linam sees this and begins to count. Sammy picking up Mikey and dusting him off, making sure he’s okay.


Other Guy: Did you see the way the Poe hit? Did you see the way his head bounced off the concrete?


Dave Dymond: The sound was sick, OG. I think The Poe might be totally out of it.


Sammy begins to cradle Mikey as Austin Linam continues his count. The Poe shows some signs of life, as he rolls onto his back, clutching his head.


The Poe rolls back on his stomach, still clutching his head. He releases his head and places both hands on the ground, attempting to get up.


The Poe fights, pushing with all his might. He is almost to his knees when he just collapses back down, breathing heavily, his arms spread out to both sides.






Austin Linam signals for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here’s is your winner, at a time of 16 minutes and 27 seconds….Sammy Rochester!!

Austin Linam tries to hold Sammy’s arm up in victory, but Sammy rips it away so hard it knocks Austin Linam flat. Sammy climbs out of the ring, still clutching Mikey, looking down at the Poe. A medical team makes their way down, asking Sammy to move so they can help The Poe. However, Sammy just looks at the medical team, roaring at them to go away. Sammy gently places Mikey on the ring apron, telling him to “watch”. He lifts The Poe up and raises his arm, looking to knock The Poe flat.

???: Sammy!! STOP!!

Suddenly, a man in khakis and a green and white striped polo shirt makes his way to the ring, carrying a microphone.

???: Sammy, calm down, okay? The match is over. Why don’t you just go back and let the nice men help your opponent out?

Sammy sorta lowers The Poe, but still holds him. He stares at the man, glaring, but not moving.

???: It’s me, Sammy. Dr. Grace? Dr. Randall Grace? Do you remember me, Sammy?

Dr. Grace continues to move down the ramp, moving past the medical team, slowly edging his way towards Sammy. Sammy looks down at the man, mouthing the words, a thoughtful expression forming on his face.

Dr. Grace: Come on, Sammy, let’s calm down. Remember what I taught you? Back at the ‘house’, you know, in the safe room? When you got mad? 1…2…

Dr. Grace holds the microphone to Sammy’s mouth.

Sammy Rochester: Buckle my shoe. 3…4.…shut the door. 5.…6.…pick up sticks.

Sammy begins to lower the Poe, until he finally lets go. While Dr. Grace has Sammy’s attention, the medical team get a hold of The Poe, who has started to wake up slightly, and help him to the back.

Dr. Grace: Good job, Sammy. Very good. Okay, why don’t we grab Mikey and go back, now, okay?

Sammy nods, his face expressionless. He continues to repeat the nursery rhyme as he picks up Mikey and follows Dr. Grace to the back, Dr. Grace telling him “good job” each time he steps. Finally, both men exit to the back.

Other Guy: What the fuck did we just see, Dave?

Dave Dymond: I…have….no idea…..


Walking backstage in the Thomas and Mack Arena is none other than the Bayani Brothers — Chris Lee and Benjamin Biggs. They’re not here for a fight, nor are they dressed for it, but rather as guests. To the side of Benjamin stands one Eva Martinez, student of SHOOT Project World Champion Jun Kenshin and his new ladyfriend. Biggs is more stylish than usual, and the reason is hopefully obvious.  The camera follows them as the stroll down the hallway, and Chris Lee seems to get an idea before moving as if to excuse himself.

Chris Lee: I’m going to go look for Jun… why don’t you show Eva around, Benji?

Lee winks rather conspicuously and Benjamin just shakes his in head in embarrassment, that Bayani dimpled smile apparent.

Benjamin: All right, I will…

Benji waves him off, practically shooing him away as Chris walks off and Benjamin and Eva slow down their walk, going into sight-seeing mode.

Benjamin: Over here, you have some tech guys, some dudes running cable…over there’s something that probabaly isnt that interesting…

Benjamin stops, reaching out for Eva’s hand, stopping her in the process.

Benjamin: And to your right, you got THIS guy.

Benjamin points to himself, smiling like a goon, only to get Eva to laugh. Benji’s silly grin turns into a genuine ‘glad-to-be-here-with-a-hot-chick’ smile, rather than the cocky, confident facades he’s usually known for.

Eva: Wow. This whole behind-the-scenes area isn’t what I’m use to seeing on TV. And instead of seeing you and Jun kick major ass, I’m seeing… well… you.

Benjamin, taking that as a compliment, smiles and appears to be ready to "go in for the kill"– but he hears someone whistling Journey’s "Dont Stop Believin’" and stops dead in his tracks, as if he feels the presence of something, or someone. As the camera pans out, we can see a tall figure coming up behind the two: Kilgore Stochansky.  Clad in a Misfits T-shirt and velvet blazer, the standard jewelry of chains, watch, rings, and the Laws of Survival Championship Belt give him a signature look, as it were.  He throws on his shades and easily strides past the two, patting Benji on the shoulder a little bit roughly on the way.

Kilgore: How ya doin’, Lyger Boy?

Biggs’ mood appears to go from happiness to sheer frustration in a matter of seconds.  His deep exhale of breath lets us at home know that Stochansky might have been the last person on earth he wanted to see at this moment.  He affixes Kilgore with a hard stare, all daggers in his gaze.

Benjamin: I WAS fine, Cousin It… what is it? Is making my life miserable like on your daily agenda or something? Seriously…

The self-stylized "Champion of the Downtrodden" turns around to face the two, but he appears to be paying Eva no mind.  He grins broad, his gold tooth matching his title belt’s Shimmer. 

Kilgore: Oh come on, Puro Napoleon.  Let’s not get bitter just because we lost my title, eh?

At this, Biggs rolls his eyes.  Although it’s obvious from his tightening posture that he’d like to make a move here, Eva’s reassuring hand seemed to be reigning whatever fight was left in him back

Benjamin: Really? Your title… great… whatever, man. Look, I’m trying to show my lovely friend here what it’s like backstage… and we WERE having a great time… until I smelled something like a caterpillar dying mixed in with Old Spice, and I knew you were slithering around.

This gives Stochansky a reason to chcukle, and he turns slightly, now focusing on Eva.  He looks at her for a second or two, easily too long for comfort, then drops his smile.

Kilgore: Dont start to embarass yourself in front of your lady, Biggs.  I’d hate for you to not get "lucky" tonight because you cant keep your irrational anger in check.

Benjamin’s lip starts to curl, his hands turning into fists. Sensing the tension, Eva decided to back away a little, knowing this could be trouble.

Eva: I don’t want to get involved, guys, so I’m gonna go look for Jun-sensei.

Benjamin: Hold on, Eva…. this won’t take long.

Biggs turns to Kilgore, face-to-face, the height difference obvious to even the blind viewers at home.  Kilgore shifts his arms a bit, putting the Laws of Survival title belt between the two, and they inch closer, menace in their postures.  Kilgore suddenly flashes a grin and leans down , coming very much into Benji’s personal space.

Kilgore: Now, Benjamin…why so angry?

Benjamin: You’re lucky I don’t make you swallow that gaudy gold tooth, Stochansky. Because I’ve lost my patience with you ever since I fucking met you. But I have company… and if you could just do me one damn favor and ruin my day some other time, I’d really appreciate it.

Kilgore leans back, looking rather offended, then stands straight.  He looks to the side, then looks directly at Benji with rage in his eyes.  That breaks, however, and he busts out his patented grin.  He reaches up and pinches Benji’s cheek as if he were a child.

Kilgore: Take care of yourself, fun size.

Then, without even so much as a laugh for good measure, he turns and walks off, a spring in his step.  Benji, for his part, looks as if he’s about to explode; the condescending cheek pinch might have something to do with it.  He gradually relaxes, his balled-up fists returning to normal, and he shakes his head. He turns to Eva and lets out a sigh.

Benjamin: I’m really sorry you had to see that. These hallways aren’t exactly douchebag-free, after all.

She takes his hand reassuringly, and they continue to walk as the camera cuts away…


Looking for Jun Kenshin’s locker room, Chris Lee walks around the back, looking for some kind of sign or huge gold star on a door or something that will let him know where his Pacific Connection brother is. But instead of bumping into the World Champion, he bumps into one Kaz Sato. Being Chris, he smiles and greets the fellow SHOOT superstar in a genuinely friendly manner.

Chris Lee: Hello, Kaz… I don’t mean to be rude, but do you happen to know where Jun is? I can’t seem to find him anywhere and my phone service sucks in this building.

Sato: Sure, I can tell you where Jun is the question is…why are you here?

Chris, thrown off by the question, wondered why he would even ask that.

Chris Lee: I’m here to see my buddy… tell him Benji’s here with that cute student of his and that they’ll probably drop by sometime. Maybe I should ask… what are YOU doing here?

Chris, with a smile, said it in the most jokingly, nonserious way as he could.

Sato: The reason I’m here is a simple Chris. At Animostity something was denied me…so I’m looking for something to take it’s place.

Chris nodded, remembering he had that big match with Roland Caldwell a couple of weeks ago, but really didn’t know what he was talking about, as it was somewhat evident in his facial expression of slight confusion.

Chris Lee: That’s right… I thought you had Caldwell but… hey, as long as you keep healthy, I’m sure there will be another title shot within your reach. Just be patient, man… if you’re meant for that shot, it will come to you.

Sato: You don’t get it Chris…it already has.

Chris, not remembering if he won another top contenders’ match and not wanting to sound ignorant if he actually did and not really liking the tone in his voice, smiled.

Chris Lee: Well… I’m glad you got that chance. I better get going… I got somewhere I should be.

Chris turned around, hoping the next direction would lead him to the way of his friend. Suddenly Kaz grabs him by the shoulder.

Sato: You know Chris….the blood of one former World Champion…is just as good as the blood of a current World Champion….

Before Chris can react, Kaz levels him with a vicious clothesline. As soon as Chris hits the floor Kaz relentlessly puts the boots to him. But Kaz goes for one too many kicks, as Chris blocks a boot and pushes Kaz back. Lee starts to fire lefts and rights at “The Beast”. Kaz staggers backs into the wall. Chris goes for a haymaker, but Kaz ducks and Chris connects with the wall. As Chris staggers back from the Kaz goes to charge him. Chris quickly sidesteps Kaz and wraps him in a headlock. Chris lefts up hoping the choke out the raging beast. Chris is leaning back with the hold putting more pressure on Kaz’s neck. Kaz quickly digs his nails into the bust hand of Chris Lee’s, forcing Chris to let go. Kaz holds his neck for a minute, trying to regain some air in his lungs. Chris is bent over clutching his hand. Kaz sizes him up and with all the strength he can muster nails Chris in the side of the head with a brutal looking Yakuza kick. Chris crumbles to the ground as the Beast stands over him. Kaz starts to look around for something anything and fold up against the wall he sees what he is looking for. Kaz grabs the great equalizer, a steel chair. Kaz starts to stalk Lee, waiting for him to at least get up on all fours. Chris lifts his head and…BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! Kaz unloads three vicious chairshots busting Chris Lee wide open. Kaz drops the chair and looks at the fallen Lee.

Sato: You go tell Kenshin that this is all his fault. You tell him that he has something that should have been mine. You tell him I don’t give a shit if the Front Office is his own personal fan club. You tell him this is what happens when you take my spot. When you take what should have been mine… tell him your blood, is on his hands.

He grins and slowly walks away leaving Lee laying in a pool of his own blood.



With All eyes back on the ring, "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes begins to play throughout the arena, kicking things into gear for the next match up.  NC-17 explodes out from the back, smiling from ear to ear.  The fans cheer him on, a lot of them still buzzing about seeing NC-17 earlier.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 is all smiles right now as earlier tonight, his life was spared.

Other Guy: Yeah but we all know who he’s gotta face in this ring tonight, and well his life might not be spared for long.

Dave Dymond: I have nothing to say on the man who NC-17 is about to face.

NC-17 tags some hands as he moves to the beat of the song.  Finally he reaches the ring though, sliding in under the bottom rope and then springing up to his feet.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall… introducing first, weighing in tonight at 234 pounds, here is NC-17!!!

NC-17 raises his arms up in the air for a moment, then continues moving about the ring, looking out at the fans in attendance.

Dave Dymond: Surprisingly absent from the ring tonight NC-17’s own eye candy Barbie Keller, but perhaps that’s for the best.  Osbourne Kilminster is going to be looking to make an impact tonight, and I’d hate for him to step over that line and make Keller a sacrifice.

Other Guy: Kilminster isn’t the only guy NC-17’s gonna have to worry about though, Dave. Hell, if I didn’t know better I’d say the guy has a death wish… first with Delacroy and Sepulcher, and now with Kilminster. Not a very weak list of enemies.

Dave Dymond: Regardless, this is a huge match up for the SHOOT Project upstart, NC-17, and I would be one of I think many who would love to see an upset here tonight.

As the current music fades out, the fans settle in.  No music plays and for a moment nobody even notices Osbourne Kilminster step out from the back. However the camera picks him up and soon the boos begin in a wave like fashion, growing louder as more and more people look to see Kilminster slowly walking towards the ring, eyes focused straight ahead.

Other Guy: Wow, talk about that chills up your spine feelin, Dave.  Kilminster is more than walking with a purpose, he’s walkin with the intent to kill tonight.

NC-17’s once happy expression fades a bit, overtaken by a look of concern.  Kilminster marches on, making his way into the corner of the ring and slowly stomping up the steel steps.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, making his official in ring return to the SHOOT Project… here is Osbourne Kilminster!!!

Kilminster enters the ring and walks towards NC-17.  Referee Tony Lorenzo keeps Kilminster at bay though, and looks to check in both men.  Samantha Coil leaves the ring at this point, and shortly there after the bell is called for.  Like a horse out of the gate, NC-17 snaps into action quickly attacking Kilminster with a series of hard forearm shots to the face, sending Kilminster staggering back.  Kilminster throws up his arms eventually though, blocking a few of the forearms and he just SHOVES NC-17 backwards with authority.  NC-17 almost falls off his feet, but he keeps his balance and charges in AGAIN with a series of forearms.  Then he throws up a kick, then more forearms.  Kilminster staggers more and NC-17 hits the ropes for added momentum, only to be ALMOST hit by a running clothesline from Kilminster.  NC-17 scouts it though and ducks under, turns around and grabs the back of Kilminster’s head and just pulls backwards!

Dave Dymond: Reverse face plant, and the quick cover from NC-17!

The fans pop as the referee drops to make the count, but Kilminster pushes NC-17 off of him before a one count can even be reached. NC-17 quickly turns Kilminster over onto his stomach and brings him up in a headlock position, wrenching at the neck.  NC-17 then drops a hard standing elbow to the back of Kilminster’s head, dropping Kilminster down to one knee.  Again NC-17 hits the ropes and then CONNECTS with Kilminster’s face with a sitting dropkick!  Kilminster’s head snaps back and NC-17 again makes a cover attempt.

Lorenzo hits the mat, some of the fans cheer out for NC-17 as the count is made.



Strong kick out by Kilminster.  NC-17 though springs up to his feet and raises his arms up high over his head, now soaking up more attention and admiration from the fans.

Other Guy: Looks like NC-17 is all sorts of confident tonight, and really that’s just what he needs to bring into the ring if he’s going to hang with a fighter like Osbourne Kilminster.

Dave Dymond: It’s looking like NC-17 is MORE than hanging with Kilminster, Other Guy, he’s down right taking control of this match up.

Other Guy: Yeah, he’s proving his worth, and he seems to be growing on a lot of people here in SHOOT Project.

NC-17 doesn’t waste too much time playing to the crowd and turns his focus back on Kilminster just in time to see him getting up to his feet.  NC-17 is right there and quickly locks up into a grapple with Kilminster, only for Kilminster to bring a knee up into NC-17’s ribs.  NC-17 falters and Kilminster hits a second knee strike, but this time NC-17 grabs the knee and twists his body down onto the mat, dragging Kilminster down with him!

Dave Dymond: A variation on a dragon leg screw takedown… and it’s effective, as Kilminster’s knee seems to have been tweaked in the fall.

Kilminster grabs at his right knee, wincing slightly and now NC-17 has full advantage.  He doesn’t give Kilminster time to recover, and soon NC-17 has him right back up, only to take him right back down with a snapping neckbreaker. He holds on though and shows off some nice strength, pulling Kilminster back up from that position, twisting through for a SECOND neckbreaker!  A bit slower, but still sure enough NC-17 twists through, bringing Kilminster right back up… going for the third… NO!  Kilminster breaks and shoves NC-17 back, looking furious! 

Kilminster charges at NC-17, but again NC-17 ducks, and then reaches back blindly, catching Kilminster and NOW dropping him with a third neckbreaker!!!

Other Guy: He completes the tri-fecta of breakers there, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the in ring showing of Mr. NC-17 tonight, Dave.  Kid’s impressing me.

Dave Dymond: Often vulgar, yet somehow a crowd pleaser, NC-17 could score his first HUGE victory here tonight if he takes advantage of the situation presented to him right now.

Other Guy: NC-17’s got Kilminster on his back, but he’s not going for the pin here.  Not sure that’s a smart call.

NC-17 just looks down at Kilminster for a moment who grabs at his neck in pain. NC-17 then looks to the corner and suddenly smiles.  He nods his head and quickly walks off and, even more quickly, elevates himself up onto the top turnbuckle.  NC-17 motions for the crowd to make some noise, and they begin cheering, which pumps up NC-17 that much more.  NC-17 turns his attention to Kilminster and without hesitation… LEAPS FOR A DIVING HEADBUTT…


Other Guy: Damn! Face on canvas!  That’s a crucial miss right there if I ever seen one.

Dave Dymond: NC-17’s confidence got the better of him and Kilminster had time to move out of the way.  Right now, this could be a turning point in the match up, and unfortunately it won’t be in the favor of NC-17.

The fans buzz with concern as NC-17 clutches at his face, having hit full impact on the mat.  Kilminster slowly rises up to his feet, still favoring the right knee though.  Kilminster seems to shake out the pain though as he walks towards NC-17, pulls him up off the mat. NC-17 sways in a dazed state, and Kilminster just sneers and DRILLS NC-17 with a straight on punch!  NC-17 falls straight to the mat and the fans boo loudly.  Referee Tony Lorenzo issues a quick warning to Kilminster about the use of a closed fist.  Kilminster becomes angry with the referee for getting into his face, and argues back, pointing to his MMA gloves.  While the two argue, NC-17 recovers from the hard punch, working his way up to his feet. Kilminster sees him and finally stops arguing with the referee, sufficiently angry, and charges at NC-17! NC-17 does not have time to react as Kilminster goes low for a leg capture, lifts NC-17 up and just plants him on his back.

Kilminster then immediately goes into a mounting stance, with one knee pinning NC-17’s arm down.  Without mercy, Kilminster UNLOADS on NC-17 with alternating strikes, keeping the fists more open this time, but the damage is still being done.

Other Guy: You called it Dave, as we are seeing the turning point unfold into an all out beat down. Say what ya want about Ozzy’s attitude, but this is the man I knew, so I’m not shocked that he’s done away with the fan favorite attitude.

Dave Dymond: How can you defend this guy based on what he did to Ray Willmott, how he returned and spat on everyone.

Other Guy: Just sayin’ Kilminster has a point, the fans turned on him first to some extent, and now Kilminster’s just here for himself, can’t say I disagree with that attitude either.

After a few more solid hits, Kilminster re-positions his body, floating over NC-17 from the mount, and turning NC-17 over onto his stomach. Kilminster tightly locks on a front facing headlock, while lying on the mat himself, and then he pulls up slightly, and wraps one leg around NC-17’s back!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster now trying to choke out NC-17… but the referee checking to see that its legal.

Referee Tony Lorenzo checks on the situation as Kilminster really cinches in the headlock.  NC-17 struggles to break free, squirming within Kilminster’s grasp.  Kilminster’s arms shift slightly and NC-17 spasms, and Tony Lorenzo shouts at Kilminster to break the hold!

Other Guy: It just turned into a choke, you can pin point the second NC-17 lost his ability to breathe!

Kilminster keeps the choke locked on, and now the referee makes the count.

One… two… three… four…

Kilminster breaks the hold at the last possible second and backs off from NC-17, looking at him as he gasps for breath while writing on the mat.  The pause in the action coupled with Kilminster’s attitude brings more boos from the crowd, but Kilminster only has his sights focused on NC-17.  He just arrogantly motions for NC-17 to get up to his feet, and as NC-17 starts to do so, Kilminster bends down and removes the kneepad from his right knee.  The referee doesn’t notice, but everyone else watching does.  Kilminster sizes up NC-17, storms over to him and looks to bring an end to this match up.


Dave Dymond: What the hell!  Enzeguri out of nowhere and Kilminster NEVER saw it coming!

Other Guy: Wow!  That’s a kind of quickness that would make anyone do a double take.

Dave Dymond: These fans loving it and just like that, this match turns once more in the favor of NC-17!

Kilminster’s on the mat working his way back up to his feet and now NC-17 keeps the momentum going. He bounces off the ropes behind Kilminster, comes running back, and TAKES Kilminster down with a bulldog face plant.  Kilminster hits the mat, but again works on getting up, trying to get a strong stance.  NC-17 is right back up an running… bounces off the other ropes and turns Kilminster and takes him down with a second bulldog. This time he doesn’t wait for Kilminster to get up though and he pulls Kilminster to his feet and just starts laying into him with hard chops!  Kilminster’s body reels from each impact, wincing in pain from the stings of the chop.

NC-17 picks up the speed and soon is in a CHOPPING FURY!!

Dave Dymond: Here we go, NC-17 going to town on Kilminster, and you might as well call him the lumberjack, what with all that chopping!

Other Guy: You were doing so good, Dave, then ya dropped that phrase.

Dave Dymond: I’m excited; NC-17 has the energy flowing and the chops flying.  Kilminster reeling now… and a HUGE boot to the gut!  NC-17 has Kilminster doubled over and dead center in the ring!

The fans pick up as NC-17, breathing heavily, but standing strong, looks at Kilminster now, having him in perfect position for the extreme makeover running leg drop!  NC-17 stands in front of Kilminster though and suddenly starts shouting at him and actually SLAPS him a couple of times on the back of the head… adding insult to injury. The fans are into this though, and finally NC-17 hits the ropes, again building up his own momentum, and runs full speed at Kilminster who remains doubled over.

NC-17 is about to leap up into the air, when suddenly Kilminster snaps straight up, turns and DRIVES a hard right knee just below NC-17’s sternum!  NC-17 is folded up from the knee strike, but Kilminster doesn’t let him fall, instead he pulls NC-17 up by the arm and UNLEASHES with a series of Thai knees, targeting the ribs, and NC-17’s body in general!  The mood shifts quickly as Kilminster BRUTALLY assaults NC-17!

Other Guy: This is the focus I was talkin’ about. Ozzy means nothing but business, and that’s the mentality that’s gonna get him ahead in SHOOT this time around.  NC-17 got too cocky and Kilminster’s making him pay for that!

The fans boo as the assault continues.  NC-17 falls onto his back, and Kilminster continues with the knees, driving down on top of NC-17 with vicious intent!  Kilminster then pulls NC-17 abruptly up to his feet, holding the barely able to stand NC-17 in his clutches.  Kilminster then turns and looks right at Dave Dymond… and then just DESTROYS NC-17 with the Wake Up Call!

Dave Dymond: The aptly named Wake-Up Call connects, and this one is over.

Other Guy: Looks like Kilminster’s still got beef with you too, Dave…

Kilminster makes the cover and the referee drops to the mat to make the count.




The fans continue to boo as the bell sounds. No music plays though as Kilminster just rises up to his feet and looks down at his beaten opponent.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… Osbourne Kilminster!!!

Kilminster turns away from NC-17 after a moment of just staring at him, and just as silently as he came to the ring, Kilminster leaves, sneering at the fans as he walks by them. As he leaves the ring, the camera focus cuts to Dave Dymond and Other Guy

Dave Dymond: Well NC-17 put up a fight and then some, but confidence got the better of him, and with a guy like Kilminster you don’t want to give him an opening like that.

Other Guy: You think you’re next, Dave? I mean he did look at you.

Dave Dymond: I don’t see what attacking me would prove.  I’m not a wrestler; I’m not even remotely trained in fighting.

Other Guy: He’s got some beef though with you, and Kilminster’s back in take no prisoners mode.  I might need to find someone to replace you.

Dave Dymond: I could say the same about Roland Caldwell and you, O.G. But I won’t.   Their business belongs in the ring and our business belongs here at ringside.

Suddenly the sound of fans cheering is heard and the camera focus shifts back to the ring.  Slowly but surely NC-17 makes his way out of the ring, beaten up pretty good, but still able to walk on his own.  The fans applaud this as a show of respect, and NC-17 nods at them as he walks to the back.  He looks up to see Christopher Davis standing there, who also just nods his head.  NC-17 smirks and Davis then turns and heads to the back, NC-17 close behind.

Other Guy: Despite the loss, NC-17 didn’t have a horrible night, did he. I mean if I was gonna share a common enemy with anyone, I’d want to share one with the SHOOT hall of famer, Christopher Davis.

Dave Dymond: Certainly an interesting pairing created on the fly earlier tonight…and speaking of interesting pairings, still to come, the Iron Fist Champion Adrian Corazon teams up with Donovan King, and talk about a brutal combination right there, O.G.

Other Guy: No joke.  But Corazon and King have to deal with the wrath created by their actions, facing off against the NEW Revolution Champion, Cade Sydal, and the old man himself, Del Carver.

Dave Dymond: That match coming up, and of course our MAIN EVENT still to come, Roland Caldwell, Trevor Worrens, no title, but a rematch never the less.


We cut to the backstage halls, labyrinthine as they are, of the Thomas and Mack Center.  There is no one in the shot so far, and for a couple of seconds, the only focus in on this lonesome stretch of hallway.  Right at the moment when viewers might be asking "what’s this?", someone walks into the frame: One Benjamin Biggs.  He seems a bit downtrodden; the lack of Eva Martinez might have something to do with this, But more than likely what happenedto his brother has something to do with it.  His hands are in his pockets and his head somewhat slung low, recalling the sad piano tune from "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown."  This sort of calmness is shattered, though, with a large-framed eastern bloc hipster: Kilgore Stochansky.  However, he seems to be in a very foul mood: His face has none of the trademark spark or devilish humour in it, and he is not smiling.  Far from it, in fact–he’s got a very angry sneer on his face.  His footsteps alert Benjamin, who’s head raises slightly, but he plays it cool, continuing his stride, and the camera follows.  Kilgore pulls a large, shiny device from his blazer pocket…a gun!  Large and apparently chromed, it appears to be of a high caliber, possibly .357 Magnum.  Kilgore holds it forward, pointed at Benjamin’s back, and speaks up.

Kilgore: Hey Benjamin…

Biggs sighs and stops walking.

Benjamin: Dammit, I dont have any time for your bulls…

The former Lyger Kid trails off upon turning around, noticing the gun pointed in his direction.  There is a moment of silence as he looks from the revolver to Kilgore’s cruel eyes, his brain registering the gravity of the situation.

Benjamin: A-a-are you fucking serious?

Biggs backs off a couple of steps, not really sure what the hell is going on. Kilgore, anticipating this, steps a few feet to the left, placing Benji between his gun and the wall.  His eyes are filled with rage and hate…none of the fun loving huckster that we normally see.  He extends his arm a bit, placing the gun closer to Benjamin.

Kilgore: Now, come on.  You cant tell me you never saw this coming, did you?  All the snide comments.  Every man has a limit.

There’s an eerie sort of deadness in his voice, and not even a hint of a smile plays on his lips.  Benjamin, for his part, looks on in confusion, with a hint of frustration, as if he wanted to be the one holding the gun.  All of the mockery and hardship Benji had endured seems to well up inside him…but he doesnt make a move.

Benjamin: Well, uh… Devil’s advocate here… but come on, EVERYONE fucking talks shit around here. It’s not my fault you’re suchaneasytarget….

He speeds up those last words, immeadiatly recognizing that they might make the situation worse. 

Kilgore: Let’s say that’s the pot calling the kettle black.  From where I’m standing, I’m looking at the easiest target of all.

His face contorts into an evil sort of smile, and it’s apparent that Kilgore might in fact have finally snapped.  Biggs holds his hands in the air and starts to slowly lower them , in a standard "calm down" motion.  His eyes flit from side to side, looking to see if there are any witnesses.  Unfortunately for him, there are none.

Kilgore: Time to go home, Benjamin.

Kilgore points the gun directly at Benjamin’s forehead, a few inches away, but still FAR too close for comfort.  Benjamin can’t help but to stare at the barrel of the gun.  He looks to be frozen in some mix of confusion and fear, with no snappy comeback.  Kilgore cocks the hammer back…and pulls the trigger.

There is no loud gunshot, no smoke, and Benji’s face is still intact.  Instead, a small stick bops Benji in the forehead.  We can see that the stick has a flag connected to it.  This flag reads "BANG!" in large, colorful letters.  Benjamin opens his tightly shut eyes…and his posture slumps.  He looks disappointed, mostly in himself.  Kilgore breaks into a huge grin, then lowers the gun and places his hand on Benji’s shoulder, like they’re old friends.  He starts laughing uproarously, doubling over at one point.

Kilgore: Hahahah…come ON, man!  Why would I ever shoot you?  You’re TOO easy!

Biggs appears as if he really doesnt know what to do.  Should he try to strike Kilgore, or just walk away?  He instead settles on a nervous smile and a small chuckle.

Benjamin: Yeah.. heh heh… made me look like a fool again… great.

He takes a deep breath, obviously trying to calm himself down.  Kilgore, on the other hand, couldnt look happier.  His face looks filled with pure Joy as he gives Benjamin a reassuring pat on the shoulder. 

Kilgore: Dont worry about it, man.  You’ll get your smile back, I’m sure.

Stochansky turns, as if he’s going to walk off.  Just before he walks off camera, he turns back around and swings the fake gun RIGHT into Benjamin’s face!  The barrel snaps off of the handle, clattering to the floor, as Benji drops to the ground and looks up at Kilgore with a renewed fire in his eyes.  We can see that the strike scraped Benji’s cheek real nice, and Kilgore laughs at this as well, a sort of schadenfreude singsong in his voice.

Kilgore: Oh man, Benji!  You fell down!

Benjamin’s eyes go from normal to enraged in a split second, and there is a fire that we didnt see there before.  He stands up quickly as Kilgore is laughing, and taking the advantage, slams his forehead against Kilgore’s face, sending the big man stumbling back as he holds his jaw.  He throws the remains of the fake gun to the floor and stalks towards Benjamin, his lip very obviously split.

Kilgore: You sanctimonious little–

Stochansky is cut off as Benji unleashes a bellowing scream and charges him, landing a VERY stiff Knee right into Kilgore’s chest!  Kilgore stumbles back but then dives forward, running Benjamin into the wall with a spear!  The wind is knocked out of Biggs momentarily, but he responds by hooking Kilgore’s head and twisting while he rains elbows down in the big man’s spine with his free arm!  Kilgore, not one to rest on his laurels, responds by repeatedly striking Biggs in the kidneys!  Both men seem to push off of one another simotaneously, just as a lone security guard runs towards them both.

Guard: Hey, the both of you!  Cut that out!!

Kilgore takes a few paces back, his lip bleeding profusely.  It really is a nasty cut. Benji turns and faces the fast approaching guard, his body still in a fighting stance.  The guard recognizes this, and begins to draw his mace as he runs towards the two men.  Biggs waits until the guard is close enough and, using the man’s momentum, catches his arm and drops him to the ground with a quick hip toss!!  The guard reels on the ground as Benjamin turns to an entirely surprised Kilgore and takes a step forward.

Benjamin: I’m not fucking done with you yet!!

As he walks towards the bleeding Laws of Survival Champion, who takes a step back, looking as if he has never seen this side of Biggs.  Just as Benji appears to be ready to make his move, he gets SWARMED by four security guards!!  Benjamin attempts to break free, but cant, and he screams like a man posessed as he is being dragged away from the man who started this: Stochansky.  Who, for his part, grins in a sadistic manner, the split on his lip widening as he laughs right in Biggs’ face.  We cut away…


Dave Dymond: Moving along, there seems to be an issue between…

“Summer Overture – Remix” pumps classic-style drum and violin music through the sound system of the Thomas and Mack Center.

Roland Caldwell step outs onto the stage, with a broad smile on his face.

Dave Dymond: What does he want?

Other Guy: He’s the number one contender, he can say what he wants!

Roland holds his arms up high and waves to the fans, all smiles. He runs to both ends of the stage and points joyfully as the fans boo him with religious fervor.

Dave Dymond: Look at him… this is just ridiculous. If he has a point he should just make it already, after all he’s got Trevor Worrens to think about tonight.

Roland runs down the aisle and slaps hands with the fans. One fan takes exception and throws his beer at Roland. It nails Roland in the face and security tackles the man in the stands. Roland simply smiles and nods, giving the soon to be arrested fan a wink and a smile.

He reaches the ring and climbs through the ropes. Samantha Coil hands him a microphone and he smiles to the beat of the classical film score of his entrance. The people rain boos down upon him but Roland only smiles back. The music fades down and Roland just smiles. He holds his hands out and takes a theatrical bow, much to the ire of all the fans in the arena.

Dave Dymond: You would think he was a conquering hero with the way he’s acting.

Roland Caldwell: Thank you! Thank you! You all know that I am Roland Caldwell, and I am your number one contender to Jun Kenshin’s SHOOT Project World Championship!

Roland does a mock fist pump and bows again.

Roland Caldwell: Kaz Sato was a worthy adversary, but in the end he did not have enough. So now, I look forward to Redemption, where I Roland Caldwell will defeat Jun Kenshin and become the SHOOT Project World Champion!

Dave Dymond: Roland is not short on confidence.

Roland Caldwell: And, that will be the signature day of my career. The day that I win the SHOOT Project World Championship will be the highlight of my life. All the years of struggle and pain will be wiped away, and I will know how great I am. And my place in history will be etched in stone. My name will go on the list along with the likes of Real Deal. Del Carver. Erik Boyer. OutKast. And when I hold that belt up. When I show the world the gold that so many people have sacrificed to gain…

Roland smiles that smile.

Roland Caldwell: When I hold that belt, I will spit on it. I will piss on it. I will shit on it! Because that is what it deserves. Look at this! Look at was has become of SHOOT Project!

Dave Dymond: Is he for real?

Other Guy: I’m shocked. I know he hates what SHOOT’s become but, this…

Roland Caldwell: I will treat the belt the way the front office has treated it. They’ve pawned it off for scraps, treating this entire federation like it was some plaything for the masses! Its disgusts me… makes me sick to my stomach. And to see all you people, you people! You people fawn over your heroes like they’re Gods, but they’re nothing more than soulless sellouts.

Roland pauses for effect as the crowd voices its displeasure.

Roland Caldwell: But now, something different this way comes. After I beat Kenshin, I will be the Champion, and I will destroy the façade that has been created! I will be the ultimate champion. I will be the most dominant Champion this federation has ever seen, because unlike Trevor Worrens, I know my true self. I know my weaknesses.  I will destroy anyone, indiscriminately. Every opponent is a threat, and I will tear all of their hearts out. And my reign of terror will continue tonight, when I force Trevor Worrens to realize my superiority. Trevor Worrens is…

“The Pursuit” by Evans Blue blasts through the arena and Trevor Worrens steps out and heads towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: Man, I never thought I’d be so happy to hear this music.

Other Guy: I’ll hold off on whether or not I’m happy depending on what mood Worrens is bringing to the ring tonight…

Worrens slowly climbs into the ring. He looks at Roland, who simply smiles at him.

Roland Caldwell: Hey there, Trev. You look a bit dull. There’s no shine to you. Where’s that belt you… oh, wait. You lost it! Why don’t you crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of and wait for our match. I promise, I won’t be gentle then, and if you want some of me now, I’ll make sure you don’t make it to the ring for a second time tonight!

Roland steps forward and sneers at Worrens, smelling blood in the water.

Roland Caldwell: What? Mallows got your tongue?

Worrens snatches the microphone out of Roland’s hand.  The fans buzz, not really cheering, but simply picking up the vibe that something is about to go down.

Other Guy: If Worrens says ANYTHING, Dave, I think our main event is gonna come early!

The tension continues to build as Worrens stands there, looking into the eyes of Caldwell, no expression on his face what so ever.

Trevor Worrens: I am not one of those heroes, Roland.

An anti-climatic sentence settles down the crowd.  Roland keeps his focus though, the intensity between the two unwavering.

Trevor Worrens: And I agree that those heroes are sellouts.  Walking talking egos who believe their own hype.  I’ve been preaching that very feeling since I stepped foot into the commercialized product that is this organization. You’d know that if you weren’t too busy doing EXACTLY what everyone else here does.

Worrens’s mood suddenly changes. His intensity grows. Roland grows angrier.

Trevor Worrens: You come out here and you sell yourself. You believe the hype you’ve created around your name.  At the end of the day, Roland, you’re the villain version of those heroes you’ve come to hate. You’re the dark version of the man you swear you’ll beat.


Trevor Worrens But you won’t beat him, Roland. Logic dictates that he beat me, and no matter how much you talk, how much you hurt me tonight… the fact remains I BEAT YOU!

Some of the fans cheer now as Roland’s eyes narrow. Caldwell snatches the microphone quickly from Worrens.

Roland Caldwell: But tonight, you won’t!

Worrens snatches it back.

Trevor Worrens: Maybe not, but then you go to the next level. I’ve BEATEN Jun Kenshin. YOU HAVE NOT!

Roland again snatches the microphone from Worrens, and this time shoves Worrens back a step.

Roland Caldwell: Grasping at last straws, Trev?  Living off your past already?  I hope it comforts you because I WILL beat Jun Kenshin, but obviously I have my priorities set tonight, and I even the score between us!

Roland looks to drop the microphone, but Worrens grabs it right out of Roland’s hand before he can do so.

Trevor Worrens: Even the score?  The score is I WAS the World Heavyweight Champion. The score is I defended that title, kept that title as my own when you tried to take it from me before!  So even tonight, you could put me in the hospital and that’s not going to change the score.  I’m STILL one over you, Roland Caldwell… I’M STILL…

"Undeniable" by Mos Def suddenly picks up, which prompts Worrens to abruptly stop what he is saying. Both Roland and Worrens turn to the entryway, annoyed by the man they know is about to step out from the back. The fans however cheer loudly and get even louder as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Jun Kenshin, makes his presence felt yet again for the night. Kenshin’s music cuts off and he stands at the top of the ramp way, microphone already in hand.

Jun Kenshin: I hate to break up the pissing contest, but what’s happening in the ring right now is that one of you is talking about what’s already happened.  Worrens, you’re living in the past.  It’s over, done with.

Worrens’s intensity suddenly deflates upon hearing Kenshin’s words.  Kenshin then looks to Roland.

Jun Kenshin: and the other one of you is talking only about the future.  Relying on things that haven’t even happened, and my two cents is that they WON’T happen!

The fans pop big time and now Roland’s anger is focused purely on the World Champion.

Jun Kenshin: So really, I’m the friendly reminder of what’s important.  The present. I stand here, right now, as THE SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

HUGE POP Kenshin smiles, appreciating the fans.  He shivers a bit, the chills of excitement running through his body.

Jun Kenshin: And it doesn’t matter if it’s you (points to Worrens) or you (points to Roland) that I have to go through to keep it that way!

"Undeniable" starts up again and Jun Kenshin looks hard at both Worrens and Roland for a moment before eventually turning away and heading back to the locker room area.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin’s words ring true.  Worrens and Caldwell can do all the talking, but its Jun Kenshin who stands at the top of the SHOOT Project mountain.

Other Guy: He does, you’re right, but tonight’s main event plays a CRUCIAL part in who has a more legit claim to the title.  Does Roland continue his momentum, or does Worrens prove that Caldwell’s number one contendership win was a one off fluke.

Dave Dymond: We find out later tonight, that main event still to come, unofficial implications on the line with that, but coming up another huge fight, and in the form of my favorite match… Tag team action!  It’s Corazon and King taking on Carver and Sydal.  FOUR HUGE NAMES COLLIDE!

The night is set to continue… when suddenly the Revolution telecast is abruptly interrupted by a bright red screen.



Samantha Coil: The following handicap contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit!

Fans in attendance begin to buzz with confusion, as no handicap match was scheduled.

Dave Dymond: That’s right. This match was scheduled as a tag team match, but Del Carver has been unable to make it to the arena and has opted to take Jason Johnson up on an offer for those that wished to mourn Ray Willmott’s passing in private. Rather than cancel the match all-together, Cade Sydal has said he will fight both Donovan King and Corazon, himself.

“Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits, and the fans begin to boo immediately. Donovan King steps through the curtain and looks around, almost hatefully, before he marches down the ramp and quickly steps through the ropes.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds from Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Memphis, Tennessee! He is DONOVAAAAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

King backs into a corner, carefully, with a small smirk on his face. His theme fades out slowly, and is soon, however, replaced by DZK’s “Inhuman.” Corazon steps through the curtain, holding the Iron Fist Championship high above his head. The fans continue their booing, without even so much as a break in it. Corazon slowly marches down the ramp, ignoring every insult hurled at him.

Samantha Coil: And his partner, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Mexico City, Mexico! He is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion! COOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAZON!

Corazon makes it down to the end of the ramp and slowly hops onto the apron and steps through the ropes. His music, too, slowly fades and the booing does so as well.

Dave Dymond: Those two men in the ring right now look determined!

Other Guy: And I don’t think that bodes well for your hero, Cade Sydal.

“Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits. The fans explode into cheers, as Cade slowly steps through the curtain, a black armband around his left bicep with white “RW” lettering on it. Cade starts pacing the stage, at the top of the ramp, staring down at his two opponents, with the Revolution Championship over his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent, hailing from Southport, North Carolina, weighing in at 174 pounds! He is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! CAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDAL!

Cade Sydal continues to pace at the top of the ramp. He taps the black band on his left bicep and points at the ceiling before he suddenly sprints down the ramp! Cade drops the Revolution Championship before sliding under bottom rope as Donovan King moves to meet him, and Cade tackles King to the canvas! Cade mounts King and starts raining punches down on his face!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is starting on fire!

Other Guy: He’s got to, with Del Carver not being able to make the show, he’s gotta fight with everything he’s got against these two.

Corazon tells referee Dennis Heflin something before he grabs Cade from behind and yanks him to his feet with a waistlock. Cade swings his elbow back into the side of Corazon’s face as Kin g scrambles to his feet. King rushes at Cade, and Cade jumps, planting both feet in King’s chest, he swings his body and lands on his side, holding Corazon’s left arm as he does so to arm drag Corazon!

Dave Dymond: Cade just put Corazon and Donovan King on the same side of the ring, to keep an eye on both of them!

Other Guy: For now, yeah. But basic numbers, Dave. There are two to his one.

King comes at Cade first, and Cade quickly snaps into him with a drop toe hold, driving King to the canvas face first! Corazon quickly catches Cade with an elbow drop to the back! Corazon gets to his knees and quickly starts driving his right knee into Cade’s back! King untangles his leg from Cade’s and stomps on Cade’s back before Dennis Heflin moves to escort him out onto the apron.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Corazon is the official legal man for he and Donovan King.

Other Guy: Does that even matter, Dave?

Corazon pulls Cade to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Cade ducks a clothesline, and hits the other ropes, but King snaps his right foot up to meet Cade’s kidneys! Cade stumbles forward, clutching his lower back, right into Corazon who launches him high overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex! Corazon quickly mounts Cade and starts hammering his face with forearms!

Dave Dymond: You gotta believe that Corazon wanted to get his hands on Del Carver some more, and in his absence he is making Cade Sydal his substitute!

Other Guy: Or the dude wants to win. I mean, that’s a possibility, right?

Corazon pulls Cade to his feet and pulls him to his corner, tagging in King. Corazon quickly pulls Cade into an abdominal stretch as King steps through the ropes and hops onto the second turnbuckle. King comes off and buries an elbow in Cade’s exposed ribs! Corazon steps out of the ring as King sends Cade to the opposite corner. King barrels in, following Cade, and buries his shoulder in Cade’s abdomen in the corner! King lifts his head under Cade’s arm and sits Cade on the top turnbuckle.

Dave Dymond: This could get bad!

Other Guy: Why? Because Cade is stupid enough not to forfeit in hopeless situations?

King stands on the second rope and steadies himself before hooking under Cade’s left arm. King grabs Cade by the back of his head with his left hand while his right arm is under Cade’s arm. King leaps off the ropes and uses the momentum to hip toss Cade off the turnbuckles! Cade crashes to the canvas, and King slides into a cover!




Cade kicks out!

Dave Dymond: As much as you hate to admit it, OG, you’ve got to give credit to Cade Sydal. He doesn’t just give up and call it a day!

Other Guy: All the drugs he did scrambled his brains, he’s too damn stupid now to know he doesn’t have a chance. There’s a big difference between dumb and brave.

King gets in Dennis Heflin’s face and starts arguing with him. Corazon shouts something and King nods. He turns back to Cade and bends to pull Cade to his feet, until Cade grabs him by the back of the head and drops to a knee with a jawbreaker! Cade runs for the ropes, but Corazon is quick to plant both feet on the middle rope and lifts up on the top rope just as Cade turns to bounce his back off the ropes, and Cade spills through and lands on the apron and bounces right off the apron onto the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: Oooh! That HAD to suck for Cade, there!

Other Guy: That’s smart strategy from Corazon. On the apron he can see a lot of openings the two in there can’t.

Corazon drops to the floor and throws Cade back into the ring. King pulls Cade to his feet and scoops him up, driving him back to the canvas with a body slam. King quickly slaps Corazon’s hand, and Corazon steps through the ropes. King pulls Cade to his feet then shoves him backward into a waistlock from Corazon. King quickly snaps into Cade with a spinning wheel kick as Corazon snaps backward with a release German suplex!

Dave Dymond: That is definitely some unique teamwork from the unorthodox, dissimilar, duo of Donovan King and our Iron Fist Champion!

Other Guy: Its interesting that you point that out, as I was actually about to say that our Revolution Champion has been getting his ass kicked by the former champion and our longest reigning champion in the company.

Corazon surveys the scene before rolling Cade off of his chest to his back and hooks a leg.




Cade kicks out! Corazon pulls Cade off the canvas forcefully and whips him into the corner. Corazon rushes at Cade, and Cade suddenly snaps his elbow up into Corazon’s jaw! Corazon stumbles backward as Cade pushes up onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off quickly! Cade lands with his legs around Corazon’s head and rolls backward for a hurricanrana right through Corazon’s legs! Cade hooks the legs, stacking Corazon for a pin!

Dave Dymond: Just when you think he’s done for, Cade Sydal fires back!


Donovan King runs full speed at Cade and kicks him in the head, breaking the count immediately!

Other Guy: And just when you think Cade is mounting a comeback, those two remind you they’re still there, heh.

Both Cade Sydal and Corazon scramble to their feet. Cade turns toward Corazon, who lunges at him with his right hand catching Cade by the throat, Corazon weeps his leg behind Cade’s and STO’s him to the canvas with a chokehold! Corazon continues to strangle Cade with his hand, pressing him into the canvas hard. Dennis Heflin begins to bark at Corazon, and Corazon releases the choke rolling his eyes.

Dave Dymond: Corazon is continuing to show his vile mean streak.

Other Guy: There’s a reason he’s been called Inhuman.

Corazon makes his way to King and tags him in. Both move toward Cade, ignoring Dennis Heflin’s instructions, and they both pull Cade to his feet. They both send Cade off the ropes and duck their heads for a double back body drop! Cade quickly turns and sends his right shin up into Donovan King’s chest with an audible smack of kickpad on flesh! Cade turns back toward Corazon and jumps onto his back with both feet. Corazon shoots his body upward, and Cade turns in mid-launch, catching King with a bulldog and rides him to the canvas! Dennis Heflin quickly escorts Corazon out of the ring before Corazon can take advantage to Cade’s current situation.

Dave Dymond: For the first time all night, Cade Sydal might actually have a fair chance at building some momentum!

Other Guy: It’s really kind of ironic, that the man once hailed as the best pure wrestler in the sport, hasn’t gotten to do anything for the last thirteen and a half minutes.

King starts making it to a knee and Cade is quick to take advantage as he hits the ropes. He places his left foot on King’s upraised knee and turns his body, snapping his right calf up under King’s chin with a Shining Calf Kick! King hits the canvas hard, and his hand reflectively shoots to his jaw, as Cade moves to hook both legs!



Corazon start through the ropes, but King gets a shoulder up anyway on his own! Cade spots Corazon, though, and rushes at him, nailing him with a forearm and continues to swing forearms at Corazon’s face! Corazon is backed into his corner and Cade continues to hit him in the face repeatedly as King makes it to his feet. Cade turns and runs at King, and King leaps up off his feet and thrusts his right foot into Cade’s face with his leaping Yakuza kick!


Dave Dymond: Cade’s jaw could be broken!

King gets back to his feet and starts yelling incoherently at Cade. King quickly moves as Corazon steps through the ropes, King tags him in. Both pull Cade to his feet and send him to a corner. King follows him and snaps into him with a running forearm hard across the face! King grabs Cade by the back of the head and shoves him forward toward Corazon, and Corazon snaps Cade up and over with a bridging Northern Lights suplex!




Cade kicks out hard, in the nick of time!

Dave Dymond: No matter what your personal opinion of Cade Sydal, OG, you have to give him credit for fighting even when the odds are stacked against him!

Other Guy: The kid is barely more than five-and-a-half feet tall and he weighs a buck-eighty at best. The odds are ALWAYS stacked against his scrawny ass.

King drops off of the apron and starts fishing under the ring skirting. Corazon pulls Cade to his feet with him and moves behind Cade. Corazon hooks Cade with a full nelson, looking for a Dragon Suplex, but Cade wraps his left leg up with Corazon’s! Cade stomps his right foot down on Corazon’s right foot and quickly drops to a seated position, sliding out of the full nelson. Cade rolls backward and wraps his legs quickly around Corazon’s waist, pushing up in a wheelbarrow, Cade uses everything he has to roll backward over Corazon’s shoulder out of the wheeblarrow, hooking Corazon with an inverted facelock!

Dave Dymond: He could be going for the Nightcap, OG!

Other Guy: What it Donovan King doing?! He needs to stop Cade from hitting this if he wants to win!

Cade starts to twist as if going under Corazon’s body, but is cut off as King is right there next to him and swings the chain he found under the ring right into Cade’s face! Cade collapses to the canvas as blood instantly starts rolling out of his forehead! Corazon straightens up and backs into a corner, as King starts bringing the chain down hard across Cade’s chest, and Dennis Heflin has no choice but to call for the bell!

Dave Dymond: That damn no good street thug!

Other Guy: Calm down, Dave. I don’t get it either, but Donovan King has gotten his team disqualified, and he is putting a serious hurt on Cade right now with that chain!

King pulls Cade to his feet and wraps the chain around Cade’s neck! King pulls Cade up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry! King swings Cade off instantly with his variation of the TKO!

Dave Dymond: SON OF A BITCH!

Other Guy: KTFO! Donovan King just hit the KTFO with a chain around Cade’s neck!

King rolls backward, the chain still wrapped around Cade’s neck. King shoves Cade’s arm between his legs and then pulls back on each side of the chain wih either hand, choking Cade out with the Queen City Crossface, with the added use of the chain! Corazon watches as Cade struggles with his one free hand, blood pouring down his face in a gruesome display! Corazon rolls out of the ring and yanks his Iron Fist title away from the timekeeper’s table.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is helpless!

Other Guy: And Corazon is just leaving, he couldn’t give a shit what happens here I’d bet!

Donovan King continues to pull back on the chain until Cade’s free right hand stops trying to pull the chain away and the arm goes limp. King gives it two more quick pulls backward, to make sure Cade is completely unconscious, before he releases one end of the chain and rises to his feet. He stands over Cade, looking down at his broken, bloody, body.

Dave Dymond: You’ve done your damage, now get the fuck out of there you son of a bitch!

Other Guy: Calm down, Dave. You’re gonna have a heart attack if you keep this yelling shit up.

“Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits the sound system again, as King raises the chain above his head, blood slowly dripping off a few of the links. King slowly steps through the ropes and makes it to the timekeeper’s table. He looks down at the Revolution Championship, before backing up the ramp, the chain raised above his head still.


Jun Kenshin strolls back stage with the world title over his shoulder. He pauses as he hears the sound of someone clapping behind him.

He turns around and shakes his head.

Kenshin: Well if it isn’t Christopher Davis. You’ve had a busy night.

Davis smiles as he walks up to the man formerly known as "The Perfector".

Christopher Davis: Yeah, well sometimes you gotta teach these kids a lesson.

The two men chuckle.

Christopher Davis: Jun Kenshin, SHOOT Project World Champion! I gotta admit it does have a nice ring to it Mr. Kenshin.

I just wanted to take a minute to say congratulations on winning the big one. If ANYONE knows what you’re feeling right now it’s me. I known you for quite awhile, seen you go through all kinds of stuff throughout your career, it’s good to see you get rewarded for your hard work."

Chris extends his right hand. Jun shakes the hand of the former SHOOT world champion.

Christopher Davis: I can honestly say that I’m proud of you man. Congrats again.

Davis releases his hand and begins to walk away. He pauses and turns back towards Jun. The two men stand, saying nothing for moments. Jun looks at the title and smiles.

Kenshin: I remember distinctly when you won this Title, Chris. The words have stuck with me all these years. Do you remember what you said?

Davis shakes his head.

Kenshin: You said that it was your turn … to make them pay.

Chris nods his head as he remembers.

Christopher Davis: Yeah I remember. It was such a long hard journey and a whole lot of people felt I didn’t deserve to be standing where I was. I wanted to let everyone who doubted me or had a problem with me was going to pay for their words.

Chris smiles.

Christopher Davis: I had a bit of an attitude back then.

Jun nods his head understanding what Chris is saying.

Kenshin: It took me such a long time to get to where I am. Most guys would be ecstatic to get to where I am but I’m not. I know that it’s now my time.

Christopher Davis: Time for what?

Kenshin: It’s time for me to EARN this.

Kenshin pats the World Heavyweight Championship.

Davis nods his head, understanding completely what is being said. He reaches to shake Kenshins hand once again.

Christopher Davis: I would expect nothing less from you man. Nothing at all.

Davis releases Jun’s hand.

Christopher Davis: I gotta run man. You make sure to take some time to enjoy that championship.

Kenshin nods his head as Davis walks away. Before walking completey away Davis pauses. He turns to look back at Kenshin, Kenshin looks at the title and then back to Davis.

Kenshin: I’ll be waiting.

The two men nod, showing respect for one another.


The brightness of the screen is beyond irritating, but then it seems to move. At first its very subtle, but slowly the red begins to drip down, first rolling over itself, then dripping more away to reveal black behind it.  Almost all the red is gone, except in the very center of the black screen, the bright red remains in the shape of an M, with the middle point of the letter dripping down further.

"You can’t imagine how much hatred can inspire."

The voice resonates and suddenly the screen is pummeled with lightning quick montage of horrible actions of man versus man.  None are made out distinctly, but you see guns being fired, people being beaten up in the streets, wars, sick people lying in inadequate living conditions.  As these clips play, the distorted opening of "In This Twilight" by Nine Inch Nails picks up and eventually all the clips go so fast that you couldn’t keep up even if you tried.

Then abrupt cut to static.  The static only adds to the music being played.

"You’ll learn."

And then clear as day, the static gives way to a very clean image of Vincent Mallows.  His face slight deformed, left side sagging slightly, eye lazily drooped to the outside, as if he was trying to look at his ear.  A slight amount of drool hangs from the left corner of his mouth, his mouth itself only half opened on the right side. His breathing is staggered.

Vincent Mallows: Hello, SHOOT Project.  It’s been awhile.  Some might consider me a ghost returned to haunt, others the devil returning to collect his due.  I prefer the latter, but my payment won’t be in championship belts, it won’t be in the admiration of the locker room leaders and followers.

Mallows takes his right arm and brings it across his face, wiping the drool from his mouth so he can talk slightly more clearly.  However, it only helps so much as the permanent paralysis of his left side leaves his words sounding somewhat slurred and muffled.

Vincent Mallows: No. It will be in the form of physical torment.  I will live again, not by my own means, but the means of those who I can live vicariously through.  Able-bodied men, evil minded men. VICIOUS UNRELENTING MEN!

Mallows chooses to slurp in his drool this time, the noise adding a somewhat sick interruption to his words.

Vincent Mallows: Some have come to be already, others, in due time.  But that time comes sooner as Redemption draws near.

Slowly the screen fades to black.

"A New Year… a New Life."

And then the bright red M shows up once again.

"A New Hell unleashed!"




Samantha Coil: Tonight’s Revolution main event is set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…. He hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He weighs in tonight at 289 pounds. THIS…IS. ROLAND CALDWELL!

“Summer Overture- Remix” erupts over the sound system within the Thomas and Mack Arena, bringing all eyes to the entryway and a chorus of boos. Caldwell quickly makes his way into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Here comes the Number One Contender!

Other Guy: It was on Revolution XII where Roland Caldwell lost to Trevor Worrens in a World Heavyweight Title Match.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell made his shocking return at Uprising and he’s destroyed some big names along the way.

Other Guy: True but Caldwell has never achieved the success that you know he’s capable of. Caldwell was here when Carver was still in his prime!

Dave Dymond: Hey, that’s a cheap shot.

Other Guy: My point is Caldwell has been in SHOOT for a long ass time but we’ve never seen him so focused. I think this is the BEST Roland Caldwell we have ever seen.

Dave Dymond: That’s bad news for Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: That’s bad news for the SHOOT Project!

Caldwell paces the ring like an angry tiger. The arena lights go dark. The SHOOT Project video screen flickers on to reveal an art house montage of different video clips… all of Trevor Worrens from different angles. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent. He weighs in at 233 pounds. He is TREVOR WORRENS!

At the same time “The Pursuit” begins to play, and it doesn’t take long for Trevor Worrens to make his way out from the back. Boo’s welcome the former World Champion. Worrens has a blank look on his face like he’s not even there. He walks down to the ring and quickly gets in, almost like he wants to get this match done as fast as he can.

Dave Dymond: That’s a man that doesn’t look too confident, OG.

Other Guy: His confidence has to be wavering. He was The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion a week ago.

Dave Dymond: Plus there was that spooky video of Vincent Mallows, that’s got to be messing with his mind.

Other Guy: Trevor Worrens defeated all the best that SHOOT had to offer on his road to becoming Champion. Ron Barker, Ray Willmott and Roland Caldwell all were defeated by him.

Dave Dymond: And of course, he defeated Jun Kenshin in the semi-finals. Worrens won’t let the world forget that! Also, Roland Caldwell may be the Number One Contender but Worrens has his rematch clause!

Other Guy: Worrens said that he did it once and he’ll do it again. I wonder if he was talking about beating Caldwell or becoming World Champion again?

Dave Dymond: That journey back to the Title starts now. Their first match was a classic. It’s time for round two!

Caldwell and Worrens are in the middle of the ring. Willie Dean calls for the bell and we’re on!

Worrens, the smaller competitor rushes in with a forearm to the face of Caldwell but the 289 pound Boston native doesn’t even flinch! Worrens hits the ropes in a flurry and attempts a shoulder tackle but he’s the one that goes down! Caldwell smirks and waves Worrens to get back up. Caldwell points to the far side of the ropes and taunts Worrens to try again. Worrens fakes running again and connects with a palm strike! Caldwell doesn’t feel a thing! Caldwell grabs Worrens by the waist and takes him down using sheer power, no leverage at all! Caldwell grabs Worrens by the hair and tosses him like yesterday’s garbage over the ropes and onto the floor!

Dave Dymond: This is a bad start for the former World Champion.

Other Guy: Caldwell shook off those blows like it was nothing.

Caldwell stalks his prey and kicks him with a shot to the ribs! Worrens coughs loudly and Caldwell grabs Worrens and shoots him to the ring stairs!


Worrens hits shoulder first on the stairs but the stairs haven’t toppled. Caldwell grabs Worrens and this time, the Boston native shoots the former World Champion to the guard rail! Worrens arches his back in pain and Caldwell rushes in with a clothesline knocking down Worrens! Caldwell immediately throws Worrens back in. Caldwell comes in and he’s taking his time. Worrens backs up to a corner trying to get back up but a big Roland boot hammers him on his chest. He coughs violently and Roland continues to put the boots to Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell is just dominating this match so far.

Other Guy: Worrens doesn’t look like his old self. He looks even more miserable than usual.

Dave Dymond: I guess this is a Holiday that Trevor Worrens would soon forget, wouldn’t you say?

Other Guy: No kidding!

Caldwell grabs Worrens by his throat and pulls him up. Caldwell assaults Worrens with a right hand followed by a big knee to the gut doubling Worrens over. Caldwell has a front face lock  and like a bully in high school, he has Worrens in a front face lock showing his superiority. Worrens struggles to break free and Caldwell just now picks Worrens up in a vertical suplex. He has Worrens up for several seconds in a vertical suplex position and Caldwell throws Worrens stomach first onto the ropes! Worrens is hanging on precariously on the ropes. Caldwell kicks him off and Worrens spills to the outside again.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell is having his way with Worrens!

Other Guy: Worrens is not even fighting back!

Caldwell now goes to the corner and in one motion, the 289 pound nightmare rips the turnbuckle padding off. Worrens is on the floor and he’s still reeling from the assault. Caldwell goes down onto the floor and gets a few weak shots from Worrens but Caldwell absorbs the blows and cuts off the comeback with a clubbing shot to the back. Caldwell throws Worrens back into the ring. Caldwell picks up Worrens and does the “Snake Eyes” throw onto the EXPOSED turnbuckle! Worrens goes face first onto the steel. Worrens is knocked down instantly. Caldwell now measures Worrens with a running Yakuza kick to the face! Worrens is cut above his left eye brow and the blood is trickling down.

Dave Dymond: Oh no! Worrens is cut.

Other Guy: Roland Caldwell is like an animal and when animals see blood, they go in for the kill.

Dave Dymond: Not good for Worrens.

The fans have been almost cryptic in their silence. Some groan in sympathy for Worrens. Caldwell grabs Worrens and shouts at him.

Roland Caldwell: Fight back!

Worrens arms are down in a show of defeat! Caldwell is furious and slaps Worrens trying to get him to wake up from his stupor. Caldwell looks to slap him again but this time Worrens catches him! Worrens is going to fight back! No! Caldwell head butts Worrens and he’s down again! Worrens is down on his knees trying to get up but Caldwell positions himself on the back of Worrens. Caldwell takes aim with furious cross face shots! Worrens is slumped on the canvas and Caldwell raises his arms in triumph!

Dave Dymond: Have you ever seen Trevor Worrens in this bad of shape?

Other Guy: He seems to be physically fine but mentally? He ain’t all there.

Worrens gets up in a stunned state and fires a palm strike but Caldwell shakes his head indicating that it didn’t hurt him! Worrens forehead is slowly trickling blood and Worrens hits the ropes but Caldwell catches him…. SPINEBUSTER!



Worrens barely gets a shoulder up!

Caldwell grabs Worrens and puts him in the standing head scissors position. Caldwell hoists Worrens but Worrens escapes. Worrens grabs Caldwell behind and drives his own back onto Caldwell’s with the inverted backbreaker Orton style! Caldwell is stunned and we finally get to see Worrens on the offensive now. Worrens quickly covers.

Dave Dymond: That was Worrens first offensive move!

Other Guy: That shows just how damn impressive Roland Caldwell is.


Caldwell throws Worrens off him in an impressive show of strength!

Worrens drops a knee to the neck of Caldwell preventing the Massachusetts native to get to a vertical base. Worrens now applies the Camel Clutch but Caldwell easily gets to the ropes. Worrens doesn’t care and blatantly chokes Caldwell! Willie Dean forces a break. Worrens wipes the blood away from his eye and seeing his own blood seems to have awakened the former World Champion! Worrens hits the ropes in anticipation of Caldwell getting up. Worrens clotheslines Caldwell and Caldwell is rocked and he’s wobbly. Worrens hits the ropes again and goes for a second clothesline but Caldwell was anticipating the clothesline and ducks out of the way! Worrens is off balance and when he turns around, he gets a BIG BOOT to the face!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens comeback is abruptly cut off by that boot!

Other Guy: Nothing fancy by Caldwell. He’s an old school brawler that uses his weight and his strength to his advantage.

Caldwell measures Worrens with a disrespectful kick to the face that was delivered in a careless manner. Caldwell waves his arms wanting Worrens to get up. The Failed One gets up and blocks an overhand right by Caldwell. Worrens nails Caldwell with a knee to the thigh, knee to the other thigh, palm jab to the chest and a second palm jab that actually turns Roland around. Worrens nails Caldwell in the back of the head with a desperation clothesline!



Emphatic kick out!

Dave Dymond: A one count!

Other Guy: Caldwell just took FIVE blows from Worrens and he wasn’t even fazed by it! Unreal!

Caldwell angrily gets up but Worrens is not fazed. Worrens quickly drives his shoulder to the back of Caldwell’s knee and the 289 pound monster buckles instantly! Worrens grabs the leg of Caldwell and performs a leg twist! Worrens stomps the leg of Caldwell over and over. Worrens applies the Figure Four Leg Lock in the middle of the ring!

Dave Dymond: Worrens is targeting that knee of Caldwell.

Other Guy: Smart move grounding the big man and working him over. This is where Worrens is at his best.

 Worrens throws his back to further apply pressure. Worrens skillfully maneuvers his body close to the ropes and uses the ropes to add MORE pressure. The tortured cries of Caldwell echo throughout The Thomas and Mack! Willie Dean checks back and catches Worrens red handed! Willie Dean forces Worrens to break the hold! Caldwell uses the ropes to get up and he’s hobbling badly. Worrens kicks the leg of Caldwell but Caldwell angrily shoves him and Trevor is on his ass! Trevor slams his fist onto the mat and rushes back. Roland shoves him back down. Trevor runs but Caldwell grabs him by the throat. Roland is hobbling on ONE knee but the 289 pound Boston native uses his RAW strength to lift Worrens with an awesome choke slam!

Dave Dymond: One leg! A one leg choke slam!

Other Guy: Caldwell won’t be denied! He won’t lose to Worrens again!

Caldwell covers.



Worrens gets a shoulder up.

Caldwell grabs Worrens back up. Caldwell with a punch to the gut doubles Worrens over. Caldwell, still hobbled, grabs Worrens and just using his upper body. He hoists Worrens for a sloppy looking butterfly suplex! Caldwell covers.



Dave Dymond: Bad leg or not, Caldwell is going to keep fighting.

Other Guy: Caldwell can’t even put weight on that knee but he’s still throwing Trevor Worrens around like he was a child!

Caldwell grabs Worrens by his arm and pulls him for a Short Arm Clothesline but Worrens ducks out of the way. Worrens kicks the knee cap of Caldwell causing him to bend over. Worrens gets a front face lock and drops Caldwell in a picture perfect DDT!



Caldwell gets a shoulder up.

Worrens now climbs onto the second rope. He’s measuring Caldwell. Trevor flies off attempting “The Takedown” but Caldwell perfectly times the counter with a forearm smash! Worrens is down. Caldwell wipes the blood off his forearm and he wipes it on his chest proudly showing the blood that Trevor has spilled. Caldwell throws Worrens by the ropes and he’s grinding his elbow right into the cut of Worrens. Worrens screams in pain and sprays of blood actually appear onto the camera lens. Squeamish fans turn their faces away from the action. The cut is now opened up on Worrens and the blood is flowing.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens is wearing the crimson mask and Caldwell seems to take great pleasure in doing so!

Other Guy: Caldwell doesn’t want to just beat Trevor Worrens. He wants to destroy him!

Caldwell slaps his leg trying to aid the blood flow. Roland throws Worrens into the corner. Roland fires a back elbow crushing Worrens in the corner. Roland backs up a few feet and rushes in with a shoulder strike but Worrens moves out of the way! OH! Roland goes shoulder first into the ring pole! Worrens rolls onto the ring apron and with Roland completely unprotected. Worrens unleashes the dreaded KNEE SHOT TO THE FACE!

Dave Dymond: That’s the move that won him the World Heavyweight Title!

Other Guy: We got a count!




The fans who were once silent now clap at the fighting spirit of both men but Worrens doesn’t care about that. Worrens eyes are BIG in shock and he’s in complete disbelief that Caldwell kicked out of his knee shot!

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe Caldwell kicked out! Hey wait a minute, there’s some kind of commotion.

Boo’s from the crowd ring out and we see Kaz Sato come out from the back! Worrens is distracted and he’s shouting obscenities at Kaz Sato! Caldwell gets up and turns Worrens around. Caldwell goes for a right hand but Worrens blocks it. Worrens with a palm strike stunning Caldwell for a minute. Worrens shoots Caldwell into the corner. Worrens runs in with a running knee to the face CM Punk style! Caldwell is stunned. Worrens slowly lifts Caldwell up on the top rope. Worrens tries to lift Caldwell but Caldwell is having none of it. Caldwell lifts Worrens up and throws him crotch first onto the top rope! The crowd goes “OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!” in sympathy! Worrens is straddling the top rope and he looks in complete agony!

Dave Dymond: That damn Kaz Sato is going to ruin this match.

Other Guy: He’s not interfering. Maybe he just came out here to get a better view of the match.

Caldwell grabs Worrens by the throat and lifts him off the ropes. He’s going for a chokeslam but Worrens grabs Caldwell and applies a ¾ neckbreaker in a sloppy Diamond Cutter countering the choke slam! Desperation move sees both guys down on the canvas!

Dave Dymond: My God! Worrens had enough awareness to counter that Choke Slam after he got crotched!

Other Guy: Maybe Worrens has an adamantium dick guard.








Both guys struggle to get up. They get up at the same time! Roland goes for a punch but it’s blocked by Worrens! Worrens with a shot to the throat causes Roland to be stunned. Worrens with a punch to the gut. Worrens hits the mat and does a running knee lift DRIVING his knee onto Roland’s nose!



Worrens grabs Roland. A punch to the gut. Worrens hits the ropes but this time, Roland back drops the running Worrens onto the canvas! Worrens clutches his back in pain! Roland gets up now. He grabs Worrens in a front face lock and lifts him up high into the air! BRAINBUSTER!

Worrens is OUT! COVER!




Caldwell loses his normally calm composure and barks at Willie Dean. Caldwell is absolutely LIVID!

Caldwell grabs Worrens. Standing head scissors and going for a piledriver but Worrens reverses it and Caldwell lands on his back. Worrens and Caldwell both slowly get up. They both rush in and go for DOUBLE Mafia Kicks!

Both guys are down from the blow and Willie Dean starts the count!









They slowly get up. Worrens with a palm strike and is answered by a right hook by Roland. Caldwell rakes the face of Worrens who is stunned. Roland quickly hoists Worrens up and down to the mat with another Spinebuster!

Roland grabs Worrens and hoists him onto his shoulders. Caldwell has HAD ENOUGH AND WANTS TO END THIS MATCH! He’s going for the BURNING HAMMER! WAIT! NO! Worrens escapes.

Worrens hits the ropes and uses a running clothesline but instead of an ordinary clothesline. Worrens uses the momentum to drive Roland’s face onto his knee!

Dave Dymond: What the hell was THAT?

Roland looks to have been COMPLETELY taken by surprise and he’s out!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of this match at 23 minutes and 14 seconds… TREVOR WORRENS

“The Pursuit” erupts over the speakers.


Sato cracks Worrens in the back with a steel chair taking Trevor out! Sato measures Caldwell!


Steel chair to the back of Roland!

Sato looks to crack Worrens again!

The Undeniable!

Kenshin’s music hits and the crowd LOSES it!

Dave Dymond: Here comes The World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: You know Kenshin saw that attack on his best friend Chris Lee and he wants to get at Kaz Sato!

Dave Dymond: You know he’s not coming here to save Trevor Worrens!

Kenshin SPRINTS down onto the ring and Kaz Sato immediately vacates the ring. Kenshin grabs the chair and barks at Sato. Roland Caldwell is down and he’s clutching his back. He turns around and sees Jun Kenshin with the chair!

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell thinks Kenshin hit him with that chair! He’s completely disoriented.

Other Guy: It was Kaz Sato but he left the ring!

Sato leaves like a thief in the night and now Roland and Kenshin have a heated confrontation. Roland shoves Kenshin and Kenshin throws the chair down. Roland and Kenshin are right in each other’s faces. They look like they’re ready to go right NOW!

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell just got pinned and he got his skull cracked but he doesn’t give a damn!

Other Guy: Caldwell isn’t going to back down from anybody!

Officials come in and immediately break up Roland Caldwell and Jun Kenshin. Trevor Worrens is down in the corner and the last image we see of 2007 is the bloody face of Trevor Worrens who is smiling!

Dave Dymond: We’re out of time!

Other Guy: What? No!

Dave Dymond: For The Other Guy, this is Dave Dymond. We’ll see you next year, folks!