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Revolution: 016

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling both Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Deacon Summer’s chest.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd. Michael Collins and Killian Reilly duking it out at ringside.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Dave Marz wildly swings a chain in the air to ward off Corazon.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

A shot of Ray Willmott flipping off the top of a steel cage! Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Donovan King.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Benjamin Biggs.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Trevor Worrens standing with the World Heavyweight Championship held vertically by it’s strap.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.



Delacroy is seen pacing backstage. His teeth are gritted together and every few moments his face contorts down into a purely malicious expression. Then from out of frame Sepulcher steps in and stands tall in front of Jacob.

The unstable cajun stops pacing long enough to look up into his partner’s cold gaze. His fists clench and unclench as if by some involuntary reaction. He speaks out to Abraham Sepulcher in a venomous little whisper.

Jacob: " Somethin on your mind?"

Sepulcher stands silent and stoic for a moment,then the large sentinel leans down and crosses his arms over his chest.

Sepulcher: " As a matter of fact yes..there is something on my mind. To be specific…SOMEONE on my mind. NC-17. The man you should of done away with by now.

You assured me that you could handle this thorn in our side by yourself Jacob…so tell me..why is he still breathing?"

Jacob’s eyes grow stormy at the very mention of his name. His voice comes out in a low growl.

Jacob: " That boy ain’t nothin but a loose end. I done put the lil’ fruit in the hospital once…and I WILL do it again. Nobody talks about my sweet Aggie like that. HOW DARE HE INSULT A GOOD CHRISTIAN WOMAN LIKE HER!"

He screams this last out with some passion that a bit of spittle flies from his mouth.

Sepulcher nods his head and looks away sheepishly for a moment,before turning back to face Jacob with a diabolical smirk forming across his face.

Sepulcher: " He’ll regret those words. Soon he’ll regret even his miserable existance. I intend for NC-17 to be stamped right the hell out of our way..because we have bigger fish to fry. And who better to do some stampin than that insane behemoth Sammy Rochester?"

Jacob perks up at that while tilting his head to the side with a quizzical look dawning apon his face.

Jacob: " I know that look. You been up to no good…ain’t ya Abe?"

Sepulcher gets a mock "who me?" look apon his face before continuing.

Sepulcher: " Let’s just say I have it on good authority that Mikey…Sammy’s very good now jailed within the confines of NC-17’s locker. I don’t HOW he got there…I mean what heartless bastard what do something like that? Stick that grubby little doll into some poor guy’s locker knowing the wrath Sammy will unleash once he finds out about it?"

Jacob lets out a dark chuckle,his smile stretching wider and wider.

Jacob: "Oh I couldn’t imagine who."

Sepulcher: "Me neither. But I bet whoever did it is extremely handsome…just guessing anyways."

Sepulcher runs a hand through his short hair and grins.

Sepulcher: " So tonight our NC-17 problem will be solved. I’ve concocted the perfect set of circumstances so that Sammy will find Mikey at the EXACT perfect time,thus bringing an enraged rhino of a man out to lay waste to that "loose end"."

Jacob: " Hot damn. Did I ever tell ya Abe…..I’m a big fan of yer work!"

Sepulcher laughs and smacks Jacob on the back as both men walk out of frame while discussing their plan.



Within Temptation’s “The Heart of Everything” plays and the fans stand up to greet newcomer Adrian Dreamer.  Dreamer walks to the ring a little bit annoyed, but says nothing or does nothing to the fans, which brings about an apathetic response.

Dave Dymond:  Out with 2007, and hello to 2008, OG.  This is Adrian Dreamer, a newcomer to the SHOOT Project.  Not too much is known about him, except that tonight he’s got a lot to fight for if he’s going one on one with Alexander Harmston.

Other Guy:  Most definitely, Dave.

Samantha Coil:  The following is our first match of the night and is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit!  Introducing first, hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 160 pounds…he is ADRIAN…DREEEEEEAMER!

Dreamer still does not acknowledge the fans as his music dies down.  Suddenly, “Holy Fool” by the Boondock Saints plays and the fans give a bit of a better reaction, albeit lukewarm still.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…hailing from Mesa, Arizona and weighing in tonight at 218 pounds…he is THE FOUNDATION…ALEX…HARMSTON!!!

Harmston steps out, intensely pumped.  The fans instantly begin to feed off of him and give him a mixed reaction.

Dave Dymond:  The fans are still a little bit unsure of how to take Alexander Harmston.  Let’s face it, until last week, he was Donovan King’s manager and mentor…and now he’s telling the world he wants to honor his fallen friend Ray Willmott and make it to the top in SHOOT in his name!

Other Guy:  If he wants to do that, he’s gonna have to do a lot of changing, Dave.  He’s been a bit of an ass most of his career, whereas Ray’s SHOOT tenure has been filled with his love for these fans.  While Ray may be missed, I don’t know if the fans will take to Harmston like they did Ray Willmott.

Harmston tears off his Oakleys and his leather duster and slides into the ring.  He jumps up onto the turnbuckles and points to the sky and then to an armband on his arm with the initials “RW” on them.  He hops down and stares at Adrian Dreamer as his music dies down.  The referee, Austin Linam, looks to Mark Kendrick who rings the bell and the match is on!

Dave Dymond:  I personally can’t wait to see how these fans react to Adrian Dreamer, OG.  He’s not had much to say this week, but he looks ready to take on one of SHOOT’s soldiers.

Dreamer locks up with Harmston, who ducks underneath the lock up and trips Dreamer to the mat.  He sprawls over Dreamer’s body and hooks Dreamer up in a front face lock.  Dreamer reaches out for the ropes, but Harmston yanks him away from them.  He drags Dreamer to the center of the ring, hooks in a half nelson, and rolls Dreamer over for the pin fall!  Austin Linam’s there!




Dreamer powers out of the attempted pin by Alex Harmston!  Dreamer rolls away from Harmston and both men are back up on their feet.

Other Guy:  It’s sort of a feeling out process between the two of them, isn’t it?

Dave Dymond:  Harmston’s career hasn’t hit its stride, since he’s been out of the ring for so long here.  He’s not really been tested with the exception of a match against Jester Smiles.  Dreamer is also tentative, he’s being scouted for a possible chance at having a JOB here with the SHOOT Project.  Both of these men, in my opinion, have the right to be a bit tentative.

The fans, though, aren’t happy with their worries, and a small “BOR-RING” chant rings out.  Dreamer gets angry and charges at Harmston, who ducks Dreamer’s clothesline!  Dreamer springs Harmston around and hits him in the face with a hard right!  Harmston staggers away, but Dreamer is right there on him and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker!  Harmston and Dreamer both fall to the mat, and Dreamer picks Harmston up and hits another swinging neckbreaker!  Dreamer then goes to drag Harmston to his feet and hits a THIRD swinging neckbreaker!  The fans are still not feeling this match and it looks like it’s getting to Dreamer!  He throws his hands out to the side ala Razor Ramon and signals for his finisher!

Dave Dymond:  If Harmston gets nailed with Dreamer’s piledriver he calls Zolpidem, this one could be over just this quickly!

Dreamer shoves Harmston’s head between his legs and picks Harmston up for the Zolpidem…and he connects!  Harmston is OUT!  Dreamer sits there, staring at the fans and then to Harmston when suddenly, Harmston pulls himself up!  The fans are starting to cheer as Harmston is UP!!  He stares Dreamer in the face as the fans are slowly starting to get behind him!

Other Guy:  No way!  That was a STIFF piledriver!  Harmston should be dead!

Dave Dymond:  Alex Harmston will NOT die!

Harmston stands up and motions to the fans, who are now REALLY behind him!  Dreamer is stunned that someone didn’t even let him go for an attempted pin on his finisher, and Dreamer hits Harmston in the face!  Harmston no sells!  Suddenly, Harmston NAILS Dreamer with a HARD lariat!  Dreamer is back up and Harmston whips him to the ropes but catches him before he lets him go and snatches him back!  He bends Dreamer backwards and hooks him in an inverted face lock!  He points to the sky and NAILS RAY WILLMOTT’S ECHOES IN ETERNITY!

Dave Dymond:  WITH AUTHORITY!  Harmston has DESTROYED Dreamer with that inverted Twist of Fate called the Echoes in Eternity!

Harmston hooks Dreamer’s arms and locks in the Gloryhound!  The fans are really popping now as Linam is there and Dreamer submits!

Samantha Coil:  Your winner…ALEX HAAAAAAAAAAAARMSTON!

Harmston gets to his feet, slapping his chest and pointing to the fans who are behind him now.  He points to his “RW” armband once again as he leaves the ring, “Holy Fool” playing.

Dave Dymond:  Well, Alex Harmston showed the world that he will not be going down so easily!  He is The Foundation, and he’s said he’s going to honor Ray Willmott, and that’s just what he did here tonight!

Other Guy:  No doubt, Dave.  It looks like we may be seeing more of Alexander Harmston in the very near future!


Slowly stalking his way along the Mandalay Bay’s back corridors, Osbourne spots something of interest directly ahead as a team of technicians duck their heads to pass him, whispering among themselves. Smirking as he walks forward, he sees Kaz Sato cursing a vending machine which has eaten his money and offered him nothing in return, shaking his head and seething with rage, but Osbourne cares little for his temperament as he approaches him from behind and rocks the machine with a tepe kick, compelling it to release two bottles of Evian.

Reaching down to pick them up, Sato turns to face him as Osbourne offers him one.

Osbourne Kilminster: Who says violence never solves anything?

Sato: Heh, someone who never made an impact.

Smiling, Osbourne nods his head as he opens the bottle and swigs heartily from it.

Osbourne Kilminster: I saw what you were doing last week… It seems like you’re taking this badass thing pretty seriously… Taking out Chris Lee and all… Why’d you do that, huh?

Sato: You know why. The same reason you took out Ray when you came back. There is no better way to make a statement then to use someone’s face.

Shaking his head, Osbourne smiles a little, a smile reciprocated by Sato.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, but I had reasons to go after Ray… Rest In Peace… But you and Chris Lee have nothing, right? So, do you know what you’ve done?

Waiting for an answer, Osbourne barely gives Sato time to blink before continuing.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ve been trying to jostle your way into the World Championship, but now youve lowered your sights because you’re going to end up fighting with Benjamin Biggs and maybe getting drawn into his little thing with Stochansky… but neither of them is within 8 miles of the World Championship… I admire your aggression, but your tactics leave a lot to be desired. You need to be more specific and careful about what you do…

Sato: I figured things would be lost to you. Chris Lee is the president of the Jun Kenshin fan club. By attacking Chris, I indirectly send a message to our World champ.

Osbourne Kilminster: Kenshin doesn’t give a shit. He talks about this love he has for his Asian brothers and all that, yet he disrespected you right to your face last week, Sato. The guy’s a hypocrite, and that gold around his waist just highlights it all. You could go out and beat Hell out of his own mother, but he wouldn’t care so long as he had that World Championship. He doesn;t care about Chris Lee… You need to be more direct…

Stepping in closer to Sato and lowering his tone, his eyes darting about to ensure there are no obvious eavesdroppers, Osbourne smirks.

Osbourne Kilminster: You won’t get in on the action by picking favourites and being led along with hopes and promises… You want to get in on that scene, right? You want your shot at the title, yeah?

Sato: Thats always been your problem, Oz. You don’t see the whole playing field. You see by attacking Chris Lee and then offering Kenshin my help…shows him that I am willing to go to any level to get the job done and that means anyone could become a target. Then in the same night going down to the ring and attacking Trevor and Roland shows him that if he decides to take my offer or not…I will do what I please when I please. And that my friend, is called blocking all path until the champ ends up with only one road to take. It’s the thrill of the hunt…a thrill that I plan on taking my time to enjoy.

Osbourne Kilminster: Hold up, hold up. Hear me out on this, man. Yeah, attacking Worrens and Caldwell like you did is a good start, but you can’t take forever about this, can you? Realistically, you need to get in and get the job done and take what you want. Here’s how you do it – you take one of them OUT. Worrens is weak and vulnerable… could take him out pretty easily… Caldwell is arrogant as Hell and has his head way up in the clouds, but you’d have to take him from behind… That’s how you’d do it. If you take one part out of the puzzle COMPLETELY, then there’s a vacuum that you’d be in the perfect position to plug, if you get me?

Sato: But then the fun isn’t there. As much as they doubted me. I’m going to have fun, fucking up their world title scene. I’m going to enjoy bringing everything back down to my level even though they have tried so hard to keep me away from things.

Drinking down the last of his water, Osbourne throws the empty bottle down the corridor before turning back to Sato, leaning up against the vendor.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, I can see that, but just bear in mind that you can still have all your fun whilst still having that clear goal in mind. Revenge is a powerful motivator, but don’t it cloud your judgement completely. I know about this, ok? Whatever you do, bear in mind the endgame here, Sato. YOU with the World Championship. The route to it’s plotted out right before you, with so many options and variables to exploit. Just bear it all in mind, yeah?

Smiling, Osbourne pats Sato on the shoulder as he walks away down the corridor, his smug grin growing wider.


With a break in the action, the sudden playing of “Are You Ready?” by Creed comes as a surprise, but as Edward Raymond emerges from the back, the surprise turns into the buzz that picked up earlier in the night.

Other Guy: There was the rumors, there has been some talk, but now we’re gonna get the straight deal on just what this face from SHOOT’s past has got on his agenda.

Dave Dymond: Raymond and I have a controversial past, Jason Johnson and Ed Raymond have a controversial past, so excuse me for being a bit shocked that he’s being allowed on Revolution once again.

The music continues to play as Raymond makes his way down to the ring, a microphone in hand.  And Samantha Coil takes to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please welcome former True Talent Wrestling owner, and SHOOT Project’s self proclaimed creative genius… Edward Raymond!!!

Raymond walks up the steel steps, enters between the middle and top rope, and looks to Samantha Coil with a smile. He then gives her a slight nod and Samantha Coil takes here leave of the ring, putting the focus squarely on Edward Raymond.  The buzz within the arena continues and Raymond takes a moment.

Edward Raymond: they gave me a live microphone… I know, I’m shocked myself.

Raymond smiles and his first words settle the crowd in a bit.

Edward Raymond: But for those of you who don’t know me, for those of you who have only tuned in to SHOOT Project in this new era, my name is Edward Raymond and as far as this company goes I have MANY a name and many roles I once played.  I was a lowly column writer who CONSTANTLY bashed Del Carver just to garner the heat from it.  And from there my out-spoken views and opinions sky rocketed me straight to the top of SHOOT Project creative.  But that also landed me as Jason Johnson’s personal scapegoat!

The fans begin to boo Raymond now for accusing Jason Johnson of such an act.

Edward Raymond: That’s more of the reaction I was expecting.  Truth is I was thrown under the bus more times than I’d like to even remember, but that comes with the title of creative genius. But here I stand, in a SHOOT Project ring, four years after I was told I was being let go.  Four years after I took my money, and started up the promotion known as True Talent Wrestling.  Given what that organization brought to me, given the successful high note I left the wrestling world on…  I have no reason to NEED to be back.

Raymond smiles.

Edward Raymond: Truth is, I WANT to be back.  And not only do I want to be back, but the shockers continue as it was the man himself, Jason Johnson, who called me, who told me that this new era of SHOOT Project is taking off, and that he wanted something to add to the momentum. And well, there’s plenty of things I have created over time that I could have brought to this organization.  I could have brought the Cylinder of Chains match… or my original creation of the King of the Mountain match.  But Jason Johnson has ALWAYS been about competition and less about insane matches.  So I thought about it, I scrutinized about it, and what it came down to is there is only ONE creation of mine that would fit the SHOOT Project bill.  And quite possibly this is my most INNOVATIVE concept to date.  And as of this moment, it is being brought back under the SHOOT Project banner.

Dave Dymond: Raymond’s always been one for the creation of suspense, and I’ve got my thoughts on just what SHOOT Project is about to acquire.

Other Guy: Sorta like him, or absolutely hate him, can’t go wrong with Raymond’s ability to deliver something different.

Raymond purposely waits a little longer, letting his words settle with everyone watching.

Edward Raymond: So I make it official here tonight.  Following Redemption the hunt for the top eight cruiserweights in the WRESTLING world today will begin.  That’s right, be they in SHOOT Project or any other organization that wants to send representation, once these eight are found they will compete to be claimed the absolute top in cruiserweight wrestling.  They will partake in the return of the most intense, most action packed cruiserweight round robin in the HISTORY of professional wrestling. Folks, I promised Jason Johnson innovative competition and I have brought him SKY HIGH!!

On that cue “Ready to Fall” By Rise Against begins to play and Ed Raymond makes his leave of the ring, the crowd reacting the exact same way they did when he arrived, buzzing with shock.

Dave Dymond: Certainly not what I expected, and the way Raymond started things out, I thought he was going to be cut off the microphone and escorted out of here. But as it turns out, Edward Raymond has brought the Sky High tournament to SHOOT Project, and that is going to be something to look forward to.

Other Guy: Think I could slim down a bit and make the cut?

Dave Dymond: I think you have to have had wrestled in a few matches to be even considered a top cruiserweight, O.G.

Other Guy: Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

Dave Dymond: I guess he can, but the dream will be achieved by only ONE of the wrestling world’s top cruiserweights when Sky High returns.  More is sure to develop, but as it stands, that action won’t start until February.

Other Guy: Which gives us this month to focus on what matters, and that’s the SHOOT Project original Pay Per View, Redemption.


Within the inter workings of the arena, various SHOOT Project crew can be seen standing about on hand waiting for their next assignments and enjoying the show so far. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but suddenly a man in a pair of light blue jeans and a nice dark blue button up shirt starts to walk past and the fans are all in a buzz!

Dave Dymond: Are you serious? That’s Ed Raymond!

Other Guy: Damn, never thought I’d see that cat on Revolution EVER again.

The fans continue to buzz as Raymond walks by, nodding his head at some of the unknown workers. He continues walking by, passing the locker rooms, where Flash Dynamite just so happens to be standing outside. Raymond pays the masked avenger no mind, but then suddenly stops, slowly looks over his shoulder, and looks directly at Flash Dynamite.

Edward Raymond: Uhhh… Flash?

FLASH Dynamite turns and looks at Raymond. A broad grin graces his face.

FLASH Dynamite: Yes, SHOOT Project citizen?

Raymond can’t help but laugh, noticing the size of SHOOT’s resident super hero.

Edward Raymond: Flash… Dynamite?

FLASH Dynamite nods his head.

FLASH Dynamite: That is I. Are you in need of a super hero?

A suddenly hopeful look comes over FLASH’s face.

FLASH Dynamite: Because if you do, FLASH Dynamite is your man!

Raymond quizzically looks at Flash.

Edward Raymond: I’m sorry, didn’t you used to be smaller?

FLASH Dynamite’s head lowers, realizing the man in front of him is in no need of rescuing. He lets out a slow sigh.

FLASH Dynamite: Indeed. Just as the Green Lantern was once Caucasian and now is African American. That, and I ate my Wheaties.

Raymond just nods his head but his expression says "riiight."

Edward Raymond: Well that’s good, I mean good for you. But I was kind of hoping for the Flash Dynamite of old… however, judging by your obvious size, you won’t make the cut this time.

FLASH Dynamite cocks his head to the left, quizically.

FLASH Dynamite: I apologize, then, that I am not the man you seek SHOOT Project citizen!

Edward Raymond: No you’re not, but I know I’ll find eight men who can fit the bill. But you’ll hear about that more later. You keep on…

Raymond just laughs again.

Edward Raymond: Well you keep on doing whatever it is you do back here.

Ed Raymond continues walking out of the shot as FLASH Dynamite starts walking down the hall. The camera follows as he rounds the corner, bumping right into someone. As the camera pans to the left, the red hair of Maureen Collins comes into view, followed the by the semi-conservative attire she is wearing, graces the lens with water on her shirt.

Maureen Collins: Oh, shite!

Maureen quickly covers up her mouth as she looks surprised at FLASH!. FLASH Simply brushes his shirt off, before glancing over her slightly revealing attire.

FLASH! Dynamite: Maureen, I apologize! But lucky I should run into you, as I needed to speak to you about something most urgent!

Maureen giggles.

Maureen Collins: Silly. Why is that? Hm?

Her uppity tone eases FLASH!

FLASH Dynamite: Its not like that, my partner is the one with eyes for you. Not that you’re not attractive, just uhh…nevermind. I just wanted to, uh… you know. Talk about the match tonight.

Maureen Collins: Oh, yeh don’t have ta worry about me, lad.

FLASH Dynamite: No, no, it’s not you we – am worried about, am worried about Michael.

Maureen puts her hand on her hip, cocking her head to the side.

Maureen Collins: Yer worried about Michael, or are yeh worried about Michael interferin’ in the match?

FLASH rubs his neck, before gesturing to her.

FLASH Dynamite: Well… both, really. I mean, I like the guy. I like what he’s in SHOOT Project for, I like the fact you’re ALL trying to get your brother over here to the good ol’ United States of America. But… I don’t like the fact that he’s so… angry all of a sudden.

Maureen Collins: Well, Mikey has always been a bit of a twat bubble when it comes down to it.

FLASH Dynamite: Well if he could wrestle half as well as he throws a fit he’d be in line for title conten–

SMACK! A chair careens right into the back of FLASH’s head and FLASH Dynamite hits the floor. As the camera jerks back, Michael Collins stands above the fallen Flying Avenger with a dented steel chair in his hand. Michael looks at his sister, angrily, then to the unconscious body at his feet. Michael starts to slam the chair down on FLASH’s body, repeatedly!

Michael Collins: Maybe if yeh’d did a little less talkin’ and a little more doin’, yeh wouldn’t get a steel chair to yer stone, Aye?

Maureen looks at the scene in utter shock, Michael throws the chair down to the concrete floor and grabs Dynamite’s hands. Michael barks at his sister as he drags FLASH! into the storage room next to a water cooler. The fans begin to boo heavily as Michael walks out of the room, reaching behind the water cooler for a pipe. He looks at his sister before he puts the pipe in the handles, locking FLASH in the room without help. He pulls the water cooler in front of the doors, and grabs his sister forcefully.

Michael Collins: C’mon, Mo. Rolly’s match is comin’ up soon..

The scene cuts back to the ring as the two Collins siblings walk past the camera.



“Happy” by Mudvayne begins to play over the PA system. Jester Smiles emerges from the back, making no motions to the fans at all. He stares ahead, straight at the ring, not focusing on the fans. The crowd reaction is rather mixed. There are still a bit of cheers from the more die-hard Jester fans, but there is also a noticeable amount of boos as well. The camera focuses in on Jester’s face, showing that he is wincing slightly from the boos.

Dave Dymond: Seems like the Jester Smiles fan base has dropped significantly.

Other Guy: The dude is a loser, Dymond. He was a joke, and now that he’s at least honest that he doesn’t care about the fans, they realize that he was nothing but a joke.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. He weighs in tonight at a total of 245 lbs. Ladies and gentlemen, Jester Smiles!!

The cheers and boos grow louder. This time, Jester seems to not notice. He walks up the steps, climbs in the ring between the top and the middle rope, and makes his way to the opposite end of the ring, rolling his wrists and neck, bending his legs in the process.

"Swing" by Lifter hits the PA system as the sound kicks in.

"Sit down and smile,

And we’ll watch it all ignite"

Eventually, Mercedes Bellamont, the valet of Mason Bishop, is seen standing at the top of the stage. She sports a black couture gown, black tights, and black leather boots as she heads to the ring, very petite yet confident with her walk. She totes the black ‘cane’ with the metallic Locust on the top of it as a good bit of the fans boo as she eventually walks up the steps and walks over to Samantha Coil and takes the microphone from her hand as she grins before speaking.

Mercedes Bellamont: Bonjour, Las Vegas!

Some fans cheer as she grins.

Mercedes Bellamont: Now, ladies and gentleman, his opponent, he is the Vulture, The Locust, he is … Chivalric!

A buzzing noise commences as most of the people plug their ears, as it grows louder and louder. Static is seen on the screen as the lights grow dim, then "Heathen Mothers" by Nata/Lee/Nasal eventually kicks in hard. With this, we finally see Chivalric. He stands at the stage clad in his black uniform as he stares through the mesh eyeholes at Jester Smiles. Chivalric slowly stalks the ring, walking at a slow and steady pace as he eventually reaches the steel steps. He climbs up slowly as he makes his way into the ring and leans against his corner, still staring at Jester.

Dave Dymond: Hard to tell what exactly is going through Chivalric’s head right now, being that his face is covered by that mask, but whatever it is, it won’t be goo-

“Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly hits over the PA, and instantly, the crowd erupts in boos. Ainsley Lake comes out from the back, ignoring the fans, a mean-spirited grin on her face. She stares at Jester, who merely stares back.

Dave Dymond: Now what is that traitor doing out here?

Other Guy: First off, Jester said so himself. What she did to him was his fault. Second, she wants to see Chivalric eliminate Jester. I thinks he’d prefer a front row seat, and it looks like that seat is going to be right next to us.

Sure enough, Ainsley Lake takes a seat next to OG and puts on a headset. Jester has now turned, still staring, almost lifelessly, at Ainsley.

Ainsley Lake: Well, how are you boys doing tonight?

Other Guy: I’m doing quite good, Mrs. Lake.

Dave Dymond: Things were going pretty well.

As Jester’s back is turned, Chivalric takes his opportunity, lashing forward and knocking Jester on his back with a hard kick to the back of Jester’s leg. Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell as Chivalric takes a half mount and begins to reign down punches on Jester.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric taking advantage of a ‘distraction’ that diverted Jester’s attention.

Ainsley Lake: Hey, I have every right to come out here and cheer for the man I hired to get a job done. I’ve done nothing wrong.

Other Guy: Yeah, Dymond, it’s, once again, all Jester’s fault.

Lorenzo, by this point, as gotten to a count of 4, and is now forcing Chivalric to get off of Jester. Chivalric does so, not wanting to get disqualified within the opening seconds of the match. Chivalric gets off Jester, but quickly goes right back on the back with a hard double foot stomp to the chest!

Other Guy: Chivalric taking it right to Jester from the start, and he hit’s a hard kick to Jester’s head.

Ainsley Lake: You know, I hired him for a reason. He did a wonderful job fucking with Jester’s head, mentally speaking, and now he’s going to fuck with Jester’s head once again, physically speaking.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric once again taking the half guard and reigning down punches.

Lorenzo is about to start counting again, when Jester comes back quickly, throwing his legs up and looking to lock in an armbar. Chivalric is able to leap back and escape, but Jester is up quickly. He charges at Chivalric and lays him FLAT with a big leaping clothesline!!

Dave Dymond: Jester using his own knowledge of mixed martial arts to save him from there, and then used the size advantage to lay Chivalric FLAT with a big clothesline.

Ainsley Lake: Desperation moves so early on? Wow, this match will be over quicker than I thought. How boring.

Other Guy: Hey, I’ve been saying it for awhile now. The kids a joke.

Jester is to his feet quickly, once again, but Chivalric is up only seconds later. The two men put up their hands and begin to circle. Jester throws out a couple of jabs, both of which miss. Chivalric fakes a jab and launches a leg kick that clips Jester. Jester launches out a few quick jabs, once of which catches Chivalric in the jaw!! Chivalric stumbles back, and Jester tries to capitalize with a big roundhouse kick! Chivalric ducks and rushes forward, grabbing Jester, from behind, around the waist and pushing him forward, hitting the ropes and rolling back into a victory roll! However, before Lorenzo can pin Chivalric turns, grabs both legs of Jester, leaps between them, and AGAIN drives both feet down on Jester’s chest!

Other Guy: Chivalric seems to be focusing on Jester’s chest and ribcage, possibly setting up for a move he likes to call the Pulmonary Archery.

Ainsley Lake: The man’s a top notch wrestling tactician. I love it!

Dave Dymond: Don’t count Jester out yet, though. The kid’s prove to have a lot of fight left in him, and he’s taken far worse.

Jester rolls onto his stomach, clutching his chest and coughing. Chivalric walks over, placing a few stomps to the back of Jester before rolling him over and placing a few stomps to the chest. Once Jester is softened up, Chivalric drops down and locks Jester’s chest in a leg scissors, using his own legs to squeeze the life out of Jester’s chest.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric looking to, basically, squeeze Jester’s chest until it snaps.

Other Guy: He’s focusing on that chest area, and I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of that throughout this match.

Ainsley Lake: I think Jester’s going to tap out right here. Cuz, you know, he sucks.

Jester grimaces as Chivalric squeezes his chest tightly. However, he sees the ring ropes aren’t far, and, taking advantage of his size and strength advantage, Jester is able to crawl over and grab the ropes. Chivalric uses Tony Lorenzo’s full four count before releasing the hold. Jester now attempts to get up, using the ropes, but before he can get further than his knees, Chivalric places a running knee to the chest of Jester! Jester lets out a loud “oomph”, crumbling to the ground. Chivalric looks at Ainsley, and Ainsley simply gives him a little thumbs up, laughing.

Dave Dymond: You are a terrible person.

Ainsley Lake: Hey, you’d be laughing to if you had to carry the weight of the weakest hero the world has ever seen.

Other Guy: She has a point, Dymond.

Dave Dymond: No she doesn’t!

Chivalric stands over Jester for a moment, staring down at him, the eye covers revealing nothing about what Chivalric is thinking. Chivalric then runs backward, hit’s the ropes, and comes at Jester with a full head of steam, leaping in the air and looking for a diving knee!

Which Jester rolls out of the way of!! Chivalric gets to one knee, clutching his other leg. Jester takes advantage, quickly getting to his feet and launching a hard spinning kick to the side of Chivalric’s head!! Chivalric goes down hard, and Jester goes for the pin!



Dave Dymond: Brutal kick by Jester, but he hasn’t done near enough damage to finish Chivalric off.

Ainsley Lake: Nor will he. That was just lucky. He’ll fuck it all up soon enough.

Other Guy: I’ve got to agree with Ainsley on this one.

Jester is, once again, up fast, dragging Chivalric with him. He brings Chivalric in tight, launching a few hard knees to the body, before slamming Chivalric flat with a belly to belly suplex. Jester holds on and once again stands up, still holding Chivalric. He transitions the belly to belly to a Fisherman suplex!! Jester once again rolls, lifting Chivalric back up and hitting a Northern Lights Suplex!! Jester bridges for the pin!!


2..-shoulder up!

Ainsley Lake: Come on, Chiv. It’s good to get his hopes up just to crush them, but now let’s see some destruction.

Other Guy: The clown will fuck it all up. Don’t worry about that.

Ainsley Lake: Oh, I know. He totally sucks.

Jester once again lifts Chivalric back up, again placing a few knees to the midsection, before hoisting up Chivalric and slamming him down with a falling power slam. Jester quickly transitions this into an armbar!

Dave Dymond: You two make me sick, and Jester now pulling out some good offense. A nice combination of power and technique.

Ainsley Lake: Yes, but he forgot where he was in the ring.

Chivalric isn’t actually close enough to the ropes, but with a little unseen assistance from one Mercedes Bellamont, he is quickly pulled to them. The crowd boos as Lorenzo begins his count. Jester releases on four, getting to his feet and launching some stiff stomps to Chivalric before Lorenzo forces Jester to get back.

Ainsley Lake: Now, a good, heroic person would have broken once the Tony showed that Chivalric had the ropes. A good, heroic person would also have not taken a few cheap stomps.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric has been doing that all match?!

Other Guy: But Chivalric has never claimed to be a good, heroic person.

Chivalric clutches his arm as Tony Lorenzo continues to check on him. Mercedes stands on the outside, looking concerned as she shouts support to Chivalric. After a few moments, Jester becomes frustrated and pushes Lorenzo out of the way. However, Chivalric proves that he was faking, as he quickly trips Jester up, causing him to fall forward and land throat first on the second rope. Chivalric quickly gets to his feet, hit’s the opposite ropes, and comes charging forward with a hard boot to the back of Jester’s head, causing Jester’s chin and throat to briefly wrap around the rope. Jester turns, coughing and sputtering, landing, in a seated position, at the turnbuckle. Chivalric walks forward and begins to plant vicious kicks to Jester’s chest. He then leaps up, grabs the top rope, and begins to stomp down, with both feet, on Jester’s chest, over and over again!! He finishes this series of attacks with a hard front dropkick!! Jester falls forward, coughing and sputtering, clutching his throat and chest.

Other Guy: Brutal offense from the in-ring general, Chivalric.

Dave Dymond: Trickster and fraud if you ask me.

Ainsley Lake: I love it I love it I LOVE IT!

Chivalric once again gets up, staring down at Jester, examining his work. He then looks over to Ainsley, who is applauding and mouthing ‘bravo’. Chivalric nods and takes a step back, looking to line up the final blow.

Other Guy: This could be it, Dymond.

Dave Dymond: Come on, Jester.

Ainsley Lake: Way to be unbiased, Dymond.

Jester finally gets to his knees. Chivalric continues to stand there, not attacking, just waiting. Jester finally gets to his feet, and when he turns around, Chivalric is there. He drops to one knee, spinning, and looking for the chop to the throat, el DESTRUCTOR, but Jester steps to one side and catches the arm, he pulls Chivalric up, kicks him in the stomach, wrenches the arm, and tries to set up the End of the Laughter! However, Chivalric is able to catch Jester’s grounded leg and trips him down. He then turns Jester over, looking to lock in the Seeker Protective Noose. However, once again, Jester is able to counter by scurrying to a sitting base, holding onto Chivalric’s head. He releases Chivalric’s head and lands a hard back elbow, sending Chivalric reeling, allowing Jester to get up. He launches a hard spinning back kick to the stomach of Chivalric before grabbing the arm and hoisting Chivalric up into the fireman’s carry, looking for the Side Splitter!! However, Chivalric turns it around, spinning around and landing on his feet, holding Jester’s head in a Guillotine Choke!!! Jester, however, counters by lifting Chivalric off the ground and dashing forward, slamming Chivalric’s back into the the nearest turnbuckle. Chivalric releases the hold, and Jester locks in a body lock. Both men begin to trade knees in the corner, Chivalric’s landing the already damaged ribs, causing Jester to back up and release slightly. However, as Chivalric is getting away, Jester comes out swinging, landing a hard straight fist that connects with Chivalric’s jaw! Chivalric is reeling, and Jester continues to launch punches that connect with the head! Chivalric backs up, trying to block. He finally catches an arm and whips Jester around into the turnbuckle, back first. Chivalric takes the brief break from punches to lock in a Muay Thai clinch and launch knees. A few knees connect with the chest, and one connects with the jaw, but Jester is finally able to catch one of the knees. He lifts Chivalric high in the air, runs forward, and drops down into a HARD spine buster!! Jester floats over with the lateral press and hooks the leg!



Jester  rolls off of Chivalric, holding his chest, a small amount of blood trickling from his mouth. Chivalric rolls onto his stomach, lying mostly motionless. The fans cheer loudly at the flurry of offense they just saw from both men, for the moment forgetting their hate or love for either man.

Dave Dymond: An impressive series of offense from both men. Chivalric countered most of what Jester had, but Jester just kept coming back.

Ainsley Lake: He’s like a rash that won’t go away.

Other Guy: And Dave would know plenty about rashes that don’t go away, right Dymond?

Jester is the first to show signs of life. He moves over to the ropes and uses them to get to his knees, and eventually to his feet. By that point, Chivalric has gotten to his hands and knees. Jester bounces off the ropes, looks to run forwad, and falls flat on his face, courtesy of the black cane held by Mercedes Bellamont.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric’s whore just tripped Jester with the cane!

Ainsley Lake: Oh, sure, she’s a woman on the side of Chivalric. That makes her a whore.

Other Guy: Don’t be such a sexist, Dymond.

 Chivalric sees that Jester is down, and he quickly dashes forward, grabbing hold of Jester’s head and launching knee after knee into his skull. Finally, once Jester is sufficiently beaten down, Chivalric stands, walks over to Jester’s legs, and crosses them. He steps between the gap in the legs, lays down on top of Jester, and locks in the Dragon Sleeper.

Other Guy: That’s the Seeker Protective Noose! This has to be over!

Dave Dymond: With all the damage Jester has taken to his throat and chest, breathing is going to be much harder, and this move will just make that shortness of breath that much more excruciating.

Ainsley Lake: Watch your ex-hero give up, boys.

Jester begins to flail wildly, not sure where to go. He begins to squirm, inching his way towards the ropes, his arms stretching out. He is within inches of the ropes when, just within his grasp, Mercedes again intervenes, pulling the ropes out of his reach.

Dave Dymond: And again she interferes!! Come on Lorenzo, open your eyes!!

Other Guy and Ainsley Lake: Way to be unbiased, Dymond.

Jester again begins to flail, but slowly, surely, his arms begin to grow heavier, and, finally, they drop completely. Tony Lorenzo moves in to check on Jester. He lifts the arm up, and it falls.


Tony again lifts the arm up, and it falls.


Tony, once again, lifts the arm up, but right before it falls, Jester is able to hold it high. The crowd erupts in cheers, seeing that Jester is continuing. However, what they see next silences their cheers. Jester reaches up and grabs Chivalric’s head with both hands. He then lines up his thumbs and drives them into Chivalric’s eyes, pushing his fingers into the very eye sockets of Chivalric. Chivalric cries out in pain before finally releasing the hold.

Ainsley Lake: What the hell is that?!

Ainsley leaves the announce table and jumps onto the apron, calling Tony Lorenzo over.

Dave Dymond: Where the hell is she going?

Other Guy: She saw an injustice, and now she’s taking care of it.

Chivalric and Jester begin to stir. Tony Lorenzo goes over to Ainsley and begins to argue with her. Chivalric and Jester both crawl to opposite ropes and begin to get to their feet. Chivalric is up first, and he rushes over to Jester. However, Jester sees him coming, and is able to dodge, hitting a drop toe hold that sends Chivalric face first into the second rope. Chivalric actually bounces back to his feet, clutching his face. Jester, seeing the Lorenzo is distracted, sneaks up behind Chivalric and…hit’s a low blow!!

Other Guy: Oh my god! What a hypocritical asshole!

Dave Dymond: He said he’d do whatever it took, but I’m amazed to see Jester…cheating?

Ainsley, who also saw what happens, continues to try and argue, but Lorenzo keeps telling her to get down. Ainsley finally does so, and Tony Lorenzo turns just in time to see Chivalric hoisted onto Jester’s shoulders and dropped with the Side Splitter!!! Jester makes the cover!!



3!! Lorenzo calls for the bell, as the fans respond in the same fashion they did when Jester entered the ring, a mix of cheers and boos.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 23 minutes and 42 seconds…JESTER SMILES!!

The crowd continues their mixed reaction. Jester allows Lorenzo to hold his arm high, but then lets it down to clutch his ribs. Chivalric rolls out of the ring, clutching his stomach, his valet, Mercedes Bellamont, quickly over to help him up.

Ainsley Lake: So, you think you’ve won, hey Eric?

Jester turns to Ainsley, who has left the announce table and now holds a microphone.

Ainsley Lake: Well, I’m not giving a match to a guy who uses cheap tricks and distracted referees to win. Yeah, you won, but what a pathetic win. You haven’t proven a damn thing to me, so I’m not giving you shit!

Ainsley Lake makes her way out of the ring, giving Chivalric a disgusted look, before making her way up the apron and heading to the back. “Happy” by Mudvayne kicks in, and Jester simply stands in the ring, glaring in the direction that Ainsley went.

Other Guy: Well, good for her, I say. He stole that match and doesn’t deserve anything from Ainsley.

Dave Dymond: I’ll agree, I don’t like or respect Jester’s tactics, but I have to admit, it does seem like Ainsley is ducking out on Jester. I guess we’ll see how this develops down the road, but right now, Jester Smiles is your winner.


Dave Dymond: Shifting gears here now for a moment, in the last Revolution of 2007, the world title scene here in SHOOT Project was basically defined as both Roland Caldwell and the former champion BOTH have legitimate claim to the title that Jun Kenshin now calls his own.  However, after the main event that pitted Roland Caldwell and Trevor Worrens against one another, Worrens yet again came out on top… at least in the match.

Other Guy: Yeah which in my mind, and maybe in some other minds out there as well, that kinda makes Worrens the number one contender, but officially Caldwell still has that status.  Course that victory was bitter sweet as the second Revolution went off the air, lights went out, and Worrens was left assaulted and bloodied in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kaz Sato had made his presence felt prior to the attack, starting the bad luck off for Worrens with a well placed chair shot to the face.  That attack in ADDITION to the assault carried out in the pitch black arena, has put Worrens out of action for the time being, and while he won’t be here tonight in person, we have received word that he is joining us now via satellite.

The SHOOT video screen comes to life, immediately revealing a straight on shot of Worrens sitting in a chair, head bandaged up, and arm in a sling.  His face is showing a slight bruise still from the impact of the chair shot he suffered, and his expression speaks volumes of the emotion he is feeling.

Dave Dymond: First off Trevor…

Trevor Worrens: First off nothing, Dave.  I asked to represent myself here tonight in order to get a few things off my chest.  So spare the clichés drop the whole routine questioning about how I’m feeling and what’s running through my head.  I got beat up.  It feels pretty shitty.  I got jumped by Kaz Sato swinging a chair, and then I got attacked by god knows who, hell it could have been Sato… and if it was, good for him, he cashed in that ticket because you all can see me, I’m out. I’m injured. And I’m pissed.

Worrens takes a moment to collect himself, his words shaky, his tone one of building rage trying to be subdued.

Trevor Worrens: But you know what, that doesn’t even matter right now. Someone jumped me, could have been a number of people, and I’m not here to play super sleuth, I’m not here to take up time planting seeds of doubt.  This isn’t mystery theater, this is SHOOT Project, and what matters to me right now in SHOOT Project is one thing… MY World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd in attendance buzzes, many booing at Worrens’s reference to the title being his.

Trevor Worrens: Here’s what it comes down to. I’m out of action for the next couple of weeks, not by my choosing, but whatever, I’m not going to play some hero and try to overcome adversity and fight through the pain.  I’m hurting and I’m not going to step back into that ring and chance one damn thing going wrong that puts me out for good. But I thought I’d let some key people know, straight up, what’s going to happen.  I thought I’d take this time now to inform everyone that I’m cashing in my rematch clause, and at the same time crashing in on Roland’s date with destiny.

Worrens smirks, and in that one moment the look in his eyes shows a sense of delight.

Trevor Worrens: AND in addition to that, I’m seeing to it that Jun Kenshin is placed in the EXACT position I was placed in when he took the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship from me.  Simply put, at Redemption there will be a three way tango.  At Redemption, I am going to win the World Heavyweight Championship.  I did it once. I can do it again.

Worrens’s smirk fades.

Trevor Worrens: I WILL do it again.

The satellite feed cuts off, leaving the fans inside the arena buzzing.

Other Guy: I think we just witnessed the main event of Redemption being made, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That seems to be the case, Trevor Worrens ASKING for his rematch at Redemption, which puts the current champion, Jun Kenshin, in one hell of a predicament.

Other Guy: The man’s earned his way to where he is now, but can he keep that spot and prove he can handle both Worrens and Caldwell… that’s the test, and it ain’t gonna be easy.


Abigail Chase is smiling into the camera.

Abigail Chase: I’m here with the number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Championship, Roland Caldwell.

Roland steps into the shot with a false smile upon his face.

Abigail Chase:  Now, last week you—

Roland: That’s right, Abby, I told everyone how it was, and how it will be.

Abigail Chase: Indeed.  But you also lost to Trevor Worrens.

Roland simply glares at Abigail.  Saying nothing.

Abigail Chase: Do you have anything to say about your loss, after all, you had been boasting that Worrens couldn’t…

Roland: Do you like comedy?

Abigail Chase: Comedy?

Roland: Yes, Abigail.  Comedy.  You know, what would you like.  That awful Charlie Sheen show?  Or how about Dane Cook?  That seems like your brand.  Are you a big fan of Dane Cook?

Abigail Chase:  Um, yeah, I guess.

Roland:  Of course you are.  Did you know that I do some stand-up?

Abigial Chase: No.

Roland:  Well I do.  You see, all I see along the highways here are all these signs boasting this stand up or that stand up is the number one entertainer in Las Vegas.  Well, how about me?  I’m the number one contender, why can’t I be the number one entertainer?

Abigail Chase: Do you want me to make you a list?

Roland smiles condescendingly.

Roland: Oh, you’re just smart as a whip, you know that?  Well, I’m no good with care packages or anything, so I decided to write some jokes.  Care to listen?

Roland cuts Abigail off before she can answer.

Roland: Have you heard that San Francisco is suing San Diego?

Abigail Chase:  No I didn’t.

Roland:  That’s right, San Francisco apparently believes there’s room for only one flaming city in California.

Roland laughs and Abigail stands there shocked.

Abigail Chase: Now that’s just…

Roland shushes her.

Roland:  This one goes out to Mr. Kilgore Stochansky.  I have a couple awards categories that our lovely front office missed.  First.  Best Makeup job.  The runner up in this category is you, Ms. Chase.

Abigail Chase: Runner up?

Roland:  And the winner of Best Makeup job is… Emo-boy, Trevor Worrens!  Trevor has really stepped up this year with his mascara and rouge combinations, two very important ingrediants to today’s modern whiny bitch.  And I know, out there, somewhere, Ron Barker completely agrees.

Roland:  There’s also the category of “Most Potatoes Eaten at a Post Match Spread.”  This award ended in a three-way tie folks.  The three winners are Killian Reilly.  Michael Collins.  And Rowland Collins.  Congratulations to all three of you. 

Roland smiles giving a theatric shrug, as if saying, “What will you do with me?”

Abigail Chase: Roland.  At best those were tasteless and out of date.  At worst, they were insulting, racist, and downright reprehensible.  Anyone that would laugh at one of those jokes is either completely out of touch with reality, or…

Roland: Our target demographic!  But, I’m not done yet.  I have one more!

Roland lights a match and holds it up.

Roland: Do you know what this is, Abigail?

Abigail Chase: It’s a match, Roland.

Roland smiles that smile.

Roland: Oh, no, Abby.  This is Jun Kenshin’s title reign.  And just like San Diego several months ago it’s going up in flames.  So all I’m saying Jun, is you had better appreciate the time you have with that piece of garbage, that shell, that belt.  Because when Redemption comes, it will not be you who is redeemed.  It will be me, Roland Caldwell.  And I will win that belt and show it the respect it deserves.  I will take that belt for all the fallen SHOOT soldiers who paved the road for this abomination.

Roland looks intently at Abigail.

Roland: And then I will bury it in the desert.  Because that is where the true SHOOT Project was buried.  Like a worn out soldier, it’s buried in an unmarked grave.  There is no SHOOT Project anymore, only this current interloper on its throne.  And when I bury the false belt, I will take the first steps on my journey to destroy this federation!

Roland Caldwell blows the match out as the fire reaches his fingers.  He holds the remains of the charred wood up for the camera.

Roland:  You can’t stop me, Kenshin.  You can’t stop me, Worrens.  All that I’ve said is undeniable.

Roland throws the match remains in his mouth and chews down hard, squinting at the taste.


Roland storms off leaving Abigail Chase alone with her microphone.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is set for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland! Weighing in at 227 pounds! Accompanied by his brother and sister, Michael and Maureen Collins, he is ROWLAND COLLINS!

“Not Without A Purpose” by Street Dogs hits. The fans begin to boo, thanks mostly to the fact that earlier Michael ambushed FLASH Dynamite. Michael Collins and Maureen Collins step through the curtain first, with Michael waving the Irish Flag himself. Both Rowland and Michael are dressed similarly in their black biker tights with Irish flags on them.

Dave Dymond: These fans are definitely not thrilled with the antics of Michael Collins earlier this evening!

Other Guy: Wrong place, wrong time, for FLASH Dynamite if you ask me!

Rowland steps into the ring and raises his right fist into the air. Their theme song fades out, slowly being replaced by “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go, and the fans begin to cheer!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 152 pounds, from Metropollis, Illinois! He is one half of the Flying Avengers! KIIIIIIIIIIID LIIIIIIIIIIIGHTNING!

Kid Lightning steps through the curtain, no grin on his face, but his right thumb still extended into the air and his left hand still on his hip as he marches down the ramp. Kid Lightning steps onto the apron and waits for Samantha Coil to clear the ring before he slingshots onto the top rope and springs right off with a Shooting Star Press, turning through to land on his feet! Dennis Heflin moves to start checking both Kid Lightning and Rowland Collins in, reasserting the rules of the contest to the two competitors. He signals for the bell shortly thereafter.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is without his partner, in case you’re just tuning in, because Michael Collins is a son of a bitch!

Other Guy: What is your problem Dave?

Dave Dymond: I don’t think it was necessary to attack FLASH Dynamite from behind!

Kid Lightning and Rowland Collins circle up and quickly snap into a lock-up. Rowland pulls Kid Lightning easily into a side headlock. Kid Lightning pops his hips toward Rowland’s legs, using the momentum to arm drag Rowland off of him. Both scramble to their feet and Rowland catches Kid Lightning with a rushing shoulder tackle, driving Kid Lightning into the center of the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins just steam-rolled Kid Lightning, and that is one way to keep the quick athletic youngster down!

Other Guy: I think Kid Lightning lit a fire under Rowland’s ass, and that’s not exactly to his advantage, for sure.

Rowland hits the ropes to his side and Kid Lightning nips up quickly off his shoulders to his feet. He steps and turns as Rowland barrels toward him. Kid Lightning side-steps Rowland and pushes on his back, pushing him toward the ropes with both hands. As Rowland rebounds again Kid Lighting leap frogs over him! Before coming down, Kid Lightning turns his body at a downward angle and lands in a handstand! Rowland continues his running, rebounding again for Kid Lightning, and Kid Lightning pushes off his hands to his feet and then backflips at Rowland! Rowland ducks the backflip assault, and Kid Lightning lands on his feet before dropping to a knee as Rowland grabs the top rope, stopping his momentum. Kid Lightning places his left hand on his left hip, his right knee on the canvas. His right hand extends a thumb into the air and the live crowd cheers the athletic display.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is so insanely athletic! How did e do all of that, and how did he make it look so easy?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but I think Rowland is tired of running if he’s not gonna hit the kid!

Kid Lightning pushes off his knee and rushes at Rowland. Rowland steps toward Kid Lightning and grabs him by the back of the head, launching him over the top rope! Kid Lightning catches the rope with his left hand and uses it to swing around and lands with his feet on the apron! Michael Collins moves toward Kid Lightning and grabs Kid Lightning’s ankle! Kid Lightning uses his free foot to shove Michael away from him as Rowland turns toward him! Kid Lightning tucks himself through the ropes, shouldering Rowland in the abdomen!

Dave Dymond: This is not a position the young Flying Avenger wants to be in without his partner!

Other Guy: Really, FLASH shoulda stayed in his locker room. First he got dissed by Ed Raymond, then he gets beat down by Michael Collins. And now, when his partner needs him, he ain’t here.

Kid Lightning quickly springboards up onto the top rope and launches himself backward, spiraling as he turns a backflip, colliding with Michael Collins on the outside, taking him down!

Dave Dymond: Whoa!

Other Guy: What the hell? Seriously, I know you asked before, but how the fuck does he do this shit?!

Kid Lightning quickly pushes to his feet and springs up onto the apron. Rowland catches him as he does so with a forearm over the top rope to the side of the head! Rowland hooks under Kid Lightning’s left arm and hip tosses Kid Lightning over the top rope into the ring! Kid Lightning flips straight through and lands on his feet. He quickly jumps into Rowland and rolls backward, launching Rowland over with an impressive monkey flip! Kid Lightning quickly nips back up to his feet and springboards to the middle rope, turning as he springboards off as Rowland scrambles to his feet and turns right into him! Kid Lightning lands on Rowland’s shoulders and snaps backward with a hurricanrana that sends him rolling into a corner!

Dave Dymond: Say what you will, OG, but Kid Lightning is doing a really good job out here completely on his own!

Other Guy: Sure, as the pace quickens he’s definitely going to excel. The problem is, when Rowland catches his squirrel ass, he’s gonna make him pay.

Kid Lightning rushes at Rowland in the corner, and Rowland ducks a shoulder at the last second, sending Kid Lightning over the top rope. Kid Lightning swings himself like a pendulum onto the apron and slingshots to the top rope. Rowland quickly kicks his right foot into the top rope, and Kid Lightning slips backward, his abdomen being driven onto the top rope!

Dave Dymond: OH!

Other Guy: Wow! So much for that springboard shit Kid Lightning was trying to pull. Heh.

Rowland steps over Kid Lightning’s head, placing it between his legs. Rowland quickly underhooks both of Kid Lightning’s arms in a butterfly lock. Rowland quickly snaps down in a seated position, driving Kid Lightning’s head into the canvas with a butterfly piledriver, hanging from the top rope!

Dave Dymond: HOLY SHIT!

Other Guy: Well, at least you’re impressed by both of these guys tonight, Dave. And that was definitely something to be impressed with.

Rowland rolls Kid Lightning over onto his back as the camera catches Maureen and Michael Collins on the outside. A look of concern comes over her face before Michael grabs her by the face and turns her, making her watch as Rowland hooks both legs!




Kid Lightning kicks both legs hard to kick out! The camera catches Maureen on the outside as she smiles! She quickly stops smiling before Michael can turn to catch it.

Dave Dymond: Rowland’s little sister seems pleased that Kid Lightning is at least still alive after being driven into the canvas like that!

Other Guy: Well, that probably has something to do with Kid Lightning’s crush on her.

Rowland rolls Kid Lightning over onto his stomach before mounting him from behind. Rowland pulls Kid Lightning up into a Camel Clutch before reaching his right elbow over his own body and starts hammering Kid Lightning in the left side of his face! After a solid barrage of five elbows, Rowland pushes Kid Lightning’s head down and moves forward, rolling Kid Lightning forward to stack him on his shoulders!



Kid Lightning kicks out again and cradles his head as he lays on his chest.

Dave Dymond: After the quick display of athletics early on, this match is not going the way Kid Lightning would have liked!

Other Guy: His brains are being beaten in, Dave! Do you really think anyone would like that, even some dumb ass kid that thinks he’s a super hero?

Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and hooks him in a front facelock. Rowland snaps Kid Lightning up and drops backward suddenly, driving Kid Lightning’s head into the canvas with a brainbuster! Rowland floats over into a lateral press.




Kid Lightning again manages to kick out.

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins definitely doesn’t want this match to go on for very long, as he is constantly going for the pinfall!

Other Guy: He’s also keeping Kid Lightning down, so he definitely won’t have the chance to pick up any speed or momentum.

Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and sends him into the nearest corner, chest first! Rowland charges behind Kid Lightning and clotheslines him in the back of the head! Rowland pulls Kid Lightning out of the corner and sits him up on the top rope! Rowland climbs up behind Kid Lightning and hooks under Kid Lightning’s arm for a back suplex off the ropes! Kid Lightning hooks the top rope with his right hand, denying Rowland’s back superplex attempt. Kid Lightning wiggles his left arm off of Rowland’s neck and thrusts the elbow back into Rowland’s forehead! A second elbow, followed by a third, and Rowland is shoved off the second rope! He lands on his knees, avoiding crashing. Kid Lightning pushes up to the top rope and springs backward with a moonsault! Rowland ducks under, and Kid Lightning crashes to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: The high risk offense didn’t pay off on that occasion!

Other Guy: It definitely didn’t, and that is going to work to Rowland’s advantage, I’m positive.

Rowland turns toward Kid Lightning and leaps for him, landing with a knee drop on the back of Kid Lightning’s skull! The camera shows a look of concern on Maureen Collins’ face, while Michael Collins cheers his brother on loudly! Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and sends him off the ropes, swinging his arm for a clothesline! Kid Lightning ducks the clothesline and catches Rowland’s arm, swinging his body around it into a crucifix! Rowland refuses to go down with it, and Kid Lightning swings his body down, keeping his legs hooked around the arm, right into a sunset flip, pulling Rowland down successfully into a sunset flip!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning could have it here!


Other Guy: Maybe if he gets lucky…


Rowland kicks out hard. Both men scramble to their feet and Kid Lightning jumps into Rowland, turning into a wheelbarrow! Kid Lightning shoves upward and reaches his arm back for a bulldog! Rowland ducks his head under the reaching arm and hooks his left arm under Kid Lightning’s left leg! His right arm creeps over Kid Lightning’s right shoulder and lifts his left arm, locking his hands together, Rowland snaps backward with a cradle back suplex, right onto the top of his head!

Dave Dymond: Wow! Rowland Collins definitely just drove Kid Lightning’s skull into the canvas!

Other Guy: No kidding, and no pun intended. Jesus!

Rowland rolls Kid Lightning onto his back and hooks the legs!




NO! Kid Lightning kicks out just barely in time! The fans cheer loudly, hope for their young hero being restored. Rowland looks at Michael on the outside, as Michael barks out orders. Rowland sighs to himself and pulls Rowland to his feet before sending Kid Lightning into the corner! Rowland charges after Kid Lightning, but Kid Lightning shoots his feet up onto the top rope and rolls over Rowland’s shoulders, hooking Rowland for a schoolboy!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning needs to create distance so he can build up momentum!


Other Guy: Either that or he needs to end things early to save his own life!



Rowland kicks out. Rowland scrambles to his feet as Kid Lightning does the same! Rowland swings a clothesline, and Kid Lightning ducks under the clothesline! Kid Lightning runs up onto the second rope and backflips as Rowland turns! Kid Lightning catches Rowland with an inverted facelock! Kid Lightning snaps to his back, driving Rowland to the canvas on the back of his head!

Dave Dymond: SONIC BOOM!

Other Guy: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Kid Lightning grabs Rowland by the left leg and turns Rowland, positioning him perfectly. Kid Lightning steps through the ropes and quickly ascends to the top rope! Kid Lightning leaps off as flashbulbs go off! Kid Lightning spirals his body several times as he flips forward with a quicker-rotating version of the Dragon Attack! As Kid Lightning’s chest crashes onto Rowland’s chest, Michael Collins grabs Maureen by the waist and shoves her up onto the apron, and referee Dennis Heflin moves to see what the commotion is as Michael Collins moves around the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning hits his Thunder Bolt!

Other Guy: But it’s not gonna matter, look at Michael!

Kid Lightning pushes off of Rowland’s body and moves to see what Dennis Heflin is arguing with Maureen about, as Maureen points at Michael Collins across the ring! Michael slides into the ring and quickly rolls Rowland out of the ring. Rowland hits the arena floor hard, and Michael quickly moves back to where Rowland was laying down and lays himself down!

Dave Dymond: What the hell is Michael doing?

Other Guy: Isn’t it obvious? He’s outsmarting Kid Lightning.

Maureen, in frustration, gets off of the apron as Dennis Heflin and Kid Lightning turn back to Kid Lightning. Kid Lightning turns back to Maureen and she implores him not to pin her brother. Kid Lightning, however, does turn and covers Michael!




Michael Collins kicks out, with authority! Kid Lightning pulls Michael to his feet, but Michael chooses that instant to strike as he tosses Kid Lightning’s hands out wide and turns Kid Lightning, pulling him into the Irish Car Bomb, driving him to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: That son of a bitch! He literally played possum for his brother and now he’s stealing the win!

Other Guy: But what a hell of an Irish Car Bomb!

Michael rolls onto Kid Lightning and hooks both legs!




The bell sounds and Michael Collins rises to his feet, naturally showing no signs of pain. He raises both hands.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 21 minutes and 53 seconds! Uhhh…ROWLAND COLLINS…?!

Michael smirks at Samantha Coil, and then suddenly snaps his foot into Kid Lightning’s face. The production team apparently decides not to play Michael’s theme music right now.  Michael pulls Kid Lightning up and snaps him over with a second Irish Car Bomb, while Rowland Collins pulls himself up onto the apron!

Dave Dymond: Oh come on! You guys won, leave him alone!

Other Guy: I think it’s a little more personal than that, with Kid Lightning having his eye on their little sister.

Rowland pulls himself into the ring, as Michael Collins yells down at Kid Lightning. Both Rowland and Michael pull Kid Lightning to his feet, but the fans begin to cheer! Rowland and Michael whip Kid Lightning to the ropes toward the ramp. Kid Lightning’s ankles are grabbed, though, and the camera moves to see who did it.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: What the hell is he doing out here now?!

Cade pulls Kid Lightning under the bottom rope and quickly swings himself into the ring, where Michael begins stomping on his back! Michael pulls Cade to his feet, but Cade quickly snaps his right foot into Michael’s left thigh! Rowland decides to help his brother, and Cade makes him pay with a straight forearm to the eye!

Dave Dymond: I’m not entirely sure why he’s out here, but he is not going to let the Collins Twins gain an inch!

Other Guy: He has no business out here though, Dave! His scrawny little ass needs to bounce on to the back, damnit!

Cade quickly snaps his elbow from Rowland’s face into the side of Michael’s! Cade whips Michael off the ropes and ducks his head at the last second, launching Michael up with a back body drop! Michael crashes to the canvas and rolls out of the ring as Rowland rushes at Cade! Cade ducks the clothesline and hooks Rowland with an inverted facelock, snapping through with the Nightcap, driving Rowland to the canvas face first!

Dave Dymond: NIGHTCAP!

Other Guy: Why though?!

Michael grabs Rowland by the arm and drags him out of the ring, as Maureen helps Michael lug Rowland to the back. Cade rolls out of the ring and grabs the Revolution Championship off the floor, next to Kid Lightning. Cade pats Kid Lightning on the back with the Revolution Title in hand he makes his way to Samantha Coil and grabs the microphone from her. He rolls back into the ring and slowly starts to pace. As the fans continue to cheer him on, Cade starts tapping the microphone.

Cade Sydal: I appreciate it. Trust me, I do. But, right now I need to say some shit.

The fans cheering slowly dies down. Cade drapes the title over his right shoulder and rubs his right hand over his head. He drags the hand down over his face, as he continues to pace.

Cade Sydal I’ve thought about this moment a lot lately. I’ve thought about how I’m gonna address the fucking stitches on my face. I’ve thought about how I should react to having a fucking chain around my neck. I’ve thought about how I should handle someone trying to not only ruin my life, but fucking end it!

Cade slowly pulls the Revolution Championship from his shoulder. He slowly lets it down on the canvas.

Cade Sydal: See, I know this isn’t about the Revolution Title, Donovan King. I know because when YOU planted the drugs on my stuff, YOU became the Revolution Champion that night! So, Donovan King, I wanna know…why. What the FUCK did I do to your ignorant bitch ass?!

Cade continues to pace, his anger continuing to grow with each step.

Cade Sydal: Frankly, any reason you give me won’t make a fuck! It doesn’t change the fact that YOU tried to kill me! It doesn’t change the fact that am going to return the favor! I’m positive it’s just a coincidence that I now hold the title you covet so much, and I’m sure you’d love to have it back. So, I’m not sure how, but I am sure when! You, Donovan Fucking King! Me, Cade Fucking Sydal! One…on…one!

Cade stops pacing and stares into the nearest camera at ringside.


Cade bends and pulls the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship off of the canvas, raising it above his head.

Cade Sydal For the Revolution Championship! I’m not positive how, but one thing is for damn sure, there WILL be more blood shed! There WILL be bones broken! There WILL be lives shattered! So, Donovan King, you want a fucking war?! YOU GOT IT! You fucked with the wrong muthafucka! Bet your ass, you’re gonna pay for it!

Cade drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring, raising the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship over his head as “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits. The fans begin to cheer as Cade stares up the ramp, his eyes narrowed with anger as he marches up the ramp.

Dave Dymond: Definitely a hate-filled speech from our Revolution Champion!

Other Guy: He coulda, ya know, thought it out better before he came out here to say it though. Maybe practiced it in a mirror or something.

Dave Dymond: Not many people PRACTICE anger, OG, and anger is something Cade Sydal has more than plenty of right now!


The camera appears on a swinging light, hanging from the ceiling in a black room.  It swings ominously for a few moments before the sounds of footsteps are heard.  Soon, the form of a man underneath the light is seen, but the light’s swinging does not allow for constant focus on the individual.  He wears a hood over his head and slowly removes it, revealing himself to be Donovan King.  He stands underneath the swinging light, grinning from ear to ear.  His voice is low, deep, and methodical.

Donovan King:  Dis’ll take some time.  I want dis to run unedited.  Pay close muh fuckin’ attention, because I got a lot to say.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  When I…first joined the SHOOT Project…I had dreams.  Me an’ my friend Avery, we was gonna be tag champs.  Den…SHOOT failed us.

His grin disappears.

Donovan King:  Dey let Eli Storm an’ Mirage ruin the World Championship an’ thusly, dey ruined the company.  Nobody cared anymore.  I was…so close.  An’ dis place closed.

He clenches his jaw.

Donovan King:  Den…the company reopened.  An’ closed.  No shows, no copies uh shows…nothin’.  Nothin’ exists of dat attempt to open the company back.  It seemed like my dreams were crushed.

He sighs.

Donovan King:  Den…SHOOT Project reopened once again.  Dis time…gone was my entire childlike look at dis company.  My hopes had been up twice.  Twice I was contracted by dis company.  Twice it failed me.  Dat, my friends, ain’t never gon’ happen again.

He balls his fists up, slowly grinning.

Donovan King:  So…I wanted ta make a list.  I had tol’ myself dat I wasn’t gonna be able ta hold in the rage I felt when I looked in the eyes uh half my co-workers knowin’ who dey were an’ what dey’ve done.  I couldn’t be jus’ some wide eyed good guy cookie cutter bullshit.  Not no more.  I needed a…proactive approach ta how I handled dis company.  If I couldn’t have faith in dis company, I was gonna take what I wanted from it an’ walk away happy.  So…as I said…I made a list.

He looks up to the swinging light, smiling.

Donovan King:  First, I had to make a name fo’ myself.  Put the hurt on some hot up an’ comer.  Somebody dat was goin’ places.  I landed myself in the Revolution Championship division an’ I decided to sit back an’ watch.  An’ I found him.  Happy go lucky.  Smilin’.  Carefree.  Loaded wit’ talent.  An’…what’s better…he was close wit’ another target on my list.  So…I nestled myself in, an’ I let him pick at me.  Continue his jokin’ ways.  Put me on camera.  Mock me.  I sat back…an’ I let him get away wit’ it.

His smile disappears again.

Donovan King:  Den…den I struck.

He lets his words sink in.

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles was but the first, SHOOT Project.  I knew dat if I was gonna be taken seriously, I had to take a single individual…an’ I’d have to unleash just a portion uh what I was capable of on him.  Jester Smiles…I stripped everything I could from him.  Tore him down as much as I could…an’ I moved on.  Somewhere along the way…one of my other targets, Ainsley Lake, she made herself known to me.  How dat is…dat’s unimportant right now.  Suffice to say, we had itches we needed ta have scratched.

He chuckles.

Donovan King:  The poor girl was already hurtin’, furious, enraged.  I’d give her what she wanted, if she’d give me what I wanted.  She wanted Jester Smiles down an’ out.  A shell of a man.  She wanted him ripe fo’ the pickin’.  Me?  I wanted somebody else on my list.  I wanted ta cause him just a hint uh misery…but I wanted to do it in secret.

He grins.

Donovan King:  Ya see…I ain’t stupid.  I knew my hands was full wit’ Jester Smiles.  I couldn’t afford two cats on me.  So…she hooked me up wit’ her friend at the time…an’ the decision got made, by me, ta drive a nail down into the hand of Cade Sydal…an’ crucify him.  At Uprisin’, she was gonna make a move on Cade for her friend…an’ I was gonna make mine, too.  The thing was…as I said…I wanted it done in secret.  An’ so it is an’ so it went.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  I slid into his locker room, did my duty, an’ I got Cade Sydal arrested.  Why I’m here now, tellin’ y’all dis…is simple.  See…I could wait at the time.  I could sit back…an’ watch Cade squirm.  While I had my war wit’ Jester Smiles…I could take solace in the fact dat Cade Sydal was already startin’ ta crumble.

He chuckles.

Donovan King:  Now…now dere’s no need to wait.  No need to be silent.  He won’t press charges.  Nobody can pin the possession on me whatsoever.  My admission is as good as a rapper’s lyric to the police.  No evidence of the crime except my word…an’ where the drugs was at.  Dey’ll run around in circles tryna prove it…because you need evidence fo’ dat sorta thing.  Meanwhile, Cade Sydal an’ Donovan King…we got all the evidence we need.

His stare into the camera is full of hate at this point.

Donovan King:  So you still wonderin’ why?  You still need dat question answered, Cade?

He grins for a second, and the grin is replaced by the clenched jaw once more.

Donovan King:  Because it’s has all been…yo’ fault.

King looks up the light for a moment to collect himself before he continues.

Donovan King:  When the last time SHOOT was ridin’ high…when was dat?  You remember, you skinny bitch?  I tell you.  When my mentor, my teacher, OutKast…was World Heavyweight Champion.  He had it all.  Fame.  Fortune.  He could do it all.  The Power Trip, Instant Heat, OutKast WAS dis company.  An’ you…you was happy ta ride his coattails.  Somewhere along the way, though…yo’ need fuh ego got the best of you.  Sure, he stepped over a line an’ fucked yo’ bitch…an’ dat is always cause fo’ a war ‘tween men.  However…you drove him away.  Pushed him not only off his stranglehold on the belt…but forced him outta SHOOT.  Period.  His only shot to come back was some fuckin’ nostalgia run so The Real Deal could have some tag gold.  Not to his former glory.  Not to the top.  Not where he belonged and not where SHOOT needed him.

He shakes his head.

Donovan King:  In yo’ vanity…you ended the career uh the best thing to happen to dis fuckin’ company.

He sighs.

Donovan King:  An’ how did you thank dis company, Cade?  How did you thank the man who gave his career over to you on a silver platter when he simply didn’t have to?  How did you take dis company once you let him leave?  Where did you lead it?  Ah, yeah…you fuckin’ dropped the ball.  You got hung up on steroids.  On drugs.  You ruined yuh own life…an’ at the same time, you were the catalyst dat killed dis company.  All of a sudden, dis weak ass white boy sat on his belt an’ ruined the company.  Too strung out ta make a good defense, you lost dat belt you stole from OutKast to Eli Storm, who cared more about his own fame den makin’ dis company great again.

He grits his teeth behind his pursed lips.

Donovan King:  My mentor coulda saved dis place.  All you had to do…was rescind the stipulation.  Instead, you snorted, injected, whatever you had to do to play wit’ the big boys.  Eli destroyed the credibility of dis company a lil’ bit later when he literally destroyed the belt itself.  Mirage wound up winnin’ it…an’ dat was it fo’ dis company.  Dat was it…fo’ SHOOT.

He laughs a cold, careless laugh.

Donovan King:  At least…wit’ Mirage an’ Eli Storm…dey is too ashamed uh how pathetic dey were dat dey won’t come back to dis company.  You…you come back like it’s nuttin’.  All dese people lost dey jobs.  I LOST MY JOB.  Couldn’t feed dey families…an’ it all started because you was too fuckin’ worthless of a human bein’…a father, a son, an’ a man, much less a champion…ta just accept the fact dat you were not, you ARE not…capable of carryin’ dis company on yo’ back like you wanna make believe.

He laughs.

Donovan King:  What’s worse, dawg, you still think you got it in you, don’t you?  Mos’ people…dey’d look at Eli or Mirage or somebody backstage…not me.  I look at the source.  See, I see dis worthless waste uh humanity actin’ like, from day one, his shit don’t stink.  I see you treat people like shit backstage.  I see you blow people off when you think it’s cool…an’ den I see dis shit.  I see dis fallen angel tryna get back up on dat high horse.

He starts to bristle.

Donovan King:  I see me, workin’ my ass off…an’ I see you, dis guy dat had his chance.  One of us never failed dis company.  One of us never let dis place down.  An’ it’s funny to me…dat it’s you, the supposed big name…dat main events the pay-per-view.  I find dat shit even fuckin’ funnier…when it’s my match dat’s voted MATCH OF THE YEAR.

He grins, but his eyes are far from joyful.

Donovan King:  Ron Barker came at you like it was somethin’ ta scheme about.  Pretend to help you.  All dat shit.  Nah.  Uh uh.

He shakes his head.

Donovan King:  I ain’t gonna fuck wit’ yo’ head like dat.  You in fo’ a long ass fight wit’ me, boy.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  See…I’m not here ta play games wit’ you.  I’m here to beat you apart.  I’m here to hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine.  I won’t fuck yo’ bitch like Kast, son…I’ll hunt her down and I’ll make her bleed.  I won’t be a menace to yo’ fuckin’ child, bitch…I’ll simply hunt her down and destroy everything about her dat makes her her.  I’ll find yo’ family, Cade, an’ I’ll put yo’ Dad in the fuckin’ hospital after I let him see what the fuck I’ll do to yo’ Moms.  I’ll find yo’ friends…an’ I’ll carve my name into their foreheads. 

He balls his fists up and punches the light overhead, and it swings even more violently, not allowing you to catch full glimpses of him anymore.

Donovan King:  EVERY FUCKIN’ DAY, SYDAL…EVERY FUCKIN’ DAY…you will look over yo’ shoulder fuh me! 

The light flickers off and comes back on, still swinging.


He stops the swinging light with his hand, glaring at the camera.

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles was just practice.  I hate you wit’ every last bit uh me.  An’ I’mma promise you dis.  I promise you dat even if I ain’t the man lucky enough to end yo’ muhfuckin’ career, Cade Sydal…

He continues to glare at the camera hard.

Donovan King:  …I’ll get the ball rollin’.

He turns the light off and we go back to the arena.


DZK’s “Inhuman” explodes over the PA system, and pyro goes off as the fans boo the impending arrival of the Iron Fist Champion.  The lights go out as white strobelights take over, and then like a silhouette, Corazon moves from the gorilla position into view.

I plan with a clan of, well known omens:

swordsmen atop four horses, roaming

prophets… of the approaching apocalypse,

rotted flesh, breath smoking, toxic

"War" is the force of our brothers in anger

"Famine" represents the hands of Mother Nature

"Pestilence" relates to man, She hates us

"Death" is the resting place of all creation

Then a semi-long pause…


The image is of Corazon standing at the top of the ramp with the Iron Fist Championship held in one hand, over his head.  He’s soaking in the negativity, thriving off of it.  When he turns around and starts to make his walk to the ring, his face is contorted with a sinister grin.

Other Guy:  Love him or hate him, that man is our Iron Fist Champion!  He’s made no bones about his methods towards winning, and it looks like, Dymond, that he’s got something on his mind right now.

Dave Dymond:  Last time we saw Corazon, he and Obsidian had pulled Carver from out of the ring, and basically cost him the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!  There’s no telling what this man has to say.

As he nears the ring, Corazon breaks into more of a run.  He slides the Iron Fist Championship under the bottom rope and slides in behind it.  He picks it up, and stands up, holding it up over his head one more time.  Then he goes to one of the corners and places the belt on the top turnbuckle.  He calls for a mic…

Corazon: Well well…  let’s talk, my dear, dear friends.

The mere sound of his voice brings out the worst from this Mandalay Bay crowd. 

Corazon:   It’s been nearly three months…  three months…  since I declared war on the one, the only…  the Hardcore Icon, the Sherriff, the…  whatever you want to call him…  Del Carver.  And yet, here I stand with you, Las Vegas, as my audience, and I find myself without direction.

The fans boo at the mocking of Del Carver, which only intensifies Corazon’s smile.

Corazon:   You see…  what I’ve done to Del Carver is like the news reports have said.  Years have been taken off of his life, people will not get their dream matches…  all because the old man didn’t know what he was getting himself into.  Let’s reminisce a bit, shall we?

Corazon’s pause is purely arbitrary.

Corazon:  Three months ago, Del Carver challenged me for the Iron Fist Championship.  It was the one belt he’s never held, and so, he wanted a piece.  The problem was the man who stands before you right now as your current Iron Fist Champion.  Del Carver watched my systematic destruction of “Die Hard” Dave Marz.  So, between those two things, the recipe for war was most definitely there.

He begins to slowly stalk around the ring.

Corazon:   Then…  then.  Carver and Marz got involved in a match with Obsidian and myself, and well, the result of that match was a moment that will go down in history was one of the most gruesome and brutal moment’s the SHOOT Project has ever seen.  When I nearly jabbed Carver’s eye out, many thought he’d retire, and I’ll admit to you once again that his lack of that announcement shocked me to my very core.

He moves now, to the turnbuckle that his championship belt is resting on.

Corazon:  It seemed to me that not only did Carver really want to try and exact some revenge on me for unofficially retiring his friend from wrestling, but this belt, right here…  it really means a lot to him, because being the king of the Iron Fist is a distinction that most certainly stays with you.

Pausing once again, which illicits another set of boos from HIS audience…

Corazon:   But…

Corazon moves away from the Iron Fist Championship once again, to continue.

Corazon:   But…  it seemed that Del Carver wasn’t quite ready for what having that distinction means.  We walked into Animosity, and what happened?  Jason Johnson had to fine me and declare my match a no contest due to what…?  Brutality.  Inhumanity.  I think that’s the third time I’ve been fined for that reason in my very short tenure here.  You would all do well to remember that.  And then, of course, I ruined Del Carver’s World Championship dreams.

He laughs audibly.

Corazon:   A lot of people thought I’d be more likely to help Del Carver win that match, so that I could get my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Realistically, while holding the World Heavyweight Championship and the Iron Fist Championship would be quite the… honor…  I wanted to use my time to remind Del Carver what he’s REALLY fighting for.  That belt, over there.

The camera shifts to the Iron Fist Championship.

Corazon: But now there’s a problem…  WHERE is Del Carver?  Your hardcore icon has not been seen or heard from since the Championship Edition, in which I cost him his World title.  Maybe he’s nursing his wounds.  Maybe he’s finally packed his tail between his legs, and gone home, for good.  Maybe… 

Corazon shrugs.

Corazon:   …maybe I have a solution.  I’m issuing you a challenge, Carver.  I want you, for better or worse, at Redemption so that I may MAIM you with an air of finality.  No screwdrivers.  No mace.  No Obsidian.  Just you, Del, and me.  The Iron Fist Championship will be your goal.  Your destruction will be mine.  You’ve got one week, Carver, and if after one week, I haven’t heard anything about you or from you?

He pauses and stares directly into the camera.

Corazon: …I’ll come find you, and GET my answer.

The short static sound of the mic dropping pops over the PA, as “Inhuman” kicks back up, with the fans in an absolute buzz over Corazon’s challenge, and subsequent threat.

Dave Dymond: WHOA. 

Other Guy: From me, the Other Guy, to you, Del Carver…  I wouldn’t let that man down. 

Dave Dymond:  Corazon has laid the gauntlet down for Del Carver, and as much as I hate to say it…  where IS the Hardcore Outlaw?



The crowd goes nuts as “Misfit Love” hits the speakers, announcing the entrance of none other than Benjamin Biggs to the Mandalay Bay Event Center. He looks pumped, ready to go, and he’s slapping hands with fans on his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: This next bout is a non-title match! Introducing first, weighing in at 179 lbs, BENJAMIN BIGGS!

Dave Dymond: This crowd is electric tonight, OG, and they can’t seem to wait to see Biggs get some measure of revenge against the Laws of Survival champion.

Other Guy: Kilgore’s kept his belt by any means necessary, Dave, and you gotta respect him for that.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, I respect a man who used a brick in a gift basket as a weapon. Sure.

Other Guy: That’s creativity!

Biggs is in the ring, stretching on the ropes, when “Phantom” begins to play, starting an unending chorus of boos. Biggs stops what he’s doing, and sets his eyes dead on the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 250 lbs, the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion, KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

Kilgore walks out through the entranceway, microphone in hand, and the LoS belt hanging over his shoulder. Biggs cocks his head as the champ signals for his music to cut.

Dave Dymond: What is he doing

Other Guy: Shh, let the man speak.

Kilgore: Settle down, people.

The bood intensify, as Biggs looks around the ring to someone who can possibly explain what’s going on.

Kilgore: I know, I know, I’m disappointed in Benjamin Biggs, too. But I dont make it THAT vocal.

The crowd goes even crazier, as Biggs gets right up against the ropes, pointing at Kilgore, and demanding he get to the ring.

Kilgore: I have this very special announcement to make: Since this little beauty of a title isnt on the line…

Kilgore pulls the belt off his shoulder, smiling at his reflection in it. He taps the belt for effect, and Biggs stares, eyes dead set on the champion.

Kilgore: …I will be CONCEDING this match to you. Cheers, Benjamin. You earned it!

Dave Dymond: What?! Kilgore Stochansky has just cheated Benjamin Biggs again!

Other Guy: What are you talking about, Dave? Now Biggs can say he actually has a win over Stochansky! How doesn’t that work out for him?

Kilgore laughs, pointing at Biggs in the ring, and slapping his knee, making a very big show of it. Biggs is beyond angry, as is the crowd, and Benji is arguing with Willie Dean, who simply shrugs and calls for the bell. Biggs is being very vocal about his distaste for the situation, but to no avail, as Samantha Coil announces the winner.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, by concession, Benjamin Biggs!

This causes the fans to get even louder, almost drowning Samantha out. Kilgore is still enjoying the situation on the entranceway, so much so that he doesn’t seem to notice Benjamin Biggs sliding out of the ring, and storming up right in front of him.

Other Guy: Kilgore, get out of there! C’mon, Biggs, let the man lose gracefully!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky is about to get his just desserts!

Kilgore jumps a little when he sees the former champ in front of him, but he never loses that plastic smile. He puts a hand out for Biggs to shake, and Benji looks down at it, eyes full of rage. After a moment of consideration, Biggs NAILS the champ with a hard right to the jaw! Kilgore is astonished! He steps back a bit as the crowd pops hard, holding his mouth, eyes wide with terror, as Biggs steps forward again!

Dave Dymond: Yes! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Kilgore Stochansky is going to get beat down!

Other Guy: How can you take pleasure at another man’s pain like that, Dave?!

Finally, Kilgore shakes it off, and looks like he’s ready to get down! Biggs nods his head, and gets ready to charge– Security cuts him off! Kilgore is laughing again, as SHOOT Project security is swarming Biggs, who is fighting it as best he can! He lays out one, and tries to jump over the pack of men to get to Stochansky, but to no avail! Kilgore chuckles, pointing at Biggs again, and backs up through the entranceway as the crowd drowns the arena in boos.


The Mandalay Bay Events Center suddenly rocks underffot amid a heavy chorus of boos from every occupied seat, fans standing to jeer the spectacle before them.

Dave Dymond: What’s this?

Other Guy: Looks like your number one fan is coming out, Dave.

Dave Dymond: My number… Oh… him…

As Osbourne Kilminster completes his confident strut down the walkway and rolls under the bottom rope, he ignores the fans who stick single and double0fingered gestures in his direction, the shouts of hatred and disapproval. Smiling, he pirouettes in the middle of the ring and halts to survey the crowd, turning slowly to face in every direction, his eyes shielded by his blue-tinted wraparound sunglasses. His gaze falls down upon the commentator’s table and he winks to Dave Dymond, who seems replused by the very acknowledgement of the man.

Dave Dymond: That man makes me feel physically sick.

Other Guy: I don’t think you’re alone in that. He’s not exactly Mr Popular anymore, is he?

Unzipping his black hoodie to reveal his sponsor’s ICQB T-shirt, he straightens some creases out of his urban camo shorts and cracks his neck from side to side whilst catching a microphone thrown from the timekeeper’s table.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, what’s the need for all this hostility? Why do you all feel the need to act this way? Huh? Come on, tell me how you really feel, you vacuous sacks of stale trash!

Smiling as the boos come in even louder, a few half-full bottles of water find their way into the ring, prompting security guards to rush into the crowd to confiscate drinks and prevent a catastrophe.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, when you people make noises like that, I’m not sure if you’re actually happy to seeme or really angry, because the baseline intellect for you is probably some kind of farmyard animal like a pig or something, which is exactly what you all sound like… and you know the old saying… happy as a pig in shit.

Very few people are still in their seats as Osbourne continues his tirade against them, laughing as they bay for his blood.

Other Guy: Ouch… that’s not a way to win friends and influence people.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think that guy would know a friend if he –

Other Guy: Sucked his dick?

Dave Dymond: I despair of you, OG… What kind of friends do you have?

Other Guy: Very pretty FEMALE ones.

Osbourne Kilminster: Let’s get right down to it, ok? I have better things to do than taunt the massed mentally disabled. It’s cruel of me and if I were capable of it, I’d probably feel pretty guilty for mocking those less fortunate than myself, that very unfortunate majority who weren’t exactly at the front of the queue when brains were being handed out –

Interrupted by another chorus of boos, Osbourne struts around the ring, licking his lips.

Osbourne Kilminster: WOULD YOU ALL SHUT THE HELL UP?!

A little stunned by his sudden aggression, the Mandalay Bay falls into near silence with a handful of fans starting up a small "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chant.

Osbourne Kilminster: I came out here to address a very real and very serious situation pertaining to the way certain people in this company are wrapped up in cotton wool by the management. I want to address the way that Jason Johnson and the front office pick favourites and do everything in their power to prevent anything happening to them. I want to get down to the bottom of this mystery once and for all, because it really grates on me how sometimes Johnson comes over all buddy-buddy and the next minute he’s the biggest prick ever to grace an Armani suit…

Not much reaction from the crowd draws a raised eyebrow from the surprised orator.

Osbourne Kilminster: You see, a few people in this company tried to end my career. Del Carver is one of them, and look where it got him – stabbed in the eye. I don’t know that I ever thought I’d say it, but I’ve got to hand it to him, Corazon really impressed me with that, but then again… a two-legged donkey who kicked Hell out of Carver would impress me. I just want to see that miserable old bastard in pain, and I thank Corazon from the bottom of my frozen rock of a heart for giving me the pleasure of seeing Carver destroyed like that. I owe you a drink.

Laughing a little to himself, a horrified crowd roars its disapproval.

Osbourne Kilminster: I dunno what got a bigger spike when that happened – SHOOT’s TV ratings or Carver’s eye…

The poor humour does little to sooth the raging fans.

Other Guy: That’s a cheap shot…

Dave Dymond: What do you expect?

Other Guy: The only cheap shots I like are Southern Comfort and Coke, not mocking old guys.

Waiting a few moments until he can get a word in edgeways over the noise, Osbourne’s demeanour becomes very serious.

Osbourne Kilminster: But, you know what? Roland Caldwell and Jun Kenshin haven’t had their comeuppance… and you know why? Anybody?

As he halts for a moment, pointing the microphone out toward the crowd, beckoning for an answer, the "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chant can be heard growing a little louder.

Osbourne Kilminster: Thanks for the intelligent input there… It’s because that egotist Johnson doesn’t want anything to happen to his precious World Championship Club. That’s right, it’s a cosy little club where those ignorant, backstabbing losers and their ilk can hide out away from anybody who’d do them some actual harm. It’s like becoming a World Championship contender, or the champion himself, gives these guys carte blanche to do whatever they want and wipes their slates clean… but unlike you idiots who pay for seats every week and sit there gawping with the memory-span of a goldfish, I don’t forget things like nearly having my career ended… I don’t forget the fact that two of the men in that very exclusive club are hiding behind Jason Johnson. I don’t give a damn if Kenshin hates Caldwell and Caldwell hates Worrens and Worrens likes to cry himself to sleep and wet the bed… That doesn’t interest me… I’m interested in getting what’s owed to me…

Waiting a monent with a deliberate dramatic pause, Osbourne paces the ring, surveying the audience.

Osbourne Kilminster: I want one of those two to just come out and admit they did me wrong and offer me some recompense. I want my revenge, I want my chance to avenge what they did to me, but oh no… Johnson’s got their back. They’ve got the little club memberships and I’m just some guy they screwed over to get where they are today. WRONG. I’m not going to rest, and one way or another, I’m going to get what’s mine… and all the better if I get the World Championship into the bargain.

Other Guy: Woah, statement of intent right there.

Dave Dymond: It’ll be a dark day in this industry if an asshole like that gets his hands on the SHOOT World Championship…

Other Guy: Sounds to me like you’re not alone in that sentiment either!

Once again, Osbourne is beset by the boos and jeers of the 12,000 fans in attendance, but he just smirks and nods his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: Boo me all you want, people, but the fact remains that they can’t hide from me forever. No glass ceiling can cage this beast. Kenshin and Caldwell – I’m coming for you. There’s no place to run, and soon there won’t even be a place for you to hide. Three counts won’t mean anything when I get to you because I’ll be playing for keeps. One second, you’ll see me and the next second you’ll be getting a close-up of the lighting rigs.

Pointing skyward, Osbourne nods his head as the fans continue to roast him from the stands and the "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chant grows louder and louder even as the rolls out of the ring and makes his way silently backstage.

Other Guy: Where’s his music gone? Why’s that guy got  no tune?

Dave Dymond: I dunno, but I’d rather he did. I don’t like the way he sneaks out here, unexpected, and offends just about everybody without so much as bye or leave.

Other Guy: Osbourne Kilminster – guy got no tune, but guy got game. ‘Sup next, Double D?

Dave Dymond: Don’t refer to me with an abstract reference to bra sizes.


The scene fades to the back. We hear a loud scream as a steel chair comes flying onto the screen and slams into a locker, causing a huge dent in the locker room and in the chair. Suddenly, we see Sammy Rochester appear on camera, slamming his feet, hands, and head into the lockers, walls, and basically anything in sight.


Dr. Randall Grace appears on screen, trying to calm Sammy down.

Dr. Grace: Now, Sammy, calm down. We’ll find Mikey. Trust me, we’ll find him. Now, come one, let’s sing that song. One, tw-

Suddenly, Sammy lashes out and grabs Dr. Grace by the throat, slamming him against a locker and lifting him off his feet. Dr. Grace gasps for air, trying to release the grip Sammy has.


Sammy slams Dr. Grace against the locker a couple of times, hard enough to dent the locker. Suddenly, though, Sammy stops, dropping Dr. Grace to the floor, as if he heard something. He walks in the direction of the ‘sound’, placing his ear against one of the lockers. He then lets out a terrible scream, slamming his fist against the locker a few times, putting a huge dent in it. The locker door swings open, though, revealing it was unlocked.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey!!

Sammy reaches in and holds Mikey close, hugging him tightly. He then holds him out, looking him in the eye.

Sammy Rochester: Now, who did this to you?

Sammy listens carefully, shutting the door and reading the name on the locker.

Sammy Rochester: NC…..17.…….

Sammy begins to breathe heavily, shaking violently. He then walks off camera. A door being opened and then being slammed shut is heard off camera. The camera then focuses in on Dr. Grace, sitting on the floor, a wild eyed look on his face.

Dr. Grace: What has he done?

The camera fades out.



Samantha Coil: The next contest is your main event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit! At a combined weight of 589 pounds, they are JACOB “DOOMBRINGER” DELACROY and SEPULCHER… This is… MALICE!

“I hate everything about you” blares over the speakers and the fans stand out to boo the duo who steps out of the curtains simultaneously.

Dave Dymond: These two are an imposing sight.

Other Guy: Not only that but they are the minions of the incomparable Vincent Mallows.

Malice momentarily looks at the crowd of the Mandalay Bay. They make their way towards ring side and both men simultaneously step over the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Both men came very close to winning gold at Revolution: Championship Edition. Sepulcher came within seconds to becoming the Revolution Champion!

Other Guy: While Delacroy actually scored a pin fall on the present Law of Survival Champion but he couldn’t get two pins.

Dave Dymond: Delacroy has made it clear that he hated NC-17 and what he stands for.

Other Guy: NC-17 is a laid back fun loving guy and that’s completely the opposite of Jacob Delacroy!

“I hate everything about you” cuts off.

Samantha Coil:Introducing their opponents. Hailing from Gary, Indiana… he weighs in at 234 pounds. He is the CREAM OF EXTREME NC-17!

“Icky Thump” plays over the speakers and we see NC-17 accompanied by the lovely Barbie Keller.  The fans clap for NC-17 who slaps hands with the fans and pauses at the entrance ramp. His music cuts off and he looks back as the fans buzz in anticipation for his partner’s entrance!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 has turned heads since debuting. He tested the returning Osbourne Kilminster last week!

Other Guy: But putting in a good show is not enough but you notice these fans are standing because we are about to see the return of a bona fide legend!

"Barry Bonds" by Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne blares into the arena bringing the fans immediately to their feet. 

It’s what you all been waiting for aint it? 

What people pay paper for damn it 

They cant stand it, they want something new 

So let’s get re-acquainted 

Became the hood favorite 

I cant even explain it 

I surprise myself too

Christopher Davis steps through the curtains, pausing to take in the crowd for a moment. He looks to his left and then to his right. He raises his arms to his sides. 

Samantha Coil: From Battle Creek, Michigan standing six foot seven inches tall, weighing in at 272 pounds…CHRISTOPHER DAAAVVIIISSS!!! 

Dave Dymond: This is the first sanctioned SHOOT Project match for Christopher Davis in a very long time!

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin’ 

Comin’ in the club wit that fresh shit on, with something crazy on my arm 

Ha Ha Hum, here’s another hit, Barry Bonds

Other Guy: He had an exhibition match of sorts with Trevor Worrens at Uprising and we saw Malice interrupt that.

He makes his way down the ramp joining NC-17 at ring side. The two men stare at their opponents inside the ring. Davis and 17 lock eyes and they rush into the ring. Before Kamura can ring the bell, Malice pounces on 17 and Davis.

Dave Dymond: Malice is wasting no time.

Other Guy: Why should they wait for a lousy bell to start the ass whuppin?

The big 300 pound Sepulcher boots Davis in the ribs causing Davis to cough. Delacroy immediately pounces on 17 with a clobbering shot to the back of the head. Sepulcher throws Davis over the ropes and that gets boos from the fans. Sepulcher and Doombringer whip 17 to the ropes and Malice executes a double clothesline nearly decapitating 17 in the process! Senior ref Kamura orders Sepulcher to leave the ring and he forces Delacroy to be the legal man. Delacroy immediately grabs 17 in a standing headscissors and he’s going for a piledriver but it’s way too soon and NC-17 counters with a back drop! NC-17 shakes his head to clear the cob webs and he waits for Delacroy to get up and NC-17 executes a perfect hip toss on the Southern brawler. Davis gets to his corner and he looks on angrily at Sepulcher. NC-17 with an Irish whip and he waits for Delacroy to get up and NC-17 executes a nice dropkick onto the chin of Delacroy. Cover by NC-17!


Delacroy angrily kicks out!

Dave Dymond: It’s going to take more than a hip toss and a drop kick to put away Delacroy.

Other Guy: You gotta wonder what a man like Delacroy thinks of Davis cause Davis is you know…. Black.

Dave Dymond: I’m not going there!

Other Guy: Delacroy didn’t address Davis this week. He said his focus is on NC-17.

NC-17 tags in Christopher Davis now and that gets a pop from the crowd! NC-17 whips Delacroy to the ropes and Davis waits for Delacroy and catches him with a ring rattling powerslam! Davis rushes in and tags Sepulcher with a forearm smash knocking the big Oregon native down onto the floor! Davis is behind Delacroy and he’s waiting for him to get up! Delacroy staggers up and gets a shot to the back and Davis has an inverted face lock on Delacroy! Inverted DDT that Davis calls Riddle Me This!

Dave Dymond: Signature move by Christopher Davis!

Other Guy: Could this be it?!?

Davis covers!



Sepulcher breaks it up!

Dave Dymond: Holy smokes! I thought it was over!

Other Guy: Sepulcher did too. He was taking no chances.

Sepulcher whips Davis into the corner and runs him over with a corner avalanche splash squashing the SHOOT legend. NC-17 comes in but he gets stopped by senior referee Scott Kamura! Sepulcher uses the distraction to grab Davis and Hot Shot him onto the ropes! Davis violently coughs and clutches his throat in pain! The fans loudly boo the cheap shots by Sepulcher who holds the tag rope in mock innocence to further agitate the crowd! Delacroy waits in the corner and he’s waiting for Davis to get up. Doombringer has his eyes set on Davis! Davis slowly gets up and he gets CUT DOWN with a massive GORE by Delacroy!




Davis gets a shoulder up!

Dave Dymond: Malice is showing their teamwork there. Delacroy was in trouble but his teammate Sepulcher illegally helped him out.

Other Guy: When you work for Vincent Mallows, you need to get the job done or face the consequences and Malice does NOT want that.

Delacroy gets up and stomps at the ribs of Davis over and over. Delacroy tags in Sepulcher now and we see Delacroy holding Davis arms and his ribs are wide open for a running kick by Sepulcher right to the ribs of Davis! Davis curses in pain and falls to the mat in pain. NC-17 has his arm outstretched and you can tell the youngster wants badly to get in this match! Delacroy now leaves and Sepulcher scoops up Davis and slams him down hard onto the canvas! Sepulcher covers.



Davis gets a shoulder up.

Delacroy is tagged in now and Malice makes sure to use the five second rule. Doombringer and Sepulcher grab Davis by the torso and hoists him up for a DOUBLE GUT BUSTER! Davis rolls around in agony! NC-17 rushes in but once again, he is stopped by the ref. Malice sees this and they stomp the hell out of Davis with rapid fire stomps! The fans are growing riotous with the cheap shots. Sepulcher leaves the ring and it is up to Doombringer now. Doombringer grabs Davis in a front face lock and he’s looking to suplex the Battle Creek legend but Davis slyly grapevines the leg to prevent that. Davis with a rib shot stuns the Louisiana native and Davis grabs Delacroy in a front face lock and drops him on his head with a DDT! Davis is now crawling towards NC-17 for the tag!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 wants in so bad, he can taste it!

Other Guy: I’d like to taste Barbie. I bet she’s finger licking good.

Davis crawls and he’s inches away! WHAM! A running forearm to the back of head by the illegal Sepulcher cuts off Davis! Kamura restrains Sepulcher to get back to the corner and he does so. Davis still has enough wherewithals to continue to crawl and he makes the tag but NO! The referee didn’t see it and he’s not allowing NC-17 to come in! NC-17’s eyes go big as saucers and he shakes his head in disbelief.

Dave Dymond: Kamura didn’t see the tag. What a bad break for NC-17 and Davis!

Davis turns around and gets DESTROYED with a big boot by Delacroy! The fans are growing CRAZY with boo’s and some are starting to throw trash in frustration! Delacroy smirks at his good fortune and he tags in the 6 foot 10 monster. Delacroy and Sepulcher whip Davis to the ropes and they go for double elbow smash but Davis rolls out of the way. Davis comes bouncing back and he throws himself recklessly at the two monsters with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE taking them both out! The fans are going bat shit and Davis is crawling to NC-17 and FINALLY NC-17 gets tagged in! NC-17 wildly shakes and he is FIRED UP!

Other Guy: Oh man! NC-17 looks like he’s hopped up on Red Bull and crack!

17 dropkicks Sepulcher down and a dropkick for Delacroy! Delacroy rolls out of the ring clutching his jaw in pain. 17 climbs to the top rope and he’s waiting for Sepulcher to get up. NC-17 takes flight with a TOP ROPE CROSSBODY onto Sepulcher!




NC-17 again climbs to the top rope but wait! Delacroy grabs Barbie by the throat and he’s shouting obscenities at NC-17! 17 is distracted and his eyes go big in shock. He begs Delacroy not to hurt Barbie. Sepulcher recovers and he kicks 17 off the top rope and he straddles the top rope! Oooooohhhh! The fans groan in sympathy! 17 got crotched! Sepulcher grabs 17 and carelessly throws him off the ropes and onto the canvas. Sepulcher looks to get a cover but Delacroy releases his grip on the deathly frightened Barbie. Delacroy is demanding a tag and he wants the stunned NC-17 for him.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 and Delacroy have developed quite a rivalry over these months and Delacroy wants to put the finishing touches on Mister 17.

Other Guy: Delacroy wants NC-17 for himself.

Delacroy rolls in and he licks his lips in anticipation for the violence he’s going to inflict on his hated rival. Delacroy waits for 17 to get up and he nails him with a vicious right hook followed by a left jab and then a crushing upper cut! 17 is down and Delacroy raises his arms in triumph! Delacroy struts the ring and he wants 17 to get up again. 17 fights to his feet and Delacroy looks to get another right hook but it’s blocked by 17. 17 chops the chest of Delacroy and the Southern brawler laughs it off! Delacroy with a big bruising knee doubles 17 over, Delacroy easily hoists him up and drops him on his head with a piledriver!



Davis kicks Delacroy off.

Dave Dymond: Davis saves the day there.

Other Guy: Delacroy seemed like he was in his own world there. He didn’t even pay any attention to Davis.

Delacroy shoots a nasty glare at Davis. Delacroy grabs 17 by the hair and throws him into the Malice corner. Delacroy stomps a mud hole into the chest of NC-17 with several vicious stomps. Delacroy drives the boot into the throat of 17 who coughs in pain. Delacroy breaks it up at the 4 count and snarls at referee Kamura who points to the stripes indicating that Delacroy better follow his orders. Delacroy grabs the legs of 17 but 17 rolls him up in a small package pin!



Delacroy escapes and he looks a little embarrassed that he was caught off guard by the counter. Delacroy takes out his frustration with kicks to the ribs. Delacroy disgustingly rolls his tongue around at Barbie who looks repulsed at the thought of the Louisiana grappler giving her oral pleasure.

Dave Dymond: …wow.

Other Guy: That’s the look the ladies give me when I do that too.

Delacroy gets a slap to the back by Sepulcher. Delacroy is not pleased that he is tagged out and he shoots a nasty glare at his own partner. Sepulcher, however knows his partner is wasting time and grabs 17 onto his shoulders for a running powerslam. Sepulcher runs a few steps but 17 is like a greasy pig and escapes to the back of Sepulcher. 17 pushes Sepulcher onto the corner. 17 leaps towards Davis but he falls a little short! Sepulcher drags 17 back to the wrong side of the town and we see Delacroy bark orders at his partners to beat the hell out of 17! Sepulcher grabs 17 and whips him as hard as he can onto the Malice side of town! WHAM! 17 comes barreling in and he arches his back in pain! Sepulcher tags in Delacroy now. Sepulcher and Doombringer come in and they both military press NC-17 over their heads like he’s a small doll. They lift him up and then carelessly drop him face first onto the mat! CRASH! 17 looks to be out!

Dave Dymond: Malice is performing like a well oiled machine, OG. They may bee too much for NC-17 and a returning Chris Davis.

Other Guy: Don’t count them out yet.

Delacroy is the legal man now and he wants to finish NC-17. Delacroy is behind 17 wanting to put the kibosh on the outspoken Indiana grappler. Delacroy kicks 17 in the gut and he’s going for a pedigree but 17 spins his head out of the way. Kick to the gut and he nails the EXTREME MAKEOVER! Delacroy was completely taken off guard by that! Both guys are OUT! Kamura counts.







NC-17 starts to stir and he tags in Davis. Delacroy tags in Sepulcher and the fans are going crazy at seeing a fresh Chris Davis! Davis hops over the ropes showing his gracefulness but he shows his power by mowing through the 300 pound Sepulcher with a running clothesline! Davis grabs Sepulcher back up and wraps his arms around the big man’s waist! Belly to belly overhead suplex! Davis is pumped up and he punches the hell out of the Southern brawler who had the nerve to be on the ring apron! Davis is fired up! Davis is waiting for Sepulcher to get up.

Kick to the gut. Davis grabs the arms and twists Sepulcher in an Unprettier style but he gets taken out by a big boot from Delacroy!


Delacroy clutches his goateed jaw in pain because Davis whacked him just a few seconds earlier. Sepulcher grabs Davis onto his shoulders and drops him with a Samoan Drop! Cover!



Davis gets a shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: Davis had the damn match won but Delacroy interfered again!

Other Guy: What is he supposed to do? Just let his partner get dropped on his face? Hey what the hell is this?!?!?

A commotion is seen from the crowd as we see the monster Sammy Rochester furiously storm out of the curtains and rushes toward the ring at NC-17. 17 has his arms outstretched when he gets pulled from behind and onto the clutches of the monster who rams him back first onto the ring pole! The fans are BOOING the hell out of the interference of Sammy Rochester who is yelling!

Sammy Rochester: MIKEY! YOU HURT MIKEY!

Rochester grabs 17 by the throat and rag dolls onto the floor throwing him around like it was nothing! Rochester is murderous in rage and continues to hammer away at NC-17. Kamura doesn’t know whether to ring the bell but he decides to let it go because he doesn’t want a chicken shit DQ. Malice can’t help but stop at the destruction caused by Rochester who continues to ramble on about his doll Mikey.

Dave Dymond: Sammy Rochester just came out here and he completely destroyed NC-17!

Other Guy: Now what? Does this match continue or is it over?

Kamura waves his right hand indicating not to call a DQ and let it continue. Malice shrugs their shoulders and continue with their match. Malice whips Davis onto the ropes and they hoist the former World Champion up and execute an APA style Double Spinebuster! Road agents and refs come down and restrain Sammy Rochester. A few other officials help NC-17 to the back and it looks like Davis is on his own!

Sepulcher covers!



Davis gets a shoulder up!

Sepulcher is in the corner and he’s WAITING for Davis to get up. Sepulcher is ready for the former Champ to get up. Davis stumbles up and he gets a HUGE Bicycle Kick to the face! THE SMASHER!




Davis again got a shoulder up and Sepulcher shakes his head in disbelief! Sepulcher gets Davis up and hoists him up onto his shoulders for a Dominator but Davis slips onto his back. Davis with a kick to the gut and grabs both arms and does a spin Unprettier style and DROPS Sepulcher down onto the mat with a desperation ABYSS! Davis covers!



A kick to the face breaks up the cover by Delacroy.

Delacroy whips Davis to the ropes. Delacroy ducks his head but Davis pumps the brakes with a stinging knee lift that rocks the Louisiana brawler. Davis clotheslines Delacroy up and over the ropes leaving Sepulcher in the ring. Davis knows this is his time now that Delacroy is out of the ring. Sepulcher is stunned and he gets a kick to the gut. Davis hoists him onto his shoulders in a DVD position!


The fans POP fucking HARD!



Kamura is pulled out by Delacroy!


Dave Dymond: Davis was robbed!

Other Guy: Stop being so melodramatic, Dymond.

Delacroy argues with the referee who is threatening to call a DQ but Delacroy begs him not to do so. Davis has had enough of this non sense and drags Delacroy into the ring. Davis whips Delacroy into the corner and follows it up with a running clothesline stunning Delacroy. Davis has Doombringer all set for a running bulldog and he takes off a few steps but Davis gets cut down again with a big boot that he didn’t see coming! The fans again BOO the devious double teams by Malice. Delacroy is completely relieved that he was saved by his partner and the fans are booing that the crass Southerner didn’t get what was coming to him! Delacroy rolls to the floor now and he’s got two steel chair with him. He rolls both of them onto the middle of the ring. Sepulcher grabs Davis and he’s got him all set for the Tombstone but Davis escapes.

Davis shoves Sepulcher onto Delacroy and the two big men knock heads! Sepulcher is knocked off balance and Davis rolls him up in a school boy!




Dave Dymond: I can’t believe Davis pulled that one out!

Other Guy: What a return by Davis!

Samantha Coil: Your winners of this match at 25 minutes and 16 seconds…. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS and NC-17!

“Barry Bonds” plays over the speakers and Davis immediately rolls out of the ring knowing that’s the last place he wants to be. Delacroy kicks the bottom rope in frustration.

Dave Dymond:  Oh man!  Oh man oh man!  Great match, OG.

Other Guy:  It looked like Malice would take this.  That’s gonna be a hard pill to swallow, for sure.  But, folks, we’re about out of—


The Undeniable!

The fans are caught off guard but still jump to their feet by the sudden music of the World Champion who storms out of the ring wearing a black SHOOT Project hoodie as “Undeniable” continues to play. He’s got the World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder and a microphone in hand. He looks extremely pissed off however and he’s got a mic in hand. He’s still in the ramp area when he grabs the mic.

Jun Kenshin: Cut that music off!

The fans buzz in anticipation and eagerly wait for what the champ has to say.

Jun Kenshin: When I became Champion, I knew that I would become the target of every contender and half assed pretender to this World Heavyweight Championship.

He climbs up the apron and quickly wipes his feet before entering the ring.

Jun Kenshin: I knew that I would become the hunted. I knew that I would be the sole attention because of what I carry. I watched last week when Roland Caldwell came out here and disrespected this company. I bit my tongue and decided to wait when the time was right. A few weeks back when I challenged for the World Heavyweight Title, he came into my dressing room and asked me if I could beat him.

He paces the ring.

Jun Kenshin: Again, I bit my tongue and waited till the time was right.

He stops.

Jun Kenshin: Now I saw what your little rant earlier. When you belittle and mock the people of San Diego.. MY people… that’s when I decided that the time for silence… is….  OVER. That is my HOME that you are talking about, boy!

The crowd POPS.

Jun Kenshin: I know that no man has yet to truly beat you; men have merely SURVIVED your path of rage. CALDWELL!

Kenshin drops the Title onto the mat in frustration.


The crowd POPS even harder!

Jun Kenshin: I know you’re too much of a chicken shit to come out. You like to sneak attack people when they’re not looking. This is the Bad Ass that so many people are scared of. Let me tell you something, I’m not afraid of you! No, in fact! I’m going to do the one thing that no man has dared to do and that’s look face to face into the nightmare of SHOOT’s past. The Number One Contender… Roland Caldwell!

The crowd buzzes.

Jun Kenshin: In short? I’m challenging YOU next week. You bring everything you got because you just started a fight that you CAN’T win.

Kenshin drops the mic and looks into the camera sending a message directly at one of his challengers. Kenshin picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and heads to the back with little fanfare.

Dave Dymond: The World Heavyweight Champion issued a challenge to Roland Caldwell!

Other Guy: Redemption comes early, Dymond! What a blockbuster match that would be! Caldwell versus Kenshin! And now, we’re REALLY out of time!  See you next week, folks!