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Revolution: 017 – 1/13/07

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Cade Sydal.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Jun Kenshin standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, overwhelming pride and honor seen in his eyes.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening Revolution bout is scheduled for one fall!

The camera cuts to the entryway just as The Poe starts out to the ring, not much reaction given one way or another, yet some fans applaud him for being able to still walk.

Dave Dymond: We start out Revolution tonight with a man who, well has had some odd ball success in the past, but as of recently was unlucky to be the one the deranged Sammy Rochester made his debut against.

Other Guy: Yeah so ya gotta tip your hat to The Poe for making his way out here in tonight’s opening fight, one that sees two competitors lookin’ to get an edge, maybe even gain some momentum heading into Redemption and THE RETURN, Dave, of the Redemption Rumble.

The Poe enters the ring, and plays up to the audience a bit, showing signs though of still hurting from the beating he took a couple weeks back.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, weighing in tonight at 241 pounds, here is The Poe!!!

Dave Dymond: Redemption only a few short weeks away, and as my colleague, Other Guy stated… the Redemption Rumble returns and it’s one of the biggest opportunity any SHOOT Project solider can ask for as the winner gets an automatic SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title shot. Something I’m sure both The Poe, and his opponent tonight, wouldn’t want to pass up.

As The Poe awaits the start of the match, “Shipping Off To Boston” by The Dropkick Murphys picks up throughout the arena, and the SHOOT video screen comes to life showing a green boxing glove and an orange boxing glove coming together and the impact makes the words “Killian Reilly” appear in white, trimmed in both orange and green.  There are some cheers as Killian Reilly comes out from the back, swinging his fists wildly in the air as a quick warm up.  Reilly raises his arm out to the fans, acknowledging their presence, but seems definitely focused on the match ahead.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 250 pounds, here is Killian Reilly!!!

Reilly picks up the pace, getting to the ring quicker now, prepared for the fight ahead.  Referee Austin Linam quickly checks both men in before calling for the bell.  Reilly and The Poe start to circle one another in the ring, sizing each other up, with neither man to eager to charge in first.

Other Guy: This ain’t a big match in the eyes of these fans, no titles or anything like that, but it IS a big match for both The Poe and Reilly, Dave, because it’s make or break time here in SHOOT Project and these two haven’t been seen or heard from much.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, so this one almost feels like Jason Johnson may be looking to test his talent, see who is going to take the next step up… and Reilly taking action first lunging in quickly, but The Poe ducks out of the way.

The Poe quickly turns to nail a forearm shot to the back of Reilly’s head, and Reilly stumbles forward.  The Poe runs with an attempted bulldog take down, but Reilly pushes him through, causing The Poe to hit the ropes, stomach first.  The Poe bounces back and Reilly spins him around now, and NAILS him with a hard right uppercut!  The Poe goes down HARD and the fans react, buzzing about the punch they just witnessed.  Reilly drops down for a quick cover, and Linam makes the count.


The Poe kicks out.  Reilly gets up to his feet and brings The Poe up with him, now working him with quick alternating jabs. The Poe ends up with his back to the ropes, and now the referee calls for Reilly to back up.  Reilly looks to take a step back, but then suddenly lunges right back in with a standing clothesline that sends The Poe spilling to the outside!

Dave Dymond: A somewhat uncharacteristic move of Killian Reilly there, and now he’s getting an ear full from Austin Linam.

Other Guy: Well the cat tried to stick up for the whole “right” thing, and Michael Collins pretty much got the better of him each and every time.  Seems to me like Reilly is more about getting stuff done, and that’s gonna be a good attitude to have.

Reilly goes to the outside of the ring now, despite continued shouts from the referee, and he looks to bring The Poe up to his feet, only for The Poe to snap up and LEAP with a dropkick that catches Killian Reilly completely off guard. Reilly falls to the mat, and The Poe is up to his feet and onto the ring edge.  The fans pick up a bit as The Poe takes a couple running steps and DROPS a falling elbow onto the chest of Reilly!  The referee shouts for both men to bring it back into the ring, and The Poe now lifts Reilly up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring.  The Poe follows up and makes a quick cover of his own.


TW… not quite a two as Reilly kicks out.  The Poe drops a standing knee and then makes another cover.


TWO… The referee holds up two fingers, signaling the shoulder up at two.  Not able to keep Reilly down, The Poe brings Reilly up to his feet and starts working him with some quick open palm chops to the chest.  Reilly staggers slightly, but seems to be absorbing the impact of the chops as well.

Dave Dymond: You have to imagine that both The Poe and Killian Reilly at this juncture WILL Be participants within the Redemption Rumble, and I’ve been a fan of Reilly’s perseverance so I can’t help but want him to get some momentum built in his favor.  But right now this match seems to be in the favor of The Poe.

Reilly tries to fire back with a hard hooking left punch, but The Poe ducks it again and this time is successful with the bulldog take down.  The Poe doesn’t go for the cover though, but instead charges towards the corner turnbuckle, apparently looking for a high risk move.  The Poe is a bit slow on the climb though and Reilly is back up to his feet, and makes his way into the corner as well. The second The Poe turns, Reilly is right there and he takes him from the top turnbuckle and just LAUNCHES him with a slam down onto the mat!  The Poe sits up, arching his back in slight pain and Reilly now hooks him from behind, lifts him up, inverted vertical suplex!

Other Guy: Did I just witness Killian Reilly execute… A WRESTLING maneuver!?

Dave Dymond: Reilly has been training and again he’s showing he’s GOING to do what it takes to finally start making some waves here on Revolution.

Other Guy: Color me impressed then, Dave.  I might have to start backing this Reilly cat too.

Reilly continues on the offense now, picking The Poe right off the mat and now he whips him into the ropes.  The Poe comes bouncing back and Reilly nails him with a powerful clothesline. The Poe goes down again, but Reilly brings him right back up, only to take him down with a quick body slam.  The Poe writhes on the mat, feeling the pain in his back.  He still fights on though, trying to sit up and Reilly grabs him again, this time yanking him by the arm, but a second wind kicks in for the Poe and he whips around behind Reilly and quickly locks on a standing sleeper submission!

Dave Dymond: Submission applied out of the blue and Reilly’s been training to learn some wrestling offense, but the question is, can he bring himself to counter this submission hold?

Other Guy: He’s struggling with it, but I think Reilly’s got the strength factor in his favor and based on how The Poe has this one locked in, Reilly should be able to power out of this thing.

Referee Austin Linam checks on the situation, but Reilly is still very much alive and in this match up, flailing back and forth, almost whipping The Poe about as well, but The Poe keeps a firm footing, making sure he and Reilly go nowhere.  Some fans start to rally behind a comeback from Killian Reilly who starts to show signs of fading… only to suddenly kick it back into gear and with a free arm deliver a blind back elbow!  The Poe loses his hold for a moment, and Reilly turns around, and NAILS The Poe with a hard punch to the face, but at the same time The Poe kicks up his leg and catches Reilly in the gut!

Reilly doubles over, The Poe staggers, but recovers quickly, hooks Reilly around the neck, and takes him down with a swinging neck breaker.  The Poe now makes a cover, and Linam down for the count.



TH… No! Kick out at the last second.

Dave Dymond: The Poe almost pulled it off right then and there, but Reilly still showing he has some fight left in him.

Other Guy: But The Poe is operating on some serious momentum now, he didn’t let that kick out bother him and he’s got Reilly back up…. SLEEPER HOLD locked on AGAIN!

Reilly finds himself struggling once again as The Poe tries to take him out via submission.  Again the referee checks the situation, asking if Reilly gives up, but more so watching closely to see if he fades out.  Reilly still fights though, despite being brought down to one knee, and now The Poe actually starts wrenching at the neck a bit and Reilly falters, but again he reaches his arm up, trying for something, but instead of an elbow shot or strike, he reaches up behind The Poe’s head, snaps up and then falls into a sitting position, CONNECTING with a make-shift stunner!

Dave Dymond: Desperation move perhaps, but Killian Reilly pulls it off and may just have turned this match around.

Reilly and The Poe are both down on the mat, with Reilly holding his neck in pain, and The Poe rubbing at his face and jaw.  Reilly gets up first, but The Poe is up soon after, he charges in, whips around behind Reilly, looking for the sleeper hold for a THIRD time… but this time Reilly avoids it, grabs The Poe, and just CHUCKS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!

Dave Dymond: WOW! The sheer strength exhibited by Reilly there, and The Poe took one nasty bump.

Other Guy: He bounced off that ground like it was a god dammned moonwalk, Dave.

The fans buzz with concern, suddenly alive after The Poe FLEW out of the ring.  Reilly paces the ring, this time though not going to the outside. Instead he just waits while Austin Linam makes the ring out count.


Dave Dymond: Linam making the count, and because The Poe is knocked out it seems, he only has until the count of TEN to get back to his feet.





The Poe slowly begins to stir, but is nowhere near up to his feet yet.  Reilly stops pacing now and just watches on.


Other Guy: Don’t mean to get ahead of myself, but this one could be over, The Poe took that bump hard and he’s barely twitching.


The Poe slowly and shakily gets to one knee.  Then up to both feet.  The referee waves off the knock out count but continues the ring out count.


The Poe slides back into the ring, and Reilly right there, lifting him up off the mat into a front facing headlock position.  Reilly goes for a DDT, but The Poe reaches out behind him, holds onto the rope, and Reilly falls to the mat on his back.  The Poe staggers away from the downed Reilly, still holding onto the ropes.  Reilly slowly gets up to his feet, holding the back of his head and he shouts out with a bit of frustration.  The Poe gets up onto the second turnbuckle now and just as Reilly turns towards him, The Poe jumps off with a double axe handle, catching Reilly square on the top of the head.  Reilly stumbles back while half dropping to one knee and now The Poe seems to be calling for an end to this match up.

Dave Dymond: The Poe has something in mind here…

The fans start to come to life again, wondering just what The Poe intends to do to Reilly. Reilly stays on one knee and suddenly The Poe hits the ropes for added momentum and charges FULL SPRINT at Reilly.  Just before The Poe is about to connect with Reilly, Reilly suddenly springs up and lifts The Poe up onto his shoulders. In one swoop, Reilly turns, and does a front flip which sends The Poe CRASHING down onto the mat, back first!

Other Guy: Where’d he pull that out from!?

Dave Dymond: More so how’d he pull that off!?

Reilly tucks his head and then springs up to his feet pounds his chest once and shouts out to the crowd before making the cover on The Poe.  Austin Linam hits the mat to make the count.




The referee calls for the bell and at the exact same time “Shipping Off To Boston” begins to play once again.  Killian Reilly gets up off The Poe, raising his own arms in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… Killian Reilly!!!

Reilly walks about the ring, taking in his victory, and then turns to the outside.  He reaches out his hand and waves for one of the production guys to bring him a microphone.  He’s handed one through the ropes and as the music continues to play throughout the Mandalay Bay Events Center, Reilly stops and brings the microphone to his lips.

Killian Reilly: A lot of people have asked what has come of Killian Reilly.  Where does Killian Reilly go now?  Well it’s simple.  I am going to fight to win, and I am going to win the fight.  And from what I’ve heard, there is NO bigger fight than what all the buzz is about, and I am talking about The Redemption Rumble!

The fans in attendance pop upon the mentioning of the Rumble.  Reilly gives a slight smile, breathing heavily from the fight he was just involved in.

Killian Reilly: Oh yeah, and you can bet I’ll be there, slugging it out for a chance, an opportunity at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

Another pop and now Reilly tosses the microphone down and starts out of the ring, pounding his chest once more in pride and victory as he disappears to the back.


The camera cuts from the announce booth to the top of the stage, where green and orange lights shine down on the entrance. The opening riff of "Queen Anne’s Revenge" plays loudly, and Michael, Rowland and Maureen Collins walk out from the back to a mixed audience. Michael and Rowland wear new Collins Clan t-shirts, with the Irish flag on the front with the words ‘I Bleed Green’ written in red lettering across the flag. Maureen is dressed in a shorter skirt, though still ‘reasonably’ conservative, and a nice low cut shirt with her hair in a bun behind her head.

Michael walks to the ring very determined, while Maureen and Rowland kind of straggle behind him, unsure of what’s about to come out of Michael’s mouth. As the three of them enter the ring, Michael walks over to the ring announcer and motions for a microphone. The fans die down a bit as Michael puts the mic to his mouth.

Michael Collins: So this is what yeh do when yer upset wit’ someone, aye? Yeh jeer them. Yeh wanna make them feel like what they’ve done is malarkey, so yeh rain down ‘boo’s on them? This is what it’s like ta have someone notice you, aye?

Michael dropped the microphone, looking at his siblings before speaking again.

Michael Collins: Jason Johnson hired me sometime ago, just after SHOOT Project re-opened, probably because he wanted ta boost his roster numbers. He didn’t see much of a wrestler in me, I’m sure. I fought, and I scrapped, but I can’t wrestle me feckin’ way out o’ a paper bag. I know what it’s like to go un-noticed. And now that yeh think what I did last week isn’t ‘up to standards’ with the way things ‘should’ go, me family has been on me back.

Michael turns around to look at his family.

Michael Collins: Ever since I’ve started giving a shite about Benny, ever since me mind finally clicked on, Rowland, yeh’ve been a God damned pissy lass about things, and it’s feckin’ annoyin’. So what I attacked FLASH! Dynamite? He wasn’t at ringside, and he definitely didn’t cause any distractions fer ya. Yeh should be thanking me.

Rowland looks at his brother, narrowing his eyes.

Michael Collins: And about the little switch-a-roo, Rowland. Yeh’ve done the same fer me, don’t think yer high and mighty just cause I did it wit’ out askin’ yeh. I’m doin’ everythin’ I feckin can to win, and yeh – and yeh –

Michael points at his brother, then his sister.

Michael Collins: Are makin’ me feel like shite for it. Or, tryin’ ta. Because I’m goin’ ta give a shite what yeh say anymore until we start feckin’ winnin’, and keep puttin’ money in the feckin’ bank. Why the feck are we here? We came here NOT on vacation, but we sure as feck live like it. We came here with a purpose. Our family can’t change an entire nation – we all know that – but we can make Benny’s life better in America. We came here fer our safety, fer our feckin’ freedom from fear… but in doin’ so, we lost ourselves. We lost our country. We fergot our homes, our friends, and our feckin’ brother.

Don’t give me this petty bullshit, ‘everything I’ve done’, bullshite. Yeh say it’s fer him, but I don’t she shite in the bank account. I don’t see phone calls to discounts, and I sure as feck don’t see yeh winnin’ matches, Rowland. And now, Maureen is in cahoots with Kid Lightning, and it’s feckin’ disgusting.

Michael looks at his sister, shaking his head.

Michael Collins: Put on some feckin’ clothes, ya feckin’ whore.

The crowd erupts into boos as Maureen’s jaw drops. Michael looks at his brother, who nods, shrugging a bit as he looks at his sister.

Michael Collins: The feckin’ point, Rolly… Mo… all yeh twats in the back, and all yeh douschers in the seats, is that we came here with a fuckin’ purpose, and it’s goin’ ta shite. But when I start actin’ on our purpose, yeh hate me.

Michael looks at his brother.

Michael Collins: I asked Jason to book us in a tag team match. Either yeh understand what the feck I’m tryin’ ta do and wrestle wit me, or don’t show up to the feckin’ ring. Up to yeh, Rolly.

Michael drops the microphone to the mat, looks at his siblings and walks to the ropes, before leaving his siblings in the ring alone. The camera cuts back to Abigail Chase.


Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen it is my extreme pleasure to introduce Christopher Davis!!!

Chris walks into view. Dressed in black jeans, grey Timberlands and a long sleeved white Henley shirt. Black sunglasses adorn his eyes.

Christopher Davis: (looks Abigail up and down) Damn good to see you again Abigail. Damn good. It has been FAR too long since I’ve seen you up close and…uh…personal.

Abigail blushes, she looks Chris up and down.

Abigail Chase: (under her breath) And it’s DAMN good to see you too. (regains her composure) Let me start out by saying welcome back to SHOOT.

Christopher Davis: Well thank you Abigail, I believe you are the first person to welcome me back.

Abigail Chase: So you’ve returned to your old stomping grounds. I, for one, am wondering why?

Christopher Davis: You know I haven’t had much of an opportunity to answer that question. I mean I showed up at Animosity and went toe to toe with the world champion. Then I get jumped by two big motherfuckers looking to make a name for themselves. Then I team with that crazy ass NC-17, who is actually a good guy only to watch him get punished. Leaving me to face off with said motherfuckers by myself.

Abigail Chase: Which you were able to overcome.

Christopher Davis: Of course I was. But with all of that going on I have not had the opportunity to answer the question of why I am back in SHOOT project.

Chris pauses.

Christopher Davis: The answer is I really don’t know. I was unemployed and SHOOT was open so here I am.

Abigail Chase: Your arrival in SHOOT has not gone unnoticed. As a matter of fact there are a few people in SHOOT who have a problem with you already. And I’m not just talking about Malice.

Christopher Davis: There are always going to be haters, comes with the territory. But you know what I used to always say.

Abigail Chase: Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

Christopher Davis: Abigail, such a dirty word from such a pretty mouth. I’m shocked. But you are correct. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke. The thing about being me is that I have accomplished many, many great things in this game. I have earned a certain reputation in this game. With that reputation comes expectations. I return to SHOOT and I can go one of two routes. I can come in and tell the world I am a legend and I deserve to stand on top of the mountain. I take that route and I piss of people because I’m coming in new and kicking them from their "spot". Or I can come in and work from the bottom, work my way up the ladder just like everyone else.

Which in my mind is the CORRECT way, the SHOOT project way to do things. In SHOOT it doesn’t matter who the fuck you are you must EARN everything you receive here.

But, Abigail, do you know there are those that get pissed off by that too.  So, Abigail, do you know what I’m going to do?

Abigail Chase: Whatever the fuck you want to do?

Christopher Davis: (stares into Abigail’s eyes) That’s hot. You remember that night in Paris where…nevermind. You are exactly right Abigail. I’m going to do what the fuck I want to do. I don’t really give a damn who likes what I do or who doesn’t. I have always earned everything I have gotten in this game and that is what I will continue to do.

Now, if I haven’t made enough noise for everyone, I have an idea.

Hold on a second.

Chris momentarily leaves the scene. When he returns he is holding a baseball hat in his hand. He shakes the hat while he talks.

Christopher Davis: In this hat Abigail is the name of every SHOOT project superstar written on pieces of paper. When I say I want you to reach in here and pick a piece of paper. Whomever’s name is on that piece of paper becomes my next person of interest.

Abigail Chase: That seems like an odd way of challenging someone.

Christopher Davis: You have a better idea? Would you rather I just run down and beat someone up?

Abigail Chase: That’s the norm.

Christopher Davis: Yeah well, the norm is boring. I would much rather do it my way so pick a name.

Abigail reaches in the hat and pulls a piece of paper. She unfolds it and reads the name. Her eyes widen. She shows the paper to Chris, he removes his sunglasses.

Christopher Davis:Interesting choice Abs. This should be fun. Looks like I have some work to do.  Alright Abigail I’m outta here.


We cut to the backstage hallway of the Mandalay Bay Event Center.  There we can see our friend and Laws of Survival Champion, one Mr. Kilgore Stochansky.  He’s leaning against the wall, decked out in his usual "human peacock" level of attire: Stylishly weathered jeans, a red shirt that reads "SPETSNAZ" in bold black, and his gold jewelry.  Said Jewelry includes his greatest accessory of all, the Laws of Survival Championship.  He’s having a laid back convo with one of the security guards, and he has a huge grin on his face.

Kilgore: I mean, sure I can discount Eric Clapton’s contributions to music!  What’s his best song, "Layla"?  He didnt even write the main riff! 

The Security guard shakes his head, causing Kilgore to roll his eyes.  In the distance, behind him, we can see someone approaching with a tray of drinks.

Security Guard: What about Cream, or Blind Faith?

Kilgore: Oh Come on!  I’m not saying that Clapton was dumb, by any stretch.  He knew who to steal from, and he knew who to surround himself with so he’d sound better.  But that doesnt make him a genius or anything.

The figure walking up can be seen more clearly: Overweight, Asian, wearing a "SHOOT Project Backstage Crew" shirt.  He’s carrying a full tray of beer, and he’s getting closer to Kilgore…

Security Guard: Oh, Sure, why dont we just discount the contributions of Steve Winwood while we’re at it? 

Kilgore: Man, do Not get me started on Steve Win–GAH!

He is cut off by the overweight crew member tripping, which of course brings the tray of drinks RIGHT onto Kilgore’s head.  The beer coats his shirt, and has matted his hair, and he pauses for a moment before wiping his eyes and turning on the very frightened crew member.

Kilgore: YOU…Klutz!!

The crew member stands up, looking very apprehensive.

Crew Member: M-Mister Stochansky, I apologize, I didnt–

Kilgore: I cannot…BELIEVE THIS!

At this point, the security guard is very busy laughing at the soaked Laws of Survival shampion.  Kilgore casts a glance over his shoulder, his face in a rare angry state.  His eyes are smoldering as he fumes off, knocking the crew member aside in his haste.  We are left with the Security Guard laughing at Stochansky as we cut away…



“Icky Thump” by the White Stripes hits over the PA. NC-17 comes out with  his beautiful valet and girlfriend, Barbie Kellers. The fans give a sizeable amount of cheers to NC-17, and a few cat calls and whistles are heard from the crowd, directed at Barbie. NC-17 mocks over protectiveness, holding up his fists at one of the cat calling fans, saying “Why I oughtta”.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Barbie Kellers. He weighs in at 234 pounds. Hailing from Gary, Indiana. He is Rated N…C….17!!!

The crowd gives a another sizeable cheer. Barbie stays down at ringside, clapping and cheering on her man, whilst NC-17 slides under the bottom ropes, heads towards the nearest turnbuckle, and hold his fists high.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 looks confident tonight, but he also looks like he might not fully understand  mess he’s gotten himself into.

Other Guy: RUN MAN!! RUN!!!!

The lights suddenly go out, all through the arena.

Other Guy: Oh shit.

“You don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Other Guy: Oh shit.

”But I do, and I’m sorry.”

A single spotlight illuminates the stage, revealing a large, menacing figure, staring down at the ground, a small doll in his right hand.

Other Guy: Oh shit.

”It won’t stop.”

A wall of fire erupts behind the figure, cuing the lights to come on. The figure is Sammy Rochester, and as the camera does a close up on his hideous, rotten face, he lets out a horrible scream that echoes through the Mandalay Bay Event Center. As the fire dies down, “Danse Macabre” by Celtic Frost takes over, and Sammy begins to stalks his way to the ring, holding “Mikey” to his ear, glaring at NC-17. Samantha Coil, meanwhile, looks terrified. She slowly raises the mic to her mouth to introduce Sammy.

Samantha Coil: Making his….way to the ring. He weighs in at 425 pounds. Sammy Rochester!!

Samantha clears the ring as Sammy gently rests Mikey on the steel steps. Sammy then walks up the steps and steps over the ropes, still glaring at NC-17. Once over, he just stands there, glaring. Dennis Heflin stands in the middle of the ring, and he signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Rochester has a truly chilling presence. I’d hate to be NC-17 right now.

Other Guy: I hate being me right now, having to sit this close to the ring with Sammy in it. That guy scares me, Dave.

NC-17 just stares at Sammy, smiling. He looks both ways, still smiling, before extending his hand, wanting Sammy to shake it. Sammy just stares at NC-17 for a moment, still glaring.

Other Guy: Don’t shake his hand! Run!!

Dave Dymond: Odd tactics by NC-17, that’s for sure.

Sammy takes a look at Mikey, looks back to NC-17, looks back to Mikey, and….knocks NC-17 flat with a clothesline!!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 taking Sammy a little to lightly, and it looks like he’s about to pay for it.

Rochester begins to stomp down on NC-17, screaming about how he shouldn’t hurt Mikey. NC-17 tries to roll away, but Sammy continues to stay on him, a focused hatred in his eyes. Rochester finally leans down and grabs both of NC-17’s legs. He begins to spin NC-17 around and around, finally throwing him to the other end of the ring. NC-17 hits hard, but he’s back up quickly. He charges at Rochester and begins to lay into the man with punches, but when Sammy returns a punch of his own, NC-17 is knocked flat. NC-17 gets back up, hit’s the ropes, and tries for a flying clothesline, but is caught in midair! Rochester locks on a bear hug and begins to squeeze and shake the very life out of NC-17. Barbie Kellers looks on, worried, as her man is violently rag dolled by the much larger, and much crazier Sammy Rochester.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 is not a small man, by any rights, but he is being tossed around by the much larger Rochester like he were nothing.

Other Guy: I told him to run.

Rochester finally stops squeezing NC-17. He holds him forward, like NC-17 were a child, and screams at him.

Sammy Rochester: NOBODY HURTS MIKEY!!

Sammy once again grabs NC-17 in a vice-like bear hug, rushing forward and sandwiching NC-17 between the turnbuckles and himself! Sammy releases NC-17, who slumps to the ground. Sammy takes a few steps back before rushing forward and driving his boot into NC-17’s face!! Barbie Kellers lets out a cry as NC-17’s head bounces off the bottom turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Sammy’s dominance right now is just frightening.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 is now bleeding from the nose.

Sammy lifts NC-17 back up. NC-17 tries to throw punches, but the impact of the boot has made him woozy, and the punches are more like pats. Sammy lifts NC-17 high in the air, over his own head, and then drops him, NC-17 landing face and stomach first on the mat! Sammy lays into NC-17 with a few  more stomps to the back. He then lifts NC-17 back up and hoists him onto his shoulders. Sammy walks over to the ropes, lifts NC-17 up in the air, and brings him down, stomach first, onto the top rope. NC-17 bounces off, flips, and lands back first, outside of the ring and onto the concrete!!

Other Guy: Did you SEE the way that NC-17’s back hit the floor, Dave?

Dave Dymond: I sure did, and I don’t want to see it again.

As Dennis Heflin begins his count, Sammy slowly begins to stalk outside.


Barbie begins to move towards her man, but stops when she sees that Sammy stands in her path. Sammy lifts NC-17 back up to his feet, before bringing him down with a HUGE over handed clubbing blow, straight to NC-17’s head!


 NC-17 goes down, but slowly begins to get up. However, he is, once again, brought down by the over handed clubbing blow!


 NC-17 again begins to get up, but this time a spinning polish hammer causes NC-17 to turn completely around and call to the ground, blood and saliva splattering onto the ring apron!!


Dave Dymond: Those blows have some demonic force behind them. NC-17 may have suffered a concussion from that Polish Hammer alone.

Other Guy: The power of Sammy is….it’s….


Dave Dymond: Frightening?

Other Guy: I don’t see you coming up with a better word.


Sammy once again lifts NC-17 back up. He grabs NC-17 by the hair and the tights. He rushes forward and throws NC-17, head first, into the steel steps. NC-17 hits hard, the clang echoing through the arena. NC-17 sits on his knees, his read rested against the steel steps.


Sammy takes a few steps back, taking a little bit of time to measure NC-17 up.



Sammy rushes forward, driving a HUGE boot into the head of NC-17, sandwiching NC-17’s head between the steel steps and Sammy’s boot.


Sammy lifts NC-17 back up, who, by now, is masked with his own blood. Sammy grabs NC-17 by the back of the neck and begins to pound his face into the barricade! The fans boo loudly.


Sammy Irish Whips NC-17 into the ring apron, rolling him into the ring. Sammy then follows, taking his time. NC-17 rolls over onto his stomach, but from there, makes no signs of movement.

Dave Dymond: Barbie can only watch on as NC-17 is torn apart, limb from limb, by the monster that is Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy: Shouldn’t have stolen that doll.

Sammy looks down at NC-17, laughing. He lifts NC-17 back up and lifts him onto his shoulders. He takes a few steps back, and then takes a few steps forward before driving NC-17 down with a huge Powerslam that shakes the ring!!

Dave Dymond: That’s enough, already. Just end the match. NC-17 can barely move at this point.

Other Guy: He’s sending a message, Dymond. A message to anyone in SHOOT Project. You don’t fuck with Mikey, and that message is being written in NC-17’s blood.

Sammy again gets up without covering. NC-17 just lays on the mat, his eyes fluttering, his face covered in blood. Once again, Sammy grabs NC-17 by the hair and lifts him up. He stands NC-17 up and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound, Sammy hoists NC-17 in the air and steps aside, allowing NC-17 to fall stomach and face first to the canvas. Sammy’s smile has grown insanely wide, revealing his rotten yellow teeth.

Dave Dymond: That sick freak is enjoying this, and it-who’s that coming down to the ring.

Other Guy: That’s Sammy’s doctor, Dave. Dr. Randall Grace.

Sammy is about to lift NC-17 back up, but when he looks down at ringside, he sees Dr. Grace, which instantly causes him to lose his grin. He now looks almost…apologetic. Dr. Grace begins to point at NC-17 and yells inaudible things at him, a pleading look in his eyes. Sammy looks at Dr. Grace, and then looks at Mikey. He then looks to NC-17, closes his eyes, and…pins. Heflin makes the count.




Sammy rolls onto his butt and sits for a moment, no expression on his face at all.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 10 minutes and 22 seconds….Sammy Rochester!!

Dennis Heflin doesn’t try to hold Sammy’s hand up. He simply begins to check on NC-17, signaling for the paramedics to come to the ring. Barbie Kellers slides in behind Rochester, crying, checking on her man. Dr. Grace simply motions for Sammy to leave the ring, which he does. Sammy grabs Mikey and follows Dr. Grace, who walks backwards, signaling for Sammy to come on all the way to the back. The paramedics slowly make their way past Sammy and rush to the ring to check on NC-17. The crowd is silent as they wait.

Dave Dymond: A chilling end to that match, OG, and another dominant win by Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy: That man is scary, Dave, and I would not wish him on my worst enemy.

Dave Dymond: Well folks, the paramedics are taking NC-17 away. We here at SHOOT Project want you to know that our workers are taken care of by the best medical staff in the state, and our prayers go with Barbie and NC-17. However, the show must go on, and on it will go.


“Sober” by Tool immediately begins to play as the lights change to orange and red hues, flashing with the beat of the driving music.  The SHOOT Video screen sees the image of Kaz Sato behind cage bars, pacing back and forth and looped between shots of that are quick clips of Sato doing some serious damage in the ring. After a moment of just the music playing, Kaz Sato storms out from the back, met with a very mixed reaction from the fans. Sato still maintains a small cult following, but many of the people in the arena seem to be booing him as he walks down to the ring. Sato slides under the bottom rope and quickly springs to his feet.  He begins to pace the ring, pivoting to change his direction each time. Finally a stagehand gives him a mic.

Sato: Recently I’ve come to realize that being miserable is a good thing. You see if you start the day miserable, nobody else can screw up your day. You don’t believe me…go ask Chris Lee. Ask him how screwed up his day was after I had my talk with him. Go ask Trevor Worrens and Roland Caldwell how screwed up their day was after I came down to “watch” their match. They set their sights so high only to have them crushing down around them ruining what could have been a good day. What a shame.

Kaz stops in the middle of the ring and scans the crowd for a moment. He shakes his head as he continues to speak.

Sato: Even after all that has happen, Lee. I hear that you are somewhere healing…acting as if you are not afraid of me and what I can do. The great Chris Lee. Former World Champion. The Boss. Hall of Famer. Heh, now you are only the bed ridden. The injured. The busted up, Chris Lee. You better understand things, Chris. I took it easy on you. You know that don’t you? Do you know how easily it could have been for me to end your pathetic career? Just like Trevor Worrens, you do not appreciate the gift that I have given you. Just like him you are taking it for granted. It’s so fucking disrespectful that it makes me sick. I’m going to tell you something that Trevor found out last week. If you do not enjoy your gift, then I will be forced to take it away. And for you Chris that has a double meaning. Because my target doesn’t always have to be you, Lee. There is always that sweet little Chica of yours, hehehehehe…maybe she’ll put up more of a fight. God knows that you didn’t. God knows that I at least expect something from you. And to think I took it easy on you. I. It made me wonder “How the fuck you even got to where you were?”… maybe the warehouse days of SHOOT wasn’t so big and bad after all. But you know what Chris…that oks, because I always have that firecracker you’re with to fall back on, right? I bet facing her would be fun.

Kaz licks his lips.

Sato: Some real fun. I guess I’ll have to pay you a visit and see if I can convince you that your time is up. But now onto the next order of business. Time to talk to someone who has learned their lesson.

Sato: I spoke to God this morning, Trev. And he says he doesn’t like you. He doesn’t like the fact that, just like Chris Lee, you spoiled the gift that I bestowed on you. So I did what any one would of done, Trev…I took my gift back. So ticket number three was collected within the pitch dark arena. That’s right, it was me, Trev…but then again, you knew. You had a feeling…and now thanks to me, you have no feeling at all.

Kaz pauses as if thumbing through a mental notebook of thought.

Sato: Ever since I made my deal with Trevor, everyone thought that he was the one to worry about. Then came Ray Willmott and everyone thought that he was the one to watch. Then there was Roland Caldwell and everyone focused on him. And I slipped through the cracks. If you think for one moment that I am someone not to worry about then all of you truly are as stupid as the rest of the world portrays you to be. And then it came down to me offering you help, Jun. So what I had to have a “talk” to your buddy, Chris Lee, which was no big deal. But you know what was…when I came out to the ring to offer you some help. Some help so you can have a more focused path to your first title defense. What did you say to me? What were the words that came out of your mouth, “Who are you?” I mean after you and Carver spent a week running me down to get under Trevor’s skin. After all that, you had the nerve to ask me “Who was I?” I mean it drove me crazy until I thought about it. And you know, Jun? You did it to be entertaining. And that is the whole reason why the front office is happy that you are holding on to the World Title. You’re good for entertainment. Sad thing about entertainment, it’s not always about who is the best. I’ll give it to you Jun…you’ve spent a while as a bridesmaid. You finally got yourself a World Title. But that doesn’t make you the top dog, you pompous son of a bitch. You’re not the best; you’re just good for TV ratings. You’re the story of the month. Disrespect me again, Kenshin…and I promise you that story will come to a rather quick ending. You see I don’t need that piece of gold in order to fuck up this lovely little picture you got. Hell, I’ll do that for free. And don’t worry about how everyone says that I lack focus. Heh, because you don’t need focus when everywhere you look there are targets. Lovely walking targets. Keeping running your mouth and you will shove…no…no there will be no foot in your mouth. No, that won’t happen because you keep running your mouth you may find yourself with no jaw, Champ.

Kaz Pauses.

Sato: Now this is not me saying that I’m going to attack Kenshin or make him my focus. This is just a simple message to some who may think disrespect is how you approach me. I suggest you try another route. Just a suggestion…for your benefit.

Kaz just grins as he drops the mic. “Sober” blares as he drops down and rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the back. As Kaz disappears through the curtains the camera switches back to the announce table.


We see Benjamin Biggs, sporting what looks to be a full yellow workout outfit with black stripes along the sides, his wrestling gear underneath his garb. He’s chatting it up with SHOOT’s own Eryk Masters. And I know you’re thinking what they could possibly be talking about…

Eryk Masters: Okay, so we’re in agreement other than the ending, Game of Death sucked, but come on… Return of the Dragon with Chuck Norris was freakin’ awesome. I liked it. A lot.

Benjamin Biggs: First off, I think you mean Way of the Dragon. Second, what is with you white boys and Chuck Norris? I was hoping you would just pick Enter The Dragon, but no. Fist of Fury, or Chinese Connection to you, had a way better storyline and…

Benjamin was interrupted by a hand tapping him on the shoulder. Benjamin turned around and saw the clumsy, overweight, Asian crew member from before.

Asian Dude: Benji, Stage One is complete.

Benjamin grinned from ear to ear.

Benjamin Biggs: Excellent. Charlie, you did an awesome job.

Charlie: Dude, I told you… my wrestling name’s Karismo, bro. Charlie’s not a superstar name.

Benjamin Biggs: Whatever, man. You did great.

Karismo: Are you going to tell President Johnson about me? You’re gonna get a tryout match for me?

Benjamin Biggs: I’ll see what I can do… meet me at the hotel, all right?

Karismo: Fo sho, bro.

The Asian guy dressed in a SHOOT Project Staff t-shirt walks off and Benjamin turns back around.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on, man?

Benjamin Biggs: We’ll have this conversation later, Eryk… and if everything goes well, you can get an interview later.

Eryk Masters: You better… Abigail keeps on getting more interviews than I do… it’s because of her boobs, I tell ya.

Benjamin Biggs: Yes… yes, it is. I’ll see ya later.

Benjamin pats Eryk on the shoulder and runs off down the hall and stops at none other than Kilgore Stochansky’s personal locker room. He puts his ear to the door and, apparently satisfied with what he hears, he opens the door slowly and continues inside.

The shower can be heard as Benjamin scouts out the place. On the bench, we see a pile of clothes on a bench, possibly drenched from the little "accident" — stylish jeans and a red t-shirt that reads "SPETSNAZ" on it in black letters. However, this isn’t what catches Benjamin’s eyes as what is on top of this clothing… the Laws of Survival title.

Benjamin Biggs: *whispering* Oh ELoiSe… I missed you so.

Benjamin walks in slowly, cautious not to make a sound. He’s just a foot away from the bench as he reaches out for it until suddenly…

Kilgore: I… !!!

Benjamin backs away, has that "holy fuck, I blew it" facial expression on his face as he crouches lower to the ground, getting in some type of defensive fighting stance, waiting for him to come out from the showers.

Kilgore: I just DIIIIIIIED in your arms, to-NIGHT! It MUSTA BEEN somethin’ you SAAAIID!

Benjamin, first time ever he was glad to hear Cutting Crew, breathed a sigh of relief and took a deep breath. Without further hesitation, Benjamin reached out and snagged the Laws of Survival title, bolting out of there without slowing down.

About five seconds after Benjamin leaves, the shower is turned off and soon thereafter, Kilgore Stochansky, still wet from the shower, comes out in only a towel, refreshed. His content smile disappears as he immediately notices his Laws of Survival championship belt missing from his pile of clothing. Panicked, he looks around the locker room, seeing if he misplaced it.

Kilgore: Where the Hell is my title?! Who–Who…

Kilgore’s beginning to piece things together as he slows down his breath.

Kilgore: …who would…

Kilgore scratches his head, then his eyes go wide, and he throws his head back and screams…


In a fit of rage, he storms out of his locker room without even putting on clothes, just a towel around his waist.


Apathy’s “Welcome 2 Assholeville Pt. 2” explodes over the PA system, and pyro goes off as the fans look at the rampway trying to see just who in the Hell is coming down to the ring.  The lights go dim red as smoke floats from the entrance area. And to the shock of those in attendance, out walks a face that they haven’t seen in a long time. The SHOOT-Tron comes on with the words


Out walks Eli Storm.  The crowd explodes at the sight of the former World Champion.  Red and White pyros explode as Storm raises his hands in the air. Storm slaps the hands of fans as he makes his way down to the ring. Storm slides under the ropes and hops up on the nearest turnbuckle. He points out at the crowd and gives the sign for the “Ratings Boost” as the crowd cheers. A stagehand gives Storm a mic as the Canadian stands in the middle of the ring.

Eli Storm: Well, it feels good to be back in a SHOOT ring. Especially at this time in SHOOT. I sat and watched Jun Kenshin finally pop his cherry and become SP World Champion. I watched Carver once again get his eye fucked up and be on the business end of another beating. But you know what they say…It won’t be a good year in wrestling unless Carver is getting his ass kicked!!!

Some of the crowd boos and some cheer at the remark about Carver.

Eli Storm: But that’s not why I’m here. You see I was relaxing back in Canada, watching SHOOT TV, like I always do and so should you fans, when I catch a promo by one Donna King. You see Donna King went on this little speech on how I de-valued the SHOOT World Championship. Now I can admit I tried to match mind games with Mirage and made the stupid mistake of destroying the World Title. And there isn’t a day that I didn’t regret that mistake. If I could take it back I would, but I’m a man and a man owns up to his mistakes. I didn’t de-value that belt…I destroyed it. And I paid dearly for it as Jason stripped me of my championship. I was punished by having to watch Cade and Ray get shots at the belt as I was kept away. But that’s not either here or there. Its real simple Donna…you want to get under Cade’s skin, go ahead. You got beef with Sydal and you want to piss him off, by all mean go for it. But don’t you dare mention my name, unless you got the balls to say everything right to my face. Other than that, if I was you, I’d be worried about what is going to happen when Cade gets his hands on you. I mean, me and Cade will never see eye to eye…but there is a reason why he’s been called Pound for Pound the best in the business. You keep poking him and you will find that out the hard way.

There’s a murmur as the fans’ attention is taken to the top of the walkway where, once again, appears the silent form of Osbourne Kilminster, studying Eli Storm with suspicion.

Osbourne Kilminster: I may as well be the first to ask this, but… Why the Hell are you really here, Eli? Come on, don’t patronize me with this rubbish about Donovan King getting under your skin and all this rubbish about how great Cade Sydal is – why are you really here, Eli?

Holding his hands out to his sides, Osbourne beckons for an answer.

Storm: Well, if it isn’t the badass, Osbourne Kilminster. Why I’m here is none of our concern, Oz…mind your business and go bother someone who gives a damn.

Shaking his head, Osbourne laughs a little as he regards the returning Storm.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, I could say the same about you, Eli. I mean, SHOOT was getting on just fine without you hanging around. Even Sato was getting on okay and doing his own thing, but it seems like you’ve been drawn in again. Is it jealousy, Eli? Is it the fact that everyone around you… or everyone who WAS around you… is doing that much better than you and you just have to try and bully your little patch in the spotlight?

Shrugging his shoulders, Osbourne holds his hand up to stop Eli from retorting before continuing himself.

Osbourne Kilminster: Really, let’s be honest about this, you’re a leech, Eli. Always have been and always will be, sucking of the success of others… and lo and behold, here you are again… the bastard child of the SHOOT Project. Really, what the Hell do you think gives you the right to stand in that ring, given your history here? You may as well answer to me first, because there’s going to be a lot of people who’ll hit first and ask questions later, but I’ll humor you long enough to wag your tongue… Come on!

Waving his hands is gesture at the awaiting audience; Osbourne tries to compel Eli to answer.

Storm paces the ring for a moment thinking of what to say.

Storm: I’m here because just like every other guy in the back, I bleed SHOOT colors. This is the place I made my mark. And you know I’m starting to get sick and tired of guys questioning me about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Let’s get something straight, Oz…I don’t have to answer to anybody especially a guy who couldn’t take his head out of his ass long enough to win the SHOOT Project World Title.

Nodding his head slowly, Osbourne figuratively takes the jab square on the chin and regains his composure with a smirk.

Osbourne Kilminster: So you bring it down to that base level of ‘I had the title before you!’ then? Well, to be honest, seeing how gloriously impressive your reign with the World Title was… NOT… I’d rather never hold it than be known forever as the man that soiled it the way you did. It’s a stigma you’ll never shake, Eli, because while you profess to bleed SHOOT, there those of us who obviously bleed a different way than you…

Taking a moment to carefully construct his words, Osbourne looks out into the crowds, some of whom start up the old "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chant.

Osbourne Kilminster: Let me start of by saying that it’s not a ‘title’. A title is Mister or Missus or Master or Mistress. What we’re talking about is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, and the man who holds it should be a champion through and through, the very best that there is in the business at that time. You weren’t the best when you were Champion, Eli. You were a joke, just like Kenshin is a joke now and Worrens before him. In fact, we can trace back the bad blood at the top right to you, Eli… and here you go, snooping around again, mooching for scraps…

Smiling broadly and confidently, Osbourne runs his tongue along the sharp edge of his incisors.

Osbourne Kilminster: I guess it will just be that much sweeter when I become the Champion, because with you there to watch from the shadows, the cycle will be complete.

Storm: Heh…you Oz…Why stand up there running your mouth, when you can walk down here and show people that you still know how to fight face to face instead of your recent M.O. of attack from behind.

Storm gets a pissed look on his face.

Storm: Because as the crowd can tell…I’ve pretty much itching to kick your ass right here….right now!!!

Smirking, Osbourne shakes his head slowly as the fans jeer him and the "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chants grow into a louder chorus.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, you always were a hot-head, Eli. So eager to fight without second thought, always so eager just to get it on right then and there… whenever, wherever… all that rubbish. But that’s why you never beat me. You never have and you never will… So, no, I shall not accept your offer to fight right now.

Licking his lips, Osbourne narrows his eyes and slows down his speech so as to be understood as clear as crystal.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ve got my M.O. all wrong, casting aspirations as to my good nature, Eli. You know, as well as I do, that my modus operandi is to wait, to be patient and to be ready to strike when it best suits me, and when I do, I’ll be right up in your face to do it. For you, that time’s not right now. Maybe when I get down to the bottom of the barrel for things to do when I’m bored, but not right now. In the meantime… it’s been fun winding you up.

Throwing his mic down onto the walkway, Osbourne Kilminster turns his back on Eli and on the jeering, hateful crowd and makes his way backstage. Storm watches and cracks a little grin before speaking.

Storm: Well, then folks…it looks like “The watch Oz act like a bitch” moment is over. But don’t worry…as we all know, this won’t be the last time we see that. Enjoy the rest of the show.

A very annoyed Storm slides out of the ring and makes his way up the rampway. He disappears through the curtains and the view switches back to the announcers.



“I Hate Everything About You” begins to play as the duo known as Malice steps through the curtain in unison. Delacroy looks around in disgust, while Sepulcher keeps his eyes focused dead on the ring.

Samantha Coil: The next match is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 589 lbs, Jacob “Doombringer” Delacroy and Sepulcher, they are MALICE!

Dave Dymond: Malice, coming off of a harsh loss to Davis and NC-17 last week, was strangely silent coming into this match.

Other Guy: I think they’re taking that loss harder than we thought. Then again, their opponents this week had some pretty harsh words for them, too.

The pair slide in the ring, watching the entranceway awaiting their opponents. As the house lights go down and Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” hits, the crowd gives a very mixed reaction… some obviously remember their stint in OPW, and others can’t imagine not cheering for whoever Malice is facing this week. CJ and Jared keep their eyes dead ahead as they walk down aisle, not taking their eyes off their opponents, who show them the same courtesy.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 542 lbs, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCOOOORE!

Other Guy: They don’t look to happy, Dave.

Dave Dymond: I wouldn’t think so. LIHC feels they’ve been slighted, and it looks like they’re about ready to take it out on their opponents.

CJ and Jared slide into the ring, and immediately, Malice is on top of them! Lorenzo calls for the bell as Sepulcher starts laying boots into CJ, while Delacroy picks Jared up off the apron, whipping him to the opposite side of the ring. Jared bounces back, ducking a Doombringer clothesline, while CJ takes boot after boot to his back and head. Jared springboards off the ropes, hitting a missile dropkick directly to the face of Jacob! Jacob drops to his back, rolling out of the ring, while Jared comes off the ropes again, this time landing on the shoulders of the big man, and swinging him down with a hurricanrana! Sepulcher bounces off the mat, as Tony Lorenzo starts to yell at LIHC to pick a man. Jared rolls onto the apron, as CJ picks up Sepulcher, and the pair lock up. Sepulcher gets Irish whipped to LIHC’s corner, and CJ charges right after him, slamming him HARD with a splash against the turnbuckles!

Dave Dymond: That’s 315 pounds of muscle charging Sepulcher right now! That could’ve done serious damage!

Other Guy: That could’ve done serious damage to the ring! Sepulcher’s not a little guy, either!

CJ tags Jared in, and Jared goes to the top, while CJ sends a knee to Sepulcher’s gut, before grabbing his arms and pulling him into backbreaker position. Jared flies off the top with a legdrop, and connects beautifully! Sepulcher is grabbing for his back and his face, as Delacroy runs in, but CJ is there to stop him almost instantly with a clothesline that nearly takes his head off! Jared grabs Delacroy by the legs, and catapults the man directly into a STIFF clothesline from CJ, again focusing on the chest, head, and neck! Delacroy crumples to the mat, as Sepulcher starts to regain his bearings, and Lorenzo starts to hassle CJ out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: LIHC has kept this match in their favor, with quick tags, double teams, good ring positioning… they’re like a well-oiled machine, and Malice doesn’t seem to be able to keep up!

Other Guy: This is almost a wholesale slaughter, Dave! LIHC is definitely impressing in their first match back in SHOOT!

Jared runs to the ropes, ducking around Sepulcher, who turns around to a dropkick to the face! Incredible height by Jared, as he gets back up, tagging in CJ. LIHC’s big man goes over the rope, as Sepulcher goes for the big boot– caught! CJ barely ducks under the big boot, catching Sepulcher in a capture suplex!

Other Guy: Did you see that?!

Dave Dymond: He just tossed 300 lbs over his head like it was nothing! That’s tough to miss, OG!

Sepulcher is still trying to recover as CJ picks him up off the mat, and tags Jared in again! Jared hits the ropes as CJ lifts Sepulcher into a crucifix position… crucifix powerbomb, and Jared hits with a neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond: The Crucifix Escapist! This could be the end already, OG!

Other Guy: And Delacroy hasn’t even gotten so much as a tag!

Sure enough, Delacroy runs into the ring, while CJ charges him, starting a fistfight! They throw fists at each other, left and right, as Tony Lorenzo attempts to get them both out of the ring! In the meantime, Jared has slid out and grabbed a chair! Sepulcher is out cold, and Jared goes to the top!

Dave Dymond: What is he DOING?! They have this match won!

Other Guy: I don’t think they care about the win, Dave, I think they just have a message to send to Malice!

Jared flies off the top rope… the Most Precious Blood facebuster! Tony Lorenzo turns around, and immediately calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, by disqualification, MALICE!

The crowd erupts into boos, while Jared picks up the chair, and CJ Irish whips Delacroy toward him– clang! Delacroy goes down, and Jared tosses CJ the chair! CJ starts to wail on Delacroy’s face, as Sepulcher lies lifeless on the mat, his face covered in blood! Jared sets up a table on the outside, before sliding into the ring with a chair himself! Tony Lorenzo is trying to bring some order, but CJ grabs him by the lapel and throws him OVER the top rope! Lorenzo goes down on the outside, and the bell rings a few more times, but CJ and Jared aren’t stopping! CJ scoops up the lifeless Delacroy, before driving him down with a powerbomb onto the chair… he holds on… Release the Cure! CJ throws a few boots to his chest, just for good measure, before rolling Delacroy out of the ring! Meanwhile, Jared lays the chair across Sepulcher’s face again, before slingshotting himself over the ropes with another legdrop! Blood spatters across the back of the chair, and onto the ring!

Dave Dymond: Somebody stop this!  I mean, I don’t particularly like Malice, but this is brutal!

CJ drags Sepulcher closer to the ropes, and pulls him to his feet, wrapping a hand around his throat– and that wakes the big man up real quick! He starts throwing punches to CJ’s face, before aiming them more for his arm, but CJ doesn’t flinch! He drives an elbow into Sepulcher’s already busted face, before picking him up by the throat and tossing him to the outside– through the table! Delacroy is starting to stir, albeit barely, and he’s doing his best to drag his partner to safety! CJ spits on the pair on the outside, and the “losers” call for a mic.

CJ Nelson: Hey, douchebags, I want you to remember this moment well. You didn’t get punked by some Zionist conspiracy.

Jared Walsh: You didn’t lose because management had it in for you.

CJ Nelson: You just got owned by a pair of white kids from the suburbs. Try making that work for you, you fucking Nazi prick.

Jared Walsh: And the rest of you out there? Every single one of you assholes in the back? You are looking at the best goddamn tag team in the world today, and if you don’t agree?

CJ Nelson: You just come on down here and TRY to prove us wrong.

Jared Walsh: But take a good look, kids. Take a real good look. Because coming up against us? THAT is what’s in your future. Pain, blood, and humiliation.

CJ Nelson: And that’s even when you win

Jared Walsh: God help you when you lose.

They throw the mics down in the ring, as “Bad Reputation” blares through the arena again, with LIHC making a quick exit.


"Everybody Down" by nonpoint hits and the fans turn to the entrance ramp, rising out of their seats to cheer. Cade Sydal, dressed in baggy dark blue jeans and a black zip-up hoodie, with white dragons around the sleeves. He marches down the ramp, the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship over his right shoulder. Cade slides into the ring under the bottom rope and quickly pulls a microphone from his back pocket.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal isn’t looking too happy tonight, OG!

Other Guy: Does he ever look happy? Seriously?

Dave Dymond: You have a point.

Cade paces the ring and starts tapping on the microphone, slowly easing the fans into quieting down.

Cade Sydal: We all heard what Donovan King had to say last week. We all heard his answers. And…he’s right. I am the reason SHOOT closed last time. It IS my fault.

The fans begin to buzz with confusion as Cade continues to pace.

Cade Sydal: And I’ve done my apologizing. I’ve done a lot of work to try and make up for past failures. If he can’t accept it, that’s too fucking bad. But what he does need to accept is my fucking challenge! Donovan King, you did a lot of talking, and yeah it was pre-recorded, but Donovan…you’ve had all fucking week. And I’ve had all week to think about this shit too! Now, I WANT you to get your ass down here right fucking now, Donovan. But Jason Johnson left me a nice letter at my apartment, telling me that you and I can’t have physical contact until Redemption with the fucking lame ass risk of being suspended and fined $50,000!

The fans begin to mildly boo the announcement.

Cade Sydal: But that doesn’t even fucking matter to me, Donovan! So long as I get my hands on you at fucking Redemption, I can wait…I can let my anger fester and boil over…I ca–

Donovan King: ‘Ey! ‘Ey! Turn around, bitch!"

Cade stops pacing and turns to the SHOOT Tron, where Donovan King’s image is, staring back at Cade Sydal.

Donovan King:  The reason I’m not down there right now ending your worthless career is because of that very same letter I received from Mr. Johnson.

The fans boo once more at King’s bravado.

Donovan King:  But…you’ve…done your apologizing?  You’ve done your apologizing?  To who?  Who the fuck did you apologize to?  Is there a ‘sorry I’m a junkie and got SHOOT closed down’ Hallmark card?  I know I sure the fuck didn’t get one.

Cade Sydal: Frankly, I don’t owe you dick for apologies. I’ve apologized to the fans, I’ve apologized to the management. I’ve apologized to the people that DO deserve an apology. YOU, Donovan King, don’t deserve one from me. Period.

Donovan King:  And you know what?  Dat’s exactly why I did what I did.  Egotistical little cunt like you think he too good to beg for forgiveness fuh makin’ guys like me lose my job.  You know, befo’ I destroyed dat Clown, nobody was gonna just up an’ hire me.  You was a name thanks only because of my mentor…an’ you could easily move on.  So, fuck it…I’mma give you somethin’ ta beg for.  You wanna fight me over dat title at Redemption?

Cade nods his head.

Cade Sydal: I see you pay attention real well. Yeah, I wanna kick your ass at Redemption. See how well you do when you’re not blind-siding me with a fucking chain, ya know?

King scoffs.

Donovan King:  A man like you will never understand.  You look at dis shit within the confines of professional wrestlin’, whereas I’m here fightin’ like it’s life.  Dis ain’t about belts an’ fame, homie…dis is about pride.  But if you’re wantin’ ta include bein’ a FORMER champ in yo’ resume, den by all means.  Redemption, Cade Sydal gets his ass fuckin’ killed…by Donovan King.  Clear enough fuh you?

Cade Sydal: Look, if you wanna fight me like a man, then I’m game for whatever fucking macth you want. You wanna come at me like a fucking chicken shit street thug, you’ll end up surprised about how low I’ll stoop to exact my revenge. This ain’t just about the confines of professional wrestling, Donovan. This IS about real life…you made very real decisions, and you’re gonna deal with very real consequences. So what’s it gonna be? The ball is in your court.

King thinks for a moment and then smirks.

Donovan King:  Den…if the ball’s in my court, the answer is simple.  If dis is about real life, den we can have ourselves a good old fashioned Death Match.  You feel me on dat?

Cade Sydal: You’re Gawdamn right I feel you on that, "playa."

The fans cheer at the announcement of a Death Match!

Dave Dymond: Cade didn’t even blink or hesitate at all when he accepted that stipulation!

Other Guy: He must really wanna die then, Dave.

Donovan King:  You know…skinned head, chalky skin, tryna mock me…normally, dat’d get under my skin, but see, I’ve got a few things in mind fo’ you.  So you can keep dat mockin’ and all dat hyuk hyuk gawddamn shit.  Next week, you need a bit of training befo’ you get in the ring wit’ me.  If I can’t get at you, den I decided to ask permission to help find you an opponent fuh next week.  Jason Johnson, in his quote unquote wisdom, agreed wit’ me.

The fans cheer a little bit, though they are still reticent.

Donovan King:  Wit’ dat said, though…he said I had to let you do the same.  So, Cade Sydal, you gonna put dat title uh yours up next week against an opponent of my choosin’…and I’mma steamroll over whatever useless piece of shit you choose.

Cade rolls his eyes with a smirk.

Cade Sydal: Yeah? No kidding? You promise? Seriously? This should be fun…so who gets to lose teeth for you? Who’s the poor kid that has to face me next week?

Donovan King:  Now, now…when I made my rounds in the back, dere were plenty of takers.  Turns out a bitch like you don’t make dat many friends.  However, dere was one guy dat I knew was crazy enough to fuck you up.  You should be happy to hear, he’s comin’ off a loss.  The question is…does dat make him less dangerous…or more dangerous?

Dave Dymond:  Get to the point!  I wanna know!

Donovan King:  Next week, you’re puttin’ dat Revolution Championship uh mine up against…

King grins.

Donovan King:  CHIVALRIC.

The fans buzz excitedly, as Cade nods his head slowly to himself.

Cade Sydal: That’s a good pick, I won’t shit you. And you’re fuckin’ right, Donovan. I ain’t got many friends back there. A lot of cats back there, don’t like me on a personal level. A lot of guys back there, I did a lot of shit to a long time ago, that I’m not necessarily proud of. I wasn’t exactly a saint, and I never claimed to be. So hey, congratulations on being a good fucking detective.

Cade shrugs his shoulders.

Cade Sydal: That not withstanding, its interesting that you decided to go on and pick someone I’ve never even looked at, let alone someone that has no beef with me. That’s cool, and I’m sure this…Chivalric kid will do a stand-up job and make you proud. However, Donovan King…I think I’m gonna go the other route. I’m gonna go for a guy that knows you very fuckin’ well.

The fans begin to cheer.

Dave Dymond: Could it be?

Other Guy: Please…not the fucking clown.

Cade Sydal: It’s not someone I’ve ever seen you in a match against, mind you. But this dude, he used to be glued to your fucking hip. I’m gonna go with your old coach. You know him, right?

Cade smirks.

Cade Sydal: You’re gonna face "The Foundation" Alex…Harmston.

King’s grin fades at the fans actually give a decidedly nice reaction for the announcement.

Dave Dymond:  Oh my!  Donovan King versus Alex Harmston!  Cade Sydal versus Chivalric!  Sign it for next week on Revolution!

The camera smirks as King glares at him.

Donovan King:  Dat’s low, Sydal, even fo’ a piece of trash like you.  S’cool, though.  Alex’ll treat me with the respect I deserve and lie down like he knows he should and you?  You’ll face a guy dat’ll fuck up the way you even think.  Smooth move, Sydal.  I’ll see you soon.

King’s face suddenly disappears from the SHOOT Tron. Cade Sydal tosses his microphone into the air and it hits the canvas with a loud pop of static. Cade raises the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship as "Everybody Down" by nonpoint hits once more. He slowly steps through the ropes and makes his way up the ramp, slapping a few extended hands as he does so.


We cut once again to the backstage hallway of the Mandalay Bay Event Center.  Eryk Masters is leaning against a wall, micrphone in one hand, his cellular phone in the other.  He appears to be texting, and pays the camera no mind.  Masters closes the phone  and seems ready to walk off, when he is stopped in his tracks b a farmiliar voice…


The Interviewer stops cold in his tracks and turns around, then his eyes grow wide in shock.  We can see why in a moment: Kilgore Stochansky Enters the frame, his hair still damp, and STILL Wearing nothing but a plush white towel.  He looks angrier than ever, and motions Eryk closer.

Kilgore: Come on, man.  Interview me.

There’s a cold sort of restraint in his voice, and we get the impression that he could fly off of the handle at any moment.

Eryk Masters: Sure thing, Stochansky…

He holds up the microphone, then looks around in thought.

Eryk Masters: Um…what about?

Kilgore: Ask me where my title is.

Masters smirks and starts to chuckle, but this trails off as he notices Stochansky’s hard look hasnt softened.

Eryk Masters: I, Uh…with the rest of your clothes?

Kilgore:No!  No, My title…the title that I Won, with my own blood and sweat…it was STOLEN!!

His voice has hit a ragged register, letting everyone know that his anger is percolating at quite a fast pace.  Eryk Masters, for his part, gulps slightly, as Stochansky hasnt been adressing the camera this whole time, just him.  Screaming right in his face.

Eryk Masters: Wow, that’s horrible!  Who, uh, who do you–

Stochansky leans closter, cutting masters off by sheer proximity. 

Kilgore:  Who…do you…Think?!

Masters looks like he’s about to answer, but Kilgore holds up a hand to silence him. 

Kilgore: It was the one thorn in my side.  The one man who didnt deserve the Laws of Survival championship when he held it.  And he has the NERVE, Masters…The NERVE to STEAL what I rightfully and honestly beat him for!! 

Eryk Masters: Well, you actually–

Kilgore: Dont you get it?  He’s walking about like it’s His Title!  It’s not right, Eryk Masters, It’s just not right!!  And, Believe me, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, "Kilgore has lost it, and now he’s gonna go beat up Benjamin Biggs and get his belt back!!"  Interesting, Eryk.  Interesting point you bring up there, and it’s enticing, too.  But I wont do that.  I’m better than that.  I’m no common thug like Ben Bayani. 

Masters gulps and gives off a nervous laugh, then launches right back in.

Eryk Masters: So…what Are you going to do? 

This would be a point for Stochansky to smile, but he doesnt.  The look of anger is still crossing his face, but his eyes seem less rage-filled.  He faces the camera, slowly, and holds up a finger.

Kilgore: Since Benjamin is such a coward, Eryk.  Since he is such a coward, I see no other option.  Since he lacks the willpower and fortitude to face his opponent like a man, I see no other option.  And since I’m better than commonly attacking Benjamin, or stealing things that he cherishes…I see no other option. 

Our man straightens up his stance, then places his hands on his hips.

Kilgore: I see no other option…Then to Challenge you, Benjamin Biggs, to a match, At Redemption, for MY Laws of Survival Championship!!  And, Since I am still the champion…since all you’ve done is swiped my belt, not taken the what the championship means and stands for from me…I get to set what type of Match it will be.  Me.  And since you are a Coward, Benji, I can only see one option that will not allow you to run away from me like the yellow dog you are. 

He pauses for effect, looking towards the ceiling and giving out a long sigh.  He looks forward again, a foul sneer crossing his features.

Kilgore: The Law…of Confinement.  The Steel Cage, so you cant run away like I Know you will.  I can make this a legal matter, call in the police…but I wont.  That is, unless you decide to decline.  So try to muster up whatever slivers of courage you have left in you and accept…or else.

Eryk Masters looks as if he’s about to say something, but Kilgore wves his hand in dismissal.  The Laws of Survival champion storms off, leaving one stunned interviewer as we cut away…


The scene fades to the back. Jester Smiles sits in a steel chair, laughing about something with a few of the crew members. He is dressed in street clothes, jeans and a DSI black and purple t-shirt.

Ring Crew: So, Jester, when you going to give up this big, sad clown thing?

Jester Smiles: Man, I got a lot of shit to deal with before you see me cracking jokes on a camera again.

Road Agent: Well, at least try and get some sleep or something, man. You look like shit.

Jester sighs, shaking his head.

Jester Smiles: Man, I’m trying.

Ainsley sees the little party and walks over with a smirk on her face. Smiles was more of a joke now than he had been back in the days when he was spraying people with seltzer. She stands behind Jester and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Ainsley Lake: Try harder. 

Jester sighs heavily. He gives the guys a nod to leave, with a pleading look. They do so, quietly, leaving Jester and Ainsley alone. Jester stands up, folds the chair, and puts it behind him, leaning against the wall and staring at Ainsley, face to face.

Jester Smiles: Yes?

Ainsley Lake: Clearly, I’m here to thank you. If I had any intention of harming you… well, I did come up behind you, didn’t I? I already had the chance.

Her grin is wide, and she looks almost like the Ainsley of old… But her eyes still look remarkably hollow. 

Jester Smiles: Oh, I get it. Thank me. For what? Making sure you don’t have to face me? Proving you right? What snide little thank you do you have?

Ainsley Lake: Actually, for giving me the moral victory. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to be so unabashedly self-righteous, and I’ve missed it.

Jester gives her a slight snicker, sarcastically.

Jester Smiles: Cute. You assist a man in planting drugs, assist in ruining other people’s lives, choose to associate and assist the lowest possible men in SHOOT Project, but, oh god, I did that low blow, didn’t I?

I’ve known you to be hypocritical, but stupid? No, that’s not your game, so stop playing it.

Ainsley Lake: Awe, come on now. It’s fun to see how the other half lives every once in a while… But really, I hadn’t expected that from you… You’re clearly not ready to fight me. You’re still too weak. It’s plain to anyone that you’re not yourself, and like I said, I will not be fighting a crippled and pathetic version of you. I’ve seen you at the top of your game, and this isn’t it. I won’t give you another match where you can make excuses as to why you’ve lost.

Jester runs his hands over his hair, sighing heavily. He looks away from Ainsley for a moment, but he quickly returns, staring directly in her eyes.

Jester Smiles: You know, it’s funny. You once told me you never wanted to see us fight again, because it was scary and horrible. You also said you don’t EVER want to be the reason I get so upset. Since you said you’ve grown up, were those things said before you got your first memory?

Ainsley Lake: Ooo, can I get some ointment for that third degree buuuurn? Ya see, back then? I thought I was in love with you. Funny, that… I was wrong. What, do you still love me or something? Come on, now… We also said we’d be together forever, that we were a little family, and that we were made for one another.

Ainsley arches an eyebrow high, and turns her head sideways to give him a scrutinizing look.

Ainsley Lake: Do you still want to hold us to every word said under the umbrella of a romantic relationship? ‘Cause if you do, there’re some chores you’ve been neglecting.

Jester Smiles winces, just slightly, but keeps his composure.

Jester Smiles: So, then, I guess the only thing left to ask is when? When did you decide to ruin me? Because, from what King was saying, it sounds like you were planning this from the moment you started on with Cade Sydal. Now, that’s funny, because we didn’t have our little conversation until after that little incident. So, I’ve got to ask, if it wasn’t that, what was it, Ainsley? What brought you to plot with King?

Ainsley Lake: If King planned on my help before I planned on giving it to him, lucky him, I suppose. He counted his chickens before they hatched, and lo and behold, they happened to all hatch into adorable little birds. But, no, I had no desire to hurt you until you decided that I was unworthy, even of redemption. What brought me to plot with King? I suppose I’ll just credit a mutual friend of ours for the connection, and leave it at that.

Jester nods, a look of understanding.

Jester Smiles: So, what now? You let me sink into obscurity and fade out?  

Ainsley Lake: When you’re the man you were, or at least a close facsimile thereof, you can get the fight you crave. Whether you fade into nothingness or reach heights of unprecedented glory? Not much my concern.

Jester Smiles: The fuck do you care about the man I was? Cut the bullshit, Ainsley. The man I was started this mess. The man I was, the man you keep talking about, jumped sides, betrayed his values more times than I can count, and started these soul crushing wars.

Cut the shit, Lake. You gonna give me another shot or not?

Ainsley Lake: I’ll tell you what… If, after next week, you still wanna fight? You can have one.

Suddenly, from behind, a cane with the emblem of a locust hits Jester from behind. Jester goes down hard, and before he can get up, he receives a few sharp kicks to the head. Chivalric stands with cane in hand, his valet, Mercedes Bellamont, standing behind him.

Chivalric: The same bastard, Jester. This time, my portrait will be complete.

Chivalric gives Jester two more cane shots to keep him down, before walking off, an evil smirk on his face.

Ainsley Lake: And this time, try not to take any cheap shots.

Ainsley laughs and rubs her boot in Jester’s face before walking away from the camera. Jester lifts his head up, a little bit of blood trickling from his mouth. He stares off in the direction of Ainsley, a look of sorrow and hurt on his face. The scene fades with that image.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at 179 pounds from San Francisco, California! He is BEEEEEEEEEENJAAAAAAAAAMIN BIIIIIIIIGGS!

“Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age hits, and the fans cheer loudly as Benjamin Biggs steps through the curtain, carrying the Laws of Survival Championship with him! Biggs raises the Laws of Survival Title high above his head. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands repeatedly on the way down!

Dave Dymond: Benjamin Biggs is having a great time with these fans tonight!

Other Guy: He’s a damn thief! This is horrible, and you shouldn’t be encouraging it!

Biggs hands the title off to the timekeeper before he springs onto the apron. He slingshots into the ring and lands on a knee, his arms spread wide with a grin on his face. His music fades out and is soon replaced by “Natural One” by Folk Implosion. The fans instantly turn to booing. Ron Barker steps through the curtain and starts making his way, casually, down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Weighing in at 260 pounds! He is “Ravishing” ROOOOOOOOOOON BAAAAAAAAAAARKER!

Benjamin Biggs slingshots over the top rope with a somersault plancha right onto Ron Barker on the outside! Biggs gets o his feet thrusting his arms into the air, absorbing the pop from the crowd. Biggs turns to pull Barker to his feet, but Barker meets him with a knee to the abdomen! Barker throws Biggs back into the ring by the back of his head, and follows him in, mounting him with punches before referee Willie Dean signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: This match is officially on!

Other Guy: And it’s not exactly how Benjamin Biggs wanted it to start.

Barker pulls Biggs to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Biggs rebounds and ducks a clothesline! Barker turns as Biggs rebounds off the ropes again and drops quickly with a dropkick to Barker’s knee! Biggs hits the ropes as Barker hits the canvas with his face! Biggs rebounds and drives both boots into Barker’s face!

Dave Dymond: Biggs is definitely on fire!

Other Guy: Maybe stealing the Laws of Survival title from Kilgore Stochansky gave him some confidence.

Biggs springs up to his feet and pulls Barker to his feet. Biggs hammers Barker with forearms, backing him to the ropes. Biggs sends Barker off with an irish whip, but Barker reverses! Biggs twists under the arm and kicks his left leg out wide on the outside, breaking Barker’s grip on his wrist. Biggs quickly uses that momentum to run up Barker’s torso, landing on his shoulders facing the same way. Biggs snaps backward with a reverse hurricanrana!

Dave Dymond: COCKBLOCK!

Other Guy: Watch your mouth, David!

Barker backflips onto the top of his head as a result, and Biggs quickly scrambles, hooking both legs deep!




Biggs gets to his feet and slides out of the ring, grabbing the Laws of Survival title off of the timekeeper’s table, raising it high in the air!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 3 minutes and 43 seconds! BEEENJAAAAAAMIN BIIIIIIIGGS!


“Summer Overture – Remix” pumps classic-style drum and violin music through the sound system of the Thomas and Mack Center.

Roland Caldwell step outs onto the stage, with a broad smile on his face.  He waves to the fans and is met with a chorus of their boos.

Dave Dymond: What a charade.

Other Guy: Do you think he really believes the fans love him?

Dave Dymond: You really are an idiot, aren’t you?

Roland jogs down the aisle and points at the fans laughing.

Dave Dymond: Look at him… this is just ridiculous.

He reaches the ring and climbs through the ropes. Samantha Coil hands him a microphone and he smiles to the beat of the classical film score of his entrance. The people rain boos down upon him but Roland only smiles back. The music fades down and Roland just smiles. He holds his hands out and takes a theatrical bow, much to the ire of all the fans in the arena.

Roland: Thank you.  Thank you.  You are greeting the man who will be the SHOOT Project World Champion after tonight.

Roland lets the boos soak him as he smiles warmly.

Roland:  I’d like to thank all of my Rolnatics out there for supporting me, because my victory tonight will be because of you!

Dave Dymond: Good grief.  Rolnatics?

Other Guy: Roland’s Fanatics!  That’s hot!

Roland:  You see, it’s the love of the fans that keeps me going.  All of your love.  And, deep down, I know I’d rather not touch you.  Or talk to you.  Or see your fat bloated faces, but your support means so much to me.  Especially since you pay for the over-priced tickets.  Without you, the front office wouldn’t be able to give themselves raises for no apparent reason.  Without you, the wrestlers here couldn’t take the easy way out like the late Ray Willmott did.

Dave Dymond: The nerve…

Roland:  And without you, the impact of what I will do to Jun Kenshin would give me so much less satisfaction.  It’s the looks of horror, you see that…

Roland pauses and searches for the word.  He cannot find it.  His brow furrows and Roland clutches at his head.

Roland:  Fuck… uh…

The crowd jeers Roland and he stares at them with a full rage burning in his eyes.

Roland: Go ahead.  Taunt.  After tonight you’ll understand the level of darkness that has descended on this sad shell of a federation.  Tonight–

?:  Excuse me?

The twelve thousand seated in the Mandalay Bay Events Center turn their heads toward the walkway, slowly followed by Roland Caldwell as his eyes rest upon the figure staring into the ring, right at him. There’s a gasp of anticipation from the crowd as Osbourne Kilminster steps forward, clicking his neck from side to side.

Staring down at Roland, Osbourne licks his lips and contemplates his words in the silence for long moments before bringing the microphone up to his mouth.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, there’s this odd misconception that people can come down into the ring and say anything they want and nobody out in the back can hear them, or that if they can then they can’t do anything about it. It’s not true. It’s not true and here, right now, to make that point. Yeah, I’ve been out there listening to you, and listening to you every week whether it’s your little videos every week or it’s you out here or whatever… and it makes me sick. Yeah, Roland, it makes me sick just to hear your voice, the voice of the man who tried to end my career.

There’s another gasp from the audience who hasn’t forgotten the night Roland beat Osbourne senseless.

Roland smiles, his confidence regained.

Roland: Wow.  Ozzy!  It’s been so long.  Some scar you got there.

Ozzy snears, and continues to stand on the stage area.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, you’re proud of that, right? Because it’s such a huge thing to be proud of, isn’t it? Picking me off when Kenshin and Carver have already had their way. That’s full of honour and courage and nobility, is it? You might have made a nice few clips for your highlight reel with that, but you also made a big mistake, a mistake you’re compounding with all this rubbish you’re trying to peddle to everyone here – trying to tell them you’re the biggest and the baddest and the one who should be most feared…

Osbourne shakes his head and points to Roland, shaking his finger at him before jabbing his thumb into his chest.

Osbourne Kilminster: IT’S ME, ROLAND!

Roland: It’s you?  Is that the best you got Ozzy?  Really.  I never took you for the erudite type.  But come on.  I was all excited when you put Red Rocket on the shelf, but its been as if you’ve been avoiding me.  And now, you finally confront me, and all you can say is “It’s me!”

Shaking his head again, Osbourne paces across the width of the walkway, his head bowed for a moment as he gathers his thoughts before turning back to face the ring, his head tilted to one side.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re all talk, Caldwell. You talk a good game, but you just don’t carry the reputation to back it up. Your claim to fame before attacking me was a feud with Del Carver, right? Del, a guy who everyone but him knows should have retired ten years ago. You’ve had a few matches here, and you’ve been doing okay, I guess. Nothing special, nothing worth the hype… Nothing to match and certainly nothing to set you above me, but that’s your world right, Caldwell – hype, hype and more hype, sweet-talking or bashing your way into where you want to be, but those days are OVER.

Roland laughs and laughs inside the ring.

Roland: That’s better, Ozzy, but is that what you really want?  Think back.  Were you really enjoying being the main shill fo the front office.  Were you really enjoying being that number one whore for The Johnson Family?  Or are you enjoying the maim game now?

Laughing, Osbourne licks his lips before narrowing his eyes as he regards his prey.

Osbourne Kilminster: I tried to be the good guy, but it wasn’t me, and everybody knew it, but I realised it and now I’m back to being the best of the best. I smacked up Chris Davis’s little gimp and it’s given me the thirst, Roland. You know and I know that I’ve been hunting you down ever since that night, and you’ve been protected, but that’s about to end. You see, when you lose to Kenshin, which I know you will… you’ll be out of the title scene and, come Redempetion, I’ll be able to get my hands on you. You’ll be in the Rumble with the rest of us, with ME specifically because I’ve REQUESTED a spot in it just so I can keep an eye on you and get to grips with you and take you out, Roland.

Roland:  That’s some theory you’ve got there, Ozzy.  Some theory.  But you know what, Ozzy.  You’re just going through the motions.  You’re coming after me because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do.  I took you out.  Now it’s time to turn the tables.  Well.  Stop for a second and think about this.  Do you really want to hurt me?  After all.  I saved you.  I saved you from dying a slow death as the hero for the masses.  My chair strikes scarred your face and freed your soul.  Without me, you’d be out of wrestling.  Without me, you’d be nobody.  Instead, you have a fire within you.  It is burning and it will be heard.  So, really.  You should thank me.  If It wasn’t for what I did, you’d be nothing more than a has-been.  But if you’re so intent on hitting me, I’ll make it easy for you.

Roland turns his back to Ozzy, and holds his arms outstretched.

Dave Dymond: What is this?

Roland: You get a free shot Ozzy, if you want it.

Ozzy blinks on the stage.  He takes a couple hesitant steps forward.  Roland remains motionless.  Ozzy’s mouth falls slack before he regains his composure.

Osbourne Kilminster: Uh nuh. Not tonight, Caldwell. I’m going to sit back and enjoy watching you and Kenshin beat the Hell out of each other because you’ll both be making my job that much easier when your respective times come. But you, Caldwell, are going to get yours first.  I’m Osbourne Kilminster and I’m back in business. I hope that’s OK with you.

Smirking, Osbourne throws down his mic.  Shaking his head, Osbourne points to his eyes and then to Caldwell before banging his fists together, slowly stepping his way back toward the curtains, his stare locked onto Roland until the curtains obscure his vision.

The crowd boos and Roland laughs in the ring.

Roland:  He knows.  I saved him.  I will save more.  My name is Roland Caldwell, and I will be your World Champion.

“Summer Overture” strikes and Roland slides under the ropes and out of the ring.


We go to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position.

Dave Dymond:  Fans, last week we all saw the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion Corazon issue a challenge to Diamond Del Carver.  So far, we have not heard much from The Hardcore Outlaw.

Other Guy: Because he’s scared, at home under his bed, crying like a little bitch.

Dave Dymond shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

Dave Dymond: Actually, Diamond Del Carver has been in Japan on tour with True Japan Pro Wrestling for the last three weeks.  However, he did send us his response this week, so let’s go to the video…

The lights go down all over the arena and the video wall next to the entrance and the monitors all light up, with the image of Diamond Del Carver.  Carver is seated on a bench in front of the world famous Budokan Hall in Tokyo Japan.  The veteran nods at the camera and starts to speak…

Diamond Del Carver:   “So last week Corazon came out, and ran down everything that he has done to me, and asked where I was, because he wants to do it some more.  Corazon issued a challenge, for me to face him at Redemption.

You want to know where I’ve been, Corazon?  I’ve been over here in the land of the Rising Sun, kicking ass and making money.  However, I don’t want the fans or you to think I’ve forgotten about you…what you’ve done to me, and what I am going to do to you.

You want to fight at Redemption?  Cool.  Thing is Corazon, I’m tired of this shit with you…and worse, I’m pissed off at myself for not getting the job done at the last Pay Per View when I had the chance.  I dropped the ball.  I could have gotten even with you then, but I didn’t.  I don’t intend to make that mistake at Redemption.

You issued the challenge, and I officially accept…under one condition.  I propose that our match take place in my world.  We’ve done it your way, in Tag Team Matches, and in an Iron Fist Match.  Now we do thingsmy way.  You want to try and finish me off?  Fine.  Try it…but we do this in my house…


The fans all over the arena go nuts at the mention of the legendary match.

Diamond Del Carver: “A fifteen foot high steel cage…complete with a roof.  Ropes wrapped in barbed wire, and hanging from the cage, every type of weapon ever used in a pro wrestling match…a steel chair, a kendo stick, steel chain, you name it. Go ask Roland Caldwell what this match can do to you.  You want to talk about taking years off a career?  You will never be the same after walking into my house, bitch.

Now I know what you’re thinking…why should I bother fighting on Diamond Del Carver’s terms?  Corazon is the champion.  Corazon should dictate the terms, right?  A fair point.  You’re putting up your Iron Fist Championship, and I’m asking you to step into a place that could cost you your career, or at least put you in a position where you can’t defend your title again…even if you win.

To sweeten the deal, I say this.  I have had many, many shots at the Iron Fist Championship, and I have never managed to seal the deal and win the damn thing.  We all know it’s the one title that has always eluded my grasp.  And worse, I have never pinned you once…and you’ve submitted me and pinned me.  Well enough is enough. If I can’t beat you Corazon, if I can’t finally shake this monkey off my back and finally win that title…

I’ll quit.  If I don’t beat you at Redemption, I will retire from wrestling, for good…once and for all.  No gimmicks.  If I don’t walk out of Redemption with that title belt around my waist, I’ll walk out of this sport, once and for all.”

The crowd reacts with shock at this huge announcement.

Diamond Del Carver: “You heard me.  Diamond Del Carver vs. Corazon.  Inside the Hardcore House Of Pain.  Career vs. Title.  Time to put this thing away once and for all.  But know this, little buddy.  I have never beaten you yet…and if you think for one minute that I am going to go out at your hands…you’re dumber than you look.

See you at Redemption, bendeco.”

The image of Diamond Del Carver fades, leaving the sight of a visibly shocked Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: I’m almost speechless!  The Hardcore House of Pain is coming back at Redemption…and this time the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Other Guy: You got that right! At Redemption, Corazon is going to do what he said he would…retire Diamond Del Carver!

Dave Dymond: That remains to be seen, OG.  A lot of men have tried to do that over the past 27 years, and nobody has been able to do it yet.  I’d say it’s a lot more likely that Diamond Del Carver is finally going to complete the SHOOT Project Grand Slam, and win that Iron Fist Championship in his type of match!


The scene shifts to none other than Abigail Chase.

Abigail Chase: Please welcome my guest at this time… .The World Heavyweight Champion Jun Kenshin!

The crowd pops in the background and we see Kenshin enter the shot with the belt over his left shoulder.

Abigail Chase: Kenshin, we are moments away from your first ever defense. This is a rematch actually. You faced Roland Caldwell in your first ever SHOOT Project match. This is your first time stepping into the ring since winning the World Heavyweight Championship. What is going on in your mind right now?

Jun Kenshin: What’s going on Abigail? Words can’t truly express what’s going on inside my mind. Imagine finding out that you have a sibling that you didn’t know existed. Imagine that, Abigail.

He pauses.

Jun Kenshin: Imagine that you let this person into your life. You trusted them. You fought for them because they’re your blood. Now imagine that you found out their dark ugly secret that they guarded. Imagine that disappointment was broadcasted for the whole world to see. IMAGINE that.

Abigail looks to ask a question but Kenshin continues.

Jun Kenshin: I don’t have to imagine a damn thing. That is my reality. My reality is that I am moments away from defending the Championship against a man that has destroyed the competition. Everyone saw what happened two weeks ago. Everyone saw the systematic destruction of Trevor Worrens. Worrens may have won the match but he’s still reeling from that match. You go into a match with Caldwell and when you come out? You’re NOT the same. You ask what’s going on in my mind? Do you really want to know?

Abigail nods.

Jun Kenshin: What’s going on in my mind are thoughts of … violence. I’m thinking of the visceral impulses that people have when they are backed into a corner. This is not just a championship match… this is the first stage of my crucible. Redemption came a few weeks early for me. Now let me ask you a question, Abigail. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Abigail Chase: Actually, I did.

Jun Kenshin: Mine wasn’t a resolution. It was more of a promise. I promised my little girl that I would make the bad man go away. Roland? After tonight? You’re going to be… gone, baby, gone!

Kenshin leaves.

Dave Dymond: The champ certainly has a lot on his mind but he’s got to focus on one HELL of a challenger.

Other Guy: We get a pay per view caliber match on free TV, Dymond. I can’t wait!



The arena lights cut off and the haunting start of “Summer Overture – Remix” by Clint Mansell plays over the speakers. The crowd boos and rises in anticipation for the challenger.

Dave Dymond: Here comes the Number One Contender.

Other Guy:You got to wonder if the Boston native can capture the recent success like his native sports teams.

The crescendo of the music rises and finally out steps Roland Caldwell plainly wearing black shorts, black boots and taped wrists. The brawler from Boston makes his way down the ring with a look of confidence etched on his face.

Dave Dymond: This isn’t Roland Caldwell’s first opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Other Guy:Trevor Worrens successfully defended the Championship against him and you betta believe that Caldwell remembers that night.

Caldwell gets into the middle of the ring and crosses his arms in anticipation. The lights come back on and as they do, “Summer Overture” is cut.

The Undeniable!

A deafening cheer erupts from the sold out Mandalay Bay crowd. Silver and green pyrotechnics explode from the ramp and from out of the smoke steps Jun Kenshin wearing a white with green trim hooded jacket with two simple letters on it, his initials. “JK”. The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is around his waist and he looks around at the fans. His dark brown eyes look on in sheer determination as he makes his way down the ring as “Undeniable” continues to play.

Dave Dymond: Here comes a man that was voted by some as the most inspirational wrestler of 2007.

Other Guy:You got to wonder if this magical story of Jun Kenshin’s comes to an end tonight.

Kenshin walks down and slaps hands of the fans. He walks up the steps and wipes his boots on the apron and comes into the ring. He takes off the Championship and walks RIGHT BY Caldwell and he raises it for everyone to see. Caldwell is inches away and Kenshin makes a point to walk by Caldwell again and raise the Championship again. He neatly folds the World Heavyweight Championship and kisses it before handing it over to senior referee Scott Kamura who holds it for everyone to see. Samantha Coil has the mic now.

Samantha Coil: Introducing the challenger. Hailing from Boston, Massachussets. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs in tonight at 289 and one quarter pounds. THIS IS ROLANDDDDDD CALDWELLLLLLLLLL!

Samantha Coil: And the reigning and defending SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion! Hailing from San Diego, California. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs in tonight at 204 and three quarter pounds. He is THE UNDENIABLE JUUNNNNN KENSHIINNNNNNNN!

Samantha leaves the ring and Kamura checks both men. Kamura checks their boots, their sides and their wrists for any illegal objects. He tells both men to protect themselves at all times and he motions for the bell and we’re on!

Kenshin and Caldwell lock eyes with the challenger towering over the reigning champion. Kenshin and Caldwell immediately lock up and just as soon as they lock up, Caldwell shoves Kenshin down and Kenshin tumbles hard onto the mat. Kenshin immediately rushes in for another lock up but Caldwell again throws Kenshin aside. Caldwell smirks but the stubborn Kenshin gets up and this time, he fires a right kick to the quadriceps of Caldwell. Kenshin fires a forearm shot underneath the chin of Caldwell and shoots him to the ropes. Caldwell ducks his head and Kenshin skillfully hurdles over Caldwell and waits for Caldwell to turn around and gets a spinning heel kick knocking Caldwell down! Caldwell checks his bottom lip but there is no time for any further examination as the San Diego native hits the ropes and drives both boots to the side of Caldwell knocking him down to the floor. Caldwell is down on the floor stunned and Kenshin backs up a few feet. Kenshin rushes in for a suicide dive but Caldwell runs out of the way and Kenshin has to stop. Booooo!!!

Dave Dymond: I thought Kenshin was going to execute one of his trademark dives onto the floor.

Other Guy:Caldwell was having none of it.

The crowd boos the tactics of Caldwell who takes his time coming in. Kenshin barks at Caldwell to hurry up but Caldwell is methodical and comes in on his own pace. Kenshin rushes at Caldwell but Caldwell fires his front four fingers to his throat and Kenshin coughs violently and he is stunned. Kenshin gets doubled over with a powerful knee strikes to the abs and Caldwell follows it up with a simple boot to the head knocking him down. Caldwell moves over close to the ropes now and he places the sole of his boot to the throat of Kenshin while clutching the ropes for added pressure. Kenshin trashes about and referee Kamura orders Caldwell to release the hold on the rope.

Dave Dymond: Caldwell is testing senior referee Scott Kamura’s limits with the blatant choking.

Other Guy:I thought it was OK to use the camera cord?

Caldwell grabs Kenshin and shoves him into the corner. Caldwell measures Kenshin with a driving back elbow and followed with a knee to the gut doubling him over again. Caldwell grabs Kenshin in a front face lock and easily hoists the 204 pound champion up and drives him down in a vertical suplex. Caldwell covers using his right elbow to the face of Kenshin.


Dave Dymond: Oh man. Caldwell is just taunting Kenshin with that cover.

Other Guy:Gotta love that.

Kenshin angrily swats Caldwell’s arm away. Caldwell grabs Kenshin again and shoots him to the ropes. Caldwell just runs over Kenshin in a football tackle knocking him down. Kenshin tumbles onto the apron now and he’s stunned. Caldwell hits the ropes to gain some momentum and he floors Kenshin with a running big boot knocking Kenshin all the way to the floor. Caldwell immediately goes to the outside and he grabs a cable from the television trucks and chokes Kenshin with it! Kenshin trashes about in pain and Caldwell throws the cable off and this time, he uses his big right hand to choke Kenshin! Kamura forces a break and tells Caldwell to get back in the ring. Caldwell grabs Kenshin and goes to shoot Kenshin into the ring stairs but Kenshin reverses and Caldwell goes knee first into the ring stairs.


Other Guy:Oh no! Roland might have hurt his knee there!

Dave Dymond: Why don’t you kiss and make it better?

Other Guy:Zip it, Dymond.

Caldwell runs full force into the steel steps and he’s hobbled trying to get up. Kenshin gets up and fires a kick to the leg of Caldwell. Caldwell rolls back in retreat mode and Kenshin goes to the top rope now. Caldwell has his back turned to Kenshin when Kenshin flies off with a missile drop kick to the leg of Caldwell! Caldwell goes down in a flash and Kenshin immediately grabs the leg and torques it while he is standing. Caldwell shouts in pain and Kenshin grabs the leg and pulls him to the ropes. Kenshin jumps on the middle rope and drives all his weight onto the knee joint of Caldwell.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is well versed in the submission game. He’s a former Rule of Surrender Champion.

Other Guy:Good luck getting the tap out from Caldwell. He’d rather break his leg than tap out.

Kenshin goes to the outside now and he grabs the leg of Caldwell. Kenshin looks around into the crowd to gauge a reaction and the crowd shouts “YEAH!” egging Kenshin to ram Caldwell’s leg into the ring post. Kenshin hesitates and Caldwell pulls his leg suddenly away and Kenshin goes face first into the ring post! WHAM! Kenshin is down and clutching his face in pain.

Dave Dymond: Rookie mistake by Kenshin when he was paying more attention to the crowd rather than the match.

Other Guy:You gotta wonder if the pressure is getting to the champ.

Caldwell rubs his leg in obvious pain while Kenshin is still down on the floor. Caldwell doesn’t want Kamura to start his count though because a count out win means Roland doesn’t win the belt. Caldwell goes to the floor and grabs Kenshin. Caldwell awkwardly forces his body onto Kenshin driving him back first onto the steel guard rail. Caldwell is using every part of the ring to his advantage. Caldwell grabs Kenshin and places his body onto the edge of the ring facing up. Caldwell with a violent clubbing shot to the throat of Kenshin! Again! Again! Again! Four shots to the throat of the prone Kenshin and the crowd is loudly booing the challenger who could care less. Caldwell comes in and wants Kenshin to get up. Kenshin continues to cough but he gets up. Caldwell grabs him by the torso and does a Hot Shot move throwing Kenshin throat first onto the ring ropes! Kenshin violently bounces off the ropes and his body shakes in pain! Caldwell covers!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is hurt badly!

Other Guy:No kiddin!



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

Caldwell wraps his big hand around the throat of Kenshin and shoves him into the corner. Roland rushes in but Kenshin gets both boots up stunning Caldwell momentarily. Kenshin hops onto the second turnbuckle and has an inverted face lock on Roland going for the San Diego Stunner but Roland uses his brute strength to snap mare Kenshin off the second turnbuckle. Roland drives the boot into the spine of Kenshin but Kenshin grows angry. Roland kicks him again and Kenshin shakes it off. His fighting spirit makes him get up and he faces Roland. Caldwell RUNS HIM OVER with a vicious clothesline and not even Kenshin’s fighting spirit can stop the 289 lb. wrecking ball from Bean Town.

Dave Dymond: Caldwell just mauls people. Damn!

Other Guy:Kenshin did his best Hulk Hogan impersonation but he couldn’t ignore that big clothesline there!

Caldwell gets Kenshin’s body off the mat and Roland does an Irish whip but Kenshin does a handspring back elbow using the ropes to recoil back and hit Caldwell perfectly in the chest stunning him! Kenshin hits the ropes and does a flying forearm smash but Roland doesn’t go down! Kenshin hits the ropes again with added force and this time, he kicks Roland right in the face with a Yakuza kick. Roland refuses to go down! Kenshin hits the ropes again and this time, he throws his body recklessly onto Roland in a flying cross body!


Roland emphatically kicks out and Kenshin looks on in shock at the ease that Roland kicked out!

Dave Dymond: Look how easily Caldwell kicked out of that cross body!

Other Guy:No, my monitor went out. What happened?

Dave Dymond: Your monitor is fine. You’re just watching that girl in the front row with the huge… uh… nevermind!

Kenshin grabs the wrist of Roland going for the D-I-E but Roland shoves him off! Kenshin shakes off the shock and does a running step up enzugiri! Roland once again doesn’t go down but he is stunned. Kenshin scales the top ropes and flies off with a double handed chop to the head of Roland and that finally gets him down. Kenshin grabs the leg of Caldwell but the Boston native stubbornly shoves Kenshin off him. Roland starts to get up but Kenshin grabs him around the neck and wraps his legs around his torso attempting a guillotine choke!

Dave Dymond: No matter how big or how bad you are, you can get choked out!

Other Guy:Kenshin is trying to put Roland to sleep here.

A close up shot is seen of Roland’s face turning shades of red and purple from the lack of oxygen. We hear violent gurgling sounds of the block passage of his airway. Kamura checks on Roland whose arm goes limp and it looks like Caldwell is out! His arm falls once! Twice! The crowd growss restless thinking that the Boston native is out but no! Roland sneaks his right arm to break free of Kenshin’s grip and he uses raw strength to break the hold! His neck and face is a bright purple and Kenshin looks on in disbelief. Kenshin rushes in but Caldwell grabs him by his torso and executes a Spinebuster on the champion!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell almost passed out there and he had enough awareness to slam Kenshin down.

Other Guy:Kenshin had that guillotine locked in tight too!

Kamura starts a count on both downed men.







Both guys crawl towards one another. Kenshin blocks a punch by Caldwell and he counters with a knife edge chop! No effect on Roland and he shakes his head no. Kenshin chops him again and Caldwell doesn’t feel a thing. Kenshin gets a running start but Roland was anticipating Kenshin’s rush by picking him up and executing a powerslam! Cover by Caldwell.



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: Roland is anticipating Kenshin.

Other Guy:His wrestling skills are severely underrated because of his hardcore past. I wonder if Kenshin took him lightly.

Caldwell hits the ropes now and drives the point of his elbow onto the back of Kenshin. Caldwell picks Kenshin up and immediately places him in a standing head scissors and hoists the champ up onto his shoulders. Caldwell drops to his knees driving Kenshin’s back onto his massive shoulders in a massive back breaker! Caldwell covers!



Kenshin barely gets out.

Dave Dymond: One second! One second away from crowning a new champion!

Other Guy:How many seconds was that again?

Caldwell hits the ropes in anticipation for Kenshin to get up but Kenshin jumps onto Caldwell’s shoulders and smoothly executes a surprise flying head scissors takedown! Kenshin immediately drives both boots into the face of Caldwell with a low drop kick. Kenshin follows it up with a Shining Elbow onto the heart of Caldwell. Kenshin scurries to the outside apron now and he flies over the top ropes and crashes onto Caldwell with a springboard leg drop!



Caldwell kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is cooking here.

Other Guy:He’s cooking what? Steamed rice? Why he gotta cook rice? Cause he’s Asian? HUH? IS THAT IT?

Kenshin is using his speed now by going up to the top rope. Roland looks up and gets a flying back elbow onto his chest courtesy of Kenshin! The big man tumbles down. Kenshin looks down on Caldwell and he goes to the top rope again. He measures Caldwell momentarily and he flies off with a Swandive head butt RIGHT INTO THE KNEES OF ROLAND! The crowd GROANS in pain and the fans look on in panic because Kenshin is hurt!

Caldwell smirks in delight realizing the predicament the champion is in. Roland grabs Kenshin and hoists him onto his shoulders. He’s going for The Burning Hammer but Kenshin counters with an arm drag barely escaping Roland’s signature move! Roland is caught off balance when Kenshin grabs his throat and he measures Roland.

RED MIST! Roland is blinded by the mist and he gets rolled up!




Kenshin looks on in shock thinking that he just outsmarted Roland. Kenshin is BEGGING for Roland to get up and he’s got the number one contender in his sights. He’s going for Heaven’s Blade! The blinded Caldwell staggers up and Kenshin measures him with Heaven’s Blade but SOMEHOW Roland ducks out of the way and grabs the off balance Kenshin onto his shoulders. Kenshin is in a victory roll position but Roland kicks his legs out from underneath him and drops Kenshin with an Electric Chair!

The somewhat blinded Roland claws at his face to get the mist out of his face. Kenshin arches his back in pain. Both guys are slow to get up. Roland hammers Kenshin with a stiff right hook and Kenshin bounces off the ropes for a left uppercut. Caldwell  Kenshin falls onto the ropes and he’s trapped! His arms are trapped onto the ropes!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! Kenshin is defenseless!

Other Guy:Look at the look on Caldwell’s face. He looks like he just the lottery.

The sheer delight on Roland’s face makes the raucous crowd go into a hush. Roland quickly goes to the outside and he brandishes a steel chair from underneath the ring. Kamura is furiously trying to untie Kenshin off the ropes but it’s no use! Caldwell has the chair and he rolls in. Kamura tries to grab the chair but Roland jerks it away. He measures Kenshin!

NO! Kenshin unties himself just in time and all Roland hits is ropes. Kenshin scurries underneath Caldwell and in one desperate strike!

HEAVEN’S BLADE ON THE STEEL CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF ROLAND! Roland is down! Kenshin falls on him.




The arena goes black!

Dave Dymond: What the hell is going on?!??

Other Guy:Give me a flashlight or something. I want to know what happened!

The video screen comes to life with what looks to be blood dripping downwards. At the same time “In this Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.

Other Guy: Oh shit!  Oh hell no you know what this means, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Unfortunately I do.  VERY unfortunately I do.

The blood drips down the entire screen, collecting only in the middle to form a blood soaked “M” with the ends dripping slightly too.   The lights suddenly come up in a single flash of red and then return to normal, and the fans buzz… but once realization sets in regarding the man sitting in a wheel chair at the entry way, the booing echoes throughout the arena.  Jun Kenshin, barely to his feet, looks on with wide eyes and jaw has dropped in SHOCK.

Dave Dymond: Vincent Mallows is here… right now, RIGHT in front of us. And Jun Kenshin looks like he’s seen a ghost, O.G.

Other Guy: Might as well be one!  Vincent Mallows has not been seen from, and very rarely heard from in years and right now he’s here in the Mandalay Bay Event Center!

Kenshin continues to look on, and the booing continues as both Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher storm into the ring from behind Kenshin and before Kenshin can react, he is NAILED from behind!  Kenshin goes down and immediately Scott Kamura calls for the bell, bringing an end to this match up!

Dave Dymond:Damn it! Malice just cheap shotted Kenshin!


Kamura calls for the bell and he’s completely lost order.

Samantha Coil: This match is ruled a NO CONTEST!

The crowd boos the decision! The booing is only louder as a result of the calling of the match, and Sepulcher and Delacroy just take turns stomping down on the back of Kenshin!  The whole time Mallows watches on, not showing emotion one way or another.

Dave Dymond: And now Delacroy and Sepulcher taking out their frustrations of a loss earlier by assaulting the World Champion.  You know, O.G., you know this is at the request of Vincent Mallows, it’s been rumored heavily and now we’re seeing the truth revealed, Mallows is in complete backing of Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher!

Roland Caldwell gets back into things now, and seeing Delacroy and Sepulcher, he suddenly snaps, frustrated at their interrupting his world title match!  Caldwell grabs Delacroy and pulls him back, then gives him a HARD shove.  Roland then turns his focus to Sepulcher and does the same thing, shoving him out of the way!  Delacroy shakes his head and shoves Roland back and Roland CLOCKS Delacroy!

Delacroy staggers, and Sepulcher charges at Roland, but Roland turns and CLOTHESLINES Sepulcher!  Kamura calls for the bell again, and it rings more, but the anarchy continues.  Roland now turns his sights to Kenshin and suddenly lifts him up, setting up for the burning hammer… AND THE FANS ERUPT WITH CHEERS!!!

Other Guy: Christopher Davis!  Davis JUMPING the guard railing!

Dave Dymond: I see, I see! And I’m damn glad that I see it!

Davis slides into the ring and goes after Roland, forcing him to drop Jun Kenshin.  Roland is spun around by Davis and the two men suddenly begin to exchange blows!

Dave Dymond: Doesn’t look like Roland is on the same page with Delacroy and Sepulcher, but it sure as HELL looks like Davis is on the same page as Jun Kenshin!

Other Guy: They’re both old school guys and they respect one another!

Roland starts to reel back but suddenly kicks out his leg and catches Davis in the gut.  Delacroy and Sepulcher regroup and by this time Kamura has waved off the whole situation and exits the ring.  Delacroy and Sepulcher both attack Davis from behind, and Roland this time shrugs them off and turns back to Kenshin… who snaps back with a uppercut with his hand in a blade formation!  Outside, still watching from the entryway, Mallows just looks on, and after a moment raises his right hand holds it up, and then suddenly points down to the ring.  At that very instant, Sammy Rochester storms out from the back, arms raised out to his sides as he looks towards the ring!

Other Guy: Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!  Sammy Rochester on the way down, and this situation just lost all hope if you’re anyone who isn’t with Vincent Mallows!

Dave Dymond: Davis, Roland, and Kenshin are about to meet this deranged lunatic first hand!

Sammy gets in the ring quickly for a big guy and he observes the situation for a brief second, only to snap his head and looks right at Sepulcher.  Delacroy has Davis held standing up, and Sepulcher bounces off the rope, looking for his signature bicycle kick… when suddenly Sammy BULL RUSHES Sepulcher, and clobbers him with forearms to the sides of the head.  Sammy then just WHIPS his head at Sepulcher with a VICIOUS headbutt that knocks Sepulcher right off his feet!  The fans react with complete shock and get digest all that is happening.  Delacroy, shocked as well, goes after Sammy, confused and starts barking order.  Sammy’s eyes just go wider and Sammy UNLEASHES with punch after punch square to Delacroy’s face!

Dave Dymond: What is going on here! Sammy Rochester clearly coming down upon Mallows’s signal but he’s TAKING OUT the team that Vincent Mallows has come to back.

Other Guy: Maybe the rumors were false, Dave!  Because clearly this ain’t happening with Mallows and the tandem that called themselves Malice!

Dave Dymond: Sammy laying waste to them both… and now he’s turning right towards Jun Kenshin!

Roland looks over his shoulder, having Kenshin pressed up against the corner, and suddenly Roland steps away!  The fans boo loudly as Sammy runs as fast as he can and just SQUASHES Kenshin against the corner post, wraps his arms around him, and then just FLINGS him to the mat like it was nothing!  Davis regroups and goes after both men, the fans picking up, but Roland right there, intercepts with a HARD right hook!  Davis staggers back, but doesn’t fall down.  Davis fires back with a hard right hand of his own, catching Roland by surprise… only to be NAILED from behind with a double axe handle by Sammy! Davis doubles over, holding the back of his head.  Sammy looks to capitalize, but the fans pick up when suddenly Kenshin, running on pure adrenaline, snaps up to his feet…


Sammy is NAILED and stumbles back a great deal, leaning up against the ropes, but he DOESN’T fall.  The crowd GASPS in complete amazement that Sammy wasn’t even fazed! Roland quickly reacts going for Kenshin, but Davis spins him around, and engages in a full on exchange of fists with the number one contender!

Other Guy: This has gotten out of hand, but Kamura has already left and so as far as ALL this goes, Dave, it’s totally their own doing, this is not sanctioned fighting!

Kenshin works on trying to take Sammy off his feet, while Davis and Roland exchange blows, and suddenly the fans pick up again!  The camera angle shifts and Trevor Worrens is seen coming from the crowd, head still bandaged up, face on the right side slightly discolored from bruising, but he’s there!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens IS here tonight! What on earth!

Other Guy: This is even WORSE for the champ though, Dave.  You heard how pissed Worrens was last week, you think that subsided by tonight?

Worrens slides into the ring, wincing slightly, but his focus IS NOT on Jun Kenshin… Instead he makes it clear his target is Roland Caldwell!  Worrens FIRES with a chair shot to the back of Roland, causing Roland to slump.  Davis and Worrens share a brief moment, and Davis backs off, turning his attention now to Kenshin and Sammy who brawl… with Sammy suddenly CRUSHING Kenshin with a hard elbow!  Kenshin staggers and Worrens now drops the chair and sizes Roland up.  Worrens then hits the ropes, building up momentum, and as he goes for a clothesline, Roland ducks it quite suddenly grabs Worrens from behind… picks him up….


Dave Dymond: That SICK inverted DDT and Worrens is just LAID OUT!

Other Guy:That’s what happens when people mess with Roland Caldwell’s title shot!

The fans buzz with concern as Worrens’s already injured head was DRIVEN onto the steel of the chair, and now Davis and Kenshin work on Sammy…only for Roland to join grabbing Kenshin and looking to bring the same fate to him. Roland attempts the burning hammer, but Kenshin fights out of it… he looks for Heaven’s blade again, this time on Roland… only Roland moves!  Kenshin turns to continue after Roland, and Sammy right there… WICKED KICK OF HIS OWN!

Other Guy: Kick for a kick and Kenshin is drilled with a boot! The champ is OUT!

Dave Dymond:  Roland looking to add insult to injury lifting a barely with it Kenshin off the mat. This is a full on gang assault and Vincent Mallows is watching on… this must be what he had in mind. The unholy union of Sammy Rochester and Roland Caldwell!

Davis still fights through looks to go after Sammy and Caldwell both, the fans cheering what looks to be the last line of defense.  Davis hits Roland, then hits Sammy… then Roland again! The fans cheer, many rise to their feet.  The momentum seems to be changing… but in a blink of an eye…


Other Guy: WHAT THE…


Davis goes down instantly, SHOUTING in pain!  The crowd is FURIOUS and starts throwing trash, pop corn, soda bottles and whatever they can get their hands on! Corazon rises up to his full stance, looking down at Davis now, baseball bat held in hand.  He stands there, the Iron Fist Champion, looking down at Davis who looks to be in complete agony.  Corazon then STOMPS down on Davis’s right knee first… then his left knee… not saying a word, just causing total pain for Christopher Davis.

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis has been known to have knee problems from the past, and Corazon did his sadistic homework if you ask me.  This is just… I don’t even understand WHAT we are witnessing.

Other Guy: Take a number, Dave.  I don’t know what the fuck just hit the fan, but it hit it hard!

Dave Dymond:My God! This is chaos! Rochester laid out Kenshin!  Caldwell laid out Worrens! Corazon has attacked Davis!

The fans continue to boo as Corazon stands over Davis, and Roland Caldwell and Sammy Rochester stand there as well, looking down at the three fallen men who litter the ring.  And outside, Vincent Mallows wheels himself closer to the ring with the push of a button fixated on the right arm of the wheel chair.  Once closer up, he just looks on, a half deformed smirk on his half paralyzed face.  And then Mallows starts slapping his right hand against his dangling left arm, his way of applauding what he just witnessed.

And with no explanation, no answers… only questions.

Revolution goes off the air.