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Revolution: 018 – 1/20/07

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Cade Sydal.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Jun Kenshin standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, overwhelming pride and honor seen in his eyes.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.



The video instantly cuts from the opening montage, to backstage with Eryk Masters.  Standing next to him is the ominous duo of the Iron Fist Champion, and the behemoth Obsidian.  He’s already dressed to wrestle, sans the lacing of his boots and wrapping his wrists. 

Eryk Masters:  I’m here with the very successful, despite any nefarious measures taken…  Iron Fist Champion, and naturally, there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding this man, his six man tag team match, and various other things. 

Masters looks up at Obsidian, and then to Corazon, who smirks.

Corazon:  Right.  Controversy.  Please, Eryk, get on with your nonsense, so that I might actually prepare for my match tonight.

Eryk Masters:  Alright, sure.  First, let’s talk about what happened last week, in regards to the super fan and what transpired there.

Corazon shrugs his shoulders.

Corazon:  To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why the SHOOT Project felt it necessary to cut everything that transpired on that Revolution.  Beyond that, I’m even more confused about the rumors being removed as well. 

Eryk Masters:  So, do you think SHOOT is trying to protect you?

Corazon:  Certainly not.  I’m the bane of SHOOT Project’s existence.  There’s absolutely no reason for Jason Johnson or anyone to protect me, and I’ll be frank…  I don’t want the protection.  So, before anyone edits this…  understand this. 

Corazon pauses to look directly into the camera.

Corazon:  I WILL fight Jonny Johnson, and it WILL take place next week.  Simple as that.

The fans actually pop at the sound of this, which brings a small smile to Corazon’s face.

Eryk Masters:  Well, that’s pretty frank and to the point.  You sort of indirectly answered this challenge earlier this week, but…  Del Carver and the Hardcore House of Pain.  Thoughts?

Corazon:  The Hardcore House of Pain…  when Carver challenged me to this match, with the implications it has…  it was, as they say, a no-brainer.  My goal at the beginning of all of this was to push Del Carver into early retirement.  So, for him to basically give me the chance at doing just that…  of course I’m going to fight Del Carver in the Hardcore House of Pain.

Eryk Masters:  And you’re not concerned, or worried in the least?

Corazon:  I’ve heard all the urban legends about Carver’s House of Pain, and seen the video from when Roland fought him…  I’ll say this much about it, and then be done with it…  I WELCOME the opportunity to maim and retire Del Carver in his own match.  I have no doubt that it will be a brutal and devastating affair, but my goal and my mission is simple.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: End Del Carver.

Eryk Masters shakes his head.

Eryk Masters:  And one last thing…  tonight?  Any final words?

Corazon laughs.

Corazon:  When I saw the things that our opponents had to say tonight, I was certainly amused.  The only one of those three with any iota of intelligence about them is Trevor Worrens.  The other two were doing everything they could to spit the same rhetoric they’ve always spit.  But understand this, Eryk…  Jun…  Chris…

Once again, into the camera.

Corazon:  You HAVEN’T fought anyone like us.  You HAVEN’T fought anyone better than the three of us.  You are simply fooling yourself if you believe that.  Gentlemen?  There is no fear or intimidation in my eyes, or the eyes of Roland and Sammy.  They are primed and ready for this affair, and if you believe in any kind of deity or god…

He smirks one more time.

Corazon:  …I’d start praying.



Dave Dymond:  Wow…  Corazon with some words of warning to his three opponents tonight.  That, is going to be an incredible match.

Other Guy:  Corazon just exudes confidence.  I hope it doesn’t get the best of him though.

"Hail Mary (Rock Remix)" by Tupac kicks up within the Bellagio Grand Ballroom as Revolution kicks off in-ring action wise.  The fans immediately come to life with loud boos as the former Revolution Champion steps out from the back.  Donovan King stands confidently at the start of the ramp that leads to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening Revolution match up is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in tonight at 242 pounds, here is Donovan KING!!!

Upon hearing his name announced, King strides towards the ring, stopping every so often to look a fan that is booing him dead in the eyes.  Some of the fans start jawing at King but King then continues to stride by, putting the fans beneath him.

Dave Dymond: It is a night of gaining momentum as we are only two weeks removed from Redemption, and heated rivals Cade Sydal and that man right there, Donovan King, have put each other in harms way in hopes to gain an advantage heading into the pay per view.

Other Guy: Yeah, I honestly didn’t think we’d see what we’re gonna see to kick things off tonight, but it’s official and the former Revolution Champ is goin up against his former "coach" so to speak in Alex Harmston.

King enters the ring, all business tonight and instead of asking for a microphone he just turns his focus to the entryway awaiting his opponent.  After a moment King’s music dies down and is soon replaced by "Holy Fool" by the Boondock Saints.  As Alex Harmston steps out into the ring area, he is met with a mixed reaction, though given his opponent for the night, Harmston receives mostly cheers.  Harmston looks out to the capacity crowd and gives a nod of his head right before he starts down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 216 pounds, he is "The Foundation" Alex HARMSTON!!!

Harmston tags hands with a few eager fans who reach out past the guard railing, but his eyes never leave those of Donovan King’s inside the ring.  Harmston stops for a moment right outside of the ring and takes in a deep breath. He then jogs up the steel steps and enters the ring.  King approaches his protégé immediately and both men stand pretty much nose to nose, with Austin Linam looking to separate the two.  Neither man budges and Linam finally shakes his head and just calls for the bell.


Other Guy: It’s an official match, but ain’t nothin’ going down between these two.

Dave Dymond: King saying something to Harmston, but it doesn’t seem like the overhanging microphones can pick it up.

The fans buzz as now what was a one sided thing has involved both men.  King gets right up in Harmston’s face, but Harmston starts jaw jacking right back! This gets a decent pop from the fans and King looks to be a bit frustrated by Harmston’s defiance.  King backs up a few steps and suddenly points to the mat.  Harmston looks on in disbelief, but doesn’t physically react one way or another.

Dave Dymond: Oh man, we don’t have to here to decipher just WHAT King wants out of this match up.  He’s asking, no, he’s demanding that Alex Harmston lay down.

King furiously and repeatedly points to the mat, and Harmston seems reluctant.

"Don’t Lie Down! Don’t Lie Down! Don’t Lie Down!" the chant echoes within the Grand Ballroom and Harmston looks around at the fans, obviously debating. 

King steps forward and SHOVES Harmston and then points out to the fans while shaking his head.  Harmston still looks hesitant and King points down at the mat again.  Harmston looks down at the mat… and then the mood changes. Slowly Harmston starts to get down on the mat.

Dave Dymond: No… no way are we going to start out Revolution on this note.

Other Guy: Whatever King was sayin’ to Harmston obviously got into his head.  Donovan King is gonna way away with an easy win here.

Harmston lies completely flat on the mat and King smiles with complete arrogance as he takes a couple of swaggering steps towards Harmston, all the while gloating to the fans.  The fans are beside themselves with anger and just as a loud chorus of boos starts up, Harmston suddenly snaps up and catches King completely off guard!!!




King gets out of the pinning predicament and Harmston gets right up to his feet putting some distance between himself and King.  King gets up quickly and looks to Harmston, absolutely furious.  Harmston smirks a little, shakes his head, and shrugs.

Dave Dymond: We should have seen that coming, and I’m glad it did.  Donovan King is going to have a fight ahead of him tonight after all.

Other Guy: Harmston ain’t no push over that’s for sure. But given King’s history of anger and violence, not so sure this was a smart move on the part of the Foundation.

Dave Dymond:  Harmston taunting King now, and I don’t suppose that’s a good idea either, but King buys the bait and charges in!

King picks up a great deal of momentum as he rushes at Harmston.  Harmston reacts swiftly and ducks out of the way of the clothesline and counters by taking King down with a quick arm drag.  Harmston is up, King up as well, more furious than before, but walks right into a full on hip toss!  The fans pop as Harmston paces back and forth now, feeling the full momentum in his favor.  King scrambles up to his feet, but Harmston stays on the offense with a quick body slam. Before King can get up, Harmston drops an elbow then immediately hooks the leg, looking for a pin of his own.

Austin Linam drops to make the count, and some of the fans pick up with excitement.


TWO… barely the two count as King gets the should up and forces Harmston up to his feet.  King quickly rolls out of the ring now to recollect himself, the fans once again cheering for Harmston.  Harmston stays right on top of things though and starts out of the ring, and King suddenly recovers at the right time and NAILS Harmston with a boot to the mid-section!

Dave Dymond: This fight going to the outside now… and King just PUMMELING Harmston’s back with those clubbing forearm shots now.

Other Guy: Harmston HAD the momentum, but Donovan King, ever the thinker, got him to follow right to the outside, givin’ the former Rev. champ the advantage now.

Harmston tries to stand up despite the forearm shots crashing down on his back, and the second he gets up, King quickly WHIPS Harmston right into the upper left ring post!  The fans cringe upon the impact and Harmston ricochets off the post and falls face first onto the floor by the guard railing.  Referee Austin Linam shouts for both men to get back into the ring, but King ignores the referee’s call.



King walks over to Harmston now as the referee continues the double ring out count.  King lifts Harmston up to his feet and holds him there for a moment.  King then shakes his head, lifts Harmston up by the legs and SNAKE EYES him right onto the top of the railing!  Again the fans find themselves cringing, and King stands over Harmston, a menancing smile on his face.


Dave Dymond: Donovan King has slowed the pacing of this match up considerably, which is the environment that he works best in. When he has the time, when he has the control, and you’d think Alex Harmston would have been ready for this.

Other Guy: King’s seen quite the transformation over the weeks, Dave.  The man’s become, in a messed up way, more focused than ever.

Dave Dymond: Whether or not that is a direct result of his "blame everyone" is uncertain, but obviously King’s belief that Cade Sydal is responsible for why King ISN’T a house hold name in professional wrestling right now is what’s pushing the former champion the most.

Linam reaches eight and shouts a warning.  King grabs Harmston at this point and drags him closer to the ring.




As Linam passes the half way point on the count, King lifts Harmston up and rolls him into the ring, finally breaking the count.  King sizes up Harmston, who is starting to stir, and quickly drops a standing leg drop, to keep Harmston grounded.  King now hooks both legs, while laying across Harmston’s chest on his back.  The fans boo the somewhat arrogant pin attempt and now Linam drops to the mat to make the count.



Dave Dymond: Two count only as Harmston very much still in this match up.  And you have to believe Cade Sydal is in the back preparing for his match up later tonight, but also keeping a very close eye on just what’s transpiring in the ring right now.

Other Guy: No doubt, and what he’s seeing is Donovan King in control, somethin’ that’s prolly not gonna make Cade’s day any better.

King remains in control now by pulling Harmston up off the mat and then he quickly whips Harmston into the upper right corner of the ring.  Harmston hits hard and slumps slightly, allowing King to charge in, but at the last second Harmston gets a desperation elbow up that stops King’s momentum.  King stumbles back and Harmston now looks to capitalize, but King turns it right around with a HUGE power slam on Harmston!

Other Guy: Hell of an impact there, and the cover, this could be it, Dave.



Dave Dymond: But it’s not it. Another two count and Harmston still fighting.

King, frustrated by the kick out, suddenly mounts Harmston, keeping him on the mat, and applies a blatant choke.  Linam issues the warning, but King ignores it.  Linam then has no choice but to make the count.


Just as Linam hits five, King breaks the hold, cutting it as close as physically possible.  The fans boo loudly and King sits there for a moment looking out at them, again that menacing smile on his face.  King then slowly gets up off of Harmston, but brings Harmston up to his feet and now VIOLENTLY sends him into the ropes.  King anticipates too early and drops down for a back body drop, but Harmston has time to counter now, and he snaps back into things flipping over King and then turning his body to catch him in a small package!  The fans are up on their feet…



NO!  Kick out by King and the excited fans settle into their seats.  King is right up to his feet after Harmston is up and swings with a standing clothesline! Harmston again quick to react and ducks, then LEAPS with a dropkick that sends King down onto the mat!

Dave Dymond: Alex Harmston showing that Donovan King should have never underestimated him like he did, and we could very well be seeing the revitalized return of the Foundation!

King up to his feet now, but Harmston right there waiting, quick manhattan drop right into a swinging neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond: King taken RIGHT back down, and Harmston makes yet another cover… does he have him…



THRE….  CLOSE! But King shoulders out once again.

Other Guy: Oh man, closer the second time around there, but Harmston not able to put King down.  I think King’s realizin’ he’s gonna have to bring the real fight now.

Dave Dymond: Harmston feeling it though and these fans rallying behind him!

Harmston looks out to the fans for a moment, but then turns his focus right back onto King, looking to bring an end to this match up.  Harmston approaches, ready to lock on his signature submission hold, but just as he starts to bend down for King, King springs up, grabs the tights and falls backwards slinging Harmston’s throat down onto the nearby middle rope.  Harmston gasps for breath as King comes up from behind him and pushes down on the back of Harmston’s neck now… choking the life out of him!!!

Dave Dymond: Come on now… AGAIN with the blatant choking and that is grounds for disqualification.

Other Guy: King ain’t no stranger to this kinda fight though, Dave.  We’ve seen him use some serious underhanded tactics before… so really don’t act so surprised.

Dave Dymond: The referee again enforcing the rules, and now physically inserting himself

Other Guy: Kinda like you physically insert your…

Dave Dymond: Don’t even finish that comment, O.G.

Linam finally gets King off of Harmston, but King suddenly SLINGSHOTS himself over the top rope and drops a hard leg drop across the back of Harmston’s head!  Harmston’s neck is snapped down on the middle rope and then he bounces off, hitting the back of his head on the canvas. King quickly slides in and falls on Harmston for a forceful cover.  The referee hits the mat…



THREE…. NO!  Harmston answers the three count before it can be made and keeps the match going.  King in a moment of frustration rises up to his feet and stomps down HARD on Harmston’s chest.  Then, no longer looking to prolong the match, King reaches down and YANKS Harmston up to his feet and immediately puts him up into a fireman’s carry position. The fans buzz with concern.

Dave Dymond: King calling for the KTFO right here… but no! Harmston still focused and conscious, he’s trying to break free!

The concern turns to cheers as Harmston wiggles free and slides behind King into an Ocean Cyclone.  King however quickly looks to counter the counter by rolling forward in a victory roll attempt… but Harmston drops to his knees, right on King’s shoulders and PINS HIM DOWN!! Linam, caught off guard has to react quickly and drops to the mat…




King JUST kicks out!

Other Guy: Wow, surprisingly long two count there, I thought Harmston had it on that.

Dave Dymond: The counter of the counter of the counter took King by surprise as it did pretty much everyone watching here in the Bellagio Grand Ballroom.  Harmston NOT giving up!

Harmston gets up off the mat, thinking he has a moment, but King surprisingly springs right up to his feet and before Harmston can react, King CRUSHES him with a hard clothesline!

Other Guy: Yeah but King may just force Harmston into givin’ up!

Dave Dymond: Hard clothesline finally connects in favor of Donovan King and King not taking his time anymore.

King stays right on top of Harmston now and works a series of quick crossfacing shots to keep Harmston down and groggy.  King, after a few more shots, brings Harmston up to his feet and goes for a back suplex.  Harmston YET AGAIN shows his own perseverance and counters out of it with a back flip. Right from there, Harmston digs down deep and TAKES DOWN King with a sudden explosive German suplex!!!  The fans pop big time for the unexpected move!

Dave Dymond: What a German suplex on Harmston’s part, but looks like the damage has been done as well.  Harmston is down, King is down… but both men struggling to get up to their feet.

Other Guy: This has been a fight and then some to kick off Revolution!

Dave Dymond: That it has… and now Harmston up first, but Donovan King up right after him.

Harmston approaches King, only for King to throw a wild punch.  Harmston reacts and catches King’s arm, while at the same time ducking it and snaps King with a swift Dragon suplex!  Another quick pop and the cover is made…. The fans on their feet.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


The fans echo three, but suddenly let out a collective "OOOOH" as referee Austin Linam holds up only two fingers.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe it, another close close call, but Alex Harmston unable to end the match with his quick thinking thus far, and I myself am starting to wonder just what Harmston has to do to keep King down for the three count.

Harmston, a bit flustered by the situation unfolding, gets up to his feet a bit slower than normal and then pulls King up to his feet.  More quickly now Harmston whips King into the ropes, but King gets back into things and hooks both his arms around the top, stopping his momentum.  Harmston however stays one step ahead of King even still and charges… CLOTHESLINING King over the top rope!!!

Other Guy: Clothesline for a clothesline I guess, Dave… and Harmston clears the ring.

With King on the floor on the outside, Harmston starts to play up to the crowd now, really feeling the match in his total favor. The fans react, cheering on Harmston as loud as they can. Meanwhile, outside the ring, the camera angle shifts to reveal King down but rummaging under the ring skirt.  Suddenly he pulls out a long steel chain and jingles it slightly.  Austin Linam goes to start the ring out count for King, but King slowly slides back into the ring, making sure his back is to Harmston as he rises up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Wait a minute, Donovan King’s got that chain… damn it… and Harmston is about to walk right into it.

The fans, now seeing King with the chain as well begin to boo loudly. King starts to wrap the chain around his fist as Harmston approaches, but Linam is in position and he sees the chain, he waves off King, but as Harmston whips King around… King CLOCKS Harmston square in the face!!!  Linam shouts a very stern warning at King as the boos only get louder.

Other Guy: King’s eyes are locked on Harmston, Dave, and that can only mean bad news here.

Dave Dymond: If King strikes again its grounds for….  DAMN IT!!!

King unwraps the chain quickly and then WHIPS Harmston once… then twice… then just repeatedly!!!  The referee has no choice but to call for the bell… the fans continuing to boo as Harmston lays at King’s mercy!

Dave Dymond: Son of a… this is unbelievable. This is the SECOND match in a row that Donovan King has used that chain to get out of a fight and soil a perfectly good match up.

Other Guy: And he ain’t done yet!

Despite the bell, and Linam’s continued shouts, Donovan King continues to whip Harmston, and then suddenly he drops down and wraps the chain around Harmston’s head and applies his signature cross face submission hold with use of the chain!  Linam calls for more officials, and the entire referee crew spills out from the back and heads to the ring.  King keeps the hold locked on this whole time and eventually Harmston stops struggling all together, unconscious… passed out from the pain.  At that moment King breaks the hold on his own, standing over Harmston while the referees surround King, shouting at him to get out of the ring.

And King raises his hand, and slowly counts out five with each finger.

Other Guy: Talk about sendin’ a message to Sydal in the back. Dave.  Donovan King counting to five, using Alex Harmston as nothin’ but a symbol of what’s to come at Redemption.

Dave Dymond: Alex Harmston technically picks up the victory here tonight, but it is in fact, as you said O.G., Donovan King who ends up with the upper hand.  And how will this imagery affect Cade Sydal later… especially when the Revolution Title will be on the line.

Other Guy: Oh man, if Cade’s head ain’t in the game, there’s a good chance that Chivalric will once again taste championship gold, and for the first time, it’ll be of the SHOOT Project flavor, ya know?

Dave Dymond: That match still to come and… oh thank god. Donovan King leaving the ring, and the officials tending to Harmston.  But the damage has been done, and Alex Harmston has felt the wrath of a cold steel chain.


We find ourselves backstage, as Killian Reilly walks down the hallway, drinking a bottle of Killian’s Irish Red, and smoking a cigarette. He doesn’t get very far before he finds himself standing in front of a very large and very angry CJ Nelson.

CJ Nelson: Bad move, Reilly. We don’t take kindly when people get involved in our business.

Killian Reilly: Yeah right, I get it. You’re big. You like being a badass. Get the fuck out of my way.

CJ: No, I don’t think you do get it. I think you’re just dumb enough to think you can get away with that. This is the part where we prove you wrong.

Killian: We?

And that’s about the time he finds the second half of LIHC, or, more appropriately, Jared Walsh finds his head with a chair. Killian doesn’t go down right away, but turns around woozily to face Jared… unfortunately, turning his back on CJ, who picks him up with a full-nelson slam onto the concrete. Jared hits him with the chair again, and CJ lays in a few boots for good measure.

CJ: Yeah, we. Next time, we won’t be as pleasant. Don’t stick your nose where it don’t belong.

Jared: Ooh, a Killian’s.

Jared takes the beer bottle, which has fallen onto the floor and spilled a good portion of its contents, and the pair walk away, as Jared takes a swig.


The scene opens to a section cleared out backstage. Set up is a Talk Show typesetting and sitting behind a desk dress like a Talk Show host is none other, Eli Storm. Storm smiles and taps the mic in front of him ala Dave Letterman.

Storm: Welcome back to one of the most asked about shows in SHOOT Project history. That’s right this is the return of The Ratings Boost. And tonight we have a special guest to jump start the show. So Ladies and Gentlemen…I would like to introduce my guest. This man has been waging wars from Donovan King and now Anisley Lake…here is Jester Smiles!!!

Jester Smiles: Hey Eli.

Storm: Have a seat, have a seat. Now as the fans have seen you have been one busy man, Eric.

Jester Smiles: Been a rough few weeks, sure.

Storm: Which is one of the reasons, I wanted to talk to you. This war with King…as we all saw was a violent. And now with King setting his sights on Sydal…it’s hard for people to feel that it’s over between you two.

Jester Smiles: Look, man, I beat King. Now, if he wants to fuck with Sydal, he can fuck with Sydal. I don’t give a damn about either man, really. Far as I’m concerned, they can both kill themselves in that Death Match of theirs.

Storm: This brings us to something that looks like it’s been building for a long time. You and Ms. Lake. What’s the inside scoop for those who may be tuning in for the first time?

Jester Smiles: That’s kinda personal, actually.

Storm: Personal or not, it seems like she has focused all her energy on punishing you. She has even brought in help.

Jester Smiles: Fine. I fucked up. There you go. I betrayed her, and she’s getting even. However, she’s getting even at the cost of the woman I fell in love with. Right now, the popular thing is to call Anisley Lake a ring slut and get your cheap laughs. She’s a wonderful person who’s lost sight of her good side, and I need to save her.

There you go, Storm. You fuckin’ happy?

Storm: Saving her. Heh, Kid…at the right you are going, you need to save yourself.

Jester Smiles: Look, man, I don’t need your help, pity, or whatever. I don’t even need you to understand.

Storm: Look kid…I’ve been where you are at. And sometimes in your life you got to realize that no matter how much you want to…some people don’t want to be save.

Jester Smiles: She may not want to be, but I’ve got to try. It’s my fault, man. My fucking fault.

Storm: Your fault!?! Heh, why because you betrayed her? Because you did what you felt you had to do? Let me ask you a question, Eric…how far are you willing to go in order to save her? Just what are you willing to put on the line?

Jester Smiles: Everything.

Storm sighs for a moment.

Storm: And what if that is not enough for her Eric? What if she wants more then you can give? Then what?

Jester Smiles: I’ll see what happens when I get there.

Storm: Well what about the man she has brought into this to face you?

Jester Smiles: Chivalric? He’s in the way. So, I have to move him.

Storm: We assume this isn’t the first time that you two have stepped into the ring?

Jester Smiles: Actually, it is. I’ve never faced Chivalric before, not including the match we had last week. We both worked in OPW at the same time, but I’ve never really had any contact with Chivalric. Like I said, Mason Bishop was in my way, so I moved him. If he wants to stay in my way, I’ll move him again.

Storm: And I take it you’ll keep moving people out of your way until you get what you want?

Jester Smiles: You’d be correct.

Storm: Even if if that isn’t what she wants?

Jester Smiles: I’ll find a way.

Storm: Well here is your platform. Use this time to make your case. My camera is yours.

Jester Smiles: I’m sorry, Anisley. I betrayed you. But what you are doing and have done to get revenge, it isn’t you. This is not you. I sincerely hope you realize this. In the mean time, I will continue to fight, until I can finally save you, or until I can no longer fight.

I’m trying Anisley. I’m trying.

Storm: Well, thank you for stopping by, Eric.

Jester Smiles: Yeah.

Smiles gets up and Storm shakes his head as the scene fades to black.


We go to the backstage area and we have the World Heavyweight Champion standing by. The fans cheer upon seeing him.

Jun Kenshin: You know it’s not easy being the champ.

He raises the World Heavyweight Title for all to see.

Jun Kenshin: You’ve got all eyes on you at all times. You can never slip up. You can never rest. You can never let you guard down.

Jun Kenshin: Last week, along with Trevor Worrens and Christopher Davis… I was left for dead. I was destroyed.

The crowd boos in the background.

Jun Kenshin: Tonight, I’m going to team with a legend and I’m going to team with a man that’s said his sole purpose in life is to make sure he gets HIS title back. I don’t like the circumstances but I’m still going to conduct as a professional because… I’m the champ. I’m the meanest dog in this yard. This is MY house.

The crowd pops.

Jun Kenshin: Caldwell? Corazon? Rochester?

Kenshin leans in closer.

Jun Kenshin: You three bitches are just renting. It’s time to pay up, boys.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a tag team match! Introducing first, accompanied by Maureen Collins, at a combined weight of 457 lbs, MICHAEL and ROWLAND COLLINS!

The Collins clan makes its way through the curtains to a number of jeers and boos from the crowd, as “Not Without A Purpose” flows through the arena. The pair look agitated, but determined to take this match as they stalk to the ring.

Dave Dymond: A tough week for the Collins brothers, as they had quite the back and forth with their opponents. And I must say it got pretty heated.

Other Guy: Heated? If you mean got like an H-bomb is hot, then yes.

The pair slide into the ring simultaneously, as Maureen looks on from the outside, and wait at the ropes, seemingly ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 542 lbs, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

The pair walk through the curtains, Jared being extremely enthusiastic about conversing with (or insulting) the fans, while CJ walks slowly toward the ring to the strains of Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation.”

Other Guy: Ah, Thin Lizzy, a good Irish band.

Dave Dymond: You’re a dick, OG.

The crowd is mildly against the pair from New York, and as Jared and CJ take a minute to jaw with a particular fan on the outside, that’s when the Collins brothers make their move. They slide out of the ring, and charge LIHC, with Michael going straight for CJ with a flying forearm to the face! Rowland catches Jared with a spear into the guardrail, and Dennis Heflin has no choice but to call for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Looks like this one’s starting on the outside, and LIHC just got blindsided!

Other Guy: Although how one gets blindsided from the front is a mystery to me.

CJ is staggered, but not down, as Collins throws another few punches to his face, and a kick to the knee to drop him to a more manageable level. CJ drops to his knee, and Collins flattens him with a diving clothesline! Michael gets on top of him and starts throwing lefts and rights into his face! Meanwhile, Rowland and Jared are starting to recover from the heavy slam into the guardrail, and it’s Collins who gets the upper hand first. He drives Jared’s face into the top, putting him on the ground. Rowland pushes him around, and catapults him chest first into the top of the guardrail, and Jared hits with a thud! He bounces off, and just drops like a stone to the floor!

Dennis Heflin is down at the entranceway, and he’s doing his best to herd these four over to the ring. Rowland is the first to abide by the ref, picking Jared up, and pulling him by his hair closer to the ring. He rolls him in, holding his head over the apron, and dropping an elbow across Jared’s forehead! Heflin slides in the ring, and starts the count for Rowland, who rolls up onto the apron.

CJ and Michael are still on the outside, by the entranceway, with Collins on top of CJ trading lefts and rights with CJ’s face. Finally, CJ has had enough, and just tosses Collins off like a ragdoll! Collins hits the floor hard, and CJ is up, shaking out the cobwebs. He grabs Collins into a fireman’s carry, and starts to walk him down to the ring. Michael is shaking away, but CJ holds on… no! Right next to the ring steps, Collins slides off CJ’s shoulders and drops him to the floor with a DDT! CJ slumps down as Michael stalks over to his corner, itching to get in the ring.

Dave Dymond: And now the match starts for real!

Other Guy: I’d say that getting leveled with a DDT on that floor is pretty fuckin’ real, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Oh, stop it, you know what I meant.

Rowland has Jared entirely on the defensive, backing him into a neutral corner, throwing heavy shoulder thrusts into his gut. Jared crumples down, and Rowland hits a baseball slide directly to his groin! Jared lets out a howl, holding his jewels, as Rowland picks him up and brings him right back down with a snap suplex!

Other Guy: Rowland’s keeping Jared grounded here, and that’s probably the smartest thing he could do right now.

Dave Dymond: Besides not letting him tag in CJ. With Walsh, he doesn’t have much advantages, but with CJ it’s even worse.

Rowland ducks under the top rope, slinging himself over the ropes with a legdrop! Jared’s body bounces a bit off the mat, and Michael calls to Rowland in the ring. Rowland picks up Jared, and Irish whips him into the Collins corner… right into the foot of Michael Collins! Jared’s face meets Collins’ boot, and he drops woozily to the mat as Rowland tags in Michael! Jared is trying to regain his bearings, and doesn’t have much time before Michael whips him to the ropes– Jared ducks a clothesline! Michael turns around, and Jared takes to the air with a diving clothesline– no! Michael turns it into a powerslam! He rocked the ring with that one, and he makes the cover! Heflin drops for the count!




CJ has pulled Collins off of Jared, and dropped him solidly on his head with a German suplex! Heflin is arguing with the big man, attempting to push him back out of the ring, but CJ isn’t going anywhere!

Dave Dymond: A wise move by CJ Nelson here, keeping the ref occupied while his partner gets back to form.

Other Guy: And allowing him to use some dirty tricks, too, apparently!

Jared has pulled Collins to the ropes, and he lays the Irishman across the middle rope, choking him with one leg! Jared pushes himself down on Michael with the top rope, and CJ finally steps out of the ring after Heflin starts a five count! The ref turns around to see Jared choking Michael, and starts another five count, with Jared releasing at 4! Collins coughs, and while Heflin is arguing with Jared about the illegal move, CJ comes over, pulling Collins over the rope again! Jared maneuvers to make sure Heflin doesn’t see, and Michael is throwing punches into CJ’s face, trying to get him to stop! But Rowland comes off the apron with a missile dropkick that puts CJ onto the floor! Rowland pulls CJ over by the announce table, grabbing a camera cable, and wrapping it around CJ’s throat!

Rowland: Yeh like to choke people, eh? How’s ‘at feel?!

Dave Dymond: That’s despicable, OG!

Other Guy: Shh! He’ll hear you! That was Dymond, for the record, Mr. Collins, sir.

Dave Dymond: Et tu, OG?

Jared and Heflin have ceased their argument, and as Heflin turns around, Rowland lets go of the cord around CJ’s neck. Heflin briefly tells the pair to get back to their corners, before his attention is ripped away by the pair in the ring. Jared bounces off the ropes and leapfrogs Collins, stopping short, and sending a dropkick backwards into Michael’s chest! Michael falls to the mat, as Jared rolls onto the apron, swinging over the top rope with a senton that lands dead-center of Michael’s back! Collins rolls over as Jared rolls onto his feet, springing off the middle rope with a moonsault! Collins got his knees up! Jared flops backward, clutching his ribs, as Rowland gets onto the apron, reaching for the tag! Michael groggily gets to his feet, grabbing Jared by the legs, and sliding his head under the bottom rope– catapult! Jared’s throat just nailed the bottom rope HARD, and he starts coughing! Collins steps out on the apron, as Jared’s head hangs over the side… legdrop! Jared just got broken in half!

Other Guy: That was just brutal! I think my back hurts now!

Jared is crumpled in the ring, smart enough to pull himself completely in, as Collins steps back up the steps. He climbs to the top, and dives off with an elbow that connects! Collins goes for the cover!



THR– no! Jared got a foot on the ropes!

Collins slams his hand on the mat in a rage, and grabs Jared roughly by the head. He pulls him a little further out from the corner, and hammers him into the mat with a DDT! Almost as soon as Jared hits the mat, Michael drives a knee into his head! Then another! He grabs Jared around the head and shoulders, and continues to throw knees into the top of his head! CJ pushes into the ring, laying a HUGE boot to Collins’ gut, flinging him off of Jared, and grabs Michael by the arms, slamming a monstrous headbutt into Michael’s face! Michael collapses on the ground as Heflin intervenes, trying to push the 315-pound beast back out of the ring! Nelson backs slowly out of the ring, as Jared crawls to the ropes. Heflin starts the count!

1!  2!

Jared has pulled himself to his knees– and falls back to the mat! Collins is stirring, but he seems to have completely lost his bearings!

3!  4!

Maureen is next to the ring, calling to Michael, trying to get him to get up, and Rowland starts stomping on the apron to wake him up! Jared is pulling himself up on the ropes, and dragging himself toward his corner!

5!  6!

Collins is on his knees, reaching for the tag with Rowland… Jared is reaching for the tag with CJ… Jared dives, and CJ is in! Heflin stops the count, and Maureen shrieks as CJ grabs Michael by the foot, and pulls him to the center of the ring, slamming his knee to the mat!

Dave Dymond: And CJ Nelson is like a house of fire!

Other Guy: Yes, and several other cliches I can’t be bothered to talk about!

Dave Dymond: Seriously, you’re a dick.

Michael bounces off the mat, and onto his back, as CJ drops a heavy elbow across his chest! CJ’s assault doesn’t stop, as he grabs Collins by his hair, and slams him right back down! CJ puts a foot on Michael’s chest… and walks across! Collins is flopping like a fish, and CJ throws the double deuce to his brother on the outside! Rowland steps through the ropes to yell at him, and Heflin is there, trying to push him out, and having a much easier time of it than he was with CJ. But Rowland keeps arguing, and CJ turns around to pick up Michael… low blow from Michael Collins! CJ drops after the great equalizer, and Heflin doesn’t see a thing! Rowland steps out of the ring in time for Michael to stumble over and make the tag!

Other Guy: LIHC’s getting a taste of their own medicine!

Dave Dymond: And Rowland is looking to turn the momentum back in their favor!

CJ is getting to his knees, but Rowland is right behind him, grabbing his arms, and pulling him into a surfboard! CJ’s straining, and he eventually pulls Rowland forward, but before he can do anything, Rowland rolls over CJ’s shoulders with a neckbreaker! CJ’s face snaps forward, and he bounces back onto the mat! Rowland grabs Nelson’s legs, and flips over him for a bridge!



TH– Kickout by CJ!

Rowland gets to his feet, and CJ to his knees, and Rowland charges in again– but is met by a hand to the throat! CJ picks up Collins, who kicks and fights as hard as he can… chokeslam, and Rowland hits the mat hard! CJ doesn’t let him stay there, though, and sends Collins into LIHC’s corner, charging quickly behind, and smashing him against the turnbuckles with a splash! Collins stumbles forward, and drops to the mat, as CJ tags in Jared, who goes almost immediately to the top!

Dave Dymond: Jared going for the high risk here…

Other Guy: Because it’s served him so well tonight.

Collins is up, and Jared flies off the top– dropkick to the chest from Collins! Jared crumples like a sheet of paper, and Rowland grabs him by the hair.

Dave Dymond: High risk doesn’t always equal high reward!

Other Guy: Jared Walsh is proving that tonight, and… what’s going on at the entrance?

Dave Dymond: Is that Kid Lightning? What’s he got there?

Sure enough, Kid Lightning, in a suit (over his superhero costume, of course, to protect his secret identity) is walking to the ring, somewhat nervously. He has a bouquet of daisies in his hands. Rowland pulls Jared to his feet, just as Kid Lightning gets down to ringside, handing the daisies to Maureen.

Dave Dymond: Oh, that is adorable.

Other Guy: It doesn’t look like Rowland agrees with you, though, Dave, because he’s coming out to, uh, “have a chat.”

Rowland slides out, getting right between Kid Lightning and Maureen, pushing the daisies to the floor. Maureen is trying to argue, but Rowland isn’t paying any mind to her, jawing with Kid Lightning on the floor. The two argue, but the argument quickly gets resolved when Jared flies off the top rope with a plancha, flattening both Rowland and Kid Lightning! The three lay in a heap on the ground, with the bouquet of daisies barely surviving the impact! Jared rolls off of the two, getting to his feet first, and Michael drops off the apron to help his family… but CJ is there! He tackles Michael to the ground, as Jared pulls Rowland up and rolls him into the ring! Maureen scoops up the daisies and Kid Lightning and starts to walk the superhero to the back! CJ gets back up, turning away, as Jared slides into the ring!

CJ gets back on the apron as Jared grabs Rowland by the ankles. CJ puts his foot on the top turnbuckle, and Jared hits the Tension right into CJ’s foot! Rowland stumbles, but Jared grabs him by the head, and runs up the turnbuckle! You Dissolve! Rowland hits the mat face first, and gets decent air on the bounce, as Jared makes the cover! Dennis Heflin drops down, and doesn’t see Jared putting his feet on the ropes!



THREE! LIHC takes the win!

Samantha Coil: The winners, at a time of 18 minutes and 9 seconds, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

<</a>b>Dave Dymond: The match is over, but Long Island Hardcore doesn’t seem satisfied with that outcome!

Other Guy: I hope this doesn’t turn out like their “loss” to Malice last week! They could force themselves into the tag titles by default!

CJ has slammed Michael into the ring post, rolling him into the ring. Jared is back on his feet, as is Rowland, and they’re trading blows before CJ waffles Rowland in the head with the chair! Jared grabs it, hitting Rowland with a standing facebuster! CJ scoops Michael up, putting him into the Crucifix Escapist, as Jared goes to the top with the chair! He flies off with the Most Precious Blood as CJ drops him down– Fracture! CJ slides back to the outside as Jared continues the assault on the Collins brothers!

Dave Dymond: Somebody get out here and do something about this!

Other Guy: Some fan just hopped the railing!

Dave Dymond: And he’s got a chair! That’s no fan, OG, that’s Killian Reilly! The cavalry is here!

CJ doesn’t see him pop over the guardrail, and Killian blasts him in the back of the head with a chair! CJ stumbles forward, then turns around, an angry look on his face! Killian doesn’t so much as blink, before slamming him in the face! CJ slowfalls backward onto the floor, and Killian slides in the ring! Jared turns around just in time to get a chairshot to the face himself! Jared flops to his back as well, and all four men are laid out! Killian drops the chair, and slides out of the ring, back into the crowd! The Collins brothers start to get to their feet, rolling out of the ring and making as quick an exit as possible, as Jared lays motionless in the ring, and CJ starts to collect himself on the outside! CJ shakes out the cobwebs, sliding into the ring, and scooping Jared over his shoulder!

Dave Dymond: Killian Reilly just saved the Collins brothers, and possibly the SHOOT Project tag division, by laying out LIHC… but why?!

Other Guy: After the Bar Room Brawl at Animosity, are you surprised that there’s some respect between Reilly and Michael Collins?


“I hurt myself today…”  Softly the strains of Nine Inch Nails float through the air like delicate snowflakes.

And then like that… they’re gone.

“My name is Roland Caldwell.”

The words echo as the screen remains all black.  Utter black.

“I am SHOOT Project’s antichrist…”

The screen begins to slowly turn red, followed by a flash of Roland’s face, the proverbial crimson mask as he smiles. 

And then the beating strains of “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin.

“All I see turns to brown…”

Roland’s laughter overcome the lyrics…

“as I scan this wasted land…”

Shots of Roland.  Leaping from the top rope.  Fighting a fan in the stands.  Beating Trevor Worrens with a chair.  Spitting on the World Title belt.

Roland Caldwell stands tall in the ring with Corazon, and Sammy Rochester.

Kashmir fades down.  Roland’s voice echoes.

“It begins.”

The soft strains of The Carpenters dance… “We’ve only just begun…”

Fade to Red.


A break in the in ring action takes viewers to just outside the Bellagio, where Trevor Worrens is seen with his back to the outside wall of the large hotel and casino complex.  He looks to no one in particular, speaks to no one in particular.

Trevor Worrens: Tonight…

Worrens seems to struggle to find the right words to say.

Trevor Worrens: Tonight I have to face my burden head on.  Tonight I am to stand strong alongside my actual opposition.  Me.  Two weeks ago I wanted nothing more than to take back what I earned, deserved, and STILL deserve to have… the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  One week ago, I was ready to take out Jun Kenshin and see to it that he wouldn’t be prepared, he wouldn’t be ready for Redemption.  That he would be at a disadvantage like I was.

Worrens forces a laugh.

Trevor Worrens: And tonight that all changes.  I need, want, and must see that Jun Kenshin survives the inevitable encounter.  That all of us on my side can once again look at Vincent Mallows, and those he now lives vicariously through, and survive.  I’ve never called myself a hero. I’ve never WANTED to be a hero.  That doesn’t change tonight.

Slowly Worrens gets up to his feet and he turns his attention to the Bellagio.

Trevor Worrens: What does change, is that those who think they have the upper hand… are going to learn that it’s not that easy.

With that, Worrens starts to walk towards the entrance to the Bellagio, and the camera focus takes us back inside somewhere in the Bellagio hotel complex.


The scene fades into the back, the locker room. We see Sammy Rochester seated on a bench, stroking the head of Mikey. In front of him is none other than Vincent Mallows, bound to his wheelchair.

Vincent Mallows: I am truly glad I was able to meet you Sammy. It was a travesty what happened to your… OUR dear friend Mikey.  Nobody deserves that treatment.

Sammy simply rocks back and forth, rocking more rapidly and stroking Mikey’s head harder. It’s clear that he’s trying to stay calm.

Vincent Mallows: I know the whole ordeal made some things difficult. I know what that pain can feel like, when everyone is against you. But you know, Sammy, you know I am not one of those who are against you, correct?  I have earned your trust, have I not?

Sammy looks up, a strange mixture of rage and fear on his face.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey likes you.

Sammy goes back to rocking and petting Mikey.

Mallows offers the best smile he can, but his paralysis only sees to it that the right side of his lips curl upward.

Vincent Mallows: I’m glad Mikey likes me, but I really want and need you to like me too, Sammy.  I would like to be friends, I NEED friends, Sammy. Some bad people want me gone.

Sammy looks up, a look of panic on his face.

Sammy Rochester: Why? Why would that want that!?

Sammy stands up, hitting the lockers so hard, it puts a dent in them.

Sammy Rochester: What mother fuckers want to hurt the wise man?! Who wants to fucking get rid of you!?

Vincent Mallows: Well many many people, Sammy. Especially those you will meet tonight.  That is why I want to know if you’re my friend or not.  I trust you, so will you come to trust me?

Sammy takes a deep breath, sitting down, rocking even faster and harder.

Sammy Rochester: I’ll kill those mother fuckers. Kill them. Those mother fuckers. I’ll kill them.

Mallows moves his wheel chair closer to Sammy and puts out his right arm, softly touching Sammy’s arm.

Vincent Mallows: That would be a very friendly gesture of you.  One I would appreciate a great deal.

Sammy looks straight into Mallow’s eyes, a look of semi-innoncence.

Sammy Rochester: Vincent? Why are there so many bad people?

Vincent Mallows: Because there aren’t enough people to spread the good.  But you are good, Sammy. and Mikey is good, and Roland, and Corazon, we are good people.  The more bad people taken out, the less there will be in this mortal coil.

Sammy smiles slightly, a look of wonder on his face.

Sammy Rochester: So…we’re heroes?

Mallows pats Sammy’s arm.

Vincent Mallows: Yes, Sammy. Which is why we cannot fail.  Do you understand?

Sammy’s smile of wonder turns into something far more twisted. Far more…evil.

Sammy Rochester: I understand, Vincent.

I’ll kill them.

The camera leaves with both an image of Sammy’s dark, twisted smile and Vincent’s even darker and even more twisted half smile. The camera comes back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight’s main event, OG.

Other Guy: I’m really scared, Dave.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is set for one fall with a forty-five minute time limit, and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship! Introducing first, from Montpelliar, France by way of Atlanta, Georgia! Weighing in at 211 pounds! He is “Chivalric” MAAAAAAAAAAASON BIIIIIIIIIISHOP!

The fans begin to boo as “Heathen Mothers” by Nate/Lee/Nasal hits. Chivalric is seen immediately stepping through the curtains as he looks to be focused. Following behind him slowly and unassuredly is Mercedes Bellamont who holds the black cane with the metallic locust head in her right hand… trying to keep up. Chivalric quickly slides into the ring and paces at the far end of the ring.

Dave Dymond: The challenger is absolutely determined tonight, OG!

Other Guy: You damn right he is…

The sound slowly silences itself. It is soon replaced by “Everybody Down” by nonpoint and the fans explode into cheers!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! From Southport, North Carolina, weighing in at 178 pounds! He is CAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDAL!

Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with a red zip-down hooded sweatshirt on, with a white dragon swirling around either side of the zipper. A pair of baggy shorts, white on the left and red on the right, with the opposite color dragon swirling the outside of the leg. The kickpad adorning each leg is the opposite color of the pants, red for the white leg and vice versa, with the other color flame licking down the front of it. He paces at the top of the stage and slowly unzips the hoodie, revealing the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship around his waist.

Dave Dymond: Listen to this ovation for 2007’s Most Popular Wrestler of the Year!

Other Guy: Dude, we get it. People like him. I don’t know why, but they do…

Cade begins his steady march to the ring, his eyes glued to Chivalric. He slowly peels the hoodie off as he marches, dropping it on the ramp. Cade unstraps the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship from his waist and slides under the bottom rope, handing it to referee Tony Lorenzo. Cade walks straight up to Chivalric and looks him in the eye before shoving back against his chest, forcefully.

Dave Dymond: Looks like, to me, that Cade Sydal is showing Chivalric that he is the only person on his mind at this moment!

Other Guy: That’s probably for the best, because if Cade even thinks about Donovan King for one second, he’ll get eaten alive.

As soon as Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell Cade Sydal lunges right at chivalric and tucks down, catching Chivalric’s ankle. Cade swings off his knee, raising as he graps the ankle firmly. Cade plants his left foot behind Chivalric’s right foot and sweeps him down to the canvas with a single-leg takedown.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is starting things off by taking his larger opponent to the canvas!

Other Guy: Aren’t all of his opponents usually larger than he is? I mean, can’t we just start ignoring that?

Cade puts his left foot over Chivalric’s right ankle, keeping it planted on the canvas. Cade cravates the captured left ankle and twists it. Chivalric starts squirming, but to no avail. He reaches above his head and barely grips the bottom rope with his fingertips, and Tony Lorenzo gets in Cade’s face, counting aloud. Cade releases quickly before the count of two.

Dave Dymond: Cade with a clean break!

Other Guy: He prolly shoulda held that a little longer, get more of an advantage.

Chivalric slowly gets to his feet, and Cade lunges at him again. Chivalric sprawls on Cade’s back and turns sidelong, swinging himself behind Cade. Chivalric pulls Cade to his feet with a waistlock. Cade grips Chivalric’s wrists as he grapevines Chivalric’s left leg with his own, preventing any attempt at a German suplex.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric has full control over Cade, but Cade is doing his best to keep him from using it to his advantage!

Other Guy: Mason Bishop ain’t gonna make it easy on Cade, though.

Cade unlocks his leg with Chivalric’s and quickly kicks both legs up high in the air, snapping the calves off the top of the top rope! The momentum snaps Cade up and over Chivalric’s shoulders and he rolls down into a quick schoolboy!



Chivalric kicks out quickly and both scramble to his feet. Chivalric meets Cade with a sudden kick across the chest!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure that was a smart move!

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave. Chivalric has some pretty mean kicks himself.

Cade is sudden with his response, snapping his right shin across Chivalric’s chest with a loud thud. Chivalric takes a step back from the stinging blow.

Other Guy: On second thought…

Dave Dymond: I was just about to say…you were saying?

Chivalric steps into Cade, accepting the unspoken dare, with a kick into Cade’s hip that pushes Cade half a step to the right. Cade is instantaneous with a sudden kick into Chivalric’s hip that drops Chivalric to a knee from the impact! Chivalric pushes off his knee and kicks into Cade’s thigh and Cade’s knee bends from the blow, but he doesn’t fall. Cade straightens up and quickly snaps his right shin into Chivalric’s left thigh with another audible snap, and Chivalric falls to the canvas clutching his thigh, before he slowly gets to his feet!

Dave Dymond: If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that Chivalric is gonna have a nice Charlie Horse!

Other Guy: This is not a joking matter, David!

Chivalric snaps into Cade and drives his right forearm into his face! Cade spins with the blow and snaps his right foot backward into Chivalric’s chest! Cade turns to face Chivalric as he stumbles back two steps. Chivalric suddenly lunges forward with a punch to Cade’s mouth! Cade stumbles back then snaps forward into Chivalric with an outside crescent kick! Chivalric ducks the kick and Cade steadies himself after missing the kick as Chivalric winds up and drives his elbow into Cade’s face with a ROARING ELBOW!


The blow spins Cade a full 180 degrees and he drops to a knee. Cade pushes off his knee and snaps backward with a back flip, driving his right foot into Chivalric’s face!


Both hit the canvas hard! Tony Lorenzo begins to count both down, but both are quick to push to their knees, ending the count pretty quick after just a three. Cade turns toward Chivalric and swings a high roundhouse kick! Chivalric ducks the kick and dives into Cade’s knee with his right shoulder, clipping the side of Cade’s left knee! Cade hits the canvas in a crumbling heap! Chivalric pushes to his feet and grabs Cade’s left ankle. He swings his left elbow through and drives it down on Cade’s left knee!

Dave Dymond: I think he figured out that he can’t beat Cade with his kicks, but if he takes Cade’s legs out…

Other Guy: He’ll never have to worry about a kick from Cade Sydal again!

Cade pushes to his feet and quickly drives his right knee across Cade’s knee again before twisting the leg upward, applying extra pressure and torque to the knee! Cade screams out in anger and a hint of pain. Cade snaps his right foot upward into Chivalric’s face! A second kick and Chivalric releases the hold and backs off of Cade’s body completely.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal can still kick a man if he’s right in front of his foot!

Other Guy: But Chivalric ain’t dumb enough to fuckin’ stick around for long.

Chivalric pulls Cade to a vertical base and lifts under Cade’s left leg, rushing him into a corner. Chivalric quickly pushes the left leg over the middle rope and grabs the ankle underneath it and pulls back into the ring, wrapping the knee around the middle rope! Tony Lorenzo gets in Chivalric’s face and starts barking a count at him. Chivalric breaks the hold when the count reaches four, and he glares at Tony Lorenzo.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is going to take advantage of every opportunity he has, even the illegal ones!

Other Guy: It’s a smart strategy. And if Cade can’t stand because of it, Cade can’t do any of his bullshit flying around and he damn sure can’t get a good enough base about him to throw a stiff fuckin’ kick either.

Cade gingerly pulls his left leg from the confines of the middle rope, and chivalric sprints right at him, dropkicking Cade’s left knee out from under him as soon as he takes a step to get out of the corner! Chivalric rolls out of the ring and grabs Cade by both ankles, pulling Cade backward to nearly crotch him against the ringpost! Chivalric stops just shy of that, however, and backs up to his left while holding Cade’s left ankle.

Dave Dymond: This can’t end well!

Chivalric runs right at the ringpost, driving the left knee of Cade’s into the post hard with a sick thud!


Cade cries out in another mix of anger and pain, far more pain than previously, however. Chivalric places Cade’s left ankle behind his right knee then bends the right knee, placing Cade’s right foot on his shoulder, Chivalric grapevines Cade’s left leg and pushes forward with some sort of inverted Texas Cloverleaf around the ringpost! Tony Lorenzo starts shouting orders at Chivalric, and soon Chivalric releases the hold and seems to glare right at the official.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric releases the unique hold, but it appears that the damage has already been done!

Other Guy: This is the best strategy I’ve seen anyone use against Cade Sydal! I hope Donovan King is paying attention!

Chivalric rolls into the ring and pulls Cade up to almost stand, hooking Cade by his left ankle. Chivalric pulls Cade upward as if to drive Cade’s knee down on his own, but Cade uses the lift to twist over Chivalric’s shoulder right into a sunset flip!



Chivalric quickly kicks out and both scramble to their feet, Cade Sydal considerably less steady. Chivalric picks up Cade’s left ankle as if going for a single-leg takedown, but quickly grapevines the leg with his arms before snapping backward, spiking Cade’s left knee into the canvas very similar to a DDT!

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is absolutely picking Cade’s knee apart!

Other Guy: That’s a big reason the dude has been called a Locust and shit.

Chivalric grabs Cade by the ankle and grapevines the leg, turning Cade over with a half crab applying extra pressure to the knee as Tony Lorenzo moves into perfect position to check on Cade. Chivalric leans back and Cade screams in pain. Cade pushes off his chest and reaches out, barely grabbing the bottom rope! Chivalric turns Cade over instead of releasing the hold, and drags Cade back closer to the center of the ring!

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is putting Cade Sydal’s knee through absolute hell right now!

Other Guy: That knee is part of what could be called Cade’s bread-and-butter too. Ya can’t jump and run around on one leg. Ya can’t kick someone in their eye very easily wit only one leg, either.

Cade spins on his shoulder, crossing his legs, he sits upright rolling Chivalric forward onto his shoulders with a sudden modified victory roll!



Chivalric kicks out hard, pushing Cade away and Cade lands on his stomach as Chivalric scrambles to his feet. Chivalric runs and stomps the back of Cade’s knee, keeping him from getting to his feet. Chivalric grabs Cade’s left ankle and lifts it up in the air high before slamming downward to drive Cade’s knee straight into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is making Cade pay for that attempt at fighting back!

Other Guy: It was more like an attempt at a sudden win to get the hell outta the ring, Dave.

Chivalric grabs Cade by the left ankle again, lifting the leg even higher into the air this time. Cade turns his body quickly and wraps his other leg around Chivalric’s head, a leg on either side, Cade snaps backward with a sudden hurricanrana that spills Chivalric to the outside of the ring!

Dave Dymond: How did he pull that off?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but Chivalric needs to get back in the ring and put a stop to this shit, like, today.

Tony Lorenzo moves toward the side of the ring where Chivalric is as Cade struggles to get to his feet. Tony Lorenzo begins a count, while Chivalric is still down on the ground, counting Chivalric out.



The fans begin booing as the camera catches Donovan King running down the ramp with a chain in his hand!


Chivalric makes it to his feet on the outside and paces, watching Tony Lorenzo count him out.

Dave Dymond: What the hell is Donovan King doing down here?!


Cade pushes to his feet, or rather his right foot and unsteadily turns as Donovan King slides under the bottom rope!


Donovan King, still sprinting, swings the chain straight into Cade’s left knee! Cade collapses to the canvas in a heap screaming in agony!


Other Guy: What the hell…

Dave Dymond: MOTHER FUC–


Other Guy: Dave! Language!


Donovan King, after the three seconds of staring down at Cade, quickly slides out of the ring and ducks behind the ring apron.


Chivalric slides into the ring now and Tony Lorenzo turns, seeing Cade on the ground holding his knee in agony. Chivalric shrugs off Tony Lorenzo’s questions.

Dave Dymond: That son of a bitch knows exactly why Cade Sydal is down, he was looking right at him!

Other Guy: Calm down, Dave. You’re gonna have a heart attack on the air, and frankly we don’t need that ratings boost just yet.

Chivalric grabs Cade’s right ankle and places it behind Cade’s left knee before grabbing Cade by the left ankle. Chivalric falls backward with his left foot on Cade’s right ankle, pulling back, pulling Cade’s legs off the canvas, jerking on Cade’s damaged left knee in the process! Chivalric pulls back hard on the variation on the Haas of Pain, as Cade struggles in agony!

Dave Dymond: Cade needs to find a way out of this!

Other Guy: But I think Donovan King, for whatever reason, did his best to make sure that won’t happen thanks to that chain!

Cade struggles, and struggles, to no avail! His right hand raises, and he starts slapping the canvas hard and furious! Chivalric releases the hold after tony Lorenzo signals for the bell! The fans begin to boo at a deafening volume!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 21 minutes and 28 seconds! And NEEEEEEEEEEEW SHOOT Project Revolution Champion! CHIIIIIIIIIVAAAAAAAAAALRIC! MASON BISHOP!

Dave Dymond: That son of a bitch Donovan King styole this victory and handed it to Chivalric!

Other Guy: To be fair, Chivalric had a pretty good chance at winning without King’s help. I just wonder WHY King did it!

Dave Dymond: Its obvious, OG! It was never about the title, he just wanted to hurt Cade Sydal! If it was about the title, he wouldn’t have suggested Cade put it up against Chivalric! Well he can have fun while he’s suspended and pennyless now! That son of a bitch!

As Dave Dymond continues his tirade, “Heathen Mothers” by Nata/Lee/Nasal hits and Tony Lorenzo fetches, and hands over, the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship. Chivalric takes it in his hand and quickly exits the ring as Donovan King rolls into the ring. Chivalric makes it to the back, and Donovan King stands over Cade, shouting down at him.

Dave Dymond: Oh get the fuck out of there, you asshole!

Other Guy: Dave! Language! Haha, wow man…wow.


As soon as Benjamin walks into view of the camera, he hasn’t been five feet without coming face-to-face… er, face-to-neck… with Kilgore’s opponent for the evening, Jester Smiles. Benjamin looked up and smirked.

Benjamin Biggs: Well if it isn’t the Jester of SHOOT… ready for your big match? Are you going to make Kilgore smile to submission? Laugh until he passes out? Oh tell me, what is your flawless gameplan… something I could never do against Kilgore because you know… I’m a lackey to the World Champion and all that shit?

Jester just stares at Benjamin, looking as haggard and worn as ever.

Jester Smiles: Look, man, I was stressed when I said those things. And tired. Still am. All I did was come by to make certain that this…

Jester taps the LoS belt.

Jester Smiles: Will be handed to me at the end of the night. Because I am going to beat Kilgore. Twice in the same damn night even.

Benjamin smiles and nods his head.

Benjamin Biggs: Oh don’t worry about it, Smiles. I don’t got no REAL beef with you… it’s all words, after all, right? Nah, my shit is with Kilgore… and with you soundly beat him in that ring, I’ll be the first to congratulate you and even strap this pretty thang I have on my shoulder around your waist.

Benjamin’s smile then turns serious as he looks right into Jester’s eyes as he says this.

Benjamin Biggs: But if you do win, I’ll be the first one to challenge you for your newly one belt… and I’ll challenge you to the same match Kilgore challenged me to… the Law of Confinement cage match. You know… if you don’t mind.

Jester grins.

Jester Smiles: Cage, ladders, straps, whatever the fuck you want man.

Doesn’t mean you’ll be taking it from me.

Benjamin chuckles, nodding his head.

Benjamin Biggs: We’ll see about that, clown. First, beat the Moustache King and we’ll see who can beat whom. Or… whom can beat who… what-the-fuck-ever. And if you can do that, we’ll see if you got MY number as well.

Jester Smiles: Oh, I’ll beat Kilgore. But, I warn you. I got enough shit going on. If you come down to that ring, during the match, and try to fuck with anything, I swear to God, a little gun that says "bang" will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

To put it bluntly, I’ll kick your ass. Stay in the back, enjoy that little belt, and when the match is over, do whatever the fuck you’d please.

But stay out of shit until I’m finished with Kilgore. We clear?

Benjamin grinned and nodded his head.

Benjamin: Cool it, Smiles. We’re crystal, man. I’m like you… I like to win my matches fairly and I wouldn’t dare rob you of that satisfaction. You can kick my ass at Redemption… you know… if you even beat Kilgore… so let’s talk about future ass-kickings when you get done with kicking Kilgore’s ass.

Jester Smiles: Just a fair warning, Biggs. Just a fair warning.

Jester extends his hand.

Jester Smiles: Until then, I don’t mess with your shit, you don’t mess with mine. Agreed?

Benjamin extends his hand to shake Jester’s.

Benjamin Biggs: Agreed. Kick his fucking ass.


The scene opens to Kaz standing in front of a familiar training dojo. Kaz smiles as he walks through the doors. He looks around and can see students training. Kaz remembers being in their spot. Training in hopes of joining their childhood heroes in the ring. Hearing the people cheer for them as they put their lives on the line. Damn fools. They are being mis-led into thinking that there is glory in that ring. But there isn’t…only pain. And unless you know how to dish it, you are nothing more than a name on a long list of those who have died for a failed dream.

Sato: What’s your name kid?

Trainee: Matt Wong.

Sato: I bet you are a big Chris Lee fan, right…I bet you couldn’t wait to start training under him.

Wong: Yeah.

Sato: Well show me what you’ve learned.

Wong: Huh!?!

Sato: Come on Wong…I know that they’re not training pussies here are they? Show me what your idol has taught you.

Kaz pushes the trainee and is about to do more, but is interrupted.

Trainer: You better have a good explanation why you’re harassing my students, boy.

The trainer was in his fifties… probably more on the latter part than earlier. He didn’t look familiar, but something about his face surely did.

Trainer: If you’re going to talk or mess with someone, it’s going to be me. So what the fuck do you want?

Sato: Boy…boy!?! Old man it’s plain to see that maybe you’ve taken one too many trips to the mat. I’m "The Beast"…no…I’m "The Boss" Kaz Sato. And maybe you are right…this kid can’t help me, maybe you can.

Trainer: The BOSS, boy? I don’t give a shit who you are! NO one calls himself the Boss around here unless it’s two people… me, training these students… or my son… maybe you’ve heard of him? Chris. Lee. Obviously you don’t know shit because if you did know who he was, you wouldn’t be acting like a fucking prick.

Sato: So you’re the father of Lee. Heh, you ever ask your boy how he got into the hospital?

Trainer: Oh… so you’re the asshole who gave my son the concussion… well, if YOU don’t know, I’m Chris Bayani, and I’m going to kick your a…

Trainer 2: Hold up, brother.

A second trainer, in his early sixties, sporting a full head of gray hair and moustache, stopped Chris Bayani as he stepped in his way.

Trainer 2: I’m Bruce Bayani, Chris and Benjamin’s uncle… and while my brother here has a short fuse, I don’t. So with that said, I suggest you leave before you regret coming here and starting trouble.

Sato: Easy there Jurassic 1 & 2. I’m simply here to talk some sense into Chris.

Bruce Bayani: Well, he’s not in today. He’s helping his wife with a therapy session. So you’re basically here for nothing.

Sato: I’m here because Chris is about to do something foolish.

Bruce: You’re lost on me.

Sato: You see Chris is thinking about getting back into the ring for some reason. I think he wants to get back at someone. But that’s not in his best interest because he isn’t in the shape. I mean Maria is worried and he is not even thinking about her. I would hate to see him in a position where he couldn’t support her or his family. I mean sometimes the old timers need to know when to hang it up…right, pops?

Chris Bayani looked on with disdain as Bruce just shook his head.

Bruce: You need to do your homework, son. Chris is a bright man… he knows when to step aside and when to fight back… and if he chooses to move on, then that’s his decision. But if he decides to fight back from what you did, then you better be willing to pay the consequences.

Chris Bayani: Your shit talk is worthless here… get the Hell out of here before you find out what the Bayanis are all about.

Sato: Pops, you wouldn’t want your students to see you get handled.

Chris moved forward, but Bruce once again stopped him.

Bruce: Leave. Now. If you want Chris, you’ll have to find him somewhere else.

Sato: Fine…fine….but just in case I don’t see him, can you give him a message for me.

Chris Bayani: What!?!

Sato smiles and smacks Chris Bayani was all his might. Chris staggers back to one knee. Anger spreads across his face as Kaz looks at him.

Sato: That pretty much sums it up.

Chris lunges at Sato but is held back by Bruce.

Bruce: Get the HELL OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!

Sato laughs and heads out of the dojo as the clip fades to black.


We are granted a ver farmiliar sight at this point: Backstage hallway, harsh flourescent lighting, and a tall Ukranian American in a shiny blue tracksuit and mirrorshades.  This is, of course, our good friend and hero Kilgore Stochansky, and he smiles and nods at the camera in a very cordial fashion, as if inviting it to come and listen. 

Kilgore: Yes, please, come closer. 

The camera inches forward, and Kilgore breaks into his signature grin, nodding his head slightly.  He taps something in his left hand against the wall…it appears to be a book.  Although this action should draw attention to said item, Kilgore doesnt acknowledge it, casuing the cameraman to adopt an odd wide shot to get both Kilgore’s face and the mystery book in the shot.

Kilgore: Lesser men would crack under what I have to deal with.  Lesser men would simply snap and go wild and crazy, beating anything and anyone they come in contact with because it’s all that they understand.  Lukcily, for Jester Smiles, for Benjamin Biggs, and for anyone who wants to face me…I am a better man than that.  And I will always be a better man than that. 

He taps the book against his temple, breaking into a large grin.  We can see the book is titled "SHOOT PRoject Bylaws 2008 Revised", and he inhales slowly before continuing.

Kilgore: I will always be a better man than that because of the old bean, here.  Regardless of whatever slander is laid upon my person, regardless of outright theft on my person, I do not lose the patented "Kilgore Cool".  Instead, I busy myself with thinking of the best way to succeed: Give Benjamin Biggs a title shot…only one where he cant run away from me like he’s wont to do.  Let Jester Smiles think he has the upper hand…only to have the assurance that I will remain victorious.  Not because I outrained him…I did, because it’s not that hard to do more training than sitting about and moping.  Not because I am stronger than him…I am, if only because I take my physique very seriously.  And certainly not because I got into his head more…as he proved, you cant really get under the skin of a person as blindly stubborn as he.

Our man shakes his head softly, almost as if he doesnt quite believe how one person could be so bullheaded.

Kilgore: But you see, when I went to school, I hit the books.  I dug down, did my homework, and got good grades.  This, luckily, instilled in me a work ethic that has stuck through to my adult years.  And know what?  I hit the books, Jester.  Did my research.  And at this point, I can not only tell you that I’m confident I’ll win…I can tell you that I’m certain of it.

Stochansky laughs, slapping the bylaw book against the wall.

Kilgore: I know!  Overconfident of me, right?  Normally, I’d agree.  I’d agree wholeheartedly.  But trust me, Jester…no matter how hard you try, you cannot and will not come out on top.  It’s sort of the story of your life, presented in a concise format in my own little theatre: The Laws of Survival Title match. 

He smoothes out his moustache, the grin fading to a smirk.

Kilgore: I mean, dont let it discourage you.  And please please please dont give up before the bell even rings…I despise having to defeat people who’s heart isnt into it.  Instead, go out there…give it your best…and even though ultimately you will accomplish nothing, at least rest easy in the knowledge that you DID try, So very hard.  Because even that simplest of notions is commendable…even when performed by cowardly mopes like yourself.

Our man zips up his hoodie and grins, his gold canine gleaming.

Kilgore: See you out there, pal.

Stochansky turns on his heels and walks away from the camera, swinging his arms in a most carefree of fashions.  We cut away…   



Samantha Coil: The next contest is a Law of Endurance Match for the Law of Survival Championship!

The crowd claps and they stand in anticipation.

“The show must go on” plays over the speakers and we immediately see the challenger.

Samantha Coil: From Richmond, Virginia. He weighs in at 245 pounds. This is JESTER SMILES!

A mixture of cheers and boo’s are heard from the crowd. Jester doesn’t have a smile on his face, he doesn’t slap hands, he just comes into the ring with a focused look on his face.

Dave Dymond: Boo’s for Jester? That’s got to be a first!

Other Guy: He’s had a hard couple of weeks and he hasn’t been shy about his emotions.

Dave Dymond: This is going to be a challenge for the champion facing a challenger with nothing to lose.

Other Guy: That makes the clown more dangerous, I think.

“Phantom” plays over the speakers now and out steps Kilgore Stochansky whose got a stack of paper with him.

Samantha Coil:From Verona, New Jersey. He weighs in at 250 pounds… this is the defending Law of Survival Champion…. KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky doesn’t have his Law of Survival Championship but he’s got a parchment of the SHOOT Project bylaws with him.

Other Guy: It ain’t right, Dymond. He’s gotta defend his championship when that idiot Biggs has possession of it.

Stochanksy continues to read the parchment looking for something. He makes his way down the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well, Stochansky forfeited a match against Biggs a few weeks back and Biggs returned the favor.

Other Guy: That’s all good but Kilgore’s gotta shift his focus from the Asian Ryan Seacrest to Mr. Jack in the Box here.

Dave Dymond: You may not like Jester Smiles but he’s a two time Revolution Champion. The first ever champion of this era, O-G.

Other Guy: He’s still a clown and I don’t like clowns. Never have, never will.

Stochansky looks somewhat troubled that he doesn’t have the Law of Survival Championship in his possession. The slightly taller and heavier challenger doesn’t waste any time as he connects with a right hook to the chin of Stochansky. Driving knee doubles Stochansky over and Smiles does a front face lock.

Stochansky slides to the back and rolls up Smiles with a handful of tights! Smiles is caught off guard!




Dave Dymond: Oh my!

Other Guy: Stochanksy just stole the first fall in record time!

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the first fall in 1 minute and 17 seconds… KILGORE STOCHANSKY!

Smiles looks in pure shock that he just got pinned in a little over one minute! Stochansky falls down on his knees and does a mock celebration and the fans are FUMING about this shocking start!

Dave Dymond: You got to wonder what’s going through in the mind of Jester Smiles. He’s had a history of doubting himself.

Other Guy: What about that Greco Roman pull of the tights by Kilgore.

Smiles slaps his face a couple of times to try to shake off that shocking pin. Smiles is fired up and charges at Stochansky who executes a drop toe hold. Stochansky grabs Smiles around the neck and executes a half nelson pin!



Smiles escapes. Stochansky gets up and executes an inside cradle!



Dave Dymond:  Stochansky wants to end this early.

Other Guy: He’s got a big night of partying ahead of him, baby.

Smiles kicks out. Stochansky hits the ropes in anticipation but Smiles was waiting and catches Kilgore in a belly to belly suplex! Smiles gets up and jumps up driving his body back first onto Stochanksy in a senton splash! Smiles hits the ropes again and jumps up driving his leg onto the throat of Kilgore. Cover.


Kilgore kicks out.

Dave Dymond:  Jester Smiles is trying to rebound here.

Other Guy: He better bring it more than that 80’s leg drop.

Smiles hits the ropes in anticipation for Kilgore to get up. Smiles rushes in for a Spear but Kilgore ducks out of the way and Smiles spears the middle turnbuckle! Kilgore grabs Smiles by his wounded left shoulder and drives the shoulder into his body in a single arm DDT! Smiles screams in pain!

Dave Dymond: Smiles hurt that shoulder.

Other Guy: Good!

Dave Dymond: Could you at least try to be unbiased?

Other Guy: Could you not suck?

Stochanksy gets up and stomps at the left arm of Smiles numerous times. Stochansky hammer locks the arm and does a running stomp right onto the arm of Smiles! The vicious Law of Survival Champion looks at his challenger and scoops the challenger up. With Smiles arm hammerlocked, he gets slammed with his arm still trapped! Stochansky hammers the arm over and over!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky wants to take that left arm of Smiles as a souvenir!

Other Guy: Smiles missed with that Spear and he’s been paying for it ever since.

Stochansky grabs the arm of Smiles and with Smiles in the sit up position, Stochansky wraps his legs around the arm of Smiles. Smiles however recoils his arm and Kilgore’s arm bar is escaped. Smiles scrambles to his feet and out of pure instinct, Smiles clotheslines Stochansky hurting himself in the process!

Dave Dymond: Oh no! Smiles injured that arm even further with that big lariat!

Other Guy: So he’s a big, sad and dumb clown.

Smiles screams in pain but he fights through the pain! Smiles is literally shaking in anger that his body is failing him. Smiles curses loudly and begs Stochansky to get up with his free arm. Stochansky stumbles up and gets a flying knee smash right across his nose by Smiles. Smiles is still favoring that arm but he’s fighting through the pain! Smiles kicks Kilgore in the stomach, Smiles hits the ropes and does a running Jake Roberts style knee lift. Smiles goes to the top rope now and he’s perched up there. Stochansky gets up and Smiles flies off the top rope in a cross body!

Dave Dymond: Jester has surprising agility for a big man.

Other Guy: I ain’t surprised. I ain’t impressed.



The champion kicks out.

Smiles hits the ropes and does a running bulldog! Kilgore rolls out of the way and he’s breathing hard. Smiles hits the ropes and does a baseball slide. Kilgore comically spills into the front row and knocking a few fans back. Smiles gives chase and follows Kilgore right into the front row. Smiles pulls Kilgore by the hair and then with lightning fast right hands! Kilgore comically falls face first and Kilgore actually tries to hide behind an overweight fan! The fans laugh but Smiles is NOT laughing and he actually shoves the fan out of the way to get at Kilgore. This gets some boo’s from the crowd who don’t appreciate the tactics of Jester, the former fan favorite.

Dave Dymond: That poor fan was used as a human shield by Kilgore Stochansky.

Other Guy: That dude was big enough but he got knocked on his ass by the clown.

Jester grabs Kilgore and rams him face first onto the steel guard rail. Kilgore instantly falls down and the champ actually retreats and crawls away on his hands and knees in an attempt to get away from Jester. Kilgore reaches out to grab something on the ground and Jester pulls him up. Kilgore throws pop corn right into the face of Jester. Jester rolls his eyes like what was that supposed to do? Jester headbutts Stochansky and Stochansky falls down again. Jester throws a few kernels of pop corn into his mouth.

Dave Dymond: What the hell was Stochansky thinking with that popcorn stunt?

Other Guy: I think he thought he grabbed a beer or a soda to blind the clown but it backfired and that sucks!

Stochansky gets up and gets clothesline over the guard rail and onto the floor! Smiles gives chase and Kilgore actually crawls underneath the ring. Smiles grabs his ankle and pulls Kilgore back out when suddenly.


Dave Dymond: What the hell was that?

Other Guy: Kilgore is a hero. He put out the fire! Ha ha!

A giant white spray of foam that comes out from a fire extinguisher has blinded Jester Smiles! The Virginia native screams in pain and claws at his eyes! Kilgore smiles like a cat that just ate the canary and he points to his head indicating he just outsmarted the two time Revolution champ.

Dave Dymond: That was disgusting. Smiles is blinded and Stochansky is smiling like he just accomplished something.

Other Guy: Why is that disgusting? I find it quite pleasing actually.

Stochansky measures Smiles and levels him with a short arm clothesline! Kilgore covers immediately!



Kilgore backs up a few feet and gets a running head start and takes Smiles down with a HARD STO takedown! Caput Mortuum!



Smiles kicks out. The fans get behind Smiles and start stomping their feet, clapping their hands in an attempt to “rally” Smiles.

Dave Dymond: Some of these fans boo’ed Jester earlier but it’s so easy to hate the current champion.

Other Guy: Why do they always gotta hate on Kilgore Stochansky? This is the man that won countless Kilgore Awards!

Stochansky climbs to the middle rope and flies off with a Superfly Snuka Splash crashing onto the chest of the challenger and immediately hooks the leg.



Smiles kick out again and Stochansky looks in disbelief at the resilience of Jester. Stochansky goes behind Smiles and applies a Sleeper Hold! The ref checks Smiles who is fading fast!

Other Guy: Go to sleep, clown!

Dave Dymond: Could Kilgore Stochansky score back to back falls to retain his championship?

His arm falls once!


No! Smiles shakes his hand and he uses his right arm as a club to swing into the stomach of Stochansky. Stochansky breaks the hold momentarily but he drives his shoulder into the knee of Jester and Jester’s knee buckles! Stochansky grabs both legs and does a forward roll pinning Jester!




Stochansky pounds the mat in frustration and goes to the top rope. Stochansky files off in a top rope double stomp but Smiles rolls out of the way. Kilgore’s left knee buckles slightly and he’s hobbled. Smiles gets up and he looks fired up! Smiles rushes at Kilgore who throws a sloppy clothesline that Jester easily ducks out of the way. Smiles grabs Kilgore from behind in a rear waist lock. BIG German Suplex!

Smiles immediately pops to his feet and grabs Kilgore by his hair. A boot to the gut and Smiles grabs Stochansky in a front face lock and clutches the leg. Fisherman suplex!



Kilgore kicks out.

Smiles has Kilgore in his sights. Kilgore stumbles up.






Jester grabs Kilgore onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Jester throws Kilgore up and Kilgore comes crashing down belly first onto Jester’s knee!


Jester covers!




WAIT! NO! NO! Kilgore had his foot on the rope and the fans BOO loudly. Kilgore actually rolls to the outside and he starts to leave the ring like “fuck this!” Kilgore once again retreats but it’s not that easy because Jester is in hot pursuit of the cowardly champion. Jester grabs Kilgore by the hair and throws him bag into the ring. Kilgore Stochansky is on his hands and knees and he’s BEGGING Jester to stop!

Dave Dymond: Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic that the Law of Survival Champion is groveling.

Other Guy: Shut up! Shut your big fat Canadian mouth!

Jester does indeed take Kilgore’s offer of the handshake only to pull him in. BIG knee to the gut. Jester has Kilgore locked up.


The crowd chants along!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of the second fall…. JESTER SMILES!

Kilgore has enough awareness to roll to the outside. Jester doesn’t raise his hand knowing the fight must continue. Kilgore grabs something from underneath the ring and Jester pulls him by the leg. Kilgore swings as hard as he can with the ring bell but Jester ducks out of the way! Smiles punches Jester in the stomach and the ring bell is out of his hands. Jester now has the ring bell and he’s going to SMASH the bell into Kilgore’s face!

Dave Dymond: Kilgore’s master plan is going to backfire!

Other Guy: Could it be the end of the Kilgore Era?

Smiles raises the ring bell high into the air but in one desperate lunge, Kilgore thrusts his right arm in a low blow uppercut! The crowd BOOS loudly and Kilgore now has the ring bell and he SMASHES the ring bell into the face of Jester!




Jester barely gets a shoulder up!

Kilgore grabs Smiles and he goes behind Jester. He’s got a Crossface chickenwing locked in and he lifts Jester high into the air and he DROPS Jester on his head with the NONE SHALL PASS!

Jester has enough ring awareness to roll out of the ring. Kilgore immediately orders the ref to start the twenty count!




Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles didn’t get pinned but he still might lose this match!

Other Guy: Count faster, ref!






Jester looks to be out!








Jester starts to stir!



Jester barely gets himself up and rolls in!

Kilgore hoists Jester onto his shoulders and he’s going for a Running Powerslam but Jester rolls from behind and he does a school boy roll up! Kilgore was caught off guard!



Kilgore angrily kicks out and stomps Jester numerous times out of frustration. Kilgore goes to the top rope but it was too much time. Jester throws his body onto the ropes and Kilgore loses his balance. He falls crotch first onto the turnbuckle! The crowd laughs at the misfortunes of Kilgore whose eyes go BIG. Jester now gets onto the middle turnbuckle and he’s got Kilgore in his grasp.


Dave Dymond: What strength by the challenger!

Other Guy: How can the clown continue to fight? It shouldn’t be possible!

Jester gets Kilgore back up, Irish whip and Jester throws the champ high into the lights with a back body drop. Kilgore screams in pain and arches his back and once again loudly says “No!” Jester points at him indicating he’s going to finish the fight. Kilgore was baiting Jester however and rakes him in the eyes. Jester is blinded and the fans boo the nefarious tactics of Kilgore. Kilgore has Jester in the belly to belly going for his Dead Bent. Jester throws him off. Kilgore rebounds.


Kilgore falls right into the awaiting arms of Jester and he lifts Kilgore up onto his shoulders.





Samantha Coil: Your winner at 20 minutes and 49 seconds and NEEEEWWWW LAW OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION… JESTERRRRRR SMILEEEEEESSSSS!

Kilgore Stochansky Pulls the referee aside and starts yelling at him in a very animated fashion. While Jester is basking in his win, Kilgore goes to his corner and rummages through his clothes; Coming up with his copy of the SHOOT Project bylaws!

Dave Dymond: What is he doing? Jester Smiles is our new Laws of Survival Champion, We all saw it, fair and square, and Kilgore’s trying to argue it!

Other Guy: He has the right to a recount, Double D!

By this point, Jester has stopped celebrating to look over at the opposite side of the ring, where Kilgore is pointing out a page of the Bylaws to the referee. Willie Dean read over what has been put in front of him, and his eyes widen with surprise. He glances at Stochansky, who nods in the affirmative, Not unlike a schoolchild who has finally proven that he is right. There’s a definite sense of confusion buzzing in the audience, and this extends to Jester, who is staring at Kilgore with an expectant, angry look.

Other Guy: No, Wait, seriously, what’s happening here?

Willie Dean shakes his head in disappointment and walks over to Samantha Coil, then whispers something into her ear. She looks at him with a confused glance, and Willie nods. She holds up the microphone…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen…as stated Clearly in SHOOT Project Bylaw number 45.7…a champion cannot lose his title if he is not in posession of said title!!

Dave Dymond: What the Hell?!

Samantha Coil: As a result…

Jester Smiles looks over to Willie Dean, who shrugs his shoulders and hands him the Bylaw book. Jester reads over it…

Samantha Coil:…The decision in this match is overturned, and Kilgore Stochansky retains the Laws of Survival Title!!

The crowd immeadiatly erupts into boos, and Kilgore leaps up and down in Joy. Jest throws the book down onto the canvas and begins yelling at Willie, who for his part can do no more than look at him with a disappointed gaze.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky just stole the match! Jester Smiles had that championship!

Other Guy: Look, Dave, you cant argue with the laws! It’s in the Book of Bylaws, it’s official!!

Jester has stopped arguing with Willie to look at Kilgore, his face a stone mask of anger and disappointment. Kilgore begs off, holding up his hands and regarding the book lying on the mat. Jester starts to advance on him, when a farmiliar voice cuts through the crowd noise!

Jason Johnson: Hold on!

We can see that the head of SHOOT Project has made his presence known on the entrance ramp, along with a somewhat farmiliar nebbishy member of the SHOOT Project Legal Dept. The Lawyer is whispering something to Jason, and pointing out a page in his own copy of SHOOT Project’s Bylaws. Jason reads over it and shakes his head.

Dave Dymond: That’s the Lawyer we saw earlier in the week! Kilgore Stochansky handed him that mystery package…and what do you want to bet that that package contained bribe money?!

Other Guy: Slander! Slander and lies upon the person of not only Kilgore Stochansky, but…that fella from the legal department!

Johnson calls for a microphone and gets one, clearing his throat before speaking…

Jason Johnson: I can’t believe I’m reading this right now, but he’s actually right… the title cannot change hands– when the hell did this get put in here?

Kilgore snatches Samantha Coil’s microphone and calmly strolls over to the side of the ring facing the entrance ramp. This gives Jester an oppurtunity, but he doesnt take it, waiting to see what the owner says with his muscles tensed in a ready position. Stochansky throws on his most saccharine smile and adresses Jason.

Kilgore: I had to petition for it, Mr. Johnson, in light of recent…thefts upon my person.

Jason Johnson: You petitioned for it? Why haven’t I seen it?

Legal Guy: This was addressed at that meeting you missed.

Jason Johnson: Meeting I missed…? I’ve never missed a meeting.

Stochansky, for his part, shrugs his shoulders at this.

Kilgore: Guess that’s your business, big man. But the law’s there. And since bylaws can only be repealed by a full meeting of the board and a two thirds majority vote…and since the bylaw IS in place, at THIS moment…I retain my title. That I dont have.

The crowd erupts into loud boos once again, and peices of garbage begin to fly into the ring. Jason Johnson affixes a hard glare at Kilgore, enough so that even the conniving champion looks away. Jester can be seen mouthing "This is Bullshit!", but Willie Dean is now seperating the two combatants.

Dave Dymond: This is such crap! Kilgore has retained the Laws of Survival Title on a technicality that he himself pushed into the Bylaws! I cannot even fathom what Jester Smiles must be going through right now!

Other Guy: Always Guilty until proven innocent, Dave!

Jason Johnson: Okay. This works, for now, Kilgore. Count on the fact that this law will be removed, and then after that happens, I’ll be sure to deal with you.

At this, the head of the SHOOT Project turns on his heels and towards the backstage. Trash has continued to pelt the Ring, and as soon as "Phantom" is cued up, Kilgore deftly rolls out of the ring, gathering his tracksuit in the process. The boos have reached a deafening volume, and Jester runs to the side of the ring to trade some verbal blows with the exiting champion, who simply grins from ear to ear and waves to the fans. We cut away…


The scene fades to the back. We see Sammy Rochester, sitting on a bench in the locker room. He rocks back and forth, stroking Mikey’s head, an unnaturally wide, twisted smile on his face. His legs seem to shake, as if he were in some kind of hurry. Sammy seemed to twitch with anticipation and excitement.

Sammy Rochester: I feel it, Mikey. I feel it. I’ve never been so excited for a fight. The butterflies in my stomach, fluttering around. I get to fight soon. I get to hurt someone soon. It’s going to be so much fun, Mikey. We’re going to hurt the bad men, Mikey.

Dr. Randall Grace walks onto camera, sitting opposite from Sammy.

Dr. Grace: Hey Sammy.

Sammy looks up at Dr. Grace, losing his grin, just glaring at Dr. Grace. Dr. Grace tries his best to keep cool, though it’s clear as day that Sammy has intimidated him.

Dr. Grace: You looking forward to your big match?

Sammy Rochester: I don’t have to tell you shit.

Dr. Grace: Now, Sammy, we shouldn’t talk that way.

Sammy Rochester: Fuck you. You aren’t my friend. You tried to say you were, but you weren’t. You aren’t a bad man, Dr. Grace, but you aren’t my friend. Corazon, he’s my friend.

Randall Grace sighs, dreading whatever it is he’s about to say.

Dr. Grace: I wanted to talk to you about that, Sammy. Corazon is-

Sammy Rochester: Mikey doesn’t like people saying bad things about Corazon.

Dr. Grace: But, Sammy, Corazon has done very bad things.

Sammy Rochester: To very bad people.

Dr. Grace: Sammy, CORAZON is the bad per-

Suddenly, Sammy lashes out, grabbing a hold of Dr. Grace’s throat, his left hand totally engulfing. He stands up, holding Mikey in his right hand, lifting Dr. Grace off the ground. Dr. Grace wriggles around, gasping for breath.

Sammy Rochester: Don’t you EVER fucking say a single fucking WORD about Corazon.

Sammy slams Dr. Grace into the lockers, and then tosses him to the side. Dr. Grace hit’s the ground and rolls, quickly getting to his back and moving away from Sammy. Sammy, however, walks off camera. The sound of a door slamming is heard, signifying Sammy is gone.

Dr. Grace: Sweet Jesus.

The camera fades out.


AS the crowd murmurs about what they’ve seen so far, they are interrupted by the sounds of Apathy’s “Welcome to Assholeville Pt. 2”. Storm heads straight to the ring still in his gear from his interview spot earlier. Storm slides into the ring and calls for a mic. Storm paces around as the stagehand gets one ready for him. Finally Storm is handed the mic. Storm signals for them to cut the music as he gets ready to speak.

Other Guy: the Canadian looks serious tonight.

Storm: Alright last week…I wanted to say my little piece. That’s all and of course, as we all know I was interrupted by Mr. Space lord himself. Now…the way I see it is with Roland busy tonight…Ozzy should be free for a little dancing. So Oz, I know you are watching on one of the monitors, let me show you why they call me…INCREDIBLE!!!

Stepping out from behind the curtain is the expected man, his trademark urban camo-print shorts and black wrestling shoes now offset by a chainmail hooded vest, added to by his trademark blue-tint sunglasses. The fans are a little taken aback by his new look and a low murmur erupts as he strides confidently along the walkway, his gaze locked upon Eli Storm as he pulls a mic out of his waistband.

Osbourne Kilminster: You wanted something from me, Eli?

Storm: You know I just figured instead having you come out here and interrupt me, I would just have you come out here and settle some things man to man.

Standing on the walkway, just outside the ropes, Osbourne shakes his head and clicks his neck from side to side before ducking under the top rope and striding across the ring, face-to-face with Storm.

Osbourne Kilminster: Don’t let me stop you there, Storm. You say you want to do something like a man? I want to make sure I got the best view in the house for this inaugural event. Eli Storm wants to be a man? Well get on with it.

Tilting his head back, Osbourne surveys Storm with a sneer.

Storm: What’s your problem lately? You act like you gotta problem me. And that’s buggin’ me. I’m trying to figure out what it maybe. Is it because when I come back I get applauds and love and you…well you get treated like the bastard that you are. Is it because, no matter what you may say or think about me, I’ve been able to win a World Championship while you’ve always had to look in from the outside? What is it, Oz…?What made you want to come and piss on my parade?

Taking a deep breath, Osbourne looks about him, into the stands full of onlookers, some of them cheering Storm’s jibes.

Osbourne Kilminster: No, Storm. It’s not because you held the Championship… It’s not even because you shit all over it. It’s not because you get cheers where I got booed… No, it’s none of that at all. The truth is…

Smirking, he leans in closer to Storm.

Osbourne Kilminster:… that you just flat-out annoy the Hell out of. Your over-the-top antics, your vacuous need for affection and attention… People like you make me sick, Storm. It’s as simple as that. Now why don’t you just do the good, honest and reasonable thing and head back to those icy wastelands from whence you came. Go on, do us all a favor.

Storm looks down before staring into Ozzy’s face.

Storm: I would…trust me I would…but something tells me the fans would be happy unless I kick your ass first!!!

Osbourne blocks a quick left hook from Storm and drives one of his own right into the Canadian’s chin, forcing him back and right in line for a cross from the right hand which busts his nose, leaving his resting back against the ropes and opens up a fountain of red mist and a gasp of shock from the fans. Looking about him, Osbourne smiles for the cameras before taking off his sunglasses and dropping Eli to his knees with a headbutt.

Other Guy: And this is what I been waiting for right here.

Dave Dymond: The two have had some uneasy talks, but Osbourne is attack Kaz’s friend. I think that there will be no more talks from this point.

Suddenly, Osbourne turns around and sees Kaz Sato stood at the other side of the ring. Sato slides into the ring and stares at Oz. The two former MMA stars yell at each other for a moment as Kaz helps Eli to his feet. Storm goes to attack Oz, but Kaz steps in front of his friend. Oz and Kaz get face to face. Oz starts to dare Sato to hit him, pointing at his chin. Kaz cocks back and quickly turns around and nails Storm with a vicious clothesline. Oz smiles and nods as he and Sato begins to put the boots to the fallen Canadian. Osbourne pulls Storm to his feet and locks him in a Thai clinch, spitting in his face before dropping down to one knee and knocking Storm out cold with the Wake-Up Call. Standing back up, Osbourne picks Storm’s mic off the canvas and passes it to Sato.

Sato: You know what your problem is, Eli…you talk too much. Everything was Incredible this and incredible that. I sat in the background well you grabbed up the entire spotlight for yourself. Do you know how hard it is to sit and watch a man that you are better then get the light and shine. I’ll be damn if I let you do that to me again. Heh, looks like you just joined Chris Lee on the list of Former "Champions" to fall to The Beast. But don’t worry Storm I send you some more company soon enough.

Kaz tosses the mic back to Oz. Catching the mic; Osbourne gives Sato a thumbs-up.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, Storm did have a Hell of an ego… but the real problem was the lack of justification. What he did with the World Title made this company look like shit, and to have him waltz back in here like he owns the place just isn’t acceptable. What we need in this company is a World Champion whose worthy of that mantle…

Laughing t himself as the "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chants pipe up, Osbourne shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: And if any of those idiots currently vying for the title happen to be watching right now… there’s three men in this ring and two of them probably deserve the Championship more than you do… Clue number two, both of those men are still standing, and don’t have a damn scratch on them.

Osbourne drops the mic and the two are about to leave the ring, when Kilminster pauses. He whispers something to Kaz and points at Storm, who is slowly crawling to the ropes. Kaz smiles and gets behind Storm…waiting for him to pull himself up. Storm starts to pull himself up as Oz leans on the turnbuckle looking at Storm as if he is cheering for him. Storm reaches for the second rope and Kaz just grabs him and kicks him in the midsection. Oz gives Kaz the thumbs down as Sato lifts Storm up into the Gory Special.

Dave Dymond: BODY BAG, BITCHES!!!

Kaz pauses for a moment before dropping down into the Widow’s Peak. Kaz rolls under the bottom rope and stares at Storm as Oz steps out of the ring and joins Sato at the rampway. The two men make their way up the rampway as the crowd boos and throws things. The cameras flash back down to the ring as EMTS help Storm then back to the announce table.


Abigail Chase moves quickly backstage, apparantly searching for something or someone.

Abigail Chase: "Have you seen Chris Davis? Do you know if he’s here yet?"

Abigail asks some random crew member, who is of no help. She continues on her quest backstage.

In the meantime, Christopher Davis walks through the backstage door, duffel bag over his right shoulder.

Abigail Chase: "Chris! Chris! I need to talk to you!"

She walks up to Chris, out of breath.

Christopher Davis: "Easy Abigail. Calm down."

Abigail Chase: "I need to tell you something. Something important".

Christopher Davis:"Listen, before you get started, about last week…"

She waves him off.

Abigail Chase: "We’ve been friends a long time I would expect nothing less from you. As a matter of fact if you didn’t act like that I’d be worried. Besides, we did have Paris."

Chris nods his head and smiles.

Abigail Chase: "But that’s not what I want to talk to you about. Listen, last week after you pulled that name."

Christopher Davis: "Yeah, what about it."

Abigail Chase: "Well I think someone may have overheard me talking about it last week. I think that maybe that’s why…"

Chris shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: "Abigail, at this point it doesn’t matter. Don’t even sweat it. What’s done is done."

Abigail Chase: "But if…"

Christopher Davis: "Seriously, don’t sweat it. I’ll take care of it. Thanks."



The lights suddenly go out inside the Bellagio Grand Ballroom.  The fans in attendance buzz with intrigue

“You don’t want to hurt anybody”

A single spotlight illuminates the stage like set up revealing a large, menacing figure staring down at the ground with a small doll in his right hand.  The fans immediately begin to boo, the figure does not move.

But I do, and I’m sorry.

The spotlight goes away.

It won’t stop.

A wall of fire erupts which cues the lights to go on.  Sammy Rochester is revealed and he starts his way to the ring at the same time that “Danse Macabre” by Celtic Frost plays throughout the Grand Ballroom.  Sammy looks to be unusually calm, but snaps his head in a jerking motion every so often at specific fans who shouts insults and boos in his direction.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution main event.  Introducing first at this time,  weighing in at 425 pounds… Sammy Rochester!!!

Sammy reaches the ring and gently rests Mikey on the steel steps near by.  Sammy then walks up the steps and easily clears the top rope.

Dave Dymond: In my years of working in this industry I have never come across anyone quite like Sammy Rochester. The size, the insanity… and in this six man tag main event it’s almost certain he’ll have some effect on the outcome of the match.

Other Guy: He’s as unstable as ya get, Dave, and that could be good or bad for either side. Sure right now it seems like Sammy and the Iron Fist Champion are on the same page… but like ya said, the insanity of Sammy Rochester could come back to hurt both sides goin’ into this fight.

The music dies down for a moment as Sammy calmly paces right by the corner where he set Mikey down.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partners…

“Summer Overture-Remix” by Clint Mansell echoes throughout the Bellagio Grand Ballroom now and making no fancy entrance, Roland Caldwell steps out from the back.  The crowd does not warm up at all and the reaction continues to be loud booing.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 290 pounds, he is the current number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship… this is Roland Caldwell!!!

Roland looks straight ahead as he marches towards the ring, pulls himself up onto the ring apron, and enters through the middle and top rope.

Other Guy: Roland Caldwell is all business tonight, no mockeries, no nothing.  That’s a scary thing.

Dave Dymond: Well once the final member of this first team comes out, we will have a frightening trio standing in that ring.  Caldwell didn’t beat the world champion Jun Kenshin last week, but he didn’t lose either.

Other Guy: If anything he came out on top, and now since he still holds onto that number one contender ticket that’s takin’ him straight to Redemption, Roland has his chance to put Jun Kenshin down and out.

With both Roland and Sammy in the ring, the fans immediately turn their attention to the entryway.  There is a slight change in the mood, an odd anticipation despite many of the fans already starting to boo once again.  However the lights suddenly flicker and the SHOOT video screen set up at the entryway comes to life with bright red…blood.

Dave Dymond: We were expecting Corazon at this juncture… but instead it looks like we’re getting the man that well, still has us questioning just how much he was or is involved with the three men joining up in this match up tonight.

“In This Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play as the blood slowly drips down the screen, leaving a single “M” in the middle… but then the “M” scrolls to the side, the blood smearing to write the word… Mallows.  After a moment, the lights remain stable and the wheel chair bound man himself makes his way out to the ring, his right hand firmly placed on a small joystick attached to the right arm of the wheelchair.  The fans react oddly to Mallows’s presence, his left arm dangling, his mouth collecting drool on the left side, his left eye drooping to the outside of his face.

Other Guy: I wasn’t around for any of Vincent Mallows’s run, but I’ve seen tapes, I know the history, and seeing the man now, it’s nothing like I’ve seen.

Dave Dymond: Definitely not a pretty mug to look at, but what’s working in that brain of his may just have played an integral part in seeing Roland Caldwell, Sammy Rochester, and Adrian Corazon come together as a unit. And that, O.G., means a lot of troubled times ahead for the organization.

Mallows directs his wheelchair towards the ring, and his music begins to fade.  Abruptly though, “Inhuman” by DZK blares over the Grand Ballroom’s sound system, and in that moment, everyone quickly returns their eyes to the entryway where Corazon steps out, accompanied by his tag team partner in Obsidian!

Dave Dymond: And if the deck wasn’t stacking up against Kenshin, Davis, and Worrens tonight already, it certainly has now.  Obsidian making his way out to the ring with the current Iron Fist Champion, and that’s just ONE more problem to be dealt with.

Corazon stands at the entryway a moment, with Obsidian looming behind him.  The fans boo loudly, though there are a very few smattering of cheers from some sections within the Bellagio Grand Ballroom.

Samantha Coil: And finally, weighing in tonight at 225 pounds… he is the current reigning SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… this is CORAZON!!!

Corazon starts towards the ring now, and Sammy seems particularly happy about this, offering a very odd, but very certain smile.  Obsidian follows directly behind Corazon and the two stop on the outside.  Corazon turns to Mallows first, and says something, however the microphones don’t seem to pick it up.  Corazon then turns and enters the ring while Obsidian stays on the outside, seemingly standing guard over Mallows.

Other Guy: Look at that image right there, Dave. Just like we saw last week, Roland, Sammy, and Corazon standin’ together.  I didn’t see it comin, and I’m still not sure I believe I’m seein’ it.

Dave Dymond: Certainly a force to be reckoned with, but as we heard earlier in the week, Jun Kenshin, Christopher Davis, and yes Trevor Worrens are three men who are not backing down from this fight.

Other Guy: And I guess as we’re about get into this thing, ya gotta factor in Del Carver.  Corazon accepted the challenge, and well ya never know, old man Carver may find his way into this main event by force if need be.

Corazon’s music cuts out and the three men in the ring all stand in wait for the announcement of their opponents.  "Barry Bonds" by Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne blares into the Bellagio Grand Ballroom as Christopher Davis steps through the curtains.  The fans IMMEDIATELY rise up out of their seats, cheers echoing throughout. Davis looks out at the capacity crowd that fills the Grand Ballroom to the brim, and just nods his head, a look of intensity in his eyes.

Dave Dymond: You want just ONE more reason why this man is a legend, listen to this crowd tonight, O.G.

Other Guy: Hey, I’ve never doubted Mr. Chris Davis.  He’s earned his swagger and his spot every step of the damn way.

Davis forgoes his normal entrance and strides to the ring. Dressed in black knee length tights, with boots, he stands outside the ring awaiting his teammates. Eyes focused on the task a hand.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, introducing first, weighing in at 272 pounds… he is a SHOOT Project Hall of Famer… ladies and gentlemen, this is Christopher DAVIS!!!

Davis springs up and down a bit on the balls of his feet, pointing every so often at the three men already in the ring.  His focus is mainly on Corazon as he waits.

Dave Dymond: Davis always one to take on any and all comers, but in this instance, he’s also showing why he’s not stupid, either and exercising that little bit of patience Davis can have.

Davis’s music fades out and is soon replaced by “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue.  The SHOOT Video screen comes to life with an art-house montage of images of Trevor Worrens from varying angles and shot in a few different styles of film. In between these shots are some quick clips of Worrens in action in the ring.  As Worrens himself steps out from the back, he is met with a very mixed reaction from the crowd, but the overall momentum seems to see Worrens gaining more cheers than he’s used to.  Worrens looks towards the ring, and for a moment just stands there when his eyes fall upon the back of Vincent Mallows’s wheel chair.

Other Guy: Worrens tensing up, Dave, and… you don’t think he’s gonna back out of this do you?

Dave Dymond: Worrens has WAY too much riding on this match. He’s used the return of Vincent Mallows as a motivating factor, and while I’m not suddenly Worrens’s best friend by any means, I have to say I believe he’s here to fight, and not back out on his team.

Samantha Coil: And introducing his tag team partners, first weighing in at 233 pounds, here is Trevor Worrens!!!

As the music continues, Worrens looks down towards the floor for a moment, and then snaps his head back up, regaining his composure.  He walks with a purpose and joins Christopher Davis. The two men share a quick look and Worrens just nods his head.  Worrens’s music cuts out and before it even happens, the fans are once again up on their feet… the buzz builds… the anticipation rises.

The Undeniable!

A deafening cheer erupts from the sold out Bellagio Grand Ballroom crowd. Silver and green pyrotechnics explode from the ramp and from out of the smoke steps Jun Kenshin wearing a white with green trim hooded jacket with two simple letters on it, his initials. “JK”. The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is around his waist and he looks around at the fans. His dark brown eyes look on in sheer determination as he makes his way down the ring as “Undeniable” continues to play.

Dave Dymond: These fans charged up now due to the appearance of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and boy I’m feeling the electricity now.

Other Guy: No doubt!  What started out as some serious foreboding doom has turned around and as far as gainin’ momentum from the fans, it’s all in the champ’s team’s corner.

Dave Dymond: An interesting, perhaps normally unlikely team for the most part, but they have one common goal and that is to come out victorious tonight and SURVIVE what is going to be a hellacious fight.

Kenshin joins up with Davis and Worrens and all three men stand on the outside, looking to the three men inside the ring.

Samantha Coil: And finally, weighing in tonight at 204 pounds… he is the current reigning SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…


Samantha Coil: THIS. IS. “The Undeniable” JUN KENSHIN!!!!!

Kenshin leads Davis and Worrens closer to the ring now, only to stop again and raises the World Heavyweight Championship high over his head.  Roland Caldwell points at Kenshin while glaring, and Kenshin pulls the title in close to him and kisses it.  He then hands it off to a nearby ring crewmember who quickly takes it out of harms away.  Kenshin eyes Davis, and Davis nods his head. IMMEDIATELY the two men sprint the rest of the way, sliding under the bottom rope… Worrens joins in quickly as well, and ALL SIX MEN ARE IN THE RING! Davis charges at Corazon, Kenshin and Worrens both seem to be going for Caldwell, when suddenly Sammy intercepts Kenshin and just GRABS HIM AROUND THE WAIST!  Sammy RAG DOLLS Kenshin, flinging him towards the side!  Kenshin nearly spills to the outside, but he holds onto the bottom rope.  Sammy then turns and as Worrens tries to get a start against Caldwell, Sammy CHARGES with a lowered head and rams Worrens square in the chest!  Worrens stumbles back and Sammy BOOTS Worrens in the gut!

Dave Dymond: My god! Sammy just running through the competition!

Worrens doubles over in pain and Sammy now starts bringing down alternating elbows onto the back of Worrens’s head, quickly dropping him down onto the mat.  Senior Official Scott Kamura tries to regain control and now Roland makes his way to the outside of the ring, not pursuing Worrens, and Sammy turns and as Corazon NAILS Davis with a hard European uppercut… Sammy charges at Davis and SMASHES him up against the corner!  Sammy then grabs Davis’s arm and whips him into the opposite corner.  Sammy then walks, or more so stalks towards Davis, and only being a few steps from him, Sammy hits Davis with another body smash!  Corazon takes his leave of the ring, and Kenshin and Worrens are forced into their corner as well!

Other Guy: So the chaos is controlled for now, and looks like Sammy Rochester and Christopher Davis are starting this thing out.

Dave Dymond: I’m still in frightened awe, Other Guy. Sammy Rochester on his own just leveled Kenshin, Worrens, and Davis!

Kamura OFFICIALLY starts the match now as he calls for the bell, and Sammy is already pulling Davis out of the corner and then SMASHES his forearms on each side of Davis’s head.  Davis staggers from the impact and Sammy now continues the all out assault, landing hard, reckless punches that connect with Davis’s upper body and head.  Davis continues to stumble, but looks to be trying to keep his own balance and fight back.  Sammy winds up with a huge uppercut, but Sammy’s slower movement allows for Davis to catch a break, and he moves out of the way of the punch and hits the ropes.  Sammy turns, but Davis is quicker and CATCHES the big man with a big boot, but given Sammy’s height, it only connects with the lower end of his sternum.  Sammy wobbles a bit, but doesn’t lose his footing.  Davis just UNLEASHES though with hard punches and tries to get Sammy rocking some more!

Dave Dymond: Davis turning this match around now, but Sammy Rochester proving he’s nothing short of a cement wall… the man WILL NOT go down.

Despite the momentum in Davis’s favor, Sammy gets his arms out eventually and just swats Davis to the side with a hard, back punch.  Davis again staggers, and rubs his jaw.  Sammy stomps towards Davis, and Davis goes low with a shoulder check to the gut.  Sammy falters from the impact and Davis hits the ropes again, looking for yet another big boot!  This time Sammy snaps to the side in a lightning quick moment and just CRUSHES Davis with a clothesline!

Other Guy: And the cement wall just destroyed Davis with that clothesline!

Dave Dymond: Davis already off balance with one leg raised, and that clothesline just finished the job.  Sammy Rochester is in complete control of this match.

Sammy stands over Davis now, but instead of making the pin, Sammy suddenly turns and looks at Mallows, then looks to Corazon.  Corazon nods his head and Sammy leaves Davis on the mat and makes his way to the corner. Corazon reaches out his hand, and Sammy tags him in. The fans begin to boo as the Iron Fist Champion stalks into the ring, waiting behind Davis who starts to get up to his feet, holding the back of his head.  Just as Davis is up, Corazon DRILLS him in the back with a hard forearm and then aggressively pulls Davis’s head back and locks on a dragon sleeper!

Dave Dymond: Corazon wasting no time here applying an inverted facelock, capitalizing on the pain Sammy Rochester caused with that vicious clothesline.  Davis trying to struggle, but Corazon has that look in his eyes, O.G.  He has that look that he wants to end Chris Davis before these two even get started.

Other Guy: Clearing the plate, so to speak.  He’s got Del Carver at Redemption, so why not take out another legend in SHOOT Project as a way to build momentum.

Referee Scott Kamura checks on the situation now, but Davis showing NO signs of giving up.  Corazon doesn’t keep the hold locked on at this point and just DROPS Davis backwards with a quick reverse DDT.  Corazon makes a cover on Davis and Kamura drops to the mat and makes the count.


TWO!  STRONG kick out by Davis, and Corazon almost half expected it, getting up to his feet almost at the exact same time.  Corazon pulls Davis up to his feet and works Davis with a few quick chops to the throat! Davis grabs for his throat and Corazon spins for a back elbow to Davis’s face, but Davis ducks it and with Corazon’s back to Davis, Davis suddenly LAUNCHES Corazon with a belly-to-back overhead suplex!

Other Guy: Talk about impact!

Dave Dymond: Huge suplex, HUGE moment for Davis to make his way to the corner and make the tag!

The fans pick up, cheering on Davis who slowly sits up after the momentum he used took him down onto the mat as well.  Davis starts to the corner, Kenshin reaching out his arm, Worrens doing so as well.  Davis gets up and makes his way to the corner now, but Corazon up and as Davis passes him by he grabs Davis by the shoulder and spins him around. Corazon fires with a straight punch, but Davis blocks it… only for Corazon to hit a sudden low kick to the side of Davis’s leg.  Davis falters, dropping half way to one knee and Corazon steps to the side… HOOK KICK to the back of Davis’s head…

NO! Davis tucks his head, slides back and stands up!  Corazon quickly regains his momentum, turns and charges at Davis, but Davis hooks him for a standing hip toss and Corazon is taken down onto his back.  Davis now STORMS towards his corner and TAGS IN KENSHIN!

Dave Dymond: Tag made to the world champion! And talk about a match up here!  Champion versus champion!

The fans come alive, as Kenshin is ready and fired up! The second Corazon is up to his feet Kenshin is at him with a running clothesline. Corazon goes down, but springs back up to his feet. Kenshin still right on top of things, knife edge chop, then another, then another.  Corazon staggers up against the ropes, but in a sneaky moment reaches out and tags in Roland.  Kenshin doesn’t see this and whips Corazon across the ring.  Corazon hooks his arms around the ropes to stop his momentum, and Roland steps into the ring just as Kenshin is about to charge at Corazon.  Roland reaches out and grabs Kenshin by the back of the head and JUST YANKS him down backwards!

Corazon then turns and without warning hits a short arm clothesline to Davis!  Davis falters and Worrens actually charges into the ring, going for Corazon, but Kamura catches it and breaks it up.  Corazon smirks and turns now to Roland who lifts Kenshin up to his feet and whips him right into Corazon.  Corazon lifts Kenshin on the run and DRIVES him onto the mat spine first via a spinebuster!

Other Guy: Roland and Corazon showing some serious teamwork there, at the expense of Jun Kenshin.

Dave Dymond: Corazon played that one to perfection unfortunately… having goaded Worrens into acting as a distraction.

Corazon exits the ring now and Roland drops down and covers the world champion.  He shouts for Kamura to focus, but Worrens continues the struggle even now, keeping the referee from counting! The fans actually cheer this and Roland has no choice but to get up off of Kenshin. Roland makes his way towards Worrens now, and before a fight can break out between the two, Worrens exits the ring. Roland glares at Worrens but turns quickly away from the corner… only for Kenshin to be back up running ENZEGURI!!!

Other Guy: Ha-HA!  And just like that, Corazon’s own plan of using Worrens as a distraction ends up going AGAINST Roland Caldwell.

The fans pop as Roland falls to the mat from the impact of the kick to the side of his head.  Kenshin scrambles, but makes the cover by hooking the leg.  Kamura goes down and makes the count, some of the fans rise to their feet!


TW… not even a full two count as Roland gets a powerful shoulder up.  Kenshin keeps the offense in his favor now, grabbing Roland’s arm and before Roland can get up, Kenshin locks on a cross-armed breaker!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin wants to end this here and now! He has Kenshin’s Kross locked on and look at the intensity in his eyes, O.G!  Kenshin wants to break Roland’s arm off!

Kenshin shouts out loudly which gets a reaction from the crowd, and Roland winces in pain as Kenshin keeps the submission locked on tightly.  Kamura drops down by Roland’s head, asking him if he gives up.  Roland refuses by shouting out no, but struggles a great deal with the pain coursing towards his shoulder!  The fans watch on with anticipation, but Roland isn’t giving up. Instead he works on trying to move his body, half way sitting up, and with his free arm he wildly swings at Kenshin’s face. The shot connects and Kenshin’s head snaps back, but he keeps the hold locked on.  Roland’s body goes back down onto the mat, but then he sits right back up and now GRABS at Kenshin’s head all together in an awkward sitting up position.  Kenshin struggles… and now Roland ACTUALLY starts trying to stand!

Other Guy: Holy… look at the strength displayed by Roland Caldwell!  Kenshin’s still got his arm, but Roland trying to lift him up as much as he can…. AND HE FORCE DROPS HIM ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!

The fans let out a collective “OOOH!” as Kenshin immediately lets go of Roland’s arm, and lays sprawled out on the mat.  Roland holds his arm close to his body, grinding his teeth in pain.  Hurting, Roland goes back and tags in Corazon who looks to capitalize on the down and out Kenshin.  Kenshin barely moves on the mat, and Kamura actually motions for Corazon to back off while he checks on Kenshin. The fans fall into a quiet buzz, and this sense of concern seems to fill the Bellagio Grand Ballroom.

Dave Dymond: Something obviously not right here… Scott Kamura showing concern, he’s keeping Corazon at bay… I’m not sure, we don’t have the best vantage point from here, but it doesn’t seem like Kenshin is moving.

Other Guy: He didn’t land well when Roland basically spiked him down onto the mat… Roland’s own strength didn’t even hold in full.

Dave Dymond: Indeed it looked as if Roland was attempting to get Kenshin all the way up for a powerbomb, but it didn’t pan out that… OH WHAT THE HELL!!

Corazon DESCENDS UPON Kenshin and just starts PUMMELING him with hard closed right hands, while cradling his head with his left hand!  Kamura shouts a warning at Corazon, even going as far as to pull him off.  The fans are near deafening in their boos as Corazon UNLEASHES on Kenshin!

Other Guy: He is inhuman, he is BRUTAL, Dave. Kenshin could be seriously injured and Corazon takin’ complete advantage of that!

Corazon throws a couple more punches as Kamura tries to get him… but now Davis CHARGES the ring!  Sammy enters in… and now Worrens in as well!!!

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin is still the legal man, but it appears as if Kamura is calling for medical… which means this one may very well become a two on three fight.

Corazon and Davis exchange blows once again, while Sammy stomps towards Worrens, but Worrens moves much quicker, running towards the ropes.  Worrens LEAPS onto the second rope, then turns and just as Sammy turns he CONNECTS with the leaping clothesline!  Sammy stumbles back only a couple of steps. Worrens is right back up to his full vertical base and continues to work against Rochester throwing up knee alternating knee strikes, to keep Sammy faltering!  Davis has Corazon up against the corner, but Corazon snaps his hand out and digs both his thumbs into the corners of Davis’s eyes!  The fans boo as Davis staggers back, grabbing at his face, and Corazon goes up to the top rope now MISSILE DROPKICK!

Other Guy: Davis taken off his feet, and Kamura is concerned with the state of Jun Kenshin as we now have a stretcher down at ringside and medical staff working to try to get Kenshin closer to the edge of the ring.

Dave Dymond: This is seriously out of control at this point, and now Roland Caldwell back into the mix, and he’s dead focused on Worrens.

With Worrens’s back to Roland and focused on Sammy, Roland has the clear advantage.  Roland grabs Worrens from behind, but Worrens reacts quickly… knee strike, another knee strike, palm jab to the chest, WICKED palm jab to the head that knocks Roland for a loop… clothesline to the back… NO!  Sammy with a bear hug from behind… SQUEEZING THE LIFE OUT OF WORRENS!!!

Other Guy: Worrens just can’t get the offense in tonight, and these fans look to have lost hope.  Kenshin might be out, Davis is down, and Worrens is moments away from having his ribs smashed into dust!

Dave Dymond: Things are only getting worse, Corazon stalking over Davis now… and look at Mallows on the outside, I can’t tell for sure but that looks to be a smile on his face.

Worrens tries to fight free, when suddenly the fans pick up with uproarious cheers!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is getting up!  HE’S NOT DOWN… HE’S NOT OUT!

Sammy rag dolls Worrens around, still holding onto him with the bear hug, but the exact moment he turns… Kenshin KICKS high out of nowhere… SUPER KICK THAT NAILS SAMMY IN THE JAW!

Other Guy: Heaven’s Blade… a repeat from last week!

Dave Dymond: Sammy loses his hold on Worrens, but yet again the seven foot two monster child does NOT go down!

Sammy staggers and Corazon goes after Kenshin, but Davis gets back into things and intercepts Corazon, grabbing him and running him to the ropes.  Davis DUMPS Corazon to the outside while Kenshin throws everything he’s got at Sammy, slowly wearing him down.  Roland charges at Davis… hard punch, BLOCKED!  Roland gets a boot to gut.  Davis gets him right back up… whip into the ropes and Davis follows closely, CLOTHESLINING Roland over the top rope and to the outside!

The fans cheer loudly as Worrens starts to get up now, leaving Sammy Rochester in a three on one situation.  Kamura shouts at Davis and Worrens to clear the ring, but all of them turn their focus to Sammy.  Kenshin quickly ascends to the top rope and with Sammy’s back to him, Kenshin FLIPS over the top of Sammy and NAILS a single arm stunner!  Sammy’s jaw bounces off of Kenshin’s shoulder and he spins around, staggering now even more.  Worrens is next up… left knee strike, right knee strike, palm jab to the chest… HUGE LEFT PUNCH TO THE FACE! Sammy staggers, back up against the rope now and all at once the medical staff on hand nearby clears out of the way as Davis hits the ropes…



Other Guy: What an impact… what a moment!

Every single fan is on their feet chanting “That Was Awesome!”  Kamura assesses the situation, and as Worrens leaves the ring, Corazon sneaks back in, unknown to Kenshin.

Dave Dymond: Corazon and Kenshin STILL the legal men, and Corazon is back in the ring.  Kenshin doesn’t look to be all there just yet after taking that nasty bump at the hands of Roland Caldwell… LOOK OUT!

Corazon spins Kenshin around, KICK TO THE GUT!  Kenshin doubles over, Corazon hooks him quickly, NO! Kenshin digs down deep and flips Corazon over with a desperation back body drop!  Corazon sits up, arching his back in pain, and Kenshin staggers about, but turns towards his corner, and only Worrens is there.  Kenshin looks for Davis, but he’s still down and out in the wreckage.  Kenshin quickly turns away from Worrens who shouts out in frustration.  Corazon right there, but Kenshin nails a knife-edge chop, then another one. Then Kenshin winds up with a Mongolian chop, but Corazon ducks it and CRUSHES Kenshin in the back of the head with a hard punch. Kenshin almost falls to his knees and palms, but he manages to keep himself up and he turns now, only for Corazon to hit a solid European uppercut, but Kenshin fires with a kick to the legs.  Corazon with another shot, Kenshin with another kick!

Dave Dymond: Worrens is the freshest man out there, but Kenshin refused to tag him in.

Other Guy: That trust issues runs deep, and I think Kenshin plans on doin’ this himself.

Corazon goes for another strike, but Kenshin a bit quicker this time and he gets another kick in, and another. Corazon falters from the kicks, loosing his footing slightly.  Kenshin staggers himself, but fires with one more kick and now Corazon up against the ropes, bounces off of them and turns with a spinning back elbow.  Kenshin is CLOCKED upside the head, but FIRES again this time with a straight kick to the chest!

Dave Dymond: Hard mafia kick and Corazon goes down, but Kenshin barely able to stand on his own two feet!

Kenshin turns back to his corner again, looking to tag in, but still Davis is out.  Worrens reaches his hand out now and just glares at Kenshin.

Trevor Worrens: TAG. ME. IN!

Kenshin has a moment of hesitation, but finally puts it behind him.  However the fans buzz as Corazon makes his way to his own corner and looks to tag in Caldwell.  Kenshin makes it closer to Worrens, Worrens reaches out further.  Roland gets tagged in by Corazon and he STORMS at Kenshin from behind.  Worrens shouts a warning and Kenshin turns quickly STANDING dropkick and at the same time he reaches out and tags in Worrens!

Other Guy: Innovative tag and now Worrens officially gets in this match!

Worrens enters the ring quickly, and with Roland staggering, Worrens starts in with a flurry of knee strikes, keeping Roland staggering.  Roland however fires back with a headbutt that quickly stops Worrens in his tracks.  Roland goes to capitalize, lifting Worrens up off the mat with both hands around his neck. Kamura warns against the double choke, but before Roland can plant Worrens on his back, Worrens starts throwing knees while being lifted up! Roland loses his hold, and Worrens drops down to his feet. Roland attempts a quick standing clothesline, but Worrens slings around behind Roland, and hits more knees, this time to the back of Roland’s legs.  Roland falters and quickly Worrens locks in a full nelson hold!

Dave Dymond: Worrens zoning in on Roland’s neck now, possibly wearing him down for an attempt at broken beyond repair!

Other Guy: Not sure he’ll have much luck with that, Dave. With Corazon waiting in the corner, any submission hold that could bring this match to an end is gonna be interrupted and fast.

Roland struggles against the full nelson, trying to break it with sheer strength, and slowly but surely he begins to do so. Outside of the ring, Sammy starts to get up, wide while Davis is already up and makes his way into the corner.  Both Kenshin and Davis watch on, cheering on Worrens as Roland is brought to one knee completely, the full nelson hold locked on… but suddenly Roland’s surge of strength really kicks in and he snaps up to his feet, breaking the full nelson completely.  Worrens quickly charges at the ropes now, and he comes bouncing back, clothesline to Roland, but he hooks Roland around the neck while turning his body and DRIVES the back of Roland’s head down onto his knee!

Dave Dymond: We saw Worrens win with that before, high impact… and the cover… this could be it!



Corazon makes the save! The fans boo loudly as Corazon retreats, Worrens coming after him for a moment, but then he turns to the downed Roland.  Worrens nods his head and starts towards Roland. He sits Roland up, lifts up one of Roland’s arm and hooks his own arm through into a sleeper position.  Worrens then DRIVES his knee into Roland’s back and locks on the arm-hook sleeper!

Other Guy: There it is, Broken Beyond Repair, and Caldwell’s got NOWHERE to go!

Dave Dymond: But here comes Sammy! Sammy back to his senses!

Sammy charges into the ring, but Davis right there to intercept! The two men exchange blows, but Davis suddenly gets the upper hand, and all at once he goes to lift him up into a reverse Death Valley driver position!

Dave Dymond: No way!  No way is Christopher Davis going to attempt to hit Angela’s Ashes!

Other Guy: Oh there is way… he’s doin it!

Kamura shouts for Davis to get out of the ring then turns his attention back to Roland and Worrens, but Davis won’t have any of it.  He works on lifting him up, struggling, and now Kenshin in to help his partner! The fans go nuts as Davis gets Sammy up onto his shoulders… Roland struggles, fighting it, but Worrens has his signature submission hold locked on as tight as possible. Roland seems to be fading out…. Corazon comes in for a second time but instead of going after Worrens Corazon lands a chop block to Davis!


Other Guy: Again Corazon gets the better of Christopher Davis and the WEIGHT of Sammy just collapses on top of Davis!

Kenshin reacts a second too late and Worrens shouts at Kamura to pay attention, when suddenly Roland starts fighting… AND THEN BREAKS THE ARM-HOOK SLEEPER!

Other Guy: Oh shit!  Roland just broke the submission. Look at Worrens he’s shocked!

Worrens gets up to his feet, shaking his head and Roland starts up as well. Worrens works the knee strikes, trying to keep Roland seated, but Roland suddenly springs up to his feet… YAKUZA KICK!!!

Dave Dymond: Down goes Worrens!

Sammy is up and is coaxed back to his corner by Corazon, while Davis, hurting, rolls out of the ring in pain.  Kenshin is back in his corner and Roland is standing, sizing up Worrens.  The fans boo loudly and Roland looks to go after Worrens, but suddenly snaps around and charges at Kenshin! Kenshin has no time to react and he’s KNOCKED off the ring apron!  Roland then stalks around behind Worrens, who slowly is trying to crawl to his corner. 

Worrens looks up, and sees NOBODY there! His eyes go wide with disbelief, and before he can do anything else, Roland forcefully pulls up Worrens from behind, LIFTS HIM HIGH UP IN A REVERSE DDT POSITION!

Other Guy: SICK Burning Hammer!  Worrens AGAIN dropped right on his skull!

Roland makes the cover, Kamura drops down and makes the count.



THRE… NO!  Kenshin at the last possible second makes the save!

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin SAVES Trevor Worrens!

The fans cheer as Roland is knocked to the side, but quickly gets up.  Kenshin retreats back to his corner, and now Roland lifts Worrens up, and calls for the burning hammer again, this time looking right at Kenshin.  He holds Worrens there, pointing at Kenshin with fury.

Roland Caldwell: This is you come Redemption!

Roland goes to lift Worrens, but Worrens shifts his body, wrapping around behind Roland slightly, and then DROPPING Roland’s back across his own body and shoulder!

Dave Dymond: Desperation standing side backbreaker!

Roland falls in one direction, Worrens in the other and now Kenshin reaches out, shouting for the tag.  Worrens crawls again, pain in his face.  Roland is better off and stirs, working on getting to his feet.  Worrens still crawling…. Roland tags in Corazon!  The fans watch on as Worrens reaches out… reaches…


Other Guy: He was inches from the tag, but Corazon holds Worrens and now pulls him back JUST out of reach…

Dave Dymond: This does not bode well for the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans boo as Corazon looks down at the helpless Worrens, who can barely get up.  Corazon taunts Kenshin to come into the ring, but Kenshin keeps cool.  Corazon smirks slightly and pulls Worrens up to his feet only to kick him square in the gut!  Worrens doubles over in pain, and Corazon holds him there, again taunting Kenshin to come into the ring.  Kenshin shouts out in frustration and grabs the ring ropes.

Dave Dymond: The thought process of Corazon is just sickening.  He’s using Worrens as damn bait right now, trying to get the one remaining standing member of the opposing team, Jun Kenshin, to slip up.

Other Guy: Yeah Davis is worse for wear right outside after Corazon once again went for the knees… and now just delaying the inevitable, ya know?

Dave Dymond: Kenshin refusing to come in, and Corazon sees this and KNOWS he’s got the World Heavyweight Champion right where he wants him!

Corazon’s smirk suddenly fades and he DROPS Worrens with a vicious pedigree!!!  Worrens is laid out on the mat and Corazon looks up at Kenshin, his knees still by Worrens’s head.  Slowly he rolls Worrens over onto his back… watching Kenshin and makes the cover.





Other Guy: IT’S CARVER, oh my fucking god! It’s Del Carver!!!

Carver has Corazon on the outside and immediately starts unleashing on him with hard fists!  Corazon is unable to react… but Obsidian leaves his corner now and makes a B-line around the ring for Carver.  Carver turns quickly and LEAPS at Corazon’s larger tag team partner and takes him down with a Lou Thez press!!! Carver unleashes on Obsidian now, while Corazon is dazed on the outside. Kenshin smiles and drops to the outside now as well… Corazon just recovers… ONLY TO BE MET WITH A KICK TO THE FACE!!!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin hits a SECOND heaven’s blade, this time right to the mug of the Iron Fist Champion!

Before Corazon falls, Kenshin rolls Corazon back into the ring, and now it’s a matter of who gets up first, Worrens or Corazon.  Kenshin returns to his corner, while Carver gets up off of Obsidian now. Carver raises his arms up and then leaves out through the crowd, only to turn and watch once he’s further away from ringside.  All eyes are on Corazon and Worrens, both down and out inside the ring. Davis finally returns to his corner, joining Kenshin, while opposite of them Sammy and Roland watch on.





Other Guy: Neither man is moving…



Worrens starts to get up now, and once he reaches one knee, referee Scott Kamura calls off the double knock out count. Worrens staggers to his corner… Corazon now starts to stir, but not quite getting up… Worrens looks to make the tag…  and tags in Christopher Davis!  Worrens points to Corazon and the noise inside the Grand Ballroom goes THROUGH the roof!

Dave Dymond: Worrens has passed this one to Davis, and the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer has Corazon RIGHT where he wants him!

Other Guy: All thanks to Del Carver!

Davis charges into the ring, but runs clear across and DECKS Sammy. Sammy falls to the outside, but stays standing.  Davis then turns and CRUSHES Roland with a forearm! Roland lands on his back on the ring edge and then drops to the outside.  Davis then FLIPS Mallows a middle finger and turns back to Corazon who is starting to get up, but facing in the wrong direction.  Davis wastes no time, hoists Corazon up and takes him down with the reverse Death Valley Driver known as Angela’s Ashes!

Dave Dymond: The Iron Fist Champion is down… and the cover!


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


Referee Scott Kamura calls for the bell, but it can barely be heard over the cheers from the crowd!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners of the match… Jun Kenshin, Trevor Worrens, AND CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

“Barry Bonds” starts to play again as Davis slowly up to his feet, wincing in pain, but smiling in victory.  Kenshin and Worrens both enter the ring, celebrating the victory along with Davis.  Outside of the ring, Sammy takes hold of Mikey, almost in a comforting manner, rocking slightly as he stands by Mallows and looks on in the ring.  Roland works on getting to his feet and he slams his hands on the ring edge, pissed off at what he is seeing.

Dave Dymond: So through it all Christopher Davis, Jun Kenshin, and Trevor Worrens survive, but at what cost?

Other Guy: The cost of the fact that this ain’t over at all.  Fuel to the fire, Dave, that’s all this really added. BUT, like ya said they survived, and those three live to fight another day.

Dave Dymond: And with this night over, we are one step closer to Redemption, and maybe a little bit of redemption was even had here tonight.

Davis and Kenshin start out of the ring, but Worrens stays behind, his eyes locked on to Mallows’s.  After a moment though he exits the ring as well, and with the fans cheering and the focus placed on Kenshin holding his World Heavyweight Championship belt…

Revolution goes off the air.