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Revolution: 019 – 1/27/07

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting amongst the crowd.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Cade Sydal.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of Jun Kenshin standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, overwhelming pride and honor seen in his eyes.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.




As Revolution opens up, the crowd is already focused on the ring where The Poe stands warming up. The camera shifts then to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy sit, ready for a night of action.

Dave Dymond:  Welcome everyone to Revolution, where we are just ONE WEEK away from our next Pay Per View, Redemption.

Other Guy: Oh hell yeah, Dave.  And this is the last night the SHOOT Project soldiers have a shot at gainin’ some serious momentum going into Redemption, so its put up or shut up time.

Dave Dymond: That it is, and many of the superstars in action tonight will be seeing one of the greatest opportunity ahead of them, but one of the greatest challenges as well, that of course being the massive battle royale known as the Redemption Rumble.

Other Guy: I can’t wait.  So much in store for that night, Steel Cage, the rumble, three way dance for the World heavyweight title… and of course the Hardcore House of Pain.

Dave Dymond: And folks watching at home, Other Guy did NOT forget a match up as right now from what we’ve been told, Cade Sydal and Donovan King will NOT go down at Redemption on account that as it stands Donovan King has been suspended from the organization.

Other Guy: Boss man laid down the law, and King learned firsthand how far is TOO far.

Dave Dymond: It’s about time too, and while we don’t get the pleasure of seeing Cade Sydal get revenge on Donovan King, this could very well mean that Sydal now gets the opportunity to partake in the Redemption Rumble. Of course all of that still one week away and right now we still have a whole night ahead of us… so let’s get to the ring with Samantha Coil and start off tonight with the debut of a new SHOOT Project cruiserweight… Arion Catcher taking on The Poe!

The fans buzz as Samantha Coil enters the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening Revolution bout is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, already in the ring, here is The Poe!

The Poe raises his arms up but is not met with much enthusiasm one way or another.  After a moment “All Apologies” by Nirvana hits the P.A. system bringing the attention of the fans to the entryway.  From the back, the newcomer Arion Catcher steps out, wearing black sweat pants with a red lightning bolt running down each leg.  He comes out with a quiet energy about him, and the fans have yet to see this man in action so they’re not sure what to make of him.

Samantha Coil: and his opponent, weighing in tonight at 165 pounds, here is Arion Catcher!!!

Dave Dymond: I was privy to be able to sit ringside at Arion Catcher’s try out match up with the organization and from what I saw he’s certainly going to bring a fast paced style to SHOOT Project… which makes for an interesting contrast to his somewhat relaxed attitude outside of the ring.

Other Guy: Well he’s gotta do something pretty special to win over this crowd tonight, the opening match ain’t something to take lightly.

Catcher jogs down to the ring, somewhat in time with the music that plays throughout the arena. He then leaps up onto the ring apron then vaults over the top rope.  He looks out to the crowd then to The Poe. With both men set for action, referee Austin Linam calls for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, both men at this moment are confirmed entrants into the Rumble, so for Arion Catcher, the rumble will be only his SECOND match so he’ll need all the momentum he can get here tonight.

The Poe starts to circle the ring sizing up Catcher who just stays light on his feet, hopping up and down slightly awaiting his opponent to make the first move.  The Poe charges in, but Catcher quickly darts out of the way, and before The Poe can refocus, Arion Catcher leaps up onto the top rope and then FLIES off with a diving shoulder block!  The Poe is taken down and Catcher is right back up to his feet and he runs full speed at the ropes.  As he bounces off the ropes, Catcher summersaults forward than springs up to his feet and SPLASHES down onto The Poe!  Arion hooks the leg and the referee quickly makes the count.



Quick kick out by The Poe.

Dave Dymond: Some quick offense from Catcher in the opening moments of this match, pretty impressive stuff wouldn’t you say?

Other Guy: Yeah, he’s got quick feet, but he’s gotta get the job done, which he did not do right there.

Catcher stays on top of things as he brings the Poe up to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  The Poe comes bouncing back and Arion Catcher spins around and CRUSHES The Poe with a hard lariat!  The Poe goes down and Catcher quickly turns his back to The Poe and flips backwards with a standing moonsault!  The fans pop at the display of athleticism and Catcher makes another cover.  Again referee Austin Linam drops and makes the count.



THRE… the Poe again kicks out, but this time just barely.  Catcher goes to lift The Poe up, but suddenly The Poe snatches him and pulls him into a quick small package!  A count in favor of the Poe commences.


TW… not even a full two count as Arion Catcher squirms out of the small package and then is up to his feet.  The Poe looks to get up, but Catcher hits a sitting dropkick to the face, knocking The Poe flat on his back.  Catcher again snaps up to his feet, not taking a second to rest or slow down.  The Poe again starts to stir, but Catcher right there with a spinning fist, then he spins back the other way with a stiff back hand!  The Poe’s head snaps to the side and now Catcher picks up speed again, hitting the ropes… and FLIES with a cross body chop!

Dave Dymond: Catcher showing tremendous in ring ability in his debut match up here on Revolution, a nice mix of speed but some powerful strikes there as well

With the Poe down, Catcher sprints towards the corner turnbuckle and runs up them with ease.  He then turns, and from the corner… a HUGE PHOENIX SPLASH!!!

Other Guy: Damn!  Now color me impressed, Dave!

Dave Dymond: I think that’s the general thought of everyone here in the arena tonight as these fans have just started getting behind the new cruiserweight who is giving a heck of a show tonight.

Other Guy: high energy, gotta love it.  But I don’t see why Catcher isn’t making a cover.

Dave Dymond: He seems to have something in mind here…

Catcher waits now, watching as The Poe struggles to get up to his feet.  Catcher NOW starts playing up to the crowd and they start rallying behind him.  The Poe is up to his feet, tries to get in some quick offense, but Catcher quickly blocks an attempted punch for The Poe, captures his hand, and whips him into the corner post!  The Poe hits hard and Catcher comes from behind with a back splash, then turns the Poe to face him.  Catcher unleashes with a series of chops, The Poe tries to block, but Catcher is just too quick!  The Poe is rocked, and suddenly Catcher lifts The Poe up and sits him up on the top turnbuckle.  Catcher lands a few more chops to keep The Poe groggy.  Catcher than hooks The Poe up, and the fans start to rise up to their feet, watching as Catcher has The Poe set up for a superplex!

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher positioned on top… high risk maneuver!

Catcher lifts and starts to drop backwards, but SUDDENLY flips and twists his body around and SOMEHOW NAILS The Poe with a modified Rock Bottom!

Dave Dymond: Urinage SLAM!  WOW!  How in the hell did he pull that off!

Other Guy: Who cares, it was OFF the charts and then some, Dave!

Dave Dymond: The cover… the count!




“All Apologies” begins to play again as Arion Catcher rises up to his feet, successfully picking up a victory.

Other Guy: Hats off to the newcomer and that’s a good way to debut straight up.

Dave Dymond: Indeed the debut match up of Arion Catcher goes in his favor and can the rookie to SHOOT Project capitalize on this victory and put up a good showing in the Redemption Rumble?

Other Guy: It’s possible, but then again there’s a LOT of talent goin’ into that fight, Dave, some of which we won’t know until they show up in the ring.

Arion Catcher heads out of the ring now, raising his arms in victory, but no longer showing the intensity he was in the ring, and once again returning to a more laid back, relaxed attitude.


The camera focuses in on the eyes of Christopher Davis.

Christopher Davis: I walked back into SHOOT at Animosity with no real direction, no real purpose. I just thought it seemed like a bad idea for the world champion to not have a match on a pay per view.

The camera pans back, showing Davis fully dressed and prepared for his match. Sweat runs down his bald forehead.

Christopher Davis: Upon my return I managed to get jumped not once, not twice, but three times by cats that believe themselves the new face of SHOOT.  The odd thing is not one time have I came out and said I was here to take anybody’s spot. I’ve never said that I was going after anyone’s title.

I just showed up and people took notice. People immediately realized I was a threat.

A sly smile comes across his face.

Christopher Davis: Maybe you cats are smarter than I you were. The fact of the matter is that NOW, TONIGHT Roland has the opportunity to stop me before I truly get started. Roland has the opportunity to put the momentum that brought him to the brink of the SHOOT world title.

Or, he has the opportunity to put ME on the fast track to the top.

The camera zooms back in on his eyes.

Christopher Davis: I spit the same rhetoric because it has made me a legend. I do the same things because it has made me FAR more successful than you’ve ever been Roland. Now I’m going to stand in the ring with you with nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Thank you in advance Roland. Sorry they don’t like you, but, you know it is what it is.


The shot meets Jason Johnson inside his office as he’s looking down at his desk. Most likely at some contract or another. His reading, however, is interrupted quickly by a knock at the door.

Jason Johnson: Come in…

The door slowly opens and Cade Sydal takes two limping steps in before he turns and pushes the door closed. Cade turns back to the desk and limps up to it, the look of anger always on his face. Cade limps to an empty chair across from Jason and sits in it, relieving the pain in his knee, at least for a moment.

Jason Johnson: And what do I owe the pleasure of this visit to, Cade?

Cade shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: I’m hearin’ that you followed through with your threat of a suspension and Donovan King is suspended indefinitely. Is that right?

Jason Johnson nods his head in response.

Jason Johnson: Yes, it is. You both knew the rules. You both knew I had to keep my investments safe from injury so that your big crazy mat–

Cade Sydal: Cut the suspension short.

The interruption catches Jason Johnson off-guard and he stares at Cade, his mouth slightly agape, for a brief instance.

Jason Johnson: I’m sorry. What?

Cade Sydal: Cut. The. Su. Spen. Sion.

Jason Johnson: And why in the hell would I do that?

Cade Sydal: You don’t get it, do you? Donovan King WANTS to be suspended. He doesn’t WANT to fight me in a Death Match. He WANTS you to lose out on money by cancelling the advertised match.

Jason Johnson shakes his head.

Jason Johnson: King isn’t that smart. You give him too much credit.

Cade openly rolls his eyes.

Cade Sydal: You don’t get it, do you? He wants you to think he’s a stupid nigga off the street. He wants you to believe that shit. But…the kid is trained by fucking OutKast. Are any of his students, in the history of fucking EVER, that dumb? I’ll answer for ya…no, they aren’t. So cut the suspension. You suspending him saves him from the ass-beating he deserves an–

Jason Johnson: Fine. You want to kill him? He wants to kill you? I don’t give a shit any more. You two can kill each other for all I care. I’m tired of dealing with the shit form both of you. From now on, when it concerns you and Donovan King against each other, and only then, you two can do whatever the fuck you want. But you will leave the rest of my roster out of that shit, you’ll both still follow MY rules against the rest of the roster. But you two can kill each other for all I give a fuck any more.

Cade leans back in his chair.

Cade Sydal: Good. Now what do you say we draw up a quick little contract agreeing to that?

Jason Johnson rolls his eyes slowly as the camera cuts away.



With the next match up just moments away, the focus starts out at the gorilla position, where Eryk Masters stands on hand with the returning Eli Storm.

Eryk Masters: I am back here now to get some last minute words from a former World Champion and a man who while under contract has not wrestled a SHOOT Project match in some time… Eli Storm.

Masters looks to Storm and Storm nods his head, looking quite focused and ready.

Eryk Masters: Now Eli, you’re going out there already not at one hundred percent against a man who is foaming at the mouth, SEETHING over your recent words and return.  How do you plan on going about this match up.

Storm thinks on the question for a moment, obviously hurting, but still ready to fight.  He is about to answer, when suddenly Masters looks past Storm, eyes going wide!

Eryk Masters: Watch OU…

Before Masters can get the final word in, Storm is LAUNCHED into Masters, knocked from behind by a vicious forearm shot!  Osbourne Kilminster comes into view, dressed to wrestle in his urban camo MMA shorts, but also wearing a chain mail coif that drops down over his chest to double as a chain mail vest. Storm has no time to recover as Kilminster descends upon him and immediately starts driving knee shot after knee shot into any part of Storm’s body that Kilminster can hit.  The fans are heard booing from ringside, but Kilminster couldn’t care less.  He just lifts Storm off the floor and holds him by the head, basically WALKING him out of view.  The camera shifts to the ring area now, and soon Kilminster steps out with Storm, stopping every so often to just ASSAULT him with a hard knee or forearm attack!

Dave Dymond: This is just beyond unfair! This match shouldn’t have even been booked to begin with, but Storm, showing he’s ready to step up, took the match… and now this is what he gets?

Other Guy: Hey what do ya expect. If you’re gonna step up, you gotta be ready for anything.  Kilminster showin’ he’s hungry and while I don’t like some of the pot shots he took at you, you can’t argue that Kilminster is all kinds of motivated now.

Referee Dennis Heflin is on hand in the ring as Kilminster approaches. First he tosses Storm in under the bottom rope then he removes his chain mail headpiece and leaves it on the ground.  Storm tries desperately to get up to his feet, but Kilminster dives into the ring, and just as Storm is up, Kilminster captures both his legs and FORCEFULLY drives Storm right back down, SMACKING Storm’s head down against the canvas!  Storm lays sprawled out now and Kilminster hovers over him, and then bends down just enough to clutch Storm’s head and all at once starts DRIVING knees square into Storm’s face!

Dave Dymond: As much as I hate to say this, it’s an official match now, and Kilminster, obviously, has the clear advantage.

Heflin stands in position, and as Kilminster pulls away, Eli Storm’s face is revealed to be covered in blood, mostly coming from his nose!  The fans boo louder upon seeing the busted up Eli Storm.  Storm still shows some sign of life, and Kilminster shakes his head with a grunt.  He pulls Storm up to his feet and WHIPS him into the corner. The force is so impacting that Storm FLOPS down onto his stomach.  Kilminster charges and goes low, and DRIVES a single knee shot into the top of Storm’s head now!  Storm clutches at his head in a great deal of pain and Kilminster finally just lifts Storm up, takes him down with a hip toss and immediately follows it up with ONE swift knee smash down onto the face!

Other Guy: Sickening End of Days right there, or at least some version of that knock out move… and it’s gotta be all sorts of over for Eli Storm, Dave.

Dave Dymond: And the arrogance that’s just dripping from Kilminster now is… well beyond disgusting if you ask me.

With Storm not even moving on the mat, Kilminster drops down and makes an arrogant cover.




The referee quickly calls for the bell, bringing this match to its official end.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match…

The second Kilminster rises up to his feet “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue suddenly picks up.

Dave Dymond: Hey wait a minute here…

Kilminster looks surprised and somewhat shocked and he turns his attention to the entryway to see Trevor Worrens stepping out from the back, a microphone in hand.  Kilminster stands over the fallen Eli Storm and just looks at Worrens shaking his head. Slowly Worrens brings his microphone up to his lips and on cue the music is cut.

Trevor Worrens: The winner is Osbourne Kilminster. As if that wasn’t obvious. Congratulations, Kilminster…

Kilminster looks to be angry as Worrens starts towards the ring a bit, but then he stops.

Trevor Worrens: Oh, hold on here. Don’t be angry with me. You see, it’s just… well you’ve gotten my attention as of late, Kilminster. In a sick, messed up way, you and I we’re more connected than we probably would like to be.  So I’m not out here to discredit your win.  It’s just lately you’ve been doing a lot of talking, and the point I’ve heard most through your words is that you believe you deserve a World Title shot more than, well, the man lying at your feet right now.

Worrens motions to Eli Storm who is still unconscious and bloodied up.

Trevor Worrens: And I’m not here to defend the man you just kicked the crap out of. Because you’re right, Kilminster, you DO deserve a world title shot more than Eli Storm. You and Kaz Sato BOTH deserve it more than he does.  But that’s not saying much, because really, referee Austin Linam deserves a title shot more than Eli Storm.

Some of the fans boo this comment, and Kilminster at this point demands a microphone. He quickly is handed one.

Osbourne Kilminster: You have a point?

Worrens looks a bit shocked, but in mock fashion.

Trevor Worrens: Oh, sorry, am I being too long winded for the man of ten thousand words?  Then let me make this clear.  You see, like I said we’re connected in a weird twist and turn of events.  You clearly want the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, and well I want it too.  You clearly hate Roland Caldwell, and I’m not exactly fond of him either.  And at one point in time, me in the past you in the present, we both had or have Kaz Sato as our associate… our lackey!

Kilminster shakes his head in frustration.

Osbourne Kilminster: Sato stands as my equal, my peer, a man who isn’t being given his dues just like me. And at Redemption we intend to force our way into the position to get what we want.

Worrens nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, I get it.  But see that’s where you and I differ, Kilminster. That’s where our connection stops. Because the difference is I am a man of my word.  You, well you’re a man OF words. Sometimes WAY TOO MANY words.  And I’m going into Redemption with the same thought process. That I’m going to earn my spot and TAKE BACK what I want, what I need.  But see, before… I TOOK The World Heavyweight Championship where as all you’ve done is TALKED about the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kilminster looks about ready to say something, but Worrens cuts him off.

Trevor Worrens: And you see, something I’ve learned as of late, is that everyone surrounding that prize, that goal, that dream, are in fact men of their words. As much as I hate to say it, Jun Kenshin said he’d beat me and he did.  Christopher Davis has backed up his word every step of the way since returning.  Hell, even our common enemy in Roland Caldwell has been a man of his word. He has said he will not stop running roughshod through SHOOT until he gets what he wants. And he hasn’t stopped, Kilminster.  Oh, and you’re peer, Kaz Sato, he kept up his word to. He’s the reason that life hasn’t been so hot for ME the past couple of weeks. He took me out, just like he said he would.

Worrens gets closer to the ring now.

Trevor Worrens: But you, I don’t think you’re much of a man of your word.  Especially when it comes to bets.  Isn’t that right, Kilminster?

Osbourne Kilminster: What are you talking about?

Worrens nods his head, as if expecting that answer.

Trevor Worrens: I understand, you don’t remember. It was another time and place for you.  That’s why I took the liberty of digging up this…

Worrens turns towards the SHOOT Project video screen as it flickers to life.

Running along the corridor as the Revolution end credits play aloud the arena above, Osbourne spots his long-time friend Kaz Sato exiting his locker room.

Osbourne Kilminster: Kaz, wait up!

Approaching his friend, Osbourne slows down, ever so slightly out of breath, resting his hand on the stocky Japanese man’s shoulder.

Kaz Sato: Sup?

Osbourne Kilminster.: Here, Trevor passed me this and said he forgot to give it to you… apparently you’ll need it for later…

Unslinging his rucksack from his shoulder, Osbourne opens it up and rummages among the towels and gloves inside, reaching right to the bottom and pulling out a black leather mask with a belt buckle neck collar and zippers where the eyes and mouth holes should be. Holding it out to his friend, he laughs and can barely look him in the eye.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, this is it. He said to get it to you A.S.A.P.

Kaz Sato: What the fuck!?!

Bent nearly double with laughter, Osbourne’s face is bright red as he struggles to draw breath, a technical crew walking past with bemused expressions as Osbourne sits the gimp mask on top of Sato’s head.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah… Trevor… hahaha… he said you’d be needing it… haha… TONIGHT. Hahahaha.

A serious growl creeps from Kaz as, struggling to regain his composure, Osbourne stands up straight but can’t help laughing as the S&M mask sits atop Sato’s head like a perverted beret.

Osbourne Kilminster: Haha. In all seriousness, what the Hell are you doing with that idiot stringing you along with promises of title shots and this and that? It’s all bullshit.

Sato takes the gimp mask off the top of his head and tosses it at Oz.

Kaz Sato: Almost as bullshit as playing up to the fans, only to leave every event empty handed.

Raising his eyebrows, Osbourne nods, slightly taken aback.

Osbourne Kilminster: Hey, that’s not my fault – I don’t book the shows, but I’ve got a GUARANTEED title shot at Uprising. How about you? Still relying on Trevor to beat Ray and give you your dues? Fuckin’ bullshit, man, and you know it. Trevor couldn’t beat Ray if he had his hands tied behind his back and THIS fucking mask on.

Shaking the gimp mask right in front of Sato’s face, Osbourne emphasises his point.

Kaz Sato: Oz…Oz…I’m guaranteed one of two things at this PPV. either a title shot or a body to mangle. Either way, I become a very happy man. And all and all, I’ll accept either destiny calm and collect. You know, without the need of flipping tables and such, like some people we know.

Laughing, Osbourne points to his temple and to his friend, noting the daggers coming out in subtle fashion as his buddy alludes to that moment backstage a couple of weeks ago…

Osbourne Kilminster: How about we have a little side-bet to go along with this whole thing then? Trevor’s your boy and Ray’s mine… we’re both buddies, so let’s have a little wager on it? How about it? You game? You MAN enough, Kaz?

Winking to his friend, Osbourne knows how to push his buttons.

Kaz Sato: Sounds like a bet

Nodding his head proudly, Osbourne hold the mask back up.

Osbourne Kilminster: If Ray wins the match, you have to wear this mask for your next SHOOT match… and if… haha… if Trevor wins, I’ll wear it for my next match. How’s about that?

Kaz Sato: Hmmm….sounds good

Osbourne Kilminster: Cool… game on, man.

The two old buddies shakes hands, both wincing a little as they set their eyes upon the ghastly garment and try to picture themselves wearing it. 

The image on the screen freezes on the leather mask, the fans in attendance are laughing and again Worrens nods his head in a very matter of fact manner.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, I felt somewhat bad doing this. But then I thought well you’re all set to run rampant in the Redemption Rumble, and frankly I’m hoping you do. Because after Redemption I plan on once again being the World Heavyweight Champion, and there is nothing more that I would like than to fight YOU, Osbourne.

The fans pick up, and Kilminster seems ready for a fight right now.

Trevor Worrens: Since stepping foot into the SHOOT Project I’ve learned something.  This is a place where you get to shape your destiny, and I didn’t take full advantage of that.  Things change, mentalities change, and now I understand that if you don’t step up, someone’s going to step up right in front of you. And lately that looks like what YOU’RE trying to do, Kilminster. And like I said I’m banking on you trying to get to the top…

Worrens looks back at the screen and actually winces slightly, showing an unusual amount of playfulness.

Trevor Worrens: Of course, given the bet and everything. If you’re TRULY a man of your word… since I DID beat Ray Willmott way back when… your next match now is going to be… The Redemption Rumble.

Kilminster starts to shake his head with a great deal of frustration. Worrens forces a sly grin.

Trevor Worrens: So I guess it’ll be interesting to see the all mighty Osbourne Kilminster debut his new gimmick…. Mr. Safe Word!

The fans laugh as Worrens again looks to the screen.  Kilminster storms towards the edge of the ring closest to Worrens now and leans over the ropes.

Osbourne Kilminster: You want to be funny? You want to make a joke at my expense?  Step into the ring and call me that to my face!

Worrens starts towards the ring and all at once the fans begin to buzz!

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone here.  It looks like the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion is about ready to challenge Kilminster FACE TO FACE!!!

Other Guy: Doesn’t seem smart if ya ask me, going into a fight against a man that could EASILY put Worrens on the shelf… what is Worrens thinking?

Worrens gets up on the ring edge, but the buzzing fans immediately begin to boo as Kaz Sato starts his way down to the ring.  Worrens turns to see what the commotion is about and seeing Sato he quickly hops down off the ring edge, shaking his head.

Trevor Worrens: I get it… okay.  You’ve got the upper hand, Kilminster. Good luck at the Rumble.  But just remember, the mask, that’s for you and Sato to work out.

With that, “The Pursuit” begins to play once again and Worrens leaves the ring area, making his way through the crowd to avoid an attack from Kilminster or Sato.  The two men watch Worrens leave, and while Sato keeps his eyes on Worrens, Kilminster looks to the Video screen where the leather mask is still frozen.  Kilminster FLIPS OUT and quickly storms out of the ring, Kaz Sato walking along with him.

Other Guy: A fight avoided for now, but Worrens has done nothin’ but painted a target on his back.

Dave Dymond:  Possibly, BUT at the same time you have to admire Trevor Worrens stepping up like he did, and that’s not something we’re used to seeing from the former World Champion… he’s definitely taking some initiative as of late.

After Kilminster and Sato are gone, that is when medical staff heads down to the ring, looking to tend to Eli Storm, but the focus shifts away from the ring, to elsewhere inside the arena.


The camera catches up to a small figure as it walks down the long hallway of locker rooms, glancing furtively down any cross hall for possible interruptions. A bottle of Pepsi is in it’s hand, and the focus zooms to it’s knuckles. They are shock white, the grip on the bottle strong with paranoia.

The figure ducks into a room, and quickly places the bottle on the dressing table. The bottle is heard opening before the camera follows in, and a fizz is heard a moment later. By the time the cameraman thinks to turn and look at the person leaving the bottle, the culprit is already out the door,

Two white pills are dissolving into the soda, a purple and green mardi gras mask sitting in front of the bottle. The scene fades back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Other Guy: Was that Jester’s drink?

Dave Dymond: I smell something fishy going on here.

Other Guy: Hey, I brushed my teeth.


Cade Sydal closes the door to Jason Johnson’s office and turns right into a man in a fine suit. He looks at the man whose chest he collided with and locks eyes with Ed Raymond.

Edward Raymond and Cade Sydal (Same Time): Sorry.

Cade steps to his left, while Raymond steps to his right, and they block each other’s path again. A step in the opposite direction, and they still lock eyes.

Edward Raymond: I’m sorry, I really need to get in there to talk to Jason.

Cade looks down at his bandaged knee and back up to Ed Raymond.

Cade Sydal: And I really need to walk without a limp right now, but some things apparently just aren’t meant to be. Not that that’s your fault. But hey, you’re Ed Raymond, right?

Ed looks at Cade, cocking his head just a hair to the left quizzically.

Edward Raymond: Yes. Yes, I am.

Cade nods.

Cade Sydal: Then it’s a good thing we bumped into each other. I might be bad-wheelin’ it up right now. But I want in.

Edward Raymond: In? In what?

Cade cocks his own head to the left.

You’re bringing the Sky High Cup to SHOOT Project right? I want in that. I hear no one else has officially signed up, so I know there’s openings. So, sign me the fuck on up, bro.

Ed raises his right hand to rub the corners of his lips and his chin before he nods.

Edward Raymond: Alright. You’re in. Break a le–

Ed Raymond cuts himself off and Cade shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: Yeah, you too.

Cade limps to his right and out of Ed’s way. Ed Raymond steps forward and stops at the door. He looks back over his shoulder as Cade limps off, surprisingly quick. He shakes his head with a subtle smile before turning back to the door and knocking. The camera moves back to ringside, with Dave Dymond and Other Guy!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is the first name entered into the Sky High Cup!

Other Guy: Who cares, Dave? Only thing that really matters is…what does Ed Raymond need with the boss?



Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit!

The fans begin to buzz, but that buzzing turns to a mixed, heavily leaning to booing, reaction once “Bad Reputation” by Thin Lizzy hits. Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson step through the curtains together, with CJ marching stoically down the ramp, while Jared trades words with ringside fans on his way down the ramp, enthusiastically.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 542 pounds! They are the team of CJ NELSON and JARED WALSH! LOOOOOOOONG ISLAAAAAAND HAAAAAAAARDCOOOOOOOORE!

Jared springs onto the apron while CJ marches up the steps. Both step through the ropes on adjacent sides of the ring. Their music slowly fades out and kicks right into “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go! The fans begin cheering fully as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning step through the curtains together, both with their right thumb extended in the air!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, from Metropolis, Illinois weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are KID LIGHTNING and FLASH DYNAMITE! The FLYYYYYYYYING AVEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEERS!

Both begin their heroic march down the ramp, grinning broadly, appreciating the cheers. Both step onto the apron with ease. FLASH steps through the ropes quick as Kid Lightning slingshots over the top rope, somersaulting through to his feet, he snaps into a full back flip landing on his feet before dropping to his knee. FLASH steps up behind him, raising his right thumb, while Kid Lightning raises his left thumb, both grinning.

Dave Dymond: While Samantha Coil clears the ring, you’ve got to believe these two teams are in for a battle tonight!

Other Guy: And it looks like CJ Nelson and Kid Lightning are sitting on the bench for the opening moments.

FLASH Dynamite and Jared Walsh circle the ring. They both come together for a tie-up, but Jared ducks under the reaching arms of FLASH and rolls forward, tagging in his partner, CJ Nelson. CJ steps through the ropes with a grin on his face. FLASH turns around and looks at CJ before both men circle and meet in the center of the ring with a strong lock-up! CJ pushes back on FLASH, using every bit of his height and weight advantage but he only pushes FLASH back a step and a half before FLASH manages to keep his feet planted!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson is pushing with all his might, but FLASH Dynamite is a self-professed super hero and he’s holding his ground!

Other Guy: So, uh, does that mean you actually believe he has super strength or something?

FLASH uses CJ’s pushing momentum to shove CJ’s left arm up and swings behind the off-balanced brawler into a waistlock. FLASH snakes his left leg around CJ’s left leg and pushes forward, driving CJ to the canvas with the takedown, face first! FLASH floats into a side headlock, but CJ wastes no time in pushing up to his feet while in the headlock. CJ pushes FLASH off and into the ropes, right into Jared Walsh who meets him with a kick to the shoulder blades! FLASH stops and turns to face Jared, and CJ clubs him from behind with a running forearm!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh distracted FLASH, and CJ took advantage of the distraction!

Other Guy: That’s how great tag teams operate! But, it doesn’t look like Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite are going to get the clean match they asked for.

CJ tags Jared, and sends FLASH off the ropes. CJ rushes FLASH to meet him with an elbow to the chin as Jared springs onto the top rope and springboards off with a leg drop across FLASH’s chest!



FLASH kicks out quickly. Jared works to pull FLASH to his feet before sending him off the ropes. FLASH plants his feet and reverses sending Jared into the ropes instead! Jared rebounds and FLASH meets him with a tilt-a-whirl into a backbreaker! FLASH pulls Jared off his knee and spins him the other way into a gut buster across the same knee! FLASH pulls him off his knee again and snaps backward with a tabletop suplex, bridging!

Dave Dymond: What a combination of moves!


Other Guy: I’ll give him credit, it was pretty impressive.


CJ Nelson rushes in and stomps on FLASH’s chest to break the count. FLASH gets to his feet and pulls Jared up with him. FLASH backs into the corner and tags in Kid Lightning before sending Jared off the ropes. FLASH catches Jared with a tilt-a-whirl swinging Jared’s head right at Kid Lightning, who catches the head and rides it down with a bulldog into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Incredible tandem offense from the super heroic duo!

Other Guy: Yeah, they’re a good tag team too. But they’re not a GREAT team yet, like Long Island Hardcore!

Kid Lightnng rolls Jared over onto his back before turning his back to him. Kid Lightning leaps upward and starts backflipping while corkscrewing, before landing with his back across Jared’s chest with a standing corkscrew moonsault!



CJ Nelson grabs Kid Lightning and pulls him off the cover straight into a fireman’s carry before snapping back with a Samoan Drop. Referee Austin Linam orders CJ Nelson out of the ring, and CJ complies.

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson has to get back on the outside, but the damage has already been done!

Other Guy: So you’re not going to mention how impressive it was for him to deadlift Kid Lightning off the ground right into a Samoan Drop? Because, I mean, it was.

Jared picks himself up before grabbing Kid Lightning by the wrist. Jared drags Kid Lightning over to his corner and tags in CJ. CJ and Jared both pull Kid Lightning to his feet and send him off the ropes. Jared rushes Kid Lightning and catches him with a drop toe hold right when CJ drops to a knee, driving Kid Lightning’s face onto CJ’s upraised knee! Jared hits the ropes in a hurry and dropkicks Kid Lightning in the side of the face, sending him off of CJ’s knee just before CJ swings into an elbow drop to the back of Kid Lightning’s head!

Dave Dymond: Some more smash mouth double teaming from the team that has been made famous because of it!

Other Guy: They’re one of the greatest tag teams in this sport, Dave, because of it..

CJ pushes Kid Lightning over while FLASH Dynamite cheers his partner on from the apron. CJ, meanwhile, presses his hand over Kid Lightning’s face while using his other hand on Kid Lightning’s chest for the pin.




Kid Lightning barely manages to kick out!

Dave Dymond: An interesting difference between the Flying Avengers and any other team is that they won’t run-in to save their partner from being pinned! They follow the rules to the T!

Other Guy: And I’m surprised they managed to collect the one victory as a team they have because of it. Of course, they’ll still use their five seconds on a tag to do some double-team shenanigans.

CJ pulls Kid lightning to his feet slowly and sends him into a neutral corner. CJ charges at Kid Lightning and Kid Lightning jumps and presses both feet into CJ’s charging chest! The momentum sends Kid Lightning rolling over the top rope and he lands on his feet on the apron as CJ stumbles backward!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning isn’t down and out just yet!

Kid Lightning springs onto the top rope as Jared Walsh kicks up into the top rope, shaking it and forcing Kid Lightning to slip, falling with a leg on either side of the rope and the rope catches him in the groin! Kid Lightning bounces off the rope onto his left shoulder, covering his groin as he writhes on the canvas!

Other Guy: And Jared Walsh just took the fight out of EVERY man in the building!

CJ Nelson stomps down on Kid Lightning before dropping and clutching Kid Lightning’s throat in his massive right hand! As the choking goes on the fans begin to boo loudly! Many of them turn toward the entrance ramp just moments before FLASH Dynamite is pulled off of the apron!

Dave Dymond: What are they doing out here?!

Rowland Collins grabs FLASH Dynamite by the wrist and runs backward with him before sending him into the security barricade with a hard Irish Whip! Michael Collins slides into the ring with the Irish Flag and swings it into the back of CJ Nelson’s head, breaking the flagpole in the process!

Other Guy: Looks like, to me, they’re getting involved!

CJ releases the choke and Jared Walsh rushes into the ring, only to be caught in the chest with the broken flagpole! Rowland reaches under the ring and pulls out two tables out from under the ring. Rowland slides one under the bottom rope before he starts to set up one himself on the outside of the ring! Michael, meanwhile, slams the flagpole into Kid Lightning’s chest as Austin Linam repeatedly signals for the bell!

Dave Dymond: This match is going to end as a No Contest because of the Collins Twins!

Other Guy: I think they want to make examples out of these two teams, actually.

The bell continues to ring as Michael turns away from Jared and CJ and Kid Lightning to set up the table inside the ring. Rowland, for his part, already has the table up as Jared Walsh has rolled out of the ring.  FLASH Dynamite starts to pick himself up from the guardrail. Rowland turns to him and rushes him full on with a running knee strike to the chin that sandwiches FLASH’s head between his knee and the steel barricade! A sickening thud as FLASH’s skull meets steel echos slightly as Rowland looks down at him.

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins just drove FLASH’s head into the barricade in a very unusual way!

Michael turns his table over as CJ Nelson pulls himself up on the ropes. Michael rushes him and clotheslines him over the top rope! CJ spills to the floor while Rowland is pulling Jared to his feet!

Other Guy: And Michael Collins is alone in the ring with Kid Lightning…

Michael pulls Kid Lightning to his feet, but Kid Lightning breaks the hold and drops into a jawbreaker! Rowland turns Jared to have Jared’s back to the table! In the ring, Kid Lightning hits the ropes, while on the outside Rowland pulls Jared between his legs and starts clubbing his back with forearms! Kid Lightning, in the ring, jumps onto Michael’s shoulders for a hurricanrana, but Michael pulls him back upward! Michel turns toward the table as Rowland pulls Jared upward onto his shoulders! Both men run and drive their respective victim through the table in front of them with running powerbombs in stereo!

Dave Dymond: OH MY GOD!

Other Guy: The Collins Twins have left the smaller members of both teams down and out, while their bigger counterparts have suffered from heavy blows to the head!

“Not Without a Purpose” by Street Dogs hits, and the fans boo louder. Michael grabs the Irish Flag, sans the pole, and holds it high above his head before he rolls out of the ring. He slaps Rowland on the chest before the two start marching up the ramp.

Dave Dymond: If you’re right, OG, and these two wanted to make an impact, they did so at the expense of the Flying Avengers AND Long Island Hardcore!

Other Guy: And they just put the entire SHOOT Project’s hopeful tag team division on notice, by example!


Dr. Grace: Do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into?

The scene fades in to the locker room. Randall Grace stands in front of none other than the evil mastermind himself, Vincent Mallows

Dr. Grace: You can’t control him. No one can.

For a moment there is no response, and Randall Grace isn’t even sure if Vincent Mallows was even paying attention. He goes to speak again but Mallows suddenly moves his chair to face Grace directly.

Vincent Mallows: I’m well aware of what you said, unfortunately all your years of studying the mind cannot nor will ever compare to the years I spent dealing with a similar mind.  I understand Sammy on a level you do not, Doctor Grace. I’m well aware of the situation at hand.

Dr. Grace: No, you’re not Mr. Mallows. You’ve never dealt with Samuel’s mind. You’ve NEVER dealt with Mikey’s mind. You might think you have, and for a little while, it might seem like you are right. But it’ll come back to you. He will lose control.

And not only will he hurt you, but you’ll cripple him. You two will destroy one another.

He’s got the mind of a child, Mr. Mallows. Don’t play with his brain anymore than life already has.

Now Mallows turns his chair away from Dr. Grace, clearly frustrated based on the somewhat muffled growl coming from his lips.

Vincent Mallows: His mind is far greater than that.  Treat him like a child and he’ll behave as one. Treat him for what he CAN be… and he’ll be just that.

Mallows whips his chair around by pushing hard on the joystick on the right arm of the wheel chair.

Vincent Mallows: You could never understand the torment of men like Sammy and I. What we’ve had to go through.  This state I am in was my final moments, but Sammy Rochester…. oooh… he has SO much more he can do.  So much life… to cause so much destruction.

Clearly, Dr. Grace is as upset as Vincent Mallows. He clinches his fists, trying to keep his composure.

Dr. Grace: I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping the tormented. I’ve spent years helping those whom God had shit on. Samuel Rochester does have potential, Mr. Mallows. But what you provide, it won’t help. It will only hinder any progress he’s made over the years.

I’m begging you, for both his sake and yours, leave Samuel alone.

Vincent Mallows: And I beg you… leave before something terrible happens. LET ME HAVE MY REVENGE!!!

Dr. Grace glares at Mallows for a moment. A long silence insues. Finally, Dr. Grace turns away and begin to walk out. He stops and looks back at Vincent Mallows.

Dr. Grace: You’re a sick man, Mr. Mallows.

Dr. Grace turns back around and walks out.



“Happy” by Mudvayne kicks in. The fans begin to buzz with a mixture of cheers and boos, awaiting the arrival of Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: Third week in a row that Jester has received a very mixed reaction.

Dave Dymond: Speaking of Jester, where is he.

A few moments pass by, and Jester is still nowhere to be seen. Finally, after about a minute of nothing, the fans grow silent, a few impatient boos here and there.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles is nowhere to be seen, and I’ve got to think the mysterious happenings earlier had something to do with it.

Other Guy: What are you saying, Dave? That Jester was drugged?

Dave Dymond: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I think Chivalric or Ainsley Lake drugged Jeste-

Jester finally comes out from the back, which brings an increase in both cheers and boos. However, the cheers and boos stop quickly when they see Jester. He is not wearing his mardi gras mask, but that’s not the half of the problem. He is stumbling around, almost as if he’s really dizzy. He stops for a  moment, gaining his balance on one of the barricades. He clutches his head and wipes his eyes, apparently trying to see more clearly.

Other Guy: See, there he is.

Dave Dymond: And he’s clearly drugged!

Other Guy: Or maybe him and Cade made amends and, you know, started, well, you know what kids do these days, Dave.

Dave Dymond: What the hell is wrong with you.

Jester once again stops when he reaches the ring apron, looking down at the ground and holding himself up.

Samantha Coil: Umm, ladies and gentlemen, weighing in tonight at 245 pounds. Jester Smiles?

Jester shakes his head, trying to steady his focus, before shakily lifting himself up onto the ring apron and rolling under the bottom rope. He uses the middle and top rope to stand and steady himself, before walking over to the opposite turnbuckle and leaning against him, trying his best to clear his vision.

Dave Dymond: This is just wrong, OG. Someone drugged Jester Smiles, and now, he’s got to face the new Revolution Champion at way less than 100 percent.

Other Guy: I’m still not convinced someone drugged him. He might just be drunk or something. Depression can drive you to drink, Dave.

“Heathen Mothers” by Nata/Lee/Nasal plays over the PA, which is followed by a chorus of boos from the crowd. Chivalric emerges from the back, his valet and girlfriend, Mercedes Bellamont following closely behind.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, he weighs in tonight at 211 pounds. He is the current Revolution Champion. CHIVARLIC!!

Chivalric stops at the apron, staring up at Jester. Though his expression can’t be seen behind the Locust mask, it almost seems like he is smiling.

Dave Dymond: This does not bode well for Jester. Not at all. Chivalric is dangerous when you are at 100 percent. What with Jester being drugged and clearly not at his full potential, this is a dangerous situation.

Other Guy: Maybe it’s that drunken man style?

Dave Dymond: …..what?

Other Guy: You know, like that Jackie Chan movie.

Chivalric slides into the ring under the ropes, but Jester is there quick, throwing wild stomps that barely connect, if at all. Kamura signals for the bell. Chivalric seems to shake with laughter as he begins to get to his feet, despite Jester’s strikes, and simply shoves Jester away. Jester falls flat on his back. He scrambles to his feet, but must quickly use the ropes to get back up.

Dave Dymond: Jester is still trying, but there is no way he can do this.

Other Guy: I’d say he’s playing possum.

Jester launches a wild roundhouse kick that Chivalric catches easily. Chivalric stares at Jester for a moment, staring into Jester’s dull eyes, before driving his elbow down on Jester’s knee, causing Jester to fall to the ground, clutching his leg. Chivalric stalks around Jester for a moment, simply staring down at Smiles. He then launches a few stomps to the hurt leg of Jester, before leaping into the air and driving his knee into Jester’s chest!

Dave Dymond: This isn’t right, OG. This is just sickening.

Other Guy: You won’t say that if I’m right, and Jester is faking.

Jester tries to use the ropes to get back up, but a hard roundhouse kick to the head knocks Jester flat.

Dave Dymond: You still think he’s faking?

Other Guy: It’s that rope a dope style he’s always talking about. You know, get the shit beat out of you before doing something awesome.

Jester again uses the ropes to get back up, but Chivalric begins to launch low, Muay Thai style kicks to the back of Jester, beating him back down to the canvas. He continues the kicks, this time aiming for the head of Jester. Kamura steps in between, pushing Chivalric back and checking on Jester. Chivalric leans against the nearby rope, still keeping his focus directly on Jester.

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura checking on Jester, making sure he’s able to keep going, and-what the hell!?

Chivalric charges in and nails Jester in the head with a leaping knee drop. Upon impact, a small amount of blood comes spewing from Jester’s mouth.

Dave Dymond: Just end the match Chivalric!

Chivalric, as if hearing Dave, pins Jester. Kamura makes the count.


Dave Dymond: Thank you.

2-No. Chivalric lifts Jester’s shoulder up?

Other Guy: Wow, the resilience of Jester to kick out.

Dave Dymond: Kick out nothing. Chivalric knows Jester can’t do anything in his state, so he’s making the match last longer.

Kamura shakes his head and holds up the two. Chivalric takes a full mount of Jester and begins to drop hard shots at Smiles, causing more blood to trickle from Jester’s mouth. Kamura starts his count. At 4, he pulls Chivalric off. As Jester rolls on the ground, clutching his head, Chivalric slowly backs to the ropes, leaning on them again, still staring at Jester. Kamura continues to check on Jester, and finally, Jester pushes him away. Jester uses the ropes to get to his feet, which is met with a few cheers from the Jester fans.

Dave Dymond: The kid just won’t give up. It’s not the smartest thing to do, but it’s damn brave.

Other Guy: I’d agree with the ‘not the smartest thing’ part.

Jester slowly walks out to the middle of the ring, clearly barely able to see straight. He stumbles to the middle and motions for Chivalric to come on. Chivalric quirks his head to the side in an inquisitive manner. He then lunges forward, leaping into the air and driving BOTH knees into Jester’s chest!!! Jester goes down hard, and Chivalric goes for the cover.



3-NO! Chivalric, once again, lifts the shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura looks disgusted, and I can’t blame him. This is sickening.

Other Guy: Way to be unbiased, Dave.

Chivalric stands back up, pacing around Jester, staring down. Jester begins to crawl for the ropes, slowly. Chivalric just watches, his head cocked to the side, as if he were curious about Jester’s movement. He then suddenly lashes out, placing a strong kick to Jester’s ribs. Jester rolls all the way onto his back, and then back onto his stomach. He continues crawling. Chivalric again paces around Jester, his head still cocked in that inquisitive manner. He places two more kicks to Jester’s ribs. This time, however, Jester just flinches and clutches his ribs, without actually rolling over.

Dave Dymond: Kids got a lot of heart.

Other Guy: But no brains.

Jester finally reaches the ropes and begins to pull himself up, but  before he can get steady on his knees, Chivalric drops an axe kick onto his arms, causing Jester to lose grip and fall onto the bottom rope, his throat straddling the rope. Chivalric bends his knees and leans down, staring at Jester’s throat on the rope. He then stands straight up, runs to the opposite ropes, charges in, and drives his boot to the back of Jester’s head. Jester’s throat wraps around the rope, causing Jester to bounce off the bottom rope, clutching his throat and coughing.

Dave Dymond: Come on, Kamura, end the damn match!!

Other Guy: Don’t you want Jester to get his match with Ainsley, Dave?

Chivalric again paces around Jester as Scott Kamura asks, or, really, more pleads with Jester to give up. Jester, however, refuses. Chivalric continues to stare at Jester before, finally, leaping high in the air and driving both feet down on the stomach of Jester!! Jester clutches his abdomen and rolls onto his stomach, going fetal, but Chivalric is quick to roll him back over and pin!



3-again, Chivalric lifts up the shoulder! Kamura yells “come on!” at Chivalric, but Chivalric only stares at Jester.

Dave Dymond: That’s enough, Chivalric! End the god damn match!!

Other Guy: Language Dave!!

Dave Dymond: Shut up, OG.

Chivalric again backs off, once again leaning on the nearby ropes. He allows Jester to crawl over to the ropes, and even allows Jester to get up to his knees. However, once Jester turns around, Chivalric charges forward and slams Jester, in the chest, with the Pulmonary Archery!! The force knocks Jester back to the ropes, which causes him to bounce forward and land, face first, on the mat! Jester lies lifeless on the mat, Scott Kamura checking on him.

Dave Dymond: I think Jester is seriously hurt here, OG. We need some paramedics or something.

Other Guy: I don’t think Chivalric is going to allow that.

Sure enough, Chivalric is now at Jester’s legs. Chivalric crosses the legs over one another. He places his foot in between the space between the legs and lays down, grabbing Jester’s head and pulling the neck back, locking in the dragon sleeper!!

Other Guy: Seeker’s Protective Noose!

Dave Dymond: Does Jester even have the strength to tap out?

Sure enough, Jester remains lifeless, blood pouring from his mouth, his face turning bright red. Scott Kamura looks into Jester’s eyes, and he sees them beginning to roll back. Kamura calls for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, being that Jester Smile is unable to continue, the winner of this match, by referee stoppage, is the Revolution Champion, CHIVALRIC!!

Chivalric, however, does not release the hold. He continues to pull back, which causes Jester to cough up more blood.

Dave Dymond: God damnit, let go Chivalric!!

Scott Kamura tries to pull Chivalric off, but Chivalric is locked on tightly. Suddenly, the titanatron comes to life, revealing Ainsley Lake, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Ainsley Lake: Let him go, Chivalric. I need him conscious to hear this next part.

Chivalric actually does what Ainsley says, but he continues to hold Jester’s head up, so that he can look up at the screen.

Ainsley Lake: What a miserable performance, Hero-Boy. I mean, you want a match with me, but you put on a shitty performance like that.

Ainsley smiles down at Jester, which causes the fans to erupt in boos.

Ainsley Lake: It’s going to take something big to redeem yourself after that little loss. So, how can you make up for it? Let’s see….hmmm….

Ainsley puts her hand on her chin, mocking deep thought. The crowd begins a “SLUT” chant while she does this.

Ainsley Lake: I know! If the Aquaman of SHOOT Project wants a match with me, he’s going to have to get some serious redemption. At, oh, say…

The Redemption Rumble!

The boos and “SLUT” chants continue, but a few people cheer, just because they really like the Rumble.

Ainsley Lake: How about it, Eric? Win the Rumble, you get a match with me? Sound good.

Ainsley pauses a moment, mocking the fact that Jester clearly couldn’t answer.

Ainsley Lake: Glad you agree. But, hey, you had such an amazing showing against Kilgore, I have to make sure this is fair. I mean, I’d hate for you to just steamroll your way through the Rumble. So how about this? Let’s make things more interesting.

I’ve still got a fair sum of money from the Teen Idol Invitational. I’m not a needy girl. It’s not like I need all this money, and I’m perfectly willing to share with anyone who’s willing to work for it. So how about this?

Whoever eliminates Jester Smiles will receive $10,000. That’s right, ten thousand dollars to the man who throws Jester over the top rope.

Ainsley smiles brightly, apparently very proud of herself. The “SLUT” chants grow even louder.

Ainsley Lake: If you can pull this off, Smiles, well….you will have redeemed yourself.

The screen goes blank. Chivalric throws Jester face back on the mat before going outside the ring and walking to the back, Mercedes Bellamont close behind.

Dave Dymond: That’s sick. That’s just sick. First, Jester gets drugged. Then Chivalric goes way further than necessary to destroy Jester, and now, in order for Jester to get his match with Ainsley, he’s going to have to go through a whole bunch of money hungry guys.

Other Guy: Say, you think I can somehow get in that Rumble match?

Dave Dymond: Are you serious?

Other Guy: Ten thousand dollars is ten thousand dollars, Dave.

Jester rolls onto his back, coughing heavily, clutching his stomach and ribs. Blood continues to drip from his mouth as trainers and paramedics storm the ring. The camera fades out on that image.


As the night continues on, we return to the office of Jason Johnson, though more specifically the waiting area right outside his temporary arena office.  Edward Raymond sits patiently, though a bit frustrated and jittery. The sound of a door opening is heard and Raymond perks up, but it is only the door into the waiting area and in walks two faces from SHOOT Project’s past.  Gumshoe turned wrestler in Mark Questian and El Grande Luchadore!

El Grande Luchadore: I tell you this, he will let ME in because I am in the best shape of my life because of the Atkins diet!  Yes, indeed. I can bench so much weights. Indeed insane amounts so insane that I cannot even convert it from Spanish pounds to American pounds because it is so much!

Raymond simply listens to the conversation, shaking his head a bit with disbelief.  Mark Questian however, seems very serious.

Mark Questian: Today was an average day, in this average city, until you walked into the arena at the same time I did… or DID YOU?

Questian pauses, turns from El Grande Luchadore

Mark Questian: DUN DUN DUN!

El Grande Luchadore: What is that?  This dun-dun-dun.

Mark Questian: It’s my trademark.  The name’s Questian… Mark Questian.

El Grande doesn’t care and turns his body, making sure to whip the cape in Questian’s face.

El Grande Luchadore: I care not.  I am no Questian mark like others who are stupid. I am EL GRANDE LUCHADORE. A man who ALMOST beat Diamond Del Carver many years ago.

Mark Questian: Why should I trust you? It’s common investigation knowledge that you can’t trust men in masks… OR CAN YOU?

El Grande Luchadore: Yes you can.

Questian blinks.

Mark Questian: Oh.  Well, that still doesn’t change the fact that I should be in the Redemption Rumble and not you.  So we’ll let Jason Johnson himself get to the bottom of THIS case.

Raymond suddenly shows a bit of concern as both El Grande Luchadore and Mark Questian approach the office of Jason Johnson.  Raymond gets up from his seat and stops them just after Questian knocks on the door.

Edward Raymond: Gentlemen. You don’t need to fight about this. How about BOTH of you enter the Redemption Rumble.  I mean you’re both former SHOOT Project superstars, and the invite was for ALL alumni…

The door to Jason Johnson’s office opens and Jason himself steps out, but Raymond, El Grande, and Mark Questian don’t see him at first.

El Grande Luchadore: Yes, then I will enter the Rumble and throw everyone out. THEN go to Reckoning Day.  After all, I am no normal Luchadore… I am EL GRANDE LUCHADORE!

With that El Grande turns and leaves.  Mark Questian nods his head.

Mark Questian: And I’ll once again solve the case of who will win the rumble… and the prime suspect is ME! DUN DUN Freakin’ DUN!

Questian heads out as well and Raymond sighs with relief.

Jason Johnson: What was that all about?

Raymond turns quickly, surprised by Jason Johnson’s presence.

Jason Johnson: Did you just put both those men in the rumble?

Edward Raymond: That’s what I came here to talk to you about, Jason. Every year Redemption has been a HUGE deal, and well, every year I’ve played a big part in shaping the innovation that is the Redemption Rumble…

Jason sees where this is going and cuts Raymond off.

Jason Johnson: No. our agreement with Sky High was final.  You were not signed on in any other capacity and you know that.

Edward Raymond: I know.  Look, its just its Redemption, one of the most historic and nostalgic Pay Per Views that this organization has to offer. For me not to be involved would be a shame.  I deserve this, Jason.  For old time sake! Let me be involved!

Raymond, almost to the point of begging, waits for a response.  Jason Johnson thinks it over, and suddenly a sly grin spreads across his face.

Jason Johnson: Okay, fine, you’re in.

Raymond smiles broadly.

Edward Raymond: Great. So what do you think, maybe a new way to determine entry order? Or maybe a whole new way to set up the actual ring for the rumble. We’ve done multiple rings so maybe we should…

Jason Johnson: I don’t think you heard me, Ed. I said… you’re in.

Raymond nods his head, a little confused.

Edward Raymond: Right… I’m in.  I’m in with the creative process to develop the most memorable Redemption Rumble yet.  So what’s the…

Raymond suddenly stops and notices the sly grin on Jason’s face.

Jason Johnson: Right, you said you wanted to be involved, so I said you’re in, Ed.  As in… YOU are IN the Redemption Rumble!  Good luck.

With that, Jason Johnson closes the door to his office, leaving a stunned and scared Edward Raymond outside.

Edward Raymond: But… I don’t… wrestle.

From there the focus shifts back to ringside where both Dave Dymond and Other Guy are laughing it up.

Dave Dymond: Oh man, Raymond put into the rumble… I’m going to personally enjoy watching that!

Other Guy: That’s how the boss man repays him for bringing Sky High to the organization? Forcing him to get his ass kicked… HA, actually you’re damn right, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of watching that too, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Redemption shaping up and as we’ve learned earlier Cade Sydal and Donovan King are back on.  It’s going to be a night worth watching, so in seven days time do NOT forget to order Redemption, live and ONLY on Pay Per View!

Other Guy: Nice shill.

Dave Dymond:Thanks.



”I’m brutal…  Inhuman.”

DZK’s “Inhuman” EXPLODES over the PA, as the crowd comes to their feet in a unison of outright booing and hatred.  The song signifies the entrance of the Iron Fist Champion, and when he appears in person, the booing only intensifies. 

Dave Dymond:  Well well, Corazon is in fact here, OG.

Other Guy:  And these fans are STRAIGHT UP disrespecting this man.  He’s on his way to being one of the longest reigning champions to ever compete here! 

Dave Dymond:  Given his actions, does that surprise you at all?

With the Iron Fist belt in hand, Corazon makes his way down the ramp and to the ring.  He keeps focused and determined, looking only at the ring.  Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he starts a run, and slides the Iron Fist Championship under the bottom rope, and follows it in kind.  Corazon picks the belt up, and holds it high over his head, to the disrespect of the crowd.

Other Guy:  You can question his methods all you want, Dave, the man has produced results!

Dave Dymond:  If you say so, OG.  I just don’t know how Ben Jackman or someone would feel about this man and how he’s won his matches.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, standing in at six feet, three inches tall…  weighing in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…  he is the current and reigning Iron Fist Champion…  CORAZON!

Corazon hands his championship over to Willie Dean, but keeps his eyes on the ring ramp, awaiting the arrival of his challenger.

Dave Dymond:  Now, I’ll be honest here…  we’re not totally sure who’s going to be coming out here.

Other Guy:  There had been talks that Jonny Johnson would fight Corazon, but talks fell through with Jonny’s ego and SHOOT Corporate so it’s hard to say. 

Dave Dymond:  It was also mentioned that Del Carver would come out here for a pre-Redemption exhibition match, or something.  But the Carver camp has neither confirmed or denied that rumor.

Other Guy:  As it is, you know Carver’s gotta be getting ready for the fight of his life next week, so it’s really somewhat of a mystery.

“The One” by White Zombie cuts Other Guy off, and also explodes over the PA.  Corazon starts darting his eyes around, looking for the Hardcore Outlaw, and he gets blindsided!  Del Carver came from all the way out in the crowd, while Corazon was watching!

Dave Dymond:  I guess that question has been answered!  Del Carver Vs. Corazon, right now!

Other Guy:  This isn’t fair!  Corazon wasn’t ready!

Carver lays into Corazon with VICIOUS left and rights!  Corazon’s rocked and stuck in a corner, as Carver, the aggressor just pounds away at his body and his face!  Carver STRONGLY whips Corazon into the ropes, which causes Corazon to hit the turnbuckle extremely hard!  Carver follows him, and instead of letting Corazon fall to the canvas, he just nails him with a lariat, keeping Corazon against the turnbuckle! 

Dave Dymond:  Carver is on fire!  He’s on fire!  He’s just DRILLING Corazon in there!

Other Guy:  Not fair.  It’s so not fair. 

Dave Dymond:  Is this a preview of what we’ll see at Redemption?  Does Carver FINALLY have Corazon’s number?!

Carver winds up and just throws a haymaker in Corazon’s direction, but Corazon ducks!  Carver tries it again, but Corazon dodges it one more time, before turning the tables on Carver, and starting with a flurry of rights and lefts himself!  Corazon goes only for Carver’s face, ignoring the Outlaw’s body!  Carver’s rocked, but the attack only increases his bloodlust!  He shoves Corazon, and as Corazon comes back, Carver grabs his head and drives him into the second turnbuckle with a DDT! 

Other Guy:  Holy shit!

Dave Dymond:  He could break Corazon’s neck right here!

Corazon is crumpled in a heap in the corner, and Carver is just driving boots into him now! 

Other Guy:  OBSIDIAN.

Dave Dymond:  Oh, of course.  Corazon’s personal “tool of destruction” like he calls him, is NATURALLY on his way out.

Obsidian hits the ring, which draws Carver’s attention away from Corazon!  He FLIES into Obsidian and rocks the bigger man, almost taking him off his feet.  Obsidian shrugs Carver off, and shoves him to the ground, but Carver gets right back up and starts throwing hands with Obsidian.  Obsidian shoves him one more time, and Carver gets back up, but Obsidian hits a NASTY boot to the face, and Carver is down.  Corazon is still in a heap, and Willie Dean is calling for the bell.  Carver is back to a knee, as Obsidian is checking Corazon.  Carver charges Obsidian and knocks him chest first into the turnbuckle.  He locks in a rear waistlock, and tries to lift Obsidian for a back suplex, but he can’t get the bigger man off his feet!

Dave Dymond:  Oh man.  This could be bad for Del.  He took a big risk by trying to go after Obsidian right there, and it may not pay off!

Other Guy:  Obsidian is a BEAST, man.  There’s no way Carver lifts him when Obsidian is still somewhat fresh.

Obsidian hits Carver hard with a back elbow, rocking the Hardcore Outlaw!  Corazon’s up now too.  He directs Obsidian to pick Carver up, and hold him.  Obsidian holds Carver’s arms, while Corazon measures him.  He NAILS Carver with a hard, closed fist right hand, which immediately opens Carver up.  Carver’s eyes are WILD now, as Obsidian holds him! 

Dave Dymond:  And now the two on one begins.  God dammit!

Other Guy:  Well what did you expect?  Carver cheated with his blindside of Corazon in the beginning.  Now he’s gonna have to pay for that.

Corazon hits Carver with a hard closed fist once again, which only incenses Del Carver.  Carver breaks free of Obsidian and charges Corazon, who ducks him, and allows Carver to bounce off the ropes.  Carver rebounds, but Obsidian catches him, and just TRASHES him with a HUGE clothesline.  But Carver doesn’t stay down for long!

Dave Dymond:  Carver is FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE here, OG!  I’ve NEVER seen him like this before.

Other Guy:  He’s wild right now, Dymond.  But I think his light’s about to get put out.

Carver charges Obsidian once more, and clocks him with a lariat, racking the behemoth against the ropes.  He goes to clothesline him over, but Corazon catches his right arm, spins him around, and drops him with a spiked double arm DDT!  He orders for Obsidian to pick Carver up once more.  Obsidian obliges, and Corazon slaps Carver across the face!  He then hooks Carver with a double underhook, and drops Carver with the Original Sin!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon hits Carver with his signature move, and of course, that’s just to send a message.

Other Guy:  SO, Dymond, what’s your pick for Redemption this Sunday?  You think Carver wins the Iron Fist title? 

Dave Dymond:  Oh, if Carver makes it out of this, there will be no stopping that man.  Especially in his element.

Other Guy: If he makes it out of this.

Corazon calls for his Iron Fist Championship.  Obsidian drops outside and grabs it before tossing it into the ring.  Corazon places it in the middle of the canvas, and picks Carver up.  He holds Carver up by his arm, and points at the Iron Fist Champion!  He’s SCREAMING in his ear.

“You’ll NEVER see this title.  You’ll NEVER hold it.  You’ll NEVER defend it.  It’s MINE.  YOUR CAREER IS OVER.”

He shoves Carver to the ground, and asks for a microphone.  Upon receiving it, he has this to say.

“I’m putting the rest of you in the back…  on notice…  Christopher Davis…  Jun Kenshin…  whoever.  …I hope you’re watching.”

With that, he drops the mic, picks Carver up, hooks him, and drives Carver’s head into the Iron Fist Championship with a SECOND Original Sin! 

Other Guy:  That…  that is how you send a message!

Dave Dymond:  I don’t know what you’re talking about, this is despicable.  Adrian Corazon is RELENTLESS and tonight, it’s TOTALLY out of line.  He doesn’t want a fair defense next week…  Carver might not even make it to Redemption, much less be able to compete in a HARDCORE HOUSE OF PAIN.  Goddamnit Corazon!

Corazon continues to stare down at the defeated Del Carver, with Obsidian at his side, while the fans voice their displeasure for the assault.  He slowly bends down to retrieve his title and then stands back up, raising it high over his head.  Obsidian gives a nod of approval, but the fans continue to jeer.  In the meantime, a team of EMTs rush to the ring to help remove Del Carver from who is STILL unconscious.

Dave Dymond: EMTs now attending to Del Carver, and you REALLY have to wonder, OG…  Can Carver, at his age, after THIS beating, come back to pose any kind of threat to Adrian Corazon?

Other Guy: Hell no, Dave.  Ha.  Helllll no!

Del is escorted from the ring in hasty fashion, while Corazon shouts at a few fans from inside the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well, I have word that Samantha Coil is in the back now with…


Other Guy: What the…?

The lights go back on, though not before the fans begin to buzz.  Corazon looks around, as does Obsidian, but not

Dave Dymond: (Hesitant) Apparently a small power surge of sorts  We apologize for that folks…  anyway, as I was saying, let’s go to the back where Sam…



Dave Dymond: What?  NOOOO!

Other Guy: Dude…



“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s ok”

“Float On” by Modest Mouse begins to play, and SHOOT Project fans are ON THEIR FEET!  The noise level is deafening; a combination of cheers and total SHOCK.  A buzz like there hasn’t been in a LONG TIME!

“I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all ok”

The music gets a little more mellow, the harsh tones of Isaac Brock’s vocal’s blending into a more melodic sound.  Pink spotlights circle the arena, sending the audience into an almost surreal haze!

And we’ll all float on ok

And we’ll all float on ok

And we’ll all float on ok

“And we’ll all float on any way…”



Dave Dymond: I can’t believe it.

There he is, at the top of the ramp, having burst through the entrance curtains… 


“WELL, A fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand”

He is in incredible shape, despite reports he had gained a lot of weight working overseas.  His dirty blonde, mid-lenghted hair swoops down over across his left eye, giving him somewhat of a “hipster” appeal.  He sports a white, homemade T-shirt that says, “I am make eyes cry” written across the front in black marker and wears a pair of brown courteroys simple jeans, and green and brown converse shoes.

“Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands

Good news will work its way to all them plans”

He waves mockingly at a few fans, and seems to get into it with a few more as he rather confidently strolls toward the ring.  Adrian Corazon and Obsidian, having not had a chance to get to the back, stand there ground, not exactly joining in the fanfare.

“We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Well we’ll float on good news is on the way.”

Jonny stops just in front of the steel steps, and smiles as he soaks in this rather insane energy.  He pulls a microphone out from his back pocket, while his music starts to slow fade out.

“And we’ll all float on, okay… And we’ll all float on okay…”

The DEFILER: I’m afraid it’s time for the “NON Humans” to leave the ring, Adrian.

His tone is beyond condescending and the fans all pick up on it, cheering RAUCIOUSLY! Corazon is not amused and simply looks back at Jonny, shouting back “Come make that happen.”

The DEFILER: (Growing a little more frank, serious) I’m serious, dude.  Get the FUCK out of this ring.

The fans pop again, and this time, Obsidian pulls Corazon toward him and whispers something into his ear.  Corazon nods his head and the two men actually begin to make their exit, which only brings a chorus of BOOOOS from the unhappy SHOOT Project fans.

The DEFILER: Smart, Cor.  Smart.

Jonny nods out of respect to Corazon who litterally walks RIGHT past, with neither him nor Obsidian saying as much as a single word.  The Defiler is content as he then makes his way INTO the ring.

Other Guy: That was real weird…  What the hell does this cat have to say?

Dave Dymond: Perhaps one of the more controversial figures in our sport.  Goddamnit.  I cannot believe this is happening.


The SHOOT Project fans begin to chant one of the ORIGINAL members of the HALL OF FAME.  Jonny, however, seems unimpressed, and takes very little time to break up the “hooplah”.

The DEFILER: As for you pieces of shit…  SHUT THE FUCK UP.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

Jonny glares out toward a sea of VERY confused fans, who start to kind of boo and shout things back in a rather bizare turn of events.

The DEFILER: It’s been YOUR whining and YOUR complaining that has kept me down.  Every one of you snarky, smarky FUCKS…  You, and all the crying little bitches in the back can just KEEP IT SHUT.  I don’t need your adoration…  I DON’T NEED A DAMN THING, SO DON’T EVEN START!

Jonny’s tone is passionate, real.  The disdain in his voice is overwhelming.

The DEFILER: I won’t give anyone a history lesson.  I won’t spend an hour catching any of you dense assholes up to speed.  You know me or you don’t.  I’m not looking for new fans.  I’m not looking for ANY fans, so if I don’t make sense to you…  FUCK OFF because YOU probably don’t make sense to ME.

He begins to pace, while the fans start to boo more and more, shouting out everything from “YOU SUCK” to, “SHOOT’s gonna close again.”

The DEFILER: The fact is…  I’m back.  I snuck in through your stupid loopholes and like the virus I AM, I will fucking kill EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.  I will shit on every show…  I will stiff the fuck out of every worker…  and I WILL RUIN EVERYTHING THAT ANY OF YOU EVER CARED ABOUT enroute to becoming SHOOT Project WORLD CHAMPION.  I don’t care if every one of you stops coming out to the shows…  I don’t care if everyone in the back quits…  THIS IS YOUR REALITY!

His words sting the ears.  He swells with hatred.

The DEFILER: No amount of crying, complaining or bickering is going to save ANY OF YOU in the back this time.   I will politic my way out every fucking loss…  I’ll shoot down all of your fucking idiot IDEAS…  and I will shove my dick down all of your throats until you have no choice but to LOVE THE TASTE OF JONNY JOHNSON.  UNTIL YOU HAIL ME AS THE SINGLE GREATEST ENTITY TO GRACE YOUR COLLECTIVE PRESENCE.

Jonny glares into the camera now, sending a very personal message.

The DEFILER: Jun Kenshin…  you’re dead, dude.  I’m entering the Redemption Rumble next weekened, and I’m winning.  Then I’m going to ANNIHALATE YOU in the single most embarrassing squash OF ALL TIME. (Smirking) Heh.  You got that, man?  You’re a SHITTY transition champion at best, holding that little title because the “give the rookies a chance” mantra FAILED.  So relish your victory over Vincent Mallows’s left overs and your feel good, “Finally won the big dance” moment…  Because it’s as good as it will ever be for you, Jun.

He looks back up now, toward the crowd, toward anyone watching on television, anywhere in the world.

The DEFILER: I REFUSE to waste time.  I’m not going to “Chris Davis” it and work with shitty monsters.  I’m not going to sell whiny, vagina bleeding whores…  Or waste time “clowning around” trying to put over a circus gimmick.  No ONE in this organization is worth THREE seconds of my time… from the ghetto negros, to the fucks playing “Requiem for a Dream”…  to the Brutal and Inhumans…  to the “ooooh poor me, cry, cry, cry” former world champions.

He pauses and looks stoically out toward a now very spiteful, very irritated, angry crowd.

The DEFILER: Hope is illusion…

“So don’t waste time searching for your silver lining.”

He drops the microphone, and “Float On” begins to play one last time.

Dave Dymond: Someone beat the hell out of this guy.  Please.

That’s all Dymond has to say before the shot cuts away to elsewhere.


We go into a video package as we see the SHOOT Project logo flash onto the screen momentarily. We hear the voice describe the action.

”Redemption is … near.”

Dave Dymond: The winner of The Redemption Rumble gets a guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever they want it to take place. It’s the platform where legends are born!

Other Guy: It’s quite possibly the toughest match to compete in. You don’t know when you’re going to enter. It is every man for himself. No allies. No alliances. No friendships!

”Redemption is … tradition.”

Robert Mack: The Beautiful People have done it! Davis and Johnson have won the Redemption Rumble!

”Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri has won The Redemption Rumble!

”Redemption is… controversy.”

Dutch Harris: But how can two men win the Rumble? How is that possible?

Robert Mack: Will this break up the Beautiful People?

”Redemption is… .”

”Redemption is… tradition.”

Fast forward through some of the faces that have competed in the Rumble.

John Thomas, Dave Marz, Greyson Blade, Rocky Stellar, Adam Davis, Azraith DeMitri, Mirage, Jonny Johnson, Vincent Mallows, Jun Kenshin, Christopher Davis and finally we see a shadowed figure.

”Redemption is … opportunity.”

Fast motion clips of the soldiers of today.

Osbourne Kilminster, The Poe, Long Island Hardcore, The Collins Boys, Killian Reilly, The Avengers, Chivalric, Sato, Lake, Catcher, Obsidian, Harmston, Christopher Davis, Jester Smiles and we slow down to see…

Sammy Rochester DESTROYING Malice.

Long Island Hardcore in action against The Collins Boys.

Christopher Davis overcoming the odds in a 2 on 1 match.

Osbourne Kilminster coming back.

Jester Smiles raising his hands after No Escape.

Chivalric with his newly won Revolution Championship.

Ainsley Lake conspiring against Smiles.

Collins and Reilly brawling in a bar.

Sato attacking Chris Lee.

Harmston in action against King.

We see the only former Redemption Rumble winner… Christopher Davis.

We slow down for a moment and then we see a MASS of wrestlers fighting in the middle of the ring.

”Redemption is .. sacrifice.”

We see a bloody Collins and Reilly as an aftermath of their bar fight. Osbourne Kilminster getting carried out. Smiles wearing the crimson mask. Davis clutching his knee in pain.

”Redemption is the launching point for immortality.”

The face plate of the World Heavyweight Championship is seen.

Past champions of the past come onto the screen.

Lee, Carver, Van Warren, OutKast, Real Deal, Davis, Storm, Sydal, Worrens and finally Kenshin.

”Redemption… draws near.”


Dave Dymond: Redemption is almost here, OG. I can’t wait!

Other Guy The winner of The Rumble gets a guaranteed title shot against whomever the World Heavyweight Champion may be at the time and it can happen whenever and wherever they WANT!

Dave Dymond: So it’s like SHOOT’s version of the golden ticket!

Other Guy: But instead of going to see some chocolate midgets in some creepy guy’s factory, you get to headline Reckoning Day! It’s HUGE!


Moments from the main event, the cameras bring us to Roland Caldwell’s locker room where he is joined by the wheelchair bound Vincent Mallows. Roland has his back to Mallows while paces, psyching himself up for the match ahead.

Vincent Mallows: You have to understand that my dealings with one Christopher Davis have given me an insight to him. An insight you would benefit from a great deal.

Roland says nothing and continues pacing, his head looking down towards the floor.

Vincent Mallows: You need to go beyond what you know if you want to stand a chance at defeating him. He studies, that is what a man like Christopher Davis does. He LEARNS what he has to know, even if he never knew you to begin with. And he doesn’t stop. He will push past pain most men cannot shrug off. Because of that, Roland. you are the key, YOU can cause him the kind of pain that I am unable to do anymore. YOU MUST cause him that pain, do you UNDERSTAND ME!

Roland stops dead in his track and then whips around and GLARES at Vincent Mallows.

Roland:  Understand YOU?  You understand me!

Roland advances on Mallows, placing both of his arms on the arms of the wheelchair.  He stares Mallows directly in the face.

Roland:  I am no man-child like Sammy.  You do not run me.  You do not order me.  You do not rule me.  All those years ago, I said no to you.  I said I am a lone wolf and I’ll hunt my own game, thank you very much.  That was me then.  That is me now.  You are… a symbol.  A true flag of terror for me to wave.  You are a wealth of information and fear.  You are a weapon.  And for that, I will allow you to enjoy my glory.  I will raise you and your minions to the hallowed ground you always pined for.  But you will not give me orders.  I understand full well what you are.  I understand that I play with fire here.  But what you must understand, is that I hold nothing sacred, and I will not hesitate to push that wheelchair you sit in off a cliff if your crippled mind leads you to interfere in my actions.  UNDERSTAND ME?

Roland pushes the wheelchair back and it rolls softly into the wall of the locker room.  He storms out, slamming the door loudly against the wall.

Vincent Mallows sits in his wheel chair, and slowly, a crooked smile grows on half of his face.



With the main event of Revolution just a few moments away from starting, the focus shifts back to ringside where Dave Dymond looks to Other Guy, while Other Guy turns his head away from the monitor situated on top of their ringside booth.

Dave Dymond: Questions still linger in the air as to just what the relationship is between Vincent Mallows and the three men he has come to involve himself with in Sammy Rochester, Adrian Corazon, and of course the fired up competitor about to make his way out to the ring in Roland Caldwell.

Other Guy: It’s a strange situation, no doubt, but it’s a dangerous grouping that did some serious damage last week, and from the sounds of it, Dave, they ain’t stopping their goals anytime soon.

"Summer Overture- Remix" by Clint Mansell picks up over the arena’s sound system and the once again sold out crowd begins to boo loudly.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for Revolution’s MAIN EVENT match!

The music continues and eventually Roland Caldwell steps out from the back, looking more angry and more fired up than normal.  He quickly storms towards the ring, not so much as even casting a glance at the fans that surround the ring area in droves.

Samantha Coil: This match up is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in tonight at 290 pounds, here is Roland CALDWELL!!!

Caldwell enters the ring and walks around in a circle just once, then he stops and stares directly at the entryway.  His music plays on for just a little longer, but then suddenly cuts out.  And that’s when the energy kicks up a notch; the fans buzz with excitement knowing who is set to come out.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

"Barry Bonds" by Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne blares into the arena as Christopher Davis immediately steps through the curtains!

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project legend, hell the wrestling legend at this point is making his presence felt!

The fans all rise to their feet, cheering loudly for the Hall of Famer. Davis just pauses, taking things in for a moment, looking out to the crowd until his eyes fall on Roland’s.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at 272 pounds, ladies and gentlemen… THIS. IS. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!!

Upon hearing his name, Davis raises both is arms, outstretching them at his sides. The fans raise the volume to another level. Davis strides to the ring, steps through the ropes, and walks right up to Roland, standing face to face with the demon from SHOOT’s past.

Other Guy: Oh what a fight this gonna be, Dave.  Size wise, two big dogs lookin to take some serious momentum going into Redemption.

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis said it best, a victory here tonight for him not only puts him in a nice spot going into Redemption Rumble, having the credibility of beating the official number one contender… but even more so it TAKES AWAY from Roland’s credibility to be called as such.

Other Guy: Like I said, what a fight it gonna be!

Senior official Scott Kamura quickly checks both competitors in, trying to keep them apart at the same time. However it is it no avail as Caldwell and Davis butt heads now, jaw jacking at one another, neither man flinching or backing down.  Kamura breaks away from both men and quickly calls for the bell.


With the bell sounded, the match is official and Roland gets more animated in his shouting at Davis, taunting him.  Davis holds his ground and shouts right back, when suddenly ROLAND SLAPS Davis across the face!  Davis’s head snaps to the side and the fans fall into a hush, watching on in disbelief.  Davis shakes his head and then sticks his neck out and points to his cheek.

Christopher Davis: SLAP ME AGAIN!

The fans POP huge as Davis gets right back in Roland’s face.  Roland glares at Davis but does exactly that and SLAPS Davis a second time!

Dave Dymond: Roland showing he doesn’t care who Davis is or was, tonight he’s just the guy Roland has to beat.

Davis’s head snaps to the side again and as Davis turns to look at Roland once more, Roland SPITS right at Davis!  The fans boo incredibly loud, and Davis’s eyes go wide. Roland smirks with malicious thoughts and at that exact moment Davis LOSES it and swings wildly with a hard closed right hand.  Roland takes the hit but fires back with a fist of his own.  Davis staggers, fires with another hard right hand. Roland responds, right hand, then a quick left jab just up under the ribs.  Davis stumbles and Roland now takes his arm and viciously whips him into the ropes.  Davis bounces off, and actually picks up speed. Roland is caught off guard by this and Davis NAILS him with a shoulder block.  Roland is DROPPED to the mat!

Dave Dymond: And Christopher Davis takes the big man Roland straight down to the mat.

Other Guy: Pound for pound these guys are pretty evenly matched up… gonna see a lot of hard knock downs by the time this thing is over.

Roland is quick up to his feet for a bigger man, and instantly lunges at Davis. The two men lock up quickly, Roland manages to gain the upper hand, looks to whip Davis into the ropes again, but Davis reverses. Roland comes bouncing back off the ropes, Davis goes for a dominating clothesline, but Roland ducks low, turns around quickly and takes Davis down with a short-arm clothesline of his own!  Roland then immediately UNLEASHES with quick stomps to the chest, looking to aggravate Davis more than cause him pain.

Davis rolls out of the way finally, avoiding a harder stomp, and as he gets up Roland is right there with a knee to the mid-section.  Roland doubles over in pain and now Roland hits the ropes, and with Davis doubled over, Roland DRILLS Davis in the face with a high knee lift!  SPIT FLIES from Davis’s mouth as he falls backwards onto the mat.  Roland now makes a hard cover, demanding a count immediately from the referee.

Kamura hits the mat and makes the count.



Dave Dymond: Kick out by Davis, but Roland Caldwell has picked up some serious momentum, making use of those knee strikes to bring Davis down in a flash.  Roland still on the advantage though despite Davis kicking out, now working those punches to Davis’s cradled head!

Davis tries to fight free of Roland, but Roland sits on his chest while pulling Davis’s head up with his left hand and punching him with his right.  Davis however finally finds and opening and suddenly manages to get both his arms up and shoves Roland to the side.  Davis looks to capitalize, but Roland suddenly rolls out of the way and gets himself out of the ring.  The fans boo the rather cowardly move, but Roland looks on, taunting Davis to come out and fight him.

Other Guy: Looks like Roland is trying to do what he can to pisses off Davis in this one, force him into a mistake.

Dave Dymond: In short, testing Davis as it would seem.  Time and time again Christopher Davis has shown to be able to keep his cool, but tonight might be a different story with tensions riding as high as they are.

Other Guy: Here he comes, Dave, looks like we’re gonna have a ringside brawl on our hands… wait, Davis stopped!

The fans cheer suddenly as Davis just extends a middle finger to Roland, and then looks to the referee waving Roland off.  Kamura starts the ring out count.


Roland doesn’t delay anymore and he goes back into the ring quickly, and that’s when Davis charges in.  Roland meets him with a hard spinning elbow shot, but Davis ducks it and then quickly LIFTS Roland up with a backdrop suplex!  Roland crashes down onto the mat, but then sits up, arching his back in slight pain.  Davis gets around behind Roland now and lifts him up immediately with a half nelson lock, but Roland fights out of it, powering out and then hooking Davis under his arm and taking him down with a sudden hip toss into a sitting arm lock!

Dave Dymond: Impressive chain of moves there from Roland.  Definitely didn’t see that coming, and not sure the former multiple world champion in Christopher Davis saw it coming either.

Roland wrenches on the arm, forcing Davis to grit his teeth in pain, but Davis works his way up to his feet and fires a blind back elbow that catches Roland in the side of the face. Roland loses his hold on Davis’s arm and Davis now turns around completely and kicks Roland square in the gut.  Davis then hooks the head and snaps Roland down onto the mat with a DDT and now makes a cover.

Other Guy: Quick cover…


TW… no! not quite a two count as Roland powers out.  Both men get up to their feet at roughly the same time, but Davis still one step ahead, hooks Roland around the waist from the front and EXPLODES with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex!!!

The fans ERUPT with cheers!

Dave Dymond: WOW!  Christopher Davis digs down deep and LAUNCHES the near 300 pound man with one heck of a suplex!

The cheering continues as Davis again makes a cover attempt on Roland.  Kamura hits the mat. Fans on their feet.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!

THR… And the fans let out a collective "OOOOH" as Roland kicks out before the three count can be made.  Kamura holds up two fingers and Davis keeps the fight going strong, pulling Roland up and working him with some quick make-shift chops, sending Roland’s body staggering up against the ropes.  Davis then grabs Roland’s arm, but suddenly Roland pulls his full body weight down, dropping the ropes, and then just TOSSES Davis to the outside!

Other Guy: Damn! Davis takes a nasty spill… and what the… Roland’s goin to the corner, Dave! No shit… no fu…

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell CLIMBING to the top rope, Davis stirring in pain on the outside, this is NOT gonna be pretty!

The fans are back up on their feet, buzzing with shock as Roland sizes up Davis on the outside below… and all at once Roland LEAPS with a leg drop to the outside!!!  AND LANDS IT!  Roland’s leg CRASHES down across Davis’s throat and Roland screams out in pain as well from hitting the floor!  Davis SPASMS under Roland’s leg, and slowly Roland gets up, favoring his other leg and now he grabs the spasming Davis and rolls him into the ring.  Davis is face down on the mat and Roland slides in behind him. The fans continue to buzz in complete shock as Roland rolls Davis over onto his back, a blood spot being revealed on the mat, and the camera focuses now on the blood trickling out from within Davis’s mouth!

Dave Dymond: Oh no… Davis is bleeding from the mouth, it could even be internal bleeding… hell Davis’s throat could be crushed.

Other Guy: And that’s NOT enough for Roland here. Roland’s lookin to end this, in a sick way, that argument with Mallows has MOTIVATED this son of a bitch…

The fans, concerned for Davis’s well being initially don’t realize that Roland’s calling for the end. The second he lifts Davis up off the mat, however, the buzzing of concern turns into all out booing.  Roland holds Davis, who is coughing up blood, and then all at once hoists him up onto his shoulders!

Dave Dymond: This is the nail in the coffin, in quick fashion Roland going to… WAIT!

The arena comes alive with hope and excitement as Davis starts moving and suddenly uses all his momentum to flip over and land on his feet just before Roland can finish delivering the maneuver! Roland is caught off guard and Davis FIRES a bladed-hand uppercut RIGHT into Roland’s throat!  Roland clutches at his throat, gasping for breath and Davis PUMMELS Roland with rights and lefts! Roland staggers back a great deal, with Davis getting the upper hand, but Roland suddenly fires out, square shot to the throat and Davis goes down, holding his neck!

Other Guy: Cheap shot by Roland…

Davis is on one knee and Roland now gets him up and in one swift motion puts Davis in position and DRIVES him down to the mat with a Michonoku driver!

Dave Dymond: Roland catches Davis with, from what that looked like, one of Roland’s older finisher.  And this isn’t looking good for Davis. Roland NOW with the cover.




Roland is stunned with rage.

Scott Kamura: TWO COUNT!

The fans, stuck in a moment of disbelief all let out a resounding cheer a half second later!

Dave Dymond: MY GOD THAT WAS CLOSE!  But Christopher Davis fights out and is STILL in this thing!

Roland lunges up to his feet and starts shouting at the referee. Kamura, used to this, stays his own ground and confidently shows two fingers right up in Roland’s face.  Roland looks about ready to take Kamura’s head off, but he turns back to focus on Davis, who works on slowly getting up to his feet, although swaying about a great deal.  Roland gets Davis all the way up to his feet and viciously sends him into the corner post! Davis hits hard, back first, and staggers out, and Roland charges looking for a high impact shoulder to the gut, but Davis at the last second SIDE STEPS!  Roland almost collides with the corner post, but gets his body up and stops himself. 

Before Roland can turn however, Davis is right behind him and he BASHES Roland face first into the top turnbuckle.  Then he does it again… and again… and again!  Roland sways about, and Davis then with a HARD forearm to the back of the head, forces Roland to slump down over the top turnbuckle slightly.  Davis then suddenly lifts Roland up so that he’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, back still to Davis. The fans start to buzz and Davis nods his head, slowly climbing up behind him.  Davis is up on the second turnbuckle, and then PULLS Roland’s head back!

Other Guy: Davis settin’ up for something wicked.

Dave Dymond: From the looks of it I think we’re going to see more old school Davis here in that we’re talking back to the days of ENIGMA!

Davis hits a few quick shots to Roland’s neck and head with his other arm, keeping Roland groggy, and then from the second turnbuckle, while Roland’s on the top… DAVIS HOISTS AND LUNGES BACKWARDS WITH AN INVERTED FACELOCK DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: He hit it! Top rope impact of Riddle Me This!

Other Guy: You really studied your tapes, Dave.

Dave Dymond: If you don’t know Christopher Davis, then you haven’t been paying attention over the past ten years of wrestling!  Davis hits the reverse DDT and from that height at that impact… Roland has been laid out!

"THAT WAS AWE-SOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!  "THAT WAS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!

Davis and Roland both lie on the mat while the fans continue to cheer. Slowly but surely, Davis turns his body slightly and just drapes his arm across Roland’s chest.  The fans are on their feet still… as Kamura makes the count.


Again the fans echo one, many holding up one finger.


They echo two, holding up two fingers.


They start to cheer… but no! No! No!

Other Guy: How in the hell did he kick out from that!

Dave Dymond: I honestly don’t know!  Roland somehow still conscious, still aware and having enough strength there to kick out.  And Davis is JUST as shocked as all of us watching.

The fans are in a complete state of disbelief and Davis even shakes his head. He rises up slowly, spits some blood out of his mouth and just stands over Roland with his hands on his hips.  As Roland stirs, working to get up to his feet, Davis suddenly readies himself.

Roland staggers backwards, not completely sure of his bearings, and at that exact moment, Davis moves inward and HOISTS Roland up onto his shoulders right into position for Angela’s Ashes! The fans go nuts, but Roland suddenly hooks his arm around Davis’s neck and brings his momentum back the other way, and DROPS to one knee, while holding Davis’s head in a headlock, and then PUNCHES straight up into his neck repeatedly!  Blood seems to fly out from Davis’s mouth with each punch and the fans begin to boo relentlessly!

Other Guy: Damn it! Just like this it turns around and Roland focusing on that obvious target of the injured throat!

Davis starts to slump in Roland’s hold, only for Roland to bring him up and hold him in place. Roland then lets go and Davis sways, trying to keep himself up, but unable to do anything about Roland who now charges at him… YAKUZA KICK TO THE THROAT!!!

Dave Dymond: SICKENING KICK!  Davis is leveled… and I… ugh… I don’t even know how to call what we just witnessed.

Other Guy: Demonic rage is one term that comes to my mind, Dave. And this is as messed up as it gets.

Dave Dymond: This whole time Roland was looking to make Davis loose his cool, but from that right there, it’s obvious that Roland has snapped!

Davis lies on the mat, gasping and choking on his own blood and Roland now makes the forceful cover, pushing his forearm down onto Davis’s throat!  Kamura drops down and makes the count.



THREE… NO!  Davis kicks out!  Davis kicks out!

The fans go nuts, but Roland quickly gets up to his feet and then PIN POINT elbow drop TO THE THROAT!!!

Another cover… the count…



Other Guy: No…


Dave Dymond: The elbow shot becomes the nail in the coffin and Roland Caldwell maliciously puts Christopher Davis down and out.

The fans boo loudly as Roland slowly rises up to his feet, a bit of Davis’s blood on his arm.  Roland looks at it for a moment and smirks, but his eyes maintain that same evil glare.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… ROLAND CALDWELL!!!

Dave Dymond: I am at a loss of words at this point.  Roland Caldwell victorious, and that gives him the momentum going into his World Title fight at Redemption, but the bigger story here is Christopher Davis’s status. His throat was the target of Roland’s throughout the match… and some potentially serious damage could have been done.

Other Guy: You want to talk about taking something away, Roland Caldwell may very well have just ruined Davis’s chances at winning the Redemption Rumble, hell Davis at this point might not even make it to the Rumble.

Dave Dymond: Unfortunately we have to end tonight on this note, unknowing of what’s in store for Davis, or ANY of the competitors come rumble time.  It’s been one hell of a night and that man right there just took one step forward to possibly putting SHOOT Project BACK into what Roland calls it’s "dark ages"

As Revolution fades, the last bit seen is Roland standing with arms raised, and behind him, from a long shot, Vincent Mallows is revealed, watching on from the entryway, a sick half deformed smile on his face.