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Revolution: 020 – 2/17/07

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting from their recent cage match, with Biggs FLYING from high a top the cage.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.  Then next seen is a focus on Christopher Davis, fighting a two on one battle… and coming out victorious.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Chivalric.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of  Roland Caldwell standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, a sinister smirk on his face.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


The shot opens up in the parking garage as Kid Lightning, in full super hereo gear, rides casually down the entrance ramp on a silver and blue bicycle! His hands aren’t on the handlebars, a simple black backpack is slung over his shoulders, and a cell phone is pressed to his ears. His voice echoes down the ramp as he approaches the camera.

Kid Lightning: Hey, FLASH. Sorry I wasn’t home when you came to pick me up, man….Yeah I know. I had to go get some stuff…What do you mean, what stuff?…Just some stuff, I wanna talk to maureen. I need some confidence boosters….No not those kind of boosters! Just a stuffed bear, stuff like that…weirdo….Anyway, so–!

As Kid Lightning gets closer to the camera, a large foot, connected to a large leg, snaps upward from around the corner of a car into Kid Lightning’s unsuspecting face, driving him off of the bicycle!  The cell phone slides away from the camera and a black hand picks the phone up.  Coming into view is Donovan King and the man who is in possession of the boot that knocked Kid Lightning down, Obsidian.

Donovan King:  ‘Ey, FLASH.  Dis is Donovan King.  Don’t say nothin’, jus’ listen.

Obsidian picks Lightning up and picks him up like a side slam.

Donovan King:  Let Cade know dat he fucked up.  Tell Cade dat we got to yuh boy.

Suddenly, Obsidian hoists Kid Lightning up into the gutwrench inverted powerbomb…AND DRIVES KID LIGHTNING FACE FIRST INTO THE HOOD OF A CAR!  Obsidian’s Pitch Black Powerbomb has claimed yet another victim.

Donovan King:  Tell Cade dat Kid Lightning…was the first.  I will come fuh him, I will come fo’ his friends…and I just proved…

King stands up on the hood of the car and picks Kid Lightning up.  He puts Kid Lightning’s head in between his legs and puts the phone back to his ear.

Donovan King:  …dat I will come fo’ his family.

With that, King hangs the phone up and throws it away, and he yanks the now bleeding Avenger up and PILEDRIVES him down onto the hood of the car!  Kid Lightning crumples and slides off the car to the ground.  Obsidian goes to pick him up, but King stops him.

Donovan King:  Nah.  I wanted his blood, I got his blood.  We don’t need to end dis kid’s career.

King smirks.

Donovan King:  Not yet, anyway.

King and Obsidian walk away, leaving Kid Lightning laying and not moving.


As Revolution officially starts, the screaming fans in attendance are soon silenced as “Summer Overture – Remix” pounds through the Thomas and Mack Center. Roland Caldwell walks out to a chorus of boos. He carrying a silver briefcase, but he’s missing something.

Dave Dymond: The NEW, and how I hate saying that, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion wasting no time in coming out here tonight but he is missing ONE very important thing.

Other Guy: No kiddin.  This man rants and raves bout getting himself the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, and now he’s not even bringin’ it out to the match?

Dave Dymond: Something doesn’t seem right about this, especially because he is set to defend it right in that very ring in just a few short moments.  Of course, knowing Roland Caldwell, this is ALL a part of something else, and I can only assume it involves that metal briefcase.

Roland has a general look of self-satisfaction as he reaches the ring. There’s an ease to his movements.  The fans continue to boo as Roland climbs through the ropes. Once inside the ring he places the briefcase on one of the turnbuckles and grabs the microphone from Samantha Coil, before she can make the proper match introductions.

Roland Caldwell: I know what you’re all thinking. “Where’s the belt?”

Dave Dymond: There had better be a good answer!

Other Guy: I’m guessin’ he’s going to give it to us, Dave.

Roland smiles harshly in the glare of the lights.

Roland Caldwell: That belt is gone!

BOOOOOOOOOOO!  Roland smirks as he listens to the crowd reaction.

Roland Caldwell: That’s right gone… Forever. The SHOOT Project World Championship that I won is buried in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, never to be seen again.

Roland lets the moment stand-alone as the crowd continues to boo mercilessly. Balls of paper and tape fly at Roland’s head and he just stands there, smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

Dave Dymond: Shades of Eli Storm, and we can only hope this situation will warrant a similar reaction from Jason Johnson.

Roland walks across the ring and points at Dave Dymond sitting at the announce desk.

Roland Caldwell: Now before anyone starts slinging opinions my way. Before Jason Johnson comes out here and shouts my ear off with rules about destroying property… Let’s make this clear. I did not DESTROY the belt. I buried it. It’s dirty, but one hundred percent intact. I even put it in a nice satchel to keep it all nice and dry. But why did I do this? Why did I bury the World Championship belt?

Roland pauses as the crowd chants “Asshole.” Roland seems a bit agitated by this.

Roland Caldwell: All I did was dig a hole, so SHUT UP!

The asshole chant turns into more booing but Roland continues on, pretty much expecting the reactions he is getting.

Roland Caldwell: The SHOOT Project is dead. That belt deserved to be buried because it is a symbol of the perversion of the original SHOOT. That belt was the abortion of Skull’s reign. Of all those champions that came before… How could I wear that belt and still look myself in the mirror. I couldn’t even look at the belt. I couldn’t stand seeing it, smelling it, sensing it the same room as me. And then, late last Saturday night I buried in an unmarked grave that only I can find in that desert I’ve learned so well. But just as that built is buried, just as SHOOT Project has died, it may be born again!

Other Guy: I’m at a loss for words.

Dave Dymond: This is just…

Roland walks over to the turnbuckle and rubs the briefcase.

Roland Caldwell: It took some time, but I found it.

Roland stops talking as if lost in thought.

Dave Dymond: Found what?

Roland Caldwell: It took a couple months to locate it. It took an uncomfortable delving into my past. It took a lot of money but I have it.

Roland opens the briefcase and soft silver light shines out.

Roland Caldwell: Silver, not gold leads you home. Read the Wizard of Oz, you’ll understand.

Other Guy: I’m fucking lost, man.

Roland reaches his hand into the briefcase but pulls his hand out quickly as if the contents were piping hot. He turns and smiles for the camera.

Roland Caldwell: I buried the belt I won at Redemption because I could not bear to wear it. There would be no pride in it. But this, I can wear with pride…

Roland reaches into the briefcase and pulls out an old championship belt. The leather straps are cracked and discolored. The plating is silver, tarnished and mistreated. Flakes of paint chip and fall from the silver face. Japanese lettering encircles the edges of the belt. The only occidental letters are four in succession: SHOOT.

Roland Caldwell: This belt is the original SHOOT Project World Championship. This is the belt that we fought and bled for in those Japanese warehouses. This is the very belt Shaolin held up in front of forty people that October night in 2001. This is the only belt I can proudly carry. This belt is the bedrock of what we see now, and when it was retired and sent off through one hand to another… when this belt left, everything here changed. SHOOT began its descent…

He stops and then slowly raises the title belt high over his head.

Roland Caldwell: But tonight, it returns. And tonight SHOOT Project will begin its rebirth. I bring this belt here tonight because SHOOT Project resets now. I will forcibly restart this federation and rebuild it in my image. And tonight my reign will be cemented when I destroy Jason Johnson’s personally selected assassin, Dan Stein.

The crowd picks up a bit as Roland mentions his opponent.

Roland Caldwell: That match will start momentarily, but don’t worry, this segment won’t go long, because I will show Dan Stein how we used to do it in SHOOT Project. That little guy’s going to be pinned one, two, three in no time at all. Or maybe I’ll break out my cross-face chicken wing. Haven’t used that in awhile. After what I do to Stein tonight, he won’t be competing in any Sky High Tournament. He’ll be lucky if he’s walking. That’s my promise. And not to be…

Roland’s interrupted by the opening guitar rift to the Scorpions’ ‘Rock You like a Hurricane.’ The crowd stands on their feet, snapping their attention to the stage. As the drums begin to pick up, two bodies walk out from the curtains, both wearing fighter pilot jackets, gold rimmed aviator glasses and their hair slicked to the side. As the two bodies stand at the top of the stage, the camera reveals Dan Stein and Paul Jarvis, standing side by side; the crowd isn’t sure how to respond yet. Stein reaches into his inner coat pocket and pulls out a microphone as the music dies out.

Roland Caldwell: Speak of the devil…

Dan Stein: Ladies and Gentlemen, making our re-debut into the SHOOT Project, we are your flight academy instructors, Captain Daniel T. “Maddog” Stein, and the man to my left is none other than Captain Paul “Acewing” Jarvis.

Stein pats his partner on the back.

Dan Stein: Over the duration of this course, Cadets, Acewing and I will instruct you in several different subjects, such as Dog fighting, recognizance missions and many, many more. Tonight, however, will be your first lesson, on how to deal with reckless, uneducated pilots looking to Kamikaze their way into victory.

Roland Caldwell: How on earth can I take you seriously?

Other Guy: I hate to agree with the champ here, but what’s the deal? Fighter pilot jackets?

Stein begins to walk down the ramp, Jarvis behind him, completely ignoring Roland’s question.

Dan Stein: You see, Cadets, Roland Caldwell isn’t your stereotypical pilot. He’s fat… out of shape… hell, I’d go as far as saying he’s reliant upon other people doing his dirty work. Case in point… well, I think we all remember just HOW Trevor Worrens was blinded, don’t we?

Roland tosses the microphone out of the ring and carefully gives the old silver belt to Samantha Coil. He scolds her to be careful with the belt

Dave Dymond: Of course we do! Jun Kenshin shot the mist into his face!

Other Guy: And Roland Caldwell was there to capitalize.  I don’t like Roland as much as the next guy don’t like him, but ya can’t fault Caldwell for takin’ an opportunity.

Stein smirks, as he and Jarvis begin to ascend the stairs outside of the ring.

Dan Stein: And now that Caldwell has what he set out to get, that title, Caldwell is trying to find ways to make people look around his failures.

Stein shakes his head, ducking under the top rope and sliding into the ring. Roland braces himself, watching both men closely.

Dan Stein: One capitalization, Caldwell, does not make you a man of victory. Just because you got rid of Osbourne, doesn’t mean he stayed away. Just because you bored Willmott to… well… doesn’t mean you accomplished something. You hid in the shadows when you first came back to SHOOT Project, for what? You knew you’d be a laughing stock. You KNEW people would scratch their heads, and a dull silence would fall on them when they heard your name.

Stein stops, across the ring from Caldwell.

Dan Stein: Admit it, Roland. You didn’t think you’d win that belt. You didn’t think you were the better man that night… nobody else did. Not even Jason Johnson. Not even your own boss. Nobody wanted you to win that belt, Pilot! The old days? Warehouses? We’re past that, Caldwell. We’re past that dark, depressing era in SHOOT Project. We’re past the Yakuza and the… the heads being chopped off and things of that sort. Nobody wants to go back there. This is a new SHOOT Project, full of young stars and uprising pilots like Trevor Worrens and Adrian Corazon. You’re just as unimportant now as you were then. You’re just too stubborn to realize it.

Stein smirks as he looks to Jarvis, then back to Caldwell, the people buzzing right now. Roland yells at Stein to stop talking and act.

Dan Stein: You want to know why I got this shot at you? You want to know the real reason I’m standing in this ring with you, right now? Because even though you never heard of me when you were sitting on your ass, collecting dust and different cultures’ gods in your head, I was out there making a name for myself. Jason Johnson saw what I did in TTW, he saw what I did in OPW, and he saw what I could do in SHOOT Project… he saw what I will do tonight.

Stein walks forward and takes off his aviators, looking Roland in the eyes now. Jarvis rotates away from Stein and towards Roland’s left side. Jarvis slowly inches farther to Roland’s left, to Roland periphery.

Dan Stein: Be glad you got the week off to enjoy that belt, Pilot. Because I’m going to take it from you… and fly away w-

Just as Stein goes to finish his sentence, Caldwell suddenly decks Jarvis the side of the face, dropping him to the mat! Stein watches his friend crumple to the mat, and suddenly starts kicking away at Roland.  Senior Official Scott Kamura quickly breaks both men up and sends them into opposing corners.  Jarvis rolls out of the ring, clutching his face in pain, and Kamura now motions to Samantha Coil.



Dave Dymond: This one almost gets out of control, BUT Kamura once again showing why he’s the senior official as he takes the position of authority right off the bat, seeing to it that this World Heavyweight Championship match up starts out properly.

Other Guy: Gotta start it right, Dave. I mean this is huge and I think it’s the FIRST time we’ve seen the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship defended at the start of a show, not to mention on an edition of Revolution.

With things calmed down, Samantha Coil takes the center ring position next to Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening Revolution contest is set for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans come alive as the match is officially announced.

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, in the upper left corner of the ring, the challenger. He weighs in tonight at 215 pounds, here is DAN “MADDOG” STEIN!

Stein raises both of his arms up in the air, but now looks to have his focus. The fans still aren’t sure how to react to him, but there are some cheers that ring out for him.  Jarvis cheers on his partner and friend from ringside.  Stein gives a salute to Jarvis, and while Jarvis is still in pain, he manages to salute back to Stein.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… weighing in tonight at 289 pounds, he is the current SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion…. Here is ROLAND CALDWELL!

The Thomas and Mack Center fills with boos once more as Roland holds the old SHOOT Project championship belt for all to see, and then he hands it off to Scott Kamura. Kamura officially raises the title, first he shows it to the challenger, then to the champion, then once out to the crowd.  With the presentation of the championship over and done with, Kamura hands the title off to Samantha Coil who takes it out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Stein, who has officially signed on with the SHOOT Project now, as well as looking to capture a second Sky High cup victory, has his work cut out for him now.

Other Guy: Yeah, all 289 angry pounds of it.  But guess ya can’t say Roland’s not a fighting champion, because right off of the hellacious night that was Redemption, one week later and Roland’s already puttin’ the belt on the line.

Kamura calls for the bell, bringing an official start to the match, and Stein wastes no time getting right back into the thick of things. He charges at Roland, surprising the World Champion with a LEAP through the air and a fist to the face!  Roland stumbles back only slightly though, keeping a strong stance in the ring. Stein goes right back to kicking at the legs of Roland now, only for Roland to send out a vicious stiff-arm that SNAPS Stein’s head back and drops him to the mat. Roland follows up, looking to drop an elbow, but Stein rolls out of the way just as Roland hits the mat, elbow first. Stein leaps… SITTING dropkick to the side of Roland’s head before he can even get up!  The fans suddenly cheer as Stein doesn’t hesitate to make a cover!

Kamura drops…


Dave Dymond: ONLY a one count as Roland easily kicks out from underneath Stein. But I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this tenacity from Stein.

Other Guy: He’s maddog now, maybe this whole pilot thing has got “The Lights” all fired up.

Stein is quick up to his feet, but unfortunately for him, so is Roland.  Stein looks to go right back on the offense, but Roland turns things around in his favor, DROPPING Stein with a lunging clothesline!  The momentum is SO fierce that Roland’s follow through drops his own body to one knee, almost losing his footing.  Jarvis shakes his head with concern on the outside as Roland rises up to his full vertical base and now grabs Stein, who is writing in pain, and hoists him up off the mat… only to WHIP him into the upper left corner!

Other Guy: Roland puttin’ some serious hatred behind every action he’s taking in the ring tonight, Dave.  The guy is serious about this Dark Age, and that’s a scary thought.

With Stein slumped in the corner, Roland charges, and then turns his body CRUSHING Stein in the face with a hard elbow!  Stein slumps all the way into a sitting position now and Roland continues on a vicious offense, now GRINDING his boot into Stein’s face.  The fans boo as Kamura issues a warning to Roland, but Roland doesn’t pull back from the ropes… instead he grabs onto them to give himself more leverage!

Dave Dymond: Roland just pressing his boot into Stein’s nose now, further showing how much our current champion doesn’t care about ANYONE’S well being.

Other Guy: Like I said he’s damn serious, Dave.  He’s promised to tear through everyone, and so far he’s done just that in recent weeks.

Stein struggles to break free in the corner, and as Kamura shouts a second warning, Roland pulls his leg back… but then STOMPS down right into Stein’s chest!  Stein drops completely onto his back rolling back and forth while clutching his arms to his chest. Roland backs away now, and turns to Jarvis on the outside, taunting him.  Jarvis starts up onto the ring apron, suckered in by the heat of the moment, and Kamura quickly keeps him at bay.  At that moment, Roland grabs Stein off the mat again, and pushes him up against the corner post, CHOKING the life out of him!  Stein struggles and Jarvis, shouts and points to the corner.  Kamura turns around but Roland breaks the choke and then just SHOVES Stein down onto the mat.

Stein gasps for breath and Roland just picks him right back up and AGAIN tosses him into the corner of the ring.  Roland starts to turn from Stein, but suddenly whips back around and looks for a standing clothesline, but Stein ELEVATES his body up and catches Roland in the face with both his feet! Roland staggers back and Stein now with quick open hand punches to each side of the ribs, trying to keep Roland swaying.  Roland goes for a forearm shot to take Stein down, but Stein ducks under… and then RUNS across the ring.  The fans pick up as Stein bounces off the ropes…

Dave Dymond: Stein picking up some serious momentum here, Roland turns… And STEIN LEAPS!

Stein NAILS Roland with a cross body and takes Roland off his feet.  Stein doesn’t make the cover though and instead runs to the corner, and without hesitation FLIPS off with a moonsault, only he sees to it that he lands KNEES FIRST on Roland’s chest!

Other Guy: Painfully innovative shit right there!  Stein MAYBE has this…

The cover is made and the fans are on their feet, cheering on Stein.



Roland kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Stein may have hurt his knees their in the process, but definitely a nice combination of aerial tactics and well, a double knee strike to the chest.

Other Guy: Not wantin’ to jinx Stein here, but how insane would it be if Stein won this thing.  Would shut Roland up pretty damn good.

Dave Dymond: Not to mention sending Dan Stein stock sky rocketing.  First match back in SHOOT Project and the man becomes the World Champion.   It sounds like a dream, but in SHOOT Project we’ve seen a LOT of things happen.

Stein finally gets up now, but Roland is still hurting, clutching at his sternum in particular. Stein limps slightly but looks to be walking off the pain.  Jarvis cheers him on from ringside again, now and starts slamming his hands on the mat, actually trying to get the fans behind Stein.  Some of the fans start clapping their hands, and the rally begins.  Stein starts feeling the energy inside the Thomas and Mack Center and he shouts at Roland to get up.  Roland, showing anger in his eyes turns onto his stomach and starts pushing up off the mat, all the while glaring at Stein.  Stein shows an aggressive nature again as he doesn’t even wait for Roland to get all the way up, and starts in at him with quick fist strikes again.  Roland powers through, pushing Stein back, but Stein charges right back then at Roland and AGAIN works him with hard fist strikes!

Dave Dymond: Stein continuing to impress and just bring this fight straight on to Roland Caldwell!

Roland is sent staggering back a couple of steps and then Stein grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Stein runs right after Roland and just as Roland hits the ropes, Stein LEAPS into him and BOTH men SPILL to the outside!  Some of the fans closer to ringside rise up out of their seats trying to get a better view of Roland and Stein.  Stein is up, but so is Roland. Stein sends some hard kicks into Roland, but Roland suddenly captures Stein’s leg and RUNS him BACK FIRST into the steel steps!  Stein SHOUTS in pain, and the fans can’t help but cringe as part of Stein’s body bends over the top of the steel steps.  Roland leaves Stein bent over, and walks up onto the steps themselves, looking down at Stein, specifically his neck.

Dave Dymond: I hope he’s not thinking… oh god… Roland looking to make Stein suffer the same fate as Christopher Davis!

The fans BOO as Roland lifts his leg high over Stein’s head and then STOMPS down at his neck!  Stein moves out of the way at the LAST possible second though, and Roland’s foot meets steel!  The moment of shock runs its course through Roland’s body, and gives Stein enough time to leap up onto the ring edge and run off with a flying clothesline! Roland falls backwards off the steel steps and Stein lands on the ground next to him.  Stein however is RIGHT back up to his feet, clutching at his back in pain, but apparently feeding off the adrenaline of nearly having his throat crushed in.   Referee Scott Kamura shouts for both men to get back into the ring, and Stein rolls in, but then rolls back out.

Other Guy: Stein’s cookin’ up something in that brain of his, Dave, and ya know its gonna be huge.

Dave Dymond: These fans can sense that too, and Stein calling for Jarvis now…

As Jarvis approaches Stein, both men flip up the ring apron and quickly from under the ring they pull out a table!  The fans pick up, cheering wildly at the prospect of what’s going to happen.  Jarvis starts to set it up, but Stein shakes his head no and points back further.  Jarvis nods and moves back now, closer to the end of the ramp that leads down to the ring and THEN he sets up the table.  Roland is up to his feet now and seeing both Stein and Jarvis he charges at both men with a double clothesline attempt.  Jarvis and Stein duck under… and DOUBLE LEAPING HIGH KICKS TO THE BACK OF ROLAND’S HEAD!

The fans pop as Roland almost falls but now Jarvis and Stein direct him towards the table, laying Roland out.  Kamura reaches the count of TWELVE at this point, but Stein again rolls into the ring, breaking the double count out, and then goes to the top rope!

Other Guy: Oh MAN… look at the distance of that table… there is NO WA—


Stein FLIES through the air and JUST connects with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS and CRASHES through the table!!!

HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!  The fans are going nuts as they are ALL on their feet looking at Stein and Roland who are laid out amongst the now completely broken in half table.

Dave Dymond: What a way to kick off Revolution as Dan Stein puts it all on the line right there!

Other Guy: If Stein can get up and get Roland in the ring then this one is over!

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura looking on at both men who are out, which means the potential of a double knock out here…

Other Guy: Which means SOMEBODY has got to answer the count of ten.





Stein starts to stir, but isn’t up yet so the count continues.


The fans cheer on Stein, Jarvis is right close by shouting for Stein to get up… and he slowly starts to.


Stein is up to his feet, staggering, holding his back in pain… but with it.  He motions for Jarvis and now both guys work on getting Roland up off the ground and into the ring.  Stein and Jarvis roll Roland into the ring and then Stein goes in after him.  Stein just drapes himself over Roland’s body… fans on their feet for the pin.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


Dave Dymond: Damn it!

Other Guy: My thoughts exactly!

The fans buzz with shock as Roland managed to kick out right before the three count could be made!  Stein wearily gets up to his feet, somewhat taken by his own disbelief about Roland kicking out.  Sure enough Kamura only shows two and Stein now grabs Roland by the head and then DRIVES his knee upward into it.  Roland snaps back, body leaning up against the ropes…. And once again Stein looks to build some momentum.

Stein looks to take off running, but suddenly Roland reaches out with both arms, grabs Stein by the head and just PULLS him down towards the mat, back of the head first!  Stein’s head bounces off the mat and Roland picks him right back up into a standing front facing headlock.  Stein is then easily elevated up, bounced off the top rope in suplex fashion and then Roland snaps around so that he SUPLEXES Stein down onto the mat!  Stein rocks back in forth in pain and Roland does not let up, not going for a pin or anything he lifts Stein up again and just takes him down with a short arm clothesline!  Up again… another short arm clothesline!

Dave Dymond: Roland fighting with a strong second wind now, and he’s just pummeling Dan Stein.

Other Guy: Stein had him for sure I thought, but now it looks like this one is ALL Roland Caldwell.

Dave Dymond: what’s worse is Roland isn’t even ATTEMPTING to end this match! He’s beating down on Stein and that’s all he’s concerned with.

The booing sounds now as the fans come to realize what Roland is doing.  Stein is lifted up off the mat again and this time whipped into the ropes. Stein comes bouncing back and Roland with YET ANOTHER clothesline!  Stein goes down hard once again, clutching at his head.

Dave Dymond: Roland is out for blood, and really after this match with only a week to rest up, Dan Stein could find himself going into the Sky High tournament at a SERIOUS disadvantage!

Roland looms over Stein, looking down at him, and then he just SLAPS Stein across the face. Then again, then again! The booing only gets louder, which only pushes Roland to SLAP Stein even harder still!


With Stein on his back and Roland in control, FINALLY Roland calls for the end, pulling a barely with it Stein up to his feet.  Roland then slowly turns Stein so he’s facing away and then with ease Roland HOISTS Stein up onto his shoulders so he’s looking up towards the rafters of the Thomas and Mack Center.

Other Guy: Only one thing could be coming, and it’s the very same thing Roland Caldwell used to win the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship…

The Thomas and Mack Center fills with a buzz of concern and hopelessness as Roland parades about the ring, showing off Stein to each of the fans.  Roland then moves right into the center of the ring, but IS CAUGHT OFF GUARD as Stein SOMEHOW snaps back to life!  Stein starts squirming uncontrollably… and then SLIPS down behind Roland, rolling down the length of his back and then hooking him by the legs….


Kamura, surprised, drops quickly makes the count…




Other Guy: HOLY SHIT HE…

Dave Dymond: NO!  Roland JUST kicked out!

The whole arena is buzzing now as Kamura confidently holds up two, but Stein himself thinks it was a three count, and having felt the SURE taste of victory, he begins to argue with Kamura, not aware that Roland is RIGHT back up to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Stein has to get his head back in this…

Before Stein can turn around Roland CHARGES from behind and NAILS Stein with a hard clothesline to the back of the head! Stein goes down instantly, with Kamura almost taking a spill as well.  Roland immediately starts stomping down repeatedly on Stein’s back, unleashing his rage in physical form.  Stein spasms from each hard stomp, but tries to crawl away from Roland.  Roland however stays right after him and grabs Stein by the leg, keeping him from getting to the ropes.  Stein turns his body over now, looking to kick his leg at Roland, but Roland grabs Stein’s other leg now and with wreckless force just DROPS his body backwards, sling shotting Stein THROUGH the air!  Stein lands hard on his front, and he quickly curls up, rocking back and forth in pain.  Roland is right back up, now showing a great deal more aggression as a full on second wind kicks in.  As Stein works his way up to his feet Roland is right there to pull Stein up to his feet. Stein tries to break away, only for Roland to punch him square in the face.  Stein stumbles a great deal, but Roland keeps him up by grabbing him suddenly by the neck.

Other Guy: Roland has snapped now, Dave.  I think he took Stein lightly earlier on but that’s not the case now!

Dave Dymond: that’s an accurate statement, Other Guy as Roland CHOKING Stein!

The fans boo loudly as Roland chokes Stein, whipping him back and forth for added pain to Stein.  Kamura shouts a warning to Roland to break the choke, and Roland suddenly LIFTS Stein high into the air and then DROPS him with a choke slam!

Dave Dymond: What a chokeslam by Roland! He drove his hand all the way down with Stein, LITERALLY pushing him into the mat!

With Stein down, Roland makes the cover now, still holding his hand around Stein’s neck.  Kamura makes the count.



THR… Stein kicks out!  The fans pop, but the cheering dies quickly as Roland just rises right back up to his feet, bringing Stein up with him.  Stein is then elevated HIGH up a second time, and AGAIN Roland drives him down into the mat with a choke slam!  Roland makes a cover again… SHOUTING at the referee to make the count.



THRE… NO! Again Stein kicks out and again the fans cheer.

Other Guy: Gotta hand it to Stein here, Dave. He’s not givin’ up.  But not sure that’s the BEST idea now that Roland’s got control of this thing.

Dave Dymond:  Agreed that now it feels like an uphill climb for Stein, as Roland seeing to it that Stein doesn’t even have a chance to get up off the mat.

Roland has Stein still on the mat, now wedging his forearm right into Stein’s throat.  Stein gasps for breath trying to somehow fight out from under Roland, but Roland just pulls him right back up, hooking both his arms.  Stein tries again to fight back, but Roland knees him once in the gut and then sends him WAY up and over with a butterfly suplex!  Stein again finds himself crashing on the mat and writhing in pain.

Dave Dymond: Stein calling himself a fighter pilot, but now we’re just watching him crash.

Other Guy: This one going WAY wrong now for Stein, and its gonna take a hell of a lot to make a comeback from it.

Roland again starts stomping down on Stein, making sure he stays grounded.  Still though Stein works on fighting through, trying to get to the ropes now to pull himself up.  Roland follows him the whole way, stomping down on him as he crawls.  Roland actually lets Stein get to the ropes and watches as slowly but surely Stein rises up to his feet.  Stein slowly turns around and Roland right there with a WICKED chop across the neck!  Stein bounces up against the ropes, but uses his momentum to surprise Roland with a lifting boot to the face!  Roland staggers back a step, but comes right back at Stein… and Stein kicks him again, this time catching him right below the sternum!

The fans once again come to life, rallying behind Stein, as does Jarvis who is cheering on his partner once more from ringside.  With Roland half doubled over, Stein charges at him and hooks him around the head.  Roland tries to spin Stein around and shove him off, but Stein now DROPS Roland with a tornado DDT!!!


The chanting echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, and Stein rolls away from Roland and slowly works on getting up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: The momentum shifts again and what a return debut to SHOOT Project for Dan Stein. The question still lingers in the air though, can Stein get this done.

Jarvis is right up by Stein now who is close to the ropes.  Stein gets up by the ropes, but Roland is starting to get up as well.  The fans shout in unison, trying to warn Stein, but Stein is still trying to get his bearings back.  Roland is up, anger in his eyes… and Jarvis suddenly sees Roland charging right for Stein!  Jarvis leaps up onto the ring edge and SHOVES Stein out of the way, and Roland NAILS a yakuza kick RIGHT TO JARVIS’S THROAT!

The impact of the kick sends Jarvis FLYING BACKWARDS and he smacks his head right against the guard railing! The fans cringe, and Roland looks downward at his “kill” with a sickening grin spreading across his face.  Jarvis writhes on the floor, coughing up blood as he tries to breathe!

Dave Dymond: Jarvis just took the brunt of that and I don’t think he’s in good shape at all.

Other Guy: Stein was a second away from suffering that fate… that was THE kill shot right there.

Stein regains focus now and he sees Jarvis on the outside being tended to now by the arriving medical staff. Stein’s eyes go wide and he immediately starts PELTING Roland in the back with hard forearm shots and punches. Roland slumps forward on the ropes, but then pushes off the ropes and NAILS Stein in the face with an elbow shot.  Stein staggers back and Roland turns around and goes to hoist him up for the Burning Hammer…


The boos sound as Stein is laid out now and Roland drops right now to the mat and makes the cover.  Kamura drops to the mat and makes the count… the fans feeling a sense of hopelessness coming over them.





The fans are going BALLISTIC!!!

Dave Dymond: FOOT ON THE ROPES!  YES! Stein STILL in this match!

Other Guy: How?  What did Stein have in him to get his leg up!

Dave Dymond: Who cares! The fact is he is still alive, still has the chance to achieve the biggest goal in his career, becoming the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Roland can’t believe it and he rises up to his feet, now it’s his turn as he gets right in Scott Kamura’s face demanding a three count.  Kamura, always confident, holds up two fingers, not afraid of Roland at all.

Dave Dymond: These two have thrown a lot at one another as this match wears on… but still no winner.

Roland finally turns away from the referee and Stein is still down and out. Outside, medical has stabilized Jarvis’s head and they wheel him towards the back on a stretcher.  Roland grabs Stein now, quickly pulls him up and whips him against the ropes.  Stein comes bouncing back and Roland lifts him high up, attempting a back body drop…

BUT STEIN HANDSTANDS ON ROLAND’S SHOULDERS…. Then BRINGS his body down KICKING Roland in the stomach before falling to the mat!  Roland doubles over in pain, and Stein rolls away, springs up to his feet and runs into the corner.  Stein runs up the turnbuckles, perches in waiting…

Dave Dymond: Stein on top… and he’s sizing up Roland…. This is it!

The fans are on their feet now as Stein waits. Roland turns… STEIN LEAPS… TOP ROPE ENZEGURI!!!


The Thomas and Mack Center ERUPTS with cheering now as Stein falls not far from Roland… slowly… moving… for the cover….




Other Guy: And move for move… now ROLAND kicks out of Stein’s finisher!  This is insane, Dave!  What’s it gonna take!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know but what a match, what an opening to Revolution this has been!

Roland is down, Stein is down.  Kamura checks on both men, watching as Stein once again slowly gets up, breathing heavily as he does so.  Roland clutches at his head… trying to get up.  And now Stein comes at him, looking to capitalize.  Roland however gets up at this point… punch to Stein!  Stein staggers… but he kicks Roland.

Roland staggers… punches Stein.

Stein falters, UPPERCUT to Roland!

Roland sways… another punch to stein.

Stein fights back… punch.

Roland…. Punches  Stein!


Dave Dymond: What!?

Other Guy: The bell sounded… Kamura even looks a bit shocked here!

The fans start buzzing with confusion as the fist fight between Roland Caldwell and Stein continues.   Stein starts getting the upper hand but the bell sounds again.  This time Kamura moves to the edge of the ring where Samantha Coil is waiting.  She says something to Kamura… who suddenly nods his head…

But Stein and Roland are still going at it!

Other Guy: What’s goin on here…

Kamura suddenly forces himself in between Stein and Roland, shoving Stein back away from Roland and shouting, calling off the fight…  Stein and Roland both look on in confusion.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the official time limit set for this match has EXPIRED!

All at once the fans begin to boo, but Roland is already out of the ring at this point, grabbing for his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Stein stands in the ring, just as furious as the fans.

Samantha Coil: Therefore this match is ruled a DRAW!

Dave Dymond: Oh these fans are NOT having this at all, Other Guy.  This match ends abruptly after a LONG drawn out battle between these two men…

Stein gets into it with Kamura, not paying attention to Roland who slides into the ring, with the old championship title in hand.  Stein turns away from Kamura, and ROLAND CRACKS HIM IN THE HEAD!

Other Guy: WHAT A HIT!

Dave Dymond: Damn it! This one is over but Roland going beyond now… and he’s just PUMMELING Stein in the face with that title… come on….  Stop this!

Kamura shouts at Roland now, and more referees spill out from the back.  Roland finally gets up off of Stein, holding the blood stained championship title over his head.

Roland Caldwell: You survived me… but you DID NOT BEAT ME!

The booing continues as Roland stands over a bloodied Dan Stein.  “Summer Overture” begins to play again and Roland walks out of the ring, slower and showing injury, but still walking out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: No winner, no loser tonight, but still Roland Caldwell is the one walking out of this ring tonight with the championship title, and a very serious message sent to SHOOT Project through Dan Stein and Paul Jarvis.


The scene fades into the back. Eryk Masters stands side by side with Killian Reilly, who has a plastic cup in his hand. It can be assumed that he’s drinking a beer of some kind.

Eryk Masters: I’m here with Killian Reilly, who had a very impressive showing at the Redemption Rumble. How did you feel about your performance, Killian?

Killian Reilly:  Good enough.  I wanted to win it, but I mean, hey, who didn’t?

Eryk Masters: With the Rumble out of the way, and your hopes for a title shot at Reckoning Day gone, what’s next for Killian Reilly?

Killian Reilly:  Gonna take what I can get Erik.  I’m going to beat punks down like I always do.  You can count on that.

Eryk Masters actually rolls his eyes for a moment.

Eryk Masters: That sounds nice, Killian, but we haven’t really seen you ‘beat punks down’. You had a good showing the Rumble, but other than that, you haven’t shown much elese. When are we going to see a dominant, focused Killian, or is Killian Reilly all talk?

Killian glares Masters down angrily.  He begins spitting out words rapidly.

Killian Reilly:  You want to see action?  I’ll show you some action you punk ass.  I’ll show you fucking TONIGHT!

Reilly storms off, leaving a clearly shaken Masters in his stead.


Entering from the warm Nevada evening, Tom Quinn makes his way through a pair of doors at the back of the arena.  He seems eager and prepared, despite not officially being booked to appear. 

As he enters, though, Jason Riley is leaving. 

Jason Riley: DUDE!  ROGUE! 

Quinn looks happy at first, then confused noticing Riley is still in street clothes. 

Tom Quinn: Riles, man.  Hey…  (slapping hands with his best friend) Why the streets, dude? 

Riley doesn’t seem to understand. 

Jason Riley: Dude, we’re not booked, and we got our pay checks from Redemption!  I’m going out to get hammered.  (Getting quiet) Well, I gotta go to a church thing with Rizzo first, but then I am going to sneak out and get hammered.  You want in? 

Rouge laughs, but looks like maybe he’s a little disappointed. 

Tom Quinn: I was kind of hoping to get on the card or something.  Just miss this so bad.  I want to make sure these guys know I’m for real now. 

Riley rolls his eyes. 

Jason Riley: Why bother man?  They fucked you before so now we can fuck them.  You’re not going to lose your job as long as Jonny’s working.  You KNOW that dude.  So who cares?  Get your check and come to church and then sneak out with me to get fuuuucked! 

Quinn is still a little uneasy, but warming to the idea the more Riley pitches. 

Tom Quinn: (sighing) Man…  haha, you drive a hard bargain.  Dec’s out too? 

Riley nods. 

Jason Riley: Yep.  He’s not even in the state tonight. 

Tom Quinn: And Jonny? 

Riley shrugs. 

Jason Riley: Haven’t heard from him to be honest, but whatever.  I’d think he’s gonna grab that cash-o-la from Ainsley…  No idea, though.  That’s my big cous for you. 

Tom Quinn: Yeah…  I guess.  I don’t know.  It was weird how that shit went down.  But how can I complain?  The guy got me a job and took me off the streets.  Plus, him winning that bounty…  (Getting a little more happy) I’m a happy camper, no doubt. 

Riley nods his head. 

Jason Riley: And that ranch he’s renovating seems fucking sweet too!  I’m going to fuck so many bitches out there. 

Rogue laughs. 

Tom Quinn: Okay, well fucking wait here, okay?  I guess I’ll grab my check and then we’ll roll. 

Riley smiles and pounds fists with Quinn. 

Jason Riley: That’s my Rogue!  HURRY UP!  I’ll have Rizzo wait. 

Quinn starts walking down the hall, nodding his head. 

Tom Quinn: Okay, okay!  I’ll be like seven minutes! 

Jason Riley: FUCKING RUN! 

Quinn laughs and picks up the pace as the scene cuts out.



As the action returns back to ringside, Dave Dymond and Other Guy are put into focus, both men angled in towards one another.

Dave Dymond: In just a few short moments we will get to our next match up which continues the early going trend of pitting cruiserweight against a SHOOT Project heavy hitter.  Of course earlier tonight we saw Dan Stein in action against Roland Caldwell and needless to say things did not end well for the challenger.

Other Guy: Maybe an understatement there, Dave. Roland Caldwell, much as I don’t like him, much as most cats don’t like him, sent a very serious message tonight.  The Dark ages have begun.

Dave Dymond: That might be so, BUT as Stein showed in taking the champion to his limits, that dark age, that era of terror, is NOT going to go unchallenged.

“Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix suddenly kicks in over the sound system within the Thomas and Mack Center, and the focus quickly shifts to the entryway. Leon Strife seems to dart out from the back, and despite some taped up ribs; he looks more than ready for the match ahead.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of Dan Stein, he’ll be joining this man coming to the ring, Leon Strife, in the RETURN of Sky High.  Stein had a good showing to carry him into the tournament tonight, and now it’s Leon Strife’s turn to see if he can capitalize on his intense showing in the Rumble.

Other Guy: A little too intense though in the end for Strife, but then again any encounter with Sammy Rochester is.  I’m still makin’ heads or tails of this cat anyway, so if he can perform despite hurt ribs, then I’ll tip my hat.

Strife plays up to the crowd, getting some of them to get behind him in the early get go as he tags some hands and stops even for one eager fan to take a picture.

Samantha Coil: This next contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 183 pounds, here is “Lionheart” Leon Strife!!!

Strife jogs up the steel steps and quickly vaults himself over the top rope.  He then moves about the ring, keeping his body loose.

Dave Dymond: We’ve been talking about a night of cruiserweights stepping up and showing what they’ve got… and both Leon Strife and Dan Stein facing bigger opponents… BUT if you want to talk about cruiserweights being put in difficult situations, look no further than tonight’s main event. Kid Lightning and honorary Flying Avenger member, Cade Sydal have to face off against the inhuman, the brutal Iron Fist Champion in Adrian Corazon and the man who made a SICK statement at Redemption, Donovan King.

Other Guy: After witnessin’ Corazon END the career of Del Carver and Donovan King stoppin’ at NO lengths to shut Sydal up, I feel REAL bad for Kid Lightning and Cade tonight.  Course that’s still comin up, but right now Leon Strife in the ring, about to go one on one with The Ravishing One.

Strife’s music fades out and soon “Natural One” by Folk Implosion picks up.  Even though he has not been as active in the public eye lately, the public has not forgotten how much they dislike Ron Barker.  The booing is proof of that, and as Barker steps out from the back, it only gets louder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 260 pounds, here is “The Ravishing One” Ron Barker!!!

Barker heads to the ring, not spending as much time toying with the crowd, or even taunting Strife who awaits him in the ring.  Barker looks focused and determined as he walks down the ramp.

Dave Dymond: Despite a surprising revelation earlier this week involving the fact that Ron Barker HAS a family, specifically a daughter, that has not swayed the SHOOT Project faithful into looking at him in any different of a light.

Other Guy: The man has manipulated and tricked his fair share of people, Dave. For all we know, this daughter thing could just be another one of those tricks..

Dave Dymond: A point well made, and probably wouldn’t put that past him either, but from my personal stand point of knowing Ron Barker for some time, there is definitely something different about him tonight, and Barker almost ALWAYS sticks to his normal demeanor, it’s all he knows.

Barker pulls himself up onto the ring apron and then enters the ring through the middle and top rope.  Strife backs off into the far right corner of the ring, hopping up and down slightly on the balls of his feet.  Referee Austin Linam quickly checks in both men, and with Barker and Strife clear to fight, Linam calls for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Barker looking to sort of re-make an impact here in SHOOT Project, where as the newcomer in Leon Strife is looking to officially make it, after a pretty good showing in the Redemption Rumble… and quick feet from Strife sees him avoid the first attack attempt from a charging Ron Barker.

Strife keeps the speed up, now running into the ropes.  Barker turns and quickly storms after Strife, and just as Strife bounces off the ropes, Barker is right there with a sudden EXPLOSIVE power slam! Barker stays on top of Strife for an early cover!



The fans react to Barker as he purposely pulls Strife up, breaking the count on his own.

Other Guy: Already Barker tryin’ to get into Strife’s head and just take control of this thing right off the bat.

Dave Dymond: Classic Ron Barker move and now he brings Strife up to his feet… but backs away… again toying with Leon Strife.

Strife shakes his head, showing a little bit of frustration as Barker mockingly mouths, “you okay?” to him.  Strife moves in quickly, not backing down from the size difference and looks for a elbow collar tie up.  Strife has to reach upwards and Barker immediately pushes down on Strife’s shoulders, trying to ground him, but Strife doesn’t go down all the way.  Barker suddenly brings his knee up into Strife’s body, causing him to slump into a sitting position. Barker gets behind Strife and just KICKS him in the back once!  Strife SHOUTS out in pain, arching his back, and now Barker brings him up into a standing position, only to quickly lock on a half nelson hold.

Dave Dymond: Leon Strife is well documented as being a quick moving athlete, so Barker playing this the total reverse route now and completely slowing the pace of the match and working the half nelson to just wear down Strife slowly but surely.

The fans seem to start to get restless as Barker continues to keep the half nelson locked in, but Strife starts to struggle, which brings the fans back into the action.  However the excitement is short lived as Barker suddenly LIFTS Strife up from the half nelson position, looking to turn it into a urinage slam, but Strife manages to counter it and pull all his weight down onto the mat, SNAPPING Barker’s arm over both of Strife’s elevated knees!

Barker staggers away from Strife now, clutching at his right arm and Strife kips up off the mat and runs right at Barker knocking him back even more with a leaping forearm!

Other Guy: The quick little guy tryin’ to mount a comeback here, and that counter was a good start.

Dave Dymond: An arm breaker of sorts, with Strife making use of those knees, and now the knees again, this time a LEAPING knee attack!  Strife has got Barker on the ropes and he’s looking to capitalize.

The fans start to pick up now as Strife’s speed has the match moving at a much quicker pace.  Strife fires a few quick openhanded shots, and then spins with a chop across the chest!  Barker slumps against the ropes, one arm draped over the top, keeping Barker slightly on his feet.  Strife BOLTS across the ring now, running fast, then he bounces off the ropes to pick up a little more speed.  The fans are on the edge of their seat, but just as Strife is about to send Barker over the top rope, Barker pulls down on the ropes and in turn Strife ends up SOARING over the top… but he quickly regroups!  Barker thinks better than to turn his back on Strife and instead whips around for a boot through the ropes… STRIFE FLIPS back into the ring and over Barker, catching him around the neck… FLIPPING NECKBREAKER! 

A pop of excitement is heard from the sold out crowd and now Strife follows up, scrambling for a cover on Barker!

Dave Dymond: A great series of back and forth countering that sees Strife end up on top with the cover…



Barker kicks out before a three count can be made.  Strife jumps up quickly only to drop back down with a quick leg drop, but then he rolls backwards from the leg drop then turns his back to Barker, leaping up onto the second rope!  Strife FLIPS his body backwards in a corkscrew motion, but as he comes landing down on Barker, THIS time Barker gets his legs up and he catches Strife in the gut!  Strife bounces off of Barker’s need and rolls off to the side, clutching at his stomach.

Other Guy: Leon got a bit ahead of himself there, caught up in the excitement and it cost him in the moment.

Dave Dymond: Barker slowly getting up to his feet, this could very much be a turning point in the match up, but when you carry out a high risk offense like Leon Strife, all it takes is ONE second for your entire outlook on a match to come crashing down.

Strife works on pushing himself up off the mat at this point, only for Barker now to stagger towards him and just PUNT upwards, catching Strife in the gut again! The fans boo the cheap shot and Strife just flips onto his back, once again clutching at his stomach.  Barker then just YANKS Strife off the mat by the arm, twists it around once as if looking for a hammer lock, but suddenly Barker just brings the knee up… HITTING Strife in the gut for a third time.  Strife doubles over in pain, and Barker hooks him now in a standing headlock.  For a moment Barker just holds Strife there, but then he hoists him high up, as if going for a vertical suplex, but instead just brings him forward, DROPPING him onto his stomach!

Strife shouts out in agony now, kicking his feet into the mat as he holds his stomach yet again.  Now Barker arrogantly shoves Strife over onto his back with a push of the foot and then drops for the cover.  Referee Austin Linam drops and makes the count.



THR… Kick out by Strife!  Some of the fans pop, now rallying behind the cruiserweight newcomer.

Dave Dymond: Leon Strife, despite taking a rather harsh beating to the abdomen and chest right now, is still very much in this thing.

Other Guy: Yeah but Barker AIN’T lettin’ up on the ribs, the stomach, basically the very spot Sammy Rochester targeted. Ruthless, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Might as well be Barker’s middle name.

Barker is up, bringing Strife up with him and now he just SHOVES Strife stomach first into the corner post.  Strife manages to stop himself from colliding, thus further damaging the ribs, by putting out a foot to stop his momentum.  Barker looks to capitalize anyway, and Strife PIVOTS around off the bottom turnbuckle with a SPINNING KICK!  Barker’s head SNAPS backwards and now Strife keeps at it, focusing quick kicks, this time to Barker’s hips and legs!  The cheering starts to build inside the Thomas and Mack Center as the momentum builds in favor of Leon Strife.  Barker wobbles a great deal and now Strife runs into the corner again, this time he goes to the outside and ascends to the top turnbuckle… Barker just about gets his bearings back when Strife LAUNCHES himself off the top rope!

Dave Dymond: Hurricanrana…. NO!

Barker keeps a hold of  Strife’s legs, preventing him from flipping Barker now.  Barker then whips his body around looking to powerbomb Strife, but Strife kicks his body outwards, hooking Barker’s neck and then taking him down with a DDT!!!

Other Guy: Countering the counter, and a HUGE moment for the young Leon Strife.

Dave Dymond: Definitely a turning point moment, and Strife gets Barker on his back for the cover!

The referee hits the mat… the count is made…



Barker shoulders out at two.  Strife slaps his hand on the mat, but doesn’t let the kick out get to him too much.  With Barker rolling on the mat in pain, Strife points to the corner again… and shouts out in excitement, getting the crowd pumped up as well.  Strife ascends to the top again… now sizing up Barker.

Dave Dymond: I think I know EXACTLY what Leon Strife has in store for Barker here. We saw in the Redemption Rumble how Strife risked elimination to hit what he calls “God’s Hand” on Jonny Johnson… his signature dragonrana.

Barker starts up to his feet, and Strife looks to time it to perfection… he does a 360 flip from the top… landing on Barker’s shoulders… he falls backwards, legs wrapped around Barker’s neck….

But Barker suddenly WRAPS his arm around Strife… pulls him from the upside position… spins around… BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!

Other Guy: Barker just hit PERFECTION!  How the…

Dave Dymond: I have never, NEVER seen him pull it off like that, but Strife planted on the mat…

The cover and the count.




Dave Dymond: And its over.  Ron Barker pulling the victory off in a surprise fashion.

“Natural One” begins to play for a second time, and Ron Barker gets up off of Strife, holding his head in pain, but still smiling.  He mouths the word “rookie” before raising his one arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… Ron Barker!!!

The fans are not happy with the outcome, but Barker is more than satisfied as he exits the ring, leaving Leon Strife hurting, holding his body in pain.

Dave Dymond: One hell of a fight put on by Leon Strife, going into this thing with injured ribs, and I’m expecting we’ll see great things from the rookie “Lionheart” both here in on Revolution and in Sky High.

As Barker leaves the ring, the focus is placed on Strife for a moment, who grits his teeth in pain while being checked on by the referee.  From there the focus shifts elsewhere inside the Thomas and Mack Center.


The crowd is buzzing from the action they have witnessed so far. Suddenly the murmur of the SHOOT-Tron flows through the arena as it comes on. The words “The Beast” appears on the screen as Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” seeps through the arena speakers. Out walks Kaz Sato, wearing black dress shoes and pants and a orange button up shirt. Kaz smiles despite the crowd booing at the mere presence of the Beast. Sato slides into the ring and paces around for a while, soaking in the arena atmosphere, having a lock of mocked shock at the reaction he’s getting, before pulling a mic out his back pocket, and talking.

Sato: Why don’t you all just shut the fuck up!!! Booing me… heh. The fact that you boo me just shows me that you don’t realize real talent when you see it. And for that, I can’t respect you at all. At least I bust my butt in here, making a living you potatoes only WISH of dreaming… the only exercise this fatass in the front row gets is moving his thumb for the remote control and playing ME on all of the SHOOT Project video games.

We see the man in question, wearing a Del Carver t-shirt, not really caring about the diss he received from Sato, but more happy that his face is on the SHOOT tron as he waves his beer in the air. The boos, however, increase as Kaz laughs at the portly man and waves off the fans, not caring at all what they feel about him.

Sato: Now if there’s ANYONE you should be booing, it’s that old, yellowbellied chickenshit… you know who I’m talking about. CHRIS LEE!!! Oh yeah… you idiots should be booing THAT so-called legend. Where was he at Redemption, huh? While his brother got his ass kicked by Kilgore, where was he? He wasn’t in the Rumble… he wasn’t even in the arena. I’ll tell you… he was "re-habbing."

Sato used the finger quotes with his free hand, the look on his face indicating he didn’t believe otherwise.

Sato: What more do I have to do, Chris? I’ve smacked you around. I’ve gone to your family’s school and smacked that old man of yours around. Hell, I’ve even gone to your house to visit that porn star in training you call a wife. No matter what I do, I don’t see you or hear from you. What’s wrong, Chris? Is Benji the only one with BALLS in your family?

Sato laughed at the thought of the tiny runt being the braver of the two brothers.

Sato: Has it become that easy to see that you are no longer anything of importance in this business? Or have you realize that you don’t want another ass beating at my hands? Have you realized all along what I’ve been telling you? That you’re old news? That you’re washed up? That you should stay retired before I PUT you into retirement? Really, Chris? At any other time, I wouldn’t mind you running scared. But right now, it just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t care with what I told you before… I thought telling you to retire would in turn, convince you to come and TRY to beat me up.

Sato: Isn’t that what YOUR kind calls reverse psychology, professor? Heh… some therapist. No, I’m telling you… nah, I’m DEMANDING YOU, Lee… if that IS your real name… HA! At the next Pay Per View, I want you in any type of match that you want. Barbed wire, No DQ, Cage… maybe even your precious Rule of Surrender is more of your style… fine by me. Anything, Lee… anything your mind can come up with, it doesn’t matter to me. Either way, I will show you I can beat you, Mister Former World Champion. Mister Hall of Fame. I can beat you, I can beat ANYONE… Jun, Trevor… even you, Roland.

Kaz gets up close to the camera for that particular jab at the new World Champion.

Sato: Because I’m OBSESSED with defeating you, if you haven’t all ready figured that out. I want to defeat the legendary Chris Lee… the man who was here from SHOOT’s beginnings, holding shows in abandoned Japanese warehouses. The three-time Rule of Surrender Champ… former Master of the Mat… the man who despite all his precious accolades, can’t even fucking take a beating.

Sato: I mean, I can’t really blame him… it was ME who put the beatdown of his life on him… I’m surprised he’s even BREATHING.

Sato, reminiscing of his own actions, smiles as he looks into the camera. The crowd is tired of his grandstanding and his booing even louder. Some have even chanted for Chris Lee.

Sato: Now, you don’t have to answer me right now, Lee. No, you get to have one… one week to think…

At this point, the crowd is getting loud in chanting, "WE WANT CHRIS LEE! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP CLAP CLAP!"

Sato: One week, Chris… one week.


The crowd is getting louder, affecting his train of thought.

Sato: SHUT THE FUCK UP… Fucking idiots… cheering for a coward. Chris Lee, in one week, I’ll be back in this ring! And I expect you to BE here with an answer… no. MY answer, Chris. I expect you to say what I WANT you to say… and that’s YES. Because if I don’t get my answer… if you even THINK of telling me “no”, I will start leaving various friends and family members hurt until I get the right answer.

Sato: Benji… he don’t have to worry about Kilgore when I’m through with him.

Sato: Jun… kiss his ass goodbye.

Sato: Dear old Chris Senior… retirement home. Uncle Brucie… stretcher.

Sato: Your wife? Heh… Maria… that slut… you don’t WANNA know what I have in mind for that dirty, yet oh so sweet mouth. So think very carefully this week. Take it all in and cover all your bases. One week, Chris… you say yes to my match and your retirement… or the body bags of your loved ones start to pile up.

Sato grins and drops the mic. He drops down and rolls under the bottom rope. Kaz makes his way up the rampway as boos fill the arena, almost drowning out Filter. Kaz pauses and gives a middle finger to the disgruntled crowd before disappearing through the curtain to the back.


Walking backstage with cameraman in tow, Abigail Chase discusses the night’s schedule.

Abigail Chase: So anyway if things should…

Down the hallway the door to SHOOT project owner, Jason Johnson, closes. Two men stand near the door.

Abigail Chase: Hey, isn’t that?

She speeds up her walk just as the two men walk away from her. The cameraman fumbles with his camera and rushes behind her.

Abigail Chase: Hey!  Hey, you two.

The two men don’t even flinch as they appear to be talking amongst themselves.

Abigail Chase: ANGEL! CHRISTIAN!

The two men stop, the larger of the two turns first. Bald-headed, dark skinned, goatee, one of the men seen constantly with one Christopher Davis removes his sunglasses and stares a hole through Abigail.

Christian: Can I help you with something?

Abigail pauses, the cameraman focuses. Angel turns as well, his long black hair spinning quickly behind him.

Abigail Chase: Um…well normally you two aren’t seen unless Christopher Davis is around. Is he here tonight?

Christian: Lady, if Chris was here tonight this would be a whole different conversation. No, Chris is definitely not here tonight.

Abigail Chase: Well, how is he? When is he coming back? Is he coming back?

Angel shakes his head, obviously annoyed by the questioning. Christian shakes his head.

Christian: Hold up…hold up. Listen, Chris is fine. He still can’t talk, but other than that he’s good. Is he coming back?

Christian turns to Angel, both men smile a bit.

Christain: Yeah, he’ll be back.

Abigail Chase: Well…when?

The two men don’t say a word.

Abigail Chase: Well, can you at least tell me why you two are here tonight?

Christian: Just a little talk with Mr. Johnson over there.

Abigail Chase: That’s it? No one has heard from Chris since the day he got…well…destroyed by Roland Caldwell. Jonny Johnson has had words, Corazon has gone after him. And let’s not forget Vincent Mallows.

There are those whispers that he probably shouldn’t come back. And maybe just when you begin to wonder if he will, you two show up. Now you want to stand there and give me no information whatsoever.

Christian puts his sunglasses back on.

Christian: Now’s not the time…now’s not the time.

He turns and begins to walk away. However Angel stays behind. He stares at Abigail chase for a moment and then pushes the hair away from his face.

After a deep breath he speaks.

Angel: Incluso la inhumanidad puede ser puesta a la prueba…No he olvidado!

He turns and follows his friend out of the building.



"Fight Club" hits the PA and the crowd comes to their feet in a bit of a shock. When Jason Johnson appears on the ring ramp, they’re even more surprised. He walks down from the top of the ramp, and clilmbs into the ring. He walks with a purpose.

Dave Dymond: Well, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. One can only imagine the things that Jason Johnson has on his mind!

Other Guy: With no Drake Love in the arena, you have to figure he’ll be up for explaining just what in the hell is going on.

Dave Dymond: One can only hope. You know that the boss hates no-shows, so I fear for Love’s job security.

Johnson, upon reaching the top of the ring stairs, looks around a couple times before climbing in the ring. Samantha Coil hands him a microphone, as Jason motions to cut the idea of a ring introduction, his look is pretty stern. "Fight Club" cuts.

Jason Johnson: Now, while I know you’re all looking forward to seeing "The Incredible One" participate in a contest here… his opponent, Drake Love, is nowhere to be found. So, with that in mind, he’s fired.

Cheers go throughout the crowd.

Jason Johnson: I’ve given Eli the night off, because I have some things I need to take care of. Some of next week’s bookings, and naturally, addressing one of the biggest rumors that’s been going around here in the SHOOT Project. The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

Another pop.

Jason Johnson: But, before we get to that, I have some announcements to make. I’m fucking sick of watching some people run roughshod over my very loose rules, and guidelines. So, that stops tonight. We’ll start, with Kilgore Stochansky. I’m sure you got a pretty good laugh out of your stupid rule adding bullshit. Your legal aide? He’s been fired. You fucking Jester Smiles over will not go unpunished. So, next week? It’ll be Jester Smiles taking on Kilgore Stochansky, for the LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP, in a Law of Gravity match.

Dave Dymond: Holy shit!

Other Guy: No kidding. Kilgore/Jester II is a pretty hot prospect, and it’s interesting to see the Chief laying down the law like this.

Jason lets the decision sink in, before continuing.

Jason Johnson: Since I’m sure that Benjamin Biggs will want to get involved in your shit and cost you your match, he’s gonna be busy too. It’s well known that one of our current champions is making a habit of attacking people, ignoring the rules, and most recently… he’s retired a hardcore icon. There is no doubt that he’s made quite a name for himself in a short period of time, but I remember way back when SHOOT first reopened, that Benjamin Biggs wanted that Iron Fist Championship.

Jason pauses.

Jason Johnson: So, he’s gonna get his shot. Next week, Benjamin Biggs fights Adrian Corazon, for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship.

Dave Dymond: WHOA.

Other Guy: So not only does the boss have a GREAT memory, but he’s seriously making an effort at containing some of this madness that’s going on!

Jason Johnson: And that leaves our Revolution Championship… I’m pretty irritated at the lack of, well, anything that’s going on with that belt. Because of this, Chivalric will be defending the Revolution Championship next week, against one of SHOOT Project’s brightest up and comers. This man did EXTREMELY well in the Redemption Rumble, and has been a positive force both out here, and in the back. Next week, Chivalric will defend against none other than Arion Catcher.

Other Guy: Another big title defense next week! Jesus!

Dave Dymond: You have to wonder just what’s pushed Jason to make matches like this! It’s pretty uncharacteristic of him to be so public about his grievances, and it’s VERY rare for him to practically book a whole show in a segment!

Jason pauses one last time, shifting gears.

Jason Johnson: Now, the rumors about the World Tag Team Championships… It’s common knowledge that SHOOT has had a pretty rich tag team history. From The Beautiful People, to Instant Heat, to D&C, to Stellar Insanity… the list goes on and on. They’ve made tag team wrestling in the SHOOT Project worthwhile and interesting, and with the next three teams I’m about to discuss, I think you and I will both agree that the future World Tag Team Champions will be all of that, and more.

The crowd pops one more time.

Jason Johnson: There’s been a pretty long rivalry going on, between the three, we’ll call them charter tag teams here in the SHOOT Project. These three teams have fought each other, and truly ushered in a brand of tag team wrestling that is fun to watch, and also exciting. So, here’s the deal. At Malice, the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships will be decided. You’ll have the young superheroes, in the form of the Flying Avengers. They’ll take on the sarcastic assholes that make up Long Island Hardcore. Those two teams will square off with the final, up and coming team with GREAT potential and GREAT chance at success… Rowland, and Michael Collins.

Just as Jason finishes the Collins’ name, "Rebels of the Sacred Heart" by Flogging Molly begins to play. The fans jump to their feet; their eyes drifting from the ring to the stage as the three members of the Collins Clan walk out from the back, Michael side by side with Rowland, in front of Maureen. The brothers wear their ‘Bleed Green’ shirts, while Maureen has on her usual attire of ‘brothered down’ clothing. Michael pulls a microphone from his back pocket as he looks down at the ring.

Michael Collins: Excuse me… excuse me, Mr. Johnson.

Jason shakes his head, looking up at the approaching twins and their little sister as the trio methodically make their way down the ramp.

Jason Johnson: It’s Jason, man. Jason. Mr. Johnson is my father.

Michael Collins: Right, well, yeh see, ‘Jason’, me family and I were walkin’ around backstage and happened ta come across a TV set and heard yeh talkin’ about the past tag teams – Instant Heat… Stellar Insanity – and how yer goin’ teh make sure the likes of us don’t tread on their names, aye?

Jason chuckles a bit, shaking his head.

Jason Johnson: I didn’t mean ‘you’ guys making a mockery of the tag team division. I meant… everyone. I certainly don’t want to see the division become a joke, but if you wanna be a dick about it, I have no problem excluding you and your brother from this match at Malice. Is that what you want?

Michael’s eyes get wide before he replies.

Michael Collins: Jason, what yeh need is ta put the titles around the best tag team in the HISTORY of SHOOT Project.

Jason Johnson: You mean my brother Josh and his partner, OutKast?

Michael smirks a little, a little perturbed by the comment.

Michael Collins: No. I mean the two ah us; Me brother and I – The Collins Twins.

Michael puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder, briefly, before both ascend the stairs and step into the ring and stare at Jason Johnson intently.

Michael Collins: Nobody else works as hard as we do, nobody else wants victories as much as we do. Shite, lad, nobody else puts everythin’ on the line, night in and night out. Not even Long Island Har-

Almost immediately, Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” cuts Collins off, and the crowd reacts loudly, if extremely mixed. The JumboTron comes to life, as the faces of CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh appear, staring down at the crowd, the Collins clan, and Jason Johnson.

Jared Walsh: We thought we heard a discussion about the best tag team in the history of SHOOT Project, and no conversation on the topic is complete without, y’know, us.

CJ Nelson: We heard a few names being thrown around out there, but I gotta be honest, I wasn’t exactly impressed.

Michael goes to speak again, but is immediately cut off by Jared.

Jared Walsh: Shh, Michael, the adults are talking now.

CJ Nelson: SHOOT Project has had some pretty distinguished tag teams back in the day… Jason, you’re gonna want to put those belts on someone who can prove they have what it takes.

Jared Walsh: A team that can handle the kind of brutal reality that SHOOT is known for… like maybe you could put the belts back on Hardcore Style.

CJ Nelson: Wait, didn’t Carver retire or something?

Jared Walsh: I think he might have, CJ.

CJ Nelson: I guess we can rule that one out, then.

Jared Walsh: Or maybe you could put them on a team that knows how to get into their opponents heads, for example, the Beautiful People.

CJ Nelson: But then, do YOU really want to hear “Breathless” every god damn week? I sure don’t.

Jared Walsh: Well, the Corrs are Irish, CJ, so they’re probably working on getting them a SHOOT contract.

CJ Nelson: Oh, I’ve got it, Jason. I’ve got the answer to your problems. You need to put the belts back on Club EC.

Jared Walsh: Indeed, the next Tag Team Champions have to somehow improve upon the prestige and excitement that the Esteemed Colleagues brought to the table.

CJ Nelson: Let’s get to the point here, to really make those straps worth something, you’re going to have to put those belts on a team that can live up to, and more than likely surpass, these so-called “legendary” teams of yesteryear. And who, pray tell, is qualified as such?

Jared Walsh: Little Mikey got one right, at least, because the Flying Avengers sure don’t fit the bill. You could pair Rufio with a chocolate cake and have a better tag team than those halfwits.

CJ Nelson: But what about the men standing in the ring right now, Jared? The Collins Twins? After all, nobody else works as hard as they do, nobody else wants victories as much as they do.

Jared Walsh: Yeah, that’s funny… because as hard as they work, and as much as they want victories, they just can’t seem to get any.

CJ Nelson: Therefore, Jason, I think it’s easy to come to the logical conclusion here. The best tag team in SHOOT Project history, and, more importantly, the best tag team you’ve got. Long Island Hardcore. I can’t think of a better solution, can you?

Jared Walsh: Nope.

Jason Johnson: This is all amusing, and cute. I figure, at this point, it’s only natural that we invite your opponents here to make this two team pissing contest a three team one. So, without further ado, the last team that’ll be fighting for the World Tag Team Championships at Malice… The Flying Avengers.

“Here It Goes Again” by OK Go hits, and the fans begin to cheer, while Michael Collins and Rowland Collins turn to the stage, fully irritated by now, and CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh appear to look “down” at the stage. FLASH Dynamite steps through the curtain, with a microphone in his left hand, as his right thumb is raised skyward.

FLASH Dynamite: Thank you, SHOOT Project citizens! And thank you, Mister Jason, for inviting us out here! As you know, Kid Lightning can’t make it out here, but I have a civic duty to report to the fans here in attendance!

FLASH lowers the microphone and coughs. He grins sheepishly.

FLASH Dynamite: Sorry, it would have been rude to cough into the microphone! As I was saying, you can count on the Flying Avengers being a proud member of this flourishing tag team division, and you can count on us always doing everything we can to excite the fans, and bring our unique brand of competitive spirit to your organization!

The fans begin to cheer, and FLASH’s grin grows.

FLASH Dynamite: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have people to save from insurmountable evils and odds. Stay tuned, SHOOT Project citizens!

FLASH turns and steps back through the curtain.

Jason Johnson: And there you have it. On March 30th, at Malice… The Flying Avengers versus Long Island Hardcore versus… wait, you do still want the booking, right Mikey and Rolly?

Jason’s smug look irritates the elder Collins, who just nods.

Jason Johnson: …versus the Collins Twins. World Tag Team Championships. Now, get back in the back, and to the rest of you out in TV land… Enjoy the rest of the show!

The crowd drops a huge pop as "Fight Club" takes over, before we fade back to the back.


(The camera opens onto a piece of paper. There is a female voice reading the note out loud, and only a complete moron would have difficulty knowing that it was Ainsley Lake doing the reading.)

Ainsley Lake: "Ms. Ainsley Lake,

First of all, you are a stunning woman." That man has taste. "I hope you know that, and I wish you the very best against that sap, Eric.  I mean, all that whining and crying about a stupid match? PUH-LEASE!"

(Ainsley actually pronounces the next word as "lahlahl".)

Ainsley Lake: "(LOLOL) I’m sure you’ll finish your work in magnificent fashion.

That being said, I’m pretty sure we have some business to square away, and we’ll need to do it tonight.  Sooner rather than later and before your match.  I wouldn’t want you to run into any problems and forget.  So let’s say you meet me outside in the employee parking area before about halfway into the show.  Cool?  I’m sure it will be.  Just bag the money in the sack I’ve provided.  Don’t use anything else but this exact sack.  It’s important.

I’m like 99% sure that this will be easy as strawberry pie, but we’re both business savvy people, Ains, so if you fuck this up or fail to meet any of my requirements or you short change me, I will have your tits cut off and made into ear muffs.  J/K, J/K!  Nah, just don’t fuck me, baby, okay?

That should be about it.

Loves and Cuddles


PS. don’t get jumped or anything.  people really seemed to need that prize money so be careful!"

(Ainsley snickers as she reads the last part of the letter.)

Ainsley Lake: "Wink wink!"

( Two little winkie faces are actually drawn on the paper. )

(Ainsley eyes the bag that was hand delivered just moments ago with the letter, and then looks at the time on her cell phone. It was almost halfway through the show, and the last thing she wanted was to look like she was going to stiff the man.)

Ainsley Lake: Sonnuvabitch, I’ll have to run.

(Ainsley takes a check out from her purse [Seriously, what moron would carry around 10K in cash?] and slips it into the Snidely Whiplash bag, grinning. If he did this on purpose, he was gooood.)

(While running down the hallway, Ainsley turns to the camera. She isn’t paying attention, and suddenly she is grabbed around the waist.)

Ainsley Lake: What the hell!?

(The turns to her attacker, and sees a man in a black ski mask and camoflauge pants. She clocks him on the jaw, shaking out her fist. He tries to wrench the bag from her grip, and she knees him in the junk.)


Ainsley Lake: You want the treasure, you get it in the jewels, bitch!

(The man yelps and begins to limp away. Under normal circumstances, the cartoonish villain would be worth a bit more of an effort, but Ainsley had a meeting to head to.)

(Ainsley couldn’t help it. She hadn’t really liked Jonny Johnson much. But she had to admit… he was good at this. Immensely good at this. There was just something about carrying a huge sack with a dollar sign painted on it that brought out the sense of humor in a girl.)

(The cameraman begins to lag behind, clearly out of shape in comparison to a professional athlete. Ainsley is already well into the parking lot by the time the camera gets there, though she seems somewhat unpleasantly shocked by who she sees.)

Peter Lolwen: (Slight, pleasant smile) Ah.  Ms. Lake, a pleasure.

(The man is a little bit up there in age, but in tremendous, “older guy” shape.  He has short, spiky grey hair and an athletic build, covered up, of course, by a sleek, white, Armani suit and navy blue tie.  Smiling, Lolwen nods his head, seeming a bit curious of Lake’s current mood.)

Peter Lolwen: Something wrong?

(This guy probably fucked a lot of twenty-somethings. Ainsley, being a twenty-something herself, could almost smell the scent of Guidette perfume coming off of his body. Growing up in Long Island, a girl knows a Pseudo-Guido when she sees one. There was a sneaking suspicion that the only Italian thing about him was the suit.)

Ainsley Lake: Alright, Captain Smarmy, where’s Jonny? I’ve got something for the man.

(Peter raises his eyebrows, as though the question was strange and stupid.)

Peter Lolwen: Hmm? Jonny? (Shaking his head) No, no. Jonny isn’t here… (Suddenly aware of the issue) Ohhhh!  He didn’t tell you, did he?

(He conjures up a playful sigh and extends his hand.)

Peter Lolwen: Peter Lolwen.  Mr. Johnson’s attourney. I handle most of his… monetary work. So, if we can just get this wrapped up. I’ll take that (laughing at Ainsley) that bag, and then I have to be off. Appointment with a client. You know how these things are

Ainsley Lake: I don’t have time for this shit, Lolwen. From your suit to your Axe, you reek not only of a failed night at a club looking for girls who got in with fake I.D.s, but you also reek of… good God, maybe it’s just the cologne.

(She wrinkles her nose in disgust, holding the bag closer to her chest.)

Ainsley Lake: Confidence isn’t proof of shit, and I’m not handing over this check to some guy in a monkey suit just because he asks nicely. Fuck off.

(Lolwen looks at his watch, shaking his wrist, while Ainsley is talking.  He seems frustrated and then looks up with an embarrassed grin)

Peter Lolwen: God, I tell you.  $2500 for what?  Two weeks of service?  I just don’t know why I keep buying these things.  I mean, it’s JUST the time.  Aye-yai-yai!  Anyway, sorry… what did you say, baby?

Ainsley Lake: Oh, you want me to be like the sort of woman you’re used to? "Dear golly me gee whiz, Mister Lawyer Man! You with your fancy suit and your charm, I must be overwhelmed! But, alas, I cannot simply hand over ten thousand bucks to some random douche who asks for it! This money is for a very specific douche, one who earned it."

(Lolwen chomps down on his gum and looks blankly at Ainsley)

Peter Lolwen: Dyke?  I don’t have a problem with it…  But you strike me as the angry dyke type?  I have a friend of a friend who has a SMOKING lesbo sister.  We get this thing done in (looking at his watch) In the next minute or so, and I swear I can get you that number.

Ainsley Lake: Give me some proof that you are who you say you are, or so help me, you’ll be having MY lawyer in your fucking face. And my lawyer is seven fucking feet tall and a former SHOOT champion.

(Lolwen reaches into the pocket of his suit jacket and pulls out a crisp, clean-cut business card.  He holds it with two hands and sort of dangles it in front of Ainsley’s face.)

Peter Lolwen: I can try to reach Mr. Johnson at home, but he specifically said emergency only, and this isn’t going to cut it.  Which means, he’s going to get mad, and heh…  Well, we both probably know how THAT is going to end.  Seven-Foot lawyer or not.  So just hand me that (gesturing to the bag) pouch of yours, all right?  Which… totally cute by the way.  With the money sign.  A little unprofessional, but totally a girl thing.  LOVE it.

Ainsley Lake: Yeah, Johnny’s one great girl, isn’t she? Even with the winks doodled on her note! Ya know, if there’s a girl who’s phone number I’d really like, it’s hers.

(Ainsley sighs and hands over the bag.)

Ainsley Lake: It’s a check, so if anything untoward happens… It all goes back to you, Tits

(Instead of taking the bag, Lolwen simply reaches forward and pulls the check out, looking it over for any obvious discrepancies.  After a moment he seems satisfied and places the check in an envelope that he pulls out from his jacket)

Peter Lolwen: Perfect.  This has been good.  I’ll get this in the bank first thing tomorrow, and I’ll have a memo sent your way.  And knowing Jonny, you’ll probably be getting a thank you card.  (Looking at his watch) All right, I gotta jet.  My limo is going to be here any moment, and YOU have a big match tonight, huh?  (Peering) Gotta be rough stuff what with the guy losing but STILL getting a shot?  Hopefully you can pull it out.  Buuuuut anyway… (looking back, seeing a limo pulling into the lot) that’s me.  Gotta jet, baby.  Been a pleasure.  Really.

(Ainsley, looking more like a raging hamster than an actual person, stands holding the absurd $ bag that Jonny saddled her with. She cracks her knuckles, knowing that assaulting a lawyer is a bad idea, but sorely tempted anyway.)

Ainsley Lake: Lolwen. LOL win. Ackbar says: It’s a trap!

(Ainsley starts marching back to the arena, fists clenched. The camera feed cuts off.)


Just moments before the next match, resident interviewer Eryk Masters is seen standing on hand with none other than the self-proclaimed creative genius, Edward Raymond.  Raymond is in more of a relaxed nature, wearing a pair of blue jeans, and the new Sky High 4 T-shirt. The most noticeable thing about his attire though is the foam neck brace he is wearing.

Eryk Masters: Right now as everyone can see I am joined by the creator of Sky High, the former owner of True Talent Wrestling, and a man who had a horrible showing in the Redemption Rumble.

Masters laughs a bit and even Raymond smiles slightly.

Edward Raymond: Thanks for the warm introduction Eryk.  Do me a favor though, you step in the ring with Instant Heat and tell me how it turns out, okay?

Raymond winces slightly, but not to the point where it’s an over-acted injury.

Eryk Masters: Fair enough. But Redemption has passed, your short stint in the ring is over, which I’m sure you’re happy about.  That means for Ed Raymond, the focus is placed solely on the upcoming return of Sky High.

Edward Raymond: You bet.  The invites were sent out, and while it was somewhat of a sad thing for me to be turned down by a few old Sky High alum, ultimately what HAS turned out, who HAS turned up, are quite possibly the most gifted cruiserweights the tournament has seen thus far.

Masters nods his head in reaction.

Eryk Masters: Now is that something you say every run of the tournament?  You’ve had two successful runs of Sky High in the past…

Raymond interrupts.

Edward Raymond: You’re absolutely right.  I am not slighting my own creation. I am not down playing what has come from the first two runs of Sky High.  HOWEVER, when it comes to straight up competition. When it comes to having to pick who you think will win, well… you just can’t do that this time around.  I am BEYOND PLEASED with the elite eight set to bring Sky High back to life, and well, I think the tournament is going to speak for itself.

Masters again nods, looking to ask the next question, when suddenly Kenji Yamada walks right by the scene, eyes focused straight ahead.

Edward Raymond: Speaking of which, put up a good showing in that ring tonight, Kenji.

Yamada, having been in his own world, suddenly stops.  He turns and looks at Raymond.

Kenji Yamada: A good showing?  Ed Raymond, what I do out there tonight, won’t be a good a showing.  It will be the first of many dates with fate.  Tonight I take out Alex Harmston.  Tonight there is no doubt I will win. And then for the next eight weeks, I will tear through your tournament.

With that, Yamada continues on towards the ring area.  Masters looks to Raymond, expecting Raymond to be upset by Yamada’s rude reaction towards him.  However, Raymond is smiling.

Edward Raymond: He’s going to make the next eight weeks VERY interesting.



The focus cuts to the ring area just as "ANGELDUST" by D’espairsRay plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.  Seconds after the music starts up, Kenji Yamada makes his way out from the back, incredibly focused and confident.

Dave Dymond: His presence alone can drive fear into any fighter he comes across, and now with Kenji Yamada DEAD SET on this idea of fate. That he has a destiny here in SHOOT Project that will be fulfilled… well it makes him that much more dangerous.

As Yamada makes his way to the ring, he is met with some interesting reaction from the fans, with some cheering him on, and at one point a close group of fans near the ringside guard railing start chanting "OPW! OPW!"  Yamada turns to the group for a moment and just stares at them, but then continues his way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 190 pounds, here is Kenji Yamada!!!

Kenji rolls into the ring and once up to his feet, he starts walking a circle inside the ring, stopping every so often to just stare out in one direction.  Yamada’s music fades slowly, and for a moment he just waits.

Other Guy: Kenji Yamada comin’ off of Redemption as one of the final four in the Rumble, which is pretty impressive for a debut match.

Dave Dymond: A lot of impressive moments and happenings came from what was a HUGE event on all sides, and as we await the arrival of Alex Harmston, folks we remind you that Redemption can be ordered directly from the SHOOT Project website for the rest of the month. So if you DON’T know what everyone has been talking about for the last week, find out for yourself.

"Holy Fool" by The Boondock Saints picks up now, and the fans turn their attention to the entryway.  Alex Harmston comes out from the back, getting a fairly nice reaction from the fans.  Harmston walks quickly to the ring, tagging a couple of hands in the process, but his main focus seems to be on Kenji Yamada.

Dave Dymond: Harmston on his way out now, and The Foundation has slowly but surely been re-building a name for himself here in SHOOT Project. Of course tonight he has some serious work cut out for him, and judging by the look on Harmston’s face, I think he knows just that.

Harmston walks up the side of the steel steps and stands there, looking to the crowd.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 216 pounds, here is "The Foundation" Alex Harmston!

Harmston raises both of his arms up into the air, taking in the cheering that comes from a good portion of the crowd.  Harmston then turns to face Yamada in the ring, walking the ring edge a bit and then entering through the middle and top rope.  Harmston appears to be a bit leery of what’s to come, while Yamada is above and beyond confident.  Referee Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and now both Harmston and Yamada move in towards one another.

Quickly both men lock up into grapple, with neither man getting an early advantage.  Harmston starts to shove Yamada back a bit, when suddenly Yamada sweeps his arms away from Harmston’s body and brings a crushing elbow to one of Harmston’s arm, and then with an opening, Yamada FIRES with a palm thrust to the sternum!  Harmston staggers back and Yamada keeps at it, a few more palm thrusts, this time to the neck, and then he follows up with quick, hard hitting kicks!  Harmston has no time to react as suddenly Yamada steps past Harmston with one leg, only to kick him from behind, SWEEPING Harmston onto his back!

Other Guy: Kenji wasting no time in taking Harmston down, and really don’t think Harmston was ready for that sudden onslaught.

Yamada doesn’t go for a pin, but instead brings Harmston back up to his feet.  Harmston gets back into things and catches Yamada with a quick punch.  Yamada’s head snaps to the side, but again Yamada fights right back with yet another hard palm thrust! Harmston clutches at his throat, dropping to one knee now, and Yamada sizes him up for a kick, only Harmston drops all the way down to the mat and hooks his arm around Yamada’s one leg and quickly clips it out from under him!  Yamada drops to his back now and Harmston makes the cover.


Kick out by Yamada.  Harmston tries to keep the momentum in his favor, immediately targeting Yamada’s leg.  The fans pick up as Harmston looks for an ankle lock…



Other Guy: Harmston NAILED square in the jaw! That’s a shot that could knock out teeth!

Dave Dymond: Alex Harmston attempting for an ankle lock it seemed, which would keep Kenji’s kicking to a minimum, but Yamada knew what was in store and he got the better of Harmston yet again.

Harmston is doubled over, holding his face, and now Yamada is up to his feet and he leaps up, while going to his back and LOCKS his legs around Harmston’s head!  Harmston is trapped between the vice-grip like hold of Yamada’s legs, and with the top of Harmston’s head in place, Yamada just UNLEASHES with hard punches to Harmston’s skull!  Harmston struggles to break free, trying to pull Yamada up as if going for a sudden make-shift power bomb, but Yamada twists his body to the side and sends Harmston down onto the mat!  Harmston holds his head in pain, and Yamada is right back up to his feet, somewhat stalking behind Harmston, waiting for him to get up.

Dave Dymond: In a sense we are witnessing somewhat of  what’s in store for Yamada’s Sky High competitors, with Alex Harmston somewhat of a lightweight himself.  And if this is any indication of how Yamada will be in the tournament, then I’d say the other seven are in for some serious fighting.

Other Guy: Oh no doubt, but right now what we’re NOT seein’ from Yamada, is what I heard he’s also pretty damn well known for, and that’s his taking to the air.  Nope, tonight it looks like Yamada is just out to cause some pain.

Dave Dymond: He has the option of making a cover here again, but foregoing it to let Harmston get back up on his feet, and I only fear worse things ahead for Harmston in this match up.

Harmston finally gets back up to his vertical base, however he still clutches at his head, trying to get his bearings.  Yamada storms towards him now, instantly yanking Harmston back into a dragon sleeper submission!  Yamada wrenches it on tightly, but after a few moments of putting Harmston through the pain, Yamada shifts Harmston so that he can SMASH the back of Harmston’s head on his knee, and then Yamada pulls him up and then FALLS forward with Harmston, a forward falling Russian leg sweep!

Yamada does not stop there though, and with Harmston down, Yamada rolls his body to the side, rotating to lock his legs around Harmston’s neck and arm!  Yamada then pulls up on the hand, bending it against the wrist, while keeping his legs locked tightly around the shoulder and neck!

Dave Dymond: a very intense chain of moves right there, ending in yet another submission move, just as it started with the dragon sleeper!

The fans buzz with concern as Harmston shouts in pain now.  Referee Tony Lorenzo drops down by Harmston, checking up on him, but Harmston shouts no when asked if he gives up.  Yamada keeps the hold wrenched on tightly, and now Harmston reaches out his free hand, clawing at the mat as he tries to swivel his body just a bit closer to the ropes.  Harmston struggles, the fans watch, on edge of their seats, and finally Harmston has himself in a good enough position to grab the ropes!

Lorenzo calls for the rope break, but Yamada does not let go!  The referee shouts a warning at Yamada, but STILL Yamada does not let go of the hold!

Other Guy: And this confirms it. Kenji Yamada is out to make an example of Harmston, no matter if it costs him the match.

With Yamada not listening to the warning, referee Tony Lorenzo starts the 5 count for disqualification…


Yamada breaks the hold now, rolling backwards out of it.  The second Yamada gets up to his feet, the fans begin to boo him. Yamada seems to only be egged on by the reaction though and he storms right back at Harmston who tries to pull himself up on the ropes.  Yamada pulls down the top rope so it overlaps the second rope and SHOVES Harmston’s head into the gap!  Harmston is STRANGLED by the two ropes and Yamada pushes down on the second rope to add to the pain!  Harmston’s body flails and the booing only gets louder!  Yamada seems to enjoy it though, but referee Tony Lorenzo brings a quick end to it, inserting himself physically now and shoving Yamada back!

Tony Lorenzo: LAST warning for you, Yamada!

The fans pop for the referee issuing the stern final warning.  Yamada just shrugs it off, but backs away while Lorenzo works on helping to get Harmston free.  Soon, Harmston is untangled and he is up to his feet, but GASPING for breath; face beet red. Still Harmston continues on, turning to face Yamada.  The second Harmston steps away from the ropes, Yamada charges right back in, but this time Harmston thinks quick and brings up a knee into Yamada’s gut!  Yamada doubles over, caught off guard and Harmston drops him with a quick DDT!

Dave Dymond: Alex Harmston trying to turn this around… and the cover!



Other Guy: Only gets the two count though.

Dave Dymond: Only?  Harmston was nearly choked out, but he managed to muster up a quick offense.  He was one second away from victory.

Other Guy: One second is a long ass time, when it comes to wrestling.

Harmston gets up quickly out of instinct, face still showing that he was being choked moments ago. Again Yamada is up to his feet, but this time angered that Harmston took him down.  Yamada goes in quickly again, looks for a palm thrust, but suddenly switches it up and just JUMPS up into the air and angles his body downward, DROPKICKING Harmston in both his knees!  Harmston goes down onto his knees, face in pain… Yamada runs to the ropes…  Harmston can’t recover quickly enough…


Harmston hits the mat hard!  The fans can’t help but cringe and Yamada can’t help but smile.

Dave Dymond: Harmston has been decimated!  I hate to say it so bluntly, but everything that Yamada has done thus far in the match has come with force, with fury, and with the intent to just break Alex Harmston down.

Harmston is next to lifeless on the mat and finally Yamada just nods his head once.  He then walks over to Harmston, pulling him up slightly but at the same time wrapping Harmston’s own arm around his neck.  From there Yamada HOISTS Harmston up into a fireman’s carry position, with Harmston’s arm still wrapped around his own neck.  Yamada shows strength in being able to just hold him there for a minute, before FINALLY swinging Harmston to the side and dropping him with an emerald fusion!

Dave Dymond:  The Onifuusha Storm Driver!

Other Guy: The oni-wha?

Dave Dymond: Basically the end of Alex Harmston in this one as Kenji Yamada DRIVES him down with that modified emerald fusion…  and the cover…




Referee Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and "ANGELDUST" begins to play for a second time tonight.  The fans boo as Kenji Yamada rises up to feet, treating the victory very much like it was expected.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match… Kenji Yamada!

Yamada does not celebrate the victory, but instead just exits the ring. He nods his head with self-satisfaction as he walks to the back.

Dave Dymond: What could have been looked at as arrogance became a proven fact.  Kenji Yamada said there is no doubt he’ll beat Alex Harmston and he carried that through this match.

Other Guy: Harmston just wasn’t ready for what Kenji brought to the ring tonight.  We’ve seen The Foundation fight. We KNOW what the cat is capable of. But tonight he was overwhelmed and Yamada capitalized on that shit hardcore.

Yamada disappears to the back, with the focus cutting away from the ring when he does so.


Pitch Black.  The color makes you think that perhaps Revolution is experiencing technical difficulties, or that they lost their TV signal all together.  You hear no noise; you see no image, just the black screen.

"Do I have your attention yet?"

While nothing is seen, the distorted voice, the guttural voice, of Vincent Mallows is heard.

"Because for years, I never did.  For years my attempts were thrown to the side as nothing more than an ego mixed with a sadistic nature.  I was no real threat to you, yet I was physically able to harm you all."

A laugh.  A laugh that almost sounds like choking.

"Now.  Now I am useless. Now I am frail, I am FOREVER stuck in a wheel chair.  I am at my weakest, and yet now you all tremble.  Funny how that came to be.  You never realized what you were doing by making sure I would fail.  It comes back to haunt you now. The new generation.  The new SHOOT Project."

Slowly the black fades away and you see faded images of days when Vincent Mallows could move on his own accord. Days when he sided along with Ben Jackman, Azraith DeMitri, Sean Boden, and at times Greyson Blade.

"Some would compare what is happening now, to a past I have long since forgotten.  A group of men I thought were my peers, but one by one they left me.  And the one that remained, Azraith DeMitri, well he is the reason I am forever like this."

The images fade.

"But no.  What is to come, what HAS already happened is nothing like the past.  Ascension was a mere tool for me to get what I wanted.  It failed.  But this, oh no, this is not about getting me what I want, its witnessing THEM get what they want… that brings me such…. Mmmmm… satisfaction.

Suddenly the slow static sounding start of "In This Twilight" by Nine Inch Nails kicks in and we are brought black and white clips of what came to pass at Redemption.  Corazon turns Del Carver into a bloody mess… and as the blood flows, it is the only thing in color with the clip.  After that, Roland Caldwell is seen, in slow motion, delivering Trevor Worrens to his end.  And the last clip seen, Sammy Rochester destroying Killian Reilly, and then going on to squeeze the life out of Leon Strife.

The clips play in a continuous slow motion loop as the music plays on.

"You cannot stop The Inhuman, the Brutal.  He is true to his name."

Freeze.  Corazon is seen standing with the Iron Fist Championship title… Carver in turn is laid out in a bloody mess.  Then the clips continue, just looping between Roland Caldwell and Sammy Rochester.

"You cannot stop the reigning terror. He is true to his words."

Freeze.  Roland Caldwell is standing with the World Heavyweight Championship… and at his feet is Trevor Worrens.  Finally we just see the constant replaying of Sammy Rochester, destroying bodies.

"And you cannot stop my new son.  He is true to me."

A freeze on Sammy Rochester.  He smiles at Mikey who he holds close to his body.  And that last image fades. It all returns to black.

"Yes. I see I have your attention. And next week… there will be a demonstration."

The music cuts. Blood starts to drip down the screen at an alarming rate, running all the way down, but collecting in the shape of the letter "M" in the middle of the screen.  And from there, it all returns back to Revolution.


The camera focus shifts to the ring area, specifically on Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: In just a few short moments we are looking at what may just be the culmination of a very bizarre situation involving Jester Smiles and Ainsley Lake.  Founded on a history filled with love and betrayal these two…

There is a buzz about the Thomas and Mack Center and the fans in the seats suddenly turn their attention to the walkway where a man has stepped out from behind the curtain without any kind of announcement. Standing tall, Osbourne Kilminster wears his chain mail armor with pride, the coif-vest combo gleaming in the artificial light and cold against his bare skin. His urban camo MMA shorts bear the ICQB logo of his sponsor and his wrestling shoes fasten tightly around his ankles for support as he steps forward slowly, tightening the velcro wrist-straps of his MMA gloves.

Dave Dymond: What’s he doing here?

Other Guy: Maybe he booked the spot? I dunno…

Smirking, Osbourne looks dead ahead into the empty ring as the boos bombard him from every direction as the entire Thomas and Mack Center voices its disapproval at the apparently aloof Osbourne, who ducks under the top rope and pulls a mic from the back of his waistband as he steps into the center of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Oh great, he’s going to speak. Wonderful.

Other Guy: Seems to be the normal thing these days for Kilminster. If he ain’t booked to fight, he’s gonna come out here and look for one.

Nodding his head, Osbourne raises his hand to try and silence the crowds, but the boos and jeers continue for a long moment before he can get a word in edgeways.

Osbourne Kilminster: And now, if you ignorant people could pull your collective act together for a few minutes and try and display some manners, I have something that I’d like to address.

An even louder boo brings a smile to Kilminster’s face.

Dave Dymond: At least somebody finds this funny…

Osbourne Kilminster: Well, I couldn’t help but notice that a former World Champion has been whining and complaining… again… because, in all honesty, this particular former Champion is almost as well known for his moaning as he is for anything he’s ever accomplished in the ring. Yeah, I’m talking about Jun Kenshin, a man who reciprocates my loathing… Jun Kenshin, a man who displayed horrendous sportsmanship and scant regard for human life when he partook in a match some time ago, the results of which were partially responsible for my hospitalization… This is the man who beat me down when I was handcuffed, when three other supposed fighters ate popcorn and jeered me, and then comes out online this week with his lamenting the fact that there’s not enough pure wrestling on the shows…

The fans aren’t impressed by Osbourne running down their hero and let him know it with an "OSBOURNE SUCKS!" chant.

Osbourne Kilminster: I responded, yeah. I put it out there that I’ve wanted Kenshin for months and he’s avoided me. I put it out there that I’d give him any kind of match he wants. I don’t care what it is – I want him, any which way. So, Kenshin, if you’re listening… if you’ve managed to scrape together enough fortitude to quit your wallowing in misery to haul yourself into work tonight… come out here and let’s get it done. Come on, your fans await!

Throwing his arms up, Kilminster waits as a cheer goes up in anticipation of Jun Kenshin’s arrival. Osbourne nods his head, eager for the man to show himself.

Other Guy: This could be it!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know about that…

Kilminster continues to wait, some irritation in his expression as he paces about the ring.

Dave Dymond: I’m not even sure Jun Kenshin is in the building tonight. We heard that he was given some time off after apparently blowing up at some of the higher up’s of SHOOT Project, but nothing has been made official one way or another.

The fans look to the entryway, many of them waiting for Jun Kenshin to appear, but suddenly "The Pursuit" by Evans Blue begins to play, shocking the fans and Osbourne Kilminster.  Without the silver pyros that accompanied him at Redemption, Trevor Worrens steps out from the back, dressed in a pair of black jeans, a dark purple button up shirt, untucked, and a black jean jacket over that.  Kilminster shakes his head, Worrens not being the man he wanted to see, but the man he is going to get. Worrens holds a microphone in his hand and lets his music fade out.

Trevor Worrens: I’m sorry, Osbourne.  I’m sorry that this is happening yet again.

Despite saying sorry, the expression Worrens’s face does not reflect the words.

Gritting his teeth, Osbourne tilts his head back as he regards Worrens.

Other Guy: I don’t like the possibilities of this…

Osbourne Kilminster: This is getting to be a regular gig for you, eh, Trevor? Turning up where you’re not really wanted… Last time, you tried to bait and provoke me by casting aspersions as to my good word… so what now?

Holding his arms out in readiness, Osbourne beckons Worrens’ statement of intent.

Trevor Worrens: What now? It’s simple, you see it’s not so much that I’m not really wanted here, but more so somebody HAS to be here to keep your rants to a minimum.  I get what you’re going for, and so does everyone else.  So just say it, Osbourne. Keep it simple.

Worrens pauses for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: You want the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Problem is you keep trying to jump over people to get there.

Worrens gets closer to the ring at this point, but does not yet enter as Kilminster looks to have every intention of ripping his head off.  Nodding his head, Osbourne mulls over Worrens’ remarks and steps back toward the center of the ring, his gaze still fixed on the former World Champion through the blue tints of his sunglasses.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, you’re right. That’s what it all boils down to, Trevor – I want that World Championship and I’ll crush every obstacle in my way until I get it. Why does that interest you so much?

Smirking, Osbourne looks out into the stands both left and right before looking back at Worrens.

Osbourne Kilminster: Why is it, Trevor? Do YOU want to get in my way?

Worrens thinks about the question posed to him for a moment, then brings the microphone back up to his lips.

Trevor Worrens: No actually, I don’t.  I haven’t had to get in your way YET to see you fail, and I guess that’s kind of the situation.

Now Worrens walks up the steel steps and into the ring.  Without saying a word he walks right up to Kilminster and the fans begin to buzz.

Trevor Worrens: I’m not here to get in your way, but I’m starting to realize that YOU, Osbourne, are in my way.  You and I, we’re in the exact same place.  You fell short in the Redemption Rumble, I fell short in my world title match.  That was it for me, Osbourne. I used up my rematch clause.  I don’t have a one way ticket to the world title anymore, and because you lost the rumble, neither do you.

Laughing to himself, Osbourne takes a step back and licks his lips.

Dave Dymond: The fans are getting into this now as Trevor Worrens has just pretty much put things in perspective!

Other Guy:I just wanna know what the Hell is going on!

Osbourne Kilminster You know, I was in the final four of the Rumble, Trevor. There were forty entrants, and so that means that I’m in the top ten percent, whether I won or lost. I’ve never been in a World Championship match, but I’m moving upward toward it and you? You’re plummeting like a stone in shallow water…

Taking a second to look Worrens up and down, Osbourne continues, stepping closer to him with caution.

Osbourne Kilminster: So… you’re going down… and I’m going up… and I’m not seeing much similarity… but regardless of that, it appears that we’re at an impasse and something’s got to give. Kenshin hasn’t wanted a piece of me, but you’re here, in my face… and I don’t like that.

Pushing his face less than an inch from Trevor’s, Osbourne spits out his words.

Osbourne Kilminster: THAT comes with a health warning.

Worrens does not budge, despite the threat made by Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: Being dropped on my head multiple times by Roland Caldwell came with a health warning. Stepping into SHOOT Project and running through the ranks of its top talent CAME with a health warning. I don’t care anymore.  I’m not here to fight you tonight. I came out here to make you VERY aware that you’re not the only one, Osbourne.  Everybody says they want that World Heavyweight Championship… but I’m one of the very few who has DONE something about it.  And I am not giving up on that fact.

Worrens stares directly into Kilminster’s eyes.  Kilminster glares back, about ready to say something but as he brings the microphone up with one hand… he suddenly PUNCHES straight down on top of Worrens’s head with the other, and brings his knee up at almost the same time… SMASHING it up under Worrens’s jaw! 

Dave Dymond: Shit… Ingas…

Dymond stops suddenly, the sound of a headset being removed as Worrens falls with a sickening thud, and Kilminster descends upon him, DRILLING HIM with wreckless knees.  Dymond charges in the ring and from the back so does SHOOT Project security and officials!  Worrens barely able to defend himself tries to get his arms up, but Kilminster bluntly swats the arms away and CONTINUES with the knees!  Security in the ring with the officials, and even Dymond pulls Kilminster back.  The fans buzz with concern, but then as Kilminster spits in Worrens’s direction, the booing begins.

Other Guy: That got real… REALLY fast.

The uncontrolled nature of Kilminster is finally brought under control, with Dymond leaving him to the hands of security.  A very surreal and confusing moment for the fans.

Other Guy: Should we…

The focus shifts to the ringside table where Dave Dymond sits back down now, placing his headset back on.

Dave Dymond: Alright Kilminster being escorted from the ring, LASHING out against Worrens in a very volatile manner… he just snapped… Other Guy.

Other Guy: Yeah I saw… just wow….



Dave Dymond: Barring another interruption, it is now time for a match up that really I don’t think ANYONE understands the full nature of. Jester Smiles has been tormented for several weeks by former friend and lover in Ainsley Lake and tonight the two finally step into the ring one on one.

Other Guy: I don’t get it, Dave.  Jester wants to save Ainsley and I keep askin’ save her from what?  The woman’s become cold, and where I come from when a girl is actin’ like that, you move on.

"Happy" by Mudvayne begins to play now and as the lights turn to a hue of green or purple, Jester Smiles starts his way out from the back.  Right away Jester seems completely unfocused, mumbling something to himself as he rubs the back of his head.

Samantha Coil: the following contest is set for one fall.  Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds, here is Jester Smiles!!!

Jester rolls into the ring and is quick up to his feet but instead of showing energy and intensity, he paces with a look of concern on his face.

Other Guy: No clue what Jester is sayin’ to himself, but it looks like he’s a high school boy nervous about askin’ a girl to the prom.

Dave Dymond: I’d be nervous too especially if you KNEW that girl was going to say a resounding no by beating you up in a wrestling ring.

Other Guy: There were some serious high hopes for Jester, ya know, and I was finally warming up to the man myself. But ever since he lost the Revolution Title, it’s been down hill for the clown.

Jester’s music stops playing which prompts him to stop pacing. His eyes focus on the entryway now, and he actually becomes MORE nervous the second "Devil’s Dance Floor" by Flogging Molly begins to play.  The second Ainsley Lake steps out into the view of the fans, they begin to boo.  Ainsley doesn’t react much one way or another, but she IS all smiles, looking right at Jester.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 160 pounds, here is Ainsley Lake!

Ainsley walks with a confident female swagger towards the ring, looking at Jester with this aura of mockery about her.

Dave Dymond: I knew both Ainsley and Jester when they considered each other good friends… and you know I think Jester still thinks that.  But tonight it’s NOT Jester’s friend that is making her way into the ring, it’s the Bitch Queen herself, and I don’t even know what’s to come of this encounter.

Ainsley walks up the steels steps and steps into the ring.  Jester gives her space, but Ainsley doesn’t seem to want it. She walks right up to Jester, but Jester backs up, seemingly pleading with her as he repeatedly says please listen every time he backs up.  Ainsley shakes her head "no" and keeps walking right up to Jester, but finally referee Willie Dean comes between the two, forcing Ainsley to back off so he can begin the match.  Ainsley slowly walks backwards, still showing a confident swagger about her.

With both competitors finally at a distance from one another, Willie Dean calls for the bell!  Ainsley springs into action while Jester walks towards her, trying to get something out, but suddenly Ainsley just SLUGS Jester across the face!  Jester staggers from the shot, and Ainsley does a full spin in the other direction and then BACK HANDS him on the other side of the face!  Jester shakes his head after taking the two quick hits and as Ainsley goes for a third, Jester grabs the arm!  The fans pick up, but instead of really capitalizing, Jester just wraps the arm around Ainsley’s body and pulls upward just slightly, trying to keep Ainsley still.

Dave Dymond: Jester with a arm lock, but NO intention of using it to capitalize, he’s trying to talk to her!  As much as I think these two are way past talking, Jester showing a great deal of determination to get through to Ainsley!

Ainsley struggles against the arm lock, finally moving her small, agile body to counter out and suddenly she kicks at Jester’s leg while pulling his arm forward, sending him flipping over onto his back.  Ainsley then just starts berating Jester with a lot of small quick kicks to the body and then flips forward CRUSHING Jester’s chest with a standing flipping leg drop.

Other Guy: There’s THAT much hatred inside Ainsley Lake right now that even her high-energy, high excitement moves carry a viciousness.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley wants nothing more than to just stop Jester dead in his tracks, or at least that’s what I thought. But as this saga has continued, its as if she’s out to full on torture the guy.

Ainsley makes the cover on Jester and the referee drops to make the count.


TW…. Not quite the two count as Jester forcefully kicks out.  Ainsley rolls to the side, but is up quickly, and so is Jester.  Ainsley charges at Jester, and Jester has no choice to react. He quickly counters against Ainsley, taking her down with a standing hip toss, and now he applies a sitting head lock to Ainsley, again holding her in place, trying to talk to her.

Other Guy: What’s he saying!

Dave Dymond: I have no idea, but he should be wrestling the woman that has toyed with his emotions and the woman who put a TEN THOUSAND dollar bounty on his head in the Redemption Rumble!

Ainsley again finds herself struggling against Jester’s hold, but works on getting up to her feet. Jester won’t have this and quickly shifts and takes Ainsley down with a snap mare.  Ainsley hits the mat, and again a behind the back sitting headlock is applied!  The fans begin to actually boo now as Jester shows no signs of actually looking to fight in this match.  Ainsley is persistent though and gets up and suddenly bites at Jester’s arm.  Jester releases the headlock abruptly and Ainsley goes to run at the ropes, but Jester grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around…


Dave Dymond: Ainsley fires off a STIFF shot to the head out of the blue and Jester is down!

Other Guy: And if he don’t plan on fighting, he should stay down.

With Jester on the mat, Ainsley gets up to her feet and shouts down something at Jester, but she can’t be heard completely. Ainsley storms off into the upper right corner of the ring, and quickly ascends the top turnbuckle, somewhat in a huff of frustration at that.  She then LEAPS from the top and CRASHES DOWN HARD on Jester with a frog splash, and upon impact she immediately hooks the leg.  Again the count is made in favor of Ainsley…



Jester kicks out after the two count… and then suddenly rolls Ainsley over out of  nowhere and pushes both her arms down onto the mat, pinning her!


Jester pulls up on the arms, breaking the count as he TRIES to get a word in, but Ainsley wraps her legs tightly around Jester’s sides and suddenly just SPITS in his face!


Other Guy: These fans all against Ainsley Lake, but right now, I kinda am thinkin’ along the lines that Jester Smiles is puttin’ himself in this position.  The girl wants a fight, the guy wants to talk… it’s like sensitivity rolls got flat out reversed in this match.

Jester lets go of one of Ainsley’s arms to wipe the spit from his eyes, and now Ainsley brings her legs from around Jester’s sides to up under him and she KICKS out with authority, knocking Jester upwards to his feet, but he pulls Ainsley up with her by one arm, only for Ainsley to whip around Jester, breaking his hold completely and KNOCKING him in the back with a dropkick!  Jester staggers forward and Ainsley hits the ropes and collides into Jester again, this time with a running forearm into the back.  Jester drops to his knees and Ainsley sizes him up… and PLANTS a tajiri style kick STRAIGHT into the back of Jester’s head!

Dave Dymond: Another hard shot to the head and Jester is out cold!

Other Guy: Good luck tryin’ to talk when your unconscious.

Dave Dymond: Look at Ainsley though, look at how pleased she is with herself right now.  But she knows there have been multiple times when Jester Smiles could have turned this thing around. He’s not in the ring to fight her, he’s in the ring to detain her, to try to talk to her.

Other Guy: And it’s not working!  You can’t fault Ainsley Lake for looking to win this match.  She don’t want to talk, that’s it. The relationship is over.

Ainsley drags the barely conscious Jester towards the upper left corner of the ring, stopping just a few feet from it.  She then looks at Jester, a smirk on her face.

Ainsley Lake: Okay, Eric, I’m ready to talk.  Go on, spill out your heart to me. Tell me what you wanted me to hear.

The fans boo as Ainsley is clearly mocking Jester, who can’t even get up, let alone talk.

Ainsley Lake: Please, Eric, I need you.  Save me, Eric!

And then a HARD stomp right down onto Jester’s sternum!

Dave Dymond: This is a whole new level of torment being shown by Ainsley now… and Jester trying to get up, but look how shaky he is.

Ainsley watches on as Jester starts to come to, trying to get up, but as Dymond said, he’s shaking a great deal.  Ainsley backs up, watching with enjoyment as Jester struggles.  The fans don’t exactly rally behind Jester at this point, though, feeling he won’t even try to fight her. With Jester up to his feet, Ainsley turns him around and SLAPS him across the face.  That suddenly gets Jester going and he raises a closed fist!

Other Guy: HERE. WE. GO!

The fans erupt… but the excitement dies immediately as Jester realizes what’s about to happen, and he puts his arm down, not striking Ainsley. Ainsley laughs in his face and goes to slap at Jester again, but Jester manages to duck the wild slap, and then he turns Ainsley around, scoops her up… BODY SLAM!

Dave Dymond: Finally, Jester does something to just take Ainsley down.

Other Guy: Yeah but there was nothing behind that slam, Dave.  Jester barely put any force into it.

Ainsley is up rather easily.

Jester Smiles: PLEASE! Just LISTEN!

Ainsley charges at Jester again, and Jester has no choice. He scoops her up, and takes her down with a second light body slam!  Ainsley sits up, holding her back a bit, but obviously not in any real amount of pain.  She is up to her feet and Jester grabs her before she can comes in again, spins her around and looks to get her into a full nelson hold.  Jester locks it on, making sure though not to apply it too much.  The fans boo as Jester CONTINUES his efforts.

Other Guy: If he wasn’t losin’ his fan base before, he sure as hell is losin’ them now.

Jester keeps the hold locked on as Ainsley struggles.  Referee Willie Dean checks on the situation, asking if Ainsley gives up.  Ainsley says no, but suddenly SHRIEKS out in pain!  Jester is caught completely off guard by this, as is Willie Dean who looks to see what the problem is.  Jester lets go of the full nelson immediately and just as Willie Dean looks to her shoulder, Ainsley goes low, kicking backwards and upwards into Jester’s groin with her heel!

Dave Dymond: A damn trick! Wouldn’t be surprised if she picked that one up from Ron Barker himself.  Ainsley Lake made Jester think he had seriously hurt her… and Jester gets a low blow for his concern!

Other Guy: Hey, it fits the bill.  Jester’s wussin’ out on this match, so Ainsley hit him in his man hood, this time literally!

Jester squints in pain, legs pushed together and now Ainsley sprints behind him and goes to the top rope.  Jester turns, but just as he gets out the word "why?" Ainsley FLIPS over Jester and CONNECTS with a blockbuster neckbreaker!  Jester is taken down and now Ainsley makes the cover with a ferocity about her.

Willie Dean, blind to the low blow, simply drops and makes the count.




Dave Dymond: I hate it… this one comes to an end and all I have is this sinking disgusting feeling in my stomach.

"Devil’s Dance Floor" begins to play again as Ainsley Lake rolls off of Jester.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match, AINSLEY LAKE!!

Ainsley holds her hands in the air, looking down and Jester and laughing. Jester sits up, clutching his neck. Ainsley takes a moment to gloat over Jester, before making her way to the ring.

Dave Dymond: I can’t even say Jester Smiles gave it his all tonight, because he didn’t. He didn’t come here to fight.

Other Guy: He came here to ‘save’ Ainsley Lake, but all he did was make a fool of him.

Ainsley stands on the apron, looking towards the entrance ramp. However, instead of walking down the ramp, Ainsley leaps back in the ring and darts at the seated Jester, slamming him in the back of the head/neck with a hard kick! The crowd begins to boo even louder as Ainsley begins to put the boots to Jester.

Dave Dymond: Oh, come on! You’ve already made a fool out of him!

Other Guy: Ainsley insinuated that she was going to put Jester on the shelf, for good, and that’s what she’s looking to…. or maybe not.

Ainsley stops the beating and gets out of the ring, again looking to leave. However, Ainsley decides to dig underneath the bottom rope and pulls out a bicycle chain.

Other Guy: A bike chain?

Dave Dymond: This doesn’t look good for Jester… what more does she need to do this guy?  Huh? Hasn’t Smiles suffered enough!

Ainsley slowly stalks in the ring, Jester clutching the back of his neck and rolling on the ground. Ainsley stands over Jester, raising the bike chain high, when all of the sudden, the fans begin to cheer loudly.

Dave Dymond: FLASH! Dynamite is coming to the ring! One of our resident super heroes is coming to save the day.

FLASH! slides under the ring, which causes Ainsley to jump out of the ring. FLASH! Looks down at Ainsley, taking on a very heroic pose. FLASH! Then takes a knee and checks on Jester, who seems to be completely unaware of what’s going on.  As the fans cheer on the resident super hero, Ainsley makes her way around to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a microphone.

Ainsley Lake: So, looks like Hero Boy one got saved by Hero Boy two…

The fans boo loudly as Ainsley just grins.

Ainsley Lake: Well, that’s just fine and dandy. So, how about next week, the two of you get even closer… in a match. Jester Smiles versus FLASH! Dynamite.

Some fans cheer the idea of the match, while others boo the tactics of Ainsley Lake. Meanwhile, Ainsley has moved to the other end of the ring.

Ainsley Lake: Don’t fail me again, Eric.

Ainsley drops the microphone and turns her back, making her way up the entrance ramp.

Dave Dymond: You can’t be serious? After tonight, Ainsley Lake has the NERVE to continue this game. CONTINUE torturing Jester Smiles?

Other Guy: That looks like it’s the case. But I gotta wonder, who the hell is Ainsley blowing back there to keep making all these matches and demands like this…

The question is left unanswered as the focus is put on FLASH Dynamite who works on helping Jester Smiles out of the ring.  Jester, still pretty much out of it, doesn’t even react much, just staggers towards the edge of the ring, arm draped over FLASH Dynamite’s shoulder.

Dave Dymond: Some serious thanks goes out to Flash Dynamite for making the save on behalf of Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: Someone did in fact get saved in this match tonight, Dave, but it wasn’t who Jester intended.

Dave Dymond: That it was not.  But Flash Dynamite sees to it that maybe, just maybe, Jester can get to Ainsley. But at this juncture, that seems highly unlikely.


I’m brutal… INHUMAN.

A huge, brass and string orchestral explosion takes over the PA, but the sound is different from the old "Inhuman" song. A piano progression takes over, after a cymbal ride, with operatic voices. Then, a HUGE pyro explosion hits, as the lyrics kick in.

It’s futile for you to do battle with a mutant who chews gravel

and spews jagged matter back at dudes asking to grapple

I’m used to abusive battering, and by "used to abusive battering"

I actually mean, my boot’s used to moving through asses, when

you, bastards attempt to pen raps attackin a cat of my stature

and it’s sad to hafta blast a backpacker so bad that

they hafta attach flaps of skin grafting and plastic limbs

after our match, when I win, just to patch him back again

what matters is, I’ve mastered every path of my craft so accurate

every track I spit, rapidly adds to the status I have as "sick"

which would be the shit, except when I rap a verse, nervous kids

are grabbing a gas mask, and missing the first half of my shit

I flatten average men with a pad and pen, I’ll fashion a diss

so immaculate I hafta rap it with a cackle and grin

I’m past the status of Devils Advocate, attracted to sin

the baddest, you can’t even begin imagine the madness within.

When CORAZON makes his way out to the ramp, the crowd goes from a curious cheer to a HUGE set of boos. He smirks, as he carries the Iron Fist Championship on his shoulder. His look is the same, but his hair is pulled back. He ignores every single fan who’s booing, jeering, or anything, on his way to the ring. Samantha Coil leaves the microphone in the ring, before taking off.

Dave Dymond: Well, you had to expect that the Iron Fist Champion would be out here tonight. He’s gonna gloat, I’m sure.

Other Guy: I’m sure if YOU had retired Del Carver, you’d be wanting to gloat too.

Corazon hangs the Iron Fist Championship on the top turnbuckle, before climbing into the ring and picking up the mic. He calls for a cut of "Torcher," and the noise level goes from music and boos… to just boos.

Corazon: Right right… please… continue.

He holds his arms in the air, showing that he’s soaking in the hatred.

Corazon: As you all know, at Redemption… I retired Del Carver. The old man put up an INCREDIBLE fight, and I’d be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t still feeling the effects. However… the fact of the matter is… Del Carver is gone. His career is dead. And if there were any doubters before… you’d be wise to go back and look at the footage. I’m not the kind of guy that you want to cross.

Corazon smirks, as the booing picks up.

Corazon: Now, gloating… that’s an enjoyable thing. But, I saw that appearance earlier… by Angel and Christian, and Angel said something that I found to be terribly hilarious. He said "Incluso la inhumanidad puede ser puesta a la prueba…No he olvidado!" and translated, loosely… he’s basically called me out. He says that ‘Even the inhuman can be tested… I have not forgotten."

The crowd cheers, at the implication.

Corazon: And so, to that I say this… If you really, REALLY want to try and walk the very thin line between hospital room and the end of your career, then… CHRIS DAVIS… please, you know where to find me.

The crowd actually pops at this, which almost confuses Corazon. He laughs.

Corazon: …I’ll end you like I ended Del Carver.

The boos returned.

Corazon: Now… next week, I fight Benjamin Biggs, and just like every defense before me… Biggs will fall. I’ll continue my reign as the Iron Fist Champion, and FURTHER cement my legacy as the MOST DOMINANT Iron Fist Champion… EVER. I warn you, Biggs… I’ve yet to really ‘tone down’ from my brutal affair with Del Carver. You will receive no mercy from me, and you will be defeated soundly and handily.

Corazon goes to the turnbuckle, and picks up the Iron Fist belt.

Corazon: And this… well, let’s just say… you’ll never… ever… come near this. Keep your focus on the Laws of Survival Championship.

With that, he drops his mic and "Torcher" by DZK picks back up. He slides under the bottom rope and makes his way back up the ramp, as the ring crew rushes out to get ready for the Main Event.

Dave Dymond: Corazon with a lot on his mind, obviously!

Other Guy: Well, the guy’s been busy. He’s retired Del Carver, has issues with Chris Davis, is booked against Benjamin Biggs, and attacked a SHOOT Project official this week! He’s lucky he isn’t suspended or on medical leave or something!

Dave Dymond: Look, regardless, it seems like the Iron Fist Champion’s ego has taken over. He better be careful against Benjamin Biggs, or he’ll get caught, and then we’ll have to hear his excuses.


Black Screen, white letters. 

Are you bored with this week’s main event? 

Did you throw up when you saw the card and saw DAN STEIN in a world title match? 

How soft did your dick get when you realized the DEFILER wouldn’t be around? 






He begins his chase. 


Your lives are ruined. 


Hope is illusion.




Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit, and is your main event of the evening!

The fans begin to buzz, excitedly, until “The Wicked” by Stone Sour hits. The fans turn to the entrance ramp and begin to boo the moment Obsidian steps through the ropes. His massive frame moves methodically down the ramp, and his mere presence still a hundred feet away makes Samantha Coil’s voice tremble.

Samantha Coil: I-introducing first, f-f-f…Obsidian…

Samantha lowers the microphone, nervously, as Obsidian makes it to the bottom of the ramp. He slowly starts up the steps, before stepping over the top rope effortlessly. Suddenly “Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits, and the fans begin to boo louder.

Dave Dymond: Here comes the second half of the first team out here tonight, and he did a big number on Kid Lightning earlier tonight. You’ve got to believe that Cade Sydal will be incredibly emotional as a result tonight!

Other Guy: Which is exactly what King wants, Dave.

Donovan King steps through the curtain, a cocky smirk proudly displayed on his face. He starts his way down the ramp, before suddenly a red and white ball explodes from the curtain! Cade Sydal, in red and white shorts, and red and white kickpads, slams into King from behind with a running forearm strike! The fans begin to cheer, as King tumbles forward to the bottom of the ramp! Cade starts laying into King with mounted punches!

Dave Dymond: At Redemption it was Donovan King that wouldn’t wait, and tonight its Cade Sydal getting things started early in this handicap match!

Other Guy: Its only a handicap match because no one wants to team with Cade, because he’s so damn volatile!

Obsidian steps out of the ring, and Cade abandons King to go after Obsidian with blistering kicks to Obsidian’s lower ribs! Obsidian plants a hand on Cade’s face and shoves him backward, hard! Obsidian rolls Cade into the ring, and suddenly “Here It Goes Again!” by OK GO hits! The fans cheer as FLASH Dynamite steps through the curtain! He quickly removes his yellow cape as Donovan King and Obsidian slide into the ring after Cade!

Dave Dymond: Apparently Cade WILL have a partner tonight!

Other Guy:…great.

Obsidian turns as FLASH slides under the bottom rope! King pulls Cade up, as FLASH meets Obsidian with several legal forearm shots to the side of the head! FLASH starts backing Obsidian up to the ropes before suddenly clotheslining him over the top rope to the arena floor! Obsidian lands on his feet just as Cade breaks King’s hands away from his head! Cade knees King in the abdomen and grabs King by the back of the head and the back of his tights, turning and launches King through the ropes right into Obsidian!

Dave Dymond: An explosive start to  the main event, and there are bodies flying everywhere!

Other Guy: You’re not kidding, shit.

Scott Kamura suddenly signals for the bell, and Cade Sydal and FLASH Dynamite sprint for the ropes! They both rebound and dive through the ropes together with stereo suicide dives, Cade collides with Donovan King, while FLASH slams into Obsidian and finally takes the big man to the ground!

Dave Dymond: What an incredible start! Stereo elbow suicidas!

Other Guy: This was meant to be a handicap match with Kid Lightning being taken out earlier in the night…this is NOT what Donovan King had in mind!

Dave Dymond: You’re right, and Cade didn’t go looking for another partner, but Kid Lightning’s friend, and Cade’s friend, FLASH Dynamite came out here to make the save yet again tonight!

Cade pulls King to his feet and rolls him into the ring, following quickly while FLASH moves around the ring to the designated corner. Cade pulls King to his feet and starts snapping hard forearms into the side of King’s jaw, rocking him back to the ropes! Cade with a whip off the ropes, but King reverses! Cade reaches his hand and slaps FLASH’s hand as he rebounds and baseball slides under King’s legs! King rushes right into FLASH as he steps through the ropes, only to be caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Cade is to his feet and runs right at King and drives the bottom of his right foot into King’s face, taking King right off of FLASH’s thigh!

Dave Dymond: Good God that was a stiff kick to the face!

Other Guy: But watch Obsidian!

As Other Guy says that, Obsidian rushes into the ring and charges right at both Cade and FLASH. Both drop to their backs, grabbing the top rope, and Obsidian barrels right over the top rope, tumbling over to land on his feet on the outside! Scott Kamura orders Cade out, and FLASH slides out of the ring to go after the large Obsidian. Obsidian turns as FLASH reaches for him, and Obsidian drives FLASH to the arena floor with a vicious lariat!

Dave Dymond: FLASH’s head just bounced off of that very thin protective rubber mat on the outside of the ring!

Other Guy: He shoulda left Obsidian alone.

Obsidian pulls FLASH up by his arm and rolls hi m back into the ring, following. Scott Kamura starts barking orders at him, while King slowly gets back to his feet, holding the side of his face. Obsidian drags FLASH to the opposite side of the ring before finally listening to Kamura’s orders and steps over the top rope onto the ring apron. King looks at the downed FLASH and rushes him, driving a running elbow drop across FLASH’s face! King gets to his feet before starting to stomp down on FLASH’s head! King reaches his hand out and tags Obsidian in, and Obsidian steps over the rope calmly. King and Obsidian both send FLASH off the ropes! King catches FLASH on the rebound with a turning spinebuster, driving him to the center of the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Amazing spinebuster from Donovan King!

Obsidian follows by bouncing off the ropes to the side of FLASH and comes back with a high jump, landing with his leg across FLASH’s face! Obsidian turns and presses his chest to FLASH’s, and places his left palm over FLASH’s face while his right hand grabs ahold of FLASH’s left wrist to pin it down as well!

Other Guy: Impressive height on that jumping leg drop, and we could see a victory already!



Scott Kamura never gets to the count of two before Cade Sydal dashes through the ropes and dives onto Obsidian, tackling him off of FLASH! Cade starts laying in quick jabs to Obsidian’s face, before Obsidian LAUNCHES Cade off of him! Scott Kamura quickly grabs Cade and starts ordering him out of the ring, while Obsidian stares menacingly at him!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is letting his emotions get the best of him!

Other Guy: I don’t think anyone expected him to do any different, honestly.

Cade slowly backs out of the ring, as per Kamura’s orders, while Obsidian pulls FLASH to his feet with one hand. He drags his other thumb across his own throat and points tauntingly at Cade. Obsidian sends FLASH into his corner, and King steps a few steps to the side as Obsidian charges into the corner! FLASH narrowl avoids the running avalanche splash, but King slaps Obsidian on the shoulder! FLASH starts toward Cade, until Donovan King runs at him from behind and drives FLASH down to the canvas with a running bulldog!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just stopped FLASH Dynamite from tagging out with incredible speed and agility!

Other Guy: Don’t forget talent and skill. That was a crisp leaping bulldog.

King pops up to his feet and looks down at FLASH, pointing at the side of his face, angrily yelling down at him. King starts stomping away at FLASH’s head before dropping and driving his knee down on FLASH’s throat, using his leg to choke FLASH while staring right at Cade, begging him to come in! Scott Kamura starts ordering King to release the choke! King refuses, and Scott Kamura starts counting!

Dave Dymond: If Donovan King isn’;t careful, he’ll get disqualified!



Other Guy: Do you think he cares?


King looks at Kamura and starts counting with him, mocking him.


And Cade springs through the ropes, with a low cross body taking King off of FLASH! The fans cheer at the sudden explosion, as Cade starts laying quick jabs into Donovan’s face this time!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King took his eyes off Cade, and Cade leapt into action!

Other Guy: It was probably smart that he didn’t charge when King was looking at him, King woulda broke him in half.

Cade continues to drive the short, quick jabs into King’s face and Kamura pulls at Cade! Cade finally releases and steps back through the ropes angrily while reaching his arm over the top rope to let FLASH get the tag! FLASH starts crawling to his corner, while King slowly scrambles to his feet holding his jaw! Obsidian steps over the ropes and rushes in, and Kamura turns to intercept him! FLASH slaps Cade’s hand!

Dave Dymond: FLASH tagged in Cade!

Cade steps through the ropes as King turns to face him! Cade rushes King and leaps into the air with a sudden spinning wheel kick, DRIVING the heel of his foot into King’s forehead! King hits the canvas, and Obsidian wisely steps back out of the ring and Kamura spots Cade in the ring!

Other Guy: But Scott Kamura didn’t see it! Heh, wow.

Scott Kamura moves to Cade as Cade begs King to get to his feet! Kamura signals to Cade that he didn’t see a tag, and orders FLASH back into the ring and Cade out! FLASH steps through the ropes, while Cade continues to argue his case with Kamura, the fans booing in protest themselves. As soon as Cade starts through the ropes, Obsidian charges back into the ring and grabs FLASH by the wrist, pulling him into the center of the ring before driving his elbow into FLASH’s face, snapping FLASH to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: And now FLASH can’t tag out when Kamura can see it!

Other Guy: Obsidian is often overlooked, but the guy is a veteran, and he knows how to keep the advantage, Dave.

King moves to his corner, as Obsidian steps through the ropes when Kamura orders him to. King tags in Obsidian, and Obsidian steps back over the top rope. Obsidian moves to FLASH to pull him to his feet, but FLASH breaks Obsidian’s hands away from his head! FLASH hits the ropes in a sudden burst of energy! Donovan King snaps his right foot up, leaping to do so, and drives it into the back of FLASH’s head! FLASH stumbles forward, and Obsidian drives a big boot into FLASH’s face, riding him to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite was on the verge of a comeback, and just like that, the dirty tactics of Obsidian and Donovan King shut that down!

Other Guy: Its effective, Dave.

FLASH clutches his head, while Obsidian stares down at him, shaking his head slowly. Obsidian drops to cover him, staring at Cade this time as his elbow digs into the side of FLASH’s face!




Cade still bursts through the ropes, as FLASH kicks out! Obsidian explodes to his feet and swings a clothesline for Cade’s head! Cade ducks the clothesline and dropkicks Obsidian’s left knee, driving Obsidian to his right knee! Scott Kamura grabs Cade and starts ordering him out of the ring, and Cade is livid as he’s backed out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: There must be some sort of moral dilemma, Cade continues to listen to Scott Kamura, but he also keeps exploding in rage after what King and Obsidian orchestrated earlier in the night!

Other Guy: His anger is going to keep playing to Obsidian and King’s advantage, its real hard for FLASH to get to tag out when Cade keeps pulling the referee’s attention.

Obsidian pushes off his leg, glaring across the ring as Cade angrily steps through the ropes. Obsidian points at FLASH, then at Cade, as if to say “this is all your fault” right before he drives his right foot into FLASH’s head when FLASH starts to push to his knees. Obsidian reaches and tags in King, and both men quickly pull FLASH to his feet. They both send FLASH off the ropes, and Obsidian catches FLASH on the rebound, popping him into the air and catches him on the way down with an inverted atomic drop! King hits the ropes behind Obsidian and leaps into the air, driving the bottom of his right foot into FLASH’s face!

Dave Dymond: PENALTY KICK! Obsidian assisted and King scored with a dangerous Penalty Kick!

Other Guy: Now THAT is teamwork! Donovan King and Obsidian should be a top contender for the tag titles after Malice, definitely!

King scrambles to his feet quickly and smirks at Cade, before dropping to cover FLASH, an elbow and a knee on either side of FLASH’s head, staring at Cade.




Cade surprises King by not stepping in, and FLASH kicks out on his own. Cade returns the previous smirk, and King moves into a mounted position, placing both hands on FLASH’s throat! Scott Kamura starts ordering King to release the choke, and immediately Cade steps through the ropes and rushes King with a Shining Wizard style knee to the face, riding King down, and forcing the release of the choke!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal exploded into action yet again, and he has been all over any member of the opposing team at any given chance!

Other Guy: I’m telling you, Dave, that fire and emotion is going to be the downfall of FLASH and Cade’s team tonight.

Cade quickly gets out of the ring, not allowing Kamura to reprimand him. FLASH rolls to his side, gasping for air, as King rolls to the side holding his face. King slowly starts pushing to his feet, and FLASH starts crawling! The fans begin to cheer wildly as FLASH inches closer to Cade! King pushes to his feet! FLASH lunges forward! King moves to intercept him and kicks FLASH’s arm out of the way, stopping the tag from happening barely in time! The fans groan in protest, as King shoves his hand in Cade’s face, shoving him off the apron! Cade lands on his feet on the floor and bursts back into the ring, but Kamura intercepts him!

Dave Dymond: King is absolutely getting inside Cade’s head!

Other Guy: Its his war, Dave, and everyone keeps trying to warn Cade that he’s going about shit the wrong way. He’ll never learn, though.

King turns and pulls FLASH to his feet! King punches FLASH, backing him into the ropes. King whips FLASH off the ropes, but FLASH reverses and pulls King immediately into a tilt-a-whirl, swinging King up and over onto FLASH’s shoulders with a fireman’s carry! FLASH snaps to the side and drives King onto his head with a DVD-style brainbuster!

Dave Dymond: FLASH just exploded into offense, and drove Donovan King onto his head!

Other Guy: I didn’t see that coming…

FLASH slowly pushes to his feet and lunges for Cade, tagging him in! Obsidian steps over the top rope to interrupt the process, but is a moment too late, and the tag is legal! Cade ignores King and rushes past the downed enemy in favor of the larger one, leaping into him with a running forearm smash that rocks Obsidian back to the ropes! Obsidian shoves off the ropes as Cade leaps back at him with a leaping leg lariat, catching him in the chest and sending him back into the ropes! Obsidian shoves off the ropes again, and Cade leaps off his feet for a third time, planting both feet in Obsidian’s chin! Cade pushes off of Obsidian’s chin to moonsault to his chest, and the shoving momentum sends Obsidian spilling over the top rope backwards!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just knocked Obsidian out of the ring!

Other Guy: How in the fuck did he do that?!

Cade pushes to his feet as King slowly pushes to his knees. Cade runs past King and uses the running momentum to dive through the ropes, both feet leading the way as he leaps through the middle and bottom rope! Both feet slam into Obsidian’s face, and Obsidian hits the ground with an audible thud, with Cade turning just in time to land on his chest, he rolls to absorb the blow! Cade slides back into the ring, without missing a beat, as Donovan King finally gets to his feet!

Dave Dymond: The shit is about to hit the fan for Donovan King!

Other Guy: How is Cade moving so fast?!

Dave Dymond: They assaulted his cousin…

Cade slams into King with a leaping knee to the face, riding King to the canvas! Cade pulls King to his feet and sends him HARD into the nearest corner! Cade charges King and posts his left foot on the middle rope, snapping his right foot into King’s face!

Dave Dymond: SWYG! That’s his old favorite kick, the SWYG!

Other Guy: I think it was called “Sex With Your Girlfriend!”

Dave Dymond: Because finding out someone is having sex with your girlfriend is just as painful as being kicked in the face like that! Exactly!

Cade pushes away from King, as King slumps in the corner. Cade backs up to the center of the ring and then charges again, driving his right shin into King’s face with another SWYG! Obsidian, on the outside, gets to his feet, as Cade backs up, with King slumping now against the middle rope! Cade charges at King and drives a lower SWYG into King’s face! King’s eyes roll into the back of his head as Obsidian starts to slide into the ring, but is met by Cade as Cade charges and slams into the top of Obsidian’s head with a baseball slide, and Obsidian falls off the apron to the floor again!

Dave Dymond: Look at Cade’s face! He is obsessed with inflicting pain on these two!

Other Guy: I don’t like this, Dave. Not one bit.

Cade charges at King once more with the low-modified SWYG, and a small line opens up above King’s right eyebrow! A slow line of crimson rolls over King’s face, and Kamura backs Cade away from the corner! King, for his part, slumps all the way to a seated position in the corner, before Kamura taps him on the wrist a few times. Scott Kamura quickly signals for the bell, and it sounds!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, via referee stoppage, at a time of 27 minutes and 34 seconds! The team of FLASH Dynamite and CAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Scott Kamura moves to raise Cade’s arm, as FLASH moves to join his partner for the night. Cade pushes Kamura’s hand off of him and runs at King, driving a running foot into the cut on King’s eyebrow! Cade starts dragging the bottom of his shoe across King’s face, opening the cut even wider! Cade drops and starts hammering King’s face with punches, spilling Donovan King’s blood onto his knuckles viciously! Scott Kamura moves to intervene, and Cade turns to shove him backward! Kamura stumbles back and immediately signals for the bell again and calls over Samantha Coil! Cade goes back to punching King in the face, spilling more blood from the open wound!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is possessed!

Other Guy: Revenge is a helluva drug, I guess.

Scott Kamura and Samantha Coil end their short conversation and Samantha raises the microphone to her lips again.

Samantha Coil: Due to excessive post-match violence, referee Scott Kamura has had no choice but to reverse the decision! So, your winners at a time of 27 minutes and 34 seconds are now the team of OBSIDIAN AND DONOVAAAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

The fans begin to immediately boo as Cade pushes away from King and starts stomping down on him again, right on his face! Scott Kamura moves to intervene one more time, and Cade turns with a sudden forearm to the face! Scott Kamura hits the canvas, hard! Cade turns back to King and begins stomping down on him, as officials file from the back in a hurry! Willie Dean and Dennis Heflin pull Scott Kamura out of the ring to safety, while Austin Linam and Tony Lorenzo get in the ring to try and talk some sense into Cade! Cade turns instantly and snaps a NINJAGUIRI into the side of Tony Lorenzo’s face!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God!

Other Guy: Tony Lorenzo just got knocked the fuck out, literally!

Cade pushes to his feet and Austin Linam starts yelling at him. Cade snaps off his feet with yet another NINJAGUIRI, sending Austin Linam actually spilling through the ropes to the arena floor! Cade turns back to King and starts snapping stiff kick after stiff kick, more blood splattering from Donovan King’s now bloody face! FLASH has finally had enough, and he turns Cade around by the arm! Cade snaps off his feet and drives his right foot into the side of FLASH’s head with the THIRD NINJAGUIRI!

Dave Dymond: WHAT THE HELL?!

Other Guy: I’m sure Cade was just kicking anything that moved at that point, but…wow, I’m surprised.

The fans go into a sudden shocked silence as Cade pushes to his feet. He looks down at FLASH, his eyes wide with surprise. He quickly gets out of the ring, looking at his blood-stained knuckles, and the blood on his kickpads, shaking his head slowly. Mouthing over and over again, just once audibly enough for the camera to pick it up.

Cade Sydal: What the fuck have I done?

Cade slowly starts to back up the ramp, as the SHOOT Project logo takes up the screen sending the show off the air, backed by the sounds of stunned silence.