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Revolution: 021 – 2/24/07

The screen is black for a few seconds then the following words come across the screen in white letters:

This is a public service brought to you by Christopher Davis with the assistance of Lil Wayne’s "Gossip"(live version).

Black Screen for a few more seconds, then more words come on the screen this time the letters are red.

I hear all the rhetoric, every damn word…

"Christopher Davis was my bitch until he won the world title"

"Christopher Davis has been destroyed."

"He’s not coming back, no way he comes back from this one."

"It’s a short trip back to the hospital for Davis."

"I’ll take him out just like I did Carver."

I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard each and every word. You’ve all had things to say, you’ve all talked about one thing and one thing only…ME! You talk about me like I’m not coming back. You talk like even if I do come back it’s only a short time before I’m gone again. This time for good.

You motherfuckers talk and talk and talk and talk…

Do me a favor would you please…

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,"

The music kicks in as Lil Wayne yells stop. Every time stop is said a new image appears on the screen.

First a shot of Christopher Davis delivering a crushing chair shot to the head of one Jonny Johnson.

The next image is another chair shot to the tag team known as Malice.

The next image comes quicker, this one of Vincent Mallows receiving a cage door to the face courtesy of Christopher Davis.

The next image shows Christopher Davis spearing Sammy Rochester through the ropes.

Next Davis delivers Angela’s Ashes to Adrian Corazon.

Finally another image of Davis, with a smile on his face, delivering another chair shot to a bloodied Defiler.

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion"

"The lady of a nigga"

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga"

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

As the music plays more red words appear on the screen.

Do you honestly believe I’m never coming back? Better yet, do you honestly believe I’ll allow this to happen to me again? Do you? Do you honestly believe?

You can give up on me if you want.

"You don’t have to pick me"

"To win the title fight"

"But I’m gonna wear that championship belt so tight"

Split screen images of Davis holding the SHOOT project Iron Fist title and World title aloft.

"And if I’m wrong there is no right"

"And if I’m wrong there is snow white"

Another image of Jonny Johnson is shown.

Davis’s words continue to stream across the screen in red.

Keep talking. Keep believing I’m done. Keep believing I’m your bitch. Keep believing you’ll be the one to finish me.

I’ll just continue to be me, talking shit and proving you wrong.

"Stop analyzing"


"You should realize"

"What I am is ‘n start epitomizing"


"Got the heart of the biggest lion"

"Confident like fuck em all"

"Pull out my dick and ride it"

The reports of my destruction have been grossly exaggerated. I’m coming back, I’m coming back real soon.

That I promise you!

See you kiddies soon.

Fade to black.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting from their recent cage match, with Biggs FLYING from high a top the cage.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.  Then next seen is a focus on Christopher Davis, fighting a two on one battle… and coming out victorious.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Chivalric.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of  Roland Caldwell standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, a sinister smirk on his face.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


The Undeniable!

The crowd stands up in unison and out steps foot the former Heavyweight Champion dressed in a black hoodie, jeans and boots. He’s got a microphone in hand and he looks pissed off. Extremely pissed off actually.

Jun Kenshin: Cut that music off!

“Undeniable” abruptly cuts off.

Jun Kenshin: A lot has been said and a lot has been done since Redemption. There’s been speculation, whispers and back talk.

Kenshin walks down towards the ring.

Jun Kenshin: Roland Caldwell buried the World Heavyweight Championship. MY World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd boos and Kenshin wipes his feet before entering the ring.

Jun Kenshin: A lot of guys have taken shots at me since I went to Japan. Guys have questioned my heart, they’ve questioned my passion for this game. Well for those of you that dared questioned me… LISTEN. THE. FUCK. UP!

Kenshin glares back towards the curtains addressing the SHOOT Project soldiers.

Jun Kenshin: I don’t consider Roland Caldwell a champion of ANYTHING. He may have beaten Trevor Worrens but he sure as hell DIDN’T BEAT ME!

Kenshin paces the ring.

Jun Kenshin: In fact, he has NEVER beaten me in any capacity. So let me paint a picture for you, Caldwell. Me and you for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd LOSES it at the prospect of Kenshin vs. Caldwell II.

Jun Kenshin: The time for fighting jet fighter pilots from down South is done. You KNOW that in order to TRULY call yourself a Champion?

He pauses and looks right at the camera.

Jun Kenshin: You got to go through ME first. Whoever I got to beat? I’ll beat them. Whatever obstacles you’ll put me in front of me? I’ll knock it down.

Jun Kenshin: I will not STOP until I get my Title back.

Kenshin emphatically drops the mic and storms out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin comes out and makes an emphatic statement, OG! He wants his Title back!

Other Guy: Kenshin got a raw deal losing the Belt but he didn’t get pinned.



As Jun Kenshin leaves the ring, the fans continue to cheer him on.  The focus shifts to Dave and Other Guy at ringside, both looking equally amped about tonight’s Revolution.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin cleared up a lot of rumors here tonight, kicking off Revolution with some pretty strong words and thoughts.

Other Guy: It’s the type of guy Jun Kenshin is, Dave. He’s emotional, things get to him. But when it settles in, he turns right back around to take that stand.

"All Apologies" by Nirvana starts to play now, which turns the focus back to the entryway for the first match of the night.  After a moment of the song starting up, Arion Catcher walks out from the back, walking confidently as the laid back opening rift and lyrics of Nirvana contrasts his attitude.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of taking a stand… our first match up has HUGE implications for one of SHOOT’s newest soldiers.  Arion Catcher on his way out to the ring looking to take a stand in sky rocketing his career, by claiming SHOOT Project gold.

Other Guy: It’s not unheard of, and hell the cat’s got a good chance at making this happen.  We’ve seen virtual unknowns make names for themselves in a heart beat since SHOOT Project re-opened, and this kid Catcher has a chance to join that list.

Dave Dymond: Definitely Catcher looks ready for this match, a great opportunity awaiting as we take it to Samantha Coil for introductions.

As Catcher enters the ring, playing up to the fans nearby that he can see, Samantha Coil takes center ring position alongside senior official Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s opening Revolution contest is set for one fall, and will be for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship!!!

The crowd pops, always excited for a title match, and Catcher seems to feed off that energy.  As he paces about the ring, keeping loose and moving, his music fades out.  There is that momentary pause, the point of no return for any challenger, and then "Heathen Mothers" by Nata/Lee/Nasal begins to play. The arena lights change to an eerie hue of green, and almost a dull purple or gray color.  Catcher stops his pacing and looks right to the entryway as the Revolution Champion steps out from the back, at first his body not clearly seen, but as the lights return to normal, Chivalric is seen in a full locust uniform.  Every inch of his body is covered by the costume, with black mesh eyeholes in the head piece so that he can see.  Chivalric stands at the entryway with the Revolution championship in hand, receiving a somewhat underwhelming response from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric is a name known in the wrestling world, but his tenure here thus far in SHOOT Project has led many fans and superstars a like to be confused as to what’s going on with him. And I for one, ask the same thing.

Other Guy: Guy’s a master at messin’ with people’s heads, that much I’ve been told, but he’s been sporadic in his appearances since winning that title… so who knows WHAT is happenin in his mind, and what he’s lookin’ to do here in SHOOT Project.

Chivalric walks to the ring after taking a moment to just examine his surroundings.  Any reaction he does receive is negative, with some boos being heard from the fans closer to the ring, and some even try to taunt him.  Chivalric snaps his body in their direction, threatening to take them on, and one fan ALMOST looks brave enough to go for it, but SHOOT Project security is right on hand to quickly pull the man back and force him into his seat.  Chivalric then continues on, rolling into the ring and sliding on his stomach a bit until he pushes up to his feet.

Other Guy: And what’s with the outfit, Dave?  I mean is that all a part of the games, or does this cat truly have some sick fetish involving Locusts?

Dave Dymond: Your guess is as good as mine, Other Guy, it just seems to be his thing.

Other Guy: Creeps me the hell out.

With Chivalric and Catcher both in the ring now, the music playing in the arena fades, allowing Samantha Coil to do the official introductions.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, the challenger.  He weighs in tonight at 165 pounds… here is Arion Catcher!!!

Catcher brings his arms up as he looks out to the crowd.  He gets a nice pop in return. Catcher nods his head, and then looks back to Chivalric.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 211 pounds, he is the current reigning SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… here is Chivalric!!!

Chivalric just stands there, the Revolution championship held tightly in his grip.  Senior Official Scott Kamura moves towards the champion, asking for the title.  Chivalric hands it over, and Kamura holds the title up for all to see.  Just as he does so, Chivalric CHARGES in at Catcher, getting him completely off guard! The fans boo as Samantha Coil is almost taken out in the process, but she quickly leaves the ring, to avoid being put in harms way.  Catcher is down and now Chivalric works a series of stiff soccer kicks to Catcher’s side while Kamura officially gains control of the match, calling for the bell, and passing the Revolution Championship to the outside.

Dave Dymond: The early sneak attack by Chivalric who, as much as I hate to say it, played that moment out to perfection. From complete apathy to this brutal aggression, Chivalric has just transformed.

Other Guy: Catcher’s gotta get back up on his feet and avoid takin’ anymore of those kicks.  I mean this is a huge opportunity, but with Arion involved in Sky High in just three days, well this match could seriously effect his showing.

Catcher finally scrambles up to his feet, but Chivalric right there with a swinging knee to the back, which sends Catcher stumbling forward into the ropes.  Catcher hits chest first and Chivalric continues with the aggressive offense, bouncing him slightly off the ropes each time he hits a hard forearm shot to the back.  Catcher slumps and Chivalric turns him around now; grabbing his arm.  Chivalric lifts the arm and then puts it down over the top rope, sending the rope up into Catcher’s armpit.  Chivalric then FIRES a high kick that nearly sends Catcher spilling over the top rope, but Chivalric pulls him right back onto his feet, unwraps his arm and then whips him across the ring. Catcher bounces off the ropes, but suddenly picks up speed on his own, coming at Chivalric much faster than Chivalric expected.

The fans pop as Catcher COLLIDES with Chivalric with a leaping, forward facing, crossed forearms attack!  Chivalric and Catcher both go down to the mat, and Catcher takes the opportunity that presents itself and makes the cover.

Kamura hits the mat…


TW… kick out by Chivalric who then shoves Catcher to the side.  Catcher rolls onto his back and then kips up quickly, the fans applaud, but Chivalric knees him RIGHT IN THE GUT upon Catcher getting up to his feet.  Catcher slumps and Chivalric reacts to the earlier pin by just SPIKING Catcher’s head into the mat via a swift DDT.

Dave Dymond: Catcher had that glint of momentum building, but Chivalric once again regains control of the match.

Other Guy: Kinda feels like Chivalric lured Catcher right into this thing, Dave.  Catcher had ALL the confidence in the world, and Chivalric just beatin’ that out of him.

Dave Dymond: Maybe so, like we said nobody really knows the motives of Chivalric, but right now he looks serious about successfully defending the Revolution Championship… no pin made… but a QUICK vertical suplex executed.  Chivalric mostly utilizes a Muay Thai offense style, but every so often throws in a suplex or a DDT just to keep the match in his control.

Catcher rocks back and forth on the mat, with Chivalric continuing to dismantle the up and comer.  Chivalric pulls out Catcher’s left arm and drops a knee into Catcher’s elbow pit!  Catcher turns his body, grabbing at his arm and shouts out in pain.  Chivalric pushes him back on the mat, again extending the left arm.  This time Chivalric lifts his whole body up, for added force, but as he comes crashing down, Catcher swiftly rolls out of the way! Chivalric’s knee connects with the mat, stunning him for a moment from the initial pain.  Catcher gets up to his feet, favoring his left arm slightly, but then LEAPS and nails Chivalric in the side of the head with a dropkick!  Chivalric goes from being on his knees to lying on the mat, and now Catcher runs into the corner of the ring, waiting now, sizing up his opponent as he perches on the top rope!  The fans pick up, some rising to their feet with anticipation of what Catcher is going to do.

Dave Dymond: This is the high-risk offense we will be seeing every Wednesday as well on Sky High, and Arion Catcher looking to SERIOUSLY capitalize on the match a this point.

Chivalric gets back off the mat, onto his feet, and Catcher LEAPS with a top rope clothesline… but Chivalric counters by putting his arm out, grabbing Catcher around the shoulder and SLAMMING him backwards down onto the mat!

Other Guy: Wow taken out of mid-air!

Dave Dymond: Chivalric with an impromptu urinage slam, and Catcher wasn’t expecting that in the slightest. Cover made now… is this it…



TH… last second kick out by Catcher. The fans pop, but Chivalric stomps down on Catcher’s face quite suddenly, which ends the cheering.  Catcher clutches at his face, rocking back and forth as he gets himself onto his stomach, protecting any further attacks.  Chivalric pulls him up by the back of the head, digging his hand into Catcher’s scalp, tugging at the short pieces of spiked hair.  Scott Kamura issues a warning to Chivalric who then pulls Catcher back into a reverse DDT position.  For a moment Chivalric just holds him there, but then lifts him up for a spike reverse DDT, but Catcher FLOATS his body all the way up and over Chivalric… and drops down behind him…

Chivalric turns… and Catcher executes a 3/4th neckbreaker… no! Chivalric shoves him forward a few steps, however Catcher keeps running picking up speed.  Chivalric follows right after though, not letting Catcher build any momentum and as Catcher hits the ropes, Chivalric SHOVES him hard and Catcher SPILLS to the outside!


The fans react to the nasty fall as Catcher lies on the outside, rocking back and forth in pain.

Dave Dymond: This has been an uphill battle this whole time for Catcher, and you’re seeing the more veteran like instincts of Chivalric, who is a former world champion, and now a current SHOOT Project champion, really kicking in.

Other Guy: Yeah and you’re seein’ the arrogance too.  Chivalric’s lettin’ this one be. He’s not going after Catcher, he’s letting this one ride as a count out.

The fans begin to boo as Chivalric just walks into the corner and sits on the top turnbuckle, waiting as Kamura continues the ring out knock out count.





Dave Dymond: Catcher has to get up to his feet by the count of ten to give him those ten extra seconds… but it doesn’t look good.  Catcher landed RIGHT on top of that left arm that Chivalric focused on earlier.


The fans start to rally behind Catcher who struggles to get up, but slowly does.


Catcher drapes his left arm up onto the ring edge… and that’s when Chivalric springs into action.  Catcher is up, arm on the apron, and Chivalric VAULTS over the top rope, and then swings his body to come stomping down on the left arm, but Catcher pulls it away, avoiding a great deal of pain… and slides in the ring.  With Chivalric on the ring edge, Catcher NAILS a flipping dropkick… no!  Chivalric jumps back, dropping to the floor, and then quickly he slides in. Catcher pushes up to his feet after the flipping dropkick JUST in time and he catches Chivalric with a right-handed chop! Chivalric sways from the shot, and Catcher fires another, and another! The momentum slowly shifts in Catcher’s favor… and he grabs Chivalric by the arm now and whips him across the ring.  Chivalric comes bouncing back, but then suddenly stops himself, looking for a straight on thrust kick to Catcher…



Catcher spins Chivalric awkwardly around in place on his one good foot, and NOW HITS a 3/4th neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: My god!  I have heard about that hard kick to the sternum, I’ve seen tapes of Chivalric use that to put people away, but Catcher MUST have seen those tapes as well because he saw EXACTLY what was coming!

Other Guy: That was the momentum shift he needed… Chivalric is down, and now its all about Arion Catcher!

The fans are on their feet, cheering on the man who looked to be done for in the early going of this fight.  Catcher feeds off the energy of the crowd and now starts to the corner once again.  Chivalric stirs on the mat, Catcher makes the climb to the top rope, but Chivalric is up again, and he makes a MAD DASH to the corner. Catcher, with his back to Chivalric, can’t react until it’s too late! Chivalric wraps his arms around Catcher’s body and looks to FLING him backwards with an overhead belly-to-back suplex!  Chivalric locks his feet into the ropes so he can drop his body ALL the way back!

Catcher flips over… but LANDS on his feet!  The fans POP BIG!

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher showing amazing agility and balance, and now… LOOK! Chivalric got himself caught in the tree of woe!

Catcher IMMEDIATELY spots this and he charges… baseball slide into Chivalric’s face!  Chivalric slumps, his legs toppling over his body.  Catcher drags Chivalric away from the corner now, flattens him out and makes an abrupt cover.

Kamura counts…



Chivalric kicks out, and manages to shove Catcher over onto his back and forcefully pin his shoulders down….



THRE… NO! The fans cheer as Catcher JUST kicks out.  Chivalric gets up to his feet, Catcher up to a second after, Chivalric spins… looking for a hard chop to the throat, but Catcher ducks the chop!  Chivalric’s own force carries him all the way around… SPINNING LEG LARIAT FROM CATCHER!

Dave Dymond: OUT OF NOWHERE!

The SECOND Chivalric hits the mat the cover is made…



Other Guy: NEW CHAMP!?



Other Guy: Chivalric shoulders out, and listen to these fans!

Dave Dymond: They don’t like it one bit, Other Guy. They want to see a new Revolution Champion.

Catcher shakes his head for a moment, seemingly getting a bit discouraged.  He gets up though, and pulls Chivalric up off the mat as well, only for Chivalric to snap back again, catching Catcher off his guard once more!  STIFF kick to the leg, which sees Catcher slump to one side… and then Chivalric hoists Catcher up in a suplex position again, but this time holds him there, letting the blood rush to his head.

Dave Dymond: Chivalric looking to put an end to this one… high impact brainbuster….

The fans watch on as Chivalric looks to bring Catcher straight down on his head… but JUST before he does, Catcher suddenly pushes OFF from Chivalric’s body, FALLING top of the head first towards the mat… but at the last second, Catcher TUCKS his head and gets Chivalric by the legs, rolling him over onto his back!!!!





Kamura counts the three and signals for the bell! The fans cheer with excitement and surprise!  Catcher quickly scrambles out of the ring as Chivalric kicks out after its all said and done….

Dave Dymond: NEW Revolution Champion!  I can’t believe it! How the heck did Arion Catcher pull that off!

Other Guy: I’m not a wrestling move encyclopedia by any means, but THAT was a damn impressive counter roll up if ya ask me!

Catcher is outside of the ring as Chivalric looks on in absolute rage… listening as "All Apologies" plays throughout the arena once more.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner of the match… and the NEW SHOOT Project REVOLUTION CHAMPION…  ARION CATCHER!!!

Catcher takes a hold of the championship title, while Scott Kamura comes to the outside to officially raise Catcher’s hand in victory!@

Dave Dymond: It didn’t look like Catcher could do ANYTHING to bring this match to an end, but in a shocking moment, that quick roll up out of the brain buster attempt… and well Arion Catcher has placed himself in the SHOOT Project history books as a champion.  And nobody can take that away from the young upstart.

Other Guy: He said it himself though, it’s one thing to become champion, it’s another thing to STAY champion. And well we’ve seen titles change hands a damn lot here in SHOOT Project because of some serious stiff competition.  Can Catcher hold onto this momentum Dave?

Dave Dymond: I see a lot of prospect in the kid, so I’m hoping so.

Catcher heads out through the crowd, showing a GREAT deal of emotion as he holds the Revolution Championship high over his head. Fans gather close around him, congratulating him but also wanting to be seen on television.  The cheering and the celebration continues at ringside, but eventually the focus shifts away.


The cheering once heard at ringside is replaced with booing. The booing can just barely be heard in the locker room area, but never the less is still present.  The reason for the mood change is because of the man seen.  Vincent Mallows is in view from the waist up.

Vincent Mallows: Tonight will not be a night we make ourselves heard.  Oh no. They hear us just fine.  Tonight, is simply just a reminder.  I intend for that to be the case…

The focus pans out now to reveal that Vincent Mallows is not alone in the locker room.  Across the way, Adrian Corazon sits, looking down at the floor.  He is not yet dressed to wrestle… but his Iron Fist Championship is placed next to him on the bench and his duffel bag is by his feet.  Corazon says nothing, eyes looking down still.  Mallows moves his wheel chair towards Corazon.

Vincent Mallows: Understand, Adrian, that this is what we all want.  Tonight’s demonstration will be just what we need.  There can be nothing more than complete agreement, complete understanding.  If we do not remain on the same page, then this means nothing. Then everything Roland Caldwell has gone through means nothing.  Every body Sammy Rochester has laid to waste will mean nothing. And Adrian, every ounce of what you’ve done to have them call you inhuman… will mean nothing.

Mallows inches just a little more forward, and finally Corazon looks up, but he still says nothing.  Mallows moves his right arm to his face, rubbing his temple slightly and then he brings his arm down.  The action is followed by a sigh, but the sigh sounds awkward, and comes with a slight gurgle.

Vincent Mallows: I need to know you are paying attention to me, Adrian. I am not the leader here, I am not capable of truly leading through action, only words.  I don’t look to control you, just find compliance in you.  This demonstration will mean EVERYTHING.  I need to know, I MUST know… are you a part of us?  Will you be out there for the night’s biggest moment… for Roland’s proclamation, for OUR demonstration?

Corazon’s eyes gaze to the floor once again, but only briefly. He then looks Mallows right in the eyes.

Corazon: Yeah… I’ll be out there.

Corazon gets up off the bench, now standing tall over Mallows.

Corazon: But right now, I need to get ready.

Mallows cannot nod, so he simply shows his agreement by turning the chair around and leaving the locker room area.  Corazon watches him leave, a strange, contemplative look in his eyes.


The cameras backstage focus on a particular locker room door…


There is a fairly mixed reaction from the fans in attendance at the US Airways Center here in Phoenix as they see the bronze name plate on the door.  The boos outweigh the cheers in this instance, but it’s most certainly LOUD.  Moments, later, said door opens and the DEFILER emerges, head down, ignoring the cameras.  He carefully pats at the pockets of his trendily-torn blue jeans and then promptly adjusts his his navy-blue hoodie. The frilled end of a brown-and-white striped scarf dangles down across his chest, which he fiddles with momentarily before attempting to begin a casual stroll down the hallway.


That attempt is quickly thwarted by a masked burglar.

Jonny looks up, calmly to his credit, and stares at the approaching vagabond.  The guy (or maybe girl for that matter) has a black-and-white striped prison jumpsuit, an old-timey white prison “cap” (The one that kind of looks like a sailor hat, but for prisoners) and a black mask across only his eyes and nose.

Jonny sighs.

The DEFILER: Are you the same guy I heard about last week?

The burglar nods his head.

Burglar: Yeah.  I changed my clothes, though.

Jonny looks the character over.

The DEFILER: Look, I don’t really have any money…

Burglar: DON’T “F” WITH ME!  Ms. Lake told me you had the ten thousand dollars!  NOW GIMME!

The current  NUMBER ONE CONTENDER shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Okay, dude… first of all, I’m not going to cary ten thousand dollars in cash…

The burglar looks irritated and doesn’t seem to understand.


Jonny sighs again, not really sure where to begin with this fellow.

The DEFILER: I would just report the card stolen or cancel the check.

Burglar: DON’T!

The DEFILER: Do you even know how money works?

As Jonny proposes this rather elementary question, Michael and Rowland Collins enter the scene, heading toward wherever it is their heading.  (Presumably their dressing room, considering both men are still in their street clothes.)  Jonny perks up when he sees them, and the Twins stop whatever conversation they were having.

The DEFILER: (Turning toward the Collins Twins, ignoring the Burglar) Fucking perfect.

He blurts out, and the Twins look confused and a little bit hesitant as their movement comes to a halt.

Michael Collins: Can we be helpin’ ye, Mister Johnson?

He asks in a formal tone, cautious of why Jonny Johnson would be so enthused to see either him or his brother, while Rowland stands guard, ready for anything.  The burglar also watches on, suddenly less concerned with money and more concerned where this particular meeting is going.

The DEFILER: You?  Help me? (Laughing a little bit) No.  Ha. God no.  But I THINK I can help you.

Michael peers at Jonny, raising an eyebrow, but clearly interested to hear more.

Michael Collins: Aye?  And how’s that, lad?

Jonny reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, removing a card from one of the inner sleeves.  It’s blue and says “CHASE” on the top.

It’s a check card.

He holds the card out in front of Michael Collins, an obvious offering.  Michael looks at the card, and then Jonny, and then to Rowland.

Rowland Collins: What’s this?

Jonny urges one of them to take it, holding it out closer.

The DEFILER: An account I opened for you.  Ten Thousand dollars.

Burglar: SHIT!  NICE!

Jonny nods his head at the Burglar’s outburst.  Michael and Rowland, however, remain understandably cautious of the situation.

Michael Collins: And the catch.  Hmm?  What’s the catch?

Rowland Collins: Aye.

The cunning Defiler shakes his head and offers a sincere response, or, well, at least as sincere as Jonny is ever really capable of being.

The DEFILER: No catch, guys.  Just one guy trying to do something… nice.  Ya know?For… for a good cause. (Making direct eye contact with both brothers)  I think families need to be together.

Jonny continues to hold the card out, urging the Collins’s to accept his gift.

Michael Collins: (Slowly reaching out to grab the card ) Aye, Mister Johnson.  They should.

He suspiciously keeps his eyes on Jonny the entire time as the transaction is completed, the card now squarely in possession of Michael.

Burglar: This is magical.

Jonny casts a slight smile and nods, satisified with the Twins’ decision.

The DEFILER: So this makes us… friends now, yeah?  (Raising an eyebrow)  I mean, ten thousand dollars is a lot of money to give out to mere acquaintances.

He trails off for a second as he gauges the reactions of both Collins twins.  Rowland stays mostly blank faced at first, while Michael offers a slightly sinister grin and lets out a soft, understated chuckle.

Michael Collins: (Looking to his brother and then back to Jonny) Friends it is…  Mister, well, I guess, rather…  Jonny.

Rowland joins his brother in grinning.

Rowland Collins: Hell, Michael ‘n I’ll be a couple o’ ole’ drinkin’ buddies at ten grand, mate.

Jonny is quite clearly pleased.

The DEFILER: So then…  we’d…  Well, if I was in a situation where I could use a bit of, uhh… where I’d need (gesturing toward Michael and Rowland) help or whatever…  I could…  you know… count on you?

Michael nods and Rowland shrugs his shoulders.

Rowland Collins: Don’t see why not.

Michael Collins: We ARE friends after all, Jonny.

There’s a definite understanding between the three men, all of whom appear quite content with whatever strange deal has just gone down.

The DEFILER: Good. (Nodding) Very good.  Now if you gentlemen don’t mind, I REEEALLLLLY need to be ducking out of here.  I have to sign some paperwork and basically, well…  I gotta go do a bunch of main event, superstar stuff.  (Patting both Michael and Rowland on the backs as he walks by) But uhh…Good luck with uhh, well, with everything. (Facing the twins, but walking backward)  And… and go win that tag thing dealie, okay? (Waggling his right, index finger) If you guys need any advice or anything ever on that sort of thing, just ask.  (Shrugging, and “modestly” beaming) Obviously, I know a thing or two about what it takes to be a legendary tag team.

He gives a wave.

The DEFILER: See ya guys.

Jonny turns and vanishes down one of the intersecting corridors, leaving the Collins Twins alone…  And the Burglar.

Burglar: That guy’s kind of a douche, huh?

The Burglar stands with his hands on his hips, shaking his head in disbelief at Jonny’s attitude toward others.  Michael and Rowland, in the meantime, look the guy over, a bit miffed by his appearance.

Michael Collins: Yer a… (Peering at the Burglar) Robber ‘r somethin’, lad?

The burglar nods.

Burglar: Yeah.  I was going to ask you for your money in a second, but just figured I should let the moment play out.

Out of nowhere, Rowland lunges forward and KICKS the Burglar square in his “balls” area.

Rowland Collins: Feck off, mate!

Michael smirks and looks down at the Burglar, shrugging his shoulders.

Michael Collins: Cheers, eh?

The Twins walk off, leaving the poor Burglar alone to wallow in his misery.



Returning to the ring area, the bell sounds to bring the attention to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall…

"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix begins to play as Leon Strife starts out to the ring, taking the time to interact with the fans and tag a few hands.  Strife is still sporting bandaged ribs, but isn’t letting his injury get to him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 183 pounds… here is "Lionheart" Leon Strife!!!

Strife jogs up the steel steps and then vaults over the top rope, a showing of his agility and energy going into this match up.

Dave Dymond: Much like Arion Catcher, Leon Strife is a name that is gaining more and more popularity each week he’s in competition.  He debuted in the Redemption Rumble, put up a hell of a fight against Ron Barker last week, and now three days from the start of the Sky High tournament, Leon Strife is looking for a victory to give him some momentum going into the next eight weeks.

Other Guy: Any victory will give a guy momentum, but as far as tonight goes, not sure you’re gonna get any more momentum than what we saw just moments ago from Arion Catcher, our NEW Revolution Champion.

Strife’s music fades out, and almost immediately is replaced by "Louis XIV" by Louis XIV.  It isn’t long before Declan O’Leary steps out from the back, and then starts to the ring with a bit of a disgusted swagger about him as he looks at Strife.  Strife backs up from the ring ropes, and motions for Declan to get into the ring, clearly not about to back down from a fight.  Declan just smiles slightly at the confidence being shown.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 192 pounds, here is Declan O’Leary!

Dave Dymond: O’Leary has not been active on the wrestling radar as of late, but despite having been out of the ring for some time, that doesn’t take away from O’Leary’s history here in SHOOT Project. A former Iron Fist Champion, and well hard times seem to have taken their toll on the once fan favorite Irishman.

Other Guy: So really what this one comes down to is two talented fighters looking to get the next step up; a victory to add to a potential winning streak.

Dave Dymond: Indeed both men will be looking to prove themselves, and while I don’t agree personally with some of Declan’s out of ring antics, I won’t deny the man can be one tough opponent for anyone who faces him.

After walking around on the outside of the ring for a moment, O’Leary finally rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and slowly gets up. He carries with him this odd arrogance that the fans slowly pick up on more and more.  Strife doesn’t let O’Leary’s attitude get to him though and he continues to warm up, but he makes sure to keep his eyes on O’Leary.  Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring, and with both competitors set, referee Austin Linam calls for the bell.


Strife quickly starts moving around the ring, looking to keep his speed and agility as the elements to having the upper hand in this match.  O’Leary moves around as well, but much slower, looking to strike at any given moment.  Strife seems to pivot on one foot, which catches O’Leary flinching, and suddenly Strife charges in from the other direction, but O’Leary is ready and both men lock up into a quick grapple.  O’Leary wrenches the arm around once, and then throws a single fist to Strife’s face!  Strife’s head snaps back but O’Leary holds onto his arm and pulls him back in for a second punch, but time Strife ducks it, and while gripping back on O’Leary’s hand, flips O’Leary quickly with an arm drag!  Strife is up to his feet and backs off rubbing his jaw.

Dave Dymond: Strife I believe sending a quick little message to O’Leary that he’s not about to let this become a fist fight.

O’Leary gets up to one knee and just looks at Strife, a quirky grin on his face.  Strife motions for O’Leary to come after him, and O’Leary gets up, but again keeps it slow and calculated, trying to goad Strife into making the wrong move.  Strife stays light on his feet and eventually DARTS in at O’Leary again, this time O’Leary ducks Strife coming at him and just SLAPS Strife in the back of the head!  This gets to Strife a bit and Strife turns quickly and from a standing position LEAPS up onto O’Leary’s shoulders and looks to take him down with a hurricanrana… and he DOES! Strife is back up to his feet, but O’Leary rolls through the take down, turns         quickly and shows a bit of speed himself, DROPPING Strife with a hard clothesline!

Strife goes down and O’Leary follows with him, now on one knee to Strife’s side, PUNCHING AWAY at him!  Strife eventually gets the arms up to block one of O’Leary’s punches and he manages to push O’Leary away and roll in the other direction. Just as Strife gets up to his feet, O’Leary arrogantly walks up behind Strife and just KICKS at the back of Strife’s legs, sending him back down onto the mat.  O’Leary simply shrugs his shoulders, which draws some ire from the fans.

Other Guy: I’ve seen some of the old Iron Fist title fights O’Leary was involved with, and I kinda prefer this Declan O’Leary we’re seein.  He’s got some personality to him.

Dave Dymond: I guess if you consider cheap attacks and obvious mockery as personality, then yes Declan O’Leary has tons of it.  But honor? I mean to turn his back on long time partner and fellow Irishman Conor McLellan in the Redemption Rumble…

O’Leary lifts Strife up to his feet now and just sends him into the corner with a hard whip!

Other Guy: Turned, Dave? The rumble was every man and woman for themselves, O’Leary was showin’ he’s an opportunist.

With Strife slumping in the corner, O’Leary walks quickly towards him, then starts to run, and then turns his body with a hard back elbow.  Strife almost falls into a full sitting position, but O’Leary brings him right back up and suddenly UNLOADS with lefts and rights… One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight… nine…

O’Leary winds up for the tenth punch, but suddenly opens his hand and just SLAPS Strife across the face.

Declan O’Leary: Wake up!  Wake up, ye feckin’ pussy!

The fans boo O’Leary as he taunts Strife now, but it backfires as suddenly Strife LIFTS his body up and BOOTS O’Leary right in the face!  O’Leary, caught completely off his guard, staggers back and now Strife leaps up onto the top turnbuckle and LEAPS with a textbook cross body splash!  Both O’Leary and Strife go down onto the mat, with Strife hooking the leg on O’Leary!

Linam goes down to the mat to make the count.



Dave Dymond: Kick out at two, but Strife doing EXACTLY what O’Leary shouted at him to do, and that’s wake up!

Strife leaps up to his feet after the kick out, and clutches at his ribs slightly, but doesn’t let it throw off his momentum.  Strife hits the ropes now, and before O’Leary is up, Strife leaps over O’Leary and hits the ropes on the other side of the ring.  O’Leary springs up to his feet, but before Strife leaps off the ropes, he looks backwards to see O’Leary up and instead vaults over the ropes to the outside edge of the ring.  O’Leary charges at Strife, and Strife now FLIPS over the ropes, landing behind O’Leary, but O’Leary was ready and as Strife turns to capitalize… O’Leary just UPPERCUTS Strife!  Strife goes down hard and O’Leary follows up with a blatant targeting of the ribs, DROPPING a fist right on the bandages!

Other Guy: Strife’s ribs AGAIN the target of an attack. And ever since he felt that squeeze of Sammy Rochester’s bear hug, he hasn’t escaped those being a target.

Dave Dymond: That he has not, which begs the question, how will this effect Strife’s performance in the Sky High tournament?  These cruiserweights are going to be put through a rough schedule, both in the tournament and here on Revolution… can Strife hold up through that?

Strife clutches at his ribs in pain and now referee Austin Linam shouts a warning at O’Leary, only for O’Leary to sort of just ignore it and drop for a forceful cover on Strife.  Linam makes the count.



In asshole fashion, O’Leary breaks the count on his own and shakes his head.  The fans boo now, and O’Leary again offers a quirky grin and a shrug of the shoulders.  O’Leary brings Strife up to his feet, scoops him up quickly, and then takes him down with a body slam, and then drops an elbow to the ribs!  Strife shouts out in pain, clearly at the disadvantage now, and O’Leary AGAIN with a pin.



THRE… Strife kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Bet O’Leary is wishing he didn’t break that pin earlier, as now Strife fighting back with a kick out!

O’Leary darts up to his full vertical position and looks for a hard stomp down on Strife’s ribs, but Strife rolls up to his feet and then whips around behind O’Leary, applies a standing sleeper but then DROPS to the mat, putting O’Leary down, back of the head first! The fans start to pick up, but Strife showing he’s hurting now, as he gets up slowly…. But then just RUNS full speed at the ropes.  O’Leary sits up, but Strife right there, sitting dropkick!  O’Leary’s head snaps back and Strife makes the cover.



Other Guy: But Declan kickin’ right back out in return.  It’s gettin’ pretty heated now, Dave, and that’s what I like to see.

Dave Dymond: I think realization setting in for both men that this is going to be a fight, and not something either can win without the extra effort to put away the other one.

Other Guy: Gotta hand it to Strife, fightin’ on like this, risking his chances in the Sky High tournament.

Strife back up to his feet and now he turns out to the fans, playing up to them and getting them to cheer him on.  He gets a nice reaction and Strife starts walking around the ring, building up some serious momentum now as he waits for Declan to get up to his feet.  However the mood suddenly changes as off in the corner right section of the arena, fans start to stir, heads turn away from the ring, and seen coming through the people is Kenji Yamada!

Other Guy: Looks like Yamada comin’ out here to get a closer look at his competition for Wednesday…

Dave Dymond: Or perhaps he has every intention of getting involved in this one.

The fans begin to boo but Strife’s focus is placed on O’Leary who gets up to his feet.  Strife moves in after O’Leary, but O’Leary thinks quick and darts out of the way, managing to score a glancing hook kick to Strife’s other side.  Strife stumbles, and now O’Leary sees Yamada who slides into the ring and just SHOVES O’Leary down to the mat and out of the way!  Linam sees this and quickly calls for the bell…


JUST as Yamada makes a B-line for Strife…  RUNNING KNEE TO THE MID-SECTION!

Strife flips over onto his back, and despite the match being ended, despite the bell sounding; Kenji Yamada lifts Strife up off the mat and just quickly takes him right back down with the ONIFUUSHA TWISTER!

Dave Dymond: And Yamada trying to put his opponent out before Sky High even begins!

Other Guy: Not to mention ya add insult to injury here, Linam called the match when O’Leary got knocked down, I think the "W" is goin to him!

The fans boo loudly as Yamada sizes up Strife now, despite shouts from Austin Linam!  O’Leary is up to his feet, but he simply assesses the situation and walks away… just as Yamada locks on the Onifuusha Thunder lock on Strife!

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe this!  This is just uncalled for.  Leon Strife did NOTHING to deserve this attack.

Other Guy: Bein’ Kenji’s opponent this week is something in Yamada’s eyes, that’s for sure!

Strife SCREAMS out in pain, and now referee Austin Linam grabs at Yamada’s body, trying to pull him off Strife.  Linam is too weak however, and soon he motions for help from the back.  More SHOOT Project officials come out, as well as some SHOOT security, and Edward Raymond himself follows up behind them.  The bodies quickly flood the ring, eventually getting Yamada off of Strife… but Yamada doesn’t look to be done with his upcoming opponent.  He tries to lunge back at Strife, but Raymond now comes between Strife and Yamada.

Edward Raymond: Stop! You don’t want to be kicked out of the tournament do you!?

Yamada looks at Raymond, but says nothing.

Edward Raymond: This is YOUR one warning, Kenji.  Actions like this will not be tolerated. You save Sky High fights for INSIDE the ring, under OFFICIAL tournament rules.  You got that?

Yamada smirks in odd fashion and just moves in close to Raymond.

Kenji Yamada: I got it.  I have it all!

Yamada’s smirk fades and he exits the ring on his own accord, with security making a human wall between Yamada and Leon Strife.  The officials check on him and as Raymond looks on, also concerned, the focus shifts to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy. Both men look to the ring, but then shift gears.

Dave Dymond: An unwarranted attack, and we can only hope Strife is okay enough to compete come Wednesday.

Other Guy: Would be a damn shame to see Strife knocked out of the tournament before it began.

Dave Dymond: Indeed it would be, but if you can find a silver lining in the dark cloud that ended this match, it would be that INTIALLY Declan O’Leary was awarded the win due to disqualification, but after the attack that went down on Leon Strife, the official ruling has been changed to a no contest.  It’s not much, but Leon Strife at least does not suffer a literal loss here… Of course the damage done by Kenji Yamada certainly outweighs that announcement.

As the fans watch as Leon Strife is helped to the back, an uproar of cheering echoes throughout the arena.  The cameras follow Strife for a bit, but eventually cut away from the ring area yet again.


The scene fades into the green room. A few random staff members and nameless faces walk about, chatting, having a drink, and relaxing. After a few moments of panning about, we see two faces that seem to stick out a little more. One of them is young, very pretty, very curvacious young lady who looks to be in her early, early 20s. She seems barely 21 and has brown hair down to her shoulders. She wears a a black tanktop and a short jean skirt. Her friend is a much larger, much rougher looking man who looks to be in his mid 40s. He wears his a black, leather vest with a sleeveless grey tanktop and blue jeans. His arms and hands are covered in tattoos. Both of them are holding nondescript clear cups with what appears to be beer inside.

Ajax Whethers: Well, Nova Lynn my girl, it seems we’ve made it to the big times. Cheers Ms. Jackson.

Nova Lynn Jackson: This is SO awesome, Ajax! Oh my god, you were right, shutting up is the BEST thing I coulda done during that meeting! Oh my GOD we have a JOB again!

Ajax Whethers: Before long, you’ll get your first match. Maybe you’ll win, maybe you won’t, but if you’ll just work hard, listen carefully, and try not to fuck everything that moves, you’ll make a good impression, and we’ll be on the road to easy fucking street.

Nova Lynn: …Wait, then why am I here?

At the look Ajax sends her way, she buries her nose in her cup and takes a big sip, trying not to laugh.

Nova Lynn: Awe, come on! I’ve gotten much better at not screwing up, even when I am screwing around. Let me have my fun! Just having fun doesn’t make me good or bad at wrestling either way. 

Ajax Whethers: Just saying, this is SHOOT Project. Jason Johnson didn’t find you impressive because you’ve got a nice pair of tits and a vagina. He hired you because he found something about you worth hiring. You have too much ‘fun’, have too many unimpressive matches, and BAM! We’re working the underground Alabama circuit again.

Remember Alabama?

Ajax sips the beer, quirking an eyebrow.

Nova Lynn:  No! I blocked out ALL of those memories, and I’m going to KEEP them blocked!

She gulps down the rest of the beer in one huge gulp, as though trying to drown the thoughts out of her mind. The thought was gone as soon as she had it, and she looks back at him, a little nervous.

Nova Lynn: Hey! Do you think I’m gonna have to face that crazy lady? They always make me fight the other girls. 

Ajax Whethers: That’d actually probably be good for you. Think about it. You get a match with someone about the same size as you. You win that match, you differentiate yourself from her, and a few of the right guys have respect for her, so, that could really only benefit you. I’d be more worried about guys like Sato or Obsidian.

Nova Lynn: Hey…. Uhh… You don’t think Mr. Johnson would… really put me against those guys? I mean… They’re kinda outta my league, right? I know I’m good and stuff, but those guys are scary. I was winning and all back against people like XXX, but he was an even bigger idiot than I am.  

Nova was actually saying her fears candidly. Apparently, she hadn’t realized that the camera was focused on them.

Ajax Whethers: Just don’t go pissing the man off. Otherwise, nah, I don’t see him putting you against those two anytime soo-HEY!!

Suddenly, Ajax’s beer gets knocked from his hands by some object that comes flying from off camera. Out of nowhere, a man in a blue shirt with "CBP" written in flashy yellow letters comes onto frame. He seems to be looking for something.

CBP: Have you all seen my bagel?

Nova Lynn: …No? Hi, I’m Nova Lynn Jackson, and this is the brains of the operation, Mr. Ajax Whethers. Who’re you, and how long ago did you lose your bagel? 

Ajax lifts up something from the ground. It’s a beer soaked bagel.

Ajax Whethers: Found it.

CBP takes it, smiling happily. He then takes a big bite from the bagel and chews happily. After swallowing, he holds his hand out to Nova and Ajax.

CBP: Hi guys. The name’s CBP. But friends call me CBP.

Nova Lynn: Um, alright. I’ve never seen you before, are you new here, too? We are! Like, first day here kinda of new!

She smiles and shakes his hand, pleased to meet the man. He wasn’t ugly, and she liked that.  CBP nods up and down, overly dramatic.

CBP: Big day for me. I just got signed into a contract with…ummm….ummmm…..what’s the name of this place again?

Nova Lynn: SHOOT Project!

Nova beams, happy to have remembered.

Nova Lynn: It’s one of the good ones, too, not the sort of place that’s gonna fold in two weeks after giving you a year contract like some of the others!

She’s bitter. 

Ajax Whethers: You couldn’t remember the name of the place?

CBP: Well, I mean, I have so much to remember. Like, my name, the date, that you can’t eat trash. That’s a lot of stuff to remember.

CBP takes another bite of his bagel, munching happily. Ajax quirks a brow, wondering if this guy is really serious or not.

Nova Lynn: Ya know, I think I’ve just found my second-best friend!

CBP: Really!? Where?!

CBP looks around, searching out Nova Lynn’s new second-best friend. Ajax puts his head in his hands, unsure what to think of the situation.

Ajax Whethers: You sure can pick’em.

Nova Lynn: I didn’t pick him, luck picked him FOR me! We’re in Las Vegas, after all! It’s perfect! 

CBP: I thought we were in Beirut?

Ajax Whethers: Pheonix Arizona.

Nova Lynn: Close enough. SHOOT’s home is Vegas, so it’s the Vegas spirit that found CBP for us!

CBP jumps…right into Ajax’s arms.


CBP looks up into the rather irritated face of Ajax.

CBP: You have beautiful eyes.

Ajax drops CBP to the floor, dusting off his arms and chest.

Ajax Whethers: No, really, I might kill this dude.

Nova Lynn: No, you won’t! I won’t let you!

There was no way in hell Nova could enforce her implied threat. At all. Ajax simply sighs. CBP stands up, coming back onto camera.

CBP: I have discovered that THIS floor is hard!

Nova Lynn: Leave the falling down for the ring! You might get hurt!

CBP: Ring? Good heavens, why would I get in one of those?

Nova Lynn: The place the wrestling happens?

Ajax Whethers: You are a wrestlers, right?

CBP shakes his head no.

CBP: Here, read the back of my shirt. It tells you what I do.

CBP turns around and points to his back.

Ajax Whethers: It says "I R Wrassler".

Nova Lynn: Wrassling is just a stupid way to say wrestling, CBP!

CBP turns around, a look of shock on his face.

CBP: Oh dear. Oh deary dear dear dear. Oh deary deary dear dear dear. Oh deary deary dear dear deary. Oh dear-

Ajax Whethers: SHUT UP!

Nova Lynn: Ajax, can we leave now?

Ajax nods his head.

Ajax Whethers: I need another beer. Later crazy.

CBP waves happily.

CBP: Bye new people!

Nova Lynn: Bye Sweetheart!

Nova Lynn and Ajax walk off, leaving CBP with his bagel.

CBP: What a strange group of people.

The camera fades out to CBP munching on his bagel.


The scene opens to Eryk Masters standing in the backstage area with “The Beast” Kaz Sato. Kaz is wearing jeans and a black “Body Bags, Bitches” shirt under a black leather jacket. Sato has a strange smile on his face as if he is a kid about to get the Christmas gift that he has be begging all year for.

Eryk Masters: It seems like you’re in a good mood, Kaz.

Sato answers with a creepy smugness.

 Kaz Sato: That’s right. You see tonight, I am going to get my answer tonight. You see Eryk, I’m a nice guy and I really don’t want to take out any of Lee’s family members or his friends. Chalk it up as a desperate plea from a desperate man who wants one thing so badly. And that is to face Chris Lee in the ring and finish the job I started weeks ago.

Eryk Masters: But Kaz you harassed his family and threaten to harm them

Kaz Sato: Look at what he made me do, Eryk. Those were the levels I had to stoop to in order to get what I want. I threaten his family, because I know how much Chris’s family means to him. If I have to pull a Ron Barker and fuck with his family to get what I want so be it!!!!

Eryk Masters: Kaz, you gotta understand, your actions make you no better than Barker. You are doing everything like him. Is that how you plan on setting yourself apart from the others. By copying those you see.

Kaz quickly grabs Masters and slams him up against a nearby wall.

Kaz Sato: Let me explain something to you, Eryk. Ever since I’ve been here in SHOOT, everyone loves to use that tired old line that I remind them of someone else. Let me tell what’s sets me apart for those who I seem to be like…I’m not wrestling in a Bingo Hall for shit pay or hiding behind a desk because my body can’t take the strain of the sport anymore. I’m not here one minute heralded as a great talent then gone with the wind the next. I don’t need to play the race card or bring up the past to make a mark. I don’t need to staple someone’s face or get their lesbian counterpart to help me plan a downfall.

Eryk Masters: I never said…

Kaz Sato: SHUT UP!!! I’m not like the other MMA guy, Kilminster. I’m not like the other Asian guy who just lost his title. I’m not Worren’s lackey. I’m “The Beast” Kaz Yoshohiro Sato.  I am the Hell awaiting within Chris Lee’s future. You should remember that…everyone should remember that!! Now excuse me…I have a date with a Hall of Famer.

Sato let’s Masters go as he hears the beginning of “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter plays. We go back to a shot of the crowd inside the US Airways Center, "Hey Man Nice Shot" playing throughout the arena. The crowd starts to boo once they see Kaz Sato come from the entranceway. He has the same smug, cocky grin on his face, twirling a microphone with his right hand.

Dave Dymond: Kaz looks too happy, OG. Threatening Chris’s family… do you know how much they’ve been through all ready?

Other Guy: Have you been listening, Dave? He doesn’t want to… he just said all that stuff to get Chris to stop hiding underneath his wife’s skirt. Though really, I couldn’t blame him for hiding there… I hear the view is excellent.

Dave Dymond: That’s just not called for, OG.

Kaz continues to walk down to the ring, beaming that not-so-subtle blend of cockiness and confidence. As he’s about ten yards away from ringside, a tall fan with long blonde hair and a Jun Kenshin baseball cap hops onto the railing and BLASTS Kaz with a flying clothesline.

Other Guy: Oh COME ON! Security! This would have never happened in Vegas!

Dave Dymond: Fans, when you come to our shows, please don’t… OHMIGOD!

The tall, blonde muscular fan pulls off his baseball cap, only to reveal a blonde wig, and underneath that head of hair was the short brown hair of none other than Chris Lee. Once the fans realize who has jumped the railing, they begin to cheer for the Hall of Famer.

Other Guy: Holy Ambush, Dave!

Chris Lee waits for Kaz to get up, and as Kaz charges at him, Chris catches him and counters with a HUGE belly-to-belly overhead suplex onto the metal ramp. Chris is shouting out obscenities and muffled, incoherent words as he gets up, grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring, and runs back to Kaz, trying to get back up on his feet. Chris waits patiently, waiting for Kaz to turn his way. The crowd knows what’s going to happen, Dymond and Other Guy know what’s going to happen and can’t quite get a word out at the moment… maybe the only person who doesn’t know what’s going to happen next is Kaz.


And as Kaz is back up on his feet, disoriented, he turns around, only to get a FACEFUL OF CHAIR, Kaz’s reflexes not able to get his hands up in time to cushion the blow. The crowd yells out a long OH! from the sound and the impact of the chairshot. Chris drops his chair now as he sees Kaz’s bloody face as he walks closer to him. Kaz begins to kick at Chris’s legs, only for Chris to get a huge soccer kick into Kaz’s thick left thigh as Chris positions himself near Kaz’s head and begins to stomp on the wound viciously, unlike the calm and collected Chris Lee that we’re use to.

Other Guy: And the blood is in the water now! Damn where the Hell is security!!

Dave Dymond: Sato had this coming to him. He pushed and pushed Lee until he couldn’t be pushed anymore!

Chris looks down on the fallen Kaz with much disdain on his face as he picks up the fallen microphone that Kaz had in his possession. He holds the microphone to his mouth, only to drop down to his knees and use the mic to hit Kaz in the face some more. He quickly takes off the foam wind shield on the mic, revealing the hard, edgier surface, to further add damage to Kaz’s head.

Dave Dymond: I have never seen Chris Lee get this angered before. Kaz may have bitten off more then he can chew.

Chris stands up quickly, drops the mic onto Kaz’s fallen body and walks up the ramp toward the entrance. No music is being played throughout this, not even Alice in Chains’s "Grind." He turns around, facing the audience, who by this time is cheering and applauding the beatdown that just occurred, and salutes them by putting two fingers on his lips, and pointing to everyone in the crowd.

Dave Dymond: I assume that’s a… yes?

Chris walks to the back, the camera going back to Kaz as he’s just coming to. Not having the energy to immediately get up, all he can do at this moment… is smile. EMTs hit the ring to check on Sato, but he pushes them away and wipes the blood from his face. He slowly rolls out of the ring.  Kaz makes his way up the rampway, grinning all the way as he disappears through the curtains.



Samantha Coil: The following triple threat match is scheduled for one fall, with a forty-five minute time limit!

Flogging Molly’s “Rebels of the Sacred Heart” hits, and Michael Collins and Rowland Collins step through the curtain, Michael waving the Irish Flag with pride. Their sister, Maureen, only makes it three steps out with them before Michael makes himself obvious, by shouting at her and ordering her to get to the back. The fans begin to boo loudly.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland….the COLLINS TWINS!

Both men march down the ramp. Michael stays outside the ring as Rowland Collins climbs up the steps and quickly steps through the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Looks like the Collins’ have figured out who will be involved in this triple threat extravaganza, with Rowland representing his team.

Other Guy: You have to think neither team expected that, but Rowland will match up better against any of the other four. He’s a thinking-man’s wrestler.

The music fades and is soon replaced by “Here it Goes Again” by OK Go! The fans cheer loudly as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning step through the curtain! FLASH Dynamite has his hand on his hip, and his right thumb pointed skyward. Kid Lightning, however, starts marching rather determinedly down the ramp. FLASH follows his little budy.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, from Metropolis, Illinois! The representative of the FLYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEERS!

Kid Lightning springs onto the apron. He leaps up onto the top rope and springs upward off of it, he turns and lands again, his back to the ring now, and springs off the top rope with a perfect backflip to his feet! He lands and places his left hand on his hip, and thrusts his right thumb to the sky! The music fades, once again, and this time is replaced by “Bad Reputation” by Thin Lizzy!


The reaction that has gone from booing, to cheering, now shifts into a mixture of the two, as CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh both step through the curtain, both dressed to compete.

Dave Dymond: We know Kid Lightning is competing for the Flying Avengers. And we know Rowland Collins is competing for the Collins Twins. But who’s it going to be for Long Island Hardcore?

Other Guy: I think we’re going to find out sooner or later.

Both men make their way down the ramp and suddenly stop at the bottom of the ramp. Jared and CJ turn toward each other. Both place their left palms, facing up, out, and starts slapping their fists into the palms as their theme fades out. Both end suddenly with their hands open! Both shake their heads, and repeat, and both end with two fingers extended. Both, again, repeat the process. This time, Jared has two fingers extended, and CJ has his hand open! CJ grumbles and waves his hand toward the ring, and Jared slides under the bottom rope with a smirk.

Dave Dymond: Looks like a game of rock-paper-scissors decided that for them!

Other Guy: Either one of them has an incredibly solid advantage in this match-up, so I’m pretty sure neither of them cared who it would be.

Referee Dennis Heflin signals for the bell, finally, and Rowland Collins lunges at Kid Lightning for a double-leg takedown! Kid Lightning sprawls and plants the top of his head on Rowland’s back, and uses Rowland’s back to handspring to the other side of Rowland! Kid Lightning hits the canvas on both feet and runs right for Jared Walsh! Walsh sidesteps Kid Lightning and shoves him by the back of his head over the top rope, but Kid Lightning holds onto the top rope and swings himself onto the apron!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is so agile!

Other Guy: And I can’t wait to watch him start getting himself ragdolled all over the damn ring!

Michael Collins reaches for Kid Lightning’s leg, but Kid Lightning springs off the apron to avoid the reaching hand and ends up on the arena floor behind Michael Collins! Rowland Collins comes at Jared, and catches him with a single leg takedown! Jared turns over onto his stomach and rolls forward, catching Rowland with a sudden victory roll!



Rowland kicks out, as Michael Collins turns toward Kid Lightning, only to have Kid Lightning run right at him! Michael Collins ducks his head, and Kid Lightning leaps, planting a foot on Michael’s shoulders! Michael shoots upward, and Kid Lightning uses Michael’s back as a launchpad and springs straight to the top rope!

Dave Dymond: WHOA!

Kid Lightning, in one fluid motion, springboards off the top rope and catches both Jared and Rowland as they scramble to their feet with a cross body, taking them both to the canvas with surprise!

Other Guy: How the hell?!

Kid Lightning rolls off of their chests back to his feet, the loud pop of appreciation being soaked in, as Jared is the first to his feet. Kid Lightning hits the ropes, but CJ Nelson quickly grabs Kid Lightning’s ankle, and Kid Lightning crashes face first to the canvas! Rowland Collins, however, is right behind Jared Walsh, who points and laughs at Kid Lightning, and pulls Walsh backward with a schoolboy!



Jared Walsh kicks out hard, and both men scramble to their feet again as CJ Nelson yanks Kid Lightning out of the ring, bringing him crashing to the arena floor on his chest! Before CJ Nelson can do anything else, FLASH Dynamite runs around the ring and, with a running start, shoves Nelson backward hard! CJ backs away from Kid Lightning.

Dave Dymond: The action is all over the place, and I don’t envy referee Dennis Heflin ONE bit!

Other Guy: I don’t envy him either. Not because of this match, but because it’s gotta be hard to get laid with that goofy combover of his.

Rowland comes at Jared, but Jared boots him in the abdomen! Jared hooks Rowland in a front facelock and snaps back with a suplex, floating easily into a cover.



Rowland kicks out, but Walsh pulls him to his feet and swings behind Rowland with a waistlock. Jared tries to snap Rowland back with a German suplex, but Rowland locks his leg around Jared’s to block the attempted suplex. Kid Lightning gets to his feet on the outside, just as Rowland reverses, rolling around Jared into a waistlock of his own, before quickly swinging up into a full nelson!

Dave Dymond: Neither Jared Walsh nor Rowland Collins can find a clear advantage on each other, with Kid Lightning still on the outside!

Other Guy: Rowland Collins might be going for a Dragon Suplex here though!

Kid Lightning springs onto the apron and then springboards to the top rope in a hurry! Kid Lightning soars right over Jared Walsh and then Rowland Collins, tucking right behind Rowland, he catches Rowland by the waist and snaps Rowland over with a sunset flip! And Rowland snaps Jared Walsh over with a Dragon Suplex! Both pairs of shoulders are down!




Jared Walsh and Rowland Collins both kick out, hard! Jared rolls to the side, clutching his neck, as Kid Lightning pulls Rowland to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning almost won it with that impressive sunset flip!

Other Guy: What if Rowland had kicked out, but Jared hadn’t? Wouldn’t that have meant Rowland would have won?

Dave Dymond: That would have been a possibility, yes!

Rowland suddenly lunges into Kid Lightning with a knee to the abdomen!

Dave Dymond: What the hell is Michael Collins doing?!

The camera switches to outside the ring, where Michael Collins is pulling a table out from under the ring! Not to be outdone, CJ Nelson decides to look under the ring, and he, too, finds a table and pulls it out just as Rowland sends Kid Lightning into the ropes! Rowland catches Kid Lightning on the rebound with an overhead belly to belly suplex, just as Jared Walsh gets to his feet!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but with CJ and Michael both setting up tables, I don’t think this thing is going to stay civil for long…

Rowland, unaware of Jared’s presence, scrambles to cover Kid Lightning! Jared runs for the ropes and runs up the turnbuckles!



Jared drops off his perch on the top rope, landing with the back of his thighs on either rope, springing back!


Jared lands across Rowland’s back with a split-legged moonsault, breaking the count as well as adding more crushing weight to Kid Lightning’s chest!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh just kept this match going with a picture perfect split-legged moonsault!

Other Guy: He took a risk with that instead of just, ya know, pulling Rowland off right away…

Michael Collins and CJ Nelson both complete the set-up of their tables, as FLASH openly protests about the hardware. Jared grabs Rowland and throws him through the ropes with a laugh, before he pulls Kid Lightning to his feet! Jared whips Kid Lightning off the ropes and leaps up for a dropkick, but Kid Lightning holds the ropes and Jared crashes with his back on the canvas! Kid Lightning hits the ropes to the side and runs right at Jared from the right and leaps upward, exeucting a corkscrew Shooting Star Press on Jared’s chest!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh took a chance, leaping early for the dropkick, and Kid Lightning made him pay the price!



Other Guy: No way!


Rowland Collins is in and he hits Kid Lightning with a running knee drop to the back of the head! Rowland grabs Kid Lightning by the back of his tihts and the back of his mask, and slides him out of the ring under the bottom rope, where he lands with a thud on the floor! CJ Nelson quickly moves toward Kid Lightning, and FLASH Dynamite gives chase, keeping CJ away from Kid Lightning, while Michael Collins takes the opportunity to pull a third table from under the ring, and starts setting it up. Rowland Collins pulls Jared Walsh to his feet and sends him into a corner!

Dave Dymond: There is pure chaos going on both inside, and outside the ring!

Other Guy: FLASH is doing a pretty good job at protecting Kid Lightning from unfair attacks on the outside, as annoying as that is.

Rowland charges at Jared, but Jared sends a foot up suddenly into Rowland’s face! Rowland stumbles backward before rushing back in at Jared! Jared stpes out of the corner and side steps Rowland, shoving him by both his hands into the turnbuckles chest first! Rowland turns around clutching his chest, right into a quick powerslam from Jared!




Rowland kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Rowland barely kicked out of that impressive powerslam!

Other Guy: The Collins’ wrote Jared off as unable to wrestle, but he is vastly underrated I think.

Jared pulls Rowland to his feet as Kid Lightning rolls under the bottom rope. Jared sends Rowland off the ropes and catches Rowland on the rebound with a spinebuster! But Kid Lightning pushes to his feet before Jared can take advantage, and rushes Jared! Jared turns as Kid Lightning catches Jared with a flying head scissors, spilling Jared through the ropes to the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: Perfect timing from Kid Lightning!

Other Guy: Or imperfect, depending on who you are.

Jared Walsh spills right in front of FLASH Dynamite, and FLASH backs away from him. CJ Nelson, however, is right behind FLASH and hammers him in the back of the head with a clubbing forearm! Jared slowly gets to his feet, more dizzy than anything, as CJ Nelson starts clubbing FLASH toward the table he set up earlier! Kid Lightning, for his part, pulls Rowland Collins back to his feet and whips him off the ropes! Rowland uses his considerable size advantage to reverse the whip, but Kid Lightning twists under the arm and kicks his right leg up as he jumps and twists, catching Rowland with a flying head scissors that sends Rowland into the corner!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning is taking care of Rowland Collins inside the ring with his impressive out-of-the-blue aerial tactics!

Other Guy: But it looks like Long Island Hardcore, while Dennis Heflin is distracted, are taking care of FLASH Dynamite…which will keep him from saving Kid Lightning the next time he gets tossed to the outside.

Kid Lightning runs at Rowland and leaps onto him, rolling backward to launch Rowland with a monkey flip! Kid Lightning gets to his feet and hits the ropes as Rowland scrambles to his feet! Kid Lightning rushes right at Rowland for a bulldog, but Rowland catches Kid Lightning under his leg and keeps him in the air! Rowland quickly places his left arm over Kid Lightning’s shoulder, and digs his right arm further under Kid Lightning’s knee, locking his hands together, Rowland snaps back with a reverse cradle suplex!


Other Guy: …wow…

CJ Nelson, on the outside, turns FLASH’s back to the table before Jared kicks up, behind FLASH, and right into FLASH’s groin from behind! FLASH doubles over, and CJ pulls him into a standing headscissors, while Michael Collins shouts orders at his brother inside the ring! CJ Nelson pulls FLASH up onto his shoulders in a crucifix powerbomb position! Rowland Collins makes the cover!


Jared Walsh runs around the table!


Jared jumps as CJ shoves FLASH downward!


Kid Lightning kicks out! And FLASH Dynamite goes through the table with a crucifix powerbomb and neckbreaker combination!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning kicked out!

Other Guy: And FLASH Dynamite just got driven through a table with Crucifix Escapist! Kid Lightning is completely alone now!

The fans buzz with shock as the table shatters! Michael Collins jumps about excitedly, clearly feeling that his brother now has a better advantage, as Rowland pulls Kid Lightning to his feet! Jared slides back into the ring and clubs Rowland from behind, sending Rowland sprawling forward. Rowland turns around, having dropped Kid Lightning, and catches a sudden spinning wheel kick to the face from Jared! Jared pops up to his feet, and turns toward Kid Lightning, who reaches up and pulls him into a small package!




Jared kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Jared was almost caught, and pinned, with that sudden pinning predicament!

Other Guy: But you’ll have to be a little bit better at the technical aspect of wrestling to get a win that way.

Jared scrambles to his feet and catches Kid Lightning with a running kick to the side of the head! Jared grabs Kid Lightning and throws him from the ring before turning toward Rowland! Rowland has gotten to his feet and Jared kicks Rowland in the abdomen! Jared pushes Rowland toward the middle rope and starts leaning down on the back of his neck, choking him against the middle rope! CJ Nelson hops onto the apron , and Dennis Heflin moves to stop him from openly intervening, allowing the choke to happen without resistance!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson is using his veteran instincts to draw the referee’s attention, allowing his partner to choke the life out of Rowland Collins!

Other Guy: It’s a smart strategy, especially with Kid Lightning on the outside, but Michael Collins can easily run in there and stop it…

Kid Lightning makes it back onto the apron, and Michael Collins is behind him, pulling at his leg! Kid Lightning kicks Michael’s hands off of his leg, backing Michael off of him! Michael quickly jumps onto the apron behind Kid Lightning, grabbing him in a waistlock!

Dave Dymond: You’re right, he could OG, but his hatred for Kid Lightning’s crush on his little sister is overrunning his brotherly instincts, I think.

Other Guy: And Jared doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to stop choking Rowland for as long as he can!

Michael tries to tug back on Kid Lightning, a table behind the two of them! Kid Lightning wraps both arms around the top rope, stopping the German suplex attempt, and keeping himself from sharing the same fate as his tag team partner! Kid Lightning stomps his right foot down on Michael’s foot! Michael releases the waistlock in shock, and Kid Lightning jumps upward hard! Kid Lightning lands on Michael’s shoulders, facing the same way, and snaps backward with a PoisonRana! Michael backflips off of the apron, thanks to Kid Lightning’s momentum, and crashes chest first through the table behind him as the fans explode into cheers!

Dave Dymond: HOLY SHIT!

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!

The outburst from the fans causes Jared to release the choke, and Rowland couldn’t be happier as he slumps almost lifelessly off of the ropes. Jared turns as Kid Lightning slides under the bottom rope and pushes to his feet, running right for him! Kid Lightning leaps up onto Jared’s shoulders and snaps back for a hurricanrana, but Jared jumps with the hurricanrana and turns it into a sunset flip-style powerbomb in mid-air!

Dave Dymond: WHOA!




Kid Lightning kicks out, barely!

Other Guy: That was incredibly close!

CJ Nelson grabs Rowland Collins by the arm and pulls him out of the ring. CJ starts dragging Rowland toward the last remaining table. Jared pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and starts rocking him toward a corner with punches. CJ pulls Rowland to his feet. Jared starts hammering Kid Lightning with punches, keeping him in place, as Rowland suddenly digs both thumbs into CJ’s eyes!

Dave Dymond: Rowland Collins just stopped CJ Nelson in his tracks!

Other Guy: And Jared Walsh is going to destroy Kid Lightning in the corner!

Rowland tucks CJ’s left arm through his legs to put him in a pumphandle! Jared backs away from the corner and charges back in at Kid Lightning! Rowland snaps CJ up and over with a sudden pumphandle suplex, shattering the table behind him in the process! Kid Lightning leapfrogs as Jared dives head first at his abdomen! Jared puts his hands up and stops himself by grabbing the middle rope, avoiding potential disaster, for sure!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh’s partner just crashed through a table, but at least Walsh didn’t crash into the ringpost himself!

Other Guy: How the hell did Rowland Collins lift CJ for that suplex?!

Rowland slowly rolls under the bottom rope as Kid Lightning runs at Jared, who is now in the corner! Jared ducks and shoves Kid Lightning upward, sending him into the air! Kid Lightning lands with his feet on the top rope, but Jared quickly kicks his right foot back into kid Lightning’s ankle, sweeping him to send him down onto the top turnbuckle, crotched!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning lands in a very undesirable manner!

Other Guy: You can say that again, Dave!

Rowland turns Jared around and knees him in the abdomen! Rowland snaps his head down into the side of Jared’s head with a headbutt. Rowland drives a second headbutt into the side of Jared’s head as Kid Lightning pushes to stand on the top rope. Kid Lightning leaps backward with a moonsault! Rowland ducks out of the way, inadvertently pulling Jared out of harm’s way as well! Kid Lightning lands on his feet, as Jared snaps his elbow into Rowland’s abdomen! Jared grabs Rowland’s head and runs up the turnbuckles, turning in mid-air, Jared drives Rowland down face first with a bulldog!

Dave Dyomond: Jared Walsh just hit Rowland Collins with You Dissolve!

Other Giuy: If Kid Lightning hadn’t have landed on his feet just moments ago, I would have thought this would be over right now!

Jared gets to his feet and Kid Lightning rushes right at him! Jared swings a clothesline, and Kid Lightning ducks it! Kid Lightning jumps onto the second rope and springboards back toward Jared, backflipping as he does! Jared turns just as Kid Lightning clears him, and Kid Lightning hooks Jared’s head in mid-air! Kid Lightning lands on his feet for a split second before snapping to his back, driving Jared to the canvas with a reverse DDT!

Dave Dymond: SONIC BOOM!

Kid Light ning springs to his feet as Jared Walsh wisely rolls un der the bottom rope, holding his neck. Rowland Collins, however, lies in the center of the ring, and Kid Lightning runs to the turnbuckle and leaps! Kid Lightning turns in mid-leap and lands with his feet on the top rope, displaying incredible balance before pushing upward and off, corkscrewing and flipping forward! Kid Lightning crashes with his chest against Rowland’s chest, with a modified Dragon Attack!

Dave Dymond: THUNDER BOLT!

Other Guy: Rowland Collins is out already, too!

Kid Lightning hooks the legs deep!



Jared Walsh pushes to his knees!


Jared Walsh lunges for Kid Lightning, and barely misses, which allows Dennis Heflin to slap his hand on the canvas for the third successive time! Dennis Heflin gets to his feet and quickly signals for the bell, as the fans cheer loudly!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 30 minutes and 59 seconds! Representing the Flying Avengers, KIIIIIIIIIIIID LIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTNIIIIIIIING!

“Here It Goes Again” by OK Go hits once more, and Kid Lightning pushes up to his feet. He stumbles back into the ropes, using them to hold himself up, as Dennis Heflin moves to raise his arm. Jared Walsh, for his part, starts slapping the canvas in frustration, as Rowland Collins still has yet to stir.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning did the unbelievable! Against the odds, he scored the pinfall!

Other Guy: Good thing we aren’t in Vegas tonight, because I would have definitely lost some money, I know that much.


The screen opens to show a white “Sydal Family Reunion 2008” t-shirt.  The camera zooms back to reveal the swollen face of Donovan King, who is astoundingly all smiles.  He stands there, wearing the white shirt with red writing, which shows a ‘family tree’ with no branches whatsoever, and a small dog urinating on the base.  A muzak version of Cade Sydal’s current theme song, “Everybody Down” by nonpoint plays softly in the background.

Donovan King:  Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to welcome you…to the 2008 Sydal Family Reunion, hosted by me, Donovan King.

King turns his back to the camera to unveil the back of the shirt, with a complete list of all Sydal family members.  At the top of the shirt, though, in giant letters, is “HOSTED BY DONOVAN KING”.  The family members in question on the shirt are: Cade Sydal, Kid Lightning, Momma Sydal, Poppa Sydal, Uncle Jimmy ‘Crack Corn’ Sydal with the glass eye (yes, all written on the back of the shirt), Cade’s Whorechild Sydal, Sue E. Sydal, Homo Sydal, Jen O. Sydal, Sabu Sydal, Flip Sydal, Matt Sydal, Side To Sydal, Sydal Sydal, Dances With Sydal, and Sign Guy Sydal.

Donovan King:  Now, despite their differences with me, the Sydal family has allowed me to play host to their wonderful soiree.  I suppose this is due to the fact that I know a killer fried chicken recipe.  Dat, however, is not because I’m black.  I just can cook some good ass chicken.

King grins.

Donovan King:  Now, y’all is late to the festivities, so Sign Guy, Sydal Sydal, an’ Dances Wit’ Sydal had to go for fear of a lawsuit due to copyright shit.  Jen, Homo, an’ Sue all had to take Sabu home, cuz y’all know when he get drunk he be jus’ lookin’ at the sky an’ pointin’ an’ shit.  Matt had ta move to Florida, Flip had ta report ta his parole officer, an’ so dat jus’ leaves us wit’ the immediate family an’ Uncle Jimmy.

King shrugs.  He walks over to the table, which is the only place in the room lit up for all to see.  There, we see King’s fried chicken, okra, squash, pecan pie, apple pie, and other Southern comfort foods.  Sitting at the table, however, are mannequins with pictures taped to the faces.  Cade, Kid Lightning, and Momma Sydal are all visibly actual shots of Cade, Kid Lightning, and Momma Sydal.  Kid Lightning’s, however, has a black eye scribbled over one eye and a tooth missing, and the mannequin has blue lightning bolts drawn on it.  Momma’s mannequin has her legs split open and a lit cigarette taped to the mouth of the picture, which is cut out to hold it.  Uncle Jimmy’s a simple mannequin with a hole in the eye drilled out and a bouncing rubber eyeball is placed within.

Donovan King:  Now, the main course is yet to come, Obsidian’s in the kitchen right now preparing quite the feast.  Ya see, dis is what family reunions is all about.  Love.  Life.  Good food.  We can sit back an’ talk about all the good times we’ve had.  ‘Ey, Jimmy, you remember when I slammed Cade’s ass down on dat bed uh nails?

King chuckles, slapping Uncle Jimmy’s back.  The eyeball pops out and bounces on the table and into the okra.  King looks at it for a moment, shaking his head, and sighs before continuing.

Donovan King:  Oh!  Oh!  Oh man…no hate, right, Cade?  It’s all love.  Besides, you got me back wit’ dis swoll up face, didn’t you?  Ha ha!

King pumps some punches at Cade jokingly.

Donovan King:  ‘Ey Chris, my bad, Kid Lightning.  You remember dat Pitch Black Powerbomb on the hood uh dat car?  Man, I thought you shit yo’ drawers after dat!  Den again…I guess you don’t remember anything since last Revolution, huh?

King stops and looks at the babyseat next to Cade.  Sitting there is a doll with, disturbingly, Cade’s little baby daughter Erin’s picture taped to the face.  He picks the babydoll up and smiles.

Donovan King:  What a beautiful baby girl!  Man…time flies wit’ dese little scamps, Cade.  One day, dey covered in juices an’ gettin’ the cord clipped…the next, dey out gettin’ gangbanged by a buncha niggas who really don’t give a fuck.

“Erin”:  Ma-Ma!

Donovan King:  Sorry, child, but don’t nobody know where yo’ Momma is.  Strung out on dat crack rock, I’m stunned you came out healthy.

Suddenly, King hurls the baby doll into the darkness around the table, and the sounds of the doll breaking are heard.

Donovan King:  I guess…not no mo’.

King grins.

Donovan King:  Now, I brought all y’all together here…because of a special human bein’.  I allowed camera in here to give all the fans at home the chance to see just what kind of family life the Sydals have.  I wanted everybody to enjoy dis moment…because dis is a time fuh remembrance.  Fuh understanding.  Sittin’ at the head uh the table…is the man uh the hour.

King walks to the head of the table and stands behind none other than Poppa Sydal.  Although this time, it’s no mannequin.  Alarmingly, frighteningly, it’s the real thing.

Donovan King:  Ladies and gentlemen, dis is Frank Sydal.  He’s responsible fuh dis whole family even bein’ created.  Maybe not…uh…Uncle Jimmy Crack Corn over dere…but he’s the one in charge.  The paternal patriarchal pater familias.  Pop.

King rubs Frank’s shoulders, and it’s obvious Frank is scared.  He is bound and gagged, a sock in his mouth with duct tape wrapped around his head.  He is sweating profusely.

Donovan King:  As I said…dis is a time uh remembrance an’ true understandin’.  You hungry, Frank?

King picks up a piece of fried chicken breast, the smoke from the heat emanating off of the meat.  King takes a fork and peels the skin away to reveal the greasy hot inside.

Donovan King:  Open up, Frank.

King’s voice is sickeningly flat as he slaps the burning meat into Frank’s face, rubbing the hot grease into his skin.  Frank cries out in pain, trying hard to move but tied down too tightly.  King throws the meat to the floor and dabs a paper towel in Frank’s eyes.

Donovan King:  I know I ain’t perfect the recipe, but you ain’t gotta dis it like dat.  It’s cool, though…I got a special meal cooked up fuh you.  Obsidian?  Yo, man…bring Frank out his dish.

Obsidian steps into the light now and places the covered plate before Frank.  Frank looks down in anxiety at what may or may not be hidden before him.

Donovan King:  Are you ready, Frank?  It’s dinner time.

King’s voice is a harsh whisper now as he pulls the cover off and Frank covers his eyes for a moment in fright.  He opens them slowly and stares down at the plate, his eyes red and swollen but looking down at what undeniably are drugs, both legal and illegal.

Donovan King:  Frank, what you have here, I like to call the Caval-Cade.  A special treat fuh those reckless youths of America too skinny an’ too weak ta gain fame an’ success the right way.  Here befo’ you is…well…I’ll go through dese one by one fuh you.

King pulls up a chair, picking up a small green shrub looking piece.

Donovan King:  Dis is called marijuana, Frank.  It’s used ta create a general sense uh euphoria, creatin’ a kinda laziness dat is commonly referred to as a high.  Dere are other effects, but dose is the ones I want you to think about.  Yo’ boy…sittin’ on his ass fucked up off dis because he couldn’t face the day.

King then picks up a small bag of white powder.

Donovan King:  Dis is called cocaine, Frankie.  Dis also works up dat euphoria…but it’s also got a dash uh restlessness an’ a shitload uh energy.  I lost a sister ta dis shit, man.  Yuh son snorted dis up his nostrils because he needed ta get up an’ out dere.  It hollowed him out on the inside, an’ it’s an itch an’ a need dat don’t never go away.  Ever.  Even now, yo’ little boy’s got the urge ta get dis blow up in him.

King slides over to Frank a syringe filled with a strange liquid.

Donovan King:  Heroin, my man.  Yuh son injected dis in his veins an’ let it pump up his blood system ta get dat same euphoric state he was after…mix dis shit up wit’ coke an’ you got what dey call a speedball, Frank.  It’s a potentially lethal combination.  It takes lives, man.  Yo’ son…who knows if he did dis.  Dese can take a man’s life like it was nothin’, Frank.  Yo’ son stopped carin’ about his family an’ friends.  He cared ‘bout dis.  Only dis.  Alla dis.

King points to the three pills on the plate.

Donovan King:  Dat dere is vicodin, saraquil, an’ Percocet.  Pain killers.  Helps numb the pain uh dis hard life we lead, Frank.  I’m sittin’ here on some vicodin right now because uh yo’ kid…but I’m on the recommended dosage from my prescription.  See, I ain’t fuckin’ stupid.  Cade ate dese like dey was pain killer flavored M & Ms, man.

King finally comes to the last syringe.

Donovan King:  An’ dis is human growth hormone, Frank.  Your son took dis ta try ta overpower my mentor.  Ta get bigger.  Get muscle mass.  He couldn’t do it on his own.  So…he took dis…an’ alla dat shit I showed you…ta fake bein’ better than what he was.  He threw away his integrity, his honor, an’ both his self respect an’ the respect uh his peers.

Frank’s eyes gaze down at the plate, an empty sadness in them.  Tears drip off of his cheeks to the plate itself.

Donovan King:  Dis shit was hard ta come by fuh dis moment, so you can only imagine how badly Cade musta wanted dis shit ta find it.  A mouse don’t inject venom ta beat the snakes, Frank.  Yo’ son tried to jump over his place in the food chain.  He couldn’t accept it dat he wasn’t gonna be anything but prey fuh the real main event players in SHOOT, dose dat EARNED their place.  I know the boy told you about dis shit an’ wanted ta own up to you…but he’s got me to answer to now.  An’ I’m dat reality check dat’ll teach you an’ him both dat it ain’t gonna be so easy ta let things go back to the way they were.

Frank looks away from the plate and King grabs him by the back of his head.


King SLAMS Frank’s face down onto the plate, shattering it.  Frank’s face is burned and now bleeding, and King stands up over his unconscious body.  King glares at the camera.

Donovan King:  I wanted y’all to see dis.  Dat was what yo’ Teen Idol, yo’ Technical Messiah, took ta make it to the top here.  Dat was how he won the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Dat was how he ended OutKast’s career.  Dat was how he spearheaded the death uh SHOOT.  I don’t let your boos or cheers determine who my vengeance is exacted upon.  You fair-weather pieces uh shit might be able ta overlook his severe fuck ups…but I’m not able to look back wit’ such rosy colored glasses.

King’s face is stern, his jaw clenched.

Donovan King:  Your father knows, Cade.  He knows.  The fans know.  Your students know.  I’ve always known.  One by one, everybody’ll know.  Dey’ll all stay away from you like you was a leper.  You’re gonna be alone, Cade.  Broken an’ alone.  When I say I’m after yo’ blood, Cade…I didn’t just mean the kind that spills outta yo’ body.

He steps away from Frank’s bleeding body.

Donovan King:  One by one.  Dey’ll all know.  I hope you enjoyed the 2008 Sydal Family Reunion.  Shirts is on sale at SHOOT’s website.  I’ve already had one mailed ta you, Cade.  Wear it wit’ pride.

King walks into the darkness of the room as the camera zooms in on Frank Sydal, who hasn’t moved since he was thrown down to the plate.  His head is surrounded by all the drugs King displayed to him.  This grisly image is the last thing seen before the camera fades to black, the muzak version of “Everybody Down” by nonpoint, Cade Sydal’s theme song, continues to play.


The scene fades into the back parking lot of the US Airways Center. Jester stands out in the cold, wearing black track pants and a the hooded sweatshirt version of the "Jester Smiles: Almost Better Than Penguins" shirt. He can be seen doing some basic warm-up stretches in preperation for tonight. Abigail Chase appears from off camera, holding a microphone.

Abigail Chase: Jester!

Jester looks up, grinning at Abigail and taking a break.

Abigail Chase: Got time for an interview?

Jester Smiles: I don’t see why not.

Abigail Chase: Alright, first question, why in the hell are you all the way back here?

Jester Smiles: It’s quiet.

Abigail nods, and both smile.

Abigail Chase: Your match is coming up later tonight. Main event for the Laws of Survival Championship against Kilgore Stochansky.

Jester waits for a moment.

Jester Smiles: What’s the question?

Abigail Chase: Well, what are your thoughts?

Jester Smiles: My thoughts? Easy. Kilgore never beat me. He got a lawyer to, essentially, erase the results. I pinned that man twice in a row, in one evening. That title should rightfully be mine, and tonight, I’m going to dethrone our Interim Champi-

A coughing noise is heard off camera. The obnoxious throat-clearing kind of cough that let’s everyone know that the cougher is all sorts of an asshat. The camera pans out slightly, showing Ainsley Lake, who had walked up from the side of Jester, unnoticed.

Ainsley Lake: Fancy meeting you here, Smiles.

She flashes a grin at Abigail Chase, and turns back to her target.

Ainsley Lake: And in such lovely company! All we need is Samantha Coil here, and we’d have the best video in SHOOT history. But I’m not here to flatter Ms. Chase, I’m here to talk to you. We are not done, Smiles. 

Jester lets out a big sigh and turns to Ainsley, looking down.

Jester Smiles: That so?

Ainsley Lake: That is so. You think this is over, just because you got a good nights sleep? Oh, no. Unlike with Cade, I had no noble intentions for you, honey. You can’t just say to a mugger, “Gee, I don’t think I’d like for you to take my wallet today, can you go bother that guy over there?” I mean, you could, but it wouldn’t help you one bit. So, no. This is not finished solely on your say so. You got to keep your little martyr shenanigans going because you felt like it, but I should just step back because you don’t want me around?

Ainsley laughs, a cruel, cold laugh.

Ainsley Lake: That’s not how it works, Sugartits. 

Jester Smiles: And how you going to do that, Big Girl? Get me to chase you through a bunch of matches? I AM done with you, Ainsley. See, I guess I had tricked myself into thinking you really did what me to just leave you alone. So, hey, that’s what I did. But here you are. Now who’s giving me an ego trip? Wow, I…I feel special right now. Ainsley is actually coming to ME! This is…this is a big moment.

Jester looks at the camera man, a sly grin on his face, and a mock look of wonder in his eyes.

Jester Smiles: You guys getting this? Wow, this is big. This is real big.

Jester turns back to Ainsley, crossing his arms, grinning.

Ainsley Lake: Oh, no, that is not what this is about. You have some learning to do, Smiles. You need to learn that you can’t just run away from your demons when the ratings drop. You can’t just turn your back on every and anyone, just because being with them holds no more benefit for you. You are nothing more than an empty shell, chasing a paycheck.

Ainsley crosses her arms, mocking him, and she gives that slight backwards lean… That one everyone knows and hates, because all of their worst college professors would do it when they had just proven you to be a moron.

Ainsley Lake: And I don’t take kindly to being seen as nothing more than earnings potential. You have held onto my apron strings, not to mention my purse strings, and what have I gotten out of it? Nothing. So fucking typical… You leave me unsatisfied, every time. So like I said… this isn’t over. Not by a long shot. 

Jester Smiles: I’m done trying to convince of why I do what I do. I’m done apologizing for what I did. If you can’t get over it, well then, you do need help. But not from me. So, again, I ask. What are you going to do little girl?

Ainsley Lake: The best I can.

Ainsley smiles wide at the camera. A million watt smile, almost genuine.

Ainsley Lake: But why don’t you just walk away again, Eric? Leave me, like you always do. Leave me for a higher place on the card. Leave me for the attention of the fans. Leave me because I’m not earning you the money you crave. Go on. Leave. 

A devilish grin suddenly crosses Jester’s face.

Jester Smiles: You mean, like, they way you’ve abandoned Jared and CJ? You mean, like the way you’ve walked away from every moral and value you’ve ever held? You mean like the way you’ve turned your back on your grandmother? Or about your priest friend in the Carolinas? How’s he doing?

Ainsley’s eyes flash. She reaches into the back pocket of her slacks, pulling out the bicycle chain. Using it like a whip, she goes for his neck, hoping that the links will pinch and tear as she pulls away again. As she attacks, she screams at him. Her voice is shrill, and it echoes off of the cement wall of the stadium.

Ainsley Lake: Don’t you fucking dare bring him-

Ainsley is shut up fast when her face meets Jester’s boot, via the Virginia Sidekick. Ainsley hits the concrete like a sack of bricks. Jester bends down, still grinning.

Jester Smiles: A tip, if you’re gonna play in the big leagues, little girl. If you’re gonna swing, you sure as hell better hit. Nighty night.

Jester looks up at Abigail Chase, who stands in the corner, not sure what’s going on.

Jester Smiles: You might wanna get a trainer or something to check on her.

Jester winks at Abigail, gets to his feet, and walks inside the arena. The camera zooms in on Ainsley’s face, eyes closed, and then fades out.


As the focus returns to the ring area, the fans already are buzzing, as on the SHOOT Project video screen, the Iron Fist title match is being advertised as up next.

Dave Dymond: It could be the shot that Benjamin Biggs desperately needs to get him out of the constant struggle he’s been in when facing off against the current Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky.  In just a few short moments, Biggs will try to done what NONE have been able to, and that is dethrone the Iron Fist Champion and…

Before Dymond can finish, the lights suddenly flicker a few times, and the once advertised title match on the screen is replaced by a black screen.  Slowly blood drips down the screen, collecting only in the middle to form the letter “M.”  At the same time “In This Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and all at once the crowd begins to boo loudly.

Other Guy: That can only mean one thing, Dave, its not time for the Iron Fist Championship match, it’s time for a… as Mallows called it, a demonstration.

Dave Dymond: I have honestly no idea what to expect, but given the men who are on their way out to the ring, I can’t expect it to be anything good.

The booing only gets louder as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Roland Caldwell steps out first, followed by Vincent Mallows, and then Sammy Rochester. Currently absent is Corazon, but none of the three men already on their way out to ring seem bothered by this.  The lights stop flickering as the three men reach ringside.  Roland and Sammy enter the ring, while Vincent Mallows remains on the outside, pulling a microphone off of his lap with his one mobile hand.  The music fades and Roland paces about the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship while Sammy just looks around, seemingly calm, but his eyes seem to have a mischief about them.

Vincent Mallows: It was promised…


The reaction from the crowds causes Mallows to stop for a moment, but then he pushes on.

Vincent Mallows: It was promised that a new year would bring a new life.  That Redemption would come to be.  And it did.  Still people do not understand that what is here, and what is to come, is not something that can be challenged…. And it is certainly not something that can be destroyed!

Mallows points to the ring with his right hand, specifically to the world heavyweight champion. He then brings the microphone back to his lips.

Vincent Mallows: There stands your world heavyweight champion. And with him stands the most brilliant mind, the most DOMINANT force I have ever encountered…. Sammy Rochester.  And joining us in a few moments, when he is mentally prepared for the destruction that is to come of Benjamin Biggs, will be the brutal… the inhuman…. Adrian Corazon.  Three men who cannot be beaten. THREE individuals who stand alone strong, and stand together even stronger.  You will not like it, but you will learn to DEAL with it… deal with them, BOW. TO THEM!

The boos ring out again and now Roland Caldwell walks over to the edge of the ring, demanding a microphone.  He is handed one through the ropes.  He looks around for a moment.

Roland Caldwell: SILENT!

The one word demand draws all focus to Roland, and the crowd simply turns their hatred on him as well.

Roland Caldwell: No, that disrespect won’t be had.  This is something you have to get used to.  I am the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. That means I have the power, I have the control, and that means I can come out here whenever I want and say whatever I want!  And your booing, your hatred, it amounts to nothing because each and every one of you is POWERLESS!

Dave Dymond: This is just a disgusting display of arrogance from the champion now.

Other Guy: And we haven’t even gotten to the demonstration… it’s gonna be a long night, Dave.

As the crowd starts to chant “YOU SUCK!” Roland smirks, but then that smirk fades.

Roland Caldwell: Go ahead and chant, it doesn’t change anything, and it stops even less.  You can do NOTHING about me.  So I will continue on as planned.  Last week, last week right here on Revolution I learned a lesson…

Caldwell stops for a moment and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship, still stained with Dan Stein’s blood.

Roland Caldwell: I learned that Adrian Corazon isn’t the only one who will spill the blood of your heroes… and this week, I will teach that lesson. I WILL TEACH YOU ALL what this championship title stands for!

The crowd boos again. Roland lowers the title by his side and he looks out to Mallows for a moment, then he looks to Sammy who remains in the corner, nobody able to truly read what he’s thinking or what he is going to do tonight.

Roland Caldwell: But I will not be the sole teacher. No.  Tonight the blood will flow and cover my hands… cover Sammy’s hands, and cover Corazon’s hands.  And that blood will be spilled in the name of this championship title… this title that that is the SYMBOL, the FLAG to my own REVOLUTION!

Roland smirks, looking out to the fans now who hang angrily on his words

Roland Caldwell: And tonight a point will be…

“Torcher” by DZK hits the PA, interrupting Roland Caldwell, causing the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion to cast a dangerous eye towards the ring entrance.  The fans almost cheer, but remember not to, when they realize who that music means.  Corazon appears at the entranceway, which draws out the hatred of the crowd in attendance, but like it’s been since his entire tenure, he ignores it. 

Dave Dymond:  And there’s the final piece of the puzzle, right there.  That man, is quite frankly the most dangerous Iron Fist champion to ever fight here in SHOOT. 

Other Guy:  There’s very much no debating that.  Even if you don’t like the guy, or the way he does his business, he gets his results.  But that belt isn’t on his shoulder right now?

The absence of the Iron Fist belt is almost immediately loosely explained by the duffel bag on Corazon’s shoulder.  That bag gets placed on the far side of the ring, after he hands it to Samantha Coil, trading it for a microphone.  He watches each, Roland, Sammy, and Mallows very carefully, and chooses to climb into the ring, rather than his typical slide. 

Dave Dymond:  Corazon acting a bit cautious here.  Something’s not right.

Other Guy:  Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?  I mean, dude has a microphone after all.

Corazon stands in the center of the ring, with Roland and Sammy opposite him, closer to the ropes, as if standing guard now over Vincent Mallows.

Corazon:  I’ve heard a lot about control, about who has the power, who is dominant, and what we’re about to do.  The demonstration, as it were, is by all rights just a mere example of the force that this group…  this collection of monsters…  can do. 

Corazon begins to pace, never taking his eyes off of Roland Caldwell.  The crowd is deathly quiet.

Corazon:  …that’s fine.  Demonstrations serve to impart fear unto your opponents, and work very effectively as a scare tactic.  It’s a method I’ve used in my past here, my history…

Corazon continues pacing.  Roland and Sammy both note the quietness of the crowd, as it’s almost unsettling.

Corazon:  But…

He stops.

Corazon:  You two, even with the intelligence of Vincent Mallows behind you, lack the finesse to make these demonstrations mean anything.  You wanted me out here, Mallows, and here I am.  But this, Vincent?  Roland?  Sammy?

Corazon smirks, and then looks down to the wheelchair ridden Mallows.

Corazon:  This…  will be the last time I participate in anything, with you.  You need to understand something.  This type of unbridled brutality is great.  It’s unfocused, and it’s unclean.  That works for you, but I want you to understand something.  I TRANSCEND this inhumanity.  Yeah, you guys…  you’ve hurt people.  You’ve caused harm and injury, much like I have.

The crowd starts to make a little noise.

Corazon:  But I…  I’ve ended CAREERS.  I’ve destroyed LEGACIES.  My attacks, my brutality…  it’s focused, it’s…  precise.

He pauses, and then moves right into Roland Caldwell’s face, but is yet to actually acknowledge him.

Corazon:  These men in the ring with me now?  They are NOT my compatriots.  They are NOT my partners.  I will NO LONGER be involved with you, or Mallows, or even you, Sammy.  I’m done with this.

Corazon smiles, but now turns his gaze so that he’s ONLY looking at Roland Caldwell.

Corazon:  Everything you’ve been about has been the past, SHOOT’s history, the warehouses…  and that, Roland? 

Corazon laughs.

Corazon:  That’s ridiculous.

The crowd actually pops.  Roland becomes visibly frustrated by the defiance of Adrian Corazon and the fans now urging him on.

Corazon:  If you knew ANYTHING about SHOOT, you’d know about destiny and fate.  You’d RESPECT the history; you wouldn’t try to bring it back.  You, Roland?  You’re an anomaly in a rich, and fruitful world.  You claim that the future of the SHOOT is its past.  You claim that YOU are the one to lead SHOOT into a new era.  YOU have the control.  YOU have the power.  Seeing you with the label of SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Champion…  that?

The crowd’s booing again, both at Corazon but also the things he’s saying.

Corazon:  That makes me…  sick.

Dave Dymond:  What the hell is going on here!?

Other Guy:  This is insubordination is what it is!

Corazon, still in Caldwell’s face, notes the fact that he’s seething.  Sammy in the meantime looks to be completely torn as to what to do… attack Corazon or let him talk.

Corazon: When I first debuted in the SHOOT Project, I made a big deal about the future and my destiny.  I claimed that I was the FUTURE of the SHOOT Project, and I’m going to make that claim once more.  I don’t care if I have to take you and Rochester out myself.  I AM the future of SHOOT.  I’m more dangerous, more brutal than either of you could even conceive.  There is no debating this.

At this point, Corazon walks right by Roland Caldwell and Sammy both, and they swivel around.  Corazon has now put himself in between Mallows outside of the ring, and Sammy and Roland inside the ring.  Corazon however keeps his focus on Roland and Sammy.

Corazon:  I have, and will have NO judge on this planet.  I will not be controlled by Vincent Mallows.  I will not be part of your conglomerate, and I will NOT participate in any ‘demonstrations.’  So, Vince?

Corazon immediately turns his attention away from Roland, disrespecting him by turning his back.

Corazon:  …find someone else to be your pawn.

And then, Corazon SPITS in the face of Vincent Mallows, causing a pretty large pop from the Phoenix crowd!  Sammy and Roland charge Corazon, who drops out of the ring, and makes his way around to the far side where he left the duffel bag. Roland and Sammy look to give chase, but Mallows suddenly raises his arm.

Vincent Mallows: Don’t… not now.

 Roland and Sammy stay by Mallows now, watching as Corazon squats down by his duffel bag. 

Dave Dymond:  Holy shit!  Corazon just told Vincent Mallows off. I don’t think ANYONE has done that without suffering the consequences…

Other Guy:  I think Corazon may have flipped his lid, honestly.  I have no idea why he’d think that going head to head with Mallows and his crew is a good idea, but he’s–  THE FUCK?

The camera immediately shifts from Other Guy, back to Corazon, who’s staring solely at Roland Caldwell.  The crowd is going pretty nuts at this point, with a pretty decent pop for the Spanish superstar.

Dave Dymond:  That’s not–  He didn’t!?

Other Guy:  HE DID.  HE DUG IT UP.

Corazon’s face is immediately shown, with a half smirk plastered across it.  He stands tall, on the ring floor, and in his hand, he has something that was buried, and left to rot. 

The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Dave Dymond:  This is NOT going to sit well with Roland and Mallows at all!  Corazon REFUSES to take his eyes off of Roland! 

Other Guy:  I can’t believe this!  Corazon is in way over his head now.  But wait…  Mallows is leaving?

Mallows turns his wheelchair, putting his back to Corazon, as though to say “If that’s how it’s gonna be…”  Roland and Corazon never take their eyes off of each other, while Sammy Rochester is extremely distraught, trying to make heads or tails of what’s gone on.  Roland follows behind Mallows, walking with his back to the exit, and Sammy somewhat reluctantly follows as well, a look of odd sadness in his eyes as he heads to the back with the other two. 



Dave Dymond:  Man, with all that stuff going on…  it’s hard to believe that Corazon is supposed to defend his Iron Fist title right now!

Other Guy:  I think Corazon may just be retarded.  He’s just asking to be beat down and mauled to near-death by the tandem that is Roland and Sammy Rochester.

Dave Dymond:  Yeah, but you saw how distraught Sammy was.  Do you really think he’ll hurt Corazon? 

Other Guy:  Hell yes he will!  If Mallows tells him to do it, it will be done.  I would almost guarantee it.

“Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age hits the PA, and the crowd hits a new noise level for the entrance of Benjamin Biggs.  The man formerly known as the Lyger Kid high fives people on the way down, but keeps his focus on the ring, and on the man holding the Iron Fist Championship.  Karismo Saito follows behind him, choosing not to get involved in Biggs’ ring entrance.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, standing in at five feet, nine inches…  weighing in at one hundred, seventy-nine pounds…  accompanied to the ring by Karismo Saito…  he is…  BENJAMIN BIGGS! 

Biggs reaches the ring, and vaults over the ropes, drawing a cheer from the crowd.  He never takes his eyes off of Corazon, who stands completely still, on his side of the ring. 

Dave Dymond:  Biggs looks pretty focused.  You think he’s got a shot here? 

Other Guy:  Well, normally I might have said no, but with everything Corazon has just done, I’m pretty sure his mind has to be racing.  Biggs DEFINITELY has a chance here, and he just might walk away with this in a huge surprise upset.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing second…  he stands in at six feet, three inches…  he weighs in at two hundred, twenty five pounds…  he’s the current and reigning Iron Fist Champion, and currently is the LONGEST reigning Iron Fist Champion in SHOOT Project history…  he is CORAZON!

Corazon leans against the top rope, before moving to meet Biggs and Tony Lorenzo.  Lorenzo takes Corazon’s belt from him and raises it in the air.  The two back into their corners, and the bell rings!  Biggs immediately charges Corazon, but doesn’t start with strikes, choosing to lock up.  He twists Corazon’s arm, and turns it in a hammer lock.  He uses his available forearm to strike Corazon’s bicep, causing the Iron Fist champion to wince in pain.  Biggs trips Corazon up, holding that arm, and then kicks the arm, making Corazon react. 

Dave Dymond:  I gotta say, Biggs’ technical wrestling has greatly improved ever since he got involved with Kilgore Stochansky. 

Other Guy:  It’s been a necessary part of his game, I think.  He HAD to improve it, or Kilgore was going to outwork him every time.  I’m loving the work on Corazon’s arm already, though.  Taking one of those arms out really limits Corazon’s offense.

Biggs continues to work Corazon’s arm, putting a knee right above his elbow, and wrenching back.  Corazon’s almost yelped in pain, but holds it in, instead using the pain as a motivator, and working towards the ropes.  He makes it, and uses it for leverage, causing Biggs to lose his balance.  He gets to his feet, but Biggs is there to answer, with a STIFF forearm to the side.  Biggs whips Corazon into the turnbuckle, follows him, and uses the motion to drive ANOTHER forearm, this time into Corazon’s bicep once again!  Biggs uses the momentum from the collision to his advantage, and snaps Corazon over with a suplex.

Dave Dymond:  Benjamin Biggs making a serious statement here.

Other Guy:  That’s for sure.  The dude has clearly been working hard on his wrestling. 

Biggs goes to the second rope, and attempts to drop an elbow on Corazon’s arm, but the Iron Fist Champion moves out of the way, and Biggs is forced to roll to mitigate some of the impact.  When he’s up to his feet, he gets CLOCKED with a clothesline, and now Corazon takes over.  Biggs, groggy, gets pulled to his feet by the Iron Fist Champion.  Corazon shoves Biggs into the turnbuckle, and begins to lay into him, with a flurry of rights and lefts!  He caps off the combination with a European uppercut, that actually elevates Biggs a bit!  Biggs staggers out of the corner, but isn’t on his feet for long, as Corazon drives him into the ground with a bulldog!

Dave Dymond:  I think one of the disadvantages of wrestling that technical style is that it’s slowed Biggs down, and is now allowing Corazon, in a way, to catch up.

Other Guy:  Well sure, but Corazon’s arm is hurting.  So, how much impact could that have really had?

Corazon continues, picking Biggs up once more.  He continues work on Biggs neck and head, hooking him and then nailing him two consecutive snap suplexes!  He doesn’t release Biggs, and instead of a third snap suplex, chooses to tie Biggs up again, but deliver a capture suplex, putting the pressure on Biggs’ neck!  Biggs is laid out, and Lorenzo goes for a count.





Biggs gets to a knee, and then to both knees.



He’s back to his feet now, though groggy.  Corazon doesn’t give him much recovery time, before continuing his assault.  Corazon throws forearm strikes, but Biggs wakes up from this!  He reverses Corazon, shoving him into a corner!  He throws a shoulder thrust, but Corazon dodges it and Biggs nearly hits the pole!  Corazon hooks Biggs from behind and throws him with a german suplex, but Biggs rolls out of it!  Biggs hooks Corazon now, and tries his own german suplex, but Corazon NAILS Biggs with an elbow, causing him to break the hold.  Corazon then whips around with a spinning back fist and FLOORS the challenger!

Dave Dymond:  Pretty great exchange there, between those two.  Corazon showing some of his old pit fighting technique there, and using it to create some distance between himself and the challenger.  Thoughts?

Other Guy:  Well, it’s like you said.  Dude’s got some pit fighting skill.  I’d use it too if I had it. 

Biggs isn’t down for long, but Corazon is right there over top of him.  Biggs pulls Corazon’s legs out from under him, taking him down.  Biggs mounts Corazon and begins to rain down punches.  Corazon covers up, and then slips out.  Biggs turns around, and walks into a Corazon right hand!  Biggs is dazed, Corazon doubles him over, and then spins around with a swinging neckbreaker!  Lorenzo goes down to count!







Biggs is up on all fours, and Corazon interrupts the count, by driving a boot into Biggs’ side!  The crowd doesn’t like that tactic one bit, and they let Corazon know it.  Corazon shrugs it off, picking Biggs up.  He whips Biggs into the ropes, follows him, and delivers a knee to Biggs’ gut!  Biggs is hurt, but tries to get back to his feet.  Corazon gives him very little time, with Biggs on all fours.  Corazon tries to hook his arms, but Biggs snaps out of it, and spears Corazon to the ground!  Biggs uses the momentum, getting to his feet and then ascends the ropes.  He waits for Corazon to get up, and launches himself with a cross body!  Corazon’s floored!

Dave Dymond:  That’s vintage Biggs, right there! 

Other Guy:  No doubt.  He’s hurting though, that cross body, though effective, was on the area that had just been worked over by Corazon.  Those ribs and that gut have to be stinging right now.

Biggs is to his feet, but is clutching his upper stomach/lower rib area.  He waits for Corazon to get to his feet, allowing himself time to catch his breath.  Corazon gets to his feet, and Biggs charges.  Corazon drops down and executes a drop toe-hold on Benjamin Biggs, and the challenger is now floored.  Corazon hovers over Biggs, choosing to pick him up once more.  He whips Biggs into the ropes, and then ducks behind him.  He turns 180 degrees, and grabs Biggs’ head, pulling him down with yet another neckbreaker!  Lorenzo drops down for the count.






The crowd is starting to rally behind Biggs!


Dave Dymond:  Crowd’s really into Biggs here, aren’t they?

Other Guy:  They love an underdog, Dave.  And Biggs, right now, is that underdog.  He’s done REMARKABLY well against Corazon here tonight, and that has to be throwing the current Iron Fist Champion’s game off.



Biggs is to his feet!  Corazon’s a bit surprised, but works with it.  Biggs is leaning up against the turnbuckle, trying to regain his composure, but Corazon is right there, and he just NAILS Biggs with a HARD right hand.  Biggs rocks back.  Corazon lifts him on his shoulders, spins him around, but Biggs lands on his feet!  Biggs shoves Corazon against the ropes, and then jumps onto Corazon’s shoulders!  Corazon senses where this is going, though, and uses his position to try and move Biggs to the turnbuckle.  Biggs unhappily obliges, but Corazon doesn’t let Biggs fly.  In retaliation, Biggs jumps over Corazon, landing on his feet behind the Iron Fist Champion.  Corazon turns around, and Biggs NAILS him with a high flipping dropkick. 

Dave Dymond:  Corazon’s rocked against the turnbuckle! 

Other Guy:  Biggs NEEDS a follow up, or a big move here.

Biggs tries to charge Corazon and flip him with a monkey flip, but Corazon shoves Biggs’ legs out from under him, and the man formerly known as the Lyger Kid lands on his feet.  Corazon hits Biggs with a forearm, kicks him in the gut, and then DECIMATES him with the ORIGINAL SIN!

Dave Dymond:  Out of nowhere!

Other Guy:  Out of FUCKING nowhere, you mean!  Jesus!








Biggs starts to get to his feet.


He’s to one knee…

Dave Dymond:  Biggs is almost up!  The count is almost broken!

Other Guy:  Just a LITTLE more, Benji.  A LITTLE more.


The crowd is chanting for Biggs, who really struggles, but…


He then collapses…  The crowd’s immediately split between cheers and boos, as Corazon holds his arms up in the air, resting against the turnbuckle.  Mark Kendrick takes the Iron Fist Championship and the bag containing the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship to Corazon, who clutches the Iron Fist title against his chest.

Dave Dymond:  I gotta hand it to Adrian Corazon.  Great win, right there.

Other Guy:  Yeah man, even though it was a lucky move. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of sixteen minutes and thirty-five seconds, and STILL SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…  CORAZON!!

“Torcher” kicks up over the PA, as Corazon rolls under the bottom rope and makes his way up the ring ramp, with the duffel bag over his shoulder, holding his arm, and his championship.  He stops at the top of the ramp, looking down towards Benjamin Biggs, and he holds the Iron Fist Championship high over his head.


The shot opens to the back, where Eryk Masters stands, with a microphone in hand. The camera widens to see a pacing Cade Sydal, his shirt torn and his jaw clenched in anger.

Eryk Masters: Cade, Cade. I need to ask you, after what we saw earlier from Donovan King…what’s going through your mind?

Cade stops pacing and glares at Eryk Masters.

Cade Sydal: Are you fucking serious? What’s going through my mind?! He fucking kidnapped my FATHER and shoved his face in DRUGS, to get at ME! Man, get the fuck out of my face with that shit!

To emphasize the statement, Cade shoves Eryk Masters with both hands before facing the camera.

Cade Sydal: Donovan King, you wanna fuck with me?! You wanna hide, and fuck with my family?! Are you scared? Scared I might knock your bitch ass the fuck out again? Scared I might spill more of your fucking blood?! Are you afraid I might fucking break your fucking arms?! King, you better fucking hope you aren’t booked next week against anybody…and if you aren’t, you better be smart enough to stay the fuck out of the arena. Because next week, the first time I see you…I’m gonna come at you, and I’m gonna aim to fucking end you!

Cade walks past the camera, leaving Eryk Masters alone.

Eryk Masters: Strong words from Sydal-

“Get the hell out of my way!”

A loud THUD is heard and suddenly a whole bunch of shouting.  The camera swivels around to see Trevor Worrens throwing punches into Osbourne Kilminster who is up against a wall in just plain street clothes.  Kilminster throws his arms up in a truly defensive nature and the fans from ringside start cheering loudly.  Kilminster dives back into Worrens, but Worrens doesn’t go down and just keeps BEATING on Kilminster like there is no tomorrow.  People swarm around the two, even some SHOOT Project superstars are seen such as Dan Stein, the Poe, Kaz Sato, and Jared Walsh who happen to just be in the area.

The focus cuts to the ringside area where Dave Dymond and Other Guy are seated.  The fans are still cheering on what they just saw transpire between Kilminster and Worrens.

Dave Dymond: These fans incredibly pumped up after hearing those heated words from Cade Sydal, and really this on going rivalry between Donovan King and Sydal has taken to a whole new level, Other Guy, thanks to the recent actions of King.

Other Guy: No kiddin.  And Cade Sydal has been fightin the uphill fight the WHOLE time too.  Just when we didn’t think it could get any worse.  Just when it looked like it was stoppin’ at Donovan King stapling Cade Sydal’s mouth shut, it doesn’t. And as we saw tonight, King has taken it a step further, making this hatred for one another that much more personal.

Dave Dymond: Really that has become the name of the game, personal hatred, personal attacks… and I don’t see this one resolving itself peacefully, if EVER in any way shape or form at all.  More on that rivalry as it develops of course, and still to come tonight, we saw Dan Stein’s AMAZING showing against the current World Heavyweight Champion, and now he is put head to head with another challenge, and that is against the returning Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy: Jonny debuted at the Redemption Rumble, and won the damn thing on top of that.  But tonight he makes his Revolution debut and Stein’s lookin’ to shoot Jonny down before he can rise up.

Dave Dymond:That match still to come, and of course our main event for the evening, Laws of Survival Championship on the line, Kilgore Stochanksy and Jester Smiles, in a Laws of Gravity match.

Other Guy: Gotta love a ladder match to end the night!


We cut to a conference room backstage at the US Airways Center. It has been converted into a makeshift Office, with one end of the long conference table taken up with a laptop, a breifcase, a blackberry docking station, and other accoutremants of a businessman on the go. To one sid of the plush endtable chair is a farmiliar face to the audience: The Moustached countenance of the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky. He is dressed in a white linen suit with a prep school bade on the breast pocket, and an incredibly loud purple shirt. Suddenly, the door opens, and Jason Johnson walks in, his speed of pace showing that he’s been dealing with a lot this evening. He pauses and his walk slows when he sees who’s waiting to speak to him, but a smirk crosses the bosses face.

Jason Johnson: Kilgore. An unexpected… pleasure.

Jason Johnson sighs, moving further into the room.

Jason Johnson: What brings you here?

The Champion smiles and taps the table softly with his fingers. Johnson makes no motion to sit down, but does cross his arms.

Kilgore: Oh, some minor concerns from your brightest star, nothing too serious.

The Boss snorts derisively and rubs his temple a bit, starting a pace.

Jason Johnson: Minor concerns. Right. I thought you had everything all figured out, Stochansky. I’m sorta surprised someone of your "legal stature" would need to mingle with us "plebeians."

Stochansky’s smile fades altogether, instead a foul sneer crossing his features. He leans back and crosses his legs.

Kilgore: Hmph. Charming, I must say. Is this how you handle all manners of business, Sir? Insults and petty Bickering?

Johnson holds out a hand in annoyance.

Jason Johnson: Yeah look. I’m not really interested in your bullshit. So, whatever you’ve got to say or whatever "concerns" you got? Say them, or get the fuck out of my office.

Kilgore: Fine, I can tell from your choice of foul language that this isnt going to be handled with poise and grace. Simply put, I want more.

Jason Johnson pauses his pacing, then laughs aloud.

Jason Johnson: You want more? More what?

The Champion smirks and stands, laying the title on the table with utmost care. He begins to pace himself, gesturing with his hands as he speaks.

Kilgore: Everything. More TV time. More Oppurtunities. More Merch Options. Vested Stock. The Standard "This Superstar is Too Valuble To Lose" Package.

Jason Johnson: So wait. You’re telling me that you’re not satisfied with your current standing here, and you more? You’re not happy with being the Laws of Survival Champion, and being in the main event. So, you want more.

Jason laughs again, causing Kilgore to stop moving and cross his arms, affixing the boss with a look of contempt.

Jason Johnson: Am I hearing that correctly?

Kilgore: Let’s be honest here, Jason. Benji Biggs? Jester effin’ smiles? You know I’m better than this. The fans know it to, they’re tired of seeing me tread water with this level of competitor. You…you arent the type of guy who’s going to ignore the fans, are you?

Johnson quietly taps on his Blackberry as he speaks, not even looking at Stochansky as he proceeds to browbeat him…

Jason Johnson: You know, really, I haven’t heard any fan support of you at all. In fact, I believe that if it were up to the fans, you’d be rocking the bottom of the card in gimmicks with Rufio the Seven Foot Clown and his cake.

Jason looks up from his Blackberry to Kilgore Stochansky, with disgust in his eyes.

Jason Johnson: So, with that in mind, are you SURE I should be completely subservient to what the fans want?

Kilgore shakes his head, silently.

Jason Johnson: That’s what I thought. But, I’ll throw you a bone here. I get the want to move up, and become bigger than you already are. I understand that. You show me something against Jester Smiles tonight, and I’ll consider other things for you, for sure. I have something HUGE in mind, and whether or not you’re a part of it is completely dependant on your performance tonight.

Jason smiles.

Jason Johnson: That work for you?

Kilgore: Oh, Certainly. As always, your professional conduct is an inspiration.

You drizzle the sarcasm in Stochansky’s voice on pancakes, it’s so rich.

Kilgore: I’ll be honest. I’m not sure what I can show you against the most boring competitor almost of all time, but hey, I–

Once again, a silencing hand is raised.

Jason Johnson: I’m tired of hearing your voice.

Jason steps out of the way, leading towards the door. He holds out his hand as Kilgore gathers up his title slowly, a defiant note in his actions.

Jason Johnson: Get the fuck out.

Stochansky strolls towards the door, but pauses in front of the boss. He leans in close and lets a mischevious smirk creep across his face.

Kilgore: Oh, But I’m gonna miss you so much.

He smiles big and Pats the boss on the shoulder as he walks on. Jason Johnson, for his part, does not lose his cool, does not show any hint of anger with the exception of a burning look in his eyes.

Kilgore: Stay Classy.

As soon as he’s out of the door, Jason slams it shut and locks it, seemingly grateful for the peace. He flops down into his desk chair as we cut away…


Cut to Guerilla Position…

Dan Stein.

He stands at attention, confidently chewing his gum, taking deep, calm breaths.  The world is probably a little hazy through his customary aviators, but never has he appeared more focused in his entire career.  Wearing a black, “fighter-pilot”, bomber jacket that would make Tom Cruise jealous, Stein, in blue tights that have “MADDOG” written in green lettering down each side, with his “Top Gun” lingo and bizarre personality, seems, at first glance, the type destined for wrestling obscurity; another poser pretending to be something he wasn’t.

But that wasn’t the case.  Not even close.

The fans cheer loudly as his image appears to them near ringside, while Dave Dymond offers his voice over the footage.

Dave Dymond: Perhaps the most UNLIKELY story of 2008 thus far.  Dan Stein, now just one week removed from taking SHOOT Project WORLD CHAMPION, Roland Caldwell, to a time-limit draw, is moments away from his match with a man some are calling, an “Even Bigger Challenge”.  That man, of course, is none other than THE DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy: Jonny makin’ his Revolution wrestling debut.  A HIGHLY advertised and highly ANTICIPATED debut to boot, Davey.  Ya know, Stein looked good last week, no doubt, but I’m gonna say it was a fluke and that Jonny makes quick work tonight.

Stein slowly rotates his neck, stretching out as he continues to await his announcement down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Of course, as you folks at home all must know by now Dan Stein was the last official entrant into the resurrected SKY HIGH Tournament, and actually has WON the tournament in previous installments.

Other Guy: I believe it was the second, man.

Dave Dymond: At any rate, before we get this match underway, let’s take a quick look at some of Dan Stein’s SKY HIGH accomplishments!

We get one last look of Stein.


There are muffled shouts and the footage suddenly goes out.

Dave Dymond: (Concerned) Do we have that… footage cued up guys

Other Guy: Everything okay back there cats?

The fans buzz with confusion and actually start to boo what they think might be a production error.  Some, though, heard the shouting off camera and try to piece together what is going on.

Dave Dymond: Our production guys are not responding.  The video we were going to show does not seem to be cued up prop…




Dymond stops talking when “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions begins to play over the US Airways Center PA. The fans POP SURPRISINGLY LOUDLY!

Other Guy: Shit. Didn’t expect that kind of reaction out here.

Dave Dymond: (laughing at how unlikely this all is) The LEGEND of Dan Stein has reached PHOENIX ARIZONA! Ha! Listen to this crowd, Other Guy!

“It’s early morning
The sun comes out
Last night was shaking
And pretty loud”

Dave Dymond: I guess Stein was ready to go and let our production guys know it! He doesn’t want to live off what he did or does in Sky High! When he wrestles here on Revolution, he plays for keeps! And boy what a statement he can make tonight with a victory over Jonny Johnson…

His voice trails off as confusion begins to set in. The curtains rustle, and Dan Stein comes out…

But he collapses at the base of the entrance ramp.

Other Guy: What the hell?

Stein is POURING blood from his mouth and nose. The fans are in shock, with Stein’s “power ballad”, theme music providing a very ironic sound track.

Dave Dymond: Oh my gosh…

There is more rustling from the curtains.



Each wielding a baseball bat, the COLLINS TWINS appear from behind the curtain and stalk Stein like some kind of helpless animal. They slam the bats into their palms, shouting vulgarities and discouraging remarks at “Mad Dog’s” direction.

Dave Dymond: The Collins Twins?

Other Guy: Looks like Jonny already cashed in a “friendly” favor.

Dave Dymond: Goddamnit!

Michael Collins SLAMS his baseball bat into the side of Stein’s right leg! Rowland follows up with a shot that appears to be DIRECTLY ON THE LEFT KNEE! The fans GASP!

Michael Collins: GEET UP, YE DAMN MONGREL!

Rowland Collins: YE LIKE THAT, EH? YE LI’L FUCK!

“OOOOOOH!” The fans let out a shocked gasp before BOOING loudly.


Michael and Rowland begin to kick Stein down the ramp, rolling him toward the ring. A few members of security try to intervene, but they are pushed out of the way by the unrelenting Twins. Stein tumbles down against the ring apron, which provokes referee Willie Dean to spring into action as he tries to restore order and stop Michael and Rowland.

Dave Dymond: Did that last bat shot get him on the knee? They may have shattered Stein’s knee, OG.

Other Guy: I’m looking at the replay now… Yeah. Damn, Dave. That looks pretty dead on from this angle.

Michael and Rowland Collins look down at Stein and breath heavily, perhaps their anger, or rage, or whatever it was that drove them to this attack, now subsiding. They throw their bats off to the side and start to back away, while Willie Dean SCREAMS at them to leave


The Collins Twins both nod their heads and jump the nearest guard railing, event security RUSHING to their side as fans begin to get rabid.


Stein’s music suddenly cuts off.



“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s ok”


“I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say?

Well you just laughed it off it was all ok”

“Float On” by Modest Mouse begins to play throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of SHOOT Project HALL-OF-FAMER and TWO TIME, REDEMPTION RUMBLE WINNER…

Other Guy: Here comes the TRUE, undisputed number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Championship, Dave.

THE DEFILER, Jonny Johnson pushes through the curtains, and is immediately met with EVEN GREATER NOISE from the crowd! The few cheers there were seem to dwindle, giving way to JEERS of a spiteful fanbase.

Dave Dymond: He’s in wrestling attire. Does he really expect there to be a match? (Obviously frustrated) I know things like this happen in wrestling, but the fans deserve better than this. DAN STEIN certainly deserves better than this. This might take him out of Sky High, OG.

“And we’ll all float on ok

And we’ll all float on ok

And we’ll all float on ok”

Jonny IS in his wrestling gear: Black trunks, black wrestling shoes, white tape around his knuckles, and a pink T-shirt that has “I FUCKED U GIMMIX!” drawn across the front in black marker. His grin obnoxioiusly large as he strides confidently down to the ring, microphone in hand.

The DEFILER: Can you… uhh, can you guys cut that music for me? (Matter of factly) I know it’s great or whatever, and umm… and probably the best shit you guys listen to over the course of the ardulously long… Res… fuck what is it? Revolution. Right? Who cares. (Going back to his original point) Over the course of this show. But it’s annoying me right now so can it.

“Float On” fades out, and Jonny flashes a peace sign up toward the rafters.

The DEFILER: Thanks guys.

He takes a few more steps in silence and then sort of stops about three or four feet away from the steps leading up into the ring. His attention shifts toward Dan Stein, who had been escorted into the ring by Willie Dean and the local medical team hired to work this event.

Dave Dymond: Just get out of here, Jonny. Please.

The DEFILER: Here’s the deal. (Sighing) Obviously, you’re probably not in the best condition to… to work… Especially against me. Oh. I’m talking to you, Danny, if you can hear me. I think you can. I don’t think you’re concussed are you?

He waits for a response, but only gets one from Willie Dean who urges Jonny to leave the ring.

Willie Dean: Jonny get out, man! Just GET OUT!

Jonny shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Really? On my REVOLUTION WRESTLING DEBUT NIGHT? Just leave? Pretend this… that this never happened? (Starting to move toward the steps) C’mon, Deanie, pie… You’re smarter than that.

He starts to move up the steps and onto the ring apron, where he promptly begins brushing his shoes off. Willie Dean leaves the medical team and rushes to stop Jonny from entering.

The DEFILER: Willie, I swear to God, don’t touch me. I’ll fucking eat the fine and make sure you never officiate another contest in your LIFE!

Jonny glares at Dean, who sort of awkwardly stops in his tracks, and ducks beneath the top and middle ropes and inside the squared circle. He moves at a steady pace toward Stein and the medical team, with Dean no longer offering any type of resistance.

The DEFILER: I’ve always wanted to beat a guy, uhh, well… make him, make him tap, I guess. Which, that’s beating him right? (He looks to Dean) Right Willie D? Heh. (Looking back toward Stein) I’ve always wondered if I could make a man tap out just by… by looking at him.

He sort of shews away the medical team, who offer even LESS resistance than the official, and scurry to the sides, away from Jonny.

The DEFILER: Goooooood medical staff.

He smiles and waves at the staff in a fairly condescending fashion before kneeling down beside Dan Stein.

The DEFILER: I always wanted that, Danny. I don’t uhh… I don’t know why, but, MAN, would that be awesome. Don’t you think, Mad Dog? Huh? (Looking up) HOW BOUT IT PHOENIX ARIZONA!? YOU GUYS WANNA WATCH A MAN TAP OUT TO MY STARE?

The fans respond with a RESOUNDING BOO, and Jonny shrugs.

Other Guy: Say what you want, the man has mastered pissing off the world.

The DEFILER: What do they know anyway? These are the same people that sat around and thought you were going to have a chance. So don’t let them influence you, Danny. You know it would be fucking AWESOME to be the first person to tap out to my BRAND NEW SIGNATURE MOVE… THE DEMORALI-STARE-TION PROCESS! FUCK YEAH!!!

Jonny gets super pumped about his super lame play on words.

The DEFILER: That’s soooo fucking WIN of me. (Settling down) So Stein… Stein, dude… Ugh (Sighing) Fucking look at me, shit head.

Jonny drops the micrphone for a moment and starts to hoist the deadweight of Dan Stein off the mat. He tries to prop him up…




The noise ECHOES through the arena! Jonny staggers back!!!

Dave Dymond: Stein slaps the LIVING HELL OUT OF JONNY, but at what price?

Other Guy: He’s fuckin’ dead, dude.

Jonny holds the side of his face, while Stein falls backward into the ropes, barely able to hold himself in a semi-squatted position. Willie Dean frantically positions himself in between the two competitors while the medics clear the ring in a hurry! The Defiler slowly turns himself back toward Dan Stein, his eyes giving way to his DEADLY intentions.

The DEFILER: Ring the bell.

Willie Dean tries to convince Jonny to stay away.

Willie Dean: Jonny, please! C’mon man! I’ll stop the match. Stein can’t go.

Jonny grabs Dean by the collar of his uniform


Jonny shoves Willie out of the way, and charges at Stein! Dean calls for the bell.


Dave Dymond: There’s going to be a match! I can’t believe it! Jonny charges after Stein with a clothesline!

Other Guy: Trying to land a kill shot!


Dave Dymond: Stein moves and JONNY CRASHES!!!

Other Guy: (Laughing in disbelief) I don’t fucking believe it!

Stein again nearly falls through the ropes, his face CLOAKED in a THICK sheet of blood. He holds at his knee for a moment, but then seemingly realizes what is happening and turns himself around. He’s sees Jonny on the ground, and SPRIGBOADS OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!


But Jonny moves.

Dave Dymond: NO!

Stein lands SQUARE on his knees, having taken an awkward dive to begin with and now WAILS in pain. Jonny takes a breather up against the guardrail, shaking his head at Stein.

The DEFILER: Nice try.

Jonny pounces on Stein and quickly hoists him off the ground and throws him back into the ring under the bottom rope. He then proceeds to take his time, walking around back up the steps and into the ring.

Dave Dymond: (Sighing) Dan Stein is in a lot of trouble right now.

Other Guy: After the GREAT match he put on last week, it looks like Jonny realized what he had in store and went with plan B. And say what you will, but that’s what separates the Defiler from the rest of the pack, what makes him so dangerous. There’s no such thing as shame in his world, Dave. The man honest to hell, feels justified in everything he does or says. It’s fucked up, but, DAMN, would I not want to have to be his opponent.

Jonny drops down to the mat and starts to violently remove Stein’s jacket. In the meanwhile, the canvas is starting to become significantly soked in blood by where Stein is laiying. He eventually takes the jacket off and hurls it to the outside.

The DEFILER: It’s over.

Jonny picks Stein up by the back of the head, pulling on his hair, showing no regard for his well-being. He holds his head back and circles him around the ring, letting everyone know what kind of damage has been done.


Jonny stops moving.






Jonny falls back toward the ring ropes! Stein awkwardly teeters from side to side, both legs giving him OBVIOUS trouble… Jonny bounces back, but Stein side steps! He nearly falls down, but maintains his center of gravity, Jonny continues toward the ropes at the other end and runs back at Stein with a FULL HEAD OF STEAM! Stein spins though and CATCHES JONNY WITH A VICIOUS ELBOW TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Jonny falls to a knee!




Dan Stein: AHHHHHHH!!!!

Stein loses it. He fucking loses it. He passes out.

On top of Jonny.

Dave Dymond: Stein out… Jonny out… Is this a pinfall attempt? Dean can rule it either way if he sees fit… What is the ruling!?

Other Guy: A double knock out?

The fans ARE ANTSY as hell, SHOUTING for Dean to do the right thing!!! Dean looks at Samantha Coil at ringside, who seems ready to call the finish.

But he drops down to the mat!!!







Stein has no idea what is going on, nor does Jonny. Medics quickly storm the ring to separate the two men, and Dean drops down to raise a nearly unconscious Dan Stein’s arm in victory!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match, DAN STEIN!!!!


The Scorpions, one and probably ONLY big song, hits the PA as medical staff tries to sort the mess out in the ring.

Other Guy: Unreal, Dave. Fucking unreal.

Dave Dymond: A week after being the victim to a questionable, “time-limit draw”, Dan Stein receives a FAVORABLE decision from Willie Dean, who does the right thing and counts the winning pinfall! What a GIGANTIC turn of events.

Both Jonny and Stein and rolled out of the ring to be attended to while members of the ring crew begin cleaning and setting up for the evening’s final contest.

Other Guy: Yeah but was it REALLY the right thing to do? Or did Willie let his own feelings get the best of him? I don’t know. Feel like maybe we just need some consistency from these officials.

Dave Dymond: At any rate, controversial or not, Dan Stein is declared the winner of this match via pinfall over Jonny Johnson. In some organizations this might be enough to garner headliner status but not here. Folks, still to come, if you can believe it… Our MAIN EVENT for the evening! Kilgore Stochansky, The SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion, defends his title against the recently STRUGGLING Jester Smiles. Laws of Gravity… Other Guy, what do you think?

Other Guy: I’ll say this… Jester needs this match. He’s been in some kind of funk, and the cat needs this. Can he do it, though? No idea. Kilgore’s a tricky son of a bitch and could very well have a couple plans up that champion sleeve of his. Plus, when ya got a ladder involved, ANYTHING can, and, especially here in SHOOT, DOES happen.

The crew continues to work, trying to wash as much of the blood off the canvas as they can.

Dave Dymond: We’ll discuss this a little bit more in just a few minutes, but how about we give these hard working crew guys a few minutes to set up, and kick things elsewhere.

Other Guy: Man that was some shit.

The shot cuts away from the ring.


The cameras flash to a pissed off Eli Storm in the backstage area. Storm is racing down the hallway looking for a certain door. After seconds of searching he is in front of the door he is looking for. Storm slams the door opens and walks into the office of one Jason Johnson.

Jason Johnson: Since you’ve been a great talent for SHOOT for some time now, I’m going to forget your bout of rudeness, Eli.

Eli Storm: My rudeness…MY RUDENESS!!!!

Jason Johnson: I take it that you want something, Storm?

Eli Storm: You can bet your ass. I know King is supposed to be some type of “bad boy” here…but after that shit he pulled…all he has done is earned himself one ass kicking. So I’m begging you…no I’m pleading for you to book me in a match with that son of a bitch.

Jason Johnson: You vs. King…that would be a very interesting match. Problem is none of my refs want anything to do with any match that has to do with King.

Storm is almost on the verge of full blown rage…when a moment of clarity hits him.

Eli Storm: Then, Jason…I have the perfect guy in mind to ref the match.

The scene slowly fades as Storm writes a name on a piece of paper and hands it to Johnson, Who’s eyes widen at the name written down.



We cut backstage to see Eryk Masters standing next to none other than Ron Barker. The crowd in Phoenix is unwavering in their chorus of boos as Barker soaks it in with a grin.

Eryk Masters: I’m standing here next to a man who requested this interview time, Ron Barker! Fresh off of his victory last week over Leon Strife… I give to you Ron Barker.

The crowd boos once more which is almost deafening. Ron continues to smile for a second before taking the microphone out of Eryk Masters’ hands.

Ron Barker: You know, Eryk, I was sitting at home in Toronto thinking about how to celebrate my win when it dawned me that there was only one way to celebrate it properly. Right here in Phoenix with all of these asshats in attendance here tonight!

The crowd once again roars their disapproval as Barker smiles.

Ron Barker: Last week, Leon Strife said something to me that I’ve been denying for a while now. I’m just desperate to be noticed. You know something, Eryk? He’s right. I AM trying to be noticed because quite frankly, SHOOT Project has forgotten all about me. I’m not here week in and week out puffing my chest out and acting like I run things. I’m not wasting time latching on to the next big thing here in SHOOT. I’m not running around pretending to be a spike in the ratings week in and week out. I’m not wasting everyone’s time using stupid words like "Canuckin’" The fact of the matter is, I don’t need to.

Ron smiles as it becomes apparent not only to the fans in the arena who he’s talking to, but also to the viewers at home.

Ron Barker: You see, I am from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA and I am DAMN proud of that.

The crowd boos unbelievably loud at the mere mention of the Great White North.

Ron Barker: I’m not going to come out here and PRETEND to be something I am not. I am arrogant, I am cocky, and I back up everything I say I will do. And to prove that, I’m laying it all out right here and right now. NEXT WEEK. I’m asking… no… DEMANDING a match from SHOOT Project management with top tier talent. I don’t want to be curtain-jerking against someone like Chivalric or The Poe. I don’t want to be looking across the ring and seeing the beady little eyes of NC-17 or that ridiculous Canadian wannabe Eli fucking Storm.

Ron Barker: Next week on Revolution? I demand to be in a match with someone who is on my level. I WILL get what I want because my name is Ron Barker and I AM Canadian.

Ron smirks as he passes the mic back to Eryk Masters as we cut back to ringside.


Heading for the arena exit, via the loading dock, Roland Caldwell, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows appear to be leaving for the night.  The expression on Caldwell’s face says it all as he adjusts the strap of the original SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship title.  He is filled with rage.

Roland Caldwell: Who… who the hell does Adrian Corazon think he is?

Vincent Mallows: Do not worry about him now.  You have more important things to deal with.  WE have more important things to deal with.

Roland continues walking, with Mallows right beside him in his wheel chair. Following a little bit back, holding Mikey close, is Sammy.

Sammy Rochester: He said he was a good man, and he told me who the bad men were. But now if he’s the bad man…

Mallows hears Sammy talking and turns his chair around.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy, they are ALL bad now.  The only ones to trust are those you are looking at now.

Mallows motions to Roland and himself with his right hand.

Vincent Mallows: He tried to use you, Sammy. He tried to trick you and Mikey both.  We won’t let that happen again.

Sammy just nods his head and starts to walk with the other two…

"What, you’re little party gets ruined and you don’t stick around?"

The fans pop as Killian Reilly comes into view now, prompting Sammy to turn around, as if a whole other person was now in control of him, Reilly nods his head.

Killian Reilly: Well if you don’t have a demonstration, then let me carry out my own!

Without a moment of hesitation, Reilly charges in at Sammy, and the two IMMEDIATELY come to blows!  Sammy viciously starts head butting Reilly, but Reilly takes the punishment and dishes it right back out, throwing well placed hook punches to both sides of Sammy’s body.  Roland storms in and grabs Reilly from behind, only for Reilly to swing around HUGE UPPERCUT!  Roland stumbles back, but now Reilly is caught off guard by Sammy, and soon overtaken by his size!  Sammy KNOCKS Killian Reilly onto the floor, and then just starts CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM!

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) These two got into it last week, but now its going down AGAIN!

Other Guy: (from ringside) we have to get SOMEBODY back there to break this thing up!

Mallows watches on with delight as Sammy chokes out Reilly, but suddenly his delight fades as Reilly shows he’s still alive, and starts driving straight punch after straight punch right into Sammy’s face.  Roland recovers and just as Reilly SOMEHOW manages to get out of Sammy’s grip, Roland is right there…


Chair shot to the back of Roland!  The fans ERUPT as Jun Kenshin stands there, gripping the chair in hand… then ANOTHER chair shot to Roland!  Roland goes down to one knee, and Kenshin goes for a third… but is distracted as Sammy lets out a blood curdling scream and STOMPS towards Kenshin and he just PUNCHES his fist into the chair, SMASHING the chair into Kenshin’s face!  Kenshin goes down, Reilly quickly goes to Kenshin’s side, and at that moment security takes over, breaking up what could turn into an all out blood bath.  Sammy WON’T have anything of it though and starts knocking down security left and right!  The fans can be heard buzzing from ringside as Sammy drops bodies one by one!

Other Guy: (from ringside) Shit! Sammy Rochester has lost control, I was afraid of this moment happening, and now it’s happening!

More people show up onto the scene, a mix of security and just backstage SHOOT Project staff members.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy!  Sammy no more now!  NO MORE!

Mallows shouts seem to slowly get Sammy to focus, but he still throws punches and head butt shots while Killian Reilly and Jun Kenshin are kept back.  Finally Jason Johnson himself arrives on the scene, stepping in between all of it.

Jason Johnson: Oh no.  This isn’t happening. Not back here, not like this.

Things seem to calm down considerably now, and Sammy snaps into a very introverted state, sitting down now while looking at Mikey… as if nothing ever even happened.

Jason Johnson: Next week. This aggression gets handled in the ring.  Killian you want Sammy, you got him!  Jun, you want Roland, you got him!

The fans pop now and Jason Johnson nods his head.

Jason Johnson: Jun Kenshin and Killian Reilly versus Sammy Rochester and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… Roland Caldwell.  It’s set.

Dave Dymond: (From ringside) Jason Johnson put into a tough spot, but he yet again lays down the law.

Other Guy: (from ringside) Eventually the SHOOT Project soliders are gonna have to learn to keep in line, but it looks like this time everyone got what they wanted, including our fans as we got Roland, Sammy, Kenshin, and Reilly in tag team action next week!




"The Show Must Go On" blares out over the PA, being met by a mixed reaction from the crowd. However, it’s a predominately positive meeting. A countdown is shown on the screens, starting at 10, like the start of an old movie reel. The last frame with 1 on it has a smiley face sloppily spray painted in green and purple over it.


Jester Smiles leaps out from the back, signaling an eruption of green and purple pryos. Jester throws out his arms, which cues the cheering portion of the crowd to cheer louder. Jester wears his usual green and purple wrestling tights, green and purple MMA gloves, but is now wearing a green and purple jester’s cap with little silver bells, a purple and orange mardi gras mask, and a shiny purple and green cape that reads, in big, shiny yellow letters "Hero of SHOOT Project". He begins to walk towards the ring, making sure to high five as many fans as he can.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, and now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the former, two time Revolution Champion! Weighing in tonight at two hundred and forty-five pounds! JESTER SMILES!!

The cheers and boos grow louder as Jester continues to high five fans. He begins to walk around the ring, so that he can play to the ringside fans as well.

Dave Dymond: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jester this excited and this happy, OG, and I’ve got to say, I’m glad to see he’s severed his ties with Ainsley and refocused.

Other Guy: He definitely severed his ties with Ainsley. Nearly kicked the girl’s head off.

Jester finally makes a full circle, coming to the side of the ring facing the entrance ramp. In one leap he lands on the apron and crawls between the middle and top rope. He then whips off his cape and tosses it to the crowd. He continues this action with his mardi gras mask and jester’s cap. Once all this is done, he loses his smile and turns to face the entrance ramp, waiting for his opponent. His music is abruptly cut off, as the opening strains of “Genesis” by Justice compete with Boos to fill the arena. The spotlight focuses on the entranceway, and we can see Kilgore Stochansky, resplendent in a pristine white tracksuit with navy piping. His glasses reflect the lights, as does the polished Laws of Survival Title.

Samantha Coil: And, His opponent. He is Defending The Laws of Survival Title, a division of which he is the champion…Hailing from Verona New Jersey, he weighs Two-Hundred and Fifty Pounds Even: KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Boos erupt in the arena as the champion makes his way to the ring, smiling all the while.

Dave Dymond: Two Competitors, Two Ladders, and one title belt hanging high above the ring!!

Other Guy: Say what you want about Stochansky, but he has made that belt his own!!

Stochansky removes his tracksuit and sets it in the corner, as Smiles stretches, the look on his face speaking of very intense concentration. Referee Scott Kamura attaches the Laws of Survival Belt to the dangling length of cable, and it is then raised high above the mat, swaying slightly and reflecting the flashes coming off of the cameras in the audience.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, And you can feel the anticipation building in the crowd!

Kamura calls for the opening bell, and it rings, the fans cheering for the start of the match. Jester steps to the middle of the ring slowly, somewhat reticent. Kilgore doesn’t do anything, simply leaning against the turnbuckles with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Jester calls for him to move into the ring for a lockup, which is met with a chuckle and a head shake

Other Guy:. See, This? I like this. This is a smart decision on the Champion’s Part.

Dave Dymond: It’s a cowardly decision, and Smiles is none too happy about it.

The crowd noise is slowly building, as Jester looks around and rubs the bridge of his nose, obviously becoming frustrated. Then, he charges Stochansky’s Corner with a leaping forearm, but Kilgore drops to the mat and rolls out of the way! Smiles connects with the turnbuckle! The Crowd boos this as Kilgore stands up, looking pleased with himself, but Smiles recovers quickly and unloads a Big haymaker right into the side of the champions head!

Dave Dymond: Owch! Jester Smiles is letting The Champion know right away that he isn’t here to play games!

Stochansky stumbles to the ropes, holding the side of his head, But there is no reprieve, as Jester kicks him straight in the side! The crowd is rollicking now as Jester begins a series of combinations, nailing the champion with a series of elbows punctuated by a big Knee in the chest, causing the big man to fall the mat in pain! The crowd breaks into cheers!

Other Guy: What the Hell is Stochansky’s deal?! He’s giving away this match!

Dave Dymond: Maybe not yet, but–wait, why arent you blindly supporting him?

Smiles takes a moment to make sure that Kilgore is down for a few, pausing to give him a boot to the side. He then runs and slides out of the ring, grabbing one of the two ladders laying outside of the ring. The crowd noise increases as Jester slides it into the ring under the ropes, then follows it back in. Stochansky has gotten to his feet, clutching his rib in pain.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles is looking to end this quickly, but Stochansky has still got some fight left in him!

Jester jumps over the ladder to meet him, but Kilgore begs off! Smiles pauses, but the crowd is screaming, telling him to not fall for it! As Jester looks about ready to strike, Kilgore beats him to it, raking his eyes! Smiles stumbles back, holding his face in pain, and Kilgore holds off before sprinting forward and taking him down with a Big Spear! Both men start brawling on the mat, Kilgore taking control first with a flurry of blows to Jester’s side before the challenger takes over with a head butt!

Other Guy: There, That’s what I wanna see! A real killer Instinct out of Kilgore Stochansky! Keep it up!!

Dave Dymond: You…You put money on the mainevent again, didn’t you?

Scott Kamura reaches in between the two and breaks it up, requiring a fresh start. Both men stand up and dust themselves off before the ref calls for the lockup. Both men engage, and Kilgore takes the advantage with a quick knee to the groin! The crowd boos loudly as the champion takes Smiles to the mat with a textbook Suplex! Jester isn’t staying down, though, popping right back up to take the champion down with a running front dropkick! The crowd pops as Jester gets right back up, moving at a very fast pace, as he grabs the neglected Ladder and picks it up!

Dave Dymond: Smiles has the ladder, it looks like he might have a chance to get it…

Stochansky gets up and, seeing that Smiles Almost has the ladder set up, rushes him, and knocks the ladder into his face with a charging elbow Block! Smiles falls to the mat and the ladder falls on top of him, and Kilgore takes advantage of this, leaping into the air and coming down with a double stomp on top of the ladder!

Other Guy:…Oh! But Kilgore had other plans, Double D! Look at that!

The crowd is Booing loudly, as Kilgore keeps leaping in the air and stomping down, sandwiching the defenseless Smiles between the ladder and the mat! Smiles finally gets himself in a position where he can move, and he pushes forward with all his might…toppling Kilgore Stochansky! The crowd Erupts as both men get to their feet, Kilgore quickly and Jester with a bit olf a pause, his face and chest red from the abuse of the ladder. Stochansky runs up and swings with a powerful Kick–But Jester Catches his Leg!!

Dave Dymond: And it seems that Jester Smiles still has some fight left in him!

Other Guy: No, Kilgore, Snap out of it!

Jester transitions closer, grabbing the champion under the knee…he ties him up and takes him down on the ladder with a capture suplex!! The Crowd erupts!!

Other Guy: I demand a ref stoppage! A Ref Stoppage counts as a draw and I break ev–Er, Stochansky might be seriously injured!

Kilgore rolls off of the ladder to the mat, screaming in pain and rolling into a fetal position. Jester hobbles to the rops and slides out of the ring, grabbing the other ladder and shoving it into the ring, to the very loud cheers of the crowd. Kilgore has gotten to his feet in the interrem, using the ropes for support.

Dave Dymond: Look at that glare in the Champion’s eyes!

Other Guy: Look at Jester, he almost has one set up!!

Jester gets into the ring and, while Kilgore is still reeling, finally gets a ladder set up! The flash bulbs go off and the crowds cheers up in volume as Jester sets to the task of moving the ladder to directly under the title! He looks over to check on Kilgore–But a moment too late, as he nearly gets his head taken off with A MASSIVE Lariat!!

Other Guy: Yes! Get ‘im, Stochansky!

Though the champion has a golden opportunity to climb the latter, the look of rage in his eyes says that he wont be doing that. He indeed doesn’t, grabbing Smiles by the hair and bringing him to his feet before unceremoniously tossing him through the ropes and to the outside!

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Certainly has the killer instinct going for him, but he’s usually much more cunning than this; I expect him to go for the title, but he isn’t doing it!

Stochansky steps out of the ring, the continued boos of the crowd increasing in volume. Once more he picks Smiles up off of the ground…and Irish Whips him RIGHT into the ring steps! The crowd is a mixture of shreiks of horror and loud boos, which Kilgore barely acknowledges. His face is near emotionless, the fire bruning in his eyes the only sign of the intense anger he’s experiencing. With the cold manner of a jaded surgeon he calmly picks up the obviously hurt Jester Smiles…and Whips him into the steel steps once again!!

Other Guy: See, what Stochansky’s doing here is learning from Smiles’ Mistakes, making SURE that Jester’s down before he climbs the ladder!

Jester rolls on the floor, screaming in pain, as Kilgore very suddenly breaks into a broad grin and starts posing for the fans. The only response he gets is a loud chorus of boos, as Jester Smiles starts sttempting to stand up. Kilgore strolls over to him, a very noticeable limp in his step, and picks him up to his feet. He points to the announcer’s table and grabs Jester by his arm…

Dave Dymond: Not Again, Smiles can barely stand up!!

…Kilgore WHIPS Jester towards the table–But Jester reverses!! He turns and sends Stochansky into the table with such force that his face slams against the top of the table!! The Crowd Goes wild for the scrappy challenger, who gets to his feet as fast as he can and defiantly raises an arm, to the increased cheers of the capacity crowd!! Smiles looks at Kilgore, who has gotten himself to a shaky standing position, blood coming from his obviously broken nose and matting the hair of his moustache. Jester runs to the ring apron and leaps onto it, the fans buzzing in anticipation of what’s about to happen. Stochansky limps forward, attempting to stop it…but Jester is too fast, and leaps off of the apron with a HUGE Diving Axe Handle!! It connects, and the Champion drops to the floor like a sack of bricks!!

Dave Dymond: Oh my GOD!! All Six foot Six of Jester Smiles just crashed RIGHT Into Kilgore Stonchansky’s Skull!! This Could be the Turning Point!!

The crowd volume is deafening as Jester gets to his feet slowly, obvious bruises forming on his body already. He strides over to Stochansky’s body and hauls him to his feet before throwing the still stunned champion onto the Announce Table!!

Other Guy What the…Hey! HEY CHAMP! GET UP!!

Dave Dymond: Quit that, OG!

Smiles can be seen nodding in agreement to the crowd noise, a smile seemingly trying to show through the pain that he’s in. He gets onto the apron again, checking on Stochansky: The champion remains dazed on the table, possibly knocked out from the flying strike he received. The challenger looks as if he’s about to jump off–He then seems to have a change of heart as he looks to the ladder, a gleam of hope in his eyes. The crowd starts to buzz with anticipation as Jester slowly walks through the ring ropes and then looks at the position, which is off and to the left.

Other Guy: Champ Come on! Get up! Get up you worthless pile of crap!

Dave Dymond: Jester Looks to be thinking about going for it, but I think the ladder’s too far away!

Jester begins the climb quickly, camera flashes and audience noise filling the arena. Stochansky is beginning to stir, the words and actions of SHOOT’s own other guy having very little ( but some ) effect. Jester makes it to the top, the crowd’s screams nearly blowing the top off of the arena. He reaches–But the Ladder is Too Far Away! Shouts of Disappointment start up as Jester eyes the belt with a combination of Hurt and anger, what he wants just half a foot from his grasp, but still too far. He glaces over at the Announce Table, and his eyes widen as he sees that Kilgore Stochansky has propped himself up on his elbows! The crowd screams, almost as if a dead man has arisen–But Kilgore’s eyes roll up into the back of his head and he falls onto his back again, seemingly passed out.

Other Guy: Oh Come ON, Man!! Don’t do this to me!!

Dave Dymond: I think you may want to back up, OG, I don’t like the look in Smiles’ Eyes!

Smiles checks his position, high atop the ladder…the crowd begins to cheer and stamp their feet, egging the challenger on…Smiles leaps off of the ladder and flys, twisting his body slightly midair and sticking an elbow out! But at the Last Moment, Kilgore rolls off of the table–Jester Smiles crashes THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

Other Guy: OH MY GOD!! That was one of the Most AWESOME Blunders I’ve ever Seen!!

Dave Dymond: Jesus! We might have a match stoppage!!

The Crowd is Booing as loudly as it seems possible, as a bloodied Kilgore Stochansky shakily gets to his feel, tapping his temple to illustrate how smart he is.

Dave Dymond: Oh Come on, how can he honestly be cocky at a time like this?!

Kilgore walks over to the apron and leans on it for a long few moments, catching his breath and spitting blood onto the floor as Jester begins to stir amidst the rubble of the announce table. The crowd doesn’t notice this at first, instead focusing on Kilgore, who has slid into the ring to place the ladder directly underneath the title.

Other Guy: Yes! Go Kilgore!!

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky might Retain here!!

The crowd noise is increasing, cheers starting to break out, and Kilgore sneaks a glance over to the announce table ( what’s left of it )…and is entirely shocked to see that Jester has gotten to his hands and knees!! The Crowd is cheering the challenger on, as Kilgore slides out of the ring in a huff. He storms over to where Jester is, Grabbing him by the shoulder–Only to get CLOCKED right in the face with a piece of the announce table by Smiles!! The Crowd Erupts as Kilgore stumbles backwards, holding his mouth in obvious pain!

Dave Dymond: Oh!! And, as we can see clearer than anyone here, Jester Smiles still has a good deal of fight left in him!!

Jester gets his knees, giving us the first clear look at him that we’ve had: His eye is bruised, almost swollen shut, and his left arm is bloodied. It seems that he cut it open when he splashes though the table. His ribs are also bruised, partially from that impact, but also from the previous damage. The crowd cheers wildly as Smiles gets to his feet, looking half dead, and starts an approach on the champion.

Other Guy: Oh, come on, he’s obviously not all there!! Someone throw in the towel!!

Stochansky moves forward to meet him, and slaps Jester right in the face!! The crowd Boos as Jester backs up a step…before responding with a BIG forearm to the chest!! Kilgore reels, but Jester is right on him, as he swings his foot high…and Connects with a Big Sidekick!! VIRGINIA SIDEKICK!!

Dave Dymond: This Could be it, If Jester can Capitalize on this momentum we might see the title change hands right here, tonight!!

The Champion hit’s the floor hard as Smiles drops to one knee, clutching his midsection in pain. Kilgore is barely stirring as Smiles shakily gets to his feet and then moves for the ring at half speed, holding his ribs.

Other Guy: The title might change hands if Jester wasn’t hurt, which he obviously is! He needs to stop right now, this is unhealthy!

Smiles gets to the ring and rolls in, the crowd hitting a very frantic cheering pace. Kilgore is trying to roll to his stomach, but is being very slow about it! Jester gets to the Ladder and starts to climb, his pace slowed down by his ribs hurting, but he’s making decent time, and the crowd is responding as such!! Kilgore finally gets to his knees, looking very hazily at Jester, who is halfway up the ladder!!

Dave Dymond: Kilgore needs to get moving if he wants to stop this!!

Other Guy: Come on, Man, Run for it!!

Kilgore leaps into action, sprinting for the ring, which he slides into!! Jester catches sight of this and double his efforts, getting his hands on the belt–JUST as Kilgore Pushes Ladder OUT FROM UNDER HIM!! But, as the cheers from the crowd indicate…JESTER IS HOLDING ON!!

Dave Dymond: Good LORD, The title isn’t coming off of the holster!! Listen to this crowd, OG!!

Other Guy: Kilgore has to have something up his sleeve, he just has to!!

Jester Hangs from the belt, midair, as Kilgore screams in Frustration!! He pauses for a moment before running to a turnbuckle and scaling it…The crowd noise is deafening as Jester hangs from the title, swaying back and forth…Kilgore Leaps off of the Turnbuckle!! He connects with Jester Smiles MIDAIR WITH A SPEAR~!!

Other Guy, Dave Dymond: OH…MY…GOD~!

Both Men Come crashing to the mat with a loud thud!! A Hush falls over the crowd before they realize…Kilgore rolls off of Jester’s limp body…JESTER HAS THE TITLE IN HIS ARMS!! Scott Kamura calls for the Bell as the Crowd Erupts in cheers!!

Other Guy: No, No No!! I cant believe it! No!! This is the worst thing ever seen happen live!! No!!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles worked hard and overcame quite a bit to get this far, Let him Enjoy what is rightfully his!!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, at a time of Twenty One Minutes and Thirty Six Seconds…your Winner, and NEW LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION…JESTER SMILES~!!

Jester slowly gets to his feet as Kamura raises his hand in victory. Stochansky, for his part, is seen laying on the mat, face first, screaming and pounding the canvas with his fist in anger. Jester’s hands both raise in the air, to a response of cheers, and he looks incredibly relieved and grateful.

Other Guy: So…So Much Money!!

Dave Dymond: He did it! He did it, and Kilgore Stochansky must be kicking himself right now! Unfortunately, we’re out of time!! Until next Week!!

The Show fades out with Jester Smiles holding the Laws of Survival title to his chest…