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Revolution: 022 – 3/2/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting from their recent cage match, with Biggs FLYING from high a top the cage.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.  Then next seen is a focus on Christopher Davis, fighting a two on one battle… and coming out victorious.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Chivalric.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of  Roland Caldwell standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, a sinister smirk on his face.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.




Dave Dymond: What the fuck?! What’s going on here?!

The crowd pops as they see Ron Barker shoved from the ramp curtain!

Other Guy: We’re supposed to have a match, but it looks like it’s already gotten started! There’s Barker, where’s Corazon?!

Ron Barker is a bloody mess, and is followed a few steps behind, by none other than the Iron Fist Champion, Adrian Corazon! He’s in his street clothes, carrying a steel chair with him, following Ron Barker to the ring!

Dave Dymond: I guess that answers my question! Corazon didn’t even waste any time going on the attack with Barker, and deducing the situation, looks like he’s already messed Barker’s face up with that steel chair!

Other Guy: The crowd is eating this up, Dave. They want to see Barker’s blood!

Dave Dymond: Corazon was told by none other than Jason Johnson himself that if Ron Barker was dealt with, that he could have ANYONE he wanted! Corazon apparently took that to heart!

Corazon charges behind Barker, not wanting to waste anymore time. He shoves Ron into the ring, and rolls in himself. He grabs a microphone from a very confused Samantha Coil, and looks wildly at Austin Linam!

Corazon: Count.

Linam flails at Corazon, telling him he hasn’t even started the match yet. Corazon sighs, and waits for Linam to signal the bell. Linam does, and Corazon smiles, sarcastically.

Dave Dymond: This looks like it might be a short night of work for our Iron Fist Champion.

Other Guy: Tell me about it. Dude doesn’t even dress to wrestle, and he’s a ten count away from a successful defense!

Corazon throws Barker onto the ground and points at him. He demands a count, and Linam begins his count. He reaches an 8 before Barker creeps up to his knees. This illicits a sigh from Corazon and a sound of shock from the Arizona crowd. Corazon simply shakes his head at Barker.

Dave Dymond: Man if I were Ron, I woulda just stayed down.

Other Guy: Yeah, me too. Corazon looks almost wistful, here.

Corazon picks Barker up and shoved him into the corner. He then swings his steel chair and just nails Barker in the stomach with it. A loud "OOF" is heard, and Barker doubles over. Corazon throws the steel chair down and hooks Barker, before driving Barker’s face into the chair with his signature move, the Original Sin. He picks the microphone back up…

Corazon: COUNT.

Linam obliges, and the crowd is cheering at this sight.

Dave Dymond: Seems academic from here, wouldn’t you think?

Other Guy: Yeah, the impact from that Original Sin makes this a no brainer.

The count is over, and the bell is rung. "Torcher" immediately kicks off, but Corazon motions at his throat to cut it.

Corazon: You see this, Jason? Look at it. This is what you asked. Ron Barker’s head on the proverbial platter.

The camera pans to show Ron Barker unconscious on the steel chair, blood covering his face.

Corazon: Now, you give me what I want. I promised SHOOT Project when I came here that I would be the man to bring it into a new era, and that I would be the man to alter its destiny. That time has come. Last week, I proclaimed myself the FUTURE of the SHOOT Project. I held the true World Championship over my head, and stood against my former allies in a sign of defiance.

The mentioning of the World Championsihp and defending SHOOT Project’s honor draws a pop from the fans.

Corazon: So now? You give me what I want. I want Roland Caldwell. I want Sammy Rochester. I’m out for their blood.

Corazon pauses, and smiles.

Corazon: And I want them… next week.

The crowd pops HUGE for that, as "Torcher" picks back up. Corazon just shrugs at Ron Barker’s KO’d body, before rolling out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: What a statement from our Iron Fist Champion!

Other Guy: No kidding! Dude has a grudge, and he’s called out the World Champion and the most unstable man IN the SHOOT Project. I think he might be crazy!


With the fans still buzzing following a very dominant showing by Iron Fist Champion, Adrian Corazon, they only get louder as they notice themselves on the SHOOT video screen, with the cameras scanning the audience.

Dave Dymond: Folks we were informed that Trevor Worrens, while suspended from in ring action has in fact purchased a ticket to tonight’s Revolution, we have Eryk Masters out in the crowd looking for him as we speak.

Other Guy: That’s one way of beating the system, Dave.  Sure the guy can’t hang out in the back with all the other SHOOT Project Soldiers, but buying a ticket makes him a legal fan.

The camera angles continue to cut multiple times until finally Trevor Worrens is spotted in part of one of the lower sections, and sure enough Eryk Masters is approaching him.  Worrens looks up at the SHOOT Video screen, seeing himself and he shakes his head.

Eryk Masters: Trevor Worrens.  Trevor.

Masters makes his way up to Worrens who just looks to Masters, clearly bothered.

Eryk Masters: The rumor was you were here tonight as a fan, not as a worker, and obviously the rumors were true.  The question is, with Osbourne Kilminster also suspended, why have you showed up here tonight?

Worrens kind of pushes the microphone away, but some of his words are picked up.

Trevor Worrens: Not now…

Eryk Masters: Well can you at least shed some light on just WHAT is the deal between you and Osbourne?

Worrens sighs and now stands up out of his chair.

Trevor Worrens: Look I’m not here to be on camera. I’m not here to put on a show.  I was suspended and that pretty much sucks.  But what sucks more than that right now, is having my own privacy invaded by you.  I’m here to watch Revolution. To enjoy the first week over the past couple of weeks where I don’t have to worry about someone trying to take me down because they’ve made up some insane bullshit about me in their own head.  So just leave it be.

Masters looks ready to ask another question, but Worrens shoves the microphone away, but you can see him say the words “leave it be” one more time.  Masters finally gets the idea.

Eryk Masters: So Worrens just another fan tonight enjoying the action as it plays out, and plenty of action still to come here on Revolution.

The focus holds on Masters for a second then the action cuts to elsewhere.


The camera brings us into one of the myriad hallways backstage. We see Kid Lightning standing in front of a soda machine, putting money in. As he’s trying to decide what to drink, from off frame come CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh. Kid Lightning spots them, and immediately puts his hands up in a defensive position, ready to fight. CJ and Jared feign surprise, but put their hands up, palms out, expressing their wish for peace.

Jared Walsh: Whoa, slow down there, Kemosabe, we’re not here to fight you.

CJ Nelson: We’re just delivering a message. Of the verbal kind, honest.

Kid Lightning puts his hands down, tentatively. He still looks hesitant to talk to them.

Kid Lightning: OK… what kind of message?

Jared Walsh: A message of love, young man! Maureen was looking for you.

CJ Nelson: Said she needed to see you real soon.

Jared Walsh: She came to us and told us to have you meet her over by the boiler room in about ten minutes. Out of our deep respect for LOVE, we agreed to let you know.

CJ Nelson: OK, seriously, you’re getting a bit over the top with the whole love schtick.

Jared Walsh: Fine. Just wanted to add some drama and flair to the occasion.

CJ Nelson: Anyway, she said she might get held up by her douchebag brothers–

Jared Walsh: CJ’s description, of course.

CJ Nelson: –but that she’d be there, so you should wait at least fifteen minutes for her if she isn’t there already.

Kid Lightning: Really? OK, I’ll go right… waaaaaaaait… why should I believe you?

Jared Walsh: LOVE!

CJ Nelson: Will you stop? Look, kid, we don’t particularly like you, or anything.

Jared Walsh: And then there’s that whole PPV tag title match coming up at Malice, LIVE on Pay Per View March 30th, call your local cable provi–

CJ Nelson: What my shill partner is taking way too long to get to is that we like the Collins brothers even less than we like you. Any way we can get to them? We’re going to do it.

Jared Walsh: And that means helping you hit that shit.

CJ Nelson: Like the fist of an angry god.

Jared Walsh: You better get going, you’ve wasted five minutes talking to us, she’s not gonna wait forever, bro!

Kid Lightning is absolutely starry-eyed over the prospect. He beams up at them.

Kid Lightning: I’m going! Thanks, guys!

He runs off to find Maureen, leaving our pair waiting. Jared yells out to him.

Jared Walsh: Go, Kid Lightning! FOR LOVE!

CJ Nelson: So should we go and deliver the real message now?

Jared Walsh: Fuck yeah, we should. Pepsi?

Jared presses the button, and a can of soda pops out, thanks to Kid Lightning’s cash.

CJ Nelson: Sure, thanks.

Jared tosses the can to him as they walk off frame, and we go back to Dymond and OG.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Kid Lightning knows what he’s getting into! LIHC just easily duped him!

Other Guy: I dunno, Dave, they seem legit, and it’s not THEIR fault that Kid Lightning left without getting his soda.



Tom Quinn and Jason Riley are seated inside one of the generic, “NON-Champion”, “Non-Superstar” locker rooms, tying up the laces on their wrestling boots.  A few other workers are seen talking off to the sides, but none of them can be identified from this particular angle.

Tom Quinn: Jonny gonna be here to watch us?

Riley shakes his head.

Riley: Nah.  Peter said he had some “previous engagements” shit or something.  Said he might be by at first, but he called me about an hour ago and said it was a definite no.  But whatever, man.  This is OUR night, anyway.  Jonny’ll be proud of us either way.

Quinn shrugs and sits up, finished with his boots.

“Excuse me.”

One of the show’s producer’s pushes through the crowd of workers.

Producer: Tom, Jase…  Need ya at Guerilla in about four.

They both nod their heads and the producer walks back off.  Quinn resumes the conversation.

Tom Quinn: Yeah.  I guess.  That Collins shit is still kinda pissing me off, though.

Riley sits up now too and slaps his friend on the back.

Riley: Dude, seriously, who cares?  Just more people to party with, bro.  You know how Jonny works…  Friends of his are friends of ours.  We’re family, Rogue!  So stop being an emo bitch and get pumped to slap the shit out of CB-PENIS and that Nova Lynn slut.

Quinn looks back to Riley, a curious expression on his face.

Tom Quinn: Have you even wrestled a girl before?  I’m feeling weird about that a little bit.

Riley rolls his eyes.

Riley: I look at it like this…  They get in the ring, I’m gonna beat the hell out of ‘em.

He shrugs.

Riley: Simple as that bro.

Quinn smirks and stands up, as does Riley.

Tom Quinn: I guess we’ll see how this goes.


The team bumps fists and then heads out of the locker room.



"Brass Monkey” by The Beastie Boys begins to play over the PA. No one has any idea who is coming out, so no one really cheers. CBP comes out from the back, dancing in a manner that could be described as very ‘white’. In his hands is a bag of Tootsie Rolls.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag-team contest is scheduled for one fall with a television time-limit of fifteen minutes!  Introducing first…  at a combined weight of…

Samantha seems confused by her note cards and stops speaking, while CBP, somewhat oblivious, and probably more concerned with making a good first impression, happily waves to the fans. He rips open the bag of Tootsie Rolls and begins to throw them into the crowd, which elicits a bit of a cheer and some laughter from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Ummm (Confused by Samantha’s lack of introduction) Relative nobody here in CBP, making his SHOOT Project in-ring debut tonight as is his… partner… (As though maybe something didn’t go as planned) Nova Lynn.  I must say, OG, this guy is certainly….different.

Other Guy: You think he’ll throw some of those Tootsie Rolls this way?

The curtain rustles a bit and a very disorganized Nova Lynn comes out awkwardly behind.  In the meantime, CBP continues to toss candy as he makes his way down to the ring. Nova picks up the pace and tries to catch up with her partner, shouting “Sorry!  Sorry guys!” all the way down.

Samantha Coil: (Picking back up) Introducing first, the team of CBP and Ms. Nova Lynn!

Dave Dymond: (Still confused, but carrying on) CBP, Charles Bryant Penze, and his partner, the…  lovely, Ms. Nova Lynn set now for tag team action, making their debut tonight against a tandem we heard from just moments ago…  Tom Quinn and Jason Riley.

Upon reaching the apron, he tosses the remainder of the bag to the fans. He then leaps up onto the apron in one jump….and slips off, falling back down to the floor.  Nova, still out of it, just slides in from the closest entrant point at the end of the aisle.  An amount of laughter breaks out among the fans, and CBP kips up, holding up two thumbs to the fans.

Dave Dymond: Did he just botch a ring entrance?

Other Guy: Yes…yes he did.

CBP slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He then goes to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs to the second turnbuckle, and waves at the fans, smiling happily, if not a bit cluelessly.  Nova, watching him the entire time, follows suit and shadows his actions, albeit with a couple second delay. CBP then backflips off the turnbuckle, lands on his feet.  Nova considers the stunt, but instead drops down and walks over to her partner at their corner.

“Brass Monkey” eventually fades out, and the crowd patiently waits for the opponents to be announced.  CBP and Nova go over their game plan, both looking mighty timid in their first SHOOT Project bout.



Samantha Coil: And their opponents…


“Thrash Unreal” by Against Me begins to play but the McKale Center crowd only gets a few decibels louder than they were for CBP and Nova, meaning the reaction is still pretty weak.

Samantha Coil: Coming it at a combined weight of 359 pounds!  From Chicago, Illinois…  TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY!!!

As Samantha makes the announcement, Quinn and Riley come out from the back.  Riley looks SUPER charged to be here, almost a little over the top, while Quinn takes a more professional approach to the ring.  Both guys are in sky-blue trunks with “ROGUE” and “RILEY” written on their respective gear, and both have matching sky-blue boots (with white laces).  Rogue has on a knee brace, and both kids are wearing hemp necklaces.

Dave Dymond: Tom Quinn and Jason Riley wrestling in their first match as a TEAM for the first time in a little over a year and a half.  Our fans will remember their classic feud with the short lived, but oft-remembered, team of Google and Yahoo.  Quinn actually HAS worked recently in singles competition a few months back, losing to Deacon Summers.  And then both men were participants in this year’s Redemption Rumble.

Other Guy: Couple teams looking to make some waves and turn some heads, Dave!  Tag Team wrestling is BACK, cats!

Neither man caters much to the crowd, aside from Riley occasionally making “WOO” noises and getting up in people’s faces.  They don’t elicit much of any reaction one way or another, but for the most part seem to be received surprisingly warmly by the crowd.

Quinn climbs the ring steps and enters in between the top and middle ropes while Riley slides in and makes a leap up onto the nearest turnbuckle!  His partner stretches in their corner, and Riley eventually joins him after a bit of showboating.  They slap hands and Quinn pats Riley on the back as he makes his exit.

At the other end, Nova and CBP look over to their opponents rather cartoonishly and then dive right into a game of Paper-Scissors-Rock…  which they mess up two or three times.

Dave Dymond: Looks like CBP and Nova might have some timing issues to work out over there.

Dennis Helfin, the referee assigned to the contest breaks up the team’s confrontation and asks that one of them comes out.  CBP eventually just points to himself and Nova nods.


Helfin calls for the bell, with Riley and CBP to start the match.  Both men move toward the center of the ring, where CBP immediately raises his hand as though asking for a test of strength.

Dave Dymond: Apparently CBP wants a… test of strength, OG.

Other Guy: This cat ever even BEEN in a ring?  My God, man.

Riley looks at CBP and then at CBP’s hand, not really sure what the hell the guy is thinking.  He eventually just shakes his head and takes a couple steps back.  CBP stands his ground and stops on the mat, demanding a TEST OF STRENGTH.  Riley again looks at CBP and shakes his head!  He charges at him with a CLOTHESLINE!  CBP ducks!  Riley stops and turns around!  CBP drops to the mat, stomach first.

Dave Dymond: (Bewildered) CBP to the mat…

Riley blinks at first but then leaps straight into the air and stomps down on the canvas.  CBP, thinking Riley completed the leap springs to his feet, facing the opposite way, only to see Riley isn’t there.  He turns around and Riley CLOCKS HIM with a STIFF forearm to the nose!  CBP reels back and Riley looks annoyed.

Riley: Fucking wrestle!

Riley stands guard and CBP holds at his face.  Actually, he does more than that.  He falls to the mat and starts fluttering around like a fish.  Riley has no idea what to do, while CBP clearly oversells the attack.

Dave Dymond: Riley with a vicious forearm…

Other Guy: How we supposed to call this shit?  Fuck that.

Riley begins pleading with Helfin regarding CBP’s behavior, but Helfin shrugs his shoulders.  Riley shakes his head and moves toward CBP!  CBP, though, counters with a quick roll up!  RILEY IS DOWN ON THE MAT!

Dave Dymond: COVER!




Dave Dymond: Riley out before three, but he is PISSED!

Riley VIOLENTLY kicks out!  CBP up to his feet, but Riley comes across with a SPINNING HEEL KICK!  CBP DOWN!  Riley runs toward the ropes at the other end of the ring and springboards with a moonsalt attempt!  CBP rolls out of the way, but Riley tucks in and avoids taking damage!  Riley up to his feet!  CBP up to his feet!  Riley up with a DROPKICK!  CBP dodges and Riley WHIFS!  BUT CBP STILL GOES DOWN FOR SOME REASON!  Riley is REALLY ANNOYED and runs at him, going for a football kick to the head, but CBP lifts his shoulders and is able to HOIST Riley up and over the top rope!  Riley gains his balance in midair and is able to land on the apron!  CBP is slow to turn around!  Riley springboards in with a cross-body-press!  CBP goes down…  BUT REVERSES ON THE MAT INTO A PINFALL ATTEMPT!

Riley’s shoulders pinned!  CBP tries to hook the legs!!!

Dave Dymond: COUNTER BY CBP!



Riley kicks out at two and spins to his feet!  CBP turns around, hands in a ready position.  Both men stare across the ring at each other and Riley STOMPS his feet on the mat in frustration while the fans applaud the “competitive stand-still.”


CBP clasps his hands together and gives the old-school, “Victory” celebration over his head.  Riley scowls at his opponent and then glares at the official.

Riley: Tell him to stop that!

Helfin again pleads his case with Riley that nothing CBP is doing is illegal.  Riley looks disgusted.


The fans actually boo Riley’s mini-temper-tantrum.

Riley: (Shouting to the fans) SHUT UP!

Dave Dymond: Riley having some issues it seems.

Other Guy: CBP aint exactly fighting with a whole lot of “wrestling honor”, though… to be  fair to Mr. Riley.

Riley, having had enough of this, tags in to his partner, Tom Quinn, getting even more crap from the fans for “running away”.  Quinn calmly enters the ring and gets into a “ready” stance as he looks across at CBP.  CBP, however, pauses a moment before turning around to tag in HIS partner!  The fans (mostly male) pop for the gorgeous Nova Lynn who makes a rather interesting entrance into the ring!  She goes in between the middle and top rope and straddles the middle one, bouncing up and down, as if she were…  having sex with it.  She moans and then slides off and into the ring, shivering as though simulating an orgasm.

Other Guy: Wooow.

That gets some cat calls from the audience, and another pop as well.  Quinn shakes his head, obviously uncomfortable and turns to tag Riley back in.  THIS gets heat from the crowd, who start to boo Quinn.  Rogue, though ducks his head down and exits the ring, while Riley, MORE THAN HAPPILY, springboards back in.

Dave Dymond: Riley back in now as he’ll go one on one with Nova Lynn.

Nova, though, quickly tags CBP back in.  Riley is MAD!  CBP pops back in and Riley shakes his head, opting to turn back to tag in Quinn!  Quinn comes in, and CBP tags in Ms. Lynn.  Quinn ALSO shakes his head and tags Riley back in.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.  Quinn doesn’t seem comfortable wrestling Nova Lynn and Riley wants nothing to do with CBP.  We have now seen six tags in about fifteen seconds.

Riley hesitantly goes back in the ring, and Nova waves.  Riley is hopeful, but as soon as he completely enters, she tags CBP back in.


Riley turns and SLAPS Quinn on the arm.  Annoyed, he swaps out with his partner.  CBP smiles and tags Nova back in.  The fans start to BOO, and Quinn finally holds his ground.

Tom Quinn: Fine.

Quinn moves toward the center of the ring and gestures of Lynn to bring it.  Nova is actually a little bit surprised and, also, now, a little nervous.  She starts to move in on Quinn, but Quinn QUICKLY catches her off guard and takes her down with an arm drag takedown.  A few fans boo, but those fans are mostly virgins.  Quinn pulls back on her arm, applying a fair amount of pressure, but seems hesitant to take it further than that.  He wraps his legs around her waist and keeps her stationary with a front scissor hold before slowly dragging his body toward his corner.  With Nova obviously “trapped” in their corner, Quinn reaches up and tags the VERY eager, Jason Riley.

Dave Dymond: Oh boy.  This could get ugly.

The fans actually get on Riley pretty hard with a LOUD chorus of BOOS.  He ducks into the ring and stares down at Nova… a huge grin on his face.  Nova struggles at first, but simply doesn’t have the capacity to remove herself from the predicament.

Dave Dymond: Nova doing what she can, but Quinn, a former soccer stand-out at Arizona State University, has exceptional leg strength and is using that to his advantage.

Riley gives a little wave to Nova before leaning forward and SLAPPING HER in the face!  The fans again boo, and Riley is loving it.

Riley: You like that? Huh?

Riley lunges forward now and catches Nova SQUARE in the jaw with a stomp to the face!!!  Quinn breaks the hold as Helfin reaches a count of FOUR and slides out of the ring.  Riley, who normally uses his speed and agility, opts for a slower pace as he now very methodically pulls her up off the mat and pushes her into his team’s corner.  He sorta slaps her around a little bit before outwardly GROPING her breasts as he pushes her hard against the turnbuckle!  Riley the comes forward with an EAR POPPING, OVER HAND SLAP TO THE CHEST!!!

“OOOOOH!”  The fans let out as shocked gasp.

Dave Dymond: Come on!  Is that necessary?

Other Guy: These girls…  Nova, and even Ainsley Lake, they know what they’re gettin’ themselves into, Dave.  I know our fans are upstanding people and I know, for me, personally, it might be harder to strike a girl or to watch it, but what else is that boy supposed to do?  This sport’s about establishing dominance, and Riles is doin’ just that.

Nova is obviously in pain after taking that shot but doesn’t show it, as she squints her face and keeps it locked inside.  Riley grabs her by the hair and now pulls her out of the corner.

Riley: Ya love me, baby?  Why don’t you SHOW it?

Riley suddenly KICKS Nova in the left knee, causing it to buckle, which in turn brings her down to the mat in a very… PRECARIOUS position.  She’s on her knees, facing Riley’s crotch.  He casts a sinister smile and looks down at her.


Riley taunts a bit more, but probably a bit too much because out of NOWHERE, Nova comes up with what might be the MOST DEVASTATING LOW BLOW EVER GIVEN!!!  Riley IMMEDIATELY hunches over in pain and Nova ROLLS HER UP!!!


Helfin, having not been at the proper angle to see the attack (and even if he did, Riley kinda had it coming to him) drops to the mat and makes the count!!!





Dave Dymond: SHE DID IT!

…Might have happened if Tom Quinn didn’t enter the ring!

Dave Dymond: NO!

Helfin stops his count and immediate runs to stop the attack!  Nova turns and waves to her partner! CBP waves back!  Nova shakes her head

Dave Dymond: There seems to be some miscommunication between Nova and CBP!

Other Guy: And I think Quinn’s picking up on it.  He’s not arguing as hard, but he’s keeping Helfin distracted.

Nova waves more furiously to CBP and points to the top rope!  Riley in the meantime is stirring.

Nova Lynn: Do your move from the top!  That, like, really cute one with your butt and stuff!

She finally just blurts out.  CBP seems confused, but then starts to climb to the top rope!   Riley, however, has had time to move out of the way!  Quinn stops talking to Helfin and “gives up” on his argument.  The official then turns around to see CBP on the top rope and charges over to the other corner to stop him from doing what he is doing!

Dave Dymond: Helfin now distracted at the OTHER end…

Nova sees CBP getting yelled at and tried to offer an explanation to the referee.  CBP slowly starts to climb down, but Helfin is still clearly distracted.  In the meantime, Riley gets up and charges forward!  Lynn, though, having heard him charging, is smart enough to turn around and counter him with a double leg take down!  She grabs both legs and flips forward, holding onto both legs…



Dave Dymond: DAMN IT!

Nova falls awkwardly to the side and Riley quickly scampers over and hooks the leg!!!  Quinn runs back to his corner but shouts at Helfin to turn around!  CBP doesn’t realize what’s happening!  Helfin sees Rogue in his corner and Riley making the pin fall attempt!  There is no reason to believe there was any foul play!

Helfin makes the count!




CBP realizes what is happening too late and doesn’t get in soon enough to break the count! Helfin calls for the bell and CBP lowers his head in shame and disappointment!  “Thrash Unreal” by Against Me starts to play and the fans actually offer up a fair amount of heat for the victors, audibly booing them!

Samantha Coil: The winners of this match…  TOM QUINN AND JASON RILEY!

CBP checks in on Nova Lynn, while Riley slides out of the ring to join Quinn on the outside.  The two friends embrace and Riley points back to the ring, shouting.


Quinn looks at CBP and Nova Lynn, smirking a little bit himself before both guys turn away from the action completely.  CBP looks up and shakes his head before slapping the mat a few times.  Helfin checks in on Lynn who slowly comes to as well now.

Dave Dymond: Well, to say this was a classic would be inaccurate, but regardless, Tom Quinn and Jason Riley take advantage of some “shoddy” teamwork from Nova Lynn and CBP, who, in all honesty, looked a lot better than I had thought.

Other Guy: Neither of them seemed totally comfortable, EVER.  It’ll be interesting to see where they can go, but I’ll agree with ya, Dave, you take away the miscommunications, and I think you see a totally different outcome.

Lynn eventually comes to and CBP helps her out.  There is a smattering of applause, but nothing major as both competitors make their way toward the back.

The cameras soon cut elsewhere.


The camera cuts to a static shot of a door. More accurately, it’s the door to the Flying Avengers locker room. Even more accurately, it is a shot of the door to the Flying Avengers “Secret HQ,” as a sheet of green construction paper taped under the nameplate tells us. It doesn’t appear that they were even really trying to make it look like it belonged there. CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh mosey their way into frame, Jared looking at the door, then back at his partner.

Jared Walsh: I think this is the place, CJ.

CJ Nelson: Wise-ass. Do your thing.

Jared clears his throat a little, looking around quickly, before going into a very girly-sounding falsetto.

Jared Walsh: Help! An innocent person is in danger! Someone help!

Jared nods, and gives a thumbs-up to CJ, and almost immediately, FLASH! Dynamite bursts through the door, looking around.

FLASH! Dynamite: What? Who?! Where?!

Jared Walsh connects with a knee to FLASH’s gut, and as he folds over, CJ drops the chair on his back. FLASH hits the floor, and Jared and CJ start laying into him with boots to the gut, back, and shoulders. Finally, CJ tosses Jared the chair, and Jared drops onto FLASH’s face with a standing Most Precious Blood. Jared winces a little, rolling onto his gut, waiting for the pain in his legs to subside before he stands back up. The pair look at the unconscious FLASH! Dynamite, and back at each other.

Jared Walsh: You. Right here.

CJ Nelson: I thought we wanted him conscious?

Jared Walsh: Hey, you tossed me the chair, I went with what I do best. It doesn’t much matter.

CJ Nelson: True. Maybe now they’ll understand what happens when you steal a win from LIHC.

Jared Walsh: So… you wanna go fuck with the Collins brothers now?

CJ Nelson: Jared… they haven’t gotten a win in ages, and they just lost the last match to Kid Lightning. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Jared Walsh: Good call.

Jared throws a final kick into FLASH for good measure, before the pair go on their way, leaving the Avenger out cold on the floor.



The shot opens somewhere backstage in one of the hallways.  The SHOOT Project BURGLAR, in his black and white jumpsuit and prisoner cap, has a mirror set up against a wall.  He seems to be practicing lines.

Burglar: HEY…  YOU GOT MONEY?  Oh… that’s cool.  GIMME!”

He sticks his hands out and presumably pretends to steal money.

Burglar: You guys have any cats?  Oh, yeah I love kittens.  GIMME YAW MONEY!

Burglar spins around and reaches out again to fake rob someone.  His cap sorta awkwardly falls off and he sighs.  He bends down to pick it up, and the cameras follow his movement.  When he looks back up, he sees SHOOT PROJECT OWNER, Jason Johnson’s imagine in the mirror.

Jason Johnson: How do you get back here every week?

Burglar, a little embarrassed, turns to face a stern Jason.

Burglar: I pretend to be event staff.

Jason peers at Burglar.

Jason Johnson: Look, I really don’t have the time to be babysitting like this, but if you want to keep…  (looking at how ridiculous Burglar looks) BEING HERE, you need to WORK here.

Burglar seems confused.

Burglar: But I’m a Burglar.  I DON’T WORK FAW NO ONE.

Jason sighs.

Jason Johnson: Okay.  Burglar?  I can have you arrested.  And then you’d live with other Burglar who would probably do what angry, LONELY burglars do best…

Burglar narrows his eyes in a pout face.

Burglar: DON’T!

Jason Johnson: Like I said.  You can’t BE here unless you WORK here.  (Pausing a moment) You’re annoying the roster and the fans are confused when they see you.

Burglar considers what he is hearing.

Burglar: Well…  can I get a job then?

Jason shrugs.

Jason Johnson: Can you wrestle?

Burglar shakes his head.

Burglar: Not really.

Jason thinks for a minute, tapping his chin.

Jason Johnson: Do you hate losing?

Burglar nods his head.

Jason Johnson: So if you had to try and win, say, a WRESTLING match… you would, but because you aren’t a good wrestler, you’d probably lose, right?

Burglar nods his head again.

Burglar: Yeah.  That’s about dead on.

Jason seems pleased.

Jason Johnson: Yeah.  I can get you a job.  Follow me to my office.

Burglar seems excited, but quickly calms himself down.

Burglar: (Suspicious) But I can still practice my craft?

Jason nods.

Jason Johnson: Absolutely, Burglar.  Now come on, I’ll have my people write up a contract for you.

Burglar pumps his fist and then follows Jason Johnson down the hall toward his office.  The cameras don’t follow them, though, quickly cutting elsewhere.


With a momentary break in tonight’s in ring action, the Tuscon crowd look up to the SHOOT Project video screen as images are shown from backstage as a camera crew rushes down a narrow corridor to see a couple of medics tending to an arena security guard, who’s sitting on the floor with his back resting against the wall.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) What?  I… umm, fans it appears as if something has happened backstage, we’re back there now, this apparently happened during the last match up…

As the camera focuses on the downed security guard it is seen that blood trickles from his nose, down onto his top lip and from a small cut down the side of his face, which is swollen and revealed to be very painful as he winces at the faintest touch from the medics who are trying to clean him up. The camera shows us an open fire door before looking back down at the injured guard.

Security Guard: I dunno… I heard banging, so I opened the door and then… BAM! As soon as the guy heard the latch go, he was in…. The door slammed right into me and knocked me right down and he was gone… Man, it hurts…

Back in the arena, there’s a murmur of concern as the screen goes black. The fans seem a little perturbed by the images and the news.

Other Guy: What’s that all about?

Dave Dymond: I have no idea but obviously someone forcing their way into the McKale center tonight.  Hopefully in response security is heightened, last thing anyone needs is some crazy fan or intruder trying to cause a problem.

Other Guy: No joke.  Things could get very real if that happened, and unnecessary injuries ain’t exactly my idea of a good night.

Dave Dymond: If anything comes of this, we’ll be sure to keep you fans watching at home updated, but for now it appears as if this is where the mystery ends, but hopefully we can figure out more by the time the night ends.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit, and is being officiated by a special guest referee!

The fans begin to buzz in excitement, as “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits! The fans begin to cheer loudly, as Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with a white and black striped shirt on, tucked into a pair of loose blue jeans. He starts down the ramp, and slaps a few outstretched hands.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the special guest referee for the evening! CAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

The fans cheer louder as Cade slides under the bottom rope and pops up straight to his feet, one arm raised with a fist. “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hits, and the volume of the cheering lowers, but doesn’t end all together. Eli Storm steps through the curtain, and pumps his arms to the fans, trying to create more positive energy.

Samantha Coil: And the first contestant, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Weighing in tonight at 220 pounds! He is “The Incredible One” EEEEEEEEEEEELIIIIIIIIIIIIIII STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!

Storm makes his way down the ramp and hops onto the ring apron. Storm slingshots over the top rope and spreads his arms wide, turning a full circle to play to the crowd a little more as his music fades out. It is soon replaced by “Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac. The fans immediately turn to deafening boos, as Donovan King steps through the curtain, several pictures in his hand.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at 242 pounds, from Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Memphis, Tennessee! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

King continues slowly down the ramp, flipping through the photos in hand, smirking at each of them. He finally makes it to the end of the ramp, and rolls casually under the bottom rope, as Samantha Coil quickly exits the ring.

Dave Dymond: What are those pictures in King’s hand?

Other Guy: I don’t know, but by the look of things, Donovan King has something to show Cade Sydal!

Sure enough, Donovan King moves toward Cade Sydal and thrusts the pictures into Cade’s chest. King nods slowly, as Cade flips through the pictures, and his jaw quickly clenches as a wave of anger clouds his features. He pushes the pictures into his back pocket and starts moving toward King, menacingly!

Dave Dymond: Cade might not even let this match happen!

King quickly backs up and points at Cade and starts slapping his hands together, then raises his own hand and points at himself as he quickly jaws at Cade. Cade shakes his head slowly, but King starts nodding and simply says, audibly, “Or else…”

Other Guy: King apparently has some back-up in place, to make sure that Cade does…well, the right thing.

Cade shakes his head slowly and then signals for the bell, and Eli Storm and Donovan King rush each other, colliding with a lock up in the center of the ring. King drives his right hand over Storm’s elbow and jabs Storm in the face! Storm’s head snaps to the side and King uses the movement to lift his knee into Storm’s abdomen before swinging Storm up with a body slam in the center of the ring! King grabs Storm by the hair and kicks him hard in the side of the face, while glaring right at Cade Sydal!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King appears to be sending Cade Sydal a message, here, tonight!

Other Guy: I’m kinda surprised that Cade isn’t sending some of his own kicks King’s way, he has plenty of opportunity.

Cade stares a hole through King, and King releases Storm’s hair and marches up to Cade. The two of them trade words, and Cade balls a fist up, ready to strike. King says something else, inaudible, and turns right into Eli Storm, who leaps into the air and drives both feet into King’s face with a dropkick! Storm mounts King and starts raining punches down on his face, and Cade, the official for the match, just watches!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know why Cade isn’t attacking King either, but he seems content to let Storm dish out all the beatings for now!

Other Guy: At least we know why Cade is a wrestler and not a referee, he SUCKS as an official!

Storm swings out of the mount into a lateral press, and Cade drops to make the count.


King kicks out quickly, and Storm pulls King the rest of the way to his feet. Storm whips King off the ropes and dips his head to back body drop King on the rebound! King stops just short and kicks straight up into Storm’s chest! Storm lurches straight up, and King rushes to hit the ropes and comes off with a full head of steam, and Storm quickly dips back down and launches King up and over with a powerful back body drop!

Dave Dymond: King had the back body drop scouted, or so he thought!

Other Guy: Did you see how high King went into the air!

King gets to his feet, with his back to Storm, and Storm hooks him for a waistlock! King reaches his hands out and grips the top rope tightly with both hands, halting the attempted German suplex! Cade moves over and looks at the ropes casually before releasing a sigh, he looks at Storm and starts ordering him to release the hold. At two, Storm turns to Cade, almost incredulously, and King uses the moment of distraction to snap an elbow back into the side of Storm’s head!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just used a slight distraction to his advantage!

Other Guy: It’s a little curious, as to why Cade didn’t just let Storm keep the hold I mean.

King turns full circle and, just as Eli Storm turns back toward him, King drives Storm down with a clothesline! King mounts Storm and stares right at Cade before placing both hands on Storm’s throat! Cade looks at King and slowly shakes his head, his jaw clenched tightly.

Dave Dymond: What is he doing?! Why is he letting King choke the life out of Storm?!

King grabs Storm by the front of his hair and starts ramming his head up and down into the canvas repeatedly, before swinging a little and hooking Storm’s leg for a cover!

Other Guy: For whatever reason, it looks like he’s letting King win…



Storm kicks out quick, and Cade slowly gets up off the canvas, his eyes locked with King’s. Both men stare at each other, as King seems to ask Cade if he’s got a problem. Cade’s silent response is a stare, as Storm gets to his feet. Storm turns King around and snaps into him with a European Uppercut!

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm, now, using some distraction to his advantage!

Other Guy: He’s going to have to stay on King, too, to keep the advantage.

Storm hits King with two more European Uppercuts that sends King into the ropes. Storm sends King off the ropes and catches King with a drop toehold, before hitting the ropes to the side! Storm runs straight for King and baseball slides King in the side of the face! Storm pushes King over and hooks the leg, and Cade drops immediately for the count!




King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: At least Cade isn’t counting any differently for Storm, I just don’t understand why King can choke Storm, and Storm can’t have a hold while in the ropes!

Other Guy: Obviously something is going on under the surface that we’re not aware of.

Storm pulls King to his feet and sends him into the corner. Storm rushes in for a clothesline, but King lifts his elbow up just in time and snaps it into Storm’s face! Storm stumbles back, and King rushes at Storm and leaps into the air, planting his right foot in Storm’s face!


Storm drops to the canvas, and King is right there, to his feet, before he starts stomping directly down on Storm’s face!

Dave Dymond: King with his brilliant leaping Yakuza kick, and now he is just driving his foot into Storm’s head from every possible angle!

King plants his right foot on Storm’s throat and then pushes up off his left foot, putting ALL of his weight on Storm’s throat! Storm kicks and thrashes his legs, and Cade lowers his head, shaking it slowly. King smirks and then leaps upward, tuning in mid-air he drives his elbow down across Storm’s throat! King turns into a relaxed cover, while Eli Storm visibly gasps for air!




Storm kicks out, and King glares at Cade. Cade shrugs as King pulls Storm to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King is obviously not pleased with Cade’s consistent counting.

Other Guy: Are they really consistent though, Dave? Really?

King stares at Cade, holding Storm by the hair, he drives a fist into Storm’s face! King swings for a second punch, but Storm ducks it! Storm hooks King from behind with a waistlock and snaps back with a German suplex out of nowhere! Storm rolls backward over King, pulling him back to his feet with a waistlock still applied! King stomps his foot down on Storm’s toes, and uses the painful distraction to reverse the waistlock on Storm into one of his own!

Dave Dymond: Storm with an impressive German suplex, and he rolled through, but King reversed it!

Other Guy: He’s incredibly resourceful, and he’s often sold short in that department, Dave.

King grabs Storm by the shoulder and turns him around into a boot to the stomach! King hits the ropes to the side of Storm and lunges hard with his right boot, right for Storm’s face! Storm striaghtens at the last second, and King kicks nothing but air, and lurches off balance! Storm turns King around and whips him, but King reverses the whip, sending Storm into the ropes! King catches Storm on the rebound with a spinning spinebuster, right in the center of the ring!

Dave Dymond: Beautiful Double-A style spinebuster from Donovan King!

Other Guy: He continues to improve as a wrestler every week, but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Eli Storm tonight…his ability to get his ass kicked almost rivals that of the referee for the evening!

King stands, still holding Storm by the legs! King grapevines his left leg with Storm’s legs and turns Storm over! King uses his right foot to kick Storm in the ribs repeatedly before Storm’s arm lurches back! King grabs Storm by the right arm before he starts to punch Storm on the other side of his body, causing Storm to reach his other arm back, and King quickly catches it by the wrist! King pulls back on Storm’s arms, pulling his face off the canvas! King stares right at Cade as he plants his right foot on the back of Storm’s head! King DRIVES his foot down on the back of Storm’s head, driving Storm’s head into the canvas HARD!

Dave Dymond: Holy shit!

Other Guy: CURB STOMP!

King unlocks his leg and rolls Storm over, before planting his right foot on Storm’s face! He points down, and Cade drops to make the count!




Storm kicks out, swatting King’s foot away! King glares down at him and pulls Storm to his feet. King whips Storm off, but Storm swings under King’s arm and reverses the whip right into a short-arm clothesline, and both hit the canvas! Storm pushes to his feet slowly, while King starts to stir. Storm flexes and lets out a guttural roar, while King slowly starts to get to his feet. Storm hits the ropes as King makes it to his feet! Storm springboards off the second rope and turns toward King and lands on King’s shoulders, snapping back with a springboard hurricanrana!

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm is firing on all cylinders now!

Other guy: King has got to stop this comeback before it really gets going!

King rolls to his feet and turns, right into an Eli Storm flipping dropkick! King crashes to the canvas, and Storm flips through to his belly! Both start for their feet, and Storm hooks King with a front facelock! Storm snaps King upward and drives him down with a brainbuster! Storm floats into the cover!




King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Storm is on a roll!

Other Guy: King! Stop him!

Storm pulls King to his feet, and King breaks Storm’s hands away from his face and leaps upward to drive a knee into Storm’s face! King turns to Cade, holding his head, he shouts an order at Cade that, this time, is picked up by the camera.

Donovan King: Do the fuckin’ right thing! Or else!

King turns and Storm meets him with a boot to the abdomen! Storm pulls King into a standing headscissors! Storm circles his hands around in the air and the fans in attendance cheer loudly! King grabs Storm’s left hand as it hits his hip! King spins out and yanks Storm into a fireman’s carry! Storm kicks his legs wildly and lands behind King! Storm pulls King around into a standing headscissors! Cade snaps up suddenly and drives his right foot into Storm’s face with a NINJAGUIRI! The fans react with a stunned silence, as Storm drops!

Dave Dymond: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Other Guy: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Cade pushes to his feet and glares at King, who grins up at him. King hooks Storm’s leg, deep, for the cover! Cade slowly drops down to make the count!




Cade pushes to his feet and stares at King, as “Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits, and Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her face.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 19 minutes and 52 seconds! DOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

The fans boo as King gets to his feet, all the while grinning right at Cade. King points to his right hand, and Cade shakes his head slowly. King’s face goes from grinning to glaring in a split-second, and he points more forcefully at his right hand. Cade shakes his head, but slowly grabs King’s wrist and starts lifting it into the air! King nods his head, grinning once more!

Dave Dymond: What did Donovan King do to make Cade strike Eli Storm?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but its clear that Cade isn’t happy about having to raise King’s hand here!

King suddenly pulls Cade into a fireman’s carry! The fans boo even louder as King reaches for Cade’s head, but Cade uses his hands to swat away at the reaching arm! Cade kicks his legs hard and lands behind King, with an inverted facelock! Cade snaps under King, twisting his body in the process, and jerks King down to the canvas face first with the spinning 3/4 neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just countered the KTFO with a Nightcap!

Other Guy: What the fuck?! How?!

Cade pushes back to his feet and glares down at King. Cade turns to Storm and shakes his head slowly, mouthing the word “Sorry” down to him. Cade turns back to King, and smirks at him, before “Everybody Down” by nonpoint takes over the airwaves, and he backs up to the ropes and steps out through the ropes.


“The Show Must Go On” by Three Dog Night hits over the PA, causing the fans to erupt with cheers. A countdown from ten begins on the screen, the number one frame covered by a poorly spray painted smiley face. Jester Smiles emerges from the back, wearing jeans and the “Jester Smiles: Almost Better Than Penguins” t-shirt. Slung over his shoulder is the LoS Title. He looks to the fans, smiling brightly, before taking the LoS Title off his shoulder and raising it high, cuing an green and purple pryos.

Dave Dymond: Quite an entrance by the new Laws of Survival Champion, Jester Smiles. Here’s a man who went weeks, plummeting further and further into career and personal suicide, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the look of him now.

Other Guy: Jester’s standing tall and happy now, but the real question here is, why is he out here?

Jester takes his time going to the ring, high-fiving, hugging, and even taking pictures with the fans. Upon reaching the ring apron, he actually leaps up onto the barricade and leaps into the crowd, the fans actually crowd surfing Jester for a moment.

Dave Dymond: Now THAT is fan interaction.

The fans let Jester down on the other side of the barricade, and Jester slides into the ring. He asks for a microphone, and Samantha Coil quickly hands him one.

Jester Smiles: Wow.

The fans cheer, and Jester can only smile.

Jester Smiles: It’s been awhile since I could really appreciate what I’m hearing right now. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you who stood by me and believed in me. This-

Jester holds up the LoS Title again.

Jester Smiles: This is for you!

The fans cheer louder.

Other Guy: Bit of a cheap pop.

Dave Dymond: Everybody’s allowed at least one.

Jester Smiles: And isn’t Tucson just the greatest city ever!

Even louder cheers, and an even broader smile from Jester.

Dave Dymond: Okay, now it’s a bit excessive.

Jester Smiles: Now, for everyone who cheered, remember. I plan on holding this title a long time. Your boy is going to have a very LONG Laws of Survival Championship reign. So, to remember this day, remember…

To visit the merchandise booth and pick up a “Jester Smiles: Almost Better Than Penguins” t-shirt. The more of those you sell, the closer I get to being better than the penguins!

The crowd laughs. Jester sticks his tongue out at the crowd.

Jester Smiles: In all seriousness, though, I didn’t actually come out here to plug merchandise. I just figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. I mean, guys gotta eat, right? But the main reason I come out here is this. See, I was in the back, watching the show and what not, and I realized something. I was really, really bored. I mean, I’ve got this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL-

Jester holds his title in front of his face, blowing on it and then shining it. He then gives it a big kiss.

Jester Smiles: BEAUTIFUL title here, and I’m not doing anything with it. Well, that’s just unacceptable. A champion is not defined by how shiny his title is, although mine really is. To Corazon and Catcher, the key is using Windex. I know, I know, it’s not glass, but that’s the stuff. Keeps it good and shiny. Trust me.

Jester does a thumbs up Jester towards the camera, putting on a very fake, over the top grin. The crowd simply laughs.

Jester Smiles: But that’s not what defines a champion. In this business, a champion is defined, not by his initial win, but how he defends the belt. Now, over the past few months, this belt has been defined by a man who used cowardly tactics and politics to hold onto this belt. This belt was held by a man who cheated and robbed people of their opportunities.

I’m talking about the FORMER Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky.

The crowd boos.

Jester Smiles: I know, I know. I don’t like that name either. But I had to make sure he knew I was talking about him, or he wouldn’t get it. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The crowd cheers.

Other Guy: Someone’s not getting any Kilgore awards at the 2008 Year End Awards.

Dave Dymond: I don’t really think he cares.

Other Guy: He should. They come with an awesome gift basket.

Jester Smiles: So I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve got to restore, not only the honor of this belt, but my honor as I champion. I messed up as the Revolution Champion. I own that. I was not a good Revolution Champion. I did not give that belt the respect it deserved. Hopefully Mr. Arion Catcher will remedy that legacy. But I’ve got to restore my own honor as a champion, my dignity as a champion.

And here’s how I’m going to do that. I’m not going to wait for Jason Johnson to book me in a match. I’m not going to wait for someone to come and challenge me. Oh, no no no. Next week, we’re going to have a Laws of Survival Championship Match!

The crowd  cheers.

Jester Smiles: It’s going to be contested under the Law of Chaos, a Falls Count ANYWHERE match!

The crowd cheers even louder.

Jester Smiles: And my opponent will be…..

Jester reaches into his pocket and pulls out a….bullhorn?

Jester Smiles: Whoever the (BULLHORN!) wants it!

The crowd ERUPTS in cheers.

Other Guy: That’s ballsy. Quite possibly very stupid, but ballsy.

Dave Dymond: Jester feels he’s gotta make up for a bad reign as the Revolution Championship and a bad reputation on the Laws of Survival Championship. What better way than to challenge anyone?

Jester closes his eyes for a minute, grinning happily, enjoying the cheers. He opens them and holds the microphone up to his mouth.

Jester Smiles: I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or what you think you deserve. Kilgore, you want a rematch? Come get it. Benjamin Biggs, you think you deserve another shot at this belt? Try and get it. Hey, Ainsley, didn’t like getting kicked in the face? Do something about it. Donovan maybe? I’d love another shot at Cade. Leon Strife, kids got potential.

If you want it, come and get it. I’m giving you the opportunity at gold. All you gotta do is step up and take it.

However, this is not guarantee that you’re going to win. Because, whoever steps up and goes for it has to take it from me. And I plan on walking out of the next Revolution with this little piece of gold still held TIGHTLY in my grasps.

I await anyone’s answer with great anticipation. Booya!

Jester drops the mic and raises the bullhorn and the title, blowing the bullhorn! Once he’s done with that, he tosses the bullhorn to the crowd and goes to the nearest turnbuckle. He leaps up onto the second turnbuckle and holds the LoS title high, both hands holding the belt horizontally, the light catching it in a fashion that makes it sparkle. The crowd, meanwhile, has begun a “JESTER!” chant.

Dave Dymond: As you said, a ballsy move by Jester, and I think I’m with these fans when I say that I’m looking forward to seeing Jester, as the champion, in action in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Other Guy: It’s going to be a great match, for sure, but who’s going to be Jester’s opponent?

Jester goes out onto the apron and down the steel steps. He begins to walk towards the back, but stops, looks at the fans, and once again leaps over the barricade, standing with the fans and holding his title high.


The focus returns to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy as it is just moments away from the next match up.

Dave Dymond: Folks up next is somewhat of an aftermath match up from what went down one week ago and…

Suddenly the crowd comes alive, buzzing, others shouting, and the camera cuts quite abruptly as fans are seen dodging out of the way as Osbourne Kilminster is PUMMELING Worrens with several shots to the back of the head, shoving him down towards the ring.

Other Guy: Oh boy, this shit has exploded!

Dave Dymond: Osbourne Kilminster not supposed to be here tonight, and I doubt he paid for a ticket, which means only one thing, he was responsible for the injured security guard and now he’s gotten to his target; he’s gotten to Worrens.

The fans boo loudly once Kilminster is clearly seen.  Kilminster fires a few more stiff shots before dumping Worrens over the guard railing, sending him onto the floor on the ring side of the railing. Kilminster stands there for a moment, looking to one of the cameras on hand.

Osbourne Kilminster: Try to ignore this!

Worrens struggles to get to his feet as Kilminster comes over the railing now and charges at him.  Worrens retaliates though, firing a hard punch straight to the shoulder region of Kilminster. Kilminster’s body shift sideways a bit but Kilminster charges back, tackling right into Worrens!  SHOOT Project security rushes down from the back, and Kilminster now lifts Worrens up and forcefully shoves him into the ring, again pounding on him with closed fists!

Dave Dymond: This has gotten out of control now, security here to try to break this up. Fans I’m sorry for this, I don’t even know what’s happening to be perfectly honest.

Kilminster is up to his feet just as security hits the ring and he starts shoving them back, throwing his weight around a great deal.  Worrens in the meantime works his way back up to his feet and without hesitation runs right at Kilminster!  Kilminster turns just as Worrens NAILS a palm jab to the face, then grabs the back of Kilminster’s head and SLAMS it down into his knee!  Kilminster staggers back and the fans pick up as Worrens continues to assault Kilminster now, dropping him quickly with a leg lift take down.  Kilminster tries to wrap is legs around Worrens’s body, but Worrens rolls to the side and then starts sending knees into Kilminster’s body while Kilminster tries to throw quick strikes, anything to get Worrens back!

Other Guy: I have NEVER seen this much aggression out of Worrens… what the HELL is going on between these two?

Dave Dymond: Something that obviously none of us witnessed first hand, I have heard rumors but nothing concrete.  This is NUTS though, security can’t even control this!

The two men continue to fight, Worrens still keeping the slight advantage, and then he suddenly sits Kilminster up forcefully and fights his way into position, suddenly SNAPPING on an arm-hook sleeper hold… applying a great deal of pressure and struggling as well to keep Kilminster held in place!  The fans are cheering Worrens at this point, and now Kilminster feels the full effects of the submission!  Worrens JAMS his knee into Kilminster’s back for added leverage and now REFUSES to let go!

Dave Dymond: More security out here now, trying to pry Worrens off of Kilminster, but Worrens won’t let go.

Other Guy: And Kilminster won’t tap out!

Kilminster starts to fade out from the sleeper, refusing however to tap out to the submission hold.  Worrens keeps the hold locked in, despite being tugged at by security.  Eventually though the fans POP as Kilminster’s eyes flutter shut and he slumps in Worrens’s hold!

Dave Dymond: I think… I can’t really see from here that well, but it looks like Kilminster has passed out!  Kilminster is OUT!

Worrens is finally pried away from Kilminster, and as he lets go, Kilminster just falls the rest of the way onto the mat.  Worrens marches around like a man possessed and finally exits the ring and grabs a microphone from the timekeeper’s table. Security stays in the ring, making sure Kilminster isn’t further assaulted.

Trevor Worrens: Week after week now whether he’s taking me down on camera, or he’s back in the locker room talking up a storm about me, Osbourne Kilminster has shown that he has a problem with me.  Now I’m used to people having a problem with me, I’m used to people not liking me.  It happens when you yourself don’t like a lot of people. BUT Kilminster has created this whole other world inside that head of his… yeah, for all of you wondering, Osbourne Kilminster has a problem with me for things I HAVEN’T. EVEN. DONE!

Worrens looks to the ring now through the black shirts of SHOOT Project security, towards where Kilminster is now being looked over by medical staff.

Trevor Worrens: Because of that, I have issue with him. Because of that, I’m making this real simple.  NEXT WEEK, are you listening Jason?  I wouldn’t want you to have an oversight in your bookings meeting.  Next week, the suspension is lifted. So for next week, I am DEMANDING a match with Osbourne Kilminster.

The fans pop yet again as Worrens drops the microphone now, and then starts his way back out to the crowd. Security follows suit, making sure that Worrens does nothing more for the night.



As Kilminster is tended to by incoming SHOOT Project medical, the camera focus shifts to the ringside position with Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: I guess it can’t be ignored or swept under the rug any longer. Trevor Worrens in a rather bold, maybe even uncharacteristic, move has demanded a match for next week against Osbourne Kilminster.

Other Guy: If there’s as much hatred flowin’ between these two as the rumors are stating, then after this display, next week may be Worrens’s last match.  The cat is good, but a pissed off Kilminster, I’d never bet my money against that.

Dave Dymond: The question is will the demand be met?  Jason Johnson has had to handle a lot of business these past couple of weeks, will he handle this affair as well, Other Guy, your thoughts?

Other Guy: I don’t see how he could avoid handling it, Dave.  If Jason wants this fight to continue to interrupt Revolution week in and week out, sure, then he ignores the demands.  But I think, as much as this could be the end of a talented former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, it’s a necessary evil.

Dave Dymond: I guess we’ll know soon enough if the demand is met, but as Kilminster is aided to the back by medical, we keep tonight’s Revolution moving forward.

"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix begins to play throughout the McKale Center and Leon Strife steps out from the back, a surprise to the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Leon Strife not advertised to be here tonight, and considering our next match up, not sure it’s a smart move for him to be here.

Other Guy: Kid’s got guts, that’s all I can say.

Strife heads down to the ring, as medical staff passes by him with Osbourne Kilminster being kept up, but its obvious Kilminster isn’t with it.  Strife plays up to the Arizona crowd as he makes his way not into the ring, but around it.  He then points at Other Guy and Dymond with a smile on his face.

Dave Dymond: Looks like the young kid known as Lionheart is going to be joining us right here at the ringside position.

Sure enough, Strife takes a seat and his music slowly fades out.  There is the noise of him fiddling with a headset as "Louis XIV" by Louis XIV begins to play.  Declan O’Leary starts his way out to the ring not receiving much of a reaction, but his jaw jacking to the crowd does goad some of the crowd into booing.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, on his way to the ring at this time. He weighs in at 192 pounds… here is Declan O’Leary!!!

O’Leary stops to raise an arm into the air, fist clenched, and this only seems to get more boos.

Leon Strife: Hey before this gets started I just want to say I know what you’re both thinking. but after what happened last week on Revolution added to what happened Wednesday night on Sky High… there’s no way I wouldn’t be out here.

Dave Dymond: Well glad you could join us.  Leon, you have a lot of promise, but the past few weeks those ribs have been your downfall.

Leon Strife: Yeah, and wrestling a brawler like O’Leary and a psycho like Kenji Yamada over the past week didn’t help much either. BUT I have had this week to rest up, taking it easy, the ribs are still bruised a bit, but I’m feeling a whole lot better.

O’Leary gets into the ring now, looking out around him and he notices Leon Strife.  O’Leary just chuckles under his breath with a roll of his eyes. Strife looks at him for a moment, and O’Leary in an odd display of arrogance turns his back on Strife.

Other Guy: Guess you ain’t got the respect of O’Leary after your match last week.

Leon Strife: No, don’t blame the guy though. He had a win, but then lost it in a change of decision. Thing is, the guy he SHOULD be pissed at, is the guy about to come out here to fight him.

Dave Dymond: A very likely reason as to WHY this match was signed for tonight.  Declan O’Leary one on one with the man who did a number on you, Kenji Yamada.

As Declan’s music fades out, there is a moment of waiting.  The SHOOT Video screen comes to life with just a close up shot on the face of Kenji Yamada.  "Black Sick Spider" by Nightmare plays and the video screen explodes with fire from Yamada’s eyes and then through the flames are see quick clips of Yamada in action.  At that moment Kenji Yamada walks out from the back, and the crowd REALLY starts to boo.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 190 pounds… here is Kenji Yamada!!!

Yamada scoffs at the people that fill up the McKale center, and starts his way to the ring.

Dave Dymond: After falling short of winning the Redemption Rumble, Kenji Yamada has bounced back ten fold, tearing through anyone he’s stepped into the ring with.

Leon Strife: Would have been a whole different match last Wednesday had Yamada not pulled what he did. But that’s all I’m going to say on that.  What was done is done, and I’m keeping cool about the whole thing.

Yamada reaches the ring, but starts to walk around it at first, his eyes locking onto Leon Strife at ringside.  Strife doesn’t notice it at first.  Yamada gets closer.

Other Guy: Oh great, you’ve attracted company, Leon.

Yamada is only a few feet from the commentator’s table now and Strife looks up to see Yamada standing there.  Strife gets up out of his seat and the fans start to buzz.

Dave Dymond: We may see a Sky High rematch take its course right out here, right now!

Other Guy: Let me get out of the way first!

As Yamada takes another step closer, Other Guy gets up out of his seat and looks to move, when suddenly Yamada LURCHES forward, knocked by a crushing double axe handle! O’Leary spins Yamada around now and nails a right, then another right, then a hooking left punch into Yamada’s gut. Yamada doubles over in slight pain, and O’Leary now sends him into the ring under the bottom rope!

Declan O’Leary: This is my fight, ya arse!

Some of the fans boo O’Leary, but others pop for his show of energy and determination.  O’Leary rolls into the ring as Yamada works his way up to his feet, and now referee Willie Dean calls for the bell.

Dave Dymond: This one starts with Declan O’Leary in control after the indirect distraction provided by you, Leon.

Leon Strife: Hey I didn’t taunt Kenji, I didn’t ask him to come over here. I’m just watching a match.

Yamada is met with a couple more quick punches and as Yamada tries to strike back, O’Leary takes him down with a standing spear!  The crowd pops, despite not liking O’Leary personally.  O’Leary works a couple of quick mounted punches, but Yamada twists his body to the side, sending O’Leary off of him.  O’Leary is up to his feet and he goes for a hard stomp, but Yamada rolls in the other direction.  O’Leary charges after him, and Yamada LUNGES upwards and CHOPS O’Leary right across the throat! O’Leary stops dead in his tracks, gasping for breath.  As O’Leary bends over, Yamada CHOPS O’Leary’s neck again, this time moving upwards.  O’Leary’s head snaps back and Yamada follows up with a spinning back kick, catching O’Leary in the gut. O’Leary doubles over and Yamada spins back in the other direction and drops a hard jumping palm thrust right into the back of O’Leary’s head!

Other Guy: O’Leary DRILLED in the head, and Yamada just dropped him like a bag of cement.

Dave Dymond: No cover made now though as Yamada showing that ruthless nature right off the get go, snapping on a neck crank… oh and now just a KNEE to the back of the head!

As O’Leary falls flat onto the mat again, the camera cuts for a brief moment to see Strife’s reaction. He watches the match intently.  In the ring, Yamada makes a cover now, looking right at Strife.  Willie Dean makes the count…



Dave Dymond: Declan manages to kick out, but other than that quick start, Declan not able to mount much here.

Yamada brings O’Leary up to his feet and viciously whips him into the corner.  O’Leary hits hard, and Yamada charges, but O’Leary manages to move out of the way.  Yamada almost collides with the corner, but instead runs up the turnbuckles to the top, but O’Leary quick to think and he turns and SHAKES THE ROPES!  Yamada falls, legs straddling the top turnbuckle now.  The fans cheer, enjoying seeing Yamada in a bad spot.  O’Leary punches Yamada’s back a couple of times and then pulls him down with all his force so Yamada is upside down.  O’Leary grabs the ropes tightly and just starts stomping away at Yamada’s face and chest, drawing the warning count from referee Willie Dean.

One… two… three… four…

Willie Dean: Hey break it up!  Come on!

O’Leary pulls away from the ropes now, Yamada still upside down, giving O’Leary an idea.

Other Guy: If Yamada believes in fate, then fate has suddenly turned its back on that cat.

Dave Dymond: O’Leary once again taking control of this match, and he’s put some space between himself and Yamada…

The fans watch as O’Leary spit shines the bottom of his boot and then runs full speed in Yamada’s direction.  Yamada pulls his legs down, rolling backwards and just as O’Leary is there, Yamada SPRINGS back with an elbow shot… no Declan LIFTS Yamada up for a back drop suplex, but Yamada flips through it, but Declan turns… CRUSHING STANDING CLOTHESLINE!

Leon Strife: Good counter, good stuff.

Dave Dymond: Leon back with us now.

Leon Strife: Hey I’m not here to hog your job or try to do it better.  I came to watch this match. If I have something to say I’ll say it. Personally I like the job you two do just fine.

Other Guy: It’s all me, you know that right?

With Yamada down, O’Leary drops now and makes a cover.  Willie Dean makes the count.


TWO!  Strong kick out by Yamada.  O’Leary, somewhat frustrated that Yamada kicked out, picks him up and just DRIVES him shoulder first into the nearby corner ring post!  Yamada slumps to one knee and O’Leary pulls him back and DOES IT AGAIN!  Yamada’s shoulder collides with the ring post, again slumping to one knee.  O’Leary picks him up a third time, walks him back, and launches him into the ring post again, but this time Yamada flips himself up, ending up on the top turnbuckle, and without hesitation he flips back and TAKES O’Leary DOWN with a reverse face buster!

Other Guy: Hey, I like you Strife, but that right there was pretty damn impressive.

Leon Strife: I know it was.  I am very aware of what Kenji Yamada is capable of. That’s part of the reason it made me sick to have him do what he did to me at Sky High.

Yamada makes the cover on O’Leary now, pulling his legs over his body.



THR… near count but O’Leary kicks out before the three can be made.  Yamada gets up and glares at the referee for a moment, and Willie Dean just motions for the match to continue, but Yamada seems incredibly frustrated at the referee and just stands there, still glaring.

Dave Dymond: You mention Sky High, it’s been a small buzz about the wrestling world as it returns in full, Sky High will be here at the McKale center on April 2nd if I’m not mistaken.

Leon Strife: You’re not, we will be making our way out to Arizona come week six as we slowly come to the end… should be good stuff.

O’Leary starts to get up, and that’s when Yamada snaps his focus abruptly from Willie Dean to O’Leary.  Yamada waits patiently, the fans boo and as O’Leary is up Yamada just SMASHES a bottom of the boot first kick into O’Leary’s knee.  O’Leary drops to the mat, shouting in pain, and Yamada quickly descends upon the leg like a vulture.  Yamada grabs a tight hold on the leg, so that O’Leary’s foot is under his armpit. From there, Yamada pushes his forearm under O’Leary’s knee, then sits back to apply a leg scissor lock!

Dave Dymond: O’Leary in a world of trouble now as Kenji Yamada snaps on the Onifuusha Lightning Stretch, REALLY putting some serious pressure on the knee and leg of O’Leary.

Other Guy: This is where this guy is deadlier than ever. He can fly, he can ground you, he can make ya tap out, and he can knock ya out.  The dude is scary.

Leon Strife: Fate has a funny way of working out though, guys.

Dave Dymond: Well right now it seems to be working just fine for Kenji Yamada as Declan SCREAMING in agony.

The referee checks on Declan now, but Declan refuses to give up.  This only pushes Yamada to squeeze his own legs together around Declan’s even more, all the while pulling up harder on his arm under O’Leary’s knee.  O’Leary flails his arms now, all the while clenching his teeth as he tries to fight against the pain.  O’Leary pushes his shoulders off the mat and sits up for a moment. He SWINGS wildly at Yamada but is just out of reach and the pain shoots up through O’Leary’s body, forcing him back down onto the mat.  O’Leary fights again though, lurching his body upwards and THIS TIME he NAILS Yamada with a right hook.  Yamada’s head snaps to the side, and he loses a bit of his grip on O’Leary’s leg.  O’Leary squirms free and then just KICKS out his other leg, nailing Yamada square in the chest.  Yamada falls flat on his back and O’Leary works his way up to his feet now, hobbling a bit.

Other Guy: Declan is up, but not lookin so hot, I’d say the damage done.

Leon Strife: That’s what Yamada does.  If this match lasts any longer, you know Yamada is going to target that leg and expose it every second the match continues.

As Yamada works his way back up to his feet, O’Leary pushes past his hurt leg and runs towards the ropes. He half hobble runs but picks up the pace and lets adrenaline take over. Yamada turns to face O’Leary just as he comes charging with a clothesline!  O’Leary looks to hook the arm around Yamada’s neck…

Dave Dymond: Identity Theft…

NO! Yamada grabs the arm and spins around behind O’Leary, wrapping O’Leary’s arm around his own neck! In one fluid motion Yamada hoists O’Leary up into a fireman’s carry position, then swings O’Leary down and to the side right into an emerald fusion!

Dave Dymond: And out of nowhere, Yamada hits the Onifuusha Storm Driver!

Other Guy: Looks like he changed it up last second and wanted to end this thing.

O’Leary is out, Yamada makes the cover, and Willie Dean makes the count, much to the chagrin of the fans.




Willie Dean calls for the bell, and as he does so Yamada stands up looking out at the crowd for a moment, and then to Leon Strife

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match… Kenji Yamada!

After being announced the winner, Yamada suddenly KICKS O’Leary, forcing him to roll onto his stomach.  The crowd boos now as Yamada grabs O’Leary’s arm and again wraps it around his own neck, bit this time while O’Leary is on his stomach.

Dave Dymond: Oh we know what’s coming next.  The very same move that Yamada applied on you, Leon, the Onifuusha Thunder Lock.

Leon Strife: Like I said, Dave, fate has a funny way of working out.

The sound of a headset being taken off his heard.

Other Guy: And there he goes!

The fans immediately begin to cheer as Leon Strife slides into the ring now. Yamada sees Strife ascend to the top turnbuckle out of the corner of his eye a second too late, but reacts, dropping O’Leary’s arm and turns towards Strife, Strife FLIPS backwards with a 360, lands on Yamada and takes him down with the reverse DRAGONRANA!

Dave Dymond: The God Hand!  Strife just takes Yamada down, and Yamada spills to the outside!

As Strife springs up to his feet, the fans start cheering, many on their feet, and even a small section begins to chant out "THAT WAS AWE-SOME!" Strife paces back and forth, BEGGING Yamada to get back into the ring.  Yamada looks on with complete frustration; standing completely still once he gets up to his full vertical base.

Other Guy: There Sky High match up may have passed, Dave, but this shit ain’t done!

Dave Dymond: Definitely not after that! Leon Strife getting a measure of revenge here tonight, and that reverse dragonrana never fails to impress.

Strife continues to shout for Yamada to get into the ring, but Yamada starts to walk towards the ramp way now, looking to leave the ring area all together.  Strife follows him with his body, turning now… and then Strife suddenly turns all the way around… CLOTHESLINE INTO A REVERSE BULLDOG!

Other Guy: Damn!  O’Leary out of nowhere with the Identity Theft!

Dave Dymond: Even when Leon Strife is on top, he doesn’t stay there for long as O’Leary just TAKES him down!

The fans boo as O’Leary sits there, holding the back of his head for a moment.  He then gets up to his feet, favoring his right leg, but through the pain, he manages to smile that awkwardly smug grin and then starts to hobble out of the ring.

Other Guy: Leon talked about fate; well fate sure as hell DID work out funny. Revenge for Strife, turns into revenge for O’Leary.

Dave Dymond: Just doesn’t seem like the kid can cut a full break.

The camera focuses on the downed Leon Strife who writhes back and forth, clutching his head in pain from the abrupt impact.


Abigail Chase:  I’m here with SHOOT Project World Champion Roland Caldwell.

Roland steps into frame.

Roland:  No questions, Abigail.  I have to get something off of my chest.  These last two weeks have been a challenge.  Two weeks ago, I was thrust into a match against a man I had never even seen before.  Then, this past week, Jun Kenshin returned and tried to create his own revisionist history.

Abigail Chase:  And Corazon…

Roland cuts her off with a wave of his hand, a look of disgust on his face

Roland:  And Corazon…  Yes.  Corazon.  But I’ve learned from Trevor Worrens’s mistake.  I’ve learned that to split your focus is death.  And with that, I declare that my focus is on Kenshin and Kenshin alone at this moment.  Tonight we’ll meet in the ring, in a tag match.  Tonight, he is the only challenger on my mind. 

Roland:  I’ve had a lot of time to think, these past few weeks.  To reflect.  At first, that whole Stein thing, that angered me.  Why should I fight some joker I’ve never even heard of.  Is that the way to treat your champion?  But then, some sense was literally smacked into me.  As I scoffed and whined, Dan Stein took me to the brink.  And all I had worked for almost died before me.

Roland:  It was after that, that I realized that every person I step into the ring with is a true threat, and that I welcome it!  I’m here to challenge everyone and anyone.  If you want your shot, I’ll accept.  If you want to take this from me…

Roland raises his right arm, revealing the original SHOOT Project World Championship.  Cracked leather.  Silver face.  The silver is streaked with dried blood.

Roland:  If you want this, if you want to call your self champion, I dare you to come at me.  My job will not be done until Dan Stein’s blood here is joined by everyone else’s.  And I will not be to blame for the destruction I will leave, because all my victims will have only themselves to blame.

Roland:  You are all warned.  I don’t care if your Jun Kenshin, Rufio the Seven-Foot Clown, or… Adrian Corazon.  Your blood will join Dan Stein.  I am Roland Caldwell.  And I will not hide.

Roland holds the belt forward, displaying it theatrically before he storms off.


Cut to the back…

Eryk Masters is walking down a corridor, backstage in the McKale Center.  His attire for the evening consists of a tan shirt with a striped black tie and a pair of khaki pants held up by a black belt. He eventually stops outside one of the many doors, this one with a wooden sign hung on it that reads


He knocks about three times and backs up a step, waiting only a few seconds before the door begins to creep open.

The fans offer a nice little POP as Arion Catcher, SHOOT Project’s NEW Revolution Champion, steps outside to greet the long time interview man.  The champ, looking sleek but casual comes out in a blue polo shirt and blue jeans with a pair of dark aviators shading his eyes.  The Revolution Championship Belt… HIS Revolution Championship belt proudly dangles over his right shoulder.

Eryk Masters, nods his head and offers a respectful smile, as he holds his microphone up to interview one of SHOOT Project’s brightest new faces.

Eryk Masters: Hey Arion.  Got a minute?  Just wanted to ask the new Revolution champ some questions? It won’t take long, as I’m sure you have things to do.

Arion Catcher: Actually, I’m just here to watch the show and sign some pictures, so ask away.

Eryk Masters: Alright, thanks. The first thing I have to say is, congratulations on your win last week over Chivalric to win the title. How does it feel to be so new to this company, and have already done something that most wrestlers won’t do in their whole career here in SHOOT?

Before answering, Arion pushed his shades up to the top of his head.

Arion Catcher: It feels really good, Eryk. Coming here, I knew that I would be some sort of a threat to everyone on the roster, but never did I think that I would have the chance of winning gold so early. As other people have been saying, I impressed the right people at the right times and I was rewarded for it. Fans seem to like me, too.

Eryk Masters: (laughing a bit at Arion’s charming confidence) That they do, my man.  Which is why this next part is a little bit hard for me to bring up.  Now, with every new champion, whether it be the World Title or the Iron Fist, or, in this case, the Revolution Title, there will ALWAYS be critics.  I’ve heard some talk here backstage about some people doubting you, and what you bring to the table. What do you say to that?  Is it something you even think about?

Arion Catcher: You know what I say to that? Bring it. I have seen many competitors who show some sort of talent, and I guess people see them as threats. Who’s going to step up and show me what they have? I am ready to start my reign with the Revolution Title, and who is going one to fall? I am confident in myself, and I know that I deserve to be called a champion. If others don’t share that same view as me, then I invite you to challenge me in the ring.  Maybe THEN you’ll stop doubting me and what I really am.

Arion’s attention is directed elsewhere and he suddenly stops speaking as he and Eryk Masters both seem to clench up.

Someone is coming by.

No.  Not just someone.

The DEFILER: Could this be any more boring and retarded?

The fans reaction is VERY audible as the TRUE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SHOOT Project WORLD TITLE enters the scene.  There are a few cheers at first, but the boos quickly drown them out.  Jonny pats Eryk on the back and blatantly ignores the Revolution Champion.

The DEFILER: Where do they find these kids, anyway?  (Smirking, speaking in a mocking tone) “I’m so generic and firey.  I have the newbie belt of the world.  Look at me…  Blah blah.”  (Laughing at himself) Ohhhh man.  Do you want to do a real interview, Eryk?  I’m not even supposed to be here tonight, but considering I AM the TRUE number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Title, I figured you could get the scoop on when I was planning to cash that in.  Or, well, whatever, really.  I just needed to stop this shit before it got any worse.  I mean, I’ve seen some bad interviews in my time…  but CHRIST, man…  Where do they find these…

Jonny stops a moment and looks Arion Catcher over, something catching his attention.  Arion stands his ground, holding his head high.

The DEFILER: Wait.  Aren’t… aren’t you the same fucking kid I destroyed at the Redemption Rumble?

Jonny’s face suddenly gets very serious.

The DEFILER: Oh this is fucking rich.  THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!  This fucking…  shit.  This…  fucking…  HIM!  That…  I FUCKING KILLED that kid!  And… and he has a title? He has a… OH GOD! FUCKING UNREAL!  (Casting a smile of disbelief that fades quickly into a scowl) He has a title and… and I have to talk about DAN STEIN!?  Ohhhh fuck this…

Jonny momentarily turns away from Masters and Catcher, gathering himself before turning back around.

The DEFILER: (Looking at Catcher) Do you know who I am?

With that comment, Arion let’s out a small chuckle. He also takes a small step forward, towards Jonny.

Arion Catcher: I do know who you are, and I know your kind. I can see that you think very highly of yourself.  Okay sure, you won the Rumble, big deal. You’re not any better then my grandma. Why do you go around, boasting and talking like you’re the king of this place? Do you really think you deserve the star treatment?

Eryk Masters looks visibly uncomfortable as Jonny glowers back at Catcher.

The DEFILER: Wait…  what? Did, did you say… “Not any better than your grandma?” (Suddenly breaking into a smile) That’s cute, Arion.  Fucking… that.., that’s adorable.  I mean it.  (Thinking) not any… heh not any better than your grandma.  Right.  (Speaking matter of factly, shaking his head.) You don’t know who I am.  Heh.  You don’t have a fucking clue.

Jonny moves in close, almost as though he were planning to attack, but instead stares at Catcher, the tension SUPER thick.

The DEFILER: So remind me to give you a formal introduction, alright?

His lips curl into a slight, sly, menacing grin as he pauses, gauging the Champion’s reaction.

The DEFILER: (Whispering) I’m going to kill you, Arion Catcher.

He pats the REVOLUTION TITLE on Catcher’s shoulders and takes a step back.

The DEFILER: (Laughing a little bit) THAT is how you give an interview, kiddo.

He takes a few more steps away, planning his exit.

The DEFILER: I gotta go, man.  Like I said, I’m only in for a visit.  But we’ll chat, yeah?  Get to know each other.

He flashes a peace sign.

The DEFILER: See ya soon, Catch.

Jonny turns his back and walks off, while Catcher, a little miffed and frustrated, stays uncomfortably still for a second or two.  You can see that he wants to attack back, but instead he takes a deep breath and goes back inside his locker room door, SLAMMING it shut.

Eryk Masters doesn’t press the issue.

Dave Dymond: The guy hasn’t made so much as a PEEP since his loss to Dan Stein…  not about the loss or the referee’s decision, but yet this is how he decides to come out?  By getting involved with a kid he has NO BUSINESS being involved with?  I’m so tired of it, OG.

Other Guy: I wonder how much he even cares, man.  Dude won a shot at a World Title match anytime he wants.  Is it gonna be at Malice?  Later?  Sooner?  That shit no one knows, but as for anything else?  Winning, losing, who he’s hurting or helping… Looks like Jonny’s content bein’ Jonny.

The shot cuts out.




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… it is now time for tonight’s Revolution MAIN EVENT!!!

The nearly sold out crowd buzzes with excitement for the upcoming main event, when suddenly the lights flicker inside the McKale center, and then go out entirely.  The SHOOT Video screen comes to life with blood trickling down a pitch white screen, collecting in the middle.  Fans expect to see the letter "M" but instead in the blood letters it reads -Do You Fear The Dark?-  At that moment "In This Twilight" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and slowly the lights return to normal, revealing Sammy Rochester and Roland Caldwell standing at the start of the ramp way that leads to the ring.  The boos ring out, and Sammy covers his ears and just shakes his head while Roland defiantly holds the old relic that is the original SHOOT Project World Title over his head.

Dave Dymond: Their presence alone sends shivers up the spine and horrible thoughts into the head, and with these two obviously pissed off about Adrian Corazon, who knows what they plan on doing in the ring tonight.

Other Guy: It’s more than an uphill battle for Jun Kenshin and Killian Reilly tonight, it’s a damn up mountain war!

As Roland and Sammy make their way towards the ring, Vincent Mallows wheels out behind them, an odd, deformed half grin on his face.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, accompanied by Vincent Mallows, weighing in at a combined weight of 714 pounds… here is the team of Sammy Rochester, and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Roland Caldwell!!!

Mallows remains on the outside of the ring, for obvious reasons, as Sammy and Roland both enter, listening to the fans who voice their dislike of the two.

Other Guy: I would not want to be in the ring right now.  You couldn’t pay me enough money to step into that ring with the seven hundred plus pounds of rage and aggression that is Sammy Rochester and Roland Caldwell combined.

Dave Dymond: That’s why we’re out here calling the action, and not in there as part of it.

Other Guy: How do you even match somethin’ like that, Dave?

Dave Dymond: A good question, but hopefully Kenshin and Reilly have that answer here tonight.

Eventually the music fades out, with only the noise of the crowd sounding throughout the McKale center, that is until "Salty Dog (The Pirate Song)" by Flogging Molly picks up over the arena’s sound system.  The SHOOT Video screen shows two boxing gloves come together, one green, and one orange, and a white explosion forms in the middle showing clips of Reilly in action.  As the music plays, both Killian Reilly and Jun Kenshin make their way out to the back, running on a great deal of adrenaline as both men look ready for a fight.

Dave Dymond: And a showing of unity here between Kenshin and Reilly, and interesting that the former World Heavyweight Champion has chosen to come out to Reilly.  Somewhat of a nod of respect I’d say from veteran to up and comer.

Other Guy: Doesn’t matter what music they’re comin’ out to, doesn’t matter that they’re comin out together… what’s gonna matter is if these two have a game plan or not to take on what is pretty much an unstoppable team both in size and power.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin and Reilly both have the ability to knock out some pretty big fighters, and have done so in the past, so don’t count either of the "smaller" guys out just yet.

Reilly and Kenshin tag a few hands as they walk down opposite sides of the ramp way.  During this time, Sammy paces back and forth in an odd fashion while Roland’s eyes never leave Jun Kenshin.

Samantha Coil: and their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 454 pounds… here is the team of Killian Reilly, and JUN KENSHIN!!!

Kenshin and Reilly stand on the outside now, looking into the ring at Sammy and Roland.  The two men then look to each other, nod their head, and both men make MAD DASHES into the ring!

Dave Dymond: No slow start here as we’re getting RIGHT into the thick of this match!

The fans POP as Kenshin and Reilly storm right up to Roland and Sammy.  Referee Scott Kamura quickly calls for the bell as Kenshin and Roland exchange blows, while Killian pummels Sammy with flying fists and hard elbow shots.  Sammy barely falters though and just NAILS Killian with a lunging headbutt! Killian goes down hard and now Roland whips Kenshin into the ropes. Kenshin comes bouncing back and ducks a standing clothesline from Roland. Kenshin quickly turns Roland around and just starts firing with stiff knife edge chops. Roland fires back, CRUSHING Kenshin over the head with a double axe handle smash.  Kenshin drops to one knee and Roland picks him right back up, but Kenshin SNAPS up with a HARD kick to Roland’s shoulder! Roland falters, and Kenshin goes after him, blind to Sammy coming at him!

Recklessly Sammy just scoops up Kenshin from behind and drops him in an odd body slam, dumping him off to the side. Sammy stalks after Kenshin who rolls up to his feet and Sammy just RAKES Kenshin down the front of his chest and then SHOVES him back so hard that Kenshin spills to the outside!

Other Guy: Things have NOT started out good for the team of Jun Kenshin and Killian Reilly.

Dave Dymond: That they have not as now it looks like by force Killian Reilly is now the legal man, and in the mind of Sammy Rochester, that makes Reilly his play toy.

Roland exits the ring now in his team’s corner while Sammy approaches Killian, who pulls himself up via the ropes.  Sammy grabs Killian and wraps his arms tightly around his body and just CHUCKS him to the mat and away from the ropes.  Killian goes down hard but works on getting up quickly, taking the pain and fighting through it.  Sammy stomps towards Killian and Killian fires now with a punch to the gut, then another, then another, then another, and another!  The fast punches catch Sammy off guard as he is winded a bit and Killian winds up and JUMPS slightly in executing a square uppercut to the jaw!  Sammy’s head SNAPS upwards a bit and Reilly now hits the ropes trying to get Sammy to the mat.  Reilly NAILS a clothesline, but Sammy does not go down…

Reilly hits the ropes again, ANOTHER clothesline. Sammy’s body wobbles but he does not fall.  Reilly doesn’t hit the ropes again; instead he gets around behind Sammy and starts KICKING at Sammy’s legs!

Dave Dymond: Look at that now, Killian Reilly showcasing some kicks here, must have been one of the things he learned while training with Kenshin.

Sammy continues to sway in place, the kicks finding their mark most of the time, but still come off somewhat sloppy. Sammy regains his footing completely though and turns and goes for another head butt, but as he does Killian FIRES with a closed punch RIGHT To Sammy’s forehead!

Other Guy: Right between the eyes!

The fans pop as Sammy wobbles a great deal, completely bent over now.  Reilly looks to his corner where Kenshin now stands and with Sammy in position, Reilly makes the tag into Kenshin!  The cheering continues as Reilly HITS an uppercut to Sammy, causing Sammy to stand back up a bit, head and neck flying back as Kenshin leaps up onto the top rope and then FLIPS over Sammy for a STUNNER!

Sammy’s jaw CRACKS on Kenshin’s shoulder and Kenshin falls to a sitting position, but Sammy stays standing!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin hits the San Diego Stunner, but can you believe this, O.G.  Sammy Rochester still on his feet.

Other Guy: I’m tellin’ you its an impossible fight!

Sammy is staggering about a great deal now and Killian and Kenshin, both still in the ring suddenly turn and hit the ropes.  As they hit, Roland suddenly juts out his arm and NAILS Reilly in the back of the head.  Reilly falls to his knees and Kenshin keeps running, but distracted by Reilly’s absence that he is NAILED with a boot from Sammy!  Kenshin goes down hard and Sammy just starts stomping down on him repeatedly!  Reilly scrambles back up to his feet, turns and DECKS Roland! Roland falters and now Reilly turns back to Sammy and runs full speed at him. However referee Scott Kamura gets involved now and forces Reilly out of the ring.

As Reilly is escorted back to his corner.  Sammy suddenly lifts Kenshin up off the mat and whips him into the corner where Roland stands.  Roland reaches around in front of Kenshin and starts CHOKING the life out of him, which causes the fans to boo loudly! Killian sees this and attempts to push past the referee, but Kamura shouts a stern warning now, and turns just to see Roland tagging himself in on Sammy’s shoulder. Sammy keeps punching away at Kenshin, but Mallows shouts from the outside, getting Sammy’s attention, and in turn getting him to leave the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin the victim of the two on one there, unseen by Kamura, and this just keeps getting worse.  I thought Kenshin and Reilly had this thing quickly turned around, but as Roland now works those hard back elbow shots to Kenshin, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Kenshin slumps in the corner now as Roland RAMS his back into Kenshin’s body while drilling him in the face with another elbow shot.  Roland backs off from Kenshin a bit, letting Kenshin stagger out of the corner and Roland now lifts him up with a textbook butterfly suplex!  Kenshin hits the mat hard and Roland makes a rather arrogant pin, placing one foot on Kenshin’s chest, trying to crush his lungs in the process.



Dave Dymond: and the kick out by Kenshin!

Other Guy: Prolonging the inevitable if ya ask me.

Roland kicks at Kenshin from the side as Kenshin tries to get up to his feet.  Roland then bends down and grabs Kenshin around the neck and just SHOVES him into the lower left corner of the ring.  Roland charges after, but Kenshin now SNAPS BACK into things and lifts his foot up to catch Roland in the sternum!  Roland stumbles back from the kick but then charges back.  Kenshin darts out of the corner, Roland collides chest first, turns out of it and Kenshin LEAPS with a beautiful dropsault!

The fans pop as Roland is dropped into a sitting position in the corner and Kenshin nods his head now, feeling the momentum shift!  Kenshin takes a low stance and then before Roland can get up just starts FIRING with alternating kicks to the head!  Left kick, right kick, left kick, right kick, left kick, right kick… right kick…. RIGHT KICK!

Other Guy: WOW!  Roland laid out, and talk about firin’ on all cylinders!

Dave Dymond: Impressive display of kicks and with the World Heavyweight Champion on his back, this could be it!

Kenshin drops for the cover, caught up in the moment, that he doesn’t realize how close he is to the ropes.  Kamura makes the count.



Roland KICKS out with authority and sends Kenshin rolling through the middle and bottom rope to the outside!  Kenshin is up to his feet and gets back up onto the apron, but Roland right there with a knee through the ropes into Kenshin’s gut!  Kenshin falls and SMACKS his face on the ring edge, some of the nearby fans cringing after seeing the impact.  Kenshin staggers away from the ring, clutching at his face, and now Roland goes to the outside, despite the warnings from Referee Scott Kamura.


Roland grabs Kenshin now by the back of the head, turns him and RAMS him forehead first down onto the top of the guard railing!


Reilly quickly comes around from the other side, but that brings Sammy into it as well as he walks as quick as he can towards the incoming Reilly. Roland sees Reilly and he leaves Kenshin down and is met with hard boxing punches from Reilly, but fights back, delivering quick fist strikes of his own.



Roland is knocked back after Reilly gets the upper hand, but Sammy there now with a two step clothesline, Reilly ducks it and SWINGS at Sammy, but Sammy grabs one of his arms.  Reilly goes to fire with the other hand, but Roland right back into things grabs the other arm of Reilly.


Reilly struggles…. but can’t break free of the two men who whip him BACK FIRST into the ring edge!  Reilly arches his back in pain and Sammy and Roland take him down with a double team clothesline!  Roland then turns his attention back to Kenshin grabbing him now and rolling him back into the ring.

Dave Dymond: The double count out broken now as this one brought back into the ring. Reilly putting his body on the line to save Kenshin there, but he took quite the hit because of it.

Kenshin works on getting to his feet as Roland enters the ring behind him.  Roland grabs Kenshin and brings him up all the way, only for Kenshin to drop back low and land a desperation shoulder thrust to Roland! Roland is caught off guard and Kenshin fires a second shoulder thrust, but this time Roland SCOOPS him up from there, holding him over one shoulder, with Kenshin on his back.  Kenshin flails his legs though and manages to change the momentum, dropping down behind Roland and BENDING Roland’s back over Kenshin’s shoulder and back!

Dave Dymond: Inverted backbreaker is it enough to shift this in Kenshin’s favor!

Roland staggers a bit, clutching at his back for a moment, and Kenshin picks up the pace, running up ring from Roland and then he comes bouncing off the ropes… LEAPING WITH A CROSS BODY SPLASH!  Roland is taken down, Kenshin struggles but finally hooks the leg!

Fans on their feet…



Roland gets the shoulder up! The once cheering fans settle back into their seats, as the match will continue.  Kenshin gets up to his feet, and looks to his corner, but Reilly isn’t there.  Kenshin quickly sucks it up and focuses back on Roland.  Roland starts to sit up, and Kenshin fires a swift kick to Roland’s back, and then a second kick to the back of Roland’s neck! Roland slumps forward, only for Kenshin to pull him back suddenly right into a dragon sleeper!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin has his body positioned between Roland and the ropes and he has that dragon sleeper locked on tight!

Other Guy: I never thought I’d be sayin’ this in this match up, but Kenshin could have this, Dave! Kenshin runnin’ on emotion and adrenaline combined and it’s working!

Roland can be heard shouting out in pain, although muffled by Kenshin’s arm somewhat across his face!  Kenshin’s eyes go wide as he PULLS back on Roland’s neck, really synching in the sleeper hold.  Referee Scott Kamura positions himself to check on Roland, but Roland shouts out a muffled "NO!"

Jun Kenshin: TAP OUT!

The shout from Kenshin gets the fans going again, and the McKale Center suddenly fills with the sound of "TAP OUT, ROLAND, TAP OUT!" being chanted.  Kenshin nods his head in response to the noise… but Sammy can’t take it anymore!  Sammy enters the ring and just makes a B-Line for Kenshin!  Kenshin, so focused on Roland, doesn’t even see Sammy coming and Sammy just CLOBBERS him with a hard swat from the hand!  Kenshin drops to the mat, losing his hold on Roland and now both Roland and Kenshin are down with Sammy pacing back and forth while Kamura shouts for Sammy to get out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Roland may or may not have tapped to the dragon sleeper, but Sammy’s involvement makes it so we’ll never know.

Other Guy: The kid’s messed up. And at that size, the fact that he’s still a kid in that mind of his is even MORE messed up.  Sometimes I’m not sure what Sammy is thinkin’.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Sammy is always aware of what he’s thinking either, Other Guy.

The fans boo as Sammy is finally coaxed back into the corner, despite wanting to cause more damage.  Reilly makes his way back into his corner as well now, shouting for Kenshin to get up.  The fans watch on, some on the edge of their seat as Kenshin starts to stir, working his way towards the corner, but Roland shows movement as well as he works on sitting straight up.  Reilly stretches out his hand now as Kenshin gets to the left side ropes and while holding onto them starts making it up ring towards Reilly.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin knocked for quite a loop and Killian Reilly definitely better focused right now so a tag imperative at this point.

Roland sits up now and then stands up, holding his neck in pain, Kenshin is closer and closer to making the tag. Roland suddenly sees this and stomps after Kenshin. Reilly shouts at Kenshin to tag in, but Kenshin works on getting to his feet first, and Roland STOPS the tag.  Roland WHIPS Kenshin across the ring and as Kenshin comes bouncing back Roland FIRES with a Yakuza kick, but Kenshin while still moving sways to the side, and then turns his body with an attempted hook kick to the back of Roland’s head, but Kenshin is off balance and he drops down, loosing his footing and Roland turns around and DRIVES a knee right down into Kenshin’s chest, then the cover.



SAVE by Reilly!  Reilly starts throwing fists, despite not being the legal man.  The fans get into it but the referee shouts a very stern warning at Reilly now, sending him back into his corner.

Other Guy: Killian Reilly wants back in and he wants back in badly, but Kenshin hurtin right now.

Dave Dymond: That blind-sided shot from Rochester really has just taken Kenshin out of this a great deal.  His eyes look glazed over a bit and he’s losing his balance.  Both are not good signs.

Roland gets back up now and he glares at Reilly for a moment, only to then grab Kenshin by the arm and drag him away from Reilly and more towards the corner where Sammy waits.  Roland drops Kenshin’s arm, leaving him on the mat and now he tags in Sammy, pointing to Kenshin. Sammy doesn’t even react to Roland’s pointing; he just storms into the ring now and pulls Kenshin right up into a bear hug!  Without hesitation Sammy just RAG DOLLS Kenshin back and forth, all the while squeezing his arms tightly around Kenshin’s ribs.

Dave Dymond: The beginning of the end quite possibly as Sammy Rochester looking to BREAK Jun Kenshin right in half.  Kenshin slumps in the arms of Sammy, and the fans start to boo loudly as Kenshin looks to be completely out of it.  Reilly shakes his head and starts shouting from his corner, trying to get Sammy’s attention.  Sammy continues to squeeze the remaining life out of Kenshin.

Killian Reilly: Hey dummy!

The shout causes Sammy to look right in Reilly’s direction.  Roland tries to get his partner to focus, but as Reilly continues to shout insults, Sammy just drops Kenshin on the mat and suddenly walks towards him. Slowly at first, but then he suddenly screams out in that half monster, half child like rage and picks up speed for his size.  Sammy is right upon him when suddenly Reilly SPITS GREEN MIST!!!

Dave Dymond: A page right out of Jun Kenshin’s book! The green mist!

Sammy goes absolute berserk, his eyes covered by the green mist as he flails about!  Kenshin slowly begins to recover as Sammy falters, the fans cheering.  Kamura dodges out of Sammy’s way as Sammy continues to work on trying to see, and now Kenshin is up.  Kenshin sizing Sammy up, and with all the strength he can muster, Kenshin lunges and DRILLS Sammy with a super kick!


Dave Dymond: But Kenshin too weak to follow through… Sammy’s rocking a great deal, Kenshin crawling to the corner…

The fans pick up as Kenshin gets closer… closer… TAG TO REILLY! The fans erupt as Reilly SPRINTS across the ring hits the ropes and then FLIES at Sammy with a LEAPING CLOTHESLINE… AND ROCHESTER GOES DOWN!!!

Dave Dymond: Rochester FINALLY taken off his feet in this match and Reilly making the smart decision to go for the pin!

Scott Kamura drops to the mat to make the count… but as he does, Roland storms into the ring.



THRE… Roland grabs Reilly by the foot and pulls him off of Sammy. The boos ring out, but Reilly suddenly leaps up onto his one foot… and lands a sudden, somewhat sloppy ENZEGURI TO ROLAND!

Dave Dymond: Killian Reilly throwing out all sorts of surprises tonight.  Not the most pretty Enzeguri, but effective!

Other Guy: Yeah, guarantee ya that Roland wasn’t ready for that.

Dave Dymond: So Killian Reilly has control now… Roland staggering… and Kenshin bursting back on the scene!

Other Guy: Is he insane!

The fans ERUPT as Kenshin charges at Roland now taking him over the ropes with a clothesline that sends both men spilling to the outside!  They hit the floor and Kenshin just WAILS on Roland with mounted punches, breathing heavily as he does so.

Dave Dymond: We’ve got an all out brawl right here in front of us and Kenshin has GOT to be operating on a second wind here or something!

Other Guy: The guy wants his championship back, Dave. And he’s letting Roland know full force!

As Kenshin and Roland battle on the outside, Reilly waits now as Sammy slowly gets up, and as he is half way up, Reilly runs with a European uppercut, then three alternating jabs… left… right… left.  Sammy sways in place, stumbling over… and now Reilly suddenly grabs Sammy as if going to body slam him…

Dave Dymond: No way… NO WAY!

Reilly SHOUTS out loud as he works on lifting Sammy Rochester up off the mat.  Reilly’s entire body shakes as he slowly, very slowly, gets Sammy up onto his shoulders… BUT HE CAN’T HOLD HIM! Sammy overpowers Reilly, getting in front of him and then suddenly just snapping out his hand, grabbing Reilly across the neck with a choke!  Reilly struggles and Sammy’s eyes go wide and he just PELTS Reilly with head butt after head butt after head butt! Reilly is dropped to one knee and the head butts keep coming!

Other Guy: Rochester is battering Reilly with his own damn head… what a sick sight!

Dave Dymond: And outside the ring Kenshin continuing to battle it out with Roland, this is just out of control!

Reilly seems to go lifeless in Sammy’s grip, and finally Sammy just drops Reilly and makes the cover.  Referee Scott Kamura makes the count, JUST as Roland and Kenshin both go over the guard railing!




Dave Dymond: And this one is over… and part of me says thank god. The punishment Killian Reilly was taking at the end… too much to bare.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match… Sammy Rochester, and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Roland Caldwell!!!

The fans are booing as Sammy Rochester gets up off of Killian Reilly now, while Roland has Kenshin out in the fans now, the two continuing to battle, until Roland grabs a chair…. AND CRACKS Kenshin over the skull with it!  The booing only gets louder as Roland drops the chair, and right there amongst the fans, Roland HOISTS Kenshin up onto his shoulders, and DROPS him onto the concrete floor with The Burning Hammer!

Dave Dymond: DAMN IT NO!

Roland Caldwell stands out in the crowd now over the fallen Jun Kenshin looking down at him, while inside the ring, Sammy Rochester looks to leave, but Mallows suddenly lifts his right arm and points back into the ring.  Sammy cocks his head to one side, but then turns slowly looking right at the fallen Killian Reilly.

Other Guy: This is wrong, man.  This is overkill now…

Dave Dymond: Vincent Mallows sending Sammy Rochester back into the ring, and look at Sammy’s face!

Sammy’s face is overtaken by a sadistic snarl as he storms towards the barely conscious Killian Reilly  Sammy easily lifts Reilly off the mat and WAY up into the air and he just lets Reilly FALL flat on his stomach and face!  Sammy then drops to his knees, turning Reilly over and then CHOKING the life out of him.

Dave Dymond: This is no way to end Revolution, this all out massacre… this destruction of Killian Reilly…

The booing continues, but suddenly the mood changes completely. Fans are cheering loudly as Adrian Corazon CHARGES out to the ring, he slides into the ring just as Sammy reacts and CLOCKS Sammy with the Iron Fist Championship!  Sammy staggers back, not fully up to his feet and now Corazon DRIVES knees into the face, and another SHOT from the belt!  Sammy falls backwards into a sitting position and Mallows SCREAMS in outrage from ringside.  Roland quickly storms back to the ring as Corazon suddenly sets Sammy up, with Sammy on his knees…


Dave Dymond: As much as he could do it, Adrian Corazon HITS his signature move and DROPS Sammy Rochester!

Other Guy: Corazon MUST have a death wish!

Corazon gets back up to his feet, and his eyes look right at Roland who now clutches the original SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title.  Corazon paces back and forth for a moment, before turning towards the outside edge of the ring, handed a microphone by an on hand ring crewmember.  He stops right behind the body of Sammy Rochester, looking right to Roland and Mallows.

Corazon: It’s like I said… After tonight… You two… You’re mi-

"Just a sec!"

The fans attention immediately turns to the ramp, where none other than SHOOT Project President, Jason Johnson stands. With microphone in hand, he continues…

Jason Johnson: Adrian… I respect your tenacity here, I do, and I respect your want to take those two on solo. But, there’s another man who wants a piece of Roland Caldwell. And really, it wouldn’t be very fair to let you have all the fun, right? So, next week in the Revolution Main Event, it’ll be Roland Caldwell and Sammy Rochester teaming up to take on Adrian Corazon and… Dan Stein!

Dave Dymond: Huge gamble here, from Jason Johnson! It’ll be a huge gamble for Corazon, too.

Other Guy: Dan Stein and Corazon? A TAG TEAM? Oh man…

Jason Johnson audibly clears his throat.

Jason Johnson: Also, I’ve got an announcement that pertains to you, Roland Caldwell. You’re a pretty popular guy these days, and I figured, what better way to celebrate your becoming champion, by putting you in an epic main event at Malice. Next week? I’ll give you the details, but to give you a hint?

Jason pauses, with the awe of the crowd behind him.

Jason Johnson: Prepare to do a lot of homework.

Fade to black.