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Revolution: 023 – 3/10/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting from their recent cage match, with Biggs FLYING from high a top the cage.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.  Then next seen is a focus on Christopher Davis, fighting a two on one battle… and coming out victorious.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Chivalric.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of  Roland Caldwell standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, a sinister smirk on his face.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


We open backstage to the lockerroom of none other than the Iron Fist Champion, Adrian Corazon. He’s sitting on his bench, wrapping his wrists, in preparation for the night’s main event against Roland Caldwell and Sammy Rochester. The crowd pops for his appearance, though his routine remains the same. This routine is interrupted, a minor annoyance, by Killian Reilly, who appears in his doorway who appears in his doorway… very battered looking. His left arm is in a sling, and his right eye is blackened. The crowd pops again.

Killian Reilly: Hey Adrian?

Corazon sighs, and mutters under his breath.

Corazon: Yes?

Reilly stays in the doorway and scratches at his chest uncomfortably.

Reilly: Listen…I don’t know what to say or how to say it, but…shit. Thanks. Thanks for bailing my ass out of some severe hurting.

Corazon cringes a bit, but relents.

Corazon: Understand something… My goal was not to save you, or keep you from harm… it was to hurt Sammy Rochester and Roland Caldwell, if you’re glad that my interference saved you from harm…

Corazon shrugs.

Corazon: Then so be it.

Reilly grimaces, as if he has once again realized why he doesn’t like the guy.

Reilly: Yeah…yeah right. Listen. Hurt them again. Hurt them good. Because if you don’t bury Sammy tonight.

He begins to walk from the doorframe.

Reilly(off camera): You can be sure I will.

Corazon nods, smirking, as the scene goes to ringside.





A soft guitar part picks up while a haunting “OOOOH” layers beneath it.  The fans in attendance here in the ORACLE ARENA in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA stir and a few start to rise to their feet.



“With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah!”

Dave Dymond: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to REVOLUTION NUMBER TWENTY-THREE!

Other Guy: Kickin’ shit off with a pretty heated bout, cats!  OG and Dave Dymond comin’ at ya LIVE from Oakland California!  Oracle Arena.  Let’s kick it to my main girl, SAMANTHA COIL!

“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies BLARES over the P.A. system and JASON RILEY arrives from out behind the curtains.  He let’s out an OVERZEALOUS “WOOOOO!” and immediately gets into it with some of the fans along the aisle way.  He slaps hands, but not in a friendly way, but like that asshole that thinks he’s too cool for school and makes a lot of obnoxious noises.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for ONE FALL with a TEN MINUTE, TELEVISION TIME LIMIT!

“Your head will collapse

But there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself”


Samantha Coil: INTRODUCING FIRST, from Chicago, Illinois!  He weighs in at one-hundred and seventy four pounds…  JASON RILEY!!!

Riley slides into the ring and makes a B-line for the closest corner!  He leaps to the middle turnbuckle and makes sure to flip the middle finger with both hands as he “shows his appreciation” for Oakland.  The fans respond with annoyed BOOOS and begin shouting things back in his direction.


Riley smirks and hops back down to the mat where he seems more than ready for the challenge ahead.  “Where is My Mind” starts to fade out, and Samantha Coil gets ready to announce the opponent.

Dave Dymond: Our opening bout pits newcomer Ms. Nova Lynn against the man currently in the ring, Jason Riley.  And OG, Riley not exactly warming up to our newest Femme Fatale.

Other Guy: I’ll tell ya what…  In Riley’s defense, it’s a tough thing to prep for, my man.  There are not many women who can hang with the boys so it’s easy to brush ‘em off.  But this Nova Lynn who’s about to come out, she is one tough cookie.  I seen some videos of her work in a few smaller companies, and Davey, the girl can bring it.  I mean, BUH-RING it, dude.

Riley slowly rocks his neck from side to side and takes a couple warm-up leaps while waiting.  Much like last week, Samantha seems a little confused as she looks over her notecards for the new girl’s introduction.  Also of note is the fact that NO MUSIC is playing.

Samantha Coil: (Waiting at first, but then starting in anyway) And his opponent…  weighing in at… (She sighs) She has no official weight.  She is from…  (Reading the card closely again and cautiously continuing) …From a nice apartment.   MISS, NOVA LYNN!!!

At first no one comes out, and it’s weird for a minute or two.

Dave Dymond: Problems again with the introductions it seems.

Eventually the curtains open up and the very MENACING AJAX walks out followed by the GORGEOUS (although, perhaps severely SLUTTY) NOVA LYNN!  She immediately gets a round of cat calls from the fans closest to the entrance way to which she giggles and waves, twirling her hair a little bit as she starts her “bouncy” journey toward the ring.

Despite having no music, neither Lynn nor her “protector” Ajax show any signs of being affected, so at least they’re professionals.

Dave Dymond: (Laughing a little) Well, the SHOOT Project fans sure love the lovely Nova Lynn, OG.

Other Guy: How much those damn things cost her, ya think?

Dave Dymond: Excuse me?

Other Guy: C’mon, man!  You KNOW those aren’t REAL!

Dymond decides to not continue the conversation and in the meanwhile, Lynn walks up the steel steps and into the ring.  Ajax stands off to the side, careful not to steal her focus, though his gaze stays on Riley, who shrugs the look off and turns his attention to the approaching Lynn.  Nova turns on the ring apron and waves to the fans at ringside, before flipping herself backward into the ring.  Her short poodle skirt flips up, showing off a VERY revealing, pink thong.  This of course gets more catcalls from the fans and Riley can’t help but be a bit intrigued as he raises his eyebrows in a somewhat creepy fashion.

Other Guy: A short poodle skirt and a Long Island Hardcore, pink tummy top!  Some kind of attire.  God those things are shooting out FINE tonight.

Dave Dymond: Been lacking on the action this week, OG?

Other Guy: (A little annoyed) Dude!  Weak, man.  Just cause I’m a fan of the female form does not mean I ain’t gettin’ any.  She just looks especially smokin’ this evening.

Nova blows a kiss to Ajax, who nods his head with a tight lipped smile, and then turns her attention to Riley, who she smiles at and gives a tiny wave.  Riley rolls his eyes at the gesture and takes a few steps back toward his corner.  He grabs the ring ropes and takes a couple more stretches.


Dave Dymond: Dennis Helfin the official assigned to this contest, calls for the bell and REVOLUTION TWENTY-THREE is underway!

Riley gives Nova a look-over and nods at what he sees.  He then gets into his movements and starts circling the ring.  Nova follows suit, suddenly getting VERY focused.  The two competitors move around for a minute before Riley goes in for an elbow-collar tie-up!  Nova commits and Riley ducks through and charges for the ring ropes!  Riley leaps and springboards back with a cross-body-block, but NOVA LEAPS AND CONNECTS ON A DROP KICK!!!

The fans POP for the sudden counter!!

Dave Dymond: Riley takes that shot HARD!  What a counter by Lynn who seems to have had that particular maneuver scouted well.

Riley rolls on the mat in pain and tries to duck outside, but when he does, he is met by Ajax, whose hands are crossed while providing a menacing glare.  Riley takes one look at the guy and rolls right back inside!  Nova greets him with a short kick to the shoulder!  Riley seems annoyed by the attack, but Nova wastes no time.  She lifts Riley up and shoves him toward the nearest corner!  Riley falls in place up against the turnbuckles and Nova comes with a STIFF CHOP WITH HER RIGHT HAND!  THEN ANOTHER STIFF CHOP WITH HER LEFT!  THEN A SLAP TO THE FACE WITH HER RIGHT HAND!  A SLAP WITH HER LEFT!  Nova lifts her left leg and SLAMS a kick into Riley’s right shoulder!  Riley hunches forward!  NOVA PLANTS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A WICKED KICK AND Riley slumps to his butt, his head rested on the middle turnbuckle!

Dave Dymond: Riley in a very precarious position and Lynn seems more than aware!

Nova licks her lips in a very sexual manner as she looks at Jason Riley!  She then sorta prances back a couple steps before charging forward with an ATTEMPTED BRONCO BUSTER!  Riley MOVES!  NOVA HITS THE RING POST…

Other Guy: What the hell?

Nova Lynn rubs against the post, proceeding with the bronco buster ANYWAY and apparently having a GREAT TIME!

Dave Dymond: Is she…?

Lynn moans as she keeps the move going…  Riley watches on, dumbfounded for a moment before CHARGING AT HER!  Nova suddenly leans back and Riley has to stop himself from charging straight into a very weird, SIXTY-NINE position!  Nova, though, acts immediately, dropping her hands to the mat, bringing her legs up over her head and wrapping them around Riley!

Dave Dymond: Oh my gosh! What a counter from Nova!

“OOOOH” The fans are amazed at Lynn’s balance!  Nova twists her body and with all the strength she has FLIPS RILEY UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE!  Unfortunately, Lynn isn’t quite strong enough, and Jason is able to land on the apron outside!  Lynn now in a bad position to see what happened as she scrambles to her feet!  Riley gathers his balance and spring boards back into the ring!  Nova turns at the last moment!  Riley comes springboards with a flipping, butt attack!  Nova ducks!  Riley somersaults over!  Nova tries to recover too quickly and stumbles a bit!  Riley up first and QUICKLY DRILLS LYNN WITH A LIGHTNING QUICK DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF THE LEGS!!!  Lynn falls toward the ropes and bounces back a little awkwardly!  Riley grabs Lynn by the waste and NAILS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Lynn lands HARD on the back of her neck!

Dave Dymond: And Jason Riley fights his way RIGHT back into this one!

Riley slaps the mat in frustrated excitement, as if to say “FINALLY!”  Lynn tries to push herself off the mat, but Riley attacks barbarian style and just flails his upper body in his direction, crushing her with a wild, reckless attack from behind!  Riley then SLAPS Lynn in the back of the head and the fans BOOOOOO fairly loudly.


Riley stays n the offensive and starts to lift Lynn up off the mat.  He sets her up for a vertical suplex, applying a front face-lock and starting to hoist her up!  However, the TENACIOUS Lynn squirms her way out and falls behind Riley!  Nova applies a waist-lock and executes HER OWN GERMAN SUPLEX!  LYNN HOLDS ON THOUGH and actually flips herself all the way through into an ARCHING-REVERSE BRIDGE PIN FALL ATTEMPT!

Other Guy: Oh this girl is SMOOTH, DAVE!  Riley is down!

Dave Dymond: He is!  Helfin with the count!




Dave Dymond: NO WAY!

“NOOOOO!” The fans shout out as Helfin quickly hoists TWO fingers into the air!  RILEY NARROWLY ESCAPES!

Dave Dymond: Jason Riley pulls off a MIRACLE as he JUST gets a shoulder out to break Nova’s balance and push her off!

Riley is still gassed though, and Nova is FEELING IT!  She looks to the fans and then looks toward the top rope!  Nova skips toward the corner and starts to make the climb!  However, as she does, Ajax shouts from the outside.

Ajax: Nova!  Stay focused!  None of that shit!

The fans sort of boo, and Ajax looks a little torn!  Nova seems annoyed and starts to head out on to the apron anyway.  Riley holds at the back of his neck, clearly hurt!


Nova starts to climb to the top rope in defiance of her mentor and former running mate.  And the fans START TO GO INSANE!

Dave Dymond: NOVA AT THE TOP!!!

Riley is down!

Other Guy: What in the HELL does she have planned!


The fans cheers suddenly get chaotic as someone trounces through and hops the guard rail!  HE CLOBBERS AJAX FROM BEHIND WITH A STEEL CHAIR!

Dave Dymond: Who the heck?

Other Guy: Shit!  That’s that goddamned “Super Fan” that Jonny’s had with him!

Helfin rushes toward the action and SCREAMS at “Super Fan” Tim Calahan!  Nova, frantically turns around, looking a little paralyzed by the sudden impact of this particular moment!  While Helfin is distracted, the ring apron rustles!

TOM QUINN comes out from under the ring!  Nova doesn’t see!  She starts to turn back toward Riley, but before she can, Quinn hops up on the apron and pushes Nova’s legs out from under her!  She slips and lands butt first on the top turnbuckle!  Quick then springboards to the second rope, lifts his leg and CRACKS NOVA IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A WICKED STIFF KICK!  Nova falls forward, falling into the ring with an awkward THUD!

Ajax is out on the floor!  Calahan runs off!  Helfin didn’t catch the moment!  Quinn stays ducking by the apron, hiding from the official!  Riley inches his way toward Nova!


Dave Dymond: What the HELL just happened in this one?

The fans are actually, surprisingly REALLY annoyed and show their displeasure it as they break out into an unending chorus of boos and even a muffled, “BULLSHIT” chant!  Riley crawls over toward Lynn and pushes her onto her back!

Riley drapes an arm across her chest!

Helfin drops down to the mat!




Other Guy: Bullshit as it might be, an academic ending to our opening bout, Dave.

Helfin is up and calls for the bell!  Quinn quickly slides into the ring and pulls his partner out, noticing that Ajax is up on the outside.  The duo makes a quick escape over the guardrails before Helfin even gets a chance to raise Riley’s arm. 

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match…  JASON RILEY!

Ajax SCOWLS as he looks off into the crowd!  He slams his hands on the apron and then goes in to check in on Nova.

Dave Dymond: That is not a happy camper, OG.  Ajax was blindsided and all hell broke lose after that.

Other Guy: Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Riley does it?

Ajax rubs Nova’s shoulders and gives her a “mentorly” kiss on the back of the head and the cameras cut away.


The cameras pick up backstage where THE DEFILER is immediately on screen!  The Oracle Arena gets VERY LOUD, VERY QUICKLY!  The CHEERS are actually louder at first, but after the initial burst, the BOOOOO-Birds come out in full swing!

“BOOOOOOOO!” the fans voice their displeasure with Jonny on the video screen.

The DEFILER: I’m a little annoyed with you two…

The shot pans back and we see that Jonny is not alone.  Sitting on one of the locker room benches, are none other than MICHAEL and ROWLAND COLLINS.  The Twins are wearing “I Bleed Green” Black T-shirts and jeans.  Michael is a little scruffier than Rowland, but other than that, the two are difficult to tell apart.

Neither man seems too thrilled with Jonny’s less than flattering opening lines.  Michael and Rowland look at each other, their arms are across their chest.

Michael Collins: Aye? An’ what are ye’ “annoyed” about, Jonny?

Jonny sighs and shakes his head.

The DEFILER: I gave you two TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS out of the goodness of my heart.  We are supposed to be FRIENDS…  (Moving behind the brothers, putting his hands around them both) Friends, right?

The Collins Twins still aren’t exactly sure what is going on, but Jonny doesn’t give them much of a chance to speak up.  He moves back in front of them, pacing a bit now, thinking about the best way to say whatever he is thinking.

The DEFILER: My friends aren’t losers, though, guys.  I… I don’t hang out with the… the “forgettables” of the world.  I don’t hang out with YESTERDAY’S NEWS!  And, from all the reports I’m reading…  All these fucking dirt sheets that come my way say the same thing!  (Getting more agitated) MICHAEL and ROWLAND COLLINS ARE BECOMING IRRELEVANT!  NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MICHAEL AND ROWLAND COLLINS.

Jonny stops pacing and looks at the brothers.

The DEFILER: Is…  I mean…  is that REAL?

Michael and Rowland nod, shrugging a bit.

Rowland Collins: Nah, Jonny. Not irrelevant. Just…

Michael pipes in, clearing his throat.

Michael Collins: We have somethin’ big planned, Jonny. No need t’worry bout us droppin’ off the face of the earth.

Rowland smirks, their emerald green eyes turning to Jonny.

Rowland Collins: $10,000 goes a long way when you know what to do with it, aye?

Jonny seems intrigued with what he is hearing from the Twins and brightens up a bit, his mood becoming a little lighter.

The DEFILER: Something planned?  (Nodding) Good.  Yeah…  that’s…  that’s perfect.

Before Jonny can say another word, the door to his locker room BURSTS open and a very frantic TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY enter the room, obviously still in their wrestling gear.

They don’t initially see Michael and Rowland.

Tom Quinn: Jonny… we… (breathing kind of heavily) We’re in a little bit of…

Riley: (Noticing the Collins) What the SHIT are they here for, dude?

Quinn notices now too and also looks a little more than annoyed.  Riley, holding at his back and in a fair amount of pain, still has the time to be brash and abrasive.

Riley: You guys want to start something!  I’ll fuck your heads off!

Quinn moves in and holds Riley back from doing anything stupid, but is clearly unhappy with the situation as well.

Tom Quinn: JASE! (Trying to drag Riley back toward him) Dude, fucking stop this.  (Looking at the Collins Twins and then at Riley) These guys aren’t worth it.

Michael and Rowland cock their heads to the side.

Michael Collins: Yeah… havin’ a shot at the title yeh little sheep shaggah’s wank ta isn’t worth scoffin’ at, aye, Rolly?

Michael stands, causing his brother stand as well, their 6’4" frames casting a shadow on the wall.

Rowland: I don’t even know who yeh two lasses are. Excuse me when I chuckle at yer aggression, boyos.

Michael and Rowland stand from the bench now, not willing to let Quinn or Riley talk them down.  After a moment, Jonny rolls his eyes and FINALLY intervenes, stepping in between the four men.

The DEFILER: Fucking stop it.  (Looking to Quinn) What do you need, Tom?

Quinn glowers at the Collins for an extra second or two but finally looks back to Jonny.

Tom Quinn: We need to get out of here.

Riley turns to Jonny now too.

Riley: Yeah.  Quick.

Jonny gives a slight nod and reaches into his pocket.  He pulls out a set of car keys and flips them to Quinn.  Tom catches them and seems a little less stressed.

The DEFILER: Take the jeep.

Quinn looks over at Michael and Rowland and the nudges Riley and gestures back toward the door.

Tom Quinn: Let’s jet, dude.

Riley doesn’t move at first, still obsessing over the Collins a bit, neither of whom back down from the ongoing staredown at any point in time.

Tom Quinn: Riley!  Come on.

Riley narrows his eyes.

Riley: FUUUCK! (Turning back to Quinn) Fine.

The tandem makes their reluctant exit and Jonny lets out a sigh of frustration.  He shakes his head and looks back to Michael and Rowland.

The DEFILER: Look…  I trust you guys.  Okay?  I do.  I, I think VERY highly of your work, but the fact of the matter is that you have THREE weeks to make an impact.  Okay?  THREE WEEKS, guys, to remind people that this match at Malice is a THREE team affair.  (Moving closer) You’re both championship material.  Remember that.  REMEMBER HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS FOR YOU.  (Eyes growing very serious) For your families.

He pauses for a moment.

The DEFILER: I’d hate for that account to close.  (Shrugging) Or… well, or worse…

Michael looks at Jonny, chuckling.

Michael Collins: Don’t worry, boyo. Yeh want an impression?

Rowland Collins: Make sure yeh keep an eye on the tele, Jack.

Michael and Rowland look at each other, then back to Jonny.

Michael Collins: I hope yeh like dancin’.

Michael and Rowland smirk, walking past Jonny as they each pat him on the back.

The DEFILER: Oh I certainly do.  I…  I LOVE dancing, gentlemen.

And with the final shot of a subtle Defiler smile, the cameras head elsewhere for the evening.


Dave Dymond: Tonight’s show is going to be hot. The main event is pay per view worthy. I can’t wait to…


The SHOOTron springs to life at the sound of someone clearing their throat. The fans in attendance begin to stir as they see the image of Christopher Davis on the screen. Sitting on an examination table Davis waits as a doctor examines his throat with a stethoscope.

Doctor: Mr. Davis your throat has healed nicely. You’ve regained your ability to talk.

A groan is heard in the room, the camera shifts to Angel and Christian as Davis glares at the two men. They both chuckle.

Doctor: As I was saying Mr. Davis I see no reason that you cannot be cleared to wrestle next week.

The fans in attendance cheer.

Christopher Davis: Doc, I’ve been waiting far too long to hear those words.

Doctor: I bet you have. I’ll sign the paperwork right now.

Christopher Davis: Finally! I got a whole lotta of fucking work to get done. A whole list of people that I need to deal with most promptly.

Turns to Angel and Christian.

Christopher Davis: You know I’m about to declare war don’t you?

Christian: We figured.

The doctor returns with a piece of paper.

Doctor: Ok, Mr. Davis here is your clearance paper.

Chris grabs the paper and glances at it.

Christopher Davis; Next week Christopher Davis WILL be back in SHOOT.

The fans in the arena begin to cheer loudly at the news of the immenent return of the SHOOT project hall of famer. The scene fades to black.

Dave Dymond: So it appears that Christopher Davis will be back next week.

Other Guy: That’s good news for SHOOT, bad news for a whole lot of people.

Dave Dymond: Chris Davis has been gone for quite awhile after that savage beating at the hands of the SHOOT project champion Roland Caldwell. Knowing Davis, he’s coming for revenge. I for one, wouldn’t…

"Um Doc…"

The SHOOTron blinks to life once again. Davis is still sitting on the examination table with the release letter in hand. He’s staring at it with a confused look on his face.

Christopher Davis: I’m looking at this letter and I noticed that it’s dated March 2nd.

Doctor: That’s correct. Today is March 2nd.

The camera focuses in on Christian, who is smirking.

Christopher Davis: Um…ok, well there’s a problem then Doc. See, right now there is an arena full of people and a backstage area full of people that have pissed me off watching this tape on March 9th

Doctor: Ok, I don’t…

Christopher Davis: Ok, see if you follow me for a second Doc. You just came out and said that next week I would be cleared to wrestle again. Well to anyone watching this tape on March 9th, they’re going to think that I’ll be there on March 16th.

Doctor: Ok, I follow you so far.

Christopher Davis: But, if we filmed this on March 2nd…

Doctor: That would mean that you would be cleared to wrestle on March 9th, which is the day that this tape is being shown correct?

Christopher Davis: Correct.

The fans in attendance begin cheering once again.

Doctor: That would mean that you’re probably in the arena right now as people are watching this tape.

Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: Those years of school paid off nicely for you Doc.

He turns his attention directly to the camera.

Christopher Davis: For those that aren’t quite as smart as the good doctor here…I’m back!

Fade to black.

Dave Dymond: Other guy do you know what that means?

Other guy: It means that Christopher Davis is in the arena tonight and he’s not happy. I think there are a few people that should be watching their back tonight.


Cutting to the back, at first all you hear is  a faint jangling as the chain mail. But as the scene comes more into view, Osbourne Kilminster can be seen, his chain mail coif bouncing slightly upon his shoulders as he marches through the corridors of the Oracle Arena. His jaw clenched, he turns his head slightly to glance into every doorway through the tinted blue lenses of his sunglasses, shaking his arms to warm his biceps and triceps.

Stopping for a moment, he sees what he wants directly ahead of him, or more specifically – WHO he wants. Nodding, he marches with even greater intent, followed by a cameraman who jogs to keep up with him.

Osbourne Kilminster: TREVOR!

Worrens quickly turns, knowing the voice all too well, and takes a defensive stance, expecting an immediate hit.

Trevor Worrens: Is this how it’s going to be? You can’t wait for later?

Smiling, Osbourne stops a good six feet away from Worrens, holding out his hands, almost welcoming an assault.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know every bit as well as I do that if I wanted to take you out, I wouldn’t have called out your name, so maybe you can give up making yourself look even more stupid.

Stepping in closer, Kilminster stops when he can feel Trevor’s warm breath on his face as he regards him with a sneer.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll wait for later… but I want tonight to be special… really special. Oh, Mr Editor, I want it to take you a month to make the highlight reel from what happens tonight… I want to see an epic depiction of the downfall of the illegitimate…

Smiling broadly, Osbourne cracks his neck from side to side.

Osbourne Kilminster: I don’t want to be held back, Trevor… and I don’t want you to be held back. I want everything you’ve got, so it’ll mean that much more when I crush you. I want this to be… NO DISQUALIFICATION!

Worrens doesn’t back down now, and in an odd way trusts that Kilminster is not going to strike him.  The tension is at an all time high.

Trevor Worrens: I’ve said all I’ve had to say to you, and if you think you’re going to scare me out of this. If you THINK you’re going to intimidate me tonight, Kilminster… you’re not.

Worrens takes the last step possible so the two men are forehead to forehead.

Trevor Worrens: You want no disqualification… FINE!

Still smiling, Osbourne steps back and shivers as a cold chill of excitement runs down his spine.

Osbourne Kilminster: Ooh, this is going to be everything I want it to be. I’ll go and order you a nice bouquet.

His smirk unrelenting, Kilminster backs away, his eyes firmly trained upon the man set to enter the ring with him later in the evening as the cameraman turns to focus on Worrens.  Worrens just looks on after him, shaking his head.  And for a moment he looks concerned.



“Holy Fool” by the Boondock Saints plays and the fans give a mildly positive reaction as Alex Harmston steps out from the back.  He nods his head to the approving fans as he makes his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil:  The following is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit!  Introducing first…hailing from Mesa, Arizona!

The fans pop hearing where Harmston is from.


Harmston slaps a few hands as he slides into the ring.  He stretches against the ropes as referee Tony Lorenzo checks him out for anything illegal.  Then, “Natural One” by Folk Implosion plays and the fans instantly boo.  Out from the back comes Ron Barker, who glares at Harmston with evil intent.

Dave Dymond:  There’s a look in Barker’s eyes tonight.  Ever since he was embarrassed by Corazon last week, pride’s been on this man’s mind and I don’t think Harmston’s gonna be ready for what he’s got to give him.

Barker walks up the ring steps and into the ring.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…weighing in at—

Suddenly, Coil’s shoved out of the way and Barker UNLOADS on Harmston with rights and lefts!  Lorenzo calls for the bell to start the match as Coil ducks out of the ring out of harm’s way!

Other Guy:  Barker’s wasting no time on Harmston tonight!

Harmston and Barker trade lefts and rights and Barker whips him into the ropes, Barker bounces off of the opposite ropes and RAMS into Harmston with a shoulder block!  Harmston is brought down and Barker bounces off the ropes again to hit an elbow drop, but Harmston rolls out of the way!  Barker is up and so is Harmston!  Barker goes for a clothesline, but Harmston ducks it and hits Barker with a neckbreaker!  Barker clutches his head as Harmston scrambles over for the pin and Tony Lorenzo counts it!



Barker kicks out with authority!

Dave Dymond:  It’s gonna take a lot more than that to put a stop to Ron Barker, Harmston!

Harmston picks Barker up, but Barker EXPLODES out of Harmston’s grip and hoists Harmston up AND RAMS HIM DOWN WITH A STIFF AS FUCK SPINEBUSTER.  The fans are booing intensely as Harmston clutches his rib area in pain.  Barker proceeds to pace around his prey, infuriated.  Tony Lorenzo goes to check on Harmston, but Barker shoves him out of the way and picks him up once again.  Harmston staggers backwards, still clutching his rib cage, when Barker throws him into the ropes and NAILS the Perfection!

Other Guy:  Good GOD with authority!

Dave Dymond:  Harmston’s dead, there’s no other way around it.  This is just academic.

Barker paces around Harmston once again but refuses to lay down for the pinfall!  The fans are really booing now as Barker stomps on Harmston’s midsection in disgust!  Barker crouches down and rolls Harmston to his side.  He places his knee in the center of Harmston’s back, grapevines Harmston’s arm, and takes his other hand and clutches Harmston’s free leg!  He then pulls back with ALL of his might!

Dave Dymond:  My GOD that is a devastating surfboard-type maneuver!

Other Guy:  He’s like a shark in the water, Dave.  Ron Barker knows where Harmston’s hurt at, and he’s going to tear into him right there!

He holds the hold even tighter as Tony Lorenzo comes in to check on Harmston, who refuses to quit!

Dave Dymond:  Tap out, Harmston!  There’s no shame in it!

Harmston calls out in pure agony, but he REFUSES TO TAP!  The fans are eating it up as Lorenzo keeps asking him if he submits!  Harmston cries out one final time, and it’s all Tony Lorenzo can do to not want to pry Barker off himself!  Lorenzo gets up and calls for the bell!

Dave Dymond:  This match is over?!?

Other Guy:  Lorenzo didn’t want to see Harmston’s stubborn nature cause his own career or his own life to go down the tubes!

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen, your winner due to referee stoppage…RON BARKER!

“Natural One” plays again as Barker lets Harmston go.  Lorenzo continues to check on Harmston, throwing up his arms in the infamous ‘X’ symbol and EMTs rush the ring to check on Harmston.  Barker walks out of the arena, paying no attention to the hate he’s receiving from the fans.

Dave Dymond:  This wasn’t a great affair…it wasn’t even a decent affair…Harmston managed to get the one up on Barker, but I think that one spinebuster may have bruised or even broken one of Harmston’s ribs.  We can only hope Alex Harmston is okay.

The EMTs continue to check on Harmston as the camera cuts away to avoid any blatant objectification of the very vulnerable Alex Harmston.


The fans in attendance tonight bring their attention to Eryk Masters, who stands backstage in front of the SP backdrop.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…these two men have asked for the chance to address all of you tonight.  They are two of the most violent and brutal men on the roster…Obsidian…and Donovan King.

The fans instantly boo loudly as the camera pans back to see Donovan King and, behind him, Obsidian.  King is wearing a black hoodie with a “Sydal Family Reunion 2008” t-shirt underneath.  Obsidian is wearing his dark brown leather duster with his stringy, sandy blonde hair covering his face, billowing as he breathes, though his bearded face is seen underneath it.  Obsidian seems ready to speak, but King is a little less willing to speak and is more angry than anything.

Obsidian:  Last week…Cade Sydal was forced to swallow his pathetic pride and give Donovan King the much deserved pinfall victory over former World Champion Eli Storm.  That is the least, Donovan, but it is the first of your World Champions to overcome.  Enjoy it, my friend, because it is a very enjoyable flavor to taste.

King yanks Masters’ arm over to him, facing Obsidian.

Donovan King:  Fuck dat!  Cade Sydal thought it’d be coo’ ta keep uppin’ the ante on me!  He took me out last week after I almost had him wit’ the KTFO!  Even when I showed him what I did ta his beloved honey, he STILL had drive ta fuck wit’ me!

King glares at the camera now.

Donovan King:  Cade Sydal…what happens now…you brought dis shit on you, man.  Everything since I targeted you has been on YOU.  You coulda taken the fall at Redemption, let me move on an’ win the Rumble an’ go on ta Reckoning Day…but you STILL kept comin’.  Dat ain’t happenin’ NO MORE.

Obsidian grins, pulling Masters’ arm back to him.

Obsidian:  What my ally is trying to tell you, Cade, is that you may consider your dance card for Malice…filled.  At Malice, you will have a threat unlike which you’ve ever faced.  You shall face Donovan King, oh yes…

He grins.

Obsidian:  But you shall also be facing me as well.

The fans boo loudly.

Obsidian:  Under normal circumstances, this would be considered a tag team match…but after your shoving the Flying Avengers away…and after your attack on Eli Storm…you’re definitely…all…alone.  As I said…normally, this is a tag team affair, but you are alone, Sydal.  At Malice, Cade Sydal will face…all by himself…Donovan King…and Obsidian.

Eryk Masters:  What if Cade finds somebody to be his tag team partner?

Obsidian grins.

Obsidian:  He.  Won’t.  The boy is all alone, Eryk.  Malice marks the finale to the overdrugged and underwhelming career of Cade Sydal, and we’re going to be the ones to stop it.

Donovan King:  FUCK DAT.

King jerks Masters’ arm back in his direction.

Donovan King:  I AM SICK UH DESE GAMES, CADE!  You mighta gotten the better uh me last week, but DIS IS OVER!  You don’t need ta think about Malice, mother fucker, you need to think about NEXT.  WEEK.

The fans boo once again.

Donovan King:  Keep yo’ eyes OPEN, Cade Sydal.  Next week…

He glares hard at the camera.

Donovan King:  KEEP.  YOUR.  FUCKING.  EYES.  OPEN.

King shoves Masters’ arm away from him and storms off.  Obsidian watches Donovan leave before he looks back at Masters.  He walks away soon after.

Eryk Masters:  I…there you have it.  I THOUGHT this was the official challenge of Donovan King for Malice…but it looks like Obsidian and King are challenging Cade to what could very well be a handicap match at Malice that could spell the end of his career…that is, unless King lets Cade wait that long!

After Masters’ recap of the events that just unfolded, we cut away.


The action of tonight’s Revolution cuts to the locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, Roland Caldwell.  Inside, Vincent Mallows is seen seated in his wheelchair. Sammy clutches Mikey to his side, rocking ever so slightly. Roland Caldwell paces the locker room, the original SHOOT Project World Championship on his shoulder.

Roland Caldwell: What Corazon did to us is unforgivable! And for that we must destroy him, Sammy! What he did to us, to you, to… Mikey. Corazon spit on us. Kicked us, and now, we’ll spill his blood.

Roland grabs Sammy, his hand crushing Mikey’s head against his shoulder carelessly.

Roland Caldwell: You must….

Roland is cut off by a furious scream and Sammy’s body leaping upwards. Sammy grabs Roland by the neck and crushes him against the floor.

Sammy Rochester: Don’t hurt Mikey!

Roland’s eyes bulge with terror as Sammy squeezes his throat.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy!  Please!  Roland is only upset because of the bad man that Corazon truly is!

Sammy looks blankly at Mallows, and then at Mikey. He releases the pressure on Roland’s neck and looks down at him forlornly.

Sammy Rochester: I don’t like the bad man.  But I don’t like people hurting Mikey!

Vincent Mallows: He did not mean it.  I promise you.  Roland was just thinking about Adrian Corazon and how he turned his back on us.

Sammy stands up off of Roland… but Roland spins to his feet and gets into Sammy’s face. His breaths are fast and wheezy.

Vincent Mallows: MR. CALDWELL!

The shout keeps anything else from happening.  Roland turns his head and looks at Mallows with disdain.

Roland Caldwell: Keep your animal on a leash.

Mallows looks to Sammy, hoping he did not hear it, but thankfully Sammy has focused on Mikey, muttering something to him.  Mallows turn his chair to look right at Roland.

Vincent Mallows: I know… as well as you… what a dangerous time… this is.

Roland simply stares and storms out, banging the door against the wall. Sammy is startled by the noise.

Sammy Rochester: Is it time to hurt everyone?

Vincent Mallows: Not quite yet, Sammy. Feel free to go off and play until then.

Without saying anything else, Sammy leaves the locker room, carrying with him Mikey, talking to him the whole time.  Mallows looks on, an odd expression on his face.


Revolution cuts to black for a moment, and then a banner scrolls across the screen that reads “SKY HIGH NEWS BREAK.”  As the banner finishes crossing the screen, the scene fades up to a small interview room.  Seen standing in front of a Sky High banner, resident Sky High interviewer Scott Richardson is on hand.

Scott Richardson: Ladies and gentlemen, as many heard through various news sources, the Sky High tournament has unfortunately lost a great competitor in Leon Strife.  However no sooner was it announced that spot was opened, did that very spot get filled.

The camera pans out a bit to reveal a man standing with Richardson.

Scott Richardson: That’s right, one of SHOOT Project’s newest Soldiers quickly took the opportunity, and I am joined by that man,  "The Phoenix" Jack Heart.

Jack Heart: A pleasure to be here Scott.

Richardson nods his head.

Scott Richardson: Jack you are a relative unknown, and you will be going into this Sky High tournament with two weeks that you cannot make up. That is SIX possible points you won’t be able to achieve.  With such an early disadvantage what are your thoughts?

Jack Heart: Heh, well an opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day. So I am just going to enjoy myself, I didn’t join this company for the money.

Scott Richardson: So then what is it that has drawn Jack Heart to SHOOT Project, and more specifically the Sky High tournament?

Jack Heart: I was looking around at some companies that I could join and SHOOT Project stood out as something interesting and exciting. I was excited just from reading some of the results of these shows. I heard about the Sky High tournament during my contract signing I was hoping to be in the 5th one but with Leon’s injury I get to step up and compete.

Richardson again nods his head.

Scott Richardson: So is it safe to say that no matter what goes down for the remaining weeks of Sky High 4, Jack Heart plans on going the full run for the next invitation?

Jack Heart: Only time will tell. But yes that is my plan.

Scott Richardson: Fans of SHOOT Project, Jack Heart makes his official Sky High in ring debut THIS Wednesday live from the Pauley Pavilion on the campus of UCLA.  Any last words, Jack?

Jack Heart: I look forward to wrestle in front of all the great fans of SHOOT Project and I will see you all at the Pauley Pavilion after the event for a few bevies.

the camera focuses back solely on Scott Richardson now as the interview concludes.

Scott Richardson: Will the Phoenix fly high for the remainder of the tournament, that has yet to be determined, but Jack Heart is more than ready, and it will be interesting to say the least, to see what Heart can bring to Sky High.  This has been your Sky High news break, and we return now to the action of Revolution.

The scene fades out, bringing the focus back to Revolution.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is set for a 30 minute time limit!

“Lay Down” by Priestess hits, and the fans turn to the aisle, giving off a mixed reaction. Most people boo, but there are a handful of loud cheers mixed in that cannot be ignored. CJ Nelson steps through the curtain, oddly alone.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 315 pounds, from Westhampton Beach, New York! Representing Long Island Hardcore! He is C! J! NEEEEEEEEEEELSOOOOOOOOOOON!

The fans continue to respond, mixed, as CJ Nelson continues down the ramp, rubbing his wrists.

Dave Dymond: Its odd that CJ Nelson is coming out here alone, OG!

Other Guy: Maybe he’s going to give FLASH a fair fight, Dave, you big skeptic.

CJ starts up the ring steps and then quickly steps through the ropes. His music fades out, and is quickly replaced by “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go! The fans cheer loudly, as orange and yellow lights dance around the arena! FLASH Dynamite steps through the curtain, thrusting his right thumb skyward, and the fans cheer some more!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Metropolis, Illinois! Weighing in at 263 pounds! Representing the Flying Avengers! He is FLAAAAAAAAAASH DYYYYYYYYYYYYYNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE!

FLASH drops his arm and starts marching down the ramp. He makes his way down and slides under the bottom rope. He turns a full circle, undoing his cape in mid-spin, the cape flies free in his left hand and he swirls it repeatedly like a little cyclone and releases, letting the cape swirl out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Both men are without their respective partner, and I think this thing might actually stay as a one-on-one affair.

Other Guy: Of course it’s going to, Dave.

Referee Austin Linam signals for the bell, and immediately FLASH Dynamite and CJ Nelson meet in the center of the ring, jawing back and forth with each other, with CJ doing most of the talking. CJ finally shoves both hands into FLASH’s chest, and FLASH is sent back several steps. FLASH lunges forward immediately and throws both forearms into CJ’s chest with a modified running Polish hammer! The forearms connect hard and CJ staggers back almost to the ropes!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson is a huge beast of a man, but FLASH Dynamite just hit him with just as much strength!

Other Guy: Wow, I actually believe FLASH might be able to match power with CJ Nelson tonight…that’s scary.

CJ rushes at FLASH, swinging a clothesline, and FLASH ducks! CJ turns around and FLASH catches him when he does with a chop across the chest! Two more chops and CJ starts backing up toward the ropes. Several more chops and FLASH has CJ rocking against the ropes, and the fans cheering loudly! FLASH sends CJ off the ropes, and ducks his head down for a back body drop! CJ kicks upward into FLASH’s chest, and FLASH lurches upward!

Dave Dymond: FLASH telegraphed the back body drop, and CJ used his veteran instincts to avoid it!

Other Guy: The sound of that kick hurt my chest, damn.

CJ hits the ropes again, this time because he wants to, and charges at FLASH! FLASH turns to the side and catches CJ in a tilt-a-whirl into a sidewalk slam!

Dave Dymond: HOW?!

Other Guy: How did he get CJ Nelson off his feet for that tilt-a-whirl?!

FLASH drops with CJ and hooks the leg!



CJ kicks out strong, but FLASH pulls him to his feet by his arm and quickly twists under the arm. FLASH sends CJ into the nearest corner and charges in at him! CJ lifts a boot into FLASH’s chest, and FLASH staggers backward! CJ explodes out of the corner and turns at the last second, planting the point of his elbow in FLASH’s face, driving him to the canvas! CJ continues his spiraling turn and swings his leg up, dropping a leg across FLASH’s throat!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson showing us some agility!

Other Guy: And now it is CJ Nelson who is in the driver’s seat!

CJ, instead of going for the cover, swings his body into a mount position and grabs FLASH by the back of his head, before he starts driving his right fist into FLASH’s face! Referee Austin Linam begins admonishing him, and as a result, CJ ends his jabbing assault with a vicious headbutt to the bridge of the nose! CJ then floats into a lateral press, pushing his right hand over FLASH’s face, while his left hand grabs FLASH’s right wrist and keeps it pinned to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: CJ going for the cover, and look at his hand covering FLASH’s mouth!


Other Guy: Covering FLASH’s mouth makes it harder for him to breathe!



FLASH kicks out, and CJ immediately pulls FLASH to his feet and sends FLASH off the ropes. CJ swings a hard clothesline, liting a leg as he does, and FLASH quickly slides under the leg with a baseball slide! CJ wobbles off balance as FLASH pushes up off his chest to his feet, and as CJ turns around, FLASH is there with a sudden dropkick! CJ crashes to the canvas, and FLASH pushes to his feet, as CJ scrambles to his own feet! CJ turns into FLASH, who hoists him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! FLASH starts spinning around, until CJ starts driving his elbow into the side of FLASH’s head! CJ slides down FLASH’s back and hooks him from behind in a waistlock!

Dave Dymond: FLASH got CJ up on his shoulders and started an airplane spin, but CJ used well-placed elbows, and he’s in control with a waistlock!

Other Guy: And I think he might be going for a German suplex here!

FLASH grapevines his leg with CJ’s, blocking the suplex attempt, and CJ starts hammering FLASH from behind with clubbing forearm blows across the back of the neck! CJ turns FLASH around and continues to rain forearms and elbows across the back of FLASH’s neck, driving him to his knees. CJ backs up to the ropes and uses them for extra momentum. FLASH pops up off his knees and catches CJ with a tilt-a-whirl, this time spinning CJ up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: FLASH is utilizing tilt-a-whirls to create unique situations here, tonight!

Other Guy: He’s like a master of those things or something…

FLASH starts spinning around, repeatedly! FLASH stops CJ after several rotations, and dizzily plants CJ back onto his feet. CJ stumbles back and forth, as FLASH steadies himself and then spins full circle, driving his forearm into CJ’s face with a roaring elbow!

Dave Dymond: FLASH just hit the Airplane Spin, and followed up with an incredible roaring elbow!

Other Guy: What got under FLASH and lit a fire? Shit…

FLASH pushes to his feet, and lets out a heroic roar, as the fans cheer him on. The cheering, however, is cut short as Jared Walsh starts running down the ramp from the back! Before Jared makes it to the end of the ramp, Kid Lightning runs down behind him with blurring speed!

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Kid Lightning just sprinted down the ramp out of nowhere, and he’s stopped Jared from making it to the ring!

Other Guy: Which is good for FLASH, bad for Jared!

As Kid Lightning catches up to Jared, he tackles him from behind! Both start rolling around, trying to gain the advantage. Meanwhile, FLASH turns back to CJ after the momentary distraction, and CJ quickly lunges at him and digs a thumb into FLASH’s eye! CJ grabs FLASH by the arm and sends him off the ropes! CJ lifts a knee upward for FLASH’s abdomen, but FLASH rolls over the knee into a schoolboy!

Dave Dymond: FLASH out of nowehre maintaians an advantage, with the roll-up!



Other Guy: Kick out, CJ, shit!


CJ does, in fact, kick out hard. Both scramble to their feet, and CJ lunges for yet another clothesline! FLASH ducks the clothesline yet again and catches the arm and ends up behind CJ, back-to-back, and pulls CJ down with a backslide!




CJ kicks out again and catches FLASH as they scramble to their feet with a straight right-handed jab! A second jab follows, and CJ winds his arms up, and drives FLASH to the canvas suddenly with a successful clothesline attempt!

Dave Dymond: Oi! Oi! Oi! CJ Nelson just rocked FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: And now he’s in full control, he’s got to be!

On the outside, Jared Walsh manages to shove Kid Lightning off of him! Both of them get to their feet, and Jared catches Kid Lightning with a uge clotehsline that turns Kid Lightning inside out on the arena floor! Back in the ring, CJ pulls FLASH to his feet! CJ grabs FLASH by the shoulder and the thigh an hoists FLASH up into the air!

Dave Dymond: I think CJ Nelson is going for Purgatory! He’s got FLASH in the air with a Guerilla Press!

FLASH kicks his legs and rolls down CJ’s back into a sunset flip! CJ rolls through, but so does FLASH, ending with CJ caught in a standing head scissors!

Other Guy: No way!

FLASH pulls CJ upward for a powerbomb, but releases CJ’s legs, catching CJ by the head! FLASH shifts CJ’s legs, getting CJ’s shins caught on his thighs, spreading his legs to get a wider stance! FLASH hooks his arm over CJ’s head and drops backward!

Dave Dymond: DYNAMITE DROP! Out of a powerbomb! How does he do it?!

FLASH turns CJ over and hooks the leg!

Other Guy: Get in there, Jared!




The hand of Austin Linam falls for the third time JUST as Jared Walsh slides under the bottom rope! Jared doesn’t seem to care as he runs straight at FLASH and drops to dropkick FLASH in the side of the head! Jared pulls FLASH to his feet and grabs him in a front facelock! Jared jumps and spins his body, planting FLASH as he comes back down with a tornado DDT!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh just hit FLASH Dynamite with the Negative Approach!

The bell starts sounding repeatedly, as Kid Lightning slides into the ring, a little wobbly from the clothesline on the outside. He rushes at Jared, and Jared swings a clothesline! Kid Lightning ducks and immediately springs to the second rope, and springboards backward at Jared, catching Jared as he turns with an inverted facelock! Kid Lightning snaps back, driving Jared down with a reverse DDT!

Dave Dymond: SONIC BOOM!

Other Guy: FLASH Dynamite won the match, but it is obvious this rivalry is more personal than friendly, as these two teams are still trying to fuck each other up after the bell has sounded!

Suddenly the fans go from cheering the athletic maneuver, to booing, as two men, on either side of the ring, run down through the crowd! Both Rowland and Michael Collins jump the barricade on either side of the ring and quickly throw up the ring skirting! Both pull a table out from under the ring and slide it in, following their tables! Kid Lightning, the only one standing, turns and rushes at the first one under the bottom rope, Rowland.

Dave Dymond: And now the Collins’ are here, and I don’t like Kid Lightning’s chances, as the only man standing right now!

Other Guy: This three-way tag team war is getting UGLY, dude.

Kid Lightning starts stomping down on Rowland’s back, but Michael Collins is there immediately behind him and he clubs Kid Lightning in the back. Michael sends Kid Lightning off the ropes and catches him as he rebounds with a high back body drop! Michael turns back to the table he slid into the ring and sets it up, while Rowland pulls himself off the canvas to his feet. FLASH Dynamite works his way up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: This party might be cut short for the Twins!

Other Guy: Or it can get worse for everyone but the Irishmen, Dave.

Rowland meets FLASH and starts hammering him with hard jabs to the face! Michael finishes setting his table upright, and rushes to join his brother in driving fists into FLASH’s face! They get FLASH backed into the ropes, and both wind up and clothesline FLASH over the top rope! Both Collins Twins move to the table Rowland slid into the ring and start setting it up, as CJ Nelson finally starts pulling himself up by the ropes, holding the back of his head with his arm.

Dave Dymond: The Collins’ seem to have something in store for some of their opponents at Malice tonight, but if CJ Nelson can gather his bearings, their plans might fail to come to fruition!

Other Guy: I don’t know, they are consistently maintaining a two-to-one advantage!

Michael, this time, catches a glimpse of CJ and rushes at him! CJ catches him with an elbow, and Michael staggers back, but Rowland is right there and kicks CJ in the ribs! Michael comes back, and both start kicking CJ in the ribs and punching him in the head chaotically! Finally, both Rowland and Michael jump upward and plant both of their individual feet in CJ’s chest, and CJ spills through the ropes to the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: A huge double dropkick just put CJ Nelson on the arena floor with FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: I told you, these Collins Twins have got this all figured out.

Jared Walsh slowly makes it to his feet now and grabs Rowland by the shoulder! Jared whips Rowland around and starts punching Rowland in the face! Jared winds up for a big punch, but Michael ducks his head under Jared’s arm from behind, grabs his wrist, and swings Jared up! Michael sends Jared crashing through one of the two tables inside the ring with the Irish Car Bomb!

Dave Dymond: Oh man! Irish Car Bomb on Jared Walsh, through the table!

Kid Lightning is up, holding his back, and Rowland meets him with a boot to the gut! Rowland swings Kid Lightning up onto his shoulders and runs for the other table! Rowland jumps hard, a few feet from the table, and drives Kid Lightning through the table with a sit-out powerbomb!

Other Guy: And now Rowland Collins nails Kid Lightning with a sit-out powerbomb, and splinters a table in the process!

Michael Collins quickly calls for a microphone and bangs on the top of it, drowning out the booing fans. Michael pulls his brother up from the shards of table as he stands in the middle of the ring.

Michael Collins: An afterthought? A feckin’ afterthought? Excuse us, lads, we didn’t want people thinkin’ we were out of this little party yet.

Michael looks around him at the bits and pieces of tables strewn across the ring.

Michael Collins: Aye, CJ and Jared, more tables. I know the charade, been through em before, will be through em again, yadda yadda. I lose track of what you’re saying when yeh start jerkin’ yerselves off.

Michael walks forward, leaving Rowland in the center of the ring.

Michael Collins: I hope ye boys are as accustomed to these tables as yeh say yeh are, because as a’ right now – we Collins boys are uppin’ the ante in this title match. Yeh want ta write us off? That’s fine.

Michael smirks.

Michael Collins: Now write down this little bit: The Collins Boys just made the tag title match an IRISH TABLE DANCE.

Michael looks around at the men lying about, as "Not Without a Purpose" by Street Dogs plays in the arena. Michael drops the microphone, and the boos shower him and his brother as the two roll out of the ring, raising their arms high.


Dave Dymond: Let’s take it backstage, with Eryk Masters!

The camera goes to the back, where Eryk Masters stands with a microphone in hand.

Eryk Masters: I’m here with Cade Sydal.

The fans cheer, as the camera pans out, and Cade Sydal stands next to Eryk with a white t-shirt on, shaking his head slowly.

Eryk Masters: Cade, I’m not sure if you heard moments ago, but Donovan King and Obsidian challenged you to a tag team match at Malice. Now, after the recent weeks, I have to ask you…can you even find a tag team partner?

Just before Cade can respond, Eli Storm rushes into the scene and grabs Cade by his shirt with both hands, and shoves him into the wall hard, holding him in place!

Eli Storm: You know what Eryk, he had a partner. Sydal had some one to watch his back going into Malice. But you know what happened, Masters!?! The man went and kicks the guy in the head. Right in his FUCKING HEAD!!! Now that makes me wonder. Was this all a little set up just so you can get one over the man that always seems to have your number. Was this your way of paying me back for the Iron Fist and World Titles. You can’t do it in the ring one on one so you wait until I had King lined up for the piece of ass kicking that he has been needing. Heh, Was it worth it, Cade…WAS IT FUCKING WORTH IT!!!

Cade shakes his head slowly, his features showing almost no emotion.

Cade Sydal: I don’t expect you to understand this, at all Eli. He broke into her apartment. He shouted at her. He scared her. He took pictures of her. You have no idea how sick it made me. If I wanted to kick you in the face, I would have done it in your gym. You don’t have to believe me, but I’m just as angry about the whole fucking thing as you are. For a different reason, sure. But for all the shit you and I went through, you should know that if I was gonna come at you for myself, I would do it first chance I got, and I wouldn’t wait. Was it worth it? No, but I had NO other options.

Storm just looks at Cade for a moment. The anger still on his face.

Eli Storm: You could of said something. You could of stopped the match. You could have slide me a hint. There is a thousand of things you could of done instead of kicking me in my face. You know what that leads me to believe…that there maybe some closure missing from this thing between you and me. So lets just put everything out there on the table and watch the cards fall where they may. Next week…me and you, one on one, anything goes.

Cade Sydal: Fine. If that’s the way it’s gotta be…

Cade shoves Storm’s hands off of him and steps into Storm’s face now.

Cade Sydal: I’ll see you there.


We cut to what appears to be a backstage office at the Oracle Arena. While it’s clean, pristine even, it also bears the signs of inhabitants: A decimated newspaper, a half eaten row of Rhugela, a speaming half cup of coffee next to a percolator. No one is seen for a moment, but then a large figure walks into the frame. He’s lean, moustached, and impeccably dressed in a white suit with a red dress shirt: One Mr. Kilgore Stochansky. He walks, almost the entire length of the frame, before turning, mock surprised, and looking directly into the camera.

Kilgore: Oh! Why hey. Didnt see you there. But it’s good that you’re here, I needed to speak with you. And I dont mean you specificaly, Intrepid Cameraman. I mean the people: The People of SHOOT Project, the People of this great State…the people of America.

Our man leans against the desk, finally inching up to sit on it. The then crosses his fingers and smiles, his gold canine shining.

Kilgore: I know what most of you might be thinking. In addition to the sigh of relief that is almost audible, even to me, you must also be curious as the where I’ve been all this time. Nothing to crazy, I assure you. A little vacation with my lady, a little time to heal up. And, as fun as that was, I had to come back. I’m not some child of privelige who can afford to not work, after all. But, more importantly…I am needed.

He looks upwards, a sort of sad look in his eyes.

Kilgore: So, I lost my title.

Stochansky then looks to the camera, a smile of resignation on his face.

Kilgore: In losing that belt, I almost lost my Identity. I was the people’s champion…with a belt to prove it, to prove that the love, support, and adulation of you all was indeed the fuel that champions run on. Then, I lost it. And I though I’d lost your support. But oh, how I was wrong.

The sadness drains out of his face, replaced with a brilliant grin, half devilish, half cheshire.

Kilgore: In my time off, I kept up with the goings on. And I saw your faces, fans. I saw the slow drain of your joy, moment to moment, as you watched these…these charlatans. Night after night, as they unfolded their petty dramas and petty concerns, aired them out for you, all the while too blind to see that they were losing you.

Our man holds his arms out, his smile brilliant as ever.

Kilgore: I…I am here to bring you back. Call me a catalyst. A Catalyst for true change. You see, there were very real moments of doubt for me. Moments where I thought, Hey, I lost my title. Obviously, I am not needed any more. But I am needed, truly and desperately. On that fateful Revolution, folks, you lost your champion. But you gained So Much More.

Stochansky crosses his arms, nodding slightly in agreement with himself.

Kilgore: You have gained a better, more refined champion of your cause. I have realized that the title belt…while good for me when I had it, is nothing more than illusory, almost something that could hold me back. I have moved beyond such a petty concern, and moved into shouldering the fate of Your entertainment on my lone shoulders. I have crashed, America, I have burned…and I have emerged from the flames as something entirely new. Entirely better. Entirely stronger.

He stands again, putting his hands in his pockets. His look is of very sincere happiness, a contented air about him.

Kilgore: And…entirely in your debt. Because I am nothing without you, and yet, you are not entirely pleased without me. It’s a relationship, a circular one, and one that I am happy to be a part of. And even in this great organization’s darkest times, times like right now…I remain a source of light and source of goodness to all of you. And I remain the one man who will carry us into a new aeon of excellence. I will always be here, America…for your benefit.

Our man laughs quite hearily as he begins to walk off screen. We cut away…



A steady loud beat of a drum echoes throughout the Oracle Arena, with the fans looking around in confusion.  Eventually with each beat comes a change in the lighting.  The beating of the drum continues and soon the sound of a Gregorian chanting choir is heard, but it is unknown exactly as to what language they are singing.

Dave Dymond: We are just about set for our next match up, and I have a pretty good guess as to who is on their way to the ring…

The SHOOT Project video screen comes to life, with the phrase God of War shown in black lettering highlighted by small flickering red lines.

Other Guy: Was that your guess?

Dave Dymond: That it was.

The screen goes black and immediately after a quick burst of pyros act as the cue for a driving metal guitar rift, added to the drumbeat and the chanting.  Osbourne Kilminster makes his way out to the ring, wearing his black MMA shorts and the most notable piece of his attire, the chain mail coif that merges right into a chain mail sleeveless vest.  The fans begin to boo as Kilminster confidently strides towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be contested under NO DISQUALIFICATION RULES!  Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds… here is Osbourne Kilminster!

Dave Dymond: With every week that passes, we see Osbourne Kilminster become that much more confident in himself, and tonight, well the man’s brimming with arrogance.

Other Guy: Sure as hell beats smiley Ozzy if you ask me, Dave.  I know you don’t like this cat personally for calling you out and shit, but the man is getting it done inside the ring.

Dave Dymond; Lately the only thing he’s been doing, though, is causing problems backstage and assault Trevor Worrens when he least expects it.

Other Guy: This is war time.  And the God of War ain’t showing mercy, not tonight, and with Worrens, not ever.

Kilminster reaches the ring and walks up the steel steps, pausing momentarily with each of the three steps he takes.  As he stands on the edge of the ring he removes his chain mail coif/vest and hands it off to an outside ring crew member on hand.  Kilminster then steps into the ring.  He strides about the ring as well now, but comes to stop in the corner when his music starts to fade out.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has not been in a match up for the past several weeks, BUT before then, he was quickly disposing of any and all competitors placed before him.  And now with this match officially being made no disqualification, well Kilminster may have just bullied Worrens into a very tough spot.

Kilminster stretches out in the ring, but turns his focus to the entryway the second “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play.  The SHOOT Video screen comes to life showing an art house montage of Trevor Worrens, all from various angles… but then a fast zoom goes to the eyes of Worrens, and inside the irises you see clips of Worrens in action.

Samantha Coil: and his opponent,  weighing in tonight at 233 pounds… Trevor Worrens!

Kilminster steps out of the corner and makes his way more towards center. He drops into a lower stance, waiting for Worrens to come out to the ring.  However the fans start to buzz as Worrens JUMPS the guard railing from behind and quickly slides into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Worrens using Kilminster’s own tactics against him!

Before Kilminster can turn around, Worrens charges up behind him and quickly drops him down with a bulldog!  Worrens keeps the momentum and runs at the ropes just as referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell.  Kilminster is back up to his feet, but Worrens with a LEAPING clothesline from the second rope!

Other Guy: Damn, Worrens on fire as we kick this personal battle off.

Dave Dymond: Well Kilminster has vowed to destroy Worrens tonight… if someone wanted to destroy you, how would you react?

Other Guy: Same damn way, Dave. I’d take somebody OUT!

The fans actually get behind Worrens as he now has Kilminster on his back, working alternating palm jabs to the face.  Kilminster absorbs the blows, however, and eventually shoves Worrens off to the side. Worrens recovers as Kilminster comes in, looking for a leg take down, but Worrens gets the knee up first and counters by cracking Kilminster just under his chin! Kilminster staggers back from the well placed knee shot, and Worrens comes at him with more palm jabs, catching him in the chest and the face.  Kilminster continues to stagger and now Worrens, looks to whip Kilminster into the ropes, but suddenly pulls him back, goes for a knee to the gut… but Kilminster reacts, lifting up under Worrens’s knee and suddenly turns him… and then just THROWS him down onto the mat!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster now finally trying to settle this whirlwind of attacks from Worrens, and with Kilminster once he sets the pace, its hard to get him off his mark.

Other Guy: The guy is a fighter through and through, makes him a tough son of a bitch to take down.

Dave Dymond: Worrens got the better of him last week in the end though, but as Kilminster works those stiff mounted punches, I can only wonder if by putting Kilminster to sleep like Worrens did, if that just hasn’t added more fuel to the fire.

Kilminster continues to work the mounted offense, and every time Worrens tries to bring his arm up, Kilminster just swats the arm away and delivers another square punch to the head, or a well placed elbow strike to the shoulder to immobilize the arm.  Kilminster does not go for a pin, however, and suddenly lifts Worrens up off the mat and sends him hard into the corner.  Kilminster runs after him as Worrens hits sternum first and Kilminster just DRIVES a low shoulder right into the small of Worrens’s back!  Worrens arches his body forward in pain and Kilminster winds up and just KICKS Worrens in the back of the legs, causing him to fall backwards, his body whipping quickly down onto the mat.

Kilminster, without hesitation then just STOMPS down on Worrens’s left knee! The fans boo, but Kilminster doesn’t react to them, he keeps complete focus on Worrens as he just STOMPS down again!  Worrens shouts out in a great deal of pain and rolls away to the outside now.  Referee Dennis Heflin starts the count out…


But Kilminster stays right on top of the match, going after Worrens who is now down on the floor, one knee, trying to work his way up to his feet.  Kilminster comes from behind, when Worrens suddenly steps to the side quickly and catches Kilminster with a drop toe hold… FACE FIRST ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!

Dave Dymond: That’s one way to turn a match around, make use of the surrounding environment!

Some of the fans pop as Kilminster clutches at his face now and Worrens lifts Kilminster’s body part way up, only to SLAM him face first again into the top of the steps.  The referee shouts for both men to bring it back into the ring, and Worrens pushes Kilminster back in under the bottom rope and then comes in after with a quick cover.



Other Guy: Kilminster shouldered out on that one, but you can tell the mentality difference. Worrens wants this one to end quickly, and Kilminster is damn confident that he’s gonna win this match, that he’s trying to put Worrens through as much as physically possible.

Dave Dymond: For Kilminster this is for whatever reason, a personal matter. For Worrens, he is trying to push past Kilminster and move back to where he feels he belongs, and that’s fighting for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Worrens has Kilminster up in a front facing head lock, and he wrenches at the neck, fires a knee with his right leg, and then drops down to them at quickly, kicking his legs out behind him as well so both men are flat on their stomachs.  Kilminster fights against the wrenching headlock and pushes his feet into the mat to try to push his momentum forward into Worrens.  It works and despite struggling against Kilminster, Worrens is pushed up to a semi-standing position and then Kilminster DRIVES his shoulder into Worrens’s gut.   Worrens loses hold of the headlock, and Kilminster just KICKS his foot out right into Worrens’s left knee!  Worrens is quickly down to one knee again and Kilminster just kicks Worrens in the chest to drop him to his back, and then Kilminster hooks the left leg….

Other Guy: Kilminster has found his target, and that’s not a good thing if your name is Trevor Worrens.

And TURNS Worrens over with a half Boston crab submission!  Worrens’s face shows that he’s in a great deal of pain, but he refuses to give up, despite Dennis Heflin asking if he does.  Worrens struggles, trying to get to the ropes… trying to fight past the pain.  Kilminster keeps the hold locked in to perfection however, making it difficult for Worrens to turn things around.  The fans start to rally behind Worrens, and he does feed off the energy a bit as he crawls a bit more towards the ropes… inching his way there… until finally Worrens gets the ropes, but the referee does nothing.  The referee just shakes his head and signals for the match to keep going!

Dave Dymond: The pain has probably gotten to Worrens, he’s clinging to the bottom rope, but there is no rope break, this is NO disqualification!

The fans begin to boo loudly now as Kilminster keeps the hold locked on, and Worrens just SCREAMS out in pain, tugging on the rope… and then he reaches up to the second rope… both hands… and he JUST manages to turn his body and throw Kilminster off his footing!  Worrens lands on his back and Kilminster comes right at him, only for Worrens to kick out his right leg.  Kilminster is caught in the gut and now Worrens turns his body, working on pulling himself up to his feet.  Kilminster comes right back and Worrens kicks his right foot out again, catching Kilminster a second time in the gut… then from there, Worrens DROPS Kilminster with a swift DDT!

Kilminster is pushed over onto his back, Worrens drapes over him for the cover.  The fans cheer.



Kilminster rolls out, shoves Worrens through the pin and turns it into a pin of his own!  Heflin stays down to count in favor of Kilminster…




Dave Dymond: Kilminster just broke the pin on his own!

Other Guy: The crowd ain’t happy bout that.

Dave Dymond: No and why should they be. Osbourne Kilminster is taking this to an extreme tonight, and for what reason?  Because Worrens had something that Kilminster wanted?  That’s jealousy if you ask me.

Kilminster pulls Worrens up by his hair now, then once up to his full vertical base, Kilminster lifts Worrens up by the left knee… only to bring him right back down with a knee-breaker!  Worrens bounces off of Kilminster’s thigh and drops down onto the mat, clutching his left leg in pain while rocking back and forth.  Kilminster never lets up and he’s there to bring Worrens up again, taunting him now as he backs away, watching as Worrens can barely stand on his left leg.

Osbourne Kilminster: Stand on your own two feet like a man, Worrens! C’MON!

Kilminster CHARGES in at Worrens, but Worrens responds, wrapping around Kilminster’s body with an extended arm and suddenly locking on a standing sleeper hold!  Kilminster begins to flail his body immediately as the fans come to life!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster put to sleep last week by Worrens’s signature arm-hook sleeper, the BBR, and now he’s going to try to put Kilminster to sleep again!

Kilminster continues to fight, and eventually whips his body so fast that Worrens loses his hold and a bit of his balance.  Kilminster, frustrated, charges recklessly at Worrens, and Worrens fires a right knee strike to Kilminster’s leg.  He foregoes the second knee strike, and lands a palm thrust to Kilminster’s chest, then another!  Kilminster is staggering from the quick blows and Worrens winds up… CRUSHING Kilminster in the side of the face with another stiff palm thrust!  This spins Kilminster around and Worrens CLOTHESLINES Kilminster in the back of the head!

The fans pop as Kilminster drops to the mat, and Worrens now, despite hurting and relying on one good leg, makes the cover on Kilminster.  The referee makes the count.




Other Guy: As they say, no dice, Dave.  Kilminster still in this thing.

Dave Dymond: In a battle of quick strikes and take downs, Kilminster certainly has the advantage both in offense, and being able to stay strong.  The man has taken a lot of punishment in his fights over the years, and that’s where his experience will trump a younger guy like Trevor Worrens.

The fans let out a collective groan of disappointment, and the look on Worrens’s face tells it all.  He’s frustrated, but also looks to be concerned, maybe even scared.  Worrens rises to his feet, shaking his head, and then he starts to the outside. The fans buzz as Worrens flips up the ring apron now… grabbing a steel chair out from under the ring! The fans erupt with cheers, but Worrens seems hesitant.  Inside the ring, Kilminster begins to stir, and Worrens sees this, so he slides into the ring, steel chair in hand!

Dave Dymond: I think Worrens wants this to end now, no scratch that, it’s CLEAR as day that Worrens wants to end this match, and he’s got that chair as sort of a great equalizer.

Other Guy: It’s no disqualification, but if this goes down, Kilminster has got the right to say Worrens can’t beat him on his own.  And if it’s a matter of pride here… Worrens gets sucked right back into this nightmare.

The fans continue to cheer as Worrens stands there, gripping the chair in his hands while waiting for Kilminster to get up all the way to his feet.  The referee gets out of the way, and just watches… the fans watch… everyone watches as Worrens grips the chair tighter.  Kilminster is up to his feet…

The point of no return as Worrens SWINGS WILDLY with the chair!


The chair flies out of Worrens’s hands as he falls to the mat.

Other Guy: Worrens is down!

Dave Dymond: The chair shot does not come into play, and Kilminster capitalizes on that!

Kilminster immediately bends over, grabs the left foot and ankle of Worrens and just TWISTS!  With the ankle lock applied, Kilminster wrenches the foot that much more, twisting Worrens’s leg a bit as well, forcing a GREAT DEAL of pressure to the knee.  Worrens screams out, flailing his arms, but not tapping.  The referee checks on the situation, but again Worrens does not tap out, instead he starts crawling with his arms and hands, once again trying to get to the ropes for leverage.

Other Guy: If Worrens can’t get to the ropes… this one is as good as over.

Dave Dymond: I have to agree with you on that one, Other Guy.  Kilminster has targeted that left leg the entire match up.  He knew EXACTLY what he was going to do the second that bell rang, and he’s doing it.

Other Guy: Yeah but on the flip side, Worrens fighting it out, he’s gettin’ to the ropes, Dave… gotta tip my hat to Worrens for that… he’s not giving up.

Kilminster gets visibly frustrated as Worrens works his way to the ropes, looking again to use them as leverage to get out of the hold.  However, just as Worrens lifts his body up to the second rope… Kilminster SHOVES him forward, and Worrens SPILLS to the outside… DANGLING upside down with Kilminster STILL having the ankle lock locked in!  The energy of the fans drops instantly as now a buzz of concern fills the Oracle Arena.  Worrens sways his body around but has no momentum to move back into the ring, and the rope cuts up into his left leg!   Kilminster keeps his stance as Worrens flails, completely on the outside, with no where to move or go!

Dave Dymond: God damnit!  This is a blatant exploitation! Kilminster has the full use of the ropes and Worrens at his complete mercy.


Osbourne Kilminster: Tap out! C’mon, Trevor.  TAP OUT!

Referee Dennis Heflin starts the ring out count, and Kilminster is only focused on Worrens, continually shouting at him to tap out.





Dave Dymond: There is no rope break, but Heflin ruling that Worrens is completely outside the ring, and maybe in an act of mercy on his own part, is counting Worrens out!


Osbourne Kilminster: TAP WORRENS!  C’MON AND TAP OUT!



Worrens stops moving all together, the blood having rushed to his head, the pain having taken its toll. Still Kilminster wrenches at the leg, consumed by the thought of making Worrens tap.




Dennis Heflin: That’s it! Let go!

The bell sounds as the referee shouts at Kilminster.  Kilminster snaps his head in the referee’s direction, somewhat confused and frustrated…

Samantha Coil: Your winner by count out… Osbourne Kilminster!

Kilminster just lets go of Worrens’s leg, letting him drop to the floor, and he turns to Dennis Heflin with frustration.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster wanted to make Worrens tap, but the count out decision made and that is NOT sitting well with him.

Other Guy: That’s where this guy steps over the line for me, Dave. Kilminster got the victory, he’s done the damage, he put Worrens through a lot of pain. To me, this thing is settled.  Kilminster took out Worrens… see ya… goodnight.

Kilminster continues to argue with the referee but Heflin eventually shouts for Kilminster to just go.  The steady drum, the Gregorian chanting, and the metal guitar rift plays once again and eventually Kilminster leaves the ring, pausing as he looks to Worrens who is completely out of it.  Kilminster raises his arms in victory, with Worrens the fallen victim at his feet.  From there, Kilminster continues his exit, and the focus shifts from ringside all together, allowing for medical to work on getting Worrens to the back.


The oh-too-familiar opening riff to Alice in Chains’ "Grind" begin to play, as the old-school SHOOT Project fans know who’s coming out next. And once the Hall of Famer steps through the entrance, the crowd cheers… his fans cheer even louder. He’s dressed in a light blue buttoned-up shirt, sleeves rolled up to about two inches away from the elbows, with dark blue Boot Cut jeans and brown/black Euro-casual looking shoes. With the mic in his back pocket, he begins to slap the hands of the fans down the aisle.

Other Guy: It looks like Chris has something to say this week… he sure didn’t have anything to say last time when he blindsided Kaz Sato.

Dave Dymond: Payback’s a bitch, OG. Chris wasn’t expecting Kaz to attack him those weeks ago, so might as well pay back the favor.

Other Guy: I thought Chris was more "civil" than that… always doing the right thing… fighting face-to-face… I didn’t see any of THAT last week.

Chris finally reaches the ring stairs as he steps onto the ring apron and goes in between the top and middle rope. "Grind" dies out as Chris stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for the crowd to die down just enough so he can speak.

Chris Lee: As much as I’d like to bask in your cheers and applause, I’m only hear for business tonight. You see, someone just HAD to have gone and call me out of my "semi-retirement." I was happy being the second to Jun and Benjamin… I was happy training them, being behind-the-scenes… I was happy doing my own thing with my family… and helping out people with therapy with my wife and I in our own practice.

But you see, Kaz Sato had the most insane thought of fucking blindsiding me and giving me a concussion.

That was my bad.

I shouldn’t have turned my back on him, and I would have let it go with just an "up-and-comer" trying to make a name for himself. Shit happens in this business like that.

Oh sure, I would have wrestled him, but at least I would have kept it civil. But he decided to pull a fuckin’ Ron Barker and make it WAAAAAY too personal than it should have been.

Oh no, he wanted me to come back and fight him. And he pushed the right buttons until I bloodied him up last week and gave him my answer.

Kaz Sato, do you know how much restraint I showed last week? Do you know how much I wanted to bust every fucking blood vessel in your head by just WHACKING and WHACKING you with the chair upside your head? Or see how much of your skin I can grate off by using that microphone?

NO ONE threatens my family, Sato. I don’t care if it’s a part of your so-called mind games… no one throws a fucking threat in vain, and get away with it. You wanna play… or rather, bluff… the family card, Sato? You think it’s fun and games? Heh… well, bitch, you’re finally going to get what you want.

Because that’s why I held back last week… that’s why I decided to save you for this match that you want… because you want me in a match SOOO bad, I’ll give you your fucking match. And you wanna see why I’m a Hall of Famer… why I’m a former SHOOT Project Champion… why I’m a Master of the Mat… why I’m three-time Rule of Surrender Champion?

You wanna know the stipulation, Kaz? Submission match, you fucking douche. I’m going to make you fucking TAP… just like in the "old days." But you know what… I know you’re back there… I’m surprised you even let me get a word in, since you like to fucking talk… let’s NOT wait for the next pay-per-view… I want to make you tap NOW.

"Whoa, there lil’ doggie"

Lee looks up at the entrance ramp and out walks Kaz Sato.

Sato: You know for a second there, Chris…it looks like you’ve finally grew a pair. I mean last week, you shocked me. You really shocked me. Not because you attacked me…no, because I actually expected that. What shocked me is that you had your chance. You stood on the edge of revenge and could of ended it all. But true to form, you couldn’t get the job done. But that’s the story of your career, right? That’s why you play second to Jun and Biggs, because you don’t have what it takes to go all the way.

Sato starts to make his way down the rampway.

Sato: So I guess this is you trying to prove that you still have a little fire left. But you know what I think? I think you are backed into a corner. I think that you had no choice. I think in the back of your mine, you know that I’m right. You know that you lack what it takes to get the job done anymore. I’m right, yet and still you want to prove me wrong. You want to answer my challenge and meet me in a Submissions Match. Well then.

Sato climbs into the ring and gets face to face with Lee.

Sato: Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly…

Suddenly Lee swings at Sato, but Sato is able to counter the punch into a brutal looking jumping Arm Breaker. Lee hits the ground and tries to roll away to get some breathing room, but Kaz is on top of him with lefts and rights. Lee is barely blocking the punches. Sato cocks back to start raining down elbows, when Lee uses this brief pause to fire a thumb into Sato’s eye.

Other Guy: Looks like these two can’t wait until the PPV.

Sato rolls off of Lee and out of the ring. Lee is inside of the ring, shaking his arm , trying to get feeling back into it. He spots Kaz on the outside trying to regain vision in his eye. Lee runs into the ropes on the far side and comes bouncing off. Lee then hops over the top rope and goes flying into Sato. But Sato quickly turns around and catches Lee in a bear hug. Sato goes to nail a Belly to Belly, but Lee swings himself back and nails a vicious DDT.

Dave Dymond: Chris Lee with a display on why he is a Hall of Famer, people.

Lee grabs Sato and throws him into the guard railing. Lee goes for a clothesline and Sato quickly Back Body drops him up and over the railing. Lee hits the concrete hard as Kaz staggers off the railing. Kaz shakes his head trying to get his focus back. As Kaz turns towards where he dumped Lee at, Chris comes flying off the railing and takes Kaz down with a cross body. Lee rolls though and pulls himself up by the ring apron. But before he can attack the downed Sato, Security rushes down and gets into front of him. Chris rushes in, trying to get past the guards, but they aren’t having it.

Dave Dymond: It looks like Lee won’t be able to finish this little talk with Kaz.

Other Guy: I don’t think Kaz is done though.

As the guards are focused on Lee, Sato climbs the ring apron and jumps off it onto the group of guards and Lee. The two start to trade punches again. The guards finally regain control as the cameras quickly switches up to the announcer booth.


Navigating the halls backstage, “THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson, in his wrestling gear (black trunks, black wrestling shoes, white tape on his knuckles) finds himself outside a locker room labeled “SHOOT Project OFFICIALS.”

It’s the referee area, and normally wrestlers weren’t really supposed to be over here;  at least not while the cameras are running.  Jonny, however, moments away from his match with Arion Catcher, hardly seems in the mood for “rules” as he approaches the door with a firm, decisive KNOCK.

Senior official SCOTT KAMURA is the man out of the door, and he sees Jonny and then he sees the wandering cameraman and looks to Jonny with a stern gaze.

Scott Kamura: Jonny, you know better, man.

Kamura angles himself away from the camera, making this a somewhat awkward looking segment on television.

The DEFILER: I need to talk to Willie, Scott.

Kamura sighs.

Scott Kamura: That’s not how it works, Jonny.  No harassing the refs.  Just get out of here before I have to log an official complaint and YOU have to forfeit your match with Arion Catcher.

Jonny moves a step closer.

The DEFILER: Scott… (Losing his patience) I need to talk to WILLIE, PLEASE!

Kamura doesn’t back down and moves a step out from the locker room, though still keeping the door propped open with his foot.

Scott Kamura: I’m serious, man.  C’mon.  No need for…

Willie Dean: Scott, what’s wrong, man?

Willie Dean actually comes to check up on Kamura and Jonny’s mouth can’t help but curl into a satisified smirk.

Scott Kamura: (Turning back toward the approaching Willie Dean) Willie, I need you to stay…

Dean sees the DEFILER and actually comes outside, going passed Kamura.

Willie Dean: Something you need?

Jonny points at Dean.

The DEFILER: Yeah.  I need YOU to make up for last week or it’s the last contest you’re going to officiate here or ANYWHERE.  I’ll see to that.  I WILL SUE YOU, WILLIE DEAN!

Kamura now completely comes out from the door and makes sure to stand in between his official and Jonny.  Dean seems maybe a little miffed by the situation but not enough to send him into a retreat.

Scott Kamura: That’s crap, Jonny.  I don’t care what OG said on the air about the decision being unjust, or even the idea that there was another call to make, but there is no rule that states a worker has to be “of consciousness” during a pin fall attempt.  We have reviewed the tape for discrepancies, and I found no FAULT with Willie’s decision.

Jonny scowls.

The DEFILER: Well, my LAYWER says otherwise!  LAWYER! (Looking back to Dean) Do the right thing tonight!  For the kid’s sake!  Do you understand me, Willie?

Kamura’s outstretched arms keep Willie Dean at bay.

Scott Kamura: He will call the contest as ALL SHOOT Project officials are trained and instructed to do;  With fair intentions and an unbiassed eye.

Jonny continues to glower in Dean’s direction.


Jonny shifts his attention to Kamura, lowering his tone.

The DEFILER: If I lose, Kamura…

Kamura interrupts.

Scott Kamura: It’ll be because Arion Catcher BEATS you.

Willie Dean: I got call, Scott.

Kamura nods and lets Willie Dean pass through. 

Jonny stares him down the entire time, but makes no formal move or attack before he disappears down one of the many corridors.  Jonny then looks back to Kamura who is quite clearly DONE with this conversation.

Jonny, however, is not.

The DEFILER: (to Kamura) I won’t allow myself to be a victim of shitty officiating.  (Glaring)  We on the same page?  I’m serious.  I’m a SHOOT Project HALL OF FAMER, Scott.  I AM THE DESTINED LEADER, the TRUE number one contender to the World Title.

He pauses, his eyes locked on Kamura.

The DEFILER: I’m not going to have a WRESTLING referee fuck that up for me.

Kamura doesn’t bother saying another word.  He calmly turns around and heads back inside the referee locker-room.

The door shuts and Jonny looks on.

"Ensuring a VICTORY this time…?"

Jonny jumps up a bit, clearly startled by the sudden, unexpected nature of this particular greeting.  He sighs and turns, familiar with this particular tone.

The DEFILER: Could you PLEASE not do that! 

In-frame, now, are JONNY JOHNSON and SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ROLAND CALDWELL.  Caldwell looms over Jonny, almost a good foot taller than the Defiler, though you’d never really pay attention to the size difference.  There is something about Jonny’s demeanor that makes him appear impervious to physical inequalities.

Roland rubs his neck and coughs painfully.

Roland: You a little paranoid, Jonny? You have a title shot coming your way. What could you possible be scared of?

Rolling his eyes, Jonny shakes his head,

The DEFILER: Okay.  First of all… that’s not paranoia.  That’s called, YOU coming out of a fucking corner and scaring the FUCK out of me.   Second of all… if ANYONE is going to be paranoid… (Smirking a bit) It should be you… (looking at the title draped over Jonny’s shoulder) CHAMP.

Jonny’s tone is snarky as usual, and Roland Caldwell smiles that smile.

Roland: Oh Jonny, such a way with words. What I find puzzling is why you haven’t been hunting me down? What is it? Hoping someone else will take the title from me? Hoping Dan Stein will? I mean, you and Dan Stein ARE pretty similar…

Roland looks Jonny up and down.

Roland: Similar size. If you put Dan Stein in a Hello Kitty outfit instead of Top Gun I do believe I wouldn’t be able to tell you apart.

The Dan Stein comments do not sit well with Jonny whose smile suddenly dissipates.

The DEFILER: I have inside information, Roland.  I’ve HAD inside information for a WHILE, so let’s just say I’ve been…  WEIGHING my options, okay?  (Pausing for a minute) My plan… THE PLAN is for JONNY JOHNSON to be WORLD CHAMPION, and after Jason makes his announcement tonight… well…  there might not be a reason to worry about Roland Caldwell.

Jonny’s blue eyes gaze curiously at the World Champion.

The DEFILER: (Tilting his head a bit) Does that, ummm…  does that make sense?

His smarmy grin slowly returns.

The DEFILER: Now if you don’t mind, I have a young life to ruin.

Jonny gives a modest bow and flashes a peace sign.

The DEFILER: Good luck not being another Transition Champ, Roland.  (Moving to Roland’s left, and stopping for a quick second) And if you manage to do that…  Keep my title warm, all right?

Roland rubs the welt on his neck as Jonny Johnson saunters away.

Roland calls after him.

Roland: Have a wonderful day, Jonny. Can’t wait to do this again.

Roland looks at the Original SHOOT Project World Championship, rubbing the metal face ever so softly




We return to ringside, where the shot pass across the crowd.  SHOOT Project fans hold their signs up and shout loudly when they catch the camera’s eye, eagerly awaiting the evening’s next contest.

Dave Dymond: Another exciting night slowly coming to a conclusion.  We still have not heard from Jason Johnson, but obviously we’ll keep you posted as the night goes on.  For now, though, we have a NON-TITLE affair between the Revolution Champion, Arion Catcher and The DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

The shot cuts to Dave and OG at their table.

Dave Dymond: (Looking to his partner) OG, I hate to say it, but I honestly feel that Arion’s outmatched in this one.  The kid is young and, man, is he SOLID, but we’re talking about a virtual ROOKIE having to step up and go one on one with arguably the most calculating, callous mind in professional wrestling today.

Other Guy gives a little shrug and shake of the head.

Other Guy: Yeah, Dave, I mean, you mostly nailed it.  Catcher aint see anyone like Jonny, and when he did, it was at the Redemption Rumble where the Defiler, well, I hate to say it…  ate him the hell up, Double D.

Dymond nods his head and looks forward towardOther Guy: the camera.

Dave Dymond: This could be a DISASTROUS night for the new Revolution Champion, but matches are not decided on paper.  That’s why we do this thing every Sunday night!  We’ll see what happens!

The shot cuts to ringside where Samantha Coil begins speaking.  At the same moment, “All Apologies” by Nirvana begins to play.

Samantha Coil: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty-five minute, television time limit and will not count as a TITLE defense.

The angsty chords of Nirvana’s hypnotizing melody blare through the arena.

“What else should I be

All apologies”

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, Weighing in at ONE-HUNDRED, SIXTY-FIVE pounds and hailing from Long Island, New York…  He is the SHOOT Project, REVOLUTION CHAMPION, ARION CATCHER!!!

The curtains rustle and Catcher, shirtless, with black sweat pants (a red lightning bolt down each side) steps out, belt over his shoulder, focus in his eyes.  He moves with confidence down the aisle, and, though acknowledging a few cheering fans, seems intent on reaching the ring and getting this bout started.

“What else could I say

Everyone is gay”

Dave Dymond: The new Revolution champion receiving a very nice reaction from our fans, and justly so.  This kid has been busting his butt off the last couple months now and deserves the respect he’s been given.

“What else could I write

I don’t have the right”

Other Guy: That bein’ said, man, you kinda get the feeling that this is a funeral march.  Like these fans are feelin’ sorry for Catcher.

Catcher slides into the ring and acknowledges referee Willie Dean before hanging his title down to one of the attendants.

Dave Dymond: Catcher certainly not asking for that sympathy.  I spoke with him earlier in the evening and he feels he can win this contest.  He’s aware of the perceptions fans might have of this match, or even of him, but he prepared, and he’s extremely confident.

“What else should I be

All Apologies”

“All Apologies” by Nirvana fades out, and the fans start getting restless during the pause between the two introductions.

Arion waits patiently.

LIGHTS OUT!  The Oracle Arena is shrouded in shadows!


The crowd gets VERY, VERY, VERY LOUD!


A STREAM of pyrotechnics FLARE UP during the opening chords of Modest Mouse’s, “Float On”.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent!  He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED, TWENTY-SEVEN pounds and comes from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS…  This is, THE DEFILER…  JONNY JOHNSON!!!

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay

I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay”

Lazy pink laser lights circle the arena in trippy fashion.

“And we’ll all float on, okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.”

“And we’ll all float on anyway…”

PYRO TECHNIC EXPLOSION and The DEFILER steps through the curtains!

“WELL, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam!

It was worth it just to learn some slight of hand.”

With a cunning smirk planted on his face, he casts an icy stare toward Arion Catcher and moves to the ring with conviction.  He ignores the fans as he heads down the aisle, and stops walking when he gets to the steal steps.  A few fans reach over the guard-railing and slap him on the back, drawing his attention briefly.

The DEFILER: Don’t fucking do that.  Cool?

Jonny rolls his eyes and the fans, obviously, give him shit.  He doesn’t care, though, which is evidenced by his confident stride up the steps and on to the apron.  Arion takes one or two steps forward, and Jonny stops, looking at Dean and gesturing for him to make Arion back off.  Dean does actually turn back toward Catcher and backs him up a step or two.

Satisified with Catcher’s distance, Jonny ducks into the ring and looks to the turnbuckle, considering a pose, but then sort of laughs the idea off.  He removes a white T-shirt that reads, “Arion Catcher is Gay” in black sharpie, and throws it off to the side, unconcerned with where it lands or if anyone gets it.

“Float on” by Modest Mouse fades out, and Willie Dean briefly checks Jonny in. 

The lights come back on.

Arion Catcher bounces up and down a bit, adrenaline pumping.

Dave Dymond: A sort of big match feel to this, our second to last contest of the evening, but you’ll seemingly get that any time Jonny steps into the ring…  No exception tonight.  And what do you make of the reactions Jonny has been getting?

Other Guy: I don’t pay attention that kinda thing, Dave.  He has his fans, and he has people who hate him…  I think the people that love the dude probably do because of how easy he is to hate, and some folks are like that but who knows.  They’re all passionate, though, and that’s what Jonny does.  Love him, hate him…  Ya know, I don’t think the cat much gives a damn.

Jonny arrogantly waves Dean away, his eyes on Catcher.  Dean seems annoyed, but doesn’t say anything.  Instead, he just looks to Mark Kendrick and calls for the match to start.


Catcher wastes no time and moves in aggressively.  Jonny, though, reaches out his hand and Arion stops.

Dave Dymond: Jonny wants to shake hands?

Other Guy: C’mon, Catch be smart.

Jonny holds out his right hand, and Catcher looks for a second before smirking.

But that second is all it took!

Jonny SLAPS CATCHER IN THE FACE with his opposite hand!  (“OOOOOOOH!”)  Catcher instinctively turns on the blow and holds at his face!  Jonny quickly executes a short drop kick to the side of Catcher’s right knee, which easily sends the kid to the mat!


Dave Dymond: Jonny taking the initial advantage with some shady sportsmanship to start the match, but he is in control and that’s probably all he cares about.

Jonny pounces on Catcher an applies a side-head-lock to keep the kid grounded for an extra second.  He applies a little extra pressure as he WRENCHES DOWN and then starts to bring him up.

Dave Dymond: Jonny to a vertical base now, a standing side-head-lock, Arion in bad shape to start this match off.

Jonny quickly spins and turns the hold into a FRONT face-lock!  He cinches in and pulls up a bit, applying quick pressure before LIFTING A KNEE RIGHT INTO ARION’S FACE!      The attack gives Arion room to escape as Jonny loses his grip for a moment, but the Revolution Champion is in no frame of mind to counter out.  Jonny is easily able to reapply the standing, front-face-lock and quickly turns it into a snap suplex!  Arion hits the mat HARD and Jonny floats over to his feet!  As Arion pops up and grabs at his lower back, Jonny CHARGES FORWARD AND CATCHES THE KID IN THE FACE WITH ANOTHER KNEE!

Dave Dymond: Just a VICIOUS attack!  And Arion is getting PUMMELED

Other Guy: This is where Arion did not want to be, dude.  If Jonny gets into any kind of rhythm, the cat is damn near impossible to beat.  And right now…  Shit, Jonny is in that kind of groove.

Reveling in his early success, Jonny slows the pace a bit, watching Arion writhe in pain.  The Revolution Champ tries to push himself back up, but before he can, Jonny just TEES OFF WITH A SOCCER STYLE KICK TO THE SHOULDER BLADES!


Arion Catcher: AHHH!

Arion screams out in pain and falls back to his side and then stomach as he rolls around.  Jonny reaches down and grabs a handful of Arion’s spiky hair and pulls him up to his feet.  He then pulls his head up and makes Arion look at him.

The DEFILER: Hi.  I’m Jonny Johnson you piece of SHIT!

Jonny SLAPS Catcher again, whose nose is bleeding from the knee shot he took moments ago.  Jonny then SLAMS a kick into Arion’s midsection with his left leg.  Catcher hunches over . Jonny goes with his momentum and spins around, his back to his opponent, and in one fell swoop, lifts his RIGHT LEG and DRILLS Arion in the chest with a BLIND MULE KICK!

Catcher collapses to the mat.


Dave Dymond: This does not look good, Arion Catcher.

Other Guy: I feel bad for the kid, but ya just had that feeling all week that maybe he didn’t quite understand what he was in store for.  He went in with a lot of raw emotion, but that’s the shit Jonny prays on, and Catcher is payin’ for it.

Jonny continues his ruthless agenda and immediately starts to hoist Catcher back up!  It’s a little harder for him this time, but he eventually makes it happen.  With Catcher to his feet Jonny HURLS HIM at the corner!  Catcher hits the turnbuckles HARD and spills out to his knees!  Jonny slaps his knee and then CHARGES CATCHER!


“YEAAAAAH!!” The fans POP loudly for the sudden counter!

Dave Dymond: Catcher with the quick counter, but he needs to act quickly!

Other Guy: He’s got an opening!

Catcher rolls away toward the center of the ring, but Jonny is up pretty fast, having not taken a great deal of damage.  Jonny turns and moves after Catcher!  Arion springs forward and lands a desperation strike to Jonny’s midsection!  Jonny is stunned momentarily!  Catcher fights through the pain and barrel rolls across Jonny’s outstretched back!  Catcher runs toward the ropes and jumps to the second one!  He springboards off with a turning KICK ATTEMPT, but Jonny steps forward and ducks beneath!  Catcher is able to land on his feet and turns quickly!  Jonny turns as well!  Catcher attempts a high karate kick!  But Jonny DUCKS AGAIN and counters with a single leg take down on Catcher’s vulnerable leg!

Dave Dymond: Jonny avoids two shots in a row!  Catcher not able to get a break here!

Catcher is on the mat and Jonny tries to grab both legs for a possible submission attempt or maybe a pin fall.  At any rate, Catcher KICKS Jonny away!  The Defiler falls a few steps back!  Catcher pushes himself to his feet!  Jonny comes in and Catcher gets him with a double leg take down!  He flips himself forward like maybe attempting a bridge attempt, but doesn’t hold on and instead lets go of Jonny and charges at the ring ropes!  Catcher springboards with a MOONSAULT ATTEMPT!

Jonny side-steps nonchalantly but Catcher again lands on his feet!  Jonny charges with a clothesline, hoping to catch Arion off balance!  But the Revolution Champion DUCKS!  Jonny stops his motion and tries to recover quickly!  He turns, but ARION DRILLS HIM WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!

Jonny goes down to the mat!



Other Guy: He stays with it, man.  GREAT series from Arion.

Jonny gets to his feet and Catcher knows he has to act quickly!  Catcher leaps and catches Jonny with a PERFECT drop kick to the face!

Dave Dymond: Catcher trying to bide for some time!  He looks a little lost right now…  maybe not sure what to do next!  Jonny won’t stay down for any length of time!

Jonny is up again and Catcher charges!  Jonny lowers his shoulders and tries to use Arion’s momentum against him and flip him over!  But Arion gathers control of his body and is able to actually counter with a SUNSET FLIP!  He grabs at Jonny’s legs and pulls him down!

Dean slides in for the count!


Jonny flips himself backward and breaks the fall!  Catcher tucks his head in and wriggles off to the side, trying to avoid any kind of quick counter strike to the face.  However, Jonny sees a vulnerability in Arion’s positioning and comes in from the side with a SWINGING NECK-BREAKER attempt!  Arion spins with him, though and ends up behind the Defiler!  Arion hooks Jonny from behind and hoists him into the air, landing a PERFECT belly-to-back, side suplex!  Arion latches on to Jonny’s legs and keeps him down for a pin attempt!

Dave Dymond: Arion still hanging in there!  Another pin fall!



Arion, giving up some size to his opponent, loses his grip and Jonny is up at one and a half!  Both men to their feet!  Jonny charges with a CLOTHESLINE!  Arion can’t recover and gets DRILLED!

Jonny hooks the leg!



Arion kicks out at two!  But Jonny is up and STOMPS DOWN RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE OF ARION CATCHER!!!


Dave Dymond: OH GOD!

Other Guy: DAMN!

Jonny is clearly frustrated.

The DEFILER: FUCK!  (Catching his breath and then looking to referee Willie Dean) Would you watch him, PLEASE!  He’s got the tights and then my fucking hair!  DO YOUR FUCKING JOB, WILLIE!

The fans BOOOOOO loudly at Jonny’s outburst, but the Defiler ignores the criticism.  And goes in for a cover.

Jonny hooks the leg.


Dean drops down!




The fans cheer VERY LOUDLY, solidly getting behind the Revolution Champ.

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher is out at TWO and Five Sixths, OG!

Other Guy: Kid is hangin’ Dave.

Jonny SLAPS THE MAT IN FRUSTRATION NOW!  He snarls and stands up!  He keys in on Arion who is STRUGGLING MIGHTILY to get up to his feet!

Jonny waits!

Catcher up slowly!




Dave Dymond: OH what a COLLISION!  The referee is down!!

Jonny is PISSED and turns around!  Catcher FLAILS at him with a DESPERATION STRIKE!  Jonny dodges the blow!  Catcher’s momentum carries him forward!






HUUUUUUUUUUUGE, UNEXPECTED POP FROM THE CROWD!!!  Jonny is ABSOLUTELY ON FIRE!!!  He shows the fallen Arion Catcher his middle finger and shouts VICIOUSLY at the Revolution champion.

He does the same to Willie Dean and without hesitation…

Jonny walks right out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Every body out, and Jonny is making his departure.  An EMPHATIC statement from the DEFILER.

The fans shout various things at Jonny Johnson as he heads back up the aisle, but he says nothing.  He doesn’t even once look back.

Other Guy: Wow.  I don’t know what to say.  Catcher took Jonny to his limit, but in the end, Jonny was just too much…

Jonny vanishes back behind the curtain without a trace, and the fans, having calmed down from the sudden explosion, now actually seem a little bit confused.  Samantha Coil stands sort of awkwardly, not sure if she should say anything or not.  Willie Dean is out, though, and there is no official word.

Dave Dymond: They’ll have to sort this mess out, I guess, and I have NO IDEA what the ruling on this is going to be.

Other Guy: Well with the official going down like he did, you’d assume maybe a no contest.  It has to be right?

Dave Dymond: I’d imagine so.

A few members of the medical staff rush to the ring, along with head official Scott Kamura to tend to Willie Dean.  As for Catcher, he slowly comes to on his own, but hardly in the shape one would assume he’d want to be in.  He holds at the back of his head.

Dave Dymond: Well… a tentative… NO CONTEST then between Arion Catcher and Jonny Johnson.  We’ll try to get an official word if we can, but…  I, I honestly don’t know how that ruling will work out or what the process is.

Other Guy: I mean, they usually have an extra official or two on duty in case this happens, but if there wasn’t one available…  It’s a no contest.  I don’t know.

Arion pulls at the ropes and gets to his feet, whereupon he is greeted with a VERY NICE round of applause for his efforts.

Dave Dymond: If anything, tonight Arion Catcher proves that he belonged to be here.  It might not have gone the way he planned in the end, but an INCREDIBLE showing from that young man.  And if we get a final word on the decision, we’ll make sure to pass that along before the end of the night.

Other Guy: Kid’s got a lot of years ahead of him.  He’s gonna be a star, Dave.  I really think he’s got it in him.

Kamura continues to stay with the medical staff as they help Willie Dean, and Arion Catcher makes his exit from the ring, holding his head and limping down the aisle completely on his own accord. 

The fans continue to applaud, as Catcher ducks behind the curtains.


As Fans in attendance get set for the next match up… suddenly there is a single blast of gold pyrotechnics.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.”

The SHOOT Video Screen comes to life showing clips of Christopher Davis in action over the years, and the Oracle Arena ERUPTS with wild cheering.

“Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion”

“The lady of a nigga”

“And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga”

“Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga”

The fans rise to their feet, their cheers deafening as "Gossip" by Lil Wayne blasts into the arena.

Dave Dymond: Well I’ll be! It appears that Christopher Davis has FINALLY decided to make his presence felt!

Everyone waits for Christopher Davis to make his return to a SHOOT project ring, however the clips seen on the video screen suddenly cut out to a live direct feed to the back locker room area.

"I bet when you woke up today, you never imagined your day would end up like this…"

The scene shows Christopher Davis staring down at someone, something. He crouches down bringing into view a wheelchair and…

Christopher Davis:…huh Vincent?

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! Davis has found Vincent Mallows and he’s all alone.

Other Guy: With the mood Davis is in and the history that they share, this is NOT going to be good.

Vincent Mallows can only glare at Christopher Davis, while Davis glares back just as intensely. Davis takes a deep breath and lowers his head.

Christopher Davis: Look Vincent, I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen because…

Vincent Mallows: Davis, you bastard. I will…

Davis reaches back and slaps Vincent violently across the face.

Christopher Davis: You will FUCKING sit there and LISTEN to what the FUCK I have to say or Vincent I WILL end you!!

Vincent remains defiant, glaring at Davis as much as he can given his condition. Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: Oh, I know what you’re thinking Vincent. No way I have it in me to take it to that level.

Davis chuckles.

Christopher Davis: In the past Vincent I’d probably agree with you, but today…

Davis stops smiling, his eyes immediately turn ice cold. He whispers into Vincent’s ear.

Christopher Davis: …I’d end you without breaking a sweat.

Davis steps back.

Christopher Davis: You know me Vincent; empty threats are not my style. Ending you would bring peace to many lives Vincent. Trevor, Jonny, Sammy, Roland…all of these and more would find peace with the ending of your fucking life Vincent.

Davis pauses for a moment, and then leans right in up close to Vincent’s face.

Christopher Davis: Hell Vincent I think even YOU would thank me. With you being a shell of the man you once were and all… Plus Vincent…I’ve done it before…

Davis gives Vincent and evil smile but his eyes are cold and deathly serious. A slight hint of fear appears on the face of Vincent Mallows.

Christopher Davis: Wow Vincent, that’s a good look. Fear looks really good on you.

Davis stands.

Christopher Davis: I’m not going to take you out today Vincent. No, because then you’d miss out on all the fun. I’m coming after your boys Vincent. I’m coming after them and I’m going to take them out.

The fans can be heard from ringside cheering the last comment made by Davis.

Christopher Davis: You should have just allowed me to ignore you Vincent, and then we would have been ok. We would have been fine, but no you had to fuck with me. Now, I’m going to rip your heart out, first figuratively and then maybe, literally… I’m going to Chris Davis the fuck out of this Vincent and I’m going to love every moment.

Chris crouches down looking Vincent eye to eye.

Christopher Davis: I’m sorry that I can’t say the same for you Vincent. It didn’t have to be like this Vincent.

Chris shrugs his shoulders.

Christopher Davis: But, oh well. Bye now.

Davis pats Vincent on the head as he leaves the room.  The SHOOT video screen shuts off and the fans are left with a buzz of excitement.


The footage switches to a pre-recorded video. We see a man clutching the top of his head and he sighs heavily. He is sitting down on a chair with a manila envelope in his hands.

Jun Kenshin: First, let me apologize by not appearing in Oak Town but I’ll explain why I can’t be there. Last week, we saw two brave men march into battle against the monsters of this company. We stood tall when the odds seem overwhelming. On one hand, I’m proud to have teamed up with a young and up-comer in Killian Reilly. Like I said before, the kid is all heart.

Kenshin takes a deep breath and continues.

Jun Kenshin: It just so happens that his heart and my stubbornness didn’t quite cut it last week. There’s no shame in admitting that they were better on that night but there IS shame in admitting defeat.

Kenshin pauses but continues to look away as he speaks.

Jun Kenshin: For the past seven days, I’ve been in and out of a hospital because they’ve decided to monitor my neck. The same neck that had to be surgically repaired three years ago… the SAME neck that Roland Caldwell TRIED to break last week by dropping me on my head on the concrete floor with the Burning Hammer.

Kenshin pauses, he cracks his neck and he winces a little bit. He looks directly into the camera now.

Jun Kenshin: Roland, was that it?

Kenshin gets up with the help of a nurse that was off-camera.

Jun Kenshin: I ask again… champ (speaking with a derisive tone)…. WAS. THAT. IT?

Kenshin now stands by his lonesome.

Jun Kenshin: You sent me to the hospital. You tried to end the career of Killian Reilly. You strategically went after my surgically repaired neck. You left me for dead but you didn’t FINISH the job.

The crowd reacts with loud applause.

Jun Kenshin: Right now? Yeah, I’m fucked up. I can barely stand but the doctors say that I’ll be medically cleared in a few weeks.

Kenshin perks up a little bit.

Jun Kenshin: In fact, I’ll be medically cleared BEFORE the 30th of March and if my calendar is right, I think we’re going to have a show on that night, is that right? Malice? Yeah. I want my shot. The rematch that the people want. The rematch that Roland Caldwell is dreading.

The crowd POPS in the background.

Jun Kenshin: You can bet your ass that I’ll be READY to go by then. I don’t give a damn what kind of match it’s going to be. Now I watched what happened and let me address a man that shares interests with myself. Corazon? You’re a hell of an Iron Fist Champion but get in line, son. Nothing is going to stop me from getting that Belt back. The REAL belt I may add.

Jun Kenshin:

Kenshin can’t help but smile as the camera moves in closer.

Jun Kenshin: … it’ll be on.



The focus returns to the ring area for the final time tonight, with Dave Dymond and Other Guy in view at their ringside table.

Dave Dymond: Folks last week’s main event saw what could have very well been the birth of a down right unstoppable tag team.  Tonight Sammy Rochester and the World Heavyweight Champion, Roland Caldwell, look to continue that streak as the unlikely pairing of Adrian Corazon and Dan Stein will face off against the two in battle in just a few moments.

Other Guy: Corazon ended up with the better of Rochester last week, but with the monster-child filled with rage, I gotta say, I think Corazon is a dead man.

Dave Dymond: That may just be the case… will the Iron Fist Champion meet his match tonight in the form of Rochester and Caldwell? Will Dan Stein be able to take Roland to the limits again, or will both men suffer a similar fate as Jun Kenshin, who was taken out by the World Champion after last week’s main event concluded.

Other Guy: Somethin’ is goin to go down one way or another, so let’s just send it to the ring, and get this main event rolling!


The crowd settles in with a quiet excitement as all eyes focus on the ring.

Samantha Coil: It is now time for tonight’s Revolution MAIN EVENT!!!

The SHOOT Project video screen comes to life, showing a fighter jet streaking across a clear blue sky.  The fans in attendance begin to pick up as the fighter jet shoots down an enemy jet and the explosion sets off a thing of pyrotechnics inside the Oracle Arena.


“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions plays and Dan Stein steps out from the back, more than ready for action.

Dave Dymond:Stein has had an intense past week involving Sky High rival Greg Allocca, but he’s ready once more to step into the squared circle and do what he does best.

Other Guy: And ya can’t NOT mention the weeks before last, going toe to toe and beating Jonny Johnson, AND then before that taking the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion to the limit.

Stein tags a few hands as he approaches the ring. Tonight he doesn’t wear his flight suit or aviator glasses, tonight he just wears white wrestling shorts with blue and green on them.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 215 pounds… here is Dan “MADDOG” Stein!!!

Stein sends a salute out to the fans as he hops up onto the ring edge. Many fans salute back. Stein enters the ring and walks around, keeping loose, while waiting for his tag team partner.  Slowly his music fades out and is quickly replaced by “Torcher” by DZK!  The fans all look to the entryway as the Iron Fist Champion Adrian Corazon makes his way out from the back, his face not showing much emotion as his eyes scan the crowd.

Dave Dymond: And you want to talk about an unlikely pairing set up by Jason Johnson himself… do you think Dan Stein and Corazon can co-exist in this match up?

Other Guy: Considering the nature of their opponents, I’m gonna say they pretty much have to.

Corazon walks slowly to the ring, eventually looking to his partner for the night.  Stein just nods his head as Corazon reaches the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 225 pounds… he is the reigning SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… here is CORAZON!!!

Some fans cheer as Corazon’s name is announced, but a lot of the fans still seem a bit uncertain about how they feel in regards to the Iron Fist Champion.  As Corazon joins Stein in the ring, the lights suddenly begin to flicker… and then they go off all together.

Other Guy: We know what this means.

Dave Dymond: Yes we do, the arrival of one of the most fierce teams SHOOT Project has seen in some time.

The SHOOT Video screen comes to life with blood trickling down a pitch white screen, collecting in the middle to form words.  The blood letters it reads -Do You Fear The Dark?-  At that moment "In This Twilight" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and slowly the lights return to normal, revealing Sammy Rochester and Roland Caldwell standing at the start of the ramp way that leads to the ring.  The boos ring out and both men walk angrily towards the ring.  Sammy opens and closes his hands repeatedly while Roland just looks to Corazon, patting the original SHOOT Project World Title that rests over his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 714 pounds… Sammy Rochester, and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… Roland Caldwell!

Dave Dymond: And absent out here from this frightening tandem is Vincent Mallows.  Back in the day that would worry me, but tonight something tells me after his confrontation with Christopher Davis, Mallows will be letting the physically able handle their business on their own.

Roland and Sammy reach the ring and Corazon and Stein back out of the way.  Roland enters first, then Sammy and Roland arrogantly raises the old relic of a title up above his head, Corazon looking right at it with disgust.

Other Guy: Jason Johnson has worked long and hard to pull the SHOOT Project out of the so called dark ages, and because Roland’s lookin’ to bring it right back, Mr. Johnson has had no choice but to try anything he can to stop him.

Dave Dymond: This match of course possibly a result of that fact.

With all four men in the ring now, Roland Caldwell steps forward from his partner, and immediately points to the Iron Fist Champion.  The fans pick up as Adrian Corazon locks eyes with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, neither man looking like they’ll back out of this one.

Dave Dymond: It’s not official, but it’s more than likely that this one is going to start off with a battle of champions.

Other Guy: Oh this is gonna be huge, and really what all these cats in the arena tonight want to see.

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein saying okay to it as he takes his leave… and Scott Kamura calling for this match to begin! HERE WE GO!

The bell sounds and Corazon makes his move, coming in at Roland, only for Sammy to suddenly charge with unbridled rage and just TAKE Corazon square off his feet his a standing body tackle!  Corazon goes down hard, and Roland smirks, leaving the ring as Sammy just STOMPS away at Corazon. The fans boo loudly throughout the arena.

Dave Dymond:  That plan changes quickly, and obviously Sammy and Roland had that one planned out.

Other Guy: Not sure ya can plan anything stable with Sammy Rochester, UNLESS it involves telling him he gets to hurt somebody.

Corazon rolls away from Sammy now, and gets up to his feet. Sammy is a bit slower but catches up to Corazon, only for Corazon to fire with a quick kick, trying to slow Sammy down.  Sammy takes the kick and seems to barely be affected by it… and then he just CLOBBERS Corazon with a tomahawk chop!  Corazon drops to one knee and Sammy shoves Corazon over from there with such recklessness.  Corazon is up to his feet and again uses his quicker movement to his advantage to put space between himself and the monster-child.  Sammy stomps his way towards Corazon instantly, filled with rage.  Sammy swings with a standing clothesline, but Corazon ducks under turns and just NAILS Sammy in the back of the leg with a lunging chop block.  Sammy doesn’t go down, so Corazon snaps up to his feet and just KICKS now at the back of Sammy’s legs.  He sways a bit more and Corazon methodically wraps around in front of Sammy and FIRES with an upward chop, then a hook punch, sending Sammy swaying the other way.

Corazon then gets behind Sammy again, a few more kicks! Sammy loses his balance and now Corazon hits the ropes for more momentum. Goes for a second chop block, but Sammy turns around, kicking a leg up, Corazon ducks under the big boot attempt and then KICKS Sammy’s other leg with SUCH FORCE that Sammy falls to one knee!

The fans pop!

Dave Dymond: And Corazon has Sammy Rochester on one knee.  Methodical as ever, Corazon finds a way to slowly but surely break Rochester down.

Other Guy: Never thought I’d find myself rallying behind Corazon, but can’t argue with what the guy stands for. He’s brutal, but he’s got a reason for it.

Dave Dymond: So we have learned over the past few weeks, but I still have my reserves about the man. For right now though, I’ll jump on the Corazon bandwagon as he battles against Rochester.

The fans continue to cheer as Corazon works a series of stiff kicks and hard punches to Rochester, trying to take him all the way down from one knee to the mat.  Sammy wobbles, swatting at Corazon though, only for Corazon to whip around behind Sammy’s back, grab him by the head and FORCE him back of the head first down onto Corazon’s knee!  Sammy is now in a sitting position, and Corazon backs away, quickly tagging in Dan Stein.

Dave Dymond: Stein in now and these two seem to be operating okay as a team, and looks like Stein is going to fly!

Stein ascends to the top rope now as he points down at Sammy, and then he LEAPS off the top with a MISSILE DROPKICK!  CONNECTS!  But Sammy doesn’t fall onto his back!  Stein quick up to his feet, shaking his head with frustration now as he hits the ropes… sitting dropkick now!  Sammy sways back a bit more, but stays sitting up.  Stein again snaps up to his feet and marches over to the corner and tags Corazon back in.  Both men hit the ropes now… DOUBLE YAKUZA KICKS!

Other Guy: And the big man is down!

Dave Dymond: Sammy on his back after a surprising showing of teamwork from Corazon and Stein, and now Corazon makes the cover.




The fans GASP at the show of power by Sammy who just LAUNCHES Corazon off to the side.  Corazon up to his feet though and as Sammy rolls over and pushes up to his full vertical base, Corazon catches him with a punt kick up into the chest.  Sammy takes the hit, but still works on standing up, despite Corazon’s efforts to keep him on the ground.  Corazon drops a hard punch to the back of Sammy’s head… and then Sammy suddenly SNAPS upward and just whips his head into Corazon’s!  Corazon goes down and Sammy just grabs him right back up and whips him into the corner with FORCE!

Dave Dymond: Out of nowhere, Sammy Rochester snaps back into this, and I have never seen a headbutt with that much force.

Other Guy: He threw his head like a world class boxer would throw a punch!

Dave Dymond: Corazon in trouble now because of it as Sammy NAILS a huge standing splash, and now the World Heavyweight Champion tagged in.

The fans boo as Sammy pushes up against Corazon until Roland enters the ring.  Once in, Roland starts STOMPING away into Corazon’s stomach, forcing the Iron Fist Champion into a sitting position against the turnbuckles.  Referee Scott Kamura shouts at Roland to break it up, only for Roland to grab the ropes tightly and wedge his foot into Corazon’s throat!

One! Two! Three! Four!

Roland backs away, and then grabs at Corazon’s arm.  He pulls Corazon out of the corner and quickly takes him down with a body slam.  Stein watches on from across the ring, ready to sprint in at a moment’s notice.  Roland drops for a cover…


TW… not quite the two as Corazon shoulders out from under Roland. Roland brings Corazon back up to his feet and viciously whips him into the ropes now. Corazon comes bouncing back and Roland goes for a back body drop, but Corazon suddenly tries to hook him for Original Sin… NO!  Roland lifts up and NOW hits Corazon with a back body drop!

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell just a mere second away from having been brought down by Adrian Corazon, and that could have been the match right there.

Other Guy: How sweet that woulda been.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell still has the upper hand however and another stomp down hard onto Corazon.

Roland brings Corazon right back up off them at again, this time he pulls him in for a standing clothesline, but Corazon pulls himself through and whips behind Roland, turning his body, wraps the arms around the waist… but can’t get him up and over.  Roland fires with a back elbow, but Corazon avoids it, and then uses Roland’s own momentum against him and LIFTS UP!

Dave Dymond: Back drop suplex from Corazon!  Again you see the methodical nature of Corazon coming through in full, no matter what side of that fence he’s on.

With Roland down, Corazon makes a cover now, and Stein cheers on his partner.


TWO!  Kick out by Roland, but Corazon is up and again moves to the corner. He makes the quick tag in to Stein. Stein starts towards Roland, and quickly hits a spinning leg drop across Roland’s chest to keep him down. Stein hooks the leg now making a pin of his own on Roland.  Scott Kamura drops and makes the count.


Strong kick out by Roland, sending Stein way up into the air, but Stein lands on his feet, vaults over the ropes and onto the ring edge, and then waits. Roland starts up to his feet, and that’s Stein’s cue.  He JUMPS up onto the rope, LEAPS off and lands on Roland’s shoulders in a sitting position.  He looks to turn and flips his body, but Roland turns with him, looking for a powerbomb… but Stein SQUEEZES his legs tightly around Roland’s neck, and then tugs at the arm as well!  Roland staggers about, face turning a bit red!

Other Guy: Stein thought that one out and he’s cuttin’ off Roland’s oxygen!

Dave Dymond: The mid-air leg scissors lock applied and Roland is faltering!  Dan Stein not letting go, and Roland drops to a knee!

Stein’s back is on the mat now, but his shoulders are up.  Roland takes his free arm and tries to pry Stein’s legs from around his neck, but with Stein pulling on Roland’s other arm for added leverage, it makes it difficult to break the hold.  Roland droops more… and that’s when Sammy storms into the ring!  Stein has no time to react and Sammy drops a standing leg drop right onto Stein’s face!

The fans cringe as Stein is CRUSHED under Sammy’s weight… and his legs immediately unwrap from Roland’s neck. Corazon charges in now and attacks Sammy as Sammy works on getting up to his own feet! Scott Kamura shouts at both men to break it up… and as he focuses on them, Roland slumps over on top of Stein, making a cover.

Dave Dymond: The World Heavyweight Champion has Stein pinned… not sure if Roland himself is conscious of the cover but its there!

Corazon sees the pin before Kamura does and quickly grabs the slumped over Roland and just snaps him backwards, slamming him back of the head first into the mat.  Corazon then leaves the ring while Scott Kamura shouts for Sammy to get out of the ring. Sammy is annoyed at the yelling from the referee, but eventually makes his way back into the corner, seemingly calming himself down.  Kamura turns to see both Stein and Roland down and starts the double knock out count.





Corazon shouts at Stein to get back into things, but Roland is the one who shows signs of stirring first.


Roland comes to, working his way up to his feet.


Kamura stops the count as Roland is up to his feet and he reaches for Stein, yanking him up off the mat.  Roland whips Stein into the ropes now and Stein bounces back right into Roland, who executes a quick tilt-a-whirl slam!  Stein writhes on the mat in pain and Roland stays on top of Stein for a cover.




The fans cheer with excitement and relief as Stein JUST kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein showing he is as resilient as ever, but also Roland Caldwell showing he’s not taking Stein lightly after their first encounter.

Other Guy: Stein was SO close to capturing the world title then, and since then Roland has made it a point to take control of every match he’s in.

Dave Dymond: And he’s doing exactly that right now as he sends Stein back into the corner furthest from Corazon, making sure Stein has no chance to make the tag.

Roland runs as fast as he can towards Stein, but Stein suddenly BACK ELBOWS Sammy out of the blue, and then leaps up onto the second rope and FLIES at Roland with a cross body splash! Roland catches Stein, but Stein turns out of it, spins around… DDT… NO! Roland shoves Stein back in mid-air! Stein lands on his feet. Roland charges  Stein ducks the incoming yakuza kick!  Roland gets frustrated a great deal, turns quickly just as Stein LEAPS at Roland!

But Roland reacts, pushing Stein upwards and over…. But Stein flips, lands on his feet, and TAGS IN CORAZON!

Dave Dymond: A great series of counters by Stein and now the tag made!

The fans pick up, some cheering heard as Corazon charges in and takes Roland down with a running forearm smash.  Corazon quickly turns as Roland sits up and Corazon drills him with a knee in the back of the head, pulls him up… only to drop him with a reverse DDT! Roland clutches at his head and Corazon is back up and turns, sensing the approaching Sammy!


Corazon hits the mat hard with HUGE backhand punch from Sammy.  Roland works his way back up to his feet now as Scott Kamura again shouts at Sammy to leave the ring, as he is not the legal man. Sammy however continues to wallop on Corazon, not listening to the referee… when suddenly the fans start cheering!

Other Guy: what’s going on…

Dave Dymond: Killian Reilly, that’s what. The Fighting Irishman is SPRINTING down to the ring!

Sammy sees Killian and suddenly forgets about beating up on Corazon all together.  Sammy stomps towards the ropes and Killian jumps up onto the ring edge and SNAPS Sammy’s head down onto the top rope!  Sammy staggers and now Roland brings Corazon up to his feet.  Stein comes into the ring to help Corazon, but Roland turns and quickly shoves Stein so he falls to the outside.  Corazon has time to come back though and he starts working against Roland with stiff shots, punches and forearms, with Roland up against the ropes.  Stein gets back up to his feet… and suddenly the fans cheer again and the camera cuts to see Reilly JUST WAILING on Sammy on the outside of the ring!

Dave Dymond: this whole ordeal has erupted into complete chaos! Killian Reilly NOT done by a long shot with Sammy Rochester, we’ve got Corazon and Roland in the ring… and Stein now getting back in!

Stein slides back into the ring, but this time Kamura is there to stop Stein and shouts at him to get back into his corner… Roland blatantly chokes Corazon while the referee’s back is turned inciting Stein even more. Stein fights, and now Scott Kamura gets RIGHT into his face, physically forcing him back into the corner.

When suddenly Corazon pushes Roland’s arm away, stopping the choke… kick to the gut… hooked arms… ORIGINAL SIN!

Other Guy: Corazon hit the champion with Original Sin!

Dave Dymond: And wherever Vincent Mallows is watching from, you KNOW he is not happy about watching a former associate take out THE SHOOT Project World Heavyweight champion.

The fans are on their feet, Corazon has the cover…

But the referee is distracted as he argues with Dan Stein!

Dave Dymond: Come on Stein, get out of the ring!

Corazon has the leg hooked, Roland is out and not moving… and Corazon looks back and finally catches Stein’s eyes. Stein reacts and quickly exits the ring.  Kamura turns around hearing Corazon shout… and now Kamura makes the count.


Some fans echo one!


Some fans echo two!

THREE…. NO!  Roland JUST gets the shoulder up!  Corazon is beyond angry now as he snaps up to his feet and suddenly turns into his corner. Stein is seen watching Killian and Sammy battle it out blow for blow… and is suddenly SHOVED by Corazon!

Dave Dymond: Corazon shoved his own partner!

Other Guy: His own partner just prevented this match from ending, Dave, I’d do the same damn thing if I was him.

The fans buzz now as Stein looks at Corazon as if to say “What the fuck” and then Corazon just PULLS Stein over the ropes and onto his back inside the ring!  Corazon starts shouting at Stein, and Stein gets up and SHOVES Corazon!

Dave Dymond: Oh boy, not a smart move by Stein!

Scott Kamura sees what’s going on, shouting at both men to stop and for Stein to once again go to his corner… when Corazon DECKS Stein!  And that’s it.  Stein and Corazon start exchanging blows now…. Despite being on the same team.  Kamura works on breaking it up, and in the meantime Roland is up to his feet… and outside Sammy and Killian have fought their way to the back… vanishing from sight.

Other Guy: This is insane!  We’ve got fighting between partners, I’m hearing over the headset that we’ve got fighting in the back with Reilly and Sammy… Kamura has lost control of this match!

Dave Dymond: That appears to be the case. But Roland now back into things, and he’s going after Corazon!

Corazon is knocked back by Stein… Roland hoists Corazon up from there…. The burning hammer… NO! Stein launches himself into Roland now spearing him in the gut!  Corazon drops down from being on Roland’s shoulders…. And then goes right back for Stein!   Kamura waves his arms frantically as he turns to Mark Kendrick at ringside.  The bell sounds as the battle between Stein and Corazon continues on.

Dave Dymond: Kamura has called the match… I have no idea what the final call is, but this one is officially over.

Other Guy: It’s not over for Stein and Corazon… and Roland right back into things!

Roland fights his way back into the mix… just as Corazon sends Stein into the corner. The fans CHEER WILDLY AGAIN and for a moment the focus shifts to the entryway….


Dave Dymond: Davis on his way to the ring! Davis looking to score some serious revenge!

Kamura signals for the bell again, but it is no use.  Davis slides under the bottom rope, springs up to his feet and goes RIGHT at Roland!  Roland and Davis exchange blows now, with Davis FIRING on all cylinders and then some, knocking Roland backwards a great deal.  Stein gets back out of the corner and goes for Corazon, but Corazon lifts him up quickly, sidewalk slam. Corazon up to his feet just as Davis backs up to give himself some more room to charge at Roland.  Davis backs up right into Corazon… and the two turn to face each other!

Other Guy: Some serious bad blood between these two!

Dave Dymond: and I don’t think Christopher Davis is going to care that Corazon has left the side of Mallows, Roland, and Sammy…

Davis FIRES with a punch to Corazon, sending his head snapping backwards!

Dave Dymond: And I rest my case!  Davis and Corazon going at it now!

Other Guy:  This thing ain’t gonna end…


Other Guy: No way!

Dave Dymond: There were reports he was seriously injured, he definitely wasn’t in the arena tonight…

The fans cheer as Jun Kenshin emerges from the back, walking with  purpose!

Other Guy: But he’s obviously here right now Dave!

As Corazon and Davis fight back and forth, Kenshin walks quicker to the ring, his eyes directed right at Roland. Roland comes to and taunts Kenshin into the ring.  Kenshin doesn’t back down and makes a mad dash at Roland!

Dave Dymond: Corazon wants Roland, Davis wants Roland, and now Kenshin gets a turn!

Kenshin ducks a clothesline from Roland, and then just UNLEASHES with kicks and punches, and anything else he can muster up!  Roland is knocked forward, he turns… HEAVEN’S BLADE… NO!  Kenshin can’t quite hit it.  The ring is filled with bodies being knocked back and forth. Stein gets back into a fight with Corazon, Davis shifts gears, looking back to targeting Roland. And as the battles continue the fans suddenly stir, turning their attention and buzzing as they see…

Kilgore Stochansky!?

Other Guy: What the… Kilgore Stochansky sneaking his way out to the ring now!

Dave Dymond: This is the most insane, and pardon my French, but insane cluster fuck I’ve seen in some time!  What is Stochansky doing out here!?

The fans try to focus on everything at once while Stochansky slinks around the ring, and he slides in, unnoticed by everyone else.  He stands off in a corner for a moment, then he waits… Davis and Kenshin have Roland on the ropes.  Kenshin backs up a bit, his back to Stochansky… and KILGORE ATTACKS!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky just got himself involved in his brawl, but why? Why is he attacking Jun Kenshin!

Other Guy: No clue! But who cares at this point, just watch the fists fly!

Kenshin spins around after being attacked and for a moment is surprised to see Stochansky, but then he doesn’t care who it is and the two men start fighting back and forth.

Dave Dymond: This is anarchy, everything has just exploded as we are now three weeks away from Malice… and we still haven’t heard word from Jason Johnson. We still don’t know the big announcement…

As the fighting continues on, with no signs of stopping, suddenly a HUGE onslaught of black-shirt SHOOT Project security storms out from the back.  Wave after wave of men run out, almost swarming the ring!  The fighting continues, despite the presence of security, but slowly the numbers overwhelm all those who are fighting in the ring. Davis is pulled away from Roland, Kenshin and Stochansky are separated, and Stein and Corazon are soon kept at bay. The fans though continue to make noise, wanting to see more fighting.  Davis struggles against security, trying to get back at Roland…

Another round of fighting looks about ready to break out… and that’s when the SHOOT Video screen comes to life, making Jason Johnson easily seen by everyone inside the Oracle Arena tonight.

Jason Johnson: Some may wonder… why the non-finish? Why the confusion? Why the cluster fuck? I’ll tell you…

The fans pop as this must mean that it’s time for the announcement. The fighting stops, as all these men look towards the video well.

Jason Johnson: I thought that might get your attention. Listen very carefully, Roland Caldwell. I make a big point to stay out of the business of my Soldiers, but you… you’ve simply gone too far. I will not have this company pulled back into its supposed ‘dark ages.’ As a result, I’m going to pull out all the stops, and MAKE SURE you don’t walk out of Malice with the World Heavyweight Championship.

Johnson smiles, and the crowd pops once again, this time at the notion of Caldwell meeting his maker.

Jason Johnson: At Malice, it will be Roland Caldwell defending his title against none other than… Kilgore Stochansky.

The crowd boos.

Jason Johnson: Adrian Corazon.

The crowd pops decently, and Roland’s eyes glimmer.

Jason Johnson: Jun Kenshin.

The crowd pops a bit louder now, and the glimmer in Roland’s eyes dampens.

Jason Johnson: And finally… Christopher Davis.

So the crowd explodes. Roland’s eyes sink, and Jason Johnson smiles.

Jason Johnson: That’s right. That match will feature two men starting in the ring, with the other three on the outside, serving as lumberjacks. However, I’m not going to tell those three on the outside that they’re required to watch. They can fight amongst themselves, for all I care. When ten minutes pass, the first man from the floor will be admitted into the ring, and he will then officially be a competitor in that match. After that, the other two will be admitted in five minute intervals.

The crowd listens along, intently, as does the competitors in the ring.

Jason Johnson: The match will work elimination style. So, we’ll whittle down the competitors until a true fighting champion is crowned. Plan on being one of the first men in the ring, Roland. And oh… plan on Christopher Davis joining you.

The crowd pops HUGE at this announcement, as Roland is beyond belief, and Davis is seen licking his lips.

Jason Johnson: It’s like I said last week. Prepare to do a lot of homework.

The video wall instantly cuts. One last image of Roland Caldwell and Christopher Davis takes focus, before the feed also cuts to instant black.