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Revolution: 025 – 3/23/08

The backstage doors leading outside of the arena fly open and JONNY JOHNSON  waltzes in very business-like.  He has a cell phone plastered to his ear, sunglasses over his eyes, retro T-shirt and brown corduroys.  Peter Lolwen walks at his side and “Super Fan” Tim Calahan follows behind carrying a couple bags.

The DEFILER: (On the phone) I couldn’t care any less, you fucking idiot.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I don’t want Willie Dean doing any more of my contests.  (Pausing for a second) Try?  No.  DO IT.

The trio walk up by a few production hands, one of which Jonny waves at.

The DEFILER: (Bringing his phone down for a second) Where’s Catcher?

He gestures down the hall.

Production Guy: Guerilla.  Show’s about to go live.

Jonny looks down at his wrist and then sighs.

The DEFILER: Fuck.  Okay.  (looking back at the stage hand) Thanks, Tyler.

They pick up the pace a bit and walk down the hall, while Jonny resumes his phone conversation.

The DEFILER: Huh?  No.  Why would I thank you for anything?  (Frustrated) Call me back when you have a better answer for me.

He flips his phone off and puts it in his pocket.

The DEFILER: (Still moving forward) Peter.  I need you to write two cheques.  Make them out to Michael and Rowland Collins.

Peter nods.

Peter Lolwen:: Need anything in the memo?

The DEFILER: Just put down “friendship”.

Lolwen nods, and Jonny keeps running his mouth.

The DEFILER: Tim.  Go get ready.  Tell Riles and Quinny I say good luck tonight but that they need to start making some waves.  I’m getting bored with their stuff.

Calahan gives a nod of understanding makes a quick turn down an intersecting hallway, as he departs from the group.  Jonny and Peter keep walking toward a larger area in the back with a bunch of technical equipment and production people.

The DEFILER: (Looking at his watch) You go take care of the cheques.  I’m gonna go have a chat with Arion…  See if we can’t work something out.

Lolwen nods again, having learned that the easiest way to deal with Jonny is to just agree.

Peter Lolwen:: And if you do?

The DEFILER: Do what?

Peter Lolwen:: Reason.

He smirks a bit, and shrugs.

The DEFILER: Color me shocked and cancel the payment.  (He waves at Peter to “shoo”) Go.

Lolwen heads straight while Jonny makes a stop by a curtained and turns inside.  Surprisingly, Arion Catcher is waiting for him.  Jonny removes his sunglasses and hangs them from the collar of his shirt.

The DEFILER: Just the guy I was looking for!  It’s the ARION NATION, baby.  Kill any Jews or whatever?  Just kidding. (Speaking quickly, his tone oozing with insincerity)  How you doing man?  Big match tonight!  Ron Barker… oooooh.  I hope he doesn’t destroy you.  You prepped?  I’m sure you are.  Anywaayyyyyy….

Jonny gets a little more serious, having apparently gotten the small talk out of the way.

The DEFILER: What uhh…  what gives with the whole, “check up on the decision of your match with me” thing?  I mean, it’s pretty clear they were going to kind of sweep it under the rug.  Why not just let it die?  Or at least confront me?  We could work something out under the table… ya know?  One professional to another.

Catcher shrugs his shoulders.

Arion Catcher: Because that’s not the kind of guy I am.

Catcher is clear and concise and shows no signs of caving in to anything that Jonny might have to say.  The Defiler notices this and nods his head.

The DEFILER: Right, right.  Of course. You’re not… that…  that kind of guy.  Yeah. Nice wrestling gear by the way.  Great color on you.

Catcher cross his arms, his REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP seeming to stand out a little more vividly over his shoulder at this particular angle.

Arion Catcher: What do you need, Jonny?

Jonny seems a little stunned by Catcher’s confidence, but that “shock” quickly turns into annoyance.  In other words, things are getting serious.

The DEFILER: What do I NEED?  From you?  Nothing.  I don’t… uhh…  I don’t NEED ANYTHING from you.  What I want, though… Arion…  is, is JUSTICE.  You DIDN’T beat me two weeks ago.  In fact, you didn’t COME CLOSE to even ALMOST beating me.  And then you’re going to check up on a decision?  Who does that?  Seriously.  What is this…  some kind of…  like some sort of gimmick thing?  You going heel on me, Arion?  You the guy who loses but then finds loopholes to win?  Like uhhh… (snapping his fingers)  like that one dude does?  Kilsomething Sto…. fuck…  well however you say it.  You guys gonna be a tag team?  Huh?  What the SHIT, Catch!?

Catcher remains calm.

Arion Catcher:: (Shrugging) I wanted to know.  I’m competitive like that.  And it’s not like I didn’t NOT beat you, either.

Jonny seems to disagree.


Catcher doesn’t understand Jonny’s point.

Arion Catcher:: And?

This does not settle well with the DEFILER.

The DEFILER: And?  AND?  ANNNNNNND…  no one fucking ever kicks out of the Demoralization Process.  It’s like the… (Dumbfounded, looking at Catcher)  fuck!  Serious?  Do you know ANYTHING about ANYONE?  NO ONE kicks out of the demoralization process.  EVER.  PERIOD.  Fuck, dude!  Could you be any more of a dense idiot?  You seriously didn’t know that?

Arion shrugs again.

Arion Catcher:: You didn’t try to pin me, though.  How do you know what the outcome would have been?

Jonny glowers back at Catcher.

The DEFILER: Because I KNOW.

Arion Catcher:: Maybe I would have kicked out.

Jonny narrows his eyes.

The DEFILER: You wouldn’t have kicked out.

Arion Catcher:: Maybe I would have.

The DEFILER: Not possible.

Arion Catcher:: I think I would.

The DEFILER: Not in a million years.

Arion Catcher:: It didn’t hurt that bad.  I was going to kick out.


Arion Catcher:: I would have.


Arion Catcher:: YES!

The fans pop at Arion’s resilience in the background, watching this thing unfold from on the big screen monitor.  Jonny is REALLY annoyed, and looks down at the ground, hands on his hips.

The DEFILER: Fine. (Nodding) Fine, Arion.  (Looking back up) You won.  You beat me.  Congratulations.  Nice job.  FINE!  FUCKING FINE!

Jonny’s eyes could quite possibly burn a hole through Arion Catcher’s face.

The DEFILER: Good luck against Barker.

Arion’s eyes remain equally as focused, and he gives a slight nod.

Arion Catcher:: Thanks, Jonny.

The shot quickly cuts away.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Cade Sydal landing a step up enzeguri, Donovan King locks on his signature cross face submission.  Then Jester Smiles and Chivalric fighting one another.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

Jun Kenshin is seen battling against Art De Luca, and that shifts to Trevor Worrens throwing a hard knee into Kaz Sato’s chest!

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Kilgore Stochansky and Benjamin Biggs are seen fighting from their recent cage match, with Biggs FLYING from high a top the cage.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

A quick shot of Roland nailing Trevor Worrens with a chair, quickly shifts into Ron Barker taking Cade Sydal down with his signature sideways slam.

“So back up!”

Michael Collins and Killian Reilly are seen in a bloody mess from a bar room brawl. That slips into Sammy Rochester going ballistic on The Poe.  Then next seen is a focus on Christopher Davis, fighting a two on one battle… and coming out victorious.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

Del Carver and Corazon fight on the outside, with Obsidian attacking from behind.  We see Osbourne Kilminster making sound work of NC-17. Then we see Jester Smiles posing for the fans.  And then we see a succession of clips of many of the battles fought so far in SHOOT Project.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

The montage stops, focusing now on Revolution Champion Chivalric.  Then starts up again.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

Another stop in the quick montage of action puts focus on the Laws of Survival Champion, Kilgore Stochansky looking arrogantly out at the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

Next seen is Corazon with a sinister smirk as he holds the Iron Fist Championship.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

Then a shot of  Roland Caldwell standing with the World Heavyweight Championship, a sinister smirk on his face.  All the faces of the champions merge together than in a cool effect melding right into more montage of SHOOT Project action.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

Fade into the arena, screaming fans captured on camera.  The chorus plays throughout the arena, blasting over the sound system.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

Blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off and the noise within the arena all comes together and you can’t tell where one noise is starting and the other is ending.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The music fades under from there, as Revolution officially begins.


The shot opens on the elegant form of Abigail Chase dressed in a sultry black dress that shows an ample amount of cleavage. The young woman holds a microphone tightly between her breasts, and a cold sweat seems to have broken out on her face. Her eyes keep flicking from the camera lens to someone standing just out of frame. She clears her throat, her mouth quivering slightly as she begins to speak.

Abigail Chase: Joining me tonight is one of SHOOT Project’s newest soldiers, Flint Cloud.

We pull out and see the imposing form of Flint looming over Abigail’s body, his chest at about the level of the top of her head. He’s dressed in his usual khaki sheriff uniform, and his huge arms are crossed as he stares down at Abigail from behind thick aviator sunglasses. His face looks even worse than it did the last time we saw it, it seems almost to have started to crack and erode thanks to extreme sun exposure.

Abigail Chase: First off Flint let me congratulate you on winning your debut match. You really dominated out there.

Flint glares down at her without moving a muscle, his face looking like a hardened statue which shows not even the smallest of emotions. After a moment of uncomfortable silence his chapped lips pull back from his teeth as he speaks in a raspy voice.

Flint Cloud: Yes. I did. I tend to do that, on a regular basis. When opponents are placed before me I knock them down like cordwood. In the end…they all fall.

Abigail Chase: You seem extremely confident, is there anyone on the roster that you think you’d have a hard time knocking down?

Flint shifts his weight and moves a few inches closer to Abigail, leaning down and wrapping one huge hand around her tiny fist as it grips the microphone. He brings her hand and the microphone up to his mouth, stretching her little arm to it’s fullest extent.

Flint Cloud: There is no stopping my onslaught, Dear Abby. No man on this roster intimidates me. Roland Caldwell. Sammy Rochester. Donovan King. Corazon. The names don’t matter. Each and every one of them would be forced to bend to my will.

Abigail’s face tightens into a nervous expression as Flint has his hand wrapped around her own, she bites down upon her bottom lip and tries to continue the interview while remaining as calm as she can under the circumstances.

Abigail Chase: Strong words there, Flint. Is there anything you can tell us about Wormwood, Nevada? You’ve showcased the town quite openly in your promotional material but I think the people are still left wondering what happened there.

Flint tightens his grip around Abigail’s fingers, squeezing them around the microphone and applying a stern amount of pressure.

Flint Cloud: Wormwood is dead. What you saw is nothing but charred remains, not the town itself. Wormwood died a long time ago. Thanks to my little “incident.”

A cryptic smile forms across Flint’s lips, stretching the corners of his mouth into a mask of hideousness.

At this point Abigail has had enough and she begins to pull back against Flint’s grip on her hand, trying to loosen the hold. Her calm façade has broken as sheer terror begins to rush in and tint her cheeks with color.

Abigail Chase: Well it seems we’re out of time, Thank You Fli- – –

Flint ignores this completely, instead maneuvering around behind Abigail while still maintaining a vice-like grip upon her wrist. He plants his other huge hand on Abby’s shoulder, engulfing it totally. He leans down and whispers into Abigail’s ear, his breath smelling like something that crawled up out of a sarcophagus.

Flint Cloud: You know, Dear Abby, when I was a boy there was a woman who lived in town that grew a beautiful little rose garden in her backyard. She treated those roses like her children, and in turn the petals bloomed perfectly in the brilliant light of the sun. One day when she was away at the market I went to her house with my rusty machete and chopped every single one of her roses apart. Then I pissed on what was left. I did this because I felt like doing it. Never deny your impulses, that’s what I always say.

Abigail squirms against the seven foot lunatic’s grasp, her eyes getting extremely big and wide.

Flint leans down further, and then in a disgusting display he begins to sniff her, starting at her throat and going all the way up to the silky hair. He draws in her scent ruggedly, comparable to some savage beast like a wolf or a coyote. His nostrils flare and his mouth draws down into a deranged little smirk. He whispers into her ear once more.

Flint Cloud: You smell like those roses, Dear Abby.

Having said this Flint releases his grasp and walks out of frame, leaving a frightened Abigail Chase who is frantically trying to fix her hair and gain her composure. She takes in a deep breath and lets it out, while at the same time trying to rub away the goosebumps that have appeared on both her bare arms.


Within one of the halls inside the Honda Center, Kenji Yamada comes into view, still wearing street clothes and carrying a small black duffel back.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Kenji Yamada arriving to the arena now and of course later tonight Yamada will be in action when the Iron Fist Championship is put on the line!

Yamada turns a corner, heading down what appears to be the locker room area, passing by a placard that reads "Vincent Mallows" he only stops for a moment then looks to continue on his way, but the door opens, and Roland Caldwell emerges.

Roland Caldwell: Weren’t even going to stop and say hello?

Yamada turns, but before he can respond to Roland, Vincent Mallows pushes past on his wheel chair.

Vincent Mallows: Leave me be with Mr. Yamada for a moment, yes?

Roland simply nods and closes the door behind Mallows, leaving the two men in the hallway.

Vincent Mallows: You have important business tonight.

The look on Kenji’s face isn’t an annoyed look but at the same time it isn’t a pleased look either. To put it best, Kenji’s look is nothing but neutral.

Kenji Yamada: Very important…I need the Iron Fist Title to do something I should have done a long time ago. I need it so I can literally put the Ghost to rest.

Vincent Mallows: I understand, Mr. Yamada. I understand a passion to finish something that you should have finished a long time ago. That is why we showed up on Sky High’s doorstep.  But there is OTHER important business, Mr. Yamada.

Mallows moves the wheelchair forward a bit.

Vincent Mallows: Do you want a family?  And I am not speaking of your ties with the Yakuza. I am speaking of a family who will be there for you, not simply pay you to carry out their work.

A slight bend could be seen in Kenji’s eyebrow as the words came out of Mallows mouth, showing a somewhat curious glance, but at the same time giving a look of serious concern.

Kenji Yamada: My family is dead, my mother by my own hands. I’m not suited for a family besides one that worships the deeds I do, the same deeds that make the SHOOT roster hesitant of even coming near my locker room. Could you live with such a man? Could you live with a man that with every group he has joined has inevitably turned on his leader because of an incompetent choice they made? Could you live with a man that anyone familiar with my background would call…a traitor?

Mallows doesn’t react much, mostly due to his paralysis… and there is an odd moment of silence between the two… and then a half smile forms on Mallows’s face.

Vincent Mallows: Could I live with such a man, Mr. Yamada? Our family is comprised of those men.  When you know you cannot fully trust someone… that is when stronger bonds of trust do form… because we all have something others in the family may want or need. You are EXACTLY what we are looking for.  You are everything our family’s World Heavyweight Champion wants in a brother. You’re everything I need to continue to feel this rush, this absolute ecstasy of torture I witness… because I myself cannot carry it out.

An almost half scoff is heard under Kenji’s breath.

Kenji Yamada: I can respect that you want me because of the deeds I have done, and I can respect that as a wise decision that few would have the guts to ask for. But, while I might display all the traits the World Champion needs in a brother I don’t want you, or Roland for that matter, to forget that while I want the Iron Fist Title to finish my former mentor… I want his World Title when the time comes and don’t think for a SECOND that I will treat him any differently than any other opponent or that I’ll just lay down for him. If needed I would kill my "brother" if it meant taking his gold.

Yamada pauses for a moment to look Mallows square in his deformed face.

Kenji Yamada: So, I’ll ask you again… Can you live with a man like that?

Mallows makes a guttural noise, which at first isn’t distinguishable, but then can be determined to be somewhat of laughter.

Vincent Mallows: Oh Mr. Yamada, I can very much live with a man like that, if you in turn can live with a "father" who at any given second would leave his own son to die.

Kenji Yamada: Interesting…

Kenji simply walks past Mallows without really saying anything after that. He stops, maybe five feet away from Mallows at this point and looks over his shoulder.

Kenji Yamada: We’ll just have to wait and see then…won’t we?

With that Yamada continues down the hall, eventually vanishing from sight.

Other Guy: (from ringside) I did NOT like the sound of THAT meeting.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) certainly some foreboding undertones, and Kenji Yamada set to see action later tonight when he challenges Dan Stein for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship… that match and more still to come here tonight on Revolution!



Samantha Coil: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall!

Nirvana’s "All Apologies" begins to blare over the speakers and the crowd and the jam-packed crowd begins to sing along. The Revolution Champion, Arion Catcher, walks out from behind the curtain and smiles as he looks over the sing-a-long crowd.

Dave Dymond: The fans are on their feet for this youngster as we kick things off tonight with a true David and Goliath matchup!

Other Guy: You got it all wrong, Dave. At least David had a chance… this is more like Goliath mowing down David in a vicious massacre!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 165 pounds and hailing from Long Island, New York… He is the SHOOT Project, REVOLUTION CHAMPION, ARION CATCHER!!!

Arion Catcher hops in to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle looking over the sold-out arena. The fans are on their feet cheering the young champion as he smiles and soaks it all in!

The opening note of Folk Imploson’s "Natural One" resonates throughout the arena and the crowd instantly turns into a chorus of boos.

Dave Dymond: Before he can even get out of the back, Ron Barker is not receiving a very welcome reception here tonight!

Other Guy: And that’s just disrespectful, Dave. That’s no way to treat a champion the calibre of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: Oh please! Ron Barker is someone who got lucky last week against Jester Smiles. He’s opportunistic, ruthless, and an all around jerk!

Other Guy: Yeah, but how do you REALLY feel, Dave? Don’t hold back or anything.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 280 pounds and hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… RON BARKER!!!

The crowd once again erupts into a massive chorus of boos as Ron Barker smiles smugly at the fans around him.

Barker stops in the entranceway and looks to his left to see a group of rowdy fans shouting his way. Barker shakes his head in disgust as he continues towards the ring. As Barker gets on the apron, Arion Catcher wastes no time and hits a fast dropkick to Barker’s midsection, knocking him back to the floor!

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher not wasting a second in this contest as he’s got a serious size disadvantage coming into this!

Other Guy: But running around like this is just a recipe for disaster, Dave. He’s got to run out of energy at some point.

As Ron gets his bearings and rises to his feet, it’s just moments too late as Catcher flies over the top rope with a death-defying suicide dive! This sets the crowd off in a roar of approval.

Dave Dymond: Catcher with some big risks in this one early on! A wise move on the youngster’s part as he wouldn’t want to stand toe-to-toe with a man like Ron Barker!

Other Guy: Definitely not, Dave. Even David had a rock that he used to cheat against the giants. Catcher hasn’t even let Barker into the ring yet so this doesn’t even count!

Both men are slow to their feet as Arion Catcher seems to be a few steps ahead. Catcher sizes Barker up as he begins to stand and Catcher runs along the barricade and tries for a Superman punch but is caught!

Other Guy: This is it, Dave! Game over for Arion!

Carrying the much smaller Catcher, Barker looks over at the ringpost and smiles. Before he can charge in, however, Catcher starts nailing Barker with a flurry of right hands! The crowd pops as their favourite starts to get the upper hand.

Dave Dymond: Not so fast, OG! Looks like Arion has enough sense to fight out of that one!

Barker drops Catcher as he holds his nose. Catcher tries to take advantage by grabbing Barker’s arm and whipping him into the ringpost himself… but Barker doesn’t budge! Not truly understanding how physics work, Catcher tries another unsuccessful attempt when Barker suddenly pulls Catcher towards him, levelling him with a stiff clothesline!

Other Guy: JESUS! Did you hear his head snap off of that canvas? I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the end of him right here.

Dave Dymond: Catcher certainly must be on dream street right now as the balance has definitely shifted in Barker’s favour.

Willie Dean, who has been quite lenient to this point, orders Barker to get the action back in the ring and Barker waves him off. Barker picks up the fallen Catcher by his hair and sends the poor kid crashing into the guardrail with a hard irish whip! The fans near ringside begin to taunt and scream at Barker who seems relatively unphased. Barker lifts up the ring apron and begins rummaging under the ring. After a few seconds, Barker finally pulls out a steel chair! The fans in the arena boo their disapproval.

Dave Dymond: Now that’s just not fair! Barker has a clear size advantage over Arion Catcher and the man is resorting to using a steel chair! Willie Dean is quick to admonish Barker who just shrugs him off.

Other Guy: What do you expect, Dave? The man is the KING of Survival! He’s just doing whatever he has to in order to survive! Besides, the bell hasn’t rung yet! It’s all legal if the match hasn’t started!

Like a predator stalking his prey, Barker allows Catcher to crawl into the ring while following him under the bottom rope with chair in tow. Willie Dean finally calls for the bell as this match is officially underway. As Catcher tries to pull himself up by the ropes, Barker sneaks up behind Catcher and rears back with the chair when Willie Dean reaches out and snatches it from Barker’s hands! Barker is absolutely livid and begins to chew out Willie Dean!

Dave Dymond: It’s about time that the referee finally does something before this gets out of hand!

Other Guy: Well, ol’ Willie didn’t have much say as to what was going on if there wasn’t an official match to officiate, Dave.

Catcher, who has wisely used these moments to regain his composure, sneaks up behind Barker and catches him in a schoolboy! Dean makes the count!

Dave Dymond: This could be it!



Barker kicks out and angrily gets to his feet but Catcher is right there with him and surprises Barker with a quick DDT! Barker is down!

Dave Dymond: Like lightning, Catcher able to rebound from that nearfall with a quick DDT! I think he’s got a good chance of pulling off the upset, OG!

Other Guy: Please, Ron Barker is just toying with this kid like a lion toys with his prey in the jungle. He knows what he’s doing.

Catcher sees this an opportunity and makes his way to the turnbuckle. He quickly climbs to the top, sensing this as his big moment!

Dave Dymond: Looks like Catcher’s putting it all on the line right here!

Catcher signals for his moonsault leg drop, appropriately named the Dream Ender! The fans are on their feet and a multitude of flashbulbs go off as the youngster turns around and flies through the air! However, as if his spidey sense were tingling, Barker craftily rolls out of the way at the last second! The crowd oohs at the hard fall taken by Catcher.

Other Guy: See what I’m saying, Dave? The KING of Survival is showing you why he is just that!

Barker crawls over to Catcher and goes for the pin. Dean with the count!




Catcher kicks out!

Dave Dymond: I don’t believe it! The kid lives another day as he’s able to kick out!

The crowd cheers young Catcher on as Barker gets to his feet, grabbing a fistful of hair and grabbing Catcher with him.

Barker throws Catcher toward the ropes. Catcher bounces off and charges back at Barker. Ron lowers his body and slams a right hand into Arion’s midsection! Catcher keels over! Barker spins and charges back with a knee lift! CRACK! He catches Catcher square in the mouth, and the Revolution Champion stumbles back a few steps. Barker runs forward, a little bit past Arion, actually, and then grabs at his neck and drops to the mat!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker with a running neck breaker! And the Laws of Survival Champion is in COMPLETE control after a devestating combo.

Other Guy: Arion is maybe a step or two off his game tonight, Dave. Kid’s got some stuff on his mind, no doubts, but Barker’s a cunning cat.

Barker has a few choice words for referee Willie Dean, befcore starting to go back to work.

However, around the same time, the crowd begins to stir.

Dave Dymond: Barker looking to bring Catcher up off the mat…

Other Guy: (Interrupting) Ohhhh shit! We got visitors!

The cameras pick up MICHAEL AND ROWLAND COLLINS hopping over the guard railing. Ron Barker notices them as well and abruptly shoves Catcher to the mat and briskly moves toward their direction. Willie Dean notices as well and tries to pull Barker back, hoping to alleviate any possible problems.

Dave Dymond: The Collins Twins hopping the guard rail and based on what we’ve seen I can only assume….

Other Guy: Yep. Shit’s going down, Dave.

What was once a small stir turns into a HUUUUUUUUUGE roar as THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON trots out from behind the entrance curtains and heads toward the ring. He moves with purpose and shouts for the Collins to "GO AHEAD!"

Michael and Rowland slide into the ring, and Willie Dean IMMEDIATELY charges to stop them. Barker also has some words.

Ron Barker: What the fuck, man? Let me finish this!

Dave Dymond: The Collins Twins in the ring now. Willie Dean trying to maintain order…

Other Guy: Ron Barker does NOT seem happy to see either of these guys. And why should he? They’re ruining his match.

Barker shouts from behind Dean, not wanting to back down, but also being smart enough to not pick a fight with two guys at once.

The DEFILER: Do it, boys.

Jonny shouts out and The Collins nod. Rowland suddenly DRILLS Willie Dean in the face with a STIFF RIGHT HAND!

Dave Dymond: Dean goes down in a HURRY! Completely unnecessary!

Dean drops dead and Michael SOCCER KICKS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God.

Other Guy: Wow. That’s gotta be a GIANT fine.


Barker takes a step back, shocked by the "out-of-nowhere" brutality, but only momentarily.

Ron Barker: What the fuck, Jonny? What’s the meaning of this?

Jonny slides into the ring and immediately heads in Barker’s direction. Ron glowers and moves toward Jonny, DEMANDING an answer. Jonny holds his hand up, gesturing that he is here in "peace". He moves in closer to Barker and whispers something to him.

Dave Dymond: I have no idea what is happening right now. What started out as a competitive affair has completely degenerated into whatever this is. Willie Dean is down, and now Jonny having a discussion with Barker.

Barker nods his head and Jonny pats him on the back. He continues nodding and gestures toward the STILL GROGGY Catcher as if to say "He’s all yours". Ron then slides out of the ring and takes a seat over by Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil.

Other Guy: Apparently they worked something out? What the HELL is goin’ on, Dave?

Jonny’s focus goes to Catcher, who he watches struggle to his feet on the mat. At the same time, Michael and Rowland begin to position themselves on opposite ends of the Revolution Champion. Jonny takes a few steps back and leans up against the nearby turnbuckle, as though completely content with being a spectator.

Michael Collins: UP LAD!

Rowland Collins: COME ON YE FECKER!


The fans voice their displeasure with what is happening. Catcher holds at the back of his neck. He seems to realize there is at least ONE guy in the ring, but is still too disoriented to figure out where exactly.

Michael Collins: THAT’S IT! Aye, LAD!

Rowland Collins: NOW YE GOT IT!

Catcher stumbles to his feet!

He’s a little too vulnerable.

Michael and Rowland Collins: NOW!




The fans give a HUGE NOSTALGIA POP to a move which was once and perhaps even STILL called the "WE FUCKED YOUR BACK UP!"

Michael and Rowland look down at Catcher and smirk, before turning back toward Jonny who gives an approving nod and pulls out a microphone from the pocket of his corduroys.


Jonny smiles and seems to enjoy the bizarre adoration this moment is receiving.

The DEFILER: I gave you EVERY CHANCE to avoid this, Arion. But would you listen? DID YOU LISTEN!?

Jonny moves toward the center of the ring, joining the Collins, looming over the unconscious Arion Catcher.

The DEFILER: (Taking a knee beside Catcher) That’s going to be your problem around here, kiddo. You just… you charge into everything with this… like… really fucking annoying "take no shit" attitude. I mean, my AUNT DIED LAST WEEK, Catch! And… and instead of being able to mourn like the compassionate, LOVING human being that I am…. I have to spend the ENTIRE WEEK fielding questions about a make-believe LOSS to a make-believe champion.

Jonny shakes his head.

The DEFILER: You just don’t do that, Arion. YOU DON’T FUCK WITH ME!

He turns Arion over on to his back and VIOLENTLY SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE!

The DEFILER: Boys…

Jonny stands up again and turns his back to the situation, while Michael and Rowland hoist Arion to his feet and hold him in place. After regaining his composure, Jonny turns back around and moves in a few steps closer, now only inches away from Arion’s unconscious face.

The DEFILER: You love your Revolution Championship. You wear it everywhere you go. You talk about it every chance you get. You even used it as some twisted way to… to prove that you were somehow better off than me. Heh. (Shaking his head) Soooo fucking, stupid, but that’s why these idiots love you so much. Undying pride in everything you do.

He pauses, making sure to enjoy Arion’s current state.

The DEFILER: Now, I guess what I’m getting at, Arion… What, what I’m trying to say is… Is that I intend to take that title from you. And no… I don’t want you or anyone else thinking I’ve cashed in my "freebie". That, that as WINNER of the 2008 REDEMPTION RUMBLE I have become so obsessed with Arion Catcher that I would risk my shot at SHOOT PROJECT SUPREMACY for your little jobber belt. Nah, Arion. It’s way more simple.

He smiles.

The DEFILER: You haven’t defended that title since you’ve won it. (Shrugging) Whether that’s a coincidence or not… fuck, it really doesn’t matter, right? The fact is, Arion… you WON the Revolution Championship on February twenty-fourth and it is now almost EXACTLY ONE MONTH LATER… Twenty-eight days have passed without ONE SINGLE DEFENSE.

Jonny grabs Arion by the mouth and squeezes his lips together.

The DEFILER: Do you know what that means, sweetie? HMM? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

He lets go and casts a sinister grin.

The DEFILER: Two days and the SHOOT Project will have to make a mandatory defense FOR YOU at the next available date.

Jonny pauses, letting the information settle in everyone’s mind.

The DEFILER: That date would be March thirtieth… at MALICE. And… and as for the opponent… Who do you think they’re going to pick? HUH? What pairing will make them the MOST money? Which opponent would give them the BEST POSSIBLE MATCH FOR SUCH A GIGANTIC STAGE?

He pauses again.

The DEFILER: I hate you, Arion. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate you. I hate how you dress. I hate how you act. I hate how you talk. I… I physically vomit when I think about you. UGH! God you fucking annoy me! (Taking a deep breath and collecting his thoughts) So what I’m going to do is accept the match that Jason Johnson will undoubtedly offer me, and I am going to destroy you. I am going to make sure that ANY RELEVANCE YOU MIGHT HAVE IS COMPLETELY LOST and that you are sent packing back to the scum sucking INDIES WHERE YOU BELONG!

Jonny reels back and SLAPS ARION CATCHER AGAIN. His head whips to the side!

The DEFILER: And then I’ll sell that stupid scrap of metal you boast so proudly to a faggy smark on ebay.

Jonny grabs Arion’s hair and forces him to look up. He places the microphone by his ear and begins to speak.

The DEFILER: No one escapes the Defiler.

The Collins suddenly let go.


Jonny drops the microphone and VICIOUSLY turns Catcher around!




The crowd CHEERS for the very popular move! Jonny grabs the microphone from off the mat and stands back up, looking down at Catcher.

The DEFILER: Michael, Rowland… I want you guys to leave the arena. No reason to tempt yourself into any violence this week. Not with your opportunity for GREATNESS just one week away. You’ve shown enough to these people… to the boys in the back. Let the Avengers and Long Island Hardcore do whatever they need to try and play catch-up.

Michael looks at Rowland, who looks back at Michael and nods. Michael the nods as well and the two men leave the ring together.

The DEFILER: (looking up over toward the scorers table) Sorry about that Ron, but I’m sure you understand how these things can be.

Barker, who had been watching this entire time, stands up from his chair now and slides back into the ring. He looks down at Catcher along with Jonny.

Ron Barker: He DID kind of have that coming. (Nodding) I understand, Jonny.

Jonny smiles.

The DEFILER: Good. (Pointing at Catcher) Let’s finish this thing like I promised.

Barker seems happy to hear Jonny’s remarks. He drops down and hooks Arion’s leg, while Jonny grabs the completely DEAD Willie Dean and drags him into position. He then lifts Dean’s right hand and forces him to slap the mat!


He lifts again.


He lifts one last time!



The DEFILER: (Standing back up, looking at Willie Dean) I don’t want to see you officiating another one of my matches. (Smirking) But at least you… did the right thing.

He shifts his gaze to Ron Barker who stands up, happy with the outcome of this total debacle. The fans continue to BOOOOO quite loudly, regardless of the fact that their hatred falls on deaf ears.

The DEFILER: Thanks again, Ron. You’re a professional, no doubt. (Looking down at Arion) Heh… And, uhh, and Arion… I’ll be seeing you Sunday.

Jonny drops the microphone on the mat and rolls out of the ring without another word.

Dave Dymond: That manipulative son of a bitch! It’s always a goddamn production with him. Totally unnecessary and I hope to GOD that Arion Catcher can pull off the miracle of miracles and shut that asshole up!

Other Guy: And how likely is that, Dave?

Dave Dymond: (Flustered) I don’t know.

Willie Dean and Arion Catcher are being tended to in the ring, while Barker slides out to retrieve his LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Dean is in a little better shape and is actually able to exit the ring on his own, but that is not the case for Arion who is being carted out via stretcher. Barker waits as the casualties are removed and notices the microphone lying in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well, we have Eryk Masters in the back with…

Other Guy: Dude, I don’t think Ron’s done quite yet. Hold off for now, Eryk.

Barker slides back into the ring and takes the microphone, apparently having something on his mind. He slings the Laws of Survival title over his shoulder and smiles.

Ron Barker: I said I would I do it… and true my word, I did it! I SINGLE HANDEDLY defeated your Revolution Champion here tonight!

The crowd boos unmercilessly as Barker smirks.

Dave Dymond: What a cheap son of a bitch! I told you he was opportunistic!

Other Guy: Easy, Dave. You don’t want him overhearing you. You’re not exactly in Laws of Survival shape, man. I wouldn’t put it past you to survive a buffet let alone a match with Ron Barker.

After letting the boos go on long enough, Barker continues.

Ron Barker: I said I would come out here in front of all of your morons and show you exactly why I AM the King of Survival here in SHOOT Project. I said I would show you why I AM the man to beat around and here and that’s exactly what I did! It doesn’t matter if it’s Arion Catcher, Cade Sydal, Jun Kenshin, or Jester Smiles… I’ll take on ALL challengers and defend this beautiful Laws of Survival Championship… ANYTIME. ANY PLACE.

Suddenly, "The Show Must Go On" kicks in over the PA. Jester Smiles emerges from the back, a bit of a smirk on his face.

Sure enough, Jester starts walking down to the ring in full wrestling attire, staring straight at Ron Barker, the smirk never leaving his face. Upon reaching the ring apron, he simply stops, staring down Ron Barker. He then leaps onto the apron, the crowd cheering him on. Jester enters the ring, walks past Ron Barker, motions for a mic, and when he is handed one, he turns back to Barker.

Jester Smiles: Hiya Ron.

Barker smiles at Jester before shaking his head as he brings his own microphone back to his lips.

Ron Barker: Oh I’m sorry… you must be slighly confused. This is the moment for the CURRENT Laws of Survival champion to speak. If you’ve forgotten, sport, that would be me. I will say though… you don’t look too bad for losing 10 lbs. in one week.

Other Guy: Does the belt really weigh ten pounds?

Dave Dymond: Is that really important right now?

Jester continues smirking, never looking away from Ron.

Jester Smiles: Why thank you. It’s so nice of you to notice. However, I have to say, flattery will do you no good. You’ve got to AT LEAST buy me a few drinks before you can get into these tights.

Part of the crowd laughs. Other parts just seem disgusted.

Other Guy: The clown’s….gay?

Dave Dymond: I think it’s a joke, OG.

Other Guy: I hope so, cuz I’m not showering with him if that’s the case.

Dave Dymond: We… don’t… shower with the wrestlers, OG.

Barker sneers at that comment. His patience with Jester stars to grown thin.

Ron Barker: So what is it then? Hm? Come out here to congratulate me on my victory last week? Wanted to concede that I’m quite clearly the better wrestler than you are? Because you’re starting to impede on MY time.

Jester continues to smirk. He then slowly, and I mean SLOWLY lifts the microphone to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Oooooohhh… I’m… sorry… Ron… I… did… not… mean… to… waste… all… your… time… Ron…

Jester slowly lowers the mic. He then slowly begins to head towards the ropes, and, again, we’re talking OVERLY exaggerated slow, as if he’s going to leave the ring. He then stops and turns back around, walking back to the ring.

Jester Smiles: Oh right, I had something to say about our match lat week. Yes, you did beat me, so, sure, congrats Ron. You won the Falls Count Anywhere Match and are now the Laws of Survival Champion. Everyone, cheer for Ron Barker.

Jester claps. The fans, however, boo. Jester continues smirking, lifting the microphone back to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Now, in regards to that match, here’s the thing. In my contract, it says that, when I lose the title, I’m entitled to a rematch. And, since you are out here, doing the exact same thing I did a couple of weeks back, but clearly being a good champion while you mimic me, I figured, hell, why not take my rematch right….now.

Jester now lowers the mic and points it at Ron, signifying it’s his turn. The crowd cheers at the prospect of a Laws of Survival Match. Ron smirks as he speaks.

The crowd boos. Jester looks down for a moment, still grinning.

Jester Smiles: Now, wait, hold on just a minute.

Jester looks up at Ron.

Jester Smiles: What happened to "Anytime, Anywhere"? I mean, I guess you are ready for anytime, I guess you are ready for anywhere, but it seems you are not ready for anyone. See, that makes me think that someone is afraid to see if he really is better than someone else, or if he really just got lucky.

Not naming any names, of course.

The crowd cheers. The cheers break into a "RON’S A PUSSY!" chant.

Dave Dymond: Very vocal crowd tonight.

Other Guy: That’s SHOOT Project fans for you. They have an opinion, and you’re gonna hear it.

Ron looks angrily over the crowd who are still chanting towards him. The longer they chant, the angrier he gets. He looks at the fans in disgust before turning his attention back towards a smirking Jester Smiles. He raisese the mic to his mouth but the fans continue to chant even louder!

Other Guy: Well that’s just plain rude, Dave. How can he answer the challenge if they won’t even let him speak? Give the man a break!

Dave Dymond: As you said, OG, these fans certainly have their opinion!

Other Guy: Yeah, yeah.

Frustrated, Barker shouts over the fans.

Ron Barker: You want your match? Your want your Laws of Survival title match right now? FINE! Get a ref out here right now!

Dave Dymond: Wait, what? He’s actually agreed? Ron Barker showing a very honorable side of him by actually accepting Jester Smiles’ challenge!

Other Guy: What’d you expect, Dave? Ron is a fighting champion! That’s what they do!

Within moments, Willie Dean comes charging from the back and climbs into the ring asking Barker if this is what he really wants. He nods while handing his microphone to Samantha Coil and Jester tosses his in her general area. Barker never taking his eyes off of Jester Smiles who’s beginning to pace back and forth. Barker hands Willie Dean the Laws of Survival championship who shows it to Jester before holding it high for the crowd to see.

Dave Dymond: The crowd is on their feet for this impromptu title defense but we don’t even know what Law this will be under!

Other Guy: Chill, Dave! I’m sure Ron’s got it all figured out.

Dave Dymond: Well we can deduce that it won’t be the Law of Blood as I don’t see any barbed wire or the Law of Confinement as there isn’t a steel cage.

Other Guy: Well that’s some excellent detective work there, Dave. You missed your calling!

Willie Dean looks stumped as to how to start this match without knowing the stipulation. Ron Barker contemplates it for a moment before exiting the ring and heading over to Samantha Coil. He whispers something to her and she doesn’t look overly impressed before announcing…

Samantha Coil: I have just been informed that the following contest will be under…

Samantha pauses for a moment before Ron can be heard telling her to say it.

Samantha Coil: The following contest will be contested under the Law of Patience!

Jester looks confusingly towards Barker who smiles as he picks up his Laws of Survival Championship and takes the microphone from Samantha Coil’s hand as he heads towards the rampway.

Dave Dymond: The Law of Patience? What kind of law is that, OG? I’ve never heard of it.

Other Guy: Well maybe if you were patient, Dave, you’d find out!

The crowd boos as Barker gets further away from the ring as he back pedals up the rampway with a huge smile. Jester Smiles looks angry as he calls Barker to the ring and Willie Dean has no idea what to do. Barker chuckles as he speaks.

Ron Barker: You see, Eric… you want your rematch so bad? Then you’re just going to have wait. I’ll give you your match… but not here tonight! I told you I already competed and that I wasn’t wasting my time with you.

The crowd is incensed as Barker seems unphased.

Ron Barker: You’re just going to have to abide by the new Law… the Law of Patience! Malice is just one week from tonight and that, Jester Smiles, is when you’ll have your match. I said any time and any place… but I am the Laws of Survival champion. Any time… any place… when I see fit!

Ron Barker begins to laugh as he drops the microphone. Folk Implosion’s "Natural One" begins to blast over the speakers as he lifts the Laws of Survival championship over his head as the crowd boos relentlessly.

Dave Dymond: What a damn coward, OG! I really thought we were getting a Laws of Survival championship match here tonight and instead Barker backs out!

Other Guy: What are you talking about, Dave? The title is being fought under the Law of Patience! For all you know, the match is on right now!

Dave Dymond: Give me a break!


The camera opens backstage, with the Flying Avengers standing with their backs to the camera. As the shot opens, the two step to either side, and they now flank Cade Sydal! The fans cheer a little, as the conversation continues.

FLASH Dynamite: Are you sure this is what you wish to do, Cade?

Kid Lightning: Yeah. We can stand up next to you! We can help you in your crusade!

Cade shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: I don’t wanna do it, guys. I have to. Look, KL…we’ll always have the Sky High, no doubt. And FLASH, you know how to reach me. Now look, guys, I have some more loose ends to tie up tonight. I’ll see you guys later.

Cade steps between the two and walks to the left of the screen, as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning both shake their heads slowly.

Dave Dymond: Well we know Cade doesn’t want to do whatever it is, but what is it? Is he going to give into Donovan King’s demands? Is he going to fight a two-on-one war?

Other Guy: I guess we’re gonna have to find out later on, because from that, its hard to tell, Dave.


The camera catches up with the beautiful and intelligent Abigail Chase, standing next to a banner promoting Malice, Sunday, March 30, live on PPV. With her? None other than SHOOT Project’s own Long Island Hardcore… and for once, Jared isn’t staring lasciviously at the interviewer. She seems relieved and tense at the same time. CJ stands behind Jared, arms crossed, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, his septum pierced and the rest of his nose curled into a bit of a snarl. Jared has his hair pulled back in a ponytail, and white contact lenses in his eyes. He looks more intense than we’ve really seen him here; not anything like the laughing joker we normally see from him.

Abigail Chase: I’m here with CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh of Long Island Hardcore, who in just one week will be facing Michael and Rowland Collins and the Flying Avengers in an Irish Table Dance for the Tag Team Championships at Malice. What are your thoughts coming into the brutal environment you face next week?

Jared looks over at her, his intensity actually sort of putting Abigail off… she’s not used to this from him. He hasn’t even hit on her yet.

Jared Walsh: Five years, Abigail. We’ve been doing our thing now for five long years. And that’s just in the big leagues. In that time, we have always strived to be different. To be on the cutting edge… to be something other than the cookie-cutter, stereotypical goody two-shoes or mustache-stroking villains in the wrestling world. When we started, we were harder, more violent. We were the badasses who did what they wanted, when they wanted; the shades of gray in a black-and-white world.

Well, Abby, times have changed. Guys like we used to be… they are the stereotypes. The whole world has changed, and those black and whites are the minority, the niche players like the Flying Avengers. They’re “old school”. A nostalgia act. Fact is, most people see them as guys who couldn’t evolve, or refuse to accept the world for how it is today. Now… everybody’s like the Collins brothers. Trying to play at being tough guys, but without the proof. They don’t need to pay their dues, they just say they’re badasses and god forbid you say otherwise. The way they figure it, they just need to keep saying it until you think it’s true.

And then there’s us. Long Island Hardcore. When we started, Abby, the whole idea of hardcore wrestling was new, something just brought over the ocean. It was something that put asses in seats, but it was the sideshow. That’s the world we started in. The world we put our blood, sweat, and tears into to provide an alternative to the mainstream. Now… nobody remembers the circus. The alternative is the norm. Hardcore? Hell, in some places we’ve been, that’s the main attraction.

We evolved… we eschewed what made us great in order to provide a new alternative. In a gray world…

He points to his purple suit with a bit of a smile.

Jared Walsh: …you gotta add a little color to stand out.

At Malice, we go into an Irish Table Dance. We get to put the Hardcore back into Long Island Hardcore. We go back five long years, Abby… to our brutal, violent roots.

CJ Nelson: FLASH, Kid Lightning, Michael and Rowland… you can call it an Irish Table Dance, you can call it TLC, you can call it a death match, No Escape, or whatever other fancy name you want.

CJ pulls his sunglasses off, looking deep into the camera lens.

CJ Nelson: Long Island Hardcore calls it home.

Jared Walsh: And Malice is going to be one HELL of a homecoming. You can bank on that.

CJ and Jared stalk off frame, leaving a surprised and somewhat bewildered Abigail Chase to look pretty before sending it back to Dymond and OG at ringside.

Dave Dymond: Some strong words coming from Long Island Hardcore, and it sounds like they’re ready to live up to their name, OG.

Other Guy: I’ve seen some of the things these guys can do, Dave… I’d be looking over my workman’s comp insurance if I were the other teams.


With a break in the action tonight, the focus cuts to the Revolution backstage interview area where Eryk Masters stands on hand, just slightly to the right of a large black, blue, and silver Revolution banner.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, with the Iron Fist Championship match up still to come, I am on hand now with the current Champion’s good friend and sidekick… Paul “Acewing” Jarvis!

Jarvis walks into view now, using two crutches to get around as his right knee is heavily braced up.

Paul Jarvis: Tag team partner, Eryk.

Masters raises a slightly confused eyebrow.

Eryk Masters: Excuse me?

Paul Jarvis: Not just good friend, certainly no sidekick.  No, Maddog and I are best friends, tag team partners, cruiserweight co-pilots.

Masters just nods his head in understanding.

Eryk Masters: Right, and tonight your tag team partner, Dan Stein, has his first title defense, but its no easy match.  You know Stein pretty well, what do you think his chances are in beating the ruthless Kenji Yamada?

Jarvis seems slightly hesitant for a moment, but then speaks up.

Paul Jarvis: you know a lot of people in the past have counted maddog out.  A lot of men thought he wouldn’t be good enough to be a top dog. But you know what, he’s out there flying high every week, proving to all the others out there that he’s one HELL of a pilot.  And it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be right there with him, and we’ll turn the world of tag team wrestling on its ear.

Eryk Masters: But back to the Iron Fist Championship match that’s at hand tonight.  You’ve obviously been watching Sky High, Just as Dan Stein has seen some momentum and success, you can’t deny Kenji Yamada’s dominance as well.  Not to mention Dan Stein is coming off of a grueling match against Corazon, and a hard loss against Kid Lightning.

Again Jarvis takes a moment, and this time he even takes a deep breath in.

Paul Jarvis: Look I know what this is about. But I have the utmost confidence in my co-pilot.  And the Honda Center is FILLED with our cadets, and that’s all the more reason why tonight, there’s no doubt in my mind Maddog is going to be victorious.  As for Kid Lightning, he took advantage of Stein when he was hurting…. So Kid… I have a few words for you…

Jarvis looks straight into the camera now.

Paul Jarvis: Sooner rather than later, Team Alpha Bravo is going to fly… and we go at it fast and strong.  Stein might be okay with what you did, but believe me, that victory was HIS and I can only hope that after Malice you and your partner have captured the tag team gold, because me and Maddog, we’re going to be right there to take it from you!

Jarvis gives a forceful and crisp salute to the camera before hobbling off on his crutches.

Eryk Masters: Paul Jarvis with some words, but the real focus of the night is CAN Dan Stein successfully defend his newly won Iron Fist Championship or will Kenji Yamada make quick work of that reign making his thoughts of fate and destiny a reality here tonight, just one week before Malice.

Masters gives a nod of his head and the camera cuts from the backstage interview to elsewhere in the Honda Center.


The scene fades to the back. We are in a locker room, specifically, the locker room of all the Mallo’s crew. Dr. Randall Grace sits on a bench, nervously biting his finger nails, his leg shaking. Sitting across from him is none other Vincent Mallows, wheel chair ridden. You can see that twisted half smile resting on his face.


Dr. Grace: I will NOT do that, Mallows. I will not be apart of your sick twisted games. I will not feed into Samuel’s negative and violent behavior.

There is no response from Mallows, his right eye is fixed on him, and his left eye would be if it were not drooping slightly to the side and downward, a direct result of his paralysis.

Doctor Grace is clearly very shaken by Mallows silence, but he tries to remain firm.


Dr. Grace: Go get one of your other lapdogs to do your work. I will have NOTHING to do with it.

Again there is no response from Mallows, but he then moves his wheelchair forward, a bit closer to Doctor Grace, closing in on him, his gurgled breathing pattern easily heard.

Vincent Mallows: Lap dogs, doctor?  They are my family.  You aren’t speaking ill of my family are you?

Doctor Grace stares at Mallows for a moment. He leans back, trying to distance himself from Mallows.


Dr. Grace: Look, you’re a scary guy, and I know you’re boys could hurt me in all kinds of ways. Hell, I know what Samuel could do to me if you asked him it. But that doesn’t change a DAMN thing, Mallows. I will not, and I say this for the last time, will NOT have anything to do with you.


Dr. Grace stands and begins to walk away.

Vincent Mallows: You know, the last doctor I met so personally with understood the concept of family.  He had a lovely one of his own…

Doctor Grace stops.


Dr. Grace: You don’t know anything about my family.


Doctor Grace sounds more hopeful than sure.

Vincent Mallows: I know Teresa volunteers at Rush Medical in Chicago.  I know your little boy, only 3, has your eyes, and even that little furrow of concern that you show all too well.

Mallows wheels right up behind Doctor Grace now.

Vincent Mallows: But I’ve left that part of me behind, doctor.  I simply think perhaps you wouldn’t want it to come back.

Doctor Grace turns around and grabs Vincent by the shirt. He pulls the paraplegic face to face with him, a rage showing his face that is VERY uncharacteristic of Randall Grace.


Dr. Grace: I swear to God Mallows, if you do ANYTHING to them, if you fucking touch them, I’ll….I’ll….

Vincent Mallows: I won’t harm your family, if you do what MINE has demanded of you.  Now… (Struggling in Dr. Grace’s grasp) let go… of me!

Doctor Grace, suddenly realize his situation, releases Mallows and falls back, his head in his hands.


Dr. Grace: Fine. I’ll do it.

Mallows, now situated in his chair once again, presses the joystick like lever on the arm of the wheelchair and starts to back away from Doctor Grace.

Vincent Mallows: Well, if you don’t want to you don’t have to, doctor… but I really and truly appreciate you volunteering like this.

Doctor Grace doesn’t stick around any longer. He gets up and leaves quickly as the camera fades out.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under a twenty-minute, television time limit!

“Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys begins to play loudly over the PA system and the fans offer up a few cheers, but nothing substantial.  The curtains rustle and out comes the trio of CBP, NOVA LYNN, and AJAX!  CBP seems to be accidentally skipping to the ring as he hops up and down to the beat of the music, throwing out the oft-maligned BIT-O-HONEY candies.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of SIX HUNDRED and TWELVE pounds…  CBP, MS. NOVA LYNN, and AJAX!

CBP makes it to the ring first and does a weird, head-banging thing on the apron, which makes him clearly look like a “poser”, but it’s almost cool because he has no idea how ridiculous he looks.  Nova and Ajax are a little slower to the ring, with Ajax giving Nova a few points of advice where he can.  Of course, Nova is distracted by the cat calls down the aisle and takes time to wave to her “would-be-suitors”.

Dave Dymond: An interesting affair we’re delving into for this one, though I don’t expect things to be much different than what we saw just moments ago in Ron Barker’s “victory” over Arion Catcher.

Other Guy: Well, CBP, Nova Lynn and Ajax are new comers to the SHOOT Project, but somehow found themselves entrenched in this sorta mini-battle with the pairing of Tom Quinn and Jason Riley, and now, the debuting SUPER FAN, TIM CALAHAN.  And you’re right, Dave…  Quinn, Riley and Calahan are all a part of this bizarre group of friends that seem to be there for each other when it matters the most.

Dave Dymond: The sides are at least even tonight so perhaps Nova, CBP and Ajax might at least have a CHANCE at a clean contest.

Ajax walks up the steel steps and Nova slides under the bottom rope, her legs spread apart, of course, because why would she do anything not alarmingly slutty and wonderful.  Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys starts to fade and the trio begins preparation for the contest ahead.

Dave Dymond: A much more organized effort from the CBP, Nova, Ajax trio tonight.  In the passed few weeks, miscommunication has been the group’s biggest downfall.


The fans turn their attention the aisle way and offer a decent smattering of “BOOOOOs” at the start of this one.


Soft acoustic strums at first… but then


Samantha Coil: Coming in at a combined weight of SIX HUNDRED and TWENTY ONE pounds!  The team of TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY and the SUPER FAN, TIM CALAHAN!

“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies blares through the PA system as Quinn, Riley and SUPER FAN bust out from behind the curtains.  Riley starts his usual obnoxious behavior, running up to various fans and acting like a douchebag.  He wiggles his fingers at them and calls them various names.  Super Fan claps a lot and cheers, but generally does nothing offensive, and Tom Quinn, the professional of the trio, is simple cracks his knuckles and walks calmly toward the ring.

“With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Riley makes a charge for the ring, followed by Calahan and then Quinn.  Riley slides head first into the ring and makes a B-line for the turnbuckle.  Calahan uses the stairs and Quinn also slides in under the ring, though stays grounded while Riley hams it up.

Your head will collapse

But there’s nothing in it

And you’ll ask yourself”

Riley out stretches his arms and poses.  A few flash bulbs go off, but nothing major.  Quinn and Calahan discuss strategy.

Where is my mind.

Ajax shakes his head at Riley’s arrogance, but then huddles his team up.  In the meantime, Riley hops down from the turnbuckle and gives them a wave before heading to his corner to meet up with Quinn and Calahan.

The music fades and referee Denis Helfin calls for the bell!


Ajax takes command for his team and steps forward as the legal man.  Quinn looks over and sees the decision and then slaps Calahan on the chest.  Riley pats him on the back and then both men leave the ring.

Dave Dymond: So it’ll be the SUPER FAN, Tim Calahan starting off with Ajax in this three-man-tag-team contest.

Other Guy: Calahan a little bigger, and probably matches up with Ajax a little better, though to be honest, we haven’t seen either of these men in a SHOOT Project ring so it’ll be interesting.

Calahan and Ajax feel each other out for a moment, circling the ring, eyes locked.

Dave Dymond: Ajax is an old pro whose age simply has caught up with him over the last few years.  But from what I’ve seen, he’s a more than serviceable opponent and may still have just enough in the tank to give Nova and CBP a decisive advantage.

Both men lock up and begin a pretty standard grapple.

Dave Dymond: Calahan is a different story altogether.  Tim’s the son of former independent stand-out, Brian Calahan, a guy who has been through the SHOOT Project for a couple cups of coffee, and although he’s still relatively young at about twenty-eight years old, Tim’s biggest knock is a vanilla offense and less than average stamina.  Where Ajax might supply a spark, Calahan might be a reason Riley and Quinn lose tonight.

Ajax takes advantage of Calahan and shoves him into his corner.  Helfin calls for a clean break, which Ajax awards.  He steps back, but Lynn reaches in and gives Calahan a kiss on the cheek!  Calahan is stunned and looks back at Nova who gives a wave.  Tim can’t help but cast a goofy grin, but as he turns around…


Ajax knocks his block off with a SOLID right hand!  Calahan hits the mat and tries to get up!  Ajax helps the process along by scooping Calahan up and SLAMMING HIM DOWN!

Dave Dymond: BIG body slam from Ajax!

Ajax quickly drops a thundering elbow and connects to Calahan’s chest!  Ajax stays on for a pin fall attempt!  Riley and Quinn scream at Calahan to kick out!



Calahan kicks out and Riley lets out a HUGE sigh of relief.  Quinn shakes his head.  Neither man seems comfortable with Calahan in the ring.

Other Guy: Seems Riles ad Quinny aren’t super confident about Calahan’s abilities.  Heh, but obviously neither one wanted to get in the ring with Ajax after what happened last week.

Ajax grabs Calahan by the back of his head and scoops him up!  He throws him into the ropes with an Irish Whip!  Calahan bounces back and Ajax ducks his head and HOOOOOOIIIIIIISSSTS Calahan up and over with a HUGE back body drop!  Calahan holds at his back and tries to get up too quickly.

Riley: NO!

Calahan turns and gets DRILLED with a right hand from Ajax!  Calahan goes down again and slides out of the ring!  He then turns to Quinn and Riley and waves for one of them to come inside.  Both men jump down off the apron and leave to attend Calahan, neither one wanting to fuck with Ajax’s momentum.


Ajax actually gets a nice little pop from the crowd for cleaning house!

Helfin begins a mandatory ten count, but no one is going to really get counted out.

Dave Dymond: The old man still with some mileage left in the tank!

Riley and Quinn help Calahan to his feet, while Ajax screams for them to get back in the ring.  Riley then slides into the ring, only to be stopped by Helfin!  Ajax pushes Helfin out of the way and GRABS one of SHOOT Project’s most obnoxious personalities.  Helfin begins to make a five count on Riley, but Calahan then slides in to save his partner!  Ajax throws Riley to the side and turns to Calahan, but then doesn’t see TOM QUINN charge at him from the side and connect with a LOW DROP KICK TO HIS LEFT KNEE!

Nova and CBP cringe, knowing Ajax’s injury history!

Ajax’s leg buckles and Calahan charges forward with a THUNDEROUS clothesline!  Helfin rushes to get control of this one, but before he can, Riley springboards and CONNECTS ON A BEAUTIFUL MOONSALT!  Helfin tries to get the guys out of the ring, but then OUT OF NOWHERE, CBP AND NOVA CATAPULT IN AND TAKE OUT ALL THREE GUYS AND THE REFEREE!!!

Dave Dymond: CHAOS!  Oh good lord!

The fans actually get kind of excited about the crazy spot they just witnessed!

Other Guy: Everyone is down!

Nova and CBP try to scramble to their feet to go and help Ajax…  Quinn, Riley and Calahan all took the brunt of the damage and are VERY slow and groggy.  Helfin took the least damage, having been on the outskirts of the mass attack, but holds his head and neck off the side near the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Ajax really hurting and…  what the?

Other Guy: MORE???

The fans start shouting as DECLAN O’LEARY is spotted hopping the guard-railing.

Dave Dymond: This is getting excessive!  DECLAN O’LEARY IS HERE and he has a STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!  Do they ever run out of numbers?  Goddamnit!

Nova, CBP and Ajax don’t seem to have any idea Declan is here, and the Irishman stealthily rolls into the ring behind the trio!  Without ANY hesitation he SLAMS THE CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF NOVA’S HEAD!






Ajax turns around to defend his friends!



Dave Dymond: I HATE these guys!  Between Quinn, Riley, Calahan, Jonny… the Collins and I guess now Declan O’Leary…  GODDAMNIT!  Another match ruined!


O’leary notices Helfin coming to and starting to get back to his feet…  Riley is the closest ally nearby and gives him a little poke with the chair.  Riley sees Declan who is pointing to Ajax.

Declan ducks down out of the ring and makes a hasty exit toward the aisle (outside of the referee’s vantage point), while Riley positions himself in such a way that he is making the pin fall attempt, but hiding his face from Helfin.

Dave Dymond: Jason Riley isn’t even the legal man.

Other Guy: I don’t think Helfin can see.

Helfin turns around and sees Ajax being clearly pinned.  He either lost track of who was legal for the Riley, Quinn, Calahan team, or can’t tell who is making the pin.  The groggy Helfin makes the count regardless!




Helfin calls for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Damn.

Other Guy: These cats steal another one, Dave.

Quinn and Calahan MOB Riley and then all exit the ring in celebration while “Where is my Mind” by the Pixies starts to play up again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winners of the match…  JASON RILEY, TOM QUINN, and SUPER FAN TIM CALAHAN!

Declan, who has been standing inconspicuously by some fans along the aisle, meets up with the victors as they head in his direction.  The four men don’t even bother looking back at the carnage they left in the ring as they head out through the curtains.

Nova and CBP just START to kind of come to, but neither seems to know what happened exactly.  Ajax is in the worst shape of the bunch, and is currently being tended to by Denis Helfin and the ringside medical staff.

Dave Dymond: The run-ins and shady victories are getting old, OG.  I’m sick of seeing them and I’m sure the fans at home are equally sick.

Other Guy: I don’t think these boys care, man.

Dave Dymond: And now it looks like Ajax is seriously injured.  These guys can gal can’t seem to catch a break and it’s a shame because they’re actually very talented performers.  It’s just annoying.  Can’t someone do something about this stuff?

Other Guy: This is these guys’ calling card, Dave.  It’s a bunch of friends who find a way to get by with murder, man.  Jonny, Quinn, Riley, Declan, and I guess the Collins and Calahan like you said…  It’s shitty, no doubt.  I kind of hope CBP and Nova get another shot at these guys somewhere down the line because I think I’d pay to see those boys get whipped.

Nova and CBP, though groggy themselves, both tend to Ajax, with Nova looking a little frantic.


The cameras open up backstage, outside Dan Stein’s locker room. The fans cheer as they read the name on the door, before Cade Sydal steps into view, and the fans cheer louder. Cade takes a deep breath and knocks his knuckles against the door, calmly. Within a second, the door swings open, as Dan Stein stands there, tape half-way on his right wrist.

Dan Stein: Oh shit, hey broski. What’s up?

Cade sighs.

Cade Sydal: I just wanted to talk to you. No matter what happens tonight, don’t worry about me, alright? Don’t…don’t come out there and try to stop things.

Stein sighs now, clearly unhappy with the instructions.

Dan Stein: So you’re going through with it, huh?

Cade Sydal: I’ve got to. You know that.

Stein nods his understanding, and Cade turns to leave, but turns right back quickly.

Cade Sydal: Oh, and…go out there and shut Kenji Yamada the fuck up, will you? His voice has gotten on my nerves in record time.

Stein grins at Cade.

Dan Stein: Don’t worry, bro. I will.


Suddenly, and without warning, Kid Lightning flies out from behind the curtain! Shortly behind him is Rowland Collins, running at him with a kick to the abdomen!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?!

Other Guy: How did this get started?!

It doesn’t take long before Jared Walsh comes flying out from behind the curtain, hitting Rowland from behind with a running forearm to the shoulders that sends Rowland rolling a little ways down the ramp. Jared turns and starts stomping on Kid Lightning’s chest, before Michael Collins is there behind him! Michael turns Jared around and punches him square in the chin!

Dave Dymond: Good God there are bodies flying everywhere!

Suddenly CJ Nelson runs out from behind and grabs Michael Collins from behind with a full nelson! Jared Walsh starts raining the punches into Michael’s cheeks, but he is quickly interrupted when FLASH Dynamite comes running out from the back and tackles Jared down!

Other Guy: This is chaotic!

CJ shoves Michael forward and runs to kick FLASH Dynamite square in the ribs! Kid Lightning leaps into the air and onto CJ’s shoulders for a hurricanrana that sends CJ rolling down the ramp! Kid Lightning pops up to his feet, but Michael Collins is right there with a clothesline to drive Kid Lightning to the ramp!

Dave Dymond: I’m getting word that apparently these guys were scheduled to come out and talk about their upcoming match, until words got heated backstage, and the Collins’ threw the first punches in this sudden melee!

Other Guy: Its those damn Irish tempers.

CJ gets to his feet, next to Rowland, and starts pummeling him, driving him down toward the ring! Jared scrambles on top of FLASH, but FLASH tosses him off and sends him rolling down the ramp and follows in hot pursuit, while Michael Collins continues to stomp on Kid Lightning, sending him sprawling down the ramp! CJ grabs Rowland and sends him hard into the ring post with an Irish whip!

Dave Dymond: It looks like Jason Johnson isn’t going to send out the crew to break this up!

Other Guy: Well, he wanted them to come out here, and they’re out here so…I guess he’s getting what he wants from this.

CJ turns and now grabs FLASH Dynamite as Jared jabs a thumb into FLASH’s eye! CJ turns FLASH around and drives FLASH down to the canvas with a stiff clothesline across the face! Jared and CJ look as Michael continues to drive his foot into Kid Lightning’s ribs, and they both shrug as they move to opposite sides of the ring! They both look under the ring and pull a table out at the same time!

Dave Dymond: And now some tables are coming into play!

Other Guy: This could get fun…

Dave Dymond: My understanding of the Irish Table Dance, as we heard last week during the Collins’ promotional work, is that a tag team is eliminated when both members of the team go through a table, so the winning team is the team with a man that HASN’T gone through a table.

Other Guy: Kind of a unique set-up, and sounds more complex than I’m sure it really is.

As Dave Dymond and Other Guy talk, Jared and CJ both finish setting up their tables, but Jared turns and is surprised by a Rowland Collins kick to the groin, while Michael Collins gives CJ Nelson the same treatment with a well-placed foot from behind! Both members of Long Island Hardcore crumple to their knees, and now both Collins’ reach under the ring. They both pull tables out from under the ring! Rowland slides his table into the ring, while Michael pulls his table toward the front of the ring. Rowland slides into the ring and starts setting up his table, while Michael does the same with his table, setting it up on the outside in front of the ramp!

Dave Dymond: Watch Kid Lightning!

Rowland Collins turns the moment his table is set up, right into Kid Lightning springboarding off the top rope with a high cross body and both men crash onto the canvas just a couple feet away from the table! The fans cheer loudly as Kid lightning stays on Rowland, raining forearms down on him! Michael, meanwhile, is caught unaware by a vertical suplex from Michael Collins on the outside!

Other Guy: Amazing hang time from Kid Lightning, and Michael Collins just had his spine jarred thanks to a suplex on the outside!

Jared pushes to his feet and slides into the ring, holding his groin, as FLASH pulls Michael to his feet and sends him hard into the ring barricade near the table Jared set up! FLASH points his thumb skyward, and the fans cheer, until Michael Collins sends a boot into his abdomen! Kid Lightning pulls Rowland to his feet and sends him off the ropes, but Rowland reverses and sends Kid Lightning right into Jared, who reacts instantly by catching Kid Lightning by the waist and falling backward to drop Kid Lightning’s neck on the top rope!

Dave Dymond: Snake eyes by Jared Walsh, and both Avengers are in trouble right now!

Other Guy: Both could be made an example of right now and they could both get put through a table!

During the chaos inside the ring, and on the other side of the ring, CJ Nelson moves toward the only side of the ring without a table, and reaches underneath, pulling a table out! CJ doesn’t stop there, as he grabs a second table, and pulls it out from under the ring! CJ starts setting one of the tables up near a ring post, while Michael backs FLASH into a table with punches, and Jared Walsh and Rowland Collins form an uneasy alliance to choke the life out of Kid Lightning inside the ring!

Dave Dymond: Looks like, at least for now, Rowland Collins and Jared Walsh want to stop Kid Lightning from breathing!

Other Guy: They were both involved in a triple threat match with him, and they both lost to him, as you’ll recall and that can’t sit well with them.

Michael boots FLASH one last time in the abdomen before backing away from him. Michael backs all the way up against the barricade and then explodes in a dead sprint for FLASH! FLASH also explodes into action, stepping away from the table, FLASH pops his hips and launches Michael up and over with an overhead belly to belly suplex, right through the table!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins just got sent crashing through a table!

Other Guy: Man there are so many damn tables out here right now, I can’t honestly say I’m surprised.

FLASH pushes to his feet as Rowland Collins stops choking Kid Lightning and looks at FLASH! Rowland grabs the top rope nearest FLASH and slingshots over the ring for a cross body over the ropes, but FLASH catches him and holds him with ease! But CJ Nelson is there with a running boot to the back of FLASH’s knee, taking FLASH down with Rowland on top of him! CJ pulls Rowland to his feet and throws him, head first, right into the steel barricade with ease!

Dave Dymond: Did you hear the thud as Rowland’s head met that barrier?!

Other Guy: That was sick nasty, Dave.

CJ pulls FLASH to his feet and drags him toward the table in the nearest corner that he just set up, but FLASH slaps CJ’s hands away and snaps a forearm into CJ’s face! CJ backs up against the table, and FLASH steps into him, only to be snapped upward into a guerilla press!

Dave Dymond: Look at the strength and power of CJ Nelson!

CJ turns and drops FLASH onto his shoulder in the same motion before snapping FLASH down into a powerslam through the table!

Other Guy: Purgatory! Through a table! Now THAT is impressive, Dave!

CJ pushes to his feet, with a grin, until Kid Lightning dives through the ropes and connects with a suicide elbow that staggers CJ Nelson!

Dave Dymond: Where did Kid Lightning come from?!

Other Guy: I think while we were paying attention to things on the outside, Kid Lightning got away from Jared Walsh, and there he is!

Kid Lightning looks at the wobbling CJ Nelson and leaps up onto the ring apron and snaps back with a moonsault into CJ! CJ catches Kid Lightning and keeps him held up, but Kid Lightning starts kicking his legs wildly as CJ runs toward the other table in the corner he set up moments ago! Kid lightning slides off CJ’s shoulder before CJ can slam him through the table as well! CJ turns around and Kid Lightning snaps up with a dropkick into CJ’s chest! CJ staggers back and Kid Lightning pushes to his feet! Kid Lightning turns as Rowland Collins comes running at both of them! Kid Lightning ducks his head to back body drop Rowland! The back body drop sends Rowland into CJ with a flying shoulder tackle that sends CJ crashing through the table!

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Rowland Collins and Kid Lightning, I think, just worked together unwittingly!

Other Guy: They definitely didn’t want to help each other, I’m sure of that.

Rowland pushes away from the wreckage just as Jared Walsh baseball slides right into Kid Lightning, sending him crashing back into the barricade! Jared continues out of the ring, and shoves Rowland from behind, spilling him over the wreckage. Jared follows behind and starts kicking Rowland in his ribs! Kid Lightning pushes away from the barricade and rushes at Jared, catching him with a running bulldog on the outside! His celebration is cut short when Rowland catches him with a running back elbow to the face!

Dave Dymond: The chaos continues, as the three smallest members of each team are the only ones standing!

Other Guy: Never thought that would be the case.

Rowland pulls Kid Lightning up to his feet and drags him by the arm to the nearest table outside the ring.

Dave Dymond: And now the carnage is right in front of us!

Other Guy: I hope nothing splinters over this way…splinters suck, man.

Rowland kicks Kid Lightning in the abdomen and pulls him into a standing head scissors! Rowland looks at the table in front of him and pulls Kid Lightning up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb, still several feet from the table! Kid Lightning kicks his legs and slides off in front of Rowland, hooking Rowland by his head, Kid Lightning drops with a DDT on the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: In Japan they call that a Samurai Driver, and that’s how Kid Lightning counters a powerbomb on this occasion!

Other Guy: That was tight, I’ll give him that.

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, but is caught by Jared Walsh as Jared charges, driving Kid Lightning to the floor with a running spinning wheel kick! Jared pushes to his feet and pulls Rowland to his feet before backing Rowland up toward the table. Jared starts driving punches into Rowland’s face before knocking Rowland onto the table, but the table doesn’t break. Jared shrugs, reaches under the ring, and pulls out a chair!

Dave Dymond: Things look bad for Rowland Collins right now!

Other Guy: Man, I am lovin’ this mayhem, it’s awesome.

Jared drives the edge of the chair into Rowland’s ribs, keeping him in place, before he jumps onto the apron! Jared leaps off the apron and tucks the chair under his leg, landing with a leg drop on the chair across Rowland’s face, and the table breaks!

Dave Dymond: Most Precious Blood!

Other Guy: And Rowland Collins is out cold!

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, while Jared Walsh limps to his feet, holding the back of his right thigh! Kid Lightning pulls himself up by the ring skirting and rolls under the bottom rope, holding his face. Jared Walsh spots him and slides in after him, clearly having no desire to end the destruction as he starts stomping down on Kid Lightning’s face! Jared pulls Kid Lightning to his feet finally and looks at the only table inside the ring, one still standing on the outside.

Dave Dymond: I think Jared is going to try to prove that he will be the last man standing in all of this!

Other Guy: And if it were the Irish Table Dance, then that would mean that Long Island Hardcore would win and be the first SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions since the relaunch.

Jared grabs Kid Lightning by his head and brings him to the corner nearest the table before shoving an elbow into Kid Lightning’s abdomen. Jared hooks under Kid Lightning’s head and runs up the turnbuckles!

Dave Dymond: He’s going for You Dissolve!

Other Guy: Through a fucking table!

Kid Lightning suddenly shoves Jared forward before Jared can start to turn, and Jared ends up crotched on the top rope! Kid Lightning drives forearm shots into Jared’s back before climbing up the ropes behind Jared!

Other Guy: What the fuck is this kid gonna do now?

Kid Lightning leaps up, wraps his legs around Jared’s head, and snaps backward with a reverse hurricanrana that backflips Jared off the top rope through the table!

Dave Dymond: SUPER REVERSE RANA! That’s a move he normally does with FLASH’s help, but with FLASH still out on the outside from the table he crashed through, he still pulled it off on his own!

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and hops up onto the second rope facing Jared! Kid Lightning points down at Jared. Kid Lightning spreads his arms!

Other Guy: Look!

Suddenly, Michael Collins, who somehow during the battle got back to his feet, leaps onto the ring apron and then right up onto the second rope next to Kid Lightning, popping his head under Kid Lightning’s arm, Michael Collins falls back instantly, pulling Kid Lightning with him!


CRASH! Right through the table, Kid Lightning falls, as Michael Collins executes a sloppy Irish Car Bomb from the second rope to the outside! All six men now are left lying, among the broken debris of various tables, as the crowd begins a chant!


Other Guy: That was an incredible move off the ropes to the outside! Holy shit!

A door from the outside parking area opens up and the fans begin to boo loudly as through the door emerges none other than Donovan King, followed by Obsidian.  King maintains a huge, cocky grin as he proceeds down the hall way.  He says nothing to no one, until he turns to the main hall in the back, connecting catering to the locker rooms, wherein various SHOOT stars put aside their differences long enough to recharge from their grueling ongoing battles.  King stops, looking at none other than Eli Storm, who is sitting on a chair, staring dead ahead, straight through both King and Obsidian.  King offers his hand to slap.

Donovan King:  Look, homie, no hard feelin’s, right?  I’m about ta help you out here.

Eli Storm:  You sorry sons of bitches.

The fans pop as Eli glares up at the two of them.

Eli Storm:  Some tough guys you two are, getting Cade to this point.  Then again…what can you expect from a guy who had to resort to threats to win a match, hm?  Keep walkin’.

Obsidian seems ready to strike, but King shrugs it off.

Donovan King:  Fuck him.  His loss.  Let’s keep movin’.  So what if he ain’t fear us?

King and Obsidian continue until they pass Long Island Hardcore.


King turns his head to the two of them as Nelson gets in King’s face, Walsh trying to hold him back.

CJ Nelson:  Come on, fuckhead.  You wanna give it a go at trying to push me out next?  I’ll give you a headstart, man.  I used to beat my wife and I’m an alcoholic!  I got a whoooole list of shit for you to work with!

Jared Walsh:  Now, now, CJ…surely we wouldn’t want him going after your family to get to you.  We don’t want to have Donny here cross that line.

Obsidian:  Come, Donovan, let’s keep going.

King glares at the two of them and decides to move on past.

CJ Nelson:  Yeah, that’s good!  Keep walking, fuckface!  Good call!  Obsidian, don’t forget!  It’s down the street NOT across the road!

Obsidian freezes and snaps his head to the two of them.  King stands in between now, trying to stop the big man.

Jared Walsh:  I think King’s got the right idea here, for the first time ever.  This isn’t a fight we need a week before we win those tag team titles.

CJ Nelson:  Fuck that, man!  Meet us in the parking lot!  I’ll beat every last ounce of blood out of you!

King grits his teeth and walks away from them, Obsidian in tow.

Donovan King:  What the fuck is goin’ on around here?

They try to ignore CJ Nelson as he continues to howl insults at them.  As they proceed down the hall way, they are passed by Catch Warren and his brother, Joe.  Joe stops walking and turns to stare.  Catch stops himself and slaps his brother.

Catch Warren:  Stop staring, Joe.

Joe Warren:  Ow!  What the hell was that for?!

Catch Warren:  You don’t want to get involved with people like them, man.  They’re barely human.  They’re fucking animals.

King tries to shrug off what he’s hearing from Catch Warren, ignoring it as he walks.  He’s visibly uncomfortable as he passes an opening doorway.  As he’s walking, however, he is stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

“King, a word, please.”

King and Obsidian both turn to unveil Osbourne Kilminster.  Kilminster rips his sunglasses off, glaring hard at Obsidian.  King immediately puts a hand on Obsidian’s chest to stop him from getting hostile.

Donovan King:  What is it, man?

Osbourne Kilminster:  I like you, Donovan.  I like your work.  I like that you’re young and you’ve got desire and ambition and style.  I like that you don’t really give a damn what anybody thinks about you or the way you do things.

King smiles.

Donovan King:  Thank God somebody out here recognizes the skill!  Thanks, man, I appreciate that a—

Kilminster interrupts.

Osbourne Kilminster:  You know and I know…you’re better than this.  The pedigree you’re from, the stable, training, whatever…you know better than this.

King stops, unnerved.

Osbourne Kilminster:  Hear me out, King.  I’ve been around longer than you have and experience has shown me things you have yet to see.  You can break a man with fists, elbows, feet, knees, submissions, slams, or throws.  You can also break a man with words, Donovan.  Words are powerful weapons and perhaps the most powerful weapon we have…but you never bring a man’s family into it.

Donovan King:  Fuck dat, he deserved—

Osbourne Kilminster:  I don’t like Cade, so I can fully appreciate your want to beat the hell out of him.  But…how you’ve done it is despicable.  Wrong in ways you ought to know are crossing a line you should know better than to cross.  What goes around will inevitably come back around, you would do well to remember that.

Kilminster proceeds where he was going, brushing past them.  King shakes his head, extremely uncomfortable.

Donovan King:  I…man…

Suddenly, as if it weren’t enough, King’s eyes look up to see someone walking towards him.  Three men that he instantly recognizes.  Angel.  Christian.  Christopher Davis.

Donovan King:  Dat’s…you’re…you’re…yo!

Davis stares at King.

Donovan King:  You’re like my idol, man!  Oh my God!

Christopher Davis:  I know who you are.

Donovan King:  HA!

King goes to slap Davis’ hand in respect.

Christopher Davis:  What you did to Cade…

King stops, his eyes bulging in a look of sudden regret.

Christopher Davis:  Let put it to you like this.  If somebody fucked with my child…me quitting SHOOT would be the very LEAST of his concerns.

Davis glares at King for a long moment.

Christopher Davis:  You might want to remember that.

Davis, Angel, and Christian move past the obviously worn down King.  Obsidian helps King move towards their locker room.

Donovan King:  God fucking damn it, man.  Dis is the longest fuckin’ walk I’ve…

And finally, the one man who maybe could provide some sort of solace, the one man who might understand, stands before him…

Corazon:  I’m not going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard.

Corazon’s smugness emanates from him, as he looks at both Obsidian and Donovan King.

Corazon:  You, King, and you, Obsidian…  you will… heh… for what you’ve done…  You’ve crossed a line that no man, not your mentor, not me, not Deviant…  would ever, EVER cross, and for that…

Obsidian looks dejected, and King, worn down.  Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon:  You will get yours.  I will make sure of this.  Whether it’s by someone else’s hand, or mine…  you will get yours.

With that, Donovan King and Obsidian both walk into their lockerrom. Their lockerrom was empty. Symbolic, really.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a Malice preview match up scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…. Hailing from San Diego, California… weighing in at 204 pounds… this is THE UNDENIABLE JUN KENSHIN!

The Undeniable!

Loud applause greets the former Heavyweight Champion who storms out of the back wearing a white with blue trim tights and a white sleeveless hooded jacket with his image and initials on the back.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin made the challenge last week. Let’s see if he’s up to the task, OG.

Other Guy: No titles on the line but this is a Pay Per View Calibre match up, Dave.

Dave Dymond:  Both men are coming off recent title losses. You got to wonder their mindset coming into this.

Kenshin wipes his feet on the apron before coming in and he takes off his jacket and throws it into the crowd. He looks ready but he grabs a mic.

Jun Kenshin: Hey, set those three chairs up. It’s for our VIPS.

Time keeper Mark Kendrick pulls out three special chairs from underneath the ring and sets them up at ringside. The three chairs are in three different sides.

Samantha Coil: From Mexico City, Mexico…. He weighs in at 225 pounds… This is CORAZON!

I’m brutal…


Dave Dymond: Corazon is coming off a loss, an upset in my opinion, to Dan Stein.

Other Guy: Corazon has to forget about that and focus on this week.

“Torcher” blares over the speakers and out steps Adrian Corazon and he’s greeted with a huge ovation! Corazon wastes no time coming in and immediately, we have a face off. Corazon and Kenshin have locked horns but ref Austin Linam hasn’t checked them yet. Linam checks the boots of Kenshin and checks the side of his tights for any weapons or illegal substances. Linam checks Corazon and both men are clean. Linam calls for the bell and we’re on!

Corazon and Kenshin circle the ring as they tie up. The taller and larger Corazon quickly applies the side head lock as Kenshin tries to shove him off but Corazon has the head lock firmly applied. Kenshin pushes into the ropes but Corazon takes him down with a side head lock take over as Kenshin wraps his legs around Corazon, Corazon BRIDGES up showing tremendous neck strength as he is up on his feet. Corazon goes for a European Uppercut but Kenshin ducks out of the way. Kenshin goes for a jumping calf kick but that’s swatted away. The two back away and there is a stale mate.

Dave Dymond:  We’ve seen Corazon brawl but I think we’re going to see a classic tonight, OG.

Other Guy:  Kenshin made the challenge and Corazon is more than up to the task.

Kenshin and Corazon both nod as the feeling out process continues. There is a discernable BUZZ in the air of the arena as the fans are stomping their feet and clapping their hands in anticipation. The two circle as Kenshin is the aggressor and fires a lightning fast kick to the quads of Corazon who lowers his stance to try to catch the kick but Kenshin quickly counters with a big forearm smash to the side of the head rocking Corazon. Kenshin hits the ropes now but right into the awaiting arms of Corazon who is going for a belly to belly but Kenshin counters uses his leverage to get under the armpits of Corazon and then arm drag the former Iron Fist Champ over! Corazon goes stumbling chest first into the ropes as Kenshin’s eyes light up!

Dave Dymond:  Kenshin is going to place a long distance call here!

Kenshin goes for the 619 but Corazon dodges out of harm’s way! Kenshin doesn’t let up though as he fires another kick to the leg but it was a fake! Kenshin leaps and connects with a step up enziguri!

Corazon is down!

Linam counts.



Corazon EMPHATICALLY kicks out and a look of shock is etched on the former Heavyweight Champion. Corazon gets up as he rubs the back of his head and tries to shake it off.

Other Guy:  Corazon showed that it’s going to take more than that to keep him for the three count.

Dave Dymond:  I got to wonder how Corazon will adjust into a pure wrestling environment. This is Kenshin’s domain.

Corazon gets up as Kenshin circles around. Corazon now charges in to lessen the striking distance of Kenshin who tries another kick but Corazon blocks it and just overpowers the San Diego native into a corner. Corazon with a driving knee lift followed up by a 360 degree  back elbow. Corazon grabs the left arm of Kenshin and DROPS him with a Single Armed DDT! Kenshin screams as he holds his arm in obvious pain.

Other Guy:  Corazon is out to out wrestle Kenshin here.

Dave Dymond: You got to wonder if Kenshin is a little rusty, other than tag match he had with Reilly, he hasn’t been very active.

Corazon now hammerlocks the arm as he has his foot in there as he goes up to a vertical base and then SLAMS back first into the mat almost YANKING the arm out of Kenshin’s socket in the process! Corazon yells “Again!” as the half fans boo him but half clap for him! Indeed, Corazon snaps the arm of Kenshin one more time as a smirk of a ring general like Corazon is seen.

Dave Dymond:  Corazon knows he has Kenshin right where he wants him.

Corazon releases the hammer lock now Kenshin rubs his arm. Corazon gets Kenshin up as Kenshin tries to fire some knife edge chops with his good arm but Corazon just absorbs it. Corazon picks Kenshin up and walks toward the ropes and then is thrown throat first onto the ropes! Kenshin convulses in pain as he is wildly thrashing about. Corazon grabs the arm that he’s been working and takes Kenshin down over, Corazon then drops the leg on the arm! Corazon covers.

Linam makes the count.



Kenshin kicks out.

Corazon grabs Kenshin. He’s got him hooked for a Fisherman Suplex here and all of a sudden, the fans attention is turned to the stage and we see the World Heavyweight Champion strolling down. Corazon immediately releases Kenshin and points at Caldwell with hateful eyes. Caldwell pays Corazon no mind and continues to make his way down to the ring side area. Dymond scrambles to get another headset in place for the champ.

Roland Caldwell: Thank you, Dave. Let me say that I am out here to do a little… homework.

Dave Dymond: You mean you’re going to scout Corazon and Kenshin one week prior to Malice?

Other Guy: Let the man do whatever he wants, Dave. He’s the Champ, like it or not, he’s earned that right.

Caldwell grabs a pen and paper from underneath the table and we see him jotting down. Corazon eyes are still on Caldwell and Kenshin gets up. Corazon turns around and EATS a high kick to the face. Corazon stumbles to the corner, Kenshin backs up a few feet and Kenshin charges in but Corazon goes for a kick to counter but Kenshin catches the boot and does a RECOUNTER turning his leg over Corazon’s leg and kicking him! Kenshin shows amazing agility and goes up to the top ropes. Kenshin points at Caldwell like this is for you!

Kenshin flies off with a picture perfect moonsault CRASHING onto the chest of Corazon! Kenshin covers!



Corazon kicks out.

Kenshin points again at Caldwell who looks on stoically. Corazon is in a sit up position and gets eye to eye with Caldwell. Kenshin with a kick to the spine! TWAP! The sound of leather meeting flesh echoes throughout the arena and Corazon cries out. Kenshin hits the near side of the ropes and does a running baseball slide to the face of Corazon!



Corazon gets a shoulder up.

Kenshin grabs the legs of Corazon and does a jackknife pin!



Kenshin kicks Corazon in the ribs so he’s facing the mat now and does an Oklahoma Roll Pin!



Dave Dymond: Kenshin is certainly trying to out wrestle Corazon here.

Other Guy: Trying ain’t the same thing as doing though.

Kenshin grabs the arm of Corazon and shoots in for an Amateur wrestler style pin. One! Two! Again, Corazon escapes. Kenshin now changes tactics and he  scales to the top ropes now and he flies off with a Ricky The Dragon Steamboat like cross body block but Corazon CATCHES Kenshin in mid flight with a desperation POWERSLAM! WHAM! Corazon is down! Kenshin is down!

Dave Dymond: My Gawd! What strength and awareness by Corazon!

Other Guy: Both men are obviously distracted by the presence of Roland Caldwell. They probably thought no one was coming.

We see Roland continue to write down notes and he is silent, still with headphones on. Corazon and Kenshin groggily get up and they both strike at one another.

Kenshin with a chop and the crowd goes “WOO!”

Corazon with a forearm smash and the crowd goes “HEY!”

Chop! WOO!

Forearm smash! HEY!

Back and forth! Back and forth and the crowd is going CRAZY with each strike and counter strike. Neither man giving an inch. Finally, Kenshin rakes the eyes and the crowd boos but his loyal fans actually cheer the dirty tactic! Corazon is blinded and curses in pain. Kenshin is behind Corazon and he’s waiting like a cobra waiting to strike. Corazon stumbles into the grasp of Kenshin. Kenshin grabs the wrist and pops the hips with the Wrist Clutch Exploder that he calls the …


Other Guy: Corazon got dumped on his head!

Kenshin covers!




Corazon rolls to the mat to try to get break but Kenshin is on. Kenshin grabs Corazon and he’s got him in a front face lock, he’s going for a DDT! Corazon desperately fights to break free with desperation rib strikes and that breaks free of Kenshin. Corazon grabs Kenshin around the torso and lifts him up and drives him forward with a FORWARD SPINEBUSTER OFF THE RING APRON!


Dave Dymond: NO! NO! Kenshin is broken in HALF!

Other Guy: Corazon defended himself, he was about to get DDT’ed to the floor!

Linam counts.







Seven …




Eleven …





Kenshin is OUT!

Corazon groggily gets up and rolls back in. He rolls back out to stop the count.

Dave Dymond: Corazon wants to beat Kenshin in the ring, he doesn’t want a count out victory.

Other Guy: Why not? Take the win! Corazon is making a critical mistake!

Corazon throws the lifeless body of Kenshin into the ring. Corazon easily hoists the carcass of Kenshin onto his shoulders and DROPS him with the FURY OF THE DARK HEART!




Kenshin barely gets a shoulder up but there is no look of panic on Corazon but just an ice cold look of determination. Corazon gets Kenshin up and takes him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Corazon backs up a few feet upon standing up and does a Rolling Neck Snap ala the late, great Curt Hennig! Corazon grabs Kenshin back up, he goes behind and does a BACK DROP Suplex but Kenshin lands on his shoulder absorbing the blow! The crowd gasps in shock and amazement at the counter and Kenshin recklessly runs toward Corazon who boots him in the gut and he’s got the arms locked! Original Sin time!

Kenshin quickly pops his head out and rolls back out. He grabs Corazon’s head mid counter for a Diamond Cutter but Corazon throws him away and Kenshin lands back first onto the mat.

Dave Dymond: Amazing! Counter and re-counter.

Other Guy: Both men want this match so badly, Dave.

Corazon gets Kenshin back up. A kick to the gut and then a forearm smash stuns Kenshin. Corazon grabs the waist of Kenshin for a Northern Lights and pops the hips but in mid-move, Kenshin COUNTERS with a DDT from nowhere! Corazon’s body looks like an exclamation mark! Kenshin makes a desperate cover!



Corazon gets a shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: What do you think of this match so far, Roland?

Roland ignores Dymond and continues to jot down information.

Other Guy: He’s ignoring you, Dave. Incase you didn’t notice.

Corazon is down and he’s stumbling back up. Corazon’s neck is wide open and Kenshin quickly runs toward him and applies a flying Triangle Choke! Kenshin has the hold locked in tight and CRANKING on it for all he’s worth. Linam asks Corazon if he’ll give it up. Corazon is barely conscious as the oxygen is fading quickly.

Dave Dymond: I think he’s out!

Other Guy: Linam is gonna check on him! The arm falls once, twice… NO! He’s still conscious!

Kenshin has the hold locked in the middle of the ring however and Corazon makes one last gasp as he LIFTS Kenshin showing off his strength but his legs buckle from the lack of oxygen! Kenshin STILL has the Triangle and he’s going nowhere with it! The ref checks on Corazon again! The arm falls once! Twice! AGAIN, Corazon REFUSES to lose! A shot of Caldwell shows that he has a HUGE smile on his face seeing the two combatants tear into one another.

Corazon with ONE FINAL HOIST, Kenshin’s legs are still wrapped around his neck like a cobra suffocating a mongoose but Corazon screams out in a VISCERAL WAR CRY and throws Kenshin onto his shoulders.


Corazon’s face is a beet red but he is FUCKING PISSED OFF!

Corazon points at Caldwell but Corazon must not have got all of the Dark Heart because Kenshin gets up.


Corazon EATS the superkick and he’s covered!




Dave Dymond: My God! Corazon was choked unconscious and he just got kicked in the face! WHAT THE HELL IS IT GONNA TAKE TO KEEP THIS MAN DOWN?!?!

Other Guy: Corazon said that he represents SHOOT’s essence and he is showing that tonight!

Kenshin is FURIOUS and pounds the mat in frustration. Kenshin pounds the top turnbuckle in anger and he shouts at Corazon.


Kenshin is poised to strike, he’s got Corazon in his sights.

Corazon wobbles up, Kenshin goes for ANOTHER HEAVEN’S BLADE but Corazon ducks out of the way. Boot to the gut.


Corazon covers!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match at 22 minutes and 58 seconds…. ADRIAN CORAZON!

“Torcher” blares through the speakers and Corazon gets his hand raised. Immediately, Caldwell throws off the headphones awaiting a confrontation but Caldwell retreats to the back slithering away like the snake that he is. The crowd BOOS Caldwell, who still has his homework in his clutches.

Dave Dymond: Will you look at that? Caldwell is running away like a..

Other Guy: Scalded dog or government mule?

Dave Dymond” Shut up, OG. He comes out here, jots some notes, distracts these two great competitors and says one sentence throughout the whole night. What was that all about?

Corazon looks on with a disgusted visage but he gets turned around and it’s Jun Kenshin whose clutching his neck with one arm. “Torcher” immediately cuts off and the crowd awaits another confrontation.

Other Guy: Looks like Kenshin wants some more!

Corazon and Kenshin are toe to toe. The tension is THICK and the fans WANT to see round two between these two soldiers but Kenshin with his free arm grabs Corazon’s arm and raises it high into the air.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin shows that he’s all class… even in defeat, OG.

The fans go NUTS with the show of respect and Corazon nods his head echoing the respect shown to him by the former Heavyweight Champion.

Dave Dymond: What a match up, OG but our Malice preview isn’t over. Our main event pits the other two challengers in that Malice match up. Christopher Davis, a former Heavyweight Champion in his own right goes against Kilgore Stochansky!

Other Guy: That’s going to be HUGE in terms of momentum and Corazon is heading into Malice with a big W.


The camera moves back, to a hallway, as Cade Sydal walks through it. He stops and shakes hands with various members of the ring crew and technicians and the like, until suddenly a familiar body steps in front of him.

Dave Dymond: We haven’t seen that man in years!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Cade looks the man with the platinum blonde hair up and down.

Cade Sydal: Looks like you got my call after all, Dutch.

The two shake hands and pull each other into a one-armed quick hug. Dutch Harris pushes Cade back to arm’s length.

Dutch Harris: Yeah, I did. I wanted to see you. I don’t think I can change your mind, but if I can…you know I’ve got your back, right? I can get geared up one more time, and I can help you out in this.

Cade quickly shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: Not with your knee bro. You aren’t going to help anyone with that thing. It’s an appreciated gesture, for sure, but you can’t possibly compete with those cadaver tendons in your knee.

Dutch nods his head slowly.

Dutch Harris: Alright, fine. But I’m gonna wait back here, and when you’re done out there, we’ll go hang out.

Cade nods.

Cade Sydal: Sure thing, dude.


The scene cuts to the ring. A semi-familiar face emerges from the back to absolutely no music at all. That semi-familiar face is Dr. Randall Grace. Grace, who looks incredibly nervous and conflicted, makes his way slowly to the ring, looking down at the ground. The crowd reacts very little, a few people booing.

Dave Dymond: Coming to the ring now is a man whom I would NEVER want to be. I mean, this guy actually devotes his life to the understanding and possible, I don’t know how to put it, but I guess possible cure for whatever it is that Sammy has…or is.

Other Guy: Definitely not the luckiest, or even smartest man alive, I’d say. Bet he got his Ph.D online.

Dr. Grace around the ring and over to Samantha Coil. He asks for a microphone, and is granted one. He then walks up the steel steps and enters the ring between the middle and top rope. Dr. Grace takes a stance in the middle of the ring, but for a moment, he says nothing. All the mic picks up is his heavy, nervous breathing.

Other Guy: This guy camera shy or what?

Dr. Grace: Before I explain why I am out, in front of all these cameras and in front of all of you, I want to make something understood. I am not out here because I want to be. I do not want to relay the message I’ve been given. But, due to certain circumstances, I will be relaying that message.

I have come out here tonight, on behalf of Samuel Rochester-

Sections of the crowd boo. Dr. Grace winces for a moment, but continues.

Dr. Grace: To explain to what Mr. Killian Reilly-

Other sections of the crowd cheer.

Dr. Grace: What exactly he can expect from Sammy’s Playhouse. Samuel would like Killian to know exactly what’s going to happen to him. And let me tell you something, Mr. Reilly, when Samuel starts talking like this…it’s never ends well for anyone.

You see, Killian, there will be two sides of a cage in this match. There will be only two, because Samuel isn’t the type to want to keep you in the ring. No, Killian, those halves are there to hurt you more. Especially, considering, Samuel will have his ‘toys’ attached to those two steel sides. I don’t know exactly what he has planned, Killian, but I assure you, it’s going to be bad.

There are no rules, Killian. No count out. First man to be knocked down for the three count or the first man to give up. But, Mr. Reilly, I implore you. Sammy’s Playhouse was devised as a means of torture. His twisted, broken little mind has created this contraption as a means to hurt you. Mr. Reilly, I implore you. Do NOT fight this battle.

Killian Reilly:  Thanks for the kind words Doc, but there’s no way I’m missing this shindig!

The fans pop huge as Reilly appears from the entrance and makes his way up to the ring.  He slides in and grabs the mic from Grace.

Killian Reilly: Sammy’s little torture chamber don’t scare me.  I’ll destroy the man either way.  I don’t care if this contest is held in a pit of fire.  Somebody’s gotta bring this monster down, and it’s going to be me. 

Dr. Grace lets out a deep sigh. He walks over to Samantha Coil and asks for another microphone to be tossed to him, which it is. Upon receiving the microphone, Dr. Grace moves back towards Killian.

Dr. Grace: Look, you are an admirable man, Mr. Reilly, and I understand that in your line of work, you don’t want to be viewed as weak. But you are young, and have so much ahead of you. Samuel can end all of that. He WILL end all of that. Don’t throw your career away on one sick, deranged individual.

Killian Reilly: Don’t you get it Grace? I’m doing this because of all he’s capable of.  Noone will bully this company if I can help it, especially not some mentally defective psychopath.  I’m sure I got "alot to live for" but I wouldn’t be doing this job if I couldn’t take the beating.  I’ve danced with this behemoth on a couple of occasions now.  Am I fucking dead Grace?  Right, I ain’t.  So you can take your warnings, and politely ram them up your ass.  Your meal ticket won’t be needing a shrink when he’s in a fucking coma.

Another pop from the crowd. Dr. Grace lifts up his mic to say something, but suddenly, the lights go out.

You don’t want to hurt anyone.

But I do, and I’m sorry.

It won’t stop.

The lights come on as "Game Over(Saw Theme)" hits over the PA. Sammy Rochester slowly stalks his way to the ring, a hateful glare on his face. He places Mikey down, gently, at the top of the ramp, in a seated position, and it looks as if Mikey were watching everything.

Other Guy: This spells trouble, Dave. In fact, I think the new spelling of trouble is R-O-C-H-E-S-T-E-R.

Dave Dymond: Killian had some strong words, but maybe he-KILLIAN IS TAKING THE FIGHT TO SAMMY!?

The music cuts off and the crowd cheers as Killian leaves the ring and charges straight for Sammy! Sammy throws a wild hook punch, but Killian ducks and dives down low, hitting Sammy in the gut with his shoulder. Sammy is doubled over, and Killian comes flying up with a HUGE uppercut, causing saliva and a little bit of blood to come flying from Sammy’s mouth! Sammy begins to swing wildly, screaming in a high pitched, hateful sound!

Other Guy: Look at these two go, Dave!! It looks like Malice as come early!

True enough, Sammy and Killian remaining standing, taking each others blows and throwing more of their own. However, the fight is quickly stopped as SHOOT Project Security AND referees charge the entrance ramp, quickly leaping on both men and seperating them.

Dave Dymond: Looks like this fight has been stopped for now, but I think that, by next week, when Malice rolls around, these two men are going to KILL each other.

Sammy is yelling profanities and threats at Killian, trying to get at him, and Killian seems to be doing the same. However, having learned from all the previous fights, security keeps a tight hold of both men, and they slowly begin to escort both of them away, using different exits. As both men are led away, the crowd can be heard chanting "Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!"



“Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC immediately begins to play the second the focus returns to the ring area.  The fans in attendance begin to boo loudly as Kenji Yamada emerges from the back, walking with a purpose tonight.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match up is a SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!!!

Dave Dymond: He arrived in SHOOT Project for the Redemption Rumble, making his way into the final four and since then has been basically the dominant force in Sky High.  Tonight though, Kenji Yamada returns to in ring competition on Revolution, and talk about an important match up.

Yamada soaks in the boos as he approaches the ring, and he talks a bit of time to enter, taunting some of the fans who are closer to ring side.

Other Guy: No doubt. For Kenji all his talk of fate, well it comes down to this right here. And for Dan Stein, the NEWLY crowned Iron Fist Champion, well he best put up a fight, otherwise he risks his victory bein’ called a fluke win.

Dave Dymond: Well for me it would be really hard to think a win over Adrian Corazon was a fluke, but obviously others might see different.  And really as we prepare for Stein’s first title defense, the third party that you HAVE to keep in mind, is none other than the returning Azraith DeMitri.

Other Guy: He’s the x-factor alright as neither that man right there, Kenji Yamada, or the defending champ Dan Stein really like DeMitri, and man it’s been years since we’ve seen that cat in a SHOOT Project ring.

Yamada finally slides into the ring, and as soon as he springs up to his feet he shouts out what can only be assumed to be Japanese profanities as he takes a strong stand inside the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 190 pounds, here is Kenji Yamada!!!

The chorus of boos continues to echo throughout the Honda Center.  Yamada simply smiles with sick satisfaction as he turns his focus to the entryway now, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dan Stein.

Dave Dymond: And ya know, Other Guy, the more I think about it, the more this one could get out of control quickly as on Sky High this past Wednesday, we saw that Vincent Mallows and Roland Caldwell were both very interested in Kenji Yamada, and well you know they’re watching from somewhere in the arena tonight.

Other Guy: Don’t remind me.  I’m already dreading havin’ to share the ringside with Roland later tonight.

As Yamada’s music fades out the anticipation inside the arena builds. Suddenly the SHOOT video screen comes to life and a fighter jet is seen flying across a clear blue sky.  The fans start to pick up a great deal.

“Stay Strong. Fly Fast. Team Alpha Bravo… the best of the BEST!”

The fighter jet picks up speed and suddenly zooms off screen all together just as a series of pyrotechnics shoot off and then…


“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions kicks the energy up a notch inside the Honda Center, and the second Dan Stein steps out from the back, the fans are on their feet cheering loudly and some are down right wild.

Dave Dymond: But no matter what x-factors are somewhere in the arena tonight, THERE is the man who will go through hell to continue to show why he should be considered one of the best, and right now I think it’s safe to say A LOT of people think he is.

Other Guy: Stein’s had a hell of a launch since stepping foot back into a SHOOT Project ring, that’s for sure, and he’s come leaps and bounds from what he was.  This guy blew up huge, and now as the NEW Iron Fist champ, he’s got the momentum in his favor.

Dan Stein proudly pats the Iron Fist Championship that rests on his shoulder and he then looks out to the crowd and gives a confident salute. The camera catches some of the fans saluting back just as Stein starts his way down to the ring.  He gladly tags hands with some of the fans close by, but tonight he doesn’t wear his aviator glasses or flight suit, simply his in ring gear, ready for a fight.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the current reigning SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION… here is DAN “MADDOG” STEIN!!!

Dave Dymond: Stein has fought a tiring string of matches over the past couple of weeks, and tonight… it’s no different. No rest for the weary as they say, especially when you’re facing the deranged determination of Kenji Yamada.

Stein walks a full circle around the ring, while still on the outside, stopping every so often to tag a few more hands. Finally Stein jogs up the ring steps and climbs the top turnbuckle from the outside. The title is taken off his shoulder and raised high into the air, gaining a nice pop from the crowd.  He looks to Yamada, taunting him with a few words, but the arena microphones don’t pick it up.  Stein then hops down into the ring, handing off the Iron Fist Championship to referee Tony Lorenzo.  The referee hoists the belt up with both arms, officially presenting it to the fans as well as the challenger in the match, Kenji Yamada.  Yamada doesn’t even glance at the title; he keeps a cold glare right on Stein.

Other Guy: Yamada freaks me out, Dave. Plain and simple, and if the man HAS decided to align himself with Caldwell, Rochester, and Mallows, well then I might ask Mr. Jason Johnson if we can’t get extra security out here at ringside.

Dave Dymond: Well I’m sure the competitors of SHOOT Project won’t need it…

Other Guy: Don’t give a damn about that, I’m talking about for us!

Dave Dymond: Right, you look into that then, but we’ve got an Iron Fist Championship match on our hands, so I’ll focus on that.

The Iron Fist Championship title is passed out of the ring and the second Samantha Coil is out of harms way as well, referee Tony Lorenzo signals for the match to begin.  The energy coming from the crowd is already high as the bell sounds and both Stein and Yamada are quick to start out.  Both lunge in at one another with a great deal of force behind their movement.  The lock up is a fierce battle, with Yamada suddenly digging his hands into Stein’s shoulders, specifically the nerves closer to the neck!  Stein winces in pain and Yamada SHOVES Stein back and then fires with a swift kick right into the gut. Stein doubles over and Yamada follows up with an attempted quick double axe handle to the back, but Stein reaches and grabs at Yamada’s legs quickly and pulls them out from under him.

Yamada goes down onto his back and Stein drops with him, driving hard forearm shots into Yamada, trying to keep him grounded. The fans pop for a moment, but settle quickly as Yamada forces Stein to the side.

Dave Dymond: You’re going to see a lot of strikes, a lot of grounding in this one, and not so much the high flying both these men are capable of.

Other Guy: Yeah, this ain’t Sky High, it’s an Iron Fist Championship match, gotta knock your opponent out.  Stein’s done it once against the seemingly unbeatable Corazon, but can he knock out Yamada here tonight, that’s what matters most.

Yamada and Stein are both up to their feet, neither one letting up an inch and Stein charges in again. Yamada goes for a hard back elbow, but Stein ducks and runs past him. He bounces off the rope and catches Yamada quickly with a clothesline take down. Yamada rolls onto his stomach though, absorbing the blow and pushes back up off of the mat and grabs at Stein before Stein can run to the ropes again, and just YANKS him down by the back of the head!

“OOOOOOH!” the crowd reacts as Stein’s head hits the mat hard, bouncing upwards slightly.  Stein clutches at his head as Yamada bends down now and pulls Stein up into a sitting position and then just drives a single knee into the back of the head. Stein slumps forward and Yamada now hits the ropes in front of him and comes back sitting double foot strike to the top of Stein’s slumped head! Stein snaps back, now laid out on the mat and Yamada sits there for a moment before rising up to his full vertical base. Referee Tony Lorenzo checks on the situation, but as Stein works on rolling over, and before Lorenzo can start a ten-count knock out count… Yamada grabs Stein and just pulls him right up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Yamada sensing that he wasn’t going to get a knock out from that combo of quick strikes to the head, and if that’s how this one is going to play out, it could be awhile before Yamada allows for any downtime.

Other Guy: He’s gonna break Stein down as much as he can, somethin’ we probably shoulda guessed would happen as Yamada probably none to happy about losin’ to Cade Sydal this past Wednesday on Sky High.

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure Yamada is EVER happy about anything, and that kind of anger and hatred is what fuels him most, those emotions and the idea of his fate to be the absolute best ever.

Yamada fires a few quick open palm thrusts to Stein now, keeping him staggering before he whips him hard into the upper right corner of the ring.  Stein collides chest first and spins out of the corner, and Yamada looks to knock is head clear off with a high Yakuza kick… but STEIN NARROWLY AVOIDS!

The fans pop as Stein tries to recover quickly he turns… Yamada brings the knee up, NO!  Stein catches the knee shoves it down hard and then CONNECTS with a flipping dropkick!  Yamada falls into a sitting position up against the corner, while Stein pushes off the mat, charges a few step and now HE drives his knee right into Yamada’s head!  Yamada’s head slumps onto the second turnbuckle and Stein now starts to climb, looking to capitalize, but Yamada snaps back into things, springing up under Stein and hooking both his legs for a powerbomb….

Stein FLIPS backwards, squeezing his legs around Yamada’s neck and he FLIPS him down onto the mat!  Another pop from the fans!  Yamada sits up after being taken down, only for Stein to hit the ropes… running angled dropkick to the face! Yamada goes down, but Stein doesn’t stop there,  he sprints off into the corner… and quickly climbs. Yamada starts to stir on the mat, but Stein doesn’t see.

He LEAPS off with a shooting star press, but turns his body just a bit more to drive both his knees into Yamada’s face… but Yamada rolls out of the way… and Stein CRASHES to the mat, knees first!

Dave Dymond: Oh no! Stein pushing it maybe one-step too far that time, and he’s suffering for it!

Other Guy: He coulda shattered both his kneecaps right there, Dave. High risk did not pay off.

Stein winces in a great deal of pain and Yamada is up to his feet, and NOW he connects with the Yakuza kick! Stein drops to the mat immediately and Yamada stands over him now, taunting with a pose of victory!

Dave Dymond: Stein nearly decapitated from that kick… and the new Iron Fist Champion could be in serious trouble.

Lorenzo checks the situation and immediately starts the knock out count.





Yamada begins to pace now, like a hungry animal waiting to see if his presumed dead prey gets back up.


The fans begin to boo as Yamada actually starts laughing now, taunting the seemingly out cold Stein.


And the cheering begins as Stein starts to sit up.  Lorenzo goes to count seven, but Yamada pulls Stein up to his feet and just CHOPS him clear across the throat!  Stein staggers back, gasping for breath. He tries to put his head down, but Yamada shoves his head back up and fires a SECOND chop to the throat!

Other Guy: Yamada not laughing now. He thought he had the Iron Fist Champion done for, but as Stein has shown, the dude can go through hell and come out to survive.

Dave Dymond: Indeed he has taken some hard hits, especially last week at the hands of Corazon, and then later from Azraith DeMitri, Stein is by far one of the toughest cruiserweights in the business today, hands down.

Yamada works a couple more quick chops, this time to the chest, sending Stein up against the ropes. Yamada then goes to whip Stein across the ring, but Stein manages to dig deep and counter on Yamada, sending him into the ropes… but no he whips him back the other way and sends him OVER the top rope!  Yamada spills to the outside, landing on his feet, and Stein follows up with a quick two-step baseball slide to Yamada’s face! Yamada staggers back now, right up against the announce table!

Other Guy: Oh shit!  The action gettin’ right on top of us here, Dave…

Dave Dymond: Obviously I’m well aware, and here comes Stein!

Other Guy: MOVE!

The fans gasp as Stein charges at Yamada, only for Yamada to duck down and LIFTS Stein up and over for an attempted back body drop onto the table… but Stein WHIPS his body back down, hooking Yamada by the neck and he DRIVES Yamada into the floor with a hard snapping DDT!!!  Yamada’s legs go straight up into the air, then fall over his body as he lays sprawled out on the floor. Stein slowly sits up, still working on getting his focus completely back, referee Tony Lorenzo sticks half his body outside of the ring, and now starts a count in Stein’s favor.



Dave Dymond: The tide has turned here, at least for now, but I have to say I thought Stein was about to be sent through our table here at ringside.

Other Guy: You and me both… but Stein got the better of Yamada, but question is, is this enough for a knock out?


Stein slides back into the ring at this point, obviously taking a moment to catch his breath and get his bearings back.


Yamada starts to get up now, and Stein sees this and readies himself in the ring. The fans pick up as Stein looks like he’s going to fly, but as Yamada is up somewhat quickly now, Stein backs off, playing it safe.

Dave Dymond: Smart move by the Iron Fist Champion, as in an Iron Fist Match up, putting yourself at risk of knocking yourself out isn’t exactly a good way to hold onto the title.

Yamada slides into the ring now, rising up to his feet with frustration in his eyes.  Stein meets him with a hard punch that knocks Yamada back up against the ropes.  Stein fires two more punches, a left and a right, before whipping Yamada into the ropes. Yamada bounces off the ropes from across the ring and Stein charges now, step up enzeguri… but Yamada ducks under the incoming kick and as Stein is almost on his stomach, Yamada holds his other leg turns into a half Boston Crab, but then turns through into and STF SUBMISSION!

Stein immediately begins to flail his arm out trying to keep moving so that Yamada can’t lock the hold in tight enough, and Yamada can’t quite get it locked on, so out of anger Yamada breaks the submission himself, only for Stein to wrap his leg around Yamada’s now, and kick him down so he lands face first onto the mat!  Yamada goes to get up, but Stein drops a quick leg drop onto the back of Yamada’s head, and the impact forces Yamada to roll over and Stein gets up quickly pulls Yamada up slightly, keeping him doubled over, Yamada counters suddenly though, sending Stein onto his back, now holding both of Stein’s legs… and this time he gets a submission locked on, turning Stein over into a Texas Cloverleaf!

Other Guy: That time Yamada succeeds, and that’s another way ya can knock an opponent out, forcing them to pass out from pain.

Dave Dymond: And Kenji Yamada NO stranger to causing pain…. But Dan Stein looks to have some fight left in him as he tries to army crawl to the ropes now.

The fans rally behind Stein as he tries to get to the ropes, but Yamada seems to sense the attempted momentum shift and so he lifts up on both of Stein’s legs and then SMASHES both of his knees into the mat, capitalizing on Stein’s miss earlier! Stein writhes on the mat in pain and Yamada stands over him now and suddenly he runs his thumb across his neck, and shouts something in Japanese down at Stein.  The fans boo loudly as Yamada then LEAPS from Stein’s feet and STOMPS down with both feet on the back of Stein’s head!

Other Guy: That’s some brutal shit right there!

Dave Dymond: Yamada obviously looking to end this match up, and in turn end Dan Stein’s reign as the Iron Fist Champion, which would be a mere seven days IF Yamada can knock out Stein.

Other Guy: Oh he’s goin for it, Dave. You can see it in those crazy wide eyes, Yamada is calling for the end right here, right now.

The fans continue to boo as Yamada lifts Stein up off the mat now and crosses Stein’s arm across his own neck.  With one swift motion Yamada HOISTS Stein up into a fireman’s carry position, but Stein suddenly snaps back to life, flailing about uncontrollably! The mood inside the Honda Center shifts drastically as Stein tries to get down from Yamada’s shoulders. Yamada loses concentration for a moment, fighting now to keep Stein up, but as Stein is about to roll off, Yamada drops him down to the side, putting Stein on his feet. Yamada then goes for a standing clothesline, Stein ducks and then BOLTS for the far ring ropes.  Yamada turns around as Stein comes charging back at him… and Yamada just KICKS Stein across the knees!

Stein CRASHES into the mat, sliding on his stomach as he spills to the outside!  The once cheering fans fall silent as Stein lies on the mat, rocking back in forth in tons of pain.  Yamada turns now, looking down at Stein from inside the ring, before getting out of the ring as well.  He drops down next to Stein and just FIRES another kick, this time to Stein’s side, and then he flips up the ring apron, pulling out a steel chair from out from under it.

Dave Dymond: Things just went from bad to worse for the Iron Fist Champion as Kenji Yamada has wicked intentions for Stein involving that steel chair.

Yamada opens the steel chair up, setting it down now close by Stein.  Yamada then grabs Stein, rolls him into the ring, and then Yamada gets up onto the ring edge.  He pulls Stein up from the inside, resting his head on the top rope for a moment, then he hooks him for a vertical suplex position.  The fans buzz with concern now as suddenly Yamada HOISTS Stein up and holds him upside down….

Other Guy: No way… Yamada lettin’ the blood rush to the head, and I think he’s lookin’ for a Brainbuster onto that chair!

Dave Dymond: That’s a good five feet drop from the ring to the chair, plus Stein elevated another five feet above Yamada… that’s roughly a ten foot fall… and Yamada delaying it… what a sick bastard!

Yamada holds Stein for all to see, keeping him positioned, while also balancing himself on the ring edge.  Stein starts moving his legs now… trying to force his weight to shift so Yamada can’t drop him straight down. Yamada holds on… no. Stein shifts his body as he falls, now landing behind Yamada, but planting his feet and pushing up against Yamada, forcing him into the ropes!

Stein wraps his arms around Yamada’s waist and with all the added falling momentum, Stein WHIPS his body back, tearing Yamada off the ropes with a belly-to-back suplex… and YAMADA CRASHES DOWN BACK OF THE HEAD AND NECK FIRST ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!

The fans go nuts as Stein hangs upside down, having hooked his feet around the bottom rope!

Dave Dymond: Stein out of nowhere with a HUGE power move, and boy does it pay off!

Yamada lies motionless on the broken chair and Stein struggles to pull himself back upright, but he eventually does so and rolls back into the ring.  Meanwhile referee Tony Lorenzo starts the knock out count after seeing no movement from Yamada.






The fans start to pick up now as Yamada shows no signs of movement. Stein sits in the ring now, arm draped over the bottom rope as he just looks down at Yamada.



Yamada starts to stir now, arms slightly pushed under the ring apron.  Stein sees him moving and starts to get up off the mat.


Yamada is bent over, rising to his feet, and clutching in his hand, unknown to Stein, a steel briefcase! Stein reaches through the ropes to pull Yamada back into the ring…


Dave Dymond: DAMNIT!

Other Guy: That’s Mallows’s briefcase!

Stein falls flat on his back and Yamada just looks at the briefcase for a moment before sliding back into the ring, standing over Stein now.  The arena becomes loud with the sound of pissed off fans as Yamada smirks.  Referee Tony Lorenzo drops down to check on Stein, and then rises up to his feet…



Dave Dymond: It has been potential knock out after potential knock out, with these two striking when the striking is best. But right now, after that WICKED briefcase shot, I’m not sure Stein has much left in him.








The fans cannot believe it and fall into an absolute silence.  Tony Lorenzo goes to bring his arms up one last time to finish the count… when suddenly Stein KIPS UP!


Out of pure rage, Yamada swings wildly at Stein, but Stein ducks under it. The Fans are on their feet cheering wildly as Stein now starts NAILING Yamada with alternating lefts and rights.  Yamada staggers back a great deal, trying to fight back into things, but Stein seems to lose it, now throwing his arms and just PUMMELING Yamada with hard forearm shots!  Stein then winds up and turns one forearm shot into a STIFF European Uppercut.  Yamada falls to the mat and Stein now marches to the corner, confidently ascending the corner post.  He positions himself on the top turnbuckle and he waits now, taunting Yamada who struggles up to his feet.

Other Guy: Stein in the ready position, this could be it on either side, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Hit and Yamada could be facing a knock out… but a miss could put Dan Stein in a very vulnerable position.

The fans are on their feet as Stein continues to motion for Yamada to get up.  Yamada staggers up to his feet now, shaking his head as he gets his bearings.  He turns and he catches Stein out of the corner of his eye and then suddenly sprints to the corner. Stein LEAPS off the top rope, but instead of going for the Enzeguri he just lands on his feet behind Yamada, causing Yamada to almost crash into the corner. Yamada stops himself though… turns…


Other Guy: Goodnight, Yamada!

Yamada drops like a bag of cement and Stein almost collapses next to him, but he keeps his balance, turning now so he rests up against the ropes.  Tony Lorenzo starts the ten count.







Dave Dymond: Yamada just blasted by that stiff knee shot, and the spot on shining wizard might be all she wrote.

Other Guy: Like I said, its goodnight Yamada.


The fans start cheering now as Lorenzo nears the count of ten. Stein holds up his fingers to show eight.


He does it for nine…


No movement from Yamada…


The referee quickly calls for the bell and Stein raises both his arms high up and behind him slightly as he leans back on the rope, the fans cheering loudly for him!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… DAN STEIN!!!

As Stein stands victoriously in the ring, the Iron Fist Championship is brought to him, and he proudly holds it high for all the fans inside the Honda Center to see.

Dave Dymond: So in his first title defense, Stein makes sure there will be more defenses to come.  A VERY important victory as he insures without a doubt, that he is Iron Fist material.

Other Guy: Tonight it was more like iron-knee, Dave, and don’t you dare make a pun about Irony.

Dave Dymond: Wasn’t going to. But what I am going to do is congratulate Dan Stein whose success in the ring tonight continues to make his stock rise, and these fans cheer.

Stein walks about the ring now, the camera focusing on him as he celebrates, clutching the Iron Fist Championship title to his chest at one point and nodding his head. After a few more walks around the ring, Stein finally exits and starts to exit, the fans cheering Stein on as he makes his way up the ramp leading to the back.

Dave Dymond: Fans, earlier we witnessed Jun Kenshin and Corazon in action against one another, and still to come, and next at that, the final two challengers to Roland Caldwell’s World Heavyweight Championship will compete, when Christopher Davis steps back into the ring for the first time since his injury, to take on the weasel of the world title scene himself, Kilgore Stochansky.

The fans pop one more time as Stein stops at the top of the ramp way and holds the Iron Fist Title up for all to see. He then disappears to the back… but then QUICKLY re-emerges, only he is shoved, and seen is Azraith DeMitri holding Dan Stein around the neck tightly!

Other Guy: DeMitri IS here tonight!

Dave Dymond: Son of a… the match over and done with, but Azraith DeMitri making his presence felt yet again, and AGAIN Dan Stein the target of his wrath!

Stein struggles but DeMitri grabs him around the neck so tightly that it forces Stein to drop the Iron Fist Championship. At that moment, DeMitri looks to go for a choke slam, but instead SMASHES the back of Stein’s head down onto his outstretched knee! The fans boo loudly as DeMitri just holds Stein there, and with his hand still around Stein’s neck, DeMitri pulls Stein back up, then hooks Stein’s arms….

Dave Dymond: Oh god, what’s he going to do here!

DeMitri LIFTS Stein with ease and then DROPS him right onto the steel platform with a sit out Tiger Driver!!!

Other Guy: What a devastating powerbomb!

Dave Dymond: It’s a move I remember all too well, known as The Extinction, only now DeMitri has put ALL his force into it with that added sit out momentum.  And Stein has been left for dead!

The booing continues as Azraith DeMitri gets up to his feet. He just looks down at Stein, glances at the Iron Fist Championship… and then walks away. No words spoken.  As he vanishes back behind the curtains, the focus cuts to see Kenji Yamada in the ring, looking on in a complete daze, but you can still see the anger in his eyes as well.

Dave Dymond: Oh this business is not settled, not by a long shot.  And I don’t know what’s going to be done about Azraith’s presence, but something better be done soon.


Suddenly, there’s a loud bang from the top end of the walkway which attracts the attention of the capacity crowd who look around to see Osbourne Kilminster with a briefcase in one hand and a folded table in the other. He’s struggling a little bit to carry the table, semi-tucking it under his left arm to carry it along the walkway.

Dave Dymond: Oh what the Hell is this?

Other Guy: I dunno…

As the crowd boo, Osbourne is oblivious as he pushes the table under the bottom rope and climbs into the ring. The takes off his black hoodie to reveal a tight-fitting black T-Shirt bearing the same ice-blue ICQB logo as runs down the side of his urban camo MMA shorts, before opening up the table and placing the briefcase on it.

Other Guy: This is really odd…

Leaning over the top rope, Osbourne talks to the timekeeper and is handed two chairs and a microphone. He places one chair on either side of the table and paces the ring thoughtfully for a moment as the boos of the crowd continue to rain down heavily. He takes a deep breath and begins patting the microphone so that a loud thumping emanates throughout the arena until everyone quiets down.

Dave Dymond: How arrogant. He didn’t even ask people to give him a minute, he just pats that thing like he’s dealing with a naughty child.

Other Guy: Haha. I love how he gets under your skin, Dave.

Osbourne Kilminster: Now that you’ve all so graciously decided to shut the Hell up-

He’s cut off for a moment by a loud boo, but he pauses for but a second before continuing.

Osbourne Kilminster: Well, last week, it transpired that Trevor Worrens isn’t as injured as I’d thought… or hoped… that he was. His leg’s in a pretty bad state, but the fool still rambles on about how he can never be stopped and how he’s going to stop me, even going so far as to challenge me to an "I Quit" match at Malice… However… I don’t think he really meant it. Maybe it’s the painkillers he’s on playing games with his mind… or maybe it’s just something he said in the heat of the moment and now sorely regrets, and I could understand that. Really, I could…

Shrugging his shoulders, He takes a deep breath before continuing.

Osbourne Kilminster: By my reckoning, he’s not healthy enough to compete in that kind of match. I know what I did to him. I know how badly I hurt him. The referee that night knows how badly I hurt him, and so do millions of people around the world who saw it on TV, if not in person. Trevor Worrens is an injured animal, but I’m a compassionate man… sometimes… and I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if he were to admit that he was wrong to challenge me, that it was a mistake, a hot-headed flurry of words which illogically escaped his mouth in a fit of rage. I’m hoping… for his sake… that the cold light of day revealed to him the error of his ways and he’s now willing to retract that. Trevor, if you’re listening… if you’re there… it’s ok. Quit while your… Well, I would say quit while you’re ahead, but at least quit before you ARE crippled.

A "WORR-ENS " chant starts up, bringing a smile to Osbourne’s face as he turns to the table, opens the briefcase and takes out a sheet of paper.

Osbourne Kilminster: This piece of paper is a SHOOT Project Contract. This piece of paper says that a match will take place at Malice, between Trevor Worrens and myself. This piece of paper says that the chosen stipulation states that the first person to say "I Quit" loses the match, that there will be NO count-outs, NO disqualifications and NO stoppage until one man utters those words.

Placing it on the table, Osbourne pulls out a fountain pen from the suitcase, slowly putting it on the table.

Osbourne Kilminster: One pen…

Taking a lighter out of the suitcase, he slowly places that on the table aswell.

Osbourne Kilminster: …and one lighter. Now, it’s up to you, Trevor… if you’re there… You can either come down here and sign the contract, which may aswell be your SHOOT Project Medical Release form… or you can come down here and set light to the contract, and maybe we can just forget you ever issued the challenge in the first place… or maybe you could not come down here at all, sit back and get on with your life, heal up and enjoy a career which won’t involve being debilitated for the rest of your life. How about it, Trevor? What do you say?

Holding up his hands to his sides, Osbourne casts his gaze toward the curtains as the crowd cheers aloud "WORR-ENS! WORR-ENS!” Kilminster smirks as long seconds pass…

The chanting eventually dies down though as the seconds seem to just keep passing, and at first there is that brief thought that maybe Worrens isn’t coming out at all.  However "The Pursuit" by Evans Blue picks up in full force from the first chorus, prompting the fans to pick up in excitement once again.

Dave Dymond: After the transformation we’ve seen Trevor Worrens go through, I didn’t think he wouldn’t be here tonight.

Other Guy: Worrens has got some serious guts though, Dave. He’s walkin’ into DANGEROUS territory.

Kilminster stands patiently by the table as Worrens heads out from the back, balancing slightly on a single crutch.  He looks straight ahead at Kilminster, shaking his head, and then starts his slightly hobbled walk to the ring. Some fans cheer him on, but Worrens never once makes eye contact with those around him.  He just makes his way around the ring, grabbing a second microphone from ringside, then he walks up the steps and enters the ring.

Other Guy: Was Worrens just talkin’ out his ass, or is this going to be made official?

Dave Dymond: You don’t honestly believe Worrens regrets the challenge do you?

Other Guy: Hey, people do and say crazy shit in the heat of anger, Dave.  I’m just sayin, THIS could be one of those times.

Osbourne Kilminster: Glad to see you, Trevor. You know, it takes a big man to suck up his pride and apologize but –

Trevor Worrens: SHUT UP!

The booming anger within Worrens’s voice shocks the crowd, who sit stunned for a brief second before cheering wildly.

Trevor Worrens: That wasn’t for them, Kilminster, that was for me.  For right now, in this moment, the midnight hour if you will… just shut up.

Even Osbourne is a little shocked at Trevor’s reaction, his mouth hanging slightly open in surprise for a moment before he takes a deep breath and half a step back from Worrens, a slight smirk starting to crawl across his face.

Trevor Worrens: My whole life, it’s always been people shoving it in my face that I have to choose.  that I have to be this or that, go here or there.  Most of society is stuck in a persistent state of NEEDING it one way or another. Black or white. And my whole life I have treaded the gray zone. My whole life I have played with concepts and ideas most people can’t wrap their brains around.

Worrens slowly starts his way towards the table now, positioning himself right in front of the contents… right in front of the lighter, the pen, and the contract.  He looks down at them.

Trevor Worrens: My whole life I never wanted to conform, fit in, care about the status quo.  It’s no different today… I am incredibly certain about this one thing.  I am out here because there is no shades of grey… it’s one thing… or it’s another.

He stops his thought process and looks towards Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: You’re right, Kilminster, I’m injured.  I’m banged up, my leg isn’t so great right now…

His hand starts towards the lighter.  Smiling, Osbourne tilts his head to one side.

Osbourne Kilminster: Do it. You know you want to…

Worrens nods.

Trevor Worrens: You’re right about that too. I do.  These people don’t want me to, I’m sure a lot of the guys in the back don’t want me to.   But I do.  I challenged you to an "I Quit" match.  I’m in pain, my leg hurts, but I challenged you.  I challenged you and ALL I want to do right now is quit myself.

Worrens grabs the lighter now, and the once excited fans suddenly begin to boo. Worrens flips open the lighter, the flame immediately shooting up from the small metal instrument.

Trevor Worrens: They boo because they don’t understand why I’m doing what I’m going to do.

Kilminster watches on nodding his head, believing he has won the war.  Worrens tucks the microphone under his armpit for a moment and then starts to reach out his free hand, but suddenly turns it away from the contract and stuffs it in his pocket.  He then pulls out a box of cigarettes, and with just a bit of a struggle he pulls one out with his teeth and immediately lights it.

Dave Dymond: What?

Worrens takes a puff and then looks at Kilminster. He closes the lighter and drops it onto the table. He then grabs the microphone with one hand while pulling the cigarette out of his mouth with the other.

Trevor Worrens: Now these things will kill me… but YOU WON’T!

The fans suddenly come right back to life as Worrens suddenly flicks the cigarette across the table and defiantly leans over and signs the contract!

Dave Dymond: It’s on!  At Malice… Kilminster, Worrens, an I QUIT MATCH!

Kilminster glares at Worrens who stands confidently across the table from him.

Trevor Worrens: Unless you’re me, you don’t understand, you won’t for ONE SECOND understand that NEVER have I felt such a rush, NEVER have I felt so damn certain in my life.  NEVER have I EVER embraced something that was so black and white.

A pause.

Trevor Worrens: Fight or don’t fight.  And Osbourne Kilminster, do you’re god damn worst, because I’M FIGHTING!

Kilminster stares coldly at Worrens, his eyes cutting into him as the fans roar loudly. He clenches his jaw and reaches down, grabbing the pen and signing the contract, barely taking his eyes off Trevor the whole time before standing upright once again, his eyes locked with his now-official opponent’s.

Osbourne Kilminster: You just made the biggest mistake of your life.

Worrens just shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: No, the biggest mistake I ever made I’ve come to learn to deal with.  Comparing you trying to break me down in the ring, to losing the ONLY person I’ve ever trusted and truly loved… well you breaking me down doesn’t hold a candle.  I’ve endured so much more than you realize, Kilminster…

Worrens suddenly moves forward, putting himself face to face with Osbourne.

Trevor Worrens: Which is EXACTLY why I stand by what I say.  I WILL NOT QUIT!

Osbourne Kilminster: We’ll see about that, won’t we?

Stepping back, Osbourne winks at Trevor as he rolls over the top rope and walks around the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans as he makes his way out to the back.

Other Guy: Wow! It’s on!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens looks INTENSE.

Other Guy: Yeah, he looks ready to put up the fight of his life, even with a bad leg, man. That’s seriously intense.


We go backstage and already dressed in street clothes is Jun Kenshin. He is sitting down watching the action on a nearby monitor.

Jun Kenshin: I asked for this time to address Adrian Corazon. Congratulations on the win. Congratulations on beating a former Heavyweight Champion. You didn’t use a chair or a kendo stick or exploding bombs or whatever hardcore crap. Hell, you didn’t even throw a punch. You outwrestled the wrestler. For that? I raised your hand and saluted as you the better man on THIS given night. However, understand that tonight’s outcome and Malice will be VERY different.

Kenshin drinks a sports drink and continues.

Jun Kenshin: I won’t make any excuses. I gave you my best shot. I taught I dimmed your lights with the Heaven’s Blade but you got up. That was my mistake. Understand that when we meet again? I won’t be repeating it.

Kenshin pauses.

Jun Kenshin: Roland Caldwell, listen up. One way or another? That Championship Belt will be taken from you. You want to make it seem like it’s a giant conspiracy against you but guess what, pal? No one likes you. The fans sure as hell don’t like you. You tried to break my neck. You tried to end the career of Christopher Davis and you TRIED to destroy the most hallowed Championship in this business.

A scowl envelopes the face of the San Diego native.

Jun Kenshin: The key word there is TRIED. You’ve tried to eliminate the competition but you’ve failed. At Malice? I will make sure that you FAIL again.



“Summer Overture- Remix” by Clint Mansell begins to play as the SHOOT Video screen showcases clips of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion in action.  The boos pick up inside the Honda Center as Roland Caldwell makes his way out from the back, wearing black pants and a black long sleeved button up shirt.  He carries with him the relic that is the very first, very original SHOOT Project World Title as he makes his way to the ring.

Dave Dymond: As Roland Caldwell makes his way down to the ring here, that can only mean one thing, it’s main event time.

Other Guy: Why does he got to come out here, Dave, huh?

Dave Dymond: I don’t think he has got to, I think it’s a matter of that he wants to.  He’s been talking about doing his homework all week long tonight, and  I guess he wants an up close work at two of his challengers in action.

Roland makes his way around ringside, looking towards the ringside announcers table.  As he approaches, Other Guy stands up, obviously having to move down, and for a moment Roland just looks at him, before finally sliding in a third steel chair and taking a seat right next to Other Guy. The music plays for a bit more as Roland adjusts the headset placed before him, but he then gets it on.

Dave Dymond:  Roland, I guess thank you for joining us here tonight.

Roland Caldwell: You don’t thank me, so let’s not be cordial about it.

Other Guy: Good, glad we got that shit sorted out.

Roland Caldwell: Shut up, Other Guy. You’re part of everything that is wrong with SHOOT Project today. You’re just some character sitting out here with your stupid name.

Dave Dymond: Not to interrupt, but Roland we still have a main event match up to call here tonight so…

Roland Caldwell: By all means, call away Dymond.

The camera focus shifts to an angle that shows Samantha Coil inside the ring. Standing alongside her is senior SHOOT Project official, Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution MAIN EVENT!!!

“Phantom” by Justice picks up inside the Honda Center, and the message of –Think Locally, Fuck Globally- flashes on the SHOOT Video screen before giving way to shots of Kilgore Stochanksy in wrestling action.  It isn’t long before the man himself makes his way out from the back, looking as arrogant as ever.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochanksy has been called the weasel of the world championship scene, and is the only competitor in the upcoming five man massacre at Malice that you’ve NEVER dealt with before, Roland.

Roland Caldwell: I’m aware. But the way I see it, Kilgore is good at what Kilgore does. And that’s finding loopholes and sneaking around. But he’s IN, now, Dymond, and he’s in way over his head.

Stochansky walks with a swagger towards the ring, stopping every so moment to give a look to a fan who shouts at him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 250 pounds… here is KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!!

Stochansky picks up the pace a bit and he walks up the steel steps, stops to wipe his feet on the ring edge before entering through the top and middle ropes.  He then moves about the ring, again stopping every so often if he hears a particular shout or boo from a close by fan.

Other Guy: Ya gotta admit this man, despite his tricks, really helped put the Laws of Survival…

Roland Caldwell: I don’t have to admit anything, Other Guy.  Okay, what I can admit to is that Kilgore doesn’t deserve this title, and his opponent, I can admit to bringing him to within an inch of his life.  To nearly ending his career.

Other Guy: Yeah, but you didn’t, Caldwell. You haven’t put anyone away!

Roland Caldwell: Just keep talking, keep running that stupid little mouth of yours.

Dave Dymond: Guys, come on.

Other Guy: Nah to hell with this.  Have fun calling this one.

There is the sound of the headset being dropped onto the table, and the camera angle cuts to see Other Guy leaving the ring all together.

Dave Dymond: Are you happy.

Roland Caldwell: As a matter of fact I am, Dymond.  Other Guy is a joke.

The focus shifts back to the ring now, just as Stochanksy’s music fades out.  He waits in the ring, looking to the entryway when suddenly… darkness envelops the arena; the fans begin to buzz in anticipation. The SHOOT video screen comes to life. As a female voice speaks the words come across the screen:

"Gossip floating around about the abilities of Christopher Davis…"

"Some say he’s not the man he once was…"

"Funny thing about gossip is that most of the time it’s all bullshit…"

"So, for all the bastards talking shit…"

"Do me a favor…"

"Gossip" by Lil Wayne suddenly blasts into the arena.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,"

A blast of light shines every time the word "stop" is spoken. After the final "stop" the arena goes dark once again for a few seconds.

Then the SHOOT video screen displays "Christopher Davis" in white block letters as "Gossip" again blares into the arena.

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion"

"The lady of a nigga"

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga"

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

The lights come up and Christopher Davis stands at the entrance way as the fans work themselves into a frenzy. Dressed in black mid-length tights and black boots he takes in the crowd for a moment. He then raises both arms out to his sides as if forming a cross.

He then lowers his arms and strides towards the ring.  Stochansky looks ready for a fight.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 271 pounds he is CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

"You don’t have to pick me"

"To win the title fight"

"But I’m gonna win a championship belt so tight"

Chris steps into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle and once again raises his arms to his sides taking in the fans appreciation once again. With his back turned, Stochansky suddenly charges in, but Davis drops down and turns quickly and Stochansky just falls to the mat, mere inches away from Davis, and rolls out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore having second thoughts there and boy does Christopher Davis look better than ever.

Roland Caldwell: He’s been sitting on his ass for weeks. Maybe he’s had the time to work out, but he hasn’t stepped foot in a ring against real competition.  Of course tonight that’s not going to be any different.

Dave Dymond: Agree to disagree on the abilities of both men competing in tonight’s main event, but Roland you can’t underestimate all of your opponents.

Roland Caldwell: I’m not underestimating them, Dymond.  Jason Johnson is the one who has underestimated me.  I said from the start I do not care who comes my way, they will all fall.  I have come too far to let it just end.

Davis paces about the ring now as Stochansky smartly remains on the outside. Eventually though referee Scott Kamura calls him into the ring and Stochansky cautiously slides in.  Davis turns his attention to outside of the ring for a brief moment, looking right at Caldwell.  Roland just looks back up at him with a dead serious expression.  Now Stochansky goes to strike again, and he NAILS Davis from behind with a quick double axe handle. Davis staggers a couple of steps but turns quickly just as Kamura calls for the official bell.

Davis shakes his head, and the fans pop.  Stochansky doesn’t let up and he runs at Davis, looking for a blatant punt kick into the groin, but Davis side steps and DELIVERS A POWERFUL CLOTHESLINE!  Stochanksy goes down and now Davis bends over and picks him right back up, working him with quick punches before whipping him into the ropes. Stochansky hits and comes bouncing back right into a hard shoulder block from Davis. Stochanksy goes down again and now rolls out of the ring again, much to the chagrin of the fans.  Davis however does not let up and he storms right after Stochanksy.

Dave Dymond: And the chase is on!

Stochansky starts around the ring, but as Davis starts after him, Stochansky suddenly shoves the top part of the steel steps in Davis’s way.  Davis is tripped up a bit and Stochansky slides back into the ring.  Davis gets up onto the ring apron, but now Stochansky right there with a shoulder thrust through the middle rope into Davis’s gut.  Davis doubles over slightly, but holds onto the rope to keep standing up, and now Stochansky fires with a European uppercut that snaps Davis’s head back.  Davis still holds onto the ropes though, so Stochansky throws a knee through the ropes then hooks Davis around the neck, looking for a vertical suplex back into the ring, and he gets it off.  Davis is taken down and Stochansky with a quick float over for the cover.


TW… kick out before the count by Davis, and the fans cheer.

Roland Caldwell: This is what I’m getting at, Dymond. Davis isn’t ready to be back in the ring. I crushed his throat, he’s not used to working with people who are out to hurt him, out to get him down for three seconds.

Dave Dymond: That might be true, but Christopher Davis is also the kind of guy that NEVER backs down from a fight.

Roland Caldwell: Neither do I. But the difference is I don’t get myself nearly killed when I don’t back down.  I’m the one putting people on the shelf. I’m the one holding the TRUE World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Stochansky brings Davis up to his feet and fires a few open palm slaps, stinging the chest of Davis.  Davis sways from the shots thrown, and Stochansky keeps at it, knocking Davis back a few steps and then it looks like he’s going to whip him into the lower right corner of the ring, but Stochansky turns his body and brings his knee up, catching Davis just above the groin.  Davis doubles over in pain and Stochansky goes for a quick drop down DDT, but Davis powers through, SHOVING Stochanksy to the mat hard!

Stochansky sits up, arching his back in pain while holding the back of his head and Davis quickly grabs Stochanksy’s arm, pulls him up from the mat with an immediate whip into the upper left corner.  Davis falls from using so much momentum and Stochansky hits back first, staggers out of the corner and falls flat on his face!

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis meaning serious business tonight, were you expecting such force from Davis.

Roland Caldwell: Of course. The man is pissed off. He wants to throw Kilgore around to intimidate me, but I’m not scared.  I’m not backing down.  He beats Kilgore tonight, it just means he has a good shot at eliminating Kilgore come Malice.

Dave Dymond: Do you think you’re at a disadvantage though starting your match out first, against that man in the ring?

Roland Caldwell: Like I said, Dymond, I’m not scared.

Davis is up to his feet now and he walks over to Stochansky, immediately pulling him up and then he wraps his arms around Stochansky’s waist.  Stochansky fires a desperation headbutt before Davis can capitalize, causing Davis to stagger back.  Kamura moves out of the way, and just as he is moving, Stochansky sees his opportunity, and subtly brings his knee up right into Davis’s groin!  Davis winces in pain, dropping to his knees and Stochansky wraps around behind Davis now applying a headlock with a bit of a neck crank!

Stochansky over sells his own action by shouting loudly and grinding his teeth, causing the fans to boo, irate with his mocking nature.

Dave Dymond: The low blow well concealed and now Stochansky trying to make this look like it’s the neck crank doing all the damage… and I for one do agree with the buzz around the locker room, Stochanksy did weasel his way into the main event at Malice, and I think it’s going to be a rude awakening when he has to step up against the likes of Corazon, Kenshin, Davis, and yes yourself included, Roland.

Roland Caldwell: Yeah, it is going to be an awakening.  For all of them, and for Jason Johnson. Because after Malice, he’ll have nobody left.  His top soldiers will fall.

Davis works on getting back up to his feet at this point, but Stochansky drives his knee into Davis’s back and then pulls back up under the chin from behind, applying a half standing camel clutch submission.  Davis’s neck veins bulge out a bit as he struggles to break free of the hold.  The fans start to rally behind Davis, hoping to give him some much-needed adrenaline, and slowly but surely Davis starts to get up.  Stochansky becomes clearly frustrated but tries to keep pulling back on Davis’s head, but Davis now manages to swing Stochansky to the side, then lift him up… HUGE SIDEWALK SLAM!!!

Dave Dymond: And Kilgore Stochansky taken down, Davis with a cover…



The fans pop loudly as the three count is about to be made, but Stochansky kicks out before Kamura can make the final count.  Davis is up to his feet after the kick out and Stochansky rolls away, towards the ropes, but this time Davis stays right on top of things and does not let Stochanksy escape.  Stochansky desperately reaches out for the ropes, but he can’t get them as Davis takes him up and over with a belly-to-back double chicken wing suplex!  Stochansky crashes onto the mat and springs up to his feet, arching his back in pain and staggering about.

Dave Dymond: Davis building up the momentum now as he has Stochansky on the defensive.

Davis spins Stochansky around by the shoulder and then CLOCKS him with a hard punch.  Stochansky staggers back and Davis fires with another punch, and another.  Stochansky is near the ropes now and Davis builds up some steam and makes a bull charge at Stochanksy… but Stochansky thinks quickly and pulls down the ropes and Davis spills somewhat awkwardly to the outside.

The fans begin to boo as Stochansky rises back up to his full vertical base and taunts Davis by pointing to his head as if to say “I’ve got the brains.”  Davis works on getting up to his feet, only for Stochansky to slide out of the ring, get Davis up all the way and just RAKE him across the eyes!  Davis grabs at his face and Stochansky fires with a gut kick, a European uppercut and then he grabs Davis by the back of the head and slams him down forehead first right onto the announce table.

Roland Caldwell: Up close and personal, I like it.

Stochansky grabs Davis’s head again and this time points right at Caldwell and then points at the title.

Roland Caldwell: Keep dreaming, Stochansky…

Stochansky shakes his head and goes to slam Davis’s head down a second time, but this time Davis puts his arms out. Stochansky tries to fight it, but Davis sends an elbow into Stochansky’s side, then Davis grabs Stochansky’s head SMASHES it down onto the announce table then quickly springs forward and DECKS Roland across the face!  The fans ERUPT with cheering as Roland is knocked back out of his seat and Davis nods his head grabbing Stochansky and now rolling him back into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Wow, a hard shot from Davis taking out my temporary announce partner, the World Heavyweight Champion Roland Caldwell… and there was some serious passion behind that punch.

Roland Caldwell: That son of a…

He struggles to get back situated, his headset making some noise, and back in the ring Stochansky works his way up to his feet but Davis right there, pulls him into a standing vertical head scissors.  Davis then HOISTS Stochansky high up into the air, looking for a powerbomb, but Stochansky flails his body, trying to shift the momentum. Davis struggles to keep his hold on Stochansky, and so Stochansky is able to drop down. Davis goes for a big boot, but Stochansky ducks it, kicks Davis in the back of his planted leg, and he causes Davis to stumble forward, CLUNKING heads with Scott Kamura!

Kamura goes down from the shot and Davis staggers about, holding his head in pain.

Roland Caldwell: That’s what I was waiting for!

Dave Dymond: What, wait…

Roland Caldwell leaves the ring side announce table while Stochansky now looks to capitalize on the slightly dazed Davis.  However he stops as he sees Caldwell slide under the bottom rope and all at once Kilgore nods his head and smirks. The fans begin to boo loudly as Caldwell has his sights set on Davis.

Dave Dymond: It looks like Stochansky and Caldwell have found common ground in trying to maybe eliminate one of the competitors in the Five Man Massacre… and with the referee out, well Davis in trouble!

Caldwell steps in at Davis who starts to come to… but then suddenly Caldwell pivots in the other direction and KICKS Stochansky right in the chest! The impact sends Stochansky staggering back, only for Caldwell to pull him back in, hoist him up for a Fireman’s carry… Inverted DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: Burning Hammer To Kilgore Stochansky!!!  Roland Caldwell just took out Stochansky!

The fans buzz with shock now as Roland Caldwell stands over Stochansky and Davis turns now, looking right into Caldwell’s eyes.  Caldwell just smirks and exits the ring while Davis stands there for a moment.  Caldwell grabs the relic that is the original SHOOT Project World Title and starts to the back, passing by Davis and watching him the whole time.

Christopher Davis: Oh Hell no!

Davis suddenly turns and grabs the barely with it Kilgore Stochansky and now HE hoists Stochansky up onto his shoulders.

Christopher Davis: THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE!

Davis DRIVES Kilgore Stochansky down into the mat with a face first Death Valley driver and the fans go nuts!!!

Dave Dymond: And now Christopher Davis wanting to finish things on HIS terms as he takes Stochansky down with Angela’s Ashes.  And someone out there has got to be feeling sorry for Kilgore Stochansky, but I am not one of those people.

With Stochansky down and out Davis now makes the cover, with Kamura just barely coming to.  Roland Caldwell stops for a moment, watching the match just from the start of the ramp way back up to the steel platform, but then as Kamura sees the pin being made… Roland continues walking, turning his back on the match all together.




Kamura, still somewhat groggy, calls for the bell and “Gossip” begins to play again.  The fans cheer as Christopher Davis rises up to his feet and looks for Roland, but Roland is nowhere to be seen.  Davis just shakes his head a bit, but then raises his arms up and out to his side once again, some of the fans mimicking Davis.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis walks about the ring, stopping every so often to shout out to the fans “that’s how you do it.” And then posing once more.  As Davis celebrates his victory, Kilgore Stochansky is helped out of the ring by Referee Scott Kamura.  Stochanksy can barely stand on his own as he clutches at his head, feeling the pain of both The Burning Hammer and Angela’s Ashes.

Dave Dymond: So Christopher Davis victorious here tonight, and Kilgore Stochansky, unfortunate for him, got a BIG taste of what is very much in store for him come Malice.  Welcome to the main event, Kilgore.

After a moment, Davis finally takes his leave of the ring, stopping again every so often to point out to the crowd, nodding his head as he takes in their cheers and applause.  The focus shifts back to Dave Dymond at his table ringside.

Dave Dymond: What a night it has been, but more so what a night it is going to be next Sunday, live on Pay Per View, when SHOOT Project Presents Malice.  So much at stake, ALL championship titles will be on the line, plus the return of the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships.  So tune in next Sunday, March the 30th for Malice as it’s going to be an event worth ordering.  For Other Guy, I’m Dave Dymond…

Suddenly, as the wreckage is cleaned up, “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits, and Cade Sydal steps out onto the stage as the fans begin to cheer his appearance! He smiles, appreciatively, at the cheering sea of fans, with a black Sky High shirt tucked into his loose dark blue jeans. He slowly starts his way down the ramp, however, with a subtle hint of regret as he makes his way down the ramp.

Dave Dymond: We’re being rejoined by Other Guy, it looks like!  Have a nice break?  You’re just in time, because we’ve been waiting for this announcement all night, and now we’re finally going to get it, it seems!

Other Guy: Who cares? You? Because I sure don’t.

Cade continues down the ramp and stops by the timekeeper’s table, grabbing a microphone, before he turns to the ring and grabs the middle rope, pulling himself to his knees on the apron, before he steps slowly through the ropes, the music fading from the background.

Cade Sydal: I appreciate the cheers, folks. But I’ve got important things to say.

The fans slowly lower the volume of their cheering, as Cade lowers his head.

Cade Sydal: A lot of guys in the back want me to come out here and tell you that I’m going to fight at Malice. A lot of guys have talked to me, pulled me aside and said “don’t let him win, not like this.” And I know you all expect the same thing from me, right?

The fans cheer, but Cade quickly raises his free hand, silencing them.

Cade Sydal: I thought so. And so, I have to come out here, and tell you all…I’m sorry. Let me tell you a little bit about how I got here. You see, my original dream as a kid was to play professional basketball, just like a lot of kids in North Carolina dream of doing. That shit is in our blood there.

Cade offers a slight snicker, before shaking his head.

Cade Sydal: My freshman year of high school, I was starting for the junior varsity team. Some of you might not be familiar with the concept, but there are three basketball teams in one school. The freshman and sophomore squad, the JV, and of course Varsity. I was really good as a shooting guard, and a lot of people were already talking college recruiting and shit like that. I was on top of the world at age fourteen. And then, the next year, I actually managed to both start on the JV team as well as come off the bench for the occasional varsity game, and that was what I thought would define my basketball career. And then it happened. The moment that changed my entire life. I went up for a rebound, grabbed the ball, and landed awkwardly with my ankle rolled. In that same instant, the kid that I got the rebound from, landed too. With his foot on my ankle, before it could straighten, and it broke.

Cade takes a big sigh and shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: The point I’m trying to make is…I never got to play basketball. I never got my first dream, and I never will. Frankly, after years away from it, I’m not good enough for organized ball any more. Those are the breaks. It was the following year, that I decided if I couldn’t hit game-winning three-pointers, I’d enter the ranks of professional wrestling. So I got into a training school, I busted my ass, and I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done in my entire life up until what I’m about to do right now.

Cade reaches his free hand up as his head lowers. Cade places his hand over his eyes.

Cade Sydal: I have to resign from the SHOOT Project. I don’t…I don’t have a choice.

Cade looks up and the camera catches tears rolling down his cheeks. He slowly tenses his jaw and chokes back the tears.

Cade Sydal: I gave my best matches, my best moments, and my best years to this company and already I regret the decision I’ve made. But I have no choice. I’ve had mat classics with the likes of Benjamin Biggs, Jun Kenshin, the Real Deal, and OutKast. I’ve been a part of a trend-setting tag team, D & C, and we launched an entire tag team division on our backs. I’ve got brutal memories, of being dropped on chairs during a Teen Idol Death Match. I remember the hell I’ve gone through in the Teen Idol Turmoil match. And I remember the Teen Idol Invitational Tournament, where the winner ended up being Ainsley Lake, and she took my money. I remem–

Cade is suddenly interrupted by a small contingent of loyal fans that break out, chanting.


The chanting continues for a few moments, and Cade raises his hands, slowly ending the chant.

Cade Sydal: No, SHOOT Project…thank YOU! Thank YOU for allowing me to HAVE those moments! I’ve been a tag team champion under your banner! I’ve been a dominant Iron Fist Champion, under YOUR banner! And I’ve, for better or for worse, been a World Heavyweight Champion under YOUR banner!

Cade lowers his head, and the excitement leaves his face right away.

Cade Sydal: And now, I have to leave the SHOOT Project. I’m not sure where I’ll go…wrestling is in my blood now, I can’t leave it behind. Maybe I’ll just take indy bookings, so I don’t have to deal with the drama and turmoil of people fucking with my life. But I don’t have a choice. I’m a family man.

Cade clenches his jaw again.

Cade Sydal: Because of Donovan King’s unforgivable actions, my family moved. They uprooted, and even I don’t know where the fuck they are now. So Donovan King…you fucking win. You. Win. I have to resign, and you win. I can’t wait, however, until someone comes along and makes you fucking pay. Because its obvious you’re afraid of getting in the ring with me. It’s obvious that won’t have that fucking opportunity. I can’t fucking wait unt–

Without warning, “Nothing’s Changed” by Papoose plays.

Dave Dymond:  Is that Donovan King?  What the hell?!

Other Guy:  Uh oh…this can’t be good for Cade.

The lights in the arena dim down, a spotlight shining down on Donovan King standing in the entrance.  Cade stares at King as he stands there, a grin on his face.  The fans unleash their hatred at King and Obsidian.  King has no shirt on, but his chain is around his neck.

Hey yo, I’m loved by few…hated by many…respected by all…still rulin’ the city!

King saunters down the aisle as Obsidian is directly behind him.  The two of them walk down the walk way and step into the ring.  King walks past Cade as though he’s not even there.  King orders a microphone be handed to him as the lights come back up.  His new theme dies down as he paces the ring, Obsidian standing directly behind Cade.

Donovan King:  I came out here tonight…at the end of Revolution…to take a long look at you, Cade.

King walks over to Cade, smirking.

Donovan King:  You’re broken.  Beaten.  You’ve admitted it.  Dere ain’t no climactic battle between me an’ you.  Nah…you just take your ball…an’ YOU GET THE FUCK OUT.

The fans boo loudly as King laughs.

Donovan King:  I’m not sayin’ I’m surprised…just depressed about dis.  I mean…c’mon.  Even the clown put up a bigger an’ better fight wit’ me.  He at least didn’t give up!

King gets right in Cade’s face.

Donovan King:  I’ve proven I’m a mother fuckin’ force uh nature wit’ you.  Now, befo’ you sign a tear stained resignation ta SHOOT an’ go be midcard fo’ whatever weak ass league Allocca works fo’…I wanna see you when you say dis shit.  Face to face.

King laughs in Cade’s face, his words perfectly accentuated.

Donovan King:  Tell me you’re a fucking quitter.

Cade looks down, his teeth gritted.  He puts the microphone to his lips and speaks quietly.

Cade Sydal:  I already said—


King backs off of Cade as Cade begins to speak again.

Cade Sydal:  I—

Suddenly, Obsidian NAILS Cade with a HARD Lariat to the back of the head, sending Cade to the ground!  The fans UNLOAD on King, trash being thrown in the ring.

Donovan King:  Fuck it.  I decided you can’t leave.

Obsidian picks the groggy Cade Sydal up.

Donovan King:  We’re gonna end your career right here…right now.

King’s voice contains no accent or dialect, his eyes are focused, as Obsidian hoists Cade up for the Pitch Black Powerbomb, and King catches Cade’s head for an Ace Crusher/Modified KTFO combo!  Cade is sent to the mat in a SICK thud!

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe this!  King was never going to let Cade leave!  He wants to end Cade’s career!

Other Guy:  Believe it, Dave!  King’s not the type to just let Cade leave!

King wraps the chain around his fist and NAILS Cade in the face OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Cade’s face is suddenly bloodied as King turns Cade over onto his stomach.  He wraps the chain around Cade’s throat and YANKS BACK as HARD as he can!  The fans are booing loudly, security keeping the irate front row at bay as Obsidian glares at the entrance for anyone who dares to make a last minute rescue.

Dave Dymond:  They planned this!  They broke Cade’s spirit and NOW they‘re going to break his body!

Other Guy:  And there’s NOBODY in the back who’s got the stones to charge in on a VERY ready Obsidian!

King turns the chain choke into a sort of Carolina Crossface on Cade, wrenching back hard on Cade, whose face is turning deep purple as he gasps for air.

Dave Dymond:  COME ON!

Suddenly, the sounds of a record scratching are heard, the fans’ attention drawn to the entrance.  The camera focuses on Obsidian, who clenches his fists in anticipation of whoever this is.  King continues to grin as he turns to stare at the entrance, knowing whoever is stupid enough to come out is going to suffer the same fate.

Dave Dymond:  Whose music is that?

“Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)” by Kanye West, Nas, and KRS-One plays as the fans ERUPT as one man SPRINTS out from the back, wearing a black SP wifebeater with black jeans and boots.

Dave Dymond:  IS THAT–?!

The fans fucking LOSE IT as Obsidian throws a lariat and the man DUCKS it and IMMEDIATELY hits Obsidian with a lariat that sends him OVER the top rope!  He stops long enough to turn his head and the camera gets a good, long look at Cade Sydal’s savior.

Dave Dymond:  OH MY GOD!!!  OH MY GOD!!

Dave Dymond & Other Guy:  IT’S OUTKAST!!

King IMMEDIATELY lets go of his chain as he stares at his mentor.  OutKast clenches his fist and stands in between the fallen Cade and the stunned King!

Dave Dymond:  YES!

Other Guy:  WAIT, NO!  Cade ended Kast’s career!  How do you know he’s not here to help his PRIZED PUPIL finish this?!?!

Obsidian scrambles back into the ring and charges OutKast as King slides from the ring!  The fans are loving it as Kast UNLOADS with punches on Obsidian!  He whips Obsidian into the ropes and uses all of his might to JUST BARELY lift Obsidian up AND NAIL A SPINEBUSTER to topple the brute!  He rolls from the ring as Kast tears off his wifebeater and throws it into the sea of fans!


OutKast paces the ring between Cade, who is catching his breath, and King and Obsidian who stand in shock on the outside.  Kast reaches down and picks up one of the microphones dropped in the ring.  He stares down his two students as he speaks.

OutKast:  THIS.  ENDS.  NOW.

The fans pop as King refuses to look Kast in the eyes.

OutKast:  You made the challenge to Cade Sydal a few weeks ago that you two wanted to fuck him up at Malice, right?  Two on one because Cade Sydal couldn’t find anybody to team up with him, right?

King grits his teeth as Kast picks Cade Sydal up.

OutKast:  On behalf of MY PARTNER…

The fans ERUPT.

OutKast:  …WE ACCEPT.


Cade looks at Kast in shock as Kast continues to glare down King and Obsidian.  “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)” kicks back up as the fans are eating this moment up.  OutKast looks over to Cade Sydal, the man who ended his active in ring career, and he grabs a hold of his wrist and lifts it high in the air for all to see!


The fans are cheering as Revolution ends on the final image of Cade Sydal and OutKast in the middle of the ring, taunting Donovan King and Obsidian.  The scene fades on the Malice PPV logo.