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Revolution: 026 – 4/13/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view. 

“Gentlemen and ladies…” 

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering. 

“Please put down your expensive champagne…” 

The last of the letters pass by. 

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!” 

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard… 


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd. 

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn 

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes. 

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists 

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight. 

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs 

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. 

“So back up!” 

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment. 

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else! 

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about. 

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted. 

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare 

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’” 

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist. 

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’” 

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the montage slows to focus on the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, as he slings the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder. 

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’” 

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head. 

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’” 

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. 

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no 

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show 

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll” 

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization 

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white. 

“So buff, so rugged, so rough 

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up 

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up 

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition 

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring. 

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out. 

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution. 

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.



The familiar, yet also operatic music hits the PA, signaling the opening of Revolution and the arrival of the new World Heavyweight Championship.  As “Torcher” carries on, the fans pop, with a smattering of boos and otherwise undecided…  noise.  Spotlights flash out from all over, orange and white, and they finally all converge on one spot, at the top of the ramp where he makes his appearance, and then, pyro shoots off behind him.

Dave Dymond:  Well well…  Revolution gets started off in a HUGE way, with the new… but apparently reluctant World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy:  You have to take into consideration that the ending to the main event at Malice, while it DID crown him as the World Heavyweight Champion…  probably did NOT go how he wanted it to.

Dave Dymond:  The fact that he hasn’t said a word SINCE Malice is pretty telling.  The fact that he hasn’t even been seen since then is pretty telling as well.  But, maybe we’ll get some answers here.

Corazon walks slowly from the top of the ramp to the ring, avoiding contact and eye contact with everyone who holds out their hand for him.  His eyes are focused, but there’s a sadness and a feeling of remorse that seems to cloud them.

Dave Dymond:  A looooong walk for the World Heavyweight Champion here, almost as though he’s getting ready to stand before a firing squad. 

Other Guy:  In a way, he sort of is, Dave.  He’s a VERY proud man, and to win the way he did…  it obviously doesn’t sit well with him.

Corazon gets into the ring, and looks over the Portland crowd.  He holds a hand out, as Samantha Coil hands him a microphone.  He breathes in pretty heavily, and exhales…

Corazon: At Malice…  I overcame…  eh…  I conquered…  I…  I did none of those things.  This title…  this belt I hold…  this belt I cherish…  it’s…

He sighs.

Corazon:  It’s been tainted.

The crowd is sort of stunned, but they listen intently.

Corazon:  Don’t get me wrong…  nothing I can do will ever amount to the harm that Roland Caldwell has caused this title.  Nothing I can do will ever touch that, but the way I won this…  the way I captured this championship…  it’s not the way I intended to win it.

Dave Dymond:  Pretty heavy words here, from our SHOOT Project Champion.

Other Guy:  Almost solemn, dude.

Corazon:  But don’t get me wrong…  I’m not going to bury the belt, I’m not going to disgrace it, and I’m certainly not going to make this the reign of Roland Caldwell revisited.  I’m going to fix…  this error.  I’m going to MAKE up for the grievous disservice that one man…  one…  ugh…  has caused all of you, and most of all…  caused me. 

Corazon pauses, and the fans start to buzz, knowing that he’s obviously referring to Jonny Johnson.

Corazon:   Jonny Johnson.  Your actions…  the way you marred the main event at Malice…  the way you just…  ugh.  You know what, Defiler?

Corazon sneers.

Corazon:  I’m not going to play into this nonsense.  I’m not going to sit here, and call you the Demoralizer, or any of that.  You hurt what you’re calling your meal ticket, and that’s totally unacceptable.  So, here’s what’s going to happen.  You’re going to walk down to the ring, right now… 

Dave Dymond:  Whoa. 

Corazon:  …and I, well…  I don’t want to wait until Reckoning Day.

Other Guy:  WHOA.

Corazon sighs in the ring, as he removes the belt from his shoulder.

Corazon:  You want this so bad, right?  You want to be the World Heavyweight Champion…  so, here’s your chance, Jonny.  Allow me to cleanse this championship…  with your blood.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop"

The familiar sounds of Lil Wayne’s "Gossip" hits the arena as Adrian Corazon stares at the entrance.

O.G.: That’s not Jonny Johnson.

Dave Dymond: You are one brilliant analyst, has anyone told you that?

Christopher Davis strides to the ring, his face intense. He steps through the ropes and walks past the SHOOT world champion. He asks for a microphone from outside. Once in his hand he once again walks pass Adrian Corazon.

He motions for the music to be cut.

Christopher Davis: I know you were expecting someone else, but I’d truly feel cheated if I didn’t come out here and say a few words.

Chris pauses; he turns his gaze to Adrian Corazon.

Christopher Davis: Now, let’s talk about Malice for a moment shall we? A spectacular event indeed. The main event was the match to blow the roof off the place. We all entered into that match intent on one thing and one thing only…

…walking away with the belt you have around your waist.

But, someone else had another agenda that particular night didn’t they? Someone that had nothing to do with the match but did have a vested interest in its outcome decided that match.

Chris takes a deep breath and exhales.

Christopher Davis: Now, to say I was a bit pissed off would be cruel understatement. At first everything in me wanted to end the self-proclaimed "Defiler".

The fans begin to cheer.

Christopher Davis: But, I don’t know, something inside me…just didn’t…I don’t know…

…give a damn!

I sat around for a few days and thought about things. I tried to enter the mind of Jonny Johnson, see how that little bitch thinks. I mean, honestly, who would know better than me how he thinks right?

I tire of Jonny Johnson, I truly do. Jonny has talked shit about me since the first day he arrived in SHOOT. I’d like to say I don’t know why, but that would be a lie. Also, that’s for another time.

Right now though, we have Adrian Corazon as the new SHOOT project world champion.

Chris steps right up to Adrian, looking him dead in his eye.

Christopher Davis: I’m not going to get into the whole clichéd reaction to the outcome of our match. You know what happened, I’m sure there’s no need to remind you. I am going to say this Jonny seems to have hand picked you Adrian. He seems to want to face you for the world title FAR more than he would like to face me.

So, I’m gonna let him have his moment. I’m sure Jonny is backstage right now attempting to do everything he can to keep me occupied while he pursues a title match with you. As far as I’m concerned it’s not necessary.

I’m going to stand back and watch you deal with his ass. I’m hoping you are your most inhuman and brutal. Go handle his ass and then…

Chris smirks.

…well then we can finish our business.

The fans erupt again. Chris turns to leave the ring, but pauses.

Christopher Davis: Oh, by the way Adrian, should you need some assistance with those flies that buzz around that piece of shit…give me a call. I got two big ass cans of Raid that have been dying to be used.

Chris tosses the mic to a tech outside the ring as "Gossip" blares into the arena once again.



The cameras briefly cut to Dave and OG at ringside.

Dave Dymond: Wow! So Christopher Davis gives his blessing to Adrian Corazon, and in a somewhat unexpected twist, he has put aside any differences he may have with our current world heavyweight champion and has offered assistance to perhaps even out any numbers games Jonny might throw Corazon’s way, as they head toward their much awaited contest at RECKONING DAY!

Other Guy: And, Dave, Corazon brought up a VERY interesting point about Jonny possibly tainting his OWN meal ticket with his involvement two weeks ago at Malice. But who knows what the Defiler is thinking. I really thought we were going to hear from Jonny, but I don’t know now.

Dave Dymond: He’s not even in the building from what I understand, OG. I’m hearing from the back that no one’s seen him, so I have no idea what’s going on.

A rust colored filter falls over the camera lens, painting the ramp in sepia tone drabness. The audio system buzzes for a moment before it unleashes with a demonic warble of a voice that states " ALL THAT YOU KNOW IS AT AN END."

Surreal images start to flick across the SHOOT Project Video Screen, broadcasting only quick second flashes.

Dave Dymond: Well, after an interesting start to the night, we are ready for YOUR opening bout of Revolution 26!

A town burning in the night. An abandoned church with ravens circling overhead. A splintered cross covered in chains in the middle of the desert. Flies circling a wolf carcass. The silhouette of a khaki-clad giant standing in the middle of a desolate piece of highway.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be fought with a TEN-MINUTE time-limit! Introducing first, hailing from Wormwood Nevada and weighing in at three-hundred and fifty pounds, FLINT CLOUD!

The Rolling Stones begins to blare throughout the arena, serenading the masses with "Paint it Black."

"I see a red door and I want it painted black ;

no colors anymore, I want them to turn black."

Flint emerges from behind the curtain at the head of the ramp, dressed in his usual khaki uniform. His badge shines in the strong spotlight shining down upon him, and he keeps his face turned towards the floor. He wears a state trooper style hat, and it shadows his features up until the point where he looks upwards.

Other Guy: WHOA. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He looks worse every time I see him. It looks like something’s eating his face from the inside out.

It’s apparent that whatever is wrong with Flint’s skin goes much further than just sunburn, for little cracks and fissures have started to creep open across his features. Flint seems to feel no pain from it, in fact his mouth stretches into a rotten smile, causing a small piece of dry skin to fall off his cheek and onto the floor.

The former sheriff stomps his way down the ramp towards the ring, while at the head of the ramp balls of fire shoot off at five second intervals with each step he takes.

Once the monster of a man reaches the apron he pulls himself up and steps over the top rope, his eyes looking cold and methodical. He begins to pace back and forth on one side of the ring, from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. At one point his neck twitches to the side, and a little tick causes his right eyebrow to shudder. A few of the fans at ringside appear visually disturbed, although the overall reaction seems mild at best for one of SHOOT Project’s newer Soldiers.

Dave Dymond: Flint Cloud is certainly an imposing figure, and is coming off a very tough defeat at the battle royal two weeks ago during the Malice pre-show festivities. He took some BRUTAL chair shots early, but could not survive a continued onslaught and was eventually eliminated by Catch Warren, who would go on to win the contest.

Other Guy: He’ll have a pretty tough challenge tonight from another new SHOOT Project Soldier, CRUSH HEART.

“Paint it Black” begins to fade, and is soon replaced by Marilyn Manson’s “1996”. Cloud begins his ominous pacing, not once looking back at his opponents entrance.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT… He has no formal home town, a drifter… he weighs in at two-hundred, seventy-five pounds… CRUSH HEART!

Heart steps through the curtains and begins his focused stride toward the ring. His long, black trench coat dangles near his shoe tops, his black cowboy hat adding a certain, “southern, no holds barred” flare.

Dave Dymond: These two men match up fairly well, considering Flint’s enormous size. Heart is a couple inches short and a few pounds lighter, but not enough to make a huge difference considering these men’s comparable in-ring styles.

His reaction, much like Cloud’s is minimal, the fans in this Rose Garden, not horribly familiar with his history. That doesn’t seem to matter to Heart, whose harsh intensity drives him quickly into the ring. He undresses quickly, tossing his garments and hat to the outside, left in black trunks and black boots.

Cloud stops pacing, though his back remains to Heart.


Other Guy: Let’s see what these boys can bring, eh Dave?

Cloud slowly begins to turn around, now facing Crush. Heart can’t help but notice Cloud’s deformed features, though keeps a cold expression, unaffected by the horrendous image. Cloud slowly casts a crackling, vile grin and takes a couple steps back, slowly tilting his head from one side to the other.

Heart nods and moves in. The two men hook up in a grapple! Cloud is able to get the advantage though and tosses him into the ring ropes! Heart bounces back! Cloud attempts a delayed clothesline, but Heart ducks through! Heart stops his momentum! Cloud turns around! Heart throws a right hand and DRILLS Cloud in the face! Cloud actually responds with a SUDDEN HEADBUTT almost out of nowhere! Heart falls to a knee, and Cloud follows with a SOLE FIRST, SHORT KICK TO THE FACE! Heart slowly tumbles down to his back.

Dave Dymond: Brutal combo early from Cloud who caught Heart off guard with that headbutt. Keep in mind, there is a surgical plate in the man’s head, but he’s been legally cleared to compete with it, so I have no idea what, if any, the added effects may be.

Other Guy: Well, man it’s gonna hurt a little bit more, I’m sure but, like ya said, Cloud’s been cleared to compete by SHOOT Project officials so you’d imagine the advantage can’t be too steep.

Cloud moves in and attempts to drop an elbow, but Crush Heart rolls out of the way. Heart tries to push himself up to his feet. Cloud is a little slower to get up… Crush charges and lands a STIFF yakuza kick! The momentum of the attack causes Cloud to stumble awkwardly toward the ropes. He loses his balance and falls into the ropes. Heart CHARGES AGAIN WITH ANOTHER KICK RIGHT TO THE FACE and CLOUD FALLS THROUGH THE ROPES and HITS THE FLOOR! Despite official Chris Jenkins pleading with him otherwise, Crush follows after, dropping to the floor as the brawl continues! Heart THROWS A FOREARM into the side of Cloud’s face! Cloud tries to fight through, his hand on the top of the guardrail! Heart spins and REELS OFF a discuss punch to the temple! Cloud’s arm drops down as he falls back to his knees! Heart lunges now and KICKS CLOUD IN THE FACE! Cloud, however, still pushes to get to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Heart trying to keep Flint Cloud down, and these fans are starting to get into things as these two monsters are throwing down!

Heart lands another shot, but Cloud keeps pushing up! He’s now back to his feet! Heart throws a forearm! Cloud absorbs the blow and throws a defensive OVERHAND SLAP to the HEAD! Heart holds at his face but tries to keep fighting! Heart throws a punch! Cloud BLOCKS the attempt and GRABS HEART’S FACE!

Flint Cloud: I AM THE LAW, BOY!


Chris Jenkins shouts for both men to get into the ring. He seems hesitant to have an opening bout end in a count out, and really doesn’t attempt to make a ten-count!

Heart stumbles back and Cloud advances! However Cloud STRIKES BACK WITH AN OVERHAND CHOP TO CLOUD’S CHEST! Cloud growls! HE THROWS A STIFF CHOP BACK! Heart falls to the apron! Cloud grabs Heart by the throat! But Heart grabs Cloud by the throat!

Other Guy: These guys are going to KILL each other!


CLOUD SCREAMS BACK! Heart clutches harder!

Other Guy: Jenkins has to get in there! He’s a new official, but this is getting out of hand!

Cloud, though, is just a little bit too strong and pushes Heart up against the apron! Chris Jenkins REALLY seems to have lost control. He looks scared and continues to simply administer verbal warnings from inside the ring! Heart looks on the verge of passing out, but then comes up with a KNEE TO THE GUT! Cloud has to break the hold!

Heart scurries back inside the ring, but doesn’t get much further. Cloud has his arms up on the apron, head toward the ground, but the monster keeps the pace and slides in after his opponent. Cloud GLARES at Heart who seems barely able to stay conscious and moves in for the kill! Cloud starts to pick Heart up! BUT HEART FIRES OFF A BACK ELBOW! Cloud again tilts back! Heart moves forward and executes a SHORT SPEAR-LIKE, body take down! Heart throws RIGHT HAND AFTER RIGHT HAND! Cloud, though shrugs the blows off and pushes Heart off and reverses into a mount of his own! Cloud grabs Heart by his hair and DRILLS HIM WITH A HEADBUTT TO THE CHEST! Heart though throws a STUNNING RIGHT HAND FROM HIS BACK! HE CONNECTS SQUARE IN CLOUD’S TEMPLE!

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!

Dave Dymond: Cloud looks OUT! Holy LORD what a shot from Heart! A desperation blow!

The fans are stunned by what they have seen!

Cloud falls awkwardly to his side! Heart pounces on his opportunity! In a daze he slides over on top of Cloud, GRINDING HIS FOREARM INTO THE MONSTER’S FACE as he attempts a pin-fall!

Other Guy: Dude, I think Cloud is legit out.

Jenkins drops down to make the count!




Jenkins calls for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Wooooow!

Other Guy: Crush Heart catches the desperation attack, and Dave he caught that temple shot… Damn dude… What a shot!

Samantha Coil: The winner of this contest, CRUSH HEART!

Jenkins kneels down and hoists Heart’s hand into the air as 1996 by Marylin Manson plays throughout the arena.

Other Guy: Impressive win for Heart, no doubt, Davey. Cat’s got a future if he shows that kind of effort every night.

Dave Dymond: A very competitive bout to open the night, and we are JUST getting started folks! We still have the Avengers and Rogue and Riley in tag action, and don’t forget out main event… a rematch from three weeks ago… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS and KILGORE STOCHANSKY. That and more, folks. Gonna be a heck of a night!



The “employee-only”, double doors in the back swing open rather cautiously, causing a few startled workers to slowly flee.  As is custom, most of the arena is under camera surveillance incase anything “television worthy” pops up during the program. 

Super Fan: And then dude was like…  I GOT RAID and shit, Jonny.  I was like, oh raid?  Oh, sorry!  RAID IS FOR FUCKING BUGS AND WE’RE ANIMALS!  I mean, I thought it.  I’m not going to… 

The fans offer a hearty, “BOOOOOOOOOO” when seeing the arrival of THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON.  One, because they hate him, but two, because he was scheduled to make an appearance at the start of the show.  Jonny, in a double pocketed, tan button-up and form fitting, “pre-holed” blue jeans, waves at Tim to shut up, his ears perking up like an alerted dog. 

The DEFILER: Fuck. (Looking around) We’re on camera.  (Rolling his eyes) Just move quick dude. 

Jonny and “Super Fan” start to head down the hall, and obviously the cameras follow them.  This only serves to draw further ire from the number one contender. 

The DEFILER: I swear to GOD if Masters pops up looking for an interview or I have ONE confrontation with Chris Davis or Adrian Corazon, I will make sure you NEVER work in production here…  or ANYWHERE ever again.  (Shaking his head, directing his attention to Calahan) Tim, go stay with Tom and Riles, okay?  I have to try and find Roland. 

Calahan nods his head. 

Super Fan: Right on, dude! 

Tim walks a little further ahead and makes a turn down one of the random corridors, while Jonny keeps walking straight ahead.  He actually has no idea where Roland Caldwell is, which he realizes pretty quickly, stopping to ask a random dude wearing a headset. 

The DEFILER: Rick…  you seen Caldwell? 

The production guy ponders for a second and then nods his head, gesturing down the hallway. 

Production Guy: Actually, yeah.  I think I saw him head into his locker room.  It’s just a few doors down from here.  I think Kenshin’s room is (pointing) right over here, and then there’s a generic one for outside talent, and then yeah…  Roland’s the third one down. 

Jonny seems content with the response and nods. 

The DEFILER: Thanks Rick. 

Rick nods his head, and gets a little less talkative once he realizes there’s a camera.  He’s obviously shy, which is adorable.  Oh Rick. 

Jonny keeps moving, passing the first two doors on his right, before approaching the third.  He goes to knock, but then suddenly stops, noticing the name plate on the door. 

“The Family” 

It’s not so much a plate as it is wooden, with “The Family” burned in the center of some kind of floral design.  Jonny suddenly has second thoughts, and looks down to the floor before making a decision to knock or not. 

The DEFILER: What the… 

On the floor is a shag “welcome mat”.  It’s dark green and says “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS” in deep red, with a heart outline around it, of course. 

The DEFILER: (Looking back up) Oh please no Vincent.  Please no fucking Vincent.  Please no Vincent… 

Jonny hesitantly begins to knock. 

The DEFILER: Please don’t be inside Vincent…  please don’t be inside, Vincent…  Please don’t be inside… 

The door slowly squeaks open. 

“Ahh what a pleasant surprise, Mister Johnson.” 

Jonny looks up. 

The DEFILER: VINCENT!  Oh.  Hey.  Wow.  You look weird.  Look, uhh… just umm…  I was wondering if maybe Roland could…  if Roland come out to play for a… for a little bit?  I got my new nerf stuff, and it’s like… TOTALLY great, and ya know.  Or if like you’re doing family stuff…  I mean… 

Mallows, the deformed, hideous mess he is, still finds it in himself to emit a gurgling chortle of amusement. 

Vincent Mallows:: (Words slurred and soft) Oh, Jonny.  Still as brilliantly witty as always. 

He slaps his right hand (the only one he can feel) against his left hand, applauding Jonny’s verbal display.  Of course, it only serves to make the Defiler more uncomfortable. 

Vincent Mallows:: Good show indeed, but I’m afraid that Mister Caldwell simply isn’t available right now.  But I would be more than happy to… take a message. 

Jonny looks down at Mallows, sitting in his wheel chair, still as a frightful as ever.  He considers talking a little bit more, but isn’t even sure where he stands with his long time “business partner”. 

“Mikey’s getting bored, and it’s making ME bored!” 

Whatever strange moment Jonny and Vincent are having is interrupted by the soft-spoken, bizarre words of SAMMY ROCHESTER, who walks up behind Vincent, holding his doll, Mikey. 

Jonny looks at Sammy, while Vincent lets out a bit of a sigh. 

Vincent Mallows:: Not now, Sammy.  Can’t you see we have a visitor? 

Sammy sees Jonny, but doesn’t seem to give a crap. 

Vincent Mallows:: (Looking back up at Jonny) Now you were saying about Mister Caldwell… 

Jonny continues to stare at Sammy and his doll for a moment or two. 

The DEFILER: You know…  (Looking back down to Vincent) I don’t know if I really need ROLAND…  (Looking back at Sammy and then smirking) Actually, I KNOW I wouldn’t need Roland… 

Mallows, as sharp as ever, curls his disgusting lips into the most heinous attempt at a grin you would ever see. 

Vincent Mallows:: Perhaps you could…  come inside for a little bit and we could talk a bit more? 

Jonny considers the offer, but realizes he’s not exactly prepared to be here this week. 

The DEFILER: Ya know…  I’m gonna take a rain a check on that right now.  I’m uhh…  I’m not exactly…  Well I don’t really want to be here tonight.  But let’s do lunch.  Okay?  I’ll find somewhere wheel chair accessible.  It’ll be like old times, but… uhh… well, ya know, old times if like…  Heh.  Like old times, Vincent. 

Mallows stares back at Jonny. 

Vincent Mallows:: Like old times. 

Jonny sort of awkwardly and nervously nods his head. 

The DEFILER: Good well…  I’m gonna…  I’m gonna run, man.  We’ll talk.  (Looking back at Sammy and then to Vincent) We’ll DEFINITELY talk. 

Jonny makes a hasty departure, while the cameras stay on Mallows and Sammy, who continue to watch the DEFILER.


Backstage, the sounds of almost obnoxious music is thundering from one of the dressing rooms.  The camera crew, unassumingly of course, goes to peek in.  There, we find two new faces to the SHOOT Project.  Both are ultra young, one has a veritable lion’s mane for hair, in addition to the typical leather jacket and jeans associated with most men of their…  former profession. 

The other, a more conservative looking guy with a shorter haircut, but honestly…  it’s still pretty wild too.  He’s wearing a t-shirt with blue jeans that have holes in the knees.  You can see the word “Starr” on his relatively plain t-shirt.  We’ll use that as his codename, for now.

Starr:  Bobby…  dude…  thank you soooo much for this Punk Goes Pop thing, man…  really kickin’ shit.  It almost makes me miss the band though, man.

The other man, Bobby, pops his head from side to side so his feathered hair be, for lack of a better word, ruffled.

Bobby: Hey, A-Jeezy, don’t sweat it. You know me, I’m the bootleg kiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

He chuckles for a second, adjusting his Aviator sunglasses.

Bobby: But, broseph, I don’t wanna talk about the "band". You KNOW how I feel about them. Never understood our artistic vision.

Starr:  I know man, I know.  But still, man…  making the music.  Eh…  I guess you could say we’re making a different kind of music now, right?

All the sudden, Starr goes wide eyed as he notices the camera for the first time. 

Starr:  Yo!  YO!  Bobby!  Look man, SHOOT cams.  I didn’t realize…  Did you know about this?

Bobby quickly touched his hair and pushed his jacket aside so his abs could be seen.

Bobby: No way, AJ. I guess they heard that awesome music we were playin’.

He grins and waves to the camera.

Bobby: What’s up?

AJ, reacting quickly, stands up and puffs his chest out.  He’s a small dude, so, you know…  every little bit helps.

AJ:  Well I mean, if it IS because of the music, that’s awesome.  If not…  that’s not as awesome, but still pretty awesome.  You know what I mean. 

He places his fists on his waist now, smiling and grinning widely with a crazy toothy grin.

AJ:  I guess I’m AJ Starr, folks!  I’m a former LEAD GUITARIST for my last… uhh…  job.  *whispering*  Bobby doesn’t like the word band, for whatever reason…

Stopping, he looks quickly at Bobby, who’s still standing like a statue with his abs out.  AJ shakes his head.

AJ:  And that…  well…  I’ll let him introduce himself.

Bobby grins at the camera and tilts his head down, looking up at the camera as his glasses slide down the bridge of his nose.

Bobby: I’m Bobby Ringo. Singer-songwriter.

He winks to the camera.

Bobby: Age an’ me…we’ve been led to believe SHOOT needed a shot in the arm. That this pro wrestling thing needed some of our…distinctive skill.

AJ:  Well, I mean…  we are ENTERTAINERS, after all. 

He looks back to Bobby.

AJ:  Why do I keep emphasizing words like that? 

He shakes his head.

AJ:  Anway…  we’re entertainers.  And somewhere along the way, we trained to wrestle.  Pretty cool, I thought.  So, after leaving our last…  hmm…  employer, we called up some guy named Jason Johnson, and gave him our schtick.

He nods.

AJ:  He was pretty skeptical, but we told him we had a cool idea, and that we’d make it worth his time…  but he still only gave us a pretty minimal contract…


Bobby sighs.

Bobby: But it’s cool. When our last job wished us the best in our future endeavors, we decided to sign that piece of paper and prove to YOU, our beloved SHOOT Project fans, what our artistic vision is all about! AWW!

Bobby headbangs for one thrust before he double checks his hair.

Bobby: But, since you guys caught us like this, you’re gonna witness our first and second-most pivotal step in our grand SHOOT history!

He grins.

Bobby: We need a band name!

He gives a thumbs up to AJ to show he’s been working hard on saying that word. 

AJ:  Dude…  hmm… 

AJ furrows his brow, obviously thinking very hard.

AJ:  Oh, dude…  what about…  it has to be something catchy, you know?  Something that really rolls off the tongue and sticks…  something seriously catchy.  Ideas!?

Bobby: Harlem Heat!

Bobby grins, proud of himself. He looks over at the puzzled AJ.

Bobby: It shows how, like, urban we are.

AJ smiles, coming around.

AJ:  What about…  the West Texas Rednecks?  Wait…  neither of us are from Texas.  Nor are we rednecks.  Fuck!

He tries one more time.

AJ:  Oh wait, what about…  HIGH VOLTAGE?  You know…  cuz our rock is so ELECTRIFYING.


Bobby gives AJ a thumbs up.

AJ:  I don’t think these are working for me, man.

AJ sighs.

Bobby: We need something that people can remember, man. Nobody would be able to remember anything with ‘Express’ in it. Something that lets people know two of the fastest and brightest new stars in sports and, hell, in music, too…are coming!

He sighs, too.

Bobby: We’ll find a name if my name isn’t Bobby Ringo!

His eyes light up, like he’s discovered something fantastic.


All of the sudden, it dawns on AJ as well.

AJ:  Dude!  What about…!


Bobby: Dude, it’s so perfect!

They slap hands.

Bobby: It rolls off the tongue, it sticks in people’s minds and the best part?

He grins from ear to ear.


AJ:  YES!!  WOW.  How could we have not figured this out SOONER?

He fist pumps, now.

AJ:  So, SHOOT Project fans! 

He points his finger at the camera.

AJ:  Get ready for…

Bobby & AJ:  RINGO STARR!!



Samantha Coil: The following TAG TEAM contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit! 

The fans begin to cheer at the mention of tag team action, as the tag team division has been on fire for several months now! Suddenly, there is a loud, almost inaudible sound, and then… 


“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts up, and the fans begin to offer jeers at the entrance way as the lights dim. Soft pink, green, and brown lights float around the arena, before Tom Quinn and Jason Riley slink through the curtain from the back.  

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at a combined weight of 359 pounds! They are “Rogue” TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY! ROOOOOOOOOOOGUEEEEEEEEEEEEE N’ RIIIIIIIIIIIIIILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! 

Riley quickly takes the lead, yelling at fans vulgarly, while Quinn silently marches down the ramp. Quinn slides under the bottom rope, while Riley slingshots himself over the top rope and lands on his feet. Samantha Coil looks at the two of them, uneasily. 

Dave Dymond: Samantha Coil seems to be uneasy by their presence, OG! 

Other Guy: Maybe she’s afraid that they’re going to start beating her up… 

Slowly the music fades out, though the lights stay low. Suddenly “Here it Goes Again” by OK Go hits, and blue and orange lights start dancing about the arena in rhythm with the music. The fans begin to cheer loudly the moment Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite step through the curtain, both with capes the same color as their ring gear flapping behind them and their thumbs skyward! 

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning has a cape! 

Other Guy: …are you really that excited about cloth? 

Kid lightning and FLASH start marching down the ring, grinning, as they both slap hands with anyone they can reach. 


Samantha Coil quickly exits the ring as FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning both make it to the bottom of the ramp. FLASH quickly leaps onto the ring apron as Kid Lightning does the same. FLASH steps through the ropes as Kid Lightning slingshots over the top rope and tucks into a somersault, rolling to his feet he quickly changes direction and backflips staight through onto his feet. He drops to a knee and thrusts his right thumb skyward as FLASH moves up behind him and thrusts his own thumb to the sky. Their music fades as they both remove their capes and hand them off. 

Dave Dymond: With some recent Sky High events, this match could be interesting to say the least! 

Other Guy: It’ll also be interesting to see how this match impacts the tag team division, as a win here for Rogue N’ Riley could launch them to the top of the pile. 

Willie Dean signals for the bell, as FLASH Dynamite and Jason Riley both step through the ropes onto the apron. Tom Quinn and Kid Lightning begin circling the ring, before Quinn suddenly lunges for Kid Lightning, catching him in a lock up. Quinn quickly uses his weight advantage to push Kid Lightning back into a neutral corner. Kid Lightning raises his arms up to try and cover up, but Quinn pushes Kid Lightning’s arms aside and fires off a quick chop to the chest! 

Dave Dymond: A stiff chop, and its obvious that Rogue is not interested in trying to grapple with the young Avenger tonight! 

Other Guy: He shouldn’t have messed things up a couple weeks ago, on Sky High, for ‘em then, huh? 

Kid Lightning visibly winces, as Quinn grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the opposite corner. Kid Lightning uses the momentum to run up the turnbuckles, however, and leaps off, turning in mid-air and catches Quinn as Quinn follows, snapping off a sudden hurricanrana that sends Quinn tumbling toward the Avengers corner! Kid Lightning is quick to his feet, as Quinn turns to try and escape from the corner, Kid Lightning catches him with a Japanese arm drag and backflips through to his knees, with an armbar! 

Dave Dymond: Amazing athleticism from the masked aerial artist! 

Other Guy: He just ran up the turnbuckles, jumped backwards, turned, fired off a sudden rana, and then a backflipping Japanese arm drag! So, yeah, that is pretty damn amazing! 

Kid Lightning pulls Quinn to his feet and backs into the Avengers corner. FLASH Dynamite tags hands with Kid Lightning, and the two quickly walk Quinn to the center of the ropes. They send him off, and as Quinn rebounds, FLASH catches Quinn with a drop toe hold! Kid Lightning hits the ropes, as FLASH pushes to his feet and launches Kid Lightning upward as he rebounds with a back body drop! Kid Lightning flips through to land an assisted 450 splash! Kid Lightning rolls out of the ring as FLASH turns to make the cover! 

Dave Dymond: INCREDIBLE! What teamwork! 


Other Guy: FLASH had to have launched him twelve feet into the air, easy! 



Jason Riley rushes through the ropes as Quinn gets a foot up. Riley doesn’t seem to care as he dives anyway and drops an elbow on the back of FLASH’s head! Riley quickly exits the ring, as Quinn works to his feet. Quinn grabs FLASH in a side headlock and drags him back to his corner and tags Riley before turning into a front facelock and cranks FLASH around, looking for a neckbreaker, as Riley steps through the ropes. Riley slides onto his back and bends both knees in as Quinn drops, driving FLASH’s neck across Riley’s knees! 

Dave Dymond: OH! Wow! 

Other Guy: Now THAT is some teamwork! 

FLASH flops off of Riley’s legs, and Riley quickly pushes to his feet, rubbing his knees a bit. Riley suddenly leaps straight up and comes down with a hard leg drop across FLASH’s face and quickly swings his hips to hook a leg! 



FLASH kicks out, as Kid Lightning cheers him on from his corner. Riley pulls FLASH to his feet and backs him to the ropes and whips him, but FLASH reverses, using his 100-pound weight advantage with ease! Riley rebounds and leaps for a cross body, but FLASH catches him! FLASH tosses Riley upward in the air and catches him, tilt-a-whirling him into a backbreaker across his knee! 

Dave Dymond: The raw super strength of FLASH Dynamite just put a stop to Jason Riley’s fun! 

Other Guy: How the shit?! 

FLASH pulls Riley off his knee and quickly swings him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry before tagging Kid Lightning back in! FLASH backs up as Kid Lightning springboards and catches Riley with a flipping side-long neckbreaker as FLASH falls with a Samoan Drop! 

Dave Dymond: Good God! Jason Riley is going to feel that for weeks to come! 

Other Guy: With the tag team division heating up, every win counts in the division, and both these teams know it! 

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet as Riley clutches his neck. Quinn makes a move to get in, but Kid Lightning turns and looks right at him, and Quinn steps back through the ropes. Kid Lightning turns and makes the cover, as there’s a small bit of cheering and some commotion from the entrance way! 




Tom Quinn sprints in and kicks Kid Lightning on the back, breaking the pin! 

Dave Dymond: Looks like those couple of weeks ago on Sky High are having their effect still! 

Other Guy: What is she doing? Is she going to try and return the favor or something?! 

The camera cuts to ringside, as Nova Lynn makes her way to the bottom of the ramp, wearing a T-Shirt that reads “Thank you Kid Lightning!”, and a grin. Tom Quinn slides out of the ring, though and gets in her face, just as Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, holding his back! Kid Lightning hits the ropes and quickly builds up speed and leaps clear over the top rope with a hands free Tope Con Hilo, as Quinn turns right into it and Nova barely manages to avoid the collision! 

Dave Dymond: Look at him fly! 

Other Guy: Does he even know she’s there?! 

Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and looks at Nova curiously. He suddenly pushes her sideways just as Jason Riley slingshots over the top rope to try and cross body both of them, but catches Kid Lightning only, Nova cleared from all danger once again! Riley pulls Kid Lightning up and rolls him under the bottom rope, clutching his neck with his free hand. Quinn pushes to his feet as Riley slides under the bottom rope, he jumps onto the apron staring at Nova. Riley slaps Quinn’s hand, and Quinn steps through the ropes. 

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning put his body on the line to save Nova Lynn from abuse from both Tom Quinn and Jason Riley! 

Other Guy: And he’s paying for it now…but I’m still not sure he knew she was out there at first. 

Quinn and Riley both send Kid Lightning off the ropes and catch him with a hip toss on the rebound, except that they catch under his leg as he flips, keeping him from hitting the canvas they both hook and arm and a leg! Quinn and Riley both spin to put their backs together and place Kid Lightning on their shoulders, before they both grab his head and turn, driving him down head first with a double DVD! 

Dave Dymond: Whether you like it or not, both of these teams have put on a hell of a showing with impressive tandem offense, such as that! 

Other Guy: How is Kid Lightning not dead?! Answer me that! 

Riley is forced out of the ring by Willie Dean, and Quinn uses this opportunity to sit Kid Lightning up and kick him square in the throat with the toe of his boot! Kid Lightning collapses to the canvas, gasping for air, as Willie Dean turns back to the action in the ring and Quinn drops to make the cover, hooking a leg and placing his elbow on Kid Lightning’s chin! 




Kid Lightning kicks out! FLASH cheers him on, as the fans begin to rally heavily behind him as well. Quinn pulls Kid Lightning to his feet by his mask, and quickly snatches Kid Lightning up with a snapping brainbuster, driving him back down onto his head and taking the wind right out of the rallying fans the moment Kid Lightning slumps lifelessly on the canvas! Quinn drags Kid Lightning to his corner and places his boot on Kid Lightning’s head, tagging in Riley. Riley steps in and both men pull Kid Lightning to his feet. They send him off the ropes and bend for a double back body drop, but Kid Lightning leaps up and lands with a foot on either shoulder, suddenly showing signs of life again! 

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure how he does it, but Kid Lightning is still very much alive! 

Other Guy: How does one man balance like that so easily?! 

Quinn and Riley both shoot upward to try and launch Kid Lightning but he backflips off to his feet and he turns and runs to his corner! Riley quickly moves in, and just before FLASH and Kid Lightning can touch hands, Riley kicks upward into Kid Lightning’s arm! Quinn catches Kid Lightning from behind in a waistlock, and Riley snaps up with a spinning wheel kick as Quinn releases with a German suplex, and finally Quinn is forced out of the ring! 

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite almost got the tag, and you have to believe that it would have quite possibly ended quickly if he had! 

Other Guy: He’s definitely a heavy-hitter with those unusual tilt-a-whirls and such, absolutely, but Rogue N’ Riley aren’t slouches themselves, ya know? 

Riley pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and shoves him back into a neutral corner. Riley drives hard forearms into Kid Lightning’s cheek before sending him into the other corner. Riley follows closely behind and runs up Kid Lightning’s body and pushes off Kid Lightning’s chest with both feet, turning a full backflip! Kid Lightning stumbles out of the corner then suddenly snaps his right foot up and leaps, turning a hand-less cartwheel as both ankles catch either side of Riley’s head, snapping off a flying head scissors and Riley lands with his face in the second turnbuckle! 

Dave Dymond: Riley jut back flipped off Kid Lightning’s chest, but Kid Lightning just did a cartwheel without hands and fired off a flying head scissors at the same time! 

Other Guy: Riley needs to get off that turnbuckle and start whippin’ that ass some more! 

Kid Lightning struggles to his feet as Riley pushes up in the corner. Kid Lightning rushes for the corner, and suddenly Quinn jumps into the ring and Willie Dean moves to intercept him! Kid Lightning slaps FLASH’s hand and the fans cheer loudly! Riley pushes out of the corner, right into a running back elbow from FLASH Dynamite! Quinn exits the ring, as FLASH whips Riley off the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a fireman’s carry! Willie Dean moves to FLASH Dynamite and starts ordering him out of the ring! 

Dave Dymond: What? He’s the legal man? 

Other Guy: But the official didn’t see the tag! He’s gotta do his job, Dave! 

FLASH releases Riley, letting him fall harmlessly to the canvas, as Kid Lightning dejectedly steps back through the ropes. Before FLASH even steps back through the ropes, Riley grabs Kid Lightning by the arm and sends him hard into the opposite corner, right where Quinn is! Nova can be seen, slapping the canvas now, trying to cheer Kid Lightning on, as Riley rushes Kid Lightning with a running forearm in the corner! Riley slaps Quinn’s hand, and Quinn steps through the ropes. Both Riley and Quinn hook under Kid Lightning’s arms and hoist him up onto the top rope, with his back to the ring! 

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure, but this can’t end well for Kid Lightning!  

Other Guy: This whole match hasn’t been too great for him, aside from a few instances here and there. 

Riley steps back through the ropes before Willie Dean threatens a disqualification, and Tom Quinn drives hard forearms into Kid Lightning’s back! Quinn climbs up behind Kid Lightning and hooks under his arm, for a possible back suplex, but Kid Lightning suddenly drives an elbow into Quinn’s forehead! Two more, and Quinn drops off the turnbuckles to the canvas, hard! Riley climbs the turnbuckles in front of Kid Lightning and punches him in the gut! Quinn hooks Kid Lightning by the waist, but Kid Lightning suddenly straightens up and launches Riley off of him with a back body drop into the ring! ON TOM QUINN’S CHEST! 

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning might have the opening he needs! 

Other Guy: He needs to get off those ropes, first! 

Nova Lynn slaps the canvas repeatedly, urging Kid Lightning on, while Kid Lightning pushes up! Riley rolls off of Quinn, clutching his lower back, as Quinn pushes to his feet, holding his chest. Kid Lightning leaps off with a picture perfect moonsault onto both of them, and they all topple to the canvas! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, as Quinn and Riley both scramble to their own feet. Kid Lightning turns and runs! Kid Lightning leaps and his hand slaps FLASH’s! The fans cheer loudly, as FLASH steps through the ropes and catches the chasing Tom Quinn first with a tilt-a-whirl up into a fireman’s carry! Riley rushes into a big boot! 

Dave Dymond: FLASH Dynamite is in, and he is cleaning house! 

Other Guy: He just booted Jason Riley in the face, with Tom Quinn across his shoulders! That is inhuman strength!

FLASH starts spinning around in circles, in an airplane spin! Riley pushes back to his feet, and FLASH stops spinning long enough to jump up and plant both feet in Riley’s chest, falling with a huge Samoan Drop on Tom Quinn in the process! FLASH releases Quinn and pushes to his feet, as Riley rolls out of the ring. FLASH quickly scales the top and leaps, spreading his arms out wide! 


Tom Quinn rolls out of the way JUST in time! 

Other Guy: NOBODY HOME! 

Quinn pushes to his feet and quickly moves behind FLASH, hooking both of FLASH’s arms in a grounded double chickenwing suddenly and rolls forward with a bridge! 

Dave Dymond: Cattle Mutliation, out of nowhere! 

Other Guy: And the Avengers don’t believe in breaking up counts or submission holds, so shortly this one will be over! 

FLASH struggles and wiggles his body, pushing his legs closer to the ropes, as he refuses to submit! FLASH suddenly places his left foot on the bottom rope, but Tom Quinn refuses to break the hold! Willie Dean starts the count! 





Kid Lightning springboards off the top suddenly and leaps forward, backflipping as he does, with a springboard Shooting Star Press! ACROSS QUINN’S CHEST, BREAKING THE CATTLE MUTILATION! 

Kid Lightning quickly slides out, as Quinn writhes on the canvas clutching his chest in pain! 

Dave Dymond: Apparently they believe in breaking illegal holds though, OG! 

Other Guy: I guess they don’t want DQ wins or something. Bizarre…a win is a win in my book. 

FLASH slowly pushes to his feet, clutching his neck as Quinn crawls to his corner. Riley quickly tags hands with Quinn and bursts into the ring, before FLASH turns and catches Riley with a boot to the stomach! FLASH pulls Riley into a standing head scissors and pulls him up for a powerbomb! FLASH lets Riley slide down with his shins on FLASH’s hips, FLASH hooks Riley by the head and drops with a sudden cradle DDT! FLASH rolls and tags in Kid Lightning, who springs to the top and leaps off, corkscrewing his body as it flips forward 630 degrees! 


Kid Lightning hooks the leg! 





Other Guy: Holy shit! That was close! 

Quinn pulls Kid Lightning off by both legs in a wheelbarrow position and pulls him upward! Kid Lightning pushes up all the way and ends up sitting on Quinn’s shoulders! Kid Lightning snaps backward with a reverse hurricanrana that causes Quinn to back flip onto the top of his head! Quinn rolls out, clutching his head! Kid Lightning pulls Riley to his feet and quickly tags FLASH back in! 

Dave Dymond: How much longer can this thing go?! 

Other Guy: I have no idea! 

Kid Lightning pushes Riley into a standing head scissors by FLASH and steps through the ropes, gripping the top rope readily. Riley suddenly sweeps FLASH’s legs out from under him and rolls forward into a jacknife pin! 


Riley suddenly tangles his legs with the bottom rope adjacent to Kid Lightning, out of his reach! 


FLASH kicks his legs, trying to escape! 


FLASH kicks out, barely breaking the added leverage of the ropes! 

Dave Dymond: Rogue N’ Riley almost stole one! 

Other Guy: I’m surprised they didn’t, to be honest! 

Riley scrambles to his feet as FLASH does the same. Riley leaps up onto FLASH’s shoulders for a hurricanrana and rolls through, hooking the legs!



FLASH rolls through, stacking Riley on his own shoulders! 



Riley rolls a shoulder up, but FLASH pushes his feet under himself and pushes up, still holding Riley’s legs! FLASH swings Riley up into a powerbomb and backs into his corner! Kid Lightning tags in and springboards to the top rope! Kid Lightning turns in mid-air and lands on Riley’s shoulders, firing off another reveres hurricanrana, dumping Riley on top of his head! Quinn runs back into the ring, and FLASH launches him over the top rope by the back of his head! 


Other Guy: And Tom Quinn just went flying! 

Kid Lightning scrambles over Riley and hooks both legs deep! 




The fans explode into cheers as referee Willie Dean signals for the bell!  


“Here it Goes Again” by OK Go hits once more, and FLASH helps Kid Lightning to his feet and they both raise their arms high! Nova Lynn slides in with their capes and hands FLASH his cape. She turns Kid Lightning around and actually ties the cape around his neck for him, before turning him around and giving him a big hug! 

Dave Dymond: They did it! 

Other Guy: And I guess Nova finally gets to thank Kid Lightning for saving the day a couple Wednesdays back! 

Nova quickly backs out of the ring, allowing the Flying Avengers to have their moment, as she grins happily all the way up the ramp.


The devilish din created by the arena’s white noise is replaced by the dulcet tones of an Irish lass – her thick brogue stumbling clumsily over antiquated melodies. We have but a harp and a flute to keep our attention – the screen has faded to black – together our instruments and our songstress dance a traditional Irish Lullaby.

Over in Killarney Many years ago, Me Mither sang a song to me In tones so sweet and low.

A machine gun fires, jarring the senses and frightening the ears. The crowd returns – but the joyous hubbub of an arena population is replaced by the panic-laden screams and terror-inspired cries of a people under attack.

The black screen fades to black and white stock footage of the aftermath of an IRA terrorist attack. We see the deformed and the dead as the sounds of war fade, if only slightly, below beautiful music.

Just a simple little ditty, In her good ol’ Irish way, And l’d give the world if she could sing That song to me this day.

‘ A woman screams for her child – sharp, piercing and shrill. We see her crying – clutching a bundle of fabric to her chest. Whether her child is within is unknown. Civilians and police alike run past her – some to the center of the commotion – others trying, failing, to get far, far away.

With the chorus, both the aural and visual violence fade away to a black picture.

Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li, Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral hush now, don’t you cry… Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li, Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that’s an Irish lullaby.

The music fades as the picture brightens – sheer blackness replaced by television clips, still photos, collages and montages of famous Irish-American Mobsters. We see Kevin Weeks, John "Red" Shea, Stephen Flemmi and the man directly behind Osama Bin Laden on the FBI Most Wanted List: James J. "Whitey" Bulger.

Oft in dreams I wander To that cot again, I feel her arms a-huggin’ me As when she held me then.

We see bundles of marijuana – kilos of cocaine. Piles and piles of guns.

There are beautiful women – well dressed men sharing drinks. Every fourth or fifth image a grisly murder flashes on screen, if only for a split second. The effect is subliminal, but frighteningly effective.

Despite the apparent glamour of this lifestyle – the viewer is horrified.

And I hear her voice a -hummin’ To me as in days of yore, When she used to rock me fast asleep Outside the cabin door.

The screen again fades to black before the chorus. The music dims – continues to play, even as the vocalist ceases to sing.

"I’ve been to the top of Winter Hill, across the States and back

Yet every place I’ve e’er been – each one has seemed to lack

The grace, the charm, the beauty – the feeling that I’m home

On Skellig Street in Southie – where only brave dare go

On Skellig I’m a hero – On Skellig I have power

Where e’er the Skellig travel – even grown men cower

I’m leaving home tomorrow – only God knows fer how long

Where e’er I may find meself – fear the Skellig and this song."

The music rises and the vocalist begins the chorus anew.

Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li, Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral hush now, don’t you cry… Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li, Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that’s an Irish lullaby.

From the center of the black screen, letters dressed in Celtic font rise, draped in Kelly Green.

They say but one thing: Skellig Street.


Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” bursts through the PA, and the new SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions emerge, to a mixed reaction, although the cheers are more prevalent than the boos. 

Dave Dymond: An unscheduled appearance here by Long Island Hardcore, the new tag champs. Even with that extra week off after Malice, they may have needed some time to recover. 

Other Guy: I guess it’s champions’ privilege, or something, Dave, because the Avengers are wrestling [have wrestled] tonight, and they took a lot more damage in that Table Dance. 

CJ pulls the belt off his shoulder, propping it up with one hand in the air, and the Portland audience pops, as Jared points to CJ, spouting inaudible compliments. They take their time getting to the ring, and Jared slides under the bottom rope, unhooking the belt from his waist as he gets up, and hops onto a turnbuckle, raising it high. CJ just steps over the top rope, before going to the other turnbuckle and giving the crowd an intimidating glower. Samantha Coil passes the pair microphones as they hop down. 

CJ Nelson: Since Jared and I first entered SHOOT Project, we have had our eyes on this prize right here. And now, after a long, not-all-that-hard road, we have rescued these belts from the jaws of mediocrity. WE are YOUR SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, and really, can you imagine it any other way? 

Dave Dymond: A little over the top with the self-promotion, don’t you think? 

Other Guy: These cats earned it, Dave. Don’t go bad-mouthin’ the champs. 

Jared Walsh: But don’t worry… 

He looks over at CJ for a second, covering the mic a little, but not enough to keep sound out. CJ stage whispers at him. 

Jared Walsh: Where are we again? 

CJ Nelson: Portland. 

Jared Walsh: But don’t worry, Portland! We are NOT going to sit on our laurels and let our talent go to waste, OH NO! We WILL make our title reign memorable, SHOOT! We will face the best tag teams SHOOT has to offer… starting TONIGHT! 

The crowd pops at the news, apparently quickly able to forgive the slight when given an impromptu match on the card. 

Other Guy: Looks like we’re gonna see a match after all, Dave! 

Dave Dymond: LIHC is saying they want to be fighting champs, so I guess it’s just a matter of who they bring out here. 

CJ: Tonight, loyal fans, we have brought two veterans of the squared circle together, in order to test our mettle and our worth as champions. Separately, they have had years of experience, and have fought across the ring from the likes of Del Carver, The DEFILER Jonny Johnson, and even the great OutKast. 

Jared: Their names are known across the wrestling world, and tonight, you have the privilege to watch them compete, right here, in a SHOOT Project ring! 

Other Guy: I’m just tingling with excitement, Dave! 

Dave Dymond: Well, stay away from me, you could be contagious. 

Other Guy: Damn, Dave, sick burn. 

Jared: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, challengers to the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship… Mark Questian, and Rufio the Seven-Foot Clown! 

CJ: He’s friggin’ huge! 

Jared: OR IS HE?! 

Dave Dymond: This is atrocious. 

Other Guy: Hey, give credit where it’s due, Mark Questian and Rufio are amazing performers. 

Dave Dymond: …you don’t really believe that, do you? 

Other Guy: He’s friggin’ huge, Dymond! 

The crowd boos hard over this new development. However, Mark Questian and Rufio do emerge from the back, seemingly oblivious to the situation they are walking into. Questian has a magnifying glass in his hand, and is scanning the crowd with it as he walks to the ring. Rufio gives a big kick for the crowd, and even through the boos they respond with him when he yells. 


Questian is the first in the ring, and CJ and Jared have handed their belts to the referee, who is about to present them to the audience when Rufio steps over the top rope, and the brawl begins. The referee signals for the bell immediately, but is helpless to stop the chaos as it begins. 

Rufio barely makes it over the top rope when CJ charges him with a spear, driving him into the turnbuckle. Questian attempts to move to stop CJ, but CJ turns around and levels him with a monstrous clothesline! As Questian drops to the mat, CJ stays on his hands and knees, providing a springboard for Jared, who flies with a tremendous shining wizard to Rufio’s face! Rufio stumbles forward, right into a standing headscissors from CJ! CJ pulls Rufio up, and drops him down in a powerbomb– CJ holds on! Rufio goes up again, and onto CJ’s shoulders! CJ lets out a roar, as he brings Rufio back down into the Release the Cure! The crowd goes nuts! 


Questian is back to his feet, and he takes a swing at CJ… CJ catches it! He whips Questian to the corner, where Jared has hopped to the top rope– Negative Approach! Questian goes down! Jared immediately hops onto CJ’s shoulders, and CJ swings him down with an electric chair drop on SHOOT’s private eye! Jared lands hard and makes the cover! 



THREE! The champions retain! 

Samantha Coil: Your winners, and still the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, Long Island Hardcore! 

Dave Dymond: That was just disgusting, OG. I can’t believe the level of disrespect these two would show to those belts, and for that matter to the caliber of talent in SHOOT Project. 

Other Guy: Hey, they said they were gonna defend the belts, Dave, and they did! They didn’t have to fight this match, and did you SEE CJ toss Rufio around like that? That’s gotta count for somethin’. 

Dave Dymond: I’d be more impressed if it were Sammy Rochester, but I’ll agree that it’s a feat of amazing physical strength… but it doesn’t make me feel better about this sham of a match. 

CJ and Jared celebrate in the ring as if it were the greatest match of their career, jumping up and down. Jared falls to his knees, looking at the belt, almost crying, while CJ holds his high above his head with both hands, in triumph. He picks Jared up off the mat, and the pair share a very masculine hug in the center of the ring amidst a rain of boos and garbage. The pair hold their belts high in a display of pride, before finally sliding out of the ring and back toward the locker room. 

Dave Dymond: I… I don’t really know what to say. 

Other Guy: You can say that these cats are the most dominant tag team in SHOOT, and those belts prove it. This match notwithstanding, Dave, they went through hell at Malice and came out on top. 

Dave Dymond: I’d like to forget this match ever happened, OG.



The focus shifts abruptly back to the ring as “35 Ghosts IV” by Nine Inch Nails plays throughout the arena, and the lights flicker as if about to go out, but they never quite do.  As they flicker, Azraith DeMitri walks out from the back, sometimes seen clearly, other times only seen slightly in the darkened parts of the arena. 

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 270 pounds, here is Azraith DeMitri!!! 

DeMitri continues towards the ring, his eyes eventually falling upon Declan O’Leary who waits in the ring, somewhat unsure of the match ahead. 

Dave Dymond: So as Revolution continues on tonight, Azraith DeMitri due up in action, and after losing at Malice against the Iron Fist Champion, Dan Stein, DeMitri will be looking to bounce back, and his first victim may very well be Declan O’Leary. 

DeMitri enters the ring and simply stands in the corner, staring towards Declan with but a slight shake of the head. His music cuts out and Samantha Coil looks to the corner O’Leary is standing in. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, already in the ring, weighing in at 192 pounds, here is Declan O’Leary!!! 

O’Leary doesn’t bother playing up to the crowd he just loosens up his arms a bit as he looks across the ring at the much larger, Azraith DeMitri. 

Other Guy: Talk about a page out of SHOOT Project’s past. These two cats have squared off before both when they were first tryin’ to break into the business. 

Dave Dymond: And since then O’Leary has had staggering success, and Azraith DeMitri launched a rather successful, albeit dark career… but both men are now back home here in SHOOT Project. 

Referee Dennis Heflin looks to both men and O’Leary signals he’s ready and then DeMitri just nods.  With both competitors set Heflin signals for the bell.  It sounds and DeMitri moves forward, slowly and almost apathetically.  O’Leary takes this as an insult and charges in now, forcing DeMitri into a lock up, but DeMitri EASILY overpowers O’Leary, shoving him to the mat.  The fans buzz with a collective “OOOH” and O’Leary gets back up to his feet, not backing down from the fight.  He charges in again, DeMitri comes at him, but O’Leary ducks the extended arms.  DeMitri turns around; O’Leary knees him in the gut and then fires an uppercut.  DeMitri’s head snaps back and O’Leary unleashes now with a quick series of hard closed fists, alternating rights and lefts to keep DeMitri staggering. 

Dave Dymond: Declan O’Leary NOT backing down in the opening moments of this match up, and its surprising to see this kind of fire from the Irishman who has definitely been a down trodden man over the years from what I’ve heard. 

Other Guy: Well when ya got Azraith DeMitri standing across the ring from ya, you can’t exactly slack off, Dave. 

The fans pick up a bit as DeMitri is knocked staggering back a few steps by O’Leary’s fists.  O’Leary gets more and more into it now, and soon grabs DeMitri’s arm and looks to whip him into the ropes. DeMitri doesn’t budge though and suddenly pulls O’Leary in for a standing short arm clothesline!!!  The Impact nearly flips O’Leary inside out as he crashes down onto the mat.  O’Leary writhes back and forth in pain and DeMitri scoops him up only to take O’Leary down with a HUGE German suplex… but he rolls right through into a FULL NELSON SLAM!!! 

Other Guy: Guess we spoke too soon Dave, DeMitri just extinguished that fire. 

Dave Dymond: Big time Avatar Combo 06 executed by DeMitri, and this could be the beginning of the end of Declan O’Leary in this one. 

Other Guy: I don’t know Dave, by the look in Azraith’s eyes, I think he’s skippin’ the beginning and goin’ right to the end. 

DeMitri paces about the ring now taunting O’Leary to get up. O’Leary stirs on the mat, wincing in pain and before he can even try to get up on his own, DeMitri grabs him, yanks him right up, bent over, and now DeMitri hooks both of O’Leary’s arms. The fans begin to boo loudly as DeMitri holds him there for a moment, and he glares out at the crowd before hoisting O’Leary up almost for a complete powerbomb, but he suddenly drops into a sit out position, SPIKING O’Leary’s upper back and neck into the canvas with the highly-modified sit out powerbomb!! 

Dave Dymond: And that’s it.  The Extinction and the cover. 

Other Guy: End game, no doubt. 

Dennis Heflin makes the count. 




And just like that, DeMitri shoves O’Leary’s body off to the side, discarding it like garbage as he gets up.  The referee goes to raise his hand, but DeMitri leaves the ring almost immediately. 

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match… Azraith DeMitri!!! 

“35 Ghost IV” begins to play again and the camera angle cuts to follow Azraith DeMitri as he walks to the back.  He stops about mid-way up the ramp and he turns around. He looks to O’Leary in the ring, and now a slight smirk forms across his face. 

Dave Dymond: And that’s the first sign of some sort of emotion we’ve seen from Azraith DeMitri here tonight, and while Declan O’Leary might not mean anything to the man formerly known as The Avatar, you can bet that he used O’Leary tonight to send a direct message to Dan Stein. 

Other Guy: Yeah, Stein’s been put on notice big time by Azraith DeMitri, but really if DeMitri didn’t scare the shit out of me, I’d be the first to tell him to take a number in that line of men who want a rematch against the Iron Fist Champ. 

The fans buzz now as DeMitri looks like he’s contemplating going back into the ring.  He takes a step forward but then the smirk vanishes and DeMtiri turns away from the ring all together and heads to the back.  The focus then cuts back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside. 

Dave Dymond:Well folks there is still plenty in store for tonight, the Revolution Championship is on the line, and still to come in our main event, a match that carried over into Malice, and now the rematch will go down tonight. Christopher Davis goes one on one with Kilgore Stochansky. 

Other Guy: Last time those two cats met in the ring, it was Christopher Davis that came out on top. Then at Malice Davis outlasted Stochansky in that five-man massacre.  Can Kilgore turn the table in his favor or will Davis’s dominance continue over Mr. Think Locally Fuck Globally? 

Dave Dymond: We’ll find out later tonight, and of course fans have to keep in mind that every move, every step, every Revolution between now and June First will somehow shape or transform what is SHOOT Project’s BIGGEST Pay Per View of the year, I’m talking about Reckoning Day! 

Other Guy: Oh man, it’s so great to be able to say those two words again, Dave.  It’s without a doubt the biggest, the most intense, and the most IMPORTANT event in the SHOOT Project calendar year and even though it’s a few months away, to the SHOOT Project soldiers, there ain’t enough time to make sure they get a ticket punched to this Pay Per View event of ALL Pay Per View events. 

Dave Dymond: As it stands right now the main event has already been put in place as Adrian Corazon, the newly crowned SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, will defend against the TRUE Number One contender, as he calls himself, The Defiler Jonny Johnson. 

Other Guy: Yeah but a lot can change in a matter of nearly two months time, Dave. Not saying it will, but Corazon could find himself losin’ that championship title before Reckoning Day is even upon us. 

Dave Dymond: That he could, but given his firm reign with the Iron Fist Championship, it’s going to take a lot to defeat the one that has come to be known as brutal and inhuman.






The fans boo mercilessly as “Nothing’s Changed” by Papoose plays, bringing the fans’ attention to none other than Donovan King.  King stands at the entrance, wearing an OutKast wifebeater with a visible tear through the front symbol.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe this guy.  He was so torn up about fighting his mentor and now he’s mocking him.

Other Guy:  It’s psychological, man.  It’s paying homage to OutKast by showing him how well he implements the things he’s learned.

Dave Dymond:  HE BROKE OUTKAST’S JAW.  OutKast has, RIGHT NOW, his jaw wired shut! 

Other Guy:  Didn’t you used to want OutKast to be quiet?

Dymond sighs as Donovan king enters the ring.  He takes the microphone from Samantha Coil and ascends the ropes, pointing to a sign that reads “A KING TAKES HIS CROWN” with a promotional picture of King wearing a crown glued on.  “Nothing’s Changed” dies down as King paces the ring.

Donovan King:  Malice…was a hard night fuh me.

He sighs as he paces.

Donovan King:  Cade Sydal found my mentor, OutKast, an’ the two uh dem took me an’ Obsidian down fuh the one…two…three.

The fans POP for Cade’s defeat of King.

Donovan King:  I’m man enough to admit it when I’m beaten an’ at Malice?  I was beaten.

The fans pop once again, and King holds his hand up with a grin.

Donovan King:  But I got dat last laugh, didn’t I?

The fans boo loudly.

Donovan King:  I look around at dis company an’ I see the very face of it changes befo’ my very eyes.  Dis company has given way to merciless killers an’ devastatin’ bad asses…I gotta say, I like it.  Maybe it was the outlaw presence around here.  Maybe it was seein’ Kenji Yamada’s slaughterin’ uh the Sky High tournament where, I hear, he’s bound ta take Cade’s buddy Dan Stein’s fuckin’ head off dis comin’ Wednesday.

The fans boo once more for King’s prediction of the announced Sky High finals this week.

Donovan King:  Maybe it was bein’ in the same locker room as Azraith DeMitri…

The fans boo even louder and King continues to grin.

Donovan King:  I DUNNO!  It coulda been dat…but I was inspired at Malice ta send a strong fuckin’ message to all y’all here…all y’all in the back…and all y’all watchin’ at home!

King glares at the camera.

Donovan King:  Dat…is dat Donovan King…is here ta stay…and he’s here…to dominate.

The fans boo again.

Donovan King:  An’ see, I don’t give a FUCK about who hates me in dat locker room.  Y’all mad dat I attacked Cade’s family?  Get in fuckin’ line.  Y’all mad dat I broke OutKast’s jaw?  Get in fuckin’ line.  Y’all mad dat I’mma destroy Cade Sydal once an’ for all?  GET.  IN.  LINE.

At this point, something ridiculously unexpected, cuts King off.  The visual of a man that’s just BOLTED from the back.  He stops what he’s saying, and cocks his head, before his eyes widen.  The man, who up til where he reaches the ring, is nothing more than a blur. 


Everyone realizes who it is. 

And they mark the fuck out.


Other Guy:  Dave…  DAVE.  Look dude, look!  LOOK.

Real Deal FLIES under the bottom rope, and immediately assaults a stunned Donovan King!  He tackles him, but King pulls free and scurries to his feet!  Real Deal’s quick to get to his feet, and continue his chase, but King snaps back into it and fights back!  He NAILS Real Deal with a hard right, but Real Deal keeps coming!  Blood streams from his mouth! 

Dave Dymond:  CADE SYDAL! 

Other Guy:  Jason!  Jason, I know you can hear me back there, someone get Jason Johnson! 

CADE SYDAL bolts out from the back, dressed in street clothes.  He slides into the ring as well, but King is going to town on Real Deal!  King sets his eyes on Cade, but looks behind him and his eyes get even wider!  A smile, even, crosses his face! 


Other Guy:  Oh shit, dude.  Oh shit.  This is so fucked.

Obsidian tosses Cade Sydal aside, and pulls Real Deal to his feet!  Real Deal’s eyes get wide at Obsidian, who pulls his fist back, but he and King BOTH stop when they see ANOTHER man rushing out from the back, the crowd is absolutely fucking monstrously loud at this point.


Other Guy:  WHAT?  Why is HE out here? 

Dave Dymond:  Beyond the fact that that’s Obsidian, and beyond the fact that he told King that he’d get his, Corazon was TRAINED by the Real Deal!

Closely behind the World Heavyweight Champion, is SHOOT Project security, which draws the serious ire of the Portland crowd!  Black shirts with blue logos absolutely FLOOD the ring, separating the Real Deal, Corazon, and Cade Sydal from Donovan King and Obsidian, but through all of this, Samantha Coil has handed the Real Deal a microphone.

The static cracks as he pulls it from her hand to his face. 


The crowd and everything just STOPS when he says this, as Jason Johnson is seen emerging from the gorilla position.  He jogs down and stops halfway down the ramp.  He’s FURIOUS, and is SCREAMING at his brother.

Real Deal:  No.  Jason, NO.  SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

Everything goes quiet.

Real Deal:  That MOTHERFUCKER across the ring from me?  He crossed.  The.  Line.  So, Jase?  You listening?  You paying attention?

Jason nods.

Real Deal:  You do whatever you’ve got to do to my contract.  I’ll sign whatever waiver I have to sign, but Jason?  I’m making my motherfucking SHOOT Project return. 

The crowd fucking EXPLODES.

Real Deal:  And my first opponent? 

He pauses, glaring at that man.

Real Deal:  …Donovan fucking King.  Next week.



King leaves the ring, followed by Obsidian.  King gets in Jason’s face, pointing back to Real Deal and looking furious.  Obsidian glares at Cade, who glares back at the two of them.  Real Deal, Cade, and Corazon stand side by side by side in the ring as King and Obsidian leave.  Cade and Corazon stand with Real Deal in between them and he pats both men on the back, nodding to the two of them.  Jason Johnson is seen once again, shaking his head at his brother.

Dave Dymond:   The Real Deal…Hall of Famer…Josh Johnson…is gonna face Donovan King NEXT WEEK!  We gotta clear this scene up, let’s take it backstage!


We cut backstage to see Eryk Masters with microphone in hand but before the veteran interviewer can get a word out, a loud chorus of boos resonates through the entire building which brings a smile to the interviewee’s face… the Laws of Survival Champion, Ron Barker! 

Eryk Masters: I’m standing here with Ron Barker, Laws of Survival Champion, who defeated Jester Smiles to retain his title at Malice. Now Ron, the big question is… what’s next? 

Barker, smiling, puts his arm around Eryk Masters as he begins to speak. 

Ron Barker: You know, Eryk? Let me start by saying that I’m actually in a good mood for once. You see, I’ve been relaxing since my flawless victory at Malice and I’ve been taking it easy. Like the king of the jungle relaxing in the shade of the jungle, so too does the King of Survival. 

Ron smiles proudly. 

Ron Barker: So to answer your question, Eryk? I’ll continue to take it easy. I’ve survived a hell of a lot in the last couple of months. Here’s a fast fact for you, man… did you know that I’m actually undefeated in my last 5 or 6 matches? Look around the entire SHOOT Project roster, Eryk. Tell me ONE MAN who can boast that same claim. Kenshin? Biggs? Hell… Corazon? 

Eryk, nervously, interrupts. 

Eryk Masters: Not to rain on your parade, Ron… but weren’t you on the losing end against Corazon just one week before becoming Laws– 

Ron grabs the microphone from Eryk Masters before he can finish. 

Ron Barker: NO! See, Corazon DID NOT defeat me. The match wasn’t even an official bout! Tell me, Eryk… if I blind-sided my opponent before he could even make it to the ring, would Scott Kamura and the rest of the officiating crew around here consider than actual win? Do you think Jason Johnson would allow me to stand tall and boast that as an official win on my record? 

Ron puts the microphone towards Eryk Masters but before he can respond… 

Ron Barker: NO! I didn’t think so! So it stands that I am on one HELL of a winning streak and no one will stop me. Because you see, Eryk… I am SHOOT Project’s King of Survival! I am the man to beat around here! Go ahead and throw me Jun Kenshin. Give me Benjamin Biggs one more time. Fuck, give me Stein or… 

Ron’s gaze is suddenly fixed as he stares off in the distance. His cocky demeanor is suddenly more muted as he sneers. 

Ron Barker: … Trevor Worrens. 

The camera zooms out to reveal more of the scene, and sure enough Trevor Worrens is seen just a bit out of view of the interview area, leaning up against a wall. He looks on at Barker shaking his head.  

Trevor Worrens: Me?  Oh no, I’m sorry, I was just enjoying this nice piece of fiction I was witnessing unfolding.  But please, Ron.  Continue. 

Ron Barker: Oh yeah? What’s been the best part so far, sport? Let me point out that history doesn’t lie. Over the last few months, I’ve survived against everyone they’ve put in front of me.  

Worrens, realizing Barker’s bringing him into this, steps closer in now, standing on the other side of Masters. 

Trevor Worrens: Survived, Ron?  Really? You’re going to stand here and use the word survived to describe what you’ve been through? What do you know about survival, Ron? 

Barker looks like he’s about to answer but Worrens continues. 

Trevor Worrens: Oh wait, I know why you’re the king of survival. Because you’ve survived how many fades into obscurity now?  Five I think.  And of course we HAVE to talk about how Ron Barker has survived the wrath of Jason Johnson for not living up to the HYPE he’s supposed to have around his name. 

Worrens smiles and actually looks to Masters at this point, nudging him slightly in the shoulder. 

Trevor Worrens: Or how about this, why don’t we ask old Ron here how he survived the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship tournament… oh wait… 

Worrens looks back directly at Barker. 

Trevor Worrens: You didn’t, did you, Ron? 

Barker sneers even more as he stares back at Trevor Worrens. 

Ron Barker: You know, I’d like to think that I’ve proven that these fades into obscurity are a thing of the past. Whether or not you want to admit it or not, Trev, you’ve done nothing to disprove my claims of dominance. Touting a single victory over me in some silly tournament way back when doesn’t change facts. But hey… since we’re pointing out the obvious… how’s that World Heavyweight title treating you? 

Worrens forces a hard laugh, nodding.  Masters at this moment looks between both Barker and Worrens and as Worrens steps in a bit closer towards Barker, Masters eventually steps out of view all together. 

Trevor Worrens: It treated me well, Ron. In fact, winning the World Heavyweight Championship really opened my eyes, made me understand a lot of stuff I DIDN’T understand before. But here you are, the same Ron Barker you’ve always been.  One accomplishment and you think your god’s gift to everything.  I guess I was right though; WAY back then, in that "silly" little tournament when I looked at you, compared you even to Vincent Mallows.  Because it’s true. 

Worrens becomes deathly serious. 

Trevor Worrens: You’re disillusioned by ego, you have no understanding of the REAL world around you… and you aren’t what stories tell of you to be. 

Worrens looks up and down at Barker now. 

Trevor Worrens: No, when I stand here I’m not worried. I don’t fear you fucking with my life, or manipulating my situation.  And for you to stand here and talk about survival like you’ve been through ANYTHING that would make you an expert on the subject, well it’s a fucking joke, Ron.  I have survived a great deal of personal agony.  I have survived losing love, losing family.  But I pressed on. And in the realm of physicality, Ron, I JUST survived an encounter that most couldn’t muster up the strength to put themselves through. 

Worrens looks away for a moment, keeping his emotions in check. 

Trevor Worrens: So tell me, Ron. What have you REALLY survived? What ordeals have you gone through that give you the right to call yourself the king of survival.  What have you been through that gives you the right to call yourself anything short of… arrogant prick.  

Barker looks on at Worrens, now fuming with silent anger.  For a moment, neither man says a word and finally Worrens steps in, almost nose to nose with Barker.  The fans from ringside can be heard picking up in volume, but Worrens doesn’t strike. 

Trevor Worrens: Ask yourself that question, Ron.  And if you ever come up with an answer, maybe you’ll actually be worth that gold you carry with you. 

Worrens eyes the Laws of Survival Championship for a moment and then without any physical confrontation, he leaves.  Barker watches him go and at that moment Eryk Masters steps back into the scene. 

Eryk Masters: Ron any rebuttal or… 

Barker quickly turns away, walking off with a look of total frustration on his face.



Coming back into the ring, Aaron Rain is already seen warming up in the ring, as he grabs a hold of the top rope and pulls; stretching out his arm.  He doesn’t get much reaction from the crowd one way or another. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, already in the ring, weighing in at 220 pounds… here is Aaron Rain!!! 

Rain raises his arms up into the air now, but with little reaction from the fans, he just scowls at them, even lifting a backhand to one section of the audience as if to say he’ll smack them all upside the head. 

Dave Dymond: Newcomer Aaron Rain taking his place in the ring, not too happy with this crowd tonight. 

Other Guy: Don’t think he’s a happy guy period, Dave.  He’s out here about to face Kenji Yamada, and not to mention SHOOT Project dot com has publicly aired management’s problems with this man’s work ethic. 

Dave Dymond: Needless to say, Rain needs to try to establish something here if he wants to start making a legitimate run in this organization. 

As Rain waits in the ring now, suddenly “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC begins to play, and all at once the fans inside the Rose Garden begin to boo.  Kenji Yamada storms out from the back, eyes wide as he stops for a moment, tilts his whole body back and shouts out something in Japanese.  He then continues to the ring at a quickened pace. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds, here is Kenji Yamada!!! 

Yamada stomps up the steel steps leading into the ring, and then quickly enters through the middle and top rope. As soon as Yamada enters, referee Austin Linam calls for the bell because Yamada SPRINTS at Rain.  The bell sounds and Rain looks to block the incoming attack but Yamada rips his arms down to the side and then CHOPS Rain clear across the neck!  Rain immediately doubles over, clutching at his neck, but Yamada lifts him up to a full vertical base, CHOP TO THE NECK AGAIN! 

Rain bends over, Yamada lifts him up, chop to the neck!  And another chop and another! Then a STANDING YAKUZA KICK!! 

Other Guy: I’m sorry but say goodnight Aaron Rain! 

Dave Dymond: Kenji Yamada on the war path tonight, and you know that the Iron Fist Champion is somewhere in the back watching this match up, just as he had to have been watching Azraith DeMitri take out Declan O’Leary earlier tonight. 

Other Guy: I think Kenji wants it more, Dave. I think Kenji wants Stein to DIE inside that steel cage comin’ up Wednesday night. 

With Rain writhing on the mat in pain, Yamada stands over him with this calm, yet psychotic presence about him.  He seems to be stalking, waiting for Rain to make a move. Rain tries to get up to his feet, but as he does so, Yamada just boots him in the head to knock him back down onto the mat.  Rain rolls towards the ropes now and Yamada follows. However Linam keeps Yamada at bay as Rain grabs onto the ropes, trying to pull himself up, but swaying about a great deal. 

Dave Dymond: Aaron Rain has been knocked for a loop and then some, and you have to wonder, did he even stand a chance to begin with?  Or was Kenji Yamada dead set on coming out here and just knocking this man around like nobody’s business. 

Other Guy: I’ll pick the second option, Dave.  That just seems to be the Yamada M.O. these days. 

Rain is up to his feet, clutching onto the ropes for dear life, and now Yamada pushes past referee Austin Linam and just YANKS Rain off the ropes and whips him across the ring. Rain hooks his arms around the ropes on the opposite side, stopping his momentum and then he picks it up on his own, running with a huge clothesline!  He connects, but Yamada doesn’t go down, he staggers back, but then LUNGES back at Rain with a SUDDEN HEADBUTT! 

The fans cringe from the sickening sound of the two heads clunking together. Yamada staggers back, his forehead bleeding, and on the mat, Rain rocks back and forth, his nose and all around his mouth COVERED with blood! 

Other Guy: Oh damn! Yamada in ONE shot busts himself and Aaron Rain wide open. 

Dave Dymond: And the scary thing is the man does not care. He’s been on a sadistic mission since he showed up in SHOOT Project and found dominance in the Sky High Cup, and now he’s back here on Revolution making quick and sound work of Aaron Rain. 

Other Guy: And painful… painful work, Dave. 

Yamada just stares down at Rain, eyes still wide with that sadistic glare.  Rain can barely get himself up to his feet, and as he tries to, Yamada suddenly snaps, done even toying with him.  He grabs both of Rain’s legs quickly, stomping down just above his groin a bit to keep Rain down.  Yamada then quickly steps through the opening between Rain’s legs, with both of his legs, locking them on each side of Rain’s head… then he cross Rain’s legs, applying pressure with his hands and then Yamada SNAPS around, one hundred and eighty degrees, leaning back and compressing Rain’s spine!!! 

Dave Dymond: We witnessed that painful submission on an edition of Sky High a few weeks back and now Kenji Yamada FORCING Aaron Rain to suffer the same agony that Greg Allocca felt. 

Rain shouts out in extreme pain, but rather than fighting it, and wanting more to live to fight another day, it isn’t long before Aaron Rain starts tapping out repeatedly! Austin Linam calls for the bell, then shouts at Yamada to release the submission hold! 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match, as a result of a tap out, KENJI YAMADA!!! 

Yamada finally lets go of the submission hold and Aaron Rain rolls out of the ring, dropping to the floor on the outside as he writhes in pain. 

Other Guy: Yamada makes short work of Aaron Rain, and well now Rain’s got himself a taste of what he needs to be prepared for. 

Dave Dymond: Will Aaron Rain remain a member of SHOOT Project, that has yet to be decided, but without a doubt Kenji Yamada has already made a huge mark in the organization, and his path of destruction continues on into the Sky High Finals THIS Wednesday night, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena back in SHOOT’s home, Las Vegas! 

Yamada is just about to leave the ring when suddenly "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace picks up and it isn’t long before Paul Jarvis walks out from the back, a microphone already in hand. 

Dave Dymond: Whoa and speaking of Sky High… Do you think this is really the best time for Paul Jarvis to be coming out, O.G? 

Other Guy: Hell no, Dave. Yamada is runnin’ on the adrenaline of whoopin’ a guy, and we already saw last Wednesday that Yamada’s got issues with Jarvis. 

Yamada paces back and forth, eyes filled with rage as he looks to Jarvis.  Jarvis stops dead in his tracks and holds out one hand. 

Paul Jarvis: Hold on there, Ken. This isn’t revenge or anything, I am TOTALLY willing to talk right now. 

Yamada continues to pace and Jarvis cautiously moves in closer to the ring. 

Dave Dymond: I think after that chair shot Paul Jarvis suffered at Sky High, he just isn’t’ thinking straight. He’s honestly going to enter that ring with Kenji Yamada still in it. 

Jarvis slowly walks up the steps, and now Yamada actually steps away from the ropes a bit.  Jarvis lets out a bit of a breath and enters, his music now cutting off. 

Paul Jarvis: Ken, can I call you Ken? 

There is a silent pause as Yamada reaches behind him now to receive a microphone from one of the stage hands outside of the ring, his eyes wide and his face has a certain look of rage plastered across it as he closes his eyes for a second then opens them again…just to make sure it isn’t his imagination. 

Kenji Yamada: No, you fucking can’t call me Ken, you can’t call me anything. Because right now…I’m willing to side with reason and give you about five seconds to get the hell out of my sight before I decide to break your legs and put you back on a set of crutches. 

Jarvis nods, taking all of Kenji’s words into consideration. 

Paul Jarvis: Yeah, I get that… that angry stuff.  Look you and I we had a SLIGHT miscommunication and I am willing to accept your apology for you cracking me over the head with a steel chair.  It’s water under the bridge. 

Jarvis steps forward now moving a bit closer towards Yamada, and Yamada shows clear sign that he doesn’t like it. Jarvis steps back. 

Paul Jarvis: Consider the hatchet buried. Right? Right. So basically here’s the deal, you and I, we don’t like Dan Stein. And I REALLY REALLY REA-REA-REALLY don’t want to see him win the Sky High Cup… again. Get what I’m talking about, Ken? 

Kenji basically throws his hands up in the air as if he honestly can’t believe what Jarvis is saying. Kenji gets right in Jarvis’ face and makes sure he hears every word. 

Kenji Yamada: THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GET INVOLVED?! Why, because he got a few punches on me in the start of the match? I could have beaten him and if I did beat him then guess what, Jarvis, I face Allocca in the finals and Stein goes home crying to fucking Goose. But no, you had to go and ruin ALL of it. You thought the chair shot was bad, kid? Keep fucking talking, I’ll give you something to whine about. 

Jarvis gulps hard in the presence of Yamada now, and feels the need to take two more steps back, keeping some space between himself and Yamada. 

Paul Jarvis: Fine… you know you try to help someone, and this is the thanks you get.  You talk a big time game, Ken. But I went by the facts. Last time you tangoed with Stein… you lost it pal.  You lost big time.  But hey, whatever. I just wanted to make sure you’d get the win, form an alliance, and end Dan Stein.  Your loss pal. 

A rather eerie smile crosses over Kenji’s face as he slowly steps forward and places a hand on Jarvis’s shoulder. His smile grows even wider before he speaks. 

Kenji Yamada: My loss? Not really…you see, Jarvis… I’ve already got allies. 

Without a second more of hesitation from Yamada, he takes his hand off Jarvis’s shoulder and grabs his arm and wraps it around his neck, then heaves him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Jarvis has no time to react as Yamada keeps him hoisted on his shoulders for a moment as some fans actually pop, while Kenji sneers and swings Jarvis to his side and plants him with the Onifuusha Storm Driver!!! 

Dave Dymond: And Paul Jarvis just laid to rest in the ring tonight! 

Other Guy: And some of these fans actually like what they’re seein, Dave! Not sure how to react to that. 

Kenji looks down at Jarvis and wipes a single bead of sweat off his brow and onto Jarvis.  He then crouches down low by Jarvis’s head. 

Kenji Yamada: I have a family. 

Yamada lunges back up to his feet, drops the microphone, and exits the ring.  Not once does Yamada look back at Jarvis who is out cold in the ring.  Yamada disappears through the entryway that leads in and out of the ring area, and as he does so, the camera cuts back to see referee Austin Linam checking on Paul Jarvis, who still is laid out cold on the mat. From there, the cameras cut away from the ring all together, and the night continues on.


The scene cuts to the backstage area interview area, at the moment there was no one there and all that could be seen was the large backdrop on the wall that said “SHOOT Project”. But before long a black haired man with pink highlights nonchalantly walked in front of the camera with smaller copper haired man piggy backing on him. It was a somewhat odd sight to see these two Asian men just casually walking around backstage like that, but both of their attention suddenly turned towards the camera. The copper haired man that was riding on the back of the black and pink haired man closed his eyes and cheerfully started waving at the camera as he began to speak.

“Hallo, my name is Maya, desu!”

The black and pink haired man let out a heavy sigh as he looked over his shoulder, his eyes slanting in what seemed like aggravation. But he had a sort of child like smile that expressed he wasn’t really mad at the man riding on his back.

“Maya…how many times do I have to tell you? They don’t say “desu” after everything in America…we took english class for twelve years, you should know that by now. Besides, only little kid’s use desu like that…”

Maya, who was the one on the black and pink haired man’s back, started to scratch his head with a confused smile on his face…all the while still being carried on his back. Maya’s smile never left his face, and he made sure he leaned over the black and pink haired man’s face and had their face’s just about touching.

“But Americans think it sounds cute, Shinya, and since we’re new here we should make a good impression, right?!”

Shinya sighed heavily again with a boyish smile, both of them were wearing match black vests that were lined with fur and black shorts that went down to about their shins. They both also had obvious make-up from foundation to glitter pink lipstick which made their appearance somewhat odd to the American public. Shinya suddenly looked back up at the camera as if he had forgotten about it when he started arguing with Maya.

Shinya: I almost forgot! We haven’t even introduced ourselves yet…

Maya: I did…but you were too worried about my english to introduce yourself.

Shinya looked over his shoulder and glared with an evil smile and let go of Maya’s legs. Maya fell backwards after letting out an awkward squeak of a scream and crashing to the floor. Shinya waved his hand through his hair to get a long strand of pink out of his eyes before continuing.

Shinya: As I was saying…that one is Maya Nakashima, and I’m Shinya Nakamura. We come to SHOOT Project as a tag team but we used to be big Japanese Pop band. But…we love the adrenaline from the crowds in wrestling arenas more than the crowds at concerts. We still love music but wrestling…it’s much more fun for us! We love to jump and fly and do all those kinds of things that American fans love to see! We want the fans to scream and cheer our name! What do we want you to cheer? Well…we’re called…

Before Shinya could finish his sentence Maya wrapped his arms around Shinya’s waist and pulled his head right next to Shinya’s hip. Much like a small child latching onto their mother. Shinya began to feverishly blush while Maya had a smile a mile wide, yes the length could be determined by the amount of lipstick on his face, before speaking.

Maya: We’re TRES BIEN!

Shinya put his hands on his cheeks and began to try and squirm away from Maya, since it was so sudden Maya was caught off guard and Shinya, his face still a feverish crimson color, ran off camera. Maya just kind of sat there with a confused look on his face before smiling as wide as he could.

Maya: Be sure to look out for us, desu!


The crowd begins to pick up suddenly and the  cameras cut to the arena. 

Other Guy: Yo, what the… 

Dave Dymond: Who is… 

The crowd near the ring is in near riot-mode as several chairs fly over the barricade and into the ring area.  Security storms towards the area, but a figure slips through them and over the barricade.  He decks a security guard and walks hurriedly towards the announce table. 

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell! 

Indeed, the former SHOOT Project World Champion gets to the announce table, and yells something unintelligible.  Roland begins tearing the announce desk apart, pulling the monitors off of the desk and ripping up Dymond and Other Guy’s papers. 

Dave Dymond: What in God’s name are you doing!  He loses the title and then goes AWOL, and now this? 

Roland glares at Dymond and screams. 

Roland Caldwell: Don‘t get in my way, Dave! 

Dave Dymond:  He’s throwing a hissy fit.  Like a goddamn baby. 

Roland walks over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs the ring bell and promptly uses it on the timekeeper’s head.  Security begins to stream down from out of the back, but Roland ignores them.  He throws the bell into the crowd as the audience begins to instinctively cheer the chaos. 

Roland grabs a chair and begins to slam it against the announce table as security moves towards him. 

Dave Dymond: Get him under control!   

Roland accosts Samantha Coil and takes her microphone and rolls into the ring.  The crowd is raining down water bottles and balls of paper at Roland as he throws the chair into a throng of security guards at ringside.  Roland holds the microphone to his mouth 

Roland Caldwell: Jason Johnson has stripped me of my automatic rematch clause.  Behavior unbecoming of a champion.  He thinks this is over.  But this has just begun.  If you thought I was the nightmare before, you don’t know what I’ve held back.  I’ll become your poltergeist.  SHOOT Project’s Wraith!  This show, this federation is OVER!  And I will not… 

Roland is cut off by “Just Like you Imagined.” and Eli Storm walks out onto the ramp. 

Dave Dymond: Well, this is a surprise. 

The fans buzz, not sure what to expect coming from Eli Storm, or why he’s even out there. Storm just looks to the ring, a microphone gripped tightly in his hand. 

Eli Storm: Are you done? You’re wasting everyone’s time, Roland. Is this what the old school SHOOT was about? Bitching and moaning when you get your ass handed to you? You know what, man the fuck up and take it on the chin. I mean, these people came to see a show, not hear you complain about losing your title. Hell, at least you got a fucking chance to defend your belt!!! I was stripped of my World Title…I never got a chance to defend that bitch. Why don’t you stop acting like a cry baby and take your ass to the back so the people can finish watching the show!!! 

Roland shakes his head and shrugs sadly. 

Roland Caldwell: Eli, Eli, Eli.  I really was hoping for Corazon.  Or Jason Johnson.  Hell, even The Defiler… 

Roland looks back at the announce table and shrugs again. 

Roland Caldwell: No go.  No go.  No go. 

Other Guy: What the fuck’s that mean? 

Eli continues walking towards the ring, Roland walks towards the other side of the ring and leans on the ropes slightly. 

Roland Caldwell: Eli, let me give you one warning right now.  Don’t get in my way.  I have no issue with you.  It would be the biggest mistake of your career to come after me right now.  I will not hesitate to destroy you if you give me no choice.  This is your last chance to turn back.  Go back to the locker room and let me do what I must do! 

Eli shakes his head and begins to climb into the ring. 

Eli Storm: No.  I don’t think so, Roland.  I’m not going anywhere. 

With Storm on the apron, the crowd picks up, but suddenly all the lights in the arena go out.  The crowd holds up lighters and the stage is lit in red lights.  Without music Vincent Mallows slowly wheels out.  He can be seen in the red hue of lights… 

Vincent Mallows: Heed his words, Mr. Storm.  Heed his words.  This is not your business.  You have no reason to take issue with my family. 

The red lights go out and all is black again. 

Dave Dymond: I don’t know what… 

And then, all the lights come up in a shock of brightness, the crowd squints and Storm looks around him.  Roland is gone.  Mallows is gone from the stage.  Eli Storm stands alone in the ring, befuddled and disappointed. 

Other Guy: You want to explain to me what all that was about? 

Dave Dymond: My simple guess, Roland Caldwell was attempting to get the attention of someone else, but he got Eli Storm who seems to step into business that he doesn’t always fully belong in. 

Other Guy: Yeah, and it don’t usually pan out for him either.  If I was Storm, I’d actually listen to Roland and Mallows, this just seems like a death wish in the makin.’ 

Storm continues to look around, as if expecting someone to jump him from behind or something, but nothing happens.  Eventually he starts his way out of the ring and as he does so, the focus cuts elsewhere.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the SHOOT PROJECT REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!!! 

The fans come alive as the next match, and the only championship match of the night, is set to take place. As they turn to the entryway, “Crystal Planet” by Joe Satriani begins to play, and there is a decent reaction from the crowd.  Catch Warren steps out from the back, jumping up and down in place as he gets himself ready for the fight ahead.  He takes a few steps out but then pauses, taking in the atmosphere around him. 

Dave Dymond: It has been some time since Catch Warren has really shown a dedication, a desire, if you will, but after winning that seven man battle royale at the Malice Pre-Show for this opportunity, well it’s obvious Warren wants back in the SHOOT Project spotlight, and tonight could be his chance. 

Other Guy: I’m not knockin’ the man. He has history with us; he has history with the title he’s challenging for, but he was on his last thread here, he was barely makin’ it into opening matches, where as Arion Catcher has been building momentum week after week since takin the Revolution Title and makin’ it his own. 

Finally after a moment of taking it all in, Catch Warren starts his way down to the ring, tagging hands as he approaches, really fired up. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, the challenger. Weighing in tonight at 225 pounds, here is CATCH WARREN!!! 

Warren picks up the speed and the slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stomach first. He then rises up to one knee first, nods his head, and then springs up to his full vertical base.  He paces about the ring, staying loose, and looking more than ready to fight for the title at stake.  His music eventually cuts out and immediately “Money Talks” by AC/DC begins to play.  The SHOOT Video screen showcases clips of Arion Catcher in action, but the fans aren’t used to the music, so they aren’t entirely sure who is en route to the ring. 

Dave Dymond: Catcher changing up his music tonight? 

Other Guy: Bout damn time the kid got himself something with a little more energy to it. 

Eventually Arion Catcher steps out from the back, wearing the Revolution Championship title around his waist as he points out to the crowd. He is met with a good pop from the fans and then he starts his way down to the ring. 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 165 pounds, he is the current and defending SHOOT Project REVOLUTION CHAMPION… HERE IS ARION CATCHER!!! 

Catcher reaches the ring and walks up the steel steps. He pauses on the outside, then ascends to the second turnbuckle, looking into the ring as he points right at Warren, then points to the Revolution Championship. Warren just nods his head, but Arion shakes his. 

Dave Dymond: Some non-verbal taunting going on now between Catch and Arion who both have that hunger, but Catcher showing a little more arrogance especially after beating Jonny Johnson at Malice. 

Other Guy: It’s a big deal, Dave. And yeah Catcher got the short end of the stick later after the match, but bottom line, he BEAT the Defiler WITH The Demoralization Process. That’s somethin’ to be arrogant about. 

Dave Dymond: I don’t disagree with you there, just noting the competitive nature both these men are showing here tonight. 

Catcher jumps into the ring now, and unfastens the title from around his waist.  He looks at in his hands for a moment before passing it off to referee Tony Lorenzo.  Lorenzo takes hold of the Revolution Championship and raises it high over his head showing it to everyone in the arena.  The title is then taken out of the ring by Samantha Coil and both Catcher and Warren meet center of the ring, and Catcher offers a quick handshake to show respect to his opponent.  The two men shake hands and then Catcher pulls away quickly, moving to the corner, and Warren turns to do the same… 


Catcher QUICKLY spins around the second the bell sounds and charges full speed at Warren. Warren JUST turns as Catcher is right there with a quick clothesline. Warren goes down but is right back up Catcher LEAPS with a quick dropkick, and again Warren taken down onto the mat. Warren rolls over onto his stomach pushes up but Catcher hits the ropes and LEAPS at Warren with a flying forearm!  Warren goes down again and Catcher stays on his feet he then FLIPS backwards from a standing position, landing parallel on top of Warren! 

Catcher hooks his arm around Warren’s neck and rises up to his feet from there, going from moonsault into a vertical suplex… no Warren counters into a vertical suplex of his own! 

Dave Dymond: So Arion Catcher starting this one two steps ahead of Catch Warren, but Warren finding a way to counter. 

Warren goes for a quick cover, floating over on top of Catcher, but Catcher kicks out before even the one can be counted and Warren up to his feet. Catcher is up as well, quick lock up into a grapple, turned into a wristlock by Warren.  Catcher front flips and then shifts his arm to tuck it under Warren’s arm pit… goes for the hip toss, Warren flips his momentum through though to land on his feet, but Catcher now with a Buzzsaw low kick to the back of Warren’s legs.  Warren stumbles forward and Catcher hits the ropes… 

Picks up speed, Warren turns as Catcher approaches, but he scoops him up, twirls him… TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! 

Other Guy: Huge impact move there, and caught me by surprise. 

Dave Dymond: Great show of strength by Catch Warren who digs in to flip Catcher all kinds of directions, finally hitting that back breaker… cover made… 

Lorenzo makes the count. Some fans buzz with interest. 



Dave Dymond: Shoulder up by Catcher, but Warren rolls him over now, lift up… HUGE belly-to-back suplex… the bridge for a pin! 

Now some fans cheer as Lorenzo makes the count again! 



Catcher arches his own body up, both men forming a bridge with their bodies. Catcher turns through then leaps over Warren’s doubled over body, going for the sunset flip pin, Warren drops to his knees, but Catcher kips up to avoid being trapped under Warren.  Warren is up right away, but as he turns Catcher JUMPS with a high dropkick to Warren’s face!  Warren stumbles back, body up against the ropes now and Catcher charges in… Warren drops down for a back body drop as Catcher ALMOST soars over the top rope completely, but he lands on the ring edge instead. 

Dave Dymond: The Revolution Champion almost taking a hard fall to the outside, but he saves himself and is right back in this fight. 

Other Guy: Quick thinkin’ on Catcher’s part. 

Catcher sends his body through the middle rope as Warren turns around, and is immediately dropped with a diving spear!  Warren clutches at his gut as he hits the mat and immediately Catcher springs to his feet, flips backwards with another standing moonsault!  Catcher doesn’t stop there though and he charges for the ropes… the fans picking up as he lands a textbook second rope lionsault!  Warren writhes on the mat from the impact and Catcher goes to the corner now, looks once over his shoulder then FLIPS backwards a third time, arching high in the air… and HE CONNECTS!!! 

Dave Dymond: Third moonsault, known as moonstruck, and a confident hook of the leg…  


Other Guy: Could be it! 



Dave Dymond: No it is not it.  Catch Warren kicking out from under Catcher, and Catcher keeping the pace quick as he immediately pulls Warren up and whips him into the corner.   

Warren stops his momentum before hitting the corner, but Catcher runs at him from behind.  Warren looks over, sees Catcher coming, and then HOISTS his body up and over, pushing off the ropes with his arms as he leaps over Catcher. Catcher almost hits the corner turnbuckles, but turns…. SAVATE KICK! 

Other Guy: Damn! He nearly kicked Catcher clear through the corner post! 

Some of the fans cheer the impressive kick and with Catcher down in the corner, leaning up against the bottom turnbuckle, Warren pulls Catcher away from the corner now, then drops and makes the cover. 

Dave Dymond: Warren hits the All Caught Up, that signature kick… and the count! 



THREE… NO!  Just barely Catcher gets the shoulder up.  The fans respond with a collective “OOOH” as Warren gets up to his feet and Catcher works on rolling out of the ring.  Catcher shakes his head, seemingly contemplating walking away from the match, which has some of the fans booing now. 

Other Guy: Arion lookin’ like he’s second guessin’ himself in this match up, Dave.  What’s going on. 

Dave Dymond: I don’t know, but Catch Warren picking up speed… HERE WE GO!!!! 

The fans POP as Warren DIVES through the ropes and NAILS Catcher from behind taking him down to the floor!  Some fans chant while others cheer and now Warren up to his feet, grabbing Catcher and he rolls him right back into the ring.  Catcher works his way up to his feet, holding his back in pain and Warren is up on the ring edge, he eyes the Revolution Championship title and then as Catcher turns, Warren VAULTS himself over with a high cross body… CONNECTS! 

Catcher is down, Warren on top… but Catcher rolls through, hooks both legs for a cradle pin!  Referee Tony Lorenzo makes the count. 



THR…  And another kick out from Catch Warren.  Catcher gets up to his feet quickly, a bit frustrated.  He pulls Warren up off the mat and holds him in a front facing headlock.  Warren pushes back a bit, trying to push out of the headlock, when Catcher turns it quickly, going for a desperation diamond cutter… NO!  Warren pushes through shoving Catcher forward a few steps. Catcher turns right back around, going for a spinning roundhouse kick, but Warren ducks under the leg and Catcher spins all the way around… caught… right into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex! 

Dave Dymond: And Arion Catcher taken down again, and folks we are seeing a completely revitalized Catch Warren. 

Other Guy: Cat brought his A game tonight, that’s for damn sure! 

Catcher sits, back arched in pain now as he slowly turns to face Warren. Warren comes at him, pulls him all the way up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Catcher comes bouncing back, Warren wraps his arms around his waist again, this time turns for a belly-to-belly take down suplex… but as he turns with Catcher, Catcher breaks… quick snap arm drag out of mid-air!  Warren is flipped onto his back but Warren springs up right from there, turns around, Catcher right there now, hoists him up onto his shoulders! 

Dave Dymond: Catcher looking to start the beginning of the end, but Warren using that slight size advantage to power out… 

Catcher can’t keep Warren up on his shoulder and Warren drops down behind quickly gets Catcher, Release German Suplex CONNECTS! Catcher down and Warren goes to the corner now up top. Some of the fans on their feet… and Warren flips forward with SENTON BOMB! 

Other Guy: The high risk connects, and Dave, maybe we got a NEW Champ right here! 

Dave Dymond: Hook of the leg, Lorenzo making the count… 



Dave Dymond: But no!  Arion Catcher continues to stay alive in this match up and keep the Revolution Championship title in his possession for the time being. 

Other Guy: It’s been a close match, Dave. I admit, I wasn’t expectin’ this. 

Dave Dymond: Doesn’t seem like Arion Catcher was completely expecting it either, Other Guy. 

Warren gets up, shaking his head a bit, disappointed in himself but he stays right in the match.  He pulls Catcher up now, hooking one leg, LIFTS for a fisherman’s suplex… but Catcher trying to wriggle his body out of it… and pulls back down and SHOVES Warren’s face into his hooked leg… catching Warren in the jaw with his knee! Warren’s head snaps back and Catcher takes him down with a standing clothesline!  Catcher hits the up ring ropes, and then flips forward with a flipping leg drop, rolls through from there, and ANOTHER standing moonsault… 

NO! This time Catcher DOES NOT CONNECT! 

Dave Dymond: Perhaps the master of the moonsault is this young champion Arion Catcher, but that was one moonsault too many! 

Other Guy: No kiddin, Catcher maybe showboatin with that one, and it didn’t pay off. 

Catcher is up to his feet, holding his chest in pain and Warren springs up behind him, full nelson applied… into a FULL NELSON SUPLEX…NO!  The fans react as Catcher some how tucks his head under and out of the full nelson and counters with a DESPERATION REVERSE DDT!!! 

Other Guy: Or maybe he’s got it after all as we witnessed some serious athleticism from Catcher, and the hook of the leg. 



THR… Warren kicks out!  Catcher pushes Warren down harder, trying for the pin again. Again referee Tony Lorenzo counts. 



And another kick out by Warren. Catcher is up to his feet and as Warren sits up, Catcher goes for a sitting dropkick, but Warren springs up as Catcher lands in a sitting position, wincing in pain!  Warren backs up now, hitting the ropes as Catcher gets up to his feet… charging…  SAVATE KICK AGAIN… 

NO!  Catcher has it scouted this time and gets out of the way. Warren recovers quickly hits the ropes, turns looks for a hard clothesline of his own, but Catcher ducks it again, but Warren puts on the breaks, turns quickly looking to get the better of Catcher, but Catcher right there… with all his strength lifts… and a desperation URINAGE SLAM! 

Dave Dymond: All A Nightmare!  Catcher hits that urinage slam… the cover! 

Some fans on their feet, some cheering, some booing as Lorenzo drops for the count. 



Warren kicks his leg out and JUST gets it into the rope, but Lorenzo doesn’t see it! 


Other Guy: The three got counted, but was Warren’s foot on the rope, Dave? 

Dave Dymond: I think so, I really do, but the count made and Lorenzo calling for the bell! 

The fans watch on as Arion Catcher rolls off of Warren and to his feet, just as “Money Talks” begins to play again. 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… ARION CATCHER!!! 

Catcher’s arm is raised in victory, but Catch Warren is on his feet now shaking his head profusely as he watches as Arion is handed the Revolution Title. 

Dave Dymond: Tony Lorenzo has awarded the victory to Arion Catcher and Catch Warren is shouting that he wasn’t pin, that he got the foot to the ropes! 

Other Guy: It was a close call, maybe Lorenzo made the three before the foot got up… I don’t know. 

Catcher takes a hold of the Revolution Championship and then turns to leave the ring just as Catch Warren steps towards him, wincing in pain. 

Catch Warren: I didn’t lose!  You didn’t pin me! 

Catcher shakes his head no now and he points to the Revolution Title then to himself. 

Arion Catcher: I won the match, man.  I pinned you.  It happens. 

Catcher places the Revolution Title over his shoulder and with that, walks past Catch Warren and to the back, but many in the crowd boo the Revolution Champion, at least those who were close enough to really see what the controversy is all about.  Catcher just shakes his head, confused about the reaction from the fans… but he continues to the back, patting his successfully defended Revolution Championship. 

Dave Dymond: Catch Warren having words with Lorenzo, but it looks as if Tony Lorenzo is sticking with his call as he did NOT see the foot on the ropes, and Catch Warren somewhat robbed of a chance at becoming the Revolution Champion here tonight. 

Other Guy: At the end of the day, it’s what the man in the black and blue striped shirt has to say, Dave. And Tony Lorenzo says Arion Catcher is STILL the Revolution Champion. 

Dave Dymond: Well my personal advice to Catch, don’t’ give up. He put on a TREMENDOUS match up here tonight and had Arion Catcher forced into pulling out some desperation moves. Heck, in my mind, this match didn’t even really end tonight, despite the referee’s decision. 

Catcher disappears to the back and as he does, Catch Warren looks on, leaning on the ropes, and shaking his head repeatedly, incredibly frustrated at how the match played out.  Eventually though he exits the ring, head hanging low, but as he walks to the back some fans start to applaud him, and more fans chime in and for a moment Warren raises his head to look out at the fans. He nods, appreciating their respect, and then continues to the back… disappearing through the entryway.


The arena goes quiet as nothing happens. Suddenly the SHOOT video screen comes to life and a fighter jet is seen flying across a clear blue sky. The fans start to pick up a great deal.

"Stay Strong. Fly Fast. Team Alp-"

Static fills the screen and PA system as the opening riff of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" fades. The fans, pumped to see Dan Stein, begin to boo.

"Dum da da dum da da dum da da dum da da DAH DAH! Dum da da dum da da dum da da dum da da DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH!"

Symbol crash! The fans pop as Dan Stein walks out of the backstage area to the sounds of Big and Rich’s "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)". Stein walks out of the back with the Iron Fist championship over his shoulder, the Sky High Cup 2 trophy, a toothpick in his mouth… and a white cowboy hat with the sides slicked up. He wears blue jeans with black work boots and a white t-shirt with the SHOOT Project helmet on the chest.

Stein claps hands with a couple of the fans as he makes his way quickly to the ring. The camera zooms in on some of the ‘Why Jarvis Why’ signs before returning back to Stein, standing in the middle of the ring with the trophy at his side, waiting for the music (and the fans) to die down.

Dan Stein: Four days ago on the Seventh week of the Fourth invitation of Sky High, one of my so called friends stabbed me in the back. I’m sure you all saw; I’ve seen the signs around the arena tonight, even in the back as I watched on the monitors. But the thing that bothers me more…

Stein pauses as the fans start to pick up, "Jar-vis Sucks! Jar-vis Sucks!" Stein puts his free hand up, stopping the fans from chanting.

Dan Stein: What bothers me the most about what Jarvis did last week, is the fact that he single handedly RUINED everything… EVERYTHING that not only myself, but also Cade Sydal, Kid Lightning, The Executioner, Kenji Yamada, and Arion Catcher worked hard to build.

Stein waits a second, tapping his chin as the fans in attendance start chanting "LE-GA-SEE-SUCKS!"

Dan Stein: Oh, and Greg Allocca. Paul Jarvis ruined everything we had worked for over those seven weeks, with one swing of a chair… and it benefited me. And that irritates the PISS out of me.

Stein drops the microphone for a second, as he walks in a tight circle around the ring.

Dan Stein: See, growing up a farmer boy, you don’t have things handed to you – you have to work for them. You have to make your own opportunities. I was looking forward to making my own opportunity against Kenji Yamada, but Paul Jarvis’ JEALOUSNESS took that from me.

Stein paused, breathing.

Dan Stein: Paul, when you got hurt, I definitely felt for you, and I wanted to be there for you, and I wanted to be the tag team that we were in the Midwest. But something else came up.

Stein lifted the Iron Fist championship.

Dan Stein: This pretty piece of gold. Excuse me if I couldn’t find the time to hold your hand as you went through rehab, Paul. You’re a grown ass man, you can do it on your own; but because of your jealousy, you not only cost ME my right to celebrate getting to the finals of the Sky High Cup, but you also ruined the invitation itself.

Congratulations, Paul. You got your revenge, but so did Kenji Yamada; And soon, so will I. Until then, Paul, remember who you messed with. Dan Stein, SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.

The fans pop at this, as Stein lowers his microphone for a second.

Dan Stein: But still, as tainted as the main event of Sky High is, I am still in line to defend my Sky High 2 Cup trophy, this very trophy next to me, against Kenji Yamada, in a Sky High first… the steel cage. Maybe it’s Ed Raymond going nuts, maybe it’s Ed Raymond trying to keep his main event safe from interference – whatever the reason, ya’ll, Dan Stein and Kenji Yamada WILL give their EVERYTHING to prove that they are TRULY the industry’s BEST cruiserweight. The cage will be a new ingredient in the Sky High soup, but I’ve come through EVERYTHING Ed Raymond has put me through this tournament with a smile on my face.

Dan Stein versus Greg Allocca in a first blood match, I won it.

Dan Stein versus Paul Jarvis, I did the right thing, and I made it work… until Jarvis stabbed me in the back.

Dan Stein versus Kenji Yamada in a steel cage, I will win it. I will defend my trophy, and take a new one home. I will finally shut Kenji Yamada up, let him know who is truly the best man, and finally put a close on all this talk about me not deserving the spot in the main event. I put myself in the position to make it in with a win, and though I don’t like the latest result, Kenji, I will fight to keep the Sky High name preserved, first blood, one leg, or steel cage. It doesn’t matter, Kenji, I’ll give my everything for the trophy, just like Cade Sydal would’ve had he had been there, just like The Executioner would’ve had he have been there.

And then, on Revolution, I will celebrate my victory, and defeat ANY MAN who wants to step in the ring against me. Whether it’s Jonny Johnson, Osbourne Kilminster, or Ainsley fucking Lake.

As if on cue, "35 Ghost IV" by Nine Inch Nails blares over the speakers, the slow methodical beat signaling the arrival of none other than Azraith DeMitri! The crowd boos loudly as he stands at the top of the ramp, still wearing what he wore down to the ring earlier tonight. He looked exhausted, but there was a grin on his lips, seemingly relishing in the hate that he seems to bring with him wherever he goes.

Azraith DeMitri: Well I’ll admit I’m no "Ainsley Fucking Lake", nor am I any combination of those three words, but I think I might take you up on that last bit.

Dan Stein: I’m sorry, Azraith, but forgive me if I’m wrong – didn’t I already beat you with the ring bell?

Azraith: True enough, meatbag, true enough. But if I did my research correctly, even you, Mr. Golden Boy, didn’t win your first match back. So I would be careful not to slip ‘lest you fall off that obscenely high horse you’re ridin’ on. I want a fucking rematch. I don’t care if I deserve it. I don’t care who else is in line, I want it and sooner before later you know I’ll get it.

The crowd keeps the hate alive for Az as his grin just grows as he stares a hole into Stein.

Azraith: I mean, we could do this like I did the last time, I just keep fucking up your game until you relent…or you just give me the match now so we can both do our shit until the time comes for me to take that strap away from you.

Dan finally raises a hand up.

Dan Stein: Just…just shut the hell up a second DeMitri. I mean first you come back actin’ like you’ve risen from the dead. You surround yourself with this whole stalking ghost bullshit mythos…and now you’re here acting like you run this goddamn place? Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you so special to think ANYONE will just bow down and do what you say?

Az’s grin fades somewhat. He looks down at the ground a moment as the crowd roars for Dan’s comments. As they die down, he looks up.

Azraith: Because…unlike these silly fucks you call opponents…unlike these fools you call friends…I’m a completely different beast. I don’t want that belt around your waist for power…for respect…for greed or arrogance or pride. I just want…to take it from you. I want to see the fucking anguish on your face as I rip it from your possession. I want to see these people squirm every time they announce Azraith DeMitri as the Iron Fist champion. I don’t want to hold the power…I just want them to hate me for taking it away from you motherfuckers. You might not know my motives as well as you’d like but you do know me, Stein. You know better than a lot of these motherfuckers that I don’t stop. I don’t quit. I don’t relent. You think Mallows is a survivor? FUCK him. You know I’ll keep coming until you give me what I want Stein. So save us both the time and the energy. Shit, you’re the one with the big talk, sayin you’ll beat anyone in your way. Just do it one…more…time.

Az’s grin was borderline psychotic as the crowd rained more hate upon him. Dan, for his part, was scowling at the man at the top of the ramp.

Dan Stein: Any man means any man, Azraith. You want that re-match, Papa Smurf? You’ve got it, Az. See you Sunday.

The fans errupt as Stein peers up at the top of the ramp, patting his Iron Fist Championship and points at Azraith.


We cut to a familiar area: The Backstage hallway, it’s stark flourescent lights-and-white Cinderblock style entirely undiminished. And, as usual, sticking out like a nattily dressed sore thumb, is our man, Kilgore Stochansky. His tracksuit hood is pulled over his face, revealing only his nose, moustache, mouth and chin. His features are, predictably, twisted into a devilish grin, cutting across his face at a sharp, confident angle.

Kilgore: Christopher Davis is not a good person.

He pauses, letting this sink in, bouncing from foot to foot, his energy waiting to get out.

Kilgore: Now, I’m always reticent to judge. Not my place, right? Right. And yet, here I am, inching closer to being furious with everything about Christopher Davis.

Our man throws his hood back, bathing all of his face in the no-frills lighting. He frowns slightly, looking concerned, about to plead his case.

Kilgore: Now, now, let me defend myself. I know you’re gasping at the thought of losing your hero and revolutionary, but please do let me explain myself.

Stochansky coughs, clearing his throat, and then smirks.

Kilgore: You want proof, I will give it to you. Listen to the man’s language. And I’m quoting here…"My plan is to beat Kilgore so badly that Jason won’t ever force me to step into the ring…"

He shakes his head slowly, admonishing the man with his very actions.

Kilgore: See, Christopher Davis doesnt appreciate you people. He never has. All Christopher Davis really appreciates is money, women…the macchiato. Not to be insulting to the macchiato, mind you. I’m just using an example. See, he feels exasperated, FORCED to have to go out there and entertain you fine people. It’s sad, isnt it? He seems to forget who this organization really belongs to: You people. Every single one.

At this, our man adopts his superhero pose.

Kilgore: But I havent forgotten, and I never will. Because I am the catalyst, and I am the leader of this rebellion against poor taste and stale performance. I feel blessed to be out there, in front of you, the people. Chris Davis might not get that, but I wont hate him for that, and neither should you. We should feel pity.

Stochansky raises his arms out to his sides.

Kilgore: And because I pity him, I will defeat him tonight. Because he needs a shock to his system so that he might see the truth. Becuase I am benevolent, because I am a new breed of star.

He looks directly at the camera, breaking into an infectious grin.

Kilgore: And I’m on the rise.

Our man throws his hood back over his head, then briskly walks off camera, leaving it at that. We cut away…



Dave Dymond: Fans we are just moments away from tonight’s Revolution main event, and it will be the third consecutive match up that have involved these two competitors about to come down to the ring. 

Other Guy: Yeah and the first two times saw Christopher Davis come out on top. My guess, we get ourselves a three-peat tonight. 

Dave Dymond: Let’s take a moment to look back at the first encounter between Kilgore Stochansky and Christopher Davis and exactly how it ended. 

Revolution cuts out for a moment, replaced by footage from three weeks ago. 

Three Weeks Ago on Revolution… 

In the ring Stochansky works his way up to his feet but Davis right there, pulls him into a standing vertical head scissors.  Davis then HOISTS Stochansky high up into the air, looking for a powerbomb, but Stochansky flails his body, trying to shift the momentum. Davis struggles to keep his hold on Stochansky, and so Stochansky is able to drop down. Davis goes for a big boot, but Stochansky ducks it, kicks Davis in the back of his planted leg, and he causes Davis to stumble forward, CLUNKING heads with Scott Kamura! 

Kamura goes down from the shot and Davis staggers about, holding his head in pain. 

Roland Caldwell: That’s what I was waiting for… 

Dave Dymond: What, wait… 

Roland Caldwell leaves the ring side announce table while Stochansky now looks to capitalize on the slightly dazed Davis.  However he stops as he sees Caldwell slide under the bottom rope and all at once Kilgore nods his head and smirks. The fans begin to boo loudly as Caldwell has his sights set on Davis. 

Dave Dymond: It looks like Stochansky and Caldwell have found common ground in trying to maybe eliminate one of the competitors in the Five Man Massacre… and with the referee out, well Davis in trouble. 

Caldwell steps in at Davis who starts to come to… but then suddenly Caldwell pivots in the other direction and KICKS Stochansky right in the chest! The impact sends Stochansky staggering back, only for Caldwell to pull him back in, hoist him up for a Fireman’s carry… Inverted DDT!!! 

Dave Dymond: Burning Hammer To Kilgore Stochansky!!!  Roland Caldwell just took out Stochansky! 

The fans buzz with shock now as Roland Caldwell stands over Stochansky and Davis turns now, looking right into Caldwell’s eyes.  Caldwell just smirks and exits the ring while Davis stands there for a moment.  Caldwell grabs the relic that is the original SHOOT Project World Title and starts to the back, passing by Davis and watching him the whole time. 

Christopher Davis: Oh Hell no! 

Davis suddenly turns and grabs the barely with it Kilgore Stochansky and now HE hoists Stochansky up onto his shoulders. 

Christopher Davis: THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE! 

Davis DRIVES Kilgore Stochansky down into the mat with a face first Death Valley driver and the fans go nuts!!! 

Dave Dymond: And now Christopher Davis wanting to finish things on HIS terms as he takes Stochansky down with Angela’s Ashes.  And someone out there has got to be feeling sorry for Kilgore Stochansky, but I am not one of those people. 

With Stochansky down and out Davis now makes the cover, with Kamura just barely coming to.  Roland Caldwell stops for a moment, watching the match just from the start of the ramp way back up to the steel platform, but then as Kamura sees the pin being made… Roland continues walking, turning his back on the match all together. 




Kamura, still somewhat groggy, calls for the bell and “Gossip” begins to play again.  The fans cheer as Christopher Davis rises up to his feet and looks for Roland, but Roland is nowhere to be seen.  Davis just shakes his head a bit, but then raises his arms up and out to his side once again, some of the fans mimicking Davis. 

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!! 

Davis walks about the ring, stopping every so often to shout out to the fans “that’s how you do it.” 


The footage cuts out, returning the focus to inside the Rose Garden Arena and the capacity crowd booing loudly while “Phantom” by Justice begins to play.  The words –Think Locally, Fuck Globally- show up on the SHOOT video screen, and every so often clips of Stochansky in action flash on the screen as well. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution Main Event! 

The booing gets a little bit louder as Stochansky swaggers out from the back, but upon seeing the fans he suddenly takes a more serious approach, doing a slow work out jog to the ring, the hood of his Adidas warm up suit bouncing slightly on his head. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 250 pounds, HERE IS KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!! 

Stochansky jogs up the steel steps, walks the length of the ring, wipes his feet, then enters. He pulls down the hood of his warm up jacket then removes the warm up suit all together revealing his usual black trunk-style tights. 

Dave Dymond: Somehow Stochansky has pushed and manipulated his way into the main event multiple times now here on Revolution, but his main event stay this far hasn’t exactly been a successful one. 

Other Guy: The way Stochansky carries out business ain’t gonna work on veterans like Christopher Davis, that’s for damn sure.  So if Stochansky plans on cheating his way to victory tonight, he better have a back up plan. 

Stochansky loosens up in the ring now as his music fades, and immediately the lights go out.  The fans pick up a great deal as "Gossip" by Lil Wayne suddenly blasts into the arena.  

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop," 

A blast of light shines every time the word "stop" is spoken. After the final "stop" the arena goes dark once again for a few seconds.  Then the SHOOT video screen displays "Christopher Davis" in white block letters as "Gossip" again blares into the arena.  

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion" 

"The lady of a nigga" 

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga" 

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

The lights come up and Christopher Davis stands at the entrance way as the fans work themselves into a frenzy. Dressed in black mid-length tights and black boots he takes in the crowd for a moment. He then raises both arms out to his sides as if forming a cross. 

Dave Dymond:  Here comes the man that arguably should be the current SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and Portland Oregon is loving Davis tonight. 

Other Guy: What’s not to love. Davis is a legend and a true player of the game. 

Dave Dymond: A player of the game he most certainly is, but tonight I don’t think Davis is going to put up with any games. He’s not a happy camper after what went down at Malice, and he could be looking to use Stochansky as a means to vent that extra bit of frustration. 

Davis lowers his arms and strides towards the ring.  

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 271 pounds, HERE IS CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!! 

"You don’t have to pick me" 

"To win the title fight" 

"But I’m gonna win a championship belt so tight"

Davis steps into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle and once again raises his arms to his sides taking in the fans appreciation once again.  His music fades out and after that, Davis turns around and finally looks to Stochansky who jogs in place in the lower right corner of the ring.  Referee Scott Kamura waits for Samantha Coil to take her leave of the ring, and then calls for the bell. 


And both men charge right in, a surprising tactic by Stochansky.  Davis and Stochansky meet up in a quick grapple, only for Stochansky to break, slide around behind Davis and apply a quick waist lock. Davis powerfully pries Stochansky’s arms away from him then turns around and still holding Stochansky’s arms, Davis brings his foot up, catching Stochansky with a boot to the mid section.  Stochansky doubles over and Davis just CLOBBERS Stochansky with a hard forearm clubbing blow to the back. Stochansky goes to one knee, but quickly grabs at Davis’s legs and trips him up, dropping him to the mat on his back. 

Dave Dymond: So this one quick to get going, and I’m legit shocked, Other Guy, to see Kilgore Stochansky actually trying to wrestle here. 

Stochansky drops down into a mounted position, but Davis shoves Stochansky away before he can get trapped on the mat. Davis starts up to his feet but Stochansky right there and he applies a front facing headlock.  Davis pushes back, but Stochansky pushes against Davis harder, planting his feet firmly into the mat, keeping the headlock applies. Davis continues to use his muscle and suddenly lifts Stochansky up, and DROPS him with a quick rocker dropper!  Stochansky winces and Davis now takes him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Stochansky comes bouncing back and Davis with a HUGE tilt-a-whirl gut buster! 

Other Guy: Takin’ the sly mustachioed man down with some serious authority.  That’s why ya gotta love Davis too, he brings the hurt ten fold. 

Stochansky clutches at his stomach now, kicking his feet into the mat, and Davis doesn’t go for an early cover, but instead pulls Stochansky right up off the mat and starts driving quick punches into Stochansky’s face.  Stochansky staggers back, but tries to get back into things, throwing a quick jab himself, but Davis swats the arm to the side then NAILS a stiff European uppercut!  Stochansky spins around and Davis looks to lock Stochansky into a double arm chicken wing but Stochansky flails his arms, making it difficult and he STOMPS down on Davis’s right foot, then his left foot, and with Davis slightly distracted Stochansky breaks, turns around and CHOPS Davis’s across the chest with an open palm slap! 

And Davis’s eyes go wide! 

Dave Dymond: Bad move on Stochansky’s part throwing that slap, as that just looks like it pissed Davis off BIG TIME! 

Other Guy: I smell painful retaliation! 

Davis suddenly UNLEASHES with punch after punch after punch after punch! The fans cheer loudly as Davis now winds up, goes for the HUGE standing clothesline, but Stochansky quickly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring all together. The cheering turns to booing immediately, but then back to cheering as Davis sprints out of the ring and after Stochansky! 

Dave Dymond: Well I guess Stochansky full on trying to wrestle Davis is a plan thrown out the window and now RUNNING looks to be the method of choice for the former Laws of Survival Champion! 

The fans cheer on Davis as he chases Stochansky around the ring.  Stochansky slides in after making a turn, giving him the slight advantage. Davis slides in from the adjacent side and Stochansky runs and fakes a clothesline, then drops low with a diving forearm to the knees!  Davis’s legs buckle under him and he almost falls on top of Stochansky, but Stochansky rolls out of the way.  Davis recovers quickly turns, but Stochansky right there with a palm thrust, then palm uppercut, then a boot to the gut!  Davis doubles over and Stochansky hooks him slaps the back once and DROPS with a face plant DDT.  With Davis on the mat, Stochansky pushes him over onto his back and now hooks the leg, looking to end the match. 

Kamura drops and makes the count! 


TW… not quite two as Davis kicks out strong.  Stochansky pulls Davis into a sitting position and applies a sleeper hold from behind, but then works it more into a neck crank. The fans boo as Stochansky torques Davis’s neck, trying to wear him down, but Davis works his way up to a knee and then drives an elbow into Stochansky’s gut, forcing him to stagger away.  Davis is all the way up now comes at Stochansky, but Stochansky fires a quick gut punch that causes Davis to stagger back a bit and then Stochansky shows some strength of his own scooping up Davis and dropping him with a forceful body slam. 

Dave Dymond: And Kilgore Stochansky after trying to escape Davis has once again established the upper hand. 

Other Guy: Not a Stochansky fan, but the guy is smart when it comes to finding ways to avoid a serious beat down. 

Dave Dymond: Stochansky sizing up Davis… 

The fans boo as Stochansky waits, watching as Davis pushes up off the mat, but Stochansky runs and now KICKS Davis right in the side of the head, sending him over onto his back!  Again Stochansky drops down and makes a forceful pin on Davis, shouting at Kamura to count. 



TH… kick out by Davis!  The fans pop but Stochansky is frustrated he gets up off of Davis, jumps straight up into the air and brings a knee down right onto Davis’s forehead. Stochansky then rolls forward and rises up to his feet, now striking a taunting pose, which draws the ire of the crowd. 

Other Guy: Stochansky now really in control of this one, Dave, and so of course the cat’s bringing out the cockiness to its fullest extent. 

Dave Dymond: Davis isn’t an easy victory by ANY ANY stretch of the imagination though, so Stochansky had better get his focus back on the match and not trying to make more of these fans angrier. 

After striking two more different poses, Stochansky turns back around to see Davis still rocking back and forth on the mat, clutching his head in pain.  Stochansky pulls Davis up, struggling a bit trying to force Davis up… and then Stochansky gets frustrated and drives a swift knee shot into Davis’s sternum.  Davis almost falls to the mat again, but Stochansky holds him in a headlock then goes to hoist Davis up, and drops him with a vertical suplex!  Davis sits up, arching his back in pain and Stochansky now runs to the ropes in front of Davis, comes charging back and another kick to Davis’s head, this time a direct boot to the face!  Davis goes down and Stochansky puts on the break and once again starts posing, REALLY thinking highly of himself. 

Dave Dymond: Again with the posing, and Kilgore Stochansky thinks this one is a walk in the park right now. 

Other Guy: To his defense, and only because I like arguing with you, Dave, he has been dominating over Davis in this one.  

Dave Dymond: Davis did go the extra mile in the main event at Malice, so coming into this match up Stochansky does have an advantage in that regard, and of course Stochansky focusing on the head setting up most likely for that pump-handle Brainbuster. 

The fans boo even louder than before and this brings Stochansky to march towards the corner, and then get up on the second turnbuckle to strike another pose, flexing his arms and then laughing at the crowd.  Meanwhile Davis starts to work his way up to his feet, trying to get his bearings back.  He turns slowly to see Stochansky in the corner, but Stochansky’s back is turned and suddenly Davis charges, picking up on a second wind!  The fans start to cheer, but Stochansky smirks, thinking the cheers are for him… and suddenly Davis GRABS Stochansky by the waistline of his trunks and just THROWS him off the turnbuckle and SPILLING over the top rope to the outside! 

Dave Dymond: Without words Christopher Davis tells the world exactly what he thinks of Stochansky’s posing! 

Davis quickly exits the ring and as Stochansky scrambles up to his feet Davis is right there with a forearm shot, then a European uppercut, then another forearm shot. Stochansky staggers back and Davis grabs him by the arm and then looks to whip him into the steel steps… no Stochansky turns around and tries to send Davis, now both men closer to the steps… and Davis turns it, but pulls Stochansky in… 


Other Guy: That’s an unwanted spine re-alignment! 

Stochansky slumps off the steps, writhing on the floor in pain and Davis continues after him now driving hard stomps down into Stochansky’s prone body.  Referee Scott Kamura shouts for Davis to bring the fight back into the ring, but Davis lifts Stochansky up now, propping him up against the steel steps and now throwing boot shots repeatedly into the gut, smashing Stochansky’s back against the corner post as well. 

Dave Dymond: Davis has basically said that’s it, Stochansky, and he’s making sure Stochansky is going to be feeling back pains for weeks on end now! 

Other Guy: Somethin’ tells me Davis don’t care how this one is going to end or if he gets counted out. He’s had that apathy towards the organization that Davis has been known to have when he’s not happy with the direction things are goin… and sometimes that’s when Davis is his most dangerous. 

Dave Dymond: And a HUGE lariat that sends STOCHANSKY OVER the steps completely! 

“YOU. FUCKED. HIM. UP!” clap clap clap-clap-clap! The chanting and clapping continues as Stochansky just lies on the other side of the steps, completely folded in half.  Kamura issues a second warning now, and now Davis walks over to Stochansky, pulling his dead weight up off the floor and slowly he pushes Stochansky back into the ring.  Davis slides into the ring as well now and covers Stochansky.  Kamura drops to the mat and makes the count. 




The fans are about to cheer, but Stochansky reaches out at the last possible second and grabs the bottom rope. Kamura motions for the match to continue only showing a two count.  Davis looks at Kamura then to Stochansky’s arm.  Davis shakes his head with frustration and pulls Stochansky away from the ropes now, lifting him up to his feet at the same time. 

Dave Dymond: A near three count there, and you could hear the collective sigh of disappointment from this capacity crowd. 

Davis fires a couple of quick shots to Stochansky’s chest, knocking him up against the ropes.  Davis then grabs a firm hold of Stochansky’s wrist and whips him across the ring. Stochansky comes bouncing back, Davis catches him… BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX!!! 

Stochansky lands back first on the mat, and he rocks back and forth in agony.  Davis gets up to his feet after putting all of his momentum into the suplex. The fans cheer as Davis starts to nod his head, pointing to Stochansky down on the mat.  Davis walks towards Stochansky the pulls him up half way to his feet, holding him for a moment in a headlock. He then turns Stochansky so his back is to Davis’s side and all at once HOISTS Stochansky up onto his shoulders! 

Other Guy: It’s a repeat of three weeks ago… Angela’s Ashes… 

Dave Dymond: NO!  Stochansky fighting back.  Damn…this one was as good as over but Stochansky coming back now and he slips down behind Davis! 

The fans boo, but Davis is quick to turn around before Stochansky can lock on a cross face chicken wing. Davis fires with a punch to the face, Stochansky stumbles back and now Davis again with a whip to the ropes, but Stochansky this time reverses and sends Davis instead.  Davis comes bouncing back, but Stochansky puts on the speed now with a DEVASTATING LARIAT!!! 

Dave Dymond: And Kilgore connects with Strong Arm Tactics and he gets Davis RIGHT across the neck! 

Davis is on the mat, gasping for breath now and the fans buzz with concern and even Kamura checks on Davis, but Stochansky swats the air in front of Kamura, motioning for him to step aside as now Stochansky drops down and makes a cover, being sure to DRIVE his forearm down into Davis’s neck.  Kamura scoots back and makes the count. 



THR… Davis kicks out!    The fans come alive, once buzzing with concern, but as Stochansky gets up, only to drop a standing leg drop across the neck, the cheering again turns to booing. 

Other Guy: In true Stochansky fashion the neck bein’ targeted.  It’s like a light-bulb suddenly went on in his head remindin’ him of Davis’s injury 

Dave Dymond: That’s exactly what is happening here and another cover… again Kamura counts… 



THR… AGAIN Davis shoulders out.  Stochansky shakes his head with frustration as he is up to his knees then up to his feet.  Stochansky then goes over to the corner now, jumps to sit on the top turnbuckle, then steps all the way up so he’s on the top turnbuckle. He points down at Davis and suddenly LEAPS off, looking for a double stomp DIRECTLY to then neck…  BUT DAVIS MOVES!!! 

The fans pick up as Stochansky stands in stunned fashion for a moment, and Davis rises up to his feet… DESPERATION SPEAR! Stochansky is taken down and Davis hooks the leg.  Fans on their feet. 


The fans echo one! 


The fans echo two! 

TH… Stochansky shoulders out.  Davis gets up, Stochansky TRIES to roll away but Davis right there and he grabs him… and from the mat lift him up sideways… FALL-AWAY SLAM!!! 

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis digging down deep for that one as he just THROWS Stochansky half way across the ring with that fall away slam. 

Other Guy: You can tell he’s feelin’ it now, Dave.  Stochansky went for the cheap attack to the neck, and now Davis AIN’T gonna let him get away with that. 

Dave Dymond: These fans right back into this match up now as Davis looks to not have suffered too bad from the clothesline to the neck and the leg drop. 

Davis stalks behind Stochansky now as Stochansky reaches for the near by ropes, looking for those to help him get up to his feet now.  For a second time now Davis grabs Stochansky from behind, HOISTS him up onto his shoulders, but Stochansky reacts quickly, this time bringing his fingers over Davis’s face and GOUGING at the eyes!  Davis drops Stochansky and clutches at his face. The fans react, booing loudly and Scott Kamura shouts sternly at Stochansky, and Stochansky follows up quickly with a diving chop block to the back of Davis’s legs!  Davis falls onto his back and now Stochansky moves to the corner and instead of going up top, he BLATANTLY starts taking off the top turnbuckle pad.  Kamura looks to him just as the pad drops onto the mat, and Kamura shouts storming towards Stochansky.  

Dave Dymond: Stochansky resorting to what he knows best and that’s cheating, but Kamura catches him RIGHT in the act putting a stop to that. 

Stochansky turns and gives a “who me?” look to Kamura. 

Scott Kamura: Final warning, Stochansky, next time you’re disqualified! 

Stochansky nods in understanding and Kamura grabs the turnbuckle pad and looks to re-attach it to the corner post.  As he does this, Stochansky reaches into his trunks and immediately pulls out a pair of brass knuckles.  The fans see this, but Kamura doesn’t.  Stochansky goes to the second rope, and before Davis can get up, Stochansky LEAPS from the second rope with a Brass-Knuckles assisted FIST DROP!!! 

Dave Dymond: Son of a… Stochansky diverted the referee and now the brass knuckles… and the cover! 

Stochansky has the knocked out Davis covered and before Kamura turns around, Stochansky slides the brass knuckles out of the ring, and they drop to the floor.  Stochansky then shouts, Kamura turns… and he quickly drops to make the count, the fans on their feet and booing Stochansky, shouting insults at him as well. 



Dave Dymond: Not like this… 


Other Guy: Not like that at all, Dave! 

The crowd ERUPTS with wild cheering as Davis gets the shoulder up! 

Dave Dymond: Davis kicks out… Davis is STILL in this match! 

Stochansky is livid now and he’s up to his feet, eyes wide, confused, angry, shocked.  Davis works on getting up to his feet now only for Stochansky to stomp down at him.  Davis still fights back, working his way up to his feet. Stochansky throws quick chops to Davis, trying to keep him from coming, but Davis, eyes somewhat glazed over, fights back with punches of his own.  Stochansky’s head rocks back from each punch he starts staggering… Davis takes two steps back… then pushes all of his weight forward into a lunging clothesline attempt… 

Stochansky ducks it… rolls up Davis from behind… PULLS UP ON THE TRUNKS… 




Dave Dymond: Damn it! 

The second Kamura counts three Stochansky breaks the pin and scrambles out of the ring, knowing full well what he did! 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!! 

Stochansky drops to his knees on the outside and extends both of his arms upwards. The fans are booing loudly and Davis sits up on the mat, GLARING out towards Stochansky. 

Dave Dymond: Stochansky steals a victory here tonight.  What a load of crap. 

Other Guy: Yeah, and in this seeming on goin’ battle between Davis and Stochansky, it’s tied up one to one, with Davis havin’ the advantage given he lasted longer in that five man massacre at Malice. 

Dave Dymond: But that doesn’t change the fact that what happened tonight in this match is wrong.   Stochansky cheating multiple times in this match up, and you know Davis won’t let that stand. 

Other Guy: He wouldn’t be Davis if he did. 

Stochansky starts to the back now, clearly avoiding looking back into the ring.  Davis is up to his feet now, pacing back and forth repeatedly, beyond angry.  He shakes the ropes a couple of times, trying to focus his anger.  As Stochansky leaves Davis looks on, but then turns just as Kamura is about to leave the ring.  He immediately storms towards Kamura and grabs him by the shoulder. The fans start to buzz and Kamura turns around shaking his head.  Davis closes his eyes for a moment, then seems to ease up his grip, 

Dave Dymond: Looks like Davis was about to take out his frustrations on Scott Kamura but thought… 

Suddenly Davis shakes his head. 

Christopher Davis: Fuck it! 

He LIFTS Kamura up onto his shoulders, back first then DROPS him to the mat with a death valley driver!!! 

Other Guy: OH SHIT!  That’s gonna cost Davis! 

Dave Dymond: Chris Davis with Angela’s Ashes to Scott Kamura! 

The fans actually cheer Davis on, and “Gossip” starts up as Davis leaves the ring, shaking his head, the frustration still very much present.  The camera follows Davis as he walks to the back, but Davis stops at the top of the entryway and then playing up to the fans cheering him on, Davis extends his arms out to his side. 

Other Guy: Well Davis maybe feelin’ justified, but you know there’s gonna be repercussions. 

Dave Dymond: Without a doubt, but for now Christopher Davis clearly not caring about his actions, and the Malice Aftermath has reared its head here throughout the night, and I’m sure it will be present for the many weeks to come all leading up to Reckoning Day.  But that’s it from Portland, Revolution signing off… 

Other Guy: And don’t forget THIS Wednesday, LIVE… The Sky High Tournament finals, some of SHOOT’s finest cruiserweights will see where their final place will be amongst the elite eight. We’re all gonna be there, catch that shit LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

Dave Dymond: Goodnight! 

The last shot is shown of Christopher Davis, back still turned to the masses… and Revolution fades out.