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Revolution: 027 – 4/20/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view. 

“Gentlemen and ladies…” 

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering. 

“Please put down your expensive champagne…” 

The last of the letters pass by. 

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!” 

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard… 


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd. 

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn 

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes. 

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists 

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight. 

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs 

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. 

“So back up!” 

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment. 

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else! 

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about. 

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted. 

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare 

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’” 

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist. 

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’” 

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the montage slows to focus on the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, as he slings the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder. 

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’” 

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head. 

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’” 

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. 

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no 

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show 

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll” 

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization 

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white. 

“So buff, so rugged, so rough 

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up 

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up 

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition 

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring. 

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out. 

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution. 

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


The shot opens to the back, as Cade Sydal leans with his right elbow up against the wall of the hallway, with his cell phone pressed to his left ear. Before the cameras can begin to eavesdrop, though, a sudden shriek and crash sounds behind Cade! The camera pans to see a female member of the crew, presumably a makeup artist, fall against a wall, as Obsidian rushes Cade! Cade turns just in time to be tackled by a running Obsidian, and both men hit the floor as the phone goes flying!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?!

Other Guy: Looks like Obsidian is taking care of business!

Obsidian piles onto Cade in a mounted position and starts driving punches down at Cade, but Cade covers up quickly with his arms! Obsidian pushes to his feet and pulls Cade to his feet by his collar, before pressing him into the wall and driving a punch into the side of Cade’s head! Cade’s arms drop, and Obsidian pulls back and drives him back into the wall before members of the security team and road agents swarm the scene!

Dave Dymond: Some order to this…carnage is being restored!

Other Guy: I say let ‘em fight!

Cade shakes his head and drives a knee up into Obsidian’s chest, before the security team pries Obsidian’s arms off! Road agents quickly move to grab Cade and pull him back, while the security team grab Obsidian by the arms and torso, trying to drag him back! The shot quickly cuts to another area backstage, this time with Eli Storm, and Abigail Chase.


We cut backstage to see Abigail Chase standing in the locker room of one Eli Storm. Storm is busy getting ready for his upcoming match. Chase clears her throat in order to catch Storm’s attention. Storm looks up at her as she begins to speak.

Abigail Chase: I’m standing here with former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Eli Storm, who hasn’t been on the winning side of the ring in a while. Now Eli, with that being said…why pick a fight with someone like Roland Caldwell? 

Storm stands up and looks at Chase for a moment. 

Eli Storm: You know why, Chase? Because I’ve sat in the background long enough watching. I’ve let my pride lead me down an unfocused path and forgot why I came back in the first place. And that is to regain what was taking from me…the one thing I was never beaten for… 

Storm smiles a cocky grin. 

Eli Storm: The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. You know I was in the back watching the show and to hear Roland complain about losing the belt. I would love to have known what that feels like. To actually defend the belt, win or lose. I didn’t get that chance, but he did. And too bad for him, he fall short. But at least he had that chance. There are guys on this roster that have gone their whole careers without being a World Champion. Caldwell had his chance and should have been happy with that. But like all other brats he complains and bitches and moans. I couldn’t stand there and let that go down. 

Abigail Chase: Understandable, but, Eli, for you to even think about going after the World Title you got to be in better standing record-wise. So far, you’ve been beat by Oz Kilminister and have had great matches with King and Sydal, but even those have ended in loses for you. And with the current crop of main eventers in the world title scene, how do you really think you can stack up. How come on how does battling Roland really help you out?

Storm looks at Chase as if to say “Do you not know who I am”. 

Eli Storm: I’m a man of chance, Ms. Chase. I may not have the record to match the guys currently in the world title hunt, but I know how to capitalize on openings. That’s all I need, because there are people like you who look at the record and don’t see beneath that surface. My match against Oz wasn’t official because he attacked me before the bell and never pinned me. King…that lowlife SOB had to cheat to win. I mean Hell, he didn’t pin me until the ref for that match, Cade, damn near knocked my head off. And as for my match with Cade, I’ll give you that. So if you really want to do the match, I should be about 1 and 1. And if you want to go towards title matches. Every title that I have set my sights on I’ve won.

Storm waves the camera closer. 

Eli Storm: As it means to Roland Caldwell, he is a stepping stone. He is the message that I’ve been waiting to send to the Front Office to show that I’m serious about this. They say in order to make an impression you must go after one of the big dogs. And Roland unfortunately, you are one of the big dogs. And I will have no problem putting the big dog that is Roland down to sleep…

Storm’s cocky grin twists itself into a evil look as Storm stares into the camera. 

Eli Storm: I know what you are thinking…how do you plan on doing that Storm? Well that is simple…by showing Caldwell, he isn’t the only one that knows how to play the game…

Storm winks at the camera and escorts Chase out of his locker room as the scene switches back to the announce team. 



Focus shifts back to the ring now as the opening moments of “Bell the CAT” by LM.C start to play. During the intro of the song both Shinya and Maya come out and start to clap along with the intro of the song, both of them motioning towards the crowd to clap along with them. For the most part, the crowd obliges and begins clapping as the upbeat main part of “Bell the CAT” starts and both Maya and Shinya walk down the entrance ramp making sure they clap hands with any fans that are looking for it.

Samantha Coil: The following match is a tag team match and has a 15 minute time limit. First, making their way to the ring in the black and pink wrestling pants weighing in at a combined weight of 332 pounds and hailing from Nagano, Japan; Maya Nakashima and Shinya Nakamura…TRES BIEN!

Both Shinya and Maya stand in their corner waving to various fans, both begin stretching in preparation for their match.

Dave Dymond: Earlier this week both Shinya and Maya were dealing with some issues about their image and worried that their opponents, who we haven’t heard a great deal from, thought their “flamboyance” was so vile that they wouldn’t even want to wrestle TRES BIEN.

Other Guy: They are certainly one of the more…glitzy…tag teams we’ve seen in SHOOT. But from what I’ve heard they can throw down in the ring and really that’s all that matters.

“Bell the CAT” fades out and is replaced by “Famous for Nothing” by the Dropkick Murphys, however, while the screen shows various clips of the Skellig Street Gang they are nowhere to be found at the entrance ramp. But, the crowd pops slightly as a path is made through the crowd and all three members of the Skellig Street Gang make their way to the ring through the crowd. All three members hop the barricade but only James Connolly and Bobby Bathurst are dressed to compete. Shea is dressed in his street clothes and has a look of distain on his face as his eyes come in contact with TRES BIEN.

Samantha Coil: Their opponents weigh in at a combined weight of 589 pounds and are both members of the Skellig Street Gang…“The Black Rose" James Clifford Connolly and "The Belfast Bruiser" Bobby Bathurst!

Dave Dymond: TRES BIEN giving up a HUGE weight difference as Bobby Bathurst weighs more than both Shinya and Maya combined. It should be interesting to see how TRES BIEN tries to combat the sheer size and strength of the Skellig Street Gang.

Other Guy: Both two new teams to SHOOT Project and both are looking to get a good head of steam with a win in the ever growing tag division. Also, don’t forget Mickey Shea on the outside, he could become a very valuable asset to the Skellig Street Gang in this tag team match-up.

Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell as Shinya and Connolly are in the ring to start the match for their respective teams. When the bell rings Connolly moves towards Shinya, but Shinya not wanting to get into a fist fight retreats towards his corner and towards the ropes. Connolly continues to advance on Shinya, but Shinya fires off a quick roundhouse kick that Connolly can easily back off from. Connolly lunges forward with a double axe handle smash, but Shinya being the quicker of the two, can easily roll under the attempt. Shinya fires off a quick kick to the thigh of Connolly, Connolly cringes slightly and tries to fire a quick punch that just grazes Shinya as he backs off.

Dave Dymond: Shinya using his speed to his advantage as he doesn’t want to be caught by Connolly given how much bigger and strong both Connolly and Bathurst are.

Other Guy: If TRES BIEN is smart then that will be their strategy for the rest of match because given the size of these two teams there is NO way TRES BIEN can hope to get into a fist fight with the Skellig Street Gang.

Shinya tries to fire off another kick but Connolly is quick to catch the leg of Shinya and nail Shinya with a hard elbow to the side of the head. Shinya drops to the mat hard and Connolly wastes no time following Shinya to the mat and wrapping his arms around Shinya’s head for a headlock. Shinya quickly rolls to a seated position and Connolly is now standing over Shinya’s back with the headlock. Shinya tries in vain to use his own strength to break the hold on Connolly’s hands but Connolly is just far too much strong than Shinya. Out of desperation Shinya starts firing off wild elbows backwards until he finally nails Connolly right in the temple and breaks the hold. Shinya is quick to roll forward and into his corner for a quick tag to Maya. Connolly, however, opts to stay in the ring for the time being.

Dave Dymond: Shinya almost caught in a very bad spot with a much stronger Connolly having a headlock on him and I have to say I think Shinya got a little lucky that his wild swing elbows managed to hit Connolly as square on as they did.

Other Guy: I’d say so as well, I think it broke the hold more out of surprise from Connolly than it did any damage because Connolly didn’t tag out to that hulking mass named Bobby Bathurst. If you’re Shinya and Maya you HAVE to continue the quick tags to not only keep fresh but keep the stronger Skellig Street Gang guessing.

Maya, unlike Shinya, doesn’t waste time playing cat and mouse, Maya runs forward full speed at Connolly. Connolly tries to take down Maya with a hard clothesline but Maya ducks under it and continues off the ropes! Connolly turns around just in time to see Maya speed past him again and Maya hits the ropes again, picking up even more speed! Connolly is desperately trying to figure out which way to turn until it’s too late, Maya leaps up onto Connolly’s shoulders and begins to twirl like a Hurracanrana except continues through the Hurracanrana and grabs the right arm of Connolly and the back of his head and takes him down with a modified arm and face buster! Maya quickly pops up and hits the ropes again and as Connolly just gets to his feet Maya is already on the rebound and flattens Connolly in the face with a front dropkick! Maya goes for the early cover!


T…powerful kickout by Connolly!

Dave Dymond: Maya showing off some superior speed as Connolly just had no idea where to swing, Maya was going THAT fast. If TRES BIEN can keep that kind of velocity then perhaps this ditzy glitzy former band is more than meets the eye.

Other Guy: Maya is really lucky he even got that head of steam, though, because if Connolly had thrown a knee out there instead of an arm Maya would have been sunk and would have never had the chance to get that speed. It was a reckless move but it looked to pay off on this occasion.

Connolly gets back to his feet now and Maya has already hit the ropes again, but this time Connolly is ready and wraps his arms around Maya’s waist and, given Maya only weighs in at 172 pounds, easily heaves Maya over his head and plants Maya on his head with a HUGE belly-to-belly suplex. Connolly grabs Maya by his abundance of blonde hair and pulls him to his feet and heaves Maya into a vertical suplex and holds Maya above his head, showing his strength to the crowd.

Other Guy: This is not a good spot for Maya to be in right now, Connolly just letting all the blood in Maya’s body rush to his head. This is going to be a long drop for Maya…

Just like he said, Connolly finally drops backwards and flattens Maya’s back on the canvas with the vertical suplex. However, showing some technical wrestling skill himself, Connolly doesn’t release Maya’s head and rather floats over with Maya and chains the vertical suplex into a sitting guillotine choke! Referee Dennis Heflin gets right up next to Maya and starts to ask if he wants to give it up. The fans in the arena begin to clap in the same manner TRES BIEN has provoked them to during their entrance to get behind the smaller man. Maya continues to refuse to give up and starts squirming wildly trying to get to the ropes, but to no avail, Connolly just weighs to much more than him. Thinking on his feet, or on his back, Maya uses his free hand to push off the mat and roll both himself and Connolly onto their backs for a sort of modified small package!



Connolly releases the hold to get out of the pinning predicament just in time! Maya tries to get back to his feet but Connolly fires off a hard elbow that smashes into the back of Maya’s skull. Shinya can be heard screaming at Connolly from his corner. Connolly drags Maya back to his corner where he makes the tag to the gigantic 6’11” “Belfast Brawler” Bobby Bathurst. Shinya starts yelling feverishly at Maya to get out of there, but Connolly has a grip on Maya and kicks Maya in the knees to get him down into a seated position on Connolly’s thighs. Bathurst runs to the ropes and on the rebound just clobbers Maya with a lariat.

Dave Dymond: They call that the Belfast Bull Rush and it nearly decapitated Maya and I have no idea how Maya will be able to bounce back from that. Bathurst is just so big and so powerful that they almost don’t stand a chance against him.

Shinya continues to shout from his corner to leave Maya alone, but Bathurst continues to stalk Maya who is still not moving after the vicious tandem move from the Skellig Street Gang. Maya, finally starting to stir, manages to get back to his knees…but Bathurst grabs Maya and wraps the smaller man into a bear hug that is immediately followed by screams of anguish from Maya.

Other Guy: Referee Dennis Heflin has to consider stopping this contest…I mean I’m all about being a sport and finishing a match but look at the size difference between Maya and Bobby Bathurst, with a bear hug he could easily collapse Maya’s ribs and lungs doing some serious damage.

But Shinya has seen just about enough and illegally enters the ring and hits the ropes, on the rebound he drops a very high velocity dropkick to the knees of Bathurst. While it doesn’t take the big man off his feet, the surprise of being attacked from behind makes Bathurst release the hold on Maya who crumbles to the ground trying to desperately catch his breath. Bathurst snaps around at Shinya and tries to snatch him but Shinya skips backwards as Bathurst comes thundering towards Shinya who ducks and pulls the top rope down and sends Bathurst sprawling to the outside! Referee Dennis Heflin gets right in Shinya’s face now because he is the illegal man and needs to get out of the ring lest his team wants a disqualification.

Dave Dymond: Shinya apparently sick of seeing his “friend” Maya being beaten and didn’t want to see his partner suffer the serious damage you were talking about, Other Guy.

Other Guy: That’s pretty impressive that Shinya would go in and stir the anger of a man that’s three times his size and manage to somehow get the upper hand.

But, Bathurst isn’t down long and rolls back into the ring. Maya is crawling to his corner trying to get a much needed tag to Shinya. Bathurst closes in on Maya and a last ditch effort sees Maya leaping to his corner to get the hot tag to Shinya! Shinya vaults off the ropes and springboards into a huge dropkick to the chest of Bathurst! Bathurst isn’t taken down and only staggers back two steps. But Shinya hits the ropes again and nails a quick kick to the same leg he had previously dropkicked. Bathurst is showing some signs of it affecting him. Shinya hits the ropes again…HUGE powerslam by Bathurst that just rocks Shinya. Bathurst stays down for the cover.



Thr…Shinya shoulders out!

Dave Dymond: Shinya’s back has got to be in shambles after that bone crushing powerslam. Like we’ve been saying all night, Bathurst is on his own twice the size of TRES BIEN combined and for all that force to come down on Shinya…can’t feel nice.

After kicking out, Shinya clutches his back and Bathurst grabs Shinya by the hair and brings him up into a seated position. Bathurst drives his knee into Shinya’s back and pulls back as hard as he can on Shinya’s arms. Shinya screams out in pain as the significantly bigger man works on his back and arms. Maya can’t stand seeing Shinya scream and tries to illegally enter the ring but Referee Dennis Heflin stops him, but Maya continues to try and get past Referee Dennis Heflin. While the referee is busy with Maya, Shea slides into the ring and immediately Bathurst releases the hold and stands Shinya up on his feet. Shinya is on his feet, albeit rather wobbly, as Bathurst and Shea hit the ropes and on the rebound Bathurst clobbers Shinya with a lariat and Shea clips Shinya’s knees from behind. Maya, finally realizing he is hurting more than he is helping, goes back to his corner just in time for Referee Dennis Heflin to see Bathurst tagging in Connolly.

Dave Dymond: Mickey Shea providing some assistance to the Skellig Street Gang when he isn’t even a part of the match!

Other Guy: That’ll happen if you have a green partner that doesn’t understand arguing with the referee only creates a distraction for illegal maneuvers like that to happen. Right now, TRES BIEN is being dominated by the sheer power of the Skellig Street Gang.

Connolly whips Shinya to the ropes and on the rebound tries to clothesline Shinya but Shinya ducks it! Shinya tries to rebound off the ropes…but Shea pulls the ropes down and Shinya goes crashing to the outside! Maya has seen enough of Shea’s antics and runs from their corner across the apron and flies through the air with a swinging DDT that forces Shea’s head onto the barrier. Shea is out cold and the fans are going crazy! Bathurst, not liking seeing Shea taken out, gives chase to Maya who easily out runs the big man and slides back into the ring. Bathurst tries to enter the ring but Maya grabs hold of the top ropes and dives his feet through the middle ropes and into Bathurst’s face! Maya grabs hold of the top rope again and springboards off the top rope with a missile dropkick that lands square in Bathurst’s face! Shinya and Connolly are back in the ring!

Dave Dymond: A flurry of action as Shea interferes again and Maya just dropping Shea out cold with a high angle swinging DDT into the barricade. Then Maya uses his speed and manages to set the big man Bathurst off balance and now Shinya and Connolly are duking it out in the ring!

Shinya fires off a stiff kick to the midsection of Connolly, Connolly retaliates with a stiff elbow to the head that staggers Shinya! Connolly rushes Shinya, but Shinya shows off his vertical leap and leaps into a Hurracanrana the sends Connolly sprawling to the middle of the ring! Maya and Bathurst have made it back to their corners, Shinya fires off a stiff kick to the gut of the downed Connolly! Bathurst tries to come in the ring to help his partner but Referee Dennis Heflin there to stop him! Now Maya uses this chance to enter the ring and bring Connolly to his feet and locks hands with Connolly. Maya brings Connolly in now as if he wanted to…waltz with Connolly?!

Other Guy: Umm…this is a little awkward but is Maya trying to do a…waltz…with Connolly?

Connolly, still somewhat groggy, is just as confused as Maya spins Connolly, much like a salsa-esque type of dance. Connolly spins…right into a HUGE SNAP SUPERKICK FROM SHINYA! The snapping of the super kick along with the momentum from the spin Maya just gave him send Connolly to the mat like a ton of bricks. Maya scurries to his corner as Shinya makes the cover and Referee Dennis Heflin rushes over to start the count!


Bathurst into the ring now…


Bathurst drops a big elbow to stop the count…but Shinya moves just in time and the hulking 6’11” Bathurst drops an elbow right to the chest of his own partner Connolly! Shinya motions for Maya and Maya comes into the ring. Both Maya and Shinya rebound off the ropes and drop a double front dropkick to the gut of Bathurst that sends him staggering a few steps back. Shinya starts firing off his stiff kicks to the thighs of Bathurst as Maya gets Connolly to his feet, Bathurst looks to be completely confused after dropping the elbow on his partner, but now Maya and Shinya, using all their combined strength, lift Connolly onto Bathurst’s shoulders! Connolly starts screaming at Bathurst not to drop him after he realizes where he is! Shinya and Maya start to giggle as they walk behind Bathurst and nod to each other before hitting the ropes and giving a double chop block to the back of Bathurst’s knees! Bathurst’s knees buckle and he inadvertently POWERBOMBS his own partner to the mat because of the chop blocks from Maya and Shinya! Bathurst has no idea what just happened and staggers into the corner, Maya rushes Bathurst and grabs the ropes to try and contain Bathurst despite the obvious size difference, Shinya makes the cover!



It only took two seconds for Bathurst to snap out of it and RIP Maya off of him…


Bathurst is a split second too late! Shinya wastes no time rolling out of the ring with Maya as they both Maya jumps on Shinya’s back in jubilation as Referee Dennis Heflin signals for the bell! The crowd is going wild at such an odd maneuver.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners; Maya Nakashima and Shinya Nakamura…TRES BIEEEEEN!

Dave Dymond: I have to say, that was an unusual but rather impressive victory by TRES BIEN. I know neither team has seen action in the SHOOT Project before this but that has got to be an upset considering that Bathurst alone weighed more than both Maya and Shinya combined.

Other Guy: But Maya and Shinya were smart, they didn’t try to get in a fist fight with the Skellig Street Gang, they stuck to what got them into SHOOT and that was their speed and their…unique tandem moves. A big win for TRES BIEN in their debut Tag Match on Revolution.

Maya tags hands with numerous fans as he piggybacks Shinya as they make their way up the entrance ramp, smiles still a mile wide on their face, as they head backstage with their first tag team victory.



"Gossip" by Lil Wayne begins to play inside Key Arena. The fans immediately rise to their feet as Christopher Davis, dressed in black jeans, and a white long sleeved shirt, strides towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: Looks like we’re getting a visit from Chris Davis tonight O.G.

Other Guy: Your powers of observation are stunning Dymond.

Dave Dymond: Whatever.

Davis slides under the ropes and asks for a microphone.

Christopher Davis: So, out of a bit of frustration I did something I probably shouldn’t have done last week.

Other Guy: Way to understate things there Davis.

Dave Dymond: Quiet down OG, he’s making the effort.

Christopher Davis: Last week I took it upon myself to put my hands on a referee. Now, if anyone knows better it should be me. I preach doing the right things and then I go and do something like that. It’s bothered me all week so I wanted to come out here and apologize.

I wanted to apologize not only to the SHOOT project roster, fans and Jason Johnson, but I specifically wanted to apologize to Scott Kamura.

Now, Scott, I would rather not do this with you backstage so if you would could you come out here so that I can apologize to you face to face.

Dave Dymond: Now that’s the way to do things OG. Davis is being a man and stepping up to do the right thing. He knows he did wrong and he wants to make it right. The younger guys backstage could learn a lesson from this act right here.

Davis waits in the ring for Scott Kamura to make his way to the ring. However after a few moments no one arrives.

Christopher Davis: Come on Scott, I’m trying to be a man about this whole thing. I’m really trying to do the right thing.

After a few more minutes someone finally emerges from the backstage area.

Other Guy: That’s the new referee, Chris Jenkins. What’s he doing out here?

Davis stands in the ring with a confused look on his face as Chris Jenkins gets into the ring. He walks towards Davis and motions for the microphone.

Chris Jenkins: Mr. Davis, Scott sent me out here to tell you that he accepts your apologies and there will be no hard feelings.

He hands the microphone to a surprised, slightly annoyed Christopher Davis and begins to exit the ring.

Christopher Davis: Hold on there. Where’s Scott?

Other Guy: I’m getting a bad feeling.

Chris Jenkins: He’s in the back preparing to referee his match tonight. He apologizes for not being able to come out here face to face, but he’s sure you understand.

Davis nods his head for a moment and then takes a deep breath.

Christopher Davis: So, I’m trying to do the right thing and Mr. Kamura decides he doesn’t have time for me tonight. That’s what I’m hearing right?

Jenkins nods his head.

Christopher Davis: That’s what’s wrong with this place now. A man tries to do the right thing and he’s disrespected or ridiculed. What’s going on?

He pauses.

Ok Chris, (extends his hand) thanks.

Jenkins extends his hand to shake Davis’. Davis shakes his hand, Jenkins attempts to let go. Davis’ face goes cold as he shakes his head.

Other Guy: I KNEW IT! See yeah later Jenks!

Davis mouths the words "I’m sorry", and then he kicks Jenkins in the stomach. He places Jenkins head between his legs and hoists him up to the power bomb position.

Dave Dymond: Don’t do this Davis!

Jenkins body comes crashing down and Davis delivers a devastating sit out power bomb. Davis releases the lifeless body of Chris Jenkins. He crawls over next to him and lies down on his back next to Jenkins.

Christopher Davis: It seems that SHOOT project has indeed changed. The simple laws of doing what is right no longer seem to apply. A simple fucking courtesy such as accepting someone’s apology face to face like a man can’t seem to be bothered with anymore.

It seems that SHOOT has lost its way. SHOOT has decided it better to go the route of the Jonny Johnson’s and the Kilgore whateverthefuckishisname’s. It’s become perfectly fine for people to take whatever route they can to the top, rather than work their way up the ranks.

I can’t let this happen. I won’t let this happen. From this point on I will make sure that people do what the fuck is right in SHOOT!  Whether that means that I have to regulate referee’s or motivate people to put in the proper work while being a member of the SHOOT roster.

If Jason refuses to make sure things are done correctly, I guess that leaves it to me.

Chris inhales and exhales loudly.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Chris sits up and turns towards the entrance.

Christopher Davis: You brought this on yourselves kiddies. Always remember.

He drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring. Officials cautiously move past him to assist Chris Jenkins in the ring. Davis just smiles and walks away.


Eric: Dark match? DARK MATCH!?

Eric finishes tying the string on his Sprawl fight shorts . He stands up from a bench in the locker room, and shadow boxes a bit.

Eric: Guido, this has to be a mistake. I’ve never been booked in a dark match in my life

Guido, wearing an incredibly loud canary yellow suit, bites one of his nails as he paces back and forth.

Guido: That’s what Jason said, Eric. First match of the night, against the…

Eric: A DARK match? I can’t be wasting my time on that shit Guido. I’m in my prime, I’m ready to go, ready to challenge for the title, ready to be in the SPOTLIGHT. What good does he think he’s doing for his company putting me in a match that isn’t even on TV? Does he know what kind of ratings I draw? No, this is a mistake. It has to be a joke. Get him back on the phone.

Beads of sweat are quickly appearing on Guido’s forehead.

Guido: Eric, Jason’s a busy man, I can’t be hassling him every time you…

Eric: No, Guido, you CAN keep hassling him. A cash cow like me is worth the damn hassle. CALL HIM NOW.

Guido’s shaking hand reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He dials a few numbers, and puts the phone to his ear.

Guido: Yeah, Jason, it’s Guido again. Listen, Eric feels…yeah I know, I told him he…well Eric thinks his name is worth…well yeah I know but…true as that may be, he assuredly won’t do that again…I know he says that every time but…yeah he’s right here.

Guido hands the phone to Eric.

Guido: He wants to say something to you.

Eric: Jason, I think you made a mistake with the bookings, see…

Jason: Enough, Eric. How about I put you on TV when you prove you’re worth half the minimum I signed you for. Oh, good luck tonight.

Eric: EXCUSE ME!? Jason…hello…hello?

Eric throws Guido’s phone at the wall, shattering it. He pulls his own phone from his pocket and starts dialing another number. He puts the phone up to his ear.

Eric: Who needs him anyway!…Ed? Hey bro it’s Eric! Listen, for some reason Jason seems to think my match isn’t being aired tonight, so I just need you to go ahead and get that fixed. Also, next week I was thinking maybe a co-main event would be cool, so we should…

Ed Raymond: "Eric I don’t have the time to spend on you for the couple of weeks you’re actually inspired, only for you to let me down in the end. Sorry."

Eric: Ed…ED!?

Eric glares at Guido as he slips his phone back in his pocket.

Eric: YOU’RE THE WORST AGENT EVER! Now I’m stuck putting my health on the line, off air, against…wait, who am I fighting anyway?



This particular shot opens outside in the employee parking lot area.  There are about fifteen or twenty generic looking “meat heads” standing in a sort of an off-kilter, unorganized line.  They all appear to be in their mid-twenties, maybe younger by a year or two.  It’s hard to tell.  There are a couple black guys, a lot of white guys.  They all look prim and proper though, the kind of faces you see every day in every gym or wrestling ring across the universe.

At the forefront of this line, his hair blowing gently in the breezy, overcast Seattle evening, is none other than SHOOT Project’s TRUE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.


Jonny Johnson.

He’s in a brown hoodie that says, “OH SRY. DEMORALIZE U” in faded pink lettering, with a pair of tight blue jeans, and would probably be more likely confused with a hipster, indy-rocker than a professional wrestler.  He paces back and forth, the soles of his brown and white converse shoes echoing off the pavement.

The DEFILER: I’m FUCKING SERIOUS GUYS!  If ONE PERSON interrupts my speech tonight, I am gonna be…  well…  you don’t want to know what I’m going to be.  Trust me.  It’ll just make you more nervous than you probably already are.

He makes eye contact with each man down the row.

The DEFILER: So when I go out, you fucking follow me.  You don’t split up, you don’t stay at the top of the ramp or hang out down the aisles.  You FOLLOW ME TO THE FUCKING RING and you STAND AROUND IT!

His eyes glower over the men who he seems to be treating like common plebeians.

The DEFILER: If someone fucking charges from backstage or the crowd, you ALL ATTACK!  Don’t try to be the hero and go solo.  I want GANG TACKLES and then you punch and kick and claw and scratch the ever loving shit out of them.  And not stupid punches that will be easily blocked or improbable kicks to the gut.

He pauses, and looks up, his intensity reaching its peak.

The DEFILER: And IF ANYONE TAKES A FUCKING FINISHING MANEUVER, I swear to GOD, you will never work here or anywhere on the FUCKING WEST COAST…  or the  MIDWEST FOR THAT MATTER.  You’ll have to pack up your shit and move out east because you will be BLACKBALLED from anything within a five light-year radius of me.

Jonny scans the group.

The DEFILER: Is that clear enough?

The men sort of shuffle their feet and nod their heads, mumbling “yes”, but generally looking terrified.  Jonny sighs and shakes his head.

The DEFILER: I have security shirts for you all inside so people don’t think you’re just a bunch of unknown ind…

“Dude!  Jonny!”

Jonny hears his name and looks up.  It’s Tom Quinn and Jason Riley.  They’re in their wrestling gear, but look confused and or annoyed.

Riley: Dude.  What the FUCK is the deal with tonight?  The agents are looking at us like we’re fucking idiots.

Quinn starts to speak up, but then can’t help but notice the small army.

Tom Quinn: Who are these guys?

Jonny sighs.

The DEFILER: Security.  (Looking back to Riley) Now what the shit are you babbling about?  What do you mean, “What’s the deal”?  And why in FUCKS SAKE are you in your wrestling gear?  (Shaking his head, irritated) You guys are supposed to be helping ME get prepared for tonight…

Riley quickly interrupts.

Riley: Uhhh, dude we have a match with the Collins Twins.  Remember?  The match YOU apparently set up since no one else really seemed to know what was happening.

Jonny thinks for a brief second, or at least it looks like he’s thinking.

The DEFILER: Oh right.  I don’t think there’s going to be a match.  (Pausing) No.  There WON’T be a match…

Riley doesn’t like the answer, nor does Quinn, but Tom keeps a tighter lip.

Riley: Jonny…  there’s a fucking match.  We’re booked for it.  Why wouldn’t…

Before Riley can ask his question, he’s cut off by a very frantic, very ANGRY Irish growl.

“Jonny!  Ye shit eatin’ c***t!!!”

Jonny gives a gesturing nod toward Michael and Rowland Collins, as though letting Rogue and Riley know that he told them so.

Rowland Collins: Ye want to explain some things t’us?!

Jonny sighs, while Quinn and Riley move closer, ready to fight if need be.

Michael Collins:: (Looking at Quinn and Riley) Bugger off, ye pricks.  (Looking at Jonny) Ye want to explain why our bank account is in the red, ye self serving FUHK!?

Quinn steps forward and shoves Michael back off a step or two.

Tom Quinn: Back the fuck off, dude.

Riley also steps up, apparently motivated by Quinn’s reactions.

Riley: Yeah you two cock bags wanna settle this now?

Michael and Rowland get up in Rogue and Riley’s faces right back.

Michael Collins:: (In Quinn’s face) Oh we planned on it mates.

Jonny rolls his eyes and eventually steps in the middle.  He looks to Quinn and Riley first.

The DEFILER: C’mon guys.  Get back.

Jonny pushes his friends back off and turns to face Michael and Rowland Collins.  His expression smug to say the least.

The DEFILER: So what’s the problem guys?

Michael narrows his eyes.

Michael Collins:: Where’s are FUHKING MONEY, Jonny?

Where Michael is furious, and clearly looks it, Jonny couldn’t be any more collected.  He  has that look on his face that seems to be asking, “Are you done?”

The DEFILER: That account, boys, was a GIFT.  I…  I mean, I TRUSTED you two to be…  well to be my Friends, but Friends don’t embarrass each other, guys.  Friends don’t LOSE world tag team title matches in one of their biggest matches of their stupid little careers.

Jonny’s eyes are driven and fiery.

The DEFILER: And to think…  I…  I let you guys use the WE FUCKED YOUR BACK UP.  What the FUCK was that all about?  I mean, what was I thinking?

Both Michael and Rowland are silent, neither man backing down, however.  Jonny shakes his head.

The DEFILER: And now you have the NERVE to come whining to me about…  about money that, well, that you never really deserved to begin with?  (Getting closer, within inches of Michael and Rowland’s faces) I suggest you two take some time off… starting now.

Riley and Quinn stand ready to fight behind Jonny, while the Collins stand their ground.

Michael Collins:: And miss the chance t’punk out yer li’l pals over here t’night?  HA!  Fat chance, JONNY!

Jonny offers a casual shrug and devious smirk.

The DEFILER: Then I guess you won’t make it to the airport, huh?

Michael’s eyes narrow again, as does Rowland, both of whom seem very confused by what Jonny just said.

Rowland Collins: Airport, Jonny?

Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: If you stay…  there’ll be a match, and…  (Looking behind him at Riley, Quinn and the “Security Guards”) and well you’re probably going to get hurt.  And if you’re hurt…  Well, you’re not going to be able to make it to the airport in time.  Am I…  am I not being clear enough or something?

Michael and Rowland still look confused, which Jonny notices and sighs.

The DEFILER: You’re account…  it’s overdrawn because I had to buy a plane ticket.

Michael squints at Jonny.

Michael Collins:: Plane ticket?  What’ya gettin’ at lad?  Stop with the games!

Jonny’s smile widens.

The DEFILER: Benjamin, boys.  He’s coming to America.

Michael and Rowland look STUNNED, and Jonny seems to be enjoying the moment IMMENSELY.

The DEFILER: So if…  well, if you get hurt, you’re not going to be able to pick him up, which isn’t THAT big of a deal because…  Well, because I’d be…  more than happy to do it myself.  (Smiling) I’d love to meet Benjamin Collins.  Strapping lad, I’d imagine, yeah?  Fifteen or so?  (Raising his eyebrows) I could put him to…  to work out at the ranch house.

He shrugs, through the Collins overwhelming silence.

The DEFILER: But I’d imagine you don’t want that to happen.  I have a short fuse with kids.  They drive me NUTS, ya know?  (Patting Michael on the back) So why don’t you leave, all right?  Go see Benjamin.  Spend some time with family.  Get a REAL job for a few months…  maybe forever.  You’ll need the extra money.  ESPECIALLY seeing that your account is drained.  Professional wrestling doesn’t pay the bills for guys like you.

Jonny feigns compassion as he reaches out and pats both men on the shoulders.

The DEFILER: I’m sorry guys, but WOW, heck of a run, huh?  We’ll always have the memories.  Good luck to you.

Jonny turns away from the Collins and looks back to Quinn and Riley.

The DEFILER: Let’s get ready.  I still need to make sure everyone is where they need to be.  This speech needs to be PERFECT.

He looks over toward the SECURITY GUARDS now and waves at them to follow him.

The DEFILER: Bring it inside guys.  Stand close.  I’m a super marked man these days.

Jonny walks off, not even acknowledging the Collins Twins, who could not look any more defeated.  Quinn gives a little smirk as he follows, and Riley actually stops to have a word.

Riley: Guess he liked us better, huh?  FORFEIT VICTORY TO RILES AND ROGUE!  BITCHES!

Riley barks in their faces and laughs.  He then turns and follows the security guards back into the building.

The cameras stay on the Collins…  who may have seen their last minutes in SHOOT Project for a while.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a FIFTEEN-MINUTE, time limit!

“Crystal Planet” by Joe Satriani begins to play across the Key Arena.  The fans offer a small reaction, but nothing anywhere near substantial.  The curtains rustle and CATCH WARREN is quickly on the scene.  He’s in a pair of black pants with “CATCH” written down the side in gold lettering, and sports his customary white bandana.  His energy seems a little lacking, perhaps replaced with a more intense focus.  He slaps hands with a few fans enroute to the ring, but makes a hasty entrance tonight.

Dave Dymond: Catch not wasting any time tonight, and what a frustrating defeat he took last week against the SHOOT Project REVOLUTION CHAMPION, Arion Catcher.  It appeared that Warren had gotten his foot on the ropes to break an apparent pin-fall attempt, but referee Tony Lorenzo ruled in favor of the champion and Warren lost the contest.

Other Guy: Now, lately the officials have been good about reviewing decisions, but Alex McCormick ruled that his staff would NOT be reviewing the bout, and so, just like that…  Catcher retains, and here Warren is again, fighting for his very job survival.

Warren checks in with official Willie Dean, while Samantha Coil proceeds with the introduction.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he is currently in the ring…  Weighing in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…  From London, England…  CATCH WARREN!!!

Warren throws his hands in the air, and that about does it for his “fan interaction”.  He looks toward the entrance again now as his music fades out.

Dave Dymond: As Catch waits for his opponent, I guess it would be proper to inform you that we’ve just gotten word from the back that this bout tonight will also be a CONTENDERS MATCH for the Revolution Championship.  Which means, the winner will be considered the number one contender to the title.

Other Guy: I wonder if Catch got the word on his way out.  Dude really could use a solid streak…  maybe he starts tonight and gets a second shot at Arion.

“1996” by Marilyn Manson begins to play, and the curtains rustle.  Warren watches on intently as the very imposing CRUSH HEART begins to make his way out from the back.  Crush sports a long, black leather coat and black cowboy hat.  He makes almost no contact with the crowd and, in fact, swats away at a fan leaning over the railing for a handshake.  He then turns toward the fan and shoots a menacing glare in his direction.  The fan shouts some stupid “fan” things, but Crush shakes his head and continues his slow, ominous stride to the ring.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT…  from no discernable location…  he weighs in at TWO HUNDRED-SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS…  He is CRUSH HEART!!!

Heart looks at Catch as he walks up the steel steps and into the ring.  After he enters, he starts to remove his hat and jacket, revealing a very beaten up, scarred body and dark brown locks of hair that dangle just in front of his face.

Dave Dymond: So Crush Heart and Catch Warren are just about ready to do battle, and I’ll tell you what…  Crush Heart was MIGHTY impressive last week in his bout with the VERY menacing, very powerful FLINT CLOUD.  A very competitive brawl that ended with a perfectly placed TEMPLE shot from Crush, knocking Cloud out just long enough for him to seal a pin fall victory.

Other Guy: And I watched the replay of that shot, and he could not have hit him any more squarely.  It was unexpected, but here in SHOOT Project, these guys plays for keeps.  You’re not going to see anything more intense ANYWHERE in the world of professional wrestling, cats!

Crush picks up his pace a bit now and starts to circle the ring, with Dean calling for the opening bell at the same time.


Catch stays low to the ground and starts to circle now as well.  He reaches in with his hands, and focuses on keeping a solid center of balance.

Other Guy: Catch giving up some serious size tonight.  About fifty pounds and what…  four or five inches would ya say, Dave?  What is the kid, six three?

Dave Dymond: I believe he’s listed at Six feet, two inches…  so, that’s roughly six inches or so.  Definitely a noticeable size differences AND a definite clash in styles.  Catch is more of a technique guy, where as Crush is definitely just here to kick a mud-hole in you.

Crush keeps pace with Warren, showing off some impressive speed and agility for someone his size.  Warren, though, finds himself being slowly backed into one of the corners.  Crush moves in for a grapple attempt, but Catch ducks through and spins behind Crush.  He tries to neutralize him with a waist lock, but Crush quickly throws a STIFF back elbow!  Warren takes the shot on the chin and stumbles backward a bit!  Crush spins around and charges with a lariat!  But CATCH DUCKS!  Crush falls toward the ropes!  Catch leaps and connects with a drop kick to Heart’s back!  Crush bounces off the ropes!  Catch gets to his feet quickly and lunges forward with a forearm to the back!  Crush seems annoyed, and squints his face in pain and irritation.

Dave Dymond: I think Catch was hoping that drop kick my elevate Crush over the top rope, but just not enough velocity…  so he follows with a forearm and keeps his advantage!  Catch now charging toward the ropes!

Catch runs at the ropes and bounces back!  He soars in the air and attempts a forearm smash to Crush’s skull!  Crush though leans back with the attack and actually manages to grap Catch’s legs!  He then falls back and DROPS CATCH NECK FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!  Catch grabs at his throat, but the momentum caries him backward!  He tries to turn around, but Crush greets him with a FIREMAN CARY!!


Dave Dymond: This could be the “CRUSHING END”!  Crush Heart’s F5 type attacking maneuver!

Other Guy: You know know more than I do…

Crush spins Catch around, looking to land the move, but Warren COUNTERS WITH A PICTURE PERFECT HURRACANRANA!  Crush is down!  Catch lunges for the cover!

Dave Dymond: Catch tries to hook the leg!  Dean with the count!


Catch tries to pull on Crush’s leg for added leverage, but fails and Crush is able to kick out easily as Catch loses his balance!

Dave Dymond: Crush out at a count of two!  A great counter from Catch Warren, though!

Both men up to a vertical position now, but Crush wastes no time.  He comes in with a QUICK knee strike to the midsection!  Catch keels over!  Crush then turns around and comes STRAIGHT ON WITH A YAKUZA KICK TO THE CHEST!!!  Catch tumbles down to the mat!  Crush moves in and makes a cover of his own!

Dave Dymond: This could do it!

Other Guy: That was a SUPER stiff kick, Dave.  Wow.  This Crush cat don’t mess around, dude.

Crush drives his forearm into Catch’s face!

Dean drops down to the mat!



Other Guy: Is that it?


Dave Dymond: NO!  Catch squeaks out just in time!

Crush glares at Dean, not happy with the speed of the count.  However, it doesn’t bother him for too long as he goes back to work.  He leans down and starts to pull Catch up off the mat!  Catch tries to counter with a SMALL PACKAGE, but CRUSH stands his ground!  Catch sort of falls back to the mat, and Crush follows with a VICIOUS STOMP TO CATCH’S HEAD!  Catch falls to the mat again, and Crush looks to be in control.  He grinds the back of his heel into Catch’s skull for a moment, Willie Dean trying to break the attack up.  Crush then slowly lifts Catch up off the mat, holding him by the back of his neck…  He then lifts a knee and DRILLS CATCH IN THE FACE!  He keeps his grip and SLAMS ANOTHER KNEE!  Catch falls into the ropes!  Crush moves into attack…


Dave Dymond: Catch Warren just comes up with a SAVATE KICK and may have bought himself a little bit more time!  What a turn of events!!!

Crush falls to a knee!  Catch tries to gather his bearings!  He looks over his shoulder, keeping an eye on his opponent, and then charges toward the ring ropes!  Catch springboards up and ATTEMPTS A MOONSAULT!  Crush turns, and takes the hit, but MANAGES TO CATCH HIM!!!  Crush falls back a bit, and ALMOST drops to mat, but he keeps his balance, now holding Warren in a TOMBSTONE type position!  Crush then hoists him up on to his shoulder like maybe a POWERSLAM attempt is forthcoming!  He stalls in this position for a moment or two before re-centering his gravity!  Crush starts to push up now, HOISTING CATCH UP INTO A GUERILLA SLAM POSITION, HIGH OVER HIS HEAD!

Other Guy: Holy hell!

Crush turns and without even thinking, FLINGS CATCH TO THE FLOOR!  Catch drops awkwardly to the ground, and lands on his right wrist!  He didn’t take full impact, but he’s temporarily stunned!  Crush sees an opportunity and suddenly SPRINTS AT THE ROPES AND DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!

Dave Dymond: SUICIDE DIVE!!!

Catch turns around and with LIGHTNING QUICK REFLEXES ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!  Though, not all the way!  Crush catches him in the side of the face with his right fist, before CRASHING INTO THE GUARD RAILING!

Other Guy: God DAMN!  Crush Heart CRASHES AND BURNS!!!

Catch holds at his face, having taken quite a shot still, as he scoots back into the ring.  He props himself up and looks down at Crush.  He seems to be considering an aerial attack, but wisely choses against it, opting instead to move toward the center of the ring to rest.

As he does that, though, the fans start to stir.

Other Guy: What?! Look at the ramp! It’s Arion Catcher!

Dave Dymond: Oh no, what is he doing here? I thought he had the night off.

Other Guy: Maybe scouting out the competition?  I’m not sure, Dave.  But he’s here for whatever reason.  Nothing to do about that.

Walking calmly down the ramp, with the Revolution Title Belt hanging over his right shoulder is Arion Catcher. He is wearing brown tacky jeans and a white-fitted polo shirt, along with his usual aviators covering his eyes. Ignoring the fans who have finally noticed him, he halts at the bottom of the ramp, looking in the ring at Catch Warren.

Willie Dean notices him now too and starts to shout for him to get away from the ring.

Dave Dymond: He better not cause any trouble. 

Other Guy: Dude, maybe he’s just here to watch.  The guy doesn’t exactly have a menacing track record.  I think you’re overreacting, Dave.

Warren looks back at Arion Catcher who seems to have a few choice words for his opponent of last week.  Warren shouts back, moving closer to Catcher.  Willie Dean tries to keep him back, but Catch pushes him to the side, now SCREAMING at Catcher.

Other Guy: It pays to read lips, no?

Dave Dymond: Our audio guys are trying to pick this up…  Man.  Catch is HEATED!

While Warren and the Revolution Champ continue their shouting match, Crush Heart has regained his barring and slides back into the ring!  He shouts at Catch who turns around out of habit, and WHAM!  CRUSH LIFTS HIS KNEE AND CONNECTS WITH A SHOT BELOW THE BELT!!!  Willie Dean doesn’t turn around in time to see the attack!!!


Dave Dymond: NO!  Crush with an opportunistic attack and I think Dean flat out missed it!  That was CLEARLY below the belt!!!

Crush falls on top of Catch and hooks the leg!!!

Dean drops to make the count!!!




Willie Dean calls for the bell and “1996” by Marilyn Manson starts to play again over the PA system!

Dave Dymond: Damnit!  Why was Catcher out here?!

Other Guy: Not sure, but Catch has kind of let his emotions gets the best of him tonight.  Arion Catcher really didn’t do anything.  You gotta be stronger mentally and block out that taunting shit, Dave!

Crush rolls out of the ring, while Samantha Coil makes the official announcement.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match…  by result of a pin-fall..  CRUSH HEART!!!

The fans actually start to boo a little bit!  Catch slaps the mat in anger, still writhing in pain!  Arion Catcher just stands there and shrugs.  Warren SCREAMS at Catcher, and in the meantime, Crush Heart just sort of watches on from the other side as he gathers his cowboy hat and jacket.

Dave Dymond: Warren is furious at catcher!


Warren continues to shout, but is suddenly drowned out by the sounds of “Clubfoot” by Kasabian!

Other Guy:  What the hell?

The curtains rustle and JACK HEART makes a surprise entrance from the back.

Dave Dymond:  That’s Jack Heart…  fresh off his tour of duty with Sky High…  I have no idea what this is about, though…

Crush Heart had begun to walk around the ring to the ramp, but is now backing up towards the announcers table, realizing he may not want to get in the middle of this.

Arion Catcher turns around and Warren shuts up, both to watch Jack Heart break through the curtains. Jack is wearing jeans and a hoodie with flames riding up them, and sneaks on his feet.

He has a mic in his hand.

Jack Heart: Speaking of losing, if you remember correctly Arion Catcher I kicked you so hard in the head you forgot your road journal password. So I thought I would come out here and make sure that our not so impressive Revolution champion didn’t get up to any funny business. It appears I was a little late so I apologize right now. However, however, since I’m here now, I may as well make sure you don’t ruin this night any more than you have!

Catch Warren: Hey, who do you think you are? I don’t need your help, I can defend myself! It’s all Arion’s fault, I would’ve had him if it weren’t for Catcher.

Behind the ring, Crush Heart has now gotten a mic from a nearby official, making Arion the only one without a mic.

Crush Heart: Hey, I beat you fair and square, stop complaining.

Catch Warren: (Turning to face Heart now) Crush, stay the heck out of this!  I would’ve had you and you kn-

Jack Heart: I think the both of you should shut up, because if I had the chance I’d have both your heads off.

Catch Warren: (Turning back to Heart) Yeah, well I want to see you do that.

Crush Heart: :I basically just did that to you, wh-

Jack Heart: Well seeing as the wedding is going to be in July. Let’s try to get this settled before you’re on honey moon. Next Week, it will be Jack Heart, that’s me, against Crush Heart and Catch Warren in a three way fight.

Other Guy: Uhhh…  can he do that?  Does Jack Heart have booking stroke ‘round here now?  What the hell is happening, Dave?

Dave Dymond: Well it looks three people have legitimate claims to being the number one contender to Arion Catcher’s Revolution Title!

Jack drops his mic and a thud is heard as it hits the floor. He turns and walks to his locker room without walking back. Arion Catcher slides his glasses back down and once again calmly walks up the ramp, leaving the scene without saying one word.  Crush makes his exit next, leaving only one man in the ring.

The cameras stay on Catch who slams the mat and shakes his head.

They then cut away.


Once giants ruled the earth.

In the darkness, we hear the raging sounds of battle. Blood curdles in throats. Steel slices through flesh. Grunts of pain and cries of pleasure.

And in the darkness of chaos they fooled The Gods and took from them the enigma of steel.

A flash of lighting reveals a battlefield full of armoured behemoths armed with wooden clubs, bows and arrows fighting smaller beings, armed with swords and spears and chains. One of the giants knocks a God off his feet with a swipe of his club and bends down, standing tall again with the God’s gleaming sword. The giants roar in cheer.

The Gods were angered, and fire shot down from the sky and destroyed the giants.

A bolt of bright light flashes, bright white lightning illuminating the battlefield full of massive armour-clad brutes screaming as visible blue current arcs its way through the metal and the blood and the rain.

But in their rage, the gods forgot the enigma of steel and left it on the battlefield.

It’s daylight, but only just. A red sun rises wearily from the black horizon as a smaller being wanders across the battlefield, the contours of corpses making his path difficult. He bends down, noticing something shining in the first light of day and plucks a sword from a giant’s hand.

And we who found it, were just men.

Back in the darkness, we can hear the clanging of metal upon metal, a rhythmical beating.

Not gods, not giants, just men.

It’s winter, and we can see a heavy snow of the ground. In the background is heavy evergreen forest, branches straining against the added weight of winter’s wrath. In the foreground is an open shelter, but four wooden posts supporting a roof made of animal furs, itself struggling against the snow. Inside, is a blacksmith toiling, raining down blow after blow with his hammer upon red hot steel.

Steel has always carried with it a mystery, and it’s up to you to learn it’s riddle, for no one – no one in this world can you trust.

Closer, we see the sparks fly as the heavy hammer meets the steel time and time again, his thick leather apron protecting him as his massive arms drive down again and again.

  Not men, not women, not beasts.

Pulling on some thick leather gauntlets, we see over the blacksmith’s shoulder as he uses a pair of steel tongs to pick up his work of art and dip it into a wooden barrel of water which bubbles and boils.

This you can trust.

Finally, we see the blacksmith’s face as he turns around to reveal himself as Osbourne Kilminster, laughing aloud as he brandishes a freshly forged folding steel chair, his breath heavy in the air and his eyes wide.



We cut backstage to find Abigail Chase equipped with a SHOOT Project microphone, smiling as she stands in front of a SHOOT Project ready-made set. Abigail looks straight into the camera, waits for her cue.

Abigail Chase: I am stood here tonight awaiting the arrival of Crush Heart. I have been told that he is due to arrive at any moment and I want to be the first to talk to him here in SHOOT.

Abigail looks around the backstage interview area searching for the arrival of Crush Heart. In the distance there are people cleaning up and chatting. The camera pans back to see Abigail still stood there waiting, smiling.

Abigail Chase: Guys, I don’t know how long we can stay with me here but hopefully we can get a word with Crush at some point tonight. Perhaps we should go back to you guys at ringside for now.

The camera pans out again to reveal stood behind Abigail the same person she was waiting for, Crush Heart. Crush stands, black leather jacket, cowboy hat, stern look across his face. Chase is still smiling until she turns around and almost jumps out of her skin. It takes her a few seconds to pull herself together.

Abigail Chase: …Ermm… Oh… Crush… Crush Heart…

Crush says nothing. His face is stern, looking down at the young, good looking SHOOT interviewer.

Abigail Chase: Sorry, you just startled me there. Crush, I was waiting here to see if we could have a few words with you?

Crush: ….

Abigail Chase: Well… I… I just wanted to know how you feel about tonight’s match against Catch Warren.

Crush’s face remains stern, his eyes half closed. He grabs the microphone, taking Abigail’s hand with it. He brings the microphone to his mouth.

Crush: How I feel? How I FEEL?! Why the hell do ya even give a shit?! Ya don’t give a shit! Ya just a nosey bitch who is doin’ the job she is paid to do…

You can see the water beginning to form in Abigail’s eyes.

Crush: Ya lucky I like ya so I’ll answer ya damn question. How I feel about Catch Warren… I want to teach him how to hate. This guy lacks hatred… Last week, he didn’t beat Arion Catcher ‘cause he respected him.

Crush’s voice is low, deep and full of anger. He keeps his eyes locked on Abigail.

Crush: Tonight I’m gonna teach Catch Warren how to hate. I’m gonna teach him to hate me… Hate me for breakin’ his nose… Hate me for breakin’ his neck. Tonight I’m gonna teach Catch Warren that his loss last week has put him out of the Revolution title picture and into the path of a livin’, breathin’ bastard!

Crush pushes the microphone into the chest of Abigail Chase who is knocked back slightly. You can see she is struggling to catch her breathe. A couple of seconds later she turns back to face the camera as the crowds booing can be heard from ringside.

Abigail Chase: Well guys, back to–


The shot opens backstage, as Cade Sydal flies through a swinging door! His back hits the wall, and Obsidian runs through what once was the catering room! Cade moves to the side, and Obsidian drives his running punch into the wall, instead of Cade’s face! Cade snaps a kick up, catching Obsidian in the exposed ribs, and Obsidian turns, swinging a hard punch! Cade ducks and snaps up, driving the point of his elbow into Obsidian’s chin!

Dave Dymond: How are these two still going at it?!

Other Guy: I’m not sure, but this is awesome!

Obsidian’s head tilts back, but then he snaps it forward, suddenly into the bridge of Cade’s nose! Cade’s nose explodes with blood as he stumbles back, his eyes instantly welling up with tears, reacting to the sudden shock of the blow. Obsidian lunges forward and grabs Cade by the throat in one massive hand and turns, pressing him up against the wall! Obsidian pulls his fist back to launch a punch into Cade’s exposed face, but Cade snorts the blood through his nose and spits a huge loogey filled with blood into Obsidian’s eye! Obsidian drops Cade, and suddenly the security team and road agents flood the scene once more! The shot suddenly jumps back to ringside.

Dave Dymond: I’m surprised Jason Johnson hasn’t kicked them both out of the building tonight! This is twice now!

Other Guy: I hope he lets this go on, frankly!


The camera fades in to the green room. We see Eryk Masters standing next to Jester Smiles, dressed in simple blue jeans and the “I Beat A Carver!” t-shirt. Jester is sipping on a bottle of soda. The wrapping has been crudely replaced with white paper that reads “JESTER COLA” in big black letters.

Eryk Masters: Is that…sharpie?

Jester Smiles: Hey man, don’t hate on the merchandise.

Masters sighs.

Eryk Masters: Well, onto the real reason I’m here. Jester Smiles, we haven’t seen you since your rather disappointing loss to Ron Barker at Malice. You’ve disappeared completely, and made no showing at the previous Revolution. You were reportedly at the most recent Sky High event, but other than that, you’ve been quiet.

Jester Smiles: Hey man, I had to go and support my good friend Sean Boden. And I’m not just saying that cuz he gives me money.

But I’m totally saying it because he gives me money.

Eryk sorta smirks.

Eryk Masters: You seem in good spirits considering your loss, but still, the question begs. Why have you been silent?

Jester Smiles: I’ll tell you EXACTLY why I’ve been silent. See, Eryk, I’ve realized something, and this week, The Real Deal said something in his promotional videos against Donovan King that really just illustrated the point for me. I WAS, at one point, arguably the brightest rising star in SHOOT Project. At one point, I was, arguably, one of the top fan favorites in SHOOT. And then my war with Donovan King came, and….

Well, I was never the same. Sure, a lot has happened since King. My emotional war with Ainsley Lake, my triumph and sudden loss of the Laws of Survival Championship, but no matter what I’ve said or done, I haven’t been the same. I’ve continued to let Donovan King’s actions effect who I am and what I do.

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing some soul searching, and you know what I realized.

Calling myself Jester was about the only thing funny I’ve been doing. I’m done being this sad clown, this determined clown, whatever. From this day forward, Eric “Jester” Smiles is back. This is my declaration. When I first came here, I was me. From this day on, I’m not going to be anything but that.

Me. And I’m not letting anyone else’s actions effect who I am and what I do. Not anymore.

Eryk Masters: Well, yes, but Jester, what abou-

Suddenly, Masters’ mic is slapped from his hand and hits the tiled floor with a thud. Pulling out, we can see an angry Osbourne Kilminster snarling as he looks up into the eyes of the taller Jester before turning his attention to Eryk Masters.

Osbourne Kilminster: What the Hell are you doing interviewing this… ugh… this ‘individual’ when I’m here? What are you thinking?

Shaking his head, Osbourne clenches his jaw and clicks his neck from side to side.

 Jester Smiles: You know, he’s right, Eryk. I mean, I’m taking up all this time when you could be giving spotlight to one of the new hires.

You are new here, right?

Running his tongue along the sharp edge of his incisors, Osbourne slowly turns back around to face Jester, looking back up at him. His black ICQB T-shirt clings tight to him, in contrast to his loose-fitting ubran camo fight shorts.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, I’m sorry… Did the clown try to crack a joke?

Jester just stares blankly at Osbourne.


Jester Smiles: No…really, you are….?


The camera pans down to see a badly buckled steel chair in Osbourne’s hand, his knuckles whitening as the camera comes back up.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know damn well who I am, Smiles. You know who I am because, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve beaten you before… so… What the Hell are you playing at? Leave the camera crews to the people who matter!

Jester gives the old "light bulb came on" expression.


Jester Smiles: OH! RIGHT! It’s the MMA Monster himself, Osbourne Kiliminster. Yeah, I do remember us having a match. And, yes, I remember it being the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. And, yes, I remember you beating me to go on and face Ray Wilmott, only for Donovan King to knock you flat, yet you STILL heroically stood up and fought against Ray Willmott.


Yeah….I remember you…


Wait…, I’m sorry. That was all me. See, I beat you!

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh right… yeah… I guess a speck of a loss like that almost goes unnoticed in a record like mine. So? Who cares? You’re a wannabe clown, stood here with your yadda yadda sad clown BANG cheap punch-line rubbish… wasting people’#s time… when they could be listening to something that matters – something from ME. Go on, get out of here before I help you embarass yourself.

Jester Smiles: By doing what? Screaming I Quit? But, I guess you are right. Record like yours, you’ve probably held all kinds of SHOOT gold.


Jester doesn’t make a move. He just smiles.


Osbourne laughs.

Osbourne Kilminster: Shows how much you know, fool. Multiple times Rule of Surrender Champion and I’ve held the Iron Fist… Oh, and the Laws of Survival… but hey, I guess you held onto that belt just about as well as I did, right? Must really dent your ego to get beaten by a badass who only shows up when he wakes up on the right side of his bed, huh?

Jester Smiles: Hey, I lost. Barker beat me. On the bright side, I didn’t lose my match by begging and crying for the referee to end it. You know, like SOME people did.

Jester just stares down Osbourne, still smirking. In the meantime, with Osbourne’s attention away from him, Eryk Masters decides to clear out.

Jester Smiles: But, hey, I guess you’re right. Here, have all the interview time you’d like, Ozzy. I’ve said what I needed to say anyway. So, enjoy your interview, Kiliminster. Really, have fun with it.

Jester smiles smugly and walks off. Osbourne turns, also smiling smugly.

Osbourne Kiliminster: Now that the real talent has the mi-

Osbourne’s grin is quickly replaced with a look of frustration as he sees that Eryk Masters is gone. The camera fades out.



The lights in the arena drop, and a single purple spotlight hits the entranceway… as “Bad Reputation” hits the PA. The crowd is instantly a chorus of boos, as CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh make their way through the curtain, dressed in their DSI finery, but it’s the man with them, in the black suit, black shirt, and purple tie with a cane, that causes some of the boos to change to cheers.

Dave Dymond: Sean Boden, chairman of DSI coming out here tonight with his tag team and the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore, and the fans at least giving him some credit after his match with Cade Sydal at Sky High.

Other Guy: I knew he was the Executioner all along, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Sure you did.

CJ and Jared make their way to the ring, belts slung over their shoulders, while Boden wanders over to the announce table, and puts on a headset.

Sean Boden: Dave, OG, long time no see. Mind if I have a seat?

Other Guy: Not at all.

Dave Dymond: So, Sean, if you’re in shape to wrestle, what’s with the cane?

Sean Boden: …I like the cane, Dave.

Other Guy: Any possibility of seeing you back in the ring?

Sean Boden: You did on Wednesday. But enough about me, I’m here to support my boys.

By now, CJ and Jared have gotten into the ring, and have microphones in their hands. CJ looks about to say something, but the boos just get louder. Jared looks at CJ and shakes his head. CJ looks around, waiting… and finally, he cuts in.

CJ Nelson: OK, guys, I know, I know, we were kind of a couple of assholes last week. But you have to admit, whether you think it was cliché or not, it was pretty funny.

This doesn’t make the crowd any happier, and they boo again.

Jared Walsh: But I promise, we’re going to make it up to you this week. This week, we’re going to take on a pair of true legends in this sport. Two men who symbolize what SHOOT Project used to be, the hardest of the hardcore. Two guys who, I’m not gonna lie, me and CJ looked up to back when we first started.

CJ Nelson: And tonight, SHOOT Project, tonight you will see history. Long Island Hardcore, in a hardcore match with former SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions. For one night only… LIHC goes up against… HARDCORE STYLE.

The crowd goes insane. White Zombie’s “The One” blares throughout the arena, and the fans are on their feet!

Dave Dymond: I don’t believe it! Hardcore Style?! With the ink on Del Carver’s retirement still wet! How?!

Sean Boden: What can I say, Dave? I have connections. Jackman was the tougher one to find.

The crowd’s happiness quickly turns to anger as the challengers walk through the curtain… and they realize they have been hoodwinked. Two midgets, one dressed as Del Carver, complete with eyepatch and diamond T-shirt, the other like Ben Jackman with a fake dragon tattoo and braided hair, enter the arena, raising their hands in triumph.

Dave Dymond: This is low. Even for LIHC, this is low.

Sean Boden: I don’t know what your problem is, Dave, I think they look great. Well, Jackman looks like he’s put on a few pounds, but Carver? Best shape of his life, man.

Other Guy: Yeah, settle down, Dymond, and let’s watch history in the making.

Dave Dymond: I think I’m gonna be sick.

“Diamini” Del Carver and Ben Jackmini do the smart thing, and each grab chairs before hopping their way up the ring steps, and getting into the ring. CJ and Jared just laugh at them as they do, and when the bell rings, Hardcore Style charges! Del swings at CJ’s knee, and Jackmini does the same to Jared! CJ catches the swing, pulling the chair, and Del attached to it, up in the air! Mini-Carver is hanging on for dear life, kicking like he’s running in mid-air! Jared jumps over the swing and his opponent, leaving Jackmini to spin in place! Jared lays a boot to Jackmini’s back, and the tiny superstar goes flying across the ring, the chair taking a different course through the air!

Sean Boden: So far, LIHC really dominating the legends here. I think maybe Hardcore Style’s lost a step.

Other Guy: Well, after Carver’s retirement match with Corazon, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe you are seriously calling this match, OG.

CJ finally, violently, separates Del from the chair, holding the midget by the throat with one hand. He slams the poor little person to the canvas with a chokeslam, causing him to bounce twice, flipping 180 degrees in the air. CJ smiles, looking over to Jared, who has midget Jackman on the top rope. Jared flies off, dropping Jackmini on his head with a super DDT! CJ yells at his partner, picking Carver up off the canvas, and literally throwing the man across the ring to him. Jared catches him, looks down at Jackmini, and starts climbing the ropes with Del! CJ lays a couple of boots into the downed Jackmini, rolling him a couple of times and putting him closer to the corner! Jared flies off the top rope, Del under his leg!

Sean Boden: Most Precious Blood on Jackman… WITH Carver!

Other Guy: In all my years, I have never seen anything like that!

Dave Dymond: You’re telling me. This is terrible.

Jared covers Jackmini with a pin, while CJ puts one foot across Mini-Del’s chest!




Samantha Coil: Your winners, and STILL SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, Long Island Hardcore!

The crowd is in a rage, booing, tossing whatever garbage happens to be in their hands at the ring. CJ swats away a soda cup before it hits him, before swiping the tag belt back from the referee, and raising it above his head. Jared grabs his, using both hands to do the same.

Sean Boden: A rough day to be a Hardcore Style fan, as LIHC scores the upset victory tonight.

Dave Dymond: That match was a sham, Boden, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sean Boden: Sounds like sour grapes to me, Dave.

Other Guy: Just because your boy Carver didn’t win, Dave…

Dave Dymond: Don’t even finish that sentence, OG.

Sean Boden: Guys, it’s been great, time to go.

Boden puts his headset down, as CJ and Jared slide out of the ring, avoiding the surprisingly well-aimed garbage projectiles on the way backstage.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe this. Someone has to put a stop to this… this outrage.

Other Guy: Take a deep breath, Dave. You’re just upset because they teased you with the possibility of a Hardcore Style return.

Dave Dymond: No, I’m upset because they’re making a mockery of the SHOOT Tag titles! The Flying Avengers wouldn’t be doing this crap, and even the Collins brothers had more respect for the belts!


The scene fades in to the loading dock area backstage. The look of the scene is done up in soft focus, like one of those “magic memories” videos that families get done or are used at weddings. We see CBP skip onto camera, oddly enough, singing.


CBP: I love to singa, about the moona and the juna and the springa.


CBP begins to whistle as he skips when, suddenly, he stops. He sees before him a fall backdrop with a camera in front of it, like one might see at a family portrait shop. CBP stares at this for a moment, not sure what is going on. As he is staring, he hears voices coming towards him, so he quickly leaps behind the backdrop.  After a moment, the voices get louder and a man in a black turtle neck and blue jeans enters the scene first, followed by the wheel-chair bound Vincent Mallows, and with him are Roland Caldwell, Sammy Rochester, and the newest member of The Family, Kenji Yamada.

Photographer: Just as you requested it’s all been set up right over here.

The photographer motions to the backdrop set up and the group moves, with Yamada somewhat hesitant.  What’s most bizarre about the scene is not even the fall backdrop, but what everyone is wearing.  Mallows, Roland, Kenji, and Sammy all are dressed in black dress pants, black button up shirts and matching red sweater vests.  Even Mikey has a doll-size version of the dress code.  As they all gather within the general area, Roland looks down at himself in odd admiration.

Roland Caldwell: You know what?  I think I really look good in this sweater.  I’ve always known I looked good with blood on me.  Who knew red would work with wool.  

While Roland seems satisfied, Kenji is far from it as he forcefully rips the sweater off over his head with a look of anger. He holds it in his right hand and is ready to throw it as far as he can.

Kenji Yamada: I didn’t sign up for this hokey crap, why do we all have to wear such a dumb looking outfit?!

Sammy begins to snicker, staring at Kenji.  The sight of the large child-like man snickering seems to make the Photographer uneasy as he inches further away from the members of The Family.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey thinks you look silly.

Kenji turns his focus on Sammy now and this his gaze falls upon the doll in Sammy’s hand.

Kenji Yamada: Oh really? Mikey fucking said that? Guess what, Sammy, Mikey’s just a D…

Mallows stops his wheelchair and then turns it to face where Yamada is standing holding up his right arm quickly as if to say “quiet.”  Kenji doesn’t finish the sentence.

Vincent Mallows: Understand, Kenji, that as a family it is important we show our unity.  The sweater will not be the death of you.  I promise.  Roland likes his sweater, so it’s quite clearly not a dumb outfit

Kenji sneers and with a rather sarcastic smile looks over at Roland and tosses Roland the sweater in his hand.

Kenji Yamada: If he likes it so much he can wear mine too then.  Roland just shakes his head a bit.

Roland Caldwell: A family is not about selfishness, Kenji. It is about unity. No one can destroy us if we stand together as one.

Kenji shakes his head a bit.

Kenji Yamada: And you people honestly think a goofy looking sweater is going to do all that?

Vincent Mallows: Please, Kenji. Just wear the sweater. It’s just this one time. We were all there when you won the Sky High Cup, and I was proud of you. I want everyone to know how proud I am of all of you. And this photo will represent that.

Kenji’s face twists into a rather uncomfortable sneer as he takes his sweater back from Roland and with a look of pure protest…puts it back on.

Kenji Yamada: I swear to God, this had better be worth it or you’ll all regret it…

The Photographer clears his throat, trying to get the attention of the others.

Photographer: Ahem… is everyone ready now?

Sammy Rochester: My sweater is itchy, and Mikey doesn’t like the fall. Does it have to be the fall?

Mallows reaches out his right arm to touch Sammy’s forearm. Sammy looks downward at Mallows.

Vincent Mallows: Fall represents a time of change, Sammy. And The Family intends on changing the face of SHOOT Project.  So Mikey needs to understand that.  Can you tell Mikey that Fall is very symbolic?

Sammy nods, smiling and then looks down at Mikey in his hand.

Sammy Rochester: You hear that, Mikey. We have to listen to the Wise Man. SHOOT has to fall.

Mallows cracks a sort of smile, but his paralyzed state gives it a crooked look.

Vincent Mallows: Exactly. We will worry about SHOOT Project soon enough and those we are to be concerned with. Right now though, I want everyone to smile their best for the camera, alright?

Roland immediately looks at Kenji 

Roland Caldwell: Right, so are we ready?

Kenji again sneers.

Kenji Yamada: No, I’m just wearing this smile and standing next to you because I like the texture of my sweater. Just hurry up.

The photographer nods, definitely uneasy about being in the presence of these four strange individuals.  The group moves into position now, with Sammy stepping in right behind Mallows’s wheel chair.  Roland then stands on one side of the chair and Kenji on the other.  Sammy tries to hold still for the picture, but he keeps on fidgeting and moving. This frustrates the photographer a bit as he stands back up fully, no longer looking at the group through the lens of the camera.

Photographer: Samuel, I need you to hold still.

Sammy freezes, glaring at the photographer.


Vincent Mallows reaches back and grabs Sammy’s arm firmly with his right hand now.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy, please! No outbursts, not tonight.  Look at Roland and Kenji, they’re standing so calmly.

Sammy still looks like he’s about to kill someone, but he doesn’t budge. Roland in the meantime glares at the photographer   

Roland Caldwell: Will you just take the picture? 

Kenji Yamada: No no, call him Samuel again; I wanna see the photographer get ripped in half. That would make my day and make wearing this sweater well worth it.

Mallows makes a noise that one can only assume was an attempt at laughing.

Vincent Mallows: As delightful as that sounds, we need this nice gentleman.  Now then let’s get this photo taken, and no weird faces.

As the group re-collects themselves the photographer gets situated once more. Out from behind the corner of the backdrop, CBP takes this as his cue to exit and attempts to sneak out of the area. However, his shirt gets snagged on the backdrop, and CBP falls, bringing the whole backdrop down.  A cloud of dust drifts about the loading dock as the Family simply stares at the awkward man lying on the cement floor.  CBP rolls onto his back, staring at all four men in horror.

CBP: Ummm…hi guys. You all look… nice?

The Family just continues to look in CBP’s direction.

Vincent Mallows: Who… mmm… who are you?

Mallows moves his wheel chair closer to CBP

Vincent Mallows: Actually… no. A reward to which ever one of you can tell me who this is.

Roland steps forward now, looking over CBP.

Roland Caldwell: I think he’s homeless.  Are you homeless?

Sammy chimes in.

Sammy Rochester: He’s that silly guy who tags with that silly girl. He makes fun of people. He’s a bad man.

Kenji scoffs, hanging out in the back of the group.

Kenji Yamada: No, you’re all wrong…he’s a dead man.

CBP gulps hard but looks to Mallows who makes some sort of noise.  Maybe he’ll get off the hook…

Vincent Mallows: Mmm…actually you’re all right. He’s stumbled into our home, leaving him without one… he’s a bad man, and more importantly now…

Mallows flashes his twisted grin.

Vincent Mallows: He’s a dead man.  Let’s show him how our family enjoys quality time together.

CBP attempts to scramble up to his feet but Roland Caldwell stomps down on his ankle, stopping him from doing so.  CBP claws at the ground and Roland bends down, lifts him up with ease into a vertical head scissors.  CBP has no hope as Roland hoists him upside down and just DROPS to the hard cement floor with a spike piledriver!  CBP’s body goes limp and Mallows claps his right hand against his limp left arm, his attempt at applauding Roland.  Roland gets up and Sammy claps eagerly, like an excited little kid.

Sammy Rochester: My turn! My Turn!

Roland lifts CBP up off the floor and just shoves him hard into Sammy’s awaiting hands.  Sammy squeezes him tightly for a moment, then lets him go and grabs him tightly around the back of the neck with one hand.  CBP’s legs dangle as Sammy LIFTS CBP high up and DROPS him with a vicious reverse choke slam!!! With CBP down on his stomach Roland and Sammy now just ASSAULT him now with vicious stomps and kicks.

Vincent Mallows: Now, now you two… let Kenji have HIS turn.

Sammy backs away, Roland fires a few more hard stomps but backs off.  CBP, with his last bit of strength attempts at crawling away, his face a bloody mess.  Yamada steps forward and KICKS CBP square in the head.  CBP is knocked onto his back and immediately from there Yamada grabs both of his legs steps through and goes through the motions to apply the Damascus Head-Leg Lock!!!

Vincent Mallows: Yes… mmm… yes. The family that plays together stays together!

CBP is completely limp, bent up in half, spine compressed and this whole time and the photographer just watches on, horrified. Yamada lets go of CBP eventually and the beat down has seemed to put everyone in a good mood.  They re-take their position for the photo, with CBP’s bloodied body laid out in front of them.

Vincent Mallows: Everybody smile!


A still shot of the Family photo takes up the screen. With the bizarre image of the four men in black shirts and red sweater vests standing with these most unbecoming smiles on their faces.  In blood red cursive letters, the words “Greetings From The Family” are scrawled across the bottom of the picture.

Sammy Rochester: (voice over) That was fun, can we do it again! Mikey wants a turn!

Roland Caldwell: (voice over) damn it, I got blood on my sweater.

Kenji Yamada: (voice over) who cares, you looked stupid in that thing anyway.

Vincent Mallows: (voice over) Kenji, Roland, no fighting.  Playtime was fun, now who wants to go out for pizza and ice cream!

There is a collective noise of excitement at the prospect of pizza and ice cream and from there, the still photograph fades to black.


Hanging out in one of the corridors backstage, JONNY JOHNSON, surrounded by his gaggles of guards looks up at one of the television monitors hanging on the wall, having just watched LONG ISLAND HARDCORE in the ring against “Hardcore Style”.   A satisfied smile crosses his lips as he seems almost in awe.

The DEFILER:: (Looking to the guards) Now THAT is one hell of a team, guys.  Any of you wrestle tag team?

The guards all kind of mumble and shrug.

The DEFILER:: It’s an art form, no doubt, and those guys remind me of… well, it’s pretty obvious.  (Thinking) I wonder if they’d ever want to hang out.  I would LOVE to pick their brains apart.  I think they would be…  they’d be good Friends to have.  Just…  just good people.  You guys with me?

Again not much but mumbles from the gaggle.

“They might not be with you, but I so TOTALLY get it.”

The voice is none other than Paul Jarvis who somewhat passively shuffles out from amidst the group of guards.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Oh hey, Jonny.  Remember when we were both on awesome tag teams.  What’s that?  Yeah, I know man, that IS exactly why I know about the art form mumbo ja-bumbo you’re talking about.

Jonny doesn’t seem terribly thrilled to see Paul Jarvis.  He lowers his eyes and tilts his head.

The DEFILER:: Oh.  Hi, Paul.  Was there…  something you needed?

Jarvis approaches Jonny with a demeanor that suggests either he didn’t pick up on Jonny’s less than thrilled vibe, or that he was ignoring it.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Hmmm? Oh needed. Actually yeah, and I’m glad you asked because it basically means we’re definitely most certainly on the same page of this book we call… well whatever SHOOT Project I guess.  The book of SHOOT Project.  And being on the same page, the short gist of it is that… well you have problems, and I have a need to get more respect around here for ALL my accomplishments.  And since I can solve your problems, well then in turn I’ll let you hang out with me so I can get more respect.  Deal?  Deal. Good see ya later Jo-Jo.

Jonny seems intrigued by something Jarvis just said.  He grabs Paul by the shoulder and stops him from walking off.

The DEFILER:: Wait.  So you want to…  hang out?  Like…  we’d be…  Friends?

Jarvis shakes his head repeatedly.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Friends? No.  And no offense but I already my issues with one cult running around this circus we call… well again SHOOT Project.  Basically it’s like this Jo-Jo.  Remember how I made you tap out and I TOTALLY cured cancer because of it.  Remember?

Jonny is losing patience again.  He looks to his guards and interrupts whatever train of thought Paul was on.

The DEFILER:: (Holding his hand up to silence Jarvis) So then you don’t want to be friends.  Cool, man.  Cool.  (Looking to his guards)  Get him.

Three of the guards step out and CLOCK JARVIS FROM BEHIND!  The Miracle Worker takes a dive and lands near Jonny’s feet.  Jonny looks down at Jarvis and smirks.

The DEFILER:: Get a clue, you shit head.

Jonny gestures for his guards to follow him, and they do, leaving Jarvis alone, holding at his head.

The MIRACLE WORKER: You’ll rue the day, Jo-Jo…  You’ll absolutely and TOTALLY rue the god damn friggin…


Jarvis suddenly turns to see BURGLAR standing in the room, his hand pointed at Jarvis in the form of a gun.


The cameras cut away.


The shot goes backstage as Obsidian throws a door open in the hallway and looks in. He growls as he jerks the door closed.

Obsidian: Where is that little shit?!

Suddenly, as if answering Obsidian’s question, Cade Sydal runs from behind Obsidian and offers a guttural scream, alerting Obsidian JUST as Cade leaps at him! Obsidian turns as Cade flies into him, driving his forearm into Obsidian’s mouth! Obsidian stumbles back from the blow, and Cade doesn’t let up, swinging punches into Obsidian’s torso, followed by a hard kick into his knee, and Obsidian buckles!

Dave Dymond: And for the third time, the fight is on!

Other Guy: Get Cade off of him!

Dave Dymond: Sure, now that Cade is the aggressor you want the fight stopped!

Other Guy: Of course I do!

Cade grabs Obsidian by the back of his head and looks to drive a knee into his face, but Obsidian gets both hands in the way and launches Cade up and back with a modified back body drop on the floor! Obsidian pushes off his knee as Cade tries to get to his feet, holding his back! Obsidian lunges for Cade and turns him around, driving a punch for his face, but Cade ducks and catches the arm both over the shoulder and under the wrist! Cade pushes back, trying to lock on the hold!

Dave Dymond: Cade is going for the Kimura Armbar!

Other Guy: Where the fuck is security!?

Obsidian drives his forehead into the side of Cade’s face, and Cade abandons the hold as he stumbles back! Obsidian lunges for another punch, but Cade snaps his right arm over the reaching shoulder, and his left wrist over the top of the hand! Cade pushes with all his might, getting Obsidian’s arm behind his massive back, Cade starts trying to lock the hold on again!

Dave Dymond: Cade’s almost got it! Cade’s almost got the Kimura Armbar on!

Suddenly, security and road agents swarm the battle and start prying at Cade! More than half the crew moves to intercept Obsidian, keeping him from continuing the fight, as Cade is being pulled back forcefully as well!

Obsidian: Fuck this, you’re done. Next week. You. Me. Donovan’ll have to find somebody new to play with.

He words are audible, though little more than a growl, as Cade continues to struggle to get free. Obsidian stops fighting and slowly backs away, pointing at Cade the entire time.

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Obsidian versus Cade Sydal, one on one!

Other Guy: I think you’ll be commentating your last Cade Sydal match…ever.



Coming back to the ring area, “Summer Overture-Remix” by Clint Mansell begins to play, and the SHOOT Project video screen comes to life with clips of Roland Caldwell assaulting various opponents throughout his career.  Every so often his name shows up on the screen in staggered dark red lettering, and other times the words –The Family- shows up.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a SIX MAN TAG MATCH!

The fans begin to boo as Roland Caldwell suddenly appears, storming his way down through one of the aisle ways within the crowd.  Security is on hand to make sure no fans get injured as he recklessly walks to the ring, knocking chairs or anyone out of his way.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 289 pounds, here is Roland Caldwell!!!

Roland reaches the guard railing now and steps over it, all the while the fans begin to boo. He moves towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope.

Dave Dymond: We are about to bare witness to quite possibly the most heated six man tag match in the history of SHOOT Project.  A contest in which on both sides teams have openly admitted to disliking one another, and in regards to Roland and his teammate Azraith DeMitri tonight, we’re talking down right hate.

Other Guy: The hate is flowin on the other side too, Dave.  The “good” guys in this match up aren’t exactly gonna get along either, especially when you’re talkin’ about Eli Storm and Trevor Worrens.

Dave Dymond: A lot of bad blood going into this one, making it highly unpredictable as to what’s going to transpire once all six men are in that ring.

Roland stomps about the ring, clearly brooding about the upcoming match. His music fades and the second it’s cut off, the lights drop down as “35 Ghosts IV” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.  A strobe flash white and blue lights in beat with the music and with the flashing you can catch glimpses of Azraith DeMtiri making his way out to the ring, there is a bizarre mixed reaction that comes from the crowd, as some people actually cheer once the lights come up and Azraith is seen in full.  He is wearing a pair of dark shades and a black trench coat as he walks to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partners, first, weighing in at 270 pounds, here is Azraith DeMitri!!!

Azraith walks slowly to the ring and as he walks up the steps he takes off his shades as well as his trench coat and passes them off to a nearby ring crewmember.  He then locks eyes with Roland in the ring, pointing at him.  Roland begins to pace again, almost snarling at Azraith as he enters the ring.

Dave Dymond: Judging by the looks on their faces, I’m not sure either of these men are going to work together AT all.  Heck, they might get into it with one another before the match even begins.

Other Guy: It’s gonna be insane, Dave. People are gonna get hurt.

Azraith’s music cuts out now as he stands in the corner, leaning slightly against the turnbuckles while watching Roland the whole time.  “Natural One” by Folk Implosion begins to play. The booing continues as Ron Barker saunters out from the back, carrying with him the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship.  Barker smirks out at the crowd as he shows off the title and then with confidence struts to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Next coming to the ring, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… here is the King of Survival, Ron Barker!!!

Dave Dymond: He’s really caught up on this survival thing isn’t he?

Other Guy: You heard Samantha, Dave, Barker’s the king.

Dave Dymond: I know there’s at least one person that’s going to highly disagree with that statement, and he’ll be involved in this match up and most likely looking to get his shots in  Barker.

Barker enters the ring, taking in the heat he receives from the crowd.  Boldly Barker steps in between Azraith and Roland who have inched closer to one another and he motions for both of them to keep their distance.  Azraith hesitates but steps back and Roland just shakes his head with disgust.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell just does not want to be here, and as we witnessed earlier tonight it’s obviously the ONLY loyalty he has in this company belongs to the members of The Family.

Other Guy: even just mentionin’ them, damn, gives me the chills. What a strange messed up bunch.

The mood shifts inside the Key Arena as “Welcome to Assholeville Pt. 2” by Apathy kicks up and a quick burst of red and silver pyrotechnics give way to the arrival of Eli Storm.  The fans pick up a bit, cheering on the self proclaimed Incredible One as he steps out from the back. He stands at the entryway though, thinking better of charging to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, introducing first, weighing in at 220 pounds, here is Eli Storm!!!

Storm raises both of his hands up into the air, again getting a bit of a pop from the fans, but others actually boo him.  Storm takes the booing he hears in stride and just stands pointing to Roland in the ring. Roland flat out turns his back on Storm though, pacing away from him.  Eventually Storm’s music cuts out replaced by “Heart of a Champion” by Nelly.  The fans REALLY pick up now as the SHOOT Project video screen showcases Stein in action, the words –The Lights- flashing in between every couple of clips.  After a moment of build up Dan Stein steps out from the back to a HUGE ovation from the jam-packed crowd in attendance.

Dave Dymond: Listen to this crowd.  Dan Stein came up short in the Sky High Cup match this past Wednesday, took a hell of bump, and he’s still coming out here tonight to a reception fit for a king.

Other Guy: He’s on fire right now, Dave, and that’s what happens when ya got the momentum built up like Dan Stein does. Even a loss don’t derail ya.

Dave Dymond: Stein definitely itching to get into that ring, given his history with well all three of the men in there, but more specifically his recent SHOOT Project history with Roland Caldwell and Azraith DeMitri.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partners, first, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… here is Dan “The Lights” Stein!!!

Stein plays up to the fans as he walks to each side of the entryway platform, holding up his Iron Fist Championship for all to see.  The fans pop louder each time he comes to their side of the arena.

Dave Dymond: Quite a few names want to get their hands on the title that Dan Stein managed to beat Adrian Corazon for just a week before Malice, and since then he’s been on a roll with it, defeating Azraith DeMtiri and Kenji Yamada.

Other Guy: Stein called for a rematch tonight, but I guess management knew the hell he’d be putting himself through in the Sky High Finals, and are savin’ The DeMitri/Stein rematch for a later date.

Stein’s music eventually fades out and the lights cut out and the SHOOT video screen flickers to life showing Trevor Worrens with a handheld camera in front of a mirror and also with a mirror behind him, causing the effect that there are a countless number of Trevor Worrens standing in front of him.

It’s not that I didn’t believe in something, it’s that I didn’t want to…

Worrens on the video screen suddenly starts running through the reflections of himself, each time absorbing them into his own body.  He picks up the speed, faster, faster… until he reaches no reflection, just a mirror.

Now I do.  Now I have something to believe in.

Worrens breaks through the mirror and at that moment “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue blares throughout the Key Arena and the lights come up in full with a single explosion of silver.  Trevor Worrens steps out into view now, the video screen showing clips of him in action.

Samantha Coil: and finally, weighing in at 233 pounds, here is Trevor Worrens!!

Worrens doesn’t stand with the other two and he immediately starts a quick walk to the ring, the fans cheering for the most part.  Storm and Stein look to each other, then nod their heads and suddenly sprint past Worrens and into the ring, the fans getting louder.  Stein makes a B-line for Azraith, while Storm goes for Roland.  Roland exits the ring though, the fans booing his retreat, and Storm paces the ring, shouting at Roland to get back in, only to be KNOCKED down from behind by a double axe handle shot from Barker. Storm drops to one knee and Barker whips Storm into the upper right corner of the ring, while referee Tony Lorenzo looks to gain control of this match up.

Dave Dymond: This one starting before the bell even sounds, and it looks like Barker and Storm have taken “center stage” if you will.

Other Guy: And here comes Worrens!

Worrens grabs Barker now before he can capitalize on Storm, and Storm exits the ring. Meanwhile Azraith and stein battle in the upper left corner, with Stein having the advantage, finally knocking Azraith through the ropes with a spinning forearm shot!  The fans pop and Stein looks to capitalize but Lorenzo shouts for Stein to get into his corner of the ring.  Stein pulls back now just as Worrens swings Barker into the ropes.


Dave Dymond: The match officially started now, but it began before that bell sounded and we’ve got Barker and Worrens to start this thing off.

Barker bounces back at Worrens and as he does Worrens charges with a clothesline, but Barker ducks it, turns, and SLAPS Worrens across the back of the head.  The fans boo and Barker smirks, but Worrens spins around quickly and DECKS Barker with a hard palm strike to the side of the face. Barker staggers and Worrens comes at him, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him in for a knee strike to the chest, then another, then Worrens releases his hold on Barker’s arm, goes for an STO Take down, but Barker gets his hand up into Worrens’ face and just SCRATCHES down, gauging Worrens in both eyes!

Worrens staggers backwards, clutching at his face and Barker leans back up against the near ropes to bounce himself off a bit then he NAILS Worrens with a powerful clothesline.  Barker makes a cover following that and Lorenzo drops to make the count.



Kick out by Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Worrens had the momentum going in his favor, but Barker turning the tides with some underhanded tactics.

Barker pulls Worrens up to his feet, twists his arm around once and then just YANKS down trying to dislocate Worrens’s shoulder. Worrens winces in pain, but snaps RIGHT back and NOW pulls Barker’s body in and DRIVES him to his back with a quick STO!  Barker hits and rolls away from Worrens now. Worrens goes after him, but Barker scrambles to the corner, reaches up and tags in Roland who intercepts the tag that was meant for Azraith.

Other Guy: Oh boy, it’s time for a trip down memory lane for Worrens!

As Roland enters the ring, Storm starts jumping up and down on the mat, shouting as he reaches out his hand for the tag.  Worrens BLANTANTLY ignores Storm though and goes full force after Roland.  Worrens goes for the grapple, but Roland easily overpowers him and shoves Worrens down onto the mat. Worrens rises back up to his feet however and as Roland comes at him, he fires a quick knee strike to his thigh, then to his other thigh.  Roland staggers and Worrens fires a palm strike to the chest, then FIRES for the face, but Roland swats the arm away and then just SCOOPS Worrens up and PLANTS him with a forceful body slam!  Worrens sits up, arching his back in pain and Roland BOOTS him in the back of the head.

Worrens slumps forward and Roland picks him up from there, powerful pump handle slam and the cover.



TH… Worrens shoulders out before the three count, but Roland stays right on top of things, lifting Worrens up and then whipping him into the lower left corner.  Worrens hits so hard that he just falls face first onto the mat.  With Worrens down, Roland turns to Storm now, and Storm shouts at Roland, taunting him, attempting to goad him into charging the corner.

Dave Dymond: Honestly, I have never seen Eli Storm this fired up over somebody. He really wants to prove to the world he has what it takes, and I guess in taking down the former World Heavyweight Champion, Storm hopes to accomplish that.

Other Guy: Yeah but Roland ain’t want NOTHING to do with Eli Storm, and the proof is right there in that ring, look at him just waving him off!

The fans boo as Roland just turns away from Storm, laughing slightly to himself.  Worrens works his way back up to his feet and Roland charges hard, only for Worrens to duck under, and then while clutching his back with one hand, he half dives, half stumbles forward to make a tag, and Eli Storm is the one who is tagged in!  Storm VAULTS over the top rope and Roland immediately… TAGS BARKER BACK IN!

Dave Dymond: Storm not happy about that, but as Barker comes in again,  it looks like he won’t have any problem taking that frustration out on the self-proclaimed King of Survival.

Barker and Storm meet center of the ring, and Storm fires with some quick cross punches, alternating left and right hands, but more so sticking with his right hand as he starts sending Barker staggering back.  Barker fights back though as he brings a boot right up into Storm’s gut, winding him, and then Barker spins around to the side, hooks Storm, then drops him with a quick Russian leg sweep.  Barker swivels his body from there and makes a cover on Storm, basically trying to win this one as soon as possible. Lorenzo again down on the mat to make the count.


TW… strong kick out by Storm.

Dave Dymond: It has been pretty much all offense from Barker’s team, and really Storm, Worrens, and Stein need to get something together.

Other Guy: They ain’t a well oiled unit, and it’s showing in the ring. Not sayin, DeMitri and company are either, but they obviously have a stronger purpose right now, and like I said it’s showin.

Barker pulls Storm up to his feet and fires a few quick chops to keep Storm staggering.  Storm fires right back though with a couple of quick chops of his own then a couple of leg kicks to the thighs and to Barker’s knees. Barker falters, and Storm hits the ropes and comes bouncing back with a swift knee lift to Barker’s face. Now Barker goes all the way down onto the mat and Storm runs to the ropes and waits now. The fans buzz as Barker is up to his feet and Storm LEAPS up onto the second rope and flips backwards with an ASAI MOONSAULT!!!

Dave Dymond: And Storm connects, the hooks of the leg as Barker is brought down…




THR… Roland STOMPS down hard on the back of Storm’s head!  Storm rolls off to the side, clutching his head, and he gets up to one knee and watches as Roland exits the ring.  Storm goes to chase after him, but referee Tony Lorenzo keeps Storm inside the ring.

Other Guy: I see how it is. Roland don’t want none of Storm, but he don’t want Storm winning this match either.

Dave Dymond: A near fall there for Eli Storm, and that would have given him a huge momentum in sort of rebuilding his career here in SHOOT Project, but this one continues.

Storm continues to shout at Roland now, pointing at him and taunting him to get into the ring. Roland again waves Storm off, which frustrates Storm. Storm takes a couple of steps towards Roland, when Worrens shouts at Storm to get his head back into the match. Storm turns his focus to Worrens now, but just as he focuses on his own partner, Barker comes up from behind and catches Storm with a sudden roll up.



Worrens breaks up the count!  Barker springs up to his feet, irate, and the referee ushers Worrens back to his corner, allowing for Barker to split Storm’s legs open on the mat, forcing him down… BLATANT STOMP TO THE GROIN!!!

Dave Dymond: And this match slowly but surely unraveling as tempers are flaring and the focus is being lost.

Storm writhes on the mat in pain. Worrens saw the whole thing and he just shakes his head. Stein also shows his frustration now reaching out for Storm who rolls towards their corner. Barker grabs him by the foot though and drags him back, keeping him from making a tag and then he falls forward into a side lay, DRIVING an elbow into Storm’s upper back. Barker gets right back up and drops a second elbow. Barker gets up again, but now walks back a few steps, pulling Storm by one foot.  Barker reaches out behind him and tags in Azraith DeMitri.

Other Guy: Azraith finally gettin’ into the match, but that only means things are probably gonna go from bad to worse for Eli Storm.

Dave Dymond: I have to agree with that statement.  Stein eager to get in, but Azraith has Storm clear across the ring and he scoops him up off the mat almost effortlessly.

Azraith takes over now, hoisting Storm high into the air, as if going to go for a military slam, but he suddenly moves Storm in mid air and then drops him with a HUGE DEVASTATING neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: My god! High elevation drop into a neck breaker!

Storm sprawls out on the mat, and Azraith sits there, staring at Stein across the ring. Azraith smirks then grabs Storm and then VICIOUSLY whips him right into the corner where Stein is standing! Storm slumps and Azraith nods his head, looking at Stein.

Azraith DeMitri: TAG HIM!

The fans start to pick up and Stein doesn’t have to be told twice. Stein tags Storm on the shoulder and now fans are REALLY buzzing.

Other Guy: Ya got Barker avoiding Worrens, ya got Roland avoiding Storm. But BOTH of these men, Stein and DeMitri, they want some of each other!

Dave Dymond: a Malice rematch happening right in front of our eyes and there goes Stein!

Stein charges in at Azraith like a mad man, and goes toe to toe and blow for blow with him.  Stein works hard forearm shots, but Azraith snaps off a jab thrust uppercut right into Stein’s throat. Stein staggers back, gasping for breath but then as Azraith comes at him, Stein LEAPS with a Lou Thez Press… but Azraith STAYS STANDING… and DRIVES Stein into the mat with a spinebuster!

Other Guy: That was short lived.

Dave Dymond: Wow… Azraith DeMitri more than ready for Dan Stein tonight.

Other Guy: And the massacre continues.

Azraith makes the cover on Stein now.



TH… Stein kicks out! The fans pop, but this only aggravates Azraith as he quickly gets up and takes Stein right back down with a vertical suplex.  Stein sits up, arching his back in pain now and Azraith pulls him up from there, holding him in a reverse headlock position. Stein struggles but Azraith hoists him up from there, looking for a reverse vertical suplex, but Stein kicks his body over Azraith and pulls down hard, SPIKING the back of Azraith’s head down into the mat with a reverse DDT!

Dave Dymond: Desperation move, but it saves Stein and this match up!

The fans are once again back in this and Stein struggles up to his feet while Azraith sits up, holding his head in slight pain.  Azraith pivots around, all the way up now, but Stein SPRINGS up off the mat INTO A DROPSAULT!  Azraith staggers back and Stein now starts getting more and more focused and intense.  Stein back up to his feet and he fires with a swift kick to Azraith’s side, then another, then another!  Azraith stumbles up against the ropes, Stein whips him back to the other side of the ring… no reversed!

Stein hits the ropes, Azraith charges, Stein charges, Azraith goes for a huge clothesline, but Stein ducks it  and dropkicks Azraith in the back of the legs! Azraith falls onto his back and Stein rolls to the side… springs up… STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!

Other Guy: He pulled off a comeback like nothing, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Certainly this one has turned around and now the cover… is it enough…



Barker into the ring…

THR.. Azraith kicks out just as Barker CRUSHES Stein in the back with a single forearm club shot! Worrens IMMEDIATELY enters the ring now, the fans POP as he makes a b-line for Barker.  Lorenzo shouts at both men to get out of the ring, but the battle as exploded and Worrens works Barker towards the ropes… winds up… and then throws all his body behind a clothesline, sending both men over the top rope and to the outside!

Dave Dymond: Worrens sick and tired of Barker’s actions in this match up… and this one is breaking down into individual fights right before our very eyes!

Lorenzo leaves Barker and Worrens to fight on the outside while he focuses on Stein and Azraith inside the ring. Stein gets up, holding his back for a moment.  He gets Azraith all the way up and fires a couple of forearm shots, but again Azraith fights back, and suddenly CRUSHES Stein’s knee with a boot.  Stein drops to one knee and Azraith pulls him into a standing head scissors.  Stein struggles but Azraith over powers him and hoists him up over head for a powerbomb… but Stein manages to flip his body over, making good use of his agility… but he’s upside down now…and Azraith still has him held, stomach to back…Azraith then DROPS from there SMASHING Stein into the mat, top of the head and neck first!

Other Guy: Stein’s gotta be dead!

Dave Dymond: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that we just saw Azraith hit the vertebreaker, which he calls Memories of Maverick.  Maverick of course a former SHOOT Project superstar and has plenty of history with Azraith DeMitri.

The once buzzing crowd has fallen silent now as Azraith covers the fallen Stein.  Outside of the ring, a loud CLANG is heard and the fans all buzz but the focus stays on the pin… Lorenzo with the count.




Dave Dymond: Eli Storm back in this match up, and it’s a good thing to as we missed it, but Ron Barker just sent Trevor Worrens body first into the steel steps and Worrens bounced his head off the top edge pretty hard.

Azraith gets up to his feet and looks to retaliate against Storm but once again Tony Lorenzo gets involved and shouts a very stern warning as he forces Storm back into the corner.  As he does this, Roland gets into the ring, and the fans begin too boo loudly.

Other Guy: Oh shit. if Dan Stein isn’t dead yet, he’s dead now!

Roland stalks towards the fallen Stein.  Azraith turns around now… YAKUZA KICK TO AZRAITH!!!

Dave Dymond: And we knew there was a hatred, a tension, but Roland Caldwell just said no more of this one and what a kick to Azraith! Azraith dropped down instantly and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish!

The fans buzz, not sure how to react as Azraith is on the mat, rocking back and forth in pain.  Barker looks on from the outside, eyes wide and then he starts shouting “NO!” repeatedly.  Storm is pushed back into his corner, and Roland now standing as the dominant one in the ring looks to Storm. Storm looks at him…

Roland Caldwell: YOU’RE A WASTE OF SPACE!

And with that, Roland leaves the ring, turning his back on his team, his opponents, and the match as a whole.

Other Guy: Well damn, Roland walkin’ out on this match up and it looks like we’ve got ourselves a two on three handicapped match… wait no… Storm slams his hands on the turnbuckle… and now HE’S LEAVIN’!

The fans pick up as Eli Storm leaves the ring now, obviously going after Roland!

Other Guy: Scratch that we’ve got ourselves a tag match.

Dave Dymond: That we do, and both legal men, Dan Stein and Azraith DeMitri are out so this one could turn in anyone’s favor.

Barker returns to his corner now, shouting for Azraith to get up.  Azraith stirs on the mat, while Stein doesn’t seem to be moving much.  Worrens works his way back into the corner slowly now, still hurting and a gash is clearly seen running around the side of his head, his hair matted to the other side from the smear of blood.

Other Guy: Worrens busted open somethin’ terrible, Dave. And that looks like its gonna require some serious stitches.

Dave Dymond: This match has changed drastically, and it could be coming to an end here as Azraith back in this thing now and Stein looks to be completely out.

Azraith looms over Stein now and he sends a couple of taunting kicks into Stein’s side.  Stein moves a little, but mostly from the force of the kicks… and then Azraith just lifts him up from behind… when suddenly Stein snaps backwards… PELLE KICK!!!

Dave Dymond: What the!! Stein out of nowhere pulling a direct page out of Cade Sydal’s playbook!

Other Guy: One cruiserweight payin’ respect to another… but I sure as hell don’t know how Stein pulled that off.

Dave Dymond: Stein right back down on the mat, and Azraith sent staggering. Does that by Stein time…

Stein, still very much hurting, slowly crawls towards his corner, looking to make a tag into Worrens. Worrens reaches out his hand now, but Azraith suddenly cuts off Stein from his corner and hoists Stein up into a front facing headlock… but Stein struggles and DRIVES all his force into Azraith with a shoulder into the gut!  Azraith doubles over slightly and Stein AGAIN with a shoulder, trying to shove further and further towards his corner to make the tag.

The fans pick up, Stein mere inches away now, trying to reach out… Azraith with a double axe handle down Stein’s back!  Stein slumps but then fires ANOTHER desperation shoulder, working Azraith back a little more… and now BARKER HITS THE RING!

Lorenzo cuts him off, and the fans ERUPT!


Worrens gets in now and immediately DRILLS Azraith in the back of the head with a hard palm strike.  Azraith lets go of Stein now who drops to the mat, and is met with another palm strike.  Azraith turns around, knee into the gut… palm strike to the face! Azraith staggers back, but Lorenzo turns around now and sees Worrens in and starts shouting!  Worrens has Azraith staggering, runs to the ropes, leaps off the second rope and turns with a second rope-leaping clothesline!

Other Guy: Worrens with a big take down, but the referee is sayin’ no dice… he didn’t see the tag made!

The fans boo as Lorenzo shouts for Worrens to get out of the ring. Worrens argues though, eyes wide, but Lorenzo shouts “NO TAG!” and slaps his hands together.  Worrens shakes his head in disbelief, caught up in the moment… he turns away from the referee, and walks right into Barker… who lifts him up… BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!

Dave Dymond: Damn it!  Barker out of nowhere with Perfection and Worrens is down!

Other Guy: He’s technically the legal man too, Dave.

Dave Dymond: The referee did not see the tag though, and because of that Worrens is not the legal man, Stein is, and Barker just saw to it that Stein has NOBODY to tag into.

Barker exits the ring now as Stein is up to his feet in the corner, back to Azraith though who works his way up to his feet.  Stein starts to exit the ring, thinking he’s out… when suddenly he’s snapped out of the corner by Azraith, turned around and booted in the gut! Stein slumps over and Azraith goes through the motions quickly, HOISTING Stein up over his head as he turns to face inward to the ring… and then DROPS Stein on the head and neck with a Highly-modified Sit out powerbomb!!!

Dave Dymond: Azraith hits Extinction… I can’t believe this….

And with that, Azraith makes the cover, Lorenzo drops to the mat to make the count.




The referee calls for the bell and “35 Ghosts IV” begins to play again. Azraith DeMitri rises up to his feet and looks down at Stein.

Samantha Coil: The winners of this match, Roland Caldwell, Ron Barker, and Azraith DeMitri!!!

The boos sound throughout the Key Arena now as Azraith and Barker exit the ring, leaving Worrens and Stein down and out in their wake of destruction.

Dave Dymond: And even though we expected this one to be chaotic, even though we expect bad blood, still this ending came as a surprise.. the all out man-handling almost of Eli Storm, Trevor Worrens, and Dan Stein.  Just wow…

Other Guy: Revenge is a dish best served cold, and there aren’t many who are much colder than Azraith DeMitri. 

Dave Dymond: Folks our main event still to come and… hold the phone… we got cameras in the back, and from what I’m being told, Eli Storm has caught up with Roland!!!


An abrupt cut to the back catches up with Eli Storm and Roland Caldwell.  Storm NAILS Roland with a chair in hand, while Kenji Yamada, Sammy Rochester and Vincent Mallows are seen watching on from a nearby large dark blue van, Yamada and Sammy quickly charge after Storm.

Other Guy:  Shit!

Storm stands over Roland.

Eli Storm: You want to disrespect me, you son of a bitch?!?

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm destroying Roland with a chair! But Storm’s been noticed

Sammy screams hysterically.

Sammy Rochester:    BAD MAN!  BAD MAN!  BAD MAN!

Sammy jumps onto the loading dock and Kenji chuckles.

Several security guards arrive on the scene and Storm is quickly ushered out of the loading dock.  Sammy tries to force his way past the security, but before his fines pile up…

Vincent Mallows:   SAMMY!

Mallows’s voice is harsh, slurred, and powerful.  Sammy’s anger melts and he fades backwards towards the van.  Kenji helps Roland get to his feet, the blood covers the left side of his face, and his eyes are very far away.  He’s ushered into the van without a word.



Moments away from his alloted “in-ring interview” time, Jonny strides confidently down the hall toward the Guerrilla position.  At his sides are Tom Quinn and Jason Riley, with Super Fan Tim Calahan hanging out off to the side a little bit further.  And, of course, the SECURITY GUARDS follow behind, providing complete protection.

The fans watching in the arena BOOOO quite loudly.

Jonny whispers something to Riley and Quinn who nod their head and walk ahead.  They wave the guards to follow them and Jonny finds himself alone outside a VERY specific locker room.


It’s the name on the name-plate.  Jonny looks at the door briefly before rapping his knuckles over the wooden frame.


Jonny waits, as do the fans in attendance, who EXPLODE WITH A TREMENDOUS POP as the door opens.


Jonny can hear the cheers and he offers a less than sincere smile at Josh’s arrival.  As for the Real Deal, he seems totally unaffected by Jonny’s presence, maybe even a little bit amused.

The DEFILER: Joshy, we need to talk real quick.

Real Deal turns to look at Jonny Johnson, and sort of lets out an exasperated sigh.

Real Deal: What do you NEED, Jonny, that can’t wait until after the show??

Jonny senses a little agitation, and, in typical fashion decides to cary things out a little bit longer.

The DEFILER: It’s so good to see you again, Josh.  I missed you man.  We had some great times didn’t we?  Well, mostly it was me killing your knee and generally beating the hell out of you. (Stopping to think for a second)  I think you won a couple of times…  (Condescending smile) Which is going to happen.  Hell, I lost to Dan Stein and Arion Catcher.  So I’m sure you pulled off a couple over the years.

He shakes his head at the memories.

The DEFILER: So what have you been up to man?  (Quickly speaking so Josh can’t answer) ME…  I’ve just been winning Redemption Rumbles and becoming number one contender to the SHOOT Project world title.  Ya know…  About to headline my first ever Reckoning Day in a little over a month.  Just stuff like that.  I don’t want to brag or anything, though.  (Crossing his fingers) I’m just hoping the place doesn’t close down before then.  THAT would be some major deja-vu, huh?

Real Deal laughs, almost mockingly.

Real Deal: Yeah it would. Did you have a point here, or are you just rambling, you know… like usual? Congrats on your Redemption Rumble, and the main event at Reckoning Day.

Just smiling, now.

Real Deal: That’s what you wanted me to say, right? You wanted that pat on the back, didn’t ya?

Jonny is certainly less than amused at Josh’s response, and the fans can tell.  They cheer on the “ownage” that’s going on right now.   Narrowing his eyes, Jonny glowers at his long time rival and decides to quickly change the subject.

The DEFILER: I don’t know what kind of “REAL DEAL” you have worked out with your new found buddy, Adrian Corazon, but I don’t fucking like it.  The last thing I need are you or Sean or any of the “hold me down” crew back here getting involved with MY business.  His world title is MINE.  And you know it.  I know it.  The fucking entire COMPANY knows it.  This is MY destiny…  and…  And I don’t want the KID getting any…  well, getting any wrong ideas.

He pauses, his eyes still glaring a hole through the SHOOT Project God.

The DEFILER: So tell him to stay out of your match with Donovan King, and tell him to sure as FUCK stay out of MY interview.  He had his time to talk last week…  I get mine.  I don’t need him… getting hurt before I can reap the benefits.

Real Deal places a hand on Jonny’s shoulder.

Real Deal: That was pretty funny. The "hold me down" crew. Clever. But check it, hombre… it’s gonna be like this. Corazon and I are not ‘new found friends’ or a ‘random alliance’ or anything like that. I TRAINED YOUR World Champion, and if he learned anything from me, it’s this…

Real Deal pauses, leaving his hand on Jonny’s shoulder.

Real Deal: He’ll fight his own battles, and handle his own shit. If you want him to stay out of the interview? If, you know… you’re that concerned… do what you haven’t been able to do in your entire career, and man the fuck up. Tell him yourself.

Jonny is speechless, and the fans fucking LOVE IT.

In the meantime, the opening guitar rift of “Float On” by Modest begins to BLARE in the background, eliciting ANOTHER VERY LOUD REACTION from the fans at ringside.

Real Deal: That’s your cue, Jonny.  Right?  Modest Mouse.  That’s the Indy-Rock Superstar’s theme, yeah?

Jonny stays speechless, annoyed as ALLLLL hell.

Real Deal: (Shrugging, patting Jonny on the shoulder) This has been fun.  Let’s do it again, cool?

Jonny takes a deep breath and walks away, heading out toward the ring.


“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay”

The cameras come back to ringside, where a STREAM OF PINK PYROTECHNICS EXPLODE at the top of the entrance ramp!

Dave Dymond: (Laughing a little bit) Wow, OG. What a confrontation from Jonny and the REAL DEAL. Jonny did not seem happy with the responses he got from that little altercation.

Other Guy: Jonny doesn’t seem happy about a lot of things, but whatever. The dude is who he is. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of shit to say in just a moment here.

“I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay”

The music continues to play, and the lights go out completely.

A pink spotlight circles the arena, while white stoblights flash on and off in trippy fashion.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”



“Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam.

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand.”

THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON arrives into the limelight, looking NOT happy whatsoever. He is followed by his security guards, Quinn, Riley and Super Fan. The usually very talkative Defiler, ignores the taunting fans and makes his way quickly to the ring, a lot clearly on his mind.

“Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands

Good news will work its way to all them plans.”

Dave Dymond: A dangerous man, no doubt, OG. And you always cringe a little when this guy gets on a live microphone. You never know what he’s going to say.

Other Guy: He captivates an audience one way or another, Dave. I’m sure the boys in the back are going to be all ears… Especially our world Champion. This could get ugly, Dave.

“We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Well we’ll float on good news is on the way.”

Jonny steps into the ring, while the guards begin to surround the ring. Super Fan follows Jonny inside and moves to the opposite end of the ring, and Quinn and Riley stay outside, at the top of the ramp.

“Float On” by Modest Mouse begins to fade out, and Jonny pulls out a microphone from inside the pocket of his brown hoodie.


Dave Dymond: Here we go. Hang on to your hats.

Jonny stands in the center of the ring, his eyes aimed at the mat.

The DEFILER: First, and foremost, let me formally introduce you to your FUTURE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…

He looks up, glaring out at the fans at ringside.


He casts a sly smile.

The DEFILER: Jonny. Fucking. Johnson. (Pointing to himself) ME.


The fans boo pretty loudly, though, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the bizarre level of cheers he receives too.

The DEFILER: When I arrived in January, I told you… I FUCKING SAID that I would be world heavyweight champion, and here we are just a little over a month away from that DREAM… that life long goal becoming a DREARY REALITY FOR ALL OF YOU WRESTLE-FAG SMARKS out there watching this bullshit week in and week out. So get the angst out of your systems! GET YOUR TEARS OUT OF YOUR EYES and YOUR DISDAIN OUT OF YOUR VOICES. This is MY SHOW.

Jonny pauses, and again the fans respond with a very LOUD mixed reaction.

The DEFILER: I was supposed to come out here last week, but like they say… Three’s a crowd, my loves. So I took it easy and let everything that Chris and Adrian said settle so… Ya know… so, so I wouldn’t say anything I… well that I would regret. Or, well, get yelled at for. Heh.

He smirks and some of the fans kind of actually cheer pretty loudly.

The DEFILER: First of all, Chris, I’m glad you’re going back off, but don’t offer up any idle threats, okay? This whole thing. It doesn’t fucking concern you. It never did. You were the unfortunate victim of consequence, and I really thought you’d be a big enough man to realize that. You’re back doing what you did so well for the better half of your career… ya know, before I carried your dick to the main event. JOBBING to the stars, Chris. And that’s what you should be doing. You go out the way you came in.

Jonny casually shrugs his shoulders.

The DEFILER: So save your cans of raid, bitch. Okay? Cause you don’t want to involve yourself in this shit.

He takes another pause, letting his words sink in.

The DEFILER: So I guess… I guess it comes down to you and me, Cor, huh? The fucking MONEY match, right? (Smiling) You know it is, dude. That’s why you didn’t throw a punch that night I arrived. That’s why you calmly left the ring. You knew this was going to build. YOU KNEW it was going to simmer, so I’m sure that… well that you knew this was coming. The BRUTAL, INHUMAN going up against the DEFILER. The most consistent, driving force in wrestling today against the guy who has made a CAREER of forcing retirement on stupid, overambitious kids.

Jonny looks out toward the fans, gauging their reactions before continuing.

The DEFILER: It’s the sheer will and determination of Adrian Corazon pitted against the Defiler’s MENTAL HOLOCAUST. Heh. I mean… GODDAMN, Cor! Do you fucking SMELL the cash? The youngest WORLD CHAMPION in SHOOT Project History… The most INFAMOUS member of the HALL OF FAME… one ring, one night. JUNE FIRST. RECKONING DAY. WHO THE FUCK IS READY?!

Jonny’s energy seems a little forced and fake, which is probably the point. The fans, though start to get a little more behind Jonny as some of the BOOOOs now turn to cheers.

The DEFILER: Oh you fucking sheep. (laughing) You are going to pay so much fucking money for this, and DON’T I KNOW IT. That’s why I picked you, Cor. That’s why YOU’RE the lucky son of a bitch. Davis, Jonny is old news. Caldwell, Jonny… PUH-LEASE. Stochansky? Who? Kenshin? BOOOOOOORRRRIIIING. But you, Adrian, you are soooooo fucking money.

He shrugs.

The DEFILER: And that has GOT to sting, huh? Being the big, bad wolf that you are… having retired Del Carver… having been one of the most dominant IRON FIST CHAMPIONS in modern history with a growing fan base that admires you for your overpowering victories night in and night out… To be at the COMPLETE and TOTAL MERCY of THIS MAN! (Gesturing to himself) And that’s how it starts… with Adrian Corazon playing catch-up.

Jonny moves over toward the camera and smiles, looking into the lens.

The DEFILER: You say I… what was it? That I… “tainted MY meal ticket”? Oooooh fuck that, Cor. The world title has been one pile of tainted meal ticket since the AWE-INSPIRING Trevor Worrens got his emo tears all over it some six or seven months ago. The fucking thing hasn’t even been successfully defended. NOT ONE FUCKING CHAMPION put his belt on the line and walked away with a victory. And I’M somehow TAINTING IT? C’mon, man. I’m making it interesting. Fuck, I’m being modest. I MADE IT interesting. Look at us… LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE… THEY CARE ABOUT A WORLD TITLE MATCH? HOLY SHIT!

Jonny turns away from the camera and starts to pace across the ring some more.

The DEFILER: I’ve done nothing to taint myself. It’s YOUR reign that’s muddled, man. It’s YOUR image at stake. These people… these fucking idiots know that I not above cheating, Adrian. That I’ll send fifty guys after you. I HAVE NO PRIDE, man. I don’t give a SHIT how things happen as LONG AS THEY FUCKING HAPPEN so all of this… it just falls right in line with what these pathetic fucks have grown to expect.

Jonny looks out to the crowd.



The mixed reactions continue between the ironic fans and the steadfast haters.



The fans chant back and forth at each other, and Jonny can’t help but laugh at the whole scene.

The DEFILER: It doesn’t matter who you want or who you don’t want guys. Corazon isn’t coming out here this week. This is MY fucking show, MY TIME.

He looks back at the camera.

The DEFILER: June first is going to come a lot sooner than any of us realizes, but from here on out… Adrian Corazon, I VOW to make your life a nightmare. I VOW to slowly ruin everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself. I will rape you of your pride… of your honor… of EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU FUCKING TICK. And when we get to Reckoning Day… By the time June first rolls around… you’ll be a miserable, generic mess, my friend. They’ll look at you, probably sulking in a corner, and they’ll say… Heh… They’ll ALLLLLL say…

He pauses.

The DEFILER: Adrian Corazon couldn’t escape. Adrian Corazon COULD NOT FUCKING ESCAPE.

He sneers.

The DEFILER: Because NO ONE escapes the DEFILER.

Jonny waves his finger in a circle as though to “round everyone up”. He sets the microphone down gently in the center of the ring and makes his exit.

There is no music as he leaves.

Nothing to distract you.


Jonny heads back up the aisle and hastily vanishes behind the curtains.

Dave Dymond: Strong stuff from the Defiler.

Other Guy: Can Reckoning Day just be tomorrow? Fuck.

Dave Dymond: June First… SIX WEEKS AWAY. Reckoning Day, TWO THOUSAND EIGHT. Adrian Corazon will defend his world heavyweight championship belt against The DEFILER Jonny Johnson. But for now, OG, we still have one HELL of a main event on the way… Donovan King goes ONE on ONE with, of all people, THE REAL DEAL!

Other Guy: Gonna be off the chain, Dave.



The bell rings, bringing the attention to the ring.  Samantha Coil stands in the ring, grinning from ear to ear.

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is your scheduled MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!

The fans pop.

Samantha Coil:  It is set for a 60 minute time limit and scheduled for ONE fall!





“Nothing’s Changed” by Papoose plays, bringing out Donovan King.  He is wearing a new SHOOT Project “KING” jersey, numbered ‘83’ in black and green.  He is also wearing his black baggy shorts and his hands are taped up.  As he walks to the ring, however, he is clubbed from behind and all the fans that boo instantly cheer!

Dave Dymond:  Screw introductions, here we go!

Real Deal is wearing his vintage ring gear as he puts the boots to King, who is crawling, trying to get away.  He follows King and picks him up, dragging him over to the ring steps.  He SLAMS King’s head down onto the ring steps, prompting the fans to cheer even more.  King staggers away as Real Deal grabs him once again and SLAMS his head onto the ring apron!  King staggers backwards once again and Real Deal tears off King’s jersey and NAILS him in the chest with a Ric Flair back handed chop!


The fans call out the signature call of The Nature Boy as Real Deal NAILS another chop!


King cradles his chest as Real Deal braces him against the guard rail.  Real Deal hits King hard in the face and King continues to try to get away.  Real Deal comes close towards King and King WHIPS him instinctively into the ringpost!  Real Deal’s shoulder SNAPS off the post and Real Deal cries out in pain!  King glares at Real Deal as Scott Kamura slides out of the ring and orders both men to get in!

Dave Dymond:  Kamura now, trying to gain some semblance of order here with King and…OH MY GOD!

King NAILS Kamura with a HARD right hand that sends Kamura staggering!  The fans are booing LOUDLY as King measures the now kneeling Kamura and NAILS him with the Sex With Your Girlfriend!

Other Guy:  HOLY FUCK!  King has DESTROYED Scott Kamura with a move that is DEFINITELY aimed at Cade Sydal!

With Kamura out, King turns to focus on Real Deal, who LEVELS King with a Lariat!  Real Deal picks King up and rolls him into the ring, reaching under the ring to find a folding steel chair!  As he slides it into the ring, King is immediately up and FLATTENS Real Deal with the Penalty Kick!  Real Deal clutches his face as King grabs the chair and jumps up, NAILING an Arabian Facebuster legdrop!  King throws the chair from the ring and slides outside the ring, looking for some sort of weapon underneath the ring.

Dave Dymond:  We need to get somebody out here for Scott Kamura and we need another referee for this match!

Other Guy:  Why?  It looks like King and Real Deal are perfectly okay with killing each other here tonight without the assistance of shit like rules!

Just as King seems to find something, Real Deal drags him by his foot away from underneath the ring!  King kicks Real Deal away and gets up, only to BARELY miss a REALITY CHECK!  Real Deal staggers forward and King SNATCHES HIM UP AND NAILS A HALF NELSON SUPLEX TO THE FLOOR BENEATH THEM!

Dave Dymond:  Those mats don’t have ANY give!  He could have broken Real Deal’s neck!

Real Deal clutches his neck as King proceeds to kick Real Deal as hard as he can.  He picks Real Deal up and rolls him into the ring as Dennis Heflin rushes into the ring!  King slides into the ring and Heflin warns him about attacking the official as EMTs tend to the unconscious Scott Kamura at ringside.  Heflin points to his striped shirt and continues to tell King what he can and can not do!  King glares at him and HOOKS HIM AND THROWS HIM WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!


King picks Real Deal up, but Real Deal OUT OF NOWHERE jumps up and NAILS a Frankensteiner on King!  King clutches his head as Real Deal hits a running senton splash!  He picks King up as Austin Linam is in the ring now!  Linam tries to get in between Real Deal and King and Real Deal piefaces him to get him to move!

Dave Dymond:  NOW we can see some order!

Linam orders Real Deal to back off of him since he is a SHOOT Project official…AND REAL DEAL NAILS HIM WITH THE REALITY CHECK!  Linam lands on his back and the impact literally rolls Linam to the outside!

Other Guy:  Well, FUCK!

Real Deal goes to pick King up again, and King HITS REAL DEAL WITH A LOW BLOW.  The fans boo as King then hits Real Deal with a Lariat!  King sprawls over onto Real Deal and unloads blow after blow after blow!  He gets off of Real Deal, grinning as the cameras show Real Deal bleeding from the mouth and nose!  The fans throw trash at King now as Real Deal struggles to get up.

Dave Dymond:  Okay, I know we’ve got a damn main event here, but this is getting out of hand!  Three officials are down, EMTs are all over the place, Donovan King and Real Deal are kicking each other’s asses…this…this is chaos!

Other Guy:  The match didn’t even start, Dave!  They’re just…fightin’!

The fans cheer as Real Deal pulls himself up to his feet.  He calls for King to come and fight him as King slowly turns around, glaring at his opponent!  Suddenly, JASON JOHNSON, the remaining referees on duty for this evening, and four security officers charge the ring!  The fans boo LOUDLY as the four guards, Willie Dean, and Tony Lorenzo get in between the two of them!  Jason Johnson takes the microphone.

Jason Johnson:  I don’t fucking know what either of you are thinking, but this is gonna stop right NOW.

The fans boo.

Jason Johnson:  You’ve busted up THREE of my best officials because of your fucking vendetta against one another.  Not only that, but you’ve fucked up THESE people’s main event!

Jason points to the fans.

Jason Johnson:  So, you know what?  Fuck it.  Both of you.  I’ve gotta restore order here.  Both of you.  Get outta here.

The fans boo as Real Deal glares at Jason.

Jason Johnson:  I’m sorry, Josh.  I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but this shit has got to fucking stop—

Suddenly, King LEVELS Tony Lorenzo with a HARD right hand!  Without missing a beat, Real Deal hits a DOUBLE clothesline on two security guards!  The fans RIP into cheers as Real Deal grabs Willie Dean by the collar.  The last two guards attempt to restrain King, but King breaks free of them and tackles Real Deal!

Dave Dymond:  Jesus!  The officers are down, the referees are down, this is madness!


Dave Dymond:  Can’t you take this serious for one damn minute, OG?!?

Levity aside, the guards pull King up and off of Real Deal as Jason shakes his head in frustration.  Suddenly, as Real Deal is helped up by Willie Dean, Real Deal grabs Dean and LAUNCHES him ONTO THE EMTS OUTSIDE THE RING!  Dean FLATTENS the EMTs AND Kamura again!  Real Deal turns around and NAILS one of the men holding King back with the Reality Check, prompting King to YANK the man up and NAIL the KTFO!!

Other Guy:  Look at all these bodies!

Dave Dymond:  I don’t think Jason’s got anybody left that can run out to that ring!

Other Guy:  Would you even want to?!

Suddenly, Real Deal LAUNCHES a Reality Check at King, but King GRABS Real Deal’s foot!  King SPITS at Real Deal and thrusts him forward for a clothesline, but Real Deal COUNTERS with a crucifix pinfall…NO!  He NAILS a Maivia DDT!

Dave Dymond:  My GOD!  Real Deal counters the counter with a devastating DDT!

Real Deal picks King up off of the mat and hooks King’s arms!  The fans ERUPT!

Other Guy:  ART OF THE DEAL!

Dave Dymond:  Here tonight, though, I think he’s calling it the ALIENATOR!!  OutKast’s finishing maneuver!!

Real Deal NAILS the Alienator on King to a THUNDEROUS pop from the fans!  King clutches his head in pain as Real Deal paces the ring and stops, stalking his prey.

Other Guy:  This is gonna be it!  Reality Check, mother fuckers!!



The camera focuses on King’s face, where he is bleeding a great deal from a seriously busted lip from Real Deal’s Reality Check.  The camera looks back to Real Deal, who has blood literally dripping off of his chin from his busted mouth and nose!!  Real Deal walks over to King to pick him up and King suddenly SNAPS OFF A CUTTER!!



King holds his head in pain as Real Deal does the same!  The camera shows Jason Johnson, who can only watch as his brother and his most controversial Soldier are tearing one another apart.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t believe the carnage we’ve witnessed here!  The match never got underway and…both of these men…BOTH of them…have torn one another apart!

King rolls over onto his back and slides out from the ring.  He crumples at ringside, rolling halfway underneath the ring.  Real Deal, on the other hand, is also on his back in the ring, trying to come to completely and shake off the cobwebs.

Other Guy:  I’ve gotta say, Dave, this has been…I don’t know…fucking intense!

Suddenly, the fans BOO as King is UP, pulling himself to his feet…CLUTCHING THE STEEL CHAIN.

Dave Dymond:  Oh.  No.

King rolls into the ring, glaring at the woozy Real Deal.  King slowly wraps the chain around his fist and groggily gets behind Real Deal.

Dave Dymond:  Josh!  TURN AROUND!!

The camera shows Jason staring in horror as Real Deal turns, almost cinematically slowly, and King LEVELS him with a HARD punch wrapped in that chain!  The fans are in stunned silence as the CRACK is head against the skull!  Real Deal grabs his head in agony as King is on top of him, punching like a wild man at Real Deal’s face and head!

Jason Johnson:  GOD DAMN IT!


Dave Dymond:  We’ve…I…King is trying to kill The Real Deal!

Other Guy:  All night, he’s worked to keep Cade Sydal away…and apparently to keep Corazon away…all for this!

Dave Dymond:  Damn it, I’ve worked too long for Jason Johnson to have to see him witness this atrocity first hand!

Dymond throws off his headset in disgust and races over to Jason to pull him away from ringside as King WRENCHES back HARD on the Crossface!  A bottle hits King in the forehead FULL on, drenching his face in beer, but King REFUSES to release the hold!

Other Guy:  My broadcast partner has left me here to get Jason Johnson, SHOOT’s boss man, outta here.  I can’t say I blame him, either.  Donovan King has stepped over a line tonight that nobody should cross.  It’s not even…cool, man.

As if on cue, King releases the Crossface and stands up, glaring at Dave Dymond, who is having to physically drag Jason Johnson from ringside.  King turns to Samantha Coil and slides from the ring.  He motions to her to give him the microphone.  Mark Kendrick gets up only for King to KICK the SHOOT Project time keeper in the stomach and double him over!  King then WHIPS the chain down on Kendrick’s back!  Samantha Coil screams in terror as King snaps his head up at her!

Other Guy:  No!  C’MON!

King BACKHANDS Samantha Coil, sending her to the floor!  The booing is intense now as King turns his attention to Other Guy.

Other Guy:  Oh.  Shit.

King makes his way over to where Other Guy is sitting at the broadcast booth.

Other Guy:  Fuck this!

Other Guy IMMEDIATELY throws down his headset and rushes into the audience!  King stops, glaring at the fans, knowing full well he’d get killed if he went in there after Other Guy.  He walks back over to Samantha Coil, who is crying and clutching her bruising cheek.  He snatches the microphone that lays in front of her and enters the ring, where EMTs are trying to tend to Real Deal.  King charges them, and the EMTs scatter in fear!  King rolls Real Deal over onto his back and spreads his arms out.  He kneels down on top of Real Deal, bringing the microphone to his lips.

Donovan King:  DIS…IS WHAT YOU GET!

The fans boo LOUDLY as King looks up at them.


King spits down at Real Deal.

Donovan King:  Instant Heat…is…DEAD.

The fans boo again.

Donovan King:  I…AM…RIGHT.

He glares at the camera.

Donovan King:  Pay…real close attention, Cade.  Watch dis moment real close.  Rewind dis shit over and over and over again.  From Redemption…to Malice…ta now…but…DIS IS THE MESSAGE I SEND YOU!

He pauses.

Donovan King:  DIS…IS…MY…HOUSE!!

The fans ERUPT in boos.


King stands up now.

Donovan King:  An’ come Reckoning Day, Cade Sydal, I end dis.  I end dis…an’ I…END…YOU.  SHOOT PROJECT!

King grins an evil grin.

Donovan King:  My time…is now.

“Nothing’s Changed” by Papoose kicks in as King stands over the bloodied Real Deal.  At ringside, EMTs try to tend to Scott Kamura, Willie Dean, Austin Linam, Tony Lorenzo, Dennis Heflin, Mark Kendrick, and Samantha Coil.  No EMTs will enter the ring, however, as King stands over his fallen prey.  He glares down the camera long and hard as the lyrics of his theme music echo through the arena.