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Revolution: 028 – 4/27/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view. 

“Gentlemen and ladies…” 

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering. 

“Please put down your expensive champagne…” 

The last of the letters pass by. 

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!” 

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard… 


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd. 

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn 

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes. 

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists 

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight. 

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs 

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. 

“So back up!” 

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment. 

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else! 

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about. 

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted. 

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare 

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’” 

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist. 

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’” 

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the montage slows to focus on the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, as he slings the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder. 

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’” 

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head. 

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’” 

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. 

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no 

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show 

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll” 

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization 

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white. 

“So buff, so rugged, so rough 

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up 

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up 

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition 

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring. 

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out. 

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution. 

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


Revolution opens cold with images of the arena.  The lights are full on and the crowd is chanting: “Start the show!  Start the show!”  The ring crew is working on fixing the ring, and several technicians are setting up the announce table.

The camera cuts again to Dave Dymond standing in the back.

Dave Dymond: I would like to apologize for the delay on tonight’s show, but as you will soon see, it was a necessity.

The shot cuts to a view of the ring area.  The words: EARLIER TONIGHT hang in the lower right hand corner.

Silent, the images give the scenes an eerie and confusing feel.  There is no longer an announce table.  Its been torn to pieces.  Small pools of blood slowly coagulate on the floor mats.  Pieces of the table and the monitors have been strewn all around.

Arena Security is busy calming several unruly fans down near the ring area.  Several of the floor seats, complete with “Revolution” painted on the back rests, have seemingly been thrown into the ring area and are laying like corpses on the floor.

The ring crew is already at work cleaning the area up and the camera cuts to the ring itself.  The ring ropes have been cut on the side facing the announce table; they hang limp and loose. There is a giant hole in the middle of the ring.

Dave Dymond: This was what the aftermath looked like.  This is what Roland Caldwell and his… FAMILY did!  We have all the footage and we bring it to you now.

The shot cuts to footage of a dark match between two green indy workers.  The crowd is sparse and still filing into the building.  Dymond provides voice over.

Dave Dymond: During the first scheduled dark match between Matt Tastic and Netherdaddy the Zombie Pimp, Roland Caldwell decided to make an appearance.

From through the crowd, Roland Caldwell climbs over the barrier and enters the ring.  Roland sports a large bandage on his forehead as he lays out Netherdaddy with a stiff chairshot, and then grabs Matt Tastic and quickly powerbombs him into the turnbuckle.  Roland then throws them both from the ring.

Dave Dymond: After leaving the two indy workers bloody and abused, Roland turned his aggression to the ring side area.  In what was almost a replay of two weeks ago, he tore the announce table apart and threw what seemed to be a temper tantrum.

The image cuts to security officials arguing with Roland, to no avail.

Roland grabs a microphone and rolls into the ring.  A pair of bolt cutters in his hand.

Roland Caldwell: This show must NOT go on!

Roland shakes the top rope, facing the announce table.  With ease, he cuts the top rope with the bolt cutters.  Then the middle rope.  The bottom rope.  The entire side of the ring facing the announce table is now open, the ropes sag around the other sides.

Dave Dymond: There are no words I can add that convey my disgust at the disrespect… But Mr. Caldwell was only just beginning.

The video jumps forward to Roland laughing in the middle of the desecrated ring.  Roland has the microphone in his hand.  The crowd has started to fill up.

Roland Caldwell: …If he wants to strip me of my rematch, I strip him of his flagship show.  If he wants to…

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm, a constant thorn in Roland’s side, then interrupted.

Eli Storm is slowly walking down the ramp.

Eli Storm: You constantly waste time, Roland.  You constantly try to delay the inevitable, and that’s the realization that your moment in the sun has passed.  You’ve hit the high water mark of your career and you’re on your way down.

The action is cut and Dave Dymond stands backstage like before.  His eyes are downcast slightly and he speaks with a heavy heart.

Dave Dymond: And then things took a turn.  I’ll just let the images tell the story.

Eli Storm is slowly climbing up to the ring apron.

Eli Storm: Did I get your attention last week, Roland. Did you get the fucking message? You still think that you are above me, Caldwell? I would love nothing more than bashing your head in with another chairshot. But I saw where that got Sato. I saw what that got Worrens and Kenshin and all the others.  You think you are better than SHOOT? You think you are better than the lineage of champions that have come before you?  I’m tired of sitting around and not doing anything.  I’m ready to take you on and prove my worth.  I’m going to use you as my stepping stone…

Roland Caldwell: Stepping Stone?!

Eli Storm: How about this, next week Eli Storm vs. Roland Caldwell.  Former World Champion against former World Champion…lets just see how big and bad you really are…

Eli climbs into the ring and stares at Roland, Roland just smiles.

Roland Caldwell: You have it so wrong, Eli.  After we’re through, when people look at me, they aren’t going to see your stepping stone.  Oh no.  They’re going to see your grave stone.

Eli smirks and begins to speak when he hears the crowd begin to boo near the stage and turns to see Kenji Yamada running to the ring, as Eli turns Roland throws a punch which is quickly blocked by Storm, Storm returns with a hard shot to the bandage on Roland’s forehead, breaking it and releasing a small trickle of blood.  Roland quickly rolls out of the ring and runs around to Kenji, who waits there for him.  Eli stands near the sagging ropes yelling for Roland to fight him like a man.

Roland Caldwell smiles that smile.

As Eli tries to draw Roland into the ring, a spot on the opposite corner of the ring begins to bulge upwards, as if someone was being born forth from the ring canvas.  A tear pops in the canvas and a arm projects through, up into the air.

A man-child’s enormous hand reaches farther out, producing a shoulder and then a head.

Sammy Rochester.

Sammy looks around pushes himself out of the whole and climbs onto the canvas.  The crowd is booing in horror as Sammy puts his index finger to his mouth, in that universal sign of quiet, as if someone had told him not to talk under any circumstances.

Roland Caldwell: There will be no match, Eli.  There will be no more matches.  For you…

Both Roland and Kenji begin laughing like children as Sammy looms over Eli and Eli begins to sense that something has gone terribly wrong.

Eli mouths the words:

Eli Storm: Where’s Sammy?

And then his eyes go wide as Sammy clamps his gigantic fingers around the back of Eli’s neck.  Sammy, with inhuman ease, lifts Storm up and spins, crashing him down into the middle of the ring with a reverse chokeslam.  Sammy laughs and points.


Roland and Kenji crawl into the ring in concert.  They stand up and Kenji moves towards Storm, but Roland grabs him, insisting on being first.  They begin to argue over who gets to attack Storm next, and Eli begins to stand up.  They stop arguing and simply watch Storm get to his feet.

Sammy, confused, looks at Roland and Kenji, but they pay him no notice.  Their arguing has stopped and they just look, raptly, at the dazed and confused Eli Storm rising before them.  Storm turns and takes a drunken haymaker at Roland and Kenji, but they easily dodge it.

Roland spins Storm around so he’s facing Kenji, and like poetry in motion, Roland grabs Storm around the waist, just as Kenji gives Storm a lariat-legsweep combo, the momentum allowing Roland to take Storm over with a German Suplex.

More security begins to make their way down to the ring, but Kenji and Sammy begin to chase them out, preventing their interference and leaving Roland to finish Storm.

Roland slowly picks Storm up, holding him by his neck.  He holds Storm’s face close to his and whispers something into his ear.  Storm is unresponsive and Roland places him on his shoulders in a inverted fireman’s carry.  He smiles to the crowd and yells for all to hear:

Roland Caldwell: He was warned!

Roland stares at the announce table, the ring ropes on that side cut away.  Roland takes two big steps, a smaller running step and then launches himself into the air off of the ring apron.

For a heart-rending moment, Roland seems to float like a cloud, with Eli Storm prone upon his shoulders.

And then the moment is shattered by nefarious gravity, as Caldwell drives Storm head-neck-chest-first through the announce table with what can only be described as an Exploding-Hammer.  Perdition’s Hammer.  The Devil’s Hammer.  Atomic Hammer.

The crowd explodes in shock and awe as Roland quickly spins to his feet.  The body of Storm is lost in the wreckage and Roland stares at the disaster with an almost religious awe.

The scene cuts back to Dave Dymond, walking down the entrance-way to cheers and jeers.  Dymond is graven in his movements and he walks past the repaired ring.  A makeshift announce table has been put in place and Other Guy is already seated.

Dave Dymond: What you just witnessed is one of the most heinous attacks in SHOOT Project history.  What had seemed like a childish fit, was in fact a meticulously planned trap, and Eli Storm took the bait.

Dymond shakes his head with disgust.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell has been expelled from the building without further incident, and Jason Johnson has stated that a decision on Mr. Caldwell’s situation in SHOOT Project will be made during the upcoming week.  But moving on, the ring is ready.  Let’s start Revolution.


Osbourne stands under the hot water, his eyes closed as the artificial rain sprays over his face, soothing and refreshing. After a long day in the gym, he hadn’t had chance to shower before making it down to Revolution, but he now makes use of the ammenities available to him. Reaching out to the plastic shelf stuck to the white tiles, just as he grasps his shower gel, he hears an odd sound… like a click and a bang rolled into one.

Narrowing his eyes, he steps out of the shower, closing the pod door behind him and tying a towel around his waist in a swift motion as he quickly scans his locker room, instantly noticing the door not quite closed, the lock having been picked or kicked in. Looking over at the kit-bag sat on the beech bench, he sees something which makes his lips curl back from his gritted teeth in a snarl which barely contains a roar of anger.

His gym clothes are covered by an aluminium dish and as he kicks it away with the tip of his toe, he sees that everything in the bag is covered in custard and cream and pastry!

Without a second thought, he strides to the door, ripping it open, only to find himself gasping in shock as a bucket of ice-cold water is flung over him, followed by a custard-pie to his face. Angrily, he wipes as much away from his eyes as he can, just about able to see the cluprit as he rides past on a unicycle and pulls the towel from Osbourne’s waist!

Highly embarassed, Osbourne turns to look behind him to see some shocked and giggling tech staff and road agents before trying to cover himself up with his hands and turning back to look down the corridor just to see the end of his towel vanish around a corner!


The main Spokane Arena is filled with laughter as the fans find amusement in Jester’s actions and Osbourne’s plight!


Dave Dymond: Looks like Jester Smiles just took Osbourne Kilminster down a peg or two!

Other Guy: You’re loving this, aren’t you?

Dave Dymond: The guy’s an ass. He deserves it!



The cameras focus on the center of the ring now, where Samantha Coil is ready to work, despite appearing visually disturbed with what just happened between Eli Storm and Roland Caldwell.

Of course, She looks beautiful as always.

“Mobscene” by Marilyn Manson begins to play, and Samantha brings her microphone up closer to her lips. The fans continue to stir over the previous segment, though offer a fairly docile reaction to the arriving participant in tonight’s opening contest. The curtains rustle briefly, and a couple of new arrivals make their first steps into the SHOOT Project spotlight.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a TEN MINUTE TIME LIMIT! Introducing first, weighing in at TWO HUNDRED, SEVENTY-EIGHT POUNDS, he is accompanied by his manager 
“BIG” Ed, Johnson… This is GUTTER RAT!!!

“Big” Ed is first out, followed by the very menacing, very frightening an angry-looking GUTTER RAT. Gutter Rat stays behind his manager, who is out spewing propaganda to this “new” group of potential “fans”. The fans, however, do not react well to “Big” Ed’s pitch. He gets more and more obnoxious as the tandem heads toward the ring, actually stopping to argue face to face with several fans. In fact, during one argument he rips a poster out of a fan’s hands and rips it up.

Gutter Rat moves passed him at this juncture, unconcerned with his manager’s business, and walks into the ring. “Big” Ed notices and follows quickly after him, but not before flipping the bird and offering a few choice words to his detractors.

Dave Dymond:: Well, the show goes on, ladies and gentlemen. GUTTER RAT, along with his promoter and manager, “Big” Ed Johnson are making their SHOOT Project debuts tonight, though, perhaps, not exactly how they may have wanted.

Other Guy: I was just gonna say, Dave… People aren’t looking at this and sayin’, “Gutter Rat match”. THIS is a DEFILER match, and that’s not how you want to be startin’ your career. That shit said, though, Rat looks like he could be a tough cat ‘round here, but fuck… rough place to start.

“Big” Ed has a few words for his client, who listens, and occasionally nods his head, but doesn’t show too much concern for whatever he’s hearing. Ed pats him on the back and takes some time to go chit-chat with referee, Willie Dean.

Dave Dymond:: We don’t have a LOT of information on Gutter Rat, though from what we understand he’s typically been defined as a brawler and has a fairly extensive history working overseas with various Independent organizations throughout Japan. He is an experienced veteran, so it’s going to be interesting how he handles Jonny, tonight.

“Big” Ed shakes Willie Dean’s hand, though Dean seems cautious of the gesture. “Mobscene” by Marilyn Manson begins to fade at the same time, and suddenly…


Other Guy: Here we go…


There is a GIGANTIC MIXED REACTION from the Spokane Arena crowd!!! BOOS turn into CHEERS into BOOS again!



Dave Dymond:: Maybe one of the most notable entrances in professional wrestling today!

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT…

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay

I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay”

Samantha Coil: He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED, TWENTY-SEVEN pounds and comes from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS… This is, THE DEFILER… JONNY JOHNSON!!!

Lazy pink laser lights circle the arena in trippy fashion.

“And we’ll all float on, okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.”

“And we’ll all float on anyway…”

PYRO TECHNIC EXPLOSION and the DEFILER strides through the curtains. He looks all business this evening, his eyes squarely on his opponent. A few fans try to slap him on the arm, but Jonny violently shrugs them off, moving with a quickened pace.

Dave Dymond:: Jonny is not being deterred this evening. With Adrian Corazon slated to be out here sometime within the next hour or so, he said he was conceding this evening, and will probably be looking to make an early exit from the building. Of course, it’s Jonny Johnson we’re talking about so anything could happen.

Other Guy: He’s gonna have to make sure he doesn’t take Gutter Rat too lightly, though, Dave. I know the man’s got a lot on his mind with his world title shot coming up in just a little under two months, but he’s also sporting a three-match losing streak, with his last victory coming all the way back in January at the Redemption Rumble, which ya know, deep down, is not sittin’ well with him.

Jonny charges toward the ring and slides inside.

The DEFILER: Start this shit, Willie!

Without hesitating, Jonny aggresses on Gutter Rat who doesn’t seem the least bit caught off guard. Willie Dean calls for the bell, and tries to maintain order, though has almost no success.


Jonny throws a forearm into Gutter Rat’s chest, an attack that backs Rat up a step or two! Rat stops and fires a right hand, but Jonny dodges! Jonny counters with a SHARP kick to the thigh! Rat buckles a bit! “Big” Ed screams from the outside about “unfair” tactics, but is mostly ignored! Jonny comes back with a left knee into Rat’s ribs, followed by a STIFF FOREARM STRIKE to the face! Rat stumbles back into the ropes!

Dave Dymond:: Jonny is wasting absolutely NO TIME in that ring, OG! Wow.

Jonny lands ANOTHER KICK to the side! Rat tries to block, but can’t fully and absorbs most of the blow! Jonny presses him up against the ropes and throws him toward the other side! Rat, though, possessing the strength and weight advantage, is able to counter and throw Jonny instead! Jonny bounces back off the ropes and Rat moves forward for a clothesline attempt! Jonny rolls underneath! Rat turns around, but Jonny is up to his feet, spins and LEVELS Gutter Rat with a 360 elbow strike to the face followed by a left-armed forearm strike!


Other Guy: Damn! What a combo attack from Jonny!

Dave Dymond:: Gutter Rat seems a bit out-matched early in this one, and maybe a little under-prepared. Jonny is eating him up despite a five inch height disadvantage and about a fifty-pound weight difference.

Jonny continues his onslaught and connects on a STIFF kick to Rat’s left thigh! Rat falls to a knee and Jonny charges and EXPLODES with a KNEE TO RAT’S FACE!!! Rat is down INSTANTLY! “Big” Ed is NOT happy and starts screaming at the official! He then gets up on the apron and screams at Jonny!

“Big” Ed Johnson: Oh this is crap! Ref, check him! CHECK HIM!

Jonny hears Ed on the apron and rolls his eyes. Willie Dean is distracted though, as he tries to get “Big” Ed down off the apron. Jonny takes a few steps back, not wanting to put himself in a position to be “taken advantage of”. Gutter Rat pushes himself back up to his feet. Jonny moves in but Gutter Rat is actually quick to counter with an EYE-GOUGE Jonny is annoyed and holds at his face! Rat then moves up and NAILS Jonny with a headbutt! “Big” Ed gets down off the apron, and seems pleased with himself. Rat moves on Jonny now and reaches out with both hands, wrapping them around his neck and shoving him into the corner! Willie Dean moves in to try and break the illegal hold! Rat, though, keeps pushing Jonny back, breathing heavily. He presses Jonny up against the turnbuckles. Dean starts a five count, but Rat breaks the hold and fires off an overhand CHOP TO THE CHEST OF JONNY!


The fans cringe at the impact, but the strike seems to invigorate Jonny who returns the attack with a forearm strike to the side of Rat’s face! Rat staggers back! Jonny springboards off the second rope and DRILLS GUTTER RAT WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE!!!

Dave Dymond:: What a strike from Jonny! And Gutter Rat is down!

Other Guy: How do you stop this guy, Dave? Just when Gutter Rat looks to mount an offense, Jonny counters with a heavy impact attack to keep the man down. It’s unreal, and ya gotta wonder how Adrian Corazon is going to prepare for all this.

The fans actually start applauding the DEFILER who looks down at Gutter Rat with utter disdain! In the meantime, “Big” Ed is back on the apron! Jonny at first looks like he’s going to go for a cover and make a pin fall attempt, but as soon as he sees Ed on the apron, he stops and backs up into the corner again.


The fans start to booo the distraction.

The DEFILER: Fucking knock it off, dude!

“Big” Ed Johnson: YOU KNOCK IT OFF!

Jonny rolls his eyes and moves a few steps closer to the apron, though keeping himself in a position to see Gutter Rat! Willie Dean moves toward Jonny to keep him away, which only entices “Big” Ed to shout more bullshit.

In the meantime, Gutter Rat starts to stir!

“Big” Ed Johnson: You think you’re SOOOOO big, huh, Jonny? Gutter Rat’s gonna eat you up and HE’LL be the one going to Reckoning Day!

Jonny feigns moving forward.

The DEFILER: Don’t fuck with me, man. Okay? Get off that apron and let Willie here do his job!

“Big” Ed stays on the apron.

“Big” Ed Johnson: Come make me! Come make me, DEFILER!

Willie Dean starts to admonish Willie Dean. Gutter Rat is back up to his feet! Dean is distracted! Jonny shakes his head and reaches into his tights!

But Gutter Rat lunges with an attack!!!


Other Guy: HA!!

Dave Dymond:: Jonny with a managerial tactic of his own!!! BIG ED IS NOT HAPPY!


Gutter Rat turns away, wiping furiously at his eyes!!!

Willie Dean starts to turn around, but doesn’t see anything with Gutter Rat’s eyes not visible from his angle!

Jonny now behind Gutter Rat!!!





The fans are almost one hundred percent CHEERING as the roof about goes off the building!!!


Other Guy: Listen to this place, Dave!!!

Jonny DRIVES HIS FOREARM into Gutter Rat’s face, hiding his eyes, as he covers him for the pin fall attempt!!!


The fans echo with each slap of the mat!




Dean calls for the bell! “Big” Ed SLAMS the mat from outside!!!

Samantha Coil: The winner of this contest… THE DEFILER… JONNY JOHNSON!!!

Jonny stands up and looks down at Gutter Rat, as “Float On” by Modest Mouse starts to play again throughout the arena!!! Jonny looks to Willie Dean and actually extends a hand.

The DEFILER: Nice job, ref.

Jonny and Willie weirdly shake hands and Jonny quickly exits leaves the ring, walking right past an exasperated “Big” Ed, who, surprisingly, has nothing to say.

Dave Dymond:: WHAT a statement from the Defiler to open the show!

Other Guy: Yeah, but the cat’s not sticking around.

Other Guy is right on the money, as Jonny vanishes behind the curtains without a trace.

Dave Dymond:: The losing streak comes to an EMPHATIC end, and these fans here in Spokane… well, they were surprisingly on Jonny’s side tonight. When he hit connected with the Demoralization Process, I mean, these guys went nuts, OG.

Other Guy: Jonny’s always had his following man, and on top of that, the Demoralization Process is maybe one of the most exciting moves in our business, and so these cats go a little wild. “Big” Ed didn’t exactly help endear himself or his client, though, which I’m sure also plays a factor.

“Big” Ed checks in on Gutter Rat who is up to his knees, while OG and Dave continue their discussion.

Dave Dymond:: Regardless of the reaction, Jonny picks up the victory and high tails it out. He said earlier in the week that this is “Adrian Corazon’s night” and that he has, well OG, that he has “conceded Revolution Twenty-Eight.” Whether or not those statements hold up, well, we won’t know. But folks, we WILL be hearing from the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion sometime in the first hour of our broadcast so stay tuned for that… Also Corazon DEFENDS his title later tonight against Kilgore Stochansky in our main event so it is potentially a HUGE night for the twenty-two year old out of Mexico City.

Other Guy: It really is, Dave. Corazon’s been under a little heat for how things ended at Malice, but a win over Stochansky is gonna shut a lot of people up and give him a HUGE boost of momentum heading into his match with Jonny at Reckoning Day.

Dave Dymond:: Gonna be an interesting night as always, OG!


Just outside the Spokane Arena a large blue van, full sized is seen stationary.  The side sliding door is open and a special handicapped accessible lift is lowering.  The motor is running and an unknown man is in the driver’s seat waiting.  Vincent Mallows wheels into view, followed closely by Kenji Yamada and Sammy Rochester.

Kenji Yamada: Why do we have to go because Roland got kicked out of here?  What are we running from?

Mallows positions himself onto the lift then turns his chair around, so his right hand is positioned by a button on the outside of the van.

Vincent Mallows: We are not running.  But you have to understand; all of our business is connected.  Roland is gone; we have no reason to be here.  Not tonight.  Come.

Both Yamada and Sammy seem hesitant.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says it makes us look like cowards. I don’t like Mikey making fun of us.  Why can’t we stay and play?

Vincent Mallows: Next week, Sammy.  Next week you can play. And Kenji will play.  Trust in me, it will be a night of Family entertainment.  For now we must go.

Yamada sneers but he motions for Sammy to get into the van through the back double doors. The lift reaches its full height and Mallows wheels himself into the van and Yamada flips up the lift so it’s vertical and then slams the sliding door shut.  He then shakes his head.

Kenji Yamada: The things I do for family…

Yamada then hops into the passenger’s seat next to the unknown driver.  He closes his door and the van drives off.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) the good thing, it appears as if there are no more members of The Family in attendance tonight. The bad thing, there emphasis on next week.

Other Guy: (from ringside) A night of family entertainment?  That sounds all kinds of creepy to me, Dave.


Christopher Davis stands in front of a door, on this door the words "Referee’s Dressing Room" is written in black letters on a white piece of paper. He pauses for a few seconds then he begins to knock.

Christopher Davis: Scott Kamura…Scott…I know you’re in there Scott.

Davis begins to knock harder.

Christopher Davis: Scott!! Come on now, come on out here and let me do the right thing and apologize. We really don’t want a repeat of last week now do we? Come on.

No response. Davis’ begins to get angry; he draws back to bang on the door once again, however…

"Mr. Davis!"

Chris doesn’t even look in the direction of the voice; he just lowers his head and sighs. After a few seconds he reaches to knock on the door again.

Christopher Davis: Scott, I feel another incident arising. You probably could avoid this if you do the right thing…

A hand reaches for Davis, landing on his shoulder.

Christopher Davis: …you might want to hurry.

Chris doesn’t turn around, as he already knows what is going on. A SHOOT project security guard stands behind him. A strapping lad, about six foot four, probably two hundred fifty pounds. A buzz hair cut and an earring in his ear, he again tries to speak to Chris.

Security: Mr. Davis, I’m going to have to ask you to move along.

Mr. Davis…


The security man begins trying to move Chris all the while repeating his words. Chris doesn’t move he just shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: (under his breath) Now this is just rude. It’s unnecessary for this kid to put his hands on me like this. I’m standing here trying to do the right thing and this idiot wants to be rude and put his hands on me.

Chris sighs loudly. He then turns around to face the security person. He pauses for a second, and then puts his hands in his pockets and smiles.

Christopher Davis: What’s your name?

Security: I don’t think it’s necessary to…

Christopher Davis: I didn’t ask what was necessary; I asked what your name is. At least show me that much respect.

Security: My name is John. Now Mr. Davis I’m going to have to ask you…

Christopher Davis: You want to see a magic trick Jonny?

John: What?

Christopher Davis: Would. You. Like. To. See. A. Magic. Trick? It’s not a trick question Jonny, it’s a simple question. See recently I learned this amazing trick and I’ve been dying to show it to someone.

John: What I would like…

Christopher Davis: Ok, never mind, the decision is no longer yours. I’m going to show you a magic trick, and then I’ll leave.

This is a cool trick and it doesn’t require much preparation either.

Chris takes his hands out of his pockets. He holds his hands up for John to see.

Christopher Davis: Ok, Jonny as you can see there’s nothing up my sleeve. Now this trick is something I’ve only seen once so I may not quite get it right so bear with me. I haven’t really had a chance to practice. He puts his hands back in his pockets.

Now Jonny, here’s the trick. I’m going to show you how to move from an average, mid-card nothing with a tired gimmick to wrestling for the world title in SHOOT.  Ok, you with me?

John is getting annoyed, but he nods his head.

Christopher Davis: Now I need you to imagine a couple things for me. First, you have to imagine that you are a multiple time world champion and hall of famer. Then, I need you to imagine that I am that mid-card nothing I spoke of earlier.

You still with me?

John: Mr. Davis… (sighs and rolls his eyes)…ok.

Christopher Davis: Cool.

Things appear to move in slow motion from this point. Chris takes his hands out of his pockets, on his right hand you see a twinkle of light. When you focus you notice Chris is now wearing brass knuckles on his right hand. Slowly John begins to realize, but it’s too late. Chris delivers a quick, precise blow to the nose of the security guard.

Blood flies through the air as Davis connects violently with John’s face. John covers his face as Davis stands looking on…perplexed. He begins looking around him…confused.

Christopher Davis: Humph…that’s odd. This is the part where Jason Johnson comes out and bestows a world title opportunity on me. That’s weird.

Hold on…

Davis removes the brass knuckles from his right hand and puts them on his left. John doesn’t see any of this happen. Davis again connects with John’s face, this time left handed. John goes down in heap. 

Chris crouches down, he removes the brass knuckles.

Christopher Davis: So maybe next time you won’t be so rude to people. Putting you hands on them like that. What happened to saying please?  A little kindness goes a long way, remember that Jonny.

Chris stands up; he tosses the brass knuckles down at the head of John.

Christopher Davis: Teaching them the right thing, one lesson at a time. 

Chris smiles and walks away.


Storming down one of the Spokane Arena’s backstage corridors, Osbourne Kilminster seethes with rage, his jaw clenches tightly, his breathing deep and slow, his muscles twitching beneath his short-sleeved black sweater.

Osbourne Kilminster: JESTER!

Looking about in all directions, through every open door and window, he’s unable to see anything. Suddenly, he notices a door marked "Eric Jester Smiles" and stops his his tracks, clicking his neck from side to side and smirking as he reaches out to open the door, but as he does so a shoestring trips wire across the doorframe catches his legs and he falls in through the door and lands face-first into another custard pie! Hearing some maniacal laughter, get gets up to his knees and tried to wipe away the custard and cream. Standing up looking back out into the corridor he can see the blurry image of a man peddling back and forth to remain on the spot on a unicycle.

Osbourne Kilminster: JESTER! YOU THINK THIS IS –

Before he can even finish, Jester puts a finger in his own ear and holds out an airhorn right in Osbourne’s face and lets off an almighty, deafening blast.

Osbourne Kilminster: AAAGH!

Slightly shocked, Osbourne swings his fists out, but Jester’s already on his merry way down the corridor with a chuckle!

Once again, the arena is filled with laughter as Jester’s game of one-sided game of one-upmanship with Osbourne Kilminster continues!

Dave Dymond: Ha!

Other Guy: Wow, Dave, I dunno if I ever seen you laugh before, man…

Dave Dymond: Well, it’s funny!

Other Guy: That it is, but Osbourne doesn’t seem to think so!


Storming down one of the Spokane Arena’s backstage corridors, Osbourne Kilminster seethes with rage, his jaw clenches tightly, his breathing deep and slow, his muscles twitching beneath his short-sleeved black sweater.

Osbourne Kilminster: JESTER!

Looking about in all directions, through every open door and window, he’s unable to see anything. Suddenly, he notices a door marked "Eric Jester Smiles" and stops his his tracks, clicking his neck from side to side and smirking as he reaches out to open the door, but as he does so a shoestring trips wire across the doorframe catches his legs and he falls in through the door and lands face-first into another custard pie! Hearing some maniacal laughter, get gets up to his knees and tried to wipe away the custard and cream. Standing up looking back out into the corridor he can see the blurry image of a man peddling back and forth to remain on the spot on a unicycle.

Osbourne Kilminster: JESTER! YOU THINK THIS IS –

Before he can even finish, Jester puts a finger in his own ear and holds out an airhorn right in Osbourne’s face and lets off an almighty, deafening blast.

Osbourne Kilminster: AAAGH!

Slightly shocked, Osbourne swings his fists out, but Jester’s already on his merry way down the corridor with a chuckle!

Once again, the arena is filled with laughter as Jester’s game of one-sided game of one-upmanship with Osbourne Kilminster continues!

Dave Dymond: Ha!

Other Guy: Wow, Dave, I dunno if I ever seen you laugh before, man…

Dave Dymond: Well, it’s funny!

Other Guy: That it is, but Osbourne doesn’t seem to think so!




A rush of agents hurry over to break up a potential fight between JASON RILEY and KID LIGHTNING!  Riley is CLEARLY pissed off and whatever Kid Lightning said.  He squirms and tries to fight past the people holding him back, while KL stays a little more calm.

Kid Lightning: I’m just asking that you fight fair, tonight, Riley!

Riley: OR WHAT?  HUH!  I’m GONNA KILL THAT BITCH!  I’m gonna kill her and then for the first time ever, you’re going to see a man RAPE A FUCKING WOMAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!  How does that sound you faggot!

“Whoa!  Riles!  Dude what the fuck!”

THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON, now in his street clothes carrying a black duffle bag, and appearing to be on his way out, interrupts the fight and starts pushing Riley back.  Kid Lightning tries to approach Jonny, but the TRUE number one contender to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE turns and puts an arm out.

The DEFILER: I suggest you get the fuck out of here, Lightning…  Understood?

Jonny stares Kid down, and KL opts to back off.

Kid Lightning: Tell him to work fair…  That’s all I want.

Jonny scoffs.

The DEFILER: He’ll do what he wants.

Jonny keeps an arm up to hold Riley back, but continues to watch Kid Lightning, making sure he’s gone.  Jonny then turns toward Riley and grabs him by the shoulders.

The DEFILER: What the FUCK is wrong with you?

Riley does not appreciate his cousin talking down to him.

Riley: FUCK OFF.  I got a fucking match to get ready for.

Riley tries to walk away, but Jonny grabs him!  Riley instinctively tries to SHOVE Jonny, but Jonny grabs even harder and FORCES HIM UP AGAINST THE WALL.

The DEFILER: Stop acting like a little bitch.

Riley keeps quiet, his eyes fiery, his body tense, ready to lash out.

The DEFILER: Get your shit together and we’re going, okay?  You’ll take a forfeit.  We need to get the fuck out of this arena.

Riley shakes his head.

Riley: No way, dude.  I’m staying here and I’m working my match.  I’m sick of being booked against Nova every fucking week and I’m going to make sure they can’t book it EVER AGAIN!

Jonny pushes Riley up against the wall harder, his back hitting the cement with a pretty decent amount of force.

The DEFILER: You’ll do what the FUCK I TELL YOU, JASON!  This isn’t worth it.  We need to leave.  I don’t want any of our guys in this building.

Riley glares at Jonny.

Riley: Cause you’re afraid of Corazon?

Jonny’s grip tightens on Riley’s shirt.

The DEFILER: Don’t start, you whiny little C&%T!  You are going to do what I tell you, or you’re going to find yourself out of work and out of a place to live.  And on top of that, I’ll tell your fucking parents that I’m “concerned” with your “bad habits” and have you sent to rehab.

Riley stands his ground.

Riley: I’m wrestling, tonight.

Jonny pauses, his eyes locked on Riley.

The DEFILER: Fine.

He finally lets go and takes a few steps back.

The DEFILER: But you’re on your own tonight.

Riley rolls his eyes.

Riley: Whatever.  I don’t need you guys anyway.

Jonny shrugs and starts walking away, the cameras following him down the hall.


He sighs but keeps walking, checking his watch to keep an eye out for the time.

The DEFILER: (Still annoyed) He better have the car ready.

He picks up the pace with the exit coming up ahead.  However, before he can make it two the doors…

Two, very tiny, very weird little people jump out from the intersecting hallway.  Jonny is startled, which only seems to annoy him more.

The DEFILER: FUCK!  (Looking at the two tiny people, holding his chest, breathing) I’M GOING TO…  Ugh…  (Realizing he almost threatened midgets) Goddamnit.  What the HELL is this about?

They look odd to say the least.  They’re in half white, half red body suit, and aren’t more than like three and half feet tall at most.  They hair is neatly parted, one to the right and the other to the left.  One has red hair and one has white hair.

???: Oh, Jonny, You, Jonny at last we meet!

???: Dear Jonny, Sweet Jonny, for you a TREAT!

Jonny blinks, while the second “little person” pulls out an envelope from behind his back and hands it to him.  The Defiler reluctantly accepts the offer.

Kid ONE: I am KID ONE, and THIS is KID TWO!

Kid TWO: And that is an invitation especially for YOU!

They both bow their heads and run off.  Jonny has no idea what to make of the situation, though seems to be more accepting the second he opens the envelope.

The DEFILER: (Reading the letter) Dear Jonny.  We cordially invite you and your lovely Friends to our Tea Party Gathering next week at Revolution number Twenty-Nine.  Please feel free to bring a desert!  Sincerely, Vincent Mallows and The Family.

Jonny sighs out loud, and places the invitation back into the envelope.

The DEFILER: (Shaking his head) Goddamnit it, Mallows…

Jonny holds on to the envelope and wastes no time making a break for the door.

He’s done for the evening.



Dave Dymond: Well folks it almost looked like this next match up wasn’t going to happen, but in a somewhat surprising stand, Jason Riley NOT leaving with Jonny Johnson and his tag team partner Tom Quinn. Maybe the self-proclaimed biggest asshole is buckling down.

Other Guy: The dude’s got a serious issue with Nova Lynn, that’s well documented. Guess he feels he’s got something to prove once and for all.

Dave Dymond: A little insecurity about his manliness maybe, or all a part of his chauvinistic attitude. Either way, we’ve got Jason Riley one on one with Nova Lynn and its…

“Just Like You” by Three Days Grace kicks in now and the fans in attendance turn to the entryway just as Paul Jarvis storms out from the back.  The fans begin to boo but Jarvis just shakes his head back at them pointing to himself as he approaches the ring.

Dave Dymond: Did I say the wrong thing? Because I could have sworn I said Jason Riley versus Nova Lynn, not Paul Jarvis.

Other Guy: Remember when I used to call this guy a gnat?

Dave Dymond: Yeah.

Other Guy: Still a gnat.

Jarvis hastily moves around the ring stopping for a moment as he has some choice words with Mark Kendrick.  Kendrick finally moves out of the way and Jarvis snatches one of the microphones off the table.  He then rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and angrily rises to his feet.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Cut the music.  Cut it. Cut it. CUT IT!

Jarvis’s whining shouts do not win him any love what so ever from the crowd.  The music cuts off and Jarvis paces back and forth, looking to the mat while he runs his hand through his hair.

The MIRACLE WORKER: It seems like.  It seems like people have just TOTALLY up and forgotten just who in the freakin’ heck I am!

“YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!”  The chant starts up and Jarvis snaps his head up to finally look out at the crowd.

The MIRACLE WORKER: No I’m sorry. I’m not Japanese kick boxing star Yousuk Onimatu.  I know he’s a great athlete and so am I, but that does not make us the same person. NO!  I am the one and only Miracle Worker of professional wrestling. I am the end all be all. The Jack of all Trades, God’s Champion, and THE Wonder of Wonders.

He stops for a moment, taking in the full on reaction from the crowd.

The MIRACLE WORKER: And my name is Paul Jarvis.  My name is Paul Jarvis!  Don’t you get it!  For the past few weeks ever since I dumped that monkey Dan Stein off my back. Ever since I stopped carrying his dead weight, it’s been just one problem after another.  First it was the blatant disrespect from Ken.

Dave Dymond: Obviously referring to the nickname he’s given Kenji Yamada for fans trying to follow along at home.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Then it was the FURTHER disrespect shown by Jo-Jo the Defiler himself.  Well that sucked.  It did. I am NOT going to lie.  Being disrespected by the very man I’VE MADE TAP OUT, that does not sit well with me. And that’s why I’m out here tonight.  I KNOW Jonny Johnson has left the building, I KNOW he’s left one of his goons behind, and I’m sending a message to Riley right now to deliver to Jo-Jo personally.

Jarvis turns his body and looks towards the entryway.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Jason Riley, you tell Jonny Johnson that I have found someone better than him. Tell him that I’ve been looking around, and listening, and there is ONE man on this roster who is preaching to the choir right now. There is ONE man on this roster who sees EYE TO EYE with me, Paul Jarvis.  And guess what, that man is my NEW tag team partner.

Jarvis nods his head with a great deal of confidence in his expression.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Yeah, I said it. And it’s true. Now he’s REAL busy tonight taking care of his own business, but I kid you not, next week we blow the roof off the arena.  That’s right, WAY WAY OFF.  Like beyond the heavens themselves. My best friend God will be able to see the roof it will go that high!

Jarvis smiles but the fans continue to boo.

Other Guy: Just get to the point already.

Dave Dymond: My thoughts exactly.

Jarvis gets very serious now.

The MIRACLE WORKER: Next week me and my tag team partner will stand side by side for the first time in a wrestling ring.  I have dubbed him Mr. “Do The Right Thing”…

The fans suddenly begin to buzz with shock and Jarvis flashes an all too knowing grin.

The MIRACLE WORKER: My tag team partner is… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

“Just Like You” by Three Days Grace begins to play again as Jarvis leaves the ring.  The fans no longer booing, simply sitting in stunned confusion, others flat out shocked.

Dave Dymond: What the hell!?  No way.  That is NOT possible.

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave.  Davis ain’t been too happy about things going on in SHOOT Project, Jarvis ain’t been happy either.  It isn’t impossible.

Dave Dymond: Yeah but its highly improbable.  And if he WAS Jarvis’s tag team partner, why wouldn’t he come out here tonight?

Other Guy: Eh, Jarvis said he was busy. Maybe that’s the case. I don’t know. You don’t know.  Only two people can give us the truth, and I guess we got to wait until next week for that.

Dave Dymond: Guess so, and Jarvis now out of the ring but he has left us to start this next match up in a complete state of shock… is it true?  Christopher Davis the tag team partner of Paul Jarvis?

After a moment of the fans settling in, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” begins to play as the arena lighting transforms to a pink hue.  Purple spotlights flash at the entryway as Nova Lynn Jackson hops out from the back, all fired up and full of energy.  The SHOOT video screen shows shots of Nova Lynn playing air guitar and high fiving people, and that plays in a continuous loop as Nova Lynn makes her way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from… (Samantha hesitates for a moment) she doesn’t want to say because too many boys bother her… here is Nova Lynn Jackson!!!

Nova Lynn runs around the ring tagging hands with the fans, and the male fan base really gets into her being live and in person.

Dave Dymond: She’s not the most well known superstar of SHOOT Project, hasn’t seen a lot of in ring action, but boy does Nova Lynn get a crowd going.

Other Guy: I think her body helps BIG TIME on that one, Dave.

Dave Dymond: She is a lovely looking woman, that is for sure. Who has a great deal of wrestling ability as well, and I think it’s only a matter of time before she really gets to show that off.

Nova Lynn, after running a full circle around the ring, dives under the bottom rope and sort of does jump kick up to her feet while she raises her hands above her head.  The fans continue to cheer when suddenly her music is cut off.


A swirling spotlight of green, pink, and brown focuses on the entryway.


The fans begin to boo immediately as “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies starts to play and now the swirling spotlight splits off to multiple spotlights shining down at different locations inside the Spokane Arena.  Jason Riley walks out from the back with angry determination in his eyes.  He points to Nova Lynn as he walks towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: And her opponent, weighing in at 168 pounds, here is Jason Riley!!!

Riley suddenly sprints towards the ring, running up the ring steps and vaulting over the top he bull charges Nova Lynn, but suddenly stops only a few inches away from her, and he smirks, turns his back and holds his arms out to his side.

Dave Dymond: Riley trying to maybe intimidate Nova Lynn there, but it doesn’t seem like it quite worked.

Other Guy: It helps knowin’ Riley is out here all on his own tonight so I guess Nova Lynn knows she’s not goin to get jumped or beaten down from behind.

Riley’s music fades out as he turns back around and again sticks his finger out, pointing it right at Nova Lynn.

Dave Dymond: We’d like to take this time and wish Nova Lynn’s friend and tag team partner CBP the best recovery. CBP of course unfortunately found himself involved with The Family last week, and he does not have a fond memory as a result of that.

Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell and Riley sticks out his neck a bit and points to his cheek, a clear taunt at Nova Lynn to take the first shot.  Nova Lynn clenches both of her fists tightly, ready to fight and Riley taunts her some more to hit him.  Nova bites and throws a punch right at Riley who quickly grabs her fist and bends her arm to the side.  Riley shakes his head with a smile.

Jason Riley: You stupid bitch!

Riley winds up with a punch of his own, when suddenly Nova Lynn STOMPS down hard on Riley’s foot.  The abrupt pain causes Riley to let go of Nova and she sprints at the ropes now. Riley recovers quickly and runs after Nova.  Nova turns her body as she hits the ropes, then drops down, pulling the ropes down with her. Riley SAILS over the top rope, but turns his own body so he lands feet first on the outside ring edge. Nova up to her feet, and she goes to run, but Riley reaches out, grabs a handful of Nova’s hair and just YANKS her forcefully down to the mat!


Heflin gets right in Riley’s face as he gets back into the ring, warning Riley not to pull the hair. Riley nods and then just STOMPS down once into Nova’s gut.

Dave Dymond: Jason Riley certainly focused here tonight

Other Guy: And angry, Dave. This laid-back alcohol drinkin, drug lovin’ kid is really puttin’ the boots to Nova with some serious anger.

Riley hits a couple more boots still then pulls Nova to her feet and doesn’t hesitate to open palm chop Nova clear across the chest!  Nova lurches back, clutching at her chest in pain and Riley FIRES again.  This time Nova doubles over and Riley jumps up onto the ropes right next to her, FLIPS backwards off and CONNECTS with a DDT!

The fans boo as Riley hooks the leg, though others buzz from the impressive acrobatic display and Dennis Heflin with the count…



Nova shoulders out and the match continues.

Dave Dymond: Jason Riley RIGHT back on the offense with those stomps, this time working over Nova Lynn’s back.  And again brings her up to her feet.

Riley WHIPS Nova across the ring.  Nova comes bouncing back and Riley charges.  Riley LEAPS with a jumping knee, but as he does Nova drops down into the splits causing Riley to jump over her.  Riley lands awkwardly on his right leg, which buckles slightly but nothing major. Riley pivots around and Nova gets right up out of the splits and then turns with a toe spinning toe kick to the side of the face!

Other Guy: Damn impressive kick right there from Nova Lynn, and Riley never saw it comin’!

Dave Dymond: Nova making a comeback here against the brash kid cousin of Jonny Johnson.

Riley’s head SNAPS to the side as he staggers and Nova then fires kick after kick after kick into the mid section of Riley, causing him to drop down onto palms and knees. The fans pick up as Nova then sprints towards the up ring ropes and as Riley rises up to his feet Nova LEAPS with a line drive of a cross body shot that takes Riley down onto his back… but Riley rolls through trying for a cover…

But Nova pushes Riley right off and scrambles to her feet. Riley is up too, but holds his chest for a moment and again Nova with a lunging kick to the mid section. Riley doubles over in pain and Nova hooks him by the neck, quick swinging neck breaker, and Nova floats her body over for a cover. Heflin makes the count.


TWO… kick out just after the two.  Nova pulls Riley up and now she chops him! The fans let out a collective “WOOOOO!” as Nova fires a hard knife-edge chop… then again “WOOOO!” and again “WOOOO!”  Riley is up against the ropes and Nova goes to whip him to the other side, but Riley holds onto the ropes, and then scoops up Nova onto his shoulders and looks to dump her to the outside.

Dave Dymond: Nova gripping that top rope for dear life as Riley trying to send her to the outside with well a slightly modified Death Valley Driver it looks like.

Other Guy: Which would be end game for Nova Lynn, no doubt.

Dave Dymond: She’s fighting though and Riley out of frustration drops her back down onto the mat…

Riley suddenly KICKS Nova stiffly in the back of both legs!  Nova collapses and the fans boo loudly as she writhes in pain, clutching at her left leg specifically.  Riley drags Nova away from the ropes and then leaves her flat on her back in the middle of the ring.  Riley goes back to the edge of the ring, then drops down and rolls outside.  The second he flips the ring apron up, the fans begin to boo, knowing no good can come from this.  And the booing only gets louder as Jason Riley takes out a steel chair.

Dave Dymond: Oh come on now. Why does Riley need a chair?

Other Guy: I don’t know about you, Dave, but I’m guessin’ he doesn’t just want to win here… he might not even care about a win at all. Jason Riley wants to put the girl on the shelf.

Riley starts into the ring with the chair, but Dennis Heflin turns just in time to see him.  He shouts angrily at Riley, warning him to get rid of the chair.  Riley keeps walking forward towards with the chair, and now Heflin gets involved physically! Riley struggles with Heflin but Heflin RIPS the chair from Riley’s hands and walks to the edge of the ring, looking to dump it to the outside.  Riley takes the opportunity to start choking the life out of Nova now, while the referee’s back is turned…

But the fans start to cheer!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning. Here comes Kid Lightning!

Kid Lightning runs to the ring hops up onto the ring edge and then ascends to the top turnbuckle.  Riley sees him and immediately breaks away from Nova and charges at Kid Lightning. Kid Lightning hops once, turns his back to Riley then LAUNCHES himself off the top turnbuckle and grabs Riley from behind with a REVERSE DDT!!!

Other Guy: Kid Lightning gettin’ In Riley’s business again, and this time he puts him down on the mat.

Dave Dymond: The sonic boom and Kid Lightning out of there JUST in time.

Kid Lightning stands on the outside now, simply cheering Nova Lynn on as she drags her body, injured leg and all towards Jason Riley.  The fans pick up as eventually Nova reaches Riley, and lays on top of him for the cover. Heflin drops to the mat and makes the count.




The referee calls for the bell and some of the fans are on their feet, a lot of cheering fills the arena.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… NOVA LYNN JACKSON!!!

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” starts to play again and now Kid Lightning slides into the ring and helps the injured Nova Lynn up to her feet.  She uses him as a crutch for a moment but then turns her body in full to give Kid Lightning a huge hug!

Dave Dymond: And again Nova Lynn saying thanks to Kid Lightning.

Other Guy: He might not be a tag team champion, but he’s got himself some serious momentum, and maybe even a superhero crush.

Kid Lightning helps Nova Lynn out of the ring now, as Riley just lies on the mat, looking up to the rafters eyes open, but somewhat glazed over.  The fans continue to cheer as Nova hobbles to the back with Kid Lightning and eventually the two disappear to the back.


Jack Heart makes his way down the corridor throwing a few kicks as he does so.

Dave Dymond: There’s Jack Heart, some people are saying The British Kicking Machine is the rightful contender to Arion Catcher’s Revolution Championship. In the upcoming three way he will have to earn it.

Jack stops sensing something he looks behind seeing nothing he shrugs his shoulders before continuing to move down the corridor.

Other Guy: What was that about?

Dave Dymond: I have no idea. Three way for a shot at Arion Catcher up next!


The room is white. Nothing but white. White walls. White floor. Purely white. A pure, wholesome scene.

"This is my life."

Then a flash. It show’s Conor McLellan from the back walking on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s stumbling. Something isn’t right.

"Despair. Failure."

Then it shows him lying on the sidewalk in Ann Arbor… he’s unconscious.

"Codeine followed by a shot of Golden Grain couldn’t even kill me…"

Then back to the white room. He stands clad in a black hoodie with the hood over his head. Ripped and tattered tight fitted dark jeans. His hair is even longer than we remembered.

"Cocaine, Oxycontin, Heroine, Perciset… people called them my remedies. My ways of getting by. They called them crutches. Just something to protect me from everyone. But these people who preached to me were lawyers who helped murderers escape convictions, preachers who committed adultery… men with their own problems. Men with their heads stuck so far up their GOD DAMNED ASSES THAT THEY COULDN’T SEE THE REAL ISSUES…"

Then we see a shot of his parents. Then his brother’s headstone.

"Despair led me here. I drink away loneliness. I inject only for the out of body experience. To be taken away. Far away."

He pauses momentarily.

"I need help. I need away from this. I want to be healthy again. I want my life back. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. I WANT… I WANT MY FUCKING LIFE BACK…"

He’s breaking down. He slams his fist onto the podium. He’s almost in tears.

Voiceover: "So why am the SHOOT Project? Why is Conor, THE JOBBER OF ALL FUCKING JOBBERS, here in SHOOT? What does he have to offer? Maybe I’m here to turn a new leaf. Maybe I’m here for new beginnings. To restart the life I once led. To regain happiness…"


Voiceover: "Or maybe I’m just here to make you all as fucking miserable as I am… in the end, does it really matter?"


Voiceover: "It’s not like anyone’s listening anyways."

Then we catch a full shot of the seats in front of the podium.

They’re empty.


The lights dim, and the crowd gets quiet, but before they can settle, pyro EXPLODES as DZK’s “Torcher” hits the PA system with the accompaniment of the new “cZn” image, signalling the arrival of the World Champion.  The crowd buzzes for this, and the noise level increases when he comes from behind the curtain, and stands proudly at the top of the ramp, World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.  He’s still in his street clothes, which at the moment, are a pair of jeans and a “cZn” t-shirt with the words “BRUTAL.  INHUMAN.”  on the back, and silver rimmed glasses on his face. 

Dave Dymond:    Well well..  we’d heard earlier in the week that he wanted interview time, and here it is.

Other Guy:   Yep.  Perhaps he’ll respond to the comments made by Jonny Johnson last week?  Isn’t it a bit odd that they haven’t even really confronted each other physically yet?

Corazon’s eyes are lowered and focused, as he makes his way down to the ring.  He slides under, and takes a microphone from Samantha Coil.  He’s very deliberate, and almost rushed, in a sense. 

Corazon:  I’m not gonna waste a lot of time here.  I don’t need twenty five minutes of interview time to get a point across.  I don’t need a ridiculous amount of television time, spread over an entire show, to try and illustrate that I’m ‘with it’ and have it ‘together.’  But most importantly?

He begins a walk around the ring now, holding his hand out, as if to display something.

Corazon:  I certainly don’t need a legion of security guards to protect me from anyone, ESPECIALLY Jonny Johnson.

The crowd pops for this, which brings a small smile to Corazon’s face.

Corazon:  Last week, you all got an earful from the ‘TRUE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MAIN EVENT RECKONING DAY WHATEVER.’  But…  did any of you actually take anything from that?  Is it still sticking with you?  Let’s recap, shall we? 

Dave Dymond:    Corazon with a little edge to his voice. 

Other Guy:   You know what it is…  Jonny’s totally in his head.

Corazon smiles, before continuing.

Corazon:  You told people you weren’t above cheating.  You took credit for making the World title interesting.  And you…  you told me that you’d rape me of my dreams and of my honor…  Pop quiz time.

Turning now and looking out towards the crowd.

Corazon:  Everyone here remembers Del Carver, right? 

An obvious and large pop from the crowd.

Corazon:  And of course, you all remember that he and I, we had a little…  issue.  And since you all remember that, you remember of course, that I’m the one responsible for ending Del Carver’s career.

This elicits a set of boos from the crowd, which prompts Corazon to hold a hand up.

Corazon:  Stay with me here.  Do you all remember what I told Del Carver?  If you guessed that I told him I would rape him of his dreams and of his glory…  you’d be right.  So, how responsible ARE you, Jonny?  How responsible are you for making my World Championship interesting?

Dave Dymond:    Corazon with some DEFINITELY edge here.

Corazon:  Because I mean…  if you were truly the one in charge of making this whole thing ‘interesting,’ don’t you think that you’d be better off NOT rehashing a speech I gave months ago, and instead trying to get at me with something a bit more…  substantive? 

The crowd simultaneously cheers and boos Corazon here, which does nothing to change the direction taken in the conversation.

Corazon:  But instead of sitting here, and continuing to ‘Jonny Johnson’ you… here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m not interested in playing promo phone tag with you, Jonny.  I’m not interested in sitting here and trading barbs.  I can do that with any person on the roster, at any time.  You want to prove yourself, Jonny?  Wanna see if you’re still worth all the self hype?  All the self glory?

He stands now, facing the ramp.  He points towards it.

Corazon:  Walk down here, and let’s handle this business.  As you can see,   I have no security, and most importantly?  I have no FEAR.  So let’s get your cute indie rock song going, and get you down here?  Sound good?

The crowd cheers at the prospect of a face to face, as Corazon stands, staring down the ramp.  He waits for a bit, and waits some more.

Other Guy:   Yeah right, Jonny’s not gonna come down.

Dave Dymond:    Why wouldn’t he? 

Other Guy: You saw just like I did, Dave! Jonny left!

Dave Dymond: Man, he "left" at Malice too… don’t tell me you believe that nonsense.

Corazon smirks, as the silence is deafening.

Corazon:  That’s fine.  It…  well, it makes sense.  Tell you what, Jonny.  You’re off the hook this week.  Next week though?  I’ll find you even if it means I’m searching all week.  You’re not gonna slither away again.

Corazon abruptly drops the mic, causing a static pop.  “Torcher” by DZK cues up, and Corazon emphatically walks out, visibly annoyed and frustrated, as we go back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond:   Earlier tonight, Roland Caldwell engineered a vicious attack on Eli Storm, performing his devastating Burning Hammer through the announce table.  Eli Storm was taken to a local medical facility and he is conscious.  This is excellent news, but we have no other information at this time.  I would expect more news as the night goes on.



Coming back to the ring “Clubfoot” by Kasabian is heard playing and the lights inside the arena alternate between red, yellow, and orange.  Jack Heart makes his way out from the back, receiving a fairly decent pop from the fans, but nothing earth shattering.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a TRIPLE THREAT match where the winner will receive a Revolution Title Shot!

Jack Heart tags a few hands as he heads to the ring now, ready for his chance at the next step up in his career.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 172 pounds, he is The Phoenix, Jack Heart!!!

Jack jogs up the steel steps and quickly enters the ring. Once he is in, he warms up with a display of quick kicks out into the air.

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart returning from his “duty” if you will with the Sky High Tournament, and has stepped right into the Revolution title scene.  And rightfully so at that, as Jack Heart has seen victories over the current Revolution Champion, Arion Catcher, and he’s getting an opportunity for one more one on one shot with Catcher for the strap.

Jack’s music cuts out now, immediately replaced by “1996” by Marilyn Manson.  The mood changes as Crush Heart steps out from the back, very cold, emotionless expression on his face, hidden slightly by the cowboy hat he wears.  Crush walks to the ring, ignoring the crowd completely as some boo him, and a few cheers are heard as well.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, weighing in at 275 pounds, here is Crush Heart!!!

Crush continues his walk to the ring, eyes fixed dead ahead on the ring, and nothing else around him.  As he gets into the ring, Crush immediately removes his cowboy hat and drops it to the outside, and then removes his long leather jacket as well, slinging it over the top rope and to the outside where a ring crew member carries it off.

Dave Dymond: Other Guy, I have to ask, what on earth do you make of Crush Heart. He’s been a consistent building force since he showed up here in SHOOT Project, but still hard to get a read on the man.

Other Guy: I got nothin’ on him, Dave.  He’s a big dude lookin’ to throw his weight around, but for me he’s still comin’ into his own so I hold back on judgment.

Dave Dymond: Well a win tonight for Crush Heart, or really ANYONE in this match up could very well propel them into mainstay territory here in SHOOT.  Because right now, this new blood, if you can call it that, is pretty much still fighting to stay alive as they try to make a name for themselves here.

For the first time since coming out to the ring area, Crush finally just glances out briefly at the crowd before fixating his eyes on the mat below him, not once looking across the ring to where Jack Heart warms up.  As Crush’s music fades out, there is a moment of wait, until finally “Crystal Planet" by Joe Satriani begins to play. The SHOOT video screen flashes –Catch 22- in between clips of Catch Warren in action.

Samantha Coil: and the final competitor in this match…

Warren pushes out from the back and he stands taking in  the crowd that seems to be rallying behind him tonight.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 225 pounds, here is Catch Warren!!!

Dave Dymond: For what it’s worth, Catch Warren could very well be the Revolution Champion right now, but unfortunately that did not happen and Arion Catcher was awarded a victory over Warren somewhat unfairly.

Other Guy: To the kid’s credit, the referee just didn’t see Warren on the rope, Dave. And that’s what it comes down to, the referee’s call, and based on that match, referee called Arion Catcher the winner and still SHOOT Project’s Revolution Champion.

Warren walks quickly down to the ring, stopping though every so often to point out to the fans who continue to cheer him on.  Warren picks up the pace then slides under the bottom rope before springing up to his feet.  He paces back and forth inside, finally turning to the corner.  He ascends to the second turnbuckle and looks out to the fans again, applauding them as a show of appreciation.  However his music abruptly cuts off as “Money Talks” by AC/DC kicks in.

Dave Dymond: And it looks like this one is not starting just yet…

The fans turn their focus to the entryway as Arion Catcher makes his way out from the back, surprisingly not carrying with him the Revolution Championship, but MORE surprisingly WEARING a referee’s uniform!  Warren stands on the second turnbuckle, shaking his head out of frustration, and Jack reacts as well, eyes narrowed as Catcher makes his way to the ring.

Other Guy: Would ya look at that, Arion Catcher decided to put himself right in the middle of this. Good call on the champ’s part, he gets an up closer and personal look at the challengers tonight.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, that might be so, but I got a gut feeling that Catcher’s intentions here aren’t simply to scout a match and call this down the middle.

Arion Catcher saunters to the ring and then enters. The fans buzz with confusion, some boo loudly as Catcher walks up to each of the three competitors and points at his referee shirt. Jack Heart almost looks ready to kick Catcher’s head off his neck, but he holds back.

Samantha Coil: And introducing the special guest referee, the CURRENT SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… Arion Catcher!!!

Catcher raises his arms up, and again some booing can be heard. Catcher just shakes his head a bit and as soon as Samantha Coil leaves the ring, Catcher signals for the bell.

Arion Catcher: FIGHT!

Catcher gets out of the way and now suddenly Crush SNAPS his focus upwards to the other two men in the ring, but he doesn’t move an inch.  Jack’s focus shifts between Crush and Warren, and Warren now inches in towards Jack.  Jack Heart and Warren suddenly both find themselves charging in at one another and the two lock up into a quick grapple. Neither man gets the initial upper hand, but finally Warren breaks out of the grapple and twists Jack’s arm around once, then applies a wristlock.  Jack winces in pain, but flips through the hold and then he pulls Warren in for a quick hip toss from there.  Warren goes down, and Crush all of a sudden charges and DRILLS Jack Heart with a devastating clothesline!  Jack goes down hard and Crush turns and starts stomping down on Warren’s sternum and stomach.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart waiting for his precise moment of opportunity to strike, and he found it there.  In a triple threat situation that’s always the case where one guy can take a HUGE advantage just by playing the patience game.

Other Guy: Crush Heart is a big dude who is methodical on top of that, Dave… so really he’s gonna be favored in this kinda fight.

Jack works his way back up to his feet, still groggy though as he clutches his head, but as Crush lifts Warren up off the mat, Jack comes at him from behind with a STIFF Buzzsaw kick to the back. Crush arches forward only slightly from the impact and Jack fires another kick, and another, but the two kicks after both connect with the back of Crush’s legs.  Crush stumbles, losing his hold on Warren.  Warren hits the ropes now, comes charging and FLIED at Crush with a diving forearm shot JUST as Jack FIRES with a fourth kick!  Crush is taken down, and the fans pop and both Warren and Jack GO FOR THE COVER!!!

Dave Dymond: Two pins at once here, but Arion Catcher not even bothering with the count.

Warren and Jack try to fight each other off, and Jack is knocked to the side. Now Warren hooks Crush by the leg and Catcher watches on, and after taking a moment finally drops down to the mat.


Catcher lifts his hand, checking the situation and OBVIOUSLY making a slow count.  The fans begin to boo loudly and Warren SHOUTS at Catcher to keep counting.  Finally Catcher brings his arm down again…

TWO… no!  Crush kicks out with authority and Warren rolls off to the side. Warren quick up to his feet though and he gets right in Arion Catcher’s face.

Dave Dymond: I called it.  Arion Catcher KNEW he was on the ropes against Catch Warren before, and now he doesn’t want to see Warren pick up the win here tonight.

Other Guy: But if Warren has ANY hope of winnin’ he’s gotta get his focus back on the match… SHIT HERE COMES CRUSH!

Crush lunges up to his feet and he immediately locks Warren into a full nelson, pulls him away from Catcher and DROPS him with a full nelson slam!  The fans boo and Crush goes for the cover…  Catcher drops quicker this time for the count.


Jack SPRINGS into Crush, breaking up the pin.  Crush gets up immediately though and as Jack is up to his feet, Crush starts drilling him with hard fists.  Jack staggers back, his back now up against the ropes. Crush grabs him by the arm and whips Jack across the ring. Jack comes bouncing back as Crush goes for a clothesline, but Jack ducks under and stops himself right there behind Crush.  Crush turns and Jack UNLEASHES with alternating kicks to the thighs! Crush can’t react fast enough as Jack moves up the body now, sending kicks into the ribs and finally Jack LEAPS with a high dropkick that sends Crush staggering back a great deal.  The fans pick up and Jack keeps the momentum going as he bounces into the ropes, but Arion Catcher seems to purposely move into the way.

Dave Dymond: This is ridiculous! How can these three compete when Arion Catcher is blatantly interrupting the match?

Other Guy: Do you blame him?  Jack Heart beat Catcher TWICE in Sky High; don’t think he wants to have to defend the Revolution Title against him now after that.

Jack gets frustrated as Catcher apologizes, and again Jack looks ready to kick Catcher’s head off… but Catcher threatens to disqualify him. Warren is back in the match and as Jack and Catcher argue, Warren goes after Crush who just gets his bearings back, only to be nailed with a few quick chops from Warren, then a boot to the gut. Crush doubles over slightly, and then Warren positions himself to the side of Crush and takes him all the way down with a quick Russian Leg Sweep.  Crush stays doubled over, but this time lying on his side and now Warren goes to the outside ring edge and grips the ropes tightly.

The fans start to pick up as Warren prepares for a high risk move, waiting as Crush pushes up off the mat.

Dave Dymond: Warren looking for big time capitalization here… but here comes Jack!

The fans suddenly begin to buzz with anticipation as Jack Heart SPRINTS towards Warren, jumps OFF Crush Heart’s back and FLIES over the top rope at Warren, but Warren ducks down and then lifts up a bit to execute a make-shift back body drop!  Jack falls to the outside hard!

Other Guy: Damn some quick thinkin’ by Catch Warren, and Jack Heart takes that NASTY spill.

Dave Dymond: Never a dull moment in SHOOT Project, and these fans loving it!

Warren readies himself again, and now Crush starts to get up to his feet and Warren VAULTS over the top rope looking to crash down onto Crush, but Crush HOLDS HIM IN MID-AIR!  Warren squirms as Crush looks to execute a fall-away slam but somehow Warren maneuvers his body around and uses all his weight to DRIVE Crush Heart into the mat top of the head first with a DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: An amazing counter by Warren who turned out of that fall-away slam and in turn saved himself and now the cover… can Warren get himself a second one on one match with Catcher?

The fans pick up as Catcher drops to make the count, again though not as invested in keeping up with the pace.


Catcher holds for a moment, checking the situation then counts again.


Catcher AGAIN checking now to make sure both shoulders are down, and in the time he takes, Crush gets back into things and kicks out!  Warren gets up to his knees and leans his head back with frustration.  The fans boo and Catcher acts as if he did nothing wrong, mimicking a referee’s actions of showing a two count then signaling for the match to continue.

Dave Dymond: Give me a break.  Arion Catcher, the very man who tracked down our head official to make certain a ruling was made on his match with Jonny Johnson, now clearly having NO respect for the ways of a referee and seeing to it that this match is fair.

Warren is all the way up at this point and he looks at Catcher for a moment and Catcher again, over-exaggeratedly motions for the match to continue.  Warren goes to pull Crush off the mat, when Crush suddenly LUNGES up with a POWERFUL uppercut that knocks Warren clear onto his back.  Crush then stands, looming over Warren. He pulls Warren up only to HEADBUTT him back down to the mat. This time though, Crush holds onto the arm to keep Warren from falling all the way down and he pulls him up again, ANOTHER headbutt.  Warren falls limp in Crush’s grip, and Crush pulls him back up and Crush WHIPS Warren into the corner, close to where Catcher is standing.  Crush charges in but seeing Catcher move out of the corner he puts on the breaks, but still ends up bumping into Catcher.

Other Guy: Oh boy, that’s not good.  Physical contact with the referee.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe you’re buying into this, Other Guy. Arion Catcher doesn’t want to fight ANY of these men and he’s seeing to it that maybe that won’t have to happen.

Other Guy: I think ya gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. Catcher has never officiated, cut him some slack.

Dave Dymond: Forget I said anything.  Crush and Catcher having words now, making it official. All three men in this match up have an issue with the referee, our current Revolution Champion, Arion Catcher.

Catcher’s and Crush’s heated words turns somewhat physical as Catcher SHOVES Crush in the chest and repeatedly points to his shirt now.  Crush throws a closed fist back, ready to nail Catcher, and some of the fans cheer this, but Crush thinks better of it and steps back from Catcher.  Jack Heart into the ring and he charges towards Crush from behind.  Crush turns around just in time and sends Jack running through right into Warren. Warren comes out of the corner with a clothesline attempt, but Jack ducks it and Warren finds himself running face first into a BIG BOOT From Crush.  Warren goes down and Jack scales the ropes and CONNECTS with a springboard spinning heel kick!!!

Other Guy: big time kick and Jack Heart has this match up, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That’s what it looks like.  Crush down, Warren down… and Jack Heart with the cover!

Some of the fans begin to cheer as Jack shouts for Catcher to make the count. Reluctantly Arion Catcher drops to the mat and does so.


But once again he takes his sweet time.  Jack gets it right away and breaks the pin on his own. He snaps up to his feet and stares at Arion Catcher, shaking his head back and forth.  Catcher shrugs his shoulders and goes for the over-exaggerated “continue fighting” hand gestures, but as he lunges forward with them, Jack Heart suddenly grabs Catcher and pulls him in close!

Dave Dymond: Good… yes… finally!

The fans all cheer as Jack holds Catcher. Catcher threatens to disqualify Jack and Jack just shrugs and hoists Catcher up onto his shoulders!  The fans are on their feet as Jack spins once…. Twice… three times… then drops Catcher FACE FIRST INTO HIS KNEE!!!

Other Guy: Jack Heart just got himself disqualified.

Dave Dymond: And when Arion Catcher regains consciousness he can go ahead and disqualify him. But for right now the FYA from Jack Heart to Catcher, and I love.  A big Fuck you arsehole to the Revolution Champion.

Catcher is down and Jack Heart stands over him, a smile of pure satisfaction planted on his face.  Jack turns away now, and the smile disappears immediately as Crush NAILS Jack Heart with a hard discus punch and then hoists him up onto HIS shoulders!

Other Guy: And that’s what happens, Dave. Jack Heart got the better of the referee yeah, but left himself wide open!

Dave Dymond: Obviously we’ve seen no family love loss in this match based on the relationship ties between Crush and Jack… and Crush spins out… an F-5 Slam that Crush calls The Crushing End.

Other Guy: That fits the situation.

Jack is laid out on the mat and Crush Heart makes the cover. There is no referee present though, but Austin Linam runs as fast as he can out from the back to keep the match going.  He slides in right by Crush and Jack… the count.



THRE… Catch Warren breaks it up!

Dave Dymond: Catch back into this match up now, and keeping Crush Heart from going on to fight for the Revolution Championship.

Crush gets up and Warren right there working a combination of chops and forearm shots, anything that keeps Crush staggering.  Crush fires back with a few closed fists of his own, and Warren finds himself slumped up against the ropes.  Crush grabs at Warren from there, looking to push him down into a vertical head scissors, but Warren fires back with a shoulder thrust to the gut… then a HARD KNEE lifted right up into his face!  Crush clutches at his face as his body snaps back.  Crush though tries to fight through the pain and charges right back at Crush…


Crush goes down and Catch Warren calls for it! The fans pop as Warren goes to the corner… and without hesitation… CONNECTS WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!

Dave Dymond: The Catch Twenty Two! And it’s got to be over.

Other Guy: Linam ain’t the real referee though…

The count is made… fans on their feet.


Fans echo one!


Fans echo two!


An uproar of cheering occurs as Catch Warren rolls off of Crush Heart, and Linam calls for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… CATCH WARREN!!!

Warren rises up to his feet now, arms lifted in victory as he takes in the crowd around him.

Other Guy: It don’t count…

Dave Dymond: It does and it did. Catch Warren gets another shot at the Revolution Champion, and after the over-sight made in their first match, my guess is whoever officiates that match won’t overlook it again.  Catch Warren once again has his shot at a title that means a whole hell of a lot to him!

Warren starts out of the ring now, leaving Jack Heart, Crush Heart, and Arion Catcher all down and out. The fans accompany him to the back with their cheering and Catch Warren nods his head and pumps his fist in the air, excited about his victory.  He disappears to the back, and with that the camera focuses shifts elsewhere.


Returning to his locker room, Osbourne Kilminster reaches for the cheap brass doorhandle set onto the wood-finished chipboard door when he notices a string dangling right down in front of the door with a post-it note stuck onto it reading "PULL ME!" with a big smiley face.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, how stupid can he really think I –

Before finishing his sentence, he can feel a pair of eyes upon him and turns around slowly to see Jester Smiles, but only for a split second before receiving a double-whammy of custard pie to the face, forcing him to stumble back into the string, trapping it between himself and the door which yanks it and brings down a massive bowl of pink strawberry-flavour custard down upon him, coating him quite throroughly in the repugnant colour!

Coughing and spluttering, unable to even speak, Osbourne wipes at his face and hair, ripping off his ruined sweater and dry heaving with revulsion as a cheerfully whistling Jester rides away.

A mix of shock and applause and laughter resounds throughout the arena as the fans watching the goings-on high above on the SHOOT-Tron screen marvel at Jester’s latest prank on the most uptight member of the SHOOT Project roster.

Other Guy: Pink! PINK!

Dave Dymond: Looks good on him, don’t you think?

Other Guy: Oh! I never thought I’d see anything like that!

Dave Dymond: I’m going to buy Jester a drink if I ever see him when I’m not behind this desk.

Other Guy: Three attacks in one night! I bet Osbourne’s starting to get a little bit pissed with all this!

Dave Dymond: Some ‘God of War’…


“So tonight’s the night, huh Guido? Finally time to shine.”

Eric Flaherty bounces up and down from foot to foot in the locker room, suited up in his Sprawl shorts and MMA gloves. He kicks his leg up straight in front of him, and rests it at head level against the locker in front of him. Guido, sporting an almost fluorescent pink suit, looks confused.

Guido: “Um, Mr. Flaherty, why exactly are we shining tonight?”

Eric: “We? No, ME Guido. I’m shining tonight. Time to get that World Title.”

Eric switches legs and throws his right foot up on top of the locker. Guido scratches his chin nervously.

Guido: World Title, Eric?

Eric stares angrily at Guido as he finishes stretching. He puts his hands on his hips and speaks with a very matter-of-fact tone.

Eric: Yes, Guido, the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship? The top of the totem pole? I told you awhile ago Guido, I wanted my title shot by the end of April. This is the last show of April, is it not? So you got me booked against Corazon. Pretty fucking simple man, Christ, how hard is your job anyway?

Guido, now covered in flop sweat, stutters as he speaks.

Guido: Mister, um, Flaherty. See, there were, um, complications, and um, there’s…well…there’s no title shot. I mean, you haven’t even fought on TV yet.

Eric takes his hands off of his hips and takes a couple steps toward Guido, who in turn sits down on the bench and quickly looks away. Eric looks away from Guido, takes a couple deep breaths, and begins to shadow box.

Eric: Fine, that’s fine, it’s fine, no big deal. Whatever, it’s cool. It’s all good. Things haven’t gone exactly to plan from the beginning, maybe I was expecting too much to have the title shot by now. So what did you get me for tonight then pal, who’s our next victim, right? Haha, yeah!

Guido: You aren’t fighting tonight, Eric. You aren’t booked.

Eric’s body freezes as he throws a left hook. He slowly turns his head towards Guido, his face incredulous. He slowly walks over to Guido, scoops him up by his tie and collar, and throws him against a locker, pinning him there.



The house light suddenly go dark, and as the opening guitar riff of Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” begins to play, the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. A single purple spot hits the entranceway, as Long Island Hardcore walks out, DSI CEO Sean Boden in tow. The champions hold their belts up, the crowd taking it as a signal to boo harder.

Dave Dymond: The crowd just as unhappy with this crew as I am after that debacle last week.

Other Guy: Hey, Hardcore Style hasn’t teamed together in a while, they were just a little rusty.

Dave Dymond: I hate you so much.

The three make their way to the ring, as a purple fog starts to fill the ringside area. Boden makes the requisite greetings to the ringside crew, including Dave Dymond (who doesn’t look happy to be acknowledged) and Other Guy, before climbing the stairs into the ring. Jared hops up onto the apron, vaulting over the top rope, and scaling the turnbuckle, presenting the belts and yelling at fans at ringside. CJ climbs the stairs, stepping over the top rope, before raising his belt in one hand, letting it hang down his arm. Jared drops to his knees in the middle of the ring, holding his arms out, like he’s egging the crowd on, and CJ gets behind him, crossing his arms, the purple spotlight focusing perfectly on them before Boden finally gets the pair microphones, and the lights go back up to normal.

Jared Walsh: Last week…

Before he can say another word, the crowd erupts into boos again. He looks at CJ and Boden, shaking his head. CJ does a jerk-off motion, while Boden just shrugs.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know what these two expected from the crowd after their mockery.

Other Guy: I dunno, maybe a little respect? That Most Precious Blood last week was one of the most innovative moves I’ve ever seen.

Dave Dymond: How do you sleep at night, OG?

Other Guy: Booze, mostly.

Jared Walsh: As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, last week, CJ and I made history when we CRUSHED Hardcore Style in record time, and sent Del Carver back into retirement.

The crowd does not cease in their hatred. CJ and Jared just look really annoyed with the whole affair.

CJ Nelson: It’s OK, SHOOT, we get it. You don’t appreciate greatness when it’s in front of you. Can we move on now? These belts right here say that we are the best tag team in SHOOT Project today, and last week, we proved that not only are we the best there is now, but we’re the best tag team SHOOT Project has ever had.

Jared Walsh: But that’s not enough for you, apparently. Well, that’s fine. Because today, this man right here behind us has brought together the backbone of SHOOT for one last tag team appearance. Both are Hall of Famers. One is the most dominant World Champion there has ever been in this company.

CJ Nelson: The other is the SHOOT Project icon, the only man to unite the Triad. Surely there would be no SHOOT without them, and together they have been unstoppable… until tonight. Because tonight, SHOOT, we prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are THE Tag Team Champions, now and forever, and defeat your heroes. Without further ado, you know who they are, we introduce to you–

CJ and Jared look surprised when out of nowhere the OK Go!’s “Here It Goes Again” hits the arena speakers, and the crowd gets on their feet!

Dave Dymond: The Flying Avengers, and just in the nick of time!

Other Guy: They had to interrupt right when Instant Heat was about to come out?

Dave Dymond: OK, seriously, OG, cut this nonsense.

Other Guy: (sigh) Okaaayyy…

FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning fly through the entrance, before simultaneously pushing their thumbs into the air. CJ and Jared are livid, and they look at Boden, who argues with them. FLASH and Kid Lightning take out mics of their own.

FLASH Dynamite: Did somebody call for heroes?

The crowd explodes in cheers, as CJ and Jared stonefacedly glare down the aisle.

Jared Walsh: Hey, douchefag, we were trying to introduce a tag team that actually has a chance at beating us. You had your shot, now move aside and let–

Kid Lightning: Instant Heat? But they’re not here tonight, and after last week, you think Real Deal’s really in any shape to face anyone, even you guys?

FLASH Dynamite: We’re here because your disrespectful hijinks must be put to an end. We’ve had it up to here with your tomfoolery, and we will not allow you to insult your colleagues, those belts, or most importantly, these fans, with your actions any longer!

The crowd shouts its approval, which only serves to anger LIHC more. CJ shakes his head, and actually starts to snicker.

CJ Nelson: And who’s gonna do anything about it, you? You guys had your chance, and you blew it. Move along and let somebody who can get the job done handle it.

Kid Lightning: Gee, you managed to beat us in a match that favored you with another team involved? Let us not forget that FLASH here beat you in a singles match fair and square! And you’ve never beaten us two on two! You wanna prove you’re the best team in SHOOT? Well, then we challenge you, you… you… big dummies!

The crowd cheers, and Kid Lightning and FLASH puff up their chests a little, while CJ furrows his brow angrily at them.

CJ Nelson: You want a match? You got it. We’ll take you on anytime, anywhere.

Kid Lightning: Me and FLASH are ready, how about right now?

Jared Walsh: Ooh, now’s not such a good time. I got this killer charlie horse… how’s next week, CJ?

CJ Nelson: No can do, you’ve got a hair appointment. Week after’s no good, either.

Jared Walsh: Hmm… tell you what… why don’t you get back to us, huh? We might be able to pencil you in sometime next month-ish?

Dave Dymond: LIHC showing their true colors here to be yellow, and I can’t say I’m too surprised.

Other Guy: They’re just busy guys, Dave. It’s a lot of responsibility to be a champion.

FLASH Dynamite: Any time, any place, huh? How about Reckoning Day? The Flying Avengers vs. Long Island Hardcore, with the SHOOT Tag Titles on the line?

Kid Lightning: We’ll be there, if you guys gather the courage to face us like men.

CJ and Jared are furious as “Here It Goes Again” blares again, and the Flying Avengers give their thumbs up one more time, to uproarious cheers. CJ goes to say something else, but his mic has been cut. He throws it down with a growl, and he and Jared immediately start arguing with Boden, who shrugs, unable to do anything about the situation. They finally slide out of the ring, and start the long march backstage, “Here It Goes Again” still playing.

Dave Dymond: It looks like we may have ourselves a match for Reckoning Day already, OG!

Other Guy: If the last match between these two is any indication, it’ll be one hell of a fight, and I can’t wait!


In a small set-up backstage, the Revolution logo is painted onto a brick wall, with the wall angling out on each side.  The side panels of the wall contain just random pictures of the SHOOT Project soldiers, but the focus is not on the picture, but on Eryk Masters who stands alongside Trevor Worrens.

Eryk Masters: Joining me at this time, somewhat unexpectedly, Trevor Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: Unexpectedly?  Hardly.  If you watched Revolution last week, you’d be damn certain I’d be here, in some fashion, tonight.  And well here I am, but that’s NOT the unexpected part.  That’s NOT what might throw the status quo for a loop.  You see, last week, in a contest that hardly resembled a wrestling match, a whole bunch of things happened. I’ll spare the breakdown of the insanity and just get right to it.  I took a huge gash to my head that I didn’t think I’d be taking.  But here it is.

Worrens points to the bandage that wraps around his entire head, forcing his hair into a slightly awkward looking state.

Trevor Worrens: Twenty three stitches to close it up, but its healing.  My injury update though, also not why I’m here tonight.  You see, someone did this to me. That someone’s name is Ron Barker.  The Ravishing One, the so called King of Survival.  And his expectation of me is going to be simple.  I’m fuming, I’m pissed, and I’m going to hunt him down.

Worrens looks right into the camera with a smile that suggests mocking more so than joy.

Trevor Worrens: Right, Ron?  Isn’t that the whole thing.  You do something to get under someone’s skin and then they chase you. Follow you through hoops and tunnels.  Always chasing you, so you have control of the situation. The great manipulator right?

Worrens just shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: Not this time.  You haven’t proven anything to me.  You haven’t answered the question I posed.  Why, Ron, are you the King of Survival? What is it, Ron, that make you worth that championship title you so arrogantly hold.  The reason you haven’t answered me, is because there is no answer.  You’re a fluke in success’s clothing.   I’m not biting.  Last week you showed me no signs of being worth my time.   I went to war, at Malice, Ron.  I went the distance week after week with Osbourne Kilminster and what I felt, the adrenaline, the nerves, the rush of competition, oh man it put a lot of shit in perspective.

Worrens looks to Masters.

Trevor Worrens: A lot of shit, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: right, a lot of…

Trevor Worrens: But Ron Barker, Eryk, Ron Barker gives me a different kind of feeling.  It’s a sick feeling, Eryk.  And he knows he makes people feel that way. He knows he can get the better of them.  But I know, Eryk, that its all a charade. And the truth of the matter is, who the fuck cares about Ron Barker.  Sure, he’s pulling in a pretty paycheck and so obviously management sees something in the man

Immediate pause.

Trevor Worrens: But I don’t.  And most people don’t anymore.  So why should I give them a reason to care about Ron Barker?   Do you get it Eryk?

Masters sort of half shakes his head.

Eryk Masters: Not really but I guess what you’re…

Trevor Worrens: No need to guess, Eryk.  I’ll flat out tell you.  In the game of cat and mouse, it’s the cat that has the advantage, but everyone is still paying attention to that little mouse.  If I chase after Barker, if I play into his game, then he gets a spotlight. He gets attention.  Barker needs that.  Barker is the epitome of a guy who always needs someone singing his praises, or fearing what he might do to manipulate a situation.  I’m not doing that.  So it stops. Right here.  Barker proved nothing to me short of proving that he is DEFINITELY what I think he is.

Worrens purposely stops.  For a moment nothing is said, until finally Masters chimes in.

Eryk Masters: What do you think he is? You said nothing.

Worrens nods his head with a slight smile.

Trevor Worrens: Exactly.

Worrens leaves Masters and the rest of the wrestling world to think about his words. From there, the night continues on with the focusing cutting away from the interview area all together.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is to be fought with no disqualifications!

The fans buzz with confusion.

Dave Dymond: That’s right, earlier this evening we got word that Jason Johnson ade this match a no disqualification match, but we aren’t sure as to why.

Other Guy: He also barred Donovan King from the arena, completely…

"Eerybody Down" by nonpoint starts, and the fans bein to cheer loudly! Cade steps through the curtain pumping his arms wildly at the fans!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 179 pounds, from South Port, North Carolina! He is CAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade makes his way quickly down the ramp, slapping a few hands as he does so, before he slides under the bottom rope and tucks his head, rolling over he top of it right into a nip up to his feet! The music slowly fades, and the fans instantly begin to boo, and the noise gets louder when "The Chauffeur" by the Deftones starts up!

Dave Dymond: This is going to be a wild brawl, as the perpetual underdog faces off against this…monster.

Other Guy: Cade coulda said no to the challenge. I mean, its not hard to say no.

Obsidian finally steps through the curtain and grins down at Cade.


Obsidian starts his way down the ramp, and Samantha Coil quickly gets out of the ring, as Cade paces on the far side of the ring. Obsidian slowly climbs up the ring steps then steps over the top rope.

Dave Dymond: He is a full foot and two inches taller than his opponent, an every bit of TWICE his weight!

Other Guy: It was nice knowing Cade…for some of us. Not so much for me, but whatever.

As soon as Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell, Cade Sydal runs right for Obsidian! Obsidian swings a clothesline at the charging opponent, but Cade ducks and continues of the ropes! Obsidian turns quickly and catches Cade on the rebound as he leaps into the air, by the throat! Obsidian walks to the ropes and lifts Cade even higher before driving him down over the ropes with a chokeslam! Cade’s back crashes against the ring edge and he falls to the arena floor from the impact!

Dave Dymond: Obsidian jus broke Cade’s back in half from the opening bell!

Other Guy: Like I said last week…this could be the last Cade Sydal match we ever commentate.

Obsidian steps through the ropes and hops easily to the floor. He bends and puls Cade up by his throat right back to his feet before pulling Cade up and unning right for the ringpost, driving Cade’s back into the post viciously! Obsidia fluidly pulls Cade up into a military press and throws him over the top rope back into the ring! Cade hits the canvas so hard he rolls all the way to the other side of the ring and under the bottom rope!

Dave Dymond: Obsidian is in absolute complete control, and the last minute change to the match has definitely not benefited Cade!

Other Guy: I wonder if we’ll do one of those funny little funeral things next week.

Obsidian steps up onto the apron and then steps over the top rope as Cade uses the ropes to pull himself up on the opposite side of the ring! Obsidian starts for Cade, and Cade suddenly springs himself onto the top rope and springboards off with a spinning wheel kick that connects right ith Obsidians face! Obsidian stumbles back, and Cade crashes to the canvas! Cade pushes up to his feet and Obsidian steps forward again!

Dave Dymond: Cade kicked him as hard as possible in the face, and yet the big man didn’t even topple over!

Other Guy: Obsidian is pretty damn impressive.

Cade leaps up quickly and drives both feet into Obsidian’s chest with a dropkick, and Obsidian only takes one step back! Cade quickly pushes up to his feet ad runs for the ropes and springboards off the second rope! Cade turns and drives his foot into Obsidian’s head with a modified NINJAGUIRI! And Obsidian falls!


Other Guy: Holy shit!

Cade pushes to his feet and stops dead in his tracks as Obsidian SITS UP! Obsidian pushes to his feet, grinning, as Cade’s eyes grow wider!

Dave Dymond: No…

Other Guy: …way.

Cade rushes at Obsidian and starts throwing kicks into Obsidian’s hip! Cade unleashes a flurry of kicks, until Obsidian grabs Cade by the face and shoves him back right into a corner! Obsidian charges in behind Cade and drives a running clothesline into Cade’s face, and Cade collapses in the corner! Obsidian ulls Cade up by his throat and swings him easily right up into a fireman’s carry and drops with a Samoan Drop! Obsidian turns and plaes both hands on Cade’s chest!




Cade thrusts a shoulder up!

Dave Dymond: Cade kicked out!

Other Guy: How in the hell?!

Obsidian pulls Cade to his feet and throws him through the ropes to the floor! Cade pushes to his feet as Obsidian steps through the ropes! Cade turns right into Obsidian with a sudden chop to the chest! Obsidian stares down at Cade, until Cade saps a sudden kick into Obsidian’s thigh! Cade continues to unleash kicks into Obsidian’s thigh in a quick and sudden burst, before Obsidian pushes Cade backward by his face! Obsidian rushes for a big clothesline, but Cade ducks! Cade jumps up onto the ring barricade and snaps backward with a back flip as Obsidian turns, delivering an elevated Pelle kick onto the top of Obsidian’s head! Obsidian drops to a knee!

Dave Dymond: Cade is continuing to unload as much offense as possible, and it is barely even phasing Obsidian!

Other Guy: Because Obsidian is a beast of a man.

Cade pushes to his feet and leaps up onto the apron, as Obsidian pushes off his knee. Cade backflips quickly for a moonsault press, but Obsidian catches Cade on his shoulder, turns slightly, and launches Ccade like a dart into the ringpost, face first! Cade drops to the arena floor as his forehead busts wide open and blood pours freely! Cade grabs the ring skirting and tries to pull himself to his feet, as the blood continues to run off his face.

Dave Dymond: Obsidian just launched Cade into the ringpost, and he is bleeing everywhere!

Other Guy: That blood came ot in a hurry, and its making his skin match the rest of his gear pretty quick.

Obsidian grabs Cade and throws him hard, face first again, right into the ringpost a second time and Cade dropsto the arena floor again! Obsidian lifts up the skirting and grabs a trash can from under the ring that appears to have various other weapons in it. Obsidian dumps the instruments of destruction from the trash can onto the floor, before driving the can over Cade’s head, trapping his arms down by his side, Obsidian pushes Cade up into the ringpost before backing up and driving a running big boot into the can, into Ccade’s face, against the ringpost!

Dave Dymond: Good God!

Other Guy: Obsidian just killed Cade…wow.

The can dents awkwardly around Cade’s form, and Obsidian pulls Cade up to his feet by the bottom of the deformed can. Obsidian rolls Cade under the bottom rope, trash can and all, before grabbing some of the things on the floor and throwing them into the ring, including a kendo stick, a chain, a tire iron, and a crutch. Obsidian climbs onto the apron and then steps over the top rope as Cade manages to get himself mostly out of the trash can, blood covering his chest and face as he emerges!

Dave Dymond: How is Cade Sydal even alive right now?!

Other Guy: I’m not sure.

Obsidian grins at Cade and grabs the nearest weapon, the crutch. Cade starts pushing to his face as the blood pours down his face in a thick river, drooling right to the canvas in his hunched over position. Cade straightens up and turns right as Obsidian swings the crutch. Cade ducks sudenly, narrowly avoiding the crutch, before he snaps upward with a kick into Obsidian’s abdomen! Cade starts driving his kick into Obsidian’s lower back, then his abdomen, then his back, then his abdomen! Obsidian drops the crutch and rears his arm back, swatting at Cade, but Cade ducks the swing and catches Obsidian with a sudden drop toe hold!

Dave Dymond: Cade just got Obsidian down to the canvas!

Other Guy: He’s gonna need to keep him there.

Obsidian turns over, and Cade quickly dropkicks Obsidian in the side of the head! Obsidian drops to his back, and Cade uickly grabs Obsidian by the left arm and drops back right into a cross armbreaker! Cade keeps pulling backc on it, his face and body a bloody mess, as he strains to try and keep obsidian down as well as get the potential submission victory. But Obsidian rolls over to his side and gets his knees under him, as Cade turns to keep his shoulders off the canvas while maintaining the hold!

Dave Dymond: Obsidian…is…powering out of the hold…

Other Guy: …Well, Cade isn’t releasing it…but…wow, yeah.

Obsidian pushes up to his feet and Cade still refuses to release the hold! Cade pulls his right leg away and snaps it back into Obsidian’s face! Obsidian swings Cade wildly, but Cade holds on! Obsidian shakes his head before he runs and drives Cade into the turnbuckles, finally forcing the hold to be released, as Obsidian backs away from the corner, Cade pulls himself off the canvas! Obsidian reaches down and grabs the crutch, and Cade rushes at him! Obsidian turns and swings, driving the crutch across Cade’s face, and he collapses instantly!

Dave Dymond: Cade is hrowing everything he can possibly think of, and Obsidian is shrugging it all off!

Other Guy: He’s unstoppable.

Obsidian throws the crutch down and drops an elbow for emphasis, before he turns and hooks a leg for the cover.




Cade kicks out! Obsidian stares down at Cade as the fans cheer loudly! Obsidian pulls Cade up by the throat and shoves him back into the corner! Obsidian then grabs Cade by the wrist and sends him hard into the opposite corner and follows quickly with a running big boot! Cade ducks out of the way at the last second, and Obsidian’s leg gets caught over the top rope! Obsidian untangles himself and turns right as Cade runs at him with, posts on the second rope, and drives his right foot into Obsidian’s face!

Dave Dymond: SWYG!

Other Guy: Obsidian is gonna hav to kill Cade isn’t he?!

Dave Dymond: You’re probably right, OG!

Obsidian takes a stumbling step out of the corner, as Cade then runs up the turnbuckles and leaps off, catching Obsidian as he does with a top rope bulldog! Obsidian holds Cad under the leg, rather than going down though, and launches him backward with a back suplex! Cade lands with his belly on the top turnbuckle as Obsidian steps away from the corner, Ccade pushes himsel to stand on the top rope! Obsidian turns right as Cade leaps off the top rope with a flying clothesline! Obsidian stumbles back as Cade pushes to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Cade is trying everything possible, but aside from a few breaks, he has not been able t take Obsidian down!

Other Guy: And taking Obsidian down will be the easy thing, compared to keeping him down!

Cade hits the ropes and Obsidian lunges an elbow up at Cade! Cade rolls forward under the elbow and grabs the kendo stick in mid-somersault! Cade turns and swings the kendo stick into the side of Obsidian’s head! Obsidian rocks, and Cade swings again, connecting with Obsidian’s ribs! Cade swings again, to Obsidian’s knee! Again for the knee! The kendo stick cracks against Obsidian’s head, and Obsidian rocks again! Cade swings once more and the kendo stik splinters against Obsidian’s skull, and Obsidian drops to a knee!

Dave Dymond: Cade got Obsidian to a knee!

Other Guy: How the shit?

Cade turns and grabs the tire iron. Cade grins and raises it as the fans cheer! Cade quickly shoves it into his right kickpad, but turns right into Obsidian, who drives Cade down with a clothesline! Cade Obsidian bends and pulls the chain up and wraps it around his fist! Obsidian grbs Cade as Cade pushes to his feet and sends him into the nearest corner. Obsidian follows and starts driving his chained-fis into Cade’s head, spilling even more blood!Obsidian unwinds the chain and waps it around Cade’s neck before snapping him forward with a chain-assisted snapmare! Obsidian adjusts the chain just a bit and places his knee behind Cade’s head and pulls, choking Cade out with the chain!

Dave Dymond: Obsidian is trying to kill Cade!

Other Guy: It might be the only way to beat him tonight!

Obsidian continues to pull back on it until Cade stops flailing his arms about. Tony Lorenzo quickly moves into position and lifts Cade’s left wrist up high before releasing it. It drops limply. Tony Lorenzo grabs the wrist again and raises it. It drops once more. Tony Lorenzo reaches for the wrist again, but Obsidian pulls Cade to his feet by the chain around his throat, keeping Lorenzo from checking on it! Obsidian pulls the chain off, and swings it down across the back of Cade’s head, and Cade crumbles to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, Cade Sydal is not moving, at all…

Other Guy: This is not going to be good for him.

Obsidian throws the chain away and grins coldly. His grin slowly fades as Cade rolls over onto his back. Obsidian shakes his head slowly and moves toward Cade and bends to pick him up, up near his head, but Cade snaps his right foot up off the canvas into Obsidian’s face! Obsidian stumbles back as the fans cheer loudly! Obsidian turns back toward Cade and reaches down, only to be met with a hard thud of a kick to the top of the head once more!

Dave Dymond: Cade is fighting bak somehow!

Other Guy: Isn’t that the kickpad he shoved the tire iron into?

Obsidian steps away as Cade pushes to his feet slowly. Obsidian turns, and Cade leaps upward and snaps back with his second back flipping Pelle kick, and Obsidian drops to the canvas! Obsidian turns over as blood slowly starts to roll from his forehead! Cade pushes sloly to his feet and turns toward Obsidian as Obsidian sits up! Cade snaps his right shin into Obsidian’s forehead and Obsidian drops back down as the cut opens wider! Cade bends and picks Obsidian back up into a sitting position, holding him b the hair! Cade starts snapping his right shin into Obsidian’s face repeatedly, keeping him sitting by his hands in Obsidian’s hair! Several kicks later and Cade finally releases the hair and Obsidian drops back, as blood rolls freely down his face now!

Dave Dymond: Cade made Obsidian bleed! Holy shit!

Other Guy: It wasn’t pretty how he did it, but yeah…he did it.

Cade reaches down and pulls the tire iron out from his kickpad, as some blood is on its side as well. Cade rubs his shin, then turns and spikes the end of the tire iron into Obsidian’s forehead once more before throwing it out of the ring! Cade drops to make the cover, and Tony orenzo slides into position!




Obsidian kicks out! Cade pushs slowly to his feet and puls Obsidian up by the hair! Cade hooks Obsidian from behind with an inverted facelock! Obsidian pulls himself straight up, though, pulling Cade up ontop his shoulder, Obsidian turns and drvives Cade down with a powerslam! Obsidian hooks both legs instantly!

Dave Dymond: Obsidian’s raw power countered the Nightcap, and this could be it!


Other Guy: Its gotta be!



Cade kicks out just barely! Obsidian pulls Cade up quickly and shoves him into a standing head scissors!

Dave Dymond: Oh no…

Obsidian pulls Cade up right into a powerbomb and turns Cade at the last second to be almost chest-to-chest!

Other Guy: Here comes the Pitch Black Powerbomb!

Cade suddenly kicks his legs and rolls forward, hooking Obsidian’s legs with a victory roll!




Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell as Obsidian inches a shoulder off the canvas, and Cade scrambles off of the cover! Obsidian turns over as the blood continues to droll from his forehead to thecanvas, and Tony Lorenzo moves to Cade and raises his arms! The fans explode out of their seats in cheers!


"Everybody Down" by nonpoint starts playing as the fans  continue their cheering.

Dave Dymond: He did it! He countered the Pitch Black Powerbomb into a victory roll and he did it!

Other Guy: How on Earth?!

Cade looks at Obsidian, both men a bloody mess, as Cade stumbles back into a corner unsteadily.


"There he is."

Five men all dressed in SHOOT security shirts, all looking pissed off turn a corner in the hallway. The blond haired "leader" points out their prey.

Christopher Davis sits with his feet up watching Revolution on a monitor backstage; he’s presently enjoying a bag of popcorn. The five men descend upon him with a vengeance.

The blond haired leader has decided he will be the one to speak on behalf of the posse.

Blondie: We have been ordered to escort you from the building.

Chris doesn’t move, he continues eating his popcorn as if nothing has changed.

Blondie: Look Mr. Davis, Jason Johnson has ordered us to use any method necessary to get you out of the building.  We would prefer not to have to use force, but we have been authorized to do just that.

One of the crew, a black, and ball headed muscular man steps forward.

Baldie: personally I’m hopin your ass doesn’t cooperate. John is a friend of mine, that shit you did was fucked up.

Chris pauses, handful of popcorn heading towards his mouth, and raises an eyebrow. After a couple of seconds he eats the popcorn.

Blondie: Look Mr. Davis, Jason Johnson is less than pleased with your behavior tonight. He…

Christopher Davis: Please stop talking.

Chris puts the bag of popcorn on the floor. He cleans any popcorn debris off of his shirt and looks at the crew before him.

Christopher Davis: I told someone that should be need me I would have his back. And seeing as though he is facing a talent less opportunist tonight this is the right place for me to be tonight.

Not even Jason Johnson can get me to go against my word. That would just be wrong and Lord knows I always do what is right.

Secondly, as far as Jason Johnson being upset about MY actions maybe he should take a better look at the bullshit that is going on around SHOOT on a daily basis. He’s concerned about MY actions while people are threatening children, randomly attacking folks while they talk on their phones. He’s upset with ME while SHOOT has a group of people pick some fool and beat him mercilessly and then pose for a "family" portrait.

Chris stands up causing the security guards to prepare for an attack.

Christopher Davis: Maybe instead of concerning himself with a man who is attempting to teach people the right way to do things he should concern himself with that bastard that stole MY FUCKING WORLD TITLE!!

Maybe he should concern himself with that piece of shit he put in the main event tonight and what the fuck HE represents, the FUCKING image HE portrays.

But Jason’s not going to do that is he? Nope, Jason’s got too many other things to worry about than watching SHOOT go to hell in a fucking hand basket.

So I’ll do it for him. You go back to Jason and tell him I got this, where he fails, I will succeed. Tell him not to fucking worry, I’ll teach em.

He turns his attention to the bald, black man.

Christopher Davis: If Jonny is truly your friend maybe you should teach is ass some manners. Or better yet, tell him if he doesn’t want me involved in his business he should keep my name out of his mouth.

Now, leave me the fuck alone. I’ve seen too many security guards get abused the last couple weeks and honestly it’s getting boring.

Chris sits back down; he picks up his popcorn and resumes eating. The security guards all look at each other. Finally the "leader" decides that discretion is the better part of valor and the group walks away.

Christopher Davis: Jason’s not gonna like that, they are SO getting fired.


Dave Dymond: What this? We’re getting word from backstage…

Other Guy: The SHOOT Project President, Jason Johnson himself is on the phone to Osbourne Kilminster as we speak! This has got to be about that shit with Jester Smiles, right?

Dave Dymond: I don’t doubt it! I think…

Other Guy: Yeah, we got a feed coming through now…

A steel entrance door to the underground parking area of the Spokane Arena swings violently open courtesy of Osbourne Kilminster’s size ten Adidas training shoe as he bursts into the dimly-lit concrete cave with his cellphone to his ear.

Osbourne Kilminster: I heard he’s down in the car park, so I’m going to find him and… Yeah, you’re damn right I will! He’s got some coming! If that’s what you’ve got to do, then do it. That’s your… Yeah, well that’s your perogative. I’m down here now. There’s a camera crew… Yeah, so keep watching. I’m serious… I know you are. Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Pressing the ‘End Call’ button, he slides his phone into the pocket of his black jogging slacks, still wet from his attempts to wash them in the shower and yet still vaguely marred by the same yellow custard residue from Jester’s earlier attack on his kit-bag that spoils his black gym vest. Jogging in and out of the lanes and aisles, he searches for Jester like a bloodhound.

Darting out to cross the drive lane, Osbourne is surprised when a car speeds past him and forces him to dive for cover, leaning over the bonnet of a red sports car as the speeding Blue 2005 Hyundai Tiburon screeches to a halt not ten feet from him, the driver’s door flying open and a hail of purple and green paintballs hitting him about the body and legs as he tries to shield his face from the assault, pellets driving hard into his flesh, breaking the skin and drawing blood in many painful instances!

A clicking sound heralds the end of the assault and, just as Osbourne feels it might be safe to look up, a custard pie slams into his face!

Osbourne Kilminster: AAAGH!

Jester Smiles: BOOYA!

The Tiburon’s door slams shut and the vehicle screeches its way out of the car park, leaving Osbourne to collapse in a groaning heap between two green and purple polka-dotted cars.

Back in the main arena, the fans watching the SHOOT-Tron are on their feet giving a standing ovation with cheers of  "JESTER JESTER! JESTER!" mingled with a bassline of deep laughter, but a close-up of the crowd reveals one guy in a baseball cap screaming that the red sports car is his! The guy stood next to him is heard to offer him ten grand in cash for the car if he doesn’t wash the paint off!

Other Guy: O… M… F… G…

Dave Dymond: Was that…? A Paintball Drive-By?

Other Guy: That looks bad… Ouch…

Dave Dymond: Has Jester gone too far? I don’t think so, and neither does the crowd here tonight!

Other Guy: You know what? I bet we find out next Revolution when Osbourne Kilminster turns up and comes looking for Jester.

Dave Dymond: That’s what he’s been doing all night and look where it’s got him. He’s been yellow, then yellow again, then pink, now green and purple and by tomorrow he’ll be black and blue by the looks of it!

Other Guy: He should drop the ‘God of War’ thing and go with Osbourne ‘The Human Rainbow’ Kilminster!

Dave Dymond: Haha! Maybe!


We cut immeadiatly to the backstage area. Standing there is a tall figure, his back to the Camera’s view. He’s wearing a silk robe, in the style of most professional boxers. On the back of the robe, in a flourishing, curlicue olde-english text, are the words "GOOD GUY". The figure turns, and although the hood of the robe is pulled over his face, we can still see two very important clues: A gold canine, and a neat moustache. We can see from the front that he’s wearing the robe over his usual tracksuit, for whatever reason. He pulls the hood back, his eyes shining.

Kilgore: Good Guys and Bad Guys.

Our man’s smile is bright, he’s apparently in good spirits.

Kilgore: Concepts like that dont need to be taught to us when we’re kids, they’re more hardwired into our genetics, you know?

He taps on his temple, softly.

Kilgore: All up here, from when we’re conceived, passed down from generation to generation.

At his, he takes a half a step to the left, then leans against the utilitarian hallway wall, resting his back against the block concrete.

Kilgore: The beauty of it is? It applies to everything. There is always right and wrong. Without this structure, we’re doomed. But luckily, despite the efforts of "Bad Guys" like Adrian Corazon, it still prevails. But why?

Stochansky’s grin widens, his pleasure apparent.

Kilgore: Because of men like me. Because I’m no longer afraid to bear a torch into the darkness, in order to bring about the light. It’s tough, it really is. I’ve encountered opposition at every turn. People who like to say, "Hey, he’s just a trickster." Or even worse, that my aims are purely for my own gain.

Our man shakes his head, clicking his tounge in admonishment.

Kilgore: But I can assure you, everyone listening, that I am sincere. Adrian, Jason, Folks at home, everybody…I am one of the "Good Guys".

At this, he pulls off the robe and tosses it on the ground. He breaks into a big grin.

Kilgore: But my motives are so pure, I dont need to advertise, do I?

He stretches out, raising his arms above his head. He lets his arms rest outward from his body, in his messianic pose that seems so natural.

Kilgore: No, I do not. When I win the World Title, that’ll be all the advertisment that I need.

Stochansky quickly walks off camera, a spring in his step that truly shows how excited he is. We cut away…



The lights in the arena go dark, and there is the buzz of confusion throughout the arena.  The darkness continues for an uncomfortable moment, and then we can hear synth-assisted strings fill the building.

Dave Dymond: Stochansky, taking his time, as usual.

Other Guy: You know what, Dave?  I think you’re a player hater, honestly.

Finally, a loud guitar riff crashes through the orchestra, and a spotlight illuminates Kilgore Stochansky.  He is clad in his standard tracksuit, and he moves with the music down the ramp, ignoring the boos that assault him. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is for the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…. introducing first, the challenger…he hails from Verona, New Jersey, and weighs in at Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

He climbs up to the ring apron, the music swelling.  He then scales the turnbuckles, standing on the second buckle and holding his arms out in a sort of Christ pose.  The only lyrics in the song hit at this very moment…

We arent our father’s sons!


We must defend the light!


The boos get louder as Kilgore points to members of the audience, nodding in his approval, and posing for them.  Stochansky finally steps down and into the ring, removing his tracksuit as the music fades out.

“Torcher” by DZK takes over, and the crowd comes alive for the World Heavyweight Champion, Corazon!   The spotlights are all over, and they finally converge on the top of the ramp, where he makes his appearance! 

Samantha Coil:  And next…  introducing the man who stands in at six feet, three inches tall…  weighing in at two hundred, twenty five pounds…  he is BRUTAL…  he is INHUMAN…  he is CORAZON.

Corazon walks down to the ring, in much the same fashion as Stochansky.  Ignoring the fans, ignoring the reaction, and focusing solely on the task ahead of him.  He reaches the ring, and unstraps the World Championship from his waist, handing it over to Scott Kamura, who hands it to Mark Kendrick.  Samantha Coil heads away from the ring, as we get under way here.

Dave Dymond:HUGE match here.  LOTS of implications.  First of all, this is Corazon’s first title defense since Malice.  He’s got A LOT to prove. 

Other Guy:  Hey, as does Kilgore, man!  Kilgore’s got a lot to prove too!  This is a huge opportunity for him, and since he’s the most opportunistic person IN the SHOOT Project, I think that puts this match in his favor.

Dave Dymond:Scott Kamura will be our official for this main event, and OG, hasn’t Scott been in pretty much every SHOOT main event in several years?  Hmm…  that’s something for our stat monkeys to figure out, I think!

Referee Scott Kamura calls for the bell, and the fans cheer in anticipation.  For what seems to be a long moment, both men stare each other down, eyeing each other up.  Kilgore is the first to step forward, but Corazon mimics his movement, stepping forward with no emotion on his face.  Stochansky speeds up his pace, meeting Corazon halfway and moving into a basic lockup.  Both men struggle for position, but Stochansky uses his size to advantage, bringing Corazon in for a headlock.  He wrenches the hold, his opponent trying to gain purchase on his wrist to break it, but before Corazon can reverse, Kilgore takes him to the mat with a headlock takedown.  The crowd is buzzing, waiting for something big to happen.

Dave Dymond: What is this we’re seeing out of Stochansky recently?  He’s wrestling!

Other Guy: What?  You’re surprised? 

Stochansky stands Valiant, but it’s cut short, as Corazon kips up to his feet with a smile on his face.  Another lockup, followed by Corazon quickly taking the initiative with a blatant choke.  The crowd noise intensifies as he pushes Stochansky to the corner by his throat, and before Kamura can make him break the hold, he removes his hand and just as quickly gives Kilgore a stiff chop!

Dave Dymond: Corazon is taking control of the pace in this match early on, and that’s not a good sign for–Oh!

The champion rears back for another chop, but when he swings, Stochansky blocks with his forearm!  There’s a visible look of surprise in Corazon’s face as he takes a step back, eyeing his opponent.  Stochansky, for his part, grins and taps his temple, resulting in boos from the crowd.  He steps forward and telegraphs a punch, which Corazon is ready for, but he stops it short and just as fast switches to a gut kick, which connects!  The crowd’s displeasure is apparent, and it only increases as Kilgore ties Corazon up and raises him into the air for a suplex…and lands it!

Other Guy: A new and improved Kilgore Stochansky, Dave!  He always had the skill, he just never had to use it before.  Genius, really.

Dave Dymond: That may or may not be true, but all this showboating is gonna end up costing him!

Indeed it is, as Kilgore sets his back to the temporarily downed champion to pose to the crowd, resulting in a renewed sense of anger in the capacity crowd.  Corazon gets up quickly, obviously not downed by a single suplex, and quickly grabs the champ from behind, taking him to the mat with a schoolboy!  Kamura slides down to make the count…



Kickout!  Both men roll to their feet at the same time, but Corazon gains the upper hand with a quick punch right to the challenger’s face!  Stochansky is reeling, and the champion is quick to capitalize, bringing the bigger man down to one knee with a flurry of strikes!  The crowd cheers him on as he grabs Stochansky by the hair, aiming to pull him up, but Kilgore comes down with a Hard downward punch right into the World Champion’s genitals!  The positive reaction of the fans turns on a dime into anger, as Corazon leans against the ropes in Pain!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky’s back to his old tricks again, I see.

Other Guy: As he’s said, Double D, it’s necessary to make the company better with him as the head talent!  What, do you not Want the company to be better?  Why do you hate the company so much? 

Stochansky is apparently feeling a comeback, as he follows up with a knife edged chop that resounds throughout the arena!  Corazon has nowhere to go, backed against the ropes and blocked off by six and a half feet of Ukrainian expat.  Kilgore locks up with the man and goes for an Irish whip, but Corazon reverses!  The challenger bounces off of the opposing ropes, and Corazon telegraphs a lariat–but then leaps forward and takes Stochansky’s legs out from under him with a low dropkick!  The Crowd erupts!

Dave Dymond: Oh, Damn!  Adrian Corazon is showing here why he’s one of the most feared tactical minds in the sport!

Kilgore is rolling on the mat, clutching his left knee, and Corazon takes his time walking over to his fallen competitor, a contemptuous sneer on his face.  He grabs Stochansky by his neck and drags him to his feet–Then kicks his left leg out from under him with a swift kick!  Stochansky hits the mat like a sack of stones, screaming in pain and holding onto his knee. 

Other Guy: Look at that!  Kamura, do your damned job!

Dave Dymond: It’s a smart strategy, though, to take the tall man’s legs out of the equation!  This might be over earlier then we thought!

Corazon, seemingly satisfied for the time being, once again hauls Stochansky to his feet, and ties up with him.  But Stochansky breaks free with a mighty heave, and counters with a quick rake to Corazon’s eyes!  He then hobbles backward, favoring his knee, wincing in pain!  The crowd’s buzzing is getting louder, as Corazon Clutches his eyes and tried to recover!

Other Guy: Come on, Stochansky, now’s your time to capitalize!

Dave Dymond: But Corazon’s fine because if those attacks on the leg!  Stochansky’s in too much pain to do anything!

Corazon walks forward, his stride confident even if he’s still blinking the pain from his vision.  Stochansky see’s him coming and leaps off of his good leg, trying for a clothesline, but Corazon ducks him!  The crowd erupts in cheers as Kilgore attempts to turn with a discus forearm, but Corazon is too fast, giving him a backwards elbow to slow him down!  Kilgore reels backwards, still hobbing, and Corazon waits for a moment in a half crouch–Then leaps forward and takes him down with a spear!

Dave Dymond: This is turning into a massacre!  Kilgore’s effort is valiant, but I think he might simply be outmatched!

The Champion mounts the big man, and proceeds to lay a couple of stiff elbows into his face!  He then hooks a leg, and Kamura rolls for the count…



Kickout!  The crowd cheers in surprise,  and Corazon is quick to do something about it, getting to one knee and laying a stiff punch right in Kilgore’s face!  He then hoists the challenger to his feet, going for a lockup–But Kilgore takes him completely off-guard with a BIG Haymaker punch!  The crowd can be heard giving a mixture of boos and excitement as the Champion falls to the mat, reeling!

Other Guy: Wait, did Kilgore just nearly cold-cock the World Champ?

Dave Dymond: Not quite, Corazon’s already on his feet!

Both men tie up, the excitement in the crowd incredibly audible.  Corazon shoots for the injured leg, but Kilgore slips out of harms way!  Corazon turns, looking for a spinning elbow, but Stochansky sidesteps and takes the champ to the mat with a HUGE STO Slam! 

Other Guy: Caput Mortuum!  Stochansky’s going for the cover, this could be it!



KICKOUT!  Stochansky stares at Kamura in disbelief, and shakily gets to his feet and then into the Referee’s face, having an argument.  While the two men are jawing at each other about count speed, the crowd begins to get very noisy, urging on The World Champion.  Corazon gets to one knee, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it.  Stochansky takes notice, and limps to his opponent, grabbing him by his head and dragging him to his feet. 

Dave Dymond: Stochansky actually sppears to be in control, which is as much a surprise to me as anyone else!

Kilgore roughly shoves Corazon into the corner, and the champion appears limp.  He calmly walks over to his opponent–but Corazon gets sight of him and quickly leaps onto the bottom rope and springs off–Landing a BIG leaping roundhouse RIGHT into Stochansky’s head!  The big man takes a couple of steps back, his footing weak, and Corazon rushes him, then leaps into the air…HUGE Flying Elbow!  Kilgore hits the mat, and the crowd erupts in cheers!!

Other Guy: Kilgore needs to step his game up, or else this is gonna be over!

The World Champ grabs Stochansky and hauls him to his feet.  Corazon grabs him in a front headlock, which Kilgore struggle’s against, But the champion is in control, wrenching the hold.  Corazon hooks one of the Big Man’s arms, then quickly rolls backwards with a Modified Underhook DDT!!  The crowd is going absolutely wild, and Kilgore appears to be knocked out!!

Dave Dymond: This has to be it, Corazon has simply dominated the match!

He rolls for the cover…




There’s a definite buzz of confusion in the audience as Corazon cocks his head to the side with a smug look on his face.  The notion of dominance has been prevalent the entire match, but Corazon tries to ignore it, even with the noise behind him.  He moves in to follow up on Kilgore, but Kilgore pulls Corazon’s feet from under him, and the World Champion hits the mat, and hits the mat hard!  Clutching the back of his head, Corazon writhes.  Kilgore slowly pulls himself to his feet.  Corazon sees this and ignores the pain his head is in, trying to get to his feet himself.  The crowd noise is rising, everyone wanting to see a conclusion to this match. 

Dave Dymond:Pretty intense stuff here, from Kilgore Stochansky.  I thought for sure that he was done after that DDT! 

Other Guy:  I’ve learned to never underestimate anyone in this business, Double Deezy.  Especially a guy like Kilgore Stochansky.

Stochansky and Corazon both are to their feet, but Stochansky is two steps quicker.  He quickly rushes Corazon and nails him with a knee lift, but does so, so that the World Champion doesn’t go down.  He SHOVES Corazon now, and rocks him in the corner.  One big right hand later, and Corazon’s down to his knees.  Kilgore grabs him from behind his head, and slams his face into the mat!  Corazon’s turned over, and Kilgore goes for a pin! 



The crowd gasps!

THRE—The count is waved off!  Kilgore’s foot is in the ropes.

Other Guy:  See?  Dude’s craft.  He almost won the World Championship that way.

Kilgore shrugs with a bit of a catty grin on his face, and goes back to work.  He pulls Corazon to his feet now, and locks him in!  He’s going for Dead Bent! Corazon wriggles free, but Kilgore turns the move from the Dead Bent into an irish whip!  Corazon’s caught off guard, and rebounds from the ropes into a STIFF Stochansky clothesline.  The World Champion crumples to the mat, holding his head once more.  Stochansky wastes no time, and pulls Corazon to his feet.  He hooks him in a front chancery, and pulls him up, and then drops him down with a vertical suplex!  He holds on and lifts him again, but transitions to a wrist clutch, and tries the Dead Bent once again!  He gets Corazon in the air, but Corazon wiggles through again and this time reverses it!  He brings Kilgore’s face into one of his knees with a move he calls the ACT OF INHUMANITY!  He covers!



THRE—KICKOUT.  Kilgore kicks out!  The crowd is pissed! 

Dave Dymond:VERY close call there for Kilgore, but the thing to note there is that Corazon DID NOT hit the Act of Inhumanity totally flush on.  He only managed to hit one knee, and even then, I’m not sure that one knee was totally flush either.

Other Guy:  Either way, Kilgore’s a beast.  He just kicked out of Corazon’s finisher!  HE HIT IT FLUSH ON DUDE WHAT?

Dave Dymond:I dunno what match you’re watching, but it definitely was just one knee.

Corazon’s flat on the ground, breathing heavily, as is Kilgore Stochansky, though a look of relief may or may not be very evident on his face.  Scott Kamura begins the mandatory 10 count, but doesn’t make it to 6 before both are up on a knee, breaking the count.  Kilgore’s the aggressor once again, as you really get the feeling that Corazon used a lot of his energy trying to pull of the Act of Inhumanity.  Kilgore launches a series of rights and lefts that have the World Heavyweight Champion reeling.  Kilgore bumps Corazon into the ropes again, and uses the momentum to swing him over with a modified neckbreaker of sorts.  Corazon’s flat on the canvas once again, as Kilgore covers! 




Other Guy:  I can’t BELIEVE Corazon kicked out of that.  Where is he getting the energy from?

Dave Dymond:I’m not even sure.  He’s dominated the majority of this match, and Kilgore’s withstood the punishment.  Corazon MUST be running low.  I have no idea how he continues to squeak out of these situations. 

Kilgore’s visibly frustrated, but retains his composure.  He grabs Corazon by the neck once more, and pulls him to his feet.  He mouths the words “Time to end this” to the World Heavyweight Champion, and wraps him in the wrist clutch once more.  He holds it for punctuation this time, but Corazon struggles, and brings Kilgore down ONE MORE TIME with an Act of Inhumanity, and THIS TIME, it hits with BOTH knees!

Dave Dymond:That was MONEY. 

Other Guy:  What?!  It didn’t hit flush again.  COME ON DAVE, GET WITH IT.

Dave Dymond:Cover!




Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of twenty three minutes, and thirty six seconds, and STILL the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  CORAZON!!! 

“Torcher” kicks onto the PA, as Adrian Corazon peels himself from the canvas.  Samantha Coil brings the World Heavyweight Championship over to him, and Corazon, who’s on his knees, clutches it tightly to his chest.

Dave Dymond:What a book end to this action filled edition of Revolution!  Next week, who the hell KNOWS what’s going to happen, but with SHOOT Project, and on the road to Reckoning Day…  you really never know!  For Dave Dymond…

Other Guy:  I’m Other Guy, and man…  I can’t believe Kilgore lost that.  I’m really upset!  But man…  oh…  they’re telling me to wrap this stuff up…  okay…  fine…  I’m Other Guy.  See you next week!

Fade to black.