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Revolution: 029 – 5/4/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view. 

“Gentlemen and ladies…” 

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering. 

“Please put down your expensive champagne…” 

The last of the letters pass by. 

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!” 

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard… 


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd. 

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn 

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes. 

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists 

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight. 

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs 

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. 

“So back up!” 

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment. 

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else! 

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about. 

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted. 

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare 

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’” 

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist. 

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’” 

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the montage slows to focus on the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, as he slings the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder. 

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’” 

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head. 

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’” 

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. 

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no 

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show 

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll” 

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization 

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white. 

“So buff, so rugged, so rough 

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up 

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up 

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition 

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring. 

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out. 

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution. 

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


As Revolution opens inside the US Airways Center, the fans couldn’t be more confused.  Inside the wrestling ring is a long table that almost divides the ring in half.  It is covered with a patterned tablecloth of red and black squared overlapping one another in a bizzaro checkered design.  Covering the table are silver trays piled high with pastries. One tray has chocolate cupcakes with dark red frosting, another tray comes complete with little crumpets and other finger desserts.  Of course the most peculiar thing is a wooden mannequin that has been set up, fixed with a small TV monitor where the head should be. The monitor is turned off, and a top hat is situated on top of the TV.

Dave Dymond: Welcome to Revolution folks we have been told that we are officially on the air and well, judging by the set up in the ring, we’re obviously not getting right to the action tonight.

Other Guy: Man there’s lace doilies, white teakettles with floral designs?  Little saucers?  Shit they even got a fireplace complete with a mantle in that ring.

Dave Dymond: Quite possibly the strangest thing we’ve seen on Revolution in some time, and look at the mantle, Other Guy.  The picture taken two weeks ago is set up right there. And talk about WORST family portrait ever.

Other Guy: This is messed up, Dave.

The fans continue to buzz with confusion, and suddenly the lights go out, the SHOOT video screen comes on, and classical violin music begins to play.  In soft focus the image of an invitation shows up on the screen, the text in a fancy cursive, read over the speakers by an unknown voice.

“SHOOT Project fans, thank you all for attending this very special outing. The Family couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout for this all too important event.  Thank you.”

The video screen goes black and at that moment the violin music is replaced by “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails as the lights slowly but surely flicker back to normal, The Family can be seen at the start of the entryway.  Vincent Mallows sits in his wheel chair, while to his left Kenji Yamada stands, and to his right is the large child-monster Sammy Rochester. Sammy holds two large rolling suitcases by their extended handles and as the group makes their way to the ring, they roll behind Sammy.

Dave Dymond: An ominous sight we are beholding, set completely off from what is in the ring.  It’s like peace and chaos colliding at once, Other Guy.

Other Guy: Need I say it again… this is MESSED up.

Mallows, Sammy, and Kenji stop just outside of the ring.  Yamada moves around behind Sammy and unzips the two suitcases and from within out pop Kid One and Kid Two.  Both are in their half red, half white body suits, but tonight they wear black coats complete with fancy butler-like coattails. The two midgets scramble up the steps and into the ring.  Sammy drops both of the suitcases and then lifts Mallows out of the wheelchair and enters the ring with him held in a cradle like position, his left arm and leg dangling with no movement what so ever.  The fans begin to boo loudly as the Family makes their way to the seats situated around the long table. Kenji is last to enter, but first to take his seat right next to the mannequin.

Dave Dymond: This is really happening.  In front of thousands tonight, here in Phoenix… The Family is going to literally have a tea party.

Other Guy: Yeah and it looks like they are expectin’ more, Dave.  They’ve got four chairs set up across from them.

Sammy helps Mallows into his special chair, complete with supportive armrests and a strong back to keep him sitting straight up.  Sammy then moves to the end of the table where his seat is next to a booster chair.  Sammy looks around for Mikey who is then brought to him by Kid One. Sammy smiles, but it isn’t a comforting smile by any means.  Kid Two in the meantime plugs in a cord that connects to the television and suddenly the monitor comes to life and seen is the face of Roland Caldwell.

Dave Dymond: Well that makes it complete then… The Family is all here tonight in some capacity, and accounted for.

The music finally cuts out once everyone is situated. There is a couple of clicks and a buzz as the crowd becomes softer and now it appears the noise happening in the ring is being picked up stronger. Mallows attempts to clear his throat and it comes out as almost a sickening gurgle sound.  All eyes turn to him as the members of The Family all have their spots on one side of the table.

Vincent Mallows: Before we begin I want to say I am very happy everyone could be here tonight.  Last week was something magnificent and I really feel our unity as a Family has only grown since then.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey thought last week was good. We need to do more stuff like that.  I agree with Mikey.

Yamada kicks his feet up onto the table now, knocking over his empty tea cup, clearly making his space his own.

Kenji Yamada: Yeah, so we go from that to a fucking tea party? Tell me, Vincent, what family outing will we have next?

Roland Caldwell: I don’t think you get it, Kenji.  These meetings are important. It’s what separates us from failed units of the past.

Yamada sneers at the television monitor that sports Roland’s face. But he says nothing, simply picks up a knife from the table and starts twirling it around in his fingers.

Vincent Mallows: Now now, Kenji, no need to brood.  This isn’t just a family outing; this is a mark of our dominance.  But we’ll get to that. First we take care of immediate Family business.

Mallows, looking ahead though his right eye tries to look in Kenji’s direction, again clears his throat.

Vincent Mallows: How has everyone’s week been?  I know I gave you all individual time to reflect and understand what Family means, so I hope you all spent that time well.

The booing can just be heard now as the fans pour it on really thick, but the change in the microphone set up still has all background noise very soft.

Roland Caldwell: My week, despite the circumstances, was great.  A small price to pay for what was finally done to Eli Storm.  I’ll be back soon enough.

Kenji Yamada: Mannequin body and all?

Caldwell’s face forms an annoyed expression.

Roland Caldwell: If you have a problem with me, then say it to my face?

Yamada suddenly takes his feet off the table and turns towards the monitor, looking right into it.

Kenji Yamada: Why don’t you come here and MAKE ME!  Oh wait, you fucking can’t!

Yamada sits back down chuckling when suddenly Mallows smashes his right hand down hard onto the table, shaking everything.

Vincent Mallows: Enough!  Roland is making the best given his circumstances.  Jason Johnson gave him a time out as a result of what we accomplished last week. BUT he is making the effort to be here, THAT is what matters.  Now Roland had a good week. A week of reflection.  Sammy, Kenji, what about you?  How was your week?

Again Yamada refuses to speak and goes right back to twirling the knife in his hand, which seems to calm him down.

Sammy Rochester: We played mini-golf. And Kenji finally sees me as a little brother.  It was fun. But we kept having to talk about the bad men. Then I got angry, and Mikey told me what I should do… Mikey told me a LOT of things I could do and will do.

Kenji Yamada: The Flying Avengers think Mikey’s dumb, Sammy. Did I tell you that?

And just like that Sammy suddenly snaps, eyes wide as he clenches his fist.


As Sammy screams he pounds on the table, causing things to fall down left and right.  Kenji gets a kick out of this and Kid One and Kid Two try to calm Sammy down but he back hands both of then, sending them to the mat.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy please… Please… CALM YOURSELF!

Mallows’s plea finally gets to Sammy, calming him down slightly.

Kenji Yamada: Yes little brother. Save it for later tonight. Save it for after we have our tea and share our feelings.

The last statement is made with a sneer as Yamada looks down the length of the table at Mallows. At this point Sammy is calm and Mallows appears to be more than annoyed.

Vincent Mallows: I understand and respect your individuality Kenji. We wouldn’t have wanted you otherwise. However, if you don’t feel like sharing your week, that is fine… but we all encourage you to do so, Kenji, for the unity of this Family.

Roland Caldwell: Last week we perfectly executed a plot to end Eli Storm. And we accomplished just that.  He’s over and done with.  Don’t you see, Kenji. As long as we stay together as a family there is nothing we can’t do…

Yamada suddenly stabs the knife into the table.

Kenji Yamada: FINE!  You want to know how my week has been? It was going just great until I had to come out and have a fucking tea party. What’s next A camping trip? Or maybe we can all get our Care Bear Sleeping Bags and have a slumber party with a nice big bowl of popcorn. I’m sure Roland would love to show off how fashionable he looked in a red one piece Pajama outfit!

Some of the fans can be heard reacting but again the background noise has been dropped considerably.

Kenji Yamada: So, Mallows, to better answer your question…my week has been just fucking great up until right now, you know having the whole tea party thing in front of millions of people.

A moment of silence.  Mallows takes a sip from his teacup which was just recently filled by Kid One and now both midgets wait on hand to serve whoever would like something.

Vincent Mallows: You know… Kenji.  You really shouldn’t care about these other people. You have never done so before, what does it matter. This night is about us.  This night is about The Family.  Later you and Sammy will enjoy some family time together as we have set up a play date with The Flying Avengers.  Do your worst to them.

Sammy claps his hands, legitimately excited about his match to come.

Vincent Mallows: Of course, many out there will need to feel our worst, many out there will come to understand that the Family that plays together…

Sammy, Kenji and Roland: Stays together!

Vincent Mallows: Exactly, but as I have come to learn, it is not fair for us to be selfish.  There are others who would benefit from being pleasant with the Family, and I believe it wouldn’t hurt for us, The Family, to have some Friends.

Roland scoffs, clearly not happy about what’s about to take place. Still Mallows continues on.

Vincent Mallows: So let us have our Friends join us tonight. This tea party is to celebrate something new, something that will make our dominance more permanent than ever. Kid One, Kid Two, please properly announce our guests.

Kid One and Kid Two rush to the upper left and lower left corner and climb up, standing proudly with chests puffed out.

Dave Dymond: Do we even have to be out here right now?  Is this really going to continue.

Other Guy: Looks that way, Dave.

The fans react, booing louder, but that doesn’t stop this outing from happening.

Kid One: Tea for one and tea for two!

Kid Two: Tea for us, and tea for you!

Kid One: Praises, now, you all will SING!

Kid Two: OH DEFILER, YES DEFILER, join us in the ring!

The anxious crowd, somewhat annoyed at the lullaby pace of this particular “party”, suddenly EXPLODES as “Float On” by MODEST MOUSE begins to play throughout the US Airways Center!  There are plenty of BOOOOOS and CHEERS to go around from this very mixed crowd.

Dave Dymond: Well, that explains that bizarre invitation from last week.  It appears that The DEFILER is on his way out to the ring, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what this is about, OG.

Other Guy: Jonny and Mallows have a long storied, past, Dave.  Some of our long time viewers will remember the name Fame and Fortune, but for our newer fans…  Lemme just say that this isn’t exactly what anybody wants to see.  These cats are NOTORIOUS for some real awful shit they pulled and I’m kinda not diggin’ this to be honest.

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay.”

The curtains rustle, but Jonny isn’t actually one of the people out.  TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY and SUPER FAN, Tim Calahan, are out first.  All three are in street clothes.  Quinn and Riley in a navy blue hoodies and and jeans, while Calahan is sporting the “collared-sweater-look”, (Dark green and browned striped,white button-up) and a pair of brown corduroys.  They takes a couple steps forward, look toward the ring, and stop moving, opting instead to stay put, grouped in a small, triangle.

“I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay.”

In the ring, Sammy seems somewhat excited, Kenji nods his head, and Roland, well from the particular angle the shot is being take from, it’s hard to tell how Roland is reacting.  Mallows does not move, obviously, his chair facing straight ahead, side turned to the entrance.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on any way…”

There’s an  EXPLOSION OF PYROTECHNICS AT THE TOP OF THE RAMP, causing Calahan, Quinn and Riley to jump a little bit, but nothing over the top.  The curtains rustle again at the same time…

“Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand!”

As the second verse begins, THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON (SHOOT Project’s TRUE number one contender to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE) emerges out from backstage to a THUNDEROUS MIXED REACTION!  Jonny is in a dull, yellow zipper hoodie that says “O SRY! GTRRTJBS4LIFE” on the back in thin, black tape, and wears a pair of torn blue-jeans as well.


“Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands

Good news will work its way to all them plans

We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Well we’ll float on good news is on the way.”

Jonny slaps Quinn and Riley on the shoulders, followed by a quick pat on the back to Calahan, and all four men begin to head to the ring.  En route, Jonny pulls a microphone out from his hoodie pocket and starts to talk over the music.

“And we’ll all float on, okay…”

The DEFILER: Cut the music, Jacob.

Dave Dymond: Jonny referring to one of our audio technicians…  Jacob Platt…

Other Guy: Good to know, Dave.

The music stops.

The DEFILER: (Still walking toward the ring) Vincent…  Kenji, Sammy. Roland…

All four are starting to walk up the steps.  Calahan is the first, followed by Quinn and then Riley.  Jonny is the last, still speaking as he makes his way inside the squared circle.

The DEFILER: It’s, uhhh…  (looking at the table, distracted) Wow this is something, guys.  (Looking at a the cupcakes) Those look good.

Quinn and Riley take their seats at the furthest end of the table, closest to the fireplace (across from Sammy and Mikey) while SUPER FAN waits a little bit, staring down Kenji and the “Roland” Mannequin before finally sitting down.  Jonny, though, continues to stall.

The DEFILER: Anyway…  It’s REALLY good to see all of you, and…  well, as much as I appreciate being invited to uhh…  well to this… (feigning excitement, gesturing to the table) this fucking extravaganza, I am REALLY on a… (looking at his watch and then back up) tight schedule, so, Vincent, if we could maybe cut to the uhh… ya know.  The part that isn’t going to bore half the fucking nation, that would be…  man that would be great.

Mallows doesn’t make eye contact with Jonny.  He doesn’t move the slightest bit, his gaze going nowhere in particular, creating some fairly ominous imagery.

Vincent Mallows: I suggest the crumpets, Jonny.  They are simply to die for.

Jonny pauses, a little miffed and probably a little bit frustrated.

The DEFILER: Vincent… Come on…

Mallows quickly interrupts, though his tone could not be any more calm.

Vincent Mallows: And the kids made such wonderful tea.  It’s a softer blend.  (Attempting a smile, but failing) Sweet on the pallets.  (Gesturing with the limited movement he has toward the seat in front of him) Sit, Jonny.  Enjoy.  We’ll get to business soon.  I promise.

Jonny hesitates and shows signs of disbelief, but ultimately walks to his chair and takes a seat at the table.  Kid One and Kid Two quickly rush toward him with napkins and Tea, pouring him a glass and setting the napkins on his lap.  They do the same for the other three as well, as everyone gets settled in.

Calahan takes a sip of tea, but Quinn, Riley and Jonny are VERY slow to join in the festivities.  Mallows ignores the obvious discomfort and awkwardness of the situation and provides a bit of small talk.

Vincent Mallows: So, Jonny, you’ll never guess who I saw the other day.  Do you remember Kyle Ricks?  From… OH!  what was that place called?  The one we ran into the ground?  Made ummm… OutKast all mad and everything…  (Thinking) You had that world title of theirs… Bah.  I cannot remember the name for the life of me.  Anyway.  I saw Kyle Ricks at the Grocery store.  Do you remember him?

The fans boo out of confusion and probably boredom, not appreciating the small talk at all.  Jonny also looks uncomfortable, though nods his head.

The DEFILER: Yeah.  I remember Kyle Rick, Vincent.

Vincent is either lost in some bizarre train of thought, or is a complete genius.  It’s hard to tell as he continues.

Vincent Mallows: Oh he was big wasn’t he?  (Chuckling a little bit, though it sounds more like someone drowning) My what a large fellow.  Still pretty big too.  Bigger, actually.  Put on some weight.  He’s teaching now. (Taking a shaking sip of tea) Isn’t that something?


Everyone at the table is clearly getting anxious.  Kenji takes a deep breath and sits up in his chair, and Sammy squirms around a little bit.  Riley seems ready to fight someone, and Quinn is starting getting a little uncomfortable. 

Those two and Calahan look at Jonny, wondering how he’s going to respond to this…

However, EVERYONE is suddenly interrupted by ROLAND.

Roland Caldwell: This. IS. RIDICULOUS!  Mallows I AM DONE WITH THIS!  (Glowering at Jonny) Jonny shouldn’t even be OUT HERE!  It should be ME in the main event at Reckoning Day!  I am a proven champion, and I have every right to exercise my rematch clause!  You’re lucky I’m not there to prove my dominance, Defiler.  Do you understand?

Quinn and Riley and Super Fan get to their feet after the threat from Roland, to which Jonny rolls his eyes.  Kenji stands up now too, followed by Sammy.

The DEFILER: (Looking down the table to his boys) Sit the FUCK DOWN.  It’s a mannequin for Christ’s sake.

He shakes his head, and everyone slowly sits down.  Mallows seems to be enjoying himself, or, again, drowning.  It’s hard to tell.

The DEFILER: (Looking at the mannequin now) Roland…  By all means exercise that rematch clause because nothing would make me, or the boys in the back happier than to see you lose one last time and END this ridiculous idea that you should be ANYWHERE NEAR a fucking main event let alone the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

The fans buzz loudly after hearing Jonny’s harsh words.  Roland scowls, while Kenji sort of laughs a little bit.

Kenji Yamada: You had your shot Roland. Maybe I want a crack at Corazon… maybe Little Brother here wants to hurt the bad man.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey once was friends with him… Corazon is no good though. He tricked us all. I’d like to BASH his FUCKING skull in, and Mikey wants to see it happen.

Roland Caldwell: Everyone can have their shot, I don’t care… As LONG as it stays within The Family.  Why do we need this outsider, Mallows? Huh?

Jason Riley: Fuck you Mannequin!

Yamada lunges forward a bit, grabbing his knife off the table.

Kenji Yamada: Whoa, pipsqueak.  Don’t get out of line.

Mallows FINALLY speaks up.

Vincent Mallows: Oh, ENOUGH!  Roland, we’ve been over this.  The Family picks and chooses our battles.  There’s no need for another multi-man, war.  Adrian Corazon cannot be World Champion.  Jonny will have his opportunity, and if he fails, THEN, Roland, you will have your opportunity for redemption.

Roland falls reluctantly silent, but Jonny quickly speaks up against Mallows’s words.

The DEFILER: IF I…  fail?

Kenji interrupts.

Kenji Yamada: Yeah.  If you lose, Jonny.

Jonny looks at Kenji and then at Mallows again.

The DEFILER: There’s no IF.  THERE IS NO FUCKING IF.  I am not going to lose.  (Slamming his fists into the table) DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME!?

Jonny stands up, eyes locked on Mallows.

The DEFILER: (Speaking into his microphone) Adrian Corazon CANNOT be World Champion.  That’s why we’re out here.  I don’t want any fucking tea…  I don’t want any cupcakes or crumpets and I don’t want FUCKING NAPKINS FROM THESE RETARDED OOMPAH-LOOMPAHS!

Jonny SLAMS his foot into the side of his chair and kicks it into the table!  The dishes shake and a few piece of silverware fall to the mat.  Mallows sighs, while Kenji and Sammy rise to their feet!  Quinn and Riley follow, as does Super Fan.

The DEFILER: I AM SUPPOSED TO BE WORLD CHAMPION!  And I am going to do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make sure that happens and that it happens JUNE FIRST, TWO THOUSAND EIGHT at the conclusion of RECKONING DAY!  (Looking across at the members of the Family) Vincent just fucking said it…  and we ALLLL agree.  ADRIAN CORAZON IS NOT FIT TO BE THIS COMPANY’S WORLD CHAMPION.  He’s where he is BECAUSE I LET HIM and he hasn’t been able to prove otherwise.  (Pausing) A victory over Kilgore Stochansky?  Who didn’t see that coming?!  FUCK ADRIAN CORAZON!  FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM!

Jonny kicks the table now, breaking a few more things before grabbing one of the nearby cameramen.

The DEFILER: (Looking directly into the camera) And when he has a shot to prove himself…  WHERE IS HE!?  WHERE ARE YOU ADRIAN?  Where’s this fucking attack, huh?  WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU CORAZON!?

Jonny pushes the cameraman away and looks around the ring.  Everyone inside stands ready for a brawl, while Mallows stays calm.




The fans begin chanting, growing louder as Jonny’s rage grows.


Jonny pauses.


The fans BREAK OUT INTO A FRENZIED MIXED REACTION of pro Jonny and pro Corazon behavior.  Jonny pauses, but finally shakes his head after realizing Corazon isn’t coming out.

The DEFILER: I warned you, Adrian.

Jonny finally stops speaking.  Everyone inside the ring continues to remain on-guard, not sure what is going to happen next, when finally Vincent Mallows speaks up.

Vincent Mallows: Jonny Johnson….  You have The Family’s undying support.

With the official announcement of this new alliance, the fans continue to get LOUDER and LOUDER, to the point that Mallows voice is almost barely audible.

Vincent Mallows: Please dispose of Adrian Corazon.

Jonny nods his head and looks across the ring at Sammy, Kenji…  Vincent.  Quinn, Riley, and Super Fan do the same.  Mallows waves for Jonny to approach, and he does, leaning in to listen to whatever Mallows has to say.  Jonny continues to nod and then it happens.

Jonny Johnson and Vincent Mallows EMBRACE.

Other Guy: Fuck.

Mallows’s right hand drapes across the back of Jonny who clings to Mallows with a firm hug.  Jonny continues to nod at whatever Vincent is saying for another moment or two, before finally backing away.

Dave Dymond: And with that kind of backing, there is NO doubt, no arguing that The DEFILER’s road to Reckoning Day maybe just got a little easier.

Other Guy: It’s easy for Jonny to be out here callin’ out Corazon when he’s got guys like Kenji Yamada and Sammy Rochester backin’ him up.  This is insane, Dave.

Dave Dymond: But it is happening. As Revolution officially kicks off a bombshell has been dropped. The Family, The Defiler, friends of Jonny… they’re ALL together.  Excuse the cliché, but talk about your unholy union!

“The Greater Good” begins to play again as the arena sound returns to normal. The fans are picked up in normal fashion once more, some booing and some cheering as Jonny makes his way out of the ring, followed closely by Quinn, Riley, and Callahan.  As they leave the camera focus cuts to Dave Dymond and Other Guy, giving clean up crew their time to get everything out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Oh man, and to think it all has just begun tonight… some HUGE matches on the table, and its all leading to the biggest Pay Per View of the SHOOT Project year… Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: Already we know of course the headline match… THE main event for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Jonny Johnson, The Defiler, challengin’ Adrian Corazon for the strap.

Dave Dymond: Jonny had his ticket punched to Reckoning Day the second Redemption ended back in January, but it was uncertain to who he was facing. But it appears to be set in stone now with Corazon free from defending his championship after successfully defending it against Kilgore Stochansky last week.

Other Guy: That’s right, the next time Corazon HAS to defend that title will be at Reckoning Day.  And speakin’ on last week, another championship match signed for Reckoning Day.  After their encounter in that Irish Tables Dance at Malice, Long Island Hardcore and The Flying Avengers are gonna square off face to face, with no other team to get in the way.

Dave Dymond: The tag team championships WILL be on the line in that match up, and later tonight we will be seeing the Flying Avengers in action against the demonic tandem of Kenji Yamada and Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy: And if this tea party is any indication of what’s to come, somethin’ tells me SHOOT Project’s superheroes are in a whole hell of a lot of trouble.

Dave Dymond: And in tonight’s main event, a Malice rematch for the Iron Fist Championship. Defending champ, Dan Stein WILL put the title on the line against Azraith DeMitri. Stein has beaten every challenge put in his path when it comes to defending the Iron Fist Championship, but can he do what he did at Malice… we find out in tonight’s Revolution Main Event.

Other Guy: All that still to come, but our diligent cleaning crew has gotten this tea party shit out of the way, the ring has been cleared in quick fashion, we can kick this off now with some competition like only the SHOOT Project can bring ya… let’s send it off to Samantha Coil.



Samantha Coil stands mid-ring with her microphone in hand, as Marilyn Manson’s “Mobscene” screams across the PA. The crowd explodes into boos.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen-minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at two-hundred seventy-eight pounds, accompanied by “Big” Ed Johnson, GUTTER RAT!

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat coming to the ring now, and after last week, the crowd does not seem to be happy with him, or more specifically, “Big” Ed Johnson.

Other Guy: Yeah, they ain’t the only cats not happy with Big Ed. After some of the shit he said this week–

Dave Dymond: Yes, OG, things were said and it was terrible and let’s just call the match, right?

Big Ed is taking his time getting to the ring, spending a lot of it yelling at the people in the crowd who shower the pair with boos, which happens to be the majority of them. Gutter Rat takes it in stride, facing forward, slowly stalking down to the ring behind his “handler.” Big Ed wanders to one side of the ring as Rat climbs the steps, stepping through the ropes and moving to a corner, staring down the entranceway.

“Mobscene” cuts away, and the opening guitar of “Paint It Black” trills through the arena. The crowd doesn’t know how to respond, with half the crowd booing the monster, the other half cheering for Gutter Rat’s opponent. The 7-foot-plus beast that is Flint Cloud stands in the entranceway, looking down at the ring, hand on the taser at his hip. Even Samantha Coil seems to be put off a little by his appearance.

Samantha Coil: …and his opponent, weighing in at three-hundred fifty pounds, from Wormwood, Nevada, the Copperhead, FLINT CLOUD!

Cloud stares straight at Gutter Rat as he stalks down the aisle, with a couple of kids at ringside averting their eyes, and one even beginning to cry from the disgusting facade of the former sheriff.

Dave Dymond: Once the sheriff of Wormwood, Nevada, and now a hideous monster. Can you imagine that guy holding some sort of authority somewhere, OG?

Other Guy: Would you be breakin’ the law if that cat were the one trying to uphold it?

Dave Dymond: That’s a good point, but I can’t see this guy doing evictions.

Other Guy: I could. And I sure as hell would pay my rent on time.

Cloud climbs up the the ring steps, pausing as referee Austin Linam chides him to take off his gunbelt. Cloud’s eyes never leave Gutter Rat’s, as he unbuckles the taser and lays it down in the corner. Linam takes it, handing it off, as Cloud steps over the top rope and into the ring. Linam slides back in, calling for the bell, and the two monsters square off in the middle of the ring.

They lock up, and Cloud takes the early lead, pushing Rat into a corner. Linam yells, starting a five count, and Cloud backs up, before slamming a giant paw across Gutter Rat’s chest! The crowd WOOOS from the audible crack, but Rat doesn’t go down! Cloud turns around, dropping a heavy elbow to the side of Gutter Rat’s head! Johnson is in the corner, screaming at Linam to do his job, and Cloud puts both hands on the ropes, ready to drive a shoulder into Rat– Gutter Rat gouges the eye! Cloud stumbles back, and Gutter Rat is quick to take advantage, charging him with a clothesline! Cloud doesn’t drop, though, and Rat pushes himself off the ropes to hit another clothesline that takes the big man off his feet! Rat goes for an obvious choke, and Linam starts a five count, but doesn’t get past two as Cloud rocks Rat off of him with a stiff punch to the side of the head!

Dave Dymond: This match is off to a rocky start for Gutter Rat, who is likely looking to redeem himself a little after that loss to the DEFILER last week.

Other Guy: No matter what Ed Johnson might say, there’s nothing to be redeemed in a loss to Jonny Johnson.

Cloud gets to his knees, as Rat charges him with a spear– caught! Cloud drops him on his head with a stiff DDT! Cloud stands to his feet, and before Rat can get to his, the Coppperhead puts a boot to his chest, and stands up on top of him! Linam drops to the floor to count a pin, but Ed Johnson jumps onto the apron before anything can happen, and Linam moves to stop him!

Dave Dymond: And a quick save from Ed Johnson, although if he isn’t careful, he’s gonna get his man DQed!

This has caught the attention of Cloud as well, who steps off of Gutter Rat and starts to march toward Johnson! Johnson drops off of the apron to avoid him, and Linam ineffectually puts himself between Cloud and the ring ropes! Cloud stops, simply pointing at Johnson, who, to his credit, continues to spout epithets Flint’s way. Cloud turns around– low blow from Gutter Rat! The big man drops to his knees, clutching his groin, and Rat capitalizes, throwing rights and lefts into Cloud’s deformed face! He finally winds up and flattens Cloud with a vicious headbutt– but both men go down! Rat is clutching his forehead in pain, as Cloud is a little groggy, pulling himself up by the ropes!

Other Guy: Sometimes pays to do your homework, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, it seems that Gutter Rat either forgot, or never knew about the steel plate in his opponent’s head! And Gutter Rat is busted open!

Sure enough, Rat is bleeding from the forehead, and completely taken by surprise. He starts to shake off the cobwebs, but Cloud is already on his feet again. Rat turns to see him, and throws a groggy swing– caught by Cloud! Rat tries again with the other hand– also caught! Cloud traps Rat’s arms, and starts bashing him with headbutts! The crowd counts along with him!






Cloud lets go of the man’s arms, and Gutter Rat collapses to the mat! “Big” Ed Johnson is furious, as Cloud makes the cover!



Thr– Johnson yanks on Cloud’s leg, and Cloud breaks the cover!

Dave Dymond: Once again, Johnson makes the save! Not that he actually budged Cloud, but he obviously got his attention!

Other Guy: Cloud’s gotta get his head in the game, and keep focused on his real opponent here.

Cloud stands up again, and shoots an evil glare at Rat’s manager on the outside, who again is just screaming at the giant in the ring. Cloud grabs Gutter Rat by the head, and hoists the near three-hundred-pound beast over his head in a military press! Ed Johnson looks absolutely shocked, changing quickly to frightened as Cloud charges toward the ropes, tossing Rat out of the ring, and toward Ed Johnson! Johnson quickly dives away, barely escaping being crushed by Gutter Rat, who crashes to the floor in a heap!

Dave Dymond: An unbelievable show of power from the Copperhead!

Other Guy: Shame he missed.

Linam starts the ten count, as Cloud steps over the top rope and hops down to the floor. He pulls Rat to his feet, and back up onto his shoulder, walking toward the announce table. Dymond and OG stand up, moving back, just to be safe, as Cloud drops Rat with a snake eyes on the table! Rat hits, landing on his feet and clutching his bloody face, when Flint swings him around, sending him shoulder first into the ring post! Rat hits the post with a clang, before falling over the steel steps! Cloud rolls into the ring to restart the count before dropping back to the floor, and pulling Rat to his feet again! He wraps a huge hand around Gutter Rat’s throat, motioning him toward the announce table once again!

Ed Johnson grabs Cloud by his uniform shirt! Cloud just swats him away, but Johnson doesn’t give up! He grabs Cloud once more, and Flint drops Gutter Rat from his choke, turning to face Ed Johnson! The crowd screams its approval as Cloud wraps his hand around Johnson’s neck instead!

Other Guy: Hell yeah! Put him through the table!

Dave Dymond: OG, it’s the first match! Where are we gonna sit if he breaks this now?!

Johnson’s eyes go wide, and he’s shaking his head as best he can, his hands trying in vain to pry Cloud’s from his throat! The crowd goes nuts as Cloud lifts the much smaller man into the air– but Rat sends a forearm to his back, just in time! Cloud releases Ed Johnson, who drops to the floor coughing, and Rat whips Cloud into the apron! Cloud slams hard against the ring, and Rat tosses him under the top rope, sliding into the ring himself!

Cloud pushes himself to his hands and knees, but Rat puts him back on the mat with a stiff boot to his ribs! Rat drops a hard elbow across the throat of Cloud, and goes for the choke one more time! Linam starts the five count, and gets to a four-and-a-half before Rat releases the hold, only to put it back on! Linam starts the count again, and again gets to a four count before Rat lets go of the monster’s throat! Rat stands to his feet, making a cutthroat sign with his thumb, and starts to pull Cloud up to his feet. Cloud gets to his knees– gore! Out of nowhere, Cloud drops Gutter Rat to the mat with a gore, and both men are down! Linam starts a ten count, as Big Ed slams his hands on the apron!

1! 2! Rat is stirring, but barely, and Cloud rolls himself over!

3! 4! Rat drops back to the mat, seemingly unconscious! Cloud pushes himself to his knees!

5! 6! Cloud is up, and Linam stops the count! Ed Johnson slams his hand on the apron one more time, before hopping up on it! As Cloud goes to cover Rat, Linam spots Johnson again, and goes to warn him off once more! Cloud looks around as the count doesn’t start, before seeing Johnson and Linam at the ropes, arguing! He stands to his full 7+ feet, and charges Ed Johnson! Linam sees him coming, and tries to get out of the way, but Johnson pulls him into the path of the monster, who can’t stop himself from nailing Austin Linam with a big boot! Johnson jumps down off the apron, and Rat is back on his feet! Cloud leans over the ropes to threaten Johnson when Gutter Rat hits him with a low blow! As Cloud doubles over, Johnson tosses in a chair! Rat grabs the chair, slamming it on the head of Cloud– hitting nothing but steel plate! It resonates with a clang, but Cloud doesn’t go down! Ed Johnson has grabbed something from the timekeeper’s table, as Cloud turns around to face Gutter Rat! Rat slams him one more time with the chair, which serves to once again only stun the big man!

Dave Dymond: Flint Cloud will not go down!

Other Guy: What’s Johnson doing? Is that– it’s Cloud’s taser!

Cloud rips the chair away from Gutter Rat’s hands, and looks about ready to nail him with it when Johnson hops into the ring, whistling at him! Cloud turns around as Johnson pulls the trigger, and the barbs of the taser go right through Cloud’s uniform! A loud zapping sound echoes through the arena, and Cloud drops to his knees… but doesn’t fall! Johnson’s face is one of pure terror! Cloud pulls out the barbs, but Gutter Rat slams the chair on the back of his head! Cloud wobbles groggily, and Rat hits him again! Cloud drops to the mat, as Gutter Rat tosses the chair out of the ring! Johnson runs by, pulling Linam up and shaking him as Rat makes the cover! Johnson kicks the taser out of the ring as Linam makes the count!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 14 minutes and 16 seconds, GUTTER RAT!

Gutter Rat slides out of the ring, and joins Ed Johnson on the floor, as the pair make a quick exit to a rain of boos before Cloud can get back to his feet.


Jack Heart makes his way down the corridor, spinning his keys around on his finger. He looks around not seeing anyone around him he continues down.

Dave Dymond: Here is Jack Heart again, last week he cost Crush Heart a shot at the Revolution Championship. The big question is will there be some aftermath?

Jack stops in mid step, he hears something or someone behind him, with a quick spin on his hips Jack launches a back kick. Several micro seconds later a scream is heard, as a staff hand now covered in boiling coffee spasms on the floor.

Dave Dymond: We need some help back there!

The Other Guy: I knew that Jack Heart was on our side.

Jack crouches down next to the staff hand, as the EMTs come rushing down the corridor to apply some much needed first aid.



Dave Dymond: Alright folks, we’ve got a great match coming up next, I’ve been looking forward to this one!

Other Guy: I bet ya were…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen! Our next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing parts from…erm…parts unknown…Nova Lynn Jackson!

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar blazes over the speakers as the lights cut to a pink and purple haze. With little hesitation, Nova bursts from the back, holding her arms up and cheering wildly along with the crowd! She wastes little time in rushing down the ramp, slapping hands and giving many a hug to the fans at ringside.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think there’s a person on our roster that’s as genuinely NICE as Nova Lynn.

Other Guy: Oh, I’m sure there are, I just have a feeling that Nova is quite a bit more…free with her ‘niceness’.

Dave Dymond: Like you’d know?

Samantha Coil: Already in the ring, her opponent, SINNOCENCE!

Other Guy: We didn’t hear much from Nova’s opponent this week, I’m wonderin’ if she has what it takes to beat Nova here tonight.

The crowd hushes somewhat as the two wrestlers walk a few steps out of their corners, and start to circle around slowly. The bell rings, and suddenly Sinn lunges at Nova, attempting to lock up with her! However, before she can even lay a hand on her, Nova snaps a blinding fast kick right into the side of Sinnocence’s head! The actual crack of the kick echoed throughout the arena as Sinn staggered right back into a corner, holding her head and looking almost dumbfounded at the power of it. Even Nova looks down to her a foot a second in surprise before looking back up at her opponent and rushing her in the corner, driving a quick and effective shoulder block into Sinn’s gut!

Dave Dymond: Nova taking it to Sinnocence here early. Sinn looked surprised at that kick…

Other Guy: Well absolutely, I think we’re gonna need to watch the slo-mo just to see the damn thing!

Nova backs up a bit, and flashes a brief smile to the crowd before starting to crack repeated knife edge chops across Sinnocence’s chest, each one eliciting a loud “WOOOOO!” from the crowd. However, after the fifth “WOO”, Sinnocence grabs Nova by the neck and forces her into the corner, returning the favor with several vicious forearm and elbow shots, rocking Nova clean in the jaw! Nova crumples slightly in the corner, but Sinnocence keeps up the assault, throwing forearm after forearm until referee Willie Dean steps in to tell Sinn to get Nova out of the corner. Sinnocence raises her arms innocently and nods piously to Dean before slamming a brutal front kick into Nova’s gut and grabs her by the head, throwing her out of the corner with a quick, snapping whipmare!

Other Guy: I was figuring Nova would have this one in control, but Sinnocence is showing some skills in the ring right now.

Dave Dymond: I would certainly hope so, she’s here after all.

With Nova still getting up from the whipmare, Sinn plants a boot directly on Nova’s spine and reaches down to grab both her arms, pulling back suddenly and locking in a nasty looking submission hold! Nova instantly whimpers out in pain, her face curling up into a pained grimace as Sinnocence rips back on her arms while pushing forward with her foot. Sinn actually leans down a bit, presumably to talk trash to Nova, but as she does that her foot actually slips off of Nova’s back, which gives the pained wrestler a chance to roll back a little bit and snap her leg up, connecting with another loud cracking kick to Sinn’s skull! She instantly releases Nova’s hands and actually drops to a knee, his eyes glazing over a little as Nova skitters back to her feet, holding her right shoulder.

Dave Dymond: An innovative way to get out of that submission, but I think Sinn might have torqued Nova’s arm there.

Other Guy: True enough there Dave, but mostly tonight she’s been doling out those vicious kicks, so I don’t know how much it’s going to effect her tonight.

As Sinnocence is still trying to shake out the cobwebs from that last kick, Nova is circling her slowly, and drives a quick boot into Sinn’s back, forcing her on her hands and knees. Just seeing the potential, the guys in the crowd go NUTS. Despite the pain in her arm, Nova can’t help but crack a huge grin at the crowd before looking at Sinn, and suddenly hopping on her back roughly, and…


A slap to the ass louder than both of the kicks Nova delivered tonight! Sinn yelps out loudly and actually tries to crawl away, but Nova locks her legs in pretty good and continues to slap! Three, four FIVE times before Sinn actually drops onto her stomach!

Other Guy: I…uh…what’s she call that again?

Dave Dymond: The Save a Horse I believe.

Other Guy: Yeah. Well…that’s some kind of maneuver right there…

While OG starts to drift off into his own little fantasy world, Nova attempts to roll Sinnocence over, but as she dues Sinn pulls her legs into her chest and then kicks out violently, sending Nova flying off of her. Sinn gets up, absolutely glaring at Nova. Nova picks herself up quickly, and manages to duck under the clothesline that Sinnocence charges her with, from that back position Nova quickly grabs the back of Sinn’s neck and drops her with a sudden neckbreaker! As they both lay on the mat Nova rolls backward and drops on top of Sinn for a pin attempt!


TW…kickout! Sinn gets a shoulder up and quickly shoves Nova off of her again. Nova just gets right back on top of her through, grabbing her by the arm and hauling her to her feet, only to be given a huge elbow strike to the sternum for the effort! Nova staggers back, coughing heavily as Sinn attempts to shake the cobwebs out.

Dave Dymond: Nova has been doing a good job tonight of actually focusing on a body part and working it. Other than those chops she did tonight, every move she’s done has focused on the head, and maybe a little on the neck.

Other Guy: …save a hors…what? Yeah. You’re actually right there Dave.

Dave Dymond: You weren’t even listening to me!

Sinn takes advantage of the fact that Nova is moving backwards into a corner and advances on her quickly, driving violent punches and forearm smashes into that right shoulder, Nova cringing and wincing with every hit. However, as Sinn takes a step back to snap a Superman punch into said shoulder, Nova sidesteps out of the way and shoves Sinn into the corner, quickly placing her foot on the bottom rope and using it to springboard up a knee CLEAN into Sinnocence’s jaw, sending the girl dropping like a sack of potatoes into the corner!

Dave Dymond: WOW! I think Sinnocence is knocked out cold! That knee was brutal! Nova can win this right now!

Other Guy: I…I don’t think Nova is done, Dave.

Indeed, Nova looks down at Sinnocence in the corner again, then looks back up to the crowd who is ROARING. They all know what’s coming. Despite the pain in her arm, Nova flashes another bright grin as she runs to the opposite corner and points with both hands to the fallen Sinnocence. With a shout, Nova runs full tilt into that corner and drops onto Sinnocence, performing what can only be described as a highly…entertaining Bronco Buster.

Dave Dymond: Wanna call it?


Nova grinds for a few seconds, the crowd cheering wildly before she pulls Nova out of the corner and drops down for a pin.




Samantha Coil: The winner of your match, NOVA LYNN JACKSON!

Nova hops to her feet and throw both of her arms up, cheering wildly and flashing a HUGE smile to the crowd the whole time! “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” plays again as Nova climbs up a turnbuckle and waves to all her fans in the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Nova Lynn with a decisive win here tonight.

Other Guy: Absolutely. Sinn tried, but it just didn’t seem like she really knew what she was getting into here tonight.

Nova hops down from the turnbuckle and slides feet first, legs spread out, underneath the bottom rope, offering her fans one last little treat before she makes a departure.

Dave Dymond: So that makes two wins in a row now for Ms. Nova Lynn Jackson, who seems to finally be finding her groove here in the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: Yeah and it’s come against a girl AND a dude, so she’s proving she can compete with just about any… whoa wait what’s this man?

Nova, who had been heading up the aisle, stops as TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY come out from behind the curtains. Riley is holding a bouquet of black colored roses. Nova shouts some things at Riley, but Quinn steps in and tries to calm the situation. They’re not on microphones, but the cameras pick up the audio.

Riley: Look, I’m sorry, okay?

Nova Lynn Jackson: Like, I’m so not buying that crap!

Quinn tries to hold her back, putting his hands on the front of her shoulders, but she shoves him away,

Nova Lynn Jackson: Get off me, creep!

Dave Dymond: What on Earth is this about?

Riley looks annoyed, as if being forced into this apology, and turns away, hoping Quinn can settle Nova down.

Tom Quinn: Nova! Nova, come on!

Nova shouts back at Quinn.

Nova Lynn Jackson: I’m so totally done with you two!

Tom Quinn: Riley’s sorry, okay? Take the flowers! We’re… we’re both really sorry.

Nova continues to squirm through Quinn’s attempts to restrain her. Riley looks up and apathetically holds out the flowers. Nova glares back, but seems to be settling down a little bit.

But then the fans start to stir!

SUPER FAN, Tim Calahan, holding a cloth rag in his hand hops over the guard-railing past some fans, just behind Nova. She hears the noise and turns around, well, starts to, Quinn grabs her back toward him and Calahan comes up from behind with the cloth!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?

Tom Quinn: Nova! Listen… (Shaking Nova) Don’t. Fuck with us.

Calahan brings the cloth up over her mouth from behind and pulls inward! Nova squirms for a few moments, desperately trying to escape! She kicks violently and flails her arms!!! She almost hits Quinn, but he’s quick enough to move out of the way!

Calahan pulls back harder, literally FORCING THE CLOTH INTO HER MOUTH! She squirms a little bit more… a little bit more… a… little…. bit….

Nova loses conscious.

She starts to fall to the ground, but Calahan keeps her up. Riley glowers at her and CHUCKS THE BOUQUET IN HER FACE! Flower petals fly around everywhere, a few scratches appearing on Nova’s face where the thorns pricked her!

Riley: Get this slut out of here!

Calahan nods, as he and Quinn lift her up over the guard-railing! Riley shouts at a few fans to move out of the way, physically shoving a couple who aren’t agreeable. Both Dave Dymond and Other Guy remain silent through the incident, having no idea what to even say.

Riley: MOVE YOU FUCKS! MOVE! (Pushing through the fans, clearing a way for Quinn and Calahan) MOVE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

Riley grabs a male fan by the collar and THROWS HIM VIOLENTLY out of the way!

The cameras follow for a moment, but, as though given new orders, the shot abruptly ends, cutting somewhere else.


The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting at home, watching the show. His body still bandaged up from the attack that he suffered at last week’s show. Storm slowly turns to the camera…wincing as he does so.

Storm:  6 to 8 weeks, Roland. 6 to 8 weeks I have to sit in my house watching SHOOT Project and not being backstage. 6 to 8 weeks, I have to limit my movements because of what you and your family did. 6 to 8 weeks, I have to put my quest on hold because of you and your family.

Storm slowly stands up, you can tell it pains him to do so.

Storm: You tried to end my career. My life…the one thing that makes getting up in the morning worth something. You tried to take that all away from me. So congrats, Roland…you are no longer a stepping stone. No…you are no longer a message. You are now an animal that I must hunt. That I must take down and put to sleep. Welcome to the wild, Roland…and you have already made the first mistake. You didn’t make sure the kill was good. That will be your last mistake. This is now a personal war and believe me…the lines will be blurred when I come for you…and your family.

Storm just stares in the camera for a moment.

Storm: You want to end my career and then move on as if it was nothing. I’ll tell you what. Next time we meet, there will be no talking. No pyros or music. It will just be me bleeding you out all over the arena. Sammy once called me a bad man, mark my word, Roland…you have no idea how right he was.

Storm pushes the camera out of the way as the scene fades.


Suddenly, without warning, "Everybody Down" by nonpoint hits and the fans explode into cheers. Cade Sydal slowly steps through the curtain, with some visible stitches on his forehead, and his right eye swollen and bruised. He stands prudly at the top of the stage, staring out at the sea of cheering fans, before he starts limping down the ramp in his loose blue jeans, white shoes, and plain red t-shirt.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is in the building tonight!

Other Guy: Why? I thought for sure he would take the night off after that gueling match last week.

Cade finally makes it down the ramp before he carefully walks up the ring steps. He wipes the soles of his shoes off on the ring apron and taps his right toes on the edge three times before he steps through the ropes and raises his right arm to the crowd. He stares out once more, before reaching his hand out for a microphone, and the music slowly fades out.

Cade Sydal: Hello.

The fans cheer back their own greeting, and Cade grins.

Cade Sydal: My name is Cade Sydal, and in case you guys don’t remember, last week I did the impossible. I not only pinned Obsidian, I bloodied him the fuck up!

The fans cheer again and he raises his left hand up.

Cade Sydal: But, hey, don’t let me brag too much about that. I clearly don’t look like the fucking winner. Truth be told, I barely survived Tonight, though, I don’t wanna come out here and talk too much about the past.

Cade rubs his free hand over his pierced lips and shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: See, I wanna come out here and issue a challenge. Donovan King said that at Reckoning Day, we end this. Well, Donovan King, you’re right about that. But we’re ending it…my way.

The fans cheer again and Cade grins.

Dave Dymond: What way would that be though?!

Other Guy: I’m not sure what else those two could do!

Cade Sydal: See, we’ve done the hardcore shot. I’ve bled buckets. You’ve stapled my lips together. Then, we had the fucking tag team match. You know, the one that you decided we needed to have when you thought I was all alone.

Cade smirks then shrugs his shoulders, sarcastically.

Cade Sydal: We’ve been through hell and back, opposite the ring of each other. You’ve got your victories, I’ve got mine. And granted, mine are far less frequent. But, I digress. For those keeping track at home, you decided how we were handling business the last two times we stepped into the ring. And now…it’s my turn.

Cade looks down at his feet before taking a deep breath and looking back up.

Cade Sydal: So, King. If you’ve got the balls, here’s the challenge. We’re going to take this back to my roots. hains, tables, chairs, tire irons? Those won’t do you any good. Fists? They’ll get you disqualified. You wanna end this? Let’s end this right. At Reckoning Day, Donovan King, you’re going to have to try and beat me not once, but twice.

Cade takes another deep breath and looks out at the fans, almost nervously.

Cade Sydal: In a two-out-of-three falls match. With Pure. Wrestling. Rules.

Cade throws the microphone into the air as the fans begin to cheer once more. He steps through the ropes and starts bak up the ramp, slapping a few hands as "Everybody Down" by nonpoint hits again. He slowly starts limping his way back up the ramp.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is going back to how he made a name for himself, and if Donovan King accepts he’s in big trouble!

Other Guy: I have to be honest…I don’t like Donovan King’s chances at Reckoning Day…




The cameras pick up somewhere behind the curtains, catching footage of THE DEFILER, Jonny Johnson, SHOOT Project’s TRUE number one contender to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.  He shouts for the attention of a crew member working on some wiring issues with a defective piece of equipment.  The guys looks up, and immediately gives off the impression that maybe he’s a little bit terrified.

The fans watching in the arena BOOOO pretty loudly.

Jonny smiles and slaps the technician on the back.

The DEFILER: Cam, Cam, Cam!  What’s up dude?

Cam doesn’t respond, and Jonny tilts his head.

The DEFILER: Cam?  (Squeezing down on Cam’s shoulder) Cam, I’m…  I’m talking to you.

Jonny’s gaze forces a weak whimper out of Cam’s mouth.

Ring Technician: Nothing.  Just…  (Clearing his throat) Just trying to fix this projector.

Jonny nods, obviously not the least bit concerned with what Cam is actually doing.  He quickly gets to his point.

The DEFILER: Have you seen Corazon around at all, man?

Cam squints for a moment, but doesn’t even have a chance to speak.

The DEFILER: Ha. No.  You haven’t.  I know.

He offers a smile of self satisfaction and the fans boo even more loudly.

The DEFILER: God what a little bitch, huh?  (Rolling his eyes) Here I am, all ready for his big “ONE ON ONE ENCOUNTER” but…  but where is our World Champ, Cam?  Huh?  (Jonny’s eyes narrow) FUCKING NOWHERE!

Jonny’s agitated, but not in the fun, “angry, heel way”.

He looks ready to kill someone.

The DEFILER: (Looking around) God I have a lot of…  (Taking a deep breath) I have a lot of pent up…  (Eyes back on Cam) well, I just… MAN, do I need to fucking… just…  hit something, you know?  You… you ever feel like that…  Cam?

Cam swallows back his anxiety.

Ring Technician: I…  Ummm…

Jonny isn’t even looking at Cam.  His eyes light up, though.

The DEFILER: Oh my God!

Ring Technician: Well, I mean…  Sometimes like my buddies will get real drunk and…

Jonny doesn’t give Cam another second.


Jonny takes a couple steps away from Cam, and the cameras follow, picking up the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS coming out from around an intersecting corner.

CJ and Jared stop, surprised.

Jared: Finally? CJ, did we have a meeting you didn’t tell me about?

CJ: When would I have the time to set something like that up?

Jared: Good point.  Anyway… yeah, finally! We’ve been waiting to talk to you, man!

CJ: Smartass.

Jared: So… what’s up?

Jonny moves in closer, extending his hand, both men still look a little bit confused.  CJ finally just kinda shrugs and shakes Jonny’s hands, followed by Jared.  The DEFILER is all smiles and it’s kind of weird.

The DEFILER: I am SUCH a huge, fan guys.  God.  This is…  Well fuck my image, this is FUCKING AWESOME.  I mean…  Ahhh!  MARK CENTRAL!  Autograph?  Kidding.  But seriously.  Oh I love that this is happening.

CJ just chuckles a bit, and steps back, as Jared puts his hands up, like a protest.

Jared: I’m sorry, I’m not currently accepting marriage proposals.

CJ: What he’s trying to say is we’re pretty big fans of yours, too.

Jared: Hell, the BP did have the single greatest theme song in wrestling history. You guys were awesome, even if Chris Davis seems to be making his career out of assaulting the support staff these days.

Jonny seems way less interested in whatever Jared and CJ are saying after they mention the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and CHRIS DAVIS.  He sort of nods and smiles and shrugs his shoulders, waiting to change the subject immediately.

The DEFILER: Yeah, well, I’m a regular Midas I guess.  Annnnnnyway, I wanted to make sure you guys got the gift I sent you earlier this week.  Well, I mean, I guess…  I didn’t send it, but…  whatever.  You guys got it right?

Jonny seems eager to hear the response.

Jared: The fruit basket was lovely– OW!

CJ slaps him upside the head.

CJ: What gift are we talking about, exactly?

A sly smile starts to come over Jonny’s lips, revealing that he may not have wanted that question answered any other way.

The DEFILER: Well, The Avengers didn’t find themselves booked against Sammy and Kenji…  all by themselves.

CJ and Jared look at each other, half-smirks on their faces as well.

CJ: Well, then I guess we ought to thank you.

Jared: Not that we really needed help to own the Avengers, but we ain’t exactly gonna turn it down, either. It’s always better for everybody when CJ doesn’t have to break a sweat.

CJ: I could easily go solo, Jared.

Jared: (laughing) No you couldn’t. Y’know, out of curiosity, you know what the deal is with that whole Nova sitch?

CJ: "Sitch?" Nice work, Kim Possible.

Jared: Fuck off, Fatass. How do you know Kim Possible’s catchphrases anyway? Fag. You’re such a– never mind. Back to the question, what’s the deal, JJ?

Unlike last time, Jonny seems a little more intrigued with this particular subject change.  He feigns confusion for a second or two, looking “off guard”, despite the fact that he probably isn’t.

The DEFILER: (Squinting a little and tilting his head) Nova?  Wait?  Wh…  Ohhh…  right.  That whole thing.  (Shrugging) Heh.  That was all on Riles, man.  No idea what or why, just that he REALLLLLY hates he.  (Laughing) I mean, YIKES CITY, guys.  Haha.  He…  He REALLY wants to kill that bitch. (Chuckling more, shaking his head)  That’s my baby cousin for ya, though  Heh.  (Sighing)  Fucking Riley.  (Looking back to CJ and Jared)  God, that kid reminds me a lot of me…

Jonny stops fairly abruptly after realizing CJ and Jared don’t exactly seem as amused as they had been moments earlier.

The DEFILER: Something wrong guys?

Jared: …nah, it’s cool. No big. She’s just a friend of ours. Friends gotta look out for each other, right?

CJ crosses his arms, but otherwise doesn’t react in any way.

Jonny looks at Jared and then back to CJ, and then puts his hand to his mouth with a gasp.

The DEFILER: Oh SHIT.  (Looking at Jared again) I, I…  uh…  SHIT!  Shit, shit, shit!  (Rubbing at his face) I… Oh, my God, I totally forgot.  One of you…

He glances at CJ, but then turns to Jared, where his eyes finally rest.

The DEFILER: (Lowering his voice to a whisper) One of you FUCKS her, right?

Jared: Dude, you’d be hard pressed to find a guy in this arena who doesn’t

CJ still stands back, arms crossed, shaking his head a little.

Jared: The sex thing? Not a big deal, shit, I make adult films. But she’s a friend, and we don’t like the idea of our friends getting hurt, know what I mean? Nah… we don’t like that at all. Last time one of our friends got hurt, CJ… well, he’s a big guy, you could probably guess what happened. And little ol’ me ain’t gonna be enough to stop him when he gets into those moods.

CJ: When you’re done trying to be intimidating, we should probably get ready.

Jared: Yeah, probably. ‘Sides, she’s probably gonna be fine, right? He’s probably just messin’ with her, because he knows what kind of shit he’d be in if he hurt her for real.

Jonny’s concern turns into smug enjoyment.  He looks back at Jared behind a growingly conniving, sinister grin.  CJ tries to get Jared to walk away, but Jonny opens his mouth before the two can leave.

The DEFILER: Oh she’ll be MORE than fine, Jared.  (Staring intently) I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  (Shrugging) Riley has…  a little fun?  So what?  It’s one less thing for a…  champion to have to worry about.  (Getting a little more buddy, buddy) Who needs a ring rat like that anyway?  Am I right?

Jonny pauses a moment.

The DEFILER: Of course…  Well…  I guess I could check up on the…  “sitch” and make SURE nothing happens.  Of course, I only really do that kind of thing for…  well for my…  FRIENDS.

The DEFILER’s eyes stay focused on Jared, curious to hear his response.  CJ seems frustrated that things have gotten this far…  almost as though he saw it coming a million miles away.

Jared: Well, I mean, since you’re such a big fan and all, I can’t see any reason why we can’t be friends, do you CJ?

CJ looks straight at Jonny, a kind of half-smile on his face. Jonny switches his focus for a second, and CJ makes eye contact.

CJ: Not a one, Jared.

Jonny nods, obviously hearing what he wanted to hear.

The DEFILER: Perfect, then.

Jared seems a little bit relieved beneath his “apathetic, cool” exterior.

Jared: Awesome. That’s what I like to hear. So, you think maybe we can make some sort of arrangement, then?

Cautious, Jonny raises an eyebrow, very careful of his control in this situation.

The DEFILER: Like…  Nova doesn’t get fucked and you…  Help me if I… (Pausing, not wanting to say what is on his mind) need it?  That sort of thing?

Jared: I didn’t say anything about fucking, unless you mean it in a more metaphorical sense. So long as she doesn’t get hurt, I’m happy.

CJ: I think he gets it, Jared.

Jared: Alright, cool, I’m glad this is gonna work out for all of us. Been great talkin’ to you, man. You know where to find us. You comin’ CJ?

CJ: Be right there, I wanna get a soda first.

Jared: Alright, don’t take too long… the Avengers aren’t gonna beat themselves. Oh wait… come to think of it, they probably are, but still.

Jared walks off, leaving CJ with the DEFILER. He hasn’t moved from his position, back to the wall, arms crossed.

The DEFILER: I’m a big Mountain Dew fan myself, Ceej.  (Reaching for his wallet) Grab me one?

CJ: I know what you’re doing, and I’m gonna let it slide, mostly because it’ll probably be hilarious in the end. Don’t fuck us, Jonny. After all, we got some friends of our own, and some of ’em have a body count.

CJ pauses, gauging a reaction from Jonny.  The DEFILER stands attentively, but offers no insight, so he simply continues.

CJ: But who am I kidding, friends don’t fuck over friends, so I got nothing to worry about, right? Mountain Dew, you said? S’on me.

CJ pushes himself off the wall, walking away.  Jonny watches him leave, a thin smile planted on his face.

The DEFILER: (To himself, nodding) HUGE fan.  Heh.



The cameras make a quick, almost awkward cut back to ringside where SAMMY ROCHESTER has KID LIGHTNING pressed up against his team’s turnbuckle!  Sammy’s large hands are wrapped around Lightning’s neck, and referee Chris Jenkins begins to administer a five count while trying to pull Sammy away.

Dave Dymond: Folks, welcome back to ringside.  We apologize for the delay…  But we are coming right in the middle of this tag team contest between members of The FAMILY, Sammy Rochester and Kenji Yamada and the current number one contenders for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles, Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite, the Flying Avengers.

Sammy releases the choke, but immediately SLAMS a back elbow into the side of Kid Lightning’s head.  Lightning is dazed, and Sammy smells blood so to speak.

Dave Dymond: And a CRUSHING blow from Sammy Rochester. (Trying to get everyone caught up)  This one has not been a pretty sight thus far.  Kenji initially looked like he was going to start for his team at the beginning of this one, but as soon as Kid Lightning came into the ring, he swapped with Sammy, and…  well the picture speaks for itself.  INCREDIBLE mismatch for Kid Lightning.

Other Guy: Yeah.  You got that right, man.

Sammy throws ANOTHER back elbow, connecting SQUARE to the face.  Lightning slumps back and slinks down toward the mat.  Jenkins advises Sammy to leave the corner, but the big monster doesn’t even seem to acknowledge the newest SHOOT Project official.  Vincent Mallows doesn’t exactly help either, as he shouts encouraging words from the outside, bating Sammy into continuing the assault.  Sammy stomps down on Kid Lightning’s chest, slowly and methodically, and then does so AGAIN, this time actually putting all his weight behind the attack and pressing down with his foot, looking ready to collapse Lightning’s chest.

Sammy Rochester: (Looking at “Mikey” who Vincent holds in his lap) Does Mikey WANT MORE?!  YES!  YES, MIKEY WANTS…  (Sammy SLAMS HIS FOOT AGAIN INTO KID LIGHTNING’S CHEST) MORE!


The fans booo loudly, not happy with the beating Kid Lightning is taking.  Sammy backs away finally after Jenkins steps in between the two competitors.  Sammy has a pleased grin on his face for a moment, but it seems to fade out seconds later as he storms back toward Kid Lightning, shoving Chris Jenkins out of the way!!!

Dave Dymond: Sammy showing his dominance earl…  Oh LOOK OUT!

Sammy charges and SLAMS his foot into Kid Lightning’s face!  But that isn’t the end of it!  SAMMY GOES AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! 

Other Guy: This is getting out of control, Dave.  Jenkins might have to call this one early.

He wildly stomps at Kid Lightning, showing absolutely NO REGARD for his well being!  This brings FLASH DYNAMITE STORMING INTO THE RING!  Kenji shouts at Jenkins to turn around and steps into the ring as well!  Jenkins turns and sees Flash, but can’t do anything to stop the six-foot five, two hundred sixty pound super hero from charging wildly at Sammy!  Flash CLOCKS Sammy from behind with a very chaotic looking, stiff clothesline!  Sammy falls forward, awkwardly landing a knee into Kid Lightning’s face!  Flash Dynamite throws clubbing blow after clubbing blow!  Jenkins gets in the middle and starts to try and push Flash back…


Kenji DECKS Flash with a blindside kick to the side of his head!!!  Flash falls back!  Jenkins SCREAMS at Kenji, but the youthful SHOOT Project referee has completely lost control of this one.

Kenji now goes after Flash, while Sammy shakes his head in the corner, trying to gather his bearings after the assault from FLASH.  On the outside, Mallows watches with a chilling lack of concern, gently petting “Mikey” with his one good hand.

Dave Dymond: Jenkins has to call this one, doesn’t he?

Other Guy: It’s always tough for an official to call for a disqualification, especially in SHOOT.  I mean, I said earlier I thought he should, but I don’t know, dude.  This is out of control, no doubt and Jenkins looks a little overwhelmed.

Dave Dymond: Kenji now laying those kicks into the ribs of Flash Dynamite.  OH and ANOTHER!

Kenji rears back and NAILS Flash in the ribs with a soccer style kick.  Flash holds at his side but tries to push up.  Kenji shakes his head and fires off another kick, this one connecting right underneath Dynamite’s JAW!!!  Flash flops to the mat, nearly unconscious and the fans begin to boo very loudly.  Kenji shakes his head and goes over to check on Sammy who is back to his feet.

Jenkins yells at Kenji to leave the ring, and he does, though probably not because he was asked to.  Sammy seems back at one hundred percent and looks down at Kid Lightning who is trying to pull himself out of the corner.  Jenkins, meanwhile, tends to Flash Dynamite, who struggles to roll toward his corner.  Sammy doesn’t want to give Kid Lightning any chance to get up and pulls him up to his feet, hoisting him up by his collar bone and shoulder blade and then carelessly hurling him toward the middle of the ring.  Kid Lightning hits the mat HARD and Sammy goes for a pin, lazily hooking the leg. 

Jenkins looks one more time at Flash Dynamite and then actually moves into position to make the count!

Kenji offers encouragement from the apron!



Dave Dymond: This one is over…


Kenji starts to come into the ring at first, but the fans POP LOUD when the referee signals “TWO!”

Dave Dymond: NO!  Kid Lightning KICKED OUT!!!

Other Guy: Not a good cover from Sammy.  He needed to put all his weight down on that, but instead he gave Lightning and these fans a chance to turn this thing around!

Sammy does not look happy, but his anger is trumped by his partner’s how storms into the ring to debate the call.  Sammy, then seeing Kenji mad, seems to get MORE mad, as he violently slaps the mat!  Kid Lightning tries to squirm out and is able to get a little distance between himself and Sammy, who is sort of throwing a mini temper-tantrum and doesn’t notice Lightning getting away.  Unfortunately for KL, his partner is still groggy in the corner, not even outside the ring yet.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning might be on his last wind here, but there is almost NOWHERE for the guy to go, OG!  Flash is down, and both Sammy and Kenji are at full health…

Kenji, not making any ground in his argument stops paying attention to Jenkins and notices Lightning inching away.  He shouts for Sammy to pay attention!  Sammy looks up and then sees where Kenji is pointing!  Sammy chases after Lightning who is desperately trying to crawl away and plops down with an elbow drop attempt!  Kid Lightning ROLLS AWAY THOUGH!  Kenji tries to get over to help his partner, but Jenkins pushes him back!  Sammy shakes his arm and looks REALLY mad as he gets back up!  He moves quickly after Kid Lightning and drops ANOTHER ELBOW, but Lightning rolls back the other way and DODGES AGAIN!!!

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning buying as much time as he can!  Flash is starting to stir and Jenkins has Kenji backed up to the

The fans start to cheer VERY LOUDLY!  Lightning looks back to his corner, where Flash is just now climbing up to his feet!  Lightning, maybe catching some adrenaline, pops up to a knee and assesses the situation as quickly as possible.  Sammy again shakes his arm and turns around to go after Lightning!  He is REALLY pissed now and charges at Kid with a running BOOT!  Lightning is almost caught off guard but DUCKS HIS HEAD AT THE LAST SECOND and avoids the attack!  Sammy charges through nearly NAILS Chris Jenkins, but stops his momentum, and instead just awkwardly bumps into him!  Jenkins falls forward into Kenji who the stumbles toward the ring ropes!  Kenji, seeing the opportunity to strike, tries to push through AGAIN, really bullying Jenkins, but Jenkins HAS ENOUGH AND PUSHES BACK!!!  Sammy of course sees this and GOES BALLISTIC!  He GRABS Jenkins and turns him around, grabbing him by the collar!  Kid Lightning, probably a little bit scared after nearly being decapitated, takes a moment to gather himself while this is happening.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy!  Enough!

Mallows shouts as loud as his voice will let him, but it’s loud enough for Sammy to hear.  Sammy drops Jenkins, but still looks REALLY pissed off.

Vincent Mallows: And Kenji, you too!  Stay in your corner!

Mallows’s tone is stern, fatherly.  Kenji doesn’t like it, but acknowledges and hesitantly leaves the ring.  At the other end of the ring, Flash Dynamite grabs onto one of the nearby ropes and starts to push himself up.  Kid Lightning notices and tries to scoot across the ring.  Sammy turns and sees Kid Lightning making a mad dash, and quickly lunges and grabs at Lightning’s legs!  He starts to pull back, but Kid has momentum and Sammy doesn’t quite have a good grip, literally hanging on to his opponent by the front of his boot.  Flash makes it through the ropes and back to the outside where he looks ready to make a tag!  Sammy tries to get a better grip, but Kid Lightning squirms away momentarily!  Sammy reaches out again though and gets him by the ankle this time!

Sammy starts to pull back, while Kid Lightning tries to stand up!  Flash Dynamite desperately reaches out for a tag!  Sammy has Lightning’s leg, but KL is able to stand up!  He hops up and down trying to keep his balance, but before Sammy can take advantage of this situation, Lightning leans, spins and NAILS SAMMY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH AN ENZEGURI!  KL falls to the mat stomach first, which winds him a little bit considering all the punishment he’s taken so far.

Dave Dymond: Sammy is FINALLY DOWN!  Kid Lightning NEEDS TO MAKE THE TAG!

Flash leans over the ropes as far as he can keeping his hand out!!!

Lightning looks up and starts to crawl toward his corner!

Sammy pushes up to a knee and shakes his head, his back to the situation.

The fans get VERY LOUD as they try to cheer Kid Lightning to make the tag!!!

Flash leans and LEAAAAAAAAANS, lunging out as far as he possibly can!

Kid Lightning sees his partner’s outstretched hand!

Dave Dymond: He’s there!  Come on Lightning!

Flash makes one more lunge…

The ring apron rustles, though.

KID ONE and KID TWO POP OUT FROM UNDER THE RING!  KID TWO HOPS ON THE APRON AND GIVES FLASH A SHOVE!  Normally Flash wouldn’t budge, but he’s off balance and sort of awkwardly falls to the side of the apron!  Kid One pulls at Flash’s leg!  Flash tries to kick him off, but suddenly…


KID TWO SECURES A HANDCUFF TO FLASH DYNAMITE’S RIGHT HAND AND THEN CLOSES THE OTHER END ON THE RING ROPE!  Flash turns around, stunned, and in that same moment KID ONE SECURES A HANDCUFF TO Flash’s LEFT HAND, closing the other end on the ring rope as well!!!


Dave Dymond: No!  Damnit!

Other Guy: Jenkins HAS to make a disqualification now!  That’s blatant, dude!

Jenkins sees all of this happen and RUSHES toward the ropes, but KID One and KID Two scamper off back underneath the ring!  Flash shakes and tries to power out, but can’t!  Kid Lightning, concerned for his partner starts to push himself up to check, but Sammy has had PLENTY OF TIME TO RECOVER and GRABS KL from behind!  Jenkins tries to help Flash out, so his back is turned!

Flash Dynamite: AHHHHH! (Struggling to get free, kicking his legs)

With the referee’s back turned, Kenji waltzes into the ring!  Sammy hurls Kid Lighting into the ropes and charges with a POLISH HAMMER!  KID TAKES THE BLOW IN FULL AND STARTS TO FALL BACKWARD, when…


Kenji charges and DRILLS Lightning with a YAKUZA KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!  Jenkins turns around to see the tail end of the attack, and sees Sammy making the cover.  Jenkins looks like a deer in headlights.

Sammy: COUNT!  Mikey wants us to win!  COUNT!  Don’t make Mikey angry!!!

Dave Dymond: Call for the bell, Chris!

Jenkins looks at Flash Dynamite, and then down to Samantha.


Sammy SLAMS his hand to the mat!

Jenkins, beyond flustered, and almost about ready to cry, leaves Flash’s side and drops to the mat.

Dave Dymond: No!  Come one!  You can’t count this one!!!

Other Guy: Can’t be bullied like this man…

Jenkins hesitates a moment, but starts to count.


Mallows watches on, pleased.




Jenkins calls for the bell!!!

Dave Dymond: DAMN IT!

Other Guy: We might not see Jenkins for a few weeks after this.  Wow, that’s an almost embarrassing officiating job.  Fuck it.  That WAS embarrassing and I’m not the kinda cat to call a ref out.

Sammy stands up and immediately goes to HUG Kenji Yamada while “Daremo Inal Ie” by MUCC begins to play throughout the arena!  Jenkins goes back to trying to help Flash, who looks very upset.

Flash Dynamite: Check on Lightning! (Frustrated, struggling) Make sure he’s okay!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match…  SAMMY ROCHESTER, KENJI YAMADA…  THE FAMILY!

Mallows ushers for his team to head out of the ring, and they do with Sammy giving Vincent a hug before slowly pushing him back up the aisle.  Kenji puts his arm around Sammy, patting his partner on the back, and the three men all make their way to the back.

Other Guy: One big happy family…

Dave Dymond: What a weird night, possibly capped off with this bizarre, well, I’ll say it…  inexcusable finish.  First the tea party earlier, and the alliance with Jonny Johnson…  and now this…  I just…  (Distracted) Oh now what…

Dave stops speaking as soon as he sees JARED WALSH and CJ NELSON, both holding a STEEL CHAIR, emerge from behind the curtains, stopping at the top of the ramp.  They acknowledge the three members of The Family, who nod back before making their exit.  Flash Dynamite notices them out of his peripherals and starts shouting at Kid Lightning to get out of the ring!  Chris Jenkins hears and then sees CJ and Jared, and does what he can to help Lightning up faster.

Dave Dymond: That’s LIHC! What’re they doing here?!

Other Guy: Judging by the chairs, Dave, I’d say making life miserable for Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite!

Dave Dymond: But after what just happened?!  Come on!  Enough is enough!

Both men stride toward the ring leisurely.  Jenkins tries to get Kid Lightning up, but to no avail.  Flash shouts and shouts and shouts as LOUD as he can, but it only serves to draw a couple chuckles out of Long Island Hardcore who seem MORE than aware of their advantageous situation.  CJ is in the ring first and shoves Jenkins out of the way, clearing the area for Jared who steps into the ring and looks down at Kid Lightning. 

Lightning might have an idea of what is going on, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

Dave Dymond: This is despicable! The Flying Avengers just went through hell and some very questionable officiating, and CJ and Jared are just going to waltz out here, and…  Oh my God…  I don’t even know what they are going to do.

Other Guy: That’s smart tactics, Dymond! It’s what got them to the dance in the first place!

Jared smirks and nods his head and SLAMS HIS CHAIR DOWN ACROSS THE BACK OF KID LIGHTNING’S HEAD!  Flash hears the shot and cries out for his partner!

Flash Dynamite: LIGHTNING!  NOOOOOO!

Jared looks to CJ.

Jared: Shut him up?

CJ smiles and nods.

CJ: Thought you’d never ask.

CJ moves toward where Flash Dynamite is handcuffed!  Flash senses he’s there and clenches up, kicking his legs and pulling his arms away from the ropes, doing everything he can to make a last second escape!

But it’s not enough!

CJ moves toward the ropes, leans forward and LEVELS FLASH STRIAGHT IN THE FACE WITH HIS STEEL CHAIR!!!  CJ then drops his chair down to the outside of the ring and turns back to Jared who gestures for CJ to get Kid Lightning up.  CJ gives a nod and Jared heads to the outside.

Dave Dymond: Isn’t anyone around to help?

Other Guy: Like who?  Looks like Long Island Hardcore got themselves hooked up with Jonny, who’s hooked up with the Family.  I don’t know that anyone wants to get in the middle of that business, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Just leave him alone!  This is TOTALLY uncalled for!

CJ looms over Kid Lightning and then hoists him up and SNAPS HIM DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB!!!  At the same time, Jared comes off the top, his steel chair placed beneath his legs, as he lands his version of the ARABIAN FACEBUSTER, “MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD”!

Other Guy: FRACTURE!


Jared’s flailing on the mat, holding his leg, while CJ drops down and actually hooks Kid Lightning’s Leg!  He looks at Chris Jenkins, who, for some reason is still in the ring, and shouts for him to make a count!


Jenkins, who has no idea what to do anymore, drops down for the count!




Jenkins leaves the ring IMMEDIATELY after making the count, his head down as he gets an earful from the fans at ringside.


Dave Dymond: Deplorable.  This is ridiculous, OG.

Other Guy: I hate to go dark on everyone, but LIHC has made sure they’re undefeated Tag Team champs, and, love it or hate it… you gotta respect that.

Dave Dymond: There’s nothing respectable about this, OG, no matter how you spin it.

CJ has a mic, as Jared’s getting to his feet.

CJ: Any time… any place.  Right?

CJ throws the microphone down on an unconscious Kid Lightning with a loud thump, as he and CJ slide out of the ring. Flash Dynamite remains slightly conscious after taking the one chair shot, but is FINALLY attended to by some ring attendants with a skeleton key.  As soon as they get him out, he STORMS into the ring to check on his fallen teammate.  “Bad Reputation” brings a shower of boos upon the ring and the champs, while Flash Dynamite huddles over Kid Lightning, hoping there haven’t been any serious injuries.

Dave Dymond: (Sighing, solemn) It’s been a night of statements…

Other Guy: Yeah.  That’s for sure.

The cameras focus in on Flash who holds his partner up in his arms before cutting away elsewhere.



Strolling confidently through the backstage area of the US Airways Center is a man who can feel the eyes of almost everybody upon him as he barges past the SHOOT Tech team and backstage crew. Despite the urban camo shorts, he seems to fit into his surroundings about as well as his black hoodie, but he doesn’t care. Surveying everything in his path from behind his blue-tinted wraparound sunglasses, he sees what he wants and approaches it at speed, shrugging his shoulders, slung over one of which is a large red canvas sack.

Osbourne Kilminster: Eric!

Jester Smiles, who simply wears the new "Crowd Surf" t-shirt and a pair of jeans looks up from magazine he was reading. He gently places the magazine down on a nearby table and grins.

Jester Smiles: Oh, hey Ozzy. How’s it goin’? Ummm…no hard feelings about last week, right?

The corner of his mouth curling up into a half smile, Osbourne takes a deep breath.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know, at first I was really angry, but then I thought about it and how… you know, we take this whole thing so seriously and… Nah, man. No hard feelings.

Jester beams happily.

Jester Smiles: Only a fool would believe you, but I guess I’m a fool then. And, you have to admit, the pink custard was pretty funny. I mean, considering how much you hate pink and all.

Jester gives Ozzy a playful elbow nudge.

Osbourne Kilminster: Haha… Yeah… Pink custard. Who would have ever thought of that, huh?

Kilminster gives Jester an elbow nudge in return, though a little more forceful than the one he received.

Jester Smiles: Only me, that’s who. I’m also the only person who uses a paintball gun in a driveby!

Jester returns with two playful elbow nudges, only slightly harder than Ozzy’s previous elbows.

Shaking his head slowly, Osbourne smirks slightly.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, you don’t see that on The Unit, do you, eh? Paintball drive-by shootings. That was really… original.

Reaching around, he pats Jester on the shoulders more like burping a baby than a friendly acknowledgement.

Jester Smiles: No, I don’t imagine you do. So, ummmm, I got things to do, sooo….

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah? What are you up to tonight then? You booked or anything?

Jester Smiles: No. Just, you know, got stuff to do.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, I have something I have to do too, actually.

Holding out his right hand, Osbourne tilts his head to the one side with a smile.

Osbourne Kilminster: Catch you around, yeah?

Jester extends his hand and shakes Osbourne’s outstretched hand with a smile.

Jester Smiles: Yeah. I’ll be seeing you.

Osbourne Kilminster: Sooner than you think, clown.

Without releasing Jester’s hand, Osbourne drives his right fist into Jester’s face, bursting his nose into a red mist, before letting him drop down to one knee.

Osbourne Kilminster: You thought it would be THAT easy, Jester? Are you a clown or a fool?

Swinging his right wrestling shoe HARD into Jester’s face to knock him onto his back, he doubles the foot back with an axe-kick to the sternum that bucks the bigger man. Smirking, Osbourne allows the red sack to drop off his shoulder as he leans down to grab at Jester’s head, but the former Laws of Survival Champion spins and throws some furious up-kicks at his attacker, but he fends them all off and grabs Jester by the ears, pulling him up into a seated position and driving a knee into his face so hard that the back of his head cracks the hard tiles with a sickening thud.

Osbourne Kilminster: Did you like that, Eric? Did you think that was funny? Oh, I’m laughing. HA! HA! HA!

A couple of the techs and agents look over and begin to walk toward Osbourne, but he turns to them with but one finger pointing at them and they know not to dare approach any further. Looking back to Jester, he sees that his victim has pulled himself back up into a seated position. Reaching down for the red bag, Osbourne opens it and peers in before looking down into the narrow eyes of Jester Smiles as his head rocks unsteadily, cradling his nose.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, you thought you were so funny, Eric. You thought this whole ‘jester’ thing was going to wash with me? Oh no. You see, I’ve got something for you. Yeah, a gift. You might say a ‘friend’ gave it to me a while back. Think of it as an educational toy, Eric. See what you can learn from it…

Pulling a black, folding steel chair out of the bag, he admires the buckled, bent frame as he steps behind Smiles, dropping to one knee and planting the other deep into his victim’s back and pulling the mangled chair around his arms and across the face and throat of Smiles, locking on a midified rear naked choke that instantly has Eric gagging. Osbourne sinks the choke in deep as the tech crew watch on in horror.


Eric’s body rocks and he splutters with each time Osbourne tightens up and releases a little, his eyes bloodhsot and his face bright red with blood and oxygen-deprivation.


Other Guy: Woah! Jester must have known that was coming!

In the main arena, everybody in attendance watching the SHOOT-Tron seems to be booing loudly!

Dave Dymond: That was disgusting, but that’s just typical of the kind of behaviour we expect from Osbourne Kilminster. No wonder the guy doesn’t have any fans!

Other Guy: He never will when half the commentary team talks about him like he’s Satan!

Dave Dymond: Hey, watch it talking about the Devil like that – there’s some good, honest religious folks here in Arizona who won’t take too kindly to it.

Other Guy: A’ight! OK, OK. Anyway…


With a break in the in-ring action for the night, “Just Like You” by Three Days Grace suddenly picks up.  Paul Jarvis saunters out from the back, wearing his usual brown jeans and a sky blue polo with a single thick white stripe across the middle of the shirt.

Dave Dymond: I guess this is the moment of truth. Paul Jarvis, the so called Miracle Worker, made the announcement that he had a new tag team partner and that that partner is Christopher Davis.  Tonight, Jarvis either shocks the world or exposes himself as a liar.

The boos accompany Jarvis to the ring, but he doesn’t seem annoyed by the reaction, or anything for that matter. Jarvis is grinning from ear to ear as he approaches the ring, a microphone in hand.  He walks up the steps and stops and turns out to the crowd while standing on the ring edge.

Paul Jarvis: You’ll love me soon enough, I PROMISE!

This only causes the fans to boo louder and Jarvis just shakes his head, the smile still on his face.  He enters the ring now and motions for his music to be cut.

Paul Jarvis: Tonight… yeah, wow. Tonight, you all get to bare witness to the official making of the soon to be ABSOLUTE BEST tag team the world of wrestling has ever seen.  Tonight is HISTORY in the making and tonight is the night that things finally start turning our for me, yours truly, GOD’S CHAMPION… THE MIRACLE WORKER…

Jarvis pauses for effect.


Jarvis sticks his thumb up and points it at his chest.

Paul Jarvis: Me, Paul Jarvis.  Because The G-Man upstairs has put two men on the same path, the right path.  And well, tonight that path leads to this very ring for BOTH men.  So no more waiting. No more nay saying, no more doubts from the doubters.  Christopher Davis… MY tag team partner… come on DOWN!!!!

Jarvis points to the entryway and the fans begin to boo… when quite shockingly, "Gossip" by Lil Wayne suddenly blasts into the arena.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,"

A blast of light shines every time the word "stop" is spoken. After the final "stop" the arena goes dark once again for a few seconds.

Dave Dymond: No way is this happening?

Other Guy: This has gotta be a joke, Dave. No way my cat Chris Davis would team up with this gnat.

As the attention is turned towards the entryway, the SHOOT video screen displays "Christopher Davis" in white block letters as "Gossip" again blares into the arena.

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion"

"The lady of a nigga"

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga"

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

The lights come up and Christopher Davis stands at the entrance way, the fans reaction is mixed. Fans not sure how to react to the hall of famer. Davis looks around, a smile on his face. Jarvis nods his head in the ring and smiles as he awaits his tag team partner.  Davis starts towards the ring and as he does so Jarvis begins to applaud.

Other Guy: Davis comin’ to the ring, but come on, Dave. You don’t think…

Dave Dymond: I honestly don’t know what to think now. Davis doesn’t look angry. In fact he looks happy to be heading to the ring.

"You don’t have to pick me"

"To win the title fight"

"But I’m gonna win a championship belt so tight"

Davis walks up the steel steps then enters the ring.  He stands in the corner for a moment, his music slowly fading out… and then a shocking moment.  Davis walks to the center of the ring and extends his hand to Paul Jarvis. Jarvis happily reaches to shake the hand of the former world champion!!  The fans boo loudly as  Davis releases Jarvis’s hand and asks for a microphone from the outside.

Dave Dymond: They shook hands… it’s happening. This is real.  Christopher Davis and Paul Jarvis officially a TAG TEAM!

Other Guy: I gotta hear the reasoning behind this.

The fans continue to boo and Davis just stands there waiting for them to settle down.  He presses a finger to his lips but the fans only boo louder.

Paul Jarvis: SHUT UP AND PAY RESPECT TO THIS MAN! Respect MY tag team partner!

More boos but Davis just shakes his head and continues to wait. Finally the fans begin to settle in, clearly frustrated though.  Davis just turns his focus to Jarvis.

Christopher Davis: Wow Paul Jarvis, the MIRACLE WORKER himself. I have to say man, when you announced last week that you had a new tag team partner I myself was shocked. Personally I couldn’t believe that YOU would pick ME as your tag team partner. I mean with everything you’re trying to do here in SHOOT and with everything I’m doing in SHOOT…well we’d do some SERIOUS damage together!

Jarvis grins from ear to ear, nodding his head, agreeing with everything Davis is saying. Davis begins walking around the ring, his voice sounding excited.

Christopher Davis: You and I have an opportunity to change the way people think here in SHOOT. You and I have the opportunity to teach people how to do things the right way again. Lead the lost down the right path. We can take the tremendous mess that Jason Johnson has allowed SHOOT to become and we can make it right again.

Davis takes a moment to look out to the fans for the reaction.  They don’t seem to keen on the idea but Davis continues on.

Christopher Davis: The Miracle Worker and Mr. Do the Right Thing. (Davis pauses) I love that nickname by the way, will show the down trodden masses what it’s like to walk on a higher plane. They will learn, we will teach them.  Things will be done the right way…

Davis stops and leans up against the ropes. His back is to Paul Jarvis, he smirks.

Christopher Davis: Things will be done the right way.

Davis smiles again, he turns towards Jarvis.

Christopher Davis: Say Paul, question for ya kiddo. Before you announced to the world that I was going to be your tag team partner, did you happen to actually ASK me? I mean, it’s no big deal and probably just a small oversight on your part.

Jarvis looks somewhat confused but before he can say anything, Davis continues on.

Christopher Davis: I’m just wondering. I mean I was kiiind of busy last week so it may have just slipped my mind. I know you being the MIRACLE WORKER and all, find yourself quite busy as well.  So, um, did ya?

Jarvis hesitates to respond.

Paul Jarvis: Well I mean technically, but dude, like I wrote this email and… I mean maybe it was just a draft and I was TOTALLY meaning to send it.  Look, I mean I didn’t… and I was being disrespected and…

Davis holds his hand up to Jarvis.

Christopher Davis: Hey Paul, calm yourself and just answer the question.

Jarvis sighs, somewhat defeated.

Paul Jarvis: Technically no.  I didn’t ask you.

Davis jumps right on top of Jarvis’s words.

Christopher Davis: Well, that’s troubling there MIRACLE, cuz you know it would have been the courteous thing to do you know? You should have, you know, actually asked me before you made such an announcement. I mean, you get these poor people all hyped up, and you didn’t even know for sure if I was going to say yes… That’s kind of like lying isn’t it? Kind of deceitful huh?

All of the jovial tone that Davis had suddenly disappears. His face goes completely stone cold, his eyes burn into Paul Jarvis.

Christopher Davis: And well, lying just isn’t right is it Paul?

Jarvis shrinks back a bit as Davis, now very serious continues talking.

Christopher Davis: Hey did you know I had a brother named Paul? Yeah we don’t talk much. I think he’s ashamed of me or something. Yeah, I think he has a problem with my career choice. Yeah, brothers have a way of breaking your heart don’t they? Kind of like tag team partners and best friends.   Kind of sucks when that happens doesn’t it?

Before Jarvis can answer Davis is across the ring, moving quickly. He delivers a devastating clothesline to the unsuspecting miracle worker. Jarvis goes down in a heap. Davis lifts him up by his hair and tosses him into the ropes; he comes off the ropes and is met with a kick to the gut. Jarvis doubles over in pain, he drops to one knee only to be hoisted up by the angry Davis.

Davis holds him straight up, Jarvis’s legs in the air, head near Davis’s waist. Davis stands, letting the blood rush to the face of Jarvis. Then, just when Jarvis can’t stand it much longer he delivers a crushing Jackhammer!!!

Other Guy: Thank you!  Davis TAKING DOWN THE GNAT!

Davis then stands up and looks down at Jarvis with a twisted smile. He looks around and spots the microphone he dropped, he picks it up.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, we probably could have done some real damage kiddo, but you have got to do things the right way. I can’t seem to stress that enough.

Davis bends down and pats the unconscious Jarvis on the cheek.

Christopher Davis: I do dig the nickname though, thanks.

And with that “Gossip” begins to play again and the once concerned audience starts cheering on Davis who walks to the back shaking his head a couple of times.

Dave Dymond: I was a bit worried there myself, but it looks like all is still right in the world of SHOOT Project and while Davis is sort of taking matters into his own hands… at LEAST he’s not doing it alongside Paul Jarvis.

Other Guy: Career suicide if ya ask me.  That gnat, Paul Jarvis, there’s NO way he can bring anything but bad times to anyone who associates with him.

Davis stops at the entryway, turns back to face where Jarvis is laid out in the ring, and Davis raises both of his arms out to his side.  The fans cheer him on and then Davis snaps around and disappears behind the back curtain.



Samantha Coil: The following match up is scheduled for one fall, in which the winner will pick the law for an upcoming Laws of Survival Championship match!

The SHOOT video screen comes to life showing Trevor Worrens standing with a hand held video camera in front of a mirror, with another mirror behind him.  There are seemingly countless reflections of Worrens before him then and he starts running through his reflections, each one disappearing as he passes through.  He reaches a final mirror that is blank and he crashes through the mirror.  The shattering shards of glass break through to various clips of Worrens in action and at the same time “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue kicks in full.

Dave Dymond: As always Worrens using that imagery to get a point across and he’s really turned around over the past few months.

Other Guy: The kid is far less whiny; I’ll give ya that.

Dave Dymond: Not to mention more focused on the competition and finding a real passion about this sport.

Worrens makes his way out from the back now, taking in a pretty decent reaction from the fans.  Worrens gives a single nod as he walks to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 233 pounds, here is Trevor Worrens!!!

Worrens removes his tight gray t-shirt as he approaches the ring, and drops it just before walking up the steel steps.  He stops for a moment then enters the ring just as the chorus of his entrance music sounds throughout the US Airways Center.  Worrens paces about the ring, glancing back towards the entryway every so often.

Dave Dymond: It’s worth noting that it seems as of late Trevor Worrens has almost gone out and found opponents as opposed to just sitting back. Another sign of initiative and maybe sort of a way of fighting back against what critics used to say about Worrens, ESPECIALLY during his championship reign.

Other Guy: Yeah but I gotta wonder if Worrens doesn’t have a wish to have his career ended. I mean he gets into the face of Osbourne Kilminster and now Ron Barker?  It’s not like he’s pickin’ off guys at the bottom of the ladder, ya know?

Dave Dymond: True, but Worrens has said it time and again now, what good is competition if its not at its best. Worrens wanted Kilminster at his best, and we got just that in a beyond intense I Quit Match at Malice, and now tonight, Worrens has a chance to call the shots for an upcoming Laws of Survival Championship match against the man Worrens has currently found himself having a problem with.

Worrens’s music cuts out and it isn’t long before “Natural One” by Folk Implosion begins to play. The crowd begins to boo well before the Laws of Survival Champion steps out into view, and the booing only gets louder as Barker saunters out from the back, a confident swagger to his walk.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is the current SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… here is RON BARKER!!!

Barker stops half way down the ramp, pats the Laws of Survival Championship around his waist and then raises both his arms up over his head. A stream of white pyros shoot up behind him, all of different lengths almost forming in a shape of a crown.  On the SHOOT video screen it reads King of Survival every so often in between clips of Barker in action.

Dave Dymond: Ever since Barker returned a few weeks after the Redemption Rumble, well he’s had a whole new outlook about himself, and I think he REALLY believes he’s the king of survival.

Other Guy: Well Worrens can analyze and break down, and create theories all he wants, but the point of the matter is… Ron Barker IS the Laws of Survival Champion, and he’s beaten some people to keep that belt around his waist. Like it or not, that makes him the king.

Dave Dymond: I respectfully disagree as it seems Worrens has had Barker’s number verbally over the past few weeks, and Barker ONLY got the upper hand last week due to a blindside attack.

Barker takes his time entering the ring, and Worrens just shakes his head slightly, not amused with Barker’s arrogance.  Finally Barker pulls himself up onto the ring edge, unfastens the title and holds it up while pointing to Worrens.  After that Barker drops right back down and personally places his championship title at the timekeeper’s table.  Barker then walks to the stairs, jogs up them and again points at Worrens. He says something but the audio isn’t picked up.  Worrens seems to get slightly annoyed which causes Barker to smile.

Dave Dymond: Barker trying to get under Worrens’s skin before this match up is under way, but Worrens seems to be holding out against the taunts of the self-proclaimed King of Survival.

Barker finally enters the ring and referee Tony Lorenzo quickly checks both men in.  He then signals for the bell.  Barker starts moving somewhat quickly around the ring, trying to goad Worrens into making a hasty move in towards him. Worrens follows suit though, circling the ring as well.  Worrens eventually moves in closer towards Barker, closing the gap between them, then goes in for an elbow collar tie up, only for Barker to lunge away and the quickly widen the gap.  Barker brushes off his arms a bit, smirking as he locks eyes with Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Classic Ron Barker here in the opening moments of this match up.  Simply just trying to frustrate his opponent and force them into making a mistake out of anger.

Other Guy: Might be workin’ a bit too, Dave, Worrens clenching his fists a bit, a definite sign of frustration.

Worrens and Barker begin circling the ring again and Barker is the one that inches in towards Worrens now, raising one hand up into the air, taunting him to step up.

Ron Barker: Come on Trevor, be a man!

The fans boo loudly as Barker just smiles as he wiggles his fingers and raises his other arm up.

Dave Dymond: Barker throwing Worrens’s own words right back in his face, and Worrens not holding his own ground this time as he charges right in.

Worrens focuses on Barker’s hands, looking to lock up with them, only for Barker to pull back and then CLAP both his arms on the sides of Worrens’s head.  Worrens falters from the hit and Barker now brings up a boot right into Worrens’s gut.  Worrens doubles over and Barker side steps Worrens and takes him down with a double axe handle from the side. Worrens drops to his knees and palms and Barker follows up with a hard elbow dropped down onto Worrens’s back.  With Worrens flat on the mat now, Barker stays on top of Worrens, pulling up from the side with a slight version of a camel clutch submission. Worrens fights against it, and the second Worrens has some momentum in his favor, Barker breaks the hold and rolls away.

Worrens is up to his feet and Barker gets closer to the ropes. Worrens comes at him and immediately Barker puts his body half way through the ropes, gripping them tightly.  Referee Tony Lorenzo keeps Worrens at bay, shouting for him to stay back.  Once again the sound of collective booing fills the US Airways Center.

Dave Dymond: And AGAIN Barker just taunting Worrens, forcing a rope break before Worrens can get any real momentum going.

Other Guy: It’s not the most liked strategy, Dave, but its smart. Barker’s gonna tire Worrens out, or get him so pissed off that he makes some bad choices.  Either way, advantage goes to Barker.

Worrens reluctantly steps back and Barker slowly gets his body fully back into the ring.  Worrens runs right at him the second he does so and Barker scrambles to get back into the ropes, but Worrens beats him to the punch and NAILS a palm jab to the face.  Barker staggers back against the ropes and now Worrens takes him by the arm, two more palm jabs with his left hand then he swings Barker across the ring… no reversed! Worrens hits the ring ropes and comes bouncing back. Barker drops for the back body drop, but Worrens puts on the breaks.  Worrens goes to kick up into Barker’s face, but Barker lunges back, scouting it!

Worrens’s momentum of the kick carries him through to the side of Barker, but before Barker can capitalize on moving, Worrens pulls him down from the side, INVERTED BACKBREAKER!

Dave Dymond: Finally Trevor Worrens manages to get the upper hand here with that surprise inverted backbreaker… and the cover now from Worrens.

Lorenzo hits the mat…



Kick out by Barker.  Worrens pulls Barker up, holding him in a standing headlock.  Barker powers out, shoving Worrens back but then Worrens comes RIGHT back at Barker with a hard knee strike to the right leg. Then a knee strike to the left leg.  Barker falters and Worrens follows up with a palm strike to the sternum… Barker DROPS his body immediately to the mat and then rolls out of the ring!

Other Guy: Smart again. Barker knew what was comin’ and he removed himself from the situation.

Dave Dymond: This is getting to be ridiculous though.

Other Guy: Hey he’s the king of survival, and that’s what he’s doing right now… surviving.

Barker paces back and forth on the outside, and Worrens now clearly frustrated goes right after him.  Barker is caught off guard as Worrens slides out of the ring and runs  with a clothesline to Barker.  Barker is knocked back into the guard railing and the fans all around Barker start cheering on Worrens as he lays into Barker with a combination of knee strikes and palm strikes.

Referee Tony Lorenzo shouts for both men to get into the ring and starts the mandatory twenty ring out count.

“One! Two! Three!  Four!  Five!”

Worrens takes Barker now by the head and looks to slam him down forehead first into the ring edge, but Barker puts his arms out then fires a blind elbow back. Worrens ducks it and tries to lift Barker up with a backdrop suplex… but Barker holds onto the bottom rope to keep himself from being lifted up and then he KICKS backwards, nailing Worrens square in the left knee!  Worrens staggers back and Barker slides into the ring.

Worrens hobbles slightly but comes in right after Barker, only for Barker to be up to his feet and as Worrens slides into the ring, Barker drops a quick leg drop, rolls Worrens over and hooks both of his legs pulling them away from the ropes.  Lorenzo drops and makes the count.



And the kick out from Worrens.  Barker is up to his knees and he suddenly just forces his forearm down hard into Worrens’s neck, blatantly choking him. Lorenzo issues a warning, but Barker doesn’t let up.

Tony Lorenzo: Hey break it!  ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Barker pulls his forearm off of Worrens’s neck and then pulls Worrens up off the mat. Worrens coughs as he doubles over and Barker hooks him around the neck, turns away from the ropes all together and quickly takes Worrens down with a vertical suplex.  Worrens sits back up, arching his back in slight pain and Barker drops down behind him on one knee and wraps his arm around Worrens’s neck, again pressing the forearm into it, trying to mask the choke out as a sleeper hold. Lorenzo puts himself into position though and shouts at Barker to once again break the hold.  Barker this time does only to rise up to his feet and run towards the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Barker picking up speed…

Worrens turns around as Barker comes charging at him, and at the last second Worrens lunges up and JUST Catches Barker so he is able to drive him back first to the mat with an STO!

Dave Dymond: Not the most crisp STO take down I’ve seen, but effective never the less as Worrens now following up with a quick jumping knee drop, to keep Barker down.

Barker rolls over onto his stomach and Worrens capitalizes, quickly locking on a full on camel clutch submission. Barker struggles against the hold, and as he does, Worrens breaks the hold stomps down on Barker’s back and the re-applies it.  Barker again winces and shouts in pain as Worrens pulls back on the neck from under the chin, keeping the camel clutch applied tightly.  The fans buzz as they watch to see if Barker will tap, but Barker uses his size advantage to work his way towards the ropes, and Worrens breaks the camel clutch again, goes to stomp down on Barker, but Barker turns over and grabs Worrens by the foot and shoves him back.

Worrens is sent staggering off balance and Barker comes at him again, shoving Worrens down with a bull charge!  Worrens hits the mat and Barker turns around and immediately scoops Worrens back up, but Worrens breaks out of Barker’s grasp, and despite hurting he sends a knee strike into the gut followed by a single arm DDT!

Other Guy: Looks like Worrens finally got the momentum in his favor.

Dave Dymond: Cover made is this enough?



TH… Barker shoulders out before Lorenzo can make the three count.  The fans respond with a collective oooh and Worrens stands up now as Barker writhes on the mat and Worrens slowly nods his head as he stands waiting behind Barker.  The fans start to pick up and Worrens steps in as Barker works on trying to rise up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, Worrens ready for it, he’s looking to end this match up right here…

Barker sits all the way up and Worrens now drives his knee into Barker’s back, looking to lock on the arm-hook sleeper from there… but Barker’s eyes suddenly go wide and he pulls his arms and body forcefully away and SCRAMBLES out of the ring! Worrens rises up to his feet quickly and Barker storms towards the timekeeper’s table, grabs the Laws of Survival Championship, and starts to walk away!

Other Guy: Looks like Barker is sayin’ not today… he’s leavin’ Dave.  Barker is walking out on this match!

Dave Dymond: Talk about a damn coward.  Ron Barker was going to be put into a position he did not want to be in, and as a result, he’s tucking his tail, taking his title, and running away.

The fans boo loudly and Worrens shouts out, frustrated beyond belief.  Barker just waves off Worrens, shaking his head as he walks around the ring and up the ramp way.  Lorenzo watches on but Barker shows no signs of coming back as he disappears behind the back curtain.  Worrens is beside himself with anger as he paces back and forth shaking his head. He stops every so often to look at the entryway but Barker is nowhere to be seen.  Lorenzo finally motions to Mark Kendrick and Kendrick rings the bell.

Dave Dymond: Well Lorenzo has ended this match up and I think its clear to say that Trevor Worrens will be given the victory in this one.

There is a moment of conversation between Samantha Coil and Tony Lorenzo outside of the ring. Worrens just continues to pace and finally Coil nods her head.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Tony Lorenzo has ruled this match up in favor of Trevor Worrens as a result of a FOREFIT!

Despite a Worrens victory, the fans boo loudly and Worrens himself is not happy with the result.  Worrens’s music begins to play but Worrens doesn’t exit the ring, instead he turns to the outside and motions for Samantha Coil to hand him the microphone.  Samantha does so and Worrens goes back to pacing in the ring, head lowered slightly.  He doesn’t say cut the music, but his music is slowly faded out.

Trevor Worrens: I had him…

Worrens shakes his head and then he looks up and straight to the back.

Trevor Worrens: I had you Barker and you damn well know it. But instead you walked out. You walked out. You all but handed me my right to pick the law… to make the law for our next encounter.  You couldn’t face the change, could you? You couldn’t deal with looking down deep, owning up to the truths in your life. And you just turned your back!

Worrens stops, now leaning on the ropes as he looks out towards the entryway still.

Trevor Worrens: Fine.  You’ve given me the right to choose the law.  I won this match regardless of how it was won, so I’ll take what I can get.  And I hope Jason Johnson is listening right now. I hope he saw what happened and I hope he does the right thing.  I want my shot at Ron Barker… I want my shot at his Laws of Survival Championship, and I don’t want to chase Ron Barker all over creation for it.  I want him in the ring next week.

Worrens nods his head and steps back from the ropes.

Trevor Worrens: I want him next week, and I want him under the Law of Blood!

And with that, “The Pursuit” plays once again.  Worrens drops the microphone and exits the ring, again just nodding his head as he looks to the back.

Dave Dymond: And so the law has been decided, Worrens wants Barker’s blood, and he’ll have it in a BARBED WIRE MATCH!

Other Guy: Question is when, Dave.  Will Jason Johnson give Worrens what he wants and make that match happen next week, or will Barker’s ruling as champion give The King of Survival MORE time to dodge Worrens?

Dave Dymond: Oh I hope we get it next week as I’m sure all these fans are hoping as well.  Barker made Trevor Worrens bleed two weeks ago… and now Worrens looks to make certain that he can do the same to Barker.

Worrens disappears to the back, his decision still causing the fans to buzz.


As the ring crew are sweeping the ring canvas, the crowd is seen with a sense of anticipation, wanting to know what will happen next. The camera pans the fans, with many holding various signs reading various things. The lights dim, and a silence falls over the crowd, but is quickly broken..

“Crystal Planet" by Joe Satriani hits the arena, and the big screen shows some clips of Catch Warren in action. He brushes through the curtains, and makes himself obvious to the fans. A dominant cheer pop is heard from the fans, but there are also the scattered boos. After a second of standing at the top of the ramp absorbing the vibe, Catch heads down the ramp and slides into the ring. He asks for a mic from the outside, and looks around for a moment before talking.

Dave Dymond: Look’s like Catch has got something to say.

Catch Warren: Last week..

Catch puts his head slightly down and chuckles to himself before continuing.

Catch Warren: Last week, I got two steps closer to what I really want. The Revolution Championship. By beating Crush Heart and Jack Heart, and by ignoring whatever challenge Arion could’ve brought to the match, I have proven myself. And with this win, I am the number one contender for the Revolution Championship!

A pop from the fans is heard, and Catch looks around smiling.

Catch Warren: Yes, yes. I am sure that is what most of you would live to see. I am so close to accomplishing my true goal, but right now there’s someone stopping me from getting there.

Other Guy: We all know who that is.

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher, that’s who!

Catch Warren: But I don’t mind. That’s just another step in the ro-

Catch looks up with a disgusted after hearing "Money Talks" by AC/DC start up. The fans suddendly turn there head to see Arion Catcher, the Revolution Champion, wearing his title over his shoulder along with tacky pants and a green polo. His usual sunglasses are on top of his head, which signals he means business. Without wasting much time and without paying much attention to the outstretched arms of the fans sitting near the ramp, he gets into the ring and also asks for a mic.

Dave Dymond: What is he doing out here? Catch is just celebrating his win!

Other Guy: Who cares, the champ is about to talk!

Arion Catcher: Before I get to you, Catch, let me just say HELLOO! to all my fans out here tonight!

A loud cheer is heard, and Catch Warren just shakes his head.

Arion Catcher: Now..Listen, Catch. I know you may think that you deserve to fight for this belt (pointing to the gold on his shoulder), but I have some bad news for you. I was the referee in that match, and I didn’t make the final call. So, sorry Catch, but in reality, you didn’t win that match..No one did.

Other Guy: He has a point, he WAS the man in charge!

Catch Warren: So, you were knocked out!

“Clubfoot” by Kasabian is heard playing and both men turn, Catch being particularly upset after being stopped twice. The fans, again, turn to see this time, Jack Heart come out! Instead, he stays at the top of the ramp and already has a mic from the back. After the fans die down and Arion and Catch are both facing Jack from the ring, he Jack Heart begins to speak into the mic.

Jack Heart: Well, you see if Arion Catcher didn’t have such a hard time counting to three. I would have won the match with ease. So, I did what anyone would have done if they got the chance and that was to knock out the dunce and have a respectable ref make the decision.

Dave Dymond: He does have a good point, Arion was kinda shaky last week!

Catch Warren: Well Jack, I agre-

For the third time, Catch is stopped mid-sentence and shows his anger by throwing his hands in the air. This time, it’s to the tune of “1996” by Marilyn Manson. It is quickly cut off, as Crush Heart has come out and is at the top of the ramp, opposite side of Jack Heart.

Other Guy: The crew is back together.

Crush: Hold it. Hold on just a second here. Just listen to me. The way I see this bullshit is pretty damn simple. Catcher can’t referee a match to save his pretty little face. Catch can’t win a match fairly and Jack… Well… Why the hell you even out here boy? Ya don’t mean shit ’round here.

Catch Warren: I did win the match fairly!

Jack Heart answers quickly, and very snappy.

Jack Heart: You didn’t win anything fairly! The entire match was a farce! I should be the number one contender as I’ve beaten Arion Catcher two times in a row!

Crush: But just so ya don’t all get ya knickers in a twist… Why don’t ya listen to what I got in mind? Why don’t you, Arion Catcher, the forgotten champ, put ya scrawny little ass in the ring against all three of us? That way… I can beat all ya complainin’ bastards down.

Other Guy: That’s some big smack talk.

A crowd ‘OOO’ is heard.

Catch Warren: What?! No! I am the number one contender! I deserve to have the chance to win what should be mine, I beat both of you guys and I’ll beat YOU, Arion!

Arion is beginning to show his impatiences and is not putting up with all this commotion.

Arion Catcher: Are you guys forgetting who the champ is? Me! Who do you think you are to start demanding title shots?

Jack Heart: You know what? That sounds great, I’ll finally get my title shot and add a healthy fourteen pounds to my left shoulder after I knock your face off once more.

Arion Catcher lowers his glasses to cover his eyes, and smiles to himself.

Arion Catcher: But since I’m sure a great champion, here’s what we’ll come too. Next week, there will a be a tag team match. Not your usual Long Island Hardcore stuff, but in action will be yours truly, Arion Catcher teaming up with Catch Warren (Catch shoots his head up and eyes open wide.), going up against Crush and Jack Heart.

Crush: Ayy, I ne-

Arion Catcher: Too bad. That’s how it will go down. If you and Jack win, then there will be a new number one contender for my belt. If Catch and I win then, well, he’s the number one contender. Good?

Arion responds to himself before anyone else can.

Arion Catcher: Good.

Camera cuts while showing Arion smiling into the fans with Catch glaring at him, and Crush and Jack in the background also staring at each other.



Revolution fades to black momentarily.  The logo for Malice flashes across the screen once then fades out, giving way to red-tinted video footage.  A date scrolls across the screen March 30th 2008. Then a steady beat of a heart is heard, a shot of referee Chris Jenkins starting a ten count.


Azraith DeMitri hits a stiff neck breaker.


Dan Stein seen flipping through the air via a shooting star press.


Azraith NAILS Stein with a spiking piledriver.


Stein takes the ring bell and SMASHES it over Azraith’s head multiple times.


Azraith sends Stein crashing back first into the ring post.


Stein executes a desperation back body drop, his legs buckling under him as he gets DeMitri up and over.


Stein unleashes with kicks to the face.


Stein abruptly jumps up into the air and comes crashing down, pulling Azraith’s face into both of Stein’s knees.


A shot of Chris Jenkins standing over Azraith.  Stein looks on.


The shot fades as you the thumping heart stops and a bell sounds.  Suddenly the footage comes to real time life as Dan Stein celebrates, the Iron Fist Championship raised high over his head.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match and STILL the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… DAN STEIN!

The footage fades from there, bringing the action back to the live happening that is Revolution 29.

Dave Dymond: We are set to go for a Malice rematch.  The Iron Fist Championship being defended here tonight in our main event and the two men fighting for it, certainly no strangers.

Other Guy: Especially with what happened at Malice, Dave.  But it’s round two tonight.  Can the man they call “The Lights” score two knock out victories, or is The Ghost gonna come in here like a bat out of hell and claim the title for himself?

Dave Dymond: Azraith did claim the victory last week, BUT as we all know some controversy surrounding that match with Trevor Worrens having been the technical legal man… unfortunately the referee did not see that and in turn Dan Stein felt the wrath of DeMitri, and in victories they’re all tied up now.

Other Guy: Yeah, but this matters more than last week. Title on the line, Dave… does the Iron Fist era of Stein end tonight, we’re gonna find out.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution Main event will be for the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

“35 Ghosts IV” by Nine Inch Nails starts to play.  A blue strobe flashes in time with the heavy beat, illuminating glimpses of Azraith DeMitri as he walks out from the back.  The fans begin to boo, but there are a small smattering of cheers heard from various parts of the US Airways Center.  As Azraith approaches the ring, the sewn on hood to his leather trench coat just covers the top part of his face while his head is lowered.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger.  Weighing in at 270 pounds, here is AZRAITH DEMITRI!!!

Azraith walks up the steps now and the lights return to normal just as Azraith snaps his head back, allowing the hood to fall back.  His short spiked blue hair and the rest of his face can be seen clearly.  Azraith removes the trench coat, dropping it down behind him before he steps into the ring. The booing continues as Azraith turns around, staying close to the edge of the ring as he awaits the Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: Azraith has had time to watch and learn, and hasn’t nearly had the type of schedule that Dan Stein has had of late, so you have to imagine that’s giving the challenger a big time advantage here tonight.

Other Guy: Losing at Malice coulda been the worst thing for Dan Stein as far as this rematch goes. DeMitri is hungry and more than willing to destroy Stein at any cost.

Azraith’s music cuts out and suddenly there is a burst of bright gold pyros, then yellow flashes of lights.  Then another burst of gold pyros, and more flashing lights.  Then the arena goes dark… the fans start to get loud as “Heart of a Champion” by Nelly picks up and the arena is illuminated by three consecutive bursts of gold pyros and yellow lights flash all over the arena.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Screams and cheers fill the US Airways Center as Dan Stein emerges from the back, proudly carrying with him the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 215 pounds.  Here is the current and DEFENDING SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION… HERE IS DAN “THE LIGHTS” STEIN!!!

Dave Dymond: No longer working the fighter pilot gimmick after his forced split up with Paul Jarvis, Dan Stein channeling what got him to the big time to begin with… being true to himself.

Stein heads to the ring, a look of focus on his face, but he takes the time to tag a few hands that jut out his way as he walks towards the ring area. Azraith waits for him, not backing up an inch away from the edge of the ring.  Stein stands on the outside now, looking up at Azraith while referee Scott Kamura shouts for Azraith to back off. Azraith doesn’t listen and motions for Stein to get into the ring.  Stein doesn’t back down and with Azraith right there Stein still slides under the bottom rope and rises up to his feet, now standing face to face with Azraith.  Azraith slightly looms over Stein and Stein angles his head upward to engage in a stare down with Azraith.

Other Guy: Damn, I thought Azraith was just gonna nail Stein right then and there, but I guess he was just lookin’ to size up the champ here tonight.

Dave Dymond: Azraith has the numbers advantage in his favor in both height and weight. But we’ve seen SHOOT Project’s cruiserweights do some amazing things against the bigger opponents, and again Stein HAS successfully defended the Iron Fist Championship against DeMitri before, so there’s nothing saying he can’t do it again.

Stein defiantly holds the Iron Fist Championship high over his head now, and Azraith’s eyes glance upwards at it for a moment, but then lock on to Stein’s eyes once more.  Neither man breaks until finally Stein turns away and hands the title off to referee Scott Kamura.  Kamura hoists it up with both arms and the fans pop as Stein now moves completely away from Azraith and starts walking around the ring a bit, pointing out to the fans.  The Iron Fist Championship title is passed off to Samantha Coil who takes it out of the ring.

Kamura calls for the bell to start the match and the fans buzz with anticipation.  Stein returns his focus to Azraith who remains calm off in the upper left corner of the ring.  Stein slowly moves towards him and now Azraith starts out of the corner and towards Stein.  Stein cautiously sizes up Azraith and Azraith picks up the pace a bit now coming straight at Stein.  Stein reacts and brings his arms up in more of a defensive position and Azraith goes in with a low charge, immediately running Stein backwards, back first into the lower right corner.  Stein fires a series of quick double axe handles to Azraith’s exposed back, trying to knock him away a bit, but Azraith DRIVES his shoulder into Stein’s gut, causing Stein to double over from the impact.  Azraith fires AGAIN, this time putting so much force that he drops to one knee and then is able to scoops Stein up and over with a standing back body drop!

Other Guy: With ease DeMitri just stands up and let’s Stein fall to the mat from there.  Things not starting off good for the Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: It will be a methodical breakdown tonight and not so much a match fueled by revenge as Azraith really pacing himself and right now almost toying with Stein as he just stomps down on the elbow joint!

The fans boo as Stein cradles his right arm in towards him… only for Azraith to walk around and stomp down hard on his left arm!  Stein rolls over onto his stomach, clutching both arms inwards towards his chest.  Azraith suddenly STOMPS down on the back, forcing the arms out to the side and then Azraith grabs them both and pulls upwards, all the while his foot firmly planted on Stein’s back! Stein shouts out in pain as Azraith pulls back and then finally lets go on his own.  Stein army crawls wincing in pain but gets to the ropes.  He pulls himself up and Azraith right there though to grab Stein and whip him across the ring.

Dave Dymond: Stein off the ropes now… but stops himself.

Azraith charges and Stein pushes off the ropes at the right time, turning his body as he catches Azraith with his elbow.  Azraith’s head snaps back slightly and Stein turns back around, following up with a quick kick to the side, forcing Azraith to lean.  Stein then runs towards the down ring ropes, but Azraith charges right after him!  Stein suddenly slides feet first under the bottom rope, surprising Azraith who doesn’t have time to react.  Stein turns around, hops up onto the ring edge and pulls Azraith down neck first onto the top rope!

The fans pop as Stein then gets up onto the ring edge again, and with Azraith staggering, Stein SPRINGS OFF THE TOP ROPE for the LIGHTS OUT ENZEGURI…

NO!  Azraith ducks it!  Stein tucks his body in as he falls to the mat and rolls to avoid landing on his leg awkwardly.

Dave Dymond: Stein had the potential of ending this match up right there, but Azraith well prepared to avoid that knock out kick from Stein.

Other Guy: Stein’s gotta get himself right back into this, never turn your back on Azraith DeMitri.

Stein pops up to his feet as Azraith comes towards him again.  Stein turns in time though and fires off another kick, to the exact same spot he nailed Azraith before. Azraith falters and Stein fires two more hard kicks and then LEAPS with a high dropsault! Azraith taken down to the mat but Stein pulls him right back up and looks to whip him into the upper right corner of the ring, but Azraith uses his strength to his advantage and pulls Stein in the other way… looks for the standing clothesline… but Stein ducks…

Azraith right back around though and looks to hook Stein around his waist. Stein fights it though, prying Azraith’s arms away, struggling to keep from being taken down possibly by a belly-to-back suplex.

Dave Dymond: Stein trying to avoid any REAL damage in this match up. And both men have done what they can thus far to be in the position of a potential knock out spot.  Stein freeing himself… BUT AZRAITH WITH A FORCEFUL SHOVE!

Stein is sent flying into the lower left corner, sternum first. And as he staggers back Azraith charges with a VICIOUS SPEAR TO THE BACK!

Other Guy: Damn that’s gonna mess up your spine pretty good.

Dave Dymond: DeMitri drilling Stein with that spear to the back he calls breakdown.

Other Guy: That’s exactly what it did.  Stein’s momentum was broken down.

Stein clutches at his back in pain, and the impact of the spear also drove him face first down onto the mat.  Referee Scott Kamura checks the situation and with Stein not showing signs of getting up right away, he starts the ten count.




Stein starts to push himself up off the mat. The fans begin to cheer as Kamura signals for the match to continue, but the cheering is abruptly ended as Azraith runs up and just PUNTS Stein with a hard kick to his side! Stein flips over onto his back and Azraith grabs from there, pulls him up to the mat and right into a standing front facing headlock.  Azraith wrenches the neck once then slowly turns and DROPS Stein with a sitting neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: And just as we’ve seen Azraith do at Malice, just as I witnessed him do in OPW, Azraith focusing on the neck and head setting up for the all too devastating modified powerbomb he calls Extinction.

Stein writhes on the mat and this time Azraith doesn’t leave him down. Before Kamura can start another ten count, Azraith pulls him right back up to his feet, only to be nailed with a sudden forearm shot from Stein!  Azraith throws an elbow strike right back, which sends Stein’s head snapping back with a great amount of force. Stein somehow comes back from it and connects with another forearm shot to the face… then another.  Azraith lets go of Stein as he stumbles back and Stein takes a lunge backwards and then LEAPS forward for a jumping forearm strike…. But Azraith CATCHES HIM!

Other Guy: Bad move!

Dave Dymond: Stein got caught up in the possible momentum he was building and now Azraith has him held tightly!

The fans buzz with concern as Azraith turns his body now and he looks like he’s going to just toss Stein up and over, but Stein hooks his arm around Azraith’s neck, pulling back as much as he can while moving his body. Azraith staggers about, now walking towards the ropes as he looks to drop Stein to the outside.  Stein’s feet and body are sent over the top rope, but Stein pulls down as hard as he can, pressing his feet against the edge of the ring and bottom rope.  Azraith is bent half way over the ropes and the fans come back to life, rallying as Stein tries to pull Azraith over!

Dave Dymond: Does he have him! Does Dan Stein have the strength to get Azraith over the ropes!

Other Guy: It don’t look like it! He’s puttin’ everything into this, but Azraith not going over!

Dave Dymond: Azraith holding onto the ropes now, but Stein not giving up!

The fans get louder and now Stein suddenly lifts one leg up so he’s dangling up side down a bit, and he DRILLS Azraith repeatedly in the side of the head with his knee, all the while pushing off the mat with his other leg.  Azraith falters a bit more and now Stein drops his legs, and shoves off the edge of the ring with both feet firmly planted…



Dave Dymond: Azraith taken out, but the damage done to Dan Stein in the process. But WHAT a move!

Other Guy: I gotta admit, I didn’t think he had it in him. Stein sacrifices himself though to take DeMitri out.

Stein rolls away from Azraith, clutching at the back of his head and the fans continue to buzz with shock and excitement.  Kamura slides out of the ring to check on Azraith and with no signs from DeMitri.  He starts the ten count.



Stein slowly up to his feet, holding the back of his head in pain as he staggers towards the ring.





Dave Dymond: The impact on top of gravity’s natural course may have won this match up for Stein as Azraith looks to be out of it… and Stein rolling back into the ring, I guess he feels this one is over and done with too.


Stein is up to his feet inside the ring, Azraith stirs on the outside as Kamura continues towards the ten count.


And the mood suddenly shifts drastically as Azraith sits up on the outside.  Stein looks on at Azraith in a slight state of disbelief.  Stein suddenly charges at the ropes though and he FLIES over the top with a high cross body, catching Azraith just as he stands up!

Other Guy: Big time flyin’ but it pays off.

Dave Dymond: Stein NOT backing down in this one, not for one second.

Both men fall back down onto the floor, with Kamura almost getting knocked down too.  Stein stays on top of Azraith now, turning into a full on mounted position and just nailing him with alternating right and left forearm shots to the face. Azraith gets his arms up though eventually and blocks some of the strikes and then shoves Stein off to the side by turning his body. Stein scrambles to get right back into it, only for Azraith to lunge up to his feet with a desperation clothesline!

Stein is DROPPED hard and his head bounces off the floor!  The fans fall silent as Azraith staggers up to his full vertical base, grabs Stein and just hoists him off the floor and rolls him back into the ring.

Dave Dymond: It looked as if Stein was going to maintain in control of this one, but Azraith snapping off that desperation clothesline and Stein felt the full effects.

Stein works on sitting up in the ring, but Azraith slides in right behind him, watching as Stein gets up… only to then to pull him backwards into a reverse headlock! Stein struggles but Azraith lifts Stein up so his feet are on the top rope and then he bounces Stein off from there, looking for a spiking reverse DDT… but Stein LAUNCHES himself through, flipping backwards out of Azraith’s grip.

The fans pop!

Azraith turns and Stein runs at him BOOT TO THE FACE OF STEIN!  Stein goes down hard and Azraith now suddenly marches off to the corner.

Other Guy: You kiddin’ me?

Dave Dymond: My thoughts exactly, but no… Azraith DeMitri is CLIMBING TO THE TOP!

With Stein down, and Azraith perched for a moment on the top rope, the fans are actually on their feet, a feeling of concern and dread fills the US Airways Center. Azraith doesn’t wait a moment longer and suddenly LEAPS with a HUGE ELBOW DROP RIGHT INTO STEIN’S FACE!!!

Dave Dymond: Unbelievable!

Other Guy: They say what goes up must come down, and when it comes down that hard on top of ya… I’d say its LIGHTS OUT for Stein tonight.

Azraith sits up next to Stein and looks at Stein. Blood runs from his mouth as his head is laid sideways on the mat.  Scott Kamura starts the ten count but Azraith suddenly rises to his feet and shoves Kamura back, interrupting the count.  Kamura shouts at Azraith who just walks right on by and exits the ring.

Dave Dymond: Wait a minute here… Azraith coming our way… no… he’s going towards Kendrick…

There is a buzz of confusion, but everything is made clear as Azraith shoves Mark Kendrick to the side and grabs the ring bell!


Other Guy: Revenge, Dave. At the end of the day that’s what it’s comin down to in this match up!

Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri felt the cold steel of that ring bell at Malice, but tonight it could be Dan Stein who gets rung upside the head, quite literally.

Azraith slides back into the ring, ring bell in hand and Kamura shouts at Azraith to get rid of the bell. Azraith shakes his head and drops it right at his feet.  He walks over towards Stein who stirs on the mat and hoists him up now, grabbing him around the neck.  Stein struggles but Azraith lifts him up, going for a chokeslam…. NO!

The fans pop as Stein breaks with a hard elbow to Azraith’s arm. Azraith loses his grip and Stein drops to the side, quickly intertwines his leg with Azraith’s and DROPS him with a reverse Russian leg sweep right onto the ring bell!!!


Dave Dymond: What a reversal by Stein and Azraith ONCE AGAIN meets the ring bell up close and personal!

Azraith clutches at his face, kicking his feet into the mat in pain.  Stein slowly gets back up to his feet, groggy as hell, but he stumbles off towards the corner, using the ropes to keep him up.



Kamura starts the ten count, but Azraith rolls over onto his back now, showing movement, but he’s not quite up to his feet.




Azraith starts to sit up. Kamura is about to count out six, but Stein comes out of the corner and flips over the sitting Azraith for a block buster… but Azraith shoves both of his hands out and FORCES Stein flat onto his back.  Stein rolls to his stomach and then pushes up to his feet. Azraith stands up as well and throws out a straight punch that catches Stein right in the face. Stein staggers back, but he presses on, charging right back at Azraith… only for Azraith to scoop him up and turn him into a power slam position… but instead of dropping Stein, Azraith charges towards the corner post and GORES Stein into the top turnbuckle!

Stein’s body falls limp in Azraith’s grasp and then Azraith turns out of the corner… and DROPS Stein with a Michinoku Driver!

Dave Dymond: Smirking Revenge. And that’s exactly what a victory for Azraith tonight will be.

Other Guy: That’s some kind of impact move.

Dave Dymond: One of many in the painful arsenal of Azraith DeMitri.  I’ve witnessed this man fight for many years, Other Guy.  And I STILL get shivers when I see him hit those power moves.

Stein is out on the mat, the fans are booing loudly as Azraith smiles slightly, hjs face now bloodied from the face plant he took onto the ring bell.  Kamura quickly checks the situation then starts the ten count.





Azraith rises up off the mat and just watches on as Stein doesn’t even stir.



The buzz of concern grows louder as Stein still not moving. Kamura continues counting.



Azraith turns out to the crowd now, his smirk bigger than ever.


The fans just can’t believe it….


Dave Dymond: My god!  Dan Stein still alive! Dan Stein STILL IN THIS MATCH!

Other Guy: The cat’s gotta be inhuman!

Dave Dymond: Stein SOMEHOW sitting himself up and look at Azraith… he’s in a complete state of shock!

Azraith shakes his head repeatedly as Stein is up to his feet, staggering about, but up.  Scott Kamura signals for the match to continue and Azraith just charges and NAILS Stein with a clothesline to the back of the head! Stein goes down to the mat, and Azraith throws SO much of his weight behind the clothesline that he drops down too, and then rolls straight out of the ring.  Azraith flips up the ring apron and quickly tosses a steel chair into the ring.  The fans begin to boo loudly and Kamura focuses on Azraith now, warning him about the weapons.

Dave Dymond: Kamura trying to enforce the ruling of an Iron Fist Title match here and while you can only win by knock out, excessive weapon use is grounds for a referee’s ruling to throw out a match.

Other Guy: At this time, I think Azraith doesn’t care. He wants to kill Dan Stein!  I have no doubt in my mind that Azraith wants to kill the Iron Fist Champ.

Azraith continues to ignore Kamura and then pulls out from under the ring a table! Fans of hardcore wrestling start to actually cheer, but most of the fans continue to boo loudly as Azraith slides the table into the ring.  He sets it up close to the lower left corner of the ring, not too far from where Stein works on getting up to his feet.  Azraith grabs the steel chair he tossed in and now stands waiting for Stein to get up.

Dave Dymond: Azraith is in his own sadistic world now, Other Guy. And I don’t think he’s coming out of it until Dan Stein’s blood covers the ring canvas.

The fans boo even louder, some shout out as a warning to Stein who groggily pushes off the mat, just trying to stay balanced.  Azraith WINDS UP with the steel chair… but Stein DUCKS! STEIN DUCKS!  Azraith swings through and as he comes around Stein NAILS a spinning hook kick… which SMACKS Azraith square in the face!  Azraith goes down, dropping the chair. Stein loses his balance… drops close by.  Both men on their back and Stein rolls to his side… then to his other side… he tries to get with it….  Azraith slowly up to his feet…

AND THEN STEIN KIPS UP!!!  The fans on their feet as Stein lunges at Azraith and starts throwing closed punches like a mad man!

Dave Dymond: We’ve seen this from Stein before… he’s throwing everything he’s got at Azraith… NO! Azraith brings a knee up into the gut!

The once cheering fans again are abruptly silenced as Stein doubles over in pain and then Azraith just THROWS his knee right up in Stein’s face!  Stein drops to the mat hard.  And Azraith stands there for a moment, collecting himself before he goes right back after Stein. Stein stirs on the mat and rolls close to the steel chair.  Azraith grabs Stein…

Stein pulled up to his feet, but steel chair in hand… CRACK!!

Stein LEVELS Azraith with the steel chair! Azraith staggers back and falls into a sitting position right in the upper right corner of the ring!  Stein hoists the chair high over his head and Kamura shouts but Stein is the one not listening now.  He goes off to the upper left corner of the ring and suddenly ascends to the top turnbuckle!

Other Guy: Oh man!  I sense somethin’ HUGE comin’ up!

Dave Dymond: High risk all the way, but I don’t think Stein would settle for anything less!

With steel chair in hand, Stein points to Azraith and then suddenly LEAPS FROM CORNER TO CORNER!!!  STEEL CHAIR KICKED INTO AZRAITH’S FACE!!!!

Dave Dymond: A page out of the book of some well known hardcore cruiserweights and Dan Stein just SMASHING that chair right into Azraith’s skull!

The impact sends Azraith rolling out of the corner, clutching at his face in pain. Stein struggles to get back up to his feet but he does so… and looking down at Azraith he climbs right back up, this time to the top of the upper right corner post.  Azraith is on his back. Stein has the steel chair in hand still…


Dave Dymond: And it connects!!!

The fans are on their feet… Azraith is out cold… and Stein rolls to the side, clutching his chest in pain as the move did its damage to him as well.  Kamura checks on Azraith while Stein scoots his way to the ropes… sitting up against them…




Some of the fans start counting along now…


Stein pulls himself up, holding up five fingers as he leans against the ropes.





Dave Dymond: Azraith starting to stir…


Other Guy: No way… no way!

Azraith tries… but his head dips back down….


The arena ERUPTS with wild cheering as “Heart of A Champion” begins to play.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… DAN “THE LIGHTS” STEIN!!!

As the music plays referee Scott Kamura gets the Iron Fist Championship and walks it over to present it to Stein.

Dave Dymond: Call it déjà vu, call it history repeating itself, but once again Dan Stein triumphant over Azraith DeMitri, and he once again retains the Iron Fist Championship.

Other Guy: He’s on the path to outdoing even Corazon’s streak as champion, and right now, it just don’t feel like you can put a stop to Stein.

Stein takes a hold of the Iron Fist Championship and hoists it high over his head with one arm, while Scott Kamura raises Stein’s other arm. Stein then breaks away from Kamura and goes to the upper left corner of the ring.  Stein climbs to the second turnbuckle and hoists the Iron Fist Championship title up again, holding the back of his head in pain, but still standing proudly.  Stein hops down and then points to the next corner. The fans get louder over there as Stein gets up onto the second turnbuckle in the upper right corner of the ring.

Dave Dymond: A celebration well earned as Revolution comes to a close here tonight.  Dan Stein on the road to becoming the greatest Iron Fist Champion ever… as it appears that when that title is on the line, there is NOTHING Stein won’t put himself through in order to hold onto it.

Stein reaches the final corner, the lower left corner of the ring, and he ascends to the second turnbuckle one more time, hoisting the title high over his head.  Some fans close by salute Stein and Stein looks down towards them and salutes as well, a smile on his face.  Stein takes in the fans… when suddenly he’s gripped tightly by the legs!


Other Guy: OH SHIT!

Stein has no time to react as Azraith has him in a sitting position… Azraith WHIPS Stein down from the turnbuckle with such force that he SPIKES HIM WITH A POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE… AND THE CAVAS CAVES IN UNDER THAT… BENDING STEIN IN HALF WITHIN THE CRATER CREATED!

Dave Dymond: DEAR GOD!  What the hell!  Azraith… Stein… We need medical… SOMEBODY!

Other Guy: … through the damn ring….

The fans are silent.  Azraith sits in the corner, looking at the wreckage in front of him. The broken table… the broken ring.

The broken body of Dan Stein.



The night is over. 

Dan Stein and Azraith DeMitri have closed out the evening with a damning battle, and four other contests have come to their grueling ends.

The parking lot is dead, though.

Sure, there were plenty of vehicles, but everyone is still inside, buying shirts and hats, talking about the show. Revolution wasn’t the type of event that closed out early.  In fact, Jason Johnson was known to hold after parties for the fans, especially when they were on the west coast.

Tonight was one of those nights.

His footsteps echo loudly.


Holding a nearly empty bottle of Mountain Dew, THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON shouts loudly into the warm, Arizona evening, illuminated by a dulling sunset and the flickering parking lot street lamps above him.  He circles around, hands outstretched, shouting and shouting and shouting.

The DEFILER: COME ON MAN!  HA!  You fucking PUSSY PIECE OF SHIT!  Where are you honey?  WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?

He finishes off his soda and hurls the Mountain Dew bottle into the air.  It doesn’t travel far, colliding with one of the thousands of cars parked in the lot and crashing to the ground.

It’s quiet enough to hear every detail.

The bottle hits the ground with a click, the top and bottom ends bouncing up and down for a moment like a sea-saw.

You can even hear the cap grind against the pavement.

Something is horribly ominous about this scene.

The DEFILER: (Sort of to himself at first) I told you… (Shouting) I FUCKING TOLD YOU!  DON’T. FUCK. WITH THE…


The tone is unmistakable, the voice, undeniable.

Jonny stops and turns around.

Corazon: I told you I’d be here.

Adrian Corazon is about ten paces away from Jonny Johnson, the two men staring at each other with burning eyes.  Jonny smirks a little bit, while Corazon slowly moves in closer.

The DEFILER: Theeeeeeere he is. (Smiling, excited)  Heh.  THE FUCKING MAN OF THE HOUR!  FINALLY! (Staring Corazon down, acting disapointed)  Awww… What, no title tonight, sweetie?

Corazon doesn’t have his SHOOT Project World Title with him, which Jonny is quick to point out.

Corazon: (Subtle shrug) Don’t need it.

He’s in a pair of jeans and a tight-fitted, red and black T-shirt with the letters cZn across the front.  His dark black duster hangs off his body, rippling a bit as a breeze passes through, strands of jet black hair blowing over his face, the rest tied back in a pony tail.

Corazon continues to walk closer, while Jonny doesn’t move.

The DEFILER: (Not appreciating Corazon’s demeanor) Touch me and I fucking have you arrested, Adrian.  (Raising his eyebrows, pointing a finger) Don’t be an idiot.  We’re not inside.  We’re civilians. Got it?

Corazon, staying silent, stops a few inches away from Jonny, the two men staring at each other.

The DEFILER: (Getting more serious) I’m sure Jason doesn’t want his.. his (Mockingly) brand new, shiny WORLD CHAMPION getting in trouble with the law.  Heh.  Not with wrestling already having such a…  bad rap lately.  He’s not going to tolerate any bullshit.  Especially if it’s perpetrated on someone like… oh…. say… I don’t know.  (Shrugging)  ME!

Corazon removes a pair of dark shades and slips them into the front pocket of his jacket.

Corazon: I don’t play games, Jonny.

The men lock eyes.

The DEFILER: And I fucking LOVE games.  (Beaming in a sinister fashion) We’re just so gosh darned different, aren’t we Adrian?

Corazon cracks a sly smile as well, and nods his head.

Corazon: Kind of.

Without ANY hesitation, Corazon lunges forward with his right hand and quickly pulls back!


Jonny stumbles to a knee, a pool of blood very quickly beginning to form around his feet as he urgently holds at his left side.

He can’t move.

The DEFILER:  You… (Clenching up) you fucking son of a bitch….

There is desperation in Jonny’s eyes.

But Adrian Corazon turns his back and casually walks away.

His footsteps echo amidst Jonny’s panicked cries for help.


Jonny holds at his side and slowly falls to the pavement.

Revolution 29 is over.