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Revolution: 030 – 5/11/08

Last week…

His footsteps echo loudly.


Holding a nearly empty bottle of Mountain Dew, THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON shouts loudly into the warm, Arizona evening, illuminated by a dulling sunset and the flickering parking lot street lamps above him.  He circles around, hands outstretched, shouting and shouting and shouting.

The DEFILER: COME ON MAN!  HA!  You fucking PUSSY PIECE OF SHIT!  Where are you honey?  WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?

He finishes off his soda and hurls the Mountain Dew bottle into the air.  It doesn’t travel far, colliding with one of the thousands of cars parked in the lot and crashing to the ground.

It’s quiet enough to hear every detail.

The bottle hits the ground with a click, the top and bottom ends bouncing up and down for a moment like a sea-saw.

You can even hear the cap grind against the pavement.

Something is horribly ominous about this scene.

The DEFILER: (Sort of to himself at first) I told you… (Shouting) I FUCKING TOLD YOU!  DON’T. FUCK. WITH THE…


The tone is unmistakable, the voice, undeniable.

Jonny stops and turns around.

Corazon: I told you I’d be here.

Adrian Corazon is about ten paces away from Jonny Johnson, the two men staring at each other with burning eyes.  Jonny smirks a little bit, while Corazon slowly moves in closer.

The DEFILER: Theeeeeeere he is. (Smiling, excited)  Heh.  THE FUCKING MAN OF THE HOUR!  FINALLY! (Staring Corazon down, acting disapointed)  Awww… What, no title tonight, sweetie?

Corazon doesn’t have his SHOOT Project World Title with him, which Jonny is quick to point out.

Corazon: (Subtle shrug) Don’t need it.

He’s in a pair of jeans and a tight-fitted, red and black T-shirt with the letters cZn across the front.  His dark black duster hangs off his body, rippling a bit as a breeze passes through, strands of jet black hair blowing over his face, the rest tied back in a pony tail.

Corazon continues to walk closer, while Jonny doesn’t move.

The DEFILER: (Not appreciating Corazon’s demeanor) Touch me and I fucking have you arrested, Adrian.  (Raising his eyebrows, pointing a finger) Don’t be an idiot.  We’re not inside.  We’re civilians. Got it?

Corazon, staying silent, stops a few inches away from Jonny, the two men staring at each other.

The DEFILER: (Getting more serious) I’m sure Jason doesn’t want his.. his (Mockingly) brand new, shiny WORLD CHAMPION getting in trouble with the law.  Heh.  Not with wrestling already having such a…  bad rap lately.  He’s not going to tolerate any bullshit.  Especially if it’s perpetrated on someone like… oh…. say… I don’t know.  (Shrugging)  ME!

Corazon removes a pair of dark shades and slips them into the front pocket of his jacket.

Corazon: I don’t play games, Jonny.

The men lock eyes.

The DEFILER: And I fucking LOVE games.  (Beaming in a sinister fashion) We’re just so gosh darned different, aren’t we Adrian?

Corazon cracks a sly smile as well, and nods his head.

Corazon: Kind of.

Without ANY hesitation, Corazon lunges forward with his right hand and quickly pulls back!


Jonny stumbles to a knee, a pool of blood very quickly beginning to form around his feet as he urgently holds at his left side.

He can’t move.

The DEFILER:  You… (Clenching up) you fucking son of a bitch….

There is desperation in Jonny’s eyes.

But Adrian Corazon turns his back and casually walks away.

His footsteps echo amidst Jonny’s panicked cries for help.


Jonny holds at his side and slowly falls to the pavement.

Revolution 30 begins.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view. 

“Gentlemen and ladies…” 

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering. 

“Please put down your expensive champagne…” 

The last of the letters pass by. 

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!” 

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard… 


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd. 

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn 

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes. 

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists 

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight. 

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs 

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. 

“So back up!” 

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment. 

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else! 

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about. 

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted. 

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare 

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. 

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’” 

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist. 

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’” 

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the montage slows to focus on the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, as he slings the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder. 

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’” 

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head. 

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’” 

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. 

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no 

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show 

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll” 

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization 

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white. 

“So buff, so rugged, so rough 

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up 

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up 

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition 

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring. 

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this 

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out. 

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution. 

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


The show opens inside the ring with a rather ominous cast of characters present.

Jason Johnson.

Peter Lolwen.

Eryk Masters.

And…  THE DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

Jonny, in an orange hoodie with “Sry 4 the Cry” written across the front in faded white lettering and a pair of pre-torn blue-jeans, stands solemnly next to his lawyer, holding gingerly at his left side.  He looks anxious and frustrated, though confident, a man who knows he’s about to get EXACTLY what he wants.  His fingers wrap around the bottom of a single microphone, clenching tightly to distract himself from the obvious pain.  Peter Lolwen whispers a few things into his ear, and Jonny gives a nod.

Jason Johnson stands close, but distanced enough to make the scene uncomfortable.  Normally not one to shy away from confrontation, tonight, at this moment, he looks like someone who’s had his hands tied without much warning. 

He keeps his head up, though, a man of pride no doubt.


The reactions are mixed, but EXTREMELY LOUD as Jonny raises his head and slowly brings the microphone to his lips.

The DEFILER: Shut. Up.

There is no playfulness or arrogance in his tone.  His words come across cold and angry, which only fuels this capacity crowd’s ire, as the cheers are slowly drowned out by a VERY LOUD chorus of boos.


The DEFILER: I was in intensive care for TWO. FUCKING. DAYS.  I sat in a fucking Phoenix hospital for an ENTIRE WEEK watching grainy soap operas and local news, eating meals that looked more like excrement and semen than ACTUAL FOOD.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sleep, I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING without pain…  Without that paralyzing sting.

He takes a pregnant pause.

The DEFILER: (Taking a deep breath, obviously still hurting) I STILL FEEL IT!  (Clenching up) I hope that one day…  everyone in this room gets stabbed.  I HOPE IT HAPPENS ON YOUR WAY OUT OF THE ARENA.  And if I had as little to live for as all of you… I’D DO IT MY FUCKING SELF!

Clearly speaking out of frustration, Jonny glares at the sea of people in front of him. Peter Lolwen adjusts his tie, looking dignified and just, while Jason Johnson audibly sighs.

The fans’ animosity only seems to grow bigger and louder.


An audible “Please don’t stab us” chant starts up.

Jonny shakes his head.

The DEFILER: I’m not going to waste my time with this shit.  SO SAVE IT FOR SOMEONE WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK.

The frustration only continues to rile up the crowd.


The DEFILER: (Clearly annoyed and hurting) Jason, get Adrian out here.  I wanna get this over with.

It’s obvious that the SHOOT Project CEO is not fond of his number one contender’s tone, and he hesitates, tapping his microphone up against the side of his leg.  He finally shakes his head and raises the mic to his mouth.

Jason Johnson: Adrian Corazon, I need you to come down to the ring.

Almost begrudingly, “Torcher” picks up on the PA, signaling the entrance of the World Heavyweight Champion, drawing the half ire of the already electric crowd up to this point.  He walks half way down the ramp, and stops, sighing both at Jason Johnson, and at Jonny Johnson.  The World Heavyweight Championship rests on his shoulders, as one of the ringside agents brings him a microphone.

Corazon:  I’m going to make my way into that ring, but I…  I just want to take a mental picture here.  The DEFILER..  The DEMORALIZER…  JONNY JOHNSON, standing in a SHOOT Project ring, and doing what he’s become so well known for.

Corazon smiles, continuing his trip down to the ring, at a very slow pace.

Corazon:  …whining.

Small half pop, half boo here, as Corazon continues on.

Corazon:  All the theatrics…  all the word play…  all the sadness…  all the demoralizing…  I don’t know what you expect, Jonny.  You thought that once you FINALLY got a chance at this title again that whoever the champion was, would roll over and assist you in ushering in the Age of the Defiler? 

Corazon stops now, looking up from the floor into the ring, and directly into the eyes of Jonny Johnson.

Corazon:  …I don’t think so.  And Jason, for you to be indulging in the Jonny Johnson circus…  well…  I expected better.

Jason’s face immediately contorts, as he’s annoyed. 

Jason Johnson:  Listen, I dislike this as much as you.  But, you stabbed him, and so here we are.  Did you expect no consequences or any sort of ramifications?

Corazon waves a hand, as he climbs into the ring via the steps.  He basically slithers into the ring, before answering.

Corazon:  Of course not, Jason.  I may be young, but I’m not stupid.  I just…  I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed.  I expected the DEFILER to retaliate with a bit more than, well…  than this.  Some whining to you with his lawyer or well, whatever Peter Lolwen is, in tow is all that the ‘greatest mind in the history of the game’ could muster?  That’s just…  that’s just sad, Jason.  Jonny. 

He looks almost forlorn, eyeing the number one contender.

Corazon:  That’s just sad.  Let’s get this over with, please.

For the first time in this segment, Jonny’s lips crack into an interested smile.  He looks at Peter and then back to Corazon who he actually moves a few steps closer to.  He stares at the World Title Belt slung over his shoulder and gives it a couple taps before responding.

The DEFILER: You’re a lot smaller than you look on television.  Hmm.  Weird.  (Shrugging) Anyway, if I HAD gone to Jason to “whine”, which I sooo don’t do.  C’mon man.  But if I DID do that, then I’d totally be on your side because that WOULD be kinda…  gay.  But our boss, came to ME, dude.

He pauses and looks back to Jason, moving slowly as to not aggravate his injury.

The DEFILER: Right Jase?

Jason shifts a little bit while Jonny’s smile seems to broaden as he turns back to Corazon.

The DEFILER: I told you he wasn’t going to be happy.  Didn’t I?    Dude has to run a business, Cor, and generally you don’t have a lot of success when your employees are… (Watching Corazon’s eyes intently) running around stabbing people.  You got away with it against Del because it fell into some weird bizarro wrestling protection zoney thing, but in the fucking PARKING LOT?!  No go, bro.  (Shrugging) So he  prepared for the worst.  We visited in the hospital and he went over this big plan of action and told me how you were going to be punished and…  (Thinking) Well what was it, Jason?

He stops and looks back to Jason Johnson again, a knowing smirk planted from cheek to cheek.

The DEFILER: You had to strip him of the, uhh…  of the title, right?  And then a mandatory suspension or something…?  Ninety Days no pay?

Jason doesn’t respond, but he doesn’t have to.

The DEFILER: (Shrugging, and turning back to Corazon) Basically you wouldn’t be champion anymore, and PROBABLY, well not even probably.  You wouldn’t have a job, Cor because, I guess…  I guess I had a REALLY good case.  Like… like Home-run type stuff. (Gesturing to Lolwen)  Peter says I woulda really umm…  really walloped ya in court.

Jonny moves just a little bit closer to Corazon, their chins only an inch or two apart.

The DEFILER: So I’ll just put that on your tab.

Corazon laughs aloud, making a point to do so in Jonny’s face. It becomes more and more sarcastic, until he just stops.

Corazon: That sounds about right, I guess. And now, you want me to thank you for doing me the favor of not pressing charges, or whatever. But really. all you’ve done, is come out here, throw a tantrum, and whine about how I. heh heh. defiled the defiler.

Corazon smiles, right in Jonny’s face.

Corazon: You walked and talked ALL through Revolution last week, and when you decided, when you convinced yourself about how thoroughly secure you were. that’s when I ruined that dream. It was reallllly poetic. Seeing the fear. the look in your eyes when that security was compromised. it was golden.

He walks away now, and looks directly at Jason Johnson.

Corazon: It’s funny to see you in a position of such humility. Such weakness.

Jason looks at him, cocks his head, and mouths "What did you expect me to do?"

Corazon: You said it yourself, Jonny. You WANT this match at Reckoning Day. You WANT Jonny Johnson verse Corazon in the Main Event, for the World title. I can do ANYTHING I want to you, and you’ll do NOTHING about it. I can shove a screwdriver into your side. and leave you bleeding, outside an arena. This was a test, Jonny. Pop quiz, if you will.

Corazon chuckles audibly, switching his focus between Jason and Jonny.

Corazon: I passed. But the best part? The best part of that whole thing? It’s what happens next. I. well, I’ll refrain from doing the whole ‘reveals the evil plan’ gig, because I’d say that Jason wouldn’t be out here, if he didn’t have SOME kind of an idea as to how I’d be ‘punished.’

Jonny nods, impressed with Corazon’s fire and honesty.

The DEFILER: There’s three parts.  All right?  And the first part is easy, peasy, bro.

His smile returns.

The DEFILER: Tell me you’re sorry for stabbing me.  AND MEAN IT.  And no twisting it around where you say like…  “Oh sorry for not stabbing you harder” or “Sorry that when I stab you you didn’t die.”  You have to look me in the eye and say, “Jonny, I’m really sorry for stabbing you.  Also, I love you.”  You don’t have to say that last part, but you can.  It’d be…  nice to hear.

Jonny stares at Corazon, his smile fading into more of a sinister scowl.

The DEFILER: Tell me, you’re sorry.

Corazon stops in his tracks, and then focuses his stare on Jonny completely. His look of utter contempt cuts through, as he makes his decision.

Corazon: (Letting his grin contort).I’m sorry for stabbing you, Jonny.

Corazon chuckles.

Corazon: Feel better now?

Jonny nods in response and feigns an affectionate smile, the tension hitting an alarming high.


He pauses, allowing the curiosity time to grow.

The DEFILER: You, Adrian Corazon, forefit your rematch clause should I defeat you at Reckoning Day, and, furthermore, I am given the right of first refusal any time our names EVER APPEAR on ANY CARD as OPPONENTS OR OTHERWISE for the REMAINDER OF YOUR WRESTLING CAREER.


Jonny has the look of a man drunk with power, and the fans don’t take kindly.  His eyes stay glued on Corazon, his sickening grin the sort you’d sooner slap off his face.

Corazon laughs.

Corazon: Not that that’s up to me, but I’m not going to argue it. No rematch clause, no whatever. Your strategy is amusing though, Jonny. It’s like you’re telegraphing a cheat to win scenario AT Reckoning Day, and then giving yourself a way to escape me when that happens.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: You wouldn’t do that to your ‘money match’ would you? Even you, the pinnacle of smarkdom, would know about how detrimental that might be to you.

Corazon watches as the words cut into Jonny, but pulls back.

Corazon: Do you really think this circus or parade or whatever you want to call it, of mental one upsmanship is going to work? If I’m you… I’d watch what I say next. These people may begin to think that you’re not all there.

Jonny’s playfully devious demeanor, his control, his…  strength seem to fade into a tight lipped, grimace.  His brow furrows and his eyes narrow.

The DEFILER: I don’t care about what these people want to think.  I don’t care what you think.  I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYBODY FUCKING THINKS!!!  You think you’re so tough.  GODDAMNIT YOU’RE ADRIAN FUCKING CORAZON!  I STAB PEOPLE!  I GOUGE EYES!  BRUTAL!  INHUMAN!  I’m SOOOO FUCKING AMAZING!  (Holding at his side, realizing he’s in pain.  His voice goes calm as he clenches up) But you keep burying yourself deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.  Adrian, that is MY world title.  You are abating MY LEGACY, etching MY NAME into the stones of wrestling immortality.

He takes a painful breath.

The DEFILER: You got the monster push that every wrestler dreams of.  You retired Del Carver, you were Iron Fist Champion for God knows how many months.  You did whatever you wanted to WHOEVER you wanted, and I bet it felt good.  So good that…  That you won’t know what to do when it’s all gone.

His eyes gaze deeply into Corazon’s.

The DEFILER: You’ve never had to deal with someone like ME.  You’ve never WRESTLED ANYONE LIKE ME.  You’ve never BEATEN a man like me.  (Raising an eyebrow) So Can you?  When it comes down to it, CAN YOU defeat Jonny Johnson? HUH?!  ADRIAN, HUH?

Without hesitation, Jonny lunges forward and SLAPS CORAZON IN THE FACE!


Corazon smirks.

Corazon: Temper temper, Jonny. The best part about our little ‘thing’ is that I don’t really even have to do anything.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: You do all the work for me.

And in return, Corazon slaps Jonny Johnson HARD across the face.  The fans let out a very anxious “OOOOOOOOH!” and begin to get super riled up.  Jonny looks like he wants to kill Corazon, but instead stops and rubs at his face.

The DEFILER: (Turning to Peter) Should have added the “You can’t touch me” clause.  Fuck.  (Smirking) You were right Pete.

More calm now, (or at least pretending) Jonny takes a deep breath and looks at Corazon.  He takes a good long look at his six-three frame, two hundred, twenty-five pound body and nods his head.

The DEFILER: The third part is my favorite, Cor.  A little self-indulgent, but what’s new, right?  (Smiling again) Next week, I have the BOOK.

The smarkier fans in the crowd perk up and the arena gets REAL antsy and talkative.  Jonny continues, his confidence slowly returning.

The DEFILER: I’m not running the show.  I’m not in charge of SHIT.  I just want to make sure the pieces are in the places I WANT THEM TO BE IN.  And Jason has been kind enough to…  Who am I kidding.  Jason didn’t want this at all, but he didn’t really have a choice because YOU fucked him over. 

Jonny pauses, the atmosphere almost surreal at this juncture as fans remain glued to their seats, reaction in thousands of different ways from excited to outraged, to still confused about what the phrase “having the book” means.


As Jonny spells it out, the fans all begin making more clear cut responses.  There are heavy BOOOOOS, but a lot more “uneasy chatter”.

The DEFILER: And while all of you will have to wait until MONDAY EVENING for my final decisions…  (He looks directly at Corazon now) I’ll tell you this much, Adrian.

He smiles.

The DEFILER: You’re in the MAIN EVENT next week, baby.  But it’s NOT going to be a whole lot of fun…  Well, for you.  I mean, me, personally, I’m going to fucking LOVE IT.  But you, Adrian Corazon…

Jonny runs his fingers up and down along the front of Corazon’s world title, his eyes on the gold.

The DEFILER: Well you might just… die. (Laughing to himself) Because next week, you’ll be in…

He looks back up at Corazon, though his tone remains chillingly soft.

The DEFILER: …a Fire Deathmatch.

The fans BUZZ with confusion, excitement, hatred…  EVERYTHING.  Some people mark out, some people scratch their heads.  Some groan. 

It’s the very epitome of a mixed reaction.

The DEFILER: (Still looking at the Champion) Jason, I’ll have the rest of the bookings faxed over to you when I get back to my hotel.

He pats Corazon’s title.

The DEFILER: Now, any suggestions for an opponent before I…  skedaddle?

Corazon smiles at Jonny, looks at his title, and looks at Jason Johnson.

Corazon: I’ll avoid the cliche and say "Why don’t YOU be my opponent?" and just tell you that… really?

He walks towards Jonny, and gets in his face.

Corazon: I really don’t care. I knew there would be consequences, and I knew there would be ramifications, so, to USE a cliche…

Corazon smiles one last time.

Corazon: …just stop talking, and bring it on.

THAT was an answer that the crowd like, so they pop as such, though some discontent is still audible, and still very evident.

Jonny gives a mocking golf clap, his hand slapping against the side of his microphone.  Jason Johnson seems ready to get everyone out of the ring, fearing that his main event not make it to Reckoning Day.  In fact, he actually GLARES at Jonny, as though the DEFILER has possibly gone off script.

Jonny doesn’t seem to care though, standing his ground, eyes locked with the champion.

The DEFILER: Keep it up you fuck.

Corazon very meticulously adjusts the World Heavyweight Championship, almost stalling, before responding.

Corazon: Take it easy, Jonny.

Corazon merely drops the mic and waves a hand in Jonny’s face, before turning his back to him, and making his way to exit the ring. He’d take no part in any kind of ‘improvisation.’


Jonny’s shouts fall on deaf ears as Corazon walks away.  Some of the crowd begins to “BOOOOO” again.

These people don’t know what they want.

The DEFILER shakes his head, while Lolwen urges for him to leave.  Jason then actually shouts something at Jonny, who turns and shouts back.  The SHOOT Project CEO shouts back and Jonny AGAIN responds.

Jason shouts at an approaching camera guy to get the fuck away from him and leaves the ring, though turns to face Jonny, who he points at now, the two STILL having words.  Lolwen again pulls on Jonny, trying to keep his client out of trouble, and eventually succeeding as Jonny shuts his mouth.

He holds at his side as the pair make their exit behind the ring.  A few fans shout at Jonny, who is RED HOT and shouts right back drawing a TREMENDOUS amount of heat.

They eventually make their exit, the cameras resting momentarily on the entrance-way curtain.



Dave Dymond: Are we on? Yeah?… alright.  Ladies and gentlemen we are here in Phoenix Arizona, LIVE for another edition of Revolution, and we’ve reached the big THREE-OH, Other Guy!

Other Guy: And we ain’t stopping’ at that. Steamrolling towards one hundred episodes, and outright bum rushin’ our way to the BIGGEST Pay Per View of the year, Reckoning Day.

The cameras capture some of the fans who are in attendance as the focus pans around the ring, capturing the front rows of the screaming capacity crowd.  Finally the focus comes to rest on Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside.  Quick flash motion graphics appear under each of them, and then fade off the screen.

Dave Dymond: Three weeks.  In just three weeks time the SHOOT Project returns to Pay Per View with quite possibly the end all be all of ALL wrestling events.  Already THREE incredibly huge matches slated to go down on June First, with tonight almost guaranteeing that at LEAST one more match will be added to that building list.

Other Guy: Who’s gonna walk away with the number one contender spot to the Revolution Championship, we find out tonight.  But the big news, the big buzz, our third straight consecutive Revolution that sees our MAIN event as a championship match up.  Pretty huge deal.

Dave Dymond: That it is, as Jason Johnson looks to be keeping us on our toes regarding just WHO is walking into Reckoning Day as a defending champion.  It started out with Adrian Corazon defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Kilgore Stochansky.   Then last week, we saw Dan Stein defend his Iron Fist Championship in a Malice rematch against Azraith DeMitri.  Tonight, it is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship that takes center stage when Ron Barker defends it against the very determined Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: Is the King of Survival gonna stay with the trend of the weeks before him, and see a successful title defense. Or is the man on a mission, Trevor Worrens, gonna come through with his goal and TAKE the title from Barker.

Dave Dymond: And as we just saw, the promised confrontation between Adrian Corazon and Jonny Johnson, and I never thought I could hate a guy who just got stabbed, but damnit if The Defiler hasn’t added a new depth to the ways we can hate him.

Other Guy: No joke, and to think Jonny Johnson is in charge of what matches go down next week.  The Defiler… in charge… that’s only gonna make matters worse.

“Just Like You” by Three Days Grace begins to play now, turning all eyes towards the entryway that leads into the ring area.  Paul Jarvis struts out from the back, taking a few steps, but pausing on the beat of his music.  The video screen behind him shows clips of Paul Jarvis in action, as well as with him posing almost religiously in front of a beautiful stained glass window, a halo graphically added that circles his head.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening contest is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, weighing in at 209 pounds, he is the Miracle Worker… Paul Jarvis!!!

Dave Dymond: Quickly we shift gears here into our first match up of the night, with a very frustrated Paul Jarvis coming to the ring.

Other Guy: The cat thought he had it all figured out, and hell some of us even thought that Davis WAS gonna be Jarvis’s partner. But thankfully for us all, that did not turn out to be the case.

Dave Dymond: As a result Paul Jarvis himself has requested this match up, and I guess Jason Johnson figured better to keep Christopher Davis fighting in the ring, then taking out someone in the back.

Jarvis walks up the steel steps and into the ring, taking in the reaction of the crowd which has some fans booing, while others don’t care enough one way or another to really react.  Jarvis struts around the ring, removing his sky blue sleeveless robe,  and he tosses it over the top rope to the outside.  As Jarvis’s music fades out the camera suddenly cuts to the back just catching a black Escalade pulling up to the arena.

Dave Dymond: Looks like something is developing outside the arena now as we await the start of this first match up but…

The Escalade comes to a stop, parks. And out from the driver’s side appears Christopher Davis!

Other Guy: Late arrival is what it looks like Dave.

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis scheduled to be in the ring right now and he’s JUST showing up to the arena. Wow talk about shoving it in the face of management.

Davis, still dressed in baggy black jeans, black and gray Timberlands, and a gray long sleeved t-shirt, is engaged in a cell phone conversation as he walks towards the arena. Davis flips his keys to an on hand valet parking crew member and continues walking.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, I’m here.  I need to go and get this over with as soon as possible…

Davis, now inside the arena can hear the fans reacting from ringside.  The reaction causes him to stop.

Christopher Davis: Hold on a sec.

Davis lowers the cell phone and turns his head slightly to the side, as if trying to listen real good.  This makes the fans react louder and there is a momentary cut to the ring area where Paul Jarvis stands waiting, his frustration taking over as he stomps his foot and shakes his head.  The cut returns back to the hallway as Davis continues walking, heading apparently straight for the ring.

Christopher Davis: Yeah I have other things to deal with other than this waste of time.

“Gossip” by Lil Wayne begins to play inside the ring area, but it echoes into the hallway. The music gets louder as Davis navigates through the hall, still listening in on his cell phone.  Eventually he steps out into the arena, saying a few unheard words into the cell phone as he walks.

Samantha Coil: and his opponent, weighing in tonight at 277 pounds, here is Christopher DAVIS!!!!

Davis, not even focused on the match at hand walks past the ring and towards where Dave Dymond and Other Guy are sitting.

Dave Dymond: So Davis JUST arriving here tonight, not even dressed to compete, and he’s on his cell phone!

Other Guy: I love it, Dave. The ultimate head game and the biggest fuck you to that gnat Paul Jarvis that I’ve ever seen.  Great shit!

Davis approaches the two commentators at ringside and suddenly Davis stops.

Christopher Davis: Yeah man, can you hold a minute?  (to Dave) Could you hang onto this for me?  Appreciate it.

Before Dymond can answer, Davis lays the phone down in front of him and then turns to the ring.  Jarvis is SHOUTING at Davis and Davis just rolls into the ring and looks to the referee. He nods his head and signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Our first match under way and I have someone on hold here that apparently is more important to Davis than this match.

Other Guy: Find out who it is.

Dave Dymond: Given Davis’s current attitude about the SHOOT Project, I think I’ll do the right thing and respect Chris’s privacy.

Inside the ring Jarvis REPEATEDLY shoves Davis in the chest with both hands, continuing to shout at him. The fans all buzz with anticipation as Davis just stands there looking straight at Jarvis.  Jarvis takes a step back from Davis, clenching his fist, and then he swings wildly with an attempted punch, but Davis suddenly steps out of the way and Jarvis’s momentum carries him through…

Dave Dymond: Jarvis missing the punch and… HOLD THE PHONE… HOISTED UP… ANGELA’S ASHES!

The fans ERUPT as Jarvis is just PLANTED on the mat with a THUNDERING inverted DDT.

Other Guy: I’ve never seen that move carry THAT much impact, nighty-night to the gnat!

With Jarvis sprawled out on the mat, Davis makes a more than confident cover, nodding his head as the referee makes the count.




The bell sounds, but Davis just gets up and goes right out of the ring.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

The fans cheer loudly as “Gossip” begins to play again.  Davis grabs the cell phone off the announcer’s table and gives Dave Dymond a nod as his way of saying thank you.  He then puts the phone back up to his ear and resumes his conversation.

Other Guy: Damn entertaining way to kick of Revolution tonight.  Davis, my man Davis showing EXACTLY how he feels about Paul Jarvis. Complete and total apathy. Love it, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I think nobody was more shocked than the man who felt the mere seconds of wrath from Davis, that being Paul Jarvis.  And when he regains consciousness, I’m sure the frustration he showed here tonight, will only double.

The referee checks on Jarvis in the ring now, but Jarvis isn’t moving an inch.  As the referee summons for medical staff, the camera focus shifts to the back.


The action picks back up with Christopher Davis, focusing in on him just as he heads back down the hall, and appears to be heading for the exit of the JL Sky dome.

Christopher Davis: It’s like I said, I need to do something big.  They aren’t getting it, so I need to make some sort of statement to make them fully understand my commitment to doing the right thing.

Davis continues to walk, now listening instead of talking.

Christopher Davis: I did promise them a lesson tonight. I know.  And yeah what kind of spokesperson for doing the right thing would I be if…

Davis suddenly stops talking as the two midgets known as Kid One and Kid Two stroll past him, both grinning from ear to ear in their skin tight half-red half-white body suits.  Davis observes the two as they each carry one large box.

Christopher Davis: Ummm…. Let me get back to you.

Davis hangs up and pockets the cell phone. He then follows behind the two tiny members of The Family as they make their way through the backstage area.  They turn a corner, so Davis turns the corner.  Davis stops though a bit further back from where Kid One and Kid Two stop. They stand outside the familiar locker room door of The Family, complete with the wood-burned placard on the door and the “Home is Where The Heart Is” welcome mat outside of it.  Kid One knocks on the door, then Kid Two, then Kid One.  Three knocks total.

After a moment, the door opens, and Sammy Rochester peers out, looks around and then down at Kid One and Kid Two. He smiles, and while the smile itself is child-like and innocent, his lumbering size and face completely off set the smile. Sammy opens the door completely and lets both Kid One and Kid Two in.  The door closes and Davis turns away from the scene, pulls out his cell phone and presses a few buttons.

He waits a moment.

Christopher Davis: Hey yeah its me.  I just figured out what I can do. (pause) Come on man, you know me, have a little faith. (pause) I’m just going to do what’s right.

Davis smiles an all too knowing grin.

Christopher Davis: Listen man I need to get something from the truck.  I’ll talk to you later.

Davis close his cell phone and walks away, grinning.

Dave Dymond: Well form the looks and sound of things, it appears Chris Davis is NOT leaving the arena just yet. But that smile, well it spoke volumes. What does the multiple time former world champion have in store, and what did he mean by do the right thing?

Other Guy: I wanna know what was in those boxes.  Is The Family up to something tonight too?

Dave Dymond: Let’s hope not!

Chris slides out of the ring, walks to the announce table and retrieves his cell phone. He walks back up the ramp towards the backstage area.

Chris steps through the entrance curtain, resuming his telephone conversation.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, so I need to do something big. They aren’t getting it, so I need to make some sort of statement to make them fully understand my commitment to doing the right thing.

I did promise them a lesson tonight and  what kind of spokesmen for doing the right thing would I be if…

Chris stops talking as The Familys Kid 1 and Kid 2 stroll pass him happily. They both appear to be carrying boxes in their hands.

Christopher Davis: Um…let me get back with you.

Chris follows behind the two happy "children" as they make their way through the back stage area. They turn a corner and then pause at The Family’s dressing room door. Chris stands back out of the way and watches.

The "children" knock on the door and wait patiently. After a few moments Sammy Rochester opens the door, he looks around and then down at the two "children". He opens the door and allows them to enter.

The door closes and Chris turns away from the scene. He opens his phone and presses a few buttons.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, I think I just figured out what I can do.  (pause) Come on man, you know me, have a little faith. I’m just going to do what’s right.

Listen man, I need to get something from the truck, I’ll talk to you later.

Chris closes his phone and walks away grinning.


´╗┐The scene fades in to CBP, skipping his merry way down the halls of SHOOT Project with a basket of flowers in his hands, all the while being dressed in his traditional wrestling attire.

CBP: Aaaaa-tisket a-tasket I dropped my yellow ba-OOMPH!

CBP suddenly stops as he runs into a solid brick wall….of a man. And that man is CJ Nelson.

Jared Walsh is there too.

 CJ Nelson: You might want to watch where you’re prancing there.

Jared Walsh: You could hurt someone.

Jared and CJ make no moves toward their opponent for later in the evening, just standing in the hallway, blocking CBP’s progress.

CBP: Is this the part where I get beat up…again?

 Jared Walsh: Nah. Even we’re not that cruel. That comes later.

CJ Nelson: That is, of course, assuming you show tonight… which is why we’re here.

Jared Walsh: You can still get out of this, y’know. Just accidentally lock yourself in your dressing room.

CJ Nelson: Nobody will think less of you.

Jared Walsh: I might.

CJ Nelson: Jared might, but nobody important will think less of you.

Jared Walsh: Just… don’t show. Seriously.

CJ Nelson: We feel almost moderately bad about gangraping you like that.

CBP puffs out his chest and tries to act big and tough, which is just pathetic, since he’s even smaller than Jared.

CBP: You’re just scared that you’ll take a beating from the greatest wrestler who’s never won a match!

CBP ponders for a moment. Suddenly, he pulls a pad and pen from his wrestling tights.

CBP: Greatest wrestler that’s never won a match…

CBP starts writing something down.

CBP: That’s genius. That’s the next shirt for sure!

 Jared Walsh: Yeah, and you might even sell one!

CJ Nelson: Listen, we gave you every clear chance to not get yourself screwed tonight, and you didn’t take ’em. So don’t be too surprised if you find yourself bleeding from places you didn’t know you had when we’re done with you.

Jared Walsh: So frolic away, Hop-along Cassidy, while you still can. Just don’t be shocked when we say we told you so.

CBP: Oh, I WON’T be shocked!

CBP ponders what he just said.

CBP: Wait…no, no, that’s not what I meant.

 Jared Walsh: Yeah. Kind of a running theme with you.

CJ Nelson: Later, chump.

The pair push past him, with Jared pushing the basket out of his hands, and CJ stepping on the flowers as they drop to the floor.

CBP just stands there a moment.

CBP: What nice fellows.

CBP skips away. The camera looks down at the flowers before fading back to Dave Dymond and OG.

Other Guy: I am actually feeling sorta bad for the kid right now.

Dave Dymond: I usually like to be optimistic, but with Nova not being anywhere in sight, I have to wonder what will become of Charles Bryant Penze.

Other Guy: He’ll die.

Dave Dymond: Thank you, OG. Thank you.


The scene fades into the parking lot. Jester is sitting on top the trunk of his Blue 2005 Toyota Tiburon. He is wearing simple blue jeans and the “Jester Smiles: Almost Better Than Penguins” t-shirt. He sits back, sipping on, what appears to be a Smirnoff Green Apple. There is a cooler on his left side. Standing next to him, on his rights side, is Eryk Masters.

Eryk Masters: Sweet ride.

Jester Smiles: Low payments and good gas mileage, too. I mean, it’s used, but we can’t all be multi-million dollar wrestlers and ride around in limos.

Eryk Masters: No, no we can’t.

Both Eryk and Jester look down at the ground, sighing. They both look back up, and Jester takes a sip of his drink.

Eryk Masters: So, Jester, two weeks ago, you spent the entire evening, as the kids are saying, ‘punking’ out Osbourne Kiliminster.

Jester Smiles: Yes indeedy.

Eryk Masters: Last week, Osbourne Kiliminster got even and did quite the number on you. Now, you seem fairly laid back. May I ask why?

Jester Smiles: Sure.

Jester pauses. After a few moments, Eryk realizes he’s not saying anything.

Eryk Masters: So, are you going to answer?

Jester Smiles: You didn’t ask. You just asked if you could ask.

Eryk Masters: Err…okay…why?

Jester Smiles: Great question, Eryk. See, here’s the deal. I could go after Ozzy. I could play my pranks and make a fool out of Ozzy, but that won’t get us anywhere. I could go ahead and attack Osbourne, but, hell, that wouldn’t do me any good, either. So, I’m going to sit back and watch. I’m going to wait this week, take it easy, and observe.

But don’t let my current laid back demeanor fool you. What Ozzy did, it won’t go unpunished. Yeah, the dude hurt me, but he didn’t injure or kill me.

Jester looks into the camera, toasting the screen.

Jester Smiles: We’re not done, Ozzy. Not by a longshot. You’re safe from me this week. You don’t have to worry about old Jester one bit this week. But if you make the mistake of thinking we’re finished, you’re dead wrong.

You picked a fight with, arguably, the most irritating wrestler in all of SHOOT Project. I’m like that one gnat you just can’t swat away. I just keep buzzing in your ear and landing on your eye. Tonight, I sit back, watch, and wait.

And then I’ll take my opening.

Jester looks back to Eryk Masters.

Jester Smiles: Say, you want one?

Jester reaches into the cooler and pulls out another Smirnoff.

Eryk Masters: I’m working.

Jester Smiles: It’s not Jäger, dude. It’s Green Apple Smirnoff. It’s got, like, less alcohol content than milk.

Eryk Masters: Milk is alcoholic?

Jester Smiles: Could be. Especially if you put Jäger in it.

Eryk Masters: Well….I’m Eryk Masters, and-

Jester Smiles: I’m Jester Smiles! Please love me?

Eryk Masters: Right. Okay. Signing off.

The camera back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Other Guy: I bet he’s drinking that shit right now.

Dave Dymond: I could go for a Green Apple Smirnoff.

Other Guy: You and Jester are such girly drunks.



We return from break with Samantha Coil standing mid-ring with microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the number one contendership for the Revolution Title!

The opening rift of “Paint It Black” echoes throughout the arena. And the crowd doesn’t know how to respond, giving a luke warm response to Flint Cloud, as he steps out the entranceway. The 7-foot-plus wrestler looks down at the ring, then back behind him, almost aprehensive after last weeks antics. His hand grips the taser at his hip. and a scowl crosses his brow, as many in attendance seem put off by his countanance…

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at three-hundred fifty pounds, from Wormwood, Nevada, the Copperhead, FLINT CLOUD!

The former sheriff begins his stride down the aisle, paying no mind to the kids or their parents at ringside, which is probably a good thing, as being close-up with this man is enough to give the poor lil buggers nightmares.

Dave Dymond: Flint Cloud will definately be looking for some revenge for last weeks interferance by the duo of Gutter Rat and Ed Johnson.

Other Guy: You know, he’s going to have his hands full here tonight.

Dave Dymond: Very True, Gutter Rat has been alright, thusfar, in-ring, but it seems to be his manager that seems to be trying to turn everything on its’ ear around here.

Other Guy: My guess is Jason won’t take his crap for too long.

Cloud climbs up the the ring steps, and steps over the ropes, glaring at referee Willie Dean, letting him know that he’d better do a better job officiating than Linam did last week. Willie gets Clouds gear, with instructions to hide the tazer out of Johnsons sight, which he repeats as he hands it off. Samantha Coil has left the ring, but still manages to keep her composure enough to call out Flints opposition.

Samantha Coil: …And his opponent, weighing in at two-hundred seventy-eight pounds, accompanied by his manager “Big” Ed Johnson, GUTTER RAT!

“Mobscene” replaces Flints tune, across the PA system, and the crowd explodes into boos. It seems that his managers ‘heat’ has been enough to not endear him with this, nor any crowd. The duo come out, heading to the ring with Johnson looking like he’s had way too much caffiene. He stops to yell at a man, and takes his daughters Arion Catcher sign, and rip it into pieces, showering the front row fans as he tosses the remains back into the crowd. Gutter Rat passes the crying girl, without ever looking down, taking it all in stride, as Rat climbs the steps, stepping through the ropes. "Big" Ed heads his way around the ring, and makes his way to the announce table as Willie Dean calls for the bell, and the two monsters walk scarred face to scarred, masked face in the center of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well, it looks like we’re going to have a ‘guest’ here in the annouce booth tonight, welcome Ed Johnson.

Other Guy: Probably a safer place for you after last week. Welcome to the show.

"Big" Ed Johnson: Thank you, thank you, good to be here for what WILL be another clear, and decisive victory at the hands of my Client tonight.

Dave Dymond: Let’s just call the match, ok? And Johnson, try not to say anything that gets us all fired, will you?

The staredown in the ring continues as the crowd gets revved up. Finally they lock up, Cloud being heavier, stronger, pushes Rat into a corner. the count starts, and Cloud backs up, just like last week going for a giant slap across Gutter Rat’s chest! The crowd WOOOS, but it’s unwarranted as Gutter Rat counters the slap, spinning Cloud into the corner. Rat begins hitting the sheriff with several boxing style punches to the midsection. A well-placed head butt later, and Cloud has spun the Rat Bastard with his back against the buckles. He whips Gutter Rat into the opposite corner, shaking the ring, making the ropes tremble, as Gutter Rat hits them, stumbling back out into the mid-ring area. Cloud doesn’t stop the attack, lumbering forward hitting a clothesline that takes Gutter Rat solidly to the mat.

Dave Dymond: Wow! Gutter Rat hit the mat with a thunderous amount of force!

"Big" Ed Johnson: Oh c’mon here, that wasn’t THAT bad.

Other Guy: Well, he’s not getting up. What does that tell you?

Cloud picks up the Rat Bastard, looking out unto the crowd before dropping him on his head.

Dave Dymond: DDT!! DDT!!

Cloud slowly gets to his feet, he drags Gutter Rat back up and delivers a bearhug overhead suplex! Gutter Rat crashes and burns, trying to pry his back off the canvas. The camera shows the fans who are at ringside taunting Rat as he lies on the mat in pain. Cloud stands up and roars, stomping Gutter Rat into the mat! The masked wrestler rolls out of the ring.

"Big" Ed Johnson: Come On Rat, get back in there!

Other Guy: He’s really taking a beating.

At the count of seven, Gutter Rat rolls back in the ring, and Flint advances, sprinting in and nailing a clothesline, popping him back into the corner! Gutter Rat gasps for air and stumbles forward into a power slam! Cloud raises his hand to the crowd. However, The Rat Bastard gets up to one knee and low blows him. He then begins to lay punch after punch into the face of Flint Cloud, who is unable to defend himself. Eventually an enraged Gutter Rat stands up, leaving the dazed and confused Cloud to lie there.. He eventually reaches for the bottom rope as everyone watches.

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat now stalking his prey!

Other Guy: Cloud looks stunned.

"Big" Ed Johnson: Oh it ain’t over yet gentlemen, the show is only about to begin.

Gutter Rat taunts the rising Cloud, who runs at him, but Gutter Rat pulls down the top rope sending Cloud toppling over. He follows, rolling out of the ring, However Cloud picks up Gutter Rat, slinging him over his shoulder, aiming him and running him shoulder first into the ring post! The crowd gasps as the Rat Bastard hits the post shoulder first, and then falls face first onto the padded concrete, and Flint Cloud is there to roll him in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well Johnson, it appears your ‘Client’ is being destroyed! Is there any way he can come back from this beating?

Other Guy: That could’ve broken his shoulder! Get a medic!

Cloud follows the wounded Rat in, but as he’s going through the middle ropes, Gutter Rat rolls and punches him in the face with the brass knuckles! Flint Cloud topples off the apron, bleeding from a now broken nose, as Gutter Rat continues to roll around on the mat, holding his shoulder. The knuckles fall to the floor, and the referee steps around just out of eyesight.

Other Guy: That was a dirty trick!!

"Big" Ed Johnson: It worked didn’t it?

Willie Dean begins to count both men, since neither are moving..


No movement from Gutter Rat, and Cloud lies on the outside…






Gutter Rat finally gets up, just as Flint Cloud starts to get his bearings about him..

Dave Dymond: Close one!

Other Guy: Almost too close!

"Big" Ed Johnson: I don’t hear EITHER of your wives singin’, so sit there and shut up. This match ain’t over yet.

Stretching his shoulder, Gutter Rat rolls out of the ring slowly, and drags the Sheriff to his feet, slamming his bloodied face off the apron, and then rolls him in the ring. He rolls in nursing that shoulder, and then drags Cloud back to his feet and whips him off the ropes.. Gutter Rat comes back with a spear, sending Cloud to the mat, but aggrivating the already injured shoulder.

"Big" Ed Johnson: Put him away!! Put him away!!!

In obvious pain, Gutter Rat rises and pulls Cloud to his feet and boots him in the midsection.

Other Guy: Flint Cloud is in trouble!

"Big" Ed Johnson: Gutter Rat is on target! Finish him!

The Rat Bastard goes for a DDT of his own, but Flint stops, causing Gutter Rat to fall back, hitting the back of his head on the canvas..

Dave Dymond: Ouch!

Cloud then grabs his feet, and tilts back, slingshotting the Rat Bastard high into the air! He hits the top rope and nearly goes over the top, but topples over backward into the ring.. Flint Cloud has a sinister smile on his face as he now rolls out of the ring, pulling Gutter Rat out by his foot.


He slams Gutter Rat to the floor, and points at "Big" Ed. Gutter Rat is trying to rise but is taking a long time.


"Big" Ed Johnson: Yeah, like I’m going to accept a challenge from Flint Cloud, he’d BETTER be watching Gutter Rat.


Other Guy: Indeed.

As Gutter Rat stumbles to his feet, he tries a quick right hand, but Cloud blocks it, and hits him hard. Gutter Rat stumbles backwards, but comes back with a knife-edged chop, echoeing throughout the arena! He follows up with two more quick ones, but his third is telegraphed, and Gutter Rat spins around right into a chop from Cloud! Gutter Rats’ feet give out, landing him on his back as the arena laughs. Flint picks him up again, and aims him shoulder-first, at the ring post, and charges! G.R. slides off his back though.

Dave Dymond: He can’t stop!

Other Guy: This isn’t going to be pretty!

"Big" Ed Johnson: Oh yes it is!

Cloud runs right into the ring post, hitting his head off it, and spinning, as metal collides off metal.


Gutter Rat grabs Flint from behind and rolls him in the ring, taking a moment to stop and rest before rolling in..

Once in, Gutter Rat drags the Sheriff to his feet, then tries for a slam, but he’s blocked. Again, and he’s again blocked. Cloud reverses, hoisting Gutter Rat into the air with a military press slam, causing him to land face down HARD on the mat! He writhes on the ground as the crowd cheers. Cloud picks him up, holding him like a fall-away slam, and then charges forward, slamming him spine first into the ring post! The crowd gasps as Gutter Rat recieves a shoulder to the solar plexus! It’s followed by a second, then a clubbing blow or two. Flint Cloud stands back up and signals that he is going to finish it, right here, right now! Gutter Rat throws a weak punch, but Cloud grabs him by the head, taking him to the center of the ring. He lifts Gutter Rat up for a Two Handed Choke-Bomb, and on the way down, Gutter Rat manages to eye gouge him. The slam still takes him down though, and now both men are dazed, Gutter Rat from the impact and Cloud from fatigue.

The ref starts his count..


Gutter Rat is stirring slightly..


Cloud is twitching…


The Rat Bastard stumbles to one knee, reaching for the apron..


Flint is starting to get up..


Gutter Rat has pulled himself back to his feet!

Other Guy: Both of these men are likely to be taken months or even years off their carreer with this match!

Gutter Rat stumbles back to the ropes, comming back at Cloud slamming his foot into his face, spilling him out of the ring, once again. Instead of following though, Gutter Rat limps over to the ropes, leaning up against them, and grins as the ref begins his count.


No response from Cloud. His nose is bleeding again, this time from Gutter Rats’ boot and is streaming blood onto the already blood stained floor mat.


His eyelids are fluttering. He hasn’t the slightest clue where he is.


Gutter Rat is inciting the crowd in the ring, like he’s already won the title.



The silent arena spontaneously bursts out in ‘Flint Cloud’ chants.


He is starting to wake up.


Gutter Rats eyes widen, as he watches Cloud crawling twords the ropes.


He reaches the middle rope, and starts trying to pull himself up…


Flint Cloud is to the apron, back on his feet!

Other Guy: He did it!

Dave Dymond: He’s back in the match!

"Big" Ed Johnson: Oh for the love of God!!!

Gutter Rat allows him to get into the ring, but hits him with another spear. Clouds’s feet go out from under him and he crumples to the mat.

"Big" Ed Johnson: That’s the spirit!!

Dave Dymond: He hit him so hard the entire arena felt it!

Other Guy: The entire arena is going beserk!

Flint Cloud rolls around on the mat holding his ribs, screaming in pain!

Other Guy: That has GOT to be it!

Dave Dymond: Flint could be as internally injured as he is on the outside!

Cloud rolls again to the outside, almost by accident, accident or instinct, but remains to his feet, as Johnson, removes the mic from his head.

Other Guy: Johnson, where the Hell are you going!?

Willie Dean is trying to keep Gutter Rat from exiting the ring, as Johnson runs up, directly behind behind Flint, and kicks him square between the legs, expecting to drop him hard. It doesn’t even budge him though, as Cloud simply spits on Johnson and pulls the tazer from the table with the timekeeper. The ref above begins his count, but everyone knows the end result..


Johnson begins running around the ring, Cloud chases him.




Other Guy: Ha Ha!! Get him!!

Dave Dymond: Hopfully it’ll keep him quiet for a week.



Gutter Rat leaves the ring, restarting the count, but he’s half a ring away when Cloud catches Johnson trying to hurdle over the barricade. He prods "Big" Ed with the tazer, mid-barricade, his body shakes uncontrollably.



Gutter Rat grabs the bigger man from behind, with the Hantavirus, locking the sleeper hold, and holding on, trying to swing the larger man back and forth.



Other Guy: This is insane!

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe this.


8 ..

Realizing the count, Gutter Rat lets go before Cloud is out. He makes his way to the ring, as the Sheriff staggers behind him.


Gutter Rat pulls himself into the ring. As Flint Cloud follows, a smoking Johnson grabs the ankle, holding him from reaching the apron.

Other Guy: Somebody squash Johnson!

Dave Dymond: Will SOMEONE do SOMETHING about this guy?!


The Bell Sounds with only one man in the ring, as the PA system hums to life.

Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 14 minutes and 46 seconds, by count out, GUTTER RAT!

Gutter Rat slides out of the ring, and Ed Johnson crawls quickly to him on the floor, as the pair make a quick exit again this week with Cloud slamming the mat in fustration.

Other Guy: Does THIS travesty entitle Gutter Rat to become the number one contender for the Revolution title?

Dave Dymond: I honestly do not know. I can tell you this though, Gutter Rat has won another match, and someones going to have to take notice.

Other Guy: Tell you what I noticed, did you hear Johnson squeal when he got hit with that tazer?

Dave Dymond: Something tells me it will NOT be the last time.


TRES BIEN; Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima are in their locker room just sitting around. Shinya brought his guitar to the arena and is plucking away a rather catchy tune on it. It is an upbeat tune that forces his fingers to move wildly on the fret board of the guitar, but Shinya makes it look like second nature. Maya is laying across the bench in the locker room and sings a to the melody that Shinya is plucking on his guitar. Rather abruptly Shinya stops playing his guitar and leans it against his locker.

Shinya: Maya, do you think we’ll get many more matches? It’s been two weeks since we beat the Skellig Street Gang and we still haven’t had another match. We came here to fight and we’ve only been in one match. Even though we did win, we are nowhere near being able to challenge Long Island Hardcore for the Tag Titles or even be considered to be put in a match to determine if we should be number one contenders. Maybe…maybe just winning matches isn’t enough…

Maya sits up and tilts his head rather confused.

Maya: What do you mean? We do promotional videos like we’re supposed to and we give a 100% in the ring. I don’t know what else we could do, Shinya, we just have to be patient and wait to be booked before we get our time in the sun. You know how it is here, you can’t become a star overnight like in Japan just by beating one team. Be patient, Shinya, we’ll get our shot!

Shinya shakes his head, the black and pink streaks in his hair sway as he tips his head downwards…looking ahsamed of what he was about to say.

Shinya: That’s not what I mean, Maya. I mean maybe…maybe we have to make our presence felt. I mean…I mean if they don’t book us we should FORCE them to book us. Maybe…maybe we need to go out there and make everyone realize we’re serious about being here even if we aren’t booked. We can’t just sit back here and pray they book us every week! We have to do something…

Maya looks at Shinya in a stunned silence.

Maya: Shinya…that’s what the thugs and mean people do. We aren’t like them and we both agreed that when we started wrestling we’d fight fair and not use dirty tactics to get ahead. We have to trust in our ability in the ring not our ability to attack people from behind. We’re better than that, Shinya, and you know it. We aren’t a pair of hooligans that need to do that…we’re TRES BIEN.

Shinya nods his head slowly.

Shinya: You’re right…you’re right Maya…

Maya: It’s ok, Shinya, we just have to be patient…speaking of which I need to use the little boy’s room so if you’ll excuse me…

Maya gets up and pats Shinya on the shoulder as he leaves, however, when Maya leaves the room Shinya, with a wild look in his eyes, gets up and leaves the room and starts to walk with a purpose…


The camera opens up backtage, with FLASH Dynamite standing alone. His trademark grin is, for now, a more forced smile and he slowly clears his throat once he realizes the camera is on hi.

FLASH Dynamite: That was really clever, Long Island Hardcore. I’ll give you credit for that, guys. See, right now, Kid Lightning can’t be here, because of the injuries he suffered last week. And you guys did the first truly clever thing you’ve ever done.

FLASH shakes his head slowly, with a sigh.

FLASH Dynamite: You took advantage of our damaged state, and decided you were going to take us up on your own any time, any place, challenge. You gave us a title shot, after hitting us with chairs, and you retained your titles. Now, normally, that would be enough. Do we like it? Not at all. But, those are the breaks, right? I’m not on the camera to complain about our rough luck. But, I am going to tell you guys…you also accepted a match at Reckoning Day.

The fans begin to cheer, as they pick up on what FLASH is getting at.

FLASH Dynamite: So, the way I see it, CJ and Jared…you got the jump on us to avoid  title match at Reckoning Day, but now the joke is on you. Jason Johnson called me, and confirmed…Long Island Hardcore WILL defend their tag team titles against a HEALTHY and FRESH Tandem of the Flying Avengers! We’ll see you guys on June First.

FLASH grins now and throws his right thumb up to the sky.

FLASH Dynamite: You guys better be ready to bring your best, because we’re not giving up in our pursuit of Tag Team Gold!


"Thirty dollars on Ron Barker."

"And anything for any of the other matches tonight, sir?"

"Er… No. I think I’m OK with that. It’s the only match I know for a fact I’ll be able to watch tonight without being interrupted."

As the camera peers around the doorframe of the unmarked locker room, we can see inside as an anorexically-thin Latino in an ill-fitting suit barges past with a thick wad of notes in his hands. Stood in the centre of the room is an imposing figure wearing a black T-shirt with an ice-blue ICQB logo set against black training shoes and urban camo shorts, also bearing the ICQB logo. Smirking, the man regards the camera now invading his space.

Osbourne Kilminster: So you heard that, did you? Yeah, I put a bet on Ron Barker to beat the Hell out of Trevor Worrens… and I’ll aways put a bet on anybody to beat Worrens. The only thing is, I’m jealous of Ron. He gets his hands on Trevor, but me?

Reaching down slightly out of view, Osbourne picks up the infamous black steel chair used on him at Malice and used on Jester Smiles just last Revolution.

Osbourne Kilmintser: The thing that bothers me that if Trevor beats Ron, you’re going to be looking at a champion who doesn’t really finish his business properly. A dusty finish where you choke me with a steel chair? That’s your idea of finality? That’s pathetic, but what more could I or anybody expect from you, Trevor? Really, that is exactly the kind of thing that comes back to haunt people… more specifically – YOU. Win or lose tonight, we aren’t done.

Smiling, Osbourne moves to throw the chair down, but changes his mind as he looks back to the camera.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, I almost forgot… I heard you earlier, Smiles. It’s sad. Or were you trying to be funny? Haha. I get it.

Suddenly stone-cold serious, Osbourne clenches his jaw.

Osbourne Kilminster: Me and you? There is NO me and you, Smiles. We’re done. You had your fun, I had my fun, we’re done. Dusted. Over. Finished. You’re ditched like a two-timing Arizona broad. And if you don’t like it, I suggest to punch a bag or something, because if you come looking for me, you’ll get more of what you had last week, OK?

Gently shaking the chair to emphasise his point, Kilminster tilts his head to one side.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ve been delayed. I’ve been on a detour. Yeah, that’s true, but so is my course. I know where I’m going and I know the obstacles in my way. Each is but a single image upon a much larger, much more colourful canvas, a bloody visage of pain and suffering… of war.

I am your pain.

I am your suffering.

I am finality.

I am a God of War.



As the thumping guitar riff that signals Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation” hits the PA, the crowd rains boos upon the ring, with Samantha Coil unfortunately taking the brunt of it for the time being.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 542 lbs, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCOOOOOOORE!

The house lights go out, and a single purple spotlight hits the entranceway. Jared is the first out, and he raises his arm, tag belt around his waist. CJ follows right behind him, belt slung over his shoulder. CJ looks over the crowd, his dark sunglasses and septum piercing showing a very intimidating presence, while Jared’s white contacts, purple pants, and purple wrist-to-elbow armpads make it obvious who the flash and glitz of this team is.

Dave Dymond: The tag team champions dressed for battle tonight, OG, despite the fact that CBP’s partner, Nova Lynn Jackson, hasn’t been seen or heard from since last Revolution.

Other Guy: Well, Dave, LIHC got those belts by being prepared for anything, and as we’ve seen in SHOOT Project before, sometimes the partnerless end up finding help from the most unlikely of places.

Dave Dymond: But who on the SHOOT Roster would come to the aid of CBP, especially against SHOOT’s current most dominant tag team?

Other Guy: Who knows? It’s an easier question to ask who’d come to fight these cats, as they’ve made their share of enemies here in SHOOT Project.

Jared walks briskly, zigzagging the aisle to bitch to fans and hit on women, as CJ slowly walks straight down the middle, never taking his eye off the ring. The aisle and ringside area fill up with a purple fog as the pair get closer to the ring, and Jared hops up onto the apron, vaulting over the top rope, and scaling the turnbuckle, presenting the belt and yelling at fans at ringside. CJ climbs the stairs, stepping over the top rope, before raising his belt in one hand, letting it hang down his arm. Jared tosses CJ the belt, before dropping to his knees mid-ring, arms out, basking in the jeers of the crowd. CJ stands behind him, hanging over Jared’s shoulders, the belts draping down over Jared’s arms and chest, the purple spotlight focused perfectly on the two as an explosion of purple pyro shoots from each of the four turnbuckles.

Dave Dymond: Kind of an ostentatious display, don’t you think?

Other Guy: No worse than some of the others we’ve seen in SHOOT history, and at least these two are the champs.

The house lights come up again, as Jared and CJ start to stretch. The crowd is decidedly mixed as “Brass Monkey” starts up, saxophone kicking in. Samantha Coil looks around, unsure what to say, but finally just introduces the team

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, at an undisclosed combined weight, CBP and NOVA LYNN JACKSON!

CBP strides through the entrance, a bag in hand, tossing candy to the audience with a big grin on his face. The ringside fans start to cheer (because, y’know, free candy), and CBP dances his way down the aisle to the Beastie Boys classic.

Other Guy: Once again, CBP trying to buy his way into the hearts of the fans.

Dave Dymond: C’mon, OG, the guy’s doing his best to make it in SHOOT, you don’t have to ridicule him all the time. Besides, it’s a goddamn miracle he’s standing after the beating laid to him by the Family two short weeks ago.

Other Guy:Yeah, well, that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

CBP stops right in front of Dymond and OG, handing them piles of assorted candy.

Other Guy: Is this a Bit-O-Honey?

Dave Dymond: I couldn’t tell you what kind of stuff I’ve got in this pile… I haven’t seen Mary Janes in years.

Other Guy: See, Dave, the cat does something nice for us, and you gotta be all down on him all the time. You should stop that.

Samantha looks around again, but as no other music begins to play, she shrugs, sliding out of the ring as Dennis Heflin checks the three participants.

Other Guy: Well, Dave, looks like your suspicions were confirmed… CBP’s all by his lonesome tonight.

Dave Dymond: Which certainly does not bode well for him, OG, not against these two.

Jared steps into the ring first, as CJ steps over the top rope to the apron. Jared and CBP circle each other for a minute, before locking up. Jared takes advantage of the height and weight difference, pushing CBP into a corner. Heflin bolts in to break Jared away, and Jared raises his hands, before launching a hard knife-edge chop to CBP’s chest! WOOO! CBP cries out, and Jared drops down, driving his shoulders hard into CBP’s abdomen! Once! Twice! Three times! He pulls away, and CBP is about to fall forward, but Jared catches him again, pushing him back into the turnbuckle and climbing up, laying furious punches into his head, and finally jumping up to drop the challenger with a hurricanrana!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh coming in with intensity, and I don’t know if CBP knew what hit him!

Other Guy: Even the crowd has to respect that intensity, Dave, no matter how they feel about the current tag champs.

CBP is starting to get to his feet, but Jared wails him in the face with a baseball slide dropkick! CBP flops over like a fish, and Jared kips to his feet, running to springboard off the top rope with a rope-assisted moonsault! Jared makes the cover!



THR– CBP kicks out!

Jared immediately drops to his knees, laying punches to the side of CBP’s head! Heflin is there, starting the five count, and Jared gets up and starts yelling at Heflin for what he considered a slow count! As Jared bitches at the ref, CJ drops off the apron, pulling CBP’s head out of the ring just a bit, and laying a HEAVY chop across his throat! CBP flops again, coughing, pulling himself into the ring, and Jared is there to lay boots into his chest! Jared grabs him by the head, but CBP throws an elbow to his ribs, and another, and another! Jared lets go, and CBP comes off the ropes with a flying cross-body! Jared rolls with it, covering the challenger! CBP reverses too, pulling Jared into a small package!


TWO! CJ breaks it up with a stomp to CBP’s head!

Heflin backs CJ out of the ring, as CBP shakes out the cobwebs, and Jared pulls himself up. Before Jared can get off his knees, CBP is there with an Irish whip, sending Jared to the ropes– reversed! Jared sends CBP into the ropes, but CBP leapfrogs him! Jared turns around, and CBP is off his feet with an Asai DDT– no! He stops in mid-air, kicking his feet!

Other Guy: What the hell is that guy doing?!

Dave Dymond: We could be seeing the first ever SHOOT Project Botchbuster, OG!

CBP flails wildly, as Jared tries to get the man off his shoulders, but to no avail! CBP spins, and drops him with a facebuster! Jared’s head hits the mat, and CBP goes for the cover!



THR– CJ breaks it up with a deadlifted German suplex that nearly sends CBP out of the ring!

CBP lands on the mat with a thud, and Heflin is right up in CJ’s face, pointing toward his corner! CJ argues with Heflin as Jared stirs, and CBP is slowly rising to his feet. Jared pulls himself up with the ropes, and CBP is on his feet first! CBP charges Jared, but Jared pulls the top rope down, flipping CBP to the outside! CJ finally goes through the ropes, as Jared gets to his feet, and Heflin turns around to see the challenger on the floor outside! He starts the ten count as Jared slides out of the ring. CBP is crumpled on the floor, holding his side, and Jared immediately puts a foot to him, sending boot after boot into his ribs! Jared pulls the man up to his feet, sending him under the bottom rope before Heflin can get to 5.

Jared hops up onto the apron, stepping in, and pulling CBP to his feet. He sends him into CJ’s corner, following close after him and waffling him with a splash! Jared tags in his partner!

Dave Dymond: CBP was already hurting before, and it’s only going to get harder for him going up against this monster.

Other Guy: There’s bigger dudes in SHOOT, Dave, but this man is definitely one of the most intimidating.

CJ steps into the ring, and Jared ascends to the top. CJ slides CBP onto his shoulders, in a seated position, and Jared grabs CBP around the head! Jared dives off, and CJ spins in place, as they execute a beautiful tornado DDT/Electric Chair Drop combo! CBP has got to be out, but CJ isn’t making the cover! CJ pulls CBP to his feet, whipping him across the ring into the other corner! CBP hits hard, and falls flat on his face! CJ strides over, putting a foot on his back, and stepping up, pulling on the rope for leverage! CBP flails wildly, screaming, and Heflin gets to a 4-count before CJ gets down!

CBP is clutching his back, and CJ circles him like a vulture, before finally pulling him up, and into a vertical suplex, stalling in the air, and bringing him down, back first, onto his knee! CBP lands on the mat, his body pulling up into a sitting position, clutching his back with a look of agony! CJ pulls him to his feet, and CBP is dazed! CJ sends a straight jab to his face! Oi! Another! Oi! CJ turns away from the challenger, out on his feet, before spinning back with a standing clothesline that flips him over onto his gut! OI!

Other Guy: CBP is lucky he’s still alive here, and he’s having a hard time getting any offense off in this one.

Dave Dymond: He’s in this to survive now, OG, I don’t think he cares much about offense! He just wants to make it through the match!

CJ is relentless in his assault, pulling CBP up by the hair, and into a standing headscissor, and pulls him up for a powerbomb! He walks CBP closer to LIHC’s corner before dropping him on his back!

Dave Dymond: Release the Cure!

Other Guy: Not quite, Dave!

CJ holds on for the powerbomb, pulling CBP up again, but not into a DVD… he tosses CBP over his shoulders into a crucifix powerbomb! Jared goes to the top again, and nails a blockbuster neckbreaker on CBP, as CJ brings him down in a modified Crucifix Escapist! CJ with the cover!




Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, and STILL SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

LIHC forcibly shove CBP out of the ring, and he falls to the floor. Heflin hands the belts over to the champs, who raise them high in the air to the strains of Thin Lizzy’s “Bad Reputation.” The celebration is short-lived, though, as a voice calls for the music to be cut. TRES BIEN’s Shinya Nakamura talks as he walks down to the ring, as CJ and Jared stare dumbfounded.

Shinya: It’s been almost three weeks since TRES BIEN has been booked for a match and I’m tired of being overlooked just because we’re new around here! I figure if we ever want to get a match we have to make an impression and who better to go to than the Tag Team Champions and DEMAND a match! I don’t care if it’s for the titles or not…but we deserve a chance just like anyone else!

Dave Dymond: A brave move by Shinya, one half of TRES BIEN, but one has to wonder if he really thinks this is gonna pay off?

Other Guy: I don’t know enough about them to really say, Dave. Who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise us.

Shinya slides into the ring looking at both CJ and Jared, Shinya seems rather out of place considering the pink highlights in his black hair. Samantha Coil hands the champions microphones as Shinya says his piece.

Shinya: So? What do you say? Give us a shot to have our moment in the sun…we deserve to be booked just like anyone else!

CJ Nelson: Are you fucking serious? You think YOU… (pointing at him) with your… whatever that is, can come into OUR ring, and demand a match with us?

Jared Walsh: Listen, Captain Limpwrist, let’s get something straight here. WE, that’s CJ and Jared, are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions. That means we’re the best of the best. YOU, consequently, are NOT the champs, and honestly couldn’t be more flaming if we set you on fire.

CJ Nelson: The answer is no, now get the hell out of our ring and go cry on your partner’s shoulder already.

Shinya: So that’s how its going to be then…I promised Maya I wouldn’t do anything like this and we’d earn our shot but…

Shinya rears back and slaps CJ across the face with a loud crack! The crowd gives a loud “OOOOOOH!” as CJ turns back to face his assailant. He brings the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

CJ Nelson:

THUNK! He pounds Shinya in the face with the microphone! CJ grabs him by the arm before he can fall, whipping him toward Jared, and Jared smacks him down with the title belt! Shinya drops to the mat, and CJ drops his belt to focus on the new challenger! Jared climbs to the top rope as CJ softens Shinya up a little bit, before pulling him up into a Canadian backbreaker! Jared flies off the top, using the tag belt to hit Shinya with the Fracture!

Other Guy: Maya’s on his way down, and he looks worried!

Dave Dymond: I can’t blame him, OG! His partner’s getting wrecked!

Maya slides into the ring, as Jared is getting back to his feet, and Jared swings a punch at him! Maya ducks, and Jared turns around to a vicious superkick from the Japanese rock star! Maya’s victory is short lived, though, as CJ spins him around, and locks his huge arms around the smaller man’s torso, tossing him over his head with a gargoyle suplex! CJ picks up the tag belt again, and climbs to the top turnbuckle!

Other Guy: The big man’s going airborne, Dave!

Dave Dymond: This cannot end well for Maya Nakashima!

Maya is barely stirring, laying on his back, as CJ comes off the top rope, holding the belt under his arm with a devastating elbow drop! Maya crumples under the blow, and CJ sits up, the timekeeper’s bell ringing repeatedly. Jared lays one last boot into the face of Maya, before the pair get up, raising the belts high, and slide out of the ring with “Bad Reputation” ringing through the arena.


We go backstage. The parking area to be exact. We are shown plenty of vehicles parked here, ranging from cars, bikes and lorries. Walking through the parking area towards the arena is Crush Heart. Crush is wearing a hooded top, black jeans, a dark baseball cap with SHOOT written across the front in blue letters and sunglasses hiding his eyes.  Across his shoulder Crush is carrying a duffel bag carrying his wrestling gear for this evening’s tag team match up. As Crush walks towards the arena, not looking particularly happy, he is stopped by a young woman holding a clipboard and wearing a headset.

Female Worker: Crush! I’ve been sent by Jason Johnson to give you a briefing on tonight’s rules for your tag team match.

Crush looks, stares into the eyes of the young woman. His chest compresses and relaxes with a sigh. The young woman holds out her clipboard showing Crush the contents. It takes a few moments before Crush reacts.

Crush: Ya think that I’m bothered ‘bout rules? Ya think I give a crap ‘bout these pathetic rules? I ain’t ever played by the rules and I ain’t gonna start now.

Female Worker: I… Ermm…. Hmm… They are the rules towards the… the… number one contendership for the Revolution title.

Crush’s large hand works towards his glasses, pulling them off and putting them into pocket.

Crush: Listen, sweetheart, this whole match is a load of bullshit. Catch Warren is a load of bullshit. Arion Catcher is a forgotten champion, no body gives a crap about him, no body cares that he holds the Revolution title. As for Jack Heart, my… my… Oh who cares about him either?! All I’m gonna say ‘bout Jack is this… If that little boy gets in my way tonight I’ll beat him down like the bitch he is.

The female worker looks around, looking uncomfortable. She gulps, takes a breathe and then replies to Crush.

Female Worker: Well, you do know that if Catch and Arion Catcher win, Catch gets the number one contendership. If you and Jack win the match the person who scores a pinfall or submission will be the number one contendership.

Crush yawns.

Crush: Did ya not hear a word I just said? I don’t give a shit ‘bout this whole match. I ain’t here for a title. I ain’t here for glory an’ all that. I’m here for a fight. Now move ya pretty little self out of the way before I take that clipboard an’ shove it somewhere no man would ever think ‘bout goin’.

Crush pushes the poor young woman out of the way. He puts his sunglasses back on and continues his walk into the building to prepare for tonight’s tag team match up.


Outside, a long black stretch Lincoln Navigator slowly rolls up to the side entrance of the building, coming to a complete stop just outside the door.  The car door opens, and Eric Flaherty steps out, wearing blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt with five gold stars across the front.  Behind him, Guido comes out stumbling, surprisingly in a basic black suit, carrying a large gym bag.  Eric pulls a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket and puts them on his face, and confidently struts toward the door, Guido right behind him.  As he approaches , two security guards step between Eric and the entrance.

Security Guard #1: Sorry fellas, wrestlers and personnel only.

Eric takes off his sunglasses, his face plastered with bewilderment. Before he can speak, Guido steps in front of him.

Guido: (coughs nervously) This is Eric Flaherty, he is a wrestler.

Eric: Fucking right I am, the best one you’ve ever seen.

The two guards look at each other, then back to Eric

Security Guard #2: Eric who?

Security Guard #1: More like best one I’ve never seen. Look, I see you’re a big guy, but there’s about a hundred of you behemoths at every show that try to get backstage by tricking us, but unfortunately for you, we aren’t stupid.  Front entrance is right (points) around there,  but good luck getting a ticket.

Eric balls up his fists in anger, turns around and takes a few steps away, seething with anger.  Guido, now covered in flop sweat,  speaks with a panicky voice.

Guido: Well um, maybe if you guys can get in contact with Jason, he can clear us to get in.  

Eric turns back to the guards, screaming


Eric turns around again and goes off pacing, ranting inaudibly.

Guido: Can you, um, maybe, possibly, call him, if it isn’t too much trouble?  This is all just a big misunderstanding.  Eric’s a big star.

Security Guard #1: Listen pal, I don’t know him, my partner here doesn’t know him, we have a list of fighters on the card tonight, a list of the roster who are allowed in, and he isn’t one of them.  So why don’t you guys take a hike, try to buy a ticket, and enjoy the show.

Eric turns back around.


Guido looks at Eric, then looks at the guards, then looks back at Eric, who points back at the guards.  Guido takes a deep breath, narrows his eyes, and turns back to the guards.

Guido: Now, now you listen up, pal.

Guido pokes the first guard in the chest, and is met with a haymaker.  Guido falls like a ton of bricks, unconscious.   Eric slaps his own head in disapproval.  He grabs Guido by his hands, and drags his lifeless body back over to the limo.

Eric: God dammit, Guido.


Eric picks Guido up, and pushes him into the limo.  Once his agent is inside, he goes to get in himself, and notices one of Guido’s shoes fell off in the process.  He picks up the shoe, and shakes his head.

Eric: Come on Guido, wing-tipped shoes?  You look ridiculous.

Eric shuts the door and the limo speeds away.


Dave Dymond: Right now, we have a very special opportunity.  This week, I sat down for Roland Caldwell’s first ever sit down interview.  It was a long interview, and surprisingly calm.  We hope to show you more on upcoming shows, but here are some highlights.

The scene cuts to a hotel room setup.  Roland Caldwell sits in a plush chair, obviously uncomfortable.  Dave Dymond faces him.

Dave Dymond:  Your attack two weeks ago.  How can you possibly defend your actions?

Roland shifts in his chair, mindlessly scratching at his neck.

Roland Caldwell:  Defend?  Defend?  HE stuck HIS neck out.  I tried everything I could to let Eli Storm skate by.  Go on his way.  And survive.  But HE insisted.  The only person I’ve ever attacked without warning was Osbourne Kilminster.  And I attacked him because he represented everything that was wrong with SHOOT Project.  He was my symbol.  And I changed him forever and for the better.  Eli Storm came after me.  And he had to learn a lesson.

Dave Dymond: And when he comes back after you?

Roland laughs.

Roland Caldwell:  Comes back after me?  Awfully presumptuous of you.  The aforementioned Mr. Kilminster?  He disappeared and then returned and hardly acknowledged my existence.  Ray Willmott?  Kaz Sato?  Jun Kenshin?  Trevor Worrens?  Christopher Davis?  Yeah, he was in the match I lost my title in, but he never came after me.  When I strike, I knock out.  My attacks are brutal and complete works of art.  I am the Renoir of violence.  All you can do is smile in awe at the mayhem and blood I orchestrate.  Like Brahms, the screams of my victims dance across the arenas.  Eli Storm is understanding this.  And he can talk as tough as he wants, but he will never be able to face me as man again.  I have broken him.

Dave Dymond: And you call me presumptuous? 

Roland Caldwell smiles that smile.

Roland Caldwell: Oh, you think you’re so clever, Dave.  You think you  know everything.  But you don’t.  No, you’re just another sheep, listening to the producer in your headset.  Believing what they tell you to believe.  Eli Storm may wrestle again, but he’s no longer my problem.  Because, even if he comes back after me, he will not be able to harm me.  Hurt me.  Maim me.  Beat me.  And he knows it.  He knows it.  He can talk about bleeding me out around the arena, but come on.  You don’t tell me your out 6 – 8 weeks and then say I’m the animal he’s hunting.  The hunter doesn’t tell the deer when he’s coming.  Eli Storm is nothing but an over-the-hill never-was.  He can do nothing to me.  And if he wants to come back after me, he can go ahead.  I’ll destroy him again.  I’ll destroy him permanently. 

Dave Dymond: Especially with help from the Family at your disposal.

Roland Caldwell:  Why do you say it like that Dave?

Dave Dymond: I don’t…

Roland waves Dymond off violently.  Dymond pulls back into his seat.

Roland Caldwell:  What is it with you?  With all these so called experts.  With all these fans.  They all seems to say there’s something wrong with us.  My Family.  I’ve never had a family.  I was orphaned when I was seven.  Rota Fortuna.  That’s what I got.  And I’ve never asked for anyone’s pity.  I was always alone.  I was a ronin, existing only for my own existence.  At every turn, the people I looked up to, or followed ended up letting me down.  Daniel Jones.  Cronos Diamante.  Ed Raymond.  Mirage.  They all let me down, because they weren’t family.

Roland stares off blankly, and then, his voice filled with emotion, he continues.

Roland Caldwell: But my family… they will never let me down.  The family that maims together stays together.  I think Norman Rockwell said that.  And that’s what we truly are.  We are a Norman Rockwell painting…

Dymond, shivering slightly at that image, cuts Roland off.

Dave Dymond: Well… Right… uh.  As far as your family goes, there’s you, Sammy Rochester, Kenji Yamada, and Vincent Mallows.  You seem to be trying to create as normal a family as possible, but to do that, don’t you have to compromise your own goals?

Roland Caldwell:  What are you trying to do, Dave?  Are you trying to taint the beauty of my family.  We are one unit.  One entity.  We move together and we are at our strongest when we all are on the same page.  The last couple weeks I have not been there.  The Family has not been at its best.  But the negotiations are almost done.  I am sure I will be at Revolution next week, and The Family will be happy to oblige anyone who wishes to cross us.

Dave Dymond: And this alliance with Jonny Johnson?

Roland grits his teeth and glares at Dave Dymond.

Roland Caldwell: Sometimes a family is about setting aside your ego.  Delaying your goals.

Dave Dymond: But lets not overlook this.  You hate The Defiler.  In one of your earlier stints in SHOOT Project you called him “a walking abortion.”  And now, The Family is working with him.

Roland Caldwell:  Let’s get this straight.  The Family works for itself.  If The Defiler’s goals match ours, we will be more than happy to take the backseat and give assistance.  The Defiler is a Friend.  You can’t count on friends.  Only family.

Dave Dymond: If Defiler is a friend, what is Eli Storm?

Roland Caldwell:  Eli Storm?  He’s dead.  Buried.  And I am his grave stone.



Dave Dymond: The next match has been one that has been highly anticipated since last week when the Revolution Champion Arion Catcher made the awkward stipulation for this match.

Other Guy: He sure did, he turned this into a But…

Dave cuts off OG in mid-sentence…

Dave Dymond: Yeah…let’s just go ahead and call this a Revolution Title Number One Contender Determining Tag Team Bout, shall we?

Other Guy: A bit long don’t you think?

Samantha Coill: First, making his way to ring, standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 172 pounds… “The Phoenix” JACK HEART!

A buzz is heard from the crowd, and then an orange laser light display creates the illusion of a fiery phoenix flying across the inside of the JL Walkup Skydome. “Clubfoot” by Kasabian begins to play and as the phoenix flies around it suddenly seems to fly straight up to the rafter and at that moment flames shoot out on each side of the entryway and when the lights return to normal, Jack Heart is seen standing looking out at the capacity crowd Heart makes his way to the ring, tagging hands with the fans before sliding into the ring, rolling quickly back onto his feet.

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart has proven to be a kicking machine and has shown that he knows how to use those educated feet. Jack Heart saw his debut in the SHOOT Project when he replaced an injured Leon Strife and now he finds himself possibly becoming the Number One Contender for the Revolution Title.

Other Guy: But remember, he was one of the three men in the match two weeks ago to decide the Number One Contender and he didn’t come out on top.

Samantha Coil: And his partner, weighing in at 275 pounds and standing at 6’8”…CRUSH HEART!

Marilyn Manson "1996" plays out across the arena as Crush makes his way out from the back. He is slow as always, wearing his black leather coat and black cowboy hat. He has no interaction at all with the crowd, keeps his focus on what is ahead of him. He climbs into the ring, takes off his coat and hat, clicks his neck and hands.

Dave Dymond: Crush was none too happy about the way Arion Catcher officiated the match two weeks ago and he has to be rather happy that he has another shot to become the number one contender for the Revolution Title.

Samantha Coil: Now making his way to the ring, weighing in at 225 pounds and standing at 6’2”…CATCH WARREN!

“Crystal Planet” by Joe Satriana begins to blast through the arena as Catch Warren makes his way through the entrance curtain, wearing a white bandana on his head which he quickly rips off his head in frustration as he walks down the ramp. Catch walks around the ring and waits on the outside of the ring for his partner since both Jack and Crush Heart are already in the ring.

Dave Dymond: I can’t imagine Catch being too happy about this match, he won his Number One Contendership two weeks ago and now he has to defend it before he has even claimed a title match with Arion Catcher, and to make matters worse the Revolution Champion is his tag team partner. So if he bails on Arion and Arion gets pinned…he loses his number one contendership!

Other Guy: Under almost any other circumstances these guys would be two dream team tag teams, but with all the tension between these guys I think Referee Austin Linam is going to have a difficult time keeping order just within each team, let alone if a brawl breaks out.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 192 pounds and standing at 5’11”, he is the Revolution Champion…ARION CATCHER!

“Crystal Planet” is soon replaced by “Money Talks” by AC/DC and Arion Catcher, with the Revolution Championship hanging on his shoulder makes his way down the entrance ramp. Arion tags hands with a few fans that have their hands outstretched before making his way to the corner Catch Warren is standing at outside the ring. Both men stare each other down, neither one really saying anything, Catch then pats the Revolution Title before sliding into the ring.

Other Guy: So it looks like we’ll be seeing Team Catch vs. Team Heart here, Arion Catcher and Catch Warren against Crush Heart and Jack Heart. You’d think Jack and Crush weren’t the only ones with the same father.

Dave Dymond: I’m wondering if each team will even be able to get along with each other. Last week all of these men got into some heated conversation and under these circumstances…

Other Guy: When there is a chance to go after a title? These boys won’t mess around, the Revolution Title means too much to let your emotions get the better of you now.

Crush Heart and Jack Heart also look unpleased to be partnering but after a little talk Crush is designated as the starting man for their team while Catch Warren is the designated team member for his team. Both Catch and Crush stand in their respective corner until Referee Austin Linam calls for the bell and both men come storming out of their corners and right away lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Catch powers Crush into the turnbuckle away from both of their partners. Catch pounds Crush’s chest with a slap that gets a resounding cheer from the crowd. Crush holds his chest with both hands and doubles over trying to squirm away from Catch, but Catch shoves him back into the turnbuckle and rears back for another powerful backhanded chop that forces Crush into a seated position. Catch runs to the middle of the ring and then runs back towards Crush and looks to ram his knee right into Crush’s head…but Crush rolls out of the way and Catch’s knee slams into the second turnbuckle sending Catch to the mat grabbing at his knee!

Dave Dymond: I think Catch was trying to end this one early and take Crush’s head right off his shoulders but the risk didn’t pay off this early in the match and now I have to believe that knee of Catch has got to have a huge bull’s eye on it.

Other Guy: If the Heart brothers were smart they would key in on that because if the big Catch Warren can’t get back to his vertical base or has trouble lifting with that knee…his Number One Contendership could be in serious jeopardy.

As if Crush could hear Dave Dymond and Other Guy, he goes right to work stomping on the knee that Catch just slammed on the turnbuckle. Crush lifts the knee of Catch onto the second rope and straddles over it and leaps into the air, with the aid of the top rope, and drops all of his weight down on the knee of Catch. Catch hollers out as he rolls away from Crush grabbing his knee and trying to create as much space between them as he can. On the apron Arion Catcher is watching, but he doesn’t seem all that interested in Catch’s problematic knee. Crush doesn’t let Catch get a breath of air before he grabs the foot of Catch and lifts it up high into the air and slams Catch back to the mat knee first. Crush tries to do the same maneuver again, but before he can Catch rolls over on his back and kicks Crush away with his good leg! Catch manages to hobble back onto his feet just as Crush rushes back towards him…but Catch wraps his arms around the waist of Crush and explodes from his legs with a gigantic belly to belly suplex! As Crush crumbles to the mat Catch cradles his knee in his hands as the strain of heaving Crush put a great deal of force on his knee.

Dave Dymond: Catch needs to make a tag now and give that knee a break otherwise his number one contender spot could be as good as gone here!

Catch is crawling to his corner where Arion Catcher has his hand out, but isn’t stretching it out like he should be. Crush, much the same, is inching towards his partner Jack Heart as well. Then, as if mirror images of each other, both Catch and Crush make a desperate leap for their partners and both manage to get the tag! Jack and Arion fire out of their respective corners like a bullet and meet each other in the center of the ring, Arion nails Jack with a right hand, Jack retaliates with a quick left hand, and both are going back and forth until Arion blocks Jack’s punch and nails him in the gut with a quick kick. Arion hits the ropes and on the rebound takes Jack to the mat with a Blockbuster! Arion rolls over Jack Heart for the first pin of the match!


Tw…kickout by Jack Heart!

Arion fires off two kick punches to the face of Jack before getting up and stomping on the legs of Jack Heart.  Arion flies off the ropes and on the rebound jumps into a very high knee drop and looks to crush Jack Heart’s legs with it…but Jack Heart rolls out of the way! Now Arion is the one holding his knee! Jack Heart takes quick advantage of the situation and stands Arion up and plows him to the mat with a Vertical Suplex. Jack Heart mounts Arion and starts firing off right hands like nobodies business and from that position grabs hold of Arion’s arms and…locks in a modified Triangle Choke!

Dave Dymond: A very painful submission move being utilized here by Jack Heart, but I can’t help but notice that Jack Heart doesn’t seem to be using the kicks we have come to know him best by. Is he trying to save his premium stuff for if he wins this match and becomes number one contender or is this a new Jack Heart we’re seeing?

Other Guy: Kicks have been this guy’s MO since he got here and I can’t see him abandoning it now, but he also has to realize if he doesn’t bring every kick he has in this match and thinks more about saving them for a Revolution Title shot…he just might lose the match and not get that chance to use the kicks he didn’t tonight.

Referee Austin Linam gets right up next to Arion Catcher looking for either a tap or to see if Catcher wants to give it up. Heart demands that Linam asks him, but Catcher refuses to give up and Heart, realizing that he won’t get the submission, let’s go of the hold in frustration. Jack drags Arion to his corner and tags Crush Heart in, Crush grabs Arion and lifts him up as if to body slam him but on the way down put out his knee and drops Arion into a backbreaker! But, Crush doesn’t let Arion slide off his knee and forcefully pushes Arion down on his knee. However, Arion manages to fire of a kick that nails Crush right in the head! Arion rolls off of Crush’s and looks to make a tag to Catch…but refuses to tag out!

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher refusing to tag out to Catch? What is he thinking?!

Other Guy: If he doesn’t want to fight Catch for the title then what has he got to lose? If Arion is pinned then Catch loses his shot all the same regardless of if he was pinned or not. If he wins then he still fights Catch, there is almost no losing situation for Arion in this match unless he gets himself injured.

Catch looks furious that Arion refuses to tag out, however, all the while Crush was stalking Arion and as soon as Arion turned around Crush FLATTENED Arion with a sitout two handed chokeslam, Crush places both hands on the chest of the fallen Arion for the cover!



Thr…Catch breaks up the cover just in the nick of time with a huge kick to the side of Crush’s face! Catch grabs Arion Catcher’s fallen body and drags it to his corner. Catch slides out of the ring and reaches over and tags the still knocked out Arion Catcher and rushes into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Catch literally just saved his Revolution Title shot and managed to get Arion Catcher within reach so he could make a legal tag. Arion refused to tag him in…so Catch waited for the right moment and didn’t give Arion a choice to if he could tag out or not.

Catch heads for Crush but as soon as he does…Crush nails him with a sharp European Uppercut that staggers Catch long enough for Crush to tag out to Jack Heart. Jack looks confident as he rushes in towards Catch but as soon as he gets close…ALL CAUGHT UP SAVATE KICK!

Other Guy: Where the hell did that come from?!

Dave Dymond: Catch seeming nailing Jack Heart with that All Caught Up Savate Kick out of nowhere and Catch is climbing the turnbuckle! He’s looking to end this right here and now and retain his shot at Arion Catcher!

Catch is on the turnbuckle and is looking for the Catch 22…but Arion tags himself in! Catch can’t believe it as he hops down from the turnbuckle to see Arion getting into the ring! Catch gets right in Arion’s face asking him what he is doing, but Arion just shrugs and mouths “So what?”.

Dave Dymond: What is that?! Catch had the match won and Catcher tagged himself in to stop what would have been a win right there! Is Arion Catcher afraid of Catch or has the tension that built up between these men gotten the better of them?

Other Guy: I dunno but if I were them I’d stop arguing and pay attention to the…

Too late, neither Arion nor Catch realized that while Jack was still down Crush entered the ring and was heading for them like a freight train. Before Arion or Catch could do anything Crush pounds them both with a HUGE double clothesline that sends all three men sprawling to the outside of the ring over the top rope!

Other Guy: Like I said…they should have been paying attention to the 275 pound freight train headed their way.

Crush is the first one up and naturally grabs Arion Catcher and heaves him back into the ring where Jack Heart has finally managed to recover from the Savate Kick that had him knocked out. Arion is still very much out of it and Catch as managed to crawl back into their corner. Jack Heart, seemingly with no clue as to what happened, does the only thing he can think of doing and tags Crush into the match. Once he gets the tag Crush immediately rushes for Catch who just managed to stand back up and clocks him with a forearm that sends him sprawling back to the floor. Arion Catcher is still out and Crush is feeling it…until he turns right into…


Dave Dymond: WHAT?!

Other Guy: Jack Heart just clobbered his own tag team partner, and brother, with one of the single stiffest spinning heel kicks I have EVER seen. I mean TIIIIMMMMMBBBBBEEER because Crush is OUT of it. I guess that’s what Jack Heart was saving his kicks for.

Dave Dymond: And wait a minute…Jack Heart is leaving the ring and heading back up the entrance ramp. But why? This was his shot to become number one contender and he’s just gonna use it to screw his brother? Come on, Jack, what is that all about?!

The fans are booing loudly as Jack Heart simply leaves Crush Heart for dead in the ring.

Arion is just coming to and notices that Crush is out cold and not knowing what else to do climbs the turnbuckle and…DREAM ENDER!

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Arion has any clue what just happened and Crush Heart is just a sitting duck…

Other Guy: You can’t fault Arion for taking advantage but…what is up with Jack Heart?

Arion makes the cover…




Samantha Coil: Here are your winners…the Revolution Champion Arion Catcher and the Number One Contender for the Revolution Title…CATCH WARREN!

After Arion gets up Catch gets right in his face and the two stare each other down. Words are being exchanged until…Arion with a kick to Catch’s gut and drops him with a DDT! Arion climbs the turnbuckles one more time and DREAM ENDER again! Arion Catcher grabs his Revolution Title and holds it high in the air as he stands over the fallen Catch Warren.

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher sending a huge message to the Number One Contender after winning this match. But you have to remember, this match would have possibly been over a long time ago if Arion didn’t try to tag himself into the match.

Other Guy: I dunno, Arion is looking pretty strong heading into Reckoning Day and after what he just did to Catch…I’d say this match worked out exactly the way he wanted.


The two "children" walk past Chris once again, this time carrying bags. Chris nods at them as they glance his way.  Once again Chris follows them from a distance. Obliviously the "children" continue forth.

They finally arrive once again at The Family’s dressing room door, as Kid 1 reaches to knock on the door he sees Kid 2’s head smash into the door out of the corner of his eye. Kid 1 turns just in time to receive a right cross to his jaw, knocking the little fella out.

Chris steps over the fallen "kids", pausing to admire his work. He takes a deep breath and exhales. He then knocks on the door, steps back and waits.

Slowly the door opens, Chris can feel his heart beat quicken as the head of the monster known as Sammy makes it way out of the door. Sammy looks down, noticing the "children". Chris smirks and then quickly strikes. A sickening thud is heard as Davis strikes the monster with a tire iron before he can lift his head.

The blow catches Sammy squarely on the back of his head, however the monster is more stunned than hurt. Chris smiles as if anticipating this, he moves quickly to deliver another blow, but Sammy reaches out and grabs Chris by the throat.

Chris’s eyes widen, but he keeps his head clear. He reaches back once again with the tire iron and delivers another powerful blow to Sammy’s cranium. The monster staggers and falls to one knee, releasing Davis. Dazed, confused, blood flowing, but still able to inflict damage if given an opportunity.  Chris moves in for the kill. He drops the tire iron and quickly retrieves brass knuckles from his pocket, slipping them on his right hand.

Sammy attempts to shake off the effects of the tire iron, but it’s too late. Davis delivers a quick, painful blow to Sammy’s jaw, taking him down to both knees. Davis hits him again and again and again until finally the mighty Sammy Rochester falls.

Davis takes another deep breath and exhales. He pauses to admire his work for a moment, he then notices a copy of the infamous Family portrait on the wall. Davis smiles and removes the picture, he takes it from it’s frame and walks out of the dressing room.

Chris places Kid 1 and Kid 2 inside the room and closes the door. He pulls a Sharpie from his pocket and writes something on the picture. He then folds the picture and walks away. A few feet down the hallway he notices a stage hand.

Christopher Davis: Hey! Can you do me a favor? I need you to deliver something to Vincent Mallows for me if you would?

Stage Hand: Umm…

Christopher Davis: Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. Could you give this to him for me?

Stage Hand: I suppose.

Christopher Davis: Thanks, preciate it.

Davis walks away smiling.


The crowd sits patiently as they await the next match. Suddenly “Just Like You Imagined” begins and out humbles a clearly still hurt, Eli Storm. Storm looks out into the crowd for a moment before pulling a mic from his pocket. The crowd is shocked to see the Canadian, yet applaud the effort he made to come out.

Storm: Thank you all for your support. I know that a lot of fans have contacted SHOOT to see how I was doing. And yes, what you heard is true…6 – 8 weeks, I won’t be allowed to wrestle, Doctor’s order. With that being said, Roland, I know that you and the family have negotiated your return next week. So  I personally want to invite you to be my guest on a very special edition of the Ratings Boost next week.

Storm quickly scans the crowd and behind him, making sure no one attacks him from behind.

Storm: So how about it, Roland. Something very simple as a sit down. I mean it looks like you have taken my career, by what the doctors say. Allow me this one thing that I know how to do good, besides wrestling.

Storm goes to say more but can’t form the words. He slowly turns around and hobbles back behind the curtain as the crowd stares at a man who looks nothing more than broken.


A simple cut brings us to Abigail Chase on hand somewhere in the back, where a Revolution banner hangs up on a brick wall, as part of the interview section within the arena.

Abigail Chase: At this time my guest is former World Heavyweight Champion and the current challenger to the Laws of Survival Championship, Trevor Worrens!

The camera zooms out slightly as Worrens steps into the scene.  He wears a pair of black jeans and is wearing a dark purple button shirt, and a tight black and silver necklace around his neck.

Abigail Chase: Trevor, tonight you once again get a shot at SHOOT Project gold.  There have got to be a lot of emotions running through your head right now.

Worrens shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: One, Abigail.  Just one.  I wanted to come out here tonight not to say an earful.  Everything I’ve wanted and needed to say has been said.  Tonight, as you will witness, as everyone will witness, is a night reserved for taking action.

Worrens looks down towards the floor for a moment, then back up at Abigail Chase.

Trevor Worrens: So yeah, I finally get another shot at gold.  Yeah, I get a second go at Ron Barker.  But with everything that is at stake. With everything I could gain and lose from this match, only one emotion accompanies it all.

Abigail Chase: And what exactly would that emotion be?

Worrens smiles slightly.

Trevor Worrens: Doubt, Abigail.

Abigail raises a confused eyebrow.

Abigail Chase: Doubt, Trevor… but this whole week, in fact from the very get go you have seemed very confident…

Trevor Worrens: No, I’m not feeling doubt for myself, Abigail.  You see, I’m doubting what Ron Barker is going to be able to bring to the ring tonight. I’m doubting that Ron Barker will be able to bounce back.  So the emotion running through my head is in fact doubt… doubt for the man who will soon be known as the FORMER SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion.

Abigail nods her head, now understanding.

Abigail Chase: And what about for you, Trevor? You’ve been on a roll lately, are you telling me you’re feeling nothing in regards to that?

Worrens thinks about the question for a moment, then again looks to Abigail.

Trevor Worrens: We’ll tackle that when I have the Laws of Survival Championship strapped around my waist.

And with that, Worrens turns to walk off, but just as he does so he finds himself walking right into Eli Storm who hobbles from the other direction.  The two lock eyes for a moment and a stir of noise can be heard coming from the crowd at ringside.

Trevor Worrens: Eli…

Storm narrows his eyes.

Eli Storm: Save it, Worrens.  I’ve heard enough from you from three weeks ago…

Storms continues on, hobbling.  Worrens however gets right in front of him.

Trevor Worrens: Look, I had a lot on my mind.  But what you’ve been through and what you’re willing to go through…

Worrens hesitates for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: I’m just saying I’m the kind of guy that when he’s wrong, he’s wrong.  There’s still a lot I don’t like about you, but anyone that continues to stand up to Roland Caldwell like you have, well that gets my nod of respect.

Storm just looks on at Worrens for a moment and then Worrens does something somewhat surprising, he raises his hand to Storm.  Storm looks down.

Eli Storm: So you go from saying I have no focus, to respecting me and wanting to shake my hand?

Trevor Worrens: It’s a messed up world, Eli.  Stranger things are happening.

Storm can’t help but laugh.

Eli Storm: You got that right.

Storm shakes hands with Worrens and Worrens gives him a firm pat on the back.

Trevor Worrens: Do what I couldn’t do, and take Caldwell down.

Storms nods.

Eli Storm: And you do what I know you can do… go out there tonight and beat Ron Barker.

Now Worrens nods as Storm walks off, leaving Worrens to think about his near future, his upcoming match against Ron Barker for the Laws of Survival Championship.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit!

The fans bein to buzz, but they immediately begin to boo as "Nothing’s Changed" by Papoose begins to play! Donovan King slowly steps through the curtain, glaring out at the sea of jeering fans!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King with a sheer look of focus and determination, the likes of which we haven’t seen from him too often! I have to wonder though, will we find out his answer to Cade Sydal’s challenge tonight or will we have to wait a little more?!

Other Guy: King has to be feeling really confident, since he’s fighting a compltely injured man tonight, and so he just might give you the answer you want to hear.

King slowly starts down the ramp, as the fans begin to hurl insults at him. King turns toward one drunken fan, with a mullet, and says just loudly enough for the camera to pick up.

Donovan King: Shut the fuck up.

He continues down the ramp, as Samantha Coil speaks once more.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 242 pounds! From Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Memphis, Tennessee! DOOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

King finally makes it down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, sneering even more. His music slowly fades out, and is suddenly replaced by Fort Minor’s "Remember the Name" and the fans begin to cheer loudly! Dan Stein steps through the curtain, his ribs and lower back wrapped in Ace Bandages, and raising the Iron Fist title in the air!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Cedar rapids, Iowa! Weighing in at 215 pounds! He is the current SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIN!

Stein begins limping down the ramp, as the music continues to play, but the pain is clearly etched across his face.

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein is a brave, brave man fighting with his back injured the way it is!

Other Guy: Brave, or stupid, Dave?

Stein slowly makes it to the bottom of the ramp and hands the Iron Fits title to Samantha Coil as she exits the ring. He starts up the ring steps, gingerly. Dan Stein steps through the ropes and Donovan King rushes him! Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell as Stein ducks a clothesline! King turns arund and Stein snaps a knife edge chop into his chest! King steps back and Stein pivots his body and snaps into King with a clothesline! King snaps back to his feet and Stein meets him with a big back elbow to the side of the head, and King goes down again!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King tried to get the jump on Dan Stein, but it back-fired!

Other Guy: Dan Stein is being real careful of his back though, and that is going to change the way his match would normally play out immensely.

King gets back to his feet and Stein quickly whips him off the ropes! King reverses the whip at the last moment and bends for a back body drop, but Stein puts on the brakes and kicks up into King’s chest! Stein turns and hits the ropes and comes off at King, but King catches him on the rebound with an Arn Anderson style spinebuster right in the center of the ring!

Other Guy:…A little sooner than even I thought…

Dave Dymond: Earth-shattering spineb uster, and Dan Stein’s back injury, I feel, is about to be exploited!

Stein arches his back off the canvas and his left hand moves to clutch at his lower back. King smirks and grabs Stein by his left leg and left shoulder, yanking Stein off the canvas, King suddenly drops to a knee and Stein crashes back down on King’s knee with a backbreaker! King immediately pushes his right hand on Stein’s chin, and his left on Stein’s thigh, keeping Stein planted on his knee wih a bow-and-arrow type hold.

Dave Dymond:  Donovan King, for all of his brutish behavior, is showing that he can, in fact, wrestle with a textbook submission hold being applied right away!

Other Guy: He was trained by one of the best wrestlers in the business. If he can’t wrestle, then he wouldn’t have gotten through the training.

Tony Lorenzo starts to ask Stein if he gives, but King quickly pushes Stein off his knee and rides him down with an elbow across the lower back! King pushes to his feet with a grin and pulls Stein to his feet, before whipping him hard into a corner! Stein crashes into the turnbuckles and falls to his face, clutching at his back in agony! King calmly approaches Stein and pulls him off the canvas! King hooks Stein and sets him up on top of the top turnbuckle!

Dave Dymond: This is going to be bad for Dan Stein!

Other Guy: And great fr Donovan King!

King smirks as fans begin to boo the cocky attitude. King climbs up to the top with Stein, but Stein suddenly drives a forearm into the side of King’s face!1 King rocks! Stein pulls his fist back and drives it into King’s face, and King teeters backward some more! The fans start top cheer as Stein headbutts King, and King falls backward to the canvas at an angle! Stein holds his back and starts to balance on the top rope!

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein looks like he’s about to take flight!

Other Guy: This is bad news for King if Stein connects!

King gpushes to his feet and grabs Stein’s left ankle! King quickly runs from the top rope andthrows his hand upward, and Stein lands hard on the canvas with his back! King rubs his chin as Stein writhes on the canvas in pain! King kicks Stein over and drops onto his shoulder! King throws Stein’s arm through his legs and locks it up before grabbing Stein’s chin with both hands! King pulls back hard, placing his outside shoulder on Stein’s lower back!

Other Guy: CAROLINA CROSSFACE! And it’s locked in tight!

Dave Dymond: Come on Stein, just tap and get out of there quickly! There is no shame in saving your career instead of risking permanent injury!

King continues to pull back, hard, as Stein shouts out defiantly! But Stein is trapped in the center of the ring! Stein continues to shout out, as the fans boo loudly. Stein uses his free hand to try and pry King’s hands off, but the grip is flawless! King pulls back harder, and Stein’s hand drops to the canvas! Tony Lorenzo grabs the wrist after just a few short seconds and releases it. It hits the canvas limply!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King has the Carolina Crossface locked on perfectly and Dan Stein might just be unconcious!

Other Guy: If he is, this match is King’s!

Tony Lorenzo lifts the limp wrist once more and releases. It falls again! The boos, though, suddenly turn into cheers as there appears to be something going on in the crowd! Suddenly, a man wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt hops over the security railing, and the fans explode!

Dave Dymond: CADE SYDAL!

Other Guy: What the fuck is he doing here?!

Cade leaps up onto the ring apron and springboards to the top rope! Cade springboards right off, out of King’s line of sight, and Tony Lorenzo looks up just before Cade sails out and lands with both feet in King’s chest! The fans explode as King releases the hold and clutches his ribs! King rolls out of the ring as Tony Lorenzo immediately signals for the bell, having no choice! Cade doesn’t seem bothered as he turns right away to Stein and starts checking on him, as Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her mouth.


King sneers as he fans boo the decision! King backs up to the ramp as EMT’s start filing out of the back!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just got Dan Stein disqualified, but somehow, I don’t think he cares!

Other Guy: He saved his friend’s career, which is nice and all, but now he’s got King pissed off, and we both know that is NOT a good thing!

King stands at the ramp, screaming for a microphone. After a while, he is given one. He glares down Cade and Stein. He stands there for a moment, controlling his breathing. The camera switches to Cade taking care of Stein as the EMTs rush past King to check him out.

Donovan King: I TOLD YOU.

The fans boo loudly.

Donovan King: Yo…I don’t give a fuck about what y’all booin’ about…I told YOU…an’ I told YOU, Cade Sydal…what I was gonna fuckin’ do ta him!

The fans continue to boo.

Donovan King: An’ LOOK AT HIM. Kid Lightning…your Dad…your girlfriend…an’ now…HIM. CADE…you want to stop dis? You want me at Reckoning Day? You wanna go against me at Reckoning Day in a pure wrestlin’ two outta three falls match?

King grins.

Donovan King: I. ACCEPT.

The fans ERUPT as Cade nods at King. King drops the microphone and makes his way back to the back, leaving the EMTs to take care of Stein.


In the back, Kenji Yamada and Vincent Mallows make their way through the main locker room hall, with Yamada looking incredibly angry.

Kenji Yamada: So what am I supposed to do now, Vincent?  You said the Family was all about looking out for one another, making sure we get what we WANT.  But now I’m not getting what I want, am I?

Mallows continues forward, his wheelchair making a slight buzzing noise.  Kenji stops though and doesn’t continue.

Kenji Yamada: Oh I see.  You don’t have an answer.  Maybe I can just assume you lied to me, Vincent.  You tricked me into joining your cause, your side, but so far all we’ve done is something to benefit Roland.  Is this really what this is all about?  Is Roland your favorite?

Now Mallows stops and turns his wheelchair around.

Vincent Mallows: I don’t have favorites, Kenji.  But think about it.  Perhaps we have done things for Roland because of his attitude. Roland wants to be a part of this family. Roland ACCEPTS all of us as his family.  But you, Kenji. You continue to stray from that.  If you want us to do whatever it takes to get you what you want… then you must be willing to do whatever it takes to support and honor The Family.

Mallows turns away from Yamada.

Vincent Mallows: If you want to be the rebellious one, then go right ahead. But do not expect our family to bend over backwards for you. In other words, if Jason Johnson does not grant you an Iron Fist Championship match, then I will not push the agenda further than that.  Become more of a family member, and you’ll find that things will change.

Mallows continues down the hall and after a moment of thinking it over, Yamada follows after him.  The two reach the locker room, and just as they do, Vincent is approached by a crew member.

Crew member: Vincent… uhhh…

Clearly the man is nervous, more so with Kenji Yamada’s glare fixed on him.

Kenji Yamada: Speak up or I’ll rip out your tongue.

Crew Member: Christopher Davis wanted me to give this you. Bye.

The crew member runs off, avoiding having to be there longer than he absolutely needed to be.  The folded up item drops right onto Vincent’s lap.  He grabs at it with his right arm, having somewhat of a difficult time getting it open. He finally does though and just stares at it.  Kenji reacts quickly pushing open the locker room door. Sitting there is Sammy, bleeding from his head, and in his arms he cradles Kid One and Kid Two who are out cold.  Mikey sits on Sammy’s lap.

Sammy Rochester: The bad man didn’t do the right thing. The bad man didn’t do the ring thing.

Sammy rocks back and forth quicker now, his mumbling becomes more angry.

Sammy Rochester: The fucking bad man SCREWED UP!  I WILL KILL HIM and MIKEY WILL LAUGH!!!

The rocking becomes so violent that Sammy’s head starts denting the locker behind him.  Kenji quickly crouches down in front of Sammy.

Kenji Yamada: Little brother… calm down little brother.

Sammy’s eyes focus on Kenji now and then he turns his head to see Vincent wheel into the room.

Sammy Rochester: What should we do now, Vincent? What does the wise man think we should do.

Vincent, who just looks straight ahead, seems to curl part of his lip… a smile, grotesque and deformed as it may be, forms.

Vincent Mallows: Whatever it is you want to do Sammy.  I won’t hold you back… not this time.

The scene ends there, and the night continues on as the focus cuts away from the locker room.



Back at ringside, the SHOOT Project ring crew works diligently and cautiously as they wrap strands of barbed wire around each of the three ring ropes on all four sides of the ring.  The fans buzz with eager anticipation as they watch while the ring is being prepped.

Dave Dymond: Tonight’s main event, as we mentioned earlier in the program, makes this our third  Revolution in a row that has seen a championship title defended.  Tonight the Laws of Survival Championship will be put on the line by the current champion and self proclaimed King of Survival, Ron Barker.

Other Guy: There ain’t gonna be any love loss in this fight, but blood loss, that’s a whole other story.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, this match to be contested under the ruling of the Law of Blood, which is a barbed wire match. We see the ring ropes wrapped in barbed wire which will play a HUGE part in how this match plays out.

Other Guy: Ya just don’t realize how much those ropes are used, until its very dangerous to even think about using them.

Soon enough the ring crew breaks away, their task complete.  The camera does an aerial pan around the ring once, capturing the barbed wire that now covers the ring ropes.


The sounding of the four bells brings the attention to the ring, where senior official Scott Kamura stands alongside Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s main event is scheduled for one fall, and will be a BARBED WIRE MATCH for the SHOOT Project LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

A quick burst of plain white pyrotechnics shoot off from the top of the entryway and rain down towards the platform stage before and at the same time “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play.  The SHOOT Project video screen showcases artsy renditions of Trevor Worrens in action since he first stepped into the organization and it isn’t long before Worrens appears live, storming out from the back, taking in a fairly nice reaction from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens motivated and driven tonight, and these fans can pick up on that vibe.

Other Guy: No doubt.  Worrens had some seriously heavy words to say this past week, and last week too.  There’s a lot of talk that maybe the sometimes outspoken Worrens has gotten into the head of the veteran, Ron Barker.

Dave Dymond: That might be the case but then again knowing how Barker operates, this could ALL just be a part of some plan to instill false confidence into the challenger here tonight.

Worrens doesn’t tag hands with the crowd, but acknowledges them with a head nod as he passes by.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 233 pounds, HERE IS TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens walks up the steel steps and stands there for a moment, looking at the barbed wire wrapped around the ring.  There is only one opening in the corner where he stands that is completely safe to enter.  Worrens maneuvers his body between the second and top rope and steps into the ring.  He then walks around, looking out at the capacity crowd, and just taking it all in.

Dave Dymond: Not since Redemption has Trevor Worrens been involved in a championship title picture, but tonight that all changes.

Other Guy: And I gotta admit, I’ve ragged on the kid myself about his whole woe is me attitude.  But we have seem some serious changes in Worrens, the dude’s got a focus, a drive, you can tell he wants to be here. Wants to make up for some of the mistakes he made in the past.

Worrens’s music fades out and he waits in the ring, eyes now fixated on the entryway.  “Natural One” by Folk Implosion begins to play now and after a moment, Ron Barker steps out, and the fans immediately begin to boo loudly.

Dave Dymond: What is he wearing?

Other Guy: A whole lot of padding and protection it looks like Dave.

Barker stands just out of the entryway, pointing to his Laws of Survival Championship, but the fans are extra loud in their reaction as Barker sports what appears to be heavily padded black sweatpants, as well as a heavily padded black sweatshirt, both of which articles he wears under his typical black and gold singlet.  Barker also wears black gloves and black boots.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is the current defending LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION… HERE IS “The King Of Survival” RON BARKER!!!

Barker starts towards the ring, an arrogant smirk on his face, but he stops, his music stops, and consecutive bursts of gold pyrotechnics shoot up behind him, all to different heights, forming a shape that is fairly easily interpreted as a crown.

Dave Dymond: Wow, just when you thought you couldn’t hate Ron Barker enough, he pulls this off.  What a damn coward.

Other Guy: Hey to the guy’s credit there are no rules on what you can and can’t wear in a barbed wire match.  Barker is thinkin’ about surviving, and well this was smart on his part.

Dave Dymond: I hate that you’re right, because it means I have to agree with something Ron Barker did… but you’re right. Barker played it smart here, and this recent development puts the challenger at a clear disadvantage.

Barker walks around the ring once, smirking the whole time as he takes in the hatred and the sound of booing from the fans. Barker then jogs up the ring steps and then walks the length of the ring, having no issue touching the barbed wire given the protection he wears. Barker then steps through right in the thick of things, the barbed wire snagging at his sweatshirt a bit, but nothing that would cause Barker any pain.  Barker removes the Laws of Survival Championship from around his waist and holds it high over his head… he says something to Worrens, and Worrens just LOSES IT and he DIVES straight at Barker!

Dave Dymond: This one starting before the bell, and Scott Kamura is going to just let it happen!

Kamura calls for the bell just as Worrens knocks Barker down onto his back. The Laws of Survival Championship falls out of his hand and Kamura quickly snatches it up and passes it out of the ring carefully.  The fans watch on, cheering as Worrens lands mounted palm strikes to Barker, and then starts TUGGING at his wrestling singlet!

Other Guy:  Worrens looking to take away the advantage right from the get go.

Dave Dymond: So now Worrens playing it smart, as what good is padding against barbed wire if it’s not on your body!

Barker fights his way out from under Worrens eventually knocking him to the side.  Worrens is right back up to his feet though, as is Barker who catches Worrens with a quick clothesline.  Worrens goes down hard and Barker shakes his head, fiddling a bit with his padding now as Worrens is on the mat, clutching at the sides of his head. The fans settle in as Barker killed Worrens’s momentum, and Barker now stays on the offense, pulling Worrens up to his feet only to quickly slam him right back down via a body slam.

Worrens sits up, arching his back in slight pain and Barker just runs behind Worrens a few steps, then comes right back with a hard boot to the square of the back! Worrens is up on his knees, holding his back in pain and Barker SLAPS Worrens across the back of the head.  Worrens turns around now, pivoting on one knee, but as he lunges up towards Barker, Barker catches him in a front face headlock.

Dave Dymond: Worrens caught in Barker’s grasp, but again he starts TUGGING at the shirt, trying to remove that protective padding from Barker.

The fans start to pick up, but Barker seems to still have the upper hand. Worrens however shoves all his body into Barker, pushing him back first against the up ring ropes. The padding protects Barker though as he presses against the barbed wire, and suddenly Barker turns his body so he’s facing the same direction as Worrens, and still holding Worrens around the neck, he RUBS Worrens’s head back and forth against the second ring rope!

Other Guy: Barker easily drawin’ first blood here and Worrens’s choice of stipulation just backfired.

After a few rubs back and forth, Barker pulls Worrens away from the ropes and stands him up… the skin on his forehead dotted with blood from the various cuts and scrapes on his now torn up flesh.  The fans cringe and Barker swiftly drops back from there, taking Worrens down with a quick Russian leg sweep. Barker then turns his body to make the cover on Worrens.



Dave Dymond: kick out by Worrens at two, but regardless it seems like Ron Barker has once again found a way to stay on top, somewhere I personally feel he doesn’t belong.

Other Guy: Some people don’t care how they got to the top, Dave, and so it becomes a matter of doing whatever ya gotta do to stay there.

Barker has Worrens up to his feet again and now he forcefully whips Worrens into the ropes. Worrens turns his body, but still collides back first and he doesn’t get much bounce off the ropes. Worrens staggers forward, holding his back and Barker charges, turns his body and then looks for back elbow, but Worrens tries to come back, looking to lift Barker with a back drop suplex, only for Barker to brings Worrens down instead, grabbing him by the head and then just shoving him face first to the mat.  Barker then turns Worrens over onto his back, and while standing over him, follows up with a VICIOUS slap to the face!  The fans boo loudly, but suddenly Worrens grabs at both of Barker’s legs, slides himself through and behind Barker.

Before Barker can turn around Worrens is up to his feet and quickly turns slightly to grab a hold of Barker and connect with a quick inverted backbreaker!  Barker’s back arches off of Worrens’s side and Worrens turns around quickly, and before Barker falls he hooks him from the head behind and drops him with a swift reverse DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: And Worrens RIGHT back into this match up… cover by the challenger…




The fans are not happy as Barker shoulders out forcefully after two.  Worrens stays right on the attack and before Barker can get up, Worrens grabs a firm hold of Barker’s extended arm and turns him over onto his stomach.  Worrens lays one leg across Barker’s back and keeps his other leg bent, so his knee is pressed against the side of Barker’s body.  Worrens the twists the arm slightly while wrenching it back.

Dave Dymond: Innovative arm lock there from Worrens who looks to be torquing the shoulder joint, while also putting pressure on the wrist and elbow joint.

Barker winces in pain now as he struggles against the arm lock, but he still fights on, trying to position his body or move in such a way to counter the painful hold.  Barker tries to roll his body to the side, but Worrens twists the arm in the other direction, forcing Barker to feel more pain.  Barker then opts to use his one free arm and he wildly swings it back, but gets lucky and nails his elbow square into Worrens’s side. Worrens breaks the hold and is up to his feet, clutching at his side now.  Barker works his way up to his feet, his left arm cradled up against his side.  Worrens comes at Barker, only for Barker to send a straight punch into Worrens’s face with his right arm.  Worrens staggers back and Barker reaches out, grabs Worrens’s arm with one arm and then turns his body to whip Worrens into the corner.

Worrens reverses though and Barker is sent sternum first into the lower left corner. He stumbles backwards from it and immediately Worrens locks on a full nelson submission hold. But as Barker flails, Worrens suddenly switches out of it and starts YANKING down at the straps of the singlet, pulling them to Barker’s sides and then Worrens just starts ripping at the collar to the sweatshirt!

The fans come alive as Barker tries to flail about, but the more he flails the more of his sweatshirt Worrens tears at!

Other Guy:  Worrens again chipping away at the sweatshirt!

Dave Dymond: And the more Barker fights, the more Worrens gets the upper hand here.

Barker tries to run away but Worrens has a firm hold and as Barker runs, Worrens YANKS the sweatshirt off of him completely, forcing Barker to fall backwards onto the mat… various bits of padding flying out in different directions! Worrens WHIPS the sweatshirt to the mat and looks at Barker who is on the mat, the upper half of his body now exposed.  Barker gets up to his feet and before he can react Worrens comes at him from behind with a hard running forearm shot. Barker stumbles forward right back into the lower left corner and Worrens quickly turns his around and fires a knee strike to the left thigh, then the right thigh, then a palm strike to the sternum.  The fans on their feet as Worrens backs away from Barker and Barker staggers out of the corner.

Worrens then WINDS up with a HUGE palm strike to the side of the face that spins Barker around and then as Barker stands, back to Worrens, Worrens FIRES with a standing clothesline and Barker falls to his knees, his head scraping against the top rope and his armpits landing down on top of the second rope, which forces the barbed wire right into his flesh, across his chest!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker in a VERY bad spot now but these fans LOVE IT!

Worrens points to Barker, and for the first time ever, actually plays up to the fans.  They start cheering loudly and Worrens backs up a few steps, only to run full speed at Barker, jump up and DRIVE a knee into his back!  The force pushes him into the ropes and the second rope wobbles up and down under Barker as he shouts out in pain!  Barker pulls himself up to his knees, clutching at his chest, but as Worrens turns him around and grabs both of Barker’s arms, a huge line of blood dots runs across Barker’s chest.

Worrens shoves both of Barker’s arms back and then he CHOPS Barker right where he was caught up on the barbed wire! Then another CHOP! Then Another! Then a HUGE Palm strike and Barker is dropped to a sitting position.  Worrens stands over Barker now, wiping away the blood on his forehead.  Worrens then bends down to grab Barker, but Barker tugs at the waistline of Worrens’s black jeans and out of desperation tosses him through the top and middle rope!

Dave Dymond: Worrens left himself open there, and just the image of that barbed wire snagging at his skin as he falls to the outside… needless to say it is not a happy image.

Other Guy: It is if you’re Ron Barker. And you just escaped what could have been a continued beating.

Barker slowly gets up now as Worrens writhes on the outside.  Some scrapes are seen on his stomach, but nothing major.  Barker is all the way up as Kamura checks on the situation. Barker DOESN’T go to the outside while Kamura makes the mandatory ring out knock out ten count.


The fans boo loudly as Barker just stands there, more than happy to take a count out victory.




Worrens stirs on the outside, but the odd spill took a lot out of him.


The fans go from booing to cheering now, looking to get a rally going behind Worrens who works on sitting up. Barker just paces, his face saying he hopes Worrens doesn’t get up.


Worrens sits up and now works his way up to his knees, facing the ring as he tries to pull himself up.


Worrens is up to his feet and Barker comes charging in and looks for a baseball slide under, when suddenly Worrens steps back and grabs both of Barker’s legs!  The fans cheer as Worrens has them held and then with Barker flat on his back, Worrens steps up onto the ring edge… the fans buzzing now… and many are on their feet!

Dave Dymond: What the heck is Worrens thinking here…. What is he…

Suddenly Worrens DROPS back off the mat, pulling down on Barker’s legs forcing Barker up and he COLLIDES with the ring ropes, arms stuck over the second rope again as Worrens hangs off the edge!

Other Guy: What would you call that move, Dave!  Aside from DAMN PAINFUL!

Dave Dymond: A modified catapult I guess as Worrens got Barker half way up and just flung him right into the barbed wire!

The fans buzz and cheer with a mixture of shock and excitement.  Worrens drops to the floor while Barker is spasms now on the mat, clutching at his chest. Worrens then gets up and slides under the bottom rope, nicking his back a bit, but he makes a forceful cover on Barker.  Kamura drops for the count.  Fans on their feet…



THRE… NO!  Barker kicks out just before the three count can be made. Worrens rolls off to the side of Barker and then quickly pulls him to his feet, holding Barker doubled over in a headlock.  Barker suddenly throws a hard punch into the side of Worrens, somewhat of a kidney shot, but Worrens rights through it and looks to hook Barker for a vertical suplex.

Dave Dymond: Worrens looking to capitalize here… but Barker fighting against the suplex…

Worrens tries for the suplex again, but Barker gets his feet back down onto the mat.  Then he suddenly reverses the suplex on Worrens, but instead of suplexing Worrens, Barker lunges forward looking to drop him stomach first onto the top rope… but Worrens pushes off of Barker just enough to clear the ropes and SMASH Barker head first onto the top rope!

Again the fans cheer as Barker staggers back and Worrens moves to the corner now and climbs from the outside.

Other Guy: This is a rare sight, Worrens NEVER goes to the top!

Dave Dymond: Seems to be the only safe way in, though, so it’s a risk that Worrens appears comfortable in taking.

Worrens waits only a second before LEAPING off with a clothesline from the top rope… but as he comes barreling towards Barker, Barker half catches him, then uses his stronger right arm for support to keep Worrens lifted… then he spins… and SLAMS Worrens down via Barker‘s signature black hole slam!!!!!

Dave Dymond: PERFECTION!  Somehow Ron Barker JUST got Worrens into position for that signature out of nowhere slam!

The fans boo loudly as Barker immediately makes the cover, hooking both of Worrens’s legs.



Other Guy: And just like that, Dave it’s…


Dave Dymond: NOT OVER!!!!

YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  The fans go nuts as Worrens kicks out right as Kamura’s hand was about to hit the mat for the three count!

Dave Dymond: Worrens kicked out! This match continues as Worrens JUST kicked out.

Other Guy: and Barker can’t believe it, Dave.  The king of Survival can’t believe that Worrens just survived being hit by Perfection!

Barker sits up, eyes wide as he looks to Scott Kamura. Kamura shows only a two count and motions for the match to continue. Barker is up to his feet and right in Kamura’s face, shouting with a sense of panic and urgency.  Kamura shows two fingers again and then motions for the match to continue once more.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker does not want to believe in what just happened. But like it or not, Ron, it did.  Trevor Worrens kicked out!

The fans continue to buzz with excitement as Worrens now works his way up off the mat. Barker stops yelling at the referee and focuses back on Worrens now.  Before Worrens can get up to his feet Barker grabs him, pulls him up and then takes him down with a quick snapping vertical suplex.  Barker then rolls out of the ring from there, carefully avoiding the barbed wire on the bottom rope.

Other Guy: Barker exiting now and you don’t think, Dave…

Dave Dymond: I do… and I think he is!  Barker making a B-line for the timekeeper’s table.

Barker shouts at Mark Kendrick to get out of the way, and it appears as if Barker is going for the Laws of Survival Championship title, but he reaches past it and from behind the table, pulls out a two by four with the top wrapped in barbed wire!  This causes the once excited fans to boo, though some still buzz with excitement as Barker storms towards the ring with the weapon.

Dave Dymond: Barker must have concealed that before the show, and well barbed wire is involved so that weapon more than legal in this match up.

Other Guy: I thought Barker was gonna walk away this time, but I guess now after Worrens kicked out of that slam, this just got a whole lot more serious for the defending Laws of Survival Champion.

Barker slides the weapon into the ring first then cautiously slides under the bottom rope, but his body catches on the barbed wire a bit, forcing Barker to wince in slight pain.

Dave Dymond: Definitely one of the more dangerous Laws of Survival matches as even leaving the ring can hurt you as we’ve witnessed a few times in this match up.

Barker rises up to his full vertical base, taking a hold of the barbed wire covered two by four once again as he does so. Worrens stirs on the mat and Barker stalks behind him, waiting for Worrens to get up to his feet.  The fans shout out with concern, but Worrens, somewhat groggy, works his way up to his feet, and he turns right into Barker who SWINGS the two by four down right on top of Worrens’s head!  Worrens drops and the barbed wire around the two by four snags at some of Worrens’s hair, tearing out a few strands.  The fans boo loudly now as Worrens writhes on the mat in pain and Barker just DRILLS Worrens in the stomach with the top of the two by four.  Worrens sits up slightly, doubling upwards in pain and Barker then takes the two by four and walks into the upper right corner with it.

With Worrens down, Barker has time to wedge the barbed wire covered two by four into the corner and then he looks back at Worrens, who despite bleeding profusely from the head now, still tries to get up.

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens just a bloody mess now, but that’s not good enough for Barker.

Other Guy:  Barker said he was going to tear the flesh from Worrens’s body. That he was going to end a man that he is just sick and tired of.  I think now,  Barker is done toyin’ around.  I think now, Barker intends on delivering on that promise.

Barker grabs Worrens at this point, holding him in a side headlock position.  Barker then runs full speed towards the corner where the two by four is, and he looks to run Worrens’s head straight into it…

But Worrens with all his strength SHOVES Barker forward and collapses to his knees. Barker can’t stop himself in time and he CRASHES shoulder first into the two by four!

The two by four snaps in half and the barbed wire covered end SMACKS right up against the side of Barker’s face!  Worrens pushes himself up off the mat and before Barker can get up from his slightly seated position, Worrens runs up from behind him and DRILLS him in the side of the face with a running lifting knee strike, and Barker’s face is SMASHED up against the barbed wire covering the two by four even more!

Worrens pulls Barker away from the corner now, and the barbed wire sticks to the side of Barker’s face for a brief moment before sliding a bit and then falling to the mat.  Blood and scratches run down the side of Barker’s face, and Barker is barely able to stand, and Worrens has issue keeping him up, so he lets Barker drop and then Worrens drops as well, changing plans and instead he makes a cover on Barker.

Kamura makes the count…



THREE…. Not quite!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens unable to get the victory there. And he’s worn down, Other Guy. Worrens was going to attempt something to capitalize, but he couldn’t. So he goes for the pin instead, but Barker still fighting.

Other Guy: Ya gotta give credit where credit is due.  Barker’s clinging on to any strength he’s got left to walk out STILL Laws of Survival Champion and Worrens is dishing out whatever he can to win and take the title from him.

Dave Dymond: Without question this has been a grueling match, and somehow it continues on.

Worrens lays to the side of Barker for a moment, then gets up slowly, sitting for a moment… then he gets all the way up to his feet.  Barker stirs on the mat… dragging his body towards the edge of the ring.  Worrens staggers towards him, looking to pull Barker up off the mat, when Barker grabs the broken piece of two by four… suddenly swings around and just BLATANTLY LOW BLOWS WORRENS WITH IT!!!

Other Guy: That was the WORST low blow I have ever witnessed!

Dave Dymond: And easily the most painful low blow Worrens has ever felt as Barker with an old, yet extremely underhanded move right there!

Worrens doubles over, then drops to his knees, clutching at his lower region in extreme pain. The boos that fill the arena are near deafening as Barker once again rolls out of the ring, but this time signals that it’s enough.  He flips up the ring apron and from with under pulls out a large piece of plywood, which has strands upon strands of barbed wire nailed and stapled to it!

Dave Dymond: Oh no.  What has become an integral part of barbed wire and hardcore matches throughout this industry has JUST been brought into play in this Laws of Survival title match.

Other Guy: The bed of barbed wire, and I think I got a pretty damn good idea of what Barker intends on using it for.

Barker slides the “bed of barbed wire” into the ring and gets in as well.  Worrens is on the mat, on his side, still doubled over.  Barker positions the bed of barbed wire next to Worrens and then lifts Worrens up off the mat. Worrens can barely stand and Barker nails him with a right handed punch.  Worrens drops immediately and Barker just pulls him right back up and fires a second punch. Again Worrens ends up going right down to the mat.

Barker pulls him up yet again, but this time holds him up turns and whips him into the ropes.  Worrens hits hard against the barbed wire and stumbles out, almost falling onto his face, but Barker moves towards him and with the last of his strength lifts him up and spins around, looking for a second black hole slam.

The momentum carries Worrens down towards the barbed wire, but at the last possible second Worrens turns out of the slam position and just barely turns his back in mid air to BULLDOG BARKER DOWN ONTO THE BED OF BARBED WIRE!!!

Dave Dymond: What a reversal! Barker planted on that board and my god Barker is spasming!  Barker’s entire body and face have been DRIVEN into I don’t even know how many strands of barbed wire!

With Barker stuck in the mess of barbed wire strands, Worrens heaves the board over and lays on top of it for the cover on Barker.  Scott Kamura drops to make the count.

The fans are on the edge of their seats.


Some fans echo one!


Fans echo two!


There are cheers from the fans that echo throughout the arena along with the sounding of the bell, and “The Pursuit” playing over the arena’s sound system. Samantha Coil therefore, just adds to the noise.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match… and the NEW SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens pushes himself up to his feet, leaving Barker under the bed of barbed wire.  Scott Kamura brings the Laws of Survival Championship Title to him and immediately Worrens’s eyes well up with pride as he takes a hold of the title and holds it HIGH above his head.  The championship hangs down vertically by the leather strap as Worrens holds it, his other arm raised by Scott Kamura.

Dave Dymond: Not since December of 2007 has Trevor Worrens held a championship title here in SHOOT Project, but tonight Worrens once again claims gold.  Tonight once again, Trevor Worrens has become a champion.

Other Guy: and it’s a whole new ball game for Worrens, Dave. The mentality he has now versus what he was feelin’ and thinkin back then… well I’m gonna say he’s ready now. He’s ready to be a damn good champion.

Dave Dymond: I have to agree with you there, O.G.  Trevor Worrens has pushed himself and found a deep seeded passion for this sport inside of him.  And there you see how that has paid off. We have ourselves a new Laws of Survival Champion and that begs the question, WHAT will Worrens’s dance card look like for Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: It’s wide open now, but somethin’ tells me that the ex Laws of Survival Champion is gonna have a word or two in the matter.

Dave Dymond: The BIGGEST Pay Per View of the year is set to go down in just three weeks time, but right now its all about that man in the ring as we conclude Revolution 30.  From the JL Walkup Skydome we’re Dave Dymond and Other Guy, the way to Reckoning Day continues next Sunday… so don’t miss it!

Worrens moves into the corner now and ascends to the second rope.  He takes it all in with a bloodstained face. But he actually smiles. Worrens lifts the title high over his head from the corner, looking out at everyone around him. The camera angle cuts to show a different shot of Trevor Worrens with the title, Barker laying defeated behind him, and hanging behind and above him is a large banner advertising Reckoning Day.

The crowd is cheering as Worrens stands triumphantly with the Laws of Survival Championship title in his hand.

And Revolution fades to black.

“Wait a minute its Osbourne Kilmins…”