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Revolution: 031 – 5/18/08

The show opens cold on SUPER FAN, TIM CALAHAN standing in front of a SHOOT Project backdrop.  He looks ahead into the camera and begins to speak.


Calahan pumps his fists and looks excited.


Calahan waves his arms upward, encouraging more noise, despite there not being any.

SUPER FAN: Careers on the line, MMA AC-SHUN and Tag Teams doing their thing!  Revolution Title madness, special guest commentators, MAN WHAT A NIGHT, right?

He suddenly pauses, shifting moods.

His face is straight.

His eyes are narrowed.

SUPER FAN: And of course the main event.

He stares.

SUPER FAN: Adrian Corazon….  You’re DEAD.

The scene fades, replaced by a very special image.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”


The show cuts from the opening video to a LIVE shot of the fans inside the McKale Center, however, before anyone can get settled…

The lights go out!



Pink strobe lights begin flashing on and off all over the arena and the fans break into a DEAFENING CHORUS OF INDECISION!


Dave Dymond: (Sighing) I guess I really shouldn’t have expected anything else.

Other Guy: Welcome to Revolution, folks, or, I guess…  JONNY-Lution as some of ya’ll been termin’ this shit.  Guess we’re gonna kick Number Thirty-One off with the cat that made this show possible.

“Float On” by Modest Mouse is the familiar song, as everyone prepares for the VERY familiar DEFILER.

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay

Dave Dymond: (Almost off mic, spoken as an aside) A lot more boos tonight.

I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay”

The strobe lights slow down into a series of slow, TRIPPY movements, with a pink spotlight now circling the arena as well, the song building to its chorus.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on okay”

“And we’ll all float on anyway..”

There is a HUGE EXPLOSION OF PYROTECHNICS at the entrance way, and THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON arrives through the curtains, wasting no time getting to the ring. 

“Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand

Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands

Good news will work its way to all them plans

We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Well we’ll float on good news is on the way”

He’s in a dark brown smoker’s jacket covering a red T-shirt that reads “I DONT STAB PEOPLE” in white letters.  His jeans are pre-torn, and his shoes look like they came right out of a hipster convention, a ratty pair of brown and white converse.  He grips tightly onto a single microphone and ignores the comments he receives heading down the aisle.

Dave Dymond: As always, we have no idea what to expect or what we’re going to hear so we’ll apologize now if we have to cut away or Jonny says something out of line or derogatory.  As always, the SHOOT Project does not always share or endorse the beliefs of its employees.

Jonny makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring, his music fading as he makes his way to the center of the squared circle.  The fans, as always, seem to get louder as soon as the music dies, the arena engulfed in BOOS.


Jonny soaks the reaction in, though doesn’t do a lot to play into it either way.

Dave Dymond: A much different response to the DEFILER this week, OG.  A lot more detractors in the crowd tonight.

Other Guy: Ya never know with wrestling fans, Dave.

Despite the majority of fans booing, the front row at the north end of the ring (the side in front of the cameras) has broken into a chain of bowing supporters.

Jonny takes a deep breath and raises the microphone to his lips.

The DEFILER: Welcome to the show I booked.


There are a few cheers to accompany his opening words, but still mostly boo birds.  He continues on much the same.

The DEFILER: I just want to reiterate that I am not going to be out here running shit, tonight.  I don’t want to be in charge of security.  I don’t want special announcers.  I don’t want to embarrass people with my choice of theme songs or by making them do anything they wouldn’t normally do.  I am NOT here to screw anyone over or hurt anyone’s chances of winning.

He pauses and the fans listen intently.

Dave Dymond: Yeah cause your damn bookings already did that for you.  God, what an ASS.

The DEFILER: The point of tonight is for you people to be able to see what SHOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPENING in this company all along.  You’ll get to see Jester Smiles pummeled.  You’ll get to see an INTERESTING Revolution Title match…  The Flying Avengers will FINALLY be punished for being so FUCKING… (Thinking of the right word) …ANNOYING!  You’ll get to hear REAL commentary from a REAL professional wrestler…

His expression grows much more serious.

The DEFILER: And you’ll see Adrian Corazon, BURN FOR HIS SINS!

Jonny shakes his head, and has that all too familiar, “about to go off on something” look in his eyes.  His lips form into a tight scowl and he proceeds with his show-opening interview.

The DEFILER: And you WILL burn, Adrian.  That’s how much I trust Kenji Yamada to take care of his business tonight.  You’re gonna get beat, and it’ll be so bad that… Oh, I don’t know…  you might actually have to wipe that stupid smirk from your SPIC FACE!

Dave Dymond: There is no need for that.  It’s petty, Jonny.  Come on!

Other Guy: Folks, we’re sorry for that.  Dave’s right.

It’s pretty clear that Jonny is not in a real good mood.

The DEFILER: You made me look like an IDIOT LAST WEEK, Corazon.  I hobbled out here after recovering from a STAB WOUND THAT YOU INFLICTED and when it was MY MOMENT TO SHINE…  when it was time for ME to have MY FUCKING REVENGE you laughed off every last thing I said.  You stared me down…  ME, A HALL OF FAMER…  THE DEFILER!  You had the GALL stare at me and smile.

His stare remains intense as he shifts his gaze toward a nearby camera, making sure his message is heard by who needs to hear it.

The DEFILER: You want to get into that game with me, Adrian?  Want to make shit real?  Want to sit around and start “no-selling”?  IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, ADRIAN?  Because I will not hesitate to play back.  I WILL NOT HESITATE TO MAKE THIS AS REAL AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE!  (Calming down a little) So either start acknowledging your fear, or I will bring it out of you the hard way

Despite lowering his voice, Jonny looks like he’s at the point of breaking.  Meanwhile, the fans have continued to let out a stream of heavy “BOOOOOOOOOS” and jeers throughout this entire thing.


The DEFILER: I want you to lose tonight, Adrian.  GOD I want you to FUCKING LOSE. (Beside himself)  I hate you.  I really, really hate you.

He sighs; nothing else to say, but not feeling complete.


The DEFILER: As for everyone else…  Enjoy the fucking show, you faggots.

He drops his microphone and makes his departure.

Other Guy: I think Corazon is really getting to Jonny.  I mean, the cat’s been throwing shit out week after week after week and no matter what Jonny has said or done, Corazon seems to just look stronger and stronger.

Dave Dymond: And tonight, perhaps, may be the end of that streak as the young World Heavyweight Champion will be trapped within the confines of a FIRE DEATH MATCH, staring across the ring at a very eager, VERY DANGEROUS Kenji Yamada.  Tonight… it may be JONNY JOHNSON who leaves the arena laughing.


Jonny slips behind the curtain, never once having made eye contact with a single member tonight’s crowd, and the BOOOOOOS continue until he is completely out of sight.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with both competitor’s careers on the line!

OG: Oh God, this one’s gonna be a nail biter!

Dave Dymond: I wouldn’t count out Aaron Rain just yet, OG. Don’t forget this is SHOOT Project; anything can happen.

OG: The only thing happening this match is Aaron Monsoon discovering wrestling isn’t his sport. Maybe he should try male ice skating; you still get to wear tights, the only difference is there’s no man-on-man contact. I’m sure he takes care of that in his spare time anyway.

Dave Dymond: Shush, OG.

The familiar funky beat of "Phantom" by Justice plays over the PA, and a nonchalant Kilgore Stochanksy appears at the top of the ramp, dressed head to toe in his hooded track suit. Smiling widely he starts making his way down the ring, spreading his arms to welcome the jeers and boos as if they were cheers.

Samantha Coil: First, hailing from Verona, New Jersey and weighing in at 250 pounds….MISSSSTEEERRR KILGORE STOCHANSKYYYYY!

He slides in under the bottom rope and kind of shadow boxes his way over to the far corner, removing his track suit to reveal a pair of black and blue-striped wrestling trunks. He leans on the ropes, casually doing some stretch work before his opponent arrives, despite the entire crowd hissing and heckling him.

Dave Dymond: Although we haven’t seen a whole lot of Tuscon, they seem to know Kilgore pre-tty well here.

OG: It’s Mister Kilgore to you, and of course they know him! He’s a champion of the people!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, fighting out of Calgary, Alberta and weighing in at 220 pounds…AAAAARON RAIN!

"The Real Thing" by Faith No More hits and a determined looking Aaron Rain steps out from behind the curtain to a rather dull reaction. He walks down the ramp way with his eyes locked on Kilgore, very serious at the prospect of losing his job. He climbs up the steps, pausing to look at Kilgore again, before swinging his head under the ropes and taking his place in the opposite corner.

Dave Dymond: A lot at stake here tonight folks. The winner gets to keep his job with SHOOT, while the loser has to pack his bags and head on home…forever.

OG: I hope Aaron Storm can flip a mean burger. He’s gonna need a new profession after tonight.

Chris Jenkins calls for the bell and we’re under way here. Kilgore immediately crosses the ring to meet Rain, his arm extended for a handshake. He looks serious amidst the booing crowd, and seems adamant about displaying some semblance of sportsmanship. Aaron Rain is obviously a little taken aback, unsure of what to do.

OG: C’mon, kid, shake the man’s hand!

Dave Dymond: It looks as if Kilgore may be showing a little class for once.

OG: Of course he is! It’s nothing personal…just business.

Reluctantly Rain puts forth his own arm, only to get smacked upside the head by one of Kilgore’s heavy open hands. The powerful Ukrainian laughs and points his finger as if to say, "Gotcha!" A pissed off Rain grapples Kilgore and whips him into the ropes, hitting him with a big backhand to the chest on the rebound. Stochansky no sells it, nailing Rain with a huge right that knocks him off his feet. As Rain slowly recovers, Stochansky grabs him up by his hair, scoops him up, and slams him hard down on the mat. He then bounces off the ropes and performs a big leg drop, leaving Rain rolling lazily from side to side in a lot of pain.

Dave Dymond: Off to a quick start, Kilgore dominates the match thus far.

OG: I tell ya what, Aaron Puddle can take a hit. Maybe he should look into becoming a professional punching bag.

Wasting no time Kilgore gets Rain back up off the mat, throws him up over his shoulders and nails a brutal Samoan drop. He sits up, sneering arrogantly at the crowd, who have begun to boo and taunt him once again. He gets up and walks around the ring for a bit, soaking in all the attention, before making his way back over to Rain and picking the youngster up again by his hair. At this point Rain throws some weak punches, too dazed to actually land any, Kilgore still watching the crowd stone-faced. Then Stochansky makes like he’s going to Irish whip Rain, yanking him back last minute to put him down with a massive clothesline. All business, Stochansky grabs Rain’s legs and drags him to the center of the ring. He pins him.




Dave Dymond: It looks as if Rain’s not quite finished with yet.

OG: I’ll be back, I gotta use the bathroom.

A little perturbed that Rain kicked out, Stochansky forces him up and whips him into the ropes, hitting him with a hip toss. Rain lands sitting up, holding his body in apparent pain, and he rolls over onto his stomach, still holding himself. Kilgore pulls him to his feet and shoves his head under Rain’s shoulder, hooking Rain’s arm through his legs.

Dave Dymond: And here it is! DEAD BENT!

Rain lands directly on his head and is knocked out COLD. He lays spread eagle in the center of the ring as Kilgore gets to his feet, now smiling as the crowd’s boos are magnified. He sticks his boot in the middle of Rain’s chest, prompting Chris Jenkins for the count.




OG: And this match is OVER!

The bell rings, hardly audible through the anguish of the audience. Kilgore simply struts around the ring with both arms out, calling out thank you’s to some of the fans in the front row. Jenkins tries to wake Rain but it’s to no avail. He’s out like a light. Dymond sounds irritated as he speaks.

Dave Dymond: And there you have it folks. Aaron Rains’ contract has just been extinguished at the hands of Kilgore Stochansky, and I can’t say I approve of it.

OG: Don’t blame Kilgore, blame Jonny! He’s the one that booked this match! And don’t forget, Kilgore’s career was on the line too! What was he supposed to do, bend over and take one for the team?

Dave Dymond: If the rest of tonight is going to be anything like this, we’ve got a long show ahead of us.

OG: What are you talking about? That was over before you could say "unemployed".

Dave Dymond: (sighs) When we return, Osbourne Kilminster vs. Jester Smiles! MMA Rules! NEXT!

Cutting to the back, the full-sized dark blue van is just seen pulling into the loading dock entrance. The large steel gate is lifted up and the van comes to a stop inside. After a moment, the passenger’s side front door opens and Roland Caldwell steps out, and the faint echo of the boos from the crowd at ringside can be heard. At the same time the back double doors of the van are pushed open and Sammy Rochester comes out along with Kenji Yamada.  Roland and Yamada share a look, but then continue about business. Roland pulls open the sliding side door, and Vincent Mallows is seen in his wheel chair, situated on a platform.  The platform slowly juts out from the van and makes a beeping noise as it lowers towards the ground.

The members of the Family just stand there in silence as this occurs.

Dave Dymond: (From ringside) So The Family arriving here tonight and after what went down last week, I can only imagine what they have in store for tonight.

Other Guy: (From ringside) Yeah, especially now that Roland Caldwell is back in action the Family is in complete unity tonight.

After a moment, the platform is at its lowest point and Vincent Mallows wheels himself onto the floor.

Vincent Mallows: First and foremost, welcome back Roland.  We all missed you deeply.

Roland nods his head.

Roland Caldwell: I missed you guys too. But what has been done has been done, as a Family we’ll just move forward and handle the next step in our goals.

Sammy steps forward opening and closing his hands repeatedly, eyes somewhat wide.

Sammy Rochester: My business!  Business with the bad man!  I WILL RIP OUT HIS INSIDES TONIGHT!!!

Rochester screams out, but it is Kenji Yamada who calms him down.

Kenji Yamada: Little brother, Vincent has given us both a chance at hurting some very bad people.  But let’s think about this.  Let’s make them REALLY pay.

Sammy just looks into the eyes of Yamada and suddenly calms down a great deal.

Sammy Rochester: I like the sound of that.  I REALLY REALLY like the sound of that.

And just like that, Sammy acts more like a child than a monster as he claps his hands together with enjoyment and a twinkle in his eyes.

Vincent Mallows: We have MUCH to attend to, my family.  Roland you have decided to meet Eli Storm in the ring tonight yes?

Roland steps in front of Mallows so he can be clearly seen and nods his head.

Vincent Mallows: Good. Just remember that as a part of the agreement, later tonight then you MUST go speak with Jason Johnson regarding your mandatory probation period.

Roland nods again.

Roland Caldwell: Consider it done.

Roland heads off and Mallows attempts a smile, but his deformed face creates a half, somewhat grotesque curve of half the lip instead.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy…

Sammy is next to step in front of Vincent.

Vincent Mallows: Have fun playing tonight.

Sammy claps his hands with excitement.

Sammy Rochester: Oh Mikey and I have LOTS of fun in mind tonight!

Sammy scampers off, though his scampering is beyond creepy given his size. With both Sammy and Roland gone, that just leaves Kenji Yamada.  Slowly Kenji walks in front of Mallows.  The two just look at each other for a long moment.

Vincent Mallows: Tonight is very important, Kenji. You have the most important task of them all.

Yamada simply cracks his neck to the side.

Vincent Mallows: Do well in the name of The Family, and we will do more than well for you.

Kenji Yamada: I get it.  And tonight, I’m going to make sure that The Defiler doesn’t have a whole lot to do come Reckoning Day. If only to get what I want.

Mallows reaches out his one moveable hand and touches Kenji’s arm.

Vincent Mallows: Make me proud then, Kenji.

And Mallows just wheels off deeper into the arena.  Kenji looks on, his lips curling up into a sinister smile.

Kenji Yamada: It will be my pleasure, not your pride Vincent.

Yamada forces a harsh laugh and the scene in the back cuts out, as the focus shifts elsewhere.


 We cut backstage finding the small manager of Gutter Rat, "Big" Ed Johnson, arriving to the arena. He walks confidently, that smug smile upon his round, unshaven face. He proudly strolls in his suit and tie, as SHOOT Reporter, Abigail Chase, intercepts.   "Big" Ed stops, and narrows his eyebrows as he looks up at her.

"Big" Ed Johnson: 
I don’t wanna answer any of your damn questions tonight, lady…  I gotta be somewhere.

Abigail Chase:
  Ed Johnson, tonight your client goes–

"Big" Ed Johnson: 
Listen, ‘Honey’ what exactly don’t you understand? No questions..

"Big" Ed walks around her, and continues on his way down the corridor, looking like he’s got an ‘eXtreme’ amount on his mind..  But of course, being the number one reporter she is, ‘little Abi’ does not give up, and she’s hot on Johnson’s tail.

Abigail Chase:
  If I could just have a word about tonights match then?

"Big" Ed Johnson: 
I’m telling you now, Chase.. Turn around and leave!

  He quickens the pace, as Chase scurries along, annoyingly persistent as she could possibly be.

Abigail Chase:
  :  Do you believe your client can survive this match?

"Big" Ed looks both ways at a hallway intersection, either he’s looking FOR someone, or he’s hiding FROM someone.  But he keeps walking, ignoring the reporter as best he can.  

Abigail Chase:
  C’Mon Ed! Do you think Gutter Rat has a chance of winning the Revolution title tonight??

Suddenly, the nearest door along the corridor is roughly shoved open! It almost flies off its hinges, slamming back against the wall with a loud "BANG!"  Abigail, only feet from the door, jumps back with caution, and her eyes widen with fear as she stares into the doorway…  "Big" Ed chuckles to himself and gives that weasel grin he’s known for…  Yeah, he’s a bonafide slimeball, boys and girls. Make no mistake!

"Big" Ed Johnson: 
Why don’t you ask him yourself?

All of a sudden, the crowd goes absolutely crazy with boos…   The Nasty Rat Bastard steps out from the open doorway, his enormous structure staring menacingly down at Chase.  The long black hair falls down over his massive shoulders, that intimidating tattoo that covers his shoulders…  Pale skin showing shiny beads of sweat…  He steps up to Chase, who patheticly coils in fear from The Monster.

"Big" Ed Johnson: 
Go on, Cupcake…  Ask away!

 The crowd continue to boo as within seconds, Abigail Chase hightails it outta there.   She bolts off as quick as her heels will take her, as Gutter Rat slowly rolls his head to the side, watching her go with no emotion passing under his masked face.   "Big" Ed simply chuckles to himself, as we cut back to ring side once again.

Other Guy:
  Gutter Rat is in the building!


The scene opens up to the middle of the ring where a interview stage up is sitting. Behind the desk is Eli Storm, who is still bandaged up.

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm, looking decidedly edgy, in spite of his guests probation.

Other Guy: That’s some bullshit.  How can Roland do business without touching anyone?

Dave Dymond: He never should’ve in the first place!

Storm grimaces as he pulls the microphones in front of him closer so he can speak.

Storm: Well, people this is the moment that you are waiting for. Fuck an introduction, just play the bastard’s music.

Lights go out bank by bank.  Then the lights fade up red as Summer Overture – Remix by Clint Mansell begins pounding the psyches of all in the arena.

And no one comes out

The music continues and Storm stands up and begins to glance around.  He paces in the ring, drenched in red light.

Storm: So is this the game we’re going to play?

The music stops abruptly.

Then it restarts.

The crowd boos with impatience and Storm braces himself in the ring.   As the music continues, there’s a flutter at the ring apron and Roland Caldwell slides into the ring.  Roland immediately tips the interview desk over and knocks the set dressing out of the ring and onto the arena floor.

Storm turns and meets Roland, and they stare face to face.  As they stare at each other, Eli looking lightly up at Roland, and Roland begins to smile as the lights come back on.

Eli Storm averts his eyes.

Roland: How’s your head?

Storm takes a couple steps back and looks out at the crowd, he begins to speak but stops and takes a deep breath.

Storm: Nothing a lawsuit won’t cure.

Roland: Now that’s tough.  Threaten a lawsuit.  What real men do.  Besides, you know full well that you can’t sue me and keep your precious career going.  And you also know full well that I was suspended, fined, and I am now not allowed to strike anyone outside the context of a match until after Reckoning Day.  You have what you want.  The question is…

Roland takes a step forward, towards Storm.  Storm stands his ground and meets Roland’s stare.

Roland: The question is, are you going to be  man and allow me to finish the job I started?  At Reckoning Day will you allow me to finally put the nails in your career‘s coffin?  The sheep want to know!

Roland points out at the crowd.

Storm: You know I’m not allowed to wrestle for 6- 8 weeks. If you can’t wait, you only have yourself to blame.

Roland: What a big man you think you are.  Taking the higher ground when YOU attacked ME!  Why the hell do you ask to confront me if you’re simply going to hide in the shadow cast by a medical clearance? 

Roland looks Storm up and down.

Roland: You make me sick.

Storm: I know what you are trying to do, Roland. I’m not going to play that game. I’m strictly here to interview you.

Roland:  Oh.  I see.  You can still walk.  You can still talk.  But you have no heart.  So interview me.  I know what you should ask me about.  Ask me about medical waivers.

Storm: Funny, are you happy at the damage you have causes other wrestlers?

Roland: Oh no.  Well.  Yes, I am, but that’s not my point.

Roland pulls out a crumpled piece of paper.

Roland: You know what this is?

Storm shakes his head.

Roland:  This is the medical waiver I had to sign in order to wrestle at Malice.

Roland pulls out several more forms.

Roland: Revolution 9.  Revolution 12.  Animosity.  So on.  So forth!  You see, Eli, I typically have to sign these forms to wrestle, because depending on the doctor, they see my concussion history and some don’t think I should step into this ring.

Roland throws the forms at Storm.  Storm just stands there, seemingly unsure what to do.

Roland: But I do.  I must.  And I sign because sometimes there are issues that are more important than your quality of life at age 60.

Roland tears his shirt open, revealing a chest covered with large, angry scars, raised slashes that coat his chest and back from the wars he’s fought.

Roland: My scars run deep and I continue to fight because otherwise there is no me, and there was no reason for these.  And those papers are what I’ve signed since I came her to continue my career.

Roland pulls another form from his pant‘s pocket, this one clean and unwrinkled.

Roland: This is what you’ll sign to wrestle me at Reckoning Day.

Roland hands the form to Storm.  Storm looks at it and wrinkles his face with disgust.

Storm: What makes you think I’m signing this?

Roland: Because what choice do you have?  What are you going to do?  You’re entire career has been built on hogging glory and limelight.  And now I’m showing the world how you can try to get your revenge at the biggest show of the year and you’re going to say no?  You’re going to turn down your chance at Reckoning Day?  If you do, you’ll prove to everyone how much of a coward you are.  How broken you are.  You’d be done.  Finished in this business.  Everyone would know.

Roland smirks.

Roland:  I know you want your revenge.  I know the anger burns inside you…  You won’t shut up without this.  You won’t stop.  So why wait?  Why wait?  Lash out.  Deal with me now!  Try to burn me! 

Storm: I’m not one of the rookies in the back looking to make a name for himself. I’ve had my time in the spotlight. I know when and where to pick my battles, Roland.

Roland:  I thought you wanted to grab the glory back, get back to the top.  That’s the reason you came after me!  And here you are, folding like a paper airplane.  When the going gets tough, Storm gets going.  You come after me, and after I hit back you walk away. 

Roland spits on the mat. 

Roland: I was right, you aren’t worth my time.

Storm: We’ll get our time. But I’m not about to risk my career.

Storm drops his microphone to some boos and climbs out of the ring.  Roland frowns.

Roland: I know a lot about you, Eli.  More than you know. 

Storm looks back and waves Roland off.

Roland: And now I know it for sure.  You’re no better than Matthew Kanyon.

Roland Caldwell smiles that smile.

Storm stops and looks at Roland for a moment.  A flash of deep anger crosses his face and then…

It’s gone.  Storm shakes his head and slowly walks to the back.

Roland surveys his destruction as Summer Overture – Remix begins.



Other Guy: You know what I’ve got here, Dave?

Dave Dymond: No… What’s that?

Other Guy: I’ve got a piece of paper with Eric Smiles’ martial arts resume.

Dave Dymond: Eric "Jester" Smiles?

Other Guy: One and the mofo same, Dave. And you know what?

Dave Dymond: What?

Other Guy: I know one of the backstage hands somehow got a copy of this and put it in the hands of a certain Osbourne Kilminster this evening. You know what he said?

Dave Dymond: I bet he laughed or wiped his ass with it or something, right?

Other Guy: Nope. He said… and I believe this is verbatim – "Fuck."

Dave Dymond: Are you serious? What’s on the resume?

Other Guy: Well, Jester’s been into martial arts since he was eight years old, apparently… He has a brown belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, made national level wih the Armstrong High School Wrestling team, gained a Third-Class Sportsman in Sambo, and that’s just the grappling… his striking is equally impressive… two years of Muay Thai training, blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, purple belt in American Kempo, five years of training in American kick-boxing and on top of all that he’s a fifth degree black belt in Hapkido.

Dave Dymond: I never knew all of that… I mean, I knew he did some kickboxing and wrestling, but all of that?

Other Guy: I know, at first I thought it was some kind of psychological game to freak out Osbourne, but then he turned up today with a crew from his Hapkido school and it’s all legit.

Dave Dymond: Wow. That’s quite the resume there…

As the lights dim, green and purple spotlights flicker over the audience packed into the McKale Center, accompanied by the cheer-inducing "The Show Must Go On" by Three Dog Night. Stepping out from behind the curtains is a barely familiar Jester Smiles wearing a white Ju-Jitsu-type gi tied with his 5th Dan Hapkido belt which matches up with the "Northern Virginia Hapkido Academy" logo sewn onto the breast of his gi. His usual colours can be seen in the purple and green MMA gloves and purple and green ankle supports. Focused, he nods his head slowly and the adrenaline surge can almost be visibly seen as he shakes his body and suddenly becomes very animated, leaping about the stag and leaning down to both sides of the walkway to shake hands with his fans.

Dave Dymond: Did we really have any doubt as to who the fan faavourite would be tonight?

Other Guy: No, but if we did then we certainly don’t now!

Dave Dymond: Wait… who’s this?

Jester suddenly leaps to his feet and points back to the curtains at a man almost completely concealed by baggy black track pants and an oversized hoodie. Some of the fans hush for a moment, uncertain, but as man man pulls back his hood and gazes about, the cheers return ten-fold and more as Jester rushes to hold the man’s hand high!

Dave Dymond: Can it really be…?

Other Guy: That’s Jonathon Wehali! The last World Champion of OPW!

Dave Dymond: That he was, and now it looks like he’s here to corner for Jester.

Other Guy: Didn’t he have something of a feud with Osbourne Kilminster when he had his stint over in OPW?

Dave Dymond: That he did, and as I recall, he always had the better of Osbourne, which has probably factored into Jester’s reasoning for having Wehali out here tonight.

Strolling confidently down to the ring, Jester bounds over the top rope and holds it up to allow his esteemed corner-man to enter the ring. The fans in attendance roar their approval to Jester, clearly hailing him as their favourite for the bout. The music fades out as Jester makes his way to a corner, ushered there by referee Willie Dean who reminds Nightmare that he must remain outside of the ring until instructed that he may re-enter.

Other Guy: Can you just feel the atmosphere change when Jester’s music fades out like that?

Dave Dymond: It almost feels cold in here now.

Other Guy: We’ve been stuck, silent, in the dark for ten seconds or so and I’m feeling a little scared…

Suddenly, red flames shoot up from either side of the curtains and an explosion of sound bursts out through the arena as the dramatic "Warriors of the World" by Manowar brings hairs up on the back of every neck in the building, but none moreso than on the neck of Jester Smiles, who paces about at the far side of the ring, flicking his arms out to either side. As three figures emerge from behind the curtain, all eyes are silently upon them, the lead figure stepping forward wearing his trademark chainmail head and chest armour set atop his blue-tinted sunglasses. Stopping halfway down the walkway, he throws off his chainmail and rips off his sunglasses, stripping down to the the raw components of his MMA fighting gear – the urban camo shorts with blue ICQB logo, the black Ouno gloves and his black ankle supports. Flexing his pecs and traps, he stares down Jester until his elected cornermen catch up with him, massive muscle-monsters wearing ICQB T-shirts who flank him and raise the to ringrope to allow him entry, but he doesn’t get very far before Willie Dean places a hand on his chest to stop him and reminds him of the rules of the contest, checks his cup and gumshield and banishes the cornermen to the outside of the ring. The music fades and the lights gleam brightly once more, leaving the fans to gaze upon the spectacle before them.

Dave Dymond: I couldn’t hear a damn thing through the whole of Osbourne’s intro for the boos.

Other Guy: Me neither, man, but he earned them this week.

Dave Dymond: The things he accused Jester father of are unspeakable. What a despicable man to come up with that stuff. It’s disgusting.

Other Guy: It was, man. Real sick shit, but that’s hopw he rolls. He likes to get in his opponent’s head, throw ’em off their game.

Dave Dymond: There’s limits, man. There’s limits. He’s half a step away from plunging the same depths as Donovan King, and that’s saying something.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… both competitors have now entered the ring…

A loud cheer from the crowd cuts her off for a moment…

Samantha Coil: First, standing at six feet and six inches tall… weighing in at 245lbs and hailing from Richmond, Virginia… he is ERIC "JESTER" SMILES! SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILEEEES!

The fans love Jester and he holds up his right hand to salute the cheering masses.

Samantha Coil: …and secondly, standing at six feet and two inches tall… weighing in at 235lbs… hailing from Birkenhead, England but fighting out of Reno, Nevada… he is OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! KILMINSTEEEER!

The deafening raining of boos does little to dampen Osbourne’s spirits as he bites deep into his gumshield and stares coldly across the ring at his opponent.

Samantha Coil: This match will be fought by Mixed Martial Arts Rules. There will be three rounds of five minutes each, with one minute between them. This match can be won by knockout, submission, the decision of our ringside physician, Lars Laczjic, or by the decision of the referee, Willie Dean. In the event of the contest lasting all three rounds with no clear winner, it will be decided by Willie Dean!

Willie takes a bow and waves his hand to the fans in all directions, many paying him the same respect.

Other Guy: So, Osbourne’s got his ICQB homeboys working his corner and Jester Smiles has Jonathon "Nightmare" Wehali in his… the tale of the tape has Jester four inches taller and ten pounds heavier…

Dave Dymond: I follow MMA very closely, and I can tell you right now that it’s not as simple as reading the stats. Much as I strongly dislike Osbourne, he’s about as experienced as they come and this is his game. For all Jester’s resume, none of those arts seem to have really been joined-up and put together as solidly as Osbourne’s. Standing up, the advantage may go to Jester, just on account of his reach… On the ground? I would have given it to Osbourne until you said Jester has a BJJ brown belt…

Other Guy: I’m with you, man. This is going to be a damn interesting contest.

Willie Dean: (To Osbourne) ARE YOU READY?

Osbourne Kilminster simply nods and smirks.

Willie Dean: (To Smiles) ARE YOU READY?

Jester nods his head and shows his thumbs.

Willie Dean: FIGHT!

Dave Dymond: Here we go!

Both men raise their fists and walk out toward the centre of the ring, circling cautiously. Osbourne throws out a leg kick with little power, but enough to gauge his range.

Nightmare: USE YOUR REACH!

Jester throws out a left jab which Osbourne blocks with ease.

Dave Dymond: Already strong cornering from Wehali…

Osbourne lurches forward, dropping to one knee to shoot for a takedown, but Jester gets his hips back and even manages to drive a solid left hook into the face of the Englishman as he backs out and circles away. As Osbourne stands, he turns around just in time to block a high spinning kick, but there’s no respite as Jester plants his foot to the mat and instantly springs up with a jumping crescent kick which forces Osbourne to keep the ropes to his back as he circles away.

Other Guy: Sweet Matrix shit from Jester fuckin’ Smiles!

Dave Dymond: Wow. No doubt about those kickboxing and Hapkido credentials now… nor the wrestling! Nice sprawl early on!

Osbourne Kilminster shakes his head and smiles before throwing out a left jab into Jester’s eyes and swinging a HARD kick deep into his left leg. Jester staggers back a little but has the sense to throw up a tepe kick to block Osbourne’s advance, but Kilminster locks onto the leg and drives forward, looking for the takedown, but Smiles leaps up and connects a headkick with his free leg that brings both men to the mats. Jester scrambles to his feet first, but Osbourne isn’t far behind.


As Jester glances over to Wehali, he eats a right hook from Osbourne and covers up in time to block a left uppercut before throwing a left-right down the pipe to force Osbourne back a couple of paces, but Jester stops when he realises Osbourne is timing the punches to look for the shoot. Stepping back in, Osbourne blocks a spinning backfist, but is rocked a little and takes a solid right roundhouse deep into the abs and stumbles back, covering up as Jester follows up with some heavy body punches, driving Osbourne into the ropes before tagging his chin cleanly with a left knee that drops him. Willie Dean is right on top of it, looking to call for the knockout, but Osbourne catches hold of Jester’s legs and yanks them from under him to take side-control.


Dave Dymond: Jester is surprising everybody right now…


Other Guy: Osbourne’s quite happy holding onto side-control here, clearing some cobwebs, maybe? But Nightmare shouting about breathing, do you think Jester gassed himself out with that flurry?

Dave Dymond: I don’t know… he might have done…

Osbourne grabs a handful of Jester’s gi collar and plants his knee on Jester’s stomach, preparing to move to mount, but the BJJ brown belt swings legs legs out and around to offbalance Osbourne, coming up onto his knees behind Osbourne with a waistlock, but Osbourne uses the handful of gi to pull himself face-to-face with Jester as they get up to their feet, Osbourne releasing the garment to slam a hard elbow into the side of Jester’s head. Jester wobbles, but it’s not enough and he uses the waistlock to toss Osbourne away with a release belly-to-belly suplex, getting to his feet a split second before Osbourne and in time to land a picture-perfect spinning back kick that connects with Osbourne’s chin and knocks him to the canvas just as the airhorn sounds!


Willie Dean watches as in opposite corners of the ring, small stools are placed upon which each of the fighters sit. In Osbourne’s corner, we can see his two cornermen tending to a cut which has opened up on his chin. In Jester’s corner, we can see Nightmare towelling him off and letting him sip from a bottle of water. The fans are all cheering.

Other Guy: I’d say that’s 10-9 Jester.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, I’d have to go with that. He’s dialled in his distancing and his strikes are on target every time. Great round for Smiles.

The airhorn sounds again and the crowd roar as the stools and corner-men return to their positions outside of the ring. Willie looks to each fighter and it takes a slight nod from each to get the ball rolling.

Willie Dean: ROUND TWO! FIGHT!

This time, Osbourne rushes out from his corner and eats a knee to the face as he scoops the bigger man off his feet, up onto his shoulders and slams him right down onto the mat.

Other Guy: Ooh! Someone got his mojo back!

Landing in Jester’s half-guard, Osbourne’s right leg is trapped, so he drives his left hand deep behind Jester’s neck and secures a handful of gi collar before driving his right elbow repeatedly into Jester’s left leg. As he drives it in time and time again, Jester gets an uncomfortable whizzer on Osbourne’s left arm and starts to work on a shoulder crank, but his left thigh gives way and Osbourne’s knee comes through as he moves for full mount, but Jester holds onto the whizzer, digs his ankle in deep over Osbourne’s left leg and under his ass, bridges and turns, forcing and forcing until it overturns the Englishman and Jester lands in his guard.


The crowd chant "JES-TER SMILES!" repeatedly to offer him all the support they can!

Keeping his back straight, Jester takes a second to catch his breath, but Osbourne is very comfortable with his opponent in his guard and sits up to grab the gi and pull Jester down. Grabbing opposite sides of Jester’s gi collar, Osbourne clamps up for a choke, but Jester pins Osbourne’s elbows down to block it, but in doing so he leaves himself open for Osbourne to switch his hands to clasp Jester’s right gi sleeve, roll on one shoulder and bring a leg over Jester’s face to lock in an armbar! Forcing his legs straighter and straighter, he forces Jester onto his back and locks in the armbar even tighter!

Dave Dymond: I hate the guy, but you can’t deny his slick ground-skills…

Nightmare: ROLL INTO IT!

Almost as if hearing his corner-man, Jester rolls his left shoulder in toward Osbourne and works up to his knees, but even as the armbar slackens, Osbourne switches his legs, one now over the shoulder and around the neck of Jester, the other clamping it into a triangle choke!

Other Guy: Another submission!

Jester takes the deepest breath he can as he’s slowly constricted, Willie Dean watching closely as Smiles gets to a squatting position and hoists Osbourne up to waist-height as he stands before slamming him down head-first onto the canvas! Osbourne remains tenacious, keeping the choke on as Jester’s face begins to burn purple as he sucks up the last of his strength and executes another slam! Osbourne’s not hurt, but his grip is lost, his legs unwittingly breaking free, but he keeps a tight grip of the right arm, figure-fours it and clamps on a keylock, switching his hips out to the side and using his left leg across the small of Jester’s back to hold him in place!

The fans roar their cheers for Jester in his hour of need!


Again, Jester heeds the wise words of the former OPW World Champion and turns his hips to line up with Osbourne’s and postures enough to make Osbourne’s grip awkward and too dofficult to maintain! With a gasp of exasperation, the arm is released and Jester quickly glues his hands to Osbourne’s hips, keeping his elbows tucked in defensively!

Dave Dymond: That was a series of lucky escapes by Jester.

Other Guy: That right arm must be hurting like a bitch right now…

Dave Dymond: I’ll bet it does!

As Jester takes some deep breaths, Osbourne begins driving deep, scything elbows into either side of Jester’s head, rocking it. Jester fires back with some 1-2 body-punch/hammerfist to the face combos, but Osbourne blocks. Boring of the strikes, Osbourne reaches his hands over Jester’s back to grab onto his belt as he tucks his feet under Jester’s thighs, pulling on the belt and elevating his legs at the same time, releasing the belt as he holds Jester in the air, instead grabbing onto the left gi sleeve and yanking it as he turns, dumping Jester on his back and floating over to take side control, his chest heavy upon Jesters as he reaches over to secure the right arm!

Other Guy: That right arm again!

Dave Dymond: He’s created a weakness there, and he’s not likely to just let it go.


Osbourne contends with the right arm, as whenever he tries to bend it, Jester straightens it or bends it in the other direction. Frustrated, Osbourne drives a series of back elbows into the side of Jester’s head to distract him enough to lock on a Kimura, but just at the very second he does so, the airhorn sounds!


Willie Dean steps in to pull the men apart and pushes them in the direction of their respective corners, Osbourne taking nice, deep breaths as he takes a seat on his stool and is fanned and towelled by his conrner-men. Jester is wincing and cradling his right arm as he sits on his stool, but nods to Wehali and insists he’s fine.

Other Guy: 10-9 Osbourne?

Dave Dymond: I hate to give that guy anything, but yeah, he earned a 10-9 in that round.

Other Guy: Level going into the third… What do you think we’ll see?

Dave Dymond: No idea. None at all.

The airhorn sounds for the pen-ultimate time and, once again the stools and corner-men quickly vanish as the crowd cheers loudly. Willie Dean barely has to look at either competitor before he calls it.


Again, Osbourne rushes out, but this time finds himself stuck on the end of a series of down-the-pipe lefts and rights that batter him back into his corner as he covers up. Swinging up high with left and right hooks, he forces Jester to take a step back and finds the opening to drive home a solid left uppercut and an overhand right that drops Eric to one knee! Smiles avoids a Superman punch by butt-scooting back and getting to his feet at roughly the same time as Osbourne!

The crowd cheer loudly at the brief lull before both men fire off with simultaneous body kicks! Both are rocked by right roundhouses homing in on their ribs, but Jester is quicker with the follow-up kick, going higher and connecting solidly with Osbourne’s face and knocking him onto his back! Kilminster’s face is covered in blood from the eyes down as both cheeks are lacerated and the cut on his chin has widened and is pouring blood like a crimson fountain. Rather than drop down, Jester takes a step back and beckons for Osbourne to get up to his feet.

A LOUD cheer rises from the fans as Willie Dean stands between the two men to allow Osbourne time to stand and regain his composure before allowing the fight to continue.

Dave Dymond: Look at that mess… that whole area of the ring canvas is red…

Other Guy: It’s a lot of blood, but it’s not impairing his vision, right? The guy can see, he’s good to fight, right?

Dave Dymond: That’s about right, yeah.

Osbourne and Jester circle eachother, Osbourne’s hands closer to his head to guard it. Both men’s legs twitch as they measure and contemplate with every second, but Osbourne strikes first, in a heartbeat switching to a southpaw stance and bringing his left leg up high, the shin crashing through Jester’s injured right arm and into his face! It’s enough to rock the bigger man as he staggers, allowing Osbourne to rush in with punches from the left and right connecting with Jester’s face time and again!


Jester tries to cover up, but Osbourne’s punches are heavy and fast, switching from straights to his power-punches, swinging in the lefts and rights with hooks and uppercuts and overhands, but a single right uppercut from Jester connects with the torn chin of Osbourne and forces him to back up a few paces. As Jester lifts his head, the extent of his new injuries is revealed and his eyes are surrounded by red swellings. Almost as the fans look at him, they can see his right eye closing up. Osbourne wipes his chin and notices his blood trailing all the way down his torso and to the canvas.


The crowd chant for their hero, the "JES-TER SMILES!" chants picking up as the two men circle eachother, breathing heavily.

Jester throws a low kick to Osbourne’s left leg, which he checks and fires back with his own, which Jester checks. Jester throws a right roundhouse to the ribs, which Osbourne absorbs with a wince before throwing back his own, which Jester eats with a wince. Throwing his right leg high, Jester’s kick is blocked by Osbourne who secures the leg and drives forward for the takedown, but Jester steps back and drives a left fist hard into Osbourne’s face, stopping him dead in his tracks, down on his knees. Still holding onto the right leg, Osbourne eats a second, a third, a fourth punch to the face before he manages to drive through and get the takedown, floating right over and into mount, but as he straddles his opponent and looks to pick his shots, his blood pours out over him. Jester fires up from his back with a couple of punches, which Osbourne blocks before firing back with elbows that land heavy about the eyes of the clown!

The audience, watching on the SHOOT-Tron gasp as each drives in. Jester’s rams flailing as he tries to palm Osbourne away.

Dave Dymond: Smiles truggling to defend…


More elbows rain in and then, suddenly, Jester manages to do just that, securing Osbourne’s right arm and locking the leg, bridging and rolling to come up in Osbourne’s guard and rain down punch after punch into Osbourne’s already battered face. Willie Dean watches closely as Osbourne writhes about, trying to block the punches, but they just keep coming and Dean steps in, grabbing Smiles by the shoulders and dragging him off Kilminster, leaving him lying on his back in his corner before waving his arms to end the contest. Dr Lars Laczjic slides into the ring with a team of medics and tends to Osbourne, who’s climbing to his feet despite the protestations of both his corner-men and the medics, making his way over to Willie Dean.

Osbourne Kilminster: Wha… Why’d you… Why stop it?

Dave Dymond: Osbourne just had no energy to defend himself at the end there, but he still thinks he had it, he still thinks he could have fought on! That’s either stupidity or great courage!

Other Guy: No doubting it, he came and he’s leaving here with a loss, which is never going to sit well with him, but still… Fought like a fuckin’ lion tonight.

Shaking his head, Willie helps the medics and Osbourne’s corner get him back to his stool and looks over to the other side of the ring where Jester is having his cuts tended to by Nightmare.

Samantha Coil: At four minutes and fifty three seconds of the third round, Willie Dean has called a stop to this contest… for your winner by… TKO… JESTER SMILES!

Other Guy: There’s the official announcement there. Smiles takes it.

Dave Dymond: I can’t hide my feelings on this, I really can’t help but laugh that Osbourne beaten down. It would have made me sick if he’d got a W in his collumn after the way he spoke about Jester’s family this week.

The crowd cheers loudly for their hero, even more loudly as Jester turns to watch Osbourne being helped up the walkway by the medics and his team, holding up a victorious gloved fist drenched in blood and throwing his gumshield after them. Osbourne breaks free from the medics and looks back, and pointing to Jester, shaking his head before the medics and his corner-men get a hold of him once more and drag him back behind the curtain.

Dave Dymond: Ugh. That man’s just disgusting.

Other Guy: Dude lost, but no need to be a bitch about it. No need for that disrespect.

Osbourne endures a couple of minutes of the crowd’s cheers, holding his hands high and throwing his blood-stained gi-top out into the front row before making his way to the back, followed by a laughing Jonathon Wehali.


After a short break, we return to Revolution to find ourselves in the office of none other then Jason Johnson, who happens to be seated behind his desk. Standing in front of him in casual clothing is a distantly familiar face—NC-17 to be precise, and he looks uncharacteristically nervous. Shaking Jason’s hand, the former SHOOT superstar takes a seat and wipes the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

Jason: Ah, NC-17. Long time no see. I understand you’re here to see me about getting your job back?

NC-17: Well, before I say anything, Mr. Johnson sir, I just wanted to congratulate you on the acquisition of your new Porsche. It’s an excellent ride, and I’m sure you’ll take good care of it.

Jason: I…don’t…have a Porsche?

NC-17: Oh, you do now. Me and Barbie scraped some money together and bought you one. Ya know, it’s not like we, uh, wanted to influence your decision to bring me back or anything like that. Strictly because we love what you do for SHOOT, and uh, you know. That kinda stuff.

Jason: Are you even working?

NC-17: Well, no, but we sold the house and Barbie auctioned off one of her kidneys. Which, by the way, I meant to ask you if we could stay on your back porch for a little while? Just until we find a good homeless shelter to live in…I promise we won’t make a lot of noise.

Jason: Well, er, I’d…have to think about that one. Listen, about your job. If I remember correctly you took an extended leave of absence? Something or other about finding yourself?

NC-17: Mmhm, yeah. So, I can have it back?

Jason: Well, it’s not that easy. I don’t mean to be a dick or anything, and believe me…we recognize that you bring a certain amount of talent to the table. But SHOOT Project is tight-knit group of loyal…responsible…and reliable athletes. If I sign somebody on, I want to make sure that they’re going to show up to all their matches without a second thought. You took your hiatus after a particularly brutal match you had with Sammy Rochester, didn’t you?

At this point NC-17 has withdrawn a small golden pendulum from his pocket and is swinging it methodically in front of Jason Johnson’s eyes. The SHOOT owner stares back rather amused.

NC-17: You are getting sleepy…you are getting veeeery sleepy….now. At the sound of my fingers snapping you will awake and tell me that I can have my job back. You will also give me a stack of hundred dollar bills and your bank account number.

NC-17 snaps his fingers but Jason Johnson just shakes his head.

Jason: I’m being serious, Seventeen. I expect each and every one of my wrestlers to be one hundred percent committed to their job. I don’t want you back unless I know you’re not going to be having any second thoughts.

NC-17: Can I give you a foot massage? Your feet look real tense.

Jason: Mr. Seventeen…

NC-17: [[angrily]] Alright Mr. Johnson, ya got me! I can’t seem to change your mind, so YOU tell ME. What do I have to do to get my job back?

Jason: I need you to do me a favor.

Digging in his pocket, NC-17 pulls out a tube of lipstick and applies it messily to his lips. He walks around the desk and gets on his knees, giving Johnson a final pleading look.

NC-17: Alright. Let’s get this over with.

Jason: NO, not THAT kind of favor! I just need you to promise me that you’re going to give it your all this time. I need to be able to count on you.

Jason gives NC-17 a cross look.

Jason: Do you think you’ll be able to do that?

Getting back up on his feet rather sheepishly, NC-17 nods, scratching the back of his head.

NC-17:Yeah, I can do that Mr. Johnson.

Jason: Good. Then it’s a done deal.

Walking towards the office door fully intent on leaving, NC-17 pauses and looks back one last time, eyebrows raised.

NC-17: You sure you don’t want that favor?

Jason: Yes, Seventeen. I’m sure.

The returning SHOOT superstar stands a moment longer, as if to keep the offer open.

Jason: Goodbye, Mr. Seventeen.

And with that, the camera fades back out.


A plain white table cloth covers a simple table, empty plates with their cutlery neatly placed on top. Beautiful tall palm trees surround the tables, as discussions around the restaurant make it almost deafening for anyone to truly get their views across. That is of course, apart from one table.  A waiter is shooed away for maybe the third time this evening, as two men continue to have their dinner meeting with one large monstrous man sitting at another table.

Johnson: "You know Heart, finding someone who thinks along the lines of someone like myself, is like finding a shiny, fresh apple in a crowded cow pasture, and you would NOT believe the amount of Bullshit I had to wade through to get to this point. It has been, dear sir, a pleasure.”

Heart: It is indeed a rarity, but the most important issue during this discussion is that we understand each other. Because, if we do, then this company’s future will lay in our hands.

Johnson and Heart begin to laugh simultaneously their laughter begins to grow in volume to the point where all other discussions have become silent.



Returning to the ring, “Money Talks” by AC/DC begins to play, and the SHOOT Video screen comes alive to show shots of Arion Catcher in wrestling action.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up is scheduled for one fall and will be for the SHOOT Project REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Arion Catcher makes his way out from the back now, proudly carrying with him the Revolution Title.  The Tucson crowd gives the young champion hell as he walks towards the ring, making sure to shout out exactly how they feel about him.  Some shouts of “You Suck!” can be heard while others just boo loudly, continually pointing their thumbs downward.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 167 pounds… he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion.  Here is Arion Catcher!!!

Catcher ignores the fans who don’t like him and just looks dead ahead at the ring, a stern look on his face.

Dave Dymond: So as the night of Defiler made matches continues we’ll see Arion Catcher defending his Revolution title, just TWO weeks before Reckoning Day against, well, someone back in the locker room waiting for their chance to be a champion.

Other Guy: And that could be just about anyone, Dave. This match was literally booked as whoever gets to the ring first.  So it doesn’t matter who’s next in line for a shot, Catch Warren’s number one contendership does not get him an automatic spot in this match up… it’s ALL been wiped clean.

Dave Dymond: At least for this night as Catch Warren IS still the number one contender and he can make a claim for the title here tonight OR hold onto his shot to see how this match plays itself out.  Regardless of who comes out, its still a major disadvantage for Arion Catcher who doesn’t know WHO to be prepared for.

Catcher paces about in the ring now as his music finally dies down. The crowd buzzes with anticipation as they look to the entryway.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Catcher stops pacing, eyes fixed on the entryway, when suddenly the SHOOT video screen comes back to life, shifting the focus to the back.  Jack Heart marches his way down a corridor and some cheering from the fans can be heard.

Dave Dymond: The British Kicking Machine on his way down to the ring, this could mean that…

Suddenly a door nearby swings wildly open and SMACKS Jack Heart square in the face.  Heart goes down and Crush Heart steps out of the doorway.  He stands over Jack and now starts stomping the life out of him!

Other Guy: Guess that put a stop to that as Crush Heart gets the jump and now Crush the man headin’ to the ring!

Crush walks with authority towards the gorilla position, only to stop as he sees D-Dawg battling it out with Flint Cloud and Gutter Rat!  The three are just brawling it out, neither of the three men letting the others get through the final curtain that leads into the ring area.  The fans can be heard much more loudly now and Crush Heart looks to charge through, only for Flint Cloud to suddenly turn from the three way brawl and NAIL Crush with a hard clothesline!  Crush goes down and Cloud continues the assault while Gutter Rat just LIFTS D-Dawg high up into the air and throws him down to the floor!

Dave Dymond: D-Dawg’s on screen Revolution debut doesn’t seem to be panning out how he’d want it to.

Other Guy: Yeah all thanks to the thing Big Ed calls Gutter Rat!

D-Dawg writhes on the floor and Gutter Rat looks to head towards the ring, but Flint Cloud guards over it locking up with Gutter Rat and the two men trade vicious punches, trying to knock each other down.  As they battle, Sinnocence struts past, and some of the fans cheer at how non-shalantly she walks by.

Dave Dymond: Would you look at that, beauty and brains!  Sinnocence waiting until everyone else was pre-occupied and now she’s going for the ring herself!

Sinnocence grabs at the curtain, when suddenly Big Ed Johnson himself shoves his way through from the other side and BARRELS into Sinnocence. The fans can be heard booing loudly and now Big Ed NAILS Flint Cloud from behind with an attempted double axe handle.  Flint Cloud fires a hard punch to Gutter Rat that sends him staggering back and then Cloud turns to look right into the now frightened eyes of Big Ed.  Cloud grabs Big Ed around the neck and the fans are going nuts!

Other Guy: Oh man, everyone wants to see this!

Dave Dymond: After having to share the table with him last week, put me on that list with everyone.

Cloud is about to send Big Ed to the floor in a most painful fashion, but before he can execute a hard choke slam, Gutter Rat grabs him from behind and just DRILLS him with a headbutt to the back of the head.  Cloud drops Big Ed from his grip and stumbles forward.  Now Gutter Rat has him around the waist from behind, locked up for a monstrous belly-to-back suplex!  The fans begin to buzz as Gutter Rat looks to end this brawling, but as he has Flint Cloud set up, CBP sneaks past, crawling through both Gutter Rat’s and Flint Cloud’s legs!!!

Other Guy: Hah! You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Dave Dymond: The sight says it all, CBP crawling past completely undetected!

Other Guy: and here he comes!

The fans are cheering surprisingly loud as the focus returns to the ring area itself and CBP, still a little bruised and banged up walks to the ring with such hope in his eyes.  Arion Catcher looks on, shaking his head as he now hands the Revolution Title off to the referee, prepared for his opponent.

Dave Dymond: So CBP makes it out here and it looks like the greatest wrestler to never win a match, now has yet another shot at championship gold here in SHOOT Project.

CBP plays up to the crowd for a moment, clasping his hands together and shaking them to each side of his head, the classic victory movement.  CBP is about to reach the ring, when suddenly from the other side, SEAN BODEN jumps over the steel guard railing and slides into the ring behind Arion Catcher… the fans react a second later, having been focused on CBP.

Other Guy: Hold the phone…. Sean Boden in the ring, meanin’ he got there first, Dave! CBP will NOT be fighting for the Revolution Title tonight.  And that’s cold.

Dave Dymond: Catcher doesn’t even see Boden behind him… but the referee does and now he’s informing Samantha Coil.

CBP finally turns his focus to the ring, and his once proud expression abruptly disappears as he sees Sean Boden standing in the ring waiting for Catcher to turn around.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… weighing in at 225 pounds, Sean Boden!!!

Some of the fans boo loudly, others cheer on the official Revolution return of Boden.  Catcher looks incredibly confused and shocked, and he spins around to see Boden standing right behind him.  Catcher shakes his head and points back at CBP who still stands at ringside, dejected.

Arion Catcher: I WANT TO FIGHT HIM!

Boden simply shrugs, somewhat of an arrogance to him.  Catcher looks beyond frustrated as the referee holds the Revolution Title up for all to see, then hands it off to Samantha Coil.  Coil takes her leave of the ring and Catcher puts some distance between himself and Boden, now stomping his feet as he paces back and forth.  The referee looks to both men to see if they’re ready and just as the match is about to begin, CBP walks to the back, head lowered with sadness.

Dave Dymond: It looks as if CBP really wanted this match up tonight, but he’s not going to get it. The wise veteran that is Sean Boden played his cards right and waited for just the right time to strike. And here we go!

The referee calls for the bell and Boden moves immediately in towards Catcher. Catcher backs away and hits to pick up speed. Catcher bounces back at Boden and Boden goes for the quick clothesline, but Catcher ducks it, only for Boden to turn all the way around and immediately grab Catcher in a waist-lock, stopping him dead in his tracks. Catcher starts struggling a great deal, looking to fight out of the waist-lock, and he manages to catch Boden with a swift back elbow. Boden takes the brunt of the shot to the side of his chin, but doesn’t let go. Instead he lifts Catcher up and turns, planting Catcher on his stomach while landing on top of his back.

Dave Dymond: Quick belly-to-back take down by Boden who may very well take this one as he has Catcher grounded very early!

Other Guy: Bad spot for Catcher to be in considerin’ the technical background Boden has when it comes to wrestling.

Boden attempts to lock in a crossface submission of some sort, but Catcher squirms his way out and then dives towards the ropes.  Boden goes after him but the referee calls him to back off.  Boden takes a few steps back as Catcher gets up to his feet, and then Catcher looks to get a quick advantage, bouncing himself off the ropes and DIVING at Boden with a forearm shot, Boden side steps out of the way, forcing Catcher to quickly regain his balance and he does so. Boden charges from behind but Catcher spins around with a high toe kick right into Boden’s face!  Boden staggers back and Catcher LUNGES with a spear, but Boden stays strong, planting both his feet and he lifts Catcher high up over his head from the spear position into a powerbomb position…

But Catcher rolls all the way behind him and gets Boden in a pinning predicament!

Dave Dymond: Catcher rolling through for the pin…



Boden kicks out strongly after two. Catcher is smart though and gets right up to his feet and drops a quick leg drop to keep Boden on the mat.  Boden tries to sit up again, and now Catcher lands a low dropkick to the back of his head, causing Boden to slump forward. Catcher scrambles up onto his knees, pulls Boden back down from behind and makes another pin attempt.




Dave Dymond: Almost the three that time, but Sean Boden not staying down, and that has clearly frustrated Arion Catcher.

Other Guy: The Revolution Champion didn’t want to fight Boden in the first place, Dave, so of course he’s gonna be frustrated.

Dave Dymond: Catcher back up yet again, this time bringing Boden up with him, and a quick whip into the corner post!

Boden connects sternum first and staggers back, clutching at his chest and Catcher follows up with a punch RIGHT to the back! Boden arches forward, wincing in pain and Catcher now pulls him back as if going for a reverse DDT, but then turns his body and drags Boden down with a two step run into a reverse headlock bulldog!!!

Dave Dymond: Innovative move by the Revolution Champion with that reverse bulldog planting Sean Boden right on his back. And the cover AGAIN made by Catcher.

The referee drops to the mat yet again to count.  The fans watch on, wondering if this is it.



THR… NO! Boden shoulders out for a third time and some of the fans cheer loudly for this.  Catcher is up to his knees and starts slamming his hand on the mat, angry that Boden kicked out again.  Catcher all the way back up to his feet and he shoots the referee a quick glare before focusing back on Boden.  Catcher stomps down into Boden’s gut once, then turns his back to Boden, and looks for the standing moonsault…

BUT Boden rolls out of the way just in time! Catcher hits the mat hard, immediately clutching at his chest after the impact.  Boden works on getting up to his feet, and does so just as Catcher is up to his, still wincing in pain though.  Boden charges and connects with a quick clothesline. Catcher goes down but springs back up off the mat, and Boden goes to the ropes now, bounces off, looks for another clothesline, but then whips around behind Catcher, locking him into a standing sleeper hold!

Dave Dymond: Sleeper hold locked on and a couple of quick shifts of Boden’s arms could turn this into the end of Catcher’s Revolution title reign.

Other Guy: No doubt.   Boden wearin’ down Catcher who is trying to fight out of the possibility of Boden locking on the katahajime from here.

The fans buzz with excitement as Boden applies the hold tightly… but then tries to maneuver from there to lock on the katahajime!

Dave Dymond: He’s going for it!  Catcher fighting but Boden looking to end this one right here.  And if recent happenings are dictating this match, we saw Ron Barker lose the Laws of Survival Championship last week, so tonight we could be seeing yet another title change hands incredibly close to Reckoning Day.

Catcher continues to struggle and finally he just blindly reaches back, and Boden tries to hook up under the arm, but that’s when Catcher locks it around the back of Boden’s head and he drops with a desperation stunner! Boden staggers back as Catcher drops to the mat in a sitting position.  Catcher turns quickly, despite being somewhat out of breath and he runs full speed at Boden, only for Boden to snap him up and take him right back down with a FORCEFUL POWER SLAM!!!

Other Guy: Big time take down and the cover. Boden with some serious authority there!

The count is made…



THR… kick out by Catcher. Boden pulls Catcher right up off the mat into a standing front facing headlock.  Boden wrenches the neck once, and Catcher falls to one knee.  Boden pulls him back up now grabbing at the waistline of Catcher’s pants. He hoists Catcher up, looking for a vertical suplex but Catcher pushes through landing on his feet behind Boden, looking for a neck breaker, but the second Catcher’s feet touch the mat, Boden lets go of Catcher and turns around immediately to hoist Catcher up and over with a belly-to-back overhead release suplex!

Catcher flips through it though and lands on his feet, he runs up behind Boden and immediately goes for the school boy roll up!

Dave Dymond: Catcher countering the suplex and now the pin…

Boden is taken down, but he rolls through the roll up, and shifts through to put Catcher in a pin of his own!

Other Guy: Countering the counter, somethin’ Boden does best

Dave Dymond: Referee to the mat again, is this it…



Kick out by Catcher. Both men right back up to their feet.  Catcher fires with a straight punch, Boden takes the hit but fires back with a hard chop.  Catcher winces in pain as he grabs at his chest. Boden pushes Catcher’s arms away and fires another chop!  Catcher turns away from Boden all together this time, but then suddenly turns right back around, not wanting to give Boden an opening to try for the katahajime again.  Boden in turn fires with a THIRD wicked chop!  Catcher drops to one knee from the impact and Boden backs up, hitting the ropes as he picks up speed… HUGE RUNNING BOOT TO THE FACE!

Other Guy: Boden nearly kicked Catcher’s head off his shoulders with that one.

Dave Dymond: The man is no stranger to the striking game either, making him a very versatile opponent.  Catcher experiencing that first hand and Catcher is out!

Boden turns around, his momentum having carried him through a bit, but he drops down and makes a confident cover on Catcher.  The referee once more drops to the mat.




Other Guy: NEW REV CHAM…


Dave Dymond: I thought he had him there, but Arion Catcher somehow dug down deep and managed to kick out.

Other Guy: That was some boot to the face too, Dave, I’m shocked. I’ve seen a lot of stuff since I signed on with the SHOOT Project, so that’s sayin’ somethin’ right there.

Dave Dymond: Boden somewhat frustrated by the outcome of that pin attempt though, but with Catcher not showing much sign of movement, this one still seems to be in Boden’s control.

After taking a moment, Boden gets up to his full vertical base and then he bends forward and pulls Catcher up by the arm.  With Catcher up on his feet, Boden quickly whips Catcher into the upper left corner of the ring.  Catcher collides back first and slumps in the corner a bit.  Boden sizes him up, but as he does so, the crowd begins to stir.

Dave Dymond: Catch Warren heading down to the ring and I can only guess he wants to be here in person when who he’ll be facing is decided.

Other Guy: He’s got Boden’s attention right now, and I gotta admit, that would be a hell of a fight,.

Boden shifts his body completely to face Warren now, and Warren just shakes his head and points to Catcher, obviously not wanting to distract Boden.  Boden turns to look at Catcher than charges with a standing body splash!  He backs away and Catcher staggers forward out of the corner and then falls to the mat face first.  Boden turns right back to Warren now who stands watching from ringside.

Sean Boden: Get out of here!

Warren backs up a step but stays close to ringside.

Dave Dymond: Catch refusing to leave, and I guess he feels he has the right to be there.  Boden clearly thinks otherwise though and now the referee being brought into the matter.

The fans watch on, some booing Catch Warren at this point for interrupting the match. Boden points at Warren and demands that the referee remove him from ringside. The referee looks to Warren and now points to the back. Some fans cheer, but more fans start booing loudly as Boden backs up, Catcher is back into the match, ROLL UP!!!  Warren shouts and points into the ring. The referee turns around and quickly makes the count as Catcher has Boden’s legs bent up over his body.




The bell sounds on the referee’s signal and Catcher releases the pin and quickly rolls out of the ring to the side and goes towards Mark Kendrick.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL The SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… ARION CATCHER!!!

Catcher grabs the Revolution title off the table that is situated behind Mark Kendrick and hoists it high over his head.  Meanwhile in the ring, Boden is on his feet arguing with the referee as he continually motions that the tights were pulled.

Dave Dymond: So maybe indirectly because of Catch Warren, Arion Catcher remains the Revolution Champion, but with Catch chomping at the bits to get a fair match up with Arion, WILL Arion be able to hold onto that title much longer.

Other Guy: Here’s the thing, I get that Warren wants his fair shot, but he just played part in seein’ Catcher win this match, and maybe win it unfairly as Sean Boden is pissed off Dave. He’s sayin’ Catcher had the tights.

Dave Dymond: That will be tough to determine give how much Catcher was bent over Boden, and so the argument could go either way. Tights were used, OR the pin was well executed.  In either case, Arion Catcher lives to defend that title another day, and that day may be at Reckoning Day… against that man right there, Catch Warren.

As Boden continues to argue with the referee, Arion Catcher starts his way to the back, but not before stopping right by Catch Warren. The fans pick up as the two engage in a brief stare down, but then Catcher just walks off, slinging the Revolution Title over his shoulder.  Warren turns his body to look on after Catcher as he walks to the back, then he turns to see Boden, who has since given up on the referee. Boden leans on the ropes and looks out at Catcher for a moment, but then locks eyes with Catch Warren, shaking his head.

Other Guy: Definitely some bad blood formin’ after this one, but then again Arion Catcher seems to have that surrounding him lately.

Dave Dymond: Which has made the Revolution Title hunt an interesting one to say the least as Arion continues to dodge and avoid losing the title he claimed back in February.

The focus remains on Warren and Boden for a moment before cutting away from the ring area all together.

The camera shifts backstage to unveil the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Adrian Corazon.  The fans instantly begin to cheer the champion as he paces in the back halls of the arena.  He seems tense, somewhat irritated, which could be considered his normal demeanor.  As he turns a corner, however, he fails to notice the person who was waiting on the opposite side of the hall way.


Corazon freezes up at the Marv Albert-like voice behind him.  He turns slowly and the fans who cheer suddenly are turned to boos as the camera focuses in on Donovan King.  King is grinning from ear to ear as he walks up to Corazon.

Donovan King:  Did you like it?  I’m workin’ on my announcer voice fuh Cade an’ Azraith’s match tonight.

Corazon smirks now, and nods. 

Corazon:  It’s not bad.  Never expected I’d see you in the announcer role, though. 

Corazon pauses, and places his hands in his pockets, as he grasps the note that was given to him earlier in the week. 

Corazon:  Guess you did find me at Revolution.  Heh.

Donovan King:  Take it from anybody dat crosses my path, man.  Anybody I wanna find, I find, feel me?

King smiles.

Donovan King:  I have several reasons fuh why I was findin’ you, as I’m sure you been losin’ sleep wonderin’.  How you feel ‘bout yo’ match tonight?

Corazon closes his eyes, and nods his head.  He pulls the length of wrist tape and snaps it, before responding. 

Corazon:  I feel good about it.  I think I’ve got Kenji in a place he doesn’t want to be, and I plan on exploiting that.  But… 

Corazon smiles, eyes still closed. 

Corazon:  We know you’re not losing sleep about my feelings on my match, either.

Donovan King:  Actually, see…I have.  Yeah…see, I been havin’ a lotta guilt lately over what happened to Instant Heat.  I thought while Cade’s preoccupied wit’ Azraith I’d find you tonight an’ ask you how you think tonight’s gonna go fuh you.

Corazon:  It’s like I said, I’m feeling good about it.  It’ll be nice to craft a masterpiece with Kenji’s blood. 

Corazon shrugs his shoulders. 

Corazon:  And as far as the Instant Heat thing is concerned…  yeah, it annoyed me, even to the point of anger, but those two are capable and responsible for themselves, and whatever consequences come from that.

Donovan King:  Wait…so, it’s squashed?  Dat’s easier than I thought, homie.  See, I was thinkin’ you was dis big bad hero fuh SHOOT, an’ I wanted to know jus’ what you had in mind when The Family an’ Jonny’s goonies leave you layin’.  I mean…yo, it’s hard to be Superman all the time, feel me?  Ain’t got all the screwdrivers in the world ta keep dem niggas at bay…

King smirks.

Donovan King:  …but, yeah, man.  I need you healthy, man.  SHOOT needs you healthy.  Kenji an’ his group ain’t a team ta be fucked wit’.  Kenji’ll straight kill you.  I know you got some sorta history where murder ain’t shit ta you, but take it from a real hood nigga, man.  Dis ain’t the streets.  An’ just like I’ll fuck a druggie up fuh tryna rep dis company?

King takes a step forward.

Donovan King:  I WILL fuck up anybody criminals tryna rep dis company, too.

Corazon seems to be blowing him off, but King continues.

Donovan King:  Kenji’s bullshit won’t be tolerated by me, an’ I know it won’t be tolerated by you, either.  You think you can outmindfuck Jonny Johnson or Vincent Mallows?  You go ‘head.  But you pull another stunt like what you did on Jonny an’ I don’t give a fuck what belt you hold, who taught you what, or who you beat down in yo’ career.  I’ll be on yo’ ass…an’ I won’t stop.  Feel me?

Corazon holds a hand up. 

Corazon:  First of all, don’t get me wrong.  I thought the way you handled yourself with Kast and Real Deal was deplorable.  But, it’s not my responsibility to make up for the things that happen to them, or to other people.  I AM SHOOT’s future, and I will step on the toes of people who cross that.  I will defend this company and defend this title, with no regard…  for what I have to do, to do it. 

Corazon smiles once more. 

Corazon:  So, while I appreciate your vigilance on the subject, it’s truly unnecessary.  I’ll beat Kenji, I’ll beat The Family, and I’ll beat Jonny.  And if you want to come at me because you think I worked outside of the mythical limits and boundaries of this business, and this company, go ahead.  All the fighting?  Yeah man…  it’ll wear me down.  It’d wear anyone down.  But make no mistake…  if it’s Jonny, you, The Family, or Kenji…  I will not stop until my statement is made. 

The smirk fades, as Corazon and Donovan King stand eye to eye. 

Corazon:  Now do you…  feel me?

King snorts, looking over at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on Corazon’s shoulder.

Donovan King:  Wit’ no regard fuh human life, indeed.  Have fun tonight, homie.

King winks, leaving Corazon alone. Corazon smiled. He would.


Other Guy: So already the show is hot tonight and we…

His words are cut off by the sudden shriek of a female.

Dave Dymond: What the…? Oh my God!

Dave Dymond, Other Guy as well as everyone in the arena find themselves in complete shock at the scene before them. The monster-child Sammy Rochester is seen dragging a screaming Abigail Chase down the entrance ramp.

Other Guy: What the HELL? This is not a good situation.

Dave Dymond: I…I can’t…I have no words.

Sammy continues to drag the helpless Abigail Chase to towards the ring by her hair. The look of ultimate fear in her eyes. Sammy climbs on the ring apron, lifting Abigail by one hand up and over the top rope and into the ring.  He drops the terrified journalist into the ring and steps through the ropes.

Abigail attempts to scoot away from the monster but he quickly grabs her by her left ankle, lifting her once again into the air. With his free hand he grabs her around her throat and holds her in the air.


Abigail struggles, placing both hands on Sammy’s hand, attempting to break the hold. But the monster is far too strong.


Dave Dymond: Apparently Sammy is seeking revenge against Christopher Davis for the attack Davis orchestrated last week. But, Abigail has nothing to do with this!

Other Guy: This…this is just disturbing.

Members of SHOOT security make their way to ring side, but Sammy pays them no mind. One member actually gets into the ring and attempts to pull Abigail away. However Sammy simply swats him away with his free hand.

Dave Dymond: This is getting out of control. Vincent Mallows said last week that he was not going to hold Sammy back this time. Apparently Mallows is following through on his word. Sammy Rochester has been unleashed, the monster is free to terrorize SHOOT in order to exact revenge on Christopher Davis… and this includes this display. It’s not a secret that Chris Davis and Abigail Chase are friends; Sammy is sending a clear message to Davis right now.

Other Guy: You know I’m all for watching SHOOT project superstars attempt to tear each other apart, but this… this ain’t right.


Dave Dymond: You’re right, O.G., this isn’t right, so naturally here comes Mr. Do The Right Thing himself! Christopher Davis on his way out to the ring!!!

"Gossip" by Lil Wayne blasts into the arena causing the fans to cheer. Christopher Davis steps through the curtain, eyes focused on the events transpiring in the ring. His eyes burn through Sammy right now; he shakes his head and begins walking towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: Apparently Davis just arriving at the arena, he didn’t even get an opportunity to drop off his bag before he came out here.

Other Guy: That’s his friend in that ring right, I’m sure as soon as he found out what was going on he made his way out. Fuck dropping off a duffle bag.

Davis strides to the ring, his demeanor serious and intense. Sammy holds Abigail out as if taunting Davis. Davis shakes his head and stops mid way to the ring.

The fans seem shocked.

Other Guy: What’s he doing? Get in there!

Davis takes a deep breath and exhales. He places the duffle bag on the groung, unzips and reaches inside. He pulls out a microphone.

Other Guy: He travels with a microphone?

Christopher Davis: Sammy, despite the hatred you have for me even you have to know this is wrong.

Sammy squeezes Abigail’s neck, her eyes widen. A look of death is on the face of the monster known as Sammy.

Christopher Davis: We have a dilemma here Sammy. See that’s my friend. Someone that I happen to give a damn about in this world. Messing with people I care about is unacceptable. But see YOU Sammy are hell bent on killing me. Not beating me, but KILLING me!

I have a problem with that. I’m having a problem with this one Sammy. See, I truly have a problem with you attacking my friend, who happens to be an innocent. But I have a problem with the thought of being dead too.

Sammy, now focused on Davis and his words, seems to ease up just a bit on his grip on Abigail Chase. However she is still very much at his mercy and Davis knows this.

Christopher Davis: In the past I would have came down here, got in that ring and went to war. But Sammy, I don’t know about that this time kiddo.

You got me between a rock and hard place on this one Sammy. I’m not sure what the right this to do is this time.


Davis looks down at the duffle bag.

Christopher Davis: What’s that? What are you saying?

Other Guy: Davis has finally snapped. If you didn’t think he was going crazy with the mess he’s been doing since Malice, today should erase all doubt.  He’s talking to a damn duffle bag.

Davis crouches down, still staring into the bag.

Christopher Davis: You can help? Seriously? Ok, I guess you know better than I do.

Davis reaches into the bag, he slowly brings his hand out of the bag. Sammy’s eyes go from narrow to wide as he sees what is in the SHOOT legend’s hand.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey!?!?

Dave Dymond: I sure hope Christopher Davis knows what he’s doing!

The words come out in almost a child like tone, barely audible. Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: Ok Mikey, what do you suggest?

Davis pauses, apparently listening to Mikey.

Christopher Davis: Really? You don’t say Mikey?

Davis turns his attention to the ring.

Christopher Davis: Got your attention now huh Sammy? First of all I’m sorry that you had to be the one Sammy. I truly am, but The Family isn’t right and someone had to stand up. You happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Davis pauses for a moment holding Mikey up in front of him kind of waving Mikey from side to side. Sammy’s eyes follow the motion of Mikey, and he seems almost in a trance.

Christopher Davis:Vincent hasn’t prepared you for this Sammy. I’m not your average victim. No, I’m better than that. So, here’s how things are going to go. You’re going to let Abigail go or I’m going to do things to this doll that even YOUR mind hasn’t thought of doing.

You can’t play this game with me.  I’m always going to be one step ahead of…

The fans begin to react as a figure makes his way through the entrance curtain. Davis turns to see Kenji Yamada walking down the ramp with a twisted smile on his face.

Davis takes a deep breath and exhales. He lowers his head.

Christopher Davis: Fuck it!

Davis drops the microphone and Mikey as Kenji continues towards him. Sammy drops Abigail, who is helped from the ring by SHOOT security, and waits.

Dave Dymond: The Family is about to get another victim. Davis had most of this planned out well, but the numbers are just too much.


The monster Sammy Rochester screams as the SHOOT video screen suddenly begins to play a video. Kenji turns to look at the screen as well. Davis looks first at Kenji and then Sammy, still prepared for a fight. He picks up the microphone.  The fans buzz as they look up at the screen as well.

Christopher Davis: We gonna do this or not boys? I don’t have all day. (Looks at the screen) Oh, that’s right, I forgot all about plan B.

The scene on the video screen shows Angel and Christian holding Vincent Mallows in the air, each with one hand around his neck!

Christopher Davis: That Angel and Christian, always playing around. Looks like I’m STILL one step ahead gentlemen.

Angel and Christian viciously slam Vincent Mallows into a wall! The fans react as Mallows’s already half paralyzed body just falls to the floor.  Angel and Christian nod with satisfaction as they walk away. The video screen turns off and Sammy is the first to react.  he totally ignores Davis and runs towards the back.

Dave Dymond: I have never seen Sammy Rochester move that fast!

Other Guy: I’m not sure how to react to this, Dave. I mean on the one hand it’s Vincent Mallows, but on the other hand, the dude’s paralyzed, he’s fuckin’ harmless!

Dave Dymond: He’s organized one of the most twisted groups in all of professional wrestling, I wouldn’t call him harmless.

Sammy disappears to the back and Yamada hesitantly follows. He stops after a moment though and looks back over his shoulder, considering going directly after Christopher Davis.  He shakes his head though and finally runs off after Sammy, heading to the back.  The fans begin to cheer as Davis walks over to Abigail Chase who is guarded by a few members of security.  You can see Davis mouth the words "I’m sorry" as he places her arm over his shoulder.   The fans rise up to their feet, giving a standing ovation to Davis for making the overall save for Abigail Chase.

Dave Dymond: So potential harm to the innocent Abigail Chase is avoided, but after what Davis obviously had Angel and Christian to… this doesn’t end here.

Other Guy: Davis is makin’ so pretty bad decisions, even if it does mean he’s doin the right thing. I’m glad he saved Abigail, but damn if he hasn’t brought the wrath of The Family onto him full force now.

Davis takes Abigail out of the ring area, the two disappearing behind the back curtain while the fans still cheer him on.

Dave Dymond: The battle between Davis and The Family definitely wages on, with Davis seemingly having the upper hand, for now. And speaking of The Family, still to come tonight, a HUGE main event that hasn’t been done in the SHOOT Project for years…. As Kenji Yamada, now with new found rage, will battle the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Adrian Corazon in a FIRE DEATH MATCH!

Other Guy: And we’ve got Jonny Johnson to thank for that.

Dave Dymond: But coming up next, tag team action, the challengers to the World Tag Team Titles, The Flying Avengers, are set to take on the brash young tandem of Tom Quinn and Jason Riley, that match up next!



“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies plays throughout the arena as the cameras return to ringside.  The entrance curtains fly open and TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY begin walking down the aisle.  Riley seems less than his usual enthusiastic self, while Quinn looks about normal; emotionless and focused.  Both men are in navy blue wrestling tights, with ROGUE written down the side of Quinn’s pants and RILEY written down the side of Jason Riley’s.  Quinn sports his patented white headband and Riley is sans accessories.

Samantha Coil: The following contested is scheduled for ONE FALL with a TWENTY MINUTE TIME LIMIT and will be fought under…  (Hesitating) “Avengers Can’t Do Flippy Shit or Combo Attacks” RULES!

Coil pauses, feeling ridiculous for making that announcement.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of three-hundred, sixty-three pounds.  Tom Quinn, Jason Riley…  ROGUE AND RILEY!!!

Dave Dymond: That was not your ears playing tricks on you, folks.  The Flying Avengers are banned from, well, basically utilizing any of their standard offensive playbook.  The DEFILER has banned them from using any aerial or combo attacks, and OG…  as talented as the Avengers are, you’d gotta believe that this is going to put the duo and a HUGE disadvantage.

Other Guy: Oh for sure, Dave.  Add to that the fact that Quinn and Riley are a VERY talented tag team to begin with, and this might damn well be the recipe for disaster that I’m sure Jonny had in mind.

Riley slides into the ring and goes to his corner, followed by Quinn, neither man appearing especially jovial.  They speak briefly before sort of blankly staring toward the ring entrance.

Dave Dymond: And there you see Tom Quinn and Jason Riley in the ring, but OG, they don’t exactly look happy.

Other Guy: I’d imagine they’re still a little miffed about Jonny’s new-found friendship with Long Island Hardcore.  I mean, after shit with the Collins Twins fizzled out…  man, I don’t know.  Just seems like maybe these talented boys are wondering when they’ll be “good enough” for Jonny.

Just before things can get quiet, “HERE IT GOES AGAIN!” by OK Go! begins to play over the loudspeakers and the capacity crowd COMES TO ITS FEET!  They pop VERY LOUDLY as the upstanding duo of FLASH DYNAMITE and KID LIGHTNING appear from out behind the curtains!

Samantha Coil: And introducing their opponents…  coming in at a combined weight of four-hundred, seventeen pounds, Flash Dynamite, Kid Lightning, THE FLYING AVENGERS!!!

Much like Riley and Quinn, Flash and Kid Lightning are a little less energetic as usual.  Their faces are lined with traces of angst and determination, especially Kid Lightning, who hobbles toward the ring, his body still showing signs of a horrid attack two weeks prior.  They both slap a few high fives with some of the fans, but seem much more intent on making it into the ring.  As they reach the base, Flash turns to KL and drapes an arm across his shoulders and offers a few words of encouragement or possibly even advice.  They both enter the ring and check in with referee Dennis Helfin.

Dave Dymond: What is going through the Avengers’ minds right now, OG?

Other Guy: Hopin’ they catch a maw fuckin’ break, Dave.  Shit is NOT gonna be easy tonight.

Helfin gives the Avengers a quick look-over, and, as the music fades, signals to Mark Kendrick for the opening bell.


Flash pats Kid Lightning on the back and makes the decision to start for his team, perhaps for obvious reasons.  Quinn and Riley assess their situation, and it’s the slightly larger Tom Quinn to start in for RNR.

Dave Dymond: So we’re underway…  Flash Dynamite and Tom Quinn to start things off, and remember, The Avengers have been banned from using any aerial offense or combination attacks.  I have no idea what to expect from this one.

Quinn nods and Flash and the two quickly engage in an elbow-collar-tie-up.  Flash gains the initial advantage and starts to work Quinn toward a neutral corner.  Quinn, though, drops his center of gravity and grabs for Dynamite’s legs.  Flash, however, quickly counters by falling down on top of his opponent, using his weight to keep Quinn at bay.  Flash quickly spins around into a waist-lock, both bodies parallel to one another.

Dave Dymond: Flash with an early advantage, utilizing his seventy plus pound weight advantage.

Flash looks like he might be wanting to try and a german suplex or some kind of throw, but Quinn does a good job of keeping glued to the mat, despite being at an early disadvantage.  Flash, then quickly rotates ninety degrees, grabs Rogue by the his left arm and leg and flips over, rolling into a small package attempt!  Flash pushes forward on the leg, trying to gain leverage as Helfin drops to the mat!

Other Guy: Nice decision from Flash.

Dave Dymond: Helfin with a count!



Quinn is able to push his legs upward and knock Flash away, successfully breaking up the pin!  Flash is ready for more, while Quinn takes to a knee, brushing a few strands of hair from his face as he stares down his opponent.  From the outside, Jason Riley complains to the referee.

Riley: C’MON REF!  That was FLIPPY SHIT!  Throw him out!

Helfin ignores Riley’s complaints, and Quinn again nods, showing a modicum of respect to his opponent.  He then stands up and the two men begin circling the ring.  Quinn reaches in with his hands, Flash follows, looking for a grapple, but Quinn instead lunges forward and executes a single-leg take down!  Flash falls to the mat!  Quinn tries a quick elbow drop, but Flash moves!  Flash charges with a clothesline!  Quinn ducks through!  Flash turns around, and Quinn attempts a drop kick, but Flash dodges!  Quinn crashes to the mat!  Flash moves to take advantage of his opponent, but Quinn reaches up and pulls Flash into a small cradle!  Flash’s shoulders are trapped against the mat!

Helfin with a count!

Dave Dymond: Quinn baits Flash into a roll-up of his own!  Helfin to the mat!



Flash is able to escape before a two count, though takes his time to respond with an attack.  Quinn, obliges and backs off, though offers a somewhat mocking golf clap.  On the apron, Riley turns to the fans and starts clapping as well, as though demanding their approval.


The fans offer a polite BOOO in response to Riley’s gesture.

Quinn moves in on Flash after a second or two and the men engage in a grapple!  Quinn starts with an initial advantage, but Flash spins it around and work him into the ropes.  He quickly hurls Quinn toward the other end!  Quinn bounces back and Flash charges with a shoulder block!  Quinn falls to the mat!  Flash attempts to follow with a senton but Quinn rolls out of the way and gets to his feet!  Quinn tries to utilize his speed advantage over the larger Dynamite and quickly runs toward the ropes, hoping to land a big attack before Flash can recover!  However, Flash, being quick for a big man, is able to get to his feet before Quinn can attack!  Quinn runs back and seems stunned, and Flash fluidly counters with a TILT-A-WHIRL…  NO!  Quinn attempts to hook on to Flash’s head to counter with a tornado DDT, but Flash pushes him off!  Quinn lands feet first on the mat, momentarily stunned and tries to charge back, but Flash goes old school and catches Quinn with a THUNDEROUS SPINE BUSTER!!!


Dave Dymond: That’s one way to break up a TIE ball game!

The fans pop LOUDLY!


Reaching his brink, Riley foolishly charges into the ring and runs after Flash!  Dynamite sees the attack from a mile away and uses Riley’s momentum to execute a DEVASTATING TILT-A-WHIRL INTO A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!  RILEY’S HEAD SLAMS INTO THE MAT and both he and Tom Quinn sheepishly and PAINFULLY slide out of the ring!!!

The crowd gets REALLY LOUD and Flash Dynamite is visually pumped!!!

Dave Dymond: Flash Dynamite EMPHATICALLY takes charge, as Quinn and Riley make a break for the outside!

Other Guy: Jason Riley might be hurting for the rest of this one.  That was some kinda offense from Flash, who is going to have to take the brunt of the load tonight with the rules bein’ the way they are.  I don’t know what Riley was thinkin’, though.

Dave Dymond: He seemed to think Flash was breaking the rules, OG, but I think we’re finding out that “Flippy…  stuff” does not involve flipping your opponent.

Quinn holds at his back, but is clearly in better shape than Jason Riley, who frantically holds at his head and seizures wildly, yelping like a man on his deathbed.  Helfin starts the mandatory ten count, which draws the ire of Tom Quinn who shouts at the referee to “be fucking patient!”




Quinn sighs as the count continues.  He makes sure his partner is at least conscious, though seems to have his doubts.  Quinn checks on Riley again, and then looks to Helfin and makes an “X” with his hands.

Dave Dymond: There is no way that this is for real.

Helfin seems to agree with Dymond’s commentary, as he stands by the ring ropes, shouting for Quinn to get back in the ring.  Though, it should be noted that he stopped his ten count.  Flash Dynamite, even more leery makes sure to stay his distance, but does move a step or two closer.

Quinn waves for Helfin, who continues to look hesitant.


There is a LOUD THUMP from the other end of the ring!

Dave Dymond: What the heck?

The cameras only pick up SUPER FAN running away from the ring and Kid Lightning laying face down on the steel steps!  Flash Dynamite and Denis Helfin turn around after hearing the sound, and Flash looks VERY concerned.  However, before he can do anything, Quinn slinks back into the ring and NAILS Flash with a CHOP BLOCK TO THE BACK OF HIS KNEE!  Flash falls to the mat and the fans let Quinn have it!

Dave Dymond: GOD DAMNIT!

Other Guy: What do you expect?

Dave Dymond: I’m just getting sick of this.  Any time the Family or well these “Friends” are out here, it’s the same crap.


Super Fan is not even anywhere to be seen as he high tailed it out VERY QUICKLY.  Quinn, meanwhile, immediately goes to work on Flash’s left knee.  He offers a couple of quick stomps and then follows that by lifting Flash’s leg into the air and SLAMMING it knee first into the canvas!  He keeps his grip on Flash’s leg and rolls the Superhero onto his back, quickly executing a NASTY looking figure-four leg-lock!


Flash is in TREMENDOUS PAIN!  Quinn starts to scoot closer to his corner, where Jason Riley stands waiting, looking to have made a complete recovery.

Dave Dymond: Flash might have to tap, OG.  I hate it, but if he wants his team to have any chance of beating Long Island Hardcore in TWO WEEKS at Reckoning Day, he might have to let this one go.

Flash screams louder and louder, but Quinn only pulls back harder and harder!  Flash pushes himself off the mat and tries to overpower the smaller Quinn, but the crafty rings-man keeps his weight shifted perfectly to counter any escape attempts Flash could make.  Quinn looks up at his partner now and actually reaches up for a tag.  Riley leans forward and makes it.

Quinn keeps the hold locked in, while Riley starts climbing to the top.

Rogue: See ya ‘round, Flash!

Riley: FUCK. YOU!

Riley leaps from the rope and spins in midair, LANDING DOWN WITH A SHOOTING STAR LEG DROP ACROSS FLASH’S THROAT!!!


Dave Dymond: The RILEY MOVEMENT!

Quinn breaks the hold and Riley quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg and pulling back as hard as he can!

Helfin drops to make the count!


Dave Dymond: With ONE! TWO!



Dave Dymond: NO!

Quinn stops and turns around… 

To see Helfin signal a TWO COUNT!!!


Dave Dymond: This isn’t over!  Flash Dynamite KICKS OUT!

Other Guy: WOW, Dave!

Quinn can’t believe it, he turns around and immediately STOMPS on Flash’s body, connecting to his right shoulder.  Riley SLAPS the mat and SCREAMS at Helfin.

Riley: You slow counting BITCH!  THAT WAS THREE!

Riley glares at Helfin and goes to work with his partner.  Both men begin to just brutally STOMP AWAY at Flash!

Dave Dymond: This is a goddamn Gang Attack now!  This isn’t even CLOSE to wrestling.


Riley actually SPITS on Flash and then looks to Quinn.  Both men nod and start to pick Flash up off the mat!  They double team him and throw him into the ropes!  However Flash storms back with both arms up and HITS A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!  Flash falls to his knees!  Back in his corner, Kid Lightning is up and moving, though holding at his face after getting planted into the steps.  He sees his partner in trouble and reaches a hand out!

Dave Dymond: Flash is hurting, but his partner might be hurting even more!  Does Flash make the tag or not, OG?

Other Guy: That’s a tough call, ESPECIALLY with the rules the way they are.  I don’t think Flash can go toe-to-toe in a brawl with either Quinn or Riley, both of whom have much stronger ground games…  But at the same time, you’re right, Dave, Flash IS hurting and hurting BAD.

Kid Lightning, bless his heart, jumps up and down now, wanting to get in this match.  Flash looks at him, but isn’t sure what to do. He looks back to Quinn and Riley who are stirring and the back to his partner!  Flash starts to move toward his corner!

Dave Dymond: He’s going for the tag!

Flash, with time, lunges out and MAKES THE TAG TO HIS PARTNER!  The fans POP AND KID LIGHTNING IMMEDIATELY LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE!  Helfin though runs and holds up his hands!

Dave Dymond: I think Kid Lightning let his adrenaline get the best of him here…  Helfin reminding him that he’ll be disqualified if he leaps!

Other Guy: Dude I don’t think he cares!

Kid Lightning stalls and looks down at Flash who hasn’t quite made it out of the ring.  Flash yells for Kid to get down!  Helfin continues to tell him to get down!  However, before Lightning can make a decision, Tom Quinn, up on his feet, shoves Helfin out of the way and pushes Kid Lightning’s legs out from under him, successfully crotching him on the top turnbuckle!!!


Helfin shouts for Quinn to leave the ring, making the point that he is not the legal man!  Quinn, however, ignores the warning and climbs to the second turnbuckle!  He drapes Kid Lightning’s arm over the back of his shoulder, applies a front face-lock and hooks the back of his trunks.  He then carefully moves his feet up to the top turnbuckle, hoists KL up and EXECUTES A SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!


Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning counters!!!  HE HAS HIM PINNED!  He hooks the back of his leg!!!




The fans count, but Helfin does NOT, as he tries to get Kid Lightning off Tom Quinn who is NOT the legal man!


Kid Lightning lost track and looks confused as he breaks the pin attempt!  As he tries to straighten things up with Helfin, Jason Riley BULLRUSHES at the young hero!  It’s FLASH, though who gets to his feet and throws his partner out of the way!  Riley tries to hold up, but FLASH CATCHES WITH HIM A TILT-A-WHIRL INTO A BEAUTIFUL CRADLE DDT!!!

Dave Dymond: DYNAMITE DROP!!!

Flash screams at Kid Lightning to make the cover!!!  Kid looks at Riley, finally understanding that HE was the legal man all along and not Quinn and flops on top of him!  HE HOOKS THE LEG AND PULLS BACK AS FAR AS HE CAN!

The fans are on their feet!!!

Helfin drops to the mat!





Dave Dymond: THEY DID IT!  The Flying Avengers have DONE IT!  What an effort!

Other Guy: Unreal, Dave!

“Here It Goes Again” by Okay Go begins to play again and both members of the Avengers are sure to roll out of the ring just before a recovered Tom Quinn can retaliate!  Quinn slaps the mat and then checks on his partner!

Samantha Coil: The winners of the match…  FLASH DYNAMITE, KID LIGHTNING…  THE FLYING AVENGERS!!!

Flash hugs Kid Lightning and pats him on the back for a job VERY well done as the winning celebrates their unlikely win.

Dave Dymond: With the odds stacked against them in every way possible, the Flying Avengers come out here and pick up a VERY impressive victory.

The Flying Avengers’ celebration, however, is short-lived, as OK Go gets replaced with "Bad Reputation." The crowd boos the arrival of the tag team champs, but CJ and Jared don’t go any further than the stage. Both men have microphones, and Jared signals to cut the music.

Flash and KL stop moving and look toward the top of the aisle.

Jared Walsh: I didn’t think you two had it in you. But you guys reached up and grabbed that victory, and congratulations on that, I guess.

CJ Nelson: Really. You two have certainly pushed yourselves to the top rung of success this week. Then again, after last week, there really wasn’t anywhere to go but up, am I right?

Jared: I guess the big question everybody has, though, is what you’re really capable of. Can you ascend the ranks, and pull these belts out of our grasp?

CJ: Can you… climb the ladder of success?

Jared: Reckoning Day fast approaches, Avengers… and on that day, it will be you… and us… in a Ladder Match for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship.

The crowd explodes with the news, and CJ and Jared try to wait it out, smiles on their faces.

Dave Dymond: A HUGE announcement from the tag champs tonight!

Other Guy: I don’t know who a Ladder match benefits more, Dave, the high-flying Avengers, or the brutal Long Island Hardcore!

CJ: Mark our words, kids. You might think you can get a leg up on us… but when we pull the literal and proverbial ladder out from under you… your championship dreams will all come crashing down.

Jared: And there’s nothing punny about that.

CJ and Jared smile, taunting the contenders with the double deuce before disappearing back through the curtains.  Kid Lightning shakes his head in frustration, while Flash looks back toward the ring to make sure Quinn and Riley don’t have any plans for an attack.  That isn’t the case, though, with Riley just now being helped up by Helfin, Quinn and a few members of the ring-side medical staff.  Flash gestures to Kid Lightning that they should leave, and his partner obliges.

Dave Dymond: So the Avengers pick up a victory, and moments later find out that their Tag Team Championship contest at Reckoning Day will be contested in a LADDER MATCH.  Very eventful night for the duo, and STILL a very eventful night for US, OG.

Other Guy: We got Cade and Az coming up and of course our main event… a FIRE DEATH MATCH between Kenji Yamada and the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Adrian Corazon.  Dave you ever call this shit?  Lord knows I never even SEEN a Fire Death Match.

Dave Dymond: I have not, and, in fact, only TWO PEOPLE on the entire SHOOT Project pay-roll have EVER been involved.  There’s THE DEFILER, who came up with the concept, and of course, WRESTLED in the only TWO the company has had, and the second is long time SHOOT Project wrestler and announcer, the man who helped call BOTH contests, ERYK MASTERS, who recorded this video earlier on just HOW DANGEROUS a Fire Death Match can be.


Eryk Masters stands in an empty arena, in front of an empty ring.  There are four strips of metal anchored along the outskirts of the ring apron, each strip containing five, evenly placed spouts.  Masters looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Eryk Masters: In twenty-four hours, this arena will not be empty.  The McKale center will be sold out and thousands upon thousands of screaming SHOOT Project fans will cheer their favorite Soldiers onto victory.  It will be a stacked card, no doubt, despite being booked ENTIRELY by one of this organization’s most infamous men of all time, The DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

Masters takes a well-placed pause before continuing.

Eryk Masters: In the main event, The Family’s Kenji Yamada will go one on one with SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Adrian Corazon in a FIRE DEATH MATCH, of which there have only been two in SHOOT Project’s illustrious history.  May eighteenth will mark the third, the FIRST in over FIVE AND A HALF YEARS.  Of the current SHOOT Project Roster, only Christopher Davis, Azraith DeMitri, and Vincent Mallows were even contracted employees the last time we saw a Fire Death Match.  Of course, Jonny Johnson is the only current roster member to have FOUGHT in one.

He pauses again.

Eryk Masters: I helped call both contests. The first, a war between the DEFILER and Cronos Diamante, and the second between Jonny and Lonewolf.  In his bout with Diamante, Jonny left with his entire face burnt, confined to a surgical mask for months following.  In his second encounter, Jonny left a victor, though the match had taken on a much more cautious persona.

Masters turns and gestures to the ring.

Eryk Masters: In our sport when you hear about “barbed wire” ropes or “cage matches” or “death matches” you expect the stipulation to come into play.  Fans have become programmed to that sort of thing.  If the ropes are wrapped in barbed wire, someone better be bleeding.  If there’s a death match, someone better have blown up.  The FIRE death match has become a different beast.  Though hard to visualize right now, picture this ring surrounded at all four ends by a total of twenty pillars of undying fire.

As Masters speaks, there is an overlay of what the ring might look like under such conditions.  A computer animated rendition of the scenario is displayed for people to see at home.

Eryk Masters: Now add two competitors and a referee.

Two generic looking figures enter the ring, along with a similarly looking official.

Eryk Masters: There is NOWHERE for anyone to safely make an escape.  A strong irish whip, an unexpected drop toe hold, a slip up from the tope rope could all lead to the end of a man’s CAREER.  You could swing your opponent into the ropes a little too hard and he might never work again.  He might even REVERSE your attempt, and YOU wouldn’t work again.  The match is designed to keep the action in the ring and flowing at a quick pace.  Lingering or trying to make an escape can only heighten the chances of a severe injury.

The digitally enhanced workers inside the ring begin to grapple, while the referee stands at a distance.  One worker throws another worker into the ropes and it snaps.  The worker falls through the flame, simulating a potential burn spot.  Another enhanced image shows a worker perched on the top turnbuckle, only for his opponent to shove the official into the corner, causing the worker to plummet into the flames as he crotches on the top rope.

Eryk Masters: Kenji Yamada is an often times over-zealous worker who will be looking to make his claim on not only this organization but this SPORT of professional wrestling with a victory.  Adrian Corazon is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight, a man who will no doubt be looking to send a message to his Reckoning Day opponent.  Both men will have cause for reckless behavior, both men may be willing to risk their bodies to prove their points.

The final graphic depicts two men battling toward the ring ropes, when one man goes after the other with a clothesline that takes BOTH over the top rope and into the flames!  The graphics soon fade out, and the ring is once again empty.

Eryk Masters: But for now, all we can do is guess.  All we can do is wonder…

He pauses.

Eryk Masters: What the final outcome will be.


The camera cuts to the back, zoomed in on the door to Jason Johnson’s office. The camera pans back, revealing Dan ‘The Lights’ Stein standing outside of the room, which causes the fans to errupt into cheers. Stein knocks on the door, when Jason promptly invites him in.

Jason Johnson: Come on in.

Stein pushes the door open, his Iron Fist championship around his waist, hiding the ace bandage around his back/ribs with ice tucked in the back.

Dan Stein: I heard you wanted to see me, Jase?

Jason looks up at his Iron Fist champion, nodding.

Jason Johnson: Absolutely. I was just informed that you’re not supposed to step foot in a SHOOT Project ring until Reckoning Day.

Stein nods and sighs all at the same time, rubbing his hand over his mouth before putting it on his side.

Dan Stein: Yeah, bro… I’m sorry about that. Should’ve put myself in a safer situation. I should’ve prot-

Jason Johnson: No, don’t worry about it. Azraith DeMitri is one of the fiercest competitors out there, and you have two wins over him. Don’t worry about that, he attacked you from behind… again.

Stein laughs, tapping his Iron Fist championship.

Dan Stein: Yep. This bad boy is still mine to defend.

Jason Johnson: Good, that’s what I like to hear. The doctor informs me you’ll be ready to go, so I’m going to get you out there. How does Kenji Yamada sound at Reckoning Day?

Stein looks at his boss, a little confused.

Dan Stein: The same Kenji Yamada that’s in the Fire Match of Death or whatever tonight? Sounds great. Sounds like easy work. Which is why I don’t want it.

Stein looks at Jason, who looks shocked.

Dan Stein: Whoa, I didn’t mean that like… I don’t want to fight Kenji. I’m not saying, ‘screw you, Jason’, or anything. Just… I want to make it a little more interesting, I guess.

Jason looks at Dan, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jason Johnson: Go on.

Stein looks down at his Iron Fist championship, then back at Jason.

Dan Stein: Adrian Corazon is known as the greatest Iron Fist champion ever because he did things no Iron Fist champion has defended his title in the ways that he did. I’m ready to get there. I’m ready to prove that I can be considered in the same breath as Corazon. You put a semi-healthy Kenji Yamada in the ring with me, a semi-healthy Dan Stein, and you’re going to get a quasi-great match. But you put the two of us in the ring, against the one man that both of us have grown to hate with every fiber in our beings… fucking GOLD, Jason. Gold.

Jason sits up, looking across at Stein.

Jason Johnson: You know, going into a match against two other equally vicious men when you have a bad back isn’t the greatest idea.

Stein nodded, smirking.

Dan Stein: Neither is betting on me to lose this title to them, Jason. You want me to be a great champion for you, one of the best. You book this match. Dan Stein versus Kenji Yamada versus Azraith DeMitri for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship, LIVE! Only at Reckoning Day, 2008!

The fans pop like crazy as Stein announces the match. Jason stands up, walking over towards him.

Jason Johnson: Alright then, Champ. You got it.

An explosion erupts from the fans as Stein looks at Jason, shaking his hand. Stein turns towards the door, and swings it ope-


The fans land in a state of shock, until the camera pans around to look at the hallway. Standing there, with an evil, malicious smirk, is the one and only man that could make Stein’s life anymore of a hell. He looks in at Jason as the fans boo.

Azraith DeMitri: Reckoning Day it is.

Azraith chuckles as he turns away. Jason shakes his head, as he rushes to the downed and out cold Dan Stein, beckoning for help.


Once again a plain white table cloth covers a simple table, two empty plates with their cutlery neatly placed on top. Beautiful tall palm trees surround the tables, discussions around the restaurant have begun to get loud again. However not enough, to disturb a discussion between a young man and woman. Their discussion seems to be in full swing a beautiful woman sits next to the young woman finishing off her meal.

McGuire: "You have a deal, cutie pie, I hope this arrangement is a fruitful one and lasts a long time. It’ll be nice to make an impact on the…roster. Thank you.”

Heart: You do business like your father, I like that.

Heart lifts up his wine glass.

Heart: To chaos and those who cause it.



"Nothing’s Changed" by Papoose hits, and the fans begin to boo.

Other Guy: Well, Dave. This can only mean one thing.

Dave Dymond: It means you’re about to leave me, and I’m going to have a whole new kind of company here at ringside to call the action.

Other Guy: Absolutely. Good luck.

Other Guy slowly removes his headset and sets it on the table, as Donovan King finally emerges from the back. He grins out at the sea of jeering fans, as he makes his way down to the ringside area. He makes his way slowly, calmly, to the booth and sits in Other Guy’s chair and pulls the headset on, taking great care to get it on comfortably, while his music slowly fades out.

Dave Dymond: In case you fans at home missed it, this is another one of The DEFILER’s creations, and in this encounter, Other Guy is not the color commentator, but Donovan King is.

Donovan King: Dat’s right, Dave. An’ I been workin’ on my lines all damn night. I wanna make dis encounter even more amazin’ than it’s already fixin’ to be.

The shot goes into the ring, with Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…

"35 Ghots IV" by Nine Inch Nails starts up.


The fans begin to boo as Azraith DeMitri steps through the curtain slowly, his trenchcoat worn as per the usual, the hood of it covering his face. He makes his way slowly to the ring, unharrassed by the jeers and insults of the fans. He slowly ascends the ring steps and steps through the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Here is a man that came in and made huge waves upon his arrival, and tonight he’s looking to make even huger waves as he takes on your rival, Cade Sydal!

Donovan King: And he’s fixin’ to prove dat Cade Sydal ain’t all he’s cracked up to be, when he beats dat bitch ass.

DeMitri slowly removes the trenchcoat and tosses it over the top rope, calmly, and his music fades out.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The fans immediately start to cheer! "Everybody Down" by nonpoint hits, and the fans cheer even louder!

Samantha Coil: From South Port, North Carolina! Weighing in at 182 pounds! He is CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade ydal steps through the curtain, and the fans absolutely lose it! Cade pumps his fists out at them, urging them to cheer even louder, as he begins making his way down the ramp! Cade is quick to hop up onto the ring apron as Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring. Cade quickly slingshots over the top rope and runs up the turnbuckles, smashing his fist into his chest as he stares out at the sea of fans. The music slowly fades as Cade drops off of the second rope and turns to face Azraith in the opposite corner.

Dave Dymond: This is absolutely going to shape up to be one an absolutely excellent match, as the man being referred to as a Technical Assassin, your opponent for Reckoning Day Donovan King, faces his best friend’s rival, in The Ghost!

Donovan King: Fo’ sure. Both these dudes are good at what they do, jus Azraith happens to be better than Cade’s bitch ass.

Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell, and Azraith DeMitri explodes out of his corner! DeMitri swings a hard clothesline, but Cade ducks under it! DeMitri turns around and Cade pivots, dropping Azraith face-first with a drop toe hold! Cade pushes to his feet quickly and hits the ropes to Azraith’s left, rebounds, and dives low for a baseball slide! DeMitri pushes off the canvas at the last second, and avoids contact! Azraith swings to drop an elbow on Cade’s back, but Cade rolls to his left and avoids contact as well!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has managed to aoi two big moves from Azraith DeMitri in a row!

Azraith lurches to a seated position, and Cade snaps into him suddenly from behind with a loud kick across the spine! Azraith arches his back in pain, and Cade steps in front of him an drives his right shin into Azraith’s forehead! Cade spins full circle and leaps up into the air as DeMitri falls to his back! Cade executes a standing Shooting Star Press!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal with a picture perfect Shooting Star Press, off the ground!

Donovan King: Dat man has no regard fo’ human life.

Cade quickly hooks both legs and Tony Lorenzo slides into position!



DeMitri kicks out suddenly, and Cade quickly pulls him up by his left wrist. Cade turns under the arm and whips DeMitri off to the near ropes, but DeMitri reverses! DeMitri ducks his head quickly, and Cade turns, placing his back against DeMitri’s shoulder, and as Azraith lurches upward, Cade uses the momentum to backflip to his feet! DeMitri turns around, right into a standing spinning wheel kick!

Dave Dymond: Many would have figured Cade would hit and run, but he is, for the most part, standing to to toe with Azraith DeMitri!

Donovan King: Gotta hand dis to him, he’s not scared to fight.

DeMitri staggers back into the ropes from the hard kick to the chin! Cade pushes to his feet and charges right at him, but DeMitri ducks his arm at the last second! Cade grabs the top rope and swings onto the apron instead of being launched to the arena floor. Azraith turns quickly with a forearm, as his veteran instincts kick in! Cade rocks, gripping the top rope barely!

Dave Dymond: This is not the position Cade Sydal wants to be in!

DeMitri swings again, but Cade releases the top rope and backflips off the apron, to land on the floor feet first! DeMitri swings har and spins 180 degrees, and Cade runs up behind him and grabs both ankles, pulling Azraith down hard onto his face! Cade leaps back onto the apron as DeMitri pushes to his feet, holding his chin once again!

Donovan King: On the real, Azraith needs to watch out fo’ dis springboard shit Cade is fixin’ to pull.

DeMitri turns just as Cade springboards up to the top rope! Cade snaps out wide with a springboard spinning wheel kick, but Azraith ducks and somersaults foreward, avoiding the kick aimed for his head! Cade crashes hard on his left side as there is nothing to stop his momentum and he shouts out in a mixture of shock and pain, as his hands immediately fly for his left hip!

Dave Dymond: I think Cade Sydal might’ve landed awkwardly on his leg, and this is a huge opening for Azraith DeMitri!

Donovan King: Now, Cade is fixin’ to get that ass beat. Couldn’t happen to a nicer cat.

DeMitri is quick to his feet, and he wastes no time in pulling Cade to his own feet as well. DeMitri gives Cade a hard chop into the chest and quickly reaches for Cade’s left wrist for an Irish hip! Cade quickly drives his right elbow down on the reaching hands, breaking the grip and preventing the whip, though. DeMitri, however, is one step ahead, and he quickly drops to dropkick Cade in his thigh, dropping Cade to his chest!

Dave Dymond: You’ve got to believe that Cade Sydal knew that letting Azraith whip him off the ropes would aggrivate that injury more!

Donovan King: Azraith ain’t stupid, neither. If it bugs Cade dat much, he know he got himself a goddamn bullseye to aim for now.

DeMitri quickly pushes to his feet and grins callously down at Cade. Azraith places his left foot on Cade’s ankle, trapping the leg before dropping suddenly with all of his weight on his right knee, and Cade’s left hip! Cade shouts out in agony, with a resounding "FUCK!" on top of it. Azraith smirks before he rolls Cade over and hooks Cade by the injured leg for a cover!



Cade kicks hard, rolling his shoulders off the canvas, but Azraith maintains the hook of the leg and effortlessly pulls Cade right back up to a stand, holding the leg!

Dave Dymond: You may be right, King! Cade Sydal’s leg is hurt, and Azraith DeMitri is not going to let go of it, either!

Donovan King: Remind me to thank the cat, too. He’s doin’ most my fuckin’ work for me in advance. Couldn’ta asked fo’ better.

DeMitri quickly hoists Cade up for a knee breaker, but Cade rolls over Azraith’s shoulder, right into a sunset flip!



Azraith rolls to his right, hooking under Cade’s leg, and pushes to a stand, catching Cade in a half-crab with a knee in his lower back to pull harder on the thigh!

Dave Dymond: Impressive counter to the sunset flip, from the Ghost!

Donovan King: I ain’t gonna lie, dat was fuckin’ tight right there.

Cade pushes his hands under himself and suddenly tucks his head, rolling onto his shoulders before wedging his free leg under himself and getting right back to a vertical base quickly, as Azraith scrambles to maintain his balance and the hold! Cade kicks his leg high, trying to catch DeMitri off-guard, but DeMitri ducks, still holding the left leg! But Cade tucks forward once more, and rolls him right into a victory roll!

Dave Dymond: Amazing counter, and this could be it!1



Azraith kicks out, finally releasing the leg!

Donovan King: Smart move, lettin’ go of the leg like dat. It ain’t like he can’t get i right back.

Cade pushes to his feet, and DeMitri is right behind him with a hard kick into the back of the thigh, and Cade crumbles to the canvas! DeMitri grabs Cade’s ankle and lifts it up, before stomping right down on Cade’s hip! Two more quick stomps follow, and Azraith suddenly reaches down and pulls Cade to his feet by his head and leg! DeMitri releases the head and grips Cade’s leg, snapping through a dragon screw leg whip!

Dave Dymond: Cade has got to create distance between his leg and Azraith DeMitri, who isn’t known for his technical ability. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that Azraith DeMitri is very skilled at technical wrestling himself!

Donovan King: Exactly. Like me, he just ain’t gotta use his technical skill every goddamn night to prove o a cat he can wrestle. So what if he wants to fuck a dude up with his fists? Dat’s his right.

DeMitri rolls forward right into a pin of his own, hooking the leg still perefectly!




Cade kicks out hard, getting his shoulders off the canvas. DeMitri pushes to his feet and turns to pull Cade up to his feet as well, but Cade snaps his right foot upward into the side of DeMitri’s head! DeMitri staggers back as Cade rolls to his right knee. DeMitri comes at him again, this time Cade fires off with a hard forearm into the abdomen!

Dave Dymond: Even with an injured leg, Cade is fighting back!

Donovan King: He coulda just forfeited dis match, and he’d probably feel a lil’ better come Reckoning Day. But his ass is too dumb to think of shit like dat.

DeMitri hunches over, and Cade snaps upward ith a chop into DeMitri’s chest! DeMitri staggers back a few steps, and Cade pushes to his feet and leaps up off of his one good leg and snaps into DeMitri with a jumping calf kick, and DeMitri hits the canvas! Cade pushes up to his knee and lets out a defiant growl, as the fans cheer him on!

Dave Dymond: That sort of resilience and passion is what you have to look forward to in just a couple weeks, Donovan King! Are you prepared for that?

Donovan King:The fuck kinda question is dat? Man…fuck you.

DeMitri pushes to his feet, but Cade snaps his left leg out, driving his shin into DeMitri’s ribs! Cade grimaces in pain as he throws his left leg again into the side of DeMitri’s rib cage! DeMitri suddenly spins full circle and drives his elbow into Cade’s face as he completes the circle!

Dave Dymond: A huge roaring elbow-esque spinning elbow smash, and Cade Sydal is down once again. You’ve gotta believe putting Cade sacrificed a lot to throw those kicks, and I suspect he knew if he out an weight on his left leg he would have collapsed, right King?

Donovan King:

Dave Dymond: Alright…looks like my partner for this contest is speechless.

DeMitri looks down at Cade and shakes his head angrily. DeMitri suddenly drops and presses his hand to Cade’s throat and begins throttling him with a chokehold! Cade kicks his right leg wildly as Tony Lorenzo starts admonishing DeMitri. DeMitri reluctantly releases the hold and pulls Cade up to a semi-veritcal base before wrapping his left hand around Cade’s neck and lifting, to drop Cade’s neck across his knee! DeMitri maintains the grip and pulls Cade into a standing head scissors and underhooks both arms!

Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri just hit The Presence, and I think he’s going for Extinction!

DeMitri lifts Cade up for a powerbomb, but Cade wrpas his legs around DeMitri’s head and snaps backward with a hurricanrana and hooks the legs!




DeMitri kicks out of the tight pinning combination just barely, and Cade pushes to his right foot! DeMitri turns around as Cade’s back is to him, but Cade snaps up with a one-legged back flip, and drives his right foot into DeMitri’s head with the Pelle Kick!

Dave Ddymond: Pelle Kick from Cade Sydal literally out of nowhere and he’s still in this fight!

Donovan King: Man, fuck dis.

King throws off his headset, while in the ring Cade pushes to his feet and steps through the ropes. Cade starts gingerly ascending to the top rope, as DeMitri is absolutely stunned on the canvas! King starts shouting at Cade once Cade makes it to the top turnbuckle, and he actually leaves the commentary booth! Cade turns to King and bends over, grapping the top rope, Cade swings himself off the top rope to land on his right foot carefully. DeMitri slowly starts getting to his feet as Cade finally throws King the finger.

Dave Ddymond: Donovan King having some words with Cade Sydal at ringside, and Cade doesn’t see Azraith DeMitri getting back to his feet!

Cade turns around, right into a boot to the gut! DeMitri swings Cade up with a pair of underhooks and spins before sitting out with his highly modified sit-out powerbomb!

Dave Dymond: Damnit! Extinction!

DeMitri pushes up, stacking Cade on his shoulders for a pin!




DeMitri pushes to his feet and Tony Lorenzo quickly moves to raise DeMitri’s hand as the bell sounds.


"35 Ghosts IV" by Nine Inch Nails hits once again, as DeMitri jerks his arm away from Lorenzo and starts stomping back down on Cade. Donovan King slides into the ring at this point and joins in the stomping before turning Cade over right into a Carolina Crossface!

Dave Dymond: You already distracted him and cost him the damn match! Is it even necessary to attack him now?!

DeMitri starts stomping at Cade’s head, as King pulls backk harder on the crossface while the music abruptly drops off. Suddenly the fans begin to cheer loudly as Dan Stein limps down from the back, with a baseball bat in hand! King releases the hold as Stein makes it to the bottom of the ramp, but DeMitri continues stomping away, unaware! King points behind DeMitri as Stein slides into the ring carefully, and DeMitri turns just before Stein swings for the fences! DeMitri drops back to avoid being nailed with the bat and rolls sidelong out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: That’s right! Once the odds are evened up, you two little brats don’t want to stick around any more!

Stein turns his sights to King suddenly, and King quickly runs for the ropes and leaps through the middle and top, grabbing the middle rope to slide out onto the arena floor, avoiding disaster in the process. Stein turns his attention to Cade as DeMitri starts up the ramp backwards, shouting insults at Dan Stein! Stein turns his attention for a brief second and King slides back into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Damnit!

Kin reaches and grabs the bat, pulling hard! Stein turns with the pull, and King gets the bat from Stein! King winds up for a swing , but Stein ducks! King turns full circle right as Cade pushes up to his right foot and leaps up! Cade drives his foot into King’s face with a NINJAGUIRI as he comes full circle! King drops to the canvas in a heap, as Cade lands back hard on his hip! DeMitri, who started back for the ring, decides to make his way to the back then, as the fans explode into cheers!

Dave Dymond: A resounding NINJAGUIRI, and Donovan King is out cold, while Azraith DeMitri is sent packing!

"Everybody Down" by nonpoint starts up as Stein moves to help Cade get back to a vertical base. The fans cheer loudly, as Stein retrieves his baseball bat, before he helps Cade out of the ring, leaving Donovan King lying in the center of the ring!


The scene heads backstage. Abigail Chase is stood holding her SHOOT Project microphone. Chase is smiling while stood next to her stands Crush Heart. Heart looks around and then at Abigail Chase, he smiles, she smiles back at him and then turns back towards the camera.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen I am stood here with Crush Heart. Crush, last week at Revolution you were in a match to determine the number one contender for the Revolution title. Your chance was cruelly taken away from you by your own brother, Jack Heart.

Abigail holds her microphone to Crush Heart’s mouth.

Crush Heart: First off… Lemme just apologise for my behaviour towards ya two weeks ago at Revolution… I was a bit of a jackass. I’m a changed man, Abi. I’ve seen the light… I seen that the shit I was gettin’ into ain’t worth it. I’m a new me… A different person…

Crush smiles, his teeth not as white as they could be. He takes a breathe and then goes back to the microphone, all the while looking at Abigail and then towards the camera.

Crush Heart: Now… To answer ya question. As far as the number one contendership goes… It’ll still be there. I ain’t just gonna give up. So if Arion Catcher thinks that he has gotten away from me… He ain’t. I’ll work damn hard to get back in the title rankings… As far as Jack goes… That sneaky little brat is good for nothin’… He was always the runt of the litter. In fact… We didn’t even know ‘bout him ‘til two years ago. My dad wanted to forget all ‘bout him. The way Jack has turned out… I don’t say as I blame him…

Abigail Chase: I don’t think you have dealt very appropriately since your debut here in SHOOT either, if I am being honest.

Crush Heart: Like I said a minute ago Abi, I apologise for that. I apologise for everythin’ bad I’ve ever done. That kick to the head last week made me realise I was a bastard. Made me realise I was a damn idiot… Made me realise I had talent that wasn’t bein’ used to it’s full potential… I plan on changin’ all that… I plan on changin’ everythin’. I plan on…

Before Crush can finish his sentence he is knocked to the ground by an attacking Gutter Rat. The Rat Bastard knocks Crush out with a huge forearm to the head, the same place which Jack Heart kicked last week. Abigail Chase screams and makes a quick exit as Gutter Rat continues his assault by kicking the hell out of Crush whilst he is done. Crush attempts to block the stiff kicks with his hands and manages to do a good job for a while until another foot kicks him between the legs. The camera scrolls up to find Sinnocence was the culprit for that dirty shot. With his guard down, Crush is defenceless. Gutter Rat pummels away at Crush, kicking him in his torso and his head time and time again. As the camera pans out once more we are greeted with the sight of “Big” Ed Johnson and J. McGuire. Johnson and McGuire stand, laughing with huge smirks on their face as Gutter Rat pulls Crush up to his feet by his hair. The Rat Bastard holds Crush up, locking his arms behind his back.

Voice: Wait! It’s my turn…

The camera turns to find the voice. The voice of Jack Heart! Heart stands, his eyes big and bright. Crush shakes his head, trying to clear the haze, trying to see his brother who is now stood in front of him.

Jack Heart: We have got to stop meeting like this brother. We really have. I see you have made friends with the lovely Sinn and the monstrous Rat Bastard already. Always good to know who my brother is hanging around with. We can’t have him getting into any trouble now, can we?

Jack proceeds to pinch Crush’s cheek. He wiggles around the lump of flesh in between his fingers for a few seconds as Crush attempts to get away from the grasp of Gutter Rat. Rat squeezes his grip tighter together as Crush’s face shows the pain he is in.

Jack Heart: I guess you want to know why I kicked your fucking head off last week, huh? You want to know why I would kick my own brother and knock him out? If I told you, I’d have to kill you and where is the fun in that? Instead, I’ll let you mull it over for a while longer…

Jack begins to walk away, turning his back on his brother. He stops, Johnson and McGuire not laughing any longer, instead they look at Jack.

Jack Heart: Whilst you are wondering about the reasons to why I kicked you last week, why don’t you think about this instead!

In one sudden motion, Jack swings his left up into the air until it connects with the jaw of Crush. The force knocks Gutter Rat back slightly until he lets Crush slam down to the hard concrete beneath him. Crush lays, seemingly unconscious, as Jack stands over him with a wicked smirk across his face. Gutter Rat, Sinn, McGuire and Ed Johnson stand behind Jack like a pack of wolves as the scene fades out.


“The Pursuit” by Evans Blue plays abruptly, bringing the attention of the fans to the entryway.  Trevor Worrens makes his way out, forehead bandaged up and walking with a slight limp, but smiling as he pats the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship that rests over his shoulder.

Dave Dymond: Last week it was that man, Trevor Worrens, who fought in a grueling Law of Blood match, who took on some serious scars including fifteen stitches across his forehead all thanks to the barbed wire that covered the ring ropes.

Other Guy: Yeah and that two by four shot to the head probably didn’t make matters any better.

Dave Dymond: Still regardless of the pain and punishment Trevor Worrens went through, he is coming out here tonight as the new Laws of Survival champion, a feat that Worrens told me earlier he’s BEYOND happy about.

The fans cheer on Worrens as he approaches the ring, and for the first time ever, Worrens actually tags some hands of the fans who reach out from their first row seats.

Samantha Coil: Please welcome at this time, the NEW SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens takes his time up the steps, wincing as he tries to walk.  He gets into the ring though and is met with a microphone from Samantha Coil.  Worrens, who isn’t dressed for competition, but instead wears a pair of dark blue jeans, and a tight gray t-shirt with a faded black star in the middle, stands waiting as his music fades out.  The fans continue to cheer, and there is even a small “WORR-ENS!” chant that breaks out.  Worrens seems taken back by this and cocks his head to the side as if to question their chanting. But his smile remains and he nods his head as he starts to pace, searching for the words to begin.

Trevor Worrens: Last week…


Worrens stops as the shouts echo throughout the arena.

Trevor Worrens: Really?  Was that cheering only because it’s a well known fact that I recently moved and now I am an official Arizonian…

A quick pop but Worrens continues on.

Trevor Worrens: Or are you cheering because I took THIS (Worrens raises the Laws of Survival Championship) from an undeserving champion!

Another pop from the Tucson crowd and Worrens nods.

Trevor Worrens: I just wanted to make sure.  Now as I was saying, last week.  (he pauses) no actually let’s go back a bit more. Two weeks ago I called for a Law of Blood match.  Two weeks ago Ron Barker made the worst decision in his life by walking out on our match and giving me, handing me, the right to choose the stipulation for a future Laws of Survival Championship match.

Dave Dymond: Barker looked to get the upper hand by trying to get into Worrens’s head, but as Worrens stands here now, we know that the plan back fired.

Other Guy: And then some, I’m not sure Ron Barker is even in the building tonight after what he went through.

Worrens takes a moment to let his words settle in, then he continues.

Trevor Worrens: So I called for the barbed wire.  In a moment of complete anger, in a moment of total frustration I let blood lust get the better of me and I wanted that barbed wire SO BAD… almost as much as I wanted to end Ron Barker’s reign as the Laws of Survival Champion.  One week later, finally SHOOT Project management does something good for me, and they give me exactly what I want, WHEN I wanted it.

That brings me to last week.

The crowd gets into it once again, but Worrens quickly motions for them to quiet down.

Trevor Worrens: Last week I learned something.  Last week my eyes were opened wide.  I realized that emo kids today… well they have it all wrong.  If you want to experience pain just to feel alive, don’t cut yourself.  No.  You want to feel pain just to feel alive, then have someone take a broken piece of two by four that is wrapped in barbed wire and have them shove it into your groin!

Worrens winces, and the fans can’t help but cheer and laugh in response.

Trevor Worrens: You don’t know pain until you feel that.  And I felt it. I took Ron Barker’s worst, I got cuts, scars, stitches in my forehead, and I am standing here and BOY DO I FUCKING FEEL ALIVE!!!  I stand here with a huge smile on my face, because at the end of the day I got what I was looking for. At the end of the day I GOT what I wanted, I got what I needed and that was the chance to once again be called a SHOOT Project Champion!

The arena fills with cheering again.  Worrens paces slightly back and forth as he runs his hand through his hair while searching for his next words. Then he stops.

Trevor Worrens: And because I am once again a champion, I get the chance to live up to what that word really means.  You see I’ve found that drive, that passion, and it’s making me aware of so much more in my life. And maybe the emo nation will frown at me for smiling. Maybe the sad and unmotivated will call me a sell out, but nobody ever set rules.  Emo is a lifestyle sure, emo has become its own culture, yeah… but the stereotypes stop now. The clichés stop now.  It’s not all about tears, slit wrists, and whiny lyrics.

I just got real damn tired of sitting on my ass, complaining about the world needing to change, complaining about things needing to change, but never doing one thing to start that change.

Worrens looks down at the mat.

Trevor Worrens: Well now I’m doing something.

Worrens slowly raises his head and looks out at the fans.

Trevor Worrens: And last week I did something.  But in my moment of elation, when the rush was at its highest, someone saw it fit to bring that moment to an end.

Now a chorus of boos fills the arena.

Trevor Worrens: Some of you hear tonight maybe witnessed it last week at the JL Walkup Skydome. A lot of people only heard the final bit words of Dave Dymond shouting.  But we all know what happened now. Everyone knows that Osbourne Kilminster came out to the ring and took a steel chair to the back of my head and then watched as I spilled to the outside.

“OZZY SUCKS! OZZY SUCKS!” the chant replaces the booing and Worrens gives the fans their moment to voice their opinion. He lowers the microphone from his lips, waits, then brings it back up.

Trevor Worrens: With everything that I’ve been through with Osbourne Kilminster, it’s something I would have expected BEFORE Malice.  Because you see that night, Kilminster and I we went to war with each other.  But when it was all said and done, I looked at Kilminster in a whole new light.  I saw the god of war he strived to be, I saw a passion in him, hell I felt that drive, that rush, every time he looked to make me quit.

So for Kilminster to come out here with a sneak attack chair shot, it made me a little upset.

Worrens turns his focus to the entryway now.

Trevor Worrens: It made me upset because Osbourne Kilminster knows damn well that anytime he wants a fight from me, then he can just come out here and say the words.

Worrens’s smile has now since faded.

Trevor Worrens: So come out here and say the words, Kilminster!!!

The fans erupt with cheering now as Worrens stands, waiting for Kilminster’s arrival.

Dave Dymond: So in a shocking turn, Worrens not out here to address the SHOOT Project roster as the new champion, he’s here for one reason and one reason alone, and that’s Osbourne Kilminster

Other Guy: But Worrens knows, Dave. Worrens knows Kilminster had a fight earlier in the night, he knows Kilminster isn’t in the condition to fight, so does that REALLY make Worrens all that tough right now?

Worrens continues to wait, his intensity only growing.

Trevor Worrens: I went through hell last week and you came looking for a fight.  Tonight, you’ve been through hell, and now I’m looking for a fight.  Don’t ROB me of this, Kilminster!  Come on!

The fans continue to buzz, wondering if Kilminster will come out to the ring, but the question is answered as “Warriors of the World” by Manowar begins to play.  Worrens nods his head, eager for Kilminster’s arrival.  Soon the back curtain is pulled to the side and Osbourne Kilminster steps out from the back.  He looks tired out still, but he hides it well with his eyes.  He glares down towards the ring at Worrens, looking more menacing with a big bit of plaster covering his chin.

Dave Dymond: Despite his match earlier that turned into somewhat of a brutal striking affair between Kilminster and Smiles, Kilminster is STILL coming out here and I guess he’s not satisfied with the number he did on Worrens last week when we went off air.

Other Guy: He said it himself, Dave. He’s not gonna leave business unfinished.  Kilminster believes Worrens hasn’t really finished him off, so Kilminster’s gonna try to finish Worrens first.

Kilminster starts towards the ring now, the well known dented steel chair gripped firmly in his hand.  Worrens gets into a ready position but Kilminster stops just outside of the ring, looking slightly upwards at Worrens.  He takes heavy and deep breaths but doesn’t say a word.

Dave Dymond: Wow, Kilminster is NOT a happy camper, and the fact that he is saying nothing, that he is absolutely silent is actually speaking volumes.

Worrens slowly backs away from the edge of the ring motioning with one hand for Kilminster to get into the ring.  Kilminster SLAMS his free hand on the mat and then slides into the ring quickly rising up to one knee, then to his full vertical base, still holding the steel chair.  He marches right up to Worrens, and Worrens doesn’t back down an inch.  In fact he leans right in towards Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: You don’t need that chair, Kilminster.  You want this.  You want to finish me, if you’re enticed all of a sudden by my gold, then drop the chair.  You want to revisit the days before Malice, then drop the chair.

The intensity increases as Kilminster continues to just glare at Worrens, pushing his forehead up against Worrens’s now, which actually causes Worrens to wince a little bit.

Other Guy: This is gonna happen, Dave. I can feel it.  Kilminster, Worrens, round number three!

Kilminster suddenly looks down at the chair in his hand, then back at Worrens, and then he SPIKES the chair down onto the mat!  The fans erupt now; excited to see Worrens and Kilminster go at it… but then suddenly "The Show Must Go On" by Three Dog Night plays for the second time that evening, causing the fans to get even louder.

Dave Dymond: Looks like this is little confrontation is opening up to a third party.

Other Guy: Didn’t Jester get enough earlier tonight?

Dave Dymond: Apparently not.

Jester Smiles emerges from the back, still wearing his white GI with the Northern Virginia Hapkido Academy badge and his 5th Dan black belt. His arm is in a sling, and he has a slight limp as he walks down to the ring.  Both Kilminster and Worrens turn their attention to Smiles as he high fives a few fans along the way to the ring using his one good hand. Eventually he walks around the ring and grabs a microphone from the timekeeper’s table. Jester then enters the ring under the bottom rope.

Jester Smiles: Woah, woah, woah. Let’s just hold the phone for one teensy, tiny second.

A noticeable "JES-TER" chant starts up, and Jester takes a moment to soak it in.

Jester Smiles: Funny thing about this little situation here is that, well the two of you have something in common.  Well aside from your obvious hatred for each other.

Jester pauses, giving the fans a moment to cheer.

Jester Smiles: See, I beat BOTH of you, at one point or another. Yeah, while you two can act like this world only consists of you two, the record books suggest something differently.  So if we’re discussing laying claim to the Laws of Survival Championship, if that’s what all this is about well…I guess I, the former Laws of Survival Champion, have just as much claim as anyone.

The fans let out a decent size pop as Jester stands confidently in the ring amongst the two men.  Worrens focuses on Jester.

Trevor Worrens: While I have to say it’s nice to see that you’re no longer moping around, I have to say this is not where you belong.

Some of the fans begin to boo, but Worrens continues.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t take that the wrong way. If you have issues with Osbourne Kilminster, that’s your own business. He’s right here, take it up with him when you get the chance.  But right now, right now it isn’t time for that. Because I don’t have any issue with you, Smiles.  You beat me in my second match in SHOOT Project; my second match in my entire career.  I’m glad you have that victory to hold over me.

Worrens steps closer towards Jester, meanwhile Kilminster stays on looking at both men.

Trevor Worrens: But right now is about me and him (Worrens points to Kilminster). Right now is about unfinished business, about two men who apparently DIDN’T end their war at Malice.  So Smiles, before this becomes an issue just…

Jester Smiles: Maybe I want it to be an issue then!  I am not going to be dismissed.  Not by you, not by Kilminster not by…

Kilminster suddenly lunges forward and snatches the microphone clean out of Jester’s hand.

Osbourne Kilminster: Who do you think you are?  So you put up a good fight tonight and suddenly you think you can just butt right in where ever you see fit.

Trevor Worrens: Well he did show you a thing or two tonight, Kilminster…

Kilminster spins around and glares at Worrens.

Osbourne Kilminster: And you. So quick to brush off his victory over you, but you’ll hold so dearly to your TAINTED victory over me.  Everyone knows you were not the one to make me quit.  THAT (Kilminster points to the chair) is what was responsible.  The way I see it…

Suddenly “Natural One” by Folk Implosion hits and Ron Barker wastes no time coming out, dressed in nice black dress pants and a green button up, tucked in.  Barker has his own microphone in hand and with his other hand he motions for the music to be cut.

Ron Barker: The way I see it, is all of you just need to wait in line like good little children.

Despite his face all scratched up, and traces of lacerations from the barbed wire showing just under the collar of his shirt, Barker seems to be brimming with arrogance. The fans boo loudly and Barker turns out to them with such seriousness.

Ron Barker: No, not tonight. Tonight I’m not out here to be that guy. The guy you want to boo, the guy who doesn’t admit to losing, who finds a million and one excuses as to why the match didn’t REALLY count.  It counted, I lost. And I’m PISSED about that.

Dave Dymond: Some serious emotion being shown here by Ron Barker, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this!

All eyes are on Barker now who slowly walks to the ring.

Ron Barker: So I’m going to say this once, and only once.  I want a rematch. Worrens, you beat me, and I don’t like that. I don’t like the fact that I am a decorated veteran who got beat by some brash up and comer. And I don’t like that now that I lost, suddenly everyone thinks I am out of the picture. I spent days recovering from being planted onto a bed of barbed wire, and in that time, I got a lot of thinking done.

Barker pauses for a moment and shakes his head.

Ron Barker: I’m not letting it end like this.

The fans buzz with confusion at Barker’s comment now and even Worrens cocks his head to the side, trying to get a read on Barker. Barker reaches the ring and walks up the steps. He then enters the ring.

Ron Barker: So I don’t care what you have to say Kilminster. And Jester, I’ve beaten you enough time already. That just leaves me and Trevor here.

Barker turns his focus to Worrens.

Ron Barker: One final time. I. Want. A…

“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva kicks in and confusion fills the McKale Center.  Edward Raymond steps out from the back, microphone in hand as well, smiling from ear to ear.

Other Guy: What the hell?  Why is Edward Raymond out here!?

Dave Dymond: I have no idea, Other Guy. But knowing how much Raymond LOVES to have our attention, I’m sure he’s going to tell us.

Barker, Smiles, Kilminster, and Worrens all look to the entryway where Raymond stands.

Edward Raymond: I love this. And if I didn’t have something HUGE to share with everyone here tonight, I would probably just be sitting in the back and watching all this drama unfold.  But that’s not the case, so I’m just going to get right down to it.

Raymond takes a moment to collect his thoughts, clearing his throat, then he shifts his focus to the audience.

Edward Raymond: In just two weeks, on June First, SHOOT Project brings the world, once again, arguably the BIGGEST and MOST EXCITING Pay Per View event in the wrestling world… RECKONING DAY!

The fans actually pop, but all four men in the ring seem to be slightly annoyed by Raymond’s presence.

Edward Raymond: It’s a classic SHOOT Project Pay Per View, and it brings with it so much history that really, given my own history with this company, I couldn’t stand NOT to be a part of it. Now last time I asked to be a part of a classic SHOOT Project Pay Per View, it ended in me getting beaten around in the Redemption Rumble by all of Instant Heat.

The fans pop louder but Raymond doesn’t seem so happy about that.  He shakes his head with frustration but continues on.

Edward Raymond: However, this time my part in Reckoning Day isn’t me seeing in ring action.  It’s a contribution.  And that’s why I’m out here because MY part in Reckoning Day just so happens to involve all four of you!

Raymond looks to the ring at Barker, Smiles, Kilminster, and Worrens.

Edward Raymond: Everyone in that ring, Ron Barker, Osbourne Kilminster, Jester Smiles, you ALL have some connection to that man right there holding the Laws of Survival Championship.  All of you believe you get the next shot at that title.

Smiles nods his head, Kilminster simply stares at Raymond, while Barker continues to look frustrated pointing to himself.

Edward Raymond: Well you’re all right.  And after talking with Jason Johnson he’s giving you all exactly what you want.  And that’s where my contribution comes in.   Because you see, in two weeks, June First…. Reckoning Day, I have the honor to announce that it will be Jester Smiles versus Ron Barker versus Osbourne Kilminster… versus Trevor Worrens for the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship!!!

The crowd comes alive now and everyone in the ring seems to be okay with that announcement, and Worrens especially looks eager and accepting of it.

Dave Dymond: Wow! A huge match just announced as it will be a four way bout for the Laws of Survival Championship at Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: Lotta talent gonna be in the ring at one time come June First, Dave.

With the announcement made, Trevor Worrens looks to start to exit the ring.

Edward Raymond: Wait just a minute, champ. It doesn’t stop there. Because its Reckoning Day, because its four of SHOOT Project’s top superstars, this match has to be something special.  So, the four of you will compete in the LATEST Raymond Entertainment creation…. THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL MATCH!!!

And with that, Raymond takes his leave of the ring area, his music playing once again.

Other Guy: The Ultimate Survival match?  What could that even be?

Dave Dymond: That’s a darn good question, Other Guy, but it appears we’re left just with that.  The Laws of Survival Championship to be defended at Reckoning Day. Four men in what Edward Raymond is calling The Ultimate Survival Match.

Other Guy: Reckoning Day just keeps gettin’ more and more stacked, Dave. Could be our biggest one yet.

Dave Dymond: At this rate that statement might already be a given!

With the fans still buzzing in reaction to Edward Raymond’s announcement, the focus zooms in on Ron Barker, Jester Smiles, Osbourne Kilminster, and Trevor Worrens, all four men looking at one another; all with some form of determination in their eyes.

The action of the night continues on from there, cutting away from the ring and to the back.




Members of the ring crew finish anchoring the fire strips down to the four sides of the ring, along the apron, while Samantha Coil stands, almost nervously, in the center of the ring. She brings the microphone up to her lips and begins her job.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for ONE FALL with no formal time-limit stipulations and will be contested as a FIRE DEATH!

Coil pauses after the first announcement, and the fans pop for the match type.

“Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC offers its angsty ambience to a super psyched audience who responds with a healthy chorus of BOOS!”

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing at a one-hundred, ninety pounds and hailing from Kyoto, Japan… KENJI YAMADA!!!

Lead by a crazed sense of determination, Kenji Yamada stalks down to the ring. He sports a pair of black, wrestling shorts and from his thigh to about a little above his shins, are black knee wraps. These wraps are stitched with faces of various Japanese Demons. His boots are black and his entire left forearm has been wrapped in white tape, with a series of Japanese symbols and letters running down the side in black sharpie marker.

Dave Dymond:: We have reached the climax of our evening. Kenji Yamada is the first of two men who will be called down to that ring to partake in the FIRST Fire Death Match that we have seen in over FIVE YEARS and only the THIRD in organization’s history.

Other Guy: I’ll be honest and say I’m nervous to even be calling this shit, man. I don’t know what to expect, Dave.

Kenji finds himself at the base of the ring and examines one of the four fire strips. He runs his fingers down the metal, almost massaging the surface as though entranced in some sort of erotic fixation. He then looks inside the ring at Kamura before bending down and reaching underneath the ring.

Dave Dymond:: What the hell is Kenji do…

He ducks his head under the apron and comes back holding not one, but TWO Kendo sticks. The fans let out a shocked “OOOOOOOOH!” Kenji’s grin is sickening as he slides into the ring. 

Dave Dymond:: OH man! Kenji apparently “finding” a couple of those kendo sticks, and I didn’t even CONSIDER the aspect of weapons, OG. We heard all week about how difficult this contest was to escape, but with their being NO disqualifications there is nothing Scott Kamura can do to regulate Kenji’s actions.

Other Guy: He could throw the match out.

Dave Dymond:: And have these fans riot?

Other Guy: Just saying he CAN do something if he needed.

Kamura seems troubled, but under the rules of the match, has no authority to do anything, and isn’t about to cancel a heavily advertised main event. Instead, He simply takes a step back and watches as Yamada climbs to the middle turnbuckle, holding both sticks up in the air, drawing a chorus of JEERS from this Tucson crowd.

Kenji slaps one sticks across the top rope at one side, and then spins and slams the stick across the top rope along the intersecting side! He shouts out something in Japanese to the fans and turns his attention to the aisle, foaming at the mouth, anticipating Corazon’s arrival.

With that, “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC fades, and the LIGHTS DIM.

The crowd comes to a dull roar in anticipation of the World Heavyweight Champion. When “Torcher” hits, the noise level rises in unison to give a show of appreciation to Adrian Corazon.

Dave Dymond:: And here he comes! This is a big, BIG matchup for both Kenji AND our SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION, Corazon.

Other Guy: HUGE match, Dave. Huge.

Corazon makes his appearance on the ring ramp, with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He sees the contraption that’s been called the “Fire Deathmatch,” and his eyes widen. He starts his walk down the ramp, but stops midway through, eyeing the ring once more. He takes note of Kenji Yamada and his Kendo sticks, but his attention is certainly more focused on the fire strips. He shakes his head, and continues.

Dave Dymond:: And that, my friends, is how you know that you have a daunting task in front of you.

Other Guy: Even CORAZON can get shaken up. Did you SEE that? That’s how serious this match is, Dave.

Samantha Coil does her part…

Samantha Coil: And finally… introducing next… he stands at six feet, three inches, and weighing in at two hundred, twenty five pounds… he is BRUTAL AND INHUMAN… THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… CORAZONNNNNN!!

Corazon stops at the bottom of the steps and gives the set-up one more look-over before making his way into the ring. He keeps his eyes on Kenji, who surprisingly stays back. Corazon hands his title over to Scott Kamura who in turns walks over to the other end of the ring and hands it to Samantha Coil who just made her exit moments ago. Kamura then goes back to check in with Corazon. Corazon nods his head, his eyes still locked on the insane looking Yamada, who slowly and meticulously spins the kendo sticks like a warrior would twirl a pair of swords.

Corazon shakes his head, letting Kenji know that he isn’t afraid.

Dave Dymond:: Both men are in the ring and now it’s up to Scott Kamura to get this thing going. Of course, both competitors and the referee must agree to a start.

Other Guy: And he’s asking both men right now.

The fans watch as Kamura checks with Kenji, who gives a VERY quick nod. He then turns toward Corazon who nods before Kamura can even say a word. Kamura nods as well and looks over to Mark Kendrick who holds on to the device that controls the flames.

The fans start to cheer, knowing that this historic contest is just about underway.

Kendrick adjusts the control…



Dave Dymond:: The ring is surrounded in FIRE!

Other Guy: I can’t believe we’re seeing this shit, man. God DAMN!

With the bell having sounded, and the FIRES BURNING, Kenji Yamada CHARGES after Corazon with the kendo sticks! Kamura gets knocked awkwardly to the side and successfully fights for his balance as he tilts toward the ring ropes, and Corazon JUST is able to slide away from Kenji, summersaulting toward the center of the ring! Kenji stops his momentum as HE almost charges into the flames! He then stops and looks at his kendo sticks and then to the fires again. His grin widens.

Dave Dymond:: What the HELL is Kenji thinking?

Other Guy: Looks like Yamada may have come up with a way to combined those flames and those damn sticks.

Before Yamada can act on whatever idea he had, Corazon is comes up cautiously from behind and tugs at Yamada’s shoulders! Kenji turns back, sensing his opponent’s presence, but Corazon is able to land a HARD right hand to Kenji’s midsection! Corazon. Kenji drops one of the two kendo sticks after being stunned by the blow, and Corazon quickly kicks at Kenji’s right hand, knocking the second stick out! In fact, the second one almost falls into the fire, but stops just a little short. Kenji fires back though with a THRUST ATTACK to Corazon’s throat! The champion falls back and holds at his neck! Kenji comes forward with a berserker like mentality, throwing a WILD, UNAIMED kick that connects across the side of Corazon’s arm, though not at the peak of its strength! Corazon shakes his arm out and keeps backing up toward the center, doing his best to keep the action away from the ropes, while acting in the defensive.

Dave Dymond:: Yamada retaliating now with insane intensity.

Other Guy: But he’s gotta be careful or he could just as easily end his own career as quickly as he seems to want end Corazon’s.

Kenji throws another wild kick, but Corazon is able to get his arms up and block the kick. Kenji fires with a left kick, though, and catches in his right side, hitting him in the ribs, though, again, not as hard as he could have, but hard enough to keep the early advantage!

Other Guy: Cor, wisely taking a defensive stance against a very aggressive opponent.

Dave Dymond:: The champion perhaps showing a little maturity. He knows the surroundings. He knows the situation. He does not want to necessarily meet Kenji’s aggression early on or he’ll find himself in a shoot out.

Corazon continues to try and keep the action toward the center of the ring, backing up and circling where he needs to. Kenji remains relentless, following with more kicks! He reaches with another shot, which Corazon blocks, but then QUICKLY FOLLOWS WITH A STIFF EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, catching the World Champion off guard! Kenji tries to go for the kill and follows with a ROUND HOUSE ATTEMPT! But Corazon ducks the wild attempt! He grabs the off-balance Yamada by the waist from the side and hoists him up into the air! Corazon starts to walk toward the ring ropes and the fans POP LOUDLY! However, Kenji starts squirming a bit and Corazon wisely stops and simply DROPS Kenji down with a side suplex! Kenji hits hard and Corazon rolls out of the way, allowing himself a moment or two to catch his breath.

He rubs at his face, still feeling the effects of that European upper cut. Kenji is pretty quick to stir, and Corazon gets back to his feet, ready for battle.

Dave Dymond:: Adrian Corazon taking this contest very seriously. He probably could have gone for a pin fall, but knowing Kenji hadn’t taken enough damage and the suplex was far from a game ending affair, he took the time to catch his breath.

Other Guy: And I know our fans want blood, and I’m sure they’re looking for that crazy spot, but I’ll tell ya this, Dave… Aint neither of these cats lookin’ to take that hit this close to Reckoning Day. ESPECIALLY Corazon who is booked to fight in the biggest match of his CAREER.

Kenji is up, but Corazon doesn’t wait for him to get ready. Corazon moves in and strikes Kenji in the side with a KNEE! Kenji stumbles a few feet closer to the ring ropes and the pillars of flame! Corazon grabs a hold of the back of Kenji’s head and SLAMS a knee into Kenji’s face! He lifts his leg, looking to land another, but Kenji is able to break away from Corazon’s grasp and counters with a double leg take down before the champ can strike! Kenji hops up to his feet quickly and SLAMS A STOMP INTO CORAZON’S CHEST before awkwardly stumbling forward! He turns back around, though and pounces on Corazon, immediately throwing a series of forearms! Corazon takes the first couple after being stunned by the stomp, but quickly gets his arms up to dodge Kenji’s attempted flurry of offense! Corazon shifts his weight, trying to catch Kenji off balance and DOES!

Dave Dymond:: Reversed by Corazon!

Adrian mounts Yamada now and SLAMS A STIFF FOREARM STRAIGHT DOWN INTO KENJI’S FACE!!! Kenji tries to fire back from his defensive position, but Corazon moves his head backward, dodging the attempt, and then DRIVES ANOTHER FOREARM BLOW! Corazon grabs the back of Kenji’s head and LANDS ANOTHER SHOT!



He pulls Kenji up again, but this time THROWS his head back down to the mat and stands to his feet! The crowd pops VERY LOUDLY for the world champion after a dominating series of events! Kenji does not stay down though! Corazon takes a step back and then charges with a spinning elbow smash! Kenji DUCKS! Corazon tries to spin back around but KENJI NAILS HIM WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! Kenji moves over on top of Corazon and makes a cover!

Kamura makes a count!


Corazon kicks out at one! Kenji to his feet, though, and immediately follows with a heel first STOMP to Corazon’s right temple! He then drops down and shoves his forearm into Corazon’s face in another pin fall attempt!



Corazon kicks out at one and a half! Kenji holds the back of Corazon’s head, though, and DRIVES HIS KNEE down into Corazon’s jaw! Kenji drops to make ANOTHER COVER and grabs for the leg!

Kamura with the count!


Kenji shifts his weight to try and get a better grip of Corazon’s leg!


Corazon KICKS OUT again after Kenji lost his balance! Kenji rolls off and slaps the mat! Corazon tries to get up! Kenji charges with a YAKUZA KICK, but Corazon ducks! Kenji ALMOST STRIKES THE REFEREE, but stops his balance after Kamura waves his arms frantically! Kenji turns around, but walks right into a QUICK BACK ELBOW STRIKE FROM CORAZON!! Kenji falls toward the ring ropes! Corazon stays on the aggressive, he shoves Kenji back into the ropes, the flames now TICKLING HIS BACK but then hurls him toward the other end!

Dave Dymond:: Kenji feeling the fire quite LITERALLY! Yamada bouncing off the ring ropes!

Corazon catches Yamada, hoists him up and looks to be execute a STUN GUN! BUT as the champion starts to turn around to drop Yamada, Kenji shifts squirms out of Corazon’s grip and as he falls, has the mind to wrap his legs around Corazon’s neck and counter with a HURRACANRANA sending Corazon CRASHING back toward the center of the ring!

Dave Dymond:: AMAZING counter from Yamada!

Other Guy: Shit starting to pick up now!!!

As the flames grow hungrier for human flesh, Kenji inches toward Corazon and hooks the leg!



Dave Dymond:: NO! Corazon up at two!

Kenji stays focused and before Corazon can recover, CHARGES AND CATCHES HIM SQUARE IN THE MOUTH WITH A YAKUZA KICK! Corazon falls back toward the ropes, NEARLY falling too far! Kenji sees red and GOES FOR THE KILL!

Dave Dymond:: OH GOD NO!

Kenji charges with a knee, but Corazon slinks forward and counters with a DROP TOP HOLD! Kenji’s face is about three or four feet away from the bottom rope! Corazon quickly hooks both of Kenji’s arms and FLIPS FORWARD OVER YAMADA, EXECUTING A VERSION CATTLE MUTILATION!


Dave Dymond:: Corazon now with a DEADLY submission hold applied to Kenji Yamada! And it’s the type of hold that does not require a lot of set up!

Other Guy: With both arms tucked the way they are that is ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL on the shoulders and upper back! Kenji might have to tap!!!

The fans shout loudly for Yamada to tap!!!


Corazon notices that his feet are DANGEROUSLY close to the ropes and seems to be able to feel the heat as he tries to inch back a bit! This allows Kenji a chance to move, though instead of breaking out, Yamada pushes forward, which applies MORE PRESSURE TO THE SUBMISSION HOLD!

Dave Dymond:: What is Kenji doing! Corazon moving back and Kenji moving forward from this position… Kenji might break both arms AND his upper back!

Corazon notices his body inch forward and realizes Kenji is pushing! Corazon leans back further on the hold! But Kenji continues to push forward! Corazon’s boot brushes up against the bottom rope! Kenji SCREAMS IN PAIN!!! Corazon FINALLY breaks the hold and BARELY slides away from the ropes and more importantly, the FIRE, the tip of boot having touched the flame.

Other Guy: Wow! Ballsy move from Kenji, and Corazon has to break the hold, but at what cost? If Cor had kept the hold locked and Kenji was able to get his legs in that fire… then maybe that’s worth it, but Corazon breaks it before any damage can be done, and Kenji is hurting! Corazon doesn’t want to back down! Kenji rubs at his throat and tries to get up! Corazon charges with a KNEE but Kenji turns


Corazon IMMEDIATELY grabs at his face and spins back out of control!

Dave Dymond:: NOOOO!

He nearly falls into the ropes, but instead drops to his knees!

Other Guy: What the FUCK just happened?

Dave Dymond:: Corazon’s face is covered with that Red Mist!

Yamada rolls out of the way, his mouth red, a smile creeping through his pained expression. He slowly turns and sees the two kendo sticks!

The fans seem to notice Kenji’s intention and gasp!


Corazon is still in a WORLD of pain as he tries to scrape the burning mist off his face, his eyes shut as to not allow the substance to physically touch them. Kenji crawls toward the sticks! He grabs the one he dropped and then the other that Corazon had kicked out of his hand earlier in the contest. He then finds a way to get his feet and stumbles toward the ropes! Kenji places the sticks over the flame and they quickly CATCH FIRE!


Kenji holds both sticks in the air and then GLARES at Corazon!

Dave Dymond:: Good God, NO!


Corazon senses there is trouble brewing, and, despite being temporarily blinded, turns slowly toward an approach Yamada! He grabs at the ropes to try and lift himself up, but quickly backs away!

Corazon: AHHHH!

He shakes his hands out, having come into contact with the fire. Kenji laughs and aggresses toward his victim! Kenji takes a wild swing, but Corazon NAILS HIM with a DESPERATION KICK! Kenji drops one of the kendo sticks, both still slowly burning to their core! He briefly considers retreiving it, but realizes that might buy Corazon too much time!

Dave Dymond:: Kenji going for the KILL!

Kenji instead raises his kendo stick up and COMES DOWN ON CORAZON!

BUT THE CHAMP ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE VERY LAST SECOND!!! Corazon tries to open his eyes, and SCREAMS again in pain, but is able to see what he wanted to see.

The second kendo stick!

Corazon lunges for the stick! Kenji turns and YELLS!

Kenji Yamada: YOU SON OF A BITCH!

Kenji looks for a kill shot!

Corazon has a grip on the fallen kendo stick! Both sticks are nearly burnt to a crisp!!!









Other Guys: These fans are in disbelief! HOLY SHIT, DAVE!!!

Dave Dymond:: Neither man is moving. Scott Kamura seems out of options…

Kamura looks at both men, but neither is responding.

Other Guy: Somewhere, Jonny Johnson has to be enjoying what he is seeing. What a SIC match and I don’t know that Corazon is going to be able to continue.

Kenji’s body seems to fall limp, while Corazon shows almost as the same reaction.



The fans want to see this one come to a clean finish, but neither man seems able.




Dave Dymond:: Kamura at a count of FOUR NOW! No one is moving!


Kenji shows signs of life first and grabs at the air as though trying to decide if he’s alive or not. Corazon also stirs a little, clawing at anything he can.


Other Guy: Both guys BARELY with it, Dave. I don’t know what to say… Kamura reaching SEVEN and the dude is counting VERY SLOW. He doesn’t want this one to end any less than these fans!


Kamura holds up his seventh finger! Corazon grabs for the ropes! The flames dancing near his finger tips! Corazon temporarily backs away! Kenji meanwhile tries aimlessly reaching over his head, showing signs of a potential concussion.


Corazon lunges for the ring ropes and grabs a hold! He YELLS OUT, his hands basically in the fire, just centimeters away!

Dave Dymond:: What is our World Champion thinking?!

Kamura looks at both men! Kenji tries shifting his weight but barely can move! Corazon pulls as hard as he can at the ropes! THE FIRE BURNS THE EDGES OF HIS KNUCKLES!!!


Other Guy: Don’t do it, Champ! It’s not worth it!

CORAZON SCREAMS OUT AND PULLS HIMSELF TO HIS FEET, his body nearly falling through the ropes!!!



Kamura points down to Kenji who could not answer the count and then IMMEDIATELY SIGNALS FOR THE BELL!!!



Kendrick kills the flames and “TORCHER” plays once again!!! Corazon falls to his knees, and Kamura scurries to his side to raise his hand in victory!!!



Other Guy: At what cost has he won, though, Dave? I don’t want to spoil the INCREDIBLE victory, but at what fucking cost? I’m sure Jonny would have loved to see Kenji Yamada defeat Adrian Corazon tonight, but the pain that the World Champion has endured… Gotta make that left side feel a little better.

Corazon grasps at his hands and a team of medical assistants charge the ring to attend to both the world champ and Kenji Yamada!!!

Dave Dymond:: A chaotic scene as doctors rush to attend both men, but folks we are out of time. We will have injury updates on both men as we receive them. So please check in to SHOOT Project dot com as often as you can and we PROMISE to give you all the information we can!

The shot stays on the doctors frantically making sure both men are okay. They check Corazon’s hands, and they flash a light in Kenji’s eyes, both men receiving the most urgent attention!

Dave Dymond: For Other Guy, I’m Dave Dymond. We have to go! Thank you for joining us on REVOLUTION NUMBER THIRTY-ONE!

The footage cuts to black, the show exceeding it alloted time.