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Revolution: 032 – 5/25/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage is just a series of quick action clips of Adrian Corazon, but those are replaced by Dan Stein in action, and the last shot there is Stein on the top turnbuckle, raising the Iron Fist Championship high over his head.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”


Revolution opens up to the sold out crowd inside of the Energy Solutions Arena and they are INSANE tonight. The camera angles shift capturing as many of the fans, many of them holding their pre-made signs, a lot of which reference Reckoning Day in some capacity.  The noise inside is near deafening with the opening pyrotechnics as well as the continued playing of the Revolution theme song.

Dave Dymond: Here we are, Revolution THIRTY TWO, but being called tonight the EVE of Reckoning!

The camera focus finds the source of the voice as Dave Dymond and Other Guy are now shown on screen.  Dymond smiles and Other Guy looks amped as well, wearing the official Reckoning Day 2008 t-shirt.

Dave Dymond: Welcome everyone, thanks for joining us.  I’m Dave Dymond always alongside Other Guy and wow, this is it.  This is the last stop on the way to Reckoning Day!

Other Guy: You’re damn right it is, and boy, is it intense backstage, it’s crazy out here, and a lots set to go down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: The time for talk is pretty much all but passed and tonight actions will be speaking louder than words as the SHOOT Project soldiers look to gain some last minute momentum as they push forward to the date that matters most… June The First!

Other Guy: And it all kicks off tonight not with verbal confrontation but straight up in ring action.  It’s the eve of Reckoning, Dave. Let’s get right to it!



The crowd begins to cheer loudly as Joe Satriani’s “Crystal Planet” begins to play, signifying the entrance for the #1 contender to the Revolution Title. Catch Warren steps out from the back, raising his hand in the air, before starting his way down the ring, inaudibly talking with some fans along the way.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, on his way to the ring, from London, England, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds, he is the number one contender to the Revolution Championship, CATCH WARREN!

Dave Dymond: As Samantha said, next week we’ll be seeing this man right here take on Arion Catcher for the Revolution belt, and I’m honestly not sure what to feel about that match.

Other Guy: On the one hand, Dave, Catcher’s been a fan favorite but more recently been doing things his own way, at the same time giving Catch his shot by winning the tag match two weeks ago on Revolution, AND stealing that same win that Catch had in the bag.

Dave Dymond: Either way, it’s going to be a hard fought match for both of them next week, at Reckoning Day, live on Pay-Per-View.

Catch starts to run down the entranceway, sliding under the bottom rope, and running straight for the corner, scaling it and raising his hand high in the air to the cheers of the capacity crowd. He drops off the top turnbuckle, starting to stretch on the top rope, as his music dies down, and is replaced by a loud, almost inaudible sound, and then…


“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts up, and soft pink, green, and brown lights float around the arena. The fans begin to boo hard as Tom Quinn steps out, focusing on his opponent in the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at one hundred ninety-one pounds, one half of Rogue & Riley, TOM QUINN!

The fans don’t let up, booing Quinn all the way down the aisle, and even as he steps into the ring, a look of resignation on his face. He waits in the corner as Tony Lorenzo checks him out, just as he did to Warren just a few seconds before.

Dave Dymond: The Revolution crowd tonight not being too kind on Tom Quinn, and I can’t say I blame them after his and Riley’s kidnapping of Nova Lynn Jackson.

Other Guy: Please, Dave, like you wanted to see her in the ring week in and week out?

Dave Dymond: I don’t think that abducting anyone is a nice thing to do, OG, no matter the circumstances. And she was pretty nice to look at.


The bell rings, and this one starts off rather basic, as the pair lock up mid-ring, with Catch taking the early advantage with an arm wrench, but Quinn rolls with it, landing on his feet, and returning the favor to Catch. Catch counters it with a somersault of his own, pulling Quinn to the mat with an arm drag. Quinn pops back to his feet, shaking his head, as the pair lock up once again. Catch tosses Quinn to the ropes, and Quinn comes back with a clothesline– ducked by Warren! Quinn stops short, and Warren turns around to a stiff hook kick! Catch drops, and Quinn immediately drops a leg across his throat! Catch is coughing, and Quinn grabs Catch’s leg, dropping back to the mat with a leglock!

Dave Dymond: Quinn going for the early strategy, trying to neutralize the All Caught Up early on in this encounter.

Other Guy: But Catch ain’t a one trick pony, Dave. It’s gonna take more than that to keep the contender down.

Warren reaches back, grabbing the bottom rope, and Lorenzo calls for the break. Quinn holds on to the four count, before sliding away and getting back to his feet. Catch is trying to pull himself up, but Quinn gives him a hand, grabbing him by the head, and whipping him to the ropes. Quinn drops to the mat, Catch hopping over him, and as Quinn gets to his feet, Catch is flying off the second rope with a moonsault! Catch flattens ROGUE, rolling onto his feet, and nailing Quinn with a leg drop of his own! As Quinn flops on the mat, Catch grabs his legs, and rolls over him with a bridge!



Quinn hits him in the kidney, and Catch breaks the pin!

Dave Dymond: Quinn with a cheap shot to the kidney to keep himself in this match.

Other Guy: That’s just smart tactics, Dave. Hell of a lot less energy than kicking out, and it really hurts to boot.

Catch is on the mat, holding his back, as Quinn gets back to his feet, throwing a soccer kick to Catch’s side to put a little emphasis on the pain! Catch rolls halfway across the ring, clutching his back! Quinn goes off the ropes, and sends Catch flying out of the ring with a baseball slide, pushing him right under the bottom rope! Warren hits the floor hard, and Lorenzo starts his count!

ONE! Tony’s trying his best to keep Quinn from leaving the ring without actually putting his hands on him, but Quinn isn’t having it. TWO! Quinn drops to the floor, and Catch is grasping at the guardrail. Quinn takes him by the arm, and Irish whip– reversed! Quinn crashes against the apron!

THREE! Warren is on top of Quinn, sending forearms to his face, and he turns ROGUE around, slamming his head onto the apron! Quinn tries to shake off the cobwebs, but Catch rolls him back into the ring, hopping up onto the apron!

Quinn rolls onto his knees, slamming a hand on the mat in frustration, but when he turns around, he finds even more to be frustrated about– Warren is airborne! Springboard hurracanrana off the top rope, and Quinn is on the mat! Catch makes the cover again!



Thr– kickout!

Warren looks up, calling out in frustration of his own, but Quinn is still on the mat! Warren gets to his feet, and nails a standing moonsault on ROGUE! Quinn bounces with the impact, and Catch is riled up! He’s waiting for the stirring Quinn to stand!

Dave Dymond: Looks like Catch may be All Caught Up despite Quinn’s best efforts!

Quinn is on his knees, and as he stands up, he turns around to a vicious Savate kick– no! Quinn grabbed the leg, and Catch is on the mat! Ankle lock! Quinn’s locked in an ankle lock near the center of the ring!

Other Guy: He reversed it! Was he playing possum?!

Quinn has the hold locked on, and Lorenzo is right in Catch’s face, but Catch is not about to give up! He screams at Lorenzo, reaching toward the ropes! Quinn tries to pull Catch back, but Warren is insistent! He’s almost there… reaching! Just an inch away– Quinn pulls him back! Catch howls in pain once more, but he’s desperate to get the ropes! Lorenzo still checking on Warren, but Catch is steadfast in his refusal to tap! Quinn tries to get a little more leverage, but Catch finally using his weight advantage to power himself toward the ropes! He dives, and grabs hold! Lorenzo commands Quinn to break the hold, and Quinn is absolutely shocked! He throws Catch’s foot to the mat, and stands up, slamming a hand on the top rope!

Catch is clutching his ankle, and Quinn just watches and waits, as Warren gets to his feet, gingerly, holding on to the top rope– Quinn kicks his leg out from under him! Catch drops to the mat again, and Quinn grabs his injured leg, pulling him into the middle of the ring, and slamming Warren’s knee down onto the mat! Warren curls in pain, and Quinn grabs his leg once more, holding it to the mat, and bringing his own knee down on Catch’s ankle! Catch flops like a fish, holding his ankle, as Quinn moves around to grab him by the head. He pulls him to his feet, and Irish whip– reversed by Catch again! Quinn goes into the corner, as Catch falls forward on the mat, his ankle giving way beneath him! Quinn hits hard, rocking the ring, and Catch tries to get to his feet, to work out his ankle! Catch moves toward ROGUE, his steps obviously favoring his bad leg, and Quinn grabs him, pushing him into the corner instead! Quinn throws an elbow to Catch’s face, and moves to charge him with a shoulder! Catch gets his legs up, and Quinn hits nothing but steel! Catch drops just as quickly, wrapping himself around Quinn’s waist and rolling him up with a sunset flip!



Thr– kickout!

Dave Dymond: There’s still some fight left in Catch Warren!

Other Guy: Don’t ever count him out, Dave!

Quinn slams both fists on the mat, almost enraged! Catch is on his feet, still favoring his leg, but a quick spinning wheel kick puts both Quinn and Warren on the mat! Warren is the first one up, and he pulls Quinn to his feet, pushing him against the ropes, and sending him flying to the other side! Quinn ducks a clothesline on the way back, and Warren turns around to Quinn wrapping himself around the contender, arms and legs wrapped around Catch’s arms, and pulling him down into a crucifix pin!



Three! No! Kickout!

Quinn is immediately on his feet, arguing with Tony Lorenzo, who, through it all, just holds up the two fingers! Quinn responds with three! Lorenzo yells that it was just a two count, putting the two fingers almost in Quinn’s face! Quinn shouts in frustration, shoving one middle finger into Lorenzo’s face! Quinn shakes his head, and turns around just in time for Catch to squash him with a corkscrew lariat! Quinn hits the mat, and Warren hops onto the apron, slinging himself over the top rope with a slingshot shoulder drop!

Other Guy: Quinn might have worked over the leg, but Catch ain’t lettin’ that stop him, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Indeed, Warren here using his entire body to punish Quinn, although the momentum has never been in anyone’s favor long enough for them to really capitalize! Warren has to make this count!

Warren is up, pulling Quinn up by the head– low blow! The crowd boos ROGUE for the obvious cheap shot, and Tony Lorenzo is there to chastise him as Catch drops to the mat! Quinn just shakes his head at the ref, before grabbing a wincing Warren’s leg, and stepping over it!

Dave Dymond: Figure four! Quinn’s gonna put this away!

Catch is fighting! He starts to rock back and forth, doing his best to prevent the move! Quinn trying hard to lock it on, but a kick to the posterior sends Quinn into the turnbuckle! Quinn hits chest first, but it’s more of an annoyance than anything! He pushes himself off the corner, turning around and charging–

Other Guy: All Caught Up! Out of fucking nowhere!

Dave Dymond: Quinn is down! This could be the end!

The crowd pops as Catch goes straight to the top rope! He’s still careful about his leg, but he’s calling for the Catch-22! The crowd goes nuts as he flies off the top rope with a picture perfect shooting star press! He makes the cover, and the crowd counts with Lorenzo!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 14 minutes and 58 seconds, CAAAAATCH WAAAARRRRRRREEEEEEEENNNNNNN!

Dave Dymond: And Catch Warren pulls out the eleventh hour victory against Tom Quinn, and proves why he’s going into Reckoning Day to fight for the Revolution Title!

Other Guy: And speaking of, looks like the champ is here!

Sure enough, as “Crystal Planet” starts to play, and Lorenzo raises Warren’s arm in victory, Revolution Champion Arion Catcher, belt around his waist, stands at the entrance, slowly clapping and nodding! Catch goes to the ropes, leaning over, and pointing at Catcher, and motioning around his waist!

Dave Dymond: Looks like Catcher’s here to congratulate Warren on his victory, but Warren seems ready to take on the champ now!

Other Guy: Doesn’t look like Catcher’s gonna bite, though, Dave!

Catcher’s shaking his head, and his comments are barely audible over the crowd response.

Arion Catcher: Next week!

Catcher continues to speak, but it’s drowned out by the noise of the crowd and Satriani over the PA.  Finally he gives up and he leaves and Catch Warren continues to look on, a smile on his face.

Other Guy: Reckoning Day’s right around the corner, Dave, and this one’s shaping up to be one hell of a match!

Dave Dymond: Didn’t seem like Catcher could get a word in edge wise tonight, because this Salt Lake City crowd is really backing Catch Warren, and why not. He’s pushed himself hard, he’s been determined, and I personally will be hoping that Warren can pull it off at Reckoning Day.

The scene heads backstage, catching up with Arion Catcher as he has now made it to what appears to be a large “green room” of sorts in that it caters to the wrestlers and staff. We are shown an array of tables, some occupied by SHOOT “behind the scenes” workers, some left empty. The camera pans around to show us the rest of the canteen area. The food counter has a railing for pushing your tray along on, various buckets of what could loosely be termed “food” and an older lady behind the counter wearing an apron and a hair net with big oval shaped glasses. As the camera turns right, we notice that Arion Catcher, with his Revolution title over his shoulder, is pushing a tray across the railing. The only thing on his tray right now is an apple and a bottle of water.  He looks visibly frustrated after his attempts to have words with Warren failed.

Arion Catcher: Ugh first the noise and then this… this slop …Is there ever anything nice here?

The old kitchen assistant looks at him from over her glasses.

Kitchen Assistant: What do you want? Gordon-Freaking-Ramsey?! Meh! Get a life.

Catcher ignores the woman’s comments and continues pushing his tray. He looks at the cottage pie that looks like it’s been there for weeks, the sausage casserole that has a layer of skin on the top and a fish bake that has two flies feasting on the top of it. As he pushes his tray further he suddenly gets a tap on his shoulder. Catcher spins around, looks up to find Crush Heart standing next to him. Crush, holding a bible and wearing a long black coat and black cowboy hat, looks at Arion through his long dark hair. You can see Catcher looks cautious of the huge Crush, who in past weeks has been somewhat unstable.

Crush Heart: Catcher, can I have a word with ya?

Arion Catcher: Depends. If it involves God, the bible or any other religious cult then I’d rather just eat my apple and drink my water.

Crush Heart: It ain’t ‘bout religion. It’s ‘bout the Revolution title.

Catcher looks down to this shoulder, pats the title on it’s gold surface and smiles.

Crush Heart: I just wanna apologize for how I been actin’ just recently. I been a complete jackass. I guess what I’m tryin’ to say here is… I’m sorry.

Arion Catcher: …Errmm… Okay then. Fine.

Catcher goes to move down the railings again, trying to escape Crush. Crush grabs his shoulder and spins the Revolution Champion back around again.

Crush Heart: No, listen to me a minute junior. I know I ain’t been in a stable mind when we’ve had our past matches… I know I coulda worked harder… We coulda had epic matches. Me, you, Catch. The SHOOT Project fans would love it. Jason Johnson would love it. God would love it. Everyone would take notice of the Revolution title scene.

Arion Catcher: Crush, I really have no idea what you are rambling on about here. Why don’t you get to the point so I can at least have something to eat? Being the Revolution Champion really builds up your appetite…

Crush raises his eyebrow before speaking again.

Crush Heart: What I’m askin’ ya Catcher is this. At Reckoning Day, why don’t ya put the Revolution title on the line against Catch Warren and me, Crush Heart. A triple threat match. Give the fans what they want…

You can see from the expression on Catcher’s face that he isn’t all that sure about the proposed match.

Arion Catcher: You’re not even a number one contender for the title. Why the hell would I give you another shot?

Crush Heart: Don’t think of it as givin’ me what I want… Think of it as givin’ the fans what they want. They want to see three talented and passionate guys fightin’ for a worthy title… Give them a match that they can talk ‘bout for months.

Arion Catcher: Listen man, I don’t know about this. I guess I can think about whilst I eat but we’d have to get permission from the boss too.

Crush Heart: If the boss knows what’s good for business… He’ll book the match… Just remember Catcher… God wil…

Before Crush can finish his sentence, a tray is smashed across his head from behind. Crush falls to the floor like a sack of potatoes making a huge noise as he fits the solid floor. The camera pans out a little to show Gutter Rat, Crush Heart’s opponent for tonight standing behind him, grunting, breathing heavy. Behind the Rat Bastard is his loud mouthed manager, ‘Big’ Ed Johnson. As always shouting the odds, shouting the instructions. Arion Catcher is caught off guard and moves away from the situation. He stands away, looking on as Gutter Rat sends punch after punch to the body and head of Crush Heart. As the Rat Bastard continues the assault, Jack Heart and Sinn casually walk into the scene. Jack wipes a hand through his hair and then sighs. He looks towards the beating in front of him and laughs.

Dave Dymond: I don’t believe this! Another damn sneak attack by Jack Heart and his cronies! Why the hell have Sinn, Gutter Rat and that idiot Ed Johnson teamed with Jack anyway?!

Other Guy: Strength in numbers… Strength in numbers…

Dave Dymond: This is an outrage!

Jack Heart: Ahh, the Revolution title. The title that should be my property. I have beaten you Arion so many times before that this belt should be around my waist! So you know what? I am going to take it. Why don’t you let me take you on, one on one at Reckoning Day?

Dave Dymond: What the hell?! He doesn’t deserve a damn title shot. Coming in here and beating people up then demanding. Damn Jack Heart! What the hell has got into him just lately?!

Other Guy: The heel juice!

Arion Catcher: Jack, you’re not even in my league pal. And anyway, Catch Warren is the first contender to get a shot at me. I am not getting involved in your stupid little battles. If Crush broke your favourite action figure when you were small and you want to beat him up for it now… Go ahead, just don’t involve me or Catch Warren.

Arion Catcher turns to leave. As the camera looks back towards Jack you can see his is livid. He just got disrespected by Arion Catcher. He steps forward, apparently going to attack Catcher… Two steps later he is stopped by a huge punch from Crush Heart! Somehow he managed to release himself from the struggle with Gutter Rat and is now attacking Jack! Sinn and Ed Johnson don’t know what to do. Johnson screams for Gutter Rat to get up. Crush is unloading a world of pain on Jack, punch after punch to the temples.

Dave Dymond: Oh man! Crush Heart has gone nuts! It looks like they awoken that monster in him.

Other Guy: I can’t believe Arion Catcher has ran away!

Dave Dymond: Catcher has got better things to think about than this brotherly hatred! He has got his mind set on facing Catch Warren at Reckoning Day.

Crush continues with his assault and Jack has no answer. One man who does have an answer, Gutter Rat. The Rat Bastard gets back into the action by slamming that disgusting fish bake from the counter onto the head of Crush, metal tray and all! Crush crumbles back down onto the floor as Johnson drags Gutter Rat away. Sinn helps Jack to his feet as they scramble to get away before Crush begins to wake up. Officials FINALLY get on the scene and user the alliance away.

Dave Dymond: About damn time! That attack could have got brutal. Crush and Gutter Rat have a one on one contest this evening but they could have destroyed each other there and then.

As officials check on Crush he begins to stir. His eyes slightly glazed. Referees try and help him to his feet. As they do this, a woman walks into the scene. The woman, with long black hair, a slender body that is top heavy, a short mini-skirt, long black Dr Martin boots showing off her beautiful legs, green eyes and a gorgeous face, walks over to the officials and nudges her way through.

Dave Dymond: Now what?!

Other Guy: Isn’t that Joyce McGuire… Manager of Sinn?

Dave Dymond: What the hell is she doing? This has gone way too far…

McGuire kneels down next to Crush. She leans her face close to his, being careful as to not get any of the fish bake on her outfit.

McGuire: You should stay away from them sweetie. They will only hurt you.

With that, McGuire peeks Crush on his cheek, gets up, turns around and walks away as the scene fades back to Dave and OG.

Dave Dymond: To sum that up OG, Jack Heart and his groonies just beat down Crush Heart. Arion Catcher wants nothing to do with it and I can’t say as I blame him. He has Catch Warren to focus on…

Other Guy: Thanks for that summary Dave… You have really enlightened me… I know what happened you idiot! I was watching it!

Dave Dymond: As if that wasn’t enough, J. McGuire, manager of Sinn who has aligned with Jack Heart just kissed Crush Heart!  This whole situation just keeps getting more complex. I can only imagine what might happen next involving this on going happening!


 Before any questions can be answered as to exactly what just happened backstage, the focus cuts back to the ring just as Lil Wayne’s "Gossip" blasts into the arena as Christopher Davis strides to the ring. In his hand he holds a piece of paper.

Dave Dymond: Tonight is more than likely going to be one situation unfolding on top of another as EVERYONE looks to make a final impact before Reckoning Day. But if you want to talk MAJOR impact look no further than Christopher Davis and his actions carried out last week.

Other Guy: Oh he made a bold move alright, and now he’s got the wrath of The Family to deal with.  Surprisingly though, this cat is out here and he seems more than confident!

Dave Dymond: A veteran and hall of famer, Christopher Davis does not act without a plan, and I’m guessing based on his presence here tonight, he sure as heck as a plan.

As the fans cheer him on, Davis pauses at ringside. He lifts up the ring apron and looks underneath, having satisfied his curiosity after a few seconds he lowers the ring apron. From there, Davis slides into the ring and stands in the center of the ring. The reaction from the crowd is mixed, some boos, some cheers. He stands taking in all of the reactions for a moment and then asks for a microphone.

The crowd silences as he brings the microphone to his mouth.

Christopher Davis: I’m not going to take a great deal of time, as you all know I have other things to do tonight. I just wanted come out and talk for a moment about some things that have transpired over the last couple of weeks.

Now, a lot of people are trying to figure out exactly why I decided to pick a fight with The Family. MORE people probably think that I’m out of my mind for poking the bear known as Sammy Rochester.

Davis shrugs his shoulders.

Christopher Davis:  Sometimes doing what’s right can be mistaken for insanity. But I made a promise to watch Adrian Corazon’s back and that’s what I intend to do. I mean a couple weeks ago when I saw the Fame and Fortune reunion I knew things were going to be bad for the world champion, so I took action.

In a BIG way. So now it seems that I have Sammy Rochester hell bent on killing me.

Chris pauses.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. The difference between me and the normal Family victim is that you can’t scare me and I’m FAR smarter than most. I’ve played this fucking game way too long to allow a Vincent Mallows group to destroy me. I understand what Sammy Rochester can do when properly motivated and right now that monster is as motivated as anyone has ever seen him.

But I’m ready. The attack on Vincent Mallows was meant to serve two purposes. One, it was just fun to watch Vincent get the hell beaten out of him.

Davis chuckle for a moment and then stops.

Christopher Davis: The second reason is right here in my hand. This is a SHOOT project contract and it’s for next week’s Reckoning Day pay per view.  What’s going to happen is that you all are going to see Sammy Rochester step into the ring with Christopher Davis.

The fans begin to cheer.

Christopher Davis: But that’s not all. See with Vincent incapacitated and the fact that Sammy is hell bent on getting his hands on me I was able to sneak in my own conditions for this match.

From the backstage area, Angel and Christian, begin their walk towards the ring. The two friends of Christopher Davis slide into the ring and stand next to him.

Christopher Davis: See what I was able to sneak by with Vincent out was this…a three on one tag team match!  Sammy Rochester is not going to be walking into a situation that HE will be able to control. No, this is MY match to control. My friends, no my BROTHERS here and I, are going to take Sammy to a place that he has never been in his life!

Someone needs to show The Family that they will NOT run roughshod over SHOOT! I’m not going to allow Vincent and Jonny to bring that old bullshit back to SHOOT! I WILL ALWAYS make sure what is right is done and I’m going to beat the hell out of Samuel Rochester just to bring my point home…

…in a BIG way!

Davis drops the microphone in the center of the ring; he steps out of the ring followed by Angel and Christian.

Dave Dymond: WOW!  Another match revealed for Reckoning Day and a big one at that when you talk about the size of the bodies going into what apparently is going to be a THREE on ONE handicapped match.

Other Guy: It might be a handicapped match on paper, Dave, but in reality, knowin’ how Sammy Rochester is, there ain’t no handicap about it.

Dave Dymond: Still a huge announcement made by Davis as this night continues on, and of course Davis and Rochester BOTH involved in tonight’s eight man tag main event. That to come later tonight, and with that announcement just made by Davis, it’s bound to effect Sammy Rochester for worse or better depending on Sammy’s mood.

Other Guy: Well talkin’ moods, Dave, Crush Heart’s in action next and he can’t very well be in a good mood after bein’ jumped moments ago by Gutter Rat and company that’s for damn sure.

Dave Dymond: Indeed that match to come in a few short moments, as the Eve of Reckoning continues on!


Moments before the next match, the scene opens to Eli Storm walking down the hallway with a folded piece of paper in his hands. He stops as he reaches an all too familiar door. The sign on the door says “The Family”. Storm pauses for a moment trying to compose himself. After steadying himself he knocks on the Family’s locker room door. After a few seconds Kenji answers the door. As Kenji looks at Storm all he can do is smirk.

Eli Storm: Kenji…

Yamada just turns his head away from Storm, barely even acknowledging him.

Kenji Yamada: Roland, I think this rat is for you.

Kenji walks away, barely registering Storm. Roland stands up as Sammy yells.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says that’s a bad man… just like Davis. A bad man just like FUCKING DAVIS!

Roland looks at Storm, as Storm tries to make eye contact. 

Eli Storm: Hello, Roland

Roland Caldwell: Look at you.  What you’ve become. Forced to hide behind Jason Johnson’s ruling.  Come on in, we won’t bite.

The scene slowly fades with Eli stepping inside of The Family’s locker room.



"Frantic" by Metallica suddenly starts to play throughout the arena and the massive Crush Heart appears at the top of the ramp way in his trademark leather jacket and black cowboy hat. The musical selection is new, perhaps reflecting Heart’s changed outlook on life. In his right hand is what appears to be a small bible, and he’s making a cross symbol with his hands. He just stands there, his eyes washing over either sides of the ramp, before heading on down to the ring with an air of calm confidence about him.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from parts unspecified and weighing in at 275 pounds! Crush! HEEAAART!

What would’ve normally been boos is now a mixed reaction, with cheers heard in little pockets here and there. Heart doesn’t seem to notice. He’s very quiet, very stoic, and VERY determined looking. He climbs onto the apron and swings leg by leg over the top rope, crossing to the corner where he places his bible under the lowest turnbuckle.

Other Guy: So go over the background with me on this thing again, Dave. Couple weeks ago, we boo Crush. We no like Crush. Crush bad. Crush jerk. Crush steal lunch money, and all that jazz. On the other end of the spectrum, we love Jack. Jack best. Jack star. Jack next big thing. Jack make privates do happy dance. Now we got this whole thing flip-flopped; Jack’s the bad guy and Crush is asking everybody in the back what would Jesus Do. What gives?

Dave Dymond: Well, this could be purely interpretative on my part, but I’d say Crush has finally come around in terms of maturity…like I said, this is only speculation…maybe Jack doesn’t like it. But why Big Ed’s in the picture, why Sinnocence and her manager have been involved in this…well, it’s anybodies guess at this point. One thing is certain…this arena is going to be shaking from the walls up. Look at the SIZE of these guys.

The music cuts, replaced by Marilyn Manson’s raucous "Mobscene", and the sinister Gutter Rat lumbers out from behind the curtain, drawing some decent heat from the crowd. He walks down the ramp like he’s going to an execution and he’s the executioner; his steps are slow and deliberate, the eyes behind the mask piercing into the ring. Stopping briefly near the middle of the walkway, Rat turns around as if suddenly remembering something. The curtain jerks to the side and "Big" Ed Johnson comes strutting out, both arms extended to welcome the sudden increase of jeers and taunts.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Also hailing from an unspecified location, weighing in at 278 pounds! GUTTEEER RAT!

As Ed walks up on his client, the two make their way down the ramp side-by-side, momentarily hindered by a younger member of the audience. The kid can’t be any older then ten, yet he’s forcefully jabbing his finger into Ed’s arm as he walks by. Ed stops and exchanges some nasty words with the kid before grabbing his drink and dumping it on his head. The kid starts throwing a tantrum, and he’s even so bold to try to climb the barrier, but Gutter Rat shoves him back into his seat and continues on his way.

Dave Dymond: And boy, the temperature here in Salt Lake City just jumped a couple degrees! These folks do NOT like Ed Johnson OR his masked thug. And hey…can you really blame them?

Other Guy: Well look man…yeah Ed’s an ass, but he does what he gets paid for and…as much as it sucks to say it, he does it well.

Dave Dymond: Well he’s going to have to do it well tonight, OG. Crush Heart is no small man; that’s 275 lbs. of muscle, bone, and bronze standing in the opposite corner! His brother Jack was smart to enlist Gutter Rat’s services.

Other Guy: Yeah, GR’s no tiny tot either. Seven foot, 278 pounds, and God knows what’s behind that mask…if it’s anything like Flint Cloud’s face, quick, pass the barf bag. That said, this should make for a close one.

Gutter Rat swings his legs over the top rope as Ed begins to pace ringside, occasionally bantering with an overzealous fan. His masked client stares down the ring at Crush, but the big southerner doesn’t appear to be the least bit phased. He slides his jacket off and hangs it on the ring post, circling his arms in a warm-up motion, before kneeling down to touch his bible one last time in prayer. Gutter Rat takes this opportunity to charge, and he nails the lowered Heart brother with a mean double axe handle. Denis Heflin motions for the bell, and the match is under way. Rat hits Crush with another axe handle, and this time the the big Heart boy is a little slower to recover. Pouncing on the first sign of weakness, Gutter Rat grapples with him but is taken by complete surprise when Heart breaks the tie-up forcefully. Annoyed, GR grabs his opponent again, and this time they struggle against each other’s strength for a few seconds longer. Once again the hold is broken though, with Heart coldly staring straight into the dark mask of his opponent. The Rat seems none too happy about this.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart sending a message to Gutter Rat early on, and the message is, "You can’t muscle ME." This is certainly shaping up to be an even match-up thus far.

Other Guy: Oh yeah. When two guys as huge as this get in the squared circle, it can be easy to forget you’re not dealing with somebody half your size anymore…both these cats bring the same kind of power to the plate.

Still having a stare down in the ring, the two lock up for the third and final time. The tie-up is long and goes back and forth between Gutter Rat and Crush, before the Heart brother wins and sends GR crashing into the ropes. On the rebound Crush tries to hit his new rival with a shoulder block, but GR no sells it and sneers, suddenly running and bouncing off the ropes for his own attempt at one. Crush moves back a step but doesn’t even blink on impact. Both men are in each other’s faces briefly before they BOTH try a shoulder block. The result is the two behemoths crashing into each other and sending the two of them reeling in different directions. On the outside of the ring, Johnson is going berserk. He’s slapping the apron with both hands and yelling forceful directions at the recovering GR, who nods his head in acknowledgment and gets ready to charge again. The minute Crush turns around GR gets him with an UGLY lariat.

Dave Dymond: OOH, Crush put down by a BIG TIME lariat.

Other Guy: You believe in divine intervention, Dave? ‘Cause Crush Heart may need it if he takes another clobbering like that!

Slowly stirring to life face down on the mat, Crush pushes himself up by his arms, only to be collapsed again by a row of vicious midsection stomps by Gutter Rat. The big man gently places a boot on the back of Crush’ skull, before slamming Heart’s face into the mat with a hardy stomp. Heart writhes in considerable pain, much to the joy of a whooping Ed Johnson. The balding manager struts up and down ringside, waving his finger in the air and yelling cockily to the fans. Stopping momentarily to admire his work, Gutter Rat drags Crush to his feet by his hair and scoops him up in powerslam position. He then thunders across the ring, at the last minute slamming down as hard as he can on the mat. A chorus of boos begin to flare up. GR doesn’t even seem the slightest bit annoyed. He makes the cover.




The count barely reaches two, but Gutter Rat doesn’t seem to mind. Instead he gets right up and heads over to the corner, where he strips the top turnbuckle off to reveal the bareness underneath. Walking back over to Crush, the menace drags him to his feet and tries to sling him into the hard, naked ringpost, but Crush reverses it and sends GR crashing into it painfully. He arches his back and growls, clearly in anguish as Crush tries to follow up with a running back elbow. But at the last second GR gets out of the way and Crush smacks the cold metal unforgivingly. As the big southerner stumbles out of the corner, Gutter Rat kicks him in the stomach and goes for a double underhook facebuster, but in a TREMENDOUS display of power Crush lifts Gutter Rat up by his legs and nails a double-leg slam. The crowd starts to rally behind him a bit as he makes a cross symbol with his arms and looks up to the sky. Ed Johnson isn’t having any of it. He climbs on the apron and begins to yell in Crush’ general direction.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart with a terrific reversal!

Other Guy: Yeah, well Big Ed didn’t seem to think it was too terrific. Look at him trying to provoke Crush! You’d think HE was Crush’ opponent.

As Crush stalks over to where Johnson is standing the pesky, loud-mouthed manager jumps off and beckons for Crush to follow. The big man doesn’t know any better; all he knows is there’s a little weasel that’s been nipping at his ear who needs a dose of his own medicine. Crush starts to follow Ed out of the ring and steps out on the apron but is stopped short by the trunk-like arms of Gutter Rat wrapping around his neck.

Dave Dymond: SLEEPER HOLD!

GR yanks Crush back over the top rope and into the ring, the sleeper hold still locked in. Slowly but surely, despite initial resilience, Crush fades down to mat level. Denis Hoflin checks his pulse and lifts a finger in the air.





Out of no where Crush kicks back to life, pointing to the sky and shaking his closed fists to try to rally the crowd. The cheers kick up as the big Heart brother fights to his feet, then starts nailing elbows into Rat’s stomach. It takes two or three of them before Crush gets out of the hold and hits the ropes, hitting an uncharacteristic scissors kick on the way back. As GR rolls around on the mat, stunned by the attack, Crush goes over to the corner where he’s set his bible and stares at it long and hard. The fans are getting into it, especially as he lifts it up in the air as if drawing power from the heavens. It’s all cut short though when Ed Johnson slides in the ring out of no where and grabs it out of his hands, his eyes bulging out of his head in anger. Ed’s face is beet red as he yells at Crush, shaking the bible violently, to which Crush responds none too kindly. The cheers escalate as Crush draws to his full height, closing Ed into the corner. Denis Hoflin tries to intervene but it’s to no avail. This is where Crush gets his revenge. But before you know it Ed’s tossed the bible over Crush’ head and into the hands of the now revitalized Gutter Rat, who slaps Crush in the face with it before dropping it.

Dave Dymond: THAT’S A FOREIGN OBJECT! Gutter Rat should be disqualified!

Other Guy: C’mon, Dave, that thing’s leather bound. I’ve been hit with harder pillows for cryin’ out loud.

Hoflin does not signal for the bell, but he DOES step in between Rat and Crush, telling both of them to go to their respective corners. He then points at Johnson and jerks his thumb towards the exit! The crowd is going NUTS! Hoflin just EJECTED Big Ed Johnson! Big Ed is absolutely LIVID, stomping his feet and throwing the biggest temper tantrum you’ve ever seen, but Hoflin merely shakes his head and points at the ringside security. Ed’s still yelling as security escorts him up the ramp, and now Gutter Rat looks visibly upset. His hands are gripping the ropes so tight they’re starting to bleed, and in a complete frenzy he spins around and lunges at Crush, nailing a perfect spear!

Dave Dymond: And I don’t think Big Ed’s ejection is sitting well with Gutter Rat!

Other Guy: Did you see that? He just punched a hole in Crush with HIS HEAD!

Now mounted on top of Crush a crazed Gutter Rat slugs him in the head over and over again, pummeling his head mercilessly into the mat! Crush’ nose begins to bleed profusely with every blow, and before long there’s blood everywhere; on Gutter Rat’s hands, on the mat, and coated all over Crush’ upper body. Extending his arms and throwing his head back Gutter Rat lets out an intense, bloodcurdling howl. The savage monster climbs to his feet and starts to stomp on Crush’ limp, bleeding body viciously, before grabbing him by the hair and standing him up. Roaring and beating his chest like a gorilla, Gutter Rat grabs Crush and lifts him up to chest level, his arms shaking as he tries to shift them higher.

Dave Dymond: Oh God…is he doing what I think he’s doing?

With one last war cry Rat manages to get Crush Heart up and over his head before releasing and letting his body thud off the mat in a brilliant gorilla press slam. The boos and hissing kick back up again as Rat goes for the cover.




NO! KICKOUT! Obviously taken aback by Crush’ will to survive, Rat stands back up and wraps his massive hand around the throat of the dazed Crush Heart, pulling him up and swinging his arm over his own shoulder with the intent of finishing once and for all.

Dave Dymond: Rat could end it with the chokeslam here, folks!

Other Guy: Look at his eyes, Dave! I don’t think that dude’s right in the head!

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Crush’ own eyes blast open, and in a last desperation move he grabs onto Rat’s arm with his free hand. The two stand there struggling with each other for several moments, the crowd now on their feet and very audible. Rat looks back in his corner as if he’s expecting Johnson to yell some advice, but there’s nobody there. Then, without warning, Crush yanks Rat’s arm off his throat and grips his opponent IN THE SAME MOVE. Mustering every last speck of energy he tosses the wide-eyed Rat’s arm over his shoulder and barely hoists him up in the air, bringing him crashing down to the mat.


Other Guy: Did you see the look on Rat’s face? I don’t think he was expecting that AT ALL!

Hardly convinced that GR will be done in with a chokeslam, Crush Heart sluggishly drags his opponent to his feet and makes the cross motion with his hands one last time. Then with some degree of difficulty (and exhaustion) he lifts the big man up on his shoulders and spins him around.


The entire ring shakes on impact. The arena is now rumbling as the crowd rallies behind Crush. For a second, nobody moves. Then Crush’ drags a limp arm over Rat’s dormant form.

Other Guy: THE COVER!





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner by pinfall…CRUSH! HEART!

Denis Hoflin helps a bloody, panting Crush to his feet and lifts his arm in victory. The big man glares down at Gutter Rat then up at the sky, as if silently attributing his victory to a certain unseen force. Then he walks to the other side of the ring where he grabs his bible and leather jacket.

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure what this means for Crush Heart, but what I DO know is his brother Jack can NOT be happy right now.

Other Guy: This was his go to guy, Dave….if Gutter Rat ain’t gonna put him down, who is?

Dave Dymond: I have a feeling this isn’t over by a longshot. You have to remember, Big Ed Johnson’s got more tricks up his sleeve then a Las Vegas magician. Maybe this isn’t how they planned their night to go, but rest assured…Johnson and his thug aren’t one trick ponies. They’ll be back.  But tonight after being attacked backstage, Crush Heart STILL pulls it off and proves that even if ya knock him down, he’s FAR from out.


As Crush Heart is seen leaving the ring, the scene opens up back to The Family’s locker room. The door finally opening and Eli Storm is seen leaving. As he does Eryk Masters comes running after him and asks him.

Eryk Masters: Eli, Eli…Can we get a word with you!!!

Eli Storm: I’m really not in the mood, Masters.

Storm keeps walking but Masters is persistent.

Eryk Masters: Just a few questions, Storm…I promise…

Storm stops abruptly and Masters almost bumps right into him but manages to stop.  Storm just looks Masters dead in the eyes.

Eli Storm: Fine, what do you want?

Eryk Masters: We just saw you walk out of The Family’s locker room. Is it because you finally signed the waiver? Or are you continuing to duck the challenge of…

Storm quickly grabs Masters and slams him against the wall.

Eli Storm: SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!! It’s funny, Masters…all I’ve done in this company…all that I’ve given up and gave to it. Everything that it’s taken from me, I still haven’t gotten any respect. I guess the only thing to do now is to walk into Reckoning Day and let my career end the way it started…in the ring.

And with that Storm lets go of Masters and walks away.  Masters looks on, a bit shocked and the anger Eli Storm expressed.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Does that mean…

Other Guy: (from ringside) sounds like Eli Storm could be heading for early retirement. It sounds like he’s goin’ to fight Caldwell at Reckoning Day!


“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva plays abruptly, which brings the attention of the fans towards the entryway as the focus shifts back to the ring area.  It isn’t long before Edward Raymond steps out wearing a painter’s smock and a black beret.

Dave Dymond: What on earth?

Other Guy: I think the creative genius has officially lost it. Too many hours thinkin’ up too many things.

The fans buzz with curiosity as Raymond heads down to the ring.  Samantha Coil stands there holding a microphone as Raymond approaches.

Samantha Coil: At this time please welcome the self-proclaimed creative genius… Edward Raymond!!!

Raymond walks up the steel stairs and steps through the middle and top rope. He nods cordially at Samantha before asking for the microphone.  Samantha Coil hands it off to him and then takes her leave of the ring.  The music continues to play for a moment but finally Raymond motions for it to cut.  Some of the fans boo Raymond’s presence, though there are some that cheer.  Raymond looks out at the crowd for a moment, then at his garb, then out to the crowd again.

Edward Raymond: Right now there are probably TWO questions on each and everyone’s mind.  The first one being why this get up.

Raymond points to the smock and the beret.

Edward Raymond: And the second and more important question being, what in god’s name is the Ultimate Survival match.

The fans pop, voicing their want to know the answer to the second question.

Dave Dymond: I myself am curious about both those things, more so the Ultimate Survival Match.

Other Guy: Well then shut up so we don’t miss it!

Raymond gives the crowd a moment to settle back in and then he continues on.

Edward Raymond: Well the two questions go hand in hand.  Because you see I’m wearing this get up to represent that not only am I THE creative genius of professional wrestling, but I am also an artist.  Some artists use paint; others do sketches, me I am a certified MATCH artist.

Raymond nods with an arrogant grin across his face.

Edward Raymond: Throughout my career I have been the creator of several historical and memory making matches, and well… tonight, I am about to unveil my masterpiece.  A match only fitting for the SHOOT Project, a match so perfect for the kind of brutality that comes along with the Laws of Survival Championship, and a match so big, it could only happen at the BIGGEST Pay Per View in SHOOT Project.

Dave Dymond: Just get on with it already!

Other Guy: Wow, got ants in the pants there, Dave?

Raymond motions up to the SHOOT video screen and it flickers to life with a digitalized image of a wrestling ring, and the arena seats surrounding it.

Edward Raymond: So right now I’ll paint my masterpiece for you. I’ll paint it right before your very eyes. First we have our canvas, the wrestling ring.  Next, you surround the ring, and it’s immediate area with a completely enclosed cell.

The image on the screen changes.  We see a cell surrounding the ring and some floor space on each of the four sides of the ring.

Edward Raymond: That cell is THIRTY feet high from floor to ceiling, and is Thirty Five feet wide and Thirty Five feet long.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Then we add a second cage.  A fifteen foot high steel cage to be exact that tightly hugs the edge of the ring.

Raymond waits as the image changes again. Now seen is a cage within a cell. The cage connects to the edge of the ring on all four sides.

Edward Raymond: That cage has no doors. The only way in and out of that cage is by climbing it.  The cages represent the Law of Confinement.  Now, in each corner of the ring two straps will be tied to each corner post.

The leather straps appear on the image on the SHOOT video screen.

Edward Raymond: The straps are a way of holding your opponents at bay.  Strap in both hands, and they’re going to have one HELL of a time trying to break free.  Those straps in turn represent the Law of Punishment.  And why would you want to strap your opponents to the corner, rendering them immobile?  Because From there we’ll go ahead and place a ladder in the center of the ring.

Raymond points to the screen again, and a ladder appears in the ring.

Edward Raymond: This ladder will remain stationary in the ring and hanging above it from a chain dropping down from the top of the cell, will be the Laws of Survival Championship Title!

On the screen a CGI visual of the Laws of Survival Championship hanging down over the ladder appears.

Edward Raymond: That ladder and the title hanging overhead represents the Law of Gravity. Now getting to that ladder is not going to be easy.  We add a new element.  A six foot wide, six foot long, ten feet high barbed wire entwined mess of a structure will surround that ladder!

The fans buzz with shock as the image appears on the screen.  Strands of barbed wire run in every which direction including wrapping around the six foot by six foot area around the ladder!

Dave Dymond: What in god’s name… that is just monstrous!

Raymond lets the reaction die down before continuing.

Edward Raymond: Genius I know. Within that entwined mess is approximately one hundred yards of barbed wire. Running length wise, width wise, height wise, on diagonals.  So getting to that ladder means you have no choice but to put yourself through a considerable amount of physical pain. That barbed wire of course represents the Law of Blood!

Other Guy: Raymond is a sick sick man, Dave, but I gotta admit, this is sounding intense and I kinda like it.

Dave Dymond: This match up will be hell and then some for the four men stepping into this creation, that’s for sure.

Raymond points to the screen with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

Edward Raymond: There you witness it.  One door on the outside cell.  When all four men are inside, that door will be permanently locked!  At this point in time you only have TWO routes to victory.  Brave it all is option one. Brave it all and put your body through the hell of working your way through the barbed wire in order to climb the ladder and retrieve the Laws of Survival Championship… or option two, outlast and survive your other three opponents.

And how do you do that?  In this match if you are pinned or made to tap out twice, you are eliminated.  Two falls equals your removal from the Ultimate Survival match and that ruling represents the Law of Endurance.  And to wrap it all up in a nice neat little package, those falls can happen anywhere within that structure. Outside of the ring, inside of the ring, within the tangled mess of barbed wire, and that in turn represents the sixth law of this match, the Law of Pursuit.

Now Raymond just gazes at the image on the screen, the fans buzzing about everything they were just told.

Edward Raymond: Like I said, it is without a doubt my masterpiece.  My grand contribution to the BIGGEST Pay Per View in professional wrestling, Reckoning Day!  But for Trevor Worrens, Osbourne Kilminster, Jester Smiles, and Ron Barker… my dream that has come to life, will be their nightmare.

And trust me… I know these things.

Raymond flashes his grin once more as “Ladies and Gentlemen” begins to play again.  Raymond leaves the ring, while the image of the Ultimate Survival Match remains on the SHOOT video screen. Raymond looks up at it, nods his head, and then disappears behind the back curtain.

Dave Dymond: Wow… I’m left speechless after that one. The Ultimate Survival match… a first in SHOOT Project history, and based on the hell it will bring the four competitors who are set to be trapped inside… it could very well be the last in SHOOT Project history as well.

Other Guy: That announcement has got to have had an effect on our next match, Dave.  All four men who will be fighting in the Ultimate Survival match are in tag team action, and that’s scheduled to be up next!


CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh wander down the hallways and corridors of the Energy Solutions Arena, looking like they’re ready to go for their match tonight… and have been for quite some time. Both in their ring gear, CJ is cracking his knuckles, his neck, and any other joint he can think of that would make a sound, while Jared looks tense, his hair pulled back in a ponytail, and constantly looking over his shoulder.

CJ Nelson: Will you stop? What are you so nervous about, fuckstick?

Jared Walsh: We gotta get in the ring with Sammy tonight, and that doesn’t sit well by me, OK?

CJ Nelson: Chill out with them negative waves. At least he’s on our side. I almost feel bad for Davis.

Jared Walsh: Yeah, well, forgive me if I’m not so certain of whether Sammy’s going to be able to perceive friend from foe.

CJ Nelson: Shh, we’re here.

CJ and Jared look at the door, a nameplate very clearly reading "Jonny Johnson", then back at each other. CJ looks at Jared. Jared looks at CJ. CJ shrugs, annoyed.

Jared Walsh: Fine, I’ll do it, jeez.

Knock knock knock. Jared pulls his arm back, and the pair await a response. It takes a little while, but the door eventually swings open. However, it’s NOT The DEFILER who answers, but rather SUPER FAN, Tim Calahan… Jonny’s number one supporter. Unlike Quinn and Riley, Calahan doesn’t seem to have any animosity toward the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, offering a friendly, casual greeting.

SUPER FAN: What’s up guys?

He stays in the door way, wedged in between the door itself and the wall. His body language is clearly saying that the Tag Champs should remain where they are.

Jared: Holy shit, it’s the Super Fan.

Jared says it with a mixture of mock excitement and apathy, and CJ sighs in frustration.

CJ: Forget this douchebag for the time being, Tim. Jonny around? We were wondering how he was holdin’ up.

Calahan nods, and then looks back into the dressing room a second before stepping all the way out into the hall, carefully closing the door behind him.

SUPER FAN: He’s umm. He’s okay. Did you need anything?

Calahan seems either really nervous or really awe struck to be around the Tag Champs. In either case, things are a little unsettling.

Jared: OK, seriously, Tim, what the hell’s going on?

CJ: Fuck, I thought Jared was being paranoid. What exactly is keeping him from telling us himself?

Neither man is making any overtures to intimidate the Super Fan, but CJ moves a little closer to the man. Calahan sighs and lowers his voice a little bit, trying to make sure both CJ and Jared know he’s not trying to start anything.

SUPER FAN: Okay, okay. Look… Jonny said he didn’t want to see anyone, and he’s… I think he’s taking a nap, but… Well, you guys are really good Friends so I think it would be okay, but if it isn’t, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt or whatever.

It’s weird that Calahan would speak the way he’s speaking because the situation doesn’t seem worth being so nervous about. And on top of that, the whole thing is starting to sound like some sort of backhanded intimidation attempt. Calahan stands by his remarks, however, and DOES look genuinely concerned.

CJ and Jared look down at Calahan, trying to pierce his story with a stare. After a few seconds of silence, CJ breaks the ice.

CJ: Fuck it, he doesn’t want to see anybody, fine. Tell him we stopped by.

Jared: See ya later, Supes.

CJ nods in Jared’s direction, and the pair begin to walk off. Calahan sighs and hesitates before shouting.

SUPER FAN: Okay! You can see him. Just… Well, he might be taking a nap.

Both men stop, and turn simultaneously.

Jared: Then we’ll be vewwy vewwy quiet.

Jared immediately starts the super-exaggerated Elmer Fudd tiptoe, before CJ slaps him upside the head.

CJ: Stop being an asshole. Lead the way, big guy.

Calahan nods and swings the door open. The room is pretty standard, nothing different than the others in the building. There’s a bench along the furthest wall, a few lockers. As for The DEFILER, Calahan was right.

He’s lying on the bench, eyes covered by a sleep mask.

SUPER FAN: (Moving toward Jonny) Jonny… (Hushed tones) Jonny… CJ and Jared are here. They uhh…

Calahan is interrupted.

The DEFILER: Shut up, Tim. (To Long Island Hardcore, though not moving) CJ, Jared… so happy you dropped by. Having a good night? Great. (Not exactly endearing himself) So what can I do for you? Not to be… not to be rude or anything. You want a Mountain Dew or something? I have Subway in the fridge over there if you’re hungry.

CJ and Jared are surprisingly calm.

CJ: Nope, just came by to see how you were doin’. Wasn’t exactly expecting Supes here to wake you up.

Jared: If you’re busy or whatever, we can leave, it’s not a big deal.

Calahan looks a little sheepish, but Jonny sighs and sits up. He removes the mask and rubs at his eyes before turning his attention to the tag team champions.

The DEFILER: No, it’s ummm… It’s fine. I just have a lot of shit on my mind and… Heh. I was starting to feel a little crazy. Sorry. I’m uhh… I’m sorry.

The champs nod.

Jared: S’all good. You’ve had a rough couple of weeks, I’d have started feeling crazy, too.

CJ: Perfectly justifiable.

Jared: Perfectly.

CJ: So you ready to put some people in their place tonight?

Jonny looks at his Friends and pauses before responding, and, actually, when he does respond, ignores the question almost completely.

The DEFILER: Guys… I’m better than Adrian Corazon, right? I mean, if you had to place a bet on who would walk out of Reckoning Day as World Heavyweight Champion, you’d… you’d say… me… right? RIGHT? Hands down? You’d have to say Jonny Johnson, and… and not just because we’re Friends or anything. Hell, Chris Davis and the Avengers have to know the same thing. They’d… they’d have to make the same bet. Right?

It’s hard to say if Jonny is closer to crying or committing murder. He stares at CJ and Jared, waiting for their answer. CJ and Jared look at each other, then back at the DEFILER, both a little taken aback by the abruptness of the question. Jared pushes through the awkward silence.

Jared: If we thought Corazon was better, I doubt we’d be here right now.

CJ: What does Corazon have to his credit, anyway? He retired Del Carver? So did Caldwell. I can name like seven people who’ve "retired" Carver.

Jared: Corazon’s on top now, and he thinks he’s hot shit, but did he win the Rumble this year?

CJ: Has he won two of them?

Jared: Nobody gave a shit about that belt when it was Caldwell, Worrens, and Kenshin going after it, but after the Rumble, suddenly everybody was paying attention to who would have to take on the motherfucking DEFILER at Reckoning Day.

CJ: You made that little bitch, Jonny. Betting on you is just easy money.

Jonny is silent for a moment, but ONLY a moment.

The DEFILER: (Solemnly) So why doesn’t HE know that?

He wants a definitive answer, and the Tag Champs shrug their shoulders.

Jared: Because he’s an arrogant prick?

CJ: Because he’s delusional?

Jared: But let’s be honest, even if he did know it, why would he let on? He’s gotta keep up appearances.

Jonny takes calm, even breaths, his eyes darting from CJ back to Jared back to CJ. Super Fan is still in the room too but has almost no relevance at this juncture.

The DEFILER: And… and on June First, I can count on the two of you, right? If he… if things… “get out of hand” at Reckoning Day, you two will be there to make sure that… that the night ends how it’s supposed to end, right?

There’s desperation in the Defiler’s eyes.

CJ: When things get out of hand?

Jared: Shit, that’s where we shine.

CJ: You could count on us even if we weren’t friends.

Jared: And that pretender to the throne will be remembered as a footnote in your history.

Jonny nods, hearing what he wanted to hear.

The DEFILER: Then let’s make sure people are… put in their place tonight.

CJ and Jared look at each other, nodding and cracking their knuckles, while Jonny continues to look off into the distance.

The cameras cut away.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is set for tag team action!

The action picks up within the ring area once again and the second “Warriors of the World” by Manowar begins to play, the sold out Salt Lake City crowd voices their dislike for Osbourne Kilminster.  Kilminster walks out to the ring with a purpose, carrying with him the all too familiar dented up steel chair, that has since had a couple more dents added to it over the past few weeks.

Dave Dymond: Ever since Malice, Osbourne Kilminster has become obsessed with that chair, believing that IT is the reason he lost, and not because Trevor Worrens made him quit.

Other Guy: The chair did come into play, Dave. I’m not sayin’ Worrens didn’t get the win, but things might have turned out differently had the chair not been used.

Dave Dymond: I think it’s just Kilminster and his excuses, as the man has been nothing but excuses since he returned to SHOOT Project after a sudden hiatus.  Since then he’s blamed everyone but himself for his own short comings or downfalls.

Kilminster stops half way down the ramp and raises the steel chair over his head. The fans boo even louder and Kilminster just shakes his head and continues walking.

Samantha Coil: Introducing fist, weighing in at 235 pounds, here is Osbourne Kilminster!!!

Kilminster enters the ring, still carrying the steel chair with him, before finally dropping it outside of the ring as per orders of referee Willie Dean.  Kilminster paces about the ring, taking in the hatred from the crowd, but as his music is replaced by “Natural One” by Folk Implosion, the booing only gets louder still.

Other Guy: Wow, Salt Lake City not exactly Barker country is it?

Dave Dymond: Far from it, and really his attitude and actions as of late have not won him any respect or any fans.

There is a moment of just music playing before Ron Barker finally comes out, still sporting a few bandages from his barbed wire encounter with Trevor Worrens.  Barker walks slowly to the ring, not his usual arrogant self.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 280 pounds, here is Ron Barker!!!

Barker approaches the steel steps, and again he doesn’t do his normal arrogant jog up the steps, but maintains his slow pace. He enters the ring and walks right up to Kilminster. The two men share a few words in private, with Barker eventually just nodding his head and moving off in the corner to stretch out.

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure what this is all about, but Ron Barker isn’t really acting like himself right now.

Other Guy: Maybe all the talk is finally getting’ to him.  You heard him last week, he got down right serious and actually admitted defeat.  That’s not somethin’ Barker is known for doin.

Dave Dymond: I’d like to believe Barker has cracked down and become a serious and focused competitor, but part of me still has that sinking feeling that this is all a part of some bigger Ron Barker ploy.

Soon Barker’s music fades out as both Barker and Kilminster warm up in the ring, awaiting their opponents for the evening.

Dave Dymond: Tonight they are partners, Other Guy, but come next Sunday, it’s every man for himself in The Ultimate Survival Match.

Other Guy: And only a mind like Ed Raymond’s could create such a match.  There’s no advantages, in fact you got more ways to lose out then to truly win.

Dave Dymond: The Laws of Survival Championship to be on the line in that match up as well, but tonight is simply about bragging rights. Two of the four competitors going into the Ultimate Survival match will have victory to their names.

“The Show Must Go On” By Three Dog Night picks up and now the crowd reacts more positively as the sound of cheers fills the arena.  Bursts of confetti like pyros, both purple and green in color erupt above the entryway as Jester Smiles steps out, taking in the appreciation shown by the crowd.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of victory, last week on the Jonny Johnson booked Revolution Jester Smiles saw what some would call a surprising victory over Osbourne Kilminster on Kilminster’s own turf!  And really it has taken him some time, but Jester finally winning back the hearts of the fans, especially after last week.

Jester starts towards the ring, tagging hands with some of the fans as he does so.

Samantha Coil: And introducing their opponents. First, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the self-proclaimed hero of SHOOT Project… here is Jester Smiles!!!

Smiles stops now and raises both his arms high over his head, receiving a decent pop from the crowd.  Smiles then paces back and forth outside of the ring while his music fades out.  Kilminster and Barker both taunt Jester to get into the ring, but Jester holds his ground and waits.

Dave Dymond: Smiles not about to go into a two on one situation this close to quite possibly the BIGGEST match up in his SHOOT Project career.

Other Guy: History making, the first ever Ultimate Survival match, and Jester’s chance to regain the Laws of Survival Championship that he lost pretty abruptly.

“The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play now as the SHOOT video screen comes to life, showing an art house montage style of clips of Trevor Worrens in action.  There is a bright explosion of white light at the entryway and black pyrotechnics rain down from above, seen only with the white light behind it.  The light returns to normal and Trevor Worrens walks out from the back, the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship fastened around his waist.  He looks out to the crowd that gets behind him and he pats the title around his waist once before heading to the ring.

Samantha Coil: and his tag team partner, weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens joins Jester on the outside and then both men quickly enter the ring.  Worrens removes the title from around his waist and Kilminster looks ready to go in and strike, but referee Willie Dean keeps him at bay.  Worrens marches to the corner and ascends to the second turnbuckle. He holds the Laws of Survival Championship vertically by its strap and the fans pop.

Dave Dymond: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Trevor Worrens has come a long way from where he started.  He was SHOOT Project’s first World Heavyweight champion since the re-opening, but his heart wasn’t really into this sport. His heart wasn’t really into what that title represents.

Other Guy: No doubt that’s changed now, Dave as Worrens seems to have found his passion ten fold.  Gotta love that.

Dave Dymond: His true test comes though on the BIGGEST stage of them all, against three other competitors, all who share the ring with him tonight.  Can Worrens survive?  Will anyone truly survive Reckoning Day for that matter.

Worrens drops down from the second turnbuckle and passes his championship title off to Samantha Coil who takes it out of the ring with her. Worrens then joins Jester in their corner of the ring while Barker and Kilminster are already set, with Barker starting out in the match.  Barker points to Worrens.

Ron Barker: I want him!

The fans pop as Worrens points to himself and Jester nods, seemingly agreeing to it.  Jester takes his leave of the ring and now Worrens quickly removes his dark purple button up shirt and tosses it out of the ring. Referee Willie Dean signals for the bell.


Dave Dymond: So as this one starts off we have a rematch from two weeks ago, minus the barbed wire that once surrounded the ring.

Other Guy: Oh but that barbed wire will be back, as we heard from Raymond earlier… and I’m still tryin’ to visualize it… the intertwined barbed wire maze like structure around a single ladder.  That’s just gruesome.

Barker and Worrens circle the ring a few times, with Barker taunting Worrens to make the first move.  Worrens holds off, playing it safe and Barker starts to move in towards Worrens.  Worrens reacts now, rushing in at Barker and the two lock into grapple quickly, only for Barker to break it on his own and then JACK Worrens square in the mouth! The fans boo as Barker immediately retreats, but now Worrens stays right after him.

Dave Dymond: Barker gets the first shot, and that seems to have gotten under the skin of Worrens who is giving chase to Barker… Barker into his corner, damn it, tag in to Kilminster!

Before Worrens can react Kilminster lunges at him, grabs both of his legs and quickly takes him down!  Kilminster immediately drops into a mounted position and starts assaulting Worrens with alternating forearm strikes to the face. Worrens pushes through, trying to get his arms up to block the shots and after taking a few more hard hits, Worrens manages to shove Kilminster off to the side. Kilminster right there though and he pulls Worrens up into a headlock and then WHIPS him around, letting go of the hold.  Worrens falls face first to the mat and Kilminster arrogantly stomps down on the back of Worrens’s head!

Other Guy: Worrens let his emotion get the better of him there, and now he’s payin’ for it.

Dave Dymond: Obviously it was the intended plan all along with Barker goading Worrens into the corner so Kilminster could capitalize.

Worrens writhes on the mat now, holding the back of his head and again Kilminster pulls him up to his feet and this time whips him into the lower right corner where Barker stands waiting. Kilminster throws a couple of well placed strikes into Worrens’s abdomen then tags Barker right back in. Barker and Kilminster take the ring now Kilminster holds Worrens in place while Barker follows up with a series of stomp kicks into Worrens’s gut.  Referee Willie Dean shouts at Kilminster to leave the ring, and he does so just as Barker pulls Worrens out of the corner and takes him down with a quick snapping vertical suplex!

The fans boo as Barker makes the pin attempt.



But they cheer the second Worrens kicks out! Willie Dean holds up two and motions for the match to continue. Barker shakes his head slightly but pulls Worrens back up to his feet, not too fazed by the kick out.  Barker holds Worrens in place then SLAPS Worrens forcefully.  Worrens staggers to the side, holding his face in pain and Barker grabs him from the back of the head now and just whips him back of the head first down onto the mat.

Dave Dymond: things not starting out very well for the Laws of Survival Champion at all. And this team work from Kilminster and Barker certainly wasn’t expected.

Other Guy: Yet secretly they had it all planned out. Dissect the champion here tonight.

Barker again makes a cover on Worrens and shouts for the referee to make the count. Smiles tries to get a rally going behind Worrens while Dean makes the count.



Again Worrens kicks out. The fans start cheering on Worrens, but Barker pulls him right back up again and runs Worrens FULL FORCE and shoulder first into the lower right corner of the ring! Worrens drops to both knees, then Barker tags in Kilminster again.  Smiles stomps his foot in frustration on the outside as Kilminster pulls Worrens up from his knees from behind and executes a flawless belly-to-back take down suplex, shoving Worrens stomach first onto the mat.  From there Kilminster lands a few hard forearms to the back of Worrens’s head before rolling him over and sending a knee right into Worrens’s gut!

Worrens bends his legs up into his body, winded and in pain, only for Kilminster to shove Worrens’s legs back down and make a cover of his own. Willie Dean hits the mat again.



Dave Dymond: And despite the basic two on one this match has turned into, Worrens manages to kick out again, but boy does he need to tag out.

Other Guy: Worrens has yet to get in a lick of offense in this one, and that’s not gonna bode well for the champion the longer this match goes on.

Kilminster pulls Worrens up to his feet and forces an elbow collar lock up. From there Kilminster just WHIPS Worrens into the down ring ropes and Worrens comes bouncing back.  Kilminster looks for a huge clothesline, but he takes too long to wind up and Worrens is able to duck under when Kilminster finally swings his arm. Worrens keeps running and he suddenly leaps up onto the second rope and as Kilminster turns around Worrens LEAPS with a diving clothesline off the second rope!

Dave Dymond: The takedown clothesline finds its mark and this could be the momentum shift Worrens needs to turn this one side match up around.

Worrens is slightly slow to get up to his feet, but is up. Kilminster up to and he charges angrily at Worrens. Worrens fires a surprising low dropkick that catches Kilminster square in the gut.  Kilminster goes down onto his knees and palms and Worrens is right back up and he drops a quick leg drop to Kilminster’s back, flattening him out, and then swings his body around to put himself in position to lock on a camel clutch submission!

Other Guy: Worrens has got the submission on… but here comes Barker!

Barker wastes no time getting into the ring, but the fans cheer loudly as Jester makes a B-line for Barker, cutting him off from attacking Worrens. Before Barker can react, Jester NAILS Barker with a running big boot to the face!  Barker goes down hard and rolls out of the ring clutching at his face!  The referee shouts for Jester to get back into his corner, and Jester does so. At the same time Worrens breaks the camel clutch submission and then FIRES a hard palm strike to the back of Kilminster’s head.  From there Worrens applies the camel clutch again.

Dave Dymond: Worrens looking to really gain control here as he works to wear down Kilminster, but at the same time he’s buying himself some time to regain his strength.

Other Guy: And after bein’ tossed around so much in the early goings of this match, that’s exactly what Worrens need.

Kilminster struggles against the camel clutch, flailing his arms out in front of him and trying to drag his body to the ring ropes. Worrens breaks the camel clutch on his own for a second time, fires another palm strike to the back of the head, but as he goes to re-apply the camel clutch again, this time Kilminster pushes up on his elbows and grabs both of Worrens’s wrists.  Kilminster tries to fight his way up to his feet, but Worrens breaks out of Kilminster’s grip and immediately attempts to lock on a sleeper hold from behind. Kilminster whips his body around though and sandwiches Worrens’s body between his own body and the upper left corner post. Jester tags Worrens on the shoulder though and Willie Dean sees it and nods. The fans cheer as Jester IMMEDIATELY ascends to the top turnbuckle, and just as Kilminster steps away from the corner and turns around, JESTER FLIES WITH A PICTURE PERFECT MOONSAULT!!!

Dave Dymond: Moonsault connects and the cover, is this it!?



Kick out by Kilminster.  Jester right back up to his feet though, definitely feeding off the energy of the crowd. Kilminster gets up and Jester runs right in with a quick forearm.  Kilminster is taken back down and Jester keeps running, this time towards the up ring ropes. Kilminster pushes up off the mat again and Jester charges in, only for Kilminster to grab him around the waist and he lifts up for an attempted spine buster, but Jester hooks Kilminster around the neck and pulls him down  with more force for a SPIKING DDT!!  The fans pop and again Jester for the cover.



THR… and Barker dives in and shoves Jester off Kilminster!

Other Guy: Barker back in this match, keeping his team alive in it.

Dave Dymond:  It was a close count there too and we could have seen this match ended.

Willie Dean shouts at Barker to get out of the ring, and Jester is back up to his feet.  Frustrated, Jester charges at Barker, and now Barker quickly retreats to his corner, shouting at the referee to call Jester off.  Kilminster slowly gets up to one knee, his head lowered slightly.  Jester backs off from Barker and gets his focus back on Kilminster.  Kilminster lunges upwards and gets a firm hold on Jester, suddenly locking him into a Thai clinch, but before Kilminster can capitalize, Jester turns out of it and pulls Kilminster into a back slide pin attempt… but Kilminster pushes his body all the way through and then reaches over Jester’s body grabbing his head… KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE!

Kilminster lets go of Jester’s head, and Jester lays sprawled out on the mat.  Kilminster makes a strong cover and Willie Dean once more drops for the count.



THRE….. YEAAAAAH! The fans pop as Jester kicks out just in time. 

Frustrated, Kilminster quickly pulls Jester off the mat and goes to whip him into the ropes but Jester gets back into things and reverses the whip sending Kilminster into the ropes instead.  Kilminster bounces back and Jester locks his arms around his waist and uses Kilminster’s momentum to take him down with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex!  Kilminster crashes to the mat and springs back up, only for Jester to follow through with a running knee strike that sends Kilminster flipping over onto his back.

Dave Dymond: Jester really bringing the fight to this match up now, and really the past couple of weeks have seen a whole new increased level of confidence from Smiles.

Jester drops for the cover on Kilminster, Willie Dean makes the count.



Kilminster kicks out. Worrens slams his hand on the turnbuckle, disappointed that Kilminster kicked out.  Jester doesn’t let it get to him though and he starts to pull Kilminster up, but Kilminster reacts quickly, snatching Jester’s arm and snapping him down quickly with an arm drag followed by a knee strike to the back of the head as Jester sits up. Jester slumps forward and Kilminster makes his way to the corner now and tags in Barker.  Barker hits the ropes looking for a huge running kick to Jester, but Jester snaps up to his feet in surprising fashion and lifts Barker slightly into an atomic drop!  Barker winces in pain and Jester follows up with a swift series of KENTA kicks! The fans get into it as Barker is dropped to the mat.  Jester stays strong on the offense now and he hoists Barker back up and then gets Barker up into a fireman’s carry position.

Other Guy: Could be time for the Side Splitter…

The fans erupt in cheers, but the cheers turn to boos as Barker drops down off of Jester’s shoulders and then quickly drops him with a Russian leg sweep!  Jester grabs at his head and Barker grinds his forearm across Jester’s face repeatedly, trying to keep Jester grounded.

Dave Dymond: Barker got himself out of a sure ending there and now he’s just trying to get under the skin of Jester with those forearm washes across the face.

Jester eventually rolls away from Barker, but Barker stays on top of things grabbing Jester and pulling him right up into a short arm clothesline!  Jester is dropped and Barker makes the pin.



Dave Dymond: Kick out by Jester, but it seems that the strategy for Kilminster and Barker in this one has been strike and pin.  They’re wearing Jester and Worrens both down this way, but so far have not scored a successful three count.

Other Guy: Kinda a hit and run meets rope-a-dope mentality.

Dave Dymond: That’s a fair assessment, and Barker now sends Jester into the ropes…

Jester comes bouncing back and Barker drops his head for a back body drop, but Jester back into things and has it well scouted and he BOOTS upward into Barker’s face. Barker’s head snaps back and Jester quickly pulls him right back in and manages to hit a snapping fisherman’s suplex on Barker, into a pin of his own! Willie Dean back down onto the mat, the fans on their feet!



THRe… Kick out by Barker though keeps the match alive. 

The fans aren’t happy about this and Kilminster stomps his foot in anger, shouting at Barker to get his ass up.  Jester pulls Barker off the mat and works a couple of quick striking punches to keep Barker groggy… but Barker tries to fight back, throwing a wild punch that Jester ducks and now Jester drops down behind Barker… ROLL UP PIN!

Dave Dymond: Another cover this could be it…



THREE… NO!  Barker again kicks out just in time and Kilminster is livid!

Other Guy: Wow, Kilminster takin’ a turn here, he’s pissed off at Barker!

Dave Dymond: The match was in control of Barker and Kilminster for a bit but now Barker has lost that control to the former Revolution and former Laws of Survival champion.

Barker sits up now, shaking his head a bit and he gets up to his feet. Kilminster bends down in the mean time and picks up the dented up steel chair, which has the fans booing loudly.  Kilminster clutches it tightly and Jester now grabs Barker and looks to swing him towards the upper left corner where Worrens stands. Barker however whips around and looks to send Jester down towards Kilminster, but Jester counters and shoves Barker through sending him into the corner…


Other Guy: Holy shit do you think…

Dave Dymond: Oh he meant to do that!  There was no way he was even remotely aiming for Jester on that chair shot… and now look Osbourne Kilminster leaving the ring… he’s leaving Barker high and dry.

Other Guy: A taste of Barker’s own medicine I guess…

The fans buzz with confusion as Kilminster, with steel chair in hand, storms away from the ring, swatting his free hand in Barker’s direction.  Jester looks on in shock but focuses back on the match, the fans cheering him on.  Jester looks to Worrens who seems just as baffled.  Jester shrugs and quickly pulls Barker up to his feet and then up to a fireman’s carry position.  Jester stands dread center of the ring and then drops Barker into a gut buster.

Dave Dymond: The Side splitter, but the damage was already done and Smiles simply capitalizing.

Other Guy: Gotta be an opportunist, especially with what’s to come for the Laws of Survival Championship match at Reckoning Day.

Jester makes the cover, the fans on their feet.


The fans echo one.


The fans echo two.


The fans cheer as Willie Dean rises up to his feet and calls for the bell.  “The Show Must Go On” plays for a second time tonight as Jester Smiles gets up off of Barker and Worrens joins him in the ring.

Dave Dymond: And just like that this one ends in curious fashion, but ends with Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens as the winners.

Willie Dean raises both Worrens’s and Jester’s arms in the air.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners of the match, the team of Trevor Worrens and Jester Smiles!!!

The two men break away from Willie Dean now and Jester celebrates in the ring while Worrens exits and grabs the Laws of Survival Championship.  He looks back at Jester in the ring and Jester looks down at him and just gives Worrens a nod. Worrens nods back and Jester points at the Laws of Survival Championship title for a moment as Worrens walks by, giving Jester his celebration time.

Dave Dymond: It was all Jester Smiles in this one tonight, and with the assist from Osbourne Kilminster he was able to secure the pin fall for his team and pick up a W going into the Pay Per View.

Other Guy: But there won’t be teams once its time for the Ultimate Survival Match, Dave, so Jester’s gotta be ready for that.

Dave Dymond: All four men are bringing an element into that match up, their own drive and determination, and it will come down to who wants it more is the one who will survive no matter WHAT the cost.

Worrens stops at the entryway and looks back at Jester before disappearing to the back.  After a moment of showing Jester’s celebrating in the ring, the focus cuts away from the ring area all together.

As the focus shifts to the back, a reluctant Abigail Chase does her best to smile for the camera.  However she looks to be incredibly nervous.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and… uhh gentlemen. At this time my guest is Roland Caldwell.

Roland steps into frame, a look of smug self-satisfaction drawn upon his face.  Abigail seems concerned about her own well-being. Roland just looks at her.

Roland Caldwell: What’s wrong? Are you still all shaken up about what happened last week?

Roland sneers as Abigail half nods her head.

Roland Caldwell: Well you should be.  Your friend, Christopher Davis made a mistake. Your friend Christopher Davis thinks he did a good thing by taking out Vincent Mallows.  That he did a good thing by putting himself in a 3 on one handicapped match with Sammy Rochester. Well he didn’t.  But this isn’t about Christopher Davis, this time is about me.  Sammy will deal with Chris tonight, but right now, Abigail, do your job and talk about me.

Roland steps in closer to Abigail, adding to the already heightened sense of fear she is feeling.

Abigail Chase: Ok… Roland, last week you…

Roland cuts her off and grabs the microphone.  Roland moves past her, ignoring her presence and dominates the picture.

Roland Caldwell: What I have to state here is Eli Storm’s problem.  You see, earlier tonight, Mr. Storm gave Jason Johnson his signed medical waiver.  He signed the contract.  A singles match.  No crazy stipulations.  No asinine gimmicks.  Wrestling.  That’s all.  Roland Caldwell.  Eli Storm.  One on one.

Abigail inserts herself into the frame, but she looks very timid as she just tries to do her job.

Abigail Chase: Roland, what we’ve seen out of you lately doesn’t exactly qualify as wrestl…

Roland once again cuts her off.

Roland Caldwell: What you’ve seen is Roland Caldwell at his strongest.  I am stronger than ever because I have my family backing me up.  No matter what I do, I have their support.  They’re… love…  And no one can destroy that.  Not even that sad shell Eli Storm.  He’s a broken man.  A false idol.  The only thing that’s changed about him is that now he knows everyone sees him for what he is.  He’s always been passionless, fighting for money and fame and…

Roland looks Abigail up and down.

Roland Caldwell: Women.  And the thing about that is, when everything seems to fall apart, there’s no love to fall back.  There’s no driven desire to turn to.  All there is, is emptiness.  That’s all Ray Willmott had.  That’s all Ozzy had when I met him.  Eli Storm is just another piece of garbage for me to toss aside.

Roland smiles that smile that has become well known of him.

Roland Caldwell: And next Sunday, at Reckoning Day, I will end Eli Storm’s career once and for all.  Next Sunday, I will recreate that car crash you rubberneck on the highway, or that motorcycle jump gone awry that you watch over and over and over again on YouTube.  Next Sunday, I put Eli Storm out of his misery.  And there’s nothing anybody can do to stop me.

With that Roland leaves the interview with Abigail looking as if she is about to cry, but she remains composed as the scene suddenly fades to black.


From black, the shot opens with Cade Sydal sitting in front of a black backdrop. He clears his throat, calmly, before he begins to speak.

Cade Sydal: In just a week, Donovan King and I will be revisiting my mainstream roots. We will be going back to what made me a household name. But, I’m not here to talk about my advantages in this. Those are well documented.

Cade takes a deep, steadying breath.

Cade Sydal: No, I’m here to give some last minute words to my opponent. So he had better start listening, or Reckoning Day is going to be the worst fucking night of his professional career.

Cade rubs his hand over his mouth, seemingly collecting himself.

Cade Sydal: I know where you trained. I know you’re better than the shit you’ve been pulling. I know that, physically, you’re capable of competing in a legitimate contest. So listen up. A punch will get you disqualified. Flat out. No ifs, ands, or buts. Choking will get you disqualified. Poking the eys? Kicking in the nuts? Disqualified. Touching the referee, will also, get you disqualified.

And, so we’re clear on this, because of the fact that there will be three falls, there will be three different officials. Two will be at ringside during the first fall. Because, believe me when I tell you, this match is going to be long. Too long for just one referee, with the stacked card we’ve got on deck, for sure. How do I know it’s going to be long? Because that’s how I do, and you’re not going to beat me quick in this environment, and I’m not arrogant enough to think I’ll have this done with a quickness either. You and I both know that to be a fact.

I know you don’t care about wins or losses. Or, at the very least, you pretend not to. And I know you don’t want to admit this, but you and I have a lot more in common than you’ll willingly admit. I’m not going to call you out on your shit in front of everybody. Not now. It’s too late for that. But knowing that you and I are a lot more alike than you’ll let on, proves to me that you care about winning this match.

So don’t fuck it up. Prove to me, and everyone, that you truly are better than me. You say you are. You preach to the world that you are. But you have yet to prove to me that you are a better man. You have yet to proe you can beat me where it counts. You wanna be better than me? You have to earn the fucking right to say that shit.

Cade shakes his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: Come Reckoning Day, you’ll need every move you’ve ever learned. You’ll need to study tapes. You’ll need to get your cardio up, otherwise you’ll be gassed, you’ll make stupid mistakes, and you won’t make it out of this match on yur own two feet. You’ll be the laughing stock of the industry, for all of your shit-talking, you’ll prove you’re nothing more than talk.

I know the truth though. I know you’re better than even you want people to think you are. You’re OutKast’s star pupil, and that’s the truth. You don’t get to be that way without being something special. So, I’ll be studying your tapes. I’ll pull out every move I know. Every counterhold in my arsenal. And, trust me, my cardio will be better than it’s ever been. Because I want you to bring the best you’ve got. I’m ready.

Are you?

Cade holds his focus straight ahead, a dead serious expression on his face. And from there the action returns to the Energy Solutions Arena.


Much like Long Island Hardcore earlier, it is THE DEFILER’S TURN to roam the backstage halls of the Energy Solutions Arena.  He checks the various locker rooms until stopping at the all too familiar “FAMILY” door.  His stride is a little bit more confident than the quivering mess he appeared to be earlier, but there is hesitation once he reaches his final destination.

The welcome mat looks like it’s from the nineteen-seventies, worn and dirty, and Jonny wonders how no one comes by and moves it.  He takes a deep breath before knocking, his eyes glued on the engraved oak name plate.





The DEFILER: Please no Vincent, Roland, or Kenji…  Please no Vincent, Roland, or Kenji…

He keeps his eyes shut and crosses his fingers.

However, no one answers.

He knocks again.



He moves closer to the door.

The DEFILER: Hello?




The DEFILER: Sammy?  Sammy, you in there buddy?  It’s uhh…  It’s uncle… (Sighing, almost mad at himself) Sammy, it’s Jonny.  Open the fucking door.


Jonny peers at the door and then cautiously turns the door knob, checking to see if it is locked.  It is NOT.

The door slowly creeks open.

SAMMY ROCHESTER is seated, knees up on the floor, cradling a shoddy rag doll that the SHOOT Project fan base knows as MIKEY.  Of course, Jonny has no earthly idea what to do or say, and instead watches dumbfoundedly.

Sammy Rochester: I can’t believe he thinks we’ll be scared.  We’re not scared of the bad man.  We’re not scared of him or his friends.  They’ll pay, Mikey.  Christopher Davis will pay.  BAD MEN ALWAYS PAY, MIKEY!

Sammy embraces Mikey, desperately clutching the doll to his chest.  Jonny slowly takes a couple more steps into the room, though leaves the door open just in case he needs to bolt.

The DEFILER: (Cautiously) Sammy…

No response.

Jonny uneasily clears his throat.

The DEFILER: (Speaking more loudly) SAMMY.

Sammy finally looks up, his lost, distant eyes cheering up when he sees SHOOT Project’s TRUE Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sammy Rochester: Oh.  Hi, Jonny.

Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: Hi, Sammy.  (Looking at Mikey and then back at Sammy) Everything…  okay?

Sammy’s brow furrows into a tight, almost child-like scowl.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey’s angry.  He HATES Christopher Davis.  He HATES Christopher Davis’s friends.  He wants me to hurt them.  I want to hurt them, but I don’t WANNA WAIT!  I DON’T WANNA WAIT ANYMORE!!!

The monster rises, his eyes menacing, his body tense.  Sammy shakes, but Jonny quickly moves in to stop him from doing anything.  He reaches up and drapes a reassuring arm across Sammy’s shoulder, lowering his voice to a calm whisper.

The DEFILER: Sammy.  Sammy, come on.  (Obviously uncomfortable speaking to this grown man like he would a child) Look…  Umm… (Patting him on the back) It’s…  it’s going to be okay, buddy.  (Pulling him in a little closer with a half-embrace) Just…  just need ya to keep calm, guy…  okay?

Sammy takes a deep breath, and, although he doesn’t respond, seems to be a little less on edge.  Jonny gives a final pat and backs off a little bit, still uncomfortable with this situation.

The DEFILER: (Speaking like an adult does to a child) You gonna be ready for our match?  You have everything you need?  All your stuff?

Sammy narrows his eyes.

Sammy Rochester: Don’t treat me like a baby!

Jonny raises his arms and tries to convince Sammy he wasn’t doing that, even though he was.

The DEFILER: Whoa…  Didn’t mean to do that, okay?  I just want to make sure your ass is ready to go to war tonight.  I know Vincent isn’t here so I’M in charge.  Got it?  (Staring Rochester down)  That a good enough tone for you, Sammy?

Sammy stares back at Jonny, and after a tense moment or two, he responds.

Sammy Rochester: I’ll be ready.  (Looking at his doll) Mikey wants to watch me hurt people.  (Looking back to Jonny) Mikey wants to know if you’ll be ready, though.  He likes watching Adrian Corazon get punished.  Will you hurt Corazon for Mikey?  Mikey would really like that.

Jonny’s lips form into a sly smirk.

The DEFILER: Yeah. (Looking at Mikey) I can do that for you, Mikey.

Sammy nods and Jonny pats Sammy on the shoulder.

The DEFILER: Now get ready.  We’re gonna be up soon.

Jonny makes his exit and Sammy goes back to cradling Mikey.

The cameras cut away.



With the next match set to take place in a few short moments, the return to the ring area places a focus on Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: Last week it came as a surprise to us all and we still don’t know the rhyme or reason behind it, but Jason Johnson had an apparent change of mind and it has potentially altered the fate of the Iron Fist Championship, and the champion himself Dan Stein.

Other Guy: Oh it was a shocker for sure, but then again that’s what Reckoning Day is all about, the biggest and the best.  We all thought we were gonna get to see Azraith DeMitri one on one with Dan Stein for what could be the final time, but now we got the x-factor comin’ into this match up, the ruthless and demonic Kenji Yamada.

Dave Dymond: As if knocking an opponent down for ten seconds wasn’t enough, try it with another opponent right there to ruin your day.  We saw the former Iron Fist Champion Adrian Corazon successfully rise to the challenge of a three way Iron Fist title fight, but will Stein be able to overcome the odds that he himself has agreed to.

Other Guy: Well tonight he gets to scout the competition, Dave. A much needed night off for Stein, but then again whoever comes out on top in this one has got themselves some serious momentum rolling into Reckoning Day.

Dave Dymond: It will be an intense match up, that much is for sure. Right now the two challengers to the Iron Fist Championship will compete in that very ring as the Eve of Reckoning continues on.  Let’s go to the ring now for the introductions.

“Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC blares over the sound system as the SHOOT video screen shows the portrait taken of The Family, and from there a zoom in focuses on Kenji Yamada’s face.  Then the name Kenji Yamada flashes on the screen in blood red lettering which then gives way to a series of clips of Yamada in action.

Samantha Coil: This next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 190 pounds, he is a member of The Family… here is Kenji Yamada!!!

Yamada storms out from the back and immediately leans backwards and shouts loudly in Japanese.  He then returns his focus to the ring ahead of him, and walks towards the ring, snapping his head from side to side towards the fans who boo him.  One particularly drunk fan seems to want to get right in Yamada’s face and Yamada charges the guard railing, only for on hand security to pull the drunken man back.

Dave Dymond: sober or drunk, Kenji Yamada is not someone you want to mess with.

Other Guy: Gotta love the passion of our fans though, Dave. When they hate someone they REALLY hate someone, and that guy was hatin’ on Kenji.

Dave Dymond: Thankfully SHOOT Project security had that quickly under control otherwise Yamada was likely to rip the man’s head off.

Yamada stomps up the steel steps and quickly enters the ring through the middle and top rope.  Once inside he goes to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He looks out over the crowd, and again shouts out something in Japanese.

Dave Dymond: Yamada more than ready for this match up as he has been waiting for his chance to get back into a division he finds himself comfortable in, a division in which only knock outs count.

Other Guy: Tonight ain’t about knock outs though, and with DeMitri havin’ size and weight advantage over Yamada, gonna be interesting to see how the insane Kenji can handle this one.

Dave Dymond: They have been associates, they have been enemies, and now it’s a matter of complete hatred for one another.  Kenji and Azraith have faced off and aligned back in my OPW days, but this will be a first for both inside of a SHOOT Project ring.

Yamada’s music fades out as he waits with almost rabid like jitteriness.  Soon a blue strobe light takes over the ring area, and on the pulsing beat of the music the strobe flashes.  “35 Ghosts IV” by Nine Inch Nails picks up in full and through the flash of the blue light you can see Azraith DeMitri in brief increments step out into view.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent. Weighing in at 270 pounds, here is Azraith DeMitri!!!

DeMitri stands still just out of the entryway and then the lights return to normal. There is a loud mixed reaction for Azraith, though still mostly boos fill the arena tonight.  DeMitri walks swiftly to the ring, eyes focused on Yamada who opens and closes his fists repeatedly as he waits.

Other Guy: Tonight we’ve watched as The Family has been handlin’ business on their own with Vincent Mallows taken out of the picture for the time being… and what Chris Davis did not only helped himself out, but helped anyone else goin’ into battle with the twisted group.

Dave Dymond: Indeed with the latest update being that Vincent Mallows will not be showing up at Reckoning Day given his current condition.  Which I’m sure makes Azraith DeMitri a happy man, considering it was HIM that ended Mallows’s in ring career to begin with.

Azraith stands just outside of the ring now glaring up at Yamada who stands in the ring, eagerly awaiting for his opponent to enter.  Azraith defiantly pulls himself up onto the ring edge quickly and Yamada swings with a hard forearm, but Azraith ducks low and drives his shoulder into Yamada’s gut.  Yamada staggers backwards and Azraith now quickly enters the ring. Referee Austin Linam calls for the bell, officially calling for the start of the match.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, no downtime at all which is more than expected given how these two feel about each other.

Yamada gets right back into things and now fires at Azraith with a sick chop to the throat.  Azraith gasps for breath and Yamada follows up with a boot to the gut followed by a quick knee lift into the face. Azraith’s head snaps upward and Yamada charges, shouting with rage, only for Azraith to counter, quickly lifting Yamada up as if about to go for a belly-to-belly overhead suplex, but Azraith flips Yamada all the way over onto his back, then drops him from HIGH with a sitting neck breaker!

The fans react, some cheering what they just witnessed

Other Guy: Damn! What an impact that had!

Dave Dymond: Azraith well versed in turning basically anything into a counter that can do serious damage to the neck and head, and he showed it right there. Yamada’s momentum killed in a heart beat, and now Azraith looking to end this one right here and now!



THR… kick out by Yamada has Linam only hold up two fingers. Azraith stays in control pulling Yamada off the mat right into a standing front facing headlock.  Yamada struggles to break from Azraith’s grip, but Azraith brings a quick knee up into Yamada’s sternum, forcing Yamada down to one knee, and from there Azraith shifts Yamada over, placing him into a standing head scissors.  Azraith HOISTS Yamada up for an attempted powerbomb, but Yamada takes both of his thumbs and just JAMS them into Azraith’s eyes!

The fans boo loudly as Yamada flips himself back down onto his feet and with Azraith blinded temporarily, Yamada hits the ropes and comes back with a CRUSHING Yakuza kick! The force of the kick knocks Azraith down to a sitting position.

Dave Dymond: Yamada with the eye gouge now turns this match around in his favor.

Other Guy: Don’t think the referee saw it either, otherwise you can bet Yamada would be issued a warning, and Yamada’s temper may have gotten the best of him if that was the case.

Dave Dymond: I think its Yamada’s anger that’s fueling him in this match as OH! What a swinging side kick from Yamada right to the face of DeMitri and he sends him right onto his back!

With Azraith down, Yamada quickly grabs both of Azraith’s legs and starts stomping down on the inside of the right leg. Azraith winces in pain and now Yamada looks to step through, but Azraith gets his bearings back and looks to avoid what’s coming next. He gets both his arms up and sweeps Yamada’s legs out from under him, forcing Yamada onto his back and Azraith looks to have a pin in the making but then, STANDS UP slowly form the pinning position and PULLS Yamada up with him.

Dave Dymond: And look at the strength of DeMitri!

The fans react, surprised by the intense display of strength as Azraith has Yamada up and he then runs towards the corner, POWERBOMBING Yamada back and neck first into the corner turnbuckle pads!

Dave Dymond: Yamada was going for that devastating  Damascus head-leglock submission move he now calls the Onifuusha Typhoon Breaker, but Azraith counters and now this one back in the control of the man that calls himself a ghost.

Other Guy: And he has been, Dave. He pops in when he wants, he attacks when he wants, and then he’s almost never found backstage unless he wants to be found. Definitely a different Azraith than we all remember.

Yamada slumps down in the corner and Azraith backs up now, waiting for Yamada to get back up to his full vertical base. Yamada slowly but surely does, and Azraith charges now, and in mid run he spins around, looking to hit a spinning elbow smash, but just as he comes within inches of Yamada, Yamada hoists himself up by the ring ropes and leaps over Azraith! Azraith connects back first with the corner, staggers out, and at the same time Yamada SPRINGBOARDS off the adjacent ropes turns to hook Azraith around the neck and spins him around a full 360 and DROPS him with a DDT!

From there Yamada quickly covers Azraith, pulling up on one leg.  Linam goes down for the count as the fans boo loudly.



Strong kick out by Azraith!

Yamada pulls Azraith up to a sitting position then kicks him right in the spine, forcing Azraith to arch his back in pain.  Yamada plants his foot, only to fire a second kick!  Again Azraith shows pain as he arches his back again, this time trying to get up as well.  Yamada fires a quick series of low kicks to back of the legs, trying to keep Azraith down, but Azraith fights through the pain and rises up to his full vertical base. Yamada grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around, firing with a quick chop to the neck once more. Azraith stumbles slightly from the shot and then Yamada follows up with a series of well placed forearm shots to the face. Azraith staggers more, slowly getting closer to the ropes and now Yamada shoves him back into the left side ropes and then swings Azraith with a great deal of force.

Azraith whips his body around though, reversing on Yamada and he sends Yamada into the ropes instead.  Yamada bounces off the ropes but seems to pick up speed. He does a sudden cartwheel forward, then turns and leaps back first towards Azraith, looking for a diving back elbow, but Azraith CATCHES him in mid jump, quickly executes a German Suplex, but then rolls through, right into a FULL NELSON SLAM!

Dave Dymond: DeMitri CONNECTS with the Avatar Combo 06 and how seamlessly he pulled that off!

Other Guy: No kiddin!  Kenji Yamada didn’t see that comin, and hell neither did I!

Dave Dymond: I don’t think anyone did!

Yamada stirs on the mat in intense pain, while Azraith stands over him and the fans buzzing with excitement now.  Azraith waits patiently, and the fans can sense what is coming next. Some cheer, others boo.

Dave Dymond: Without having to say a thing, or make a motion, you can see it in DeMitri’s eyes. He’s looking to end this match now, and he’s looking to do it via The Extinction.

Other Guy: And that’s exactly what it is if he hits it Dave. The extinction of this match, of Yamada’s hopes of winning.

Yamada finally starts to get back into things, holding his neck as tries to get back up to his feet.  The fans are on the edge of their seats, when suddenly the arena fills with the sound of loud booing.  It takes a moment but the camera focus shifts to reveal Kid One and Kid Two making a mad dash down to the ring!

Other Guy: What the hell are those twisted midgets doin’ down here?

Dave Dymond: Apparently looking to save their brother in Kenji Yamada.

Azraith turns just as the two little people scramble into the ring and start yelling at Azraith while stomping their feet, trying to look imposing. Azraith shakes his head and referee Austin Linam shouts at Kid One and Kid Two to get out of the ring.  Neither of them listen and suddenly Azraith reaches out and grabs Kid One first, then PUNCHES down into Kid Two’s skull and pulls him in as well. The fans ERUPT with cheers as Azraith has both put into a somewhat vertical head scissors and effortlessly, Azraith HOISTS both Kid One and Kid Two up into a powerbomb position, his arms around BOTH their bodies…


Dave Dymond: Double Extinction to Kid One and Kid Two!  And that’s one way to take matters into your own hands!

The crowd is on their feet as Kid One and Kid Two just spasm on the mat eventually falling out of the ring all together.  Azraith is back up to his feet, shaking his head as he looks down at the damage he caused, but now Yamada is back up and he stalks behind Azraith.  Azraith turns just as Yamada kicks out his leg and catches Azraith in the gut!  Azraith doubles over and Yamada quickly hooks him around the neck, bringing Azraith’s head down towards Azraith’s knee, hooking that as well, and then he snaps around with a swinging neck breaker with drives Azraith’s own knee into his face upon impact!

Other Guy: And just like that Yamada with that momentum changing swinging neck breaker.

Dave Dymond: The Onifuusha Twister to be exact, and I guess Kid One and Kid Two did their job as distractions and sacrifices in order to see Yamada stay alive in this one.

With Azraith down, Yamada doesn’t make the cover but instead starts choking the life out of Azraith, both hands tightly gripped around Azraith’s neck!  The fans continue to boo now as Yamada also slams the back of Azraith’s head repeatedly into the mat.  Referee Austin Linam shouts for Yamada to break the choke, but when he doesn’t Linam starts the mandatory five count.

One! Two! Three! Four!

The referee almost reaches five, but Yamada breaks just in time, gets up to his feet, and then DRIVES a knee right down into Azraith’s face. Azraith clutches at his face and Yamada is up and delivers a second knee to Azraith, this time rolling forward and he hits the ropes.  Yamada comes charging back just as Azraith rolls over onto his stomach and goes to push up, but Yamada KICKS Azraith right in the ribs!  Azraith falls to the side and onto his back and again Yamada drops to his knees and starts choking Azraith!

Dave Dymond: And Yamada just looking to put Azraith out now. He’s had a few pinning opportunities that he just hasn’t taken.

Other Guy: Like it or not, Dave, it’s a strategy.  Taking out Azraith now, means he doesn’t walk into Reckoning Day at full strength.  Kenji Yamada CRAVES that Iron Fist Championship, so he’s gonna do whatever he needs to in order to better his chances at takin’ it from Stein.

Dave Dymond: Again Linam issuing a stern warning, and Yamada might crave the Iron Fist Championship, but if he wants the win here tonight, he has got to be more careful. The referee COULD decide to disqualify Yamada if he continually disregards the rules set in place.

Yamada rises to his feet again and Azraith gasps for breath. Yamada kicks Azraith in the side once again, forcing Azraith onto his stomach.  From there Yamada wraps Azraith’s arm around his own neck, then grabs Azraith’s left leg and pulls up while pulling on the arm as well, creating a half crab half bow and arrow submission lock!  Azraith clenches his teeth in pain as his body is nearly bent in half, with Yamada’s knee planted firmly in the back!

Dave Dymond: This could be severely bad news for Azraith DeMitri as Yamada has his signature Onifuusha Thunder Lock applied, and that’s a very difficult hold to break, given how much Azraith’s body is bent up awkwardly.

The referee checks the situation, now asking if Azraith gives up. Azraith refuses, but shouts out in pain as Yamada pulls up just a bit more on Azraith’s own arm, thusly applying pressure to the neck and head.  Azraith claws at the mat with his free hand, trying to some how move his body closer to the ropes, but Yamada has him pretty well pinned in place.  Austin Linam checks on Azraith again, but again Azraith refuses to give up.

Other Guy: Gotta hand it to Azraith here, he’s not givin’ up…. BUT the longer he holds out, the more chance he has of bein’ seriously hurt.

Some of the fans actually begin to rally behind Azraith, but Yamada sees to it that Azraith can’t move.  Azraith then suddenly kicks up his one free leg, nailing Yamada’s side.  Yamada falters a bit, loosening his grip, but he quickly shifts now, releasing Azraith’s arm and he grabs at Azraith’s other leg just as Azraith goes for another kick, now locking Azraith into a full on Boston crab, but from here Azraith uses Yamada’s shifting momentum against him and quickly rolls through the hold, a surprisingly display of agility… and he makes a strong pin, bending both of Yamada’s legs over his body!

The referee shifts positions and makes the count!



Dave Dymond: and the kick out by Yamada.

Other Guy: What a surprise victory that woulda been.  Not sayin’ an upset, but Yamada caught off guard and he’s goin right back at it!

Dave Dymond: And this thing HAS EXPLODED!

The fans get loud as Yamada and Azraith are both up to their feet and now WILDLY exchanging hard shots to one another. Yamada lands a stiff punch, Azraith steps in close, hard elbow strike… and a second one.  Yamada fires with lightning quick chops to try to knock Azraith back… then some more punches. Azraith takes the hits dead on and keeps fighting back, both men just trying to get whatever shots in they can possibly land!  Azraith looks to gain control throwing hard elbow after elbow and he drops Yamada to one knee.  Some fans pop for this but Yamada LUNGES upwards with a LEAPING clothesline to send Azraith staggering back a great deal.

Yamada follows up with more wicked knife edge chops, alternating from the chest to the throat as Azraith falters.  Yamada then grabs Azraith by the arm and VIOLENTLY whips him into the upper right corner of the ring.  Azraith hits hard and Yamada right behind him with standing splash that keeps Azraith back first up against the corner pads. Yamada then lifts Azraith up so he is seated on the top turnbuckle pad. Azraith looks to fight back but Yamada FIRES a stiff European Uppercut into Azraith’s jaw, causing Azraith’s head to snap back.

Dave Dymond: I have no idea what Kenji Yamada is looking to attempt here…

Yamada steps up onto the first turnbuckle pad, then gets one foot up on the second one.  He hooks Azraith around the neck, and now the fans buzz with anticipation of what’s going to happen next.  Yamada looks to lift Azraith, but instead Azraith shoves out BOTH his arms right into Yamada’s chest, and he sends him down onto the mat!  Yamada scrambles up to his feet and just as he is up, AZRAITH DIVES FROM THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE WITH A SPEAR!!!

Other Guy: Air Azraith!

Dave Dymond: Rarely seen, but Azraith DeMitri FLYING with a high risk spear, but it pays off… Yamada is taken down and this could be it… the cover.

Linam makes the count, the fans excited by what they just witnessed.




Dave Dymond: Not quite!  Wow…. SO close, the referee’s hand was so close to that three count, but Yamada again JUST able to get the shoulder up and this one continues.

Azraith is up on his knees down as Yamada rolls away.  Frustrated Azraith snaps up to his feet and looks to the referee for a moment.  Austin Linam just motions for the match to continue and Azraith controls his anger and focuses back on Yamada.  Yamada works on getting up to his feet, once again holding the back of his neck in pain, this time from the whiplash of the spear.

Other Guy: He’s got that look, Dave.  Azraith has the look in his eyes yet again!

Dave Dymond: This could be it.  No distractions, Azraith has Kenji in his sights…

Yamada turns right into Azraith who reaches out his arm, looking for a choke slam set up, when suddenly Yamada throws a desperation elbow, knocking Azraith to side.  Yamada fires a few swift kicks, trying to fight back into the match up and he then hits the ropes looking to build up speed. Azraith snaps back at the right time though and immediately GRIPS Yamada around the neck and before Yamada can try to counter, Azraith HOISTS Yamada high into the air and CHOKE SLAMS HIM onto his outstretched knee, almost right on his neck!

Dave Dymond: And it’s pretty much academic from here. Yamada dropped hard and pulled right back up… which can only mean one thing.

The fans buzz as Azraith LIFTS Yamada into a powerbomb immediately after, and after stalling for a second, Azraith PLANTS Yamada onto the mat with a highly modified sit out powerbomb!

Other Guy: Extinction!

Dave Dymond: Yamada is OUT and the cover made…




Other Guy: That be all she wrote for this one. Azraith DeMitri’s vicious powerbomb claims another victim!

“35 Ghosts IV” begins to play again as the referee calls for the bell.  Azraith rises up to his feet and raises both arms in victory as he stares down at Yamada.

Samantha Coil: the winner of this match… Azraith DeMitri!!!

Some cheering sounds, but once again it is mostly boos that fill the arena as Azraith stands in the ring, a smile creeping across his face.

Dave Dymond: And with an impacting win here tonight for Azraith DeMitri, he carries with him the momentum he needs going into Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: DeMitri hasn’t been successful in two attempts at takin’ the Iron Fist Championship from Dan Stein, but maybe it is as they say, third time’s a charm.

Dave Dymond: But can Azraith pull off a victory over two men when only knock outs count? It’s not an easy task for ANY man to accomplish.

As his music continues to play, Azraith now steps over Yamada, one leg on each side, and he points down at him, taunting him.  Suddenly the crowd ERUPTS into cheers and before Azraith can react…


Dave Dymond: Dan Stein out of nowhere! And… and what does he have in his hand!?

Other Guy: Hah! Revenge is a dish best served cold… and in this case in the form of the cold iron of that pipe!

The fans continue cheering as Stein now stands over both Yamada and Azraith, the Iron Fist Championship in one hand, and an iron pipe in the other. Stein drops the Iron pipe right by Azraith’s body, and then hoists the Iron Fist Championship high over his head!

Dave Dymond: So the very same weapon Azraith DeMitri used to make his official return to SHOOT Project has now been used AGAINST him in a statement made by the Iron Fist Champion himself.

Stein takes the moment in and as he stands “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor plays throughout the arena.  From there the focus shifts back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy at their ringside table.  Other Guy has his eyes on the ring while Dave Dymond angles his body away from his partner.

Dave Dymond: Fans Reckoning Day is so close to being upon us, and while tickets have been sold out for some time, you can still get some of the best seats by ordering the event LIVE on Pay Per View.  So many matches set to go down and without a doubt this Reckoning Day has shaped up to be the BIGGEST one ever!

Dymond gives a nod of his head and Revolution fades to black temporarily.


The black screen is replaced by a motion graphic image done up in blue and white that reads The Reckoning Day Rundown As it fades off the screen “Rise Above This” by Seether begins to play and a shot of Scott Richardson standing in front of a Reckoning Day backdrop situated on a large plasma big screen television comes into view.

Scott Richardson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is without a doubt the most intense night in professional wrestling today, and it makes it triumphant return to Pay Per View on Sunday June the First… folks I am talking about Reckoning Day!

Eight HUGE matches are set to take place on the biggest stage of them all, and who knows what else might be in store, but that’s the beauty of SHOOT Project, you get your money’s worth and then some.  As we are just one week away from Reckoning Day let’s take a look at just what those eight matches are!

The song kicks into full gear as Richardson steps to the side to let the plasma screen take over. The focus is then placed on just the image on the screen, which shows a shot of Roland Caldwell looking angrily in the direction of Eli Storm.

Scott Richardson: Just announced tonight on Revolution, it will happen. Eli Storm, against doctor’s wishes, WILL be competing at Reckoning Day.  Enough was obviously enough for Storm in regards to The Family, and more specifically Roland Caldwell. The battle began as a war of words, and it may end with Storm’s career very much in jeopardy.

The graphic switches over and next seen is Sammy Rochester across the way from Christopher Davis, who is backed by Angel and Christian.

Scott Richardson: And also just announced tonight, and in keeping in line with those men standing up to The Family, Christopher Davis has once again stayed one step ahead of the game and pulled a fast one on Vincent Mallows and his family.  That’s right Davis will team up with his long time friends and brothers in Angel and Christian standing three strong against the monster-child Sammy Rochester.  Normally I’d say this puts Davis at a BIG advantage, but going up against the likes of Sammy, if anything Davis has made this match a little more fair.

The next graphic takes over showing Arion Catcher holding his Revolution Title while Catch Warren stands looking at it.

Scott Richardson: Now, let’s talk titles. ALL SHOOT Project championships WILL be on the line at Reckoning Day, and as it was rumored but confirmed, Arion Catcher is finally granting Catch Warren the rematch he has jumped through hoops in order to get.  Since winning the title Catcher’s ego has only sky rocketed making him not exactly the fan favorite under dog he once was, but Catch Warren is looking to put that ego in check by finally winning the Revolution Title and perhaps finally getting his shot to truly stand in the SHOOT Project spotlight.

The Revolution Championship match graphic is replaced by a shot of Jester Smiles, Ron Barker, Osbourne Kilminster, and Trevor Worrens.  The words Ultimate Survival Match are super-imposed over the image at the bottom.

Scott Richardson: And it is a FIRST in SHOOT Project and well a first in all of Professional Wrestling. The Ultimate Survival match will test the abilities and the will to survive of the four men entering this one. Newly crowned Laws of Survival Champion Trevor Worrens is placed into his very first title defense against three other hungry competitors in the form of the God of War Osbourne Kilminster, the hero of SHOOT Project Jester Smiles, and the manipulative bastard that is Ravishing Ron Barker.  Whoever can survive this match will have truly earned their right to be named the Laws of Survival Champion.

From four men seen on the screen, the next image shows three. Azraith DeMitri and Kenji Yamada stand on each side of Dan Stein, who has the Iron Fist Championship around his waist.

Scott Richardson: But you want to talk about a difficult task, look no further than the triple threat Iron Fist Championship match.  When knock outs are the only thing that win you the match, the current Iron Fist Champion finds himself with the difficult task of trying to score a knock out victory, while constantly having to be aware of the third man in the match. Same goes for the challengers as both Azraith DeMitri and Kenji Yamada want nothing more than to end the reign of Stein, but also to end one another in the process.  Who will score the knockout in this three-way Iron Fist dance; you’ll have to order Reckoning Day to find out!

The graphic shifts now to show The Flying Avengers posing on one side of a VS. graphic, and the tandem that is Long Island Hardcore on the other side.

Scott Richardson: The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships returned at Malice, when CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh found themselves the FIRST tag team champions since the re-opening.  After going through a hellacious Irish Tables Dance match, Long Island Hardcore has done nothing but take it easy, competing against tag teams that really aren’t of the caliber of the champs. Well finally the Flying Avengers, Flash Dynamite and Kid Lightning, have taken a stand and have worked their way into position to be the number one contenders to the tag straps.  Of course Long Island Hardcore has made this match all the more interesting now, by introducing ladders into the mix.  The tag titles will hang above the ring, and it will come down to who can scale to the top and retrieve the belts.

The Next graphic shown is that of Donovan King and Cade Sydal.  Super-imposed of the graphic is the text “2 out of 3 falls- Pure Wrestling Rules”

Scott Richardson: And Reckoning Day is featuring what could very well be the EPIC conclusion of a rivalry that has spanned well over six months!  The storied pasts of both Donovan King and Cade Sydal have led to some of the most emotional moments in SHOOT Project history, as well as some of the most brutal.  Through it all, however, it has always seemed to be that it was King who had the better of Sydal.  Finally though, after building up some momentum following a tag team victory at Malice, Cade Sydal looks to finally end this blood feud on HIS grounds.  Pure wrestling rules will apply, and one fall will not be enough as you must pin your opponent or make him tap out… TWICE.  King’s no slouch in the ring, that is for sure, but with his recent string of violent attacks in the past, will King be able to match up with one of SHOOT Project’s absolute best when it comes to pure wrestling without the use of his chain, or any foreign object for that matter.  It will be an emotionally intense night for BOTH competitors going into this two out of three falls match up.

The graphic fades out and is soon replaced by an image that has Jonny Johnson standing across from Adrian Corazon.

Scott Richardson: But of course the spotlight of this night belongs solely to the main event.  It has been what Reckoning Day was building around really since Redemption.  Jonny Johnson made his return to SHOOT Project via the Redemption Rumble and in turn punched his ticket to the BIGGEST Pay Per View, by being the last of FORTY PLUS superstars standing in the ring.  Of Course it wasn’t until Malice that we would learn his opponent, and when Adrian Corazon shocked the world by turning against the likes of Roland Caldwell and Vincent Mallows, it was clear he was going to stop at nothing to win the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  It was a match that ended in controversy as the Defiler himself saw to it that it would not be Christopher Davis winning the gold, and ever since then the heated rivalry between Jonny Johnson and Adrian Corazon has built up to its final boiling point. At Reckoning Day it explodes in one of THE MOST anticipated match ups in all of SHOOT Project history.  World Heavyweight Championship gold has eluded Jonny Johnson for some time, but Adrian Corazon isn’t about to let go of the championship he feels he represents better than any man in SHOOT Project today.

The graphic fades out from there and the focus returns to Scott Richardson with the Reckoning Day logo taking over the screen behind him.

Scott Richardson: Win or lose, victory or defeat, Reckoning Day will be SURE to alter the future of SHOOT Project.  If you can only afford one Pay Per View this year, borrow some money and order all the rest… (laughs) but if you can’t do that then make sure that you order Reckoning Day.  The biggest event of the year, the most intense night in professional wrestling.  It’s Reckoning Day folks; live on June First and ONLY… I repeat we are SOLD OUT on tickets, so you can ONLY witness this event LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW!

I’m Scott Richardson, and this has been your very special Reckoning Day rundown. I’ll see all of YOU on June the First direct from the War Memorial Stadium in sunny, warm, tropical Kahului Hawaii!

The scene fades out, returning back to the action of Revolution: The Eve of Reckoning.


In the backstage locker room Shinya leans against his locker, his guitar strapped on his back. It is a very elaborate guitar with a black base that has pink glitter and pink stars in a rather random pattern on it. Maya is sitting Indian style on one of the benches and they both look somewhat down. Shinya waves his hand through his pink and black hair with a look of frustration.

Shinya: Even when we go out and try and attack the tag team champions we don’t get a match…what do we have to do?! I don’t want to really jump someone from behind but…I want a match! I didn’t come here to sit backstage and wish someone would book us. We came here to fight…and they’re treating us like little kids.

Maya sighs heavily and leans towards Shinya and rests his head on Shinya’s elbow.

Maya: There has to be something we can do without being looked at as bad guys…

Suddenly, the door flies open. Standing at the doorway is none other than Charles Bryant Penze! CBP looks exhausted as, not only is he wearing his traditional wrestling attire, but he also has rope strapped to his back. Behind him, connected to the rope, is a full drum set.

CBP: Need….a…..drummer…..

CBP suddenly collapses.

Maya, being rather easy to surprise, nearly jumps out of his skin and latches on to Shinya’s arm after letting out a rather audible scream. Shinya looked surprised but…wasn’t exactly sure who this was.

Shinya: Drummer…? Our drummer is back in Japan with some new band after we left. He was just a stand in most of the time though since we were the main attraction of the band. Maya did vocals and I did the fancy guitar work.

Just like that, Maya snaps his fingers and rushes over to the drum set that CBP was dragging behind him.

Maya: This is what we need! No one takes us serious because we aren’t a complete band yet! Just a guitarist and a vocalist, no drummer! To be taken seriously we need to have a full set!

CBP reaches behind his back, while stilling lying on the ground, and disconnects the rope from his back. He then rolls over and kips up.

CBP: I also play a mean recorder!

CBP reaches into his tights(that’s right, not the pockets. It’s in his tights) and pulls out a recorder. Clearly not caring that it’s been in his pants, he places the end of the recorder in his mouth and blows a single, out of tune note.

Maya looks back at Shinya and starts talking in Japanese, which shows up at the bottom of the screen in english subtitles.

Maya(subtitle): What’s a recorder? He isn’t recording anything and to be honest the noise coming out of that thing is making me nauseous.

Shinya smiles half heartedly before responding in Japanese.

Shinya(subtitle): Just one of those American things I guess…if you really think he can help us get a match he’ll need a makeover. Look at his hair and those clothes…he’s a mess! If he wants to be with TRES BIEN he needs a serious overhaul…

CBP begins to talk in some kind of gibberish, which isn’t Japanese. The subtitles still appear below.

CBP(subtitle?): ????????

Shinya and Maya just stare at each other confused before walking to CBP’s side. Shinya speaks in english hoping CBP wouldn’t continue whatever gibberish he did before.

Shinya: Listen, umm…guy…, if you want to be our drummer you need to clean yourself up. You look like a slob right now!

CBP leaps in the air and squeals happily, clapping his hands.

CBP: I get to look cool like you guys! That’s righteous!

People still say righteous. Right?

CBP: With a new look, I’m bound to become the most successful wrestler in all of SHOOT Project!

Maya jumps happily with CBP and, in the spur of the moment, jumps on CBP’s back…which draws an awkward look from Shinya, perhaps jealousy or just embarrassment.

Shinya: First we need to do something about your hair…its so boring and lacks so much color. It needs some pink, maybe some black, and a little light bronze!

CBP tries to hold his air, but it is too short, so he can barely get a handful.

CBP: What about some yellow, red, and neon green!?

Shinya sighs heavily as Maya frowns.

Shinya: You’ve got a long way to go…

CBP: Awww.

CBP lowers his head, frowning.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Did we just witness the creation of the first ever SHOOT Project rock band?

Other Guy: (from ringside) I think so… and I don’t even know where to begin with that.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Well we’ll tackle THAT development another time as we are soon upon what will be nothing short of a chaotic MAIN EVENT.  Eight men, no disqualification, and tonight we may very well see the very FIRST throw down between Adrian Corazon and Jonny Johnson.  That eight man tag main event match is up NEXT!


The sounds of the fans die out, as it becomes apparent that this is a pre-taped vignette.  Sitting with his head down is Donovan King.  Behind him is the SHOOT Project helmet and “SP” backdrops.  Slowly he picks his head up and stares at the camera.  His eyes are intent.  His face stern.  He wears a plain black t-shirt with his chain draped around his neck and his fingers are interlocked before him.

Donovan King:  I don’t know where SHOOT’s gonna put dis on the show.  I don’t know when, or if, Cade Sydal will be speakin’ to his fans tonight, either.  I can’t tell you none of dat.

He sighs.

Donovan King:  But I can tell you dis much.  Ever since the Revolution after Animosity, I’ve been fightin’ the fight uh my life.  My Mom an’ Dad always told me to stick by my convictions.  Even if the world was against you, if you believed in what you was doin’, then you was right.  No matter who booed, who jeered, an’ who hated me an’ the shit I’ve done since I come to SHOOT…I never wavered.  I never have, I never will.

He licks his lips.

Donovan King:  Over the time I been at war wit’ Cade Sydal, I’ve found out a lot about the man.  His demons, his ghosts…his family, his kin an’ friends.  I heard once dat if you go to war wit’ somebody long enough, you’ll come out of it wit’ a piece uh dat person inside you.  I’ve had dat bitch’s blood on my hands more than once.  I’ve seen him at his lowest…fuck, I put him dere.  An’ see…I’ll tell you what I learned about him.  Let me tell you what I learned about Cade fucking Sydal.

He inhales deeply and slowly exhales.

Donovan King:  Cade Sydal is a man who loves his kid.  He loves his family.  He is tryin’ ta get back to the top of dis fuckin’ business so his scarred reputation can be finally healed.  He is close with, an’ trained, the Flyin’ Avengers.  His best friend is Dan Stein.  After Reckoning Day, I come away from dis wit’ dat knowledge.  Dat he’s a man who’s tryin’.  He never faltered.  I sit here knowin’ dat nobody else fuckin’ believes in me.  They don’t.  None of you do.  Nobody has said ‘Donovan King is right, Cade fucked his chances up when he shot steroids into his body an’ helped destroy SHOOT when SHOOT was at its fuckin’ best’.  I stand alone.  An’ because uh the war I brought ta Cade’s feet, Cade’s got everybody.

King laughs somewhat.

Donovan King:  He’s got you fans.  He’s got the people in the back.  He’s got my fuckin’ mentor.  I run into Reckoning Day knowin’ I’m alone.  Knowin’ dat I’ll be booed an’ hated fuh doin’ the right thing.  I’ll be isolated from the rest uh the roster because dey don’t like me an’ don’t respect me, I know dis.  I know dat if I don’t get security wit’ me, I could get jumped by one uh you fans or one uh the guys in the back, based completely off the shit I’ve done against Cade.  See…I know alla dis…an’ still…I’m comin’ fuh you, Cade.

He leans forward slightly.

Donovan King:  I’m up against you in a two outta three falls match, Technical Messiah.  You’re amazing in the ring when dere’s no stipulations.  You flip, you fly, an’ you brawl, you wrestle…you do it all.  ‘Til now, I’ve never had the chance ta really…shine.  I ain’t beat a soul in SHOOT cleanly.  The last three people I stepped in the ring against…ended up in the hospital.  Carted out on stretchers.  OutKast.  The Real Deal.  Dan Stein.  It ain’t a bad group ta say I put down fo’ the count.  Shit, ended Dan Stein’s SHOOT win streak, didn’t I?  An’ here I am…an’ I gotta show the world I’m better than the Technical Messiah.

King shakes his head, sighing again.

Donovan King:  Once again, I stand alone in the knowledge dat not only CAN I win…I WILL.  Fans will boo.  The boys in the back will disrespect, but I WILL beat you, Cade.  I will either pin you down fuh the three count, or I will make you submit, I don’t even know, man.  Fuck, I could do both.  But…I will do it, Cade.  Me against the world, I promise you an’ everybody else…I will do it.  At the end, I can say dat dis junkie stood against me wit’ the world by his side an’ he took me to my fuckin’ LIMIT…but he didn’t beat me.  You…won’t…win.

He rocks back and forth now.

Donovan King:  I’d ask you to take your fuckin’ beatin’ like a man, but I doubt dat’ll happen.  You get to walk yo’ ass out an’ find your girl an’ win her back an’ get your family back…me?  I go back to my hotel room an’ get ready fuh the next show.  I need dis, Cade.  An’ I’mma take it from you.  At Reckoning Day…you’re gonna get out-wrestled.  You’re gonna lose an’ you’re gonna do it clean.  No cheatin’, no weapons, I WILL SILENCE ALL WHO DOUBT ME…I will…win.

He bows his head again.

Donovan King:  You done good, Cade.  You done real good.  But, here at the end, I can admit dat.  I don’t think you can.  I don’t think you can say Donovan King is trill.  Dat I’m the truth.  Nah…I don’t think…after I beat you at Reckoning Day…dat you can even shake my hand.  See, I expect nothin’ will change.  Nothin’ ever does.  So, good luck, Cade Sydal.  I won’t tell you you’ll need it, you know you will.  I hope you get what you need outta dis, man.  Because I’m comin’ fuh mine.  An’ nothin’ will stop me.

He looks hard in the camera one final time.

Donovan King:  Nothing.

The camera blacks out and we return to Revolution once again.



Samantha Coil: The following EIGHT MAN TAG TEAM contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and will be contested under NO DISQUALIFICATION RULES!  There is no formal time limit, though the match can be called in the event of television time expiring.

Dave Dymond: There we have a quick explanation of the rules for our main event, and OG, this has all the makings of a classic CLUSTER FUCK.

Other Guy: No shit, Dave.  Eight men with no love loss toward each other about to go at it…  No DQ, with one last chance to make a statement before RECKONING DAY.

The familiar opening drum beats of “Float On” by Modest Mouse begin to play throughout the arena and the crowd begins to come to its feet.  The majority of this Utah crowd BOOOOOS in unison, while a select few stretch their arms and bow.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions…  CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh…  LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

The Tag Team Champions are out from behind the curtains, joined shortly by SAMMY ROCHESTER.

Samantha Coil: And their tag team partners…  SAMMY ROCHESTER and “THE DEFILER” JONNY JOHNSON!!!

The crowd, which is already loud to begin with, ERUPTS upon the arrival of the SHOOT Project’s TRUE number one contender to the world heavyweight championship!  Jonny nods to Jared and CJ and then pats Sammy on the back, before all four guys head down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Unity shown amongst allies as the DEFILER, Long Island Hardcore, and Sammy Rochester stand side by side on their way to the ring.

Other Guy: Well, Jonny is kinda the glue that’s gonna hold these guys together, but you’re right, Dave, they DO look like cohesive unit heading into this one, which might prove to be a HUGE advantage.  I mean, it’s not that there’s been a ton of in-fighting with Corazon, Avengers and Chris Davis, but Davis and Cor been on shaky ground since Malice even though Davis has promised to have Corazon’s back and…  well, “do the right thing”, Dave.

Sammy enters the ring first, followed by Long Island Hardcore, who sit on the second rope and gesture for Jonny to step inside the ring.  Jonny nods and enters and then CJ and Jared follow in behind him.  The music continues for a few more moments, while Jonny shouts down at Mark Kendrick to hand him a microphone.  Kendrick scrambles a little bit, but obliges and hands Jonny what he wants.  The Defiler looks up to the rafters and motions for the boys working the sound to cut his music.

“Float On” fades out, and the BOOOOOOOOOOOS grow louder.  Jonny glowers out at the sea of humanity through eyes of contempt and hatred.  He’s in his normal ring attire…  black wrestling shorts, black wrestling shoes… white tape around his knuckles, but no shirt tonight.  Instead, he shows off his heavily bandaged right side  He holds the microphone up to his lips and continues to stare.

The DEFILER: (Straight forward) I just wanted to point out that this will be the LAST REVOLUTION where Adrian Corazon is introduced to you as the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.  So enjoy this.  Soak it up.  If not for yourselves…  do it for him.  (Very smug smirk) He’s young.  He needs the attention.

“TORCHER” suddenly interrupts Jonny’s condescending remarks and ADRIAN CORAZON wastes no time making his entrance.  He is first through the curtains and followed immediately by the Flying Avengers.  He stands with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP draped over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand.  “Torcher” momentarily fades out.  Corazon adjusts his title and shakes his head.

Corazon: I’m going to tell you this one time, and one time only… heed the warning, or don’t. It’s up to you. After this, what happens… it’s in my hands, so if I were you? DEFILER? I’d shut up.

The fans ERUPT with a supportive POP as the Champion stares down

Dave Dymond: And just like it has been the entire time, Adrian Corazon has stood up to the DEFILER and put him in his place.  UNREAL.

Other Guy: Jonny keepin’ his composure, but you damn right.  This kid has been

Before Jonny can react, CJ and Jared rush to his side to console him, trying to convince him to keep his cool.  Jonny puts his arms up though and backs them off.  He drops his microphone and motions for everyone to head to their corner.  In the meantime, “Torcher” starts up again and Corazon and the Avengers head to the ring.  Seconds later, the curtains rustle and Christopher Davis is out to join his teammates.  He picks up the pace and catches up to Corazon, patting him on the back and joining the other three on their way to the ring.


Long Island Hardcore, Sammy, and Jonny all watch as their opponents enter the ring.  Scott Kamura, SHOOT Project’s head official, sensing a potential for animosity, makes sure to position himself in between the combatants.  Jared and CJ seem to have a few choice words for the Avengers, who shout back.  Chris Davis remains silent, though stays under the gaze of a MENACING Sammy Rochester.  Corazon hands his title to Kamura, and Jonny watches his every move.

Dave Dymond: Talk about tension.

Other Guy: All these men exercising some SICK will power.

Jonny waves for his teammates to gather in the corner, and after a moment of hesitation, they all meet up.  As for the other end, Corazon seems to be taking charge, barking out some simple order.  Flash and Kid both nod, as does Davis who looks at the champ with an obvious amount of respect.  All three make their exit.

Dave Dymond: Corazon will start for his side and the fans are ready to see this thing get under way.  What an INCREDIBLE atmosphere for our last Main Event on the LAST edition of Revolution before arguably, the biggest even of the SHOOT Project calendar.  RECKONING DAY!

Corazon stands still in his corner, staring a hole through Jonny.  His eyes tell the story of a man who wants the DEFILER with every dying breath in his body, but also the story of a professional; a man ready for whoever crosses his path.

Jonny watches Corazon and then checks back in with his team.


Other Guy: These people want to see The Champ and The Challanger, Dave.  And can ya blame ‘em?

Jonny finally pats CJ on the shoulder and makes his exit. 


Sammy follows and Jared is the last to leave, giving his partner a quick shoulder rub and slap on the back.  CJ moves his neck from one side and then to the other, nodding as he looks at Corazon.

Dave Dymond: So it’ll be CJ Nelson of Long Island Hardcore starting with Corazon.  An interesting match-up, but OG, not the one these fans wanted to see.

Other Guy: They wanna see the Defiler in that ring, but that isn’t the case, and probably a smart move from Jonny.

Corazon quickly aggresses on his opponent, dropping his shoulders as he goes for Nelson’s legs.  CJ, though is able to get his arms out and direct Corazon away.  The champ is back to his feet and moves in for a grapple.  He’s definitely outsized, but it’s hidden by Corazon’s determination and great technical game.  The two men lock up and CJ quickly uses his size to counter into a standing side headlock.  Corazon tries to counter out with a side suplex, but CJ concentrates on keeping himself anchored.  Of course, doing that leaves him open to Corazon’s next attack!  The champ drops his center of gravity and escapes the headlock!  He then turns and NAILS CJ in the chest with a STIFF, short-armed clothesline.  CJ falls back a couple steps!  CJ comes back though with a SUPER STIFF OVERHAND CHOP to the chest!  “WOOOOO!” from the crowd as Corazon tumbles back a little bit!  But the champ comes back with a SPINNING ELBOW STRIKE!  CJ ducks, though!  Corazon runs through and bounces off the ropes!  CJ turns around and CATCHES CORAZON WITH A SPINEBUST…  NO!  Corazon cinches his arms around CJ’s neck and pulls down into a front face lock, busting the move up!  Corazon has Nelson neutralized momentarily before LEVELING HIM WITH AN MMA-LIKE KNEE LIFT!

Dave Dymond: We might see a wrestling contest after all!  Corazon counters out of the spinebuster and follows with a knee!  Nelson reeling!

Corazon smells blood and charges!  He goes for another spinning elbow, but Nelson bobs his head and locks his arms around Corazon’s waist!  Nelson hoists the champion up, but Corazon blocks, standing tall!  CJ tries again, but Corazon catches him with a STIFF back elbow!  Corazon breaks free and turns to strike!  Nelson ducks!  Corazon sees it though and spins back around!  Forearm strike, but Nelson ducks!  Corazon turns around!  CJ CHARGES!  BUT IT’S CORAZON WITH A SNAP POWER SLAM!!!

Dave Dymond: OH!  What impact!

Corazon immediately spins his body around on the mat and pushes CJ’s arms inward as he mounts the big man and begins to throw STRIKE AFTER STRIKE!

THE FANS POP HUGE…  like they would at a boxing event or MMA contest when one of the competitors looks to be going for the kill!  Corazon throws HEAVY strike after strike!  CJ keeps his arms up, and before Corazon can land a “kill-shot”, Jared Walsh runs into the ring and JUMPS CORAZON FROM BEHIND!

Other Guy: Ohhhh shit!

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura trying to get Jared out…  OH LOOK OUT!!!

FLASH DYNAMITE CHARGES INTO THE RING and SPEARS JARED WALSH!  He then starts throwing some SERIOUS HEAT!  Rights and lefts!  Corazon shakes off the cobwebs for a second and CJ takes the time to help his partner!  Kamura is SCREAMING for order and tries to push Dynamite off Walsh!  CJ nails FLASH from behind, and KID LIGHTNING STORMS INTO THE RING!

Dave Dymond: HERE WE GO!  GOOD GOD!

Other Guy: And for a second I thought…


Rochester charges into the ring, and Chris Davis follows after!!!  Davis catches Sammy with a right hand before he can do any damage to anyone else in the ring!  Sammy shakes it off and his eyes go WIDE!!!  Corazon keeps his eyes on CJ who is still the legal man and aids Kid Lightning!  He grabs CJ from behind and spins him in his direction!  Corazon DRILLS CJ with a forearm to the face followed with a quick spinning back-kick to the midsection!  At the same time, Jared gains the upper hand on Flash, as he nails a couple consecutive wild strikes!  He tries to get up, but Flash grabs his ankle and pulls him back down!

The fans are on their feet going NUTS!!!

While Jonny watches idly from the ring apron.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know that ANY official was going to be able to stop this from happening, but now you have to ask if maybe Kamura needs to call this one!  Things are WAY out of hand…  Wait…  what the HELL IS GOING ON!

Sammy and Chris battle in the corner spinning around and changing from offensive to defensive positions, but the fans attention is on KID LIGHTNING who is reaching underneath the ring and pulling out A FUCKING LADDER!!!


Jared notices and tries to fight off Flash!  He lands a blow and is able to get away from the skirmish.  Jonny shouts for his guys to get Kid Lightning!


Kid Lightning slides the ladder into the ring and hops up onto the apron!  Jared charges after him, but Kid Lightning springboards off the top rope and LEAP FROGS OVER HIM!  Jared turns around and KID LIGHTNING NAILS HIM WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!  Jared’s lands BACK FIRST on the ladder and rolls off to the side and out of the ring!  KL looks back to that ladder and then quickly sets it up!  Sammy has the upper hand on Davis and now chokes him in the corner!  Davis starts to slink down up against the middle turnbuckle.


Other Guy: Here comes the DEFILER!!!

Jonny starts to charge into the ring, and Corazon could not be ANY QUICKER to react!  At the same time, Kid Lightning begins to ascend the ladder!  As soon as Jonny sees Corazon move in on him, he IMMEDIATELY backs up, giving CJ time to DRILL Corazon from behind with a pretty generic, desperation attack!  Corazon falls toward Jonny’s feet, but the DEFILER ducks back through the ropes and jumps down off the apron!


He slams his hands on the apron!



CJ throws another standard attack to Corazon’s back and turns to see Kid Lightning struggling momentarily with his balance!  CJ screams and charges like a wild berserker!    But before he can do any damage FLASH DYNAMITE BLINDSIDES HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!  Kid Lightning looks over his shoulder and LEAPS OFF THE LADDER WITH A MOONSALT TO THE OUTSIDE WHERE JARED WALSH IS JUST NOW UP AND RECOVERING!!!





Jared falls back toward the railing to gather his composure!  Flash and CJ fight their way out of the ring the scuffle landing in front of Jared who comes in!  Two on one now but Flash fights on!  Kamura now tries to reestablish control!  He tries to pull Sammy off Davis, but Rochester will NOT BREAK THE CHOKE HOLD!!!  Davis looks on the verge of passing out!

Dave Dymond: Sammy will NOT BREAK THE HOLD!!!

Other Guy: Davis down to a knee…

Davis tries to get his hands up.  Kamura tries pulling Sammy off.  Corazon holds at his back, facing away from Jonny, who is still off the apron and actually slowly back pedaling toward the closest guard railing.




The fans burst into an EXCITED POP NOW AS ANGEL AND CHRISTIAN STORM FROM THE BACK!!!  Kamura sees them and tries to stop them but realizes there isn’t anything he can do!!!  They jump Sammy from behind and behind beating him down!  Davis is finally free and clutches at his throat!!!  Angel hoists Sammy up and SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH A VICIOUS SPINE BUSTER!!!  Christian then checks on Davis, who shoves him out of the way!!!

On the outside of the ring, KID LIGHTNING, FLASH DYNAMITE, CJ NELSON, and JARED WALSH continue to brawl up the aisle, vanishing to the back!!!  Angel throws Sammy out of the ring and the monster back pedals up the aisle as well!  Davis follows suit as does Christian!!!


Corazon is alone in the ring.


The fans realize what has happened…  As the battles rage on, there is one battle still left.

Dave Dymond: And then there were TWO, OG!  Is this going to happen.

Corazon is slow to get up and is still facing away from Jonny, who seems to be torn between making an exit and capitalizing on his position.  Corazon is up to a knee and The DEFILER looks to the fans and then back to the ring…


But Corazon is up and WELL AWARE.

Dave Dymond: I think our World Champ just baited Jonny into a battle!

Corazon can’t help but smirk at his Reckoning Day opponent, who scowls back, realizing his “dirty tactics” failed.

The DEFILER: Don’t do this, Cor!  JUST WALK AWAY!!!

Corazon offers a short, smug chuckle in response.

Other Guy: OH SHIT!

Dave Dymond: BEHIND YOU!

Before Corazon can react, JASON RILEY, TOM QUINN and SUPER FAN CHARGE INTO THE RING FROM OUT IN THE CROWD!  Corazon goes down QUICK and Jonny begins to laugh!  Kamura pushes Super Fan back, but Calahan DRILLS Kamura with a shot to the face!!!  KAMURA GOES DOWN!


Quinn and Riley throw strike after strike, as they try to keep Corazon down!  Jonny shouts out orders the entire time!


The fans ERUPT AGAIN as Jonny stops mid-sentence… seeing CHRISTOPHER DAVIS EMERGE FROM OUT BEHIND THE CURTAIN!  He stands at the top of the aisle, holding a steel chair, his eyes locked on the chaos inside the ring.

Dave Dymond: DAVIS IS BACK!!!

Other Guy: And he has a little friend with him, Dave!!!


Jonny grabs Riley and Quinn off from Corazon and points Davis out!!!  Super Fan charges out first though!!!  HE STORMS AT DAVIS OUT OF CONTROL AND CHRIS ABSOLUTELY KILLS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A DAMNING CHAIR SHOT!!!



Chris Davis: Oh you guys want some more?

Davis has his eyes on Quinn and Riley who come out!!!  Riley flies at Davis with a cross body, but Davis ducks!  Quinn tries to catch Davis off guard, but CHRIS KILLS QUINN WITH A CHAIR SHOT!!!  HE THEN SPINS BACK AROUND AND CATCHES RILEY WITH AN EQUALLY SICK SHOT!!!


Jonny can’t believe what he is seeing!!!  He moves toward the ropes, trying to convince Chris to turn around!  In the meantime, Corazon is up!!!

The DEFILER: Chris…  I swear to GOD!  I…

Before he can finish, Corazon puts his hand on his shoulder, and Jonny realizes he is now in between a rock and a fucking hardplace!!


Davis slides into the ring, and Corazon spins Jonny in his direction.



The fans jump up and down!!!  Corazon clenches a fist!  Jonny, realizing that he is completely FUCKED pleads with Corazon to hold off!  Corazon shakes his head and grabs Jonny by the throat.  Jonny continues to plead!  Corazon is ready to kill the guy!!!

Dave Dymond: YES!  HIT HIM!!!

Corazon squeezes HARDER and HARDER!!  Jonny starts to fall to his knees!!!

BUT THEN COMES UP WITH HIS FOREARM!!!  LOW BLOW!!! JONNY WITH A LOW BLOW!!  Jonny squirms out of the way while Corazon tumbles forward toward…


Dave Dymond: WHAT!?!  WHAT THE HELL??!?!


The fans are in SHOCK!!!

Jonny turns and Davis violently throws the chair to the ground, as though in the process of doing something he doesn’t want to do!  The two men make eye contact, though…  Corazon is STUNNED by the attack!  He holds at his head but tries to fight through the pain…

He staggers to his feet!!!




The arena falls into stunned silence.  Davis shakes his head and leaves IMMEDIATELY, while the GRIN on Jonny’s face couldn’t be ANY LARGER!!!  He stays kneeled over Corazon, his eyes locked on the World Champion’s unconscious features.


The silence dies, replaced with a chorus of DEAFENING BOOS.

Christopher Davis exits without once looking back into the ring.

Jonny is the only man standing.

Dave Dymond: What the HELL happened?

Other Guy: (Clearly flustered and confused) Dave, dude…  I have no fucking clue.

Jonny rolls out of the ring toward Samantha Coil while the BOOS continue.  He shouts at her and then GRABS the microphone out of her hand.  He gives it a tap or two, a “THUD” echoing across the arena.  He starts to speak.

The DEFILER: Did you really think it was THAT easy, Cor?  HUH?

He smirks and slides back into the ring, crawling toward the fallen Champion, looming over his body, on his knees.

The DEFILER: HA!  You know what you’re fucking problem is Adrian?  You DON’T LISTEN!  I mean…  I…  I TOLD YOU that something like this was going to happen.  I did.  Since this thing started I warned you…  I fucking WARNED you that a mental holocaust was forth coming.  It was like the FIRST THING I FUCKING TOLD YOU, ADRIAN!

Jonny looks down, almost disappointed.

The DEFILER: But you ignored me, dude.  GOD! You really thought it was going to be this easy to get under my skin?  HMM?  Did you REALLY THINK you had me?  NO ONE BREAKS INSIDE THIS HEAD COR!  (Tapping his skull with his free hand)  Do you get that now, you fucking over-hyped BITCH? You can stab me FOUR MILLION TIMES, but if they don’t kill me… Heh.  If…  IF YOU DON’T FUCKING KILL ME…   Well, then…  Then it ends for you the same way it’s ended for so many miserable souls.

He looks up now, soaking in the LOATHING from this sold out crowd.



He realizes how close he is to his dreams, and he pauses, letting it set in before finishing his sentence.

The DEFILER: In one week, I finally set it in stone.

His eyes drift back down toward Corazon.

The DEFILER: Adrian, welcome, man.  WELCOME to a world of doubt.  Welcome to a world of lies… a world of confusion and aguish…  WELCOME… TO THE HOPELESS UNIVERSE OF THE DEFILER!

He smirks and insultingly pats Corazon on his cheek.

The DEFILER: I’m not going to worry about pinning you right now, Cor.  Nah.  I’m not going to fuck with that weird karma where whoever makes that last pin before a big event inevitably seems to lose when it counts.  I’m going to let the officials decide how they want to sort this mess out.

He slowly stands up, though his eyes stay locked on Corazon’s body.

The DEFILER: But on Sunday.  There won’t be a mess to sort out.  At RECKONING DAY, the decision will be easy.  It will be DEFINITIVE.

He pauses and looks up at the crowd.


Another pause, his face growing deathly serious.

The DEFILER: Because if I don’t defeat you.  If I am NOT the World Heavyweight Champion on the morning of June Second…

He takes a deep breath.

The DEFILER: I will walk away from professional wrestling.

Jonny drops his microphone.

There is nothing more to say.

There is nothing you COULD say.

All anyone can do is wait.