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Revolution: 033 – 6/15/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”


Revolution opens up with a video, we see SHOOT newcomer Crush Heart walking in the back of the arena, sporting a fairly expensive dress jacket, white T-shirt, tan slacks, and sunglasses.  As he continues walking to the ring, he’s stopped by someone lacing up his boots in the Hallway, NC-17.

NC-17: Hey, Crush Heart, just wanted to tell you man, congratulations.  I know how hard it is to make the tough decisions sometimes, and just wanted you to know man, you have my support.

Crush Heart:
Well thanks man, I appreciate it.  Good luck with your match tonight.

 You too man!  Gonna be a hell of a night!  Err, whoops!!!

He takes off real quick, as Crush looks at him go, just kind of chuckling all the way.  The fans get it as well, and a laugh is had by all, breaking into the announcers as Crush begins to head to the ring.


Dave Dymond:
 Fans, welcome back to ringside here in Sullivan Arena here clear up in the Northwest end of the Good ‘Ol USA.

Other Guy:
 And let me tell you, we are in DANGEROUS territory up here. 

Dave Dymond: 
That we are, my friend.  Everything from charging moose, to melting ice, stormy seas, to hungry bears.

Other Guy:
  Not only that, but on my way to the arena, there was a fat guy walking through the crosswalk at about one step every thirty seconds, so I rolled down the window and yelled “Hey buddy, you know, if you’d get yourself a woman, you’d probably lose some of that baby fat!!”

Dave Dymond: 
You didn’t…

Other Guy:
  And then, he turns, and it WAS a woman.

Dave Dymond: 
You can’t be serious…

Other Guy:
  I swear, by the hair on that broads face!

Dave Dymond: 
Are you kidding?

Other Guy:
  I was THIS close to calling some Eskimos to harpoon her and drag her off the path, man I’m talking Four-fifty, Five Hundred easily.   I’m just glad it was obvious I wasn’t a baby seal… You know, cause they EAT…

Dave Dymond: 
Will you stop that.   You sat next to Ed Johnson on the flight up here, didn’t you?

Other Guy:
  I…  I’m sorry.  It’s not like I MEANT to draw the short straw.  Man, that guy can talk.

  Samantha Coil: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Baptism of Crush Heart.  Making his way to the ring, at this time, the Master of Ceremonies, Please welcome Reverend Elliot Samuels.

A luke-warm response from the crowd as a man, looking like he belongs more in a bar than a church, comes up to the entranceway.  His long, graying hair looks wooly and wild, and it seems to appease the crowd that he just may be ‘one of their own’.  The man, roughly late sixty-ish, limps down to the ring, where you can now see a big galvanized tub has been placed.   With the limp, it takes him a few minutes to get up, and into the ring.

Other Guy:
  So, let me get this straight, coming off the heels of the Biggest Pay-Per-View in SHOOT-Project history, we’re following it up with THIS?

Dave Dymond: 
I think it’s a great way to pay the piper O.G.  Crush Heart trying to mend his ways, and start anew.  Hallelujah!!

Other Guy:
  Oh Brother…

Samuels makes it to the ring, taking a mike from Coil, and tries not to let the crowd notice him checking her out as she leaves the ring, the crowds eye though, catches EVERYTHING.   A few whoops and hollers at ringside occur before he starts.

Elliot Samuels: 
Thank you for being here tonight, to witness the rebirth of a man, and the cleansing of his spirit, at this time, I’d like to invite Crush Heart out to this ring. 

The mans voice is as gruff and grizzly, as the unshaven stubble across his face.  He looks to the Project-Tron 5000, and just underneath, comes Crush Heart.  Now Crush has been picking up notice for being more of a lone wolf, as opposed to ‘running with the pack’, and the fans in the arena seem to like that mentality.  Between that, and his brother not being able to put one over on him at Reckoning Day, Crush is starting to garner a small following. 

He comes out not to his normal music, but instead a moderate “Crush” chant, as he smiles and heads to the ring, slapping a few hands.   He gets up to the ring, enters, looking over to the tub of water, and approaches the Reverend.

Elliot Samuels: 
Now, Crush Heart, it is my honor to be performing this rite for you, here tonight.  Baptism saves us because it is "the answer" and pledge to God "of a good conscience".   Any one who reads Peter as saying anything about "baptism of the conscience in God," or any similar concept of a non-physical baptism, are further examples of preconceptive readers.

Another thing that Peter simply does not say is that if your conscience feels good there is no need to get baptized in water.

What Peter’s statement does say to us is that if we have not received water baptism, we have not given our answer to God. Either that or our answer is wrong. No matter what your conscience may tell you, you have not made your pledge to God until you have obeyed Him in the gospel’s first principles.   And with that, Crush Heart, I ask you if you are ready.

Crush Heart: 
I am…  I AM ready…

Elliot Samuels: 
Then, as a pledge to God, what I need is for you to lay down in this tub of water Crush, and cleanse yourself from the past.  Hold your breath as long as you can, for as you mentioned when we first met, you have a lot to answer for.

Crush looks the tub over, taking off his jacket, and nods to Samuels, and begins to lower himself directly into the tub slowly.  It doesn’t take very long before he is completely submerged, and holding his breath.

Elliot Samuels: 
Now, ladies and Gentlemen, what you are witnessing…

Unseen Voice:
Is a complete mockery to even YOUR intelligence and it WILL be stopped!

They descend the arena from all sides.  Walking out to the ramp way are Joyce McGuire and her charge Sinnocence.  One tall, masked figure comes sliding from underneath the ring, and two more emerge from a spot hidden within the crowd.  

Dave Dymond:
  What the?

Other Guy:
   It’s Jack Heart!  Jack Heart and his Goon Squad!!

The reverend turns, not really sure what he should be expecting, and hastily exits the ring, and as the other men enter the ring, starts walking up the ramp.  He’s met by Sinn, who promptly delivers a soccer-quality kick straight to the balls, sending Samuels to his knees, before shoving him off the ramp with one of her heeled stripper boots, before continuing to the ring.

Dave Dymond:
  Oh, Lord almighty, that’ll tilt your Halo!

Other Guy:
  No doubt, but alas, the good preachers testicles are now ‘singing with the angels’.

Inside, three men have surrounded the tub, Gutter Rat, Ed Johnson, and Crush’s brother, Jack Heart.  You can hear Ed Johnson saying “Do It!!” “Do It!!”  with Jack pulling something out of his jacket pocket.  A Zippo lighter.   Johnson hands Jack the mic, and grabs his own item from his trench coat.  A bottle of liquid, that he begins pouring into the water.

 Jack Heart:  Burn in Hell, Crush!

He flicks the Zippo, and tosses it into the water, that immediately lights up, engulfed in flame, the unapproving roar of the crowd deafened by the sound of the oil being ignited.

Dave Dymond:
  What??  No!! No!! No!!!.

Other Guy:
  This is insane!!  Folks, in no way were we prepared for this, and I will say that this has to be one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve witnessed in all my years in the wrestling business.

Dave Dymond:
  Somebody get out there and stop this!!

Other Guy:
  We’re gonna need a medic, Stat!!

The flickering light above him, or the Zippo hitting him in the water, no one can be sure what alerted him, but Crush Heart comes flying out of the water, gasping for air and confused.  As he comes up, you can see whatever was in the water has soaked in to his shirt, and minor flames seem to be clinging Crush Heart The fans erupt at the violence.  This is one of those moments that can either define a career, or end it, and they’re not to sure which they’re seeing.  

Dave Dymond:
  Crush Heart is On Fire!!!

Other Guy: 
Quite literally!   

Gutter Rat, the masked wrestler who was defeated by Crush on the “Eve of Reckoning”, grabs Crush by the throat, with both hands, and tosses him out of the tub, and to his back on the mat.  The fire has died off, but you can still see that Crush is burnt.   The fans continue to boo, as Jack stands over his half-conscious brother with the mic to his ‘almost foaming with spit as he talks’ mouth.  The fans jeering him seem to have him riled as ever, as he addresses them and Crush. 

Jack Heart: 
Shut up!  Shut up ALL of you!   You don’t have a CLUE as to what this is all about.  Crush, there are just SOME sins that you just can not walk away from, dear brother.  And I just happen to be ONE of those.  Now with the Help of Ed Johnson, and Joyce McGuire, I’ve decided to bring together a small group of risk-takers, and opportunists to help me make a name for myself here in Shoot, and I have NO problem using you as the first stepping stone to do it.

Welcome to “The House”…  

You want to know ‘why’ I formed this group?  Why take out my brother?  The answer is a long one, so if you’ve got a weak bladder, I suggest you head to the restrooms now.

The first eighteen years of my life were a complete lie.  It’s a time that STILL eats at my very soul.   It made me wonder if I was an evil person.  I lived in contemplation for all those years, wondering if it was me that had done something so terrible to my family. I was hated by the people who should have given me unconditional love.

And for what Crush?  So you could keep that dirty little secret? The secret everyone has been asking me about since Reckoning Day?

I think now is as good a time as any to tell all these ‘beautiful’ people about the secret that has ruined my life before it could even start.

My brother…

Crush Heart…

My brother here, decided that he was going to keep this secret, to play upon the sympathies of you, the fans. That secret was about me, or should I say, I AM the secret.

Crush and Jack, the Heart brothers…

The truth is we’re not completely brothers. Oh no, you see my father Jones Heart felt the need to fuck around.   A different girl in every port or however that phrase goes.

Ok, maybe I am going over all your heads.  Let’s just keep it real simple.  I was born and raised in East London by my mother.  That doesn’t sound so bad does it?  I’m sure there are plenty of single mothers out there.

But my mother wasn’t single. MY. MOTHER. WASN’T. SINGLE!  For eighteen years her husband beat the ever loving crap out of me.  I let him because I thought he was my father!  That was just a lie that was never cleared up for me.  But you Crush, you could have stopped it at any time, because you knew the truth and you kept it from me.

You knew that my father was Jones Heart all along!  You said you were protecting me from a life like yours?  I had exactly the same life as you, beaten by my stepfather.  Unlike you though Crush, I didn’t have the luxury to know why?  I didn’t get to understand that the reason that man was beating the crap out of me, was because he hated me.  He hated me because I look just like my father. I have his eyes, his nose, his mouth and his ears! I am a fucking carbon copy of Jones.

This could have all been avoided all along, Crush!  Everything could have been avoided!  This wasn’t your decision to make!  How could you have possibly kept a secret to yourself, when you were nothing but a child!

I am going to make you suffer just like I have, Crush. It might take awhile but I am going to catch up those eighteen years.


He hands the Mic over to “Big” Ed, and drops over Crush, delivering a few forearm shots to the forehead of the already dazed, Crush Heart, as Johnson continues the show.

“Big” Ed Johnson:  Welcome, welcome one and all to “The House” that Jack built.  I have decided to take young Jack here, under my wing, and show him how to be simply, all he can be.  You see, I know all about what it takes to twist the truth out of the lies, and there are so many lies within SHOOT that I have the feeling that we’re going to be here for a VERY long time. 

Dave Dymond:   Not if Crush has anything to say about it!

Other Guy: 
These jackals have brought nothing to SHOOT except discontent and spite! 

Joyce McGuire stays outside the ring, watching the depravity with a sick smile on her face as Sinn climbs into the ring. One by one, almost as if they are taking turns…the House begins raining down blows on the older brother of Jack Heart.  He does his best to fight back, holding onto consciousness as the pummeling continues.

“Big” Ed Johnson: 
AND another thing….  Wha?

The crowd erupts as a blurred figure races down the ramp-way and slides into the ring under the ropes, jumping to his feet as soon as he is able.  NC-17 grabs the person closest to him by the hips…Sinnocence…and easily throws her back to get through the crowd assailing his friend.  He lands a swift punch to Jack Heart, knocking him back as well.

Dave Dymond:
 It’s NC-17!!!  NC-17 is coming to the rescue of Crush Heart!!

Other Guy:
  He’s going up against incredible odds though!

Quickly, NC-17 grabs a hold of Crush’s hand and pulls him to his feet, trying to drag him out of the ring. He is stopped in his tracks by the Rat Bastard. Gutter Rat grabs each man with one hand by the back of the neck and whips them back into the ring, right into a chair shot by Johnson. The overly-caffeinated manager cackles with glee as he delivers yet another blow to NC-17’s back as Crush tries to get to his feet. Sinn picks herself up from the ground and practically growls, rushing the obscene NC-17. Her fist lands squarely on his jaw as Gutter Rat turns around to join the fun.

Dave Dymond:
  Crush Heart and NC-17 are being Pummeled in the ring.

Other Guy:
  I guess it’s true what they say, the House always wins!

Dave Dymond:
  Folks, if you’re just tuning in, we are witnessing ANOTHER attack on Crush Heart at the hands of a clique calling themselves “The House”…

Other Guy:
  And they seem to be working as a pretty cohesive unit.

Jack Heart pulls his big brother up into a standing position, leaning against the ropes for support as he delivers brutal chest chops. After number 12 or so, he hops back a couple of steps to dish out a standing scissor kick to the side of Crush’s head. The crowd is infuriated and overjoyed by the violence erupting in the ring as McGuire finally climbs into the ring. She takes the steel chair from her father, who had been bashing NC-17’s back with chair shots in between blows from the lovely Sinnocence.

Dave Dymond:
  Well, looks like McGuire decided to join the fray.

Other Guy:   Look out NC-17!!!!

The steel chair is raised and she brings it down hard onto his shoulders as we pan back over to Crush who is getting forearm and elbow blows from Gutter Rat and Jack Heart. We can hear the anguished cries of pain from both men, when out of nowhere a shout from McGuire is heard. Gutter Rat, Sinn, Jack Heart and Johnson stop their assault of the newly baptized man and his friend who slump to the ground in pain.

Dave Dymond:
  This is…  This is Total destruction.

Other Guy:
  I can’t remember the last time Ive seen anything this brutal.

The House smirks collectively as they slowly give a victorious retreat. They back out of the ring, flanking Jack Heart and eventually disappear behind the curtains.

Dave Dymond:
  Folks, we will be back in just a moment, this is just horrible.

Other Guy:
  We’ll see if we can get a few questions answered, as medics are now rushing to the ring.

Dave Dymond: 
We’ll be returning to the channel momentarily, and hopefully we’ll have a few updates on Crush, NC-17, and even the state of “The House”. 

Other Guy:
  Hey, somebody better check on the Reverend as well, sheesh!



The crowd is buzzed as the opening strains of Marilyn Manson’s “mOBSCENE” hit the speakers. The crowd is mostly boos as Big Ed Johnson steps through the curtains, followed closely by the monster that is Gutter Rat. Ed’s smiling widely, while Rat stares straight ahead, eyes wide, occasionally turning his head quickly in a direction, as if someone said something to set him off.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Master of the Mat qualifier! The winner of this match will move into the Catcher Bracket! Introducing first, from an unspecified location, accompanied by Big Ed Johnson, he is the current Number One Contender to the Revolution Championship, GUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTERRRRRRRR RAAAAAAT!

Big Ed saunters down to ringside, smug as ever, shrugging off the jeers of the ringside crowd. Rat climbs into the ring, and as referee Austin Linam moves to check on him, Rat stares intensely at him, causing him to startle and back off a little. Ed Johnson moves over next to Dave Dymond and OG.

Other Guy: Fuck that shit, you sit over there.

Dave Dymond: Thanks, OG.

Ed Johnson slides a headset on his head, chuckling.

Big Ed Johnson: Thanks for the hospitality, Other Guy. I really appreciate it. Evening, Dave, and a wonderful night for a slaughter.

Dave Dymond: You’re awfully confident tonight.

Big Ed Johnson: And why wouldn’t I be? The Rat Bastard’s gonna crush Tom Quinn and send him packing, just like his idol. But at least the DEFILER got to walk away. Quinn? Well, he ain’t gonna be so lucky.

As if on cue, one word issues over the speakers.


“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts up, and soft pink, green, and brown lights float around the arena. Tom Quinn steps through the curtains to a chorus of boos, although they’re slightly lessened thanks to the monster currently in the ring. He’s in his usual black trunks with “ROGUE” across the back, with a black headband on, reading “DEFILER.” He raises his arm in the air as he steps out, and starts to jog to the ring, slapping hands with the fans, most of whom seem confused by his actions.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois,  one half of Rogue and Riley, TOOOM QUIIIIIIINNNNNNN!

Other Guy: What in the hell has gotten in to Quinn?

Dave Dymond: I guess he’s wrestling this match for the DEFILER.

Big Ed Johnson: If he thinks he’s gonna garner any sympathy, he’s sorely mistaken. Nobody gives a damn about the DEFILER, and when Rat’s done with him, nobody’s gonna give a damn about him, either.

Quinn slides into the ring, stepping up on the turnbuckle, and raising his hands again, and the crowd reacts as if he’s condescending to them, raining boos down on him. He drops off the turnbuckle, turning to face the beast that is Gutter Rat. Austin Linam goes to check on Quinn, but before he can get very far, Gutter Rat charges him, barely missing Linam and LEVELING Quinn with a clothesline! Quinn nearly flies out of his shoes, and Linam calls for the bell! Rat drops a knee on Quinn’s chest, before grabbing him by the head with both hands, and pulling him to his feet! Rat whips Quinn to the ropes hard, and Rogue comes back, ducking a Gutter Rat clothesline! Rat turns around, and Quinn swings a hard soccer kick to his calf! Rat drops to a knee, but doesn’t fall, and Quinn starts unloading kicks to the legs and midsection of the Rat Bastard!

Dave Dymond: Tom Quinn putting his time as a standout soccer star to good use, trying to soften up Gutter Rat.

Big Ed Johnson: Please. Pele he ain’t.

Quinn sends kick after kick at the big man, but to no avail! Rat will not go down, and he finally catches Quinn’s leg under his arm, standing up, and unloading a vicious headbutt to Quinn! Rogue nearly falls backward, the only thing keeping him up being Rat still holding his leg! Gutter Rat pulls him back, firing another headbutt to Quinn’s face, and he lets go of the leg, sending Quinn stumbling back! Quinn falls through the ropes and lands face first on the floor! Linam is there to start the count, as Gutter Rat steps through the ropes and drops off the apron!

1! Gutter Rat grabs Quinn around the head, tossing him into the guardrail! Quinn hits hard, flopping over the top and into the ringside crowd! 2! Rat steps over the guardrail, as the crowd parts for the pair, and Quinn is having trouble moving! His face is bloodied from the vicious headbutts, and the mess of chairs around him has only made it worse! Rat pulls Rogue up onto his shoulder, and drops him across the guardrail with a nasty snake eyes! Quinn drops to the floor, flopping like a fish, coughing! 3! Gutter Rat entangles a hand in Quinn’s hair– low blow from Rogue! Rat doubles over, and Quinn’s trying to shake off the cobwebs, before pushing Rat forward, toppling him over the guardrail and out of the crowd! 4! Rat is getting to his feet, and Quinn is doing his best to retain his balance, shaking his head, his nose bleeding. He goes after Gutter Rat, but Rat whips him right into the ring steps! Quinn screams out as his back hits the unforgiving steel! 5! Gutter Rat rolls onto the apron to stop the count, rolling back out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat with a surprising display of ring tactics here, keeping this one from ending early.

Big Ed Johnson: See, that’s the problem with you people. That monster’s more intelligent than any of you give him credit for… and considering Quinn showed up, he’s obviously more intelligent than little Tommy here is.

Other Guy: I guess one of you had to be the smart one.

Big Ed Johnson: He ain’t that far away, OG, maybe you wanna say that to his face?

1! Gutter Rat rushes Quinn as he starts to stir, but Quinn counters with a drop toe hold! Gutter Rat hits the corner of the steel steps face first! He drops to his back, holding his face, as Quinn gets up to his feet! 2! Rat pulls his hand away from his face, and we can see he’s bleeding, and his mask is torn! Quinn launches a soccer kick at Rat’s face, and Gutter Rat doesn’t get his hands back in time! 3! Quinn grabs Rat’s leg, kicking him behind the knee! Twice! Three times, and throwing it to the ground! Quinn struggles to pull Rat up to his feet, and rolls him under the bottom rope! Quinn hops onto the apron, slinging himself over the top rope for a legdrop! Quinn makes a cover!



THR– decisive kickout by Gutter Rat!

Rat tosses Quinn damn near across the ring, and stands to his feet, favoring his left leg a little! He shakes out the pain, walking it off, and as Quinn gets back up to his feet, he pulls the smaller man up into a sidewalk slam that shakes the ring! Quinn arches his back in pain, and Rat drops immediately to the mat, laying a forearm across Tom Quinn’s throat! Referee Linam is right in Rat’s face, yelling at him to break the hold, before starting the five count! Rat lets him get to four, before breaking the hold. As Quinn coughs, Rat pulls him back toward him, and grinds his forearm into his throat once again! Linam counts to four one more time, and Rat breaks! Linam is furious, yelling at the monster, until Rat shoots him a glare! Linam backs off instantly! Quinn coughs, flipping over onto his stomach, and Rat grabs both his arms from behind, putting a foot on Quinn’s head! He pulls up on Quinn’s arms, before driving his foot, and Quinn’s head, back to the mat with a curb stomp! Quinn bounces off the mat, holding his face, a spot of blood left on the canvas!

Big Ed Johnson: Hahahaha! Say goodbye, Quinn!

Dave Dymond: After that vicious stomp, it’s a wonder we aren’t seeing Rogue’s brain all over the mat!

Gutter Rat makes the cover!



THR– Rat breaks the pin, pulling Quinn’s head up!

Other Guy: He had that one won right here! What the hell is he thinking?

Big Ed Johnson: He’s thinking he’s gonna end Tom Quinn’s pathetic excuse for a career! And that’s just the beginning, OG!

Gutter Rat pulls Tom Quinn to his feet once more, and Quinn looks out of it! Gutter Rat wraps both hands around the smaller Quinn’s throat– Quinn with a VICIOUS soccer kick to the jewels of the monster! Rat breaks his hold on Quinn, but seems to be fighting through the pain! Quinn throws another kick into Rat’s bad leg, sending as many kicks to the knee as he can! Rat finally drops to the ground, rolling on his side, holding his knee! Quinn finds the base of Rat’s spine with another heavy soccer kick! Rat arches his back! Quinn hits him again! Rat finally rolls over onto his back, and Quinn kicks Rat right back in the knee!

Dave Dymond: Once again, Tom Quinn trying to keep the beast on the mat!

Other Guy: You can’t wrestle if you can’t get up!

Big Ed Johnson: Please, Tom Quinn is just stalling the inevitable!

Quinn grabs Rat’s leg, and tries to pull Gutter Rat into a single leg crab, but Rat won’t turn over! Quinn tries again, but Rat takes his other leg, and kicks him hard in the gut! Quinn doubles over, and Rat pummels him with a throat thrust that flops him back on the mat! Gutter Rat once again wraps his hands around Quinn’s throat! Linam starts the count, but before Rat can do much, Quinn spits blood into his face! Rat wipes his eyes, shaking his head, and Tom Quinn starts to get to his feet! Quinn gets to his knees, and Rat drops him with an eye poke! Quinn flops onto his stomach, hands to his face, as Rat gets up, walking to a corner! He wraps his hand around the top turnbuckle, pulling the padding from it completely! Linam is right there, screaming, but Gutter Rat just pushes him aside! Linam falls on his ass, completely cowed, as Gutter Rat pulls Quinn back to his feet! Quinn swings for a low blow again, but Rat catches his arm, tossing him HARD to the turnbuckle! Quinn hits the exposed steel and howls in pain, stumbling forward! Gutter Rat charges– Sin City Train Wreck! Gutter Rat DRIVES Quinn to the mat with a devastating spear! Rat goes for the cover!

Big Ed Johnson: It’s over, Quinn!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, and moving on to the Catcher Quadrant of the Master of the Mat, GUUUUUUUUTTERRRRRR RAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!

Big Ed Johnson hops up from the announcer’s seat, laughing, tossing the headset back onto the table, and sliding into the ring. Linam warily raises Gutter Rat’s arm in victory, and once sure he doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore, slides out of the ring. Big Ed pulls a deck of cards out of his jacket, standing over the fallen Quinn, and unloads them on Quinn’s face!

Big Ed Johnson: The House always wins, Quinn!

Dave Dymond: And Gutter Rat moves on to the Master of the Mat, into the bracket with Arion Catcher, Donovan King, and NC-17, and I can’t help but feel a little bad for Tom Quinn.

Other Guy: He knew he was in this one to survive, Dave, and it looks like he at least succeeded at that.

Dave Dymond: If you can call that survival, OG.

Other Guy: Hey, at least he didn’t have to deal with Ed Johnson this whole time.

As the crowd settles down from the past match, anxiousness arises in question of what will happen next. The camera pans over the arena showing many hand-made signs and all the Alaskan SHOOT Project fans. Many fans are on their feet and screaming, making the arena very loud. They are all silenced when..

“Money Talks” by AC/DC hits the system and all the heads turn to the ramp. The MegaTron lights up with clips of Arion Catcher in action, and after a few "Dream Ender"s are shown, Arion himself pops out of the back. Arion comes out wearing black dress pants and a tight white polo. Over his shoulder is his REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP belt. His hair has obviously grown and Arion is wearing a white headband to keep it out of his view. On sight, there is a initial pop that lasts a moment. Arion blows the fans kisses from the top of the ramp, and that is followed by a sudden rush of BOO’S from the crowd. They stop when Arion enters the ring, but once again continue when he asks for a mic.

Other Guy: Not such a warm reaction, is it?

Dave Dymond: You got that right, but what is he doing out here?

Other Guy: Well he obviously has something to say, listen to the man.

Arion Catcher: Why the heck did I come to ALASKA?

Another downfall of BOO’s are poured down, and Arion strokes his chin.

Arion Catcher: Alright, is that how we’re going to be? Going to complain about everything I say?

This time, instead of boo’s, the crowd gave a loud pop.

Other Guy: They seem to agree to that.

Arion Catcher: Quite frankly..I don’t understand the whole logic behind everyone’s disapproval in me. Every week, I enter this ring and I want to entertain you guys. For the past week everyone has been putting me down, saying that they want more out of me. What else do you want from me? I am the REVOLUTION CHAMPION, if you didn’t know. But then again, who doesn’t know who I am?

Arion walks to the nearest corner, and leans his back against the turnbuckles and wrapping his arm around the top rope.

Arion Catcher: At Reckoning Day…I had to defend my title. Any title match should turn out to be a tough match, right? No, not this one. Is that the best that this company can give me? Really, I want to prove that I am the best, because right now I don’t think anyone believes me. I’ll do whatever it takes..

Voice: I think I’ve had just about enough of this bullshit.

The crowd pops HARD at the voice, and as if in response, the curtains part to reveal Sean Boden walking through, his black suit and purple tie flowing as he moves, hand wrapped around a microphone already.

Dave Dymond: What is Sean Boden even doing here?!

Other Guy: He does have business with SHOOT, Dave, but I’m not certain that he himself is a SHOOT Project employee.

Dave Dymond: That said, OG, his last wrestling match was in a SHOOT ring against that very man right there, a match that Boden still claims was stolen from him.

Other Guy: This could get ugly.

Sean Boden: Over the past few weeks, Arion, I’ve had to grin and bear it as I watch you rattle on, nothing but disrespect coming from your lips. I sat back while you disrespected your opponents, these fans, and even our mutual hometown. But I’ve had it. I am not going to stand by any longer. Because now, you’re not just disrespecting the periphery. At Reckoning Day, you showed you have no respect for anything. No respect for your coworkers, no respect for that belt around your waist, and no respect for the company that made you fucking famous. As the Revolution Champion, you are supposed to be the symbol of this show, something people can look up to. And instead, with every word, you devalue the gold around your waist. And as the former GM of a SHOOT Project television program, as a man who once made this my home, and frankly, as someone who cares a great deal for the legacy of that belt, the legacy you currently tarnish, I will not let this stand.

Dave Dymond: Boden, of course, talking about his short tenure as Oblivion general manager, back in his Anarchy One days.

Other Guy: Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and Dave was only a 30-year-old virgin.

Boden has climbed into the ring, standing mere inches away from Catcher, eye to eye with him, despite a significant weight difference.

Sean Boden: I’ve watched you since Sky High, and your attitude has increasingly pissed me off. Your match at Reckoning Day was the final straw for me.

Arion Catcher: It sounds like someone has a case of sour grapes. You lost to me, 2 weeks before Reckoning Day, just like you lost to me in Sky High. My “match” at Reckoning Day was certainly disrespectful… to me. Catch Warren is out of my league, just like the Hearts, just like Gutter Rat… and just like you

Dave Dymond: Catcher playing with fire here… Boden, having once held the now-defunct SHOOT DeathKore title, can be an unpredictable and dangerous man when he wants to be.

Other Guy: Maybe, Dave, but Boden the DeathKore champion and this man are two very different people. And Catcher’s beaten him before, twice. Some might think you’re a little biased.

Sean Boden: Keep at that, Arion. The longer you keep yourself on that high horse, the easier it’s gonna be to knock you down. You got lucky once, and you cheated to win once. That hardly speaks volumes for your ability. Now, I may not be first in line for that belt you have around your waist, but I don’t care about winning the belt. I care about taking it off you. Not to say I particularly like Gutter Rat or Big Ed Johnson, or think that either of them are exemplars of respect, but right now, priority number one for me is relieving you of 15 pounds of gold and leather. If Rat can’t do it, then I suppose it sweetens the deal for me. If he can, then maybe you’ll get a nice taste of humble pie before we meet again. Either way, Catcher, you will learn respect, if I have to drive it into your skull.

Arion: I know you’re type, Sean. You’ll continue to refuse that I am something much greater then what you are, and that you wish you could be me. Is my Title what this is all about? You had your chance to strip me from it and if I remember correctly, you failed. The big Rat won’t be able to do anything to alter the course that I am on right now, and in this case I hope that I do run into you again. I want you to have that excitment, that possibility of being able to take my title away. It’ll all lead to an even harder fall for you, Sean. You’re a joke, Boden, and I’ll drive THAT into your skull.

Dropping the mic, Arion takes one more look into the flaring eyes of Boden. The two’s faces are livid with intensity, and Arion finally turns around and slides under the bottom turnbuckle. The fans are slowly booing as he walks up the ramp. At the top, Arion turns and blows a kiss to Boden, who is still staring at him. Arion turns and is gone. Boden looks around, as the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” begins to play, and Boden tosses the microphone away. He slides out of the ring, walking around the ringside area, before finally going over the guardrail and through the ringside crowd to raucous applause.

Dave Dymond: Sean Boden not looking happy with his treatment from the Revolution Champion.

Other Guy: What the hell’d he expect? He shows up out of the blue and calls the kid out on the things that have made him successful, and is Catcher just supposed to say, “Gee golly, you’re right”?

Dave Dymond: But isn’t he? This Arion Catcher is a far cry from the one who won the Revolution Title in the first place, OG.


We go backstage now, to the office of SHOOT Project CEO and Owner, Jason Johnson…

Jason Johnson:  I’m gonna make this quick, as I usually do.  I don’t want to take a lot of time, so you guys know the drill, but…  there are changes coming.

Jason shuffles papers on his desk, as he looks intently through them.

Jason Johnson:  As most of you know, we’ve been touring up and down the west coast for quite awhile, most recently in Hawaii, and tonight, in Alaska.  It’s been an incredible tour, and west coasters have been very kind to us.  But…  just like all things, this west coast tour is ending…  tonight.

The arena perks up in pseudo shock, but doesn’t boo, since well…  SHOOT’s already in Alaska, and there’s no real point in booing.

Jason Johnson:  Next week’s show will be emanating live from, well…  home, when SHOOT Project brings Master of the Mat back to Las Vegas, and the Thomas and Mack Center.  And just to make the deal even sweeter…  next week, on Revolution, I have a HUGE announcement that will undoubtedly impact the future of SHOOT Project and this business. 

He smiles now, not wanting to give too much away.

Jason Johnson:  And rest assured…  this is something that has NEVER been done before.  So, please…  speculate.

The camera flickers off, returning to ringside.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a qualifying match for Master of the Mat!

Five spotlights begin to search the arena before they all land on one spot; the entrance way. "Born Alone, Die Alone" by Lloyd Banks hits the PA system, and D-Dawg comes out with his arms crossed in an "x", Didgitz struttin’ her stuff not too far behind. Just as two weeks ago the response is lukewarm, but D-Dawg doesn’t seem too affected by it. He stops half-way down the ramp and poses as some pyros fizzle behind him. He then makes his way down to the apron, where makes a final "x" in the air before climbing the steel steps. Didgitz climbs up on the apron and bends down to slip under the ropes–giving the entire left side a good look at her ass. The front row begins the "we’re not worthy" bows and she smiles, finally entering the ring.

Dave Dymond: A quick update on what’s going on, folks. Despite the VICIOUS attack on Crush Heart earlier tonight, one which left him severely burned at the hands of his brother Jack…this match is going to happen.

OG: That’s insane. Medical’s cleared Heart to wrestle?

Dave Dymond: To be perfectly honest, OG, I’m not sure. No, I don’t think so, but then again…this is a qualifying match for Master of the Mat. An opporunity that comes once a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crush did something stupid here.

OG: I’m sorry, but it’s definitely stupid to risk your life over a wrestling match. D-Dawg’s no pushover, Dave. This guy is young, he’s hungry, and he wants to make a splash. If Crush thinks he’s going to limp his way through this one, he’s gonna get a nasty wakeup call.

Samantha Coil: Introducing First! Fighting out of Dub C, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 220 pounds…D-DAAAAWG!

D-Dawg makes his way to the center of the ring where he stands stock still, hands crossed in an "x" once more. Didgitz gets on her knees in front of them and some more pyros go up. After the effect, Didgitz carefully slips out of the ring as D-Dawg begins removing his shirt, hat, and chains. Willie Dean makes sure to remind him he can’t have any rings on his fist through the duration of the match. He flashes a cocky smile.

Dave Dymond: Darius looks as ready as he’s gonna be tonight.

OG: He may have showed us a softer side with his parents and the garden earlier this week, but you’d be foolish to take anything way from him. He’s got talent, he’s just got to find a way to harness it. He had a tough break against Sinnocence last Revolution…he’s got a chance to redeem himself here by making it into Master of the Mat.

There’s some anxiousness following D-Dawg’s entrance. Samantha Coil is now leaned over the ropes, talking with a SHOOT official. Willie Dean crosses his arms, waiting to be let in on whatever’s going on while D-Dawg just cracks his knuckles and neck, jumping up and down a bit to get the blood circulating. Finally, after some deliberation, Samantha Coil lifts the mic to her mouth.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT!

The crowd pops loudly with the news that Crush WILL be wrestling, and get even louder as "Frantic" starts playing. Limping out from behind the curtain with white bandages all up and down his arms and light patches of hair here and there still burnt and frizzled from his baptizing, Crush Heart starts down the rampway, swatting away security officials trying to convince him otherwise. He doesn’t slap high-fives or even acknowledge the fans, because it’s clear he’s got one goal in mind. To survive.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 275 pounds and standing at 6’8! He is the resilient…CRUSH….HEAAAART!

D-Dawg snorts, waving a hand at all the cheering. He knows what the score is…he’s getting half a man here, and as determined as D-Dawg is? If this crowd thinks this is going to be an easy match, they’re fooling themselves. Crush climbs the steel steps and very carefully enters the ring, avoiding touching his burnt arms to the ropes. He heads straight for the corner and slumps down into it, exhausted just from the trip down. Willie Dean goes over to check to make sure Crush still wants to do this, but he barely even gets three words out of his mouth. Dean shrugs and heads for the center of the ring.

Dave Dymond: There you have it folks; Crush Heart WILL be participating tonight. The question is, will he be effective?

OG: We’re about to find out.

Willie signals for the bell and the match has started. D-Dawg starts off by heading in Crush’ direction, a spring in his step. With obvious difficulty Crush pushes himself to his feet and meets D-Dawg near the turnbuckle, tying him up in a grapple. Darius breaks out of it, grabbing Crush’ arm and applying an arm wrench. The big man winces and slaps his shoulder in pain, actually dropping to his knees. D-Dawg pulls the other way, bringing Crush to his feet, then he yanks him into a clothesline. He wastes no time in turning around and grabbing Crush by the back of his neck, getting him up again. Crush is already in a lot of pain and feeling pretty weak; he stands hunched over while D-Dawg drops some lazy elbow strikes on his back. After a couple more, D-Dawg ties up Crush again, but this time Crush nails him with a hardy kick to the gut. Initially doubling over, D-Dawg’s next reaction is to run at Crush, but it’s a mistake. He gets leveled with a big boot. The momentum carries Crush over to the ropes, which he leans on for support.

Dave Dymond: Things don’t look so hot for Crush starting out. If D-Dawg’s made anything clear, it’s that those arms have target signs all over them.

OG: Not only that, but I’m not sure how he expects to be doing any heavy lifting. He’s gonna have to rely on moves like that big boot; moves that take pressure off the upper body and that draw energy from somewhere else.

Trying not to grimace, Crush walks over to where D-Dawg’s getting up on his fours and pulls his opponent up. In a move some might consider out in left field, he grabs D-Dawg’s throat with both hands, as if he’s going for a double-handed chokeslam, but it’s too early. D-Dawg uses his own hands to break the hold, following up with a couple of lefts and rights and touching it off with a spinebuster. Crush hits the mat face first, clawing at the ring apron. He’s actually almost face to face with Didgitz, who’s jawing at him. A smattering of boos can be heard.

D-Dawg quickly zeroes in on Crush’ arm, stomping on it a couple of times and sending the bigger man rolling around in anguish. Scowling, he grabs Crush’ arm and locks his legs around it, falling back into a seated armbar. Dean slides to his knees to check with Crush, who’s slapping the mat with his other hand when he’s not biting down on his fist. After a couple of seconds Crush manages to wrap his hand on the rope for a rope break; D-Dawg looks at Willie incredulously as he gets to his feet, but continues to go about his business. As Crush sits up and holds his arm, D-Dawg tries to drag him to the center of the ring, where presumably he’ll try that armbar again. This time around Crush is a little bit smarter. While D-Dawg’s leaned over trying to lock in that submission hold, Crush nails him in the head with an overhand left, and does it again until D-Dawg lets go.

Dave Dymond: Crush fighting his way out of another potentially dangerous situation.

OG: He’s gotta get some offense going here.

Staggering to his feet Crush is slow enough so that D-Dawg has time to recover. He charges at Crush with a forearm smash, sending the bigger man stumbling, and he follows up with some overhand punches to the back. The irritation with himself showing on his face, Crush uses a surge of energy to push D-Dawg off of him, angrily scowling at him. D-Dawg comes in again though and they tie up, Crush getting the better end of the deal this time. He Irish whips D-Dawg into the turnbuckle and chases after him, smashing him as he lands. This causes D-Dawg to stumble out, giving Crush a chance to mount some real offense. He spins D-Dawg around and kicks him in the gut, plugging his head between his legs. He’s going to go for a powerbomb! But as he goes to lift D-Dawg he discovers something very disconcerting–he can’t do it! Weakly he manages to get D-Dawg in the air, but not anywhere near the position he needs to be. As a result D-Dawg drops back down to the mat on his feet and goes for a clothesline, which Crush ducks. On the rebound Crush nails D-Dawg with his OWN flying forearm, sending both wrestlers to the mat!

Dave Dymond: WOW! Crush Heart with a flying forearm!

OG: You know that one hurt, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Crush or D-Dawg?

OG: Both of them, but particularly Crush. Where there’s a will there’s a way–unfortunately Crush’ ONLY way is to use those injured arms.

Trying to ignore the pain, Crush crawls over to where D-Dawg’s lying and he covers. Willie Dean drops for the count!



KICKOUT! Slapping the mat in frustration Crush rolls off and slowly gets to his feet, bringing up D-Dawg with him. They tie up, but D-Dawg swiftly manages to scramble around to Crush’ backside where he locks in the cobra clutch! With some visible straining he gets the big man off the mat and flips him over with the cobra clutch suplex! The impact is almost DEAFENING. The entire ring shakes! Immediately standing up, D-Dawg flashes the crown an "x" with his arms and the crowd erupts in loud, mixed chatter. Didgitz is outside the ring clapping, shouting encouragement. Darius doesn’t pay any attention. Instead he sits Crush up and gets behind him, bending his arm, wrapping his own arm around Crush’ neck, and hooking into an arm-hook sleeper. At first Crush tries to fight, gritting his teeth with the pain of having his burned arm bent. But after a couple moments he begins to fade, and Willie Dean checks for a pulse. He lifts the dead arm up and flashes a one count. No response. He lifts it up a second time…still no response.

Dave Dymond: D-Dawg is on the cusp of a HUGE victory here tonight.

OG: Heart might be out. Remember, he’s already in a lot of pain here…

Willie goes to check the arm a third time and Crush awakes with a yell, fist clenched. With great difficulty he pushes off the mat with his legs so that he’s half standing up. The leverage weakens D-Dawg’s grip and he’s forced to let go; he does so but fires off some jabs, trying to neutralize Crush before he becomes a problem again. Crush takes them then fires off a few of his own, using the arm D-Dawg had yet to get to. He hits D-Dawg with a HUGE one and the gangsta wrestler lands on his back hard, trying to scramble up and away before the Heart brother can descend on him. Crush catches him by the back of the tights and his neck and promptly throws him through the ring ropes. The crowd cheers as it looks like Crush may take this fight to the outside. He doesn’t. Instead he falls back down, breathing heavily. He’s gonna take a breather. Meanwhile Didgitz runs around to where D-Dawg is laying, trying to help him up. Dean starts a count.





Eventually D-Dawg snaps Didgitz’s hand away from him, aggravated that he’s been man-handled like he has been. He slides in under the rope, Crush getting up to meet him, and the two tie up AGAIN. D-Dawg catchs an arm and applies a wrist lock, making Crush wince in pain. He then kicks him in the gut and lets go. He walks over to where Crush is hunched in pain and grabs him by an arm, intending for an Irish whip, but Crush reverses it and swings behind D-Dawg, forcing his arm into an armlock. He pushes D-Dawg out of the move, giving him a defiant glare, and D-Dawg replies with a BIG superkick. At this point the crowd’s starting to get loud, yelling in favor of Crush, who’s now crawling around on the mat trying to regain his bearings. D-Dawg runs and bounces off the ropes, nailing a running leg drop on the back of Crush neck. The big man’s body slumps to the mat. He’s out. Darius goes for the pin.



KICKOUT! D-Dawg shakes his head and gets to his feet, placing his hands on his hips like he’s trying to figure out what to do next. The crowd is getting jittery as they don’t know what to make of things, and Didgitz yells for him to finish the match. Grabbing Crush by his hair, D-Dawg gets him up in a kneeling position and grabs both of his arms, placing his boot on Crush’ back. He then stretches the arms, making Crush emit a yell of anguish. He lets go after a second and Crush collapses to the mat, exhausted. D-Dawg slowly gets him up again and plugs Crush’ head between his legs. He raises both hands in the air, fingers spread and shakes them.

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure what move he’s angling for here…

OG: Whatever it is, he wants to end this thing.

In a show of TREMENDOUS athleticism, D-Dawg FLIPS him and Crush over into 555-DIDGITZ, a CANADIAN DESTROYER! The crowd pops at the big time move! Didgitz is jumping up and down excitedly!

Dave Dymond: Was that his finisher?

OG: From what I understand Dave, NO, that’s just the set-up, but I think he’s gonna go for the pin here anyway!

D-Dawg does indeed cover, and Dean drops to his knees, pounding the mat.




SHOULDER! The crowd is on their feet cheering! The wounded Crush has JUST kicked out of a HUGE Canadian Destroyer! D-Dawg sits up, amazed that it isn’t over. He starts jawing with Dean, who shakes his head and flashes the two count. Didgitz is LIVID, but the arguing does no good. Crush starts to stir, grabbing the ropes to maybe try to pull himself up. D-Dawg heads over to the turnbuckle and starts to climb it, DETERMINED to put this thing in the books. Crush is now on his feet, wobbling. D-Dawg flashes his trademark "x" and turns around, ready to spring onto the unstable Crush. He leaps….AND CRUSH CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS! He dips, a signal that he’s INCREDIBLY weak, but he catches him on his shoulders! He stumbles a bit, trying to get the right footing….and then CRUSHING END! THE CRUSHING END!

Dave Dymond: That came OUT OF NO WHERE!

OG: How could ANYBODY see that coming?

A very much hurt Crush Heart drapes an arm over D-Dawg, and Dean drops for the count.





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, and QUALIFYING for MAAAAASTER OF THE MAT! CRUSH! HEART!

The crowd is on their feet cheering as Crush, holding himself, rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, not even bothering to have Dean raise his arm. He practically staggers up and away from the ring, his full focus on getting some medical attention. Meanwhile, D-Dawg is awakening in the ring to an angry Didgitz, who’s chewing him out thoroughly. Metallica’s "Frantic" is playing in the background.

Dave Dymond: The big story tonight guys! Crush Heart shows up to fight DESPITE being attacked…DESPITE being burned…and he walks out knowing that he’ll get to be apart of Master of the Mat. OG, your thoughts?

OG: It’s a big win…he sticks it to the House, he sticks it to his brother, and he shows the world he’s got a lot more in him then people think. He’s on an impressive streak as of late, defeating Gutter Rat, almost defeating his brother, now defeating D-Dawg…this is gonna lead to big things.

Dave Dymond: I’ve got to admit, going into this thing I wasn’t sure if he had a chance. Fighting under those circumstances just…to me, it’s never a good idea. But I think he gets lucky here tonight, and as a result he’s moving on to the tournament.

OG: D-Dawg got a little to comfortable in there and he paid the price. All you can do is come back and fight another week…I’m sure there will be ample opportunities for D-Dawg to prove himself in the future.

Dave Dymond: Still ahead of us! Sinnocence takes on Roland Caldwell, Kilgore Stochansky does battle with Crush’ evil brother, and in the main event NC-17 has got his hands full with two MONSTERS in Azraith DeMitri and Osbourne Kilminster. Don’t go anywhere, folks. A hell of a night still to come.


“Anthem for the Underdog” by 12 stones plays suddenly throughout the Sullivan Arena catching fans off guard. The SHOOT video screen comes to life to show various clips of Worrens in action, specifically ones where he is getting beat up on.

Dave Dymond: Looks like we’re getting a visit from the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion, but after what we saw him go through at Reckoning Day, I personally thought it would be a few weeks before we saw him again.

Other Guy: Worrens put himself through hell and then some to retain that title, Dave, and with Osbourne Kilminster havin’ gone through that as well and out here WRESTLING tonight, I don’t think Worrens wants to be outdone.

As the music picks up with the first run of the chorus, streams of gray and red pyros rain downward from above the entryway and Trevor Worrens steps out once they’ve fizzled and the smoke floats away.  The fans pop as Worrens can be clearly seen, and immediately he hoists the Laws of Survival Championship high over his head, letting it hang down vertically by the strap.

Dave Dymond: Worrens has certainly seen better days as far how he looks physically right now.

Other Guy: Kid’s beat up, that’s a fact, but by the look on his face, he almost seems damn proud about that.

Dave Dymond: The Laws of Survival Champion just one of sixteen other SHOOT Project soldiers now trying to mentally prepare themselves for the Master of the Mat Tournament, so soon after Reckoning Day. That cannot be an easy task.

Worrens walks slowly to the ring, taking in the fan reaction with an actual bit of a smile on his face.  He has bandages covering a couple of spots on his head, and he is wearing a long sleeved white t-shirt under a gray t-shirt that is covered in a barbed wire design.  In the middle of the shirt, and on a slight angle reads the text “Pain is Life.” And right underneath that it reads, “Life is Good” Worrens eventually reaches the ring and walks around, still looking out at the fans.  He shakes his head slightly; still smiling though, and finally turns to Samantha Coil outside of the ring, motioning for a microphone. She hands him one first, then re-takes her seat next to Mark Kendrick.

The music fades out.  Worrens stands in the ring, the Laws of Survival Championship resting on his shoulder.


The chanting keeps Worrens from opening his mouth at first, and he again looks out to the crowd and shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: You know, you’re all chanting and cheering, but… but did any of you see Reckoning Day?

Everyone erupts into cheers.

Dave Dymond: Asking the SHOOT faithful if they’ve seen the BIGGEST pay per view of the year seems like a pretty silly question to me.

Other Guy: Maybe Worrens ain’t got it all right in the head just yet after what happened at Reckoning Day.

When the cheers settle Worrens just nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: Oh you did?  See then that’s why I’m confused.  I was tossed into a cage, thrown off of cage, cut up severely by barbed wire, and nearly broke my damn ankle.  People attempted to choke me out, knock me out, take me out.  And yet a lot of you out there are joining in with that Worrens chant… (The chant starts up) and I’m just trying to figure out why.

“WORR-ENS! WORR-ENS!” the chanting can be heard louder once Worrens stops talking.  He lowers the microphone, looking deep in thought. But then his eyes light up.

Trevor Worrens: Wait, I know.  All of the cheering, all of the chanting, it’s because, and to borrow a phrase from a certain hardcore sheriff, I did what I HAD to do… TO SURVIVE!

The fans pop big time as Worrens raises the Laws of Survival Championship above his head once again.

Dave Dymond: Worrens of course referencing the legendary Diamond Del Carver, and these fans have NO problem with that.

Worrens waits for the fans to settle in once more, now coming to life.  His look of deep thought replaced by obvious understanding and excitement.

Trevor Worrens: At Reckoning Day.  On the biggest night in SHOOT Project, I feel as if the change in me was completed.  I proved to myself, and to the world, to this world, the world that matters to me, that my passion, my drive, my INTENSITY for this sport knows NO bounds.  Knows NOTHING about limits.

I proved to myself that what I was feeling wasn’t some disillusioned high, it wasn’t just some false identity I was using to mask some pain deep down inside.  I won’t mask it, everyone who saw Reckoning Day clearly saw that I wasn’t hiding any pain, I was both feeling it, and giving it right back out.

Worrens looks to start pacing, his energy getting the better of him, but he stops for a moment and motions to his t-shirt with his free hand.

Trevor Worrens: Simple enough mantra from here on out.  Pain is life… and life is good!

He smiles, somewhat knowing how corny that shill moment was, but he continues on as the fans cheering once again settles in.

Trevor Worrens: And to keep on that mental train track here tonight, life is all about survival.  Going through every day to live how we want to live, and making sure we are in fact living.  At Reckoning Day, I was more than alive, I survived pain beyond pain, I went through it ALL!

I suffered through two cages that represented the Law of Confinement.

I felt the Law of blood as I lost plenty of mine thanks to that barbed wire insanity.

I survived being tied to some leather strap, or beaten down with it, via the Law of Punishment.

I made it through the Law of Endurance, seeing to it that I wasn’t taken out twice…

But I did come to understand the Law of Pursuit, that falls can count anywhere, when Jester Smiles pinned me high atop a steel cage.

Worrens stops now, but just for a moment, and then for a third time he raises the Laws of Survival Championship up.  This gets the fans going once more, and this time he lets them cheer while he continues on, trying to talk louder over them.

Trevor Worrens: And in the end, I braved the Law of Gravity, the element of the ladder, as I climbed rung by rung, DRAGGED my body to the top of that ladder, and took hold of The Laws of Survival Championship!

I went through six of the seven known Laws of survival; the only one not represented was the Law of Greed, as it has come to be known, otherwise referred to as the Stolen Thunder match.  But in a way, it was there.

Worrens nods his head as he lowers the championship title back down onto his shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, sure I didn’t hit Perfection on Ron Barker, or the Last Laugh on Jester Smiles, or even The Wake-Up Call on Osbourne Kilminster.  But the thunder was stolen.  Because at Reckoning Day, by retaining this title, I stole the “godly” thunder that drove Kilminster through this match.

The fans pop!

Trevor Worrens: Because of retaining this title, I stole the “heroic” thunder that motivated Jester Smiles to put his body on the line.

Some of the fans boo loudly now.

Trevor Worrens: And as for Ron Barker, well the only thunder he has to offer is morning thunder… but I think I’ll let him keep that.

The fans cheer with laughter.

Dave Dymond: Did Trevor Worrens just make a fart joke?

Other Guy: I think he did, Dave.

Worrens again smiles a knowing grin.

Trevor Worrens: All kidding aside, at Reckoning Day I went through it all.  I survived the Laws of Survival, proving to everyone that there is NOTHING I won’t go through in order to make sure I represent this championship title, and what it symbolizes to me.  So on this night, I make a request.  I look to see that my voice, my words, my very being travels directly in the path of Jason Johnson.

Worrens shifts his body, now facing the entryway.

Trevor Worrens: Jason Johnson, I went through the rules, the laws, but the truth is, with survival, there are no guidelines.  For moments when you NEED to survive, you’re never fully prepared.  So the way I see it, the way I WANT it to be… the Laws of Survival Championship defended anywhere, and in any way. Everything goes in EVERY title defense.  If someone can get a hand on it, it’s a part of the match.  If someone thinks they can survive, that THEY should be Laws of Survival Champion, then all they have to do is come down to the ring and challenge me.

That is what survival is, pushing until you can push no more, and then pushing yourself that much further afterwards. And I’m ready to do that every single week, for this championship, for anyone who knows how hard surviving in today’s society TRULY is, and above all things, I’m ready to do it for myself!

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Trevor Worrens taking a huge stand here, basically asking Jason Johnson to do away with the written laws of survival, and to just let every match be EVERYTHING GOES!

Other Guy: There’s no way you can mentally prepare yourself for that kind of environment, Dave, but I think that’s why Worrens has such a proverbial hard on for this idea.

Dave Dymond: It will be up to the boss himself to make the final call, but these fans seem to be backing Worrens for the most part in what he’s pushing for tonight.

The fans continue to cheer as Worrens turns away from facing the entryway, back to one of the cameras shooting from straight in front of him.

Trevor Worrens: I’m ready.  If Osbourne Kilminster comes knocking at my door again, I’ll let him in.  If Jester Smiles proclaims that he and I aren’t done with, then we sure as hell aren’t done, are we?

The fans pop at this, and even a “JES-TER!” chant starts up.  Worrens nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, Eric has my respect too.  And when he gets back, if he wants another shot, he’s got it.

Worrens waits to let the “Jester” chant settle.

Trevor Worrens: But it doesn’t stop with those two.  I don’t care if you’re a laws of survival has-been with a ridiculous mustache, or a blue-haired ghost. I don’t care if you’re a part of a family, or have some drugged out friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a king with a penchant for pain, or a hall of famer looking to do the right thing.  I don’t care if you’re a Heart or a Sydal, or some guy named D-Dawg.

Worrens starts to pace back and forth now, getting more intense as he lists of examples.

Trevor Worrens: It doesn’t matter if you call yourself incredible, or you shine as bright as The Lights.  I don’t care if you’ve been here for a while, or just stepping up for the first time.  Man, woman, or Gutter Rat, it doesn’t matter, it won’t matter, I’m here, I’m standing… I SURVIVED!

The fans get loud once more and Worrens stands, confident in the center of the ring, his pacing stops.

Trevor Worrens: And it doesn’t even matter if you are the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion himself.

Worrens’s once wild intensity becomes more reserved, quiet.

Trevor Worrens: Adrian Corazon, the world thanks you for doing what a lot of people didn’t think you could do.  But now you have fifteen men set to gun for YOUR championship, and I’m one of them.

Worrens glances at his championship title.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t think for a second that I don’t want another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Don’t think that because I am the Laws of Survival Champion that I won’t push as hard, or care as much.  I will push hard, harder than ever. And I care more than you even know.

Because the only thing that defines survival of the fittest MORE than being the Laws of Survival Champion…

Is being the king of the jungle at the same time.

Worrens looks straight ahead for a moment, but then drops the microphone to the mat.  “Anthem for the Underdog” begins to play again and Worrens leaves the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos, but the cheering comes in much louder.

Dave Dymond: strong and pride-filled words from the Laws of Survival Champion.  I have to admit, I really feel Trevor Worrens is coming into his own and I can see him being a legit main event player within the year.

Other Guy: Just a matter of time, and it’s starting out with the Laws of Survival Championship. Worrens is treatin’ that as his very identity, and that’s EXACTLY what a champion has got to do.

Worrens eventually disappears to the back, signaling the official end of his time, and with that the focus shifts elsewhere as the night continues.


As Revolution continues on and the night well under way, the focus shifts taking us inside the locker room of The Family.  A dusty worn out brown sofa is situated in front of an old 1950’s television set complete with the bunny ears antenna.  Seated on the couch is Sammy Rochester, who takes up a good portion of it, and slightly to his right is Kenji Yamada who has his feet up on a small table and the Iron Fist Championship slung over his shoulder.  Off behind the couch and to the side of Yamada, Roland Caldwell sits lacing up his boots, preparing for his match still to come tonight. The room is eerily quiet, so you can hear the sound of a bump at first, then a door slowly being pushed open.  Sammy looks up from his eyes otherwise being glued to the television set.

Sammy Rochester: The wise man is back.

Sammy’s focus returns to the television set and he pulls his Mikey doll in close to him.  Eventually Vincent Mallows wheels into the scene, and the fans can be heard reacting from ringside, just barely, but booing loud enough in a collective to be heard.  Yamada looks in Mallows’s direction and Roland gets up, finished lacing his boots. Roland approaches first.

Roland Caldwell: Vincent, it’s good to know you’re okay.  I promise… WE promise that what happened to you will NEVER happen again.

Yamada just laughs harshly forcing Roland to turn towards him.

Roland Caldwell: What’s your issue, Kenji?  We all let our guard down and left Vincent open to that attack… and you’re laughing?

Yamada rises up off the couch and just shakes his head.

Kenji Yamada: Vincent’s a big boy, and a smart guy. Wheel chair or not, he should be able to take care of himself. So quit sucking up. We did fine… well… I did fine without him here every step of the way.

Roland’s focus doesn’t leave Yamada.

Roland Caldwell: So this is how all of this will come to be? You win one match and suddenly you’re the superior of the family?

Kenji Yamada: To you, sure.  I mean come on, Roland. You lost to Eli Storm.  YOU LOST TO…

Roland lunges at Yamada, grabbing him tightly by the throat!

Vincent Mallows: STOP!

The growl of a command comes through, although in a slurred voice due to Vincent’s paralysis. Roland turns to Vincent, holds Yamada for a moment longer but then lets go.

Vincent Mallows: Reckoning Day was a proud day for The Family. All of us.  I don’t care who won or who lost. What matters is what was done at our hands.  We should be proud for Kenji Yamada, and Kenji you should be proud to be in the company that you are, understood?

Yamada nods his head, but not without smirking at Roland.

Kenji Yamada: Sure thing.

Vincent Mallows: Good.  Because something FAR more important is on the horizon. The Master of the Mat tournament.  Kenji as the newly crowned Iron Fist Champion, you’re in.  And tonight, Roland, you cement your place in the tournament as well.

Yamada snickers under his breath.

Roland Caldwell: Out with it, Yamada.  What snide remark do you have for me now?

Yamada is generally pleased with himself.

Kenji Yamada: Me? Nothing, just I guess it’s a matter of IF you can win tonight that you cement your place… I’m not saying one thing or another but you lost to Eli Storm, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll…

Roland suddenly picks up a nearby wooden chair and HURLS it across the room!  The shattering of the chair snaps Sammy to attention and he rises up, lifting Mikey up as well.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey doesn’t like all this yelling.  He says he had fun at Reckoning Day and this is ruining his good day.

Roland looks to Sammy and Mikey.

Roland Caldwell: Mikey likes violence, Sammy? Mikey likes blood. Well then tell him to watch tonight. Tell him to keep his eyes on the ring.

Roland turns to Kenji.

Roland Caldwell: Tell him to watch as I GUARANTEE my spot in the Master of the Mat tournament!

With that Caldwell storms off and a second after he is out of view the door can be heard slamming shut.  Yamada looks on, a smile on his face.

Kenji Yamada: He’s going to fucking destroy her.

Yamada walks off after that, leaving Mallows alone with Sammy.

Sammy Rochester: I couldn’t beat the bad man, Vincent. Mikey helped but I couldn’t beat him.

There is a bit of dejection in his voice, but Mallows wheels closer to Sammy and reaches out his right arm, touching Sammy’s arm. Sammy sits back down on the couch.

Vincent Mallows: What you did, Sammy, was perfect. I am very proud of what you did, do you know that?

Sammy Rochester: But we didn’t win.  Mikey said it was all for nothing.

Vincent Mallows: Well tell Mikey that isn’t so.  For you see, Sammy, you took out Christopher’s friends. You took out HIS family. You and Mikey did.  Now Christopher Davis stands alone… NOW Christopher Davis is going to fall.  He knows that, that’s why he has not shown up here tonight.

Sammy still seems somewhat unconvinced.

Vincent Mallows: You did a very good thing to a very bad man, Sammy.

And just like that Sammy’s eyes suddenly light up. He nods his head excitedly, now feeling praised, not dejected.

Sammy Rochester: Okay.  Mikey and I weren’t sure, but if the wise man says so then it must be true.

Mallows pats Sammy on the arm and starts to wheel away.

Sammy Rochester: Vincent?

Mallows stops, but doesn’t turn his chair around.

Vincent Mallows: Yes, Sammy?

Sammy Rochester: Can I have some ice cream tonight?

A bizarre, twisted, deformed smile forms on Vincent’s face.

Vincent Mallows: Yes, Sammy. You earned it. You can have ice cream tonight.

Sammy claps his hands with the sweet innocence of a child, which only makes the sight that much more creepy given Sammy’s size and appearance. As Sammy heads off to a smaller alcove in the room, the camera focuses on Vincent’s twisted smile, before fading out.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) so unsettling…

Other Guy: (from ringside) you’re telling me.



The crowd begins to rise out of their seats, some booing reluctantly while others are catcalling, the opening of Buckcherry’s "Crazy Bitch" just starting to hit the PA system. A confident, sexy Sinnocence struts out all wrapped in black leather with a look on her face that could make a man melt. She strikes a pose, giving the camera a vague, mysterious, yet somehow eerily erotic glance, before she waves her arm seductively in the direction of the curtain. The  staunchly resilient Joyce McGuire enters from behind, maybe not as glamorous as Sinn but definitely a player in her own right. The two begin making their way down to the ring, Joyce actually stopping at one point to swat a male fan’s hand away from Sinn.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman! The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and is a qualifying match for MAAAASSSTEEER OF THE MAAAAT! Introducing first! Hailing from Austin, Texas and weighing in at 160 pounds! SINNOCENCE!

Dave Dymond: OG, I think it’s safe to say at this point that this young lady has a serious future ahead of her. We haven’t seen much of her in the ring, though she DID dispatch of D-Dawg quite handily last Revolution–yet here she is, near the top of the card, taking on one of SHOOT Project’s most DANGEROUS villains in Roland Caldwell. That’s a big ticket competitor–not to mention a former World Heavyweight Champion. And here she is, about to battle it out for a spot in SHOOT Project’s most PRESTIGIOUS tournament! That’s…gotta be a little intimidating.

OG: No doubt Dave, and believe me when I say it’s going to be no small task. If she’s going to get it done, she’s gonna have to use her speed and agility. This is a gal who’s a good one-hundred-and-twenty pounds lighter than her opponent, and about a foot shorter. Those odds don’t exactly scream of positivity.

Sinnocence climbs up on the apron and turns to the audience, dragging a lone finger across her tongue before touching it to her breast. She’s sizzlin’ alright. She swings under the ropes, shaking her rump at the crowd, then crosses over to the corner, putting her hands on her knees in anticipation of her opponent’s arrival.

Samantha Coil: Aaaand her opponent! Weighing in at 289 pounds and fighting out of BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS! ROOOOOOLAND CAAAAALDWELL!

The deep and ominous sound of horsehairs across violin string rings out through the arena, followed by the initial silence. Then the orchestra to "Summer Overture Remix" by Clint Mansell explodes, and the hulking form of Roland Caldwell appears in the entranceway, glowering down at the ring. The crowd begins to SHOWER him with boos, and as he stalks calmly but menacingly down the ramp, his lips curled into a sneer, garbage quickly piles up around him.

Dave Dymond: I dunno about you, but every time I hear those opening notes…a chill rolls down my spine. Whether you like him or hate him, we can all agree he’s a violent force to be reckoned with. Sinn’s gonna have her hands full tonight.

OG: And what makes it even worse for her is the fact that…hey. She’s not gonna have any back-up! I mean, hypothetically speaking I SUPPOSE the House could interfere in this match, but do you really want to cross paths with VINCENT MALLOWS? Also, let’s not forget, Roland’s coming off of a NASTY upset to Eli Storm.

Dave Dymond: That’s right OG.

OG: I’m telling you cats at home right now, THAT’S going to be a factor here tonight. He’s furious at himself, he’s furious at the world, and he wants to take it out on somebody. Not only that, but he’s got the opportunity to redeem himself here. I know we’ve said it before, but it needs to be said again. This is a Master of the Mat qualifier. And we all know that this is a tournament that could easily lead to the crowning of a new champ.

Climbing the steel steps somewhat hurriedly, Roland swings his legs over the top rope and begins to pace his side of the ring. Sinnocence glares at him from her own corner, actually mustering up the courage to flash him a cocky little smirk. Dennis Heflin checks both competitors before he signals for the bell. We’re under way.

At first neither athlete makes any notion of moving. Roland stands there sneering, all of a sudden a little unsure of himself now that he’s here, while Sinnocence seems to be waiting for him to make the first move. After a couple of seconds of this goes by, Sinn suddenly springs into action, charging down the ring in an attempted running elbow smash. Roland grabs her by her elbow though and uses his brute strength to push her to the mat. He advances on her, fist raised, but she quickly scoots backwards on the ground, waving her hands and pleading with him not to hit her…she is a girl after all. Roland actually stops for a second as if he’s sincerely considering it, before he descends on her anyway with a vicious stomp to the head.

Dave Dymond: Oho! We saw this two weeks ago against D-Dawg; the old, "don’t hit me, I’m a girl" routine. Doesn’t seem to work against Caldwell.

OG: No, it doesn’t. I don’t think Roland cares WHAT you are…as long as he gets to tear your head off and drink your blood.

A few stomps later and Roland’s now getting Sinn to her feet by her long black hair. He yanks her hard towards the ropes, angling for a MEAN clothesline on the rebound, but she ducks and bounces off the other side’s ropes, nailing Roland with a HIGH kick that LEVELS him. The minute he hits the mat she bounces off the ropes again, nailing a pretty flimsy looking leg drop. The first ramifications of the size difference are starting to appear. Sinn’s going to have to hit him a lot harder. Swiftly getting to her feet again Sinn grabs Roland by his hair, trying to pull the bigger wrestler up. When she does manage to get him standing, she starts to whip him in the chest with some LOUD back-hand chops. The crowd "oohs" with each one, until Roland comes to life with his own chop that puts Sinn on her back. There’s a smattering of booing from the crowd, but Sinn gets right back to her feet. Her and Roland lock up in a grappling position; he throws her arms out of the way and knees her in the gut, setting her up for a hard DDT. He sits up after the execution and spits to the side, as if this match is leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

Dave Dymond: Thus far Roland has the advantage, although Sinnocence has proven herself to be rather scrappy.

OG: Well, scrappy’s great and all dude, but she better reach down deep and find something else. You’re not gonna beat Roland Caldwell with scrappy.

Roland rolls to his feet and pulls Sinn up to standing level. He grabs the back of her skull with his hand and walks her over to the left turnbuckle farthest from the commentary table, smashing her head into it. The crowd boos when he does it again. And again. And again. She wobbles away from him, trying to regain her bearings but he locks her in a Full Nelson from behind, hoists her up into the air, and brings her CRASHING down to the mat. She lies there fairly still while Joyce McGuire yells from outside the ring, slapping the apron in protest. Caldwell ignores her and goes for the pin. Heflin drops to the mat.



McGuire grabs Caldwell’s foot and he instinctively pushes himself off Sinn, looking back behind him to see who’s messing with him. He looks thoroughly annoyed when he spots McGuire, so much so that he actually slides out of the ring and starts to follow McGuire around the battleground! McGuire, in a panic now, runs around to where the commentator’s table is; Roland meets her half way there then decides it’s not worth it, sliding back into the ring as he notices Sinn trying to pull herself up. He runs up behind her and creams her with a double axe handle, sending her back down to the mat. He hits her with another one, but she stays on her fours, determined to get back to her feet. He begins to fire rapid, successive knees into her back, picking up the speed and intensity after each one, until spittle’s flying out of his mouth as he’s dropping knee after knee. All of a sudden he’s becoming ultra violent; he’s yelling and screaming as he beats down on Sinn, occasionally venturing over to the ropes to yell, "See what happens?" at Joyce. The boos pick up again, almost as loud as when he was first introduced.

Dave Dymond: Roland’s doing what Roland does best.

OG: Fly off the handle?

Dave Dymond: As much as it pains me to say it, yes. Those knees CAN’T feel good, especially on somebody the size and stature of Sinnocence.

Picking her up by the back of her leather pants, Roland Irish whips her into the turnbuckle, following close behind with the intent of driving his shoulder into her midsection. She hits the post hard but stumbles out and to her knees at the last minute, resulting in Roland driving his shoulder into cold hard steel. He grabs his shoulder and curses loudly, Sinn now trying to get to her feet again. Absolutely furious Caldwell advances on her, ignoring the dull pain in his shoulder. She surprises him though, coming out of NO WHERE with a BIG superkick! Caldwell hangs in the air a moment before his heavy body lands with a thud. Despite Sinn’s villain status, pockets of cheers begin to erupt. She quickly puts that to an end by weakly flashing a pair of middle fingers.

Dave Dymond: Make no mistake about it. The tenacious Jada Kaine isn’t here to make friends and that right there proves it.

OG: I tell ya Dave, she should be a little more concerned with her match than the audience. They’re not the ones with a history of wanton bloodshed.

Roland holds his face in both hands, trying to roll himself up; he’s lying kinda close to the ropes. Sinn, albeit a bit slowly, immediately puts a stop to his recovery with a front flip onto his stomach. She rolls up and jumps onto the ropes, then flipping off backwards into a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! She goes for the pin!



KICKOUT! It was a good combo but it wasn’t enough. Sinn wastes no time in getting over to a turnbuckle. She holds her back for a second, wincing. Those knees, in conjunction with the Nelson slam and the double axe handles has her back a good deal of pain. She fights through it though and climbs to the top rope, spreading her arms to embrace the crowd. She’s met with some boos, but they change to cheers as she grabs her breasts and moves them up and down, teasing the crowd like she’s going to take her top off. Roland’s up now though and he’s not joking around. As Sinn turns around, probably to finish whatever move she’d been planning to use, Roland nails her with some stiff punches, making sure to daze her. He then grabs her legs and fits them over his shoulders, spinning around and running to the center of the ring where he lands a MASSIVE running powerbomb! Instead of pinning he crawls on all fours over her, mounting her in an MMA-like position. He grabs her by the throat with both hands and starts wringing her neck. The jeers from the crowd erupt.

Dave Dymond: A perfect opportunity to win this thing squandered.

OG: I’m not so sure Roland’s looking for a win as much as he’s looking for a stress reliever. That Storm match is eating him up, and we’re seeing it play out here as a result.

Roland now crouches over her, slapping her in the face with some HARD hits, left and right. He’s yelling in her face, something inaudible. He quickly follows up with some ugly stomps, intent on mashing whatever life’s left in Sinnocence right out of her. Joyce McGuire is irate outside the ring! She lifts up the apron flap and starts digging under the squared circle, coming back up with a nine iron! Without any regard for her own well-being she slides into the ring, yelling her own obscenities at Roland, who stops what he’s doing and stares at her like he’s going to maul her. She stops dead in her tracks, obviously affected by the glare, but she shakes it off and moves forward, actually coming within FEET of Roland before Dennis Heflin restrains her. As the ref STRUGGLES to get her out of the ring, Roland quietly walks up behind the two, his cold eyes staring right ino McGuire’s. Then without any warning he lurches forward, grabbing his groin! LOWBLOW! LOWBLOW BY SINN!

Dave Dymond: And a cheapshot by Sinn! What a shot it was too!

OG: Did I just hear a testicle burst?

Heflin eventually gets McGuire out of the ring while Caldwell stumbles forward, still holding his aching nuts. Sinn scrambles to her feet, still in pain but able to throw herself at Roland. In his effort to keep her away he pushes a hand forward, accidentally grabbing Sinn’s breast. They look at each other, Sinn’s face contorted in a look of disgusted shock, Caldwell’s a mixture of embarassment and awkwardness. The crowd is now roaring, and a chant starts up in the front row.


Sinn rears back and slaps Roland as hard as she can in the face. His head whips to the side and he sneers, drawing himself to full height. He in turn rears back and smacks Sinn so hard she stumbles off-balance. She steps back into place, defiantly staring him in the eyes. Then she grabs him under the arms and rubs her tight, leather-clad body up against his, working the space between her thighs right up the side of his leg.

OG: Caldwell doesn’t know what to do with himself Dave! Haha! Now that I think about it, you ever seen him with a woman before?

Dave Dymond: OG, I’ve never seen him outside a wrestling ring

Just COMPLETELY uncomfortable with the present situation, Roland shoves Sinn off of him, who, once is off his body, follows up with a swift kick to the gut. She grabs his neck and swings it around for a swinging neckbreaker, immediately going for the pin right after. Heflin drops for the count.



SHOULDER! Sinn springs up and starts arguing with Heflin, actually jabbing her finger into his chest. He shakes his head and flashes her the two count, and she waves a hand in dismissal. Stubbornly she points to the top-rope, and some cheering starts up again. She goes over the the turnbuckle and climbs to the top-rope, smacking her elbow! She’s gonna try to end it right here! She’s gonna go for the upset! She’s gonna go for the Suicide Leap! She leans forward on the ropes, blowing a kiss to the audience! She braces herself!

BUT WAIT! CALDWELL DESPERATELY hacks at her with a double axe handle, dropping her down on her groin! He’s holding his neck! He’s dropped to one knee! But he’s back up! He’s back up again! He grabs Sinn off the turnbuckle in an inverted D.V.D…he’s set up for the Burning Hammer! Here comes the Burning Hammer!

JOYCE MCGUIRE! JOYCE MCGUIRE tugs his foot! Sinn slides off of Caldwell’s shoulders and slumps to the ground behind him! Roland approaches the ropes, grabbing them and yelling furiously at McGuire! SINN FROM BEHIND! ROLL-UP! SHE’S GOT A FISTFUL OF TIGHTS!




DING! DING! DING! HEFLIN CALLS FOR THE BELL! The match is OVER! Roland’s kicked out about a second too late!

Dave Dymond: DID…DID that just happen? Did I just see-

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The WINNER of this match by pinfall, and MOVING on into the Master of the Mat QUALIFYING BRACKETS! SINNOCENCE!

Roland Caldwell is irate as hell! He’s shaking his head in disbelief, slapping the mat with both hands! He can’t believe it! Now he’s up on his feet! He’s in Heflin’s face! He’s screaming in Heflin’s face! Sinnocence hasn’t even had time to have her arm raised in victory! She slides out of the ring and grabs her valet McGuire by the shoulders, excitedly celebrating with her as they hurry away from the ring. Although the initial crowd reaction is mixed, everybody’s cheering now that Caldwell’s losing it! Heflin’s not having any of it though.

OG: Dave, I’ve got to say man…I wasn’t expecting that. I mean…that’s an upset if I’ve ever seen one.

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe it myself, OG. A fist full of tights and a valet later, and the former World Heavyweight Champion will NOT qualify for Master of the Mat. This…this is going to haunt him.

OG: Nah, Dave, he’s already haunted. He’s so upset over losing to Eli Storm, I think the psychology carried over into this match, and…well, did him in here.

Dave Dymond: I think you’re right. It’s going to be fascinating to see how he bounces back from this…tremendous loss here tonight. Not to take anything away from Sinnocence here either. She had to pull a couple of tricks out of her hat, but somehow she pulled this one out, and she’ll be moving into the brackets.

OG: You know…August can’t come soon enough, dude. It really can’t.

Dave Dymond: I hear ya OG. STILL AHEAD. Kilgore Stochansky takes on the House’s self-proclaimed leader, Jack Heart, while NC-17, Azraith DeMitri, and Osbourne Kilminster do battle in the MAIN EVENT. Who will come out on top? Don’t change that station, because we’ve got it all coming up soon here on…Revolution.


The scene opens to a dark stairwell. The cameras follows “Nightmare” Jonathon Wehali as he makes his way all the way down to the bottom of the stairs where he finds Storm cradled and rocking back and forth on the last stair. Jonathon raises an eyebrow, watching Eli’s odd behavior.

Nightmare: Yo, Eli.  What’s going on, man?

Storm responds without even looking up.

Storm: Welcome to my personal purgatory, Jon.

Nightmare blinks.

Nightmare: Purgatory? Well, at least you’re not in Hell yet. So who’s your tormentor, jailor, whatever, here in purgatory?

Storm: Myself. You see I had a choice…my family or my fav, of the seven sins, Pride. I chose wrong and now even though I won, I’ve lost…lost it all. Has that ever happen to you, Jon. Have you ever lost it all, because you couldn’t control your own pride? Have you ever lost it all and the only person to blame was yourself?

Jon’s features take a grave and thoughtful turn as he sits down on a step near Eli.

Nightmare: Sort of.  I lost my first wife and unborn son… then, later, my firstborn son and nearly my daughter… to my brother.  I killed him.  It may have been in a hardcore match… and they do say accidents can happen… but I knew what I was doing.  It was no accident.  I murdered him and did it without regret.  I still have no regrets.  That has cost me my soul and my place with my family in heaven.  I’m damned and it was out of hatred more than love.

So do I understand? To a degree, but not completely.  I do know that as long as they’re alive there’s a chance, however.

Storm: Heh, She told me, her and my son wouldn’t be there if I went through with this match. If I let Roland convince me to risk my career, she said she wouldn’t be there when I got back. I haven’t been home since the end of the PPV. I don’t know if I’m scared of going home because I know what will be gone and it’s my fault or I’m scared to go home because if they are there, how do I look them in the face after what I did? How do I tell them they mean the world to me after what I did? I want to go home…but really without them, there is no home for me, Jon. Without them I have no place to go.

Nightmare: You tell them by telling them.  You’re honest with them.  You tell them just how much they mean to you and what losing them will do to you.  Do it now while you can.  I’ve lost so many people in my life… to this life… that I know how easily it can all be taken away, so do it now while you can. Explain to them why you did it, why you had to do it.  How this business is more than just a way to earn a living.  It gets into your blood.  Into your soul.  For some of us there simply is no dividing line left between which we are and what we are.  That’s what it means to be a warrior, Eli, and a warrior must answer the call to battle… or he dies. There are few things more tragic than to be among the living dead.  The body keeps moving, but the heart and soul are no longer there.

Storm: I want to, Jon…I really want to. But like a bad dream he still floats around, haunting my thoughts. I’m not brave enough to risk them while he is still here. Because with him…it won’t be over until it is truly over and I don’t know if I can put them through that.

Nightmare: Him?

Storm: Roland…I can see it in his eyes. This isn’t something that will simply move on. I will live or die with this…with him and that damn family of his!!!

Nightmare: Ah, yes, Caldwell.  I’ve heard about him and this family.  If they want to wage war against you then what you need are allies.  Christopher may be interested in a temporary joining of forces after what transpired between him and Sammy.  There are others in similar situations.  Unify them and rally them.  Take the fight to this ‘family’.  Don’t merely defeat them; destroy them.  Make an example out of them for anyone else who would dare consider endangering your family.  That is how you can protect them.

He nods slowly, his gaze sharp and calculating.

Storm: And what about you Jon, are you hear to preach or join the war?

A darkly twisted grin spreads across Jonathon’s features.

Nightmare: Why to wage war, of course.  It’s been some time since I painted my face with my enemy’s blood.

Storm turns and looks Jon dead in the face.

Storm: If you do this, Jon, there is no end to the violence that may come and no limit to the acts that may have to get done. If you do this, those hands…these hands, will forever be stained with what we must do. If you are willing to stain your soul even more, then sit, there is much we need to talk about.

Jon looks about him, indicating he is not moving.

Nightmare: Then speak on, my friend, for I am here and soon all will know just what I… we… can do.

Storm nods as the scene slowly fades to black.


All of a sudden, the sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system.

Dave Dymond:  What’s this?

The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in and the lights dim out.



The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as a man stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as the man begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as DONOVAN KING rips the hood off and screams out to the LOUD fans in attendance.  The reaction is DEFINITELY mixed, but it’s ENORMOUS.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest.  He is also wearing his black ring gear, with the green crown on his rear, along with the black kneepads and black boots with dark green crowns on each of them.  His wrists are taped up as well as he walks down to the ring.

Dave Dymond:  THIS is a very, very, elaborate entrance, OG.

Other Guy:  Donovan King EARNED it, Dave!  He pulled out a MARATHON at Reckoning Day, emerging victorious…CLEANLY, I might add, for the first time in his career, against the legend in the making, Cade Sydal!


King slides under the bottom rope and bows his head to Coil, taking her hand and kissing it to a decent sized pop from those who remember his senseless attack on Coil a month or more ago.  “Out Here Grindin’” dies down as Samantha Coil hands him the microphone and ducks out of the ring.  He stands there, looking over the fans in Anchorage, Alaska.  After a long few moments, he brings the microphone to his lips.

Donovan King:  Dere’s a man better than me in dis world…said somethin’ I need ta say right here…an’ right now.

He looks around and then runs over to the turnbuckle.  He climbs to the middle rope and looks over the fans.


The fans aren’t yet turned off to the ego, but there are more boos than cheers on the proclamation.

Donovan King:  I fought the match uh my career the last time you saw me…at Reckoning Day.  Cade Sydal an’ me tore the house up like none other.  After over six months…it’s over.  The war is over.  Cade Sydal’s still here.  SHOOT ain’t changed.  So, Alaska, is you wonderin’ what Donovan King accomplished in dose six months?

King smirks.

Donovan King:  I proved dat King can hang.  Dat King is TRILL.  Above all else…Donovan King deserves the top.  I.  Deserve.  The Top.

The fans are booing a bit more now.

Donovan King:  An’ he may have beaten me in a tag match, but I took Cade Sydal down in MY element, the hardcore match…an’ I turned around…AN’ I MADE HIS ELEMENT MINE, TOO.

Oh yeah.  Boos.


He laughs, ripping off another relatively hip hopped out gimmick in some other company somewhere.

Donovan King:  So what does a nigga like me, the New Technical Messiah…do next?  What can King possibly do next?  Fuck Kenji Yamada’s ass up, knock him the fuck out, become Iron Fist Champ?

The fans give a pop.

Donovan King:  Do I take dat Laws of Survival title from Worrens, show him how a REAL MAN carries a belt?

The fans boo again.

Donovan King:  What about Arion Catcher?  Dat little bitch didn’t even have the balls to go hard at Reckoning Day.  Maybe I oughtta take my belt back, show him how it’s fuckin’ done!

This one’s more mixed.

Donovan King:  OR…or…

He laughs, as the boos begin already.

Donovan King:  …how about I take dat World Heavyweight Championship from dat sad excuse of a champion named Corazon?

The boos rain down.

Donovan King:  Relax, Alaska.  The new Technical Messiah doesn’t have Corazon in his sights…yet.  It’s obvious the World Championship belongs to me an’ whoever’s got it right now is busy fuckin’ the main event up while we all watch an’ laugh.  Nah, see, I’m closer to the Revolution title, ain’t I?  I guess so…since I’m the biggest name in the Catcher Quadrant in the 2008 MASTER OF THE MAT!!

King grins.

Donovan King:  An’ next week?  HA HA HA HA…I get to fuck up NC-17!  Dat’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  The dude dat couldn’t rank a Reckoning Day match…is facin’ the man who won the main event of Reckoning Day.  HA HA HA…oh man…shit…HA…my bad, man.  I can’t…I can’t hold it back.

He laughs again as the fans boo.

Donovan King:  Look…I mean…who the FUCK am I fightin’ here?  What the FUCK is NC-17?  A coward who bounced out when the goin’ got tough the LAST time he was here?  Dis…dis is gonna be cake, man.  Fuckin’ cake.

The fans boo as NC-17 supporters are definitely not pleased with King’s statements.

Donovan King:  It’s one step at a time to the top, people…an’ dat’s where the Technical…wait…no…

He grins.

Donovan King:  THE CAROLINA MESSIAH DONOVAN KING…deserves ta be.  I put Dan Stein down, I put OutKast down, an’ I put—

He stops as a SHOOT Project stagehand scurries down to the ring.  He runs to the ring and throws a black cloth into the ring, turning and sprinting away before he can be accosted by King.

Dave Dymond:  What is that?  A shirt?

King bends down and picks it up, holding it open and staring at the front of it.

Donovan King:  …the fuck is dis shit?

Something is written in blood red font on the front, but King doesn’t let the camera see what it says.  He looks up and glares at the camera.  After a long few moments of silence, the fans growing more and more excited in the silence.  His face is stern and furious.

Donovan King:  You sit yo’ punk ass in the back an’ you watch.  You know who you is.  You just fuckin’ watch.  NC-17’s first.  After him?  Master of the Mat’s MINE.  An’ best believe…dat’s somethin’ even you ain’t able ta fuck up.  Feel me?

He throws the shirt over his shoulder and drops the microphone as “Out Here Grindin’” kicks back in again.  The fans are in a stir as King leaves the ring, glaring at the back as he walks away from the ring.

Dave Dymond:  What was on the shirt?!

Other Guy:  He’s focused as hell on NC-17, but it looks like somebody’s tryin’ to play mind games with the Carolina Messiah!

Dave Dymond:  Whoever did send that shirt to King, the message is clear only to one man…and that is Donovan King.  Something tells me this is a secret that won’t be so secret for long.

King disappears to the back as “Out Here Grindin’” continues to play.



Coming back to the ring, the SHOOT video screen lights up with gold letters on a purple backdrop that reads, “Think Locally, Fuck Globally”. Yellow lights flash in succession along the outside of the video screen as “Phantom” by Justice starts to play.  The second Kilgore Stochansky emerges from the back, wearing his Navy Adias hooded tracksuit, the fans begin to boo.  Stochansky almost looks surprised at the reaction but then starts to the ring after a couple steps of a jog.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is the FINAL Master of the Mat tournament qualifier match of the night. Introducing first at this time, weighing in at 250 pounds, here is Kilgore Stochansky!!!

Stochansky raises both of his arms over his head as he walks, giving a slight nod of his head to Samantha Coil.  He reaches the edge of the ring and starts to remove the tracksuit, in turn revealing his black wrestling trunks trimmed in blue.  Stochansky then walks up the steps and slowly bends down to enter the ring through the middle and top rope.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky was all but gone from the SHOOT Project picture after being unable to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at Malice, but now it looks like he gets a shot at getting right back in the hunt, starting with getting into the Master of the Mat tournament.

Other Guy: It’s like Stochansky said, Dave, Jason Johnson knows what this cat is all about, he knows he can deliver if given the shot, and now he’s got the shot.

Dave Dymond: Our final shot of the night, to fill that fourth and final opening in the tournament.  Of course Stochansky going up against a man whose attitude change has landed him in the position to quite possibly play the numbers game against Stochansky. And that would be a sight to see, Stochansky having cheating tactics used AGAINST him.

Other Guy: talk about tastin’ your own medicine.

As Stochansky warms up in the ring, the lights inside the Sullivan Arena, and a large twirling effect spins on the top of the stage area, illuminating just that part of the entryway. The fans buzz a bit in reaction to the new entrance and soon “Daylight Dies” by Killswitch Engage fills the arena.  Jack Heart steps out from the back looking to the crowd with disgust and in turn they don’t seem to like him much either.  He scoffs and shakes his head as he walks towards the ring now, carrying about him a smug attitude.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 172 pounds, here is Jack Heart!!!

Dave Dymond: I’m trying to understand what has gone on in Jack Heart’s starting a couple weeks back. I mean here was a young talent who was starting to create a buzz in Sky High, earned the respect of Dan Stein and Cade Sydal for his in ring ability, and he just turned his back on all of that and for what?

Other Guy: Attention, Dave. Whether ya like what Heart and company are doin’ or not, they got attention.  Hate to say it, but there’s no money in respect.

Heart leaps up onto the ring edge from the outside and stands there for a moment. He points at Stochansky, talking up a big game, and Stochansky takes it and doesn’t respond. He just smiles as Heart ducks down and through the ropes to enter.  His music cuts out as Tony Lorenzo quickly checks in both competitors in the match.  Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring and Lorenzo calls for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, final qualifier of the night, and who is it going to be?

Heart immediately begins to cautiously circle the ring, sizing up the larger man who circles opposite of him.  Stochansky seems to be in no rush, calm even.  The fans really don’t have anyone to cheer for in this one, and remain quiet for the most part as the two men continue to circle, finally Heart half lunges in to test the water, but immediately pulls back.

Dave Dymond: Heart not utilizing his speed as much in the opening going of this one, and definitely seems to be staying on the side of caution.

Other Guy: These two have never encountered each other in the back, let alone in the ring, so I think the caution is a good thing, Dave. Course if he waits too long he leaves himself open to givin’ Stochansky time to come up with a plan of attack.

Stochansky doesn’t charge after Heart, but instead circles a bit faster, forcing Heart to pivot step to get back into moving and keeping his distance from Stochansky.  Stochansky now moves towards Heart, looking for an elbow collar tie up, but Heart quickly reacts, landing a hard kick to Stochansky’s thigh. Stochansky barely falters from the shot, so Heart follows up with a quick kick to the other side. Stochansky staggers from the second kick and Heart stays right on the offense, LAUNCHES with a high super kick to the jaw…

But Stochansky catches the leg and quickly SPINS Heart around… but it backfires as Heart comes around for a full spinning high kick, but now Stochansky ducks under the leg.  Heart can’t recover quick enough and Stochansky pulls him down into a reverse DDT position, but then turns him out of it and looks to hook him for a dragon suplex.

Dave Dymond: Stochansky one step ahead of Heart… no!  Heart executing a backwards summersault and he gets right out of it.

Some of the fans pop just a bit for Heart’s display of agility, but then begin to boo as Heart immediately points to his temple, acting superior.

Other Guy: Heart gloatin’ to these fans, but he’s not as smart as he thinks…

Heart turns around… RIGHT INTO a HUGE CLOTHESLINE!

Dave Dymond: Big time clothesline from Stochansky and man did he turn Jack Heart inside out or what.

Other Guy: That was some kind of clothesline, Dave, no doubt! 

The fans pop louder actually for Stochansky now as he stands over Heart and quickly drops with a hard elbow, followed by the hook of a leg.   Lorenzo drops to the mat and makes the count.



TH… near fall kick out by Heart.  Stochansky pulls Heart right up from there, holding him doubled over, before drilling him down the back with an overhead double axe handle smash!    Heart drops quickly to the mat, stomach and face first and Stochansky lifts him right back up and then whips him into the ropes.  Heart comes bouncing back and Stochansky spins with a back elbow shot, but Heart gets his bearings back and ducks under.  Heart keeps running, Stochansky runs after him, only for Heart to grip the ropes and FIRE his body back, legs first, with a backwards dropkick!

Dave Dymond: Quick and innovative move by The British Kicking Machine, and it definitely took Stochansky off guard.

As Stochansky staggers, Heart is right back up and he turns and lands a kick to the gut one way, then brings it right back the other direction, but this time kicking up into Stochansky’s chin!  The kicks send Stochansky for a loop and Heart hits the down ring ropes now, and follows up quickly with a running middle kick to Stochansky’s gut!  Stochansky doubles over and Heart punts upwards with a hard toe kick!

Spit FLIES from Stochansky’s mouth as his head snaps back and Heart continues on the swift offense, looking to capitalize.  Heart runs up ring, behind Stochansky, then comes from behind, looking for a lariat to the back of the head, but as he reaches Stochansky, Stochansky reaches back blindly, LIFTS Heart up from the side and DROPS him down with authority via a sidewalk slam!

Other Guy: Stochansky showin’ that behind that peaceful demeanor, there’s a lotta raw power and strength.

Dave Dymond: Peaceful demeanor? Are you kidding me, you actually buy that?

Other Guy: He’s changed his ways it seems, Dave, give the guy a break.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky was a cheater, is a cheater, and will always be a cheater in my book.

Stochansky sits by Heart’s side for a moment, then falls over him to make the cover.

Other Guy: He’s not cheatin’ now and this could be it…



NO! Kick out by Heart once again.  Stochansky shakes his head a bit, but looks to referee Tony Lorenzo with a smile and a nod, mouthing the words “fair count.”  Stochansky rises up to his feet, but before he can continue his ways, Heart lands a solid thrusting shin kick from the ground, forcing Stochansky quickly to one knee.  Heart gets up but Stochansky quickly shoves him back with both arms, almost knocking him into a sitting position. Heart maintains his balance and looks for a face wash kick to Stochansky, but again Stochansky hooks the leg, capturing Heart, only for Heart to LEAP and NAIL a standing enzeguri from there!

Dave Dymond: Hard surprise shot from Heart and Stochansky has been knocked CLEAR off his feet!

Heart takes a moment to fully recover, but then springs up to his feet after the enzeguri shot.  He watches and waits as Stochansky works on getting back up to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out of his head.  Heart waits patiently now, and the fans buzz, wondering what Heart has in store.  Heart shouts for Stochansky to get up, and the second Stochansky is on his feet, Heart FIRES a stiff sideways kick right into the gut!

Stochansky doubles over and Heart now goes for the wrist-clutch set up…

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart setting this one up for the end, and he’s going to actually try to lift Stochansky here.

Other Guy: That’s gonna be some feat, but big time props if he pulls it off!

Stochansky starts to stir, only for Heart to QUICKLY knee him in the head, trying to knock him out cold and now Heart has the wrist clutch locked on and he looks out to the fans for a moment, and some of them are actually cheering.  He shakes his head with disgust…

Jack Heart: DIE!

The fans boo loudly in response to Heart’s shout and just as he even looks to attempt to life Stochansky, Stochansky breaks free of the wrist clutch, turning it right into a STIFF AS HELL STO TAKE DOWN!!!

Heart’s head WICKEDLY bounces off the ring mat and then flops to the side, his body motionless.

Dave Dymond: Caput Mortuum, and Stochansky put all he had and then some behind that!

Other Guy: He looks surprised by the force, Dave, and I think… I think that shot knocked Jack Heart out cold!

Dave Dymond: It would appear so, and Stochansky, always the opportunist no matter what situation presents itself, is now making the cover.

Tony Lorenzo quickly drops to make the count as Stochansky pulls up on both of Heart’s legs.




Dave Dymond: And this one is over. In resounding fashion, Kilgore Stochansky puts himself right back on the SHOOT Project radar as he is officially being entered into the Master of the Mat tournament!

As Lorenzo signals for the bell, “Phantom” begins to play again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest, Kilgore Stochansky!!!

Stochansky rises up to his feet and looks down at Jack Heart for a moment, who is still not moving, before smiling and confidently walking out of the ring, arms raised.

Other Guy: Not a normal victory or usual ending to a Stochansky match, but it worked… god he put a lot of force behind that takedown… let’s… man we gotta see that again.

As Stochansky walks away from the ring, the live action of Revolution is replaced by a replay clip. The freeze frame shot is on Jack Heart holding Stochansky in a wrist clutch position and bent over.  The frozen still shot unfreezes to begin the clip

Jack Heart: DIE!

The fans boo loudly in response to Heart’s shout and just as he even looks to attempt to life Stochansky, Stochansky breaks free of the wrist clutch, turning it right into a STIFF AS HELL STO TAKE DOWN!!!

Heart’s head WICKEDLY bounces off the ring mat and then flops to the side, his body motionless.

The replay comes to an end, bringing the focus back to Revolution, specifically on Other Guy and Dave Dymond at ringside.

Other Guy: Hell of an impact, HUGE moment for Kilgore Stochansky.

Dave Dymond: The question is now, can he do anything with this momentum.  He showed up out of the blue at the Reckoning Day Pre-show with some “words of support” if you will, for Laws of Survival Champion Trevor Worrens, and now I believe if I’ve got my facts straight, is walking right into the bracket that Trevor Worrens commands as champion.

Other Guy: I think you’re right about that, Dave, and maybe this will force Stochansky to kinda let us in the know, why did he approach Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Your guess is as good as mine, but in either case the brackets have been filled, and that means we are ready to head into the Master of the Mat tournament… which will make for an exciting summer here in the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: And the night ain’t just over yet. In keeping with the Master of the Mat Tournament, main event time is comin’ up… three of the four brackets to be represented as Azraith DeMitri, NC-17, and Osbourne Kilminster are headin into a triple threat match, elimination style!  Gotta love that!

Dymond nods his head in agreement, and the focus cuts away from the ring area.


As the camera focus shifts to the back, Roland Caldwell is seen storming out of The Family locker room, his face absolutely furious still from his loss earlier.  The camera follows him as he makes his way to the loading dock area of the Sullivan Arena, and already waiting is the large blue full sized van. Sammy Rochester, Vincent Mallows, and Kenji Yamada are already by the van and as Roland approaches nobody speaks.

Roland Caldwell: What? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY!

Roland suddenly punches the side of the van.

Vincent Mallows: You do not need to say anything, Roland.  What happened doesn’t matter in the long run.   What happened tonight will be dealt with accordingly.  For now, just get in the van and we’ll talk about it later.

Roland shakes his head.

Roland Caldwell: I shouldn’t have lost…

Kenji Yamada: You’re right you shouldn’t have!  Damn it, Roland! You shouldn’t have lost but you did!

Mallows holds up his right arm.

Vincent Mallows: Enough, Kenji.  I said we’ll talk about it later.

There is a moment of silence.

Vincent Mallows: Roland, Sammy, please get into the van.

Roland hesitates for a moment, but as Sammy opens the two rear doors he finally walks off getting in the back of the van along with Sammy.  Kenji starts to the passenger’s side up front, but Mallows grabs him by the wrist.

Vincent Mallows: Not you.  You need to pay very close attention to tonight’s main event. YOU need to understand…

Yamada snatches his arm away from Vincent.

Kenji Yamada: I don’t have to do anything.  I WON my match at Reckoning Day. I am the NEW Iron Fist Champion, Vincent.  I’m in this thing, with all of you, but I don’t need advice. I don’t need instructions.

Mallows doesn’t move for a moment, but then suddenly darts his hand out and grabs Kenji’s wrist again and with surprising strength pulls Kenji in towards him slightly.

Vincent Mallows: I am not giving you advice. I am reminding you of just WHO Azraith DeMitri is.  He will not rest, he will not stop, until he feels he has accomplished everything that he wants to.  We are on his agenda now, Kenji.  He must be stopped.  You will do nothing but watch tonight. Watch him; continue to study him, because I PROMISE you he will be back.

The side sliding door is opened from the inside of the van now and slowly a lift lowers to the ground.  Vincent wheels towards the van.

Vincent Mallows: We will see you later, Kenji.

Vincent positions his wheelchair on the lift and waits as it slowly rises back up.  Kenji just waits patiently by the van until finally Vincent is loaded in.  Kenji closes the door and pats it once. The van takes off and Kenji Yamada stands alone, the Iron Fist Title slung over his shoulder.

Kenji Yamada: Just watch?  Right…

Yamada walks off, smiling.


The lights go out.

The crowd goes silent.

An orange laser light shines from the top of the Sullivan Arena to the direct top of the ramp.  The video wall illuminates, as scenes from Reckoning Day’s Main Event take over, showing the blood boiling affair between “THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson and the BRUTAL and INHUMAN Corazon.

Finally, the video wall settles on one image.  One sole, telling, image.

Adrian Corazon.  World Heavyweight Champion.  Clutching that World Heavyweight Championship belt.








With the accompaniment of pyro, “Torcher’s” brass section EXPLODES over the PA, as the white and orange pyro rains down, signaling the introduction of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  The light is different than Reckoning Day, as the visage of Corazon holding the belt is lit in a brilliant orange, and the man known as the Brutal and Inhuman stands, holding that Championship…  with a sly grin on his face.

The crowd pops unbelievably for this, and as he begins his stoic walk down to the ring, the noise amplifies, almost carrying him the rest of the way.  He looks the same as he always has, black duster, dimmed glasses, focused glare, but he’s definitely feeling a bit more relaxed, more calm… 

“Fl-fl-fl-fl-oaaaattttttt…..  ooooonnnnnnnn….”

The video and the audio cut, as the jumbled two words stop Corazon in his tracks.  The production crew doesn’t give him time to think about it, as “Torcher” picks back up.  He shakes his head, and climbs into the ring.

Dave Dymond:  Big reaction here for Adrian Corazon, a man that nobody believed could topple the DEFILER at Reckoning Day.

Other Guy:  I have to give that man credit where credit is due.  He definitely one upped himself.  From Dave Marz, to Del Carver, and now…  Jonny Johnson?  That’s quite a list, if you ask me.

Corazon straps the belt over the top turnbuckle and holds his hand out to Samantha Coil, requesting a microphone.  She delivers, and he pulls it to his face, smiling.

Corazon:  Already…  already…  you’ve heard people talking.  Talking about Master of the Mat.  Talking about their goals.  Talking about what they want.  Master of the Mat is designed to give the most bloodthirsty, the most opportunistic, the most skilled one of us a shot at the very thing that men have cried for, men have sweat for, men have bled for…  the ONE thing that men…

He smirks.

Corazon:  …have given their career for.  From NC-17 to Trevor Worrens to Donovan King to, now, Gutter Rat, Kilgore Stochansky, and Sinnocence…  All of you want that, right there.

He uses his hand to motion towards the World Heavyweight Championship.  The fans pop.

Corazon:  And that…  that’s perfectly acceptable.  Everyone knows that, going into this, no, going into everything, the World Heavyweight Champion has a bullseye painted on his back, and I’ll issue this warning to all of you, just once.

He pauses, closes his eyes, and breathes in, collecting his thoughts.

Corazon:  Jonny Johnson fought valiantly, and left everything in the ring in Hawaii.  If you are not prepared to do the same…  forfeit your tournament spot.  I will…  I WILL find my way to the end of this tournament, and I WILL be the one to choose my next challenger.  BE READY.  If you don’t have the same tenacity as Jonny Johnson…  you will waste my time.

The crowd pops, as the intensity in Corazon’s voice rings true to them.

Corazon:  But first…  there’s something I have to take care of.  First…  there’s something I need to address.  And that, my dear friends…

Another pause.

Corazon:  …is Christopher Davis.

Another pop from the Alaskan crowd, recognizing and embracing the man once known as Enigma.

Corazon:  What you did, leading up to my encounter with your former tag team partner…  you are forgiven.  I would have done the same, and moves like that, and guys like you…  are guy’s that I’ve looked up to before my career even began, so, to say that I’m sore about that…  well, that’d be a mistake.  What I’m here for tonight, is to let you know, Chris Davis…

He looks towards the World Heavyweight Championship.

Corazon:  To let you know that next week…  I’m going to make things right.  I’m going to prove to myself, to you, and to everyone watching, that Malice…  Malice was not a fluke, or a mistake, and that I can beat Chris Davis in a main event.  Next week…

He sighs.

Corazon:  You and I will square off for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

A HUGE cheer is let loose from the Sullivan Arena crowd.  They begin to dually chant “DAVIS” and “CORAZON” as this…  this is a match that they wanted to see.  Corazon merely nods, looking out towards the fans, and then again at his World Heavyweight Championship. 

“Torcher” kicks back up, with Corazon collecting the World Heavyweight Championship, and the camera shifts back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond:  WHOA.  Christopher Davis versus Corazon next week!?  For the World Heavyweight Championship!?  Did I hear that right!?

Other Guy:  Yeah you did!  Next week is going to be huge!


Just moments before the main event, the fans buzz with anticipation, and get louder when some of the fans are seen on the SHOOT Project video screen. The arena has a calm over it, though the buzz is electric. As the fans turn their attention from the ring, many of them turn to video screen to see what other fans are looking at while awaiting for the next entrance.

Dave Dymond: So here we are, a night of intense Master of the Mat qualifying action ends with THREE competitors already in the tournament and just looking for some added momentum before we begin round one action.

Other Guy: And there’s no lookin’ back now.  The ghost, Azraith DeMitri is lookin’ to hurt someone, Osbourne Kilminster, looking to make an impact, and well NC-17, I think he’s just gonna be trying to NOT die in this one.

Dave Dymond: Let’s go ahead and send this over to Samantha Coil it’s main event time and…

Almost on cue, “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor begins to play, and the fans burst the roof, practically, emotionally blowing up!

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone!  There was rumors that he wouldn’t be here tonight, there was talk of Stein being drained not only physically, but emotionally as well due to the recent storms that devastated cities all over Iowa and the Midwest… but…

Other Guy: But nothing… Stein is here tonight after all!

As the music plays, the silhouette of a man can be seen at the top of the ramp. The fans think they know who it is, and begin to eat it up as the man turns around with a hoodie over his face, slapping hands with people as he walks to the ring. The fans are eager in touching the former Iron Fist champion’s hand and seeing Dan Stein for the first time in Alaska.

Dave Dymond: This crowd on their feet with undying support for the former Iron Fist Champion who suffered a hard loss at Reckoning Day at the hands of Kenji Yamada in that grueling triple threat match.

He makes his way into the ring, hoodie still over his face and walks to the middle, standing there with his hands up towards the sky. As the end of the chorus hits, he brings his hands down, and quickly pulls his hoodie off.

The fans erupt into boos.

The camera zooms in on his face, which isn’t Dan Stein’s. It’s not NC-17, or Osbourne Kilminster, or even the obvious Azraith DeMitri.

Paul Jarvis: Did you really think Dan Stein was going to show up… here?

The booing only gets louder and Jarvis just shakes his head.

Paul Jarvis: Just like I thought, disrespect.  But see you’re disrespecting the WRONG man tonight.  Yeah, I said it, but really that’s not even accurate, because the guy disrespecting all of you, Dan Stein, isn’t even a man, he’s a cowardly boy who tucked his little tail between his little legs, and walked his way back to his little town.  He’s not coming here because Stein’s fire has burnt out.  Stein’s ROCKET TO THE TOP… has crashed to the ground.

Dave Dymond: Is there a point to all of this…

Other Guy: Does Paul Jarvis EVER have a point, Dave?

Dave Dymond: Good point.

Jarvis takes a moment to let his words sink in. He smiles, seemingly enjoying angering the sold out crowd in attendance inside the Sullivan Arena.

Paul Jarvis: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, really.  Truth is, the man you love, the man everyone here in Anchorage wanted to see, but won’t… isn’t a true champion.  BUT… BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT… in his place stands a real man.  In this ring where Dan Stein SHOULD have stood, stands a man that IS everything a champion should be, and I promise you I will be a champion.  After tonight, I PROMISE the next time you see Paul Jarvis in a SHOOT Project ring, I WILL be a champion.

Jarvis strikes a pose for the fans, and the booing only get louder from there.

Dave Dymond: What does he mean, he’ll be a champion?

Other Guy: No idea, but Jarvis’s ego is a whole other place located far away from reality.

As some chanting of “you suck!” starts up, Jarvis looks around, smirking, and puts the microphone up to his mouth.

Paul Jarvis: So no, and for the last time I repeat… Dan Ste-

Dan Stein: Hold on, Paul.

Jarvis freezes for a second, before turning his head to the SHOOT Project video screen himself. Dan Stein stands in front of the backdrop of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his hometown. Only, something is obviously, horribly different. Stein’s face is contorted into the biggest smile he could muster, which, for the normally happy go lucky Stein isn’t much. Stein looks over his shoulder at the middle of the recently enlarged river, to the island in the middle.

Dan Stein: Actually, Paulie, I want nothing more than to be right there to shut you up in Anchorage, Alaska.

The fans again erupt as he says their hometown.

Dan Stein: But, I can’t be. And I’m not going to be. I’m back here, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the city I grew up in helping as much as I can with the flood relief.

Paul Jarvis scoffs, and again puts the mic to his mouth, but Stein cuts him off.

Dan Stein: Shut up, Paul. Just for a second. I know what you’re going to say. Ditching SHOOT Project, ditching the fans, ditching Azraith DeMitri and my first match after losing the Iron Fist title, I know that’s what you’re going to say, because Paulie, you’re predictable. But this isn’t about my pride in SHOOT Project; this is about me, Dan Stein, helping out the people in the city that made ME who I am. Coming from this place instilled a lot of values in me, Paulie, values that you obviously lack. Integrity, honesty, and helping out when you can, when it matters most.

We get it, Paulie. You’re upset about the way things turned out. Me running with the ball handed to me, you sitting on the sidelines with a flat tire, that’s just the way things turn out. Just like THIS is the way things turn out.

There are 9.2 SQUARE miles of my hometown UNDER WATER, Jarvis. There are AT LEAST 14,000 houses under water, and at least $800,000,000 in damages to MY HOMETOWN.

As much as I want to be in Anchorage, Alaska tonight, I simply CANNOT mentally do it. Not because I lost my Iron Fist title match at Reckoning Day, but because… my life is here. I grew up here, I was born here, and I’ll probably be buried here, Jarvis. These aren’t just people from my hometown, they’re my neighbors, friends and family, and I can spare the time to help sand bag and rescue people and animals, and help in anyway I can.

That is why I am here, that is why I can’t be there.

Stein pauses for a moment, letting his words sink in, and then he continues.

Dan Stein: I want nothing more than to be there, Paul Jarvis. I wish this never happened. I wish I had my last hoorah with Azraith DeMitri, I wish I had my chance to test out my rusty Mixed Martial Arts abilities with the sponsored Osbourne Kilminster, and I personally wanted to step in the ring with NC-17 because, quite simply… I like where the kid’s coming from. Sure, he’s biting off a little more than he can chew calling me out on loses, when I’ve had ONE, coming at the hands of Kenji Yamada, since I even came into SHOOT Project, but the kid definitely has it. And I want to be there to showcase myself for the people of Anchorage, Alaska, and put on the show that only Dan Stein can.

But I can’t.

I will, however, be back in action for the Master of the Mat in two weeks, or even next week if Jason thinks he wants me back.

and , Paul.

Stein smirks, Jarvis kind of steps back.

Dan Stein: You can bet that when you decide to step back into a SHOOT Project ring… I will be there to see YOU.  Maybe not in a match, maybe not even in the ring, but you and I will have a little chitchat, one way or another. Friend to friend… nah. Man to man… nah.

One soon to be once again SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion to an annoying gnat that wont go away.

The fans let out a collective ‘ooh!’ as Stein smirks.

Dan Stein: Now get out of the ring, Jarvis. Nobody wants to see you, anyways.

The SHOOT Project video screen cuts off and Paul Jarvis stands there, mouth slightly open, FURY on his face.  He goes to speak again, but the fans start singing in chant “Sha na na na. Sha na na na! HEY, HEY HEY… GOODBYE!”  Jarvis shakes his head and storms out of the ring in true temper tantrum fashion.

Dave Dymond: Thank god for satellite technology, and thank god for Dan Stein.

Other Guy: Hell of a thing he’s doin’ for the people in Cedar Rapids, and hell of a thing he did for us here by getting that gnat out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Barring any more interruptions, I think it’s safe to say, it’s time for tonight’s main event!



The camera angle cuts away from following Paul Jarvis to the back, to the ring where Samantha Coil and senior official Scott Kamura stand.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution main event will be a TRIPLE THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH!!!

The fans pop briefly for the announcement, some though are still singing, but the singing quickly fades out as everyone in attendance gets set for the night’s main event.  “Feva For the Flavor” by Hot Action Cop hits immediately and the video screen rotates through all sorts of neon colors and then in bold black lettering flashes the name NC-17 in between clips of the man in action.  The cheers ring out as quick shots of neon green, pink, and purple pyros shoot out on each side of the entryway and NC-17 walks out from the back, arm in arm with the beautiful Barbie Kellers.

Dave Dymond: The unique superstar NC-17 returned a few weeks ago, and well he jumped right back into the hearts of these fans rather quickly.

Other Guy: Cat’s a bit weird, but hey he loves what he does, and he loves the peeps who support SHOOT Project, so gotta show him respect for that. But tonight, nothing against NC-17, but he’s in WAY over his head.

Dave Dymond: That might be so, but we know NC-17 isn’t one to back down from a fight. He stood up to Vincent Mallows’s old goonies in Jacob Delacroy and Sepulcher, and he’s standing up and looking to STEP UP in his career here tonight in a very important triple threat match.

NC-17 walks to the ring, tagging hands with the fans, while Barbie waves and smiles, even blowing a few kisses to some of the males who have front row seats.

Other Guy: Oh its important alright. The three men steppin’ into the ring tonight have a chance that NO other Master of the Mat participants have, and that’s to get an early victory and jump on  the competition.  It’s gonna get intense. that’s for damn sure.

Dave Dymond: Especially considering that two of the three competitors in this triple threat elimination match are coming off of losses at the BIGGEST Pay Per View of the year… so both are going to be angry, and looking to prove themselves.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Barbie Kellers, weighing in at 234 pounds, here is NC-17!!!

NC-17 kisses Barbie on the cheek as she then leads him up the step, eventually releasing his arm.  NC-17 VAULTS over the top rope and jumps up and down once inside the ring. The fans pop again as NC-17 plays up to the crowd, pointing out at them as he walks around the ring.

Other Guy: Lot of energy for a guy who is about to be joined by two very bad men.

Dave Dymond: As I said before, NC-17 no slouch and it’s kind of uplifting to have him back in the SHOOT Project. Always thought he was a funny guy.

Other Guy: Yeah if you think wearing neon pink wrestling tights is funny.

The fans continue to cheer on NC-17 as his music fades out, keeping the noise strong inside the arena. However the cheering dies down as “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff begins to play, and a low thunder rumbles behind the music and the lighting inside the Sullivan arena flashes like streaks of lightning.  Osbourne Kilminster steps out from the back, eyes focused dead on the ring.  NC-17 definitely looks concerned now as he paces slightly back and forth, looking towards the entryway every so often.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, weighing in at 235 pounds… here is OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

Kilminster moves his head from side to side once, cracking his neck, he then rotates his shoulders, but his eyes never leave the ring.

Other Guy: Man that glare says it all, Dave.

Dave Dymond: And the last time Osbourne Kilminster and NC-17 stepped into the ring against one another, well NC-17 wasn’t very fortunate at all.  It was that beating and an assault on his life by Sammy Rochester that put NC-17 on the shelf.

Other Guy: History might just repeat itself tonight if NC-17 doesn’t stay CLEAR outta that man’s way.

Kilminster storms up the ring steps and stands there for a moment, suddenly the music cuts off and a HUGE thunder clap sounds.  Kilminster nods his head and steps into the ring. He remains in the corner, never taking his eyes off of NC-17. The fans turn their focus away from the ring though just as “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and a pulsating blue strobe effect takes over the lightning. Between the beats of the music the strobe flashes and through the flashes of blue strobe, Azraith DeMitri can be seen stepping out from the back, head lowered, his black trench coat almost dragging past his feet.

Dave Dymond: Always a chill up the spine when Azraith DeMitri enters the ring area.  And now more so than ever as I have NO idea what’s running through his head. This whole incident with a missing tape has REALLY gotten to the man formerly known as The Avatar.

Other Guy: He’s been through a lot, but from what I’ve heard, DeMitri is his most lethal when he feels threatened.  And well I don’t know what personal shit is goin’ on in his life, but it’s safe to say DeMitri is feelin’ threatened.

Azraith walks to the ring slowly, never once lifting his head until he’s right at ringside. The blue strobe ends and the lights return to normal.

Samantha Coil: And the final competitor in tonight’s main event, weighing in at 270 pounds… he is “The Ghost” AZRAITH DEMITRI!!!

Azraith removes his trench coat and reaches up and grabs the middle rope. He pulls himself up onto the ring edge and then steps into the ring. He glances over at Osbourne Kilminster, then to NC-17.

Dave Dymond: Azraith DEFINITELY the x-factor in this one, as neither Kilminster nor NC-17 have ever faced him in competition.  So with elimination rules in effect, do we see those two try to get Azraith out of the way first in order to focus on one another, or will DeMitri’s inability to capture the Iron Fist Championship fuel him to cause serious damage early.

Other Guy: We could analyze until we were both blue in the face, Dave, let’s let these three SHOOT Project soldiers and Master of the Mat participants answer those questions for us. It’s go time!

With all three competitors in the ring, referee Scott Kamura quickly explains the rules to each man, then turns to Mark Kendrick on the outside. The match is made official as the bell sounds and Kilminster wastes NO TIME making a charge at NC-17!

Dave Dymond: Right out of the gates and Kilminster going after NC-17!

NC-17 quickly pulls himself out of the corner, dodging Kilminster, but Kilminster stops himself from colliding with the turnbuckles and turns around, only to find Azraith storming towards him.  Kilminster block a punch attempt from Azraith then immediately grabs for the legs, trying to take Azraith down, but Azraith fights it and NAILS Kilminster in the face with a partial forearm/partial elbow strike.  Kilminster stumbles, his back up against the corner turnbuckles now, and Azraith starts to unleash with hard strike after hard strike.  NC-17 comes up from behind Azraith though and hits a hard running forearm to the back of his head.  Azraith sways forward slightly, only to turn around and glare at NC-17!  NC-17 doesn’t back down though and stands strong.


The fans pop as NC-17 defiantly shouts at Azraith. Azraith, however maintains his glare as he moves towards NC-17 and goes for a lock up. NC-17 uses his energy to put on a burst of speed and he ducks under Azraith’s lunging arms and hits the ropes. Azraith turns quickly for the bigger man and as NC-17 bounces back Azraith DRIVES his knee into NC-17’s gut, which flips NC-17 clear onto his back!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 taken down as his adrenaline got the better of him.

Other Guy: Word of advice, don’t taunt Azraith DeMitri.

With NC-17 down, Azraith goes to capitalize, but Kilminster out of the corner now and he grabs Azraith by the shoulder, spins him around, and whips him quickly into the ropes… reversed.  Kilminster comes bouncing back right into a hard shoulder block takedown from Azraith. Kilminster falls to the mat, but rolls to his stomach and pushes right back up.  Azraith goes for a kick, but Kilminster pivots around, and then NAILS a quick chop block to Azraith’s planted foot.

Azraith drops to one knee and Kilminster swings around in front of him and NAILS Azraith with a crouching lariat!  Azraith to his back and Kilminster to a mounted position and starts DRILLING Azraith in the face with repeated elbow strikes of his own!  Azraith works to get his arms up, and as he tries to knock Kilminster away, NC-17 back up, groggy, but up.  Kilminster doesn’t see him until it’s too late… DROPKICK to the head!

Kilminster rolls to the side of Azraith and NC-17 looks to pick up the scraps, making a pin on Azraith!

Dave Dymond: Cover made!

The fans pop as Kamura counts.


TW… Azraith shoves NC-17 into the air, but he lands on top of Kilminster, another pin attempt!  Kamura shifts his body and counts again.



Kilminster kicks out and Azraith grabs NC-17 immediately from behind, pulls him into a reverse DDT position, and then lifts and DROPS!

Dave Dymond: Spiking reverse DDT and that was a sick impact by Azraith to NC-17.

Other Guy: NC-17 tried to eliminate both Kilminster and Azraith, so Azraith made damn well sure that doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

NC-17 cradles his head while flailing his legs in pain.  Azraith sits up then stands up as he sees Kilminster getting up.  Azraith meets Kilminster head on with a hard punch that sends Kilminster stumbling back. Azraith grabs him by the arm though and whips him into the ropes down ring.  NC-17 rolls out of the way as Kilminster hits the ropes and comes bouncing back, right into the awaiting arms of Azraith. Azraith is about to go for a belly-to-belly when Kilminster FIRES with a face-to-face headbutt!  The fans CRINGE upon witnessing the impact as Azraith lets go and staggers back one way, while Kilminster drops slightly to one knee, clutching his face.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster sacrificing his own body to avoid more serious damage at the hands of Azraith… but he’s getting right back up.

Some of the fans applaud Kilminster’s ability to stand himself up steady after executing the vicious headbutt, and the cut across the bridge of his nose is visual example of the force put into it.  Kilminster charges at Azraith before Azraith can regain his bearings, and being close enough to the ropes, Kilminster drives a running knee shot into Azraith, sending him spilling through the ropes and to the outside.

Kilminster leaves Azraith on the outside and quickly turns to face NC-17. The fans boo loudly as NC-17 has his back to Kilminster and is trying to get himself up to his feet via the ropes.  Kilminster stalks towards NC-17, the fans closest to NC-17 trying to warn him, shout at him, but NC-17 is too groggy.  Kilminster waits and soon NC-17 is up and he turns around only to be JACKED with an elbow strike across the face, then a boot to the gut!

NC-17 doubles over in pain, but tries to stand back up. As he does Kilminster quickly pulls him into a Thai clinch, looking to bring him back down. NC-17 continues to struggle, forcing Kilminster to switch out of the clinch and hook both of NC-17’s arms.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster showing he has COMPLETE control over NC-17 right now, not giving the man an inch to move.

Other Guy: Sometimes the best offense is a good defense or a good defense is a good offense… or somethin’ like that. Whatever the saying is, bottom line, Kilminster keeping NC-17 from attacking is puttin’ him in good position.

Dave Dymond: Azraith back in the ring now though and Kilminster entirely unaware of his presence!

The fans buzz with anticipation as Azraith makes a B-line for Kilminster and immediately grabs him around the waist. Kilminster STILL has NC-17 in a double under hook position as Azraith LIFTS Kilminster with a belly-to-back suplex!  Kilminster is sent up and over, and NC-17 LAUNCHED through the air via a double under hook suplex from Kilminster!

Kilminster crashes down onto the mat, but NC-17 manages to flip his body over and just BARELY land on his feet!

Dave Dymond: Impressive display of balance from NC-17, and what a sight that chain of moves was for our fans here in Anchorage!

Other Guy: Without a DOUBT, Dave.  But this match rests for NO flash photo moment as he comes NC-17!

Azraith is up to his feet and turns just as NC-17 approaches. NC-17 FREEZES though and a look of dread comes over his face as he points out of the ring!  Azraith’s paranoia kicks in and Azraith turns around, half expecting to see someone, but nobody is there.  NC-17 nods his head knowingly and gets closer to Azraith. Azraith turns and NC-17 POKES him in the eyes!!!  The fans cheer and NC-17 doesn’t stop there as he now unleashes with punches to the face alternating with chops to the chest!  Azraith staggers from the shots, but eventually gets his arms out and shoves NC-17 to the mat.

NC-17 falls to the mat but summersaults backwards and springs back up to his feet and CHARGES wildly at Azraith.  Azraith scoops him up though and NC-17 finds himself in a gorilla press position, flailing his arms and legs.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 at Azraith’s mercy now, and that’s not a good thing!

Azraith turns to face the outside while NC-17 continues to flail his body, trying to get down. Eventually he does, right before Azraith can throw him out of the ring.  NC-17 lands on his feet then shoves Azraith in the back, trying to send Azraith over the top rope. Azraith holds onto the top rope though and then FIRES blindly behind him with a wicked elbow.  NC-17 is nailed upside the head and staggers back.  Azraith turns now and follows up with a hard European uppercut that sends NC-17 staggering back even more.  Azraith grabs NC-17 by the arm and turns his body, forcefully whipping NC-17 into the lower left corner of the ring.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 hits hard and down to the mat he goes.  But just as one man is down, another man is up.  Kilminster to his feet, but Azraith still focused on NC-17.

Other Guy: Figure do the damage, get the elimination, and bring this fight to a one on one match.  Course gettin’ to that point is the harder part.

Kilminster LUNGES with a hard forearm shot to Azraith’s back, sending Azraith stumbling forward and NC-17 slides out of the corner, locks his feet around Azraith’s ankle and twists to drop Azraith with an on the spot drop toe hold! Azraith falls face first into the second turnbuckle, landing on his knees and NC-17 scrambles up to his feet quickly as Kilminster comes at him!  NC-17 SPRINGS off the second rope and CONNECTS with a dropkick to Kilminster!

Kilminster staggers back and NC-17 runs to the ropes on the right side of the ring, and with Azraith still in the corner, he bounces off and then runs for a double footed seated dropkick to the back of Azraith’s head, but as he jumps up, Kilminster gets an arm out and CLOTHESLINES NC-17 OUT OF MID-AIR!!!

Other Guy: Holy shit!  What a clothesline!

Dave Dymond: That arm coming out of nowhere, and definitely ruined NC-17’s day!

The fans buzz with shock at the amount of impact the clothesline had. NC-17 writhes on the mat in pain and Kilminster leaves him down and goes for Azraith.  Kilminster pulls Azraith up from behind and SMASHES him down face first into the top turnbuckle.  He does it again, but then Azraith snaps with a back elbow shot that catches Kilminster in the collarbone.  Kilminster pulls back, holding his shoulder area with his one arm in pain.  Azraith turns to face Kilminster and catches him with a quick boot to the gut, doubling Kilminster over in pain.  From there, Azraith quickly scoops Kilminster up, holding him a power slam position on his shoulder, only to turn and GORE Kilminster into the nearby corner!

Azraith turns out of the corner, still holding Kilminster now, and then he SNAPS Kilminster down with a Michinoku Driver!

Dave Dymond: Smirking Revenge, and the cover made!

Other Guy: Could be the first elimination of the match

Kamura drops to the mat and makes the count as NC-17 works his way up to his feet.



THRE… NO! Kilminster shoulders out, staying in the match up.

Dave Dymond: Almost a three count, but Kilminster still in the match, much to Azraith’s disappointment.

Azraith pulls Kilminster up off the mat, apparently looking for a DDT but just as he gets him up, NC-17 recklessly runs and DIVES over Kilminster with a body clothesline to Azraith!  Azraith drops Kilminster as NC-17 collides into him!  NC-17 without a care in the world starts unleashing punches now and Azraith again works on fighting off of him.  Kilminster stirs, trying to get with it, while the fans cheer on NC-17 as he continues to assault Azraith!

Other Guy: NC-17 like a man possessed now, Dave! Didn’t see that happening.

Dave Dymond: He can get loopy and just lose all sight of what’s a smart move, and right now NC-17 has to be running off of pure adrenaline!

NC-17 backs away from Azraith for a moment, only to run right back and CONNECT with a leaping splash. NC-17 immediately turns his body, from standing on the second rope while holding Azraith’s head… and then he LEAPS off with a bulldog take down!  Azraith is planted face first down onto the mat, only for NC-17 to grab him by the arm, and sit him up against the corner.  NC-17 nods his head as he backs away a second time, and meanwhile Kilminster moves to the side, still getting back with it, but he definitely seems more focused now.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 has his target locked, and that target is Azraith DeMitri!

With Azraith groggy in the corner, NC-17 reaches into his pink wrestling tights and pulls out a long rubber condom, novelty size!

Other Guy: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me…

Dave Dymond: Talk about a little bit of insult to injury!

NC-17 tosses the condom out of the ring with a shake of the head and a smile and then he runs full speed at Azraith and connects with an OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC BRONCO BUSTER!!!

Dave Dymond: He calls that the bareback rider and well… make of it what you wi…

Before Dymond can finish, Kilminster storms up behind NC-17 in mid bronco busting and suddenly LIFTS him up and CROTCHES him on the corner post!  NC-17 winces in extreme pain and Kilminster FORCEFULLY pulls NC-17 back, SMASHING the back of his head into Azraith’s face and upper body!

Other Guy: Never seen this before…

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has NC-17 in a tree of woe, while Azraith is sitting directly behind him and now what…

Kilminster backs away from both men, then pulls down the knee pad covering his right knee. There is a sudden mixed reaction from the crowd, some boo Kilminster, while others cheer, excited to see what he’s going to do.  Kilminster slaps his knee once and then RUNS FULL FORCE, SMASHING HIS KNEE INTO NC-17 AND AZRAITH AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Dave Dymond: What a running knee strike, and I think NC-17 took the brunt of the impact, but BOTH Azraith and NC-17 felt it that’s for certain!

NC-17 flips over the rest of the way after the impact, falling down right into Azraith’s lap in a heap.  Kilminster grabs NC-17 by the legs and violently yanks him back. He then flips NC-17 over and drops for a cover, shouting at Kamura to make the count.  Kamura hits the mat…





Dave Dymond: It isn’t over for NC-17 either… he kicked out!

Other Guy: Barely!  How the hell can NC-17 have anything left after eating Kilminster’s knee.

Dave Dymond: No idea, but obviously the man wants this match just as much as Kilminster and Azraith.

The fans continue to cheer as Kilminster looks up and over at Kamura, frustrated beyond belief.  Kamura shows the two count and motions for the match to continue. Kilminster pulls NC-17 right back up to his feet and just WHIPS him across the ring into the upper right corner post. NC-17 hits so hard that he FLIPS over the corner and takes a NASTY SPILL to the outside!

Other Guy: See ya NC-17.

Dave Dymond: Osbourne maybe didn’t officially eliminate him as of yet, but NC-17 has been removed from the ring for the time being, and now Kilminster looking to end this one for Azraith DeMitri.

Kilminster turns his attention to Azraith now, motioning for him to get up out of the corner. Azraith stirs, pulling himself up by the ropes and Kilminster stalks towards him.  Azraith pushes himself out of the corner and SWINGS viciously at Kilminster, connecting with a hard punch. Kilminster takes the shot and delivers a punch back of his own. Azraith with a punch. Kilminster with a punch.





Dave Dymond: And an all out fistfight has erupted between the Ghost and the self-proclaimed god of war!

Other Guy: And it’s either man’s match now, Dave.

The fans buzz with excitement as the punches continue to be thrown, neither Kilminster or Azraith letting up.  Azraith with another punch, then Kilminster, then Azraith, then Kilminster.  Azraith goes for another punch but now Kilminster blocks then throws up a high knee strike to the sternum, then a swift sudden kick to the leg!  Azraith falters but rises back up to his full vertical base with an attempted European uppercut… but Kilminster leans back, avoiding it…

Then pulls Azraith into a Thai clinch and drops to one knee… DRIVING Azraith’s face into his knee!

Dave Dymond: The Wake Up Call out of nowhere… and the cover!

Kamura drops to the mat almost as quick as Azraith fell… and makes the count.




Samantha Coil: Azraith DeMitri has been eliminated!!!

Some of the fans cheer as Kilminster rises to his feet, staring down at Azraith who is laid out at his feet. The cheering suddenly gets louder though as NC-17 slides back into the ring and scrambles up behind Kilminster…. ROLL UP FROM BEHIND!!!

Other Guy: NC-17’s GOT HIM!

Dave Dymond: The count…. Can he pull this off…




Dave Dymond: HE DID IT!!!

The fans burst into wild cheering, a lot of it out of complete shock and surprise!  NC-17 immediately retreats out of the ring as Kilminster is up and stomping his feet in anger and disbelief!  “Feva For the Flavor” begins to play again as NC-17 leans against the barricade with Barbie Keller coming to his side!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match…. NC-17!!!

NC-17 raises his arms up into the air and lets the nearby fans touch him and pat him on the back as he celebrates.

Dave Dymond: Wow, in what some may call an upset victory here tonight, NC-17 pulls off the victory

Other Guy: Just like that too… he picked his spot. Kilminster got caught up in his personal victory just a second too long and as a result, NC-17, the most UNLIKELY of winners here tonight.  I had my money on DeMitri, Dave.

Dave Dymond: But NC-17 the one to pull it off tonight, and wow that’s a momentum builder for you going into a HUGE tournament like that of Master of the Mat!

Kilminster paces in anger inside the ring, irate with the loss as he glares at NC-17, pointing at him, but then turning his focus to the referee, but then back to NC-17… his anger taking its toll.  NC-17 starts to the back now with Barbie at his side, wildly tagging hands with all the fans he passes, completely ECSTATIC about his victory.  Kilminster watches NC-17 leave, while Azraith slowly rolls out of the ring on the other side, holding his face in pain, blood running from his nose.

Other Guy: Oh boy, Azraith busted open from that knee shot of Kilminster’s…

Dave Dymond: And how will that carry over into the Master of the Mat tournament as well. Obviously no friends were made here tonight between DeMitri and Kilminster, and after how this match turned out, I don’t think it would be possible for the two EVER to see eye to eye!

Azraith runs his hand down his face, and looks at the blood now on his hand.  He looks back to the ring, but sees Kilminster’s focus is directly on NC-17 who stands at the entryway now, celebrating more, but now at a much safer distance.  Barbie applauds NC-17, somewhat leading the fans to applaud him as well and NC-17 even takes a bow, a HUGE grin on his face.

Dave Dymond: What a night for NC-17, big time victory, and with this night over and done with, it is official… the Master of the Mat tournament set to begin… one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of professional wrestling….

Barbie suddenly SHRIEKS as both she and NC-17 look to go to the back… only NC-17 FLIES backwards, cracking the back of his head on the stage! Barbie scurries out of the way as Sammy Rochester plows through the back followed immediately by Roland Caldwell and Kenji Yamada… and lastly by Vincent Mallows.

Dave Dymond: What the hell… I thought everyone but Kenji left…. What’s this all about!!!

The fans boo loudly as Roland, Sammy, and Kenji stand around NC-17 and Sammy IMMEDIATELY hoists NC-17 high above his head.  Mallows has a microphone in his right hand already as his wheel chair is positioned next to the happening. Azraith DeMitri and Osbourne Kilminster look on at what’s happening as well, with Azraith looking right at Kenji Yamada and the Iron Fist Championship, while Kilminster just watches the whole scene play itself out.

Vincent Mallows: As of right now, SHOOT Project must understand that Reckoning Day marked the beginning of the end!  There are those who want to make this war… wage a war, attempt to WIN a war.  It will not happen!

The booing continues and Roland shouts out at the crowd to shut their mouths, while Kenji just scoffs at all of them.

Vincent Mallows: Christopher Davis wants to try and bring us down, ruin The Family… Eli Storm wants to continue to try to embarrass us, try to recruit others for this war.  Well please, I IMPLORE all of you…. TAKE NOTICE NOW!  The Master of the Mat tournament begins and I assure each and every single one of you, that where THE DEFILER failed…

Mallows pauses.

Vincent Mallows: The Family will not.

Barbie continues to shriek in terror, as the motionless body of NC-17 is held high above Sammy Rochester’s head.  Roland takes the microphone from Mallows.

Roland Caldwell: NC-17, you tried to embarrass the Family before, you tried to ruin the name of Vincent Mallows.  You did it along side Christopher Davis… you did it along side a man who has started something he won’t be able to stop.  So like it or not, you become our FIRST example!

With that, Roland nods his head and Sammy POWER SLAMS NC-17 down onto the stage!  Roland and Kenji both laugh and Roland’s focus turns to Osbourne Kilminster.

Roland Caldwell: As for you, Osbourne.  Understand that I don’t forgive, and I do not forget.  Thing is, now I have my Family with me.  Now my problems are their problems, my dislikes are THEIR dislikes.

Yamada immediately takes the microphone from Roland and turns his focus towards Azraith DeMitri.

Kenji Yamada: And Azraith!  AZRAITH!  OH, sweet sweet foe of mine.  Good luck in the tournament.  Good luck trying to get through THE MOST DOMINANT force in SHOOT Project!  I intend to finish what was started at Reckoning Day… sooner… or… later!

With that Yamada returns the microphone to Vincent Mallows.

Vincent Mallows: Take notice, SHOOT Project. Because the family that plays together…

Sammy, Roland, and Kenji group around Vincent.

The Family: Stays together!

Mallows forces out a gurgle of a laugh.

Vincent Mallows: And oh how we shall play.

Mallows lays the microphone across his lap and The Family stands there around him in his wheel chair.  The camera cuts from them, to NC-17 laid out, to Azraith DeMitri, to Osbourne Kilminster… and then a final wide shot of the whole scene.

Dave Dymond: We’re out of time, but the warning has been given, and I’m not sure I like the sound of this one bit!

Other Guy: Master of the Mat sure as hell got a lot more heated…

Revolution fades out.