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Revolution: 034 – 6/22/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher as he points to the Revolution Championship fastened around his waist.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”


Osbourne Kilminster strolls right past security at the performer’s entrance of the Thomas and Mack Center, his hair loose and pairing with his blue-tint wrap-around sunglasses hide the majority of his face, but his black T-shirt bears a proud ice-blue ICQB logo which is repeated on his black cargo shorts. His black sandals make very little sound on the polished tile floors as he makes his way backstage through the familiar corridors of the Thomas and Mack Arena.

A confident swagger in his stride, he frowns as a hand is placed on his chest, halting his progress.

Eryk Masters: Osbourne Kilminster, you’re not booked on tonight’s show, right? Why are you here tonight?

Nodding his head, Osbourne grabs Masters’ wirst and pushes the hand away, smirking.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s an important show, and I just wanted to be here to see it.

Eryk Masters: Does this have anything to do with the Master of the Mat matches taking place tonight?

Osbourne Kilminster: It might do.

Masters is a little perturbed by Osbourne’s curtness and lost for words for a moment…

Osbourne Kilminster: Anything else, Eryk, or can I go about my business?

Eryk steps aside and watches Osbourne as he walks past and away down the corridor.


We open up in a darkened room somewhere backstage at The Thomas and Mack arena. The room is pitch black until the camera pans around to one of its four corners. In the corner stands a blonde haired girl wearing a white dress. Her hair perfectly straight. She stands in a stunning white glow of light. Wings stick out seemingly from her back. Her angelic face looks at the camera, her head lowered but her eyes fixed. Her voice soft but mature.

Girl: Look what you have done. Look at the carnage you have created. Are you aware of the wrath you shall face? Are you prepared for the revenge that will be thrust upon you? You have angered an unstable being. You have enraged a sleeping giant.

Her voice as gently as a summer breeze. Her hair glows by the wonderful white light that seems to be cast by her presence.

Girl: A dreadful experience has forced his attention towards your direction. Your actions have been judged. Your actions have disgruntled a higher being. What you have done shall never be forgiven until revenge has been plunged upon you.

The young girl’s perfect blue eyes twinkle. Her white dress reflecting light towards the lens of the camera.

Girl: You may believe that you have been victorious in hurting the beast. You may believe that because you have numbers on your side that you have the upper hand. What you lack is the heavens. What you lack is the belief. What you lack is the conviction. What you shall receive is the wrath of the heavens. What you shall receive is the wrath of a beast sent by God. You will need all the protection, all the numbers, you can muster.

The girl blinks a few times. Draws breath and then continues.

Girl: Do you believe in angels?

The light behind the girl flickers again and again. As the light flits from on then off we are greeted by an outline for a large man sitting with his arms around his legs, rocking backwards and forwards. The light eventually stops flickering and finally goes out. The camera keeps the pitch black image before we finally go back to the SHOOT Project action.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is a Master of the Mat qualifying match, and is for the REVOLUUUUUTIONNN CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd pops at the mention of Master of the Mat, but instantly change their tune as "Money Talks" by AC/DC begins to play and the pompous Arion Catcher appears at the top of the ramp with his championship belt on his shoulder. As he starts to trek down the ramp he stops to high-five a fan, but pulls his hand away at the last second, mouthing something along the lines of, "I’m Arion Catcher! Are you kiddin’ me?" The crowd boos him even louder as he reaches the steel steps, pausing to turn around and soak in the reaction.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Long Island, New York and weighing in at 165 pounds…he is THE REVOLUTION CHAMPION…ARION! CAAAAATCHEEER!

The boos get louder as he walks along the apron, running his hand down the ropes. He poses with his belt held high over his head, before he swings his head under the rope and walks to the other corner, flaunting his championship gold in the fans’ faces.

Dave Dymond: Over the last couple of weeks Catcher has begun to get more and more confident to the point where it’s become a fault. He’s now gotten the attention of Sean Boden, and in a few minutes he’s about to take on the dirty Rat Bastard, a monster who is quite capable of dismantling Arion into a thousand pieces. Maybe it’s not my place to say, but do you think this attitude is finally gonna come back to haunt him tonight?

OG: That all depends on whether Gutter Rat is able to step his game up this week. Although he beat Tom Quinn senseless, and he came away with a DQ decision against NC-17…that match didn’t exactly showcase his ability, and losing to Crush Heart a week prior to that didn’t do him any favors either. Personally, I think Catcher’s got a reason to act the way he has. He’s thoroughly dominated the competition here in SHOOT, something we can’t really say for his opponent.

Samantha Coil: AND the challenger….fighting out of parts unknown and weighing in at 285 pounds…accompanied by BIIIG Ed JOOOOHNSOOON! You LOVE to hate him….GUTTER RAT!

If the crowd had a negative reaction for Arion Catcher, they’re absolutely LIVID with Gutter Rat, who steps out on to the top ramp amidst Marilyn Manson’s "mOBSCENE", Big Ed Johnson right behind him with his trademark hat and ponytail. The two start making their way down the ramp when Big Ed suddenly jerks a sign out of a fan’s hand, tearing it in two. Gutter Rat looks back but only for a second; he’s largely disinterested with his manager’s antics. He continues on down to the ring, Johnson scurrying to match his pace now, and he climbs the steel steps, his cold eyes glaring out from behind the mask at Arion. The Revolution Champion, who’s handing his belt to referee Austin Linam, doesn’t look as confident as he did a minute ago. His eyes are wide and his face very serious. This is definitely going to be a match.

Dave Dymond: Hate him or…well, hate him, there’s no denying that Gutter Rat has a certain presence about him. Arion’s gotta be rethinking some of those things he said about Johnson earlier this week.

OG: Nah. He knows what he’s doing. Besides, he’s right. Ed Johnson IS a coward. He’s an obnoxious, overweight, balding, smelly piece of–oh hey Ed, nice to see you again!

The camera gets a shot of Ed Johnson moving around the announcer’s table and putting on a headset. He sits uncomfortably close to OG and even goes as far as to wrap an arm around his shoulder.

Big Ed Johnson: I lova ya too, ya miserable little peon, you. But I’m here to do a job, OG, not to rub pricks with the two stooges, so can we get a little more professional over here? Please?

Dave Dymond: I thought there were three stooges.

Big Ed Johnson: There are. Gutter Rat’s staring down the ring at him.

Gutter Rat swings leg by leg over the top rope and starts stalking towards Catcher until Austin Linam steps in his way, redirecting him to his corner. Initially sobered with the appearance of his opponent, Catcher goes right back to his cocky ways, shaking his head and pointing a hand at the monster mouthing, "What’s this guy supposed to be?" He claps his hands and applies them to his knees, leaning forward to signify he’s ready for the match. Gutter Rat just stands on the opposite side, breathing heavily and cracking his knuckles. Austin Linam checks with both of them before he waves his hand for the bell, and the match begins.

Arion goes to circle Gutter Rat, trying to find the best way through his defenses, but the Rat Bastard doesn’t even give him the time of day. He plows forward, quick to dispose of the formalities when he grabs Arion by the throat and pushes him all the way into a turnbuckle. He locks on with both hands and begins to physically strangle Catcher, prompting Linam to start a five count.






Gutter Rat lets go at the last possible second, grabbing Arion’s arm and Irish whipping him into the opposite corner. He follows up with a big body smash, sending Arion, who’s still holding his neck, to the mat on all fours. Rat stomps away from Catcher’s body, glaring at the booing fans, before turning back around and grabbing Arion up by his head. He scoops him and spins him around, nailing a HUGE sidewalk slam that sends both men crashing to the mat. Not wasting any time, he goes for the cover.



KICKOUT! Hardly surprised that Arion managed to kickout, Gutter Rat gets back up again and yanks the groggy Catcher to his feet. He lifts up from under his legs so Catcher is lying horizontally across his body, then hits a mean fall-away-slam. Catcher rolls across the ring and right out the other side, grabbing the apron to keep his present footing.

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat showing us that he did not come here to play games tonight.

Big Ed Johnson: Of course he did! He’s gonna play basketball with Catcher’s head! Haha!

OG: Why don’t we play a game, Ed? Hide-and-seek. You go hide and me and Dave’ll come find you. I promise.

As Arion walks around the ring trying to regain his bearings, Gutter Rat slides out and starts to follow him around, prompting Linam to restart the count-out. Gutter Rat grabs him from behind and Irish whips him into the steel steps, sending Catcher flying over them and onto his back. Still, he knows he’s in trouble if he doesn’t stay on his toes, so he stirs to pretty quickly, sliding back into the ring with a hand placed on his back. Gutter Rat also slides back in and meets the stumbling Arion, grabbing him by his arm and Irish whipping him again, this time into the ropes. On the rebound Rat lowers his head for a big back body drop, but Arion surprises us all by flipping over him and grabbing his head, bringing him down into a neckbreaker! Catcher scrambles for the pin, and Linam drops to his knees.


KICKOUT! Gutter Rat tosses Arion’s body right off of his own, sitting up and blinking at the surprise offense. Arion practically jumps to his feet and hits the ropes, nailing a dropkick on the Rat Bastard’s head on the rebound. Gutter Rat slumps over to the side instead of to the mat, slapping his hand to the ground in frustration and getting to his feet to meet Catcher. The young superstar is waiting for him and hits him with a standing dropkick, sending the big monster over the top of the ropes. After doing so he spins back around, arms extended to accept applause. The crowd instead showers him with boos. As GR comes to outside, and as Linam extends the count to three, Catcher uses a running start to propel himself over the ropes and into the arms of Gutter Rat, sending them both to the ground! The crowd pops at the gutsy move!

Dave Dymond: What a big move by Catcher! Things started out a little rough, but it looks as if he’s back on track now!

OG: Definitely, Dave. And hey, that’s why he’s the Revolution Champ…you don’t get to hold that belt without possessing some kind of athletic prowess.

Big Ed Johnson: I guess that’ll make Gutter Rat the first of his kind!

Dave Dymond: You’re admitting that the Rat Bastard isn’t very athletic?

Big Ed Johnson: Dave, you don’t need athleticism when you’re pissed at the world.

It takes a little bit before either one of them start to recover, but eventually Arion grabs the barricade and gets to his feet, yanking himself up on the apron and climbing back into the ring. Gutter Rat, though a little groggier, is not far behind, sliding in under the bottom rope. Arion stomps on his head as he does so, taking this opportunity to get on his game. He stomps again and again before he reaches under the Rat’s arms and tries with a good degree of difficulty to lift the much heavier opponent to his feet. He manages to do it but not without realizing Gutter Rat’s not so groggy anymore. The big man uses one of his heavy, tattooed arms to push Catcher to the mat by his FACE, a clear display of the kind of power the Rat Bastard possesses. Arion tumbles into the corner and goes to get up immediately, but Gutter Rat stomps him into the turnbuckle, following up by choking Catcher with his boot. Linam starts a five count.





Gutter Rat removes his foot, opting to grab Catcher by his throat again and LIFT him up to the top turnbuckle. Once Catcher’s seated he pulls him up onto his arms for a gorilla press slam, but gets caught TOTALLY off guard when Catcher slips out and falls behind Rat, spinning the big man around and kicking him in the gut! He bounces off the ropes and hits a scissors kick, sending Gutter Rat crashing to the mat. Quickly he rolls the big man over and pins him; Linam slides to his knees again.



KICKOUT! Catcher slaps the mat in frustration and immediately thereafter heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top rope. He awaits for Gutter Rat to get to his feet, then leaps off the top rope, intending for a flying elbow smash–but instead gets caught in chokeslam position! Catcher shakes his head vehemontly, begging Rat not to do it, but he doesn’t even stop to think about it! He lifts Arion high in the air and slams him to the mat with authority, causing an uproar of boos from the crowd. Instead of going for the pin the big man stomps across the ring, beating his chest and roaring. Garbage starts to pelt the outside mat. Slowly Catcher tries to push himself up, but Gutter Rat sees it out of the corner of his eye and nails him with a running Curb Stomp that MASHES Arion’s nose straight into the mat.

Dave Dymond: And folks, if I’m not mistaken, it appears that Arion Catcher’s nose has been busted open with that curb stomp…

Big Ed Johnson: Uh oh! The Rat Bastard’s like a shark, Dave…when he smells blood IT’S OVER.

OG: Well I hope it’s not that time of the month for any of our lady fans in the front row…

Big Ed Johnson: You could use a tampon change yourself, you uppity woman.

Rolling Catcher over on his back, Gutter Rat goes for the pin, and Austin Linam drops to the mat for the count.




SHOULDER! Rat props himself up and throws his hair out of the way of his vision. He glares at Linam, then grabs Arion and starts to gather him into a standing position. Out of NO WHERE Catcher hits a lowblow, desperately trying to find a way to buy him some time. Rat lurches forward, grabbing his balls, and the bloodied Arion headbutts him! Linam steps in and warns him against using illegal manuevers, but Catcher pushes him out of the way, now standing wobblely on his feet. He pokes Gutter Rat in the eyes, sending the monster reeling and screaming in agony. Catcher advances on him but gets surprised when Rat uses an illegal move of his own! He grabs Catcher’s hair, which has been getting longer as of late, and flips him over with it using both arms. He then drops down, placing his knee on Arion’s neck. He pushes with all his strength as the referee starts ANOTHER five count.





The Rat Bastard releases and walks over to the corner, undressing one of the turnbuckles. He then walks back over to where Catcher lays, gets him to his feet, and Irish whips him into the exposed steel despite very irate protesting from Austin Linam! Gutter Rat stalks over and climbs to the second rope, where he starts to pound Catcher’s face to the counting of the crowd.









He stops pounding as Linam grabs him off of Catcher’s body, repremanding him for nailing Catcher’s face with his bare fist. The monster just stares blankly at Linam as Catcher moans to life.

Dave Dymond: I don’t believe it! These two guys are using every illegal hold and blow in their arsenal!

Big Ed Johnson: Hey now! Catcher started it! You touch another man’s balls and you’re just asking for it!

OG: Is that what he does to you when you touch his balls?

Big Ed Johnson: No, that’s what he’s gonna do to you as soon as this match is over!

Gutter Rat walks over to where Catcher is slumped in the turnbuckle, grabs him by his arm, and throws him into a hip toss. Catcher sits up holding his back in pain, before he slumps to the mat and tries to roll out of the ring again. Gutter Rat doesn’t let him; he grabs Catcher by his hair and yanks him back in, Irish whipping him AGAIN into the exposed turnbuckle. He runs, fully intending for a spear, but Catcher clears the corner and causes Rat to slam his shoulder into the steel post. The big man stumbles back, holding his aching body part in pain, turns around, and walks RIGHT INTO a desperation bicycle kick! He hits the mat! Arion slumps to the floor, wiping blood from his nose. He’s struggling to find the energy to finish this one. Gradually he makes his way over to that turnbuckle, stumbling and wincing in pain. He climbs the first rope. He climbs the second rope. He’s on the third! He’s signalling for the Dream Ender! The crowd isn’t sure whether to cheer or boo, but they’re definitely buzzing! He moonsaults! DREAM ENDER! BUT GUTTER RAT MOVES!

Big Ed Johnson: Look before ya leap…DUMBASS. Ahahaha!

The crowd boos as Arion Catcher’s moonsault legdrop misses, but something isn’t right. Catcher lands awkwardly on his leg, and grabs it, screaming out in pain. He rolls around the mat as Gutter Rat gets to his feet, waiting for Catcher to do the same. Linam tries to converse with Catcher but he shakes his head. He doesn’t wanna talk.

Dave Dymond: And…I’m not sure folks, but I think…I think Catcher injured himself on that move. He looks to be in a lot of pain.

OG: He definitely didn’t land right on that leg, Dave. He might’ve pulled something, I dunno.

Big Ed Johnson: Boo hoo! Time for the dirty Rat Bastard to put ‘im down! Haha!

Catcher hobbles to his feet, obviously fighting back tears and just trying to finish the match. He turns around, hopping on one foot…SIN CITY TRAIN WRECK! Gutter Rat ABSOLUTELY flattens him with a HUGE spear, and the crowd goes up in monstrous disapproval! He lies over top of Catcher for the pin!




DING! DING! DING! He’s done it! The Rat Bastard’s done it! The camera switches to a view of Big Ed Johnson, who’s tearing off his headset and racing out from behind the announcer’s table. He runs up the steel steps and gets in the ring as Austin Linam retrieves the Revolution Championship from the timekeeper. The referee brings it over to Gutter Rat and lifts the monsters arm in the air, the audience thundering with boos. Catcher’s still lying on the mat, holding his leg in pain. A SHOOT official is talking to him from ringside, and a medic runs out and down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner! MOVING ON in Master of the Mat….and your NEW….REVOLUUUUUTION CHAMPION! GUTTER RAT!

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, in what some may consider a surprise turn of events and what others may call an act of fate…Gutter Rat has been crowned our NEW Revolution Champion. Any thoughts, OG?

OG: Yeah. I’m just glad that sleazeball sports agent ain’t sitting next to us anymore. We really need to have a talk with Mr. Johnson about him sitting at our table…I mean, it’s bad for my health.

Dave Dymond: About the match, OG.

OG: Oh. Well, look…we all knew Gutter Rat wasn’t a slouch. He did what he’s billed to do—destroy the opposition. Am I surprised? Sure. This is a guy who beat JONNY JOHNSON…this was somebody who did NOT have a high number in that loss column. When you can come into SHOOT and dominate the competition like he did, you expect big things out of him. Today, Gutter Rat was the better man. Er, monster.

Dave Dymond: Well, I’m definitely not going to take anything away from the big man. He just took a top caliber athlete and turned him into fish food, OG. This is a HUGE win for him, and whoever comes out of Seventeen vs. King…well, they’re going to have their hands full. At any rate I—what the hell?

The crowd starts to buzz as Gutter Rat yanks his hand away from Linam. He swings the championship over his shoulder and stalks over to where medics are attending to Arion Catcher. He jumps like he’s going to attack them and they clear out of the ring. Catcher pushes himself backwards on his rear, begging Rat to leave him alone. The Rat Bastard isn’t listening though. He slides out of the ring, then pulls Catcher out after him. He throws the crippled SHOOT superstar over one shoulder and begins going up the ramp, followed by a wickedly smiling Ed Johnson. Catcher’s screaming for help, but nobody’s doing anything.

Dave Dymond: What—where is he going?

OG: This is an outrage! Catcher needs medical attention!

Gutter Rat continues up the ramp till he reaches the top. He turns around, glaring at the booing audience, and Big Ed Johnson lets out this huge, bellowing laugh. Then, with Catcher still screaming for help, the three of them disappear behind the curtain, leaving it up to the imagination of the fans as to what happens to him. Dave and OG are still in a lot of shock.

Dave Dymond: And–I’m not sure what’s going on, but I hope that–well, that Catcher’s alright. I don’t like this one bit, OG.

OG: Neither do I.

There’s an awkward silence between the two, before Dave finally speaks up again, his voice somewhat somber.

Dave Dymond: Well, there’s still a lot of action left to take place. An exciting first bout no doubt, but we’ve got a lot more for you coming up next! Due up! Kenji Yamada puts his Iron Fist Title on the line against ANOTHER member of The House…Sinnocence!

OG: And later on Corazon takes on Christopher Davis in a main event for the ages!

Dave Dymond: A lot of action coming your way! So stay tuned!

Backstage, in the TRES BIEN locker room there is a rather unique set up. Five gigantic stage lights hang from the ceiling of the locker room, a small metallic stage is propped up about a foot off the ground and on top of this…unique…"stage" stands Maya in the very front with a microphone stand. He is wearing a skin tight latex shit with no sleeves and a baggy pair of white jeans with various keychains and knick knacks hanging from them. Shinya, to the right and behind Maya, has his trademark black guitar with pink glittered linings at the ready. He is wearing a similar outfit to Maya except his shirt his a light pink latex. Behind them…is CBP at the drums.

Maya: Are you guys ready for this? Start the count CBP!

CBP: Ready to ROOOOCK!!

CBP holds out his hands, very dramatically, before lifting up the drum sticks, which, yes, if you look closely, seem to have bite marks. CBP begins to click them together, the rhythm being quite terrible.

CBP: 5 8 1 12!

CBP begins to drum out a diddy that is….horrific at best. He isn’t really drumming, so much as beating the ever loving daylights out of the drumset. The bass hits at the most awkward times, there are WAY too many cymbal crashes, and everything else is….awful. Except the triangle. The triangle sounds okay.

Shinya and Maya don’t even start…Maya turns around to look at CBP decimating the poor drums and Shinya’s jaw looked like it was about to fall off. Maya sort of half runs and half skips to CBP’s side and grabs the drum sticks and starts to caress the top of the drums.

Maya: Wait, wait, wait! I think you’re hurting the drums…it sounds like they’re crying! Poor little drums…they never hurt anyone like that.

Shinya could be heard giggling about the comments Maya made.

Shinya: CBP…are you, I dunno, a little out of practice?

CBP: Out of practice!? Guys, that was a GREAT cut. I mean, that could have been a solid gold record!

Maya and Shinya shoot each other the same troubled look.

Maya: Ummm…CBP…there wasn’t a single solid note in there. Although, your triangle work was descent, I have to admit. But everything else you were…umm…

Shinya: A mess…

CBP looks utterly shocked. He seems to honestly believe that he’s pretty awesome.

CBP: Look look look, I don’t know how they do things over in…Europe?  You guys are from Europe, right? Anyway, doesn’t matter. Over there, sure, that might have been a complete mess. But THIS! This was solid American Post-Hardcore Punk Experimental Grindcore Trance DRUMMING!

Shinya and Maya look at each other with a confused look. Maya seemed to wonder what it was and Shinya just shrugged because he couldn’t remember the entire name of the style CBP just said.

Shinya: But…it sounded like you were murdering a goat.

Maya: Poor little goat…

CBP: Exactly! It’s like an invocation to the Gods of Music!! You have to sacrifice something. Like a goat. That’s how you make solid gold records here in America.

CBP stands up and strikes an heroic pose. A large American flag suddenly falls from behind the lights on the stage, hanging high and proud, displaying it’s colors. CBP looks at the confused Maya and Shinya.

CBP: Why, yes, I did set that up for just such an occassion.

Maya look surprised when he first sees the flag fall from out of nowhere, and Shinya has an equally surprised look on his face. Shinya and Maya huddle together for a mini-chat.

Shinya: His drumming his terrible, Maya, I don’t care if thats America style…it was like he was killing a small woodland creature with a blowtorch.

Maya: Poor woodland creature…but still, maybe his American drumming is just what we need! If this is what Americans like then we can fuse the passion of Japan with the…umm…stylings, I guess, of American drumming! We’ll be unrivaled with our fusion of countries.

Shinya cringes and waves to CBP…

Shinya: Well then…let’s take it from the top…


Shinya’s head drops as he starts playing his guitar as loud as he can in hopes to drown out CBP’s drumming and Maya had turned up his mic with the same thoughts as TRES BIEN and CBP "jammed" out. The scene fades out.


The scene unfolds unto a seemingly endless expanse of white. As your eyes adjust you can faintly discern the existence of floor and ceiling. All is silent in this void. You wait and begin to wonder just what is about to transpire. Then a smooth bass voice carries to your sensory-deprived ears, instantly grabbing you attention as a welcome diversion from the emptiness.

"Hello, you do not know me. If you believe you do then your expectations are about to be shattered. However, I do know you. No, not personally, not most of you at least. I do not want to. I do not need to. However, I have been watching. I have been studying. I have been waiting, biding my time to strike."

"That time has now come."

There is a sensation of motion. Traveling forward through this vacant landscape you can just make out a dark silhouette in the distance. Perhaps this is the unidentified speaker.

"As I watched the SHOOT Project during my self-imposed exile from this industry… this world… of professional wrestling, I have witnessed many things. Claims have been made that should never have been stated. Actions have occured that prove truly that fools rush in where angles fear to tread. Reputations have been made and slain, and history has been made."

"And now it is time for me to return and set the record straight, to settle old scores… and to prove my dominance once again."

The figure grows in size as you approach, a trick of perspective. You return your attention to the person before you, realizing just how large this man is, a mere three inches short of seven feet tall. Although his back is to you, you can tell that he possesses an athletic physique. It is not the overinflated musculature of a power lifter but the sleek defined build of a martial artist, a physique gained through hard work rather than the abuse of pharmaceuticals.

"As you can tell by my stature and physique I am larger and stronger than most men. A status that is quite common among you soldiers. What is not as common, however, is that I possess speed and agility that is nearly unheard of for a normal man let alone one my size. I match this physical ability with intelligence and skill. I have studied many different martial arts from across the globe, holding master rank in most of them. I have fought professionally for over ten years now, ever since I was a teenager. I have battled my way to victory in martial arts tournaments, whether it be mat or cage fighting, across the world and have become one of the most feared men in the MMA world."

"This is not MMA, however, even if those skills will be of use. This is professional wrestling, an area in which I have left an even greater mark. I have fought in wrestling rings throughout Japan, Europe, Mexico, and the independent circuit in North America. In each and every one of these places I have risen to become a champion, risen to become the very best. I have become a champion in pure wrestling and hardcore fighting. I have forced a man to retire in the ring, and I have ended another man’s life there."

The camera slowly travels up from the floor, allowing you to take in the details of his attire: black wrestling boots and black martial arts pants with blue and white flames along the outer sides of the lower legs. His coppery tanned upper body is bare, save for the tattoo of an Asian dragon winding across his back and the black tape bound around his wrists and fingers. His shoulders shake as he chuckles disparagingly.

"What’s that you say? SHOOT Project is unlike anywhere else so none of that matters, none of that counts? You should shut your mouth before you humiliate yourself even further with your ignorance. It is exactly because of the intensity of competition that SHOOT Project offers that I am here, for I am a fighter like none other. I am a real warrior. I have fought in every type of match imaginable. SHOOT Project is the perfect battleground for a man such as myself, one that shall be littered with the bodies of my fallen opponents."

"If you find this to be mere bravado and overconfidence then just wait and see."

"Just remember, as you stand on the outside looking in, much as you have done thoughout your entire life, I told you so."

{:The camera slowly travels up from the floor, allowing you to take in the details of his attire: black wrestling boots and black martial arts pants with blue and white flames along the outer sides of the lower legs. His coppery tanned upper body is bare, save for the tattoo of an Asian dragon winding across his back and the black tape bound around his wrists and fingers. His shoulders shake as he chuckles disparagingly.:}

"Of course you are now likely saying that I am merely boasting, trying to intimidate my competition. You believe I am full of crap. You also likely think the earth is flat because you are obviously clueless fools. All I have said is mere fact. I have no need to boast. My actions will speak for themselves. It is my dominance in the ring that will intimidate you."

"Don’t believe me? I invite you to prove me otherwise. I encourage you. I implore you to try and stop me. You won’t. You can’t."

{:You move around him to gain a glimpse of his features. His head is bowed, his long hair concealing his features. Then he raises his head to regard you. A strikingly handsome man, his lips are curled in an amused smirk. His eyes, however, are burning coldly with intense determination.:}

"Who am I? I am Jonathon Wehali, the man they call Nightmare."

"But you can call me the future of the SHOOT Project."

"The world you once knew is over. Welcome to my world. It is a fate from which… there is no escape."


Backstage, Kenji is seen in his locker room taping up his wrists, the Iron Fist Championship sits next to him. After his hands are tapped he begins to stretch his hands, arms, and legs. His eyes are closed as he starts to focus on the task at hand, but Kenji’s focus is quickly interrupted as the door opens and in walks Roland Caldwell. His demeanor is slightly aggravated.  For a moment neither Yamada nor Caldwell says a word. Caldwell leans against the nearest wall, arms crossed.

Roland Caldwell: What do you want, Kenji?  You wanted to talk, had something so urgent that you felt the need to leave me a message?  Well what is it? Have something snappy to say about the loss to Sinnocence and how you’re going to go out there and mess her up? Or maybe you think that just because you MIGHT beat Sinnocence that you have a chance to take my spot in the Family…that somehow you’ll jump the totem pole and…

Kenji Yamada: You’re my older Brother, alright!

Roland just stands there, somewhat in a state of disbelief… his once crossed arms drop right down to his sides and his face tells the whole story. His mouth is gaping wide and his eyes seem to be looking for an answer in the words that were just spoken.

Roland Caldwell: What…did you just say?

Kenji grabs the Iron Fist Championship and whips it over his shoulder. He walks right up to Roland, now standing right in front of him, looking up slightly to meet Roland’s eyes.

Kenji Yamada: Listen, I’m not going to say it again after this; you’re my older brother. I’ve been having these dreams…these dreams where I’m in this grassy field with a tall oak tree. The first time it was my mother, she told me not to hate my older brother and then her face turned into Mallows’s and HE told me that Roland Caldwell was my older brother. The second time it was my son…he said the same thing and his face turned into Mallows’s face as well. I don’t know what to believe most of the time and most of the time I’m seeing shit that isn’t there. But these dreams…something about them. Look, you lost to Sinnocence and Eli…shit happens, but we’re…

Kenji clenches the Iron Fist Championship tightly; it was easy to see that Kenji is straining to say this. He makes a slight clicking sound with his teeth and looks at the wall behind Roland.

Kenji Yamada: We’re Family…we stick together…right?

Roland looked more startled than he did before as Kenji spoke.

Roland Caldwell: Right…I’m glad you think that.

Kenji looks to leave the room, but stops, turning back to Roland.

Kenji Yamada: If you make me regret saying that…God help you.

Roland nods.

Roland Caldwell: And don’t make me regret believing you’ll make good on your words tonight.

Yamada says nothing and leaves the locker room, passing by Roland completely. As he passes there is sort of an eerie smile on his face. It is hard to tell if it is a relieved smile or just the typical sadistic smile a man of Kenji’s nature would have before an Iron Fist Championship Match. As Yamada makes his way down the hall, Vincent Mallows, Sammy Rochester, and Kid One and Kid Two are seen approaching.  Yamada stands in front of them.

Vincent Mallows: Make The House come to realize who, in fact, they have found themselves dealing with. Make them understand that we are not the men to make examples of… but the men who MAKE the examples.

Yamada nods his head.

Kenji Yamada: Not a problem.  I’ll… I’ll make the Family proud.  Yet again.

With that Yamada continues walking, leaving Mallows, Kid One and Kid Two, and Sammy Rochester just outside the Family’s locker room.

Sammy Rochester: Are we going to huff and puff and blow the House down, wise man?  Mikey says its like in the story, the Three little pigs.  Are we going to stick the piggies, Vincent? Huh?

The childlike innocence in Sammy Rochester seems to be replaced by a growing anger and rage.

Sammy Rochester: Are we going to MAKE THEM FUCKING BLEED like STUCK PIGS!  MAKE THE HOUSE FALL!?

Mallows places his right hand to Sammy’s arm, his touch attempting to calm him down.  Sammy breathes heavily and Kid One and Kid Two cower away, slightly concerned for their own well being.

Vincent Mallows: If need be, Sammy, yes. But for now you must understand, you and Mikey both, that we cannot make great strides by concerning ourselves with lesser individuals.

Sammy has since calmed down, but he seems somewhat saddened by Vincent’s words.  Vincent laughs, or at least attempts it, but it sounds more like a gargle than anything else.

Vincent Mallows: Of course if The House attempts anything, if Big Ed Johnson proves he is not as smart as he claims to be, then trust that we’ll do something. Trust, Sammy, that a man like Crush Heart will be the LEAST of their concerns.

Sammy Rochester: And then we can make them bleed like pigs?  Can we?

Mallows continues to move forward in his wheel chair now, with Sammy following, and Kid One and Kid Two following behind him.

Vincent Mallows: If that should happen, then yes… we can… we shall.

Sammy claps his hands with joy and steps forward to open the door to the Family’s locker room.  The rest of the group enters, hoping to enjoy a Kenji Yamada victory from the comfort of the room.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Kenji Yamada one on one with Sinnocence for the Iron Fist Championship NEXT as the Master of the Mat tournament continues!



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a round one Master of the Mat tournament match… and will be for the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

There is a general pop of interest from the more than sold out Las Vegas crowd.

Dave Dymond: Who do you root for in this one, Other Guy?  The woman who cheated to get here in the first place, or the deranged lunatic threatening to turn her into a blood covered “work of art”

Other Guy: Like any male obviously I don’t want to see a hot woman get smashed up, BUT I also value my own life, and sayin anything against Kenji could bring the wrath of The Family down on me.

“Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry begins to play now and the Revolution video screen shows clips of The House, focusing on Sinnocence. The clips shown are in complete contrast of one another, from Sinnocence dancing suggestively, to Sinnocence competing in the ring.  As Sinnocence steps out from the back, joined by Joyce McGuire, the fans actually cheer a little bit, with the male fan base more or less hollering and cat calling.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence receiving quite the Vegas reaction tonight, though I’m not sure those cheers are out of respect, but more so due to the fact that she’s wearing a tight red and black leather body suit.

Other Guy: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

Dave Dymond: Thanks for your additional thoughts, Other Guy. I value them a great deal.  But one woman who doesn’t really value what ANYONE thinks is that leather clad sneak who shocked the world when she defeated Roland Caldwell last week.  Since then she hasn’t had much to say, and seems unconcerned about Kenji Yamada overall.  That might be her biggest mistake before she even steps foot in the ring.

Sinnocence stops mid way in her walk to the ring and seductively blows a kiss out to the audience. Again the fans actually cheer.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, weighing in at 160 pounds, she is one member of The House and is accompanied to the ring by Joyce McGuire… here is Sinnocence!!!

Sinnocence walks the rest of the way to the ring now, while Joyce stays on the outside.

Dave Dymond: Already you think about last week, seeing Sinnocence’s manager at ringside, and you have to question the numbers game.  It’s two on one as is, unless Kenji Yamada brings his Family to the ring.

Other Guy: And even if he doesn’t, this one could still break down into Family versus the House tonight, Dave.  Because no matter what they’ve patched up or how quickly they’ve moved forward, The Family can’t be happy or willin’ to let Roland’s loss just slide.

Dave Dymond: There will be hell to pay for sure for The House, the question is… when and where?  Could be sometime tonight, sometime next week….

Sinnocence’s music abruptly is replaced by “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC and the once cheering and hollering males are replaced by the echo of loud booing.  The Revolution video screen shows The Family portrait with a slow zoom on Kenji Yamada’s face, it focuses on one of his eyes and then the screen bursts into violent clips of Kenji Yamada in action.

Dave Dymond: Or it could happen right here and right now!

Samantha Coil: And her opponent…

Kenji Yamada walks quickly out from the back, stops with planted feet, leans back and SCREAMS out something in Japanese.  He then stands straight back up and pats the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship fastened around his waist.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 190 pounds. He is one member of The Family and the current defending SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… here is KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada walks to the ring, eyes fixated on Sinnocence. Joyce scurries out of the way, not wanting to be anywhere near Yamada.  Yamada stomps up the steps, stops again and now shouts directly at Sinnocence in Japanese.  He then snarls and enters the ring through the middle and top rope. He stands in the corner and removes the Iron Fist Championship from around his waist, quickly handing it off to referee Dennis Heflin.  Heflin raises it above his head for all to see.

Dave Dymond: The Iron Fist Championship on the line tonight, making this one a much more difficult match for Sinnocence to cheat her way through.

Other Guy: No doubt. There can be no quick roll ups or distractions, she’s gotta be able to knock out Kenji Yamada for ten seconds… not an easy task.

Dave Dymond: Not in the slightest.  Regardless, Sinnocence doesn’t look to be un-nerved here and you have got to admire her confidence, but is she bordering on cockiness tonight against a man who has a history of violence, of pain, and of stopping at nothing until he wins. We find out the second that bell rings.

Heflin passes the Iron Fist Championship title off to Samantha Coil who takes it out of the ring with her.  The referee checks the scene quickly once, speaking a few words to Sinnocence and then to Yamada.  Heflin then turns his body, signals to Mark Kendrick at ringside and the bell sounds.  Kenji Yamada storms out of his corner, but stops about the middle of the ring, changing up the speed of his walk dramatically. Sinnocence takes a more defensive stance at first, but seeing Yamada not charging in, she goes on the aggressive, attempting to catch Sinnocence off guard.

Yamada swats Sinnocence to the side and turns to quickly drill a hard forearm shot to the back of the head. Sinnocence falls to her knees and palms immediately but as Yamada comes towards her she kicks her one foot back, catching Yamada in the gut. Yamada stumbles back and Sinnocence pushes off her hands, turning with a slight jump… only for Yamada to CLOTHESLINE HER out of mid-air!

Dave Dymond: Powerful clothesline by Yamada and once again Sinnocence on the mat, this time on her back.

Other Guy: First hands and knees, then on her back, gotta imagine these are positions Sinnocence are used to.

Dave Dymond: Real classy, O.G.

Other Guy: Hey facts are facts, Dave.

Sinnocence writhes on the mat, cradling her head between her arms and Yamada grabs Sinnocence by the right arm and violently yanks her up to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Sinnocence comes bouncing back and Yamada lunges to the side, plants his left foot and the swings his right foot up with a VICIOUS side toe kick right into Sinnocence’s face!  She goes down hard!

Dave Dymond: That could be a knock out shot right there… and Yamada thinks so too!

The fans buzz in reaction to the impact of the kick and referee Dennis Heflin starts to count.  Outside the ring, Joyce McGuire shouts loudly for Sinnocence to get up.





Sinnocence rolls over on her stomach, clutching at her face, but still isn’t up to her feet.


Other Guy: There’s movement, Dave, so looks like Sinnocence is gonna try to get right back into this.

Dave Dymond: If she can answer the remaining five count.


Sinnocence gets up to one knee and she pulls her hand away from her face… no blood.  She lets out a slight sigh before standing all the way up, but Yamada right there. Yamada spins her around just as Heflin motions for the match to continue.  Again Sinnocence is whipped into the ropes, but this time she hooks her arms, stopping her momentum.  Yamada doesn’t charge at her though, instead he taunts her by raising one arm up into the air.

Dave Dymond: Yamada looking to get inside Sinnocence’s head now, challenging her to a test of strength, or what they called it at the school yard, good old fashioned mercy.

Some of the fans urge Sinnocence to accept the challenge, but mostly the fans respond with a chorus of boos. Sinnocence walks away from the rope and towards Yamada.  Cautiously she raises one arm as she slowly moves in towards Yamada. Yamada nods his head, a demented smile on his face, but just as she is about to step in close enough, Joyce McGuire LEAPS up onto the ring edge shouting loudly.  The referee turns in her direction and Yamada turns, looking to see what is happening behind him…

Off guard and vulnerable, Sinnocence pulls her leg back, winds up… and DELIVERS A LOW BLOW KICK…

But Yamada spins around at the last second and catches Sinnocence’s leg!

Dave Dymond: Oh boy he had that one scouted!

Other Guy: I think he set her up for that very moment.  Yamada ain’t one to lose focus so easily, but he put himself into that position and he goaded her right in.

Sinnocence shakes her head with disbelief and Yamada shoves Sinnocence back violently, but as she hits the mat, she summersaults backwards, right back up to her feet and NAILS Yamada with a clothesline of her own… taking Yamada down as he was completely unprepared at that moment!  Some of the fans pop for the surprise attack.

Yamada up to his feet and Sinnocence LEAPS with a dropkick. Yamada down again, but he snaps back up and charges at Sinnocence again.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence trying to fight her way into good standing in this match up… but Yamada just keeps coming back.

Sinnocence spins with a hard elbow and Yamada staggers back. Sinnocence charges at the ropes, bounces off of them and runs full speed at Yamada.  Yamada swings with a vicious right hook, but Sinnocence ducks it, then grabs Yamada by the back of the head, leaps up and DROPS down into the splits, CRACKING Yamada’s jaw on the thick part of the back of her skull!

Other Guy: That’s the sexiest jaw breaker I’ve ever seen!

Dave Dymond: And more importantly, effective.  Yamada down now and not getting back up… so Heflin in position.

Other Guy: No way that was a knock out shot, Dave. Impacting, you bet, but not a knock out… no way.

Sinnocence gets up to her feet, rubbing the back of her head slightly, some damage done to her as well.



Yamada suddenly SNAPS up into a sitting position and the fans buzz with shock.

Dave Dymond: I guess you called it, Other Guy. Not only was that NOT a knock out shot, but Yamada right back up after only two!

Sinnocence moves quickly to the lower right corner of the ring and starts to climb to the top. Yamada reaches his full vertical base and charges after her, but as he approaches from behind, Sinnocence kicks out her foot and catches Yamada in the face…then another shot into the upper torso.  Yamada staggers back only slightly. Sinnocence tries to reach the top turnbuckle but Yamada has her by the leg now and YANKS her off the second turnbuckle… her face SMASHING into the mat!  Yamada immediately pulls her up from behind from there and begins to repeatedly smash Sinnocence’s face into the top turnbuckle!

Joyce McGuire shouts from the outside, trying to get Yamada un-focused or something… but Yamada keeps at it until finally Heflin gets involved, shouting for Yamada to bring it out of the corner. Yamada turns Sinnocence around and looks to whip her towards the upper left corner, but Sinnocence gets back into things, looks to reverse, and Yamada reverses right back, sending Sinnocence back into the lower right corner.

Other Guy: This ain’t lookin’ good for Sinnocence.

Dave Dymond: What was HUGE momentum for her in her qualifying match could be abruptly ending momentum here tonight at the hands of Kenji Yamada.

Yamada takes a few steps back, sizing up Sinnocence. He then charges full speed, but as he is about to spear her into the corner that much more, Sinnocence moves, and directs Yamada’s head so it CRACKS RIGHT INTO THE CORNER POST!!!!

Dave Dymond: I think we spoke too soon as Sinnocence using that ring post to her advantage!

The fans cringe as Yamada slumps immediately after the impact and Sinnocence just kicks him completely onto his back from there.  Yamada is motionless on the mat and the fans buzz now, and even Dennis Heflin look a bit concerned, but he begins the ten count as Sinnocence stands over the fallen Yamada, a slight smile now appearing on her face.







The fans get louder now, as Yamada still shows no sign of movement.

Dave Dymond: Yamada is out cold…

Other Guy: So Sinnocence could end up takin another match against The Family AND become Iron Fist Champion tonight… talk about a streak!


Yamada’s arm suddenly reaches up and over the first rope… then his other arm does the same.


He starts to pull himself up. Sinnocence shakes her head with frustration, the fans begin to boo, but the overall noise is a collective buzzing of surprise and disbelief.  Yamada is up just before Heflin counts nine, and instead the referee motions for the match to continue!

Dave Dymond: This one not over.  Yamada able to pull himself up to his feet after that sickening head to ring post impact!

Sinnocence turns Yamada around, pushing him up against the ropes and she delivers a STIFF European uppercut!  Yamada’s head snaps back and his body leans over the ropes.  Sinnocence fires with a second European uppercut… then a third… and Yamada almost spills out of the ring entirely, but Sinnocence grabs him by the arm and whips him across the ring. Yamada hits the ropes and comes bouncing back, eyes slightly glazed over as he just goes through the motion of running and Sinnocence FIRES with a haymaker punch that Yamada suddenly SNAPS back against, grabs her by the wrist and bends the hand back, DROPPING Sinnocence to one knee.

Yamada’s eyes go wide as he starts pushing back more and more… Sinnocence CRYING OUT in pain!

Other Guy: Yamada’s in another world right now, Dave, a world in which he’s gonna snap her hand clear off her arm!

Dave Dymond: I didn’t think it was possible for Yamada to become any more deranged, but I think that shot to the head via the ring post knocked even MORE screws loose!

Other Guy: You’re tellin’ me!

Sinnocence does her best to fight through the pain, trying to get back up to her full vertical base.  Yamada twists her arm around once from there, drops an elbow down with his other arm, then locks the arm all the way behind her back… LIFTS AND SLAMS her with a belly-to-back turn around suplex!  Sinnocence’s face bounces off the mat and Yamada YANKS her by the hair and pulls her right back up.  The fans boo as Yamada blatantly tugs her around by the hair, pulling her towards the upper left corner.  He then quickly scoops Sinnocence up only to place her upside down in the corner, dangling by the feet in a tree of woe position.

With Sinnocence trapped, Yamada rolls out of the ring and quickly flips the ring apron up.  The fans boo even louder as he emerges with a steel chair.

Dave Dymond: And it was only a matter of time before a weapon of some sort was introduced into this match up.  The great equalizer, a classic in wrestling, the steel chair.

As Yamada gets back into the ring, Joyce McGuire runs over to the corner where Sinnocence is and tries her best to try to get Sinnocence out of the Tree of Woe.  Yamada runs towards her and SWINGS the chair violently; almost taking McGuire’s head clear off! McGuire jumps down off the ring apron to avoid the shot and backs away.   Yamada glares at her and then turns back to Sinnocence.  He puts the chair right in front of her face.  Sinnocence hangs upside down helplessly and now Yamada backs away… only to run forward and then FLIP so his back CRASHES into the chair… SMASHING IT into Sinnocence’s face!

Yamada rolls out of the way, up to his feet and then STOMPS down on the chair once for good measure!

Dave Dymond: Again Kenji Yamada focusing on the face of Sinnocence!

Other Guy: He said he wanted to put some flaws in that pretty face of hers, and I’d say he’s doin’ just that.  Damn shame though. I don’t like the company Sinnocence travels in, but she’s hot!

Dave Dymond: Back to the match at hand, Sinnocence has been taken out by that chair and Yamada seems more than content with this match ending now as he is SHOUTING at Heflin to make the count.

Heflin is shoved forward slightly by Yamada to count Sinnocence down and out.  Heflin removes the chair from Sinnocence’s face, seeing if she’s moving or if her eyes are open.  She isn’t moving, and they aren’t open, and the camera angle shifts to show a better shot of Sinnocence’s face, her upper lip busted open, blood running down the sides of her mouth!

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence must have caught a part of that chair right in her mouth as she’s bleeding.

The fans boo, but Yamada smiles broadly, delighting in the sight of Sinnocence’s blood.  Heflin starts the ten count.




Joyce slams her hand on the mat nearby, trying to wake Sinnocence up or something… but she doesn’t respond.





Sinnocence starts to stir and some of the fans, especially the males, start to cheer. Joyce seems relieved, not overly ecstatic, but relieved that Sinnocence is getting up.  Yamada’s smile disappears immediately…


Sinnocence rolls over onto her stomach, trying to push herself up, some of the blood dripping from her mouth to the mat below.



Dave Dymond: Sinnocence up at the nine count and much to the chagrin of Kenji Yamada, this one continues!

Other Guy: Yeah but he’s got the scent of her blood now, Dave. It’s kill or be killed time, and I think Yamada’s ready for the kill!

Dave Dymond: You have to give Sinnocence credit though, probably the toughest girl around SHOOT Project since the likes of Dark Crystal.

Yamada goes for the steel chair, but Sinnocence in a gut instinct reaction of a move kicks the chair out of the ring.  Yamada shakes his head, eyes wide and he SLAPS Sinnocence across the face. She staggers back a great deal and Yamada comes at her with a YAKUZA KICK… but Sinnocence darts out of the way and Yamada’s leg goes through the space between the middle and top rope!

Yamada is tangled up for a moment, allowing for Sinnocence to try getting back into the match. She quickly turns around, and still not completely with it, she presses forward anyway and snaps on a modified tazzmission!!! Yamada starts to flail his arms as he’s pulled away from the ropes!

Dave Dymond: The Iron Maiden locked on! That’s Sinnocence’s signature submission and she’s got it on! She’s going to try to make Yamada pass out here!

Some fans begin to cheer, mostly out of surprise that Sinnocence still has fight left in her.  Yamada continues to fight against the hold though, despite Sinnocence trying to bring him down for the end of this match.  Yamada turns his body violently back and forth as much as he can… and Sinnocence tries to get her legs around him from behind, in hopes to bring him down off his feet.  Yamada fights it though and suddenly spins his body around and SMASHES backwards into the corner.  The impact forces Sinnocence to let go of the hold, and Yamada from there turns Sinnocence to face the outside and he dumps her out of the ring.  McGuire thinks better of coming to Sinnocence’s side as Yamada goes right out after her.

Dave Dymond: And this one going to the outside as the ring couldn’t contain them!

Other Guy: Seems to me like Yamada has a plan in mind though, Dave. He deliberately tossed Sinnocence out of the ring to begin with.

Yamada sends a few quick stomps down onto Sinnocence… and then lifts her up off the floor and props her up against the steel steps.  Yamada flips up the ring apron again, but as he searches for something, Sinnocence gets back with it and charges at Yamada. Yamada focuses back on Sinnocence just as she NAILS a quick sucker punch to Yamada’s jaw.  Spit FLIES from Yamada’s mouth and Sinnocence now LEAPS up onto the ring edge then from there, with Yamada still staggering… Sinnocence LEAPS with a shooting star press… but turns her body through, catching Yamada around the neck…  going for a DDT…

But Yamada wraps his arms around her body and drops her back first onto the top steel step!

Dave Dymond: Imagine the pain of that impact as Sinnocence just PLANTED spine first onto the steel!

Other Guy: Only makes me cringe, Dave, so ain’t gonna imagine it.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence in a world of hurt and now and Yamada isn’t done.

McGuire tries to get in Yamada’s business once again, and this time Yamada turns and just DRILLS her in the face!  The fans boo their loudest yet as McGuire goes down hard.

Dave Dymond: Hard shot to McGuire, and these fans for whatever reason NOT happy about that at all.

Other Guy: She’s just the manager, Dave, she has no in ring training or anything, and Yamada just flattened her.  And if ya hadn’t noticed, this Vegas crowd has come to HATE Kenji Yamada.

Dave Dymond: Bad blood no doubt as really Yamada was a staple of the once running Outlaw Pro Wrestling, an organization I had my hands in for quite some time… and well we all know the cross nation rivalry that was going on at one point between the two organizations… but more on SHOOT’s history later… Yamada has Sinnocence on the steel steps…

The fans continue to boo as Yamada has Sinnocence on her stomach, laying partially on the top steel step, her head facing the ring post.  Yamada grabs Sinnocence by both her legs and wraps them around his own waist.  He leans back with a sick grin…

Kenji Yamada: kajinotsugoude!!!

Yamada LIFTS Sinnocence up from there, hoisted up by her own legs, facing forward her back to Yamada’s front… then he FLIPS her forward, bringing her HEAD FIRST into a DEVASTATING cradle like piledriver!!!

Other Guy: Dear god!  How sick… what the hell… what the hell was that.

Dave Dymond: A demonic piledriver and… I can’t even comment, the way Sinnocence’s head hit… her body falling to the side from there… this one is over.

Other Guy: I don’t like to jump conclusions, but ya gotta be right, Dave. No way Sinnocence is gettin’ up after that.

The fans sit in stunned quiet and Dennis Heflin has a look of concern on his face that he quickly starts the ten count.







No sign of movement…


Not a flinch.


Dave Dymond: Sinnocence could be seriously hurt and Kenji Yamada just smiling.

Other Guy: No care in the world, Dave. Only cares about The Family, and even sometimes ya question if that’s true or not.


The boos begin to sound now as Kenji Yamada raises his arms in victory before the ten count…


Dennis Heflin: That’s it… ring the bell!

The bell sounds as Yamada’s music hits the sound system inside the Thomas and Mack Center once again. The boos continue to sound as Yamada gets back into the ring and Dennis Heflin exits the ring to check on Sinnocence.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, advancing on to the second round of the Master of the Mat Tournament… and STILL the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada walks across the ring, then out the other side. He grabs the Iron Fist Championship from the timekeepers table and slings it over his shoulder.  As his music continues to play he walks past the referee, past the out cold Sinnocence, and past Joyce McGuire who struggles to get up to her feet.  She looks at Yamada for a moment, but Yamada doesn’t look at her. He just continues to walk to the back, a look of sadistic satisfaction on his face.

From there the focus shifts elsewhere.


Sin City. The home of SHOOT Project, and the setting for this week’s Revolution.

It is said that fortunes can be made here if one is smart and lucky. The truth is very few ever come out ahead in the casinos. Most are smart enough to lose only what they can actually afford to lose. Some, however, succumb to the lure of potential fortune only fall prey to sudden poverty, their avarice and determination giving way to addiction and obsession as their debt grows ever larger until it becomes insurmountable.

Still, there are a very select few who seem born under a lucky star and chosen by fortune herself. These people are known as the High Rollers. It is to two of these men that we now turn our attention.

We move through the casino floor of the Bellagio, reaching a cordoned off doorway. Passing by the red velvet rope we observe a privated poker game in action, Texas Hold’em to be precise.

There are four players at this invitation-only table. One is a well-dressed middle-aged black man. When he speaks his voice has a Georgian drawl.

Man: "I see that and raise two."

He pushes two thousand-dollar chips into the center of the table. Two of the players fold, however his bet is matched by the remaining player, a young Native American man in a black Versace suit with a red tie. He is a tall and athletic man with an aura of power to him. This is SHOOT Project newcomer, "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali.

Nightmare: "I see that and call."

The two men lay down their hands. The older man has three kings, while Nightmare holds a royal flush. The older man chuckles and shakes his head.

Older Man: "I reckon I should quit while I can afford it. I swear, son, you’re one lucky soul."

Jonathon smiles as he rakes in his winnings.

Nightmare: "Some like to think so. I call it skill."

Jon tips the dealer and heads to the bar, whereupon he sits upon a stool beside a very familiar face in the SHOOT Project: Eli Storm.

Storm: "Enjoy your game?"

Nightmare: "Actually, yes. That senator from Georgia really knew how to play. Still politics has nothing on our profession for learning how to read people."

"Even I can be surprised at times, however. Remember when we first met in Hight Impact Competition?"

Storm: "Heh, yeah…at the time The Deadpool was still a force. Back then the business respected the hard work,"

Jonathon raises an eyebrow at Eli.

Nightmare: "Things sure have changed over the past four years. We’ve gone from leading rival factions in HiC to allies in OPW to friends now. I don’t know about respect not existing anymore though."

Storm: "Heh, respect is nothing more then a word used to sell matches and T-Shirts, Jon. It was like that in HiC, AWE, PWA, OPW and SHOOT, too. The only thing that matters in this business now is what line you are going. Heh, who’s legacy will you spit on to be the top dog?"

Nightmare: "So far, no one’s. I’ll only disgrace someone if they’re already a disgrace. I’ll respect myself even if no one else does. It’s when people insult this business with apathy and unprovoked brutality that I’ll take them down. Like the Masters going out of their way to attack people’s families… attack and kill them."

"Which reminds me. I need to have a talk with Christopher about hospitalizing the helpless when he can get his point across to them in less brutal methods."

Storm orders another shot, as Jonathon flags the bartender for a martini.

Storm: "It seems the only honorable way to do things is not to fall into the pittraps that others have. To look doubters in the face and say that we are and have always been…!!!"

Jon chuckles and nods in agreement.

Nightmare: "Hell yeah, masters of our own destinies and the Hell with the doubters and haters."

Storm: "So…if there is a camera watching us…as they normally do. Then thi sis the part where we introduce ourselves and SHOOT’s newest cure for the common BS that you have been acustemed to. I guess this is where we introduce ourselves as Nightmare and Eli Storm also known as…"

Nightmare: "BTY… Better Than You."

Jonathon smirks.

Nightmare: "And you’ll all soon see why it’s not just a saying, it’s a fact of life."

Storm: "And life from this point on is going to get a lot more…."

Storm looks at Nightmare and Jon nods.


Jon grins wickedly.

Nightmare: "Too bad most of you will find it nightmarish instead."

You find yourself pushed away as a couple beautiful young women join Eli and Jonathon, pushing you aside, but then it’s a feeling with which you’ve long since become accustomed.


We cut to the backstage hallway, where the camera immediately focuses itself on the Laws of Survival champion, Trevor Worrens.  The fans can be heard cheering him on somewhat from ringside, causing him to stop… just to acknowledge that he hears them.  Tonight Worrens is not dressed for competition; in fact he wears dark blue jeans and a tight fitting plain black t-shirt, but despite not competing Worrens carries with him the Laws of Survival Championship. The fans continue to cheer but suddenly boos can be heard as Kilgore Stochansky walks into the frame.  Rocking a warm smile and a neat suit, he places a hand on Trevor’s shoulder and speaks up.

Kilgore Stochansky: Hey, Trevor. Glad I could catch up with you on this evening. Give any thought to our little talk a while back?

Worrens sighs, turning only slightly to face Stochansky. His eyes then glance down at the hand on his shoulder, and Worrens turns all the way around, seeing to it to pull away from Stochansky.

Trevor Worrens: What, was there to think about? You said that you were going to be there for me, that you were supporting me. So yeah, do whatever you want to do on your free time. Support me or don’t. It doesn’t make one difference.  I’m still the Laws of Survival Champion…

He pauses for a moment as if he is going to say something more, but then he just shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: I’ll see ya around, Kilgore.

The champ seems to be ready to leave, but Stochansky places his hand on Trevor again, this time reinforcing the grip on his shoulder, his eyes flashing.  There’s a tense moment, broken up with a slight chuckle on the part of Kilgore.

Kilgore Stochansky: Excellent title defense, by the way.  Riveting.  Of course, not without it’s issues…

Worrens smiles, almost as if he is about to share a warm friendly moment with Stochansky.

Trevor Worrens: Issues… right.  Let me guess, not as riveting as it could have been with Kilgore Stochanky’s name thrown in?  Or maybe how I went about winning, how I SURVIVED, wasn’t how Kilgore Stochansky would survive.

Worrens steps in closer to Stochansky now, his slight aggravation getting the better of him.

Trevor Worrens: If you weren’t listening when I went out into the ring last week, then I’ll repeat it for your benefit…  If you WANT a shot at the Laws of Survival Championship…

Worrens slaps the championship title on his shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Then just say it.  I don’t have time for the Stochansky tip-toe and loop hole method, and really I’m not going to play into it either.  So spit it out!

Worrens is staring him down, and Stochansky lowers his head, sighing deeply.  There’s a long moment where nothing happens, but Kilgore finally raises his head and meets the champion’s gaze with a cold stare, his mouth turning toward a frown.

Kilgore Stochansky: The direct approach.  I see, I see.  Well, if you must know, the issues I was referencing weren’t due to a distinct lack of ME.  They were due to an overabundance of YOU.  And this isn’t a slight against your abilities as a competitor, Trevor.  So…don’t take it that way, okay?

Worrens looks as if he’s about to say something, but Stochansky’s on a roll now

Kilgore Stochansky: The problem is that Trevor Worrens…as unhappy, as Empty as he is…is not fit for…

Kilgore slaps the belt on Worrens’ shoulder, creating some space in between them.

Kilgore Stochansky: This lovely prize.  You certainly do like to point the blame, I see that.  "It’s his fault".  "He screwed me over."  "That guy cheated.", etcetera etcetera.  You even lower yourself to insulting my integrity, brilliant, whatever.  But the problem isn’t with me.  The problem isn’t with your opponent of the week.  The problem isn’t with the man who believes that he can outsmart you and it isn’t with the one man who attempts to shine the embracing light of truth upon you.

Worrens looks nearly enraged at this point, the hatred showing in his eyes more than anything else.  His fists clench, which Stochansky notices, causing him to break into a sick smirk. 

Kilgore Stochansky: The problem, Trevor Worrens…is Trevor Worrens.

He leans forward, getting into Trevor’s face,  his smirk turning into a grin.  The edge in his voice is apparent.

Kilgore Stochansky: The saddest part is?  Every night you go out there, and you try your damndest to prove that you’re a new man.  A reawoken soul, bristling with energy and concern and passion.  You really do try very hard.  But it’s like a fresh coat of paint on a structure fire, Trevor, my boy…in the end, it’s worth absolutely nothing.  Maybe eventually you’ll wisen up, and realize that no title defense can really cure that pain that you keep denying is even there.  But until the moment that you decide to accept that, until the moment that you decide to repent and actually do something about it?  Everything that you feel in the pit of your gut, all that emptiness and pain…you only have YOURSELF to blame for that, friend.

Worrens says nothing. He stands there, lower lip quivering very very slightly.  His face seems a shade of red, and the very faint signs of tears well up in his eyes, but he does not cry.  He just stands there, visibly shaking.  And Kilgore Stochansky just smiles.

He just smiles and Trevor Worrens walks away… and from there the focus shifts back to the ring area.


“And now for something completely different.”

The lights begin to flash strobe light style as “Pressure” by Skindred hits over the PA. The fans, specifically the ones who watched Reckoning Day, erupt with cheers. Suddenly, the lights come on as Jester Smiles leaps out from the back, signaling an eruption of purple and green pyros. Jester, who wears the camo green and purple mardi gras mask, is dressed in street clothes, blue jeans and the “Jester Smiles: Almost Greater Than Penguins” t-shirt. He also has on the purple skull cap with the blue and green smiley face. He smiles brightly at the crowd, walking towards the ring, taking his dear sweet time as he high fives and greets the fans.

Dave Dymond: We heard that Jester was going to be appearing on this Revolution, and sure enough, here he is.

Other Guy: Yeah, but it seems too little, too late. I mean, the guy missed out on Master of the Mat and everything.

Jester walks around the ring and very politely asks Samantha Coil for a microphone, which he receives. Jester than leaps onto the apron and then leaps over the top rope! He goes to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs to the second rope, and holds his arms out, waving his hands towards his ears in a “I can’t hear you” gesture. The playful teasing seems to work, as the crowd erupts loudly. Jester smiles brightly before leaping back onto the mat. He stands in the middle of the ring for a moment as his music dies down.

Jester Smiles: So, it looks like I’m OKAY!

The fans erupt, and a loud “JE-STER! JE-STER!” chant starts up. Jester just lowers the mic, smiling happily, soaking up the moment.

Other Guy: The fans always get a big kick out of this guy.

Dave Dymond: He takes risks and goes the extra mile for these fans, OG. They respect that kind of dedication.

The fans finally die down, and Jester raises the mic back up, smiling.

Jester Smiles: So, long story short, I basically broke my ass in the Ultimate Survival match. But there is NO need to fear, because Jester Smiles, the Hero of SHOOT Project, is here!

Jester removes the mic from his mouth and points to the crowd, signaling for them to cheer, which they do.

Other Guy: Guy really likes to hear the fans cheering for him.

Dave Dymond: Well, I mean, yeah. It’s kind of a cool thing.

Other Guy: I’m not saying it’s not. Geez, Dave, you’re always treating me like I’m stupid.

Jester once again holds the mic up to his lips.

Jester Smiles: So, let’s talk about Reckoning Day. Kind of a bittersweet night. Yeah, I know, that’s a real cliché thing to say, but it’s true. Some really awesome things happened, some not so awesome things happened.

The awesome things were things like me making the infamous Ron Barker scream in pain and tap out. I put the final nail in the coffin of Ron Barker. So, that is one less arrogant prick that SHOOT Project has to worry about.

You’re welcome.

Jester bows, and is met with a small cheer.

Jester Smiles: I also kept Ozzy K from winning a title. I mean, half nelson suplex off a ladder. That’s pretty awesome, am I right?

Another small bow, another small cheer.

Jester Smiles: The down side of this is that, well, as you can see, I’m not wearing a bright gold belt. In fact, the man who is wearing that bright gold belt had some words last week, and my name got brought up. It got brought up very respectfully, and I even heard a cheer for…was it…was it my name?

Once again, the “JE-STER!” chant starts up. Jester stands, smiling, giving the fans their time to cheer.

Jester Smiles: See, the interesting thing was, well…I do believe that man, and I should really stop calling him that man, so, I do believe Trevor Worrens said I could have a title shot any time I wanted. Well, Trevor…

I want it. And not just a title shot. Specifically, I want you. See, I don’t know what’s going on with you, and I don’t know who is in line, but we will meet again, and we will meet up in the not to distant future if I have my way. That Laws of Survival belt, it will be mine. But it won’t just be the belt that I’m fighting for, cuz here’s the thing, Trev. When you spoke of me, you didn’t say anything that was offensive. You weren’t insulting in the least. But you did claim that you ‘stole’ my heroic thunder.

And you couldn’t be more wrong. You beat me. You got the title first. But you know what? What I said would happen, still happened. I said that, if I were beaten, the man who beat me would be more than deserving of the Laws of Survival Championship. And you know what, that’s true. Because Trevor, you are a very deserving Laws of Survival Champion. And that-

The fans erupt in a “TRE-VOR! TRE-VOR!” chant. Jester lowers the mic, still smiling, allowing the fans to express their love of the Laws of Survival Champion. When the chant dies down, Jester raises the mic back to his lips, using his other hands to point to the crowd.

Jester Smiles: You deserve every bit of their love and adoration. You deserve every bit of respect you’ve earned as champion. Hell, I know you have mine.

But my thunder, oh no Trevor, you don’t have that. You have everything else. Love and respect of the fans, the title belt, and my respect, you’ve got that. You’ve got recognition as a tough as nails champion. You have all those things.

But you don’t have my thunder. You have not killed my high. And THAT is why I want you again. I don’t want you with two other people in the way. No, I want Jester Smiles vs. Trevor Worrens, one on one, for the Laws of Survival Championship.


The fans erupt with cheers at this prospect.

Dave Dymond: Well, that sounds great and all, but Master of the Mat has already started. How can Jester be asking for such things?

Other Guy: Well maybe he knows something we don’t. I mean, why don’t you give the guy his chance. Geez, Dave, always jumping ahead.

Once the fans die down, Jester raises the mic back up to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Now, I regret to inform you, but I don’t actually have any inside information that I can give you. I don’t have anything that allows me to promise my entry into Master of the Mat. But I do have this.

Jason Johnson, I really hope your listening, because here’s what I’ve got to say. I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any kind of match for a way in. Adrian Corazon, Donovan King, Cade Sydal, Azraith, I don’t care. I will fight them, I WILL beat them, and I will prove that I DESERVE a chance to be the Master of the Mat. Because I don’t plan on just being in the tournament. I don’t plan on entering for the sake of proving myself a worthy competitor. I plan on winning the whole…damn…thing!

I’d love nothing more than being in the Broken Quadrant. I got a score to settle with Trevor, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, Cade Sydal. I’d love a match with both those men, but I’m not picky. I’ll take any quadrant, I’ll take any match, I’ll do ANYTHING!

I’m begging you Jason Johnson. Give me my shot. Let me in the Master of the Mat tournament, and I promise, I’ll make you proud.

You won’t regret it.

Jester lowers the mic and proceeds to get out of the ring, the fans cheering loudly. He hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil, thanking her, and then goes over the guard rail and begins to make his way out through the crowd!

Dave Dymond: A big declaration from Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: But will it mean anything? Will Jason Johnson give Jester is chance, or is it too late?

The camera zooms up to Jester Smiles raising his arms high in the air with the fans cheering around him. The camera then fades out.


Sat in his own locker room, Osbourne sits comfortably upon a steel chair, his feet up on a second chair so he is reclined, his fingers interlocked on the back of his head as he stares intently at a small, portable LCD TV sat atop the wooden slatted bench in front of him.

Osbourne Kilminster: Cade Sydal v Azraith DeMitri… Should be interesting.

Unseen: Yeah?

Osbourne Kilminster: I knocked Az out last week. He outweighs Cade by… I dunno, must be a hundred pounds. Should be very interesting.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a first round match in the Master of the Mat Tournament, and has a thirty minute time limit.

“Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails hits and the fans begin to jeer. The jeering increases once Azraith DeMitri steps through the curtain. He stares, hatefully, down at the ring.  Azraith slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: There is a grim determination on the face of Azraith DeMitri tonight!

Other Guy: He’s definitely out to hurt someone, and that kinda makes me feel sorry for Cade Sydal. Kinda.

Azraith finally makes it to the ring and slowly makes his way up the steps. He steps through the ropes and backs into a corner.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Omaha, Nebraska weighing in at 270 pounds! AAAAAZRAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIITH DEEEEEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIITRIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

The music slowly fades out, and the lights dim. Suddenly, the opening to “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits. And then the lyrics kick in.

When I drop you, I’m gonna stomp you!

Pick you up again and drop you!

Lift my foot up again and stomp you!

And griiiiiind!

Suddenly red pyro explodes along the ramps, as silver pyro streaks down to the entrance! Cade Sydal explodes through the curtain just as the silver pyros hit the stage floor!

And when I stomp you

That’ll be the end of you

That’ll be it!

That’ll be the end of you

Time to jump ship!

Cause I’m a psycho and I’m crazy!

And if you’re too close, you’re gonna get hit!

Cade Sydal continues down the ramp, soaking in the cheers of the fans in attendance.

Everybody DOWN!

Everybody DOWN!

I’m comin’ around, comin’ around, comin’ around!

Everybody DOWN!

Everybody DOWN!

I need every single person right now on the ground!

As the chorus starts up for the second time, Cade springs onto the apron and slingshots himself into the ring, tucking into a perfect somersault as he hits the canvas and springs to his feet. The music slowly fades and the lights come back on.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 181 pounds! From Southport, North Carolina! He is CAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Samantha Coil quickly takes her leave from the ring, as Cade backs into a corner opposite of Azraith. Willie Dean starts checking both men for illegal objects.

Dave Dymond: A little more flash and flare for Cade Sydal’s entrance tonight, and he’s gone on record as saying this match is the only thing on his mind right now!

Other Guy: He called it his salvation. It’s going to suck for him when Azraith takes it away from him.

Willie Dean signals for the bell, and Cade Sydal and Azraith DeMitri explode out of their corners, meeting in the center with a strong lock-up. Azraith quickly overpowers Cade and pulls him right into a side headlock. Cade struggles against Azraith’s grip before barely managing to squeeze his head out and slips behind Azraith with a waistlock!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is going to have to avoid letting Azraith DeMitri get ahold of him!

Other Guy: Staying behind Azraith might just do the trick.

Azraith tries to get through Cade’s iron-grip, before he suddenly snaps his left elbow backward into the side of Cade’s head! Cade releases the hold immediately and stumbles side ways! Azraith hits the ropes to his left and rebounds just as Cade turns into him, and Azraith drives Cade to the canvas with a strong shoulder tackle!

Dave Dymond: Azraith just drilled Cade into the canvas with his massive frame!

Other Guy: Jesus! If Azraith had built up more speed, Cade would be outside the ring right about now.

Azraith stares down at Cade and then hits the ropes once again. Cade suddenly rolls over to his belly in an attempt to trip Azraith, but Azraith leaps to avoid the trip! But Cade turns with the leap and reaches, catches both of Azraith’s legs, and continues to roll in the same direction, tripping Azraith to the canvas face first! Cade quickly rolls over the back of Azraith’s legs onto Azraith’s back and rolls forward, pulling Azraith over ith an Oklahoma Roll!

Dave Dymond: Sudden roll-up from Cade Sydal!




Azraith kicks out!

Other Guy: That was pretty damn impressive, but it wasn’t enough of a shocker to keep Azraith down.

Both men scramble to their feet, and Azraith meets Cade with a boot to the abdomen! Azraith whips Cade off the ropes and ducks down quickly for a back body drop! Cade turns on the last step and backflips through the attempt! Azraith turns as Cade leaps into the air and drives his right shin into Azraith’s face with a cyclone kick! Azraith rolls out of the ring quickly, holding his face! Cade gets to his feet quickly and easily.

Dave Dymond: Here he goes!

Other Guy: Watch out Azraith!

Cade hits the ropes and rebounds with a sudden explosive burst! Azraith turns just as Cade dives through the top and middle rope with a picture perfect suicide dive, plating his elbow in Azraith’s face! The fans cheer loudly as Cade pushes himself to his feet with a defiant roar, and Azraith shakes out the cobwebs on the ground! Cade bends and pulls Azraith back to his feet and sends Azraith under the bottom rope back into the ring with quite a bit of effort.

Dave Dymond: Cade’s quick, high impact offense, is gaining momentum and Azraith is, for now, at his mercy.

Other Guy: All it takes is one slight mis-calculation…and you know its coming, Dave…and Azraith will be the one in the driver’s seat.

Cade springs onto the apron and grips the top rope tightly, as Azraith picks himself up off the canvas. Cade slingshots for the top rope, but Azraith quickly pushes Cade’s ankles backward, dropping Cade’s abdomen across the top rope! Azraith hooks Cade in a front facelock and suddenly snaps under Cade with an elevated swinging neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Oh damnit!

Other Guy: And…well, shit. There it was…

Cade rolls around, clutching his neck in agony, as Azraith scrambles after him. Azraith finally catches up to him and pulls him backward onto his back, and hooks a leg!




Cade kicks his legs hard, and rolls his shoulders off the canvas! Azraith quickly pulls Cade up to his feet by his wrist and sends him into the ropes! Cade rebounds and Azraith snaps into him with a hard elbow to the chin, and Cade collapses to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Azraith isn’t going to be discouraged by Cade’s resilience! He’s just going to continue to unleash his fury!

Other Guy: That’s always been his gameplan…to beat the hell out of his opponents at every opportunity.

Azraith grabs Cade by his head and forces Cade to sit up before moving behind him and starting to lock-in a full nelson!

Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri is going for the Ne-Han, I think!

Cade drops his left arm and tightly grips Azraith’s left arm in the process! Cade rolls to the left and kicks his legs before pushing Azraith’s left arm behind himself and starts struggling to get a Kimura Armbar on!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is trying to counter with his own lethal hold!

Other Guy: He’s not going to over-power Azraith though.

Azraith brings his right arm down, hard, across the back of Cade’s neck, and Cade drops to the canvas and immediately releases the hold. Azraith pulls Cade to his feet and sends him into the near corner hard. Cade stumbles out of the corner right into Azraith who snaps him over with a sudden powerslam! Azraith stays on top for the cover!




Cade kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Cade’s neck is taking a beating, yet somehow he’s managing to kick out at every possible turn!

Other Guy: And that’s new to you, how?

Azraith swings into a mounted position and starts dropping bombs with his right and left fist across Cade’s face! Referee Willie Dean starts his count, because of the closed fists, and at four Azraith stops driving his hands into Cade’s face. Azraith backs off of Cade as Willie Dean starts admonishing him, but goes right back for him! And Cade snaps his right foot up, off his back, right into Azraith’s head as he reaches for the downed Sydal!

Dave Dymond: And just like that, Cade Sydal is proving he’s still very much a threat to Azraith DeMitri’s Master of the Mat chances!

Other Guy: Whether you like the guy or not, he’s always going to be a threat to anyone’s chances.

Cade rolls to his knees as Azraith turns back for him, and Cade snaps into Azraith with a forearm into the midsection! Azraith follows with a sudden clubbing blow across the back of the neck, and Cade drops to the canvas again! Azraith pulls Cade to his feet, angrily, and sends Cade off the ropes! Azraith swings a hard clothesline, and Cade ducks it, catching Azraith’s arm with his own left arm. Cade grabs Azraith’s head with his free right hand and twists around, dropping to his knee to deliver a jawbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal with a unique counter to a clothesline!

Other Guy: It couldn’t have felt good on his neck, though.

Cade pushes off his knee, somewhat clutching at his neck, and hits the ropes! Azraith immediately spins full circle and catches Cade on the rebound with a vicious Spinning Elbow Smash!

Dave Dymond: And just like that the winds have been sucked from Cade Sydal’s sails!

Other Guy: That’s…an interesting analogy.

Azraith pulls Cade to his feet and yanks him upward into a full body press! Azraith snaps Cade down into a high impact spinebuster, driving him to the canvas with Death’s Knell! Azraith floats and hooks the legs!




Cade kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal, somehow, managed to get his shoulder up!

Other Guy: That can’t sit well with Azraith.

Azraith pulls Cade to his feet angrily and sends him into the far corner. Azraith points at Cade and drags his thumb across his neck before charging at him in the corner! Cade grabs the top rope and swings his body through the ropes at the last second, and Azraith hits the turnbuckles with his chest as Cade gets to his feet on the apron! Azraith staggers back and Cade suddenly springboards to the top rope and off with a spinning wheel kick!

Dave Dymond: Tremendous elevation!

Other Guy: He’s got Azraith down, he better tak advantage of it!

Cade scrambles and hooks the legs!




Azraith kicks out! Cade pulls Azraith up to his feet and sends him off for the corner! Azraith reverses! Azraith charges, and Cade side-steps! Azraith hits the turnbuckles and slowly turns around just as Cade rushes back at him and posts his left foot on the second rope and drives his right foot into Azraith’s face!

Dave Dymond: SWYG!

Other Guy: Good God!

Azraith crumbl;es to the canvas and Cade slingshots to the top rope! Cade leaps off and lands on Azraith’s chest with both feet for a double stomp! Cade rolls forward and turns back to hook both legs!




Azraith kicks out!

Dave Dymond: A big-time combo from Cade Sydal, and Azraith still kicked out!

Other Guy: Those feet of Cade are going to town on Azraith, and I’m not sure how much longer any man can stand the onslaught.

Cade pulls Azraith out into the center of the ring a little more. Cade stomps down on Azraith before straightening up and taking a deep breath. Cade leaps up for a standing shooting star press! Azraith gets a boot up right into Cade’s chin, stopping the maneuver dead in its tracks!

Dave Dymond: Oh! Damn!

Other Guy: That’ll stop any amount of momentum, no matter who you are!

Azraith pulls himself off the canvas and pulls Cade with him! Azraith pulls Cade right into a standing head scissors! Azraith underhooks both of Cade’s arms! Azraith snaps Cade off the ground!

Dave Dymond: The Extinction!

Cade rolls over Azraith’s shoulders into a sunset flip!

Other Guy: Amazing counter!



Azraith rolls backward and rolls Cade backward! Azraith boots Cade in the abdomen, underhooks both arms! Azraith snaps Cade upward and drops down suddenly with the modified sit-out powerbomb, driving Cade down onto his neck!

Dave Dymond: Extinction, hits this time!

Other Guy: It’s over!




Azraith pushes up to his feet as the fans boo and Willie Dean signals for the bell.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 17 minutes and 12 seconds! And advancing in the Master of the Mat Tournament! AAAAAAAAAAAAAZRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIITH DEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIITRIIIIIIIIIIIII!

“Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails hits and the fans continue their booing, only the volume increases. Willie Dean drops to his knee and starts checking on Cade, as Azraith slowly slinks out of the ring, obviously content with himself.

Slowly the lights go dim in the arena. A slow drum beat starts to blare through the speakers as the cameras zoom in on the entrance way. But no one comes out. The starts to buzz as some notice movement by one of the crowd exits. The camera search and focuses on the middle of the crowd as the movement makes its way towards the guard railing. Suddenly a voice booms over the PA.

“I Was Buried On A Battlefield…”

As the cameras focus on the guard railing, you see Eli Storm hop over and slide into the ring. As the sounds of Killah Priest’s “Greyhound pt 2” blare Storm looks blankly around the ring, waiting for the music to die down. Storm pulls a mic from his back pocket and paces the ring for a moment.

Storm: Roland…where are we now? After what happened at Reckoning Day, where do we stand? Have things really changed? You are no closer to that World Title and you are close to losing your place in your Family. Me, I’m no closer to become two time SHOOT Project World Champion and my family is gone. Was it worth it? Did you exercise your demons at the PPV? Did you look in the mirror and shatter the pitiful reflection that stared back at you.

What else do you want from me Roland? What else do you desire? You’ve beaten me bloody. You’ve forced me to push my Family away. But that isn’t enough for you is it? That won’t satisfy the bloodlust that is bubbling in your throat. So here…I offer myself to you, Caldwell…

Storm stands in the middle of the ring in a crucifix pose. He drops to his knees as if he is offering himself up.

Storm: Come one Roland…beat me. Bring your Family and BLEED ME OUT!!! END MY CAREER!!!

Storm drops his head into his hands and tries to compose himself.

Storm: Come on…I’m here and waiting. You think I care anymore, Roland? Do you actually think it matters now. I have nothing left. Nothing to hang on to!! Be a man for once, Roland. Be a fucking man and end it. Do what you couldn’t do at the PPV. Put me out of my misery. Show me how a real champ takes care of business. Don’t leave me like this, Roland…finish me off…be a man and complete the task.

Storm looks dead into the camera.

Storm: Come out here and show me exactly the violence that you promised me at Reckoning Day!!!! Come and finish me off, Roland…before I finish you…

"Summer Overture – Remix" hits. and slowly Roland Caldwell walks out.  He stares down at the ring area.

Roland holds a microphone in his hand.

Roland Caldwell:  What is it that I want?  What I want is…

Roland looks down and shakes his head.

Roland Caldwell:  I want…

Roland smiles.

Roland Caldwell: I want you to be turned to dust.  I want you to be ground into nothing.  An empty shell.  I want it all to end for you.  You’ve lost your family, and I want you to lose your career.  If been lost these last few weeks.  I’ve been beaten, first by you, and then by Sinnocence.  Before that it was Corazon.  And you know what?  For the first time, in a long time, I’ve felt defeated.

And you know why?  Because I’ve been pushed and pulled in so many directions, that I’ve lost sight of what I truly want.  People whispering in my ears to go after Corazon.  To become the Master of the Mat.  To grab titles and glory.

But all along.  I thought, how can I, when I haven’t pushed one man out of my path.  What could I possibly say to people, when the one person who actively came after me still stands, and he stands victorious.

So no, Eli.  Not tonight, no matter what insane thoughts dance through your head, I’m not walking down there tonight.  But in two weeks, Eli, I end this.  I’ll make you quit your life.  Quit your career.  I’ll make you quit this Earth.  I want you in that ring in two weeks.  Revolution.  Roland Caldwell.  Eli Storm.

Two weeks, and you get your wish.

Roland drops the microphone and walks to the back as Eli Storm stares back in frustration.

Eli Storm:  Two weeks?  Make me wait two weeks?  I’ll do that match.  But expect to see me up close and personal before then.

Storm drops the microphone and "Greyhound pt. 2" plays throughout the arena.



The cameras cut to CHAOS backstage.  Abigail Chase is off to the side as security holds back JARED WALSH and CJ NELSON from TOM QUINN, who seems the least agitated of everyone.  One security guy is keeping him back, while Abigail does what she can.

Dave Dymond: Abby?  Abby can you hear us?  What the hell is going on?


Chase tries to get to a safe place, and starts to speak.

Abigail Chase: I was here to do a requested interview with Tom Quinn, guys, but…

CJ suddenly pulls Abigail back and speaks into the microphone.  A few security guys try to pull him back, but he lets them know that he’s “cool” and shrugs them off.

CJ Nelson: I think I can handle this interview, Abs. We’re backstage here with Tom Quinn, who is currently not one of the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, and is coming off a crushing, pathetic, kind of hilarious loss to Gutter Rat last week. I gotta ask, Tom, how does it feel to be the number one douchebag of SHOOT Project?

CJ pushes the mic, still in Abigail’s hand, into Quinn’s face, but Quinn doesn’t even have time to take a breath before CJ pulls the mic back. Abby looks a little discombobulated by the whole affair.

CJ Nelson: Yeah, yeah, yeah, nobody cares. I think the biggest question we have, both myself and the loyal, testosterone-laden television audience, is where is Nova Lynn Jackson? You have ten seconds to respond. Good luck.

He pushes the mic back into Quinn’s face, Abby giving a little "hmph" sound as her arm once again crosses her face.

Quinn smirks and shrugs his shoulders.

Rogue: You failed.  And thank GOD!

Before CJ or Jared can say ANYTHING, Jared is NAILED WITH A STEEL CHAIR FROM AN INCOMING JASON RILEY!  CJ Turns around to try and save his partner, but is suddenly SMASHED IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A LEAD PIPE ON A BLIND SIDE ATTACK FROM SUPER FAN, TIM CALAHAN!  They both go down quickly, but the beatings do not stop!  Security is going INSANE trying to counter this sneak attack.  Quinn watches it go down and looks to Abby who looks horrified.

Tom Quinn: We always had a hunch that they were in it for themselves.  But some people just buy into their hype a little too much.  Heh.  Oh, and Abby, if you see your boyfriend at all…  heh let him know we’re all very sorry for what’s going to happen tonight.

Security gets a grip on Riley and Super Fan, holding both men back, while EMTs rush to tend to the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.  Rogue brushes past and pats Riley on the chest, trying to get him to follow.  Riley nods and both he and Calahan walk off, leaving their mess behind.

Dave Dymond: What the hell?

Other Guy: You okay, Abby?

Abigail Chase: Yeah.  I’m fine.  I’m sorry guys…  I’m really sorry.


Still sat in his locker room, Osbourne adjusts his position, folding one leg underneath him as he pays close attention to the TV in front of him.

Unseen: Who’s next?

Osbourne Kilminster: Donovan King and NC-17.

Unseen: Interesting.

Osbourne Kilminster: It should be. NC had a lucky break last week – caught me with a roll-up, but he was out of his depth. The kid got lucky, but against King? I doubt he’s still on a streak like that.

Unseen: We’ll see.



The sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system, bringing the lights down in the arena.  The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in.


Other Guy:  HERE WE GO, DAVE!


The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The camera zooms in on King’s face, showing his smirk as he pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.







“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance.  The reaction is again mixed, as some fans have become loyal to King since Reckoning Day.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest.  He is also wearing his black ring gear, with the green crown on his rear, along with the black kneepads and black boots with dark green crowns on each of them.  His wrists are taped up as well as he walks down to the ring.

Dave Dymond:  There’s been a strong war of words this week between Donovan King and his opponent for evening, NC-17.

Other Guy:  Both these guys want to be Master of the Mat, Dave!  This is going to be one hell of a match!


King slides under the bottom rope as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.  King asks Samantha Coil to hand him the microphone and she ducks out of the ring.  He stands there, looking out over the sea of Las Vegas fans for a moment.

Donovan King:  Last week on Revolution, y’all got to see somebody try to fuck with me.  I got somebody handin’ me a shirt wit’ a warnin’ on it.  All it said was…’He’s Coming’.

Dave Dymond:  That’s right, OG.  Last week, a SHOOT stagehand came out here and gave King a plain black t-shirt with a warning we couldn’t see on the front, but apparently King’s got the message!

Donovan King:  Well, tonight?  Tonight ain’t about dat shit.  Tonight is about dis bitch ass mother fucker NC-17 in the biggest match of his fuckin’ career!

The fans pop for NC-17 as “Fever For The Flava” by Hot Action Cop kicks in without giving King the chance to say anything else.  Out from the back emerges NC-17 with his lovely girlfriend, Barbie Kellers.  King turns with a glare at NC-17, who is slapping hands with the fans, all smiles.


The fans boo as the song is immediately cut off, causing NC-17 to glare at King, holding his arms out asking him what the fuck is his problem.

Donovan King:  You wanna come out here an’ interrupt me, homie?  Don’t you get dat you ain’t shit?

The fans boo as NC-17 walks down to the ring, annoyed with King.

Donovan King:  You bring yo’ girl out here fuh what?  Dis is war, homie.  You think she needs to be out here?  Need her to see what a real man looks like?

The fans boo a bit more as Barbie simply looks at King.  NC-17 is now at the ring apron.

Donovan King:  Okay, man.  You think you bad.  I tell you what.  I’m gonna turn around…

King turns his back on NC-17.

Donovan King:  An’ you get the first shot.  Okay?  Right here.  Back uh my head.  Come get some, man.

NC-17 slides into the ring, slowly walking up to King’s back.  Suddenly, King snaps around and NAILS NC-17 with the microphone, sending NC-17 staggering backwards before falling to one knee.

Donovan King:  HA!  You must be out yo’ goddamn mind!  Ring the bell, ref!  Dis bitch is mine!

King throws the microphone from the ring as Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell.  King picks NC-17 up and shoves 17’s head between his legs.  He grabs 17’s midsection and hoists him up, PLANTING him with a piledriver!  He picks 17 back up and irish whips him to the ropes.  King catches 17 with a hip toss, but NC-17 flips through and lands on his feet!  The fans pop but King immediately catches 17’s head and bulldogs him down to the mat!  King hooks NC-17’s head in a face lock, obviously working on the beginnings of the Carolina Crossface.

Dave Dymond:  King immediately going to work on NC-17’s head and face, setting him up for either the KTFO or his signature finishing maneuver, the Carolina Crossface.

Other Guy:  Like it or not, Dave, King is a technical genius!  The Carolina Messiah!

NC-17 is lifted up to his feet by King, holding 17’s head in his hands.  As he does so, NC-17 catches King’s head and NAILS him with a jawbreaker!  King staggers from the move and NC-17 bounces off the ropes and NAILS a spinning wheel kick!  The fans in attendance are cheering loudly as NC-17 claps his hands together.  He runs back to the ropes and leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle and connects with a sort of modified springboard guillotine legdrop!  King clutches his face as NC-17 sprawls over him and hooks the leg, prompting Tony Lorenzo to slide to the mat for the count!



King holds his face as NC-17 hooks him up in a surfboard stretch!

Dave Dymond:  King is showing the effects of his match with Cade, three weeks after the fact, OG!

Other Guy:  Who knows what kind of injuries King is working through after that epic encounter, Dave.  NC-17 would be wise to capitalize on that!

NC-17 lets go of the surfboard and immediately NAILS King in the back with a HARD dropkick, double King over almost two!  17 goes for an elbow drop, but King rolls out of the way!  17 goes for another elbowdrop and King dodges it as well!  17 goes for a third one and King is up on his feet!  17 is up as well and King NAILS the Penalty Kick!  17 is down and King sprawls over for the pin and Tony Lorenzo is there!




King immediately wastes no time, attempting an Anaconda Vice!  NC-17 gets his feet to the ropes and stops King from applying the hold, and King relents as soon as Lorenzo tells him to release it!

Dave Dymond:  Despite being a grade A asshole, Donovan King is adhering to the rules, OG.  This is totally not like him.

King picks NC-17 up and whips him to the ropes, but NC-17 counters!  King is whipped off of the ropes and NC-17 goes for a monkey flip!  King is sent FLYING through the air and right onto his back!  He clutches his back as NC-17 gets in King’s face and…throws his hand over his face?


Dave Dymond:  You have to be kidding me.

NC-17 bounces off of the ropes, does a shuffle…AND NAILS THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE FIST DROP!

Other Guy:  We can’t get sued for that, can we?

NC-17 turns King over onto his stomach and he goes for the arm for an armbar?  NO!  NC-17 IS TRYING TO LOCK ON THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!  King, frantically, blocks the move and hugs the bottom rope as NC-17 gets off of him, pinching his fingers together to show King just how close he was to locking the hold in.  The fans cheer as NC-17 seems to be more confident now.  Meanwhile, King pulls himself up, glaring at his opponent for the disrespect he was just shown.

Dave Dymond:  Interesting exchange between King and NC-17 there.

NC-17 calls for his girlfriend to get up onto the apron and she gives him a kiss on the cheek, making him grin.  He turns around, however, AND GETS NAILED WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM KING!!!  NC-17 cradles his back as King snaps his head over to Barbie, and a look of fear comes over her face as he grabs her by the hair!

Other Guy:  OH SHIT!

King grins as NC-17 picks himself up and sees King holding his girlfriend…just in time for King to plant a HUGE KISS on Barbie!  The fans erupt as King lets her go without throwing her to the ground below.  NC-17’s grin fades completely and he charges at King, only for King to duck underneath and hook him up…AND NAIL A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!  NC-17 cradles his head as King stands back up and sprawls over onto NC-17, while the referee makes the count!




King picks NC-17 up and 17 immediately drops down and puts King on the mat with a drop toe hold!  He gets right back up and bounces off the ropes, nailing the rising King with a flying clothesline!  King is down on the mat and NC-17 gets right back up, calling out to the fans to rally to his side as he runs to the turnbuckles!

Dave Dymond:  What’s he doing?

Other Guy:  This is his second big match, Dave, and he’s a major underdog.  He’s gonna throw everything he has at King to win this thing!

NC-17 leaps off the top turnbuckle for a flying crossbody, BUT KING IS UP!  HE GRABS NC-17, T-BONE SUPLEX!!  NC-17 is OUT.  King is breathing heavily, glaring at NC-17.  He staggers over to NC-17 and hooks NC-17’s leg, prompting the referee to make the count!




The fans pop as King glares down at NC-17 for a long moment.  King picks NC-17 up…AND NC-17 HITS A SWINGING NECKBREAKER ON KING OUT OF DESPERATION!  BOTH men are down!  The fans are popping as Barbie slaps the mat, trying to get her man to roll over and pin King!  NC-17 rolls over to his stomach and Tony Lorenzo starts the count!




Barbie slaps the mat, calling for NC-17 to get up!


King lifts his arm wearily, trying to get himself up!


NC-17 flops over, draping one arm on King!  Tony Lorenzo slides into position and calls for the count!




NC-17 holds his face as King begins to pick himself up bit by bit!  NC-17 picks himself up slowly, glaring at King.  King is picking himself up with the corner turnbuckles.  He picks himself all the way up, resting against the corner, his head down.  Barbie screams at NC-17 and points to the corner where King is and NC-17’s lights come on almost immediately in his eyes.

Dave Dymond:  King’s not in the best position, OG.


Other Guy:  OH SHIT!  King is the catcher!  NC-17 is the pitcher!

Dave Dymond:  Wouldn’t NC-17 be the catcher in this instance?

Other Guy:  …what?

King flops down and NC-17 grins, pointing to King and running to the other side of the ring.  Slowly he pulls an extra large condom from his tights, nodding to the fans as they cheer loudly.  He tosses it out into the crowd and CHARGES in on King for the Bareback Rider!  HE’S IN THE AIR!  KING COUNTERS!!  KING THROWS A BOOT UP INTO NC-17’S GROIN!  NC-17 CRUMBLES TO THE MAT FROM THAT LOW BLOW!!

Dave Dymond:  NC-17 is DONE.  He can’t function after THAT low blow!

King paces around his prey, picking NC-17 up…AND THROWING HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!  The fans are giving a LOUD mixed reaction…AND KING CONNECTS WITH THE KTFO!!!  KTFO!!!  NC-17 IS OUT!!!!

Other Guy:  SHIT!  WHAT A KTFO!!!  King has taken NC-17 down with the KTFO after capitalizing on one too many mistakes from NC-17!

King stands over NC-17, looking down at his fallen foe.  He looks over at Barbie, who is calling for NC-17 to get up.  King taps his foot against NC-17’s head, but gets no reaction!  NC-17 is OUT.  King shakes his head, looking back at Barbie.


He shrugs as he bends down to roll him over for the pin when suddenly, the lights dim out, with a blood red spotlight shining down on the entrance ramp.

Dave Dymond:  What the hell is this?!

Repeated piano keys play, fans instantly recognizing it as “The Ecstasy of Gold”.  However, King walks over to the ropes near the entrance ramp and a hip hop beat kicks in.  “Blueprint 2 (Instrumental)” by Jay-Z plays, the fans buzzing.  The SHOOT-Tron shows only a blood red life line until the beat kicks in…and then one name is seen on the SHOOT-Tron, causing a HUGE MASSIVE REACTION the likes of which haven’t been seen on the show tonight thus far:


Dave Dymond:  OH.  MY.  GOD.

The fans are going mad as King is stunned.  Suddenly, the lights come up, the music stops abruptly, AND NC-17 SCHOOLBOYS KING OVER!!!  TONY LORENZO COUNTS!!




The fans ERUPT as NC-17 leaps away from King, having literally stolen this victory out of the jaws of defeat!


Dave Dymond:  What sort of mind games are Real Deal playing on King here?!

Other Guy:  No Real Deal, just an entrance video, entrance music, and King was distracted by it all long enough to see his Master of the Mat hopes dissipate!

King is up on one knee in the center of the ring as NC-17 embraces Barbie in excitement.  King bows his head, glaring at the entrance where the Real Deal video played.

Dave Dymond:  We know who’s coming for King, and he has scored a MAJOR psychological victory here tonight!  NC-17 advances, scoring a HUGE win over Donovan King!

NC-17 looks over at King, who stares at the entrance.  He picks himself up, shaking his head and showing absolutely no signs of fatigue.  NC-17 and King lock eyes for a moment as both men look capable of continuing.  It doesn’t matter, though, as this match is over and NC-17 is the victor.  King nods at NC-17 and claps for his victor, superior on this night.  King leaves the ring, glaring at the entrance as he walks to the back.

Dave Dymond:  He came off as a good sport tonight, but King is DEFINITELY pissed off that he got distracted and it cost him a chance at the top.

Other Guy:  This is a new Donovan King, Dave.  NC-17 may have beaten him here tonight, proving anything can happen, but I think just that little gesture of respect towards NC-17 says a lot about the changes Donovan King has experienced.

Dave Dymond:  NC-17 gets a Revolution Championship title shot in Round two of the Master of the Mat tournament, and Donovan King…I can only imagine, is going to hunt The Real Deal down!


As Revolution continues on, we once again see Kilgore Stochansky.  Brimming with more confidence than ever, he reclines against a wall, his stylish suit and black hair standing out in stark contrast with the drab brick.  He looks off to the side of the camera, his smile apparent. 

Kilgore Stochansky: Embracing change is a historical fact, my friends at home.  Those who embrace it are successful, legendary, long lasting in both the popular consciousness and the historical record.  Those who fail to embrace change?  They…are unfortunate.

He grins, going from being propped on a wall to standing tall, his hands on his hips.  His pose is almost defiant. The camera pans out, and it is seen that Stochansky is standing amidst the kraft services area, people stand around drinking coffee or water, others pick at various finger foods.  Many of them are the unknown men and women that make up the Revolution backstage crew.  Stochansky continues speaking, some listen intently, others look up to see what’s going on, then continue on their way.

Kilgore Stochansky: So it’s time for most of the people here to embrace this change.  Embrace the cleansing, warm light of revolution.  Embrace the…future.  Because if you fail to embrace it or, even worse, refuse to embrace it…then you are doomed to be seen as an obsolete, antiquated grump.  Not something anyone wants to see, much less support on a regular basis.

The camera slowly focuses in tightly on Stochansky as he steps away from the wall, an intensity about him grows.  However as he leans forward, a commotion off camera is heard, and Stochansky suddenly changes his focus… a second too late… WORRENS LUNGES AT STOCHANSKY KNOCKING HIM TO THE FLOOR IMMEDIATELY!!!

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Stochansky maybe got the last word earlier, but Worrens throwing the FIRST punches!

Worrens wildly and recklessly throws closed punches at Stochansky, while the larger man attempts to get his arms up to block the sudden attack. Stochansky swats Worrens away, but Worrens dives right back, SMASHING his knee right into the side of Stochansky’s throat!  Stochansky rolls away and scrambles up to his feet, coughing profusely!  Worrens dives at Stochansky’s legs, tripping him up, and now Stochansky gets a face full of cement floor!  His jaw cracks and while on Stochansky is on his stomach, Worrens just continues the assault, now firing hard forearm and elbow strikes into the back of Stochansky’s head!

Other Guy: Worrens has gone ballistic, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Those words of Stochansky’s probably finally sunk in and hit a REAL nerve it seems and this is the end result!

Stochansky tries to crawl away, but Worrens will not allow for that.  However SHOOT Project security has other plans, and as they arrive on the scene, they immediately grab Worrens and YANK him off of Stochansky.  Worrens struggles a great deal, tears STREAMING down his face.

Trevor Worrens: You don’t get it!  DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DO!  DON’T FUCKING…. GOD!

Worrens tries to break free but the strength of six security guards is MORE than enough to keep Worrens at bay, and struggling only hurts Worrens more.

Trevor Worrens: NEXT WEEK!  I prove it again… (Worrens sniffles) I prove that I am surviving, that I can and WILL survive!

He seems to calm down, but just as security thinks its okay to loosen up a bit, Worrens SNAPS away from the men and lunges down towards Stochansky. He doesn’t attack this time though, but instead rises up to his feet, looking down at the man beneath him.

Trevor Worrens: You think you know… but you have NO idea what’s in store.  The laws of survival have changed, Kilgore.  No loophole, no manipulation… nothing is going to help you this time.

Worrens SPITS at Kilgore Stochanksy, the last of his emotional state getting the better of him.  Security quickly takes control now ushering Trevor Worrens out, while the camera focuses on Kilgore Stochansky, who continues to cough repeatedly, all the while clutching at his head and face.

As a couple of medical staff members arrive on the scene, the camera cuts away, and with the fans heard buzzing from ringside, the night moves on forward.


Christopher Davis sits alone, staring at you through the camera. His eyes are focused and intense.

Christopher Davis: Since Malice things have been pretty fucked up for me. When you have a world title taken away from you in the manner it was taken from me it kind of fucks with your head a little bit.

You wake up the next day trying to figure out what the fuck happened. How the fuck did I get here. You wake up the next day trying to figure out what the fuck to do next.

Maybe I should have challenged sooner. Maybe I should have demanded a shot earlier. Maybe I shouldn’t have done the shit I did.

I chose a path and it led me astray. I put myself on a path to obscurity, I became nothing. I became an afterthought.

 But I’m back. I’m back where I fucking belong.

I get one shot at this…ONE.

You better damn well believe I’m going to make the most of it.

The scene fades with a close up shot of those cold, grey eyes.


This time, we see Osbourne Kilminster has kicked his chair aside and watches the TV from a standing position, his arms folded across his chest and the vague outline of a man dressed completely in black from unseen head to foot stood in the corner of the room.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s Chris Davis and Corazon now. This is what I’m really interested in.

Unseen: Christopher Davis.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah. Him.



Dave Dymond Well, as always folks, we’d like to thank you for tuning into what has been a very memorable edition of REVOLUTION.  It’s you, the fans, who make this show possible and who give all of us employed by SHOOT Project a reason to bust our asses off each and every week for you.

Other Guy: Damn straight, Dave.

Dave Dymond But we are not finished quite yet because up next is our very special MAIN EVENT…  Adrian Corazon and Christopher Davis…   WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ON. THE. LINE.  And it’s FREE TV, OG.

Other Guy: It’s our homecoming tonight and maybe the last time we’ll in the Sin City for some time.  Least we can do is send the Thomas and Mack Center off with a BANG!

Dave Dymond Let’s go to the ring for our introductions.

Darkness envelops the arena, the fans begin to buzz in anticipation. The SHOOTtron comes to life. Christopher Davis’ voice is heard:

"I don’t belong here…"

"But here I am…"

"I might as well make the fucking best of it…"

"It’s time…"

"Gossip" by Lil Wayne suddenly blasts into the arena.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,"

A blast of light shines everytime the word "stop" is spoken. After the final "stop" the arena goes dark once again for a few seconds.

Then the SHOOTron displays "Christopher Davis" in white block letters as "Gossip" again blares into the arena.

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion"

"The lady of a nigga"

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga"

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

The lights come up and Chris stands at the entrance way as the fans work themselves into a frenzy. Dressed in black mid-length tights and black boots he takes in the crowd for a moment. He then raises both arms out to his sides as if forming a cross.

He then lowers his arms and strides towards the ring.

"You don’t have to pick me"

"To win the title fight"

"But I’m gonna win a championship belt so tight"

Chris steps into the ring and simply makes his way to the center, standing, waiting in anticipation.  Kamura does a brief check in, while the lights raise momentarily.  Davis obliges and holds out his arms and sticks one leg out and then another.  Kamura finds nothing illegal and nods before walking away.  The Christopher Davis fans continue to cheer for another moment or so until…

The lights go out.

The crowd goes silent.

An orange laser light shines from the top of the Sullivan Arena to the direct top of the ramp.  The video wall illuminates, as scenes from Reckoning Day’s Main Event take over, showing the blood boiling affair between "THE DEFILER" Jonny Johnson and the BRUTAL and INHUMAN Corazon.

Finally, the video wall settles on one image.  One sole, telling, image.

Adrian Corazon.  World Heavyweight Champion.  Clutching that World Heavyweight Championship belt.








As the pyro kicks off, DZK’s "Torcher" explodes over the PA, bringing the Las Vegas crowd to life!  A swathe of hard orange light bathes the champion, almost as though divinity has arrived.  The crowd cheers loudly when the Champion makes his way down to the ring, eyeing Christopher Davis the entire time.  He never takes his attention away from him, even when handing the World Heavyweight Championship to Samantha Coil, who then hands it to Scott Kamura.

Other Guy: Can’t believe we get this moment on Revolution, Dave!  It’s like we’re living an alternate Reckoning Day right now.  Shit is TIGHT!

He stands face to face with Christopher Davis, and both men move in closer toward each other.  Scott Kamura backs them off a few steps, and Samantha Coil begins the opening announcements.

The fans get anxious!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans cheer, while both Corazon and Davis continue to stare each other down.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger!  He hails from Battle Creek, Michigan and weighs in at TWO HUNDRED, SEVENTY-ONE POUNDS…  He is a member of the SHOOT PROECT HALL OF FAME…  CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis rotates his neck, but never once leaves Corazon’s gaze.  The fans cheer loudly for the most part, though, as it seems to go with these type of introductions, there are smatterings of boos as well.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent.  He is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  Weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED, TWENTY FIVE POUNDS…   The BRUTAL!  The INHUMAN.  He. Is. ADRIAN CORAZON!!!

Corazon keeps his eyes on Davis but brings one arm into the air!  The fans start to POP EXTREMELY LOUDLY, though are joined by several more fans who offer a healthy chorus of BOOOOOOS! 

Samantha Coil makes her exit and Scott Kamura raises the belt over his head!


Dave Dymond Here we go!


Kamura calls for the bell after handing the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP to Mark Kendrick.  Both men begin to circle the ring.

Davis eyes Corazon.

Corazon eyes Davis.

Both men start to move in.

The lights flicker.


A creepy whisper disrupts the initial flow, and the fans IMMEDIATELY buzz, but the lights go back to normal and nothing has happened.

Davis looks at Corazon but seems annoyed.

Christopher Davis: You wanna fuck me over again?

Corazon shakes his head and tries to ignore the comment.  He moves in on Davis and the two men engage in an elbow collar tie up.  Davis spins Corazon around and throws him into the ropes!  Corazon bounces back!  Davis attempts the clothesline!  Corazon ducks through and bounces off the ropes at the other end!  He charges back!



You can hear sounds of running on the mat, but it’s hard to see anything.


The lights go back on and again nothing is different.  Dave and Other Guy aren’t saying anything.  Davis looks at Corazon again, both men approaching the PEAK of frustration.  Corazon screams at Kamura, who shouts back and shrugs.  Davis also shouts something, and Kamura has words of his own.  Davis then all of a sudden charges at Corazon and takes him down with a SPEAR!!!  Davis tries to secure a mount position, but Corazon won’t oblige, keeping his hands up to avoid any direct shots to the face!  Davis slams a forearm into Corazon’s side, but the champ manages to push Davis off!  Corazon looks REALLY PISSED OFF and turns and DRILLS Davis in the side of the head with a STIFF KICK!  Davis falls back and then RUNS TOWARD CORAZON AGAIN!!!

The fans are freaking out and Kamura goes in to break things up!  This is all happening without ANY commentary from OG or Dave.  It seems like maybe their microphones are out.

Davis brings Corazon down and throws some SICK shots, catching the champion in the face!

Dave Dymond …R… we…  ck… ?

Other Guy: It… oppy…

Kamura continues pulling at Davis, but the challenger won’t let up!  Corazon goes completely defensive, realizing that this match got VERY REAL, VERY FAST!

Dave Dymond Are we here now?

Other Guy: I think we are.  Test.  Test One, two.

Dave Dymond Folks we apologize for the technical difficulties, but there are NO SUCH DIFFICULTIES IN CHRISTOPHER DAVIS’S ONSLAUGHT!

Other Guy: Davis has wanted this opportunity for a while, and even in his solemn state…  I think he might think Corazon is fucking with him, but I have no idea what the shit is going on!

Davis continues his onslaught but Corazon is blocking pretty well and finally Chris rolls off.  He SLAMS his hand into the mat and Kamura goes to try and settle him down.  Corazon pops up to a knee and wipes at his face, checking for blood.  He stares at Davis, who looks back at the two seem to calm themselves down in that instance.

Chris is back up to his feet and nods his head at the World Champion, who nods as well.  Both men circle the ring and move in for grapple!  Corazon ducks underneath Davis’s attempt and slips behind.

Dave Dymond Waist lock from Adrian Corazon who will have to use his quickness against a much larger, much more physically opponent challenger in Chris Davis.

Davis seems to consider throwing an elbow, but instead goes down to pull at Corazon’s hands, feeling that he can manually break this hold!  Corazon immediately drops to the ground and rolls Davis up!  However, he just uses it as a take down, not even giving Kamura enough time to make a count before hopping up and grabbing Chris’s leg!  He starts to spin into a figure four, but Davis kicks him away!  Corazon turns back, and comes back at Davis, but Chris catches him and throws him over his head with an OVER HEAD BELLY TO BELLY THROW!!!  Corazon tumbles across the mat and Davis attempts to make a cover!

Dave Dymond An early pin fall attempt!



Corazon shoulders out at one and a half!

Other Guy: Corazon letting Davis know it’s going to take more than that.  Kicking out before two is always a defensive statement in my opinion.

Davis allows Corazon to get up to a vertical base and both men begin to plot out their next attack.

Dave Dymond Both men getting a feel for each other early on, and we could be in store for an EPIC…  Of course, we’ll stay with the action for as long as we can, but in the case of television time expiring we will bring ALL the action to you via webcast so don’t worry about missing a beat.  There WILL be a winner in this one.

Corazon and Davis both still seem a little uneasy as they stare across at each other.  Davis waves for Corazon to bring it, but Corazon doesn’t bite.  The champ wipes at his face again and then lowers his center of gravity and moves in on Davis.  Chris moves in as well and the two get into a grapple!  Davis bullies Corazon into a corner!  Kamura comes into break it up and Davis backs away only for Corazon to strike with a judo slap to the face!  Davis backs up and Corazon comes down low with a chop block to the front of Davis’s knee!  The challenger falls back and stumbles to one knee!  Corazon comes up and lands a SHARP kick to the shoulder!  Davis seems to absorb most of that, but it’s enough to stun him!  Corazon bounces off the ropes and charges at Davis with a yakuza kick!  Davis ducks and gets back to his feet!  Corazon turns around and tries to fire off another shot, but Davis catches him!  Corazon tries to keep his balance on one leg, but before he can do anything, DAVIS HOISTS HIM UP AND THROWS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDER!  HE FALLS BACK TO THE MAT AND KEEPS CORAZON’S LEG HOOKED FOR A PIN FALL!!!

Dave Dymond Chris Davis with a HUGE counter into a version of the fisherman’s suplex!  The champion is down!



Corazon JUST shoulders out at two and Davis seems to be picking up the pace and intensity.

Other Guy: Davis continues to have Corazon’s number.  The champ is going to need to dig down deep.  I don’t know though… shit just doesn’t seem right and neither guy seems to be able to concentrate.

Dave Dymond It’s a weird atmosphere, no doubt, but these two men understand what’s at stake… and…

Corazon holds at his back and Davis looks to capitalize.  However, before that can happen the fans begin booing as TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and SUPER FAN, TIM CALAHAN hop the guard rail behind the announce table.  Davis sees them as does Corazon, who, despite wincing in pain from the suplex he took, shouts at the incoming trio.

Riley shouts back and Super Fan laughs.  Rogue moves in next to Dave and OG and takes one of the extra head sets.  Everything is EXTREMELY weird and chaotic right now.

Dave Dymond Gentlemen…

Tom Quinn: Sorry about earlier.  A friend of ours in the booth owed us a favor.

Davis looks REALLY annoyed, realizing something is up!  Corazon has an opening for an attack from behind, but the champion doesn’t take it.  Instead he moves near Davis and shouts at Riley, Rogue and Super Fan.  Quinn shrugs his shoulders, staying calm, while his buddies continue to instigate.

Tom Quinn: We’re really sorry about all of this, guys.  People at home.  This probably should have been a cool match or whatever.


Davis turns toward Kamura.

Corazon pushes Davis off Kamura.  The arena is COMPLETELY baffled.

Dave Dymond What the HELL is any of this even about?

Tom Quinn: Fuck off, Dave.  Like you don’t know.  This match was doomed from the start.  I was hoping they’d at least keep fighting.  What a couple of fucking babies.

All of a sudden Jason Johnson comes out from behind the curtain, but he’s followed by about seven members of the security team and about five fully dressed members of the LVPD!  Jason’s head stays aimed toward the ground, and the “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOS” are furious.  People start throwing various items of trash, at the line of men coming down to the ring!

Tom Quinn: This is awesome.

The army of security and police head into the ring and Davis immediately turns around and tries to grab Jason, but a few guards push him away and detain him in the corner!  At the same time, Adrian Corazon finds himself BEING HANDCUFFED.  He tries to fight it off, but only momentarily, realizing that this is as real as it can get.


Christopher Davis: FUCK YOU!  FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!!!

Davis pushes passed the guards, and storms toward Jason, but he’s IMMEDIATELY brought down by more security guards.  Davis is being held back, and Corazon is being cuffed.  The Thomas and Mack Center buzzes with confusion!  At the same time, Riley and Calahan applaud, while Quinn nods happily.  Mark Kendrick grabs the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP from off the time time keeper’s table and hands it up to Scott Kamura who hands it to Jason Johnson as ordered.

Jason Johnson, holding the title belt, stares at the hand-cuffed Adrian Corazon, who stares back.

Neither man says a single word to the other.


Dave Dymond I don’t know what to say.  I don’t understand.

Other Guy: I thought this shit was over.  What the FUCK, Quinn?

Quinn smirks.

Tom Quinn: What the fuck?  Really, OG?  It’s simple dude.

“NO ONE escapes the DEFILER.”

The announcers go silent, and all we are left with is the chaos in the ring.

Davis held back by five security guards.

Corazon in handcuffs, surrounded by law enforcement.

Jason Johnson, disappearing into the back…

…the world title draped over his shoulder.


Hope is Illusion.