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Revolution: 035 – 6/29/08


The voice is definetly female and Chris recognizes it immediately. However, a puzzled look comes across his face as he turns around. He turns around to see one Abigail Chase dressed in a black skirt and white button down silk shirt.

He cautiously approaches here.

Christopher Davis: I’m sorry Miss Chase, you’ll have to excuse me if I look a bit perplexed. It’s just that I didn’t hear the "fuck you" tone in your voice so it threw me off a bit.

Abigail only rolls her eyes.

Abigail Chase: You’re not going to let it go are you?

Christopher Davis: Are you going to admit you were wrong?

Abigail Chase: (irritation rising in her voice) I wasn’t wrong, you were! That bullshit that went down…

Davis chucles.

Christopher Davis: There, now that’s better. That’s the Abigail Chase I’ve gotten used to hearing these last few weeks.

She shakes her head and again rolls her eyes.

Abigail Chase: You’re a bastard.

Christopher Davis: And then some. What can I do for you?

Abigail Chase: Listen, I need to ask you something.

Chris nods his head.

Abigail Chase: Are you still planning on going after Sammy Rochester?

Chris nods his head.

Christopher Davis: You know I can’t let things end the way they ended. It wouldn’t be right. Vincent and his fucking family need to realize that SHOOT is not their playground. If someone doesn’t stand up to them SHOOT’s not going to last.

I don’t give a damn if it’s popular or not, I have to do what I need to do. After tonight I intend on having The Family’s full, undivided attention AND moving one step closer to Master of the Mat.

Davis pauses, his tone softening.

Christopher Davis: That doesn’t leave you in a very good position though. I’d hate for something to happen to you because you are friends with me.

Abigail Chase: Jason is doing everything he can to keep us non-wrestling types from getting hurt.

Davis chuckles.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, good ole Jason’ll take care of everything. Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Davis steps closer to Abigail.

Christopher Davis: Just do me a favor and make sure you watch your own back. If need be I know some people that will make sure you’re watched carefully.

Abigail Chase: I’ll be fine. You need to watch yourself, without Angel and Christian around…

Christopher Davis: I’ll be fine.

He smiles.

Christopher Davis: How about a fuck you Chris before I go.

She smiles, staring into his eyes. Her words are barely audible.

Abigail Chase: Fuck you Chris…

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, but then the montage slows as Gutter Rat is seen standing with the Revolution Championship title and Big Ed Johnson by his side.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


The shot quickly cuts backstage, where ERYK MASTERS, in a black SHOOT Project Polo T-shirt and black slacks stands along side SHOOT Project CEO, JASON JOHNSON  A usually upbeat, laid back personality, Jason is showing signs of mental wear and tear, his eyes momentarily aimed at the floor while Eryk opens up the interview.

Eryk Masters: Jason, I know this last week has been extremely stressful for you and this organization.  The company is expanding, and for that you need to be congratulated.  However, for your employees and for our undyingly loyal fans watching the program tonight at home, can you give us any insight on the situation involving Adrian Corazon and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship?

Jason obviously expected the question and nods his head.  He lifts his eyes toward Masters and offers his response.

Jason Johnson: As with any situation of this nature, rumors will inevitably swirl.  However, at this time I will neither confirm nor deny anything that has or will be reported.  The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is absolutely the pinnacle of this company and one of the most highly coveted title belts in our business.  As we speak, my staff and I are working tirelessly to make ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that our final decision is our BEST decision.

Masters immediately follows up.

Eryk Masters: Any update on the charges or how long Adrian Corazon will be out of action?

Jason shakes his head.

Jason Johnson: Not at this time, no.

Eryk Masters: Do you have any time frame for when a decision will be reached, or, at the very least, when we…?

Jason cuts Eryk off at the second part of his question.

Jason Johnson: I will have an official decision by the end of tonight’s program..

Masters nods.

Eryk Masters: Thank you, Jason.

Jason Johnson: Sure thing, Eryk.

Jason pats Masters on the back and walks away.  The camera stays on Eryk for a couple extra seconds before cutting elsewhere.


The scene opens to…dust?

A quick wipe of the lens and the image becomes visible. Furniture covered by white cloths and boxes sealed with packing tape are arranged around the area in a semi-haphazard fashion. A thin coat of dust covers much of what we see. The cobwebs in the corners of the room where the beams join the roof give further credence that this attic has been undisturbed for months, if not years. The sound of something moving draws our attention further into the room.

Rounding a stack of boxes, an old floor lamp, and a weathered footlocker, we spot the silhouette of a large man seated in a wicker chair. Closing in from behind, we begin to make out details: short black hair, a black Iron Maiden ‘Eddie’ t-shirt, and stonewashed bluejeans, but the object that catches our attention is the scrapbook in his hands. The displayed pictures show a teen-aged girl of indeterminate mixed-heritage. As the man speaks, his voice identifies the man to be Jonathon Wehali, the man they call Nightmare.

"Pretty, isn’t she? This girl is my older sister, Angelique. She was sixteen when this picture was taken; I was eight. She never got a day older, because this was taken the day she was murdered."

He sighs sadly.

"She was killed, run down in the street like a dog, as a message to my parents. The slumlord who owned the building in which we lived wanted to sell, but he couldn’t due to it being government housing for the poor. Well, that is, he couldn’t so long as there were people living there. My parents refused to abandon our home because they simply couldn’t afford to move. My sister paid the price."

The page is flipped. The subject now is an attractive Asian woman in her early-twenties. Jonathon’s fingers lightly trace her face in their wedding photo.

"My first wife, Morrigan. She was also Crysta’s best friend, which is why our daughter now bears her name. We weren’t divorced. Fact is, we were in love with one another as is humanly possible. Sure, we had our spats now and then, especially with our passionate natures, but what marriage doesn’t have its rocky moments? We always made up, however, because we respected and loved one another, and that’s what truly matters."

"However, that came to an end when my twin brother tried to trick her into having an affair…yeah, pretty twisted, isn’t it? He’d had his eye on her longer than I ever realized. She was faithful to me, though, so he never stood a chance. The more he talked the more he gave himself away. She confronted him, and we thought that was the end of it."

His left hand clenches into a fist, his fingernails pressing so deeply into his palm that a couple drops of blood trickled from his hand.

"We were wrong, dead wrong. That bastard took her away from me still. He took our unborn son away. Then he disappeared. Fucker."

Jon closes his eyes, forcing himself to calm down. When he opens them once more he turns the scrapbook to the next page. This time there are photos of an adorable infant boy, accompanied by a copy of his birth certificate. A deeply proud and loving smile spreads across his features, although there is a sad edge to it.

"This is Crysta’s and my son, Viktor. He was named after my best friend and my wife Morrigan’s brother. My brother-in-law entered the professional wrestling industry shortly after I did, but he was killed in the ring when a high impact move was dangerously botched by a rival who was trying to force him out of the business, a man by the ring name of X. My son, unfortunately, had a tragic story of his own, one at whose center was my brother once again."

"Bitter by the success I had earned through my hard and smart work, my brother Ken set in place a plan to destroy it all. First he threatened the woman that Ledge loved at the time, Riona Langly. The only way to keep her safe was for Nick to turn my children over to that sick asshole. Crysta still holds a grudge against Nick to this day for what happened. However, I do not, because Ledge, with Ai Mei’s help, rescued my children from that goth emo bitch. The stories they told me about the hell hole where they found my kids make it sound more like somewhere from Resident Evil or Silent Hill, rather than a real place. What was all too real, however, was the abuse my son and daughter received. I swear to God it was like that cunt was inventing ways to torture the helpless babies."

His eyes grow cold and hard as his voice quiets dangerously.

"He paid the price for what he did. As did the man who killed my sister. One’s in the grave from the beating I gave him in the middle of the ring. The other’s in prison playing bitch for some big skinhead named Bubba. As for the man who killed my best friend, he is now crippled and resides in an asylum. You see, my people may have been pushed around and finally been forced to leave everything they love behind, but I’ll be DAMNED if I will. I will defend those close to me. I will battle for that which is important to me. I will fight for all those who have been lost to me, all those lost to this world. If you mock my ring name then you mock their memories, and that is something I will not simply overlook. I just wanted Osbourne to fully comprehend what he’s brought down upon himself before I finally close the book upon him."

We look into the album once more, this time noting a bloody and burned Nightmare standing over the prone form of a masked man in the center of a caged wrestling ring.

"Earlier this week I said I fight for myself. That was only part of the story. I fight for all of these people and more. I fight for the fallen. For each person that realizes the American Dream, many more are sacrificed, swallowed by the shadow of the American Nightmare."

"They may be fallen but they shall never be forgotten, for as long as I draw breath their memory shall live on. They shall live on through me."

"And it is upon the bodies of my opponents that I shall build their shrine."

The scene slowly fades away as Jonathon closes the album.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is scheduled for ONE fall, and has a twenty minute time limit!

The arena lights flicker on and off for a moment before Alter Bridge’s "Open Your Eyes" hits the PA and a very exuberant Doug Kinsella trots out from behind the curtain, jogging in place and rolling his head. He gets a very, very mild reaction, though a few people lean out for high-fives as he jogs down the ramp in his Alter Birdge "Blackbird" shirt and a pair of black track pants.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, representing Springfield, Ohio and weighing in at 215 pounds…he is the Epitome of Magnificence…DOUG! KINSELLLLLAAAA!

Running around the ring and slapping high fives with some of the fans, Kinsella eventually slides in under the bottom rope and finds his way over to a corner, where he removes his shirt and starts doing some warm-ups. The referee Austin Linam casually strolls over to make sure he’s got no illegal objects on him–he seems to check out.

Dave Dymond: So how do you like this for a change of pace, OG? Two newcomers, Doug Kinsella and Nightmare, squaring off against each other in a contest to…well, see who the better man is. No Master of the Mat. No real animosity. No titles at stake…it almost doesn’t feel like a SHOOT match.

OG: I hear ya, Dave. The past couple of weeks have been a little crazy, so it’s definitely nice to take a breather with just a good old-fashioned wrestling match. I gotta tell you, I like what I’ve seen from both these cats. Both are young, bright, and I’m sure we’re about to find out that both are tremendously talented as well.

All of a sudden the house lights dim and smoke begins to boil from the entrance way. The fans start to look around, a little concerned, until the pulsating beat of "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie kicks up. Out of the swirling mists rise a platform of beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops, dancing sensuously to the music as the arena lights begin to strobe. Then suddenly the women part, and the towering Nightmare steps out onto the top of the rampway, red war paint smeared on his face. He stands there, just surveying the crowd for a moment, before walking down the ramp, his manager Akira and the even taller bodyguard Dhamballa trailing behind.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Hailing from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 280 pounds! Some will know him as Jonathon Wehali, but ALL know him as….NIGHTMAAAAARE!

As Nightmare makes it to ringside he takes off his trademark gargoyle sunglasses and gives them to an attractive woman in the front row. Dhamballa and Akira take their places outside the ring as Nightmare climbs the steel steps, walks onto the apron, and swings his long legs over the top rope. At this point the crowd is cheering pretty loudly. Nightmare’s a name they now associate with Eli Storm, and a name many remember from OPW.

Dave Dymond: Nightmare making his SHOOT debut in dramatic fashion. Despite the smoke, despite the dancers, heck…forget about the war paint! This man is the real deal when it comes down to it, OG. I’ve heard stories about him from OPW that make me wish I’d been around for his reign, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

OG: Well those days are over, Dave, and his SHOOT legacy is just beginning. I’m saying the best is yet to come, but we’ll have to see how he fairs against the young, chipper Doug Kinsella.

Austin Linam checks Nightmare for illegal objects before moving to the center of the ring. The giant athlete stares stoically at Doug Kinsella, who’s stretching his arms out and doing toe-touches. Linam signals for the bell. DING! DING! DING! We’re under way.

The two men meet near the middle of the ring and begin to circle each other, Nightmare with his arms extended and his fingers moving while Kinsella keeps his own arms in close. There’s hesitation before both lunge forward, locking up. Nightmare’s enormous height advantage gets the better of Kinsella, and he grabs Kinsella into a hammerlock. He spins around holding Kinsella’s head and takes him down, quickly transitioning into an ude gatame, the whole process a move known as Vortex. Linam immediately kneels to check on Kinsella, who’s locked into a pretty tight armlock, but this match hasn’t even started. He shakes his head, struggling to get his arm out of there, but Nightmare doesn’t give him any room to work. Kinsella will have to do this the hard way. Catching Nightmare totally offguard and in a flashy show of strength, Kinsella manages to roll Nightmare over part of his own body, prompting Nightmare to readjust his grip. Kinsella uses the opportunity to slip his arm out and scramble to his feet, grabbing Nightmare’s head as the big man tries to stand and taking him down with a quick bulldog.

Dave Dymond: Already this contest is off to a promising start. It looks like this could get real technical.

OG: While I don’t know a whole lot about Kinsella, I do know that he’s going to have his hands full with Nightmare, who’s well-versed in just about every category of wrestling you can think of. He’ll take it to the mat or he’ll powerbomb you into oblivion–he adjusts his game with every new opponent.

As soon as Nightmare hits the mat, Kinsella drops to the ground and tries to apply a crossface, but Nightmare rolls out of it and swiftly gets to his feet. The crowd cheers as both men are now back on their feet and facing each other, eyes locked and arms moving. They go to lock up again but this time Kinsella pulls a quick one on Nightmare; he scrambles around to his backside and tries to muscle him into a German suplex. When he discovers that Nightmare’s just too tall and too heavy, he instead nails him in the back of his knees and rolls him up into a pin


KICKOUT! Nightmare’s kickout is so pronounced that he actually somersaults backwards and onto his feet, running and nailing Kinsella with a HUGE clothesline! But as Kinsella hits the mat, Nightmare doesn’t stop running. He hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and comes back all the way down, nailing Kinsella with an elbow drop. Nightmare’s working fast. He grabs Kinsella’s arm and lays on his back, locking in the beginning of a kimura. He goes to roll over Kinsella’s body but Doug sees what’s going on and nails Nightmare in the stomach with some well-placed elbows as he does so, loosening Nightmare’s grip on his wrist. Doug slips out of the hold but he’s still got Nightmare over top of him, who collapses on top of him to trap him from getting out. Linam takes this as an attempted pinfall and drops to the mat.


KICKOUT! Begrudgingly Nightmare stands up off of Kinsella, but he holds onto his arm as he does so and gets Kinsella to his feet. He tries to lock in a standing kimura but 

isn’t locking it from the side like he should be, prompting Kinsella to land some high knees into Nightmare’s midsection. Nightmare lets go and Kinsella charges across the ring, hitting the ropes and meeting Nightmare on the way back with a FLYING clothesline! Nightmare goes down and Kinsella immediately goes for the ankle, applying an ankle lock.

Dave Dymond: Nightmare may be in trouble here. Kinsella really impressing with his knowledge of counter moves and reversals.

OG: He’s keeping his cool here, Dave, something he’s going to have to continue to do if he’s gonna take this one.

Nightmare works quickly, twisting around onto his back and kicking Kinsella off of him with his free leg. Kinsella lets go and the fans cheer as now Kinsella’s standing up while Nightmare’s on his back. Every time Kinsella makes a move toward him, Nightmare kicks out, until finally Kinsella snags a leg and locks in the QUICKEST figure 4 lock anybody’s ever seen. He hits the mat with authority knowing he’s got this one in tight and it’s going to be tough to reverse. Nightmare throws his hair out of his face, grimacing in pain. He searches for the ropes, and discovers they’re not that far away. Using all his strength he starts dragging the smaller Kinsella to him with the ropes, until he can finally slap his hand on one and Linam has to break up the exchange. Kinsella curses as he stands up and backs away, preparing to lunge at Nightmare again. The former OPW superstar gets to his feet and is met with a standing dropkick that puts him right back down. Using this opportunity Doug runs and springboards off the rope, turning 180 degrees and looking for his patented DK Bomb, a move similar to Rolling Thunder. Nightmare rolls out of the way, but Doug carries through with his momentum, rolls back to his feet, turns around, and hits a charging Nightmare with a SPEAR!

Dave Dymond: WHAT was THAT? THAT was some impressive manuevering right there, OG.

OG: Once again Kinsella showing that he’s in this thing to win. He may not be a household name around here like Nightmare, but he’s quickly proving that he very well may be soon…especially with moves like that!

Not wasting any time, Kinsella goes for the pin, and Linam drops to the mat.



SHOULDER! Kinsella shakes his head, more a sign of respect to Nightmare then anything else, and gets to his feet, dragging the much bigger Nightmare up by his hair. Outside the ring Akira can be seen slapping the apron and yelling, trying to encourage Nightmare to step up his game. He’s too busy getting stuffed into a Russian leg sweep though, executed perfectly by Kinsella. Getting to his feet immediately Kinsella heads over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top, signaling to the fans he’s going to try something high-risk here. He turns around and LEAPS off the turnbuckle, intending for  HUGE frog splash, but Nightmare ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Kinsella hits the mat and flops uselessly, rolling around a couple times before his body comes to a halt. Nightmare shakes the cobwebs out as he sits up and pushes himself to his feet. He stalks over to where Kinsella’s lying and instead of trying anything fancy, he goes for the pin.




SHOULDER! The fans cheer as Kinsella demonstrates some serious signs of resilience, and Nightmare nods, also relishing the fact that his opponent is not just a quitter. He gets Kinsella up to his feet and kicks him in the gut, plugging his head between his legs. It looks like he’s going to go for a game-ending powerbomb here. He swings the smaller Kinsella up to shoulder level, intending to slam him down to the mat with force, but is surprised when Kinsella starts slugging him in the head, albeit very weakly. Nightmare stumbles backwards and Kinsella slips out and lands on his feet, nailing the big man in the gut before he tries to lift him into a Fireman’s Carry position. Nightmare proves to be too heavy though and Kinsella has to abandon his gameplan, only to get shoved to the mat by a very awake Nightmare. Nightmare advances on Kinsella, grabbing both of his kicking legs and twisting Kinsella’s body over onto his stomach. With both legs still tucked under his arms, Nightmare goes to apply a Boston Crab.

Dave Dymond: Although Kinsella had some very real momentum going here a couple of minutes ago, the versatile Nightmare has done what he does best–weathered the storm. Now it looks like he’s in a position he can capitalize on.

OG: I dunno Dave! Kinsella’s proven to be a very resourceful and–LOOK! There he goes! He’s getting out of the Crab!

Before Nightmare can get properly seated Kinsella pulls a fast one and manages to get away, resulting in Nightmare landing on the mat on his rear. Kinsella waits for the big man to turn around, preparing to nail him with a superkick–BUT NIGHTMARE CATCHES IT! Nightmare uses the leg to throw Kinsella back against the ropes, who stumbles forward and gets KICKED in the gut! Nightmare tucks his head in between his legs! He’s got him in position for the Broken Arrow, a double-armed butterfly piledriver! HE NAILS IT! Kinsella’s body flops over, sprawled out on the mat.

Dave Dymond: The Broken Arrow! Wow OG, that thing came out of NO WHERE!

OG: Nightmare’s a dangerous opponent…Kinsella made a fatal error, and I’m pretty sure he’s about to pay for it here.

Nightmare rolls over on top of Kinsella’s body and hooks the leg, Linam responding by dropping to the mat.





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! Here is your winner! At a time of fiteen minutes and forty-seven seconds! NIIIIGHTMAAAARE!

The fans cheer loudly as the towering man gets to his feet, Linam raising his arm in victory. Kinsella starts to stir, holding his head and his neck with both arms, while Akira slides into the ring and runs over to celebrate with his client. Dhamballa stands outside the ring stationary, arms crossed and nodding. Nightmare and him exchange smiles before he heads over to the ropes with Akira.

Dave Dymond: There you have it, folks. A  very convincing win for former OPW superstar Nightmare, and the beginning of what may be a looong career for the talented big man.

OG: You gotta give props to Kinsella for hanging in there. He showed off a lot of technical work, did a lot of hustling, got out of a lot of moves, but in the end got caught short with that superkick. I think he got overzealous, something you can’t afford to do here in SHOOT, and he got punished for it.

Dave Dymond: Well, one thing’s for certain. The roster here in SHOOT keeps growing, and every week we’re adding new talent to the locker rooms. With bright and shining superstars like these, it’s hard to keep up with all the action.

Before Nightmare exits the ring, he waits for Kinsella to get to his feet; Linam’s aiding him. He walks over to Kinsella and extends a hand, which Kinsella looks at before shaking. The crowd cheers at the display of sportsmanship.

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, Nightmare and Doug Kinsella! How ’bout that?

OG: You don’t see a lot of that these days, but I’d be careful. There are some people you don’t want to give that chance to.

Dave Dymond: Very true, OG, very true. COMING UP NEXT! Jester Smiles versus Crush Heart!

OG: Dan Stein in action against this man’s partner, Eli Storm!

Dave Dymond: And a RIVETING main event in Kilgore Stochansky versus Trevor Worrens! All of this and more, ONLY…on Revolution.

Abigail Chase: I am standing by with The British Kicking Machine Jack Heart. Jack, you requested this time to let yourself explain why you attacked your brother last week. But I’d like to ask you a question first. Do you believe in angels?

Jack Heart: Do I believe in angels? Why would I believe in something so pathetic…

Lights flicker.

Jack Heart: I am fed up of being asked stupid questions. Do you believe in angels? Why do you hate Crush so much? How did a lowlife from the East End become one of the best wrestlers in the UK?

Jack Heart: None of those questions matter, the answers don’t matter. The only thing that matters right now is simply this. I want revenge for having to live through eighteen years of suffering. Just because some twelve year old punk didn’t have the decency to let me live the life I deserved. I was born a Heart, I had the right to be raised one.

Jack Heart: I am going to keep saying this until you understand it Crush. This, you and I isn’t going to end because you can beat me in the ring. Oh no, you have to understand that this time you’re not the one making the rules. I am the one who will decide when this will end.

Lights flicker once more.

Jack Heart: You know what really gets under my skin Chase? Don’t answer that.

Abi opens her mouth before shutting it quickly.

Jack Heart: Crush Heart, my brother, is now in the World title bracket of the Master of the Mat Tournament and what am I doing huh? Nothing, I’m just standing backstage with an idiot next to me holding a microphone to my face. A few months ago I was the talk of the town everyone was interested in The British Kicking Machine. I was the rising star of Sky High 4 merely a replacement but what if? What if Jack had started the tournament maybe he could have got to the final. But now no one talks about me, they’re all too busy thinking, talking and dreaming about my stupid lanky piece of shit brother. The man, who allowed my childhood to be taken from me. But I’m not going to let the spotlight get taken from me as well. Crush, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

The lights begin to flicker again. Chase and Jack looking around, not quite knowing what is going on. Light flashing on and off, a buzz being heard in the background. As quick as they started, the lights return to normal. Abi shrugs her shoulders, not knowing what to say and where to go from here. Before she can get her thoughts in order the lights go out. The scene thrust into pitch black. A flicker here and a flicker there, the lights return back to normal. However, standing next to Jack Heart isn’t Abigail Chase. Instead, she is replaced by a little blonde haired girl, probably around the age of six. She is wearing a perfect white dress and has piercing blue eyes. Feather wings seemingly sticking out from her back. She looks at Jack.

Child: Do you believe in angels?

Once again the lights go right out. Replacing the light with darkness. It only lasts for a few seconds before the lights return to normal. Now, once again, standing next to Jack Heart is Abigail Chase along with her SHOOT Project microphone. Both Jack and Abi have no idea what to say and look completely bemused as we head back to other SHOOT action.


Revolution fades to black, a break in the on going action. Soon a slow montage of various matches replaces the black screen.  The matches seen are all that have been fought with the Laws of Survival Championship on the line.

Darwin’s theory of evolution lays claim to a well-known phrase, “Survival of the fittest,” and those who are strongest, smartest, biggest, and fastest have a better chance of staying alive, of surviving.  In today’s world THE key to survival is being ready for anything. If you are not prepared to go through all that comes your way, then you will not survive.

You see clips of past champions. Benjamin Biggs, Kilgore Stochansky, Jester Smiles, Ron Barker, and Trevor Worrens.

So stands true when it comes to the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship. Holding this title means the champion MUST be ready to live up to any challenge that presents itself, no matter how hard or brutal that challenge may be.

Next seen are clips from the Ultimate Survival Match at Reckoning Day.  Osbourne Kilminster suplexing Worrens into the cage, Jester Smiles landing a moonsault, Trevor Worrens climbing through barbed wire to reach the title hanging above his head.

The old Laws have run their course and new ones shall test all competitors who challenge for or hold the Laws of Survival Championship like never before.

The footage fades but soft, yet epic music starts to build up in its place.

These challenges will come in the form of the THREE TIERS OF SURVIVAL, with each tier representing an element of survival taken from past SHOOT Project championships that no longer stand on their own today.

The music picks up and suddenly the words TIER ONE appear in bold on the screen. Following that, an image of the now defuct Deathkore Championship title.

SHOOT Project’s former hardcore championship title represents Tier One of the Three Tiers, and stands for the element of sacrifice! In surviving, the old adage “no pain, no gain” rings true.

A quick flash shows an old garage filled with random objects and weapons, and the words Weapon of Choice Match scroll across.  The image fades.

Another quick flash reveals a ring mat covered in shards of broken glass.  The words Walk of Pain Match scroll across the screen.  That image fades.

A third flash shows an unknown face completely covered in blood.  The words Crimson Mask Match scroll across. The image fades.

TIER TWO flashes on the screen as the music continues and now we see an image of the defunct Rules of Surrender Championship title.

Tier Two is best represented by the former Rules of Surrender Championship title and stands for the element of strength.  You must have the strength to survive, and giving up is NOT an option

Much like before, a quick flash reveals an image. This image shows two unknown competitors linked together by handcuffs.  There is not much space in between the two.  The words Close Quarter Combat Match scroll across. The image fades

Next seen is that of an unknown wrestler tapping out on the mat, all the while a clock running down in the background.  The words Tap Out Challenge scroll across.  The image fades.

After that, another quick flash.  This time the image shown is that of a white flag being raised.  The words White Flag Match scroll across.  And that image fades.

TIER THREE the words take the central focus, but then are replaced by the image of the defunct Rising Star Championship title.

The final tier, Tier Three, is represented by the once prominent Rising Star Championship title, in which to be considered a champion you had to rise to the top of your game.  This tier stands for the element of skill, as in survival it all comes down to one’s skill. The better the skill, the better the chance for survival.

The rhythm of the video stays true with the music as an image flashes on the screen.  Two men stand against one.  The words Stacked Deck Match scroll across. The image fades.

Following that an image reveals a new structure.  Four structure beams run up on angles from the four corner posts, and in the center where they all meet, rests the Laws of Survival Championship.  The words King of the Hill Match scroll across.  The image fades.

The last image seen is a question mark.  The words Champion’s or Challenger’s Pick scroll across the image.  And then it all fades out.

Three tiers, three matches to each tier. Do you have what it takes?

The Laws of Survival Championship appears on the screen.

Can you survive?

The video cuts out and we return to the live broadcast of Revolution 35, focusing in on Dave Dymond and Other Guy.  Both seem intrigued and excited.

Dave Dymond: Wow, some MAJOR changes taking place regarding the Laws of Survival Championship, and while we don’t know the details just yet, that video gave us a nice glimpse into what’s to come.

Other Guy Three tiers of survival, oh man, and what about the matches to accompany those tiers, Dave?  I want to know what those are all about.

Dave Dymond: I’m sure we’ll get more and more details in soon enough time, but with this change we have been informed that tonight’s main event between Kilgore Stochansky and Trevor Worrens will be a No Holds Barred match, and will be the final Laws of Survival Championship title defense before the SHOOT Project debuts with the Three Tiers of Survival.

Other Guy Big changes happening left and right around here… and really I think they’re all for the better.

Dave Dymond: Have to agree with you there, Other Guy, a lot of things happening, and all in the midst of the Master of the Mat tournament. More tournament action still on tap… as Revolution continues!



"Do you believe in Angels?"

The SHOOT video screen shows a blonde haired girl uttering that question. Straight after "Frantic" by Metallica kicks in. As the drums beat heavy in the background Crush Heart appears in the entrance way. Crush is wearing black trousers with black boots and a tight black vest. Both his arms are wrapped in white bandages, hiding his burns.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is a Master of the Mat Round One match! Introducing first… Hailing from parts unknown… Weighing in at 275 pounds… Crush… Heart!

Crush begins to walk down the aisle. He looks around the Thomas and Mack arena a few times as he makes his way towards the ring. In his right hand he holds a bible.

Dave Dymond: Here comes Crush Heart. I can’t believe this guy is still alive after that vicious attack from his brother and the House last week.

Other Guy: As far as we know Crush has severe burns down both arms and I don’t know if he has actually been cleared to wrestle here tonight.

Dave Dymond: If he isn’t cleared to perform tonight, do you think that would stop him?

Other Guy: The devil in a tank couldn’t stop him!

By this time Crush has reached the ring. He places his holy book under one of the turnbuckles before walking round towards the ring steps. He bangs on the cold steel before climbing them. He climbs onto the apron and swings his huge leg between the middle rope and entering the ring. Crush stands tall as he makes a cross with his fingers. The crowd let out a few cheers here and there, slightly more than he has received in previous weeks.

Dave Dymond: Crush is not only picking up momentum as the weeks pass by but he is also picking up a fan base.

Other Guy: Fan base or no fan base, this guy is not going to get as good a reaction as what his opponent, Jester Smiles, is going to get!

Crush bends down on his knees close to one of the turnbuckles and begins to say a little prayer as he awaits his opponent. A noticeable amount of cheers are heard scattered across the arena, but after a few moments, the noise dies down.

Dave Dymond: Jester questioned Crush Heart’s focus this week, but if you ask me, that man looks nothing but focused.

Other Guy: The cat looks ready to go, but does he really have the right mentality? I mean, getting set on fire by your brother is kind of distracting.

“The key to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

“Pressure” by Skindred hits over the PA, and the crowd erupts. Jester comes walking out, looking straight at the ring, smiling. He then lowers his head before throwing his arms high in the air, craning his neck upward, which signals an eruption of green and purple pyros. Jester than begins to bounce his way down to the ring, high fiving fans and spending plenty of time getting the crowd riled up.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two-hundred and forty-five pounds. Representing Richmond, Virginia, he is the HERO OF THE SHOOT PROJECT! JESTER SMILES!!

By the end of Samantha Coil’s introduction, Jester has circled the entire ring, high fiving as many fans as he can. He then leaps onto the apron in one jump, climbs through the middle and top rope. He stops once he is in the ring, staring across the ring at Crush Heart, smiling.

Other Guy: Ever the crowd pleaser, Jester not in any hurry to get into the ring.

Dave Dymond: He’s giving these people their money’s worth.

Other Guy: Or he’s scared of Crush. You know, I’m just sayin’….

Jester and Crush walk forward, meeting face to face. They simply stare each other down, neither man saying anything. Jester’s music fades out as Dennis Heflin comes to the center. Instead of breaking them up, he simply goes through the basic motions, explaining the rules. Jester and Crush continue to stare each other down, neither man moving nor flinching.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart has the size advantage here, but by the looks of Jester, he doesn’t really care.

Other Guy: On the other hand, Crush giving up some SHOOT Project battleground experience to Jester, but, again, if you look at Crush’s face, he doesn’t seem to care.

Dennis Heflin gives up on explaining the rules. He simply calls for the bell. As soon as the bell rings, Jester and Crush both snap, and begin throwing stiff and heavy blows!!

Other Guy: Damn! That was quick!

Jester and Crush continue to pound on each other, neither man leaving their position in the middle of the ring. Crush seems to have the strength advantage, but Jester’s attacks are more direct strikes, thus, both men seem to be on equal ground in regards to pounding. Finally, after a few more hits, Crush is able to dodge one of Jester’s strikes and launches a STIFF uppercut, sending Jester reeling back. Crush follows up, launching wild, but powerful haymaker shots. Jester is able to block most of them, but the constant onslaught continues to push him back. Finally, Jester throws out both hands with a double handed throat shot that catches Crush! Crush grabs his throat, gasping for air, which allows Jester to rush forward with a Muay Thai clinch. Jester starts launching heavy knees, colliding with Crush’s chest/abdomen. Crush is able to end the offensive by using his strength to push Jester into the turnbuckle. Jester holds on to the clinch, throwing small knees to the legs of Crush and pounding small punches to the sides. Crush, however, uses his strength and size advantage to launch clubbing blows to Jester’s back. After a few powerful shots, Crush is able to catch Jester in the back of the head, causing Jester to lose his grip. Crush pushes away, throwing kicks into Jester’s stomach. Jester doubles over and stumbles out of the corner, but Crush stays on the offensive, launching more kicks and clubbing blows. Jester tries to get away, but the blows slow him, and Crush stays right on top. However, Jester finally figures out the pattern of attacks, and he catches Crush’s leg when Crush attempts a kick. Jester throws the foot down and launches a thrust kick of his own, catching Crush in the stomach. Crush doubles over and is met with straight jabs to the face by Jester. Crush stumbles back, but Jester stays on the attack. He launches a high kick that catches Crush in the shoulder, and Crush lights up! Crush clutches his shoulder and falls to his knees!

Dave Dymond: Those burns are still really hurting Crush, and I think Jester has found the opening he needs.

Jester begins to launch repeated kicks to the shoulder of Crush, who tries to block, but in turn, gets his hands hurt as well. With Crush sufficiently hurting, Jester hit’s the ropes, looking for something big, but all he gets is a standing Crush Heart, who lashes out with a vicious falling clothesline!!! Jester goes down hard, and Crush is up fast, but he’s clutching his arm in pain. The crowd, meanwhile, is cheering heavily for the vicious brawl the two men are putting on.

Other Guy: That clothesline knocked Jester flat, but that arm has GOT to be hurting.

Dave Dymond: Too many moves like that, and Crush  might lose the match for himself.

Crush gets up to his feet, and, while still holding his arm, he leaps, dropping a leg on Jester’s throat! Jester grabs his throat, rolling on the ground. Crush stops the m ovement with a few stomps to the stomach and back of Jester. Jester stops on his stomach, and Crush stands over Jester, leans down, and locks in a textbook Camel Clutch! Jester’s eyes go wide in pain!

Dave Dymond: Clever move by Crush. Focusing on the throat will hinder Jester’s breathing, which will slow the self proclaimed hero of SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: Jester can be a fast guy, but if he can’t breath, he can’t move.

Jester attempts for the ropes, but Crush has control of his arms, and Jester’s feet are far away from the ropes. Jester tries to push himself forward, but Crush holds on tightly. Still, Jester tries to push forward, until, eventually, Crush loses his balance. Jester pulls his arms free, puts them underneath Crush’s legs, and grabs hold, rolling over. However, before Jester can pull free, Crush locks in a TIGHT rear-naked sleeper hold! However, this time, Jester is able to get the ropes. Dennis Heflin tells Crush to let go, but Crush holds on!




Crush finally let’s go at the count of three. He gets to his feet, frustrated that his submissions hadn’t ended the match. Jester, meanwhile, is up to his arms and legs, coughing and sputtering, trying to catch his breath.

Other Guy: Looks like Crush though he was going to end the match with that camel clutch.

Dave Dymond: Not likely. Jester has never tapped out or quit in his time hear in SHOOT Project, and has only done so once in his entire professional career. Getting a tap out victory out of Jester Smiles is not something that can be done easily.

Other Guy: No, but the dude can get pinned, and if he can’t breath, it’s going to be hard to kick out.

Crush grabs Jester by the head and picks him up, but Jester pushes Crush hands away and launches into Crush with hard knife-edged chops! Crush winces, but counters with a hard haymaker shot that sends Jester back against the ropes. Jester, however, rushes forward and catches Crush with a kick to the stomach, following it up with more knife-edged chops! Another hard punch knocks Jester back, but again, Jester comes back with chops! Another hard punch! More chops! Another punch! More chops!

Other Guy: Jester is trying to bum rush the big man and chop him down.

Dave Dymond: Jester is not used to having the size advantage against him, but running at Crush like that is like trying to punch through a brick wall.

Crush knocks Jester back once more, but this time rushes forward and continues the attack.  He beats down on Jester with hard punches, throwing a few kicks to the stomach occasionally to keep Jester winded. Jester throws a few chops and punches in an attempt to fight back, but Crush smothers him. Crush then grabs Jester’s arm and goes to whip him, but stops, pulls him back, and knocks him down with a Kitchen Sink knee!!

Jester clutches his stomach, but gets back up very quickly. However, Crush is right there to whip him across the ring, this time catching Jester with a big boot! Jester goes down hard. He gets back up, clutching his jaw, a little bit of blood dripping from his nose. Crush is, once again, right on him. He grabs Jester from behind and knocks him back down with a back suplex! Jester clutches his back, but he STILL gets back up! Crush once again catches Jester, throwing him down with a belly to belly suplex! Jester, once again, clutching his back, gets back up. Crush grabs Jester from behind, going for the german, but this time, Jester catches Crush with an elbow to the face. Crush holds on, though dazed. Jester launches another that connects. This time, Crush loosens his grip. Jester is able to turn. He grabs Crush around the waist and, with a sudden burst of energy, he lifts Crush up and hit’s a belly to belly suplex of his own!

Other Guy: Jester showing his own power with a mean suplex!

Dave Dymond: Still, Crush is the first man up. Things are not looking good for Jester.

Crush is on his feet, leaning against the ropes, a bit dazed. Jester is not too far behind, but his back is to Crush. Crush runs forward, but instead of catching Jester, Jester turns at the last minute, throwing a wild kick that connects with Crush’s shoulder! The *pop* echoes through the arena, and a few “OOOH!”s are heard in the audience. Crush’s eyes go wide as he clutches his arm! Jester continues the attack, launching punch after punch into Crush’s arm! He follows this up with more kicks! He then grabs the arm, wrenches it, leaps in the air, and locks on the flying armbar!! Crush’s eyes go even WIDER, and Crush begins to panic, trying to scrape Jester off! However, Jester has the grip on tight, and he’s screaming “TAP!”

Dave Dymond: Incredible flying armbar, and Jester is in the driver’s seat now!

Other Guy: But Crush doesn’t look like he’s ready to tap. And he-He’s got Jester in the air!

Sure enough, Crush has Jester in the air, and he DRIVES Jester to the mat!

But Jester holds ON! To make matters worse, Jester goes from a tight armbar to an even tighter triangle choke!! Crush fights back to his feet, and once again, he raises Jester HIGH IN THE AIR! He drops again, but Jester CONTINUES to hold on! Crush looks like he’s a bit dazed and dizzy, his face turning bright red. Crush holds on, though, lifting back up, and once again driving Jester to the ground! Jester loosens his grip, and when Crush lifts again, he is able to pull Jester onto his shoulders into a seated position. He then drops down, slamming Jester down with a sit-out power bomb!! Crush pins, and Heflin counts!




Crush looks incredibly frustrated. He pushes Jester off and gets to his feet, clutching his arm and looking down at Jester. He begins to stomp down on Jester. Jester crawls his way to the ropes, but Crush just follows him, stomping down and kicking Jester in the ribs. At this point, a dueling “Let’s Go Heart!” “Let’s Go Jester!” chant has started. It seems that the louder chant is for Jester, but the Crush Heart chant is very noticeable.

Dave Dymond: Listen to these fans, OG. Crush Heart and Jester are putting everything on the line, and the fans are responding.

Other Guy: You have to know that these guys want to win Master of the Mat, and they are showing that they will do anything to do so. The fans respect that, Dave.

Crush bends down and lifts Jester up to his feet. Jester looks very wobbly. Crush whips Jester to the ropes and tries to take him down with a hard Polish Hammer, but Jester ducks under, hit’s the ropes, leaps in the air, and nails Crush SQUARE in the jaw with the Virginia Sidekick!! BUT CRUSH DOESN’T FALL! Crush goes back and leans against the ropes. Jester goes to the right side and launches ANOTHER VIRGINIA SIDEKICK, catching Crush on the side of the head! Crush stumbles forward to the opposite end of the ring! Jester leaps forward and goes for another Virginia Sidekick-

But the lights suddenly begin to flicker

Dave Dymond: Ummm…folks, we are experiencing some technical difficulties at a really awkward moment..

Other Guy: Oh, someone is so fire-what is that?!

As the lights come back, we see Crush leaning on the ropes at one end of the ropes, while Jester has stopped his kick. Jester lowers his leg and both men stare in the center of the ring. There is a little blonde girl standing in the middle of the ring, staring at Crush.

Dave Dymond: That’s the little girl that spoke at the start of Revolution 34! That’s-that’s-

Crush is seen mouthing angel. The little girl stares on, and both Jester and Crush seem so stunned, that they both seem to forget about the match. As they stare, the crowd begins to boo. The camera view changes to see none other than Jack Heart coming from the fans. He rushes into the ring, behind Jester, and knocks Jester out of the way, trying to get at the girl. However, right before he can get her, the lights flicker, and the girl is gone. Now, Jack Heart stands face to face with none other than his brother, Crush Heart. Jack’s eyes go wide with fear, and Crush can’t help but smile. Jack tries to run, but Crush catches Jack, pulls him in and onto his shoulders, and drops Jack Heart with the Crushing End!! Jack Heart rolls out of the ring, and Crush Heart looks down at his brother, smiling. However, he doesn’t see that Jester has gotten back up, and while Jester is not sure what is going on, he sees that Crush’s back is turned, and goes for the opening. He rushes forward, locks in the half nelson, and hit’s the half nelson barrel roll suplex!





KICKOUT! Crush kicks out just a millisecond too late!!

Other Guy: So close! Crush almost kicked out!

Jester, however, thinks Crush kicked out, and he makes like he is about to continue the attack, but Dennis Heflin gets in the way and explains the scenario. Jester suddenly smiles, leaping in the air and screaming out. However, he looks across the ring, and sees Jack Heart at the top of the ramp, laughing and clutching his head. Jester gets it suddenly, and he loses the grin. His expressions becomes down right upset, and the cheering fans can’t seem to change that.

Dave Dymond: It is clear that this was NOT how Jester wanted to win it, but that’s how it is. Jester is going on in the Master of the Mat tournament, but only because Jack Heart screwed Crush Heart over!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 19 minutes and 26 seconds, and moving on in the Master of the Mat tournament, JESTER SMILES!!!

Once again, a dueling “JE-STER!” “CRUSH HEART!” chant starts up. Jester goes over to Crush Heart, who is on his knees, glaring down the aisle where Jack Heart had been. Jester touches Crush on the shoulder, which causes Crush to get to his feet quickly, getting face to face with Jester.

Other Guy: Uh-oh. These guys just fought a war, but it looks like Crush Heart wants a little bit more.

Dave Dymond: I understand he’s mad, but this is not what Jester Smiles wanted. Jester just saw an opening, and he went for it.

Crush continues to fume, but you can see that Jester is saying something. It can’t be made out what, but it does look like he is apologizing. Jester takes a step back and holds out his hand, wanting Crush to shake it. Crush looks down at the hand, still glaring, but he loses the glare when he realizes that, not only are people cheering his name, but they are also saying “SHAKE-HIS-HAND!” Crush shakes his head, clearly still upset, but then he reaches out and takes Jester’s hand! Both men shake hands, which is followed by Crush raising Jester’s hand in victory. Crush releases Jester’s hand and then leaves the ring, clearly not happy, but made more comfortable by the very audible “Crush Heart!” chant. Jester, meanwhile, holds up two fingers, mouthing Round 2.


The camera follows backstage, as Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Tim Calahan briskly walk, obviously something keeping them occupied. ROGUE checks the watch on his wrist, and points right, in the direction of the next hallway. They round the corner, and nearly bowl themselves over.

Standing in their way: none other than the SHOOT Project TAG TEAM CHAMPS themselves, Long Island Hardcore. Both CJ and Jared are dressed in all-black suits, black shirts, black ties, and Jared’s hair is tied back in a ponytail.  CJ is sporting a noticeable bruise over his left eye.

CJ Nelson: What’s the hurry?

Jared Walsh: Well, He’s coming back, CJ. Gotta roll out the red carpet. Isn’t that right?

Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan stay relatively calm.  Quinn shows off a curious expression, while the other two stay straight faced.

Rogue: He?  Red carpet?  Heh.  You sound as confused as Nova.

Riley can’t help but laugh.

Riley: Yeah but your tits are more real.

Super Fan: Ha.  Nice one, dude.

Quinn smirks a little bit himself and shrugs at the members of Long Island Hardcore.

Rogue: What do you guys want?

CJ taps Jared on the shoulder and then gestures toward the trio.

CJ: See Jared? Nothing.

Jared: We’ll see, CJ.

CJ: (Moving on) Look.  We wanted to congratulate you, to be honest, for managing to pull one over on us.

Jared: You did a good job of blindsiding us last week.

CJ: And we wanted to let you know that we appreciate the wake-up call.

Jared: And when we take you three down, destroy everything you’ve worked for, and make you and your good friend wish you’d never even looked at a wrestling ring?

CJ: Well, we’ll be able to point right there at that video of yours as the turning point. And Jared and I will be able to look back and laugh about how it took four worthless boys to turn us around.

Jared: Anyway, you guys look busy. Wouldn’t want to keep you. Things to do, people to see, women to beat on in a vain attempt to prove your superiority to those obviously better than you…

CJ: Sounds like important work. Better get to it.

CJ and Jared separate, gesturing for the trio to go on their merry way. They make absolutely no move to attack them, or even to touch them.  Riley rolls his eyes and Quinn nods at the tag team champions’ not so subtle threat.

Riley: Oh fuck off.  It’s not like you cared before.  You didn’t check on me and Quinny when we were fighting.  You didn’t call Jonny when he lost the biggest match of his fucking life, and you didn’t even bother TRYING to give us the benefit of the doubt with this Nova bullshit.

Quinn speaks up as Riley finishes.

Rogue: And between all of us, Nova is totally happy where she’s at.  We’ve come up with a pretty good plan.

Super Fan nods along.

Super Fan: Dude, it’s a REALLY good plan.

Riley smirks.

Riley: Still wanna declare Jihad?

Jared is definitely not happy with Riley’s responses.

Jared: Our bad, guys. Didn’t realize kidnapping was a "benefit of the doubt" kind of situation.

CJ: And this whole "friendship" thing is kind of a two-way street. Jared was in the hospital on that night that your buddy Jonny lost the biggest match of his career, but I don’t recall seeing any of you there. But now we’re wasting time. You go ahead and do whatever it is you need to do.

Jared: Don’t worry about us. There’s nothing you can do to stop us now, anyway.

Quinn can’t help but smile.

Rogue: Then welcome to a long list, Long Island Hardcore.

Riley is a little less jovial, and looks more ready to throw down than his other two partners.

Riley: A VERY long list.

Super Fan: It’s ON.

Quinn moves in a little closer toward CJ and Jared.  He looks up at both guys, still with something on his mind.

Rogue: And hey, real quick…. before we officially call this Friendship quits, maybe stay around for the whole show.  For old time’s sake.  Because you’re going to LOVE how this night ends.  I PROMISE.

Riley: And Good luck on the Jihad.  Just don’t bitch out when you get fucked over, though, all right?

Super Fan: OOOOOOOH!  You got ‘em, Riles!  OWNED!

Quinn moves right past the tag team champions, followed by Calahan and Riley, with no one getting involved in anything even remotely physical.

Riley: (While passing by) Keep those belts warm, boys.

A very strange encounter.

CJ watches the trio make their departure until they vanish around another corner.

Jared: So NOW do you think he’s right about them? About what we’re up against?

CJ: (Nodding) Even money.

Jared’s satisfaction morphs into something of a darker nature.  He gets a little uneasy before asking the next question.

Jared: And Nova…? You really think…

CJ quickly interrupts, his eyes, though, still on the hall through which Quinn, Riley and Calahan just left.

CJ: They’re just covering their tracks, Jared.

CJ shakes his head with a little bit of frustration and turns back to face his partner.

CJ: This isn’t going to be easy, man, but we’ve handled worse.

Jared: I guess we’ll see.


The camera stays backstage, focused in on the lovely derriere of the stripper called Sinnocence as we follow her backstage. We zoom out to see a very wicked grin on her pretty face. Something very pink and lacey is hanging out of the back pocket of her leather pants. She passes a few stagehands, a couple of equipment boxes…until she stops suddenly at the door marked, "NC-17". Sinn brings a hand up and knocks quickly on the door, knowing very well that only one person would answer the door.

Sinnocence: "Open the door…"

Barbie: It’s open!

The beautiful blonde valet of NC-17 is stuffing her boyfriend’s wrestling gear into a duffel bag while he’s out and about, probably getting a Mountain Dew from the lobby. She turns around, obviously expecting to see him, but instead gets a very nasty, jolting surprise. Her jaw immediately tenses up as she sees who’s standing in the doorway. nocence, dressed to the hilt in black leather, chuckles softly as she steps forward and looks around.

Sinnocence: I guess the good ol’ Cream of Obscene is out right now. Good. That just leaves us girls.

She closes the distance between herself and the girlfriend of NC-17 with just a few more steps, her grin growing with each passing second.

Sinnocence: Well, Sweetcheeks? Did you talk to him yet or not? You and I had a deal…you convince him and I wouldn’t bother you again.

An audible gulp escapes Barbie’s mouth as she takes a step backwards, struggling to find the right response. Clearly she’s shocked that Sinn managed to get her alone like this. Finally, after a very awkward silence, Barbie leans forward, her voice barely above a whisper. Who knows what people might think if she was seen with Sinnocence.

Barbie: I’m…I’m doing my best. I need more time.

Sinnocence: I’ve been more than patient, Babs, what’s taking so damn long?

A quiet laugh passes the lips of the stripper as she reaches out and catches Barbie’s chin with her fingertips, locking their eyes together. The grin fades from the raven-haired beauty’s face and melts into a sympathetic smile. This was all too easy for the Killer Queen. She reaches back with her free hand and pulls out the lacy pink fabric from her back pocket. Upon closer inspection, Barbie sees that it’s the panties that Sinn took last week! The blonde’s eyes widen in shock.

Sinnocence: Now…I’m sure you wouldn’t want to explain to your dear love how these got into my possesion, now would you?

Barbie snatches at them but Sinn pulls them just out of her reach. The blonde valet looks desperate. She tries to compromise.

Barbie: Look. I’m doing the best I can, okay? I…I don’t think he’s that hung up on Crush anyway…it…it won’t be a problem.

Her eyes grow glossy and her forehead wrinkles as she puts forth an urgent plea.

Barbie: Now please…just leave me alone. I…don’t want any trouble.

Sinnocence: Well then, darlin’…sounds like you want me to tell him. Otherwise you’d convince him to write off Crush completely. I don’t want them even talking to each other, let alone liking one another. I’m sure you can manage it.

Sinn pulls her close and plants a soft kiss on her lips. Barbie flinches as she feels a hand groping somewhere it shouldn’t…she tries to swat it away, but it squeezes tighter.

Sinnocence: I do have other means of persuasion, Babs. Just be a good girl for me and try a little harder. I’ll give you another week…or else I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell your boytoy your dirty little secret.

With a quick flick of her wrist, she pulls something else out of the back pocket of her leather pants. A polaroid. Barbie’s eyes flash to it and widen in shock. The camera can’t quite make out what’s on it, but whatever is it, Barbie isn’t happy about it.

Sinnocence: I’ll see you again in a week, my dear. I hope you get the job done..and oh, I do have extra copies of that if Ethan would like a few. Ta-Ta!

As the sexy stripper waves playfully and makes her exit, Barbie stumbles back onto a bench, her face smothered with dismay. She stares down at her feet as the camera zooms out and eventually fades back into the ring area, the last thing we see is the wounded look in her eyes.


We fade into a single room. The walls, plain… and white. The floor is also a plain gray, however, it compliments the room well. In the center of the room is a glass coffee table, which sits a coffee mug and ashtray. Then we zoom back and see none other than Eryk Masters in his usual garb in a black leather chair. In his hand is a clipboard. As we pan around, we see a figure that we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s Conor McLellan. He sits clad in ripped and tattered tight black jeans, and a black "G.G. Allin – The Murder Junkies" T-shirt. His hair is long and disheveled, the shade… a medium brown. His face is unshaven, and his eyes almost seem dead. Around his neck, we notice a black surgical mask… written in red, hard to decipher letters is "AnonYmOuS CaSuALtY". He puts a Marlboro Red cigarette in his mouth, and lights the cigarette.

Eryk Masters looks down at the clipboard, then back at Conor McLellan.

Eryk Masters: First question, it’s what’s on everyone’s mind… why the possession of cocaine a few weeks ago? You know the rigorous testing, and the newly strict rules against illegal substance. Why put your job in jeopardy?

Conor inhaled before speaking… smoke fuming from his nose.

Conor: Let me first make it public and say that I didn’t know it was on me. Honestly. Second, do you know how humiliating it was to be patted down when I came to the arena? Do you, Eryk? You don’t. They don’t do it to men like you. Men like Arion Catcher. Men like Dan Stein. They’re too respected, right? I’m your common criminal, aren’t I, Eryk? I guess scum like me should expect that. But I didn’t. So I wasn’t prepared. But yeah, it was cocaine. Was it mine? Sure. If I was drug tested… TODAY… would I pass? Yes. So that whole possession I think should be null and void. I’ve made the changes, I attended the course, and it won’t happen again. Simple as that.

Eryk Masters: Fair enough.

Eryk shifts a bit in his seat, obviously seeing the tension in Conor’s eyes.

Eryk Masters: Many people have been wondering what is with the whole "Anonymous Casualty" deal? We’ve seen signs in the audience, we’ve heard the phrase circulating on That is you, correct? If so do you mind explaining it?

Conor ignores the ashtray and ashes the cigarette on the ground, then begins to speak.

Conor: Yeah. Yeah that’s me. It’s just an alias. Like "Defiler." Or "The Failed One." It just might not be as marketable, or glorified. It’s not really a nickname. It’s not really something I care to make a trademark. That’s how I feel about my presence here, truthfully. I feel as if I’m another unnamed victim. Someone who’s disposable. Someone who’s being fed to the wolves. I know why I’m here, and I think many people do, Eryk. I’m here so my blood can be shed at the hands of men like Azraith DeMetri… men like Corazon. Men like Osbourne Kilminster. However, the tide’s always changing, isn’t it, Masters? The name of the game is come prepared, or prepare for failure. I’ve prepared. Not in your traditional ways, but mentally. Emotionally. Men like Jester Smiles fear failure. Men like Osbourne Kilminster THRIVE on victory. This roster is full of people who want to fill up their win slot as quickly as possible and win belts… gain notoriety.. all of that shit.

He takes another drag.

Conor: That’s not me. I’m not here to gain a ton of wins, get on some undefeated streak, and fade into obscurity as soon as I run into failure. And it’s inevitable. Failure is unescapable. Not only for me… but for anyone. Each and every one of your unbeatable heroes have run into failure. They crashed… and they burned. Every man tastes failure, however, your defined by how well you take it. Me? Failure is nothing new, Eryk. I’ve failed most of my life… I’ve failed in matches, I’ve failed loved ones, I’ve failed friends, I’ve failed family… it doesn’t phase me. It’s not about winning… it’s not about losing. It’s about proving a point. I’m here to expose you. Expose all of you. And in return, I’ll be glorified for my truths. Whether it be in a month, 6 months, or 2 years from now. I will be remembered.

Eryk Masters: This is off topic, and not apart of the interview, however, I have to ask you… what’s with the surgical mask?

Conor looks down at it and flashes it to the camera briefly… before nodding.

Conor: It’s to hide the face of failure, Eryk. Men who fight me won’t take me seriously. If they see this face, the face of a jobber, the face of a nobody, I can’t expect anything more than laughs. Than humiliation. Than being made a mockery. That’s why I have this mask.

Eryk Masters: About a month ago, you had a hype vignette that aired. It was very well done, however, very choreographed, and very rehearsed. It was almost unlike you to do something like that. Can you explain that situation?

Conor: Well, that’s a perfect example of the media wanting to market MY misery. It’s another reason that I really decided that I hate the marketing behind all of this bullshit. They wanted to make money off of my depression, and honestly, it makes me fucking sick to think about it. From here on out, I will fulfill my contract, however, as far as vignettes, and bullshit promos such as that, I won’t be doing any more.

Eryk Masters: So where do you go from here, Conor? Any plans in the near future? Where do you see yourself?

Conor: Do you really have to ask like 20 fucking questions at once? Honestly, Masters… I don’t know. You know people like me linger. We linger like a fucking disease. Like a fucking plague. I’m here mainly to amuse myself. To watch you fucking puppets dance the dance that SHOOT Project management has told you to. And while doing so, I plan on kicking some skulls in and having some fucking fun. I could sit alone in my own misery… yeah. Or I could get back into the ring, and do what I want to do, and that’s draw blood. Or bleed. Whichever sounds more exciting at the time I guess.

Conor takes another drag and ashes on the carpet again.

Eryk Masters: The ashtray is there for a reason, McLellan.

Conor smiles, and takes another drag, and again, ashes on the carpet.

Conor: You didn’t volunteer for this, did you, Masters? Interviewing me that is.

Eryk Masters: Well, I …

Conor: I bet you and Abigail fought over who was going to have to interview me. I’m sure you fought hard, too. Do you think I’m a fuck up, Masters? Is this interview uncomfortable for you? Am I too real for you? Would you like me to put on a fake fucking smile for you Eryk?

Conor smiles ever so briefly.

Conor: You’d rather interview champions, right? Men who have accomplished something. Men who deserve the airtime. Afterall, I’m from the slums. Just some fucking junkie from Ann Arbor…

Eryk shifts in his seat.

Conor: What’s wrong? Got somewhere else to be? Am I wasting your fucking time, Eryk?

Eryk Masters: No, you.. I just don-

Conor: Without men like me, your champions… YOUR HEROES… WOULDN’T BE CHAMPIONS. THEY WOULDN’T BE HEROES, ERYK. I am a fucking MARTYR. A sufferer. A desolate spirit. However, I will surprise you. All of you. And when it’s all said and done, you won’t remember the Celtic Saints. You won’t remember the name McLellan. It’ll just be Conor. The Anonymous Casualty. I will give you my blood. And I will shed the blood of your own.

He finally puts the cigarette out in the ashtray.

Conor: I’m finally home.

The interview starts to fade to black, and as it does… the phrase "I am a fucking MARTYR" echoes… until finally, we’re reduced to black.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and is a qualifying match for MAAAAAASTEEEER OF THE MAAAAT!

The crowd pops loudly at the mention of SHOOT’s premiere title tournament. They get even louder as "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor hits, and Dan Stein RUNS out from the back, arms high in the air. "The Lights" flashes across the video screen and the arena lights stutter a little bit before Stein heads down the ramp, slapping enthusiastic high-fives with the fans. The crowd reaction is nearly deafening.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! He is a former Iron Fist Champion! He is a former Sky High Cup Winner! Weighing in at 215 pounds, he IS…DAAAAN "THE LIGHTS" STEEEIIIIN!

Stein leaps up on the apron and springboards his body over the top rope, landing with both arms high in the air to receive his fans. He stomps over to a corner and climbs a turnbuckle, raising his arms and soaking in all the positive energy from the audience. He jumps down to meet Willie Dean, who’s checking him for illegal objects. Stein looks completely in his element.

Dave Dymond: This is a match I’ve been looking forward to all night, OG! The high-flying, high impact Dan Stein in action for the first time since Reckoning Day, and you know what? He doesn’t look like he’s missed a step.

OG: He’s a smooth dude, and despite being away for a little while, helping to rebuild his hometown of Cedar Rapids…I think he’s ready for this thing. He’s determined. He’s lost his Iron Fist title, but now he stands to gain something even bigger, even better, and I think that’s gonna help to carry him through this thing tonight.

As Stein’s music starts to fade, it is replaced by "Greyhound 2" by Killah Priest, and the cheers pick up again as "Incredible" Eli Storm stalks out to the ramp, one fist raised in the air and a determined gleam in his eye. He stares down at the ramp at Stein, occasionally slapping hands with the fans but more concerned with the challenge looming on the horizon. He runs a hand through his bright red hair as he circles the ring, trying to hammer out a strategy before he even touches foot to the mat.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! He is a former SHOOT Heavyweight Champion! Weighing in at 220 pounds HE. IS. IN.CREDIBLE! ELI! STOOOORM!

The fans erupt again as Storm slides in under the bottom rope and meets Willie Dean over in his own corner. Stein’s jumping up and down, focused but not over-doing it. He knows what’s ahead. Storm, however, never takes his gaze from "The Lights".

Dave Dymond: On the other hand you can never count this man out. Was anybody expecting him to pin Caldwell down at Reckoning Day? To me, that was electrical charge that got his career’s heart beating again, and it’s something that shouldn’t be over-looked. As confident as Stein is, he has to remember this is a man who’s already had it and lost it all. He wants this one bad, OG, and I think any oversight on Stein’s part could lead to disastrous results.

OG: It’s gonna be a good match. We also can’t forget that Storm’s been training with Nightmare, an equally focused and highly competitive fighter. This dude’s serious, Dave, and a win over Stein could very well propel him through this tournament and in front of that World Championship he so desires.

Willie Dean makes his way to the middle of the ring where he signals for the bell. DING! DING! DING! The crowd lets out another huge ovation as the match begins with Storm and Stein circling each other, searching for that opening. After pacing around each other for a moment, Storm suddenly charges, but Stein counters with a quick-witted drop toe hold. Storm hits the mat and Stein jumps to work on a submission, locking in a cross kneelock. Storm immediately grabs the ropes, instantly breaking the hold, forcing Stein back up on his feet and giving Storm some time to reconsider his strategy. Storm stares dangerously at his opponent as he still grips the ropes, very aware that he’d just made an error and eager to redeem himself. He gets to his feet and the two lock up, Storm getting the better of the exchange this time. He grabs Stein up in a wrist lock, making The Lights grit his teeth and slap his shoulder, trying to fight off the pain. After a second or two Storm relents, letting go in favor of a lariat. Stein hits the mat and Storm gets back up, eager to keep the offense going. He drags Stein up by his blonde hair.

Dave Dymond: So far early advantage looks to go to Eli Storm. Was jumpy off the start but definitely looks like he’ll be more careful from here on out.

OG: One thing you DO NOT want to do is get impatient with Dan Stein. He’s the type of guy that thrives on people’s mistakes. You wanna put him on the mat, you’ve got to out-think him.

Storm gets Stein up to his feet but Stein fights him off by shoving him away, hitting the ropes, ducking under Storm’s arm, and nailing a flying elbow smash on the rebound! In an attempt to put an exclamation mark on all of that, Stein jogs over and springboards off the ropes, looking for a moonsault. Eli rolls out of the way but Stein lands on his feet, stumbling but catching himself from doing something stupid. Ever the opportunist Storm rolls Stein up from behind though, and Dean drops for the count.


KICKOUT! There isn’t even any hesitation as Dan rolls back up to his feet, Eli doing the same. With the crowd cheering in the background the two former champions meet each other with rights and lefts, Storm getting the better exchange AGAIN in this department. He keeps punching and punching at Dan until he backs him into a corner, then he kicks him in the gut, making Stein slump to the ground. He starts stomping at Stein viciously, eager to make this into a brawl more than anything else, until he tops it off by placing his foot against Stein’s neck and choking him. Dean interjects and Storm happily lets go, making his way to the other corner. He gets a running start and tries to bronco bust Stein but Dan gets out of the way and the only thing Eli busts are his balls.

OG: That looked painful! I hope he gets his family back, ’cause by the looks of that move he’s not having any more kids!

Dave Dymond: As we discussed earlier, you’ve got to be careful with Stein. I’m not so sure trying to turn this into a brawl is a good idea on Eli’s part.

Eli falls onto his back, his legs extended in the air as he holds himself. Stein, still a bit wobbly from all the stomping, walks over and sets Storm into the tree of woe position. He jogs to the middle of the ring until he’s far enough away from Eli to get some momentum; then he charges, dropkicking Storm right in his midsection. The crowd ooh’s as Storm falls over holding his stomach. Stein keeps right at it though. He picks Storm up by his red hair and applies an arm wrench, distancing himself far away enough from Eli to land a hard kick to his face while holding his arm. Storm hits the mat holding his face, rolling slightly to his left and right. Instinctively Stein goes for the cover.



KICKOUT! Stein rolls off of his opponent and goes to get him up by his hair, but Storm surprises him and pulls his legs out from under him, putting him on his back. He pounces on him and mounts him, landing lefts and rights like crazy before Stein is able to roll over on his side and isolate one of Storm’s arms. There’s a standoff for just a bit before Stein makes a move to get out of the position and both are back on their feet again to the tune of the fans cheering. Eli lunges forward at Dan but gets caught with a roundhouse kick that sends him staggering. Stein pauses before he runs at him, his head lowered for a spear, but Storm’s playing a game of possum of his own! He kicks Stein in the gut and hits him with a hard DDT.

Dave Dymond: Whoa! Stein showing he’s not above making mistakes!

OG: This could be the turning point in the match, Dave.

Eli Storm gets Stein up and kicks him in the gut, hammering him on the back with some overhead punches. Eventually he latches onto his hand and sends him careening into the ropes, meeting him in the center of the ring and nailing a BIG neckbreaker. He rolls over on top of Stein and Dean starts the count.



SHOULDER! Stein not giving up yet. Storm looks up at the crowd who are buzzing with anticipation. He gets Dan up to his feet and starts nailing him with some back-handed chops, sending Stein teetering backwards. He grabs onto Dan’s arm and looks for another Irish whip, but DAN REVERSES and chases after him, OBLITERATING him with a clothesline OVER the top rope! The fans cheer as Stein staggers in the ring, trying to regain some energy, while Storm tries to figure out what’s going on. He’s getting to his feet when Stein gets a running start! SSP! SSP! OVER THE TOP ROPE! Storm collapses as Dan lands on top of him, and the crowd is suddenly on their feet roaring!

Dave Dymond: Jesus Christ! Did you see that thing?

OG: That was a bulb breaker, Dave!

As the two lay lifeless outside the ring, Willie Dean starts the inevitable count-out, ignoring the pounding cheers of the audience.




Dan starts to come to, using the apron to help get to his feet, while Storm is still on the floor, trying to find the strength to push himself up.




Stein slides in the ring but Storm’s just now finding his footing. He wobbles back and forth, stumbling over to the apron.



He slides in under the bottom rope and is met by several Dan Stein stomps. Stein quickly gets him to his feet by the back of his tights and sends him to the ropes while he runs to the opposite side. He springboards off the ropes as Storm approaches, hooking his arm around Storm’s head! Tornado DDT! Power Surge! Storm hits the mat hard and slumps over, allowing Stein to go for another pin attempt.




NO! A desperate kickout keeps Eli in this thing, but Stein doesn’t look phased. The crowd is on their feet as Stein pulls Eli to his, plugging Eli’s head under his arm. He looks like he might be going for some type of suplex here. He goes to lift Storm up and gets him half way up in the air when it’s apparent something is wrong. Eli’s fighting it. Stein goes to do it once more but he can’t quite get Eli up in the air. He goes for a third time and Storm stops it completely, shoving Stein off of him weakly. Stein goes for a clothesline but Eli ducks, spinning Stein around. SPINEBUSTER! Stein staggers, stumbling around in a circle…SPINNING HEEL KICK! And Stein goes down!

Dave Dymond: For a minute there I thought this thing was over!

OG: Storm’s putting up a hell of a fight! You know Caldwell’s gotta be watching in the back with some concern.

Storm doesn’t waste any time in going to the turnbuckle, looking to showcase his own flight abilities. He jumps up to the middle rope and leaps off, nailing a big time elbow drop! He looks like he might go for a pinfall when he reconsiders. Instead he drags Stein’s body over to the ropes, sliding out of the ring and pulling Dan’s head out onto the apron. The crowd is buzzing as Storm slides back in and grabs the ropes over Stein’s body with both hands. He pulls himself over…LEG DROP! Eli topples off the apron while Stein frantically grabs his neck, kicking his legs up in pain! Dean starts up a short count-out but Eli slides back into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Boy have the tides suddenly changed!

OG: I think what’s happened is Storm’s realized he’s not gonna win by making this thing into a knockout, drag-out fistfight. He’s go to do what he does best and that’s go to the ropes and hit the big moves…he’s doing just that, and he’s turning out to be successful.

Storm’s got his finger in the air now and is circling it around. It looks like he may be calling for the Perfect Storm! He awaits with his hands on his knees for Stein to get to his feet, inching closer and closer, his fingers twitching with anticipation. Stein’s slow to get up, but when he does Eli LUNGES. He’s got his hands in position for the Perfect Storm! But wait! Stein pushes him away! Storm turns around and BICYCLE KICK! Bam! Storm hits the mat and Dan runs for the turnbuckle! The fans are in an uproar as Stein raises a fist! He turns around! SWAN DIVE!

Dave Dymond: Oh man! Did you hear that impact?

OG: This one may be over, Dave.

But instead of going for the pin, Stein gets up and waves his hand for Storm to get up! He wants more! He wants Storm to show he’s got more in the tank! Dean’s starting a count now to see if Storm can get up.





Storm starts to get to his feet. He’s watching Stein out of the corner of his eye. He looks fairly exhausted, but he doesn’t look done



He’s up on his feet now, albeit a little bit shakily. The crowd’s roaring as Stein beckons for him to bring it. Storm strides forward and they lock up. Stein sends him to the ropes, but Storm looks for a clothesline on the rebound. Dan DUCKS, and Storm spins around! TOO LATE! Stein’s on the ropes! SPRINGBOARD ENZIGURI! LIGHTS OUT! Storm hangs in the air a moment before hitting the mat. Stein lays over him and hooks the leg.





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, in a time of nineteen minutes and three seconds…moving on in Master of the Mat….DAN…STEEEEIIIINNN!

The crowd cheers as Willie Dean raises Stein’s arm in victory, who in turn stomps around to each turnbuckle and raises his fists. After a couple of minutes he rolls out of the ring, while a recovering Storm just slaps the mat and shakes his head, smiling at his own disappointment. He’s certainly not pleased, but he knows he’s got other fish to fry. Willie Dean helps him to his feet.

Dave Dymond: So Dan Stein moves on in the Master of the Mat tournament and Storm’s gotta hit the lockers. He’s gotta be frustrated with himself, OG…it may be a while before he gets another chance like this.

OG: Oh, it hurts, but he’ll rebound. He’s got a big rematch against Caldwell in a week or two, and if he pulls a victory out there, that coupled with a couple other big wins? Could get him right back in that main event title scene.

Dave Dymond: Anything can happen here in SHOOT, but the big story tonight…Dan Stein gets the “w” and moves on in the tournament. He’s gotta be feeling pretty good about himself.

OG: Well he’s still got Jester Smiles to do battle with, and that’s somebody that…is certainly no pushover. Should be a good match-up, but Dave? We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Still to come! Osbourne Kilminster takes on the legendary Christopher Davis! And Trevor Worrens defends his Laws of Survival Championship against the stunningly  cunning Kilgore Stochansky! So stay tuned!


The camera cuts to the back where Eryk Masters is scrambling to the driver’s side door of a rented Lincoln.  As he scurries up to the door, Donovan King steps out, glaring at the camera as Eryk Masters arrives by his side.  He stands there, looking at Masters catching his breath, his teeth clenched.  He wears a black pair of jeans, black boots, and a black tank top.

Eryk Masters:  I…I’m here…with Donovan…K…

Donovan King:  Dese fans KNOW who you’re here wit’, Eryk!

Eryk Masters:  You…have something to…say?

King rips the microphone out of Masters’ hand, glaring at the camera.

Donovan King:  Dis is real simple, so listen.  I’m scheduled to go out dere tonight an’ tell all dese fans how it felt to lose to NC-17, get eliminated from Master of the Mat, an’ watch ANOTHER title opportunity disappear from my grasp.  I go out dere in dat ring…an’ some other shit happens dat fucks wit’ me.

King shakes his head.

Donovan King:  Dat ain’t happenin’.  No offense to dose fans out dere dat paid good money to see me, but I’m not gonna come out to dat ring an’ let The Real Deal fuck wit’ me some mo’.  You know why I been so quiet dis week, E?  You wanna know?

Masters nods.

Donovan King:  I flew down to Charleston, South Carolina.  I went back to the Dirty South because I’m not gonna let dis shit shake me.  I’mma get mine, an’ if I have to get in Real Deal’s face on his own turf, best believe I’mma do it.  Simple as.

King lets what he said lingers.  Masters is heard through the microphone.

Eryk Masters:  Well?  What the hell happened, man?!

Donovan King:  Nobody home.

King smirked.

Donovan King:  I’ll pay you back fo’ the damages, Joshie, but when nobody answered the knockin’, I kicked dat fuckin’ door in an’ what I found…I…

Eryk Masters:  You had a camera crew with you, right?

Donovan King:  Had to, man.  SHOOT don’t let me do shit without a camera crew wit’ me.

Eryk Masters:  Do you have the footage with you?  Can we queue it up?

Donovan King:  FUCK DAT.

King glares at the screen.

Donovan King:  Jason Johnson wants the world to see how his brother is fuckin’ with me.  Nah, not on Revolution.  Go check out SHOOTProject DOT FUCKING COM an’ see it.  See, the way dis company is ran…it’s so full of hypocrisy.  Look, E, good men and good women stand no chance wit’ the way dis place is.  Roland Caldwell can disgrace the World title an’ what happens?  Kilgore Stochansky, nobody remembers dis, he can defend the Laws of Survival title by LOSING the fuckin’ belt to Jester Smiles an’…what happens?  Jonny’s goons can KIDNAP a girl…what happens?  WHAT HAPPENS, ERYK?!

Eryk Masters:  I…

Donovan King:  NOTHING.  NOTHING HAPPENS TO DESE MEN.  I have an epic bout wit’ Cade Sydal dat goes longer than Jason Johnson wants…an’ I’m out half a paycheck.  HALF MY PAYCHECK BECAUSE I WAS INVOLVED IN THE MATCH OF THE NIGHT AT RECKONING DAY, ERYK.  I get it…I do.  Real Deal’s out to get his an’ fuck wit’ me because uh what I did.  Costin’ me a chance at the main event yet again, I get it.

King grits his teeth.

Donovan King:  Well…I’m not gonna fuck Real Deal’s family up.  I’m not gonna hunt his girl down or his kids.  No.  Dat’s not how dis is gonna play out.  See, Eryk…people can talk all day long about the cancers in dis company.  They can talk about how many times Ron Barker makes his grandiose returns and fails EVERY TIME but good men like Catch Warren make ONE fuck up an’ get removed COMPLETELY from active competition.  I see dis sort of injustice…an’ I’m tellin’ Real Deal dis.

King looks long and hard at the camera.

Donovan King:  Next week, on Revolution, you an’ me.  Nah, not a match.  Dis ain’t about buyrates or ratings…just two men.  I need dis SETTLED.  You are NOT gonna stop me, Josh, an’ I don’t care about WHY you’re comin’ fuh me.  But next week…man to man…Real Deal steps into dat ring like Jason wants me to tonight…an’ we can either talk it out or you can get your skull cracked open.  Don’t matter to me.

King stops, breathing heavily.

Donovan King:  But, Real Deal…if dis is about vengeance…your vendetta’s gonna end next week or you’ll wait your turn.  I’m sick uh the things I see around here…damn sick of it.  Declarations of war…vigilantes…it takes a thug nigga to know when law is needed.  It takes a thug nigga to know when order is needed.  It takes Donovan King to set SHOOT Project right.  So come on down, Real Deal, you don’t get me fuh no epic hour long matches or eight month long feuds.  You get me fuh ONE night.  NEXT WEEK.  Feel me?

King gets back in the driver’s seat, throwing the microphone at Eryk Masters.

Eryk Masters:  Wait, Donovan!  You’re not going in?

King slams down HARD on the gas pedal, the wheels screeching as he takes off, leaving Eryk Masters alone in the parking lot.

Eryk Masters:  Jesus.  I…I guess next week…Donovan King is confronting Real Deal.  But…what the hell is going on in Donovan King’s head?

The scene cuts from the back parking lot, leaving Masters alone outside.

The scene fades in. Trevor Worrens is seen pacing about in the parking lot of the Thomas and Mack center. Off camera, the sound of a door opening and closing is heard.

Jester Smiles: I was told you were out here.

The camera pans over to see Jester Smiles walking towards Trevor, a bottle of water in his hands. He looks incredibly tired from his bout with Crush.

Jester Smiles: How you holding up champ?

Worrens stops pacing, but doesn’t turn around. For a moment there is just an odd, almost tension filled silence.

Trevor Worrens: Been better, Eric, and been worse.

He turns around now and finally faces Jester.

Trevor Worrens: But something tells me you didn’t walk all the way out here after JUST competing in the ring, simply to see how I’m doing.  Am I right about that?

Jester smirks.

Jester Smiles: If I had one purpose to come out here, I wouldn’t have come out. I’m lazy as hell, man. You know that.

Jester smiles more, taking another drink of water.

Jester Smiles: First off, man, you really don’t need to let Kilgore get to you like he did last week. I got nothing but respect for you as a champion and a competitor, and hell, even as a person. Don’t start losing your mind now. You still got a long way to go.

And I’d rather have the sane, calculated Worrens staring across from me when we meet in Master of the Mat. You’re better when you’re sane.

Worrens shakes his head, smiling slightly, but it’s obvious that there is no real happiness behind said smile.

Trevor Worrens: So that’s why you’re out here?  To judge me and my actions?  You don’t think I’ve been judging myself the second after I got hauled back to my locker room?

Worrens walks closer towards Jester now, standing within an arms length of him.

Trevor Worrens: Want to know something, Eric.  After Stochanksy and I had our little verbal encounter, I sat and I listened to you.  I listened when you walked out into that ring and declared to the world your intentions.

Worrens takes another step forward, almost nose to nose with Jester now.

Trevor Worrens: And it just fueled the fire inside, man.  I was stewing and then I hear you, telling me and telling the world we’re not done.  That I have to worry about you.  You say you respect me… but Eric, you just want the gold.

He shakes his head again.

Trevor Worrens: You don’t give one single damn about my well being.

Jester takes a step forward, getting even closer to Trevor, face to face. He grins, a sarcastic grin on his face.

Jester Smiles: That’s the thing, Trev. I do care. I care BECAUSE of that belt. I’m not Kilgore. I won’t cut corners and take cheap ways out. I want you at the very absolute best you’ve got. This losing it in the hallway, that’s not you at your best.

I’m going to fight you, Trevor, I’m going to beat you, and I’m going to win that Laws of Survival Championship.

But if it’s not you at your best, it won’t mean anything. If I get any less than what you had at Reckoning Day, than what’s the point, Trev.

Jester takes another drink of water, keeping his eyes on Trevor.

Jester Smiles: I do respect you, and whether you’ll admit it here or not, you respect me. So, I’m going to tell you, for your sake, and for my sake, you need to chill the fuck out.

Friendly warning, Trev. You aren’t part of the problem here. Don’t become one.

Cuz then I’ll do more than beat you. I’ll humiliate you.

Worrens doesn’t back down, and what started out as somewhat friendly has become bitterly tense.

Trevor Worrens: Humiliate me?  Eric, I’m not so easily discouraged by pink custard or purple and green paintballs.  Which, kudos to you for having that be possibly the most memorable thing about you.

But you’re right; I’m not a part of your problem. Your problem is trying to get through Master of the Mat and maybe getting to me.  Thing is, you coming out here tonight, you walking out to the ring last week, has become part of MY problem.

Jester Smiles: Good. Keep that in your mind, my friend. I AM your problem. I’m your BIGGEST problem. And you may have your head to far up your own ass right now to see that. We’re even. You beat me once, and I beat you once. I’ll get through Master of the Mat. Step one is complete. And, by no means does my journey end with you.

But your Master of the Mat journey ends with me.

Jester turns and begins to walk away.

Jester Smiles: Don’t disappoint me, Trevor. You better pull out the big V tonight.

And with that, Jester Smiles walks away.

Trevor Worrens: Eric!

The camera pans over to Jester, who has his head turned around, his eyebrow quirked.

Jester Smiles: You rang?

Worrens takes a few steps forward, which only puts Jester in a slight defensive position. Worrens stops.

Trevor Worrens: Look… I…

Worrens struggles to find the words

Trevor Worrens: Thanks.

Jester looks surprised.

Jester Smiles: Don’t thank me. Just keep winning, and keep making it. I’ll do the same, and when the time comes.

We kill each other. Deal?

Jester turns around, extending his hand.  Worrens smiles again, but this time much more friendly.

Trevor Worrens: Deal.

Worrens approaches Jester now and shakes his hand.  The scene concludes there, but Revolution continues on.



Dave Dymond: Master of the Mat round one action continues on tonight with a match up that has FOUR years of history behind it.

Other Guy: Not a lot of people know that, but this week Osbourne Kilminster made SURE everybody knew how he’s feelin’ about Chris Davis, and what he thinks about their past.

Dave Dymond: Of course all the bitter words and frustrations lead to this all important round one match up.  Kilminster and Davis dislike one another, and on top of that The Family isn’t exactly fond of either of them.  The winner will go on to face Kenji Yamada in round two, so like I said, a VERY important match up for several parties involved.

The camera focus cuts away from Dymond and Other Guy at ringside and now focuses back on Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match up is a Master of the Mat Round one contest and scheduled for one fall!

The arena darkens, a simple spotlight hits the entrance way as the following words are heard:

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the SHOOT video screen in white block letters, the fans rise to their feet.

Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 271 pounds… here is Christopher Davis!!!

Christopher Davis steps into the spotlight sweat streaming down his bald head. He looks up, his cold grey eyes intense and focused. He looks left and then to his right.  He raises both arms as if forming a cross.

"Un-fucking-believeable Lil’ Wayne’s the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federline"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena as Davis finally begins his stride towards the ring.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with

Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me

And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care”

Davis steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, he forgoes any other theatrics as he waits patiently for his opponent.

"Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me"

"Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me"

"And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care"

The music slowly fades out as Davis continues to wait.

Dave Dymond: Lot of focus and intensity in the eyes of that man right there. Former world champion across multiple federations, including of course SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: On top of that, he’s a hall of famer, and there’s one thing he’s got over EVERYBODY else in this tournament… he’s won the damn thing before.

Dave Dymond: All the more reason that Osbourne Kilminster will be fighting like there’s no tomorrow to bring Davis down.  A victory for Kilminster will MORE than boost his standing here in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: No doubt, but that victory ain’t going to be easy, Dave.

The cheering from the usual sold out crowd suddenly dies down as “O Fortuna” blares throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.  While some cheering remains, the majority of the fans turn angry and begin to boo as the lights flicker in such a way to represent lightning hovering over head. Huge rumbling thunder is heard as well while the music continues to play.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

As the thunder builds and the music gets louder, finally Osbourne Kilminster walks out from the back.  He plants his feet firmly at the start of the ramp way leading down to the ring, and for a moment he just stands there.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 235 pounds… here is Osbourne Kilminster!!!

Kilminster immediately removes the chain mail coif/vest combo that he wears and drops it to his side. He then points at Davis, eyes fixated on him. Davis nods his head, a subtle taunt, and Kilminster CHARGES down to the ring!

Dave Dymond: Definitely uncharacteristic of Kilminster… charging recklessly to the ring!

The fans pick up as Kilminster slides into the ring under the bottom rope and rises up just to a crouch position before lunging at both of Davis’s legs.  Referee Tony Lorenzo immediately calls for the bell the second Kilminster makes contact with Davis.  Kilminster tries to lift Davis up off the mat, but Davis fights against it. Keeping his feet planted and then he pushes Kilminster away by the shoulders.  Kilminster regains his footing and goes right back in at Davis. The two quickly lock up into grapple with the bigger Davis gaining quick control, looking to whip Kilminster across the ring.

Kilminster though plants his foot incredibly hard and then takes a firm hold of Davis’s arm, turns his back to him, and brings the arm down onto his shoulder.  Davis staggers back slightly, holding his arm for a moment and Kilminster spins around looking for a hard elbow strike, but Davis ducks under and lifts Kilminster up with a back drop suplex!

Other Guy: Davis almost got a couple teeth knocked out there as Kilminster was goin for a kill shot of an elbow.

Dave Dymond: Smart to avoid any strikes from Kilminster in this one, and Davis showing that over the years he’s come to know Kilminster well, despite having very few matches against him.

Davis stays on the advantage, but doesn’t go for the pin as Kilminster already rising up to his feet.  Davis pulls him up the rest of the way and this time successfully sends Kilminster into the ropes. Kilminster hooks his arms though, but Davis stays charging right after and CLOTHESLINES Kilminster with such force that BOTH men spill to the outside.  The fans close to the ring pop as the action takes place right in front of them now.


Davis is up to his feet and he turns back to Kilminster who struggles to his feet.  Davis starts to lift Kilminster, but Kilminster THRUSTS his shoulder into Davis’s mid-section.


Davis falters, looks to fight back, but Kilminster drives his shoulder into Davis’s gut again and then pushes into him, forcing Davis back first into the guard railing around the ring.


Kilminster snaps up to his feet from there and just NAILS Davis with a straight punch to the face that almost sees Davis fall backwards over the railing.  Kilminster drives a knee into Davis’s gut and then FIRES another hard punch.


Davis leans partially over the railing now, but Kilminster grabs him by the arm and looks to whip him into the side of the ring. Davis counters out of nowhere, looking to send Kilminster in, but Kilminster ready and he lifts his body just enough to slide under the bottom rope and into the ring.  Davis comes at him, but Kilminster up inside and he KICKS his foot through the ropes, catching Davis right in the face!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster very aggressive tonight, trying to keep Davis on the outside

Lorenzo shouts at Kilminster to back up away from the ropes now, allowing for Davis to get back into the ring.  However the second Davis is up on the ring edge, Kilminster charges and DRILLS Davis in the gut again with a knee shot.  Davis falters, but holds onto the ropes to stay on the ring edge.  Kilminster hooks him from the inside, looking for the suplex… but no Davis counters now and tries to lift Kilminster up!

Other Guy: Kilminster in trouble if Davis can pull this suplex off!

The fans buzz with excitement as Davis looks to take Kilminster down with a suplex to the outside, but Kilminster desperately holds onto the ropes, keeping his body from leaving the ring. Davis FORCEFULLY drops Kilminster onto the top rope instead, catching him in the gut with it to force Kilminster to let go of the top rope.  Kilminster staggers back and Davis steps in now, bounces off the ropes and then CHARGES at Kilminster.  Davis lifts a big boot, but Kilminster drops low and DIVES at Davis’s other leg, tackling it out from under him.

Davis drops to one knee and Kilminster looks to capitalize, but Davis fights right back and catches Kilminster with a SURPRISE European uppercut!  Spit flies out of Kilminster’s mouth as he rocks back from the blow and Davis now unleashes with a series of rights and lefts of his own!

Dave Dymond: Davis bringing the striking game to Kilminster now, but you have to wonder how much those strikes are effecting Kilminster who is HIGHLY trained in absorbing that kind of punishment.

The fans cheer as Davis keeps unleashing hard punch after hard punch.  Kilminster staggers, but tries to fight back, looking to swat Davis’s arms away and counter his strikes with more strikes of his own.  Davis however immediately grabs Kilminster’s right arm with lightning quick reflexes and whips Kilminster forcefully into the ropes. Kilminster bounces back quickly, as neither man was far from the ropes, and Davis LIFTS him up and TAKES HIM DOWN via a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!

Dave Dymond: Huge impact as Davis CONNECTS with that back breaker and the cover now!

Other Guy: Could be it, Dave…

Lorenzo makes the count as some of the fans rise to their feet.



OOOOOOH! The fans sit back down as Kilminster kicks out with a hard lift of his arm.  Davis pulls him up by the head though and DRIVES a punch into his forehead.  Kilminster’s head slams into the mat and Davis then pushes his forearm into Kilminster’s face and makes a cover again.  Lorenzo counts…


TW… not even a full two as Kilminster turns his body to the side, forcing Davis up to one knee next to him.  Davis grabs Kilminster from there, but Kilminster snaps back, breaking from Davis’s arms and then firing a forearm strike, then another one!

Other Guy: Kilminster tryin’ to mount a comeback here, and those shots are one way to do just that.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster knows EXACTLY where to hit the hardest to the most damage, and tonight he seems to be focused on just smashing Davis’s face in.

Other Guy: He’s lookin to make a statement using Christopher Davis, and that’s a smart way to get a career back on track.

Kilminster DRILLS Davis with a hard elbow strike and Davis falls to the mat.

Dave Dymond: Could also be a way to just get the SHOOT hall of famer pissed off.  But right now, that’s not the case as Kilminster takes Davis down onto the mat… finally gaining some control in this one.

With Davis on his back, Kilminster goes into a mounting position, but Davis regains his focus and tries to keep Kilminster from getting him pinned down. Kilminster throws out a few wild shots that graze Davis’s face but Davis shoves him back, keeping Kilminster from the mounting position.  Frustration kicks in and Kilminster LEAPS up from a standing position and then DROPS his knee right into Davis’s ribs!  Davis winces in pain and Kilminster now with a sudden cover…


Dave Dymond: Couldn’t quite get a full cover on Davis there… but Kilminster… OOOOH! A hard palm slap to the face!

Other Guy: Insult to injury right there.

Kilminster now has Davis under him, body trapped under a mounted position.  Kilminster starts assaulting Davis now with alternating left and right elbow strikes.  As Davis’s head bounces from side to side, the fans begin to boo loudly, not happy with Kilminster having the upper hand in the match.  Kilminster lands four more consecutive elbow strikes, then swings his legs out around to the side and this time fully hooks Davis by the leg for a hard cover.

The fans boo louder as the count is made.



TH… kick out by Davis and the mood changes for the better! The fans pop and Kilminster turns to Lorenzo, angered by his counting.

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Kilminster has a damn thing to complain about. This has been a hard fought match up on both sides.  If anything its his opponent, Christopher Davis, who has a reason to have a serious chip on his shoulder after the travesty that was the “main event” last week.

Other Guy: Yeah, and you’re usin’ the term main event loosely as it wasn’t that at all.

Dave Dymond: The result of last week is EXACTLY why Christopher Davis knows how important the Master of the Mat tournament is, but of course this round one match NOT going in Davis’s favor at all.

Other Guy: That it is not and… wait up Dave, where is Kilminster going!?

The fans begin to boo again as Kilminster exits the ring and pulls the top steel step away from the ring post and the bottom steel step.  Kilminster stops for a moment, looking to Davis in the ring, but then positions the portion of the steel step in line with the middle of the ropes. As Davis starts to get back up to his feet, Kilminster rolls back into the ring and approaches him.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster obviously has SOMETHING in mind with that section of the steel steps, but I honestly have no clue as to what.

Other Guy: That makes two of us.

Davis rises up to his full vertical base and swings at Kilminster, but Kilminster darts out of the way and then responds with a hard punch of his own, catching Davis in the side of the head.  Davis stays on his feet, but staggers to the side, bent over slightly.  Kilminster positions himself in front of Davis and snaps on a hard headlock, wrenching slightly upward, almost choking Davis.  The referee gets involved though, checking to see if the hold is legal, then motions for the match to continue.  Kilminster WRENCHES the neck again and starts to walk back towards the edge of the ring, every so often looking back to see if he’s in line with the steel steps.

Kilminster is suddenly caught off guard though as Davis brings an arm up and throws a wild punch, NAILING Kilminster in the side. Kilminster falters but cranks the neck again, and again takes a step back.  Davis shouts out in pain but throws up his other arm and again nails Kilminster in the side.

Dave Dymond: Davis fighting back now, trying to avoid whatever Kilminster has in store…

Kilminster suddenly shifts from the headlock, and goes to grab both of Davis’s arms.

Dave Dymond: Spoke too soon, Kilminster trying to lock on a Thai clinch… Wake Up Call in store for Davis!

The fans POP as before Kilminster can drop Davis, Davis breaks and shoves Kilminster back into the ropes!  Kilminster comes stomping back and Davis, still bent over, has no time to react as Kilminster KICKS right up into his face!  Davis’s whole body leans back but Kilminster grabs him by the back of the neck and lower back and runs him to the ropes… SHOVING him through!  Davis hits the portion of the steel steps, his body laid out and Kilminster stands right by the ropes, glaring down at Davis…

And without warning uses the top rope and VAULTS over high and comes CRASHING down onto Davis!!!

Other Guy: What the shit!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster taking to all new heights, LITERALLY, as he just flew over the ropes with a body splash to Davis ON TOP OF the steel steps.

Other Guy: Absolutely insane, Dave.

The fans are buzzing with complete shock and surprise as Kilminster gets up off of Davis now and shoves him off the steps all together.  Davis clutches at his back in pain, face first on the floor.  Tony Lorenzo shouts for both men to get into the ring.  Kilminster walks around the steps and gets Davis up, albeit somewhat slowly, and works on shoving him so he rolls into the ring.  Once inside, Kilminster slides in after him and makes the cover.  The shock of Kilminster flying is replaced by booing as Lorenzo hits the mat and makes the count.




Dave Dymond: And it’s over…


The fans, who were about to give up on Davis, suddenly RISE out of their chairs, shouting loudly with excitement! Davis has the shoulder up!  Kilminster slams one hand on the mat, aggravated with the near fall.  Davis rocks back and forth on the mat as Kilminster gets up to his feet, but instead of losing his focus he turns right back to Davis and kicks him square in the side.  Davis rolls over onto his stomach, clutching at his side slightly and Kilminster kicks him again, sending Davis rolling back onto his back.  Kilminster sizes Davis up and then jumps…

Knee to the face…


Other Guy: Kilminster maybe took one second too long there…

Dave Dymond: But is this enough for Chris Davis to turn this around in his favor, that’s the real question.

Kilminster gets back up to his full vertical base, though wincing in pain as he suddenly bends slightly to rub at his knee.  Davis works to get up to his feet and Kilminster turns now and bounces off the ropes, charging violently at Davis.  Kilminster goes for a knee lift strike, but Davis side steps, and Kilminster runs through, quickly having to plant his foot back down on the mat.  The second he does, Davis hits the ropes now… Kilminster turns… and Davis RIGHT THERE WITH A POWERFUL RUNNING FOREARM!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster taken right off his feet, but right back up!

Kilminster charges at Davis, but Davis kick to the gut!  Kilminster doubles over in pain and Davis shouts out now as he pulls Kilminster into a vertical head scissors. Kilminster struggles as Davis gets one of his arms, hooks it… the other one…

Other Guy: Davis lookin for a double under hook somethin’ here.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster fighting it, but if Davis pulls off any kind of impact move, it’s safe to say he’s back in this one ten fold!

Kilminster struggles as both his arms are hooked and Davis hoists him upside down from there, but as he does, Kilminster SWINGS his foot forward and CLOCKS Davis somewhat in the head with it! Davis loses his hold on Kilminster immediately, stumbling back and Kilminster falls oddly onto the mat.  Kilminster clutches at the back of his neck as he rocks back and forth in pain, and meanwhile Davis holds his head, rubbing it a few times to check to see if he’s bleeding.

Dave Dymond: Well Kilminster avoided a more serious impact move, but still some damage done as I don’t think that foot to the face was completely intentional and well Kilminster was dropped awkwardly as a result.

Davis puts his focus back on Kilminster and waits as Kilminster gets back up to his feet.  He then starts to stalk towards him and before Kilminster can react, he’s whipped into the upper left corner.  Kilminster hits hard, staggering out of the corner and Davis hooks him from the front, and immediately takes him up and over with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex!  The fans pop and Davis, while still somewhat worn out, turns back around and faces Kilminster, shouting at him to get up.

Other Guy: I think Davis on a second wind now, and he’s feelin this one now!

Kilminster gets up to his feet again, shaking his head but he comes right back at Davis, but Davis side steps and as Kilminster runs by, Davis grabs him by the head, yanks him back… QUICK REVERSE DDT!

Dave Dymond: The DDT… and Davis with the cover!



THR… Kilminster kicks out!  The fans not happy about that, but Davis right back up to his feet and now he stands, arms out to his sides, while Kilminster holds his head in pain.

Other Guy: This could be the beginning of the end, Dave.  Kilminster is down, and Christopher Davis standin’ tall!

Dave Dymond: Which can only mean one thing, time for Ange…


The fans get loud; their focus turns away from the ring to the entryway as Kenji Yamada, Roland Caldwell, and Sammy Rochester emerge from the back, followed directly by the wheel chair bound Vincent Mallows.

Dave Dymond: Damn it! First it was Rogue and Riley last week, and now tonight The Family?

Other Guy: Well the winner of this match up goes on to fight Kenji Yamada, so I guess they’re takin a closer look at who Yamada may be up against.

Dave Dymond: A closer look, or securing who they WANT Yamada to face… I’m going to say the latter stands true… and what an ominous sight right there… The Family in FULL!

Davis sees The Family up at the entryway and he starts shaking his head repeatedly and then immediately turns to referee Tony Lorenzo, shouting loudly at him to kick them out.

Tony Lorenzo: They’re not at ringside, there’s nothing I can do. Just keep fighting c’mon!

Lorenzo motions for the match to continue and Davis shakes his head but turns right back into the match… RIGHT INTO A HOOK PUNCH FROM KILIMINSTER!  Davis staggers back and Kilminster with another hard strike, and another.  Davis stumbles a great deal while The Family watches on.  Kilminster raises both of his arms now and lunges at Davis from there, pulling him into a Thai Clinch…

But Davis PUSHES down as much as he can, breaking the clinch and then as Kilminster stands back up from the break, Davis FIRES with a hard European uppercut that SPINS Kilminster around!  The second Kilminster’s back is to Davis, Davis HOISTS him up onto his shoulders, facing him upwards.

The Fans are on their feet and with rage in his eyes Davis faces The Family and then DRIVES Kilminster into the mat with an inverted DDT!

Dave Dymond: Angela’s Ashes connects! The cover made… and has a message been sent!?




Other Guy: I think it has, Dave.

The fans ERUPT as Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and “I’m Me” begins to play for a second time tonight.  Davis rolls off of Kilminster and immediately looks to the entryway.  The Family is gone.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match, and advancing to the second round of the tournament… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis picks up the victory tonight, but the question is what purpose did The Family have in mind… or was their momentary presence just a reminder to BOTH men who is waiting in the wings.

As Davis rises to his feet he takes in a few deep breaths then turns and motions for a microphone.  Samantha Coil walks closer to the ring and hands a microphone to Davis.  The fans keep cheering as Davis paces about the ring, exhausted but trying to catch his breath.  The focus is placed solely on Davis now, and after a few more seconds, Davis brings the microphone to his mouth and gets a very serious look on his face.

Christopher Davis: Vincent… here I come! Get your Family ready, cuz here I. FUCKING. COME!

Davis SPIKES the microphone down onto the ring mat and exits the ring to the sound of cheering fans.

Dave Dymond: Davis has officially declared war!

Other Guy: Is he going after them now, Dave?  I mean maybe it’s the adrenaline talking, but Davis is one man, The Family is three men strong.

Dave Dymond: Whether it goes down tonight, next week, or sometime after that, the bottom line is Christopher Davis not backing down, NOT about to let the Family make good on their declaration a few weeks ago.

With the fans still buzzing, the focus cuts away from the ring.


We cut to the backstage of the Thomas and Mack Arena. In the spartan hallway, drowned in flourescent light, is our man, Kilgore Stochansky. Instead of his regular Tracksuit, he’s rocking his ring gear, along with a white T-Shirt that reads "TREVOR WORRENS: RESPECT HIM EVEN THOUGH HE RESPECTS NOTHING" in bold, black lettering. He’s looking to the ground, his hands clasped in front of him almost as if in prayer. He then looks directly at the camera, his eyes flashing, and a grin breaks out on his face.

Kilgore: Now is the time in which we pray. And not to specific gods, mind you; I’m not as close-minded as to suggest that everyone does or should believe in the same god. No, I mean that we pray for something that we want, something that we need, something that Must happen for the greater good.

He raises his arms to the side, his gaze crawling upward.

Kilgore: I’m not gonna get all religious on you, so dont worry with that. But it’s the belief of many people that if you believe in something hard enough, if you really put some good old force of will into an idea, well…then that idea gains power. And momentum. And eventually that thing you wanted, needed, or the thing that HAD to happen…well, it happens.

Stochansky, his arms still outstretched, proceeds to look directly at the camera, his grin still on full blast.

Kilgore: So, I prayed. I prayed, firstly, for Trevor Worrens to finally get better. An insurmountable challenge, I’ll admit, but I have to try. I then prayed for the Laws of Survival title to be returned to it’s rightful owner. The belt has been poorly treated and dragged through a valley of darkness, but it can be saved. I then, lastly, prayed for you, the fans. That you may have strength, through the ongoing mistreatment by the so called "stars" of this company.

At this, our man crosses his arms, his grin fading into a sharp smirk.

Kilgore: And yes, Trevor, this is the "Gorilla Position Speech." And yes, I am promising to defeat you and reclaim what is rightfully mine. Yes, I will fight harder, or smarter, or whatever adjective you want to throw out there. I only say this because I can almost feel you rolling your eyes at this…in the future. You’re sitting at home, icing whatever needs to be iced…

He holds his hand out and looks of into the distance, pantomiming looking at something very far away.

Kilgore: Yes, I can see it now…it’s two days from today, Trevor. You’re at home. You are not weeping. You are depressed. You’re watching the show, perhaps to look and see exactly what you did wrong. You’re ready, pen and notebook in hand, and the show has just reached This Exact Moment.

Stochansky jumps forward a half step, and then executes an in place spin, facing the camera again after a full rotation.

Kilgore: That? That one was just for you, Trevor. Try not to bust your Television. After All…

Our man promptly grabs the camera lens, pulling it in close until his smiling face fills the frame.

Kilgore: …you should save all of that anger for a little later in the show, when I finally Reclaim what is rightfully mine.

He let’s go of the camera and laughs heartily, striking something of a pose before walking out of the frame. We cut away…


Moments before the main event, the focus of the night cuts to the back loading dock area.  The dark blue full sized van is seen; engine already running, and the driver sitting in waiting.  He doesn’t wait long as Roland Caldwell approaches the van, and quickly opens the side sliding door and presses a button on the inside.  The wheel-chair lift slides out and lowers down while Sammy Rochester shows up next, then Kenji Yamada.  Last seen is Vincent Mallows who says nothing and simply moves forward onto the lift with his wheelchair.  Roland presses the button on the inside and now the lift rises up.  Kenji Yamada quickly opens the front passenger side door, while Sammy and Roland make there way around back, but not before Sammy closes the sliding side door. With Roland and Sammy both in the van, Yamada looks into the van at the driver.

Kenji Yamada: We’re set.

With that, Yamada gets into the van, closing his door once inside. The second the door closes the van drives off, tires squealing as it goes out into the parking lot from the loading dock and eventually vanishes from sight.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Looks like as quickly as they appeared; tonight the Family is just as quick to leave.

Other Guy: (from ringside) Guess they didn’t want to stick around and wait for Davis to confront them.

The focus remains on the opened gate that the van drove out through, until finally fading back to the ring for the final time tonight.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution MAIN EVENT!!!

With the action being brought back to the ring area for the final time tonight, the fans buzz with anticipation.  The ring bell echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center four times, signaling the official start of the night’s main event.  The SHOOT video screen comes to life, displaying the phrase: Think Locally, Fuck Globally.  Already the fans begin to boo as the message flashes on the screen multiple times before “Phantom” by Justice begins to play.  Soon the video screen shows shots of Kilgore Stochansky in action, broken up though by quick shots of Stochansky speaking passionately.  The booing only gets louder as Stochansky himself finally steps out from the back, wearing a purple and black hooded Adidas track suit.

Dave Dymond: He’s been out of the spotlight ever since falling short of his goal at Malice, but now Kilgore Stochansky, a supposed changed man, has found his way BACK into the main event.

Other Guy: And these fans aren’t buying Stochansky’s new ways any more than Worrens is, which is not at all, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Changed or not, Stochansky HAS managed to do what Stochansky always does best, and that’s provoke his opponent… and we saw exactly that last week.

The live action of Revolution 35 cuts away momentarily to footage from last Sunday.

June 22nd, 2008

In slow motion Stochansky is seen applauding Trevor Worrens who stands with an irritated expression on his face.

Kilgore Stochansky: Excellent title defense… of course not without its issues

The edited video cuts to an angry expression on Worrens’s face.

Trevor Worrens: I don’t have time for the Stochansky tip-toe and loophole method, and really I’m not going to play into either, so spit it out!

The words “spit it out” echo as there are quick cuts between Stochansky’s face and Worrens’s.  Finally though the focus falls on Stochansky and the footage, once in slow motion, goes down in real time

Kilgore Stochansky: The problem, Trevor Worrens…is Trevor Worrens.

He leans forward, getting into Trevor’s face, his smirk turning into a grin.  The edge in his voice is apparent.

Kilgore Stochansky: The saddest part is?  Every night you go out there, and you try your damndest to prove that you’re a new man.  A reawoken soul, bristling with energy and concern and passion.  You really do try very hard.  But it’s like a fresh coat of paint on a structure fire, Trevor, my boy…in the end, it’s worth absolutely nothing.  Maybe eventually you’ll wisen up, and realize that no title defense can really cure that pain that you keep denying is even there.  But until the moment that you decide to accept that, until the moment that you decide to repent and actually do something about it?  Everything that you feel in the pit of your gut, all that emptiness and pain…you only have YOURSELF to blame for that, friend…

The words “you only have yourself blame” repeat as the screen goes from a normal color to tinted in red.  Worrens’s expression is that of holding back tears and pain… but suddenly the screen crashes through with a shattering glass wipe effect to see later in the evening as Trevor Worrens ASSAULTS Kilgore Stochansky backstage!

Other Guy: Worrens has gone ballistic, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Those words of Stochansky’s probably finally sunk in and hit a REAL nerve it seems and this is the end result!

The last shot seen is Worrens being pulled away from Stochansky by SHOOT Project security.  The video footage fades to black, returning to the live broadcast of Revolution 35.

Stochansky is seen pacing in the ring now, having just watched the video package on the screen he nods his head and suddenly acts like he’s still hurting from the assault.  His music has since stopped playing and Stochansky simply awaits his opponent.

Dave Dymond: Last week it was only a taste, but tonight we get the full meal.  As we heard earlier, a new set of Laws of Survival matches have been put into play, but tonight it’s simply the basic root of the Laws of Survival Championship at play… a NO HOLDS BARRED match!

Other Guy: This is gonna get heavy, Dave!

Suddenly “Anthem for The Underdog” by 12 Stones and silver pyros rain down from above the SHOOT video screen to the floor while shots of Worrens in wrestling action play in a loop. The fans pick up, and then get pretty loud as Trevor Worrens steps out from the back, wearing dark gray wrestling pants with red and black barbed wire design running up the left leg.  He stands for a moment and takes the Laws of Survival Championship off his shoulder and holds it high, letting it hang vertically downward by the strap.

Dave Dymond: Last week two championships were defended.  We saw the Revolution Championship change hands, and we saw the Iron Fist Championship remain with Kenji Yamada… and now we find out the fate of that man, Trevor Worrens. Does he retain, or has Stochansky worked his way further into Worrens’s head, than even Worrens realizes.

Other Guy: Damn good question, Dave… by the looks of things though I’d say Worrens is on his game and focused.  Course that could change as this match plays itself out.

Worrens walks to the ring, looking out at the crowd for a moment, but then turning his focus right back to Stochansky.  Stochansky continues to pace, watching Worrens as he approaches the ring, and the second Worrens enters, Stochansky exits, motioning to Worrens as if to say “have the spotlight while you can.”  Worrens ascends to the second turnbuckle in the corner closest to where Kilgore Stochansky is standing on the outside.  He lifts the Laws of Survival Championship over his head one more time before dropping down out of the corner and handing his championship to senior official Scott Kamura.  As Worrens backs towards one corner, Stochansky re-enters the ring.

There is a buzz of excitement that flows through the Thomas and Mack Center now, as Worrens’s music fades out and Stochansky and Worrens stare at one another from across the ring.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s main event is a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH for the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship.  The winner of this match WILL become the Laws of Survival Champion AND advance to the second round of the Master of the Mat Tournament!

A quick pop from the fans is yet another indication of their excitement.  Scott Kamura raises the title up for all to see and then lowers it to his side.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger.  He weighs in tonight at 250 pounds… HERE IS KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!!

Stochansky politely bows to Worrens, and seems very calm and cordial despite the loud boos and jeers that fill the Thomas and Mack Center.  Samantha Coil shifts her body slightly to face Worrens now, and already some fans begin to cheer.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 233 pounds… he is the CURRENT and DEFENDING SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion…. HERE IS TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Many of the fans rise up out of their seats, others just remain sitting, but the cheering is loud tonight for Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Over the past several weeks these fans more and more coming to rally behind and well love Trevor Worrens.  The young talent has certainly come along way and as we’ve clearly seen, he’s finally making the most of every step he takes in his career.

Other Guy: Stochansky don’t think that, though. And that might be the reason for ALL of this to begin with.  That Kilgore thinks Worrens IS the problem and is doin’ nothing for the Laws of Survival Championship, a title Stochansky feels HE made.

Dave Dymond: Well the who did what to who ends right now as the time for talk is over, and time for action is now!

The Laws of Survival Championship is taken out of the ring by Samantha Coil and referee Scott Kamura quickly has a few words with Stochansky, and then with Worrens.  Worrens nods his head, obviously responding to Kamura, but his eyes never leave Stochansky.  Kamura looks one last time to Stochansky, then to Worrens, then signals for the bell!

Stochansky raises both his arms up, taking a more defensive, almost Greco Roman style stance.  He begins to circle the ring but Worrens moves right after him, forcing Stochansky into grapple.  The two push back and forth initially, but Stochansky gets the upper hand, pulling Worrens in by one arm, twisting it around once, then driving his elbow into it.  Worrens clutches at his arm, only for Stochansky to YANK down hard on it, forcing Worrens to one knee.  Stochansky from there angles his body and PULLS on the arm again, this time to whip Worrens into the upper right corner post.  Worrens collides sternum first and spins around out of the corner, and Stochansky CHARGES looking to clap his forearms around Worrens’s head, but Worrens ducks the incoming Stochansky, grabs him by the back of the head and then starts REPEATEDLY SMASHING Stochansky’s head into the top turnbuckle!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky looked to be trying to fight a more methodical, slow moving match up, but Worrens has TOO much emotion inside of him to let that be the case.

Other Guy: And with this bein’ no holds barred, ya want to take full advantage of the fact that EVERYTHING is legal!

Dave Dymond: This much is true, BUT pin falls and submissions STILL must happen in the ring for this match to end.

Worrens keeps bouncing Stochansky’s head off the turnbuckle pad, much to the enjoyment of the fans, but Stochansky manages to get his bearings straight enough to land a vicious backwards fist shot to Worrens’s throat!  Worrens staggers back, coughing as a result of the shot to the neck and Stochansky now turns around and delivers a WICKED knife-edge chop, again targeting the throat!  Worrens bends over, but Stochansky forces Worrens to stand straight back up and he fires a second chop!  Worrens drops to one knee, and again lowers his head, trying to protect his neck and Stochansky just BOOTS Worrens in the top of the head, sending him flat on his back.

The fans boo as Stochansky drops for a sudden cover and Kamura makes the count.


Kick out by Worrens who rolls off to the side, but Stochansky grabs him by the back now and showing off his strength he lifts Worrens up off the mat from there, only to drop him down onto his knee… KNOCKING the wind out of him!

Dave Dymond: Modified gutbuster there, as Stochansky not FULLY getting Worrens up, but it was effective never the less.

Other Guy: Yeah, if anything it’s taken a whole lot of steam out of Worrens right now.

Stochansky pushes Worrens over onto his back and makes another cover.  Again Kamura counts.



Again a kick out by Worrens and this time Stochansky rises up to his feet, bringing Worrens up with him.  Worrens breaks away from Stochansky quite suddenly and fires a palm strike.  Stochansky rocks back slightly from the impact but then lunges with a standing clothesline… Worrens ducks, blindly reaches back for a neck breaker, but Stochansky kicks backwards and NAILS Worrens right between the legs!

Dave Dymond: As blatant a low blow as you can get, and Stochansky maintains the upper hand.

The fans are on their feet booing now as Worrens drops to his knees, holding at his lower region while wincing in pain.  Stochansky turns, shaking his head as if he didn’t want to do that but then pulls Worrens right back up, this time into a reverse DDT position, but instead of dropping he lifts Worrens up… reverse suplex!

Other Guy: And Worrens back down again!

Dave Dymond: Worrens seemed to have the right mentality and momentum going into this one, but right now it’s all Kilgore and these fans not happy with what they’re witnessing.

Stochansky doesn’t make the cover, but instead pulls Worrens right back off the mat, and now sends him into the down ring ropes.  Worrens hits but then as he bounces off he hooks one arm back, sloppily stopping his momentum while turning his body sideways.  Stochansky charges in at Worrens, who seems to be off balance, but Worrens suddenly drops down, pulling the top rope down with him and as Stochansky is upon him, Worrens wraps his feet around Stochansky’s legs, tripping him up so he spills to the outside!

As Stochansky lands in a sitting position, Worrens rises back up to his feet and waits on the inside, the fans cheering him on.

Dave Dymond: Worrens right back into things now and it looks like Worrens is going to go high risk here in a minute!

Worrens grips the top rope tightly, waiting for Stochansky to get up.  Slowly Stochansky gets up, and the second he turns, Worrens JUMPS UP onto the top rope… but Stochansky reaches and shakes the second rope, causing Worrens to lose his balance and fall backwards onto the mat!  Stochansky then grabs Worrens by his feet from the outside and then YANKS Worrens out of the ring completely, letting him CRASH back first onto the floor.

Other Guy: Got ahead of yourself there, Dave, and looks like ya jinxed Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Stochansky one step ahead of the current Laws of Survival Champion, and the result sees Worrens hurting on the outside.

As Worrens arches his back upwards in pain, Stochansky stands over him pointing at him with a shameful wag of the finger.

Kilgore Stochansky: You should have listened to me, Trevor!  This is YOUR fault!

Stochansky reels back his hand to SLAP Worrens across the face, but Worrens suddenly pulls his left leg in and then KICKS it out right into Stochansky’s gut!  Stochansky doubles over in pain and Worrens snaps up to his feet, hooks Stochansky around the neck and then immediately drops with a DDT!  Stochansky lands knees first but then his face smashes into the mat immediately following.  Worrens gets right back up, and DRIVES a knee into the side of Stochansky, causing him to roll off his knees and onto his back.

Dave Dymond: And just like that it goes BACK in Worrens’s favor. And really, Other Guy, I’m starting to think this is just going to be a back and forth match up until one man simply can’t continue.

Other Guy: Probably the safest statement to make for tonight’s main event, no doubt.

Dave Dymond: Worrens currently in control now as this Laws of Survival Championship match up continues, but let’s not forget that the winner is also advancing on to round two of the Master of the Mat tournament.

Other Guy: Double the reason for Stochansky and Worrens to do whatever they can to win this match up.

Stochansky works on sitting up only for Worrens to kick him SQUARE in the back!  Stochansky arches forward in pain and Worrens behind him now…. And he looks to lock in his signature arm-hook sleeper!!!  The fans come alive as Stochansky flails, trying to avoid it… but Worrens KNOCKS Stochansky in the back of the head, and attempts it again.  Stochansky starts to get up to his feet though to keep Worrens from locking it on and then eventually he throws his elbow back, catching Worrens in the kidney area.

Worrens staggers back and Stochansky turns and goes for a MASSIVE Lariat, but Worrens ducks it and then grabs Stochansky from behind, SMASHES his head once into the edge of the ring and then shoves Stochansky back inside.  Stochansky clutches at his face as he works on getting back up to his feet and now Worrens flips up the ring apron, and this action gets the fans going even more!

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project faithful obviously a blood thirsty bunch tonight, as anytime someone flips up that ring apron, we know things are going to get more brutal!

Other Guy: And with no holds barred, everything goes, well this could get bloody too!

Worrens quickly pulls out a steel chair from under the ring and immediately slides under the bottom rope not wasting any time.  Stochansky turns around and Worrens NAILS him right over the skull with the chair!  Stochansky goes down and Worrens discards the chair, immediately making the cover on Stochansky.

Many of the fans get up on their feet as Kamura makes the count.



A surprisingly strong kick out from Stochansky, stopping the count at two.  Worrens is surprised himself, but continues on the offense, pulling Stochansky up into a sitting position.  Worrens then picks up speed, running into the ropes, he bounces off of them, and then looks for a running knee strike to the face… and connects!  Stochansky is sent onto his back again and Worrens stops, turns and drops for another cover.  Again Kamura hits the mat.




Dave Dymond: Near fall there, but only the two count… and as much as I dislike Stochansky and how he just plunks himself down wherever he feels, you have to give credit to his resiliency in this match up.  Two potential knock out shots and Stochansky STILL staying in this match up.

Other Guy: Yeah but just a couple more shots like that knee to the face and I’m thinkin’ its knock out city for Kilgore.

Dave Dymond: That’s probably the thought running through Worrens’s head right now as the Laws of Survival Champion bringing Stochansky up to his feet… AND delivers a hard palm strike.

Stochansky stumbles back from the palm strike, but manages to stay standing.  Worrens follows up with a knee to the right thigh, then a knee to the left thigh… then a palm strike to the sternum.  Worrens winds up big for a huge palm strike to the side of the face, but as he throws it out there, Stochansky catches his arm, then wraps it around Worrens’s own neck, turns so the two are back to back and then DROPS to the mat with a modified neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky with somewhat of an innovative neck breaker there, using Worrens’s own arm against him…. And just like that this match takes a turn yet again back in Stochansky’s favor.

With Worrens down, Stochansky gets back up to his feet and eyeballs the chair that Worrens brought into the ring.  All at once the fans begin to boo, but Stochansky doesn’t seem to even acknowledge them as he walks to the chair. He picks it up but instead of assaulting Worrens with it, he heads into the lower left corner of the ring and wedges the chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle.  Stochansky then turns back to Worrens and before Worrens can even start to get up, Stochansky lifts him up off the mat, only to send a hard kick into his gut.

Worrens doubles over in pain and Stochansky hooks him around the next, quick snapping suplex.  Worrens sits up after hitting the canvas, holding his back in pain and Stochansky approaches from behind, pulling Worrens up again and turning him around to face him.  Worrens tries to fight back, but Stochansky blocks an incoming palm strike and DECKS Worrens.  Worrens spins from the impact, now facing the lower left corner and Stochansky NAILS a hard double axe handle from behind, which sends Worrens staggering forward closer to the steel chair wedged in the corner.

Other Guy: Worrens dangerously close to gettin’ a face full of chair.

Dave Dymond: Which more than like is EXACTLY what Kilgore intends.

Worrens tries to turn around but Stochansky stays with the strong upper hand, throwing hard punches and quick shots that keeps Worrens staggering and finally Stochansky grabs him by the head and looks to run him into the steel chair…. But Worrens puts his hands out, stopping himself from colliding… only for Stochansky to kick Worrens in the back of the legs, and then SHOVE him down onto his knees! Worrens fights to get back up to his feet but Stochansky with ANOTHER hard punch, this time right to the back of the head, and now Worrens, on his knees, leans face first up against the steel chair.

Stochansky backs away from Worrens, the crowd buzzing with concern as suddenly Stochansky SPRINTS at Worrens from behind and he BOOTS Worrens in the back of the head, which SMASHES Worrens’s face INTO THE STEEL CHAIR!

Dave Dymond: And that sick running kick from Stochansky, and we were talking about Worrens delivering the knock out shot earlier, but now it appears as if that award goes to Stochansky.

Worrens collapses stomach first onto the mat after ricocheting off the chair, and the crowds boo loudly as Stochansky looks mighty proud of himself.  After a moment of seemingly strutting and flaunting his own amazingness, Stochansky grabs Worrens by the arm and drags him out of the corner and into the center of the ring.  He then pushes Worrens over onto his back with a hard nudge from his toes and then drops down, hooking both of Worrens’s legs with confidence. The boos only get louder as Kamura drops to the mat and makes the count.




Other Guy: Worrens ain’t done yet!

Dave Dymond: Swore that could have been the end right there, but I guess after you’ve gone through The Ultimate Survival match like Worrens survived, it ends up taking a lot more to keep you down.

Stochansky shakes his head, pinching his two fingers so they’re almost touching each other, basically saying “this close.”  Stochansky pulls Worrens right back up to his feet, only to CLOBBER him from behind with a standing clothesline to the back of the head. Worrens falls flat on his face, but works on trying to crawl to the edge of the ring.  Stochansky stops him though by stomping down hard on the back of Worrens’s head, then he turns Worrens over onto his back, drops to his knees beside Worrens and starts BLATANTLY CHOKING the Laws of Survival Champion.

Referee Scott Kamura can only watch on, asking now if Worrens gives up or can’t continue.  Worrens gasps for breath but shakes his head no, despite Stochansky trying to cut off his air passage.  Worrens refuses to give up or give in, so Stochansky finally breaks the choke on his own and he once again starts to pull Worrens up, with Worrens almost seeming more and more like dead weight.

Worrens is sent hard into the up ring ropes and he comes bouncing back, seemingly picking up speed.  Stochansky scoops Worrens up out of mid run, looking for a body slam… but Worrens gets back into things, and starts flailing his body. Stochansky gets him vertical almost looking to slam Worrens down in front of him… but Worrens pushes his palms off of Stochansky and manages to get down right behind him!

Dave Dymond: Worrens finding a way to prevent from being slammed down onto the mat… and a HARD KNEE RIGHT TO THE SPINE!

Stochansky SHOUTS in pain as Worrens connects with a knee, and then Worrens spins his body around, back to back with Stochansky, and he pulls him downwards over his back!

Dave Dymond: And the inverted backbreaker to follow up. Stochansky on his knees and in pain!

Stochansky clutches at his back while moving towards the ropes on his knees. Worrens stops him from getting there though, grabbing him by the legs low and pulling out on them so he falls onto his face.  Worrens from there quickly gets Stochansky around the chin and locks on a camel clutch submission!

Other Guy: Submission hold in place, Dave…  and for a no holds barred match, this one has stayed surprisingly in the ring.

Dave Dymond: I think now it’s about winning this match… the temper in Worrens has seem to have cooled as he is back focused and maybe looking to make Stochansky tap out here.

Stochansky struggles against the camel clutch submission, trying to army crawl his way to the ropes still… Worrens releases the camel clutch on his own, only to drive a KNEE into Stochansky’s back and then re-apply the camel clutch!

Dave Dymond: Stochansky trying to get to the ropes, and while there are no rope breaks in this one tonight; Stochansky could use those ropes as leverage.

As Worrens pulls back on Stochansky’s neck by pulling up on his chin, Stochansky SHOUTS in pain, but still continues to try to get to the ropes. He works on pushing up off the mat on his palms, but Worrens AGAIN breaks the camel clutch on his own and then with Stochansky pushing up on his knees, Worrens KICKS up into Stochansky’s stomach! 

Stochansky on his back and Worrens with a cover.



TH… kick out by Stochansky.  Worrens right back up to his feet though and he goes to the upper left corner and without hesitation starts to undo the bottom turnbuckle pad.

Dave Dymond: It has been sometime since we’ve seen Worrens look to expose the turnbuckle ring underneath that pad, but I think he wants this one over and done with… and he might just do it with a stiff DDT to that exposed turnbuckle ring.

Worrens removes the pad in full, tossing it out of the ring.  The fans cheer as Worrens turns his focus back to Stochansky now, who is curled up in a fetal position, clutching at his stomach.

The fans are on their feet as Worrens points to Stochansky, and then points to the exposed turnbuckle ring.  Worrens grabs Stochansky, pulling him up now into a front facing headlock position.  Stochansky struggles, but Worrens NAILS Stochansky across the back with a quick forearm shot.  Stochansky drops to one knee, but then rises back up, again trying to fight and now Worrens shifts out of the headlock position and sends Stochansky into the upper left corner.  Stochansky collides sternum first and again doubles over, clutching at his stomach.

Dave Dymond: Stochansky seems to be favoring his mid-section a great deal, and that hard kick from Worrens could have caused some sort of serious internal damage.

Other Guy: Could be the case, but that’s one of many risks in this profession, Dave… and we all know that.

With Stochansky doubled over, Worrens gets in front of him and now again hooks him in a front facing headlock.  Worrens throws a hard knee up into the gut for good measure, and then turns his body around so his back is to the turnbuckle and he DROPS Stochansky with a DDT, SPIKING his head onto the turnbuckle ring!

Dave Dymond: Worrens refers to that as the Constant Headache, and that’s pretty accurate if you ask me!

Stochansky clutches at his head in pain and now Worrens pushes him to the side, makes the cover…




Dave Dymond: Stochansky SHOVES Worrens off to the side, and I can’t believe that.

Other Guy: Lying about being a changed man or not, one thing is a true fact… Stochansky WANTS the Laws of Survival Championship.

Worrens slides all the way out of the ring as Stochansky holds his forehead in pain, rocking back and forth a great deal. Worrens flips up the ring apron on the left side of the ring, and searches about for a moment.  Stochansky works on trying to get up to his feet, and suddenly the fans cheer when they see Stochansky’s forehead busted open… and they get even louder when Worrens emerges from under the ring with a crowbar in hand!

Dave Dymond: LOOK OUT!

Before Worrens can do anything with it though… Stochansky charges and CONNECTS with a baseball slide that catches Worrens right in the face. Worrens drops the crowbar, and the fans begin to boo!

Other Guy: These fans wanted to see what Worrens could do with a crowbar, but Stochansky does what he has to in order to avoid that fate.

Stochansky slides all the way out of the ring and then keeps his momentum going against the now staggering Worrens.  Stochansky runs with a HUGE lariat attempt…


Other Guy: NO!

Dave Dymond: Worrens ducks out of the way and leaps up onto the ring edge…

The fans are on their feet as Stochansky turns around and Worrens LEAPS with a clothesline off the ring edge!

Dave Dymond: The Takedown clothesline from Worrens and he did just that, he took Stochansky down!

Stochansky is on his back and now Worrens grabs him and works to roll him back into the ring.  Once inside the ring Worrens considers the crowbar but then decides against it.  Worrens slides into the ring, cover made…



THRe… Kick out once more by Stochansky. Worrens shakes his head but gets back up to his feet and brings Stochansky up with him. He whips Stochansky across the ring… NO!  Reversed and Worrens is sent into the right side ring ropes! Stochansky stomps forward looking to capitalize…

But as Worrens comes running back he suddenly LEAPS up and extends his right leg outward to the side of Stochansky’s head, so his KNEE CRACKS Stochansky SQUARE IN THE FACE!!!


Other Guy: And out of nowhere!

The fans are on their feet as Worrens scrambles to cover Stochansky, pulling up on both of his legs for the cover!

Kamura makes the count.




Dave Dymond: And that’s it!

Kamura rises to his feet and calls for the bell. Shortly there after “Anthem For The Underdog” begins to play again as Worrens slowly rises up to his feet, leaving a bloodied Kilgore Stochansky laying on the mat.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, advancing onto the second round of the Master of the Mat tournament… and STILL the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

The fans cheer as Worrens is handed the Laws of Survival Championship.  Scott Kamura raises one of Worrens’s hand in victory, and with the other hand Worrens lifts the Laws of Survival Championship high over his head!

Other Guy: So just like that, Stochansky never knew what was gonna hit him and Worrens gets Stochansky out of HIS head, by planting a knee into Stochansky’s head.

Dave Dymond: Poetic justice, maybe, but Trevor Worrens looking overjoyed and relieved to have put Stochansky down for the three count tonight and in turn he will go on to round two and face off against a name he knows VERY well, Azraith DeMitri.

Other Guy: I don’t even know where to begin with their history, as I’m not sure I fully know the history between Worrens and Mallows.  All I know is that it’s twisted, and DeMitri versus Worrens is gonna be one incredibly stiff affair.

The focus remains on Trevor Worrens as he finally exits the ring, slinging the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder as he walks to the back.  As Kamura checks on Stochansky in the ring, the camera angle changes to capture a straight on shot of Other Guy and Dave Dymond now.

Dave Dymond: Folks we have concluded with round one of the Master of the Mat tournament tonight, round two is set in stone, BUT this night is not yet over.

Other Guy: No it ain’t. We just got word that Jason Johnson is going to end the night with an announcement. We can all speculate on what he’s got to say, but we don’t know the details as of yet.

Dave Dymond: But keep in mind, anytime Jason Johnson comes before the masses, given the man that he is, you know whatever he has to say is important.


Ring crew members scurry away from the ring like mice caught in broad day light, and the fans in attendance start to feel a little anxious.  It’s the typical wrestling show atmosphere…  that moment in between moments, feeling as though something HUGE is about to go down.  Although a little bit unsettling at first, it’s the type of moment that eventually grows on everyone. 

Anxious chatter turns into relentless cheers and chants.

Other Guy: Give us some good news, boss…

The cameras stay on the ring, capturing this restless instance.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch… Yeah”

“Fight Club” by Fat Joe (featuring M.O.P. and Petey Pablo) garners a pretty LARGE pop from this gigantic crowd.  The song plays for a couple extra seconds and it’s JASON JOHNSON arriving from out behind the curtain.  SHOOT Project’s CEO looks extremely sharp in a dark grey, tailored suit; an appropriate color considering his ominous demeanor.  His face is an expressionless stone, his stride confident and natural.

“Yeah, yeah uh

Yo it’s that motherfuckin Bronx nigga Don shit

Run up in yo’ mom’s crib

Ship-stacked biddomb shit – gun up in the palm shit

Nobody moves, nobody get whacked with the contrict”

He’s a man of business.

However, perhaps of greatest note is the presence of the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP draped over Jason’s right shoulder.

“Yo’ shot at they concert, it’s locked on the concrete

I’m Stone Cold, I mean I slap… then stomp…

Then what’s to stop my .40 glock from rumblin your calm streets?

I’m troubled when I on deep, loco enough for dolo

Blow holes in ya carseat and roll over ya Rover”

Dave Dymond: OG and I are still on the air, but we are just as wrapped up in this moment as all of you at home so excuse us for any delays.  We are at the end of our itinerary tonight, ladies and gentlemen.  Whatever happens next is out of our hands.

Other than a nod or two directed toward a few supportive fans, Jason’s path to the ring is silent and stoic.  He reaches the steel steps and walks up on to the apron and then into the ring.

“Fuck this role model shit I’m finna blow out ya wig

Bitch! Throw bottles to kid and get ’em thrown at ya crib

It’s the return of the worst shit that ever happened

Reborn like what’s crackin, we formed with raw plastic

Blastin off ya doors with an awful passion

Forcin the walls to crash in

You see them kids, I’ll make ’em all bastards”

While the music continues to play, Jason walks over to the other side of the ring and calls over for Samantha Coil to hand him a microphone.  She obliges with a smile on her face, and Jason thanks her.

“Joey Crack – keep it gully

Known to clap – keep a fully

Automatic mack whodie on my lap – doin thirty

Drivin through the Heights tryna find these cats that did me dirty

Shot me on the Ave., now I gotta blast until them pearlies

We the realest niggaz ever touch the mic (BLAH!)

And we love to fight (BLAH!)

You heard my niggaz (ANTE UP!) give up the fuckin knife!”

Jason looks up to the sound booth and gestures for them to cut the music.  Production does as they are asked, and the CEO is left in silence.  Well, sort of.  If you don’t count the sell-out crowd’s noise making.

He waits for the right moment, that lull in between frantic sound, and when he finds it, he begins.

Jason Johnson: Guys, first of all, thank you for another AMAZING show!  We are truly blessed to have the best fans in the whole fucking world!  (The fans begin cheering, and Jason raises his voice so they can hear him) And I MEAN THAT!  From the bottom of my heart!


A gracious applause follows and, as it dies down, Jason continues.

Jason Johnson: We have a brand new arena coming.  We have a possible television deal on the horizon with a MAJOR network.  This organization will reach heights that it has never seen, and again, NONE OF IT would be possible without your unwavering loyalty and support!  I am excited about this product and I am excited about where we will be heading into two-thousand nine.

More applause and cheering follows, while Jason’s demeanor tightens.  He nods at the fan’s appreciation, but it’s clear that he’s expired his “good news vibes”.  Jason swallows back and calmly clears his throat.

Jason Johnson: But now we have to do the shitty stuff, guys.

The cheering dies down pretty quickly after that, everyone tuned in to what Jason will say next.

Jason Johnson: This last week has been hell on me and my staff.  With everything else that was going on, a problem in our World Heavyweight Championship division was the last thing I expected.  A lot of internet sites out there have offered opinion pieces and rumors on what the situation is and how this company will handle everything, and I will NOT confirm or deny the specifics around the arrest of Adrian Corazon.

There’s a little a bit of BOOOOing from the fans, but most people seem to understand.

Jason Johnson: I have always prided myself on being straight forward and honest with the people I work with.  Be it my employees or YOU the fans.  (He pauses and takes a breath) I had an opportunity to wait this thing out an extra week or two, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t come under pressure to go in that route.  However, after a week of deliberating I have come to an executive decision…

He fights through his overwhelming hesitation, and stands tall and firm.

Jason Johnson: It is with the utmost disappointment that the SHOOT Project will no longer recognize Adrian Corazon as it’s World Heavyweight Champion.


The fans begin getting very vocal, but Jason powers through the remainder of his announcement.

Jason Johnson: Mister Corazon has been stripped of his title and duties as champion, and is suspended indefinitely for the duration of his legal affairs.

He takes a very deep breath, clearly at war inside his head.  The fans continue to BOOOO VEHEMENTLY!


Jason Johnson: (Nodding) I know.  I’m sorry.

Jason allows the fans their time to BOO, a noble endeavor from a man who is usually more famously noted for his POPULAR decisions.  After a few moments, the jeering dies down just enough for Jason to move forward.

Jason Johnson: Vacating ANY championship belt leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  But vacating the greatest prize in our sport today?  It makes me sick to my stomach.  It’s bush-league, and I hate it.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, so please believe me when I say that this is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

The crowd seems to calm down on it’s anti-decision sentiments, though their is still quite a negative buzz floating through the Thomas and Mack Center.

Jason Johnson: But it is a decision that I wholeheartedly stand-by.  And so we move on to the next question.  What happens to the title?  How do I handle crowning a new champion?  It’s easy.  We up the ante for Master of the Mat.

Though still somewhat bummed out and annoyed, the fans manage to cheer the direction they feel this is taking.

Jason Johnson: The winner of the Tournament is traditionally awarded the opportunity to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship.  However, given the title’s current status it seems only right that this year, the WINNER OF THE 2008 MASTER OF THE MAT will be declared…

As Jason reaches the final few words of this rather BLOCK BUSTER ANNOUNCEMENT he is interrupted by a strange, almost surreal, “chime” sound.  Like dangling, synthesized church bells or something.

Jason Johnson: (Continuing through the confusion) The winner will be declared the NEW…

A guitar croaks out a single note.

Jason Johnson: The new…

An electric whining violin.

Drum roll….

The fans are VERY confused.  Jason looks around the ring and up toward the sound guys.

The drum roll tapers out, a guitar kicks in, and the PYROTECHNICS ALONG THE ENTRANCEWAY EXPLODE INTO THE AIR!!!  The Thomas and Mack Center is filled with the beautiful dissonant beginnings of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene!

Several pink spotlights circle the arena as the lights dim!  The crowd takes in what can only be described as a musical siren with great bewilderment, until a group of seven well dressed men in suits arrive through the curtain!  Six of them are unrecognizable, but the last one through is well known attorney, PETER LOLWEN.  Lolwen leads the others off to the right hand side of the curtain.  Seconds later, TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY and TIM CALAHAN make their way out from the back and move to the left of the curtain.  They are a little more dressed up than usual…  Calahan is in a green and brown striped polo and blue jeans.  Quinn has a brown smoker’s jacket, an orange T-shirt that says “WC629” and dark brown corduroys.  Riley is in a white Polo with pre-torn blue jeans and sandals.

The music swells, and swells, and swells, nearing it’s crecendo, when suddenly..

Drums roll in!




“Well I got SHOT, right in the back!”

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there!”

Without hesitating or pausing JONNY JOHNSON storms through the curtains and strides down to the ring!  He’s in a casual black suit jacket, with a white button-up shirt, top couple buttons undone, and a pair of pre-torn blue jeans and black and white converse gym shoes.  His blonde hair swoops down across the front of his face, messy on top, bouncing as he marches in time with the music.  His Friends follow close behind looking like a small army.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

Inside the ring, Jason looks visibly annoyed and discouraged at the DEFILER’S presence, leading way for people to believe maybe the rumors of Corazon being arrested for “attempted murder” aren’t totally off-base.

“When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

This unnervingly, beautiful song switches gears as it heads into its chorus.  The pace slows down and the spotlights dissipate into a “shooting star” effect, tiny lights seeming to drip down from the ceiling.

“And if God is what we made

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create”

Jonny walks up the steps to the apron, while his entourage waits behind him, lined up along the outside, like fans themselves, watching whatever is unfolding.  The DEFILER pulls out a microphone from the inside pocket of his jacket, and “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” slowly fades out.


Jonny gives his microphone a tap or two, while the fans let him hear their THUNDEROUS, mixed reaction.

The DEFILER: (Speaking softly, checking his microphone) We good?  (Nodding and looking at Jason) I’m sorry about your world title situation and all the weird stuff that went on last week.

His tone is calm, but obviously not sincere.

The DEFILER: Heh.  Nah.  I’m fucking around.  I couldn’t feel bad for this company or for Adrian Corazon if he went down with cancer or…  or died in a tragic drive-by.  I would cum on his fucking grave, Jason.  You’d all be there, crying… and, and weeping and going through all the wonderful Adri Cor memories and I would have my cock… in my hand, spreading my GODDAMN SEED ALL OVER HIS REMAINS!  FUCK ADRIAN CORAZON and FUCK YOU, Jason.

Jonny lets out a tiny, under-your-breath laugh and momentarily turns away from the SHOOT Project CEO.

The DEFILER: Reckoning Day was a tragedy.  I broke Corazon in every way possible.  I broke his mind.  I broke his spirit and I even broke his arm.  But it didn’t matter because that fucking idiot wouldn’t give up.  He abused the rules of our sport and resorted to luck and probability.  I had that arm bar on for how long?  Seven minutes?  Ten?  He should have been forced to tap out, but in typical fashion Kamura let the match go on way too long because no one wanted the night to end with Big, Bad, Evil Jonny standing atop the mountain!  So eventually he was able to dip his shoulders and drop me on the back of my neck with a move, which, by the way, should be fucking OUTLAWED!  A few minutes later, that maniac manages to hit me with…  with two knees to my face?  I get knocked out for FOUR FUCKING SECONDS and he can justify a victory?

He shakes his head reminiscing.

The DEFILER: I wanted to win that night.  I wanted my story book moment so fucking bad, but…  but I didn’t NEED it, ya know?  I always have a way out, (shrugging) but you guys know that by now.  I’m a fucking prodigy so sue me.  Heh.  And so that’s why I’m out here, Jase.  To cash in on Plan B.

Jonny looks at Jason, who looks right back at Jonny, curious as to where all of this going.

The DEFILER: You’re not going to put that World Title up for grabs at the Master of the Mat finals, Jason…

He speaks very matter of factly.

The DEFILER: Because you’re going to give it… to ME.

Other Guy: No fucking way.  Fuck this guy, Jason.

He points at the title on Jason’s shoulder, and Jason shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Jason.  Come on, man.  Don’t make me go into the details.  It’s fucking boring.  Just trust me that you’re fucked, okay?  And give me the title…  and have Samantha (pointing to Samantha Coil) over there make the official announcement.  I really don’t want to waste any more time.


Jason Johnson: (Laughing) Why the HELL would I just hand this title over to you?  Huh?  Because you’re throwing out idle threats? (Holding the title up in front of Jonny)  Do you think I’d REALLY risk the sanctity and honor of everything this title means just so you don’t have a hissy fit?  (Shaking his head and bringing the belt back down)  Cry all you want, Jonny.

The fans POP LOUDLY for Jason’s stern comments, but Jonny sighs and lowers his head.

The DEFILER: Ya know, for eight years I’ve been fucked over by you and this company more times than I can count.  And…  heh and so you have no idea how long I’ve waited for something like this.  Why do you think it was so easy for me to walk away from Reckoning Day the way I did?  Huh?  To shake that fucking idiot’s hand and make him think that…  that he had accomplished something special?

Jonny narrows his eyes and stares at Jason.

The DEFILER: I’m smarter than you, Jason, and I’m smarter than anyone who works for you.  Anything you THINK you know…  you don’t.

A horrid, dripping smile forms over his lips.

The DEFILER: Don’t make me embarrass you.

Jason shakes his head.

Jason Johnson: You’ve always seen the world through whatever rose colored glasses you choose to wear, and I’ve put up with that shit from you because, quite honestly, as much as I hate it, you put butts in the seat.  Your sickening disillusionment makes you the quintessential asshole, Jonny, and you’re good at what you do, but if you think that for ONE FUCKING SECOND…

Without warning, Jonny SLAPS the microphone out of Jason’s hand and moves within INCHES of his face.  Jason holds his ground, however, and keeps his eyes locked on the DEFILER.

The DEFILER: This is REAL, Jason.  Okay?  I know you have an image to uphold and a company to maintain the honor of, but I really and truly don’t give a flying fuck about either one, all right?  I’m sick of not being World Champion, and if I walk away from this, it will never be there.  I can’t watch this tournament without being horrified by the potential for another lame duck.  What if Gutter Rat sneaks through that pathetic bracket  he’s in and manages to win it all?  You’d be comfortable with that garbage as your center piece?  Or what if Chris Davis manages to get by with his tired ass tactics and HE is your World Champion?  Would you be okay with that?  Or…  or accept the idea that NC-17 might roll his way up into the finals and be the first man to ever SCHOOL BOY HIS WAY TO A WORLD TITLE!  CAN YOU ACCEPT THAT REALITY?  HUH, JASON?  Can you sleep at night knowing that you’ve just given your BIG, BAD, AWESOME PRIZE OF A BELT TO A MID-CARD ACT THAT’S GOING TO BE ONE AND DONE AT NEXT PAY-PER-VIEW?

His eyes grow more violent, more desperate.

The DEFILER: BECAUSE I CAN’T!  OKAY?  I can’t live with myself knowing that Trevor Worrens, Roland Caldwell, Jun Kenshin, Del Carver, That Crow Guy, Erik Boyer…  That these fucking NOTHINGS…  that these WORTHLESS SHITS ARE ALREADY ABLE TO CALL THEMSELVES CHAMPION and I am not going to let that trend continue!

Jonny’s lips quiver into a maniacal scowl, and Jason is forced to maintain his silence.

The DEFILER: Adrian Corazon is looking at a really messy trial, Jason.  This business is already maligned, dude, and no one’s gonna take kindly to another one of us who can’t hold their temper when things don’t go so well.  You add to that all the fucking drug trafficking that goes on here…   Well, you can put it together, man.  You’ll lose your investors…  your sponsors.  And, and sure you probably have enough money to forgo that noise, but…  but, well, then… whose money pays all the legal fees?  Whose money pays for the massive PR work you’ll have to do to just to draw a few hundred people to a show?  Or, or for all these addicts’ massive contracts?  Whose money pays for that? I don’t know, Jason, and…  and then at the same time an angry government’s going to come down HARD on this place.  You’ll have to conform to the new rules they’ll shit out every week and SHOOT’s appeal is gonna fly right out the window…  who’s gonna want to watch watered down versions of a  way more entertaining show that you can see on Monday nights?  Huh?  And then how do you justify paying for a seat at this massive structure you plan of building?

Each question Jonny asks seems to draw more and more BOOOOOS from this venomous audience.  Jason continues to watch, though his expression starts to grow a little bit more grim, as though some of what Jonny is saying might be ringing true.


The DEFILER: Your apathy has always made this place work, Jason.  It’s through your lack of compassion that we can see people kidnapped…  that we can see lives ruined away from the ring.  You not giving a fuck about our well being has allowed us to get drugged out of our minds and do things to our bodies for these fucking idiots that no normal performer would ever even CONSIDER. 

He pauses and lowers his voice.

The DEFILER: Your disregard for our sanity and humanity has made all of us MILLIONS.

Jonny continues this hopeless sincerity.

The DEFILER: But if I don’t get my way, tonight…  It’ll LOSE you millions.  It’ll lose. US. EVERYTHING.  Because I swear to God, Jason, I will drag everyone into a mud SO THICK that it will rape us of every last breath we have.

He eyes the World Title on Jason’s shoulder and then continues pressing Jason to make a decision.

The DEFILER: Award me the belt, hit my music and have that BITCH declare me the NEW WORLD CHAMPION.

Jason takes a deep breath and slowly bends forward to pick up the microphone Jonny had knocked out of his hand earlier.  His eyes lock with the DEFILER’s and for the first time in modern memory, Jason Johnson appears rattled.

Jason Johnson: (Speaking Calmly) And so what prevents every sore loser from doing this same thing, huh?  What prevents everyone from holding this company hostage every time he or she doesn’t get their way?

Jonny shrugs.

The DEFILER: You’re the only one who can prevent it, Jason, but you’ve shown time and time again that you’re too busy for it.  You could lay down rules.  Or you could, I don’t know, make sure your employees don’t STAB PEOPLE in the parking lot outside of your “it’s a wrestling show” jurisdiction?  This has been an open door for YEARS, man, so I don’t know exactly what to tell you.

He smiles now, realizing he has Jason on the ropes.

The DEFILER: But obviously I don’t want to see some fuck head copy cat my work, ya know?  And I know people that can make sure that doesn’t happen for me, which I guess, means it doesn’t happen for you.

Jason stays quiet and the fans start to get REALLY antsy.


The DEFILER: You’re thinking too much, Jason.  You’re worrying about how people will react and how cheated they’ll feel.  You’re worried about your World Title being considered insignificant.  You’re scared at all the hate mail you’ll get and how many people will threaten to quit and how many fans will stop watching… and…  and well, dude, it’s fucking noble as hell.  REALLY, it is. 

He pauses briefly to let everything settle in.

The DEFILER: But I think that at the end of the day, everyone’s going to be more excited that the SHOOT Project is still a functioning organization.


Jonny steps back and shrugs his shoulders at Jason.

The DEFILER: I deserve this, Jason.  More so than anyone who could possibly win it through…  more traditional means.  Just listen to your fanbase, dude.  FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM!


Jason looks around the arena while Jonny waves his arms across each other.

The DEFILER: No, No, No.  Not these people.  These people are marks, Jason.  They come to wrestling shows and cheer and boo what they’re supposed to cheer and boo.  If you weren’t so cool and I wasn’t such an overbearing dick…  they’d be cheering me.  It’s how this business works.  I meant listen to the check book.  Listen to your fucking website forums!  That shit’s been DEAD since I left, and the few people who still have opinions on the shows can’t stop sucking my dick…  And I haven’t even DONE anything, Jason.



The DEFILER: That’s why this is so hard…  Because you know I’m the best thing you have and you KNOW you’re going to need a MAJOR draw on top of the world if your little boy scout project is going to work out by the new year.  So JUST. FUCKING. DO IT.

Jason turns away and Jonny finally GRABS him by the edge of his jacket.

The DEFILER: Jason.  Don’t listen to these people.  Don’t think about the fucking jealous c***ts in the back.  Trust me.  You want this.  Everything I touch turns to GOLD! I’m KING MIDAS and YOU FUCKING KNOW IT!

Jason stares back at Jonny.

Jason Johnson: Jonny…  Jonny I ca…

Jonny grabs Jason harder.



Jason shows no expression one way or the other.


The DEFILER: You don’t have an option.

Other Guy: This is horse shit!  I’m done.

Dave Dymond: OG!

The sound of a headset slamming on the table can be heard audibly on the television.  Other Guy can then be seen walking away from the ring.  He doesn’t even look at Jason.  Quinn and Riley taunt the SHOOT broadcaster, but he walks right by them.

The DEFILER: Don’t fuck me over because one little announcer walked away.

Jason watches Other Guy vanish behind the curtain and then looks back to Jonny.

Jason Johnson: I hate you.  And when I find a way to fix this…  so help me I will.

He suddenly turns toward Samantha.

Jason Johnson: (Off Mic) Just fucking do it.

Jason SLAMS the title into Jonny’s chest, and Jonny clutches it tightly!

The bizarre chimes start up again as “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” plays one more time at the Thomas and Mack!  Every single one of Jonny’s friends RUSH THE RING, and the fans immediately litter the scene with PILES AND PILES OF TRASH!

The Dissonance of the music could not be anymore perfect.


Jonny drops the microphone and falls to his knees!  He clutches the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TO HIS RIBS and SCREAMS IN JOY! His Friends join his side, mobbing him with hugs and high fives as they pile on to the NEW champion.

There is no booing.  Just garbage and disgust.

Jason Johnson walks away without looking back.

Dave Dymond: Good night…

The headset hits the announce table.

Dave Dymond, Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil all walk away from the celebration together, having to dodge flying cups, paper and bags on their way out.

In the ring, Jonny celebrates with his Friends.

While the record keepers are stewing in their library considering an asterisk.