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Revolution: 036 – 7/13/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Crossface.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Jun Kenshin fires heaven’s blade, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, but then the montage slows as Gutter Rat is seen standing with the Revolution Championship title and Big Ed Johnson by his side.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.  Then the most recent clips of the Five Man Massacre at Malice are shown, with Adrian Corazon slowly fading in over all the clips standing with an intense expression on his face as he looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


A giant display of pyrotechnics FLARE UP into the THOMAS AND MACK CENTER and REVOLUTION 36 IS UNDERWAY!  The cameras pan around the arena, picking up various fan and various signs!  From the looks of things, the show is sold out or at least VERY CLOSE to being a sell out!  Energy levels are at an all time high, and the crowd seems genuinely stoked to be in attendance!

The shot cuts to DAVE DYMOND and OTHER GUY at ringside.  Both men stare ahead at the cameras, ready to begin their jobs.

Dave Dymond: Welcome to Revolution Thirty-Six, everyone.  I’m Dave Dymond, joined alongside by the always popular Other Guy, and OG, we have quite a show on paper!

Other Guy nods and manages a small smile.

Other Guy: We sure do, Dave, but you can say that about almost EVERY week up in this bitch!  But yeah, man, some HOT, HOT, SHOOT action commin’ all ya’ll’s way, including PLENTY of round two action from our MASTER OF THE MAT TOURNEY!

Dave agrees and picks up where OG left off.

Dave Dymond: That is absolutely right.  We are down to the quarter finals, round two, and we have some TOUGH bouts to call tonight.  Gutter Rat will defend his Revolution Championship against the rolling NC-17. Trevor Worrens puts the Laws of Survival on the line against Azraith DeMitri…  And of course the two matches EVERYONE has been chatting about, Jester Smiles going one on one with Dan Stein and Kenji Yamada defending his Iron Fist Championship against the TWO THOUSAND THREE Master of the Mat and former SHOOT Project World Champion, Christopher Davis.

Other Guy: TOLD YA that shit was hot, Dave!

Dave Dymond: All of this and of course who KNOWS what el…

Dymond finds himself interrupted by the clunking of a very eerie “chime”.

Having become quickly familiar with this introduction, the SHOOT faithful IMMEDIATELY rise to their feet!

Other Guy: Fuck.

The lights go out.


A guitar croaks out a single note.

An electric whining violin.

Dave Dymond: (Deflated, but doing his job) Looks like our Champion is on his way out.

Drum roll….

AND THE MUSIC BURSTS INTO A DRIVING DISSONANCE!  Pink spotlights circle the Thomas and Mack Center while the crowd comes together as one to share their undeniable hatred.


Their loathing is DEAFENING!

Maddening and beautiful at the same time, the marvelous dissonance of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene swells, and swells, and swells, nearing it’s anticipated crecendo!



The pink spotlights grow EXTREMELY bright and there is an EXPLOSION of pyrotechnics at the top of the aisle way!  The curtains FLY OPEN simultaneously with the song’s opening lyrics, and JONNY JOHNSON arrives on the scene!

“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION wastes no time heading toward the ring, every single eye in the building glued to his presence.  The Title Belt hangs over his left shoulder, right hand keeping it secured as he strides in rhythm with the song down toward the ring.  His blonde hair swoops down to the left, just crossing over his eyes, seizuring flashbulbs illuminating his disarming, Indie apparel; tight, dull brown pants, an unzipped navy blue hoodie, and an orange T-shirt that has “OG HATES ME” scribbled across the front in sharpie marker.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

He glides past the clingy fans, brushing through flailing finger tips while ignoring their cheeky comments.

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jonny makes his way toward the steel steps and begins his slow, pre-meditated path up to the ring apron, where he pauses as the music reaches is its chorus!

The arena darkens again, drops of pink light dripping from the ceiling in hallucinating fashion!  Jonny basks in the crowd’s venom, while fans inexplicably click away at their cell phone and camera buttons!

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”

His head drops down for half of a second, before he raises it in turn with a second GIGANTIC EXPLOSION!  THIS TIME THE FOUR POSTS OF THE RING FLARE UP WITH PILLARS OF FLAME!

“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

The pulsating lights return and Jonny raises his title HIGH INTO THE AIR!


“It all was so tragic, we made it on time,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The DEFILER ducks under the top rope and enters into the ring.  He pulls out a microphone and waits for the music to die out.  It eventually does, and the lights slowly come up.


The fans are merciless to the NEW World Champion.


Jonny continues to wait, though smiles as a “CORAZON” chant grows louder and louder and louder.


The DEFILER: (Speaking through the rabid chants and BOOS) You fucking stupid marks…  (Looking up) He’s not coming back.  No matter how hard you chant.  No matter what wrestling logic ONE-OH-ONE may dictate.  (Laughing a little) He’s gonna to be gone for a long, long time, guys.  It’s over.  That dream is FUCKING DONE!  I made Adrian Corazon an example for the rest of the locker room and that was the extent of his usefulness to this organization.  I did to him what NO ONE could do and that is BREAK HIS SPIRIT…  BREAK HIS LIVELIHOOD and END his flash-in-the-pan career.


His smile could not possibly reach more sinister heights.

The DEFILER: But by all means, chant his name.  It just serves as a reminder to how fucking GOOD I really am.  LET ME HEAR THE NAME OF MY VICTIM!  COME ON PEOPLE!!!

He holds the microphone out, but receives only an agitated cry of disdain!

The DEFILER: (Pulling the microphone to his mouth) Corazon!  Corazon!  Corazon!  NOW YOU!

He again points the microphone toward the crowd, and AGAIN they boo him without remorse!


He casts another vile smirk.

The DEFILER: I’m a fucking catch, huh?



Jonny rolls his eyes at the crowd’s childish attempts to get under his skin.

The DEFILER: You guys know that one doesn’t even really make sense, right?  (Shaking his head) I wish I had a tape recorder right now so you could hear how fucking stupid you all sound.



His smile vanishes entirely.


He finally lashes out at this absolutely livid audience!  Of course, they only get louder.


The DEFILER: Jesus.  I don’t usually care, except, now that I’m SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, I have a lot of things I need to be doing.  You with me?  And pandering to the likes of misguided, sheep-fans is hardly near the top of that list.  So let me say what I need to say and you can get back to cheering on whatever shitty pony acts you want…

Jonny’s tone brings the crowd down enough for him to proceed with whatever he wanted to say, which obviously makes him happy.  These people, despite hating him so much, are in the palm of his hand.

The DEFILER: Cool.  I’m glad we settled that.  (He walks freely around the ring, stopping at the ropes nearest the announce table) They always that bat-shit crazy for new World Champions, OG?

He smiles at Other Guy who doesn’t even bother with a response.  He just looks away and ignores the DEFILER.

The DEFILER: (Tilting his head) Did you think I was going to forget about your little tirade?  Ha.  It’s actually the very reason I’m even out here!  Are you excited about that or what?  Huh?  OG?  You pumped, baby?

Jonny doesn’t let up. He leans over the ropes to get “closer” to his target.

The DEFILER: Why would you even do something like that?  Like OTHER GUY is going to inspire a spineless locker room?  Fuck you, dude.  You’re SHIT to me.  You and everyone else who shares your caddy little opinion.

He turns back toward the center of the ring, having hit the point he wanted to hit.

The DEFILER: And you’re out there.  (Looking toward the curtains)  I’m not an idiot, guys.  Heh.  I see it in your eyes.  I see it your faces…  that sickening jealously oozing out from your pouting, cry-baby lips. (In a mocking, whiny tone)  “BUT YOU DIDN’T DESERVE IT!  YOU STOLE THE TITLE!  YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!”

He shakes his head and shows off a smile of disbelief.

The DEFILER: I don’t care.  I don’t.  I don’t care because for EIGHT YEARS I DID deserve this.  For eight years I BUSTED MY ASS OFF FOR THIS.  But you weren’t there.  NONE OF YOU WERE THERE!  When I was months away from an opportunity to hold this very belt…  They closed ship.  But you weren’t there…  were you?  I BLED SHOOT PROJECT BLUE FOR YEARS.  I helped BUILD the spectacle you throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at every year, BUT YOU WEREN’T THERE!  AND YET, LIKE THE IGNORANT FUCKS YOU ARE, you look down on me.  You throw your judgmental eyes and cast me to Wrestling Hell, yet conveniently leave out the part where, “OH YEAH…”

He raises the title in victory.



The heart-sinking smile returns to his face.

The DEFILER: Save the energy.  Really, just…  I mean, I honestly don’t care what any of you think about this because at the end of the day…  when I go to sleep at night, I’m still the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  Ya know?  Heh.  All your bitching and whining…  fans…  Co-workers, what good does it do? (Answering his own question)  Nothing.  I’m okay with your asterisk threats and I’m okay with being pro-wrestling’s answer to Barry Bonds.  I AM OKAY with knowing that I have let so many people down, that I have… RUINED so many people’s lives…

He pauses briefly before continuing.

The DEFILER: I didn’t become a professional wrestler to make other people famous.  I didn’t sign up to be your best friend.  I did it…  for me.  I am in this, FOR MYSELF.  So let’s fucking move on, okay?  (Nodding) Okay.

The fans have been subdued into a curious anxiousness, which gives Jonny time to adjust his World Title and prepare his next thoughts.

The DEFILER: I was probably a little hard on Jason two weeks ago.  I mean, that was a lot of shit to have to swallow, and…  and well, he probably won’t be around as often, which means that… all of us have to start taking responsibility for our actions, and really look out for the good of this organization.  (Looking toward the curtains) A lot of people are…  (Considering his words) They’ll want to point me out as the bad guy in all of this.  They’ll try to push the blame on me and do everything they can to kick me off my throne.  (Shrugging)  It’s the nature of envy, but it…  it won’t keep me from leading us into a better place.

He takes his time, carefully plotting out every word he lets slip from his tongue.

The DEFILER: I will be the VERY. LAST. World Champion that the SHOOT Project will ever recognize, and I suggest that all of you get on board if you aren’t already. 

Because going against me…

Going against THIS.

He dangles the World Title out toward the cameras.

The DEFILER: …Will only lead to horrible things.

His body returns to a more relaxed state as he proceeds with his announcements.

The DEFILER: As SHOOT Project Champion, I will defend this belt ONCE every month.  No more.  No less.  After all, a  great prize should be pined after, not handed away as part of some bizarre ego trip.  Of course, if you REALLY want, you can go to Jason or some other higher ranking official and whine about it, but that could get ugly, ya know? 

Best to keep it local.

If you want a shot, all you ever have to do is ask.  Most of you are fucking terrible so I’ll probably say no, but  still, at least you can make it on my radar.

His smile is certainly self satisfying, and the crowd starts to BOOO again.


The DEFILER: I’m almost done for fuck’s sake.  Chill out, guys.



Jonny yawns and shrugs his shoulders.

The DEFILER: I’ll stay out here all night if YOU GUYS don’t “shut. the. fuck up.”

He claps his hands slowly, mocking the chant, and then continues.

The DEFILER: Now, if there’s still anyone in the back who doesn’t think I should be World Heavyweight Champion, or, shit, anyone in the GODDAMN CROWD… by all means, come to this ring, and TELL ME TO MY FUCKING FACE!  PLEASE!

He looks toward the curtain.

The DEFILER: This is a reign of honesty, people…  So SPEAK NOW or forever hold your…


“You forget I got this far without you!”

The crowd suddenly ERUPTS and Jonny shakes his head and lowers his head to the mat with a smile on his face.


Other Guy: FUCK YEAH!!!

“I’m not the person that you think I am.”

The life I want to lead needs no approval

From somone who will never understand”

A beat…


Dave Dymond: IT’S CADE SYDAL!!!

“You’re forgetting my broken bones

Forgetting im not alone!”

CADE SYDAL does indeed arrive from behind the entrance curtains!!!  AND THE FANS START TO GO BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!!


“Hard to stand alone

When this feels like home

In this crowd!”

“Broken Bones” by Nonpoint BLARES throughout the arena!  Cade stays at the top of the aisle and raises both arms into the air, eliciting ANOTHER HUGE POP FROM THE FANS!

Other Guy: Thank the LORD, Dave.  I was about two more seconds worth of that crap away from shooting that piece of shit!

Sydal motions for the production guys to cut his music, while Jonny stares at him, laughing.

The DEFILER: Seriously?


Cade Sydal: (Staring at Jonny, very calm) You don’t deserve to be World Champion, Jonny.

Jonny’s smile is again of the disbelieving variety.  He lowers his head to let Cade’s bold statement sink in.

The DEFILER: And you have WHAT creden…

Cade’s voice grows a little louder.

Cade Sydal: You DON’T. DESERVE. TO…

Jonny gets a little bit feisty now and quickly cuts Cade off.

The DEFILER: Who the FUCK are you to say A GODDAMN WORD TO ME!?  HUH?  When was the last time you even won a meaningful match?  WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE RELEVANT TO THE SPORT OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING?

Cade stays exceptionally calm and actually starts to walk toward the ring.  Jonny instinctively takes a few steps backward.

Cade Sydal: (While walking) I may not deserve it either, but I really don’t care right now, Jonny.  You’ve pissed of an entire locker room off…  a locker room I LOVE TO DEATH and I’m not going to let you do any more damage, you son of a BITCH!



Jonny backpedals in the ring, but Cade continues to head toward the ring.



Dave Dymond: WHAT THE HELL?


The crowd is STUNNED!!!

Did a fan just…

The DEFILER: (Smiling, finishing his sentence) …Hurt, Cade.  You’re going to get hurt.


OSBOURNE KILMINSTER hops over the guard rail, the broken remains of a Jack Daniel’s body falling to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Why did…  why did that just happen?  Osbourne Kilminster has just DROPPED Cade Sydal.

Cade grabs at his head and SCREAMS in pain, rolling on the ground!  Kilminster watches on nonchalantly, while EMTs rush to Cade’s side!!!  The fans begin throwing things at Kilminster, but the man doesn’t seem to give a rats ass.  He just stands there, admiring his work. 

In the meantime, Jonny ducks out of the ring and heads toward the action.

The DEFILER: Why do people fall for all my fucking traps?

Kilminster continues to cast his icy, desperate, lost gaze on Sydal’s tortured body.

“AAAAAHHH!!  FUCK!!!” Sydal screams louder as he writhes in total agony.

The DEFILER: I mean that one looked obvious, Ozzy.

Osbourne finally cracks a sickening smile that we’ve seen before.  Perhaps his only link to humanity in this situation.

The DEFILER: (Heading toward Cade and Kilminster, avoiding the EMTS) Cade, Cade, Cade…  You fucking idiot.  Heh.  Overzealous, out of your league FUCKING IDIOT.


The DEFILER: (To Osbourne) You uhhh…  you made the right choice, man.  You did.  I’m glad that our little talk worked out.  Heh.  (Impressed) I mean, that was sick, dude.  Fucking BRILLIANT!

Kilminster continues to look down at Cade, satisfied with however it is he’s feeling.  He looks drunk, and it’s clear by a thick, five o’clock shadow that the man hasn’t necessarily groomed himself in a couple of days.  Jonny pats him on the back and gestures toward the exit.  Kilminster nods and heads out, while Jonny stays an extra second and stares at Cade.

His smile returns to full form as he lifts his head up to address whoever is listening.

The DEFILER: Like I said…

He adjusts the World Title Belt over his shoulder.

The DEFILER: Horrible things.

Jonny gently places his microphone down on the ground and walks away.

No music.

Only Cade Sydal’s screams.

And a chorus of jeers.


With the Laws of Survival Championship match starting off the in ring action of the night, the focus is placed on the current champion, Trevor Worrens who walks towards the ring area, dressed for competition.  Suddenly though he is shoved FORCEFULLY up against the wall and a moment later, Kenji Yamada is in full view, his hand gripped tightly around Worrens’s throat.  Worrens struggles as Yamada keeps him pinned standing up.

Kenji Yamada: I’m gonna make this short and sweet, Worrens, because I know you have such an important match to get to. Here’s the thing, Champ, Azraith…is MINE. If anyone is going to eliminate him from the Master of the Mat Tournament…it’s going to be me and it’s going to be in a rather grand fashion.

Kenji gets right in Worrens’ face.

Kenji Yamada: That’s where you come in, Trev, you are going to go out there and lose…on purpose. Now, you can either go out there and have a fighting chance…or a tragedy can befall you and the upcoming match will be a slaughter unlike anything these fans have ever seen in their lives.

So…what’s it gonna be, Trev?

Yamada loosens his grip, but the tension between the two stays exactly the same.  Worrens coughs a few times as he tries to get his breathing back to normal.  He finally looks Yamada square in the eyes.

Trevor Worrens: What’s it going to be?  On top of everything else, now you’re standing in front of me, representing The Family… giving me my ultimatum.

Worrens shakes his head, surprisingly not as concerned as maybe he should be.

Trevor Worrens: IF there is one thing that Azraith said to me that will stick from here on out… no matter WHAT happens in that ring, it’s that to beat Mallows, you have to stay as far away from him as possible.

Worrens sighs, looking down at the ground.

Trevor Worrens: So what’s it going to be?

He looks up.

Trevor Worrens: You tell me, Kenji. Because I don’t really think I have a say in the matter.

Kenji half sneers, not expecting the kind of response he got from Worrens.

Kenji Yamada: Then you will lose to Azraith tonight. If you don’t…God help you, you’ll have more of the Family and Vincent Mallows than you’ll know what to fucking do with.

Kenji puts a hand on the Laws of Survival Belt.

Kenji Yamada: I’m letting you go out there under the assumption that you know what you…have…to do, Worrens. If I were you…I wouldn’t fuck this up.

Worrens just nods, but his agreement with Kenji does not come without an anger in his eyes.

Trevor Worrens: It’s going to be hard to fuck up something that’s already fucked up.

Worrens starts to walk away, only to turn back.

Trevor Worrens: But honestly, Kenji, since we’re speaking on behalf of each other. If I were YOU, I’d be a lot more focused on YOUR championship match… instead of mine.

Kenji’s eyes flare for a moment and he pins Worrens against the wall by the throat again. His eyes have an insane tint to them and his breathing is ferociously hard.

Kenji Yamada: Do you understand what THAT man did to me!? DO YOU!? Do you have any fucking clue!? I’d trade every fucking championship belt I’ve ever won for a chance to bleed him dry again. So, shut your fucking mouth and do what you’re told before I just skip this whole diplomacy thing and make your decision a non-factor!

SHOOT Project security suddenly storms the scene, and before anything can escalate further, Kenji Yamada is pulled back away from Worrens and Worrens is quickly led down the hall the rest of the way en route to the ring.



The focus shifts to the ring area, specifically to Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside.  The fans around them are still buzzing from the altercation they witnessed just mere seconds ago.

Dave Dymond: Well once again we welcome you all to Revolution, where tonight the Master of the Mat Tournament continues and round two plays itself out in its entirety.

Other Guy: Some are callin’ it the King of the Quadrant round, others just callin it the quarter finals, but I’m callin it flat out intense, and what just happened is proof of that.

Dave Dymond: Stakes couldn’t be higher here tonight in Vegas as everyone has their picks on who will advance to the next round, and it all happens under… and I hate to have to say these words, but it all happens under the banner of a NEW World Heavyweight Champion… Jonny Johnson.

Dymond shakes his head while Other Guy has a look of complete disgust on his face.

Other Guy: I’ve said my piece, and that’s all I’m going to say.  We still have PLENTY of talented Soldiers who will earn their way to the top, and hell it’ll only be a moment of time before The Defiler has his ass handed to him.

Dave Dymond: Let’s hope so.

The bell sounds bringing the attention of the fans to the ring where Austin Linam stands next to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening Revolution match up is a Master of the Mat round two tournament match… and will be for the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship!!!

“Anthem for the Underdog” by 12 Stones kicks in now as the Revolution video screen flickers to life to show cinematic cuts of Trevor Worrens in action.  The fans pick up as Worrens steps out from the back, head lowered as he stands with the Laws of Survival Championship draped over his shoulder.  As the first round of the chorus kicks in, gray pyro rains down from above and Worrens suddenly lifts his head and raises his championship vertically into the air by the strap.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the current Laws of Survival Champion… HERE IS TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Dave Dymond: So tonight marks the very first night of a completely revamped Laws of Survival division, but a change Trevor Worrens seems more than willing to embrace.

Worrens starts down to the ring, taking in the crowd as he walks.

Other Guy: This guy NEEDS it, Dave.  Anything to put his focus elsewhere is goin’ to be right up Trevor’s alley.

Dave Dymond: An emotional kid, indeed, but one who has grown up over the past several months, and a competitor who has found his passion in the form of the Laws of Survival Championship.

Other Guy: But that passion could spill out in the form of Worrens’s blood tonight at the hands of Azraith DeMitri, and the stipulation is just right for that to be a REAL possible chance.

Worrens reaches the ring and once again holds the Laws of Survival Championship high over his head by the strap.  The crowd pops and Worrens hands the title off to referee Austin Linam.  After that, Worrens removes his gray “Pain is Life, Life is Good” t-shirt and tosses it out of the ring.  Worrens paces around while his music fades out and then stops at Samantha Coil.  He asks for the microphone and is handed it by Coil.

Trevor Worrens: Three tiers of survival… three matches to each tier… and it starts right here and right now with a Weapon of Choice match!

The more bloodthirsty fans start to cheer, ready for some more brutal “hardcore” fighting.

Trevor Worrens: And from the sound of it, that’s right up a lot of people’s alley.

Another pop but Worrens talks over the fans this time.

Trevor Worrens: Now anyone who was surfing shoot project dot com this past week got a sneak peak at just exactly what Azraith DeMitri is bringing into this match. It’s brutal, its demonic… it’s nothing short of what I expected from him.  So yeah, we all know what weapon he’s chosen, which just leaves the world asking… what the hell is Trevor Worrens going to bring… what weapon will Worrens choose?

Worrens pauses for a moment, obviously thinking about that choice long and hard.

Trevor Worrens: Thing is, I didn’t have the time to fashion a weapon specific to my liking, but hell if that “devices of torture” merit badge Azraith must have earned in demon scouts didn’t come in handy.  In fact, it looks like all I brought to this match…

Worrens holds up his two hands, both balled into fists.

Trevor Worrens: Are these!

The fans cheer Worrens’s confidence.

Trevor Worrens: I don’t care if it’s Kenji Yamada threatening to destroy me, or Azraith DeMitri ready to maim me… chances are while I hold onto the Laws of Survival Championship, I’m going to get beaten up and bloodied every step of the way so it doesn’t matter what weapon I bring, it won’t matter what tier I have to go through or what stipulations a match contains…

Either I’ll survive or I won’t.

Worrens is about to say something more, but “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play, interrupting him.  Worrens hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil and stands ready.  The pulsating blue strobe fills the Thomas and Mack Center, and through the steady rhythm of the flashing light, Azraith DeMtiri can be seen in spurts walking towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp way though the lights return to normal and Azraith DeMitri stands with grin plastered on his face, and the reinforced barbed wire covered kendo stick gripped tightly in his hand by his side.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent and challenger… weighing in at 270 pounds… here is AZRAITH DEMITRI!!!

Azraith continues towards the ring now, and as he walks towards the steel steps Azraith swings the kendo stick once at them, showing the strength of the weapon.

Dave Dymond: Where a normal kendo stick might bend, or even snap a bit, this weapon that Azraith has created has NO give to it what so ever.

Other Guy: Yeah, and from what I heard in the back, he’s callin’ that thing the Great Destroyer.  If ya ask me, Worrens should have brought a goddamn bazooka to fend off Azraith and his weapon.

As Azraith steps into the ring he puts down the great destroyer for one moment and removes his trench coat.  Around him, a mixed reaction sounds from the fans, but there seems to be more booing going on at the moment.

Dave Dymond: In some instances he is the lesser of two evils, but tonight, Azraith DeMitri isn’t exactly the fan favorite in this bout.

Other Guy: But he ain’t hated either, Dave. There’s a certain drive and intensity ya gotta like about Azraith.

Dave Dymond: Certainly a power wrestler inside the ring, became the very image of his former organization, Outlaw Pro Wrestling, and now has another shot at championship gold here in SHOOT Project as round two officially begins with the first of three matches that are for both a championship and advancement in the tournament.

Azraith picks up the barbed wire re-enforced kendo stick as Austin Linam holds the Laws of Survival Championship title up for all to see.  He then hands it off to Samantha Coil who exits the ring with it.

Austin Linam: Azraith is that your weapon of choice?

Azraith nods his head.  The referee then turns to Worrens.

Austin Linam: And Worrens, your weapon of choice?

Worrens just holds up both his hands which gets a decent pop from the crowd.

Austin Linam: All other weapons or foreign objects are ILLEGAL in this match up and any use of them will result in the termination of this match, understood?

Both Worrens and Azraith nod in understanding to Linam’s announcement. The referee then nods his head and signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Opening bell sounds, and as this one goes now, the only real weapon that can be used in this match up is Azraith’s own creation.  It is in play, which means it could be turned around and used AGAINST the challenger as well as used on the champion.

Worrens boldly moves in towards Azraith to start things off, prompting Azraith to charge in to meet him, swinging the re-enforced barbed wire kendo stick wildly at his head.  Worrens ducks quickly though, and as Azraith takes a step past, Worrens turns quickly and sends a hard knee into the small of Azraith’s back. Azraith falters slightly but quickly fires backwards with a blind elbow that CLOCKS Worrens in the jaw.  Worrens staggers and Azraith turns now to face Worrens.  Worrens reaches out to grab at Azraith, only for Azraith to SWING DOWNWARDS with the barbed wire kendo stick and nails Worrens’s arm!


Worrens screams out as he pulls his arm in towards his body and Azraith smirks, following up with a jab to the gut using the end of the kendo stick.  Worrens doubles over in pain and Azraith maneuvers so he hooks the kendo stick under Worrens’s chin but above his arms, and then quickly takes Worrens down by the head via a snapping DDT!

Other Guy: Already an impact move, you throw in that great destroyer weapon and you’ve got somethin’ brutal right there.

Dave Dymond: Early cover made by DeMitri…



Worrens shoulders out at two and Azraith stays right on the offense, pulling Worrens to his feet.  Azraith leaves the kendo stick on the mat though and forcefully whips Worrens into the upper right corner of the ring.  The impact sends Worrens staggering out of the corner and Azraith marches forward to meet him, lifting Worrens into a body press.

Dave Dymond: Azraith having no trouble at all lifting Worrens… but Worrens trying to fight his way out of this with knees to the side of Azraith’s head!

The fans pick up as Worrens throws two hard knees that cause Azraith to wobble, and in turn Worrens drops down on his feet behind Azraith and again with a knee to the back.  Azraith tries for the same blind elbow he hit earlier, but Worrens scouts it, ducks under and swings around in front of Azraith, knee to the right thigh, then knee to the left!  Azraith keeps staggering now and Worrens FIRES with a palm jab to the gut, then to the sternum. Worrens winds up and throws a left crossing palm jab strike that sends Azraith whipping around and Worrens HITS a standing clothesline to the back of Azraith’s head…

But Azraith doesn’t go down. Worrens thinks quickly and from the clothesline position locks Azraith around the head and runs with a bulldog attempt but Azraith recovers quickly and shoves Worrens chest first towards the ropes.  Worrens stops himself, though, turns and just as Azraith bends down to pick up the Great destroyer, Worrens sends a hard TOE KICK right up into Azraith’s face!  Azraith’s head snaps back and Worrens run full speed at Azraith, stepping past him with one leg and then putting ALL his weight into an STO, which drops Azraith flat on his back!

Seizing the opportunity, Worrens makes a hard cover, pulling up on Azraith’s leg as much as he can, nearly rolling off of him, but still making the pin!

Linam counts.


TW… STRONG kick out just before the two count.

Dave Dymond: Azraith got caught by surprise with that kick up into the face, but it was not enough, not even close enough to ending this match up.

Other Guy: Azraith has endured so much pain in his career, and that’s one thing Worrens has GOT to realize.

Dave Dymond: Indeed his former stomping grounds in OPW really made Azraith prepared for any extreme or hardcore match that might come his way… so in the department of pain, Worrens just might be meeting his match here tonight.

Worrens is up but Azraith getting up as well. Worrens nails a hard knee shot into the side of Azraith’s arm, trying to send him falling back onto the mat, but Azraith still gets up. Worrens works a couple of quick palm strikes though to keep Azraith staggering, then he attempts to whip Azraith into the ropes. Azraith reverses, but Worrens holds onto Azraith’s arm, twists his own body around once and then yanks down HARD trying to dislocate Azraith’s shoulder. Azraith winces in pain, but fights through, PULLING Worrens back in towards him and DRILLING the Laws of Survival Champion with a vicious standing lariat!

Other Guy: Wow big time impact from Azraith!

Dave Dymond: And that was regardless of the shooting pain that had to be running up his arm.

As Worrens hits the mat, his head bounces off it slightly, and at the same time Azraith shakes out his arm, wincing in slight pain once more.  Still, Azraith presses on as Worrens struggles back up to his feet while holding the back of his head and neck.  Azraith gets in close and drives a couple of hard punches into Worrens’s face, but they almost look like elbow strikes the way Azraith throws the punches.  Worrens stumbles a great deal, almost losing his balance entirely. Worrens gets right back into things though attempting an elbow collar tie up with Azraith, only for Azraith to power out of the lock up and spin Worrens around! Azraith then nails a hard shot to the back of Worrens’s head, pulls him backwards for a reverse DDT, only for Worrens to turn his body slightly enough to the side to kick up his knee right into Azraith’s gut… but Azraith catches Worrens’s leg before he can pull it away!

Dave Dymond: Worrens has put himself into a harmful position now after trying to break out of that reverse DDT, and Azraith knows it!

The fans buzz with concern as Azraith looks over his shoulder once, locating the barbed wire wrapped kendo stick, before taking Worrens up and over from his current position via a modified fall away slam… and Worrens lands BACK FIRST on top of the kendo stick!!!

Worrens arches his back upwards, shouting out in pain and Azraith now hits the ropes and comes bouncing off with surprising speed and just BOOTS Worrens in the face so his head snaps back… and CRACKS AGAISNT the kendo stick!

Other Guy: As if one time landing on the great destroyer wasn’t enough, Azraith just bootin Worrens’s head right into it!

Dave Dymond: He is a sadistic competitor when he wants to be and is NEVER deterred by the element of extreme brutality… in fact he embraces it!

Worrens rolls off of the barbed wire wrapped kendo stick, clutching at the back of his head.  His exposed back also shows a couple of dots of red from the piercing barbs of the barbed wire. Azraith shoves Worrens over onto his back and makes the cover.




Dave Dymond: Not quite the three count as Worrens gets the shoulder up, but a near fall never the less.

Azraith lifts Worrens right up off the mat, turns him, and RAKES him down the length of his back, focusing in on where the barbed wire scratched him up!  Worrens shouts in pain again and Azraith takes him from behind, spins him around and whips him once again into the corner post, this time to sternum first into the lower left corner.

As Worrens hits the turnbuckle pads, Azraith follows up right behind and DRIVES a wicked spear into Worrens’s back!    And right from there Azraith stands up, lifting Worrens with a high backdrop suplex!

Dave Dymond: Azraith hits breakdown and chains it right into that suplex, which makes for an effective combination of moves.

Other Guy: All about breakin Worrens down and we all know Azraith loves to target the spine, the neck, and the head.

Dave Dymond: Which is exactly what he is doing right now as this one going further and further SOUTH of success for the defending Laws of Survival Champion.

Worrens rocks back and forth on the mat as Azraith approaches him and drops to both knees, then drops all the way to cover Worrens once again. Austin Linam hits the mat for another count in Azraith’s favor.



TH… but again Worrens kicks out. Some of the fans pop and Azraith just shakes his head and immediately grabs the Great Destroyer.

Dave Dymond: He’s got a look in his eyes, Other Guy, Azraith has that look that screams bad times ahead.

Other Guy: Yeah, he’s about to cause some serious destruction with that Great Destroyer!

Some of the fans start cheering, but as Azraith almost stalks behind Worrens, waiting for him to get up, more of the fans begin to boo.  Worrens struggles to his feet, but starts to get up, only to be WACKED across the back of the legs with the kendo stick! Worrens immediately falls back to the mat and then Azraith spins the kendo stick in his hand and then brings it up overhead and CRACKS it down onto Worrens’s stomach… and DRAGS it off of him while pushing down!

Dave Dymond: My god! It’s like he just tried to gut Worrens with the barbed wire!

Worrens rolls over immediately, kicking his feet into the mat and shouting in agony.  Azraith just winds up and KICKS Worrens in the side, forcing him back over. Lines of blood streak across Worrens’s mid section and Azraith pulls Worrens up by the head into a sitting position and as Worrens groggily sits, Azraith grips the barbed wire wrapped kendo stick with both hands.  The booing gets louder and Azraith smirks with a great deal of anticipation.

Without hesitation Azraith SWINGS with a homerun shot at Worrens’s head, but Worrens drops backwards onto his back, avoiding the shot as Azraith swings through.  Worrens kicks out his leg at Azraith’s shin multiple times, dropping Azraith to one knee.

Dave Dymond: Desperation kicks now as Worrens trying to chop Azraith down a bit, and smartly executed at that.

Other Guy: This one was over had Azraith connected with the kendo stick, Dave. He was swingin’ for the fences!

Dave Dymond: Worrens back in this slowly but surely, of course Azraith still has that kendo stick in hand, still in HIS possession.

Worrens scrambles back away from Azraith as he gets up to his feet. Azraith works on getting up from one knee, still holding onto the kendo stick.  Azraith starts to get up as Worrens comes in at him, and with one hand, Azraith swings the kendo stick around, but Worrens grabs the end of it and wraps around behind Azraith, PULLING the kendo stick right up under his chin!

Other Guy: Worrens counters into a sleeper hold with the kendo stick!

Dave Dymond: The Great Destroyer FINALLY used against its creator in this Weapon of Choice match for the Laws of Survival Championship, and maybe, just maybe this is the moment Worrens NEEDS to turn this whole thing around.

Azraith flails his arms now, trying to get free of the sleeper hold, but more so trying to pry the kendo stick from out from under his chin.  Worrens keeps pulling though, but Azraith’s persistence prevails as he powers out from Worrens’s grip… but not quite… Worrens steps quickly to the side, snapping his arms back around Azraith and then he FALLS forward DROPPING Azraith face first into the Kendo stick with a reverse Russian leg sweep!!

Pop from the fans but Worrens isn’t done as he gets on Azraith’s back and immediately applies a camel clutch submission hold!  Azraith tightens up his arms trying to pull at Worrens’s hands to break out of the submission, only for Worrens to break the hold himself, SMASH Azraith’s face into the mat and then apply the camel clutch again!

Dave Dymond: Worrens doing whatever he can to wear Azraith down and keep him somewhat disoriented as well.

Other Guy: Yeah, you can’t hit a target very well when you’re dizzy… trust me, I’ve played my fair share of drunk pin the tail on the donkey

Dave Dymond: Remind me never to go to any of your parties.

As Worrens continues to apply the camel clutch for a second time, some of the fans closer to ringside start a “TAP!” chant, but Azraith continues to fight against Worrens, trying to break free again. Worrens breaks the hold on his own a second time, but as he does so Azraith suddenly reaches and grabs the Great Destroyer that is right in front of him. Worrens goes to apply the camel clutch a third time…


Worrens is NAILED in the head with a backwards shot from Azraith!

Dave Dymond: A SICKENING shot delivered as Worrens maybe took it one camel clutch too far and Azraith capitalized on that.

Worrens slumps over to the side after taking the shot straight on, with not even a chance to block it.  Azraith maneuvers his body around and makes the cover.  The once cheering and chanting fans quiet their excitement as Austin Linam makes the count.





Dave Dymond: These fans sensing JUST how close that was, but Worrens SOMEHOW able to kick out.

Other Guy: Sure as hell surprised me Dave, after that shot, I figured this was over.

Azraith looks to Linam for a moment, just to double check, but sure enough Linam only shows two and motions for the match to continue.  Azraith gets up on one knee first, looking down at Worrens who clutches at his face.  Azraith swats Worrens’s arm away to reveal Worrens’s forehead busted wide open!

Dave Dymond: And DeMitri has drawn first blood in this one.

Other Guy: Worrens ain’t no stranger to stitches though, that’s for damn sure.

Azraith gets all the way up to his full vertical base at this point, bringing Worrens up with him as well.  Quick swing into the ropes.  Worrens comes bouncing back and Azraith thrusts out his hand, grabbing Worrens around the neck!  Worrens’s eyes go wide for a moment and Azraith LIFTS Worrens high up for a left handed choke slam… but Worrens CRUSHES his knee up into Azraith’s jaw!  Azraith drops Worrens back down and Worrens wraps around the side of Azraith… and connects with a makeshift  standing inverted backbreaker!

Azraith arches his back in pain, but doesn’t fall to the mat, and Worrens staggers off in the other direction, having hurt his own back in the process.

Dave Dymond: Worrens avoids what could only be considered the beginning of the end there, hitting a backbreaker of his own instead.

Other Guy: Not sure if that’s enough to build a momentum for Worrens, he’s havin trouble bouncing back right now.

Worrens staggers to the ropes, holding onto them for support.  Azraith recovers and turns to charge right back at Worrens. Worrens leaps up onto the second rope and jumps off, turning his body as he looks to NAIL Azraith a second rope clothesline but Azraith CATCHES him around the neck a second time!

Dave Dymond: Oh no!

The fans boo as Azraith looks to hit the choke slam this time… but Worrens with a DIRECT palm strike to the face… then another one… and another one!  Azraith lets go of Worrens’s neck again, and Worrens continues driving palm strike after palm strike into Azraith’s face. Azraith staggers back more and more from each shot now and Worrens suddenly looks to lift Azraith, and JUST manages to get him up and down with a quick, albeit somewhat sloppy, body slam!

Other Guy: Not the prettiest slam, but it worked to get Azraith down.

Dave Dymond: Cover made now by Worrens, can the champion retain the title and advance right here?



THR… no! kick out by Azraith. The fans have come back alive at this point, buzzing with excitement as this no longer looks to be a one sided match up. Worrens starts feeling it more and more as he gets up off the mat.  Azraith stirs and Worrens eyes the barbed wired wrapped kendo stick. The fans pick up on this and immediately start to cheer.  Worrens nods his head slowly as he walks towards Azraith’s weapon of choice, and takes a firm hold of it!

Dave Dymond: And THIS is what Trevor Worrens’s fans have been waiting for!

Worrens looks at Azraith, but instead of going after him, he walks towards the lower left corner of the ring.  The fans buzz with curiosity but soon begin to cheer as Worrens goes to the top!

Other Guy: This is a rare move for Worrens who I don’t think has ever gone to the top turnbuckle.

Dave Dymond: Not to my knowledge, no… but Worrens I guess looking for the BIG time moment that will put DeMitri away.

In massive groups the fans rise up to their feet as Worrens reaches the top turnbuckle, but just as he goes to turn around, Azraith CHARGES at the ropes, shaking them and causing Worrens to FALLS split legged on each side of the top turnbuckle!  Worrens drops the barbed wire wrapped kendo stick onto the mat, as he sits, crotched and wincing in pain.  The boos sound out in loud angry fashion as Azraith moves over to Worrens now and pulls him from off the top rope, slumping downwards and right into a vertical head scissors.

Dave Dymond: Azraith just took the momentum away from Worrens in a blink of an eye.

Other Guy: Fans ain’t too happy about that.

Dave Dymond: And they’re not going to be happy about this either. Azraith has Worrens contained in that standing head scissors!

Azraith keeps Worrens held for a moment as he wraps both of his arms under Worrens’s chest.  Azraith then LIFTS Worrens up in the air, power bomb position…


Dave Dymond: Worrens has the kendo stick!!!

Before Azraith can react Worrens starts GRINDING the kendo stick back and forth across Azraith’s head, making sure the barbed wire snags at his skin repeatedly.  Azraith staggers forward away from the corner, trying to still execute the powerbomb, but Worrens lifts the kendo stick up horizontally and then SMASHES it down over Azraith’s head… causing him to let go of Worrens’s legs. Worrens hops down as Azraith staggers back, and without hesitation Worrens runs full speed at the up ring ropes. Azraith clutches his face in pain, and the second he pulls his hands away, blood is seen…

Azraith looks up from his hands… Worrens LEAPS, right leg extended out past Azraith’s head, so his left knee CRUSHES Azraith square in the face!

Dave Dymond: Busaiku Knee Kick!

Other Guy: DeMitri is down!

Worrens immediately makes the cover, the fans on their feet.




Austin Linam calls for the bell and the Thomas and Mack Center echoes mainly with cheering and the sound of “Anthem for the Underdog” playing for a second time.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, advancing on to the semi-finals of the Master of the Mat Tournament, and STILL the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens rolls away from Azraith and then slowly sits up.  Meanwhile Austin Linam is handed the Laws of Survival Championship and brings it to Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Worrens came with nothing but his fists as his weapon, BUT in the end he turns the tables using Azraith’s own weapon against him to set up for that knock out shot, The Busaiku Knee Kick.

Other Guy: What a way to kick off Revolution thirty-six… DeMitri and Worrens both bloodied each other up pretty damn good, but it’s Worrens who survived, and it’s Worrens who’s takin’ one step closer to the Master of the Mat finals.

Dave Dymond: And as Worrens celebrates his victory, Kenji Yamada’s threat has GOT to be weighing on the back of his mind.  We don’t know which quadrants will match up in the semi finals as of yet, but if Yamada is successful later tonight, there is a chance his next opponent will be Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: Course that main event not on tap til’ later, but I’m full on rootin’ for Christopher Davis, that’s for sure.

Dave Dymond: Aside from The Family, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that choice.

Worrens takes a few more moments just to take his victory in, but finally exits the ring, proudly carrying the Laws of Survival Championship with him, despite looking like a wreck.

Dave Dymond: As Trevor Worrens walks away from the ring, I have to mention that while he’s beaten DeMitri tonight, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of these two.  Azraith is an OFFICIAL challenger to the Laws of Survival championship now, meaning he has eight more chances to face Worrens, which can be called upon at any time.

Other Guy: In short, it only gets more difficult from here on out for Worrens, who really truly WILL have to survive each and every week.

Worrens eventually disappears from view and the focus cuts back to Azraith who slowly works on getting his bearings back.  Referee Austin Linam comes to check on him, but Azraith shows he’s still with it by swatting Linam away and slowly pulling himself up via the ropes.

Suddenly, the screen above the entranceway flickers to life, but it’s hard to make out anything, it really just looks like a black screen, but you hear the audio flicker and crackle…but suddenly sound fills the arena…

Azraith?:  God I hurt so bad. Why does it hurt so bad? Why am I in so much pain? Where am I? Oh god make it stop. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.


Az’s eyes widen as the crowd looks at him.  He doesn’t even have a microphone, but he instantly knows what it’s from.  His stomach sinks and his knees almost buckle as he hears himself screaming in agony and pain.

Other Guy:  Is…what the hell is going on?

Dave Dymond:  I’ve been hearing some rumor and speculation…this MIGHT be what Az was looking for a while back, when he went roughshod into The Family’s locker room…wasn’t he screaming something about a tape in Kenji Yamada’s face?

A different voice…

???:  Even the darkest of souls, even the most criminal of minds can dream… and many times, over many days… I would sit and wonder… what dreams does the Sandman have. What kind of dreams can someone have if they are the bringer of nightmares and destroyer of fantasies?

The screen suddenly flashes to life, numerous pictures blazing by at almost subliminal speeds.  Pictures of faces…men…women.  Greyson Blade.  Del Carver.  Azrael Goeren  Pestilance.  Marc Stanton.  Kenji Yamada.  Damien “Maverick” Roy.  OutKast.  The faces blurred and distorted together, but Az saw them all.  He stared intently, horribly.  Cade Gonzalez, Cyrus O’Haire.  Deeds done.  Cigars burnt into eyes, children thrown from rafters…women flayed…so fast, so brief, but Az remembers every single action, every single one.  It was rape, visual molestation.  Az fell to his knees, staring in horrified awe at the screen as it suddenly cuts to black.

“Oooooh…they’ve come to snuff the rooster, awww yeah…”

His eyes widen, the grip on his kendo stick tightening as fear turns to fury.  To sheer and total rage.  He starts screaming.  Psychotically, violently, uncaring of the stunned crowd or the hushed announcers.  He rolls out of the run and BOLTS to backstage, leaving everyone confused, and nervous.

Other Guy:  What…the hell just happened here?

Dave Dymond:  I’m not even sure, OG.  I’ve never seen someone shift from such fear…such…sorrow?  To rage.  Anger.  I’m stunned, OG, and I actually feel sorry for whoever is torturing Azraith, because I don’t think they know what they’ve awoken here tonight.

Other Guy:  Or, even worse…they know EXACTLY what they’ve woken up, Dave.


SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “The DEFILER”, Jonny Johnson casually strolls fearlessly through the halls backstage.  Things are unusually calm and surprisingly empty, but the Defiler seems unfazed.  He’s arguably the most hated man on the job, but there is no paranoia in his cold blue eyes…  only confidence.

He passes by a couple of stagehands who stop what they are doing, and Jonny smiles.

The DEFILER: Kevin, Rich.

Jonny nods his head in their direction and they nod back, though not without showcasing their disapproving scowls.  The World Champ tilts his head in their direction, pretending to not understand why they would be so glum.

The DEFILER: Everything okay, guys?

They nod, not wanting trouble.

Stage Hand One: Yeah.

Stage Hand Two: Yep.  We’re good, Champ.

Jonny’s content with their responses.

The DEFILER: Well, cheer up then, all right?  Last thing I need is for a couple of gloomy gusses running around ruining…

As Jonny is talking, Dan Stein walks out of the room behind him, causing a mixed reaction from the crowd. Stein coughs and clears his throat, before Jonny can turn around.

THE LIGHTS: My oh my, you seem pretty happy today, Jonny. Toting around the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship like you won it or something.

Jonny stops whatever he is saying, and, with a smirk on his face, turns to face the approaching Stein.

The DEFILER: Mister Stein, so very go…

Stein crosses his arms over his chest, carrying on with whatever thought was still going on his mind.

THE LIGHTS: Oh, that’s right. You’re happy being handed the World Heavyweight Championship, right? Never mind the fact that you’ve competed in SHOOT Project for SOO long, and never actually won it. You’re proud that your career defining moment came not because you DESERVED it, but because you got stabbed. Well, I guess your career is complete now, isn’t it, Defiler?

Jonny waits a little bit before responding, making sure that Stein is indeed done.  It’s clear that the World Champion is completely unaffected by his comments, his smirk growing into a condescending smile.

The DEFILER: You take opportunities as they’re presented to you, Danny.  You know that better than anyone, though.  Mister Smarter than a Fifth Grader…  Heh.  (Rolling his eyes) What the fuck do you need, dude?  Shouldn’t you be preparing for a match or something?

Stein shakes his head.

THE LIGHTS: See, Jonny, that’s your problem, ‘dude’. You don’t give a shit. Hard work? Nah, fuck that. Let me lose my way to a title. Yeah, that’s the plan. Hey, JJ, I want to be just like you when I grow up. Not good, wearing shitty clothes, listening to shitty music and using my lawyer to beat the system. You’re a real ‘happenin’ guy, Jonny.

Stein drops his hands from his chest and steps up to Jonny.

THE LIGHTS: I know how you work, Jonny. I’ve spent enough time around you to understand how you play your games, and you’re good at it – very good at it. Sooner or later, though, you’re going to fuck with the wrong guy, and the wrong best friend, and like the last time you got in the ring with me, Jonny, you’ll lose.

No stabbings.

No Goddamn lawyers. Regardless of who wins the Master of the Mat, you’ll get what you have coming to you. If I’m not the first, I’ll be right there, standing behind whoever is. I will keep chasing you until you finally give in, and when you do, I will show you the true meaning of ‘Hope Is Illusion’, Jonny.

Despite Stein’s harsh remarks, Jonny’s grin does not dissipate.  It’s clear that he isn’t taking any of this seriously.

The DEFILER: You lose weight or something, man?  Because you look AMAZING…

Stein smirks, shaking his head.

THE LIGHTS: It’s like talking to a clown or somethi…

Familiar Voice: Or like talking to Kenji Yamada.

Onto the scene comes JESTER SMILES, wearing his usual wrestling attire, except, along with the wrestling attire, he has on two white wrist bands. On the left wrist band is a black A. On the right is a black R. Jester stands to the side of both men, so that he can address both men.

Jester Smiles: Like Kenji or Azraith, right? I mean, he totally sounded like Kenji, or Azraith, or, hell, even me.

Jester nudges Dan Stein a few times, the sarcasm just spewing from his mouth. Before anyone can say anything, though, Jester keeps talking.

Jester Smiles: You know, though, he’s right. You do look good, Dan. I mean, really, the lost weight, looks great on you. But you Jonny, looks like you gained a few. And this isn’t some cute belt joke. I mean, really man, you’re starting to look…how do I put this nicely…kinda…hefty. I’m just saying, as a friend, man, you’re looking kinda fat. Need to stop eating the burgers and start losing some of that weight man. And I know how you can do it.

Jester opens his mouth and acts like he’s shoving his fingers down his throat. He then fakes vomiting. When he’s finished inducing fake puking, he smiles.

Jester Smiles: I’m just saying, you know….you know.

The Champ breaks his grin and  sighs at Jester’s antics.  He shuts his eyes for an instant, though reopens them cordially in Smiles’s direction.  Stein’s reaction is similar if not a bit more brooding, uncrossing his arms and taking a step back as he watches Jonny offer a reply.

The DEFILER: Hi, Eric.  How’s the family?  Oh, right.  Dead.  (Quickly changing the subject before either man can say anything, looking at the watch around his wrist) Look guys, there’s nothing I would love more than to throw barbs back and forth with a couple of scrappy mid card acts…  but I just remembered that I’M the World Heavyweight Champion, and don’t really have the time.

His smirk returns as he eyes Jester and then Stein.

The DEFILER: So if you’ll excuse me…  I should get back to my busy schedule.

Jonny pats Eric on the back of the shoulder, but completely disregards Stein as he exits out of the scene.   Stein shakes his head as the DEFILER walks by, exhaling deeply as soon as he gets out of ear shot. Stein looks at Jester, before he can say anything, and shakes his head. Jester moves to talk to him, but Stein raises a hand to silence him.

THE LIGHTS: I know. I’m sorry. It’s been a rough time for me the last couple weeks, and I said a few things that maybe I shouldn’t have said, brought up some stuff that maybe I shouldn’t have brought up, and… I’m really, honestly, truly sorry, Eric.

Jester, who had his fists clinched pretty tightly after Jonny’s statement, loosens up a little bit after Stein’s words.

Jester Smiles: It’s whatever, man. Don’t sweat it. But, just so you know, I’m not taking back what I said. I mean no disrespect, but I am not losing to you.

Stein shakes his head, and pats Jester on the back.

THE LIGHTS: Good. I wish I was that confident… w-when my parents died.

Stein has to hurry to catch himself. He smirks and turns back into the room he came out of at the start of all of this..

THE LIGHTS: Good luck tonight, Smiles.  If someone is going to win this thing and get a crack at Jonny…  I hope it’s me or you.

Jester smiles, nodding.

Jester Smiles: (Nodding) Yeah. Same.  I’ll see you soon, Dan.

Stein turns back to Jester, and smiles quickly, before shutting the door.  Jester stares in that direction for an extra second before making his departure as well.  Revolution fades to black momentarily.


The shot opens up on a black background. Red text.


"AnoNyMouS BioGrapHy (PART 1)"


Fade into a single room. All is dark, besides one small lamp that illuminates a man’s face. His hair is long, his face… scruffy. He sports a simple black hoodie that says "DISORDERED YOUTH" in blood red text over it. Around his neck is that black surgical mask with "AnonYmOuS CaSuALtY" written on it in red. He speaks as soon as the camera fades in full view.


"I was like any normal kid growing up really. I had two strict, yet loving parents… and really, I had anything a kid would want.."


A polaroid is seen. It’s a picture of a younger Conor (3-5 years old) standing in front of a 3 story white plantation home with his mother and father. Both parents are notably attractive, and seem to be a happy family together.


"Despite my family being a full Irish family, I was born here… in America… and my family was just like any other typical American family. They were good people, and gave back to their community in any way that they could. My mother was a nurse and she really loved caring for others.. and my father was a lawyer, and honestly, my family was more than wealthy. We never had any financial problems at all."


Then there’s another shot of Conor at the playground with his mother and father.


"As a kid I was a good student. My family wouldn’t have it any other way really. I got good grades, was never a problem child, I was the golden boy of the neighborhood."


There’s a shot of Conor dressed for school. From the nerdy glasses, to the tight fitted plaid shirt, he was exactly the kind of kid that you would classify as a ‘nerd’.


"But you know with that kind of pressure it almost turned into a competition. My brother was eventually born into the family, and the attention… the love… the adoration I received took a hit."


Then there’s a shot of the now completed family. His mother, his father, Conor… and his baby brother.


"I almost felt alone from that point on. No matter how well I did in school, no one really took notice. I felt helpless. I didn’t have friends, I was an outcast because I committed myself to my studies. And then I found myself without the attention, and love of my own parents."

Then there’s a shot of Conor in high school. He’s dressed differently, and a little dirty. His smile is absent.

"High School came and I continued to do well in school. I became infatuated with psychology… and I remember doing a full report on Ed Gein and from there on out I was the weird kid in school. I was a misfit. I knew from there on out I didn’t belong."

Then there’s another shot of Conor at graduation.

"I graduated… and I remember my uncle being the only one who showed up. I was embarrassed… I was just… defeated. To be honest, more than anything, I felt fucking betrayed."

Then there’s a shot of Conor standing out in front of the Michigan State University campus.  He’s wearing a nice button up white shirt with a green sweater over it, and nice jeans. He still looked very clean, and very well put together.

"I went on to go to Michigan State University, and I did well. At this point it wasn’t for my parents, but it was for myself. I initially took up Neuroscience as a major, and I eventually branched off into Biological Psychology."

There’s a shot of Conor again, this time in a black "Bad Brains" T-shirt, his hair a mess, and rugged tight jeans. His facial hair is unkempt… and in this picture he’s a complete mess.

"I went on to study conditions such as Autism, Schizophrenia, and … drug abuse."

Then there’s another shot, this time of Conor and his younger brother Aiden.

"My brother and I became really close. At that point I didn’t care for my parents, but like any other human, I loved my brother. And I told him about my experiments with drugs. Mainly cocaine and heroin."

There’s another shot of Conor… standing out in front of "Mike’s Pub" with bar owner, Mike Smith.

"I eventually dropped out of college and moved into Ann Arbor and stayed with some friends from high school. It was then that I really felt… like an addict. Like a junkie."

Next shot is a polaroid of the apartment complex. It’s rundown… and seemingly in the middle of a ‘ghetto’.

"I didn’t have money, neither did the guys I was staying with. And I knew my parents wouldn’t send me money. And it didn’t matter, because my pride wouldn’t have ever allowed me to ask for any anyways."

Then a shot of Conor and his two roomates.

"That’s when I got into selling drugs. That wasn’t really a choice that I wanted to make, but I almost felt cornered into it. I did what I had to do, and it was a hard way to make an easy living. There were plenty of times that I felt like my life was in danger. But I had to make rent… WE had to make rent. It was a team effort, and there became a point in my life where it almost felt like second nature."

He inhales on his cigarette, his face barely visible due to the smoke.

"I remember the first night I ever set foot in a wrestling ring. It was a TTW show. I remember jumping the guardrail and yelling for Laura… a girlfriend I had been seeing from high school. My friends say they never met her. They said it was the drugs. I don’t know, I’ll never know… but I remember that night I was offered a tryout match. I was given training, and I was given a slot on the TTW talent roster."

The smoke fumed from his nose as he nodded.

"That was kind of when it all started for me… when things started to turn themselves around."

He pauses momentarily.

"That’s when I got out of Ann Arbor, and that’s when I decided to get clean…"

(The Story Continues…)


Moments before the next match, Revolution returns to it’s live feed with a cut to the back.  Way back.  All the way to the parking lot.  You hear a rumbling, roaring sound and a black Ducati Superbike 1098 S pulls into the garage.  The biker removes his helmet as he parks, revealing himself to be "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali.  He looks back out to the parking lot as a black 1969 Dodge Charger growls its way into the garage as well.  The driver is none other than Eli Storm.  Once the car comes to a stop, Storm steps out and joins Nightmare.

Nightmare: So, yeah, like I was saying, man, it’s total bullshit that they still haven’t booked you against Roland.  How the Hell can you resolve things if you never get a chance to shut him down?

Eli Storm: Welcome to the wonderful world of SHOOT. I guess the only way you can get something is to either get or be stabbed. Maybe if I had a team of lawyers ready to raise Hell things would be different. Saying as that’s the only way Josh does anything now a days.

Jonathon chuckles.

Nightmare: Well if that’s what it takes then I’ll do it.  I didn’t make my fortune by being a ‘nice guy’.  I made it by waging war in the boardroom and the courtroom.  I even have Mark Lanier’s home number if we need it.  You know him, right? Top lawyer in the country.

Eli Storm: Of course. And as nice as that sounds. We are the guys that shouldn’t have to do that. Which leaves one other option.

Storm grins.

Eli Storm: A very fun option.

Jonathon raises an eyebrow as he looks at his partner, intrigued.

Nightmare: Make it so Rolly demands it? The fans want it? And even management wants it just to get it over with and not have to deal with it anymore?

All Storm has to do is nod and the message is sent loud and clear.

Eli Storm: Pretty much. I think it is about time that someone draws the line in the sand. And it might as well be us.

A more mischievous smile creeps across Jonathon’s face, matching the one that is now present on Eli’s face as well.

Nightmare: It begins with us. Nice.  Only… not quite true.  Seems my old tag partner’s trying to do the same thing.  Sure, he crossed it himself for a while, but he caught himself before leaping into the abyss.

While you go talk to Jason Johnson about that match, I’m going to find Chris and talk to him about an informal alliance, back up one another against Roland and his so-called ‘family’.

The two head off further into the arena while the camera returns to the ring.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman! The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall and has a twenty minute time limit!

"Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge begins to play through the PA system and Doug Kinsella walks through the curtain, raising both fists in the air. The lights flicker on and off for a second or two before he descends the rampway, high-fiving fans on either side.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, fighting out of Springfield, Ohio and weighing in at 205 pounds! He is the Epitome of Magnificence…he is DOUG…KINSELLA!

As he gets down to the ring he pulls his shirt off before sliding in and strutting over to one of the turnbuckles, ascending the middle rope and flashing some "rock on" signs to the audience. There is definitely some pockets of cheering in the front row, probably from people who recognize him from his match with the legendary Nightmare. He gets down and climbs another turnbuckle on the other side of the ring, waving out to the fans in the back. Eventually his music begins to fade and he jumps down, now electing to pace back and forth in the ring for his opponent.

Dave Dymond: Doug Kinsella looking very energetic, very excited tonight. He had an impressive debut a couple weeks ago and despite losing, I think he took a lot of good out of that.

Other Guy: No doubt, Dave. When you get to grapple with the best in the business–Nightmare in this case–you’re going to walk away knowing a little more about yourself and your capabilities whether you lose or win. Kinsella looks confident, prepared, and excited, and he’s got every excuse to be. Unfortunately he’s got a very different kind of threat here tonight; I mean, ya can’t teach what Jack Heart brings to the table.

Dave Dymond: Well I’m sure you can but you’d be heartless to learn. Jack carries every dirty trick in the business down to the ring with him in his head. You pair that up with the level of talent he’s got? And that equals a whole mess of trouble. Kinsella’s going to have his hands full, that’s for sure.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT.

The crowd instantly starts to leer and boo as "Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage screams out through the arena and the youthful, cocky smirk of Jack Heart appears at the top of the ramp, arms spread in encouragement of his symphony. Surprisingly Joyce Maguire–the conniving valet of one Sinnocence–steps out behind him, her own smile sliced through her face like a bad scar. Both get a fairly solid reaction, especially when Jack pauses to take off his sunglasses. They start making their way towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: He was born in London, England…he’s 5’9 and 172 pounds…he is a member of the House and a former Sky High Cup participant…they call him the British Kicking Machine, JACK! HEART!!!!!

The fans boo even louder as he slaps away fans trying to high-five him, and even the normally fair-tempered Maguire is jawing back and forth with some members of the crowd. Finally Heart makes it to the steel steps, which he trots up and starts walking the length of the apron, one hand running over a rope. He flings his hair out of his eyes as he climbs the turnbuckle from the outside, raising a fist to more boos, before he jumps into the ring to meet with Dennis Heflin.

Dave Dymond: Listen to that crowd.

Other Guy: He doesn’t care. They thrive on this kind of stuff.

Dave Dymond: Joyce Maguire doesn’t seem too offended either; she’s laughing. The alarm bells should be going off in Kinsella’s head right about now. This isn’t a scheduled appearance on Maguire’s part, and I think its safe to say we know what she’s out here for.

Other Guy: We’ll have to see what kind of job Heflin does of keeping her out of this thing. Whether she’s a factor or not hangs squarely on that man’s shoulders; hopefully we get a clean one here.

Jack Heart stares at Kinsella from his corner, a sneer peeled across his lips. Kinsella doesn’t seem too bothered by it. He just puts his hands on his knees, waiting for the bell before he springs into action. Heflin checks with both competitors before he signals to the timekeeper. DING! DING! DING! The match is under way.

Kinsella immediately stalks out of his corner and meets up with Heart in the center of the ring, grabbing him hardily in what’s supposed to be a grapple. But Heart snaps Kinsella’s arms off of him with authority and slaps him square in the face, eliciting a chorus of boos from the audience. Heart leans his own face in so that he’s literally nose to nose with Kinsella, who looks back at Heart with a wild look in his eye. Then Heart swiftly raises his arm, looking to nail Kinsella in the face with a well-timed punch. Kinsella blocks it and headbutts Heart, who falls back on his back to the sound of some cheering. Jack tries to scramble to his feet but Kinsella comes up with him, his fingers fixed around Heart’s throat as he lurches forward with a DK Cutter! The fans are cheering while Kinsella goes for the quick pin!



KICKOUT! Kinsella rolls back off of Heart and springs to his feet, getting a slightly groggy Heart up by his head. He lands some hard knees into his midsection, turning him around before Irish whipping him into the ropes. On the rebound Kinsella hits Heart with an armdrag and follows up by trying to get an armbar, but Heart’s awake and ready. He backs away from Kinsella on the mat, yanking his arm out of Doug’s grip and slowly getting to his feet, that trademark sneer plastered back on his face. He brushes off his shoulder like that was nothing and starts to circle Kinsella, looking for an opening on which he can capitalize.

Dave Dymond: So the first exchange here very much all Kinsella. As little as we’ve seen from him, it’s my understanding he’s a pretty well-rounded athlete. He takes from all schools of wrestling and brings it all together to form a pretty solid technique, OG. Heart might find it a little more difficult than usual in breaking through his opponent’s defense.

Other Guy: Kinsella’s got a lot of skill, that much is certain, and I think we haven’t even really tipped the iceberg on it. I know he’s got some power moves he wasn’t able to use on Nightmare two weeks ago, and with his weight advantage over Heart? I say we see some of that come into play here. Don’t forget though; they don’t call Heart the British Kicking Machine for nothing. Three months ago they were calling this guy the next Cade Sydal; maybe that’s changed with his attitude, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Kinsella lurches forward for a grapple attempt, but Heart nails him with an I-jung chagi in his left knee, quickly following it by a yeop chagi. Kinsella falters and Heart sees an opportunity; he flings himself in the air, flattening Kinsella with a spinning heel kick. Before Kinsella can even think about getting up, Heart mounts him and grabs his head up in a headlock, lying flat against Kinsella’s body to keep him from getting up. Heflin drops to a knee to check with Kinsella, who doesn’t look to be submitting any time soon, but Heart locks it in tighter. Gradually Doug slips a pinned arm out from under Heart and uses it to push himself back on the mat, extinguishing Heart’s submission. Heart travels with him though despite Kinsella getting his legs free–and wrapping them around Heart’s back. All of a sudden, FLIP! He flips Heart over and now HE’S on top delivering HEAVY blows to Heart’s face! The crowd cheers as Heflin steps between the two, and Kinsella backs off, allowing Heart to get back to his feet. The Heart brother wipes his mouth as he stands up, glaring at Doug. He didn’t like that at all.

Dave Dymond:That’s the kind of defense you’ve got to watch out for from Kinsella. The tides can turn at any second with this man, and that’s something Heart’s going to have to think about if he wants this one.

Other Guy: Or he could just have Maguire even it up. Who needs counter-moves when you’ve got a stacked corner, right?

Maguire is indeed on the prowl but Kinsella and Heart are in the center of the ring, well away from her grip. The two men lunge at each other and lock-up, Kinsella getting the better of the exchange as he sends Heart to the ropes. He drops his head, looking for the big back body drop, but Heart kicks him SQUARE in the face, prompting an outcry from the fans. He turns around and runs to bounce off the ropes again, but this time Kinsella’s prepared. He HOISTS Heart up on his shoulders and hits a WELL-TIMED Samoan Drop, sitting up to a pretty good smattering of cheering. He gets to his feet and leaps over Heart’s body, jumping up on the ropes and springboarding his own body on top of Heart’s. The crowd cheers as Heflin drops to his knees for the count.



SHOULDER! Kinsella gets up from his fours and points to the sky, signaling for a big turnbuckle move. The fans cheer as he climbs up to the very top rope, both arms raised in the air before he turns around. He’s waiting for Heart to get to his feet, but wait! Maguire’s coyly made her way around to his side! She’s right under him, and she PULLS him down onto the turnbuckle, causing him excruciating pain in his groin area! Heflin points a finger at Maguire and leans his head out of the ropes, telling her to stay out of this just as Heart is up on his feet and conscious. Heart gets a running start and jumps up on the turnbuckle, jumping up a second time onto Kinsella’s shoulders and LOCKING HIS LEGS AROUND HIM! HUGE hurricanrana!

Dave Dymond: Nice rebuttal by Jack Heart!

Other Guy: Those high risk moves are just that, Dave…high-risk. And that’s where Heart’s most comfortable.

Heart goes for his own pin and Heflin quickly drops.



KICKOUT! Heart hasn’t nearly gotten in enough offense to put Kinsella away, but now’s his shot. He slaps the mat in frustration, urging Heflin to learn to count faster as he violently tugs Kinsella to his feet. He hooks both of Kinsella’s arms and yells something inaudible out at the crowd, their cue to start booing him again. He then hits a tidy double-armed suplex and sits up, applauding his own move. Maguire slaps the apron and nods her head, pointing at Heart as if acknowledging his greatness. The boos go up a notch. Getting Kinsella to his feet, Heart goes to whip him into the turnbuckle but Doug reverses it, sending Heart back first into the hard corner. Kinsella shakes the cobwebs out before he charges, but Heart somersaults out of the way, sending Kinsella careening face first into the corner. As he stumbles backwards, Heart kicks him back into the turnbuckle and starts chopping away at Kinsella’s legs, at one point stopping to position a groggy Kinsella so his back is facing the turnbuckle. He then  lights Doug up with some hard kicking combo’s, occasionally drawing some chastising from Heflin. He knees Kinsella in the head and goes to repeat but suddenly finds his leg trapped. He hops on one foot, mybe looking for an enzuiguri, but Doug doesn’t give him the chance. He flings Heart backwards, making the British Kicking Machine land flat on his back, and he pushes himself up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Kinsella’s bravely fought Heart’s advances off, and he may be looking for something big here.

Other Guy: I’d be wary about going to that turnbuckle again, especially with Maguire in the vicinity.

Kinsella looks at the turnbuckle like he’s thinking about it but changes his mind, instead opting for some sort of running move. He’s caught short though when Maguire gets involved AGAIN, this time grabbing his feet and causing him to trip on his face! The crowd boos as Kinsella gets back up and yells angrily at Maguire, Heflin joining in behind him. The referee’s growing more and more irate and is threatening to throw the mouthy Maguire out, but she calms down and backs up, indicating that her work here is done. Both Heflin and Kinsella turn around, only for Doug to eat a WICKED high kick that absolutely LEVELS HIM! Heart punctuates it with a quick leg drop, hooking the leg and snarling at Heflin to end this thing.



ROPE BREAK! Kinsella’s foot is on the ropes! An aggravated Jack Heart kicks the air as he stands up, walking away from Kinsella with both hands on his hips. He curses at the leering crowd before he walks back over to Kinsella and leads him over to the center of the ring. Heart’s yelling out loud about ending the match right here and now, grabbing Kinsella up into position. He yells out his famous three-letter catchphrase, "DIE!", before attempting the finisher of the same name–but as he swings Kinsella up on his shoulder, the epitome of magnificence slips over it and comes down with a NECKBREAKER! The fans cheer loud as Heart thought he had this one! Doug stands up and beats his chest, waving a fist of excitement. The adrenaline’s pumping now! He leans over on his knees, beckoning for Heart to get to his feet. He eventually does and Kinsella LEVELS him with a clothesline, bouncing off the ropes and dropping him with a flashback as Heart tried to scramble back to his feet! He’s yelling something out loud now and he’s got the full crowd behind him! He grabs both of Heart’s legs and hooks in a Boston Crab!

Dave Dymond: This match is a got a whole lot more exciting, OG! What a comeback! I thought Heart had him there!

Other Guy: I did too, but a little craftiness on the part of Kinsella and now look…he’s got Heart right where he wants him!

Heflin’s checking on Heart who’s really straining…it looks like he may tap! BUT LOOK OUT! MAGUIRE’S IN THE RING! Heflin intercepts her, grabbing her up in a hug to try to neutralize whatever she was trying to do! Kinsella’s concentration is broken and he’s let go of Heart, watching this altercation with interest. Jack Heart with a roll-up from behind! HE’S GOT KINSELLA pinned! This might be over! BUT MAGUIRE! She’s got Heflin TOO busy! Heart’s pounding the mat! He’s trying to get Heflin’s attention and the fans love it! Kinsella kicks out and up on his feet, flinging Heart backwards! Security’s now coming down to the ring to escort Maguire out! Kinsella’s staring menacingly at the irate Heart, who gets up on his legs and lunges for a clothesline! BUT KINSELLA CATCHES IT! He swings Heart’s arm over his shoulder and hits him with a leg lifting side slam! And now he’s pointing to the top rope!

Dave Dymond: Folks, if you’re just now joining us we’ve got one heck of a match going on! Joyce Maguire’s just been tossed from ringside, and now Doug Kinsella is on the rebound!

Other Guy: It’s definitely not looking good for Heart here, but I’ve seen him pull it out before…maybe he’s still got something up his sleeve yet.

Kinsella gets Heart up off the mat and tucks his head under his armpit! He swings him up and over his body in a move similar to the Ego Trip! Except this is the FINAL ENCOUNTER! We’ve got a pin! Heflin drops to the mat!





Samantha Coil: Here is your winner! DOUG KINSELLA!!!

Dennis Heflin raises the exuberant Doug Kinsella’s arm high in the air as he jumps around, ecstatic that he’s just gotten his first win in SHOOT. Jack rolls out of the ring holding his head and cursing, swatting away a fan and actually going as far as to get in his face. The fans are cheering pretty decently for Kinsella, who marches over to a turnbuckle and climbs it, putting his arms in the air again.

Dave Dymond: Doug Kinsella gets his first win here in SHOOT Project, and it couldn’t come against a better measuring stick. As much as the rest of the Universe may loath Jack Heart, we’re talking about a man with a whole lot of potential…I mean, the sky’s the limit for him, really.

Other Guy: But that’s just it, Dave. It’s potential. And he hasn’t really quite harnessed it yet. I think this whole House ordeal…this conflict with his brother, its got him out of whack. Its gotta be eating at his mind, and unfortunately I don’t think he’s going to go much farther in SHOOT until he resolves it. He came out here distracted, a little disoriented…he pulled off some key moves but he tried to close it prematurely and Kinsella took him to school for it. Not a tremendous loss, but it’s gonna be hard to gain momentum from here, that’s for sure.

Dave Dymond: The real story here is Kinsella. Despite Maguire’s best attempts, despite being locked in the clutches of doom in the final minutes here…Doug made this work. He got out of jams and he did what he had to do, and that’s why he’s at where he’s at. An exciting match with two young and exciting stars…I tell ya what, OG, it’s hard to believe that the night can get better from here.

Other Guy: Well you better believe it, Dave, because this is SHOOT Project. We’ve got a whole hell of a lot of show left for you cats at home, including a Revolution Championship match-up, a real winner in Stein vs. Smiles, and of course, our main event…Christopher Davis and Kenji Yamada, Family versus a living legend. I don’t think it can get any better than that.

Dave Dymond: Well I guess our viewers will just have to stay tuned and find out… more master of the mat action on tap, with Gutter Rat vs. NC-17 for the Revolution Championship up next!


Following the match, the action of Revolution continues, and the fans from ringside suddenly can be heard cheering as Christopher Davis rounds a corner backstage. About the same time Abigail Chase rounds a corner walking in the opposite direction. A stagehand calls out to Davis as he walks.

Stagehand: Good evening Chris.

Davis spins around and begins walking backwards to see who called his name. Suddenly his progress is stopped.

Christopher Davis:  There’s a couple of things very soft and VERY full pressed into my back right now and if my nose isn’t deceiving me I know to whom those belong.

Davis spins around and stares into the eyes of the stunning Abigail Chase. She shakes her head and smiles at the former world champion.

Abigail Chase:  You’re an ass you know that right?

Christopher Davis:  So I’ve heard.

Chase smiles slightly, but tries to refrain from acting too “girly” as it would and quickly continues on.

Abigail Chase: Listen, I wanted let you know that I appreciated our conversation the other night. It’s was actually nice to see that side of you.

Christopher Davis:  It’s not like you could actually SEE anything because had you been able to SEE…

She rolls her eyes, albeit it playfully.

Abigail Chase:  See don’t mess up a good thing.

The two share a laugh. Abigail steps closer to Chris, staring into his eyes.

Abigail Chase:  I, um, wanted to say…

There is a soft cough from a short distance behind Christopher. As they turn they spot "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali standing there.

Nightmare:  I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.

Chris reacts first. A look of familiarity comes across his face. Abigail stands behind Chris.

Christopher Davis:  Well if it isn’t the man known as Nightmare. Long time no see man. You appear to be doing well for yourself. What can I do for you?

Nightmare:  Well, first of all I wanted to say hello and good luck with your match against Kenji tonight, Chris. He can be a vicious son of a bitch, but I know you’re up to the task.

Davis gives a single nod, not lacking in confidence tonight.

Christopher Davis:  I appreciate it, you know I’m going to go out here and do what I do. Kenji has no idea of what he’s up against tonight. Tonight I’m going to take another one of Vincent’s ‘family" to hell and back. Then I’m going to take that belt.

Nightmare nods his head.

Nightmare: I also wanted to talk to you about a mutual defense agreement against The Family. I know you’ve had your problems with them. I saw that brutal fight you had against Sammy Rochester. Then there’s Kenji tonight, who can be a vindictive fuck. My current tag partner, Eli, has had his share of problems with The Family as well, especially against Caldwell.

Since we have mutual enemies, and we’re outnumbered separately, I thought allying together would place things on a more even playing field.

Well, more than even, you and I made a damn dominant team, add Eli into the equation and The Family will be a much more manageable problem.

Chris listens, but a look of concern comes across his face.

Christopher Davis:  You know man, once again I appreciate the assistance but at this point in the game I don’t think I’m looking to do the "join up" thing with anybody. I’ve been down that road a few times and for some reason it just ends badly.

So yeah, if you and Eli want to do your thing then by all means handle your business, but as for me, I’m not sure I want to go that route. I’ve always been better at handling things on my own.

Jonathon nods in agreement.

Nightmare: Yeah, man. I do understand that. You know I’ve never been one to do the group thing either. I’m not suggesting the three of us become some sort of stable. I’m simply suggesting that we have an "I watch your back, you watch my back" thing. No commitment, no strings. We’re not going to go out and buy t-shirts or get a mini-van or anything.

The last comment gets a chuckle from Abigail, who is still standing behind Chris. Chris turns slightly to acknowledge her and then returns his attention to Nightmare. He reaches out to shake hands with the former OPW world champion.

Christopher Davis:  You know what man, I’ll give it some thought. Welcome to SHOOT man, enjoy your stay.

Jonathon reaches to and shakes Davis’s hand. He nods at Abigail and heads on down the hallway. Davis turns around, but continues to look towards Nightmare. He doesn’t notice the frown on Abigail’s face.

Christopher Davis:  I hope those two know what they might be getting into…

Davis fully returns his attention to Abigail.

Abigail Chase: Don’t tell me you’re not going to take them up on their offer.

Davis doesn’t respond.

Abigail Chase: Chris! Two guys are willing to help, to get you away from this, why wouldn’t you let them help you out?

Christopher Davis: If they want to fight The Family, that’s fine, I’m not telling anyone what they can or can’t do around here. But that’s not changing what I still have to do. If I’m going to make things okay around here for us then I have to do this on my own.

Chase smiles and Davis doesn’t pick up on it right away.

Abigail Chase: Us, Chris?

Now Davis picks up on the vibe and shakes his head, perhaps flustered?

Christopher Davis: Us… like SHOOT Project. Sure, you’re a part of that, but. I’m just sayin.

Abigail playfully hits Davis in the shoulder, an unprofessional move for sure, but this isn’t exactly a professional interview.

Abigail Chase: Shut up, Chris.

Davis flashes a smile, but the smile suddenly fades.

Christopher Davis: You need to go Abigail.

She doesn’t get it, and nobody else does, until Vincent Mallows wheels into view. All at once the fans from ringside can be heard booing and Davis’s once smiling face shows nothing but an ice-cold glare.

Vincent Mallows: (through slurred slightly muffled speech) Oh… oh I do hope I wasn’t interrupting.

Chase looks somewhat concerned but finally walks off, leaving Mallows and Davis face to face. Davis steps forward, looking down slightly at Mallows in the chair.

Christopher Davis: Crippled, bound to a wheelchair by karma, and still able to ruin a good thing. I guess you don’t get tired of me fucking up your plans do you Vincent?

Something that resembles somewhat of a laugh escapes Mallows’s twisted mouth.

Vincent Mallows: Too rich, Mr. Davis. But I didn’t come here to listen to classic Chris Davis trash talk. Oh, quite the contrary… I came… to do the talking. Indulge me Mr. Davis, if you would, since you intend on foiling me regardless, allow me to talk.

Christopher Davis: Talk all you need Vinnie, I’m sure I’ve heard it all before but it could be amusing.

The noise that comes from Mallows next sounds like a mixture of gargling, choking, and coughing all at once… apparently Mallows has to clear his throat.

Vincent Mallows: My apologies. Now then, the simple fact of the matter is you have a choice to make. Either you choose happiness, or you choose heroism. You will make the choice, and in turn The Family will act accordingly.

Davis doesn’t respond immediately, in fact he just stands there over Mallows while Mallows sits content with the message he delivered. The fans pick up again, some booing, but soon a “punch his lights out!” chant starts, picks up steam, and soon many of the fans can be heard chanting from ringside. Davis looks up slightly, acknowledging the fans as he clenches his fist.

Christopher Davis: You know, I have every desire in me to listen to the fans… but I’m not. What I’m going to do is give you a choice of your own, Vincent, because the way I see it, I don’t have the choice to make you do.

Davis leans over, placing both his hands firmly on the arms of Mallows’s wheelchair.

Christopher Davis: Um, yeah, I’m bored now Vinnie, so you can either roll away on your own or…

Davis stops and stands back up straight.

Christopher Davis: Actually there isn’t a choice. Get out of my way!

With that Davis pushes on the wheelchair, but suddenly Mallows grabs a small lever on the underside of his chair which puts a break on the wheels, making the chair very difficult to push.

Vincent Mallows: Everyone has a choice to make, Chris. Choices and consequences is all that balances us out in the end, after all. Choices and consequences. Remember that, Mr. Davis… and good luck tonight.

Mallows releases the lever and wheels out of the way. Davis simply glares at Mallows before continuing off down the hall. The camera focuses on Mallows’s deformed/paralyzed face before cutting away.



“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar begins to play over the empty footage.

Red text appears on the screen.


That word stays there for a few seconds too longer before cutting to low-quality gray footage from a security camera. There are no sounds from the footage itself. NOVA LYNN JACKSON is shown sitting in a motel room, at the edge of the bed, watching the television. She covers her mouth with her hands in shock, clearly amused by whatever is on screen. Nova flops back on the bed and one of her hands wanders to the waistband of her sweatpants.

The footage cuts suddenly to show Nova sitting up once more. She is staring at something off screen, and suddenly jumps off of the bed and flies out of frame. She returns with a small paper bag and sits on the floor, tearing the bag open and shoving the contents into her mouth. Nova’s posture is reminiscent of a lion tearing at a poor cute little zebra.

The footage gives Nova her privacy for another millisecond, before showing her with a wad of toilet paper in her hands. She is cleaning the motel room in her underwear and bra, dancing around. Nova wipes at the side table, lifting the lamp and dusting under it as well. There is clearly a sense of pride in the well-maintained state of her room, even when she is shown crinkling her nose at the shabbiness of her quarters.

The red NOVACAM reappears on screen, and the phrase TO BE CONTINUED fades under it in white.

“Hit me with your best shot!

Why dont you hit me with your best shot!

Hit me with your best shot!

Fire away!”


As soon as the bizarre footage fades out completely, REVOLUTION 36 picks up at ringside in an almost frantic fashion.  The crowd seems generally stunned by the randomness of whatever it is they just watched, but have very little time to think about it…

AC/DC’s “Back In Black” pumps through the arena, with certain audience members breaking into cheers, others into boos, most unsure of how to respond until the house lights die and a single white spotlight hits the entranceway. CJ NELSON and JARED WALSH step through the curtain, and that’s when the crowd explodes. LONG ISLAND HARDCORE stands at the entrance, belts around their waists, in black suits, shirts, and ties, with sunglasses and Jared’s hair in a ponytail.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions are here, OG, and after what we just saw, I’ve no doubt they have a lot to say.

Other Guy: And, after the DEFILER’s ‘coronation’ last Revolution, I doubt any of it’s nice.  Cut ‘em down, LIHC!

Sure enough, the pair stalk to the ring, ignoring the crowd, and call for microphones upon arrival.

CJ Nelson: I guess first of all, we’d like to give a hearty congratulations to the new World Heavyweight Champion for a hard-fought match that really brought out the best in his opponent.

The crowd boos loudly, clearly unhappy with the way things have turned out.

Jared Walsh: Obviously, since his opponent won the match, and retained the belt he has now degraded just by his touch.

The crowd immediately takes a 180, bursting into cheers. CJ and Jared nod accordingly.

CJ Nelson: Yeah, that’s about how we feel. Say what you will about how we got these belts, but we fucking earned them, and we didn’t need to rely on some cheap loophole and outside legal bullshit to take down our opponents.

Jared Walsh: But that’s just par for the course for Jonny Johnson and his hapless band of misfits, is it not? After all, if they can’t beat us in the ring…

CJ Nelson: …which they can’t…

Jared Walsh: Well, why the hell not kidnap a friend of theirs? And this bullshit we all just saw? If I thought you guys would get it, I’d tell you I thought she looked Swedish.

CJ Nelson: So I’m thinking, if R&R want to see if they got to us, why not have ’em come on down right now and try to prove it?

Jared Walsh: C’mon, guys. You think you’ve got us beat? You think you’ve broken us? Get the fuck out here. Your friend couldn’t make the grade against Corazon, so he had to use a fucking bullshit plan B!  Let’s see if you can succeed where he failed. Belts on the line. Name your time, name your place.

CJ Nelson: That is, assuming you have the fucking balls.

CJ and Jared turn toward the entrance, praying that their request is answered.  The crowd cheers along anxiously.  Jared hops up on the bottom rope and bounces up and down, waving for Riley, Rogue, or even Super Fan to answer their challenge.

Jared Walsh: COME ON BOYS!  Don’t make us wait!

Jared continues to wave frantically, while CJ holds his ground, arms out, ready for a fight!

Dave Dymond: Are they even in the building tonight?  We didn’t see them out here earlier, though we certainly know Osbourne Kilminster is here.  I’m not sure they’ve made the trek tonight. 

Other Guy: God, I hope they did, Dave.  I’m gonna kill our good cop, bad cop dynamic a sec here and say I want to see those tag-along mah’fuckers get their asses kicked!

Dave Dymond: I would certainly be okay with that, but…

Dave is cut off rather unexpectedly by “Bell the Cat” by LM.C!  The fans seem confused at first, but then catch on as they realize whose music that is!  Claps abound, the curtains brush open…

SHINYA and MAYA of the tag team TRES BIEN arrive to a modest pop, though, also receive a share of “BOOOS” and bewildered glances.  Not because of anything they did, but rather, out of disappointment that they aren’t Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, or Tim Calahan.

Dave Dymond: (Confused) Shinya and Maya, the eccentric members of TRES BIEN out with us…  and honestly, I have no idea what this could possibly be about.

Other Guy: Last time these dudes made an unexpected visit to Long Island Hardcore, they got beat the hell down, Dave.  This pro’lly wasn’t the best time…

They stay at the top of the aisle, the red and black streamers limping down lifelessly from their elbows and knees.  Tight, black Leather pants, and sparkling, silver vests are much more loud than the tandems demeanors.  Maya stays back behind Shinya, who, with a microphone in hand, takes a couple steps forward.

Shinya: (Speaking hesitantly, making sure his English is understandable) Maya and myself apologize for our in…ter-uption.  Interruption.  We have nothing but respect for you both, but the men you look for are not here.

Maya nervously grabs on to his partner’s hand, still hiding near his side, obviously struggling with memories from these two teams’ last encounter.  Shinya looks back to his partner and nods, while doing his best to comfort him with an understanding gaze.

Inside the ring, Jared and CJ seem annoyed, amused, and baffled all at the same time.

Jared Walsh: (Half-smiling, trying to figure this out) Soooooo…  you two just wanted to make sure we knew?

CJ Nelson: Or you want to come down here and give these people a repeat from the last time you stuck your noses in our business?  Because we have A LOT OF STEAM to blow off, fellas!

Surprisingly the fans pop pretty loudly.  Maya shakes his head frantically that that is NOT what they want, while Shinya acts a little more cool about the situation.  He holds his hand up and slowly waves off the notion.

Shinya: No.  No, we are not here to fight.  Maya and I have worked very hard and we have defeated the team… Quinn and Riley, who you speak of, before…

Impatient, Jared interrupts.

Jared Walsh: And now you want to impart us with your knowledge?  Or maybe you boys are just looking for a couple more pals to “play in your band”…  Well, let me tell you…

Shinya looks annoyed now and again waves Jared off, though this time more forcefully.

Shinya: (Blurting it out) We would like a match!  For your belts!

Jared and CJ are both taken aback.  Jared motions to the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM TITLE around his waist, asking if that was what Shinya meant.  CJ actually laughs and shrugs.

CJ Nelson: You got it, boys!  Come on down!

CJ begins to remove his title, as does Jared, but again they are stopped.

Shinya: (Shaking his head) No, No.  Not tonight.  We would like a shot in TWO WEEKS.  On July the…

He looks back to Maya who helps his partner out.

Maya: (Reaching over and talking into the microphone) July twenty-seventh.

Maya nods.

Shinya: (Looking for an answer) Do we agree?

Jared, who had already removed his title belt, slings it over his shoulder and looks back to CJ, who still has his belt fastened.

CJ Nelson: (Shrugging) It’s been a while since Reckoning Day.  We should probably defend these things anyway…

Jared Walsh: Yeah, but…  (“Subtly” gesturing toward Shinya and Maya ) Them?

CJ shrugs, but in a way that says “We kind of have to.”  Jared sighs and turns back to the members of Tres Bien.

Jared Walsh: You have a deal.  Two weeks.

The fans cheer a little bit and Maya pumps his fist and starts fidgeting in excitement behind Shinya, who, to his credit, stays fairly calm.  He puts his hands together and bows his head, keeping back his giddy glee.

Shinya: (Slowly breaking into a smile) Thank you, gentlemen!  We will give you our very best!  Thank you!!!

“Bell the Cat” by LM.C! begins to play and the tandem runs off like school girls who just got asked to the prom.  Jared argues with CJ in the ring for a moment but backs down pretty quickly.  He shakes his head and drops his microphone before making an exit through the ropes.  CJ follows him behind, the team reluctantly heading back up the aisle.

Dave Dymond: Well…  They don’t get who they want, but we DO have a tag team title contest scheduled for JULY TWENTY-SEVENTH…  Long Island Hardcore will defend against new comers Shinya and Maya of Tres Bien!

Other Guy: I really wanted Quinn and Riley to get punked out.  Damn cowards, man.

CJ and Jared finally vanish and the shot cuts elsewhere.


The scene cuts backstage, more specifically to the women’s bathroom where we find ourselves staring at a row of stalls. The click of a bolt being unlocked snaps the silence abruptly and one of the doors swings open, revealing the beautiful blonde valet of NC-17, Barbie Kellers. She straightens out her spaghetti strap dress before walking over to one of the sinks and dispensing some soap into her hands. As she stands there washing them she looks up into the mirror.

She lets out a heavy sigh, letting her shoulders drop as she continues to lather up her hands with the faintly fragrant soap. Her body is perfect, her hair is perfect, her makeup is perfect and her life would be perfect…if she didn’t have one very big problem. A sharp click behind her brings Barbie out of her momentary reverie and her head snaps up. In the mirror, she sees the dark hair and green eyes of a woman that was making her life miserable. Sinnocence. The raven-haired beauty walks out of the stall, dressed in her normal leather ensemble. The blonde’s eyes widen in shock, but she tries to stay calm and rinses the soap from her hands. Sinn silently walks up and leans her back against the counter.

Sinnocence: You did a wonderful job convincing your boytoy that an alliance with Crush wasn’t worth the effort. You should be proud of yourself, sweetcheeks. I know I am.

The stripper mockingly claps for a few moments before letting her hands fall back down to her sides. Feeling the anger bubbling up inside of her, Barbie jerks the water off and stares vacantly into the mirror, her fists balled and her jaw locked. Why wouldn’t this woman let her be? What had she done to deserve this?

Barbie: I did what you wanted, now leave me alone.

The venom in her tone was more than apparent. Perhaps she’d forgotten who she was dealing with.

Sinnocence: Oh dearie…you should really learn to watch that tone of yours.

In a flash, Sinnocence whips around and grabs the back of Barbie’s neck, forcing her to look in the mirror. She exerts a little pressure, just to let the blonde know that she is serious.

Sinnocence:  You just don’t seem to understand it, do you, Barbie? This isn’t a game…this is serious. Please don’t make me lose my temper. I have a very nasty temper and I’d hate to ruin that pretty face of yours. Now are you going to listen to me and do as I ask?

The Killer Queen pushed a little harder, pressing Barbie’s face against the cold glass of the mirror so she could see every little detail of her perfect skin. Barbie flinched as she felt those long, familiar fingers on her skin. In a way she was frightened; she’d never been physically accosted on this level before. But then…then there was another feeling. It was almost like a rush, like…no, no, what–what was she thinking?! The blonde bombshell grit her teeth and pushed back on the sink, trying to find a way out of this predicament.

Barbie: What do you want?

The pressure on the back of Barbie’s neck was instantly gone and she was pulled back into a tight embrace. Sinn’s arms were wrapped gently around the blonde’s midsection and Barbie felt lips on the side of her neck as she watched her tormentor in the mirror’s reflection. The stripper’s eyes never left hers as she spoke.

Sinnocence: This week…I want you to do whatever you have to do to cost your lover boy his match. It’s a lot easier than the last request, I know…but I can’t give you hard things to do every week.

That feeling wells back up inside of Barbie as Sinn craned her neck to kiss the blonde’s neck again. Her hand came up, lightly brushing the Killer Queen’s dark locks before dropping down after she realized what she was doing. What was going on?! Her body was betraying her! She hears a small laugh come from Sinn again, before the stripper pushes her lightly back against the sink, disengaging all contact and walking to the door.

Sinnocence:  I know you’ll make me proud, beautiful…

Barbie watches Sinnocence disappear out of the bathroom door before she leans back against the sink, stunned. She holds her pretty head in her frail hands, disbelief etched all over her face. What-what was going on?  Why was this happening? And more importantly…what was she going to do? As the camera starts to zoom out Kellers has a sudden burst of anger. She yanks the towel dispenser from the wall, kicking it and cursing, slamming her fists down on the counter top. The last thing we see is Barbie grabbing her hair and leaning over the sink, her eyes starting to well up with tears.  There’s a knock on the door, which forces Barbie to quickly wipe her eyes… and she leaves the bathroom, ready to head down to the ring.



Coming back to the ring, the camera pans around the SOLD OUT crowd in attendance tonight at the Thomas and Mack Center.  Some lucky fans get their five seconds of fame as the cameras pan around. Finally the focus settles on Samantha Coil standing in the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Gary, Indiana and weighing in at 234 pounds! He is the CREEEAAAM OF OBSCEEEENE…N…C…SEVENTEEEEN!

The crowd cheers as "Fever for the Flava" by Hot Action Cop hits the PA system and NC-17 comes flying out, pumping his fist and shaking his head. He’s dressed in his usual long pink tights, white boots, and white open-fingered gloves, and trailing behind him with a reluctant wave and a nervous smile is his beautiful valet, Barbie Kellers. She seems more reserved than usual and keeps tugging unconsciously at the bottom of her dress. He on the other hand is slapping high fives, letting little kids feel his mohawk, and trying to get phone numbers from a couple of MILFS. Barbie doesn’t even mind him like she usually might, heading over to her corner while she worriedly brushes some hair out of her eyes. Something’s up with her. He runs up the steel steps, taking a bow before turning around and looking towards the entrance ramp, a smile on his face.

Other Guy: Barbie looks nervous, Dave. Maybe, you know, I should go and make her feel okay.

Dave Dymond: I should to. You know, make sure she is okay and such.

“Mobscene” by Marilyn Manson hits over the PA. Big Ed Johnson comes out from the back, a big shit eating grin on his face. In his left hand he holds a chain, connected to something behind the curtain. In his right, a small remote device. Slung over his shoulder is the Revolution Championship Big Ed stops smiling and yanks on the chain, screaming something at whatever is behind the curtain. Gutter Rat emerges from the back, and, even though he is wearing a mask, you can tell that he is miserable. He hangs his head as he is lead/dragged to the ring by his manager. A chorus of boos almost drowns out the entrance music.

Other Guy: Gutter Rat looks like hell, Dave.

Dave Dymond: You know, I know he’s a monster and all, but I still end up feeling bad for the guy. I mean, there’s a human somewhere underneath that mask, and I just hate watching him get treated like a dog.

Samantha Coil: And now, the champion. Weighing in at 285 pounds, he is the Rat Bastard and the current REVOLUTION CHAMPION! Ladies and gentlemen, the GUTTER RAT!!

As Big Ed and Gutter Rat reach the ring, Gutter Rat yanks on the chain, signaling Gutter Rat to get in the ring. Gutter Rat, however, doesn’t move, except for his head. He shakes his head now.

Other Guy: Gutter Rat doesn’t want to fight? I mean, that seems odd.

Dave Dymond: I think he’s just tired of doing everything Big Ed’s way.

Big Ed just smiles at Gutter Rat. He then holds up the remote device and this the little button. Suddenly, Gutter Rat goes down to his knees, spasming and grasping at the collar on his neck.

Dave Dymond: Oh my god. Gutter Rat is wearing a shock collar? Come on, man.

Other Guy: I guess he really has turned Gutter Rat into a dog.

Gutter Rat, clearly not wanting to get shocked again, reluctantly heads up the ring steps and steps into the ring. Once inside the ring, Big Ed unchains Gutter Rat, but he points at the shock collar, giving Gutter Rat a remind of who is in control. He then shocks Gutter Rat one more time, real quick, just for added emphasis. Meanwhile, NC-17 stands in the corner, pointing at Gutter Rat and whispering insults about GR to Barbie. Barbie tries to laugh, as if she is enjoying the jokes, but the laughs are obviously fake. Gutter Rat, meanwhile, keeps his head bowed, trying to ignore the boos and jeers from the fans and from NC-17. Big Ed stands outside the ring, smiling, and patting the Revolution Title. Willie Dean tells Barbie to get down from the apron, which she does, and then he signals for the bell.

And NC-17 explodes! He charges Gutter Rat and goes low, shoulder blocking Gutter Rat in the stomach. Gutter Rat is knocked back a few feet, and NC-17 is up quickly, throwing various punches at the head, chest, throat, and stomach of Gutter Rat!

Other Guy: And NC-17 looking to end things quick with a flurry of blows! It’s sloppy, but, hell, it seems to be keeping the big man at bay.

Gutter Rat holds his arms up, trying to guard. The blows don’t seem to be doing an excessive amount of damage to Gutter Rat, yet GR never makes any effort to fight back. Meanwhile, on the outside, Big Ed is fuming. He yells insults at GR, which GR seems to completely ignore as he continues to lazily block all the shots from NC-17.

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat isn’t fighting like a trained dog. Instead, he’s taking a beating like a whipped dog.

Big Ed finally has enough, and he hit’s the shock collar again, holding the button down longer than the previous two times. Gutter Rat goes to his knees, which allows NC-17 to take more of an advantage, when suddenly, GR just pushes his arms out and shoves NC-17 away. Gutter Rat gets back to his feet, but NC-17 is right back on him with a flurry of punches and kicks! Gutter Rat again just shoves NC-17 down, but NC-17 kips up and LEAPS at Gutter Rat, slamming him with more blows! Finally, Gutter Rat catches one of NC-17’s arms, his eyes wide with anger. NC-17 throws another sloppy blow, but Gutter Rat catches that arm too! GR traps NC-17’s arms with his arms and proceeds to beat down NC-17 with repeated head butts! NC-17 begins to go limp, and has he goes to the ground, Gutter Rat goes down with him, continuously head butting NC-17! Before long, a cut is opened on NC-17’s head, and blood starts to slowly trickle from 17’s forehead.

Other Guy: I guess the dog just needed the right command, eh Dave?

Dave Dymond: Alright, I regret the dog comparison. Sure, Gutter Rat’s got the advantage, but I hate the way Big Ed is pushing this man around.

After it is clear that the only thing keeping NC-17 standing is Gutter Rat, GR releases NC-17’s arms and goes for the pin!



Suddenly, Gutter Rat breaks his own count and grabs the shock collar. It is clear that Big Ed briefly shocked him. GR looks over at his manager, a sad look in his eyes. Big Ed begins to bark out orders, saying that he wants to see GR hurt NC-17 more. Gutter Rat sighs and stands up, lifting NC-17 up by the hair.

Dave Dymond: Give me a break. If you’ve got the match won, just end the damn match.

Other Guy: Big Ed wants to show NC-17’s dominance, but that is a mistake in my book. You don’t throw away a victory.

Gutter Rat tosses NC-17 into the corner. He gives one last look to his manager, who simply holds up the remote for the shock collar. GR turns back to NC-17, and gets a thumb in the eyes for his trouble! NC-17 then begins to stomp down on GR’s knees, causing GR to fall to one knee! NC-17 then climbs up to the second turnbuckle and leaps forward, hitting a second rope Thesz press onto GR! NC-17 begins to pound away on the head of Gutter Rat, again going crazy with the flurry. After a few moments, though, the ref begins his count, and NC-17 is forced to get off at the four count. NC-17 takes a few steps back, sizes up Gutter Rat, and when GR is up to his hands and knees, NC-17 runs forward and just soccer kicks GR in the ribs! GR clutches his ribs, but continues to get up. NC-17 begins to launch punches to the head of GR, but GR still manages to get up. NC-17 increases the intensity of his blows, and starts throwing a few kicks, but still, GR gets up, and finally gets to a standing base. NC-17 hit’s the ropes and charges forward, but he is stopped mid run by a HUGE Uranage! GR again looks to cover, but again, Big Ed shocks him and tells him no.

Dave Dymond: And again, Big Ed is forcing Gutter Rat to keep the match going.

Other Guy: To me, this is down right stupid. I mean, NC-17 may not be the most technical wizard in the world, but he has shown time and time again that if he is given an opening, he can take a losing match and turn it to his advantage.

Gutter Rat again hoists NC-17 up and powers him down with a body slam. Gutter Rat grabs NC-17’s legs and spins him around for a moment before tossing him across the ring! NC-17 clutches his back as he tries to get up, but he is stomped down by Gutter Rat. Gutter Rat continues to stomp down on NC-17, who, at this point, is bleeding pretty badly from his forehead. Gutter Rat begins to choke NC-17 with his boot, and Willie Dean is forced to come in and break it up. At the four count, it seems like Gutter Rat is about to get disqualified, when suddenly, he again grabs the collar around his neck, as, again, Big Ed is shocking him.

Other Guy: Big Ed keeping Gutter Rat from getting disqualified. He keeps using that shock collar like it’s a new toy or something.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project faithful are getting more and more vocal as this match goes on. Big Ed may not be Jonny Johnson, but he’s certainly not winning a popularity contest here.

Other Guy: Pssh, fucking Jonny Johnson. Makes this guy look like a saint.

Dave Dymond: I know, OG, but keep on the match.

The fans boo loudly as Big Ed continues to shock Gutter Rat. Finally, once he stops shocking him, Big Ed signals for Gutter Rat to finally end the match. Gutter Rat takes a few steps back and sizes up NC-17, who fights to get up using the ropes nearest his girlfriend. Barbie, meanwhile, begs and pleads with her boyfriend to stay down.

Dave Dymond: Barbie seems to have had enough, and she is pleading with NC-17 to stay down.

Other Guy: Meanwhile, it looks like Gutter Rat is about to take NC-17 for a little ride with the Sin City Train Wreck.

NC-17 finally gets back to his feet, but he has to use the ropes as leverage. Finally, he turns around. Gutter Rat looks ready to charge, but he hesitates for a moment, a look of what might be pity crossing his eyes. However, he finally charges the bloody mess that is NC-17 and dives forward, looking for the Sin City Train Wreck!

BUT IT IS COUNTERED! At the last possible second, NC-17 springs to life and drives both feet forward, nailing Gutter Rat in the face with a front dropkick! The force is enough to knock NC-17 off to the side and cause Gutter Rat to twist mid-air and fall flat on his back, seemingly unconscious!

Dave Dymond: Exactly as you said, OG, NC-17 might have his opportunity to steal this one right here!

Other Guy: If he can get over there, we’ve got a new Revolution Champion AND he’ll move on to the next round of Master of the Mat!

NC-17 gets to his hands and knees and, despite the blood flowing from his forehead, crawls over to Gutter Rat. With a last burst of strength, he lunges forward and places his body on Gutter Rat’s with the lateral press, Willie Dean making the pin!



THREE-NO! It is broken up by…Barbie?

Dave Dymond: Did Barbie just save…Gutter Rat?

Other Guy: I think this is called a swerve, Dave. Damn, that’s a bitch.

NC-17 looks over at his girlfriend, and he begins to yell “Why?!” Meanwhile, as Barbie pleads with NC-17 to listen, Willie Dean yells at Barbie to get away from the ring. Gutter Rat suddenly sits straight up and begins to get to his feet. NC-17 is continuing to argue with his girlfriend, and he doesn’t see Gutter Rat coming towards him. Meanwhile, Big Ed gets up on the apron, the chain wrapped around his hand. When NC-17 turns around, there’s Gutter Rat, beating him down. Barbie, seeing an opportunity, leaps onto the apron and argues with the referee continuing to keep Will Dean distracted. Gutter Rat launches punches and head butts to the already bloodied and beaten NC-17. Big Ed begins to yell at Gutter Rat, pointing to NC-17, then pointing to the chain on his hand.

Dave Dymond: As if Gutter Rat needs the help here. Big Ed is just trying to steal all the attention for himself.

Gutter Rat goes to irish whip NC-17 across the ring, but NC-17 somehow manages to reverse! Big Ed, however, still throws the punch, and decks Gutter Rat with the chain! Big Ed looks shocked. NC-17 grabs Willie Dean and spins him around before going immediately for the pin! Willie Dean ignores Barbie and counts!



Barbie leaps into the ring, as if she is trying to break the pin…


But she is just seconds late! NC-17 stands up quickly, looking down at Barbie, who sits on her knees, crying her eyes out. NC-17 begins yelling “Why?!” at her over and over again, but Barbie is unable to answer through her tears.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, and NEW REVOLUTION CHAMPION…THE CREAM OF EXTREME….NC-17!!!

Barbie stands and tries to embrace NC-17, apologetically, but NC-17 pushes her away. Willie Dean presents NC-17 with the belt, and NC-17 merely swipes it away, seemingly unaware that he is now the Revolution Champion. He slings the belt over his shoulder and exit’s the ring, never looking at Barbie. After reaching the top of the entrance ramp and leaving Barbie leaves the ring and chases after him, tears still running down her face. Barbie disappears behind the curtain, calling for Ethan.

Dave Dymond: Strange turn of events going on there, where Barbie Kellers actually wanted her boyfriend to lose.

Other Guy: Especially considering her apologetic nature afterwards. She clearly didn’t WANT to mess with NC-17’s match, but at the same time, she did. There’s more to this, and-what is Big Ed doing in the ring with Gutter Rat?

Gutter Rat begins to stir as he gets back up. However, he quickly goes back down spasming as Big Ed Johnson shocks him over and over again with the remote control. The crowd begins to boo loudly, clearly not liking the way Big Ed is treating Gutter Rat, monster or not. Big Ed reaches down and slaps Gutter Rat a few times, yelling insults. He then shocks him once more, holding the button down a long time. He finally releases the button and spits on Gutter Rat before leaving the ring, fuming.

Dave Dymond: I’m not a Gutter Rat fan, but you just shouldn’t treat a person like that.

Other Guy: Going to agree with you there, Dave. It’s just not right, nor does it seem smart. Eventually, the big Rat is just going to get pissed.

However, today is not that day. Gutter Rat curls up into a little ball in the ring as the fans continue to boo. The scene fades out.



Inside one of the several locker rooms backstage, a victorious DOUG KINSELLA finishes changing back into his street clothes.  He slips into a pair of black dress shoes and starts to stand up.  A couple unidentifiable workers walk by a congratulate him on a his earlier success, slapping him on the back, and playfully rubbing his head, etcetera.  Kinsella offers up a knowing smile, realizing that the new guy is going to catch a little extra flack for a night like tonight compared to someone who had been around for a while.  And that was okay.

Everything was always okay after a victory.

Doug follows behind the other workers, until he realizes he forgot to grab his back pack.  He tells the guys he’ll meet up with them in a moment and they walk off.  He goes back to his locker and rolls through his combination lock.

“Mister Kinsella?”

He’s startled and looks up.

Peter Lolwen: Doug Kinsella?

PETER LOLWEN was, of course, Jonny Johnson’s attorney.  Unfortunately,  a kid like Kinsella wouldn’t necessarily know that, and so he can only stare dumbfoundedly at this man in a very expensive looking, white suit.

Doug Kinsella: Yeah.  That’s me…

Lolwen seems to realize Kinsella is confused and quickly takes care of the introductions.

Peter Lolwen: Hi.  (Extending his hand) Peter Lolwen.  I’m Jonny Johnson’s personal attorney.  You know Mister Johnson, right?  The World Heavyweight Champion?

Kinsella nods uneasily.  He was new, but not THAT new.  He had obviously been under contract the night of Jonny’s infamous stunt, two weeks ago, and, naturally, was privy to chatter and stories from various guys on the roster.  He clenches up and looks worried.

Doug Kinsella: (Hesitantly) Did I do something wrong?

For some reason Lolwen seems confused.

Peter Lolwen: Wrong? Why would…  OH!  Right, the Attorney thing.  (Laughing) No this is strictly off the record…

He pats Kinsella on the arm like an old friend would to another old friend, making this situation even stranger considering Kinsella had no idea who this guy was outside of a couple rumors.

Peter Lolwen: I actually was just here to let you know that World Champ was watching your match tonight and thought you were VERY impressive.  (Pulling out a card) He wants you to fly out to Chicago in the next couple of weeks and visit his Ranch House.  (Whispering) He almost NEVER asks anyone to go to his Ranch House.  Sometimes not even me!  HA!  And I’m his attorney!

Lolwen laughs some more as he hands Kinsella the card.  Doug is reluctant, but Lolwen is too pushy for the kid to decline the offer.

Doug Kinsella: (Looking at the card) It’s just a phone number.

Lolwen nods.

Peter Lolwen: Yep.  Call if you’re interested.

Looking at his watch, Lolwen makes a “Yikes” face.

Peter Lolwen: Wow.  Well. Would you look at that.  I have to get going, but REALLY, call that number.

He pats Kinsella on the shoulder.

Peter Lolwen: It’ll do wonders for your career.  Trust me!

With that, the fast talking lawyer makes his exit.  Kinsella looks a little ruffled, but turns back to grab his backpack…

But not before pocketing the business card.

Elsewhere in the Thomas and Mack Center, Eli Storm is sitting in his locker room, his chair leaning against the wall. He looks at a crumpled picture of his family on some happy day gone by. He shakes his head and stuffs the picture back into his pocket as he hears a knock on the door.

Eli Storm: Come on in Jon…I trust your talk went well…

The door opens and Roland Caldwell steps in, jaw clenched, he starts to speak, but stops and simply looks at Storm with disdain. Storm quickly stands.

Roland Caldwell: Why?

Storm just looks at Roland…not sure about what Roland is asking.

Eli Storm: Why?

Roland Caldwell: Why did you kick out. Why?

Roland almost has tears in his eyes as they dart about wildly. His fingers are shaking slightly and the sweat begins to build on his brow

Eli Storm: Because you gave me no choice. You gave me no other option.

Roland takes a slight step back and scans the walls of the locker room. His eyes have yet to make contact with Storm’s.

Roland Caldwell: That’s impossible. You were nothing. You were worthless. And now… I don’t know up. I don’t know down. I don’t left. I don’t know right. I…

Roland trails off.

Eli Storm: Nothing…NOTHING!!! I had a family, Roland. A FAMILY!!! And all that was taken away because you had to have your match. You had to prove your point. All I wanted was to be left alone. To fade into nothing in peace. But you couldn’t let that happen. You had to drag me down into Hell with you.

Roland’s eyes narrow, and his body braces.

Eli Storm: You cost me my happiness. And what do I have to show for it, Roland? What did you give me in exchange for losing the one thing dear to me? Nothing. Last week, I thought you would give me my chance. You give me something to replace the emptiness. I thought you would allow me to share the pain that I’m feeling right now. But instead…no match. No big blowout. No me facing you and tearing into with everything that I have. No Roland. As it has become your habit, you’ve left me with nothing…absolutely nothing. You backed out of our match and left me holding the bag. Left me holding a flame burning away in my soul.

Roland finally locks eyes with Storm and nods silently. He stretches his arms out and closes his eyes.

Roland Caldwell: Then do what you must, Eli.

Roland stands, prone, allowing Storm to strike him.  Storm stretches his hand back and makes a fist. He stares at Roland for a moment. His hands trembling. Tears now streaming down his face as he opens his mouth to speak.

Eli Storm: No, Roland…

Storm reaches into his pocket and pulls out the picture of his family. He kisses it before placing it into Roland’s hands.

Eli Storm: You won’t be given the easy out that I asked for. No, I want you to leave with that feeling you have in your heart right now. I want it to build inside of you like it did me. As I look at you, I realize beating you, making you bleed is not a big enough payment. You took my family from me, Roland. Before this is all said and done…That will be the one other thing that we have in common.

Storm shakes his head and walks around Roland before leaving the locker room.  Roland holds the picture up and looks at it. He rubs his finger over the face of Eli Storm’s wife.

And he smiles that smile.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) what was that all about?

Other Guy: (from ringside) no clue, Dave, but as far as it pertains to The Family, this night just keeps building.

Revolution once again fades to black.


AnoNyMouS BioGrapHy (PART 2)"


All black. But you hear his voice kick in.


"That’s when I got out of Ann Arbor, and that’s when I decided to get clean… that’s when I became a professional wrestler."


Then our picture fades in fully. He inhales again… and continues to speak.


"Shit was good starting out. I was like their ‘rookie sensation’, it felt good. I had a growing fanbase, and I had a bright future. Or atleast, that’s the way it seemed.."


There’s a shot of Declan with his arm around Conor… both wearing shirts that say "CELTIC SAINTS" in green text.


"That’s when I met Declan O’Leary."


There’s a shot of Conor and Declan in a bar in New York. Both seemingly good friends.


"He was a veteran of the sport, and pretty much took me under his wing. I was struggling to get a place of my own, and he invited me to stay with him. To learn from him. Anybody would have done it. It was an offer that no one could have refused."


He ashes the cigarette… shaking his head.


"We eventually became drinking buddies, and despite me leaving my drug addictions… I turned into an alcoholic. We had some brief success, had some title shots, came SO CLOSE to winning the titles, and eventually… he kicked me out."


He pauses.


"As if I didn’t see it coming. Well, it all culminated back into what I had become famous for. I was back to my drug addictions. Jobbing matches. Being made a mockery. This career that had started as my dream, became a nightmare over… what seemed to be just a few short nights. I was the kid everyone felt bad for. That fucking junkie rookie kid who everyone had to wrestle in a dark match before they became official on the roster. I was demeaned. Walked over. I was their quintessential fuck up. And it was my own doing. I made my own misery."


He inhales again.


"I continued to wrestle matches, and stock up on losses until TTW ran out of business. I floated around the Michigan area… wrestled in some local shows, just trying to make some change. The addictions didn’t get any better."


Another pause.


"They got worse. At this point, I didn’t even have a stable job, but eventually, I crawled myself into Las Vegas. I tried, time and time again to get into the SHOOT Project. That’s when I found things come full circle, and I was given a chance. I question why, night after night. And I get the same answer. I’m their whipping boy. I’m going to be reduced to nothing more than shit on the bottom of every one of their superstars’ shoe. That’s when I made a plan. A plan to break from my old habits. To break from my old ways. I made a plan to stand up for myself. To turn my fucking unhappiness… TO TURN MY FUCKING MISERY… into artillery.."


He shakes his head, getting more frustrated.


"And win or lose, I WILL shoot off rounds into EACH.. and EVERY ONE of you… until there is NO ONE… left standing."


He grins… for the first time.


And after a few moments, he takes the black doctor mask and puts it over his mouth.


He reaches his hand forward, and turns the light out.


The scene dies.


Revolution returns and with more Master of the Mat tournament action on the way, the scene fades in to a locker room. We see Jester Smiles, leaning his head against a locker, his eyes closed. Abigail Chase comes into frame.

Abigail Chase: Jester Smiles, your match with Dan Stein is coming up next. Stein called you out for not being ready this week. How do you answer tha-

Jester Smiles: Look, Abigail, not now, okay?

Jester doesn’t open his eyes when he speaks.

Abigail Chase: Jester, I think your fans would like to know where your head is at?

Jester turns around.

Jester Smiles: Fine, you want to see where my head is at?

Jester smiles brightly.

Jester Smiles: Watch that match really carefully. When you see me win, you’ll know exactly where my head is at. Fun as always, Abigail.

Jester salutes Abigail and walks off camera. Abigail looks a little confused, but shrugs it off.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Stein vs. Jester Smiles is next!



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with the winner advancing to ROUND THREE in this year’s MASTER OF THE MAT TOURNAMENT!!!

The fans start to buzz with anticipation, aware that this could be an amazing match.

“Pressure” by Skindred plays over the loud speakers and the Thomas and Mack Center RISE TO THEIR FEET! As soon as the song hits its opening lyrics, the curtains open up and JESTER SMILES is out on the scene!!! His arrival garners a HUGE POP from these fans and he eats it up!!!


Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from RICHMOND VIRGINIA weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds… JESTER SMILES!!!

With his baggy purple and green camo-pants flopping up and down, Jester twists and turns down the aisle way, throwing up high fives and fist pounding every and anyone who reaches their hand over the guard rail. He stops in front of a dude with a Jester Smiles sign and asks to borrow it. The fan obliges and Jester holds the sign up in front of a following camera.

It reads, “IF JESTER CAN’T DO IT, I’M GOING HOME!”. He nods his head and throws up a thumbs up. He then pulls away from the camera and hands the fan his sign back before continuing his path to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles! Haha. He has really blossomed into the kind of guy I find myself rallying for week after week… And someone who I really and truly think can win the Master of the Mat Tournament.

Other Guy: I don’t totally disagree, but let’s keep in mind that Smiles has a nasty habit of not quite coming through when ya need him to. Sure, dude’s a hero and an inspiration, ‘specially how he’s been handlin’ himself amidst controversy, but in the ring, I’m not totally sold.

Smiles rubs a kid’s head right at the base of the ring, and then turns and runs up the steel steps! He adjusts the purple and green Mardi Gras mask on his face and then raises his hands up into the air! The fans POP again and Smiles springs himself over the ropes and lands in the ring where his demeanor grows a bit more serious. He touches his black arm bands, one with the letter A and the other with the letter R, and then points up to the sky.

Dave Dymond: Smiles wearing those armbands in memory of his mother and father. Allen and Resa. Of course we send our condolences, though I’m sure Mama and Papa Smiles are watching down on their son tonight, cheering him from a better place.

Smiles gets himself ready with a couple stretches, hopping up and down as he waits for his opponent. “Pressure” by Skindred fades out and is replaced with momentary silence.

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor interrupts the short daze and the fans POP AGAIN!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… From CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA weighing in at two hundred, fifteen pounds… DAN, “THE LIGHTS”, STEIN!!!!

Coil ducks out of the ring and DAN STEIN heads out from behind the curtains. Unlike his opponent, Stein’s trek to the ring is much more solemn. He keeps his head up and focuses on the ring and ONLY the ring, moving quickly down the aisle. A few fans slap him on the back and he nods, but really, he never takes his eyes off Jester.

Other Guy: There’s my pick, Dave. Dan Stein has won some HUGE matches already in his career and, to me, he’s got all the intangibles to not only take this one… but to win the whole damn thing.

Dave Dymond: I think either of these guys has that ability. But only ONE will be able to move on to the Semi Finals… A LOT certainly at stake tonight.

Stein makes his way into the ring, where Tony Lorenzo quickly checks him in. Stein obliges and “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor cuts out. Lorenzo finally nods his head and turns toward Mark Kendrick who rings the bell!


Knowing what’s at stake, the fans begin to cheer. Stein takes a deep breath and Jester starts to hop around. Both men key in on the other, their eyes intense and driven! Stein moves in and sizes up his larger opponent. He nods his head, as does Jester who also moves in. The two reach in and quickly do a half handshake, half hand slap, before backing out and circling the ring.

Dave Dymond: Show of respect, but the friendship will end there. Both competitors in that ring would like nothing more than to be honored with the title, Master of the Mat…

Other Guy: And then beat the hell out of Jonny Johnson.

Dave Dymond: (Laughing) I’m sure that is certainly a motivating factor as well.

Stein moves in on Jester, who actually backs up a step or two. The retreat catches Stein off guard, and Jester charges in with an open palmed strike to the side of the head! Jester follows with a spear-like tackle and takes Stein down to the mat! Stein struggles to escape and Jester sneaks in a POWERFUL right forearm strike! Stein covers up, moving into a defensive mode! Jester looks for an opening, but Stein is clearly protected. Instead of forcing anything, he dismounts and backs up, allowing Stein the opportunity to make it to his feet. As soon as Jester’s weight is off Stein, the former Iron Fist Champion scurries to his feet, expecting more action. However, he realizes Jester has backed off and nods his head. He wipes at his face, checking for blood, and, after seeing that he’s still in decent shape turns his attention back to winning this contest.

Dave Dymond: So Jester catching Stein off guard early, and Stein will have to figure out a way to overcome about a thirty pound weight advantage.

Other Guy: And looks like Jester’s gonna try and make this more of a brawl, which, gotta hand it to him, is a smart move on his part. Stein an EXCELLENT mat worker and Jester knows that.

Stein is a little more aggressive, and drops his body a little as he moves in low, targeting Jester’s legs. Jester tries to protect himself, and drops down as well. However, Stein sees a vulnerability and immediately goes up high on Smiles and cinches in a front face lock! He tries to keep Jester on the mat, but Smiles is able to counter with a fireman cary take down! He makes a quick cover, driving his forearm into Stein’s face!!

Dave Dymond: Quick cover!

Lorenzo makes the count!



Dave Dymond: One and a half! Stein out!

Stein kicks out and scampers to his feet! Smiles comes back with another tackling take down, but this time Stein raises his arms, wraps his hands around the back of Jester’s neck, and flips him over with a very coy counter! He has Smiles in a vulnerable spot and, from a mounted position throws a SICK FOREARM! AND THEN ANOTHER! AND ONE MORE!!!


Dave Dymond: Dan Stein reacting very quickly to his environment!!! JESTER IS CAUGHT IN A BAD WAY!

Other Guy: Dude’s a former MMA champion, with a promotion called Albatross!

Jester can’t get his arms up to defend, but instead HURLS Stein off of him!

Dave Dymond: Oh, but Jester POWERS OUT

Jester does not look like a happy camper! Stein tries to turn around and go right back, but Jester is up and DROPS HIM with a “time to change gears” clothesline! Stein is flipped inside out and Jester’s momentum carries him to the ropes where he catches his breath. 

Other Guy: Damn. Sick shot from Smiles.

He looks over his shoulder and sees Dan starting to get up. He turns back around and SLAMS a soccer style kick into Stein’s back! Stein winces as he rolls to his other side. Smiles waves for Stein to get up! Dan is slow to his feet, but has no time to dodge a charging knee to the midsection! Jester follows up with a vertical suplex, DRIVING Stein down back first!

Jester floats over and makes a cover!


He grabs the leg!


But Stein kicks out! Jester rolls off and gets back to a standing position. Stein is slower to get up, but as he does, Jester locks up in a grapple and pushes Stein toward the ropes. Jester follows with an OVERHAND CHOP to the chest! (“WOOOOO!”) and then throws Stein into the ropes! Stein flies toward the other end and bounces off! Jester spins and charges with a flying forearm attempt (Tito Santana style!) Stein ducks though! Jester hits the mat but tries to get up! Stein stops his momentum! Jester turns around, but gets NAILED WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM STEIN! Stein makes a cover!


Dave Dymond: Jester powers out at one!

Jester gets his shoulder up easily! Stein, though stays aggressive! He charges back toward a recovering Smiles and leaps over with a SUNSET FLIP! He pulls Jester down!

Lorenzo with another count!



Jester flips back out of the hold! Stein loses his balance! Smiles to his feet first, and he CHARGES WITH A YAKUZA KICK!!! STEIN GETS PLASTERED!!!


Dave Dymond: OH MAN! Smiles just LEVELED Stein with that yakuza kick! That might do it!

Smiles doesn’t want to waste a single opportunity and quickly makes a cover!!!

Lorenzo drops for the count!




Stein JUST squeaks his shoulder up!

Other Guy: Smiles wants to keep this pace as docile as possible. Not cause the dude can’t hold up but because speed is one of Stein’s strengths. This is a perfect strategy from Jester, man. No clownin’ around tonight.

Dave Dymond: Both of these men so DESPERATELY want to win this, but it is not looking good for Dan Stein right now.

Smiles stays patient. Stein to his feet, holding at his head! Smiles moves forward and NAILS Stein with a right-handed, open palmed slap to the head! Then he follows with a LEFT HAND! Then he goes back to the right, but Stein DODGES to the left HOOKS HIS RIGHT HAND around JESTER’S RIGHT HAND, FLIPS INTO THE AIR, SPINS JESTER AROUND AND COUNTER WITH A TORNADO DDT OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Dave Dymond: Or maybe NOT! WOW!

Other Guy: Stein has a shit ton of heart, Dave!

Dave Dymond: And now a cover!!!

Stein hooks Jester’s leg and goes for the win!





Dave Dymond: NO! Jester shoulders out!

Lorenzo signals the two count! Stein is a little groggy, but desperately wants to stay on the offensive! Smiles tries to push himself off the mat, but Stein comes charging at him! He grabs him by the sides, flips over and tries to cradle him up!

Jester rolls through before Lorenzo can make a count, makes it to his feet and SLAMS HIS LEFT KNEE INTO STEIN’S FACE!!!

The CRACK is sickening!

Dave Dymond: Jester counters RIGHT BACK with the knee to the side of the head!

This time Jester does NOT go for the pin. Instead he waits for Stein to get up! Stein is up but keeled over a little bit! Jester stalks in from the side!


Dave Dymond: Jesters position on Stein! UP WITH THE FIREMAN CARY!

Other Guy: Could be seeing the Side Splitter!

Smiles tosses Stein up and starts to raise his knee! But Stein actually gets his arms wrapped around Jester’s leg and PULLS HIM BACK INTO ANOTHER ROLL UP AND MIRACULOUSLY COUNTERS INTO A SINGLE-LEG-LOCK!!!


Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!

Dave Dymond: STEIN WITH A COUNTER! How the HELL did he pull that off?!?

Stein has it locked in STRONG!!! His face is red as he pulls down and back HARDER AND HARDER!!! Smiles SCREAMS but he won’t give up! Stein shouts “TAP!” “TAP!” but Smiles stays active!

Other Guy: Keep it cool, Danny! Lock it in!

Dave Dymond: Stein PULLS BACK MORE!

Smiles reaches toward the ropes, but is pretty centrally located! Stein wants this victory SOO BAD and you can see it! Stein slaps the mat and SCREAMS for Jester to give up! Smiles doesn’t give in!

For some reason, Stein breaks the hold and looks FURIOUS!! HE SCREAMS AT JESTER AND CHARGES TOWARD THE ROPES!!! Jester hobbles to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Stein RECKLESSLY CHARGES toward the ropes! Smiles is struggling!

Other Guy: He’s out of control!

Stein jumps toward the ropes and tries to SPRINGBOARD OFF, but his feet get tangled in the ropes and he FALLS STRAIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK!


The fans let Stein hear it! He tries to get back up! Smiles, though, is right behind him!!!


Dave Dymond: LAST LAUGH!!!

From the half Nelson, Smiles gets Stein up, twists his own body around and SLAMS HIM STEIN NECK FIRST TO THE MAT!!! STEIN IS OUT!!!



Smiles lost his grip on Stein, since usually the move leads into a pin fall, hitting the move almost TOOOO strong! So he scoots back over and pulls the legs back as FAR AS HE CAN, and he makes a pin fall attempt!!!

Other Guy: Shit! This might be it!

Dave Dymond: Jester has the leg hooked! Lorenzo with the count!

The fans count along!






Other Guy: Holy shit, Dave! Wow. Hats off to the Clown, man. I really didn’t think he’d pull this one off! Amazing stuff, Dave!

Jester falls off Stein, while “Pressure” by Skindred starts to play again, and immediately drops to his knees, head aimed at the mat!!! Lorenzo rushes into raise his hand!!!


Jester pumps his fist and finally stands up! He raises his hand in the air and SCREAMS VICTORIOUSLY!!! THE CROWD POPS HUGE!!! At the same time, Stein has rolled out of the ring and takes a defeated knee on the outside! Smiles sees his opponent and the two men make eye contact. Stein slaps the mat but nods his head and points at Jester as if to say, “All yours!” Jester nods back and gives a quick clap to his opponent and then charges toward the turnbuckles!

Dave Dymond: What a HUGE turn of events and what a GREAT story for Jester Smiles, who, despite EVERYTHING that has happened to him lately, kept his head in the game and walks out of here with maybe one of the biggest wins of his career! Allen and Resa are smiling down on their baby boy tonight no doubt!

Jester poses for the fans at the top rope, taking all the excitement of this GIGANTIC WIN!

Dave Dymond: Dan Stein lost his cool there at the end, and I’m not exactly sure what happened.

Other Guy: Me either, man. He just didn’t have the composure to stay patient. That leg lock could have taken its effect, but it’s like Dan thought Smiles would just lay down… And as soon as it was apparent that that was not going to happen, Dan lost it. He went for that ill-advised Enzugurai attempt, or at least, it looked like that was the deal… but lost his concentration and footing and Jester was there to EASILY finish him off. I’m not so sure Jester wouldn’t have dodged that attack even if Stein HAD managed to keep his balance.

The footage stays on Jester’s celebration as he runs to each side of the ring, waving his arms and gesturing for the fans to “GET ON THEIR FEET!”

Dave Dymond: So Jester Smiles joins NC-17 and Trevor Worrens in the SEMI FINALS of this year’s MASTER OF THE MAT…

Other Guy: And those three guys will be joined by either Christopher Davis or Kenji Yamada… that match comin’ up shortly Dave.

Jester continues to celebrate in the the ring.

Dave Dymond: What a tournament it has been thus far.

Other Guy: Definitely some amazing moments.


We cut backstage to Eryk Masters, SHOOT’s backstage interviewer extraordinaire. The crowd begins to boo relentlessly, however, as they immediately recognize his guest. He stands dressed in a tailor-made black pinstriped suit. His hair is perfectly combed back into a ponytail. His pearly whites are gleaming as he smiles wide at the reaction he’s receiving. They remember what he’s done. They remember the impact he’s made on the SHOOT Project.

The reaction isn’t the only thing making him smile, however. What these fans, and the world, don’t know is what he’s got up his sleeve.

The reaction begins to die as Eryk Masters jumps in and speaks.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentleman, making his return to the SHOOT Project… none other than Ron Barker!

The crowd begins to boo once more but Ron Barker continues to smile. He closes his eyes as if to savour the moment before looking at Masters.

Ron Barker: Eryk, let me start off by saying that you’ve got it all wrong. I am NOT returning to the SHOOT Project.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Barker looks toward the camera with a sneer.

Ron Barker: You see, I never left SHOOT to begin with! Sure, I half-assed my performance at Reckoning Day. Yes, there was some bad blood between myself and Jason Johnson as a result. However, all of that is water under the bridge.

Masters doesn’t seem to buy it, and you can tell based on his raised eyebrow.

Eryk Masters: Water under the bridge?

Barker just nods his head very matter of factly.

Ron Barker: Jason Johnson is a business man. Much like myself, he recognizes great business opportunities when they arise. Just before Reckoning Day, I received a phone call from an old business partner of mine. With the downturn in the global economy, it seems that everyone is trying to save their money by dumping failing investments…

SO Instead of placing my main focus on the biggest show of the year, I was given an offer to overtake one of the most sought after contracts this industry has ever seen. The only problem was that I had to act fast.

Eryk Masters, trying to piece the puzzle together, interjects.

Eryk Masters: Wait, let me see if I get this. You flew to Japan to finalize a contract from a man you’ve done business with in the past. Are you trying to say that you’ve come to terms with signing Ha–

Ron Barker, annoyed that Master has interrupted him, grabs the microphone.

Ron Barker: Godammit, Masters. All you had to do was let me finish. Now? I’m calling the shots.

Addressing the camera, and the world, Barker continues.

Ron Barker: SHOOT Project? It’s just a matter of time before my guest makes his arrival. The clock is ticking and time is winding down. Next week, I’ll be LIVE in that ring with a golden pen in hand. After that contract is filed, there will be nothing left to stop me.

My signature on that document will ultimately serve as a SPIKE right through the heart of all that SHOOT Project fans hold dear. And to be honest? I couldn’t be happier.

Ron Barker smirks as he hands the mic back to Eryk Masters who seems stunned by that announcement.

Eryk Masters: Well, Ron Barker hasn’t stated who he’s bringing to SHOOT but at this point, I have my guesses…


The feed cuts away abruptly and, in a rush, JONNY JOHNSON’S locker room door FLIES open, catching the DEFILER slightly off guard.  He looks up from reading a magazine, but has little time to react before CADE SYDAL is right in his face.

The DEFILER: (Standing up, setting the magazine down) Here to watch the Main Event with…

Cade Sydal’s glare could burn a hole in the Sun.  The left side of his face is heavily bandaged after the attack he suffered at the start of the program.  He’s in his street clothes, but seems more ready to fight than go home.

He stands with his hands ready to strike.

Cade Sydal: I want you IN THE RING, NEXT WEEK and I want you to put the World Title on the line!

Jonny casually turns back toward his locker and appropriately grabs the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP from off the hook where it was hanging in his cubby.  He places it on his left side, popping his shoulder blades and letting it settle down the groove in his collarbone.

The DEFILER: You look like a mess, Cade so why don’t you go back to the hotel and get some rest, all right?  You don’t belong here.

Cade does not let Jonny’s word deter him.

Cade Sydal: You have Kilminster jump me, fine, but I’m not going to let you talk down guys like Eric and Dan.  I’m not going to let you try and warp the minds of a great young talent like Doug Kinsella.  I won’t watch you rape this organization of its pride just because YOU’RE a goddamn sociopath!  (Shaking his head) No way, Jonny.  I want a shot to beat you.  NEXT.  WEEK.

Jonny emits an insulting, breathy laugh, and just looks at Cade for a second or two.

The DEFILER: I’m soooo sick of that word!  Ha!  PRIDE?  Pride?  What is pride, Cade?  Winning or losing a certain way?  Shaking someone’s hand?  Huh?  Is it…  “pride” to stab someone in the stomach, or is pride persevering and overcoming BEING STABBED…  taking down your assailant despite the odds being stacked against you?  (Pausing, laughing) I can spin it any direction I want, my man.  Heh.  But that doesn’t make it pride.  Pride isn’t FUCKING REAL.  It’s a term that egomaniacs use to mask their WEAKNESS.  It’s a reason to do things a certain way…  to… to feel safe.

He keeps his eyes locked on Cade.

The DEFILER: Pride’s a sin, man.

He shrugs his shoulder and turns to grab a small black duffle bag.  He opens the zipper and shoves his magazine on top.

The DEFILER: (Zipping the bag back up) So whose the bad guy, Cade?  Hmm?  I don’t know.  Heh.  (Getting ready to leave) Besides, I can’t give a shot to a guy who didn’t even make it out of the first round of Master of the Mat.  What would people say, huh?

Cade stays silent, and Jonny turns to face him.  He places his hand on his shoulder and lowers his evil tone.

The DEFILER: OutKast doesn’t work here anymore, man, and I’m not really in the mood to help put you over.  (Shrugs, feigning concern) I guess you’re shit out of luck.

He starts to make his exit, but Cade suddenly grabs him by the arm.  It’s obvious that he’d like nothing more than to take Jonny out right here, right now, but at what cost?  Who was lurking behind the corner?  Who was a door down, watching all of this, waiting to take him out for good?

Cade’s eyes pierced through Jonny’s.

Cade Sydal: Give me the fucking match.

Jonny smirks.

The DEFILER: Or what?

The tension could not be any more prevalent.

Cade watches Jonny.

Jonny watches Cade.

But no one says a word.

Jonny’s smile widens and he walks away, leaving Cade Sydal all alone.


The scene fades into the back. It is, quite possibly, the darkest, most abandoned place in the Thomas and Mack Center. Which is, of course, a good reason why we see Sammy Rochester, seated in one of the darker corners, staring down the hallway, which is off camera due to a corner. Sammy is talking to someone who is out of the frame of the camera.

Sammy Rochester: It’s tonight, Mikey. Tonight, big brother is going to fight the bad man. Big brother is going to win, right Mikey? We’re going to watch big brother win, right Mikey?

Oddly enough, ‘Mikey’ responds.

”Mikey”: Watching isn’t good enough, no no no. That can’t be good enough. Davis made a fool of us, Sammy. I don’t like being made a fool of. You had better make sure he doesn’t get away with that, Sammy,

or so help me, I’ll fucking leave you alone. You don’t want that, right? You don’t want me to leave you alone, right?

Sammy goes from light hearted and jovial to down right frightened. He looks terrified.

Sammy Rochester: No, Mikey, please. Please don’t leave me! I’ll hurt him for you, Mikey. I’ll fucking KILL him for you , Mikey! You want Davis gone, I’ll make him gone. Please don’t leave me, Mikey, I’ll make sure he’s fucking gone! We took care of his brothers, but soon, we’ll take care of him. Big brother will beat him, and then we’ll rip his fucking HEART OUT!

”Mikey”: And what about his bitch? What are we going to do about his bitch?

Sammy Rochester: …what WON’T we do to her, Mikey?

A frightening laughter is heard from around the corner.

”Mikey”: Very good, Sammy. Very good.

The laughter from behind the wall returns, and Sammy joins in, creating a sickeningly ‘happy’ scene. The cameraman finally builds up enough nerve to walk forward. The camera turns the corner to see ‘Mikey’, the doll, sitting on a folding table. The camera pans over to see Sammy, still seated, smiling at the camera.

Sammy Rochester: Tonight, Mikey. Tonight.

The scene fades out.




The bell echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, adding to the noise of the crowd that buzzes with anticipation.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution main event!

The fans in attendance make some noise to further show their excitement.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a round two Master of the Mat tournament match, and is for the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Dave Dymond: The final championship match of the night is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest one of the night, and that is why THIS is our main event, Other Guy.

Other Guy: It’s gonna be both personal and professional in that ring, Dave, but given the shit that’s been goin’ down between Chris Davis and The Family, well I won’t be surprised if the personal takes over REAL fast.

Dave Dymond: The history of this rivalry stems way back to previous SHOOT Project eras, coming down to the basics of Davis versus Mallows.  That hatred, that blood feud, has since escalated with the likes of Roland Caldwell, Sammy Rochester, and Kenji Yamada being added into the mix.  This will be a crucial match for both sides of this ongoing war.

As the fans continue to wait patiently, the Thomas and Mack Center suddenly darkens, a simple spotlight hits the entrance way as the following words are heard:

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

Other Guy: Here we go, Dave, it’s about to get loud!

Sure enough, the crowd already starts cheering loudly as the words "Christopher Davis" appear on the Revolution Video Screen in white block letters, the fans rise to their feet.

Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen introducing first, the challenger… weighing in at 271 pounds… HERE. IS. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Christopher Davis steps into the spotlight sweat streaming down his baldhead. He looks up, his cold gray eyes intense and focused. He looks left and then to his right.  He raises both arms as if forming a cross.

"Un-fucking-believable Lil’ Waynes the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena as Davis finally begins his stride towards the ring.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with"

Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me

And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care

Davis steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, he forgoes any other theatrics as he waits patiently for his opponent.

"Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me"

"Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me"

"And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care"

Dave Dymond: Perhaps considered the calm before the storm as Davis showing patience now as he awaits the Iron Fist Champion, but I can only imagine the intensity that will explode the second the bell rings.

Other Guy: There’s no question about it. This will NOT be some kind of slow methodical match. Yamada and Davis are gonna bring all they got, and they’re gonna bring it without one ounce of mercy.

Davis’s music fades out, leaving just the noise of the crowd to accompany Davis in waiting. “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC plays, changing the mood of the fans entirely.  The Revolution video screen shows clips of Kenji Yamada in action throughout his career, all of the clips showing his aggression and rage.  It isn’t long before Yamada steps out from the back, the Iron Fist Championship worn around his waist.  The fans boo loudly upon seeing Yamada, and Yamada just leans back a bit and shouts out loudly in Japanese.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is the current defending SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… HERE. IS. KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada pats his Iron Fist Championship twice and then points to Christopher Davis who still waits, surprisingly, patiently in the ring.

Dave Dymond: On some occasions I would say that given the weight and height difference going into this match up, that it clearly favors the challenger. BUT knowing how Kenji Yamada is, and that this match is under Iron Fist rules, it’s tough to say if EITHER man has a real advantage.

Other Guy: Davis ain’t no stranger to Iron Fist rules, that’s for sure, course Kenji Yamada ain’t no stranger to just knocking someone out because he can.

Dave Dymond: And in the end that’s exactly what it will come down to. Who can score any kind of a knock out shot to keep their opponent down for that all too important ten count.

Yamada reaches the ring, but stops on the steel steps and shouts out once again.  He then vaults over the top rope landing on his feet inside the ring and from there he removes the Iron Fist Championship from around his waist.  He then walks right by Davis, the two glare at one another, and Yamada passes the title to Senior Official Scott Kamura.  Kamura holds the title up and shows it to Yamada, then turns and shows it to Davis, and then hoists it straight up for all to see.  Yamada only glances at the Iron Fist title at this point, as he keeps his focus on Davis otherwise.  The Iron Fist Championship is taken out of the ring by Samantha Coil and Kamura gives a quick look to Davis, then to Yamada…

Then calls for the bell!

Yamada charges and is upon Davis just as the bell sounds and FIRES with a spinning stiff chop right to the neck! The fans are delayed in reacting at first, given the suddenness of the first shot thrown! Yamada continues on the opening onslaught firing several more chops, alternating between shots to the neck and to the upper chest. Davis staggers back up against the left side ropes and Yamada changes it up to kicks now, firing at Davis with no holding back!

Dave Dymond: Yamada like a man possessed as he just unleashes on Davis, and these fans still trying to get into the fact that this one has started.

Other Guy: Davis NOT prepared for this at all, Dave.

Yamada grabs Davis by the arm now and looks to whip him across the ring, but Davis manages to pull it together to reverse on Yamada and send him across the ring instead. Yamada comes running back and Davis looks for a momentum-stopping clothesline, but Yamada ducks turns quickly and leaps up just as Davis turns.  Yamada lands in a sitting position on Davis’s shoulders and twists his body from there… no Davis WHIPS in the other direction and THROWS Yamada off of him and down onto the mat!

Yamada springs back up to his feet and charges in but Davis right there with a quick snapping arm drag! Yamada up again and Davis moves right in, but Yamada drops to one knee and DRIVES a jabbing punch right into Davis’s gut. Davis doubles over and Yamada then springs up to his feet with a standing spinning heel kick that catches Davis in the side of the head!

Davis drops to one knee, Yamada hits the ropes to pick up speed.

Dave Dymond: Yamada looking for a yakuza kick…

Davis LUNGES upwards just in time and TAKES YAMADA DOWN! 

Other Guy: And there’s that clothesline Davis tried to hit earlier.

Dave Dymond: Successful this time and a move that allows Davis some much needed time to regroup.

Davis is quick up to his feet, while Yamada rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up off the mat. Davis paces back and forth, catching a quick early breather, before grabbing Yamada and pulling him up off the mat the rest of the way.  Yamada snaps away from Davis’s grip and fires a wicked punch, only for Davis to block and fire back with a right cross!  Yamada’s head snaps to the side, body turned slightly, but as Davis looks to capitalize, Yamada fires a blind snapping hook kick right up into Davis’s jaw!

Yamada turns around as Davis is knocked back, Yamada recklessly charges in at Davis, and Davis scoops him up quickly, flipping him up and around and down via a tilt-a-whirl back breaker!  Yamada drops off of Davis’s knee and onto the mat, arching his back up in pain.  Davis doesn’t let up there he grabs a hold of Yamada by the arm, angles his body in line with the lower right corner of the ring and PULLS Yamada up with such force that Davis falls onto his back and Yamada is sent sternum first into the corner.  Yamada catches his chin on the post behind the turnbuckles, causing him to slump down in the corner and Davis quick up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Chris Davis has the advantage now, and it looks like he’s going to capitalize!

The fans pick up as Davis runs full speed at Yamada and LEAPS with a vertical splash to the back!

Other Guy: Davis gettin’ some HUGE UPS there.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Hall of Famer and former World and Iron Fist Champion proving he’s going to pull out all the stops tonight to get the job done and fire ANOTHER huge blow to The Family.

Other Guy: No doubt taking Yamada out of the tournament, and takin’ the Iron Fist Championship would be two big time victories for Davis in one sitting.

Davis stays pressed up against Yamada in the corner, firing a couple of stiff forearm shots to the back of the head to keep Yamada groggy. Davis then turns Yamada around and lifts him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle and all at once the fans get louder! Davis climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, stopping just to hook Yamada around the neck. He then steadies himself as he steps one foot up onto the top turnbuckle.

Dave Dymond: Davis setting up for a super-plex… but no Yamada trying to fight against it!

The fans settle a bit, and as Yamada throws punch after punch into Davis’s side, they begin to boo. Davis falters somewhat, but keeps Yamada in a front facing headlock and looks to lift again… Yamada fights still, and Davis instead of lifting him up all the way…

Suddenly DROPS Yamada to the outside with a forceful push outward!  Yamada SMACKS against the floor face first!

Other Guy: That’ll knock some teeth out.

Dave Dymond: Or cave your face in!  Davis looking for the suplex from the top to the ring mat, but instead opts for a face plant on Yamada to the outside!

Referee Scott Kamura rushes to the edge of the ring now, looking down at Yamada who barely stirs face down on the outside.



Davis stands in the corner looking down at Yamada as Kamura continues the ten count.




Yamada starts to try to get up, pulling on the ring edge for added support.  Davis starts to back away from the edge of the ring as Yamada rises to his feet and suddenly Davis runs to the far end of the ring, bounces off the rope and barrels towards Yamada!

Dave Dymond: Davis charging like an enraged bull!

Yamada pulls himself up to his feet and Davis SLIDES down, kicking both his legs under the bottom rope, but Yamada quickly LEAPS up onto the ring edge, then VAULTS over the top rope, CRUSHING DAVIS WITH A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE FACE!

Yamada loses his balance though and stumbles forward after the jump and Davis’s eyes roll towards the back of his head.  Kamura checks on the condition of Davis, but Yamada doesn’t wait for a ten count or anything.  He turns and goes right back out of the ring, pulling Davis’s legs.  Both men are on the outside now and Yamada holds onto the ring edge as he just repeatedly kicks at Davis and stomps down on him!  Davis tries to somehow get back into things, putting his arms up, but Yamada kicks the arms away and continues the assault with his legs.

Other Guy: Yamada’s cruiserweight size and speed came in handy to turn this thing around on Davis, and now we’re witnessing what we’ve witnessed time and time again from Yamada, this anger driven assault.

Dave Dymond: It was the main edge Yamada carried with him throughout the Sky High tournament, it’s what propelled Yamada to eventually win the Iron Fist Championship, and it may be what sees Davis’s elimination from Master of the Mat here tonight.

With Davis down, and the fans booing loudly, Yamada storms towards the timekeeper’s table, and he grabs Mark Kendrick by the collar of his shirt. Kamura shouts at Yamada to get it back in the ring, but Yamada ignores him and instead flings Kendrick to the side and grabs the steel chair he was once sitting on.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of things we’ve seen from Yamada, add use of a steel chair to that.

The crowd boos louder as Yamada holds the steel chair in hand now and walks back to Davis. He pulls Davis into the corner by the lower right steel steps and sits Davis up against them.  Yamada then smiles with a sadistic look in his eyes as he winds up with the chair…


Davis slumps down out of the way just in time and Yamada hits nothing but the steel steps. Yamada reacts quickly though and turns and NAILS Davis across the back with the chair instead.

Other Guy: Davis avoided being sandwiched, but he didn’t avoid the chair overall.

Dave Dymond: and Yamada with ANOTHER wicked shot of steel on flesh.

Yamada drops the chair and grabs at Davis now, working on pulling him up to his feet.  Davis, despite hurting, fights back against Yamada though, struggling against him as Yamada attempts to apply a front headlock.  Davis shoves Yamada back and Yamada comes running and Davis looks to lift him up and over but Yamada manages to LAND on his feet on the top steel step!  The fans buzz in response to Yamada’s amazing agility and balance as then Yamada turns and leaps off the step, catches Davis and spins for a tornado DDT RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR!

Other Guy: What a move from the Iron Fist Champion!

Dave Dymond: Yamada channeling some of that lucha libre high flying style and while many down right loathe the very being of Kenji Yamada, you have to give credit to that move, as he just PLANTED Davis onto that steel chair.

Davis is flat on his back on the outside and now Yamada slides back into the ring, smiling. The fans boo Yamada as he walks back and forth confidently while Kamura makes then ten count.







Davis starts to sit up, and the fans cheer him on…


And he’s up to his feet, bent over but up.  Yamada shakes his head and storms right back out of the ring and before Davis can react, Yamada fires a quick open palm thrust to the neck, which causes Davis to gasp for breath.  Yamada follows up with two quick kicks to the legs, forcing Davis to stagger, and then Yamada pushes Davis up against the side of the ring, fires a HARD chop down the length of his chest and then he whips Davis shoulder first low into the front of the ringside announce table!

Dave Dymond: This is getting a little too close for comfort as our table nearly knocked over right on top of us!

Dymond stands up and Other Guy does shortly after him as Yamada lifts Davis up partially only to SMASH him face first into the table… NO!  Davis keeps both his arms locked Yamada nails him with an axe handle blow to the back and then tries again… BUT AGAIN DAVIS BLOCKS!

Other Guy: Davis refusin’ to eat table and these fans rallying behind him now!

Dave Dymond: That they are as Chris Davis TRYING to get a second wind going here but Yamada with ANOTHER hard axe handle blow, showing he’s not going to let up one bit.

Davis drops almost to one knee and Yamada tries a third time to smash Davis face first into the table, but this time as he pulls Davis up, Davis manages to turn his body and DECKS Yamada in the face! Yamada staggers back and Davis continues on the offense, turning Yamada around and shoving him back into the ring.  Davis slides in right after as Yamada tries to get up, but Davis right there and he takes Yamada down with a quick face plant bulldog.  Yamada rolls over onto his back from there though and swings his foot around behind Davis’s legs, just as Davis is getting up and he kicks Davis’s legs out from under him, sending Davis onto his back.

Yamada then pops up to his full vertical base, and LEAPS into the air, only to come crashing down towards Davis with a knee… but Davis rolls out of the way and Yamada hits nothing but the mat!

Dave Dymond: Nobody there for Yamada and Davis up to his feet once again and off the ropes!

Yamada rises up, favoring his one leg and he looks to leap frog over Davis, but his jump is off and Davis catches him in mid-air… Spinebuster… NO! Yamada HEADBUTTS Davis!  Yamada falls back one way while Davis staggers, doubled over, back towards the up ring ropes in the other direction.  Yamada shakes off the pain and goes back at Davis now and before Davis can recover, Yamada KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A YAKUZA KICK!

Other Guy: The yakuza kick finds its mark this time, and what a shot.

Dave Dymond: First the head butt, followed by the kick, and once again Davis on his back with Yamada the one standing.

Other Guy: Is it enough though, that’s what it always comes right back to. Is it enough to keep Davis down?

Yamada shouts at Kamura to start the ten count, which only draws the ire of the fans.  Kamura checks on Davis, but with Davis barely stirring, Kamura begins to count.







The fans buzz with concern as Davis is just now rolling over onto his stomach, trying to regain his focus.


Dave Dymond: Davis seems to be pretty out of it…


Davis starts pushing up off the mat, and Yamada becomes angered and charges at Davis.  Kamura is about to count nine, but Yamada STOMPS down hard on Davis’s back, stopping the count!  Kamura shouts at Yamada to pull back, but Yamada keeps stomping and so Kamura just signals for the match to continue!

Other Guy: Wow, Yamada’s own aggression gettin’ the better of him there as this one COULD have been over.

Dave Dymond: It very well could have as Davis was not up on his feet, but now the match continues with Yamada just stomping away at Davis.

The fans continue to boo as Yamada keeps driving boot after boot into Davis’s body, and Davis tries his best to roll out of the way and try to get up to his feet.  He starts to get up, only for Yamada to pull him up the rest of the way by force, and once again starts hitting Davis with a series of chops.  Davis staggers, but still works on trying to mount some sort of comeback, throwing up his arms now and just shoving Yamada back.  Yamada lunges right back at Davis and again fires a quick series of chops.

Davis is up against the ropes at this point and Yamada pushes him way back, forcing the ropes down slightly, and he starts CHOKING Davis with both arms.  Kamura shouts at Yamada to break it up as he starts getting wildly out of hand.

Other Guy: Yamada is losin’ it Dave, he’s flat out goin into his own rage-filled world.

Dave Dymond: Not sure Yamada ever left it, but Scott Kamura trying to keep this one somewhat of a fair match up despite Yamada’s tactics right now.

Kamura shouts another warning and now Yamada takes Davis by the arm and has him worn down enough where he is more easily whipped across the ring.  Davis hits the ropes, comes bouncing back, and Yamada jumps up and this time looks for the hurricanrana but then suddenly locks his legs tightly around Davis’s neck and leans to the side, pulling on Davis’s arm.  Davis immediately drops to one knee from there, as Yamada keeps the submission lock applied.

Dave Dymond: An interesting execution of that arm bar submission now as Yamada going to try to make Davis pass out here I guess.

Other Guy: No doubt, Davis could tap a million times but it wouldn’t matter, Yamada’s got wear him down to the point where he’s blacked out… and hope Davis STAYS blacked out for ten seconds.

Kamura watches on, checking on Davis’s situation as he struggles against the hold. Yamada continues to pull on the one arm, despite Davis trying to fight against it. Davis’s face starts to go bright red from the half arm bar, half scissors choke submission… and it looks like Davis is fading… the fans however start clapping their hands and stomping their feet, HOPING they can rally behind Davis and motivate him.

Dave Dymond: The fans getting into this for Davis’s sake, but Chris looks to be a tough spot and fading fast.

The rally continues, despite Davis slumping more and more to the mat, barely up on one knee.  However he suddenly starts trying to stand up, struggling at first, but slowly and surely extending his legs, looking to get to his full vertical base. Yamada starts shaking his head profusely, and tries pulling more but Davis now up to his feet and he wraps one of his arms by Yamada’s legs and starts trying to pry himself out… his whole body shaking!

Other Guy: No way is he going to pull this off… Yamada’s legs are clamped too tightly!

Dave Dymond: No he’s doing it, Other Guy. Chris Davis is fighting back!

The cheering gets louder as Davis powers out from Yamada’s scissors lock around his neck and suddenly with a HUGE display of strength, Davis PUSHES Yamada up more onto his shoulders, FORCING Yamada to lose his grip from around Davis’s arm!

Dave Dymond: And now its’ YAMADA who is in a tough spot… a damn tough spot as Davis has him on his shoulders and these fans are absolutely loving this moment!

Kamura backs away as Davis has complete control and before Yamada can fight out, Davis DRIVES the Iron Fist Champion into the mat via an inverted DDT!

Other Guy: Angela’s Ashes baby!

Dave Dymond: Davis pulls it off…Kamura now checking on Yamada… and he’s starting the ten count!



Some of the fans count along with the referee’s count.


Davis staggers in place, looking down at Yamada.





Slowly the fans start rising up to their feet and Davis actually raises both his arms up, albeit it somewhat exhaustedly to show eight.


Kamura holds up eight as well.  Yamada though starts to stir.


The fans are ready to blow the roof of the Thomas and Mack Center… many even shout out ten, but before Kamura can make the count, the lights go out!

Dave Dymond: Damn it no!

The cheers are so replaced by the sound of near deafening booing, and the second the lights come back up, Scott Kamura is out cold and Davis stands in disbelief as the Mikey doll sits right next to Kamura.

Other Guy: No no fucking no!

Davis shakes his head repeatedly and as he stares at the doll another referee starts his way down to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kamura obviously taken out and we can pretty much assume by who, but now Dennis Heflin en route to the ring to continue where Kamura started off.

Other Guy: One more count… Yamada is still out!

Davis shouts for Heflin to hurry up and Heflin slides in the ring now. Rises to his feet.  Fans cheering…


Other Guy: Son of a bitch!


The lights come back up… and MIKEY LEAPS OVER Scott Kamura with his hands like eagle talons and JUMPS at Davis, wrapping his legs around Davis’s waist and he just starts punching at Davis’s face with clawing like motion! Davis WHIPS the smaller, yet muscular built man from side to side, trying to break him off and that’s when the boos get to their highest!  Sammy Rochester storms down to the ring!

Dave Dymond: All night something seemed to be in the works, and now it’s happening!

Other Guy: And I hoped it wouldn’t.

Davis sends Mikey down onto the mat, just as Sammy steps over the top rope and just as Davis turns Sammy SLAMS his own head right into Davis, knocking Davis down immediately!  Dennis Heflin shakes his head repeatedly, shouting at both Sammy and Mikey to leave the ring.  Sammy just picks Mikey up off the mat though and points to Davis.  Yamada up to his feet as well and now Sammy SCOOPS Mikey up…

Dave Dymond: Shades of Reckoning Day right here right now… and this can only end badly for Davis!


The crowd erupts as Nightmare and Eli Storm BOLT down to the ring.  However before the two fully reach the ring, Roland suddenly emerges from the crowd and Storm changes direction and meets Roland head on!  Nightmare slides into the ring, and Yamada charges in at him and now Sammy DROPS Mikey down hard onto Davis’s neck and head!

Dennis Heflin: That’s it… CALL IT! CALL THE MATCH!


The bell repeatedly sounds as Davis writhes on the mat, clutching at his throat. Mikey springs up to his feet now as all out anarchy ensues. Roland and Storm battle on the outside, with Storm getting the better of Roland. While inside the ring, Yamada and Nightmare exchange hard shots back and forth.  Heflin motions to the back for security.


The bell sounds more and Yamada looks to fire a hard clothesline, but Nightmare moves out of the way and sends Yamada to the outside!  Sammy follows up behind Nightmare though and COLLIDES into him from behind and both of the lumbering men spill awkwardly to the outside, both landing on their feet.  Roland Storm spill over the guard railing, courtesy of a leaping cross body from Storm, and Storm gets up quickly, shouting at any remaining fans to scatter!

Dave Dymond: This is insane!

Other Guy: This is WAR, Dave!

Storm grabs a steel folding chair and just as Roland gets up to his feet, Storm CRACKS the chair STRAIGHT over Roland’s skull!  Roland drops like a bag of cement, and now Sammy Rochester and Nightmare are coming to blows…

And amidst it all, SHOOT Project security, in DROVES, makes their way to the ring… Yamada sees them coming and immediately moves around the ring and grabs the Iron Fist Championship.  He shouts at Sammy and Mikey both and Sammy just BOOTS Nightmare in the face and follows Yamada in tow.  Yamada, Sammy, and Mikey quickly exit through the crowd of angered fans.

Dave Dymond: They’re leaving!  What the… Yamada, Sammy and Mikey are leaving and they are doing so WITHOUT Roland!

Other Guy: There are causalities in war… and perhaps our first was witnessed tonight!

Dave Dymond: Well security on hand now surrounding the ring to prevent any more fighting… and after that… wow… Heflin called the match so I think… yeah, yeah we are going to get the final decision right now.

Storm comes to Nightmare’s side now on the outside while security looks on.  Meanwhile Samantha Coil gets finished talking with Dennis Heflin and nods her head.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the official winner of this match… as a result of a disqualification… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

The fans cheer loudly and Storm and Nightmare nod their heads on the outside, applauding Davis who slowly works his way back up to his feet, albeit with help from Heflin and the woozy Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: However, due to the disqualification, while Christopher Davis WILL advance to the semi finals of the Master of the Mat tournament… Kenji Yamada is STILL the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion!

The cheers turn to boos now and Davis just shakes his head, a bittersweet feeling taking over as he coughs a few times upon exiting the ring.  He stops by Storm and Nightmare and just nods once before he continues walking.

Dave Dymond: So Davis advances, wins the match, but DOES NOT take the Iron Fist Championship away from Kenji Yamada.

Other Guy: And obviously Kenji knew that… and somehow lookin’ back on everything, it’s like Yamada knew this was coming the whole time.

Dave Dymond: Davis technically wins the battle tonight, but the war, unfortunately is far from over.

As “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Center the focus suddenly shifts to the back loading dock.


The camera focuses on the dark blue full size van, and Vincent Mallows is already on the handicapped lift, waiting. Seconds later Yamada appears in view, followed by Sammy who is clutching his Mikey doll by the arm.   Yamada looks at Mallows, an odd mix of emotions on his face.

Kenji Yamada: You wanted him mad, you wanted him ready to fight, he’s damn ready now.

Yamada opens the front passenger seat door and sits. He turns to the driver, just barely seen in the camera view and nods his head.  Sammy in the meantime presses a button on the inside part of the van and the lift starts to rise.

Sammy Rochester: We got the bad man.  Mikey is mad that he couldn’t kill him, but I explained on the way back.  We had fun, Mikey and I had some fun!

Mallows attempts a smile, his half paralyzed face contorting and twisting.

Vincent Mallows: I am glad.  Everything worked itself out then.

Sammy nods.

Sammy Rochester: But what about big brother Roland?

The contorted twisted smile fades as the lift stops and starts to pull into the van.

Vincent Mallows: Roland wants to act on his own emotions, wants to make his own decisions, then he shall do so.  He’s a big boy, who must understand choices and consequences just like everyone else.  He’ll learn from tonight, that is all we can hope.

Mallows is all the way in the van now and Sammy closes the sliding door.  Yamada looks back at him but says nothing. Sammy makes his way around to the back of the van, opens the double back doors and steps in. The door closes and at the same time Yamada closes the front door, slapping the side of the van through the open window.

Kenji Yamada: Drive!

The van quickly starts up and makes its way through the large opened gate of the loading dock. From there the camera returns to the ring area, which has since been cleared out of any bodies.


Dave Dymond: What a night it has been, and with round two officially in the books I guess, despite everything that occurred throughout the night, we look on, press on to the Master of the Mat semi finals.

Other Guy: That’s right, the final four… and it’s gonna be a highly competitive all so someone…

All of a sudden, the sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system.  The fans instantly start to give a loud mixed reaction.

Dave Dymond:  I guess we all know what time it is!

The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in and the lights dim out.



The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance.  The reaction is mixed, but, as is becoming the norm, is MASSIVE.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling a brand new SHOOT Project t-shirt, with the famous SHOOT Project Helmet in blood red. 

Dave Dymond:  I think it’s time to see if Donovan King’s challenge to The Real Deal has been answered!

Other Guy:  I for one can NOT wait!


King slides under the bottom rope and pops up, pointing out to the fans, running backwards, shouting to them to get up, which they actually do.  He is still peppered with boos, but he pounds his chest and jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle, still pointing out to the fans, pointing specifically to a ‘King Deserves A Reality Check’ sign and then to a ‘KTFO Real Deal’ sign.  He grins, hopping down and taking the microphone from Samantha Coil.  “Out Here Grindin’” dies down as Samantha Coil ducks out of the ring.

Donovan King:  God damn it, Las Vegas, whether you love me or you hate me GET THE FUCK OUT YO SEATS AND GET LOUD.

The fans RIP into boos and cheers as King glares at the entrance before looking back to the fans.

Donovan King:  Dat’s what I’m fuckin’ talkin’ about.  Las Vegas, two weeks ago I told the world I wasn’t gonna be the trained monkey.  Two weeks ago, I told Real Deal to drag his ass out here an’ let’s settle dis like men.

The fans cheer for the mention of The Real Deal’s name.

Donovan King:  Simple as, I’m out here to tell The Real Deal to COME OUT HERE AN’ LET’S GET DIS SHIT STARTED!!

The fans ERUPT into cheers as King glares at the entrance.  After a long moment, there’s nothing.

Donovan King:  Well, what the fuck is dis?!

He smirks.

Donovan King:  Josh Johnson, Real Deal, Instant Heat, Hall of Famer, World Champion, legend…WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT?!

The fans give a bit of boos at King.

Donovan King:  I got no allies.  I got no friends.  I’m out here tonight to tell YOU, Real Deal, dat I’m not doin’ anything but mannin’ up an’ facin’ you face to face in front of these fans.  Fuck some buyrates, baby, fuck a pay-per-view, fuck a wrestling match, you been toyin’ wit’ me long enough, playboy, let’s get dis over wit’.

He paces the ring.

Donovan King:  Months ago, I broke OutKast’s jaw.  I followed dat act up wit’ decimatin’ The Real Deal.  Single handedly, I put Instant Heat on the shelf.  Me.  All me.

The fans boo LOUDLY.

Donovan King:  Now…now you can hate dat, dat’s all y’all.  But, fact is, I’m man enough to admit the actions were deplorable, an’ I’m man enough to take a beatin’ if I’ve earned it.  But, here tonight…I’m sayin’ Real Deal wants a piece uh my ass, he’s welcome to it…but, Josh?  You gotta come AND YOU GOTTA GET AT ME.

Silence.  Nothing.

Donovan King:  Aight, den.  Fuck it.

The fans boo loudly yet again, but King quiets them down.

Donovan King:  Real Deal wants to keep playin’ games, dat’s fine wit’ me.  I gave dude two weeks.  Nada.  I come out here an’ I stand up fuh myself an’ what I believe in.  Cheerin’ an’ booin’ don’t make no nevermind to me.  Bottom line is, whether I fight Cade Sydal or Jester Smiles or Dan Stein or Real Deal, I REFUSE to back down!  I will NOT give in!  I fight to my last breath fuh what I believe in.

King pauses, pacing the ring.

Donovan King:  An’ the things I been seein’ make me believe in somethin’ else.  Somethin’ new.  You see people come into SHOOT and they say ‘I wanna change things around here’ and ‘this is the dawn of a new era for SHOOT’ like some politicians.  Same old shit, different day.  Jus’ a few minutes ago, you saw what Christopher Davis’ hunt for justice an’ change got him.

King references the main event of tonight’s telecast, pacing the ring as he does so.

Donovan King:  And men like Davis, they see the need, but they refuse to do what is necessary to affect dat change.  Be dat change.  Fuh too long now, Jason Johnson’s been too hung up on bullshit.  He’s let too many people run him over.  He’s sittin’ dere, lettin’ Jonny Johnson finagle a title being given to him, shittin’ on everything dat fuckin’ belt represents.

The fans boo at the mention of Jonny Johnson.

Donovan King:  An’ now what?  Jason Johnson is buildin’ a big ass SHOOT arena right here in Las Vegas!

The fans pop.

Donovan King:  For what?


Donovan King:  Because of revenue?  Ticket sales?  Buyrates?  Build a big ass arena, casino, amusement park, I don’t give a fuck…but the bottom line is…you people who buy the tickets, you come to SHOOT to see the men and women give their blood, their sweat, and their God damn tears JUST to curtain jerk dis fuckin’ place!

Dave Dymond:   Strong words from Donovan King.

Donovan King:  SHOOT is SUPPOSED to do dat fuh people.  An’ see…now…it has reached a pivotal moment in its ongoing history.  Dere’s an asterisk beside the current World Champion’s name.  He didn’t earn his title.  He didn’t earn his spot at the top.  He saw to it the World Champion was REMOVED from his position.  He didn’t even get a team of guys together to cheat his way to the top.  An’ you know what?  If dude had his goons take Corazon down, I’d be fine wit’ it.  I’d let it slide.  Dat’s wrestling.  Now…dat’s the last straw.  Y’all don’t want dat to be SHOOT’s future, do you?

The fans boo LOUDLY.

Donovan King:  I didn’t think so.  Are you fuckin’ sick uh seein’ politics?

The fans boo once more.

Donovan King:  Are you fuckin’ ready to see people EARN THEIR SHIT ‘ROUND HERE AGAIN?!

The fans ERUPT.


King’s face is livid, glaring at the back.

Donovan King:  ALLA Y’ALL IN THE BACK, LISTEN TO ME.  ALL Y’ALL OUT HERE TONIGHT…LISTEN.  It’s fuckin’ TIME we stood up as one voice and said NO MORE.

The fans pop.

Donovan King:  If you an announcer an’ you walked out on dat bullshit two weeks ago…STAND UP AN’ SAY NO MORE.

The fans pop once again as the camera focuses on Other Guy.

Dave Dymond:   I think he’s talking to you, OG.

Other Guy says nothing, listening intently.

Donovan King:  Jason, you got a whole fuckin’ ARMY of people who are ready to TAKE what you don’t GIVE.  You got jobbers, midcarders, curtain jerkers, never-will-bes, EVERYBODY WHO SEES DAT GLASS CEILIN’…AN’ WE ARE HERE TO SHATTER DAT SHIT ONCE AND FOR ALL.

He looks at the camera.

Donovan King:  Fine me.  Fire me.  Don’t matter to me none.  Jason Johnson…I’m one man, but I know where the problems in SHOOT reside.  I know well enough to know dat if you ain’t helpin’ FIX shit…I hold YOU just as responsible for it EVER goin’ down!  It seems you only answer to people threatenin’ you or tryna hold loopholes over your head.  Well, man…I hope dis gets your attention.  IF YOU’RE READY TO TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THE TOP OF SHOOT PROJECT…IF YOU’RE SICK UH SEEIN’ SHOOT PROJECT PUSHED AROUND…IF YOU’RE READY FOR A REAL CHANGE…

King grins.

Donovan King:  Come see me.

The fans pop as King nods his head.  Suddenly, the lights go down in the arena and a siren pierces the air!

Other Guy:   Does Donovan King have his first recruit already?!

Dave Dymond:   Will we have the time to find out who it is!?  We’re ALREADY almost out of time!

A lone red spotlight shines down on the entrance as the song, Nas’ “Hero” featuring Keri Hilson, hits its bassline.  Then, Nas’ unforgettable voice is heard.

Chain gleamin, switchin’ lanes, two seatin’

Hate him or love him, can’t leave it, the game needs him

Plus the people need someone to believe in

King glares at the entrance as the man he called out previously stands there bathed in the blood red spotlight, glaring right back at King.  The fans are UNGLUED.


So in God’s Son we trust

‘Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want

They lookin’ for a…HERO

I guess that makes me a…HERO

Real Deal storms down to the ring and slides into the ring.  He pops up, and is face to face with King.  The lights come back up, “Hero” plays loudly and proudly over the PA as the fans are eating up this moment.  Josh Johnson.  Donovan King.  The Real Deal.  The Carolina Messiah.  The Legend.  The Revolutionary.


Real Deal smirks in King’s face, who absolutely refuses to back down as the two men continue to stare holes through one another.  The SHOOT Project Helmet is displayed at the bottom of the screen and the scene before you now…Donovan King and The Real Deal face to face…is the last image you see as Revolution fades to black.