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Revolution: 037 – 7/20/08

Before Revolution officially goes on the air, a camera comes to life bringing us inside the Thomas and Mack Center. It’s not of usual production quality, almost home movie style, and it seems to follow behind Abigail Chase as she makes her way into the arena to prepare for this week’s edition of Revolution. She strolls backstage as the final touches are made for the show to run smoothly. She steps into the ladies room to put the final touches on her own appearance.

A flush is heard coming from one of the stalls, the door opens and out steps Samantha Coil. Abigail smiles as he friend makes her way to the sink to wash he hands.

Abigail Chase: Hey Sam, how are you doing today?

Samantha only nods her demeanor somewhat icy. Abigail cocks her head to the side with a curious look on her face.

Abigail Chase:  Something wrong Sam?

Samantha Coil finishes washing her hands and pulls a paper towel so that she may dry her hands. She purposely ignores Abigail.

Abigail Chase:  Samantha?

Samantha Coil takes a deep breath and exhales. She lowers her head for a moment and then raises her head to look her friend in the eye.

Samantha: Coil This thing with Davis…

Abigail immediately gets defensive.

Abigail Chase: What I do in my free time has nothing to do with you and I don’t…

Samantha interrupts.

Samantha Coil: Don’t get me wrong Abigail. I’m not condemning what you do in your free time. You are allowed to do what you want. But this thing with Davis is dangerous. You’ve already been attacked once by that maniac Samuel Rochester. You know the type of people that Chris is fighting against. The more you are seen with him makes you more of a target. Do you think for one second that they won’t use you again to get to him?

I’m concerned about your safety Abigail. Davis is the type that attracts trouble. He’s always going to have enemies. Do you really want to have to constantly watch your back week in and week out? You saw what The Family did to Chris’s friends.

Samantha moves closer to Abigail and stares directly into her eyes.

Samantha Coil: I’m just concerned about you Abigail, that’s all. I’m just concerned.

Abigail steps back for a moment taking in everything that Samantha has said to her. She lowers here eyes for a moment and then raises them back to her friend.

Abigail Chase: I appreciate you concern, but my life is mine to live. I’m not going to let people scare me from doing what I want to do with MY life. I’ll be fine Samantha. Thank you again for your concern.

With her final words Abigail Chase exits the restroom so that she may prepare to do her job.  Fade out.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.


At the conclusion of Revolution’s opening video, the show opens on SAMANTHA COIL standing in the center of the SHOOT Project ring.  Samantha smiles, while the fans begin to clap and cheer as soon as they realize the show is ON THE AIR.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to REVOLUTION THIRTY SEVEN!  THIS is your opening bout, scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP CONSIDERATION!

Coil waits to introduce the first of four contenders involved with this contest.

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Dave Dymond and Other Guy with you for the next couple of hours, and we are coming RIGHT OUT OF THE GATES with a four way affair where the winner gets a shot at the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship.

Other Guy: And with all the shit that’s been goin’ on ‘round here it is REFRESHING, Davey, to cut right to the…

Foreboding chimes suddenly ring through the Thomas and Mack Center, making OG’s point irrelevant and bringing this sell-out crowd to its feet!

A guitar croaks out a single note.

An electric whining violin screeches over the P.A.

Samantha Coil: (Confused, but trying to do her job) Introducing first…  Weighing in…  at…

Drum ROLL…

Coil stands dumbfounded, stumbling for words.

AND THE MUSIC BURSTS INTO A DRIVING DISSONANCE!  Dave and Other Guy don’t even bother speaking.


The maddening, beautiful dissonance of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene , swells and swells and swells, building to its brink of insanity.  However, as it reaches its opening verse, a voice interrupts.

The voice… of THE DEFILER.

The curtains rustle.

The DEFILER (OFF SCREEN): Sorry.  I…  I’m sorry


Hatred swarms the arena.

“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “The DEFILER”, JONNY JOHNSON, microphone in hand, pushes through the curtains without the accompaniment of his special lighting or pyrotechnics.  It’s obvious that this wasn’t planned, as even the cameramen scramble to get into position for the best angles.

The DEFILER: I promise this isn’t going to be a trend.  (He speaks while walking to the ring) I mean, I guess if I WANTED IT to be…  you wouldn’t have a whole lot of say in the matter, but…  But I’m not, uhh…  (Stopping, suddenly distracted by a fan trying to touch him) Don’t fucking do that, okay?

He glares at the fan who now shouts at him.


Jonny rolls his eyes.

The DEFILER: Right.  I suck.  But that didn’t stop you from paying to see me, huh? (Shaking his head)  Fucking moron.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Adjusting the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT over his left shoulder, the hoodie clad, DEFILER eventually turns away from the fan and continues forward toward the ring.

The DEFILER: Can we cut the music, too?  I’m not in the mood for it right now.

It doesn’t end at Jonny’s whim, which makes him angry.


“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene fades out around the time Jonny reaches the base of the steel steps.  The World Champion drops his head and walks up to the ring apron.

With the music off, the “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS” seem even louder than they already were. 

It is absolutely DEAFENING.

The DEFILER: (Mockingly, almost to himself) Booooooo!  BOOOOOOOOOO!

He cracks a smirk and enters the ring without hesitation, ducking in between the top and middle ropes.  His attention falls on Samantha Coil, who, for some reason, didn’t make an exit earlier.

The DEFILER: Aww, you waited up, baby.

She freezes and he moves closer.

The DEFILER: (Casting a sickening smile, inhaling) Mmm. You smell GREAT, Sam.

He reaches out his left hand and dauntingly runs his fingers across the side of her cheek and then through her hair.  She seems uncomfortable, but does everything in her power to remain poised.

The DEFILER: Give the Champ a kiss…

Coil doesn’t move, which irritates Jonny, who now VIOLENTLY PULLS HER HAIR BACK, and inches closer to her face.


Before she can react, he moves in and PLANTS his wicked lips on hers.

It isn’t a kiss of love.

It’s a kiss of power.



He releases her from his clutches and gently runs his hand down her slender frame, lightly grazing over her breasts and stomach before pulling back.  His eyes run up and down her body, and he nods, satisfied.

The DEFILER: (Calmly) Now get out of my ring, please.

Coil swallows back her embarrassment, fear, and anger, and makes a hasty exit.  Jonny  rubs at his eyes, takes a deep breath, and takes a moment to collect his thoughts, left hand wrapped loosely around the top of his mouth.  He looks troubled or annoyed, but continues to stay silent for the time being , which only further draws the ire of these disgusted SHOOT Project fans.


He rubs at his chin, waiting.

The DEFILER: (Shaking his head) You’re all sooooo… FUCKING self righteous.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Heh.  But that uh…  well, that’s how it goes, I guess.  (Sighing, looking at the World Title slung over his shoulder, trailing off) That’s how it goes.

Jonny can’t help but laugh to himself, as he briefly looks up at the rafters.

The DEFILER: I mean, I thought I was PRETTY clear last week.  (Dropping his eyes back even with the fans and camera) Wasn’t I? (Turning toward the entrance curtains) Didn’t I warn you guys not to fuck with me?  Right?  DIDN’T I?

He begins to pace.

The DEFILER:  It was easy…  Follow me, or Horrible things would happen.  HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE THINGS.  (Disbelief) Why are you doing this to yourselves?  GUYS!  It’s an easy choice to make.  And… and that’s why I’m out here.  To give you guys a second chance…  TO REITERATE YOUR OPTIONS!  If you stand in my way…  If you oppose me…

His tone at this point is very simple.  Very matter of fact.

The DEFILER: I. Will. Fucking. Crush you.

His eyes dance over each body, while the crowd continues to express themselves through a song of jeers.


With his left hand, he grabs the World Title off his shoulder and raises his title in the air.

The DEFILER: I am the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and I WILL NOT BE DEFIED!  IS THAT CLEAR!  Because this is your VERY LAST WARNING!  I don’t wanna hear the rally cries.  I don’t wanna hear my name in your promos.  I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR WHINING AND CRYING!

All of a sudden the fans start to stir!  The BOOS are drowned out BY A GIGANTIC POP! 

The DEFILER: And if I do, then I will have NO CHOICE BUT TO…






The microphone drops from his hand!

Dave Dymond: CADE!!!  CADE!!!





Other Guy: Fuck!

Dave Dymond: Quinn, Riley and Calahan running down to the ring!  THIS PLACE IS GOING INSANE!

The trio storm the ring, but CADE IS READY!!!  SUPER FAN GETS DRILLED WITH A SUPER KICK!  Sydal turns to his right and TAKES QUINN DOWN WITH A FLUID LEG SWEEP only to spin back and LAND AND A JUMPING BACK HEEL KICK TO RILEY’S RIBS!  Riley DOWN!  Quinn tries to scurry up!

Jonny snatches up his title and wastes no time HIGH TAILING THE HELL OUT!!!  He slips out under the ropes and attempts a B-Line for the guard rail!


Other Guy: GET HIM, CADE!  Goddamnit!  GET HIM!

The fans don’t help make Jonny’s getaway very easy.  HE SCREAMS at them to move as he tries to get of dodge!  Before he can make it over, though, CADE IS ABLE TO GRAB HIM BY THE SHOULDERS AND THEN VALIANTLY ATTEMPTS TO PULL HIM BACK!

Dave Dymond: OHHH!!

Quinn chases as well and DRILLS Cade from behind with a desperation CLUBBING TO THE BACK OF THE NECK!!!  Jonny dips his shoulder to adjust his title before FINALLY making it over the rail!  He pushes fans out of the way, shouting violently the entire time.


Cade knows that Jonny is leaving but has no choice but to fend off Quinn.  In the meantime, Riley and Super Fan have made their way back up and run to defend their Friend.  Cade catches the others out of the corner of his eye!  He pushes Quinn back and charges at Super Fan with a WILD STRIKE!  Cade CONNECTS, but then gets HAMMERED from behind by an equally wild strike from Quinn!  Cade falls forward a little, which leaves him open for an attack from Riley who SLAMS a STIFF SOCCER STYLE KICK INTO CADE’S MIDSECTION!

Cade falls to the floor!

Quinn throws his arms up in the air and yells at the other two, motioning toward where Jonny just made his escape.

Rogue: Let’s get the FUCK OUT!  MOVE GUYS!

Quinn hops the rail, followed by Super Fan, and then Riley!  The three BOLT through the crowd, but CADE DOES NOT GIVE UP!  He winces in pain, but FIGHTS THROUGH IT, PUSHING HIMSELF UP AND CHASING THE OTHERS OVER THE RAIL AND INTO THE CROWD!!!

Dave Dymond: There is NO QUIT IN CADE SYDAL!!!

Other Guy: Dude wants what he wants and that is EXACTLY how to go at our goddamn coward of a champion.  Don’t give his ass time to scheme!  You hit him quick and you hit him hard!  FUCK YEAH CADE!

Dave Dymond: Sydal giving us one heck of a start to Revolution, but with the ring cleared it looks like we can now get to our…

From the other side of the crowd, we see a figure jumping the guardrail as he casually makes his way into the ring, grinning.  The crowd is still buzzing about Cade Sydal and not everyone notices the man approaching the ring.

Other Guy: Hold that thought Dave… Conor comin out to the ring, and really, I’m not sure what business he has here…

Conor stands in the center of the ring; a half smile on his face. He has a noticeable 5 o’clock shadow, and his medium brown hair looks stringy.. and unwashed.

Other Guy: God Conor looks like shit. Does he even shower, Dave?

Dave Dymond: I wouldn’t know, OG.

He stands clad in a tight black "GG Allin" shirt, tight black ‘destroyed’ jeans, and all black leather Chuck Taylor’s. Around his neck is that black doctor’s mask with "AnonYMouS CasuaLtY" written in red. He goes over to Samantha Coil, who was ready to introduce the competitors for the four way, and smirks before SNATCHING the microphone out of her hands.

Dave Dymond: Conor’s seemingly not a fan of chivalry.

Conor: Thanks Samantha. Oh and SHOOT officials, don’t get your panties in a wad. I have about ohh… maybe 3-5 minutes to say what I need to say, so… yeah.

Samantha exits the ring, a little timid and not sure what to think about Conor. He watches as she heads over to where OG and Dave are. He then turns to the fans, hanging both arms on the top rope.. glaring into the packed crowd.

Conor: And thanks also go out to Jonny, Cade, Riley, Rogue… Super Fan… thanks for making this all possible. Honestly, I mean, wow. What an opportunity, right? I’m like… here. In the SHOOT Project! In the very ring where dreams are made, and also… broken.

Dave Dymond: Doesn’t seem too genuine, does he?

Other Guy: He’s probably too coked up to really care where’s he at.

Conor: So uhhh… how’s it going, Las Vegas?!

The crowd reacts with mainly boos, but a few cheers here and there.

Conor: Good I guess. I mean, you fans seem happy. After all, you all got what you want, right? I mean, NC-17 is your Revolution Champion… I mean, that should put some smiles on those faces, RIGHT LAS VEGAS?!

Other Guy: NC-17, the NEW Revolution Champion since last Revolution where he beat Gutter Rat.

Dave Dymond: AND, he advanced to the semi-finals of Master of the Mat too, OG.

The crowd cheers again…

Conor: And I mean… Jester Smiles is in the SEMI FINALS in the Master of the Mat!

Other Guy: That he is… and the fans love it!

The crowd reacts with another pop… Conor just shakes his head. An annoyed look on his face.


The fans react with boos, obviously not caring too much about his apparent attitude. Conor again shakes his head, pacing around the ring… speaking while looking at the ground.

Conor:< I mean… you fans all have what you want, right? Two of your heros are in the Master of the Mat semi-finals, Doug Kinsella FINALLY won a match, AND you all are just in a great fucking mood, huh? But what about me? You probably all forgot about me, right? Probably forgot I existed. Well, for those of you who did… which is probably all of you… my name is Conor Caden McLellan. Preferably just Conor Caden. And I’m an addict.

He pauses momentarily, continuing his stroll around the ring at a slow, slow pace.

Conor: I’m addicted to many things. Alcohol.

The fans pop for this… obviously there are a good bit of drunks in the crowd tonight. Conor just smiles at the fact that this word would get so many cheers.

Conor: Tobacco. Cocaine. Heroin. But my favorite addiction overall… that one addiction that just won’t go away… violence.

The fans pop for this, too. Conor nods.

Conor:  Something that… really, has been absent in my life for far too long. You see I didn’t go home and just be a junkie. I mean… I WAS a junkie, but I watched SHOOT. Yeah. I really didn’t miss a week. And you know what? I decided this was the place for me. Right here… in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This gets a decent sized pop… the fans obviously proud of their hometown.

Conor: And I mean anyone could have seen it coming, right? Afterall, I’ve played the role of caddy for too long, you know? I mean, I took the backseat to Declan when we were tagging, and look where he got me. FUCKING NOWHERE.

The fans boo. Conor just shakes his head in frustration.

Conor: Nah, that didn’t really do anything for my career. And then, I become a friend of Jonny’s, hoping to find some comradery with him and his band of misfits. And you know where that got me? Back on the street, but hey, only a naive kid would trust a piece of shit like him, right? Later down the road I tag up with Dan Stein, you motherfuckers know Dan Stein, right?!

The fans pop for Stein as Conor just grins, nodding his head.

Conor: Yeah, you cheer the guy like he’s a good guy. This is the same piece of shit that tagged with me for oh, I don’t know… maybe a month or two, AND LEFT ME. I went to that fucking thrift store equivalent wrestling promotion called LEGACY… FOR HIM. BECAUSE HE ASKED ME TO. And then, in the drop of a dime, he’s done. Yeah, so cheer that piece of shit up some more. COME ON LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, LET’S HEAR IT FOR DAN… THE LIIIGGHHTTSS… STEIN!!!!!

The fans still pop, as Conor seems annoyed.


The fans boo loudly at this… as Conor shakes his head.’

Conor: God you’re all sheep. You flock to whoever ACTS like they care what you think, don’t you? It’s all bullshit in the end anyways. It’s just them keeping up an image. Do you think people like Jester Smiles ACTUALLY give a SHIT about any single one of you? For that matter, I KNOW Dan Stein sure as hell doesn’t. So, what exactly is the point of booing me again? Do you think I’m going to go home and jerk off and use my own tears for lube? Really? DO YOU THINK I CARE WHAT ANY OF YOU THINK!?

The fans boo again… Conor pauses momentarily… regaining his composure.

Conor: Do you all just want me to leave? Do you want me to just go to the back, and let you guys watch the rest of the show?

"Yes" is heard throughout the crowd, the fans cheering quite heavily. Conor just kind of shrugs, before grinning.

Conor: Well, it really isn’t up to any of you, is it? You see for far too long I’ve done things because other people wanted me to. I ran with the Celtic Saints and did what Declan said, because I believed in him. After all, he was the (Conor uses finger quotes) "veteran". Yeah, excuse me for the slip-up, at the time I didn’t know he was a flaky, drunken mick-fuck. Well, I did what he said, and guess what? He led me uhhh… NO FUCKING WHERE. Well, I eventually become another "goon" of Jonny’s, get a place to stay, and think hey maybe this is a good way to break into the business. WRONG. I listened to Stein, we managed to win tag gold, and again… nothing developed.

He pauses.

Conor: I mean, I’ve done the ‘backseat’ thing for long enough, you know? It’s time to take control of my own life. It’s time to crack skulls, because [b]I[/b] want to fucking crack skulls… not because someone TELLS me to. I’m doing this, and not only for myself… but for you…

Conor points into the crowd, nodding and as he hovers his finger across the crowd.

Conor: All of you junkies, you prostitutes, you freaks… those of you who have been given up on. Those of you who were told you’d never make it. I’ll shed blood for you. Blood of people who would have told you the same thing. I’ll shed the blood of people who call us fuck-ups. The blood of people who tell us were nobodies. The ones who don’t understand…

This gets a few cheers here and there, obviously the cheers coming from the ones who fill this category.

Conor: Because whether you believe so or not, we’re family. And I’ll do ANYTHING for my family…

Conor grins.

Conor: There comes a time when it’s time to take a stand.

Conor nods, hanging over the ropes… a smirk etched on his face.

Conor: And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

He pauses. The crowd boos a bit, as Samantha Coil and the announcers have waved Conor over. Conor rolls out of the ring, as Dymond says some words that we can’t quite make out. Conor chuckles a bit.

Conor: My apologies, people. It appears that we’re schedule for a FATAL FOUR WAY, YEAHHHH! REVOLUTION TITLE CONSIDERATION BABY!

The fans pop pretty big.

It’s almost like he’s turned from serious, and to almost depressed, to a completely over the top, sarcastic asshole. All in just a few seconds.

Conor: Alright, Samantha. Come on in and take over.

Samantha Coil heads up the steps, and into the ring as Conor hands her the microphone.

Conor (Not into the microphone, more to her personally, however you can still hear him): Sorry for snatching the microphone… blame it on my mother. Wasn’t around much growing up.

Samantha Coil looks really uninterested, and gives Conor an "eat shit" kind of look. Conor heads out of the ring, and heads over to the announcer’s booth as he takes a seat.



Conor: How’s it going, Dave?

Conor puts his hand on Dave’s back in a ‘friendly’ manner.  Dave seems uneasy.

Dave: Good Conor.

Conor: OG.

Other Guy: Conor.

Conor: I love that.  Just saying each other’s name.  And we have that understanding, you know?  Kind of like friends.  That’s cool, OG.  We’ve got a bit of comradery, yeah?

Other Guy kind of rolls his eyes as Samantha Coil’s voice kicks in.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is a Fatal Four Way, and is for Revolution Title consideration!

"Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system as the fans immediately react with a good bit of boos.

Samantha Coil: First, making his way to the ring, by way of London, England… he is the British Ass Kicking Machine… JACK HEART!

 Jack Heart is seen at the top of the ramp with Joyce McGuire in tow.  The two make their way to the ring as the fans don’t seem too happy to see Jack.  A fan is seen screaming "YOU SUCK" as Jack simply flips him off.  Joyce takes her place at ringside as Jack heads up the steps, performing a ‘front flip’ over the top rope.  He takes his place at his corner.

Other Guy: Jack showing a great amount of athleticism, and despite his loss last week, this dude’s a serious threat to ANY person in this thing.

Conor: Yeah, he’s like… imported from England, right?  You think they just shipped his ass over in a box or something?  How does that work?

Jack looks over at the announcer’s table, not sure why Conor is at ringside.  Conor just gives him a cheesy faux-thumbs up… Jack just cuts his eyes at Conor, and turns around. 

The arena lights start flickering on and off, and immediately the fans start up with a bit of cheers.

Conor: You aren’t epileptic, are ya Dave?!  God let’s hope not. 

"Open your Eyes" by Alter Bridge hits as the song gets to the first lyrics, and we see Doug Kinsella.  He heads to the ring, a pretty focused look on his face, but in his eyes you can tell he has some other stuff weighing on his mind.

Dave Dymond: Doug almost seems like his mind’s in another place.

Other Guy: Well, with Jonny’s proposal and what not, I’m sure he’s been weighing his options a lot.

Dave Dymond: Jonny’s obviously taking advantage of the fact that the kid knows NOTHING about him.  He damn well knows no one that knows him, even REMOTELY, would give in to such a proposal.

Conor: OH COME ON!  Jonny’s a good guy, he’s just misunderstood.  That’s all.  HAHA.

Samantha Coil: And from Springfield Ohio, he is known as "The Epitome of Magnificence", Doug… Kinsellllla!!

Doug continues his stroll to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and looking across at Jack Heart.  Heart just grins as Kinsella looks focused, despite his mind being elsewhere.

We hear the drums of Metallica’s "Frantic" kick in as the fans pick up with cheers.  Crush Heart appears on the top of the ramp, sporting a black vest, black trousers, and black wrestling boots.  On his arms are bandages from the burns he suffered at the hands of the House.

Conor: What is this guy, a fucking dominatrix?

Other Guy: And wearing a doctor mask is your idea of normal?

Conor: Ouch.

Crush continues down the ramp, his eyes meeting with Jack’s as he makes his way up the steel steps.  He stands at the top of the steps, and forms a "cross" with his hands.  The fans give him a decent pop, as they’ve warmed up to him, as he enters the ring, immediately going after Jack Heart.  Jack hurries through the top and middle ropes, avoiding Crush Heart atleast until Gutter Rat gets to the ring.

Dave Dymond: Crush obviously pretty desperate to get a piece of Jack, and who can blame him?  After what Jack’s done to the guy, why shouldn’t he?

Conor: That’s no way to treat your brother. 

Joyce’s eyes meet with Crush’s as he just smiles at him… he seems unsure on how to react.

Other Guy: Crush seems a bit hesitant about Joyce’s obvious crush on him, no pun intended… because he really can’t trust anyone involved in the House.  How could he?

"Mobscene" by Marilyn Manson hits as the fans immediately ring out in boos.  Ed Johnson is seen at the top of the stage with Gutter Rat in tow.  Ed holds a chain almost like a leash as he practically has to YANK on it to get Gutter Rat to head to the ring.  Around his neck is the shock collar that we’ve been seeing, as Ed holds the remote device in his other hand.  Ed looks rather pissed off as he yanks on the chain again, but Gutter Rat doesn’t budge.  Ed grabs the remote, and holds down the button as Gutter Rat is sent into immediately shock.

Dave Dymond: Gutter Rat seemingly not too obedient, and he hasn’t been the past few weeks OG.

Other Guy: Why should he?  He gets treated like shit, this guy deserves better than that.  Dudes a human.  This is just SICK.

Conor: Haha.

Gutter Rat eventually obliges, walking up the steps almost like a zombie.

Dave Dymond: He looks like he’s about to fall over… this just isn’t right.

As he heads into the ring, Ed Johnson strolls around the ring, whispering some words into the ear of Jack Heart.  Jack starts to nod, and immediately a smile is etched on his face.  He pats Ed on the back as Ed heads over to the announce table.  He takes a seat next to Conor, and puts on a headset. 

Conor: Well if it isn’t Doctor Frankenstein! 

Ed Johnson: Heh, that’s nice, kid.  Who are ya again?

Conor: No one important.

Ed Johnson: What business you got down here then?

Conor: I’m a revolutionary. 

Mark Kendrick rings the bell.

Immediately, Doug Kinsella attacks Gutter Rat.  A few shots are thrown, but it isn’t long before Gutter Rat pushes him off.  Gutter Rat almost seems uninterested in the match… as he doesn’t strike.  Kinsella performs a perfect dropkick, sending Gutter Rat against the ropes and dazes him a little.  Crush now moves over to where Doug is and starts to work him over with shots to the back of the head, and this now prompts Jack Heart to make it into the ring.  Crush works Doug over in the corner, throwing shot after shot as he whips him into the other turnbuckle.  Jack Heart throws up a high kick, but Doug ducks it and stops himself at the turnbuckle.  He turns around, but without looking, Jack Heart throws his leg up and kicks him square in the mouth!

Ed Johnson: What a picture perfect kick!  Did ya guys see that?

Other Guy: Very nice kick indeed, and now Jack seems to be on the offense.

Crush turns to Gutter Rat and starts throwing shots, and still, Gutter Rat is despondent.  Ed presses the button, sending him into shock.  Crush grabs the arm of Gutter Rat and goes for an irish whip, but instead, Gutter Rat reverses it into a short arm clothesline that sends Crush HARD to the mat!

Ed Johnson: There we go!  That’s what I was waitin for.

Conor: Good for you, Ed. 

The shocking must have pissed off Gutter Rat, as he is now stomping on the back of Crush’s head relentlessly.  On the other side of the ring, Jack is working Doug over with kicks to the ribs as the crowd boos.  He looks out to the crowd, a sickened look on his face, and this gives Doug the opportunity to grab the head of Jack and put HIM in the corner!  Doug works him over with some shots, eventually bringing him out of the corner for a Snap Suplex.

Dave Dymond: Kinsella now getting some offense as Gutter Rat seems almost enraged.

Gutter Rat lifts Crush off of the mat and pushes him against the ropes, throwing shots.  He runs at him, looking for a clothesline over the top rope, however Crush ducks it and pulls the top rope down, sending Gutter Rat into the floor outside!! 

Conor: Haha.  That big fucker’s flopping like a fish out of water.

Other Guy: Gutter Rat takes a spill to the outside, and Crush now on the hunt.

Crush rolls to the outside, pointing at Ed Johnson as he wails away on the masked face of Gutter Rat.

Ed Johnson: He can point at me all he wants, but who’s the one with the burnt arms here? 

Inside of the ring, Doug has Jack Heart up for a Death Valley Driver.  Jack Heart throws a few elbow shots to the side of the head as it causes Doug to let go.  Jack Heart immediately throws out a kick for Doug’s rib, then another to the other side, and pulls Doug’s head down for a jumping knee strike to the skull!

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart goes for the pin.



It’s only a two count.  On the outside Crush goes to whip Gutter Rat into the steel steps, but Gutter Rat reverses it and sends Crush flipping over them instead!  Gutter Rat goes and slides under the bottom rope as Jack Heart just looks back at him, a little uneasy. 

Ed Johnson: What’s that idiot doing?!

Conor: Not what you say… obviously.

Jack Heart throws his hands up, as if to say "what are you doing."  Gutter Rat just stands there like a statue, staring at him.  From behind is Doug Kinsella as he dropkicks Jack Heart.  Jack Heart IMMEDIATELY falls into Gutter Rat!  Gutter Rat looks at Heart, almost as if he’s enraged!  Gutter Rat goes to clothesline Jack, but he ducks as Gutter Rat just FLOORS Doug!  Gutter Rat lifts Doug up from the mat, now headbutting him HARD in the skull!

On the outside Crush Heart is now sliding under the bottom rope, but now Jack Heart is throwing boots into him.

Ed Johnson: Ha.  Now it’s time for an old school beatdown.

Jack Heart goes to lift Crush up, but Crush knocks Jack Heart’s hand from off of him and grabs his neck in a choke, Jack Heat is absolutely squirming, trying to break free.  On the other side, Gutter Rat drops Kinsella to the mat with a piledriver, and now looks over at where Jack and Crush are.  Jack’s face is starting to turn a shade of purple as Gutter Rat rushes and SPEARS Crush from his side, sending him HARD into the mat.  Jack Heart again goes and puts boots into him as Gutter Rat goes to the mat, now choking him!  The referee eventually gets him to break it.  From behind is Doug Kinsella as he takes ahold of Jack Heart and drives him into the mat with a bulldog!  Jack is quick to get back up as Doug throws a punch, another punch, then drops him to the mat with a T-Bone Exploder Suplex!

Conor: Look at Kinsella go!  Hahahaha.

Ed Johnson: Keep laughing. 

Conor: Thanks for the permission.

Ed Johnson: You really do have a deathwish, don’t you, kid?

The scene cuts from the action for a moment as we see Peter Lolwen in the front row dressed in a nice suit, with a pen and notepad in his hand… and a smile on his face.

Other Guy: Lolwen here, and I’m pretty sure all of us know why.

On the other side, Gutter Rat has crush in the corner, but Crush kicks Gutter Rat in the gut.  He gets behind Gutter Rat and goes to drive him into the mat with a side russian leg sweep, but Gutter Rat won’t go down!  Finally, Crush gives up, and turns swiftly and DRILLS Gutter Rat into the mat with a HUGE Clothesline!

Dave Dymond: My god!  That shot just ECHOED!

Other Guy: Crush brings down the big man, or I should say "bigger man", down with FORCE.

Crush whips Gutter Rat into the ropes, and goes for a big boot, but Gutter Rat stops and grabs a hold of his boot, then grabs him in for a T-Bone Suplex!

Ed Johnson: There we go, PIN HIM JACK!

On the other side of the ring, Jack has dropped Doug with a spinning heel kick and goes for the pin.  Before a pin can even be registered, Doug drops down with an axe handle drop on the back of Jack’s head! 

Ed Johnson: That idiot!

Crush tries to get off of the mat as Jack Heart and Doug exchange blows.

Doug comes off of the ropes as Jack goes for a crescent kick, instead, Doug ducks it, goes behind him, and drops him for a German Suplex!  Gutter Rat has grabbed Crush and now has him up in a bear hug.  Crush instead throws elbows to the top of his head, now picking the big man up and DRILLING him into the mat with a MASSIVE spinebuster!

Ed Johnson: Time for a wake up call.

Ed Johnson AGAIN shocks Gutter Rat, causing his body to go into shock.  Crush doesn’t know whether to continue his assault or not, as he somewhat feels bad. 

Jack whips Doug into the ropes and ducks a clothesline, as Doug turns around, Jack NAILS him with a super kick that sends Doug spilling out to the outside!  Jack then runs at Crush, but Crush looks over his shoulder and sees him coming, and turns around and GRABS AHOLD OF HIS NECK AGAIN!  He begins to choke the life out of Jack, until he finally lifts him up for a chokeslam, but Jack kicks him in the gut!  Jack, out of desperation, then drops him with a DDT! 

Ed Johnson: That’s what I’m talking about.

Jack, knowing he doesn’t want to necessarily fight Crush one on one, now slides out from underneath the ropes and waits for Doug to get up.  As Doug does, Jack rushes in.  Doug sees him coming and picks him up for a Samoan Drop on the outside! 

In the ring, Gutter Rat is the first one up as he sees Crush now stirring.  He goes and drops a few kicks on the back of Crush’s head, but that doesn’t stop him from eventually reaching his feet.  Crush begins to fight back, blocking off some of Gutter Rat’s punches.  Gutter Rat just knees him in the gut though, and goes for a powerbomb.  Once at the peak, Crush spreads his legs and drops down, and drops Gutter Rat with a Urinage Slam! 

On the outside, Doug goes to whip Jack into the guard rail, but Jack reverses it.  Doug hits the guard rail and hits the floor.  Jack runs towards the guard rail, hopping on top of it as he jumps backwards into a perfect moonsault right onto Kinsella!

Ed Johnson: Pure athleticism at it’s best.

Other Guy: Very unorthodox move, but quite effective as Doug seems to be hurt.

In the ring, Crush has Gutter Rat up.  He whips him into the ropes, but as Gutter Rat comes back he hits him with a shoulder block.  Crush is back up, but now Gutter Rat charges and lifts him up on top of his head, dropping him to the mat with a gorilla press slam!  Jack has now sent Doug back into the ring, as he quickly follows in as well.  Gutter Rat waits for Crush to get up as he goes in for a hard spear!  Crush is down!  He charges at Doug, and spears him!  As Jack stirs, Gutter Rat seems to have some hesitation, but in a blink of an eye, he SPEARS Jack Heart!  The crowd goes absolutely wild!

Other Guy: MY GOD!  Gutter Rat just speared the HELL out of Jack Heart!

Ed Johnson: I’m putting a stop to all of this, this is RIDICULOUS!

Ed gets up from his seat, and almost like a man drunk with power, he grits his teeth and presses the button, shocking Gutter Rat.  Gutter Rat drops to the mat, and seems like he’s almost in a seizure-like fit. 

Conor: That’s pretty electric, wouldn’t you say OG?

Crush is the first one to get up, as he can barely crawl over to Jack, but he does and goes for the pin!!


Ed Johnson: Oh god it can’t end this way…




NO!  Doug breaks up the pinfall… now trying to pin Crush!



Crush powers out, and pushes up with all of his strength, LIFTING Doug into the air as he crashes into the mat!  Crush is up now, as Doug comes at him!  Crush goes for a clothesline, but Doug instead ducks, and swings back into a school boy!



Jack Heart breaks it up with a HARD soccer kick to the ribs of Doug!

Dave Dymond: Good god how many of those kicks can Doug take?

Ed Johnson: As many as Jack needs to win, Dave.

Gutter Rat is now stirring, as Jack begins to throw kicks at Crush!  Crush eventually knees him in the gut and sends him into the ropes!  Jack goes for a flying palm strike, but Crush ducks it!  Gutter Rat, however, is now behind him as he grabs him and pulls him up for a full nelson slam, slamming him down HARD into the mat with force.  He looks down at Crush Heart through his mask, and then at Jack.  Jack again is a little timid, as he DID get speared by a monster a second ago.  Jack drops out of the ring as now Doug turns Gutter Rat around and throws a few punches!  Doug runs into the ropes, trying to get speed on his side as he hits him with a high knee.  Gutter Rat really doesn’t flinch, as Doug runs into the ropes again, but this time Gutter Rat just grabs his head and YANKS HIM INTO THE MAT WITH FORCE!  Gutter Rat takes a few moments as he goes to lift him up, but Doug Kinsella breaks the hold on him.  He dropkicks the shin of Gutter Rat, then again, as he goes into the ropes and comes back with a huge crossbody block, but instead, Gutter Rat jumps into the air and DRIVES HIM DOWN INTO THE MAT HARD!

Dave Dymond: By god that was wicked sounding!

Conor: Hell yeah.  Welcome to SHOOT, right?

On the outside Jack Heart is taking a breather, obviously taking advantage of the fact that Gutter Rat is doing all of his "dirty work."

In the ring, Crush is behind Gutter Rat, throwing punches at him as Gutter Rat switches his attention from Doug to Crush.  This gives Doug the opportunity to hit the ropes, and fly through the top and middle ropes to the outside as he dives right into Jack!

Conor: What was your idiot friend looking at?  Did he REALLY not see that coming?!

Ed Johnson: Ha, you sure think you’re witty, don’t ya?

Doug Kinsella goes to get back in the ring, but Jack is up now.  Jack screams something at Doug, which catches Doug’s attention.  Doug sees Jack and jumps off for a double axe handle, but instead Jack lifts his leg in the air and CATCHES DOUG KINSELLA RIGHT IN THE MOUTH!

The crowd pops huge as the shot just ECHOES!

Conor: OH MY FUCKING GOD, A TOOTH FLEW ON MY SHIRT.  Oh wait no, that’s just lent.  My bad.

Ed Johnson: …moron.

Conor: Are you always this difficult?

In the ring, Crush has taken Gutter Rat down with a German Suplex, and he hooks the bridge!


Jack Heart slides in the ring!


And performs a standing shooting star press which causes Crush to roll off in pain.  Jack holds his own ribs, obviously feeling the effects himself.  Jack Heart is now scaling the top rope, but now Crush has gotten up.  Crush rushes the turnbuckle and pushes Jack, causing him to straddle himself!  Crush grabs him as the two go to scale the top rope.  Jack pushes Crush off as he hits his back hard on the mat, but gets up almost immediately.  Gutter Rat is from behind now as Crush turns around!  Jack goes to fly off, and as he does, Crush WHIPS Gutter Rat towards the turnbuckle as Jack Heart flies off and hits Gutter Rat SQUARE in the chest with a torpedo dropkick!

Ed Johnson: NO!

Crush immediately grabs a hold of Jack and kicks him in the gut, now drilling him into the mat with a picture perfect piledriver.  Crush hears something and turns around to see Kinsella come in with a clothesline and ducks, causing it to drop Jack Heart! 

Crush waits for Kinsella to turn around, and lifts him on his shoulders… spinning his lower half in the air and drilling him face first into the mat!

Other Guy: Crushing End!  This ones gotta be over!




Jack Heart is up, he runs in…

Dave Dymond: HES GOT IT!

Other Guy: NO!

Jack Heart, in a fit of rage, continues to kick at the fallen Crush Heart, every now and again looking to Joyce and throwing his arms in the air.

Dave Dymond: Jack obviously isn’t too happy that Joyce didn’t break the pin.

Jack Heart continues to throw in the boots as Gutter Rat has come to now.  Jack Heart kind of backs off, uneasy with the monster around as Gutter Rat grabs him by the hair, lifting him to his feet.  He whips Crush into the ropes but Crush reverses it!  Crush waits as Gutter Rat comes back as he drills him with a nice powerslam!  The fans cheer on Crush but now it’s Jack Heart from behind.  Heart turns him around, and BLATANTLY GOUGES HIM IN THE EYE!  Now Kinsella has gotten up.  Crush holds his eye, in apparent pain, as Jack Heart knees him in the gut, then kicks him swiftly in the side of the head.  Gutter Rat is starting to get up, as Doug drops him to the mat with a nice DDT.  He hooks the leg.



Gutter Rat powers out with force.  Jack Heart continues to throw boots into Crush, until Crush starts to power out.  Jack goes to throw another high kick, but instead, Crush grabs his leg!  Crush spins Jack around, and as Jack performs a full rotation he lifts him up in the air with a picture perfect spinebuster!  The fans pop big but now Gutter Rat is seen tossing Doug into the corner and now charging at Crush!  He goes for a spear, but instead, Crush LIFTS his knee up as it cracks against his skull!  Gutter Rat starts to stagger back, but Crush lifts him up on his shoulders…

Ed Johnson: NO! 

He spins him mid-air, and drops him face first!

Dave Dymond: ANOTHER… Crushing End!



The whole time Joyce has a smile on her face, seemingly HAPPY that he’s a second away from a win! 


Other Guy: Crush wins!

But now, from behind is Jack Heart with a kick to the back of the leg!  Jack starts wailing on the back of Crush’s head, but Crush is starting to rise to his feet.  Jack jumps on his back, but Crush slams instead just YANKS him over his head and into the mat!

Ed gets up furiously, pulling the headset off his head.

Conor: Have a good one, Ed.  No really.

Ed seems to just ignore Conor and walk towards where Gutter Rat is, shocking him again and again!

Other Guy: That’s just not right. 

Jack continues to lay in a few boots until Crush powers out.  Jack comes in for a high kick, but Crush ducks it and LIFTS HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS…


But Jack uses his agility to wiggle himself off of Crush’s shoulder as he scurries out of the ring.

Other Guy: That coward…

Jack, Joyce, and Ed all head back up the ramp as Gutter Rat seems to come to.  He realizes his surroundings as he looks to the ramp, and sees them.  He eventually follows them… as they disappear in the back. 


SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “THE DEFILER” JONNY JOHNSON stands outside his personal locker room, breathing a little more heavily than usual.  He is joined by TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and “Super Fan” TIM CALAHAN, who are ALSO a looking just a little winded.

Jonny takes a few deep breaths, and tries to stay calm.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and after the third one, he SLAMS HIS FIST into his locker room door.

The others stay silent.

The DEFILER: (Glaring at the other three) How the FUCK did that just happen?!  Does anyone know!?  HUH?   (Looking for an answer, shaking his head)  I’m SERIOUS!  I am the WORLD-FUCKING-CHAMPION and you’re telling me that…  that CADE SYDAL can…  That he…  That…  That, that (Exasperated, losing his train of thought) FUCK!  I want that LITTLE BITCH taken OUT!  IMMEDIATELY!

He rubs his forehead and continues taking deep breaths. Quinn tries to offer any wisdom he can, though not without taking extreme caution.

Rogue: It’s nothing we can’t take care of.

Riley nods.

Riley: Yeah.  He’s a dead man, dude.

Calahan chimes in.

Super Fan: No doubt.

Whether or not the support of his Friends helped, Jonny calms down just enough to start thinking.  The others pace around, in silence.  Riley looks like he wants to fight ANYTHING that moves, while the other two are a little less wound up. 

However, EVERYONE quickly stops what they are doing when they hear a noise.

Riley: Oh shit!  Here he comes!

There’s heavy footsteps on the tiled floor, attracting the immediate attention of everyone in the corridor.  Riley holds his fists out, while Quinn and Super Fan turn toward the noise.  Jonny perks up as well.   Before anyone can actually say anything, though, the footsteps grow louder and from around the corner appears OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, wearing a tight black dress-shirt and slacks.

Quinn, Riley, and Calahan lower their aggression.

Jonny doesn’t offer much of any reaction once he realizes who it is and remains silent. 

Lord knows WHAT he’s thinking.

Shrugging his shoulders, he rakes his long hair back with his fingers and ties it into a ponytail.

Osbourne Kilminster: Sorry, I was running a little bit late. Caught in traffic. What’s going on then?

Sensing a discomforting atmosphere, Osbourne frowns, the creases in his forehead visible over the silver rims of his blue-tinted sunglasses.

Osbourne Kilminster: Have I missed something?

The SHOOT Project World Champion’s eyes narrow in on his emerging Friend, and a worrisome scowl is methodically replaced with a creeping, “in control” grin.  He nods his head, ideas formulating through the silence.

The DEFILER: (His smile widening) No. It’s uhh…   It’s nothing we can’t take care of, Ozzy.

He laughs silently, one or two breathy laughs, under his breath and rubs the underbelly of his conniving chin.

The DEFILER: (Looking directly at Kilminster, raising an eyebrow) You up for some fun?

Kilminster can’t help bust smirk, all-too-aware of the Champion’s preferred brand of fun.

Osbourne Kilminster: Of course. What have we got in mind?

Jonny nods, and it’s obvious he appreciates Kilminster’s “Ask questions laster” policy.  Quinn, Riley and Super Fan all listen attentively and Jonny runs down the agenda.

The DEFILER: It’s very easy.  Bring me Cade Sydal.

Kilminster eyes balls Super Fan, Rogue and Riley, while responding to the World Champion’s question.

Osbourne Kilminster: Just me, or do you want me to take them?

Shaking his head, he is quick to respond.

The DEFILER: (Pointing at Kilminster) Just you.  I don’t need to send out everyone.  (Looking back to the other three) Besides, they have other things to get done.

The others don’t exactly like the sound of that, but Jonny’s expression shows that he clearly couldn’t give two shits what anyone thought about his plans.  He reaches out and grabs Kilminster by the arm.

The DEFILER: Do whatever you need to do.  (Staring into Osbourne’s eyes) Okay?

A little taken aback by Jonny’s sudden forwardness, Osbourne tugs his arm back as he nods.

Osbourne Kilminster: Not a problem. I’ll go have a chat with him and we’ll work it out. I’m sure he’s got more sense than we give him credit for…

Unable to maintain a straight face, Kilminster smirks, raising his eyebrows knowingly to Jonny. His pecs visibly flex under his shirt.  Osbourne’s confidence brings smug satisfaction to the World Champion, who is more than pleased with his Friend’s response.

The DEFILER: Then Godspeed, Mister Kilminster.

Kilminster taps fists with Jonny before walking away, cracking his knuckles as he swaggers confidently along the corridor.  As soon as he vanishes, Riley speaks up, and kind of gets in Jonny’s face a little bit.

Riley: Other things to do?  What the FUCK!

Quinn pulls his partner back.

Rogue: Dude…  Chill.

Jonny looks at his younger cousin and responds to his question, despite the youth’s crazed temperament.

The DEFILER: I need you to find Mallows and see what he wants you to do tonight.

That gets ALL THREE OF THEM to stop and look at Jonny.

Rogue: Whoa, what?

Calahan’s eyes go wide.

Super Fan: (Scared) Dude…

Riley shakes his head and rips his arm away from Quinn’s grasp.

Riley: Nuhhh-Uh!  No FUCKING WAY!  That guy creeps the SHIT out of me and there’s no chance that I’m gonna say one GODDAMN WORD to him.  (Almost pouting, shaking his head.) We’re not doing it.

Jonny sighs and begins to reason with them even though it’s clear he thinks its beneath him to do so.

The DEFILER: Yes you are.  You can’t fuck this up.

Riley IMMEDIATELY objects.

Riley: Why don’t YOU fucking talk to him since he’s YOUR fucking boyfriend!

Quinn realizes that probably wasn’t the smartest thing for Riley to say and again attempts to pull him back and reason with him.

Rogue: Riles…

Jason brushes him away again and then moves toward his older cousin, not afraid to get in his face.

Riley: No!  Get off me! (Looking at Jonny)  We’re NOT FUCKING DOING IT!  We’re not your goddamn stooges.  I’m SICK of this crap.  We do this…. right? and then some fucking smarky piece of shit is going to say how we’re not a legit team and only do your dirty work…  How your stupid slave team does your FUCKING BIDDING AND…

Done with Riley’s liberties, Jonny GRABS his baby cousin by the collar of his white and blue polo shirt and SLAMS HIM UP AGAINST THE WALL!  He raises his right hand and SWIFTLY BACK HANDS HIM ACROSS THE SIDE OF HIS FACE!  Riley’s head JOLTS to his left and Jonny pushes him HARDER into the concrete, plastered wall.

The DEFILER: I have had ENOUGH of your shit, Jason.  You have contracts because I WENT TO BAT FOR YOU.  Remember?  You didn’t earn the right to be here.  YOU DIDN’T EARN ANYTHING!  So you will do EXACTLY what I say and you will respond with “Yes, Jonny.  Right away, Jonny.  NO PROBLEM, JONNY!”  Is that gonna be all right, Jason?  HMMM?

He pulls tighter on Riley’s collar, though lowers his voice, while Quinn and Calahan watch on like children witnessing a domestic dispute.

The DEFILER: Are we straight, baby cousin?

Riley doesn’t initially respond.  Jonny shakes him a little and raises an eyebrow.

The DEFILER: I’m sorry.  I didn’t HEAR YOU.

Riley’s scowl hides his terror.

Riley: Yes, Jonny.

He releases his grip and angles his body to see all three of them now.

The DEFILER: Find Mallows and stay the fuck out of trouble, okay?

Quinn and Calahan nod, but Riley doesn’t respond.

The DEFILER: (Shooing them away) Go on, then.  Scamper off or whatever.  We’re done here.

Before they leave, Quinn asks one final question.

Rogue: What about CJ and Jared?

Jonny shrugs.

The DEFILER: What about them?

For whatever reason, no one has a response.  They know Jonny is aware of what Quinn  meant by his question, so his response was telling enough.

The DEFILER: (Trying to wrap this up) Stay in the Family locker room until your match.  (As an aside) And try not to fucking lose, okay?

Quinn nods.

Rogue: We’ve got it man, no worries.

Calahan agrees.

Super Fan: For sure, Jonny.

Riley finally speaks up.

Riley: I’ll cut my own dick off if we lose.

Jonny is content.

The DEFILER: Good.

Without another word, he turns and disappears into his locker room, slamming the door shut behind him.  The other three vanish soon thereafter, off to fulfill their duties.


Further back in the Thomas and Mack Center, a couple of SHOOT Project stagehands are seen standing around the back entrance used only for staff and superstars alike. The door swings open and the Laws of Survival Champion, Trevor Worrens, walks in.  Just arriving, he wears black jeans, a dark blue t–shirt, and a black hoodie, opened. The dark colors make his Laws of Survival Championship, which is draped over his shoulder, stand out that much more.  Worrens turns to one of the stagehands.

Trevor Worrens: You know if Jester Smiles has arrived yet?

The stagehand just looks down at a clipboard in his hand and then points down the hall to Worrens’s left.

Trevor Worrens: Thanks.

Worrens starts his walk down the hall, and almost feels foolish about asking where Jester is, for as he passes the first of two hallway intersections, he sees Jester right around the corner.  His back is to Worrens, and he throws a few quick practice kicks, already preparing for his main event match up later tonight.

Trevor Worrens: Looking tough, Eric. But I think Davis is going to be a little bit more difficult than air to kick around.

Jester stops in mid punch and turns, smiling. He’s already in full wrestling attire, including his mardi gras mask, despite the fact that he’s wrestling in the main event, the last match of the night.

Jester Smiles: Oh, don’t you worry about Davis, Trev. You’ve made NC-17 hungry, and I’d hate for you to give him an…Opportunity.

Jester winks at Trevor.

Trevor Worrens: I see you’ve been watching my business as close as I’ve been watching yours.  So obviously you know that I’m not here to get in your head. After what I heard from you this week, I know there’s no way to get in there anyway.

Worrens takes a step forward and firmly pats Jester on the shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Glad you kept good on your word… you kept up with me.

Jester Smiles: Bare in mind, it’s not all about you.

Jester gives Trevor a playful punch to the shoulder.

Jester Smiles: But I’m a man of my word, Trev. No matter what goals for SHOOT I may have, and no matter what my over all goal is, I still owe you one.

And I wouldn’t miss the chance for us to kill each other for the world.

Worrens smiles in response to words that normally would come as a threat

Trevor Worrens: Good.  So then this is it.  After tonight we either get what we want…

Worrens pauses, and for the first time ever there seems to be a slight break in his confidence.  He shakes his head though and returns to smiling at Jester.

Trevor Worrens: Or I’ll just have to rain check our fight until AFTER I beat Chris Davis.

Some of the Worrens fans can be heard cheering from ringside.  This makes Worrens smiles a little bit more.  Jester continues to smirk, shrugging the comment off.

Jester Smiles: Or I’ll have to give you a shot after I take both the Revolution and the Laws of Survival Title from NC-17.

As if on cue, a few Jester fans in the audience are heard cheering. Jester mocks a sort of surprise, as if he hadn’t expected the cheers.

Jester Smiles: Did you hear something just now?

Jester’s grin widens, which causes a few more cheers.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, I heard a lot of fans cheering for the both of us.

And now the cheering is even louder as both Worrens and Smiles just look at one another

Trevor Worrens: Best of luck, Eric.

Jester Smiles: Kick some ass, Champ.

Worrens nods to Jester, grinning. He then exits, leaving Jester on his own again. The crowd can now be heard doing a duel "Worrens!" "Jester!" chant. Eric closes his eyes and listens for a moment, taking in a deep breath as he does so.

Jester Smiles: God I love that.

As Jester goes back to warming up the focus shifts back to the ring area.


We get back to the ringside area, assumedly for the next match.  Within moments, the lights darken as the beating drums of Audioslave’s "Cochise" choreographs a strobe light effect over the Thomas & Mack Center.

Dave Dymond: We have one on one action up next but…

The opening riff, reminiscent of a helicopter flying overhead, builds up the anticipation when it finally leads into the entrance of Ron Barker. However, he isn’t alone. Trailing him are three men in suits carrying dark leather briefcases. If that wasn’t enough, a small wiry Japanese man looking solemnly also walks with them as Barker smiles wide while looking over the crowd.

Dave Dymond:  Oh… I see. Well, Other Guy, it looks like the big moment is upon us. Ron Barker announced last week that he was going to come out here and finalize the deal and with Mr. Xan following him, we can all but confirm who it’s going to be.

Other Guy: And look at him, Dymond. Xan looks miserable.

Dave Dymond: I don’t blame him. He must feel like he’s signing away his first born to the devil!

Ron Barker continues smiling as he looks at the Vegas crowd shouting obscenities towards him. He makes his way up the ring steps, entourage in tow and looks smugly over the first few rows. As he enters the ring and extends his arms, the crowd boos intensely as he smiles wide.

Dave Dymond: He may have taken a short sabbatical, but this hot crowd tonight has certainly not forgotten the likes of Ron Barker.

Other Guy: As they shouldn’t! This man makes an impact when he’s on top of his game.

Ron Barker grabs the microphone from Samantha Coil and begins to speak, not waiting for the crowd to die down.

Ron Barker: Last week I stood backstage and announced that I was bringing back a MONSTER surprise to SHOOT Project. What I didn’t do was explain to you why. See, I’ve accomplished some pretty great things in my career. I’ve destroyed lives, I’ve held championship gold, I’ve even tormented the ones you all love most for a good time. But there’s one thing Ron Barker hasn’t done.

Dave Dymond: Shown up for more than a month? Been consistent? Ever told the truth?

Other Guy: Keep it down, Dymond!

Ron Barker: I haven’t held on to tag team gold. We all know that I’m not the most likeable guy on the roster…

Dave Dymond: No kidding.

Ron Barker: … but it’s time for a new chapter in the career of Ron Barker. That’s why I flew to Japan. That’s why I spoke to my old friend Mr. Xan here and worked out a deal to bring in my new tag team partner!

Barker reaches out to Mr. Xan who takes a few steps closer. Barker puts his hand on his shoulder as the Japanese business man hangs his head.

Ron Barker: Now Xan, I know you’re not too happy about this… but would it kill you to look excited for just one damn minute? This deal is going to make you RICH. Go on… tell everyone how we reached this deal.

Barker holds this microphone in front of Xan’s face, who looks at Barker with a sickened expression. Barker just smiles at him as he refuses to speak. Barker laughs.

Ron Barker: Fair enough! Let’s just get down to business then! Suits, please present Xan with the paperwork.

One of the men opens his briefcase and produces a small stack of papers while Barker pulls out a pen from his jacket. Another of the suits, turns around and acts like a table. Mr. Xan looks pale as a ghost as he sighs with pen in hand.

Ron Barker: Go on, Xan! Sign it! Get this over with!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know the nature of what went on to broker this deal, but look at Xan! He doesn’t want to do this! Barker must have him in a pretty bad way to get him to sign this contract.

Other Guy: OR MAYBE Xan has no idea what he’s going to do with all the money he’s probably going to get as a result of this deal!

Dave Dymond: Yeah. That MUST be it.


The crowd, beginning to stir and slightly boo, make their opinions known as Xan looks to them for support. Xan takes another deep breath and quickly scribbles his name on the dotted line as Barker beams proudly as he laughs, almost maniacally. Xan quickly makes his way out of the ring and to the back. His head continues to hang in shame.

Ron Barker: YES! I’VE DONE IT! Ladies and gentlemen, this is without a doubt a PROUD day for Ron Barker… and the DARKEST day for SHOOT Project! It’s official! I don’t care if you’re Nightmare, Eli Storm, Rogue and Riley, and especially Long Island Hardcore. Those SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships are coming to ME and my new partner!

Other Guy: Who is it, Dave?! He hasn’t even told us!

Dave Dymond: I have no idea, OG. But if Ron Barker is THIS happy, we can only speculate it’s one deranged sumo monster that we’ve all come to fear.

Ron Barker acts as if he’s just won the lottery as he looks over the Las Vegas crowd one more time.

Ron Barker: Look at you morons! Hanging off the edges of your seats waiting with baited breath. Who is it, you wonder? Who am I bringing to SHOOT to wreak havoc on the tag divison? Well I tell you one thing, I should be bringing a dentist for all of you mouth-breathers!

The crowd boos intensely as Barker smirks at his successful attempt at some cheap heat.

Ron Barker: No, Vegas… the best part in all of this is that you’ll find out who my partner is… NEXT WEEK!!

Ron Barker begins to laugh as "Cochise" begins to play once more. Ron Barker exits the ring with his legal team in tow and continues laughing all the way to the back.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know what Ron Barker is thinking… if he believes that this crowd isn’t good enough for his partner’s debut, he’s going to be sorely disappointed that we’re coming back next week!

Other Guy: Nah, Dave. I think he’s talking about this specific crowd. He does have a point though. You see that snaggletooth in the third row? Goddamn!

Dave Dymond: Give me a break, OG!

Other Guy: Well you should watch yourself, Dymond. If Barker’s bringing back the Japanese beast we think he is, you may have a bloody railroad spike in your future!

Dave Dymond: Well I hope for everyone’s sake that you’re wrong. The last thing SHOOT needs is another destructive force taking it down and if it is indeed who we think it is… the SHOOT Project tag division is about to get hotter!



With Barker and company now clear of the ring, the opening drum of “Bell the Cat” by LM.C pounds through the airwaves, punctuated by a high-pitched scream. Shinya and Maya, collectively TRES BIEN, hop through the entrance as the guitar (and keytar) comes in. The crowd isn’t really sure how to react, but it doesn’t take long for a wave of cheers to move through the arena.

Samantha Coil: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Nagano, Japan, weighing in at 178 lbs, accompanied by Maya Nakashima, one half of TRES BIEN, SHINYA NAKAMURA!

Dave Dymond: We’ve got a bit of a teaser match tonight, as these two men will be going up against LIHC next week for the tag titles, with Shinya taking on Jared Walsh tonight in singles competition.

Other Guy: Gotta give ’em credit, Dave, no matter how… flamboyant they are, it takes some balls to stand up to LIHC and demand a title shot, especially since that went over so well last time.

Dave Dymond: They want to be taken seriously and be respected, OG, and a win over the tag champs would be a surefire way to get it.

Shinya and Maya bounce their way down the ring, all smiles, with both of them zigzagging across the aisle to slap hands with the ringside fans. The pair take to opposite corners, hopping up on the turnbuckles and gesturing to the fans, with Shinya’s pink patent-leather pants with black lettering mirroring Maya’s black and pink opposite. They hop off the turnbuckles, and Maya slides out of the ring, as referee Dennis Heflin checks on Shinya. Heflin backs off, and Shinya looks to the entrance as the heavy guitar riff that signals the beginning of “Epic” blares at him, the house lights simultaneously going out. A single white spotlight focuses straight on the end of the aisle, as Jared Walsh steps through the curtain, SHOOT Tag Team Championship around his waist, ready for battle. He’s shirtless, his nipples pierced, with black tape wrapped around his hands and running up his forearms, his hair in a ponytail. CJ Nelson steps out behind him, in his black suit, tag belt over his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Westhampton Beach, NY, weighing in at 228 lbs., accompanied by CJ Nelson, one half of SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore, JARED WALSH!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh looks ready for war tonight, OG.

Other Guy: He can’t get who he wants in the ring, and TRES BIEN picked a convenient time to grab a title shot, but you gotta wonder if it’s also a convenient time to get seriously fucked up.

Dave Dymond: Jared has said he’ll do whatever he has to in order to win the match, and that begs the question, will Shinya be able to compete next week?

Other Guy: I dunno, Dave, but if LIHC’s history is any indication, you have to consider the possibility that Maya might have to go it alone in the title match.

Jared walks slowly down the aisle, his face dead serious. He takes no time to converse with fans, he ignores even the pretty women at ringside, while CJ stoically follows him. The pair go up the ring steps, with Jared vaulting himself over the top rope, CJ stepping over it, and Jared pulls the belt from his waist, tossing it to CJ. Jared drops to his knees mid-ring, putting his arms out. CJ stands over him, leaning down, belts draped over Jared’s arms. Jared takes his belt back from CJ, walking in front of Shinya, and almost putting the belt right in his face. Dennis Heflin stands between them, but cowers as Jared moves forward.

Jared Walsh: Get a good look, it’s as close as you’re gonna get.

Heflin finally manages to push Jared back, and Jared tosses CJ his belt once more.  Heflin does the cursory checks on the tag champ, and as CJ steps back over the top rope, the bell rings and Walsh and Shinya begin to circle each other. Jared takes a stutter step forward, and Shinya circles quickly right, leaving Jared to chuckle a bit, before the pair finally lock up. Jared starts to power Shinya into the corner, but the smaller man ducks under him, spinning around behind, and landing a dropkick as Jared turns around, pushing the champ into the turnbuckles!  Shinya runs forward, and jumps, but Jared dodges, and Shinya hits the turnbuckle with his groin! He flops onto his back, and Jared hops over the top rope and onto the apron, slinging himself over the top again with a legdrop! It connects, and Shinya’s body goes nearly vertical! Jared grabs him by the head, pushing him into the corner, and lays into him with chops! Once! (WOO!) Twice! (WOO!) Three times! (WOO!) Heflin yells at Jared, and Jared backs up a little, before running hard– Shinya hops up, and Walsh’s shoulder hits steel! Jared turns, clutching his shoulder, and Shinya hops onto the second rope, across the corner to the first, and lands a picture-perfect moonsault on Jared! The champion flops to the mat, and Shinya makes the cover!


Two! Jared pokes Shinya in the eye!

Dave Dymond: Jared starting early with the dirty tricks.

Other Guy: Shinya made a mistake in the early cover, and Walsh wasted hardly any effort in breaking it. It’s good strategy.

Dave Dymond: It’s still shady, and for someone who’s upset with how the World Champion is acting, he’s being a bit hypocritical.

Shinya jumps back, holding his face, and Heflin scolds Jared for the blatant rule-breaking, as Jared gets to his feet. He grabs Shinya by the arm, whipping him to the ropes, and swinging with a clothesline– ducked! Shinya comes back around, and swings himself up, pulling Jared down with a flying crucifix! He rolls around, grabbing Walsh by the legs, and flipping over! But he doesn’t hold the bridge, he hops back to his feet, running the ropes! Walsh sits up just as Shinya sends a baseball slide into the base of his spine! Jared jumps up, holding his back, and Shinya kips to his feet! He bounces off the ropes again, and just in time to catch Jared with an insanely fast torbellino facebuster that bounces him hard off the mat! The crowd explodes in cheers, and Shinya climbs to the top rope! He puts an arm in the air, and points over at Maya with a smile. Maya smiles back and starts to clap as Shinya dives off the top rope with a moonsault– no! Walsh is back on his feet, and he catches Shinya, running forward and driving him into the turnbuckles! Shinya wails in pain, and Jared drops him to the mat, flipping the bird to Maya on the outside! Maya slams his hand on the mat, trying to get Shinya psyched up, but Jared isn’t about to let that happen!

Dave Dymond: Shinya waited just a little too long trying to please the audience and gave his opponent just enough time to turn things around!

Other Guy: I understand they want to be cheered, but they’re not gonna capture the hearts and minds of America on their backs.

Jared puts a boot to Shinya’s face, before running across the ring and nailing Maya with a baseball slide! Maya stumbles back, hitting the guardrail, but only momentarily stunned! As Jared turns around to take care of Shinya, Maya hops onto the apron, prompting Heflin to intervene! Jared pulls Shinya to his feet, dropping him right back onto the mat with a snap suplex, while Maya argues with Heflin! Maya doesn’t notice Nelson coming up behind him, and his argument with Heflin is cut short when CJ powerbombs Maya to the floor! Maya crumples into a ball, and CJ lands an extra kick just for good measure! Meanwhile, Jared grinds a forearm into Shinya’s throat, and Heflin starts a five count! Jared breaks at 4, pulling Shinya back to his feet, and wailing on him with body blows! Shinya tries to block, but the majority get through, and Shinya nearly falls through the ropes as Jared pushes him back!

Jared whips Shinya to the ropes, and as Shinya returns, Jared sends him flying into the air with a back body drop– Shinya turns in midair! He lands on his feet and keeps running, coming off the ropes as Jared turns around– hurricanrana! Jared goes head over heels, and Shinya keeps running, seeing Maya being pounded on the outside by Nelson, and he hops onto the top rope, springboarding into a missile dropkick to the outside, right in the face of CJ Nelson! As Jared shakes out the cobwebs, Nelson stumbles backward into the guardrail, and Shinya drops him to the floor with a series of kicks to the knees! As CJ stumbles to his hands and knees, Shinya goes to check on Maya. Maya gets to his feet, and  after enough prodding, he gets Shinya back into the ring. CJ gets back to his feet, as Maya goes around to the other side of the ring, keeping him on the opposite side. Shinya slides back in as Jared gets to his feet, and he turns around to a Shinya superkick! Jared looks like he just got the smarts kicked out of him, before collapsing to the mat!

Dave Dymond: Could this be it, OG?!

Shinya makes the cover!



Thr– kickout!

Shinya hops to his feet, Jared turning over onto his stomach, and while Shinya looks a little upset that he didn’t get the win, he doesn’t let that stop him, pulling Walsh to his feet! He sends him reeling into the ropes, and as Walsh comes back, Shinya puts him down with a drop toe hold! He holds onto Jared’s legs, and bridges him, pulling up on his face with the TRES LECHES!

Other Guy: Shinya has the hold locked on, Dave! This is it!

Dave Dymond: Not if CJ Nelson has anything to say about it!

CJ hops up on the apron, and Dennis Heflin immediately goes to stop him! Shinya sees it, and drops Jared from the hold, running toward CJ! CJ grabs Heflin by the shirt as Shinya takes to the air with a dropkick, and Shinya crashes down on Heflin! Heflin drops like a stone to the outside, and Shinya stares out in shock! CJ takes advantage, dropping Shinya with a guillotine on the top rope! CJ grabes a chair from under the ring, and he slides into the ring! Before he can swing it down onto Shinya, Maya runs in and clips him with a kick to the knees! CJ drops the chair, and turns around immediately, grabbing Maya by the throat! Maya kicks and swings, trying to release the vice grip, but CJ picks him up, and drops him to the outside with a chokeslam! He soon follows Maya out of the ring as Jared gets to his feet! Shinya is up now too, and he charges Jared, but Jared NAILS him in the jaw with a superkick! Shinya is down and it looks like he’s out! Jared spots the chair, and he grabs it! The crowd lets out a LOUD boo as Jared goes to the top rope!

Other Guy: He’s going for the Most Precious Blood, Dave!

Dave Dymond: That bastard’s gonna take advantage of CJ’s interference! It’ll get him the win for sure, but what message does that send?!

Other Guy: He said he’d do anything, Dave, and I think this qualifies!

Jared stands on the top turnbuckle, holding the chair in his hand! He looks down at it, looks down at Shinya, and over at Dennis Heflin! CJ and Maya are in a pitched battle outside the ring, heading further down the aisle! He looks back at the chair, and finally tosses it away! Walsh flies off the top rope with an elbow drop that hits its mark! Shinya caves in, and Jared slides to the outside, pulling Heflin off the ground and into the ring! He pulls the referee over to Shinya, shaking him a little to get him to wake up! Jared makes the cover!



THREE!  NO! Shinya kicks out at the last second!

Dave Dymond: Almost!

Other Guy: That’s the price you gotta pay, Dave! He should’ve flattened him!

Heflin holds up two fingers as Jared slams his hand on the mat! Jared pulls Shinya to his feet, and Shinya headbutts him to the face! Jared stumbles back, putting a hand to his nose! Shinya, seemingly running on instinct at this point, runs behind Jared (who is now bleeding from his nose), and hops up onto his shoulders, pulling him down with a victory roll! Jared rolls with it, pulling Shinya into the same pin! Shinya pushes back, boxing Jared’s ears with his feet! Jared releases the pin, and Shinya grabs an arm, trying for a magistral! Jared pulls him down into a pin, but Shinya kicks out! Shinya kips to his feet as the crowd goes nuts! Shinya looks around for a second, trying to find Maya, but Maya is halfway down the aisle, throwing a kick at CJ– CJ catches it, and flattens him with a short-arm clothesline! That hesitation is all Jared needs to grab Shinya’s legs, and he tosses Shinya forward with the Tension! Shinya hits the turnbuckle, and stumbles backward!

Dave Dymond: Shinya is in trouble!

Other Guy: He can worry about Maya when the match is over, which it may be soon!

Shinya turns around right as Jared grabs him by the head! He runs up the turnbuckles, swinging his legs HIGH into the air, and dropping Shinya down on his face with the You Dissolve! Shinya bounces hard, and Jared quickly makes the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner at a time of 16 minutes and 46 seconds, JARED WALSH!

The bell rings, and Maya turns around from kicking CJ in the face, eyes wide in shock as Faith No More blares through the PA once more. He runs down to the ring, and slides in, hovering over Shinya. Jared turns to him, and Maya looks up at him… Jared reaches down to grab Shinya! Maya jumps up, and tries to back Jared away! Jared tries to push him out of the way as CJ gets into the ring! Jared’s trying to push forward, and Maya reaches out to swing! CJ grabs his arm, and he whips Maya into the turnbuckle! Jared walks forward, and puts a hand out to Shinya! Shinya looks up, tentatively, and slowly reaches out to grab it! Jared pulls Shinya to his feet before pulling him right up close!

Jared Walsh: You’ve got my respect. You sure as hell ain’t getting my belt.

Jared drops Shinya’s arm as Maya runs back to his side. CJ hands over his half of the belts, and the pair raise them once more, before sliding out of the ring.

Other Guy: A hard-fought victory for Jared Walsh, and an impressive showing by TRES BIEN, even if they weren’t ultimately successful.

Dave Dymond: That depends on your definition of success, OG. They’ve gotten respect from the tag champs, and the cheers of the Vegas crowd… I’d say that’s a success in their book.


The crowd picks up immediately as seen backstage is Christopher Davis as he stands with Eryk Masters. The two men wait for the cameraman to fully prepare before they do an interview.

Eryk Masters: Chris it’s been a while since I’ve gotten the opportunity to do one of these with you. Glad you had the time.

Christopher Davis: No problem Eryk.

The cameraman nods his head and Eryk raises the microphone to his mouth to begin the interview.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen I’m here with Christopher Davis. Tonight he’s attempting to move one step closer to winning the Master of the Mat tournament for the second time in his career.

He turns to Chris.

Eryk Masters: Chris, Jester Smiles has not hidden his dislike of you and all that he believes you stand for in wrestling. He seems bound and determined to eliminate you from this tournament for the betterment of SHOOT project as a whole. What are your feelings about that?

Christopher Davis: Yeah, Eryk, ole Jester seems to be pretty obsessed with putting me out of this thing so he can save SHOOT from it’s present state of suckiness as he calls it, but I just don’t believe that Jes…

Suddenly Abigail Chase barges onto the scene interrupting Chris and angering Eryk. She grabs Chris by his arm.

Abigail Chase: We need to talk.

Chris looks confused.

Eryk Masters: Hey Chase! You don’t have some sort of exclusivity thing with Davis. I mean just because you two are rolling in the…

Abigail shoots Eryk a look.

Abigail Chase: Shut the fuck up Eryk!

Immediately Eryk ceases to talk as Abigail takes Chris out of the scene.

Christopher Davis: Um, what’s going on?

Abigail doesn’t say anything, even though her anger is very apparent. Finally she opens her mouth to speak.

Abigail Chase: All this stuff with The Family…

She stops, clearly upset.

Christopher Davis: Hold on, just calm down and tell me what’s going on.

Abigail Chase: I had a conversation with Samantha earlier and she got me to thinking.

Davis isn’t really sure what’s coming next, so his response is limited.

Christopher Davis: Ok…

Abigail Chase: This shit with The Family has got to stop. You know I don’t like feeling that I have to constantly look over my shoulder waiting for that freak Rochester to come after me again. I want to live my life, do my job. I want…

She pauses to look Chris in his eyes. She begins shaking her head.

Abigail Chase: And what about you? With everything that went down last week do you honestly believe they are going to leave you alone tonight? Can you stand there and tell me that you don’t think that those monsters are going to let you be tonight?

Chris sighs loudly as he shakes his head. No words come from his mouth, but those cold eyes speak volumes. He doesn’t say anything to Abigail he just shakes his head and walks away.  He looks on after her, and Masters comes back into the main focus of the segment.

Eryk Masters: Chris it…

Christopher Davis: Interview’s over, Eryk.  I need to take care of something.

Masters steps forward, microphone in Davis’s face.

Eryk Masters: But Chris…

Davis suddenly turns around takes the microphone out of Eryk’s hand and CHUCKS it down the hall.  After that he just glares at Masters for a moment, and then storms off in the other direction.


From there, the action of Revolution cuts to the parking lot, where we see a yellow taxi pulling up near the back. There’s a dim cheer as the door opens and NC-17 steps out, already suited up in his wrestling gear. He pays the cab driver and starts walking down a lane of parked cars, a duffel bag over his shoulder and the Revolution Championship affixed around his waist. The crowd cheers again as he looks up at the camera and smiles, when suddenly a loud sound rings out.

Correction. A loud song

There’s some confusion from the crowd as "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, circa 1986, plays loudly through the lot, and NC-17 drops his bag and raises his fists like he’s ready to fight. But when he sees what’s going on, his shoulders drop and he rolls his eyes.

Standing in front of a dormant Jeep Wrangler is Barbie Kellers, a trench coat hanging loosely around her frame and her arms held high in the air–holding a boombox of all things. The crowd pops as she just stands there stone-faced, horrible gay 80s music piercing the night sky. Seventeen cups his hands around his mouth as he yells over to her.

NC-17: What the fuck are you doing?

She can’t hear him.

Barbie: I can’t hear you!

He furrows his brow and yells louder, actually taking a few steps towards her.

NC-17: Turn that shit off!

Barbie shakes her head no and there’s some scattered laughter in the crowd.

Barbie: Ethan Madsen, I love you!

Seventeen scratches the back of his head, unsure of what to do.

NC-17: I feel like I’m in a bad John Cusack movie!

Barbie: That’s because you are!

Picking his duffel bag back up, Seventeen waves a hand of dismissal in her direction, though we can’t help but notice a wry smile on his face.

NC-17: I don’t have time for this, Babs! I’m sorry!

He starts walking towards the arena when the music suddenly clicks off, and we hear Barbie very loud and very clear.

Barbie: I believe in you, Ethan! I…I believe in us

Seventeen pauses, cocking his head to the side. He turns back around and looks at her, his face going a little white. Did she? Could she have? Noooo. He shakes his head and keeps walking, leaving Barbie all by herself. The scene fades back inside the Thomas and Mack Center.



The trio of TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and “SUPER FAN” TIM CALAHAN walk cautiously down the backstage halls of the Thomas and Mack Center.  Riley and Rogue are out in front, while Super Fan lingers behind.

Riley: (Talking to Quinn) Dude, I get it.  He got us jobs and he fucking takes care of us.  I KNOW, but how many more times are we gonna hear about it?

Calahan rolls his eyes.

Super Fan: Dude, you do the same thing.

Riley stops walking and looks at Calahan.

Riley: WHEN?

Calahan speaks in a mockingly whiny tone.

Super Fan: “I ALWAYS used to buy shit back in the day so give it to me for free!”

Riley turns back around and waves him off.

Riley: That’s not the same thing.

Calahan obviously disagrees.

Super Fan: Dude, it SO is.

Riley stops again, but this time looks ready to throw down.

Riley: Yeah, well I will “SO” kick you out of our team if you don’t stop being a little pussy!

Having been down this road before, Quinn rolls his eyes, slows down and turns around to step in between the two bickering partners.

Rouge: Jesus Christ, guys.  Knock it off.

Calahan throws his arms up.

Super Fan: My bad.  My bad.

Riley nods.

Riley: Fucking RIGHT it’s your bad!

Quinn finally sighs and looks at Riley.

Rogue: SHUT UP.  You’re not in charge.  You’re not kicking anyone out.  Just…  STOP!  Cause it’s getting to be REALLY annoying.

Riley actually shuts up for a second and Quinn continues.

Rogue: You guys realize that in like… eight minutes, you’re in the ring with Eli Storm and Nightmare?  Right?  So let’s stop bickering and get to Mallows so we know what the fuck to do?  Capiche?

Calahan nods and extends his fist out to Riley.

Super Fan: Sorry bro.

Riley still has his “thirteen-year old, WHATEVER” face on, but taps knuckles with Calahan regardless.

Riley: Yeah.

Rogue nods and starts walking again.  Riley follows at his side, while Calahan resumes his drolling pace at the rear.

Riley: Dude, let’s ditch this Mallows thing. 

Quinn shakes his head.

Rogue: Jase…  c’mon…

Riley pleads.

Riley: DUDE!  Think about it…. if we just go out and beat the shit out of Eli and Wehali…  What?  Are they gonna get mad at us?  We don’t need a plan.  We don’t HAVE to talk to Mallows… or wait in their creepy locker room.

As he tries to make his point, they find themselves at the FAMILY’S locker room  A wood-burned plaque that says, “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”  hangs crookedly from a rusted nail protruding out from the door door.  Quinn seems to be considering what Riley is saying, and Calahan already seems on board.

Riley: (Making a last ditch effort) Guys.  It’s perfect.  We’ll show that we can get shit done on our own…  (Looking at the door) We don’t have to go in there.

Calahan is sold.

Super Fan: I’m down.

Riley points at Super Fan and looks at Quinn.

Riley: See, dude.  This shit is bringing us together.

Quinn shakes his head.

Rogue: There’s cameras all over the place back here.  If we wait around, Cade or CJ or Jared is gonna find us and we really don’t have time for a fucking fight right now.  Plus, Jonny’ll ream us out for the next century and I don’t know about you guys, but I’d like to avoid that.

He steps up to the door but Riley grabs his arm, doing anything he can to stop him.

Riley: Dude…

Quinn brushes Riley off.

Rogue: (Before knocking) Maybe they won’t be in there.

Riley doesn’t like not getting his way and resorts to his usual pouting.

Riley: Yeah right.  They’ll be in there and probably they’re eating a human baby or something.  GOD they creep me the fuck out.

Calahan moves in closer to the group.

Quinn lifts his hand…

And raps his knuckles over the center of the door.


Riley: If they make ONE condescending remark about us or Jonny, I swear I’m gonna fuck their shit up…

There is no answer.

Quinn tries again, a little louder this time.




Quinn pleasantly shrugs, and Calahan gives a quick fist pump.

Rogue: I guess they’re not…


Quinn and Calahan is startled.

Riley JUMPS back.

Riley: AHHH!

All three of them turn around to see the cheery, giggly, creepy faces of KID ONE and KID TWO.  They’re dressed in tiny sailor suits, with sailor hats and ascots.  Artificial, curly blonde hair droops down to their rosy cheeks and they can’t stop laughing.


Kid One looks at Kid Two and giggles some more.

Kid One: Quite the Fright!

Kid Two: OH!  Delight!

Quinn and Calahan aren’t sure how to address these…  guys, but Riley has no troubles airing his agitated thoughts.

Riley: (Still frustrated that he was scared) Why are you two so fucking WEIRD!

They only keep giggling.

Kid One: WEIRD!

Kid Two: BEARD!

Riley has no clue what that meant.

Riley: I could kill you in one kick.

Quinn steps up and tries to get to the bottom of this, while Riley festers.

Rogue: Where’s Vincent?

They look, first, to each other, and then back to Quinn.

Kid One: So glad you asked!

Kid Two: He had to pass…

Kid One: …Up on this meeting!

Kid Two: So we do the greeting!

Riley puts his hands on hips and turns away, swearing under his breath.  Quinn feigns understanding with a hesitant nod and Super Fan is clearly mind fucked.

Rogue: So…  there isn’t a plan anymore?  Or…  (Speaking like you would to a person who doesn’t understand English or a child) See, we’re supposed to… CHECK IN with VINCENT about a PLAN.  (Speaking slowly) Do you two know about the PLAN?

The two small people look at each other again and then turn around and respond, nodding their tiny heads.

Kid One: Oh, yes, of course!

Kid Two: The plan, of course… (Rubbing his little hands together) A wondrous tale of three!

Kid One: Sweet Plan, of course!

Kid Two: Of course, Of course!

They speak together, in unison.

Kid One and Kid Two: Gifts to you from the FAMILY!

Riley kicks the wall and shouts to himself, while Quinn indulges their bizarre prose.  As for Calahan, he looks like a guy having the worst trip of his life.

Rogue: Gifts?

Riley turns around.

Riley: We don’t need your fucking CREEPY GIFTS!  IS there a FUCKING PLAN OR NOT!  (Looking at Riley, pointing at the Kids) See!  SEE?!  This is like the WORST THING that could happen!

Quinn sighs, but continues the discussion with the off-putting Kids.

Rogue: What… gifts?

Kid Two rummages into his pants pockets with both hands, and it’s Kid One who rubs his hands together this time time, excited.

Kid One: First from Sammy…

Kid Two pulls out MIKEY, a small plush, doll.

Kid One: (Continuing) Oh a doll so strange and fair!

Kid Two: If they lose sight, without their might, they’re in for quite a SCARE!

Riley looks at Quinn.

Riley: A fucking DOLL?  That’s the PLAN?!

The Kids proceed.  They hand the MIKEY doll to Quinn, who hesitantly accepts it and then begin speaking over Riley.  Quinn waves his hand and gestures for his partner to shut up.

Kid One: Gift two is hidden somewhere near and OHHHH his strength is bliss!

Kid Two: If things get slightly out his hand, he’ll rule with an IRON FIST!

Kid Two stands at attention and balls his hand into a fist, waggling it out in front of Quinn, Riley and Calahan for show.  Kid One laughs at his antics.

Rogue: And…  the third…  gift?

Kid One and Kid Two both look up and smile.

Kid One: Three’s our favorite by far and away!

Kid Two: Much better than the other few!

Kid One: Three’s the gift…  the BESTEST GIFT

They stand again at attention, speaking together, their voices ecstatic!

Kid One and Kid Two: Introducing, KID ONE AND KID TWO!

They take a bow, and Quinn has no idea what to say.

Riley: OOhhhhhhh NO!!  You are NOT coming to the ring with us!  Quinn’s gonna come out and that’s it!  We don’t need a fucking doll.  We don’t need…  whatever the second thing was supposed to mean, and we sure as FUCK don’t need Creepy Kid things at ringside!

Quinn tries to do a better job of reasoning with the Kids who both look a little confused.

Rogue: Look…  We appreciate what…

A stage hand runs on to the scene and interrupts whatever Quinn was about to say.  He looks tired and frustrated, and happens to be a little out of breath.

Production Guy: Goddamnit, guys!  We’ve been looking all over for you.  You guys are up in like twenty seconds!  Get your asses to the guerilla position!!!

He shakes his head and leaves the scene.  Kid One and Kid Two both rub their hands together now and start jumping up and down!

Kid One: Hurry, hurry!  We have to go!

Kid Two: Hooray, Hooray!  Time to put on quite the show!!!

The Kids scamper off excitedly and Riley follows after them.

Riley: You are NOT PUTTING ON A SHOW!  I swear to God I will KICK YOU IN THE HEAD!  GET BACK HERE!!!

Riley runs off scene and Quinn grabs Calahan and chases!

Rogue: Jason!  DUDE!  Don’t kick them!  Just…  FUCK!  RILES!

Super Fan: What the fuck…

Everyone vanishes from the camera view and we cut to the ring.



Samantha Coil: The following TAG TEAM contest is schedule for ONE FALL with a TWENTY-MINUTE TIME LIMIT!


”Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts to play and the crowd begins to BOO mercilessly.  Inside the ring, Coil begins her introductions

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  Coming it at a combined weight of FOUR HUNDRED, THIRTY POUNDS.  From Chicago Illinois…  “Super Fan” Tim Calahan and Jason Riley…  RILEY ‘N SUPER FAN!

The music plays, but there is a delay in their introductions.

Dave Dymond: As soon as they get out here…  It’ll be Jason Riley and Super Fan in tag team action against a couple former WORLD CHAMPIONS, Eli Storm and Nightmare, the tandem known as B.T.Y..  BETTER THAN YOU.

Other Guy: And despite what either Quinn, Riley or Calahan will tell you…  Eli and Jon  HAVE worked together before and are VERY, VERY good.  Hopefully good enough to shut their fucking crony mouths once and for all, Dave.

After a minimal delay, the curtains rustle and KID ONE and KID TWO prance out from the backstage area.  They get a weird, small pop from some of the fans, but it doesn’t last as the cheers quickly turn into BOOS.  TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY are out next, with Quinn trying to reason with his Friend.  TIM CALAHAN is trailing behind, but rushes to catch up, joining in the conversation as well.  The Kids violently HISS at fans who try to touch them as they stalk toward the ring, while Riley shrugs off more than a few extended arms.

Other Guy: I fuckin’ hate those things, Dave.  No reason for ‘em to even be out here!

Dave Dymond: I agree, and strangely enough, I think Riley, Quinn and Calahan would agree as well.  But don’t be fooled, those are far from innocent “Children”.  The last time we saw them at ringside, they had handcuffed Flash Dynamite to the ring ropes and helped set off one of our most brutal beat downs in Revolution history.

Other Guy: Which is why if I was Willie Dean, I’d toss those creepy mother fuckers out right at the start.  Same with Quinn, man.  He don’t have a manager license, does he?  No, he doesn’t!  (Annoyed) Goddamnit, I hate this deck stacking BULLSHIT.

The kids continue to HISS and SNARL at the fans while waiting for the other three to catch up.  Riley and Calahan eventually do and the Kids both get excited.  Riley shakes his head and walks passed, while Calahan moves passed them slowly, obviously scared shitless of them.  They both slide into the ring, while Quinn waits on the outside, slapping the mat and cheering them on.  Neither man poses or does any of the usual pre match celebration stuff.  Instead, they wait silently in their corner.  Riley tries to hold in his anger and Calahan just avoids enticing him.  The Kids hold hands and spin in circles near Quinn, obviously having the most fun of everyone.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, going back to what you said, OG…  I’m also a little surprised that Dean hasn’t sent any of those guys away from the ring.  Especially considering the history Dean has officiating these guys’s matches, most notably the torrid abuse he took from The DEFILER, himself.

Other Guy: Probably scared for his career or some shit.  No idea why these guys are allowed to stay at ringside.

Dave Dymond: Strange indeed, but at any rate, let’s get back to Samantha for BTY’s introduction!

“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies fades out completely!  The house lights dim and smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: And THEIR OPPONENTS… weighing in at a combined weight of 500 pounds…

A pulsing beat hits the air as "Judgement Night" by Onyx begins to play as the arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

Samantha Coil: They are the combination of Eli Storm and "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali…

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of golden pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights of Eli and Nightmare in action. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being defeated in turn. The footage then shatters, leaving three golden letters suspended in the darkness: B T Y.

Ring Announcer: They are… BETTER THAN YOU!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Storm steps out onto the stage from the right while Nightmare emerges from the left. The two gaze out across the crowd then nod to one another, making their way forward to the ring. Their pace speeds up as they approach the ring!  Kid One and Kid Two stand back behind Quinn, hiding behind his legs, peaking out to GROWL at Wehali and Storm.  The poised tandem stares at Quinn and then at the Kids, their eyes focused and unwavering.  Quinn looks back, holding his ground, but nothing transpires.

Diving inside and springing to their feet. Eli leaps onto the second turnbuckle while Nightmare walks to the center of the ring. Both pump their fist into the air, and the four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of gold pyros!

Dave Dymond: And a VERY NICE reception for Eli Storm and Nightmare, who appear to be extremely focused despite the distractions that are seemingly waiting for them at ringside.

Other Guy: If they can somehow keep this shit in the ring, I think you might see Calahan and Riley get their tails kicked in something fierce.

The music starts to fade and Eli and Nightmare quickly check in with referee Willie Dean who applies a quick pat down.  The camera focuses on the tandem, which, in shows the fans just how MASSIVE a frame Nightmare possesses.

Dave Dymond: Wehali enters with a COMMANDING size advantage.  He’s about six eight, six nine and close to three hundred pounds.  The closest in comparison is Calahan who comes in at about six four, two fifty.

Other Guy: Which I think is one of the reasons they went with the Riley, Calahan combination.  Tom Quinn’s gonna be watching from the sidelines this week.

Dean calls for the bell and this one is UNDERWAY


Eli Storm and Nightmare pound fists, and it’s ELI STORM who starts things off for BTY.  At the other end, Riley looks to see who’s in first and, after realizing it’s the smaller Storm, motions to himself.  Calahan nods and leaves the ring.

Dave Dymond: So it’s Eli Storm and Jason Riley.  BTY will have to focus on keeping the action inside the ring because they are EXTREMELY outnumbered.

Other Guy: They may also want to try and get Calahan as active as possible…  Super Fan’s not exactly a world beater in the ring, man.

Riley circles around and measures up Eli who moves a little more slowly to counter act his opponent.  Riley smirks and storms and has a few words which Eli takes in stride.  While they prepare for battle, the cameras pick up Tom Quinn handing over the MIKEY DOLL to Kid One who then shows Kid Two, who looks eager and excited.  Riley moves in on Eli and the two men LOCK IT UP!  At about 220, Eli is the larger of the two and easily picks up the grapple advantage.  He starts to back Riley into the BTY corner!  Dean moves into break it up once they reach the ropes.  Eli, feeling in control allows for a clean break only for Riley to SLAP HIM IN THE FACE!!!


He then turns and SPITS AT NIGHTMARE!!!

Dave Dymond: What a LOSER!  This kid is…

Riley turns back around, and ELI LEVELS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!  Riley goes down the fans CHEER LOUDLY!!!  Eli drops to the mat and throws FIST AFTER FIST AFTER FIST!

Nightmare shouts encouragement at his partner and Eli lands in a few more STIFF RIGHT HANDS before Dean finally comes in and breaks it up!  He pushes Eli back, but storm raises his hand and the fans POP EXTREMELY LOUDLY!  Riley rolls back toward his corner to regroup.

Dave Dymond: So give Eli Storm and Nightmare the early advantage!  Eli PUMMELED THE HELL out of Jason Riley who may want to think twice before slapping and spitting.

While Riley gets to his feet and hard a word with Calahan, Kid One and Kid Two, both playing with the MIKEY DOLL on the outside drift over toward BTY’s corner.  Eli actually points them out and Nightmare shakes his head and seems to be gesturing for his partner to stay focused.  Eli nods, but Nightmare DOES end up taking a second glance at the kids, who harmlessly play with the doll.

Other Guy: Man this is the shit I’m talkin’ about, Dave.  Get those things away from that side.  You let ‘em stay down here, FINE.  But this shit ain’t necessary at all

Riley rolls his neck and glowers at Storm who is back across the ring from him.  Riley talks some trash and advances.  Storm nods and gestures for him to BRING IT!  The two men lock up!  Eli with the advantage!  He powers Riley toward the ropes, but Riley quickly counters with a QUICK arm drag that Storm clearly wasn’t expecting!  Storm is up, but Riley executes a single leg take down to bring him back down!  Riley leaps in the air and attempts a leaping leg drop!  But Eli moves!  Riley lands on his ass but flips himself over with a reverse somersault and gets back up over to his feet!  Eli charges with a clothesline!  Riley ducks and then follows with a CHOP BLOCK before Storm can regain his balance!  Storm stumbles forward!  Riley charges at the ropes and bounces back!  Eli attempts to counter with a TITL-A-WHIRL set-up, but Riley counters out of that with a FLUID, spinning, hurracanrana!

Eli scoots across the mat and Riley hops up a couple times with both arms in the air!

Jason Riley: (Shouting at Eli) See, I can fucking wrestle!


The fans let Riley have it.

Dave Dymond: Such a brat, OG.

Other Guy: Apple don’t ever fall far from the tree, does it?

Storm holds at his head and seems frustrated with himself for letting Riley get that kind of leverage.  Outside the ring Kid One and Kid Two have placed the MIKEY DOLL on the floor just a few feet from the steel steps leading up to BTY’s corner.  They cover their eyes and then open them again, only to be disappointed for some reason.  While Eli gets back to his feet, Nightmare actually shouts at the Kids to get away!  They furrow their brows and HISS LOUDLY!

Riley waves at Eli to go on with the match, but Storm is more concerned with his partner.  Quinn slaps the apron from outside, cheering on his team, while Super Fan claps.  Eli has words with Nightmare and then looks back to Dean.

Eli Storm: Get them away from our corner, man.

Storm looks back to Riley, now, who waves at him again.  Storm moves in!  Grapple and   it’s a stalemate early.  Riley holds his ground!  Eli gets his arm hooked underneath though and is able to execute an over the shoulder throw!  Riley hits the mat hard!  Storm drops an elbow!  Then another!  And a third for good measure!!!  Riley is drowsy after the succession of attacks.  Eli keeps on his opponent.  Super Fan cheers from the apron, hoping his partner can overcome this sudden onslaught.  Quinn frantically bangs on the side of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm back in control!

Other Guy: (Distracted) What the FUCK are those Kids doing?

Eli Storm lifts Riley up off the mat and brings him to a vertical base.  He then SLAMS a right kick into the midsection!  He then follows with a LEFT KICK to Riley’s right side!  Then he fires off another kick with his right leg, landing a blow up around Riley’s ribs!!!  Storm then offers up a straight BOOT to the midsection.  Outside the ring Kid One and Kid Two SHOUT at the MIKEY DOLL!  Eli Storm circles his hands around over his head, gesturing to the crowd, and sets Riley up in a possible pile driver position!!!


Eli shouts to the fans and does appear ready attempt his FLIPPING PILE DRIVER SIGNATURE MOVE.  However, he’s distracted by the image of his tag team partner finally walking down the steps and approaching the KIDS!  THE CROWD ROARS as the BEASTLY Nightmare TOWERS over the frightening gremlins!  Eli Storm breaks the move and pushes Riley aside, trying to go over and get Nightmare away from them!  However, as soon as he does that, Riley grabs him from behind and ROLLS HIM UP!

Other Guy: DAMNIT!  NO!

Willie Dean drops to make the count!




Dave Dymond: Eli Storm JUST KICKS OUT!  WOW!

The fans gasp but then applaud Eli’s escape!  Storm tries to get to his feet but Riley DRIVES HIM BACK TO THE MAT WITH AN STO!  Outside Wehali shouts at the children to LEAVE!  They HISSSS like Hellish cats!  Riley makes a cover inside the ring!

Dean with a count!



Eli kicks out AGAIN!

Dave Dymond: A quick fall by Riley…   But now there is something going on outside…

Tom Quinn now moves over toward that corner, but Willie Dean stops that from happening!  He ducks his head through the ropes and banishes Rogue back to his corner!  Riley lands a few generic stomps and pulls Eli back closer to his and Calahan’s side.  He drags Eli near the turnbuckle and slaps a tag to Calahan.

Nightmare looks down at the doll on the outside and goes to pick it up!  The KIDS IMMEDIATELY CLAW AT HIM!  AND THEN KID TWO THROWS A HANDFUL OF DUST IN HIS EYES!!!

Other Guy: SON OF A BITCH!

Dave Dymond: One of the Kids just threw a handful of whatever that was…

Other Guy: Dude ain’t happy!!!  Keep your cool, Jon!  Come on, dude!  DON’T DO IT!

Dean turns around to see the smoke and tries to maintain order!  Nightmare wipes his eyes while Kid One and Kid Two run toward the guard rail!  One ducks down and the other springboards off his back!  Then the second climbs over himself!  Nightmare can see just enough to chase after them!  He easily scales over the rail and chases them into the crowd!!!

Dave Dymond: NIGHTMARE CHASES THE KIDS INTO THE CROWD!  Eli Storm is all alone now!

Willie Dean has lost control.  Inside the ring, Calahan enters and drops a standing elbow to Eli’s face!  He makes a cover!

Dave Dymond: Calahan with a cover!

Dean haphazardly turns around!



Eli shoulders out pretty easily at two.  Calahan lands a few standard boots to the midsection and quickly tags back out.  The crowd is severely distracted, though, their attention turned toward the middle of the stands on the ground level!


More and more people start to frantically turn around!

Dave Dymond: What is going on???  IS something happening?  Do we have cameras back…

While still picking up the ambience of the action INSIDE the ring, the cameras IMMEDIATELY CUT to somewhere amidst the fans!  NIGHTMARE IS DOWN ON THE GROUND and KENJI YAMADA stands over him with a KENDO STICK IN HIS HAND!  HE GROWLS AND SLAMS THE STICK INTO NIGHTMARE’S HEAD AGAIN AND AGAIN!


Dave Dymond: A SICKENING SHOT!!!  And who knows how many that was…  What the hell just happened OG?

Nightmare holds his head which is now clearly bleeding!  Kid One and Kid Two stand at Kenji’s side, each one hugging one of their “brother’s” legs.  Kenji casts a wicked, devious smirk and then motions for the Kids to come back to the ring!  The cameras cut back to ringside where Willie Dean, Rogue, Riley, Calahan or Storm have NO IDEA what was going on.

Dave Dymond: He needs some help.  We need some medical attention out here…  DAMNIT!

Calahan has Storm up against the ropes!  But Storm reveres and starts throwing a FLURRY on punches!  He knocks Calahan down and notices that the crowd is stirring!  He tries to see what is going on, but suddenly falls backward as CALAHAN PULLS HIM INTO A SCHOOL BOY!!!

Dave Dymond: Calahan with a roll-up from behind!

Other Guy: Screw these cats!  DAMNIT!

Dean drops for the count!





ELI KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!  Calahan seems frustrated and slaps the mat!  Calahan reaches down to pick Storm up, but Eli counters!  The FANS ARE BOOOOOOOOING LOUDLY!

Dave Dymond: Oh my Goodness!  That sick twisted freak is coming to the ring!

KENJI YAMADA, hops the rail and emerges from the crowd!  Kid One and Kid Two follow behind him!  Eli Storm fires off a right hand on Calahan!  He then goes for a quick clothesline but Calahan ducks!  Eli moves through but makes direct eye contact with KENJI who doesn’t stop moving toward the ring, carrying that very BLOODY Kendo Stick.  Eli pauses but realizes he still has a match!  But as he turns, CALAHAN LIFTS HIM UP AND DRAPES HIM ACROSS THE TOP ROPE WITH A STUN GUN!!!  ELI’S NECK WHIPS OFF THE ROPES and he falls back to the mat!!!


He pulls back on the legs!!!

Dean makes the count!




Dave Dymond: DAMNIT!

Other Guy: SON OF A BITCH!

Dean waves his arms and calls for the bell!  Riley and Quinn storm the ring and piles on Calahan!  ”Where is My Mind” by the Pixies plays again, but the celebration doesn’t last long!  As soon as Quinn, Riley and Calahan realizes Kenji Yamada is heading into the ring, they make a SUPER HASTY EXIT!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this bout…  JASON RILEY, TIM CALAHAN…  RILEY ‘N SUPER FAN!

Kenji stalks up the steel steps and ducks into the ring.  He glares down at Eli who is holding his throat, trying to recover from Calahan’s Stun Gun.  Kid One and Kid Two start running around the ring like kids in a prairie.

Dave Dymond: Do we even have security here anymore?!

Kenji looks down at Eli, his eyes going wide as he considers his most wild sadistic fantasies.  Drops of blood trickle down from his used kendo stick!  He suddenly lets out a PRIMAL SHRIEK AND SLAMS THE KENDO STICK DOWN OVER ELI STORM’S FACE!!!





Instead of call for a bell, Willie Dean flees from the ring, head down as he vanishes behind the curtain.  Kenji raises the kendo stick up once more and AGAIN SLAMS IT DOWN ACROSS ELI’S FACE!!!


THE STICK BREAKS AT THE TOP, THE SHARP SHARDS STICKING OUT, WET WITH BLOOD!!!  ELI GRABS AT HIS FACE and seizures inside the ring!  At that moment KID ONE and KID TWO DIVE on Storm and like blood-sucking vampires, begin BITING AND CHEWING AT ELI’S BLOODY FLESH!!!

Dave Dymond: I can’t watch this.  I’m sorry.

Dave goes silent, and all we hear are the shocked gasps of silent fans!  While the Kids “feast”, Kenji screams at Samantha to give him a microphone.  She does as asked…  And Kenji looks down at the massacre, enjoying what he is seeing.

Kenji Yamada: ROLAND!  This is for you.  COME HOME.  FORGET THIS FOOL!

Kid One and Kid Two scamper back to Kenji, their smiling mouths and faces covered in messy blood!  They hug onto Kenji’s leg.

Kenji Yamada: ENJOY THIS, Brother Roland!  ENJOY WHAT I HA…

THE FANS POP AS NIGHTMARE STORMS FROM OUT OF THE CROWD AND BACK TOWARD THE RING!!!  Kenji sees him approaching and drops the microphone before he can finish whatever he was going to say!  He and the Kids both make their exit, while Nightmare SCREAMS for them to come back!  Kenji growls as he walks backward down the aisle.  Kid One and Kid Two stay close by, and Kenji offers them protection, an arm around each one.

Nightmare kicks the bottom rope then quickly turns back around and drops down to check on his partner!  To his credit, Eli is actually able to move, though is a bit groggy getting up.

Kenji, Kid One, and Kid Two vanish from sight behind the curtains, but the fans begin to applaud as Nightmare helps Storm up to his feet.

Dave and OG stay silent.  Eli limps to his feet and raises a hand in the air to show that he is okay, though he will definitely need some serious medical attention pretty quickly.  He continues to bleed, his face almost as red as his hair.  Nightmare assists him down the aisle, and the shot cuts away from there.


The focus shifts quickly to the back and a CHAIR flies across a room. As everything settles, Roland Caldwell is seen pacing like a caged animal, eyes showing nothing but anger.

Roland Caldwell: That was MY fight.  Eli Storm is MY concern!

Roland kicks a garbage can, causing it to bounce off the wall.  Vincent Mallows wheels his way into view, but still gives Roland his distance.

Vincent Mallows: I let you make your own choice before, Roland.  You felt the need to take Eli Storm out, and we allowed for you to spread your proverbial wings and do so.  HE was never a part of our plan, but you WANTED a little side project.

And you failed at it, Roland!

Roland turns and looks right at Mallows now.

Roland Caldwell: But I won’t fail again…

Vincent Mallows: That is not up to you anymore.  We need him removed from the situation all together.  You’ve lost focus, and I want to be certain you regain that focus VERY quickly.  I don’t want you playing with Eli Storm ANYMORE!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!

The shout comes in the form of a grotesque growl.  Roland says nothing, he just turns away from Mallows.

Vincent Mallows: The Family, YOUR family, Roland, will always love you, will always be there for you, but you must be there for us too.  We created an agenda, we cannot forget that… YOU cannot forget that.

Roland shakes his head but slowly turns back to face Mallows.

Roland Caldwell: I didn’t forget. But I can’t just forget what Eli Storm did.

Vincent Mallows: Which is why Kenji did what he did.  If there is no Eli Storm left, then there is no concern for what he did.  The past will become the past and NO ONE will remember what Eli Storm did to you…

A twisted, deformed smile spreads across half of Vincent’s face.

Vincent Mallows: All they’ll remember is WHAT The Family did to Christopher Davis.

Roland nods his head.

Roland Caldwell: I understand.

Vincent Mallows: Good then get your things together and head for the van, I’ll be joining you soon enough.  Kenji is there with Sammy and the driver.

Roland doesn’t move at first.

Vincent Mallows: Go, Roland. And do not think of paying Eli Storm a visit.

Roland clenches his fists tightly, but then releases them. He picks up a black duffel bag and exits the room.  The focus is placed on Mallows who seems to be looking on after him, and from there the scene cuts out.

The fans give a mixed reaction, but still a loud one as Donovan King appears onscreen.  He is wearing a black KING t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, dark blue jeans and khaki Timberland boots.  Standing with him is Eryk Masters, holding a microphone.

Eryk Masters:  I’m back here now with Donovan King, ladies and gentlemen.  Last week, King called out Real Deal and—

Donovan King:  Dey know what happened last week, E.  Fact is, everybody who knows Donovan King knows what happened last week.  Real Deal came out to the ring, he got in my face, and the cameras stopped rollin’.  I hear Real Deal’s here tonight to tell the world some shit about Donovan King.  How King is gonna be his bitch or whatever.  I’ll get to Real Deal tonight, if I have to.  Nah, see, tonight…tonight I got other things on my mind.

Eryk Masters:  Last week you also said you were calling up an army.  You wanted people who were sick of the way SHOOT’s been ran of late should…as you put it…come see you.  It’s been a week, Donovan, any takers?

King glares at Masters for a long moment.

Donovan King:  …nah, man.

King shakes his head.

Donovan King:  Dere’s been so many people dat come along an’ wanna challenge themselves and take on the world.  Dey wanna shape things in their own twisted image.  Anarchy, Instant Heat, Ascension to a degree…dese teams were put together for the sole purpose of tryna do things their way.  Even the Family’s the same way.  I just wanted things to be different.  I wanted to bring together an army who ain’t gonna back down from dis sort of bullshit.  I guess maybe I need to go at it on my own.

Eryk Masters:  Well, that’s too bad.  It seemed like—


King looks over Masters’ shoulder to see who called his name.  The camera zooms back to reveal Eli Storm and Nightmare.  Both men look worse for wear, but the fans cheer a little to see both men up and walking.  King and Nightmare lock eyes immediately.  Slowly, King looks at Eli Storm, who already has had a past with King.

Eli Storm:  Heh, some of the guys in the back room say that you are blowing a lot of smoke up the people’s ass, Donovan.  So we figured we’d hear it for ourselves because after what we just went through…

Storm pauses for a moment, an angered expression on his face.

Eli Storm: We’re not in the mood for smoke in our asses.

Nightmare continues to look King up and down with an appraising glance, raising an eyebrow slightly.

Nightmare:  So you’re Donovan King.  Seems you’re not too popular around here.  Word is this is just you pulling some strings to benefit yourself.  Me?  I don’t know you, but I know you’re looking for people.  So why should anyone believe what you have to say?

Donovan King:  BTY, right?  Y’all just got into a big ass scrape out dere.  Y’all gonna come out here an’ make me hard sell y’all on my intentions, is dat it?  Mr. Eli Storm over here, former SHOOT World Champ, Mr. Nightmare over here, former an’ last OPW World Champ…an’ here I am, seein’ y’all in the same boat as me.  Still no closer to the tag titles in an empty division.  Still gettin’ double teamed an’ triple teamed.

King looked both of the men before him up and down.

Donovan King:  Way I see it, you two are perfect candidates fuh dis revolution.  I shouldn’t have to sell y’all, y’all shoulda been blowin’ my phone up befo’ now.

Storm flashes a somewhat false smile.

Eli Storm: Thats funny, King, because last time I checked, you were blaming guys like me and Sydal for ruining SHOOT? If anything you would think that you wouldn’t be giving me the time of day.

Nightmare: Yeah, people who don’t know me would think that, but thing is I’ve been fighting… and winning… these wars my entire life.  When I walk into battle alongside someone I want to be damn sure they watch my back… and not plant a knife there.  So you prove you’re the ‘real deal’, so to speak, and you’ll have two men who’ll be there no matter what.

King looks at Nightmare, nodding.  He turns his head back to Storm.

Donovan King:  Yeah I got personal beefs with you.  If Cade was askin’ me to ride wit’ him, the same thing.  I ain’t here tryna recruit either of you.  Face it.  Dis is war.  But the side uh those who need to allied an’ ready…we ain’t ready.  Y’all want dis shit to keep goin’ on?  Y’all wanna see Chris Davis try an’ fail to make a difference?  Another Del Carver Sheriff kinda thing?  Eli, bottom line, you know my feelings ‘bout you.

King moves Masters out of the way, standing face to face with Storm.

Donovan King:  If I wanted to come at you, I’d come at you.  Same goes to you, Nightmare.  Like I said…dis is war.  My personal feelings don’t matter.  Fact is, I want dat main event just like y’all do.  But, so long as SHOOT is ran like it’s been ran…an’ pricks like the Family an’ Jonny stay strong…dudes like you…

King points to Eli.

Donovan King:  …an’ you…

He points to Nightmare.

Donovan King:  …an’ me…don’t stand a fuckin’ chance.

Storm looks at King. You can see the history between the two as Storm looks him up in down and grins.  Nightmare thinks deeply on King’s words and gives a single slow nod.

Eli Storm:  To destroy him and his Family, I would gladly shake hands with the devil.  And to regain what they…The Front Office, took from me.

Storm extends his hand.

Eli Storm: I would go to war…on your side.

Nightmare: Then we need to make sure they have nowhere to turn, nowhere to stand.  No retreat, no surrender, and sure as Hell no prisoners taken alive.  If this is war then war they’ll have, and no one knows war like this warrior does.  We’re in.

The fans pop as the alliance is sealed.  King slaps Storm’s hand and accepts Nightmare’s handshake as well.

Nightmare: And we will win.

Eryk Masters:  I…uh…there you have it, guys.  Donovan King has found his first teammates, allies, whatever you wanna call—

King takes the microphone from Masters.

Donovan King:  Dis is just the beginnin’, SHOOT.  Liberty is comin’.  We’re comin’.

King hands the microphone back to Masters and the three men leave Masters alone.

Eryk Masters:  Alright, then.  You heard it here.  Liberty is coming to SHOOT Project and it begins tonight with Donovan King…Eli Storm…and Nightmare!



CADE SYDAL is furious.  He storms through the corridors backstage and turns a corner, heading for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION’S LOCKER ROOM!  However, right as he turns, SHOOT Project journalist, ABIGAIL CHASE approaches him for what looks like an interview.

Abigail Chase: Cade!  Cade…

Sydal shakes is head and moves past Chase, his eyes focused on one thing and one thing only.

Cade Sydal: Not a good time for an interview, Chase.  I’ll get you later.

Chase watches from a distance briefly but eventually turns away.

Cade reaches The DEFILER’S locker room door and pushes through!  The World Champion is startled and turns around in his black sofa seat.  As soon as he sees that it’s Cade, he stands up and raises his arms, trying to signal that he doesn’t want any trouble.  Their eyes lock, and Cade shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: You are a real piece of work you fucking bastard!

Trying to reason, Jonny stays calm.

The DEFILER: Cade…  Let’s talk this out, okay?

He smirks at Jonny and takes a couple more steps into the room, walking away from the door.

Cade Sydal: So I gotta beat the fucking title shot out of you?  Is that it, MISTER DEFILER?

Jonny remains remarkably calm.

The DEFILER: Heh.  That’s not gonna be necessary, my man.


The door suddenly shuts behind Cade!  He turns around but before he can do anything OSBOURNE KILMINSTER SLAMS A FOREARM SQUARE INTO HIS JAW!  Cade falls back a few steps!  He instinctively charges back at his assailant, but Kilminster grabs Cade and THROWS HIM UP AGAINST THE SOUTHERN MOST WALL!  He then RIFLES OFF A SUCCESSION OF FOUR STRIKES TO THE MIDSECTION finishing with a KNEE STRIKE!!!  Jonny, who was watching the program from his television monitor in the corner of his room, casually grabs the remote and turns it off.  He keeps his back to the attacks and shakes his head, sighing.

Kilminster grabs Cade by the back of the head and THROWS HIM TO THE FLOOR!  He then follows up with three BRUTAL soccer style kicks to the ribs!!!  Cade coughs, his lip bloodied.

The DEFILER: Is it just me or is this like a REALLY violent show tonight?  (Opening his mouth, clenching his teeth, while shaking his head) I tell ya…  it’s a fucking scary world these days.

Kilminster lifts Cade up and locks him in a chicken wing, up right, facing Jonny!

Osbourne: (Soft, almost helpful) Easy does it, man.  Easy does it.

Cade coughs more, trickles of blood falling from his mouth to the floor.  Jonny cleans a few things up around his locker area and makes sure to grab his SHOOT Project World Title.  He flips it up onto his shoulder and checks that everything else is in order.

The DEFILER: Hey…  just as like a…  Well, a point of reference, I guess.  So we’re on the same page.  When I’m doing something…  Anything.  An interview, combing my hair, watching the show…  whatever I’d be doing…  don’t fucking bug me, okay? (He throws a few scraps of paper into a nearby trash basket)  I mean had a VERY IMPORTANT point to make tonight and…  Well it just kinda bummed me out that you would uhh…  you know…

He turns backs to face Cade for the first time.

The DEFILER: Interrupt.

Sighing with a shrug, Jonny moves closer to his bloodied prey and looks over his wounds, noting a pretty nasty scab still on his upper forehead from when Kilminster had hit him with the Jack Daniels bottle last week.  He reaches his hand out and softly prods at it, disgusted but curious.

The DEFILER: That does NOT look fun.  Heh.  But that’s why I LOVE you, Cade.  You’re a fucking trooper.

Cade struggles a little bit, but Ozzy just cinches in the chicken wing hold harder. 

Jonny doesn’t flinch.

Osbourne: Squirmy tonight this one…

The World Champion smiles.

The DEFILER: You’d think after a few years you’d realize that your run as a “main event guy” were over, man.  It’s been what?  Three years since your last relevant title reign?  Four maybe?  I lose track of time soooo often these days.  But it leads me to ask…  Why now?  Huh?  Why…  After a losing battle with Donovan King…  A… a losing battle to drugs… to women.   And, basically, Cade, a LOSING BATTLE TO YOUR FUCKING LIFE…  Why now?

He moves in closer, his eyes reaching into Cade’s very essence as far as they can travel.

The DEFILER: Do you just respect me so little?  Is that it?  After all your pussy ass problems, Jonny Johnson is just so far down on the list that I seem like a Sunshiny Day In the Park?  IS THAT IT, CADE? IS IT?  ANSWER ME, YOU FUCK!

Jonny raises his right hand and SLAPS THE TASTE out of Cade’s mouth.

The DEFILER: (Suddenly smiling) I don’t think that’s it.  In fact, I think it’s the exact opposite.  You’ve fucked up so many times, ruined so much of what was once an actually half-way decent life that your only hope is to do something SO amazing and SO brilliant that it would erase ALLLLLL those horrible, horrible mistakes. (Shrugs) Beating ME would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?  All the people shouting your name…  the locker room spilling out to congratulate you, hoisting your slender frame onto their shoulders!   You’d have your…  well this (raising his shoulder to show off the World Title) probably up over your head.  That Nonpoint song you like so much playing in the arena. Broken Bones right?(Excited, happy) HOLY FUCK that would be cool.

He starts singing.

The DEFILER: “I’m not the person that you think I am. (Slow, almost whispering) “The life I want to lead needs no approval” Ahhh!  And the crowd goes crazy!  Would you listen to these people, OG!  Cade has done it.  BAM go into the chorus about you’re broken bones.  Everyone…  on their feet.

Cade shakes his body, but he can’t fend off Kilminster, who continues to tighten his grasp every time Sydal moves.

Cade Sydal: Fuck. YOU!

Jonny laughs and turns away.

The DEFILER: No.  Not fuck me, dude.  (He sees his black duffel bag on the floor and picks it up)  It’s not like I made this happen.  Ya know? (He sets the bag on one of the benches) You got here.  You decided that THIS would be a good idea.  (Looking around the room) And then you selfishly put me in a spot where I had to react on the fly…

Turning back, he gets more serious.

The DEFILER: I’m going to give you your match, Cade.  Sound good? You get the match.  You get the title shot, AND, you get it NEXT WEEK.   Buuuuut… because you’ve been such a FUCKING DICK about all of this, I get to pick the stipulations.

He starts pacing in front of Cade.

The DEFILER: Pick a number between one and twenty…

Cade doesn’t answer and Jonny stops and faces him.

The DEFILER: Well…?

Not a second later does Cade SPIT IN JONNY’S FACE, a mixture of blood and saliva oozing down his cheek.  He pauses for a moment but then finally just nods and wipes his face off, choosing to ignore the aggressive display of disobedience.

The DEFILER: Fine.  Eleven it is.  LUCKY NUMBER ONE, ONE!  My favorite, man. The number of the DEFILER himself!  Eleven.  (Looking back at Cade) You’ll have ELEVEN MINUTES to defeat me.  No disqualifications.  No count outs.

Cade manages a defiant smirk.

Cade Sydal: And so what do I do with the other EIGHT minutes?

Jonny smiles and laughs at Cade’s clever remarks, all the while pulling out a silver set of brass knuckles.  He places them on his right hand and then sets his World Heavyweight Championship onto the bench, on top of his duffel bag.

The DEFILER: I have no idea, man.

AND WHAM!  HE CRACKS CADE IN THE MOUTH WITH THE KNUCKLES!  His body slumps in Osbourne’s arms.  Jonny shakes his wrist out and then removes the weapon from his fingers.

Osbourne: (Trying to hoist him up) A bit heavier now.  Uuuughh (Straining a little bit) UPSIE-DAISIES!

He is able to hold him up right, and Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: Get him to the trainers if you wouldn’t mind.  He’ll probably need some ice or something.

Osbourne sighs as he struggles to hold up Cade’s dead weight.

Osbourne: Okay, but you owe me, man.

The WORLD CHAMPION nods his head.

The DEFILER: Whiskey and Prostitutes on me!

Kilminster grins, appreciatively.

Osbourne: You sure know how to treat a fellow, Jonny.  I’ll get him where he needs to go.

Kilminster, reaches behind him and pushes the door open, slowly dragging Cade with him.  Cade’s lifeless feet slink across the floor and eventually out of the room.  Jonny then closes the door behind them.

The DEFILER looks around the room with a grimace and pulls out his cell phone.  He dials in a few number and waits for someone to pick up.

The DEFILER: Peter…  It’s Jonny.  Yeah.  Can you go ahead and schedule a doctor’s appointment for me ASAP.  Mmmhmm.  I got Cade Sydal’s blood all over me and I’m pretty sure I have aids.

He nods.

The DEFILER: Thanks.

He flips his phone off and looks around the room.

The DEFILER: Hmmm… (Clicking his tongue, making a realization) Oh.  Yeah! That’s right.  The Semi Finals…

He moves to the sofa seat, grabs the remote control he had laid down earlier, and turns the television back on. 

On the screen is a picture of himself, watching television.

He sits down and nods.

The DEFILER: I look fucking awesome in this chair.

The shot soon cuts away.


Moments before the first of tonight’s double main event, Eryk Masters is once again on hand in the back.

Eryk Masters: My guest at this time, the current Laws of Survival Champion, Trevor Worrens!

The camera zooms out just enough to bring Worrens into frame.  The crowd from ringside can be heard cheering and Worrens adjusts the Laws of Survival championship on his shoulder.

Eryk Masters: Trevor, in a few short moments you are heading into that ring to take place in a Master of the Mat Semi-Finals match up.  This tournament is a big deal and as everyone knows winning it gets you a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Worrens nods his head very matter of factly.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, it’s the big one.  But if your first question is how I’m feeling about this tournament, Masters, don’t ask it.  Because it’s a known fact that I have a good record when it comes to competitive tournaments involving the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Eryk Masters: Actually my first question involves just that, the World Heavyweight championship.  Throughout this tournament we’ve heard a lot about your Laws of Survival Championship. We’ve seen you defend it on two successful occasions, first in round one, and then of course just last week when you advanced past round two by beating Azraith DeMitri.  And even now, when it wasn’t set to be defended you have put that championship on the line.

Again Worrens nods, taking a moment to look at the Laws of Survival Championship.

Trevor Worrens: Not exactly a question there, but I see what you’re getting at.  And I’ll make this clear one final time.  I am THE Laws of Survival Champion.  There’s something about the word survival that only makes it right that I defend this championship title every chance I get.  So as far as I’m concerned, every match, EVERY match, Masters, this title is up for grabs.  So I don’t get it, what does that have to do with the World Heavyweight Championship?

Worrens looks to Masters, waiting for a response.

Eryk Masters: That’s just it, while everyone in this tournament has been above and beyond vocal about winning a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, you’ve barely said anything…

Worrens suddenly holds up his hand.

Trevor Worrens: Hold on a second.

Masters stops talking as Worrens lifts his hand and looks to clean out his ear with his pinky finger.

Trevor Worrens: Did I just hear you correctly? Everyone in the tournament has been talking about the World Heavyweight Championship?  No, Eryk, everyone in the Master of the Mat tournament has NOT been talking about the championship… they have been up in arms about the champion.

Everyone who is so damn passionate about winning this thing, they’re all motivated by the fact that Jonny Johnson is the current SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  But when its all said and done, when the smoke from this tournament clears, who’s to say Jonny will even be world champion?

Masters looks to chime in but Worrens again cuts him off.

Trevor Worrens: That’s the thing, Masters, NC-17, Jester Smiles, Christopher Davis, they’re all chasing a man.  They’re passion for that title is solely based on the man who holds it.  I’ve made my intentions clear.  I WANT to win this tournament so I can be the World Heavyweight Champion that I wasn’t the first time I held that title.

Other than that, I don’t care who is holding it, when they’re holding it, or when I get a shot at it.

Worrens pauses.

Trevor Worrens: So that’s why you haven’t heard a lot from me.  I’m not obsessed with Jonny Johnson… I’m not concerned with Jonny Johnson. In my mind, what he’s done is no different than when Kilgore Stochansky manipulated a system as a means to keep a hold on the title that I now possess.   Nobody was up in arms about that, were they?  And what happened as a result… Kilgore faded into the backdrop of professional wrestling.

But that’s what’s different here, I guess.  And that’s why nobody can escape the Defiler.

Masters raises an eyebrow

Eryk Masters:  Why’s that?

Worrens forces a brief laugh.

Trevor Worrens: It’s kind of hard to escape something, if you never shut up about it. But me…

Worrens walks off abruptly, leaving Masters to wrap things up alone.

Eryk Masters: Trevor Worrens with some last minute words as we go into the first match of tonight’s DOUBLE main event!

The action cuts away from the back and returns to the ring area.



“Fever for the Flava” by Hot Action Cop plays as the focus returns to the ring area, and immediately NC-17 steps out into view, still wearing pink wrestling tights, but absent from his normal entrance attire is Barbie Kellers on his arm.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen this next match up is the first of tonight’s DOUBLE MAIN EVENT, and is a TITLE VERSUS TITLE MASTER OF THE MAT SEMI FINALS MATCH!!!

The crowd gets louder upon the announcement of the match itself and NC-17 pats the Revolution Championship that is fastened around his waist. He then jumps up and down a couple of times before walking swiftly towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 234 pounds, he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion. Here he is The CREAM OF EXTREME… NC-17!!!

NC-17 tags hands with the fans as he almost runs down to the ring.  He slides under the bottom rope, springs up to his feet and again slaps his Revolution title.  The fans cheer as NC-17 lifts both of his arms up in the air and jumps up and down a couple more times.

Dave Dymond: A trying week in the personal life of NC-17, but despite those relationship issues, the Revolution Champion is here and from the looks of things he’s ready to fight.

Other Guy: Probably the most ready I’ve seen this cat, Dave.  There’s that look of determination on his face, and yeah he’s still wearin’ those goofy pink-wrestling tights, but hey clothes don’t always make the man.

Dave Dymond: This match certainly will though as two VERY confident individuals are squaring off and I believe this is a first, O.G.  A title versus title match within the Master of the Mat tournament… which means the winner walks away with everything; two titles and a ticket to the Master of the Mat Pay Per View to compete in the finals.

Other Guy: And the loser, well yeah you don’t want to be the loser in this one.

NC-17 removes the Revolution championship from around his waist and folds the straps up under the gold front plate.  He then kisses the title once before handing it off to SHOOT referee Tony Lorenzo.  NC-17 then moves about the ring, showing a lot of energy and anticipation as he paces. The music dies down for a moment, just leaving the noise of the fans, but “Anthem For the Underdog” by 12 Stones suddenly kicks in, and as the opening lyrics play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, the Revolution video screen comes to life with jump cut shots of Trevor Worrens in a single room.  The video is very dreary in color, but in it video Worrens suddenly picks up a flower vase and throws it straight ahead of him.  The video shatters like glass as the chorus kicks in and now Trevor Worrens himself steps out from the back just as silver pyros rain down from above.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… HERE IS TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens stands at the start of the ramp way, holding the Laws of Survival championship up in the air, letting it hang down vertically by the strap.  He then lays it over his shoulder and starts to the ring, looking at NC-17.  There is a mixture of cheers, but some fans are booing Worrens tonight, albeit not many.  NC-17 stops moving around in the ring and puts his focus directly on Worrens.

Other Guy: The intensity of the night picks up here, and is gonna carry all the way through both of our two main events, no doubt.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, and no matter who goes on to the finals tonight, it will go without argument that they earned their right to be there.

Worrens walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.  NC-17 looks ready to charge, but Lorenzo keeps him back.  Worrens turns around and ascends quickly to the second turnbuckle and once more raises the Laws of Survival Championship high up into the air.  There is a loud pop from the fans and Worrens steps down from the second turnbuckle and now hands off the title to the referee.

Other Guy: That’s a lot of gold right there.

Dave Dymond: This match represents half of the number of singles championships we have here in SHOOT Project, and by the time this one is all said and done, someone is going to be carrying twice the weight than they came in with.

Other Guy: Puts a lotta pressure on these cats, that’s for damn sure.

Referee Tony Lorenzo hands both championship titles off to Samantha Coil, and in turn Samantha Coil hands over the microphone to the referee.

Tony Lorenzo: Tonight’s title versus title match will be fought under Master of the Mat tournament rules, meaning all standard SHOOT Project in ring and out of ring rules apply.   Thank you.

Worrens backs up into the upper left corner now, stretching out against the ropes.  The referee walks the microphone to the edge of the ring and quickly hands it off to one of the ring crewmembers.

Dave Dymond: So standard rules in effect, which evens the playing field here for both champions.

Other Guy: Yep, and that’s how it should be. After all above everything else this IS a semi finals Master of the Mat tournament match, these two just wanted a little more to show for it.  Gotta love that initiative.

Dave Dymond: The confidence of both NC-17 and Trevor Worrens seems to be at an all time high, of course SOMEONE will be crashing way down after this one is in the books.

Lorenzo quickly checks in both competitors and as the fans begin to buzz with excitement and anticipation, the referee turns and signals for the bell.


NC-17 wastes no time and immediately charges in at Worrens. Worrens moves out of the corner quickly, avoiding NC-17, but NC-17 turns his body quickly and now bounces back first off the ropes. Worrens turns and NC-17 LEAPS with a flying forearm shot that knocks Worrens down onto the mat.  Worrens right back up and NC-17 right there to stay on the advantage. He throws a couple of quick punches, then pulls Worrens down, bending him over, only to lower his body and SPRING up with a HARSH uppercut shot!  Worrens staggers back and NC-17 goes to the ropes again.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 exploding right from the opening bell, and the Laws of Survival Champion seems to have woken something inside this unique competitor that is NC-17.

Worrens gets his focus back just in time as NC-17 charges with a clothesline. Worrens ducks it and then swings around and DRIVES a hard knee shot right into NC-17’s side from behind!  NC-17 falters, dropping to one knee and holding his side and Worrens spins back in the other direction now and connects with a palm strike to the back of the head.  NC-17 rises up to his feet from there, but staggers forward slightly while holding the back of his head.  Worrens comes at him, only for NC-17 to fire a hard back elbow shot that catches Worrens in the face. Worrens drops now, covering his face with one hand and NC-17 turns back around and nails a stomp to Worrens’s back, flattening him face first into the ring mat.  Quickly NC-17 shoves Worrens over onto his back and hooks the legs!

Other Guy: Goin’ for an early opportunity here!

The fans come alive, not quite expecting a pin and Lorenzo drops to them at… makes the count!


… Worrens with a forceful shoulder up just after the one count.

Dave Dymond: And what a statement that would have been if this one ended right then and there, Other Guy.

Other Guy: Oh woulda been a huge statement made after Worrens was so confident that NC-17 WOULDN’T get an opportunity like that on him.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 not able to get that quick pin fall victory though and this one continues, with the cream of extreme staying on top… no pun intended.

Other Guy: Cream on top… real good stuff there Dave.

NC-17 has Worrens up off the mat and whips him into the lower right turnbuckle. NC-17 falls forward from putting so much force into the Irish whip, and in turn Worrens hits sternum first, and immediately falls onto his back.  NC-17 scrambles up to his feet and he runs towards the corner.  With Worrens still down NC-17 goes to the outside of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle.  He waits now as Worrens rolls over onto his stomach and then starts to stand up.  Some of the fans start cheering; others start shouting in attempts to alert Worrens.  NC-17 nods his head and JUST as Worrens is up… NC-17 LEAPS at him from behind looking for a bull dog take down, only as NC-17 looks to bring Worrens down, Worrens stays standing, his body shaking slightly as he suddenly has both his arms around NC-17’s body and he lifts him up and over in the other direction, looking for a back drop suplex…

But NC-17 flips all the way through, landing on his feet. He grabs Worrens from behind, yanking him back into a reverse DDT position, but doesn’t have a firm enough hold so Worrens turns his body and then SHOVES his shoulder into NC-17’s gut, pushing him up against the lower left turnbuckle pads.  NC-17 fires back with a double axe handle down Worrens’s back, forcing Worrens to pull away and NC-17 lifts himself up onto the second turnbuckle.  Worrens recovers quickly though and suddenly grabs both of NC-17’s feet and just YANKS him off, forcing NC-17 to crash HARD to the mat.

Other Guy: That’s one way to counter a possible top rope move.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 looking to leap from the second turnbuckle, but Worrens reacting a hair quicker and now NC-17 flat on his back as the end result.

Worrens pulls NC-17 up off the mat by one arm, and pulls him as if going to whip him into the opposite corner, but instead Worrens lifts his knee and DRIVES it into NC-17’s gut, releasing the arm at the same time so NC-17 flips over onto his back.  Worrens drops to the mat after him and makes a quick cover of his own… Lorenzo makes the count.


TW… not quite the two as NC-17 shoulders out, but as he lifts his arm, Worrens sprawls outward from NC-17’s body, capturing the arm and head and turning NC-17 over onto his stomach into a head and arm lock simple submission.

Dave Dymond: So after a reckless start with NC-17 seemingly having the better of Worrens every step of the way, Worrens has found his opening to turn this back in his favor, looking to control the match up with his submission ability, an aspect of this sport that NC-17 has said time and time he finds boring.

Other Guy: Doesn’t carry quite the impact, but hey it’s damn effective, and if Worrens can score a tap out victory, maybe NC-17 will be singin’ a different tune about mat wrestling.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 fighting strong though, refusing to give in as he tries to get some leverage with his legs.

Some of the fans start to rally behind NC-17 now as he tries to stand up by digging his feet into the mat and pushing into Worrens.  Worrens tries to push NC-17 back onto his stomach, but NC-17 keeps fighting with his free arm starts punching Worrens repeatedly in the side of the stomach.  Worrens falters, losing a bit of his grip, and NC-17 continues to punch his way free until finally Worrens staggers back clutching his side, and NC-17 follows up with a standing dropkick!  Worrens down onto the mat but back up and NC-17 leaps with a second standing dropkick!

Dave Dymond: The Revolution Champion exploding once again and these fans are really getting behind him now!

Other Guy: It’s going to be back and forth like that in this match and in our second main event, Dave… four top talents, and all competitors that our fans can cheer for.

Worrens is on the mat once again, and now he sits up.  NC-17 hits the ropes as Worrens works on getting to his feet.  NC-17 upon him just as Worrens is up, running knee into the gut, Worrens doubles over, NC-17 grabs him for a quick swinging neck breaker, but as he swings through, Worrens pushes NC-17 out, spinning him off to the side.  NC-17 quickly recovers, turns back and charges at Worrens… only for Worrens to get up to his full vertical base, and FORCES NC-17 down with a STO!

Hook of the legs, and the Worrens fans start to cheer!



MORE cheering as NC-17 kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Near fall, but NC-17 manages to recover quick enough after being hitting the back of his head on the mat pretty hard.

Other Guy: That STO had some serious momentum behind it.

Dave Dymond: That it did, and it killed NC-17’s momentum at the same time.  Worrens in control as he has NC-17 back up and now works those palm strikes to keep NC-17 groggy.

Worrens continues with a series of palm strikes both to the sternum area and the face. NC-17 staggers, still woozy from the impact earlier, but manages to throw a right handed punch up and CONNECTS with Worrens’s face.  Worrens takes the shot, head snapping back for a moment, but then he FIRES a knee strike to NC-17’s left thigh, then a knee strike to the right thigh.  NC-17 stumbles and Worrens continues no with a palm strike to the chest!

The fans start to pick up as Worrens winds up, and NAILS a palm strike to the side of the face, spinning NC-17 around and Worrens immediately follows up with a clothesline to the back of the head!  NC-17 goes down onto palms and knees and Worrens positions himself to the side of NC-17, sends a hard knee into his back, causing NC-17 to flatten out and then Worrens looks to drop down for a camel clutch, but NC-17 quickly rolls over onto his back and puts a boot right into Worrens’s gut!

Worrens doubles over, and NC-17 reaches up from there… rolling Worrens up into a pin!!!




Dave Dymond: HE GOT HIM!

Other Guy: NO!

The fans let out a collective “OOOOOOOOOH” as Lorenzo rises up to his feet and holds up only two fingers!

Dave Dymond: Worrens JUST able to kick out.  But NC-17 almost had lightning strike a third time in his favor.

 NC-17 shakes his head, somewhat frustrated but he stays focused as he pulls Worrens up, but Worrens wraps both of his legs around NC-17’s ankle and suddenly pushes forward in the other direction with an abrupt drop toe hold!  NC-17’s face SMASHES into the mat and Worrens immediately locks on the camel clutch this time, but NC-17 is close enough to the ropes that he scrambles with an army crawl and gets a hand on the bottom rope.

Referee Tony Lorenzo calls for Worrens to break the hold, but he hesitates at first. Lorenzo shouts another warning, and just as he is about to start the five count, Worrens breaks the camel clutch and backs away.  NC-17 pulls himself up to his feet via the ropes and Worrens waits.  NC-17 is up and turns back to face Worrens.  He charges in quickly, not once letting up and Worrens goes for a kick to the gut but NC-17 catches the leg quickly and pushes it back down onto the ground.  NC-17 charges again, and now Worrens scoops him up, looking for a body slam, but NC-17 pushes up off of Worrens’s shoulders and lands behind Worrens.

Worrens turns and NC-17 CLOCKS him with a hard punch!  Worrens stumbles back and NC-17 follows up with another hard shot, and another. Worrens bumps up against the ropes and NC-17 throws three more punches, causing Worrens to become groggy, and now NC-17 backs away, then begins jumping up and down slightly!  The fans feed off NC-17’s sudden burst of energy and NC-17 CHARGES at Worrens….

Other Guy: INCOMING!

Recklessly NC-17 THROWS his body at Worrens and both the Laws of Survival Champion and the Revolution champion SPILL over the top rope and crash to the floor below!  NC-17 doesn’t let up from there as he pushes Worrens over onto his back and starts UNLEASHING with mounted punches!  Worrens fights against it the best he can, eventually knocking NC-17 off to the side.  ONE! Worrens starts up to his feet but NC-17 right back at him, this time though Worrens throws out a hard palm strike that stops NC-17 in his tracks.

TWO! NC-17 sways but punches Worrens right back…palm strike again from Worrens!  THREE!

Punch from NC-17… palm strike from Worrens. Punch from NC-17 and another palm strike from Worrens!

FOUR!  The fans start cheering wildly as an all out brawl EXPLODES between NC-17 and Worrens now, who forcefully go blow for blow against one another.

Dave Dymond: And now the intensity is shown in full force, with the two champions just ASSAULTING each other!

Other Guy: In the words of Eryk Masters, Dave, I LIKE IT! 

FIVE! NC-17 starts to show signs of getting the upper hand as he lands two hard punches in a row, but Worrens comes back with a reckless knee strike that grazes NC-17’s side, then a palm strike to follow up!  NC-17 almost loses his balance, SIX!, and Worrens capitalizes and run at NC-17 with a clothesline… but he ducks under. SEVEN! Worrens turns around and is NAILED with a hard punch and as Worrens is knocked for a loop, NC-17 turns him around and looks to SMASH Worrens face first onto the top of the guard railing!  EIGHT!  Worrens puts both his arms out, grabbing the guard railing, and keeps from being rammed into it.  Worrens fires with a back elbow shot, but NC-17 ducks it, and nails Worrens a couple of times in the back with forearm shot after forearm shot.


Worrens falters, and NC-17 grabs him by the head again and AGAIN tries to smash him face first into the guard railing. Worrens BLOCKS once more and this time counters entirely by bringing one of his arms up and grabbing NC-17 by the back of his head and he tries to smash NC-17 into the guard railing!  TEN!

Dave Dymond: Neither man able to get the upper hand, but neither man about to give up on trying and now Worrens looking to send NC-17 face first into the guard railing… no… just like Worrens did, NC-17 keeping his arms locked and avoiding a fate involving his face and that railing.

ELEVEN! Lorenzo shouts for both men to get back into the ring, but the fighting on the outside continue. Worrens though pulls NC-17 away from the guard railing entirely now, looking to spin him around and whip him into the corner post.  TWELEVE!  NC-17 reverses though and Worrens is sent towards the ring post, but Worrens stops himself, turns, NC-17 LEAPS WITH A DIVING CLOTHESLINE AND CONNECTS!


Both men are on the floor, but NC-17 quickly springs up to his feet, although he sways in place for a moment, he stomps down once, forcing his boot into Worrens’s gut.  FOURTEEN!  NC-17 starts playing up to the crowd now, and they start cheering.  NC-17 backs away from Worrens and climbs over the guard railing, motioning for some of the fans to get out of the way!  The fans are up and out of their seats, and NC-17 takes two chairs and flips them around so that the seat portion is facing him!  FIFTEEN!

Other Guy: NC-17 lookin’ for something big time here!

Dave Dymond: Which is exactly what Ethan Madsen needs if he plans on walking away with both the Laws of Survival Championship and the Revolution Championship… IN ADDITION to advancing to the finals of the Master of the Mat tournament.

Worrens starts to get up to his feet now, groggy, but still in this match. NC-17 nods his head a couple of times, waiting patiently, but showing his anxiousness as well.  SIXTEEN!  Worrens is up, the fans are on their feet as NC-17 starts shaking a bit… and then he runs at the chairs…


The fans pop big time as NC-17 comes at Worrens like a line drive with a cross body splash… and Worrens JUST able to catch him… SEVENTEEN!, but NC-17 immediately starts fighting, elbows to the side of the head!

Dave Dymond: SOMEHOW Worrens able to muster up enough strength to hold his ground and stay standing, but NC-17 fighting right out of it!


Worrens lets go of NC-17 from the cross body position, and NC-17 continues with the close up elbow shots and punches, but Worrens fighting right back with palm strikes to the face!  NC-17 starts to falter as Worrens continues to assault NC-17 with quick palm shots.


Other Guy: I can’t believe these two are still going at it, and neither has really knocked the other guy down long enough.

Dave Dymond: It’s the drive of this match up and how important it is to BOTH men… they’re not letting up!!

Lorenzo repeatedly shouts at Worrens and NC-17 to get back into the ring now, but the exchange of hard shots continues and finally Lorenzo has no choice. He shakes his head…


The referee turns and signals for the bell. DING-DING-DING-DING Worrens NAILS NC-17 with a hard palm shot that almost takes him off his feet, but NC-17 comes right back AGAIN!

Dave Dymond: The bell has sounded now but the fighting is continuing!

Other Guy: What exactly happened?

Lorenzo calls over Samantha Coil now as the fans, once cheering, now begin to boo.  The bell sounds again and now NC-17 pulls back from Worrens, exhausted and confused as he looks around.  Worrens staggers in the other direction away from NC-17, looking to the referee.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Tony Lorenzo has called this match up a draw as a result of a DOUBLE COUNT OUT.

The booing only gets louder and Worrens shakes his head, clearly unhappy with the decision.  NC-17 stomps his foot and starts shouting towards Lorenzo.

Dave Dymond: So this one a draw, but in a tournament situation I believe that means that NEITHER of these men are moving on to the finals.

Other Guy: Hold the phone, does that mean that tonight’s main event, are we gonna witness the Master of the Mat finals TONIGHT!?

Lorenzo says something more to Samantha Coil and again she nods her head.

Samantha Coil: Therefore STILL the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion, NC-17!!!

The fans pop, but many are still booing loudly.

Samantha Coil: And STILL the SHOOT Project  Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens slaps the ring edge with frustration, only to turn then and walk right past NC-17 and to Samantha Coil.

Dave Dymond: Worrens beyond himself with frustration now, which I think means that yeah… both of these men HAVE been eliminated from the tournament!

Worrens takes the microphone from Samantha Coil, and turns now as NC-17 angrily grabs his Revolution Championship from ringside.

Trevor Worrens: Ethan, hold on!

NC-17 turns around, his exhaustion and anger showing through his expression.

Trevor Worrens: You brought one hell of a fight to me tonight.  And maybe you’re never going to like me, but just so you know… by putting that title of yours on the line against mine, you got my respect.  Hell, you beat respect into me here tonight and I fucking LOVED IT!

The fans pop and NC-17 settles a bit and just nods his head, but looks to leave the ring.

Trevor Worrens: So at the very least, tonight we proved that we’re both champions.  That we both DESERVE our championship titles.  And that counts for something right?

Problem is, I can’t settle for “at the very least!”

The crowd suddenly gets louder and Worrens actually takes a moment to look out to all of them, and then back at NC-17.

Trevor Worrens: And my guess is you can’t either… and well judging by the noise in this arena right now, I don’t think ANY of these fans can!  That being said, I think it’s real simple… the Master of the Mat Pay Per View DESERVES to be the host to the final match of this tournament… and who would we be to ruin that.

NC-17 looks out to the crowd, listening as they continue to cheer loudly… and slowly a smile creeps across his face.

Trevor Worrens: We both defended our titles here tonight, that goes without saying… but this is the Master of the Mat tournament, one of us NEEDS to advance, so what do you say, Ethan?  Can we FINALLY see eye to eye and agree to restart this match?

Worrens tosses the microphone to NC-17 now who catches it in mid-air. There is a bit of a crackling noise from the impact and for a moment NC-17 says nothing. He just looks around, sweat running down his face, but finally he nods.

NC-17: Jason Johnson always says that as a champion its our job to make things happen… so as the SHOOT Project Revolution champion… I SAY WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

The crowd ERUPTS as NC-17 drops the microphone and his Revolution title and CHARGES AT WORRENS!  Lorenzo calls for the bell just as NC-17 clotheslines Worrens down onto the floor.

Dave Dymond: So here we go, one fall to the finish and this one is being restarted!

Other Guy: Just another example of how the Soldiers of SHOOT Project are stepping up and takin’ matters into their own hands!

NC-17 immediately picks Worrens up and rolls him back in the ring and then makes a cover.  Lorenzo drops to the mat and makes the count.



TH… Worrens shoulders out, but NC-17 keeps on the offense, pulling Worrens up by his extended arm and he gets him up onto his feet.  Worrens struggles a bit but NC-17 manages to whip him across the ring into the ropes. Worrens hits the ropes and comes bouncing back.  NC-17 bends over looking for the back body drop, and he lifts Worrens up, but suddenly grabs his legs and WHIPLASHES Worrens onto the mat… and then from there while still holding the legs, NC-17 FLIPS over Worrens with a unique cover!!!!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 with another cover!



THR… no Worrens rocks his body upwards into a sitting position and ends up pushing NC-17’s shoulders to the mat!  A pin in Worrens’s favor and Lorenzo counts again.



NC-17 breaks out by rolling backwards. He gets up to his feet quickly but Worrens up as well and both men go for knee strikes to the gut at the same time… and nail each other in the leg!

Other Guy: Head on collision of the kneecaps!

Dave Dymond: Both men had the same idea there, but neither came out of it with the upper hand.

Worrens limps slightly, wincing as he comes back at NC-17, only for NC-17 kick out his other leg and catch Worrens in the gut. Worrens doubles over and NC-17 looks to capitalize, but Worrens kicks NC-17 directly in the knee he collided with moments ago! NC-17 drops down to the mat immediately, wincing in pain.  Worrens pulls NC-17 right back up though and whips him into the upper right corner of the ring.  Worrens runs in after him, still with a very slight limp. NC-17 gets out of the corner, but Worrens stops and turns immediately just as NC-17 turns, kick to the gut…


Dave Dymond: Constant headache by Worrens, and NC-17 rolled over now the cover made… was that DDT enough?



THR… NC-17 shoulders out, turning his body slightly to the side and draping his arm over the bottom rope! Lorenzo only shows two and Worrens slowly stands up, pulling NC-17 up to his feet as well.  Worrens pushes NC-17 up against the ropes, and throws a few more quick palm strikes… knocking NC-17 for a loop.  NC-17 leans up against the corner post and Worrens now backs away, only to pick up steam and run full speed at NC-17!

The Worrens fans picks up as Worrens LEAPS at NC-17, but NC-17 MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!  Worrens is able to react JUST in time and he lands both of his feet on the second rope.  NC-17 turns around just as Worrens SPRINGS off the second rope and TAKES NC-17 down with a hard clothesline!  NC-17’s head bounces off the mat as he sits up and Worrens quickly turns around to face NC-17’s back and lunges at him… TRYING TO LOCK ON THE ARM-HOOK SLEEPER!!!

Dave Dymond: Broken Beyond Repair!  Worrens trying to end this right here and right now but NC-17 fighting it!

Other Guy: He’s not gonna let this one end like this, Dave!  Not by a tap out!

Worrens can’t fully get the arm hook sleeper into place as NC-17 fights to get up to his feet. He whips his own body back and forth and eventually breaks free of Worrens’s hold, slipping to the side and then he wraps around Worrens’s body, drops the mat, and SCHOOL BOY ROLL UP FROM BEHIND!


The fans RISE up to their feet, but Worrens claps both of his legs on each side of NC-17’s head, quickly breaking the pin!  NC-17 staggers back and Worrens up to his feet… NC-17 charges… but so does Worrens…  AND WORRENS CONNECTS WITH THE BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!

Dave Dymond: That time he hits it! Worrens with that knee kick RIGHT to the face!

NC-17 falls to the mat instantly and Worrens, makes the cover.




The Worrens fans erupt with cheers as the bell sounds after the count of three and Worrens rises up to his feet, hurting, but victorious!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and advancing on to the FINALS of the Master of the Mat tournament… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

“Anthem for the Underdog” plays for a second time as Worrens limps slightly about the ring, arms up in victory though.  He is soon handed his SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship and Worrens grabs it by the strap and hoists it upwards so it hangs vertically in the air!

Dave Dymond: A highly competitive match up comes to this conclusion.  The championships remain with their holders, but it is Trevor Worrens who takes yet another step in the Master of the Mat tournament and WILL meet the winner of tonight’s SECOND main event on August Thirty First.

Other Guy: Either man deserved the win, they fought for it, and in the end, Worrens scored that knock out knee kick and one half of a HUGE Pay Per View match up has been decided.

Worrens takes in the fans and his victory for just a moment longer, before taking one last look at NC-17 and then he leaves the ring.  As he walks to the back, Barbie Kellers starts out, passing him.  She doesn’t look at Worrens, but Worrens looks at her, but doesn’t stop walking to the back.  Worrens vanishes behind the curtains and the focus cuts to the ring now. Barbie Kellers stands over a fallen NC-17, tears in her eyes now. NC-17 stirs on the mat, with referee Tony Lorenzo trying to help him to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Not sure how NC-17 is going to feel with Barbie Kellers down here now.  The two having some personal issues and after the man JUST lost, seeing the woman who betrayed him might make matters worse.

Other Guy: Yeah, if she wants to reconcile with NC-17, this might not be the best time to do that.

Slowly NC-17 tries to get up, almost refusing Lorenzo’s help.  He’s up and now sees Barbie standing there, tears streaming down her face.  She immediately embraces NC-17, hugging him tightly. NC-17 doesn’t reject the hug at all, and after she holds him for a moment, Barbie Kellers then works on helping NC-17 get out of the ring. The fans applaud as NC-17 walks by, with Barbie helping to keep him standing.

Dave Dymond: A show of respect from these fans, and a show of support from Barbie Kellers and maybe things will be okay after all… after the fall out of the Master of the Mat tournament has come to clear.

Other Guy: No doubt. NC-17 showed he’s got what it takes and then some, and even though he ain’t goin to the finals, the Master of the Mat tournament established the fact that NC-17 is a top level talent.

Dave Dymond: I absolutely agree. Trevor Worrens and NC-17 put on a hell of a fight, and we’ve got ONE more semi-finals match still to come… it’s quite possibly one of the most ANTICIPATED Revolution matches in some time… and it’s our headline match tonight when Jester Smiles goes ONE on ONE with the SHOOT Project legend, Christopher Davis.


Jack has his head back as he snores loudly, still sat on the couch. There is a knock on the door Jack snores through it. Another knock on the door, Jack’s head snaps up mid snore his eyes wide open he slowly makes his way to the door. Yet another knock. Jack opens the door, a young lady dressed in the traditional maid uniform smiles gently before speaking.

Maid Lady: Excuse me are you Jack Daniel?

Jack Heart: I’m Jack Daniel Heart if that’s what you mean.

Jack looks at this young lady, she was beautiful nothing like that rake London Delta.

Jack Heart: Oi Miss where are you going?

Maid Lady: I’ll only be a moment Master Heart.

Jack mouths ‘Master Heart?’, as the young lady disappears down the hall before heading down the stairs. Jack looks around his apartment well if she wanted to have dinner with him they would have to dine out that’s for sure.

The lift’s lights flash, signaling that someone was coming up. Jack started to bounce from foot to foot as the tension starts to build.

The lift’s bell sounds and the doors slide open slowly, Jack breathes in and out rapidly the young lady arrives walking backwards out of the lift. The young lady has rolled out a wheelchair with an old man on an oxygen mask.

Maid Lady: Master Heart, I present to you your father Jones Heart.

Jones takes off his oxygen mask, and struggles out two words.

Jones Heart: Hello Son.

The scene flicks back to a more current event. Crush Heart is sat on a bench in the locker room. He is currently undoing one of his bandages on his right arm. The bandages have been covering his burns. Earlier in the night Crush had gone through a four way match against Jack Heart, Gutter Rat and Doug Kinsella. Crush looks into the camera as the scene on the television behind me, that was playing the pre-recorded appearance of his father. The television set is now showing a clip from Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hugh Grant is on screen bumbling away.

Crush Heart: Ya know, that was a great match earlier on. Sure, coulda been better, coulda been much worse. But I aint asked ya here for that. I asked ya here to address some issues I got. Some issues with my brother…

Crush continues to undress his burns. The bandages dirty from his earlier in-ring action.

Crush Heart: Jack, I dunno what ya up to pal but I aint buyin’ it. All this crap ‘bout ya the bailiffs takin’ ya stuff and then Dad turnin’ up, it all smells ‘bit like The Defilers underwear. What I’m sayin’ Jack is this: I think the whole situation is bullshit. Sure, as a man of God I guess I should be more acceptin’. When it comes to ya sorry ass the only thing I accept is beatin’ ya down each and every time I get the chance.

Crush finally finishes taking the top layer of dressing off his arm to reveal another dressing under it. He wipes his left arm across his face, getting rid of sweat droplets from his forehead.

Crush Heart: Now ya see Jackey Boy, ya problem aint with Dad, its with me. Dad coulda been a better man, he knows that. He knows he shoulda kept the Heart family jewels locked in the tower. Ya know that he aint a healthy man. Ya know he aint in a fit state to deal with this crap right now. What I wanna tell you… No… What I wanna ask ya is to keep Dad outta this. Keep him away from all of this!

Crush turns the television off that’s behind him. Hugh Grant was somewhere in the middle of another bumble session as he is halted with the ‘Stand By’ button.

Crush Heart: I know he came to ya Jack. I know that it was probably his choice. All I’m askin’ ya is to keep him outta this. Keep him away from all this crap. If ya wanna hurt someone, if ya wanna blame someone for not allowin’ ya to be part of this deranged family… Then blame me. Blame me for the whole lot. Just be aware Jack… I aint old… I aint ill. I am Crush Heart and just like I did earlier tonight… I will hurt you much more than you were hurt as a child.

The scene ends as Crush begins to take off the next few bandages.


The lights dim and a lone red spotlight shines down on the top of the entranceway.  The small sound of a synthesized piano trickles down, before a bassline kicks in, signaling the beginning of Nas’ “Hero,” which inevitably signals the entrance…  of the Real Deal.

Chain gleamin, switchin’ lanes, two seatin’

Hate him or love him, can’t leave it, the game needs him

Plus the people need someone to believe in

The electric, blood red symbol, illustrates itself onto the video wall, and as the Thomas and Mack Center comes alive, a black silhouette obstructs the red spotlight, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy.

So in God’s Son we trust

‘Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want

They lookin’ for a…HERO

I guess that makes me a…HERO

The black silhouette turns to face the crowd, and as pyro fires off, the Real Deal’s eyes are visible, and they’re almost glowing…  burning, with intensity.  He walks down the rampway, callous and calm. 

Dave Dymond:  Well well!  The Real Deal is in SHOOT’s house!  He’s in HIS house!  And it looks like the man…  the LEGEND…  has something to say.

The Real Deal makes his way around the ring, acknowledging Dave Dymond and the Other Guy, before heading towards Samantha Coil, who gives him a microphone.  As Nas’ “Hero” plays on, he climbs into the ring, to the adulation and noise of the Thomas and Mack fans.  He is here, and the atmosphere…  is electric.

He takes some time to absorb the reaction, with a smile on his face.  Finally, he pulls the microphone to his face.

Real Deal:  You know…  for all the talk about how the SHOOT Project is in so much trouble, and how we’re on the road to ruin…  you people…  coulda fooled me.

He pauses a moment for the cheap pop, chuckling.

Real Deal:  A lotta people been talking, wondering about this thing with Donovan King and I…  been wondering just why exactly I’ve picked now to come back…  Some may even think that with Corazon out, it’s sort of coincidental, but hey…  someone has to stand up and take note.

And that person…  is me.

For a long time, we’ve watched Donovan King grow up, watched him evolve.  He went from being a typical thug, to being one of the most violent and terrifying men in the SHOOT Project…  nah…  in the wrestling industry. 

I’ll give him his props, no worries.  After all, he kicked my ass a few weeks ago, and that was that.  But now…  now…

The crowd stalls with him, hanging on his words.  He looks around, watching the eyes of Las Vegas, staring at him, while staring at them… 

Real Deal:  Now, Donovan King has decided to take up the mantle that so many, myself included, have taken before him…  decided to fight for the cause that so many have fought for, before him…  I can admire that, if not for the fact that it’s Donovan King who’s touting it.

If not for the fact that this is the same man who went far and away beyond crossing the line to beat Jester Smiles.

If not for the fact that this same man went far and away beyond crossing the line to beat Cade Sydal.

And I don’t mean ‘beat’ in that conventional sense.  I mean it in the way that makes for total, and utter humiliation and destruction.  So, as Donovan King has forged his destiny, raised his name, and evolved…  he’s torn down everything around him, as a result. 

From Cade Sydal.

To Jester Smiles.

To me.

And even…  to OutKast.

Boos ring out, but Real Deal shakes his head and holds a hand up.

Real Deal:  No no…  I don’t mean to inspire hatred towards Donovan King for these things.  Those same victims represent the qualities it would take to bring the SHOOT Project back from the bring of destruction, if in fact, people believed it was headed that way to begin with. 

That same cutthroat nature, that same bloodthirsty vigilance…  it makes for a good champion.  It makes for good money.  It makes for good television. 

Above all else, from Cade Sydal to OutKast, and on down the line, we all had those same qualities, and we all embraced them.  So, why hate Donovan King for what he’s doing?  Why hate him for what he will try to accomplish?

I’ll tell you.

The crowd perks up at Real Deal’s offering, who smirks to himself and those around him, before continuing. 

Dave Dymond:  The Real Deal is almost…  prophetic…  here. 

Other Guy:  This is not at all what I expected, that’s for sure.  Maybe we’ll get that in just a second, though.

Real Deal:  THIS?  The SHOOT Project? 

This is the house that I built.

The crowd all of the sudden erupts into a huge ROAR.

Real Deal:  But this…  this house…  my house…  I didn’t build it for myself, or for Cade Sydal, or OutKast, or Donovan King… 

I didn’t build it for Jason.  Or Kilgore.  Or Corazon. 

I didn’t build my house for the Family, or for Trevor Worrens.

I built it for the men and women who occupy those seats.  I built it for the men and women who will occupy seats to come.  I built it for the people at home who watch us brutalize each other, who watch us bleed.  Who watch us sweat.  Who watch us cry.

Donovan King is amassing an army.  He will stop at nothing to shape the SHOOT Project in an image that HE deems acceptable.  He will NEVER quit, and he will NEVER surrender. 

And that…  that makes him a dangerous adversary.  That makes him nearly unstoppable. 

But since this is my house…  since I REFUSE to let SHOOT be re-shaped in the absence of order…  since I REFUSE to let the efforts of myself, OutKast, and the legion of legends before us defecate on SHOOT Project’s history…  MARK.  MY.  WORDS.

I will stop Donovan King.

The crowd is absolutely fucking LOUD right now, as the Real Deal casually walks his way around the ring. 

Real Deal:  I will NEVER stop.  I will NEVER surrender.  This will be, basically, the epitome of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object…  I will NOT let Donovan King and his army run roughshod over the SHOOT Project, and if it takes weeks, months, years…  King? 

No matter what, for all the people who occupy SHOOT’s house…  for all the men and women in the back, out here, at home…  The SHOOT Project was BUILT by the Real Deal, and it will be SUPPORTED, once again, on the back of its HERO. 


“Hero” picks up as the crowd is rabid as all fuck.  The Real Deal tosses his mic back to Samantha Coil, who smiles at him, as he begins to exit the arena.  Chants of “SHOOT Project” are being rallied through, as the cameras follow the Real Deal to the back.


With the second of tonight’s double main event almost upon us, Christopher Davis stands at the door to a locker room, anger in his cold eyes. He takes a deep breath and enters the room. As the door closes you see that the nameplate reads: The Family.

Even the twisted face of Vincent Mallows is allowed to show a certain degree of surprise and this occasion it shows the most it has probably shown in years. Of course it should considering standing in his sanctuary is one of his most hated enemies. The two men only stare at each other for a few brief moments but the tension created has been built upon years of battling.

Davis starts pacing back and forth, attempting to stay calm and collected. Out of the corner of his eye he notices a table with a nice selection of food. Davis decides to help himself to a handful of shrimp from the table.

Christopher Davis: Thanks Vinnie.

Mallows only gives Davis a twisted smile.

Vincent Mallows: Ever the showman Mr. Davis. Please enjoy.

Christopher Davis: I have to say Vincent that this shrimp is pretty much the only thing keeping me from committing a homicide right now so I’m going to continue to enjoy them while I talk.

He eats another shrimp.

Christopher Davis: Two things Vincent and then I’m going to go on my way. First, Abigail, she doesn’t have shit to do with this so if there is any shred of a man left in that twisted figure of yours you need to leave her out of our business. You need to let your "sons" know that she is off limits.

Second, stay out of my business tonight Vincent! Your boy Kenji wasn’t able to keep me from moving on so The Family’s attempt at keeping me from advancing went down the drain with his failure. You should consider yourself lucky that he was able to crawl away with his title. He SHOULD feel like a little bitch but you know that’s his thing.

But since you failed to stop me you need to let this one go tonight. We’ll have our opportunity to dance again real soon, tonight though; I have other business that needs to be my focus.

Vincent sits back for a moment, as if pondering what Davis has said with serious thought.

Vincent Mallows: Agreed.

Davis can’t hide the look of disbelief on his face, which causes Vincent to smile that smile once again.

Vincent Mallows: Tonight Chris The Family will not interfere in your match. I will allow you to do what you need to do without any worry of an attack from us.

Chris looks on, his eyes focused on Vincent.

Vincent Mallows: However, because tonight we allow you to go about your business unfettered doesn’t mean that you still don’t have a choice to make Mr. Davis. As I stated last week you are going to have to choose between being a hero and living a happy life.

The Family is actually offering you a choice and I suggest you choose wisely Christopher.

Chris shakes his head, he steps to within inches of Vincent’s face.

Christopher Davis: Everything in me says I should end this right now.

The door to the locker room opens suddenly as the man-monster Sammy Rochester makes his way into the room. Sammy’s eyes widen with surprise and then narrow with rage as he sees Christopher Davis with Vincent.

Sammy Rochester: I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!

The monster moves towards Chris, who has taken a defensive stance. However…

Vincent Mallows: SAMMY, NO!

And like that the monster stops. The rage still in his eyes but he does not move.

Vincent Mallows: Mr. Davis, I believe you have a match to get to, and to ensure you that we will have NO part in your fight tonight, WE are set to leave.

Davis turns and glares at Mallows then he begins to make his way out of the locker room.

Vincent Mallows: Remember what I said Christopher, you are going to have to choose and I suggest you choose wisely. Good luck tonight.

Davis closes the door behind him and Mallows turns his chair in Sammy’s direction.

Vincent Mallows: Time to go, Sammy.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey wants to have more fun, and I don’t blame Mikey.

Mallows lifts his right arm, his only moveable arm, and takes Sammy by the hand.

Vincent Mallows: Last week was a taste, tonight you need to rest.

Mallows leads Sammy out of the locker room, but it is Sammy that opens the door.

Vincent Mallows: But next week, Sammy, it’s playtime for you and Mikey.  Won’t that be fun?

The door is closed behind them and you hear the odd child-like laughter of Mikey before the focus cuts back to the ring for the final time tonight.




The crowd instantly comes alive once more, knowing exactly what the sound of that bell means.  Samantha Coil stands center of the ring alongside senior official Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s Revolution’s SECOND main event is scheduled for one fall, and is for the remaining spot in the Master of the Mat tournament FINALS!!!

The arena lights within the Thomas and Mack arena change to purple and green and begin to flash repeatedly as “Pressure” by Skindred plays. The Revolution video screen comes to life with clips of Jester Smiles in action, but it’s when he steps out from the back, live and in person, that the fans in attendance starts cheering wildly!

Dave Dymond: Here we go, Other Guy, the final match up of tonight’s Revolution, and I don’t know if we’ll be able to decipher a fan favorite in this one.

Other Guy: Ya got your Davis fans, and as you can hear right now, ya got your die hard Jester fans… but what this match comes down to isn’t the fans, Dave, it’s who wants it more. WHO is gonna end WHO’S dreams to move on and try to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

As Jester walks towards the ring, alternating green and purple pyros shoot off behind him and as they explode confetti falls on each side of the Revolution video screen.  Jester is overly energetic with the fans as he tags hands, and even pulls some of the fans in for a chest bump or two.  As he walks to the ring he nods his head to the music and every so often stops and points out to the crowd in further back rows.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds… THIS. IS. JESTER SMILES!!!

Jester walks all the way around the ring, continuing to tag hands with the fans, but stops to remove his skull cap and toss it out for one lucky fan to take home as a souvenir.  From there Jester pulls himself up onto the ring edge, and walks to the upper right corner post.  He climbs up from the outside and once more points out in various directions towards the fans who continue to cheer.

Other Guy: We talked about it earlier with this tournament REALLY helpin’ NC-17 cement himself, and I think the same can be said for Jester Smiles.

Dave Dymond: Indeed the self-proclaimed Hero of SHOOT Project has really taken a stand and found new and true motivation in the form of this tournament, and this is where he has to have the will power and determination to REALLY take that crucial next step.

Other Guy: He can do it, but it ain’t gonna be easy considering WHO he’s stepping up against.

And as if on cue, the lights suddenly go out, leaving a single spotlight over the entryway.  The crowd gets JUST a little bit louder now as the following words are heard:

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the Revolution Video Screen in white block letters and all at once a lot of the crowd starts up a “DA-VIS! DA-VIS!” chant.

Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 271 pounds… THIS. IS. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Upon the announcement of his name, Christopher Davis steps into the spotlight sweat streaming down his bald head. He looks up, his cold grey eyes intense and focused. He looks left and then to his right.  He raises both arms as if forming a cross.

"Un-fucking-believable Lil’ Waynes the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena as Davis finally begins his stride towards the ring. The lights come up in full, showing the fans on their feet, cheering on Davis.  In the ring Jester paces back and forth a bit, his eyes glued to Davis.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with"

Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me

And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care

Davis steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring. He looks right to Jester and once more extends his arms out like a cross, the fans popping once more.

Dave Dymond: You were right, Other Guy; these fans are as pro Davis as they are pro Jester.

Other Guy: Which means either way they’re in for one HELL of a match.

"Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me"

"Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me"

"And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care"

Davis’s music fades slowly from there as Jester and Davis meet face-to-face dead center of the ring.  The tension is high and Davis nods his head a couple of times as he sizes Jester up.  Jester simply hops up and down on the tips of his feet as Scott Kamura checks both men in quickly and then calls for the bell.

“DA-VIS!” “JES-TER!” “DA-VIS!” “JES-TER!”  The chanting echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center as Kamura motions for the match to begin.  Jester doesn’t budge, nor does Davis as both men continue to stand there, soaking in the crowd, while engaging in a stare down.

Dave Dymond: Imagine the thoughts running through the minds of both Jester Smiles and Christopher Davis.  This match so important for both competitors, and only ONE of them will be heading to the Pay Per View on August Thirty First.

Other Guy: Right so I can only imagine ONE thought on both of their minds, Dave, and that’s WIN!  These guys are thinking they have to win, and they have to pull out all the stops to do so.

The crowd continues chanting, as the tension builds and everyone wonders who will strike first. Jester finally breaks the stare down and looks out to the crowd for a moment, then to the other side, and then back at Davis.  Davis shakes his head and then steps back from Jester and makes the first move by starting to circle the ring.  Jester follows suit as both men still size each other up.  Davis comes in at Jester with both arms raised, looking for a lock up, but Jester pulls back, using his speed to keep some distance from Davis.  Jester continues to circle and again Davis comes in and this time Jester fires out a quick kick, catching Davis in the side of the leg.

Davis pulls back and Jester comes at Davis this time, but Davis recovers from the single kick quick enough now to lock into grapple with Jester.  Davis over-powers Jester quickly, shoving him back up against the ropes and he pushes downward on both of his shoulders, causing the ropes to be pushed down as well.  Kamura calls for both men to break from the ropes, and quickly Davis sends Jester towards the opposite end of the ring.  Jester comes off the ropes, picking up speed, and Davis takes a couple of steps in and catches Jester with a shoulder block.  Jester hits the mat hard, but gets right back up and again uses his speed to pull away just as Davis comes in.

Dave Dymond: Jester looking to utilize a more defensive approach in this early going, striking quick, and getting away even quicker to block.

Other Guy: Yeah because if you get into the power game with Davis, its not one many cats can win.

Dave Dymond: Davis and Jester start to circle again now, Davis still looking for a solid opening to gain control in this match, but Jester just not giving it to him.

Jester and Davis come in at each other this time and Jester goes for another kick, but this time Davis captures the leg and then DRILLS Jester in the face with a solid forearm shot.  Jester lands on his back and Davis still has Jester by one leg. He turns his body and drops an elbow across Jester’s chest while pulling the leg over Jester’s own body for a pin. 

Kamura hits the mat and makes the count.


Kick out by Jester.  Davis up quickly and so is Jester and Jester makes the quicker move with a hard side kick to Davis’s back.  Davis arches slightly but turns and BOOTS Jester in the gut. Jester doubles over and Davis pulls him back up and then DELIVERS a European uppercut that sends Jester staggering back!  Davis continues on the offense but Jester fights right back, a solid straight forward kick to the thigh followed by a spinning back hand slap!  Davis stumbles and Jester gets in real close another kick, this time to the gut, and he sets up Davis for a suplex, but Davis pulls his weight back down and quickly reverses, taking Jester down with a snapping vertical suplex instead!

Dave Dymond: Quick counter by Davis and that could be the opening Davis was looking for.

Davis doesn’t go for the pin as Jester works on sitting up and so instead Davis pulls him all the way up, and sends him into the ropes. Jester comes back and Davis shows his strength by lifting up Jester up and taking him down with a Belly-to-Belly overhead suplex!

Dave Dymond: Jester taken down almost seamlessly by Davis and now the cover from the former SHOOT Project World Champion.

Other Guy: Not sure that’s enough to keep Jester down for three though, Dave.

Kamura makes the count and a lot of the fans begin to cheer.



Jester able to kick out again and Davis pulls Jester up only partially, holding him by the head with one hand, and then he DRILLS Jester in the face with a closed fist.  Jester’s head drops back down onto the mat and Davis grabs Jester’s head again, but this time pulls him up via a front facing headlock.  Jester fights, but Davis delivers another punch to the face, this time hooking him with one while still holding him in a headlock position. 

Jester slumps to one knee and now Davis twists his body looking for a quick twisting bulldog, but Jester SHOVES Davis forcefully with both hands, sending Davis away from him.  Davis puts on the breaks turns around and Jester LUNGES in with a shuffle side kick!

Dave Dymond: The Virginia Sidekick connects and WOW the sound that accompanied THAT impact!

Davis goes down and the Jester fans in attendance suddenly POP as Jester lunges forward and drops down for a cover on Davis, hooking the leg.  The count is made…



TH… Davis shoulders out and from there Jester swivels his body, turning so his legs wrap around Davis’s arm and head!  Davis is pulled up into a sitting position as Jester with the sudden triangle choke locked in!

Other Guy: From impact to submission, Jester hell bent on ending this one early!

Dave Dymond: Davis is a man who has rarely tapped out in the course of his career, and is the type of guy who would let his arm go limp from pain before giving up!  CAN Jester makes a statement here tonight and PROVE he can do what very few have, and that’s beat Christopher Davis?


Kamura checks on Davis who refuses to give up, but Jester only wrenches the hold tighter, pulling back as much as he can, but he pulls Davis over a little too far, and Davis’s other free hand snaps out and grabs the ropes.  Kamura calls for Jester to break the hold, but Jester doesn’t at first, and in turn Davis pulls his body over Jester’s, lets go of the rope and PUSHES down on Jester’s face!

Dave Dymond: Pin attempt by Davis!


TW… Jester breaks the triangle choke in order to kick out of the pin.  Jester rolls slightly out of the ring, lying on the ring edge now and Davis grabs at him from over the top rope and starts to pull Jester up, only for Jester to LUNGE through the space between the top and middle rope, catching Davis in the gut with a shoulder.  Davis staggers back and Jester re-enters the ring…  DAVIS CHARGES WITH A YAKUZA KICK…

But Jester avoids it, moving to the side. The second Davis plants his foot back down on the mat, Jester gets behind him, waist lock applied.  Davis fights it throws one back elbow, Jester ducks, throws another one, Jester ducks again and then LIFTS with his legs and arms and takes Davis down with a quick belly-to-back turn around suplex!

Jester floats over from there, into a sitting position and catching Davis in a side headlock. Davis works his way back up to his feet, but Jester wrenches at the neck, keeping Davis bent over.  Davis still fights it though and puts his hand square to Jester’s lower back and SHOVES him forward.  Jester runs into the ropes and comes right back ducks the clothesline from Davis, and keeps running.

Other Guy: Jester picking up some serious steam now.

Dave Dymond: A battle of speed versus strength for sure.

Jester goes for a clothesline but at the same time Davis lifts him up and TAKES him down with a version of a sidewalk slam!

Other Guy: And that time strength won!

Davis lays over Jester for another pin attempt and Kamura drops to make the count.



Jester kicks out by his legs, and quickly puts Davis into a leg scissors lock.  However Davis fights it and pries Jester’s legs off from around his neck and then shoves both Jester’s legs back. Jester tucks his head with a backwards summersault, up to his feet and before Davis can react Jester charges in with a series of quick fists.

Dave Dymond: Jester no stranger to the striking game, and its one that his particular background sees him excel at.

Other Guy: Yeah but Davis is a down right brawler when he wants to be, and I’m not so sure goin’ punch for punch with Davis is the best way to win this match up.

Dave Dymond: That might be true as Davis fighting right back with some quick left and right hooks, but Jester now with a lifting knee to the gut, puts a stop to that.

As Davis doubles over, slightly winded, Jester runs up ring behind him, bouncing off the rope for a little more oomph and he takes Davis down, face first, with a one-handed bulldog!  The Jester fans pop as Davis’s face bounces off the mat, and he rolls over onto his back.  Jester makes the cover!



Davis kicks out… but Jester right back up to his feet looking to stay in control, only for Davis to get up to one knee and then SWEEP both of Jester’s legs out from under him! Jester lands hard on his back and Davis sprawls over him for a cover of his own.



Jester kicks out and Davis is up while Jester rolls away and then rises up to his feet.  The two lock eyes and the fans start applauding.

Dave Dymond: Guess you could consider that the unofficial end to an unofficial round one.

Other Guy: Yeah and that one ended in a tie no doubt about it.

Jester doesn’t pause for very long as he charges right back at Davis and the two lock up into grapple. Davis looks to over-power Jester like he did earlier, but Jester’s arms shake as he throws some power of his own right back, forcing Davis into a near stand still… Davis shifts his arms, however, pushing Jester into a double under hook position out of the grapple.  The Davis fans start to cheer, but as Davis lifts Jester for a double under hook suplex, Jester kicks both his legs down, shifting the momentum and he JUST gets Davis up and over with a standing back body drop!  Davis crashes to the mat, and Jester stumbles to one knee but the fans applaud and cheer Jester’s amazing display of strength.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles digging down deep that time, but manages to get the bigger of the two up and over and once again this one back in Jester’s favor.

Jester takes a moment to recover while Davis starts to slowly sit up.  Jester turns, still on one knee, but now has his focus on Davis as Davis walks towards the corner.  Davis pulls himself up but now Jester runs… HUGE VERTICAL SPLASH TO DAVIS’S BACK!  Davis slumps forward and now Jester LIFTS Davis up into a sitting position, with Davis facing out to the crowd.

And all at once the crowd starts to rise to their feet!

Other Guy: Something big is in the works, Dave. And these fans can sense it!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles ALWAYS the crowd pleaser as he’s going to the outside.

Davis stirs so Jester, on the outside, drives a couple of upward forearm strikes to Davis to keep him groggy. Jester then climbs up from the outside, the crowd still cheering.  Davis PUNCHES Jester in the stomach though, winding him momentarily, but then Jester fights right back with a hard punch to the forehead. Davis sways and Jester fires another punch.  Jester then gets both of his feet on the top turnbuckle, holding Davis by the head to steady himself.  The fans are on edge with nervous anticipation, but as Jester looks to possibly flip over Davis, Davis SHOVES both his hands out and sends Jester FLYING to the outside!

Jester hits the floor, feet first, and his legs buckle under him! Jester collapses, wincing in pain and Davis now rises up to his feet on the top turnbuckle.

Other Guy: You can’t be serious… DAVIS GONNA FLY!!!

THE FANS ERUPT as Davis LEAPS off the top rope and DRIVES an elbow down onto Jester!

“DA-VIS! DA-VIS! DA-VIS! DA-VIS!” the chanting starts up again as Davis lays on Jester for a moment while Scott Kamura calls for both men to bring it back in the ring.  Davis slowly sits up as Jester writhes back and forth in pain.

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis TRULY pulling out all the stops here with a LEAP from the top and that’s not something the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer is known for.

Other Guy: No he isn’t, which makes that sight that much more amazing… gotta take another look.

As Davis works on getting back in the ring, the screen is replaced by the replay footage of Davis jumping off the top rope and hitting an elbow drop on Jester. 

The video cuts at the fan reaction, bringing us back to the live happenings of the match, with Jester Smiles slowly rolling back into the ring.  Davis lands a hard stomp to Jester, then rolls him over once more through then makes a forceful cover. Kamura drops and makes the count, the Davis fans still buzzing with excitement.




Dave Dymond: Near fall, but the kick out by Jester.

Davis sits up, shaking his head slightly, but he continues on. He turns as he rises, facing Jester who is still on his back. Davis grabs him by the head pulling him up and turning Jester to face him at the same time.  Jester is groggy, but suddenly SNAPS his arm out with a hard palm thrust to Davis’s gut.  Davis reels from the shot but CLUBS Jester over the back of the head with a single axe handle smash. Jester back down to one knee. Davis starts to pull him up again, but as he bends over slightly, Jester SNAPS his body upwards and CLOCKS Davis up under the jaw with his knee!  Spit FLIES from out of Davis’s mouth.  The Jester fans start cheering now as Jester works on making a come back, following up with a couple more quick punches and the a spinning heel kick to the side of the head!

Other Guy: Davis staggering now and Jester musta caught a second wind or something, because he’s bringin’ some serious striking power BACK into this match.

Dave Dymond:  Jester wants to advance to the finals just as much as Davis does, but in Jester’s mind he wants it more, and right now with each punch he’s throwing, he’s trying to prove just that.

Jester continues firing hard, well-placed strikes, knocking Davis further and further back, to the point where Davis is up against the left side ring ropes.  Jester gets right up close to Davis now and throws a punch, then an elbow shot and then Jester steps back only to LEAP with a high dropkick that sends Davis flipping over the top rope to the outside!  Davis lands on his feet and stumbles back, and the second he lands, Jester is already bouncing off the far end ropes! However as he comes running back, Davis slides right back into the ring, goes for an impromptu spear take down, but Jester counters, using Davis’s running momentum to lift him and take him down with a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX!

Dave Dymond: What a move by Jester able to get Davis up and over using that spear momentum against him.  And cover made, could this be it!



THR… shoulder up by Davis to break the count.   Both fans of Davis and fans of Jester react to the near fall, and Jester follows up from there by pulling Davis up to his feet.  Now the Jester fans are the ones cheering as loud as they can as Jester LIFTS Davis up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry position!

Other Guy:  He’s got him up, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Davis doing what he can to avoid the Side-Splitter from Jester… and Jester trying to hold him up long enough to hit the move.

After a well placed elbow shot, Jester weakens and Davis drops down to his feet behind him and quickly locks Jester into a double arm chicken wing!  Jester struggles and Davis tries to lift him up, but Jester locks one of his legs around Davis’s to keep from being lifted up.  Jester still shouts out in pain though as Davis has the double chicken wing locked on.  Davis PULLS up again trying to get Jester with a double chicken wing suplex, but Jester fights it again.

Frustration kicks in and Davis FLINGS his body forward, SMASHING Jester face first into the mat, letting go of Jester in the process.  Jester rolls over onto his back, clutching at his face and Davis makes an immediate cover.



THR…. NO!  Jester kicks out and the fans pop in response.  Davis rises up to his feet as Jester works his way up to his and he meets Jester with a solid European uppercut!  Jester stumbles and Davis charges after him, only for Jester to LEAP up, trying to jump over Davis… But Davis catches him in mid jump!

Other Guy:  The leapfrog did not work out as Jester planned and Davis has the former two time Revolution champion in a bear hug!

Some of the fans boo now as Davis works on trying to squeeze the life out of Jester, but Jester gets his arm around Davis’s neck and pulls his neck and head forward into a headlock position!  Davis stumbles forward as Jester pulls back repeatedly and now Jester’s back is up against the right ring ropes.  He clenches his teeth in pain but tries to pull Davis back and now both men are bent over the top rope.

Kamura tries to get Davis and Jester to both release their respective holds, but Jester keeps pulling back and Davis lets go from around Jester’s waist and SHOVES him forward, but Jester SNAPS Davis’s neck over the top rope as Jester lands on his feet on the outside.  He winces in pain from the impact, but then grabs Davis by the legs and trips him up.  Davis lands on his back and Jester now tries to pull Davis out of the ring by his feet, only for Davis to recoil one of his legs and BOOT Jester in the face!

Dave Dymond: Hard shot from Davis and Jester knocked right up against our announce table here.

Other Guy: And here comes Davis to give us a seat as CLOSE to the action as possible!

OOMPH!  Jester’s face is smashed down onto the top of the announce table.  Jester is half sprawled on top of it now and Davis lifts him up and SMASHES his face again!  The Davis fans cheer, but boos start to fill the Thomas and Mack Center as well as Davis lifts Jester’s head up and looks to smash it into the table top for a third time….


The cheering erupts as Jester locks both his arms and then fires backwards with an elbow shot to Davis’s face.  Then he turns and fires a hard punch. Davis sways and Jester grabs him by the head and now SMASHES Davis face first into the table.

Dave Dymond: Jester turns the tables on Davis, no pun intended as this fight continues right before our very eyes.

Kamura shouts for both men to get into the ring but Jester ignores Kamura and nails Davis in the back of the head and then rolls him onto his back on top of the table! 

Other Guy: Time to move, Dave.

Dave Dymond: I’m in complete agreement there, Other Guy.

As Jester rolls into the ring, Dave Dymond and Other Guy get up out of their seats and get away from the table. ALL the fans are on their feet at this point as Jester rolls back out of the ring, having broken the count, and he stands on the ring edge, rallying the fans behind him. The crowd gets louder and Jester takes one last look at Davis, then SPRINGS up onto the top rope, and FLIPS BACKWARDS WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT!!!



Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles putting it all out there in that one move and these fans going nuts because of it.

Other Guy: It’s like a car wrench and then some out here in front of us Dave!

Dave Dymond: I can see that, and now Scott Kamura out here checking on both men… and I think I can speak for everyone when I say I HOPE this one can continue.

Both Davis and Jester stir amongst the broken table, writhing in pain.  Kamura bends in close to Davis first, then shifts his attention to Jester.  After a moment with each man, Kamura rises up to his feet… AND MOTIONS FOR THE MATCH TO CONTINUE!!!


The fans pop big time for both competitors and as both Jester and Davis work to get up to their feet, the crowd gets going with the chanting once again.


Jester is up first, slowly crawling towards the ring.


Jester pulls himself up via the ring apron.


Davis stirs and once Jester is up to his feet he walks BACK over to Davis.


Jester pulls Davis up to his feet the rest of the way and fires a few quick strikes to the body before walking him to the ring. The chanting subsides now as the match officially gets back underway with Jester pushing Davis into the ring.  Jester slides in after him and Davis sits up, groggily.  Jester KICKS Davis from behind, landing his foot right in between the shoulder blades. Davis arches forward, shouting in pain and Jester kicks Davis again! Davis rises up to his full vertical base, still arching his back and now Jester pulls him around by the shoulder and FIRES a boot to the gut!

Davis is doubled over, Jester hooks him for a DDT, but then places his leg over Davis’s left arm!  He holds there for a moment then SPIKES Davis’s head into the mat!

Dave Dymond: The End Of Laughter by Jester! And the cover…

Other Guy: That’s gotta be it!


The Jester fans echo one!


The Jester fans echo two!




Other Guy: Oh man how close was that!?

Dave Dymond: A photo finish if you ask me, but Scott Kamura saw the shoulder go up just in time and any fan of Christopher Davis must be letting out a huge sigh of relief right now!

Other Guy: Davis showin’ he still has some strength left… and I don’t know how he found it in himself to kick outta that desecrator DDT AFTER being sent through a table via Jester’s body crashin’ down on top of him.

Dave Dymond: Chris Davis a powerful competitor, and a determined one at that, but even I agree he REALLY had must have had to dig down deep right then and there to kick out.

Jester looks to Kamura, almost doubting the referee’s call.  Kamura shows two fingers though and makes the motion that the match continues.  Jester, frustrated now, gets up to his feet.  He then runs into the upper right corner of the ring and JUMPS up onto the top turnbuckle. Without looking backwards Jester FLIPS with ANOTHER MOONSAULT!


Other Guy: No!  Jester got caught up in the moment of wanting to finish Davis off, and left himself wide open!

Dave Dymond: a Crash landing for sure as Jester clutching at his ribs now and Davis has the chance to get back into this match.  I have to imagine that both men are running close to on empty now as they have been pushing full throttle for a majority of this semi-finals bout.

Jester kicks his feet into the mat as he holds at his mid-section, and as he groans in pain, Davis starts to get up.  He staggers towards the ropes and almost falls, but he holds onto the ropes for support.  He watches now as Jester works his way up to his feet… but as Jester is up, Davis off the ropes… Jester turns… YAKUZA KICK!  Jester falls to the mat; Davis falls on top of him.

The count…





Dave Dymond: And now it’s JESTER’S turn to answer a VERY near fall with a surprising kick out.

Other Guy: Oh man, this match ain’t NEVER gonna end.

Davis, sweat pouring down his face slowly rises up from the pin he looks down at Jester, shaking his head, but finally pounds his chest once and grabs Jester, HOISTING him up to his feet.

The crowd buzzes with anticipation, be it nervous or excited.  Davis throws a couple of hard punches at Jester, keeping him groggy, and then he hooks him and turns through and DRIVES Jester face first into the mat with a reverse under hook DDT!

Dave Dymond: The Abyss! CLASSIC Davis and the cover!


Davis fans echo one!


Davis fans echo two!


Other Guy: How in the HELL!

The Jester fans chime in with cheers now and the Thomas and Mack Center is just filled with noise.  Davis sits up again and gives Kamura a look as if to say “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.”

Dave Dymond: Davis not happy and I think he thought he had it there, but Jester once more just able to kick out.

Other Guy: He can’t have much left in him though Dave.

Dave Dymond: That has yet to be proven one way or another, but right now Jester Smiles still in this match.

Davis gets up to his feet, showing a great deal of frustration as he paces back and forth for a minute while Jester rocks back and forth on the mat, holding his head.  Davis finally stops pacing, stomps his foot once in anger and grabs at Jester again.  He forcefully pulls him up from behind and then hoists Jester up onto his shoulders so that Jester is looking up towards the arena rafters!

Dave Dymond: And here we go, Davis has Jester in position for Angela’s Ashes…

Jester SUDDENLY wraps his arm around Davis’s neck while up on Davis’s shoulder and from there he kicks his lanky legs around to the side and TAKES DAVIS DOWN WITH A SITTING BULLDOG!!!

Dave Dymond: But the bulldog out of nowhere and what a counter!

Other Guy: A saving grace move if ya ask me!

Davis clutches at his face as he gets back up to his feet and he turns… Smiles LIFTS him up into the fireman’s carry position.. and he shouts out to channel all his adrenaline… GUTBUSTER!!!


Davis rolls onto his back, the wind knocked out of him, Jester lies to the side, exhausted.  Kamura looks to both men, almost about to start the double knock out count but Jester rolls his body in Davis’s direction and makes a cover on Davis.

The Jester fans spring back up to their feet… Kamura hits the mat and makes the count.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!



Jester gets up in a state of disbelief.  He sways in place for a moment, exhausted beyond belief. Davis gets up to his feet slowly but surely after kicking out, still trying to get his breathing back to normal.  He staggers at Jester, picking up some speed as Jester regains his own balance.  Davis looks to fire a punch, but Jester suddenly spins to the side…


Dave Dymond: What a KICK!

Other Guy: And it came out of nowhere!

Davis drops instantly; Jester falls to his knees then falls forward, covering Davis.  Kamura hits the mat again!




The fans don’t register it for a split second, but suddenly those cheering for Jester ERUPT!

Dave Dymond: And this one FINALLY over!  What a match up, and WHAT a way to end Revolution!

Scott Kamura calls for the bell as “Pressure” starts to play once more.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, and moving on to the Finals of the Master of the Mat Tournament… JESTER SMILES!!!

Jester rolls off of Davis, but just lies next to him, breathing heavily as Kamura comes by now to raise his hand in victory.  Jester can’t even stand; he just extends his arm up from the mat, taking in the cheering fans.

Other Guy: Amazing match up… and hell I don’t think words can even describe it!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles and Christopher Davis put everything they had and more into this semi-final match up and it really and truly came down to the wire and Jester Smiles had JUST that little bit left, but it was enough to put Davis down for the three count… and again WHAT a match.

Finally Jester starts to rise up to his feet, getting another HUGE POP from the sold out crowd in attendance tonight.  Jester looks around and now his own victory truly sets in as he raises both his arms up in celebration and starts walking around the ring.

“JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER!”  Jester nods his head in rhythm to the chanting, as he continues to enjoy his victory, Christopher Davis staggers up to his feet, stumbling with back up against the ropes.  He just looks on, rubbing the side of his head, still feeling the effects of the kick.  Jester goes to the corner now and pulls himself up onto the second turnbuckle and starts pointing out at the fans who cheer him, really taking it all in. As he gets down off the turnbuckle, Davis starts to approach him, arm extended for the handshake.

Dave Dymond: And Davis letting it show right away that his intentions post match are ALL about showing respect to Jester Smiles.

Jester looks at Davis, specifically to his outstretched arm.  Davis nods his head and mouths the words “You earned it.”  The crowd continues to cheer and Jester takes Davis’s hand and the two men shake.  Davis then starts applauding Jester, which leads the crowd to mimic his actions.

Other Guy: Great show of respect, and these two may not become the best of friends ever, but I think after tonight they both realized how much each other wanted this match.

Dave Dymond: That goes without question, and if ANYONE doesn’t think Davis or Jester were true to their word, well look no further than this match for proof that they were.

Davis takes his leave of the ring as Jester continues to celebrate, and Revolution Thirty Seven ends on a high note. The crowd on their feet, and Jester Smiles overjoyed.

Revolution fades from there.