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Revolution: 038 – 7/27/08

The camera shot opens up to see Cade Sydal leaning up against a wall in the hallway, dressed already in his ring gear, wearing the brand new "In JESTER SMILES We Trust" T-Shirt, with a cell phone pressed to his ear. The fans in attendance cheer as they see him, and Cade suddenly turns his attention to the camera.

Cade Sydal: Yeah…uhh…I gotta go.

Cade closes the phone and smiles at the camera.

Cade Sydal: Tonight is a huge night for me, SHOOT Project faithful. You know it…I know it…everyone around the world knows it. Tonight…Cade Sydal…wears some Jester Smiles merchandise.

Cade smiles again as some fans laugh.

Cade Sydal Seriously guys, I believe its the greatest shirt in the history of shirts. And I also believe Jester Smiles owes me some royalty fees for pushing his shirt so damn hard in the last thirteen seconds.

Cade grabs the bottom of the shirt and pulls upward, peeling the shirt off of his torso and swings it onto his shoulder.

Cade Sydal: That aside, tonight is an even bigger night for your’s truly. The Crown Prince of Heartbreak and Failure. Maybe I’m joking about that too, maybe I’m not. But what I’m definitely not joking about is the importance of tonight. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is Cade Sydal’s first SHOOT Project World Heavyweight title match since SHOOT reopened. And it may very well be my last opportunity if I don’t go out there and handle business tonight. So this is the last chance for me to address you…the public.

Jonny Johnson is a dangerous individual. He has dangerous friends. I do not fear going into this killing field on my own, though. No, you see. Because while I may not have the physical support to back off his minions and friends here tonight. While Dan Stein may be preoccupied. While the Flying Avengers may still be out trying to help those less fortunate away from the cameras. I still do not stand alone. I still stand here, and I stand here with all of YOU.

Everyone that was called an outcast. Every one of you they called a freak. Every single one of you that has to endure the douchebags in pink shirts, popped collars, and faux-hawks. Every single person that struggles with their addictions. With their demons. I stand here for you. WITH you. Jonny Johnson is right. I am going against the opressing king. And I will march right into his castle, and I will remove him from his throne. I will do this not just for myself. Not just for my friends. I will do this for all of you.

Jonny Johnson will not rule our program any longer. He may win. He may sneak out with his title. But Gawdamnit, he will know he was in a fight. And he will know fear. With YOUR support, and my feet…he will fear for his reign. He will know that the only man that hope is an illusion for…is himself.

Tonight is the first of what I’m sure will become many battles. Tonight, win or lose, I will lead us all to our own salvation. So that we can all begin the journey to redemption. So that we may all, some day, be able to overcome our own demons. Our own addictions. So that we may one day be viewed not as outcasts and freaks, but as members of a greater community. So that one day, for all of our mistakes, we may all be…forgiven.

This road I travel, I know I travel it with an entire army. Not physically. But spiritually. Emotionally. Jonny Johnson wants you to believe you can’t make a difference. But you CAN. You WILL. Rally behind your heroes. Rally behind the men and women YOU believe in. And iof you choose me? Together we CAN…we WILL take back what is ours. We will right the wrongs, and we will stand with our heads held high. Jonny Johnson will not defile our souls, and he will not erase our hope for a better tomorrow. Tonight, I will strike the first blow to his short-lived empire.

Tonight, the war against Jonny Johnson begins.

Are you with me?

The shot of Cade Sydal fades to black.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.




Revolution Thirty Eight opens to the ring area, with “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails playing over the sound system inside the Thomas and Mack Center.  The crowd boos as the Revolution Video Screen shows various clips of the members of The Family in action, focusing mainly on Sammy Rochester.

Samantha Coil: Tonight Revolution’s opening match is scheduled for tag team action with one fall to the finish!

The booing gets louder as the massive Sammy Rochester stomps out to the ring, clutching in his hand his Mikey Doll. Following behind Sammy is Kid One and Kid Two.

Dave Dymond: We are jumping right into the action on a night where three SHOOT Project championships are on the line… welcome one and all to the thirty-eighth edition of Revolution!

Other Guy: And talk about an ominous way to kick this shit off, over seven feet of child-like monster approaching the ring.

As the fans closest to the ring shout at Sammy, showing their dislike for him, he suddenly stops.  He rocks back and forth slightly, muttering something to himself, and then he brings Mikey up to his face and nods his head.  Sammy then starts walking to the ring once more, with Kid One and Kid Two trailing behind him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Kid One and Kid Two, they weigh in at a combined weight of… 428 pounds… here is the team of Sammy Rochester and Mikey!!!

Sammy raises his arm up, which lifts Mikey into the air.  Sammy then stomps up the steel steps and EASILY steps over the top rope to enter the ring.

Other Guy: This is a tag team match, Samantha didn’t mess up on that, but it’s lookin’ like Sammy might be goin into this solo.

Dave Dymond: Mikey has been announced as his official tag team partner, and well we have seen the doll transform before, I guess you could say, which means at some point in time this could very well become a two on two match after all.

Other Guy: The whole situation scares the hell out of me, Dave. Dolls comin’ to life?  Giant seven foot monsters who act like kids… oh and not to mention the two midgets at ringside, they prolly creep me out the most!

Kid One and Kid Two remain on the outside, wearing their usual half red, half white body suits.  Sammy in the meantime places Mikey in the corner and now stands with his eyes focused on the entryway.

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents… weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 500 pounds…

A pulsing beat hits the air as "Judgment Night" by Onyx begins to play as the arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

Samantha Coil: They are the combination of Eli Storm and "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali…

Some of the fans begin to cheer, while others boo.

Dave Dymond: A mixed crowd on hand for the interesting pairing of Storm and Nightmare who last week pledged their alliance with Donovan King… which that’s my guess as to why some of these fans aren’t exactly big on Storm and Nightmare.

Other Guy: Yeah and after what Real Deal had to say, who knows what King’s REAL goal is here in SHOOT Project.

Spotlights pan through the Thomas and Mack Center, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of golden pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights of Eli and Nightmare in action. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being defeated in turn. The footage then shatters, leaving three golden letters suspended in the darkness: B T Y.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen they are.. BETTER THAN YOU!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Storm steps out onto the stage from the right while Nightmare emerges from the left. The two gaze out across the crowd then nod to one another, making their way forward to the ring. Two huge men step out from behind the curtain to guard BTY’s back. The man behind Eli is a seven-foot tall monster, while the man following Nightmare is even taller.

Dave Dymond: Look at that!  Seems as if Better Than You brought some back up of their own.

Other Guy: And not only do they completely DWARF the Family’s midgets, but they stack up in size to Sammy Rochester as well.

Dave Dymond: Well the man standing behind Eli Storm some fans may know from the wrestling world as Deacon Frost, but this man following nightmare, I have NEVER seen this odd looking individual before.

BTY’s pace speeds up as they approach the ring, diving inside and springing to their feet. Eli leaps onto the second turnbuckle in the upper right corner while Nightmare walks to the center of the ring. Both pump their fist into the air and the second Eli Storm is out of the corner, the four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of gold pyros as the song fades out.  Sammy remains in the upper left corner, almost as if protecting Mikey for the time being.

Dave Dymond: Last week it was Kenji Yamada who was taking care of Roland’s business involving Eli Storm, this week the tandem known as Better Than You has Sammy Rochester to deal with.

Other Guy: Yeah, but until it’s Roland Caldwell and Eli Storm one on one, somethin’ tells me that Nightmare and Storm are just gonna keep on coming.

The bell sounds and Eli Storm steps forward past Nightmare, obviously eager to start this match up out first.  Nightmare somewhat reluctantly takes his leave of the ring as Storm immediately charges at Sammy, which gets some cheers from the crowd.

Other Guy: Here we go, Dave, Eli not wastin’ a minute of time!

Sammy SWINGS his large arm in Storm’s direction, but Storm ducks, reacting quicker than Sammy and turns around to face Sammy from behind.  Quickly Storm starts to unleash stiff kicks to the back of Sammy’s left leg. Sammy barely falters from the incoming attack on his leg, and is able to turn around with ease and just SHOVE Storm hard down onto the mat!  Storm bounces back up onto his feet and comes right back at Sammy again, but this time Sammy scoops Storm up and just LAUNCHES him across the ring from a gorilla press position!

Dave Dymond: The power of Sammy Rochester is unmatched here in SHOOT Project, and Eli Storm feeling that fact first hand.

Storm pushes up to his feet via his palms and as he is up on his knees Sammy starts to run, which is more or less a fast walk for Sammy’s size, but Storm leaps up from his knees and CONNECTS with a low angled dropkick to both of Sammy’s legs.  This stops Sammy, but doesn’t come close to knocking him down as he bends over and lifts Storm up by both sides of his head.  Storm struggles against Sammy’s crushing grip and starts kicking away at Sammy’s legs harder and harder, and then lands a boot to Sammy’s gut.  Sammy let’s go of Storm, but again does not fall down. 

Storm moves off into his corner and tags in Nightmare.  Sammy doesn’t see the tag though and as he turns he chases after Storm. Storm ducks under an attempted clothesline, and Sammy turns around to face him.  At that moment Nightmare SPRINGBOARDS off the ropes and NAILS a spinning wheel kick to the back of Sammy’s head!

Dave Dymond: Big time impact with the kick from the large, yet agile man they call Nightmare.

Other Guy: Don’t know about rallying behind a man who has admitted to perhaps having some hidden personalities inside of him, but hey it sure as hell beats rootin’ for The Family.

Dave Dymond: That it does as now Storm and Nightmare working together in attempts to bring Sammy to the mat.

Storm lands kicks to the legs from the front of Sammy while Nightmare fires hard knee strikes to Sammy’s lower back.  Sammy staggers in place, while referee Chris Jenkins shouts for Storm to get out of the ring.  Storm ignores the first warning from Jenkins as he continues to attack Sammy, but suddenly Sammy screams out much like a child throwing a temper tantrum and immediately starts whipping his body back and forth, arms recklessly flying through the air but catching both Storm and Nightmare!

Storm goes down and rolls backwards. Sammy turns around and just HEADBUTTS Nightmare with no hesitation.  Nightmare drops to a sitting position, Storm back up to his feet and he SPRINTS at Sammy from behind, leaping up as high as he can with a dropkick to the upper back!  Storm hits the mat just as Sammy turns around. Storm scrambles up to his feet, and Nightmare back up… Chop Block to the back of Sammy’s legs and Nightmare throws his ENTIRE body into it, TRIPPING Sammy up and causing him to land flat on his back!

Dave Dymond: Rochester FINALLY taken down in this match up and Nightmare going for a cover.

Jenkins drops for a count.


But that’s all he gets to as Sammy pushes Nightmare off of him. The referee motions for the match to continue and then forces Storm to leave the ring. Storm goes back in his corner and with Sammy on the mat, Nightmare stomps away at him, trying to keep Sammy down on the mat. Sammy continues to fight his way back up to his feet, and somewhat easily does so, suddenly PUNCHING Nightmare hard square in the face.  Nightmare staggers back, but stays standing and he comes running right back at Sammy, LUNGING his shoulder into Sammy’s gut.

Sammy doubles over only slightly, looking to counter with a double axe handle to Nightmare’s back, but Nightmare puts distance between himself and Sammy. Sammy charges in after him though and Nightmare continues to step backwards, eventually hitting the ropes… Sammy comes in with a standing splash, looking to clap both his massive arms on each side of Nightmare’s head, but Nightmare pulls down on the ropes, causing Sammy’s momentum to force him to SPILL to the outside!

Other Guy: Smart move by Nightmare.

Dave Dymond: Kid One and Kid Two coming to Sammy’s side though, and it looks like Storm and Nightmare’s guys are contemplating heading over that way too.

Deacon Frost and the unknown man with him watch as Kid One and Kid Two hover over Sammy, but in the end neither man makes a move.



Sammy starts to get up to his feet and Kid One and Kid Two reach up as much as they can to pat Sammy on the back.



Sammy grabs the ring ropes and pulls himself up onto the ring edge and then steps over the ropes. The second one of Sammy’s feet is on the mat, Nightmare charges with stiff martial arts like kicks, trying to continue some sort of solid offense.  Sammy swings his other leg over the top rope but Nightmare still stays on the attack. Sammy falters slightly and now Nightmare runs away from Sammy, makes a tag to Storm and BOTH men hit the far side ring ropes.  They charge full speed at Sammy, but Sammy steps away from the ropes and DRILLS both Storm and Nightmare with a double arm clothesline!

Dave Dymond: It looked as if Better Than You had a shot at establishing some serious offense, but once again the monster-child Sammy Rochester takes control in this match up.

Nightmare rolls out of the ring while Sammy remains focused on Storm.  Storm stirs on the mat, rolling over onto his stomach and all at once Sammy grabs Storm by the back of the neck and YANKS him up to his feet.

Other Guy: This ain’t good for Eli Storm!

Dave Dymond: Sammy has that look and he looks ready to hit “Playtime’s Over!”

Storm struggles, trying to break free from Sammy’s hold.  This only causes Sammy to squeeze Storm’s neck tighter and Storm actually starts to fall to one knee, the pressure on his neck getting to him.  From there Sammy pulls him right back up to his feet.


The shout causes Sammy to whip around, bringing Storm around with him, and outside the ring Nightmare has the Mikey Doll in his hand!  The crowd starts to pick up and now Kid One charges at Nightmare, only for Nightmare to just BOOT him in the face.  Kid One goes down and Kid Two is the next and Nightmare EASILY lifts Kid Two up with one hand and DRIVES him to the floor with a one handed slam!

Dave Dymond: Nightmare has Mikey and if he does anything to that doll, then I’d imagine this really DOES become a one on two match up.

Other Guy: It isn’t one already, Dave?

Dave Dymond: Well technically it is a tag match… but… well you get the idea.  Nightmare threatening Sammy by having in his possession THE Mikey Doll!

Sammy lets Storm go, a look of child-like concern on his face as he reaches out for Mikey! Nightmare shakes his head and now looks across the ring.

Nightmare: DHAMBALLA!

Nightmare’s bodyguard suddenly nods his head and he flips up the ring apron and from underneath the ring pulls out a large metal cylinder container!  Nightmare walks around the ring, Sammy watching and shaking his head!  He follows Nightmare around the ring from the inside, and as he does, Storm starts to get up and as Sammy tries to leave the ring, Storm comes up from behind and starts right back on the legs again, assaulting Sammy from behind!  Sammy is forced to fight off Storm now, and Nightmare drops the Mikey Doll into the larger cylinder container.

Dave Dymond: From observation the large tattooed man is called Dhamballa, and they have I guess captured the Mikey Doll… and wait a minute, Dhamballa removing something from that brown leather satchel he’s carrying…

The fans start to cheer as Dhamballa strikes a match and drops it into the container!  FLAMES FLY OUT FROM THE TOP!

Other Guy: That’s no ordinary container, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Just like they did as symbolism earlier in the week, now Nightmare is doing for real… Nightmare has set the Mikey Doll ablaze!

Sammy’s eyes go wide!!!

Sammy Rochester: MIKEY! NO!  PLEASE!

Storm continues the attack, turning Sammy around now and he JUMPS with a huge European uppercut that just SNAPS Sammy’s head back!  Storm goes to swing Sammy across the ring, but Sammy counters, sending Storm into the ropes instead. Sammy comes off the ropes, now enraged, but he is more reckless than ever and as he scoops Storm up, Storm easily gets free and goes down behind Sammy…. ANOTHER dropkick to the back of the legs, and Sammy is knocked into a sitting position from there.

Dave Dymond: Better Than You has seemingly found the key to getting under Sammy’s skin. Storm going to the top now!

More of the fans pick up as Storm goes to the top, but as he does, suddenly the canister begins to shake…

Other Guy: No FUCKING way!

There is mass confusion and then complete shock from the fans as MIKEY pulls himself out of the flames!!  He leaps out the rest of the way, some of his shirt still on fire!!  Mikey runs around screaming and Storm looks to him shaking his head with COMPLETE disbelief!

Dave Dymond: This is absolutely insane!  Mikey has come to life once more, and now he’s running around on fire!?

Other Guy: It’s like some demented version of Indian in the Cupboard or somethin’!

The distraction gives Sammy time to get up to his full vertical base and he charges at Storm and grabs both of Storm’s legs!  Instantly Sammy PULLS both of Storm’s legs out from under him and Storm CRASHES back of the head first onto the mat!  Mikey starts to roll around on the floor outside the ring, extinguishing the flames, and Dhamballa and Deacon Frost look to be as stunned as everyone else.

With Storm down, Sammy only drops to one knee to make the cover.  Referee Chris Jenkins hits the mat to make the count.



Storm kicks out and tries to roll away from Sammy, but Sammy grabs him and just DRAGS him to the upper left corner.  Mikey is back up on his feet and he moves into the corner, jumping up and down like a maniac now with his hand extended through the middle rope!  Sammy smiles and tags Mikey in!  Mikey climbs quickly to the top of the corner post, then steps up onto Sammy’s shoulders and FLIPS forward as if going for Senton Bomb, but flips all the way through and NAILS a hard double stomp to Storm’s gut!

Storm writhes in pain, holding his gut and Mikey CHARGES across the ring and LEAPS up with a high kick to Nightmare, knocking him off the ring edge.  Mikey turns back around and sizes up Storm who works on sitting up.  Mikey puts both of his hands into eagle talon like positions and waits.  Storm now up to his full vertical base and Mikey sprints, and LEAPS at Storm with a Lou Thez press approach, only to wrap his legs around Storm instead and starts CLAW PUNCHING STORM!

Dave Dymond: And Mikey unleashing his full furry now with those clawing punches!

Storm works on fighting off Mikey, eventually dropping him downward with a quick modified sit out powerbomb… and the cover!



Mikey kicks out and Storm gets up, rubbing at his face.  Mikey springs up to a low crouch position then  LEAPS with a high dropkick to Storm’s face! Storm stumbles back into the ropes, but as Mikey gets up, Storm pushes off the ropes and CLOTHESLINES MIKEY! Mikey down again.  Storm hits the ropes a second time, but this time he’s too close to Sammy and Sammy CLOBBERS him from behind with a hard punch!

Storm staggers forward and Mikey leaps up, plants both feet into Storm’s chest, as if going for a monkey, flip… but as he flips Storm over, Mikey holds onto both of Storm’s arm and flips over with him, landing in a standing position on Storm’s chest! Mikey then shoves his whole body downward, making a pin face to face on Storm!



THR… kick out by Storm!

Dave Dymond: An unusual pin made by Mikey scores a near fall but Storm having enough in him to shove Mikey up to his feet.

Mikey stays right on the offense charging with a sitting dropkick just as Storm sits up.  Storm is laid out flat on his back again and Mikey moves to his corner and tags in Sammy.  Storm works his way up to his feet and Sammy pulls him up the rest of the way, only for Storm to kick again at Sammy’s left leg, and Sammy recoils back, wincing in pain.  Storm drops low and spins his entire body around with a leg sweep and once more Sammy on his back. Storm doesn’t go for the cover this time, instead he hits the up ring ropes and then FLIPS forward with a running senton splash!  Storm, still lying back first on top of Sammy turns his body over and now tries to hook one of Sammy’s big legs.  He is JUST able and the referee makes the count.

Other Guy: Can Storm pull this off?



Dave Dymond: Just a two count that time, but it seems that those kicks to the legs are really wearing down on Sammy as this match continues.

Storm plays it smart and is quick up to his feet and now into his corner.  Mikey once again looks more than eager to get into the ring, but Sammy gets up and charges right after Storm. Storm tags in Nightmare and Nightmare hits the ring hard trying to hit a shoulder block on Sammy, but both Sammy and Nightmare stagger backwards in opposite directions from the collision.

Nightmare recovers first and continues after Sammy now driving knee after knee into his lower mid-section.  Sammy doubles over more and more and finally Nightmare gets him in position for a front facing headlock and with ALL his effort he JUST manages to pull Sammy down with a DDT!

Other Guy: That’s a turning point right there, and Nightmare’s just gotta capitalize!

Nightmare makes the cover on Sammy and some of the fans are on their feet!



TH… Mikey DIVES in and breaks the cover.  Nightmare scrambles up to his feet and charges after Mikey in the corner.  Mikey tries to get out of the ring, but Nightmare grabs him, turns him around, and lifts him up into a double choke slam position!

Dave Dymond: The demented doll about to get what’s coming to it… and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

Other Guy:  Take a number, Dave.

The fans continue to cheer, but as Nightmare has Mikey up, Mikey starts to drool a foul looking thick yellow substance from his mouth!  The substance lands on Nightmare’s face and Nightmare is forced to drop Mikey as he wipes it, trying to keep it out of his eyes!

Dave Dymond: Did he just…

Other Guy: Apparently the Mikey Doll comes with real vomiting action!

Dave Dymond: Nightmare temporarily blinded it seems as he’s trying to get that thick yellow goo out of his face!

Sammy is up to his feet just as Nightmare turns around. Sammy charges but Nightmare able to react and he spins his body to the side, locks his legs around Sammy’s left leg, and gets him to stumble forward with a drop toe hold, only Sammy doesn’t fall to the mat, he collides with the corner!  From there Nightmare gets the remainder of the stuff out of his eyes and quickly UNLEASHES on Sammy with a series of backhand chops!  Sammy sways in the corner, punches Nightmare, but Nightmare comes right back now hitting Sammy with hard forearm strikes!

Dave Dymond: Nightmare has let loose now and he’s bringing the pain to Rochester!

Other Guy: Yeah but he better look out for Mikey!

Mikey flips up the ring apron on his end, but the second he does so, Eli Storm BOLTS out of his corner, runs through the ring and DIVES over the top rope, landing on top of Mikey!!! There is a huge pop from the fans as Storm just wails away on Mikey on the outside while inside Nightmare now works head butts into Sammy… then some stiff football kicks…into knee strikes!

Dave Dymond: Sammy really faltering now… and Nightmare with a HUGE Kawada kick… and another… and another!

Nightmare finishes up in the corner with an Axe kick… and now Sammy staggers out and Nightmare shouts out, feeling the adrenaline rush through his body!

Other Guy: I think its safe to say that Nightmare is looking to end this one right here and right now!

With Sammy staggering in the ring, Nightmare nails a hook kick to the side of the knee, then a rolling elbow to the small of Sammy’s back! Sammy winces from the hard shot and Nightmare follows up with another hook kick, this time to the opposite knee, and then a STIFF AS FUCK punch to the gut!

Dave Dymond: Sammy doubled over… and Eli back in his corner getting these fans on their feet…

Nightmare sizes up Sammy and then FORCES him to the mat with a spinning axe kick to the back of the neck! Sammy falls face first and then rolls over onto his back clutching at his face.  Nightmare turns to see Mikey getting up on the ring edge, as if unfazed by Storm attacking him. Quickly Nightmare backs up and tags in Storm then he charges at Mikey, blocking him from entering the ring. Storm SPRINGBOARDS off the top and NAILS Sammy with a frog splash!

Other Guy: Storm got some serious elevation on that one, and the cover!

Nightmare continues to keep on guard as referee Chris Jenkins makes the count.


Some fans echo one!


Some fans echo two!


Sammy shoves out from under Storm a second too late and as “Judgment Night” begins to play again Eli Storm and Nightmare quickly exit the ring, joining Deacon Frost and Dhamballa on the outside.

Samantha Coil: Your winners of the match… the team of Eli Storm and Nightmare… Better Than You!!!

Storm and Nightmare celebrate their victory on the outside while Sammy sits up in the ring, joined now by Mikey.

Dave Dymond: A very bizarre opening match up on what promises to be a memorable Revolution.  Three championships on the line, of course with many people, fans and SHOOT Project superstars alike looking towards the night’s main event when the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is put on the line in an eleven minute match up between Cade Sydal, and the champion himself, The Defiler Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy: Well if this match up is any indication of other things to come, then just like Nightmare and Eli Storm got some revenge on The Family, let’s hope and pray that Cade Sydal scores the ULTIMATE revenge by taking the title from Jonny here tonight.

Sammy pulls Mikey in towards him, sitting him on his lap and Kid One and Kid Two join Sammy, comforting him in his loss as he rocks back and forth.  Nightmare and Storm take this moment to leave the ring area, but as they head to the back the lights suddenly flicker… then go off.

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone, this might not be over just yet and…

The lights come back up.  Nightmare and Storm stand still, looking around in confusion, the fans buzz as in the ring Sammy still sits, but seated in his lap is once more the Mikey Doll, lifeless.

Dave Dymond: As I said, a very bizarre start to our thirty-eighth edition of Revolution since the official SHOOT Project re-launch.

Other Guy: I’m beginning to think bizarre is an understatement, Dave.

Nightmare and Storm continue their way to the back, both men shaking their heads with disbelief.  The tandem is followed closely by Deacon Frost and Dhamballa.

Dave Dymond: Okay, well with Revolution officially under way, it looks like we’re throwing this one to the back really quick with Scott Richardson, who is…  with our World Champion?  Scott?

As Dymond speaks, the cameras pick up in the backstage area where SHOOT Project journalist, SCOTT RICHARDSON stands outside WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON’S locker room door.  Of course, we know this because the door has a large gold plaque, centered at the top, that reads “DEFILER”.

Underneath that, then, is a taped-up piece of notebook paper with a message scrawled in pen.


Richardson is alone.

Dave Dymond: (Continuing) No sign of Jonny yet, Scott?

Richardson sort of shakes his head, and responds.

Scott Richardson: No and yes, Dave.  The World Champion was in about two hours before the show, but he did not field any questions at the time.  I was in a staff meeting ,  but reports are that he “just sort of breezed his way through the back.”    Now, I spoke with Christian Stump from theNOWWrestling dot net just a little bit ago, and he basically confirmed the story, saying, that “Jonny came in, said hey to a couple of his friends in production and headed straight for his locker room.”  And no one has seen his come out since.

Scott finishes his last remarks and OTHER GUY begins to speak.

Other Guy: Yo, Scott…  OG here…  Any idea who was with Jonny when he arrived?  We were all obviously in the same meeting, so I’m curious.  Was it the regulars?  And if so, do you expect that we’re gonna see anything short of some bullshit tonight in the Main Event?

Richardson laughs a little bit at OG’s comments and begins to tackle the question.

Scott Richardson: It was the regulars, OG.  Quinn, Riley, Calahan.  I was told that Osbourne Kilminster was also there, along with Peter Lolwen and I guess about six or seven other guys, who I assume were the rest of his legal team.  So yeah, from what I understand Jonny has his usual entourage.  (Moving onto the last part)  As far as your last question about the match…  judging by what we know and what we’ve heard…  It doesn’t seem that Jonny has any intentions of making this a fair fight.

Richardson again waits to see if the SHOOT Project announce team has any other questions, which they do…  this one coming from Dave.

Dave Dymond:  Scott in your opinion, does Cade Sydal have ANY chance of walking of the Thomas and Mack tonight as the World Heavyweight Championship?

Richardson considers his response for a moment before replying.

Scott Richardson: Well, obviously, Dave, as we both know, our sport has seen its share of unexpected twists and turns, and it’d be almost impossible to rule anything out.  However, with the stipulations the way they are…  (numbering them off)the eleven minute time limit, and the no disqualification and no count-out…  (Shaking his head) I just can’t bet against the DEFILER tonight, guys.  At the same time, we all heard Cade’s comments at the top of our broadcast, and I guess if anyone was going to be able to pull this off, it WOULD be Sydal.

He goes silent.

Dave Dymond: (A little deflated, but remaining professional) All right, Scott.  Thank you for the update, and keep us posted on any new developments.

Richardson nods his head.

Scott Richardson: Will do, guys.  I have an interview scheduled with Jonny later tonight, but you know how that goes.  It’s on his whim, so we’ll see.

Dave Dymond: Okay, Scott. Sounds good man.  We’ll be checking in a little later then.

The shot moves from Richardson back to ringside with Dave and Other Guy.  Dave looks at his partner and initiates the follow-up conversation.

Dave Dymond: So what do you think, OG?  Can Cade do it tonight?  Can he defeat Jonny Johnson and become SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION?

OG kind of smirks and shrugs his shoulders.

Other Guy: He’s gotta, Dave.  Son of a bitch has GOT TO.

Dave nods, agreeing with his colleague’s response, and then turns back to face the camera.

Dave Dymond: I share the sentiments OG, but we will have to wait and see.  Cade Sydal and “THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson…  World Title on the line…  Eleven minute time limit…  NO DQ!  No COUNT OUT!  Let’s go CADE!


The camera cuts down to the ring, where none other than Azraith DeMitri, and surprisingly enough Victoria DeMitri are suddenly seen making their way down to the ring!  “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails plays over the speakers as the two slowly stalk down the ramp, Az’s arm casually wrapped around his wife’s waist, with her arm hidden under Az’s trenchcoat as the arena showers them in boos and hate.

Dave Dymond: Quickly shifting gears here… looks like the DeMitris are going to handle their own form of business here and now.  Azraith broadcasted on shoot project dot com that he WOULD be here tonight and after some of the…events that have happened this week, Azraith look like he’s in a serious mood.

Other Guy:  Did you hear about his father?  Azraith has done some horrible things, but do his loved ones deserve…that?

Without much pomp or fanfare, Az rolls under the bottom rope and his wife walks up the stars, stepping between the top and middle rope.  He snatches a mic from the corner and just starts to pace.  Just staring at the crowd the entire time.  Glaring at every single one of them in order.  Finally, as the boos die down, Az brings his mic up to his lips.

Azraith DeMitri:  I don’t care what you think about me.  I couldn’t really give a shit less.  I don’t hide what I do, I don’t justify it.  I’m a bad person.

His beautiful, red haired wife clung onto his shoulder, the look on her face a mix of concern for him, and contempt for him having to even do this right now.

Azraith DeMitri:  My father?  He’s a GOOD person.  He never had a bad bone in him.  Never hurt a bone in anyone’s body other than in self defense.  He…

Az paused a second, his jaw clenching a moment as some of the rowdier crowd members still boo him unmercifully.

Azraith:…he is everything that I could have been.  That I failed to be.

Silence for a second.  He looked up again, glaring suddenly.

Azraith:  Oh don’t you start with that fucking bullshit.  I ain’t looking for your sympathy.  I ain’t looking for your fucking mercy!  I’m looking for one thing.  ONE.  FUCKING.  THING.  I want the son of a bitch that did it.

That, despite the rabid hate for Azraith, drew some cheers from the crowd, for no other reason than the potential for a beat down.

Other Guy:  How does Azraith even know this person is even here tonight?

Dave Dymond:  Whoever it is, has been stalking Az for months, at least in DeMitri’s mind they have.

Az had this fiery look in his eyes, very different from the fear he exhibited not very long ago.  Victoria clung to him possessively, staring at the entranceway intently.

Azraith:  What?  Not gonna come out?  Nah, that’s cool.  You seem content on picking at me piece by piece, trying to scare me, trying to…USE things against me, so until you’re ready to stop being a bitch and come out here and FACE ME, I’ll wait.

The crowd, seeing the potential for this to drag on, starts to boo heavily.  Az doesn’t even seem to notice as he just stares forward, looking ready to pounce on someone at any second.  For about ten, fifteen seconds there was nothing, just the growing aggravation of the crowd.  Az shook his head, a voice a feral snarl.

Azraith:  I ain’t got NOTHIN’ but time.

With that, Az threw down his mic, watching the external ‘SHOOT’ logo on it shattering.  As if on cue, the lights started to flicker a bit.  Az instantly locked into a defensive stance, rolling his shoulders as he glared forward.

Dave Dymond:  It looks like we’ve got some activ…

The microphones are cut off, the whole arena gets COVERED in darkness.  The crowd cheers and whoops wildly, as they are prone to do in sudden blackouts such as this.  The silence seems to build tension for several seconds…before “Enter Sandman” suddenly blares across the speakers!  A single spotlight flashes down upon Azraith, staring to strobe violently.  He looks confused, but more so angry.  The crowd, for it’s part, is cheering WILDLY, thinking all sorts of things at this point.  However, right as it began, “Enter Sandman” cut into Bad Religion’s “The Defense”, the punk chords playing out a few more seconds before it faded into Dawning’s “Twist of Cain”.  The strobing in the ring got more intense, Az’s brow fading from anger to…concern?  Flashes on the screen started to appear, showing Az in all of his brutality during the years.  Some of the astute members of the audience will recognize these songs, Az used them all in his entrance themes over the years.  “Twist of Cain” fades into “Awakening” by Damning Well…all of the songs sounding corrupted and digitized.

“I reaallize, thatthatTHATHATthat I misssssssssbeing COLD I’M SO COOOOLLLD”

It fades from Awakening to Cold by Static-X, a song instantly recognizable to anyone who remembers Ascension.  It fades into the familiar building scream of Trent Reznor…



The light strobes from white to a violent, bloody RED as Az starts screaming “NO!”, out loud, over and over in some form of psychotic rage.  After a second or two of Rooster plays,  a song that he never once used, the lights suddenly return to normal and the crowd absolutely FLIPS at what they see.

Dave Dymond:  Are we back on?  What the hell just happ…oh my god…

Other Guy:  Look at the ring!  LOOK IN THE CORNER!

The ring…was absolutely littered with weapons!  A sledgehammer hung on the top rope, his familiar kendo stick laid next to him, and directly in front of him, resting in it’s scabbard, was his old katana, the one he’s used on only a chosen few, one that he broke years ago.  Azraith looked stunned, awed by it all, but he didn’t realize that Victoria wasn’t as his side.  It only took a few seconds before he started looking around, rapidly, until he glanced in the corner behind him…

…Victoria was there.  She was sitting in the corner, her legs splayed out.  On her forehead was a barbed wire crown, just beginning to dig into her forehead!  In her lap, a pair of barbed wire gloves.  However, the reason the crowd is screaming, the reason the crowd is going absolutely insane, is because of the fact there was a MAN standing at the top of the ramp.  His body type was hard to tell because he was wearing what looked to be a heavy leather overcoat…and his features were obscured by…a mask?

Other Guy:  Who the hell is THAT?!  God, that mask looks familiar…

Dave Dymond: I’ll tell you who that mask is supposed to be…it’s supposed to be Damien Roy!  MAVERICK!  THAT is why the crowd is going crazy right now!

Azraith is staring at this guy, his rage building to a point where he can’t even think straight.  He’s looking from the man in the mask, who cocks his head to the side slightly.  Meanwhile, EMT’s are rushing out to look after Victoria.  The man in the mask seems to motion for Az to come and meet him, casually, like nothing has occurred.  Az stares at the sword that is sitting in front of him for a second…but he shakes his head with another feral scream and crouches down next to his confused, and hurt wife.  The man in the mask shakes his head, and turns his back to Az, calmly walking to the back.

Dave Dymond:  Azraith really doing the only thing he could do here, and help the EMT’s take his wife to the back.

Other Guy:  But once he gets her to the back in safe hands…you KNOW he’s going to tear this place apart looking for that guy.  Whoever he is…he’s playing with some dangerous things in DeMitri’s past.


Moments before the next match, the scene fades in to the gorilla position. Eryk Masters stands with Jester Smiles, who is wearing jeans and the new “In Jester Smiles We Trust” t-shirt. Jester stands tall, smiling brightly. The two stand for a moment, obviously allowing the fans to settle in from the happening they just witnessed in the ring.  Finally though Eryk Masters nods his head.

Eryk Masters: So, with the Master of the Mat Pay-Per View on the horizon, how is Jester Smiles feeling about his chances of overcoming his critics and winning the whole tournament?

Before Jester can respond, from off camera steps Donovan King.  The fans give a loud mixed reaction to King as he stands there, wearing a black Mardi Gras 2008 t-shirt, and a platinum bracelet.

Donovan King:  Yeah, clown, inquirin’ minds wanna know.

King looks at Eryk.

Donovan King:  Sup Eryk.

And back to Jester.

Donovan King:  .and Eric.

Jester crosses his arms, putting on a sly grin to suit the mood.

Jester Smiles: Better than yours, I’d say.

Donovan King:  I know it’s been a minute ‘tween us, playboy.  But, yeah…why don’t you tell the people how do you feel about your chances?

Jester sighs, relaxing his posture a bit.

Jester Smiles: My chances? My chances are as good as anyone who’s outlasted the likes of you, Cade, Azraith, and Davis. My chances are REAL good, King. But let’s cut the crap, Donny boy. I know you didn’t show up here and interrupt my interview because you are a curious Jester fan.

King laughs.

Donovan King:  I can’t show love fuh one of the Master of the Mat finalists?  Yo, beat me clean fuh dat uno, dos, tres once upon a time.  Dat sorta thing brings out respect, feel me?

King pauses, Jester not flinching one bit.

Donovan King:  Not buyin’ dat, huh?

Jester shakes his head.

Donovan King:  Aight, peep dis.  No shit, I do respect you after the fights we had.  So, real talk, let me tell you your chances at Master of the Mat against Trevor Worrens.  Either one uh y’all are gonna go to face the World Champion an’, as much as I’d like that to be Cade Sydal, I know dude’s got the same sortta problems, you finna have.  You one man tryna ascend to dat next’ dis ain’t the time fuh one man to make it up dere.

Jester just stares at King for a minute. There is an odd silence between the two. Finally, right before it looks like Eryk Master is about to interrupt, Jester starts laughing.

Jester Smiles: Oh, oh, wait, wait, I have GOT to make sure I’m hearing this right. Is Donovan King, the man who was the catalyst for one of the lowest points in my career, actually trying to get me to join his expanding band of buddies?

Jester suddenly stops laughing and gets real serious. He takes a step forward, not quite in Donovan’s face, but getting close.

Jester Smiles: Or is my hearing starting to fail me?

King grits his teeth.

Donovan King:  The fact dat I’m here right now face to face, man to man, oughtta tell you I’m serious.  If not, peep dis, Jester.  You make it to the main event, finally.  You beat Worrens, you Master of the Mat.  You face Jonny Johnson, if he’s Champ, an’ you, along the way, piss off Rogue ‘n’ Riley, Super Fan, maybe dem Family boys Roland, Kenji, an’ dem.  You fight’ all dat work at makin’ dat dream come true falls flat.  You get depressed an’ you bounce back, but it ain’t at one hundred percent.  What happens?  Rematch?  Nah.  Jason Johnson’ll keep you off the cards fuh a month or more.  You be lucky to get any title shots.

King shakes his head.

Donovan King:  Dis goes further than who wins the World title, homie.  Friends an’ enemies need to stop dis shit, feel me?

Jester steps back, looking away from Donovan. It was clear he was really thinking over what was just said, and it was clear that, despite not wanting to, Jester was inclined to agree. Jester put his hands on his forehead, like he had a headache.

Jester Smiles: You know, Donny…

Jester turns, crossing his arms again, his face solemn.

Jester Smiles: I’ve heard your speeches. I’ve heard what you’ve had to say, and for the most part, yeah, I agree. I want to rally behind you, Donovan, I really do. You’ve been saying all the right things. If only it hadn’t been YOU who’d said it.

You think a few good speeches and a handshake with Cade Sydal will make things alright. You took my grand entrance into SHOOT Project and made it my nightmare. You played every card you had against Cade Sydal, and went so far as to attack his family. You’ve manipulated and played with the lives of everyone around you since you got here. And now it’s different?

You may be right about Jonny, but what happens when someone with you dethrones them? What happens when, suddenly, Jonny is out of YOUR way. See, Jonny is the worst thing that could happen to this company, but you know what the real problem here is, King?

Donovan King:  I’m sure you finna tell me it’s gon’ be me, right?

Jester nods.

Jester Smiles: That’s right, and here’s why. We all know Jonny is manipulative, controlling asshole who can bend the rules and pull all the strings in his favor. But, the deal is, what fewer people know is that, when it comes to pulling the strings, you are just as good as he is, which makes you just as dangerous.

Jester steps forward now, once again, almost in King’s face, but not quite. He simply stares into the eyes of Donovan for a moment, tensing up.

Jester Smiles: The answer is no.

King licks his lips, looking Jester up and down for a long moment.

Donovan King:  Aight, man.  Do you, then.  You can feel about me how you wanna feel.dat’s all on you.

King holds his arms out.

Donovan King:  But dis is war, man.  Eli Storm knows it, Nightmare knows it, I know it.  Deep down, maybe you know it, too.  It ain’t about just what Jonny can’s about how we’re led by the front office.  I ain’t no history professor, so bare wit’ me while I paraphrase a quote I keep hearin’.

King pauses.

Donovan King:  When injustice is law, rebellion is our duty.

King leaves Jester alone with Masters now, leaving the same way he arrived. Jester and Eryk stand there for a moment. Masters seems shocked, while Jester just stares down the hall towards King’s exit.

Eryk Masters: Any words on what just happened Jester?

Jester looks at Eryk.

Jester Smiles: No.

Jester turns and walks away, leaving a bewildered Masters. The camera fades out and returns the action to the ring area.



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has a twenty minute time limit!

"Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge hits the PA system and Doug Kinsella comes out to a small pop, wearing his wrestling shorts and a t-shirt. He looks energetic as he starts at the top of the ramp, running down and slapping high fives with the fans all the way around the ring. He takes off his tee to reveal a red-shouldered muscle shirt before he slides into the squared circle.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Springfield, Ohio! He weighs in at 205 pounds and he calls himself the "Epitome of Magnificence"…ladies and gentlemen, DOUG KIIIIIIIN-SELLA!

Doug climbs one of the corner turnbuckles and raises both arms, nodding his head to the music. Again some small pockets of fans cheer, but overall there isn’t much of a reaction. He hops down and meets with Austin Linam, who’s checking him for illegal objects.

Dave Dymond: Kinsella in the ring and looking excited as ever. It’s gotta be disappointing losing out on a shot at that Revolution Championship, but you’d never know that happened just by looking at him.

Other Guy: If I were Doug, I’d be worried…not for his well-being, but for his marriage

"Open Your Eyes" cuts off, replaced by Buckcherry’s "Crazy Bitch". While some people boo, there’s a lot of hooting and hollering going on as Sinnocence appears at the top of the ramp, Joyce McGuire a few steps behind. Sinn’s all wrapped up in liquorice red leather, and before she embarks on her journey to the ring, she stands there with both arms in the air, throwing her hair out of her face seductively.

Samantha Coil: AND HIS OPPONENT! Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada and accompanied by Joyce McGuire! She is a member of the House…SINNOCENCE!

Strutting towards the ring, Sinnocence wreaks of confidence as she smiles coyly, mumbling something to McGuire under her breath. Out of nowhere a fan grabs at her and gets a handful of boob, prompting the sexy seductress to stop dead in her tracks. She grabs the fan’s face with both hands and stares coldly back into his widened eyes before shoving him back into the masses violently. She shakes her head as she reaches the steel steps, clearly disgusted.

Dave Dymond: One thing I’d like to point out, OG…as tough as both of these competitors are, you have to give the edge to Kinsella going into this. Remember…he’s coming off of several recent matches, where Sinn hasn’t competed for a couple Revolutions now.

Other Guy: I dunno, Dave. Sinn might be a little rusty, but you can never give the “edge” to somebody else when she’s involved. Seems like she always finds a way to fuck ya six ways from Sunday.

Walking across the apron, Sinnocence steps in between the ropes, pausing briefly to straddle them and lick her lips. The crowd’s definitely turned in her favor now, but that doesn’t phase Kinsella. He stands in his corner, jumping up and down and throwing punches at an invisible speedbag. Linam snaps Sinn back into reality, checking her hands and then around her body for illegal objects. She shoots the crowd a mischievous look, gently touching Linam on the shoulder, who blushes and yanks himself away from her. He orders Sinn into a corner before he signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Here we go! The rising star versus the porn star…should be an interesting bout.

Other Guy: Please…Dave? A little respect? She’s an exotic dancer…hardly the same thing as some cock guzzling, big-boobed hooker in a home-made video. No offense to Nova Jackson, where ever she is.

Dave Dymond: Sorry, OG. I guess the line between pornography and sexual molestation is a blurry one.

Other Guy: Oh c’mon…Barbie Kellers was askin’ for it! If Sinn didn’t do it, would’ve eventually…

Sinnocence and Kinsella meet in the center of the ring, circling each other before they lock up. Kinsella, the stronger of the two, over-powers the ex-stripper and quickly pulls her into a cobra clutch, prompting Linam to check with her. She snarls at him and pries Kinsella’s arm up and away from her neck, spinning around and kicking him square in the gut. She follows it up with a mean double axe handle that drops him to a knee and swiftly dropkicks him, wasting no time in sparking an offense. Getting up to her feet slowly, Sinn stalks around to where Doug’s head lies and promptly walks over his head, grinding her heel into his face. Some booing breaks out as she sneers at the crowd, almost like she’s offended at being in the ring with Doug.

Dave Dymond: A handy reversal by Sinn and she’s already got the upper hand.

Other Guy: Never underestimate a woman. They’re smarter than us, Dave. They’ll always find a way.

Sinnocence turns around and starts to pick Kinsella up by his head, locking up again with the groggy superstar. She Irish whips him into the turnbuckle and chases after him, intending for a body splash, but he scrambles out of the corner alertly. Sinn stops herself from following through, instead waiting for Doug to turn around. When he does she catches him with a roundhouse kick that SWEEPS him off his feet. She immediately springs herself up off the mat and hits him with a leg drop, trying to jam in as much offense as possible in the time he’s down and out. She drags him to the center of the ring and makes the pin.



KICKOUT! Smiling knowingly, Sinn stands up off of Kinsella and grabs his right arm, crossing over his body with it and flipping him onto his stomach in the process. She drops down and locks his arm up, leaning her own body against his back for leverage, tying the appendage up in a brutal Fujiwara armbar. Linam drops down to his knees to check with Doug, who is shaking his head vehemently. He closes a fist and pounds on the mat, trying to  fight through the pain, but he does NOT tap. The crowd isn’t sure how to react as there isn’t much action going on, but eventually Sinn releases.

Dave Dymond: Doug caught in a nasty spot there but Sinn lets go. I imagine she’s got other plans in store for him.

Other Guy: Oh sure. This is just foreplay, baby!

Holding his arm in considerable pain Kinsella tries to push himself to his feet, but Sinnocence stomps on his back. She stomps on him again, then takes off across the ring and rebounds off the ropes, falling down on the back of Kinsella’s neck with a stern elbow. He spasms around on the mat with a grimace on his face while Sinnocence gets back up, lording over him with her ruby red lips curled in a smile. Outside the ring Joyce McGuire his clapping her hands together, a smattering of boos starting up behind her.

Gradually Sinnocence gets her head back in the game, helping Kinsella up and into a HUGE body chop. He staggers back and she comes at him with another one, latching onto his arm immediately after. She tries to Irish whip him again but he reverses it, sending HER careening into the ropes. On the way back Doug drops on his stomach and Sinn jumps over him, hitting the other side and meeting him in the center of the ring. He hits her with a pretty generic hip toss and drops his own elbow, hitting her in the gut. She sits up holding her stomach while Doug tries to mount an attack, nailing her in her shoulder and arms with some stiff martial arts kicks.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Doug’s finally getting some fight of his own in there. Let’s see if he can keep the momentum going…

Other Guy:…and keep his boner from showing. Those are teeny wrestling tights, Dave.

Grabbing her around the head and under her chin, Doug attempts a swinging neckbreaker on the way up but Sinn catches on and violently pulls his hands off of her. She shoves him, visibly talking trash; she even spits on him, causing a huge “OOOOOH” from the audience. He stares back undeterred, before locking her up in a grapple. With surprising reflexes, Sinn manages to break the grapple by crab-walking around Kinsella and locking him up from behind. Her noticeably smaller arms wrap around his back and lock at the stomach, and it looks like she might be trying for a belly-to-back suplex. Doug fights it, but he finds himself on the other end of an awkward exchange rather than a suplex.

Dave Dymond: What the hell is she doing?

Other Guy: Teaching him the “wild thing”! Haha!

The crowd pops LOUD as Sinn works her body against Doug’s, brushing her hair out of her eyes as she moves her hands up his sides. He looks absolutely dumb-founded and obviously doesn’t know what to do with himself; here is this beautiful Amazon bumping and grinding against him when they’re supposed to be wrestling a match! She gently spins him around and works her hands up his abs and chest, going so far as to drop on her knees and play with the waistband of his tights. He’s getting really flustered and shakes his head, trying to tell Sinn he’s married, but nothing seems to stop her. Finally Austin Linam steps in, tapping his watch and mouthing the words “that’s enough”. Sinn begrudgingly stands up.

Dave Dymond: If I’m Doug Kinsella, I’m finding a place to hide after this match! His wife’s going to pitch a fit!

Other Guy: I dunno, man…who knows! She might get in on it!

Doug now finds himself standing motionless in front of Sinnocence, shrugging and looking to the crowd for some answers. His face is beet red. Sinnocence smiles and winks; then NAILS him in the face with a hard right! His head snaps back and he instinctively grabs his nose, allowing for Sinn to plant a hard knee in his stomach. She grabs his shoulders and jumps up in the air, hitting him with a big sit-out facebuster. The crowd boos as she rolls him over and hooks a leg.



KICKOUT! Still holding his nose, Doug rolls out from under Sinnocence and grabs the ropes to help himself up while she laughs at him from a kneeling position. She waits from him to get up before she LUNGES at him with a clothesline that sends him spilling over the top rope! Linam steps in to warn Sinn about taking the fight outside, but she ignores him and grabs his shoulders, bringing him in for a steamy kiss! Meanwhile McGuire’s made her way around the ring and is kicking and stomping Kinsella into oblivion! The crowd is up on their feet booing and Linam angrily shoves Sinnocence off of him, frantically pointing at the timekeeper.

Dave Dymond: I think Austin Linam is threatening to disqualify Sinnocence if she tries that again.

Other Guy: What’s wrong with him? A kiss like that and I’d be raising her hand in victory already!

McGuire backs off of Kinsella as Austin Linam starts a count-out. Sinnocence climbs one of the turnbuckles and raises both arms, causing more boos to flare up. Finally Doug slides into the ring, and Sinnocence strides over to where he’s struggling and picks him up by the back of his neck. She takes him by the head and leads him over to a corner turnbuckle, smashing his face into it mercilessly. She repeats it again and a third time for good measure, before he manages to block her hand and grab HER head. He in turn slams her head into the turnbuckle and some cheers light up in the audience. He does it again, and again, and again until she staggers away holding her forehead. He grabs her arm and pulls her into a Russian leg sweep, sitting up and looking at the crowd with a fire in his eyes.

Dave Dymond: And here comes Kinsella! I tell ya what…a win for him here could be big!

Other Guy: Don’t get too excited, Dave. If this guy recoils at a game of touchy-feely, all she has to do is pull her pants down and this thing’s over!

Rolling over and getting up, Kinsella forces Sinn up by the seat of her pants and sends her flying into the ropes, swinging his arm for a BIG-TIME clothesline! But she ducks under it and on the way back lands a surprise crossbody! She covers!



KICKOUT! Standing up, Sinn quickly goes over to argue with Linam, telling him to learn how to count faster. He barks something back at her and the two unwittingly get into it, Kinsella holding his aching body but trying to find a way to power through it. The crowd is buzzing considerably more than they had been as Kinsella stirs, getting up on his fours. He grabs Sinnocence’s ankles and brings her crashing down to the mat, rolling her up in a pin attempt!



KICKOUT! Piping mad, Sinnocence jumps up and makes a tear after Kinsella, growling something about “cheap, little bastard”, but he busts out a drop toe hold that sends her flopping neck first onto the ropes! She grabs her neck as she tries to keep from falling over, but Kinsella sees an opportunity and takes it! He rolls up Sinnocence AGAIN from behind, this time applying all his body weight on her!






No! It was a second too late! Kinsella’s actually BEATEN Sinnocence, who is now RAGING at Austin Linam! The fans are cheering as Sinn gets right up in Linam’s face, her hair pointed in every which way, jabbing her finger into his chest and SCREAMING at him! McGuire slides in the ring as well, shoving Linam and cornering him on the other side of the ring!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 12 minutes and 53 seconds…DOOOOUUUUG KINSELLAAAA!

Dave Dymond: What an upset! And Sinnocence doesn’t like it one bit!

Other Guy: Why should she, Dave? That was CLEARLY a fast count and a fluke win for Doug, whose gotten man-handled by a STRIPPER the last ten minutes.

Dave Dymond: Uh oh. It appears like Sinnocence and her manager are going to take their aggression out on Kinsella now…somebody get security down here!

As a celebrating Kinsella gets up on his feet, Sinnocence attacks him from behind, barreling him over with some over-hand punches. Her and McGuire begin to stomp on him relentlessly, drawing a plethora of boos from the crowd, while Linam tries to get in there and stop the beat-down. Sinnocence shoves him to the ground and swears at him, grabbing an equally frenzied McGuire by the shoulder and nodding her head towards the exit. McGuire nods, kicking Kinsella in the ribs one last time before following Sinn out onto the apron.

Dave Dymond: So Doug Kinsella gets the win here with a little bit of creativity but Sinnocence gets the last word. Neither can be happy about what’s transpired here.

Other Guy: No, definitely not. Sinnocence, who’s come out with some big wins against D-Dawg and Roland Caldwell, did NOT want to drop one here to the rapidly rising Doug Kinsella, who has now defeated two very impressive superstars and may be in line for a Revolution Championship shot.

Dave Dymond: On the other end, you know Kinsella wanted to take this one with skill, but I guess you take ’em how you can get ’em. Still, it’s gotta be hard to feel good about a win after a beat-down like that.

Other Guy: He’s gonna have a wounded ego after this, sure, but if he keeps doing what he’s been doing he’s got nothing to worry about.


As Sinnocence starts up the ramp, still visibly pissed from her disappointing loss, "Fever For the Flava" by Hot Action Cop suddenly hits the arena, and the crowd pops BIG as NC-17 walks out from behind the curtain, his eyes all huge and psycho-looking, a microphone in hand. He starts walking down the ramp towards Sinnocence, who yells at Joyce to grab a folding chair, before he stops and looks behind him. Sheepishly Barbie Kellers steps out, a band-aid on her face and her eyes downcast. She shuffles over to her boyfriend silently, trying to ignore the jeering fans, and he puts his arm around her waist carefully. The music plays for a second longer before Seventeen pipes up.

NC-17: Cut that shit. We got something we gotta settle…right here…right NOW

Dave Dymond: Wait a second…

Other Guy: Oh man…well, the lesbian shit was good while it lasted.

The fans pop again at the first sign of a threat, Seventeen staring menacingly down at Sinnocence as the music cuts abruptly. The ex-stripper doesn’t appear to be too concerned as McGuire returns with a folding chair and a microphone for Sinn. The stripper takes the microphone from her manager and grins wickedly up at Seventeen. 

Sinnocence: What’s got your panties in a twist, Seventeen? 

She folds her arms and starts tapping her foot, waiting for his reply.

NC-17: First of all, let’s get something straight. There’s nothing sexy about a woman who weighs 160 POUNDS…so do us all a favor and stop pretending like you’re hot shit, ’cause you look like a baby cow in red leather.

Dave Dymond: Bwahahaha!

The crowd lets their approval be heard as Sinn angrily goes to reply, but Seventeen cuts her off.

NC-17: I mean Christ, you could crush watermelons with those thunder thighs…it’s a good thing you were a stripper in Vegas and not somewhere else! Nevada state law requires ALL buildings to have Earthquake resistant foundations, so when a fat cunt like you starts swinging around a stripper pole like a wrecking ball, we don’t have to worry about the walls falling down around our ears.

The crowd pops again, but Seventeen cuts Sinn off once more.

NC-17: No, no, nonono, I’m not finished yet. See…what I wanna know is, where do you come off molesting my girlfriend like you did…earlier before the show? My neat, petite, cutie-patootie, TRIMMED, ATHLETIC, NON-MANNISH-LOOKING girlfriend? Huh?

Sinn tries to say something but Seventeen keeps going.

NC-17: I mean, at 160 pounds, don’t you think it’s a little unfair to be picking on somebody as small as Barbie? Why don’t you molest somebody…your OWN size.

The crowd is going nuts as Seventeen jabs a thumb in his direction, his eyes all crazy-like. They’re loving the verbal assault, and him? He looks worked up.

Dave Dymond: I dunno about you, OG, but that sounded like a challenge to me! Sinnocence might have bitten off more than she can chew.

Other Guy: Sssh. Let the lady say her piece, Dave. Sheesh.

McGuire stands behind Sinn, biting her lip to keep from laughing.  The stripper glances back at her manager, the grin never leaving her face. After a moment of silence, the ebony-haired women burst out laughing. 

Sinnocence: Seventeen…who said I was molesting her? Ask your little girl, she kissed me back when I kissed her.

She takes a step forward, almost getting right in Seventeen’s face, looking him up and down.

Sinnocence: You know, you’re hardly the picture of masculinity. As for kicking her ass, it was pure fun, sweetcheeks. Maybe you should have taught her how to defend herself a little better…that, and it was so very much fun to watch her squirm and try so very hard to cost you your match. It was way too easy to get to her, Seventeen.

She stepped back once and glanced back at her manager.

Sinnocence:  Are you gonna punish me for it?

There’s a brief silence between the two as the crowd buzzes with excitement. Seventeen smiles back, looking at either side of the aisleway.

Dave Dymond: We could see something happen here.

Other Guy: I think he just needs an Austin Linam kiss…that’ll set him straight.

NC-17: Oho, bitch, punishing isn’t the WORD for it!

The crowd pops again, anticipating some sort of violent reaction, but Seventeen keeps talking, getting more animated as he goes along.

NC-17: I’m gonna hit you with the leg drop bulldog! I’m gonna hit you with the Bareback Rider! Fuck, I might even hit you with THE SHOCKAH! TWO IN THE PINK, ONE IN THE STINK BABY!

The fans howl with laughter as Seventeen throws up the obscene hand gesture, but Barbie suddenly surges forward, grabbing the microphone.

Barbie: WAIT!

The reaction suddenly dies down a bit, and Seventeen flashes his girlfriend a surprised look.

Barbie: She’s right Ethan. I…I made it easy for her. And yes…I…I kissed her back.

The cheers don’t seem to be dissipating…in fact, they’re only getting louder. A “SHOW YOUR TITS” chant starts up as Barbie and Sinn lock eyes, a smile playing at the corners of Sinn’s mouth.

Barbie: But that doesn’t make any of this right! This is MY mess, Ethan and…and you shouldn’t have to clean it up! I’m a big girl…and for once, I’ve gotta act like it. Sinn…you wanna get physical? Well let’s make this physical!

She pauses to let the crowd ham it up before continuing again.

Barbie: I’m challenging you to a match next week at Revolution…any match you like! You want hardcore, you got hardcore. You want submission, we’ll do submission! You want a stripper on a pole match…well we can do that too!

Sinn raises one delicate black eyebrow, glancing back at her manager one more time.  McGuire just mirrors her smirk and nods.

Sinnocence: Barbie Doll…are you sure you want to do this?

Barbie doesn’t say anything, she just frowns and nods her head seriously. 

Dave Dymond: Yeah, maybe that’s not such a hot idea.

Other Guy: Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting for this my WHOLE LIFE.

Sinnocence: Fine, sweetcheeks. You want a match, you got a match…but I’m going to give you a fighting chance and something that’ll give the crowd a reason to stand up and go nuts. I want a mud-wrestling match, Barbie Doll.

At the mention of the match, the crowd cheers with delight of seeing two of SHOOT Project’s hotties go at it in a tub of icky mud. Barbie doesn’t look thrilled…in fact, she’s now shaking her head in protest, trying to convince Sinn to pick something else. But the stripper doesn’t listen. She pushes past the couple, McGuire right behind her, leaving Barbie and Seventeen standing at the top of the ramp looking at each other.

Dave Dymond: There you have it, folks! Next week! Barbie Kellers versus Sinnocence in SHOOT Project’s first ever mud wrestling match!

Other Guy: Oh God, I dunno if my penis can handle this.

Dave Dymond: That’s next week, but we have plenty of action in the ring still to come THIS week, including the first of three championship matches, when NC-17 puts that Revolution Championship on the line against Crush Heart. That match coming up next!


The scene fades into one of the many hallways of the Thomas and Mack Center. A man is seen mopping the floors. He’s wearing a button up denim shirt with a nametag on the left breast that says “Paul”. He is also wearing khaki pants. He is wearing headsets and seems completely oblivious to everything around him. As he mops, he passes a crossing hallway. Standing the hallway is a large figure. The camera is zoomed in too closely to the man to see the face, but the large denim jump suit is evidence enough. The man is Sammy Rochester.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) uh oh… after Sammy lost earlier tonight… this whole thing doesn’t bode well at all!

Other Guy: (from ringside) like straight out of a horror flick, Dave.

Sammy suddenly lashes out and grabs the man, putting his hand over the man’s mouth. The man struggles, but is quickly knocked unconscious by a large clubbing blow. Sammy then throws the man over his shoulder and walks off frame.


The camera cuts backstage as Azraith is calmly walking Victoria from the EMT office backstage to their personal locker room.  The two are deathly quiet as they pass several wrestlers, a few nameless faces giving Az quiet nods, while others don’t even look him in the face.  Victoria’s forehead was bandaged up a little, but it didn’t look too bad really, more superficial scratches than anything.

Azraith: How…do you know what happened?

Victoria:  I thought it was you…I thought you were trying to protect me, but then I felt something sharp on my…on my head and then the lights were on and you were standing there, and I was so confused, god…you know they didn’t have to call an ambulance for me.

Azraith:  Bullshit, I don’t care how that looks, I wanna get you looked at, you know how I am.

Az shook his head, kissing his wife on the top of her head a moment, they were at their locker room.  As he opened the door, he stopped.  Victoria let out an audible gasp.  The cameraman tried to get a shot, but he couldn’t until both slowly staggered into the room.  The place was WRECKED.  Lockers were strewn open, all of their clothes shredded and thrown across the ground.

Azraith:  Son of a bitch…

There was spraypaint all over the lockers, all of them closed.  Words like “SANDMAN”, “KILLER”, “JUDAS”, and “VILLIAN” scrawled across them all in bright red.  Az tries hard not to just flip out, he didn’t want to scare his wife any more than she already was.  He helped her to a seat, before walking to the lockers, flicking open one to see if his bag is still intact.  Az just glares for a moment, before pulling out a familiar mask.  The camera gets a close up of it, and it’s almost uncanny to see how much it actually looks like the veteran, legend wrestler Damien Roy.  Az’s old friend, older enemy.  The one he sent screaming into a river in an ambulance.  He threw the mask across the room with a snarl, prompting a flinch from his wife.  He wasn’t ignoring her, he just couldn’t help it right now.  He opened up another locker, pulling out an unfamiliar leather overcoat, a set of army boots from another, and out of the final one…a dusty fedora.  Az looked at the hat as he finally collapsed, sitting down on the bench.  Victoria’s voice was soft, cautious.

Victoria:  Is it…is it him?

He had asked her that question not too long ago, it seemed crazy then, but now?

Azraith:  I…buried him.  I put him in the ground.  I…it can’t be.

He didn’t sound too sure…

Dave Dymond:  Tonight is just going from bad to worse for Azraith.

Other Guy:  Some would say the man deserves everything he gets.

Dave Dymond:  Yeah, Azraith.  But to attack his wife…that assault on his father little over a week ago?  Someone is crossing the same lines Az used to.


As the night continues on, Crush is seen doing some last preparations before his Revolution title match. The elder Heart brother checks on his boots. He goes to return to his full seven-foot height when he meets his younger brother midway.  Crush steps back a little getting ready to fight.

Jack Heart: Woah, woah hold your horses big tough Christian. I’m just here to wish you luck in your title match tonight.

Crush leans forwards.

Crush Heart: Really?

Jack Heart: No.

Jack slaps the ever loving taste out of Crush’s mouth. Crush grins a little after taking the shot to the face he points to his other cheek.

Crush Heart: Go on…Let it all out…Here’s the other cheek for ya.

Jack snarls as he swings back again going for another slap but Crush is ready, catching his younger brother’s hand before it strikes. Just as this happens, a young blonde nurse pushes an old man in a wheelchair into the dressing room. Jones Heart, with a blanket on his lap, struggling to breathe oxygen mask and all.

Jones goes to speak but begins to instantly wheeze and sputter. The young blonde nurse quickly puts the mask back on his face. Crush lets go of Jack’s hand, the younger Heart checking for any breakages.

Blonde Nurse: Mister Jones, has had enough of your squabbling. It is about time you two pay a little respect to one and other. It will benefit you both in Mister Jones’ will.

Jack Heart: I’ll pay respect at your joint funerals.

Jones Heart: Enough! You two will learn about my will next week at Revolution…

The two Heart brothers stare each other down as the blonde nurse secures his oxygen mask.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Yet another revelation in the on going feud that has given sibling rivalry a whole new definition.

Other Guy: (from ringside) And just Crush’s luck that this is revealed just MOMENTS from his shot at capturing SHOOT Project championship gold!  That match is now, so let’s get to the ring with Samantha Coil for a Revolution Title match!



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the REEEEVOLUUUUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd lets out a roar of approval as championship gold is mentioned, and NC-17, who’s been waiting at ringside after confronting Sinnocence, slides into the squared circle with his belt held high in the air. Barbie Kellers stands outside the ring with very little presence, huddling away from the front row of fans like she’s been traumatized…which, in all fairness, she has. Dennis Heflin takes the belt away from Seventeen as Samantha Coil introduces him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Gary, Indiana, accompanied to the ring by the lovely Miss Barbara Kellers…he is the defending Revolution champion…he is the cream of obscene…he IS N…C…SEVENTEEEEEN!

The crowd pops as he climbs a turnbuckle, arms in the air, though there’s some lonesome booing fans here and there. A sign in the front row reads “Catholics Are People Too”, a reminder that Seventeen’s offensive nature won’t always win the fans over. He ignores it, striding over to a corner and putting his hands to his knees. He’s wearing his usual pink wrestling tights and white boots/gloves.

Samantha Coil: AND THE CHALLENGER! He stands at 6’8 and weighs in at an ENORMOUS 278 pounds…CRUSH! HEEEAAAART!

The beginning chords of “Frantic” by Metallica wash over the arena angrily, and stepping out from the back is the towering Crush Heart, his trademark cowboy hat on his head and his leather trench coat draped around his shoulders. He has a bible under one arm and he walks with a strong sense of confidence about him, brushing fingers with the fans as he travels down the ramp. He reaches the steel stairs and climbs them with heavy steps, swinging his big legs over the top rope. The fans cheer him loudly as he raises a fist, extending a finger at the sky and kissing a cross necklace he’s got around his neck.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart looks stoic and determined, and after the words he and Seventeen exchanged this week, I’m sure he’s just itching to get this thing going.

Other Guy: As friendly as these two have been with each other in the past, the only thing that matters tonight is that Revolution Championship. Both men want it, but only one of these cats will be walking away with it tonight.

Heart places his bible under one of the turnbuckles and begins to pace back and forth, icily staring at Seventeen across the ring. Seventeen looks just as focused as he rubs his hands together in anticipation of the match. Heflin signals for the bell and our match has begun. The fans cheer as the two begin to move around, both men walking to opposite sides of the ring as they size each other up.

NC-17 makes the first move, boldly walking in on Crush and hammering him some sluggish rights, but Crush throws Seventeen’s arms out of the way and clubs him with his own barrage of fists, sending Seventeen stumbling backwards. He goes to Irish whip the smaller, younger wrestler but instead swings him into his knee, sending the cream of obscene flying over onto his back. Crush quickly follows up by grabbing Seventeen’s head and applying some sort of sit-down headlock. Heflin kneels to check with Seventeen, but Heart lets go, opting to stand the Revolution champion up instead. He sends him to the ropes, bending over for the big back body drop, but Seventeen catches him in the head with a sturdy kick.

Dave Dymond: Seventeen, normally a sloppy brawler and high risk sort of guy, will maybe have to adjust his game tonight. Going toe to toe with a man twice your size and weight, well…that doesn’t strike me as a winning strategy. At least not against Crush Heart.

Other Guy: If he’s shown us anything, it’s that he’s in the game every step of the way. Crush is a big guy, but I’ve seen Seventeen put some big guys down. Then again, I’ve also seen him get crushed by some.

After the kick, NC-17 bounces off the ropes again and throws himself over the bent Crush, bringing the bigger man down by his neck. He springs to his feet and goes to the ropes again, this time angling for a front flip, but his back only finds mat as the massive Heart brother rolls out of the way and slowly gets his balance back. As NC gets back up to meet him, the two lock up, and Crush shows us just how dangerous his strength can be. He muscles the substantially smaller wrestler all the way into a corner, where he begins to hit him repeatedly in the face with some over-hand punches. Heflin starts a count but Heart stops on his own, electing to Irish whip NC into the opposite corner instead. Seventeen hits it hard and slumps down around the turnbuckle, letting loose with a big “OOMPH” as Crush sandwiches him with his own huge body. The cream of obscene might have slumped to the ground if Crush hadn’t grabbed him by his head and hit him with a running bulldog. The Heart brother hooks a leg and makes the pin.



KICKOUT! Not about to be put down, Seventeen rolls to the side, grabbing the ropes to help him to his feet, but Crush is already up and on the prowl. He puts Seventeen’s arm around his shoulder and lifts him up high in the air from behind, falling back and slamming Seventeen into the mat. Once again he pins, rolling Seventeen over and hiking his legs up high.



KICKOUT! Slightly agitated but hardly worried, Crush pulls Seventeen to his feet and sends him to the ropes. This time the cream of obscene latches onto them, prompting the bigger Heart to charge at him. Seventeen ducks under the clothesline attempt and spins Heart around, who tries to kick him in the gut. He catches the leg though and Crush finds himself awkwardly hopping on one foot. Seventeen follows through with a dragon screw leg whip that sends the big man toppling to the mat.

Dave Dymond: Thus far I’d say advantage Crush, with two pinfall attempts already. He looks serious, OG, and rightfully so. This match could be his big break.

Other Guy: If the House doesn’t get involved. Don’t forget both of these dudes got BAD BLOOD with the House…I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Joyce McGuire appearance or a Jack Heart cameo, especially considering what’s at stake here.

The fans cheer as Crush gets to his feet and is met by enthusiastic lefts and rights from his opponent. Seventeen grabs a free arm and applies a wrist lock, prompting Crush to slap his shoulder and snarl in pain. Heflin checks on him but he shakes his head, fighting his way out of it by kicking Seventeen in his stomach. He straightens him up by his mohawk and grabs underneath his legs, walking a couple steps to the center of the ring before bringing Seventeen down with a hard scoop slam. He hits a knee drop on Seventeen’s head before rolling him to the side and getting him up again.

Dave Dymond: Crush Heart again with that brute power. He’s come into this thing with a clear head on his shoulders, that much is certain.

Other Guy: You know, he’s one of those guys that can easily get lost in this roster despite putting on a great show. We saw what he did with Jester a couple of weeks ago…we saw him tear through that four way despite the odds being totally against him…he brings a lot to the table, Dave, and I’m not sure if Seventeen’s taking him seriously.

With a groggy Seventeen now on his feet, Crush whips his chest with some HARD back-handed chops, putting Seventeen on his back with one of them. He gets him back up again and suddenly thrusts him onto his shoulders into the Fireman’s Carry position! HE’S GOING FOR THE CRUSHING END! IT’S AN EARLY CRUSHING END! But coming to life almost instantly is Seventeen who manically scrambles off of Heart’s shoulders and onto the mat, pushing himself back by his feet! The fans are popping LOUD as the menacing Crush Heart turns around, smiling at a surprised Seventeen. Descending on the cream of obscene with a newfound beastliness, Crush Heart is met with some resistance kicks and has to keep his distance as the Revolution champion gets to his feet.

Dave Dymond: WHOA! Crush Heart almost had him there! That was a close call!

Other Guy: Well if Seventeen was sleep-walking earlier, he’s awake right now!

With Seventeen now standing, the two begin to circle each other again, Dennis Heflin watching intently in the background. Whereas Barbie had been much quieter at the beginning of the match, she’s now hunched over the apron, her head half under the rope, cheering her man on whole-heartedly. He doesn’t have time to acknowledge her as he bolts in to lock up with Crush but is met with a NASTY boot to the face. He turns around and staggers way holding his face in serious pain, but Heart doesn’t let up. He grabs him from behind in full nelson position and hoists up way up into the air, slamming him down on the mat with authority! The crowd’s cheering as he goes for ANOTHER pin!




NO! SHOULDER! NC sits up almost like he’s been under water too long, his eyes huge and his mouth gasping for air.  Crush gets up and flashes Heflin the three sign, but Heflin shakes his head. Heart doesn’t make anymore out of it and goes back to what he does best—destroying his competition. He stands Seventeen straight up and tucks his head under his armpit, swinging NC’s arm over his shoulder. He lifts him into the air for a suplex but the cream of obscene starts struggling mid-air, kicking his legs all about. He slips out and behind Crush and gets him with his own trademark! A roll-up from behind!



KICKOUT! The fans cheer as Crush rolls up on his feet, his own eyes huge with surprise. Seventeen probably would’ve smiled but it’s obvious there’s a belt on the line here. He takes the opportunity to attack, rushing Heart as he gets out of his kneeling position. Crush lurches forward but is met with a kick to the midsection, bending him over and allowing Seventeen to signal for his own move…a nicely executed corkscrew neckbreaker! He continues the onslaught by mounting Crush and slugging him in the face, causing the crowd to start buzzing with excitement. Heflin steps in and breaks it up and Heart gives NC a hard glance as he finds his way on his feet.

Dave Dymond: This match is heating up FAST. Both competitors showing off impressive willpower and some powerful moves here! At this point this is any body’s contest!

Other Guy: The friendship has definitely been put on hold! There was nothing friendly about those shots!

The fans are on their feet though their chanting can’t quite be deciphered. Both superstars are getting a considerable amount of positive attention as they lunge at each other, Crush getting the better exchange of the two. He powers Seventeen into a corner and starts slamming his shoulder into his midsection rapidly. Heflin watches on closely to make sure Heart doesn’t over-step his boundaries but he doesn’t. He’s got something much bigger in mind. Something much more serious. A big reactions begins to stir as Crush lifts NC-17 up onto the top rope. He grabs his legs and transfers them to his shoulders, stepping away from the turnbuckle now and wobbly traveling to the center of the ring.

Dave Dymond: And it looks like Crush may be going for something HUGE here!

Other Guy: He’s got NC in a powerbomb!

Dave Dymond: WAIT!

Fighting for his life now, Seventeen starts to whale on Crush’ head. He’s got the big man stumbling now, and ALL OF A SUDDEN CRUSH FALLS BACKWARDS! HE’S ON HIS BACK! Seventeen hammers away at Crush’ head and now he’s up! He’s up on his feet signaling for the Thomas and Mack Center to get loud! Practically sprinting over to where Crush is lying, Seventeen yanks him up by his arm with a good degree of difficulty, finally getting the mammoth up and on his feet. He swings him into the closest corner and chases after him, squashing him with his own body. Crush slumps to the ground and Seventeen circles his finger in the air.

Dave Dymond: Oh no! Here it comes!

Other Guy: Haha! The Bareback Rider’s about to ride off into the sunset with his Revolution championship!

The crowd is on their feet as Seventeen pulls a long, rubber condom out of his tights and throws it into the crowd! He’s taking a running charge at Crush, and here comes the bronco buster! BUT HEART MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Seventeen hits nothing but rope and grabs at his groin in severe pain, rolling around the mat on his head! Both men now lie on the mat, trying to get to their feet! The arena is giving them a standing “o” as they gradually arrive soundly to standing positions, both of them staring at each other but having trouble keeping their ground! Crush makes the first move, sliding Seventeen up onto his shoulders with ease! THE CRUSHING END! BUT WAIT! Seventeen squirms out of it and kicks Crush in the gut! He runs and hits the ropes, coming back with a LEAPING double knee strike to the face!

Other Guy: What the fuck? What is this?

He lands on his back but quickly scrambles for the pin! He hooks the leg! Heflin!





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner, and STILL…the Revolution Champion…..N…C…SEVEN-TEEEEEEN!

The crowd cheers loudly as Heflin returns to Seventeen with his Revolution championship, which Seventeen raises high into the air. Barbie Kellers slides into the ring and runs to hug her boyfriend, who meets her with open arms. The atmosphere is definitely energized as the two stand there celebrating, “Fever for the Flava” sounding through the PA.

Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been informed that NC-17 calls that move…Not Yet Rated. Apparently it’s a new finisher he’s debuted, probably out of necessity.

Other Guy: A little surprising but understandable. You want to play in the bigs, you’ve got to bring the firepower, and I think it’s safe to say that the Bareback Rider just wasn’t getting it done.

Dave Dymond: Well, the new move certainly got it done here tonight, and it couldn’t have been against a more dominant opponent. Seventeen picks up some much needed credibility while Crush Heart suffers a staggering loss.

Other Guy: It sucks. Crush is just going to have to keep battling for that gold…and what really blows is, he’s had so many opportunities yet they’re constantly squandered when his brother gets involved. He got a clean shot tonight but he just couldn’t close it out. I’m sure this won’t be his last title shot though.

As Crush comes to, NC-17’s waiting for him. He embraces the big guy and shakes his hand, however reluctant Crush may seem, before rolling out of the ring with his championship and Barbie at his side.

Dave Dymond: A rare show of sportsmanship by Seventeen, and Crush doesn’t seem too keen on it.

Other Guy: Like it or not, these guys weren’t buddies this week, and they weren’t buddies tonight. When there’s SHOOT Project gold on the line, alliances are going to be put on hold. That said, I’m sure Crush will get over it in a week or two.

Dave Dymond: Still to come…Tres Bien! takes on LIH for the tag team championships, while Chris Davis takes on the menacing Roland Caldwell!

Other Guy: And don’t forget THE MAIN EVENT! Cade Sydal has eleven minutes to beat the biggest scumbag this side of the Earth! Can he do it? Don’t change that channel.


Following the Revolution Championship match, the focus is placed on Eli Storm as he stands in the center of the BTY locker room. His body sore. His flesh bruised. He shoots a nod towards his partner before beginning to speak.

Eli Storm: Roland. Can you hear me, Roland?

Are you somewhere in the back looking at a monitor? Can you feel that feeling crawling up the back of your spine? Does this scene bring back memories of your own failure?

When Vincent is yelling at Sammy and Mikey in the back, I want you to stop him, Roland. And do you know why? Because it is not his fault. He didn’t ask for this…you did. So when Sammy is back there and he is crying and he is broken over what happened, I want you to look him in the eyes and tell him that you are sorry.

Tell him you are sorry that you brought this upon him.

When you are done, and you start feeling that lump in your throat, I want you to turn to Kenji. I want you to look him in his eyes and tell him that you are sorry for what is going to happen to him. I want you to tell him that what he is about to go through is your fault.

I want you to man up and take responsibility for the demise of your family.

Storm smirks viciously.

Eli Storm: As for you, Vincent. Heh, for you…as your family is falling to pieces, I want you to realize it was your son that brought this Hell and pain on you.

The sins of the son will now be visited on the father…remember that.

Storm turns to Nightmare.

Eli Storm: Brother Jon, you must forgive me for I’m being visited by the ghost of violence and have begun to preach the word of chaos.

Jonathon nods with a smirk.

Nightmare: They thought they could play us for fools.  They thought they could crush us, destroy us, chase us away.  Yet here we stand.  We have not gone away.

We have taken down the monsters.  We have triumphed, and they? They have been victimized.

This is the fate awaiting all who would dare be our enemies.  This is the fate awaiting all who oppose liberty.

Storm jumps in place and shakes his head.

Eli Storm: Amen, brother!!! You see, Family…as the faithful flock has seen… the so-called monsters have paid for their folly and transgressions.

And the funny thing is… the thing that makes me smile… is, Roland, that you could have prevented this.

You could have prevented their Fall From Grace.

Storm’s intensity shows through even when he isn’t talking.  But after a momentary pause, he continues again.

Eli Storm: You chose to hide, and now your family will be wiped out one by one. We are not just better then you… we will be more brutal then you.

You are used to me fighting against the odds, but no more…you see with this man right here at my side…

Storm points to Nightmare. Jonathon nods his head as Eli points at him.

Eli Storm: Everything has changed.  The tides of battle have turned.  The odds are now in my favor, not yours.  And each and every one of you that block our path will be pulled into the abyss.

If you think what we did in that ring was something, trust me…you haven’t seen anything yet. So watch us very closely. Don’t take your eyes off of us.

Because the very moment you do? The instant you turn a blind eye to us?

We’ll close your eyes forever!

Nightmare nods but once.

Nightmare: It’s simply a fate from which… there is no escape.

Storm pushes the camera out of the way and closes the door as the scene fades to black.

The focus starts out just on the poor innocent janitor who was snatched up by Sammy Rochester earlier.  He is tied to a chair, frantically looking back and forth. The camera focus zooms out to reveal Kenji Yamada, Sammy Rochester, and Roland Caldwell standing around him.

Kenji Yamada: Let me get this straight.  All Vincent said was take this guy and tie him to a chair?

Sammy nods his head, but his eyes never leave Paul’s body, as the monster-child looks at him like a kid looks at a new toy.

Sammy Rochester: The wise man said we needed him, but we couldn’t play… not yet.

Yamada rolls his eyes, clearly unhappy about this.

Kenji Yamada: I’m getting sick and tired of the waiting game!

Roland Caldwell: YOU? You are getting sick and tired. You didn’t have to wait, you don’t continue to have to wait while you watch others go after what you want!

Roland’s sudden outburst puts all attention on him.  Kenji is all smiles while Sammy seems somewhat concerned.

Sammy Rochester: Calm down big brother Roland…

Kenji Yamada: No.  I like this.  This is what he needs.  I’m tired of your whining, of your pining, and of your problems. You were all about The Family, nothing but the Family, when I first became a part of this. But lately it’s been all about poor Roland. That’s a big fat contradiction if you ask me.

Roland looks down at the ground for a moment.

Roland Caldwell: I know, I failed.  I’ve vowed that it will not happen again.

Yamada just snorts in dying frustration.

Kenji Yamada: I don’t fucking get it, how is it that Eli Storm finds a way to beat you AND Sammy.  He’s soft, breakable, just like all the others.

Sammy reacts to this comment by slamming his hand on the back of the chair, but his massive size also sees him CLOCK the tied up man in the back of the head.

Sammy Rochester: We did our best. Mikey said we could have killed them.  I didn’t mean to lose.  I WANTED THEM BOTH FUCKING DEAD!!!

Sammy starts pacing uncontrollably back and forth behind the chair and Yamada can’t help but laugh.  Roland shoots Yamada glare.

Kenji Yamada: What, you want to do something about it, Roland? I like him when he’s mad.

A large garbage can flies across the room behind Roland, Yamada, and the unconscious man in the chair.

Sammy Rochester: (off camera) FUCKING DIE. BETTER THAN NO NONE! NOBODY BEATS ME!!!

Yamada looks off in the direction of the shouting, but then his focus shifts when he sees Roland looking the other way.  Vincent Mallows wheels into view.

Vincent Mallows: Who got him all riled up?

In a classic “sitcom” like moment, Yamada points to Roland, and Roland points to Yamada.  Mallows makes some kind of guttural noise, but it is not easily decipherable as to what mood it reflects.

Vincent Mallows: Kenji, you calm him down, then, since Roland has his match to be concerned with and I… WE, I should say, have a plan to prepare for.

With his one moveable arm, Mallows grabs a burlap sack from off his lap.  Yamada goes off to calm Sammy, while Mallows hands the burlap sack to Roland.

Vincent Mallows: Put it on him.  No longer is this man simply Paul, but he becomes a symbol of innocence, a symbol of a choice Christopher Davis MUST make tonight.

Roland nods his head and places the burlap sack over the man’s head.  Written on the front in black marker is the phrase “CHOICE #1”

Roland Caldwell: I promise that tonight…

Mallows raises his right arm, stopping Roland.

Vincent Mallows: No matter what happens tonight, know very well that no one has done anything wrong.  Tonight everything is exactly where OUR Family needs it to be.

Mallows tilts his arm slightly, his one good eye gazing towards the silver wristwatch around his wrist.

Vincent Mallows: Or at least should be soon enough.

With that, the focus remains on the burlap sack for a moment longer.

Kenji Yamada: (off camera) Look if you calm down now, we’ll kill someone later!

The shouting and ruckus stops suddenly.

Sammy Rochester: (off camera) And then go to the skating rink?  Mikey has never gone ice skating!

And the night continues on elsewhere, cutting away from The Family’s locker room.


Once again the camera cuts backstage to Azraith DeMitri and his wife sitting in their locker room, just staring at the defaced lockers and the items that were placed inside them.  They had gathered what clothes they had that were salvageable and put them into their bag, and at this point they were just waiting in silence, Az glancing at his watch every five seconds or so.  Soon a tech comes to the door, opening it slowly.  Both get up as the tech nods.

Tech:  I got word from the back that your ambulance has arrived, yo…

Azraith:  Yeah, thanks, I know where to go.

The two quickly brush past the backstage hand as they seem to rush to get the hell out of the arena…however, he noticed that several people were gathering around where he needed to be.  He actually had to push past several wrestlers and EMT’s…

Azraith:  What the hell is the problem, haven’t you people seen an ambulance…

As he says it out loud, Az sees it.  The ambulance wasn’t…right.  It looked absolutely soaked, a steady trickle of putrid green water leaking from several doors on it.  Weeds and moss had been wrapped around both axels and were laying flat along the grey cement of the arena parking bay.  The front of the thing was just destroyed, it looked like it had been in a head-on collision.  How the hell did it even get there?


Victoria covers her mouth with her hands, staring at the beast of a machine in horror.  Az, for his part, was holding in his terror quite well as he circled the things for a minute, running his hand along it, feeling the cold slimy water that still coats it.  He managed to get to the back of it, and noticed one of the doors hanging open by an inch.  Az lets loose a barely audible snarl, and suddenly rips the back doors of it open, a sudden rush of water pouring out as he did so, soaking his legs and shoes.  However, what he sees inside the ambulance brings the man to his knees.  He literally falls and has to catch himself on the back bumper of this hellish vehicle.  Inside of the ambulance, which even the cameraman was horrified to get into, was a simple black casket.  It seemed a little muddy, a little wet but curiously pristine.  Az mutters out some words, the camera panning between him and the casket nervously.

Azraith:  Azraith DeMitri, husband to Victoria…son to Nemesio.  Hated by everyone.  Loved none.  No one misses him.

He looks like he’s going to vomit, but suddenly he pushes away from the ambulance, skittering to his feet quickly and shoving past the large crowd that had gathered, grabbing his wife and pulling out his cell phone.  She looks up at him, the horror playing across her face.

Victoria:  Wh…what now?

Azraith:  I’m getting you the hell out of here.

Revolution quite suddenly and awkwardly cuts to black.



Samantha Coil: This contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, from Nagano, Japan, at a combined weight of 332 lbs, Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima, TRES BIEN!

LM.C’s “Bell The Cat” pounds through the speakers, and as a high-pitched scream pierces the air, the crowd is on their feet, and Shinya and Maya bounce through the curtains, in their mirrored pink/black pants, ready to fight. They make their way down the aisle, zig-zagging and bouncing, slapping hands with the fans, absolutely pumped.

Dave Dymond: The crowd has certainly gotten behind these two after Shinya’s close match last week against Jared Walsh.

Other Guy: If anyone was saying they didn’t deserve their shot last week, Shinya’s performance last week surely changed all their minds. And Maya held his own against CJ Nelson, one of the biggest competitors in SHOOT. That’s gotta count for something.

Dave Dymond: Listening to this reaction, I’d say it counts for a lot, OG.

Shinya and Maya slide into the ring, racing to opposite corners, and jumping up onto the second turnbuckles, raising both hands in the air, and trying to get the fans to stand up and dance. A couple of ringside fans follow their lead, as Shinya hops down, and Maya backflips off the second turnbuckle. They run to the other turnbuckles, and do it again, and finally meet up mid-ring as the house lights drop to black.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, from Westhampton Beach, NY, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

A single white spotlight hits the entrance as the guitar from AC/DC’s “Back In Black” drives the crowd to a very mixed reaction. CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh step through, standing on the stage in black dress pants, black boots, black gloves, black elbow pads, and most importantly, each carrying their half of the Tag Team Championship over their outside shoulder.

Dave Dymond: The crowd not quite as behind CJ and Jared as they have been in recent weeks, OG.

Other Guy: Well, I think we’d be hearing something much different if they were going up against Rogue and Riley this week.

Dave Dymond: And after the segment we just saw, you have to wonder just how well they’re going to keep to their promise of fighting within the rules.

Other Guy: LIHC needs to remember who they’re facing… those kinds of tactics are all well and good when they’re deserved, but TRES BIEN ain’t that team. Save the dirty tricks for R&R.

Jared looks particularly focused as the pair walk down to the ring. CJ, as usual, makes no effort to contact the crowd, but Jared’s usual flirtatious manner with the ladies is all but nonexistent. Jared hops onto the apron, vaulting himself over the top rope, while CJ climbs up and over the top. Jared tosses his belt to CJ, drops to a knee mid-ring, and puts his arms out, equally soaking in the cheers and jeers. CJ brings both arms over Jared’s shoulders, letting the belts hang down over Jared’s chest. 4 white pyros burst from the ringposts, whistling up to the top of the arena. CJ hands both belts to referee Willie Dean, who warns him not to touch him this match. CJ gives him a sarcastic thumbs-up and rolls his eyes, before stepping over the top rope. Shinya and Maya converse a bit to see who’s going to go up against Jared, but Jared isn’t about to wait! He charges the pair, leveling both of them with a clothesline! He lays kicks into Maya’s ribs, pushing him under the bottom rope and to the floor as Dean calls for the bell!

Shinya gets to his feet as Jared turns around, and Jared goes to lock up. He barely gets a hold of Shinya’s shoulders before Shinya has ducked behind him, kicking him in the side! Jared turns around, and Shinya vaults up, using Jared’s leg, to send a kick to his head! Jared stumbles to the side, falling onto the top rope, and Shinya hops onto the second turnbuckle, springing around and sending a foot right into Jared’s face, and barely missing landing on the top rope! Jared flops onto his back, and Shinya flips, dropping a leg across his throat! Jared rolls over, coughing, trying to get to his feet, and Shinya goes to the ropes! Jared’s almost up, and Shinya comes charging at him– Jared tosses him over with an armdrag! Jared holds on, pinning Shinya’s arm to the ground, pushing up into a handstand, and dropping a knee into his elbow! Shinya pulls away after the blow lands, writhing in pain as he clutches his arm! Jared moves to the leg, picking up Shinya’s left one, and kicking him behind the knee! Twice! He grabs Shinya’s other leg, and drops both of his own legs into Shinya’s groin! Maya, back on the apron, shrieks, and catches Jared’s attention. He walks a step or two, yelling something inaudible to him, pointing at Shinya behind him. Jared turns back around– into a spinning wheel kick from Shinya! It takes Jared entirely by surprise, and he slams onto the mat! Shinya races off the ropes, over Jared’s body, and nails the champ with a standing moonsault! Shinya makes the cover!


Two! Broken by CJ!

CJ puts a boot solidly in the back of Shinya’s head, and Shinya rolls onto the mat. CJ pulls him to his feet, and plants him hard on the mat with a sambo suplex! Willie Dean gets in front of Nelson before he can do any more damage, and starts a five count. CJ steps over the top rope, as Jared gets to his feet. He shakes off the cobwebs, grabbing Shinya around the head– surprise jawbreaker by Shinya! Jared stumbles back a bit, and Shinya whips Jared toward TRES BIEN’s corner– reversed by Jared! Shinya hits the turnbuckle, and Jared charges with a shoulder– no good! Shinya dodges out of the way at the last second, and Walsh hits steel! Jared stumbles again, clutching his shoulder, and Shinya grabs him by the head, dropping him to the mat with a faceslam! Jared rolls over onto his back, and Shinya tags in Maya! Maya hops to the top rope, springboarding onto Shinya’s shoulders, and Shinya drops Maya onto Jared with a powerbomb! BIEN DOS! Maya flops over, clutching his back, but has the smarts to make the cover!


Two– Dean calls for the break!

Other Guy: Good ring presence from Jared getting a foot on the ropes, and the nerves must be getting to TRES BIEN to make that kind of mistake!

Dave Dymond: That is the kind of mistake that costs matches, and TRES BIEN can’t afford to make another one tonight!

Maya blurts something in Japanese in frustration, but gets to his feet nonetheless, pulling Jared up by his arm– Jared swings an arm behind Maya’s leg, and Maya backflips to avoid it! He swings a kick at Jared, but Jared grabs his leg! Maya goes for the enziguiri, but Jared ducks! Maya lands on his free foot, though, and bounces back around with a reverse enziguiri, catching Jared in the jaw with his heel! Jared drops to his back once again, and Maya rolls into a handstand, turning himself around and landing with a leg across Jared’s throat! Jared coughs again, rolling toward his corner! Jared lays on his back, mid-ring, as Maya runs to the ropes, hitting a handspring, bouncing his legs off the top, handspringing over Jared, and finally hitting a standing shooting star press! The crowd explodes! Maya makes the cover!



THR– CJ pulls Maya off Jared with a full-nelson, slamming him back down to the mat so hard the ring shakes!

Maya bounces high off the mat, and Willie Dean once again admonishes CJ, sending him to his corner! Jared stands up, pulling Maya to his feet, and powering him into LIHC’s corner! Jared tags in CJ, and the big man is instantly over the top rope, lifting Maya onto his shoulders! Maya’s become prescient enough to know where he is, and he’s shaking his head! He sends a punch into CJ’s head, but to no avail! Jared is on the top rope, and CJ gets closer to the corner, letting Jared punch Maya in the gut, and grab him by the head! Jared flies off the top with a Tornado DDT, and CJ turns with him, swinging Maya out with an electric chair drop! Under Siege! CJ puts a hand onto Maya’s chest, and Willie Dean drops for the count!



THR– Shinya kicks CJ’s hand away!

CJ starts to stand, looking across at the much smaller Shinya. He steps over Maya, and Shinya backs up a little, and puts his hands on his hips, swaying and dancing. CJ looks at him with a confused look on his face, and even Willie Dean isn’t sure what to do. Shinya brings his hands slowly up his body, and CJ turns to Jared, who shrugs. Neither man seems to notice that Maya is back on his feet, and he bolts for the ropes! Shinya puts his hands up in the air, before dropping down to his knees, head bowed– just as Maya comes back, and springboards off of his back! He flips onto CJ’s shoulders with a dragonrana, just barely able to pull the big man off his feet! He knows that’s not going to be enough, though, and as Shinya slides under the top rope, Maya springboards off the second rope with a moonsault! He doesn’t stop there, sending kicks into CJ’s head, shoulders, and body! Kick after kick, trying to keep Nelson down on the mat! CJ’s rolling over, trying to block the flurry of feet aimed at his upper body, and Maya’s barrage is not going to be enough to keep him down! CJ grabs for the challenger, but Maya ducks under, throwing a kick into the back of CJ’s knee!

Dave Dymond: Maya playing it smart, trying to keep the bigger man moving, and maybe tire him out.

Other Guy: And he knows that if Nelson gets his hands on him, it’s probably the end of their championship dreams, Dave.

CJ doesn’t quite drop, turning around to find Maya gone! He turns around again as Maya comes over the top rope with a missile dropkick to the face! CJ stumbles back, but doesn’t drop, and Maya hits the ropes quick! He comes flying at CJ– CJ tosses him up in a flapjack! No! Maya grabs onto CJ’s head, and reverses with a rabbit kick! Once again, CJ doesn’t drop, but Maya goes to the ropes once more, swinging around him with a wickedly fast Torbellino! CJ drops to the mat, and Maya runs to tag in Shinya– no! CJ grabbed his leg! CJ’s shaking his head, as Maya tries to kick CJ’s hand off of him, but CJ isn’t letting his grip go! He pulls Maya into him, and sends him flying over his head with a capture suplex! Maya hits the mat hard, and Shinya starts to yell at CJ! CJ walks across the ring, and slaps Shinya in the face! Shinya goes through the ropes, but Dean isn’t going to let him get too far! Shinya backs up reluctantly, as CJ picks Maya up off the mat, pulling him up into a guerrilla press! Maya’s kicking, trying to get out, but CJ tosses him HIGH into the air! Maya’s trying to right himself– and he does! He grabs CJ’s head, swinging around him, and finally putting him in the mat with a spinning headscissors!

Dave Dymond: And once again, the big man goes down! Incredible!

Other Guy: Maya’s done an amazing job of using Nelson’s power against him so far!

Maya gets to his feet, and again tries to go for the tag, but CJ again grabs his leg, spinning him around, and CRUSHING him with the End of a Short Rope clothesline! Maya flips over once in the air, landing back on his back! CJ steps on his chest, pulling on the top rope for leverage, and stands on top of him! Maya is desperately trying to fight it, but with 300+ pounds being forced on his chest, there isn’t a whole lot he can do! Dean starts the five count, and CJ steps off at 4! He pulls Maya up, leaning him on the second rope, and pressing his leg across Maya’s back, choking him! He pulls up on the top rope to add power to it, and Maya flails helplessly! Dean starts the 5 count again, and CJ lets up at 4, only to do it again! Shinya has come around the ring, and he hops up onto the apron in front of CJ, and slaps CJ in the face! CJ lets Maya up, and wraps a hand around Shinya’s throat! Shinya slaps CJ across the face again! CJ pulls Shinya up into the air, and chokeslams him into the ring! Maya is getting to his feet, and CJ turns his attention back on him! He swings a huge hand down toward Maya, but Maya ducks out of the way! He kicks CJ in the knee, in the hip, and in the side! CJ stumbles a bit, but doesn’t fall, and Maya throws himself into the ropes, coming back super fast with a flying clothesline– just as Shinya spears himself into CJ’s knees! The big man crashes to the mat, and Maya covers!



THR– no! CJ kicks out!

Jared flies into the ring, as CJ pushes Maya off of him, and he flies straight into Shinya, tackling him THROUGH the ropes, and the pair spill to the floor! Jared is first to get up on the outside, and he whips Shinya into the steel ring steps! Shinya hits with a clang, and Jared takes advantage, tossing him over the guardrail and into the audience! Meanwhile, CJ is back on his feet, trying to absorb a barrage of lightning fast kicks to his legs and midsection! He swings a fist at Maya, but Maya dodges it, sliding up onto CJ’s shoulders, spinning around with a hurracanrana– but CJ holds on, tossing him up, and catching him under the arms! Maya’s kicking, trying to break free, but CJ holds tight, and Maya can’t squirm away! Jared slides in the ring just in time to help CJ drop their opponent with the Crucifix Escapist! CJ makes the cover!



THREE! Shinya slides in, but he’s a hair too late!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 18 minutes and 39 seconds, and STILL SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

CJ stands to his feet, as Shinya slams his hands on the mat. Dean hands the belts to the retaining champions, and both men raise them high into the air. Shinya’s tending to Maya as CJ and Jared approach, with CJ offering a hand to Maya. Both men look hesitantly at him, before Maya puts a hand up, with Nelson pulling him to his feet, and holding on, clapping him on the back. Jared puts a friendly hand out to Shinya as well, and the crowd cheers the show of respect.

Dave Dymond: A hard-fought match for both teams, but LIHC comes away with the win, and apparently with a new respect for the Japanese competitors.

Other Guy: TRES BIEN put on a hell of a show, and they managed to put CJ Nelson, a man who weighs almost as much as they do combined, down not once, but three times, and hell, that’s a feat for anyone in SHOOT Project.


Once Again Eryk Masters is seen at the gorilla position, but instead of standing alongside Jester Smiles, he stands alongside the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion, Trevor Worrens. The crowd can be heard cheering from ringside and Worrens stands with a smile on his face, and the Laws of Survival Championship draped over his shoulder.

Eryk Masters: Earlier tonight I attempted to get a few words with Jester Smiles regarding the Master of the Mat Finals set to take place on August Thirty First, but Donovan King apparently had other plans.

Worrens laughs a bit, mostly through his nose.

Trevor Worrens: The last thing I want, or need, is Jester Smiles to have to be caught up in all of this “choose sides” drama.  Ever since Ultimate Survival at Reckoning Day, I’ve wanted nothing more than a chance to go one on one with Eric.  That night he proved to me what kind of a man he really is. That night, Masters, Eric “Jester” Smiles earned my respect.

There is a pop from the fans out at ringside.

Eryk Masters: So then when it comes to the Master of the Mat finals it sounds like you’re happy about who will be standing across the ring from you?

Trevor Worrens: Honestly, yeah.  Because I told myself from day one that if I reached the finals of another tournament in my young career that I’d want my opponent to be just as competitive, just as spirited as the late Ray Willmott.  See I didn’t respect the kind of man Willmott was, and looking back I should have.  So not only does the Master of the Mat Finals match mean another shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, but it means another chance for me to go in there and compete. To shake hands with my opponent no matter the out come.

To give these fans a truly intense match up that has nothing to do with personal feelings.

Masters nods his head in understanding.

Eryk Masters: And you don’t feel anyone else could give you the match you’re hoping to have with Jester Smiles at the Pay Per View?

Again Worrens laughs, shaking his head slightly this time.

Trevor Worrens: You’re just going to goad me right into this aren’t you?  Fine, I’ll bite for the sake of biting. Yeah, given how many people in SHOOT Project have been up in arms lately over this that and the other thing, I don’t believe they’d all be focused on the matter at hand.  I’d say Eric is almost right there along with them as I swear he has Defiler on the brain almost twenty-four hours a day, but the only difference is, Masters, that I KNOW Smiles wants to compete against me just as much as I want to compete against him.  So I know for a fact that come August Thirty First, Eric will give me his complete and undivided attention.  Because he knows for a fact, that he’ll have mine.

Masters again nods.

Eryk Masters: I asked Jester this earlier, so I’ll ask you the same, when it comes down to it… what do you think your chances of winning the final match, and in turn the Master of the Mat tournament?

Worrens ponders the question for a moment, a pretty confident smile on his face.

Trevor Worrens: As I’ve said before, Masters, my track record since SHOOT Project re-opened pretty much speaks for itself. I won the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, and so really there’s no saying I won’t be able to win the Master of the Mat tournament.  I went through a lot tougher competition this time around, and without a doubt Eric is going to pose the biggest challenge yet, but that will only serve to push me to dig down deeper and fight that much harder.

On August Thirty First, whoever deserves to win the Master of the Mat tournament, will prove it in that ring.  No drama, no personal conflict.  Just wrestling.

Worrens stops for a moment then looks to Masters.

Trevor Worrens: But if you’re asking me directly do I think I’m the one who will win… It’d be pretty lame of me to say no, wouldn’t it?

With that Worrens walks off, leaving Eryk Masters on his own.

Eryk Masters: The Laws of Survival Champion ready for a fight and…

Masters stops as he looks off camera and eventually Abigail Chase comes into view.

Abigail Chase: Eryk, have you seen Chris anywhere?

Masters immediately puts the microphone down and pushes off camera with Abigail.

Eryk Masters: You aren’t supposed to be here tonight… you know that.

Abigail Chase: I just…

The focus cuts away from the gorilla position somewhat abruptly.


The camera shot returns to the ring area and within moments, the lights darken as the beating drums of Audioslave’s "Cochise" choreographs a strobe light effect over the arena. The opening riff, reminiscent of a helicopter flying overhead, builds up the anticipation when it finally leads into the entrance of Ron Barker. However, he isn’t alone. Just like last week, there are three men in suits carrying dark leather briefcases.

Dave Dymond: Well, here it is folks. The moment Ron Barker has been waiting for… it’s time to reveal his new tag team partner and with the clues he’s been dropping over the last few weeks, it’s as if Hell is about to be unleashed on SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: You’re not kidding, Dave. HantaKira is a BEAST and with that railroad spike of his, it’s gonna get messy up in here!

Ron Barker continues smirking as he makes his way up the ring steps, entourage in tow and looks smugly over the first few rows. As he enters the ring and extends his arms, the crowd boos intensely as he smiles wide. Ron Barker grabs the microphone from Samantha Coil and begins to speak, not waiting for the crowd to die down.

Ron Barker: For the last two weeks now, I’ve come out here promising a new tag team partner. I’ve made it known that I’ve bought the contract of one of the greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time… a verifiable fiend inside this squared circle under the right conditions. If there’s one thing Ron Barker is, it’s a man of his word so let’s not waste anymore time!

Ron Barker: Now then, if I could have the cameraman backstage show our viewing audience at home the backstage area… I am ready to make my announcement!

Dave Dymond: I don’t quite know what Ron Barker is up to… but that is, in fact, the backstage area.

Other Guy: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

On the video screens in the arena, and on television at home, the camera shot changes to the backstage area.  We see a long hallway, and at the end of this hall we see a small gathering of people, standing in a circle talking. 

Dave Dymond: Oh no… It can’t be…

Diamond Del Carver.

Other Guy: OH SHI~!

The man once known as "The Hardcore Outlaw" has not been seen or heard from in SHOOT Project in five months, since his retirement at the hands of Corazon.  Carver looks the same as he always has… short gray hair, eye patch over his blind left eye, and he is dressed in jeans and a "True Japan Pro Wrestling" T-shirt.  At the sight of Diamond Del Carver, the fans in the arena erupt into deafening cheers, which elicits a look of disgust from Ron Barker.

The cameraman comes up directly behind Carver… and in the ring Ron Barker starts to speak.  The shot switches to a "split screen" with one half showing Ron Barker in the ring with his three lackeys, and the other showing Diamond Del Carver backstage.

Ron Barker: Oh Carver?  CARVER!  Pay attention you dumb hillbilly, I’m talking to you!

Dave Dymond: This has to be some kind of sick joke! There’s no way Ron Barker could have Diamond Del Carver’s contract!

Other Guy: I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Dave. Xan was out here last week signing away. You don’t know who he was signing over.

Diamond Del Carver slowly turns and looks into the camera.  We can see that he is holding a cup of coffee, and has been just talking and catching up with people backstage, until Ron Barker interrupted.

Ron Barker: I know what you’re probably wondering right now, Carver.  Why did Jason Johnson send me that telegram in Japan, asking me to come all the way here tonight?  Well, I can answer that question for you.  Jason Johnson didn’t send you any telegram… it was me.

At this announcement, both Diamond Del Carver glare into the camera in anger, obviously upset by the deception.

Ron Barker: And now you want to know why I tricked you into coming here.  Well don’t hurt yourself trying to figure it out, old man.  I’ll explain.  I did it because I have THESE!

One of the three men in suits hands Ron Barker and handful of papers, and Barker holds them high up in the air.

Ron Barker: These are letters, emails, and faxes.  All written by YOU, Carver.  Written over the past five months, to Jason Johnson, and to Corazon.  Letters from you literally BEGGING for reinstatement into SHOOT Project.  Allow me to read from one of them. Let me show the world how pathetic you’ve become!

Ron Barker starts to read from one of the letters…

"Boss, over the past couple of months I have discovered that without being a Professional Wrestler, I am nothing.  I am working as a trainer in the True Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo, but because of my loss to Corazon I am not legally allowed to compete in Japan, or anywhere else.  I am officially asking that you arrange a meeting between myself, you, and Corazon.  I want to come back, Jason…and I guess in a way I NEED to come back.  I am…"

Ron Barker is cut short by the cheers of the crowd, because we see backstage, Diamond Del Carver throws his coffee cup against the wall, smashing it, screams out a loud profane word, and starts to charge through the hallway in the backstage area as fast as his aged and battered legs can carry him.  Soon enough, Diamond Del Carver has found his way out into the arena, and he appears in the aisle, barreling towards the ring with a murderous look on his face.  As soon as he slides under the bottom rope, Ron Barker holds up a piece of paper and yells at Del Carver.

Dave Dymond: YES! Get him, Del! Shut him up once and for all!

Other Guy: Jesus, Dave. You’re acting like a mark! Calm the fuck down!

Ron Barker: Reinstatement! You just wait a damn second! You’d better stop right there, because if you lay one finger on me, all your dreams go up in smoke!

Del Carver stops and glares at Ron Barker with a look of suspicion on his face.  Ron Barker continues to smile and waves the paper in his face.

Ron Barker: I managed to find out about your little pity party, and how you were begging Jason Johnson to be brought back to SHOOT Project.  I decided to make some calls.  My three lawyer friends here went to work.

Ron Barker: First I easily got our beloved former champion Corazon to sign off on your reinstatement.  Of course… he thought the request was from YOU… but he signed it. Then I got Jason Johnson to approve it.  However, we had a small problem.

Ron Barker: You see Carver, it turns out that you signed a lifetime contract with True Japan Pro Wrestling.  Now they let you wrestle in SHOOT Project… they even liked it… but they pretty much owned you.  You were a legend in Japan long before you ever came here.  You were the only man to beat HantaKira over there.  You are the only man to ever hold the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships three times, with three DIFFERENT partners.  As much as I detest you, I have to admit that you are a Japanese Hardcore Legend, and a Tag Team Specialist.

Ron Barker: So I BOUGHT your contract from True Japan Pro Wrestling.


Ron Barker: I got Corazon to invalidate your retirement clause, I got Jason Johnson to approve it, and I bought your lifetime contract from True Japan Pro Wrestling, and all that means I OWN DIAMOND DEL CARVER!

The fans erupt in a loud chorus of boos and jeers, and Diamond Del Carver stands in front of Ron Barker and his three lawyers with a look of shock and disbelief on his face.  He takes the paper that Ron Barker hands him, and reads it with a perplexed look on his face.

Ron Barker: It’s very simple, Carver.  I want to be one of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.  You want to be reinstated in SHOOT Project, and wrestle again.  Well the only way you can ever do that is by working for me, and being my partner.  Because if you don’t, you will never wrestle again.

Carver just shakes his head, but again says nothing.

Ron Barker: There is a condition however.

A dramatic pause, and a smile spreads across Barker’s face. But it is a smile of ill intent.

Ron Barker: If you so much as lay ONE FINGER on me… your contract is ripped up, and you never work here again.  That’s all there, in black and white, clear as fucking crystal.

The boos continue as Carver stares at the contract.  Finally, he reaches out and takes the microphone from the hand of Ron Barker.

Del Carver: So I take this piece of paper, and I get to come back to SHOOT Project?

Ron Barker nods, smirking.

Del Carver: All I have to do is be your Tag Team Partner, and work for you?

Barker nods again.

Del Carver: And the ONLY condition is I can’t touch you?  That’s it?

Another nod from Barker.

Diamond Del Carver smiles widely.  He folds the contract up, and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, he charges past Ron Barker, and attacks the three lawyers!  Carver smashes the closest one with a wicked lariat, sending him flying over the top rope.  As the fans go nuts, he turns on the second one, boots him in the gut, and goes behind, slaps on a half-nelson, and as Ron Barker watches in shock, Carver hurls the feeble lawyer high through the air and drops him on his head with the Diamond Death Drop!  Carver turns toward the third and final lawyer with an evil smile on his face.  Before the lawyer can run, Carver boots him in the gut, slaps on a 3/4 facelock and then spikes him headfirst into the mat with a Diamond Cutter!

Dave Dymond: DIAMOND CUTTER! Carver just laid out Barker’s entire legal team!

The fans are going nuts, as Diamond Del Carver stands up, and extends his hand, shaking hands with Ron Barker who still looks shocked. Carver lifts the microphone up and speaks…

Del Carver: I accept your offer, partner.

Carver tosses the microphone down, turns, and walks out of the ring to the thunderous cheers of the fans.  Ron Barker looks at his three lawyers, who are all rolling around in agony.  Barker picks up the microphone…

Ron Barker: That’s going to cost you!  That’s coming out of your paycheck, Carver!

Dave Dymond: What an announcement! Ron Barker and Diamond Del Carver… AS A TEAM?!

Other Guy: I gotta admit, Dave. I didn’t see this one coming! With the storied past these two guys have, it’ll be a wonder to see how it plays out.

Dave Dymond: I… I just can’t believe it!



The cameras lead us to the backstage, “interview” area, where the SHOOT Project banner hangs down in the background.  SCOTT RICHARDSON is on the scene with his very special guest…  SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…

“THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson.

Jonny, in his standard black wrestling trunks and black boots, white tape around his knuckles, has the World Title draped over his left shoulder.  His shirt, dull, olive green, has “OG LOVES THIS T-SHIRT” pressed on the front in faded, pink, grungy lettering.  He brushes back the swooping blonde hair out away from his eyes and sniffs once, his eyes showing a very certain lack of interest and brooding arrogance.

Obviously seeing this footage live, you can hear the SHOOT Project fanbase audibly BOOOOING the World Champ.

Scott Richardson: Ladies and gentlemen, we certainly hope you are enjoying tonight’s broadcast, and we’ll be kicking it back to Dave and OG shortly for the Roland Caldwell, Christopher Davis bout, but first…  My guest at this time…  he is the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  “The DEFILER”, Jonny Johnson.

Jonny casually scratches the side o his neck and sighs, eyes wandering in boredom.  Normally a worker acknowledges that he’s being spoken to, but that’s clearly not the case.   Luckily, Richardson, revered for his unbiased journalism, seems unfazed by the DEFILER’s caddy behavior and proceeds with his interview.

Scott Richardson: Jonny, we heard from your opponent, Cade Sydal earlier in the evening, and despite all of your negative rhetoric throughout the week, he seems more determined than EVER…  to defeat you and walk away with that SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE.

Richardson trails off, waiting for Jonny to respond, which he initially doesn’t…

The DEFILER: (Realizing it’s quiet)  Wait…  what? (A little annoyed)  You wanna put that in question form, Trebek?

Richardson is not deterred.

Scott Richardson: Do you have ANY doubts tonight, Jonny?  ANY at all?  The world has seen a Cade Sydal that is more fired up than he’s been in a long time.  They’ve seen a man more motivated…  more focused, and HELL BENT on taking that title from off of YOUR shoulders and putting it around HIS waist.  Are there any doubts that your run at the top might be cut off before it even really starts?

Jonny smirks.

The DEFILER: No.  No Scott…  and uhh, and not to be a dick, but NO ONE is having doubts.  If you’re gonna try and do a fluff piece like this or hype shit up, maybe have some GODDAMN foresight, dude.   Fuck…  You said it yourself…  Remember?  You can’t bet against the DEFILER.

He looks into the camera, his eyes beginning to burn.

The DEFILER: DO YOU HEAR THAT VEGAS!?  Heh.  Don’t bet against me.  You take every fucking PENNY YOU HAVE and you put it on Jonny.  YOU PUT YOUR LIFE SAVINGS ON ME and I GUARANTEE a fucking double up.  (Looking back at Scott) This isn’t about Cade Sydal’s dream underdog story.  This isn’t about selling tickets for a marquee match.  TONIGHT, Scott, is about ONE. FUCKING. Thing…

He pauses and composes himself.

The DEFILER: It’s about me.  It’s about teaching our insubordinate locker room that I CALL THE SHOTS…  that I am to be RESPECTED, and that if I am not… that there will be DIRE CONSEQUENCES!  That’s what it’s about, Scotty R, and I told ‘em, man.  Two weeks in a row I FUCKING TOLD THEM.  “My detractors will face HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE THINGS on the horizon.”  That’s pretty easy to follow, yeah?  But Cade chose not to listen.

And now I have to bury his career.

Shrugging his shoulders, the DEFILER could not possibly look any more relaxed.

The DEFILER: Donovan King and this Liberty thing…  Cade…  guys like Jester, Trevor Worrens…  Dan Stein.  Little guys like NC-17 and even fucking announcers!  They’re forcing me into a war that will forever DESTROY this organization.  And I don’t want it.  I don’t want to watch this place die, but…  but what other choice am I going to have?  Am I going to surrender to their idiocy just because they SELFISHLY think they’re better for the job?  Do I run away from a job that I AM BETTER EQUIPPED FOR just to soothe THEIR egos?  Heh.  NOT A CHANCE.

He turns his “sympathetic” eyes to Richardson.

The DEFILER: (Slapping him on the back) You get it now, right?  So uhhh.. so let’s push all of this… “miracle talk”… this uhh…  “Hope for Cade after all” stuff to the side and move on.

Smiling ever so slightly, The DEFILER continues.

The DEFILER:  Because this is my world, Scott.  This is my circus…  my parade. My show.  MY World Title…

His smile vanishes.

The DEFILER: This is MY Empire.

Cold and disheartening, his gaze swallows Richardson’s thoughts and leaves him frozen.

The DEFILER: Cade Sydal is just an overzealous pawn that foolishly jumped ahead too many goddamn spaces, and tonight, I will mercilessly kick him off the fucking board.  HE WILL NOT ESCAPE THE DEFILER, SCOTT!  NOT NOW!  Not tomorrow…

Not ever.

After prolonging his terrifying stare for a moment longer, Jonny aborts the interview, leaving Scott Richardson alone and silent.



Samantha Coil: This next match up is scheduled for one fall!

Samantha’s announcement brings the attention back to the ring and at that moment “Summer Overture- Remix” by Clint Mansell begins to play.  The Revolution Video Screen once more shows clips of the members of The Family in action, but this time putting an emphasis on Roland.

Dave Dymond: Earlier in the night, Sammy Rochester and Mikey were unsuccessful in defeating Eli Storm and Nightmare, and as a result an innocent crew member of our organization has perhaps been put into jeopardy.

Other Guy: Yeah, no clue what’s going on there exactly, but this night has been nothing short of strange so really I’m ready to expect the unexpected.

Roland Caldwell emerges from the back now, taking in a loud chorus of boos as he slowly walks to the ring. Every so often he stops and clutches at the side of his head, eyes closed for a moment. After that he continues walking to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, weighing in at 289 pounds… he is one member of The Family… Here is Roland Caldwell!!!

Dave Dymond: And speaking of the unexpected, who knows what to expect in this next match up… no love loss between Roland and his opponent for the night, Christopher Davis.

Other Guy: Exactly, and it was Roland Caldwell who maybe changed the very course of Davis’s career here in SHOOT Project by causing an injury to Davis’s throat, which kept him from competing in the 2008 Redemption Rumble.

As Roland approaches the ring, Revolution fades to black momentarily.

JANUARY 27th, 2008

The date fades away to black and white footage of Christopher Davis and Roland Caldwell.  Davis lands a huge suplex to Roland, and it’s done so in slow motion.

Dave Dymond: WOW!  Christopher Davis digs down deep and LAUNCHES the near 300 pound man with one heck of a suplex!

The footage fades to black as you hear the count being made.




Suddenly the screen fades back up to the black and white footage, no longer in slow motion though as Roland kicks out and Davis sends Roland staggering into the ropes with quick chops, only for Roland to counter and send Davis to the outside! FREEZE on the crash to the outside.

Dave Dymond: Nasty spill to the outside for Davis…

Roland moves to the corner… FREEZE on Roland up top.

Other Guy: Caldwell to the top!

The tension builds and Roland LEAPS from the top rope to the outside, landing a sickening leg drop right onto Davis’s throat!  The only color to the black and white footage now is the red blood coming from Davis’s mouth.

Dave Dymond: Oh no… Davis is bleeding from the mouth, it could even be internal bleeding… hell Davis’s throat could be crushed!

The scene cuts to Roland now punching away at Davis’s throat like a man possessed. Blood flying out from Davis’s mouth.

Another cut shows an elbow shot that connects with the throat while Davis is lying on the mat.

And a final cut shows Davis being kicked in the throat via a Yakuza kick from Roland. This shot repeats a few more times, slower and slower each time it’s shown.

The final image is that of Davis on the mat, gasping, blood trickling from his mouth and forming in a spot on the mat underneath him.

Back live on Revolution Roland stands in the ring, simply nodding his head as he looks towards the Revolution video screen.  The fans continue to boo, but that’s when the lights suddenly go out, leaving a single spotlight over the entryway.  The crowd gets JUST a little bit louder now as the following words are heard:

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the Revolution Video Screen in white block letters and all at once the ENTIRE Thomas and Mack Center comes alive with wild cheers as the fans rise up out of their seats and turn their focus to the entryway.

Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 271 pounds… HERE IS CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Upon the announcement of his name, Christopher Davis steps into the spotlight sweat streaming down his bald head. He looks up, his cold grey eyes intense and focused. He looks left and then to his right.  He raises both arms as if forming a cross.

"Un-fucking-believable Lil’ Wayne’s the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena and Davis suddenly turns his attention to Roland Caldwell and forgoes his usual stride to the ring. The fans pop once more as Davis SPRINTS down to the ring, looking to meet Roland head on!

Dave Dymond: Davis not going to waste a minute of time in this one, and he said it himself, this match will not be a pretty one!

Other Guy: Oh it’s a brawl and a half READY to erupt, Dave.

Davis slides under the bottom rope and rises up to his feet just as Roland charges towards him. Referee Tony Lorenzo quickly calls for the bell and both Davis and Roland meet head on, with Davis firing the first punch, but Roland firing right back with a hard closed fist of his own.  Davis fires right back, Roland responds with another punch. The sold out crowd gets into the all out fist fight that is erupting, as now Davis connects with three punches in a row, knocking Roland into the center of the ring.  Davis then grabs Roland by the arm and looks to whip Roland into the ropes, but Roland reverses, and Davis RE-reverses!  Roland hits the ropes and BOTH men hit clotheslines on each other, landing on their backs at almost the same time.

Roland sits up quickly while Davis rolls over onto his stomach and pushes up off the mat. Roland looks to punt Davis in the ribs, but Davis is up just before and Roland steps through, allowing for Davis to NAIL him with a forearm shot to the side of the head.  Roland staggers awkwardly to the side, almost loosing his footing but he turns to face Davis, only for Davis to wrap his arms around Roland’s waist.

Dave Dymond: Davis looking for a belly-to-belly suplex, but Roland holding ground, and a hard RAKE to the eyes!

The fans boo loudly as Davis staggers back, clutching at his face.  Referee Tony Lorenzo shouts a stern warning at Roland, and Roland just nods but charges at Davis, shoving his full body into him and therefore pushing Davis into the ropes.  Roland then whips Davis into the down ring ropes, and as Davis comes bouncing back, Roland hits a knee lift that doubles Davis over, and Roland follows that right up with a quick snapping suplex!

Dave Dymond: Float over cover by Roland from there…

Other Guy: No way is that enough to keep a pissed off Davis down.



Strong shoulder by Davis but Roland DRILLS him in the face with a forearm shot and Roland attempts another pin.



Davis shoulders out again, but Roland stays on the offense pulling Davis up in a front face headlock, but Davis LIFTS up Roland quite suddenly and DROPS him with an inverted Atomic drop!  Roland winces in pain and Davis quickly goes through the motions a swinging neck breaker, stalling for a moment before making the impact by dropping right into a sitting position.  Roland writhes on the mat, holding his neck in pain and now Davis makes a forceful cover.

Dave Dymond: The cover by Davis now…



Other Guy: These two still have a LOT left to give in this match up, but both guys tryin’ to just get the other one beat.

Dave Dymond: Davis stays in control though; quick whip into the corner, and Roland hits those corner pads hard!

With Roland somewhat slumped in the corner, Davis puts on the speed now and runs at Roland.  Davis CRASHES into Roland with a standing splash, then turns looking for a bulldog take down, but Roland digs in for some added strength and lifts Davis up… takes a few steps forward… and FALLS backwards taking Davis down with a back drop suplex!  Davis rocks back and forth on the mat and now Roland exits the ring to the outside edge and climbs to the top.  The fans begin to boo loudly as Roland positions himself in place.

Dave Dymond: Shades of EXACTLY what started Davis’s down fall five months to this day, Roland looking to re-injure the neck of Davis!

Other Guy: Does tonight then mark the end of this war… does The Family finally rid themselves of Christopher Davis?

Dave Dymond: I personally hope not, but this not looking good for the SHOOT Project legend and Hall of Famer.

Roland stands with confidence and then LEAPS from the top turnbuckle for a leg drop… only DAVIS MOVES!!!

Dave Dymond: Davis rolled out of the way and avoids a repeat of the fate he suffered in January!

The fans ERUPT with wild cheering as Davis springs up to his feet now.  Roland winces in pain as he grabs at his lower back, and Davis hits the ropes RUNNING BOOT TO ROLAND’S FACE!  Roland is knocked flat out and Davis now with the cover and hook of the leg.



TH… NO! The count is called off as Lorenzo points to the ropes.  The fans aren’t happy to see Roland gripping the bottom rope tightly thus breaking the count.  Davis shakes his head with some frustration but he grabs at Roland now and pulls him up to his feet, tearing him from the bottom rope.  Davis locks him up by the arm and throws a few quick knee shots into Roland’s body.  Roland remains slumped over and Davis now FIRES with a low to high rising European uppercut!

Roland’s head snaps back as do his arms, which flail backwards and wrap around the top rope nearby.  Davis then lunges back and FIRES forward with a standing clothesline that sends Roland flipping over the top rope and to the outside.  Roland lands on his feet, but Davis already approaching…


Dave Dymond: Both of Davis’s feet connect directly with Roland’s skull and Caldwell has been laid out.

Other Guy: If Roland doesn’t get the job done here tonight, who’s to say The Family won’t drop him completely. We saw how they reacted to him failing against Eli Storm at Reckoning Day… so just sayin’ if this is it for Roland, it could be IT for his place in The Family.

Davis pulls himself back up to his feet inside the ring, while outside Roland clutches at his head SHOUTING in immense pain.


Lorenzo starts the mandatory knock out count as Roland is flat on his back.



Davis paces back and forth, seemingly antsy to continue the fight, as if wanting Roland to get up.


Davis starts to exit the ring but the referee starts shouting at him to pull back. Davis doesn’t listen at first, and the referee has no choice but to put his body in between Davis and Roland!

Other Guy: Brave move by Tony Lorenzo to try to keep this thing under control… after all Davis isn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to how he handles SHOOT Project officials.

Roland starts to get up now as Lorenzo returns to his counting, having kept Davis at bay.


Roland all the way up to his feet and staggers towards the ring, eyes slightly glazed over.  He gets up onto the ring edge and now Davis goes after him, throwing a quick boot through the ropes into Roland’s gut. Roland slumps over the top rope and Davis hooks him for a vertical suplex, BUT Roland breaks away, grabs Davis by the back of the head and runs him downward into the lower left corner of the ring… SMASHING his face into the top turnbuckle.

Davis staggers back from the impact and Roland steps into the ring. Davis recovers and angrily storms right back at Roland, but Roland turns his body and DRILLS Davis in the face with a hard back elbow shot! Davis staggers back more and Roland comes at him, quick kick to the gut. Davis doubles over and Roland with a GRUNT LIFTS Davis up and takes him down with a spiking POWERBOMB!

Dave Dymond: Huge impact move from Roland and Davis once more finds himself in a pinning predicament!




The fans pop with a loud cheer, as Davis is JUST able to get the kick out in time.  Davis then kicks out his leg quickly and JACKS Roland up under the chin.  Roland’s head snaps back and he rises to his feet. He leaps forward with an attempted elbow drop to Davis, but Davis rolls to the side, JUMPS up and DRIVES a knee into Roland’s chest.  Davis then gets back up again, but Roland grabs him by the leg and in a desperation move hooks his arm around and PUNCHES Davis in the back of the knee cap!

The fans let out a collective “OOOOOH” as Davis’s right leg buckles under him and Roland rolls him from behind.



Other Guy: Davis kickin’ out again.

Dave Dymond: Two count only but Roland staying right on top of this now as he starts assaulting Davis with hard closed fists.

Davis tries to thwart off Roland’s punches, but Roland keeps knocking Davis’s arm away with one hand while driving another hard punch to his face with the other. Davis then wraps his legs around Roland’s body as best he can and turns the tables, forcing Roland over onto his back, but before Davis can land a punch Roland quickly shoves out both his arms and sends Davis back and off of him.  Roland scrambles up to his feet but Davis right back in, running stiff arm, and Davis pushes right past hits the ropes and before Roland can recover, Davis takes him down with a FACE PLANT BULLDOG!

The fans pop and Davis snaps up to his feet and extends both of his arms outward like a cross.

Dave Dymond: The momentum has shifted and Davis looks like he’s picking up a second wind!

Other Guy: It’s gonna be some wind too, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Roland up… CLOTHESLINED back down to the mat. Roland trying up again HUGE shoulder block!  Davis in big time control here.

Davis starts nodding his head, really feeling the energy as he waits now as Roland slowly staggers up to his feet. The fans rise up out of their seats as well as Davis inches in towards Roland from behind.

Dave Dymond: Davis looking to get some long awaited revenge on Roland here tonight and I can’t say I’m not excited.

Other Guy: You and me both, Dave.

Roland staggers back right into the awaiting arms of Davis.  Davis turns his body slightly and goes to hoist Roland up onto his shoulders for Angela’s Ashes, but Roland brings his body right back down, holding Davis in a side headlock.  Roland immediately punches Davis in the face repeatedly, his eyes wide and wild looking.  Davis drops to one knee and Roland drops with him, still punching Davis directly in the face!

Dave Dymond: Roland has snapped and is just pummeling Davis now with those closed fists.

The once cheering fans have a complete change of mood as Roland continues punching Davis, working him to the point where he’s laid out on the mat now.  Referee Tony Lorenzo shouts at Roland to break it up, but Roland keeps punching at Davis’s face, as if completely lost in his own world.  Davis struggles against Roland’s grip, but seems to be fading out as his once moving arm drops down completely by his side, and soon Davis doesn’t seem to be moving at all.

Lorenzo checks on the situation now and lifts Davis’s arm up… and it falls quickly back down onto the mat.



Lorenzo lifts the arm again…. And it falls.


Other Guy: Wow… has Roland REALLY beaten Davis out cold with those punches?

Dave Dymond: Sadly now as Lorenzo lifts the arm one last time… that seems to be the case.

Lorenzo holds the arm for a moment then lets go…

And just like that it’s…


Roland immediately breaks the headlock and rises up to his feet, SCREAMING bloody murder.  The louder he screams, the redder his face gets and suddenly he bends over, clutching at his head in immense pain!

Dave Dymond: So amidst these cheering fans, Davis might just be able to come back in this one, especially with Roland now obviously in pain.  I’ve heard rumors buzzing about a potential re-occurring migraine or something that Roland is suffering from, but I don’t know anything concrete.

Other Guy: That must be some damn migraine, Roland’s screaming like a damn banshee, Dave.

Davis slowly but surely rises up to his feet now, wobbling about and doesn’t quite have his focus back just yet. His nose is bleeding and there looks to be some swelling around the eye, but not much.  Roland tugs at the hair on his head, despite it’s shorter length, but finally stands up, eyes wide with rage as he looks at Davis.

Roland charges in, Davis FIRES with a snap super kick… but Roland grabs him by the ankle… spins Davis around, while pushing his foot to the mat, and then Roland hoists him up and DRIVES him head first via The Burning Hammer!

Dave Dymond: Roland connects with that signature inverted DDT and now the cover… this could very well be it.

Lorenzo drops to the mat, the fans not happy.




Other Guy: And it is it.  Davis had that one last shot with the kick, but Roland comes back with The Burning Hammer and ends this match up.

The bell sounds and immediately Roland gets up off of Davis who is stirring somewhat on the mat.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… Roland Caldwell!!!

Dave Dymond: So as this comes to its conclusion, Roland Caldwell now has two victories over Christopher Davis in singles competition… and man, Roland simply brought the rage tonight.

Other Guy: From the looks of things, Dave, he might not be done!

As “Summer Overture” plays again, Roland pace back and forth in front of Davis as Lorenzo hovers over him trying to urge Roland to stay back.  Finally Roland stomps his foot in anger and instead of attacking Davis further, he leaves the ring, but seemingly not happy about it.

Other Guy: Guess I thought wrong.  Roland looked like he had that “killer” look in his eyes, but it went away and Roland walks away with the victory.

The focus remains on Davis now who is offered help by Tony Lorenzo in getting up.  Davis has trouble at first even finding Lorenzo’s hand, but eventually Davis steadies himself and starts to get up.  All at once the crowd in attendance begins to cheer.

Dave Dymond: A show of respect and admiration for Davis now who is able to walk out of here on his own, despite suffering a loss at the hands of Roland Caldwell.

Other Guy: Davis does in fact live on to fight another day, and we gotta all be thankful for that.


As Davis walks to the back, suddenly “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.  Davis, who is being escorted out of the ring by Tony Lorenzo, stops and with frustration in his eyes he looks up to the entryway to see Roland Caldwell standing there, joined now by Vincent Mallows.

Dave Dymond: Oh come on, what now.  The Family got their victory over Davis, just let this thing rest!

The fans begin to boo loudly once more as Davis stops and says something to Lorenzo. Lorenzo nods and quickly rushes back to the ring, and from the looks of it, fetching a microphone for Davis.  In the meantime, Davis stares long and hard at Mallows, who in turn looks back at Davis, his deformed via paralysis face sporting a twisted half grin.  The referee returns with a microphone and Davis grabs it quickly.

Christopher Davis: Cut that music NOW!

The music abruptly cuts off and the fans start up with an echoing “DAV-IS!” chant.  Davis shakes his head and looks out to the crowd.

Christopher Davis: I love you guys, I do. But right now you need to be quiet… right now it just needs to be me and that man right there!

Davis points to Mallows and the fans pop, but then settle in as Davis turns his focus back to Mallows.

Christopher Davis: I don’t know what you want, Vinnie.  Roland beat me up, probably gave me a nice shiner.  Isn’t that what you wanted?  I beat Sammy at Reckoning Day, I beat Kenji Yamada in the quarterfinals, Roland was your last of the last and he beat me.  You got a victory.

Davis lowers the microphone, and says what do you want, but it’s not picked up as well.

Vincent Mallows: Christopher Davis, from the beginning it has only been one thing that I want… that The Family wants.  We want you to make a choice, Chris.  We want you to finally make a choice.

The fans start to stir and then the booing starts up once again as the camera angle cuts to show Kenji Yamada leading the innocent arena staff member towards the ring, violently shoving him repeatedly in the back.  The man staggers to the guard railing and Yamada just throws him over.  It’s at that point that the Revolution video screen turns on showing what is happening in the ring. Davis looks up and then turns to look over his shoulder just as Yamada shoves the innocent man into the ring under the bottom rope.

Dave Dymond: This is just horrible.  That’s Paul Arnsworth, a loyal employee of the Thomas and Mack Center and a upstanding guy.  He didn’t do a damn thing to deserve this.

Yamada gets in the ring behind Paul and PULLS him up by the back of his neck and immediately locks on a wristlock, twisting Paul’s arm up and behind his back.

Vincent Mallows: So, Chris, go ahead and make the choice.

Davis just shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: Vincent I don’t have time for your bullshit. I don’t know that man and I don’t give a damn about him. You and your bastard sons do what you need to do.  I don’t have to make a choice about anything!

Davis continues to walk up the ramp way now, but some of the fans begin to boo.  Yamada TWISTS Paul’s wrist behind his back causing him to suddenly SCREAM OUT in pain… although the scream is somewhat muffled by the burlap sack over his head.  Davis stops, sighs, and then turns back to look at the situation unfolding in the ring.

Christopher Davis: Fine, you want a choice.  Then I choose having to hurt Kenji Yamada once again!

Davis starts down to the ring in rapid fashion.  Yamada CLOCKS Paul in the back of the head with a hard forearm shot and then eagerly awaits the arrival of Davis into the ring.

Vincent Mallows: So he chooses hero after all. Without thought or concern.  But perhaps Christopher Davis has acted hastily…

Davis suddenly stops and turns back to face Mallows over by the entryway… his face contorts with a look of confusion.

Vincent Mallows: Perhaps Christopher Davis needs to actually wait for his other option to arrive.

Davis shakes his head and mouths the word no a few times but then he turns in the direction of more noise from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: No, please…

Other Guy: They’ve got her, Dave.  Abigail showed up here tonight and The Family got her!

While her face is covered by a burlap sack that reads “Choice #2” its clear by the form of her body and what she is wearing, that it is Abigail Chase under the burlap sack.  Sammy Rochester holds both of her wrists tightly and almost drags her down an aisle way to the ring.

Vincent Mallows: Let us try this one last time now.  Christopher Davis you have a choice to make.  You complain about someone needing to do the right thing, and so you have taken matters into your own hands.  Therefore I ask you… what’s the right thing now, Chris?  Make your choice, and in turn we will give you the consequence.

Davis continues to look on in disbelief and he turns back to face Mallows.

Christopher Davis: What are you talking about Vincent? This isn’t some dark graphic novel.  This isn’t some game! This is real life! You’re fucking with two innocent people’s lives!

Mallows has no reaction, but only perhaps because his facial reactions and body movement are very much limited.

Vincent Mallows: You might be right, Chris.  But is it any different who brings harm to these two?  I mean you’ve been known to lay a harmful hand on innocent workers backstage, and in turn by expressing a flirtatious interest in Ms. Chase you’ve indirectly harmed her.  So make the choice, finish what you’ve started. WHO gets harmed more?

The fans are outraged and garbage starts getting hurled in Mallows’s direction, but he is far enough back that it can’t reach him.  Davis continues to look back and forth between Sammy with Abigail outside of the ring on the far side of it, and Mallows with Roland up at the entryway.  Again though he puts his focus on Mallows.

Christopher Davis: Vincent this is fucked up for even you. You need to let them go.  You need to let her go, she doesn’t have a damn thing to do with this shit between you and I.  Why don’t you stop using your “sons” to handle your business with me? Why don’t you stand up, walk your ass…oops my bad.

The fans can’t help but chuckle as Davis looks to get Mallows all worked up.  Mallows rolls his wheel chair forward a bit, the once twisted grin on his face has gone away completely. His dead eyes glare in Davis’s direction.

Vincent Mallows: This isn’t one of our usual meeting, Chris. This isn’t the time for you to try to get in a quick-witted remark, or get the one up on me verbally.   This is QUITE serious…

Christopher Davis: Oh no, you’re right, Vincent this IS serious!

Davis’s face looks as serious as ever, cold gray eyes burning into Vincent’s.

Christopher Davis: You harm her Vincent and each one of your boys will pay dearly starting with your monster. Let her the FUCK go NOW!!

The fans POP BIG TIME as Davis spikes the microphone down to the floor.

Christopher Davis: fuck it!

Davis suddenly SPRINTS towards the ring and the crowd continues to cheer loudly.  Davis slides under the bottom rope and Yamada approaches, but Davis PLOWS right through him, knocking him over with a huge shoulder tackle… and DAVIS KEEPS RUNNING ACROSS THE RING!

Dave Dymond: Davis making a B-line For ROCHESTER!

Davis DIVES through the tope and middle rope and collides with Sammy on the outside of the ring, causing him to drop Abigail and in turn stagger back into the commentary table! Davis starts wailing on Sammy with alternating rights and lefts and then fires with a HUGE high uppercut!  Sammy staggers off to the side and as Yamada is up to his feet and exiting the ring to come to Sammy’s aid, Davis grabs Abigail and gets her into the ring. Davis slides in right behind her and immediately rises to his feet, taunting both Sammy and Yamada to come get some!

Other Guy: And MAN how this situation has turned! Christopher Davis standing in the ring, and from the looks of it, I’d say he saved EVERYONE, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Yeah but perhaps the worst has yet to come as now Davis basically surrounded in that ring!

Roland starts down to the ring to join Yamada and Sammy with Davis looking all over keeping his eyes on each member of The Family.

Vincent Mallows: Wait… wait now… STOP!

Roland turns back to look at Mallows and so do Yamada and Sammy.

Vincent Mallows: He made his choice.  Christopher Davis made his choice.

Without hesitation Roland turns away from the ring and starts walking back towards Mallows.  Sammy starts to do the same, and it is only Kenji Yamada who seems somewhat hesitant, but even he starts leaving the ring.

Dave Dymond: what on earth?  That’s it?  Davis made a choice in their minds and this is over?

Other Guy: I want to believe that, but somethin’ tells me this js just another twist in this on going war.

Davis looks on, somewhat confused and bewildered himself, but his attention quickly turns towards Abigail Chase as The Family departs the ring, disappearing to the back.  Davis bends down and helps Abigail to her feet, removing the burlap sack from over her head.  As he holds her steady, the referee checks on Paul Arnsworth who is knocked out on the mat.  The fans watch as Davis’s eyes only focus on Abigail and she quickly hugs him, pressing her face closely against his chest.

The fans cheer as Davis pushes her back slightly, but only to look her in the eyes.

Christopher Davis: You okay?

Abigail nods her head, which causes her hair to fall into her face.  Davis brushes the hair to the side, looking into her eyes… and he smiles.  He turns to walk away but she grabs his arm.

Davis turns back to face her… she pulls him in close, he doesn’t resist, and after a moment of lingering, she passionately kisses him!

Other Guy: That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Dave Dymond: Seriously, Other Guy, don’t ruin their moment.

The fans cheer as Abigail finally pulls her lips away from Davis’s and just giddily smiles at him. Davis raises an eyebrow with a smile and now Abigail lets go of Davis’s arm, allowing him to leave the ring.  “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne begins to play again and the focus shifts from Davis leaving the ring, to Other Guy and Dave Dymond at their ringside position.

Dave Dymond: So a happy ending here tonight for Christopher Davis, but the question is for how long?  As my partner mentioned, we’d both like to believe that this rivalry between The Family and Christopher Davis has come to a conclusion, that it was all simply about Davis making a choice…

Other Guy: (chiming in) but we can’t assume that… because frankly when it comes to that group of men, nothin’ is ever certain.

Dave Dymond: On the more positive side of things, we maybe perhaps just witnessed the makings of the first official couple of SHOOT Project, and if that’s so, I’ll be the first to congratulate them both.

Other Guy: And speakin’ of firsts, we can only hope that tonight in Jonny Johnson’s FIRST official title defense it will be Cade Sydal walking out of the Thomas and Mack Center with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

Dave Dymond: Our main event is still to come at the top of tonight’s very strange Revolution!


The focus shifts and brings us outside of the Thomas and Mack Center.  It’s a dark night.  The wind blows through the sky, almost effortless, as we find one simple figure.

An outline.  One, single, solitary silhouette.

He stands with his back to us at a decent distance, but not too far.  He wears a simple black hoodie, his medium brown hair disheveled.  He smokes on a cigarette ever so often. 

Conor: So you’re thinking of backing out?

By now we can see he’s on the phone… the blue back light of the screen is apparent as it lights up a small side of his face. 

Conor: And you think Jason Johnson GIVES a shit?!  Management SAID they don’t have any ill will.  So, what’s the problem?  (PAUSE.) Listen, I told you a hundred fucking times already you are GOING to get paid.  (PAUSE.) First, you CAME TO ME about this.  THIS WAS YOUR IDEA.  You want back in, don’t you? (PAUSE.) Are you fucking KIDDING me?!

He tosses the cigarette on the pavement below him… pacing a bit forward.

Conor: These people, besides the ones who KNOW what our addictions are like, and UNDERSTAND us, can SUCK my diseased dick.  These people don’t care about you; they never have.  I watched your run in the SHOOT Project, man.  Don’t try and pull that crap with me.  (PAUSE.) Fine, you’re right.  You DO have a choice.  But remember, YOU CAME TO ME with this.  I mean fuck I knew I’d make a name for myself, at least more than I have, but with some backing I could really pull some shit out of my ass, and you’ve given me high hopes.  You might not want to let these people down… but in the end, you WILL let me down if you decide NOT to follow through."

He pauses, letting the man on the other phone speak before soon interjecting.

Conor: They don’t know you… they don’t know ANYTHING about you.  They don’t know about your addiction to Angel Dust, and you’re fucking STRUGGLE.  And that’s because THEY DON’T CARE.  You and I, in a way, are one in the same.  Granted, I obviously have more AMBITION than you… (PAUSE.)  I AM QUESTIONING IT.  Because you’re sitting here… FLAKING… on the one person you can relate to.  The one guy who’s telling you that he wants your help in his movement.  I want to prove guys like us… are more than meets the eye.  Beyond these addictions, that we’re SOMEBODIES… man.  I’ve always been a nobody.  Especially in this sport.  I’m taking my stand.  I’m taking my artillery and I’m loading my fucking gun and I’m going to puts rounds in each motherfucker who stands in front of me, and you’re sitting at home, QUESTIONING what you should do.  This opportunity is like a DIME PIECE bitch BEGGING you to fuck her, and you’re going to turn that down?!  (PAUSE.) Listen…

He stops for a second, obviously trying to shake off his frustration as he continues.

Conor: I don’t have any guarantees.  So far I’ve been reduced to fucking dirt.  My name means nothing in this sport, but you know what?  There’s no room for security in this sport.  I can’t promise you that you’re going to come back and in a fucking month you’ll be wearing gold.  I can’t promise that you won’t run into people who won’t bust your shit up.  You see, people like me, WE REVEL IN THAT FACT.  I want to get hit, I want to get BEATEN to a fucking pulp, BECAUSE UNLIKE YOU, I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE.  And I know that soon, I’ll have that rush again.  As a junkie, you can’t say you don’t miss that rush, man… WE’RE THE SAME MEN SNORTING LINES, AND INJECTING HEROIN INTO OUR VEINS BECAUSE WE WANT THAT RUSH…

He stops for a moment, composing himself.

Conor: You can have that here.  Now.  All you have to do, is sign the dotted line.

He pauses for a second; nodding.

Conor: No pressure.  How about I’ll give you until next Friday, alright?  Give me a call by then, and we’ll discuss things.  If I don’t get a call, atleast I’ll realize you’re not a guy I really want on my side anyway.

He nods again.

Conor: Alright… be smart.  Think it over.  Alright, later."

After hanging up the phone Conor begins to walk off in the night, eventually disappearing.


The lights dim and a lone red spotlight shines down on the top of the entranceway.  The small sound of a synthesized piano trickles down, before a bassline kicks in, signaling the beginning of Nas’ “Hero,” which inevitably signals the entrance…  of the Real Deal.

Chain gleamin, switchin’ lanes, two seatin’

Hate him or love him, can’t leave it, the game needs him

Plus the people need someone to believe in

The electric, blood red symbol, illustrates itself onto the video wall, and as the Thomas and Mack Center comes alive, a black silhouette obstructs the red spotlight, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy.

So in God’s Son we trust

‘Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want

They lookin’ for a…HERO

I guess that makes me a…HERO

The black silhouette turns to face the crowd, and as pyro fires off, the Real Deal’s eyes are visible, and they’re almost glowing…  burning, with intensity.  He walks down the rampway, callous and calm. 

Other Guy:  There hasn’t been much in the way of rumor milling on what’s going to happen next with Donovan King and the Real Deal, so his appearance here isn’t all that shocking.

Dave Dymond:  Well, it’s interesting to note that there’s an aura of mystery here, as last week, we knew that Real Deal would be in the building, as well as King.  Now, it’s more like we know King was here, given his bit with Jester Smiles, and now, maybe we have some more fuel on the fire.

Real Deal climbs two steps, before stopping to look around the Thomas and Mack Center.  A smile and a nod are his next actions, before he climbs into the ring, accepting the microphone from Samantha Coil.

Real Deal:  Unlike a lot of the things that go on here in the SHOOT Project…  I’m not playing mindgames, I’m not trying to fuck with anyone’s head…  right now.  When I tell you that my words hold true, and steadfast…  I trust that the SHOOT Project loyal, will listen.

The Thomas and Mack Center lets out a restrained cheer, trying not to anticipate the next words out of the Real Deal’s mouth. 

Real Deal:  When I tell you that Donovan King is a cancer, and that his army must be stopped… 

I trust that you’ll listen.

I’ve been around this business, seen enough, and experienced enough, to know that when someone tries to take on a mantle of extreme goodness, for the betterment of everyone… 

That no matter who it is, even the people with whom I associate with closely…  they fall into the same stereotype.

There are almost always ulterior motives.

The noise level lessens, as the seriousness of Real Deal’s words commence.  He is stone faced, solemn.

Real Deal:  But, before I bore the shit out of you here in Las Vegas, Nevada…

It’s time to turn things up.

…Donovan King. 

Please, come join me in the squared circle.

Without any pause, "Out Here Grindin’" by DJ Khalid kicks up at the first verse without the opening. The fans give a strong mixed reaction as out from the back comes Donovan King, wearing now a black tank top, dark blue jeans, and black Timberland boots. Flanking him from behind stands Eli Storm and Nightmare. King is holding a microphone and his theme cuts off mere seconds into even coming on. He stands there as the camera focuses on Storm smirking at Real Deal and Nightmare staring a hole straight through him.

Donovan King: …

He tries to say something, but the fans are definitely not hearing it, a chant of "REAL-DEAL, REAL-DEAL" breaks out. King bows his head, laughing.

Donovan King: …alotta Real Deal love out here tonight.

The fans ERUPT. Real Deal smirks as the camera focuses in on him.

Donovan King: And dat’s good. Real Deal’s a man to be praised. Real Deal.take a look at dese men behind me.

The camera focuses on Eli Storm and then Nightmare.

Donovan King: Former Iron Fist, World Tag Team, and of course.World Heavyweight Champion here in SHOOT.Eli Storm. Next to him.OPW’s last Champion and a man who is the very definition of tenacious.Nightmare. Team B.T.Y.

The fans give a good cheer for the new tandem.

Donovan King: They’re out here tonight to show you, Real Deal, dat I don’t stand alone. They leave…  to show you I’m not going to come down to dat ring and try to fuck you up.

Storm and Nightmare slap hands with King as he proceeds down to the ring.

Donovan King: Dat means dat…  no matter what you think…  people will know the truth.

King steps up the ring steps.

Donovan King: They’ll know I’m no dumbass or dat I’m tryin’ to do something dat I’m hidin’.

He steps into the ring now.

Donovan King: They’ll know dat Donovan King said he’s going to war to give SHOOT to the people dat deserve it.and he means it.

Real Deal holds a hand up, as King inches his way. 

Real Deal:  First things first…  are those guys depositing to the jar?

King cocks his head to the side.

Donovan King: …what?

Real Deal smiles.

Real Deal:  You know…  the trademark infringement jar…?

He laughs and waves his hand before Donovan King can respond.

Real Deal:  I just think it’s a bit ironic… you know what?  Nevermind.

Let’s get down to real business. 

You want to start an army…  you want to make your mark.

I get that.  I understand that.  But this?  This champion of the people act, man?

Real Deal smirks.

Real Deal:  Everyone knows it’s bullshit, man.

The crowd ROARS at this.

Real Deal:  Everyone knows that this is just your way of getting even farther, only this time, you’re gonna recruit simple minded fucks, or whatever, and get them to do your shit for you. 

What’s wrong, man?  Need a vacation?  Trying to fight through the pain, the injuries…?  Is that what this is all about? 

I mean sure, it’s easy to puff your chest up, bring your crew out and then send them back as some sort of jaded way of showing some kind of honorability, but I mean really… 

I’m not new.

We all know it’s bullshit.

He extends a hand, encompassing his house as he says that.  Finally, he looks towards King, as the “REAL DEAL” chant persists.

Donovan King: I ain’t got no defense against dat. Really.

King shrugs.

Donovan King: From day one, I’ve told everybody dat I back up my words, I mean what I say. Whether I say I’m gonna fuck Jester Smiles up or dat I’m gonna destroy Cade Sydal.

The fans boo LOUDLY. King lets the boos die down before he continues.

Donovan King: …the FACT is…  I did, have done, and continue to DO…  everything I SAID I was gonna do. I could have sat back an’ let SHOOT go the way it’s been goin’, but I decided to rise up. Cade Sydal beat some respect into me, so you tell me who the hell are YOU to call my mission bullshit?

King paces the ring.

Donovan King: You wanna talk bullshit, man? Why the hell are you comin’ fuh me? Because uh dis? Jonny Johnson helps get your fuckin’ student, the World Champion, in prison…  he is STRIPPED uh dat belt, Jonny gets it HANDED to’ you decided dat my cause was more important. Right.

Real Deal stands still, smiling.

Real Deal:  I made it clear before, and I’ll make it clear again.  What happens with Corazon, is his business.  Jonny Johnson getting the belt the way he did?  That was bullshit, but quite frankly…  your boy Cade’s gonna have that under control.  It’s his cross to bear, right now.

As far as you’re concerned?  My issue with your CAUSE?  My problem with YOU? 

It’s about family, man. 

Family that brought YOUR punk ass into this business.

Family that LOOKED OUT FOR and CARED for you, when you were at your lowest.

That’s your family. 

Then, of course…  there’s my family.

Once again, he extends his hand out, as the noise grows behind him.

Real Deal:  And no…  I don’t mean my brother.  I’m not gonna make excuses for him, D.  Not my job.  He’s doing what he thinks he ought to, and working in the way he feels is right for him.  That’s not for me to criticize, and it’s sure as the fucking sun shines…  not for you to criticize.

You wanna talk about rising up?  Taking your stand?

Who the fuck even asked you? 

I’m a STANDARD BEARER for the SHOOT Project, son.  If SHOOT needs a hero?  All they gotta do is ask Nas to introduce me. 

Your army…  your militia…  whatever the fuck you wanna call it…  it reeks of the same filth that emanated when Jonny Johnson ‘won’ the World title.

Do what you have to do, man.  Call yourself a champion of the people.  Take advantage of the people in the back who need that prayer, or glimmer of hope, to get a little bit farther ahead than they are right now…  prey on them. 


The crowd takes over, as the “REAL DEAL” chant is almost deafening.  His response?  He leans against the ropes, soaking it in, and staring intently at Donovan King.

Real Deal:  Watch me.

I’ll rise up.

I’ll take a stand.

You’re not gonna convince me, or make me change my mind, and King?  You won’t pull the wool over my eyes.

I will fight for the SHOOT Project. 



And THAT, Donovan King?

That’s MY cross to bear.


Prove me wrong! You shit on me an’ my decision to stand up, you go ahead! Stand alone! You ain’t done dat in YEARS, it’s about time! Go get dat World title one mo’ time! Dese people can’t get enough, right?

They, of course, cheer.

Donovan King: Get ready to boo me, then. See.because you come an’ go at your leisure, play up like it’s your house…  an’ I’ve been respectful tonight, but stops.

The fans boo.

Donovan King: You ask me who asked me to stand up, I tell you nobody. Nobody asked me, an’ nobody DAMN sure asked YOU to come back an’ get in my shit. Do you HONESTLY think you comin’ fuh me has anything to do wit’ alla dis movement I’m a part of? No. smile an’ you smirk an’ you laugh me off all the hell you want to, man.but the bottom line is I still see you tryna posture because I fucked you up an’ SHOWED you.dat.





The fans RIP into boos.

Donovan King: Men like me, men like Storm, or Cade, or Jester, or Ozzy.WE been holdin’ it down. US. You come an’ you go, make a cameo here an’’ fo’ what? I promise you, despite you thinkin’ you can fight fuh OutKast.if I was fucked up like Corazon, he’d be here. You so eager to say it’s his business, an’ let him go, then you better be ready to know dat dis fight? Dis war is MY business. Anything I did to OutKast…  any disrespect I’ve done to the company, or to the fans, or to my peers, or to my superiors…  dat’s NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

Nobody elected you to stand up. You just.did. You don’t like seein’ somebody like me do it, dat’s fine. I know what has to be’ I know dat SHOOT Project’s been fucked up. It needs to change.

Your brother has let injustice continue. He’s done NOTHING to Jonny Johnson. I spoke up, an’ ever since…  I’ve never been booked. He’s let so many of his roster sit an’ take it all. I’m sick uh seein’ him run dis place like dat. He’s gonna learn to respect what’s comin’. He’s gonna learn to respect dis new generation.

King gets in Real Deal’s face.

Donovan King: YOU…  are gonna learn to respect dis new generation.

Real Deal mockingly wipes his face.

Real Deal:  For all your bravado, and all that ‘gangster’ you possess…  it’s pretty funny to hear you rehash the shit I said, not even five minutes ago. 

Did you ignore it, or did you just not LISTEN, man? 

Every so often, bro?  Men like you get all uppity, men like Ozzy?  They get all uppity.  Jester?  Cade?  Whoever? 

They get uppity. 

But it takes a special breed of window-licking retard to try and mount some kind of army, or militia, and it takes an even MORE special brand of window-licking retard to JOIN an army, or militia.

Everyone sees you as a standout bad guy.  The uber heel.  Hell man, I see it too. That’s why it’s so funny to watch you try and force good guy down the fans throats. 

Call me stale.  Talk about me not doing shit for years, whatever you gotta do man.  Discredit me.

Real Deal smiles.

Real Deal:  I already said a long time ago that you beat my ass.  But that spot of pride for you is IMMEDIATELY voided, when you go on your rant about me being irrelevant, or whatever.

What’s your position really?  Is it some kind of talking point for beating me, or isn’t it?  Are you proud or aren’t you?  Make up your fuckin’ mind, D. 






Real Deal bursts out laughing.

Real Deal:  See?  I can do that shit too.

He shakes his head.

Real Deal:  It’s pretty funny though, that you’re all about your oppression…  all about how you’re getting ignored. 

Lemme ask you something.

You remember how you said you hadn’t been booked since whenever?

He sighs.

Real Deal:  …didja ask to be booked?  Did you approach someone who can get you booked in a match…  and say, ‘hey, I’d like to be booked?’

Before you shake your head, and get all pissy again, I’m gonna make this easy for you.  

Donovan King?  Next week, at Revolution Thirty-fuckin’-nine…  you, my dear friend… 

You will be booked.

I’ll make sure of it.  Don’t fuck this up, Donnie.  Keep doing all that shit you say you’re gonna do.  Make everrryyyyone proud, and really show them that you’ve turned over a new leaf. 

It’ll be inspiring.

Or…  it’ll just be bullshit, and you?  You’ll just be a…


The crowd explodes, as Nas’ "Hero" takes over the PA.  Real Deal walks towards Donovan King, slams the microphone into his chest, and continues past him, climbing out of the ring, as the cameras cut backstage.


Once more, the cameras cut backstage to Az and Victoria, trying to find someplace quiet.  Az is on his cell, talking to someone intently.

Azraith:  Yeah Kaji, I’m gonna need some backup, bring yourself, a couple of your guys…yeah I know you brought some with you from Tokyo, don’t bullshit me.  As soon as Tori is outta here, we’re going to tear this fuckin’ place apart.

The two brush past another random ring-tech…but suddenly Az stops in his tracks, his cell phone dropping from his hand with a soft metallic click.

Kaji:  Az?  Azraith?  Are you there Az?

Az turns slowly, looking at the stagehand, who was now looking at him curiously.  Az slowly makes his way towards the young man, putting a hand on his shoulder calmly.  Az wasn’t looking the man in the face.  He was looking at what he was wearing around his neck.  On a simple silver necklace, the young man was wearing a ring, a silver and turquoise ring, too big for his own fingers.  The sight of it snapped something in Az’s mind.

Azraith:  Where…did you get that ring?

The young man looks at Az curiously for a moment, before his eyes light up.

Stagehand:  Oh, this thing?  I actually found it in my locker room a few minutes ago, it was laying right in my locker.  Pretty cool ain’t it?

Az’s jaw clinched.  The hand on the man’s shoulder tightened enough where the guy, no older than maybe twenty-two, yelped out a little in pain.

Azraith: That…’cool’ ring? That’s my fathers. It was taken from…it…it was STOLEN from him…along with the goddamn finger it was attached to.

Az’s voice was cold, quivering slightly as he tried not to scream, tried not to attract attention. The young man’s eyes go wide, he had heard the story of Az’s father, and his stomach was sinking fast as he feels that hand on his shoulder tighten even more.

Stagehand: L…l…listen Az. Imean Mr. DeMitri. I had NO idea this was your father’s. I’ll give it back right now, I’m SO sorry…

Azraith: Who gave it to you?

Stagehand: Like I said Mr. DededeDeMitri, I just fo…

The man isn’t given a chance to finish that sentence before Az SLAMS him into the closest wall, getting mere centimeters away from him, Az’s low snarl inches from his ear.

Azraith: Tell me the fucking truth…did he give it to you?!

Stagehand: Did who give it to me? What the hell are you even talking abouAAAAGHHH!!

Az’s fist slams into the man’s ribs, the cracking audible from where Victoria is standing behind them, her eyes wide.

Azraith: DID. HE. GIVE. IT. TO. YOU?

Stagehand: WHO?!


Az slams another punch into the man’s ribs before throwing him to the ground, placing his massive boot on the young man’s chest, glaring down in his eyes which are caught between being wide with fear and clenched with pain.

Stagehand: I…*cough*…I thought Maverick was d…dead…

That was it. That was the trigger for Azraith. His eyes go wide, and he suddenly STOMPS down on the man’s chest, over and over, four times before he mounts the man and RIPS the necklace off his neck.

Azraith: I’m going to beat you…I’m going to hurt you until you tell me something. I KNOW you’re working for him! I KNOW!

Az slams a punch into the man’s face, a cracking sound can be heard as a tooth flies out, skittering across the cement floor. Another punch, this time hitting the man’s hands as he tries to defend himself, sending a finger backwards in a direction it was never meant to go, and he continues to unleash on the defenseless man, screaming down at him, interrogating the man without even giving him a chance to respond.

The man finally manages a scream and as he is ready to throw another punch, in a sudden dash several security guards tackle Azraith off the young man, pulling the psychotic to his feet, who is still lunging at the man now in the care of about three running EMT’s.




As two guards grab Azraith around the shoulders, a third uses his baton to spear Azraith in the gut. Azraith lets out a woosh of air and staggers backward, bringing the two guards with him. He tries to get himself up but a fourth guard who had just showed up, spears him to the ground as Victoria screams in protest.

Wrestling him down for several seconds, the four guards finally manage to get a set of handcuffs on Azraith’s wrists and hoist him up.

Azraith: Look… look… I’m okay. I’ll go quietly… I’ll-

Azraith tries to squirm free from the guards and make one more rush at the stagehand but one of the guards pulls out a taser and waves it in Azraith’s eyes.



It’s Victoria that finally gets through to Azraith as he lets his shoulders sag and walks off, a flank of security on either side of him. He’s slowly led to the back doors of the arena where the flashing lights of a police car can be seen.

Azraith, with Victoria at his side, is led to the open door of the cop car and led inside before the officer slams the door behind him.

A rather large crowd has gathered at the doors by this point, including many wrestlers, crew and anonymous spectators. The cop car revs its motor and begins to pull out of the parking lot as a line begins to part through a shocked looking crowd … making way for the very stagehand that Az just beat half to death.

Clutching his ribs and rubbing his cheek he staggers forward, watching as the cop car disappears down the road. A smile creeps up the man’s face as he reaches up, pulling the back of his black hair out of a bun, letting it fall to his shoulders. He begins to chuckle, despite the pain to his ribs as he staggers away from the arena.

Tears rolling down his face as he laughs, walking toward the access road the cop car just sped down, he reaches into his uniform and pulls out a white-haired, wrinkled… plastic mask.

He throws the mask to the side and throws his head back in laughter, the sound echoing into the night as he continues to follow road traveled by the police cruiser carrying Azraith and his wife Victoria.


The shot returns to ringside, and the cameras pan across the Thomas and Mack Center, capturing the faces, expressions and chants of this sold out Revolution crowd.


A solid image appears over the footage, and fans at home know what is up next!  At the same time, the cameras switch to a view of DAVE and OG at the announce table.

Dave Dymond: Well ladies and gentlemen, there you see it.  Tonight’s Soldier Summary for this all important WORLD TITLE bout between CADE SYDAL and the current Champion, “THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson. As you see on paper, Jonny has the clear-cut size advantage, but Cade has made a career out of being able to hang with the biggest so that’ll almost be a non-factor.   Now, for Cade, it’s going to have to be “Kick, Kick, Kick” to stay afloat.  If Jonny has a major weakness, it’s that he’s occasionally very vulnerable to an aggressive offense.  Cade will need to establish command early or he could be in for a WORLD of trouble.

The fans start getting pretty loud, and the announcers raise their voices.

Other Guy: (Speaking louder) Yeah Dave, and that’s what “BEAT YOURSELF” means.  Jonny’s gonna give Cade every opportunity to pull his own trigger and Cade will have to do whatever he can to resist.   For whatever reason, The Defiler gets off on his fuckin’ traps and head games, which means Cade’s gonna have to be cool with switching his game around.  Dude’s a pure wrestling genius, but for him to walk out of here with that title, I think it’s gonna take more than being “scientifically” strong.

Dave Dymond: And it’s not up there, but we would be naive if we didn’t include Jonny’s complete lack of honor or pride as an intangible tonight.

Other Guy: Oh no doubt, Dave.  No fuckin’ doubt.  This match has an ELEVEN MINUTE time limit…  no disqualification or count out, and Jonny’s already warned us that he has no intentions of giving Cade a fair shake.  And that’s maybe the sickest facet of our World Champion’s game.  He doesn’t give a shit.  He doesn’t care who he pisses off…  whose career he ruins…  In his mind there’s ALWAYS some kinda “justice”.  That’s how he rolls, and GODDAMNIT if every bone in my body isn’t pulling for Cade to kick this son of a bitch’s ass tonight!

Dave Dymond: Unbiased broadcasting is out the window for this one!  PULL THIS ONE OFF CADE!!!  Reach down wherever you need to reach and find a way to BEAT Jonny Johnson!!!



The cameras hop over to the ring, where Samantha Coil stands prominently.  Fans everywhere on starting to climb out of their chairs and stand up!  It gets louder and louder with each passing moment of anticipation!




“You forget I got this far without you

I’m not the person that you think I am”



“The life I want to lead needs no approval

From someone who will never understand!”

Storming through the curtains, CADE SYDAL pumps his fists at the top of the aisle way and shouts out to the crowd!  They respond with an OUTPOURING OF POPPAGE!  Cade, in his usual ring attire; red wrestling shorts, trimmed, in white…  kick pads, knee pads and red footwear with the intricate design of a dragon running down in white, strides confidently to the ring.  He ENTHUSIASTICALLY slaps high fives with a few selective fans, and even stops to grab a sign from a member of the audience.


He holds the sign up in front of the camera.

Cade Sydal: That’s how it is, bitches!

“You’re forgetting my broken bones

Forgetting I’m not alone

Hard to stand alone

When this feels like home!”

He BOLTS for the ring with the sign, slides under the bottom rope and heads to the corner!  He scales the second turnbuckle and RAISES THE SIGN HIGH INTO THE AIR!!!


FLASHBULBS GO OFF EVERYWHERE!!!  Cade points at the sign and then shouts at the crowd who get even MORE fired up!!

“Just because you lived a little longer

Doesn’t mean your will is any stronger!”

He hops down to the mat and nods at Samantha Coil and then goes to check in with Scott Kamura.  He throws the sign down in the corner of the ring, while Kamura pats his boots.

Other Guy: C’mon Cade.  Man…  just…  fucking find a way dude!

“Broken Bones” by Nonpoint starts to fade out, and the arena’s excitement turns into bubbling anxiety.  Cade gets an “okay” thumbs up from Kamura and starts quickly hopping up and down, making sure he’s loose.

Everything gets very weirdly quiet.

Cade stares at the entranceway.

The foreboding chimes begin to ring.

Cade’s body clenches up.

A guitar croaks out a single note.

An electric whining violin screeches over the P.A.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, OG…



AND THE MUSIC BURSTS INTO A DRIVING DISSONANCE!  Several pink spotlights begin circling the arena as the opening, siren like sounds of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene drive this sell-out crowd to the brink of insanity.


The BOOS are so loud that they begin to blend together into one THUNDEROUS blur of   negative energy.  In the meantime, the song’s beautifully maddening dissonance swells and swells and swells, reaching it’s peak!





“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The curtains rustle, but the first person out ISN’T Jonny Johnson.  It’s trusted attorney PETER LOLWEN and he’s being joined by six other well dressed, well-to-do, men in suits.  The six are in pink suits with black ties, and Lolwen is in black with a pink tie.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Other Guy: Oh what the fuck…

Lolwen talks to the others for a brief instance and then turns back to the curtains, watching as THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION follows behind them!


The fans are RUTHLESS but by the looks of it, Jonny couldn’t care less.  He moves in to have a few personal words with Lolwen and then pats him on the chest.  He then begins his stride to the ring, the WORLD TITLE hanging off his left shoulder, his lawyers following in toe behind.

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jonny stops as he gets closer to the ring and eyeballs Cade, who stays stoic and ready for anything.  Lolwen moves in and whispers something to his client, who motions over toward the back corner of the ring. 

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

He nods and directs the others to follow him.  Jonny brushes off a fan who tries to touch him, but continues to look at Cade, a small, devious smile reaching from cheek to cheek.

The lighting scheme evolves with the the flow of the song, which slows a bit, heading into the chorus.  Trippy pink lights seem to drip down from the ceiling like thin puddles of light ooze.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”



“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

As the song resumes, Jonny finishes his strut to the ring.  He heads up the steel steps and then motions for Kamura to back Cade away as he makes his way in between the ropes.  Sydal, who really isn’t nearby takes a few steps back regardless.  He ignores the team of lawyers who have taken their seats in a row of chair just in front of the guard rails outside, and keeps his eyes on the prize.

Jonny hands over the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT over to referee Scott Kamura and then takes off his shirt and dumps it to the floor.  He moves back into his corner and leans back, stretching out.  Cade takes a couple more quick hops in HIS corner and stretches his arms and backs, while ALL EYES fall on SAMANTHA COIL at the center of the ring.

“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene fades out and the fans ERUPT into an excited cheer.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…  the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with an eleven minute time limit and it is for the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!!

The fans POP excitedly.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  THE CHALLENGER!  He weighs in at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds…  From South Port, North Carolina…  CADE SYDAL!!!

Sydal bobs his head up and down as he makes short hops back and forth.  The crowd POPS HUGE AND CADE IS FEELING IT! 

Across the ring, Jonny stays calm, slowly rolling his neck from side to side.

Samantha Coil: And now…  introducing THE SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT OF THE WORLD!

As Coil begins making her announcement, TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and “SUPER FAN”, TIM CALAHAN make an unexpected arrival.  The fans begin to BOOOOOO.

Samantha Coil: He weights in at two hundred, twenty-seven pounds…  From Chicago, Illinois…  He is “The DEFILER”.  HE. IS. JONNY JOHNSON!


Jonny finally moves out from his corner and raises his hands to pose for this VOLATILE crowd!  Quinn, Riley, and Calahan begin cheering from around the ring, each one making his way to one side.

Scott Kamura notices the late arriving “Friends”, but does his best to stay professional, as he raises the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT OVER HIS HEAD.

Other Guy: Goddamnit man…

Dave Dymond: I know, man.  I know.

Jonny shrugs at Cade and starts to move in closer to his challenger.  Sydal doesn’t back down and the the two men meet in the center of the ring.  They go face to face.  Jonny has a few words, and Cade barks back.

The fans get antsy and begin cheering and shouting!!!

Quinn slaps the ring apron, as does Riley while Calahan cheers from his end.  The Six Lawyers and Peter Lolwen watch attentively from their seats near the announce table.  Basically, all four corners are occupied by members of Jonny’s camp.

Kamura urges the two competitors to back away from each other, and Cade obliges, only for Jonny to grab him from behind and spin him back toward him!  Kamura tries to push Jonny back, but now Cade gets in Jonny’s face!!!

Other Guy: Don’t do it, Cade!  C’mon!!  Back off, dude!  BACK OFF!

Dave Dymond: Kamura has not sounded for the bell…  so the clock won’t start…

Kamura gets in between Cade and Jonny, and the World Champ stretches his arms out, continuing to taunt the challenger!  Cade kicks at the bottom rope and FINALLY Kamura calls for the bell!


Other Guy: Eleven minutes!  Find a way, Cade!

Dave Dymond: HERE WE GO!!!

Cade STORMS at Jonny, but the DEFILER backs up!  Cade throws a kick!  Jonny blocks!  Cade follows with another one, but Jonny side steps the attack!  Cade finally LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT JONNY AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!  JONNY GOES DOWN!!!

Other Guy: YES!!!  GO!  GO!

Dave Dymond: Cade is BRINGING IT!!!

Cade begins throwing a series of strikes!  Jonny rolls around on the mat, trying to defend himself!!!  HERE COMES SUPER FAN!!!


 Dave Dymond: Damn it.  Here comes company…

Super Fan trounces into the ring, but Cade is seemingly expecting it!  He gets off of Jonny, hops to his feet and SLAMS A FOREARM INTO CALAHAN’S FACE!!!  Jonny rolls out of the ring and QUINN STORMS IN NOW!  Quinn makes contact with an attack, but Cade turns and throws a WILD FOREARM!  Quinn gets NAILED!  Riley into the ring now!!!


Quinn drops to his knees and attacks Cade at the legs!  Riley then storms in and NAILS CADE FROM BEHIND!  Super Fan is back up and DRILLS CADE IN THE FACE WITH A BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!  Kamura TRIES to get the others to leave, but due to the rules of the contest, there isn’t anything he can do.


The beat down continues and the clock is TICKING AWAY.

Dave Dymond: And it is now THREE ON ONE and the World Champion is nowhere to be…

There’s some rustling on the broadcast microphones.

Other Guy: Oh fuck no!  GET THE FUCK OUT!

The DEFILER: Some kind of match, huh?  How we doing on time?

Riley SLAMS a stiff kick into Cade’s back and Sydal winces in pain!  Quinn then bounces off the ropes and DRILLS CADE IN THE FACE WITH A DOUBLE-SOLED DROP KICK!!!

Other Guy: You’re a piece of shit, dude.

The DEFILER: Is he always this terrible, Dave?  Jesus, man.  Call the match.

Calahan and Riley lift Cade up off the mat!  Inside the ring, Quinn SLAPS Cade in the face!

The DEFILER: Oooh!  HA!  LOVE IT!  Seriously, though, where the fuck are we on time?  About ten minutes?  Maybe a little less?

Cade’s head reels back!

Dave Dymond: (Also annoyed now) You don’t give one damn about being a World Champion, do you, Jonny?

The DEFILER: Remind me to make sure you two don’t call my matches anymore.  Such a whiny fucking broadcast.  But to answer your question, Davey Dave, I not only CARE…  I CHERISH being World Heavyweight Champion.


Pieces of trash begin to litter the ring now as Calahan completes the execution of a STUN GUN, draping Cade out across the top rope!  Sydal’s neck WHIPLASHES BACK!  Riley pumps his fist and Quinn cheers a little bit!!!  Calahan hops up and cheers as well!!!

The DEFILER: MAN!  Did you see that?  Great looking stun gun!  So…  Do you guys keep track of the time here, or is that Kendrick?

Neither announcer responds to The World Champion.

The DEFILER: I don’t know why you guys are being bitches about this.  I told you about four thousand times that something like this was going to happen.

Quinn looks at Jonny and the camera picks up a side view, where we can see Jonny sort of flips his wrist out and gestures for them to continue working Sydal down.  Quinn nods and regroups with the guys.  They look down at Cade and then Quinn motions for Riley to head to the top.

The DEFILER: Probably about seven minutes?  Eight?  Eight minutes guys?

Dave Dymond: (Just to shut him up) About eight minutes and forty seconds, Jonny.

The DEFILER: Isn’t this fucking great, guys?  I’m so money on the mic.

Riley climbs to the top rope while Quinn and Calahan hold Cade down!  The BOOOOS have turned into frustrated groans!


Riley flips himself in midair and LANDS A SHOOTING STAR LEG DROP ACROSS CADE’S THROAT!!!

The DEFILER: RILEY MOVEMENT!  RILEY MOVEMENT!  Was that good?  Can I call a main event some day do you think?  Oh wait.  HAHA!  I AM!  Fuck.  Is this a first?  The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion calling his own match?  Cade is going to LOVE this in the morning!

Riley high fives Quinn, while Calahan drops down to the mat to taunt a nearly unconscious Cade Sydal.

Other Guy: You’re a COWARD you goddamn…

The DEFILER: Whoa, whoa.  Chill OUT, OG.  I’m so sick of that word being applied to my name.  A coward is a person who runs because all he can DO is RUN.  I’m choosing to let this happen right now because…  well because why not?  Did Cade earn a match with me?  No he didn’t.  Did Cade DESERVE a match with me?  God no.  So this is what he gets.  This is what the ORGANIZATION gets…  A fucking REMINDER that I…


The DEFILER: (Almost off mic) Oh WHAT THE FUCK?!?!


CJ NELSON and JARED WALSH storm out from the back!  Quinn grabs Calahan!!!

We hear a headset crash to the announce table!!!

Other Guy: HAHA!  YES!  OH HELL YES!!!  What’s wrong ya little bitch?  HUH?!  WHAT’S WRONG?!

Quinn, Riley, and Calahan leave the ring and CHARGE at CJ and Jared, but the tag champs are MORE THAN READY!!!  CJ LEVELS CALAHAN!  JARED DRILLS QUINN WITH A KICK!!!  RILEY GETS PLASTERED BY CJ!!!

Dave Dymond: JUSTICE, OG!  JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED!!!  Quinn down!  Riley down!  CALAHAN DOWN!!!

Other Guy: Course, no love loss between Cade and LIHC, but those squabbles being thrown aside!!!  I LOVE IT!!!

CJ throws Quinn over the railing!

The cameras cut to a FURIOUS JONNY JOHNSON SCREAMING AT HIS TEAM OF LAWYERS!!!  At the same time, Cade Sydal begins to stew in the ring!!!  The cameras then go back to the brawl!  Calahan gets thrown over the railing last!!!  CJ and Jared follow suit!!!  They try to run, but it’s more of an awkward stumble!!!


The fans jump up and down!!!

Dave Dymond: Cade is up!  We’re looking at about five minutes left in this one!!!

Jonny notices Cade getting up and starts to slink around to the other side.  He stays low, sneaking at “apron-level”.  Cade pushes himself up to his feet!!!  Jonny climbs up onto the apron behind him and tries to quietly enter the ring, but CADE TURNS AND SPOTS HIM!!!

Dave Dymond: GET HIM!!!

Cade wipes at his face and realizes his nose is bleeding!  He shakes his head!!!  He takes a couple steps toward Jonny…



Other Guy: Where the HELL WAS HE HIDING?!?!

Cade goes down!!!  Kilminster POUNCES on Cade and, from a mounted position begins throwing some HEAVY RIGHTS AND LEFTS!  FOREARMS, PUNCHES, ELBOWS!  You name it, Kilminster is throwing it right now!!!  SHOT AFTER SHOT!!!

Jonny takes a deep breath and again rolls out of the ring.  He SLAPS the ring mat and SCREAMS at Cade from outside.


Jonny shakes his head and turns away from the ring.  The BOOOOS return.  Jonny spins back to face where Kendrick and Coil are sitting.  He shouts at either one.

The DEFILER: How much fucking time?

They respond, but you can’t hear it on camera.

Osbourne brushes his hands off and stands up now.  He looks back at Jonny, who gestures “FOUR” with his hands.  Kilminster nods…  AND THE FANS ROAR AGAIN!!!  Jonny looks confused and looks up…  CJ AND JARED COME BACK OVER THE RAILING!!!

The DEFILER: You gotta be fucking KIDDING!!!  PETER!!  PETE!  WHAT THE SHIT!?!

Osbourne sees CJ and Jared, but then he ALSO sees QUINN and RILEY (No Super Fan, though) who, like zombies, limp over the rail and follow LIHC!!!  Jonny moves back to his team of lawyers and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!  Kilminster launches himself at CJ and tackles the big man down!!!

Other Guy: I can’t take this!  GOD!

Dave Dymond: A roller coaster ride of a main event!  Jared trying to get Kilminster off, CJ!  But here come Rogue and Riley!!!

A STREAM OF OFFICIALS now pour out from the back to control the brawl!!!  Jonny watches in shock!

But more importantly…  Cade Sydal is pushing himself up again!!!

CJ, Jared, Kilminster, Quinn, and Riley all start getting ushered toward the back!!!  Punches are still being thrown, though!  Legs flail around!!! 

Dave Dymond: And now wait…  CADE IS UP!!!

Back in the ring, Cade is on his feet!  Jonny is screaming at his lawyers on the outside!!!  Sydal sees an opening!!!  HE GETS TO HIS FEET AND IMMEDIATELY SPRINGBOARDS OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!  JONNY TURNS!!! CADE HURLS HIS BODY AT EVERYONE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!




Dave Dymond: OH SWEET LORD!!!

Jonny tries to scramble to his feet but falls back!!!  Cade pushes through the bodies and makes his way to his feet!!!  He runs after Jonny, who falls back toward the announce table!!!  CADE LAUNCHES HIMSELF!!!

Other Guy: SHIT LOOK OUT!!!

CADE DRILLS JONNY WITH A CHAOTIC SPEAR AND THEY BOTH BOWL OVER DAVE DYMOND AND OG!!!  Dymond FALLS INTO THE RAILING!! OG TAKES A TUMBLE INTO A CHAIR!!!  Cade hits the side of the announce table awkwardly and Jonny manages to escape!!!

The DEFILER actually opts to slide into the ring, and Cade chases after!!!  Jonny, apparently sick of messing around, waves for Cade to bring it!!!  Sydal slides into the ring…  Jonny aggresses!!!  CADE TAKES JONNY DOWN AGAIN!!!  Jonny throws him off!!!  CADE WILL NOT QUIT!!!  Jonny tries to back off, Cade follows after him!!!  Scott Kamura stays close to the action!!!

Other Guy: (Somewhat off mic) Dave you okay!  Shit.

Backing up as Cade pursues, Jonny raises a knee and catches Cade under the chin!!!  Jonny’s momentum carries him stumbling awkwardly over Sydal!  He falls on top of his opponent and the Champion throws a FOREARM!!!  He NAILS Cade in the face!  BUT CADE SPITS AT JONNY!!!  Cade kicks Jonny off!!!

Other Guy: Cade, c’mon man!!!  Sydal staying alive!!!

Jonny charges back, but Cade dips down and executes a JAPANESE ARM DRAG and takes the champ down!!!  Jonny up to his feet!  Cade drops low and spins around and pulls off a LEG SWEEP TAKE DOWN!  Jonny back to the mat!!!  Cade follows with a senton!!!

He turns around quickly!!!

Other Guy:  A cover!!  Quick, man!  Scott, just quick count it!!!

Kamura drops to the mat!!!




Cade up!  Jonny up!  Jonny tries to catch Cade off guard with a clothesline!!! CADE DUCKS!!!  JONNY TURNS AROUND!!!




CADE LANDS FACE FIRST ON THE MAT!!  Jonny trails back!! Sydal pushes himself up!!!


Other Guy: NO!!!



The crowd goes DEATHLY SILENT.


Jonny stays seated on the mat and looks at Cade.  He shakes his head and smirks…

But he doesn’t make a cover.

Jonny rolls out of the ring and heads back toward Kendrick and Coil.  He pushes Mark out of the way and grabs his title off the the small table nearby.  Kamura warns Jonny to get in the ring, and threatens with a ten count!






Jonny smirks and rolls back into the ring.  Kamura scolds the champion, but he shrugs it off.  Instead, he takes a sea near an unconscious Sydal.  The fans are in a state of disarray and the commentators offer nothing.

The DEFILER just stays seated, casually watching his victim.


The bells sound out of NOWHERE and there’s some initial confusion.  Kamura alertly looks to Kendrick and Coil, knowing he didn’t make a call.  Mark, though, gestures at his wrist and Kamura nods.  Knowing exactly what is going on…  Jonny pulls himself up to his feet and now moves closer to Cade’s corpse-like, body.

Kamura leans over the ropes and discusses the outcome with Samantha Coil.  Coil nods her head and Kamura turns to check on Cade.  Jonny’s smile seems to grow wider, and the fans start too BOOOOOOO mercilessly.

They all realize what’s coming next.


Samantha Coil: (Somewhat somberly) Ladies and gentlemen…  the time limit HAS EXPIRED and the contest ENDS IN A DRAW.  Therefore…  JONNY JOHNSON RETAINS THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

With cups, and paper and just about everything else being thrown into the ring, THE DEFILER slowly raises his SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE over his head!  ”Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene begins to play again, and disgust fills the arena.

Jonny smiles…  a dark, cruel, sinister smile.

He is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

His Empire survived its first attack.

Our broadcast ends on the image of a battered warrior, a prevailing tyrant…

And a ring full of garbage.

“Give us Cade, Or Give us Death…”