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Revolution: 039 – 8/3/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.


It all opens up to yet another edition of Revolution and another SOLD OUT crowd live inside the Thomas and Mack Center. Certain fans get a couple of seconds of on air time before the camera focuses on Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside.  The fans are just as rowdy behind them, but neither man seems to mind, in fact they FEED off the energy.

Dave Dymond: Welcome, everybody, to REVOLUTION 39! Are you ready for this, OG?

Other Guy: You bet your sweet ass I’m ready, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Let’s take it to Samantha Coil then and lets get this started!

The camera goes to Samantha Coil, standing in the center of the ring. She smiles and raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute ti–

Suddenly there’s a frenzied drum beat and guitar! "Broken Bones" by nonpoint starts up!

You forgot I got this far without you!

I’m not the person that you think I aaaaaam!

The fans begin to cheer loudly and Samantha Coil lowers the microphone!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is already in the building!

The life I want to lead needs no approval

From someone who will never understaaaaaaand!

Cade Sydal explodes through the curtain, already dressed to compete! He waves his hands out to the sea of roaring fans, feeding off of their excitement as he walks down the ramp!

You’re forgetting my broken boooooones!

Forgetting I’m not alooooone!

Hard to stand alooooone!

When this feels like hoooome!

Cade suddenly throws his back up against the guard rail at the end of the ramp!


Fans all around Cade begin touching any part of his body they can as he soaks it up! He suddenly breaks free and slides under the bottom rope.

Just because you lived a little longer

Doesn’t mean your will is any stronger

The music fades out as Cade calmly takes the microphone from Samantha Coil. Cade backs up into the ropes and holds the ropes open for Samantha Coil to make her exit from the ring. He then walks back to the center of the ring and soaks in the cheers for a brief moment longer. And then he raises the microphone to his lips.

Cade Sydal: Give us Cade. Or Give us Death.

The fans cheer loudly again, and Cade half-smirks.

Cade Sydal: Unfortunately, I didn’t finish Jonny Johnson off last week. But the fact that we’re all still standing here means that this war against his tyranny is not over yet! Jonny Johnson, you chose for this to not be finished yet! I told you, Jonny. All you had to do was pin me or make me tap out…and you didn’t, did you?

The fans cheer again, and Cade nods his head slowly.

Cade Sydal: So, Jonny. Why don’t you walk your bitch ass down this fucking ramp. Bring your friends, because I give a damn. Step through these ropes. And get your ass knocked the fuck out! I know I’ve got a main event match tonight, but I’m more than ready to compete twice! So come on, Jonny!

The fans cheer loudly as Cade faces the ramp!

Dave Dymond: Is the DEFILER even here tonight?!

Other Guy: I don’t think anyone has seen him all night, Dave, but I hope he’s here so he can get his ass kicked!

Cade Sydal: Come on down, Jonny! Are you scared?! ‘Cause I’m gonna keep fucking bugging you until you get your ass out here and we mix it up again!

The fans cheer at Cade’s proclamation, and he grins.

Cade Sydal: Jonny Johnson isn’t coming down that ramp guys. And do you know why?!

Some fan in the front row shouts out "HE’S A PUSSY!" and soon people around him begin to mimic the chant, until it sweeps across the majority of the crowd.

HE’S A PUSSY! *clap clap clapclapclap* HE’S A PUSSY *clap clap clapclapclap* HE’S A PUSSY! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Cade shrugs and nods.

Cade Sydal: That’s one reason, sure. But the big reason he’s being a pussy is because he’s scared! He’s not scared of me by myself, not at all! He’s scared of what I can do with all of YOU supporting me! He’s afraid that because of your frenzied support, I might actually be capable of tearing down his empire, and I AM! Jonny Johnson wants to say I’m being selfish by taking these opportunities for myself while my best friend isn’t getting the "push" instead, but what Jonny doesn’t know is I’ve talked to Dan Stein about all of this and THIS is what HE wants too! Jonny Johnson, I’ve got my eyes on the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship! So, with the blessings of the people and my best friend…get your fucking ass out here you pussy and fight me like a fucking man!

Cade drops the microphone and throws his arms out wide, issuing the physical challenge as the fans cheer loudly. The fans cheer even more as Scott Kamura runs down the ramp!

Dave Dymond: The DEFILER must be here, and he must have accepted, because that’s our senior official!

Other Guy: You don’t think we’re going to start the night off with an impromptu title match, do you?!

Scott Kamura walks to Cade after sliding under the bottom rope and says something inaudible. Cade shakes his head slowly and reaches down to grab the microphone. As he straightens up he speaks.

Cade Sydal: Unfortunately, Scott Kamura has just informed me that Jonny Johnson is in fact…not here tonight. No one is in his locker room. None of his friends are here yet. No one. Or am I misunderstanding you, Scott?

Scott Kamura: No one from his camp is here, that’s correct.

The fans begin to boo.

Scott Kamura: I’m sorry, Cade. But I’m gonna have to ask you to go to the back. We still need to start the show.

Cade backs away from Scott Kamura.

Cade Sydal: This puts me in a bit of a pickle, you see. Because I want to face Jonny Johnson tonight. I want to be able to look him in the eye and tell him exactly what I’m going to do. But you’re telling me there’s no Jonny here for me to do that to, and you’re telling me I can’t wait here because you need to start the show. Well, I respect that, Scott. Really, I do. So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to go back there. And I’m going to look for Jonny myself. If I don’t find him, I’ll wait. He’ll be here tonight, he’s too much of an egomaniac to miss the show. And when I find him, there will be a fight, Scott. Even if that means I’ll have to fight after my match, if it takes that long. Because, these people want that. Dan Stein wants that. And WANT THAT! The war is just getting started, Scott…and you better figure out where you stand in it.

Cade drops the microphone as "Broken Bones" by nonpoint starts again. Cade and Scott Kamura trade a couple words before Cade finally steps through the ropes. The cheering is a little less loud, as it becomes clear that the people really wanted to see Cade Sydal versus Jonny Johnson, part two, right away.

Dave Dymond: Powerful words from the man I still believe is the number one contender to Jonny Johnson’s World Heavyweight Championship!

Other Guy: More importantly…there’s gonna be a fight between those two again, sooner or later! And Cade is going to tear him up!



A few moments after Cade makes his exit, the arena lights flicker on and off, as the intro to "Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge hits. The song reaches the beginning lyrics, and Doug Kinsella leaps from behind the curtain.

Dave Dymond: Well, looks like we are ready to kick our night off.

Other Guy: Man that was some great shit to hear from Cade!

He makes his way down the entrance way, as he circles the ring, slapping a few hands from the ringside fans. The crowd is a little unsure of this relatively new athlete is, but seem interested in seeing.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED FIVE POUNDS and hails from Springfield Ohio…  This is, DOUG KINSELLA!!!

Kinsella rolls into the ring and jumps on the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms. He gets back down and prepares with a couple of arm swings and jogging-in-place. He then bounces off the rope, and proceeds to stand in a corner.

Dave Dymond: Doug Kinsella coming off a victory last week over Sinnocence, but I talked to Doug a little bit before the show and he wasn’t really happy with his performance.

Other Guy: Kid’s got a knack for being the best he can be, and you’re right, man…  He got away with a victory, but not the way a guy like Kinsella wants to win.


The fans have no idea how to react as a pre recorded gravely voice shouts at them.  What follows is some super GENERIC SOUNDING police sirens.  There is almost no reaction as a man in a black and white prisoner outfit arrives from behind the curtain.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…  He weighs in at two hundred, seventeen pounds…  he’s from…  Prison…  BURGLAR!!!

Burglar begins his angry stride toward the ring.  In typical heel fashion, he shouts at fans who try touch him and threatens to punch a billion people.

Dave Dymond: Burglar making his IN-RING debut tonight…  You might remember Burglar from his several attempts to rob SHOOT Project employees  He was then given a wrestling contract in what was a perfect example of bizarre professional wrestling logic in action.

Other Guy: GO GET’EM Burglar!

Burglar strides to the ring, and enters right away.  He actually grabs a microphone from Samantha Coil.  Kinsella looks confused, as does the official signed to the bout, Chris Jenkins.

Dave Dymond: Burglar on the mic, OG.

Burglar moves toward Kinsella and pokes him in the chest.

Burglar: Well, well!  If it isn’t Doug Kin-SUCK-a!

He looks to the crowd with a wide eyed expression…  like he just came up with the most brilliant insult of all time.

Burglar: This is MY night tonight and I don’t want you or any of these HILLY BILLY LAS VEGAS FANS ruining it for me!  DO I MAKE MYSELF CL…

KINSELLA FIRES A FOREARM STRIKE TO BURGLAR’S FACE!!!  The mic crashes to the mat!!!  Burglar turns around and charges with a clothesline!!!  Kinella ducks and from behind, he locks his arms around the right side of Burglar’s neck and left arm. He has his head aligned right under his left armpit!  DOUG SWINGS BURGLAR OVER HIS HEAD AND DROPS HIM TO THE MAT AT A RAPID PACE!!!

The docile fans POP AT THE IMPACT!!!

Dave Dymond: That is the FINAL ENCOUNTER, and OG…  It looks like Burglar’s in for a for a short outing!

Other Guy: Fire up the showers, boys!!!

Kinsella makes an immediate pin attempt!

Jenkins drops to the mat!!!




Jenkins signals for the bell and the fans offer up a modest applause!!!

Dave Dymond: DECISIVE victory for Kinsella!!!

Jenkins raises Doug Kinsella’s arm, but Kinsella seems distracted by something in the crowd.  A few people turn their heads and there’s a mini comotion.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match…  DOUG KINSELLA!!!

Kinsella moves away from Jenkins and shouts out toward the fans.  He leans over on the ropes and keeps talking.  The cameras try and pick the situation up, and they catch trusted attorney, PETER LOLWEN walking away holding a notepad and pen.

"Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge plays over the PA, but Kinsella seems more focused on Lolwen then he does on his victory.

Dave Dymond: Now what the hell is this all about?  We just heard that no one from Jonny’s camp was in the building…  What the HELL do these guys want with Doug Kinsella?

Kinsella exits the ring and chases after Lolwen, disappearing into the crowd.

The shot cuts away elsewhere.

The scene fades in to the back. Jester Smiles is sitting in the Green Room, drinking a Pepsi. He leans against the wall, very relaxed. He is wearing a black shirt that says “Cade Muthafuckin’ Sydal” in big blue letters on it. Eryk Masters stands next to him, holding a microphone.

Eryk Masters: Nice shirt.

Jester Smiles: Meh, merch sales went up 2% after Cade wore mine. Figured I owed the guy.

Eryk Masters: Well, that makes sense. So, Jester, we were interrupted last week, so I figured I could try and ask you some questions this we-

There is a soft cough from off-camera.  The camera pans to show Nightmare, in ring gear, standing there patiently.  He waves for Eryk to continue. Eryk sorta looks at Jester for a minute. Jester waves at Nightmare, smiling.

Jester Smiles: What you got, Eryk?

Eryk shakes his head, as if he were stressed out.

Eryk Masters: Well, this seems a good time to bring up Donovan King. Now, it seems very strange that the man whom you went to war with for nearly 3 months would suddenly just up and ask you to be his ally. Why do you think Donovan King specifically came to you, of all people?

Jester grins and looks over at Nightmare.

Jester Smiles: That is strange. Why WOULD Donovan King come to me, of all people?

Nightmare: Because the man knows your love for noble causes, Eric.  And he knows you’re one Hell of a competitor.  Let’s face it, when you believe in something you pour everything you have into it.

Jester nods, putting his hand to his chin. He looks down at Eryk Masters.

Jester Smiles: What are you thinking of that, Eryk? That sound like Donovan King to you?

Eryk’s demeanor becomes even more nervous.

Eryk Masters: Well, I don’t know if it’s my place to-

Jester Smiles: Oh, no, it’s your place. I got your back. We Erics gotta stick together. Go on, does that sound like Donovan King to you?

Eryk Masters: Well…no…it doesn’t to me…

Jester Smiles: No, it doesn’t. And it doesn’t, because Donovan’s always got ulterior motives.

Jester looks back at Nightmare.

Jester Smiles: Think about this, man. You’re my friend, man, so I just want you to know all sides of the story. Donovan doesn’t think guys like you, Eli, and himself will get a fair title shot while Jonny Johnson runs around, power unchecked, and I might tend to agree with that. The DEFILER is an awful dude. But, think about this. What happens when Donovan fixes things and gets the power? Look at his history, man, and think about how this guy works. Why would he give up the power for the sake of fair competition? This is the guy who used Alex Harmston to make sure I couldn’t get keep my hands on the Revolution Title. Now, look around. I see plenty of Donovan King, but I see a distinct lack of Alex Harmston.

Nightmare absorbs everything said but has a quick response.

Nightmare: The answer is obvious.  If he becomes part of the problem he is eliminated as well.  I may be working with the man, but I don’t work for him.  You know me.  I’ve never been a follower.  But I am all about responsibility.  It is our responsibility to see that this place isn’t taken over by a jackass, no matter what his name may be.

Jester nods.

Jester Smiles: So, what, you here to try again? This your idea or King?

Nightmare: Mine.  I’m not his little errand boy.  Even if you don’t accept his offer to work with him, though, I want you to consider his words.  Even if he turns out to be a lying hypocritical manipulative son of a bitch, we still have a duty… to the company, the fans, and ourselves.  So, at the least, think about that.

Again Jester just nods.

Jester Smiles: We do have a duty, and it’s a duty I plan on fulfilling. But my duty is to change this place for the better. Not to put the same problem in the same place.

I appreciate it man, but the answer is still no. To you and Eli, though, good luck man. I hope you guys really do some incredible things.

Jester holds out his hand to Nightmare, offering to shake it. Nightmare takes his friend’s hand and shakes.

Nightmare: I can respect that, man, and do me a favor when Master of the Mat rolls around. Win this thing, become the Master of the Mat.  I can’t wait to see you kick that smirk off the Defiler’s face.

Jester grins happily.

Jester Smiles: You got yourself a deal, my friend.

Nightmare smiles, nods, and makes his exit. Jester tuns back to Eryk Masters.

Jester Smiles: So, sorry, I know you are trying really hard to get this interview done. Go ahead, what you got?

Eryk clears his throat before continuing.

Eryk Masters: Well, your opponent, Trevor Worr-

Trevor Worrens steps into view, which explains why Masters trails off.  Jester looks at the Laws of Survival Champion, but Worrens looks off down the hall.  He shakes his head and then turns his focus onto Jester.

Trevor Worrens: There goes one of the King’s horses.  (Worrens sighs) Don’t tell me they’re still trying to convince you to join their cause.

Jester shrugs.

Jester Smiles: Just two old friends talking. Getting jealous?

Jester nudges Trevor, playfully.

Trevor Worrens: More like concerned.  Seriously, Eric, if a war occurs, it will be because guys like Donovan King, sheep like Nightmare and Eli, waged that war… and history has shown that nobody benefits from wars that didn’t need to happen to begin with.

Jester quirks an eyebrow.

Jester Smiles: Who says they don’t need to happen? The problem here isn’t what Donovan King is saying. It’s that it’s Donovan King saying it. Guy like Donovan King dethrones Jonny Johnson, what has changed, Trev? Nothing. Just another prick with power issues. Guys like us though, if one of us can come out on top…

A war has already started, Trevor. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good side so far.

Worrens again just lets out a sigh.

Trevor Worrens: You’re just feeding into it, men amassing together to "dethrone" and "destroy an empire".. fuck… doesn’t anyone get it. Jonny Johnson THRIVES off of that kind of attention. And Eric, man, you’re getting sucked into that war time mentality, you’re playing into the problem. You are making this about Jonny Johnson when it SHOULD be about the World Heavyweight Championship.  Nothing more nothing less.

Jester looks away for a second, considering Trevor’s words carefully.

Jester Smiles: I don’t know man. I want to believe that. I want to believe that this is just another title hunt, but… I don’t know. Besides, that war time mentality is what helped get me here. Because I’m ready for bloody, brutal-

Jester looks up, staring at the Laws of Survival Champion.

Jester Smiles: And glorious war.

Jester looks at Trevor, a somewhat friendly, somewhat mischievous grin on his face.

Jester Smiles: But enough about ole Jonny, Trevor. It’s a thought, but right now, buttercup, I only have eyes for you, beautiful.

Jester winks.

While still not completely sold, Worrens seems to ease up as a slight smile shows, cutting through the once serious moment.

Trevor Worrens: Now I’m wondering if you wanted me in the ring for a whole OTHER reason.

Worrens laughs.

Trevor Worrens: In all seriousness I just wanted to make sure your head is where it needs to be.  Because on August Thirty First, it’s me and you one on one. And I wanted to make sure it’s staying that way.

Jester simply snickers.

Jester Smiles: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Worrens nods his head, happy with the response.

Trevor Worrens: Good to know.

Worrens then looks to Masters, then to Jester with a grin.

Trevor Worrens: Masters still trying to get that interview?

Jester laughs. Eryk simply sighs.

Eryk Masters: Just trying to do my job, guys.

Jester shrugs.

Jester Smiles: Okay, what you got?

Eryk looks excited, like he is about to finish the interview, when a SHOOT Project crew member runs onto camera and whispers something in his ear.

Eryk Masters: I’ve just been informed, that…

Masters sighs.

Eryk Masters: We need to move on with the show. This is Eryk Masters-

Jester Smiles: And Jester Smiles!

Trevor Worrens: And I’m… going to get going.

Worrens walks off leaving Jester standing side by side with Masters. Masters just sighs again.

Eryk Masters: Signing off.

The scene fades out.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the first of its kind in SHOOT Project history!

The Thomas and Mack arena comes alive as the camera pans out, revealing what looks like a giant inflatable pool at the top of the entrance ramp, situated in one of the pits. Its filled half-way with soft, liquid mud, and standing in the center of it in a pair of rubber boots and goggles is a referee. The fans are popping hard as Coil continues.

Samantha Coil: The competitors will be facing each other in a mud wrestling match…a match that canNOT be won by pin fall, submission, or knockout, but only by removing your opponent’s…bikini top.

The noise level escalates as we go to a shot of Dave and OG at the commentator’s table.

Other Guy: Dave…I’ve been sitting here the last couple of minutes in deep thought, too stunned to answer this question.

Dave Dymond: What question would that be, OG?

Other Guy: Are we in heaven?

The camera switches back to the kiddy pool where the ref has begun to slosh around. An official from the back runs out to check with him and gets the go ahead sign. He runs back through the curtain as Buckcherry’s "Crazy Bitch" hits the airwaves with an attitude. The crowd half-cheers and half-boos as Joyce McGuire appears at the top of the ramp, a huge smile on her face and both hands on her hips. She stares out at the audience as if waiting for a dramatic drumroll, before pointing behind her with both arms. A bikini-clad Sinnocence steps out to a chorus of hooting and hollering, her hair tied neatly up in a bun, her bountiful body hidden only by strips of black leather. She raises both arms in the air as if she’s an Amazonian queen and the audience are her loyal subjects, before she scoots off the edge of the ramp and begins to encircle the mud pit. Joyce McGuire joins her, but remains a lengthier distance from the makeshift ring. The ref doesn’t look too thrilled she’s out here.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Stripping out of LAS VEGAS, NEVADAAAAA! She weighs in at 155 pounds and stands at an intimidating 5’8"! They call her the Killer Queen….she IS…Sinnocence!

Sinnocence casts Coil a dangerous glance with the height comment but eventually lets it slide, opting to climb into the ring instead. The mud is actually pretty high, as it comes up to just above Sinnocence’s knees, but the Killer Queen hardly seems bothered. In fact, a smile plays at the corners of her lips as she slowly moves around in the filth, mud already riding up the back of her thighs.

Dave Dymond: So here we go. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this match happening, as Barbie Kellers is hardly what you’d call a wrestler. Not to mention this is just absolutely degrading.

Other Guy: Lighten up, Dave. You’re just pissy they didn’t let you ref the thing.

Dave Dymond: (ignoring the Other Guy) You’ve got to figure this whole thing is going to be a one-sided affair. I’ve been in line with most of Jason Johnson’s decisions, but I’m afraid this one’s got me scratching my head. These kinds of publicity stunts belong somewhere else…certainly not in a competitive atmosphere like SHOOT.

Other Guy: Maybe we could have the next one at my house

Samantha Coil: AND HER OPPONENT! Weighing in at a monstrous 118 pounds! She’s NC-17’s girlfriend and valet…ladies and gentlemen, BARBIE KELLERS!

"Fever for the Flava" by Hot Action Cop plays, and a very reluctant Barbie Kellers steps out from the back in a rather ordinary looking pink bikini. Even though the crowd is giving her a huge round of cheering, we can tell this is the last place on Earth she wants to be right now. She obviously feels self-conscious about her body, and the prospect of getting in a pool of mud with Sinnocence doesn’t make things any better.

She walks cautiously down the rampway and climbs into the ring and into the deep pool of mud.

Other Guy: YES! Hot babes in mud. This show cannot get any better.

Barbie’s face contorts in an expression of disgust as her dainty feet enter the mud. Little by little, her legs enter the slick mud and she stands just a few feet from her harasser. Sinn can only grin at her smaller opponent when the referee calls for the bell. He backs up quickly as the Killer Queen rushes forward and clocks Barbie Kellers right away with a right hook, knocking the pretty blond back on her ass.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence starting off strong with a nice right hook! Barbie is severely under-matched when it comes to facing Sinn.

Other Guy: Does it matter? We’re going to see tits soon!

As the Other Guy practically bounces with joy in his seat, Barbie gets up off her ass and rushes the stripper. She throws a few punches of her own, most of them missing before Barbie lands a harsh blow to Sinn’s face. The raven-haired beauty gets knocked back and disappears below the mud for a moment. The crowd goes into a hushed silence until Sinnocence pops up in an explosion of mud, the rage on her face indescribable.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence is really attacking Barbie now!

Other Guy: Rip that top off!!

Sinnocence goes into a fury, raining down blows on the pretty blond. Seventeen’s girlfriend starts to scream and tries to escape Sinn’s wrath by slipping around her, but the stripper grabs Barbie’s arms and twists them up behind her back. The blond calls out again in pain, until her head is sharply shoved underneath the mud by the psycho woman. Barbie struggles, trying to get up to get air, but Sinn holds her there. The referee jumps to Barbie’s aid, but Sinnocence’s foot lashes out, kicking him backwards. McGuire just cheers her charge on in joy.

Sinnocence: Oh no you don’t! She’s staying under!

The Killer Queen just laughs wildly as Barbie’s struggles become less and less.

Other Guy: Sinn’s trying to drown Barbie! Rip her top off instead!! Rip it off!

Dave Dymond: If someone doesn’t do something soon, Barbie Kellers could soon drown in that mud!

The referee tries again to get in there to break the hold Sinnocence has on Barbie Kellers, but once more, Sinn lashes out with a vicious kick to knock him back. The crowd erupts into a roar of disapproval at Sinn’s actions, but the roars soon turn to cheers when NC-17 appears at the curtain!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 is here! Can he save Barbie?!

Other Guy: Is…is he wearing a Speedo?

The enraged boyfriend rushes the mud pool, wearing nothing but a tiny speedo, making it look like he’s carrying grapes in the wrong place. He jumps into the ring, followed by Sinn’s manager. The twenty year old girl jumps onto Seventeen’s back, pulling him away when Sinnocence finally notices him. She just taunts the helpless man. Finally, three referees run down from the back and the referee in the mud pool gets to Sinnocence and pulls her off of Barbie. The goggle-clad ref calls for the bell.

The poor girlfriend of Seventeen comes up gasping for air as the referees separate McGuire and Seventeen, as well as Sinnocence and Barbie. The ebony-haired beauties give into the ref’s demands and leave the ring, heading back up the ramp with smiles on their faces.

Other Guy: What? It’s over?!

Dave Dymond: It looks like it, OG! At least Barbie Kellers is safe!

Other Guy: Who cares?! There were no tits!

Seventeen comforts his girlfriend, helping her out of the mud and from there the focus once more shifts to the back.


We cut to the back, where a SHOOTPROJECT DOT COM banner hangs behind SHOOT Project journalist, SCOTT RICHARDSON.  Scott is dressed in business casual, sporting a navy blue SHOOT Project Staff Polo and khacki pants.  There’s a small table off to his side, a chair, and then a black lap top on the table.  It’s a work area that’s obviously meant to be on screen.

Richardson stands in the center of the frame and begins speaking.

Scott Richardson: Scott Richardson here with SHOOT Project dot com, bringing you a few updates on a story that broke earlier today…

Quick pause.

Scott Richardson:  We have CONFIRMED that ALL CHARGES in the Adrian Corazon “Attempted Murder” case have been DROPPED.  Our partners at the Now Wrestling Dot Net reported the story around TWO O’CLOCK this afternoon, and, as I said, that story has been confirmed.  The charges are dropped and the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion should be cleared to make a return…

He pauses again before presenting the new information.

Scott Richardson: Now, as for WHEN that return will happen…  well, that continues to remain up in the air.  I spoke briefly with Jason Johnson, who said that Corazon could make a return as soon as three weeks, or that it could be up to TWO OR THREE months.  He was very vague about the situation, and those closest to the situation seem to be believe that the settlements may be happening UNDER THE TABLE.  It’s a very strange situation to say the least.


Scott Richardson: As for the man responsible for these charges, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion has been even LESS available for comment if that is even possible. He hasn’t answered a single phone call to my knowledge and is still yet to report to the arena.  It is DOUBTFUL that the DEFILER will be…

The Back Drop suddenly FLOPS TO THE FLOOR and a few stage hands rush to the situation.  Richardson looks behind him, only to see the emerging TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY.  Quinn has the backdrop cradled in his arms and gathers it in before dumping it off to the side, off camera.  The usually calm Richardson seems unusually annoyed by the interruption.

Rogue: (off mic) Easy does it!

Scott Richardson: Guys!  Come on!

Riley rolls his eyes, and casually takes a sip of water out of the Evian Bottle he’s holding.

Riley: (Mocking, wiping his eyes) Come onnnnnn!

While Riley talks, Rogue takes a seat at the computer desk and begins fiddling around on the lap top.  Richardson looks in his direction.

Scott Richardson: (Watching Rogue, afraid he’s going to do something) If you wanted an interview you should have just…

Riley pulls Richardson back around to face him.

Riley: (Cutting him off) What?  Ask?

Quinn laughs at Riley’s comment, but still types away.

Riley: We don’t ASK SHIT.  And you know why that is, dude?  Do ya?  Huh? Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya?, do ya???

He tries to shake an answer out of Richardson.

Riley: No?  Is that a no…?  Because we don’t HAVE TO!  No one fucking cares about your stupid court TV stuff.

Quinn looks up.

Rogue: I actually did.

Riley: Well you’re a fag.

Richardson tries to retain control of the situation.

Scott Richardson: GUYS!

Riley turns back to Richardson and promptly POURS THE WATER OUT OF HIS BOTTLE ONTO RICHARDSON’S HEAD.

Riley: SHUT.  THE FUCK…  UP!  Goddamnit!  See what you fucking did, Rogue?

Quinn just holds up his middle finger, but Riley proceeds regardless, with not a WORD out of Richardson.

Riley: Two things…  just real quick.  ONE, contrary to popular belief, (Looking at Scott) Jonny’s gonna be here eventually and he’s gonna have a response for Cade.  Okay?  So Sydal, if you’re fucking watching…  Don’t think your little gay ass interview fell on deaf…  fuck…  what the FUCK is that saying?

Quinn chimes in.

Rogue: Ears, dude.  Deaf ears.

Riley nods.

Riley: Right.  Yeah.  Fucking Ears, Cade…   Oh!  (Remembering) And then the fucking second thing…  This is for basically EVERYONE.  Stop emailing us about about that NOVA CAM shit.  Okay?  It wasn’t tasteless!  It was fucking FUNNY.  I think you confused the words.

Rogue peers at the lap top.

Rogue: (Speaking loud enough for the cameras to hear him) Yeah…  if you stop it at two, fourteen, you can totally see that it’s a fucking fake cat…   (Laughing to himself) Girl’s sure real though…  heh…  well…  mostly.

Riley goes on.

Riley: So CJ…  JARED…  everyone who wants to accuse of shit and whatever…  COME ACCUSE US TO OUR FUCKING FAC…


Rogue: FUCK!


CJ SLAMS his fists into the side of Riley’s face, and Jared does the same to Rogue!  Jared actually SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF ROGUE TO BE HONEST!

CJ Nelson: Consider yourselves fucking accused.

Jared Walsh: We TOLD YOU!

Jared scoops Rogue up and THROWS HIM OVER THE TABLE!  He crashes near Riley, both kids REALLY beaten pretty good.  CJ puts his foot over Riley’s throat and Jared comes back around and kicks Rogue, who splutters over on top of his partner.

CJ Nelson: We’re really tired of playing games with you two.

Jared Walsh: We know you want a title shot.  We KNOW you want to preserve your Sugar Daddy’s big bad, tag team legacy.  But this is a game of GIVE and TAKE.  We’ll give you a fucking title shot… which is WAY more than you deserve, August Thirty-First, at Master of the Mat. In return? This bullshit ends.  We want Nova. IN ONE PIECE.

CJ drives his foot down a little bit harder.

CJ Nelson: And if we don’t get what we want…  then we’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth for the rest of your worthless bitch lives. Got that, Second Banana?


SUPER FAN charges into the scene…  he’s holding a lead pipe, but it only takes two seconds for him to recognize the situation before he drops it. 


Jared smirks at him and CJ lifts his foot off Riley’s neck.

Jared Walsh: Wise move. Make sure they get the message, Tim.

CJ Nelson: Yeah.  Pretty sure they’re unconscious.

Calahan stays back, while the SHOOT Project TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS walk away from the scene.  As soon as they do, Super Fan drops to his knees and checks on his friends.

Dave Dymond: (Commentating) That’s one way to bring them all out…

Other Guy: We need to see that kind of shit every fucking week, man.


The cameras catch up with Sinnocence and McGuire heading through the back hall just before the upcoming Revolution Championship match. Both women are covered in the slick mud from earlier. The match hadn’t gone quite the way the audience wanted it thanks to NC-17, but Sinn would get over it. She laughs along with her manager as they navigate the maze of hallways…right before they hit the corridor for their locker room, a familiar face appears.

Both women stop for a moment, until McGuire gives Sinn another smile and keeps walking.

Sinnocence: Hiya, Sweet cheeks. Enjoying yourself?

Osbourne doesn’t even crack a smile, but he nods his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: I will be, later on. Look, things are a bit messed up at the moment. There’s a lot going on. I’m on my way to try and sort something out before my match. How did yours go?

Sinnocence: Could have been better, if Mr. Seventeen hadn’t interfered…but I’ll get him later for it.

She pulls a towel from around her neck, wiping away the mud from her face.

Sinnocence: I guess I’ll see you later then. Don’t have too much fun, Sweetcheeks.

Kilminster sighs and shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: You could have asked me, and I’d have been there and that PG chump wouldn’t have been able to do a damned thing. You know I would, right? You know I’d do that, right?

Sinnocence: Oh would you now?

She smiles, bringing a muddy hand up to the side of his face.

Sinnocence: Maybe next time, I’ll ask you. The same applies for you. You need my help, just ask. But for now, go handle your business, cutie pie. We’ll see each other after the show.

She stands on tiptoes, kissing his lips for a moment before pulling away.

Sinnocence: Victory or Valhalla, Sweet cheeks.

Kilminster smiles, leaning down to kiss her cheek softly.

Osbourne Kilminster: Victory, all the way. I’ll catch you after the show for a few, yeah?

She nods and leaves Osbourne Kilminster to go and shower the mud off in her locker room. From there the focus once again returns to the ring area.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is schedule for ONE fall, and it is for the Revolution Championship!


This gets a nice pop from the crowd as the house lights dim, and smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.  A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint. 


Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, from Las Angeles, California… he stands at 6’9”, and weighs in at 280 pounds… he is Nightmare, Jonathon Wehali!

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare’s previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans. Trailing behind Nightmare is his bodyguard Dhamballa.  Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.  Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

Nightmare takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring.

Other Guy: Nightmare looks pumped, and he’s had a hell of a week, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, with the whole ‘dropping BTY’ thing… he seems more… focused. 

The music cuts.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

"Fever for the Flava" by Hot Action Cop kicks in as we immediately see NC-17 standing at the top of the entrance with Barbie Kellers close by. 

Dave Dymond: Our Revolution Champion looks pretty energized, OG.

Other Guy: Right, that’s the word…

NC-17 heads down to the ring, at a quicker pace than Kellers as he slaps hands with a few fans, soaking up the attention.

Samantha Coil: From Gary, Indiana… He stands at 6’2”, and weighs in at 234 pounds… being accompanied by the lovely Barbie Kellers… he is the REVOLUTION CHAMPION

(The crowd gets even louder.) THE CREAM OF OBSCENE, NC-17!

NC-17 continues to clap hands with the fans… as a woman HANDS NC-17 a sharpie, and he signs her breasts!

Other Guy: Wow he could have used up all the ink on those melons, Dave.

Dave Dymond:

NC-17 then looks to the ring and slides in, taking off his belt and handing it to Austin Linam as he shows the belt to Nightmare, and Nightmare just nods.  Barbie Kellers eventually makes it to NC-17’s corner… seeming very distant.

Austin Linam calls for the bell!

Other Guy: Here we go, Revolution Title on the line, NC-17 and Nightmare.

Immediately Nightmare comes in for a tie up but NC-17 ducks his hands and hits the ropes, coming back with what looks to be a crossbody block, but instead, Nightmare catches him and throws him on his shoulders!  NC-17 squirms out and behind Nightmare as he kicks hard at the back of his left knee, causing him to get down to just one knee.  NC-17 hits the ropes and comes back with a huge dropkick to the face!

Dave Dymond: Well that’s one way to get a big guy down.

NC-17 is throwing fists… keeping Nightmare reeling.

Other Guy: Haha, he looks like he’s trying to swat away a mosquito or something, but hey, if it works it works.

Nightmare eventually pushes NC-17 backwards and charges in for a Busaiku Knee Kick straight to NC-17’s face!

Dave Dymond: Nightmare just JUMPED MID AIR, and planted his knee RIGHT in 17’s face. 

Nightmare pulls NC-17 to his feet as he whips him into the corner.  Nightmare charges in.  NC-17 quickly ducks Nightmare’s attack as he moves out of the corner and now charges at Nightmare in the corner!  He gains a relative amount of speed as he comes at Nightmare, but Nightmare spins and hits a picture perfect backfist to the face of NC-17!  Nightmare immediately starts to kick at the legs of NC-17 as he eventually hooks in a boston crab.

Other Guy: Nightmare looks to be trying to take some of the speed out of NC-17, and that’s probably his best bet.

Dave Dymond: Definitely, OG.  This is one of, if not the FASTEST guy we’ve got on this roster… and you definitely don’t want him running circles around you.

NC-17 eventually gets to the bottom rope as Nightmare releases.  NC uses the ropes to pull himself up, but as he does… Nightmare executes a sweeping leg kick to the back of his left knee, causing him to slump back to the mat.  NC-17 starts to rise back up, and as he does, Nightmare hits the ropes on the opposite side, now coming at a limping NC-17!  As he does, NC-17 starts to run at him as well and ducks a lariat attempt, now turning around at Nightmare who is leaned against the ropes.  He runs in, and sends him over the top rope with a leg drop! 

Austin Linam begins the count!


NC-17 is on the other side of the ring as he charges!  He dives through the ropes and into Nightmare on the outside! 

Other Guy: NC-17’s reckless style pays off as he drops Nightmare!

By now NC-17 has gotten off of Nightmare as Nightmare rises to his feet.  As he gets to a complete vertical base, NC-17 runs in and hits a single hand bulldog, driving Nightmare to the outside face first!


NC-17 waits for Nightmare to rise up as he goes for a tie-up, but instead, Nightmare grabs NC-17 by the head, swings around and TOSSES HIM LIKE A RAG DOLL INTO THE STEEL STEPS!  The fans pop decently for the STRENGTH shown by Nightmare, but some seem to boo as they don’t like seeing their Revolution Champion take such a spill.  Nightmare goes over to the champion as he begins to rise to his base… as he tries to throw a kick, but instead Nightmare catches his leg, and kicks at his other one HARD in the side, causing NC-17 to almost hop in pain, unable to really walk.  Nightmare lifts him up in a fireman’s carry, but NC-17 is drilling him in the side of the head with ELBOW after ELBOW!  NC-17 gets off of his shoulders, now standing in front of a somewhat woozy Nightmare as he kicks him in the gut and drives him down with a DDT.


NC-17 limps into the ring… as Nightmare has risen… and NC-17 turns around, not paying attention.  Nightmare quickly grabs NC’s leg, causing him to fall face first into the mat!  Nightmare pulls him out a bit to where his legs are hanging off of the apron as he drives a knee HARD into his right leg causing NC-17 to shout out in pain!  NC flips his body around as he CRACKS Nightmare in the face with his other leg, causing him to fall back a bit.  As he does NC-17 slips through the ropes and stands on the apron… as he comes off with a double axe handle!  Nightmare falls to the floor on the outside.


NC-17 watches as Nightmare rises, and hops up onto the guard rail, running along it as he comes off with a perfect crossbody onto Nightmare!  NC-17 starts to crawl onto the apron, holding onto the ropes as he goes to enter the ring…


But instead, Nightmare throws a high kick into the side of his leg, causing him to limp a bit more… Nightmare puts his head in between NC-17’s legs as he lifts him up higher, taking his head out now as he yanks his legs down and causes him to slam face first into the apron on the outside!


Nightmare grabs NC-17 and rolls him into the ring as he slides under the bottom rope as well.

Dave Dymond: Finally back in the ring as Nightmare has control.

Nightmare goes to lift him up, but NC-17 knocks both of his arms away from him and locking them under his arm pits… as NC-17 goes for his trapping headbutts!  After a few or so, Nightmare looks mainly unphased as NC-17 let’s go, barely able to stand as he seems more than woozy.  He stumbles around the ring for a bit until Nightmare comes in for a running Back Cracker that sends NC-17 back to the mat! 

Other Guy: Haha, those headbutts really… didn’t do ANYTHING for him whatsoever.

NC-17 gets up, as Nightmare goes to grab him.  NC-17 instead crawls through his legs as Nightmare bends over a bit to try and grab him, but instead, NC-17 is up to his vertical base as he actually humps Nightmare once or twice before DROPKICKING HIS ASS AND SENDING HIM INTO THE ROPES!  The crowd busts out in laughter as they cheer him on.  NC-17 comes in for a knee to Nightmare’s face as he slumps to the mat!  Nightmare starts to rise up, as NC-17 is behind him… ready.  As he gets to his vertical base, NC-17 jumps on his back and climbs up towards his shoulders… one hand over his face, blinding him, while the other one swats away at the air!  He starts to almost, "roar" as he does it, closing his eyes and putting a lot of emotion into it.

Dave Dymond: What’s he doing…

Other Guy: HAHAHA, he’s King Kong Dave!  The planes are trying to get him… HE’S GOT TO SWAT THEM AWAY!

After a few moments of this, Nightmare grows a little tired of the crap and reaches back with one hand, wraps it around NC-17’s head, and YANKS HIM FORWARD as NC-17’s head just BOUNCES off of the mat!

Dave Dymond: Well Nightmare sure didn’t think it was too funny.

Other Guy: Dude’s got no sense of humor.

Nightmare waits as he rises up, and comes from behind him with a German Suplex.  As he does, NC-17 flips out of it, but stumbles back a bit, not really having the CLEANEST counter…  Nightmare comes in at him, but instead, NC-17 ducks and sends Nightmare into the turnbuckle!  With Nightmare there, he runs in for the ‘Man Love’.  He runs in, drills Nightmare with his backside as he goes to play to the fans, the crowd absolutely loving it… but Nightmare seems pretty unphased as he CHARGES out of the turnbuckle as he CRACKS NC-17 in the ribs with a HARD Crescent Kick!  As NC-17 slumps on all fours, Nightmare sits on back with his knees on the mat, YANKING back on his right arm!  NC-17 looks to have a pained expression as Nightmare holds it for a few seconds, before pulling his body backward as he now lies on the mat, and Nightmare has a perfect armbar in position.  He yanks back as hard as he can as NC-17 looks to be in immense pain.  Eventually, Nightmare releases the hold as NC-17 rises to his feet.  As he does, Nightmare grabs the same arm, now yanking it down once, twice, three times as he releases.  NC-17 favors the arm, his facial expression still showing pain as Nightmare walks towards him seeing red.  As he does, NC-17 kicks him in the gut hard, and drops him to the mat for a desperation facebuster!  Nightmare lies motionless on the mat, as NC-17 lies on his back, holding his arm in pain.

Other Guy: This match is really taking a toll on both guys, I mean… these dudes are showing some HEART!

Dave Dymond: You know it, OG.  This division has been down a bit in the past, but these guys are taking this belt to a whole ‘nother level.  And I think that with guys like them, and Crush Heart, Jack Heart, and Doug Kinsella… this division is looking GREAT.

Both men starts to rise at about the same time as Nightmare comes in for a hard shot.  NC-17 feels it, falling towards the ropes a bit but he comes back with a dropkick to Nightmare left leg!  NC-17 runs at the ropes, and comes back with a HARD chop from behind on the back of his knee, causing him to fall to both of his knees!  NC-17 hears the crowd heating up as he stands in front of Nightmare… pointing at his crotch with a grin on his face!  He then puts it near his face (not in it, mind you) and starts to girate his body… until Nightmare jumps up from the mat and DRILLS NC-17 DOWN WITH A SPINEBUSTER!

Other Guy: Holy shit so… we found Nightmare’s hot button.

Dave Dymond: I see that.

Other Guy: Has he met Tres Bien yet?

Nightmare drops down to the mat as he lifts NC-17 forward, now pulling his arm back and contorting his forearm with a kimura.  He pulls it back, further and further as NC-17 still looks to be in immense pain.  Nightmare eventually releases it as NC-17 starts to get up from the mat, looking like a complete wreck.  Nightmare goes for another high kick, but this time NC-17 ducks it, as he jumps on Nightmare’s back.


NC-17 begins to throw HARD SHOTS, left and right at the head of Nightmare, almost wearing himself out before Nightmare even BEGINS to look dazed.  As Nightmare starts to seem a bit dazed, he drops off of his back and runs into the ropes as he comes back with a HARD flying clothesline!  But that doesn’t even send Nightmare to the mat.  NC-17, out of desperation, heads to the top rope as he comes off for a double axe handle, and STILL NIGHTMARE DOESN’T FALL!  Again, NC-17 scales the top as he comes off for a crossbody that sends Nightmare to the mat, and NC-17 has the leg tight!



Other Guy: He’s got him!

NO!  He kicks out!  NC-17 waits for Nightmare to rise to his feet as he whips him hard into the turnbuckle, AGAIN, going for ‘Man Love!’  He runs into the turnbuckle towards Nightmare, jumping midair and FLYING as he spins and CRUSHES his backside into Nightmare who… slumps in a sitting position in the turnbuckle!  The fans pop as NC-17 pulls a condom from his pants and tosses it to the crowd.

Other Guy: Good god I’m glad he didn’t throw that disease rod-glove over here.

Dave Dymond: It’s Bareback Rider time, OG!

As he comes in for the Bareback Rider, Nightmare MOVES out of the way at the last second, racking NC up on the ropes!  Nightmare then yanks his neck back and executes a nice Dragon Sleeper in the tree of woe position.

Dave Dymond: He calls this one the Bite of the Dragon, and god does it look painful… he’s just YANKING back on that neck.

He eventually legs go as NC-17 flips to the canvas; his body seemingly limp.  Nightmare goes down to lift him up by his hair, but NC-17 uses a drop toe hold to his advantage, sending Nightmare face first into the second turnbuckle… and he turns around, slumping back in sitting position!!  The fans go nuts!

Other Guy: Let’s see if he can hit it this time!

NC-17 quickly gets to his feet, seeing the opportunity as he runs out towards the center of the ring, turns around and runs in at Nightmare, hitting the BAREBACK RIDER!  The fans are going NUTS!  As NC-17 finishes it up, he walks out towards the center of the ring, barely able to stand as the fans are going nuts.

Then we hear a bell sounds.

Other Guy: What’s this?

Dave Dymond: I believe it’s a time limit draw, OG.

As the fans hear the bell, they immediately ring out in boos.  Samantha Coil’s voice is heard after a few moments as she enters the ring.

Samantha Coil: The contest has EXCEEDED the 15 Time Limit… therefore… the match is considered a DRAW!

Immediately Nightmare rises from the turnbuckle, a little dazed but for the most part fine as he throws his arms in the air… QUITE annoyed.  NC-17 has an annoyed look on his face as well, but doesn’t look HALF as upset as Nightmare does!

Samantha Coil: Therefore… STILL.. your Revolution Champion, NC.. SEVEN…TEEEEN!"

The fans DO pop for this as Austin Linam hands NC-17 his Revolution Title.  Nightmare looks at NC-17 a bit angrily… looking to be quite annoyed with how things went down.

Dave Dymond: Nightmare looks pretty livid, OG.

Other Guy: Well, if you don’t know NC-17 well, his antics will almost seem as a lack of respect… but it’s definitely not meant in that manner.

NC-17 can be seen mouthing the words ‘I’m just having fun’, as Nightmare simply nods.  NC-17 extends his hand out to Nightmare, and Nightmare obliges.  The two shake hands as Nightmare is the first to exit the ring, leaving NC-17 to soon follow.

Dave Dymond: Nice show of respect, but man, I want more. 

Other Guy: Well, after the performance these two put on tonight, I’m sure we’ll DEFINITELY see them for the title again in the near future.

Dave Dymond: Indeed as tonight didn’t really prove one way or another WHICH of those two competitors is the better man.  But, folks shifting gears here, up next is the ‘reading of the will’. Jones Heart, the father of the fighting siblings, Jack and Crush, will reveal who his going to receive his life earnings.

Other Guy:Jack and Crush have been feuding since their first hour in SHOOT. This will might only add to their hatred.


Before Dave and Other Guy can continue the scene flickers to a room somewhere unknown. The scene shows Jones Heart, along with his own personal sat behind a large wooden desk. The wall behind them is decorated with a large clock and pictures of beautiful landscapes. Jones is not wearing his oxygen mask, however, it is laying on the table just in case. Opposite Jones and sat on wooden chairs with red fabric toppings, are Jack Heart, his youngest son, and Crush Heart, his eldest son. The two men are separated by a large gap, not wanting to sit anywhere near each other.

Jones Heart: Thank you for coming here boys. I am glad you have both been able to make it here for the reading of my will.

Jack Heart: I wouldn’t miss it for the world…

Crush glances at his brother as if he had just stepped on his pet cat.

Jones Heart: I know that you are both worried what may happen to you both after my death. A death which is certain to happen in the not too distant future. I would like you not to worry any longer. In my passing, I will ensure that you are both financially safe, along with your other brother Scotty.

Jack Heart: Might have guessed you’d have to mention that piece of shit.

Crush Heart: Why aint he here now?

Jones Heart: Scotty is unable to attend here today due to other business commitments.

Jack Heart: He’s off spending his share of the inheritance on fancy cars and lacy underwear. The pervert.

A joint chuckle is heard from Jack and Crush. They both realise they have done the same thing and then glare at each other. The two Heart brothers unhappy.

Jones Heart: Let us get down to business shall we? As you know, I am a very ill man. Doctors have predicted I do not have much time left on this planet. Therefore, I have devised this will which will come into effect on September 1st of this year. Everyone who is mentioned within this will shall receive a letter via recorded delivery which will go into the inheritance in much greater detail. However, to break everything down for you and to summarize I will mention some key elements here tonight.

Jack Heart: You know, Jones, I don’t have all night to sit around here waiting for you to croak. So why don’t you just get on with it and stop being a drama queen?

Jones Heart: Very well. As payment for her kind, caring and hard working personality, my nurse will receive fifty thousand dollars upon my death. I am extremely grateful for all she has done for me.

Jack Heart: Oh great! So the stupid bitch who pushes your wheelchair, feeds you processed chicken and wipes your ass for you gets a handout. Look, stuff her Jones… Oh wait… You probably already have. Get to the most important issue here… Me!

Crush doesn’t take too well to the ramblings of Jack and turns his seat around so he can keep an eye on him. Jack looks at Crush, then at his father before lowering his head down towards his lap.

Jones Heart: Any other savings, my estates, any business’ and any other monies that are related to me shall be split three ways. Between my three sons. All three of you shall receive a business each in which you may do whatever you decide to do with it. If you decide to sell it, very well. If you decide to keep the business open, brilliant.

Jack Heart: Great. Thanks. Okay, now that’s over. I am out of here. I don’t have the time to sit around here with an old man who is on his death bed.

Crush Heart: Why don’t ya shut the hell up ya lil’ punk?! Ya know… I’ve had enough of ya lip! All ya care ‘bout if yaself… Why don’t ya think ‘bout Dad for once? He is gonna die and return to God… This is HIS journey… Not yours!

Jack Heart: Hey! Why don’t you keep your nose out of MY business and run back to the bible to see how it finished?!

The two Heart brothers stand from their chairs and confront each other. Crush looks down at the face of Jack, looking as if he is ready to punch him out. Jack looks up towards the huge frame of Crush, ready to kick his head in. Jones slams his hand onto the wooden desk, creating a huge sound. The two Heart siblings look back towards their father.

Jones Heart: However, there is a stipulation which has been place into my will. I have had just about enough of this bickering between you two. Therefore, if any kind of confrontation occurs between you NEITHER of you will receive a dime!

Jack looks towards Crush and then towards his father. He then lets out an out of place chuckle, an evil chuckle.

Jack Heart: That is great. Absolutely great. But don’t worry Jones, there wont be any confrontation between us… once this will is active along with the stipulations that go along with it.

Crush Heart: Ya lost ya mind?! What the hell ya talkin’ ‘bout pal?

Jack Heart: You heard him earlier didn’t you? The will isn’t active until September 1st of this year. So, at the Master of the Mat pay-per-view we get the chance to end it all. We get the chance to beat the hell out of each… one… last… time!

The two Heart brothers stare at each other once more. Jones sits behind them and places his oxygen mask to his face, unable to cope with the bitter words being exchanged by his two sons.


The focus shifts to the Loading Dock of the Thomas and Mack Center where the screeching tires of the full sized dark blue van can be heard as it squeals into the arena.  The van comes to a rocky stop and the front side passenger door opens with Kenji Yamada stepping out in a huff.

Kenji Yamada: … that doesn’t even matter anymore!

Yamada SLAMS the door shut and quickly opens the sliding side door.  Vincent Mallows is revealed and slowly a lift juts out from the side and the well-known beeping noise echoes within the loading dock.

Vincent Mallows: He wouldn’t be so frustrated if all of you would just BE QUIET!

The back doors of the van swing open and Roland Caldwell is the first out, followed by Sammy Rochester who carries with him the Mikey Doll.

Sammy Rochester: We just wanted to play, wise man.  We didn’t want to upset the driver.

The lift lowers and Mallows rolls off. Yamada presses another button and the lift starts to raise up while Sammy and Roland both join Mallows and Yamada.

Vincent Mallows: I understand but he’s becoming more and more impatient with us and if we’re going to argue the entire time while he’s driving, well it’s very irritating for a driver to have so much noise in his head.

The second the lift is back up and inside the van, Yamada slams the sliding door as well and then bangs on the side of the van.

Kenji Yamada: You can leave us to do our work now!

Without hesitation the van SPEEDS off out of the loading dock.

Kenji Yamada: What a fucking…

Vincent Mallows: Don’t you EVEN!

Yamada stops in mid sentence but still has a look of frustration on his face.

Vincent Mallows: Listen, let’s not let the driver effect our focus tonight.  We have a plan, it has been put in motion and now it’s a matter of getting the job done.  Kenji, are you more than ready to focus on doing what you do best… on inflicting pain?

Yamada’s frustration turns into sadistic delight.

Kenji Yamada: More than ever.

Mallows turns his wheel chair in Sammy’s direction.

Vincent Mallows: And Sammy, are you ready to play?

Sammy nods his head oh so very eagerly.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey’s sad that he can’t play, but I told him I’ll play for the BOTH of us!

A slightly twisted, completely deformed smile spreads across half of Mallows’s face.

Vincent Mallows: Very good.

Lastly, Mallows brings his chair to face Roland.

Vincent Mallows: And Roland, this business with Eli Storm, it is COMPLETELY over, yes?

Roland nods his head.

Roland Caldwell: Yes. He is no matter of mine any longer.

Vincent Mallows: Then tonight we return Jonny’s favor. Tonight becomes the next step in the plan.  We do not fail tonight, understood? No more arguments, no more “snags.”

All three members of The Family shake their heads “no” and with that Vincent Mallows wheels off with Yamada, Roland, and Sammy following closely behind him.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) the Family has arrived, and from the sound of it, they mean BUSINESS tonight.


A camera crew backstage follows Osbourne Kilminster down the long corridors of the Thomas and Mack Center, baggy track pants swaying with every bounding step as he shakes his head, clenching his jaw angrily as he strides past technicians and road agents. A tight red T-shirt clings to him and his eyes are narrowed, focused.

Suddenly, a hand presses against his chest, halting his path!

Eryk Masters: Osbourne Kilminster, do you know what happened earlier? Do you know about LIHC and Jonny’s-

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh no, I’m just walking around here in search of fairies and daffodils, aren’t I? What do you think? Huh?

Shaking his head, Osbourne looks down at Masters’ hand and then back up into his eyes, stepping in closer.

Eryk Masters: Er… OK… How do you feel knowing you’re up against Dan Stein tonight?

Without saying a word, Osbourne grabs Masters’ hand and squeezes it until the interviewer’s mouth opens in silent expression of pain before Osbourne throws it back to him.

Osbourne Kilminster: Don’t touch what you can’t afford, Eryk.

Smirking smugly, Osbourne pulls off his blue-tinted sunglasses.

Eryk Masters: Er… right… can’t afford… Ahem…

Osbourne Kilminster: Are you going to stammer all night or can I get on with living my life?

Eryk Masters: I was wondering if you could share some thoughts about your match tonight…

Osbourne Kilminster: Yes, I could

Masters raises his microphone toward Kilminster’s mouth, but he’s not saying anything at all…

Eryk Masters: Er… Are you going to say anything? Share any thoughts?

Narrowing his eyes, Osbourne steps in closer to Masters, almost nose-to-nose.

Osbourne Kilminster: Ask. Me. Nicely.

Eryk Masters: Excuse me?

Osbourne Kilminster: I said, quite plainly… Ask. Me. Nicely. It’s not that hard, is it?

Stepping back from Osbourne, Masters clears his throat.

Eryk Masters: Could you please share your thoughts on your match this evening?

Osbourne Kilminster: I will win. That is all.

Pushing past Masters, Osbourne continues on down the corridor, laughing to himself, but he stops and looks back to Masters.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, and if you see those Long Island chumps, could you pass on a message for me?

Eryk Masters: I’m an interviewer not a messen-

Osbourne Kilminster: Just tell them that way they did earlier is going to come right back around at them. It’s going to hit the God damned fan. Ok?

Blowing a mocking kiss to Masters, Osbourne turns back around and continues his journey through the bowels of the Thomas and Mack, leaving Eryk Masters and the camera crew alone to ponder the potential escalation…



Dave Dymond: Up next, Dan "The Lights" Stein against Osbourne Kilminster.

Other Guy: Oh man, this is gonna be good. I can just feel it

Dave Dymond: Doesn’t seem to be much love lost between these two. People backstage have reported Dan Stein saying he’s not prepared for a match – he’s prepared for a fight.

Other Guy: I can well believe it, man, and he’d have to be. That’s exactly what this is going to be. Osbourne Kilminster is the kind of guy to make sure it is.

The Thomas and Mack Arena is suddenly plunged into darkness, a long moment passing before tiny lights high above begin to flicker as a low rumble of thunder grows louder and louder, the crackling of lightning correlating with the flashes of white light and the sound of a howling wind. Another almighty thunderclap and a flash of dazzling light from seemingly all angles fades to just one spot of light in the centre of the ring as a tall, dark figure bounces on the spot, his head and body concealed by a black hoodie, but the urban camo-coloured MMA shorts, black MMA gloves and matching wrestling shoes and knee-pads reveal the man to be none other than Osbourne Kilminster!

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 240lbs… hailing from Birkenhead, England… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!

A hail of boos descends on the ring as the storm sound effects cut out. As he pulls his hood back, Osbourne rips off his blue-tinted sunglasses and shakes his head as he looks about into the stands, but referee Dennis Heflin quickly pushes him into the corner furthest from the walkway. The moment that the spotlight on Kilminster blinks off, a low murmur begins to quickly turn into cheers when "The Lights" flashes up on the SHOOT Tron video screen.

You ready?

Let’s go!

Yeah, for those of you that want to know what we’re all about

It’s like this y’all


Bright white laser lights cut into the crowd from the top of the walkway as Dan Stein appears from behind the curtain, finding his spot beneath a dazzling spotlight which starkly contrasts his black trunks, boots and kneepads. He points to the picture of infamous MMA fighter B.J. Penn on his T-Shirt as he stares right into the ring, a second spotlight focusing in on Kilminster, now bereft of his hoodie and chomping down on his gum shield eagerly!

This is ten per cent luck, twenty per cent skill

Fifteen per cent concentrated power of will

Five per cent pleasure, fifty per cent pain

And a hundred per cent reason to remember the name!

Stepping forward slowly, Stein keeps his eyes firmly focused on Kilminster even as he pats hands with eager fans who reach over the guard-rail.

Dave Dymond: He looks INTENSE.

Other Guy: Yeah, man. Dude’s ready to fight, by the looks of it. Looks like a guy who’s about to fight for his life.

Dave Dymond: There’s no secret made of the fact that I think Osbourne is a despicable person, but you can’t deny his in-ring skills. He’s a bad match-up for just about anybody.

Other Guy: Amen to that, Dave. Rather Danny Boy than me…

As Stein ducks under the top rope to step into the ring, Heflin is quick to hustle him into a corner as far from Kilminster as possible. The music cuts out and the lights return to normal, the crowd still cheering feverishly for Dan Stein, but even that doesn’t bring a smile to his face as he rips off his T-shirt and throws it into the front row.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 215lbs… hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa… he is "The Lights" DAN STEIN!

Dave Dymond: Looks like we’re just about ready to go… I should remind you all that this is a match to determine who might be considered for a shot at the Laws of Survival Championship.

Other Guy: In theory, the winner of this could get a shot at Master of the Mat finalist, Trevor Worrens, right?

Dave Dymond: In theory, yes.

Other Guy: Wow. This is huge. Kilminster, Stein, LoS Consideration…

Heflin looks to both men who pace in their corners. Osbourne raises his fists in readiness, and Stein follows suit. Heflin raises his fist and drops it!


Immediately, both men charge into the middle of the ring and Kilminster smashes a bomb of a left hook into the side of Stein’s face and follows up with a right that has The Lights stumbling back!

Other Guy: Bang!

Dave Dymond: Stein looks hurt very early!

Osbourne follows but pulls back as Stein paws out with a jab and circles out away from the corner. The fans cheer as Stein begins to stalk Osbourne, throwing out a kick to the thigh which Osbourne easily checks. Stein feints for a leg kick and swings high, aiming for the head, but Osbourne steps back and Stein spins out and comes right back to a guarded position only to eat a massive flying knee from Osbourne! He stumbles back, falling against the ropes and bouncing back in as Osbourne takes to the air again and crashes his fist down onto Stein’s brow with a Superman Punch which drops The Lights to his knees!

The fans gasp in shock and then cheer as Stein covers up, reaches out and secures a leg, driving forward and taking Osbourne to the mat with a picture-perft single-leg takedown! He’s wiser than to hang around on the ground with Osbourne and quickly stands, keeping hold of the captured leg and blasting it with a series of quick, hard kicks that bury themselves deep into Osbourne’s thigh before he can pull his leg free and roll backward to get to his feet! As Dan steps back, there’s blood clearly pouring from his nose and just above his right eye, but the blood trickles down his cheek rather than into the eye, so Heflin lets it go!

Dave Dymond: Look at Osbourne’s leg. You can see the welts coming up from those kicks already…

Other Guy: Yeah… That’s got to slow him down…

Both men circle as the crowd continue with chants of "STEIN! STEIN! STEIN!", but both men are oblivious as they study their opponents. Osbourne paws out with a left jab and swings a hard right roundhouse deep into Stein’s ribs and a second one going lower and deep into the thigh. Stein eats it and steps in, landing a quick uppercut and a left hook before Osbourne can cover up! He’s struggling to block a heavy combination from Stein, who’s all over him with hooks and uppercuts, right in close! Osbourne covers and retreats, then catches Stein on the way in with a looping right hand over the top which gives him time to circle his way back into the centre of the ring, wiping a trickle of blood away from his nose and shaking his head.

Dave Dymond: Osbourne’s telling Stein that combination didn’t hurt him, but the red stuff says otherwise.

Other Guy: Atleast one got through cleanly and left its mark…

Both men circle for a moment before Stein takes to the air and lands a Superman Punch of his own, driving his fist down hard into Kilminster’s brow! As Osbourne drops to one knee, he catches Stein on the way down with a double-leg takedown and drives through, floating to a mounted position and taking a second to hit a double-biceps pose before throwing elbows and forearms down at The Lights!

Dave Dymond: Oh, the arrogance of the man… What an obnoxious poser…

Other Guy: Haha. Poser!

A series of hard elbows land right around the right eye of Stein, opening the cut wider! The fans boo Osbourne vehemently as he continues his barrage, but Stein suddenly gathers the strength to push his hands under Osbourne’s legs and lift him up, trying to throw him over, but Osbourne catches Stein’s right arm and rolls onto his back to sink in an armbar! Before he can get it tight, Stein rolls in toward Osbourne and gets up onto his knees, but Osbourne switches his legs and catches Stein in a triangle choke instead! With all his strength, Stein gets to his feet and reaches out with his left hand to grab his right wrist, lifting Osbourne off the mat and slamming him down HARD onto the top of his head! Osbourne’s stubborn and holds one, but a second slam releases the choke! Stein steps back and points to Heflin and then Osbourne-


The packed stands roar their approval to the former Iron Fist champion as Heflin watches Osbourne get back to his feet. Stein shakes his head at Osbourne and bangs his fists together. Osbourne shakes his head and shrugs as he raises his guard, the two warriors moving back in toward one another!

Dave Dymond: Good move by Stein. He’s much better off on his feet.

Other Guy: Yeah, he;d be a fool to mess around with Ozzy on the ground when we all know he’s got dynamite in his fists!

Stein throws out a jab and a straight, Osbourne steps back and it’s just the right distance as Stein swings high with his right leg and connects with a roundhouse that knocks Osbourne sideways! Stein rushes in, but Osbourne shakes off the cobwebs quickly and blocks a series of follow-up punches before reaching out and catching Stein in a Thai clinch! Stein tries to duck out, but the grip is too tight and knee after knee rises into his ribs and sternum! Stepping back with the impact of each one, Stein does his best to take the brunt of the blows on his forearms, but his grunts reveal that some are definitely getting through! Stein reaches up under Osbourne’s chin and pushes his head back, swinging a beast of an overhand that busts Osbourne’s nose wide open and drops him to one knee! Stein steps back and launches a flying knee, but Osbourne drops to his belly and rolls out of the way just in time! Both men get back to their feet, but with their fists at their hips and breathing hard!

Other Guy: Listen to the crowd, man! They’re loving this!

Dave Dymond: And so they should! Look at these men, just ging to war right here!

Stein jogs in toward Osbourne with his fists raised and is pushed back with a front kick before Osbourne rolls over the top rope and drops down to the outside, pacing up and down the side of the ring. Stein shoots an angry look to Heflin who begins a ten-count!



Dave Dymond: What kind of game is this? A stalling tactic? What the Hell?

Other Guy: The guy needs a breather…




The crowd cheer and applaud, but Osbourne smirks and shakes his head, hands on hips.




Stein’s had enough! He takes a run and dives through the ropes, crashing into Osbourne and the two slamming hard into the guard-rail! Heflin is shocked as he leans over the top rope to see the two slumped in a heap, struggling to get to their feet! The front rows are up on their feet, reaching out to pat Dan on the back as he gets to his feet first and pulls Osbourne up by his pony tail. He sizes Osbourne up and drills him right in the face with a straight right hand that knocks Osbourne back, his arms draped awkwardly over the guard rail as Stein leaps into the air and drives his heel into Osbourne’s sternum with a spinning axe-kick! Spasming, Osbourne coughs up his gumshield and falls to the mats!

Sucking in deep breaths, Stein looks down at his handiwork, surprised as Osbourne gets to his hands and knees, reaching out for the guard-rail with one hand and his gumshield with the other. Stein waits for him to chomp down on it before grabbing him by the hair and launching up up and over the ring apron, following him onto the canvas and again grabbng him by the hair to bring him to his feet in the ring. Osbourne swaggers awkwardly, trying to get his bearings, bringing up his fists and wiping the blood away from his forehead and nose!

Dave Dymond: Osbourne thought he was being smart heading to the outside, but he took a beating out there…

Other Guy: He’s got to be hurting all over from that… Man, Stein is on a rampage…

Osbourne stumbles backward to the ropes, pressing his back against them to keep himself on his feet as Stein approaches, but as he winds up for a big right hand, Osbourne drives a perfect right hook into the body and brings it up high to catch the jaw of The Lights! As Dan stumbles back, Osbourne shakes his head and pretends to stumble about!

Other Guy: Haha! The sly bastard was playing possum!

Dave Dymond: I dunno about that. I reckon he’s somehow managed to clear some cobwebs and now he’s trying to save face…

Osbourne roars and flexes his pecs as he steps in toward Stein, both men bobbing, but Osbourne tags Stein with a left uppercut and a right overhand. Stein rocks, but fires right back with rights and lefts down the pipe, tagging Osbourne’s chin before he covers up. Osbourne now with a right! Stein with a right! Osbourne again! Stein! Osbourne! Stein! Osbourne lands again and it’s too much for the smaller man who drops down to one knee and covers up! Osbourne leaps high into the air and drops a knee down on top of Stein’s head which flattens him out. Dropping to his own knees, Osbourne rolls Stein out onto his back and makes a cover, despite a thunderous chorus of boos! Heflin makes the count-



Stein gets the shoulder up and the crowd goes wild!

Dave Dymond: Very close, but The Lights are still on.

Other Guy: Stein’s still in this!

Osbourne stands back up, but his legs wobble under him and he almost falls back down as Stein uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and wipes away some of the thick blood oozing from the wounds around his right eye and nose. Osbourne is sucking in big, deep breaths, but wincing with each one and hunching over to take the stress off his diaphragm.

Dave Dymond: Ooh! Look at Osbourne! Seems like that axe-kick earlier took something out of him.

Other Guy: I’m not surprised, man. That was highlight-reel stuff…

Stein loads up his right hand and swings it, but Osbourne blocks and reaches for the Thai Clinch! He secures it and drops down to hius left knee, smashing Stein’s face onto the right one!

Other Guy: WAKE-UP CALL!

Dave Dymond: That’s what he calls it!

Stein collapses on his belly amidst more heavy booing from the crowd! Osbourne drops to his knees and flips Stein over onto his back, draping over him to make the cover as Heflin counts…




Stein’s legs thrust out violently, but it’s half a second too late!

The fans boo Kilminster as he rolls off Stein and slowly pulls himself to his feet. Heflin grabs his right hand to raise it, but Osbourne quickly snatches it back and bends double, holding his chest for a moment before standing back up straight, wincing and limping slightly as he ducks under the top rope and makes his way out. The attention of the fans turns to Dan Stein as he uses the bottom rope to pull himself up onto his knees, shaking his head in disappointment.

Samantha Coil: And your winner, by pin fall… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!

The fans stamp their feet and boo, the arena echoing with their disapproval as Stein finally gets to his feet, shaking his head and mouthing the words "I’m sorry" as he looks out into the stands before he ducks under the top rope and makes his way to the back.

Dave Dymond: That’s the official announcement, much as it displeases almost everybody here, most notably Dan Stein.

Other Guy: It’s like, if the ref was making a 4-count, The Lights would have been saved… but it was just unlucky. Hard, hard fight. Everything we expected.


The camera cuts to Eryk Masters himself, standing next to the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, LIHC. CJ and Jared are ready for battle, shirtless and in black elbow pads, CJ carrying the belt on his shoulder, Jared wearing it around his waist. Jared’s also taped his hands halfway up his forearms in black tape.

Eryk Masters: I’m here with SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore. Guys, later tonight, you’re going to step into the ring, along with Cade Sydal, and take on the Family.

Jared Walsh: That’s right, Eryk.

A little taken aback by Jared interrupting him, Eryk stops for a second. Jared looks him dead in the eye.

Jared Walsh: We go into the ring with the monsters of SHOOT Project. Think about that for a second, Eryk. Think about what it is we’re about to face. I want you to think, real hard, about stepping between the ropes with Kenji Yamada, Sammy Rochester, and Roland Caldwell. Think about if it were you in our place, Eryk. It hasn’t been that long since you’ve stepped into the ring against someone like them. Think about it.

You got it yet, Eryk? You have that image in your head, that picture of the destruction that trio could cause?

That shiver you’re feeling down your spine, Eryk… we feel that too.

CJ Nelson: Now take the time and thank whomever you need to that you don’t have to enter that ring, Masters. But we do. We have to step through the ropes and look those three square in the face.

And we will. They’re hoping that we’ll flinch. After all, we’re facing a Family. Brothers in arms. A united force against us.

Jared Walsh: See, but that’s the thing, Eryk. Family? Brothers? Those three?

CJ Nelson: They’re held together by what, Masters?

Jared Walsh: Mutual ambition?

CJ Nelson: They’d tear each other apart if it meant advancing their own personal causes.

Jared Walsh: Love?

CJ Nelson: None of them are capable.

Jared Walsh: What about friendship?

CJ Nelson: You’d be hard pressed to see them acting friendly toward each other.

Jared Walsh: So what is it, exactly, Eryk, that keeps them together? If not love, if not friendship, if not something as obvious as mutual ambition, what is it that keeps them teaming up and not at each other’s throats?

Masters isn’t sure what to say, so he doesn’t say anything. After a second, it becomes clear that they want some sort of response.

Eryk Masters: I–

CJ Nelson: I’ll tell you what, Masters.


Jared Walsh: Beneath all the little photo-ops, and creepy Family picnics, and corrupted ‘50s family clichés, the Family only stays together because they are afraid of what would become of them alone.

CJ Nelson: They may act like monsters, Eryk… but in the end, they’re just men, with their own fears and their own insecurities.

Jared Walsh: And fear might keep people together for a while, but all it takes is failure to make those bonds tenuous. And failure is something the Family understands well recently.

CJ Nelson: If they can’t win this, who knows where it will go?

Jared Walsh: But us, Eryk? Me and CJ? We are brothers. We have been united since the dawn of time. We have put together a united front and we have–

Jared knocks on his title belt.

Jared Walsh: –done what needs to be done. We’re bound by a hell of a lot more than fear.

CJ Nelson: And as for Cade, well… we have a bond with him that’s a hell of a lot stronger than fear.

Jared Walsh: Respect. Because he also has the balls to do what needs to be done.

CJ Nelson: And what needs to be done is the dismantling of the Family and the collapsing of Jonny Johnson’s little charade as champion. And we’re going to do it, no matter how much fear we might feel.

Jared Walsh: Whatever. It. Takes. And we know that Cade’s thinking the exact same thing.

Eryk Masters: Speaking of Jonny Johnson and his crew, you’ve just announced your defending those belts against Rogue and Riley at Master of the Mat. Do you think that R&R will follow through on your requests?

Jared Walsh: I’d call them demands, Eryk, and I think they got the message.

CJ Nelson: And if they didn’t? Then I guess we’re going to have to beat it into them that much harder.

The pair walk off camera, leaving Eryk Masters alone again.

The fans buzz about, talking amongst one another, but quickly turn their heads to the entrance as we hear a song we’ve yet to hear in the SHOOT Project; "We Multiply" by AIDS Wolf. As the drums begin to kick in, the rather unorthodox and ear-piercing guitar riffs soon join in. The beat turns from simplicity to complete chaos as it kicks in even harder, and this is where we finally catch sight of the man standing at the entranceway… Conor. He stands in a black T-shirt with the words, "Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker!," on it in white. He wears tight fitted dark jeans and black leather low top converse.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Conor McLellan!

Dave Dymond: Well folks we were supposed to have our tag team match up between Tres Bien and the VERY unlikely pairing of Ron Barker and the returning Del Carver… but apparently that’s being pushed back as once again this Conor kid interrupting Revolution.

Conor goes up the steps, shaking his head as he holds his hand out for the microphone, as Samantha quickly obliges.

Conor: Conor McLellan? IT’S CONOR CADEN.. Introduce me again, Samantha.

He holds out the microphone for her, however, she seems almost confused.

Conor: Introduce me correctly, Samantha. Conor. Caden.

Samantha continues to look confused, however, she does it.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Conor Caden.

She tosses the microphone back at Conor, a little irked as she heads out of the ring; shaking her head the whole time.

Conor Caden: Much better.

The fans begin to boo a bit at Conor, however, he just paces the ring… his head down.

Conor Caden: When turning a new leaf, you have to forget everything that’s become synonymous with failure. My past… my run with Celtic Saints, The ‘Disorderly Youth’, the last name McLellan… these are things that really… haunt me. Things that remind me that thus far, in my career, I’m a fucking nobody. These memories… they remind me of a less successful point in my life. They remind me of a downtrodden youth; they remind me of why I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING MATCH HERE TONIGHT… so you know what? I figured why not just CLEAN the slate… why not create a NEW legacy. One that not only I can be proud of… but all of you out there… all of you junkies, you fuck ups, you prostitutes, you drug dealers, ONE THAT ALL OF YOU… can be inspired by…

This gets a few cheers from the crowd, however, mostly we hear boos.

Conor Caden: But you see, I guess you could say I’m… a less than confident person. Yeah. That suits me. You see I’ve failed myself time and time again, so what reason do I even have to even BE confident? I mean… after LOSING TO A FUCKING LUNATIC IN A BUG COSTUME, SHIT STARTS TO GET REALLY OLD… and at first, I wanted to come in this place and be legit… seriously, I really did. I wanted to come in here, and prove that even I alone… could be a threat. But then, someone threw themselves at me… saying that they missed this sport… saying that they believed in my cause…

The fans boo a bit more, but it doesn’t seem to phase Conor.

Conor Caden: Someone that really… I can relate to. Someone that’s walked the same path of life that I’ve walked. Someone that… I… want to represent. But what happens with you… people… is that, you have the drive, and you have the right direction… but you just can’t fucking go for it, can you? I’ve realized that I’m a unique personality. You see, not only do I concoct these fucked up plots, and try and create a LEGACY as just a lone drug addict, but… I FUCKING DO IT! And that’s what I was doing here. I was going to walk this out alone, and I was going to bring EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO DOUBT ME DOWN… but then you called. And you know what? My plan was changed. You see alone, I can do some great things. I could bring others down to my level, and I could crack some fucking skulls, but with YOU?! Things escalated.

He paused for a second, nodding.

Conor Caden: With the thought of you at my side… my plans got a little… bigger. I began aiming higher. Instead of blood… I WANT FUCKING BODIES, MAN. PILED TO THE CEILING. I want to make a statement. A statement that PEOPLE LIKE US, WE CAN ONLY BE FUCKED WITH FOR SO LONG. I want you to help me USHER IN this new start to my life. I want you to help me show them, that people like us, THAT WE… TOGETHER… we’re much more than what we’ve ever been. But what’s got you QUESTIONING this opportunity? You want back in this sport, don’t you? You’ve said so yourself that you miss this. But the question is, do you miss the (he makes finger quotes) ‘spirit of competition’ itself… or do you miss the satisfaction of DRILLING someone in the fucking skull? Honestly, I know you’re kind…

He grins; slightly.

Conor Caden: You miss this… but not as a simple sport. No. As a blood sport.

He nods.

Conor Caden: But something… something just holds you back. (He’s looking at the ground again, making a fist with his left hand) Something keeps you from JUMPING on this opportunity like a fucking cheap prostitute. What is it? Is it your pride? Do you not want to take a backseat to me… is that it? Because, you’ve already stated that you believe in what I stand for… so I can’t possibly fathom what it is that keeps you from coming out here, and STANDING AT MY SIDE. But you know what, man… I won’t lose sleep over it. Me? I’ll move on. I’ll start this fucking revolution… look back, and I’ll be content with seeing just my shadow behind me. But you? You’ll fucking rot in your apartment. You’ll want this opportunity back, but the door won’t be open.

He shakes his head.

Conor Caden: Or you’ll come in here alone… and be devoured by everyone, just as you did before. I’ll stand alone, as I WALK THROUGH A FIELD OF FUCKING BONES… OF FUCKING CASUALTIES… MEN WHO DOUBTED ME… MEN WHO GAVE UP ON PEOPLE LIKE US A LONG TIME AGO…

Conor shakes his head again… looking now to the entrance. Trying to shake off his frustrations.

Conor Caden: You elected not to answer my call. But you know what? I realize that I didn’t give you much time to think it over. Granted, I would have thought you wouldn’t have to think so fucking hard on it, but you know what? I’ll give you another chance.

He pauses.

Conor Caden: Next Revolution, I come out… and I do this again. We do this all over again… and if then, you still don’t show your face?

He sighs.

Conor Caden: Then consider this opportunity DEAD.

Conor drops the microphone… quickly rolling under the bottom rope and heading up to the back as "We Multiply" by AIDS Wolf hits. He wastes no time getting backstage, as he soon disappears out of sight.

Other Guy: Does this kid have an attitude or what, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Not sure WHO he’s talking about or what exactly Conor’s agenda is, but I guess next week is the last week his opportunity is being put out on the table… whatever that opportunity truly is and for WHO.  But we shift gears now as coming up next the Hardcore outlaw himself, DEL CARVER returns to SHOOT Project action, but not in a way we’d expect him to… or even like him to as he’ll be teaming up with the manipulative and arrogant Ron Barker. 

Other Guy: That match up next, and still to come, Azraith DeMitri going one on one with Donovan King and of course our HUGE six man tag main event, The Family going up against Cade Sydal and the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions… Long Island Hardcore. What a fight that’s gonna be!



The cameras cut to a corridor backstage.  For the moment, it seems very empty. Nobody is spotted, leaving many to wonder why a random scene is being cut in the corridor. Seconds later, we see Peter Lolwen walking, as if he is about to exit the building. He has that familiar pen and paper that he had earlier when we saw him taking a few more notes in Doug Kinsella’s match against Burglar.  

Out of nowhere, Doug comes up from behind Lolwen, almost as if he has been hunting for him ever since his match.

Doug Kinsella: Hey, Peter! Hold up!

Peter then turns around, looking at the bright young talent that he has been trying to attract under World Heavyweight Champion Jonny Johnson’s wing.

Peter Lolwen: Oh, hey Kin- . . . Kinsollo?  Kin, Kindo… Kin-uh…  Doug, right?

Kinsella looks a little annoyed.

Doug Kinsella: Uh, yeah. That guy that you gave this number to a few weeks back?

Doug presents the same card with the number on it. Peter recognizes it well, but tries to shy away from any knowledge of it.

Doug Kinsella: Anyway, dude. What is up with you giving this to me, then nobody answers?  I took time away from my wife to fly out to Chicago, but for what?  An empty ranch house?

With Doug appearing very livid, Peter holds his arms up, trying to calm down the rising star.

Peter Lolwen: Whoa!  Dougie!  C’mon man.  Just a little misunderstanding.  Okay?  No harm meant.  We’re still VERY high on you, kid.  VERY high.  This is legit buisness, okay?  No one’s trying to fuck with you or anything.

Kinsella is hesitant to respond.

Doug Kinsella: And how can I be so sure that this isn’t some little trap?

Lolwen reaches into his pocket, as though he expected the question.

Peter Lolwen: Here…

Peter takes out a card. It is a key to a hotel room.

Peter Lolwen: This’ll get you into Jonny’s suite at the Bellagio.  Don’t go too early, but make sure you’re not late, all right, kid?  Just use your best judgement, okay?  Now, I’d love to stay and chat, but MAN are things busy tonight!  BIG TIME busy, Kins…  (Clearing his throat) Doug.  Real busy.

Peter taps him on the shoulder, and walks off. Doug stares at the key for a quick moment before deciding to pocket it.

He shakes his head, as the camera cuts.



Dave Dymond: Looks like we’re just about ready for Del Carver’s return to a SHOOT Project ring, OG!

Other Guy: You know, he is tagging with Ron Barker, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Don’t remind me, OG. It sickens me that he can just–

Dave’s cut off as Audioslave’s “Cochise” hits, setting off a parade of boos from the crowd. Ron Barker steps through the curtain, alone.

Samantha Coil: This match is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in–

Barker interrupts her, damn near ripping the microphone from her hand.

Ron Barker: Save it, Sam, and cut the music! Carver! You stubborn ass, get out here!

“The One” by White Zombie bursts through the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet as the Hardcore Outlaw steps out, standing on the stage with his arms crossed.

Ron Barker: No, out here, in the ring! If you value your career, you will get your ass in the ring RIGHT NOW.

Dave Dymond: Show a little respect, Barker.

Other Guy: He don’t have to, Dave, not with Carver’s career in his hands.

Del Carver shakes his head, slowly walking toward the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, keeping his eyes (well, eye) on the Ravishing One.

Ron Barker: You think this is funny, Carver? You think I’m paying you to leave me high and dry? When I schedule your sorry ass for tag training, and for working on our teamwork, I expect you to actually show up! What the hell were you doing instead?

Carver goes to open his mouth, but Barker isn’t hearing it.

Ron Barker: Don’t answer that, Carver, I don’t care what building you were jogging upstairs in, you weren’t where you were supposed to be. And you know what? That’s fine. You want to play the lone wolf, Carver? Be my guest… because you’re now facing TRES BIEN alone.

Carver furrows his brow, but isn’t going to get a chance to speak.

Ron Barker: That’s right, Carver! Handicap match! Got a problem with that? No? That’s what I thought. Good luck, Lone Wolf.

Barker drops the microphone (with Samantha Coil picking it up) and slides out of the ring, heading toward the announce table.

Dave Dymond: This is just despicable, even for Barker.

Other Guy: Not too loud, Dymond, our guest will hear you.

Ron Barker: Hear what, Dymond badmouthing me, as usual? I’m sorry your hero is a deadbeat who doesn’t know how to do what he’s told, Dave. He had this coming.

Before Dave can get out a reply, “Bell the Cat” by LM.C starts to play, and the crowd pops for the new sensation.

Samantha Coil: And his opponents, from Nagano, Japan, weighing in at a combined 332 lbs, Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima, TRES BIEN!

The high-pitched scream that starts the song brings out Shinya and Maya, zigzagging and bouncing through the aisles, trading slaps with the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring, and hopping to opposite corners! They raise their hands in the air, trying to get the ringside crowd to move a little, and a good portion of them does!

Dave Dymond: TRES BIEN is causing quite a stir with the crowd, OG.

Ron Barker: And I guess the question would be “why?” What the hell does this crowd see in this?

Dave Dymond: Apparently they see something special in TRES BIEN.

Ron Barker: Special’s not the word. More like “fabulous.”

Carver leans up against a neutral turnbuckle, waiting for the pair to decide who his legal opponent is going to be. Shinya doesn’t seem to want Maya to go first, but Maya insists, and Shinya steps through the ropes to the outside as the bell rings. Carver and Maya circle, and Carver steps in to lock up, but Maya darts around Carver’s left side, and hits a dropkick to Carver’s back! Carver stumbles forward a bit, turning around to face Maya, and they again start to circle. Carver goes to lock up again, and Maya goes toward Carver’s blind side once more– but Carver swings his leg, just catching Maya in the side as he moves! Maya drops to the ground as Carver smiles.

Other Guy: Looks like Maya was trying to keep on Carver’s blind side, but the man’s been without it for a while… he figured that strategy out a while ago.

Ron Barker: See, a good tag team would’ve done a little more research.

Carver pulls Maya to his feet, throwing a fist to the side of his head. Maya stumbles backward into the corner, and Carver braces both hands on the second ropes, driving a shoulder into Maya’s gut! Twice! Three times! Once more– no! Maya pulls himself up and over Del Carver, rolling him up!

One! Kickout!

Carver pushes himself to his feet as Maya stands up, backing away. Carver takes a deep breath, moving to lock up with Maya, and this time succeeding in grabbing him. Maya hops up, dropping Carver’s chin onto his head with a jawbreaker! Carver stumbles backwards, as Maya rubs the top of his head! Maya quickly flies to the ropes, hitting Carver with a spinning wheel kick! Once more, Carver stumbles but doesn’t go down! Maya starts throwing kicks into Carver’s side! One, two, three, a lightning flurry! Carver brings an arm down around Maya’s leg, and sweeps his foot out from under him! He drops his elbow, along with Maya’s leg, to the mat, and Maya yelps in pain! Carver grabs Maya’s leg again, throwing a boot behind his knee! He pulls Maya back up to his feet, and up into a vertical suplex– Maya twists out, and lands behind Carver– but Maya’s leg gives out underneath him! He tries to dive for the tag, but Carver pulls him back!

Carver pulls Maya back up to his feet, and doesn’t give Maya time to twist out of a snap suplex! Carver goes for a cover!



Thr– broken by Shinya!

Ron Barker: See, if Carver were smart, maybe I would’ve been there to keep Shinya out.

Dave Dymond: Looks to me like he’s doing fine without you.

Ron Barker: We’d have already won if I were tagging with him tonight.

Carver stands to his feet to face Shinya, who locks eyes with him as he backs out of the ring. Carver turns back around, but Maya is gone! Carver quickly turns around again, just in time to see Maya come off the turnbuckle with a dragonrana! Maya flips over, and Carver is down! Maya tags in Shinya! Shinya starts throwing kick after kick into the legs of Del Carver! Shinya springboards onto the second rope and drops a leg across Carver’s throat! Shinya runs back to the ropes, but Carver catches him with a drop toehold! Carver starts getting to his feet, but Shinya kips back up, and goes for a kick to Carver’s head! Carver grabs Shinya’s leg, and nails Shinya with a low blow! Shinya and Maya both shriek, as the crowd gives out an “ooh” in sympathy!

Ron Barker: A low blow! How low does Carver have to sink to win this?

Other Guy: He’s one guy against two, it’s expected he’s gonna do whatever–

Ron Barker: –it takes to survive? Spare me, OG.

Shinya folds over, hitting the mat, and Carver grabs him by the head, tossing him into the corner! He tosses a left, then a right, then a left, right, alternating body blows to Shinya’s torso! Willie Dean steps between them, yelling at Carver, who turns around and starts to walk away– Carver turns back to charge Shinya, but Shinya’s there first, NAILING Carver with a corkscrew lariat! Carver goes down, and Shinya rolls right back to his feet, dropping onto Carver with a standing moonsault! Shinya quick-tags Maya, and pulls Carver over. Maya flies off the top with a shooting star press as Shinya flips and lays a leg across Carver’s throat! Maya makes the cover!



THR– Kick out!

Maya can’t believe it, but he’s back up to his feet, grabbing Carver’s arm, and pulling him into a majistral!



THR– Kick out by Carver once again!

Maya quick-tags Shinya again, and as Carver’s starting to get to his feet, Maya springboards off the second rope, wrapping around Carver, and dropping him to the mat with a swinging head scissors! Shinya flies off the top rope with a senton across the chest of Carver! Maya’s climbed up to the top, and as Shinya gets to his feet, Maya hops onto Shinya’s shoulders, and Shinya drops him HARD onto Carver with the BIEN BOMB!

Dave Dymond: TRES BIEN finally using their numbers to their advantage, and this could be it!

Ron Barker: God dammit! You know what they say about wanting something done right…

Barker throws his headset down, and is heading to the ring! Maya grabs his back, sliding out of the ring as Shinya makes the cover!



THR– Broken by Barker! Willie Dean is calling for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winners, by disqualification, TRES BIEN!

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker fails to prevent the win, but he certainly robbed TRES BIEN of a milestone here, OG.

Other Guy: They almost had the distinction of pinning Del Carver in his first match back, but with Barker’s interference, that’s certainly soured.

Barker is SCREAMING at Carver, but it’s inaudible thanks to the storm of boos raining down on the ring. Maya slides in the ring and looks at Shinya, and both are not happy! Carver backs away from Barker, but Barker isn’t about to let up! He’s right up in Carver’s face… but his back is to TRES BIEN! Maya comes up on Barker’s side, grabbing his arm, and… starting to dance with him?!

Other Guy: What is this?

Dave Dymond: It’s, uh… I couldn’t even begin to guess.

Barker’s taken aback by this, but before he can get his bearings, Maya spins him around into a superkick from Shinya! Barker wobbles a bit, and topples to the mat! Del Carver chuckles to himself as he slides out of the ring, and “Bell the Cat” starts back up! TRES BIEN hops back onto the turnbuckles to unanimous applause!

Dave Dymond: Ha! Did Carver have this in mind all along?

Other Guy: I doubt it, Dave, but it’s still a pretty hilarious backfire for Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: Stay tuned, we’ve still got DeMitri versus King and our six-man main event on the way!



The cameras QUICKLY cut away to the back where ERYK MASTERS has caught up with SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Jonny Johnson near the backstage entrance area .  He slings off his sunglasses and hooks them where his zipper comes together at the top of his orange hoodie.  He has a black duffel bag slung over one shoulder and the SHOOT Project World Title over the other.

Eryk Masters: Jonny!  With what happened earlier tonight with…

Jonny sighs and power walks past Masters, who has to stop mid-sentence and follow the World Champion.  The cameras follow as well, doing their best to keep up.

Eryk Masters: With what happened earlier in this evening, are you planning any retaliation?

Jonny talks while he walks.

The DEFILER: Retaliation for what?  Did the boys get themselves in trouble?

Masters starts to respond to the question.

Eryk Masters: Well earlier they…

He waves him off.

The DEFILER: Dude.  I know what happened.  For fuck’s sake.  No comment.

Masters cuts right to the chase, not knowing how much longer he’ll have the DEFILER’s attention.

Eryk Masters:  Jonny, what’s the situation regarding Adrian Corazon?  We know that you’ve dropped the charges and…

Jonny turns a corner.  Tim Calahan runs down the hallway.  Masters tries to keep up.

The DEFILER: (Answering the question, but seeing Calahan) No comment…  (To Calahan) What the FUCK is going on?

Calahan seems flustered.

Super Fan: Well, we just…  I mean, things were fine, but then…

Jonny shakes his head.

The DEFILER: I swear to God… I can’t leave you fucking idiots alone for ONE GODDAMNIT MINUTE!

Masters tries to get a word in.

Eryk Masters: Jonny…  Please.  Just a word regarding the Adrian Cora…

Jonny reaches his locker room door and grabs the door knob.  Calahan sulks behind him.

The DEFILER: Daddy’s here to clean up your fucking messes!

Masters tries to follow into the locker room, and the cameras catch Quinn and Riley receiving medical attention, while Osbourne Kilminster turns toward Jonny.

Osbourne Kilminster: Close the damn door!

Calahan shoves Masters back and SLAMS the locker room door.  He sighs and stares at the door, upset that he didn’t get any information.

The cameras go elsewhere.



The night had been busy and active, from Nightmare and NC-17, to Sinnocence and Barbie, to the upcoming contest between Donovan King and Azraith DeMitri, and later on to the massive six man tag main event. 

Donovan King stood behind the curtain, awaiting the synthesized tones from “Out Here Grindin’” to kick up, signaling his entrance to the ring.  Azraith DeMitri would not be an easy opponent.  It would be a challenge.

Behind him, the SHOOT crew scurries about, never resting, never stopping.  In the absence of a true facilitator, everyone is frantically struggling, each and every week to make everything flow smoothly.  In the crowd and the rustling, it’d be hard to tell if someone walked up behind you, someone specifically looking to address you.

Someone like the Real Deal.

Real Deal:  Donovan King.

The voice on the back of King’s neck causes his hair to stand on end, as he calmly turns to face Real Deal, who holds a hand up.

Real Deal:  Relax.  I’m not interested in engaging in another ten minutes of verbal sparring with you.  I’m just…  I’m just here to wish you luck.  The road you’ve yet to travel is an arduous one.  Azraith DeMitri is not an opponent to look past…  however…

Real Deal smiles, continuing to hold his hand up.  Donovan King looks on intensely, maintaining his silence…  maintaining his focus.

Real Deal:  However…  your challenges are just beginning.  Regardless of what happens to you tonight, against Azraith DeMitri…  regardless of how that match plays out…  next week, you’ll find yourself on the card again.  And your opponent?

Real Deal smirks.

Real Deal:  Ahhh…  best not to concern you with that just yet.  You’ll have your answer before the end of the show tonight.

Instant Black.



All of a sudden, the sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system.  The fans instantly start to give a loud mixed reaction.

Other Guy:  HERE HE COMES!!

The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in and the lights dim out.



Dave Dymond:  This is bound to be intense, OG!

The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance.  The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the booing, but it is MASSIVE.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest, his lone tattoo across his right breast of “est. 1983” in plain view of the camera. 

Dave Dymond:  King’s got the hardest challenge, I think, of his career tonight!

Other Guy:  Worse than Real Deal?  OutKast?  Cade Sydal?  Jester Smiles?

Dave Dymond:  They all know ONE thing Azraith DeMitri doesn’t, OG!

Other Guy:  What’s that?

Dave Dymond:  MERCY.


King slides under the bottom rope and pops up, pointing out to the fans, running backwards, shouting to them to get up, which they actually do.  He is still peppered with boos, but he pounds his chest and jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle, still pointing out to the fans.  He hops down as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.  He looks to the entrance as the lights die out, and blue and white strobes reverberate throughout the arena.  The fans start to boo as the camera focuses in on the entrance.  “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails plays.

Dave Dymond:  You can FEEL the intensity as both men are even in the same place at the same time, OG.

Azraith DeMitri stands there at the entrance, glaring down at Donovan King, who glares back up at him.  Azraith’s trenchcoat billows behind him at he walks down to the ring ever so deliberately.  He keeps his head bowed as he enters the ring slowly, only removing the hood once he actually sets foot in the ring itself.  Tonight, he is shirtless, as he removes his trench coat and drops it to the mat.  It is quickly picked up by time keeper Mark Kendrick and handed off to a ring technician, who scurries off to the back with it.


Azraith stands in the center of the ring and this is the first time we pay any attention to Tony Lorenzo, who stands in between both Donovan King and Azraith.  The two men stand face to face in the center of the ring, and “Head Down” dies out.

Dave Dymond:  Tony Lorenzo is calling for the bell and the action is under way!

King and Az stare at one another for a moment.  King slowly extends his fist to Azraith, nodding to his opponent.  Azraith smiles for a second, pounding his fist against King’s.  The fans actually cheer the exchange until Azraith IMMEDIATELY levels King with a clothesline!  The fans boo Azraith as he picks King up and whips King to the ropes, but King counters!  He goes for his own clothesline, but Azraith ducks it, bounces off the opposite ropes, and King NAILS him with a back elbow!  Azraith clutches his face as he bounces back off of the ropes and King whips him once again, catching the dazed Azraith with a HARD back body drop!

Dave Dymond:  That moment of respect between these two warriors is only amplified by just how INTENSE these men are, OG.

Other Guy:  I wouldn’t be surprised to see these men patched up, bleeding, drinking a beer after the show, Dave.  That’s the kind of respect they have for one another!

King goes for an elbow drop and nails it with accuracy on Azraith’s chest!  He goes for the pin and before Tony Lorenzo can count the attempt, Azraith has kicked out!  King scurries back to his feet and picks Azraith up as well.  He hooks Azraith up in a front face lock, but Azraith manages to shove King forward, ramming him into the turnbuckle!  King wheezes and Azraith RAMS his shoulder into King’s abdomen again to wind him further!  King holds his stomach as Azraith grabs King by the throat!

Dave Dymond:  It looks like Azraith is going for Die Hand des Gottes!

King INSTANTLY chops the elbow of Azraith’s outstretched arm, breaking the goozle!  King grabs the two ropes at the turnbuckle and throws his legs up, locking them around Azraith’s head!

Dave Dymond:  I’ve never seen this sort of offense from Donovan King!

Azraith suddenly JERKS King from the corner and counters whatever King was planning into a HUGE powerbomb!

Other Guy:  That COULD be why, Dave.

King holds his head, which bounced off the mat.  Azraith picks King back up and hits a HARD short arm clothesline!  Azraith drops into a knee drop and covers King, grinding his forearm into King’s face as Lorenzo goes for the count!




King kicks out and Azraith picks King up, only to have King counter with a belly to belly suplex!  The fans pop as King scrambles over to Azraith for the pin and Tony Lorenzo’s there!




Azraith kicks out with authority and King picks Azraith up, hooking him into a surfboard stretch!  Azraith shouts out as King wrenches the hold back HARD on Azraith.

Donovan King:  ASK HIM, GOD DAMN IT!

Lorenzo gets in Azraith’s face, but he shakes his blue haired head violently NO.  King immediately turns the hold into a Dragon Sleeper!  He wrenches back HARD again on the hold and Azraith manages to get a foot underneath the bottom rope!  The fans boo as Lorenzo gets King to release the hold.  King grits his teeth, cussing as he lets Azraith go.  He walks away from Azraith, his back turned to him.  As he catches his breath, however, he doesn’t get to see AZRAITH NAILING HIM WITH THE BREAKDOWN!!

Dave Dymond:  BRUTAL spear to the back from Azraith!

Other Guy:  Take your eye off the ball for ONE second, Dave, against a man like Azraith DeMitri, and it’s gonna cost you!

King clutches his back in agony as he slumps against the corner, trying to breathe.  Azraith comes up behind King and hooks him up in a belly-to-back suplex…a STIFF belly to back!  King’s head and neck COLLAPSE against the mat!  Azraith turns to his fallen foe as the fans RIP into boos over the HARSH move.  Azraith turns King over onto his back and locks him into a full nelson!  He looks over the fans in attendance, who aren’t very happy he’s not giving King a moment to breathe.

Other Guy:  Why the fuck are they mad at him?  ANYBODY would do this to their foe!

Dave Dymond:  It’s like why people still boo King, OG.  Sometimes the fans won’t forgive or forget so easily as they may want them to!  Azraith said it best…like it or not, men like him are destined to be hated!

Azraith starts to roll King over…but King IMMEDIATELY throws a foot over onto the ropes!  The fans pop as Azraith looks incensed that he didn’t pay enough attention to the positioning in the ring!  Azraith picks King up and King, OUT OF DESPERATION, goes for a Diamond Cutter, but Azraith pushes him off!  King stops himself and spins around and IMMEDIATELY connects with…A REALITY CHECK!  As King falls to the mat, he flips off the entrance!

Dave Dymond:  BIG gesture right there, OG!

The fans give a LOUD mixed reaction as King drags himself up to his feet.  Azraith, meanwhile, clutches his jaw.  King picks him up and Azraith gets whipped off the ropes, prompting King to catch him with a spinebuster, but Azraith COUNTERS!  DDT!  King’s head BOUNCES off the mat!  Azraith gets King up and King groggily goes for a clothesline, but Azraith ducks, grabs the arm, and tucks it behind King!  Double under hook!  Azraith suddenly HOISTS King up in the air!  Without warning, he RAMS King to the mat with a HARD AS FUCK VERTEBREAKER!!!

Other Guy:  GOD DAMN!  He calls that Memories of Maverick!

Dave Dymond:  I call it The Move That Killed Donovan King!

Azraith stands up, glaring at the entrance.  He stands still, lording over his fallen prey Donovan King, staring hard at the entrance ramp.  King, meanwhile, is squirming, but barely.  Azraith picks King up and King is groggy.  Azraith cocks his head to the side and hooks King up into a reverse DDT.  He suddenly LIFTS King up into the air…AND NAILS THE NATURAL SELECTION ON HIM.  KING IS OUT.  Azraith sits up, staring at the fans booing as he rolls over onto King and hooks the leg, glaring at the entrance.  Tony Lorenzo is there!




The fans POP as Azraith stares down at King, who is STILL stirring!  Azraith glares down at King and picks him back up.  He spins around and NAILS King with a spinning elbow—NO!  KING COUNTERS!  ARM DRAG!  AZRAITH IS DOWN!  KING HOOKS IN THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!!  THE FANS ERUPT, THE ONE MOMENT THEY’VE BEEN FULLY UNITED FOR KING!!

Dave Dymond:  OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Other Guy:  CAN HE KEEP IT LOCKED IN?!!  Azraith is HURTING, but King is going TOTALLY on instinct!

King holds the move in as HARD as he can, Tony Lorenzo asking him if he’ll submit!  Azraith refuses, and King locks it in TIGHTER.  Azraith reaches out valiantly for the ropes, but he can’t get to them!  King screams to the sky as he pulls back as HARD as he can once again.


Azraith suddenly ROCKS and King and he roll over!  King follows through and KEEPS the hold locked in…BUT THEY’RE TANGLED IN THE ROPES!  Unable to hold their balance, BOTH men FALL from the ring, King landing on his neck and shoulders and Azraith on his face!

Dave Dymond:  Quite the unorthodox reversal of the Carolina Crossface, as both men are out!

Other Guy:  This can’t end in a count out!

Dave Dymond:  Echoing The Body there, OG?

Tony Lorenzo begins the mandatory twenty count!

Other Guy:  Well, damn it, they NEED to finish this the right way!





Azraith slowly rolls to his stomach.


King rolls onto his stomach.


Slowly, King begins to pick himself up, breathing heavily.


Azraith stirs once again, picking himself up as well.


King looks over to Azraith and stands himself up, beckoning for Azraith to get himself up as well.


Azraith pulls himself the rest of the way up and locks eyes with King!




IMMEDIATELY, Azraith’s face is bleeding PROFUSELY.  King grabs Azraith quickly and rolls him into the ring, sliding in after him!  Tony Lorenzo stops his count and King immediately picks Azraith up and LIFTS Azraith onto his shoulders!  The fans POP once again as King looks them over, getting ready for the KTFO!  He tries to focus, but he staggers, dropping Azraith!

Dave Dymond:  I JUST realized how GENIUS Azraith’s been tonight!  He’s focused HARD on King’s neck and back, and now King’s too hurt to really hit his signature finishing move!  THAT is why Azraith is one of the BEST.

Other Guy:  Damn, Dave.  Dick suck much?  King is exhausted from fighting this psychopath, man.  I can’t blame dude for that!

King cusses under his breath as he leans against the ropes.  He turns to see Azraith picking himself up, his face a crimson mask.  King charges at Azraith, and Azraith NAILS King with an STO!!  King holds his back, and Azraith wastes no time in picking King up and putting King’s head between his legs and hooking the arms!!

Dave Dymond:  Oh man, King is in perfect position for the—

Azraith LIFTS King up…AND NAILS THE EXTINCTION.  Azraith rolls away from King’s body and then sprawls over King’s body, hooking the leg.  Tony Lorenzo’s there!



Other Guy:  KICK OUT!!!


The fans boo LOUDLY as Azraith pulls himself off of Donovan King, his fallen foe.  The fans continue to boo as Samantha Coil makes the announcement.


Donovan King rolls out of the ring, holding his neck in pain as he looks at Azraith, who is pulling himself to his feet slowly using the ropes, looking all around him with a dazed stare.

Other Guy: Despite this hard-fought, and some would say desperately needed win for Azraith, he looks about ready to start another fi…

Almost as if on cue, the lights suddenly cut out. The Mack lights up with flashbulbs and roars with crowd cheers and screeches, but even that is cut out as a screaming, over-distorted version of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica cuts over the speakers. It was backmasked and wavering heavily, and from the brief, strobing shots of Az that one could see through the flashbulbs of the crowd, even he looked utterly confused as to what was going on…

Say your prayers little one!

Dont forget, my son!

To include everyone!

Tuck you in, warm within

Keep you free from sin

Till the sandman he comes…


semoc eh namdnas eht llit


nis morf eerf uoy peek




This is medieval


This is cerebral






The jarring transformation from one song to another was one thing, but when the lights cut back on with the force of a floodlight, the crowd erupted at what they saw! Azraith was looking…at Azraith! Someone was standing in front of the beaten, exhausted Azraith. He was wearing a long black trenchcoat with a spray-painted version of his oriental dragon on the back of it. Loose black denim jeans and boots with polished steel plates on the toes and heels. The grin was sadistic, even though the face was masked and molded by acting putty. The hair was real…black streaked with blue. It was Azraith, circa 2002. The real, short haired, all blue Azraith glares at this creature across from him. He doesn’t use a mic, he just screams.


The imitator just smiles and says something that no one else can pick up…

Whatever he said, it causes Azraith to snap. With a scream, DeMitri lunges at his imposter, tackling him into a corner and slamming several punches into his face, the crowd ROARING out as he does.

Dave Dymond: You have to question a guy who would antagonize Az to this point!

Other Guy: Yeah…

Dave Dymond: Not sure about that?

Az sits up on his knees, staring face to face at his enemy who’s slouched in the corner. He grabs the mic out of the corner, and snarls into it.

Azraith: You…I’m…

Az used his free hand, wiping his eye in a near-psychotic fashion, a sadistic laugh escaping him.

Azraith: I’m going to fucking kill you. I am going to KILL YOU. Before I do…I want to know you. See your face. I want to remember you…

Az drops the mic, and suddenly lunges at the man again like a feral animal, clawing at the man’s masked and makeup’d face, slashing out the nylon and the putty, drawing blood as he does. He stops after a moment, skittering back a few feet to look at his handiwork, his brow furrowing slightly as he looks at the dazed man. The crowd roars, people in the front rows trying to squint to see who it is.

The man just laughs.

Imposter: I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me Azraith… but you… I remember this look. I remember it, watching from these very seats three years ago.

Az looks confused, glaring at the man before his eyes widen, a hand coming up to his mouth a moment as he simply gazes at the man across from him.

Imposter: Oh yes Azraith. November 2005, War Games. I was in the crowd.

Wearing a SHOOT project t-shirt, a cup of soda in my hand… I was sitting in the damned center of the front row, watching the cameras pointing upward, looking twenty feet up at you on top of a cage… looking exactly like I do now. Beaten. Bloody… but still intimidating.

Only, back then it wasn’t you who was cornered, unable to fight back…

Azraith’s eyes go wide with realization as his imposter’s face turns into a horrible scowl of anger, rage, contempt and power.

Imposter: That’s right Sandman… it was my uncle. Damien.

The people in the first rows could hear him easily, but the rest of the crowd can hear him thanks to the mic that was sitting next to them. The crowd roar is unbelievable, muffling what Azraith says with a pained, guffawed look.

Azraith: …Tim? Tim Ro…

Az doesn’t have time to finish his epiphany. As soon as his name escapes Az’s lips, Tim rips his hands from his trench coat, pulling out what look to be a spray can…and a zippo!

Az, along with everyone else, is too dumbfounded, too shocked to even respond as he simply stares at Tim’s bloody face another fraction of a second, before Tim presses down on the can’s nozzle and flicks open the lighter!


A fiery blast hits Az clean in the face! He rolls down and out of the way quickly, but he instantly starts screaming and squirming around on the canvas!

The crowd is going absolutely insane, some holding their hands over the mouths in shock, some trying to hop over their chairs to avoid anything else he might do as EMT’s bolt from the back and rush into the ring. Several white-coated crewmen slide in to check on Azraith as Tim, smile and all, rolls backward over the ropes and calmly starts backtracking towards the locker room area as his music plays.


Driven to the verge of


I make you my enemy


The nerves you sever


Can serve you better


Dave Dymond: Damien Roy’s nephew!? Tim Roy? He was just a kid…god he couldn’t have been more than…now it all makes sense.

Other Guy: Revenge? It tends to make sense. Az has said for a long time he deserves to be punished for some of the things he’s done, and now there’s finally someone who looks like he is going to help him exact it.

Dave Dymond: But at what cost!? Azraith looks to be badly burned and he might not even get a chance to respond. His career is definitely in danger tonight thanks to Timothy Roy.

In the blink of an eye


In the space of a second




As everything comes to settle, Revolution fades to black momentarily.


One time… the halls… they rang.

Shrieks of victory. Passion. History.

Legacies were forged. Destinies realized.

But then… the halls… they closed.

Coming soon, the hallowed halls…


They reopen.




Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution main event is set for SIX MAN TAG TEAM ACTION!!!

“The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center with the lights awkwardly flicking on and off completely against the rhythm of the music.

Dave Dymond: We have reached our main event and still no word from The Defiler, or word that he’s even shown up to the arena.

Other Guy: Yeah, funny how that shit works.  Jonny’s ALWAYS around when we don’t want to see his smug grin, but the second we want some serious answers, the pompous jack ass don’t show up.

Dave Dymond: But his friends in The Family sure have as Kenji Yamada, Roland Caldwell, and Sammy Rochester are en route to the ring. And talk about a frightening sight!

The crowd boos loudly as Kenji Yamada walks slightly ahead on one side of Sammy Rochester, while Roland Caldwell is on the other side, almost even with the large seven-foot monster child.  Yamada snaps his head in the direction of some particularly loud fans and his glare is enough to shut them up.  From there on out the members of The Family keep their focus on the ring ahead of them.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… weighing in at the combined weight of 904 pounds… the team of Sammy Rochester, Roland Caldwell, and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship Kenji Yamada… they are THE FAMILY!!!

Sammy is the first into the ring, EASILY clearing the top rope as he steps over.  Yamada rolls under the bottom rope and springs up to his feet, while Roland walks up the side steel steps, pauses for a moment, and then steps in through the middle and top rope.

Dave Dymond: Absent from ringside tonight is Vincent Mallows which can’t be something that will sit easy with The Family’s opponents.

Other Guy: Not much Mallows can do on his own these days, but his absence could mean some serious scheming which could mean SERIOUS hurt bein’ put on the tag champs and Cade Sydal.

Dave Dymond: The question still remains though is this six man tag a sign that The Family has truly moved on… has Christopher Davis rid himself of their constant games and attacks on his well being?

Other Guy: I got no answer for that, but it sure as hell seems like it.  In a matter of a week Mallows has seemed to have the Family’s attention turned to the enemies of Jonny Johnson… and if this a sign of things to come, The Defiler’s side in this brewing war just got stronger.

The lights return to normal as the music slowly fades out.  The boos continue though as Yamada, Sammy, and Roland stand in the ring, eerily side by side as they await their opponents.  It’s at that moment that “Back in Black” by AC/DC kicks in with it’s opening rift, and that changes the collective mood of the sold out crowd who now begin to cheer.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…

Dave Dymond: And just like that these fans showing their appreciation for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.

Other Guy: Not the nicest guys, not the most honorable, but at times like these, they’re what we’ve got and you gotta love them standing up to The Defiler and his goons.

The Revolution Video Screen plays quick clips of Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson in action and the crowd gets a bit louder as the duo steps out from the back, proudly showing off the World Tag Team Championship titles around their waists. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 545 pounds, they are the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions… Jared Walsh, CJ Nelson… LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!!!

Walsh and Nelson walk towards the ring in unison, nodding to a few fans that cheer them on.  The two slow down though as they lock eyes with The Family inside the ring.  Nelson looks ready for a fight but its Walsh who motions for him to hold up.  Nelson just nods his head and both men stand there, with Nelson pointing right at Sammy and taunting him.

Dave Dymond: Imagine that, all three hundred plus pounds of Nelson locking horns with the four hundred plus pounds of monster child in Sammy Rochester!

Other Guy: Those two combined weigh almost HALF of the total weight going to be battlin’ it out in that ring tonight, Dave, we might need extra ring support!

Long Island Hardcore’s music fades out and the fans immediately buzz with eager anticipation.  The Revolution Video Screen suddenly flashes with a red dragon on a white background and then the words “Cade Sydal” scroll across the screen.


The crowd ERUPTS with cheers as “Broken Bones” by nonpoint hits the sound system.  Cade Sydal charges out from the back and then stops, jumps up and down in place a few times and then starts quickly to the ring.

Samantha Coil: and their partner, weighing in at 179 pounds, he is the Technical Messiah… THIS. IS. CADE SYDAL!!!

Sydal joins Nelson and Walsh and the fans are on their feet.  He pats them both on the back nods his head and then runs the rest of the way to the ring!

Dave Dymond: Sydal a man on a mission tonight.  If he can’t have Jonny, why not strike out against another evil in SHOOT Project, The Family.

Sydal dives under the bottom rope only for The Family to break from their line and form a semi circle around him. Sydal springs up to his feet and starts throwing kicks like a man possessed.  He catches Yamada first, causing him to stagger back a bit, and now Long Island Hardcore hits the ring, evening the numbers!  Sydal is knocked down hard with a clubbing blow from Sammy, and Sydal rolls out of the ring,  referee Scott Kamura attempts to get the match quickly under control as Nelson and Walsh work a double team on Sammy, but Roland yanks Walsh back from behind and whips him into the ropes. Walsh comes bouncing back, ducks under a running lariat attempt from Roland and then twists his body around and DROPKICKS Roland in between the shoulders! Roland staggers forward into the left side ring ropes and now Walsh charges and nails a cross body double axe handle from behind that sends Roland spilling over the top rope!

Other Guy: Don’t think this one is official yet, but bodies are flyin in EVERY direction.

Dave Dymond: Walsh got the better of Roland there, but Yamada charging from behind!

The fans buzz with concern as Walsh turns around and is NAILED with a vicious chop to the throat!  Walsh doubles over, grabbing at his neck and gasping for breath and Yamada sizes him up, and SPINS around to pick up speed and PLANTS his foot right in the side of Walsh’s head!

Walsh goes down immediately, clutching his head in pain and now Yamada turns only for Scott Kamura to shout at him to leave the ring.  Yamada hesitates at first but as Nelson and Sammy exchange pummeling shots, Yamada exits.

Dave Dymond: So after a chaotic opening it looks like this one officially starts with the two biggest men in this thing!

With all but two men out of the ring, Kamura calls for the bell JUST as Nelson is knocked straight into a sitting position.


Nelson gets right back up as Sammy stomps in towards him, and Nelson boldly locks into grapple with the monster child.  Sammy breaks the grapple and grabs Nelson around the neck by both hands, but Nelson fights right back, bringing up his leg and BOOTING Sammy right in the gut. Sammy falters slightly, but doesn’t double over completely.  He shoves Nelson back away from him and then again moves at him.  Nelson runs back, picking up some serious speed for a bigger man and the two collide FULL FORCE, and both men bounce back from one another, but NEITHER falls down!

The fans pop from Nelson who is the first to go right back in, but this time Sammy lunges his body inwards and CRUSHES Nelson’s sternum with his head!

Dave Dymond: Sammy using his skull like a battering ram there and that’s going to knock the wind out of anyone.

Other Guy: Not to mention possibly crush a couple ribs or collapse a damn lung!

Dave Dymond: Nelson reeling now from that shot and this is where Sammy is his most dangerous, when his opponent is forced to have to be on the defensive.

With Nelson staggering in pain, Sammy follows up with a second headbutt this time directly to the top of Nelson’s head. Nelson drops to one knee and Sammy just lifts up his massive leg and nails Nelson in the face with it.  Nelson is laid out flat on his back and Sammy drops to one knee to make the cover, pressing his palm firmly onto Nelson’s chest.


Dave Dymond: Here comes Walsh!

TW… Walsh breaks the cover with a diving forearm to Sammy’s face! Sammy sways only slightly and rises up to his feet as quick as he can, but its still slow compared to Walsh’s speed. Walsh leaps up and starts driving hard punches into Sammy’s body, doing whatever he can to try to get the bigger man rocking.  Kamura gets involved though quickly and pulls Walsh back, forcing him to get back in the corner.  Sammy though charges after Walsh from behind, upset with his interference.

Walsh is grabbed by the head from behind and then Sammy spins him around and lifts him up HIGH over his head!  The fans buzz with concern as Walsh flails his body, but the fans cheer as Nelson is back up to his feet… he bounces off the ropes…  SPEAR TO THE BACK OF SAMMY!!

Sammy arches forward in pain and now Walsh sends all his body weight backwards, TRYING to bring Sammy down onto his back! Sammy sways and Nelson now back up to his feet DRILLING Sammy repeatedly in the back with hard shoulder thrusts!  Sammy continues to sway, Walsh falls down beside Nelson but can’t bring Sammy down with him.

Other Guy: Sammy just REFUSIN’ to be brought down, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Always such amazing and scary strength shown by the monster-child Rochester and this is just another one of those demonstrations.

Walsh fires some hard knee shots and as he does Nelson moves quickly over and tags in Sydal!  The fans cheer wildly as Sydal SPRINGS up to the top rope now and with Sammy swaying Sydal LEAPS with a spinning wheel kick just as Walsh and Nelson go low with a double team chop block that nails Sammy in BOTH legs!  SYDAL CONNECTS and Sammy is sent flat on his back!

The fans are on their feet, Sydal makes a cover!


And Sammy FORCEFULLY kicks out!

Other Guy: God damn… barely even the one count.

Dave Dymond: They got him on his back though which is a great momentum shifter for Sydal and the SHOOT Project tag team champions.

Other Guy: Yeah until Sammy is back up or gets a tag in to Kenji or Roland… then I’m gonna have to say the momentum will shift right back.

Sydal up to his feet and as Sammy works his way up, Sydal fires stiff shin kicks to Sammy’s shoulder, repeatedly striking him to force Sammy to start wincing in slight pain.  Sammy still gets up and as he is on his feet, Sydal changes up his strategy, now firing kicks to Sammy’s right leg.  Sammy wobbles only slightly before just shoving his arm out recklessly and knocking Sydal onto the mat. Sydal rolls backwards with a reverse summersault and springs back up to his feet and charges in.  Sammy reaches out to grab him but Sydal side steps and NAILS a leaping side kick.

Dave Dymond: Somewhat of an odd execution of that side kick, but Sydal pulls it off and I guess in going against a man the size of Sammy Rochester you just have to figure out what works.

Sammy loses his balance only a very tiny bit and soon turns his body to face Sydal.  Sydal comes after him again and as Sammy goes for a lunging clothesline, Sydal ducks under and then starts NAILING Sammy in the lower back with another series of rapid-fire kicks!  Sammy spins around with a SHRIEK and DRILLS Sydal on the top of the head with an elbow that drops Sydal immediately to the mat.  Sydal works on getting up, wobbling in place and Sammy just SWATS Sydal across the face which SPINS him and knocks him down yet again.

Other Guy: See what I was talkin’ about, Dave. You only get Sammy down for a moment before he’s right back knockin you down again and again and again.

Dave Dymond: I have to admit watching Sammy connect with those swatting like punches reminds me of a grizzly bear.  And as a lot of campers and outdoorsmen alike will say, you don’t want to get in a fight with a grizzly bear.

Sydal is slower to get back up, but he gets himself up again showing his determination Sammy right there though IMMEDIATELY scoops him up and with no effort he just TOSSES Sydal up and over with a fall away slam, only Sammy doesn’t fall with the slam.  Sydal writhes on the mat in pain while Sammy goes over into the corner and tags in Roland.

Sammy Rochester: Play, Roland!

Roland steps into the ring now, his eyes focused on Sydal writhing on the mat.  Sammy exits the ring, clapping his hands like an excited child.  Roland grabs Sydal, brings him partially up to his feet, only to drive a hard knee into his gut.  The impact makes Sydal fly up into the air, but Roland holds onto him and lets gravity bring Sydal’s feet back onto the mat.  From there Roland stands Sydal all the way up and whips him into the down ring ropes.

Sydal comes bouncing back and Roland with another knee to the gut, this time Sydal FLIPS over and lands hard on his back.  Roland turns around, standing knee drop onto the face and then right into a hard cover.

Kamura drops to the mat to make the count while the fans boo loudly.



YEAAHHHH! The fans cheer as Sydal manages to get the shoulder up at two, but Roland turns Sydal over onto his stomach from there and pulls him up and drops him quickly with a backbreaker.  Sydal is bent over Roland’s knee and Roland keeps the pressure applied, causing the fans to boo once again.

Dave Dymond: It looks like the Family now doing what they can to basically break Sydal down, rendering him useless in this match up.

Other Guy: Isolate one member of the team to drop the numbers, it’s a smart strategy, but already with the Family having the size advantage, it’s gonna hurt Sydal and Long Island Hardcore’s chances of bein’ able to pull this off.

Dave Dymond: Sydal not giving up though and now Roland lifts him… OOOOH and a second hard backbreaker!

This time Roland lets Sydal roll off the knee and onto the mat.  Sydal tries to get up, clutching at his back in pain though and now Roland sizes him up as he watches Sydal struggle.  Walsh and Nelson shout for Sydal to get into the corner and make a tag and Roland now backs up into the right side ropes, bouncing off of them, but as he does Yamada reaches out and slaps Roland on the shoulder.  Kamura acknowledges the tag made and Yamada enters the ring just as Roland charges at Sydal from behind…

Sydal snaps around though and out of nowhere nails the no post enzeguri!!!


Other Guy: Too bad he ain’t the legal man!

The fans cheer loudly, but Yamada charges in just as Sydal gets back up to his feet looking to make the cover on Roland and Yamada DRILLS Sydal in the side of the head with a running yakuza kick! Sydal goes down hard and Yamada starts viciously stomping away at Sydal, keeping him grounded. The cheering turns quickly to loud, hate-filled booing as Yamada continues to hit stomp after stomp on Sydal.

Sydal rocks back and forth on the mat, trying now desperately to get closer to his corner. Nelson and Walsh extend their hands out as far as they can, trying to reach Sydal for the tag.  Yamada grabs Sydal by the leg though and pulls him back away from the corner and then lifts him up from behind. He nails a few quick chops to the back of the neck, then spins him around and looks to whip Sydal into the ropes. Sydal DIGS DEEP and counters on Yamada, pulling Yamada in the other direction. Yamada hits the ropes and Sydal SPRINGS up with a high flipping dropkick that takes Yamada off his feet.

Dave Dymond: Sydal needs to make a tag here!

Sydal scrambles up off the mat and charges into the corner, the fans once again cheering. Yamada back up to his feet… Sydal LEAPS for the corner, BUT YAMADA CUTS HIM OFF!

Other Guy: Damn it! Caught in mid jump!

Sydal reaches out trying to make a tag but Yamada SHOUTS OUT in Japanese and runs back towards his corner, PLANTING Sydal with a cruiserweight spinebuster!  Sydal writhes in pain, clutching at his back and Yamada moves right into his corner and with Roland having gotten back into things Yamada tags him in. The two look at each other for a moment and Yamada points to Sydal.  Roland nods his head and steps in and VICIOUSLY yanks Sydal up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: This match has gone from bad to worse if your name is Cade Sydal.

Other Guy: Roland still not walkin’ straight after feelin’ the Ninjagurai, but he’s gonna make Sydal feel his revenge in turn because of it.

Roland WHIPS Sydal into the lower left corner of the ring and the impact causes Sydal to slump down into a sitting position. Roland storms right after him and pulls Sydal up and just starts to UNLEASH with a series of hard punches; alternating left and right closed fists.  Sydal reels from each shot and as he tries to push out of the corner, Roland shoves him right back in with a turning elbow shot followed up by more punches.  The crowd falls into a lull of hopelessness and now Roland hoists Sydal up onto the top turnbuckle sitting him there and then nailing a few more punches.

Dave Dymond: This one has officially turned into the complete dominance of The Family as Sydal isolated in that lower left corner and Roland looking to capitalize big here.

Roland steps up onto the second turnbuckle, hooking Sydal around the neck.  The crowd continues to watch on, distraught over Sydal’s situation, but suddenly the fans start to buzz and then as eyes look towards the entryway, the crowd comes alive!

Other Guy: It’s Eli Storm complete with the GREAT EQUALIZER!!!

Roland loses his focus for a moment as he looks to Storm who charges down to the ring with a steel chair in hand.  The referee sees this as well and shouts for Storm to get away from the ring.  Storm smashes the steel chair on the floor, taunting Roland to come after him.  Roland drops down from the turnbuckle and leans over the rope shouting back at Storm who still keeps his distance.

Dave Dymond: Storm looking for a fight, but it looks like he wants this to go down in the back and not here in the ring.

Other Guy: The match would get tossed out if it happened here, Dave… and I think that’s why Eli’s callin for Roland outside the ring… but Roland ain’t havin’ none of it!

The fans continue to cheer but Roland just SWATS his hand in Storm’s direction, blowing him off.  Kamura comes to Roland from the side, but Roland reacts suddenly, turns, and DECKS KAMURA!!!

Dave Dymond: Roland thought it was Cade coming at him… but no!  Roland just took out the referee and here comes Storm now!

Other Guy: All hell IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE!

Dave Dymond: You can say that again!

Storm CHARGES the ring now as Roland looks on in disbelief.  Sydal gets back into things and he drops down off of the corner turnbuckle and runs to the corner.  Roland goes after him, but Sydal DIVES, TAG TO CJ NELSON!

Dave Dymond: Here comes the big man of Long Island Hardcore!

Nelson charges into the ring and meets Roland dead on. Roland fires a hard punch, Nelson fires one back. Roland fires another, and another from Nelson! Storm dives into the ring with the chair, but Sammy in!  Storm turns around and CRACKS the chair right into Sammy’s head… And Sammy’s eyes GO WIDE!

Other Guy: Oh fuck!

Sammy rubs his face over and over and over again and now Storm winds up with another chair shot attempt but this time Sammy RIPS the chair right out of his hands!  Sammy goes to NAIL Storm with the chair, but Storm ducks under and scrambles out of the ring quickly!  Sammy spikes the chair onto the mat, shouting repeatedly at Storm who walks backwards up the ramp now!

Dave Dymond: Storm playing it smart here by getting the hell out of dodge.

Other Guy: Yeah he tried to get into Roland’s head, and to some extent it worked, but now he’s pissed off the monster-child and ya don’t want to stick around for that.

Roland and Nelson continue to exchange blows in the ring now, with Nelson slowly getting the upper hand.  Sammy sees the referee is out of it and so he grabs the chair that he just spiked onto the mat and he sizes up Nelson.  Walsh runs around the edge of the ring though, and before Yamada can get to him, Walsh SPRINGS OFF THE TOP ROPE and CATCHES Sammy from behind with a bulldog while extending his other arm and CLOTHESLINES ROLAND FROM THE SIDE!  Sammy doesn’t fall, but is bent over, Roland is knocked to the side and Nelson just turns around and BOOTS the chair right up into Sammy’s face! Sammy’s body snaps upward and now Walsh and Nelson BOTH charge at the staggering Sammy and NAIL HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

Dave Dymond: Sammy spills to the outside and what a double team effort from Long Island Hardcore!

The fans cheer loudly now, but as Nelson and Walsh turn around, Roland right there DOUBLE ARM CLOTHESLINE!  Nelson and Walsh go down hard and Roland makes the cover on Nelson, but Kamura just now starting to get up.

Yamada shouts out in anger, yelling at the referee to get up.  Kamura comes to enough to see the cover made and he makes the count.



Dave Dymond: A three count there but because of the delay, not even the two could be made.

Other Guy: But again The Family takin’ control of this match up despite that impressive showin’ from the tag champs.

Kamura back up to his feet now and he signals for the match to continue. Roland brings Nelson up to his feet while Walsh rolls out of the ring once more, taking the chair with him as he staggers back around the outside of the ring and into his corner. Roland has Nelson up in a front face headlock. He wrenches the neck once then brings a single knee right up just under the throat.  Nelson falters from the shot and Roland follows it up with a quick DDT… NO!  Nelson SHOVES Roland down and keeps standing then drops the quick elbow!



TW… but Roland kicks out before the two.  Nelson gets up but so does Roland. Nelson nails a hard forearm strike, then a solid punch that knocks Roland back down onto the mat. Nelson walks over to the corner now and immediately tags in Walsh.  Sydal is still showing signs of hurting but he cheers his partners on and still shows he’s in this match up.  Walsh goes up top now, perched and waiting.  Nelson out of the ring and Roland up to his feet.  Walsh LEAPS… AND CONNECTS WITH A TORNADO DDT!  Another cover on Roland made.



Kick out at two by Roland.

Dave Dymond: A near fall that time, as Jared Walsh in this match OFFICIALLY for the first time.

Walsh lands a couple of quick toe punts to the side of Roland and then starts to pull Roland up from behind. Roland FIRES backwards with a hard elbow shot that catches Walsh in the jaw though, and sends him stumbling back. Roland turns around, but is met with a sudden boot from Walsh into the stomach.  Roland at the same time though then swats the leg down, despite it connecting.  Roland goes for the diving clothesline from there, but Walsh ducks under and then blindly kicks backward, DRILLING Roland in the back of the left knee.

Roland’s leg buckles and suddenly Walsh charges off into the Family’s corner and LEAPS at Yamada, knocking him off the ring apron with a high splash!

Dave Dymond: Sammy and Yamada both down on the outside and that leaves Roland all alone in the ring.

Other Guy: Thank god for that!  This thing turnin’ around after all!

Walsh runs right back, and with Roland still on one-knee Walsh charges at him from behind, looking for a bulldog… NO!  Roland rises up to his full vertical base just as Walsh goes for the bulldog.  Roland goes for a back drop suplex… but Walsh flips all the way through and shoves Roland forward from behind.

Roland stumbles right into Nelson who FIRES with a hard punch! Roland staggers back, Walsh looking for a roll up… but Roland refuses to be pulled over and he reaches through his legs and grabs Walsh by the arm and neck!

The fans boo as Walsh is YANKED up to his feet in front of Roland and then immediately hoisted up onto the shoulders!

Dave Dymond: Roland looking for the Burning Hammer!

Nelson and Sydal both look to charge the ring, but Kamura watches them, making sure they stay in the ring. Roland smiles with a blood lust about him before DRIVING Walsh into the mat via the inverted DDT.

Dave Dymond: And that’s gotta be it…

Other Guy: Not true, Dave… the second Roland makes that cover, Sydal and Nelson will be right there to break the count.

Roland doesn’t make the cover, but instead rises up to his feet, lifting Walsh up as well and with a show of arrogance Roland SHOVES Walsh into the corner, taunting either Nelson or Sydal to make the tag.  Walsh leans up against the corner turnbuckle pads, barely with it and as Roland backs up, Sydal suddenly tags himself in and the crowd goes NUTS!

Dave Dymond: Sydal NOT backing down in this one and he’s going right after Roland!

Roland nods his head and now storms at Sydal forcing the smaller man into an elbow collar tie up.  Roland seems to get the strength advantage but Sydal suddenly maneuver his body while in grapple and starts kicking at Roland’s side. Roland falters but keeps Sydal locked up, but Sydal KEEPS kicking and eventually breaks the grapple. Roland PUNCHES Sydal, spinning him around…


Dave Dymond: What a kick from Sydal!

Roland staggers back a great deal and Sydal springs up to his feet and hits the opposite end ropes. The fans are on their feet once more as Sydal picks up speed and LEAPS with a high jumping knee shot to Roland’s face!  Roland falls into a seated position and Sydal just UNLEASHES KICK AFTER KICK AFTER KICK TO THE FACE!

Roland is laid out and Sydal pounds his chest in a moment of an adrenaline rush. Sydal works on getting Roland back up onto his feet, pushing him up against the corner, quick kick to the gut then he whips him across the way.  Roland comes bouncing back and Sydal with a spinning heel kick that again knocks Roland down onto the mat.  Sydal with the cover.



THR… Yamada breaks the count and Kamura starts shouting for him to get out of the ring. The boos sound as Yamada puts up a fight to leave the ring, but Sydal rolls out of the way so that Yamada can’t further attack him.  He’s up to his feet, Yamada forced further and further back into his corner….

Sydal backs up to size up Roland, only to be SQUEEZED TIGHTLY AROUND THE NECK!


Other Guy: Son of a bitch!

Sammy lifts Sydal without hesitation and DRIVES him into the mat with the reverse choke slam!  Sammy immediately turns around and meets Nelson head on and charges as best he can, the two big men are not supported by the ropes as they give way to both men SPILLING OUT OF THE RING!

Dave Dymond: Sydal is down, Sammy and CJ Nelson brawling on the outside, and Walsh coming to his partner’s aid!


Yamada SPRINTS across the ring and DIVES over the top rope, crashing into Walsh and somewhat into Nelson as well.  The four men battle around the ring while Roland now sees Sydal down and out on the mat… the cover made.


Other Guy: It can’t end like this!

Kamura turns from the madness outside of the ring and seeing the pin made, he drops and makes the count.




Other Guy: Damnit!

The crowd is not happy, though many are distracted as the all out brawl between Yamada and Sammy and Long Island Hardcore continues, spilling out into the crowd now as they battle through the aisle way!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match, the team of Sammy Rochester, Kenji Yamada, and Roland Caldwell… THE FAMILY!!!

The boos continue now as Roland slowly rises up to his feet, taking in the victory as he looks on out where eventually Sammy, Kenji, Nelson, and Walsh disappear from view.  Roland nods his head and then without any moment of celebration he leaves the ring.

Dave Dymond: And another week sees ANOTHER abrupt departure from The Family, but this time not completely on their own decision.

Other Guy: Not at all, and who knows WHERE the brawling between Long Island Hardcore and Kenji and Sammy is gonna end… or WHO backstage can pull those two forces a part.

Dave Dymond: A grueling six man main event here that sees The Family take care of some business… not exactly how we’d have liked to see Revolution come to a close… but regardless that is the reality of tonight’s event.

With the crowd still booing loudly, the mood slowly begins to change.  The focus cuts back to the ring where Cade Sydal starts to stir and slowly gets up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: And wait a minute, Cade was pinned, but definitely the man is neither down OR out!

As more and more of the fans turn their attention to the ring, they start to cheer.  Sydal reaches his full vertical base, and obviously he looks in pain, but he stands on his own two feet, not defeated… not by a long shot.

“CADE! CADE! CADE! CADE!” the chanting sounds loud and clear as the fans are on their feet showing Sydal their complete admiration and respect for him.

Other Guy:  This is the hope right here, Dave. THIS is what I’m talkin’ about. Even in SHOOT Project’s darkest days its these peeps out in the seats, it’s the fans who bring that light and ya gotta love the respect they’re showing for Cade here tonight.

Sydal looks around at the fans, and he nods his head a couple of times, taking in their reaction, taking in their appreciation.

He finally raises a hand as he starts to make his exit.

“Give us Cade or Give us death…”

Cade suddenly stops in his tracks and turns around.


The crowd stirs.

The DEFILER: That’s what the uhh…  that’s the new little rally cry, right?  Give us Cade, or Give us death?

Pushing a few fans out of the way, JONNY JOHNSON, in tight blue jeans and a zippered orange hoodie hops the guardrail and stares up at Cade.  He raises his eyebrows, feigning interest in Cade’s response to his rhetorical question, and adjusts SHOOT Project World Title dangling over his left shoulder.

The DEFILER: Hardcore shit, dude.  SERIOUSLY.  It’s ummm…  Well, it’s so fucking rare to see someone inspire that kind of masochism.  (Pumping his fist) GIVE US CADE OR GIVE US DEATH.  (Shivering) Ooooh.  That is… uhh…  that’s something, my man.  Cade or…  or death.  Heh…

While Jonny ponders the phrase, OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN start to make their way out from behind the curtain.  The BOOOOING picks up and after turning to see what the commotion is about, Cade looks back at Jonny and shakes his head.

Cade Sydal: (Off Mic) Son of a bitch…

Jonny just shrugs his shoulders, and doesn’t even really acknowledge the arrival of his Friends.

The DEFILER: You lost again, man…


A VERY VOCAL “Cade” chant starts up and Jonny stops talking.  He tilts his head and looks around at the crowd.

The DEFILER: Really?


The DEFILER: (Almost pleading with the crowd in disbelief) Are you fucking SERIOUS?  (Gesturing toward Cade) Him?

The chants get LOUDER and LOUDER!


The DEFILER: He lost tonight…


The DEFILER: He lost last week…


The DEFILER: And he lost in first round of Master of the Mat…  He lost against Donovan King.  (Looking at Cade) When the fuck was the last time you WON?  January?  Maybe?  (Disbelief)  Are you listening to them?  Do this feel…  RIGHT to you?  Can’t you…  Can’t you fucking stop this?  Tell them to stop Cade!  TELL THEM TO STOP!  TELL THEM YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS!


Jonny shakes his head, but not without a smile.  Cade stands on guard, not responding to the World Champion’s cruel taunts.  As for the others…  they’ve moved in around the ring, all four men chomping at the bit for an opportunity to destroy the vastly outnumbered Sydal.

The DEFILER: (Laughing to himself) Nah.  You wouldn’t do that.  Because you’re a prick, Cade.  You’re a scum bag.  Piece of shit.  LOSER.  (Shrugging) And…  Heh…  and now you’re gonna let all of these people die.  Which is…  (Waggling his finger) which is why I love you, Cade.  I want these people to die as much as you do.  I want this ORGANIZATION to die as much as you do.  That’s why you’re still fighting this, right?  It HAS TO BE, and…  and that’s why I’m giving you one last shot.

He lowers his voice and moves a step or two closer to the ring.

The DEFILER: It’s easy.  You get a match with me at Master of the Mat.  Okay?  World title on the line…  Everything, Cade, but…  but keep in mind, it’s LITERALLY the last shot.  Win or…  or lose or draw…  whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  After Master of the Mat…  we’re done.  And not because I don’t love this relentless car chase.  It’s money, baby.  No.  It’s because I wanna help you cary out this uhh…  (Waving his hand in a dismissive manner) you’re little mass murder thing.  I want you to succeed because I share your dream.  I do.  I…  I really and truly do, Cade.


He nods, while the fans continue to boo.  Cade continues to look around the ring…  looking at Quinn, Osbourne, Riley, and Calahan, but keeping his most of his focus on the DEFILER who continues to speak.

The DEFILER: But it’s not TOTALLY hopeless.  We’re gonna make this fun.  I’ve chosen the consequences.  Those aren’t up for debate… but, umm…  but you’re gonna have a chance to chose how it..  (Thinking of the perfect wording) How it all happens.

Jonny pauses, and the fans stop booing long enough to hear him out.

The DEFILER: We have what…  Four weeks until Master of the Mat, right?  (Nodding) And uhh…  three Revolutions?  Yeah?  Forty…  Forty One, and Forty Two.  Yeah.  And you’ll be booked at each one.  I mean… Well… HOPEFULLY.  I don’t make the bookings so I GUESS it’s really up to uhh…  to Jason.  But, ASSUMING that they…  see things my way, which, in all fairness is PRETTY LIKELY…  Cade Sydal will be in action August tenth…  Seventeenth and then on the uhhh… on the twenty forth.  (Counting on his fingers, checking his math) Yeah.  Yeah that’s right.

Staring at Cade who is clearly getting a little annoyed with these antics.

The DEFILER: Three matches, and all you have to do is win out.  Just win, Cade, and…  and you can umm…  You can make the rules for our rendezvous at Master of the Mat.  (Shrugging) Now, granted, I’M the one picking the opponents and,of course you’re already pretty horrible at winning as is… so that’s gonna be working against you, but still…  At least there’s hope.  (Shrugging) You just win, and we can wrestle however you want to wrestle.  Pure rules.  Umm…  Cages or ladders…  Cages AND ladders.  Fire, barbed wire…  We can wrestle in a PARKING LOT BRAWL if you wanted.

You win and you write the story, man.

He holds up a finger, while the fans actually start cheering.

The DEFILER: Yeah.  I know that was pretty exciting.  But, Cade…


Jonny pauses and sighs.

The DEFILER: (Trying to talk over the noise) Cade if you lose even…  ONCE.  By DQ or count out, or maybe a ref counts too fast…  or whatever.  If you DON’T WIN…

His smile is sickening.

The DEFILER: I call the shots.  Cool?

Cade nods his head and the fans break into more of an anxious chatter than any discernible “positive or negative” reaction.  Both Cade and Jonny keep their eyes locked on one another.

The DEFILER:  Good.  This is uhh…  This is really good.  Great talk.  (Nodding)  So now…    (Lowering his eyes) I guess we’re gonna go ahead and beat the shit out of you.


Jonny drops the microphone and slinks toward the ring!  Cade looks over his shoulder, his feet ready to move!  Osbourne slowly climbs up onto the apron…  Quinn and Riley slither under the bottom rope.  Tim Calahan grabs a steel chair and SLAMS into the ring post from outside.



Jonny’s eyes IMMEDIATELY dart up!


The others pause!  Cade waves for them to attack!

The DEFILER: (Off mic, Waving frantically) BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!  GET OUT!  DAMNIT!!!

Jonny shouts at his men and they very oddly back away!  They look confused, but it’s obvious that the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION isn’t in a spot to sit down and explain!


Kilminster, Quinn, Riley, and Super Fan clear the ring as quickly as they can and dispaear over the guard rails into the crowd.  Jonny slaps the ring apron and backs up.

Cade Sydal: (Off Mic, taunting) FIGHT ME YOU LITTLE BITCH!

Out from the back emerges DONOVAN KING, ELI STORM, AND NIGHTMARE. The fans are ERUPTING in a shockingly unified cheer as King stands dead center, chain in one hand, and microphone in the other.


The fans pop as the music dies down. Nightmare walks down first, followed by Eli Storm, and lastly Donovan King. King continues to talk on the microphone as he walks down. He stops, and finally…for the first time…Jonny Johnson lock eyes. The moment is surreal, and as quickly as it began, it ends. King enters the ring after Eli Storm and Nightmare flank Cade Sydal, who seems perplexed at the situation unfolding before him.

Donovan King: You want Cade Sydal, you get at him the right way! Tonight, he’s got help!

The fans pop again as King stands there, glaring at the entrance.

Donovan King: You see…I brought Eli and Nightmare out here to make sure you don’t fuck with Cade Sydal. Me out here? I was told I’d find out who the fuck my opponent is fuh next week befo’ the end uh the night. Well…here it is, end uh the night…no opponent.

King glares at Jonny.

Donovan King: Is it you, homie?

The fans ERUPT at the thought.

Donovan King: One uh your bitches? (Suddenly looking at Sydal) Cade?

The fans cheer again at the thought of a rematch of the frontrunner for MATCH OF THE YEAR.

Donovan King: Why don’t you go ahead…man the fuck up, Real Deal…AN’ TELL ME AN’ EVERYBODY ELSE WHO DONOVAN KING HAS TO FIGHT NEXT WEEK ON REVOLUTION!!

There is a silence afterwards, the fans cheering. However, suddenly, an all too familiar voice is heard.


Dave Dymond: OH MY GOD.

“Torcher” by DZK KICKS into high gear as the fans are…fucking…NUTS. The camera shows Donovan King standing there in utter shock.  Cade is in shock!  Eli, Nightmare!  EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ARENA IS IN SHOCK!  They cut to where Jonny was standing, but the SHOOT Project World Champion is nowhere to be found!   The camera cuts BACK to the entrance…and suddenly…HE APPEARS.



Dave Dymond: WHAT??!!? WHAT?!??!?! ADRIAN CORAZON IS HERE?!?!?!?!?


Corazon simply stands there, as the camera cuts back to the ring, where King stares back at Corazon, completely stunned. Behind him, Eli Storm’s face is one of shock. Nightmare continues to watch, he himself stunned. Cade Sydal, can only watch this unfold, equally as amazed to see Adrian Corazon. The camera moves in closer to Corazon, and the fans INSTANTLY erupt in a “WEL-COME, BACK…WEL-COME, BACK” chant. “Torcher” by DZK continues to BLAST through the PA system as Dave Dymond and Other Guy say nothing.

Next week on Revolution, Donovan King has to face Adrian Corazon, a man seemingly seething with pure rage.

There are many questions, and little answers.

The final image of the night, is a split screen of Donovan King, eyes locked with Adrian Corazon. “Torcher” continues as Revolution…

…draws to a close.