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Revolution: 040 – 8/10/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.


"I’m Me" by Lil Wayne blares into the arena bringing the fans to their feet and cutting off the Revolution theme music that was playing JUST as Revolution opened up inside the Thomas and Mack Center.

Dave Dymond: The rebirth of SHOOT Project sees Revolution turn the big FOUR OH tonight, and we’re right in the midst of the beginning of what promises to be a Revolution to remember.

Other Guy: Nobody is gonna forget the day Adrian Corazon returned to SHOOT Project, just like ain’t nobody gonna forget tonight, when Adrian Corazon goes ONE on ONE with Donovan King.

Now with the fans still cheering loudly, Christopher Davis steps through the curtain and takes in the crowd for a moment before striding to the ring.

Dave Dymond: And it all starts with a man who was surprisingly absent last week… but obviously after a week off it’s clear that Christopher Davis has returned to Revolution!

Other Guy: Yeah a week off, wonder what Davis was doing with his week off?

Dave Dymond: Rumor has it he was nursing some nagging injuries.

Other Guy: Yeah I bet he was. Have you noticed that Abigail has been smiling from ear to ear lately? I wonder if all of "nursing" that Davis was doing last week has anything to do with it.

Dave Dymond: Jealous much?

Other Guy: Pppt! I can get chicks that hot…hotter if I want to.

Dymond doesn’t respond he just shakes his head. Davis slides through the ropes and makes his way across the ring. He reaches for a microphone.

Christopher Davis: So the last time I was on Revolution, I lost a match to that bitch Roland and then I was forced by the wheelchair bound bitch to make a choice. A choice between happiness and heroism.

And in typical Christopher Davis fashion I did what the fuck I wanted to do.

The fans erupt as Davis smiles.

Christopher Davis: Which has got to piss some people off, but fuck em. I have other things I want to talk about tonight. I want to take a minute to talk about the state of SHOOT right now. I want to talk about how fucked up SHOOT is right now. This shit is getting, fuck that, this shit has gotten out of control!

In this ring I learned a little something about choices. I learned that making choices is a part of life. We can choose the right path or the wrong path, but we must choose. I’m not the only person in SHOOT that has been forced to make a choice recently.

Another man stood in this ring and was forced to make a choice. He had to choose to do the right thing or he had to choose to bend the fuck over and take it up the ass without lubrication.

The fans cheer.

Christopher Davis: Personally I think Jason enjoyed taking it up the ass, but hey if that’s his thing…

Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: Jason Johnson stood in this ring and took some man love from Jonny and didn’t bat a fucking eye. See, everyone is pissed off at Jonny for what’s happening in SHOOT, listen I know Jonny, he’s not capable of pulling this shit off without help. I know Jonny better than anyone on this roster and I know without a doubt that Jonny is NOT this good. I know when and why "Hope is Illusion" became his battle cry, believe me he’s not the threat to SHOOT we need to worry about. You expect met to believe that Jason Johnson is going to be handcuffed by ANYONE with NO repercussion?

NOPE, I don’t believe it, this is what I believe. Jonny is the fucking puppet and that bitch Jason is pulling his chains.

You don’t believe me?

Donovan King comes out and gives his opinion and who should suddenly arrive? Yep, the personal body guard of Jason Johnson, The Real Deal. King rallies a couple of people to his cause and he ends up in a match against Jason’s favorite brutal inhuman, Corazon.

So, you tell me, which Johnson is truly our problem?

All this bullshit going on in SHOOT and that bastard sits back and counts his money. Rome is burning and that bitch is playing the fiddle. Or in his case he’s probably blowing on the flute.

The crowd begins to laugh, Davis lowers the microphone and smiles.

Christopher Davis: So what do we do? What can we do to stop the puppet master? Everybody is talking about how they want to improve SHOOT, what can we do?

There are guys that are seen as heroes here that want to change things for the better; they want to take out Jonny believing that that will make things better. Me, I have different idea, this shit needs to go higher, much higher.

Jonny’s not even worth the effort, but I’ll let you guys figure that out. Nah, my sights are set on a different Johnson.

Davis pauses, his cold gray eyes seemingly getting more cold as his face becomes dead serious.

Christopher Davis: Jason, from this day forward you need to expect that I’m going to do whatever the fuck it takes to put YOU in your place. You want to send your boys after King because he’s onto something, what do you plan on doing now?

You know what happens when I focus on something Jason.

Guess what?

Here I fucking come you little bitch!

Davis drops the microphone as the fans rise to their feet and erupt. Davis takes in the crowd for a few seconds and then exits the ring walking confidently to the backstage area. From there the focus cuts over to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.  Quick Revolution graphics show up with their names under where each man sits and then the graphics fade out.

Dave Dymond: Davis returns with a rather serious message to deliver to the boss himself, and clearly the former world champion was harboring a lot of tension about EVERYTHING going on in SHOOT Project right now.

Other Guy: Well if that’s the case maybe I gotta take back my earlier assumptions about his “week off.”

Dave Dymond: I don’t think Davis’s personal life is any of our concern, but the tension seems to be a norm around here as we get closer and closer to Master of the Mat.  And tonight we have a few matches that could have HUGE implications regarding the upcoming Pay Per View, with Cade Sydal fighting to win the opportunity to name the stipulation to his upcoming World Heavyweight Championship match.

Other Guy: and with Worrens set to compete in the Master of the Mat finals, having to compete against Osbourne Kilminster tonight COULD change Worrens’s mood, and status as a champion going into the event.

Dave Dymond: Of course as you mentioned right off the bat, Adrian Corazon HAS returned to SHOOT Project and he’s facing Donovan King tonight in a battle which could very well represent the future of SHOOT Project. All kinds of action in store, it’s a great night for a fight… it’s a GREAT night for Revolution!



The focus shifts to a wide shot the ring area inside the Thomas and Mack Center.  The lights begin to flicker in a blue and white strobe pattern as fog begins to cover the entranceway. We then hear the pulsating drum beats from “A Monument Encased In Ash” by The Showdown as the crowd begins to buzz slightly. The first guitar solo then begins to play as the fans continue to stare at the entrance way when the song goes into it’s next guitar solo. At that point, we see Caleb Knox emerge from the fog wearing black elbow-pads with black and sky blue wrist-tape on his fists. He also has on a SHOOT Project T-Shirt with the classic helmet logo on it and is wearing long black tights with an elaborate sky blue tribal design in silver trim on the pant legs with black wrestling boots. He also has black kick-pads with sky-blue trim as he jumps in place for a moment staring out at the ring, circling his wrists looking to be excited yet extremely focused on the task at hand. As the next guitar solo begins, Caleb nods his head in approval and walks to the ring with a purpose.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s opening contest is set for one fall… introducing first… making his way to the ring… weighing in at 221 pounds… here is Caleb Knox!

Dave Dymond: Fans, what we know about Caleb Knox is very vague, but this seems to be a very hungry, driven youngster who apparently has come to SHOOT Project to try and make a name for himself.

Other Guy: He’s definitely got his work cut out for him though against an individual in Dan Stein who is among the best in the business today.

Dave Dymond: A strong showing here by Knox could definitely make the front office sit up and take notice, so let’s see what this kid can bring to the table.

Caleb then makes his way to the ring to a small reaction from the crowd, as he tags hands with those along the entrance way he can get to before he runs toward the ring steps and hops on the top one before running to the ring steps.

Dave Dymond: Already Caleb Knox showing some energy just in approaching the ring and that’s key going into a debut outing like this… finding any way to get some kind of response, some kind of reaction to your presence.

Other Guy: It’s gonna take a lot more than some running and high energy to get a victory over Stein, though, Dave.  The Lights may have been “dimmed” so to speak over the past couple weeks, but they ain’t out, and neither is Dan Stein.

Knox points out at the crowd and pumps his fist against his chest before pointing to the fans as he jumps over the top rope and runs against the ropes for a moment before dropping to his knees leaning back to stare at the rafters with his fists buried in his face. He then pounds the canvas and gets back to his feet. He then starts to hop in place in the corner awaiting the arrival of Dan Stein with an excited yet nervous look etched on his face. 

“Remember The Name” by Fort Minor suddenly picks up throughout the Thomas and Mack Center and the lighting inside turns to a gold hue.  The fans IMMEDIATELY erupt into loud cheering as the Revolution video screen shows various clips of Stein in action and each time he connects with a move there’s a burst of bright light on the screen.

Dave Dymond: One of the hottest rising stars in the business today about to step out here and despite having lost the Iron Fist Championship and finding himself not going to the finals of the Master of the Mat tournament, these fans STILL love Stein.

After a moment of the music building up, Stein steps out from the back and the cheering only gets louder.  Stein stands at the start of the ramp way and he looks left, then looks right, taking in the crowd’s reaction. He gives a simple nod and then points out to each side before heading to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 215 pounds… here is Dan “The Lights” Stein!!!

Stein approaches the ring, tagging a couple of hands as he walks.

Dave Dymond: Stein treating this match as sort of a recovery process.  Definitely hasn’t been as optimistic as he has been in the past, but we all fall in life, and it’s HOW you get back up that makes or breaks a man.

Other Guy: A sound win is just what the doctor ordered on the road to recovery for Stein, and well needless to say he’s gonna be fightin’ for a win and Caleb Knox is gonna be fightin’ to get noticed.  If ya ask me, Dave, it’s win win for the fans tonight.

Dave Dymond: That it is, both men should prove to give us one heck of an opening contest and I have to say I’m excited to see what Caleb Knox can do.  The word is management already feels he’s got what it takes to stay the long haul in SHOOT Project, and now we’ll see for ourselves.

Stein walks slowly up the steel steps, pausing a moment as he looks into the ring at Knox. He then grabs the ropes and vaults himself over, landing on his feet with a bit of spring.  He turns right back around and elevates himself up onto the second turnbuckle and once again points out to the crowd, and once again he nods his head. From there Stein drops down and turns to face Knox head on. Knox looks excited but nervous in the corner as he slowly steps out as per Chris Jenkins’s motion.  Stein and Knox meet in the center of the ring.  Knox offers a quick extended arm and Stein in turn responds with a quick shake of the hand.


Knox and Stein begin to circle the ring immediately after the bell rings, with Knox starting out more cautiously as he moves, hesitating a second each time to react to Stein’s movement. Stein comes in during one of Knox’s hesitation, forcing him into a grapple. Stein turns out of it quickly and twists Knox’s arm around in an attempted wristlock, but Knox flips forward, looking to break out of it, only for Stein to lunge with a standing clothesline!

Dave Dymond: Stein capitalizing on Knox’s hesitation there and in return Knox goes down hard.

Stein goes for a quick cover now, preventing Knox from getting back up.  Jenkins makes the count…


TW… shoulder up by Knox and Stein pulls him right up to the mat and swings across the ring. Knox comes bouncing back and Stein with a jumping heel kick!  Knox goes down into a sitting position, clutching at his jaw and Stein stays on the offense going after Knox and he pulls him up by both arms.  Knox fights against it, so Stein retaliates with a hard knee shot to the jaw then he gets Knox up in a standing front facing cravat, only to quickly flip over the bent over Knox looking for a roll up by the legs, but Knox breaks free and tries to run towards the ropes, but Stein, still on his back, grabs at Knox’s legs and trips him up.

Knox falls face first onto the mat, but springs up to his feet holding his face in pain. Stein kips up off the mat and runs towards the opposite ropes.  Stein bounces off, comes charging back and grabs Knox from behind looking for a running bulldog… but Knox SHOVES Stein forward in the air…

ONLY for Stein to land feet first on the second rope and SPRING backwards with an elbow to Knox’s face!

Other Guy: Knox tried to go for a counter there, but Stein’s agility puts him right back in control.

Dave Dymond: That’s one thing about Stein that makes him so unique, he’s a solid striker but is also one of the better and more agile high flyers in the business today.  That’s a lethal combination of skills if you ask me.

With Knox on the mat Stein quickly turns his body around and lays over him, hooking the leg for the cover.  Jenkins drops to the mat again and makes the count with the crowd getting more into the match at this juncture.



Dave Dymond: Strong kick out by Knox again who shows he’s willing to fight through this one, even though its been all Stein thus far.

Stein gets up off of Knox while Knox rolls over onto his stomach and starts to push up off the mat. Stein comes in at him yet again, but Knox suddenly JUMPS and connects with a dropkick that sends Stein staggering back.  Knox scrambles up to his feet and goes right after Stein before he can fully recover. Knox fires a few swift forearm strikes, knocking Stein further back, eventually pushing him up against the ropes.  Knox delivers a couple of hard kicks next, mounting a comeback, but as he goes to whip Stein into the up ring ropes, Stein turns it around, now recovering.

Knox goes into the ropes but hooks both his arms, stopping his momentum. Stein turns around to see Knox there and charges. Knox ducks under and Stein barrel rolls over the top of Knox, but pulls himself down onto the ring edge.  Knox spins around and is DECKED by Stein!  Knox stumbles back and Stein VAULTS over the top rope only for Knox to react quickly, dropping to his back and lifting his knees!

Dave Dymond: Stein winded by some quick thinking on the part of Caleb Knox and that could be the true opening Knox needs to turn this match around for himself.

With Stein on the mat, holding his stomach and gasping for breath, Knox capitalizes by pulling Stein up from behind, turning his body and then SNAPPING to the mat with a quick snap neck breaker!  Stein rolls over onto his stomach, but Knox pushes him over back onto his back and now hooks both legs.

Other Guy: Cover made and this is HUGE for Knox if he picks up the big W right here.



Dave Dymond: But not quite as Dan Stein shoulders out… and now Knox showing more of an aggressive mentality as he’s the one pulling Stein to his feet and dictating the pacing of this match.

Other Guy: That’s how it’s gotta be inside a SHOOT Project ring, and I think Knox got a quick wake up call in the early goings of this fight with Stein.

Knox quickly snap mares Stein back down onto the mat, setting Stein up in a sitting position. Knox then runs into the ring ropes in front of Stein, charges back full speed and DIVES feet first with a front dropkick to Stein’s face! Stein’s entire body snaps backwards and his head bounces off the mat from the impact. Again Knox with a cover…




Dave Dymond: Near fall but Stein kicks out again.

Other Guy: And you can just see the look on Knox’s face, how close he was, but not close enough.

Dave Dymond: Knox can’t linger on what didn’t happen and has to look to continue to capitalize in this match up until he CAN keep Dan Stein down for the three count.

Knox shakes his head a couple of times as he rises up to his feet.  He seems disappointed in himself but finally turns his focus back to Stein. Stein works on getting up to his feet so Knox goes after him and once again fires a couple of hard forearm shots. Stein starts to stagger once more and Knox winds up and looks for a stiff kawada kick to the chest, but Stein hooks his arm under Knox’s knee as he lifts the leg and back turns around in the other direction, kicking Knox’s other leg out from under him!

Knox goes down to the mat and Stein, still holding the one leg FLIPS over Knox, bringing the leg over and thusly covering Knox!

Jenkins counts!


Some fans echo one!


Some fans echo two!

THREE… NO!  Knox JUST gets out of the pinning predicament.  Both men are up to their feet quickly following the cover. Stein throws a hard punch that catches Knox by surprise. Knox staggers and Stein holds him by one arm and pushes him up against the ropes. Stein then CHOPS Knox hard and then whips him… NO! Knox holds onto the ropes and then grabs Stein by the back of the head and throws him through the middle and top rope!

Dave Dymond: Stein takes a nosedive to the outside!

The fans buzz now, with the ones closest to Stein standing up out of their seats, urging him to get up.  Knox goes to the outside, despite Jenkins shouting for him to stay in the ring. Knox brings Stein up to his feet and shows respect by rolling Stein back into the ring. Some of the fans cheer this and Knox now in the ring after Stein.

Dave Dymond: Knox could have taken serious advantage of Stein on the outside, using that guard railing, or the cold cement floor as a weapon, but the kid keeps it clean tonight.

Other Guy: Gotta respect that.

Stein works on getting up to his feet with Knox rising up behind him.  The fans shout for Stein to turn around, but Knox springs back into action before he can, locking in a half nelson… INTO A FACE BUSTER!

Dave Dymond: Half nelson face buster connects and the cover!  Could this be it?




Other Guy: It Ain’t Dave!  It ain’t it.

Dave Dymond: WOW! That’s as close as you get there, but Caleb Knox STILL can’t keep Dan Stein down.

The fans are buzzing with excitement now, and Knox is quick up to his feet, getting himself revved up and feeding off the overall energy and excitement of the crowd. Knox starts jumping up and down in place and then turns his focus to the corner.  He RUNS full speed and looks to run up the corner turnbuckles…

but his footing is a bit off and he stumbles, slipping backwards and landing HARD on the back of his neck and shoulders!

There is a moment of surprise but very soon the Thomas and Mack Center echoes with “YOU FUCKED UP! YOU FUCKED UP!”

Other Guy: Caleb Knox gettin’ a little too excited there and I think it just cost him.

Dave Dymond: There is ALWAYS a danger when it comes to high risk and Knox is not the first guy we’ve seen take an unfortunate spill and he won’t be the last, that’s for sure.

Knox writhes on the mat in pain as the chanting continues, but as Stein works his way up to his feet, the chanting slowly stops and now Stein sees his opening and moves off into the corner while Knox stirs on the mat, struggling to get up to his feet.  Stein stands in waiting on the outside edge of the ring, and just as Knox is standing…


Dave Dymond: Lights Out via THE LIGHTS!

Other Guy: You got that right!

The cover is made. The fans on their feet.  Referee Chris Jenkins drops to the mat and makes the count.




Dave Dymond: Dan Stein with a resounding finish here tonight, and once he has you lined up for that top rope enzeguri there’s no getting up from that.

As “Remember the Name” plays throughout the arena, Stein rises up to his feet, taking in the appreciation and cheers from the crowd.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… DAN STEIN!!!

After his name is announced, Stein exits the ring nodding his head a couple of times as he walks away.  Inside the ring, referee Chris Jenkins checks on the condition of Caleb Knox.

Other Guy: Knox looks to be pretty much out of it, Dave.

Dave Dymond: He was knocked for a loop after the mis-execution of what looked to be a moonsault, and then Stein of course with that kick to the face.

As the referee continues to help Knox come to, the replay screen takes over, cued up just after Knox took a spill.

Knox writhes on the mat in pain as the chanting continues, but as Stein works his way up to his feet, the chanting slowly stops and now Stein sees his opening and moves off into the corner while Knox stirs on the mat, struggling to get up to his feet.  Stein stands in waiting on the outside edge of the ring, and just as Knox is standing…


The replay footage ends, bringing back the present happenings of Revolution. The crowd shows their respect now as they applaud Caleb Knox who is now standing, albeit it with the referee’s help, and Knox still looks to be in a ton of pain.  He raises an arm though and nods his head, showing his appreciation in return.


SHOOT Project journalist, SCOTT RICHARDSON is backstage at one of the designated “interview” areas.  There’s a Revolution backdrop set up behind him, and at his sides are the TRIO of JASON RILEY, TIM CALAHAN (At his left side) and TOM QUINN. (at his right side)  Riley and Calahan are in street clothes, which for Riley is a popped-collar-yellow polo, ripped jeans and sandals, and for Calahan it’s  a green hoodie, jeans and green and white converse shoes.  As for Quinn, he’s in wrestling attire that consists of navy blue wrestling trunks, and matching elbow and knee pads.  His chin length hair is held back by a white Adidas headband, and there’s a hemp necklace around his neck.

Calahan, behind Riley, holds up a sign that says “GIVE US ROGUE OR GIVE US POT…  OR GIVE US ROGUE AND POT!” (“AND” is underlined) and Riley is holding a rectangular shaped gift box.

Richardson seems a little uneasy being surrounded by these three, but does his best to remain professional.

Scott Richardson: SHOOT Project fans, I am currently backstage with…  well, I guess the uhh, number one contenders for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles…  Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Tim Calahan.

Calahan starts cheering.


Riley smiles as does Quinn.  Richardson attempts to move on with the interview.

Scott Richardson: Now gentlemen, in the past few weeks the SHOOT Project fans around the world have…

Riley cuts him off.

Riley: Actually…  before we start this.  (Holding up the gift box) We wanted to give you a little something for being super giant fuckheads last week.  You were just trying to report and whatever and we tore your set down and I said your shit was boring…  It was totally unprofesh of us and well…  We want you to have this present.

Riley hands the box to Richardson, who is hesitant to accept it.

Rogue: Don’t be a bitch about it, Scotty.  (Gesturing to the gift) Take it man.

He finally takes the gift, but doesn’t initially do anything, and all three of them seem to be getting antsy.

Riley: Fucking open it!

Calahan starts chanting.


He keeps chanting, and Rogue and Riley both nod their heads and gesture for him to do it.  Richardson sets his microphone down momentarily and then reluctantly opens the package.

The paper comes off…

He opens the box.


Scott Richardson: (Holding up a BRAND NEW ROGUE/RILEY/CALAHAN T-SHIRT!) It’s…

Riley gets excited.

Riley: Don’t you fucking LOVE IT!?!

The shirt is orange and says TASTELESS across the front in bold, brown lettering.  On the first “T” is a silhouette of a cat sliding down with what looks like drops of blood trickling down with it.  And on the back, which Richardson shows off inadvertently is a picture of a grungy rainbow above the word “AUTO_MSG”.

Richardson reaches back down for his microphone.

Scott Richardson: Umm…  (Not knowing what else to say or do) Thanks, guys.  This is great…

Scott is obviously uncomfortable, and the other three seem perfectly aware of that, responding with relaxed smiles and pats on Richardson’s back.

Rogue: Scotty, people have been dumping on us since we showed up.  We’re either Jonny’s bitches or goons, or stooges…  You pick a word that sorta means “unimportant slave” and that’s what we hear EVERY DAY.  (Shrugging) It used to matter… I guess, but not anymore.  See, as much as you hated saying it…  we ARE collectively the number one contenders for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships.  We put in the work, and we’re the next guys in line.  And that’s with us hearing for MONTHS how we didn’t belong.  How SOME PEOPLE can’t “see us” as being a “top team”.  We’ve gotten this far just by being us, and look what’s happening, Scott…

Rogue shrugs and throws up a smug smile.

Rogue: People can’t SHUT UP about us.

Riley laughs and starts to talk.

Riley: Yeah, and WE KNOW, bro, that you’re just aching to open that stupid fucking mouth of yours and be all like “WELL IT’S NEGATIVE ATTENTION!  IT’S NEGATIVE HEAT…”  But heat is heat is heat, BITCHES!  Whether you love cat death and rape or hate it…  Whether you’re LONG ISLAND HARDCORE groupies or NOVA fans or not…  We’re in your lives and we’re making you fucking REACT.

Calahan speaks up, in a mocking tone.


Riley smirks.

Riley: FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK ANAL FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!  We talk how we want to talk…

Quinn takes a turn.

Rogue: We DO what we want to DO.

Calahan has his say in the matter.

Super Fan: And we GET what we want to GET!

Quinn puts his arm around Richardson and pulls him inward.

Rogue: Cade Sydal’s going to learn that first hand, Scotts-On-The-Rock.  I know you want to cast me off as the hapless jobber.  Trust me, I heard it allllll this week.  I know how everyone THINKS this is going to go down, but there’s a reason Jonny picked me.  There’s a reason I’m Cade’s first opponent…  because WHAT, Richardson, would be more disappointing…  would be MORE hopeless then losing before you EVER HAD A CHANCE TO WIN?  Put away your wrestling theory and BOOKING ONE-ON-ONE logic…  This isn’t an opportunity for Cade to get the “easy win” so we can create some sort super dramatic moment later on.

Riley chimes in, looking at Scott.

Riley: Tom Quinn can fucking wrestle, dude.

Quinn smiles and nods.

Rogue: He’s right, ya know.

Riley keeps the focus on him as he talks again.

Riley: So with all that ass trash out of the way…  We want to give a little shout out to our boys CJ AND JARED!

Calahan flashes a peace sign.

Super Fan: WE MISS YOU!!!

Riley continues.

Riley: See, SHOOT Project management… like totally UNFAIRLY made them take this show off after things got a little out of hand at Revolution last week…  so they’re not gonna be at the show.  Which fucking SUCKS because they’re like the yin to our yang and shit.  Ya know?  The Kris to our Kross!  The uhh…  Liv Tyler to our Armageddon!  Dudes are just tryin’ to save their friend and shit, ya know?  So we wanted to do a little something for them…  A special little present…  so they know everything’s gonna be A-OKAY!

Riley holds his thumb up and gives a cheesy grin.

In fact they all do that.

Richardson is confused.

The shot cuts away to a pre-recorded video.


The house lights dim, and the opening notes to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar begin to play. The intro is all that is played, and the crowd seems uncomfortable with the return of the red text on the screen declaring another NOVACAM coming their way. The music fades out as the footage comes up, showing slightly better quality footage than normal.


NOVA LYNN JACKSON is sitting on the bed in that same motel room as she’s always in. NOVA shakes her head with an awkward laugh. She looks at the camera and is apparently talking to whoever the person is holding it.

Nova: Like, for real, Tom? People totally thought you guys hurt me? That’s, I dunno, gullible or something.

She stops her train of thought and then looks up.  Her eyes show a peculiar nervousness…  a girl who is trying to “act” tough.  It could be that she’s just tired, or maybe she’s scared…

But of what?

Nova: I’m totally alright. I mean, I know that they’re not always the nicest people to everybody out there, but they’re always super-duper nice to me, so quit fighting on my behalf and stuff, OK? Just quit being jerks to my friends, OK, everybody? It’s not a big deal.

Nova looks up, hoping she’s doing everything correctly. She scratches at her neck and at her hair. She looks clean, a departure from the dirty animal that the viewers normally see in a typical NOVACAM. She scrubbed up for her little ‘interview.’

MYSTERY CAMERA MAN: (Off Camera, Whispering) Say the rest of it…

Nova seems confused and perks up.

Nova: Oh! Right! LIHC! Knock it off, you two, you’re being mean! It makes me sad that you’re sad, but you shouldn’t be mean to them, since they’re taking good care of me and they love me just as much as you do. Play nice, Jared! And you too, CJ! You shouldn’t hit people and stuff, except in the ring! Then it’s OK, but not outside of it, where it’s just you being big ol’ bullies! Pick on somebody your own size, CJ!

Nova nods, proud of herself for having remembered what she was supposed to say. She beams at the camera man, looking for his approval.

Nova: Did I do it right?

The footage unexpectedly cuts out.


Coming back to the live feed of Revolution, we find ourselves backstage in a locker room as we see Conor, clad in tight black jeans and a black "LIARS" shirt. In his lap is a MacBook as LD Lester is seen standing over him.


LD Lester: He really does have a lot of similarities with you. This dude’s led a fucked up life himself.


Conor continued to read off of his MacBook screen… his eyes never looking up.


LD Lester: An Angel dust addiction… was in prison for two years for robbery… I mean, he’s someone we’d want to represent.


Conor eventually shut the MacBook’s screen, and got up from the bench. He headed over to his locker and pulled out his cell phone as he went through his recent call history. He eventually just shakes his head.


Conor Caden: Listen, if you see him around the halls… or whatever, and he’s looking for me…


Conor nodded as he slipped on red and black grappling gloves.


Conor Caden: Just uh… just point him in my direction, alright?


With that, Conor exits the locker room, and we switch to ringside.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


"Just One Fix" by Ministry hits as we see Alexander Laero make his way to the ring. For the most part, the fans are quiet, not sure what to think of him.


Other Guy: Well, he’s definitely not a SMALL guy, Dave.


Dave Dymond: Not at all.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome, Alexander Laero!


As Alexander gets to the ring, he walks up the steps and eventually makes his way in and heads to his corner.


Other Guy: His head’s down, he’s got dark circles under his eyes… he looks like… well.. a wreck.


As his music cuts, we hear "We Multiply" by AIDS Wolf kick in. The guitar starts to pick up, almost in a screeching manner as most fans seem annoyed by it. The guitar HOWLS through, harder with each beat of the drum as finally we see a figure. Conor Caden silhouette just remains there for a while as a hard guitar riff kicks in. The almost ‘yelling’ of a woman is heard as the lyrics kick in as we see Conor. He stands at the entranceway in a "LIARS" band T-shirt, tight black jeans, all black leather Chuck Taylors, and red and black grappling gloves. Around his neck is that black doctor’s mask with "AnoNyMouS CasuaLTY" written over it in red. The fans boo a bit, obviously not happy to see Conor.


Dave Dymond: Definitely an interesting character, OG.


Other Guy: No doubt about it… this is Conor’s DEBUT, and he’s been building this shit up for the past few weeks.


Dave Dymond: We’ll see how he fairs against the much larger man in Alexander Laero.


As Conor starts to get towards the ring, he just stares up at Alexander Laero… but he never looks back.


Other Guy: Laero refusing to make eye contact.. and he really just doesn’t seem like he’s here mentally.


Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Ann Arbor, Michigan… he weighs in at 197 lbs., he is an Anonymous Casualty… he is Conor Caden!


Conor stands on the outside for a moment as he looks out to the crowd to his right, throwing up an "A" and a "C" with his left and right hands. As he does, the fans pick up in boos. Conor pulls himself up into the ring by the bottom rope as he enters… still staring at Laero. AIDS Wolf dies down as Conor pulls the mask over his mouth.


Austin Linam calls for the bell!


Dave Dymond: And this match is underway!


Other Guy: I can’t believe he’s actually wearing a doctor’s mask… this kid’s definitely strange.


The two start to feel each other out as Laero moves forward towards Conor. Conor throws a high spinning kick as Laero backs up a bit. Conor then presses the action as he goes in for a tie up! As the two tie up, Alexander Laero, being the bigger man, just TOSSES Conor like a rag doll into the corner as Conor runs out of it! Conor immediately goes for a dropkick as he flips through it! Alexander wobbles a bit, but as Conor reaches his vertical base, Laero charges him with a BIG BOOT!


Other Guy: Holy shit, he just took Conor’s head off with that one!


Conor starts to rise to his feet as Laero grabs him by the head and TOSSES him into the air, halfway across the ring. He lifts him up by his hair as he goes for an irish whip. As Conor comes back, he immediately lifts him up and spins him around, drilling him into the mat for a hard spinebuster. With Conor on the mat, he takes his left leg and holds down his left arm as he takes his other foot and STOMPS on it! Conor immediately grabs his arm in pain, favoring it for a bit as Conor starts to rise up. As he does, Laero comes in for a HEAVY clothesline, but Conor JUST ducks it! Laero goes into the ropes, but holds on! Conor spins for another kick, but there’s no one there… Laero waits as Conor turns around, and charges at him with a HUGE front kick RIGHT into his throat!


Dave Dymond: MY GOD! What a kick!


Other Guy: Laero is DEFINITELY controlling this match as Conor has YET to seen any offense.


As Conor starts to rise up, Laero comes down with a hard hammerfist on the back of Conor’s head. Conor falls back down to his knees as Laero goes to pick him up. Conor starts throwing flurry fists into his gut, however, as he feels them and starts to lose his grip. Conor rises to his feet as he RUNS into the ropes, coming back with a flying knee into Laero’s gut! He runs against the ropes again, coming back for ANOTHER knee, but instead, Laero catches him in the air and grips onto his right knee as he just TOSSES CONOR OVER HIS BACK! Conor spills to the mat, partially on his face as he rolls back and forth in pain.


Dave Dymond: Conor DEFINITELY feeling that one, and he can’t be feeling too good about this match so far.


As Conor does, he uses the ropes to bring himself up as we notice that he seems pretty dazed.


Other Guy: Conor has NO CLUE where he is, haha.


As Conor comes to, Alexander charges at him with a low kick. Conor sprints out towards him a bit as he hops over his leg! As he turns around, Conor performs a straight drop kick to his gut. This doubles Laero over as Conor springs back to his feet and hits the ropes! As he comes back, he ROLLS over his back! Now facing him, he jumps backwards as he BRINGS HIS FEET UP TO KICK ALEXANDER SQUARE IN THE JAW!


Dave Dymond: Some VERY unorthodox offense from Conor and this could turn the tables.


Conor immediately jumps in the air, trying to come down on his chest with a double stomp but Laero rolls! Laero then brings his left foot up into the air as he cracks Conor in the lower back! Conor falls to his knees in pain as Laero rushes to the ropes and comes back with a low kick, aiming for Conor’s face! Conor DUCKS it, though, and gets to his feet. Laero comes in towards Conor and brings him up over his head in a gorilla press position. Conor, shifts his weight, doing his best to try and break free as he does! He ends up behind Laero as he uses LIGHTNING FAST low kicks on his left knee to bring him down to his knees.


Other Guy: Conor definitely thinking smart here.


With him on his knees, Conor runs towards the ropes and comes back as he spins midair and hits a "shining wizard" type kick SQUARE in Laero’s face!


Dave Dymond: Conor using his athleticism here… and I have to admit the kid has GOT some speed if nothing else.


Laero is starting to get up though as Conor grabs his head and starts to go for a facebuster. Instead, Laero breaks his arms away from him and pulls him in as he just KNEES him in the gut! With Conor doubled over, he picks him up from behind, in somewhat of a German Suplex, but a lot more sloppy. Conor, however, lands on his feet as Laero quickly turns around, realizing he didn’t hear a hard "thud". As he does, Conor goes for a high kick but Laero grabs it and NAILS A HARD KICK TO HIS OTHER LEG, CAUSING HIM TO FALL TO THE MAT HARD!


Dave Dymond: Wow, LIGHTNING fast reflexes by Laero!


Laero then keeps a hold of the leg, continuing to kick away at it as he eventually lets go. Conor starts to rise up, but Laero holds onto his side as he THROWS him over to his right side in a judo throw type motion. Conor rises up, but again, Laero is on him, this time with a HARD kick to the back of his left knee that sends Conor BACK into the mat. With this, Conor rolls to the edge of the ring as he rises up on the other side of the ropes. He sees Laero running in, as he hops to the top rope, and springs off with a spinning heel kick! Laero DUCKS it, however, sending Conor crashing to the mat as he continues and hits the ropes, coming back with a leg drop! Conor rolls out of the way and gets to his vertical base, now standing in front of Laero. Without much hesitation, he JUMPS into the air, reaching a pretty notable height, and comes forward a bit in a standing shooting star press!


Other Guy: Again, a nice show of athleticism… and he’s going for a pin fall here!






Dave Dymond: But Laero JUST kicks out.


Laero gets up in sitting position as Conor comes with a HARD soccer kick straight to the side of his head! He goes for another one, but this time, Laero ducks it as he remains on the mat, now bringing Conor down with a drop toe hold! In this position, he quickly continues BEATING on Conor’s left leg relentless as he eventually locks in a knee bar. He yanks on it hard, eventually letting go. As he does, though, he waits for Conor to rise up, and grabs him by his left arm as he BRINGS IT DOWN HARD… sending Conor to his knees.


Other Guy: By God he almost RIPPED his arm out of his socket!


As Conor rises back up, Laero YANKS him down for a hard arm drag as he keeps ahold of the arm, now sending Conor into the ropes!


As Conor comes back, he sends him CRASHING into the mat with a judo throw. With Conor on the mat, Laero goes for a stomp, but Conor rolls his body backwards and springs up to a standing position! Laero goes for a hard straight kick, but Conor catches it! With his leg in his hand, Conor kicks the bottom of the leg he’s got a hold of HARD… as Laero favors it. Conor then kicks him in the gut, and brings him down for a HARD facebuster! Laero starts to try to bring himself up by the bottom rope, but Conor takes his right foot and now is choking Alexander.


Dave Dymond: Illegal choke… Conor definitely doesn’t want to get disqualified in his debut…


ONE!… Conor presses his foot down harder. TWO!.. and even harder. At THREE!, he lets go. As Laero rises up, Conor comes in for a clothesline, putting EVERYTHING HE HAS IN IT! It just puts him in a bit of a daze as he quickly snaps out of it and CHARGES CONOR HIMSELF WITH A CLOTHESLINE THAT SENDS HIM INTO A BACKFLIP! Conor crashes into the mat stomach and face first!


Other Guy: Holy shit! Does this guy have power or WHAT?!


The fans pop pretty big for this nice spot as Laero AGAIN drops down, this time grabbing his left foot in an ankle lock. Conor, this time, gets to the bottom rope. Austin Linam breaks the hold.


Dave Dymond: Conor definitely caught a lucky break there… a guy of Alexander’s size could SNAP that ankle in half.


Conor quickly scurries out of the ring, unable to stand as he crashes on the outside.


Alexander just looks on, confused as Conor is looking under the ring for something. He pulls out what appears to be a tire iron.


Other Guy: Conor obviously not wanting to do this alone as he’s gotten himself a shiny new toy to play with.


Conor slides into the ring, swinging it like a madman at Laero as he charges! Laero drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, the whole time looking at him as if he doesn’t know what’s going on.


Dave Dymond: Laero definitely doesn’t want to get involved with him while he’s got a tire iron, and now he’s looking for a weapon of his own!


As he goes to get something from under the ring, a hand comes out and THROWS a white powder right into his eyes! The figure then comes out from under the ring in a black shirt with red writing over it that says "ANONYMOUS CASUALTY MILITIA." Over his head is a black ski mask.


Dave Dymond: Looks like the guy’s here!


With Laero temporarily blinded, he thrusts forward with a HARD SUPER KICK! Laero stumbles back as he rolls into the ring, trying to get to his feet. Conor, seeing the opportunity, tosses the tire iron to the side and puts his right leg over Laero’s head… and his left leg under. He hops into the air, almost in a fameasser, but he keeps his left knee under Laero’s neck for added impact.


Dave Dymond: What a KICK from that guy, and I think I’m starting to gain some knowledge on who I think it is.


Other Guy: Conor calls that move the "Murder City Overdose", and now he’s looking to scale the top!


As Conor gets to the top rope, he comes FLYING OFF with a full shooting star press, however, he keeps spinning as he comes down across Laero’s neck with a leg drop!

Dave Dymond: I HATE to see Laero lose like this… but that move was SO athletic!

Conor, holding at his spine in pain, rolls over on top of Alexander. Austin Linam slides into position!




Conor rolls off in pain, trying to pull himself up as Laero is starting to stir as well. "We Multiply" by AIDS Wolf kicks in as Conor just stares at the man on the outside with the ski mask on.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… your winner… CONOR CADEN!

Conor continues to stare at the guy as the man makes his way into the ring. The two stand face to face.

Other Guy: I guess he took Conor’s advice… but… WHO?

Dave Dymond: I think I know who…

With the two face to face, the man rips off the ski mask as Conor just smirks… the fans pop a big, but after they realize what’s going on, they begin to boo.

Dave Dymond: Exactly who I thought.

Other Guy: Art De Luca?! Are you KIDDING me?! We haven’t seen him since Animosity, about 8 or so months ago where he fought Jun Kenshin!

Art looks a lot different than the last time we saw him. He stands with a blonde faux hawk, and a lot smaller build. He eventually puts his hand out there as Conor shakes it.

Dave Dymond: Art wanted back in the sport, and I suppose he figured this was the best way in…

Other Guy: As a STOOGE to ANOTHER guy? God, I don’t see how he could just sell himself like this… last time we saw him this kid did what he wanted and did it for HIMSELF, and now this?

The fans ring out in boos, obviously not too excited to see Art in THIS way. Laero is starting to his feet now as Conor and Art see this. He starts to come towards them, as Conor and Art simply drop to the mat and roll out of the ring. Conor makes his way to the back as Art follows him, closely behind as they eventually disappear in the curtains.


A quick open to the back, the specific location being the interview area set up somewhere within The Thomas and Mack Center.  Part of a Revolution banner backdrop is all that is seen along with the lovely and smiling Abigail Chase.

Abigail Chase: My guest at this time, the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… Trevor Worrens!

The shot zooms out slightly and at the same time, Trevor Worrens steps in towards Abigail Chase.  He carries with him the Laws of Survival Championship.

Abigail Chase: Trevor with Master of the Mat just three weeks away, your focus has been on your match with Jester Smiles. But tonight all of that has to take a back seat to what will be your third official encounter with Osbourne Kilminster.

Despite Worrens looking less than happy, he manages a soft laugh.

Trevor Worrens: I like that, official encounter.  You can count the times Kilminster and I crossed paths in the ring, under rules… but nobody can remember how many times we probably beat the hell out of each other in the hall, or in a locker room, and really, a lot of the times it didn’t even make it on camera.  There’s no hiding that Osbourne and me don’t like each other at all.

So if that’s what you’re getting at.  How am I feeling about my match up tonight?  If you want my final words, Abigail, it’s that I’m not looking forward to it.

Abigail looks to be shocked in regards to Worrens’s statement.

Abigail Chase: Not looking forward to it?  But this past week, you seemed incredibly confident about your chances…

Trevor Worrens: Confident, yes.  But going into a match up where there will NEVER be more than two feet in between myself and a man that hates me just as much as I hate him… that’s not something I look forward to.  It might be a rush, and once I step into that ring everything I feel will be replaced by that rush. But here… right here and right now, Abigail, I’m feeling a thousand things and I’m looking as forward to this match as you would be looking forward to having to interview The Family in a dark alley.

Chase’s expression shows how much she wouldn’t like that at all, and the mention of it alone causes Abigail to shiver.  She brings the microphone up to her lips, ready to ask the next question, but Worrens grabs the microphone and pulls it back towards him.

Trevor Worrens: And while we’re on the subject, I’m just going to put it out there… there’s no secret, no mystery.  If people had their eyes on shoot project dot com this week, then they saw one of my videos tampered with.  Where I cut The Family continued. That’s right; Vincent Mallows took it upon himself to enter my hotel room and then had one of his “sons” take me down from behind.

And all in the name of this stupid war, Abigail.  All to rile me up, to make me fixated on Jonny Johnson like so many others appear to be.  But I’m focused. TWO things matter to me right now. Going into that ring and once again proving why I am the better man compared to Osbourne Kilminster is one, and then moving on to the MOST important date in my career; August Thirty First… is the other

Worrens pauses, but despite his confident words something seems a little off.

Abigail Chase: So then there is no concern in your mind regarding just how Mallows got into your room or why he had the cell phone rumored to be…

Trevor Worrens: Concern? I watched that man mind fuck a whole lot of people, Abigail.  This wasn’t like that.  He’s had the phone this whole time, and he told me so. And it’s no rumor, I was trying to call a girl and he had the phone.  He doesn’t have her, she lost her phone and he’s had it the whole time since then.  So I’m not concerned.  The Family isn’t my problem, Jonny Johnson isn’t my problem…

Worrens pauses again and he looks off for a moment, just staring.  Then quite suddenly he snaps his focus back to Abigail.

Trevor Worrens: But you know what, after Master of the Mat… we’ll just see who becomes whose problem.

Worrens walks off on that heated note and Abigail looks on, contemplating Worrens’s final words of the interview.


As we cut back to ringside, Audioslave’s "Cochise" echoes through the building as the lights begin to strobe. Before the riff can even build up the anticipation for his entrance, Ron Barker storms from the back with a sour look on his face.

Dave Dymond: Not wasting any time here tonight, Ron Barker looks like a man with a purpose.

Other Guy: Can you blame the guy, Dave? He was left high and dry by his partner last week in that vicious two on one assault from TRES BIEN. That ain’t teamwork.

Dave Dymond: But let’s not forget that Barker is the one who put Del in that position anyway with that two-on-one handicap match!

Other Guy: Tough love, Dave. Tough love. Carver is notorious for looking out for himself and Ron Barker was trying to send him a message.

Dave Dymond: Well I don’t know if the message is heard loud and clear, but a visibly angry Ron Barker seems to have another one tonight as he grabs the microphone!

Ron Barker climbs into the ring, microphone in hand, as the music dies down. The crowd begins to boo at the mere presence of the Ravishing One but it seems to have no effect on the seething competitor.

Ron Barker: Last week, I tried to prove a point. I tried to send a message to that tired, broken down, one-eyed redneck that you don’t cross Ron Barker and anger the very man who controls your fate.

Ron Barker pauses as he holds his hand out as if he seemingly did have the ‘fate’ of Del Carver in his hands. The crowd, quite obviously, boos.

Ron Barker: Last week, Del Carver acted as if he could do everything on his own. He didn’t return my calls, he didn’t show up for any sort of team meetings or practices, Del Carver did exactly what Del Carver has been known to do throughout his entire career and that is be Del Carver.

The crowd cheers at the mere mention of the Hardcore Legend’s name. Ron Barker sneers at the crowd response befoe continuing.

Ron Barker: I’m a businessman. I know an opportunity when I see one and I know that the only way to stay on top is to take those big risks because when they pay off, there are big rewards. I took a massive risk on signing Del Carver. I knew that he was coming towards the end of his days in this sport. I took a chance on that so-called tag team specialist because I knew that if given half the chance, he would come out here and foolishly do whatever he could to appease you sheeple.

The crowd begins to boo.

Dave Dymond: These people are taking offence to Ron Barker calling them sheeple!

Other Guy: Oh please… you know how this starts, Dymond. One guy starts to boo and the rest follow!

Ron Barker: Del Carver would kill himself inside this very ring to show that he still has ‘it’ and that’s what I was banking on as my business opportunity. However, as any successful business man will tell you, whenever you make any sort of plan you must ALWAYS have a contingency plan.

Ron Barker pauses while beginning to look more sombre.

Ron Barker: Unfortunately, I didn’t have one. I was caught off guard. I thought that by having this "icon" in my corner, I would be untouchable… that those SHOOT Project tag team championships would be mine! But… but I was wrong.

Ron Barker: So I’m going to do something that not only is going to hurt me financially… but it’s also going to hurt all of you. You see, tonight… it ends where it all began.

Ron Barker pulls out a folded stack of papers as the crowd begins to boo as they become wise to what’s going on inside the ring.

Ron Barker: No, no… there’s no pleading with me. This is just smart business.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker looks to be ready to tear up Del Carver’s contract! Why isn’t Del here to stop him?!

Other Guy: Maybe Carver realizes that he really can’t look out for anyone but himself and has resigned himself to his fate! Fuck, what am I? Kreskin? I don’t know!

Ron Barker: Carver… wherever you are… it’s with a sad heart I say that as of this moment, consider your career in the SHOOT Project…

The guitar riff from AC/DC’s classic track "A Long Way To The Top" floods the building as the crowd ERUPTS! Within moments, the crowd seems to get even louder as Del Carver, dressed in his trademark jeans and cut-off t-shirt steps out from behind the curtain to a massive ovation.

Dave Dymond: YES! Finally! If anyone can convince Barker to stop what he’s doing, it’s Carver!

Other Guy: Oh God. Sit down, Dymond. You’re such a mark.

Carver slaps some hands on the way to the ring as Barker looks down at him with a less than impressed look. Carver, not taking his eyes off of Barker, climbs into the ring and grabs the microphone. The crowd, relentless in their adoration, continue to cheer wildly.

Del Carver: Now let me get this straight, you sayin’ that Ron Barker is givin’ up on ol’ Del? You tryin’ to tell me that this partnership is done just because I missed a few practices and didn’t return a phonecall or two?

The crowd begins to boo as Carver continues.

Del Carver: Before you go doin’ something you’ll regret, let me say that I agree with you. You hit the nail pretty square on the head when you said that I’d do anything to stay inside a SHOOT Project ring. Even if it means killin’ myself for these fans, I’ll do it because that’s all I know how to do. Del Carver is known to do whatever he needs to in order to survive.

The crowd cheers as Carver nods in appreciation of their applause.

Del Carver: I ain’t a businessman and I don’t really want to crunch numbers… but you can’t put a figure on how much it means to be standing here in front of these people being able to compete once more… I do what I do for these people… and as I said, I do whatever I have to in order to survive…

Del Carver sighs before shaking his head.

Del Carver: Even if that means doing things I ain’t particularly fond of doing.

Ron Barker looks at Carver quizzically.

Del Carver: I guess what I’m trying to get at is… you wanna be partners and win tag team gold? Well I want to be out here in front of these people and showing SHOOT Project why I AM tag team wrestling… Why I AM the guy people should never forget… I want to show everyone who Del Carver is… one half of the future tag team partners of SHOOT Project.

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Barker continues to eye Carver.

Del Carver: So what do you say… fold that contract and put in your little pocket… shake my hand… and let’s get us some gold…

Del extends his hand.

Del Carver: Partner.

The mixed reactions continue as Barker looks hesitant.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know what to say, OG. Carver is actually OFFERING to be a willing partner!

Other Guy: I don’t give him enough credit… this is just SMART on his part as he knows he’s nothing with Barker holding his contract.

Ron Barker takes one step closer and contemplates shaking Del’s outstretched hand. Carver, looking serious, doesn’t budge. Finally, Barker shakes Carver’s hand as the crowd begins to boo. Barker slowly begins to smile as Carver quickly turns around and heads to the back, ignoring the fan reaction.

Dave Dymond: Certainly not the most popular move but Del Carver is still employed and is willing to be on the same page as Ron Barker!

Other Guy: You heard him, Dave… he’s just doing what he can to survive. Even if it means sucking up his pride and realizing he’s backed into a corner!

Dave Dymond: Well, time will tell before we see if this tag team can actually co-exist!

Other Guy: and speakin’ of teams, we got tag team action on the horizon… involving two brothers who after Master of the Mat will HAVE to co-exist.

Dave Dymond: But until then they can fight, and fight they will as Crush Heart teams up with the Revolution Champion NC-17 to go up against Jack Heart and Sinnocence. That match coming up NEXT!


Moments before the next match, the focus cuts quickly to Eryk Masters standing alongside up and comer Doug Kinsella.

Eryk Masters: SHOOT fans, I am standing by SHOOT Project’s up-and-comer, Doug Kinsella. Now, Doug. You have been on a roll as of late, having not been defeated in a match, since your opener against Nightmare. In that time, you even beat the ever-so-dangerous Sinnocence. How has that effect you mentally?

Kinsella considers the question.

Doug Kinsella: Well, Eryk. That has given me a tremendous boost of confidence as of late. I am not booked against anybody this week, unfortunately. However, I am ready for any task that the management wants to throw at me. I have taken that large step, breaking through the ceiling. Anybody who wants to face me in the ring, I am fully prepared to challenge them.

Masters proceeds with the next question.

Eryk Masters: In recent weeks, we have seen you in a developing saga with SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Champion, The Defiler, Jonny Johnson.  Are there any new developments?  Have you experienced anything new throughout the week, in this situation?

Kinsella seems to get a little bit frustrated.

Doug Kinsella: No, I haven’t. This whole thing seems like a complete bomb. I have not even met Jonny in person. I have met with a representative twice. You know, that is like me telling my attorney to sign autographs for my fans. That isn’t a legitimate meeting with a superstar. That is meeting a representative. It is the exact same thing I am being faced with, now. How can I take this seriously? Your guess is just as good as mine, but I don’t see anything coming out of this, except bad news.

Other Guy: (Commentating over the interview) Cause it IS bad news, kid!

Eryk Masters: If that is the case, then what lies ahead for The Epitome of Magnificence?

Doug Kinsella: Again, it is just a matter of what management throws at me. I don’t have a clue as to what it is yet.  We all want to be champions, Eryk, and I’d like a shot to prove myself…   but I’ll just have to keep proving myself until these guys up front start to take notice!

Masters nods.

Eryk Masters: Thank you, Doug. I appreciate your time.

Doug Kinsella: Hey, any time, Eryk. Any time.

The camera fades and returns to the SOLD OUT crowd inside the Thomas and Mack Center who are more than ready for more in ring action!



Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for tag team action, and will be finished with ONE fall!

The fans immediately begin to boo as “Daylight Dies” by Killswitch Engage hits and Jack Heart appears at the top of the ramp in a pair of shades and wrestling tights. He raises both of his arms in the air and pauses before descending the sloping walkway, exchanging some colorful language with the fans on his way down.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Weighing in at 172 pounds and fighting out of London, England! He is the former leader of the House! He is the British Kicking Machine. He IS…JACK! HEEEEAAART!

The reaction gets even louder as Jack takes his shades off and tucks them in the back of his tights, posing before he leaps into the ring from the apron with a top rope assist. He spins around the center of the ring with his arms extended, soaking in the anger of the jeering fans, before he strides over to his corner and uses the ropes to stretch his arms out.

Samantha Coil: And his partner…weighing in at 155 pounds and stripping out of LAS VEEEEGAS, NEVAAAADA! They call her the Killer Queen….SINNOCENCE!

There is a pop at the mention of Las Vegas, but as soon as Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” hits, the Thomas and Mack Center fills up with boos, which get more audible with Jada Kaine’s actual appearance. Sinnocence struts out from behind the curtain in a black leather wrestling outfit with Joyce McGuire right behind her, a sexy smile etched on her face as she takes a dramatic bow for the audience. McGuire thinks this is hilarious, but the fans seem to think otherwise.

Dave Dymond: So with the tag action of the night about to get under way here, I’ve got to ask you OG. Who do you figure to win the match?

Other Guy: That’s a good question, man, one I don’t think ANYBODY could answer at this point. All of the competitors are going into this contest with a lot of emotional baggage slung over their shoulders. NC-17’s angry about the way his girlfriend’s been harassed; Jack and Crush are at each other’s throats…and there are even rumors brewing about Osbourne Kilminster and Sinnocence, though whether that story’s got any credibility is still up in the air.

Dave Dymond: Well this is bound to be a tough bout either way, OG, and certainly a drastic change from last week’s mud wrestling escapade.

Other Guy: Thank God. I don’t think I could handle NC-17 in a speedo again.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! Introducing first, from unknown parts! He stands a hardy 6’8, and he weighs in at 280 pounds! Ladies and gentlemen, CRUUUUSH HEART!

Sinnocence and McGuire haven’t even made it to the ring yet as “Frantic” by Metallica blasts in violently, and a very dangerous looking Crush Heart stomps out in an overcoat and cowboy hat. He’s got a bible in one hand while he makes a slashing motion across his throat with the other, pointing at his brother Jack in the ring and smiling wolfishly. Jack waves a hand of dismissal, but Sinnocence definitely looks concerned as she keeps looking over her shoulder. She crosses around the outside of the ring to Jack’s corner, barking something at him. McGuire follows her closely.

Samantha Coil: And his tag team partner, hailing from Gary, Indiana and weighing in at 234 pounds! He is the Revolution Champion! He is the “CREEEEAAAAM OF OBSCEEENE!” N…C…SEVEN-TEEEEEN!

Crush Heart stops halfway down the ramp as Hot Action Cop’s “Feva For the Flavor” plays and NC-17 comes hopping out to a BIG ovation. He’s wearing his pink wrestling tights and white boots, and his championship is secured tightly around his waist. As he jogs down the ramp to meet up with Crush, he points at Jack and Sinnocence both, mouthing something we can’t quite make out. He looks serious though, as does Crush, and they both make their way to the ring, high-fiving fans along the way.

Dave Dymond: Noticeably absent from ringside this week is Barbie Kellers. I believe Seventeen and her agreed it would probably be best if she stayed home this Sunday, due to the circumstances surrounding their feud with Sinnocence.

Other Guy: I don’t understand it, Dave. You got this sexy seductress making moves on your girlfriend and you’re gonna tell her to stay in the back? Obviously there’s a lot of pent up sexual frustration between these two ladies…let ’em feel it out!

Dave Dymond: You’re shameless, aren’t you?

As Crush and Seventeen climb up on the apron, Seventeen ascending a turnbuckle and hoisting his championship up high, Sinnocence is clearly telling an irritated Jack he’s in first. They argue for a bit, especially as Crush enters the ring and removes his coat and jacket, before Jack gives in and meets Heflin in his corner, who searches him for illegal objects. Crush kneels down and holds his bible to his forehead, reciting a quick prayer, before he hands it off to Seventeen and checks both of his hands with Heflin.

Dave Dymond: The spiritual Crush Heart paying respects to his religion before the match begins.

Other Guy: He’s probably praying he doesn’t murder this guy.

The two brothers eye each other icily from across the ring, and it looks like we’re about to get under way here when suddenly the crowd starts cheering. Coming down the ramp in a light purple dress is the beautiful Barbie Kellers with a huge grin on her face. NC-17 immediately jumps off the apron and goes to confront her, apparently totally against her being there, but she shakes her head no and pushes forward. In the ring, Crush watches with suspicion, unsure of whether to get involved or not. Jack takes the opportunity graciously, charging across the ring with a flying knee to Crush’ back! The big man drops down on one leg with a grimace on his face and Heflin signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: Well, it looks like Barbie’s determined to be down here whether Seventeen likes it or not, and it’s already costing them.

Other Guy: Jack Heart’s never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Heart follows up with some overhand fists to Crush’ back, jumping up in the air and dropkicking him in the back of the head for good measure. Crush hits the mat and Jack goes to work, first dragging him (with some difficulty) out of the corner and to the center of the ring, away from a quick tag to Seventeen. He then lifts Crush’ leg and wraps his own around it, falling back on to the mat with a leg lock. He lays there yanking on his brother’s appendage for a few moments before he gets up and rolls his brother over for a pinfall attempt.


Crush tosses Jack off of him with ease and gets to his feet much faster than one would expect, stomping over to where Jack’s scrambled to his feet. Crush swiftly grabs him by his head and TOSSES him across the ring by it, sending the younger Heart tumbling over himself! He sits up with a shocked expression on his face and Crush smiles, extending his arms as if to say, “come and get me.” Jack slaps the mat furiously as he gets up, spittle flying out of his mouth as he yells something.

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart had some strong words for Crush earlier this week, almost what you’d call death threats. Yet Crush doesn’t seem too phased by it at all. I’d go as far as to say he’s even amused!

Other Guy: I wouldn’t laugh them off just yet. The House is all but dissolved, but nobody’s entirely sure where Gutter Rat’s run off to. As long as Ed Johnson’s lingering around somewhere, it’s definitely something to take seriously.

Jack angrily charges his big brother, locking arms with him in a grapple, but Crush is too powerful. He swings Jack into Sinnocence’s corner and starts plugging away at his head, prompting Heflin to step in at the four-count. Crush mutters something at him as he grabs Jack’s arm and Irish whips him into the ropes. He waits for the rebound before he SWINGS his leg up in the air and catches Jack with a BIG BOOT. He doesn’t waste a minute in rolling the smaller man over and pinning him.



KICKOUT! Half expecting it, Crush gets up and brings Jack with him, gripping him firmly by the hair. He walks him over to his corner and slaps Seventeen in, leaning Jack against the turnbuckle in doing so. Crush gets on all fours while Seventeen crosses the ring raising the volume of the arena with his hands, before he runs and uses Crush’ body to propel himself up and into Jack with a BIG splash! Jack slumps down in the corner while Heflin sees to it that Crush leaves the ring. All of a sudden Seventeen is circling his finger in the air! HE REACHES INTO HIS TIGHTS! HE’S GOT THE CONDOM! The crowd’s on their feet as he throws it in the air and charges forward! THE BAREBACK RIDER!

Dave Dymond: Seventeen looking to end this thing early!

Other Guy: Jesus, the match just started!

But as Seventeen lunges across the ring, Heart SPRINGS to life and spears him DEAD! The crowd starts booing as Jack stumbles to his feet laughing. He turns back around and drops a knee on Seventeen’s head, doing it once more just for the heck of it. He then pulls Seventeen up and aims a high kick for his head, but NC catches his leg! Jack hops up and down in place for a moment before he snaps off a tidy enziguri! As he recovers from it he does a front flip onto Seventeen’s stomach,  rolling up ON HIS FEET with bravado. Sinnocence urgently thrusts her hand out for a tag, and Jack obliges, walking over and slapping her hand. He crosses the ring to the opposite corner while Sinn sets a slouched Seventeen in the turnbuckle. Afterwards she makes her way to the center of the ring, where she meets a CHARGING Jack Heart. She grabs him by his arm and swings him HARD towards the corner, where Jack nails Seventeen with a STIFF looking Yakuza kick. Heflin follows up by seeing Jack out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Going into this contest, nobody was quite sure how things would play out between Jack Heart and Sinnocence. Yet even though they’re no longer members of “The House”, they’re still displaying excellent teamwork here.

Other Guy: They’re smart cats, man. They know how to handle their business.

Sinnocence walks over to the corner where Seventeen is slumped and she heaves his body up and out, delicately grabbing his hand  while simultaneously ascending the turnbuckle. With the balance of a circus worker she softly walks over the ropes, all the while leading a groggy NC-17 along with her. Then she jumps off, clubbing him on his back and sending him to his knees. She chases with a couple of stiff martial arts kicks to his body, right before she kneels on his back with both knees and locks his head and legs with her arms. She rolls back onto the mat, catching him in a bow and arrow hold, which she keeps locked in for a good fifteen seconds. Eventually she lets go to the tune of booing fans, standing up and stomping on his head viciously.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence and Jack Heart dominating the match thus far.

Other Guy: If Barbie’s not careful over there, that might not be the only thing gettin’ dominated!

Sinnocence is now pointing at Barbie Kellers and making lewd gestures, rolling her pelvis around and blowing kisses. Barbie looks to Crush for some support, but he doesn’t look interested in interacting with her. He holds his hand out, hoping for a tag here, oblivious to Barbie’s feelings. But Seventeen doesn’t need one yet; as Sinn turns around, Seventeen meets her with a HUGE clothesline that sends her flipping over herself! The crowd cheers as he motions for her to get up. She does, but reluctantly….it’s obvious she’s trying to shirk off into the corner for a tag. She tries to bolt but Seventeen catches her by the arm and swings her around, kicking her square in the gut! DDT! He pulls his body over her for the pinfall attempt!



KICKOUT! Two was barely even uttered before a resilient Sinn kicked out, but NC-17 isn’t concerned. He pulls her to her feet by her dark hair and puts both arms up in a boxer’s stance. Sinn cocks her head at him and starts to back-track again, but he nails her in the face with a quick right jab! Then he gets her with a left! In the nose! Sinn grabs her face in surprise, not expecting a MAN to punch her in the face like that, but with the fourth punch—one that sends her reeling—she responds! She fires off a boxer’s jab of her own, and two stand and exchange blows as the crowd gets to their feet, cheering! Blood’s leaking out of Sinn’s nose as she tires of the game; she shoots in for a submission hold, but Seventeen catches her with a LOUD open-handed slap!

Dave Dymond: That had to hurt! You could hear that across the arena!

Other Guy: I dunno Dave…I think she’s into that shit.

Sinnocence is getting visibly angry and she shoots in AGAIN, but this time Seventeen catches her with a hook that sweeps her off her feet! He holds his fist in the air and yells at the top of his lungs!


Other Guy: Ahahaha! What’s he call that one? The Honeymooner?

Seventeen proceeds by hitting the ropes on either side of the ring, before dropping a sloppy elbow onto Sinnocence’s body! At this point Jack Heart climbs into the ring and charges Seventeen, who ducks and—CRUSH OUT OF NO WHERE! CLOTHESLINE! The arena’s getting loud as Heflin frantically tries to regain control of this match, but it’s to no avail! Crush is now stomping relentlessly on Jack while Seventeen stands Sinnocence up and sends her stumbling with some paced back-handed chops! Sinn grabs her breasts in pain as she tries to get away, but Seventeen runs at her and executes a one-handed bulldog! Sinnocence groggily rolls out of the ring, closely pursued by Seventeen, but Joyce McGuire comes around the corner to try to warn Seventeen off. Crush continues to lay some offensive work on Jack, slowly working him across the ring with some hard punches.

Dave Dymond: And it looks like Heflin’s going to count the Hearts as the legal men in despite there being no tag.

Other Guy: Seventeen’s returning to his corner, a smart move if ya ask me. You’re never gonna win against the numbers game.

Crush latches onto Jack’s arm and sends him pounding across the ring into a turnbuckle. He chases after, intending for a body smash, but Jack comes out of no where, jumping up on the ropes and propelling himself into a dropkick! Crush hits the mat with a heavy thud, and now Jack slumps over the ropes, taking his time with the big man down. The fans boo as Jack eventually comes to life, climbing the turnbuckle once more. He flexes an arm, kissing his muscle as the reaction gets worse, before he stands up to his full height and spreads his arms.

Dave Dymond: I think Jack’s going to attempt something big here.

Other Guy:No shit, Dave. He’s on the turnbuckle!

Leaping downwards, Jack does a full, lazy front flip as he comes down in a senton bomb, BUT CRUSH MOVES! CRUSH MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Jack lands on his back HARD as the Emmy-award winning Crush stands up and paces around the ring, making a lasso motion at Jack! The fans are going nuts! But wait a second! Now Joyce McGuire is on the apron! She’s in Heflin’s face! The two are arguing about something and it looks like McGuire’s trying to get in the ring! Crush spreads his arms in disbelief as he walks over, about to be caught off-guard by a charging Sinnocence! NC-17 bolts across the apron and slaps Crush’ shoulder, tagging himself in! He jumps up on the top rope and HITS SINNOCENCE with a spinning kick! He goes for the pin, but Jack Heart’s up and about! Crush runs to intercept him!



KICKOUT! Crush successfully blocks Jack from interfering, but Sinn kicks out anyways. Now Jack and Crush are brawling fiercely while Seventeen continues to work on Sinn! BUT THE LIGHTS START FLICKERING! The crowd looks on confused as the arena lights begin to flicker and…A LITTLE GIRL! There’s a little girl in a white dress and angel wings and she’s holding Barbie’s hand! The action in the ring comes to a complete halt, but the lights flicker back on! The girl is gone!

Other Guy: What the-

Dave Dymond: And yet another appearance by the little angel girl! What in the world is going on here?

There’s a lot of noise in the arena, mostly confusion. Sinnocence is now up and looking at Jack, while Seventeen is staring at a befuddled Crush. Suddenly Sinnocence and Jack CLOTHESLINE Seventeen out of the ring! Crush swings around and goes for a double clothesline of his own, but both former House members duck and dropkick HIM out of the ring too! They now stand there, peering at each other. Sinnocence nods and Jack follows, and both run and DIVE out of the ring onto Crush Heart and NC-17 respectively! Heflin looks like he’s about ready to pull his hair out!Now all four superstars are out of the ring, and Heflin is FORCED to start a count! The fans are starting to REALLY get into this contest!




The mess of human bodies begin to get to their feet, starting with Crush. He grabs his brother by the back of the neck and starts walking him around the ring, all the while hitting him with overhand fists. Meanwhile NC-17’s gotten Sinnocence up and he slides her into the ring by her hair.



Heflin breaks the count as Seventeen slides in, despite not really knowing who the legal men in are. Sinnocence is up now but very wobbly, and her and Seventeen are exchanging blows. Outside the ring, Crush has Irish whipped Jack into the steel stairs, sending him careening over them onto his head. They continue to brawl, apparently none too concerned about the match. NC-17 and Sinnocence carry on anyways, now totally focused on each other. Seventeen catches Sinn in a wrist lock and she winces, tapping at her shoulder in pain. But always quick on her feet, she rolls out of it, flipping Seventeen in the process. She drops to the mat and tries to apply a facelock but he scrambles out of it.

Dave Dymond: While Sinnocence and NC-17 continue to try to settle their differences in the ring, Crush and Jack are now battling their way up the ramp!

Other Guy: Heflin’s really let this thing go! He needs to get control of his fighters!

They both meet each other on their feet and Sinnocence attempts a lariat, but her arm bounces off Seventeen’s chest and he stares at her. Without any warning he grabs her hair and headbutts her, causing her to stutter forward. He hooks her arm and kicks her leg out from under her, inducing a Russian legsweep! Now Jack is slamming Crush’ head into the barricade up the ramp! The fans are brushing them with their hands as Jack tries to force Crush over the barricade and into the crowd, but he’s too heavy. Seventeen stands Sinnocence up, hoisting her to her feet by one of the straps of her leather costume. He kicks her in the gut AND SPANKS HER! HE SPANKS HER THREE TIMES WILDLY! The fans love it! With that he hits the ropes, and it looks like he’s going for the Not Yet Rated!

Dave Dymond: Oh no! Joyce McGuire’s got a hold of Barbie!

Barbie struggles as Joyce McGuire holds her by her hair from behind, and Seventeen stops dead in his tracks. He starts forward, a look of concern on his face, but Sinnocence swings him around! She jumps up in the air with a spinning kick to the temple! Dance Time Is Over! He hits the mat like a sack of potatoes and she drops, hoisting his leg!





The crowd begins to boo as Jack and Crush disappear to the back, and Dennis Heflin raises Sinnocence’s hand in victory. McGuire throws Barbie down on the ground with force as Sinn rolls out of the ring, and the two women stop to stare at Barbie maliciously as Coil announces the winners.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of eighteen minutes and thirty-three seconds…JACK HEART and SIIINOCENCE!

Sinnocence spits on Barbie and makes like she’s going to kick her, but opts to walk away instead, a sneer curled up on her face. The crowd is really giving it to them as they walk up the ramp. Meanwhile, Seventeen comes to and immediately sprints out of the ring to make sure his girlfriend’s alright.

Dave Dymond: Folks…what a shocker! Sinnocence gets another win through the use of under-handed tactics, and over the Revolution champion no less!

Other Guy: A big win for her, Dave, no doubt. And if that doesn’t leave a bad taste in Seventeen’s mouth, I don’t know what will.

Dave Dymond: Well I’m sure this doesn’t end here. As far as we know, Crush and Jack could STILL be brawling in the back, and Seventeen’s DEFINITELY going to want to settle this sometime soon.

Other Guy: Who knows…maybe at Master of the Mat?

Dave Dymond: It’s very possible. These two teams came out here ready for a war, and I’ll venture to say that’s exactly what we witnessed here tonight. But the night is still young, OG, and we’ve still got a lot of action for the viewers at home. Coming up next! Cade Sydal takes on Tom Quinn!

Other Guy:Trevor Worrens defends his Laws of Survival title against Osbourne Kilminster!

Dave Dymond: And in our main event! Donovan King…versus a returning Adrian Corazon! It’s a JAM PACKED second hour that you best not miss!


The cameras catch up with Christopher Davis as he heads down one of the hallways somewhere within the Thomas and Mack Center. A couple of production crew guys walk by carrying some steel support beams and Davis nods his head to them as he continues walking.

Suddenly a hand extends out from behind him and taps him on the shoulder.  Davis spins around ready to strike, but the camera zooms out as Abigail Chase’s eyes go wide and she shields herself!

Christopher Davis: C’mon Abigail!

Davis offers a laugh, but there is a heightened excitement in his tone.

Abigail Chase: Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be so jumpy.

Davis shakes his head, obviously collecting his wits.

Christopher Davis: Did you not just hear me in the ring basically calling out Jason Johnson and his bullshit?  Usually that doesn’t go over well.

Abigail Chase: I get that. But actually that’s why I’m here, professional business.

Chase lifts the microphone up and kind of waves it in front of Davis with a somewhat apologetic look on her face.  She then turns her focus to the camera.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen at this time my guest is SHOOT Project hall of famer Christopher Davis!

Fans can be heard cheering from ringside and Davis doesn’t seem too thrilled about the on the spot interview.

“Excuse me, Christopher Davis?”

Davis and Abigail both turn around and the camera view show nobody standing in front of Davis, until it pans down to reveal Kid One and Kid Two.  Both are dressed in shiny metallic body suits, with Kid One(?) wearing shiny purple and Kid Two(?) wearing shiny red.  Both wear BIG gold chains around their necks.

Christopher Davis: What do you two Willy Wonka rejects want?

Kid One looks to Kid Two and then Kid Two tosses an envelope at Davis.

Kid Two: Sorry to have caught you so un-nerved.

Kid One: We just came to tell you that you got served!

Kid One and Kid Two suddenly pose with arms crossed against their chests and leaning back to back.  From there they scamper off leaving Davis shaking his head.

Christopher Davis: Abigail…

Abigail Chase: Right, get out of here.

Abigail hurries off and Davis opens the letter.  He looks completely confused, and turns it around to the blank side, showing that both sides of the paper are blank.  Before he has time to drop the blank piece of paper he is suddenly NAILED from behind!  Davis flies forward knocking into the camera and everything is shaky as the camera and cameraman fall to the floor, casting an upward “worm’s eye” shot of Davis holding the back of his head, and bent over and behind him stands Kenji Yamada with a steel pipe that seems to be a little jagged around one edge.

Kenji Yamada: You made THIS choice!

Davis winces in pain, grinding his teeth as he holds the back of his head.  Yamada drops the pipe and walks off.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) what on earth?  Kenji Yamada attacking Davis, but he left him standing?

Other Guy: (from ringside) You sound shocked, Dave.  I’d of thought you’d gotten used to the fact that Kenji Yamada, The Family, and ominous went hand in hand in hand.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) when it comes to the Family, I’m not sure I’ll EVER get used to them.

Revolution momentarily fades to black.

"It’s been a long time coming…"


"You might say… I’ve been away for a while…"


Black and white for a split second.

Then darkness.

"I haven’t quite been myself lately…"

Static again.

An image.

A dim white spotlight barely illuminates a man as he stands, he bowed slightly, a gleaming silver hammer around his neck the only color to his clothing.

Darkness again.

"There’ve been glimmers, spoilers… but the man hasn’t been checked in for a while…"

Static erupts back to the image.

The man looks up at us.

Blue-tinted sunglasses shield his eyes.

He smirks slightly, running his right hand over his stubbly chin.

"The problem you have is… now I’m back…"

Static intermittently flashes between almost subliminal images –

Kilminster cracks Chris Davis with a knee to the face.


Kilminster smashes a gloved right fist into the face of Azraith DeMitri


Kilminster pulls Jester Smiles from the top of a ladder and drives him into a wall of barbed wire


Kilminster lands a Superman Punch on Dan Stein.

Back to Osbourne himself, he kisses his Mjolnir pendant with a smile.

"I’m here to take all I can…"

"I’m here for the Gold and the Glory."


Kilminster KOs DeMitri with the Wake-Up Call.


Kilminster KOs Dan Stein with the Wake-Up Call.

"Tonight, it’s your turn, Trevor Worrens."

A close-up of Osbourne reveals an evil smirk as he rips off his sunglasses to reveal his narrowed, confident eyes.



We return to the live action of Revolution rather abruptly.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) fans during that promotional video break we received word that something happened outside of the Thomas and Mack Arena regarding Doug Kinsella. We’re trying to…

The focus picks up in the parking lot, the camera views a few officials tending to a downed body.

Dave Dymond: We have a camera on location now…

The cameraman rush in, to direct the view on Doug Kinsella, who has been laid out. He is lying on his stomach, completely unconscious. His shirt is ripped open, where his back is visible. You can clearly spot that someone spray-painted his back. The camera zooms in, to find that it says "T.S." on his back. Suddenly, a loud screaming is heard. A male voice, screaming, "I told you, Kinsella!" is heard. The camera pans around, only to find the background of the parking lot, but no man. The emergency medical team is not on the scene, to put Doug on a stretcher, and load him in the ambulance. Afterwards, the ambulance is en route to the nearest hospital.

The echoing sirens close out the scene.



The cameras return to the ringside area, panning the Thomas and Mack Center and capturing all the great, crazy SHOOT Project fans! When they notice they’re on camera, they cheer and shout and yell. They wave their signs which range from super marky “CADE SYDAL WILL BEAT JONNY JOHNSON” to smarky, “PUSH JESTER SMILES!” to weird, “I CRAP DOMINOS”. Over the madness, Dave Dymond and Other Guy lend their voices, promoting the next contest on the card.

Dave Dymond: Another sold out crowd tonight, and they are hungry for more SHOOT Project actions, OG.

Other Guy: And they gonna get it, Dave because up next we got Cade Sydal battling for his World Title life against one of The DEFILER’s little cronies… Tom Quinn.

We cut over to Dave and OG at the booth.

Dave Dymond: And it works like this, folks. There are three weeks until Master of the Mat, and Cade Sydal will wrestle THREE matches. If he wins all three, he will be able to chose the stipulations for his bout with World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Johnson. But he HAS TO WIN ALL THREE. If he loses even once, OG, then THE DEFILER gets to chose.

Other Guy: And on top of that, it looks like Jonny’s the one in charge of opponents and setting up any extra rules for each match. Which, to me, is bullshit. I don’t know what the FUCK Jonny has over this company, but with Jason apparently content with staying out of things… Shit like this is gonna keep happenin’.

Dave seems sympathetic to Other Guy’s qualms and nods his head.

Dave Dymond: It’s not the best of situations, no doubt, but if Cade Sydal can SOMEHOW come through… I don’t know how, or if it’s even possible, but if he won his next three bouts and was able to pick his own match at Master of the Mat… Well, despite the Champion’s claims otherwise… There could be some HOPE for all of us after all.

After he finishes that last line of commentary, the cameras shift focus back to the ring, where Samantha Coil gets ready to announce the competitors.

Other Guy: If Jonny stays out of things… like he seems to be doing tonight, then maybe Dave. And who knows… Weirder things have happened in…

Before Samantha Coil can say anything, and before OG can finish his sentence…

Haunting chimes dangle over the P.A system.

Other Guy: (Sighing) Damnit… Does he time that shit?

A guitar croaks out a single note.

And a whiny violin cries over a DRUM ROLL…


The boo birds come out early, as the arena reacts to the familiar sound.

The drums continue to roll… The violin gets louder… more frantic…

And “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene EXPLODES into a DISSONANT SIREN!

There are no light shows or crazy pyrotechnic displays, as this seems to be an unplanned visit. The curtains rustle and the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION emerges from the back!


THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON strides to the ring, the World Title Belt dangling over his left shoulder. He’s in a vintage, brown smoker’s jacket which covers up a yellow T-shirt and hangs down just past the waist of a pair of tight, dark-blue jeans. His brown and yellow and converse probably keep his feet comfortable enough, assisting his jaded strut passed the very spiteful SHOOT Project fans. A few people reach out for high-fives, but Jonny is in “All-Out” ignore mode and moves passed them.

Dave Dymond: Well, The DEFILER IS here, and I guess we’re going to find out why…

Other Guy: He just shows his ass up whenever he feels like it, doesn’t he?

Dave Dymond: (Dejected) Pretty much.

The song builds into its opening verse, but without the normal entrance, it doesn’t come across as impactful nor does it elicit the same sort of attention it might usually receive. Jonny walks by the ring steps and actually starts to head over the commentating table.

As he gets closer, he starts to reach into his pocket and pulls out a small bag with some sort of white powder inside.

The DEFILER: (Waving, speaking off mic, but audible) Guys…

He smiles and grabs one of the extra headsets lying off to the side of the table.

Dave Dymond: Something on your mind, Champ?

The microphone rustles and thuds around a little bit, while Jonny puts the headset on.

The DEFILER: On my mind? Nah. (Setting the bag on the table in front of OG) Brought some cocaine if you’re hungry, OG. Heh. Just kidding it’s sugar… but still.

Other Guy doesn’t respond, and Jonny tilts his head before taking a seat.

The DEFILER: Ohhhh come on, dude. Don’t be a baby.

Dave Dymond: Do you ever think about what you’re saying, Jonny?

Jonny seems a bit thrown off by Dave’s question.

The DEFILER: Am I supposed to? Cause, I’m sorry… last I checked, Dave… uhh…. I’m pretty sure that SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION doesn’t have to run his shit by a couple of fucking commentators. (Rolling his eyes) I’m down here to make sure you fucking idiots don’t bury Quinny with your bullshit biases. So let’s just chill out and be professionals.

Jonny’s music starts to fade, though the cameras stay on the announce booth.

Dave Dymond: And so the fact that Cade Sydal is his opponent has nothing to do with it?

The DEFILER: (Looking to Dave, standing back up) Dude… don’t be so predictable. (Mocking voice) “Does it have to do with Cade Sydal?” (Grabbing Dave by his collar! OG steps up) The answer to that question doesn’t concern you.

Other Guy: (Speaking at the same time as Jonny, who ignores him) You put him the FUCK DOWN!

Jonny releases Dave and sits down. Other Guy isn’t quite as quick to calm down.

Other Guy: (Standing, pointing at Jonny) You’re a son of a bitch.

The DEFILER: (Watching the ring, ignoring OG) And you’re a coked out loser. We all have our issues.

Other Guy: Dave… I can’t deal with this shit. I swear to God.

Dave Dymond: Don’t let him get to you, man. You’re bigger than that.

While Dave tries to calm Other Guy down, the cameras switch to an aisle way shot.



“Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts to play and the curtains rustle. TOM QUINN arrives, surprisingly alone, and makes his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with a twenty-minute, television time limit. Introducing first… from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS… He weighs in at One-Hundred, Ninety-Three pounds… He is known as ROGUE… TOM QUINN!!!

Quinn points toward the announce table, apparently giving a shout out to Jonny.

The DEFILER: Love you, Tommy!

Quinn makes a B-line for the ring and quickly slides inside. He climbs to the second turnbuckle on one of the posts closest to Jonny, Dave, and OG and again gives a shout-out to his Friend. Jonny stands and begins to clap.

Dave Dymond: Well, alliances aside, Tom Quinn is a very polished athlete. I won’t take that away from him.

Other Guy: I will. He’s a coward little bitch.

The DEFILER: And that’s why I gotta be out here, man. That shit is so childish. You hate me… I get it. I didn’t do things the “Other Guy” way, or whatever. But you gonna take that shit out on Quinn? Heh. Nah man. There’s a lot of hypocritical bullshit that goes on in this business, but don’t diminish the skills of a talented kid just cause (In a “ghetto”/street voice) I ain’t yo cup ‘o tea.

Quinn gets prepared in the ring and his music fades.

Dave Dymond: (Trying to maintain order) Jonny, COOL IT, man. Okay? You’re a guest in OUR BOOTH and whatever you think of what OG and I do out here… I think we do a DAMN GOOD JOB.

The DEFILER: Oh… So you can be critical of MY work, but it doesn’t work the other way around? Fine. I’ll do what I’ve done my entire career, and turn the other cheek. I don’t want to ruin this CADE SYDAL match for anyone.

The booth gets uncomfortably quiet when suddenly “BROKEN BONES” by Non Point BLARES OVER THE P.A. system!!!


Samantha Coil: And his opponent… from SOUTH PORT, NORTH CAROLINA… weighing in at One-Hundred, Seventy-Nine pounds… CADE SYDAL!!!

Cade BURSTS through the curtains and looks absolutely JACKED to be in front of the live audience! He immediately slaps hands with a few fans and rustles a little kid’s hair. He points at Quinn in the ring and has a few choice words, one of them being “mother fucker”. He makes stops at the ring apron, but doesn’t enter the ring quite yet. Instead, he walks toward the commentator table. The cameras follow! Jonny Johnson stands up, the world title on his shoulder, the headset still on.

The fans POP VERY LOUDLY as the two men stand face to face. Cade points at the World Title, and Jonny responds.

The DEFILER: (Staying cool) Yeah it’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

Cade smirks and nods.

Cade Sydal: (Off mic) It’s gonna be MINE, soon, bitch!

The DEFILER: Keep dreaming, Cade.

Cade raises his eyebrows and gives another grin before turning back to enter the ring.

The DEFILER: That’s the second time I’ve been called a bitch, Dave. Why does Cade insist on keeping up this facade that he’s in my league?

Other Guy: Uhh… cause he IS?

The DEFILER: What wrestling background do you have to make that kind of statement? Does he even HAVE a wrestling background, Dave? Jesus you guys suck at this job. Thank GOD, I’m out here.

Cade checks in with official WILLIE DEAN and then looks at Quinn.

Dave Dymond: So it looks like we are ready to start… Cade Sydal locking horns with Tom Quinn in a match that Cade Sydal absolutely NEEDS to win. The first of THREE, in fact, he’ll need to win heading into Master of the Mat.

The DEFILER: He doesn’t NEED to win, Dave. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that. Cade Sydal is a SELFISH FUCK. He and I are in the same boat… but… but he won’t admit it to himself. I mean, it’s actually BETTER if he loses…

Other Guy: Why so you can have a ONE minute time limit?

The DEFILER: So typical. Do you even LISTEN to what I say? That man, Cade Sydal… deep down… he wants to die. He wants these people to die… he wants this BUSINESS to die. He could have been normal. Had a normal life… found a great girl… but all you… all of THIS fucked it up for him. He isn’t chasing me for glory. He’s chasing me for help.

Other Guy: You are SO full of crap, man. Un-F’IN-REAL.

Cade and Quinn go over a few more things with Dean who the signals for the two men to begin their bout.


Dave Dymond: (Actually getting annoyed himself) You really DON’T think you’re ever at fault, do you?

The DEFILER: In a world like this? Why should I take the blame? So the rest of the world doesn’t have to? Fuck that, Dave.

The two competitors begin to circle the ring. Quinn ducks in low and Cade throws off a warning kick to back him off! Quinn dodges backward. Cade aggresses now and Quinn backs himself into the corner! Cade moves in, but Quinn throws up his arms and backs further against the pads. Willie Dean intervenes and breaks Cade up from making an attack in an illegal predicament. The fans “BOOOOOOO”, but Cade obliges and backs up.

Dave Dymond: Sydal wants to do things the right way tonight, and he backs off.

Other Guy: Just kick him, Cade.

Quinn narrows his eyes and moves back toward Cade, who has moved to the center of the ring. Quinn again goes low with a take down attempt! Cade leaps over him! Quinn tries to turn around, but as he does, he takes a SICK KICK to the upper collar bone! The “CRACK” pops the crowd! Quinn shakes his right arm! Cade throws another kick! Quinn throws his hands up to block! Cade, though fires with a LEFT-LEAD KICK to the calfs! Quinn falls to his knees!!! The fans get VERY LOUD! Cade spins and DRILLS QUINN IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!



Dave Dymond: QUINN DOWN!

Other Guy: MAKE A COVER!!!

Cade looks to take OG’s advice, but Quinn WISELY rolls out of the ring before his opponent can capitalize! Cade chases him out of the ring, but backs off as soon as his body drops to the floor! Instead he turns around, pumps his fists and shouts out to the crowd.


Other Guy: You wanna go help your Friend? He’s not lookin’ so good.

The DEFILER: He’ll be fine. (Frustrated) DAMNIT TOM!

The shot to the collarbone seems to have done more damage than the shot to the back of the head, which is saying something. Quinn continues to shake his arm out, while dizzily falling back to the guard rail. Cade waves for him to come back into the ring and referee Willie Dean starts to make his mandatory ten count.





Quinn shouts at Dean to back Cade up, and the referee acknowledges the request. Cade, though, throws his hands in the air and takes a few steps back. Quinn slides back into the ring.

The DEFILER: (As though coaching, Quinn) No more fucking around…

Quinn makes it to vertical base and re-locks eyes with Sydal. The two men move around the ring and finally grapple-up! They spin around, fighting for advantage. Quinn tries to push Cade into a corner, but Cade fights back and pushes HIM in the corner! Dean looks for a break, but Cade answers with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP! (“WOOOO!) Quinn winces in pain! Cade then throws a KICK to the midsection, which connects just beneath the left side of his hip!

Dave Dymond: Hate to say it, Jonny, but Quinn is getting SCHOOLED! Cade now following with an IRISH WHIP!

Quinn FLIES across the ring and lands HARD into the other corner! Cade charges with a splash attempt, but QUINN DODGES! Cade hits the corner! Quinn backs up and then charges with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE INTO SYDAL’S BACK!!

The DEFILER: YES! There we go, kiddo! Heh. Schooled, huh, Dave? Bet you wish you kept your mouth shut on that call. Idiot.

Sydal holds his back! Quinn follows with a drop kick to the back of the knees! Cade falls to the mat, and Quinn FIRES OFF A KICK OF HIS OWN! He DRILLS Sydal between the shoulder blades!


The DEFILER: This is why you don’t fuck with us. You don’t fuck with me. You don’t fuck with Tommy, or Jason or Tim. You don’t fuck with Kilminster. NONE OF US. YES, TOM! YES, YES, YES!!! KILL HIM!

The fans start to get a little antsy as they realize there’s at least a CHANCE that Quinn might establish control. Quinn only ENHANCES that feeling when he follows with a running drop kick to the back of Cade’s head! Cade’s neck whips forward at a weird angle and the former World Champion falls to his side!

The DEFILER: Put him away baby! Come on, Dave! Make the dramatic call!

Quinn rolls Cade on to his back and makes a cover!

Dean drops down to make the count!






Dave Dymond: Cade OUT AT TWO!


The fans start to cheer louder and louder, hoping Cade can get back into this match!


Quinn grabs Cade and makes another pin fall attempt.




Quinn slaps the mat in frustration, and then tries to drop an ill-advised elbow drop! CADE DODGES! The fans CHEER LOUDLY!!!

The DEFILER: Stupid, Tom! STUPID!

Dave Dymond: Cade is coming back!

Other Guy: You gonna run out there, Jonny? Huh?

Quinn landed on that right arm and seems to be having issues. He’s slow to get up, giving Cade more time to mount a comeback! Cade pulls himself to his feet. Quinn tries to get to his!

The DEFILER: (Obviously invested) Watch the quick strike! Come on! WATCH THE STRIKE!

Cade stalls and Quinn moves in.


Quinn charges in! CADE DUCKS!

Quinn turns back around…



Dave Dymond: YES!!! QUINN DOWN IN A HEAP!!!



Jonny SLAMS his headset down and stands up, however, he doesn’t move from the broadcasters table.







Other Guy: You did it, Cade! YOU DID IT, BOY!!!!

Dean calls for the bell and the FANS ARE GOING ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!! Cade is obviously excited, but he keeps himself in check, realizing the situation at hand! He shouts out to the crowd and raises his hands!!!

“Broken Bones” by Non Point starts to play.

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match… CADE SYDAL!!!

Cade Sydal climbs to the second turnbuckle and looks down at Jonny! He shouts out “TWO MORE”, and Jonny SLAMS his hand into the announce table!

Other Guy: That’s gotta feel shitty, huh, Jonny? Just like you’ve been making ALL OF US FEEL! Is it true what Chris said earlier? You just a bitch for a bigger puppet? HUH? You drop your charges for Jason? HUH?

Jonny ignores Other Guys’s comments, or maybe doesn’t even hear them because he moves off to the time keeper’s table and RIPS Samantha Coil’s microphone away from her.



Cade shouts from the turnbuckle and points down at Jonny.

Cade Sydal: (Off Mic) You like that motherfucker! HUH!?! That (pointing to Jonny’s title) Is going to be mine! I’m burning your empire before it ever has a chance to grow!!!

Jonny takes a few deep breaths, ignoring the fans who are getting ALLLLLLLL over his case.

The DEFILER: (Slowly calming down) Heh. You wanna play, Cade? Fine. We’re gonna fucking play… Next week. It’s you and… it’s gonna be YOU and, and…

He seems to be reconsidering his thoughts the more calm he gets.

The DEFILER: On second thought… Ya know what, Cade? I’m not gonna tell you. (Shaking his head) Nah. Fuck that. You’ll find out at the show. (Smirking) That sound fun? HUH, CADE?! DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A GOOD IDEA?

He scowls at his Master of the Mat challenger.

The DEFILER: I’m gonna give you death, Cade. So much… (frustrated) FUCKING DEATH!

Jonny throws the microphone down and hops over the guard railing, while Cade watches on. He realizes he’s gotten under Jonny’s skin, but at what cost?

Dave Dymond: What has Cade gotten himself into now? A mystery opponent? Does Jonny even have that kind of power do that?

Other Guy: Who knows right now. With all the shit he’s involved with… There’s too many Goddamn questions. But one thing’s for sure… Cade’s gonna have his hands filled next week and I hope to the good Lord he’s ready… Cause right now… dude’s our only hope, Dave.

Cade continues to watch the area where Jonny departed, before making a frustrated exit of his own. Tom Quinn is left by his lonesome, attended only by Willie Dean.

Everyone is left feeling anxious.

The cameras cut away.


The focus shifts to a room that has two medical exam tables in set up in the center, and SHOOT Project trainers and medical staff are on hand.  One of the trainers is looking over Caleb Knox while one of the medical personnel stands behind Davis, stitching equipment close by.

Medical Personnel: It’s a pretty decent gash, but only eight stitches to close up, won’t be the end of the world.

Davis sighs as the man pushes a bit of gauze padding down over the freshly stitched up cut.  After that he turns and grabs a large square covering to stick over the entirety of it all, stitching and padding.

Christopher Davis: It was supposed to be over…

The covering is placed on and the man comes around in front of Davis.

Medical Personnel: You’re all set, Mr. Davis.

Davis slides off the exam table and nods.

Christopher Davis: Thanks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take care of some sudden business.

Davis starts out of the room, passing by two other trainers who are suddenly shoved to the side as ROLAND CALDWELL plows into the room and DRILLS Davis in the face with a WICKED YAKUZA KICK!

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Davis taken down again and this time by Roland Caldwell!  Two attacks in the same night!

Roland breathes heavily as he glares down at Davis who groans in pain.

Roland Caldwell: You wanted everything, didn’t you?

Davis struggles to his feet but medical staff and the trainers come in between Roland and Davis, shouting at Roland to get out of there. Roland shakes his head with disgust but walks off.

Other Guy: (from ringside) I think it’s more than obvious now that this war between Christopher Davis and The Family… ISN’T over!

The focus remains on the pained face of Davis for a moment before cutting away.


The scene fades in to the green room. Jester is sipping on a drink, chatting and laughing with a few SHOOT Project stagehands. He is wearing blue jeans and the “Jester Smiles Rulz” t-shirt. When he sees the camera, he holds up his finger to the stage hands, saying he’ll be right back. He the walks towards the camera and stops a couple of feet in front of it.

Jester Smiles: This is going to be a real quick and very simple speech. Up next, we’ve got an amazing match. Trevor Worrens is going to take on Osbourne Kiliminster for the Laws of Survival Championship. Now, the fans are probably thrilled about this, Osbourne is probably thrilled about this, hell, I bet even Trevor, knowing how competitive he is, is thrilled about this.

Everyone is THRILLED to see this match, except for me. Let me tell you why.

Jester pops his neck and takes a sip of his drink.

Jester Smiles: I want a match. I don’t care who I’ll be against, as long as it’s a competitive fight.  I’ll fight anyone in any kind of match. Because, the way I see it, Trevor fighting a match before Master of the Mat and me having plenty of time to rest and train just isn’t right or fair. If Trevor has to fight his way to Master of the Mat, then Jester Smiles should have to fight his way to Master of the Mat.

So Jason Johnson, wherever you are at right now, if you see this, I’m asking you. Give me a match. Give me the best that SHOOT Project has to offer.

It’s only fair.

Jester throws a peace sign up at the camera and walks back to the stag hands to continue his conversation. The camera fades out.



A cut back to the ring.  Samantha Coil stands with the microphone at her lips.

Samantha Coil: The next contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SHOOT Project LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Dave Dymond: You could call it round three, but in the minds of Worrens and Kilminster this is…

The lights go out.

Dave Dymond: Whoa!

Other Guy: What? You afraid of the dark now or something?

The fans make noise and cell phone lighting pops up all over the place as within the Thomas and Mack Center the sound of thunder rumbling is heard. It’s low at first, but gets louder and then the lights crack and flash like lightning in the sky.  It gets to a climax then starts to rumble out, and at that moment a single spotlight hits the ring, and Osbourne Kilminster stands there, head lowered.  At that moment the boos start in.

Dave Dymond: As usual a more dramatic entrance for Osbourne Kilminster who tonight intends on continuing his winning ways and in turn capturing SHOOT Project gold.

Other Guy: The dude’s lookin’ as intense as ever, Dave… and I don’t like who he’s spendin’ his time with in the former of our “World Champ” but I gotta say, Ozzy might make good on his promise tonight.

Dave Dymond: Well yeah, despite his personal attitude, Osbourne Kilminster is a force not to be reckoned with in the ring and one of the better athletes in SHOOT today.

The lights return to normal and after that Kilminster lifts his head and his stare fixates on the entryway.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, he weighs in tonight at 235 pounds, ladies and gentlemen here is Osbourne KILMINSTER!!!

The crowd continues booing, making more noise than earlier to show their dislike for Kilminster.  Kilminster doesn’t budge he just stares straight ahead to the entryway.

Dave Dymond: Earlier this week Kilminster chose the Laws of Survival Stipulation of what is being called the Close Quarters Combat match, saying he didn’t want anything that would favor one side or the other too much. BUT any match that keeps your opponent no more than two feet away from you at all times seems to definitely favor a man like Kilminster who utilizes close strikes, quick take downs, and simple but HIGHLY effective submissions.

Other Guy: Not to mention bein’ handcuffed to a pissed off and determined man ain’t gonna make this fight any more even.

“Anthem for The Underdog” by 12 Stones abruptly kicks in changing the mood inside the Thomas and Mack Center and now Kilminster starts to jump up and down slightly from foot to foot, his body language changing as Trevor Worrens steps out from the back while the Revolution Video Screen plays a cinematic scope of Worrens’s career.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 231 pounds, he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… HERE. IS. TREVOR WORRENS!!!

As his name is announced, Worrens steps forward and lifts the Laws of Survival Championship title up vertically by the strap. At the same time white and gray confetti like pyros rain down from over head and behind him.

Dave Dymond: And we talk about focus, look at the eyes of the Laws of Survival Champion.

Other Guy: No doubt he is ready for this match, and from the looks of what’s been goin down tonight, Worrens was right, The Family AIN’T his problem.  Can’t say the same for Christopher Davis though.

Dave Dymond: Two attacks carried out on Davis in the course of one night and it’s obvious his issues with The Family are FAR from over.  But that’s neither here nor there as Worrens making his way to the ring and boy am I looking forward to this!

Other Guy: You, everyone else surrounding the ring, and SO many of the SHOOT Soldiers in the back as well.

Worrens starts jaw jacking with Kilminster the second he’s close to the ring, but the arena microphones don’t pick up exactly what he’s saying.  Senior Official Scott Kamura motions for Kilminster to step back.  Kilminster does so as Worrens makes his way up the steps and into the ring.  Worrens then holds the title up again pointing to it and then pointing to himself.  Kilminster cracks a grin and shakes his head slightly, finally turning from Worrens all together to do some last minute stretching.  Worrens hands the championship title off to Scott Kamura who then raises it up for everyone.

Dave Dymond: Worrens has been an impressive Laws of Survival Champion thus far, sort of re-instating an identity to it, while imbuing it with a little bit of his own personality.

Other Guy: It’d be hard to argue right now that Worrens hasn’t taken that title to a new level, and if he can defend it yet again here tonight, I think you’d be laughed out of the building all together if you tried.

After both Kilminster and Worrens look up at the title, Kamura sends it out of the ring along with Samantha Coil. From there Kamura motions to the outside and two men in plain black SHOOT Project shirts enter, each holding one side of a single pair of handcuffs.  The fans begin to buzz as one of the men approaches Worrens and the other approaches Kilminster.  Immediately the handcuffs are put around the right wrist of Worrens and the left wrist of Kilminster.

Dave Dymond: Witnessing a SHOOT Project first here, as this Close Quarter Combat match differs from a typical leather strap match in that it’s opposite hands cuffed together, as opposed to right wrist to right wrist or left to left.

Other Guy: Not to mention not NEARLY as much freedom to move away from your opponent. So you won’t be seein’ any Irish whips or very little use of the ropes at all if ya think about it.

Dave Dymond: Both Worrens and Kilminster securely bound together now by the modified set of handcuffs. Only two feet in between them at most, and they’ll be nose to nose at the very least amount of space.

Kamura checks the durability of the chain and then with both competitors in place he calls for the bell.

Kilminster yanks on the chain part of the handcuffs, toying with Worrens a bit as Worrens’s right arm is pulled forward harshly, the metal cuff digging slightly into his skin. Worrens looks to pull back but Kilminster goes with it and BARRELS towards Worrens. Worrens brings both arms up and locks up into grapple.  Kilminster is incredibly aggressive as he shoves Worrens backwards while still locked up.  Worrens throws up a quick knee, grazing Kilminster and Kilminster tries to reach his left arm down to grab the knee, but Worrens grabs a handful of chain and pulls up his right arm, forcing Kilminster’s arm to fling upwards and away from Worrens’s leg.  Worrens then fires a hard left handed palm strike to the side of Kilminster’s face.  Kilminster absorbs the blow and as Worrens comes at him again, Kilminster brings his right arm up to block another shot and then shoves Worrens off to the side.

Worrens regains his footing but Kilminster comes in with a hard elbow to the side of the head and Worrens goes down onto knees and hands.

Dave Dymond: What a blow from Kilminster, taking Worrens down in one fell swoop.

Other Guy: That’s where Kilminster’s expertise truly lies, Dave. The power of the strike!

Kilminster turns his body now and steps over Worrens’s body, maneuvering so that the chain of the handcuffs comes up under Worrens’s neck.  Kilminster then immediately grabs the little slack left and balls it up in his hand, pulling up so that Worrens’s arm comes across his body and neck, in short choking himself with aid from the chain!

The fans begin to boo loudly as Worrens struggles to pulls his arm back the other way, but as he does, Kilminster just STOMPS down hard on the back of Worrens’s head, pushing his face down into the mat!

Dave Dymond: Fans not liking what they’re seeing, but in the rules of the match up the use of the handcuffs is perfectly legal.

Other Guy: The only object other than your body that CAN be used in this match, and Kilminster usin’ it to wear down Worrens

Dave Dymond: And it’s put Worrens in position for now a rear mount from Kilminster… and that’s going to spell trouble for the Laws of Survival Champion.

With Worrens pinned on his stomach, Kilminster throws a couple of quick punches into the side of Worrens’s head. Worrens’s left arm is up in front of his face though, blocking the shots as best he can.  Kilminster grabs Worrens around the waist and stands up from there, pulling Worrens up with him, still behind him.  Worrens arm is pressed across his chest and Kilminster LIFTS with a huge bridging modified German suplex!

And he stays bridged for a cover.  Kamura makes the count.



Worrens kicks out and rolls to the side of Kilminster.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster with almost a one armed German suplex as the way the chain tightened, Worrens’s left arm almost became like the brace or support of another arm as Kilminster lifted up.

Other Guy: This type of a match up really makes ya adapt given the limited space and movement both Kilminster and Worrens have.

Worrens works his way up to his feet and Kilminster looks to stay on the offense grabbing the chain again and pulling Worrens in right up close, but Worrens brings up the forearm and just JACKS Kilminster in the face, then swings a kick around behind the side of Kilminster’s leg!  Kilminster falter and Worrens then fires with a left palm strike, then another, both connecting hard with the face. The fans start to rally behind Worrens as he fights back… another palm strike, then another.  Worrens then lunges in with all his force and CLOTHESLINES Kilminster but falls right down on top of him and then just UNLEASHES with hard left hands!


Dave Dymond: And Worrens coming RIGHT back into this fight now as he lets loose on Kilminster!

The crowd continues to cheer as Worrens, slightly on his side, just continues to punch away at Kilminster’s face. Kilminster tries to maneuver his legs around Worrens’s body, but the handcuff chain makes that difficult and Kilminster starts to try to force Worrens over onto his stomach, attempting to grab at his left arm…  Worrens keeps fighting though and knocks Kilminster’s hand away and throws a couple more hard punches.

Kilminster fights right back now turning Worrens more and more, seemingly looking for an attempt at a cross face submission lock.  Worrens is almost turned over completely on his stomach, but Kilminster doesn’t have a solid enough hold on his left arm and Worrens knocks him off with an elbow shot and then gets up to his feet bringing Kilminster up as well, pulled into a front facing headlock. Kilminster tries to drive his shoulder into Worrens’s gut though, but Worrens one step ahead and brings Kilminster down, sprawling his legs out behind him while still keeping Kilminster in the headlock position.

Dave Dymond: Quick thinking on the part of Worrens who stays in control right now, trying to keep Kilminster from getting back on the offensive.

Other Guy: I think it’s more than just quick thinking, the way Worrens brought Kilminster down and where the chain is, I think Worrens dropped Kilminster face first into the chain!

Dave Dymond: Not sure if that’s the case as Kamura hovering over both men, Worrens has that headlock applied tightly, wrenching slightly in the process… and yeah I don’t think we have a good visual one way or the other.

As Worrens continues to wrench the neck, Kilminster digs both his feet into the mat, working on pushing himself up to a vertical base.  Worrens tries to push Kilminster back down but Kilminster fights against it and is up and FIRES a hard punch to the side of Worrens.  Worrens falters and Kilminster follows up with a knee strike to the opposite side of Worrens then another, and another!  Worrens almost doubles over from the third knee shot but Kilminster pulls him straight back up, grabbing Worrens by the right arm and twisting it into a standing wristlock.

Worrens winces in pain and Kilminster just FIRES a kick right up into Worrens’s stomach, which doubles him over. Still holding the wristlock Kilminster delivers another kick, this time to the chest… and then a THIRD kick STRAIGHT up into the face!  Worrens’s head snaps back and Kilminster follows up with a standing lariat but Worrens ducks, pulls around behind Kilminster, the chain digging into Kilminster’s stomach, turns… and Worrens reaches back blindly for a neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: Worrens avoids having his head knocked off his shoulders and now with Kilminster now, Worrens going for a cover attempt.

Kamura goes down to the mat as Worrens has the pin on Kilminster. The fans pop.



Kilminster gets the shoulder up, heaving his entire body onto its side to effectively break the count. Worrens gets up to his feet but Kilminster up as well, only for Worrens to fire a shot at Kilminster, BUT Kilminster lifts his arm and captures Worrens’s arm under his.  Worrens counters that though by putting all his weight into a hip toss!  Kilminster goes down but gets right back up as Worrens looks to stay on the offense. Kilminster reacts getting Worrens hooked and then takes him down with a sudden snapping shoulder toss!

Worrens lands on his back but is pulled up to his feet and spun around by Kilminster almost immediately. Worrens counters right back with another hip toss.  Kilminster up Worrens steps in, but Kilminster grabs an arm and snaps Worrens right back down to the mat!

Other Guy: This is where close quarter REALLY comes into play as neither of these men have the ability to put any distance between themselves…

Dave Dymond: And we are witnessing this quick exchange of takedowns because of it.  Worrens with another hip toss that puts Kilminster on the mat!

The crowd gets into it as Kilminster is up again, pulled up by Worrens, but Kilminster plants a sudden boot into Worrens’s gut and from there Kilminster bunches up the chain in front of him and HOISTS Worrens for a vertical suplex… NO!  Worrens snaps his legs back down before he’s fully elevated and takes Kilminster down with a snapping arm drag! Kilminster’s body bounces off the mat, tugging Worrens’s arm a bit in the process, but Worrens now makes a cover on Kilminster… Kamura again with the count…



TH… kick out by Kilminster!

Worrens tries to keep Kilminster down but Kilminster springs up to his feet with a rising knee strike that DRILLS Worrens in the sternum.  Worrens sways backwards, arms flailing and Kilminster reaches out with his free arm to pull one of Worrens’s arms in.  Worrens looks for a palm jab uppercut with his left arm then, but Kilminster yanks the handcuff chain inward to capture the other arm… and SMASHES his forehead right into Worrens’s face!

Other Guy: Damn, sick headbutt there from Kilminster!

Worrens wobbles, almost dropping to one knee but Kilminster lifts him up, still holding onto both arms and DRIVES another headbutt into Worrens face!  This time Worrens goes down hard and quick and Kilminster drops down immediately after him, CRUSHING Worrens with a knee to the face as well!

Dave Dymond: And a hard succession of blunt shots to the face and Worrens looking worse for wear now.

Other Guy: Would ya expect any less after two headbutts and that knee drop?

Dave Dymond: No I would not, simply stating that the Laws of Survival Champion is once again on the receiving end of some powerful strikes courtesy of many parts of Kilminster’s body.

Kilminster continues on the very aggressive offense drilling knee drop after knee drop into Worrens’s face.  Worrens rolls over onto his stomach to protect himself a bit more, only for Kilminster to drop a knee into the square of the back and then grab the handcuff chain to try to force Worrens back over.  Worrens’s arm is pulled back and Worrens shouts in as a spike of pain shoots through his body.  Worrens gets up to one knee and Kilminster plants his foot into Worrens’s back and now pulls on the handcuffs chain more causing Worrens to shout out again.  Worrens gets all the way to a vertical base and moves in the direction the chain is being pulled as to keep his arm from being yanked any further.  Kilminster right close by with a hard knee to the gut then Kilminster actually manages to scoop Worrens up, and now he runs full speed into the corner and SMASHES Worrens’s back into the corner!

Worrens dangles upside down now as Kilminster hooks his legs over the top rope and then just STOMPS down into Worrens’s face… smashing part of the chain into Worrens’s face as well.  Worrens brings his legs back down from over the ropes and collapses and now Kilminster turns Worrens over onto his back and makes the cover.

The crowd boos as Kamura makes the count.



THRE…. NO!  Worrens darts out his left arm and grabs the ropes.  Kilminster shakes his head with slight frustration but continues on, not letting up for a moment.  He brings Worrens up, with Kilminster wrapping both his arms around Worrens’s waist from behind, the chain of the handcuffs now in between Worrens and Kilminster. But as Kilminster lifts for a belly-to-back overhead suplex, Worrens jumps up and comes down to the side and behind Kilminster, causing the chain of the handcuffs to wrap around his free arm and his chest as well.

Kilminster struggles but Worrens steps in front of Kilminster, causing the chain to tighten even more and from there Worrens digs down deep, lifts Kilminster, and snaps him over with a quick power slam and stays on top of him for the cover!

Dave Dymond: Worrens using the chain to sort of tie up Kilminster for this innovative power slam pin!



But Kilminster kicks out strong after two.  Worrens is up but Kilminster up as well and he ducks a hard palm strike attempt from Worrens, grabs his own wrist for support and flips over the top rope causing Worrens’s arm to get caught up, TORQUING his arm over the top rope!  Kilminster pulls down hard on the chain after that and the fans boo loudly as Worrens tries to pull his arm back up, scrambling to reach for the chain, but Kilminster pulls on the majority of the slack, causing Worrens to SCREAM in pain!

Other Guy: And it’s eye for an eye… Worrens used that chain to his advantage in that power slam, and now Kilminster tryin’ to flat out dislocate Worrens’s arm.

Dave Dymond: The handcuffs have been THE integral part of this match up pretty much since the opening bell as it has been both restraint, thus putting Kilminster and Worrens at a disadvantage, and has been a vicious weapon.



Worrens continues to fight as Kilminster pulls down AGAIN from the outside.



Kilminster gets back up on the ring edge and as Worrens winces in pain, clutching at his shoulder with his free arm, Kilminster runs in two steps towards him and CLOTHESLINES him right off his feet.  Kilminster pushes down on the ropes to get back over them and Worrens writhes on the mat before his feet.  The crowd continues to boo as Kilminster picks him up now and holds him bent over… trying to apply a Thai clinch as he pulls him up more, but Worrens struggles against being locked into the clinch and suddenly shoves Kilminster with a hard palm strike to the sternum with his free left arm, and then brings his right arm up and turns it sideways, DRILLING Kilminster across the forehead with the metal cuff part of the handcuffs!!!

Kilminster goes down grabbing at his face in PAIN!

Other Guy: He’s got to be bleeding, Dave!  Worrens using the edge of the cuff like a box cutter… and Kilminster’s forehead was the goddamn box!

Worrens holds his right arm to his side with Kilminster attached to it, but on the mat, hands covering his face.  He works on getting up to his feet though and sure enough his forehead is red with blood.  The fans POP BIG TIME as they see this and now Worrens just KICKS Kilminster square in the back, causing him to arch forward in a sitting position and halt his attempt to get up to his vertical base.

Kilminster tries again, but Worrens just with ANOTHER HARD KICK… this time to the upper back!  Kilminster CLENCHES his teeth as he arches again and now Worrens dives inward at the back and slams his knee into Kilminster!  From there Worrens tries to maneuver his arms to put Kilminster into his signature arm-hook sleeper but Kilminster suddenly snaps back into things, realizing what’s happening and he rises to his feet…


Worrens pulls on the handcuffs with his left arm and Kilminster is forced right back down into a sitting position… and Worrens twists the chain and maneuvers his and Kilminster arms… AND LOCKS ON THE ARM-HOOK SLEEPER!!!

Dave Dymond: Broken Beyond Repair!  Worrens has it locked on and the chain being pulled tightly around the bottom of Kilminster’s chin as well!

Other Guy: Double the damage, Dave!  And Worrens ain’t no stranger to using other objects to heighten the pain that Kilminster must be feeling right now!

Dave Dymond:  Indeed, shades of Malice when Worrens had a chair involved with this move which eventually made Kilminster FINALLY quit in that intense encounter.

Kamura moves in now as Kilminster continually screams out in pain, trying to dig down deep and find some way to break out of the submission lock.  Worrens, nose swollen and turning a shade of purple refuses to give on the hold.

Scott Kamura: Give up, Kilminster?

Osbourne Kilminster: No, Damn it.. AHHH!

Kilminster twists his body which only causes the chain to somewhat grind against his chin, putting Kilminster in more pain.  He keeps moving his body though trying to fight through, now trying to fight past the pain.


The chant starts up out of nowhere but soon fills a good portion of the arena but Kilminster continually shouts no, refusing to give up.  He moves his body some more and then KICKS out his leg, just draping it over the bottom rope.

Scott Kamura: Break the hold! Break it Worrens! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Worrens releases Kilminster from the hold and rises up to his feet, immediately working on pulling Kilminster up as well and away from the ropes.  Worrens turns Kilminster around and JUMPS in place looking for a standing version of the Busaiku Knee Kick…

But as Worrens extends his leg outward and looks to smash his knee into Kilminster’s face, Kilminster brings the chain up under Worrens’s knee cap and pulls, TUGGING at Worrens’s right arm and tripping him up in mid air!  Worrens FALLS onto his back on the mat and Kilminster falls over him, bending his legs over for a cover…





The crowd erupts as Kamura rises up off the mat and only shows two!

Dave Dymond: Worrens kicks out!!!

Other Guy: Barely, and I mean THE definition of barely right there, Dave.

Worrens starts desperately kicking his legs out at Kilminster, drilling him repeatedly either in the chest or face. Kilminster tries to drop completely into a mounted position on Worrens, taking the kicks direct on in the process. He finally staggers back and Worrens has just enough room to get up to his feet.  The fans are buzzing with excitement still from the very near fall and Kilminster now recovers and madly lunges in at Worrens. Worrens does the same, looking to counter with an STO type take down, but Kilminster LIFTS Worrens up looking for a spinebuster takedown…

But as Kilminster drives his momentum downward, Worrens hooks his arm around Kilminster’s head and SNAPS BACK… SPIKE DDT!!!

The cover after that and the fans on their feet.




Dave Dymond: And this one is in the books… Trevor Worrens has survived this close quarter combat match and retains the Laws of Survival Championship!

“Anthem For The Underdog” begins to play again as Worrens, fairly exhausted sits up slowly and immediately calls for the handcuff to be taken off his wrist.  Kamura has the key and he unlocks Worrens’s side first, allowing the winner to get up.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

The crowd continues to cheer as Worrens goes to the edge of the ring and calls for his championship title and also motions for a microphone.  He is handed both and Worrens now HOISTS the Laws of Survival Championship up in the air vertically by the strap, wincing in pain as he does so.  The handcuffs are taken off of Kilminster as well who just stirs on the mat slowly, clutching his head in pain.

Other Guy: Big time victory for Trevor Worrens tonight and based on what he said a few days ago I think we know what’s comin’ next.

Worrens lowers the Laws of Survival Championship down onto his shoulder and then turns his focus to Osbourne Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: Three times now.

The music cuts off and the fans buzz.

Trevor Worrens: At Malice, at Reckoning Day, and now here tonight just three weeks away from Master of the Mat.  Osbourne Kilminster, I have beaten you.


The cheering and the chanting fills most of the Thomas and Mack Center as Osbourne Kilminster slowly rises to his feet, forehead covered in blood, sweat running down his face, and complete and total frustration in his eyes.

Trevor Worrens: Now you were able to man up and tell me I WAS the better man in the past, and I said I’d do it all again, ONE more time.  And I did. So I want that respect face to face, man up and tell me I AM the better man.

Dave Dymond: Worrens told the world he was going to look for that respect by the time this match was over. And these two fought hard from the second that bell rang to the second this match ended.

Other Guy: Yeah but this is kinda a little bit of insult to injury don’t ya think, Dave?  I mean Worrens deserves the respect no doubt, but askin’ your opponent to admit it here and now in public JUST after losin…. I don’t know if that’s smart.

Kilminster stands shaking his head as Worrens holds out the microphone. Kilminster doesn’t budge.  Worrens looks down to the mat for a moment before pulling the microphone back towards his face.

Trevor Worrens: Would it help if right here and right now I paid respect to you, Osbourne? Would it help if I told the world that every time you hit me tonight I thought I might not get back up? Because that’s what it felt like.

Worrens turns out to the fans.

Trevor Worrens: SHOOT Project faithful, Osbourne Kilminster is one hell of a fighter!

The fans actually cheer and Kilminster suddenly looks out to the crowd, somewhat bewildered by this.

Other Guy: Listen to this crowd, Dave!  I don’t think Kilminster is used to hearing that kind of reaction.

As the fans continue to cheer Worrens nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: These fans know it. They don’t have to like you, Osbourne, but just like me, they do respect you. As far as I’m concerned this is done.  If you don’t want to tell me I am the better man, then fine.  In the end I guess I don’t have to really hear it from you anyway. THIS (Worrens pats the Laws of Survival Championship) still being on my shoulder is proof enough for me.

With that Worrens starts out of the ring but as he walks past Kilminster, Kilminster puts out a weary arm, looks down for a moment, and then motions for the microphone.  The fans start to pick up once again and Worrens hands it to Kilminster.  He hesitates for a moment, but then Kilminster brings the microphone to his lips.

Osbourne Kilminster: You… You’re a better man than me, Trevor.

With that Kilminster drops the microphone and extends a hand to Worrens.

Dave Dymond: And a surprising show of respect as Osbourne Kilminster, in front of everyone, admits that Worrens is the better man.

Other Guy: Maybe there’s hope for Kilminster after all.

The two men shake hands and then Kilminster motions to Worrens as if to say “ring’s all yours.”  He then starts to exit and Worrens, feeding off the crowd, goes to the corner and ascends to the second turnbuckle, lifting the Laws of Survival Championship up by its strap one more time.

Dave Dymond: So the title does not change hands tonight, but a show of respect paves way for…



Other Guy: How did we NOT see this coming!

As Worrens slumps in the corner now, Kilminster turns him around, the microphone in his hand once again as he leans in close.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re A better man, Trevor, but that’s what makes you an easy target!

Worrens BASHES the microphone into Worrens’s face and then repeatedly pummels him in the face. Worrens tries to fight back but a knee to the gut, causes Worrens to double over and now Kilminster locks him up in a Thai Clinch… and SPIKES Worrens’s face onto his knee!

Dave Dymond: And Kilminster hits with the Wake Up Call!

Worrens is out on the mat and Kilminster grabs the nearby handcuffs before Kamura can get them and immediately goes to work.  He cuffs one end around the lower left corner ring post, then wraps the chain up and around the ring ropes and then cuffs the other end to Worrens’s wrist!

Other Guy: But I guess the Wake Up Call isn’t enough, Dave… in Kilminster’s mind his point hasn’t been made yet.

Dave Dymond: Definitely showing the Jonny Johnson gang-war mentality here as the beat down just keeps coming and Kilminster just STOMPING away at Worrens.



The crowd is outraged as Kilminster continually stomps away at Worrens, focusing on the right arm he tried to dislocate earlier in the match as well as throwing a couple of stiff stomps into the nose of Worrens.  Worrens is absolutely helpless…


Dave Dymond: Jester!  Jester Smiles!!!

Jester sprints to the ring, steel chair in hand and quickly dives under the ropes. Kilminster turns and makes a hasty exit, and Jester CHUCKS the chair out of the ring, nearly connecting with Kilminster’s head. Kilminster backs off now but as he sees Jester bend down to check on Worrens he slows up, walking backwards with a satisfied grin on his face. Jester shouts at Kamura for the key and Kamura tosses it to him and quickly Jester goes to unlocking the handcuff to free Worrens.

Dave Dymond: Smiles showing up in the nick of time here, but imagine what Kilminster could have done, the damage he could have inflicted if Smiles didn’t show up.

Other Guy: It might have ALREADY been done, Dave.  Worrens was just ASSAULTED.

The focus cuts up close to Jester checking on Worrens whose eyes are glazed over and somewhat rolled back.

Jester Smiles: Trevor… come on Trevor can you move your arm… can you stand?

Kamura motions to the back, obviously signaling for medical help and as Jester looks on with some showing of concern, the focus fades from the ring area.


Following the Laws of Survival Championship match, the focus once again catches up with Christopher Davis.  Davis is beyond pissed off as he storms through the hallway.

Christopher Davis: Mallows!  Come on, even you’re not THIS weak that you’d play the hit and run game! Get out here!

Davis looks around a corner then continues walking straight ahead. He passes by a group of arena event staff.

Christopher Davis: You seen the Family anywhere?

The men and women looked puzzle.  Davis just shakes his head and continues, not wasting time.

Other Guy: (from ringside) This is what I’m talkin’ about now, Dave. The Family wants to continue this, well now the hunters become the hunted.

Davis stops at a wider opening and turns left, it leads to some equipment rooms, but to the right is a hall that leads to a large opening, the loading dock. Davis starts down the hall to the right his eyes focused on the dark blue full sized van parked there.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) That’s The Family’s van and Davis making a B-Line for it!

Other Guy: (from ringside) this is gonna be good!

Davis picks up speed as he heads to the van and then he stops in front of it. He turns around, realizing he left himself wide open for an attack from behind.

Christopher Davis: Vinnie, do you really like not being able to do this yourself? I bet it eats you up inside, huh?  You pissed that I made my choice and it was to keep your sons from having fun at an innocent person’s expense?

Davis looks around, scanning stacks of crates off to one side, and rows of stacked steel chairs to the other.  His frustration grows. He steps forward away from the van and that’s when the sliding side door opens from the inside and SAMMY ROCHESTER immediately lunges out of the van and VICIOUSLY CLUBS Davis from behind!

Davis stumbles forward and Rochester SCREAMS out in the tone of a pissed off child as he grabs Davis by the back of the neck and squeezes tightly! Davis throws a blind elbow back but at the same time Sammy whips him around and then goes for a reverse choke slam, but instead of dropping him to the floor he SLAMS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE SIDE OF THE VAN!

Sammy then pulls Davis away from the van turns him back around and then DROPS Davis with the full effect of the reverse choke slam, forcing Davis to taste the cold cement floor! Davis writhes in intense pain on the floor at Sammy’s feet.

Sammy Rochester: Now you fall, bad man. The consequence is that you FUCKING FALL!!!

Sammy looks down at Davis and at that moment Vincent Mallows wheels into the scene, accompanied by Kid One and Kid Two, Kenji Yamada, and Roland Caldwell.  The entire Family surrounds Davis who spits a mixture of saliva and blood to the side.

Vincent Mallows: Christopher Davis, we asked you to make a choice. It was a simple decision of one or the other, but you wouldn’t have simple.  You wouldn’t have one or the other… you chose both.

Mallows stops as the movement in the driver’s seat inside the van seems to catch his attention for a brief second.

Vincent Mallows: In choosing both, you made it perfectly clear that you, Christopher Davis, want everything.  You want to do what’s right, you what what’s right for SHOOT Project, and you want to be happy.  You want it ALL to be about you, Christopher Davis and what you want.

So that’s the choice you made.  And the consequence is that now it is all about you.

With that, Mallows wheels towards the van now and waits Yamada comes to his side first, pressing a button that sees a lift lower from inside the van to allow Mallows to enter.  Kid One and Kid Two accompany Sammy around the back and Roland waits for Mallows to position himself on the lift.  He nods to Yamada and Yamada presses the button again, which brings Mallows up off the ground and quickly to the height he needs to be at to enter the van.  Yamada goes to the front passenger side and Roland stands by the sliding door.

Vincent Mallows: Now, Christopher Davis, you have the complete and UNDIVIDED attention of The Family.

With that, Roland slams the sliding side door shut and goes around to the back, entering through the back double doors. Those close and Kenji Yamada gets into the front passenger’s side, closing the door behind him. He drapes one arm out of the open window and turns to the Driver that is just seen next to him.  The man wears dark green attire; it appears to be a uniform or a suit of some kind.

Kenji Yamada: Did you like that? Yeah, I bet you fucking LOVE us.

Kenji smirks with sadistic amusement and slaps the side of the van.

Kenji Yamada: Drive on, Driver.

The van takes off, leaving the loading dock through the open gate that leads out into the Las Vegas night. And once again Revolution fades to black.




In a time of uncertainty, lines are being drawn. Sides are being chosen. A war is on the horizon.

But tonight, a battle ensues in the ring in which nobody is certain as to which side is the “right” side.

Two men who may very well be the future of SHOOT Project will collide.

But what future that may be… is up to them.


As the cameras return to Revolution, with just moments before the main event, the focus is placed on none other than Real Deal, who seems to be wrapping up a phone conversation…

Real Deal:  Yeah…yeah that sounds good.  Hah, absolut…

Real Deal’s words seem to trail off as he turns around and sees none other than Azraith DeMitri!  The blue haired man is wearing a pair of heavy black shades, and both of his hands are heavily bandaged.  It’s hard to tell because of the shades, but one could assume Azraith was glaring at the man on the phone, but he doesn’t say a word.  A small, barely there smile curls up Real Deal’s lips.

Real Deal:  Yeah…yeah I’ll talk to you in a bit, business to take care of.  Yeah.  *Click*  Something I can help you with, Mr. DeMitri?

No smartass grin from Azraith.  No witty comment.  Azraith hasn’t said one word since the attack of Timothy Roy.  His voice catches in his throat a moment, and he looks down, frustrated with himself.  Shaking his head a moment he removes the shades and looks RD in the eye, his own hazy and glazed, an aftereffect of the makeshift flamethrower Tim used.  His voice was rough, grave, and quiet…but it carried with it an unsettling authority.

Azraith DeMitri:  I want Timothy Roy.

Real Deal’s brow raises, and that grin grows a bit.

Real Deal:  That so, Azraith?  Last time I checked, there are quite a few people that ‘want’ Timothy Roy.  He’s a hard man to find, but apparently he can get himself into quite a bit of trouble.  What makes you think you’re so important?

It’s visible by his body language that Azraith is restraining himself.  He knows better than to start a war, he knows better than to lay his hands on anyone other than his prey right now.  He nods quietly, coughing a bit.

Azraith DeMitri:  Well, let’s run down the list.  He tried to melt my fucking face, least of all.  He assaulted my wife, tried, and some say successfully so, to make me go crazy.  He’s made my life a living hell.  He broke into my childhood home, and gashed my father with a fucking screwdriver.  That part sound a lil familiar?  No?  Well after that he took his fucking ring finger.  That’s what makes me so goddamn important, Real Deal.

White eyes narrow into slits as Azraith glares at Real Deal, whom for his part has erased his small grin and nods a bit.

Real Deal:  Fair enough Azraith…but what makes you think I can find him for you?

Az shakes his head.

Azraith DeMitri:  You?  You can’t find shit for me.  You can, however, give me something.  Give me a match with him.  I swear to everything you people consider holy and right that if you give me a match, he’ll show up.

Real Deal:  He’s not even on the damned roster, Azraith.  I don’t believe we can sanction something like that.

Azraith pauses a moment, his eyes closing before nodding.

Azraith DeMitri:  Make it happen.  Azraith DeMitri vs Timothy Roy at Master of the Mat.  Make it any stipulation he wants.  Make it his game.  I don’t care what he says.  If you do that…if you say it and make it happen, he will show up NEXT WEEK and sign on the dotted line.  I guarantee it.  Make it happen.

Real Deal:  What makes you thi…

Azraith leans in a bit, a bandaged hand falling slowly on Real Deal’s shoulder.

Azraith DeMitri:  I’m not a naïve tool like Adrian Corazon seems to be.  I played the part of your bitch last week against King because I was looking forward to the fight anyways, but for that…

…you owe me.  You do this for me, I consider it even.

Real Deal’s eyes narrow somewhat.  He wasn’t a man that liked being threatened.

Real Deal:  …and if I don’t?

There…there was that grin.  Az’s lips curled up as he leaned in a little closer.

Azraith DeMitri:  That’s a really good question.  I don’t know, really.  I haven’t been…in a good place the past couple of weeks, so I really don’t know what I’d do.  You wanna take that chance right now, with everything that’s going down?  The army lines seem to be drawing all around us, and right now I’m more than content to watch this place burn all around me.  You keep dicking me around like you are right now?  I’m not so sure.

Az moves away from RD a little, his bandaged hand returning to his side as his grin fades a bit.  He watches Real Deal a moment, who shakes his head with a sigh before nodding.

Real Deal:  It’ll happen, Azraith…but after this?  We’re even.

Az shrugs with a small snicker, turning his back to Real Deal as he starts down the hall again.

Azraith:  Whatever you say, hombre.  Good luck with this whole King thing…kid reminds me of myself…that should say somthin’.

Real Deal sighs.

Real Deal: I know.

From there the camera returns to the ring for the final time tonight.





All of a sudden, the sounds of a ring bell ringing is heard over the PA system.  The fans instantly start to give a loud mixed reaction.

Other Guy:  This is BIG, Double D.  BIG.

The ring bell suddenly fizzles out.  Without warning, the music kicks in and the lights dim out.



Dave Dymond:
  That’s a FACT, man.  Two of SHOOT Project’s biggest standout stars, about to face off for the FIRST TIME EVER.

The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed.  He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance.  The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the booing, but it is MASSIVE.  King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest, his lone tattoo across his right breast of “est. 1983” in plain view of the camera. 


King slides under the bottom rope and pops up, pointing out to the fans, running backwards, shouting to them to get up, which they actually do.  He is still peppered with boos, but he pounds his chest and jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle, still pointing out to the fans.  He hops down as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.

Dave Dymond:  King looking a bit haggard, here. 

Other Guy:  You go fight Azraith DeMitri and tell me you wouldn’t be haggard after that.







Static hits the PA.  The fans go quiet.  Then…  the lights go out. 



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system!  The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson.  Then they stop.  What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans go fucking NUTS when his silhouette is revealed. 

Dave Dymond:  You HAVE to wonder, OG…  What kind of shape is Corazon in!

“Torcher” continues, as Adrian Corazon emerges from the spotlight into the normal light of the arena.  The fans keep the noise up, as this man, now with REALLY visible rage on his face, makes his way towards the ring, and towards Donovan King. 

Other Guy:  Well, you’d think that with the time in prison, he’s in pretty good shape.  Right? 


Corazon, with that look of rage, slowly climbs into the ring, taking a very deliberate amount of time.  He never takes his eyes off of Donovan King, and as he removes his typical overcoat and shirt, his focus never changes.

Dave Dymond:  This feels like a Reckoning Day main event, man.  This is HUGE.

Other Guy:  CORAZON is huge.  Coil says he’s at 235.  That’s ten more pounds than his previous weight.  It looks like it’s ALL muscle, too. 

Corazon stands in his corner, as Lorenzo pats him down, checking him for foreign objects, mace, and the like.  Corazon smirks at Donovan King, who’s got a look of utter annoyance on his face, and as Lorenzo clears Corazon, the two meet in the middle of the ring, nose to nose, head to head.  The crowd goes BALLISTIC as the jawing begins. 

Dave Dymond:  The animosity here is actually pretty unreal. 

Other Guy:  You’d think that, with such similar backgrounds, these dudes would have more in common.  Guess not.

Tony Lorenzo squeezes his way in between the two, separating them.  They continue to jaw at each other, and Lorenzo just throws his hands up, calling for the bell to be rung.  The bell rings, and then King IMMEDIATELY shoves Corazon against the ropes, causing the returning Corazon to rebound and take King down VICIOUSLY with a NASTY lariat.  Corazon quickly follows up, taking side control on King, and driving right hands into the face of the former Revolution Champion. 

Dave Dymond:  I’ll tell you this much, Adrian Corazon has a purpose right here.  He wants to HURT Donovan King.

Other Guy:  It’s gonna take a lot more than a lariat and some ground and pound to hurt Donovan King.  This guy has been through wars, Dave.

Corazon and King are back to their feet, King a little bit groggy, but not really.  He launches a huge right hand at Corazon, who takes it flush, and is rocked.  King drives a shoulder into the stomach of the former World Champion, and practically carries him into the turnbuckle, with a vicious spear-like maneuver.  He now lays into Corazon’s body, rights and lefts, working him over.  He whips Corazon into the corner, and charges at him, but Corazon pulls away, and King bounces off the top turnbuckle, into a neckbreaker!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon with a lot of WHIP on that move, man.  Yikes.  That was SUPER stiff.

Other Guy:  I’d have thought for sure that Corazon would have a bit of rust, but maybe not.  I’m surprised. 

King is to his knees now, and Corazon follows up with a SICK kick to King’s chest.  You can hear King gasp for air.  Corazon goes to try and ascend the turnbuckle, but King grabs onto his leg.  Corazon tries to shake him off, but King somehow pulls him down into a half leg takedown!  The crowd pops a bit for that, applauding King’s cleverness.  King uses the brief moment to catch his breath and get to his feet, as Adrian Corazon almost slinks into the corner he was trying to climb.  The two meet up in the middle of the ring, and lock up, collar and elbow style. 

King is the aggressor, headlocking Corazon, and throwing him over with a modified snapmare style takedown.  King follows, locking Corazon’s head into a sleeper-like move, giving King some breathing time, and working on Corazon’s endurance.  Lorenzo goes to check Corazon for activity, but instead of giving Corazon the chance to build the momentum, King releases Corazon, and instead NAILS him with a soccer kick to his back!  The THUD is heard, and the crowd “oooh’s.”

Dave Dymond:  No kid gloves here tonight, OG. 

Other Guy:  None at all.  None.  At.  All.

Corazon is clutching his back, and King licks his lips, smiles, and starts to move in for the follow up.  King drops a knee into the now sore back of Corazon, who yelps in pain.  King pulls at Corazon’s hair, trying to get the former champion back to his feet.  Lorenzo warns King, but King keeps on, getting Corazon back to a vertical base.  King whips Corazon into the ropes, and on the rebound, he throws a lariat.  Corazon ducks, bounces off the other rope, throws a lariat at King, who ducks it.  Corazon stops in his tracks, King turns around, and pulls Corazon down onto his knees!  Corazon’s back is ROCKED from this, and he turns over, holding his back once more.  King now sits on Corazon with his knee in his back, as the former champion once AGAIN yelps in pain. 

Dave Dymond:  This is an interesting strategy from King.  He’s obviously setting up for that Crossface move, and he’s doing an EXCELLENT job at that.

Other Guy:  Now, did you just compliment Donovan King?  Cuz I mean, you’re right.  He IS doing an excellent job setting up for his submission.  He wants to make a statement here, by making a former World Heavyweight Champion tap out.  It’s obvious.

Corazon reaches an arm out to the ropes, and Tony Lorenzo calls for the break, separating the two.  Corazon gets to his knees, and then to his feet, and Donovan King works to assert himself once more, but Corazon, in a fit of rage, begins nailing King, fist after fist, and then a couple of elbow strikes, which rock King!  King is stunned, Corazon shoves him against the ropes, catches King, and pulls King down, DRIVING his head into his knees!  The Act of Inhumanity!!!  Both men are down!

Other Guy:  What a flurry!  Where did that come from! 

Dave Dymond:  I dunno, but I gotta tell you, both these guys are out!  Tony Lorenzo is about to start administrating a count, man! 

Other Guy:  I can’t believe that!  Corazon just snapped, and now they’re both down!  What a turnaround!

King seems completely out as Corazon is slowly stirring.  Corazon looks over to King slowly and crawls to his fallen foe, pulling him over and hooking the leg for the pin and Tony Lorenzo goes for the count!




The fans POP as King has kicked out!  Corazon looks over the fans, annoyed ever so slightly by their cheering, though he doesn’t seem to show it.  He picks King back up and whips him to the ropes, catching him with a HARD hip toss, followed up by an arm lock.  He glares out to Tony Lorenzo who asks King if he’s willing to quit.  King merely glares dead ahead, his teeth gritted.

Dave Dymond:  King looks ready to snap, OG.

Other Guy:  With all these tests Real Deal keeps putting him through, wouldn’t you be?

Dave Dymond:  Corazon seems to taking this moment to debate on just what his next move is going to be, because I swear…if Donovan King was able to take the Act of Inhumanity like he just did…Corazon’s going to have to go all out to beat him!

King manages to wriggle over to the ropes, forcing Corazon to break the hold.  Corazon steps off of King and KICKS the SHIT out of King’s back!  King calls out in pain as Corazon bounces off the ropes and nails a front drop kick HARD on King’s back, causing King to keel over onto the mat!  Corazon immediately picks King up, hooks the head and arm, and then the leg, and executes a picture perfect Fisherman’s Suplex!  He bridges and keeps the pin, Tony Lorenzo’s there!




Corazon glares at King as King powers out of Corazon’s suplex pinning attempt.  Corazon picks King back up and goes for the Irish whip, but keeps a hold of King’s arm and goes to hoist King onto his shoulders!

Dave Dymond:  Corazon COULD be going for his second finishing attempt of the night, OG, with the Fury of the Dark Heart!!

Corazon SNAPS King around…BUT KING LANDS ON HIS FEET IN FRONT OF CORAZON!!  Corazon looks momentarily surprised and that moment is all King needs…REALITY CHECK!!  King NAILS the Reality Check on Corazon, grinning as he does so!!  The fans actually CHEER as King bounces against the ropes, looking at the camera, grinning from ear to ear!!

Other Guy:  Donovan King is STILL defiantly sending a message to The Real Deal!  He and his allies won’t be denied!

King looks back behind him as Corazon clutches his chin.  King jumps up to the middle rope and bounces off with a springboard elbow drop!  He connects on Corazon’s chest and springs back up, NAILING Corazon with a HARD knee drop as well!  He rolls away from Corazon and gets back up on his feet, beckoning for Corazon to get up, too!!  The fans are eating this encounter up as King is in pouncing position, Corazon is dazed, and King is ready to strike!


Corazon picks himself up, dazed and groggy, and King hoists HIM up on his shoulders!!  The fans are loving this as Corazon is up…King turns…KTFO!!!  KTFO!!!  KING HAS NAILED THE KTFO ON CORAZON!!!  NO!!!  NO!!!  CORAZON COUNTERS WITH A MID AIR ARM DRAG!!!  KING AND CORAZON ARE BOTH UP, KING GOES FOR THE PENALTY KICK AND CORAZON DUCKS OUT AND SLIDES OUT OF THE RING!!!  The fans are ERUPTING at the exchange as Corazon glares at King from the outside of the ring!

Dave Dymond:  These fans are eating this up tonight, OG!

Other Guy:  JUST when you think one man has the better of the other, we get proven wrong, Dave!  Corazon and King…it’s a fight we’d almost only dreamed about and we get it here live on Revolution!

Corazon continues to glare at King as Lorenzo begins the mandatory count for Corazon’s being out of the ring!


Corazon walks over to Mark Kendrick and RIPS his overcoat off of Kendrick’s lap!  He starts to sift through the pockets until he removes a small black object.

Dave Dymond:  What is that Corazon has there?


Corazon rolls back into the ring and stands up, glaring at King, who has stopped his attack to see what it is that Corazon has.  Corazon looks at the fans and then to King, and he smirks.  He holds the small black object up and snaps it down to his side, revealing it to be a telescoping ASP baton.

Other Guy:  Jesus!  CHRIST!!

Dave Dymond:  I’ve seen those weapons in action in law enforcement, OG, and let me tell you they are BRUTAL.

Other Guy:  And INHUMAN!!

Just like the moniker of its possessor, the brutal and inhuman weapon is immediately focused upon by Tony Lorenzo who tells Corazon to put it away.  Corazon SHOVES Lorenzo and the fans respond with confused boos.  Suddenly, Corazon goes to strike King and King ducks!  The fans pop as King hits Corazon in the face with his elbow, and Corazon goes for the ASP again, but King blocks and goes for another elbow strike!  He goes for a second, and CORAZON BLOCKS AND NAILS KING IN THE FOREHEAD WITH THE ASP!!!  KING IS DOWN!!!  KING IS DOWN!!!  TONY LORENZO CALLS FOR THE BELL!!

Dave Dymond:  That is a BLATANT disqualification!!

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…as a result of Adrian Corazon’s attack on both the referee and his opponent, he has been DISQUALIFIED…here is YOUR WINNER…DONOVAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!

The fans actually boo LOUDLY as Corazon stands over King’s body, as King bleeds profusely from his forehead from the strike.  Suddenly, however, it isn’t “Out Here Grindin’” we hear, it’s a voice from the back.

Real Deal:  WHOA WHOA WHOA…Tony Lorenzo!

The camera focuses on The Real Deal as he steps out from the back, the fans also VERY bewildered by why he is out here.  It cuts back to Tony Lorenzo as he’s trying to check on King, who is having a hard time moving after the ASP strike.

Real Deal:  What the FUCK are you thinking?  This is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH.

Dave Dymond:  WHAT?!


The fans actually boo lightly as Real Deal glares at Lorenzo and then to King.

Real Deal:  This match is restarted, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo stands up, REFUSING to move.  He looms over King’s body, with Corazon standing behind him.  He looks back at Corazon and then to Real Deal again.

Real Deal:  NOW, LORENZO.

Lorenzo looks down at King and then to Corazon, who merely watches the referee as he walks over to Mark Kendrick and Samantha Coil.  The fans start to seriously boo now as King has yet to move hardly at all, and Corazon won’t step away from his fallen foe.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…I have been informed that this match WILL CONTINUE UNDER A NO DISQUALIFICATION STIPULATION!!

The bell rings again and Lorenzo locks eyes with Real Deal, who continues to stand there, watching as Corazon looks back to Real Deal one final time.  Suddenly, surely, Corazon RAMS the ASP into King’s back!  The fans boo LOUDLY as King bellows out in sheer agony.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t even…I can’t watch.  Love him or hate him, the man needs medical attention.  King may be seriously hurt…a concussion…

Other Guy:  SEE, Dave?!  SEE?!?!  THIS is what’s fucking wrong with this company!!

Corazon RAMS the ASP down onto King’s back AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN…stopping to turn King over…AND RAMMING HIM AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN…King barely able to even block, his face a bloody crimson mask.  The fans are stunned into silence as Corazon stands there…glaring down…AND NAILS KING AGAIN IN THE HEAD.  The fans ERUPT HARD into boos as Corazon stands over the broken and bloodied King, blood dripping from the ASP.  Corazon motions to Lorenzo to check on King.  Lorenzo scurries over and doesn’t even hesitate to call for the bell once again.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…this match has been concluded via referee stoppage…your winner…CORAZON!!

“Torcher” kicks back up again as Corazon steps away from King, the ASP still dripping King’s blood.

Lorenzo rolls out of the ring, completely ashamed of himself.  He storms past Real Deal, who is…smirking?

Dave Dymond:  This…this is going too far, OG.

Other Guy:  I’m sickened, Dave.  I may have been disgusted with Donovan King when he attacked Cade Sydal’s family…but NO man deserves to get beaten like that…ESPECIALLY a man so desperate to do things the right way, as Donovan claims he wants to do here and now…

Real Deal starts to walk down to the ring, slowly.

Real Deal:  Uh…cut Corazon’s music, please.

The music cuts off.

Real Deal:  Don’t worry, Donovan.  When you play this back, you’ll be able to hear me better.  Your two friends Nightmare and Eli Storm…I didn’t think it was very safe for Corazon to be out here on his own with them lurking around…

…so I had them ejected backstage during your match.

King doesn’t respond, the fans are booing still.

Real Deal: I hope, though, that you’re able to compete next week… because if you don’t? If you can’t?


Well, let’s just hope that you can. I think… Yeah, I think that about covers it for the evening.

Corazon is making his way towards the Real Deal, who smiles at the former champion, with a hint of glee. Corazon, now next to him mouths something that’s inaudible to the audience and the viewership at home. Real Deal’s face contorts, sort of angrily, but before anything more can happen, the camera switches to King, who’s on his way to his feet! Revolution begins to fade, with the LOUD noise of a rowdy Las Vegas crowd, applauding Donovan King for even TRYING to stand.

The scene splits to the face of an angry Real Deal, and the struggles of the resilient Donovan King.

Instant black.