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Revolution: 041 – 8/17/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.




The camera angles cut a few times around the arena giving some of the SHOOT faithful their brief on airtime. They cheer, trying to get their genius slogans shown on the broadcast.  A quick series of blue and silver pyrotechnics shoot off in time with the last chorus of the Revolution theme song while the video screen plays various clips of the SHOOT soldiers in action.  This gets the crowd going more as they cheer louder, trying to match the noise of the music and the pyro display, but the mood changes as “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC suddenly plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. The fans boo loudly as Kenji Yamada emerges from the back, the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship fastened around his waist.

Dave Dymond: We stand just two weeks away from the return of the Master of the Mat Pay Per View, and welcome you to Revolution Forty One once and again LIVE from the Thomas and Mack Center.

Yamada stops in mid walk to the ring, leans back and shouts out something in Japanese while he pats the Iron Fist Championship.  Some of the fans nearby shout back at him and Yamada snaps his head in their direction, eyes narrowed with anger.

Other Guy: Gotta love when the fans want to get into the show, but not sure Kenji Yamada is the type of guy you want to piss off.

Dave Dymond: Not at all, and as Revolution officially begins it’s SHOOT Project’s Iron Fist Champion scheduled for action and he does NOT look to be in a good mood.

Yamada stomps angrily up the steel step and then enters the ring, his music continuing to play. An unknown talent stands across the ring from him, stretching his arms out back and forth.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening match up is scheduled for one fall, introducing at this time, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… HERE IS KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada shouts out again and the removes the Iron Fist Championship from around his waist.  The unknown talent steps into view of the camera.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 224 pounds, J.K. Wailer!

Wailer steps forward and raises one arm up into the air, but before he can react Yamada DRILLS him with a running stiff arm to the face, knocking Wailer down to the mat instantly!  Referee Chris Jenkins quickly calls for the bell and Samantha Coil exits the ring somewhat frantically.  Yamada drops his title on the mat in the corner closest to Wailer and now starts kicking away at Wailer repeatedly!

Dave Dymond: Not a great way for J.K. Wailer to make a first impression here in SHOOT Project as Yamada quickly taking him down.

Other Guy: Yeah, no playin’ around tonight for Yamada who is goin’ straight to work on the body of Wailer with kicks to the ribs.

Wailer writhes on the mat from each kick delivered and he works on getting up to his feet.  Yamada grabs him up off the mat and whips him hard into the ropes.  Wailer comes bouncing back and Yamada winds up and just NAILS Wailer in the throat with a lunging chop of the hand!  Wailer goes down gasping for breath.

Dave Dymond:  Kenji Yamada is as scary as they come, Other Guy, so much in fact that Wailer was called up to action after it was learned that Alexander Laero REFUSED to compete in this fight.

Other Guy: Some say it’s due to injuries he suffered at the hands of Conor Caden and Art De Luca, but I don’t know, Dave… either way Laero ran scared and now J.K. Wailer is the unfortunate victim to have to cross paths with the Iron Fist Champion.

Yamada crouches low behind Wailer now who rolls onto his stomach and then pushes up to his feet, still trying to take in deep breaths.  Wailer turns around and Yamada comes in with another chop attempt, but this time Wailer ducks under.  Yamada spins his body around quickly and Wailer MEETS him with a right-handed punch to the face. Then another one, and another one. Some of the fans get into the match a little more as Wailer winds up and DELIVERS a HUGE right cross!

Dave Dymond: And hold the phone here, J.K. Wailer trying to get something going, utilizing those educated hands of his.

Other Guy: Cat’s got himself a pretty impressive background in striking, heard he even won an amateur boxing tournament right out here on the West Coast.

Dave Dymond: That he did, a Chicago native but has since been living in California… and showing us maybe he has what it takes to hang here.

Yamada stumbles about and Wailer takes a moment to catch his breath but then closes in more on Yamada and he CONNECTS with another hard punch, this time more to the side of Yamada’s face. Yamada spins from the blow and stumbles up against the ropes and Wailer stays right on top of things. He turns Yamada around and looks to whip him into the up ring ropes, only Yamada snaps back and reverses, sending Wailer up ring instead.

Wailer bounces back and looks for a clothesline but Yamada ducks and then BLIND kick RIGHT to the spine of Wailer! Wailer arches forward, shouting in pain and Yamada snaps around then runs to the left side of the ring. He bounces off the ropes and picks up momentum just as Wailer turns to face him. Wailer FIRES with an uppercut, but Yamada puts on the break, grabs the arm and pulls Wailer down into a bent over position…

And quickly hooks the head close to Wailer’s own knee… and SPINS with a modified swinging neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: The Onifuusha Twister and that’s it right there.

Other Guy: Not so fast Dave, Kenji gettin’ right back up.

Instead of going for the pin Yamada gets right back up and pulls a barely with it Wailer up with him. He holds him again into place… A SECOND ONIFUUSHA TWISTER!  The crowd boos loudly as Yamada STILL doesn’t make the cover.  Wailer lies sprawled out on the mat and now Yamada springs up to his feet and then brings both of his thumbs across his neck before spitting down at Wailer, once again shouting out in Japanese!


Yamada ignores the crowd this time as he grabs both of Wailer’s feet and steps through them, positioning both of his legs on each side of Wailer’s head.  He then crosses Wailer’s own legs and turns his body over, COMPRESSING the SPINE with the lethal submission hold!

Dave Dymond: We saw this new maneuver rear its ugly head during Sky High back in March and April… Yamada calls this the Onifuusha Typhoon breaker and if Wailer was even conscious right now he’d be screaming in pain.

The referee checks on J.K. Wailer but with him being unresponsive, the referee quickly calls for the bell, but Yamada doesn’t break the hold at all, he keeps gritting his own teeth with an evil look in his eyes.


The bell continues to sound and now referee Chris Jenkins shouts at Yamada to break the hold, waving his arms to motion that the match is over.

Other Guy: Yamada makin’ some short work out of this SHOOT Project hopeful, J.K. Wailer, but now he’s just lost it, he’s in a world of his own!

Dave Dymond: That deadly submission claims another victim and even with the referee calling for an end to this one, Kenji Yamada STILL not letting this match be over and done with.

The booing continues and Chris Jenkins now grabs at Yamada’s shoulder, trying to pull him off of Wailer.  Yamada finally snaps back to the reality of the situation and breaks the hold, but stares right at the referee.

Kenji Yamada: Count to ten!

Jenkins shouts no and shakes his head but Yamada just SNATCHES him by the collar of his shirt and pulls him in close.


Jenkins finally nods his head okay and Yamada shoves him back, pacing now behind the fallen body of J.K. Wailer.


Dave Dymond: I can’t believe this, Yamada forcing the referee to make a ten count.


Other Guy: I think it’s a reminder Dave.  I think Kenji is remindin’ everyone just who he is, and that is a vicious man who ALSO is this organization’s Iron Fist ‘Champion!


The crowd comes to realize what is happening and this only gets them booing louder as Yamada continues to pace.







Yamada slowly raises his arms up over his head.


Chris Jenkins: That’s it ring the bell again!

The bell sounds and now Yamada’s music hits again.  The referee moves to get the Iron Fist Championship as well as to instruct Samantha Coil as to what to announce.  After a moment…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… BY KNOCKOUT… (The crowd boos) KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada angrily takes the Iron Fist Championship title from the referee’s hand and immediately storms out of the ring.  From there the focus shifts to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy who are officially seen on camera for the first time tonight.

Dave Dymond: A violent but quick opening match up starts off Revolution tonight, and it only builds from there as tonight it seems OLD rivalries are being renewed as past problems are resurfacing.  Once tag team partners, Dan Stein and Conor Caden are in action against one another tonight… Azraith DeMitri looks to confront his own past demon in the form of a relative of Maverick’s, Timothy Roy.

Other Guy: Yeah but will the guy show up? Will he agree to a match up here tonight?

Dave Dymond: Azraith is banking on that as the match HAS been advertised. But that does beg to question, are The Real Deal and Azraith now considered even? Did the brother of owner Jason Johnson do as promised and find Timothy Roy.

Other Guy: And speakin of Real Deal, has one of the foundation pieces of SHOOT Project shown his true colors after what went down last week?  Hopefully we get some answers tonight.

Dave Dymond: Well whether or not we’ll see Real Deal is uncertain, BUT in tonight’s main event, it was a rivalry that helped kick off the return of SHOOT Project and now tonight Master of the Mat Finalist Jester Smiles faces Donovan King ONE MORE TIME in Revolution’s MAIN EVENT!

Other Guy: He’s battered, he’s bruised, hell he probably ain’t fit to wrestle, but damn it if Donovan King isn’t goin’ to continue to fight the fight he seems to believe in. And I gotta admit, Dave, I’m REALLY starting to believe in this whole Sons of Liberty movement myself.

Dave Dymond: I remain impartial myself, but will admit that what went down as of last week was definitely unexpected as Adrian Corazon returned to SHOOT Project and apparently had VERY violent intentions in mind.

Revolution momentarily fades to black.

Last Week…

The footage picks up with an almost too fast to see montage of Donovan King and Adrian Corazon battling back and forth, but the SECOND Donovan King snaps off a Reality Check super kick the footage slows down watching the full extent of the impact in almost slow motion.

Other Guy: Donovan King is STILL defiantly sending a message to The Real Deal! He and his allies won’t be denied!

A slow fade transitions to moments later as Corazon out of the ring now, a small black object in his hand. He whips it out to reveal that its an ASP baton!  The video footage cuts to Tony Lorenzo shouting, then back to Corazon wielding the weapon, then back to Lorenzo… each cut slower than the first.

Then a freeze frame on Corazon and the baton.

Dave Dymond: I’ve seen those weapons in action in law enforcement, OG, and let me tell you they are BRTUAL!

Suddenly we see Corazon flicking the baton to its full length once more, but this time the footage plays in normal speed, with Corazon taking to the ring… a cut of Tony Lorenzo shoved out of the way… then KING NAILED WITH THE BATON!

Other Guy: And Inhuman!

The simple words of Other Guy echo now as Donovan King is seen falling.  Eerie and slow music plays as the image is that of Corazon standing over King.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… as a result of Adrian Corazon’s attack on both the referee and his opponent… he has been DISQUALIFIED… here is your winner…

A heavy beat interrupts everything.  The footage cuts to show Real Deal walking out from the back.

Real Deal: Whoa, Whoa Whoa… Tony Lorenzo!

Again we see a fast montage of the battle between Corazon and King, only this time it slows down on a focused shot of Real Deal.

Real Deal: What the FUCK are you thinking? This is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH.

Then tinted in red is the brutal footage of Corazon repeatedly hitting Donovan King with the ASP baton.  As we see the continued assault, Samantha Coil’s words overlap what is being seen.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… this match has been concluded via referee stoppage… your winner… CORAZON!

The name Corazon echoes and as it does we see a brief montage of his most brutal and inhuman acts since his debut in SHOOT Project. Then the video cuts out all together.



DOUG KINSELLA is in his locker room, alone, lacing his boots.  He has an ipod connected to his wrestling trunks and headphones in his ear.  His bobs up and down to his music.  The man is focused, ready.

However, as he looks up after finishing the last boot, the SHOOT Project youngster looks shocked and quickly takes out his headphones.

Doug Kinsella: Hey!  What the hell, man?  You ever think about knocking?

He, of course, is speaking to trusted attorney, PETER LOLWEN who strides into the room, completely unannounced.  The well dressed, lawyer puts his hands up in peace, and tries to keep Kinsella calm.  It doesn’t work horribly well, though, and Doug stands up from the bench.

Peter Lolwen: Whooooooa, there.  (Still holding his arms up) Look…  (Noticing the IPOD) I DID knock….  But you probably didn’t hear me.  (Pointing to the IPOD now) But it’s no big deal.  I don’t mind.

Kinsella stands on guard and Lolwen is cautious.

Peter Lolwen: We okay, Dave?  (Re-Thinking) It IS Dave, right?  Wait.  No.  Devin?  (Thinking and then pointing at Kinsella) Dan?  Are you the Lights Kid?  (Shaking his head) No, no…  that’s…  (Remembering) Shit I have to find him too, I think.  (Getting back to Kinsella) Doug?  Right?  Doug uhhh…  Kin…  Kindling?  Kendle?  DAMNIT!

Lolwen sighs, but Kinsella isn’t exactly in the mood to deal with this.

Doug Kinsella: (Interrupting)  It’s KINSELLA.  You got it?  Because that is the LAST TIME you’re going to forg…

Lolwen senses the hostility and immediately attempts to bring things back down.

Peter Lolwen: Hey!  Hey… now.  Let’s keep our cool, all right?  Don’t hurt the messenger.  I just wanted to run over a few things with you.

Kinsella looks like he’s going to at least listen, and so Lolwen continues.

Peter Lolwen: This tag team match you’re getting ready for.  You feeling good?  You and the Knox kid work everything out?  Because we REALLY like you, Doug.  You and Knox.  We really think the world of you two, and you’re gonna be HUGE in this business.  But you need a good showing tonight.  You need to send a message to Long Island Hardcore.

Kinsella shakes his head, frustrated.

Doug Kinsella: I’m not your errand, boy.  Whatever beef you guys have is your deal.  Not mine.  Do Caleb and I want to make a solid showing, yeah.  But don’t think that for one minute I’m gonna let you guys drag me around.  You understand?

Lolwen isn’t particularly happy with Kinsella’s tone.

Peter Lolwen: Doug, I know you’ve had a lot of stress, but that’s probably not the attitude you’ll want to take.  Those beatings your taking, the situations at home with your wife…  None of that is on us.  (Showing his “clean” hands) We want to be your friends.  JONNY wants to be your Friend, kid.  That’s the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.  That’s a GREAT Friend…  A friend that can make sure all your problems go away…

He makes sure his words sink in to Kinsella’s mind.

Peter Lolwen: We’re counting on you guys, tonight.  (Patting him on the back) Make sure Knox is on board, okay?  We know you’ll do the right thing and help us out.

Kinsella doesn’t respond, and instead watches Lolwen eventually leave the room.

His eyes are filled with questions.


Elsewhere backstage where we see Conor Caden and LD Lester. Conor stands in his ring attire, his black "AnonYMouS CasuAltY" doctor’s mask hung around his neck, and a black "GG ALLIN" long sleeve shirt and black jeans. LD Lester looks at him as he ties his black, leather low-top Chuck Taylor’s.


LD Lester: So uhh… did he not come tonight?


Conor never looks up. As he finishes tying his shoes, he heads over to his bag and retrieves two red and black grappling gloves. As he puts both of them on, he finally looks over his shoulder at LD.


Conor Caden: He’s in position.


Lester isn’t sure what to make of this as he just kind of looks on, a confused look etched on his face.


LD Lester: What’s that mean?


Conor turns back around… his back to LD.


Conor Caden: Just uhh… just be ready for any backlash that may occur, cool?

Conor doesn’t really wait for an answer as he opens the door… heading out to his match. LD just shakes his head.

LD Lester: Yeah. Cool.

He then turns to the monitor, as our match is ready to get underway.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


The fans pop a bit as they seem ready for some action. After a few moments, "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor hits. The fans pop pretty big as they finally see Dan Stein’s silhouette! Dan Stein comes out, not as "happy and giddy" as he usually is, but he still aknowledges the fans as he gives a little half-smile.


Samantha Coil: First, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa… he weighs in at 215 lbs… he is DAN! The Lights! Steinnnnn!


Other Guy: Dan seemingly not himself, but he hasn’t been for a few weeks, Dave.


Dave Dymond: Well he’s been starting to get more pep in his step with each week, so we’ll see if he’s making his comeback as he stated this week.


Dan Stein eventually makes his way down to ringside, slapping hands with some fans as he makes his way into the ring and into his corner… a pretty determined look on his face.


Samatha Coil: And his opponent…


"We Multiply" by AIDS Wolf kicks in as we see Conor Caden. His hair is shaggy and greasy as usual, as he sports his normal 5 o’clock shadow. He wears a long sleeve "GG ALLIN" black shirt, black and red grappling gloves, and tight black jeans. Around his neck is that black doctor’s mask that’s almost become his signature.


Samantha Coil: From Ann Arbor, Michigan… he weighs in at 197 lbs… he is CONOR CADEN!


As Conor continues his stroll, he pays little to no attention to the fans. As he makes his way up the steps, he eventually enters the ring. He hops onto the second rope as he puts his hand over his eyes, almost as if he’s "scanning" the crowd. His eyes eventually rest at the nosebleeds as he smiles and makes a "make some fucking noise" gesture. There are a few VERY LOUD cheers that come out of it, but they soon cease as Conor resides to his corner.


Dave Dymond: Conor seemingly gaining some kind of ‘cult-like’ fan base.


Other Guy: Other druggies like himself I suppose.


Austin Linam soon calls for the bell!




Dave Dymond: And this match is officially underway!


Stein immediately comes out towards Conor and plants a hard kick into his gut! Conor doubles over slightly as Stein drills him with a hard european uppercut. This sends Conor reeling into the turnbuckle as Stein begins to throw some hard mid-section kicks. After a few moments he backs off of Conor. As Conor regains composure and starts to move out of the turnbuckle, he goes in for a tie up. As he does, Conor grabs Stein by the head and tosses him into the corner. Throwing WILD punches to the face and body. After a few moments, Austin Linam backs him off.


Other Guy: Dude’s like a caged animal, Dave.


Conor just kind of pushes him aside as he grabs Dan and whips him into the opposing corner. However, instead, Dan reverses it. As Conor heads to the corner, he drops down and slides instead of crashing into the turnbuckle. As he does, Dan runs in for a SHINING WIZARD!


Dave Dymond: Holy shit! That just echoed!


The fans cheer Dan on as he grabs Conor by the head, lifting him up. As he does, Conor starts to fight back, throwing shots to Dan’s ribs. Dan just yanks Conor in and throws a knee into his gut, doubling Conor over. With Conor doubled over, Dan runs into the ropes and comes back with a SICK kick to the top of Conor’s head. Dan lifts him up, Conor still seemingly a bit dazed, as he performs a PERFECT standing dropkick that sends Conor BACK to his back! Conor scurries out of the ring, practically crawling as the fans ring out in boos!


Dave Dymond: Conor obviously needing to regain his composure, and these fans SURE don’t like it.


Conor paces on the outside, staring up at Stein as he has an almost disgusted look on his face. Almost looking on in frustration. Linam begins his count.




Conor continues to pace as Stein is looking a bit antsy.


Other Guy: Stein looks ready to fight, but Conor’s just takin’ his time. Can’t say I blame him.


Conor continues to pace, but now, Dan is looking to fly! He hits the ropes, and starts to come forward as Conor drops down for cover! Dan instead just flips over the ropes, landing on the apron on the outside as Conor rises up, seemingly not sure where Dan is. As he does, Dan hops off of the apron with a perfect hurricanrana!




Conor is quick to get up, as is Stein. Stein comes in with hard shots.




Shot after shot connecting with Conor. Conor throws a hard kick to Stein’s left knee that buckles him a bit.




As it does, Conor just grabs Dan by the arm and WHIPS HIM with all of his strength into the ring post!




Stein falls pretty hard as Conor begins to bring him to his feet. As he does, he grabs him by the head, now looking to whip him back into the post! This time, he reverses it, sending Conor into the post instead! However, Conor puts up his foot, stopping himself. As he turns around, however, Stein is there! He comes running in hard with a SPEAR! As he spears Conor, his head SLAMS into the ringpost! The fans pop HUGE!


Other Guy: Holy shit! Did you HEAR that impact?!


The fans continue to cheer as Dan can’t help but smile and feel the crowd. Conor rises up, now on all fours as Dan brings him to his feet. As he does, he slides him into the ring.




With Conor now in the ring, Dan slides in as well. Dan is quick to his feet, as Conor rises up pretty quickly as well. As he does, Dan comes in with a few midsection kicks. He grabs Conor by the arm, whipping him into the ropes! As Conor comes back, Dan kicks him in the gut! Dan then bounces off of the ropes himself as he comes back with a spinning neckbreaker! He immediately drops down for a pinfall!






Conor kicks out.


Other Guy: Conor muscles out, but he definitely seems a bit worked over, Dave.


As Conor rises up, Dan kicks him in the gut and drops him down for a DDT. Conor stirs on the mat, seemingly a bit out of it as Dan brings him up to his feet again. Conor however refuses to get to his feet, instead resting on his knees as he just HOLDS onto the left leg of Stein! Conor then rises to his feet, with Stein’s leg in his hand as he hits a HARD kick to the back of his right leg! This sends him into the mat! With him on the mat, Conor drops down and hits a hard elbow drop on his left knee as he rises back up to his feet. He then begins to stomp away at both legs. There’s really no rhyme or reason to his attack, it’s moreso just in desperation.


Other Guy: Conor’s really just doing whatever he can to keep Dan on the mat.


Conor waits for Dan to get up, standing behind him as Dan eventually rises up. As he does, Conor CLUBS him on the back of the head with a hard forearm shot! Stein stumbles forward a bit as Conor runs in on him! Stein peers over his shoulder, and HITS A BLIND SUPERKICK THAT SENDS CONOR TO THE MAT!


Dave Dymond: WHAT A SHOT BY DAN STEIN! That almost took Conor’s head CLEAR OFF!


With Conor on the mat, we notice that he’s rolling around in pain. While we can’t see his face due to the doctor’s mask being on, we can see his body jolting and his eyes squinting…


Other Guy: Is he… is he LAUGHING, Dave?!


It begins to be almost uncontrollable. He stirs about on the mat, laughing harder and harder as Stein just looks on, a bit confused. He looks to Austin Linam, but Linam looks to be even more confused than Stein is.


Dave Dymond: I don’t think ANY of us really know what’s going on, OG…


Stein just shrugs it off, now throwing hard boots into Conor’s ribs! Conor continues to laugh, now rolling to the side as he uses the bottom rope to bring himself to a sitting position. As Dan Stein walks over to him, he KICKS HARD at Stein’s right shin. It slows Stein down as Conor begins to bring himself to his feet. Stein catches him, however, and brings Conor forward for a hard knee shot to the ribs. Conor feels it’s effect, bouncing off of the ropes, a bit dazed… as Stein runs to the opposing ropes! As he comes back, Conor drops down a bit, yanking the top rope down as it sends Dan Stein crashing to the mat on the outside! As Stein begins to rise up, we notice that he’s struggling. Then we pan over and catch a hand HOLDING onto Stein’s left leg!


Other Guy:What in the hell is this?!


Conor rises up as he just stares at Dan for a second. He then rises up, and runs into the opposing ropes, coming back and FLYING over the ropes with a twisting senton splash! Both Conor and Stein hit the outside HARD!


Dave Dymond: What a show of athleticism from Conor! And I’m not sure who got hurt the most in that crash…


Conor rises to his feet first as Stein rises up, still looking towards the apron.


Other Guy: Stein looks almost confused as to WHO or WHAT was holding onto his leg…


Dave Dymond: Well he should look out because Conor is standing right behind him!


Conor throws a hard soccer kick into the side of Stein as Stein falls back against the apron. Stein begins to stumble forward as Conor is now standing on the guard rail! He jumps off, looking for a crossbody, however Stein jumps and just CRACKS Conor in the FACE with a hard dropkick!


Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!


The fans cheer Stein on, again, as Stein looks a bit dazed himself. As Stein stirs, Conor begins to stir as well. Stein rolls into the ring, however, Conor is up! Conor grabs Stein’s leg and drags him towards the corner on the outside! With Stein inside, he GRABS his leg, and just SLAMS it into the ring post! He then grabs the same leg and YANKS BACK ON IT, just STRETCHING it around the pole as Stein uses his other leg to KICK Conor in the side of the face! Stein rises to his feet, almost unable to stand, as he runs towards the ropes, and comes through the middle and top with a hard suicide dive! Conor falls against the guard rail, his back just CRACKING on impact as Stein rises to his feet, throwing his arms in the air.




He starts to pick Conor up, as Conor takes his thumb and DIGS IT INTO STEIN’S EYE! Austin Linam is completely oblivious to this as Stein drops to his knees, screaming in a fit of pain as Conor rolls into the ring. Immediately, Linam begins to question Conor as he begins to yell in Conor’s face! This makes the fans pop pretty big as Conor just stares a hole right through him. On the outside, we see a man, dressed in a black "ANONYMOUS CASUALTY MILITIA" hoodie and a ski mask now coming out from under the ring with a tire iron in his hand! As Dan rises to his feet, the man just CRACKS Dan over the head as Dan slumps to the ground. He then picks Dan up and slides him into the ring as he takes off the mask.


Other Guy: Could have figured it was him…


Dave Dymond: Art De Luca, AGAIN, doing Conor’s dirty work as Dan Stein is just OUT of it.


As Stein lies motionless on the mat, Conor heads up to the top turnbuckle. Linam looks on, confused however he can’t disqualify Conor, as he saw none of this go down. Conor, now at the top, hops off with a full shooting star press and a half, as he comes down with a LEG DROP onto Stein’s neck!


Other Guy: We saw that last week!


Dave Dymond: He calls this one the ‘Habeas Corpses 540’, and much to our dismay… I think this is it for Stein.


Conor, holding at his spine, covers Stein!








Conor rises up as he yanks the mask down around his neck, showing a smirk as Art claps on from the outside.


Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, CONOR! CADEN!


Conor slides out of the ring as Art is quick to follow.


Dave Dymond: I can’t believe this… this was BARELY a match. And look at the look on his face, as if he actually WON something…


Art pats Conor on the back as the two eventually reach the top of the ramp. Conor looks back at the ring at the fallen Dan Stein as he can’t help but smile. The two then disappear behind the curtain.


The camera finds us in the hallways backstage, where none other than SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore are walking, apparently toward the locker room. They’re dressed for action, CJ in black pants, gloves, and elbow pads, and Jared in black pants and elbow pads, and his hands taped up to the elbow in black tape.

Jared Walsh: Yeah, I think the meeting went well, but I’ve been through this… no deal until the papers are signed, you know?

CJ Nelson: Cool. Does he know about this?

They’re nearing a door. Jared puts his hand on the doorknob, and looks back.

Jared: I have no idea, but I’m sure as hell not gonna ask him. We’ve had enough problems so far, I’m not gonna–

As he opens the door, walking in, it slams shut, closing CJ out. The camera cuts to inside the room, where Osbourne Kilminster is stands, locking the door.

CJ: Jared?! Whoever the hell’s in there has ten seconds to open this fucking door!

Jared turns around, getting into a fighting stance.

Osbourne locks the door and jams a steel chair under the handle before looking at Jared, Straightening the jacket of his black, classic-cut suit. The open-collar of his dress shirt proudly displays his silver Mjolnir pendant.

Osbourne Kilminster: We need to talk.

Jared: Do you normally ambush people in their locker rooms to have conversation?

CJ: I’m fucking serious! Open the goddamn door!

There’s a thud on the other side. Then another. The doorframe creaks.

Jared: You, uh, might want to move.

Osbourne shrugs and pushes his blue-tinted sunglasses further up his nose.

Osbourne Kilminster: He might well kick the door down, but when he does… all he’ll see is two grown men having a conversation. Right?

He raises his eyebrows, placing the ball firmly in Jared’s court.

Jared: I’m just saying, that steel chair you wedged in there? Probably not gonna stay put. Your call.

Osbourne Kilminster: Well, we could stand here and discuss the craftsmanship of whoever made the doorframe, or you could tell your little buddy to stop kicking it and we can get this worked out nice and quickly. I’d say that’s your call.

The doorframe creaks one last time, before giving way, as the door flings open, sending the chair flying… just past both men. CJ immediately turns Ozzy around, lifting him by the lapels, and pushing him against the wall.

Jared: CJ…

CJ: You son of a bitch, I–

Jared: CJ! Put him down!

CJ looks over at Jared, who is obviously unhurt, and finally lets the man down to his feet.

Jared: You were saying, Ozzy?

With a vague smirk, Osbourne brushes the creases out of his jacket, shaking his head before fixing his gaze back on Jared.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ve been talking to Joyce McGuire, right? I know you have. You don’t need to know how I know, but I know. Then, I had to wonder… why would she be talking to you… AND me?

Shrugging his shoulders, Osbourne raises his eyebrows thoughtfully.

Osbourne Kilminster: Maybe… just maybe… we’re BOTH being played.

Jared: Is that all? I mean, you could’ve just, y’know, said that, without hiding in my locker room and making CJ break the door. Which I now have to pay for, by the way, CJ.

CJ: What the fuck did you expect me to do?

Jared: Not the point. Yeah, I’ve been talking to McGuire. What exactly do you think she’s playing me on, Viking?

Osbourne Kilminster: I tried to keep this conversation as quiet as possible, down low, so don’t cry to me if your clumsy friend decides to sonic boom the damn door through. Anyway… Joyce has that damned tape you and Jada made. You want it… for obvious reasons… and so do I.

Osbourne slowly takes off his sunglasses and folds them up.

Osbourne Kilminster: It’s worth more to me than it is to you. What’s it going to cost me to make sure that even if Joyce screws me over and sells it to you, it finds its way to me anyway?

Clearing his throat, an uncomfortable Osbourne’s jaw clenches.

Osbourne Kilminster: Name your price.

Jared looks at him, eyebrow raised. He doesn’t say anything for a second.

Jared: Wait, you’re serious?

He starts to chuckle.

Jared: This is funny. Y’know, Ozzy, I don’t understand you, man. Not two weeks ago, you’re threatening us about shit that doesn’t involve you, and now, you’re here trying to bribe me for more shit that doesn’t involve you.

He shakes his head, still chuckling to himself.

Jared: What is it that’s got you so fuckin’ scared, man? You think that somehow, her career is going to suffer because she fucked a dude on camera? Quite frankly, if you didn’t see something like this coming a mile away, then I don’t know what to tell you. You want my price? A hell of a lot more than you got. But feel free to make vague threats and try to intimidate me now, because that’s the next step in this process, isn’t it?

Osbourne shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: I didn’t really expect you to understand, but I thought maybe your business mind might over-ride this… petty arrogance. Jada means more to me than she did to you, than she ever will to you. Yeah, I want to protect us both, and I’ll do pretty much anything I have to.

Licking his lips, Osbourne’s eyes narrow.

Osbourne Kilminster: I came to you like a man, Jared. I’m here now, talking to you when every instinct I have is telling me it’s a bad idea. Maybe you should step down from your high horse and see how this really is.

Jared: Aw, you poor little lovesick fool. You ever think that maybe there’s more to it than that? What exactly do you think went on at that shoot? You think I did it to spite you?

He shakes his head once more, looking down to the floor before locking eyes with Ozzy.

Jared: I did it because the money was right. Business is business, Oz. Plain and simple. And I do a lot of business. Apparently, you don’t, or you’d see that the only person being played is you. Good luck, buddy… you better hope McGuire sticks to her word, because I know I will. I have a reputation as a businessman to uphold.

Osbourne nods his head with a slight smirk. He’d half expected this.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, that’s alright. I’m sure if one of YOUR companies can promote a video like that, then someone else could do something similar, right? I mean, someone… me, for instance, could make their own tape… Right?

Jared: In theory.

Osbourne Kilminster: Right… Yeah… Because, I’ve got a couple of buddies who know this girl… They know her REALLY well… and they could hook me up with something like that. I’m sure I could find an afternoon with nothing to do but visit her and make the kind of tape that would pale yours by comparison…

Osbourne smiles and winks to Jared. It’s a long moment before anyone says anything…

Jared: So that’s how this is gonna be, huh? A little tit for tat? And lemme ask you, Ozzy, how do you think Jada, that girl who apparently means so much to you, would feel if you did exactly the thing you threw a hissy fit about, all because of some petty revenge because things didn’t go your way? I mean, completely ignoring the fact that I would fucking kill you if you did something like that, all it would do is destroy the very thing you’re trying to protect. So save your empty threats, Oz. That tape’s as good as mine, and quite frankly, if you don’t change your tone about this whole thing? Let’s just say that it going up for sale is not the worst that could happen.

Osbourne can’t help but smile. It’s not the first death threat he’s had, and it won’t be the last.

Osbourne Kilminster: You know… I’m pretty damn sure Jada and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Just about anything I do would be okay, I think. Maybe a bit of explaining but… you know how relationships are, right?

Laughing for a second, he regains his composure.

Osbourne Kilminster: Tit for tat? Nah, I’d call it ‘an eye for an eye’. I came here to ask for a deal, in pretty civil tones… and you laughed at me. I don’t see you laughing now, do I? Oh yeah… because this is a guy who’s half of the Tag Team Champions and decided to make a porn shoot on his own… right, so what marketing sense tells you that will sell well? You know, maybe if BOTH Tag Team Champions were in the video, it’d have some gimmick… but just you? Ha!

He steps a little closer to Jared.

Osbourne Kilminster: You can dish out threats pretty easily when you see the tables can turn against you just as easily. Yeah, they seem to just roll off the tongue when you realize you don’t have total control over the situation. Now, I’m not the kind of guy who’d go and do something like that just out of spite. I’m a forgiving kind of guy. I could forgive what you did that day with Jada, and I could do it pretty easily.

Stepping back toward the door, Osbourne’s gaze remains fixed on Jared.

Osbourne Kilminster: If you come by that tape, you call me before you do anything with it. Before you watch it, before you even think about loading onto your websites… you call me. Hell, you can even visit me. Anytime, anyplace. But if that video shows up on any of your outlets… All I have to do is make one little phone call.

Jared doesn’t say a word as Ozzy backs out the door, slowly, unfolding his sunglasses and placing them back on as he does so. CJ looks over at Jared.

CJ: That’s it? You’re just gonna let him go?

Jared: Pretty much.

CJ: You’re gonna let him get away with that?

Jared: CJ, you saw how desperate he was. I can work with that.

CJ just kind of nods his head as the scene fades out back to the ring area.


“Greyhound 2” by Killah Priest blares through the P.A. System’s speaker as Eli Storm walks out. He is dressed in a Black suit and shoes with a White shirt with the top button undone.

Dave Dymond: Looks like we’re being joined now by Eli Storm.  Storm was REMOVED from the arena last week so that he and Nightmare would be unable to come to the aid of Donovan King, but he’s headed out here tonight.

Other Guy: Storm’s definitely been going through some odd times it seems lately… and with the quick deterioration of his tag team with Nightmare, you gotta wonder what’s going through the man’s head these days.

Storm brushes his red hair back and tips his shades as he walks down to the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos. Storm reaches ringside and ask for a mic. He is handed one as he makes his way up the ring steps and through the ropes. He looks out into the crowd for a moment before starting to speak.

Eli Storm: I’m sorry…

Dave Dymond: Sorry?

Storm pauses as if looking for the words to say next.

Eli Storm: I’m sorry that lately I haven’t been living up to the standards that I used to. I’m sorry I haven’t been that same guy who was cool and cocky and got the ratings. The guy that used to come out with the girls and gold. The guy who went toe to toe with the likes of Ray Willmott, Jun Kenshin and Cade Sydal. I’m sorry that I let a great pairing like Nightmare and me become nothing more than a cliché under a catchphrase. I’m sorry that I didn’t live up to my vow to be the next SHOOT Franchise. I’m sorry that I phoned it in during the World Title Tourney against Collins and disappeared when I lost. I’m sorry that I haven’t been FOCUSED. That I haven’t been INCREDIBLE. That I haven’t been…ME.

The crowd buzzes a bit, but the reaction isn’t much. Storm paces the ring for a moment.

Eli Storm: And I’m truly sorry because each and every one of you deserve better then what I’ve been giving. You see a couple weeks ago on Revolution the world saw a promotional advertisement for the re-opening of the Hall of Fame. Seeing that commercial made me think about what would my SHOOT Legacy be. Would I be known for the fun loving guy that within his first year on the roster nearly held every title that was around or would I be known as the guy that burned out and is nothing more than a waste of roster space. And that made me look at myself long and hard and come to terms with something. This guy that you’ve been seeing these past months isn’t Eli Storm. And that person…that image that I have been coming out as is one that I can no longer put out there for you people.

Storm starts to get a little excited.

Eli Storm: You see its time that I stop trying so hard… and just do what I do best. Do what the fuck got me in the door in the first place!! And I know it isn’t going to be something that just happens over night. I know I’m going to have to work my way back to that Incredible shape. But I also know there are some things that I have to handle.

He pauses for a moment then continues.

Eli Storm: One of those things is my backing of Donovan King. I may not have been here as long as Real Deal or Outkast or some of the other names that you think about when you hear SHOOT Project. But I do know that some things have gone down while I’ve been apart of this roster that have been bullshit. So I stand by what King is trying to do. Last week marked the last time I am EVER going to allow someone to keep me from supporting King’s cause.  From now on, whatever it takes to get the job done, is what I’ll do!

There is some cheers from the crowd for a moment as Storm paces the ring a little faster.

Eli Storm: The second thing that I have to handle is Roland Caldwell. Heh, Roland…I’ll hand it to you. You have had me running around looking like a damn fool trying to get to your level. Trying to match wits with you. Trying to get into your head. Taking on retarded odds. Things that I shouldn’t be doing. And now…now that we’ve gotten to this point you have brushed me off of your shoulder as if I was a piece of lint. A piece of fucking lint.

Storm has a pissed off look on his face.

Eli Storm: You act as if I am nothing. As if I haven’t been a multiple champion here in SHOOT. Like I haven’t fought some of the baddest bitches in the sport. But it’s cool, Roland. I’ll play the game. I’ll play the game and eventually, you’ll run out of cheeks to turn and be forced to face me. Until then…I’ll pick my shots. Because I will get you in that ring. And once I prove to you and everyone else…that I’m still incredible, I’ll go on and jump back on the path that I have strayed from. Trust me when I say that no matter how long it takes, I will be Incredible once again. You can trust in that.

Storm drops the mic and steps out of the ring. He makes his way up the ramp way as the crowd looks on not really knowing what to say or think about what Storm has just said.  As Storm vanishes from sight, the focus cuts to Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: So Eli Storm taking a stand and apparently is looking to take the long road ahead at taking care of business.

Other Guy: Hey Eli Storm returnin’ to old form is fine by me… but he’s gonna have to buckle down and buckle down hard given exactly WHAT that business is.

Dave Dymond: You can bet though that Eli Storm coming out here with this new demeanor is something that Donovan King has got to be happy about.  It was looking touch and go with the two men King first recruited, but obviously Eli Storm has shown he is fully dedicated to the cause here tonight.

Other Guy: Gotta wonder what’s up with Nightmare as he definitely brings the size to the faction, but if his head ain’t in the game, King MIGHT want to look for some new back up.

Dave Dymond: That COULD be why King has continually tried to recruit Jester Smiles… but in tonight’s main event it won’t be about recruiting, it will be about competing.  Donovan King and Jester Smiles in one on one action still to come.  But up next, ladies and gentlemen, the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore are set for action, that match going down next!


We cut backstage to a welcome sight for sore eyes as Abigail Chase beams brightly. The crowd gives off a very mixed reaction, as standing next to her is the newest tag team to grace SHOOT Project… Del Carver and Ron Barker!

Carver is dressed in a pair of black jeans with a black SHOOT Project t-shirt as well and Ron Barker is smiling deviously wearing a fitted suit.

Abigail Chase: Guys, I’m standing here with Del Carver and Ron Barker and after last week, it seems that you, Del, are willing to work with Ron Barker after he threatened to tear up your contract. What are your thoughts on having to actually work with a man who’s despised you for as long as he’s known you?

Carver, looking at Barker who just smiles smugly in return, shakes his head and sighs before beginning to answer.

Del Carver: Well…

Ron Barker: You see, Abigail…

Barker pauses for a moment to soak in the boos of the crowd as he begins to smirk. Carver, annoyed at Barker stealing his moment, looks visibly angry.

Ron Barker: You see, Abigail, Del Carver KNOWS what he has to do in order to survive. He knows that if he wants to stay alive in SHOOT Project he’s going to have to act like a fucking grown up and swallow that pride. He’s going to have to let go of his lone wolf mentality and realize that you can’t win tag team titles on your own.

Ron Barker steps closer to Del Carver and Carver doesn’t back down. Barker smiles as Chase interjects the microphone between them.

Ron Barker: I’m not like your other tag team partners, Del. You can’t just take all the spotlight and expect it to be all about you. This isn’t about you, Carver. This isn’t your moment. YOU work for ME. You understand me?

Carver is silent but you can see that he’s beginning to seethe with rage. Carver smiles as he KNOWS he’s got Carver’s number.

Ron Barker: But I’m not going to hold that over your head. I want us to work as a team and I want to make sure that you’re on the same page as I am. That’s why tonight? I’ve arranged a little exhibition.

The crowd begins to stir as Carver looks slightly confused. Barker, still smiling, continues.

Ron Barker: You heard me right. Tonight, Ron Barker and Del Carver… UNITED… in that very ring.

The crowd erupts for the announcement of the impromptu tag match! Both men stand there looking eye to eye. Ron Barker smiles confidently, while Del Carver looks shocked.

Ron Barker: Well why are you standing there? Get ready, champ. We’ve got a match to get ready for tonight.

And with that, Ron Barker turns and walks away while Abigail Chase and Del Carver look at each other with a puzzled expression.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Talk about a surprising development, another match up added to tonight’s Revolution as Barker and Carver WILL see tag action tonight!

Other Guy: (from ringside) I hate how Barker is callin’ all the shots, Dave, but I gotta admit anytime we can see Del Carver in the ring, that’s a good thing.  Just wonder WHO will be their opponents.


The focus returns to the ring area, specifically once again showing Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: Well we look to find out later just who Barker and Carver will be up against, but what we do know is that the TAG CHAMPS are set for tag team action so let’s go ahead and send it to the ring with Samantha Coil.

“Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls as the crazy bitch, Sinnocence, and her manager, Joyce McGuire appear from behind the curtain and walk down the ramp.  The two beauties are all smiles as they climb in the ring, McGuire snatches a microphone away from our lovely announcer and forks it over to her charge. 

Dave Dymond: Alright… apparently a slight change in plans as SHOOT Project’s very own Sinnocence enters the ring with a purpose!  What is she up to tonight?

Other Guy: Maybe she’ll finally whip out those tits!  Or announce the release date for that porno tape she did!

Dave Dymond: Judging by the look on her face, I very much doubt it, OG.

The cacophony from the audience’s cheers and jeers mellow slightly as Sinn taps lightly on the microphone.

Sinnocence:  Look folks, I don’t come out here much to bore you all with mindless chatter…but today marks a special occasion.

Other Guy: Come out here more often!  With less clothing!

She pauses, laughing softly as McGuire hops up onto the corner rope, sitting comfortably on the turnbuckle.  Obviously, this was going to take a while.

Sinnocence:  You see…I’ve been here what, three or four months now?  I’ve had my losses and my more enjoyable wins as of late.  I don’t like to brag, but it was far too easy to beat the sad teaming of NC-17 and Crush Heart last week.  Now, I can’t take all the credit…Jack did a wonderful job of working with me, much to everyone else’s dismay.  Both of them allowed themselves to get distracted and we took advantage of that.

The crowd’s booing tells the stripper exactly how they feel about her.  She may be hot, but such a cruel bitch was rarely loved by all.  Sinn just grins at them all, feeding off the negative energy of the collected masses.

Sinnocence:  Metaphorically speaking, I’m more of a man than NC-17…and definitely a better woman than his fragile little girlfriend, Barbie.  Poor little Barbie doll nearly got herself drowned because she couldn’t overpower me two weeks ago and made herself into a nice distraction for her boyfriend this past week.  Seventeen…you and your wishy-washy excuse of a girlfriend are weak.

Dave Dymond: Good God, this woman is out of her mind! 

Sinnocence lowers the microphone for a moment and glances over to McGuire.  The young manager mirrors her charge’s grin and mouths words of approval for Sinn before she speaks again..

Sinnocence: What Sinn is trying to say is that we hate seeing weak people wearing belts they don’t deserve.  The SHOOT Project needs strong champions, Seventeen…and we’re not the only ones who think you can’t make the cut anymore.  There have been rumors backstage as to your performance recently…in fact, Mr. Cream of Obscene, you’ve been giving us blue balls.

Other Guy:  You’re giving us blue balls, Sinn!  Take off your top! 

“Fever for the Flava” by Hot Action Cop suddenly hits the speakers and the crowd erupts into a HUGE pop for the boyfriend of Barbie Kellers.  He appears at the top of the ramp, his beautiful blond lover at his side holding his hand tightly, and the Revolution title around his waist.  NC-17’s face is contorted with controlled anger and he holds a microphone of his own in his free hand. 

Dave Dymond:  NC-17 has finally shown his face!  What is he going to say in response to Sinn?

Other Guy:  Maybe he’ll invite Sinn into a porno shoot of his own with Barbie Kellers!  Threesome!

Dave Dymond:  Do you think of anything else besides sex when Sinn’s in the ring?

Other Guy:  Sure I do.  I gotta figure out what knockout drug will work best on her.  She ain’t gonna come willingly!

Seventeen raises the microphone to his mouth, releasing Barbie’s grip on his hand.  He points to the psychotic woman who’s plagued his girlfriend for the past couple of months.

NC-17:  Blue Balls?  I’d think everyone is more concerned about the venereal diseases you’re spreading backstage, bitch!  I’m sick and fucking tired of you! 

Other Guy:  VD?  Shit, guess that means wrapping my willy up!

McGuire jumps down from the ropes, yelling protestations at her charge’s favorite target. 

NC-17:  You don’t think I’m not man enough to hold this goddamn belt?  I’d love to see you try to take it from me, you fat cow.  In fact…why don’t we do that?  You and me at Master of the Mat for this belt…a no interference match.  Your little bitch of a manager even shows up on the ramp, you lose!

He drops the microphone to his side, breathing heavily in anger and awaits Sinnocence’s response.  The stripper in the ring just smiles and glances over at McGuire.  The two raven-haired beauties share a few quiet words before the older woman turns back to address Seventeen.

Sinnocence: You got yourself a match, Sweetheart.  McGuire will stay in the back…but the same goes for your own little valet.  I’ll see you at the Pay-Per-View!

Seventeen just nods once and drops the microphone, heading backstage with Barbie following closely behind.  Sinnocence and McGuire climb out of the ring, satisfied smiles on their faces and head up the ramp.

Dave Dymond: It’s going to be NC-17 defending his title against Sinnocence at Master of the Mat!

Other Guy: Dude…how come none of these women ever come out here naked?



Other Guy’s question is left unanswered as the lights go into a blue and white strobe effect and a thick fog covers the entrance way as the thunderous drum beats of "A Monument Encased In Ash" by The Showdown begins to play over the P.A. System. As the first guitar solo begins to play, we see Caleb Knox standing outside of the fog, hopping in place while circling his wrists. Then, when the second guitar solo begins to play, he begins his brisk, determined walk to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following tag team contest is set for one fall… introducing first… hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico… he stands 6’3" and weighs in tonight at 221 pounds… CALEB… KNNNNOOOOX!!!

Caleb keeps walking toward the ring beating his fist across his chest as he points out at the fans to a decent reaction before he tags the hands of the fans at ringside.

Dave Dymond: After a hard-fought loss last week to Dan Stein, Caleb Knox proved to the SHOOT Project fans that he was here to stay and could hang with some of the best in the business.

Other Guy:: Rumor has it that the front office was very impressed with this young man’s performance and they think he’s got tremendous upside, but tonight, Caleb might be in a no-win situation against the very angry SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions.

As the third guitar solo plays, Caleb runs toward the ring steps, hopping on the top one as he walks on the apron. He then pumps his chest to the fans one more time and points to them before jumping over the top rope. He then runs against the ropes a couple of times as the fourth guitar solo begins to play and he drops to both knees in the center of the ring and arches his back staring up at the rafters before burying his fists in his face and pounding the canvas as he gets back to his feet and tests the ropes one more time, waiting on his partner.

The arena lights flicker on and off, as the intro to "Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge hits. The song reaches the beginning lyrics, and DOUG KINSELLA is out from the back!

Samantha Coil: And his TAG TEAM PARTNER, from Springfield Ohio, weighing in at TWO HUNDRED-FIVE pounds…  DOUG KINSELLA!!!

He slaps hands with a few fans down the aisle, who seem more receptive to the young Kinsella than they had in previous weeks.  Kinsella gives a respectful point to his partner and slides into the ring.

Dave Dymond: So Doug Kinsella joining his partner, Caleb Knox…  A couple of very young kids who I just hope don’t get involved with the wrong people, OG.

Other Guy:: Yeah, well we saw that piece of shit Lolwen earlier…  so we know these two have already drawn the World Champion’s attention…  And of course here they are in a battle against Long Island Hardcore who just happen to be in quite the battle with Jonny’s boys Quinn, Calahan, and Riley.

Kinsella and Knox stretch out and get ready after finishing checking in with referee Denis Helfin.  The house lights drop to black as a single white spotlight hits the entrance. AC/DC’s “Back In Black” drives through the speakers as CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh step through, standing on the stage in black dress pants, black boots, black gloves, black elbow pads, and most importantly, each carrying their half of the Tag Team Championship over their outside shoulder.

Samantha Coil: Now entering the ring, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

The crowd cheers for the pair, as they walk slowly down to the ring, the white spotlight fixed on them. Jared takes a little time to talk to some of the ringside fans, while CJ stays focused on the ring. CJ steps up onto the apron, and over the top rope, and Jared slides in after him, tossing him the belt. Jared drops to one knee mid-ring, putting his arms out and soaking up the cheers of the crowd, while CJ stands behind him, the tag belts hanging off his forearms and over Jared’s chest. A jet of white pyro streams out of each ring post before the lights go back up.

Dave Dymond: Long Island Hardcore will defend those tag team titles on August Thirty-First against the trio of Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan…  We don’t know which two, but the match has been made for Master of the Mat…  but first…  Kinsella and Knox are going to have a shot to make a name for themselves.

Other Guy:: In a match that has Jonny’s finger prints all over it.

Helfin checks in Long Island Hardcore and then calls for the bell.


Kinsella eyes Jared and CJ while Knox tries to talk strategy.  Doug nods and pushes Caleb aside, taking the reigns for his team.  Jared slaps CJ on the back and will start for LIHC.

Dave Dymond: So we’re going to get Jared Walsh and Doug Kinsella to open up.

Other Guy:: Kinsella is a new kid with a lot of potential, so this is gonna be a nice lil chance for the dude to make a prime-time name for himself.  But like ya said, Dave, ya gotta hope he hasn’t been brain washed by the World Champion or his damn minions.

Kinsella slides his neck from side to side and brushes his nose.  Jared leaps up and down with a cocky grin on his face and waves for Kinsella to advance.  He agrees and moves in with a quick grapple.  Jared is right there to meet him.  Both men dance in a circle toward the ropes.  Walsh pushes Kinsella into a neutral corner!  Kinsella reverses, though!  Kinsella breaks the grapple and throws a knife edge chop (WOOOO!) Jared, though, quickly counters and throws Kinsella into the corner and fires with a stiff chop of his own!  (WOOOO!)  Kinsella seems a little winded and squints in pain!  Jared takes a couple steps back and then charges forward!  Kinsella ducks his head and throws Walsh OVERHEAD!  But Jared keeps his balance and manages to stoop on the top rope!  Kinsella holds at his chest and turns around!  AND WALSH FLIPS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A BLOCKBUSTER NECK BREAKER!

Knox winces with the impact on the outside!  Walsh makes a quick cover!

Dave Dymond: Great balance from Walsh and now a cover!!!




Kinsella gets a shoulder up!  Walsh is up to his feet and runs to the nearby corner!  He leaps up somewhat chaotically, spins himself around and DROPS WITH A SENTON SPLASH!!!  But Kinsella DODGES!!  Walsh hits the mat hard and now it’s CJ on the outside shaking his head.  Kinsella gets to his feet now and charges back at a recovering Walsh!  Kinsella comes up with a high knee-lift and CONNECTS under the chin!  Kinsella spins back around and comes back with a SWIFT CLOTHESLINE!  Walsh goes down!  Kinsella makes a cover!


Dave Dymond: Walsh out before two!

Walsh tries to get up to his feet, but Kinsella brings him down with a double leg take down!  He holds on to both legs and flips over into a bridging, pin fall attempt!  Helfin makes another count!

Dave Dymond: Kinsella looking strong!  And another quick cover!



NO!  Walsh out again before a count of two!

Kinsella looks at Knox and then back to Walsh!  Kinsella kicks Walsh in the legs and then leap frogs over him!  He makes a quick tag to Knox and then tries to grab Walsh’s leg and keep him at bay!  HOWEVER, Walsh counters with an ENZEGURI!  Kinsella goes down!  Knox charges now, and Walsh ducks down and connects with a HIIIIIIIGH BACK BODY DROP!!!  The fans POP LOUDLY!!!  Walsh charges at the ropes, springboards off and lands a SWEET MOONSALT on Knox!  He hooks the leg!

Helfin with the count!



Kinsella follows with a DOUBLE AXE SMASH to break up the pin fall, though it brings in an AGITATED CJ NELSON!!!  Nelson charges into the ring and Helfin tries to keep him at bay.  Kinsella seems annoyed and slides out of the ring before anything can happen.  Walsh slaps the mat and tries to go back to work on Knox!  He picks the kid up and throws him into the ropes!  Helfin has maintained order.  Both Kinsella and Nelson are in their corner.  Walsh goes for a spinning heel kick, but KNOX DUCKS!

Dave Dymond: Walsh is just a ball of chaos, OG.  He’s either gonna kill you or kill himself and right there he may have killed himself!

Other Guy:: He’s a risk taker, man, and I think Jared, more than anyone knows what’s involved when you go that all out every night.

Knox shakes off the cobwebs.  He waits for Walsh to get back up, and once Jared makes it to his feet, Knox charges for the ropes!  Walsh is in daze!  Knox springboards off the ropes and comes back with a SICK ELBOW STRIKE!  Walsh goes down!  Knox goes for a sloppy, unprepared cover!


He tries to hook the leg.



Knox stays focused and goes to the corner!  Kinsella doesn’t seem to want him to go to the top rope, though and points to Walsh getting to his feet.  Knox is confused and Kinsella charges into the ring!  He goes after Walsh!  Knox turns around, but CJ Nelson gets in the ring again!  Nelson DRILLS Kinsella!  But Helfin pushes Nelson back!  Kinsella ducks down out of the ring!  Walsh charges after Knox, but Caleb slides to the right and counters with a drop toe hold!  Walsh goes down!  Helfin continues to push Nelson back!  Kinsella, though slides back in but with a STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!


Dave Dymond: And Kinsella with a chair!  Why the hell does he have a chair???

Other Guy:: Damnit!  Did Jonny get to him!

Kinsella charges at Walsh with the chair, but Knox sees it and RUNS to actually PROTECT his opponent!  Kinsella stops and SHOUTS and Knox!  Knox shakes his head and GRABS the chair out of Kinsella’s hands!!!  He starts to turn around to throw it out of the ring, but WALSH IS UP, LEAPS AND DRILLS KNOX WITH A DROP KICK THAT HITS THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE!!!

Knox is OUT!!! 


Dave Dymond: And it’s Caleb Knox who goes down with that VANDAMINATOR type maneuver from Walsh!!!

Other Guy:: OH FUCK LOOK OUT!!!

Nelson throws Helfin out of the way and then DRILLS a stunned Kinsella in the side of the head with a SICKENING YAKUZA KICK!!!


Walsh shoves the chair out of the ring and makes a cover!!!  Nelson looks down at Kinsella and seems satisified with the damage done.  Helfin turns and sees the pin fall!!!





Helfin calls for the bell and AC/DC’s “Back In Black” begins to play again!!!

Samantha Coil: The winners of this contest…  CJ NELSON, JARED WALSH…  LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!!!

Jared hops up to his feet and is greeted with a quick victory embrace from his partner.  The two men then retrieve their titles from Mark Kendrick and leave the ring very business-like.  Helfin attends to Walsh, while Kinsella rolls around holding his face.

Dave Dymond: So Long Island Hardcore picks up another victory, but what about the actions of Doug Kinsella?  That seemed like a man who was trying to injure someone…

Other Guy:: Did Lolwen say something that we didn’t see?  Did Jonny or Quinn or Riley or any of those guys find him before the match?  I have no idea what the HELL that was about and I sure as shit didn’t like it, either.

Kinsella is up before his partner and seems genuinely annoyed.  He glares down at Knox and doesn’t even bother offering any aid.

Dave Dymond: I hope that’s just frustration and not a sign of things to come.

The camera follows Kinsella for a moment before cutting away from the ring area.



Not being booked, for some, was a serious imposition.  Most people loved being booked to fight every week, no questions asked.  They never wanted anything more than that competition, never wanted anything more than to put their bodies on the line to put on a show, and to maybe…  cause a little pain.

The crowd pops, but that becomes a mixed reaction as former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Adrian Corazon, steps into view.  He’s walking towards what appears to be an enclosed office of some sort, and when the nameplate comes into view, the mixed reaction turns sour, as boos litter the otherwise decent reaction.

‘Real Deal’

Sighing, Corazon opens the door.  Upon entrance, he sees the Real Deal, feet up on a large desk.  His grin is that of a Cheshire cat. 

Real Deal: Adrian…  have a seat. 

The hair stands on Corazon’s neck, but he obliges.

Real Deal: I wanted to thank you for carrying out that little job for me last week.  You really did a number on Donovan King, and for that…  I thank you.  So because of that…  I figured I’d reward you.  And well…  I figured I’d reward me too.  I’m gonna give you another shot at Donovan King.

Corazon shrinks in his seat. 

Real Deal:  I want you to do what you did to him before, once more…  this time on a much grander stage than Revolution.  So, for Master of the Mat?  I’m booking Corazon Vs. King II.  I figure, after the thrashing he’s received the past two weeks, the one that he’ll get tonight, that I’ll book him again next week.  That’ll insure that he’s basically ripe for the picking at Master of the Mat.  Thoughts?

Corazon sits up now, and lowers his glasses.  He’s got a scowl on his face that essentially shocks Real Deal.

Corazon: Yeah, I have some thoughts.  I don’t know exactly what all is going on here, with you.  But, I’m going to find out, and I get the feeling you’re not going to like it when I do.  Second…  I accept the Master of the Mat booking, but I have some terms and conditions that, since I did your little job for you last week? 

Corazon pauses.

Corazon: Let’s just say I suggest you accept them.

Real Deal cocks an eyebrow.

Real Deal: Careful Adri…  I dunno about your tone.

Corazon smirks.

Corazon: I don’t really care all that much how you feel about my tone.  Here are the terms and conditions.  First…  Donovan King will NOT be booked against ANYONE next week.  He will be given the week off to heal, and prepare for Master of the Mat.  I don’t find any sort of enjoyment in further destroying a man who’s being pushed to the brink by you, week after week.  Understand?

Real Deal rests his chin in his thumb and forefinger, pondering.

Real Deal: I supp-

Corazon holds a hand up.

Corazon: My second term?  As far as the stipulations for the match is concerned?  I’m not naming them.

Real Deal looks surprised.

Real Deal:  So then I—

Corazon holds his hand up once more.

Corazon: You’re not naming them either.

Shocked by all of this, and a little annoyed, Real Deal sighs.

Real Deal: So…  then who will?

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: Donovan King.

The crowd pops at this, as Real Deal’s face turns a little red.  Corazon’s look is that of smugness, as he stands up to leave.  The cameras pan back to ringside, with Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond:  You have to get a sense that not everything is right in Real Deal’s camp.  Corazon basically just outright defied him.

Other Guy:  I’d expect that Corazon doesn’t like being a pawn.  Doesn’t like being used.  I gotta respect that. 

Dave Dymond:  Beyond that, OG?  That means we’ve got another match booked for Master of the Mat, and it’s a whopper!  Donovan King Vs. Corazon II?  That’s blockbuster, man!

"I’m Me" by Lil Wayne plays and almost at the exact same time, Christopher Davis strides to the ring with a purpose.

Other Guy : Hold up! We go from that blockbuster announcement and now this! Christopher Davis makin’ his way out here and look at that face, Dave. He has that "I’m ready to hurt someone” look in his eyes!

Dave Dymond: After being attached by the three members of The Family last week, I don’t think we could have honestly expected anything LESS from Davis.

Davis dressed in baggy black jeans, gray Timberlands and matching shirt steps through the ring ropes, the bandage on the back of his head a reminder of last week’s attacks.  He walks around for a moment, obviously trying to calm himself down just a bit.  After walking back and forth a couple of times, he calls for a microphone as he stands in the ring and is given one.

Christopher Davis: I’m not going to waste a bunch of time. We all know why I am out here so let’s just get it the fuck over with.

Vincent Mallows…roll your ass out here…NOW!

The fans scream their approval as the former world champion waits in the ring… his impatience growing with each second that passes.

Christopher Davis: Vincent I’m not playing games with you anymore get out here!

Davis remains focused on the entryway but the seconds turn into a few moments… and Davis shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: No, no no. I’M calling the shots tonight!  I’m not hunting you out of hiding, Vincent you got something to say… then now you FINALLY man up and say it to my face!

The crowd pops again… and now “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.

Dave Dymond: Well that’s The Family’s music, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be Vincent Mallows coming down to the ring.

Other Guy: Yeah, and chances are… knowin’ how the family operates, it won’t be.

 The fans begin to boo loudly as they await the arrival of Vincent Mallows.  There is still a moment though where nobody comes out.  Davis looks about ready to kill someone, and THAT’S when Vincent Mallows rolls through the entrance curtain. He stops at the entrance ramp, reaching his moveable right arm inward towards his lap where a microphone has been placed.

Dave Dymond: Mallows coming out here by himself and honestly I can’t believe he would face Christopher Davis alone.

Other Guy: All this situation says to me, Dave, is that Davis best be watchin’ his back too.

The music finally cuts out as Davis starts looking around for a moment, showing some signs of uncertainty and uneasiness about the situation.  Mallows lifts the microphone up to his lips.

Vincent Mallows: (through slurred speech) You seem so concerned about confronting a… what was it… shell of his former self?  A paralyzed nothing.  That is how you view me, isn’t it, Christopher Davis?

Davis leans over the top rope of the ring, eyes fixated on Mallows.

Christopher Davis: You know EXACTLY why I’m a little jumpy right now, Vincent. I told you though, I’m NOT playing your games.

Vincent Mallows: (slurred/gargled speech) No games tonight.  I assure you I am out here alone, and in fact after Kenji Yamada’s thorough and oh so enjoyable victory, our Driver left with them.  Granted he’ll return for me, but you need not worry about that.

Mallows pauses.

Vincent Mallows: (slurred/gargled speech) No Christopher, tonight, you have nothing to worry about from The Family… for now.  However that does not clear you from any repercussions regarding your choice a few weeks ago. See, Christopher, by choosing to NOT make a choice you chose everything. You chose to be selfish; you wanted it all so you shall have it all.

Davis rubs the back of his head, but his eyes never leave Vincent.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, I got that message last week. But if I’m supposed to learn something, Vinnie, then spit it out. Because all I learned is that I’m REAL tired of your messages and your games and ALL the bullshit!

The crowd POPS.

Vincent Mallows: (slurred/gargled speech) Even now I don’t think you truly understand, but very well then.  You want me to come right out and say it… then I will.   At Master of the Mat… you will face The Family. YOU… ALONE… will face them in a two out of three falls match.

The once cheering crowd starts to boo.

Vincent Mallows: In one night you will potentially face each member of The Family. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

You chose everything and now you will get just that!

Davis shakes his head and slowly turns his back to Mallows.  The crowd buzzes in reaction to the match announcement and Davis in turn just lowers his head.

Other Guy: Talk about stackin’ the odds.  Two out of three falls, each fall means a different Family member?

Dave Dymond: That’s exactly what the match is, meaning each fall a FRESH competitor will step in against Christopher Davis. No rest, no breaks, no relief… Davis is in for a hell of a fight come August Thirty First.

Davis just stands in silence for a moment… but then he raises his head, takes a deep breath, and exhales. He slowly brings the microphone to his mouth as he turns around.

Christopher Davis: At one time Vincent you and I were friends.

The response catches everyone off guard and some fans even begin to boo.  Davis just shakes his head, his facial expression changing to reflect a change of thought.

Christopher Davis: But you know what… fine.  If that’s what it takes I’ll step into the ring with each one of your bastard sons and do what I need to do. You tell me I made this choice and these are the consequences that I must face so I will do just that. I have no problem standing toe to toe with one or all of them. I’ll do what needs to be done Vincent.

I’ll do it for myself; I’ll do it for the fans

…I’ll even do it for you Vincent.

Davis pauses, pointing right at Mallows.  Mallows’s face contorts slightly, his right side showing a furrowed brow of confusion.

Christopher Davis: Yeah… I do it for you because at one time Vincent Mallows, Christopher Davis and Jonny Johnson were friends. We ran together all over the world. We did some shit that we could probably still get arrested for in some states. You remember when Jonny started the whole Hope is Illusion bit? You should… it was because of you.

Mallows quickly interjects.

Vincent Mallows: What is your point?

Christopher Davis: My point? My point isn’t actually a point at all but a question.  Tell me, Vinnie, how does it feel like to go from puppet master to puppet? How do you like going from master manipulator to being manipulated?

The crowd gasps. Vincent seethes, his face making a horrible expression given his paralysis.

Christopher Davis: Don’t quite follow, or maybe too PISSED because deep down inside you know the truth?  Vincent, why hasn’t Roland been involved in the world title scene?  Or… or tell me why the monster child Sammy Rochester, a man capable of taking ANYONE down, including me, isn’t contending for that top prize?  Hell why hasn’t Kenji for that matter? The Iron Fist Championship is supposed to be one step away from the ultimate prize and yet Kenji isn’t talked about when people speak of that title…why?

Davis starts pacing slightly, sometimes looking down at the ring mat, other times looking out at Vincent. He stops and then continues talking once more.

Christopher Davis: Why… is it that three men that should be considered true world title threats are entrenched in a feud with me? Why Vincent? Why is Vincent Mallows not trying to push one of his family members to the top of SHOOT so that he, the man once known as the Great Corrupter, can rule from the top?

The contorted and deformed expression on Mallows’s face seems to change slightly, but he remains oddly quiet.

Christopher Davis: Why Vincent why? Does it make sense to you? Does it? It makes sense to me Vincent. It makes perfect sense to me. It shows that even Vincent Mallows isn’t immune to the bullshit that is going on in SHOOT right now.

Even you, it seems, Vincent are not immune to the shit that Jason Johnson is laying down. And the sad part of it is… well I don’t think that you even see it Vincent. What happens after you and I are done with our business? What happens after either I take out your family or they take me out? What happens Vincent? You think Jason is going to allow ANY of your Family to wear that belt? You think Sammy, Kenji, or Roland are even going to be allowed to represent SHOOT as its champion?

He looks straight at Vincent when he asks the question.

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis bringing up some interesting points… and in his mind he believes the Family is being used by Jason Johnson.

Other Guy: If it’s true, if Real Deal, Jason, and the Defiler himself ARE all working together, then yeah it makes PERFECT sense.

Davis lowers his head once more as Mallows offers no answer to the question.

Christopher Davis: But Vincent, if you want to send your boys into the ring to attempt to FINALLY do what you NEVER could do?  What you’ll never be able to do.  Fine, so be it. I’ll do what I have to do.

Davis looks up one last time at Mallows.

Christopher Davis: However, you might just want to think about what I said though Vincent. Maybe… as advice from one former friend to another.

Mallows says nothing, he simply lays the microphone down on his lap and turns the chair around, wheeling back through the entryway, and vanishing from sight.  Davis shakes his head, drops the microphone and exits the ring. He shakes hands with a few fans as he heads up the ramp, pausing for a moment before walking through the curtains.

Revolution fades to black momentarily from there.


Reckoning Day was the culmination of an eight month long journey that brought the SHOOT Project blazing back into the spotlight of the professional wrestling world…

In two more weeks…

That journey begins again with an explosive start!

“Indestructible” by Disturbed kicks in as the screen comes to life with the Master of the Mat Logo.


On August Thirty First, Two Thousand and Eight, the SHOOT Project Soldiers return to Pay Per View with another CLASSIC.  Master of the Mat!

A montage is witnessed of the Master of the Mat tournament that took place throughout the summer months.  You see Donovan King rolled up by NC-17, Christopher Davis and Kenji Yamada brawling back and forth, Jester Smiles and Dan Stein both in action. Trevor Worrens defending his title against the likes of Azraith DeMitri.

The Master of the Mat tournament is one of the most prestigious wrestling tournaments in the business today and has paved the path to this Summer End Event.  Only TWO men stand, and only ONE will be declared the 2008 Master of the Mat.

A clip is shown of Jester Smiles hitting a hook kick to the side of Christopher Davis’s head.  Then after that we see Trevor Worrens connect with the Busaiku Knee Kick to NC-17.


Master of the Mat Finals

While the tournament finals has been what the Master of the Mat Pay Per View is built around, growing conflict in SHOOT Project as well as the reign of a manipulative World Heavyweight Champion has brought TWO crucial battles to the forefront.

We see an image of Adrian Corazon’s recent return, and his brutal first time encounter with Donovan King.


Stipulation to Be Named by King

From there a shot of Cade Sydal in action while a shot of him standing victoriously is super-imposed over the video.  Half of the screen is then pushed over by the smirking grin of a still shot of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.


SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship

Others have waged their own wars through choices made and consequences that would follow.

A quick shot of Christopher Davis saving Abigail Chase. Then a still image of the Family from their portrait picture.  That all wipes away to an action pose of Davis standing angrily across from Kenji Yamada, Roland Caldwell, and Sammy Rochester


Two out of three falls

As the music continues to play an image of Azraith DeMitri standing face to face with Timothy Roy is seen, and then the image of a cell drops down with a clang in front of them.


Lumberjack Cell Match

After that an image of Crush Heart in action, followed by Jack Heart SLAPPING Crush Heart across the face. Then we get two still pose shots of the two Hearts standing shoulder to shoulder.


The sibling rivalry ends!

And other champions look to defend their gold, while challengers look to end their reign.

A clip is shown of Sinnocence seductively blowing a kiss from the ramp way.  Then a shot of NC-17 holding the Revolution Championship Title over his head and celebrating in the ring.  Still shots of Sinnocence and NC-17 are then super imposed over the action clips.


Revolution Championship

The next clips shown are the tandem of Rogue and Riley and Long Island Hardcore battling it out backstage.  Still shots of the two teams are super imposed over that.


SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships

The image fades out to a black screen, the music slowly fading out as well.

Master of the Mat comes to the masses LIVE August Thirty First… and ONLY on Pay Per View!

The music dies out.




The feed cuts back to the ring, where Samantha Coil is standing at ringside…

Samantha Coil: Our next match is scheduled for one fa…

Before she can even finish, however, “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails blares over the speaker system. The crowd boos heavily, but as always a small section of rabid fans cheers as Azraith DeMitri stalks out of the entranceway, wearing his usual wrestling attire, but in his left hand he holds a slip of paper.

Other Guy: Both of these men were suspiciously silent this week, I heard rumors that Az found his friend Kaji in an Omaha hospital, pretty scratched up.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, I heard from my sources that puroesu superstar Kaji Sugimoto, known to some in the states as “The Blade” had been admitted at Creighton Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska for minor burns and scratches. No further explanation has been given from either the hospital or Azraith, however.

Az has a cold, empty glare plastered on his face as he rolls into the ring, walking to the center of it and looking around. Looking at his crowd. His hate. His love. His everything. A brief grin curves his lips before it fades again, and he grabs a mic before Samantha Coil could announce his opponent.

Azraith: Save your breath, Sam. Trust me… this motherfucker ain’t comin’ out.

The crowd boos at the announcement, but Az smirks, his eyes narrowing a bit as he glares right at the entranceway.

Azraith: Y’see…this guy. This bastard called Timothy Roy? Some of you might know him. Most of ya don’t.

But you all remember Maverick though … right?

A good majority of the crowd roars at the mention of Damien Roy’s moniker, and Az nods.

Azraith: Yeah…yeah. His nephew. Yeah. That’s Tim Roy. I’ll admit, it freaked me out; I completely forgot about him. It never even cross my mind that he could have been behind all the shit that’s happened as of late.

Azraith lowers his head, stalking the ring.

Azraith: He horrified me, tortured me, stalked me and my wife…he turned my life upside down in ways that Vincent Mallows could only WISH to accomplish. He’s made me…erm…

Az struggles with finding the right word, something that’s been plaguing him for weeks now…

Azraith: …I guess unstable is the best word for it. I hate this feeling…it’s…goddamn.

It’s like KNOWING you could beat a person…that you could maul them and destroy them and make them pay for all the horrible shit they’ve done…but…I don’t know. It’s hard to explain for me. But the short ‘n narrow of it for you folks is, that he’s a coward.

The crowd boos, and Az’s grin grows a little bit.

Azraith: What? You motherfuckers don’t KNOW Tim Roy. You fucking posers barely remember Damien.

Here’s a refresher. Old motherfucker wants to live vicariously through his pain to cope for some kind of inferiority complex.

So the guy joins some feds, kicks a bit of ass, runs into me. We find a lot of common interests, we team up for a while, we kick each others asses for a little while. Shit goes too far…he pushes me past a place that’s…safe…

…and he suffers for it.

The crowd roars out at that, booing heavily and nearly drowning Az out. Az’s grin seems to grow at this a little, his brow raising.

Azraith: Oh, you DO remember!

But hey, that was nothing new. That’s who I am, that’s what this business is about; fuck just ask Kenji Yamada, Del Carver or Vincent Mallows. I’m still standing and he’s not. That’s what it comes down to.

The fans are really booing now, Azraith looks around, waiting for the sound to die down a little.

Azraith: Anyways. That was Roy number one. Number two was Evan Roy, Maverick’s younger brother.

A bitch of the highest caliber. Whipped like a hooker with a crack problem, motherfucker kicks a bit of ass, impresses me somewhat, but falls in with a bad crowd, gets hooked on some whore…landed himself in jail.

Worthless sack of trash, wasn’t worth the blood I wasted on him.

Az’s grin was borderline psychotic as he glared at the ring, that piece of paper in his hand.

Other Guy: I think I know what Az is trying to do here…

Dave Dymond: Get this crowd heated enough to riot?

Other Guy: That’d just be an awesome after-effect.

Azraith: No…see…this thing I hold in my hand? This is an open fucking contract signed by not only myself, but Jason Johnson. That’s pretty much ALL it has on it, it’s blank except for a line to put Tim’s name on.

I’m giving him whatever he wants. I’m giving him a Japanese Deathmatch. I’m giving him an inferno match. I’m giving him a DEVIOUS CELL. I’m giving him THE HOUSE OF FUCKING PAIN if he wants it. One arm tied behind my back. Blindfolded. Gagged, strapped down, handcuffed, whatever-

The lights go down suddenly and Azraith takes a defensive stance as the giant video screen hanging above the entrance way bursts into static and then cuts to a video … of Azraith … arms tied behind his back, blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair. Fans scream, some in anticipation, others in horror as a hand reaches down and pulls the black bag off of the video version of Azraith’s head.

Voice: “Azraith DeMitri Nemesio … age 29… married… no children….”

Other Guy: Oh my god! This is a tape of the torture Azraith has been talking about for the past three months!

Dave Dymond: Is that guy… in the apron… is that supposed to be Tim?

Azraith (video) : Who…who the fuck are you?

The video bursts back into static and the lights turn back on, revealing a man standing at the top of the entranceway, wearing a cowboy hat a black long-sleeve shirt… and a bloody butchers apron, bikers gloves holding a similarly bloody sledgehammer in his hand.

Azraith’s face is a mix of horrid rage and frustration as he stands there, the blank contract being crushed in his hand as the other is tightly gripping the microphone. Meanwhile, the man at the top of the entranceway lifts his head up, pushing the top of the hat to reveal the face of Timothy Roy.

Roy also has a microphone in his hand and lifts it to his face.

Timothy Roy: What a surprise… for once in his life Azraith is speechless.

Azraith rushes the ropes, screaming over the side.



Az and Tim stare at each other, both men radiating a horrible sense of tension.

Tim: Do you REALLY think I’m that stupid, Azraith? That I’d simply walk down into whatever trap you have laid?

Azraith, for his part, actually laughs a bit … well, he smiles.

Azraith: No, I don’t think you’re THAT stupid, Tim. I just think you’re a bitch. You hide behind your little games…your little mind fucks. At least in the end Mallows got in the ring with me.

Tim: Yes, and look how wonderfully that turned out for him. I’m not falling for it.

Azraith rolls his eyes, and leans on the ropes facing the entranceway, his voice lowering to a low, feral growl.

Azraith: Oh you little sniveling shit! I guess it stands to reason though… your family is nothing but a bunch of cowards and failures. Damien ran away from his problems and wound up dead, Evan kept trying to run from his and wound up in jail… and don’t even get me started on your mom’s failed marriages and debts to the IRS.

Now it’s Tim’s turn to get angry. He grabs the top of his hat with one hand and throws it down, tightening his grip on the sledgehammer.

Azraith: Oh yeah… that’s right. I know ALL about your family – better than YOU probably do. At least I have the presence of mind to see them for their flaws as well as the positive things they did, as miniscule as they may be.

But you Tim? You take the fucking cake. At least Maverick would back up his words with action… at least Evan would fight me, even if he wasn’t as talented as his brother was. I’d say your mom backed up her words but I never cared to see what the whore is like in bed.

Tim: Shut your ignorant mouth.

Azraith: Oooh, is that the line Timmy? I apologize… I know how insecure you are about living up to your uncles’ name. In many ways you’re doing his name justice with all of your evil acts … but torture? Assault? Attempted murder? Arson? At least Mav had standards.

The fans continue to boo Azraith.

Azraith: What would your mother say if she could see you now? Ever wonder that? I do…I mean about my own mah. Every single goddamn day. As fucked up as I am…as mean and as horrible and as cruel and as sadistic as I am…at least I know without a shadow of a doubt my mother could look me in the face and see ME. You? Your mother?

That grin returns…

Azraith: She’d call you a monster.

A fiend.

A bastard child.

Az laughs again, the crowd booing all the while.  Tim’s heard enough, he drops the microphone and stomps down to the ring, shooting flames out of his ears as he drags the bloody sledgehammer behind him. Azraith takes a defensive stance as Tim gets down to the ring, swipes a microphone from Samantha Coil and walks up the steps and steps through the ropes onto the mat.   Tim points at the referee who was scheduled to judge the match and motions for him to stand between him and Azraith but he just shakes his head no. Tim sneers and glares at Azraith, his eyes burning through the Avatar.

Tim : My uncles did more in their lives, more for their country, then you could ever hope to accomplish even if you had an eternity to do it. What’s your big accomplishment in life Azraith? Putting a kid into a coma? Blinding an elderly man? Marrying a woman who gave you a failed pregnancy? Alienating your father? Denying your mother any motivation to fight her cancer? Surviving long enough to become the most apathetically supported “superstar” in SHOOT history?

Azraith scowls.

Azraith: …and after all that, all that petulant whining…after all the cutting barbs and evil intentions, you’re still that little shit that’ll never be more than the sum of your family.

Tim: At least I’m fighting for them. All you can do is leave your father open to be maimed by me. All you can do is stand, not two feet from your wife while I scar her face…

You know you talk so much…you run your mouth so vigorously…yet here you stand, impotent as always. You’re impotent without my signature. You want to get back at me so bad Azraith but I’ve been getting by quite well on my own. Why should I give you a match?

Who are you going to threaten? What can you TAKE from me that you haven’t already?

You’ve got nothing on me … I’ve got EVERYTHING on you.

Az grins again, shrugging a little as he moves back to the center of the ring, and actually turns his back to Tim.

Azraith: I dunno. You can deny it all you want…but ever since your first action against me…I’ve known what you’ve wanted. I just needed a who. A why. You’ve wanted…you’ve always wanted to feel my bones breaking underneath your fist.

A smirk.

Azraith: If you didn’t want a match with me, if you didn’t want to fight me? Why not just kill me in that room when you had the chance? Why not end it all instead of torturing me, sending me through more physical pain that I’ve ever withstood?

Az turns around again and looks at Tim, his grin broad, arrogant.

Azraith: Because…you fuckin’ need me.

Tim cuts Az off, his eyes suddenly full of rage.


Tim’s voice cracks and gargles with a sickening nature as the crowd roars out with him, but he tries to compose himself as he continues.

Tim: You…you took away Damien from me. Love him or hate him he was my family, and you ruined that for me. You selfish, arrogant bastard, you took that away and I will NEVER forgive you for that – the least I could do is make you feel, even a FRACTION of what it feels like to have that happen to you.

I’ve been waiting for five years…I’ve planned and plotted and watched. You’ve had so many chances to apologize, to atone…yet you’ve just become worse. You call me a monster? At least I didn’t drive a man off a bri-

Az cuts Tim off.

Azraith: You ALWAYS bring this up and I let it fucking slide every time, but he DID IT TO ME FIRST YOU LITTLE SHIT! HE TRIED TO KILL ME! But nooooo, screw that, who cares? I’m the big bad Ghost, the evil motherfucker who causes all the problems in the world. You’re alone? You ain’t got a family? What family did you have before me, Tim? Two borderline psychopathic uncles? A overprotective bitch of a mother…

Tim: It’d be EASY to kill you Azraith. It’d be EASY to destroy your family like you did mine… but so help me I plan to enjoy every SECOND of it.

Azraith: Then go ahead you piece of shit! You gonna burn me again? Attack Victoria? My father? DO IT. Who’s impotent, exactly?

Az’s grin wavers a second…but he can’t hold it anymore. A chuckle…followed by a snicker, followed by a full-on belly laugh. The crowd looks horrified as Azraith DeMitri outright laughs in Timothy Roy’s face. He continues for a full ten or fifteen seconds before he waves his hands, shaking his head.

Azraith: You say you want me to suffer but what have you REALLY done Tim? STALK me?. FOLLOW me? Make me look over my shoulder every now and then? Scratch up Tori’s face a little? You’re so-called torture obviously didn’t do TOO much because here I stand; hell I just beat a future hall of famer in Donovan King last week … you think I’m broken!? No!

YOU’VE FAILED Tim. Why don’t YOU just go home? If you don’t want to fight me, if you don’t want to kill me, if you don’t want to give me a match, then WHY ARE YOU HERE?!

Ahahaha…you don’t even know do you? You don’t even fucking know! Jesus Christ Tim, you go through this all, this big fucking charade, and yet just like the rest of your goddamn family, just like the whole fucking Roy name, when it comes to me?

You just sit there, and take it.

You just sit there, and CHOKE!

Tim snarls…and in a surprisingly fast motion snatches the paper out of his hand, the crowd cheering wildly as he does.

Tim : You want to fight me so bad Azraith? You have a Goddamned deathwish? So be it. You’ve GOT your match.

Azraith smiles a big fucking shit-eating grin as the fans roar in approval. But Tim doesn’t sign the paper just yet. He looks at Azraith as the crowd noise dies down.

Tim: But before I make this official… I figure it’s only fair to let you know just HOW you’re career will come to an end.

Tim looks around the arena.

Tim: Five years ago Damien fought you, in a match, right here in the Thomas and Mack Arena. This is where he died Azraith… at YOUR hands and so it’s only fitting that I avenge him by giving you the same chance he had.

Damien died fighting in a 20-foot cell and so in two weeks, at Master of the Mat, it will be you and me, right here, in a 20-foot cell!

Other Guy: WOW!

Dave Dymond: That’ll be epic!

Azraith’s smile drops a little as the fans roar with approval.

Tim: But that’s not all Azraith… because it wasn’t just YOU in the Devious Cell with Damien, it was you and six other men who either wanted Damien crippled and out of SHOOT forever … and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

In addition to me, I will be bringing down six lumberjacks of MY choosing and regardless of who they are, if they aren’t in the cage, neither am I.

The fans downright explode at this announcement as Azraith’s mouth turns in to a horrible sneer.

Azraith:  Sign it.

The crowd hushes for a second as the two never look away from another.  That sledgehammer still in his off hand, Tim lets go of the mic and reaches into his jacket, pulling out a pen.  Still looking up at Azraith, Tim scrawls out his signature on the contract, and shoves it in Az’s chest, which brings the crowd to their feet.

Dave Dymond:  There you have it folks!  We have Azraith DeMitri versus Timothy Roy in what might be the first Lumberjack Cell match SHOOT has ever seen!

Other Guy:  Uh…Dave?  These two aren’t moving…

Az throws the now crumbled, but still intact piece of paper aside for a ring tech to snatch up and run to the back.  Tim’s grasp on the bloody sledgehammer tightens, but before he can bring it up, Azraith was on the smaller man, lunging at him with a horrifying speed, knocking him to the ground and lobbing the hammer out of his hand.  Azraith snarls like some feral beast as he rains down punch after punch into Timothy Roy’s face.  Az can see the ref’s and security coming, but he refuses to waste this opportunity.  Dragging the dazed Roy to his feet, Az screams at the security, the ferocity of it actually causing several of them to stop in their tracks.  Using the brief moment, Azraith hook’s Tim’s arms and in a flash, Az has the younger, smaller man up, and violently drops him on his neck with an Extinction!  The crowd boos but Az doesn’t hear it.  He’s laughing as security finally hits the ring, shoving him away from Timothy and securing him in a corner.

Dave Dymond:  You can say what you want about any of the wrestlers in SHOOT right now, I think these two men honestly hate each other more than any other two men in this federation.

Other Guy:  I’m hard pressed to agree, but right now it looks like little will stop these two men from outright killing each other at Master of the Mat.

Dave Dymond: And speaking of Master of the Mat, one of the headlining matches, the Master of the Mat Finals, has been recently brought into question.  However we have received taped footage from the current Laws of Survival Champion Trevor Worrens, which will either confirm or deny the rumors of a potentially serious injury.


The focus shifts to Trevor Worrens, sitting alone on a bench that is situated in between two rows of lockers.  His head is lowered, his shirt is off, and his arm is in a sling.  There is a different quality to what is being seen, a clear indication that it is not shot by the normal SHOOT Project production crew.  It carries a more raw, grainer quality, and the colors seem almost muted.

Trevor Worrens: Questions. For the past few weeks that’s what everything comes down to.  People questioning what’s happening in SHOOT Project, people questioning what happened to Jason Johnson.  And then there have been questions directed to me.

How do you feel about your Master of the Mat finals match against Jester Smiles?

What do you think about Donovan King’s continued efforts to recruit Jester Smiles?

Are you healthy enough to compete with Jester Smiles?

Worrens finally looks up, turning his head to face everyone.

Trevor Worrens:  Every question I have been asked has contained the same two factors.  Jester Smiles and me.  For the past few weeks, that’s what it has been about. And for a few more weeks, that’s what it will be about.  And you know what, after that… it’s STILL what it will be about.

You see, this industry, it gives you plenty of room to develop enemies, but rarely do you develop friends.  In a turn of events maybe unforeseen by both of us, I’d like to think that Eric and I… no… I KNOW Eric and I have become friends.  So all the Internet rumors, ALL the speculation that Jester came out late so I’d be injured can be put to rest.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hurt.

The camera slowly zooms in on Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: What Osbourne Kilminster did was TRY to eliminate me.  And I’ll hand it to him; he came really damn close to backing up each word he spit out of his mouth.  But fact is fact; I’m STILL the Laws of Survival Champion, and I’m STILL the man who represents the very core of that championship right down to its most basic form.

I survived and in turn BEAT Osbourne Kilminster once again.  He wanted to try and take me out as a result, well good.  He tried, but he didn’t do the job.  I’m going to be fine.  My shoulder aches, my body aches, and there was concern that I tore my biceps tendon.  For two days I couldn’t even move my arm.

Then mobility came back slowly. It was painful, but it came back.  So I’m not out of this.

The zoom stops, and Worrens flashes a smile.

Trevor Worrens: In fact, even if I was injured, if there was any way I could still compete and deal with any surgeries or further complications later… I would.  Because this match, the Master of the Mat Finals… it means EVERYTHING to me and it means EVERYTHING to Eric.  So yeah, that pretty much answers question number one and number three.  I’m excited; more excited than ever, and there is no doubt that I WILL compete, and WILL be healthy enough TO compete come Pay Per View time, August Thirty First.

So that just leaves question number two… and admittedly it’s a question that weighs on my mind, more so than ever after the events of last week.

Worrens lowers his head for a moment, obviously collecting his thoughts.  He then raises it once more, but this time looks straight ahead at first.

Trevor Worrens: How do I feel about Donovan King constantly trying to “recruit” Eric?  Well, the short of it is that I don’t like at all. (Worrens looks back at the camera now)  I’ve never crossed paths with Donovan King, yet the guy has felt compelled to trash me on a few occasions.  So there’s no good feeling that comes from knowing that guy is trying to talk into the ear my friend.  There’s nothing okay about a selfish man like Donovan King trying to convince a truly legit athlete and damn good human being to join him in battle.

It WAS cut and dry.  Donovan King was trying to pull Eric into something that he didn’t need to get involved in, that on TWO occasions Eric has SAID he didn’t want to get involved in.

Then last week happened.

Worrens sighs.

Trevor Worrens: Last week Donovan King took a beating.  And yeah, it was a beating that I could very well see King himself delivering to some victim of his. So you kind of want to look at it like karma.  But see it wasn’t the beating that bothered me.  No, it was the smug attitude of The Real Deal. It was the odd sense of enjoyment I felt I saw in the eyes of Adrian Corazon.  It was THEIR actions that gave me no choice but to question my own belief on the subject of Donovan King.

It was their actions that made me wonder if there wasn’t truth to King’s words after all.

And it was their actions that have possibly drawn Eric closer to Donovan King.

Worrens seems to tense up a great deal.

Trevor Worrens:  So really, I sit here torn.  I attempted to contact King himself, have a talk man to man, but my attempt went ignored.  Part of that still doesn’t sit well with me, but on the other hand sometimes actions speak louder than words. And what Real Deal did last week doesn’t exactly make him look like the shining guiding light SHOOT Project could use right about now.

Worrens shakes his head a bit with an odd laugh.

Trevor Worrens: The more I think about it, the more I mull it over in my head, I realize. I’m not really sure about much these days.  I don’t know what the hell is going on, I don’t know who’s on who’s side, but at the end of the day I don’t care. At the end of the day there is ONE thing I know for certain.

Worrens stands up now, turning his whole body to face the camera.

Trevor Worrens: I know the one man I can trust, the one man I CAN call a friend, is my opponent in the Master of the Mat finals.  So I KNOW for certain that anything else, any other conflicts or WARS brewing in SHOOT will NOT touch our match. Will NOT influence either of us.

So Donovan King, if you’re legit then I expect to see a clean and competitive match from you tonight.  If you’re true to your cause, and what you’ve been saying IS what is happening, then I’ll wish you good luck.

Worrens’s eyes narrow as a sense of anger comes over him.

Trevor Worrens: But I swear to god, Donovan King, if in your mind Jester Smiles is just your meal ticket to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship… if you back him just so you can stab him in the back… I WILL come after you.  It won’t be on a Pay Per View, or a Revolution, or even in a match.  I will simply find you and make you wish you never even dreamed up the Sons of Liberty.

Eric is the ONE man I can call friend, and if you do anything to manipulate him, to change that… I PROMISE that what Adrian Corazon did won’t even COMPARE to the kind of pain I’ll inflict upon you.

Worrens looks long and hard at the camera before him, and finally the scene fades to black.


We go to the ring, where we see Samantha Coil standing in the spotlight, microphone in hand.  The arena lights dim, and “The Imperial March” by John Williams starts to play.  The ominous music is also known as Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars, but in the world of professional wrestling it has also come to mean something else…

The camera angle switches to the entranceway, and we see a tall, skinny masked man in a black singlet and hood appear.  He is holding a huge axe, and has the letter “E” emblazoned across his chest. 

It is…The Executioner!

The infamous masked man starts to make his way to the ring, and walking behind him, we see a skinny, pimply-faced young man in red tights, and a circa 1983 style red leather jacket, made famous by Michael Jackson.  The youngster walking behind The Executioner appears to be Latino, and he is quite pumped up as he follows The Executioner into the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next Tag Team bout is a special BONUS MATCH!  Introducing first, now entering the ring at a combined weight of 453 pounds, here are Joe “The Thriller” Santiago and his partner…The Executioner!

Joe Santiago jumps up in the air and pumps his fist to no reaction whatsoever.  The Executioner holds his axe high over his head to a much louder reaction from the fans. The two men take their place in the far corner, as The Executioner’s music fades and the camera angle once again goes to the aisle.

“Cochise” by Audioslave starts to play, and the fans turn and look up the aisle in anticipation.  As the spotlight illuminates the entrance, Ron Barker steps into view. Unlike usual, Ron Barker is not wearing a stylish or expensive suit, he is dressed for action in a black singlet, black elbow and kneepads, and black boots. Immediately behind him is Diamond Del Carver. 

Carver is dressed as always, a SHOOT Project T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, faded jeans, and heavy black motorcycle boots…but one cannot help but notice Carver is wearing a black T-Shirt and black jeans to match Ron Barker’s color scheme.  As he walks down the aisle behind Ron Barker, Carver is pulling on a pair of black leather gloves over his hands, and tightening them. The two men enter the ring one after the other.

Samantha: And now, their opponents…at a combined weight of 525 pounds, here are RON BARKER and DEL CARVER!

As Samantha exits the ring and the referee enters, the fans give the tandem of Barker and Carver a largely mixed reaction…there are as many boos for Barker as there are for Carver.  As the music fades, the referee calls for the bell…

The minute the bell rings, Barker and Carver charge!

The two SHOOT Project veterans attack Joe Santiago and The Executioner with full force. Ron Barker leaps forward and grabs The Executioner around the neck, and then hurls him to the mat with a perfectly executed Beal toss.  Carver simply tackles Joe Santiago to the mat and starts to rain a flurry of punches down on the head of the hapless youngster.  This show of force gets the crowd fully behind Barker and Carver, and the fans come to their feet at the sight of the brutal beating.

In unison, Barker and Carver pull The Executioner and Santiago to their feet, and then in perfect symmetry, the toss the two men into the far ropes.  As The Executioner and Santiago bounce off the ropes and come back towards Barker and Carver at the exact same time, both Barker and Carver extend their forearms and send the two hapless opponents crashing to the mat with simultaneously timed lariat clotheslines!

Dave Dymond: Well, we’ve got ourselves an unexpected Tag Team match for you fans, as the new team of Ron Barker and Del Carver take on the famous masked man The Executioner, and newcomer Joe “The Thriller” Santiago.

The Other Guy: Santiago is infamous in his own way, but we won’t get into that.  He is a 13 time champion in the JWF…the Joe Wrestling Federation, but somehow I don’t see that helping him here.

The referee is hollering at Barker and Carver to break up the double team.  Ron Barker totally ignores the referee, and puts one of his boots over the neck of Joe Santiago, choking him.  Del Carver looks at the referee, shrugs and picks up The Executioner, hurling him over the top rope to the outside, where he lands in a heap and lies still. Carver throws a kick to the ribs of Joe Santiago, and then heads to his corner.

Ron Barker hoists Joe Santiago high into the air with a perfect vertical suplex.  He holds him aloft for a long moment, and then sends him crashing to the mat back first.  Barker walks over to the corner, and slaps the outstretched hand of Diamond Del Carver. Barker heads to the apron as Carver heads back into the ring.

Diamond Del Carver pulls Joe Santiago to his feet, and then running with him by the back of the head, smashes his face into the corner turnbuckle.  As the fans count along, Del Carver slowly and deliberately hammers Joe Santiago’s head off the top turnbuckle 10 times, as the fans count along.  Carver finally stops bashing Santiago’s head off the turnbuckles, but he locks him up in a face up position, and sends him smashing into the mat with a reverse DDT.

Dave Dymond: I have to admit that I am pretty surprised to see the team of Ron Barker and Diamond Del Carver working as such a cohesive unit here, OG.  Even if it is only against Santiago and The Executioner.

The Other Guy: I’m not surprised, and you shouldn’t be either.  Ron Barker wants those SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships…and as you know, what Barker wants, Barker gets.  This partnership was a well orchestrated plan by Ron Barker, and now that old man Carver knows his place, he’s doing his job, what he is being paid for…to be Ron Barker’s partner, and take orders.

Del Carver reaches out and slaps Ron Barker’s outstretched hand.  Barker enters the ring, and starts to stomp the midsection of the semiconscious Joe Santiago.  As Barker is stomping away at Santiago, Diamond Del Carver looks to the outside of the ring, and notices that The Executioner is starting to stir.  Carver hops down, heads over and grabs the masked man by the wrist, pulling him to his feet.  As the fans cheer, The Hardcore Outlaw whips The Executioner face first into the steel steps!  BOOM!  Both the steps and the Executioner are sent flying.

In the ring, Ron Barker continues to stomp Joe Santiago into oblivion, as the defenseless newcomer is flat on his back.  As Del Carver heads back to the apron, Barker grabs both Santiago’s legs and locks them into a figure four with his arms, placing Santiago’s straight leg into his arm pit. Ron Barker steps over Santiago, rolling him on his stomach as if for a Boston crab…and then he sits back.

Argo Stretch!

Ron Barker has Joe Santiago locked up in his patented submission move, and there is no escape.  His Tag Team partner is out cold on the outside of the ring, thanks to Diamond Del Carver, and Barker has the hold locked in perfectly.  Del Carver leans over the ropes and watches intently, as Ron Barker keeps the Argo Stretch locked in, and he leans back as far as he can. Joe Santiago screams in agony, and immediately starts pounding on the mat with his hand, tapping out.

The bell rings, and “Cochise” starts to play once again.  Barker releases the hold, and leaves Joe Santiago laying on the mat, quivering in pain.  The referee motions for Carver to enter the ring, which he does.  As soon as Ron Barker and Diamond Del Carver are standing in the middle of the ring, the referee holds both of their arms high in the air. Samantha makes it official as the music continues to play, and the fans cheer the display of brutality they just witnessed.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners…RON BARKER AND DEL CARVER!

Both Barker and Carver stare into the camera, neither man smiling.  Diamond Del Carver uses both his hands and motions across his waist, indicating where a belt would be.  Barker points into the camera with a deadly serious expression on his face as Carver continues to make the “belt” gesture.  Finally both men exit the ring, and head up the aisle, as the referee aids Santiago and The Executioner. The camera goes to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position…

Dave Dymond: After confirming that they will be working as a team last week, Ron Barker and Del Carver come in this week and make quick work of The Executioner and Joe Santiago.  It is my understanding that they asked for a match, and were granted this special bout at the last minute…and now I’m wondering, does this mean Barker and Carver can actually co-exist?

The Other Guy:  Well, they barely looked at each other during this match, and they didn’t speak one word to each other, but they looked like they were on the same page.  If these guys can keep their personal differences out of this partnership, then Ron Barker might get his wish for the Tag Team Titles.  Then again, it’s entirely possible that this all just some elaborate plan of the part of Ron Barker to screw with Del Carver…and even if it isn’t…The Executioner and Joe Santiago ain’t exactly Long Island Hardcore!

Dave Dymond: Good point. It will be interesting to see where these two men go from here, fans…and if we find out if Ron Barker really wants to be a Tag Team Champion, of if he just wants to ruin the life of Diamond Del Carver.  Only time will tell.


As the night progresses closer and closer to its end, the focus shifts to the loading dock of the Thomas and Mack Center.  The full sized dark blue van, complete with wheel chair lift that we’ve all come to know is parked and Vincent Mallows is seen being lifted up. The Driver is the only one with him, his back turned slightly as he seems to be in discussion with Mallows.

Eryk Masters: Vincent Mallows, a quick word!

Long time SHOOT Project employee Eryk Masters approaches the scene just as the lift reaches its full height.  The Driver turns completely to face the button on the side of the van and presses it again, the lift slowly pulls inward with Mallows moving into the van with it.

Vincent Mallows: (slurred/gargled speech) Honestly, what more can I say?  Everything that needed to happen has happened.

Eryk Masters: But what was that all about earlier?  The Family being sent away, Davis hinting that you might be a puppet in all of this…. And then no repercussion for that accusation?  That doesn’t seem like the usual…

Mallows raises his one moveable arm, the right one, to cut Masters off.

Vincent Mallows: (slurred/gargled speech) These are not usual times, Eryk Masters. But if you’re asking me how I feel about Davis’s assumption. Well, look at me. There is only so much I am capable of… so perhaps I am a puppet then. Of course, we’re all puppets at some point.  You and me both… and everyone else who has stepped foot in this SHOOT Project’s ring.

Mallows seems like he is going to say more, but his right eye seems to wander in the direction of the driver who just shakes his head slightly.

Vincent Mallows: What? You don’t agree?

The Driver stops shaking his head.

The Driver: No, I just think this is a waste of your time.  This man is absolutely pathetic.  You don’t owe him a single explanation.

With that, the Driver walks around the van while the focus remains on Mallows and Eryk Masters.

Vincent Mallows: You’ll have to excuse him.  He’s had to be back and forth all day.  He’s a busy driver, but the absolute best.  Unfortunately for you, Eryk Masters, he’s right. So consider this interview done.

Masters nods his head somewhat reluctantly and just stands there with Mallows in the van, situated in place.

Vincent Mallows: Could you…

Mallows motions to the door with his right hand.

Eryk Masters: Oh… ummm… yeah sure.

Masters reaches out and closes the sliding van door. The engine starts up and quickly the van leaves the arena, leaving Eryk Masters watching on before the camera returns to the ring area.



Coming back to the ring, “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint kicks in full and the fans ERUPT with cheering!  Cade Sydal explodes from the back, pumped up and ready to go as he points out at the capacity crowd and nods his head.

Dave Dymond: He will be the man of the hour at Master of the Mat when he looks to take the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship for his own… BUT will tonight be Cade’s FINAL hour in this three week long game being carried out by The Defiler himself.

Other Guy: Never easy goin’ up against an unknown opponent, so it could be, Dave. Cade could find himself losin’ tonight and that would give Jonny Johnson the right to picking the stipulations for their match up in two weeks.

Sydal tags hands with the fans as he approaches the ring, his music playing along with a montage of action clips that play on the Revolution video screen.

Samantha Coil: This next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing at this time, weighing in at 179 pounds… ladies and gentlemen. HERE IS CADE SYDAL!!!

Another boisterous pop of enthusiasm from the crowd sounds throughout the Thomas and Mack Center as Sydal jogs up the steel steps and then vaults himself over the ropes and into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Very much the nervous anticipation about Cade Sydal right now, but this is a man who has fought odds and overcome obstacles in the past, and there are plenty of people pulling for him to be able to do that kind of thing here tonight.

Sydal stretches out in the ring; pulling on the top rope a few times as well as kicking his leg out onto the second turnbuckle.  His music slowly fades out. And now everyone just waits.

Other Guy: Who’s gonna be Cade’s oppon…

A HUGE single burst explosion of red and orange pyros at the entryway gives lead in to an ominous heavy rock guitar rift.  The pacing is slow and lumbering and over it a voice shouts “BIG BANG BOMB!” at random intervals. Sydal paces with nervous anticipation in the ring as the music continues; all the while the Revolution video screen just shows a variety of explosions.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

An ENORMOUSLY large man steps stomps out from the back and pounds his chest with one meaty arm.  The crowd buzzes with complete shock in response to the man’s presence.

Samantha Coil: Standing at 6’7” tall and weighing in at 487 pounds… here is “The Big Bang Bomb!” Bradley Boom!

Dave Dymond: I have to ask just one thing, Other Guy, where on God’s green earth did Jonny Johnson find THIS behemoth!

Other Guy: (greatly annoyed) No fucking idea… Dave.

Bradley Boom stands in a one-piece black body suit that stretches a great deal around the stomach area.  The front of his attire shows an explosion graphic in red, with the jagged edges trimmed in orange, and across it in white text reads Big Bang on top and BOMB stretched out under the other two words.

Dave Dymond: This man, Bradley Boom, is something else… and that’s one thing we CAN say about him here tonight… he’s a BIG man.

Other Guy: Huge and fat is more like it.  And what’s with the hair… the guy has ACTUALLY dyed his ponytail white with a red tip.

Dave Dymond: Obviously committed to his in ring persona…

With the fans not sure what to think, Bradley Boom makes his way down to the ring, every so often pounding his chest to the slow beat of the instrumental guitar rift and shouting out BIG BANG BOMB!  A camera angle cut shows a concerned expression on Sydal’s face as he shakes his head a few times, clearly not happy with the man lumbering towards the ring.  Boom grabs the ring ropes and pulls down on them while he lifts his massive body up onto the entryway and then EASILY clears the ring ropes as he steps over them.  He looks right at Sydal, points, and pounds his chest again.


Referee Scott Kamura quickly checks both competitors in and then signals for the bell.  Boom walks towards Sydal, but Sydal quickly puts space between himself and the much much larger man.

Dave Dymond: Sydal will have to utilize a hit and run, speed over strength mentality if he plans on making ANY ground in this match up against this Bradley Boom.  Because needless to say, this won’t be an easy fight for Cade what so ever.

Boom continues after Sydal, quite a few steps slower than him.  Sydal bounces his body off the ropes now and then DIVES feet first with a rocket of a low dropkick to Boom’s legs. Boom doesn’t even falter. He bends down to grab Sydal, but Sydal snaps up to his feet and is out of the way before Boom can lift him up.  Sydal LEAPS at this moment with a toe punt kick straight into Boom’s face, and Boom just takes it and stands up, seemingly unfazed.  Sydal surprisingly stays right on the offense now, FIRING with hard kicks to both of Boom’s legs and Boom just shakes his head as Sydal’s attempts to chop the big man down seem futile.

Bradley Boom: Are you Serious!?

Boom suddenly SHOVES both of his meaty arms outward knocking Sydal down onto the mat.  Sydal sits up, holding the back of his head in pain, but he’s quick up to his feet once again and he LUNGES at Boom, looking for a shoulder tackle to the gut, but Boom SWATS his arm out and CLOBBERS Sydal in the side of the head, once more sending him down onto the mat.

Other Guy: This is unfair.  This cat weighs almost THREE TIMES as much as Cade!

Dave Dymond: Definitely a huge size disadvantage here, and I’m in agreement that this match doesn’t seem like its one that Sydal can actually win.

Boom comes at Sydal faster this time, though overall he’s still slow.  Sydal scrambles to his feet but Boom gets a firm hold on his shoulder spins him around, only Sydal SNAPS his body upward and DRILLS A knee right under Boom’s chin!

Dave Dymond: What a shot from Sydal!

The fans pop as Boom’s face contorts, showing some pain, and Sydal drops back down onto the mat, hits the ropes again, but HERE COMES BOOM WITH A FOREARM CLAP TO SYDAL!  Sydal hits the mat hard and Boom lifts his elbow, taps it a couple of times as Sydal works on getting up, and Boom drops… but Sydal moves out of the way!

Sydal quick up to his feet once more, and with Boom on his knees, Sydal starts FIRING forearm shot after forearm shot to the back of Boom’s head!  Boom sways forward only very slightly from each shot, and slowly gets up, first on one knee, then all the way up. Sydal keeps firing forearms though, now focusing on the back, only for Boom to just blindly swat backwards and once more send Sydal to the mat.  Sydal rolls towards the edge of the ring though and snaps right back up to his feet, LEAPS up onto the top rope and FLIPS backward…. PELE KICK TO THE TOP OF THE HEAD FROM THE TOP ROPE!

Other Guy: Holy shit, Dave, what a move from Sydal!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal using the top rope for extra elevation and it PAYS OFF as Boom staggering now from foot meeting skull!

Sydal lands on the mat on his stomach, pushes up now and turns and SNAPS off an innovative low enzeguri kick to Boom’s left leg!  Boom stumbles and Sydal continues with the hard kick, snapping them off to the legs and now to the mid section and side of the ribs as well.  Boom moves his arms to block the kicks, shoves Sydal back, only for Sydal to LEAP as he does so and SPIN with a heel kick…

Boom CATCHES Sydal’s leg in mid jump though and he just WHIPS Sydal back first down onto the mat!  Sydal writhes in pain and the once cheering fans fall into a quiet lull.

Dave Dymond: Sydal had the momentum in his favor, but Bradley Boom’s size comes right back into play.

Other Guy: And that’s all it is, Dave. This cat can’t wrestle, but he’s big and Cade’s smaller… that’s the bottom line.

Dave Dymond: At the end of the day, that’s probably exactly why Jonny Johnson brought this man in to face Cade as things once again not looking good for the Technical Messiah.

Boom lifts Sydal with both hands gripped onto his shoulders and then TURNS his body and lets go, WHIPPING Sydal right back down onto the mat. Boom stomps his feet as he walks towards Sydal now, who despite hurting, still tries to get up to his feet.



The crowd reacts to Boom’s taunt, and this only makes Boom laugh.  Sydal is up on palms and knees and Boom grabs him and with ease yanks him up into a fall away slam position. He turns a full circle slowly in the ring, showing off Sydal to the angered crowd.  Boom then shouts… “BIG!” And falls forward with Sydal underneath him!  Boom doesn’t stay down though and gets right back up, still holding Sydal in the fall away slam position.

Dave Dymond: And this looks like the beginning of the end for Cade Sydal, Other Guy.

Other Guy: I hate it.  Jonny gets what he wants… AGAIN! Damn it…

Boom shouts out “BANG!” and falls a second time, SQUASHING Sydal underneath him.  Boom gets up a third time and the crowd starts booing louder, and a “YOU SUCK!” chant breaks out somewhere in the Thomas and Mack Center. Boom gets angry at the fans and starts shouting back at them, all while holding Sydal in the fall away slam position.  Boom then goes to lift Sydal up into a fireman’s carry position…


Dave Dymond: Sydal not done for yet!  C’MON CADE!

The fans start cheering wildly as Cade with EVERY LAST BIT HE HAS continues to drill Bradley Boom in the head with vicious knee strikes. Boom staggers now, losing his focus as he wobbles backwards towards the up ring ropes. Sydal doesn’t let up at all… KNEE SHOT AFTER KNEE SHOT AFTER KNEE SHOT!

Other Guy: He’s got the giant of a man wobbling, Dave. This ain’t over!

Dave Dymond: I know! I know! These fans rallying as Sydal trying desperately to get out of Boom’s grip.

Boom is nearly up against the ropes, but he finally gets a firm hold on Sydal’s legs, preventing him from hitting anymore knee strikes. He then looks to fall backwards with a Samoan drop, but has NO idea how close to the ropes he IS! Sydal drops down on the ring edge, pulls the ropes down and Boom’s weight carries him downward and sends him SPILLING TO THE OUTSIDE!


Boom’s head collides with the edge of the ring and he lands sprawled out on the floor outside.  Sydal crawls through the ropes, and is just able to hold himself up on the second rope, wincing in pain.  Referee Scott Kamura starts the ten count!




Sydal up to his full vertical base, still leaning on the ropes though as he slowly begins to nod his head.



Dave Dymond: Bradley Boom not moving an inch of his body.

Other Guy: I can’t believe it, Dave. Sydal IS going to pull this off!




Sydal holds up his arms, the fans getting louder.


The fans echo nine!  There is no sign of movement from Boom.


THE CROWD ERUPTS!  The bell sounds.  “Broken Bones” begins to play again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by count out… CADE SYDAL!!!

The celebration is short lived as Sydal’s music suddenly cuts out and the Revolution video screen comes to life with the face of THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON!

The shot is from inside THE DEFILER’S LOCKER ROOM, and the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION is surrounded by a familiar cast of characters, and some unfamiliar.  JONNY JOHNSON, with the World Heavyweight Title draped over his left shoulder, stares arrogantly into the camera.  Behind him are TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY chatting with TIM CALAHAN, while OSBOURNE KILMINSTER sits in a couch seat off to the side with SINNOCENCE in his lap.  PETER LOLWEN is having a cup of coffee next to JOYCE MAGUIRE, both relatively silent.

Inside the ring, Cade watches the scene, while Jonny just sort of smirks arrogantly, cruelly.

The DEFILER: You know you’re fucking pathetic right?  I mean…  how couldn’t you, Cade?  (Shaking his head) Even the fans are slowly losing their faith, dude.  Even the idiots that I can hear booing right now.  They hate me, but that doesn’t mean they trust you.  Ever since I defeated you three weeks ago, your popularity has sunk further and further every passing day.  Don’t you read the news, man? YOU’RE NOT OVER anymore…  and THAT’s a fucking problem.  For…  for me.

He pauses.

The DEFILER: I’m a money guy, Cade.  I want the highest selling merchandise…  the biggest rivalries…  the MOST attention, and your suicide trail, while amusing to ME is apparently bringing down my otherwise highly rated segments.  I was thinking you might put in a better effort against Mister Boom, tonight, but you BARELY got by, which means I have to take actions into my own hands.

His sinister smile returns as he continues to speak with venom.

The DEFILER: I want to help carry out your execution, Cade.  MORE THAN ANYTHING in the WORLD.  You’re perfect lamb for slaughter.  But I won’t risk my image for it.  So here’s what you’re gonna do.  You have two wins in a row.  Impressive, but as the people have been saying…  it’s not exactly like I didn’t make it obvious.  Next week, though…  Heh…  Man…  You are going to LOVE next week because your fucking LIVELIHOOD is going to be at stake.

Laughing, the World Champ pauses for effect.

The DEFILER: You’ll HAVE to win, Cade because there’s NO WAY IN HELL that I can feasibly hold your hand through this shit.  I don’t have the patience for it.  So it’s make or break.  You win, same rules apply, you get whatever kind of match you want with me…  but you lose.  Heh.  If you lose, sweetheart… you DON’T GET A SHOT.  PERIOD!  You’re DONE being a main eventer once and for all.  Heh.  And In your place…  whoever beats you, assuming you’ll choke under pressure…  that’ll be who I’m gonna fight at Master of the Mat instead.

The fans boo loudly as Jonny works this hostile crowd to a T.

The DEFILER: (Cold smile) The best part…  your opponent next week…

He lets his words linger, his smile fade.

The DEFILER: His name is DAN STEIN.


The DEFILER: I’m done being on this show tonight.  I have things to do  (Mockingly)  Like planning for the BIG WAR!  (Wiggling his fingers, while the people in the room laugh) OOOOOH!  (Rolling his eyes) Fuck you all.

Especially you, Cade.  Especially you.

The shot cuts out.

The Screen flickers off but the fans continue to boo, loudly now and before Sydal can even turn around, Bradley Boom NAILS Sydal with a running sideway double axe handle!  Sydal goes down onto his hands and knees and Boom pounds his chest three times… LEAPS up as best he can and just CRASHES DOWN ON TOP OF SYDAL’S BACK!!!

Dave Dymond: Damn it! That’s nearly FIVE HUNDRED pounds of weight coming down on Cade’s back!

Other Guy: This is bullshit at its finest, Dave.  I mean not only does Cade learn he’s gotta fight his best friend in Dan Stein next week, but then this after math attack from Bradley Boom.

The crowd is livid as Bradley Boom rises back up to his feet and the heavy rock guitar rift starts to play throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.  He nods his head to the slow beat.  He looks down at Sydal who writhes in pain, and then exits the ring, with the focus remaining on Sydal.



Once again, the nameplate on the door reads ‘Real Deal’ but this time, it’s not Adrian Corazon who’s entering the doors, it’s none other than SHOOT Project interviewer, eye candy, and sex symbol, Abigail Chase.  She’s unsure of why she’s been called back here, but with Real Deal as sort of the defacto boss, she can’t exactly say no. 

Abigail Chase:  Mr. Johnson?

She knocks, and then quietly enters the room.  Real Deal is seen working at a computer, but looks up, smiles, and cuts the monitor.

Real Deal: Ms. Chase…  thanks for stopping by.  I know you’ve been really busy this week, with your going’s on and whatnot.  You do a great job here.  I want you to know that.

She sort of squirms a bit uncomfortably in her chair.

Real Deal: In fact, I’d been thinking of giving you Eryk Masters’ job.  You’re the most popular interviewer back here, obviously, as everyone usually requests you.  I’d think that’s quite the feather in your cap, naturally.

She knew there was a ‘but’ coming.

Abigail Chase:  I appreciate the thought, Mr. Johnson., but I get the impression that there’s more to this than happy compliments. 

Real Deal laughs.

Real Deal: Mr. Johnson…  that’s amusing.  I could get used to that, but honestly…  Josh will do just fine.  You’re right, though… there’s more to this than happy compliments.

Real Deal sighs.

Real Deal: I feel like I can’t really move you up the ladder here in the SHOOT Project.  Your ability to maintain your social life outside of the SHOOT Project public eye…  well, it’s left a bit to be desired.  Showing up with Davis, all that stuff…  it’s, well…  it’s a bit distracting. 

Shuffling some papers, he looks at Abigail Chase, who’s mood has changed visibly. 

Real Deal: As a result, I’m going to be suspending you indefinitely.  I haven’t decided if it’s going to be with or without pay yet.  Furthermore, I’m going to very sincerely recommend that you tone down whatever it is you do with Christopher Davis, because if I feel like what you’re doing is encroaching on his ability to do his job? 

Real Deal smirks.

Real Deal: …I’ll fire both of you.

Abigail is FUMING now, as she stands up.

Abigail Chase: You son of a bitch.  Davis comes out, speaks what is OBVIOUSLY the truth, and since you’re too much of a pussy to do anything about it yourself, you SUSPEND me?  Are you serious? 

At this point, two security guards come in.  Chase looks at them, and just shakes her head, angrily. 

Abigail Chase: Chris is right.  Something REALLY messed up is going on. 

Real Deal mockingly shakes his head, while waving the security to escort her from his office. 

Real Deal: Oh, Ms. Chase…  so fiery.  So angry. 

Real Deal laughs.

Real Deal: So… (he breathes in deeply) suspended without pay.  See you later.

The last image you see is that of Abigail Chase being escorted from Real Deal’s office, as we fade back to ringside.

Other Guy:  What a motherfucker!  Real Deal is REALLY starting to make me wonder just what the fuck is going on around here.  This guy…  I dunno.  I don’t like this one bit, Dave.

Dave Dymond:  Somewhere, Eryk Masters must either be shitting himself, or extremely happy.  I mean…  you figure he’s gonna be doing a lot of running around, in the coming weeks, right? 

Other Guy:  Who gives a fuck about that, Dave.  We need some answers.  We need someone to be held accountable for all of this bullshit.  Where the FUCK is Jason Johnson?




As everyone is left wondering the very same question, the focus shifts to the ring area for the final time tonight.  The bell rings three times as the fans begin to get louder and more excited in anticipation for the upcoming match.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is Revolution 41’s main event!

“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled hits over the PA, igniting a very mixed response from the SHOOT Project faithful. Donovan King emerges from the back with his head and ribs taped up, a result of the attack from Corazon from the previous week.

Dave Dymond: This the main event of the evening, and while I might normally say that this would be a great match, by the looks of things, Donovan King doesn’t stand much of a chance here.

Other Guy: It’s bullshit, Dave. You are right when you say normally, this WOULD be a great match, but because of all the hoops Real Deal is forcing Donovan King to jump, our main event is ruined, and if Donovan King isn’t lucky, his career is ruined.

Dave Dymond: Well, these fans don’t seem to think it’s ruined, OG, because, while there are quite a few boos out here, I do believe I’m actually hearing quite a few cheers. Hell, I’d say I’m hearing MORE cheers.

Donovan King stops for a second, looking at the fans, noticing that there are more cheers than normal as well. He grins slightly before heading down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at two-hundred and forty two pounds! Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Memphis, Tennessee, a Son of Liberty, DONOVAN KING!!

Donovan King walks up the steel steps and climbs in between the middle and top rope. He is slower than normal, clearing trying to take it easy as to not aggravate his ribs and head more than necessary. He simply walks over to the opposite side of the ring, turns, and stares at the top of the entrance ramp. A few fans begin to cheer louder, anticipating the next entrance.

Dave Dymond: The fans anticipating the arrival of Jester Smiles, but I noticed, OG, that King’s entrance wasn’t as elaborate as it has been.

Other Guy: Real Deal is not allowing ANY pyro effects or anything for King. It’s amazing he even allowed King to have entrance music.

When “Pressure” by Skindred hits over the PA, the fans ERUPT! Jester Smiles leaps out from the back, smiling brightly, looking at the fans. He first takes off his skull cap and tosses it to the fans on his right. He then takes off his sleeveless green t-shirt and tosses it to the fans on his left. He then makes his way to the ring, pounding fist and slapping hands with as many fans as possible.

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and forty five pounds! Now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and representing Richmond, Virginia, he is the Hero of SHOOT Project, JESTER SMILES!!!

Jester goes around the ring, tagging hands with the fans before leaping onto the ring apron and screaming out “BOOYA!” He then leaps onto the top rope and springboards into the ring. He seems to stop dead in his tracks when he sees Donovan King, and he instantly stops dead in his tracks.

Dave Dymond: Jester came out like he always does, excited and smiling, tagging hands with as many fans as he could, but as soon as he saw Donovan King standing there, things changed drastically.

Other Guy: Both men say things have changed since Animosity, but I have to wonder. Jester says Donovan King nearly ruined his life and brought Jester to an all time low all those months ago. You have to wonder if Jester really is over it or not.

The tension is apparent between the two men. Scott Kamura stands in the middle, just to make sure nothing happens before he rings the bell.  Once Samantha Coil is out of the ring, Scott Kamura calls for the bell. However, both men simply stand there, neither man moving, facial expressions completely blank.

Dave Dymond: An odd beginning as neither man is moving. I can’t say for certain what they are thinking, but their award winning match and feud is probably going through their heads.

Other Guy: Both men definitely remember getting torn apart in that No Escape Cage Match, that’s for sure.

After a few more minutes, both men begin to circle one another. Jester tries to initiate a grapple, but King ducks under and goes behind Jester. Before King can get a good hold on Jester, Jester spins out, catching King’s arm and wrenching it. King winces, but rolls forward, getting out of the hold, and then standing and wrenching Jester’s arm. He then turns it into a hammer lock. Jester winces now, but he quickly gets a hold of the ropes. King backs off before the count even begins, and when Jester turns, both men begin to just stare at each other again.

Other Guy: King trying to keep this very technical, which is probably wise. The last thing he needs is for the unorthodox striking and suplex fiend that Jester is to get in his comfort zone.

Jester and King lock up, this time Jester ducking under and going behind King. King bends down, his back colliding with Jester’s stomach, enough to cause Jester to loosen his grip. King pries the fingers, turns, and keeps a hold of one arm, wrenching the arm. He then flips Jester down and steps over, bending Jester’s arm over his leg. Jester winces, but is able to roll over and trip up Donovan King. He then floats over, locking in a side headlock. King gets up quickly, pushing Jester off into the ropes. King goes for the clothesline, but Jester hit’s the ropes and hit’s a low dropkick to Kings knees, causing King to buckle. Jester then floats over and once again locks in the headlock.

Other Guy: Is it me, or was that a very strange move for Jester to go for?

Dave Dymond: It looks like he’s avoiding heavy shots to King’s ribs and head. I think Jester is trying to make this match as fair as possible.

Once again, King is up to his feet quickly. He shoves Jester against the ropes again and goes for another clothesline, but Jester ducks, stops, and launches a hard kick to the back of King’s legs! And another! And another! King’s legs buckle and he goes down to his knees. Jester then launches a kick to the back, causing King to go down. Jester then drops down and locks in yet another side headlock.

Dave Dymond: Jester having to compromise to do some damage there, but once again, he goes for the headlock.

Other Guy: That’s noble and all, but if he’s not careful, King is going to take advantage and kick Jester’s ass.

King once again gets up and pushes Jester off. He once again goes for the clothesline, and once again, Jester ducks, but this time, when Jester turns, he catches a back kick to the stomach. King turns around, locks in the front face lock, and then drops Jester down with a DDT! King goes for the pin, and Kamura counts!


TW-Shoulder up! Jester rolls the shoulder, but King stays on, getting on top of Jester and grabbing hold of Jester’s head, locking in a Guillotine Choke.

Other Guy: See, and King is making the best of it. That choke is tight.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, but Jester is pretty well versed in the mixed martial arts, so if anyone can guard this, Jester can.

King gets to his feet and begins to lift Jester to his feet as well, still holding the choke. Once Jester is standing, he launches a few knees to the midsection of Jester. Once Jester is sufficiently beaten, he goes for a suplex. However, he is forced to stop, clutching his ribs.

Dave Dymond: King’s fighting here, but those injuries are getting to him.

Jester, still woozy from the knees, launches a knee of his own, catching Donovan King in the midsection. King goes down hard, clutching his ribs. Jester stumbles back a second. He looks down at King, wide eyed, and stops. He then backs off and wait’s a minute as Kamura checks on King, who still lies on the ground clutching his ribs.

Other Guy: Jester’s not…capitalizing?

Dave Dymond: Jester doesn’t want a cheap win. He doesn’t want to win because of King’s injuries. I don’t think that’s going to be possible, though. Not at this point.

King finally gets up. Kamura looks like he is about to ring the bell, but King grabs him and looks him dead in the eyes.

Donovan King: Don’t….you….dare.

Kamura nods and King looks at Jester, motioning for him to come on. Jester nods, and he comes forward, and he EATS a forearm shot to the head! Jester stumbles back, but launches a kick at King’s thigh! King flinches, but catches Jester with a forearm! Knife edged chop by Jester! Chop by King! Chop by Jester! Chop by King! Another chop by King! Another! Another! Another!

Other Guy: Yes! King as Jester against the turnbuckle now.

King goes for the Irish whip, but Jester counters, turning and giving King another kick to the leg. King goes down on one knee. Jester then launches kicks at the other leg, causing King to fall flat. From there Jester drops down and locks in an armbar! King’s eyes go wide, and he begins to look for the ropes, but he’s in the middle of the ring! Kamura asks if King wants to tap out, but King refuses.

Jester Smiles: It’s over, King! Tap!

King continues to claw for the ropes, but Jester holds on, pulling harder and making the grip tighter. King continues to fight for the ropes, but Jester holds onto the armbar, pulling harder and harder on the arm. King continues to claw, and Jester continues to tighten. King claws within inches, and Jester tightens more. Closer and tighter. Closer and tighter. Closer and tighter.

KING has the ropes!! Before Kamura can start the count, Jester lets go and backs off.

Dave Dymond: King got the rope, but that move probably took a lot out of him.

Jester stands there, looking at King, who is exhausted and beaten, it seems. Jester looks to Kamura, who goes to check on King. King is barely stirring, but he’s cognizant of the world around him, and Kamura lets the match continue!

Dave Dymond: This match hasn’t gone as long as we’d expected, OG, but King looks like he’s had to go through his match with Cade Sydal twice in one night already!

Other Guy: It’s getting to him, Dave, it really is. I know Real Deal’s going to give King the week off next week, and damn does he need it, but he really needs to get his act together if he’s going to get even one victory against all these opponents Real Deal’s put in his path!

Jester walks around the ring and goes to pick King up…BUT KING WRAPS JESTER UP IN A SMALL PACKAGE!! KAMURA’S THERE!




Jester kicks out, stunned for a moment, and King is IMMEDIATELY up, lunging forward with a clothesline, taking Jester off of his feet! The fans are cheering, simply for the determination King is showing here, and King howls out in pain, bouncing off the ropes, catching Jester with a knee drop to the head! King immediately dives down, hitting Jester’s head with a diving elbow drop. King pulls Jester up quickly, snapmaring him back down to the mat, hooking Jester up in a surfboard. He wrenches back as hard as he can, and it’s obvious he’s in intense pain himself. Kamura gets in Jester’s face, asking him if he submits.

Jester Smiles: NO!!


King releases the hold more out of frustration than anything. He paces the ring while Jester is left in the center of the ring, trying to recuperate from the stretching.

Dave Dymond: Oh this is a bad move for King, OG. Give Jester an inch and he’ll take a mile in that ring.

Other Guy: You gotta remember, Dave, this is hurting King as much as it is Jester. He’s not got the strength he’s used to, and it’s fucking his game plan up here.

King picks Jester up and whips him to the ropes. He bends down to get Jester up for the KTFO, but leapfrogs over King! King turns around and Jester doesn’t hesitate, NAILING an STO on King and RAMMING him down to the mat! King is in absolute agony as Jester sprawls over King, hooking the leg, and Kamura’s there for the count!




King kicks out and Jester picks him up immediately, hooking the head and King powers out! Both men stare at one another…AND BOTH MEN CONNECT WITH SUPERKICKS!!! THEY ARE BOTH DOWN!!

Other Guy: King with the Reality Check and Jester with the Virginia Sidekick!

Dave Dymond: Now it’s only a matter of just WHO is capable of getting up and continuing!






Jester stirs, picking himself up off of the mat.


Jester is UP. He picks King up and whips King to the ropes, but King cringes in pain, staggers forward, and Jester CONNECTS with ANOTHER Virginia Sidekick!! King is FLAT on the mat and Jester sprawls over him and Kamura’s there!




The fans ERUPT as King cradles his face, unable to kick out of Jester’s signature superkick. The fans cheer as Jester looks at King in shock.


King continues to cradle his face as Jester stands in the center of the ring, holding his arm up in victory. “Pressure” by Skindred plays loudly and proudly.

Dave Dymond: King seemed ready to keep up the pace at the end, but Jester finally focused on King’s head and that was all she wrote for him. I hate it, but King got beaten tonight just as much by the Real Deal than he did Jester Smiles.

Other Guy: Either way, man, that superkick is gonna feel just as bad from Jester Smiles as it does The Real Deal, I can guarantee you that.

King is up at this point, leaning against the ropes. He clutches his head and chest, unable to really do anything else. Jester stops, looking at King.

Dave Dymond: It’s a whole different world from Animosity, let me tell you.

King claps as Jester stares at him. Jester walks over to him as King extends his hand in respect. Jester leans in and whispers something in King’s ear that the cameras can’t pick up. King nods his head, smiling. The fans are cheering as Jester guides King to the center of the ring, and BOTH men flip their middle fingers to the back!!

Other Guy: Jester Smiles and Donovan King may not be friends, they may be rivals, and they may not be working together…but Jester Smiles just let the whole WORLD know that BOTH of them are giving one BIG FUCK YOU to the shit going down!!

Dave Dymond: As the road to Master of the Mat continues, you just KNOW this story’s not over, OG!

King holds Jester’s arm up and points to Jester before he leaves the ring, barely able to even walk. Jester takes this moment and holds his arms up in victory as the show ends on a good note for a change, the final shot being Jester Smiles, his arms still raised in victory.

Dave Dymond: Is this man the next Master of the Mat?

Fade to black.