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Revolution: 042 – 8/25/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.   Dan Stein flies off the top rope with a shooting star press.  Kilgore Stochansky charges with a powerful lariat.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson battles with Arion Catcher, first Jonny hits Catcher with the demoralization process which wipes quickly half way through to show Catcher hitting Jonny with the same move.  Cade Sydal fires with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Jester Smiles hitting a moonsault on a whole bunch of people at once.  Cut from there Gutter Rat goes ballistic inside the ring, then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, but the montage slows as it focuses on NC-17 who proudly holds the Revolution Championship over his head.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on nonstoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.


REVOLUTION 42 opens with a haunting chime.

The lights go out!

And the fans IMMEDIATELY rise to their feet and BOOOOO furiously!

The announcers are silent as a guitar croaks out a single noise.



A LOUD, SINGLE EXPLOSION OF PYROTECHNICS FLARE UP AT THE TOP OF THE AISLE WAY!  Several pink spotlights begin to scan the arena as a DRIVING, DISSONANCE seeps its way into the members of the evening’s sell out crowd.


The response is DEAFENING.

Like a CRAZED SIREN, the sounds push, and push, and PUSH you to the brink of your sanity!  AND THE DRUMS ROLL IN!!!


A SERIES OF PINK FIREWORKS EXPLODE INTO THE AIR as “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene begins its resolve!

The curtains rustle, and as the song heads into the opening lyrics…

He arrives.


“Well I got SHOT, right in the back!”

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there!”

The SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION arrives to a chorus of despising BOOOS and JEERS, though shows no regard to any of these fans.  In fact, the menacing smirk ripped across his lips would lead you to believe he’s enjoying the reaction.  He has a little extra life in his step this week for whatever reason, the WORLD TITLE bouncing ever so slightly, dangling over his left shoulder.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

Still no commentary from Dave Dymond or Other Guy.

“When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

Not being booked on the card, Jonny is in street clothes; a dark orange zippered hoodie over a yellow T-shirt, and tight jeans with a few well placed holes in them.  He shakes his drooping blonde hair out from his eyes and avoids contact with a fan’s outstretched arms, brushing him off by raising his right elbow and pulling back toward the center of the aisle.  He takes a few more steps toward the ring and then heads up a pair of steel steps.

He stops as he reaches the apron.  The pink spotlights become drops of falling pink light, the arena drenched in a trippy haze as the song hits its chorus.

Jonny smiles and soaks in the loathing.

“And if God is what we made

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create”

A beat or two goes by, and then A THIRD EXPLOSION ERUPTS FROM THE RING POSTS!!!


“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

Flash bulbs go off at a wild pace amidst the crazy amount of BOOOOING.  Jonny turns back toward the ring and makes his entrance.

“It all was so tragic, we made it on time,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

As the Champ gets situated in the ring, he motions for the sound guys to cut his music, and they oblige.  However, the “BOOOOOOO” Birds are almost louder than Broken Social Scene.

While the fans voice their displeasure, The DEFILER pulls a microphone out of his hoodie pocket.


The DEFILER: (Nodding, with a tight lipped smile) It’s fine guys.  I know you don’t mean it.  (Looking over to OG and Dave at ringside) Oh.  And Sorry about your mic situations.  I just didn’t want to think about the bullshit you were going to spew and figured the people watching at home deserved to hear me out with your biases on mute for a change.

He shrugs his shoulders and the fans only get more obnoxious.


The DEFILER:  God, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done this, huh?  I’m really sorry guys, but you know how it is.  World Champions are just…  we’re just a busy breed…


The DEFILER: (Pleading) Guys…  guys, come on!  It’s not that I don’t love you or anything…  I just get caught up in things.  You understand right?  (Leaning on the ropes, looking out at a section of fans) Right guys?

Jonny keeps laughing to himself, and moves on.

The DEFILER: There’s a lot going on, and I just happen to be at the very EPICENTER OF IT ALL.  (Listing things off with his fingers)  You have this umm… disjointed… Liberty thing going on.  And uhh…  the return of my VERY GOOD FRIEND, Adrian Corazon…  You have an owner MIA and this notion of a WAR on the horizon.  All this action, and I’ve somehow been saddled up with…  (Almost disgusted) With uhh…

He sighs.

The DEFILER: With Cade Sydal. (Irritated)  CADE.  FUCKING.  SYDAL.  (Gathering his composure) And ya know at…  at first I thought, “Man, this could be something.”  I did.  I saw this gangly, smallish, fiery little piece of paste and I really thought I’d have more fun than I’m having.  I thought a battle with Cade Sydal would be JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.  So I humored him, and he brought it.  He chased and chased and…  and (Looking around to the fans) And you were paying BIG BUCKS for it.

His demeanor grows slightly more grim.

The DEFILER: But then I beat him.  Granted, it wasn’t a match he could ever win in a million years, but you IDIOTS… you HOPE SUCKING MARKS thought…  Fuck man…  I don’t know what you thought, but when he went down.  When I watched him…  lifeless on the mat, I realized that he had nothing left.

We all saw it through the same eyes.

He pauses and the fans listen intently, a few of them continuing to boo very loudly.

The DEFILER: The only reason he got this far was because I let him.  Understood?  The ONLY REASON Cade Sydal had an opportunity to be in a MAIN EVENT for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP was because I was trying to do the only humane thing that YOU COWARDS WERE TOO AFRAID TO DO YOURSELVES… and HELP. HIM. DIE!

Shaking his head, the DEFILER continues, despite the BOOOOOS getting louder again.

The DEFILER:  But now I realize that Cade doesn’t want to die.  As sad as it is, Cade Sydal believes in this hype that you’ve all foolishly provided and he thinks that…  Well that he DESERVES THIS.  He…  HE THINKS HE CAN DEFEAT ME!  Cade Sydal…  CADE SYDAL, PEOPLE thinks he can…  that he can take down THE FUCKING DEFILER.

The fans POP HUGE, obviously agreeing that Cade CAN beat The World Champion.  Jonny just shakes it off and rolls his eyes.

The DEFILER: He has two victories in a row, but…  but so what?  Ya know?  SO WHAT?  Those were matches given to him under the premise that HE AND I were on the same page.  THAT HE WAS MY PATIENT AND I WAS HIS OWN PERSONAL DOCTOR KAVORKJAN!

Fuck you, Cade Sydal.

You want this?  (Holding the belt into the air) Then you’ll show me just how much.  Because I’ve decided that tonight…  Well, the booking committee decided… that in your match with Dan Stein…

He pauses and waves at a cameraman to pull in closer.

His eyes glare into the lens.

The DEFILER: The only way either of you can win is by a knock out or submission.  Heh.  So no cute roll-up scenarios.  No count-outs or disqualifications.  You’ll have to KILL DAN STEIN if you your shot…  YOU WILL HAVE TO…

“REMEMBER THE NAME” by FORT MINOR interrupts the WORLD CHAMPION and the fans EXPLODE AT THE SOUNDS OF THE FAMILIAR MUSIC!!!  Jonny, clearly annoyed, stops midsentence and turns toward the entranceway where DAN STEIN steps into the limelight!  He raises a hand into the air and gives a slight wave to his fans, though keeps a fairly stern expression.  A couple of high fives accompany a focused path toward the ring, Stein’s eyes never leaving Jonny’s.

The DEFILER: (Annoyed, but trying to be a good “host”) Dan…

Stein, in a “LIGHTS” T-shirt and a pair of form fitting jeans, walks up the ramp and ducks in between the top and middle ropes, into the ring.  He pulls a microphone out of his pants pockets, while “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor fades out.

Dan Stein stares DEAD AHEAD at the DEFILER, Jonny Johnson, and the fans cannot help BUT OFFER UP A GIGANTIC POP.

The DEFILER: You got something fun for me, Pilot?  Huh, maybe a little…

Stein calmly puts a hand up and interrupts.

Dan Stein: Jonny.  (Looking him in the eye) Just…  just shut up for a second, okay? (Obviously holding back some anger)  I’m gonna try and do something that a lot of guys haven’t tried doing…

And that’s reason with you.

Jonny seems intrigued by Stein’s honest approach and gestures that he has the floor.

Dan Stein: I might not be in the best place I’ve ever been.  I admit it, Jonny.  A lot of shit caught up with me.  It happens, I guess, but man…  (Shaking his head) Dude, I can’t listen to this bullshit anymore.  Because that’s what it is.  It’s BULLSHIT!  (Rising with anger) The only thing you REALIZED is that when Cade Sydal puts his mind to something, he’s as dangerous a competitor as there is.  That’s why you’re putting us through these hoops and you know it.  You’re afraid of him.

Surprisingly, the World Champion continues to listen.

Dan Stein: Cade didn’t want me to come out, but I didn’t want this to be another opener where we listen to YOUR PUNK ASS ramble on and lie for a half hour.  So I’m here…  and I’m asking you to shut the fuck up, man.  I want you to go to the back and I want you sit in your locker room and let this night play out.  No shenanigans.  Just let us play this out.

Stein does an amazing job keeping his composure and the fans begin to APPLAUD AND CHEER his very honest remarks.  Unfortunately, Jonny’s response is a titled head and curious eyes.

The DEFILER: (An inquisitive smile forming) Why did you come out here, Dan?

Stein doesn’t respond, and Jonny proceeds with his theory.

The DEFILER: To defend your friend?  No.  If you cared about your friend you wouldn’t be in a position to KILL HIM later tonight, would you?  (Shrugging) Probably not.  So then why?  Hmmm?  What?  To save face?  Heh.  Or, I guess…  STAY face?  (Looking out to the crowd) AM I RIGHT SMARKS?

He actually gets a mini pop for that, though it’s quickly drowned out by an OVERWHELMING CHORUS OF BOOS.

The DEFILER: Or uhh…  or maybe you’re out here trying to make some kinda last ditch effort to…  to prove to the locker room that you’re a better option to face me for the World Heavyweight Championship at Master of the Mat?  Not too far fetched, ya know. Come out here, calm and collected, and take a…  (Gesturing at Stein’s stoic stance) take this weird little approach?  Turn some heads and pick up an extra supporter or to?  Maybe politic a little bit?

He laughs now and steps a few inches closer to Stein.  He looks him up and down, pauses, and forms his lips into the shape of a menacing scowl.

The DEFILER: Or is Dan Stein just really this fucking pathetic?  Deflated.  Beaten.  Coming out not defiantly…  but rather…  HALF-HEARTEDLY.   Using all of this somber honesty as a mask for how TRULY miserable you feel inside?

His eyes fall on Stein’s, searching for an answer.

The DEFILER:  It really doesn’t matter to me.  It’s win, win.  You two fight a hopeless fight, and I get a chance to play with the charred, broken pieces.


My favorite past time.

Stein holds his ground and keeps his gaze on Jonny, though remains silent.

The DEFILER: And regardless of the victor.  REGARDLESS of my opponent, though I’m really pulling hard for you, Danny…  REGARDLESS…  the outcome is going to be the same.

He lowers his eyes and raises his World Title.



He holds the title in Stein’s face, dangling it like a carrot in front of a famished bunny.

Stein takes a deep breath, shuts his eyes and looks down to the mat.

He wants to say something..

But it doesn’t look like he has the courage. 

He backs turns his back to the DEFILER who watches him make a bizarre exit.  Stein heads into the ropes, stops briefly, but then continues on his way to the back.  The fans “BOOOOOOO” fairly loudly, most of them a little miffed by what happened.  A couple guys reach over and pat Stein on the back, but the former Iron Fist Champion walks away up the aisle.

The DEFILER: (Off Camera) Bye Dan.

The cameras head back to the ring as soon as Jonny says something.

The DEFILER: Good chat.

With eyes as sinister as his smirk, The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion stands alone.

And the cameras cut away elsewhere.


The camera shot goes backstage, where we see Eryk Masters standing with a microphone in hand and what appears to be an earpiece inserted into his ear, attached to a walkie talkie unit of some sort.  Standing to his left, is Diamond Del Carver.  At the sight of The Hardcore Outlaw on the video monitors in the arena, the fans erupt in cheers.

Eryk Masters:  With me right now, I have Diamond Del Carver.  Del, since your return to SHOOT Project a few weeks ago, you have been mostly silent.  You finally agreed to this interview tonight, so I have to ask…what is going on with you?  Why have you been so quiet since returning to action in the employ of Ron Barker?

Del Carver nods seriously, and looks directly into the camera as he speaks.

Del Carver:  There’s an old saying that says don’t wish for something too much, or you just might get it.  That applies to me and my return to SHOOT Project.  It’s no secret that after my forced retirement I was desperate to come back, that I found retirement to be unbearable.

Then Ron Barker did his thing, and here I am.  I’m back, but with the mother of all special conditions hanging over my head.  I can be back in SHOOT Project, but I work for Ron Barker.

Eryk Masters:  And how does that make you feel?

Carver pauses for a moment, but then spits his answer out pretty quickly.

Del Carver:  How do you think it makes me feel?  I hate it.  I can’t wrestle in any singles matches without him signing off on it.  I can’t do anything without him knowing.  Hell, he’s probably going to freak out that I gave this interview without his consent.

Let me make this perfectly clear…I despise Ron Barker.  I hate him and I hate everything he stands for.  Look at this guy’s history.  He ruined Chris Lee’s marriage.  He had Cade Sydal framed for drug possession and arrested.  He’s not just a cheat; he’s a liar, and a manipulator.  He’s not happy unless he’s screwing with somebody’s life, controlling their fate, and ultimately ruining their lives.

Eryk Masters:  But you work with him!  Last week you and he showed some incredible teamwork…

Carver just shakes his head.

Del Carver:  You know why I work with him?  Because of the fans.  Because of the people.

The fans at ringside can be heard cheering and Carver smiles a little bit.

Eryk Masters:  The fans?  I don’t understand…

Del Carver:  Every so-called “good guy” here is SHOOT claims to be doing what they do for the fans…for the people.  But the majority of these guys drive fancy cars, wear fancy clothes, and wouldn’t know what it is like to live a day in the life of one of our fans.

Well I do.

You see, most of the people out there in that arena right now have jobs.  They get up every single morning, when they probably don’t want to.  The fight rush hour traffic, or sit on a crowded bus, when they would rather be at home.  They go to a job, and work their asses off, and 99% of them do it for a “boss.”

If I was to take a survey out there, and ask those SHOOT Project fans how many of them hated their jobs, and more importantly how many of them worked for a total JERK, somebody who abused them, underpaid them, treated them unfairly and didn’t appreciate them…how many of them do you think would say “I DO?”

Carver pauses, and the crowd explodes into louder cheers.  The camera shows a shot of the fans, shouting in appreciation and waving their arms.

Del Carver:  These people don’t like their jobs, and they hate their bosses, but they get up every damn day and do it anyway…and you know why?  Because that’s the way life is. Well I am no different from these people.  I don’t want to work for Ron Barker, and I hate Ron Barker, but I am doing it because I want to show these people I am just like them, and I don’t think I am better than they are. 

If they can do it, and then spend their hard earned money to buy a ticket to see me fight, then I owe it to them to shut my mouth and do my job.  And right now my job is to be Ron Barker’s Tag Team Partner, and work with him to win the World Tag Team Championships…even though I hate him, and even though I think he is the world’s biggest ASSHOLE.

Once again, the fans cheer their hearts out.

Del Carver:  So tonight, Barker has himself a singles match, and he wants me to be in his corner.  Fine.  Here’s the thing though…I’ve read my contract. It says I have to be his Tag Team partner, and it says I can’t hit him.  It doesn’t say a damn thing about having to help him win singles matches, or having to back him up if he gets himself in hot water by acting like a jackass.  So I’ll be there, but Barker? If you get yourself into trouble by being your usual self?

You can get yourself OUT.

The fans cheer the declaration of Diamond Del Carver as he heads off.  Masters stands on hand looking off after Carver when suddenly he turns his focus to the pack, pushing his free hand to his ear.

Eryk Masters: Kilminster arriving now… and he wants an interview?  Son of a…

Masters BOLTS off down the hall as the camera cuts away.


A set of glass double doors bursts open as Osbourne Kilminster palms them open, entering the arena from the parking lot.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Kilminster arriving separate from Jonny Johnson here tonight, and poor Eryk Masters has to run clear across the arena to meet him for an interview.

Other Guy: (from ringside) A casualty as a result of Real Deal suspending Abigail Chase last week… what a load of crock.

Kilminster’s long hair is tied back tightly, his stubble trimmed close and his eyes, as always, hidden away behind his blue-tinted sunglasses. White headphones wind their way up from the inner pocket of his black flak-jacket. In his left hand is a big black kit-bag which bangs against his leg as he hauls it along, his head swaying slightly to the music he keeps to himself.

Raising his right hand, he clicks his fingers to summon two stage-hands. Without saying a word, he pushes his bag into the chest of one and looks to the other with raised eyebrows, though his expression turns to an unimpressed scowl as the man takes a moment to long to begin leading him to his locker room.

However as he starts walking, Eryk Masters bursts out from behind a pine door, camera-man in tow and microphone in hand, but without missing a step or saying a single word, Osbourne points at Eryk and shakes his head as he continues his way to his locker-room, aided by the stage-hands, one of whom struggles with the heavy bag. Masters stops dead in his tracks as he looks on, Kilminster walking by.

Eryk Masters: (in a huff of breath) seriously!?

Masters shakes his head, a look of dread on his face… it’s going to be a long night.



With the focus brought to the ring for the first match up of the night, “Cochise” by Audioslave begins to play and the crowd immediately begins to boo as the double “R” emblem for Ravishing Ron shows up on the Revolution Video Screen and then showcased next are clips of Ron Barker in action.

Dave Dymond: So we finally get to some in ring action on what is going to be a night chalk full of emotions, O.G.

Other Guy: No doubt, no doubt. Just one week away from Master of the Mat and it’s all breakin’ down.

The boos only get louder as Ron Barker saunters out from the back, accompanied by his forced tag team partner, Diamond Del Carver.  The fans POP when they see Carver and Carver raises an arm, playing up to his loyal fan base, only for Barker to swat his hand down and then point to himself.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening match up is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Del Carver (POP!) Here is Ron Barker!!!

And just like that the crowd goes right back to booing.

Dave Dymond: This crowd fully behind Del Carver and like we’ve said before it’s great to see him back in SHOOT Project, but not like this…

Other Guy: Nah, not like this at all, Dave.  But Carver loves this business that much, that he’s willin’ to put himself through this.  Let’s just hope some day Del can find a way to get out of this deal with Barker and STILL be employed by SHOOT Project.

As Barker and Carver reach the ring, Barker motions for Carver to stay on the outside.  Carver does so, but definitely has a slight look of annoyance in his eyes. Barker then walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet off on the ring edge, taking his sweet time to enter the ring. Finally he enters and then walks from one corner to the other, taunting the crowd as he speaks something that isn’t picked up by the arena microphones. The fans boo though as Barker ascends to the second turnbuckle from inside the ring and arrogantly stands there looking out at the crowd.  His music fades and Barker steps down from the turnbuckle and turns to face the entryway.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

“We Multiply” by AIDS Wolf begins to play and the music is met with mostly boos, but an odd scattering of cheers from the sold out crowd.  Conor Caden steps out from the back, his shaggy hair dangling in his face for a moment until he brushes it messily to the side.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 197 pounds… here is Conor Caden!!!

Conor, as usual, pays very little attention to the fans as he heads to the ring, eyes slightly narrowed and looking in Barker’s direction. Barker swaggers about the ring, clearly overly confident about the match up ahead.  Conor slides under the bottom rope and IMMEDIATELY Barker descends upon him with hard stomps to the back and the back of the head.


Dave Dymond: So Barker getting a head start in this match up, and it’s going to be one of those matches where the lesser of two evils is who the fans side with.

Other Guy: Yeah but I’m still tryin’ to figure out for myself who is more of a dick… Conor or Barker?

Dave Dymond: In that department, I’d say it is Ron Barker all the way.

Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell now, officially starting the match, but Barker still on the offense pulling Conor up and quickly slamming him down with a body slam.  Barker makes an arrogant pin, pushing both his palms on Conor’s chest.  Heflin goes down for the count…


Strong shoulder out by Conor and Barker just pulls him right up into a front facing headlock.  Conor throws WILD punches though into Barker’s side to quickly break free. Barker winds up big for a HUGE standing clothesline, but Conor kicks him right in the stomach to stop Barker dead in his tracks and then SMASHES his knee upwards into Barker’s face! Barker snaps back, spit flying from his mouth and Conor now bounces off the ropes and LEAPS at Barker with a closed fist punch!  Barker staggers back some more and Conor with another boot to the gut. Barker doubles over and Conor follows up with a DDT attempt…

No! Barker holds his ground and shoves Conor down onto his back. Barker smirks, pats his elbow then drops for a standing elbow drop, but Conor rolls to the side and Barker misses his mark. Conor up to his feet and Barker up to his as well lunging forward as Conor comes at him and this time CONNECTS with the clothesline.

Dave Dymond: Barker hitting his mark the second time around with a powerful lariat to Conor Caden.

Other Guy: Yeah, almost turned Conor inside out.

Conor rolls over onto his stomach, clutching at the back of his head, but works on getting up to his feet anyway. Barker with ARRANT boot to the back of Conor’s head sends him down onto knees and palms and then Barker SHOVES Conor over onto his back with a hard boot pressed against the side of the ribs.  Barker then makes a cover hooking both of Conor’s legs.



Dave Dymond: Shoulder up by Conor, but Barker seemingly not concerned about this match up in the least bit as he continues to just take this one at a leisurely pace.

Other Guy: Barker’s pretty much one hundred pounds heavier than Conor, Dave… couple that with Barker’s ego and you got a guy who ain’t gonna be worried about a lightweight like Conor.

Dave Dymond: Point made and Barker now HARD Irish whip to Conor into the corner.

Conor bounces off the turnbuckle pads and staggers forward right into the awaiting arms of Barker. Barker snaps him up and looks to take him down with a power slam, but Conor swivels his body to the side and manages to turn out of it and take Barker down with a spiking DDT!

Dave Dymond: The quick counter and a possible turning point in this match up for the angry youth that is Conor Caden.

Barker sits up, holding the top of his head with one hand and Conor, like a mad man, just starts throwing toe kicks to the back of Barker’s head, inflicting more damage. Barker uses his other hand to swat Conor away as he works on getting up, but Conor comes in and kicks the arm out of the way and then MORE toe kicks, this time to Barker’s body.  Barker stumbles a great deal and Conor hits the ropes and comes running towards Barker. Barker lunges with a high boot, but Conor baseball slides under the leg, turns quickly and NAILS a chop block to Barker’s planted foot.

Barker goes down and Conor jumps up onto the second rope near by, and FLIPS his body backwards with a second rope moonsault… CONNECTS!  And Conor stays on top of Barker for the cover!



Barker shoulders out.   Carver paces a little bit, somewhat enjoying watching Barker get taken down, but he tries to hide it by slamming his hand on the mat.

Del Carver: C’mon Ron.

Conor back up to his feet as Barker sits up. Conor grabs Barker and tries pulling him up but Barker throws a punch right into Conor’s gut. Conor clutches his stomach and then KICKS Barker in the face! Barker’s head snaps back, and then he works on getting up again, throwing ANOTHER punch into Conor’s gut. This time Conor is doubled over and Barker gets all the way up hooks Conor, snapping vertical suplex.

Dave Dymond: Barker using his strength and size advantage to turn this back in his favor, and he lifts Conor up… and AGAIN a snapping vertical suplex.

Other Guy: Those have gotta be taking a toll on Conor’s body.

Dave Dymond: Not a beefy individual by any stretch of the imagination that is for certain as Conor writhing on the mat now,

Barker gets up, pulling Conor up with him as well and he hooks Conor for another vertical suplex… but Conor flips himself all the way over, landing back to back with Barker.  At the same time BOTH Conor and Barker kick backwards for the concealed low blow… and BOTH CONNECT!

Dave Dymond: Scheming minds think alike as Barker and Conor nail EACH OTHER with low blow back kicks!

The fans both cheer and laugh as Barker drops to his knees, wincing in pain and Conor stumbles forward, guarding his lower region.  He slowly turns to face Barker who is still on his knees, and once Conor recovers he comes back at Barker, picking up speed, running blockbuster PLANTS Barker’s face in the mat!  Conor turns around, pushes Barker over onto his back… cover made again.

Heflin makes the count…



THR… Barker kicks out, SHOVING Conor off of him. Some of the fans let out a collective “oooooh” hoping that the three count would be made.  Heflin shows two and Conor continues on with a quick knee to Barker’s gut, then he rolls forward and in display of agility he flips backwards with a standing moonsault… but as Conor stays on top of Barker for the cover, Barker shoves him off again, this time before a count is made.

Other Guy: Barker not even lettin’ the pin attempt happen that time but Conor aggressive as always.

Dave Dymond: Definitely showcasing once again that no rhyme or reason wrestling style in which he’ll just attack and attack until you don’t get back up.

Other Guy: Yeah tonight Conor apparently wants to show himself as someone who can win on his own, I mean we heard it from the cat earlier this week… and now he’s lookin’ to prove his words.

Conor holds up now, watching as Barker sits up and slams his hand on the mat in anger.  Carver again starts mock cheering his partner on, which has Barker shoot him a quick glare but then Carver does the right thing and points at Conor who comes at Barker fast. Barker turns around and lunges up to his feet just in time and just SMACKS Conor across the face with a wild right hook!  Conor stumbles to the side, almost falling off his feet completely, and Barker capitalizes by taking the off balanced Conor and sending him viciously into the ropes.

Conor bounces back and THIS TIME Barker NAILS the POWER SLAM.  And the confident hook of the leg to follow.



THRE… But Conor won’t be kept down! Some of the fans pop and Barker sits up again shaking his head with complete frustration.

Ron Barker: Are you kidding me, ref?  This little NOTHING? That was a three count!

Heflin shakes his head and holds up two and Barker looks about ready to punch his lights out, but he turns now and just starts maliciously stomping away at Conor’s body.  Conor writhes in pain and Barker picks him up and just TOSSES him out of the ring through the middle and top rope! Conor flies to the outside, spilling with a loud THUD, chest first. Barker follows out after him, despite the referee shouting for Barker to stay in the ring.

Dave Dymond: Barker clearly angry that this match hasn’t ended yet, and that just goes to show you, never underestimate ANYONE in the professional wrestling industry.

Conor struggles to get up and Barker just NAILS him back down with a hard double axe handle to the back.  Conor flattens out on the floor, only for Barker to lift him up and roll him forcefully back into the ring.  Barker then flips up the ring apron and immediately pulls out a steel chair from under the ring. The fans begin to boo loudly as Barker hits the ring edge with the chair once and then slides it into the ring. Carver makes his way around the ring, closest to Barker and the chair, and as Barker gets into the ring, Carver YANKS the chair back out of it!


Other Guy: Carver removing the chair from the ring, but this ain’t gonna make Barker happy.

Dave Dymond: There’s nothing that says Carver has to let Barker cheat, he just has to be there to put in his best effort to win tag team gold. And this isn’t even a tag team match.

Barker looks for the chair, and upon not seeing it he turns and catches Carver tossing it back under the ring.  Barker glares at Carver, demanding for the chair, but Carver shakes his head.

Del Carver: Go on; win this by yourself, Ron.

Barker stomps his foot in anger, completely unaware of Conor getting up to his feet.  The fans start to buzz and finally Barker turns around… Conor charges, LEAPS up and catches Barker around the neck, springs OFF the ropes to spin his body… TORNADO DDT!!!

Other Guy: What an impact!

Barker is drilled into the mat and Conor now makes the cover.




Dave Dymond: Wow!

Other Guy: Close fall but Barker just BARELY got that shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: Incredible job officiating from Dennis Heflin who caught the shoulder up just in time.

Conor sits up and takes a moment as the realization of how close he was to victory kicks in.  He then gets up to his full vertical base and with Barker still down on the mat, Conor moves off into the corner.  Barker starts to stir a little bit, but Conor climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and just as he turns around to face Barker, Barker at the same time stumbles up to his feet, lunging to the side to shake the ropes! Conor loses his balance and falls to the mat, much to the chagrin of some of the fans.  Conor gets back up to his feet though quickly, despite holding his face in pain, but Barker comes off the ropes and knocks Conor down with a charging shoulder block!  Conor SPRAWLS forward recklessly… arms flailing as he falls to the mat!

Other Guy: Like a damn semi truck hitting a deer, Dave. Conor just FLEW across the ring.

Barker stomps towards the fallen Conor now, standing over him and just slapping him across the back of the head a few times… taunting him while the crowd starts to boo once again.  Barker then pulls Conor up by his shoulders and then whips him across the ring. Conor comes bouncing back and Barker looks to lift him up for the black hole slam but Conor whips his body around in desperate escape and plants his feet behind Barker.

Dave Dymond: Conor avoiding Perfection and now he spins Barker around!

Kick to the gut!  Barker doubles over and Conor now puts his leg over Barker’s head and grabs at his right arm… but just before Conor can twist his body and hit the Murder City Overdose… Barker gets his other arm up and LIFTS Conor while shoving him back at the same time!

Conor bounces off the ropes right into Barker… who lifts him up… BLACKHOLE SLAM!

Other Guy: But that time Barker pulls it off… wicked and forceful slam…

Dave Dymond: It’s usually academic from here on out, Barker with the cover.




Dennis Heflin calls for the bell as “Cochise” begins to play again. The fans boo as Barker rolls off of Conor and rises up to his feet.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match… Ron Barker!!!

Barker exits the ring rather quickly, beckoning for Carver to follow him to the back.

Dave Dymond: Ron Barker picks up a victory here, capitalizing on his victory during that… well… “Demonstration” last week.  So while this doesn’t put Barker and Carver any closer to tag team gold, it does give Barker another victory to add to his return to success here in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: It was a tough match, but in the end Conor Caden’s winning streak hits a speed bump in the form of Barker and that black hole slam he calls Perfection.

The camera follows Barker and Carver as Barker gives Carver a nudge of the elbow, smiling from ear to ear.

Ron Barker: That’s how you do it, Del. And don’t you forget it.

Barker laughs and Carver just shakes his head as he walks to the back with Barker.

As the scene opens, we find Eli Storm in his locker room. Storm has his new gear on…it fits him and his return to an old direction. Storm stretches a little bit as he grabs some tape and starts to wrap his fists and forearms. As he finishes up he hears his door open. In walk the other two Sons of Liberty members. King and Nightmare.

Eli Storm: Sup, fellas?

Nightmare: Just touching bases before your match, Eli.  Wanted to see where your head is.

King looks Storm up and down, smirking as he leans against the wall.

Donovan King:  Got dat fesh shit on, clean.  I feel dat.  You good?  I mean, we know you been, like, kinda down ‘n’ out…

Eli Storm: Heh, its funny, King. I’ve been at the bottom so long I almost forgot what got me two the dance. Hell, it took a guy that I wasn’t cool with to come in with a cause…something to give me focus. And now I stand here in my first singles match in a while. New gear…new old direction and I’m asking myself, can I truly return to being incredible?

Storm starts to grin.

Eli Storm: And the answer is, you bet your fucking ass I can.

Jonathon smirks and nods approvingly.

Nightmare: Lots of people are going to be watching tonight.  It’s not just a battle between two SHOOT soldiers, legends in their own right.  The Sons of Liberty get to take on the DEFILER’s hired gun.  The question is whose bullet will fly true?

Donovan King:  One thing I always learned, Eli, is dat all it takes is one man…wit’ one shot.

Eli Storm: Well then…BANG!!

King laughs.

Donovan King:  ‘Ey, man, I won’t be able to show love out dere tonight, but I’ll be out dere soon enough.  It’s time we stood united, feel me?  It kicks off tonight wit’ you goin’ at dis dude Kilminster.

Nightmare: The God of War becomes a casualty of war, just another victim.

Jon nods, confident in his friend.

Eli Storm: Or for our more urban fans…I’m fixin’ ta stomp a mud hole is his ass!!!

Nightmare: I’ll see you out there, Eli.  I have a few words to share with the fans before the bullets start flying.

He nods to both men and exits the room.

Donovan King:  One man, one shot.  Makes all the difference.

King makes a gun motion with his right hand and leaves Storm alone, as The Incredible One bows his head, getting himself psyched up…for war… later tonight.  From there the focus returns to ringside with Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: As we said earlier, tonight proving to be one with high emotions as we are just one week away from the Master of the Mat Pay Per View.  But tonight, Cade Sydal is ONE match away from choosing his own fate come August Thirty First… and ONE match away from getting another shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Other Guy: Yeah but that hope that dream, could be ended tonight, and by none other than Cade Sydal’s close friend, Dan Stein.  If Stein wins, HE goes on to Master of the Mat to face The DEFILER Jonny Johnson, and in that case Cade’s journey ends tonight.

Dave Dymond: Such an important main event to come… but right now let’s take a look at the man who has endured so much in his career just to get to this point… Cade Sydal.

Revolution momentarily fades to black.


As the instrumental opening of “Believe” by Staind begins to play, the video fades in to a black and white image of Cade Sydal walking alone down an empty hall.

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands

His shadow cast on the floor behind him as he walks towards the glaring light further ahead.

Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your past, to be the one responsible for a future

“I sit alone and watch the clock

Tryin to collect my thoughts

All I think about is you”

He is lost in the light and we fade to a faint image of Cade Sydal proudly holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  But the image goes away quickly, begging the question, was it even there to begin with?

“And so I cry myself to sleep

And hope the devil, I don’t meet”

Blurred still shots of Cade sitting at a table, bent over, face buried in his palms. Then a quick shot of Cade collapsed up against the edge of a couch.

“In the Dreams that I live through”

It all goes away though as the chorus kicks in and the blurred images are replaced by clear footage of Cade Sydal in wrestling action.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long”

Cade flips off the top rope in slow motion, executing the 469 2k8.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

Cade unleashes a series of kicks in slow motion, then the footage cuts to Cade diving out of the ring with a suicide dive.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

Another slow motion clip shows Cade delivering a DDT out of a head scissors… then the footage wipes to Sydal on his knees after a near fall, shaking his head as if to say “almost had him.”

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

Cade jumps with the Ninjagurai, and the second it connects with the head of an unknown opponent, it freeze frames and cuts abruptly.  We then see a series of defeats over time, and Cade’s face looks tired, distraught, upset.

“All the smiles you’ve had to fake

And all the shit you’ve had to take

Just to lead us here again”

Slow motion clip of Cade delivering a backstage interview. He shows intensity, but his frustration also shows through.

“I never have the things to say

To make it all just go away”

Next seen is Jonny Johnson hitting the Demoralization Process on Cade, allowing for an eleven-minute time limit to expire.

“To make it all just disappear”

The depressing moment is replaced once more by the uplifting footage of Sydal’s in ring ability.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long

Cade is seen going all out against Donovan King in their death match at Redemption.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

Next we see Cade delivering a double foot stomp in slow motion from the top rope during a Sky High match.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

Cade is lifted up from a wheelbarrow position but then he counters into a bulldog. And then he goes right into a standing moonsault after that.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

Again we see Cade going for the Ninjagurai, and before we can see who he is hitting, it freezes and fades. There is a brief instrumental interlude following the footage.

To defeat a demon you have to face your demons.

“It’s my life”

A close up shot of Cade’s boots being laced up.

“It’s my choice”

A close up of Cade’s wrist being taped up.

“Hear my words”

A shot of Cade’s kick pads being adjusted.

“Hear my voice”

Then a shot of Cade Sydal standing confidently in his locker room.

“and just believe”

The shot fades out as the music plays softly, but the lyrics are still heard strongly.

“I sit alone and watch the clock

Tryin to collect my thoughts

All I think about is you”

The video comes back up from black to reveal a slow full circle camera pan of Cade Sydal standing in the center of the ring.

“If you believe in me

Life not always what it seems”

The full circle pan picks up in speed as Cade lifts his arms over his head.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

The music picks back up in full and so does the action montage of Cade Sydal in action.

“Believe in me

I know you’ve waited for so long.”

The montage showcases a series of Cade Sydal victories over his career, each time the referee just hits the three count and Cade either gets up after a cover or breaks a submission hold.

“Believe in me

Sometimes the weak become the strong”

The footage now cuts back and forth between Cade Sydal walking to the ring and fighting in the ring, the whole time the images slowly start to fade.

“Believe in me

This life is not always what it seems”

One last time we see Cade Sydal attempt the Ninjagurai, there is hope in his eyes… but even still we do not see the opponent he hits the move on.

“Believe in me

Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

The last shot is of Cade Sydal, back in the hallway, just before disappearing into the light he looks back over his shoulder and then walks straight ahead.  The music cuts out, and Cade vanishes from sight.

Believe in something.  Believe in someone

The video fades to black.


The scene opens up backstage!  DOUG KINSELLA is standing next to a somewhat weary, SHOOT Project Interview Guy, ERYK MASTERS

Masters is ready to conduct the interview.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen I am backstage with…

Before Masters can continue, Kinsella QUICKLY, and ANGRILY interrupts.

Doug Kinsella: Last week, I was involved in a tag team match. A match, where myself, along with Caleb Knox, faced the Tag Team Champions, Long Island Hardcore. We should have won that match. By winning, I don’t necessarily mean pinning them, one, two, three. But, what we should have done, was take them out. Caleb Knox wanted no part in that. If he would have just let me handle my business, then things would be fine right now. So, now what is it? Tonight, he gets a shot at the Revolution Championship. His third week here, and he is getting a title match. I had to go through hell and back in a Four Way Match, just to even be able to sniff one. He plays the role of hero, and now he gets rewarded. If this is a sign of things to come for my career in the SHOOT Project, then I am going to have to stop playing innocent. I am going to have to start taking some action.

Eryk Masters: Action?  What exactly do you mean, Doug?

Kinsella responds fairly quickly.

Doug Kinsella: Well for starters…  I’m looking at NONE OTHER THAN Jonny Johnson, and not his representatives, either. This is strictly towards you, Mister World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. TONIGHT!  I want you to come back out to that ring. Take this how you please. I am calling you out. I have the invitation ready. You and me, face-to-face!  I’ll say it once more . . . TONIGHT! I want to meet with you. Not your attorney. Not your vacated house. I want YOU!

Masters seems shocked that a kid like Kinsella would take such a bold move.

Eryk Masters: But, Doug, I mean…  all things considered…

Kinsella waves him off.

Doug Kinsella: One hour. I’ll give you one hour. If you are…

Before he can finish, Kinsella lifts his head and sees CALEB KNOX approach him.  He IMMEDIATELY looks defensive.

Doug Kinsella: What the HELL do you want?

Knox immediately raises his hands and tries to keep the situation friendly.

Caleb Knox: Doug!  Whoa!  Come on man.

Kinsella actually looks frustrated enough to pick a fight.

Doug Kinsella: This is MY INTERVIEW TIME!  What are you doing out here?  Your title match not enough for you?

Caleb doesn’t seem to understand the animosity and continues to try and keep things cool between he and Kinsella.

Caleb Knox: It’s not like that, Doug, okay?  I’m worried, and I’m not even going try and pretend to know what the hell last week was about. I don’t know if you’ve got Muchausen Syndrome, trying to draw this attention, but this ain’t the way to do it.

Caleb continues to try and reason.

Caleb Knox: Guys like us, Doug… we take our lumps and pay our fucking dues. We don’t get anything handed to us. And I’m not about to accept any hand-outs either. So don’t buy in to Jonny’s bullshit lies. It’s just like drugs.

Just. Say. No.

Kinsella’s nerves seem to ease a little bit.

Doug Kinsella: (Breathing in and out, nodding) I…  I’m…


Doug Kinsella: I’M NOT A GODDAMN CHILD YOU SON OF A BITCH!  Don’t you EVER talk to me like that again!  YOU UNDERSTAND!!!???

Knox takes his blow without retaliation and Masters looks overwhelmed by the situation.

Doug Kinsella: DAMN IT!  GOD DAMNIT!

He storms off, leaving Knox and Masters alone.

Caleb Knox: Euugh!

Knox rubs at his face, frustrated that things went the way they did.  Masters checks in on him and the cameras cut away.



Coming back to the ring, the fans buzz with excitement the second the bell sounds.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… it is for THE REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The lights dim and a blue and white strobe-light effect begins it’s display on the stage with fog covering the entrance way as the opening drum beats of "A Monument Encased In Ash" by The Showdown begin to play over the P.A. system. During the first guitar solo, we see Caleb Knox emerge from the fog, jumping in place while circling his wrists to a decent reaction from the fans. As the guitar solo begins, Caleb makes a brisk walk to the ring, tagging hands with a few fans along the way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger… weighing in at 221 pounds… here is CALEB KNOX!!!

Dave Dymond: Well as Revolution continues on we have a Revolution Championship match on tap and certainly this marks a huge opportunity for Caleb Knox in just his third match in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: This kid has definitely got some serious up side to him, but tonight, he’s got a big chance to really make a statement in this company.  Course he’s been on the losing side of things since he started out, first it was gettin’ a little over confident… then some mis-communication with last week’s tag team partner, Doug Kinsella.

Knox runs to the ring steps and jumps on the top one, before walking to the apron and pointing out to the crowd before jumping over the top rope.

Dave Dymond: Some backlash from that incident was witnessed moments ago, but the confrontation hasn’t shaken Caleb Knox one bit who looks more than ready for this title match opportunity.

Once in the ring, Knox bounces off the ropes a couple of times before dropping to his knees, burying his hands in his fists as he stares up at the rafters and then pounds his fists on the canvas before stretching up against the ropes in anticipation for his opponent.  His music cuts out and is soon replaced by “Fever for the Flava” by Hot Action Cop. It isn’t long before the Revolution Champion, NC-17 walks out from the back, arm and arm with the always beautiful Barbie Kellers.

Dave Dymond: You going to be able to keep it in your pants tonight, O.G.?

Other Guy: Hey Barbie’s good lookin’ but she ain’t no Sinnocence, that’s for sure.

Dave Dymond: Speaking of, definitely the seductress of SHOOT Project will be watching this match up VERY closely, as this outcome could very well change what happens at Master of the Mat.

NC-17 and Barbie stop mid-way down the ramp as a quick eruption of pink pyros shoot out behind him.  The Revolution Champion nods his head and tags hands with the fans as he walks the rest of the way to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Barbie Kellers, he weighs in at 234 pounds… he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Revolution Champion THIS. IS. NC-17!!!!

The fans pops as NC-17 jogs up the steel steps then walks half way down the length of the ring. He then poses briefly for the crowd, then enters the ring through the middle and top rope.  He spins around once and turns his focus in the direction of Caleb Knox.

Dave Dymond: The always unique, sometimes flat out odd NC-17 has represented the Revolution Championship proudly, and a very bold move here to put it on the line before his scheduled match up with Sinnocence.

Other Guy: We got word earlier that if Knox walks away with the title tonight, then next week at Master of the Mat, the Revolution Championship WILL be defended in a triple threat match.

Dave Dymond: Sort of the dividing line between the on going rivalry between NC-17 and Sinnocence.

Referee Willie Dean calls both NC-17 and Caleb Knox forward.  NC-17 takes his Revolution championship and hands it off to the referee.  The referee then holds it up high over both NC-17 and Knox, showing it to everyone.   Knox offers a handshake as Dean passes the title out of the ring.  NC-17 cocks his head to the side for a moment but gives a quick handshake.

Other Guy: That was more of a hand slap then a handshake.

Dave Dymond: Well NC-17 wasn’t exactly happy when Caleb Knox sort of shifted his feelings about the Revolution Champion, but obviously the bottom line is the young upstart Knox STILL showing he does in fact respect NC-17 and offers the good sportsman handshake as a sign.

NC-17 and Knox break away from the center of the ring and Willie Dean quickly calls for the bell.  NC-17 and Knox begin to circle the ring, neither man super quick to make the first move.  Barbie already cheers on NC-17 from the outside as the two continue to quickly move around the ring.

Knox makes the lunge in first and NC-17 meets him with an elbow collar tie up.  Neither man gets the advantage at first, but NC-17 goes from the grapple to a waist lock from behind.  Knox tries to pry NC-17’s arms away from his waist but NC-17 holds tightly. Knox whips his body around, still prying and manages to break free this time with the extra movement. Knox sprints at the ropes now and bounces off, NC-17 drops down to his stomach and Knox jumps over him and keeps running.   Knox hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and NC-17 leaps up to his feet and as Knox comes at him, NC-17 leaps with a Cross body!

Dave Dymond: Knox taken down, quick hook of the leg.


Knox kicks out right away after the one count and NC-17 is up to his feet and as Knox stands up NC-17 hits a quick knee to the sternum and looks to send Knox back into the ropes. Knox reverses on the Revolution Champion.  NC-17 hits the ropes, but hooks his arms to stop his momentum.  Knox runs at NC-17, and NC-17 darts away from the ropes and ducks an incoming clothesline.  Knox LEAPS up onto the ropes and then NAILS NC-17 with a springboard elbow strike to the face!

Dave Dymond: Fast paced match up turns this thing around now as Knox with the take down… and cover made.

Other Guy: These two matchin’ up extremely well.

Willie Dean makes the count as some of the fans cheer Knox on.



Kick out by NC-17 and Knox pulls him up off the mat, hooks him possibly for a dragon sleeper, but lifts NC-17 ALL the way up and over with a dragon suplex!  NC-17 rocks back and forth on the mat in slight pain, and Knox again makes a cover, this time hooking both legs.  Dean counts again as Barbie shouts on from the outside for NC-17 to get up.




Other Guy: Near fall but not enough to put the Revolution Champion down.

Dave Dymond: But Caleb Knox REALLY putting on a show and not backing down one bit in this huge championship opportunity.

Other Guy: It’s definitely the kind of showing ya need if you want to get noticed in this organization.

Knox keeps the momentum going in his favor, once more bringing NC-17 up to his feet.  Knox fires a couple quick forearms to keep NC-17 groggy.  NC-17 staggers and Knox winds up with a huge standing clothesline attempt, but NC-17 gets back with it, reaches back and goes for a blind neck breaker, but Knox hooks both his arms under NC-17’s and goes for a back slide pin instead…

NO!  NC-17 reverses and brings Knox down with a back slide pin of his own.



Knox shoulders out, rolling his legs over his body.  He springs up to his feet but NC-17 right there with a dropkick! Knox goes back down, but springs up and comes at NC-17.  NC-17 throws a boot into Knox’s gut and then DRIVES HIM DOWN FACE FIRST WITH A SITOUT FACEBUSTER!

Dave Dymond: NC-17 stays in control for now with the face buster, but Knox just kept coming.

Other Guy: Yeah but I think after eating ring canvas, Knox is gonna be slowed down a bit.

NC-17 doesn’t go for the cover this time, but instead pulls Knox up off the mat and he throws a couple of chops as he pushes Knox back against the right side ring ropes.   Willie Dean calls for NC-17 to pull away from the ropes, but NC-17 delivers a vertical slap to the sternum of Knox first before whipping him across the ring. Knox comes bouncing back and NC-17 runs at him a charging high knee lift!  Knox FLIPS over onto his back from the impact and NC-17 heads off into the corner.

The fans of the Revolution Champion start to cheer and Barbie can be heard shouting encouragement to her boyfriend.  NC-17 only goes up to the second turnbuckle though but LEAPS off with a leg drop… Knox ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Other Guy: Nothin’ but mat on that one, Dave…

Knox SNAPS off a quick sitting dropkick to send NC-17 down onto his back!

Dave Dymond: And Caleb Knox capitalizes there with the dropkick!

With NC-17 on his back, Knox goes to the corner quickly now, and without hesitation jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and then JUMPS a second time to flip backwards and this time CONNECTS with a moonsault!

Dave Dymond: A beautiful double jump moonsault from the challenger and is this it… does Knox have him?

Other Guy: Would be an upset, that’s for damn sure.

The leg is hooked, Willie Dean hits the mat.



THRE…. NC-17 shoulders out with his entire body.  Knox is sent slightly to the side and he slaps the mat once out of frustration but keeps going strong.  Knox pulls NC-17 up off the mat, quick body slam and now Knox runs to the ropes to pick up speed.  He summersaults forward and then springs up, looking for a splash down onto NC-17, but NC-17 LIFTS BOTH KNEES and catches Knox right in the gut!

Dave Dymond: Knox winded by some smart thinking on behalf of the Revolution Champion.

Knox slumps onto the mat next to NC-17, holding his stomach in pain.  NC-17 slowly gets up to his feet and then grabs Knox, quick fisherman’s suplex delivered!  NC-17 floats over and covers Knox.  Willie Dean dropping right back down yet again.



TH… and Knox kicks out!

Other Guy: At this rate, Willie Dean might as well just stay layin’ down on the mat.

Dave Dymond: No kidding, this has been a pin fall after pin fall match up, but neither NC-17 nor Knox able to secure a three count.

NC-17 gets up to his feet and brings Knox up, but Knox starts delivering punches to NC-17’s gut now as he does so… forcing NC-17 to hit a standing elbow to back of Knox’s head. Knox drops down onto one knee, only for NC-17 to bring him up from there right into a swinging neck breaker!  Knox down and NC-17 with another pin attempt.



Kick out!

Aggravation sets in a bit as NC-17 shakes his head and looks to the referee for a moment. Willie Dean only shows two and so NC-17 gets up to his feet and goes to the corner again. As he does so though, he turns over his shoulder to see Knox starting to get up to his feet. NC-17 changes his game plan and suddenly sprints across the ring, and charges up behind Knox. NC-17 grabs Knox by the back of the head with one hand, looking for a one armed bulldog, but Knox LIFTS NC-17 up out of mid- jump and hits a SURPRISING SIDEWALK SLAM!

Other Guy: Whoa!  Burst of power there from the fast paced cruiserweight!

Knox lays over the top of NC-17 for the cover.



TH… NC-17 kicks out once again.  Knox brings NC-17 up off the mat, only for NC-17 to grab the legs, sweep Knox onto his back and then FLIP OVER him while still holding the legs!

Dave Dymond: And NC-17 RIGHT back in this with a pin of his own.

Other Guy: Knox not ready…





Willie Dean: Two count! Only two!

Dave Dymond: So incredibly close there as NC-17 pulled that pin attempt out of the blue and Caleb Knox JUST BARELY kicked out.

Other Guy: At this point in time that’s EXACTLY the only way I see either of these cats winning this thing, with a surprise pulled out of nowhere.

Knox and NC-17 are both back up to there feet and finally there seems to be a pause in the action as they just look at one another.  NC-17 nods his head slightly and starts to circle, but Knox doesn’t want a reset, so to speak, and charges right in. NC-17 ducks under Knox’s outstretched arms and turns and kicks Knox square in the back.  Knox arches his back in pain and NC-17 just grabs him from behind and drops Knox down with a quick reverse DDT.  But DOESN’T go for the cover. 

NC-17 lifts Knox up now and suddenly kicks him in the gut.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, we saw NC-17 debut this a couple weeks back and these fans see that he’s got Caleb Knox in position for what Seventeen calls Not Yet Rated.

With Knox doubled over the NC-17 fans start to cheer.  NC-17 nods his head and then SPANKS Knox…


Other Guy: Little bit of insult before the injury… but done in good fun…

Dave Dymond: NC-17 off the ropes now… but he stops!  Knox standing at his full vertical base and that could have led to a big time counter had NC-17 not seen Knox rise up to his full stance.

Some of the fans boo as NC-17 is unable to hit his signature move.  Knox motions for NC-17 to come at him, and NC-17 leans back against the ropes to bounce off of them for added momentum. Knox comes in, both look for a grapple, but Knox suddenly ducks and then LIFTS NC-17 into a fireman’s carry position!

NC-17 struggles to get out of Knox’s hold, only for Knox to spin NC-17 out of the fireman’s carry into a wheelbarrow face buster!!!

Dave Dymond: Big time move at a CRUCIAL time in this match up, and Knox calls that the Left Turn at Albuquerque!

Other Guy: Is the Left Turn enough to end this… no it looks like Knox has somethin’ else in mind!

Knox springs up to his feet and pounds his chest now, getting some of the fans going.  There is some cheering but others who are fans of NC-17 begin to boo.   As the crowd reacts one way or another, Knox moves to the upper left corner of the ring and then goes to the outside and starts to climb to the top.  However his attention is diverted to the entryway as Doug Kinsella starts towards the ring, carrying with him a steel chair.

Dave Dymond: Kinsella on his way out the ring, and apparently the confrontation from earlier is going to continue out here.

Other Guy: What’s Kinsella’s deal anyway?

Knox becomes frustrated as he motions for Kinsella to get away from the ring. Kinsella stands on the outside though, steel chair in hand shouting at Knox.

Doug Kinsella: When you stay out of my business I’ll stay out of yours!

Knox shakes his head and suddenly Kinsella lunges towards him with the chair, but holds back. Knox jumps down off the top rope, and backs away from Kinsella who just half smiles at Knox.  Knox leans over the ropes waving Kinsella off.

Caleb Knox: Seriously, get out of here man; what’s your problem?

Kinsella doesn’t budge, and meanwhile NC-17 works his way up off the mat, somewhat still groggy from the wheelbarrow face buster.  Knox shouts one more time and finally Kinsella looks to turn away, so Knox in turn puts his focus back on the match… But then Kinsella turns back around and grabs Knox by the foot, tripping him up!

Knox stumbles forward, head down and NC-17 sees his opening… bounces off the ropes… DOUBLE KNEES TO THE HEAD!

Dave Dymond: Not Yet Rated!  NC-17 connects and Doug Kinsella walking away from it all!

Other Guy: This is horseshit on Kinsella’s part if you ask me!

The leg is hooked… Willie Dean makes the count!




The crowd wants to cheer, and some fans do, but a lot of the fans boo Doug Kinsella as he walks away from the ring.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… and STILL The SHOOT Project Revolution Champion… NC-17!!!

NC-17, completely unaware of what happened gets up to his feet, joined by Barbie in celebration who also missed Kinsella’s interference.  The two stand in the ring as NC-17 is handed back the Revolution Championship.

Dave Dymond: NC-17 successfully defends the Revolution Championship, but obviously the somewhat assist from Doug Kinsella cannot go unmentioned.

Other Guy: Like I said, it’s horseshit.  I mean I dig NC-17, and Knox definitely impressed the hell out of me this week, but Kinsella just soured me on this whole situation.

Dave Dymond: Well no action comes without reaction, Other Guy, and you can bet that when Caleb Knox wakes up from the double knees to the head, he’ll want an explanation from Kinsella.

Other Guy: Yeah along with the rest of us, Dave. First it was the tag match last week, and now this.

The focus follows NC-17 and Barbie as the leave the ring, and then cuts back to Caleb Knox who holds his head while blinking and looking up at the rafters.  The focus then shifts away from the ring area after a moment.


As the chaotic night BACKSTAGE continues, Christopher Davis steps through the door and into the backstage area. Immediately he is met by a heavy breathing Eryk Masters. Davis gives him a confused look as Masters bends over, hands on knees attempting to catch his breath.

Christopher Davis: You ok Eryk? You need some water or something?

Eryk stands up, as the sweat drips down his forehead.

Eryk Masters: I wanted to ask you…ask you…

Christopher Davis: Eryk man, it’s pretty early and you’re already winded. You gonna be alright man?

Eryk Masters: Well, since…since you got Abigail suspended they needed someone to step up to the plate.

Davis shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: So Eryk, I suppose you hustled yourself over here for a reason.

Eryk Masters: Well, I wanted to be the first to let you know that the Real Deal has mandated that you are not allowed to put your hands on any member of The Family tonight or any time prior to your match at Master of the Mat or else…

Davis raises his hand causing Masters to stop mid-sentence.

Christopher Davis: I’ll be suspended, yeah I got that memo. Actually my new press secretary filled me in that little nugget of wisdom a couple of days ago.

Eryk Masters: Press secretary?

Davis smiles, he reaches back and pushes open the door. In walks none other than the recently suspended Abigail Chase with a smirk on her face.

Christopher Davis: Yeah it appears that Miss Chase needed to make some cash, so I gave the kid a job.

Davis smiles.

Christopher Davis: As for the Real Deal and his little memo, they know it’s pathetic, you know it’s pathetic, the whole world knows it’s pathetic. Apparently Josh doesn’t like it when people tell the truth about his brother’s fuck ups so he tries to hurt them. Whatever. He signed this match, hoping, praying that The Family is able to shut me up. Whatever. Come Master of the Mat I’m going to go out and do what I do. I may win, I may lose but the message won’t die!  There’s change coming and there’s nothing the Real Deal can do about it.

What Real Deal better hope and pray for is that Vincent has finally found the crew that will be able do the thing he’s wanted to do for years…destroy the heart of Christopher Davis.

If he hasn’t…if they can’t…

Davis smiles, grabs Abigail’s hand and walks away.  Masters once again suddenly presses his hand to his earpiece, obviously listening intently to someone talking to him.

Eryk Masters: What… The Family isn’t even going to be in the arena tonight?  So why did I have to deliver…

Masters stops talking, shakes his head, and trudges off down the hall.


From a hallway within the Thomas and Mack Center, the focus shifts to a room… specifically, Real Deal’s office. Real Deal is seen behind his desk, reading some papers, making occasional marks and notations on them. There is a knock on the door as the door begins to open, revealing Jester Smiles, who peaks his head in the doorway. Even in the back, the sound of cheers can be heard from the crowd.

Jester Smiles: You wanted to see me, boss?

Real Deal smiled.  He had indeed asked for Jester Smiles, and he knew this would be fun.  Jester was, after all, on the brink of greatness.

Real Deal:  Sure did, Eric.  Suuuuure did.  Lemme ask you something.

He pauses for a moment, watching Smiles’ face. 

Real Deal:  Are you nervous?

Jester walks in the room completely, a smile on his face. He shrugs, though he does look a little nervous.

Jester Smiles: I don’t like offices.

Real Deal: I wasn’t so much interested in that, really, Eric.  I mean…  you’re sitting here, on the verge of becoming a bonafide ICON in this business.  Master of the Mat, man…  it’s less than a week away.  You…  Worrens…  for a chance at the DEFILER.  The DEMORALIZER.  Jonny Johnson.

Real Deal smirks.

Real Deal:  So I ask you once again…  are you nervous?

Jester’s grin becomes a little wider.

Jester Smiles: Never been more scared in my life.

Real Deal:  I can’t say I blame you.  Master of the Mat, man, it’s a fucking big deal.  It’s a HUGE deal.  It is, without a doubt, what should be your whole focus.  You want to right the wrongs, you want to stand up for your beliefs, and MOST OF FUCKING ALL you want to stand tall, as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  That’s something that I, fuck man, that ANYONE can respect.

Real Deal’s voice remained calm, though the volume fluctuated in the spots you’d figure it would.

Real Deal:  With that in mind…  with probably the BIGGEST moment in your entire career in mind…  from everything you’ve been through…  sliming me, beating up King, going through your little ‘arise from the ashes’ business after you got your heart broken…  after alllll of that, I can’t imagine that you’d be worrying about anything else.  But man, Eric, I just…  I just have to ask you.

And then the hammer is dropped.

Real Deal:  What the FUCK are you thinking with your little demonstration with Donovan King?  I mean, really.

Jester gives Real Deal an inquisitive look, the grin never leaving. Jester is silent for a moment, possibly thinking of his answer.

Jester Smiles: What was I thinking? I’ll tell you what I was thinking.

Jester stops grinning.

Jester Smiles: I was thinking that I’m sick and tired of being a pawn in some greater game. I’m sick and tired of my moves and actions being decided by some other force. I’m done just existing in a fucked up world. I’m DONE being a puppet for a machine that isn’t right or good. That demonstration was exactly what I told the reporters it was. It was a big fuck you to everything wrong with this place. And honestly, Real Deal?

Jester grins again.

Jester Smiles: I hope more people go to that ring and flip off the back. I hope people see my demonstration and get pissed. Get mad. Get REALLY fucking angry. Because when people get mad, they act. And maybe, just maybe, when people act, they’ll stop being a part of some fucked up game and do something themselves.

Jester crosses his arms.

Jester Smiles: That was me telling everyone, including Donovan King, that I am no mans puppet or pawn. I make my own rules, and I do what I think is right.

Jester’s grin widens.

Jester Smiles: That’s what I was thinking.

Real Deal:  Have you sat back and really thought, dude?  Really thought about what you’re saying?  How the FUCK are you a ‘pawn?’  Because you were booked in a match?

Real Deal laughs aloud.

Real Deal:  OH man…  I sure hope people don’t GET ANGRY because they’re being BOOKED IN MATCHES.  They might think they’re pawns!  And oh my goodness…  you know what would happen if people got angry because they’re being booked in matches?  Have you thought about this one?

Still chuckling.

Real Deal:  Those people?  They don’t get paid.  They get NOTHING.  So, let me just say that, while I think it’s cute you’re finally nutting up to SOMETHING in your stay here… it’s pretty clear, and pretty obvious, that you haven’t totally thought it through all the way.  You’re a pawn, because you’re getting booked in a match.  Oh the humanity!

Real Deal shakes his head, smiling.

Real Deal:  Here’s some advice, Eric.  I’d focus real fucking hard on Trevor Worrens, because Worrens?  He’s not worried about being a pawn, and he’s not worried about what the people in the back think.  Trevor Worrens is worried about beating you, beating Jonny Johnson, and reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship that he CHRISTENED.  And if you don’t have that same level of focus?  Eric?

Real Deal looks up at him, grinning.  But suddenly, his expression becomes stone serious.

Real Deal:  …you’ll get run over.  And all that bullshit about standing up and not being a pawn?  About people standing up and DOING SOMETHING?  It’ll all just be hot, humid…  air.  So Eric…  don’t fail.  Do NOT fail your people, or their letdown?  Their grief?  Their ANGST?

It’ll all be your fault.

Jester nods.

Jester Smiles: Can do, bossman. Have fun, you know, with those papers and what not. Peace.

Jester puts on a fake smile, flashes the thumbs up, and then walks out the door. With that, the scene begins to fade out.

Dave Dymond: Jester not really taking the advice to heart it seems.

Other Guy: Kid needs to listen some, though. I may not agree with everything Real Deal’s been doing lately, but if this kid gets caught up in too much mess, he can kiss being THE Master of the Mat goodbye.


Coming back to the ring area, The house lights dim but do not go out as the opening strains to Rob Zombie’s "The Great American Nightmare" pulse through the arena.  "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali steps out as a spotlight shines upon the stage.

Dave Dymond: Well here’s someone we haven’t seen in weeks… a man who has opted to take a stand much like Jester Smiles… Nightmare is back out here tonight.

Other Guy: Yeah we haven’t seen this cat since his Revolution Title match against champion NC-17.  A Hell of a match to which neither man could claim victory.

Dave Dymond: People have wondered where his head has been since then.  Looks like we’ll find out now.

Jonathon strides down the entrance ramp, walking up the steps to enter the ring.  A microphone is handed to him as he requests.  Jon takes a moment to survey the crowd, who are receiving him with a mixed reaction.

Nightmare: You know, it’s never been my style to come out here and just talk to the fans.

A few more boos are heard, as the crowd feels slighted.  Jonathon holds up a hand, politely forestalling the audience.

Nightmare: Not that you aren’t worth it.  It’s your money that keeps this industry moving, a fact I respect.

I’ve just felt that actions speak louder than words.  That’s why I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears for this profession.

However, there is a season for everything, and there are times when words must be spoken.

Such as now.

A single nod, simple yet profound.

Nightmare: Yes, times change and so do people.

Change.  Yeah there’s been a lot of that going on, mostly for the bad.

Seems like it’s time for a revolution, people.

And who better to be involved in a revolution than someone whose entire career has been nothing short of revolutionary?

Jon flashes a roguish grin, sinking in the rising cheers.  He turns to regard Dave and OG before turning towards the fans once more.

Nightmare: You want to know if my head’s in the game?

Damn right it is.  My head. My heart. My soul.

Every fiber of my being is in this industry.  Every aspect of my life is geared towards this company.

So where have I been if that’s the case?

He pauses, allowing supposition to run rampant.  A slight sneer of disgust crosses his features.

Nightmare: Why don’t you ask Real Deal? He was the one who saw fit to remove Eli and myself two weeks ago or trust you would not have been able to ignore my presence.

No threats. No promises. Just cold hard facts.

The sneer gives way to an expression of frustrated anger.

Nightmare: As for last week? I was sitting in the back without a damn match for the third week in a row.

And this week would have made the fourth if I hadn’t gotten sick of watching everyone else talking… strutting… bitching… and gaining all the glory and honor.

Instead? I’m out here talking to all of you and still lack a match.

Jonathon rolls his eyes then gives a small shake of his head.

Nightmare: Now I understand people may be too blinded by their own ego… by their own veiled cowardice… to step up to the challenge and fight me.

I understand it, but I don’t accept it.

I’m done sitting on my ass waiting for things to happen.  That’s how this company has gotten in the situation in which it finds itself.

People sitting on their asses hoping things will work out without doing a damn thing to make them happen the way they want.

No more.

He looks out upon the fans.  He is a man taking a stand.  And he will not back down.

Nightmare: As I’ve said before, I’m a man who takes action when it is needed, and obviously if I am going to get anywhere in SHOOT Project that is exactly what I need to do.

Take matters into my own hands.

I entered this company as a true soldier, winning my first match here.  I proved that I can topple monsters when BTY took out Sammy and Mikey.  I showed that I can stand my ground against a champion when I refused to be put away by the oh-so-sure NC-17.

If you can’t recognize success when you see it… then you’re blind.

And if you can’t hear my challenge then you’re fucking deaf as well.

Jon turns to regard the back with defiance.

Nightmare: I challenge anyone to a match anytime anywhere.  I don’t care who you are, if you think you’re a soldier then come prove it, because I will be waging war inside this ring.  If you’re a champion then show me why you deserve to touch that title let alone hold it.  And if you’re a legend?

Well you may just see that legacy crumble in the face of a greater one to come.

No matter who you are your broken body will simply be another stepping stone along my path of greatness.

That is one thing that won’t change.

The determination and confidence burns in his gaze.  After a moment he turns to address the crowd once more.

Nightmare: But this change goes beyond just me.  No, it’s not simply myself who needs to change.

This entire company does.  SHOOT Project must change to be free.

I have fought to secure the freedom of our home, the USA, and now I shall do the same for our home, SHOOT Project.

I am not the only one fighting for this freedom.  Christopher Davis is as well.  Cade Sydal is as well.  NC-17 is as well.

And so are the Sons of Liberty, Donovan King and Eli Storm.

However, there’s something wrong.

There’s someone missing.

Jonathon pauses while the crowd buzzes in speculation.

Nightmare: It is YOUR money that makes this company live.

Without you there would be no SHOOT Project for Real Deal to control.  There would be no new arena to keep Jason Johnson away.  The only person Jonny Johnson would have to defile… would be himself.

Do not be content to allow others to wage this war.  Do not allow yourself to be ignored.

Take a stand. Make your voice heard.

He gazes into the audience as if looking into the eyes of each and every fan present.

Nightmare: There is power in numbers, my friends.

Together we can do more than liberate SHOOT Project.

We can change the world.

Jon nods as the crowd cheers.  Dropping the microphone, he rolls out of the ring and walks into the audience, taking a seat with the SHOOT Project army.

Dave Dymond: Wow so last week we saw a re-motivated Eli Storm, and not far behind that, Nightmare taking a HUGE stand here tonight.

Other Guy: It’s great to see, but so far anyone who’s spoken out as had consequences to deal with… only thing is, looks like Nightmare is in a growing line more than ready to deal with those consequences.

Dave Dymond: That he has, and up next folks, Eli Storm set for action against Osbourne Kilminster… so we’ll see if Nightmare’s friend and former tag team partner can put a kink into the armor of Jonny Johnson’s camp… and STILL to come… the main event that will determine the main event at Master of the Mat. Dan Stein versus Cade Sydal… it’s the final match of three weeks of jumping through hoops and in turn is the most important.

Other Guy: In Jonny’s mind it was the best manipulation for last.  Friend against friend in tonight’s main event.


Osbourne pulls the velcro straps on his gloves as tight as they can go before he winds them around his wrist, smirking as he arches his neck from side to side, hearing his vertebrae crunch and crack, relieving the muscular tension. Pacing up and down his small locker-room, he looks toward the door with interest as he hears a rapping… as though someone gently tapping… tapping at his locker-room door…

The door opens to reveal the face of his lover, Sinnocence. She’s dressed from head to toe in her normal leather ring gear and a smile. Ozzy mirrors her smile as she stands in the doorway.

Sinnocence: Ready to kick some ass, Sweetcheeks?

He shrugs his shoulders with a grin, admiring her alluring form.

Osbourne Kilminster: I always am. Haha. How’s your shoulder doing?

Sinnocence pulls him close for a quick kiss which leaves a smile on both of their faces.

Sinnocence: I’ll be ready for my match next week, that’s all that matters.  Now let’s get you down to that ring.

She chuckles and steps out into the hallway, her hand around Ozzy’s wrist. They walk for another few minutes, navigating the maze-like corridors of the Thomas and Mack Center as Osbourne reaches back into the waistband of his shorts to pull out his gumshield, the most integral part of his ring gear as he pulls his wrist free from Sinn to hold her hand, exchanging smiles with her.

Jared: So you think we should pay ’em a visit?

CJ: Couldn’t hurt. I haven’t seen ’em since–

A collision is narrowly averted as the Tag Team Champions turn a corner right in front of the pair, their black suits a high contrast with the white arena walls. Osbourne narrows his eyes at the mere sight of them, suspicious and defensive, tightening his grip on Sinnocence’s hand.

Jared: Fancy meeting you here, sweetheart.

He winks to Sinn, with a wry smile.

Jared: You too, Sinn.

Osbourne turns to face Jared and moves his foot as though to step in closer, but Sinn’s hand retains a tight grip on his, holding him back. Taking a deep breath, he snarls as he turns away from Jared.

Sinnocence: No need to get him riled up, Jared.

Jared: Hey, not my fault if he’s a little too tightly wound.

CJ: I thought it was pretty funny.

Jared: Good luck next week, sugar.

Osbourne turns back around to face Jared, barring his teeth, the veins running down his temples protruding as he struggles to control his temper, slowly shaking his head and looking back to Sinnocence.  Jared and CJ move to the sides of the hallway, putting their hands out.

Jared: Lighten up, Francis. You got somewhere to be, and you’re not gonna get there if you pop a friggin’ embolism.

She gives the tag team champion a wonderful smile and keeps her grip on Ozzy’s hand.

Sinnocence: It was good to see you again, darlin’…now if you’ll excuse us, he’s got a match to get to.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Osbourne brings Sinn’s hand up and kisses it softly before leading her past LIHC.

Osbourne Kilminster: Thanks for that.

Sinnocence: Not a problem, Oz.  Just don’t let him get to you.  You have bigger things to concentrate on.

As he walks along beside Sinnocence, Osbourne leans toward her and kisses her cheek softly as they make their way over to the curtains.



Coming back to the ring area the camera focuses for a brief moment on Nightmare who is seen sitting in the front row, surrounded by some REALLY excited fans. The shot then cuts over to Dave Dymond and Other Guy joined at ringside by the Laws of Survival Champion Trevor Worrens. Worrens wears his gray “Pain Is Life, Life Is Good” t-shirt but most noticeably he wears a dark blue sling on his right arm.  In front of him on the table is the Laws of Survival Championship.

Dave Dymond: Our next match up just about set to begin, but as you can plainly see we are joined by Trevor Worrens here directly at the announce table, and also Nightmare apparently going to be watching on as well.

Other Guy: Gotta admit, wasn’t expectin’ to see you out here, Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: Maybe at first glance it doesn’t make as much sense as Nightmare being out here, then again we don’t really know where the guy stands. He’s against shit going down, but he didn’t directly call himself a son of liberty, so who knows. As for me, let’s just say I’m potentially watching two men who may be my opposition somewhere down the line.

Dave Dymond: Opposition? Well we know you and Kilminster…

Trevor Worrens: Right, Kilminster and I will ALWAYS be each other’s opposition with or without this war.  But we’ve got Osbourne representing Jonny’s unit and we have Eli Storm backing Donovan King. So the way I see it, if I win Master of the Mat both sides might just be coming for me.  It’s no secret that DK wants Jester with him, so yeah he’s going to want Eric to beat me on August Thirty First.  And as for Jonny and company, well hell I’m the only one that I know of that hasn’t gotten caught up in all the crazy he’s stirring up around here.  That’s not going to sit well with a guy like him, that’s for certain.

Dave Dymond: Then tonight becomes a scouting mission of sorts?

Trevor Worrens: I guess you can call it that.  But it’s not really about me right now, you got my reason for being down here, and we’ll just leave it at that.

Other Guy: Good timing.

Trevor Worrens: It’s where I was told to end, so thank production for that.

You hear Worrens and Other Guy laughing a bit as the shot cuts to the ring where Samantha Coil stands; microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is set for one fall…

Suddenly the lights go out and throughout the Thomas and Mack Center the low rumbling of thunder can be heard.  It’s softer at first, but becomes louder and more violent and is soon joined by flickers of light acting as lightning.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… weighing in at 235 pounds….

The lights suddenly come up, revealing Osbourne Kilminster in the ring, which causes the fans in attendance to start to boo.

Samantha Coil: Here is Osbourne Kilminster!!!

Kilminster starts to pace about the ring, taking in the fans and their dislike for him. It isn’t long before his eyes fall on Worrens at the ringside announce table. He points at Worrens, mouthing something.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, okay, Osbourne. I see you there.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster very confident as of late, even after losing to you in that very brutal Close Quarter Combat match.

Trevor Worrens: Admittedly that came as a shock.  Kilminster’s keeping his motivation going, I just hope he focuses more on Storm and not so much on me.

Kilminster eventually turns his focus back to the entryway but still continues to pace, keeping his body loose as he moves.

Other Guy: Not that I’m siding with anyone in Jonny’s camp, but with both you and Nightmare out here, it’s gonna be hard for Kilminster NOT to take you two into account.

Dave Dymond: True Nightmare IS in support of Eli Storm and of course at this point I don’t think you and Kilminster even NEED a reason to get into it, but you do have the slightly injured shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Look shoulder is going to be fine, and I don’t have any plans on stepping in the ring with Osbourne tonight.  What Nightmare does or doesn’t do, that’s going to be his own business.

The Revolution Video Screen shows a Red Canadian Maple Leaf on a white background, which brings all attention to the entryway.  The lights turn to a hue of red and…


Dave Dymond: Well that’s not Eli Storm’s music!

Other Guy: Uhm, I think we all know who’s music that is…


Kilminster shakes his head, as the fans pick up after hearing the edit.

Dave Dymond: He didn’t?

Other Guy: Yeah…it looks like he did.

“Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga! Uh!

Once again back is the incredible – the incredible"

The crowd gets into it, and while there is still a mixed reaction, there is some strong cheering echoing throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.  There is a quick cut to Nightmare in the front row applauding and of course the people around him are cheering as well.

Trevor Worrens: Eli Storm doing the whole full makeover thing.  Not sure if it’ll revive his career, but it brings some energy to the ring at least for tonight. Something he’ll need to keep pace with a guy like Kilminster.

“Space Lord Intergalactic 7- The SHOOT edit” by Monster Magnet cuts out as "Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible) – SHOOT Remix" by Fat Joe blares and out walks Eli Storm to the top of the entrance ramp. Storm is wearing a White hoodie with a Red Maple Leaf in the back. Red baggy wrestling pants with a White stripe up the left and right side, taped up fists and forearms and Red boots with White Shin guards with a Red Outline. Eli grins and pushes back the hoodie that is covering his face. He looks out to the crowd for a moment and another chorus of cheers mixed in with boos sounds.

Dave Dymond: Storm over the past months has been somewhat talked about in a negative light, what with all his back and forth attitude changes, and just an overall lack of focus. BUT if Storm can bring himself back to the days of old and really buckle down, then we could see yet another name working his way up the ranks.

Other Guy: Yeah but that means this cat has GOT to live up to the hype this time that he’s set for himself… Eli Storm has GOT to be incredible tonight.

As Storm makes his way down to the ringside area referee Austin Linam motions for Kilminster to back away from the edge of the ring. Kilminster backs up, but his eyes remain fixed on Storm.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, here is “The Incredible” Eli Storm!!!

Storm picks up his pace and once he is at ringside, he slides under the bottom rope.

“I got the streets on smash, niggaz on the corner watching me roll past

The bitches they all gasp saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible

I got the heat on blast, love the seats reclining on that mean G4

Cause down in New York they saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible”

Storm hops up and poses in the middle of the ring, crossing his arms in the air as Canadian Colored streamers explodes through the air along with several quick bursts of red and white pyros.  The music cuts out there as Storm brushes his hair back and soaks in the mix of cheers and boos before handing his hoodie to a ring hand. He then turns and points right at Kilminster nodding his head. He then lowers his arm and starts jumping up and down, pumping himself up for the match at hand.

Dave Dymond: Well he looks good and ready, but as the saying goes… looks can be deceiving.

Trevor Worrens: So can confidence, Dave. Eli may or may not be fooling Kilminster about being ready tonight, but I think Kilminster is fooling himself.

Other Guy: You thinkin’ he’s still hurting after his match with Stein and then with you?

Trevor Worrens: Time will tell.

With both men set for action, referee Austin Linam calls for the bell.  Storm CHARGES out of his corner right away and Kilminster has no qualms about meeting him in the center of the ring. The two quickly lock, up but Kilminster breaks and pulls out to Storm’s side, holding onto the arm and looking for a knee up into the gut…

But Storm DIVES over the knee, hooking it as he flips over onto his back, taking Kilminster down.  Roll to the slight side and he has Kilminster pinned!

Dave Dymond: Quick pin out of the blue the count!




Dave Dymond: HE got him!

Other Guy: No, not quite Dave but damn close!

The fans cheer, but the second Linam only holds up two fingers, a collective “OOOOOOH” echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.  Storm scrambles quickly up to his feet and Kilminster looks furious.

Trevor Worrens: I don’t think Kilminster was even slightly ready for that one.

Dave Dymond: Indeed Eli Storm coming right off the bat looking for the victory and he ALMOST had him.

Storm somewhat taunts Kilminster to get up the rest of the way and Kilminster does, and immediately goes right back after Storm.  Storm darts to the side, circling around behind Kilminster, but Kilminster plants his foot pivots around and LUNGES at Storm, catching him off guard this time with a quick and sudden leg lift take down.  Storm is pinned down on his back, but Kilminster quickly goes into a mounting position and not for the cover.  He cradles Storm’s head and shoulders upward with one arm and starts POUNDING on him with repeated forearm strikes.

Trevor Worrens: Now that’s something I’ve felt too many times since my debut in SHOOT Project.

Dave Dymond: You’ve managed to survive many of Kilminster’s striking onslaughts in the past, what thoughts go through your head when he’s pounding like that?

Trevor Worrens: Thoughts? You don’t have time to think when a forearm is being smashed into your cranium, Dave. You just react.

Other Guy: Storm havin’ a hell of a time reacting now though as that quick pin and taunt right off the get go has only served to piss Ozzy off.

Storm tries to break free but Kilminster pulls him in tighter and AGAIN with another forearm shot, but this time he keeps it planted in Storm’s face and shoves his head down onto the mat, pushing his forearm against the bridge of Storm’s nose while turning his body to make a cover.  Linam down.



Storm shoulders out and Kilminster captures the arm and pulls Storm right up from there in a single arm clinch, turns out of it… QUICK snapping arm drag! Storm hits the mat and sits up, holding his arm in slight pain. Kilminster goes off the ropes and charges at Storm from behind.  Storm gets up quickly and blindly throws an elbow back with his hurt arm, and connects!

Kilminster staggers back, but Storm winces in pain, once more holding his arm close to his side.  Kilminster recovers just as Storm turns around and comes in again, this time Storm gets up a quick kick to the gut and Kilminster doubles over, only for Storm to hook him for a quick neck breaker!  Kilminster down and Storm sits up, shaking his arm out and then he turns back around for a cover.


Dave Dymond: Quick kick out that time by Kilminster.

Other Guy: Yeah, ain’t gonna pull a fast one on Ozzy again.

Storm rises up to his feet and brings Kilminster up with him. He uses all his strength to forcefully whip Kilminster into the upper left corner of the ring.  Kilminster collides back first and leans up against the corner, wincing in slight pain.  Storm puts on the speed now and DRILLS Kilminster in the leg with a low running kick!  Kilminster looks to stagger out of the corner, but Storm shoves him back and then starts laying kick after kick to the leg.

Dave Dymond: Storm keeping the focus on Kilminster’s right leg right now, and while Kilminster DOES use a lot of upper body strength, its his legs that give him the movement and quick reaction time when it comes to takedowns and even some of his submissions.

Some of the fans cheer as Storm continues to stay on the offense with his flurry of kicks. A quick shot of the front rows shows Nightmare nodding his head, cheering Storm on.  The shot cuts back to Storm who looks to back away from Kilminster, only to snap back around with a low angled dropkick to the knees!  Kilminster stumbles forward from there, and from on the ground Storm locks his legs around Kilminster’s ankles, tripping him up! Kilminster falls face first to the mat and Storm now stands up at the base of Kilminster’s legs.

Other Guy: Storm tryin’ to capitalize big time here, not sure what he’s attempting though.

Dave Dymond: He’s looking to apply an Indian Deathlock but Kilminster fighting it now, using his leg strength to keep Storm from getting it locked into place.

Trevor Worrens: I think I see what Eli is going for here, taking out the legs means that the impact of the Wake Up Call is going to hurt Kilminster just as much as it hurts him, BUT Kilminster can beat a guy in more than one way.  Not sure how this strategy is even going to hold up.

Kilminster continues to fight trying now to army crawl to the ropes, which messes up Storm’s ability to really get a firm hold on Kilminster’s legs. Storm lands a stomp to Kilminster’s back and then attempts again. Kilminster fights it though and keeps crawling once more.  Storm lifts his leg and goes for a second stomp, but Kilminster rolls over onto his back and grabs the foot, and then SHOVES Storm backwards!

Other Guy: Oh man, he suckered Storm right into that one.

Storm stumbles, losing his balance and Kilminster up to his feet. Storm regains his footing and he jumps at Kilminster with a side calf kick, but Kilminster puts on the breaks and BRINGS STORM DOWN OUT OF MID AIR WITH A BACKBREAKER!!!

Dave Dymond: High impact back breaker and now Kilminster holding him bent over and just DRIVING those elbow strikes into Storm’s face and neck!

Trevor Worrens: Eli needed to stay on top of this one… and isn’t this what you guys usually call a momentum killer?

Dave Dymond: That it is as Storm HAD this one in his favor but Kilminster now in FIRM control.

The crowd boos loudly now as Storm’s head is ROCKED each time Kilminster lands another elbow strike.  Kilminster then just PUSHES down on Storm’s body, arching his back over Kilminster’s knee for added pressure and pain.  Storm shouts out and referee Austin Linam checks on the situation, but Storm isn’t giving up to the make shift submission.

Kilminster drops Storm onto the mat from there and then drops his body down over him, hooking the leg for the cover.  Linam makes the count…




Dave Dymond: Near fall, but Storm showing he can take the pain by kicking out at two and a half.

Trevor Worrens: Got a little survivor in him it seems.  Might be only a matter of time until Eli Storm tries knocking at my door for a shot at the Laws of Survival Championship.

Other Guy: Kilminster hasn’t been able to put ya down, so if Storm can somehow survive and win tonight, that does put the cat in good standing for a crack at your title.

Kilminster grabs Storm violently by the head and pulls him up to his feet.  He DRILLS Storm in the face with a straight punch and then WHIPS him into the ropes.  Kilminster closes in on Storm who comes bouncing back and Kilminster goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks under. Kilminster quickly turns around and Storm goes to lift Kilminster for an Arn Anderson style spinebuster, but he drops Kilminster back to his feet, holding his back in pain.

Dave Dymond: Storm looking for some high impact of his own but you can see that Kilminster REALLY did a number on his back there.

Other Guy: Gives Ozzy a HUGE opening to continue on the offense now.

Kilminster throws another hard punch into Storm, sending Storm staggering back and then another, then a third.  Storm is up against the down ring ropes now and Kilminster brings up a knee into Storm’s gut, doubling him over.  Storm drops to one knee, holding his stomach, and now Kilminster grabs at him, looking to put him in position with a Thai clinch…

Trevor Worrens: Eli Storm’s about to get the wake up call… so I guess the support from Nightmare wasn’t enough to help Storm through this one.

The fans boo as Kilminster’s lips curl with a snide smile. He looks to pull Storm down, but Storm suddenly LIFTS Kilminster up and SLOPPILY sends him over the top rope and to the outside!  Kilminster CRASHES onto the floor and the fans begin to pick up!

Dave Dymond: For once someone spoke too soon who wasn’t me.

Trevor Worrens: What can I say; I’m new at this whole commentary thing.

Other Guy: Kilminster takin’ the nasty fall there, and if Storm has the ability to do anything BIG, right now would be the time to go for it!

Storm takes a moment to recover but finally steadies himself on his feet, turning to face Kilminster who writhes on the floor outside the ring.  Storm nods his head and grabs the top rope tightly.  The fans rise to their feet as Storm LEAPS up onto the top rope… springboards off… FROG SPLASH!!!

Dave Dymond: The Whole Canuckin’ Show to the outside!

Other Guy: I think that qualifies as something big.

The fans are buzzing with excitement as both Storm and Kilminster lay on the floor outside of the ring. Storm stirs, Kilminster barely moves, and Austin Linam looks on at both of them from inside the ring.


Storm sits up, looking to be in a great deal of pain.



Storm works on getting up to his feet the fans cheering him on.


Storm up to his feet and he grabs Kilminster now, and brings him close to ring edge.



Dave Dymond: OOOH! And Kilminster snapping right back and he just SLAMMED Storm forehead first into the ring mat!

Storm clutches at his face as Kilminster lifts him up and rolls him into the ring.  Kilminster slides into the ring right after him as Storm staggers up to his feet.  Kilminster grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around, when suddenly Storm LUNGES forward with an STO, but drops him onto a knee and then SNAPS backwards with a flatliner!!!

Trevor Worrens: Wow! That was really impressive!

Dave Dymond: and it could be all she wrote… Eli Storm making the cover after hitting the Cheap Pop… was it enough…



The fans back on their feet…

TH… NO!  Kilminster shoulders out before the three count can be called.

Other Guy: Took a little too long to make the cover and Kilminster stays in this one.

Dave Dymond: Storm still hurting and has been hurting since that high impact backbreaker, so needless to say the velocity in which he whipped Kilminster face first into the mat, HAD to send a lot of pain shooting through Storm’s body as well.

Storm is up to his knees at first, looking slightly upset that the match isn’t over, but he pushes forward now and he looks out to the crowd and makes a flipping motion with his arms!  The crowd picks up, and many fans start cheering.

Dave Dymond: And that motion can only mean one thing… he didn’t get Kilminster with the cheap pop, but he’s looking to end this now with The Ratings Boost.

As Kilminster writhes on the mat, Storm looms over, waiting.  The camera cuts again to show Nightmare on his feet cheering his friend on to victory.  Then camera shot cuts back and Storm grabs Kilminster and pulls him up now, keeping him doubled over.  From there he pulls Kilminster right into a standing head scissors.  The crowd gets a little noisier, but as Storm bends over to lift Kilminster up…

Kilminster suddenly grabs the legs, LIFTS Storm up by them and charges towards the nearby lower right ring post and WHIPLASHES Storm back of the head first into the top turnbuckle!  Storm staggers out of the corner, holding the back of his head in pain… and is brought right into a Thai Clinch by Kilminster.

Trevor Worrens: From impressive to bad to worse for Eli Storm.

Storm struggles but Kilminster brings him FACE FIRST down into his knee and Storm’s body snaps to the side and he lands on his back.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster with the Wake Up Call and the cover…




Trevor Worrens: Damn it…

Austin Linam calls for the bell as Kilminster rises up to his feet. He takes in a deep breath for a moment and then lifts his whole body up, arms raised in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… Osbourne Kilminster!!!

The rumbling of thunder can just barely be heard, as the booing from the fans is collectively louder.  Kilminster walks about the ring nodding his head with a smile on his face.  As the referee checks on Storm’s condition Kilminster walks out of the ring, but not before looking right at Worrens for a moment, and then to Nightmare in the front row.  After that he walks to the back.

Dave Dymond: So Osbourne Kilminster scores a victory for himself and in some form a victory against The Sons of Liberty.

Other Guy: This night is fast turnin’ into The Defiler’s night. I mean we had the incident earlier with Kinsella… and yeah there’s speculation that it’s simply an issue between Knox and Kinsella, but I’m REALLY not buyin’ that. I gotta believe Kinsella is in Jonny’s camp for sure now.

Trevor Worrens: Don’t mean to barge in but it’s like I’ve been saying… the more you get caught up in all of this insanity, the more Jonny Johnson ends up winning this whole “war” we’ve created in our heads. It’s not worth it.

The fans start to cheer a little bit now as Nightmare gets into the ring and along with Austin Linam helps Eli Storm stand up.

Dave Dymond: Well before we get into a debate over the happenings of SHOOT Project, we turn our attention to Eli Storm who might have come out on the losing side of this one, but these fans recognizing how close he came to a big time victory.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, there’s definitely respect to be paid, don’t agree with Eli Storm’s choice to side with Donovan King, never really liked the guy to begin with, but I’ll give him his respect tonight.

Other Guy: Considerin’ it comes VERY little these days.

Trevor Worrens: We’ll have to see how things pan out after Master of the Mat has come and gone… and in fact that’s EXACTLY what I want to address.  Excuse me guys.

As Storm, Nightmare, and referee Austin Linam leave the ring, the focus is placed on Trevor Worrens who places his headset on the table in front of him and walks around to Samantha Coil, asking for a microphone.


However before Worrens is handed a microphone and just as Eli Storm and Nightmare almost reach the back….  Suddenly, “Out Here Grindin’” kicks in, and the fans start to cheer.

Dave Dymond:  Well whatever Trevor Worrens had intended to talk about… that’s going to be put on hold as it looks like the third member of this little band is coming out here to show his teammate some love!

Donovan King steps out, wearing a pair of blue jeans, boots, and a platinum bracelet.  He has a noticeable limp, and a microphone in hand. There is a quick reaction shot of Worrens standing at the far end of the arena and he just shakes his head but concedes and takes a seat next to Samantha Coil. The focus then shifts back to Donovan King, standing now with Nightmare and Eli Storm just out of the entryway.

Other Guy:  He’s had the hell kicked out of him these last few weeks, going zero for three against Azraith DeMitri, Adrian Corazon, and Jester Smiles, Dave.  However, the point I know he’s trying to drive to Real Deal, is that he’s still standing!

“Out Here Grindin’” dies out as King stands there, slapping hands with the beaten Eli Storm.  He looks over the fans before he speaks.

Donovan King:  I see it…out dere…out there…in the audience.  I see it.  Eli, Nighty, you see it?

King points out to the stands.

Donovan King:  A sign here.  There.  Fan made t-shirts.  These fans…they see us…they know Donovan King got his ass handed to him each time he’s been in the ring since Reckoning Day.  They know Eli Storm’s in a rut, just got beat by Osbourne Kilminster.  They know Nightmare didn’t take the Revolution title offa NC-17 and nobody knows when he’ll get booked in a match again.

They know alla dat…but still, they support.

The fans cheer as Nightmare and Eli Storm look out over the sea of fans, nodding their heads.

Donovan King:  Hundreds uh years ago, America was goin’ up against the biggest swingin’ dick in the land, England, an’ they wanted the respect…and they wanted the freedom.  Liberty.

Back then, America was, fuh the most part, scared ta call down the thunder like dat.  But, early on…against the storm uh British tyranny…a small group came outta nowhere.  Little insurgents each an’ every little place, sick uh the oppression.  Ready ta be recognized.

They were called Sons of Liberty.

The fans cheer for the talk of American Independence, while still letting King speak his mind.

Donovan King:  An’ we three stand here tonight, starin’ oppression in the face.  We three stand united.  We weren’t borne uh the womb of some…fuckin’…tyrant.  We are children…uh freedom.

We are…Sons…of Liberty.

The fans cheer yet again as King limps around the stage, looking at the fans.

Donovan King:  To quote a man mo’ famous than me, we don’t wear white hats.  We’re not some ragtag group uh bandits here ta cause trouble an’ fade away.

No…see…dis is a real movement.  We are the realest definition uh what a SHOOT Project Soldier really is.  If we win a battle here an’ there, all is well an’ good…

…an’ if we lose, it don’t kill dis movement.

King looks at the two of them.

Donovan King:  Now, we three stand under a common banner.  A flag dat we raise high above our heads–

He stops talking as Eli motions for him to come over to him.  King limps over to Eli, who speaks into King’s microphone.

Eli Storm:  …where’s our flag at, man?

The fans laugh as King does, as well.

Donovan King:  Oh man…you right!  We need to show these fans the banner dat we raise high.  Well, I got a lovely assistant comin’ out here who said to me ‘King?  Dis movement?  Dis movement wouldn’t be right if you didn’t get some help from the fairer sex, you know?  Somebody who knows about SHOOT’s bullshit inside an’ out…an’ somebody who’s willin’ to make a stand…wit’ nothin’ to lose’.

King grins as “Girl Anachronism” by The Dresden Dolls plays.  The fans instantly start to cheer as out from the back, pushing a grocery cart full of what looks like black cloth…is none other than Ainsley Lake.

Dave Dymond:  AINSLEY LAKE?!  We haven’t seen her in ages!  Where has SHE been?

Lake waves to the fans who are cheering for her and stands next to King.  King shakes her hand and she leans in, looking out at the sea of fans who still show her the love she’d earned from them.  “Girl Anachronism” dies out.

Ainsley Lake:  Resistance to tyrants…is obedience to God.  Thomas Jefferson.

Donovan King:  Last y’all saw Ainsley Lake, she was knee deep in a war wit’ Jester Smiles, fallin’ apart in her personal life.  She took a leave uh absence, and suddenly, SHOOT an’ her stopped communicatin’.  Her time in SHOOT’s been fucked up, to say the least…rubbin’ elbows wit’ the greats an’ winnin’ some minor respect from the front office…an’ suddenly, it goes cold.

She’s here tonight…by our side…not to get the love back from the fans, even though it’s obvious y’all missed her at least a little bit…

The fans cheer for her yet again.

Donovan King:  …an’ not to get the internet in a hissy fit because some smart ass online journalists are lookin’ fuh dis group to get the next big thing among our ranks…

…nah, she’s here for the same reasons we’re all here.

We’re puttin’ all our cards on the table…an’ we’re goin’ all out.

Nightmare walks over to the cart Lake brought out.  He pulls out a black t-shirt, throwing it to Lake, then another to Eli, and then a third to King.  He takes out a shirt of his own, walking over to King.  He holds it open, revealing the front…


Nightmare: As you can see, the symbol shown on this shirt is displayed upside down. Now don’t go thinking this is some anti-SHOOT sentiment. Not at all.

If anything, we are patriots.

The camera cuts to Lake sliding the shirt on, followed by Eli.  King continues to hold the microphone as Nightmare puts it on himself.

Nightmare:  It was once the practice for ships and forts to sail their flags upside down when they were in a state of distress.

While it may be the tradition for rats to flee and for the ignorant to turn a blind eye, we are neither cowards nor fools.

Nightmare takes the microphone as King slides the shirt on himself.

Nightmare:  No, we are soldiers, and that is why we are going to fight. We are going to fight until this company is no longer threatened. We are going to fight until SHOOT Project has been liberated.

And is this loyalty not the very spirit of patriotism?

King takes the microphone back.

Donovan King:  So, Jason Johnson, I hope you’re watchin’.  Real Deal, Corazon, Jonny, Kilminster, alla y’all…keep watchin’.  We ARE the movement.  We…are the Sons of Liberty.

“Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine kicks in, apparently the official theme song of The Sons of Liberty.  The four raise their fists in victory as they begin to head to the back.  Lake and Storm throw some of the shirts into the crowd as the foursome leave the stage.

Dave Dymond:  It’s official!  The Sons of Liberty stand united!

Other Guy:  AND they have a brand new member!  Ainsley Lake is BACK in SHOOT and she’s standing against all the bullshit The Sons of Liberty are fighting against!  The battle lines are drawn, Dave!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

With the crowd still buzzing, Revolution once more fades to black momentarily.

Reckoning Day was the culmination of an eight month long journey that brought the SHOOT Project blazing back into the spotlight of the professional wrestling world…


That journey begins again with an explosive start!

“Indestructible” by Disturbed kicks in as the screen comes to life with the Master of the Mat Logo.


On August Thirty First, Two Thousand and Eight, the SHOOT Project Soldiers return to Pay Per View with another CLASSIC.  Master of the Mat!

A montage is witnessed of the Master of the Mat tournament that took place throughout the summer months.  You see Donovan King rolled up by NC-17, Christopher Davis and Kenji Yamada brawling back and forth, Jester Smiles and Dan Stein both in action. Trevor Worrens defending his title against the likes of Azraith DeMitri.

The Master of the Mat tournament is one of the most prestigious wrestling tournaments in the business today and has paved the path to this Summer End Event.  Only TWO men stand, and only ONE will be declared the 2008 Master of the Mat.

A clip is shown of Jester Smiles hitting a hook kick to the side of Christopher Davis’s head.  Then after that we see Trevor Worrens connect with the Busaiku Knee Kick to NC-17.


Master of the Mat Finals

While the tournament finals has been what the Master of the Mat Pay Per View is built around, growing conflict in SHOOT Project as well as the reign of a manipulative World Heavyweight Champion has brought TWO crucial battles to the forefront.

We see an image of Adrian Corazon’s recent return, and his brutal first time encounter with Donovan King.


Stipulation to Be Named by King

From there a shot of Cade Sydal in action while a shot of him standing victoriously is super-imposed over the video.  Half of the screen is then pushed over by the smirking grin of a still shot of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.


SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship

Others have waged their own wars through choices made and consequences that would follow.

A quick shot of Christopher Davis saving Abigail Chase. Then a still image of the Family from their portrait picture.  That all wipes away to an action pose of Davis standing angrily across from Kenji Yamada, Roland Caldwell, and Sammy Rochester


Two out of three falls

As the music continues to play an image of Azraith DeMitri standing face to face with Timothy Roy is seen, and then the image of a cell drops down with a clang in front of them.


Lumberjack Cell Match

After that an image of Crush Heart in action, followed by Jack Heart SLAPPING Crush Heart across the face. Then we get two still pose shots of the two Hearts standing shoulder to shoulder.


The sibling rivalry ends!

And other champions look to defend their gold, while challengers look to end their reign.

A clip is shown of Sinnocence seductively blowing a kiss from the ramp way.  Then a shot of NC-17 holding the Revolution Championship Title over his head and celebrating in the ring.  Still shots of Sinnocence and NC-17 are then super imposed over the action clips.


Revolution Championship

The next clips shown are the tandem of Rogue and Riley and Long Island Hardcore battling it out backstage.  Still shots of the two teams are super imposed over that.


SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships

The image fades out to a black screen, the music slowly fading out as well.

Master of the Mat comes to the masses LIVE August Thirty First… and ONLY on Pay Per View!

The music dies out.


Coming back to the live feed of Revolution, “Anthem for The Underdog” by 12 Stones is playing while Trevor Worrens is now seen in the ring, a microphone in his slinged hand, and his Laws of Survivals Championship resting over his left shoulder.

Dave Dymond: We are continuing forward with Revolution, our main event still to come, and during the promotional break Trevor Worrens has taken the ring and it looks like he obviously has something to address.

Other Guy: It’s a night of final moments before the Pay Per View, Dave, so my guess is that Worrens is lookin’ to address one thing and one thing only, his opponent for Master of the Mat… Jester Smiles.

Worrens looks visibly annoyed for a brief moment but he takes in a deep breath, looks down at the mat underneath his feet, then looks up and nods his head.  His music fades out, giving Worrens the open forum to speak.

Trevor Worrens: In one week, inside this very arena, will be the Master of the Mat Pay Per View.

The fans pop and Worrens nods his head in agreement.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah, that’s exactly the reaction one SHOULD have regarding this SHOOT Project classic event, and I’m excited to be a part of my very first one…

Worrens nods again in reaction to the cheering crowd.

Trevor Worrens: But what makes it more exciting is that I’m in THE Master of the Mat Finals, and I get to be there across from probably the only guy in SHOOT Project I can call my friend…

JES-TER! JES-TER! JES-TER! The crowd chants and Worrens can’t help but smile.

Trevor Worrens: I can see every one of you knows exactly who my friend is.  And that’s great, because my match up with Eric is going to be competitive, clean, and completely drama free!

Another pop from the fans.

Trevor Worrens: And on top of that, because I am a fighting Champion… because I believe that every time I step into that ring my Laws of Survival Championship is represented by who I am and what I do…

Worrens slowly raises the Laws of Survival Championship off of his shoulder and holds it vertically by the strap.

Trevor Worrens: Well, I’ve decided that I might as well put it on the line…

Jester Smiles: Woah woah woah, stop stop.

The crowd pops as Jester Smiles emerges from the back. He’s wearing the Jester Smiles: I BEAT A CARVER! t-shirt and blue jeans. He’s also, clearly, holding a microphone. He lowers the microphone from his lips as he walks to the ring, high fiving a few fans as he goes. The whole time, he’s got a big smile on this face. He rolls under the bottom rope and stands up, noticing now that there is a very loud, competing "TRE-VOR! JES-TER!" chant going. Jester closes his eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply. He then raises the microphone to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Guys, thank you for that.

The crowd pops loudly.

Jester Smiles: Sorry to interrupt, Trev, but I got something I need to say. See, Master of the Mat, for me, is going to be a great night. This is the first time in a long time I can honestly say that I’m not just excited about a Pay-Per View, but I’m truly happy that I get to be in the ring with my opponent, and that there is nothing that could happen that night that could kill the high. See, I get to fight in a ring with all my friends there. All these people….

Jester lowers the mic and holds his arms out, spinning for a moment in a gesture of "all of you". This, of course, causes the crowd to pop. Jester returns to facing Trevor, smiling.

Jester Smiles: And, of course, you Trevor, my new friend. When we first fought, we didn’t like each other. When we fought again, we respected each other, but didn’t like each other. Now, we are companions. Friends. There is no ill will or animosity. Just two competitive, driven individuals fighting for a chance to be Master of the Mat.

Jester takes a few steps back and leans against the ropes, relaxing himself.

<</strong>b>Jester Smiles: But here’s the thing, Trevor. That Laws of Survival Championship? It’ll be represented, because it’s champion is in this match. But that is as far as it goes.

Worrens seems somewhat confused by the statement, as seen in his raised eyebrow.

Trevor Worrens: Eric, you’ve wanted a shot ever since the day after the Ultimate Survival match. So excuse me for asking, but what do you mean that’s as far as it goes?

Jester Smiles: I’ve learned something from this tournament. I’ve learned what it means to be Master of the Mat. Before, when I saw your name, I saw a belt that I wanted. Now, Trevor, I don’t see names in the bracket. I don’t think about what championship belt they hold. Right now, I care about one thing. It’s not the World Heavyweight Championship; it’s not the Laws of Survival Championship. Those are things I want, and things that, at some point, I’d love to get, but until after Master of the Mat, I care about one thing.

Smiles pauses, a slight twinkle of excitement in his eyes.

Jester Smiles: and the one thing is being the Master of the Mat!

The crowd cheers as Jester continues on.

Jester Smiles: I don’t want to fight you in some insane "Law" match. I want to face you in that ring in a completely fair, completely straightforward physical match up. You yourself said you wanted to recreate your fight against Willmott, and this time, fight for the right reasons and with the right attitude. Our match is not going to be clouded by title belts and gimmicks. Our match is going to be all about Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens, and just who really is the Master of the Mat. No weapons. No gimmicks. No titles.

This is about more than that. I don’t want to beat you because of a lucky chair shot. I don’t want to lose to you because I nearly bled to death on broken glass. If I bleed, I want it to be from your fists and knees. If you are knocked unconscious, I want it to be from my hands and feet.

I want us to have the match of the year, at Master of the Mat, but not because there was barbed wire, fire, explosions, steel chairs, title belts, or some incredible, heated rivalry. I want us to have the match of the year because we BOTH deserve to be the Master of the Mat!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts and Worrens is left speechless. He smiles but just stands there for a moment taking in the reaction from the SHOOT Project faithful.


Dave Dymond: Listen to this crowd, Other Guy!

Other Guy: I hear em, Dave. What a moment for these two.

Worrens and Jester both look around and finally Worrens raises his hand, trying to quiet the crowd down, but they just keep making noise.

Trevor Worrens: Wow…

The crowd cheers a little louder but Worrens motions for them to quiet and then just talks despite the noise.

Trevor Worrens: Eric, I’m not going to make some long winded speech in return, because you fucking said it all.  You’re on.

He extends his hand.

Trevor Worrens: And I mean this from the bottom of my heart, may the best man win.

Jester drops the microphone, takes Trevor’s hand, and pulls him in for a quick hug. He then pulls away and holds Trevor’s arm high, as if declaring Trevor the victor, and turns in all directions as the crowd simply erupts for both men, the dueling "TRE-VOR! JES-TER!" chant filling the arena.

Dave Dymond: That is respect, honor, and dignity right there, and these fans are ERUPTING for these two.

Other Guy: You know, normally, I’d have my doubts about the ‘friendship’, but these really do seem to be two men with no quarrels or qualms against one another. They are close friends who respect the other for their talent. And at Master of the Mat, I have a feeling these fans are going to get a real treat, because these two are going to tear the fucking ROOF off!

Open on black…

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar begin to play.


The video fades in, and we return to the low-quality surveillance footage of previous weeks.

Nova is shown kneeling in front of the bed, hands clasped in front of her. Sunlight struggles to stream in from the one high window, and it illuminates her, giving her the appearance of having a halo of white around her body. She appears to be praying. The footage cuts off.


The video cuts back in to show Nova once more. There is no natural light, and the lamp is on. Presumably, much time has passed since she was kneeling in prayer. She sits on the edge of the motel room bed, staring at the door. She’s holding a small plastic bag on her lap, and is in different clothing than the sweatpants and t-shirt she normally wears. She stands slowly, and inches her way to the normally locked door.

The audio quality of the tape is poor, and subtitles help ease the confusion, except when the subtitler didn’t bother to listen carefully enough to make out what’s being said.

Subtitled Mumbling Voice: (MUMBLEMUMBLE I’m a traitor MUMBLE MUMBLE.)

Subtitled Nova Lynn Jackson: (Omigod, thank you!)

The door opens and Nova sprints toward it, finally free from the room! The subtitles have (KISS SOUND!) at the bottom, and the door is visibly left gaping open. A hand reaches around, avoiding being seen by the camera, and (DOOR SLAMS!) is written in large type across the bottom of the screen as the door flies shut.


There’s a SUPER QUICK CUT to the back, where ROGUE, RILEY, and SUPER FAN, along with JARED WALSH and CJ NELSON are all being held back by a frantic team of security guards. CJ has about three guys on him, and they still struggle to keep him back! He reaches through the guards and takes a swat at Jason Riley, who EXPLODES and charges back! The guards shout and move into position to hold Riley back.

Riley: YOU FUCKS! That why it was so easy to NO SELL US you fucking PIECES OF SHIT! WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?!?!

Jared fires back with venom of his own!

Jared Walsh: You tell us, fuckbag! You think we’re gonna stand for this shit? You are NOT backing out on us!

CJ starts to move forward, dragging the three guards with him! It takes another one to finally halt his forward momentum!

CJ: You seriously think you can pull this bullshit "escape" story to get out of the deal?! Fuck you!

Quinn glares at a guard and shrugs him off, trying to show that he’s not going to make an attack.

Rogue: We’re not backing out of anything. This all makes sense. You’re up to something.

He points violently in their direction.

Super Fan: So you gonna make this easy or not?

Jared scoffs at the comments.

Jared: Right, because we obviously decided to take away the ONLY FUCKING THING we had to gain by fighting you guys. Brilliant deduction, Sherlock!

CJ: So, if by "make this easy" you mean "beat the fuck out of you until you tell us what the fuck is going on," then yeah, we’re gonna make this fucking simple.

Riley, as always, is looking for a fight, and it takes Tom Quinn holding him back to stop that from happening.


Rogue: (Holding him back) Dude! It’s not worth it.

Calahan tries to help out now.

Super Fan: Yeah. Just forget it.

Riley obviously wants to get into it, but Calahan pulls him back further and Quinn steps up. The guards make a move, but Quinn puts his hands out, trying to signal that it’s all good. He moves closer to Jared and CJ, showing no fear at this juncture.

Rogue: I know your stupid “porn” dilemma is super important. So we’re gonna be more than happy to relieve you of your Tag Team Championship duties. Nova. Or not.

Walsh shakes his head, clearly in disagreement.

Jared: No, no, no, see, that’s not how this works. If Nova is not in the arena waiting for us after we fuck you two, three if little Timmy decides to get involved, up?

CJ steps up now.

CJ: You’ll be lucky if you leave Master of the Mat on a stretcher and not in a body bag.

 Jared nods and takes the reigns once more.

Jared: I don’t care where you’ve taken her, "or not" is not a fucking option. And if you’d like to try us, we’ll be more than happy to prove we’re not bluffing.

Quinn stands his ground. Riley moves forward, but Rogue holds his arms up and Calahan keeps a loose grip on his partner.

Rogue: (Narrowing his eyes) We call your bluff. (Pausing) Good luck, Sunday, assholes.

Nelson smirks.

CJ: Make your peace, bitch.

Jared: You’re gonna need a hell of a lot more than luck. Will you get the fuck off us already?

Security, realizing for the moment that they aren’t moving, lets go of the champions. The five men all stare across at each other for a minute, and Rogue puts his hand out.

Rogue: (Sly smile) Shake?

CJ and Jared look down at the hand, and CJ looks back up at Rogue… throwing a hard right into his face!


 Security is right back on them, pulling CJ back and doing their best to get between the champs and RnRnSF, specifically Riley, who is seething. Calahan immediately moves to check on his Friend who has fallen to his a knee. Riley shouts and swears, and CJ and Jared slowly start to back off.


Calahan grabs at Riley.

Super Fan: Leave ‘em dude.

Rogue rubs at his face and watches the Tag Team Champions as they depart. The other two dip down by his side and take a look at his face.

The scene fades from there.


“Out Here Grindin’” kicks back in and the fans pop big time as out from the back limps, once again, Donovan King.  He is still wearing the gear as before, as well as the brand new Sons of Liberty t-shirt.  He looks over the fans as he steps up, slowly, getting into the ring.

Dave Dymond:  It’s the forefather of the Sons of Liberty movement, back again!

Other Guy:  He’s only out here for one reason, because he’s out here alone, Dave!

Donovan King:  Cut the music.

“Out Here Grindin’” dies down.

Donovan King:  Dis…this is real simple.  REAL DEAL!! 

King glares to the back.

Donovan King:  Bring yo’ ass out here…an’ don’t forget to bring yo’ BITCH wit’ you!

The fans pop as King, weak and alone, is still calling out the legendary Real Deal and the menacing Corazon.  DZK’s "Torcher" hits the PA, as the Thomas and Mack Center once again comes alive, in a smattering of boos amongst the cheers! Torcher indisputably represents the arrival of the man known as brutal, inhuman. Corazon! And just like all the times before it, he steps through the curtain. Alone.

Dave Dymond: Corazon choosing to go it alone here, as well. I’m almost surprised!

Other Guy: I am too, actually. I thought for SURE that Real Deal would be bringing the former World Champion out, but I was mistaken.

Corazon climbs into the ring, calls for a mic, and draws a thumb across his throat, signaling ‘cut’ to the production truck in the back.

Corazon: You can toss whatever derogatory verbiage you want at my mentor, King. Say what you want, do what you want.

I’m not really interested in your garbage, or your malediction. You know why I’m out here, and it’s not because I’m going to spill your blood, or make you an example. Tonight.

At Master of the Mat, we square off once more, and I’ve given you the respect and the honor to choose the stipulations under which we fight.

Save your nonsense for another promo.

King laughs, limping around the ring, pacing as best he can.

Donovan King:  Let’s get one thing straight, homie.  One thing you can NOT talk to me about is respect an’ honor.

He stops, looking Corazon in the eye.

Donovan King:  A man who had a clue what honor was woulda come after the man responsible fuh his incarceration.  Here you are…talkin’up virtues an’ qualities like you really get it.

You a pawn, Adrian.  You ain’t shit…but a pawn.

So when I call you a bitch?

King smirks.

Donovan King:  You damn well earned it.

The fans give a strong pop as the two men are face to face now.

Corazon: Oh, because you’re just such a beacon of justice and light, right?

Please, spare me the nauseating soapbox posturing about how DONOVAN KING disapproves of the way I’m carrying myself.

Corazon laughs.

Corazon: If anything, your whole game is deflection, and pulling the wool over others eyes, so unless you’d prefer me to remind all these people just what kind of person you REALLY are, I’d recommend moving on, and getting down to what you actually came down here for.

Or, you know, I could soapbox too. I’m sure people would love to hear about the family history of Donovan King, or perhaps the whereabouts of Erick Brooks, better known to them as Obsidian. Maybe what he’s been up to, since, you know. He went on ‘medical leave’ or whatever tripe that was spun from his camp, which at the time, happened to include you.

That’d be a fun conversation wouldn’t it?

Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon: So it’s like I said, D.

Save the nonsense for another promo.

Donovan King:  You wanna talk up our ol’ pal Obsidian go right ahead.  But, see, the difference between me an’ you…I’m a man who won’t be used by nobody.  Nobody’s gonna tell me to target nobody but who I decide, feel me?

But since you’re so dead set on gettin’ in my shit…since bein’ sent to jail ain’t as important to you as somebody rufflin’ Jason an’ Josh Johnson’s feathers…then I’m glad it’s just me an’ you out here tonight.

I wanted to see your face when I announced my stipulation.

King smirked.

Donovan King:  See, my man…you been hell bent on followin’ Real Deal ever since he sprung you outta jail.  Since I see dat you ain’t gonna get the man responsible…an’ dat I’m your new target, I’m nippin’ dis bullshit in the bud…right…now.

At Master of the Mat…Donovan King takes on Adrian Corazon…in a plain ol’…singles match.

The fans stir in confusion as King puts his finger up.

Donovan King:  But if Donovan King is declared the winner…then the contract of one Adrian Corazon here in the SHOOT Project…

King grins.

Donovan King:  Becomes MY property.

Corazon smirks.

Corazon: I get it. You won’t be used by anybody, but you’ll be the user, right?

Corazon cuts himself off, and shifts focus.

Corazon: You know what? Forget that. What about if the victor for the evening ISN’T Donovan King, and is none other than Adrian Corazon?

King cocks his head to the side.

Donovan King:  Besides bein’ able to say you beat me again?  You getting’ awfully testy fuh somebody lettin’ me pick stips.  You tell me what the fuck YOU think I oughtta put up, since I get to name the stipulations here.

Corazon shrugs, thinking. He chuckles.

Corazon: It should have occurred to me that you’d take that route. That’s so sad.

You know what King?

I don’t want anything for beating you. Doing so, when you’re healthy and rested? Without that cute limp you’re sporting?

That’d be a fitting ending to this little piece of professional wrestling poetry.

All the sudden the video wall pops to life, with a LOUD "FUCK THAT" is heard. The crowd immediately bathes the voice in boos, recognizing where it’s coming from. When the Real Deal’s face pops in from his office, it’s only intensified.

Real Deal: Yeah yeah yeah. Hate me now. Anyway, Adrian, fuck that. You’re getting SOMETHING for beating this piece of shit. And fuck if it’s just gonna be the gay satisfaction of doing so.

Are you new to this business? What the FUCK.

Anyway. Donovan. Here’s what you’re going to put up. WHEN Adrian Corazon wins?

The Sons of Liberty?

He pauses.

Real Deal: They’re DEAD. And honestly? To INSURE that this goes off without a hitch?

Fuck any one of these normal SHOOT referees.

I’m going to be presiding over that hearing. I’ll even wear a cute referee shirt, for the women.

King looks at Real Deal and says nothing.  He looks at Corazon, who is also saying nothing.

Donovan King:  You wanna break your boy’s word for him…enforce another stip despite my lack uh agreement?

It’s obvious he’s talking to Real Deal, still staring at Corazon.

Donovan King:  Aight, Josh Johnson.

You can be the referee, since you got Tony Lorenzo outta here fuh bein’ fair in the first place. 

An’ if Corazon beats me,  I’ll come out to dis ring an’ I’ll formally disband the Sons of Liberty.  But know dis.

King looks at Real Deal now.

Donovan King:  I’m already in the ears uh the masses, Real Deal.  It don’t matter one fuckin’ BIT what happens to the unit…it’s all the movement…an’ if anything DOES go down…an’ my losin’ continues at Master of the Mat…it won’t stop SHIT.

King grins.

Donovan King:  Besides…if I beat ya boy, his contract belongs to me an’ I get to show him what bein’ a REAL BITCH is all about.

King looks at Corazon, with a smile as “Out Here Grindin’” kicks back up.  King limps past Corazon, who stares dead as King as he steps out of the ring.

Dave Dymond:  DONOVAN KING HAS ANNOUNCED HIS STIPULATIONS…and maaaan, OG…he’s got two REAL BIG stips right here tonight!

Other Guy:  No question about it, Dave!  King wants TOTAL AND COMPLETE control of Adrian Corazon’s contract should he win!  That means King can choose Corazon’s opponents!  He can put Corazon against Real Deal if he really wanted to!

Dave Dymond:  He could even fire him!

Other Guy:  I have to think this is a HUGE thing for King, Dave.  But, just when that carrot gets dangled in his face, Real Deal puts the kibosh on it!

King and Real Deal lock eyes as King disappears to the back.  Corazon sighs at this point, dropping his head as he turns to leave the ring as well.

Dave Dymond:  Real Deal is the special guest referee for this match but he doesn’t wanna end King’s career…he just wants this movement to end!  Real Deal calling for the death of the Sons of Liberty before the faction can even get off of the ground!  He’s put himself in the position where he can, with three simple taps on the mat, bring an end to Donovan King’s mission, his team…everything!

Other Guy:  More Revolution action coming up…but this is insane…Donovan King and Adrian Corazon meet up one more time and it couldn’t GET any bigger than this!

Dave Dymond: But it can as we still have our main event coming up… Cade Sydal’s FINAL hoop to jump through proves to be his most trying one.  CAN Cade Sydal beat his long time friend in Dan Stein, or will the man they call “The Lights” be heading to Master of the Mat to contend for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship?  We find out… in just a few moments!


It has been a difficult night for Eryk Masters, and with the end of Revolution almost in sight, the cameras catch up with him once again in the back.  Masters leans against the wall, his microphone down on a folding table next to him. The table is littered with random cords and what appear to be unused soundboards, so it looks like Master is calling it a night by placing the microphone with other sound equipment.

He runs his hand through his hair and looks to take a sigh of relief when his eyes suddenly glance to his left to see Kid One and Kid Two approaching, both wearing matching cowboy outfits, sans cowboy hats.

Eryk Masters: Oh give me a break…

The two midgets of The Family walk right up to Masters who takes a hold of the microphone now and tries to look professional, but he’s exhausted.

Eryk Masters: Let me guess you want an interview?

Masters fails at sounding professional as he holds the microphone down low for Kid One and Kid Two to speak into. Blank faced with smiles they completely ignore Masters’s attitude.

Kid One: Howdy Partner.

Kid Two: Why don’t you git.

Kid One: You look so tired so please, go and sit.

Both Kid One and Kid Two point down the hall, pretty much asking Masters to leave.  Masters hesitates for a moment and the two midgets point harder.  Finally Masters walks off and the focus is placed solely on Kid One and Kid Two.  They turn to face the camera, sharing the one microphone between them.

Kid One: Cowboys and cowgirls we’re here with some news.

Kid Two: It’s about the Master of the Mat, and it involves some clues!

Both Kid One and Kid Two widen their eyes as if surprised and mystified by the presence of clues.

Kid One: The Family they decided to not show up tonight.

Kid Two: But to not be represented at all, would just not be right.

Kid One: So they sent us instead, just like the pony express.

Kid Two: To give you these words, and wish Davis their best.

Kid One reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper.  Simultaneously Kid One and Kid Two clear their throats.

Kid One: Davis, dear Davis, this is so you can prepare.

Kid Two: For your battle at Master of the Mat will be dangerous… so beware!

Pause.  Kid One and Kid Two shift their eyes further down the paper.

Kid One: Two falls you’ll need to survive, and more likely than not three.

Kid Two: Begging the question… what will the order of your opponents be?

Kid One and Kid Two hold up one finger each.

Kid One: Fall one belongs to the man who put you on the shelf.

Kid Two: When he kept you out of the rumble, he was so very proud of himself.

Now the two midgets hold up two fingers each.

Kid One: Fall two will be dominated by the unstable.

Kid Two: He is the Family’s Champion… if you want to use a label.

And lastly Kid One and Kid Two hold up three fingers each.

Kid One: And the last fall, some think won’t come at all.

Kid Two: But it will, oh it will, and oh what a thrill!

The two nod their heads.

Kid One: For the third fall you see, will be impossible.

Kid Two: It belongs to the monster-child, who is quite far from docile.

Kid One and Kid Two lower their fingers and Kid One puts the piece of paper away.

Kid One: Three falls for the Family, three falls of fun.

Kid Two: And when Chris Davis is bloody and broken… it all will be done.

The two midgets bow in unison and scamper off, miming as if they were riding ponies.  From there the scene fades out.





The cameras return to the ring and Samantha Coil

Samantha Coil: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…  It is now time for tonight’s MAIN EVENT!!!  The winner of this contest will go on to MASTER OF THE MAT to fight for the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

A very LOUD, EXCITED POP arrives from this sell out crowd.

Dave Dymond: This is for ALLL the marbles, OG.

Other Guy: Just a shame that it comes under these kinda circumstances.  Both these cats deserve the best, and cause of our messed up Asterisk Champion, they gonna have to kill each other to get it.

“REMEMBER THE NAME” by Fort Minor plays for a second time this evening, drawing a VERY substantial pop from the fans!!!

Dave Dymond: Well, here we go.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…  Introducing first, he hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and weighs in tonight at Two-Hundred, Fifteen pounds…  DAN “THE LIGHTS” STEIN!!!

Stein emerges from behind the curtain, in a pair of neon green sprawl shorts with neon red trim…  it says “LIGHTS” down one side and “DS” down the other.  No pads on either his knees or elbows, and no other distinguishable apparel.  His face is solemn, almost distraught, but EXTREMELY focused.  It isn’t until a few fans slap him on the back that he even thinks to turn and give a high five.

Dave Dymond: If you stopped by SHOOT Project dot com at all this week, you’d have heard from our competitors regarding tonight’s affair.  And in a nutshell, this is not something Dan Stein WANTS to do, OG.  It’s something he feels he HAS to do.

Other Guy: The dude came in hot as a motherfucker, Dave, but lately, Dan Stein has been sloshing around and that shit has obviously taken its toll.  He’s a desperate dude who took a desparate offer from Jonny Johnson.

Stein heads up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Dave Dymond: But can you blame him?

Other Guy: I don’t man.  Part of me wished this shit wasn’t the way it is, but nothing we can do about it now, ya know?  Stein made a choice, and I certainly don’t look down on it…  I just wish there coulda been another way

Stein checks in with referee Scott Kamura very briefly and then sort of slinks back toward his corner where he begins to stretch out…  eyes drifting, seemingly afraid to watch his best friend make his forthcoming entrance.

The Fort Minor song fades out and for a second or two the crowd is left in emptiness. 

No music…

Just the sound of anticipation.

WHEN SUDDENLY “BROKEN BONES” by NON POINT BLARES OVER THE PUBLIC ADDRESS!!!  The rapid fire number brings the crowd into a substantial FRENZY!!!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…  from Southport, South Carolina…  weighing in at One Hundred, Seventy-Nine pounds…  CADE SYDAL!!!

Of course they go even MORE BONKERS when they see CADE SYDAL EXPLODE THROUGH THE CURTAINS!!!  It’s a MONSTER POP for the former SHOOT Project World Champion!!!  Cade nods in recognition, but much like his opponent, seems more concerned with the bout he’s heading into than the fans at the moment.  Not to say he doesn’t treat them with the utmost respect.  He does.  Cade slaps a few hands and bumps a couple fists, but his eyes are on Dan Stein.

Dave Dymond: Up until the conclusion of his bout last week, this man thought he had a sure fire ticket to the Master of the Mat Main Event.  But not anymore.  Whether you believe Jonny’s side of the story that “Cade doesn’t deserve a shot” or perhaps the more likely, “Jonny is SCARED AS HELL of Cade Sydal”…  Cade will have to win here if he has any aspirations of a date with the DEFILER.

Other Guy: But Stein ain’t gonna make that easy for him.  In fact, if you look at how shit has been for the kid, Dan might need this match even more than Cade does, and that is down right SCARY, Dave.

Cade hops up onto the ring apron, but then takes his time entering the ring.  He nods at Stein, wipes his feet and enters the ring.  Kamura checks him in and Cade obliges, raising his boot, while SHOOT’S senior official pats him down.

Kamura nods.

Stein and Cade lock eyes again.

Scott Kamura looks at Stein and then goes to signal for the bell.

However, before he can do so, Stein puts his arm up and grabs Kamura’s hand.

The fans are confused.

Scott Kamura: (Off Mic)(Confused) What the hell, Dan?

Dave Dymond: What’s going on?

Cade moves in toward Stein.

Cade Sydal: (Off Mic) Danny, what’s up?  Let’s start this.  Me and you.  It’s okay.  Do what you have to do.

Stein for some reason looks ready to cry or at least break down.  His body shakes and he drops Kamura’s arm,

Kamura STILL looks bewildered and goes to ring the bell again.

Dan Stein: NO!

Kamura stops and looks at Stein.

Dan Stein: I…  I can’t…  I…  (Sighing) FUCK!

He turns and waves for Samantha Coil, who stands up.  He gestures for the mic, and she reaches up and hands him hers.  Stein holds it in his hand and looks down at the mat.

Dan Stein: Cade.  (Looking up) Cade… I should have never taken this match.  For the last two months you fucking BATTLED and…  and you, you busted your GODDAMN ASS OFF.

The fans would probably normally BOO a situation like this, but Stein’s honesty and passion wins them over.  They all listen, intrigued.

Dan Stein: I have a world of shit to deal with.  Ya know?  And I thought this would be an easy fix, but when I look across the ring and I see my best friend in the business.  Fuck the business.  Just my best friend, PERIOD…  When I see all that you’ve done and how you climbed back to get to this point…

His eyes are fixated on Cade’s who does seem truly moved, though also concerned with his long time friend.

Dan Stein: Jonny Johnson is afraid of YOU, Cade.  You’re our best chance, man.  YOU.  CADE FUCKING SYDAL.  Not me.  Not anyone else…

He pauses, looking for the words to say while the fans give a VERY LOUD POP AND APPLAUD!!!

Dan Stein: You need to beat Jonny and you need to end this bullshit man.

He moves in closer to Cade.

Dan Stein: I FOREFIT.

Dave Dymond: HOLY SHIT!


Dan Stein: (Pulling Cade in for an embrace) YOU GET HIM, CADE!!!  FUCKING GET HIM!!!

THE FANS ROAR AS STEIN AND SYDAL EMBRACE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!!!  They hug and Stein pulls back to raise Cade’s arm into the air!!!

Other Guy: Dude…  my stomach is starting to churn.  You don’t think this is some kinda set-up do you?

Dan Stein: I love you, man.

Everyone in the arena begins to applaud, though that fear of a sudden turn seems to be locked in their minds.  However, Stein calmly drops the microphone, steps to the side and begins to applaud.

Cade Sydal: (Off Mic) Is this what you want, Dan?

Scott Kamura: (Also Off Mic) We callin’ this, boys?

Stein nods.

Dave Dymond: So…  wait…  if Stein is forfeiting…  Then that means…  THAT MEANS CADE SYDAL WINS!  OG!!! CADE WINS!!!

Other Guy: HA!  ATTA BOY, DAN!  THAT’S the shit I’m talking about!

Stein points to Cade.

Dan Stein: (Off Mic) It’s on you, man!

He ducks under the ropes and makes an exit.

Dave Dymond: We just heard Dan Stein say it’s on you…  With a victory here, CADE SYDAL HOLDS HIS OWN FATE IN HIS HANDS!!!

Stein jumps over the guard rail and vanishes through the fans, while Scott Kamura EMPHATICALLY CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!


Cade’s eyes are on the area Stein disappeared into momentarily, before he turns back to Scott Kamura.

Dave Dymond: JONNY HAS TO BE LIVID!  HAHAHAHA!!! YES!  Let’s drop it down to Samantha Coil for…

“WHOOOOOOOA!  There Kamura.”

His voice pierces through the odd celebration, and the fans can do nothing but look up.

Jonny Johnson arrives through the curtains.

Black wrestling trunks.

Black Shoes.

White Tape around his knuckles.

The DEFILER: Why do you guys keep trying to outsmart me, huh, Cade?  (Back tracking) I mean, not just you…  like well YOU…  but this fucking organization?

It seems odd that Other Guy and Dave Dymond have again gone silenced in such an important moment, and the television audience can’t help but wonder if their microphones have been shut down once again.

He speaks into the microphone, everything that just happened suddenly feeling totally irrelevant.

Cade stares at Jonny.

The DEFILER: You know I think of everything, don’t you?  Or are you still one of those egomaniacs who want to spend time looking for holes in my armor?  Heh.  Either way…  It crossed my mind that Stein would pull that martyr, “take one for the team” horse crap.  When he came down tonight, actually.  I looked at him and I thought…  “This bitch might flake out.”

Trying to be a team player…


He’s an idiot, Cade.  But I’m not.

His pace takes him to the base of the ring, where he ascends the steel steps.

The DEFILER: It’s not that I’m afraid of you.  I’m not REALLY afraid of anything.  Well, Earwigs maybe.  They’re fucking gross.  Ya know?  All (Wiggling his fingers) Crawling and whatever…  earwigging…  Blech!  (Shivers) But you?  Fear?  No, Cade.  (Shaking) Not at all, man.

He casually enters the ring and proceeds.

The DEFILER: I just got bored, Cade.  I got bored seeing your face.  I got bored hearing your name.  Bored with the Cade or Death thing.  Just…  bored.  BOREDOM, Cade.  (Nodding) And yes, I’m completely aware that I’m burying you right now.  Trust me.  That’s all part of the plan.  That’s what uhh…  what all of this was about.

He sighs and looks around the arena.

The DEFILER: I said horrible things would happen to the people who decided they’d oppose me.  (Shrugging) I did.  But for some reason…  it’s like… it, it didn’t register.  Like…  You heard me, but you figured maybe I was just kidding or something.  I don’t even know, but I…  I fucking told you.

I told everyone.

He pauses, his words acting like daggers.

The DEFILER: You’re a selfish fuck at heart, Cade.  I’ll stand by that to my grave, and in another life, we may have been friends.  We may have been tag team champions…  Or…  or  Who knows, you may have been able to carry my fucking bags. 

But we don’t live in that life.

This is all we have, Cade.  A sad, depressing, fucked up life, where guys like me get paid to hold down guys like you.

He shrugs his shoulders.

The DEFILER: For eight years of my career, I’ve watched the Cade Sydals of the world get shot after shot after shot.  I watched them move up ahead of me because they were willing to do things I wasn’t.  FORGIVE ME FOR TAKING TIME OFF FOR INJURIES!



Forgive me, Cade…  for loving myself.

Cade stands silent, on guard.

The DEFILER: Garbage like you doesn’t get to be a hero in my SHOOT Project.

He snarls.

The DEFILER: So if you want to hold your own cards, then you have to DEFEAT YOUR VERY FATE…


He glares at Kamura.

The DEFILER: Start this match or you’re fucking fired!

Jonny throws the microphone down and CHEAP SHOTS CADE IN THE MOUTH WITH A STIFF RIGHT HAND!!!  Kamura hesitates but calls for an opening bell!!  Sydal falls to his knees, giving up a LOT of weight to Jonny!  The DEFILER follows with an UNFORGIVING KNEE under the chin!  Cade falls to the mat!!!


Jonny drops down and FIRES OFF A FOREARM!!!  CADE IS LEVELED!  Jonny throws another and then another!  He grabs Cade by the back of the head, lifts him up toward him, and then SLAMS HIM BACK DOWN!  His head bounces off the mat in a VERY ugly fashion!!!

There is no commentary from Other Guy or Dave.

Scott Kamura winces!  Cade is bleeding HEAVILY from the mouth!!!

Jonny takes a couple steps back and waves for Cade to get up, absolutely taunting him.  Cade, to his credit, tries to push himself up, but as he does Jonny SLAMS A SOCCER STYLE PUNT TO HIS RIBS!  Cade coughs and drops of blood fall from his mouth to the mat!  Jonny picks Cade up after a second or two and HURLS him into a nearby corner!  Jonny grabs Cade by the mouth and pinches his lips together!

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) You wanna talk now, Cade?  HUH?  GIVE ME DEATH YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS FUCK!!!

Jonny fires a right hand, but CADE DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!!!  He falls to the side!  A HIGHLY irritated Defiler turns around!!!





Jonny turns back around, thinking he avoided the blow!!! CADE MOVES FORWARD AND CONNECTS WITH AN STO ON JONNY, SENDING THE WORLD CHAMPION INTO THE CORNER!!!  Jonny hits hard!  He falls forward, and CADE SPINS HIM DOWN INTO A KIMURA ARM BAR!!!!

With blood pouring down Cade’s face, the embattled warrior PULLS WITH EVERYTHING HE CAN!!!


Other Guy: Are we…  Shit are we on???

Dave Dymond: I think we are, OG!!! CADE HAS JONNY LOCKED IN A KIMURA ARMBAR!!!

Other Guy: Are we for sure on?  Fuck???

There’s confusion at the announce booth, but absolutely NONE IN THE RING!!!

Kamura checks on Jonny!!!



Other Guy: Is that it???!  IS IT OVER??!?!



The crowd suddenly ROARS as “Broken Bones” by NonPoint begins to play!!!  CADE BREAKS THE HOLD AND KAMURA RAISES HIS HAND!!!

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match…  by SUBMISSION…

Cade reaches down and picks the microphone up off the mat, quickly interrupting the decision.

Cade Sydal: Stop.  (Looking at Coil and then back at Jonny) He’ll have a million and one reasons why this happened.  This isn’t the goal.  It’s just a fucking step.

Cade drops to his knees and looks down at Jonny.

Cade Sydal: Next week is when this shit counts, though, right Jonny?  But it’s my call on how we do it.  Cause, ya know…  RULES IS RULES, BITCH!

Cade inches closer to the DEFILER.

Cade Sydal: At Master of the Mat…  I want to make sure we keep it friendly, ya know?  One on One.  ME.  VERSUS. YOU.  So any disqualification.  Any count outs…  Any FUCKING interference.  Hell, if a referee even THINKS HE SEES ONE OF YOUR GUYS.  You lose your title, Jonny.

That sound good?

He pauses, as if waiting for a response.  Jonny clutches his neck, though, and doesn’t respond.

Cade Sydal: Oh I’m sorry.  I guess FATE is still reeling after doing the “J” “O” “B” to CADE MOTHER FUCKING SYDAL!!!

And with that he SLAMS the microphone down and “BROKEN BONES” by Nonpoint BLARES AGAIN!!!  He leaves the ring before anything else can happen, and exits via the same section of fans Stein left through.

The fans flock to Cade and offer him congratulations!

Dave and Other Guy are on their feet and offer no commentary.

They just applaud.

Hope may be an illusion.

But at least tonight it seems very real.

“Give Us Cade…”