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Revolution: 043 – 9/14/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process.  We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into Paul Jarvis’s face.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Del Carver throwing some old school punches..  Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.  NC-17 is seen celebrating a roll up victory, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, from there NC-17 is seen, but the montage comes to a stop on Sinnocence with the Revolution Title in hand and a seductive smile on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. The montage of clips slows to show Kenji Yamada holding the Iron Fist Championship in his hands, a demonic grin on his face.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


The fans are an uproarious bunch, as they usually are, but as this is THE Revolution following an intense Pay Per View, they are especially eager to see what comes of the night ahead.  As if the energy wasn’t already high, “Pressure” by Skindred hits over the PA, and the crowd absolutely erupts. Jester Smiles comes out from the back, a big smile on his face, and an air of confidence about him. He is wearing blue jeans and the “Jester Smiles: He’s Not Bjork” t-shirt.  He stops at the top of the ramp. He looks left. The fans on the left cheer louder. He looks right. The fans on the right cheer louder. Soon after, a loud “IN JESTER WE TRUST” chant starts up, and Jester can only bow his head, close his eyes, smile, and mouth ‘thank you’.

Dave Dymond: It is SO loud in here right now!

Other Guy: It’s a corny thing to say, but in this case, you really do have to be here to really understand just how loud and electrified the air is. That is our 2008 Master of the Mat, and the fans can’t get enough of this guy!

Jester suddenly bursts out and leaps for the barricades, jumping on top of them and actually walking his way towards the ring on the barricade, high fiving fans as he goes. Half way down, he loses his balances and leaps off, but he lands on his feet and just smiles to the crowd. He then goes to the other barricade and grabs a sign that reads “Jester Smiles: WAAAY Better Than Penguins”. Jester holds it up for the camera to see, gives a thumbs up, and then gives it back to the owner of the sign, shaking hands with the man. He then starts going back to the ring, high fiving fans.

Dave Dymond: Whether he’s coming to the ring to talk or to wrestle, Jester Smiles always makes his presence known. From day one, this kid has had a presence about him that just makes him people notice and like him, and now, look at him, OG.

Other Guy: He’s a good dude, and he worked HARD to be where he is now. He’s trying to earn the spotlight, Dave, unlike a certain SHOOT Project World Champion. Our hopes rest with THAT man there.

Jester goes to the other side of the ring and greets Samantha Coil with a handshake and big hug, which surprises the ring announcer, but she simply laughs. Jester asks very politely for the microphone, which Samantha happily gives him. Jester says thank you and turns, running and leaping onto the ring apron. He enters the ring between the middle and top rope and then runs across the ring and leaps onto the second turnbuckle. He stares out at the cheering crowd, smiling, before he brings his the microphone to his lips, while still on the second turnbuckle. He puts up his finger to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Shhhhhhhhhh.

The crowd actually quiets down. Jester nods, still smiling.

Jester Smiles: Laaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children…of all ages. Tonight, I weigh in at TWO-HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE POUNDS! I hail from Richmond, Virginia, but currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Jester lowers the mic, to allow for the cheap pop, which he gets.

Dave Dymond: Guy loves to work a crowd.

Jester nods, still smiling.

Jester Smiles: I am a former two time Revolution Champion and a former Laws of Survival Champion. Tonight, I stand before you as the Hero of-

Jester holds the microphone out to the crowd.


Jester Smiles: You’re damn right. But MOST importantly. I stand before you tonight something greater. I stand before you tonight better than ever. Because, TONIGHT, I stand before you as the TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT MASTER OF THE MAT!!

Once again, large pop. Jester lowers the microphone, simply eating up all the attention and cheers. He leaps off the turnbuckle and goes to the middle of the ring. Once the crowd dies down, he raises the mic back up.

Jester Smiles: It was a long and hard road, and at the end of it, I got to face a good friend of mine in the middle of that ring. Trevor Worrens and I tore the roof off the Thomas and Mack center. He took everything I threw at him, I took everything he threw at me, and at the end of the day, I had just a little bit more. But, Trevor, I’m not better than you. I can’t pretend to be your superior. On THAT night, at Master of the Mat, I was the best man. But you are still the Laws of Survival Champion, and one day, you will be the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion again. So, my friends and comrades in SHOOT Project, I want to hear some noise for Trevor WORRENS!!

And, sure enough, noise is heard for Trevor Worrens. A very loud, and I do mean VERY loud “TRE-VOR” chant starts up, and Jester eats it up. He even chants along.

Other Guy: Both those guys tore each other UP, and while, at the end of the day, Jester was the better man, I think with a showing like that, we can expect Trevor Worrens to continue to do great things for the Laws of Survival Championship.

Once the Trevor chants die down, Jester raises the microphone back to his lips.

Jester Smiles: Master of the Mat was a great night, but I can’t keep focusing on the past. Yes, I am the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat. But now, I get to evolve some more. Now, I get EVEN better. Because, soon, SHOOT Project is going to put on a Pay Per View called War, but the War will be waging long before November gets here. The very soul of SHOOT Project is on the line in this war.

And at the front lines now, there stand two men. Jonny Johnson.


Jester Smiles: And on the other side will be none other than myself, Jester Smiles, the Hero of SHOOT Project. Jonny wants to use SHOOT Project however it suits him. He’d drag this company to the ground and destroy everything we all work for simply because he feels like it. The man is a tyrant, a dictator, and it’s time he got stopped. So that war, Jonny. It starts now. This is my declaration. I’ve earned my spot. I’ve proven my worth. I DESERVE to be here.

And in November, with all these people by my side, there won’t be a damn thing you can do to stop me from taking your title. I WILL be the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and I will be the Hero that SHOOT Project so desperately needs.

All I got left to say is, Jonny Johnson, it’s MY time, and I‘m coming to get you.

The crowd roars its approval as Jester exits the ring. He hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil, thanks her again, and then leaps over the nearest barricade and makes his way through the crowd.  The camera follows Jester for a moment before cutting back to the ring area, focusing in on Dave Dymond and Other Guy for the first time tonight.  Their names pop up underneath them via graphic inserts and then quickly fade away.  Other Guy still looks on after Jester, smiling as he feeds off the crowd reaction. Dave Dymond meanwhile angles his body in to face the camera.

Dave Dymond: Probably the best way to begin tonight’s edition of Revolution. We are fresh off of the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat Pay Per View, and what a night that one turned out to be.  From crowning a new Revolution Champion, to Adrian Corazon joining The Sons of Liberty, all the way to the shocking return of Vincent Mallows… Master of the Mat had it all!

Other Guy turns his focus to join Dave Dymond in addressing the viewers who aren’t live in attendance tonight.

Other Guy: Yeah but what it didn’t have was what everyone wanted and what we NEEDED, Dave, and that was Cade Sydal winning the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. But thank god we already got Jester Smiles takin’ a stand, proving that from here on out as the war wages on, there ain’t EVER gonna be a moments rest.

Dave Dymond: Definitely no rest for the Soldiers of SHOOT Project, and while November is still a ways away, every step taken towards our next BIG event, aptly named WAR, will be crucial. Tonight is no exception.  Plenty of action in store, with our main event seeing the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship on the line when Kenji Yamada defends against Osbourne Kilminster.

OG nods his head.

Other Guy: And two members of the Sons of Liberty take to the ring, Nightmare one on one with Cade Sydal and in what’s gonna be their final encounter… it’s Roland Caldwell and Eli Storm… in an I Quit Match.

Dave Dymond: It’s the only place you can find the brutal, the gritty and intense wrestling action that SHOOT Project has to offer. We’re live inside the Thomas and Mack Center… it’s Revolution!



Dave Dymond:  Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes are currently in the ring now…awaiting their opponents for tonight.

Other Guy:  Jonas has some good technical background and generated a bit of buzz on the indy scene.  Diego Reyes used to wrestle under the name Aguila Guerrero, complete with mask.

Dave Dymond:  …thank you, Mike Tenay.

Reyes stands in the ring with Coleman, both men wearing their ring gear.  Coleman wears black trunks, kneepads, and boots.  Reyes wears full tights, with “REYES” on the rear and black on black scorpions on either side of his legs.  Suddenly, “Cochise” by Audioslave kicks in, the fans instantly beginning to boo.

Dave Dymond:  Here’s SHOOT’s resident odd couple, Ron Barker and Del Carver!

Carver is out first, slapping hands with the fans as he proceeds in front of Barker.  Barker, meanwhile, sneers at Carver, progressing slowly to the ring.  Samantha Coil is in the ring as the referee, Chris Jenkins, tells Reyes and Coleman to leave the ring for Carver, who slides into the ring, excited.  Suddenly, without any warning, Reyes attacks Carver!  Coleman gets Coil out of the ring, Barker has yet to even arrive in the ring, and the fans are booing!  Jenkins has no choice but to ring for the match to begin!

Other Guy:  Diego Reyes is out to prove himself here tonight!  Going up against the crazy Del Carver like that leads to nothing but trouble!

Dave Dymond:  I like the gentlemanly like behavior of Jonas Coleman, however, ushering Samantha Coil from the ring!

Coleman is on the ring apron as Reyes whips Carver to the corner, quickly tagging Coleman in.  Coleman instantly hip tosses Carver to the mat and hooks in a surfboard stretch.  Reyes makes the blind tag and immediately hops OVER the top rope and hits a perfect dropkick to the head of Del Carver!  Barker covers his face in embarrassment as Coleman leaves the ring, Reyes immediately back in control of Carver.

Other Guy:  This is really interesting to see Reyes and Coleman taking it to the Hall of Famer like this, Dave.  It’s not very normal to see from the likes of Reyes or Coleman.

Carver tries to get himself up, and Reyes immediately drives him into the corner, tagging Coleman yet again!  Coleman is back in the ring and both men take turns stomping on Carver, as the fans begin to boo at these two upstarts taking it to their beloved hero!

Dave Dymond:  This is insane!

Coleman drops down and hooks in a leg grapevine to Carver!  Carver calls out in pain and Coleman releases the hold, driving his knee into Carver’s knee over and over again!  He stands up, looking at Reyes, who is holding up four fingers!

Other Guy:  What’s he signaling for?

Suddenly, Coleman LOCKS in a Figure Four Leglock!  Shouts of WOOOO resonate in the arena as Carver reaches for the ropes, Coleman immediately breaking it and dragging Carver back into the middle of the ring, stomping on Carver’s knee!  Carver holds his knee in agony and reaches out for Barker, who merely glares at him from the ring apron!  The fans are booing LOUDLY as Coleman motions for Reyes to get in the ring!


Reyes picks Carver up and HOISTS him up for a spinebuster…AND COLEMAN CONNECTS WITH A NECKBREAKER AS REYES DRIVES CARVER DOWN WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!!!  The fans are STUNNED as Reyes stands in between Barker and his fallen partner, glaring him down!  Coleman looks at Carver, who is beyond out cold, and picks Carver’s legs up, hooks them in…AND LOCKS IN THE SCORPION DEATH LOCK.  Carver isn’t even able to respond as Chris Jenkins goes to check on him.  He picks Carver’s arm up!  It DROPS!


Reyes continues to stare at Barker, who is simply shrugging as Carver’s arm drops!!


Reyes lets out a crooked smile as he brushes his hair out of his face, looking at Barker as Carver’s arm DROPS FOR A THIRD TIME.


Jenkins orders the bell to ring!!

Dave Dymond:  OH.  MY.  GOD.

Other Guy:  Who the HELL are Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes?!?!

Coleman gets his hand raised by Jenkins, who is also raising Reyes’ hand at the same time.  Reyes laughs, brushing his hair from his face as the two of them proceed out of the ring, no music playing because…frankly…nobody in production saw this one coming.

Other Guy:  WOW.

Reyes and Coleman disappear to the back, Reyes grinning from ear to ear as they do so.  Meanwhile, Barker steps into the ring, the fans starting to boo again as he looms over Carver.  Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman continue to celebrate their big win, Ron Barker climbs through the ropes with nothing but contempt in his eyes. The reaction is rather muted for these upstarts in SHOOT Project as the majority of focus is now placed inside the ring.

Dave Dymond: Well the big news here is that Coleman and Reyes have scored a big win over the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer here tonight but I’m… I’m in shock, OG. Why is Ron Barker the one looking upset?

Other Guy: It’s pretty obvious, Dave. Teamwork is all about communication. If Del Carver got off his stubborn ass and actually, you know, CALLED once in a while or even attempted to make a hot tag–

Dave Dymond: WHAT? Are you kidding me?! Carver tried to get the tag for the entire match and his so called partner left him high and dry!

Other Guy: That’s just one man’s perspective, Dave. Just one man’s perspective.

Ron Barker grabs a mic from the outside as he looks at Carver, who is still trying to get to his feet. Clutching his head, Carver leans against the middle rope as Barker raises the microphone to his lips.

Ron Barker: What I’ve seen here tonight, Del, is easily the WORST example of what tag team wrestling is all about! When I bought you out and brought over from Japan, I expected to see a man I hated for YEARS stand beside me and do what is RIGHT for his fans… RIGHT for his legacy… most of all, RIGHT for his career. Instead? You give me this.

Barker takes a step back and sizes up his partner with a disgusted look.

Ron Barker: This shell you’ve given me? It’s fucking pathetic!

The crowd begins to boo heavily as Barker rolls his eyes.

Ron Barker: Don’t you fucking sheeple stick up for this piece of shit! Can’t you all see? This man wasted MY TIME and most of all… YOUR time! You’re a bunch of fucking morons! ALL OF YOU!

Carver, standing on his feet now, motions for the microphone. Barker, still furious, refuses to hand it over. Instead, he shakes his head slightly before SPITTING in his face!! The crowd begins to roar as they urge the former legend to smack the taste right out of Barker’s mouth!

Dave Dymond: Oh man! I wouldn’t want to be Ron Barker right now! He’s waking up a VERY angry beast and you KNOW that isn’t going to sit well with Carver!

Other Guy: Oh please! If Carver knew what was good for him, he’d turn around and walk away right now. That man holds all the cards and Carver’s in NO position to play this one out.

Carver stops clutching his head as he wipes the spit from his eye. His face turns to sheer rage as the crowd picks up and gets even louder! Before Carver can think another thought, Barker interjects.

Ron Barker: What are you going to do, Carver? Throw away EVERYTHING? Throw away your entire legacy for one shot at me? Do you really think these people want that? Do you think these people would give a DAMN if you were taken out of here in handcuffs tonight? Fat fucking chance, Carver. These people don’t pay your salary. I DO.

Del Carver stands nose to nose with Ron Barker! This place is on their feet! Both men stare dead ahead into each other’s eyes. The tension is THICK as this crowd is electric!

Ron Barker: You know something? I’m tired of looking at you, old man. It’d be best for you to turn around right now, climb through those ropes and throw away all of your hopes of hitting me. Go on… leave. Right now.

Carver continues to stare as Barker doesn’t budge. This moment seems like a LIFETIME until Carver shakes his head slightly before turning around… and walking away! The crowd is stunned as are Dave Dymond and Other Guy!

Dave Dymond: I… uh… fans, I don’t know what to say. I totally expected to see these two men come to blows here tonight but instead, Carver is leaving on his own volition!

Other Guy: He’s a smart man, Dave. The old man gets to fight another day.

Del Carver clutches his head once again as he begins the long slow walk back to the dressing room, ignoring the slapping hands of the fans. Barker is seen staring at him from the ring with an angry look.

Ron Barker: You know what? Stop for a minute, Carver! Hey… Del… listen to me, you fuck!

Carver stops in his tracks before angrily looking towards the ring.

Ron Barker: I’m tired. Sick and fucking tired. In front of all of these fucking morons who supported you over the years… security, get out here!

Confused by their presence, Del Carver stands on guard as a team of ten black shirt security guards fly out from the back and surround him.

Ron Barker: It’s over, Del. You’re FINISHED. As of this moment, your services are no longer required!!!

Dave Dymond & Other Guy: WHAT?!

The crowd BOOOOOOS intensely as some garbage finds its way to the ring. Security begins to escort Carver out despite his frantic attempts at trying to lunge towards the ring! The crowd is in an absolute rage as Barker, showing no remorse, continues to look furiously at Carver.

As the Hardcore Outlaw is whisked away behind the curtain, Barker looks disgustingly at the first few rows before making his exit. Garbage is thrown at him as he makes his way to the back.

Dave Dymond: Fans… I… there are no words for what we just saw. Del Carver is… just wow.

Other Guy: Done, Dave. Del Carver is fucking done. I can’t believe it.

The fans continue to boo loudly as Barker vanishes and eventually Revolution fades out to black momentarily.

The camera cuts to a place somewhere that ISN’T at the Thomas and Mack Center… CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, together the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions Long Island Hardcore, stand in front of a large poster of Jared’s upper torso and face, with “” across the bottom. They’re also flanked by two lovely Asian twins, who are hanging on their arms and wearing rather revealing evening gowns. Jared’s face no longer has the stitches, but the scars from Nova’s attack are still very visible.

Jared Walsh: Hey, SHOOT Project, it’s your tag team champions Long Island Hardcore here. Sorry we couldn’t be at the show tonight, but due to some prior contractual obligations, we’re here at Exotica New York, the largest adult entertainment expo on the East Coast, and standing with us are the beautiful Sung Hi and Sung Li Kwang. Say hi to SHOOT, ladies.

Sung Hi and Sung Li: (simultaneously) Hiii…

CJ Nelson: But we’re here to talk about what is not currently with us, and that would be the SHOOT Project Tag Team belts. At Master of the Mat, a couple of douche bags who don’t deserve them slipped away with them while we were… preoccupied.

Dave Dymond: (adding his own commentary) That’s putting it mildly.

Jared Walsh: Needless to say, we want those back. And quite frankly, RnR, we’re done playing fair. Since we can’t be there this week to do it, we’re gonna let the other tag teams in SHOOT have some fun at your expense.

CJ Nelson: TRES BIEN, Barker and Carver, any of you other tag teams looking for legitimacy, listen close.

Jared Walsh: Whichever tag team manages to get those belts from RnR? You get a shot at ‘em. Starting… right now.

The Tag Team Champions pause for a moment as if waiting for something to happen… but then continue right on.

CJ Nelson: And were it another team, I wouldn’t feel the need to say this, but Rogue and Riley do NOT qualify for this wonderful opportunity.

Jared Walsh: So all you budding tag teams looking to make your legacy? Now’s your chance! Hunt them like dogs, through the arena, through Las Vegas, we don’t care! Bonus points if they come back to us with their blood on ‘em!

CJ Nelson: But whatever happens, they come back to us. Have fun playing hide and seek, Tom and Jason.

Nelson smirks.

Jared Walsh: And to the rest of you, this is your chance at glory! Don’t let it pass you by! Now, we have some… business to attend to.

Jared raises his eyebrows, as Sung Hi (or Sung Li?) runs a hand up his chest.

Jared Walsh: Good night, Sin City.

The camera fades out from this particular scene, bringing us back to the Thomas and Mack Center.


With the night just getting under way, the focus shifts to the back where the IRON FIST CHAMPION, Kenji Yamada paces angrily back and forth within The Family locker room.  Every time he stops he looks ahead of him, but then starts pacing again, looking to the floor. The camera zooms out more to reveal Vincent Mallows standing there, no expression what so ever on his face. There is some noise heard from the ringside crowd, but its more of a faint muffle in the background.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Kenji Yamada set to compete in tonight’s main event when he puts his Iron Fist Championship on the line… but from the looks of things, Yamada is ready for a fight right now.

Other Guy: (from ringside) Yeah, but it ain’t Kilminster he looks ready to kill… its Mallows!

Yamada continues to pace and Mallows doesn’t flinch.  He stops again but this time looks long and hard at Mallows.

Kenji Yamada: You know, maybe I haven’t always spoke about loving the Family. Maybe I haven’t always toted my Brothers when they fail or lose. But through all of that, through EVERYTHING, I always fought under the banner of the Family. I always fought for the Family. I was the one winning matches and winning titles. I was the pulse of this Family.

Mallows simply nods.

Vincent Mallows: I know this, Kenji.  I am not taking that away from you.  Nobody is… and nobody ever can take that away from you.  What you are failing to realize is that for this to work, nobody could know.

Yamada steps in closer to Mallows now, fists clenched tightly, but down at his sides.

Kenji Yamada: After everything I did for the Family…you couldn’t even tell me, Mallows? You couldn’t even tell your most successful son that you were full of shit? What happened to all that crap you were spewing about Family trust? What happened to that, Mallows? I specifically told you that I would make you regret jerking with my strings. Didn’t I tell you that, Mallows? DIDN’T I!?

Still without expression, Mallows remains incredibly calm, despite the fact that the deranged Yamada was only inches away from him.

Vincent Mallows: You have every right to be upset, Kenji.  But come to realize that Roland understood.  Sammy understood.  So you MUST understand me when I say I was not, nor am I jerking anyone’s strings.  I would have discarded you on that very night if that were the case.  Yet here I stand, willing to hear you out.  So please, be angry.  I did not expect the reaction, but I welcome it never the less.

Yamada’s eyes go wide with complete frustration.

Kenji Yamada: Not the reaction you expected?  How did you think I’d react, Mallows? You thought maybe I’d have my arms wide open and give you a hug? Just forget the fact that you were tugging on my strings worse than Azraith ever did? Is that what you thought my reaction would be? How could you have NOT seen this coming, Mallows!? HOW!? I warned you before I even joined the ranks of this Family, Mallows, I warned you…

Vincent Mallows:  Kenji, remove yourself from your rage for ONE moment.  If you decide to only listen to me one last time in your career, listen to me in this very moment.  This was all meant to happen… for the good of The Family.  You must come to…

Yamada cuts him off almost immediately with a primal scream. He looks about ready to hit Vincent hard, but pulls back, throwing his arm down to the side.

Kenji Yamada: NO!  Don’t tell me what this was or wasn’t.  Believe it or not, I loved this Family more than any of us, Mallows. I fought with everything I had for the Family. Maybe I didn’t always come out and say it…but look at how I fought before I joined the Family and look how I fought after I joined the Family. I loved this Family, Mallows; I loved it like it was my own son. But you…you bastardized that love. You turned my love into nothing more but a tool for your own pathetic desires.

Mallows says nothing at this juncture. Yamada turns away for a moment, shaking his head, his frustration showing through how tense his body is.

Kenji Yamada: How can I believe anything you say anymore, Mallows? How can I fight under your banner when you pulled a bullshit stunt like this? What’s next, Mallows? Are you going to try and swindle a champion out of their title on a goddamn legality? How the hell can I fight for you? HOW!? I want to pretend like this never happened, Mallows, I really do…but you’ve given me little other option.

Mallows steps forward, eyes narrowed.

Vincent Mallows: Perhaps if you’d stop whining for one moment you’d realize that…


With lightning quick movement, Kenji spins around and SMACKS Mallows across the face with a stinging slap. Mallows instantly snaps to the side, holding his face.  Yamada glares at him.

Kenji Yamada: Little other option.

Yamada storms out of the locker room leaving Mallows to rub his face in pain.



The shot opens inside SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “THE DEFILER” JONNY JOHNSON’S locker room.  He’s seated in a comfortable black sofa seat, looking straight ahead with the World Title over his left shoulder.  Joining him is SHOOT Project correspondent, and veteran interview man ERYK MASTERS who looks anything but comfortable being alone with the Champ.  Jonny’s locker is to the right, and there is a television/entertainment center set up off to the left, consisting of an HD Television set, a few chairs and what looks like an X-box 360.

On an interesting note, the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM TITLES are both mounted inside protective plastic casings on the wall in the back of the shot.

Masters looks ahead to the camera ready to begin the interview.

Eryk Masters: (Obviously not wanting to say this) At his approval, I am here with SHOOT Project World Champion, Jonny Johnson.

It’s very easy to hear the crowd “BOOOOOO” in the background.  Jonny seems content staying silent and Masters proceeds.

Eryk Masters: (Somewhat backhanded) So no parades tonight, huh Champ?

Jonny picks up on the snideness and rolls his eyes.

The DEFILER:  Why do you still hate me, dude?  Huh?  (Not getting an answer)  (Sighing, and moving on)  I’m changing the attitude of this title.  I EXPECT to win, Eryk.  Every fucking match.  Every defense.  I.  DON’T. LOSE.  Cade Sydal gave you idiots everything he had and it WASN’T ENOUGH.  (Shrugging) Just like I said.  (Smirking) I said that right?  RIGHT MASTERS?  Yeah.  I said that, and despite all the clamoring and crying for me to be replaced….  It didn’t happen.

He shakes his head.

The DEFILER: And now you come in here and lambast me for…  for what?  For NOT gloating?  Or…  (Mockingly) “having a parade?”  Heh.  Oh, I’m gloating Eric.  There’s a PARADE MILES DOWN THE GODDAMN ROAD!  Trust me, man.  There isn’t a part of me that isn’t laughing…  loving everything that happened at Master of the Mat.  BUT IT’S ON THE INSIDE.  Where I can enjoy it most because…  because I’ve realized that over the course of my Hall of Fame career I share…  too much of myself.  I’m too honest.  Too open.  I… I let you guys into a world that…  well, quite frankly, no one DESERVES to be a part of.

Masters is obviously doing his best to keep cool, realizing that any kind of outburst could very well cost him his job.  Jonny notices and raises his eyes to meet Eryk’s.

The DEFILER: You disagree?  Huh?  (Casting an obnoxious smile) It doesn’t matter because that’s just the way it is.  No.  No parade, Eryk.  Parades are for losers.  For people…  for people who NEED the adoration.

Finally having enough, Masters cuts him off with a follow-up question.

Eryk Masters: So there’s nothing to the rumors that you didn’t feel “safe”?  Hmm?  Fear didn’t play into this at all, Jonny?  (Crossing the line maybe a little) Not even… (Making a gesture with his fingers) …a little?

That one hurts.

Jonny doesn’t look happy as he takes a deep breath.

The DEFILER: (Straight forward) My Legal Advisors DID suggest that I keep a low profile on the show until we worked out a feasible security plan.  Death threats are a big deal to them I guess.   But uhh…  fear…  or whatever?  No.  That has nothing to do with any decisions I’ve made this evening.  There wasn’t anything to be said.  There wasn’t a reason to risk putting myself in a spot where some ill-informed mark could pull out a gun and go-to-town.  But rest assured, Eryk.  If there WAS, I’d be out there.

Because that’s the kind of man I am.

Masters isn’t buying it, but already skating on thin ice, he makes sure he words his next sentence in a way that doesn’t lose him his job.

Eryk Masters: So Jester Smiles wasn’t enough of a reason?

Jonny reacts in an agitated fashion after hearing that name.

The DEFILER: No.  He wasn’t, Eryk.  (Shaking his head, confused) Why does everyone keep acting like I need to sweat that guy?  Because…  what?  He won the uhh…  that Master of the Mat thing?  I mean….  (Shrugging) dude, I’ve never even been in it.  Ya know?  So it can’t be…  it can’t be THAT big of a deal.  And not to demean anything he accomplished because LORD KNOWS I don’t need my loyal army of smarks to turn on me for…  for no selling the popular new toy, but FUCK.  Can we please call a spade a spade?  He didn’t beat anyone I couldn’t beat.  He didn’t DO anything that I couldn’t have done, so how is this new threat?  Because he says he is?

Because YOU say he is?  The fans?

Where does this bullshit come from?  In our only meeting, I… I won ten thousand dollars for kicking him out of the Redemption Rumble.  It pissed people off because… because I guess they really wanted him to win or something and it made Eric… 

Well it made Eric a sad panda.  Didn’t he get all depressed after that?

After I…  embarrassed him?

He casually shrugs his shoulders.

The DEFILER: How is this any different?  Guy beats a lot of mid-card acts, and…  and now it’s me and him.  Now it’s go time.  Why is that…  (Rethinking) How isn’t that EXACTLY the same?  Because he’s calling himself a hero now?  Heh.  A HERO?  Heroes go to battle IMMEDIATELY, Eryk.  But he apparently wants to wait until November? You caught that right?  FUCKING NOVEMBER.  (Laughing) “Hey Beowulf…  can you save our city?”

“Yeah, but give me a couple months.”

What a fucking joke.

The World Champion scoffs.

The DEFILER: Hero.  Right…

Jonny pauses, and it seems weird that he’d go on this long about something that apparently didn’t bother him.

The DEFILER: This whole thing is fucking asinine, Eryk.  This idea of heroes and war.  And you all come to me looking like…  like I need to give a fuck.  Well.  I DON’T.  Okay?   NEWS FLASH.  I’m the WORLD CHAMPION and YOU AREN’T! I’ve made it clear that anyone who wants to step up and oppose my will can, but that they will QUICKLY be destroyed.  That they will face HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE things.  I say it…  fucking every week.  (Disgusted) Sons of Liberty…  Jester Smiles…  ANYONE ELSE READY TO MAKE A NAME AT MY EXPENSE…  go fucking look at what happened to Cade Sydal at Master of the Mat.  I AM NOT SOME KIND OF ONE TRICK PONY! 

My Friends and I are very, VERY powerful people.

And we are committed to carrying out this hopeless Armageddon.

NO ONE escapes the DEFILER.

Jonny hasn’t appeared as intense as he does in quite some time and Masters is stunned into a fearful silence.

The DEFILER: Get out.

Before Masters can turn to leave, the door opens and TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN enter the room.  They are mid-conversation, obviously having no idea what was going on prior to their entrance.

Jason Riley: Yeah I was like “YOU BETTER TAKE THAT DICK” and then…

Realizing his friends have shut up, he looks up and sees a very angry DEFILER and a silent Eryk Masters.

Riley shuts up as well.

Rogue: (Glowering at Masters, but speaking to Jonny) Media, huh?

Masters is obviously the most awkward man in the room right now.

The DEFILER: He was leaving.

Despite his pride, Masters is not in a position where he wants to risk an attack or financial future so he takes a breath and nods before sifting through the crowd and making an exit.  Quinn, Riley, and Calahan are silent for a moment after the door shuts.

Everyone is.

Super Fan: (Finally speaking up) What was that about dude?

Jonny doesn’t respond right away, but DOES respond.

The DEFILER: (Calm) I want Eric Rohkar dealt with as quickly as possible.

Riley looks confused.

Riley: Who?

Quinn sighs.

Rogue: Jester.

Riley doesn’t like that Quinn sighed at him.

Riley: (Looking at Quinn) Then why wouldn’t he just fucking say JESTER?


Riley is startled by Jonny’s sudden outburst and does as he is told, while the other two stand at attention.  The World Champion rubs at his eyes and looks down to the floor.

The DEFILER: If you run into Smiles.  If you see him anywhere or…  or hear him…  I don’t care what you’re doing.  YOU HURT HIM. (Looking up)  If he fights back.  YOU FIGHT BACK HARDER!  If he runs…  YOU HUNT HIM DOWN.  I want this thing dead before it can ever see the light of day.  Understood?

Quinn nods first.

Rogue: Yeah.  You got it man.

Calahan also nods, while Riley mostly pouts as per usual after being scolded.  Normally, Jonny would probably say something, but he lets it slide and moves on.

The DEFILER: Go find Ozzy and Sin and…  and tell them that we need to have a uhh…  a Friendly get together.  Okay?  Just to… talk.

Quinn and Calahan nod again.

Rogue: We’ll do that right now, dude.  No sweat.

Super Fan: Whatever ya need, boss-a-roo!

Jonny looks at Riley.

The DEFILER: Jason?

Riley considers going off, but doesn’t want to deal with getting chewed out.

Riley: (Forced, fake smile) Anything for my big cousin.

He nods and the others start to turn away.

The DEFILER: (Remembering one more thing) Oh… and uhhh… see if the trainers have any allergy medicine for my fucking sinuses.

Riley stops and turns around.

Riley: What the fuck are you allergic to?

The World Champions Closes his eyes and rubs his brow.

The DEFILER: (Emotionless) Idiocy.

Everyone leaves on that note.

A perfect note to leave on.


The scene shifts to the gorilla position just before Caleb Knox’s upcoming triple threat match where we see Knox doing some pre-match stretches in preparation. Suddenly, we see Doug Kinsella come into a camera view and shove Knox out of the way. Caleb looks absolutely dumbfounded by Kinsella’s actions as he starts to speak.

Caleb Knox: Hey, what in the world was that about?

Kinsella looks right at Knox with narrowed eyes and a look of disgust in his eyes as he begins to speak.

Doug Kinsella: You know, Knox, I’m getting pretty damn tired of guys like you telling me I have to take my lumps and pay my dues.

Caleb Knox: Hey, I know you’re frustrated and all this losing is starting to frustrate me a bit honestly, but taking things out on me isn’t going to do you any bit of good. You’ve got to suck it up, man…

Kinsella throws up a hand motioning him to stop.

Doug Kinsella: Spare me from all that cliche bull-shit. It’s not my fault I’m ten times better than you’ll ever be!

Knox, simmers a bit, but doesn’t explode upon hearing that as Kinsella continues.

Doug Kinsella: Oh, what’s the matter? Little Caleb has a problem with what I’m saying? You know, if you’ve got a problem with me saying that, why don’t you do something about it?

Caleb Knox: Man, I ain’t gonna fight you. I got other things to worry about.

Doug Kinsella: Hmmm, me thinks Caleb is scared that I’m going to beat him so bad that dog of a wife you just married won’t want you anymore-

Upon hearing that, Caleb fires a hard right cross to Kinsella’s jaw. Kinsella goes down and walks away rubbing his jaw, seething in anger at Knox.

Doug Kinsella: You know what? I’ll deal with you later.

Kinsella walks off in anger as Caleb just shakes his head in frustration and heads down the hall, shaking his head as he is set for his match up.



Returning to the ring, the lights begin to have a blue and white strobe effect as "High Wire Escape Artist" by Boy Sets Fire begins to play over the P.A. system while fog begins to pour out the entrance way. As the opening verse ends, we see Caleb Knox emerges from the fog in new black and sky blue MMA style wrestling trunks and a Shoot Project T-Shirt as he’s circling his wrists while jumping in place to a decent crowd reaction from the fans.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, introducing first… from Albuquerque, New Mexico… weighing in at 221 pounds… he is CALEB… KNOX!

Caleb then starts to make his way to the ring as he tags hands with as many fans as he can get to on his way to ringside.

Dave Dymond: Caleb Knox, while his won-loss record doesn’t show it yet, has made some excellent strides in recent weeks here in SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: He’s definitely stepped up, Dave, but he’s got an uphill climb, going into the ring with Jack Heart and a literal behemoth in Azazel. I’m not sure this is going to be Caleb Knox’s night.

Dave Dymond: I wouldn’t be so quick to sell him short, OG. The young man has been very competitive in each of his losses and he took the former Revolution champion NC-17 to the limit a few weeks ago, so there’s no questioning the kid’s desire at all.

Other Guy: Yeah, but all the desire in the world ain’t gonna take down a 7’2” monster like Azazel. He better hope a few kicks to the legs will.

Caleb then jogs to ringside and jumps on the top ring step hopping on the apron. He points out to the fans, tossing his SHOOT Project shirt into the crowd and hopping over the top rope. As he lands in the ring, he hops in place a couple of times, warming up the extremities. Knox starts to run the ropes, as Samantha Coil brings the mic to her lips.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, from London, England, weighing in at 172 lbs, the British Kicking Machine, JACK HEART!

Killswitch Engage’s “As Daylight Dies” hits the speakers, and the British Kicking Machine steps through the entrance. He slowly starts to walk down to the ring, without taking his eyes away from it.

Other Guy: Jack Heart had very little to say on this match, and what he did wasn’t exactly inspiring, Dave.

Dave Dymond: We’re looking at a man defeated here, OG. He lost at Master of the Mat, and it seems like that match brought the whole world crashing down around him.

Other Guy: Maybe, but at least Knox has his head in the game, that’s gonna keep him alive no matter the outcome. You gotta be at your best when you’re at this much of a size disadvantage, or you just get crushed.

Dave Dymond: Good one.

Other Guy: Thanks, I try.

Jack slides under the bottom rope with very little theatrics. He stands, walking to his corner, leaning against the turnbuckle as the house lights go out. A single piano starts to play, as Nightwish’s “Nemo” causes white smoke to fill the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 411 lbs, accompanied by Leviathan, AZAZEL!

Two huge men seem to appear through the fog, blond hair hanging down into their faces. The larger of the two swings his head up, whipping his hair behind him, and the marginally smaller one starts to walk in front of him. The crowd recognizes Leviathan, and he gets a reasonable pop as he leads the larger Azazel to the ring, both men walking slowly and keeping Azazel’s opponents on edge.

Other Guy: That is quite the spectacle.

Dave Dymond: Azazel is, with exception for Sammy Rochester, the biggest man on the SHOOT Project roster, and I’d say that’s a spectacle all in its own.

Other Guy: But his biggest asset, Dave, is that bearded dude standing in front of him. Leviathan’s been known by a few names in this business, but most SHOOT Project fans would recognize him as Ryan Cuddihy, former SHOOT Tag champ.

Dave Dymond: And at 6’11” himself, Leviathan’s an imposing presence on the outside of the ring. Couple that with Azazel inside, and you gotta wonder if there’s any safe place to run when these two are around.

Leviathan walks around the ring, as Azazel climbs up onto the apron, and steps over the top rope. He drops to a knee mid-ring, putting his hands together, as if in prayer, as the lights come back on and Samantha Coil finds her way out of the ring.

Heflin checks out the big man, and calls for the bell and this match is on its way. Azazel stands in the middle of the ring, not moving, as Caleb Knox and Jack Heart both circle him. Knox is the first to try, charging at Azazel. Azazel grabs him before he can get too close, and pushes him hard to the mat! Heart takes the chance that he’s distracted, and throws a kick to the back of Azazel’s knee! Azazel drops down to a knee, and Heart swings for the fences with a kick to Azazel’s head! But Azazel got a hand up, and he grabs Heart’s ankle with one meaty hand, pulling him in as he stands, and flinging him over his head with a capture suplex! Jack hits the mat hard on his neck and shoulders, and Azazel turns his attention back to Knox. Knox is back on his feet, and Azazel starts toward him. He swings for a clothesline, but nobody’s home!

Dave Dymond: Knox got out of the way just in time, because that probably would’ve taken his head off!

Azazel turns around, but Knox dodges another swing! Azazel swings again, and Knox ducks it, dodging behind him and throwing a kick to the same knee! Azazel drops to his knee again, and Knox plants a dropkick to the back of Azazel’s head! Azazel staggers, but he doesn’t fall! Knox runs to the ropes, and slams Azazel down with a face buster! The crowd pops, but it’s short-lived as Heart is back, and he nails a roundhouse kick to the face of Caleb Knox! Knox staggers backward, falling to his back, and Jack starts to throw kicks into the head of Azazel!

Azazel takes one to the head! Two! Heart looks amazed as Azazel starts to get back to his feet! He throws another vicious kick to the side of Azazel’s head, and it rocks the big man, but he won’t go down! Jack looks around, looking aghast, but before he can throw another kick, Azazel charges him with a spear that sandwiches Heart between 411 lbs and the turnbuckle! Heart bellows in pain, crumpling to the mat, but before Azazel can capitalize, Knox is back, springboarding off the second rope, and nailing an elbow to Azazel’s chest! Azazel staggers back once more, and Knox hops to the top rope, sailing off with a cross-body! But Azazel handily catches him! Knox is kicking, trying his best to push Azazel down, but to no avail! Jack Heart, out of nowhere, catches Azazel in the knee with a kick, and Azazel falls backward, with Knox landing on top of him!

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart’s not out yet, and double-teaming the giant brings him to the ground!

Other Guy: Knox with an early cover…

Heflin doesn’t even get to one before Azazel tosses Knox off of him like a ragdoll! Azazel starts to get to his feet, but Jack Heart has shaken off the cobwebs, and starts laying into him with kicks to the head, chest, and shoulders! He’s not letting up, but Azazel’s taking the brunt of it almost without flinching! He’s still on his knee, trying to absorb the punishment that the British Kicking Machine is giving him, but Knox has joined in! Heart with a kick to the head! Knox with a kick to the head! Heart! Knox! Heart! Knox! Heart! And Knox finally drops the big man with a final kick to the head, and the crowd pops! Knox turns to Heart– Heart puts him back on the mat with a huge roundhouse to the face, and Heart goes for a cover on Azazel!


TWO! Kickout with authority!

Dave Dymond: That’s what you get when you try to play vulture!

Other Guy: Hey, it probably would’ve worked later in the match! Heart’s trying to end this early, and can you blame him?

Dave Dymond: I sure as hell wouldn’t want to face that longer than I’d have to!

Azazel tosses Heart aside once more, and finally gets to his feet without any interruptions! He goes for Jack Heart first, pulling him off the mat by his head, and tossing him to the ropes! Heart comes back with a front-face dropkick– countered! Azazel drops Heart HARD on the mat with a powerbomb! Caleb tries for another kick to the knee to bring the big man down to size, but Azazel is thinking ahead, grabbing Knox’s leg, and pulling him closer, wrapping a hand around his throat! Knox’s eyes go wide as Azazel lifts him high into the air with one hand, and plants him squarely on the mat with a tremendous chokeslam!

Heart is stirring, but Azazel doesn’t feel like waiting! He deadlifts Heart above his head in a guerrilla press, before taking a running start and tossing him out of the ring and over the security wall!

Dave Dymond: Jack Heart just got tossed into the first row of the audience!

Other Guy: He’s dead, Dave! He has to be!

Dave Dymond: Thank god the crowd was already on their feet, or we’d have a lawsuit on our hands for sure!

The crowd disperses around him, and Jack Heart has landed on a bunch of chairs. He’s holding his shoulder in pain, and Leviathan steps over the guardrail, pulling him up by the throat with both hands, tossing him back over the guardrail onto the floor with the Wrath of Heaven chokeslam! Heart clutches his shoulder, writhing in pain, but it looks like Leviathan isn’t done with him!

Heflin, meanwhile, is too focused on Azazel and Knox to worry about Heart, as Azazel pulls Knox to his feet, and Caleb tries in desperation to take the big man’s knees out! He slaps Azazel’s hands away, putting the giant off balance, and as Azazel comes back trying to grapple, Knox grabs his arm and slides between his legs, doubling him over! Knox hops to his feet, leaping over Azazel’s body to hit a facebuster that drops him to the mat! The crowd goes nuts, and Caleb slides between the top two ropes, slingshotting across with a legdrop across the back of Azazel’s head! Azazel rolls onto his back, and Caleb wastes no time, once again springboarding off the second rope with a moonsault and a cover!



THR– Kick out!

As Azazel kicks out, Leviathan plants Jack Heart on the outside with a Death Valley driver! Heart is effectively out of this match, and Leviathan turns to Caleb Knox! Knox shouts at him from inside the ring, and Leviathan offers no reaction whatsoever! Knox steps through the ropes, and Heflin is there, trying to stop him, but to no avail!

Other Guy: Caleb Knox is about to do something seriously stupid here!

Dave Dymond: Leviathan stuck his nose in this match when he dragged Heart out of the crowd, and Knox probably doesn’t like the dirty pool he’s playing, but I gotta agree that it’s probably not in his best interests to take him on!

Knox looks to be thinking better of the situation, and he starts to step back into the ring… Leviathan turns away, and Knox comes back to the outside, and flies off the apron with a flipping kick to the face that drops Leviathan to the floor! The crowd pops, and Knox is surprisingly quick to get to his feet!

But as he does, Azazel is on the floor next to him! Knox turns around and Azazel levels him with a clothesline! Azazel picks Knox up off the floor, and rolls him back into the ring as Leviathan gets to his feet! Jack Heart is not moving, but Azazel pulls him off the floor anyway, rolling him in the ring, following him under the bottom rope! Azazel steps on Jack Heart’s back, pulling on the top rope for added leverage, and the British Kicking Machine is not in good shape! He screams loudly, and Heflin starts a five-count! Azazel steps off at 4, and turns around to Caleb Knox throwing himself at him with a flying lariat! Azazel stumbles back into the ropes, and Knox tries to toss Azazel into the corner– countered by Azazel, and Knox hits the turnbuckles hard, falling forward!

Azazel pulls Knox to his feet, scooping him into a Powerslam position, before lifting him above his head, and dropping him across his knee with a painful-looking gut buster! The Sword of Damocles! Azazel makes the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 13 minutes and 15 seconds, AZAZEL!

While Knox holds his stomach writhing in pain, “Nemo” starts up again, and Azazel slides out of the ring, starting the slow walk back to the back, while a medical team passes them in the aisle.

Dave Dymond: An impressive showing by Azazel in his debut, but the medical team is on the scene for Jack Heart.

Other Guy: That fall into the crowd may have done a lot more damage than we can see, Dave, and Leviathan and Azazel certainly weren’t helping things.

Dave Dymond: We’ll keep you updated with his condition on shoot project dot com, more details as we get them folks.


Backstage, Vincent Mallows steps out of The Family’s locker room, his expression incredibly difficult to read and he rubs his cheek again, obviously the slap received earlier still leaving its stinging remnants.  As he starts off down the hall, he is immediately stopped by Eryk Masters.  Mallows cringes slightly.

Vincent Mallows: One thing I didn’t miss.     

Masters takes the insult in stride, keeping his cool despite knowing he has yet another long night of back and forth running around in store.

Eryk Masters: Then let me get right to it.  Vincent, at Master of the Mat you shocked the world upon revealing that the man we’ve witnessed for months, the man left paralyzed and in a wheel chair was not you… was not Vincent Mallows.  Since then, rumors have been circulating and regardless of your dark past people have been talking.  The question, obviously… is why?  Why the charade, the set up, why deceive not only everyone else, BUT those who you called your family?

Mallows raises a questioning eyebrow.

Vincent Mallows: called?  Pardon me, Mr. Masters, but what makes you certain there is a need for the past tense?  What makes you so absolutely certain that upon my true return that something has changed?

Masters hesitates, and for a moment he second-guesses his own question.

Eryk Masters: Well I just assumed, I mean from what was witnessed earlier, clearly the issue of trust has been brought up.  Kenji Yamada himself slapped you…

Mallows holds up his left hand promptly cutting Masters off.

Vincent Mallows: Yes, yes, yes. We all bared witness to Mr. Yamada’s frustration taking the form of a physical slap.  I witnessed it first hand… quite literally. So please, spare me the recap.  What you have to understand is that everything I said earlier, I meant.  Mr. Yamada did what he had to do, much like he will do tonight in the ring.  Much like Roland Caldwell will do what he must.  Despite your opinion formulated on one single solitary event, I assure you, Mr. Masters…

Mallows smiles.

Vincent Mallows: The Family is, and will continue to be stronger than ever.

Masters nods, not totally sold on Mallows’s words, but continues on.

Eryk Masters: Even if that is the case, my question still stands.  If you wanted to take matters into your own hand, then why not from the get go?

Mallows shakes his head slightly.

Vincent Mallows: Has it really been that long, Eryk?  Honestly, you have been around this business for nearly as long as I have.  You’ve had your ups and your downs, but through them all you’ve also been a witness to the very man I am, the very man I have become. Some may say it was simply for shock, others because I tend to have a flare for the dramatics.

However, you and I both know that there is a very precise and calculating reason behind every move that I have ever made in my professional wrestling career.

Mallows adjusts the deep red silk tie around his neck, and then tugs slightly at the cuffs of the sleeves of his black suit jacket.

Vincent Mallows: But to prove that I did not use the likes of Roland, Sammy, and of course Mr. Yamada, this night will not be about me.  So your question, Mr. Masters, will be left unanswered for the time being. Just know that something has begun.  Something that will be my crowning moment, something that will forever leave its mark on professional wrestling.

Mallows starts to walk off, but Masters persists and turns, shouting off down the hall after him.

Eryk Masters: What will that be? What is your crowning moment.

Mallows stops, lowers his head slightly, and then turns to look over his shoulder.  The curl of his lips speaks volumes. But before he actually says anything an unknown man approaches from an intersecting hall. He has on a headset, black pants, black t-shirt, and an identification tag around his neck.

Man In Headset: Vincent, Mr. Johnson has made arrangements for you to watch Revolution from one of the luxury boxes.

Mallows nods.

Vincent Mallows: Very well then, please lead the way.

The two walk off and Eryk Masters looks on, before quickly looking at a small note card he pulls out of his pocket… he mouths the words “Sons of Liberty” nods his head, and walks off.


Relive the Intensity.

Quick shots of Sinnocence and NC-17 battling it out. Another shot of Jack Heart and Crush Heart trying to take each other out.

Relive the Shock.

A shot of Nova Lynn Jackson using her high heel as a weapon against Long Island Hardcore. Then we see Vincent Mallows… the REAL Vincent Mallows standing in the ring over a fallen Christopher Davis. Then simply a photographic still shot of Azraith just starting to fall from the top of the twenty-foot cell.

Relive the Excitement.

Donovan King and Corazon are seen standing in the ring, united under one banner. After that quick clips of the grueling action between Cade Sydal and Jonny Johnson.  Then we see Jester Smiles celebrating his victory in the Master of the Mat.


Relive Master of the Mat ALL September long… exclusive to download for just thirty-nine ninety five ONLY at SHOOT PROJECT DOT COM!


As the cameras return to the ring, the last lines of “Strawberry Gashes” by Jack off Jill fade away as the audience roars in support for Victoria DeMitri, who is standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in one hand and a tissue in the other.

Dave Dymond: I’m honestly surprised to see Victoria out here tonight. I mean, after what happened to Azraith at Master of the Mat, she’s not safe. Not from Tim Roy or any of Azraith’s other enemies like Kenji Yamada or Vincent Mallows.

Other Guy:  Well, she doesn’t look like she WANTS to be out here Dave. I mean just two weeks ago she was down right in front of us perched over what looked to be a dead Azraith DeMitri.

Dave Dymond: God, don’t remind me. I’ve seen some sick, vile things in my day but the only thing that comes close to that scene we saw last night was … well… five years ago when it was Damien Roy on the floor, unconscious and not breathing.

Other Guy: No one has heard anything on Azraith’s condition since Master of the Mat… there have been rumors abound but everyone in the company has been tight lipped about Azraith’s medical status.

Dave Dymond: And for that matter… no one has seen hide nor hair of Timothy Roy since Master of the Mat either. I think Victoria is taking a big risk being out here-

Other Guy: SHH! She’s going to say something!

Dymond is cut off as the crowd noise dies down and Victoria DeMitri begins to speak.

Victoria:  Ladies and gentlemen… as long as I’ve known my husband, Azraith DeMitri…

Part of the crowd cheers for Azraith while a larger section merely claps in respect, causing Victoria to trip over her words.

Victoria:  …as long as I’ve known him, he’s been my biggest supporter… my guardian… my rock. Unfortunately, this job causes people to do things and say things that they don’t necessarily believe in… it causes them to make friends… and enemies… that they might not have made otherwise.

It’s a fault that my husband has always confided in me… one that he tore himself up over almost every night. He wanted to do what was right to protect me… protect his family… even if that meant he had to cut down other people when they got in his way.

The crowd begins to boo.

Victoria:  My husband may deserve your ire, yes… but please… save it for another time. Right now, Azraith DeMitri needs your prayers.

Dave Dymond: Huh? Did she… did Victoria…. Prayers? HER?

Other Guy: I knew Azraith couldn’t have been well off after that fall but … it must be worse than I thought.

Victoria rubs her eyes with the tissue in her hand.

Victoria: Azraith survived his fall from the top of that cage… luckily the EMTs got to him in time to secure his neck and slow the internal bleeding. But he’s still fighting for his life, hooked up to machines in a hospital bed…

Victoria lowers her head.

Victoria:  He hasn’t woken up… it’s been two weeks… and he hasn’t woken up.

A deathly silence has fallen over the Thomas and Mack crowd as Victoria’s muffled sobs reverberate into the microphone.

Victoria: I… I know he’ll get better. I mean… he’s Azraith DeMitri right? It’s just…

Victoria looks up to the audience.

Victoria: Whatever feelings you may have toward my husband, please just remember he’s a human being… just like all of you. He makes mistakes… he falls… and right now he’s fallen hard… harder than I’ve ever seen… and I’m not sure when he’ll get back up.

So… please, just keep him… keep Azraith in your pra-

A screeching sound pierces the speakers in the Thomas and Mack Arena as the lyrics to Slipknot’s “Tattered and Torn” blare over the speakers.

Other Guy: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. What is this?

Dave Dymond: Victoria needs to get out of that ring now. This isn’t good.

The fans erupt in a horrible wave of boos as Timothy Roy walks out onto the stage. Instead of wearing his normal all-black, gothic cowboy clothing… a tribute to his dead uncle… Tim is wearing a faded gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

He lowers his head as the crowd continues to boo, lifting the microphone he brought with him up to his lips.

Timothy Roy: Quiet.

The fans continue to boo to which Tim looks up in rage.


The fans quickly quiet down as they look down at Timothy Roy … and Victoria, both looking at each other. Tim looks particularly tired and beaten down while Victoria has an expression of horrible rage and awful terror in her face.

Victoria: How dare you show-

Timothy Roy: Victoria… just… please… let me say what I need to say.

Tim’s voice waivers and his eyes shut as he sighs heavily with that last word. Victoria is too surprised to say anything, giving Tim his opening.

Timothy Roy: Yes… Azraith DeMitri is lying comatose in the middle of the ICU of the Nebraska Medical Center and it’s my fault. But I’m not sorry I did it… I’m only sorry I didn’t finish the job.

Victoria’s face crumples in horror as fans boo but Tim continues, shouting over them.

Timothy Roy: Don’t fucking give me that look Victoria… don’t.

Tim shakes his head, visibly upset.

Timothy Roy: Unlike Damien… Azraith’s fall didn’t destroy him. And while he may not ever wrestle again, at least you’ll still have many years left together as a couple. And for that you should be fucking thankful.

You may have had Azraith torn from you right now… but he’ll be back. Damien isn’t coming back… he’ll never talk to me ever again… he’ll never be there for me like Azraith will be there for you.

Victoria tries to say something but then doesn’t.

Timothy Roy: I came to SHOOT for one reason and one reason only… to make Azraith DeMitri pay for what he did to my uncle five years ago… to make him understand what Damien went through… to make him understand what those of us who loved Damien went through…

Tim raises a sleeve to his eyes and wipes them.

Timothy Roy: I don’t hate your husband Victoria… I hate what he did… to Damien… to me… to my entire family.

Tim looks around the crowd.

Timothy Roy: …I wish Azraith hadn’t survived, just so you could really understand what it’s like to lose the person closest to you, but that’s the luck of the draw.

As far as I’m concerned, my uncle and Azraith are even.

Dave Dymond: What the hell does he think this is? Even? The man is in a coma!

Other Guy: To be fair Dave, he does have a point…

Dave Dymond: That doesn’t excuse what he did!

Timothy Roy: …and now, Victoria, I’m going to give you and Azraith more respect than your husband ever gave my family.

As far as I’m concerned, starting tonight,… you’ll never see me… or any other Roy in the middle of any wrestling ring ever again.

The fans roar with approval while Victoria just looks on, her eyes wet with tears.

Timothy Roy: However… if your husband ever wants a rematch, all he has to do is ask. I’d be more than happy to carry on my uncle’s legacy with a clean slate.

After an initial shocked silence, this actually draws a polite applause from the crowd as Tim lowers the microphone and turns his back to Victoria, ready to walk off the ramp way stage. But on his way through the black curtain he stops and turns around, looking back toward Victoria, actually smiling.

Timothy Roy: Oh… and Victoria… when Azraith wakes up, tell him I…

…I accept his apology.

With that, “Tattered and Torn” blares back onto the speakers as Tim pushes his way backstage … meanwhile back in the ring Victoria’s legs give out and she falls to her knees on the canvas, dropping the microphone and sobbing.  There is a momentary fade to let the seriousness settle in… but then the focus shifts to the backstage locker room area of the Thomas and Mack Center once again.


The scene shifts backstage.  It is not simply a random spot backstage.  No, the inverted SHOOT Project emblem on the door announces this room to be the locker room of the Sons of Liberty.

Eryk Masters clears his throat and adjusts his tie before placing his hand upon the door and venturing forward into the room.  "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali stands before the wall of lockers, wrapping black tape around his hands and wrists.  He glances over as the door opens, a smirk playing lightly across his features.

Nightmare: Hello, Eryk.  By all means, please do come in.  We have nothing to hide, despite what some people seem to think.

As the two continue to talk, The door opens once again. Walking in with his wrestling gear on is none other then Nightmare’s SoL mate and former tag partner, Eli Storm. Storm leans against the wall for a bit to allow Jon to say his piece.

Eryk Masters: Yes, about that.  You really seemed to have some issues with Cade Sydal this week coming into this match and with that match coming up next… I wanted to get your comments.

Nightmare: Far fewer than he has with the Sons of Liberty.  The fact is all the bantering is part of the game.  You test your opponent mentally before you do so physically.  Sorry, Eryk, but there’s no drama here for you to cash in on.

Masters seems disappointed at not getting a scoop.  Jonathon thumbs over to Eli.

Nightmare: If you want drama, check out the match my friend here’s fighting.

Eryk shifts his attention to Storm.

Eli Storm: You gotta love Jon for his segue outta questions. Very classic if you ask me. But he is right, you want drama you don’t have to look any farther then the walking bruise in front of you.

Eryk raises an eyebrow as he looks over Eli.

Eryk Masters: Walking bruise seems to be an understatement.  Aren’t you afraid all the damage done to you over the week has only softened you up for Roland Caldwell to capitalize upon?

Eli Storm: Let me ask you a question, Masters. If I wanted to trap Roland. If I wanted to make sure they is no chance of him turning away from this, what would I have to do?

Masters considers that carefully.

Eryk Masters: Offer him something he wants?

Eli Storm: Very wise, Eryk.  There may be hope for you yet. You think I don’t know I’m setting myself up for something bad coming in like this? Do you honestly think I don’t have something planned out? If you think that I’m walking into this in this shape without having something planned then you should be working on the McCain campaign. But, I’ll tell you what…you want to talk about an invite into the big time…then you want to talk to my bro right there. Because this match with Cade is his ticket to the main event-level action that Real Deal and the front office are afraid to let him loose on.

Eryk looks back to Jonathon, who nods in recognition of Storm’s point.

Nightmare: As much as I respect the man and his battle against the Defiler, can you imagine what it will do for my reputation here when I put down a former World Champion, Iron Fist Champion, and Sky High legend? It will mean people will take me seriously and the threat I represent inside the ring.  It will mean that there will be no way the Johnsons can avoid booking me, because they’ll know I provide the competition that brings this company fans, ratings, and money.  If nothing else those two still respect the dollar bill.

Eryk Masters nods slowly.

Eryk Masters: I can see your points, gentlemen, and I wish you luck in your matches tonight.

Nightmare: Luck is for losers.  We have something better.  We have skill.

Eli Storm: Mess with SoL, folks…and you will be..S…O…L.

Jon rolls his eyes and groans, shaking his head with a chuckle.

Nightmare: Seriously, this is no time for jokes and catchphrases.  We’re focused on the only thing that matters: victory.  A step towards redemption for Eli, and a step forward in proving myself as a SHOOT soldier.  This night belongs to the Sons of Liberty.  It’s simply a fate from which… there is no escape.

With that, Nightmare heads of, ready for his match and the focus returns to the ring area.



The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall… Introducing first… standing at SIX FEET AND NINE INCHES and weighting in at TWO HUNDRED and EIGHTY POUNDS…

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah

Thirteen ghosts in the devil’s head

Step right up and feel the fire

Hardcore love of the never dead

Samantha Coil: He hails from Los Angeles, California, and is a Son of Liberty… he is Jonathon Wehali… he is…

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare’s previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

Call me the American nightmare

Call me the American dream

Call me your soul corrupted

Call me everything you need

Samantha Coil: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.

Yeah, motherfucker

Yeah, who do you love

Yeah, motherfucker

Who do you love, yeah

Dave Dymond: Harsh words exchanged between opponents this week, specifically from this man here. OG, if you ask me, I think Nightmare wanted to get Cade mad. It felt like, during his promos, by bringing up the family matters and all, Nightmare was trying to light a fire under Cade.

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans.

Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah

Lust and death gone in your head

Rat pack mind degenerated

Thirteen ghosts sing the body red

Other Guy: I think he was, in a way, Dave. He wants Cade to be on fire and join his side in the war against the assholes like Jonny. He doesn’t want Cade getting all defeated. He wants the Cade that gladly ran head first into Jonny and his army, and almost pulled out a victory.

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

Call me the dark intruder

Call me the haunted sea

Call me your Monster Zero

Call me anything you need

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

Call me the American Nightmare

Call me the American dream

Call me your soul corrupted

Call me everything you need

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

Yeah, motherfucker

Yeah, who do you love

Yeah, motherfucker

Who do you love, yeah

Dave Dymond: Well, Nightmare makes a big entrance as always, and now we wait for his opponent.

Other Guy: Sons of Liberty representing in a BIG way, and I do mean REAL FUCKIN‘ BIG.

Suddenly, the aggressive guitar line of “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint kicks in, and the fans rise to their feet quickly, screaming in approval of Cade Sydal. Cade Sydal emerges from the back, a bottle of water in hand. He takes a drink and tosses the bottle to the crowd, making his way to the ring while slapping a few hands, but keeping focused on the ring.

Samantha Coil: And making his way to the ring next, he weighs in tonight at ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY NINE POUNDS and stands at FIVE FEET and NINE INCHES!

Cade stands at the ring apron and stares up at Nightmare, sizing Nightmare up. Despite the CLEAR size advantage Nightmare has, Cade seems to  have no fear.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Southport, North Carolina and is a FORMER SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….CADE….SYDAL!!!!

The crowd pops loudly for Cade, and Cade simply raises his arm high in the air, still staring coldly at Nightmare.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal giving up an entire foot and one hundred pounds to Nightmare here, but, he doesn’t even seem phased by this.

Other Guy: This is Cade Muthafuckin’ Sydal. Nightmare’s great, no doubt, but Cade ain’t no newcomer. He’s been dealin’ with cats like this his whole career. He definitely ain’t afraid of a little size disadvantage.

Cade Sydal leaps up onto the apron and continues to stare at Nightmare. He then leaps over the top rope and immediately turns around, still glaring at Nightmare, never once losing his focus. “Broken Bones” fades out, and we are left with Nightmare and Cade, staring each other down. Despite the clear size difference, neither man seems to be taking into account the others size. They stare at each other as if they could take the other down with no difficulty. Finally,  referee Willie Dean steps in. He looks at Cade and asks if he’s ready. Cade nods yes. He then looks at Nightmare and asks if he’s ready. Nightmare nods yes. Willie Dean signals for the bell.

Dave Dymond: And this thing is on!

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and smiles, holding his hand out to Cade. Cade looks at it hesitantly and opts to ignore it, beginning to circle. Nightmare simply shrugs and begins to circle with Cade. Nightmare goes for the lock up, but Cade ducks under and comes around, launching a solid kick to the back of Nightmare’s leg! Nightmare winces but turns quickly, sending Cade back on the defensive. The two begin to circle again, and this time they tie up. Nightmare uses his size to get the headlock, but Cade drops down to his knees and trips Nightmare up, causing Nightmare to fall on his back and lose his grip. Cade holds onto the leg and stands, launching two solid kicks to the leg he had kicked earlier. Nightmare, however, reacts quickly and launches a quick upkick that catches Cade in the jaw. Cade takes a few steps back and Nightmare is up. Both men take a defensive stance, nodding to each other. The crowd applauds the showing.

Other Guy: These guys aren’t wasting time. Already some solid shots placed by Cade, and that legs got to be hurting on Nightmare a bit.

 Nightmare circles and Cade hits the ropes. Cade comes charging in, looking for the tie up, but this time, Nightmare sides steps, launching a quick thrust kick to Cade’s lower back. Cade clutches his back and is sent flying forward, hitting the turnbuckle chest first. Nightmare comes charging in, looking for a big clothesline, but Cade anticipates, throwing a back elbow and catching Nightmare in the throat. Nightmare stumbles back, and Cade hit’s the ropes, spring boarding and turning, looking for a big kick. However, before Cade can’t fully extend the leg, Nightmare catches Cade and holds him in a bear hug before spinning around and dropping Cade with a BIG spine buster, focusing in on the lower back.

Dave Dymond: Cade try to go high, but Nightmare had it well scouted.

Nightmare stands up, holding Cade’s leg. He then lifts up steps over, locking Cade in an elevated boston crab! Cade winces in pain, but he’s near the ropes, and he gets them quickly! Nightmare releases as soon as Willie Dean lets him know that Cade has the ropes. Nightmare backs up, and let’s Cade get to his knees, but then Nightmare FLATTENS Cade with a STIFF kick to the lower back of Cade! Nightmare then hit’s the ropes and charges forward, dropping the elbow on Cade’s lower back. Cade winces in pain. Nightmare stands up and looks at the crowd, holding up one finger and saying “ONE MORE!” He then hit’s the ropes and goes for another elbow drop…but CADE MOVES! Cade crawls away, leaving Nightmare sitting and holding his arm. Cade sees the opening and is on his feet quickly.

Other Guy: Things not looking good for Nightmare.

Cade rushes over and launches a STIFF kick to Nightmare’s arm. There is a loud “POP” and the crowd echoes the pop with an “OOOH!”  Nightmare winces, and Cade launches another! And another! AND ANOTHER! Nightmare rolls away from Cade, clutching his arm. Once Nightmare is too his knees, Cade rushes to the ropes and comes bounding forward. He leaps, spins, and hit’s a complete ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DEGREE FRONT DROPKICK TO NIGHTMARE’S HEAD!! Nightmare goes down, and Cade goes for the cover! Willie Dean with the count!



Other Guy: Nightmare ain’t going down without a little fight.

Cade wastes no time. He rolls Nightmare over and begins to look for the Kimura Armbar! NO! Nightmare catches Cade’s ankle and rolls in Cade’s direction, causing Cade to trip. Nightmare then floats over and wraps his arms around Cade’s leg. He rolls for a moment, looking for the ankle lock, and he finally gets it!! However, once again, Cade is close to the ropes, and he quickly releases. Both men are quick to the feet, Nightmare clutching his arm, Cade clutching his lower back. Cade rushes forward, PLANTING a hard boot to Nightmare’s arm, and Nightmare stumbles back, but uses the momentum to spin around and hit a HARD spinning back slap to Cade’s head, using the hurt arm! Cade goes limp and hit’s the ground, but Nightmare simply stumbles back into the ropes and tries to massage his arm a bit. Cade slowly gets to his feet, and this time Nightmare moves forward to aggress. He plants a stiff kick to the Cade’s stomach. He then turns Cade side ways and begins to plant stiff chops to the lower back of Cade whilst holding Cade’s throat with his other arm. Once Cade’s back has been softened by the chops, Nightmare pushes Cade back, hitting a wicked backbreaker on his knee!! Nightmare holds it though and lifts Cade back up, knocking Cade flat with a clothesline to the back  the head!!

Dave Dymond: Oooh! Vicious combo by Nightmare there!

Other Guy: Cat’s been around the block. He knows some moves, and he knows how to use’em.

Dave Dymond: Well, right now, he’s using them real well against Cade’s lower back.

Nightmare doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he attempts to lift Cade back up, but Cade reacts quickly by driving his shoulder into Nightmare’s stomach! Nightmare is winded, and Cade reaches up, grabs the injured arm, turns around, and drops to his knees, wrenching the arm over his own shoulder! Nightmare stumbles back, and Cade turns quickly, hitting a hard sweep kick to the back of Nightmare’s legs, causing Nightmare to fall back ONTO the injured arm!

Dave Dymond: And just like that, the Technical Messiah is back in control.

Nightmare gets to a seated position, clutching his arm. Cade measures Nightmare, and before Nightmare can react, Cade plants a STIFF kick to the teeth! Nightmare’s eyes roll back a bit and he goes limp, falling back. Cade is feeling it now, and he hit’s the ropes, leaps up, and springboards off, starting out like a moonsault, but twisting at the last second and hitting a leg drop! Cade immediately floats over for the cover, and Willie Dean counts the pin!




Other Guy: All that, and Nightmare is STILL up in plenty of time. Dude’s a beast, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Six foot nine, two hundred and eighty pounds. I don’t think ANY of us thought Cade could pull this off easily, if at all.

Cade looks a little frustrated, but he simply stands back up, grabs Nightmare’s arm, and begins to plant kick after kick into it! Nightmare cries out in pain, but Cade is merciless in his attack. Willie Dean has Cade back up, and he checks on Nightmare’s arm. Nightmare lightly pushes Willie away, saying he’s okay, and the fans cheer Nightmare on. Willie Dean moves away and Cade goes right back in, grabbing hold of Nightmare’s arm and ONCE AGAIN looking for the Kimura armbar! NO! Nightmare reaches up, grabs hold of one of Cade’s arms, and before Cade can get a good hold of the injured arm, he pulls it away and turns, flipping Cade over! Nightmare holds onto the arm and begins to get to his feet. As he stands, we can see there is a bit of blood dripping from Nightmare’s mouth, but Nightmare doesn’t seem to notice. He stands Cade up , let’s go of the arm, and begins to launch rapid slaps to the face of Cade! Nightmare spins and plants a hard back handed shot on Cade’s face. He then grabs Cade’s head and leaps, connecting with a hard knee! Cade staggers back against the ropes and Nightmare rushes forward with a knee to the stomach. He then tosses Cade towards the opposite rope and bends down, looking for a back body drop! NO! Cade leaps and lands with his knees on Nightmare’s shoulders, catching the arms and flipping forward, hitting a flipping inverted back cracker!! Nightmare  spasms on the ground, and the fans go NUTS!




TH-NO! SHOULDER UP! Nightmare fights through and gets the shoulder up, which is a bit of a shock to Cade. Cade stands up and plants a few stomps to Nightmare’s injured arm. He then stands Nightmare up, standing behind Nightmare. Cade leaps onto Nightmare’s shoulders, looking for a reverse hurricananrana, but Nightmare pushes Cade off and forward! He then catches Cade in a full nelson…DRAGON SUPLEX! SHOULDERS DOWN!



THRE-NO!! Cade rolls out!

Other Guy: Damn, a series of incredible moves by both men, but neither man able to put the other away.

Nightmare rolls to his knees, still nursing his arm. Cade, meanwhile, clutches his neck while he rolls on the ground. Nightmare moves over to Cade and lifts him up, but Cade comes alive, pushing the arms away! NINJAGUIRI!! Nightmare gets hit HARD, but he falls in the direction of ropes and catches the second, able to keep himself from going completely down. Cade sees this and grabs the ropes, sizing Nightmare up. Nightmare staggers on his knees for a minute but finally gets to one foot. Cade leaps, springboard, but his legs buckle! NO! He still manages to springboard and hit a spinning wheel kick to the back of Nightmare’s head!! However, before Cade can cover, he clutches at his lower back.

Dave Dymond: Nightmare’s work on the back earlier paid off slightly, causing Cade to slip a bit and not fully connect on that wheel kick. Still, it connected. Cade needs to go for a pin, as he MIGHT have this.

Cade still clutches his back, but he finally is able to fight through the pain and leaps over, putting on a sloppy lateral press cover. Will Dean counts!



THREE!!! NO!! SHOULDER UP!!! Cade can’t believe it. He looks frustrated and stands up, trying to lift a nearly lifeless Nightmare to his feet. Once Nightmare is on his feet, Cade sizes Nightmare up and leaps, going for another NINJAGUIRI, but NIGHTMARE DODGES! Cade EATS the mat! Cade is up quickly, but he catches a hard forearm from Nightmare! Nightmare continues to launch forearms, pushing Cade into the corner. He launches more forearms before hitting a spinning back hand! More forearms! Spinning back hand!! More forearms!! HEADBUTTS!! Nightmare begins to launch some knees, first at the chest, then at the head!! Knees alternate with kicks to the head!! Nightmare continues, just beating down Cade with chops, forearms, kicks, knees, and head butts!

Other Guy: This one is called the Violence Party, and it seems a DAMN good name! Nightmare going CRAZY on Cade!

Cade is down on his knees and is incredibly woozy. Nightmare bends down and locks in a full nelson hold. He lifts Cade up, turns him away from the ropes, DRAGON SUPLEX!! Float over, waist lock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Float over, turns Cade around and launches a few more forearms, pushing Cade against the ropes. He kicks Cade in the stomach and lifts Cade up and onto the top rope in a seated position. He keeps a tight hold on Cade, going up to the second rope. From the second rope, Nightmare lifts Cade up into a suplex position.

Dave Dymond: Oh dear.

Nightmare then jumps back and releases Cade, dropping Cade head first onto the top turnbuckle! Cade rolls sloppily off the ropes and lands, limp and nearly lifeless on the ropes.

Other Guy: That was one HELL of a brain buster!

Nightmare pulls Cade away from the ropes and drops with the cover, a sloppy lateral press.




Willie Dean signals for the bell, and Nightmare falls to his back, holding his hand high in victory. Cade begins to come to, feeling his head. He seems a little dizzy, cuz, you know, he just got his head dropped on the top turnbuckle. Still, he crawls over to the ropes and begins to stand up.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of EIGHTEEN minutes and TWENTY FOUR seconds! Johnathan Wehali….NIGHTMARE!!

Nightmare doesn’t allow Willie Dean to hold his hand up. He goes over to Cade and helps Cade stand. The camera picks up Nightmare asking Cade if he is okay, and Cade nods, using Nightmare as a support to stand. Once Cade is on his feet and not too shaky, Nightmare once again extends his hand. Cade, still clutching his head, smiles and extends his free hand. The two shake hands, much to the delight of the audience, who cheers both men on. Cade Sydal holds Nightmare’s hand as high as he can before patting the man on the back and leaving the ring.

Other Guy: Incredible showing by both men, and at the end of the day, Nightmare trying to represent his own integrity and the integrity of the Sons of Liberty by giving Cade all the respect in the world.

Dave Dymond: Both these men came in wanting to win this, and both men beat the ever loving shit out of one another. At the end of the day, that last flurry of offense from Nightmare was enough to completely put Cade away.

Other Guy: Could have gone either way, but the victor here is Nightmare, and the crowd doesn’t seem to mind.

The scene fades away to Nightmare holding his arms up in victory as the fans cheer him on.



Somewhere in the corridors of the Thomas and Mack Center, TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY wait outside a men’s room.  Riley, pacing back and forth in a small area, has annoyance etched from cheek to cheek, while Quinn, calm as usual, props himself up against the side of the wall just to the left of the bathroom door.

Riley: No one fucking calls him ROHKAR so why am the idiot?  That shit’s so fucking gay.  Why does Jonny have to do that?  Does he think he’s fucking cool cause he says ROHKAR instead of Smiles.  He’s JESTER FUCKING SMILES.  Call him by his fucking name that everyone else would know.  Should I just start calling…  like…  I’ll be like, “Oh hey Tom… ROHKAR” and then when Jonny’s like “Oh what the fuck?”, I’d be like, “That’s Fucking Tom QUINN YOU FUCKING IDIOT!  (Looking at Quinn) And then I’d sigh like a big fucking fag.

To which Quinn sighs.

Rogue: It’s the dude’s name.  Stop being such a bitch about it.

Riley looks even more pissed and stops pacing.

Riley: Oh I’m a bitch now?  Cause I don’t know what the fuck ROHKAR meant?  I’M the bitch?  (Getting closer to Quinn) You’re the bitch, dude.  “YES, JONNY!”  “Oh no, Rohkar ISN’T confusing, Jonny.”  I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE JONNY WHEN I GROW UP!  You’re the fucking BITCH.

Quinn moves off the wall, but not exactly ready to throw down.  In fact, it’s more of a pacified stance.

Rogue: Riles.  Chill.

Riley stops shouting, but his face is still all squinted and angry.

Rogue: (Dry) I got confused when he said Rohkar.

Riley eases even more, but looks confused.

Rogue: But I figured it out and decided to make it sound obvious to make up for my own ignorance.

Riley has been slain.

Rogue: I’m sorry.

“SUPER FAN”, TIM CALAHAN pops out of the bathroom at the same time Quinn apologizes.

Super Fan: (Wiping his hands down the side of his jeans) Sorry for what, bro?

Riley can’t let it go.

Riley: For being a bitch.

Quinn nods and looks at Calahan.

Rogue: I was being a bitch.

Calahan still looks confused.

Rogue: (Changing the subject) Let’s go find Ozzy, okay?

Calahan nods and they start to walk.  Of course Riley decides to be difficult.  (Though, he still walks with the group at least.)

Riley: Guys.  We already checked his locker room.  I say we grab a quick smoke and then fuck it.  Ya know?  I’m sick of running errands.  We finally make a fucking name for ourselves at Master of the Mat and here we are, back to square one.  I mean…  we got to keep those tag titles for what?  A day?  And then it was…  “Get them mounted so I can put them up in my dressing room.”  I bet Masters didn’t even say SHIT about us when he was in there.  Threat or no threat, those titles should be over OUR shoulders.

They keep walking for a second or two more before Riley stops in the middle of the hall.

Riley: Guys.  I’m serious.  Jonny gets to keep his fucking title.  So why don’t we keep ours?  We’re as much the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS as he is the World…  Except…  (Quinn and Calahan stop and he tries to convince) EXCEPT, we fucking actually put in REAL LABOR for our titles.  So why does he get to wear his, while OURS hang up like some kind of prize.  He didn’t do SHIT for them.  So I say we grab that smoke then get the fuck back in the locker room and take what’s rightfully OURS.  If someone wants to get the belts back for Jared and CJ, we can FUCK THEM UP.  Cause those things are OURS!

Quinn looks at Riley with a touch of disbelief.

Rogue: And then we’re out of a job.  I don’t want to fucking be on the streets again.  Okay? Not all of us have a rich mommy and daddy at home waiting to coddle us if we screw it up here.

Riley looks discouraged and irritated.

Riley: Oh there it is.  The job bullshit again.  (In a whiny voice) “We need a job and without Jonny we wouldn’t have one…” BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Dude, we can’t take that shit at face value.  We don’t know that Jason wouldn’t have still hired us.

Calahan speaks up, his tone a little more grave.

Super Fan: Yeah, but dude.  We KNOW they’d fire us.  Especially now.

That shuts everybody up, as they realize how true that is.

Riley sighs.

Riley: Let’s get that smoke.

For a moment we are brought back to the ringside, focusing on Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: Fans we still have more in ring action in store, but right now we are going to take a look at an exclusive interview piece conducted by Scott Richardson at the home of the Laws of Survival Champion, Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: Worrens hasn’t been heard from or seen since Master of the Mat, there have been rumors about a serious injury… and Richardson gets right to it with the man who gave it his all two weeks ago, but just fell short of being named the two thousand and eight Master of the Mat.

Dave Dymond: Let’s go ahead now and here from Worrens, his status, and his future plans here in SHOOT Project.

Revolution momentarily fades to black, cutting away from the live action.

From there, the footage begins with Scott Richardson already seated in a chair pulled up on a slight angle across from a two-seater couch.  Trevor Worrens sits on the couch, his left arm draped over the back of the couch, his right arm pressed against his body in a sling.  He looks to be comfortable for the most part, in a pair of faded blue jeans and a dark gray t-shirt that reads “Passion and Pain One In the Same” in barbed wire covered letters.

Scott Richardson: Obviously, Trevor, thanks for allowing me into your home, and giving us a moment.  You’ve been silent since Master of the Mat, which has allowed for rumors and talks to start up.

Worrens shakes his head with a slight laugh.

Trevor Worrens: Scott, even if I showed up every day for the last two weeks, there would still be rumors.  That’s the one thing you get used to fast, rumors and talk.  But I’m guessing one of the big reasons you’re doing this sit down interview with me and not someone else, is BECAUSE of the rumors and talk.

Richardson nods his head.

Scott Richardson: It’s the nature of the business, and right now the talk has been that your time in this business may be coming to a rather lengthy halt… like the four to six months halt.  Very noticeably your arm in that sling once again, and rumors have suggested that your shoulder injury was worsened during your match up with Jester Smiles at Master of the Mat.

Worrens’s eyes look towards his right arm, specifically to the sling. He then looks back to Richardson and gives a slight shrug.

Trevor Worrens: I don’t know. I won’t lie and say I’m perfectly fine.  No, my shoulder is stiff; sometimes it causes me some pain.  Part of the reason I haven’t been seen or heard from is because I don’t need to parade my injury around… nor do I need to sit there and video tape me in rehab, or me just relaxing. There’s nothing exciting about me sitting around watching movies with Lauren or doing push-ups just to loosen up the tension in my arm.  My shoulder hurts, Scott, so I’m taking the moment to just rest.

There seems to be a slight tone of frustration in his voice and Worrens sighs, letting the frustration pass.

Trevor Worrens: But surgery? No. Fact is I did this to myself.  I didn’t have to try to lift Jester up, there are other ways to counter the triangle choke… but I opted to put my arm to the test.  I wanted the pain, Scott.

Scott Richardson: Excuse me… wanted?

Worrens just nods his head very matter-of-factly.

Trevor Worrens: Yeah. Call it what you want, but somewhere in that fight with Jester, the fact that I don’t hate him, the fact that we didn’t want to inflict as much physical pain as possible upon one another, well it kicked in.  You never realize how much of this sport is actually driven by personal conflict.  You push just a little harder when you know you don’t care about the guy standing across from you in that ring.  At Master of the Mat, I happened to care about my opponent.  The world knows that over the months Eric and I have become friends, and like I’ve said before friends in this business are hard to come by.

Scott Richardson: So if I’m not mistaken, you’re telling me you put yourself through that pain because you knew Jester Smiles wouldn’t inflict it upon you?

Worrens sits up a bit with a laugh.

Trevor Worrens: Yes and no.  I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about it, but something about pain really sparks something inside of me. Not some weird perverted jolly, nothing like that… it’s just… well it’s a good reminder.  Hell, Scott, it’s a damn great reminder of how much you really are alive.  I’ve flourished on that fact.  And let’s face it, the fans, when they cheer me on, it’s not because I’m some NCAA athlete. When they chant my name, it’s not because I’ve become known to put on five star mat based classics.  Nah, Scott… I got their attention by climbing up a ladder and tearing through intertwining strands of barbed wire.

I got them cheering because I went against Azraith DeMitri in a weapon of choice match… and I only brought my bare hands.

And they started chanting my name because I willingly allowed myself to be handcuffed to a man who, if he could, would kill me… but instead has chosen on multiple times to beat me down to within an inch of my life.  I willingly had only a two-foot distance MAX from a man who has tried to take me out of SHOOT Project all together.

Worrens leans back now.

Trevor Worrens: But at Master of the Mat, there wasn’t any of that. And while those fans cheered for me, go back and watch the replay, that was Jester’s game… that was Jester’s crowd.  I just got to share it with him.

Richardson nods his head, and shuffles through a couple of small note cards in his lap.

Scott Richardson: It’s a good thing you brought us back to Master of the Mat, because that was the next rumor I wanted to touch on… but you may have just cleared up your true feelings right then and there.  Aside from the injury, others have been talking in regards to your loss.  Everyone knew how much you both wanted a win at the Pay Per View, and so your silence has had people speculating that you’ve become jaded, bitter even.  Is there any truth to that rumor?

Trevor Worrens: If you don’t get the big scoop that you want, is part of you left angry, Scott?  If you’ve been busting your butt but you don’t get a pay raise for your extra work with shoot project dot com, don’t you get mad?

Scott Richardson: Well of course, anytime someone has a goal and doesn’t reach it…

Richardson stops and Worrens offers a smile.

Trevor Worrens: Exactly. Did I want to win, yeah you bet I did.  The closer I got to that match, the more I realized that I would be within reach of once again challenging for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… that I was so close to being able to do something that few in this organization have done, and that’s claim myself as a double champion.  It excited me, Scott.  The prospect of my passion, of my dreams being realized, it really had me believing that this was my time, my second chance.  I fell short, and yeah I got frustrated. I left Vegas and flew with Lauren clear across the country back here to my real home in Claremont New Hampshire.

Am I bitter?  No. Do I have any ill will towards Jester Smiles? None what so ever.

Richardson shifts in his seat, even leaning forward slightly as if moving his body to probe that question deeper.

Scott Richardson:  So there is no part of you that holds some sort of inner grudge that it’s your friend soaking in the spotlight now, your friend who is going on to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship…

Trevor Worrens: Stop right there, Scott.  If you want some dirt, you want something to make the fans buzz when this airs… then how about this.  The one thing I AM tired of hearing, is how everyone thinks they need to placate me.  I AM tired of hearing this phrase, Scott.

Worrens pauses for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: “Trevor Worrens will continue to do great things with the Laws of Survival Championship.”

He shakes his head in a moment of frustration

Trevor Worrens: That’s gotten to me, that’s bothering me because I know why they’re saying it… because they think I need a reminder. And some people say it because they think it’s the right thing to say.  Some people, Scott, don’t even believe it.  They see me losing a big time match and they think all of a sudden my pride has been wounded.  That I don’t think myself the man I was.  It’s bullshit, Scott.  I never FORGOT that I AM The Laws of Survival Champion. I haven’t forgotten that to this day I am the second winningest champion as far as title defenses are concerned… and I’ll TIE the record the next time I put MY Laws of Survival Championship on the line.

And after that, I’ll KEEP defending my title, I’ll become the most winningest and soon after that I will become THE longest reigning champion in SHOOT Project history.

Another smiles flickers across Worrens’s face as he once again rests easy on the two-seater couch.

Trevor Worrens: So I don’t need anyone placating me.  I don’t need people saying I’ll continue to do great things… because I know that.  Throughout the entire Master of the Mat ordeal I never ONCE lost sight of my championship.  Even at the very end of the day I was ready, I was willing, I was EAGER, Scott, to put my Laws of Survival Championship on the line.

Scott Richardson: Would it be safe to assume then that you believe fully that the right man won at Master of the Mat? That with you so focused on the Laws of Survival Championship, it was a good thing that Jester Smiles was able to beat you?

Worrens just looks at Richardson with a bit of confusion.

Trevor Worrens: Safe to assume?  What?  That’s a big leap there.  I think Eric needed that win to keep his smile if you want honesty. I think Eric needed that win or else I think we might see a repeat of the Jester depression.  Me, I wanted it, Scott. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that victory. I wanted to win my second tournament here in SHOOT Project and become the Two Thousand and Eight Master of the Mat… I wanted it. But Jester both wanted it and needed it maybe a little bit more that night.

But as for the right man?  You know I’ve been weighing in on that ever since that night ended.  Eric’s tough, he’s got the ability in the ring to do some great things, but he has this naïve way of looking at the world, Scott.  Eric loves the fans, eats up their reactions, so in a way he becomes a mark… just like all of them.

Worrens stops for a moment, considering his choice of words carefully.

Trevor Worrens: I mean this with the most respect possible, because it’s great, ya know? It’s great to see the kind of excitement Eric legitimately has about this business, about his opportunities.  But given the man he has his eyes set on, given the man who holds the World Heavyweight Championship… Jester Smiles is putting himself in position to be destroyed.  From what I’ve witnessed, Jonny Johnson makes a living off of ruining the hopes and dreams of wide eyed excited good guys.

Worrens sighs.

Trevor Worrens: And I’m worried, Scott. I’m worried that now Jester is only walking into a world of hurt by winning the Master of the Mat tournament. He claims he’s the hero of SHOOT Project, the fans love to chant the nickname… it works… it works until reality hits.

Scott Richardson: Reality?

Worrens simply nods once.

Trevor Worrens: Nicknames don’t win matches, Scott.  Fan approval and support does not win matches.  And those things certainly do not scare a man like Jonny Johnson. The reality of the situation is that Jester, in a way, has to grow up.  The reality is that he’s a good guy…

And then he pauses. Worrens pauses for a long time, shaking his head every so often.

Trevor Worrens: The reality is that Jester Smiles is a good guy… but if you are asking me if I think he’s the RIGHT guy for the job… then the reality to that is no, Scott, I don’t.

The two men sit in silence after the interview took a very serious turn.  Worrens looks away, obviously deep in thought and the video footage fades to black.


We return to backstage in the Thomas and Mack Center where we see Caleb Knox walking to the catering table to grab himself a bite to eat after his grueling match, when all of a sudden, we see Doug Kinsella blindside him from behind as both men start getting into a scuffle in the catering area.

Dave Dymond: Well, it seems that Doug Kinsella is looking for a little bit of retribution after getting that punch to the jaw earlier tonight.

Other Guy: I knew Knox should have just ignored the guy so this wouldn’t happen.

Dave Dymond: Well, OG, how would you feel if someone insulted your wife?

Other Guy: I’d be furious, no doubt, but-

Dave Dymond: Well, there you go.

Kinsella then grabs Knox and throws him into the food on the catering table and begins to stomp away at him. Knox then grabs both of Kinsella’s legs and drives him through a panel of drywall backstage with a double leg takedown.

Other Guy: And we just fixed that wall, too!

Knox begins to punch away at Kinsella for a few moments. He then picks Doug up and slams him head-first into a vending machine before tackling him and both men are still exchanging punches as SHOOT security swarms the area breaking both men apart and escorting them out of the arena.

Dave Dymond: All hell is breaking loose tonight and it’s clear things, however tense they already were between these two, reached it’s breaking point tonight and the end result is a backstage donny-brook between these two!




The focus goes back to the ring area where Dave Dymond is still looking at the monitor on the table in front of him, while Other Guy gives him an odd look.

Other Guy: Did you just say donny-brook?

Dave Dymond: It’s just an old fashioned term for slug fest… and that’s what we just witnessed and actually coming up next we have more of that AND what I believe is a definite first on Revolution, that being an I Quit Match.

Other Guy: They’re rare as is, Dave.  I mean the last time we saw one was between Osbourne Kilminster and Trevor Worrens at Malice, but tonight it becomes the finality to something that has been building since May.

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell and Eli Storm have developed some bad blood and it cost Eli’s relationship with his family, and in turn it served to embarrass Roland Caldwell on the biggest stage of the year, Reckoning Day… when Eli Storm managed to defeat Roland, a match that looked to be soundly in Roland’s favor.

Other Guy: But no pins, no submissions, no nothin’ is gonna end this one… nothin’ but two words.  Two final words in I Quit.

Dave Dymond: We are set in ring; let’s send it off to Samantha Coil to begin the first ever Revolution I Quit Match.

Inside the ring, referee Austin Linam stands ready with Samantha Coil.  “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and the Revolution video screen shows clips of The Family in action, but highlights those involving Roland Caldwell.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an I QUIT MATCH!

The boos fill the Thomas and Mack Center as Roland Caldwell steps out, eyes focused like never before.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 289 pounds… he is one member of The Family… here is Roland Caldwell!!!

Roland continues to walk to the ring, un-responsive to the echoing boos around him. He approaches the ring and walks slowly up the corner steps and then ducks under the top rope to enter.

Dave Dymond: Roland has been incredibly focused this week as really this was something he had his sights set on for some time.

Other Guy: But Mallows himself seemed to deem Eli Storm not worth The Family’s time, but even in a concentrated effort against Christopher Davis, The Family didn’t get the job done.

Dave Dymond: But whether or not that was even the purpose of the match is a question that has yet to be answered. What we do know is that there is some apparent tension, at least from Kenji… but from what we heard earlier, it seems like both Roland and Sammy openly accept everything that happened at Master of the Mat.

Roland stands in the ring like a stone statue, eyes and body fixated in the direction of the entryway.  Eventually his music fades out, and then the Revolution Video Screen shows a Red Canadian Maple Leaf on a white background, which brings all attention to the entryway. The lights turn to a hue of red and…

“Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga! Uh!

The crowd gets into it, and while there is still a mixed reaction, there is some strong cheering echoing throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. There is a quick cut to the people in the crowd cheering, some even wearing SoL shirts.

“Once again back is the incredible – the incredible"

"Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible) – SHOOT Remix" by Fat Joe blares and out walks Eli Storm to the top of the entrance ramp. Storm is wearing a White hoodie with a Red Maple Leaf in the back. Red baggy wrestling pants with a White stripe up the left and right side, taped up fists and forearms and Red boots with White Shin guards with a Red Outline. Eli grins and pushes back the hoodie that is covering his face. He looks out to the crowd for a moment and another chorus of cheers mixed in with boos sounds.

Dave Dymond: Storm had a good showing against Kilminster recently but came up short in a hard fought match.

Other Guy: Well, this isn’t Kilminster, Eli is facing…this is Roland Caldwell. This is the man that vowed to rid SHOOT Project from Storm. Tonight he gets his chance.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, here is “The Incredible One” Eli Storm!!!

Storm picks up his pace and once he is at ringside, he slides under the bottom rope.

“I got the streets on smash, niggaz on the corner watching me roll past

The bitches they all gasp saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible

I got the heat on blast, love the seats reclining on that mean G4

Cause down in New York they saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible”

Storm hops up and poses in the middle of the ring, crossing his arms in the air as Canadian Colored streamers explodes through the air along with several quick bursts of red and white pyros.  Roland stands off in the corner, burning a hole in Storm with his eyes.

Dave Dymond: Definitely an energized Eli Storm, and I have to believe that the Sons of Liberty movement is part of the reason we’re seeing this.

Other Guy: Yeah, at forty years old like Storm is, sometimes you start losin’ that smile, but Storm seems to be rejuvenated and that’s the kind of energy he’s gonna need going up against the likes of Roland Caldwell.

The music cuts out there as Storm brushes his hair back and soaks in the mix of cheers and boos before handing his hoodie to a ring hand. He then lowers his arm and starts jumping up and down, pumping himself up for the match at hand.  The referee checks in Roland first, then moves over to Storm.  Roland stands calmly in the corner and when Linam finishes checking in Storm, he calls for the bell.


Storm steps out of his corner first and raises his arms up into the air then he pounds his chest three times shouting out “SONS. OF. LIBERTY!” with each pound. This gets a pop from the crowd and Roland just shakes his head, eyes narrowed as he slowly steps out of his corner.  Storm looks to stay light on his feet, almost standing on the tips of his toes as he starts to move about the ring.  Roland doesn’t move much just watches Storm, keeping him cut off to about half the ring.  Storm finally buckles down and charges in at Roland meeting him in grapple.  Roland quickly over powers Storm, shoving him backwards.


Roland cracks his neck to the side and continues after Storm, but Storm comes right back locking up into grapple again. Roland this time lifts Storm turns and LAUNCHES him into the upper right corner of the ring!  Storm hits back first against the turnbuckle pads and Roland charges with a clothesline! Storm ducks under and Roland stops himself from colliding with the corner, but before he can turn around Storm FIRES with a snap kick directly to the square of the back!

Dave Dymond: Quick kick delivered by Storm, and definitely age hasn’t taken its toll on the cruiserweight veteran.

Other Guy: It’s seen the cat lose focus from time to time, but when it comes to his in ring game, it’s still pretty damn incredible what Storm can do.

Roland turns after the kick is delivered only for Storm to meet him with another kick, this time right to the gut.  Roland slumps only slightly, holding himself up with the ropes, and Storm takes a couple of steps back, turns… and runs at Roland! Storm LEAPS with a vertical body splash, but Roland moves out of the way and Storm collides with the corner.  Roland immediately begins to CLUB away at Storm’s back with vicious forearm shots.  Roland then wraps both his arms around Storm’s waist and pulls him way from the corner with a Release German Suplex!  Storm folds up on the mat and Roland doesn’t waste anytime and begins stomping down repeatedly on Storm’s body.

Other Guy: Looked like Storm was gonna start off with a firm control, but that ain’t the picture now, is it Dave.

Dave Dymond: It most certainly isn’t as Roland looking to punish Storm with those hard stomps to the sternum and ribs.  Obviously the idea behind this match is you want to inflict so much pain and punishment on your opponent that they have no choice but to quit.

Storm works on trying to get away from Roland, but Roland continues to stomp down on Storm, making it difficult for Storm to get up to his feet.  He rolls out of the way of a stomp though and looks to get up, but Roland right there with a DEVASTATING clothesline takes Storm right back down.  Roland drops with Storm and wraps his arms around Storm’s head, pulling up in a reverse cross face submission.  The referee gets into position hovering over both Roland and Storm.

Austin Linam: Storm, do you quit?

Eli Storm: NO!

The crowd pops as Storm shouts out, but Roland releases the submission hold and just SLAMS the back of Storm’s head down onto the mat.  Roland gets up to his feet while Storm clutches at his head and the once cheering crowd starts to boo as they react to Roland exiting the ring.  That booing gets louder as Roland lifts the ring apron and takes out a steel chair from underneath.

Dave Dymond: Looks like it’s not going to take long for this one to get ugly, OG

Other Guy: It’s a brutal match, which calls for brutal strategy.  That chair coming into play fits.

Roland slides the chair into the ring and then gets up on the ring apron himself, but Storm is up to his feet and he runs and LEAPS at Roland with a HIGH knee lift! Roland is knocked off the apron back down onto the floor and now Storm picks up to the chair, exits the ring, turns his back to Roland…

Dave Dymond: What’s he going to do!?

The fans are on their feet as Storm LEAPS to the top rope and then FLIPS backwards with a moonsault and as he soars over Roland he CHUCKS the chair STRAIGHT DOWN AT ROLAND’S HEAD!  Roland drops to one knee from the impact and Storm lands on his feet, albeit slightly off balanced, behind Roland! the crowd cheers loudly as from there Storm starts firing off kicks to the back of Roland’s head, REALLY knocking him for a loop!

Other Guy: Talk about innovation!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that!

Dave Dymond: I’ve seen moonsaults, I’ve seen chairs thrown, but I’ve NEVER seen a chair thrown FROM a moonsault!

Roland tries to get up to his full vertical base, only for Storm to grab the chair and CRACK it across Roland’s back! Roland staggers forward and Storm WITH ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK!  Roland is up against the ring edge, chest first and Storm now turns and gets up onto the announce table!

Other Guy: Shit…! Outta the way Dave!

Storm motions for the fans to make noise as Dave and Other Guy move out of the way.  Storm holds the chair tightly in his hands and then LEAPS from the table at Roland… only for Roland to turn and NAIL Storm right in the gut with a big boot!  The mood changes immediately as Storm doubles over in pain.  Roland rips the chair from Storm’s hands and CRACKS it over the back of his head. Storm drops down and Roland stands there with a sadistic smirk on his face…. And ANOTHER chair shot to the head… and A THIRD!

Roland Caldwell: Do you finally quit, Eli?  Come on, end it right now… QUIT!

Roland PUNTS Storm in the side, sending him flipping over onto his back.  The referee is on hand to see if Storm quits but Storm manages to shake his head no. Austin Linam motions for the match to continue and Roland drops the chair, grabs Storm, and rolls him back into the ring.  Storm tries to get up, but Roland is right there and he YANKS Storm up, only to take him right back down with a snapping vertical suplex.  Storm sits up, arching his back in pain and Roland just maliciously DRIVES his knee right into the back of Storm’s neck!

Dave Dymond: Right between the shoulders and that’s a shot that could snap someone’s neck in two!

Other Guy: A broken neck means Storm would have to quit… for a long time.

Storm slumps forward but Roland grabs him by the hair and pulls him right back up to his feet, he nails a couple more forearm shots to the neck and then quickly locks on a full nelson to add pressure to the neck.  Storm winces in pain as he struggles against the hold, trying to break out of it… but Roland just clamps his hands together tighter and pushes with more force against the back of Storm’s head.

Dave Dymond: Usually the type of move to just wear a man down, but in this case Roland REALLY looking to inflict some damage.

Other Guy: He’s softenin’ up that neck in order to force Storm to quit here.  This would be a blow to the Sons of Liberty if they lost a man in battle so early in the beginnings of an all out war.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, but a crucial move for The Family to get rid of someone who has been a thorn in one of the member’s side for several months now.

Linam continues to keep a close eye on the match, standing in front of Storm now as his face turns red from the struggle.

Austin Linam: Eli do you give up?  Do you quit?

Storm continues to struggle, a sign that he’s not giving up and Roland suddenly LIFTS Storm while still in the full nelson lock, but Storm suddenly maneuvers his body and JUST manages to take Roland down with a sitting bull dog face plant!  The crowd pops but Storm rolls on the mat in pain, clutching at his neck and Roland is fairly quick to get up and he LEAPS, standing knee drop… NO!

Storm rolls out of the way.  Roland clenches his teeth as a result of the pain shooting up from his knee and before he can get back up, Storm manages to jump and NAIL a dropkick to Roland’s head!  Roland falls backwards on the mat, and Storm slowly back up to his feet.  The crowd starts getting behind him and Storm nods his head as he grabs Roland now and manages to pull him up to his feet. He looks to whip Roland into the ropes, but Roland snaps back and counters, sending Storm into the ropes instead.  Storm bounces off the ropes and comes back, Roland with an attempted boot to the face, but Storm dives under, scrambles around and connects with a chop block to Roland’s planted leg!

Roland teeters backwards and as he falls Storm rises up to his feet, whips around to the side of Roland and quickly drops a leg across the face!

Dave Dymond: Storm picking up the pace now with that quick combination of moves that puts Roland down on the mat.

Other Guy: Yeah but now he’s going straight into a submission Dave. Quick onslaught then a slow down here… interestin’ strategy.

With Roland down, Storm scissors his legs around Roland’s neck and head while pulling on the arm for the arm bar submission.  Roland immediately begins to fight it, but as he tries to move his body, it only torques on his shoulder that much more. Linam is in position checking on Roland now who continues to struggle.

Austin Linam: Roland do you quit?

Roland Caldwell: NO!

The shout only prompts Storm to pull on the arm more, and squeeze his legs just a little tighter. Roland’s muffled cry of pain can be heard and Storm even twists the wrist a little for added pain.

Eli Storm: Ask him again!  Ask him if he quits!

Linam gets down on one knee by Roland’s head.

Austin Linam: Do you quit, Roland?

Again Roland shouts out no, and the fans respond with a chorus of boos.  Roland digs down deep to fight past the pain as he looks to try to break out by turning his body.  Storm gets a bit distracted by his attempts, losing his grip slightly… but when he tries to regroup Roland whips his body to the side, breaking his arm free.  Roland clutches at his shoulder though and Storm is right there to try to pull him back down into the arm bar, but Roland turns now to face Storm and hooks his other arm behind Storm’s legs, sweeping him off his feet.  Roland then quickly into a mounted position and he just starts WAILING on Storm with hard left hands!

Dave Dymond: Roland favoring his right arm after basically ripping himself away from the arm bar submission, and now it looks like Storm has hell to pay for causing Roland that pain!

Roland continues to throw forceful punches into Storm’s face, and each time Storm tries to block a punch, Roland swats the arm away and DRIVES another hard shot right into Storm’s nose.  Roland grabs Storm around the neck from there and yanks him up to his feet and quickly whips him into the ropes. Storm comes bouncing back… YAKUZA KICK TO THE FACE!

Other Guy: I never get used to how SICKENING that kick is, Dave.

Dave Dymond: You and me both and that could have been the beginning of the end right there for Storm in this match up…

The crowd falls into a silent lull as Storm writhes on the mat, clutching at his face.  Linam checks on the situation but Roland swats the referee out of the way and pulls Storm right back up to his feet, revealing a gash across Storm’s nose and blood running out from the nostrils

Dave Dymond: Oh boy… Storm has been bloodied and that may very well confirm that this one has gone from bad to worse for the man who calls himself the Incredible One.

Other Guy: Yeah he’s in store for an Incredible amount of pain, that’s for damn sure.

Storm sways in Roland’s grip and Roland whips him into the ropes… the fans cringe… A SECOND YAKUZA KICK TO THE FACE!  Storm drops instantly and Roland stands over him now, eyes glaring at the blood covering the lower portion of his face.

Roland Caldwell: How about it, Eli?  Feel it slipping away?  Do you?

The crowd boos as Roland taunts Storm. Referee Austin Linam crouches down by Storm asking him if he quits.  Storm only rolls over onto his stomach slowly and starts to push up off the mat, blood dripping from his nose.

Dave Dymond: Storm pushing on in this one, but I don’t know if that’s smart.

Other Guy: He’s got the fight in him; so I say if ya got it, then use it.

Dave Dymond: Yeah, but how much of this is true fight left, and how much is it just pushing for the sake of not looking weak.  There’s a fine line between effort pride and just plain ego, Other Guy.

Roland shakes his head and goes right after Storm the second he is up to his feet. He turns him around and now send him violently into the upper left corner of the ring. Storm collides with the turnbuckles sternum first and staggers out.  Roland runs full speed at him, looks for a clothesline to the back of the head, but Storm falls to his knees at the right time and Roland runs right through.  He turns around, Storm up to his feet and SPINS with a back heel kick RIGHT to Roland’s temple!

The fans start to get back into the match now as Roland stumbles towards the ropes and Storm snaps off another high kick, again right to the side of the head! Roland slumps up against the ropes, one arm dangling and now Storm right up in Roland’s face, drilling quick punches to Roland’s head. Roland bounces off the ropes each time a punch is delivered and now Storm takes Roland by the arm and tries to send him across the ring, but Roland pulls him back in and SHOVES him through the ropes.

Other Guy: Storm looked to be making a comeback there, but Roland again using his strength as an advantage in this match.

Storm writhes on the floor on the outside and Roland goes right after him. He pulls Storm up to his feet and looks to slam him face first into the steel guard railing, but Storm digs down deep and stops himself from being rammed into the railing… then counters by sending Roland FACE first into the railing instead!  The fans pop and Storm now turns Roland right around and then SLAMS him head first into the ring edge!  Roland slumps to one knee and Storm sizes him up now.  He starts feeling it, nodding his head slightly…


Dave Dymond: An eye for an eye, a kick for a kick.  Roland is down and this thing has taken a turn in favor of Eli Storm!

Other Guy: I love it man, this is what I’m talking about.  Even if you’re close to bein down, don’t let em take you out.

Roland is laid out on the floor and Storm now flips up the ring apron nearest him and pulls out a steel chair of his own.  The crowd ERUPTS as Storm lifts Roland’s head slightly and places the chair under Roland’s face.  He then walks around the side of the ring where the other chair was left and he grabs a hold of it!

Other Guy: Roland’s got himself hell to pay now, Dave!  This is the Sons of Liberty energy flowin’ through Storm now, and how can ya fight against that.

Dave Dymond: The revitalized Eli Storm looking to make a statement here tonight, and it looks like he plans on doing it with a one man con-chair-to.

Storm makes his way back to Roland who stirs on the floor.  Storm doesn’t let him get up as he just KICKS Roland in the side of the head again.  Then without a moment of hesitation Storm SLAMS The chair down on top of Roland’s head!!!


Storm stands there for a moment holding the chair after hitting Roland… and then he UNLEASHES!


The referee finally intervenes pushing Storm back as he gets in between him and Roland! The fans boo as Storm clearly wants to bash Roland’s head in even more, and they want to see it.  Storm tries to fight past Linam, but now the referee shouts a stern warning, holding Storm off.  Storm paces like a caged animal as the referee checks on Roland now.

Austin Linam: Roland can you continue in this match?  Roland do you…

Linam gets right by Roland’s head, checking him over and suddenly he shakes his head repeatedly and calls for the bell!

Dave Dymond: Whoa… wait… is that it?

Other Guy: Obviously the referee’s callin’ this one, Dave!

The bell echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center and Storm seems a bit confused.  Austin Linam motions to the back and then quickly makes his way to Samantha Coil.

Dave Dymond: Here comes medical and I guess we’re waiting on an official announcement.

The crowd settles in as medical is quick to arrive on the scene.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Austin Linam has deemed that Roland Caldwell is UNABLE to continue in this match.  As a result (the fans start to cheer) the winner of this contest is ELI STORM!!!

“Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible)” begins to play again now as Storm stands there, just a few steps from Roland, victorious.  Slowly he just raises the chair high over his head.

Other Guy: It wasn’t about flash, or high-risk cruiserweight moves tonight.  No, this was something that Eli Storm needed to put an end to, and he did just that.

Dave Dymond: this was personal, Other Guy.  Somewhere along the lines his involvement with Roland cost him a lot, but now with that aggression taken out, with Roland taken down… Storm can move forward and truly focus on the war that the Sons of Liberty find themselves involved in.

As medical tends to Roland, Storm drops the chair and starts to the back, hurting, face bloodied, but victorious.


Backstage, the lovely vixen known as Sinnocence is walking through the maze of hallways, trying to get back into the locker room she shared with Osbourne Kilminster.  She’s not wrestling tonight, but she’s still dressed up in her normal leather, much to the delight of her boyfriend.  The Revolution Title safely around her waist, she walks with a purpose and carries a few folded t-shirts in her hand.  The stripper stops suddenly when she sees one Nova Lynn Jackson sitting on a crate.

The slightly shorter woman was obviously upset and Sinn couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy.

Sinnocence: Now, I should ask what’s wrong…but that’s too obvious a question.  Who’s causing the tears now? 

Nova: Nuh- nuh- nobody!

Nova sniffles and buries her head into her knees, hiding her embarrassment at being caught crying. After attacking Jared last week, she had been prone to outbursts of tears at the slightest provocation.

Nova: Juh- Jonny’s too busy for me! And I can’t help him! I’m just, like, totally useless!

Sinnocence turns her head for a moment, a familiar grin playing across that pretty face.  Nova doesn’t see it, but it’s the same grin Jada wore when she first met Barbie Kellers a few months ago.  The older woman takes a moment and sits down next to the ditsy brunette.

Sinnocence: Jonny’s too busy for most of us these days, hon…it’s not something you should cry about.

She pulls the smaller woman in for an embrace and uses one of the t-shirts to dry her eyes.

Sinnocence: You’re not useless at all.  You’re beautiful and caring!  Some people just take a little longer to see quality traits like that. 

Nova smiles up at Sinnocence, still curled up in her arms. She moves up her head, beaming and pleased with the compliment.

Nova: Thank you! You’re super-beautiful, and you’re, like, gonna be the best Revolution Champion we’ve got, ’cause you’re, like, one of the best people in SHOOT! You’re totally gonna mop the floor with anybody who stands in your way!

Nova sits up and flings her arms around Sinnocence in a sincerely affectionate hug, before planting a happy little kiss square on Sinn’s stunning red lips.

Nova: You’re right! Jonny’s just busy being awesome and the best World Champion ever! When people stop being mean to him, he’ll pay attention to me!

The stripper smiles widely and returns the chaste kiss.

Sinnocence:  That’s right, darlin’.  What you should do in the meantime is give Jonny all of the support and love you can muster.  You can help him that way and not be in his way. 

Nova: I’ll be the best helper ever! And when Jonny’s too busy for me, you’ll help me know what to do, right? Like, you’re all, like, nice to me and stuff, and I can totally be your helper, too.

Nova is completely happy again, all traces of tears and sadness completely gone from her air-headed mind.  Sinnocence blinks for a moment, almost wondering what she’s getting herself into, but doesn’t let the smile fade from her face.  She unfolds one of the t-shirts, the text emblazoned across the front reads “VICTORY OR VALHALLA!” in a lovely Nordic font and hands it over to Nova.

Sinnocence:  Of course I’ll help you!  It’s what I’m here for.  Here, wear this…when Jonny sees it, he’ll know you support him and all of the people in his camp.  It’ll keep a smile on my face too. 

Nova, always keen to make people happy, scrambles her way into the t-shirt with all the grace of a 3 legged giraffe on acid, and throws her arms around Sinnocence for another tight hug.

Nova: I won’t let you guys down!

Nova stands up, gives Sinnocence a kiss on the cheek, and runs off, probably to go do something stupid and adorable.  As she leaves, she passes Osbourne Kilminster, who has just come out of his locker room, and gives him an excited greeting before scurrying out of view.  The Iron Fist challenger can only raise an eyebrow at the shorter woman before looking back to his lover with a confused smile.

Osbourne Kilminster: Did I miss something?

Sinnocence shakes her head.

Sinnocence: Not much, just doing Jonny Johnson a favor.  Oh, here…the new shirts came in.  Seems someone thought it would make a good catch-phrase.

She laughs and tosses him a shirt.  Osbourne unrolls it and stares at the lettering.  His eyebrow still raised, but a grin slowly spreads on his face.  His lover mirrors his grin and steps closer, pulling him into a tight embrace.

Sinnocence: Now come on, I have another present for you…something to motivate you further to win your match tonight.

Sinnocence grabs Osbourne’s hand and almost drags him back into the locker room… leaving us to wonder just what “motivation” Sinnocence has in store just moments away from tonight’s main event.


Dave Dymond: A little lover’s motivation as we are maybe minutes away from tonight’s main event that will see the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship defended.

Other Guy: Ya know something, Dave… with everything that has happened tonight, AND the main event still to come… I still have the feeling that something big is going to happen…

Suddenly the voice of Lil Wayne blasts into the arena as “I’m Me” plays.

Dave Dymond: Will you write down the winning lottery numbers for me O.G.?"

The fans rise to their feet in anticipation, knowing that the voice of Lil Wayne signals the arrival of one Christopher Davis.

Dave Dymond: Where is he?

Other Guy: He’s probably gotta make sure his hair is looking right.

The fans all continue to cheer as they wait for the SHOOT project legend. All of a sudden a collective gasp comes from the arena.

A wheel chair rolls through the curtains with Christopher Davis seated in the chair. He stops at the entranceway allowing the fans to take in the moment. He then slowly rolls the chair down towards the ringside area. He rolls the chair around the ring, finally coming to a stop at the ring steps. He shakes his head, takes a deep breath and rises out of the chair. He walks up the steps and into the ring.

He asks for a microphone and is quickly handed one.

Christopher Davis: In my lifetime I have often thought of myself as having Godlike qualities. There are many times that I have indeed been called a God. But it appears that I very well may have the powers of GOD!

Anyone that watched Master of the Mat would be hard pressed to disagree. Anyone that watched Master of the Mat would have seen Christopher Davis make a crippled man walk!

The fans cheer loudly.

Christopher Davis: Ladies and gentlemen Christopher Davis has brought about the resurrection of one Vincent Mallows. Yes, it appears that Mallows SO hated seeing what I did to his family that he indeed rose up and hit me with his clichéd trademark.

Davis pauses for a moment, thinking over his options of what to say next.

Christopher Davis: I suppose I should be angry. I suppose I should be pissed off, but honestly there are bigger things going on in SHOOT right now. Do I believe Vincent will want to rekindle our feud? Without a doubt I do. Do I care? Not particularly.

With the mess that is SHOOT right now, I’m having a hard time focusing on the past. I’m a bit more concerned with the future, the future of SHOOT. I’m seeing and hearing things that make cause me to stay awake at night, things that just don’t sit right with me. It seems ladies and gentlemen that the landscape of SHOOT is becoming one choice or the other. It seems that you must either be S.O.L. or you’re SOL.

It seems that either you join or you are on your own. When faced with the opportunity to save someone I don’t even know, which way did I go? Did I say "hey, he’s not with me…fuck em"? No, I didn’t leave that man SOL. We may want to think of that before we begin forcing people to make choices. We may want to think about that before we begin leaving soldiers behind.

You might just leave the wrong one…alone.

Davis drops the microphone and steps through the ropes. He pauses and looks at the wheelchair for a moment. With a smirk on his face he violently kicks the chair into the ring steps as the fans cheer wildly.

Dave Dymond: That’s sending a message!

He acknowledges them and walks up the ramp but then stops and his eyes focus upwards towards a row of luxury boxes. You can’t make anything out for sure in them, but Davis looks on… then turns and disappears to the back.



The door swings opens up and Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Tim Calahan enter the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION’S locker room.  They’re much more solemn as they enter this time than they were earlier this evening.  In a rather ominous position, Jonny is standing near the mounted SHOOT Project TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP belts, looking at them, facing away from the entering trio.

They stop inside the room and swallow back their anxiety.

The DEFILER: I’m getting really fucking tired of the implied insubordination.

No one says anything.

Jonny slowly turns around.

The DEFILER: Let’s not kid yourselves, guys, if I wasn’t here, you’d do everything EXACTLY the same way.  And that’s the real problem.  You can’t be Jonny Johnson, and it hurts.  One way or another.  It fucking hurts.

He shakes his head, while the other three hold back their sheepish bewilderment.

The DEFILER: You wanna leave?  You wanna be on your own?  They’ll see RIGHT FUCKING THROUGH YOU.  You leave me and you’ll be outcasts.  You’ll be hunted down by an entire organization.  YOU NEED ME!  You got your jobs because of me and now you KEEP YOUR JOBS because of me.  Nobody wants you here.  The Sons of Liberty would eat you alive.  Smiles would eat you alive.  Davis…  Worrens…  EVERYONE WHO OPPOSES US…  who opposes ME…  would EAT.  YOU.  ALIVE.

And I would eat you alive.

I would devour you.

Quinn tries to speak up.

Rogue: Jonny, look…

The Champ waves him off.

The DEFILER: I watch everything that happens on this show.  I’m going to hear every fucking snide remark.  DON’T be idiot wrestlers who don’t understand that the cameras are EVERYWHERE.  It’s embarrassing.

Calahan takes a stab at it now.

Super Fan: Dude we’re really sor…

Jonny holds up a hand, silencing him.

The DEFILER: These are MY tag team titles.  They’ve ALWAYS BEEN my tag team titles.  It was MY plan.  This is MY FUCKING SHOW.  MINE!  EVERYTHING!  IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH, YOU IDIOTS???


For a second.

Then his phone rings.

His stare is icy and cruel, eyes moving between each of the three as he reaches into his pocket.

He pulls the phone out, looks at the front, and flips it up.

The DEFILER: (Holding the phone to his ear and speaking) Josh…

Jonny’s eyes stay focused as he listens to the other end of the line.

The DEFILER: And you want me to do…  what about it?

His features lighten, and he apparently likes what he is hearing.

The DEFILER: Really?  (Nodding) Two?  Heh.  How could I ever say no to THAT?

He nods, his focus drifting away from Rogue, Riley and Super Fan, almost completely enthralled with his conversation.

The DEFILER: You have a deal.  (Actually smiling) We really SHOULD try and make this a permanent thing.  I think you understand the business WAAYYYY better than your brother.  (Breathy laugh) How is he by the way?


The DEFILER: Good to hear, Josh.  Good to hear.  Well, look…  It’s almost main event time here so I’m gonna go put a little something together before the night is over.  I’ll pick the perfect time.  Don’t worry.

He flips his phone back off without saying an official goodbye and continues to smile.

The DEFILER: (Looking back to Quinn, Riley, and Calahan) I’m sorry.

The three of them look sort of awkwardly at each other, not expecting an apology from the SHOOT Project World Champion.

The DEFILER: I probably overreacted.  But we’ll get by.  Friends always do, right?

They kind of nod.  Quinn and Calahan do.  Riley looks stunned.  They ALL looked stunned, really, but in different ways.  They’re all weirdly paralyzed by the sudden shift in attitude.

The DEFILER: I have to uhh…  get some things done.  Watch the room for me?

Quinn nods.

Rogue: Yeah…  we’ll uh…

Jonny heads to the door.

The DEFILER: Thanks, guys.  (Turning around before he leaves) Oh and watch the rest of the show.  I think you’ll like what’s going to happen.

And with that he leaves.

Riley: What the fuck was that about?

Super Fan: No clue, man.

Quinn moves toward the television set in the corner, and turns it on.

Rogue: Guess we’ll find out.




As the bell sounds throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, a graphical image of the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship appears briefly on the screen, then cuts away to reveal the camera focused in on Samantha Coil and senior official Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Revolution Main Event will be for the SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans come alive, but the second the lights go out and the well-known rumbling of thunder is heard, a chorus of boos quickly adds to the noise.  The lights flicker, emulating streaks of lightning in a dark sky.

Dave Dymond: A very interesting main event we have on our hands tonight as both challenger and champion have not exactly been in the good graces of our fans.

Other Guy: Yeah, in fact as far as we knew, Dave, Osbourne Kilminster and Kenji Yamada were on the same side.  I don’t know about this match… but obviously some sort of play was made backstage.

Dave Dymond: Don’t go jumping to conclusions, that’s not going to help ANY situation.

The rumbling gets louder and suddenly the lights come back up in full, revealing Osbourne Kilminster standing in the ring, confident and posed with his arms out slightly to the side, pointing to the new “Victory or Valhalla” t-shirt he wears.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger.  He weighs in tonight at 235 pounds, ladies and gentlemen… THIS. IS. OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

Kilminster quickly removes the t-shirt and tosses it out of the ring. He then begins his pre-match warm ups, adjusting his mouth guard and gloves just to the perfect liking.

Other Guy: Look, I ain’t jumping to conclusions, but this is one of Jonny’s boys.  Alright.  This guy goes from playing second fiddle to the new Revolution Champion, has NO match at Master of the Mat, and now he’s got himself a title shot?

Dave Dymond: OG, come on now… let’s not get into this.

Other Guy: Whatever, I’m just saying it’s bullshit.  Hell for all I know this could be some stupid set up to further prove The Family is backing the World Champ.

Dave Dymond: For several weeks Kenji Yamada has actually spoken out against the likes of The Defiler and his championship reign, and so definitely some uneasy ground being represented in this match up.

As the final rumble of thunder dies out, Kilminster focuses his attention to the entryway and it isn’t long before “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC begins to play. The Revolution video screen shows clips of Kenji Yamada in action, spliced with creepy images of what appear to be Japanese demons.  Yamada storms out from the back, shaking his head repeatedly, but then he stops abruptly, points to his Iron Fist Championship around his waist, and then leans back SHOUTING out something in Japanese!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, he weighs in at one hundred and ninety pounds… and is the current and defending SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… THIS. IS. KENJI YAMADA!!!

The boos seem to get louder as Yamada marches to the ring, far from looking satisfied or even remotely happy.

Other Guy: Yamada lookin’ a little bulkier tonight, clear sign that the Iron Fist Champ has been hittin the weights.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster has the weight advantage on Yamada, but Kenji has made it this far with that title in tact and has a proven mean streak. The added bulk could help to even the sides.

Other Guy: Yeah two sides I ain’t takin’ either of.  Honestly, who do you get behind?

Dave Dymond: In the case of this one, I guess you just get behind the hope that this will be an intensely competitive match that sees no interference or hints of foul play.

Yamada quickly walks up the steps, only to stop again and shout out in Japanese. The crowd shouts back at the Iron Fist Champion as a means to taunt him, but Yamada just walks the length of the ring edge then enters in the opposite corner.  Kilminster stands ready and prepared in the upper right corner, opposite Yamada.  Referee Scott Kamura is handed the Iron Fist Championship and he raises it up high over his head. From there he sends it out of the ring with Samantha Coil and then calls both Yamada and Kilminster to the center of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kamura issuing a thorough check in here prior to the start of the match and when you talk about strikers in this business, when you talk about guys who make a career by knocking people on their asses, well you’re looking at two of the top in that department… this is going to be a hard hitting affair.

Yamada is cleared and he heads back into his corner.  Kamura then finishes checking in Kilminster, and then upon doing so he signals for the bell!

IMMEDIATELY Yamada sprints out of the corner and before Kilminster can react, Yamada spins right in front of him and just DRILLS HIM WITH A STRAIGHT ON JUDO PALM THRUST TO THE CHIN AND NOSE! Kilminster goes down and the fans are buzzing with absolute shock!

Other Guy: What the fu… Kenji Yamada out of nowhere!

Yamada breathes heavily as he just stands over the fallen Kilminster and Kamura starts the ten count.




Yamada slowly backs away and listens intently as Kamura continues counting.


Dave Dymond: A wicked shot starts this thing off and OG… Kilminster’s not moving!


Other Guy: A one shot knock out… no way…


The crowd stirs, realizing that this could very well be over.  Yamada nods his head, his lips curled in a wicked sneer.


Kamura raises up his arms again and brings them down…


Now the crowd really starts to react as Yamada paces, starting to celebrate in the ring.  He then stops and raises his arms in victory.


Dave Dymond: And in shocking fashion…

NO!  Kilminster sits up after the nine count and then rises all the way up to his feet.  Kamura motions for the match to continue and Kilminster, with anger in his eyes, cracks his neck and then pounds his gloved fists together.  Yamada tightens his arm muscles and charges again, looking to catch Kilminster off his guard, but Kilminster ready and he ducks low, swerves around behind Yamada and DRILLS him in the back of the head with a hard elbow strike. Yamada absorbs the blow and turns around, snapping off a kick to Kilminster’s right leg, but Kilminster moves with the kick and THROWS out a wild right left cross that JUST catches Yamada on the side of the jaw.

Yamada staggers off and Kilminster comes in close, hooking one of Yamada’s arms to keep him stationary and then he fires with repeated hard downward elbows to Yamada’s head, forcing him to bend over at the waist. From there Kilminster locks on a headlock, but still has the other arm clinched as well and then in a swift motion DROPS with a version of the DDT. Kilminster from the DDT shoves Yamada over so he’s on his back and Kilminster floats on top for a mounted position, but Yamada PUSHES ALL HIS WEIGHT in to flip Kilminster over and roll on top of him and now ALTERNATING punches from Yamada!

Other Guy: You called it Dave, after that opening shot set the tone, this one is going to be all about who can out strike who.

Dave Dymond: Yamada in control here, but Kilminster no stranger to fighting out of these crucial pinned predicaments.

As Yamada continues to fire, Kilminster eventually gets an arm up, and he grabs Yamada around the neck.  Yamada looks to pry the arm away, and Kilminster grabs Yamada’s arms and now HE flips Yamada over!  Kilminster is quick up, Yamada snaps up a little quicker and he runs with a boot to the mid section then FIRES a knee up into Kilminster’s face! Kilminster’s body lurches backwards and Yamada crouches low then FIRES high with a turning snap kick, but Kilminster catches the leg, twists Yamada’s body down into a make-shift ankle lock, but Yamada flails, managing to roll his body through and send Kilminster stumbling forward into the left side ring ropes.

Kilminster stops his momentum and turns and just as Yamada is up to his feet Kilminster BULL RUSHES him and DRIVES a hard elbow strike right into Yamada’s face! Yamada goes down and Kilminster pounds his gloves together and nods his head.




As Kamura goes to count four, Yamada starts to stir.


And then he sits up. Kilminster stays right on top of things, pulling Yamada up into a front facing headlock, but Yamada starts fighting back with hard punches to Kilminster’s side.

Dave Dymond: So not quite the sporadic near knock out shot that Yamada had the second this one started, but definitely a showing that Kilminster EASILY has what it takes to knock out the man who has held that Iron Fist Championship since June.

Other Guy: I don’t like Yamada, and I don’t like Kilminster, but right now it’s a matter of me not wantin’ to see MORE gold in Jonny’s camp… so I guess I’m hopin’ Yamada can pull this one off tonight.

As Yamada continues to fire punches, Kilminster wrenches at his neck and then DROPS quickly, PLANTING Yamada face first into the mat while kicking out his own legs.  Both Yamada and Kilminster are flat to the mat and Kilminster suddenly slides in a forceful knee, but as he pushes in, Yamada pushes his feet into the mat and lifts up, catching Kilminster’s knee… and then he pulls Kilminster’s head in close… IMMEDIATELY TURNING WITH A SNAPPING NECKBREAKER!

Dave Dymond: The Onifuusha Twister delivered to Kilminster and once again Yamada showing he’s looking to use the element of surprise as a means to take Kilminster down and out for the ten count.

Kilminster writhes back and forth on the mat, his own knee having been forced into his face.  With the challenger down on the mat, referee Scott Kamura starts the ten count.






Kilminster sits up now, holding his head and Yamada right there SNAPS off a sitting dropkick to send Kilminster back down onto the mat.  Referee Scott Kamura shouts at Yamada to back off now… as he is forced to restart the count.


Other Guy: Yamada got over-anxious there, as the count doesn’t end until the knocked out opponent is on their feet.


Dave Dymond: Obviously Yamada looking to do more damage and wants this one ended as quick as possible. He tasted blood earlier with that nine count shot, so to the Iron Fist Champion, this one can be ended quickly.


Kilminster starts to get up again, and this time Yamada keeps his distance.  Kilminster gets all the way up to his feet and Yamada moves in at him. Quickly the two lock into grapple and Kilminster works on over-powering Yamada, only for Yamada to fire off some quick kicks, which causes Kilminster to stumble.  Yamada breaks out of the grapple and goes around behind Kilminster, but Kilminster pivots around and lunges low, grabbing a hold of both of Yamada’s legs and lifting up!

Yamada keeps himself from being taken down by hooking his arm around Kilminster’s neck, trying to pull him down into a DDT, but Kilminster RUNS into the upper left corner, shoving Yamada back first into the turnbuckle pads!  The impact causes Yamada to lose his grip and Kilminster just TOSSES Yamada up and over by the legs, DUMPING him onto his head and neck behind him!


The crowd reacts to the sick landing and Kilminster turns to see Yamada’s body folded in half, most of his weight on his shoulders.  Kilminster doesn’t wait for the knock out count though and instead grabs Yamada lifts him right back up and sends him into the ropes.  Yamada bounces back, stumbling all over… and Kilminster SPINS with a picture perfect discus punch that DROPS Yamada like a bag of cement.

Dave Dymond: That could be it!

Other Guy: No, it can’t!  Not if there’s ANY hope for this organization.

Kilminster stands in waiting now, shouting at Kamura to count it.  Kamura checks the situation but quickly starts the ten count.






The crowd isn’t sure how to react, and so there is just a general buzz about the Thomas and Mack Center as Kilminster keeps his eyes focused on the fallen Yamada.


Kilminster reacts as Yamada starts to sit up.  He gets in close, but lets Yamada get up on his own…


Yamada reaches his full vertical base and just as Kamura motions for the match to continue, Kilminster right there to pull Yamada into a lock up. The two move about the ring, but Yamada is unable to get any real advantage out of it and Kilminster ends up flinging Yamada into the lower left corner of the ring. Yamada hits, back first, and slumps down to a sitting position.  Kilminster doesn’t hesitate to follow up… and just DRIVES a hard knee square into Yamada’s face! Yamada’s head snaps back, and he slumps more with his head now resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Kilminster looks to continue the assault but Kamura steps in.

Scott Kamura: Back off Osbourne!

Dave Dymond: Stern officiating from our senior referee who keeps Kilminster from advancing.

Other Guy: I know it’s rare to see somethin’ under control these days in SHOOT, but big props to Kamura for enforcing some ruling here.

Kilminster backs away as Kamura checks on Yamada now, waiting for him to get out of the ropes.  Yamada pulls himself up to his feet, dazed and swaying as he does so.  He rubs his face with his hand for a moment, then shakes out the cob webs before coming out of the corner completely.  Kilminster eagerly awaits him and again the two go for a grapple… no… Yamada ducks under Kilminster’s incoming arms and then FIRES a blind mule kick to Kilminster’s lower spine!  Kilminster arches his back in pain, but turns just as Yamada fires a kick out at him!

Kilminster captures Yamada’s leg… but Yamada LEAPS up for the enzeguri attempt, only for Kilminster to duck it!  Yamada falls onto his palms, both legs outstretched and before he can try to get out of the predicament, Kilminster grabs a strong hold of both legs, lifts Yamada UP… but Yamada hooks Kilminster around the neck for a sitting bulldog…. NO!  Kilminster brings Yamada down with an Atomic drop!

Followed immediately by a snap release belly-to-back suplex!


Dave Dymond: Counter for counter here and I don’t think Kilminster realizes that Yamada is on his feet!

Other Guy: I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this… but C’mon Kenji!

Yamada takes a ready stance as Kilminster rises up to his feet, turns around… and YAMADA UNLEASHES a flurry of knife-edge chops to the chest and throat as he screams out in Japanese!  Kilminster works on blocking the chops, but each time he does, Yamada changes up his game and fires a kick to the sides of Kilminster, causing him to have to block low… then another flurry of chops is fired!

Kilminster reels from each blow, finally doubling over, gasping for breath.  Yamada fires with a punt kick, but Kilminster moves JUST in time and then DRILLS Yamada with a lunging clothesline!  Both men fall to the mat and Kilminster right back up, pulls Yamada into a clinch position and then LETS LOOSE WITH KNEE STRIKE AFTER KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE!   Yamada’s body seems to go limp and with each strike delivered, Yamada’s lower body seems to fly upwards.

Dave Dymond: Yamada caught in a bad spot as Kilminster incredibly LETHAL with his knees and Yamada might already be knocked out.

Yamada falls to both of his knees and finally Kilminster just whips him down onto the mat, as if leaving him for dead.  Once again Kamura checks on the situation, and then starts the ten count.






The fans begin to buzz again as the referee reaches the half way point. Kamura raises his arms up again and brings them down.


He raises up six… then drops the arms again.


Other Guy: IS this gonna be it?  Will another championship title be making its way into The Defiler’s camp?

Dave Dymond:  There doesn’t seem to be much of a sign dictating otherwise.


Yamada suddenly rolls over onto his stomach and SLAMS his hand viciously into the mat out of anger.  Kilminster shakes his head with slight disbelief as Yamada pushes up off the mat.


Dave Dymond: Can he beat the count though…

Kamura looks to count ten, but Yamada JUST up to his feet and in somewhat dramatic fashion, Kamura waves off the count and calls for the match to continue!  Kilminster puts on a burst of speed, storming in at Yamada and he quickly pulls him up to his feet and just starts assaulting him with forearm after forearm, occasionally turning his arm just a bit more to drill an elbow shot into the side of Yamada’s head.  Yamada stumbles back from the shots… and Kilminster fires an arrant boot that SHOVES Yamada through the ropes and spilling to the outside.  Kilminster follows after him, standing on the ring edge though and suddenly he lifts his right hand and removes his glove!  The crowd responds with a chorus of boos… but there is a faint smattering of cheers coming from somewhere in the arena.

Other Guy: Damn it! Kilminster removin’ the glove and this means harder punches, knuckle to skull, Dave.

Yamada works on getting up to his feet and Kilminster just grabs him, pulls him up… sizes him up… and FIRES with a direct punch to Yamada’s face.  Yamada stumbles back a great deal and Kilminster continues after him, but Yamada manages to pull it together, DUCKS a second incoming punch and SHOVES Kilminster through, sending him face first into the corner post!  Kilminster RICOCHETS off the post, spinning around to the side and Yamada goes after him now, grabs the exposed right hand and just SMASHES it against the side of the post!

Kilminster SHOUTS in pain and Yamada grabs the arm again and hooks it around so that his hand is up against the post.  Yamada backs up and then KICKS Kilminster in the hand, SANDWHICHING it between his foot and the post!

Dave Dymond: And that’s the risk Kilminster was willing to take, but now he’s given Yamada a target and ANOTHER boot to the hand.

Other Guy: He’s tryin’ to flat out break it, Dave!

Kilminster pulls away from the corner post now, with Kamura shouting for both men to get back into the ring.  Kilminster holds his hand close to his body and Yamada comes at him now, only for Kilminster to lash out wildly with a left handed punch that just finds its mark.  Yamada stumbles back, but instead of going right back at Kilminster, he slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring.  Kilminster makes his way towards the ring as well, but Yamada with a BASEBALL SLIDE! Kilminster’s body ROCKETS backwards and crashes into the steel guard railing. Yamada up to his feet now and he glares at Kilminster.

Dave Dymond: It seems as if that near knock out on Kenji REALLY woke him up!

Other Guy: The Iron Fist champ is comin’ alive… and I think he’s gonna fly!


The fans actually cheer a little bit as Yamada flies out of the ring… but Kilminster JUST able to catch him and then spin around and WHIP him horizontally and back first into the guard railing!  Yamada falls to the floor in a crumpled heap and Kilminster winces in pain, shaking his right hand, but it hurts too much so he cradles it back in towards his body.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster just able to pull off the counter to that high risk cross body dive, but the damage has been done, and Kilminster very much protecting that right hand.

Kilminster grabs Yamada with his left hand, struggling a bit to get Yamada up… but he finally does and slowly but surely shoves him into the ring.  Yamada rocks back and forth in pain on the mat and Kilminster slides into the ring after him and stands up by his head with a wicked STOMP Kilminster smashes his boot right in Yamada’s face.  Yamada rolls over onto his stomach and Kilminster now lowers his kneepad, shaking his head.

Yamada is pulled up to his feet and Kilminster looks to hold him in a clinch position… but Yamada grabs the arm, spins it around once and then SNAPS off a THRUSTING SIDE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!

Other Guy: Desperation kick… but damn it if it didn’t pay off!

Other Guy: I think I saw some teeth fly after THAT shot, Other Guy!

Kilminster goes down from kick straight to the mouth and Yamada stumbles back in the other direction, but stays standing.


The ten count begins and the fans watch on intently.






Kilminster starts to stir and Yamada stomps his foot on the mat in anger, even tugging at his hair.  He paces back and forth wildly.


And Kilminster starts to sit up.  Yamada stops pacing and shakes his head repeating the word no.  Kilminster is up to his feet and Yamada charges just like he did at the beginning of the match…. Judo Palm thrust… NO! Kilminster ducks… but Yamada spins right back around….


Dave Dymond: Yamada pulling out the most basic of dirty tricks with a shot STRAIGHT to the groin.

Other Guy: And I’m supposed to care why?  Yeah it ain’t the cleanest way to go about a match, but considerin’ who Kilminster travels with these days it’s not like he’s any better.

Kilminster cringes from the shot and Yamada takes in an earful from Kamura, but quickly storms past him, and CLUBS Kilminster across the back. Kilminster drops to palms and knees, and his right hand buckles out from under him and he pulls it in, now leaning on his right shoulder.  Yamada whips around and KICKS the other arm out from under Kilminster and he collapses face first onto the mat.  Yamada then pulls Kilminster over onto his back and immediately brings both his thumbs across his neck!

Dave Dymond: Yamada looking to end this one in a way we’ve seen him end things time and time again… he’s looking for that lethal submission, the Onifuusha Typhoon Breaker.

Yamada has Kilminster by both legs, but Kilminster struggles, fighting against Yamada, fighting from being locked into the spine compressing submission hold.  Yamada becomes visibly frustrated and tries to re-position his grip… and in that moment, Kilminster finds his spot, RIPS his right leg free and he DRIVES it into Yamada’s body!  Yamada stumbles back and Kilminster scrambles up to his feet, following up with a diving SPEAR TAKEDOWN!

Dave Dymond: The huge impact PLANTS Yamada onto the mat, and now the ball BACK in Kilminster’s court.

Other Guy: I thought Kenji had him there… and if that submission got locked on… it woulda been over.

Dave Dymond: Would have been, maybe, but the bottom line right now is that this one STILL continues, and it continues with Kilminster right back in control.

Kilminster works a couple of quick left handed punches to keep Yamada dazed and then Kilminster gets up to his feet, taking a moment as he regains his composure, wincing though because of the throbbing pain in his right hand.

With Yamada still down on the mat, Kamura starts a count.



Kilminster SHOVES Kamura back away from Yamada though, shaking his head no and he brings Yamada up into position, bent over… but NO!  Yamada fights back trying to trip Kilminster up by taking his legs out from under him.  Kilminster fights it though….keeping his balance, and then suddenly LOCKS Yamada in a clinch… AND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A FACE PLANT RIGHT INTO HIS EXPOSED KNEE!!!

Dave Dymond: The Wake Up Call!

Other Guy: But unfortunately it’s more like goodnight for Yamada!

The fans boo loudly as Yamada’s face snaps off of Kilminster’s knee and he falls onto the mat.  Kilminster stands up and just points at Yamada.

Osbourne Kilminster: COUNT IT!

Kamura checks the situation and starts the ten count.





The boos only get louder as Kilminster raises his left arm up into the air… a smile slowly forming on his face.




But then the mood shifts… Yamada starts to stir!  Some fans actually cheer.


Dave Dymond: Yamada stirring, but I don’t think it’s enough… he doesn’t even seem to realize where he’s at.


Yamada moves his arms about trying to get some upward momentum… but he can’t.


Scott Kamura calls for the bell and the chorus of boos starts up once again. Kamura calls for the Iron Fist Championship and once he has it in his hands he goes to Kilminster and raises his arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen…


Samantha Coil: The winner of this match…. And the NEW SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!!!

Other Guy: What horseshit, Dave. I’m sorry if this causes more problems but c’mon. I don’t like Yamada, but why Kilminster? Why was it Jonny’s guy booked in the main event, given a shot at one of SHOOT Project’s most prestigious titles… huh?

Dave Dymond: I don’t have an answer for that, Other Guy. All we know is that for whatever reason, Osbourne Kilminster WAS granted an Iron Fist Championship shot tonight, and now as a result he has become the NEW Iron Fist Champion.

Kilminster takes a firm hold of the Iron Fist Championship and the second he hoists it up into the air, the rumbling thunder echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, with lights flashing all around him.  Kilminster nods his head in definitive victory and soon Sinnocence joins him in the ring, bringing with her The Revolution Championship.

Other Guy: I hate this image, Dave. I flat out hate this image.

Dave Dymond: You could truly call them the golden couple of SHOOT Project right now, as there they stand Sinnocence and Osbourne Kilminster, respectively as a couple and as the holders of the Revolution Championship and the Iron Fist Championship.

Kilminster wraps his arm around Sinn’s waist as the two show off their championship gold before the two finally exit the ring.  They walk to the back but as they do… suddenly “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play, stopping Kilminster and Sinnocence dead in their tracks!

Dave Dymond: Oh boy… this night might NOT be over just yet for Kilminster and Sinnocence.

The crowd buzzes as Vincent Mallows appears from the back, along with Sammy Rochester.  Rochester seems to be crying loudly and Mallows simply pats him on the small of his back, and simply points to the ring.  Everyone, including Kilminster, prepares for Sammy to confront him, but Sammy stomps right past Kilminster and Sinnocence, crying loudly.

Other Guy: Wait… where’s Sammy going?

Dave Dymond: Apparently Rochester not out here to seek revenge in the name of the Family.

Other Guy: Right but then what IS he doin’ out here?

Sammy enters the ring and drops down to his knees right by Yamada.  Kilminster takes Sinnocence by the hand and walks to the back, not wanting to stick around, but as he reaches the entryway he looks briefly at Mallows, but Mallows doesn’t look at him… his eyes are focused on the ring. Kilminster vanishes from sight just as Sammy LIFTS Yamada up, cradling him in his arms and then he exits the ring, carrying the former Iron Fist Champion out of the ring with him.

Dave Dymond: Sammy in tears over this, but I guess he just came out to fetch the man he calls brother.

Sammy heads as quickly as possible up the ramp way, muttering something repeatedly to Kenji and once he joins Mallows the three of them vanish through the back curtain.  From there the focus shifts to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

As the carnage of Kenji Yamada versus Osbourne Kilminster is cleared, suddenly, the screen goes black and white.  Then, a single image flashes once, twice, and then in a strobe like effect, takes full control of your screen.


“Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine plays as the screen goes full color again, and shows images of soldiers marching, hippies flashing the peace sign, and politicians deep in debate.  Shots of George Bush being alerted to 9/11 while reading to school children, Bill Clinton admitting to his affair with Monica Lewinsky, another shot of George Bush standing in front of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner are shown before the final image…the Constitution of the United States of America, juxtaposed with the Sons of Liberty symbol.


The entrance way fades into view now.  Out from the back emerges Ainsley Lake, grinning from ear to ear, waving to the fans.  After her comes Nightmare, looking around at the fans.  Behind him comes Eli Storm, nodding his head to the beat of the song.  After him comes Donovan King, grinning the same grin Ainsley has on her face.  The Sons of Liberty are here.  At Revolution.

Dave Dymond:  I’m betting these soldiers have some big things to talk about, don’t they?

The Sons of Liberty, all wearing the new t-shirts, walk down to the ring slowly.  Eli Storm climbs into the ring first, taking the microphone from Samantha Coil.  Nightmare is in next, followed by King and finally, Ainsley Lake.  “Wake Up” fades out.  Eli hands the microphone to King, who stands in the center of the ring, smile on his face.

Donovan King:  Ladies and gentlemen…the Sons of Liberty…are here.

The fans POP as King stands there, nodding his head.

Donovan King:  For a while now, we’ve been fightin’ the good fight.  Tryna get people to see the truth.  I stand here now…an’ I’m ready to tell you…alla y’all…dis war we’re wagin’?  After Master of the Mat, it JUST GOT BIGGER.

King pauses.

Donovan King:  I been up against some real shit…we all been up against some shit.  Nightmare never got any matches.  Eli was gettin’ fucked wit’.  Lake never even got the call to come back to fuckin’ work.  An’ see me?  I was up against The Real Deal an’ his student…Adrian Corazon.

The fans pop as King continues.

Donovan King:  At Master of the Mat…I was given an option.  Put me and dis army up against the chance to own an’ control Adrian Corazon.  But, see, nobody thought dis through, I guess…because the Sons of Liberty ain’t about control.  We ain’t about ownin’ ANYBODY.  We here…to break LOOSE the bonds uh bullshit slavery…to tear apart the boundaries dat keep people from achievin’ success!  Adrian Corazon knew dat, I knew dat…an’ you people out here…y’all knew dat, too.

Dat’s why we set up the match the way we did.

King grins.

Dave Dymond:  Corazon and King were in on it all along?!

Donovan King:  But, see…to sit here an’ take full credit…dat ain’t me.  Not no more.  The Sons of Liberty…are PROUD to bring to YOU, SHOOT Project…ITS NEWEST MEMBER…ADRIAN…CORAZON!!!







Static hits the PA.  The fans go quiet.  Then…  the lights go out.  



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system!  The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson.  Then they stop.  What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans give a very LOUD and EXCITED reaction when his silhouette is revealed.  The lights come back up and Corazon stands there, wearing the Sons of Liberty t-shirt!  The fans continue to cheer as Corazon walks down to the ring, stepping into the ring, and shaking the hands of Nightmare, Storm, Lake, and finally King.  “Torcher” dies out as Corazon is given the microphone, King getting another one from Coil.

Corazon: I’ve felt, for many months, that the SHOOT Project needed a hero. Needed saving. Needed a symbol of justice and greatness. For that period of time, however, I was selfish enough to believe that that symbol needed to be one man. One individual.

Corazon pauses, looking to Nightmare, then to Storm, then to King, and then to the crowd.

Corazon: But I was wrong. Yes, one man can rise up. Yes, one man can serve as a symbol. Yes, one man can be that beacon of hope and justice. However… why should one man shoulder that burden, when a group of people stands before him, ready, willing, and able to aid in the struggle, aid in the cause. The Sons of Liberty are the SHOOT Project. And the SHOOT Project is the Sons of Liberty.

The crowd pops HUGE for this.

Corazon: Now, a great many people wonder a lot of worthy and noble questions. Like why? Like, how? How did this all come to be, why did you decide to join with a group, instead of forging through your own way. Well, let me say… I’ve got experience with groups who want to be revolutionary. I’ve got experience for men who want to transcend their meager bonds. But most importantly?

I’ve got experience breaking down and annihilating those who would DARE stand in the way of transcendence. Of evolution.

Corazon smiles.

Corazon: This group contains very different, very unique individuals, all making up a nucleus that fights for, and rallies for, the cause of the common soldier. The Sons of Liberty stand here, united, against a common evil, perpetrated by The Real Deal, and moreover… perpetrated by Jonny Johnson. And here together, we will rise up and lead, and we will bring the SHOOT Project from behind the darkness, and into the light.

Corazon pauses, allowing the words to sink in and allowing the fans to react appropriately. A genuine smile crosses his face as he looks over them, and then at the members of SoL who surround him.

Corazon: I suppose then, you have to ask… why me? Why Adrian Corazon? And the answer, is simple. To begin this process of redemption, we must strike through the heart of the evil that hopes to weigh us down. What better way to do so, than to orchestrate a simple, yet so effective, assault on none other than my mentor and teacher… The Real Deal.

Beyond that.

The Sons of Liberty need a tactician, and with my path of destruction that began a year ago, Donovan King, Jonathon Wehali, Eli Storm, Ainsley Lake, and Danny Evers all know, and all see, respect, and welcome… my mind, my bloodlust, and my determination as another ingredient to a rock solid concept. The Sons of Liberty and Adrian Corazon…

We are a perfect fit.

King steps up, looking at Corazon.

Donovan King:  That in mind, man…dese people need to know what happened.  You all out here…y’all need to know!  Y’all gotta know what drove Corazon to dis decision.

Well, the answer is painfully simple.

King pauses.

Donovan King:  When you put the pieces of the puzzle together…it starts to make sense.  Corazon gets released from prison through his boss and teacher, The Real Deal, with the understanding dat Jonny Johnson is not to be touched…only those who stand AGAINST Jonny and AGAINST The Real Deal…those people are to be Corazon’s targets.

Corazon: It was a, heh… trying time, to say the least. I have a fierce sense of loyalty to those that I trust, those that I confide in. So, when Real Deal put me in the crosshairs of Donovan King, I followed without much hesitation or thought.

The crowd boos, but Corazon holds a hand up.

Corazon: It is like I say, fierce sense of loyalty, and a grossly misguided sense of respect.

Donovan King:  Respect…your mentor didn’t give back quite as freely as you thought.  Now, most uh y’all know I’m not a man to think shit through…so it took a…mutual friend, Danny Evers…to piece dis together.  He found out something dat I was only tryna suggest…he found proof.  Photos, e-mails, you name it, he had it.

Proof dat The Real Deal had entered into an alliance wit’ Jonny Johnson.

The fans ERUPT into boos as King lets the words sink in.

Corazon: It was an ironic, but cold dose of reality.

Corazon shakes his head.

Corazon: When I found this out, the plan was set into motion. Danny came to me, laid it all out for me. Told me what had happened, and what was going on. Needless to say, my sense of loyalty and respect was dashed. With that in mind… the Sons of Liberty opened their arms, and now? NOW? Real Deal… Jonny Johnson…


RAUCOUS pop here, as the fans stand tall, applauding.

Corazon: HERE I stand, among friends. Among familia. With the upside down helmet looming behind me, we stand to serve a different purpose now.

Donovan King:  An’ dat purpose…is to rain down upon the heads uh each an’ EVERY SINGLE ONE UH Y’ALL.

The fans POP.

Donovan King:  DIS.  IS.  WAR.  An’ now…Real Deal sits at home, forced to watch the very man he believed he created…working with the men and woman he tried ta destroy.  He feels the sting uh havin’ the very same sorta manipulation dat formed Instant Heat used on him.  He sits at home, nursin’ a broken spirit an’ a broken jaw.  He sits at home…knowin’ THE SONS OF LIBERTY ARE COMIN’ FUH HIM, FUH JONNY JOHNSON, FUH JASON JOHNSON, AN’ FUH ANYBODY WHO STANDS AGAINST US.

The fans continue to ERUPT with cheers.

“Is this working?”

The voice is subtle at first, and so some of the fan don’t initially pick up on it.  However, the SHOOT Project VIDEO SCREEN flashes on and suddenly what was an extremely CHEER HAPPY crowd, turns into a very ANGRY, very much “BOOOOOOING” crowd.

Both Donovan King and Adrian Corazon turn to see the enemy’s face.

The face…  of THE DEFILER.

The DEFILER: Can you guys see me?

Jonny’s standing in a fairly plain room, making it hard to distinguish where he might actually be.  Obviously a protective measure.  With his WORLD TITLE draped over his left shoulder, he smiles into the camera.

The DEFILER: From the sounds of it….  You guys see me just fine.  So let’s make this a quick process.  I talk.  You listen.  You start talking and I end the feed leaving us ALLLLLLL in a lovely state of confusion.  (Smiling)  Sound like a plan?  Heh.  Can you two shut up long enough for that?  (Shrugging)  I hope so.

He gives both members of the Sons of Liberty an opportunity to speak, but both men remain silent, though on guard.

The DEFILER: I just got off the phone with Josh.  He’s doing fine, by the way.  In case, either of you were worried.  Yeah he’ll be back in the next week or so.  A real warrior that Real Deal.  Ya know?  Just can’t kill the guy.  Oh well.  Better luck uhh…  next time I guess.  But that’s not what this about…

He pauses purposely stalling.

The DEFILER: See, while Josh is…  is just fucking GREAT.  APPARENTLY, this show…  well this show ISN’T doing as well.  Ratings seem to have taken a…  a real nose dive since…  Well since this little Liberty dealie started getting out of hand.  No one wants to see the good guys win anymore.  That’s not popular.  We don’t want to see heroes, or soliders or… or uhhh…  Sons of Liberty.

This world wants villains.  It wants a face to hate because…  because that’s what we are.  Creatures of…  of Hatred.  We’re driven by our pessimism.  We idolize those evil hands that control our very lives and at the end of the day, if given the opportunity, we’d all be Patrick Bateman over Ghandi.

Another pause.

The DEFILER: And Josh knows that.  Deep down, JASON knows it too, and…  and we want to stay ahead of the curve.  We want to give our fans a product ahead of a time…  the PINNACLE of cutting edge entertainment.  Understand?  They want that for their company…  and it IS Josh and Jason’s company…  So Josh made an executive decision.

He just signed me to a two show deal, gentlemen.

He smiles, obviously reaching the good part.

The DEFILER: JONNYlution is back!!!

Corazon and King could not look any less enthralled and the fans BOOOOO VEHEMENTLY!

The DEFILER: Soak it up.  SOAK.  IT UP.  Because that’s the reality check.  TWO shows.  MY RULE.  Understood?  Yeah.  I know you understand.  We all want what’s best for the business.  We’re all company men, here.

King and Corazon shake their heads, but have no choice but to listen.

The DEFILER: Such goooood listeners.  I like it.  Heh.  (Moving on) Couple things.  One.  We’re moving the show to MONDAY FUCKING NIGHT because honestly…  Sunday?  Soooooo retarded.   Then uhh…  Two…  My second thing.  Dave…  Uhh…  Davey, you listening, right?  Well you HAVE to be because I had yours and OG’s mics cut off.  Tough luck I guess.  Anyway.  Dave.  I already have a lead commentator, so you get a VACATION for the next two weeks.  Sound good?  Awesome.  But uhh…  Other Guy, you still need to come to work.  I’ve always liked the idea of a three man booth.  Maybe be a little earlier, though so you can meet up with Jeff and Joey.

His smile is sickening.

The DEFILER: Oh, and King…  Adri  Cor…  I’ve definitely been listening to you guys and I understand your concern about…  about how you’ve all been treated, and…  and I want to make that up to you.  That uhh…  that stuff about poor Nightmare and Eli never being booked.  I realized that…  that that’s absolutely true.  We’ve let our biases get in the way , and…  and that’s not right.

So…  in the main event next week at JONNYlution NUMERO UNO.

Nightmare and Eli Storm…

Will fight each other.

With the loser packing his bags and leaving the company forever


Jonny clenches his teeth, feigning a feeling of guilt.

The DEFILER: Yikes.  I thought you guys would like that more.  I mean NIGHTMARE AND ELI ARE GONNA BE BOOKED!!!  (Shaking his head) I guess some of you guys are just never happy.  (Shrugging, with a sad face) What’s a boy to do?

His frown quickly jumps upside down, while the fans continue to express their dislike for this situation.

The DEFILER: (Going over a list in his head) So it’s the Monday show.  Dave is temporarily fiii….  On vacation…  Main event.  What else.  OH YEAH!


Donovan.  Adri.

You two are gonna be banned from the first show.  And uhh…  everyone is being told not to sell you a ticket either.  So don’t try that old gag, okay?

King has finally had it.

Donovan King: SON OF A BITCH!

Jonny puts on a surprised face.

The DEFILER: Ohhh!  You talked!  So sad! I guess that’s it.

Bye guys.

The screen goes black.

King shakes his head and Corazon has to confront him to keep him from doing anything crazy.  The fans boo furiously.

No one has any idea what to expect for the next two weeks.

But the first one already seems hopeless.

War is indeed upon us.