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IT’S JONNYLUTION!!! NIGHT # – September 22nd 2008

The show opens to see Osbourne Kilminster seated in a plush chair at what looks to be the VIP room of Sinnocence’s Las Vegas strip club, the Killer Queen. His eyes are fixed intently on something off-camera. A slow Cure song plays in the background and his head follows the beat, a wicked grin spreading across his face.

Osbourne Kilminster: That’s it, beautiful…

The grin widens as a bra flies into the camera’s view and hits Osbourne in the chest. A laugh builds deep in his chest.

Osbourne Kilminster: Stop teasing, love…

His eyes keep following the beat of the music as a pair of panties fly across and hit him square in the face. The laughter deepens as he brings a hand up and tosses them to the side. His arms come up and beckon the owner of the discarded underwear to come closer.

Osbourne Kilminster: Come here and show us what you got…

Off to the right, a tanned bare leg appears before the camera pans up to the lovely face of Sinnocence. She climbs into his lap, his arms coming across to cover her more intimate parts from public view before the camera pans back down.

Osbourne Kilminster: Should you show them more?

Sinnocence: Oh no, silly boy…can’t have them blowing their loads before the main event…

The pair begin to laugh before Sinnocence turns back to the camera.

Sinnocence: It’s JONNYlution, motherfuckers…stay tuned.

Fade Out.

The video opens with a cartoon.

It’s in black and white, and it appears to be an empty field. There’s a sun in the background, but it has a sad face on.


There’s a pop noise and suddenly a smiley-faced flower sprouts out. The cartoon sun’s face goes wide into an expression of shock!


A second flower pops out.

The sun makes another shock face.

Both flowers are smiling.

The first flower looks next to the second flower.

FLOWER ONE: Hey, wanna dance?


Cut to black screen!

White letters appear!



(“For The Actor” by Mates Of State)

CUT BACK TO CARTOON! The two Flowers and the Sun are now dancing to the SUPER catchy song! The Sun no longer has a sad or shocked face. It’s TOTALLY smiling! Because dancing makes it happy! They sway back and forth in old-timey cartoon fashion!

“Oh, you and me on a fantasy

This is what it’s like! This is what it’s like on a fantasy”

The letters…

…Flash one by one VERY QUICKLY IN RHYMTH over the dancing, happy cartoons.

“No, I wouldn’t challenge your home”

Close up shot on the first flower dancing. It’s… REALLY happy.

“In the basement of words we knew”

Close up shot on the second flower dancing. Seriously. These things are fucking HAPPY.

“There were more of us.”

Close up on the Sun! MAN WHAT A HAPPY SUN!!!!

The music drives forward!!!

“Don’t want to make you grow numb”

As the lyrics kick in again, the shot pans back and now we see them ALL DANCING AGAIN!!! PLUS THERE’S AN OLD TIMEY DANCING CLAREABELLE COW NOW!!!


“If it’s not what you thought it was

Legs are for discovering”

Flashes across the screen letter by letter in rhythm with the music.

The song dips into a momentary key change and the pace slows just a little bit.

Cut once again to a plain black screen, with the actual lyrics written out in white lettering. However, various images quickly flash in and out.

“Relieved and now we see the road.”

They all seem to video images of SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The DEFILER, Jonny Johnson doing various poses with his World Title.

World Title raised over his head.

World Title slung over his shoulder.

His World Title on a chair next to him and him laughing and seemingly telling it a very funny story.

The World Title, by itself.

The cameras pan 360 degrees around the Belt.

“This is what it’s like! This is what it’s like on a fantasy.”


Return to the cartoon!!! THEY WONT STOP DANCING!!! Plus now there’s two of the weird racist POPEYE BLACK GUYS DANCING! BUT RACISM HAS NO PLACE IN THIS VIDEO! THEY’RE ALL TOO HAPPY!!!

“Little codes bring the balance to none!”

The Sun makes a “OH DAMN, SWEET DANCE MOVES!” face.

“And the shapes of your hands do tell of such a rare variety”

The music shifts into a key change again, and the cartoon images start to slowly melt away. The cartoons dance more slowly… their happy faces seem to diminish or, at least, you can’t tell how they feel anymore.

“Relieved and now we see the road

This is what it’s like! This is what’s it’s like on a fantasy.”

The images continue to melt away.



We see a sudden clip of JONNY JOHNSON landing the DEMORALIZATION PROCESS!!

The tempo slows down BIG TIME.

“You put your life on hold as we interest one another

Two steps closer to the level I imagined

I remember when it poured and you sang to me in summer

It’s a fantasy”

Various images begin flashing in and out of the shot. SHOOT Project wrestlers in action, but none of them distinguishable because the face of a VERY SAD BABY has been super imposed over their HEADS! It’s a rapid succession of shots. Varying equipment, heights and sizes, but there’s no real way to tell who’s who.

“You put your life on hold as we interest one another

Two steps closer to the level I imagined…”

As the the verse plays a second time, we get a quick cut to a black screen with white letters that read: “NO ONE ESCAPES THE DEFILER”

“I remember when it poured and you sang to me in summer.”

“It’s a fantasy.”

We then see more shots of these SAD BABY FACE images. They flash on and off the bodies, showing faces of Jester Smiles, Donovan King, Trevor Worrens, Cade Sydal. Corazon… The list goes on. Nightmare and Eli Storm. The baby faces flash out and we see them, in pain, in various shots that depict them as injured or weak.

The song moves into a musical interlude, a xylophone solo.

It would normally seem cheery or at least innocent, but as it kicks into gear, we return to the cartoon.

The Sun is visibly crying, watching as the world below it starts to die.

The flowers are wilting and screaming “OH NO I HAVE AIDS!”

The cow is being stabbed with a trident by a Mermaid King

And the Racist Black Popeye Characters are being arrested by police.

Then at the very end, the Sun itself BLOWS UP!

Probably from sadness.

“Relieved and now we see the road

This is what it’s like! This is what it’s like on a fantasy!”

The cartoon world is void of life in the following shot.

“Don’t want to make you grow numb

If it’s not what you thought it was”

Like ghosts at first, the images of JONNY JOHNSON, TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, TIM CALAHAN, OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, SINNOCENCE, and NOVA LYNN JACKSON walk in from the back… slowly, in line. Quinn and Riley are the first to the left, and then Jonny… Osbourne next to him… Sinnocence at his side, with Calahan and Nova finishing out.

“This is what it’s like

This is what it’s like on a fantasy”

They all stop walking and shuffle their feet a bit before halting entirely.

All in suits or dresses.

Staring ahead





The opening video fades and we go LIVE to the THOMAS AND MACK CENTER and there’s some IMMEDIATE FIREWORK ACTION! PINK EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE!!! “For the Actor” by Mates of State starts to play from the beginning and the live crowd is already BOOOING furiously! An establishing shot of the fans depicts a very angry crowd, already showing their disgust with various hand gestures and signs that vary from “Jonny sucks!” to “Hey Jonny, the Late 90s Called, it Wants Its Ideas Back!”


Jeff Hansen: And Jonny called the Late 90s to thank them for the RATINGS! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT’S JONNYLUTION!!!

With Jeff’s opening commentary, the cameras hop over the announce table where there is a THREE MAN team at ringside. JEFF HANSEN, JOEY C, and a very frustrated, apathetic looking OTHER GUY!

Jeff looks ahead at the cameras, definitely happy to be working.

Jeff Hansen: Jeff Hansen, Joey C, and the always biased THAT GUY (Pointing to Other Guy) with you all night for what will be… SURPRISE SURPRISE, very, VERY interesting card. And, Joey, I say surprise, because the SHOOT Project brass is hardly famous for their creative booking prowess.

Joey C: Heh. No rookie on rookie action tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Do those EVER work out, Joey?

Joey C: I guess if you’re a fan of no shows and canceled bouts.

Other Guy already looks ready to kill someone, but stays silent, which of course, Jeff notices and capitalizes on.

Jeff Hansen: Aww, you okay over there OG?

Other Guy: As okay as any professional can be working with a couple of “Bitter Cause They Don’t Have Jobs” cats can possibly be, Jeff.

Jeff feigns an “OOOH THAT HURT” face.

Jeff Hansen: This coming from a former COCAINE ADDICT who got a job because the owner of a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ORGANIZATION felt bad for him? What did you ask for a “Dolla” and he gave you a job instead?

Joey C: Or was it just the usual homeless dick sucking routine? Huh, Cokey?

Other Guy stays calm and keeps his cool.

Other Guy: I’mma go ahead and be the better man and let you two handle the childish jabs. Cause after these next two weeks I’m still employed, while your two asses can go back to… what do you guys do again? Post on message boards or something?

Jeff smirks it off.

Jeff Hansen: ANGRY GUY aside, folks. This is going to be a night unlike ANY OTHER! A stacked card from top to bottom!

Joey C: Can’t wait Jeff!

“For the Actor” by Mates of State cut outs and is immediately replaced with the haunting CHIME opening of Broken Social Scene’s “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)



A guitar croaks out a single note.

Followed by a whining violin!

Jeff Hansen: And here comes THE MAN in our fine sport. SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…

Joey C: Your Friend and mine, Jeff!!!




The curtains rustle and a team of about ten or so Security Guards hurry out from backstage, each one barking orders at each other and getting into position down the aisle. They have black shirts with “security” (in all lower case lettering) written across the front in pink. A few fans try to slap hands with some of them, but they very rudely deny the opportunity, a couple guards shouting a few unpleasantries.


One of them shouts at a couple of fans reaching over the guard railing.

Other Guy: Unbelievable. Why did anyone pay for this self-indulging bullshit.

Jeff Hansen: Wouldn’t need the guards if certain OTHER GUYS didn’t ask for this often times rabid fan base to open fire on the World Champ. So this is on you, OG. Learn to take some responsibility and man up.

OG again takes the higher road and goes quiet, while the maddening dissonance continues to swell…

And swell…

And swell, and swell, and swell until finally…





“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The song begins and the first person out is actually SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION, OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! In his traditional black boots and combat trousers, while sporting a BRAND NEW “Victory or Valhalla” T-shirt, Kilminster looks to be securing the area in front and then looks back to an arriving JONNY JOHNSON! The SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, in an brown and yellow “JONNYLUTION” T-shirt (With picture of very sad baby) and tight blue jeans, strides out, his smug grin already in action. Following behind him are PETER LOLWEN and the SIX OTHER BLANK FACED MEMBERS OF HIS LEGAL TEAM.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Osbourne falls back to Jonny’s side as the World Champ begins his trek to the ring. He barks out a few points to some of the guards along the aisle, who, one by one, fall in line behind the group as The DEFILER passes them by.

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jonny stops while the others start to secure the ringside area, and has a quick chat with Ozzy. He shoots a grin and has a laugh at whatever Kilminster said back to him. The Iron Fist Champion hops up to the ring first and sits on the second rope, while Jonny looks around the RABID arena, enjoying the reaction he’s receiving.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”

While there usual light show is not in tact, Jonny still takes his time as the song reaches its chorus. He then secures the World Title over his left shoulder and climbs up the steel steps, nodding at Kilminster who waits for him, having kept the ring ropes open the entire time. Jonny ducks into the ring and Kilminster follows closely behind.

Jeff Hansen: This is great to watch. The SHOOT Project World Champion… The Iron Fist Champion. Same ring… Same side of the line! Awesome stuff!

Both champions stand proudly in the ring, belts draped over their shoulders watching the crowd react as “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” starts to fade out.

Jonny pulls a microphone out from his back pocket, but waits before he speaks.

He’s obviously enjoying this wayyyyy too much.


It only gets louder the longer he waits.

The DEFILER: (Slowly bringing the microphone up to his lips) And yet you still bought tickets, didn’t you?

He laughs and Kilminster sort of shrugs as if saying “That’s what it looks like.”

The DEFILER: You bought them in RECORD NUMBERS. (Glancing at a few fans who seem to be in disagreement) I saw our sales numbers, people so don’t look at me like this is bullshit. It’s not. Heh. Not at all. In fact, you’ve all helped make this show one of the HIGHEST GROSSING EVENTS IN SHOOT PROJECT HISTORY!

And for that…

I sincerely thank you EACH. And EVERYONE OF YOU!

That is definitely not what ANYONE wanted to hear and if it’s possible, the BOOOOOOOOing gets even LOUDER!


The DEFILER: But that’s not the only reason I’m out here.

He pauses before moving into his REAL agenda.

The DEFILER: Every card uhh… Wrestling card. Show. it… It comes with a certain caution that things are… that they’re subject to change. Promoters try to avoid it. They make sure guys get where they need to be. They… they keep the last minute bullshit down to a minimum. Or… well they try. Sometimes shit happens.

But it’s also the promoter’s job to make sure that IF said shit were to… uhh… to go down, he or… he because we’re obviously talking about me would do everything in his power to give the paying public an even BIGGER bout. A GRANDER SPECTACLE.

He scans the crowd, taking his time, letting his words sink in.

The DEFILER: Doug Kinsella wasn’t available tonight. Well… I take that back. He WAS, but… (Tongue clicking noise) Doug’s a work in progress. And this isn’t an episode of Revolution so we don’t… We don’t DEAL with works in progress. We need something bigger. Something BETTER.


So I’ve changed things around tonight.

He smiles to himself, while the crowd watches in confusion.

The DEFILER: Caleb Knox. I need you to… to come out here. I know you’re at the guerilla position. Cause I just wished you good luck like… What? (Looking at Ozzy) Six or seven minutes ago? So don’t try and make this epic or anything.

Just come out. NOW.


There’s maybe a second or two of hesitation, but “High Wire Escape Artist” by Boy Sets Fire suddenly BLARES OVER THE PA system and there’s a small little pop from the paying public. A confused and slightly annoyed CALEB KNOX comes out from behind the curtain, his eyes on the circus inside the ring.

The DEFILER: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey. GUYS! CUT IT! We don’t have the budget to pay royalties to Boy Sets Fire.

The music suddenly cuts out.

The DEFILER: (Seeing Caleb already halfway down the aisle) Yikes. Hey, I’m sorry man. That’s fucking embarrassing. We had some other shit we were gonna use to replace the… the songs we didn’t really want to pay for. Totally my bad, man. Well… (Pointing up toward the sound booth) Technically THEIR fault, but it’s… it’s my show and that kind of thing is… It’s unacceptable. I’m really sorry.

Knox isn’t dumb and realizes that Jonny’s full of it. He shakes his head but cautiously walks down toward the ring, the fans now BOOOOOOING loudly again. Not Knox of course, but Jonny’s dickbag move.

The DEFILER: Pick up the pace, though. Seriously. I know you’re as mad as me about the music thing, but fuck. Stop being a baby about it.

Other Guy: Is this really necessary?

Jeff Hansen: One Hundred Percent.

Knox can’t help but laugh at Jonny’s ability to spin anything he wants to spin. He’s also not dumb enough to charge the ring and do anything about it either. Instead he picks up the pace just a little bit, but still keeps a cautious eye on security, the lawyers, Osbourne and of course the SHOOT Project World Champion.

The DEFILER: There ya go. Good.

Knox climbs up the steel steps and gets inside the ring, keeping to the corner as he avoids getting too close to either Kilminster or the DEFILER.

Jonny rolls his eyes.

The DEFILER: Oh, PUH-LEASE. Would you fucking knock that shit off? What are you… scared? Relax. You’re fine. We’re not gonna hurt you.

Knox doesn’t budge at first, which only serves to irritate Jonny further.

The DEFILER: Do I REALLY look like the kind of guy who’s going to try and deceive you? You think I’m some kind of monster, Caleb? (Trying to talk sense into the young competitor) I don’t know what kind of ass backward lies people are feeding you backstage, but I’ve historically ALWAYS looked out for… (Pointing) For kids like you.

He tilts his head and watches Knox a little bit more. The kid is definitely playing things smart, but there’s only so much he can do, and so he inches a little bit out away from the corner, closer to Jonny and Osbourne.

The DEFILER: (Fed Up) This is getting boring… (Looking to Ozzy) Change that for me, would you?

Knox suddenly stands on guard, but before he can react properly, Kilminster DRIVES FORWARD AND SLAMS HIS IRON FIST TITLE BELT RIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF CALEB’S HEAD!!!


Knox tumbles toward the mat!

Jeff Hansen: THE IMPACT! How about that impact, OG?

Joey C: Other Guy looks mad, Jeff. Maybe we should leave him alone.

The DEFILER: (While the beating is taking place) I just wanted to fucking tell you the good news, Caleb. But you had to be such a bitch about things didn’t you?

At a knee, Knox tries to shake it off and recover, but seconds later, KILMINSTER FOLLOWS WITH A STIFF, DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE TO THE FRONT OF THE KNEE!!! KNOX GOES DOWN HARD THIS TIME!!!

The DEFILER: (Not even cringing) I HATE when rookies like you show a total lack of trust in me. Ya know? It REALLY stings. Because… here I am, on the verge of giving you a GIANT opportunity, and you basically spit in my face with your stupid, boring cautious act. (Making fun in a cruel way) “OOOOH! Everyone says Jonny is SOOOO EVIL! I better be a bitch when he tries to be nice to me!”

Kilminster SLAMS an elbow into the back of Knox’s head and then reaches into the pockets of his combat trousers.

He pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

The DEFILER: This is MY show. MY night, Caleb Knox. I wanted to open up with a feel good story, and… (Shaking his head) Ugh. I’m so fucking frustrated right now.

The crowd continues to BOOOOOOOOOO FURIOUSLY!


Kilminster handcuffs Caleb’s hands together and then IMMEDIATELY follows with ANOTHER BRUTAL ELBOW STRIKE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! He then shouts at one of the security guards nearby, who throws him a black-hood blindfold. Kilminster makes the catch and proceeds to violently shove the hood over Knox’s skull

Meanwhile, the World Champion takes a deep breath.

The DEFILER: I’m not gonna let it get me down, though. We can still do this thing, right Caleb? (Nodding) Yeah. We’ll let bygones be bygones. (Pointing down at Caleb) You’re gonna have the opportunity of a life time, kid.

Having properly secured the cuffs and the hooded blindfold, Kilminster stands back and goes over to retrieve his Iron Fist Championship Belt. He scoops it off the mat and slings it back over his shoulder, brushing his hands off after he does so.

The DEFILER: Let’s start this thing, guys. (Looking around) Where the FUCK is Willie Dean? (Staring back at the entrance) WILLIE! (Annoyed) For FUCKS SAKE… Willie you piece of…

Willie Dean frantically pushes through the curtains and Jonny stops whatever he was going to say.

The DEFILER: Good. (Being a dick) Thanks for showing up, Willie. Appreciate it.

He shakes his head and starts to make his exit back over toward where JONNYLUTION Timekeeper, BRIAN CALAHAN and Samantha Coil are seated, just next to the announce table. Meanwhile, Kilminster looms over a very much struggling Caleb Knox.

Jonny has a few words with Samantha Coil and hands her a note card of some sort. She looks it over, appears saddened that she has to do her job, but Jonny walks away before she’d ever have any time to refute.

The DEFILER: (Passing by the announce table) You guys have fun with this shit, all right?

Jeff Hansen: (Nodding with a smile) Absolutely, Jonny.

Jonny begins to make his exit and the security guards, Lolwen and the members of the Legal Team follow behind him. Jonny turns his body halfway up the ramp, walking backward as he speaks again.

The DEFILER: Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen!


A few bottles fly in Jonny’s direction, which draws the ire of more than one of the security guards. Meanwhile, in the ring, Willie Dean looks scared as hell, having no idea if he’s supposed to kick Kilminster out of the ring or what.

Kilminster looks at him and gestures over toward Calahan and Coil, as if suggesting he start the match.

Dean turns and makes the signal to Coil.





Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is schedule for ONE FALL and it is for THE SHOOT PROJECT REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Jeff Hansen: OOOOOH!!! You know what that means, Joey!!!

Joey C: I’ve heard she’s super hot in person. That true, OG?

Other Guy remains silent.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… the challenger!! He’s from… (Hesitating) “Gay Bitch Rookie Town” and weighs in at… (Still hesitating) “Oh My Dad… Beats Me” pounds. Here is Caleb Knox.

She can’t exercise the same excitement she normally does.

The fans continue to BOOOOOOOOOOOOO relentlessly.

And then Buckcherry’s "Crazy Bitch" hits the PA system.

More BOOOOOOS erupt, as well as a few catcalls, which creates a very strange ambience for such a DEVIOUS woman. Inside the ring, Osbourne Kilminster begins clapping and cheering.

Jeff Hansen: Apparently Osbourne Kilminster is a giant Sinnocence mark.

Other Guy: Are you EVER not a piece of shit, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: I assume You’re confusing piece of shit with OUTSTANDING commentator. So no, OG. I’m ALWAYS a piece of shit.

A confident, sexy Sinnocence struts out all wrapped in black leather with a look on her face that could make any man melt. Stitched into the leather across her ass is "Victory or Valhalla!", an obvious tribute to her Viking lover.

She strikes a pose, showing off the lovely gold belt around her waist before she motions behind her for her manager. The daughter of Ed Johnson, Joyce McGuire, enters from behind, a wicked grin on her pretty face. The two begin making their way down to the ring, Joyce actually stopping at one point to smack a male fan’s hand away from the stripper.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and being accompanied by her manager, Joyce McGuire…she weighs in at 158 pounds and is the SHOOT PROJECT REVOLUTION CHAMPION… Sinnocence!!

Sinnocence unbuckles the belt from around her waist as she begins to climb the stairs and onto the ring apron. She flips if over her shoulder and looks down with fake sympathy at poor, poor Caleb Knox before making her entrance. However, that look dissipates into a foreboding smile.

She’s ready to kick ass.

Osbourne quickly, and gentlemanly-like rushes over to the ring ropes and pops them open for his leather-clad lover. She smiles and gladly accepts the offer, the two falling into a short kiss once she’s inside.

Jeff Hansen: HUGE mark, Joey.

Joey C: Goddamn what a lucky son of a bitch.

They break apart and Sinnocence turns back to tell Joyce that she can go backstage with the situation obviously well in hand. Joyce looks at with just a twinge of disgust Kilminster and seems reluctant to leave her side. However, after a minute or two she nods and makes her departure.

Knox squirms on the mat, helpless, while Sinnocence takes her time handing the REVOLUTION TITLE over to Willie Dean. Kilminster rubs Sinnocence’s back and then hops out of the ring and takes a few steps back. Sinn then begins to stretch out a bit, playfully looking at her opponent.

Dean holds the title into the air and then runs over to hand the title to Brian Calahan.

Jeff Hansen: All right, folks… if you’re just tuning in… World Champion Jonny Johnson has made a BLOCKBUSTER change to our opening bout. Young ROOKIE SENSATION, Caleb Knox… The man currently blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back. Is being given a HUGE opportunity as he is going to face SHOOT Project’s Cerebral Siren… SINNOCENCE for the Revolution Title!

Dean has no idea how to work a match of this nature and just sort of stands around, obviously not wanting to mess anything up. Sinnocence, meanwhile, takes her time and struts around the ring, doing what she can to confuse an already beaten Caleb Knox.

Jeff Hansen: And here we go… Sinnocence with a sound strategy in a contest of this nature, Joey. You wanna makes sure your blindfolded opponent has no idea where you are. That’s why she’s a champion, Joey.

Joey C: No doubt. I’ve seen guys ignore the psychology of a match like this and wind up taking an errant kick to the head.

Jeff Hansen: Of course, Knox nursing a knee injury, which might limit any ability from his legs. It’s the right knee too. His dominant leg, Joey.

Caleb scratches and claws at the mat, doing anything he can to try and get himself up. But his right knee is in REAL BAD shape, making it almost impossible for him to get up. Sinnocence follows him, moving in circles like a shark honing in on its prey.

Jeff Hansen: She’s fun to watch in the ring.

Joey C: In more ways than one, Jeff.

Sinnocence moves closer and actually puts her foot down over the back of Caleb’s right knee, which causes the rookie to SCREAM IN PAIN!!! She seems startled at first, but then reaches in and does it again, except this time, she APPLIES MORE WEIGHT!!!


Now she looks like a kid who found a new toy.

Jeff Hansen: Sinnocence exposing that injured right knee. Such an SMART competitor.

Sinnocence grabs at her side and pulls a black leather whip which attached to her side, but blended in with the rest of the outfit. She smiles a little bit to herself and then CRACKS IT just a little above Caleb’s head!!! She then leans forward and WRAPS IT AROUND CALEB’S NECK!!! She brings her feet in and then steps up onto the backs of BOTH OF KNOX’S KNEES, INTERTWINING HER FEET IN A WAY THAT LOCKS HER IN!!!

Sinnocence maintains her balance and starts to pull up with the whip, rocking back and forth!!!




Caleb is absolutely SCREAMING IN PAIN!!!

Jeff Hansen: Looks like we’re seeing a brand new version of the IRON MAIDEN!!! IS KNOX GONNA TAP!??!?!

Other Guy: Jesus Christ! End this shit!

Jeff Hansen: OG CLEARLY a Sinnocence mark as well… Rooting AGAINST young Caleb Knox.

Joey C: Shit! Should I be the face guy then? Uhh… COME ON KNOX!!! GET OUT!!! COME ON KID!!!



Outside the ring, Kilminster pumps his fist and lets out an excited, “YES!” before starting to clap for his victorious woman. Sinnocence breaks the hold and “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry starts to play throughout the arena.

Willie Dean grabs the Revolution Title from Brian Calahan and goes to hand it back to Sinnocence, who is seated on the mat, smiling at her victim. She takes the title, but continues to look at Knox, while Coil makes the announcement.

Samantha Coil: (Already a little deflated) The winner of this match… and still Revolution Champion… SINNOCENCE!

After another moment or two, Sinnocence stands up. She smirks at Knox, and then turns to see Osbourne waiting for her. She smiles, and leaves the ring to find a place in his arms. The two embrace, and she can’t help but start passionately kissing him.

Jeff Hansen: What a SCENE to open what is going to be a HISTORIC evening! Sinnocence exercising some brilliant psychology to overcome a very determined Caleb Knox… Joey… Hell of a match, don’t you think.

Joey C: Oh absolutely Jeff. I know I was kinda rooting for Knox at the end there, but ya gotta hand it to Sinnocence. She EARNED it tonight.

The couple breaks away and fall into hand holding as they turn their backs on the battered Knox inside the ring, and head back up the ramp.

Jeff Hansen: Your girl Sinnocence won, OG. You gonna be a little happier now? Not such a grumpy bear?

Other Guy: Hansen, ya better stop pushin’ it, cat. I’m tryin’ to be the better man, but only so much shit a dude can take. So you wanna call this thing, fine. Do what you want. You’re the play-by-play guy. But you keep commin’ at me? I’ll fuck you up and I don’t care if I lose my job cause right now I don’t know that it’s worth keeping.

Surprisingly Jeff has nothing to come back with.

Once Sinnocence and Osbourne exit, the cameras cut elsewhere.



They can hear the crowd from outside. Not a lot, but enough to realize they’re being left out. Two of them, TOM QUINN and TIM CALAHAN do their best to ignore it, but the third… JASON RILEY picks up a nearby chipped off piece of pavement and HURLS IT OUT INTO THE PARKING LOT!

Riley: This is fucking gay. I bet he’s not even gonna show up… In fact, I hope he’s already inside and kicking the…

Quinn tries to keep him quiet.

Rogue: Dude. Jonny probably has cameras out here. Chill the fuck out, okay?

Riley shakes his head and throws another rock out into the lot.

Riley: AHHHHH! (Turning back to his Friends after throwing the rock) This is bullshit guys. Not only do we have to wrestle a fucked up match in like thirty minutes and have to miss RAPE A BITCH ON A POLE… we’re stuck on Jester duty. We should be defending our fucking TAG TEAM TITLES and putting bitches in their place. Jester’s JONNY’S PROBLEM not ours.

Calahan tries to correct him.

Super Fan: He’s not a PROBLEM…

Riley look at Tim in disgust in disbelief.

Riley: Oh fucking SHUT UP! Jonny’s fucking scared of Smiles and YOU KNOW IT!. He’s afraid of what he represents. The idea of a united front. A man willing to watch someone else win the World Title if it meant all of us… Jonny was out of fucking power. Jonny’s never been more afraid in his LIFE so don’t feed me the company line.

He doesn’t want to stop there.

Riley: Not a problem… FUCK YOU. If he wasn’t a problem, why are we out here? Were we staking shit out when Cade came after him? No. What about Corazon? NOPE. You can say Sons of Liberty… SONS OF LIBERTY and he won’t flinch. You say Smiles and he turns white as a fucking GHOST.

Calahan doesn’t say anything.

Riley: Tell me I’m wrong.

Calahan stares back at Riley, but it takes him a few seconds before he can reply.

Super Fan: You’re wrong. Okay? You’re wrong.

Riley blows off the response as nothing more than a bail out.

Riley: You fucking coward.

Calahan gets a little on edge now.

Super Fan: Ya know what, man? (Moving closer) If you hate this shit so much, why don’t you go find Donovan King and fight it then? Huh? Why don’t you go fight for the other side since you clearly couldn’t give a FLYING FUCK about loyalty!

Riley doesn’t react well to the aggressive behavior and shoves Calahan back.

Riley: Maybe I WILL!

Quinn finally sighs and steps in the middle of the situation before anything can happen.

Rogue: STOP IT! Jesus Christ

He glares at both of his partners.

Rogue: This is why we’re out here… (Pausing, shaking his head, looking at the ground) Let’s just do our job. We don’t have to like it, but would you rather have your hands tied behind your back and get the shit kicked out of you? That’s what we’re up against. It’s either this or TOTAL FUCKING HELL. And I don’t want to deal with the ladder. I don’t think any of us do.

Riley and Calahan seem to be okay with Quinn’s reasoning, though neither man is super quick to physically acknowledge it.

Rogue: We see Eric… We fucking kill him. Like Jonny said. It doesn’t matter why he wants it that way. We KILL HIM…

“So, who’re we killing?”

The camera pans over and reveals JESTER SMILES. Even out in the parking lot, you can hear the fans cheering loudly. Jester is wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt that reads "I AM MAKE U CRY". But the most noticeable thing is that he has a baseball bat resting over his shoulders.

Jester Smiles: Cuz, you know, I’m down for a good killing.

Caught COMPLETELY off guard, Quinn, Riley and Calahan turn around and immediately show off their discontent. They stay in an even line, blocking off the entrance, but not exactly willing to throw down under these conditions.

Riley: You son of a bitch.

Quinn smirks.

Rogue: I smell an assault charge.

Calahan laughs as well.

Super Fan: (Taunting) Do it, Clown.

Jester grins.

Jester Smiles: Hey champs and…Tim. How’s it going? Nice night out, but, I’d imagine it’s nicer inside. So, what’re you guys doing out here? You know, all the beer and bitches and what not would be inside. Not in the parking lot.

Wow, Jonny really doesn’t like you guys having fun, does he? Eh, Riles, ya feelin’ me here?

Jester winks at Riley.

Quinn, expecting an outburst, immediately grabs Riley and pulls him back. Riley actually keeps his cool, but it’s debatable whether he would without a little help from his buddy. Calahan tenses up, while Quinn tries to take charge of this situation.

Rogue: You know we have orders to make life hell for you. We’re not worried about law suits because… quite frankly, you’re not that kind of guy. So how do you want this to go down, Eric? And small talk isn’t an option.

Jester keeps smiling.

Jester Smiles: Wow, not only does JONNY speak for you guys, but, but…fucking ROGUE speaks for you guys? Man, come on Riley, do you have any balls left at all?

Jester shrugs.

Jester Smiles: I want you to move, and I’m going to get by, boys. If I swing at you, it’s assault. If I simply protect myself with, you know, a baseball bat that I just so happen to have with me after a good evening of baseball with some community children. So, you can move aside and we can all go our seperate ways, or you can try to stop me, and, well, you MIGHT get the upper hand. You MIGHT over power me.

But it’ll cost you, and…can you really afford to lose to Mark Kendrick?

Jester takes a step forward, looking Quinn eye to eye.

Jester Smiles: Go Lions!

Quinn takes a deep breath, and Riley of all people grabs him by the shoulder.

Riley: Let the bitch inside, dude.

Looking at Smiles now, Riley has more words left to throw out.

Riley: And then we’ll find him. Simple as that.

All three guys stand their ground, watching Smiles, waiting for his next move.

Jester laughs.

Jester Smiles: You boys are gentlemen and scholars.

Jester walks forward, staring straight at the door. Once his arms bump into RnRnSF, he stops.

Jester Smiles: Have fun tonight.

With the trio allowing just enough GIVE, Jester pushes past and keeps moving, keeping his neck craned to make sure he can see RnRnSF out of the corner of his eyes. Neither Quinn, Riley nor Calahan initially turn around, and Smiles enters the building unfazed.

They all stand still for another second or two.

Super Fan: He bit.

Riley turns around, still annoyed.

Riley: Let’s get the fuck inside. We have a match.

Quinn checks over the parking lot one last time, and then follows the other two guys inside, thus leaving the scene empty, and forcing the camera crew to move elsewhere.


Shinya and Maya, TRES BIEN, stood outside the door of a locker room. Shinya was wearing a tight pink shirt and Maya a black shirt of the same variety, both with their respective names on them in a black glitter and pink bubble text. Maya was hugging on to Shinya’s arm with a worried look on his face.

Maya: What if they say no…?

Shinya patted Maya on the head, he had a smile on his face but it seemed somewhat unconvincing.

Shinya: That’s their prerogative, Maya…

Shinya took a deep breath before knocking on the door, this time significantly more heavy. As he knocked on the door the angle shifts to the faceplate on the door…LIHC.

The door opened with a start, and Jared Walsh stood, wearing an LIHC T-shirt, a black bandanna over his hair. His face is still scarred up, the scars standing out in a bright pink.

Jared Walsh: What the hell do you wa– Oh, hey, guys. C’mon in.

Jared walks back, and we see an aluminum garbage can, with fluorescent light tubes and a kendo stick poking out the top. CJ Nelson sits on a bench, with a spool of barbed wire, wrapping it tightly around a wooden baseball bat.

CJ Nelson: Sup.

Maya almost cowers behind Shinya at first; they seemed so different when they were getting ready like this. Shinya also seemed a little uneasy but wrestling in Japan so much…he was at least used to seeing these sorts of weaponry.

Shinya: We’re sorry to bother you while you prepare for your match…but we wanted to ask you something. We know Rogue and Riley took your titles from you when they didn’t win. So, were kinda wondering if maybe…well…

Shinya’s eyes sort of wandered to the lower left corner, he seemed almost embarrassed of asking what he wanted to ask. Maya could tell and while still hiding behind Maya like a scared child spoke…

Maya: Is…is it ok…if we try to get your titles back?

Jared: Well, we put out the challenge last week, and nobody else has answered that we know of.

CJ didn’t look up, just kept wrapping the coil of wire around the bat.

CJ: Go for it. If you get ’em, you get a shot at ’em.

Jared: That’s the deal. That is, of course, assuming nobody beats you to it.

Shinya took a half step backwards…watching CJ wrap barbwire like that was starting to make him feel uneasy. They were so out of place here. But these were their friends, even if they were a little scary.

Shinya: We just wanted to make sure it was okay with you guys…we respect you guys a lot and we didn’t want to do something that would make you mad at us.

Maya poked his head out over Shinya’s shoulder, only his bright blonde hair and his eyes were visible. He looked a little scared as well.

Maya: We just…we just want to help.

Jared smiles, lifting a pool cue from against the wall, and resting it on his shoulder.

Jared: No worries. That’s what friends are for, right?

CJ chuckled a little, clipping the barbed wire off, and dropping the bat into the can, followed by the rest of the spool.

CJ: Yeah. Friends are good like that. Pass the duct tape.

Jared tossed him a roll of duct tape, which he also dropped into the can.

Shinya smiles awkwardly, Maya was still hiding behind Shinya as they both made their way out the door. However, Maya’s head popped back through the frame of the door.

Maya: I hope you’re feeling better Mr. Jared…and good luck.

Jared: You can just call me Jared, we’re friends. And thanks. Good luck to you too.

CJ: Do us a favor and get the belts. We’d rather face you than some other jackasses.

Maya: Okay…Jared…

A light smile, rather genuine, filled up Maya’s face as he nodded his head like a little boy and ran off to catch up with Shinya.

Jared and CJ looked at each other.

Jared: Think they can do it?

CJ: If they can’t, they’re gonna catch a beating in the attempt. Gotta give ’em credit on that.

Jared just nods his head in agreement and both men go back to getting prepared for their match up later tonight.


After seeing what happened in the opening bout, SHOOT Project interview extraordinaire ERYK MASTERS, still with a job for the next two weeks, hurries down the Thomas and Mack hallways backstage. He appears to be enroute for SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON’S LOCKER ROOM.

A team of three camera men follow behind him, and he tries to pick up the pace, thus creating a fairly shaky view.

He turns a corner, but suddenly stops, his thigh bumping into the corner of a desk. Masters makes a sudden stop and grabs at his leg, and the cameramen sort of awkwardly stumble into him.

Eryk Masters: Ah! Damnit.

Masters looks up and sees IRON FIST CHAMPION, OSBOURNE KILMINSTER sitting at the desk he just ran into it, feet up, watching the crew with a slight grin. Next to Osbourne, guarding the The World Champion’s Door are two GIANT security guards.

Masters is confused and flustered.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is all of this?

Kilminster nonchalantly looks over to the guards and then back to Masters.

Osbourne Kilminster: This is a security plan, Masters. Ross, Tyler. Meet Eryk Masters.

The guards glance to Masters and nod, but don’t say anything.

Masters looks over to Kilminster.

Eryk Masters: I need to get a word with Jonny, Oz.

Kilminster raises his eyebrows.

Osbourne Kilminster: Need? (Shaking his head) No. I don’t think so, Eryk. See, I’m Head of Security tonight and, well, your name’s not down on my list to so much as knock on that door.

Masters scans the empty desk, where there CLEARLY isn’t a visible list.

Eryk Masters: There’s a list?!

The Iron Fist Champion smiles and reclines in his seat.

Osbourne Kilminster: There is now… and you’re not on it.

Eryk Masters: You son of a-

Kilminster puts his hands up.

Osbourne Kilminster: Woah woah woah! No need for any of that, Mr. Masters. It won’t get you anywhere. Go on, get out of here before I give you a Wake-Up Call. Lads, send him on his way!

Masters shakes his head as the two security guards grab him by the collar of his shirt and lead him away down the corridor whilst Osbourne smiles and waves.

Osbourne Kilminster: I could get used to this…


From there, the scene fades in to Trevor Worrens’s locker room just moments before he must defend his Laws of Survival Championship. Worrens is sitting in the back while a trainer checks on his shoulder. As Trevor waits, there is a knock on the door.

Worrens looks to the door, shifting away from the personal trainer slightly.

Trevor Worrens: It’s open.

The door opens revealing Jester Smiles. He has a grin on his face, but it’s a fake grin. He looks down right pissed.

Jester Smiles: Heya buuuuddy! I know you’ve got a big match coming up, you know, rapin’ bitches on poles and what not, but, just need to ask ya something real quick.

You got something you need to fucking say?

Jester leans in the doorway, arms crossed, and  he loses the smile.

Worrens simply sighs. He then turns to the personal trainer, motioning to him to give them a minute. He nods his head and walks out of view.  At the same time, Worrens drops down off the small examining table and grabs a gray t-shirt that is draped over the back of a folding chair.  He doesn’t hesitate one bit walking right up to Jester.

Trevor Worrens: I did have something to say, yeah. And I said it, Eric.  My turn.  You come in here with your seething anger hidden behind a grin so out with it.

He pulls back from Jester slightly.

Trevor Worrens: What do you need to say.

Jester just stares at Trevor.

Jester Smiles: You think you’re better than everyone, don’t ya. You’re way of thinking is vastly superior, isn’t it? And so, you are the right man, aren’t you? You have the right mindset with everything going on, so YOU should have the title shot. I’m so naïve and weak, YOU should be the taking the shot at Jonny.

So, why aren’t you?

Worrens just shakes his head.

Trevor Worrens: Listen to yourself, Eric. Did I once say I was the man for the job? No. But you’ll say I implied it, and I’ll say no I didn’t… and we can argue this until we’re blue in the face… but LISTEN UP!

Worrens shouts right at Jester.

Trevor Worrens: The whole world is going to coddle you, put you on a pedestal, because they believe in you.  they don’t understand the reality of the situation.  the media blitz won’t understand the reality of the situation.  They’re going to say you’ll beat Jonny Johnson no matter what.

And I want you to keep some grounded reality in the back of that head of yours that has you asking… WHAT IF I DON’T!"

Worrens seems to get more and more emotional.

Trevor Worrens:  I expressed my concern because you don’t see it.  Even now, you’ve gotten caught up in it, Eric.  I never said I was the man for the job, but this is proof of why I don’t think you are the man either.

You get wrapped up, Eric. In everything.  And I don’t want to see Jonny Johnson do to you, what I’ve seen him do to other people.  And if you want to hate me because of that, then fucking fine, Eric.

Jester Smiles: You didn’t answer the fucking question. Why haven’t you taken a shot at Jonny, Trevor? You don’t HAVE an answer for that. I’ve got my shot at the World Title. It doesn’t HAVE to be Jonny Johnson I’m facing at WAR. It could be any of you claiming that I’m going to get beaten down and broken. You, Davis, Cade, whoever the fuck wants it, why aren’t you going and TAKING IT!?

Why, Trevor? Hmmm. Two fucking months! Cade got a shot, and he was out of Master of the Mat EARLY, and he STILL got his shot at the World Title. So, why are you waiting?

You’re bitching. Stop. Either shut the fuck up, or do something.

Jester turns like he’s about to leave. But he stops.

Jester Smiles: Oh, and, by the way. You didn’t lose because it was my crowd. You didn’t lose because this wasn’t a crazy gimmick of the Laws of Survival. You didn’t lose because I ‘wanted’ it more or ‘needed’ it more.

You lost because, on that night, I was the better man. You could have been the better man, but you weren’t.

Take the shot, or shut up.

Feeling he’s said enough, Jester walks out. As Jester leaves, the scene fades out.


Coming back to the ring, the focus is placed on Jeff Hansen, Joey C., and Other Guy. While Jeff and Joey look ready for the night to continue, Other Guy slouches off to the side, absolutely disgusted.

Other Guy: I’m not saying this shit, Jeff.

Jeff’s focus goes to Other Guy for a moment and gives him an annoyed look. Joey C, situated in between the two, brings his loose sense of professionalism to take over.

Joey C.: Well here it is, a match up that holds a hell of a lot of prestige and one that’s gonna be history in the making here tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Exactly, Joey. SHOOT Project has given us a lot of garbage trying to be passed off as in ring entertainment… only to fail miserably. But that is NOT the case tonight as the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion himself is bringing his OWN creation to the organization, and we’ll be witnessing the very first Rape A Bitch On a Pole match here in SHOOT.

Other Guy rolls his eyes.

Joey C.: This stipulation first showed up in OPW, and while I never watched that crap who could resist seein’ Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis pop this match’s cherry.

Jeff Hansen: Nobody could, Joey, nobody could. Unfortunately we’re stuck with two backstage complainers in the form of Trevor Worrens and Cade Sydal and not an athlete of Jonny’s caliber, but hey at least the match concept itself SHOULD keep us entertained.

Other Guy: I think it’s the other way around, if ya ask me. Ya got two of SHOOT’s finest soldiers in this Laws of Survival Championship match, and it’s their presence that’s gonna take away from the ridiculous nature of the match itself.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah well you’re entitled to your opinions, and mine is that you should get a real name. But that’s neither here or there. It’s time for the Laws of Survival Championship to be put on the line and let’s just hope the fans can SURVIVE having to witness an emo and a druggie fighting it out.

Joey C.: It’s like High School all over again!

The bell sounds throughout the Thomas and Mack Center and the focus shifts to the ring. Samantha Coil stands alongside referee Ron Wellington, but the camera only focuses on them for a short moment before cutting to a high angle shot of a female blow up doll hanging down from a ten foot steel pole that juts out of the upper right corner post.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is… (she hesitates and already the boos begin to sound loudly)A… rape a bitch on a pole match.


Joey C.: No love for the bitch and the pole, but to me it seems like a perfectly acceptable Saturday night.

Other Guy: These fans deserve better than this, and you two damn well know that.

Jeff Hansen: Tell me how this is any different from any other INSANE Laws of Survival match this company has produced? What you want a steel cage and suddenly this becomes a respectable match? Come on the entire LoS division is a load of crock.

With the crowd seemingly refusing to settle down, Samantha Coil has no choice but to continue announcing, though she can barely be heard.

Samantha Coil: And it is for the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Championship!

“Broken Bones” by nonpoint plays throughout the arena now, causing the mood to change drastically. AN ERUPTION of cheers echoes from wall to wall and the Revolution video screen lights up and shows the dragon symbol representing Cade Sydal. Sydal BURSTS out from the back, but where we’d normally see clips of Cade in action, all we see is a constant loop of Sydal being hit with The Demoralization Process at the hands of SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Jonny Johnson. Cade makes his way down to the ring and hearing some of the fans booing once again. Cade looks over his shoulder to see the footage and he shakes his head with absolute disgust.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in tonight at 179 pounds… here is CADE SYDAL!!!

Cade walks slowly to the ring now, tagging hands with some of the eager fans who reach over the guard railing. He walks around the entirety of the ring, looking up every so often at the blow up doll hanging high overhead. He again shakes his head and looks down at the ground.

Jeff Hansen: Here we go, Cade challenging tonight for emo sensation Trevor Worrens’s title, but he doesn’t look too happy to be out here.

Joey C.: If this is the kind of energy he’s bringing to the ring, no WONDER he didn’t beat Jonny at Master of the Mat.

Cade jogs up the lower right corner ring steps and vaults over the top rope, only to quickly turn back around and ascend to the second turnbuckle and look out over the sold out crowd. The cheering continues to echo loudly throughout the Thomas and Mack Center and Cade hops down off the turnbuckle and makes use of the ropes for stretching out.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Cade’s music cuts out and is immediately replaced by “Anthem For The Underdog” by 12 Stones. The crowd continues to cheer, though not nearly as loud as before. Gray pyros shoot off above the Revolution screen, but rain down over the entryway instead of rocketing up towards the rafters. As the smoke settles from the eruption, Trevor Worrens walks out from the back with the Laws of Survival Championship slung over his shoulder.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the current reigning and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens’s normal entrance video is replaced with a shitty power point presentation of frowning emo kids. However, Worrens doesn’t even take notice though as he walks straight ahead, focused solely on Cade Sydal.

Other Guy: You gotta be kidding me? What does Jonny got production in his back pocket too?

Joey C.: He does for these next two weeks.

Jeff Hansen: And rightfully so, this program is in STALE need of a revamp from a production standpoint as well. Plus I’m sure Trevor Worrens is happy to see all his friends up there on the video screen.

Other Guy: Un-fucking-believable.

Jeff Hansen: Believe it, Guy, because this is reality in the making!

Worrens grabs the second rope and pulls himself up to the ring edge, walks the full length of the ring and from the outside, ascends the lower left corner post and hoists his title high over head, letting it hang vertically by the strap. The fans pop for the display of the championship title. Worrens nods his head, feeling the energy of the crowd tonight. He drops down inside the ring and approaches Ron Wellington. Worrens hands off the title to the referee who then hoists it up in between both Worrens and Cade. From there, the Laws of Survival Championship is taken out of the ring by Samantha Coil and Worrens and Cade respectfully shake hands.

Joey C.: Gotta appreciate the respect though amongst like mind.

Jeff Hansen: That’s what Jonny Johnson brings out in people. And while THAT Guy (motioning to Other Guy) is complaining about this First Ever in SHOOT, it’s nice that both Cade and Trevor are holding back the tears until AFTER the match is said and done.

Other Guy: I swear Jeff… ya know what, fuck it.

Wellington signals for the bell just as Worrens and Cade break away from one another.

Joey C.: That’s exactly what one of these two are gonna do to that doll!

Jeff Hansen: Boy howdy are they!

Cade and Worrens immediately begin to circle the ring, engaging in a feeling out period as they move opposite one another. Cade fakes a lunge in, stopping momentarily, but Worrens doesn’t flinch and continues circling. Cade quickly pivots though switching up his direction and Worrens does a quick side step towards the left side edge of the ring.

Other Guy: You mentioned firsts, well how bout this for a first… first time Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens are in one on one action. Two top fighters finally gettin’ to lock up. Regardless of this farce of a match at least they’re gonna give us a show.

Jeff Hansen: All thanks to the creative mind of THE SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Finally Cade and Worrens lock up, dashing from opposite corners, Cade quickly works Worrens out of the grapple though, twisting his left arm downwards while spinning his body around and holding Worrens’s left wrist. He pushes down with the wristlock, but Worrens twists his arm around the other way then quickly brings a knee right into Cade’s mid-section. Cade doubles over and Worrens just lifts him right back up into his full vertical base and then whips him into the ropes.

Cade comes bouncing back quickly and Worrens goes for another hard knee strike, but Cade DIVES over Worrens’s lifted knee and rolls down behind him, SPRINGS up to his feet and lands a low angle dropkick to the back of both of Worrens’s legs! Worrens falls down onto the mat and Cade looks to the corner where the blow-up doll hangs from the ten foot pole but he shakes his head and turns back to face Worrens instead, only for Worrens to spring up to his feet and fire a STIFF palm strike to Cade’s face!

Jeff Hansen: Cade hesitated to go for the doll, proof that he doesn’t have the drive to be a champion after all.

Joey C.: I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean EVERYBODY has seen far worse on television, what’s the harm in a little man on blow-up doll action?

As Cade stumbles back Worrens swings with another palm strike, but Cade ducks under and quickly runs at the ropes. Worrens spins around and Cade LEAPS with a flying forearm, knocking Worrens down onto the mat. Worrens right back up to his feet though only for Cade to DRILL him with a high kick to the head! Worrens stumbles off to the side, almost losing his balance and Cade follows right after him, taking him by the arm and he sends him into the down ring ropes…

No Worrens spins all the way around turning Cade so his back is to Worrens. Worrens then SHOVES Cade forward into the ropes and Cade hits sternum first, he staggers backwards into a knee strike to the back from Worrens! Cade arches in pain and then Worrens maneuvers his body and takes Cade down with an inverted backbreaker.

Jeff Hansen: Hard backbreaker executed there and I think we might have our first doll grab attempt by the Laws of Survival Champion.

Sure enough, with Cade down, Worrens starts towards the corner, only for the fans to begin to boo loudly. Worrens doesn’t seem to care one way or another about their reaction as he starts to climb up the turnbuckles to get closer to the blow-up doll.

Joey C.: These fans seem to be turning on the Champion… wow…

Other Guy: They ain’t turnin’ on Worrens, nobody wants to see these two fight under THESE circumstances.

Jeff Hansen: careful there, getting a little wordy. But Joey might be right. Earlier it was Jester going sour on Worrens and now we’ve got a fan base that clearly… Hold the phone, Sydal back up to his feet and he’s going after Worrens!

Cade grabs Worrens by the leg now, trying to pull him down off the top turnbuckle. Worrens looks over his shoulder and looks to kick Cade away from him, but as he kicks his leg out, Cade side steps it and hooks his arm under…. TWSITING HIS BODY AS HE SNAPS WORRENS OFF THE CORNER AND DOWN TO THE MAT!

Joey C.: Ho! That was something! I have no clue what you call it, but it was something!

Jeff Hansen: Some sort of modified leg screw whip… but whatever it was Cade maybe deciding to grow a set here and really give this match his all.

Other Guy: Cade ain’t someone to back down from a fight, Jeff. He’s proven that time and time again.

Jeff Hansen: Oh? See I thought he was just proving that he can lose with the best of them.

Worrens rocks back and forth on the mat, but after a moment starts to sit up. Cade runs into the up ring ropes, bounces off for extra momentum and then NAILS a sitting dropkick right to Worrens’s face. Worrens’s body snaps back down onto the mat, and he clutches at his face while Cade now, looks to the blow-up doll once again as he stands up. He places his hands on his hips shaking his head yet again, and the fans once more boo loudly.

“THIS IS BULLSHIT!” clap clap clap-clap-clap! “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” clap clap clap-clap-clap.

Other Guy: Gotta love the voice of the SHOOT Project faithful.

Jeff Hansen: No you don’t, and I know I don’t appreciate this LEWD disrespect being shown to our competitors here tonight.

Cade nods his head, showing that he agrees with the fans, but then after the moment of hesitation he starts to climb. Cade is up on the top turnbuckle, but as he reaches up, the foot of the blow up doll is just out of reach. Cade stands nearly on the tip of his toes, straining to get a firm hold of the blow-up doll… but now Worrens back in the thick of things. He climbs up behind Cade and he looks to SMASH Cade’s face into the steel pole, but Cade puts out both his arms to stop himself… only to fire backward with a blind elbow shot. Worrens ducks it and LIFTS Cade up… the fans on the edge of their seat…

Cade is DUMPED to the mat, but he FLIPS through and lands on his feet! Cade doesn’t have time to react though as Worrens turns and LEAPS from the top rope with a clothesline that knocks Cade down and Worrens hits the mat right at the same time!

Joey C.: Both men right back to square one… but c’mon with it already someone get that doll and let’s see some thrustin’!

Jeff Hansen: Glad to see you wore your eager cap today, Joey. That Guy needs to take a note or two on your kind of enthusiasm.

Other Guy: You’ll see that when the two weeks of Jonny-lution are over.

Jeff Hansen: Hey let’s not make this personal… Laws of Survival Championship on the line here tonight and both champion and challenger have made an attempt for the doll but both have failed thus far.

Worrens is up to his feet and he looks between Cade and the pole, trying to make a decision. As Cade starts to sit up though, Worrens moves towards him, pulling Cade right up into a front face headlock. Cade pushes all his weight into Worrens though, backing him up into the ropes, but Worrens FIRES down across Cade’s back with a single axe handle shot. Cade stumbles back, still bent over and Worrens looks to send Cade out of the ring, but as he tries to dump Cade through. Cade wraps his arms around the middle rope and LIFTS his legs up, catching Worrens around the neck. Worrens struggles and Cade pushes off the ropes and then twists his body FLIPPING Worrens down onto the mat with a make-shift hurricanrana!

The crowd pops for the exciting execution of the move and Cade springs back up to his feet a second before Worrens is up to his. Cade charges, and UNLEASHES down with a flurry of kicks to Worrens’s legs and ribs. Worrens sways with a wince of pain every time a kick connects and he gets out of it though, by dodging one kick and then PLANTING Cade on the mat with a quick STO takedown.

Jeff Hansen: Worrens bringing out the counter moves here tonight, doing what he has to do to keep Cade on the mat and give him clearing to get to the HEART of this match, and that’s the brunette blow up doll hanging about fifteen feet above the ring.

Cade rocks back and forth on the mat, clutching at the back of his head and Worrens in turn starts towards the upper right corner once again. He climbs and reaches the top turnbuckle, and he gets a grip on the doll’s foot, but as he pulls it seems like the doll it stuck and not coming unfastened from the chain!

Joey C.: Looks like Worrens is havin’ a little trouble with the doll…

Jeff Hansen: Cade looks to be hurting though, Joey, as he got driven pretty hard down onto the mat. Worrens may have given himself some extra time to… nevermind… Worrens climbing back down and it appears he’s having second thoughts.

Worrens is back on the mat now as he looks up at the doll, then back to Cade. Cade works on getting up to his feet and as he does so, Worrens exits the ring, only to flip the ring apron up.

Other Guy: Or maybe he’s finding another way to get the job done.

Jeff Hansen: That just might be the case as THAT guy mentions, Worrens pulling out a ladder from underneath the ring.

Joey C.: Smart thinkin’.

The crowd picks up, buzzing with excitement now as Worrens starts to slide the ladder into the ring, but HERE COMES CADE…. BASEBALL SLIDE INTO THE EDGE OF THE LADDER AND IT SMACKS WORRENS RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Other Guy: Damn! What a shot there and that’s a wake up call to the champ.

Jeff Hansen: Good to see you’re coming around.

Other Guy: Not to your side no, but this match just picked up a level of intensity!

Worrens clutches at his face, having richoeted off the end of the ladder after it was JAMMED into his face. Cade gets up to his feet, straddles the ladder as he grips the top rope and then he VAULTS over the top looking for a cross body splash, but Worrens PUSHES UP on the other end of the ladder and Cade CRASHES INTO IT! Worrens steps to the side and drops it down and Cade rolls down the newly created decline, clutching at his mid-section in pain. Worrens once more picks up the ladder and now slides the entire thing into the ring. He then turns back to Cade and lifts him up to his feet only to whip him into the corner post from the outside! Cade bounces right off, spinning to the side before collapsing to the ground!

Jeff Hansen: the Laws of Survival Champion has the advantage here and all he has to do is set up that ladder and he’s on a one way trip to rape and victory.

Other Guy: That some sorta twisted take on honor and glory, Jeff?

Joey C.: He always this lame, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: Far as I know.

Worrens is back in the ring now and with a potential end in sight, he lifts up the ladder and opens it up… situating it just a few inches away from the corner post. The fans once again begin to boo, but Worrens just starts to climb the ladder rung by rung, only stopping a minute as he sways a bit.

Jeff Hansen: From the looks of things Worrens maybe knocked for more than a loop after eating a face full of ladder, but he steadies himself and this one could be as good as over, Joey.

Joey C.: Don’t jump the gun just yet. Worrens in position to retrieve the doll, but this one don’t end until that doll is sufficiently raped.

Jeff Hansen: As a reminder we here on Jonny-lution don’t CONDONE rape, but it is a known fact that the SHOOT Project constantly RAPES it’s fans of their money by offering lack luster performances by names nobody cares about.

Worrens is about three rungs away from the top of the eight foot ladder, but outside Cade is up… the fans come back to life as the inevitable raping of a doll could be postponed just a little bit longer. Worrens up to the top rung, he’s reaching… and Sydal LEAPS up onto the ring apron and… yes… starts to shimmy up the steel pole from the outside!

Joey C.: Uhh… hate to root for this guy, but seriously that’s one HELL of a display of agility and balance!

Jeff Hansen: Hey you give em props. Cade might be inferior to Jonny Johnson, but that doesn’t mean he’s inferior to everyone. Cade climbing up and Worrens still reaching for the doll.

The fans are on their feet now as Cade is almost eye-to-eye with Worrens, and then suddenly he kicks both his legs out around each side of the pole and catches Worrens around the neck and in turn his extended left arm!

Other Guy: Oh shit! Cade has an arm-bar submission locked on Worrens!

Joey C.: You don’t see that everyday… not like this!

Jeff Hansen: Definitely and Worrens’s chances have just been sufficiently decreased.

Worrens shouts in pain, but given there are no submissions or pin falls in this match, referee Ron Wellington has to just sit and watch, as does everyone else. Cade nearly hangs upside down as he switches from holding onto the pole to holding onto Worrens’s left arm, while Worrens is forced to grab onto the pole with his right arm to keep from both men loosing their balance! Worrens body is tugged downwards as Cade is nearly hanging completely upside down, legs around the pole still though which is the only thing keeping him in the air.

The fans buzz with nervous concern as Worrens sways a bit, body now fully leaning against the pole as well. Worrens struggles, using his right arm to try to pry Cade’s legs from around the pole… and as he does so, Cade has no choice but to release Worrens’s arm from his grip and quickly grab the pole once more with both hands. He lets go of his legs and lets them double over and he flips downwards, just BARELY landing on the top turnbuckle edge. Worrens holds his left arm in pain and Cade drops from the top turnbuckle to the ring edge, then enters the ring.

Other Guy: Earlier ya said you don’t think Cade has what it takes, well what do you think now, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: That this match isn’t over and while I know you’re one hundred percent pro Cade, you can’t rule either of these two out of this match.

Cade looks to push the ladder over now, forcing Worrens to drop down from it so he doesn’t fall with the ladder. The ladder crashes down onto the mat and Worrens comes at Cade, only for Cade to spin around and fire a blind kick right into Worrens’s gut! Worrens doubles over and Cade turns around, hooks Worrens quickly… tries for a DDT…


Worrens shoves Cade through, only to wince in pain himself from pushing that quickly with his right arm.

Jeff Hansen: Worrens already nursing a sore right shoulder, and after Cade worked that arm bar, I can’t imagine his left arm is feeling that much better.

Joey C.: That’s strategy though, hard to fight without full use of your arms.

Jeff Hansen: Right on the money, Joey. Especially with Worrens known for using a lot of palm strikes to the head… now… each shot thrown may cause more pain the Laws of Survival Champion.

Worrens ignores the pain after a moment, and turns away from Cade and goes for the ladder right away. Only this time he sets it up on a slant against the upper left corner post instead. He then goes back to Cade, pulls him up and grabs him immediately by the back of the head. He quickly walks Cade towards the ladder, looking to slam his head down, but Cade sticks out a leg, stopping the movement. Cade then grabs the back of Worrens’s head, looking to send Worrens into the ladder instead…

But then Worrens turns through the movement, turning Cade and then IMMEDIATELY snaps back with a Russian Leg Sweep that sends CADE BACK AND HEAD FIRST INTO THE ANGLED LADDER!

Other Guy: Big time impact there and I think this thing went back in Worrens’s favor.

Jeff Hansen: It probably hurt you to say that.

Other Guy: Nah, I got respect for a cat like Worrens, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but you like Cade more because he fought Jonny Johnson and you’re biased like that. It’s cool, Joey and I both understand.

With Cade writhing while on a slight angle, Worrens gets up to his feet and now goes for another attempt at the blow-up doll. At this point the fans are just buzzing with excitement overall as both Cade and Worrens continue to pull off unexpected moments. Worrens climbs up the turnbuckles and once more struggles a bit with the way the blow-up doll is chained to the steel pole. He stretches up as far as he can, but has to pull his right arm back after a bit of pain shoots through him. Worrens starts reaching up with the left arm, stretching up more… and Cade now comes back into the match, and he brings the ladder right along with him.

Worrens doesn’t see Cade and Cade drops the ladder down so it rests up against the top turnbuckle. Worrens looks over hi shoulder, having felt the ladder hit his leg… only to see Cade MAKING A MAD DASH FOR HIM!

Other Guy: INCOMING!!!!

Cade RUNS UP THE LADDER AND ALMOST LEAPS OVER Worrens, landing on his shoulders, legs on each side of the pole! He grabs frantically at the doll as now Worrens holds his legs… Cade has the doll though… Cade has it… but WORRENS WHIPS HIS BODY BACK WITH AN ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP!



Jeff Hansen: The Doll’s down! The Doll’s down!

Other Guy: Listen to this crowd. Ya can hate on SHOOT and anything NOT Jonny Johnson all you want… but this crowd is collective proof that THIS is where it’s at, Jeff!

HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! The crowd chants wildly as both Worrens and Cade roll off the ladder, landing on opposite sides. Both men are racked with pain, but slowly and surely Worrens crawls to the up ring ropes and starts to pull himself up, clenching his teeth together. Cade goes towards the right side ring ropes, doing the same, trying to pull himself up.

Joey C.: Wow… these two just nearly broke their bodies in half and they’re going to keep fighting?

Jeff Hansen: Huh… well I…

Other Guy: Don’t got the words and the taunts now, do ya boys?

Worrens is up first, then Cade. Both men look at each other, but then they look across the ring to where the doll is laying on the mat. The crowd is still chanting and buzzing with complete shock and excitement and as if a starter gun went off, Cade and Worrens BOTH run towards the blow-up doll!

Joey C.: Are we in for a photo finish?!?

Cade puts on a burst of speed, running past the doll… bounces off the ropes and just as Worrens goes for the doll Cade JUMPS with a Lou Thez Press! Worrens quickly shoves Cade off to the side, and scrambles for the doll… and Cade pulls back with an ankle lock attempt… no! Worrens turns his body and kicks Cade in the stomach. Cade loses his hold on Worrens ankle and Worrens up to his feet! He charges with a clothesline… no! Cade ducks and now he goes for the doll, but Worrens turns quickly, grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around!

Knee to the left thigh. Knee to the right thigh. Knee to the gut! Cade is wobbling and now Worrens fires with a STIFF palm strike to the sternum, then he CLOCKS Cade with a hooking palm shot to the face! Cade spins around but as Worrens winds up with a standing clothesline, Cade spins all the way around and delivers one of his own at the SAME TIME!

Other Guy: The double clothesline and Cade and Worrens just took each other down!

Joey C.: This is nuts!

Cade rocks back and forth on the mat, while Worrens stares straight up at the rafters, breathing heavily. Worrens stirs, but its Cade who rolls over onto his stomach first and tries to push up… Worrens looks over and sees this and digs down deep for a second wind. He scrambles towards Cade now and quickly locks on a camel clutch submission, but Cade thinking a second ahead and slides his body out before Worrens can really lock it on. Worrens turns around and Cade with a kick to the left side of the ribs, then to the right, then a low kick to the knee! Worrens hobbles and Cade turns to get the blow-up doll… but Worrens stops him again, grabbing him by the shoulder and trying to pull him back.

Cade breaks free and JUMPS forward, DIVING at the blow-up doll but Worrens grabs both of Cade’s legs just as Cade touches the doll. Worrens uses all his strength to lift Cade up JUST by the legs… but as Cade is lifted up he bends his body, hooks his arm around Worrens’s neck and takes Worrens down with a sitting bulldog face plant! Cade immediately kicks out his leg trying to get it on top of the doll to pull it in close, but Worrens is still there and he tries to push past Cade to get to the doll… jolting him and the doll ends up getting KICKED OUT OF THE RING!

Jeff Hansen: And this one still continues and the doll pushed further out of reach!

Other Guy: These guys are gonna keep fighting, though, Jeff. They’re not about to let the other man win.

Cade is up to his feet but Worrens turns him around by the shoulder and then whips him across the ring. As Cade hits the opposite ropes, Worrens starts to exit the ring…. And Cade SPRINTS…

FEET FIRST SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES…. And at the same time he reaches back… grabs Worrens by the head…


Other Guy: What a move!

The fans are ALL on their feet as once again both Worrens and Cade are down.

“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap clap clap-clap-clap! “THIS IS AWESOME!” clap clap clap-clap-clap!

The Thomas and Mack Center comes alive with the chant of a thoroughly entertained crowd. Cade starts to sit up and for a moment he just sits there, dazed as ever. But he hears them chanting. He looks out at the crowd, somewhat in disbelief… and actually smiles.

Other Guy: That’s something we haven’t seen in a while. Cade Sydal with a smile on his face.

Jeff Hansen: I’m… I’m at a loss for words. These fans are eating up every moment of this match and… wow…

Joey C.: Yeah, my thoughts exactly, Jeff.

Cade gets up to his feet now, with Worrens writhing on the floor beside him. Cade turns away from the Laws of Survival Champion though and has his sights set on the blow-up doll. And now the fans are singing a different tune, cheering Cade on for fighting one hell of a match thus far. Cade starts towards the doll now, tired, hurting, but looking to end this thing. Worrens starts getting up to his feet behind Cade, and the fans closest start shouting and pointing. Worrens is up… Cade snaps around…


Cade moves out of the way. Worrens lands on his feet but quickly falls to one knee, momentarily losing balance. Worrens turns around…


Other Guy: These guys had each other scouted for this match, that’s for damn sure.

Cade quickly recovers springing back up off the mat and Worrens FIRES with a left handed palm strike, then another… and another. Cade fights right back though, throwing elbow shots of his own, holding his own against Worrens.

Elbow from Cade!

Palm strike from Worrens!

Elbow from Cade!

Palm strike from Worrens!

The two continue to exchange wild shots, giving each other everything they can muster up. The crowd is ABSOLUTELY INSANE as they shout CADE! Each time Cade delivers a blow and shout TREVOR! Every time Worrens lands a palm strike!

Other Guy: Worrens and Sydal both gotta be on last legs here right now.

Joey C.: I gotta say, this has been a damn impressive match… through and through.

Worrens starts building the upper hand now, throwing three consecutive palm strikes in a row, and lost in the moment…. Worrens rolls Cade back into the ring, and then goes in right after him. Worrens turns out to the crowd now nodding his head, feeling the energy!

Jeff Hansen: What about the doll though? Worrens HAS to rape the doll if he wants to win this match.

Other Guy: To hell with the doll, this has taken on a whole life of its own!

Worrens sizes up Cade now as Cade stirs to get up to his feet, getting up into a sitting position and Worrens nods his head.

Other Guy: And yes he’s looking for it, Broken Beyond Repair. It’s rare to see Worrens lock it on, but if he does… this thing is OVER!

The crowd is cheering, fully into the match… Cade is sitting straight up… and Worrens lunges in… BUT CADE SNAPS UP TO HIS FEET AND SPINS AROUND AT THE SAME TIME TO FACE WORRENS!

Cade smiles and wags his finger at the Laws of Survival Champion and the fans ERUPT WITH A HUGE POP! Worrens shakes his head with a laugh and then applauds Cade. The two then lunge at each other immediately after that, locking up into grapple.

Other Guy: Is this round two we’re seeing?

Joey C.: More like three or four… or something!

Cade and Worrens volley for control, shoving each other back and forth… finally Worrens sends Cade out of the grapple and into the rope, and as Cade hits, suddenly a group of men walk out from the back all wearing Jonny-lution t-shirts. They wave their arms frantically trying to get the attention of referee Ron Wellington. Cade comes off the ropes and Worrens lifts him up with a high back body drop! Cade crashes down to the mat and turns… but his focus immediately goes to the men approaching the ring.

Other Guy: What the hell is this?

Jeff Hansen: Well those are members of the Jonny-lution production team… and they’re waving their arms at Wellington.

Worrens looks on with a mixture of frustration and confusion. The referee moves to the edge of the ring nodding his head a couple of times. One of the men nods his head once and then points to the doll. The other two with him move towards it just as Wellington snaps his body around and points to Brian Callahan at ringside.

Ron Wellington: Ring the bell!


The bell sounds and Worrens’s eyes go wide. Wellington just motions that the match is over. IMMEDIATELY the crowd begins to boo loudly. One of the production men take the doll off while the other two now make their way to the other side of the ring, looking to dismantle the ten foot pole added to the ring post.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been officially called off due to informed time restraints on tonight’s show. Therefore as a result, Trevor Worrens is STILL The SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion!

The crowd continues to boo and Worrens looks frustrated as well. Sydal up to his feet trying to figure out what’s going on and both men start hounding referee Ron Wellington.

Other Guy: This is horseshit.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think it is. Jonny Johnson OBVIOUSLY wants to make sure each competitor gets his or her time out in the ring tonight and made a tough decision.

Other Guy: No, that ain’t it and you know it. These fans LOVED what they were seein’ and they pulled the plug on this one because of it.

Cade and Worrens continue to argue, and all of a sudden a “LET THEM FIGHT!” chant breaks out!

Other Guy: Listen to this crowd. If Jonny wants what’s best for SHOOT, as you say… then I agree with these fans, let these two keep fighting!

Wellington just shakes his head no repeatedly and Cade and Worrens are just not having it. Frustration kicks in full and both Cade and Worrens turn to the corner where the other two production men are finishing up taking down the steel pole.

Without a word spoken between Cade and Worrens, both bum rush the production members and hip toss them over the top rope!


Jeff Hansen: Now this… this is just…

Other Guy: Shut the hell up, Jeff. This is JUST what I want to see!

Frantically the two men get up to their feet and very unwisely turn around… WORRENS NAILS THE BUSAIKU KNEE KICK at the SAME time that Cade DRILLS THE OTHER PRODUCTION MAN WITH THE NINJAGURAI!

Joey C.: Oh man… that’s going to be trouble for Cade and Worrens.

Jeff Hansen: No kidding, those two idiots just sealed their fates right there.

The crowd is once again on their feet as Cade and Worrens stand over the knocked out members of production. Cade jaw jacks at the unconscious men while Worrens moves to the edge of the ring, calling for a microphone and the Laws of Survival Championship. Samantha Coil hands him both and Worrens turns back to Cade.

Trevor Worrens: Cade…

The fans continue cheering forcing Worrens to stop for a moment and motion for them to quiet down. Cade meanwhile turns his attention to Worrens.

Trevor Worrens: That… that was something else. I mean, honestly, who’d have thought either of us would ever be THAT intent on getting our hands on a blow-up doll?

Cade laughs at the absurdity of it all responding with an emphatic “no kidding.”

Trevor Worrens: Because Cade, I’ve seen the women you’ve been with, and well my Lauren is definitely a hot one, so really the blow-up doll wasn’t something we needed.

The crowd joins in with the amusement and pops for Worrens’s comment.

Trevor Worrens: But we both know why we did it. For the competition. We were put in a match and we promised everyone, but most of all we promised ourselves that we were going to do this…. And we did. I’m exhausted. I have my Laws of Survival Championship defense streak in tact, I’m ONE win away from being the most winningest champion in current SHOOT Project history, and I’m exhausted.

Cade just nods his head, knowing the feeling. He applauds Worrens for a moment then asks for the microphone. Worrens hands it over.

Cade Sydal: Hey, we did what we did. You still got your title, and because the man running the show didn’t want us stealing the spotlight anymore, neither of us had to go through the ridiculous motions that would have ended this match. Congrats, man.

With that, Cade gives the microphone back to Worrens and looks to leave the ring.

Trevor Worrens: Whoa, Cade, hold up.

Cade stops.

Trevor Worrens: No matter how this match turned out, I had something I wanted to say to you… and I’m going to say it. Last week, I mentioned that I think Jester Smiles might not be the right guy to take the World Title off of Jonny….

BOOOOOOOOOOO! The crowd reaction is fairly unified, but there are some cheers that echo from other parts of the arena.

Trevor Worrens: Then earlier tonight, Eric came to me directly and I told him I didn’t say I was the right guy for the job either. I didn’t say it, because Cade…

Worrens pauses for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: Cade, I didn’t say I was the right man for the job, because I honestly believe that right now I’m LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM!

Other Guy: Whoa! Worrens putting his backing behind Cade right here tonight!

Jeff Hansen: Why?

The crowd cheers and Cade looks legitimately shocked.

Trevor Worrens: That’s right. See so far I’ve watched plenty of SHOOT Project soldiers fight in this ring, and I’ve seen them challenge for titles. But the second they lose, or the second a champion loses his title, that’s it. They stop chasing, they go to other things. You lost to Jonny Johnson. In an eleven-minute match up you lost to The Defiler, but you didn’t stop chasing, did you Cade?

No, you didn’t. When Ron Barker kept dodging me, I kept after him… I chased him until I got what I wanted, the Laws of Survival Championship.

The crowd pops.

Trevor Worrens: And you lost again at Master of the Mat, and you could have chosen to mope. You could have taken your loss to Nightmare last week and called it quits. But no, instead you marched into this arena tonight, and you gave me a fight, Cade. You’ve danced with The Defiler himself, and you’re STILL standing!



Trevor Worrens: So while people are backing Jonny, or backing the Sons of Liberty… here and now… in the aftermath of Master of the Mat… I’m backing you Cade.

Because just like me… you know how to survive…

Just like me… you SURVIVED!

The fans are back on their feet applauding both men now. Worrens gives Cade a hard pat on the shoulder and then looks to the Laws of Survival Championship on his own shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: And as far as this goes. I don’t know what’s in store for us now after tonight. But I think its safe to say you and I still have to finish this sometime down the road.

An uproarious pop from the sold out crowd.

Other Guy: I agree with THAT!

Cade nods his head and once more motions for the microphone. The crowd all cheers him on to accept the unofficial challenge.

Cade Sydal: Anytime, anywhere, Trevor.

And now Cade just drops the microphone onto the mat and “Broken Bones” by nonpoint begins to play once more. Worrens stands in the ring, watching Cade exit. The focus cuts back to Other Guy, Jeff Hansen, and Joey C. at ringside.

Jeff Hansen: Well an interesting, albeit foolish turn of events here in what became a failed Rape a Bitch on a Pole match. But an alliance of sorts forming… which only begs the question, how stupid can Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens be?

Other Guy: Strength in numbers, Jeff. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Jeff Hansen: If only that was true, this would make the night easier for me and Joey… but whatever. End result, Worrens remains the Laws of Survival Champion, but my guess is that’s not going to be the case for too much longer after what he and Cade pulled off tonight.

Joey C.: No kidding. And speaking of tonight, we shift away from the now and take a look at the later. We’ve got more Jonny-lution action in store. Six man tag of EPIC proportions, a DSI reunion, whatever the hell that is… and of course the main event… SOMEBODY GETS BOOTED FROM SHOOT HA-HA!

Jeff Hansen: Personally SHOOT would be better off without Storm AND Nightmare, but hey, this is compromise with the Sons of Bitches… I mean Liberty. Hey THAT Guy… want to add anything?

Other Guy sighs and looks to open his mouth.

Jeff Hansen: It’s all still to come here on JONNY-LUTION night number one!


The screen goes black. Softly, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” from the Wizard of Oz begins to play.

“Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high.

There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby…”

The song begins without picture, and then the shot suddenly cuts to Roland Caldwell’s mutilated head.

He stares into the camera. Extreme close-up. His scarred face takes up the entire screen. Both of his eyes are black and swollen and bloodshot. Heavy bandages cover his forehead, and an angry scratch runs down the side of his face. His jaw is swollen and bruised. His lip is cut and fat.

He looks beaten and destroyed.

And yet he begins to laugh.

“Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue.

And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.”

It’s a thin laugh. A hyena’s laugh. Roland’s laughter reveals teeth, a couple knocked out, painted with a thin veil of blood.

Roland Caldwell: My head is fuzzy. My mind, slower. I need rest they say and I say they can leave me be. I’m a…

Roland trails off and winces slightly.

Roland Caldwell: Some say I’m at rock bottom.

Roland reaches his hand up to his forehead and begins to peal it away. The entire network of bandages on Roland forehead begin to peal away revealing gore gore gore. His forehead is a patchwork of scabbed gashes, angry scratches, and crisscrossed sutures. Higher up, on his hairline, some has been shaved and there are staples, glistening in the soft light. The skin around the stitches and staples has a jaundiced yellow look from disinfectant.

“Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far

Behind me.”

Roland smiles.

Roland Caldwell: Some say I’m simply scraping the bottom of the barrel. Down on the floor. Down for the count!

Roland’s right hand, rises to his forehead and grasps a stitch. With inhuman glee, Roland digs his fingers into his own head wound and rips some of the stitches out. The slight smile on Roland’s face wavers for but a second.

“…skies are blue…”

Roland Caldwell: It’s this pain I love.

Blood begins to pour out of Roland’s forehead and he closes his eyes as if in religious rapture.

In the background the soft strains of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” continue to flitter through the air.

Roland Caldwell: The bottom is only the beginning.

As the camera slowly fades, the blood begins to coat Roland’s rapturous face.

“Birds fly over the rainbow

Why, oh why cant I?”


Coming back to JonnyLUTION, we arrive just outside of the World Heavyweight Champion’s locker room, where IRON FIST CHAMPION, OSBOURNE KILMINSTER is seated at the desk he had set up previously in the evening. His Iron Fist Title continues to lay sprawled out proudly across the surface, with his feet up there as well, off to the side, as he reclines in the rather comfortable looking chair.

He’s added an addition to his “office”, a triangle-folded sheet of paper at the front of his desk, which reads Department of Security in black marker.

Everything seems to be running smoothly… until a young tag team known as TRES BIEN! awkwardly marches up toward the door, not having seen Kilminster at all.

Shinya starts knocking on the door loudly, Maya crouched up behind Shinya, still like a fearful child gripping his mother’s leg. Shinya puts his ear to the door for a moment and starts knocking again.

Shinya: Excuse me, excuse me! We need to talk…can you please let us in? We need to have a word with Rouge and Riley right away. Is that okay? Hello?

Kilminster looks at the tandem, EXTREMELY perturbed.

Osbourne Kilminster: Excuse me?

He stands up from his desk, his imposing size and angry demeanor grabbing the attention of the now startled duo. Maya turns around with a startled look as he places his hands over his mouth and starts tugging on Shinya’s shirt. Shinya turns when he hears Osbourne and feels Maya tugging at his shirt.

Maya: Thats not them is it? The ones who took the belts are two people…he is just one and I don’t think thats the right belt.

Shinya looks a little confused as he looks back at the locker room door for a moment then back as Osbourne.

Shinya: Well…umm…we’re looking for Rogue and Riley and we heard they hang out here sometimes. So, we were just wondering if we could talk to them about something. It’s really important, it’s for some really good friends of ours. Do you know where they are, Mr. Osbourne.

Kilminster is momentarily stunned by their overwhelming naivety, and before he can respond, the door swings open.

The DEFILER: I swear to God is it so hard to…

Jonny also stops speaking as soon as he sees the members of TRES BIEN! He stares at the tag team and then looks over to Kilminster.

The DEFILER: Is this a fucking joke?

Kilminster points at them.

Osbourne Kilminster: I just let Ross and Tyler on break and the fruits popped up before I could say a damn word, man.

All things considered, Jonny believes Kilminster’s story and looks back at Shinya and Maya, still a little miffed as to why they would EVER risk coming into this neck of the woods.

The DEFILER: (Very short) This isn’t exactly the place you two want to be. (Pondering whether or not they understand him) (Speaking slowly now) NO BATH HOUSE HERE. BAD PLACE FOR GAY TAG TEAM. (Continuing) YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LEAVE. Uhh… (Looking at Kilminster) What’s Japanese for fucking leave?

Kilminster shrugs.

Osbourne Kilminster: Why am I going to know that?

Maya really clings to Shinya now. Seeing Jonny scares him because, he’s the World Champion and because he’d seen all the things Jonny had done to people before.

Shinya seems a little startled too. Fear in his eyes, but still resolute.

Shinya: We understand english…but could you please just tell us where Rogue and Riley are? We need to find them otherwise we can’t help our friends. I know you guys aren’t the nicest people or anything…but I figured maybe at least being champions you could point us in the right direction. All we want is to help our friends. They’ve been having bad luck lately.

Maya starts tugging on Shinya’s shirt nervously, and whispers to his partner.

Maya: Shinya…Shinya…I don’t like these people…they scare me…

Kilminster tries to conceal a laugh, while Jonny does no such thing with his broadening grin. These were terrible people, but in this one instance, you have the feeling that Shinya and Maya were going to be safe.

The DEFILER: CJ and Jared… Your friends, right? (Shaking his head) They’re not having bad luck. It’s called KARMA. Do you have that word in Japan. (Speaking slowly) KARRRRMA. See, your “FRIENDS” are actually REALLY bad people. They almost let a girl die because they’re selfish, egocentric fucks. I mean, if you had a friend, you wouldn’t almost let them die, right?

Maya still looks on, very much rightened, from behind Shinya. Shinya has an odd look on his face, as if he was thinking about what Jonny said.

Shinya: But there was nothing they could do…they wanted to help but there wasn’t anything they could do. They’re our friends, they helped us when we needed it. Look, all we want is to find Rogue and Riley and try to help our friends LIHC.

Maya continues to tug on Shinya.

Maya: Shinya…Shinya…

Jonny realizes it’s going to take some extra to shake these two from whatever dreams of heroism they were having. His tone grows a bit darker, more serious, and he moves closer to Shinya, which drives Maya into an ever larger clump of fear.

The DEFILER: Okay, look. I don’t really care of Long Island Hardcore told you. It was EASY to help you. They took a trip to a local hospital. It’s called SMART PR. They’re tag team champs… or I guess… used to be tag team champions in a HUGE organization, and they make a charity trip out to cheer up a couple of young kids with… (Looking the team over again) alternate lifestyles. But they didn’t REALLY do anything for you, did they? Did they catch the guys who hurt you? Huh? Noooo. Did they really even try? Shinya? Maya? Did they REALLY try?

He stares at them, pausing, waiting for a response, but then proceeding anyway.

The DEFILER: What happened to you was an easy diversion for them… a way to mask their cowardice. Because while you were in a hospital bed, healthy and alive, despite… A few minor bruises… a young, terrific girl was probably crying… Afraid she’d never see tomorrow. (Shrugging) You were easy. And that’s the Long Island Hardcore Way. They don’t want to work for anything. That’s why I had MY Friends take their titles. Because it wasn’t FAIR for CJ and Jared to hold them anymore.

His eyes lower on them one more time.

The DEFILER: So it’s not really Tom or Jason who you have an issue with. (As serious as he can possibly be) It’s me. And I don’t like your chances in that scenario.


Shinya is completely unsure of what to think…despite his want to help LIHC he couldn’t deny anything Jonny said. The men who hurt Shinya and Maya still had not been caught.

Shinya: Well…they’ve just been busy with…everything.

Shinya’s eyes lower, Maya too seems to have a defeated look on his face.

Maya: We…we just…

Shinya puts a hand up to against Maya’s mouth lightly.

Shinya: Do you…do you really think thats true?

Annoyed with the chit-chat, Jonny interrupts.

The DEFILER: You guys can solve this little crisis on your own time, but I really don’t want to hear the sound of your gay little voices. So if you could leave… I’d appreciate it. (Mockingly) Thanks for trying, though. It was cute.

He turns toward Kilminster, completely disrespecting Tres Bien!

The DEFILER: After I close the door, they have eleven seconds to leave. After that, I don’t care what you do to them.

Kilminster cracks a wicked grin and, while rubbing his right hand, glances over at Shinya and Maya.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll make sure to start the clock.

Jonny nods and swings back around to face Tres Bien! one last time.

The DEFILER: Good luck with everything. I doubt we’ll be seeing each other again.

And with that he makes his departure back inside his locker room. Kilminster gets out of his chair and stands up.

Osbourne Kilminster: Well. You heard him, boys…

Shinya and Maya don’t seem to care about the proposition that Jonny put in front of them. Both of them look deflated…dreams seemingly crushed. They do start walking off but ignore Osbourne, not caring if they are beaten up again.

Maya has his face buried in Shinya’s shoulder.


We cut to a shaky camera as Eryk Masters and the camera crew are making a trek to the upper levels of the Thomas and Mack Center.

Eryk Masters: Are we live? Guys? Are we good?

Masters huffs and puffs as he makes it to the top of the stairs and continues down a carpeted hallway.

Eryk Masters: Well, I’m not sure what this is about but we’re up in the luxury box level of the Thomas and Mack Center and I’m told that our presence has been requested, so…

They continue walking before reaching a closed door that has the letters "V.I.P." emblazoned on the doorway. After a knock, the door swings open and standing there with a cigar in his mouth is none other than the very man who ended the career of a SHOOT Project legend last week…

Ron Barker: Eryk! So glad you could make it!

The chorus of boos echoes throughout the entire arena as Barker waves him and the crew in to follow him. A security guard stands on either side of the exit. Barker takes a seat on a very plush leather chair that overlooks the arena as he motions Eryk Masters to sit with him.

Ron Barker: You look exhausted, Eryk. Was it all those stairs, you out-of-shape mook? Here, have a drink!

Barker holds up a bottle of wine and begins to pour it into two glasses sitting in front of him. Eryk Masters’ eyes light up as he waits for his glass but Barker smiles and keeps it for himself.

Ron Barker: Give me a break! You’re on the job! I’d have you fired so goddamn fast! But look, I didn’t invite you up here for a drink and look out among all of the sheeple here tonight. Instead, I’m here to talk business and get down to brass tacks. First off, let me just say that I look and feel AMAZING. Do you know why that is, Eryk?

Unsure how to answer, Eryk simply shrugs while Barker smiles.

Ron Barker: Because in the last week, I took FIFTY YEARS off of my life AND dropped over two hundred pounds! Fan-fucking-tastic, huh? I’ve never felt better!

The crowd boos as they know Barker is alluding to the firing of his tag team partner last week.

Ron Barker: But I bet you’re about to ask me why, right? Go on… ask.

Eryk Masters: Well… why did you fire Del Carv-


Ron Barker’s demeanour changes as he sneers towards Masters. The crowd is incensed and without the dampening of a huge concrete wall, the boos seem amplified.

Ron Barker: For weeks I had been carrying around that deadbeat and dragging him along like an old dog on his last legs just waiting to be put out of his misery. Every week I’d yank on that collar and pull that mangy mutt until realizing that enough was enough. Last week, in that very ring, I put the proverbial bullet into the back of Old Carver’s head and did the humane and ethical thing. He’s done. He’s finished. End of fucking story!

The crowd continues to boo.

Ron Barker: But that begs the follow up question of what’s next for Ron Barker?

Ron Barker laughs to himself as he pulls out a cigar and lights it. He puffs a ring of smoke in the direction of Eryk Masters who begins to cough.

Ron Barker: This week, I sit back and enjoy the rest of Jonny-lution. Next week? I pick up where I left off! It’s full steam ahead as I’ve already gone ahead and cut the deadweight and lightened the load. I said that I only have one goal in mind and sooner rather than later, it will all become crystal clear. And because this is such a giving night for every fan here in SHOOT… I’m going to leave you with a pearl of wisdom that you should never forget, Eryk.

Barker smiles as he blows another ring of smoke, this time into the air.

Ron Barker: There isn’t anything in this world that can’t be negotiated if the price is right.

Ron Barker laughs as he waves away Masters and the camera crew who are hastily escorted out of the private box.


The scene fades into the locker rooms. Danny Evers is taping his wrists up for his upcoming match. The door opens, revealing Jester Smiles who appears to be making the rounds tonight. Jester walks in, not saying anything, and he sits across from Danny.

Jester Smiles: How you holding up?

Danny stops, looking at Jester for a long moment.

Danny Evers:  Is this…the first time you and I have met?

Jester nods.

Jester Smiles: Pretty sure it is, which seems odd to me, but, yeah. Pretty sure it is.

Danny Evers stops, sitting down across from Jester.

Danny Evers:  So if it’s our first time talkin’…why do you care how I’m holding up?

Jester stares at Danny, no real sign of emotion on his face.

Jester Smiles: That’s a good question, especially considering, really, I should WANT to punch you in the face right now. I shouldn’t give a fuck about you, because we don’t know each other, and what I know about you, well, it doesn’t exactly bode well for me, now does it.

Jester sighs.

Jester Smiles: However, you and I are fighting for the same thing. We both have similar goals. We both want the same thing. So, here’s the deal, Danny. Right now, you’re in a pretty shitty situation. No matter how you look at it, you guys winning tonight is pretty improbable. More so than anything, your match is about surviving. And I need you to survive, Danny. I need you, and all of you Sons of Liberty types, alive and well, as best as you can be. I don’t need you demoralized. I need you confident, and I need you pissed. I need you ready to tear Rogue, Riley, Super Fan, Ozzy, Jonny, and even little Nova the fuck UP at the drop of the hat, and that won’t get accomplished if you all get…defiled.

So, I ask again. How you holding up?

Danny busts out laughing.

Danny Evers:  Do…ha ha ha ha…do you think I’m like the rest of the Sons, Eric Smiles?  Unlike the rest of them, I’m not going to pretend you’re a hero.  I’m damn sure not here to pretend you’re a leader.  The Sons of Liberty need you to see past your own fears and help us.

He gets up.

Danny Evers:  How fucking dare you presume to come to ME and tell ME you need something of ME.  You’re so damn blind to the rest of the shit going on it sickens me.  You’re on top, man.  On fucking top.  Primed to take Jonny Johnson DOWN.  Me?  I’m fine, Eric Smiles.  I was fine when you told Donovan King you couldn’t see past your past with him to the greater good.  I was fine when you told Nightmare no, despite the tremendous respect he showed you and STILL shows you.  I was even fine when you let Ainsley kiss your ass and let you talk about playing super hero for SHOOT Project.

He sneers, clearly angry about more than what’s in front of him now.

Danny Evers:  I was fine, then, man…and I’m damn fine now.

Jester leans forward, smiling, face to face with Danny, almost touching.

Jester Smiles: Finally. It’s about time people started getting pissed. So thank you, Danny. Thanks a lot.

Jester stands up to leave, but stops.

Jester Smiles: By the way, when this war is all said and done, I’m going to do whatever it takes to get your ass back in the ring, across from me. In the meantime, good luck out there.

Jester exits the locker room and leaves Danny to his thoughts. The camera fades out.


The cameras return to the ringside area and pick up a shot of Willie Dean, still looking frantic and confused, running to the ring to get ready for the next match.

Jeff Hansen: Willie Dean seems like a terrible official to me, Joey.

Joey C: He is.

Other Guy: Lay off the kid.

Dean slides into the ring and stretches a little bit, ignoring a few fans in the front row giving him crap for one reason or another.

Jeff Hansen: Well, we are ready to move into our third contest of the evening, and OG, if you want to take the reigns, I’d be more than happy to let you go play by play on this one.

Other Guy: Just keep pushing it, man.

Jeff Hansen: I probably will.

Samantha Coil has made her way up into ring now, as the ring crew properly finishes clearing the ring from the surprisingly GOOD Rape a Bitch on a Pole match that had concluded maybe ten or so minutes ago. She nods at Willie Dean, and shuffles her feet a little bit, still not terribly thrilled to be working this evening.

Jeff Hansen: So we have the outstanding young TRIO of Tom Quinn, Jason Riley and SUPER FAN, Tim Calahan, set for six-man tag team action against the somewhat inexperienced group of SHOOT Project Time Keeper, Mark Kendrick, Revolution Color Commentator, Dave Dymond, and one time wrestler, and I think he literally only wrestled one time, Dainty Danny Evers.

Joey C: You make that nickname up?

Jeff Hansen: Sure did.

Coil and Dean continue to have a conversation about something, and Jeff continues to talk.

Jeff Hansen: Well, while we have a minute, we would like to remind EVERYONE to join us next week for ANOTHER edition of JONNYLUTION, and from what I am hearing… Next week is going to be TOTALLY off the chain, Joey.

Joey C: I’ve heard rumors of more title defenses and a DREAM MATCH, Jeff. No idea what belt or what dream match… but it sounds super exciting.

Jeff Hansen: Of course the only place to find out more about next week’s show is to visit SHOOT PROJECT DOT COM immediately following tonight’s broadcast. That’s W W W SHOOT Project DOT COM. Home of YOUR SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… Jonny Johnson!

Other Guy: Do ya’ll ever get sick of shilling?

At that exact same moment…

“Every college has a legend, passed on from year to year,

To which they pledge allegiance, and always cherish dear.

But of all the honored idols, there’s but one that stands the test,

It’s the stately Nittany Lion, the symbol of our best.”

“The Nittany Lion”, Penn State’s FIGHT SONG begins to blare over the PA system, which brings out a loud, ironic pop from a core of the SHOOT Project smark fanbase who troll the forums and watch every promo.

Jeff Hansen: Here come the underdogs!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following SIX MAN TAG TEAM CONTEST is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first… the team of MARK KENDRICK, DAVE DYMOND, and DANNY EVERS!!!

Joey C: So who are we all cheering for so I have the dynamic right?

Jeff Hansen: I think OG is for Danny Evers, Dave, and Mark Kendrick. Right Other Guy?

Other Guy: I’m for no one blowin’ a fuckin’ spot and gettin’ killed. Kendrick and Dave aint wrestlers. Just a stupid idea that I hope blows up in Jonny’s face.


“HAIL! to the Lion, loyal and true.

HAIL! Alma Mater, with your white and blue.

PENN! STATE! forever, molder of men (and women),

FIGHT! for her honor — FIGHT! — and victory again.”

Kendrick, in a blue singlet and wrestling boots actually looks to be in pretty decent shape as he explodes excitedly through the curtain. He gets a mini pop again from super smarky SHOOT Project fans, while everyone else kind of looks at him like he’s an idiot. Mark cordially slaps a few high fives on the way down to the ring. However, both Dave Dymond and Danny Evers seem to be lagging behind, with neither man making his arrival.

Jeff Hansen: Time Keeper Mark Kendrick has now been featured on a television broadcast longer than he’s been his entire career. Kid’s gotta feel good.

Joey C: Is he even a kid anymore? How old is Kendrick OG?

Other Guy: In his 30s? I don’t know.

Jeff Hansen: You heard from long time Revolution announcer, OTHER GUY… Mark Kendrick, MOST IRRELEVANT MAN IN SHOOT PROJECT!

Kendrick realizes he’s ahead of his team mates and stops to look back for them. He’s confused and waves for them to come out, shouting “COME ON GUYS!”

“Indiana has its Hoosiers,

Purdue its gold and black.

The Wildcats from Northwestern

and Spartans on attack.”

FINALLY, after a solid minute or so, Dave Dymond, in a SHOOT Project T-shirt and jeans comes out, followed by a visibly irritates Danny Evers, whose already shouting up at Kendrick about the theme music.

Kendrick shrugs his shoulders, so he obviously had nothing to do with it. Evers shakes his head and focuses on making it to the ring. He and Dave stay close to each other with Dave having a few words as they walk down the aisle. Kendrick slides into the ring and starts hopping up and down, while the other two are much slower to join him.

“Ohio State has its Buckeyes,

Up north, The Wolverines.

But the mighty Nittany Lions,

The best they’ve ever seen.”

Jeff Hansen: So we’ll see what these three men can do. Kendrick looks like he can scoot a little. We might be surprised.

Joey C: Stranger things have happened, Jeff.

“HAIL! to the Lion, loyal and true.

HAIL! Alma Mater, with your white and blue.

PENN! STATE! forever, molder of men (and women),

FIGHT! for her honor — FIGHT! — and victory again.”

Evers and Dymond finally make their way into the ring, and all six men move toward their corner at the lower right hand portion of your television screen. “The Nittany Lion” fades out shortly after and there is a momentary pause.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…




The fans are pretty quick to ROAR with a chorus of BOOOS, though, it has to be said that there is a smattering of cheers thrown in as “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies starts to blare over the PA system.

Samantha Coil: They are the team of TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN! ROGUE… RILEY… AND SUPER FAN!

Once the song reaches its opening lyrics, the Trio arrives solemnly, but focused, from behind the curtains. They’re a group of kids who know they have a job to do tonight, but just aren’t sure it’s the job they want to be doing. At any rate, they stay professional, with Riley only looking SLIGHTLY pissed off.

Jeff Hansen: You give these kids some more mic time and a little more exposure, and they could lead this company in a heart beat. I think the world of them, and I honesty can’t wait to see that self righteous Danny Evers get his ass kicked.

Other Guy: Why is he self righteous? Because he disagrees with your boy, Jonny? Sides with the Sons of Liberty?

Jeff Hansen: I could ask why you think he ISN’T self righteous, and I’d imagine it has to do with the fact that he IS in Sons of Liberty and DOES oppose SHOOT Project World Champion, Jonny Johnson. There’s no inherent good or evil, OG so let’s not get into those bias games you like to play. I don’t like Evers the same way you don’t like Jonny.

A fan reaches out to slap hands with Riley, and Jason violently brushes them away and stops to glare at them, having a few choice words to boot. Quinn and Calahan charge forward and slide into the ring, while Riley keeps up his moping pace. Eventually, though he gets into the ring and the trio huddles up, going over their game plan.

Quinn breaks away from the huddle for a moment and stares across at Evers, while Calahan lets out a FRAT-TASTIC chuckle. Evers shakes his head and looks over to Dave and Mark, letting them know that he’s going to start.

”Where is My Mind” by the Pixies fades out and Willie Dean calls for the bell!


Riley makes an exit before anyone even says anything, and Calahan reaches out and pats Rogue on the shoulder, giving his blessing. Quinn nods and moves toward the center of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: So we’re gonna start with Evers and Quinn.

Joey C: And this is actually a pretty solid match-up on paper. Two very technically sound athletes starting this thing off. I’m kind of excited, Jeff.

Quinn moves in on Evers, ignoring anything Willie Dean is trying to tell him. Evers moves in as well. Quinn stops, though, when he gets in striking range and surprisingly puts his hand out. Evers shakes his head and says “NO WAY!” and begins moving around the ring. Quinn shrugs and follows suit. Both men dance around the ring a second or two before moving in for a grapple. They lock horns and begin jockeying for position. Quinn pushes Evers and Evers pushes back. Both men are about the same size, so it’s all skill. Quinn dips down a little bit, looking to execute a fireman carry take down, but Evers blocks the attempt and counters with a front face lock.

He drops his weight a little bit and tries to force Quinn to the mat. Quinn stays strong and is actually able to break out with the fireman cary take down he was trying to execute a few seconds ago. Evers falls softly to the mat and Quinn floats over for a cover.

Dean makes the count!


Jeff Hansen: Evers out pretty easily at one. Let’s see if Quinn can keep the momentum.

Quinn backs off after the escape and then charges with a SHARP, STIFF KICK TO EVERS’S SIDE!!! Evers cringes and Quinn pulls him back down to the mat and toward him, making a second cover!



Jeff Hansen: Another quick escape from Evers! About one and a half, but Quinn is staying aggressive.

Before Evers can move, Quinn wraps his arm around the side of his head with a version of the dragon sleeper. It’s more compact, though, with Evers’s back mostly on the mat. It’s more of a “keep them at bay” maneuver than any sort of substantial attack. Quinn cinches in the hold a little bit, slowly trying to wear Evers down. Evers, though, rotates his legs and is able to spin Quinn off of him, breaking the hold! Quinn somersaults forward and gets to his feet! Evers follows and Quinn runs to the ropes! Quinn springboards off the second rope, but Evers ducks through! Quinn lands close by, though anticipating the attack! Evers is just as quick and throws a back elbow before Quinn can do anything! Quinn staggers back! Evers springboards off the second rope now, rotates in midair and comes crashing down with a CROSSBODY!!! Mark Kendrick gets REALLY EXCITED! Evers grabs the leg and Dean makes a count!

Jeff Hansen: And it’s DANNY EVERS with an attempt!



Quinn kicks out at two, as Evers couldn’t quite hook the leg the way he wanted! Evers hops to his feet, but Quinn is about a second quicker and DRILLS Danny with a drop kick to the legs! Super Fan and Riley IMMEDIATELY jump into the ring!


Jeff Hansen: Here come the troops!

Calahan is first in and he SLAMS Evers over the back with a clubbing blow, followed by a SICK RILEY soccer style kick to the ribs! Dean tries to usher them out, but fails to begin a ten count of any sort, fearful that he’d lose his job. Quinn watches Kendrick and Dave with a knowing grin, almost taunting them to enter the ring. Calahan is working BEYOND STIFF on Evers, throwing some blows that would get him KILLED by a veteran.

Dave Dymond finally shakes his head.

Other Guy: Dave don’t man!

Jeff Hansen: The old guy is gettin’ riled up!!!

Joey C: LOVE IT!

Dave wipes off his boots and ENTERS THE RING! THE FANS BEGIN TO GO INSANE!!! There’s a look in his eyes that seems to say “I know I might get killed, but fuck it!” He enters and waves at Quinn!

Dave Dymond: COME ON!

Kendrick, fired up by Dave’s behavior, joins his partner in the ring!!!


Quinn seems impressed as the stare down commences! Calahan gets in one last shot…

Other Guy: Wait… (Noticing something) Where the fuck is Riley?

Dave and Mark both wave on Quinn and Calahan…


The fans start freaking out because all of a sudden they see Riley at the other end of the ring with a LEAD PIPE IN HIS HAND!!!

Other Guy: (Legit concerned) NOOO!!!

Riley suddenly pops in at the other side of the ring, behind Dave and Mark.



The fans gasp!!! Willie Dean looks frantic as hell!

Dave goes down in a DEATHLY HEAP! Kendrick turns around, stunned and RILEY DRILLS HIM IN THE FRONT OF THE FACE!!! KENDRICK GOES DOWN!!!


Joey C: Hahahahaha.

Other Guy: You guys are fucked up! This is fucked up as all hell.

Jeff Hansen: Go save him, OG! SAVE THE DAY! This is your moment.

Calahan starts laughing, and Quinn actually makes eye contact with Other Guy from inside the ring, and invites him in. Kendrick and Dave are dead.

No one pays attention but Willie Dean calls for the bell. Of course BRIAN CALAHAN refuses to ring it. Dean runs to the ropes and starts yelling at him, but he blatantly ignores him.



Jeff Hansen: The excellent team work from these legends in the making is ASTOUNDING! They just seem to know what’s going to happen and WHEN it’s going to happen.

Quinn pats Riley on the back, who still doesn’t look as happy as he could be, but at least HAPPIER. Riley then motions for Calahan to get Evers up off the mat.

Joey C: What’s smart about this strategy is that it takes Kendrick and Dymond out of the equation. And without any real wrestling ability, they’re actually the most dangerous men in the match. Evers is a man they feel they can take advantage of and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Calahan scoops Evers up and SLAMS HIM DOWN!!! Quinn then points to the top rope, and Riley nods.

Jeff Hansen: Looks like we’re gonna see the RILEY MOVEMENT!!!

Riley climbs to the top rope and looks down at Evers, but not before spewing out some profanities and angry words.



Jeff Hansen: Yep! The RILEY MOVEMENT! What a BEAUTIFUL MOVE and this thing is gonna be academic, Joey!

Quinn and Calahan laugh, and Riley makes a cover! Dean, though runs over and seems to be refusing to count! Riley stops his pin and looks at Dean!

Jeff Hansen: What the hell is going on? Why isn’t that idiot counting?

Willie Dean: (Off Mic) This thing’s over, Riley. Disqualification. Illegal use of a foreign object!

Riley seems confused.

Riley: (Off Mic) Are you serious? Dude! This is our show! We do what we want! NOW FUCKING COUNT!

Jeff Hansen: Oh this is horrible. Is this real?

Joey C: Willie Dean is garbage. There’s no LEGAL use of a foreign object. What the hell is he doing in there?

Quinn and Calahan move closer to the situation.

Rogue: Riles, it’s fine man. We did our job.

Riley pushes Quinn off.

Riley: NO! FUCK THAT! I want a fucking win!

Calahan tries.

Super Fan: Dude… Look at this (Gesturing at the carnage) We won, man.

Riley is REALLY pissed.


Riley turns his back on Quinn and Calahan and leaves to a THUNDEROUS ROUND OF BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!


Rogue and Super Fan look down at the bodies, totally content with the scene, and instead follow after… The fans are confused, but Willie Dean now exits the ring and talks personally to Samantha Coil.

Jeff Hansen: The fans SHOULD BOO! This is ridiculous.

Other Guy: (Sighing) Damnit Dave! Why’d you do that!

Jeff Hansen: Stop whining. Your team won.

Other Guy: Yeah. They look like REAL fucking winners. DAMNIT! SON OF A BITCH!

OG sounds REALLY, REALLY pissed off and actually slams his microphone down on the table which the fans watching on television can hear.

Dean finishes talking to Samantha Coil, who raises the microphone up to her lips. The camera move around from her to the bodies inside the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the official has ruled that Tom Quinn, Jason Riley and Tim Calahan have been DISQUALIFIED! Therefor, the winners of this match… DAVE DYMOND, MARK KENDRICK, AND DANNY EVERS!!!

There’s smattering of applause, but most of the fans are either too disgusted or too horrified to care.

Jeff Hansen: You want to put out death threats. Someone shoot Willie Dean. Unreal, Joey. By hook or by crook, Danny Evers, Dave Dymond and Mark Kendrick are going to get themselves a tally in the win column…. Terrible job of officiating though. Disgusting. EMBARRASSING, man.

Joey C: Not his finest moment.

The cameras stay on the carnage, of which Jeff and Joey say nothing.

No is moving.

Not even a little bit.

Dean waves for help, but the cameras cut away, realizing this could take a while to sort out.


Standing in the back of the arena, in front of the SHOOT Project banner, Eryk Masters stands there, microphone in hand. Standing beside him are Diego Reyes on one side, and Jonas Coleman on the other. Both men are not dressed for battle tonight, but they are all smiles, despite the booing from the fans.

Eryk Masters: Guys, I’m here tonight with Jonas Coleman on my left here…and Diego Reyes on my right. Last week, these two men came out of nowhere and dismantled ‘Diamond’ Del Carver and I’ve gotta say, guys…you’ve got some people questioning whether or not it was a moot point for Ron Barker to fire Carver, because it didn’t look like he was gonna be getting up any time soon.

Diego smirks.

Diego Reyes: Did you all see? Did you? Did you see what Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes did as a team?

The fans boo.

Diego Reyes: It was magical, to say the least. Jonas, my friend, you were a BUTCHER out there against the old man!

Masters moves the microphone to Jonas Coleman.

Jonas Coleman: A butcher. A BUTCHER. I like the sound of that, Diego. I like it a lot.

Coleman listens to and nods his head at the booing, before continuing.

Jonas Coleman: I relished the opportunity I had to take Del Carver apart, and while I feel a little bit of sympathy and sadness for Carver’s re-re-re-re-retirement, heh, I did what had to be done. WE did what had to be done. Capturing our first win in the SHOOT Project, and standing tall over a LEGEND… Mmmm.

Coleman licks his lips.

Jonas Coleman: It tastes good.

Diego takes the microphone back.

Diego Reyes: Something so strong, so…to the point…in this business, there are those who would pay to have such judgment brought down upon their enemies, I’ve found. Fans, SHOOT Project employees…what we did to Del Carver, we’ve ruined him for you.

The fans boo once again.

Diego Reyes: He is spoils of some war…an old dog that we, your newest blood, could feast upon. We are the embodiment of Hell itself. We are PERDITION…and what we did to Del Carver…was for free.

Eryk Masters: For free?

Jonas takes the microphone from Eryk.

Jonas Coleman: Yeah, for free. A STATEMENT needed to be made, and so it was.


Jonas Coleman: Consider this, Eryk… throughout history, there have been wars of varying levels of carnage. There is, typically, a good side and an evil side. Then, Eryk? There are sides beyond those. There are those within wars who accept forms of compensation for their loyalties and service. They’re called mercenaries. Guns for hire. Soldiers of fortune. Well, Eryk?

He inhales deeply.

Jonas Coleman: Say hello to the SHOOT Project’s soldiers of fortune. Diego Reyes. Jonas Coleman. PERDITION.

Jonas Coleman and Diego Reyes leave Eryk Masters there alone. Reyes is laughing with excitement.

Eryk Masters: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The two newest members of the SHOOT Project seem to be offering their services to the highest bidder and are letting what they did to Del Carver be proof that they can get the job done. Man. Perdition. Back to you guys.


We go backstage where, standing by, is Eryk Masters alongside Crush Heart. The two men stand in front of a JONNYlution sign. Crush is wearing his usual “get up”. A long black leather jacket, a black cowboy hat and a rough looking vest top with jeans on his bottom half.

Eryk Masters: Crush Heart, thank you for joining me here for a few words. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for your win at Master of the Mat.

Crush: A win at Master of the Mat? That aint just a win ya know Master’. That pal, that was more than a win to me… That match shut my brother up once an’ for all…. Showed that lil’ punk just who he was messin’ with.

Eryk Masters: I hear that Jack has gone hiatus since Master of the Mat and has been unable to contact by SHOOT management.

Crush just looks at Masters, almost as if he doesn’t really care for the statement and he certainly is not going to answer if it was a question.

Eryk Masters: Secondly, I’d like to ask where does Crush Heart go from here? What can your fans look forward to?

Crush: My fans? They can look forward to whatever Crush Heart does next… Whoever he goes up against… They know that this man… Right here… Stood before ya lil’ sorry ass… Will give them one hundred per cent each and every time he steps into that ring. They know that already. As for where Crush Heart is gonna go from here… The sky is the limit.

Crush turns to face the camera.

Crush: Right now… I’ll take on anyone… Anytime… Anywhere… Any rules. I don’t give a crap ‘bout “Loser Leaves town” matches or “Rape a Bitch on a Pole” matches… Whatever the match… Whoever the unlucky fool opposite me… I’ll give ya me all… And then some. But what we all know for sure… For DAMN sure… Is at the end of the match… When all the fans go home… And all the momma’s start settling their kids in bed for the night… We all know that some unlucky guy has met their Crushin’ End…

Crush goes to turn away from Masters but before he can a little voice is heard. The voice is soft and sweet.

???: Daddy, daddy!

The camera pans down and around to find a little blonde haired girl, dressed all in white and with what seems like wings attached to her back. The girl runs over to Crush as he bends down and scoops her into his arms.

Angel Child: Daddy, I am so proud of you!

Crush: Come on sweetheart… Daddy gonna take ya out for some ice cream…

The two exit the shot as Eryk Masters is left alone.

Eryk Masters: Well… Crush Heart there…

The scene fades off with Masters looking in the direction of where Crush and the child had left.


Returning to just outside of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion’s locker room, Osbourne looks over his right shoulder at the two security guards stood to attention behind him before looking back down to the Iron Fist Championship Belt laid out on the desk in front of him. Lifting it up, he breathes deeply onto the gold plate and grabs the front of his T-shirt to polish it.

With a smile, he places it back on the desk, but his right hand locks up a little and pops and crunches as he clenches his fist. Suddenly, Jonny’s locker-room door opens and his smile soon returns.

A wave of raven hair appears in the open doorway and his lover, the beauty called Sinnocence, gives him a huge smile along with a deep kiss.

Sinnocence: Hiya, Champ…

She laughs softly.

Sinnocence: You have no idea how good it feels to say that….

He can’t help but beam his Cheshire Cat grin as he watches her sit on the edge of the desk.

Osbourne Kilminster: I could say the same to you too, Champ…

Sinnocence crosses her legs, sitting back and letting the Revolution belt glint a little bit in the light. She wraps her leg around his thigh to pull him closer.

Sinnocence: …you can’t imagine the things I’m going to do to you when we get back to my place.

Osbourne leans back in his seat, smirking a bit as he hears the guards behind him clearing their throats uncomfortably, but his eyes never waver from hers.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, I can imagine… You should know by now… how… imaginative… I can be…

Sinnocence chuckles softly and leans in for a kiss, stopping mere millimeters away from Ozzy’s lips when she feels a hand lightly tapping on her shoulder.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Sinnybuns? Is Jonny back here? I haven’t seen him in, like, a little over a week. I wanted to see… Oh! Were you to having a (Whispers) moment? I’m sorry, smooch away! I’ll wait!

Sinnocence leans in and gently bites Osbourne’s lower lip, before turning around and giving Nova a strained smile.

Sinnocence: Not at all, Nova…I just don’t think Jonny is seeing anyone right now…

Osbourne leans forward, slapping the desk loudly with the palms of his hands.

Osbourne Kilminster: No. No, Jonny isn’t seeing anybody right now, I’m afraid. He’s a busy guy, don’t you know? Running the show and all, it takes up a lot of his time… But you know what? I’ll tell him you stopped by and I’m sure he’ll give you a call or something…

He looks to Sinnocence and raises an eyebrow. His lover gives him a gentle look…silently telling him to be nice. Sinnocence grabs Nova’s hand and places a kiss on her palm.

Sinnocence: Why don’t you go and find a nice shirt at the concession stands for Jonny to wear next week? I’ll make sure he wears it…

Nova Lynn Jackson: Ya know what? He’s probably seen all the ones they show here… I’ll go shopping and get him something new! It’s, ya know, late and stuff, but I can go online and look for stuff! And I’ll make sure it’s, like, hipstery for him. He likes to be ironic, right? I’m sure he’ll have time for me when he’s done with the JONNYlutions!

Nova beams over at Sinnocence, completely ignoring Osbourne’s douchebaggery. Nova already loved Sinnocence, and she throws her arms around her sister-at-arms and gives her a big kiss on the cheek.

Nova Lynn Jackson: You always know exactly what to do to make me feel happy! You’re amazing!

Osbourne shakes his head, looking back to the security guards stood behind him as he strains to stifle his laughter. Takign a few moments to straighten his face, he turns back to the pair.

Osbourne Kilminster: Look, I get that you like the guy… but he likes the girls who are hard to get, you know? The elusive ones who have nothing to do with him… He likes it when a girl who likes him tries to avoid him. He likes those kind of games. Maybe you should try that?

He shrugs his shoulders and glances to his lover, rolling his eyes. She shakes her head and taps his forehead.

Sinnocence: Be nice, Ozzy…she’ll catch him soon enough. Nova just has to be patient and understand that things like this take time.

Nova is genuinely puzzled by Kilminster’s advice, having never been given advice like it before. She crinkles her nose, questioning her very worldview, looking back and forth between Sinnocence and Kilminster.

Nova Lynn Jackson: But if I pretend that I’m not interested, how would he know if I am? I mean, isn’t it, like, bad to play mind games with guys? I thought that you were supposed to be honest with the people you care about, ’cause it’s, like, not nice at all to mislead people. I don’t wannabe, ya know, a liar or anything. He’s been so good to me, and he’s taken such good care of me and he protects me. I don’t want Jonny to think I’m ungrateful or that I don’t love him.

The little mind of Nova Lynn Jackson is trying it’s hardest to wrap her head around the concept of ‘patience’ in regards to a man, and her confusion is written all over her face.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Are you sure I should back off? ‘Cause, like, he means a whole bunch to me, and if it’ll work out better if I’m not so obvious, I’ll, ya know, do that. For him.

Sinnocence: That’ll work, Nova. Just don’t be so aggressive about it. He’ll notice you in time.

Kilminster takes a deep breath and gulps. The cogs whir about in his mind and he realises he might be crushing the young girl’s dreams. It’s not a nice position to be in, but…

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah. It’ll work a treat. He knows. He’ll come for you when he’s ready.

The clueless young lady bites her lip, as deep in thought as she can possibly get. Her head cocks to the side, and she looks to Sinnocence for backup.

Nova Lynn Jackson: But… can I still get him a new shirt?

Sinnocence: Of course! Find him one that’ll make him look even more dangerous and sexy.

The Revolution Champion gives her a lovely smile.

Sinnocence: Go on, Sweetheart, I’ll catch up with you later. All right?

Nova Lynn Jackson: Capiche!

The bubble-brained brunette bimbo turns on her heel and flounces away, blowing a big kiss behind her.

Sinnocence: See, Ozzy…sometimes it pays to be nice.

Osbourne Kilminster: Nice? Yeah, maybe, but you’re leading her on and it’s going to break her heart, and it doesn’t need to be broken, you know? I feel a bit bad about it…

Sinnocence feigns a look of hurt.

Sinnocence: Who said I’m leading her on? There’s nothing wrong with a little white lie. It keeps her happy and out of Jonny’s way. Where’s the harm in that?

Kilminster’s hand finds its way to her thigh, tracing up and down it lightly.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, I guess. So long as she does keep out of his way…

The locker room door opens and Lolwen steps out, attracting their attention and nodding his head back into the room.

Osbourne Kilminster: What?

Peter Lolwen: Jonny wants you both to come back inside as he has something that he’d like to say to everybody…

Sinnocence rolls her eyes and waves him off.

Sinnocence: That’s all fine and dandy. We’ll come in in a moment.

The raven-haired beauty grabs her Viking and slides down into his lap for a passionate kiss before grabbing his belt and heading for the door though as he follows her, he nods to the two security guards and points to either side of the locker room door. They take up their positions as he is dragged through the door.


With his hair matted down by water, as shown by the drips that fall from his head, and a bruise forming under his left eye, an exhausted Trevor Worrens walks down one of the back halls within the Thomas and Mack Center. Eryk Master approaches from in front of him.

Eryk Masters: Trevor, I have to say, heck of a match out there, earlier.

Worrens just nods his head and keeps walking past.

Eryk Masters: But I’d like to ask you about the aftermath.

And now Worrens stops. He turns around and he offers a half smile.

Trevor Worrens: I’m exhausted. I have bruise swelling up on my face, both my shoulders are killing me. That’s the aftermath. Cade Sydal gave me hell tonight, and I’m sure hoping he’ll give me hell again sometime down the road.

Masters nods in understanding but presses on.

Eryk Masters: I know all that, I can see all that. What I meant by aftermath was your public backing of Cade Sydal. Earlier tonight you had an altercation with Jester Smiles, so your words following the match, well they couldn’t have helped the friendship.

Worrens raises a slight eyebrow, water flicking out as he does.

Trevor Worrens: Friendship? Yeah, well Eric made it VERY clear earlier tonight that the only way a friendship would still exist between us is if I played personal cheerleader to his heroic efforts against The Defiler Jonny Johnson. And well, you’ve seen how I dress, I’m not exactly a pom pom rah rah kind of guy.

So as far as I’m concerned… Jester Smiles can go ahead and get caught up in this war. I’ve made my feelings known regarding the Sons of Liberty, but obviously he doesn’t care about that. So, ya know what, If he wants to let his victory get to his head, make him paranoid; make him think HE has to rally the troops, then so be it. There is no friendship. Not anymore.

Worrens continues walking, lowering his head as he does so. The scene fades out from there.



The night is slowly drawing near its end, and an EXTREMELY frustrated JASON RILEY paces the halls somewhere in the corridors of the Thomas and Mack Center. He’s obviously trying to keep his cool, and struggling.

Riley: THIS IS HORSESHIT! A disqualification? They change the rules for everything else, and WE GET DQ’D??? FUCK THIS!!!

He pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his jeans, having changed back into his street clothes already, and starts to head toward an exit down the hall.

Riley: (Mumbling as he pull a cig from the package) I’m sooo done with this bullshit. Sooo fucking done with it.

He puts the cigarette in his mouth and pushes through the door as soon as he arrives.

Riley: (Pulling out a lighter, With the Cig in his mouth) I’m gonna tell him. I’m gonna tell him that I’m done take this shit…

He lights the cigarette takes a drag and looks up.

Another figure is standing adjacent to where Riley is with a black hoodie with the hood up. We can tell from what faint light illuminates his face that it’s Conor Caden. He shakes his head, the whole time Riley is oblivious to Conor’s presence.

Conor: Chasing the dream alone not really what you thought it would be?

Riley looks up after hearing Conor’s voice, but doesn’t seem terribly thrilled that he’s here, or that he may have been listening to him.

Riley: Don’t start with this shit, Conor. I’m not in the fucking mood.

Conor takes another drag, he’s shaking his head.

Conor: I was just wondering when ‘reality’ was going to set in. I used to BE one of you, Riley. I used to run with Jonny… I turned my BACK on the only guy who ever cared about my own well being. What did it get me, Riles? Nothing. That’s when I set out to do shit on my own. Did I accomplish much? Nah. But these scars? These fucking scars are because of MY problems, not trying to help solve someone else’s..

Riley prematurely flicks away his cigarette and raises his eyebrows.

Riley: So you want to tell me how to fucking live? (Outstretching his arms, exasperatedly) Is that right? Huh? (Moving up on Conor) You think you know better or some shit?

Riley inches in and SHOVES Conor


Almost as soon as Riley explodes, TOM QUINN and TIM CALAHAN burst through the doors and hurriedly move to stop him from doing anything stupid.

Rogue: JASE! FUCK!

Quinn reaches for him and pulls him back!

Super Fan: Just back up, Riles! C’mon man!

Conor: It’s cool, Tom.

Conor nods, smirking.

Conor: You don’t like me getting in your business, Jason? That’s cool. I’m not trying to. If anything, I know how you feel. I broke away from your little ‘group’ long ago, you know? It was hard getting on my feet… breaking AWAY from being one of ‘Jonny’s guys’. Look at you, man. All worked up, and over what?

He scratches at his head.

Conor: You’re facing reality, Riley. And it only gets harder from here. What happens when you break out? When big cousin isn’t there to protect his baby cousin?

Jason again starts to inch towards Conor. He shrugs.

Conor: I’m not trying to tell you you can’t do it, Riley. I just uhh… I just don’t SEE it in you, at least not now.

He takes another drag before ashing it. Quinn stares back at Conor, still holding Riley back.

Rogue: Conor, just cool it man.

Calahan, the largest of everyone outside, actually forcefully pulls Riley back now. Riley offers a little resistance, but not much.

Super Fan: Let’s go dude. Jonny wants us inside for a meeting.

Riley puts his hands up in the air, and turns his back on Conor, opting to head back inside. Calahan follows behind, while Quinn hangs in the back for a second or two.

Rogue: Stay out of it, man. Okay? That’s all I’m gonna ask.

Conor doesn’t say anything.

Instead, he just shrugs agreeably. Quinn isn’t exactly happy with it, but he deals. He follows his friends behind and Conor pulls out another smoke.

He coughs.

And then lights up.


As the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” starts up, the crowd goes into a frenzy, cheering loud and hard! The cheering intensifies as Sean Boden steps through the entranceway, his tattooed torso bare, black elbow pad on his right arm, and black fingerless gloves on his hands! He stops on the stage to bask for a minute… or at least, that’s what it looks like. He puts a hand to his ear, and shakes his head.

Jeff Hansen: What the hell is he doing?

The Who cuts off, and Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” takes its place. Boden makes a “so-so” motion with his hand, and Living Colour cuts off as well…

…to be replaced by Rage Against the Machine’s “Take the Power Back.” The loyal fans in the audience explode into cheers, as Boden smiles and starts the slow walk to the ring!

Samantha Coil: Now entering the ring, from Deep Ellum, TX, weighing in at 225 lbs, SEAN BODEN!

Joey C: What’s the big friggin’ deal?

Other Guy: Boden’s sending a message to your cat in the head office… that’s Anarchy One’s old theme.

Jeff Hansen: That’s Boden for you, always living in the past.

He takes the time to slap a couple of hands on the way down the aisle, before stopping in front of the announce table. He flips the double deuce to Hansen, then down the line to Joey C, before giving OG a double thumbs-up, along with a “hang in there.” He makes one more stop, mouthing off to Brian Calahan before sliding into the ring. He loosens himself up on the ropes, walking over to Willie Dean.

Sean Boden: This is our match, our rules. I don’t want to see you calling any DQs or countouts. Got it?

Dean nods in agreement as “Take the Power Back” fades out. The driving piano and high-pitched screeching that signals the intro for “Girl Anachronism” by the Dresden Dolls brings a seriously mixed reaction for Ainsley Lake as she steps out onto the stage.

Samantha Coil: His opponent, from Wantagh, NY, weighing in at 162 lbs, AINSLEY LAKE!

She soaks up the reaction, nodding, a half-smile on her face, her Sons of Liberty T-shirt tied in a knot under her breasts. She sweeps her purple hair out of her eyes, looking toward the ring. She walks slowly down to the ring, seemingly a little apprehensive, before she hops onto the apron, flipping herself over the top rope.

Jeff Hansen: I would just like to remind the audience, both here and watching at home, how much of a bitch Ainsley Lake actually is. I mean, she did pretty much ruin Jester’s career, and now look at him.

Other Guy: Yeah, Master of the Mat. That’s terrible.

Joey C: Stuff it, OG, nobody asked you. ‘Sides, he’s just gonna get beat down like a dog by the World Champ anyway.

She eyes Boden, who glares back at her, adjusting his gloves. She cracks her neck from side to side, stretching her legs on the top rope. The crowd goes through the roof as AC/DC’s “Back in Black” starts up!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, from Westhampton Beach, NY, weighing in at a combined 547 lbs, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

Joey C: Why the hell is she calling them the tag team champions?

Jeff Hansen: I think we all know the truth, that Rogue and Riley are the true champions, but if Sam wants to play into their charade, I guess that’s her call.

Other Guy: You gotta be fucking kidding me.

CJ and Jared step through the entrance in LIHC T-shirts over their standard black pants… and they’ve brought goodies! Jared has a pool cue in one hand, twirling it, and CJ has a metal garbage can full of god-knows-what slung over his shoulder! The crowd pops hard!

Jeff Hansen: Yes! They’re gonna beat each other bloody! This is awesome!

Joey C: It’s like they want all of them to be out for a while, not just the loser!

Jared rests the cue on his shoulder as they walk to the ring, keeping their eyes on both their opponents. Getting a look inside the can, we can see a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, a couple of bundles of fluorescent light tubes, a kendo stick and various other nasty items. Jared slides under the bottom rope, while CJ walks up the stairs, placing the can in the corner, and stepping over the top rope. They don’t bother with the formalities of posing, and CJ goes right for Boden, and Jared for Ainsley! Willie Dean calls for the bell and it’s on!

Jared clotheslines Ainsley with the pool cue, tossing it to the side, and grabbing her by the hair! CJ has Boden in the corner, throwing knees into his gut, one, two, three, four, five! Finally, he throws him to the mat! Jared pulls Ainsley up, whipping her to the opposite corner, and he charges with a spear! But Ainsley is still too fresh, and pulls herself up, flipping over Jared, who hits the steel ring post! CJ pulls Boden up by the head, but Boden is quick with the low blow! CJ doubles over in pain, and Boden plants him with a DDT! Ainsley pulls Jared down in a school boy, sliding back up to her feet, and jumping over his legs to drop a leg across Jared’s throat! CJ and Jared both slide out of the ring for a breather, as Ainsley and Boden turn around to face each other! The crowd pops as the two circle each other, before locking up! Boden turns it into a rear waistlock, tossing her into the air with a German suplex! Ainsley turns around, landing on her feet, and Boden turns around to an Ainsley hurracanrana! Ainsley covers, but Boden rolls through it, and covers himself! Dean doesn’t even get to the mat before Ainsley kicks out, and both of them kip up and turn around to face each other once again to a monstrous pop!

Joey C: OK, maybe Boden’s still got it.

Jeff Hansen: Please. Basic cruiserweight stuff.

Other Guy: For a guy who spent two years in a wheelchair, I think he’s doin’ pretty damn good, if he’s keeping up with Ainsley.

Jared and CJ have slid chairs into the ring, and Ainsley yells at Boden to get down! Boden drops to his hands and knees, and Ainsley springboards off of Boden’s back to the apron to knock Jared down with a calf kick! Jared flies backward into the guardrail, hitting his back hard! Boden runs to the ropes, vaulting over the top directly onto CJ Nelson! Ainsley Lake is left alone in the ring as Boden and CJ fall into a heap on the outside! Boden gets to his feet first, as Jared slides back into the ring! Walsh is a little sluggish as Ainsley throws kicks into his back, but he gets to his feet, catching Ainsley’s kick! She throws a vicious enzigurai, but Jared ducks it! Ainsley lands on her foot, swinging it back around to click Walsh with a heel kick to the temple! Walsh spins around, dropping to the mat!

Meanwhile, CJ has thrown Boden into the ring steps, and he slams Boden’s head into the ring post! CJ keeps up, nailing Boden’s face against the cold steel a second time! And a third! He goes for it one more time, but Boden blocks it! CJ tries again, but Boden blocks once more! Before Sean can get any more offense off, CJ is knocked away by a baseball slide from Ainsley! She hops to the top rope, flying off the turnbuckle, grabbing CJ’s head right between her legs! Dragonrana– no! Reversed by CJ into a powerbomb onto the floor! CJ grabs Ainsley by the hair as Boden gets into the ring!

CJ pulls Ainsley up into the air, into a guerrilla press, and drops her with a snake eyes across the guardrail! Lake starts to cough as she hits the ground, and CJ starts throwing boots into her! Jared’s on his feet in the ring, and he’s picked up the pool cue! He swings at Boden, but Boden dodges it, the cue hitting the top rope! Boden grabs Jared’s arm, but Jared puts an elbow to his face! He stumbles back, and Jared swings again, breaking the pool cue across Boden’s forehead! Boden drops to the mat, and Jared covers!



Thr- Kickout!

Other Guy: A close call there for Boden.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, it would’ve been a real damn shame if he had lost already.

Joey C: Yeah, nobody’s bleeding yet.

CJ rolls Ainsley into the ring, and Jared wanders over, tossing the remnants of the pool cue at her as she gets in the ring. CJ slides in, as Jared pulls Ainsley up into a vertical suplex! CJ gets behind Jared, and Jared plops Ainsley onto his shoulders! Jared moves out of the way, and CJ plants Ainsley onto one of the chairs with a powerbomb! Ainsley screams, arching her back, and rolls off the chair! Jared slides under the top rope, and CJ tosses him the chair! He slingshots over the top rope, sliding the chair under his leg, and driving it across Ainsley’s face! Jared rolls off, holding the back of his leg, as Ainsley covers her face, writhing in pain! CJ grabs the chair, pulling Boden to his feet, and he goes for the guillotine! NO! Boden puts an elbow to his gut! CJ shakes it off, and tries again! Boden again blocks it with an elbow! And another! CJ drops the chair, but Boden has it before it hits the ground! He slams it across CJ’s face, and Nelson stumbles back! Boden tosses him the chair, and plants a front face dropkick to it as CJ catches it! CJ hits the mat hard, and Jared immediately puts Boden down with a flying corkscrew lariat! Jared picks up the chair, and holds it to his chest as he springboards off the second rope with a moonsault onto Boden! Jared flops off again, holding his torso, leaving Boden doing the same!

Nelson is shaking off the cobwebs, slowly getting to his feet, and he grabs Boden by the head, but Ainsley has gotten up, and she’s spilled out the can of weapons! There’s duct tape, wire cutters, a spool of barbed wire… they brought the works! She grabs the kendo stick, and slams it across CJ’s back! He drops Boden, who falls, hanging onto the middle rope, and turns around as Ainsley swings it again into his side! He shrugs it off, and motions for Ainsley to bring it on! She slams it into his head! He absorbs it like it was nothing! She swings again, landing a nasty shot right between the eyes that opens him up, and breaks the stick, but even with his face bleeding, he doesn’t flinch! She swings once more, but he grabs it, pulling her into a clothesline that flips her over in the air!

Joey C: CJ’s busted open, but it looks like Ainsley caught the real brunt of that! He almost took her head off!

Jeff Hansen: I wish he had.

The crowd pops as CJ lets out a roar! Boden’s still trying to get to his feet, and it looks like Jared’s back in the land of the living, as he slides out of the ring. He reaches under the ring, grabbing a table! CJ walks over to the pile of stuff on the mat, tossing Jared a roll of duct tape, followed by the bunch of light tubes! Then a second! Jared starts getting to work on taping them to the tabletop, as CJ turns around– spear! Boden spears CJ into the garbage can and into the corner, and the can folds like paper under their weight! Boden starts laying kicks into CJ’s midsection, one right after the other! He backs up a bit, finishing up the combo with a spinning wheel kick! CJ collapses to the mat, as Boden picks up a spool of barbed wire! He holds it up in the air to the generous cheers of the audience! He grabs the set of wire cutters, snipping the wire and wrapping a bunch around his arm! He pulls CJ out of the corner, and locks him up in the WRATH!

Other Guy: This could be it! He’s got that barbed-wire wrapped arm around CJ’s throat!

Jeff Hansen: Could we be seeing CJ Nelson’s SHOOT career end right here? I hope so!

Joey C: It doesn’t look like Ainsley’s gonna let that happen, though!

Sure enough, Ainsley has the barbed wire-wrapped bat! Boden has CJ dropped to the mat, standing over him in a camel clutch position, as Ainsley comes up behind… and pushes the bat to Boden’s forehead! Blood starts pouring out as the barbed wire grinds against his face! Boden howls, releasing the hold, and as CJ drops to the mat, Boden rises as Ainsley pulls up! She finally lets him up, and she drives the bat into his midsection, opening a bunch more puncture wounds in his gut! He doubles over, and Ainsley drives it down onto his back! Boden hits the mat in a bloody mess! She raises the bat in the air to explosive cheers!

CJ rolls over, his chin and neck bleeding along with his face now, and Ainsley runs, dropping the top of the bat across the top of his head! CJ’s forehead explodes in more blood, and Ainsley pulls him up to a sitting position, trying to push the barbed wire into his face! CJ puts his hand out, pressing it against the wire, to keep his face safe! Ainsley’s pulling with all her might, but CJ’s too strong! He yanks the bat out of her hands, pulling the barbs from his own, and swinging it at her! She quickly dodges, and he swings again! She dodges once more, and he plants the barbed wire directly into the turnbuckle! It takes him a little too long to pull it out, and Ainsley drives a kick to his nuts! CJ doubles over again, dropping the bat!

Other Guy: Not a good day for the Nelson family jewels.

Jeff Hansen: Is it ever?

Joey C: His best friend’s a porn star. Like him or not, man, that’s golden opportunity right there.

Boden is on his feet, and as CJ drops to his knees, Boden pulls Ainsley into a sleeper drop! The barbed wire on his arm grinds into Ainsley’s forehead! Boden keeps pressing his forearm against her head, and she screams, trying desperately to remove him as the blood seeps down her face! Jared has finally finished his project on the outside, and as Boden pulls his arm off of Ainsley’s face, he pulls a massive instrument of death from under the ring! Coils upon coils of barbed wire are attached to a 3 foot by 5 foot plywood board!

Jeff Hansen: Where the hell is all this stuff coming from? Seriously?!

He leans it up against the ring, sliding it inside, and Boden pulls Ainsley to her feet, tossing her over his head with a T-bone suplex! Ainsley crashes to the mat, and Boden immediately heads for CJ! But Jared intercepts him, catching him hard with a neckbreaker! CJ is back up, wiping the blood out of his face, and Jared grabs the barbed wire bat, going to the top! CJ pulls Boden’s legs back!

Other Guy: Oh god no. That’s just wrong!

Jeff Hansen: DO IT!

Walsh goes flying off the top rope, and plants the barbed-wire bat square between the legs of Sean Boden! Sean clutches his groin in pain, rolling to the side and kicking his feet, and CJ makes the cover, while Jared pulls the barbed wire board into the corner!



THR– kickout, but barely!

CJ gives Willie Dean a look, but Dean holds up two fingers! CJ slams the mat in frustration! He grabs the barbed wire off of Sean’s arm violently, spinning Boden around and tearing gashes in his arm! CJ pulls the barbed wire around Boden’s forehead, pulling back! Dean checks on Boden to see if he taps, but although he’s screaming bloody murder, Boden is not giving up! In the meantime, Jared pulls Ainsley to her feet, staggering her with a European uppercut, before attempting an Irish whip into the board! Ainsley reverses! Jared stops short, barely keeping himself from crashing in! He breathes a sigh of relief!

Ainsley connects with a dropkick to the back of Jared’s head! Jared goes into the barbed wire face first! Jared barely manages to extricate himself, cuts everywhere, and drops to the mat! Ainsley pulls the board away from the corner, leaning it up against the top rope, and grabs Jared by the legs! Catapult! Ainsley catapults Jared into the barbed wire board, which sends both Jared and the board over the top rope and out of the ring! Jared hits the floor, the barbed wire hits Jared, and the crowd explodes!


Ainsley turns around– boot to the gut from CJ! Boden’s still on the mat, trying to recover, as Ainsley gets planted with a double-arm DDT! CJ peels Ainsley from the mat, pulling her up and over his head into a crucifix… and he tosses her over the top rope and through the light tube-covered table! Ainsley crashes through with a crack and a puff of smoke, and hits the floor, shards of glass stabbing into her back! She SCREAMS in pain, louder than even the cheers of the crowd!

Joey C: First Jared’s taken out of the match, now Ainsley seems to be done!

Jeff Hansen: Good! Maybe we’ll never see her again!

Other Guy: Yeah, but she ain’t lost yet! Unless one of those two pulls her into the ring, she’s still got a career!

And then there were two! CJ slides out of the ring, pulling the board off of Jared, who is covered in blood and shaking! CJ kneels down, checking on Jared, who nods his head, barely, to CJ. CJ slides the board back into the ring, and Boden is hanging on the second rope, trying to get back to his feet… he’s also covered in blood, but in much better shape than Jared! CJ pulls Boden up, and into powerbomb positon! Boden wakes up real quick, throwing punches into CJ’s head, trying desperately to keep from going down! CJ moves over closer to the board! Boden spins around on CJ’s shoulders, and rolls down his back! CJ turns around, and Boden swings around him with a neckbreaker! Both men hit the board hard! They both roll off, wailing in pain! Boden’s the first to move over, making the cover!




Ainsley Lake pulls on Boden’s leg to break the cover just in time! She gingerly slides into the ring, slow to get to her feet, but still faster than everyone else! Ainsley laboriously climbs to the top rope, wincing in pain with every move! Boden gets to his knees, as Ainsley raises an arm! He steps to his feet, back to the corner, facing the board, and turns around as Ainsley SAILS off the top rope, over his head with the Higher Side of Low!


She doesn’t quite clear the board, nailing it with her already lacerated back! Boden doesn’t even have the energy to roll off! Ainsley covers!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 26 minutes and 28 seconds, AINSLEY LAKE!

Joey C: That match was a goddamn bloodbath!

Jeff Hansen: Sean Boden is officially suspended indefinitely! He’s all talk, as usual!

As “Girl Anachronism” blares through the PA, and the crowd pops like crazy, Ainsley helps Boden peel himself off the board, and CJ slides out of the ring, trying to get Jared to his feet. He’s successful, barely, helping his friend and tag partner into the ring… all four of them look like they’ve been through hell and back. Boden requests a microphone from Samantha Coil, wiping some blood from his eyes. He shakes his head a little to get his bearings back.

Sean Boden: What’d everybody think?

The crowd roars in approval.

Jeff Hansen: Please, it wasn’t that good.

Other Guy: Hansen, even Joey C disagrees with you.

Joey C: Dude, that was pretty sick.

Sean Boden: See, me and my friends here wanted to make this match something to remember… I think we succeeded… in spite of Jonny Johnson’s little stipulation.

Just mentioning the name sends the crowd into a chorus of boos.

Sean Boden: So it looks like I’m indefinitely suspended now, huh? Y’know, Jonny, next time you’re gonna fuck with DSI like that, at least make sure that everyone in the match, y’know, actually works for you

We’re not done, Johnson. You might keep me out of the ring, but you still have to contend with Long Island Hardcore…

Boden points to CJ and Jared, and the crowd pops.

Sean Boden: …and Ainsley Lake, and the rest of the Sons of Liberty.

He points to Ainsley as well, and the crowd goes insane again.

Sean Boden: The real Revolution’s growing, Jonny, and it’s only a matter of time.

He drops the mic as “Take the Power Back” starts up again, the four of them making their way to the back.

Other Guy: Boden tellin’ it like it is. Jonny Johnson can’t keep this up forever, no matter what he thinks.

Jeff Hansen: Just keep shilling, OG. Maybe someday it’ll come true.

Joey C: They might be good, but they ain’t the DEFILER.


We go backstage where, standing by, is Eryk Masters alongside Crush Heart. The two men stand in front of a JONNYlution sign. Crush is wearing his usual “get up”. A long black leather jacket, a black cowboy hat and a rough looking vest top with jeans on his bottom half.

Eryk Masters: Crush Heart, thank you for joining me here for a few words. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for your win at Master of the Mat.

Crush: A win at Master of the Mat? That aint just a win ya know Master’. That pal, that was more than a win to me… That match shut my brother up once an’ for all…. Showed that lil’ punk just who he was messin’ with.

Eryk Masters: I hear that Jack has gone hiatus since Master of the Mat and has been unable to contact by SHOOT management.

Crush just looks at Masters, almost as if he doesn’t really care for the statement and he certainly is not going to answer if it was a question.

Eryk Masters: Secondly, I’d like to ask where does Crush Heart go from here? What can your fans look forward to?

Crush: My fans? They can look forward to whatever Crush Heart does next… Whoever he goes up against… They know that this man… Right here… Stood before ya lil’ sorry ass… Will give them one hundred per cent each and every time he steps into that ring. They know that already. As for where Crush Heart is gonna go from here… The sky is the limit.

Crush turns to face the camera.

Crush: Right now… I’ll take on anyone… Anytime… Anywhere… Any rules. I don’t give a crap ‘bout “Loser Leaves town” matches or “Rape a Bitch on a Pole” matches… Whatever the match… Whoever the unlucky fool opposite me… I’ll give ya me all… And then some. But what we all know for sure… For DAMN sure… Is at the end of the match… When all the fans go home… And all the momma’s start settling their kids in bed for the night… We all know that some unlucky guy has met their Crushin’ End…

Crush goes to turn away from Masters but before he can a little voice is heard. The voice is soft and sweet.

???: Daddy, daddy!

The camera pans down and around to find a little blonde haired girl, dressed all in white and with what seems like wings attached to her back. The girl runs over to Crush as he bends down and scoops her into his arms.

Angel Child: Daddy, I am so proud of you!

Crush: Come on sweetheart… Daddy gonna take ya out for some ice cream…

The two exit the shot as Eryk Masters is left alone.

Eryk Masters: Well… Crush Heart there…

The scene fades off with Masters looking in the direction of where Crush and the child had left.


“Sanguis Bibimus.

Corpus Edimus.”

The sound of Ave Satani as chanted by gregorian monks comes abruptly and fills the entire Thomas and Mack Center to near deafening levels. Before anyone can even think to themselves what is in store, the Revolution Video screen comes to life… the screen soaked in a dark crimson color. A melodic piano chimes in.

“Sanguis Bibimus.”

The screen transforms slightly, the crimson color moving about, swirling, giving way to black lettering that reveals one name.

“Corpus Edimus”

Vincent Mallows.

A heavy guitar rift kicks in now adding metal instrumental to the gregorian chant, overall giving the music a driving, yet ominous feel. And then in odd fashion a thick, red liquid actually drips down onto the platform stage itself; dripping from the corner of the screen.

“Sanguis Bibimus.

Corpus Edimus.

Tolle Corpus Satani!


Vincent Mallows emerges from the back, dressed in a sleek black suit, with black button up shirt underneath, the top two buttons unbuttoned. The crowd responds to his presence with boos, but their noise only melds in with the chanting. Mallows walks down to the ring as calm and collected as ever, a glean of a smile on his lips.

“Sanguis Bibimus.

Corpus Edimus.

Tolle Corpus Satani!


He stops just outside of the ring, looks left and then looks right. He nods his head slightly and then turns to the corner steps. He enters the ring, the music making his abrupt presence that much more eerie.

“Ave! Ave Versus Christus!

Ave! Ave Versus Christus!

Ave! Ave Versus Christus!

Ave Satani!”

The chant set to a metal beat starts to fade as Mallows walks clear across the ring and very politely motions to Samantha Coil for a microphone.

“Sanguis Bibimus.

Corpus Edimus.

Tolle Corpus Satani!”

As the same phrase repeats over and over again, Ave Satani fades out completely, leaving nothing but the sound of the fans to accompany Mallows in the ring. They boo, they boo loudly. Vincent Mallows remains composed though, holding the microphone just above his waist, clasped in both his hands.

He waits. The fans just boo louder.

Vincent Mallows: Eventually you will run out of breath…


Mallows bows his head slightly; his lips pressed very closed to the head of the microphone.

Vincent Mallows: Your vocal cords will strain…

The sold out crowd continues to show their hatred for a man who has a past that is beyond controversial. But Mallows will not be deterred.

Vincent Mallows: And when you really need to make your voices heard, you won’t be able to utter a sound.

THEY ARE LIVID! Mallows keeps his head bowed, not looking up, not for a moment. He just waits, his breaths coming in heavy since his mouth is so close to the microphone.

Vincent Mallows: Do you realize…. Do you understand that by not allowing me to speak clearly you only HURT your beloved Christopher Davis?

And suddenly the crowd’s reaction changes. Some cheer at the mention of Christopher Davis, while others settle in, and now he raises his head. Vincent Mallows looks out to the crowd.

Vincent Mallows: Good. Now I know where your interests line and we can finally share a commonality. We both want Christopher Davis. Granted the definition of want is entirely different from your view and mine, but never the less we both want him here.

And unfortunately none of you nor I… get him tonight.

The fans begin to boo again but Mallows speaks quickly and louder over their noise, forcing the crowd to settle as to not miss what he has to say.

Vincent Mallows: I am not here to answer questions, I am here to question answers. The answer is Christopher Davis will NOT die… and my question is why? The answer is Christopher Davis is seemingly unstoppable at my hands… and my question is why? The answer is Christopher Davis has not been TRULY unhinged…

and my question is why?

An odd smile creeps across Mallows’s face.

Vincent Mallows: And the answer is because I didn’t have all the information. For years I have wanted nothing more than to see that man fail. For years I have wanted to be the man who makes him go away for good. But I couldn’t break him.

And five years ago, at the Master of the Mat Pay Per View, he broke me. What I thought was MY moment, he took from me. His legacy was to end there and mine was to truly begin and he ruined it. I could never stop him, and very very recently I learned it was simply because I didn’t have all the information.


Vincent Mallows: But I do now. And as I made perfectly clear last week, something has begun, it will be my crowning moment. I know a secret, and it’s made me realize that I can’t kill something that died along time ago.

His smile vanishes immediately.

Vincent Mallows: Christopher, can I call you that? (He laughs, but it is short) Anyway, I strongly suggest you show up here next week and give me EXACTLY what I want…

Suddenly “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC blares over the P.A. system and the crowd oddly comes to life, simply due to the fact that someone is interrupting Mallows… but this particular someone, is Kenji Yamada!

Other Guy: Mallows looks like he wasn’t expectin’ this, so I can only assume this AIN’T part of the plan.

Jeff Hansen: Everyone here hanging intently on the cryptic ways of Vincent Mallows, but I’m guessing the time for words is over.

Yamada paces back and forth for a moment, a microphone in hand. He looks about ready to lose it.

Kenji Yamada: What you… huh… what…. What you WANT!!?!?

That’s it! Yamada spikes the microphone down and charges down to the ring. The fans are shocked beyond belief, but some of them start to cheer as Yamada dives under the bottom rope and the second Mallows drops his microphone Yamada SPRINGS at him with a wicked chop STRAIGHT ACROSS THE THROAT!

Other Guy: And in one quick motion Mallows is down and gasping for breath! Yamada has lost it… even more than normal!

The assault doesn’t end there now as Yamada crouches down low by Mallows, choking him with one hand while unleashing straight punches to his face with the other.


Yamada continues to shout the same phrase over and over again as he just BASHES Mallows in the face.

Jeff Hansen: A pissed off Kenji Yamada taking out his frustrations of losing the Iron Fist Championship on Mallows and I’d like to see Vincent turn around and tell everyone NOW that The Family is okay.

Joey C.: With Yamada beatin Mallows up, Roland injured, and that crazy monster Sammy Rochester roaming around somewhere that’s gonna be a difficult task to pull off.

Eventually Yamada lunges up to his feet, glaring down at Mallows who just stirs on the mat, clutching at his face and moaning in pain.

Other Guy: Mallows came out here with a message directly for Davis, but instead got a message directly FROM the former Iron Fist Champion…. I don’t even know what to make of it.

Jeff Hansen: Just further proof that Jonnylution equals ratings as anything can happen at anytime.

Joey C.: Yeah, but now we gotta wait and see what Mallows wants from Davis, because I don’t think the man’s in any state to finish up here tonight.

As the camera focuses in close on the snarling face of Kenji Yamada, the camera fades away from the ring area, shifting the location of the action to elsewhere within the confines of the Thomas and Mack Center.



We find ourselves inside the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION’S locker room, where everyone from the DEFILER’S camp has gathered. In fact, it’s the first time we’ve had footage from inside all evening.

And what a celebration it appears to be.

The room looks the same as it always does. Entertainment center in one corner, a small locker area across from that, and The SHOOT Project TAG TEAM TITLES mounted on the walls most directly visible upon entering.

Several folding chairs have been spread out across the room, and a couple tables have been set up in front of where the tag titles are mounted, hosting bottles of champaign and party foods like cheese, cracker and sausage trays and various dips and bags of chips.

Joining THE DEFILER are OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, SINNOCENCE, TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, TIM CALAHAN, PETER LOLWEN, AND ALL SIX NAMELESS MEMBERS OF THE LEGAL TEAM. Sinn and Ozzy stand near Jonny, flirting as always, Sinnocence wrapped in Oz’s arms as the trio of champions share in a moment of small talk. Riley is off in the corner near the television, prematurely sipping his glass of champaign, while Quinn and Riley stand a little bit closer to Jonny.

Lolwen and the lawyers seem to be in some sort of legal discussion, going back forth on various opinions they have on the matter.

It’s a surreal scene.

After a moment or two more of this chatter, it’s THE DEFILER who finally raises his glass into the air and taps it with a pen.


Everyone stops and looks at Jonny.

The DEFILER: Guys… I just want to say… a couple glitches aside… Thank you guys for contributing to a MASTER PIECE OF A FUCKING SHOW!

Everyone starts to cheer a little bit… some louder than others.

The DEFILER: (Calming them down) We told them that HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE THINGS were on the horizon, and tonight we PROVED IT. You DO NOT FUCK with Osbourne Kilminster. YOU DO NOT FUCK with Sinnocence. (Pointing at Quinn, Riley, and Super Fan) YOU DO NOT FUCK with the Three Amigos…


The room ROARS.

They begin to toast, clinking their glasses together in celebration. Drops of champaign fall to the floor as one would expect. Their faces show sincere joy, which is bizarre to watch from such a wicked bunch.


And then there’s a knock on the door,

It doesn’t sound like a hand knocking. It’s louder and harder. The door opens before someone can say anything, revealing JESTER SMILES, pushing the door open with the baseball bat.

Jester Smiles: So, that Jonny Johnson sure is a pric-oh, hey. This is…errr…this is the wrong room.

Jester stands there, tapping his foot, feeding into the awkwardness.

Jester Smiles: Wow…this is, you know, strange.

For that instant everyone stops what they’re doing, glasses in hand, scowls infecting their once blissful expressions.

But they’re stunned.

Except Jonny.

Whose subtle smile darkens the imagery.

It’s Osbourne Kilminster, though, who speaks first.

Osbourne Kilminster: Stupid move, Eric.

He casually drops the glass to the floor and instantly shatters. Kilminster rubs at his hand, and speaks to Jonny, while keeping his eyes locked on Smiles.

Jester Smiles: You looking to lose…again? I mean, dude…

Jester holds the bat up.

Jester Smiles: Baseball bat.

The threat brings everyone in the room… Sinnocence, Kilminster, Quinn, Riley, Calahan, even Lolwen and the Legal Team… a couple of steps closer together as they instinctively move forward in front of the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and closer to Smiles.

Osbourne Kilminster: (Raising his eyebrows, holding his arms out to his side) Friends…

Jester tenses up and holds the bat like a sword. He’s clearly outnumbered, even with the baseball bat, but he smiles brightly.

Jester Smiles: Alright then. Let’s do this.


The heavy tension is disrupted by a slow, plodding clap from Jonny Johnson who now steps through his line of defense, and fearlessly moves within inches of Smiles. He looks over the 2008 Master of the Mat with eyes that drip judgement and arrogance, wreaking of sinister intentions.

The DEFILER: We’re fine, guys.

He pauses before administering his orders.

The DEFILER: Give us a minute alone, all right?

Kilminster is hesitant at first, but realizes that Jonny isn’t fucking around. He nods and then motions for the others to follow him. They eventually set down their glasses down wherever there is room and make their exit… Every last one of them, but not without a series of glares and menacing gestures.

One of the nameless lawyers is the last one out of the room.

And he shuts the door behind him.

Jonny and Jester are without guest.

The DEFILER: A little later than I expected, but I guess the hero pills probably take an hour or two to kick in. No?

Jester Smiles: (Seemingly unconcerned as he surveys the room)Yeah, yeah, I’m sure this is all part of your plan.

Jester finds what he’s looking for… a folding chair off to the side of the room. He takes it and starts to head back, but then eyeballs a half full glasses of champaign. Unable to resist temptation, he very daintily walks over to take it off one of the several tables, making sure not to step on any of the broken shards from the glass Kilminster dropped.

Finally situated, he walks back over to Jonny and sets the chair down (back end in front) as closely as possible to the World Champ.

Really, he’s uncomfortably close

Smiles takes a seat, leaning over the back of the chair.

Jester Smiles: So, let’s get the diabolical schtick out of the way, shall we?

Jonny takes a deep breath, his smile fading a little bit more with each defiant action that Eric takes.

The DEFILER: Why do you insist on making this such a… FUCKING ORDEAL? You’re out of my league. You’ve ALWAYS been out of my league. So why? Why do this?

He stares down Smiles, trying to find the answers he’s looking for.

The DEFILER: Let me put you out of your misery before things get out of hand. (Pausing) I’m serious, Eric. Take me up on the offer. Please.

Jester Smiles continues to grin. He stares up at Jonny for a moment, allowing the silence to fill the room. He soon begins to click his teeth, which makes an incredibly irritating sound. He does this for a few moments before finally answering Jonny.

Jester Smiles: You know, if you keep telling people I’m out of your league, it’s gonna suck even harder when I beat you.

His hand finds a place between his upper lip and nose as he rubs at his cheeks meticulously with his thumb and index finger. It’s clear that Smiles is not to be so easily dissuade.

Jonny’s icy blue eyes burn like frozen fires.

The DEFILER: Then lie in your bed, Rohkar. Pull the sheets up and tuck yourself in every night, but when you finally wake up… when your career has been blackened and your ego shattered into thousands of hilarious little clown pieces….

Don’t cry for a rematch.

Don’t cry politics.

Don’t. Cry.

The World Champion falls silent, his eyes sincere. His threat honest.

Jester Smiles: (Pause) Really? That was…that was it? That’s all you’ve got. Cade and Corazon warranted long, flowery speeches that portrayed the true ART of douchebaggery, and I get…that? I’m a little hurt, Jonny-boy.

Jester leans forward, folding his hands together. He rests his chin on his knuckles.

Jester Smiles: Truth be told, I’ll be impressed if you make it to WAR, Jonny. People are awfully pissed, and they really don’t like you. You know what would be really funny, Jonny? With your army and your resources and EVERYTHING you have, what if it were Jester Smiles vs Trevor Worrens at WAR for the World Title? What if I were facing Christopher Davis, Adrian Corazon, or, hell, Cade Sydal for the World Title?

Because, really Jonny, I don’t care. I’m guaranteed a shot, and I can take anyone who is holding that title. It’s not just about being the World Champion.

It’s about getting rid of you.

The Champion is silent.

He looks off to the side, making it impossible to get a good read on what he could possibly be thinking.

The DEFILER: I have a… a main event I need to watch.

He turns back to Smiles.

The DEFILER: I let you come in, but uhh… But I can’t dictate what happens when you… When you step through that… (Pointing to exit) That door over there. I’m sorry. But I hope you understand.

His gaze seems to imply that Jester needs to make an abrupt departure.

Jester continues sitting there. He just stares at Jonny for a moment. The whole time, he smiles.

Jester Smiles: You’re gonna get those boys hurt, and you don’t care, which is all well and good. Cept, here’s the thing, Jonny. You can’t control things anymore. There are too many variables now. When it was just you and a couple of guys fighting for that belt, you had control, because, hey, you’re Jonny Johnson. But, now? You’re pissing EVERYONE off. How long you think that can honestly last? You don’t have the advantage here, not anymore Jonny. You’ve already lost. You’re just…

Jester grabs at invisible butterflies in the air. He catches one, but then he let’s it flutter away.

Jester Smiles: You’re just holding on to a false image. You’ve lucked out, you’ve had your time, but pretty damn soon, Jonny-boy, it’s all going to come…(Jester drops the glass, and it shatters) crashing down.

His eyes fall to the floor with the glass, and in his expression is a gleam of inspiration. He actually smiles, now, after seemingly being subdued and raises his head back up to look at a very determined Eric Rohkar.

The DEFILER: Heh. Persistent, persistent, persistent… Man! (Enthralled) You want this more than anything, don’t you? To… to Rid the world of Jonny Johnson once and for all. To what? Bring peace? Resolution? Happier Times? You want this more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.

Jonny nods along to the tail end of his dialogue.

The DEFILER: True or False?

Smiles seems primed to respond, but Jonny holds up his hand to silence him.

The DEFILER: (Putting a finger to his lips) Shhh. Don’t bother. I’ve already let you talk more than enough. More than you DESERVE, honestly. (A little sickened) Because face it… You’re no hero, Eric People may let you think that you are, but… but you’re not. Not even close. Heh. Dude, uou’re not even the guy I’d ask for directions to a shopping mall.

You’re nothing.

And after next week, that’s exactly what you’ll have.


I’m going to take matters into my own hands and end this fucking farce. So the main event next week for my second show… It’ll be ME and a VERY HEALTHY, FULLY RECOVERED, REAL DEAL…

Against YOU…

And you’re very dear “brotha”…

Donovan King.

He watches Smiles intently, clamoring for a reaction.

The DEFILER: (Nodding, thinking to himself) Yeah… King and Corazon come back for the second night. That’d be ratings, you think? Hmmm… (Realizing he hasn’t quite finished with his business) Oh! I’m almost forgot. If uhh… if you and best friend Donny K can’t secure a PIN FALL or SUBMISSION VICTORY… Your stupid Master of the Mat meal ticket… the only thing that separates you from being just another face in the crowd… is being TORN TO SHREDS! You will NEVER get a World title shot so long as I AM ALIVE!!!

With those last few words comes a sudden calm, as Jonny finds comfort.

The DEFILER: I’m really going to be rooting for you Eric… I swear it, man. I wish you ALLLLLLL the luck in the world. But right now, for the sake of my television program… I need you to get out, okay? (Looking around the room) Cause the cameras… They’re not gonna leave until we wrap up, and… and I have two VERY EAGER competitors patiently waiting for the opportunity to keep their job.

So uhh… Good talk, I guess.

Glad you could stop by.

Jester isn’t grinning, but he remains composed.

The two men continue to stare fiercely at one another, but in the end Smiles simply rises from his seat, dusts himself off, and picks up his baseball bat.

He then makes his way out the door without another word, fully expecting the worse, ready for anything at this point.

But as he closes the door behind him…

He finds that no one else is around.

He’s alone.


The focus returns to the ring area for the final time tonight as the crowd seems somewhat mentally exhausted after everything that has taken place. There is a soft buzz throughout the Thomas and Mack Center though, but it is one of curiosity mixed with sadness… everyone knows that the main event is set to be up next.

Jeff Hansen: Well ladies and gentlemen, as Jonnylution night number one comes to a close, we end on a bittersweet note. Bitter because we are forced to watch Eli Storm and Nightmare wrestle, but sweet because one of them will be gone at the conclusion of the night’s main event.

Joey C.: Nothing brings drama to the ring like dangling a pink slip over the heads of two combatants, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: No it does not Joey… That Guy, how are you feeling?

Other Guy: This is a shame. Ya know, I don’t see how Jonny Johnson sending talent packing does ANYTHING for SHOOT Project. So yeah, I’m feeling pissed off and that this match is a real shame.

Jeff Hansen: Right but biases aside, admit it, Eli Storm and Nightmare are both wastes of space and one of them leaving is NOT going to topple SHOOT. In fact it opens up some money to hire some real talent if you ask me.

Other Guy: Well I’m not, Jeff. And I’m tired of hearing your extreme bias in the OTHER direction. So yeah, go ahead and say what ya want. All I’m going to say is I hope both Nightmare and Eli give the performances of their lives tonight.

Joey C.: I’d hope so too, because for one of them, it’s their last performance in a SHOOT Project ring.

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up is tonight’s MAIN EVENT and is a LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH!!!

The fans boo loudly, letting it be known that they don’t agree with this match up.

Samantha Coil:… Introducing first… standing at SIX FEET AND NINE INCHES and weighting in at TWO HUNDRED and EIGHTY POUNDS…

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah

Thirteen ghosts in the devil’s head

Step right up and feel the fire

Hardcore love of the never dead

Samantha Coil: He hails from Los Angeles, California, and is a Son of Liberty… he is Jonathon Wehali… he is… NIGHTMARE!!!

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare’s previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

Call me the American nightmare

Call me the American dream

Call me your soul corrupted

Call me everything you need

Jeff Hansen: Is this guy EVER going to actually come out?

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.

Joey C.: Ask and you shall receive, Jeff.

Yeah, motherfucker

Yeah, who do you love

Yeah, motherfucker

Who do you love, yeah

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans.

Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah

Lust and death gone in your head

Rat pack mind degenerated

Thirteen ghosts sing the body red

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

Joey C.: Well one lady going home with a souvenir, but if this match don’t go in Nightmare’s favor, those glasses are gonna be worth dick.

Call me the dark intruder

Call me the haunted sea

Call me your Monster Zero

Call me anything you need

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

Call me the American Nightmare

Call me the American dream

Call me your soul corrupted

Call me everything you need

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

Yeah, motherfucker

Yeah, who do you love

Yeah, motherfucker

Who do you love, yeah

Jeff Hansen: Well what a spectacle that was… if we’re basing this match on entrances alone, I think Nightmare should be fired from SHOOT Project by default.

Other Guy: Oh yeah, like your boy Jonny isn’t known for overly long entrances.

Jeff Hansen: He is, but the difference is that HE, unlike Nightmare, deserves them.

As Nightmare paces back and forth in the ring, he turns to the entryway with a look of concern on his face. The Revolution Video Screen shows a Red Canadian Maple Leaf on a white background, which brings all attention to the entryway. The lights turn to a hue of red and…

“Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga! Uh!”

The crowd gets into it, and while there is still a mixed reaction, there is some strong cheering echoing throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. There is a quick cut to the people in the crowd cheering, some even wearing SoL shirts.

“Once again back is the incredible – the incredible”

"Safe 2 Say (Da Incredible) – SHOOT Remix" by Fat Joe blares and out walks Eli Storm to the top of the entrance ramp. Storm is wearing a White hoodie with a Red Maple Leaf in the back. Red baggy wrestling pants with a White stripe up the left and right side, taped up fists and forearms and Red boots with White Shin guards with a Red Outline. Eli grins and pushes back the hoodie that is covering his face. He looks out to the crowd for a moment and another chorus of cheers mixed in with boos sounds.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, here is “THE INCREDIBLE ONE” ELI STORM!!!

Storm picks up his pace and once he is at ringside, he slides under the bottom rope.

Jeff Hansen: See that was quick and relatively painless.

Joey C.: No kidding. Nightmare seemed to be delaying the inevitable where as Storm, man I’m thinking he figures if his career ends tonight, might as well get into it.

Jeff Hansen: Right where as Nightmare CLEARLY lingering and trying to soak in as much as he possibly can before possibly be handed his final pay check here tonight.

Other Guy: Get over the entrances, alright? This is gonna be a tough match for both of them, I know you don’t care, but give me a break.

“I got the streets on smash, niggaz on the corner watching me roll past

The bitches they all gasp saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible

I got the heat on blast, love the seats reclining on that mean G4

Cause down in New York they saying!

Once again back is the incredible (dammmn right!)

The incredible – the incredible”

Storm hops up and poses in the middle of the ring, crossing his arms in the air as Canadian Colored streamers explodes through the air along with several quick bursts of red and white pyros. Nightmare just watches on from the side, giving Storm his moment.

“Once again back is the incredible – the incredible – the incredible"

The music cuts out there as Storm brushes his hair back and soaks in the mix of cheers and boos before handing his hoodie to a ring hand. He then lowers his arm and starts jumping up and down, trying to pump himself up for the match at hand. Referee Ron Wellington calls both men to the center of the ring, quickly checking them in. From there Nightmare and Storm shake hands and reluctantly move off into opposite corners.

Other Guy: The emotion in both those men have got to be a mess right now as one of them will be responsible for sending the other away from SHOOT Project.

Jeff Hansen: I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jonnylution Night Number Two… which will be sans one of these men I know.


The bell echoes, making the start of the finality of someone’s career official. Storm shakes his head, trying not to psych himself out, but he definitely doesn’t look to be all into the match, as shown by how slowly he moves out of the corner. Nightmare sighs but looks Storm dead in the eyes, and with a nod of his head he mouths the words “let’s do this.” Storm nods his head slightly, albeit with hesitation and starts in towards Nightmare. Nightmare comes in harder, causing Storm to have to use his speed to move out of Nightmare’s way and Storm immediately snaps around and fires a hard kick into Nightmare’s lower back.

Storm shakes his head, obviously not feeling right but as Nightmare turns around, Storm SNAPS off another kick, this time a side kick into the gut. Nightmare falters slightly but as Storm goes to capitalize from there, Nightmare quickly scoops him up and SLAMS him down onto the mat. Storm sits up, arching his back in pain and Nightmare pulls him up into a standing front facing headlock and hoists him up for a vertical suplex and then DROPS right down.

Joey C.: This Nightmare guy taking it easy on Storm in the opening, not sure that’s smart when you’re fighting for your career.

Other Guy: You’re telling me you could beat up your friend?

Joey C.: Hey its business, and if it meant keeping my job, then you bet. Hell that’s WHY I’m out here and not my old partner Mark Perletta.

Jeff Hansen: Anyway back to the match at hand, the six foot nine two hundred and eighty pound Indian is in control bringing Storm right back up… and a second vertical suplex!

Storm rocks slightly on the mat in pain, but sits up, once more arching his back. Nightmare isn’t aggressive though and shouts for Storm to get up and bring the fight. Storm slowly gets up and again shakes his head a couple of times, definitely NOT feeling this match. He starts to circle the ring, seemingly stalling, and Nightmare charges in grabbing Storm and now WHIPPING him across the ring. Storm comes running back and Nightmare looks for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Storm whips his body around and ends up landing right on his feet, followed by a boot to Nightmare’s gut… then another… and another! Nightmare doubles over in pain and Storm hooks Nightmare by the head and quickly swings, JUST taking Nightmare down with a swift swinging neckbreaker…

And a reluctant cover to follow. Wellington drops to make the count.


Nightmare easily kicks out after one.

Jeff Hansen: Storm trying to end this match on a common move like a neck breaker. If I was Nightmare I’d be insulted.

Other Guy: Jeff, come on, Storm’s just trying to see this match end. It’s hell for these two close friends to HAVE to fight.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah and it’ll suck more if they don’t have a job, so I’d expect them to be fighting harder, but that’s just my opinion.

Storm is up to his feet first, but Nightmare starts up as well. Storm stays on top of things though, throwing kicks at Nightmare’s legs, but they’re not as forceful as normal. Nightmare easily comes back and nails a hard chop across Storm’s chest. Storm stumbles back and Nightmare fires another chop, and another. Storm finds himself with his back up against the ropes and Nightmare looks to whip Storm across the ring, but Storm tries to counter, but Nightmare counters right back and pulls Storm in and takes him down with a standing short arm clothesline.

Nightmare drops a quick knee, but Storm rolls out of the way. Nightmare up, Storm ATTEMPTS a dropkick, but Nightmare swats him down. Storm back up again, Nightmare looks for a CRUSHING AXE KICK… but Storm dodges and runs into the ropes.

Jeff Hansen: A move Nightmare calls Scorpion rising could not connect there and now Storm… FLYING FOREARM SMASH. See that’s what this match needs, more hard hits so one of these guys can be kicked out of SHOOT.

Nightmare staggers back and Storm right back up to his feet only to NAIL a picture perfect flipping dropkick! Nightmare stumbles back more, and now he’s in the ropes. Wellington calls for Storm to back up, but Storm only backs away for a moment before charging at Nightmare and LEAPING with a clothesline…. BOTH MEN SPILL TO THE OUTSIDE!

Joey C.: And now these two taking it “to the streets” so to speak!

Other Guy: Storm getting’ a little more fired up, despite knowing what this match brings, so I gotta respect him for being able to continue on… I know I wouldn’t be able to.

Storm is first up to his feet, but Nightmare still very much with it that he works on getting up as well. Storm gets up onto the ring edge, backing up into the far corner. He actually plays up to the crowd for a moment, and gets a pretty nice pop in return. Storm hesitates though as Nightmare is up to his feet, his back to Storm.

He waits. Nightmare turns and NOW Storm runs and DIVES off with a line drive cross body into Nightmare, but Nightmare is JUST able to catch him and send him up and over with a MASSIVE fall away slam! Storm writhes in pain and Nightmare sits up, then stands up, and continues the match. He grabs Storm… only for Storm to pull down while jumping up and DRIVING a knee into Nightmare’s face! Nightmare’s head snaps back and Storm runs at him… BIG BOOT COUNTER!

Jeff Hansen: Eli Storm knocked right back down. This match showing right now that size does matter, and it’s the big man Nightmare who is able to keep Storm’s quickness at bay.

Nightmare lifts Storm up again but instead of keeping the fight outside the ring he sends Storm into the ring under the bottom rope. Nightmare then enters the ring after him. He doesn’t go for the cover but instead lifts Storm up and whips him into the lower right corner of the ring. Storm slumps and he can’t get away in time as Nightmare CRASHES into him with a running standing body splash. Storm falls into a sitting position, but Nightmare lifts him up and sits him on the top turnbuckle.

The fans start to buzz, wondering what the bigger man has in store, but as Nightmare steps up onto the first turnbuckle, Storm gets RIGHT back into the match and hooks Nightmare around the neck. Storm PUSHES off the turnbuckles and spins his body for a Tornado DDT!

Joey C.: Big time impact… NO!

Nightmare DRIVES Storm into the mat with a THUNDERING SPINEBUSTER! He turns his body from there, hooking Storm’s leg for a pin. Wellington drops to the mat… the fans find it hard to cheer…



TH… Storm gets the shoulder up! There is a sound of relief that comes from the collective of SHOOT Project fans and even Nightmare seems happy that Storm kicked out. He stays on the offense though, once again pulling Storm up to his feet, keeping him close. Storm snaps off a quick punch out of nowhere that catches Nightmare by surprise, but Nightmare fires right back with a knee lift which doubles Storm over in pain.

From there Nightmare hooks him and DELIVERS Storm to the mat with a SIT OUT ARGENTINE FACEBUSTER!

Other Guy: Nightmare calls that Blood Fall, and with the rush of blood to the face, I can see why.

Jeff Hansen: More importantly than the name… a cover made again by Nightmare… do we say so long to Storm?



Joey C.: Not quite Jeff. Storm has it in him to kick out.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but this match not looking to be in the favor of the gimmick switcher, Eli Storm.

The fans cheer once again and Nightmare takes his time getting up off of Storm and also giving his opponent some time to breathe. Nightmare waits while Storm works his way up to his feet, and the fans applaud Storm, trying to get him more and more motivated.

Nightmare: Come on, fight me, Storm. Do it for them!

Nightmare points out to the crowd and they cheer loudly this time. Storm jumps up and down a couple of times, again trying to get himself into this match fully and completely. He gives a single nod and charges in at Nightmare. The two lock up into grapple… Nightmare gains the advantage, and turns to WHIP Storm into the upper left corner of the ring.

Storm runs… but as he approaches the corner he RUNS UP THE TURNBUCKLES! The crowd pops as he flips backwards with a moonsault… CRASHING into Nightmare! Nightmare is taken off his feet and Storm reaches across Nightmare’s body, pulling up on both legs for a pin!

Wellington down and again the fans find it difficult to cheer.



Nightmare claps his large legs together against Storm’s head and then sits up, sending Storm flopping over… and Nightmare making a pin of his own. Wellington counts again.



Kick out by Storm this time. Nightmare gets off of Storm, only for Storm to rise to one knee as Nightmare up to his feet, hooks the arm behind both of Nightmare’s legs and quickly sweeps the bigger man back down onto the mat. Storm then goes to the outside edge of the ring, LEAPS over the top rope, twisting his body to land a hard leg drop across Nightmare’s neck. Storm rolls backwards and then runs into full speed into the ropes.

Jeff Hansen: The Forty Year Old Cruiserweight showing he still can move…

Storm summersaults forward then LEAPS up into the air, tucks his body to flip again and NAILS the rolling senton! He lies on his back across Nightmare from there, the fans cheering him on a bit as he has Nightmare pinned.



Nightmare turns his body, hooking both of Storm’s legs for a counter pin…



Other Guy: These two know each other pretty damn well, so it’s no surprise that again we see a quick exchange of two counts. But they want their contracts and they’re not about to let themselves get pinned.

Jeff Hansen: And I have to be the reminder that only ONE of them will hold onto their contract by the end of this match.

Both Storm and Nightmare are once again back up to their feet. They both start circling the ring, but Nightmare comes in quick, Storm tries to move out of the way but Nightmare JUST grazes him with a stiff strike to the chin! Nightmare snaps around to the side and Nightmare moves to stay in front of him, but Storm again targets Nightmare’s legs… trying to chop him down. Nightmare throws out a stiff-arm palm strike and Storm’s head snaps back, spit flying from his mouth. Nightmare moves around behind Storm now, and with his friend but opponent staggering Nightmare HOISTS him up and over with a German suplex…

But doesn’t stop there.

Nightmare rolls Storm right into a Tiger suplex… and from there into a Dragon Suplex to complete the chain!

Jeff Hansen: Chimera-plex executed and now I think Nightmare realizes better Storm than him as that kind of a move takes a lot out of ANY competitor, especially when that competitor is smaller than you.

Joey C.: Let’s see if that took enough out of Storm though for the win right here.

Storm barely stirs on the mat as Nightmare positions himself for a cover. The fans are on the edge of their seat, some shouting to motivate Storm to kick out.

Wellington counts…



THREE…. Storm uses his ENTIRE body to push out from under Nightmare, breaking the count and keeping the match… and his contract, alive. Nightmare again just nods his head but as Storm rolls away from him now, you can see a pain in Storm’s eyes. He gets up and lowers his head, looking down at the canvas for a moment, feeling the pain in his body and in his heart. Nightmare however forces himself to keep the match going and makes a quick bull-charge at Storm.

Storm can’t even react and takes a DECAPITATING CLOTHESLINE HEAD ON!

Jeff Hansen: My GOD what a clothesline. Eli Storm just MASSACRED!

Other Guy: He didn’t even try to move… he can’t do this. Storm can’t bring himself to truly fight this match no matter how hard he tried before.

Joey C.: Sounds to me like an excuse. If he wants to stay in SHOOT Project, Storm BETTER find a way to fight.

As Storm writhes on the mat in pain Nightmare looks down at him, now frustrated.

Nightmare: Don’t do this, Eli. I’m telling you, its okay to fight.

Storm pushes up off the mat slowly, getting up onto his knees but he shakes his head no. Nightmare gets increasingly more frustrated.

Nightmare: PLEASE! FIGHT ME!

Storm rises up to his feet, but again shakes his head. Nightmare steps right up to him, towering over Storm and then SLAPS him right across the face!


Nightmare: Get motivated and FIGHT!

Storm rubs the side of his face and then without warning UNLEASHES WITH a BOOT to the gut followed by a European Uppercut… then a spinning hook heel kick! Nightmare staggers a great deal and Storm runs at him, but Nightmare moves, and Storm keeps running…. SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES…

CROSSBODY…. But AGAIN Nightmare catches Storm…

Only this time Storm spins out and around and NAILS a Tornado DDT!

Other Guy: Storm having no choice and I think that slap really fired him up.

Jeff Hansen: It’s about time Eli buckled down and stopped being a baby. And now we’re seeing some solid wrestling as a result.

Storm doesn’t go for the cover on Nightmare, but instead walks quickly into the corner. He doesn’t play up to the fans though but instead springboards RIGHT off the top rope again… FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!

Other Guy: And it’s The Whole Canuckin’ Show tonight! Classic stuff from Eli Storm.

The fans pop, and while Storm almost contemplates rolling off of Nightmare, he stays on and calls for the referee to make the count. Wellington drops to the mat once again….



THR… near fall but Nightmare shoulders out, breaking the pin. Wellington shows only two and motions for the match to continue. Storm is right back up to his feet and pulls Nightmare into a sitting position… and from there, DELIVERS a series of Buzzsaw kicks. Nightmare winces in pain with each kick delivered to his back. Still Nightmare presses on, rising to his feet and forcing Storm to yet again direct his kicks at Nightmare’s legs.

Jeff Hansen: Eli Storm once again chopping down the giant Indian that is Nightmare and I think Storm’s got himself a chance.

Joey C.: Well either way Sons of Liberty lose themselves a member, and that’s a crushing blow to the movement no matter how you look at it.

Other Guy: Just another example of Jonny manipulating things to his advantage.

Nightmare tries to turn his body around, but before he can, Storm LEAPS with a dropkick to the back that send Nightmare sprawling out forward onto his knees and palms. Storm then runs full speed into the up ring ropes, and before Nightmare can push up Storm looks ready to PUNT Nightmare in the face… but he stops.

Joey C.: C’mon Storm, kick his teeth in!

Jeff Hansen: I guess we’re not out of the woods yet as far as Storm’s moral obligations are concerned.

Storm shakes his head and instead runs to the left of Nightmare. He hits the ropes again and DIVES over Nightmare’s body, looking to turn him over for a pin, but Nightmare stops Storm, pulling up now with a sudden reverse cross face submission!

Jeff Hansen: Proof now what happens when you hesitate in a match. Nightmare has Storm pressed under the weight of his body and now has that submission well locked in.

Other Guy: Gotta be putting a strain on Storm’s neck.

Jeff Hansen: Gee, you think?

The fans watch on, concerned that Storm might tap out. Nightmare wrenches on the neck, but Storm fights it, doing his best to dig down deep and overcome. Nightmare starts to stand up while still having his arms locked around Storm’s head, but obviously doesn’t want to make his friend tap out. from the submission he now has Storm in a headlock, with Storm’s body behind Nightmare though. Storm fires some forearm shots to the back, but Nightmare quickly drops to a knee, nails a strike up into Storm’s face, then snaps him over from there into a sitting position.

Nightmare rises up to his full vertical base and then hits the ropes from there… he BUM RUSHES Storm, but Storm summersaults backwards from there and SPRINGS with an elbow RIGHT into Nightmare’s face!

The unexpected shot sends Nightmare stumbling back, arms flailing and Storm once again in control and he comes quickly at Nightmare… yakuza kick… no! Nightmare captures the leg and spins Storm around. Once Storm’s back is to Nightmare he hooks him… MODIFIED OLYMPIC SLAM!

Jeff Hansen: Another big move from Nightmare, calling that one The Lightning Spiral.

Joey C.: Yeah because just like lightning it strikes like that!

Jeff Hansen: Hesitant cover, but a cover never the less and yes I think Nightmare is about to end Eli Storm’s SHOOT Project career.




The fans are a mili-second from feeling sad… but Storm JUST JUST JUST kicks out!

Other Guy: Not yet… and maybe not ever! Eli Storm, damn, he pulls it out just in time.

Jeff Hansen: Storm was a mere inch away from signing on to be a consummate Legacy mid-carder for the rest of his pathetic wrestling career.

Other Guy: Oh now that’s too far, Jeff.

Joey C.: Hey its Jonnylution, this is when the brutal honesty comes out… if you haven’t been paying attention its been that way all night.

Nightmare sits up beside Storm. He’s a bit shocked that Storm managed to kick out of the impact move but again there is a bit of relief in Nightmare’s eyes as well. Nightmare gets up to his feet and pulls Storm up as well. Storm can barely stand and he drops to one knee, but Nightmare holds him in a front facing headlock. He tries to pull Storm up again, but this time Storm more forcefully drops low and then DRIVES his shoulder into Nightmare’s gut. Nightmare is doubled over and Storm pulls away and SNAPS up with another European Uppercut that sends Nightmare stumbling back and turning away from Storm. Storm runs at Nightmare from behind… looks for a bulldog… NO! Nightmare lifts Storm and LAUNCHES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

The fans buzz with shock as Storm’s legs CATCH the edge of the announce table and Storm’s body flips half way, his back CRASHING onto the floor!

Other Guy: Fuck!

Joey C.: Wow, I was gonna say the same thing.

The fans are in silent shock, mouths gaping open and Nightmare has no choice but to continue on. He goes to the outside and referee Ron Wellington follows after, holding Nightmare off while he checks on the condition of Storm.

Jeff Hansen: Apparently something may be seriously wrong here, guys. And imagine… imagine if Eli Storm cannot continue in this match up, that means the LAST moment of his career saw him being launched out of the ring by Nightmare. There’s nothing special about that at all.

Other Guy: There’s nothin’ more I can even say to you. Eli Storm could be SERIOUSLY injured and you have the nerve to be a dick.

Jeff Hansen: Hey what goes around comes around. I got treated like shit by SHOOT Project, so why should I treat it any differently, huh? That’s what I thought. BACK to the match at hand thank you very much.

Nightmare paces back and forth but finally Wellington motions that it’s okay for the match to continue and pulls away. Nightmare comes at Storm now, who has since rolled over onto his stomach, but WALKS RIGHT INTO A DROP TOE HOLD! Nightmare’s face SMASHES into the top of the commentary table and Storm, barely able to move, but still moving, starts throwing reckless punches at Nightmare’s body! Joey C. is already up on his feet and away from the table, and Jeff and Other Guy clear out the second Storm lifts Nightmare up.

Jeff Hansen: Eye for an eye in Eli’s mind? It looks like it.

Nightmare is laid out on the commentary table and Storm shakes his head for a moment, but then bites the bullet and rolls back into the ring. He marches into the corner and ascends to the top… the crowd buzzing, wondering what he has in store. Storm points out to all of them. Then pounds his chest once.

Eli Storm: SONS!

Pounds his chest a second time.

Eli Storm: OF!

Pounds his chest a third time!


Storm turns and without hesitation FLIPS BACKWARDS WITH A LONGGGGGGGG MOONSAULT….


Other Guy: We hear you, Eli! The World fucking hears you!

The crowd is in an uproar as both men lie amongst the wreckage. Storm rolls off of Nightmare. Nightmare is barely moving, and everyone is just watching….

Jeff Hansen: Eli Storm, retarded shouting aside, may have just clinched this match up and secured his SHOOT Project contract… as for Nightmare, I don’t know, he’s out right in front of us and this doesn’t seem to be his match anymore.

Other Guy: What a showing though, I hate to see either of these men go, but right now if Eli wins, it’s because he pulled this one off. He competed hard, he fought tough, and he won.

Wellington is on hand, trying to get both men conscious enough to get back into the ring. Storm slowly staggers up to his feet, not sure which direction to go in but he finally gets a hold of Nightmare and works to get him back into the ring. Storm struggles a great deal, but slowly and surely drags Nightmare to the ring edge and puts all his effort and strength into getting the bigger man rolled under the bottom rope.

Jeff Hansen: Storm JUST has to make the cover here and this one will be the end. Nightmare will be sent backing and that’s one less hack of a talent that Jonny has to worry about… not that Jonny worries.

Other Guy: Well he should, I don’t know when, but he won’t sit cozy forever.

Joey C.: Yeah yeah… well I need him to so I can keep gettin’ gigs like this.

Storm is in the ring, Nightmare at his feet. He could make the pin… he could. But Storm instead slowly lifts Nightmare up into a vertical head scissors. The fans can’t believe it and some cheer while others don’t know how to react to this situation.

Jeff Hansen: And what’s this? Looks like Eli Storm wants to seal the deal and maybe show he’s worth something to SHOOT Project after all.

Other Guy: I’m torn now… damn it. Storm hitting the flipping Piledriver would be an amazing sight, but that means the end of Nightmare here in SHOOT.

Joey C.: Well you’re not the only one torn, Storm’s not making a move!

The fans buzz as Storm stands there, seemingly frozen in time and thought. He then grips tightly, as if going for it, but then loosens up his grip. He shakes his head, tears welling up in his eyes.

Storm grips tightly around Nightmare’s waist again… but then just releases and shoves Nightmare back by the shoulders. He turns and shakes his head no… but then apparently has second thoughts as he whips back around to face Nightmare…


Followed by a rolling elbow to small of the back… then another hook kick to the opposite knee, STIFF AS FUCK PUNCH TO THE MID-SECTION!

Storm is doubled over. Nightmare pauses, lowers his head… and mouths “I have to”…


Other Guy: No….

Storm is down… Nightmare makes the cover.




And its somber. The bell sounds and you can hear it clearly. The fans do cheer Nightmare, but more can see the emotional moment. Nightmare sits next to Storm, shaking his head, tears in his eyes.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… Nightmare!!!

No music plays. Nightmare doesn’t celebrate his victory. He just sits there looking at Storm now, torn up inside as seen by the expression on his face.

Jeff Hansen: There you have it, Nightmare victorious after capitalizing on an emotional Eli Storm, and in turn Storm says so long to SHOOT Project, and we hear on Jonnylution say good riddance.

Joey C.: See ya…wouldn’t want to be ya!

You hear the muffled noise of a head set being slammed down, while the focus remains on Nightmare and Storm in the ring. Both the referee and Nightmare stay close to Storm, checking on him, and the second he shows signs of life Nightmare pulls him up slightly, cradling him by his side and hugging him. The fans, emotional as well, watch this sight and the second Nightmare stands up, holding Storm close, they all begin to cheer.

Jeff Hansen: Jonnylution Night Number Two is where we are headed next. And boy what a main event for that show. Jester Smiles and Donovan King in tag action against OUR World Champion himself, Jonny Johnson and SHOOT legend and hall of Famer, The Real Deal.

Joey C.: I’m Joey C alongside Jeff Hansen, and speaking on behalf the teary eyed THAT Guy, this has been one hell of a night, and I can’t wait to do it all again next week!

The cheery commentary is a complete contrast to the emotional scene witnessed in the ring. Storm, barely able to stand on his own, his held up by long time friend Nightmare. Nightmare doesn’t celebrate but instead shows his respect and love for the man whose career in SHOOT Project he just cut short.

Storm lets the tears flow freely. Nightmare does as well.

And the two stand together in the ring… for one last time.

Jonnylution Night One has taken its toll on SHOOT Project.