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Revolution: 046 – 10/6/08

Just outside the arena…

The cameraman is being led by several angry fans and a couple staff security.

Fan #1: Is this the kind of bullshit you let go on around your venue?

Security #1: Calm down, sir, we’ve never had a complaint about anything like this before. Okay, well, people get conned all the time out here, but not by kids.

Other Guy:: We’re live outside… no idea what’s goin’ on.  You ARE watching Revolution.

The camera arrives in front of a small table, where a dark-haired boy roughly thirteen or fourteen yours of age pockets a wad of bills from another ‘unlucky’ customer. Upon seeing the approaching security, he hastily stashes his cards and just leans on the table, grinning.

Kid: Hey, guys. Beautiful night, huh?

Security #1: Alright, very funny, kid, now give your money back to the nice people and beat it. You’ve had your fun; let’s go.

The kid just keeps grinning.

Kid: Listen, I can’t go anywhere without my legal guardian. You wouldn’t want me getting hurt or taken on my way home, would you? I mean, jeez, it’s like, past my curfew.

Security #1: Alright, then, where is your ‘legal guardian?’

The kid points over to a man in a dark green hoodie, talking furiously into his cell phone. The security man motions to his partner.

Security #1: Go get him, would you? We need to get this kid out of here.

The camera follows the second security man over toward the man in the hoodie. You begin to hear what he is talking about as they approach,

Man: …no, I’m not IN the feckin’ arena, lad, that’s what I’m feckin’ tellin’ ye! I figured I’d swing by an’ pay ‘im a visit, but everyone tells me he’s not feckin’ here! Well, why d’ye think I was askin’?! Fer feck’s sake – what’s-yer-name – Peter… Pete, Petey, lad, I’m jes’ tryin’ to get a hold o’ me ol’ pal Jonny, alrigh’, so why don’t ye jes’ tell me where he is so I can stop wastin’ yer ti-

He holds the phone out in front of his face as the security man approaches and taps his shoulder.

Declan O’Leary: Ah, FECK you! Feckin’ hang up on me… aye? Somethin’ I can help ye with?

Security #2: Sir, is that your son over there?

He points over to the kid, who waves at him, still smiling. Declan smirks briefly before coating his face in complete innocence.

Declan O’Leary: Well, ‘e ain’t me son, no, but I’m in charge of ‘im. Ah, shite, he’s back at the cards again, isn’ ‘e?

Other Guy:: Declan O’Leary here AGAIN? What NOW?

The camera has followed Declan over to where the rest of the group is standing.

Declan O’Leary: William S. Preston! What in the name o’ Jaysis have I told ye abou’ gamblin’ on the streets! Pick up yer table righ’ now, give it to me!

Declan turns to the group apologetically.

Declan O’Leary: Christ, I’m sorry, lads, it’s just… his mother hasn’ really been there for ‘im, jes’ a troubled kid… hey! Give me the deck, too, Billy!

‘Billy’ hands Declan his ‘table’, one of those steel ‘TV trays’, then, sighing exaggeratedly, digs the deck from his sleeve and hands it to Declan, who stuffs the deck into his back pocket. Declan holds the tray at his side.

Declan O’Leary: Now… why don’t we all jus’ calm down, take a deep breath, an’ RUN!

‘Billy’ BOOKS it, and Declan lashes out SMACK! ONE! TWO! With the steel tray, laying out both security guards. He brandishes the tray, taking an odd swipe or two, keeping the fans off, glancing back over his shoulder until ‘Billy’ is out of sight. With a HUGE smirk on his face, Declan backs away slowly, then turns and jogs off after Billy.

Other Guy: HA! So two weeks of Declan in a row?  Things ARE changin!  Oh, Yo!  Dave’s back, cats!  Stay tuned!  REVOLUTION IS NOW, BITCHES!

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music. Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face. Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite both give thumbs ups to the crowd.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn
It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process. We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists
Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Roland Caldwell is seen next driving a yakuza kick into an opponent’s face. Then you see Caleb Knox DIVING over the top rope. Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring. From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs
Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Ron Barker standing arrogantly in the ring, then a shot of Conor Caden organizing an attack alongside Art DeLuca and LD Lester Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand. NC-17 is seen celebrating a roll up victory, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare
Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite. The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over. You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric. After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, from there NC-17 is seen, but the montage comes to a stop on Sinnocence with the Revolution Title in hand and a seductive smile on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri. Then seen is Yamada standing victorious at Reckoning Day. However it slows to show The Osbourne Kilminster clutching the Iron Fist Championship in his hands.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown. After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship. It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no
We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show
Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”
Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough
Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up
We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up
So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this
Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this
Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this
Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off. Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo


We open immediately to the sold out crowd inside the Thomas and Mack Center.  The fans are all on their feet, cheering as loud as they can.  The Revolution video screen reads “Thank You Las Vegas, See You Soon!” and explosions shoot off at random intervals, as both pyro and blue and white confetti fly up near the entryway.

Dave Dymond: I never thought I’d miss saying it, but boy did I. WELCOME everyone to Revolution!

After capturing the excited crowd, a cut shows us Dave Dymond and Other Guy.  Quick title graphics show up under them, showing their names and then fade away.

Dave Dymond: We are back to normal, as SHOOT Project brings you the final episode of Revolution to air from here inside the Thomas and Mack Center.

Other Guy: That’s right, we are headin’ on the road for a national tour to once again give the other forty nine a taste of just WHAT SHOOT Project is all about LIVE!

Dave Dymond: And all of it, the changes, the return to somewhat restored order, is all in preparation for the biggest thing to hit this company, the SHOOT Epicenter.  Sometime in early Two Thousand and Nine SHOOT WILL return to Las Vegas, taking up permanent residency inside this multi-entertainment complex and headquarters!

Other Guy: It’s gonna be huge, no doubt, and as we say farewell and so long to the Thomas and Mack Center, we do it with an exciting night. FOUR quality matches set to take place, but I gotta say after how last week ended, I’m all about tonight’s SIX man tag that sees Jonny’s goons goin up against The Sons of Liberty.

Dave Dymond: I unfortunately had the dishonor of having to step into the ring with the likes of Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan.  And well, as this war continues under the a-okay from Jason Johnson himself, I hope I’ll NEVER have to be in that position again.

Other Guy: No kiddin, definitely painful for me to watch.  Hell the last two nights were painful for me to have to be a part of sittin’ in between the likes of Jeff and Joey.  So I’ll say it one last time, since I know I’ve been sayin’ it ever since you and I once again stepped into the arena together… and that’s I’m GLAD Jonnylution is over!

Dymond nods his head in agreement.

Dave Dymond: Indeed, Jonnylution has come to an end, but REVOLUTION is back and we’re kicking off the night with the Revolution Championship ON. THE. LINE!



The scene focuses in on the ring, there is a dull roar resounding from the fans. The bell rings three times before Samantha Coil makes her first announcement of the night.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Revolution 46!!

The fans pop loudly, mostly pleased that we are not longer experiencing a JONNYlution.

Other Guy: Oh, it is SOOOO good to be back on a Revolution broadcast.

Dave Dymond: I’ll second that sentiment.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the Revolution CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The lights dim and a blue and white strobe effect begins to flicker on the lights. "High Wire Escape Artist" by Boy Sets Fire begins to play over the P.A. system and as the guitars come into full effect, Knox charges out of the curtain with his fists pumped in the air to a fair amount of applause from the fans. He jumps in place for a moment circling his wrists, before he starts to walk down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… from Albuquerque, New Mexico… weighing in at 220 pounds… CALEB… KNOX!!!

Knox tags a few fans hands at ringside before he runs toward the ring steps and jumps on the top step before standing on the ring apron and pumping his fist to the fans. He then points to the fans before he jumps over the top rope and jumps in place for a moment once he hits his feet.

Other Guy: I’d call this a rematch, but the bullshit we saw on JONNYlution wasn’t a match in my mind.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence beat the ever loving hell out of Caleb Knox after Caleb had been attacked by her boyfriend, Osbourne Kiliminster, and even the current World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Johnson. If that hadn’t sealed the deal enough, Caleb’s hands were tied behind his back AND he was blindfolded.

Other Guys: Basically, kick her fuckin’ ass, Caleb.

The crowd begins to rise out of their seats, some booing reluctantly while others are catcalling, the opening of Ozzy Osbourne’s "Gets Me Through" just starting to hit the PA system. A confident, sexy Sinnocence struts out all wrapped in black leather with a look on her face that could make a man melt. Stitched into the leather across her ass is "Victory or Valhalla!", an obvious tribute to her Viking lover.

Other Guy: Bitch.

She strikes a pose, showing off the lovely gold belt around her waist before she motions behind her for her manager. The daughter of Ed Johnson, Joyce McGuire, enters from behind, a wicked grin on her pretty face. The two begin making their way down to the ring, Joyce actually stopping at one point to smack a male fan’s hand away from the stripper.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and being accompanied by her manager, Joyce McGuire…she weighs in at 158 pounds, Sinnocence!!

Sinnocence unbuckles the belt from around her waist as she begins to climb the stairs into the ring. She hands it off to McGuire and glares over at the man already in the ring…she’s ready to kick ass.

Dave Dymond: Sinnocence looks confident as always, but as we said earlier, this time, Caleb Knox has use of both his hands, and he can see.

Other Guy:…bitch.

Caleb Knox rolls his neck, looking a little confused about the whole situation. Sinnocence blows Caleb a kiss. Dennis Heflin, feeling the tension signals for the bell.

Other Guy: Go time Knox, do it up big.

Sinnocence walks to the center of the ring and turns her cheek to Knox, touching it with her finger and mouthing “Come on”. Knox looks slightly apprehensive, clinching fist, but not sure how to react. Sinnocence smiles…and then SLAMS her foot down on Knox’s right foot! Knox winces in pain kneels down a little. He is then met with a BIG slap across the face, causing him to turn about ninety degrees. Sinnocence, however, does not follow up. She simply takes a step back, laughing at Knox. Joyce McGuire simply yells cheers, but it’s barely audible over the booing.

Dave Dymond: Knox seems apprehensive about fighting a girl, but he’s going to have to get over that, because Sinn is not apprehensive about fighting Knox at ALL.

Other Guy: Now’s not the time to think about daddy whippin’ ya, Knox. Hit the bitch!

Knox rubs his cheek, glaring at Sinnocence. He begins to circle, and Sinn begins to as well. They lock up mid ring, and quickly Knox is able to get the headlock. He goes to one knee, attempting to ground Sinn, but he catches a few elbows to the back, causing him to loosen his grip. Sinn pulls out quickly, rising to her feet and attempting a boot to the lower back of Knox, but Knox spins out of the way. He swipes Sinn’s legs out from under her, grabs an arm, and floats over, pulling Sinn onto her stomach. He then traps the arm and head in a side headlock and begins to stand. Knox hit’s the ropes and tries to get momentum going for a bulldog, but Sinn is able to counter, pushing Knox off. Knox hit’s the ropes, but instead of going for a high risk move, he simply attempts to lock up again. However, due to the momentum and angle, Knox ends up in an awkward position, allowing Sinn to drop him flat on his face with a drop toehold. Sinn keeps the leg foot locked with her legs, floats over, and grabs a hold of Knox’s head, yanking back with an STF! However, Knox is right by the ropes, and he gets them quickly. Heflin calls for the clean break, but Sinn doesn’t let go. In fact, she grabs onto Knox’s hair and pulls back on that! Knox cries out in pain as Heflin begins the count!





FI-Sinn slams Knox’s face into the mat and then gets up, holding her arms up in a “What did I do?” manner, giving Heflin a sheepish and mischievous grin.

Other Guy: She is SUCH a bitch.

Dave Dymond: And she’s in control.

Other Guy: I didn’t say she ain’t smart. I said she’s a bitch.

As Knox’s clutches his nose and checks for blood, Sinnocence goes on the prowl, walking around the helpless Knox. Once his back is to her, she plants a HARD thrust kick to his lower back, causing Knox to go flat. Knox tries to get up, but he gets caught with ANOTHER thrust kick! Knox once again starts to get up, but another thrust ki-NO! Knox rolls out of the way and catches Sinn’s leg! He then rolls and trips Sinn up, standing quickly. He then grabs Sinn’s other leg and flips over her into a pinning combination! Heflin counts!

ONE! Sinn rolls the shoulder.

Other Guy: Damnit Knox, the bitch tied your arms behind your back, blindfolded you, and beat the shit out ya. Stop treating her like a damn school girl!

Dave Dymond:Technically, Jonny and Ozzy did the handcuffing and blindfolding.

Other Guy:Whatever.

Sinn and Knox are up at the same time. Knox goes defensive, but Sinn just rushes over and SLAPS the taste out of his mouth. She’s screaming in his face various things, mostly along the lines of ‘hit me you bitch!’ and slapping him in the face, over and over again. Knox, being bigger, seems to just absorb them, but he is clearly getting madder and madder. 

BAM! With a HARD right hook, Sinn goes down hard!


Sinn scrambles up to her feet quickly, but she eats a kick to the gut! Knox lifts onto his shoulders…SAMOAN DROP!! Knox turns and lifts Sinn back up. He whips her against the ropes, catches…KNEE FACEBUSTER!!! Sinn goes down hard, and Knox covers!



Dave Dymond: New found intensity from Knox.

Other Guy: He’s HITTIN’ THE BITCH!

Dave Dymond: We get it, OG. You think she’s a bitch.

Knox gets up and holds his hands high, getting a pop from the crowd! Joyce looks worried, but Sinn is…smiling. She spits on the mat, revealing some blood in her mouth. Yet, still, she smiles. Knox grabs Sinn by the head and lifts her up, but Sinns drops down and slams her shoulder into Knox’s stomach! Knox leans down and eats a chop to the throat! Knox backs off, sputtering, which allows Sinn to get back up. Knox throws a haymaker, but Sinn ducks under it and catches it. She then drops to her knees, bending Knox’s arm over her shoulder. Knox falls back against the ropes and Sinn launches a kick to the stomach! Knox bends down. Sinn very athletically does the splits, which gets a few catcalls, but those catcalls go to boos when she launches another throat chop at Knox! Knox falls down and Sinn stands tall over him.

Dave Dymond: This looks bad for Knox.

Sinn grabs the arm she had bent over her shoulder. She launches a HARD kick at the elbow, and Knox rolls on the ground, clutching his arm. Sinn stomps on the arm, and again, Knox rolls away, clutching his arm. Sinn just slowly follows, stalking. She leaps HIGH in the air and drops both feet down on Knox’s chest! Knox sits up quickly, clutching his chest and coughing. Sinn launches another kick, catching Knox in the arms again and knocking Knox flat on his back! Knox coughs and sputters, trying to catch his breath, but is finding it difficult. Sinn, meanwhile, simply walks around him, staring down and smiling. She grabs his hurt arm again, gives it two quick kicks, and then quickly locks in an MMA style armbar! Knox’s eyes go WIDE and he begins to try and get away. But Sinn has it locked in tight.

Other Guy: Don’t you DARE tap, Caleb.

Outside the ring, Joyce squeals with glee. The fans, meanwhile, have a small “CA-LEB! CA-LEB!” chant going, trying to motivate Caleb to get to the ropes. Sinn, meanwhile, never loses that sadistic grin. Caleb, however, gets a different idea instead of crawling for the ropes. He rolls towards Sinn. He then gets to his knees, and eventually to his feet! Sinn, however, keeps herself extended, pulling on the arm. Caleb lifts though and falls, driving Sinn on top of her head! BUT SHE HOLDS ON! The fans boo, while Joyce cheers on! Caleb once again gets to his feet. Lift…drop on the head!! SINN HOLDS ON!!! More boos from the fans, more cheering from Sinn. However, Caleb STILL finds the strength. He gets to his feet and, with his legs shaky and his whole body quivering from pain, he lets out a PRIMAL SCREAM AND LIFTS!!! HE DROPS!!! THE HOLD IS RELEASED!!!

Dave Dymond: Caleb Knox putting forth EVERY ounce of strength he has, but is his arm okay?

Sinn clutches her head. Caleb sits in the corner of the ring, clutching his arm. Both competitors begin to work their way to their feet and turn, staring each other down. The “CA-LEB!” chant has gotten louder. Whilst the two stare down, we can see Joyce McGuire digging under the ring. Sinn and Knox begin to circle again, and they look like they are going to lock up, but Knox eats ANOTHER chop to the throat! Sinn then lifts her foot up high and PLANTS a stiff thrust kick to Caleb’s injured arm! Caleb goes against the ropes, and we see Joyce McGuire slowly making way towards Caleb Knox. In her hand, she has, what appears to be a wrench!

Other Guy: Come on, Heflin, don’t you see that!

Sinn, however, seeing what Joyce is up to, begins to argue with the referee, keeping him distracted. Joyce is now on the apron, and she is about to swing…BUT KNOX TURNS AND GRABS JOYCE BY THE HAIR!!!


Hearing the screaming, Heflin and Sinn rush over. Heflin, tries to pry Knox off of Joyce, and Sinn tries to keep him distracted so he does not see the wrench. In the confusion, Joyce swings for the fences…but she only grazes SINNOCENCE!!! Heflin, in the meantime during the confusion, missed the whole thing, and Knox looks at his elbow, thinking he hit a blind elbow. Knox releases Joyce, who falls to the floor below, looking absolutely mortified. Sinn pulls her hands away from her forehead to reveal she has been cut open from the skull!!

Dave Dymond: This what you wanted to see, partner?

Other Guy: You better fucking believe it.

Knox follows up with a kick to the stomach! Sinn clutches her stomach and bends forward, stepping back. However, grabs a hold of Sinn with his hurt arm and tries to lift Sinnocence for the fireman’s carry.


Dave Dymond: In Sinn’s state, move like that could end this match, but look, it looks like Knox is starting to falter.

Sure enough, Knox is having a hard time lifting Sinn, considering the damange his arm has taken, as well as his inability to breath properly due to all the hits he’s taken to the throat and chest. Sinn suddenly comes to life, wiggling her away out of Knox’s grasp and behind Knox! SHE’S GOT THE REAR NAKED CHOKE!!

Other Guy: No no, come on Knox! Fight out!

Dave Dymond: This isn’t looking good for Knox, partner. She’s got the body scissors!

Knox is still standing though, but his difficult breathing added with the choke is making him die out very quickly. However, he sees the ropes and begins to slowly inch forward, fighting with everything he’s got to get to the ropes. Sinn looks absolutely insane as the blood pours down her face, locking in the hold tighter. Knox reaches out, but he falls to his knees, still a good ways off from the ropes. However, Knox continues to crawl forward, inch by inch. With a last burst of energy, Knox pushes himself forward, trying to grab the ropes….

And he falls just short. Flat on his stomach, Knox keeps his hand extended only a few more seconds before finally going limp. Heflin lifts Knox’s arm, and when it falls lifelessly, he calls for the bell!!

Other Guy: DAMNIT!

However, even with the bell ringing, Sinnocence does not let go! She looks absolutely crazed as she continues to strangle Knox. Helflin does his best to pull her off, and, eventually, Sinnocence gives into exhaustion and releases the hold. As she stands, she plants a hard kick into Knox’s ribs, who hardly moves. As Samantha Coil climbs into the ring and presents Sinnocence with the gold, Heflin begins to check on Caleb Knox.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 16 minutes and 31 seconds by referee stoppage due to choke out, and STILL Revolution Champion…..

The crowd ERUPTS in boos.

Samantha Coil: SINNOCENCE!!

Sinnocence glares down at Caleb Knox, holding the Revolution Title high, despite the boos from the crowd. Joyce enters the ring, a big smile on her face, and she runs forward to embrace Sinnocence.

And is knocked flat by a HARD slap to the face. Sinnocence begins to yell at a very confused looking Joyce. Sinnocence actually spits on Joyce McGuire before making her way out of the ring. As she walks to the back, she holds the Revolution Title high, her face a bloody mess. The scene in the ring is a slowly stirring Caleb Knox and a completely befuddled Joyce McGuire.

Dave Dymond: Not all is quiet on the western front it seems as Sinnocence seemingly furious at her manager, Joyce McGuire.

Other Guy: Fuck’em both. Bitches.

Following the first match, the scene fades into the back hallways. Eryk Masters is storming around, looking for something or someone it seems.

Eryk Masters: Where’d he go?

Eryk turns a corner and bumps STRAIGHT into none other than the HERO OF SHOOT PROJECT, JESTER SMILES. Jester and Eryk both look startled.

Eryk Masters: Sorry, Jester, but this is great, cuz you are just who I am looking for.

The camera backs up a bit, revealing what Jester is wearing. Blue jeans, a purple skull cap that reads “BOOYA” in green letters, but more importantly, he is wearing a Sons of Liberty t-shirt.

Eryk Masters: So, I take it the speculation that you are a member of the Sons of Liberty is true?

Jester leans against a wall, smiling.

Jester Smiles: Oh, well, clearly not.

Jester sticks his tongue out.

Jester Smiles: What can I say. I’ve chosen my side. I gave it plenty of thought, and I think I know who I want to throw my hat in with. Some people, both against me and not against me are going to take some issue with that, but this is the choice I make, and no matter what happens, I’m proud of it.

Eryk nods.

Eryk Masters: Well, then, what do you have to say about Trev-

Jester holds up his hand to interrupt Eryk.

Jester Smiles: Nope. Not going there, Eryk. I’ve said what I needed to say to Trevor, and he’s said his peace. Now, he needs to focus on being the great champion that he is, and I need to focus on becoming the great champion that I know I can be.

Eryk looks a little hurt that he didn’t get to ask his question, but he moves on anyway.

Eryk Masters: Oookay, well…then, I guess all any of us really need to know is why ARE you waiting till November, Jester?

Jester smiles brightly. A question that was probably meant to throw him seems to not trouble him at all.

Jester Smiles: It’s a good question, a question people need to ask. Why am I waiting for WAR? Well, three reasons. The first is a selfish one, I won’t lie. When I beat Jonny Johnson, I want it to be on the biggest possible stage. I want to be Jonny Johnson, not just on an episode of Revolution, but on a stage that, well, some might call…FRIGGIN’ HUGE!!

Jester grins, and a few fans laugh, getting the Rufio reference.

Jester Smiles: The other two reasons? Before WAR comes along, I want to have accomplished two things. The first? I want to bring Jonny’s world crashing down around him. That’s the second reason for waiting. By the time WAR comes, I want that World Title to be the LAST thing that tyrant has, so that when I take it, the Revolution will be complete. The second thing I want to accomplish, and the third reason I’m waiting, is because I am hoping that other people stop sitting on the sidelines and start stepping up. There are a LOT of complainers in this backstage, Eryk. Lots of people who think they aren’t getting the treatment they deserve or the chances they feel they deserve. So, before WAR comes, I want those people to step…the fuck…UP! If you think you deserve a title shot before I do, I’m not a jealous man. Step in front of me. Take your shot. I’d be happy to take on Christopher Davis, Cade Sydal, or Trevor Worrens at WAR. I’d be MORE than happy to face one of the Sons of Liberty, Ron Barker, or even someone like Osbourne Kiliminster at WAR. I don’t care who’s side your on. If you think you deserve this more than me, take your shot. Go get the title. Then maybe you’ll be headlining WAR with me.

And if you REALLY don’t want to go straight for Jonny, well…I’m not afraid to take on a challenge. Come and get me, boys and girls. I may not be a champion, but I am a fighting soldier, and I’m always up for a good rumble.

Now, sorry Eryk, but I got to get. Need to find a few of my teammates. Don’t work too hard.

Jester pats Eryk on the shoulder and moves past him.

Dave Dymond: Jester throwing down the gauntlet. Challenge Jonny or challenge Jester, but it looks like Jester wants to see some action taken by…anyone.

Other Guy:No one really knows what’s going on in that kid’s head at any one time, but he wants to set a fire under SHOOT Project’s feet, and by god, I hope he does. I don’t think I can take another JONNYlution.

From there, Revolution fades to black momentarily.


“In this world there are two kinds of people…

As the cameras pan back you can see Thomas Manchester Black leaning up against a cement wall. On the wall there are pictures of the current SHOOT Project roster. As TMB walks past the pictures, you can hear the sound of a bullet smashing through the face on the picture.

TMB: The hunters and the hunted. And you know at any time, the roles can switch. At anytime your position in this company can change rather you know it or not.

TMB continues to walk past picture, not even noticing the gunfire that is destroying the photos behind him.

TMB: There are a lot of guys in this company that are used to being hyped as the next big thing. They are used to being heralded as the second coming of something that doesn’t exist. It’s funny, you guys wander around here wanting to be franchises. You fight for a cause wanting to be heroes. Heh, let me let you muthafuckas in on a little truth that floats outside these arena doors.

Thomas stops at the pictures of the SoL. He shakes his head as if he almost feels sorry for them. But even in that one moment, he doesn’t let it bother him too much as he continues to walk.

TMB: There are no heroes. No franchises. There are only those who hunt. Those who make deals and cross lines to make sure the hunt goes well. And then there are the hunted. People who can’t come to terms with the rules of engagement that have been set. Do yourself a favor and look at the person to the left and right of you. Once you do, realize that they are there until the tide changes. Til they can no longer avoid the dark side that they are hiding from. Until the Devil’s due becomes too much for them to carry by themselves.  Until their souls are no longer enough to feed the machine and keep it going.

Gunfire rips through each photo until TMB stops in front of Jonny Johnson’s photo. Next to Johnson’s photo are the ones of those who stand by his side in the oncoming war. Black grins and continues his walk until here reaches the corner of the wall, where his picture is hanging.

TMB: My name is Thomas Manchester Black…I am your rage…I am your truth.

TMB turns the corner and begins to walk down the hallway. The farther he goes the darker into the darkness he goes.

TMB: Let’s truly see how far this rabbit hole goes.

And then…STATIC…


Coming back to the live action of Revolution, the shot goes backstage. The fans in attendance cheer loudly as Cade Sydal rounds the near corner, dressed in street clothes. A pair of loose cargo-style blue jeans, and a white and red "CADE SYDAL: FUCK YOU" T-Shirt on. The former SHOOT Project Champion of various divisions is smiling broadly as he walks the halls.

Dave Dymond: And just as we expected Cade Sydal, while not booked, is here tonight!

Other Guy: After the two nights of JONNYlution, he’s earned the night off, but the cat’s obviously got business to take care of here on the final broadcast of Revolution before the National Tour.

Cade Sydal’s smile becomes a grin as he finds his destination. He pops his neck side-to-side before he knocks on the door. Just below the gold plaque bearing the name "Trevor Worrens" with the words "Laws of Survival Champion" below the name. The door opens slightly, and Trevor Worrens greets the face staring back at him.

Trevor Worrens: So the technical messiah comes through on his text. Imagine my surprise when I got that. The word was you’re not exactly a social butterfly when it comes to backstage interaction.

Cade just nods his head.

Cade Sydal: Yep, and the same could be said about you. Of course you’ve not been a stranger to putting in extra camera time lately, so figured hey, I’d hit you up in front of the fans here tonight…

Cade pauses as the fans pop.

Cade Sydal: And all the fans watching from their home.

Worrens offers a slight smile and opens the door the rest of the way. All of Worrens’s body can be seen now and most noticeably is the Laws of Survival Championship that is slung over his left shoulder.

Trevor Worrens: Well you got my attention with the message, so plain and simple, what’s up? You get a much needed night off and you’re still showing up here.

Cade shrugs his shoulders.

Cade Sydal: Well, honestly, Trevor. I’m here to propose a challenge to you.

Worrens immediately stiffens up defensively, and Cade holds his hands out wide.

Cade Sydal: Whoa. Not right here, and right now. Nah, Trevor. What I’m talking about is…you lit me up. You deserve the credit. Because that match two weeks ago? That mic time right after? Well, I really appreciated it. And I wanna propose to you a contest. A competition, of sorts.

Trevor eases up and nods his head slowly.

Trevor Worrens: I’m listening.

Cade grins.

Cade Sydal: Good. You’re competing tonight. And at the next Revolution, I wanna compete too. But that’s not what I’m proposing. If I had my way, I’d wrestle every night. What I’m proposing is that you and I? We see who’s the better competitor. I’m proposing that WAR is on the horizon. And I’m proposing that you and I have part two. The rematch. At WAR. What’d ya say, Trevor?

Worrens thinks it over for a moment, kind of feeling the idea himself.

Trevor Worrens: What do I say? Cade, I have to admit with everything happening in SHOOT Project these days, I really expected you to be one of several who would be jumping at a chance to stand at the front line of this war, you know, getting your hands covered in the bad blood that’s circulating all over.

But here you stand, making good on your anytime anywhere and choosing just that. You want to make it Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens part two at WAR? Then of course I accept.

The crowd can be heard cheering loudly once again from ringside. Cade nods his head, excited by Worrens’s response.

Trevor Worrens: As for the other thing? I’m all about making things interesting, Cade. If you want to add some friendly competition to this between now and November Second, then all I have to say… is what do you have in mind.

Worrens motions as if to invite Cade into his locker room. Cade doesn’t accept the invitation, but instead shakes his head “no.”

Cade Sydal: Not tonight. Nope, you got enough on your plate. But two weeks from now, the competition begins. We’ll talk about it then.

Cade smiles, showing a confidence and slight arrogance we haven’t seen from him in some time.

Cade Sydal: Good luck tonight, Trevor. And for the sake of OUR competition, you better whoop Davis’s ass in whatever match you two end up in.

Cade gives Worrens a pat on the shoulder and Worrens just nods his head, returning the pat.

Trevor Worrens: Thanks for the well wishes Cade… but just like the shirt says. (Worrens points to his black t-shirt) Survival has nothing to do with luck.

Worrens removes his hand from Cade’s shoulder and with that Cade heads off down the hall, leaving Worrens to continue to prepare for his match up later in the night.



The cameras move backstage to an empty corridor inside the Thomas and Mack Center.  SHOOT Project Journalist, SCOTT RICHARDSON is on the scene, meaning there’s probably been a late breaking story incoming from SHOOT Project dot com.  Richardson nods and is quick to start his story.

Scott Richardson: Dave, OG.  Thank you guys, and Dave, welcome back.  It’s definitely great to hear your voice.

Scott offers up a sincere smile, but, always the professional, quickly gets down to business soon after.

Scott Richardson: We will cut to the chase, and get everyone updated on some important information.  First and foremost, SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON continues to remain MIA.  Unfortunately we have absolutely no new information.  Jonny was allegedly rushed out of the arena at the conclusion of Monday night’s broadcast where he reportedly received a very SEVERE concussion, but again, it’s a story which we have been unable to confirm.

He pauses.

Scott Richardson: SHOOT Project President and CEO, Jason Johnson, who was in and out earlier this evening, did not speak to the media, while Jason’s brother, Josh, better known as SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, The Real Deal, the last person to SEE The World Champion, has been unavailable for comment.  It’s a very strange story to say the least, guys…  And…

Richardson, seeing something coming from off camera suddenly stops speaking, interrupted by the arriving TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN.  Scott can’t even get a word in as Riley grabs the microphone out of his hand.

Riley: You don’t even deserve to say Jonny’s name, you fucking dick…  Let alone report on the story.  (Shaking his head, barely able to keep his composure) I hope you’re all happy.  FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!  Fuck you, Scott.  Fuck the fans…  AND FUCK The Sons of Liberty.  YOU HOLIER THAN THOU FUCKS!  (Almost crying) How are you assholes any different, huh?  WHY IS YOUR AGENDA BETTER?  WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE YOU SO MUCH?

Quinn finally steps up and interrupts, realizing Riley is a second or two away from breaking down completely.

Rogue: (Very calm) Evers, Lake…  Nightmare.  King, Adri…  Jester.  Bring all your guns.  Bring your fan reactions and trumpets.  Do whatever you have to do.  (Shaking his head) We’re not battle strategists.  We’re not generals…

He pauses.

Rogue: We’re human beings.  We’re creatures of emotion.  (Letting his words settle) So while you grab your helmets and play war…  We’ll just shank you like the bitches you are.

Calahan smirks, his angry, “last straw” demeanor matching his comrades.

Super Fan: Farewell Thomas and Mack.  You fucking horrible, shitty fans.

Riley glares at Richardson.

Riley: Jonny’s gonna be fine, you c(BLEEP)t!  (Almost as if trying to convince himself)  You’ll see.  He’s gonna be fine.

The Trio leaves and Scott is speechless.


The camera finds Eryk Masters looking somewhat uncomfortable, as he stands next to one of SHOOT Project’s newest stars: the monster Azazel, with Leviathan next to him. The pair dwarf even him. Both big men stare forward, their eyes colorless and disturbing.

Eryk Masters: I’m here backstage with two of the biggest soldiers SHOOT Project has to offer, Leviathan and Azazel. Now, Azazel faces Kenji Yamada in a few short minutes. How do you feel going into this match?

Azazel slowly turns his head to look down at Masters, and we can see that Eryk looks a little spooked.

Azazel: You had best not be expecting Azazel to say that he is nervous, or excited. Azazel is above such petty concerns. All that matters is that the guilty burn for their crimes.

Leviathan now turns to Eryk in the same fashion.

Leviathan: Yamada believes that Azazel is a joke. If that is how Yamada feels about justice, then that explains a great deal about Kenji Yamada’s actions. He believes himself free from the consequences of his sin, and that he need not pay for it. He asks why he is still allowed to fight, still allowed to stand, if his sins have consequences. After all, he has fought others who he says have taken the same tack. Leviathan says to him that he still stands because he has never faced Azazel.

Azazel: Yamada deserves punishment for his sins, not because Azazel says he does, but because evil in all forms must be punished. Humans have a clouded perception of good and evil, but know that there is no gray area. There is good, and there is evil, and if you are not one, you are the other. Azazel does not know of any who would say that Kenji Yamada is a good man, or matricide is anything but an evil act. It is not enough that Yamada has nightmares, or that he feels he suffers for his crime. If he feels that way, then he should welcome Azazel’s punishment, for it will be quick, and it will be decisive.

Leviathan: Yamada was correct in one aspect. Azazel has taken a side in a war. But it is not the war Yamada believes it to be. It is a war of Azazel’s own, against the guilty and impure. It starts with you, Kenji Yamada, and it ends when SHOOT Project is cleansed of sin.

Azazel: It is not solely just and right to destroy that which is evil, it is the obligation of every creature of good. And so it shall be. Yamada will be the first… but he will not be the last.

Both Azazel and Leviathan turn their heads from Masters, staring straight ahead again. Eryk pauses for a second, but it’s clear that the two believe the interview to be over. Masters shrugs, and looks back at the camera.

Eryk Masters: It’s Kenji Yamada… it’s the big man Azazel… and it’s next!



Coming back to the ring, the camera angles cut about to different shots of the fans, taking them all in as they prepare for the upcoming match.  After about thirty seconds of fan shots, a short piano intro that begins Nightwish’s “Nemo” quickly turns into a driving guitar, and the entranceway and aisle starts to fill with a white smoke as the house lights cut.

Samantha Coil: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 410 lbs, hailing from Parts Unknown, accompanied by Leviathan, AZAZEL!

Two silhouettes appear at the entranceway, and as a spotlight hits the pair, both Azazel and Leviathan swing their heads up to face forward, whipping their hair behind them. White pupilless eyes stare toward the ring, and they begin a methodical walk toward the ringside area.

Dave Dymond: We saw Azazel the week prior to Jonnylution in his first match against Caleb Knox and Jack Heart, and he must have impressed someone to be facing Kenji Yamada this week, in his second SHOOT match ever.

Other Guy: Or he really pissed someone off. Kenji Yamada is leagues above both of those cats, and you gotta wonder, big and powerful as Azazel might be, if he can really overcome someone of the caliber of the former Iron Fist champ.

Dave Dymond: No doubt Yamada is a fearsome competitor, but he is facing a huge size difference going into this one.

Other Guy: He said it himself, Dave, he’s faced dudes bigger than him before. And with Yamada going even more off the deep end than usual, I think Azazel’s got his work cut out for him.

As they reach ringside, Leviathan walks around the ring as Azazel climbs onto the apron, stepping over the top rope. He drops to his knees mid-ring, his hands together in a prayer pose, before standing back up as the house lights come up again and the smoke dissipates.

Nightwish fades, and the heavy guitar intro of MUCC’s “Daremo Inai Ie” pulses into the crowd, sending it into a surprisingly mixed reaction. Kenji Yamada appears, standing on the stage momentarily, before stalking down to the ring, his eyes wide and focused dead center. He ignores everything around him, save for the brute in the middle of the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 190 lbs, from Kyoto, Japan, KENJI YAMADA!

Other Guy: That dude ain’t right, man.

Dave Dymond: I wouldn’t let him hear you say that, but it’s true enough. And he’s only gotten more unhinged since losing the Iron Fist title to Osbourne Kilminster.

Other Guy: Like I said, Dave. Cat’s off the deep end, and Azazel’s gonna face a man determined to get his belt back. And after Azazel telling him he doesn’t deserve it? Bad news, Dymond. Bad news.

Dave Dymond: I suppose we’ll see as this match gets underway, with official Willie Dean calling for the bell.

As Dean does, almost immediately Kenji goes on the attack, sending kicks to Azazel’s midsection, and finally springing off of Azazel’s leg to send a massive roundhouse to Azazel’s head! Azazel takes the shot, his head turning, but it doesn’t take him down! Azazel locks his eyes on Yamada’s, and Kenji, without missing a beat, does it again! Azazel stumbles back a bit this time, but still doesn’t fall! Yamada immediately goes to the ropes, and flies back with a dropkick to Azazel’s knee! Yamada pulls the big man’s legs out from under him, and Azazel falls to the mat! Yamada is on top of him in an instant, pulling him into a camel clutch, and yanking back hard! Before Yamada can release the hold, though, Azazel pulls one hand up, wrapping it around the back of Yamada’s head, and pulling him over with a snapmare! Yamada hits the mat hard as Azazel starts to get back to his feet, but Kenji pops back up almost immediately! He springs onto the top rope, turning around into a cross-body– but Azazel catches him! Yamada tries to fight out, but Azazel isn’t going to give him the option, tossing him over his head with a fallaway slam! Yamada lands hard, and bounces!

Azazel puts a giant hand on Yamada’s head, pulling him up– Yamada with an eye poke, and Azazel stumbles back! Kenji hops up top, and flies off with a bulldog, once again pulling the big man to the mat! Yamada wastes no time, grabbing Azazel’s leg and pulling into an STF! Azazel this time grabs on to the bottom rope, and Willie Dean is calling for Kenji to release the hold! Kenji makes no motion to let go, and Dean starts a five count! Yamada breaks just before the five!

Dave Dymond: Yamada taking his time in breaking that hold, OG… any longer, and this match would’ve been over!

Other Guy: Yamada doesn’t care about winning the match, Dave, as much as he cares about hurting his opponent, and I’ll be surprised if Azazel comes out of this unscathed.

Yamada drops the hold, but he doesn’t stop his assault. He pulls at Azazel’s hair, exposing his neck for a nasty chop right to Azazel’s neck! Dean is on top of him, yelling commands, but Kenji does it once more! Azazel flips over, and Yamada pulls Azazel’s arm, trying to get the big man into a triangle hold, and with some success! He pulls on Azazel’s arm, his leg wrapped around Azazel’s throat! Azazel’s not nearly weak enough to succumb though, and he turns, pulling Kenji up into the air as he gets to his feet! Kenji tries to retaliate, throwing elbow after elbow into the head of Azazel, but Azazel slams him back to the mat! Yamada releases the hold, and Azazel rolls his shoulder a bit. Azazel pulls on Kenji’s legs, tossing him into a wheelbarrow suplex! Kenji once again hits the mat, and Azazel turns quickly, dropping an elbow across his chest! Kenji flounders on the mat, clutching his chest!

Other Guy: Kenji just found out what 400+ pounds concentrated to a point feels like when it hits your chest!

Dave Dymond: I certainly don’t envy the man, OG, that could easily crack his sternum!

Kenji rolls onto his stomach, pushing himself to his knees. Azazel plants a kick to the midsection that nearly sends him across the ring! Kenji is once again struggling to get to his feet as Azazel approaches, raising a huge hand to the sky, and bringing it crashing down onto Kenji’s back! Kenji gets flattened to the mat, and Azazel steps on his back, and Kenji wails in pain as he walks over him! Azazel grabs Yamada up, pushing him forcefully into the turnbuckle! Kenji almost slumps down, but Azazel doesn’t let him, pulling him into a seated position on the top rope! Azazel steps over the top rope to the apron, and finally puts a hand around Kenji’s throat! Yamada’s eyes go wide! Leviathan is on the outside, motioning for Azazel to bring him down! But Kenji kicks right into Azazel’s elbow, forcing him to let go! He throws a thrust into Azazel’s throat, and finally SAILS over Azazel’s head with a blockbuster neckbreaker, bringing the big man and himself down to the floor! The crowd explodes!

Both men are out on the outside, and Willie Dean starts a ten count! Kenji grabs onto the guardrail, pulling himself to his knees, as Leviathan comes over, trying his best to rouse Azazel! Kenji is barely to his feet, but he’s up, and he sees Leviathan! Yamada pulls himself up onto the guardrail, planting the former SHOOT tag champ to the floor with a moonsault! Leviathan goes down! Kenji hops back up, moving to Azazel, who has gotten back to his hands and knees! Kenji pulls him up to his knees, sending another thrust into the throat of a groggy Azazel! Azazel turns around, coughing, and Kenji grabs his arm, sliding into the ring! He slams Azazel’s arm against the ring post with a clang! Azazel pulls his arm back, holding onto it, as Kenji once again goes to the top, flying off with a dragonrana that puts Azazel back to the floor, and has Dean starting another ten count!

Dave Dymond: Kenji once again bringing the momentum squarely onto his side, but he’s not gonna win the match outside of the ring!

Other Guy: What did I tell you, Dave? He may not win the match, but Azazel’s arm can’t be doin’ too hot right now, so I’d say mission accomplished for Yamada.

Kenji gets back to his feet, then drops a leg across Azazel’s arm just above the elbow! Yamada then sends a boot to Azazel’s face for good measure, before dragging Azazel back to the apron, slamming his arm once again against the apron! He pulls Azazel groggily to his feet, rolling him back into the ring, and hopping onto the apron himself. Yamada jumps to the top rope, landing hard on Azazel with a corkscrew moonsault! Yamada with the cover!



THR– Azazel gets a foot on the ropes!

Yamada immediately hops up, taking the initiative to drop his leg across Azazel’s while it’s on the rope! Azazel immediately grabs his leg in pain, but Kenji doesn’t let him keep it for long, pulling Azazel over, and putting his foot behind Azazel’s knee, stomping it into the mat! Kenji pulls once more, getting Azazel into a single leg crab! He pulls hard on the man’s leg, which seems almost as wide as Kenji’s torso! He’s got him in the middle of the ring now, and Dean is on the mat, checking on Azazel! Azazel shakes his head, and with a scream, he pulls Kenji up to his feet with his leg! Kenji tries to pull back, but to no avail! Rather than go flying, Yamada lets go, and Azazel attempts to get back to his feet! Yamada moves to Azazel’s head, trying for another throat thrust, but Azazel collapses him with a clothesline! Kenji slams hard to the mat, and Azazel goes down with him!

Dave Dymond: It looks like Kenji might’ve done some significant damage to Azazel’s knee!

Other Guy: That’s not gonna go well for Azazel… you can’t fight if you can’t stand up, and that goes double for a guy of his size!

Azazel slings an arm over the second rope, trying to pull himself to his feet! Kenji’s not moving, but Azazel’s having a hard time capitalizing! He stands on his good leg, trying to put weight on his other, but it’s obvious he’s favoring it. He limps around the ring, trying to walk out the pain, and, unfortunately, giving Kenji the time to stir! Azazel sees Kenji getting to his knees, and immediately heads to the other side, pulling him up and laying his throat across the second rope! Azazel lays his bad leg across Kenji’s back and neck, pushing him into the rope, and pulling up on the top rope for extra leverage! Kenji flails, trying desperately to escape, but with no luck! Dean counts to four, and Azazel lets up! Kenji clutches his throat, but before he can do much else, Azazel does it one more time! Dean once more gets to a four count, and Azazel lets up, pulling away and looking to intimidate Willie Dean! Dean isn’t gonna take it, and he gets up in Azazel’s face, turning his attention away long enough for Leviathan to wrap his hands around Kenji’s head, pulling him down hard, over and over! He finally pops him with a European uppercut, as Azazel pushes Dean out of the way, pulling Kenji back up to his feet!

Other Guy: And that’s what I was talking about when I mentioned Leviathan a couple weeks ago, Dave, he’s no stranger to teaming up to take someone down.

Dave Dymond: You gotta wonder about the hypocrisy of violating the rules to bring down “sinners,” as these two call them.

Other Guy: It’s not about rules, Dave, it’s about doing whatever is necessary. Azazel and Leviathan don’t think the rules apply to them or their mission.

Azazel isn’t about to let up on Kenji’s throat, wrapping both of his hands around it, and pulling the former Iron Fist champion high into the air! Before Dean can start a count, Azazel brings Yamada down hard with a two-handed chokeslam! Kenji hits the mat hard, and it doesn’t look like he’s moving! Azazel plants a big hand on Yamada’s chest for a cover!



THR– no! Kenji smacks Azazel’s arm off, and pulls him down into a reverse armbar!

Azazel drops to the mat, and Kenji pulls back again, but Azazel is just too strong! As he starts to get to his knees, Kenji lets go! Azazel’s on his hands and knees, but Kenji comes in fast off the ropes, and sends a dropkick to Azazel’s arm! Azazel faceplants, and Kenji goes in fast, grabbing Azazel’s legs, locking them around his own, and pulling him into a modified Montezuma stretch! Kenji leans down, pulling Azazel back and onto his knees! Kenji leans back with all of his weight, and Dean is checking on Azazel, but the big man is not giving up! Kenji switches from Azazel’s arms to his neck, pulling behind his chin! Azazel uses the new freedom to send an elbow into Kenji’s torso, then another! They don’t have much power behind them, but they’re enough to get Kenji to release the hold, and Azazel falls forward! Kenji unhooks from Azazel’s legs, grabbing them in both hands– but Azazel rolls over and pushes Kenji back into the ropes! Kenji stumbles, but bounces right off the ropes toward Azazel with a clothesline! Azazel grabs him, picking him up and dropping him into a sidewalk slam!

Azazel grabs Kenji’s arm, pulling him up into a standing position– no! Low blow by Yamada, and Azazel doubles over! Kenji throws a kick into Azazel’s face, popping him back up, and springs off of the ropes with a hurracanrana, and turns it into a hard DDT! Azazel goes down like a sack of bricks, and Kenji once more sends a kick to the back of Azazel’s neck! Azazel clutches the back of his head and neck, and starts to get to his hands and knees, but Kenji pulls his legs out from under him, flipping him on his back, and jumping through his legs with a legdrop! Azazel flops about a bit, hands to his throat, and Kenji grabs both legs once more, stepping through! He wraps his legs around Azazel’s head, and turns around!

Dave Dymond: Onifuusha Typhoon Breaker! Kenji’s got him locked in! There’s nowhere for Azazel to go!

Other Guy: He’d better tap, Dave, or Kenji’s just gonna break his neck! He hasn’t got the leverage to pull him off!

Dean is on the mat, checking on Azazel, who shows no signs of giving up yet! Kenji pulls down harder, and Azazel wails, but no tapping yet! Without warning, Leviathan is in the ring! Dean hasn’t seen him, and he hasn’t seen the chair he’s carrying! It resounds off of Kenji’s head with a clang, and Kenji lets go, dropping to the mat! Dean looks up, and immediately calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, at a time of 19 minutes and 36 seconds, via disqualification, KENJI YAMADA!

The crowd starts to boo heavily over the dirty finish, but Dean doesn’t even have the chance to reprimand Leviathan, as he pulls Azazel out of the ring! Azazel’s still clutching his neck, as the pair begin to make their way back to the sounds of “Daremo Inai Ie.” Kenji rolls over, holding his head, staring down the aisle at the pair in a rage.

Dave Dymond: I don’t particularly like Yamada, but he had this match sewn up, and if Leviathan hadn’t gotten involved, I’m pretty sure we would’ve seen a submission victory.

Other Guy: I don’t know if that’s true, Dave. Azazel’s shown a remarkable tolerance for pain, and there’s still that possibility that he could’ve outlasted Yamada.

Dave Dymond: There’s also a possibility that he could’ve broken Azazel’s neck in the meantime. Even Azazel’s not going to be able to tolerate that.

Other Guy: I guess we’ll never know now, Dave, and I have no doubt that Yamada’s none to happy about that.

Dave Dymond: Coming up later on the program, Trever Worrens takes on Christopher Davis for the Laws of Survival championship. Stay tuned!


As Azazel disappears behind the curtains, Kenji is left alone in the ring, still breathing heavily from the battle when, quite suddenly, a white spotlight shines down at the top of the walkway to reveal Osbourne Kilminster!

The fans in attendance boo the Iron Fist Champion who proudly displays his hardware over his shoulder. His "Victory or Valhalla" T-shirt clings tightly to his body and his black combat pants hang loose, touching down on his steel toe-capped work boots as he takes a slow stroll toward the ring.

Dave Dymond: What’s this all about?

Other Guy: I have a feeling it’s got something to do with the message Kenji sent out last week…

Smirking, Osbourne waits outside the ringropes for a few moments, eyeing Kenji cautiously from behind those blue-tinted lenses before he ducks under the top rope and steps into the ring, reaching into the back of his waistband for a microphone.

Dave Dymond: I guess this is where we find out…

The Champion can’t help but smile as the booing continues. He pats the ic slowly and repeatedly, the bass thump taking a couple of moments to silence the crowd.

Osbourne Kilminster: Well, thanks for that, people. It’s always nice to be reminded just how much you admire success… Anyway, Kenji… Yeah, I saw what you did last week. I saw it and I thought it was a cheap way to get your point across, really. You should have known you could just come to me and ASK for your rubber match… but NO… You had to come out here and ruin a number one contender’s match just to get your damned face on TV.

The Iron Fist Champion sighs, shaking his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: The thing is, Kenji, that since you did that… you know, ruining a legitimate contender’s match, it leaves me with a bit of a problem. Should that kind of thing be REWARDED with a title shot, or should you be made to work a little bit harder? Before you say it, I know – I’m not one of the guys around here who books matches… but let’s just say that my input carries a little sway. You do understand that concept, right?

He raises his eyebrows beckoningly to the former Iron Fist Champion, but receives no answer so shrugs and continues.

Osbourne Kilminster: Maybe, before I go away and live my life, you want to actually say something to my face about this whole… mess.

Holding out his microphone, he offers it to Kenji, who grabs the mic from Osbourne, his eyes wide. He starts to put his mouth up to the mic at first but stares at Osbourne for a minute first.

Kenji: This…this is what you have to say to me? The man that knocked me out…the man that gave me something so…real in the pain you gave me. After all that…you’re going to tell me that you would have rather I let that…that…JOKE of a contendership match go on? You want to hold that belt and tell ME that? It was about more than just getting my face on TV, Osbourne, if I wanted to do that I would have come to you. But you…you DEFEND that match? YOU DEFEND IT!?

Kenji holds the mic at his side. His eyes are still wide, glaring a hole through Osbourne.

Kenji: And you call yourself a champion…YOU CALL YOURSELF CHAMPION!?

Dave Dymond: Yamada’s going for the jugular with this…

Other Guy: He’s one brave dude…

Osbourne smirks and paces the ring for a moment before SNATCHING the mic right out of Kenji’s fist of a hand.

Osbourne Kilminster: Kenji… You know, I have a modicum of respect for you… but please, don’t push it too far. OK? CBP and Rufio might not exactly be top class contenders… yet… but you should probably think twice about mocking them, but you’ll see why that is in a few minutes. Yeah, I knocked you out and I’ll do it again when the time ticks around, but you’ve got to understand that I’m hoping to do things with this Championship that break the feeble mould of your tiny mind.

Kilminster uses the mic to nudge his sunglasses up onto his forehead, staring Kenji dead in the eye.

Osbourne Kilminster: When you held this Championship, you kept it all to yourself, selfishly. Well, those days are over, with no small part played by my good self, and there’s a whole lot of new things going to be happening. I’m going to restore the prestige to this division, and I’ll start by drafting YOU, Kenji Yamada. Yeah, you’re in the Iron Fist Division, but a title shot just like that? I dunno… we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?

Other Guy: WOAH! Kilminster knocks back Kenji!

Dave Dymond: Can he do that?

Other Guy: Can he? He just did!

Kenji has to rip a microphone back from the hand of Osbourne, and it’s obvious he has grown tired of sharing one. His eyes are wild as he looks back at Osbourne, hoping he is joking.

Kenji: How amusing…I suppose I should be to blame for this happening. If I had knocked you out maybe…MAYBE…this…this…inane sense of power you have would never have been born. You’re…drafting me?

Kenji seems to be ready to explode despite having just been in a match.

Kenji: Do you feel good, Osbourne? Do you feel good…what does Jonny call you, the Head of Security? How does it feel, Osbourne, to be a lapdog? I bet it hurts…I bet it burns…I know, Osbourne, I’ve been there. Does this little…drafting thing…make you feel like you’re in control, Osbourne? Does it give you that control rush you need? I hope so, Osbourne, because you…make…me…SICK. I feel like I’m going to VOMIT when I look at MY BELT being used like that. I’d rather it not be used then watch it turn into a fucking JOKE like this. Give me a shot…don’t give me a shot…I don’t care. You’ve already pissed all over that belt…do whatever you want…if having Rufio and CBP as your…competition, makes you feel like a man…then be my guest. Sinnocence won’t be the only whore in Jonny’s ranks.

Other Guy: Oh, that’s just not good… Ozzy’s not gonna take kindly to bringing his woman into this…

Dave Dymond: That’s something he knew he’d have to deal with when he made their relationship public – it’s an easy hearstring to pull.

Osbourne gulps back some of the rage beginning to burn deep in his eyes, his jaw clenching. He reaches out and grasps the mic, but Kenji holds tight. It takes a FORCEFUL tug for Osbourne to break it free.

Other Guy: This isn’t looking good…

Osbourne Kilminster: It really does go right over your head, doesn’t it? The fact remains, despite eluding you, that this Championship isn’t worth a whole lot unless there’s real competition for it. That’s why everybody pretty much forgot the damned division existed when you won it and kept it to yourself like Smeagol. It’s not just a token Title, Kenji, and I’m going to prove that. Yeah, CBP and Rufio are also drafted into my division, and they’re not alone. Take notes, because you’ve also got competition from Dan Stein – the champ YOU beat, and Conor Caden – a guy who looks like he could use some damned direction, or at least have some beaten into him. But you know what really bugs me, Kenji? You could have just asked me for your shot, but you ruined a match and then… then you hired those two losers to come pay me a visit, didn’t you?

Kenji, instead of rage, is perplexed more than anything. His eyes seem to twist and squint at Osbourne.

Kenji: Winning that belt has gone to your head…

Other Guy: Who DID hire Reyes and Coleman?

Dave Dymond: I think the only people who know that for sure are Reyes, Coleman and whoever hired them…

Suddenly red spotlights begin sweeping through the crowd as "The Great American Nightmare" hits the speakers, bringing forth a chorus of cheers from the fans. Finally the spotlights converge on a single spot where stands Nightmare, mic in hand.

Nightmare: Whoa whoa whoa guys! I think we’ve seen more than enough cockwaving tonight, especially from you two!

The crowd cheers to show their agreement.

Dave Dymond: Sons of Liberty member Nightmare already winning over the crowd, and he’s only been out here for ten seconds!

Nightmare: Now, don’t get me wrong. Despite personal feelings about you and who you’ve been associating with, I can’t deny you were a Hell of a champion while you held the Iron Fist title, Kenji. Nor can I deny that it took a damn tough warrior to take you down and make that championship his. Even if that match between Rufio and CBP was too pathetic to even be labeled a joke. No, it was a tragedy before you got involved. A tragedy for the entire division.

Jonathon shakes his head disparagingly as Osbourne pays close attention, tilting his head to the side.

Nightmare: However, you DID name some worthy competitors to vie for that belt you’re hold, Ozzy. Keep up like that and you just may be a memorable champion. There’s still one matter that’s got to be scurrying at the back of your mind, gnawing away like mad, however. With your new-found resolution, do you finally have what it takes to beat me? When the gold is on the line will you be able to beat the man who thwarted each and every attempt you made to take HIS title?

Kilminster adjusts the belt draped over his shoulder and shakes his head.

Nightmare: In other words, Oz, can you beat me?

Jon looks around at the fans with a wide smirk.

Dave Dymond: And the gauntlet is down!

Other Guy: WHAT?! What the Hell? First Kenji and now Nightmare?

Nightmare: And that question will continue peck-peck-pecking away at your mind unless you do the right thing… and add MY name among the soldiers in the Iron Fist division. So do you have the cajones to face a REAL threat to your title reign, Ozzy?

Kilminster smiles, licking his lips and pacing up an down the ring, looking down the walkway to Nightmare and back to Kenji before back to Wehali with a smirk.

Osbourne Kilminster: You… I didn’t think you’d ever have the balls to challenge me here… It’s a nice surprise. Am I to assume it was your usual cowardice that sent those idiots my way last week?

Jonathon laughs.

Nightmare: Cowardice? You damn well know that if I want to take someone down I face them. Hell, I wasn’t even here when Callahan was attacked. I heard about it later though, and I have to say you really did an outstanding job as head of security. I have to wonder if you weren’t in on it somehow since there’s no way you couldn’t have heard that attack.

Dave Dymond: That’s a little far-fetched, to say Osbourne was behind the attack on Calahan. For all he is and all he isn’t, I don’t think he’d hire those two to hunt himself down and let them take out Calahan like that.

Other Guy: I doubt it too, but you just never know, Dave. Besides, if it wasn’t Kenji and it wasn’t Nightmare… who was it?

Kenji snatches the microphone from Osbourne with a look of bewilderment on his face. Confusion as to why Nightmare is even talking.

Kenji: What…what the HELL…are you even doing here? Last I checked you had some grand war to get ready for…some last stand of justice. This has NOTHING…NOTHING…to do with you. This whole thing wasn’t a joke enough…no…now YOU have to come out here and embarrass the division. Both of you…JUST SHUT UP…SHUT UP! I’m tired of all of this…this nonsense…JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!

Nightmare: Nothing to do with me? Nothing to do with me?! Are you that fucking out of touch with reality?! Who the Hell do you think is champion right now?! Osbourne fucking-Kilminster! A member of Jonny’s ‘Friends’ and one of my most hated rivals! This has at least as much to do with me as it does with you… if not more! And if I can hurt you in the process… all the better. Or did you think I’d forgive and forget you attacking me with that kendo stick, you little bitch?? You want me to shut up then you damn well SHUT ME UP, PUNK!

Other Guy: Fireworks between Yamada and Nightmare now?

Dave Dymond: That’s what it looks like!

Kilminster shakes his head, not knowing whether to explode with rage or laughter as he approaches Yamada and yanks the mic out of his hand. He licks his lips and takes a deep breath.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh please… spare us the high-horse rubbish, Nighty. I’ve heard it all before, countless times… and that was back in OPW where it may have counted for something. Here? This is SHOOT. This is MY back yard you’re in, Nighty, and I haven’t formally welcomed you yet. Well, I’m not usually one to agree with Kenji, but to be honest… he and I were having a pleasant little conversation that will affect the future of the SHOOT Project until you interjected and started making a damned fool out of yourself.

He pats the belt with the mic for a second.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m the damned Champion. You’ll listen to me.

Other Guy: Putting his foot down, the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion makes it CLEAR who’s in charge here!

Pacing the ring for a moment, he narrows his eyes, looking first to Kenji and then to Nightmare, who stalks slowly down the walkway toward them.

Osbourne Kilminster: You might think I owe you something, but I don’t. Nobody does. Since you arrived in SHOOT, the biggest thing you’ve done is pick apart what I left of your little buddy, Eli. Now you think you deserve to waltz right in here and start making demands? Oh no. It doesn’t work like that. Out of principle, at the next possible juncture, I’m going to give Kenji his rubber match – the chance to win back this belt. The thing is, whether he succeeds or not… and I’m hoping not… whoever remains and holds this Championship is going to make a damned point of erasing you, Wehali. Aren’t we?

Suddenly turning to Kenji, Osbourne passes the mic into his left hand and extends his right to the former Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: What the Hell is this?! Will Kenji shake Osbourne’s hand?!

Other Guy: If he does, Nightmare’s fate is surely sealed!

Dave Dymond: Kenji gets an offer of a title shot and maybe… maybe… an offer of friendship! This is HUGE!

For the first time Kenji’s focus isn’t on Osbourne as the fans wait his response with baited breath! Kenji steps forward and drapes his arms over the ropes.

Kenji: Come on, Nightmare, I’m right…here. Come on…come on…COME ON! You want to be part of this…then come on…come right on in. Step right up…step right up…I’d ignore Osbourne to shut you up.

Kenji sits on the middle rope, opening the ropes for Nightmare.

Kenji: Your choice…starshine.

Dave Dymond: He didn’t take Osbourne’s hand, but now it looks like Nightmare’s fate is even more sealed than we thought it would be if he had!

Other Guy: Kenji is NOT the kind of guy you want spoiling for a fight with you.

Dave Dymond: Oh, nobody can deny that, OG.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh for The Gods’ sake…

Throwing down his mic, Osbourne pushes right past Kenji, ducking between the ropes he’s holding for Nightmare and pushes right past Wehali, deliberately banging into his shoulder as he does so before disappearing behind the curtains, leaving both men behind, staring intently into each other’s eyes. The fans roar with cheers as Nightmare begins pacing backward, making his way to the curtains without taking his eyes off Kenji for a second. Yamada shakes his head, disappointed as he waits for Nightmare to vanish before making his own way backstage.

Dave Dymond: So the Iron Fist Division is now up and running with quite a few solid names on the roster.

Other Guy: Yeah, Kilminster’s roster draft maybe didn’t go as smoothly as he was expecting, but we learned a lot from what we heard. Dan Stein… Conor Caden… Kenji Yamada and, obviously, Osbourne Kilminster-

Dave Dymond: Can we assume Nightmare joins the ranks of the Iron Fist Division?

Other Guy: That’s a safe bet, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Certainly an exciting time for the fans of SHOOT’s knockout specialists!


The camera opens to show Ainsley Lake opening a door somewhere in the backstage area. She enters the locker room, camera following her. She looks around, and the room is devoid of human life.

Ainsley Lake: That was usel–

Turning around, she bumps face-to-torso with who she was looking for: the beast known as Azazel.

Ainsley Lake: Aah! Sorry, didn’t mean– bah!

Backing up into the seemingly empty room after running into Azazel, she bumps into the massive frame of Leviathan as well. Neither man bothers to look down at her.

Ainsley Lake: What the hell?! You weren’t here!

Leviathan: You shouldn’t be here.

Ainsley looks up at him with a somewhat incredulous look on her face.

Ainsley Lake: O… kay, just wanted to come and thank you guys for helping us out last week… it, uh, it meant a lot to us, and–

Leviathan: Sometimes extraordinary measures must be taken to defeat a greater evil. We did not do it for you.

Ainsley Lake: Didn’t think you did, just kind of a jerk thing to do to not thank someone for the help they give you.

Leviathan finally looks down at her, his eyes, the only signifier of his emotions, burning with intensity.

Leviathan: Your consideration has been noted. However, know that your time will come as well. You and your ilk are by no means innocent. Rest assured, Azazel shall punish your sins in time.

Azazel: The guilty shall be purged. Only the pure shall remain.

Azazel takes a step forward out of the doorway, and Ainsley turns around to look up at him. Her face is a mix of shock and fear. It takes her a second before she can speak.

Ainsley Lake: …well, it was nice talking to you goodbye!

She speeds around him, through the door and down the hall in a flash.


Cutting elsewhere, Eryk Masters is seen running through the backstage area with cameraman in tow. He glances twice at his watch as he moves along.

Eryk Masters: I’m really getting sick of this shit!

Finally an exhausted Eryk Masters arrives at his destination, a locker room door. A nameplate on the door reads: "Christopher Davis." Eryk pauses to catch his breath for a moment and then reaches up to knock on the door.

After a few moments the door opens and out steps Abigail Chase still sporting the results of her foray into active competition. Eryk Masters groans and rolls his eyes, Abigail smirks.

Eryk Masters: I need to talk to Davis.

Abigail Chase: My how things have changed. It seems that the position of SHOOT project interviewer has lost a bit of its professionalism. You could at least be polite Eryk.

Eryk Masters: You want politeness? (Growing more irritated) I’ll give you po… (regaining his composure) Listen Abigail, how bout you just step aside and let me do my job then everybody will be happy ok? All I want to know is which law Davis has picked for tonight.

Abigail Chase: Well Mr. Masters as the press secretary of Mr. Davis I would be more than happy to pass on that information to you. All you have to do is say please.

Eryk begins to fume but maintains himself. He shakes his head.

Eryk Masters: Could you please enlighten us all as to the stipulation that Davis has asked for Miss Chase?

Abigail Chase: Well Eryk, SHOOT fans Mr. Davis has decided that he would like to challenge for the Laws of Survival championship under King of The Hill rules.

Have a good day Eryk.

Abigail opens the locker room door and walks inside, leaving a clearly pissed off Eryk Masters standing in the hallway.

Eryk Masters: This has seriously…

He lets his frustration trail off as he turns his focus to the camera.

Eryk Masters: Well anyway, there you have it. Tonight’s main event will be the FIRST time SHOOT Project witnesses the Laws of Survival exclusive match… the King of the Hill Match.  We’ll get the details as it unfolds later tonight when Christopher Davis goes one on one with Trevor Worrens in the Revolution Main Event!



We again go to the back with SCOTT RICHARDSON who is going to make his second attempt at a report. As is always the case with Scott, he usually only shows up with breaking news so it’s probably important.

Scott Richardson: Well, a pretty strange show again tonight, our LAST here at the Thomas and Mack, but what about the blockbuster announcement from OSBOURNE KILMINSTER just a few short moments ago? In an unprecedented act, Kilminster, the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion has apparently DRAFTED competition into the Iron Fist Division. Obviously, there’s no way to know if the Iron Fist Champ’s requests or suggestions will stand, but they DO seem to fall in line with what Tony Lorenzo was saying at the conclusion of last week’s Jonnylution program.

“No one is in charge of anyone but themselves.”

Richardson pauses for a moment and then proceeds.

Scott Richardson: Which brings me to the one championship division that has not been represented this evening. The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

Another pause before Richardson continues his breaking report.

Scott Richardson: I just spoke with Roberto Cortez, JR, the COO of DSI, who explained to me that despite the current situation, both CJ and Jared are actively invested in the return of their title, and that if their bounty is not collected upon within the next few weeks, both men are more than prepared to take matters into their own hands.


Scott Richardson: The only problem thus far seems to be timing. On a night where change is in the air and the opportunity for revenge is at all time high, all interested parties seem to have been given a night off. Both members of Long Island Hardcore continue to recover from their bloodbath of a bout two weeks ago, while the Flying Avengers have gone unheard of after their very abrupt and shocking return last week.

And as for an act of heroism from Tres Bien? Neither Maya or Shinya have reported to duty this evening. Maya, of course, was the unfortunate loser in his bout with RON BARKER last week. It seems the young duo needed a week off after two VERY draining weeks in a row.

He switches gears a bit.

Scott Richardson: Now I ALSO spoke to Peter Lolwen earlier in the evening, and from what I understand he and his Legal Team are currently working out a “proposal” as he worded it… Where the tag team titles would OFFICIALLY switch hands. Details on the how or WHO have been shady at best, but he seemed confident that a deal would be completed in the near future. Of course, with Jonny missing this evening, everything seems to be a little chaotic and uncertain from his camp.

In fact, following Osbourne’s announcement, he and Sinnocence left the building… Odd, considering Quinn, Riley and Calahan are scheduled to compete against Sons of Liberty members, Danny Evers, Ainsley Lake, and Nightmare in just about five minutes from now.

Richardson presents the news clearly and effectively, showing no certain bias to one side over the other.

Scott Richardson: For Revolution Breaking News… I’m Scott Richardson.


The scene begins with two Sons of Liberty logos, one higher than the other, before the camera pulls back. The logos belong to the shirts of Ainsley Lake and Jonathan Wehali. Wehali has his Gargoyle sunglasses resting on the top of his head, and red war paint adorns his face. Ainsley Lake’s color comes from her bright purple hair, and for the first time in a long time, Lake isn’t the strange looking person on camera.

Ainsley Lake: I’m not even kidding you, man, they just spontaneously appeared out of nowhere. I walk into the locker room, and it’s empty. I turn around, and I run smack into Azazel’s chest. I back up, and then I crash into Leviathan, who is suddenly right where I was standing two seconds earlier!

Ainsley still looks disturbed by the situation, shaking her head to dust the awkwardness from her brain.

Ainsley Lake: Suddenly, God Warriors! I swear, it was the trippiest thing. Distract me, man, tell me about your night so far.

Jonathon chuckles.

Nightmare: I gatecrashed a little lovefest between Ozzy and Kenji. I figured people were getting tired of listening to those two. I know I sure as Hell was.

It worked better than I expected. I pissed them off so bad that, no matter who wins their match, I have a shot at the Iron Fist Championship next. Time to bring in some gold for the Sons of Liberty.

Suddenly, you hear a voice out of the camera frame.

Jester Smiles: I had a cheese sandwich.

Jester walks onto frame, wearing blue jeans and a Sons of Liberty t-shirt. He also wears a purple skull cap that says, in green letters "BOOYA!"

Jester Smiles: It was good.

Jester points at the shirts Nightmare and Ainsley are wearing.

Jester Smiles: Ah hell, we all wore the same thing. Now one of us is going to have to change. Hey, Ains, wanna take your shirt off for me again?

Jester sticks his tongue out at Ainsley.

Ainsley Lake: Hey, I took off my shirt for you, after swearing that I’d never strip for you again. You should be nicer to me, I’m clearly suffering from an existential crisis about it. Also… What kind of cheese? Wait, don’t tell me, I’ll get hungry.

Jon smirks amiably.

Nightmare: I just hope you know what Sargento is by now, bro. No more Velveeta. Everyone knows that’s as much real cheese as our opponents tonight are real wrestlers.

Ainsley Lake: That was the absolute goofiest way to lead into smack talk, you know that, right? Here we are, talking about sandwiches and stripping, and you had to go and make the conversation relevant to the situation at hand.

Ainsley sighs, shaking her head at Jonathan, clearly disapproving.

Ainsley Lake: What ever am I going to do with you? You tainted a nice discussion by mentioning Jonny’s Goon Trio Mark One.

Jester Smiles: I could make it goofy again, but you guys need to focus. And, as the NEWEST MEMBER of the Sons of Liberty….

Jester turns to the camera, smiles a big, bright, incredibly overexaggerated smile and holds his shirt out, so that everyone can see the Sons of Liberty logo.

Jester Smiles: I’ll be out there to make sure people of the Family and Friends persuasion don’t, you know, douchebag it up. Cuz, hey, what are friends and ex-boyfriends for?

Ainsley Lake: Not-sex?

Jester Smiles: …..besides that. Anyway, that really was a funny transition.

Nightmare: Heh, you’re right, guys. It was mostly to show my disdain for fake food, but I guess I had a moment of compassion for our opponents. I mean, even their own families don’t want to acknowledge their existence.

He chuckles.

Nightmare: Seriously, it’s good to be working together again, Eric.

Jester Smiles: Always a pleasure, Jon. Always a pleasure.

Jester Smiles returns the clap on the back. He then loks at Ainsley.

Jester Smiles: And I’m starting to hate you less.

Jester holds his fist to Ainsley, signaling for her to ‘pound it’.

Jester Smiles: You guys ready to start a riot?

Ainsley nods her head as she gives him the Patented Obama Terrorist Fist Pound, nodding her head happily.

Ainsley Lake: Fuck yeah, let’s do this.

Nightmare: Riot? Bro, I’m ready for a damn revolution.

He grins at them in anticipation of the violence to come.

They all smile brightly as the camera fades out to the Sons of Liberty logo, and then to black.



From the SoL logo we return to ringside.



The fans begin to BOOOO immediately at the start of “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies, knowing full well who is heading on their way out.  The curtains rustle and TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN arrive from backstage.

They dress in all black, wearing arm bands that say “DEFILER”.

A scary calm sense of rage drips from their ice block faces.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following SIX MAN TAG TEAM CONTEST is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing the first team…  JASON RILEY, TOM QUINN, and TIM CALAHAN…  They are ROGUE ‘N RILEY ‘N SUPER FAN!!!

The trio completely ignores the fan reaction which is nowhere near a positive one and make a very solemn trek to the ring.  Calahan slides in first, while Rogue stops near Riley and offers a few words.  Jason nods his head and Quinn pats him on the back before both guys join their teammate on the inside.  They’ve never seemed so prepared or ready for anything in their lives, though it’s also very easy to tell a lot of pain hides behind their emotionless eyes.

Other Guy: Are we supposed to feel bad for them or some shit?  Jonny terrorizes this company for the past three or four months and he FINALLY gets his.  They ALL finally get theirs and now they want us to cry, Dave?  What the HELL did they think was gonna happen, man?  Did they think we were all gonna cower or some crap?  Punks, man.  PURE ASS PUNKS.

Rogue continues to talk to his teammates in their corner.  Calahan nods while Riley just watches the entrance way.

Dave Dymond: Things certainly took an unexpected twist at the conclusion of last week, and we’ve seen the fall-out thus far.  The World Champion has been absent from Revolution for the first time during his reign and only the SECOND time since he has signed a SHOOT Project contract back in January.  For him to not be here is strange to say the least, but it’s like you said, OG…  What did these guys expect?  You can only escape your end so many times.

Other Guy: So let’s put these sons of a bitches away.  Wherever Jonny is.  If someone didn’t kill the son of a bitch…  Let’s give him something to make that headache of his a little bit bigger.  C’mon, boys and girls!

“Where is My Mind” starts to fade out.

And the fans IMMEDIATELY begin to cheer!!!


Dave Dymond: Listen to this crowd!  They know what’s next, OG!

Other Guy: The Sons of Liberty turned the tides of this war last week, and our fans are showing their appreciation!

A low wave of mist travels across the stage.  There is the classic sound of drum and fife as "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" begins to play.  In the background is heard distant shouting then the reports of rifles.

Then silence, deathly silence.

Suddenly the boom of a cannon explodes as the videowall flares to life with the logo for the Sons of Liberty.

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine rocks the arena as the monitors show the members of SoL in action.  Ainsley Lake flies through the air.  Danny Evers takes down opponent after opponent.  Nightmare puts the beatdown on various SHOOT Project soldiers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing now… Ainsley Lake, Danny Evers, and ‘Nightmare’ Jonathon Wehali… THE SONS OF LIBERTY!

There is a geyser of silver pyros to either side of the stage entrance, then a waterfall of blue pyros rains upon the stage.  The trio emerges beneath the waterfall, taking a moment to pose before descending the ramp.  Ainsley leads the group, sliding into the ring and leaping onto a turnbuckle.  Danny is close behind and takes an adjoining corner.  Nightmare pauses at ringside to select a young woman out of the crowd, placing his glasses on her, before springing onto the apron and rolling over the top rope to take the center of the ring.

Ainsley and Danny join Jonathon in the center of the ring, where they pose one last time.  The four corners of the ring explode with blue-and-silver pyros as the song ends.  The trio then take their corner, awaiting the beginning of the match.

Everything is set in the ring and Austin Linam calls for the bell!  Riley pushes his teammates to the side and enters the ring, only to be answered by NIGHTMARE who stalks over the top rope!!!  THE FANS POP FOR THE MASSIVE SIZE ADVANTAGE!!

Other Guy: They aint messin’ around!  HA!!!  Sendin’ in the big gun!!!

Riley CHARGES at Nightmare, but almost literally bounces off after trying to spear him or tackle him or WHATEVER it was he was trying to accomplish!  Nightmare falls back a couple of inches, while Riley pushes himself off the mat!  He stays low and Nightmare CLUBS HIM ACROSS THE BACK!!!

Dave Dymond: Damnit!  Here comes Calahan!!!

The fans BOOOOOOO loudly as Calahan enters the ring!  Brian, standing close to six, foot six, charges at Nightmare from the side and NAILS him with an errant axe-handle smash!  Nightmare falls back, but the attack draws in Evers AND Lake!!!  Ainsley springboards over and Evers ducks inside!  Quinn charges in now!!!


Dave Dymond: Too many emotions at once!!!  LOOK OUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!

Evers goes to attack Calahan, but Quinn catches him from the side and tackles him down!  Nightmare DRILLS Calahan in the face with a right hand and backs the big boy off!  Ainsley runs at Nightmare and he ducks his shoulders and HURLS HER FLYING INTO THE AIR, CRASHING INTO RILEY!!!!


Ainsley stays on top of Riley and begins throwing a series of OPEN PALMED STRIKES with a punch or two thrown in for good measure!!!  Quinn is able to roll Evers near the ring ropes and shakes him off on the floor!  Quinn scurries to his feet!  Nightmare strikes Calahan with another RIGHT!  AND THEN ANOTHER!  Rogue tries to help his partner, but Evers is able to get back to HIS feet and grab Quinn’s left leg!  Rogue shakes him off, but turns and shouts at Evers!  Quinn turns back around only to be CAUGHT WITH A STUNNING YAKUZA KICK FROM NIGHTMARE!!!  The blow sends Quinn through the middle ropes and down to the floor!

Dave Dymond: And the Sons of Liberty TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS!!!

Ainsley has Riley up against the ropes at the other end!  She charges at him with a CROSS BODY AND THEY BOTH SPILL TO THE OUTSIDE!!!


Evers motions at Nightmare to turn around!  Calahan comes up behind!  But Nightmare turns and LEVELS HIM WITH A SPIN KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!  Evers slides in now and Austin Linam doesn’t even seem to be TRYING to maintain order.  Nightmare throws Calahan into the ropes, but Brian actually gathers his whereabouts soon enough to slide out of the ring.  Nightmare GLARES at Calahan, not appreciative of the cowardly escape, but the fans EXPLODE WITH A LOUD POP!!!

Nightmare moves toward the ropes, and Ainsley slides back into the ring to join her squad.  Linam backs Nightmare up, while Calahan looks like a cornered mouse on the outside.  Quinn is struggling to get up, as is Riley, both of whom are closer to the other end of the ring and on opposite sides from each other.  Calahan looks to both sides…  not sure what to do.  His confidence is failing at a rapid pace.

Dave Dymond: Calahan may be contemplating an esc…



Other Guy: WHAT THE HELL!?!

Dave Dymond: A little payback, OG!!

Conor, who is joined by Lester and DeLuca seems content with his actions and pushes them away from the railing.  He makes a quick scan over to Riley and then Quinn, but then falls back with his partners, the trio disappearing as quickly and unexpectedly as they arrived.  Nightmare, Ainsley, and Evers look on at the destruction.  Evers grabs Ainsley’s side and points to the top rope!  She smiles, gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and then both of them run to the nearby corners!  Ainsley springboards to the top rope, while Evers climbs more casually!

Dave Dymond: Oh GOOD LORD!  What are they planning?!

Calahan holds at his head and struggles to keep his balance!!!  As soon as he makes it all the way back to his feet, Evers and Ainsley wave their fingers and write out…




The crowd goes nuts!  Evers and Lake hop back to their feet and THROW CALAHAN BACK INSIDE THE RING!!!  They then charge around the other corners to get Riley and Quinn!

Calahan is a dead duck in the ring!

Nightmare looms over him.



Dave Dymond: BROKEN ARROW!!!

Calahan is seriously not alive.

Nightmare makes the EMPHATIC cover!!!

Ainsley NAILS Riley!

Evers charges with a running forearm attack on Quinn!!!

Both guys go down!!!







Dave Dymond: And this one is OVER!!!

Other Guy: YES!!!

Lake and Evers slide into the ring to join their partner in celebration!!!  “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine BLARES throughout the arena!!!


Ainsley gives Nightmare a little side, half hug and Evers pumps his fist in excitement!

Dave Dymond: An absolutely DOMINANT PERFORMANCE!!!  And if Jonny IS indeed watching from somewhere out there…  WHAT A MESSAGE TO SEND!!!

Wanting to savor this moment, Evers, Lake and Nightmare make an exit pretty quickly going out into the crowd to celebrate with the great Las Vegas fans who they will not be seeing for quite some time!  In the meantime, Quinn and Riley shake of their cobwebs and slide into the ring to check on the fallen Calahan.  Riley SLAPS his hand against the mat and buries his face in his hands while Quinn looks out into the crowd where SoL vanished, looking pissed off and disappointed.

Dave Dymond: What a send off, OG, and perhaps a sign that things are truly starting to change as we charge into what could be an HISTORIC National Tour.

Other Guy: Been a great couple of weeks now to be a SHOOT Project fan.  Goddamn, man!  GODDAMN!!!

OG and Dave let the moment speak for itself.

Quinn’s stunned expression is the last we see before the cameras cut away.


Backstage, the hallway is empty. At the very end of the hallway Shinya is seen peering from behind a wall. With a cautious look to the left and a cautious look to the right he slowly walks down the hall. Maya, however, seems more afraid and is still simply peeking, only his eyes visible, from behind the wall.

Shinya: Maya, come on…now is our chance! After what happened earlier there shouldn’t be anyone in Jonny’s locker room. We can get back LIHC’s titles now…

Maya’s eyes squint slightly with a tense fear.

Maya: Are…you sure? What if…what id one of them comes back? Or what if their friends come back? Or…or…or…

Shinya: Just come on, Maya!

Maya practically sprints to Shinya and grabs hold of his arm. Both men make their way to the locker room door with DEFILER scrawled across it. Shinya tugs at the doorknob.

Shinya opens the door to JONNY JOHNSON’S locker room with a shakey hand. Maya is still gripping tightly to his other arm. The locker room seems empty as Shinya and Maya gaze around.

Shinya: I told you no one would be here…now we just have to figure out where they’d put them then get out of here.

Maya grips even tighter.

Maya: I don’t like this idea, Shinya…

Shinya’s eyes wander around until he notices a case…however, the case is empty. It is a glass case and looks like it would hold a title belt.

Shinya: I would think they should be here…I don’t get it.

Maya: Shinya…I don’t like this at all…

You suddenly have the feeling that someone else is in the room.

Maya gulps and Shinya instinctively grabs his hand.

“I think the three of us know what happens next.”

Maya and Shinya hear an unfamiliar voice and slowly turn around.


And the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles are draped over his shoulders.

The imposing, 6’5”, 265 pound, dark skinned TMB, closes the door shut behind and moves casually into the room.

Shinya tightens his grip on Maya’s hand, who shuts his eyes.

Thomas Manchester Black: Ya’ll know ya don’t belong here.  Right?

He surveys the locker room.

Shinya: We just…

Black snaps back.

Thomas Manchester Black: Man, shut the HELL UP.

Black seems to find what he’s looking for and moves closer to one of the walls, incidentally, moving closer to the camera that’s shooting this action.  He kneels down, his face taking up the lower right portion of the screen with Tres Bien in the back left.

Thomas Manchester Black: (Reaching forward for something) Can’t be trespassing’, boys.  (Finding what he wants, talking to the camera) Yo. This got nothin’ to do with hate.  Aiight?

The feed goes out.


The scene opens with the huge frame of Crush Heart holding his daughters hand. The two seem to be walking down a corridor in the Thomas and Mack centre.

Crush: Now listen up… Ya best behave yaself in here tonight. I don’t want now accidents like last week… Ya hear?

Angel Child: I said I was sorry Daddy. It just came out.

The two continue down the corridor until they reach a door which has a sign posted on it. As the camera tilts to get a better view we see the sign reads “DAYCARE” and is accompanied by a smiling sun with a glitter effect. The tall Crush looks at the sign and shakes his head side to side. He pushes the door open… Then stops dead in his tracks. His daughter goes rushing into the room to play with the wide array of toys. Crush still waits… He then talks to someone who is off camera.

Crush: Err… What are ya doin’ in ‘ere?

The camera once again turns to find Nova Lynn Jackson at a sink, complete with pink rubber gloves that have feathers around the tops. She turns her head round to reply.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Me? Washing the toys and, like, disinfecting them, they were so grody! And ya know how your little girlie had a bit of a (whispers) mishap last week? Well, I cleaned the floor up real good, just in case nobody else took care of it! I’m AMAZED at how neglected this child care center is!

Nova nods her head sagely, taking off her gloves and wiping her hands on the apron around her waist. That’s right. Nova Lynn Jackson, fashionista and glamourpuss, is wearing an apron. She turns on her heel and kneels down in one fluid motion, getting to eye level with the little girl.

Nova Lynn Jackson: I’m Nova, Dollface! It’s nice to meet you!

Angel Child: Nice to meet you Nova Dollface. My name is Uriel. I like your hair. It is pretty.

Uriel blushes. Embarrassed to be round such a beautiful woman. She goes back to playing with a SHOOT Project jigsaw of Jester Smiles. Nova looks up at Crush, her eyes wide. She has a big grin on her face.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Omigod she’s the cutest cute that ever cuted! You must be an amazing Daddy!

Crush finally walks into the room and pulls up a chair. He sits down with such a loud thump that it startles his daughter who is trying to find the piece with Jester’s face on it.

Crush: I do me best… Not easy bein’ a single dad and doin’ this job for a livin’. Anyway… Why are ya hangin’ ‘round ‘ere? Don’t ya have somethin’ else better to do?

Nova Lynn Jackson: What could be, like, better than making sure that a child is, ya know, safe and secure? Nobody else is doing it, and there’s, like, no point to a daycare room if, ya know, like, you have to sit in it all night and stuff. So I’m taking over!

Nova gestures to the room with a smile.

Nova Lynn Jackson: This is my new kingdom!

The face of Crush tells the full story… He is bemused, kind of scared and probably wanting to drag his daughter right out of that room.

Crush: Ya what? Ya mean ya the one who set this place up? Ya even qualified… Like with paperwork and all that shit?

Uriel turns to her father.

Uriel: Daddy! That is a bad word!

Crush: Daddy’s sorry… (Turning to Nova) Seriously… Ya qualified to look after kids? I mean… Ya don’t seem the type to ya know… Be motherly…

Nova Lynn Jackson: Oh, I didn’t set it up, it had been here. But, ya know, most people are too scared to bring kids around here, so it went to pieces! I came in here a loooong time ago with a sound crew guy names Jorge–

Nova looks at Uriel and bites her lip, before pressing on.

Nova Lynn Jackson: –so that he could show me where the disinfectant wipes were kept… Anyway, I realized it was totally a daycare! I’ve got my Nevada State Childcare Certificate, I’m a certified first responder, and I can ever use a defibrillator if somebody’s having a heart attack! I’m super-maternal, and when I saw that you were bringing this little beauty around with you, I remembered this neglected little room, and I spiffied it in a jiffy!

Not quite knowing what to say… Crush just says the first thing to come into his mind.

Crush: A defib wha–? Urr… Nevermind…

Nova smiles and started rifling through the toys, for once in her life, her interest in an adult male taken over by something far more entertaining.

Nova Lynn Jackson: So, Uriel, what’s your favorite TV show, or like, ya know, book? I wanna know what kinds of toys to bring here, and since you’re my first new friend, you totally get dibs on choosing!

Uriel’s eyes wander round their sockets, thinking about all the things she likes.

Uriel: Oh I like Spongebob, High School Musical, Barbie and Ken but I do not like Cindy. I like books about ponies and I like books with fairies and angels. Do you believe in angels?

The scene fades away…


Standing in the back in front of a SHOOT Project backdrop, standing alone, is none other than Sons of Liberty member Donovan King.  The fans cheer, but the sound is blanked out so the focus can be on what King has to say.  He is wearing a Sons of Liberty t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.  He is also wearing black and silver worker gloves, somewhat similar to Sting.  That is all you can see of him, since it’s all from the waist up.

Soon, SHOOT Project will embark on a tour, I hear.  God knows where we go.  Could be Seattle.  Could be LA.  Could be yo’ home town.  All as we head towards WAR.

King pauses.

A while back, I broke OutKast’s jaw.  If y’all don’t remember, he was taggin’ with Cade Sydal against me…an’ I broke his jaw.  I apologized later.  He forgave me.

What came immediately following that injury…was a furious Josh Johnson comin’ for me.  We had a hard and terrible battle…an’ I took The Real Deal out.  After dat…I heard nothin’.  After dat…I helped my friend Danny Evers an’ we built the foundation that would become the Sons of Liberty.

King smiles.

Once the Sons were underway, the mission was simple.  Shake SHOOT to its very core…an’ since SHOOT was havin’ a hard time changin’, we was gonna change it.  Instant Heat did it once, Ascension did it once, an’ The Power Trip did it once.  Only this time…we were gonna give it to the people who deserved it most.

Alla you fans.

We’d make sure you could see Jonny Johnson, but you’d see him face off against more than Christopher Davis dozens of time.  Real Deal an’ OutKast wouldn’t run rampant over the main event scene anymore.  We were gonna make sure y’all got to see dat glass ceilin’ DESTROYED.  No more flirtations wit’ the main event.  No more…Dan Steins gettin’ title shots an’ disappearin’ from the main event forever.

Dis was a revolution…on Revolution.

King shakes his head.

When dat happened…when The Real Deal saw dat I was spearheadin’ change…he came in an’ tried to take me on…take me out.  Him, his brother, Jonny…they were gonna see dat the Sons of Liberty…we ain’t NEVER gonna be stopped.

At last…while Jason takes care of other things…Real Deal and Jonny try to dismantle dis company from within.  If they can’t have it, nobody can, right?  Real Deal frees his protégé…his prized pupil Adrian Corazon…an’ tells him to come out an’ take me outta SHOOT.  Corazon…not one ta get used like dat, we got together and gave Real Deal some of his own medicine.

An’ men like Tony Lorenzo, Dave Dymond…they felt it.  Statistics.  Pawns.  Playthings for men like Jonny an’ Josh to play with…suspend, fire…Abigail Chase…people who never damn deserved it.

He grits his teeth.

Well, Jason Johnson has decided to give SHOOT to the people.  To give SHOOT to the people who fucking MADE SHOOT…


All of you.

So, I’ll make dis request.  This…suggestion.

King’s face grows deadly serious.

Ever since The Real Deal has come back, he’s helped bring on this war.  He’s stopped us at every turn.  He’s stopped this progress…this evolution of SHOOT as best he can.

It’s time we put an end to that.  It’s time we put an end to the terrible allegiance between Jonny Johnson an’ The Real Deal.

I’mma give him one week, if he needs even that.

From day one, I’ve wanted to face The Real Deal one on one.  He gave me Corazon.  He backed off.  Now…no more runnin’.  Real Deal…if you listenin’…you got one week.  Next week, on Revolution…the first stop in our tour…I’m gonna go down to dat ring, I’m gonna give The Real Deal one more shot.  At WAR…Donovan King versus The Real Deal.

Here’s my catch.

You can say whatever you want from me to toss in as a stipulation.


I just want you…gone.

King glares at the camera as it fades out.


He rocks back and forth in the corner of the dimly lit locker room. The lumbering monster-child Sammy Rochester seems upset, more specifically saddened and concerned.

Sammy Rochester: Is our Family breaking apart?  Do my brothers not want to be around me anymore?

While Vincent Mallows sits not far from him, ALL of Sammy’s questions are directed towards Mikey, who sits motionless and in doll form on his lap.

Sammy Rochester: Don’t say that Mikey.  That’s not true at all… it’s not. No it’s not. IT’S NOT! IT’S NOT!

Sammy becomes visibly frustrated forcing Mallows to cut in.

Vincent Mallows: What did Mikey tell you?

Sammy’s focus shifts quickly to Mallows.

Sammy Rochester: That the Family is no more. He says that The Family wasn’t ever really real.  That can’t be.

Mallows nods once.

Vincent Mallows: You’re right, it simply cannot be.

This doesn’t ease Sammy’s emotions at all.

Sammy Rochester: But then why has brother Kenji lost control? Why is brother Roland always hurting but smiling because of it? Why is everyone fucking LAUGHING!

Sammy suddenly lurches up from the floor, his size even MORE imposing now that he stands, forcing Mallows to rise as well.

Vincent Mallows: I understand your concern, Sammy. I do. But I have yet to lead you astray, I have yet to lie to you and I will not.  I assure you, my boy, that there is nothing to be concerned about.  All families have problems from time to time.  But the true sign of a strong family… is how effectively those problems are dealt with.

There is something very calculating, and very certain about Mallows’s tone.

Vincent Mallows: Certain things weren’t supposed to happen, yes.  But they did and now we simply continue forward.

Sammy doesn’t seem entirely convinced.  Mallows approaches him, taking a hold of his massive forearm.

Vincent Mallows: Sammy do you want our family to stay together?

Sammy nods his head, but tears seem to be welling up in his eyes.

Vincent Mallows: Shhh… don’t you cry.  There is no need to fret.  The Family will stay together so long as you trust me.  Trust that you have always been my favorite and you are the LAST man I wish to hurt.

Sammy sniffles a few times but nods his head knowingly.

Sammy Rochester: I know.  I just want everything to be okay. I want the bad people to stop winning.

Mallows has to chuckle at hearing that.

Vincent Mallows: Oh they will stop, Sammy. When this is all said and done, one of them will NEVER win… again.  In time, Kenji will come back to us, Roland will heal and be ready.  War is coming Sammy, and we shall be the vultures picking clean the remnants left amongst the bone.

Sooner rather than later you will show the world your full potential.  Eventually you’ll show them why you’re Daddy’s favorite! But tonight, Daddy must take care of something on his own.

And with that, an embrace occurs.  Mallows hugs Sammy tightly and the image is both awkward and creepy to behold.   Sammy seems to smile and the focus on Mallows’s face shows a distant stare in his eyes… but then… then a smile forms as well as he closes his eyes accepting Sammy’s embrace in return.

The moment cuts away from there.





The bell sounds as the last of the never before seen structure is fastened into place at each ring post. Four long steel beams with grip/foot holes created in them are seen running up on elevated angles towards a five-foot by five foot three inch thick steel platform. Directly above that, the Laws of Survival Championship hangs from a simple brass ring.

The camera angle cuts to a shot directly below where Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring alongside senior official Scott Kamura.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s Revolution MAIN EVENT!

The crowd pops BIG TIME.

Dave Dymond: It feels good to be calling a main event match up once again, and even better that there isn’t some depressing or horribly demoralizing stipulation attached to it.

Other Guy: Damn straight. We’ve got two top soldiers here in SHOOT Project set to battle it out in a first and a Laws of Survival exclusive, the King of the Hill match.

Dave Dymond: Part ladder match, part scaffold match, who can survive the perils of climbing up those elevated beams and retrieving the Laws of Survival Championship.

As the crowd settles, Samantha Coil continues on.

Samantha Coil: This match up will be for THE Laws of Survival Championship under the stipulations of The King of the Hill match! Now to explain the rules, senior official Scott Kamura!

Kamura is handed the microphone and the fans applaud, showing their respect for the returning senior official.

Other Guy: Everything really does feel like back to normal here on tonight’s farewell show. Not a single Defiler sighting, and Kamura in charge of keeping things in order. I love it.

Scott Kamura: The rules of the King of the Hill match are as follows. Victory may only be achieved by retrieving the Laws of Survival Championship from the brass ring that hangs twenty feet above the ring, and you must do so without your opponent being anywhere on the structure. To reiterate, you CANNOT take the title unless your opponent is on the mat below. As a result of these specific rules there are no count outs and no disqualifications.

With the rules now officially announced, Scott Kamura hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Now, introducing first… the challenger.

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"
"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the Revolution Video Screen in white block letters and all at once a lot of the crowd starts up a “DA-VIS! DA-VIS!” chant.

Ay ay ay ay, you already know that pimping (you)

Samantha Coil: Weighing in at 271 pounds… THIS. IS. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Upon the announcement of his name, Christopher Davis steps into the spotlight sweat streaming down his baldhead. He looks up, his cold grey eyes intense and focused. He looks left and then to his right. He raises both arms as if forming a cross. 

"Un-fucking-believable Lil’ Waynes the President"
"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"
"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"
"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Lil Wayne’s "I’m Me" continues to blare into the arena as Davis finally begins his stride towards the ring. The lights come up in full, showing the fans on their feet, cheering on Davis!

Dave Dymond: This crowd happy to see the legend and multiple time SHOOT Project champion once again having his shot at walking away tonight with gold around his waist.

Other Guy: It’s been a long time comin’, and since Davis returned to the organization last December, he hasn’t seen many opportunities, course when he got the biggest one yet, we all saw the Defiler ruin it for his former tag team partner.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with"

Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me
Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me
And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care

Davis steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring. He looks out at the crowd and once more extends his arms out like a cross, the fans popping once more.

Dave Dymond: And exciting time to be tuning into SHOOT Project as the horrendous storm that was two nights of Jonnylution has passed, and while there will be plenty more in store on the horizon, for now we rest easy as we come to the conclusion of tonight’s final show at the Thomas and Mack Center.

Other Guy: Then in two weeks time… we kick off a National tour and SHOOT Project once again is gonna rock the entire United States.

Dave Dymond: Indeed but in the here and now, it’s main event time, Laws of Survival Championship on the line, and we can just sit back and enjoy as this one plays itself out.

"Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me"
"Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me"
"And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care"

Davis’s music fades slowly from there. He stretches out his arms a bit and turns to face the entryway.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

BOOM! A quick burst of dull gray pyro shoots up over the Revolution video screen and rains down in front. At the same time the scream of Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot is heard to kick off the beginning of “Awakening.”

“Face down with the LA curbside endings
With the ones and zeros.
Downtown was the perfect place to hide.”

The Revolution Video Screen lights up to reveal a shot of just Trevor Worrens’s face, his eyes closed tightly… but suddenly they open up and a quick zoom takes us right through them, watching two converging tunnels wind and weave to a common end… Trevor Worrens standing confidently with the Laws of Survival Championship.

“The first star that I saw last night was a headlight
Of a man-made sky, but man- made never made our dreams collide,

Samantha Coil: He is weighing in tonight at 237 pounds… he is the current and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… THIS. IS. TREVOR WORRENS!!!

As the chorus kicks in full, Trevor Worrens emerges from the back, pumped up and determined as he walks towards the ring.

“Here we are now with the falling sky and the rain,
We’re awakening
Here we are now with our desperate youth and the pain,
We’re awakening”

Dave Dymond: He has been someone else entirely ever since Trevor Worrens won the Laws of Survival Championship, and tonight is no exception. We are seeing the very passionate, very focused man who tonight stands one victory away from becoming the most winningest champion in recent SHOOT Project history.

“Maybe it’s called ambition, you’ve been talking in your sleep
About a dream, we’re awakening”

Other Guy: It’s a big deal through and through, no doubt. Davis’s first shot in a long while at bein’ a champion once again, and Worrens’s shot at takin’ his place in the SHOOT Project history books.

As the song continues, Worrens actually walks completely around the ring, playing up to the fans who cheer him on, or stick out there hand for a high five. There are some boos though that come from various parts of the Thomas and Mack Center, but Worrens doesn’t seem to even react to them.

“Last week found me living for nothing but deadlines,
With my dead beat sky but, this town doesn’t look the same tonight
These dreams started singing to me out of nowhere
And in all my life I don’t know that I ever felt so alive,

Worrens turns and pulls himself up onto the ring edge and then climbs up the lower right corner post and steps one foot up onto the elevated beam that leads up to his Laws of Survival Championship. He points to it and nods his head.

“Here we are now with the falling sky and the rain,
We’re awakening
Here we are now with our desperate youth and the pain,
We’re awakening”

From there Worrens drops down onto the ring edge and then enters the ring. His eyes meet Christopher Davis’s as the two stare each other down from across the ring.

“Maybe it’s called ambition, you’ve been talking in your sleep
About a dream, we’re awakening”

Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring as Worrens and Davis walk slowly to meet in the center. As they do Worrens’s music slowly starts to fade.

“I want to wake up kicking and screaming
I want to wake up kicking and screaming
I want to know that my heart’s still beating
It’s beating,
I’m bleeding”

The music fades out just as the chorus is about to pick up, leaving only the noise of the fans to fill the Thomas and Mack Center.

Dave Dymond: Huge reaction for both Davis and Worrens here tonight. They met once back in Two Thousand and Seven as challenger and champion, and tonight, it’s no different.

Other Guy: Yeah but one thing has changed, and that’s respect, Dave. These two cats respect what the other can do, and that’s gonna make this one hell of a fight.

Dave Dymond: Add in this very unique concept, the King of the Hill stipulation, and yeah, you have a Revolution main event that’s one for the ages.

Kamura quickly checks in both Davis and Worrens, and then has words with both of them, more than likely once more going over the rules. There’s a nod from Davis and from Worrens almost right after. And then the bell sounds upon Kamura’s signal.

Dave Dymond: Here we go, Laws of Survival Championship hangs in the balance between these two as it LITERALLY hangs over head.

Davis and Worrens don’t waste much time as the two quickly lock up into grapple, but it is Davis who immediately takes the upper hand, his size coming into play as he shoves Worrens down to one knee, then quickly switches from the grapple to locking on a front facing headlock. Davis yanks Worrens up onto both his feet, keeping him bent over and then he lifts Worrens for a vertical suplex, but Worrens sends his momentum back downward and LOOKS to roll Davis for an arm drag, But Davis holds the arm and PULLS Worrens up, lets go, and then DRILLS the Laws of Survival Champion with a clothesline!

Dave Dymond: A back and forth go of things there, but Davis still maintains the upper hand as he drops Worrens with that clothesline.

Other Guy: And that was PRIME example of what he was talkin’ about earlier in the week, Dave. When it comes to the big matches, he pulls everything out. Davis prepared and showin’ it by countering that counter.

As Worrens works his way back up to his full vertical base, Davis is right there and again he takes a hold of the arm, this time though he whips Worrens into the ropes. Worrens comes bouncing back, ducking an attempted turning back elbow shot from Davis, and then Worrens turns right around and nails a quick knee strike right into Davis’s gut.

Davis falters and Worrens now puts one arm behind Davis’s back and pulls him in closer as he drives ANOTHER knee into the gut. Davis doubles over now and Worrens lifts a snapping knee to the face, sending Davis’s body reeling backwards. Davis recovers quickly though and comes at Worrens, but Worrens stays one step ahead and drops to the mat, looking for a drop toe hold on Davis. Davis is ready though and steps out of it quickly, and before Worrens can get up, Davis DROPS the leg across Worrens’s back.

With Worrens on the mat, Davis is up quick and starts to the upper left corner. The fans start to make some noise as Davis goes to the outside edge and then climbs the turnbuckles and looks to start his angled climb towards the steel platform!

Other Guy: That’s what this is about, Dave. Worrens and Davis can fight and beat each other up as much as they want, but this title fight don’t end until someone climbs up, and climbs up alone, and grabs that title… and well Chris Davis is goin for it now!

The crowd gets louder as Davis continues to climb, finding the task to be somewhat difficult as he tries to keep a good footing while finding the next hole to grip onto as he moves up on the angle towards his destination twenty feet above the ring. Worrens gets up though, holding his back in slight pain, but he looks around and spots Davis about half way up the steel beam. Worrens quickly goes after him, starting his climb up from the upper right corner. Kamura waves his arms as both men are climbing to the top.

Scott Kamura: Title can’t be taken down!

Dave Dymond: And that right there is the kicker, or the X-factor, whatever you want to call it. You can’t get that title down unless you’re the only one on the structure.

Other Guy: Yeah but these two cats climbing anyway!

The fans buzz as Worrens climbs a lot quicker, not having as much weight or height as Davis working against him. Worrens reaches the platform and then moves towards where Davis is climbing up. Davis sees Worrens and tries to push up to a standing position but Worrens doesn’t hesitate to DIVE from the platform DOWNWARD AT DAVIS!

The two collide and Davis quickly falls off the beam to one side while Worrens almost falls but JUST hangs on to the side and now desperately struggles to try to pull himself back up onto the angled beam.

Dave Dymond: This one could be over now as Davis takes the spill! If Worrens can get himself back up and start climbing again, like I said… it could be all over.

Worrens struggles a great deal, not able to find a second spot to solidly grab onto and he kicks his legs about trying to bolster his momentum. Davis in the meantime writhes on the mat in pain, but fights through it, sitting up, which gets a lot of the fans cheering.

Other Guy: Crowd comin’ alive now for Davis who is right back in this and Worrens kinda looks like a worm wrigglin’ on a hook there, Dave!

Dave Dymond: That he does and Christopher Davis playing the role of the big fish looking to take him clean off.

Davis up the rest of the way and he moves right for Worrens, pulling at his legs which dangle just above his head. Worrens flails, trying to knock Davis down, but Davis’s strength prevails and he pulls Worrens down, sliding him right into a bear hug… lifted back up… AND TURNED INTO A SPINEBUSTER! Worrens springs up off the mat, arching his back in pain and Davis hits the ropes now, and charges full speed at Worrens…

SPEAR ATTEMPTED… Worrens side steps and SHOVES Davis through and Davis’s momentum sends him FLYING through the ropes and spilling to the outside!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! The collective noise of shock is heard as Davis rocks back and forth on the outside, clearly hurting.

Dave Dymond: I’m not a physicist, OG, but I think it’s safe to say when someone the size of Christopher Davis flies out of the ring at that speed, some extra damage is done.

Other Guy: Yeah I think its safe to say that was nasty and leave it at that.

Worrens, still feeling the effects of Davis’s massive spinebuster, walks a bit slower towards the lower left corner of the ring. He goes to the outside edge and considers starting up the angled beam, but then turns and sees Davis starting to push up off the floor on the outside. Worrens drops down now and goes after Davis, pulling him up from behind, but keeping him on his knees. Quickly Worrens snaps on a sleeper hold, clearly looking to wear Davis out.

Some of the fans rally behind Worrens, but tonight a majority of the fans seem to be big time pro Davis, and they start booing as Davis fights against the hold, but slowly and surely seems to be losing out in that battle.

Dave Dymond: Crowd definitely supporting Davis a bit more here tonight, but that’s not deterring Worrens from looking to make Davis pass out via the sleeper hold. Smart move in a match where you need your opponent pretty much incapacitated before you climb to the top.

Davis continues to fight, but his body movement slows considerably. Kamura just watches on from within the ring, and as Davis’s body seems to start to slump; the sound of clapping hands and stomping feet starts to echo throughout the Thomas and Mack Center. It gets louder and in turn Davis feeds off the energy, having a second surge as he works on pushing up to his full vertical base. Worrens tries to keep Davis at bay, but Davis’s surge becomes too much and Davis LUNGES up off his knees and to his feet, forcing Worrens to have to reach up considerably to keep the hold locked on, and Davis starts throwing elbow shots and Worrens is quickly forced to break the sleeper hold.

BUT before Davis can truly capitalize, Worrens NAILS a hard forearm shot to Davis’s back and then spins Davis around and DRILLS him in the face with a hooking Palm strike! Davis spins back around in the other direction, and with his back to Worrens, Worrens goes for a clothesline, but AGAIN Davis ready and snaps backwards, NAILING Worrens in the face with a direct elbow shot.

Other Guy: Worrens got a mouthful of Davis’s elbow on that one!

With Worrens staggering from the elbow shot, Davis takes control, grabbing Worrens by the back of the head and SLAMMING him forehead first down onto the edge of the ring mat. Worrens’s head bounces off the edge and Davis turns him now and looks to run him into the corner post. Worrens manages to resist, pulling back, trying for a sudden snapping Russian Leg Sweep, but Davis just lets Worrens fall back on his own. From there, Davis gets up onto the ring edge and once again goes to climb. But just as he gets to the top turnbuckle, Worrens is up and has a grip on Davis’s right leg. Davis BOOTS him away, and then starts climbing, but Worrens hops up onto the ring edge then LEAPS up onto the top rope to spring up onto the lower part elevated angled beam.

Dave Dymond: Again Worrens not allowing for Davis to climb, this time jumping up and now putting himself right in front of Davis.

Other Guy: Worrens just doin’ what he has to in order to protect his Laws of Survival Championship. After all, losin’ tonight sends him back to the beginning with his goal of bein’ the winningest champion.

Dave Dymond: The driving factor of this match for BOTH men is that Laws of Survival title hanging twenty feet over head, and as this one continues we’ll see how far each man is willing to go to retrieve it.

Worrens, on his stomach with his legs partially dangling off the edge of the beam works on getting himself up. Davis slowly rises up as well, planting his feet firmly so that he can stand on the slight angle. Worrens works to do the same, and both men balance in front of each other, careful as to how they move. Davis manages to throw out a punch that just grazes Worrens’s left shoulder. He sways but there is enough distance between the two men that Worrens didn’t feel the punch in full. He tries to take a step downwards to close the gap between Davis and himself, and then FIRES out a palm strike to Davis’s face.

Davis sways and the crowd is on the edge of their seat. Kamura watches from below and now Worrens turns and looks to make his way up to more stable ground in the form of the three inch thick five foot by five foot steel platform. Davis makes a mad persuit after him, lunging out and risking his own balance to grab Worrens by the foot and trip him up! Worrens falls face first on the beam, SMASHING hard into it. From there Davis slows his pace standing by Worrens’s feet as he reaches down and pulls him up into a waistlock from behind.

Dave Dymond: Oh lord, what does Davis have in mind here…

Other Guy: I think I know, but I don’t think its possible to pull off!

The crowd is on their feet as Davis sure enough looks to take Worrens down hard with a belly-to-back overhead suplex! Davis WHIPS his own body back so he’s angled downward on the beam and he HOLDS onto Worrens’s waist, PLANTING him up his head and shoulder first! The impact is sickening and the second Davis releases his grip on Worrens, Worrens slumps off the steel beam, dropping to the mat. Davis lies on his back, head pointed towards the corner post, and he grunts in pain, but then slowly sits up, having hooked his own feet into the grip holes located all over the beam.

Dave Dymond: What a move, what an impact and Christopher Davis has a good shot at winning this one!

With the crowd still buzzing. Davis re-positions himself on the steel beam and starts the slow tedious climb the rest of the way up. Worrens desperately drags himself to the corner while Davis reaches the platform. Only a reach away from grabbing the Laws of Survival Championship. Kamura’s eyes dart back and forth between Worrens and Davis… Davis steadies himself as he rises to his full vertical base, and Worrens now is in the upper left corner and starting to pull himself up the steel beam.

The fans respond with a mixture of cheers and boos as Kamura waves off the belt grab. Davis shakes his head with frustration and turns slowly as to not lose his balance. He watches and waits as Worrens walks slowly up the incline of the beam, and makes his way directly towards Davis.

Other Guy: Gotta give credit to Worrens, dropped hard on his head like that and he’s comin’ right back for more.

Dave Dymond: Both men in VERY dangerous territory here though as one wrong step could send either Davis or Worrens plummeting back to the mat, and without a doubt the belt would be in reach of the man who stayed standing.

Worrens lunges towards Davis the second he is up to the platform, both men not having much room to move, but Worrens LASHES out with a hard palm strike. Davis absorbs the strike and fires with a hard forearm, then another, and another! Worrens almost loses his footing but swings right back, nailing Davis with another palm strike, then another. Both men sway and the crowd watches on in nervous anticipation. Davis teeters after another palm strike is fired…. But he stays standing atop the platform and as Worrens swings again, Davis turns and captures the arm and without warning… JUMPS from the platform to the mat, BRINGING WORRENS DOWN WITH HIM….


Dave Dymond: And that HAD to re-injure Worrens’s shoulder, it just had to!

Davis writhes on the mat, Worrens clutches at his shoulder, SCREAMING in pain as he kicks his feet repeatedly into the mat.

Other Guy: Davis took a huge risk, that kind of drop coulda broke his tailbone, but it’s like ya said, Dave, I think this one did most of the damage to Worrens.

Davis just sits on the mat for a moment, but then slowly rises up to his full vertical base. Worrens continues to rock back and forth in pain, but shows signs of still being with it. Because of that, Davis doesn’t go to climb up again, but instead he grabs Worrens and hoists him up to his feet. He takes him by the other arm and executes an Irish whip into the lower right corner of the ring. Worrens hits hard, sternum first, and slumps up against the turnbuckle pads. Davis follows up with a running standing splash…

NO! Worrens JUST moves out of the way. Davis collides, bouncing out of the corner and Worrens LEAPS up onto the second rope, turns and NAILS a flying clothesline!

Dave Dymond: The Takedown clothesline from Worrens, but that arm breaker still having its effect on his right shoulder.

Other Guy: And ya gotta remember it’s all thanks to Osbourne Kilminster that Worrens even has to worry about his shoulder.

Dave Dymond: Indeed plenty of bad blood there, which is why this match is refreshing in that these two are just pushing hard due to pure competition.

Davis starts to stir shortly after being taken down by the flying clothesline, but Worrens now up to his feet, holding his right arm close to his side. He motions for Davis to get up, and slowly but surely Davis does and Worrens comes at him knee strike to the left thigh, knee strike to the right thigh. Davis stumbles and Worrens FIRES with a left handed palm strike to the sternum, then he goes to nail Davis in the face, but Davis dodges to one side and as Worrens stumbles through, Davis wraps around behind… pulls Worrens back…

REVERSE DDT… NO… Worrens quickly spins out of it, drops low and DRIVES a shoulder into Davis’s gut! Davis doubles over and Worrens PLANTS him with a DDT of his own! There is a loud uproar of cheering from a particular section of fans somewhere off to the right of the ring, and Worrens now, still in pain, gets back up and moves to the upper right corner of the ring now. With Davis down, Worrens finally has a chance to climb up on his own. He goes to the outside of the ring, climbs to the top turnbuckle and then starts up the elevated incline of the steel beam.

Dave Dymond: Now it’s the champ’s turn to try to retain here, but it’s clearly slow going with only one good arm to make use of.

Other Guy: No doubt, but Davis ain’t movin’ right now which gives Worrens some time.

Kamura keeps an eye on Davis as Worrens climbs up, slowly but surely, and decides to once again stand up and walk, believing it’ll be easier than pulling himself up by his arms. Worrens sways though, almost losing balance, but maintains his focus. Worrens nears the platform and some of the fans start to rise up to their feet, but now Davis is up as well. Davis bolts for the lower right corner, climbing up incredibly quickly for a man of his size, and Kamura once more calls off going for the Laws of Survival Championship. Instead of meeting Davis up top, Worrens decides to climb back down, and Davis perches half way up the angled steel beam, watching as Worrens stays by the bottom, but still on the structure.

Dave Dymond: Looks like the SHOOT Project hall of famer is trying to get into Worrens’s head a little bit now as he’s almost taunting Worrens by just waiting their patiently.

Worrens shakes his head, expressing slight frustration and immediately starts climbing back up. Davis does the same now, when suddenly Worrens LEAPS from one beam towards Davis… but as he does so Davis crouches, pivots around and LEAPS OFF AS WELL… SPEARING WORRENS IN MID AIR!!!

But as they fall, Worrens HOOKS his arm around Davis’s head and PLANTS HIM TOP OF THE HEAD FIRST INTO THE MAT!

“HO-LY SHIT!” “HO-LY SHIT!” The chant echoes throughout the Thomas and Mack Center as Davis and Worrens both lie on the mat, both men barely moving.

Dave Dymond: Double impact as Worrens and Davis pretty much take each other out and it’s a clean slate at this juncture in what has become a surprisingly hard hitting fight.

Other Guy: Surprising, Dave? Ya got a match that’s meant for hard hits and even harder falls; this has lived up to that and then some. First ever King of the Hill match and both Davis and Worrens are giving it their all.

Dave Dymond: But it MIGHT be all she wrote for both men who seem to be in a great deal of pain after that spear from Davis turned into a DDT by Worrens.

Worrens slowly rolls over onto his stomach, while Davis just blinks repeatedly as he tries to lift his body up, but so far has only gotten his head and neck up off the mat. Kamura checks on both men, asking if they can continue, and both men obviously show signs that they can as Kamura motions for the match to carry on.


The fans become split now as they cheer on whomever they want to see win. Worrens starts to push up off the mat, his right arm shaking in pain though as he does and quickly Worrens shifts his weight, rising up mostly by his feet. He’s on one knee first and now Davis sits up, holding his head while wincing. Worrens rises all the way up to his feet, sizing up Davis The Worrens fans get louder as he calls for Davis to get up to his feet. Davis continues to work on getting up and Worrens is more than ready, almost anxious to charge at him, but he waits…

Dave Dymond: Worrens has Davis in his sights, and I’m not sure Davis is all too aware of exactly where he is right now!

Davis sways in place, back turned to Worrens who waits eagerly for Davis to just turn around. And slowly he does… Worrens charges, looking for the Busaiku knee kick, but Davis ready for it, causing Worrens to put on the breaks and not jump. Davis charges at Worrens now instead, but Worrens side steps around the charging Davis… INVERTED BACKBREAKER! Davis’s body bounces off of Worrens’s back and as he stumbles forward Worrens hits the up ring ropes… BUSAIKU KNEE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Other Guy: Davis is taken off his feet… that could be it, Dave! If Worrens can climb up to the top of that structure, then he retains.

Dave Dymond: Not exactly a simple task, but one I’m sure Worrens is more than up for taking on now as he looks to become the winningest champion in recent SHOOT Project history.

Davis is down, Worrens scrambles up to his feet, and the Worrens fans are on their feet as well, cheering loudly and going nuts. Still feeling a great deal of pain, but focusing in on the task at hand, Worrens stumbles to the lower right corner, leaving Davis down on the mat. He goes to the outside edge and slowly climbs up, grabbing a hold of the angled steel beam. He starts his way up now, seemingly unopposed as Davis is just laid out on the mat. Through the pain he climbs, steadying himself each time it looks like he’s about to fall off to the side.

And then the fans start to get louder… especially the Davis fans as Davis, stirring, but still on the mat, starts to army crawl his way to the lower right corner!

Dave Dymond: And maybe this one not over yet after all. Davis desperately trying to make it up onto the beam to keep this match going… but Worrens nearing the platform!

EVERYONE is on their feet. Worrens has to stop for a moment, the pain consuming him, but he reaches the platform and sprawls out over it. Davis gets to the lower right corner and now, despite not being totally with it, he works on pulling himself up turnbuckle pad by turnbuckle pad.


The mood of the sold out crowd turns sour as from amidst the crowd, Vincent Mallows emerges quickly climbing over the guard railing closest to where Davis is.

Other Guy: Aww hell no… C’MON!

Dave Dymond: Worrens standing up top… Davis within arms reach of the structure, but Vincent Mallows now here and it’s a moment we should have expected.

Mallows walks calmly up the corner steps leading to the lower right corner post and just as Davis snaps his head up to look around… just as Davis focuses in, Mallows in one swift motion darts his hand out, PUSHING a piece of cloth right over Davis’s mouth and nose! Worrens doesn’t see this as he reaches up and unfastens the Laws of Survival Championship from the brass ring, to secure the victory!

Kamura calls for the bell as Davis just falls to the mat in a heap, totally knocked unconscious. Mallows tucks the cloth into his pocket and as Worrens clutches the title to his chest, Mallows just as calmly leaves the ring. The crowd enraged as “Awakening” plays again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and STILL the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Dave Dymond: Damn it, not like this!

Other Guy: Davis was about to get up on that structure, but fuck… fuck Vincent Mallows.

Dave Dymond: Ever since Master of the Mat he’s been wanting Christopher Davis’s attention, which is exactly what Davis HASN’T been giving him. But now, after Mallows has cost him a chance to become the Laws of Survival Champion… my guess is Davis will tackle this problem once and for all.

As Worrens stands high above the ring, victoriously, the fans still boo and Worrens has a look of complete disbelief on his face. He shakes his head, seemingly frustrated and drops to a sitting position on top of the platform, tired, but victorious. He drapes the Laws of Survival Championship over his shoulder looking down at Davis below him, then out to the crowd.

Despite their reaction, which isn’t meant for him, Worrens slowly holds the championship title up over his head, letting it hang down vertically by the strap. Worrens mouths the words “I survived”

Dave Dymond: So our final Revolution from the Thomas and Mack Center comes to a close on this bittersweet note. Worrens fought hard, but the fact remains that if it wasn’t for Mallows, the outcome could have been different.

Other Guy: On a night that marks Worrens as officially the most winningest SHOOT Project champion in recent history, it won’t be long until he’s informed that the victory… it’s tainted.

Dave Dymond: Well folks there will be time for this all to get settled out, as we prepare to embark upon a Nation wide tour two weeks from tonight. Until then, this is Dave Dymond and Other Guy saying so long from and farewell to the Thomas and Mack Center.

Other Guy: And hello nation… the SHOOT Project is goin’ BACK on the road. Two weeks until the tour, then three weeks in it’s WAR on Pay Per View. The whole landscape may be changed, who the hell knows… but we sure as hell will find out.

The focus remains on the victorious Laws of Survival Champion who takes his win with great pride. Unknowing that maybe, just maybe, the outcome should have been different.

Revolution fades out, as we get one final shot of the outside of the Thomas and Mack Center.

Thanks for the memories.