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Revolution: 048 – 10/26/08

There is nothing but the opening guitar rift of “One” by Metallica and soft spoken words that accompany it.

“War… it is fought for many reasons.  It is waged for many things.”

Words like power, greed, and control. Flash and fade on the black screen.

“But sometimes a war breaks out in order to shape the future.”

The black screen gives way to a war-torn battleground, and a SHOOT Project ring rises up from the rubble.

“This is that kind of war.”

After the shaking ground subsides, steel cage sidings rise up next, completely surrounding the ring.

“This is the battleground. A completely enclosed cage structure.”

In the smoke of the dust swirling around the ring, ten silhouettes can be made out walking towards the ring.

“These are the soldiers.  Ten men, two teams of five.”

Seen in front of it all, a single coin is flipped, but the image is transparent enough to see the battleground and the soldiers behind it.

“Their arrival, determined by chance.”

One by one the silhouettes start to disappear at random.

“Their elimination, determined by each other.”

It all fades out, all but the music.

“Ten will fight to put a name to the future. Ten will fight to determine who will step up at a chance for the greatest prize in the sport today.”

And then we see it, the gleaming gold of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

“To the victor goes the spoils.”

The championship abruptly vanishes… the music cuts out.

“The spoils… of WAR!”

There is nothing for a good couple of seconds and then…

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process.  We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Caleb Knox.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent…  Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.  NC-17 is seen celebrating a roll up victory, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, from there NC-17 is seen, but the montage comes to a stop on Sinnocence with the Revolution Title in hand and a seductive smile on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker. From there the montage slows to focus on Trevor Worrens, face bloodied, but he stands victorious with the Laws of Survival Championship held by the strap.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri, and then Kenji Yamada. The montage comes to a slow down to focus on Osbourne Kilminster who stands defiantly with the Iron Fist Championship clutched close to his body.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, but his clip has prison bars abruptly super imposed over it… and then the whole video fades out for a moment.


The screen is a muted pink and a still image is shown of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson standing with the World Heavyweight Championship.  It stays plastered on the screen for just long enough to be annoying… and then fades back to the regular Revolution video.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


An abrupt opening to Revolution live sees Kilminster stalking the room, looking first to TOM QUINN and JASON RILEY who are standing together against the back wall of a small locker room, next to TIM CALAHAN.  Rogue and Riley nod and Tim pats both guys on the back in a “Go Get ‘Em” Fashion.  Kilminster is satisfied and shifts his eyes toward NOVA LYNN JACKSON, who happens to be seated next to SINNOCENCE, both in padded leather folding chairs.

He leans back against the metal locker and narrows his eyes, glancing down at the gold Iron Fist Championship belt around his waist before slowly making eye contact with everybody else in the room once again, nodding his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: So everybody’s cool with that, yeah?

Nova is the first of the group to respond, extremely eager and extremely excited.  It’s obvious that she’s happy to be included in the group.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Aye Aye, Captain! We’re all good…

Nova looks around nervously, suddenly curious if that was the right thing to say.  She’d never really been involved with anything like this.  Did she sound stupid?  No one else looked happy.

She awkwardly clears her throat and sits back.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Right?

Sinn pats Nova on the lap and then nods to Osbourne.

Sinnocence: It’s all good, darlin’.

She gives her lover a wide smile and crosses one leg over the other.  Kilminster moves his attention to the back of the room, staring in the direction of Quinn, Riley, and Calahan.  Osbourne had never really worked with the trio in a wrestling sense so to him this selection felt the riskiest.  Riley and Quinn realize it, though, and Quinn shifts forward maybe a quarter of an inch or so.

Rogue: We’ll be fine, man.

Calahan nods.

Super Fan: I got your backs if anything crazy goes down.

Riley nods.

Riley: Quinn and I know what’s at stake.  We’ll be solid.

Smirking, Osbourne nods.

Osbourne Kilminster: That’s what’ll set us apart from them. We’re all connected and we’re already part of a team, not like that bunch of reprobates Wehali’s pulled together… We stand together and we’ll stand tall when the dust settles.

His chest rises and falls slowly with a deep breath.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ve never made a secret of disliking these damned fancy stipulations… ten man tag with a damned cell? (Shaking off his frustration)  We’ll make the most it though.  We have to.  And besides… I was born for the cage.

He continues to make sure his words are being heard before continuing.

Osbourne Kilminster: Now, we’re going to need to go over a few more details so make sure you’re ready to meet during the week when the time comes.  If that is going to…  (Pausing, noticing that Nova looks confused) Nova?  You have something to say?

Nova looks at Sinnocence for reassurance, before piping up. She even raises her hand, asking permission to speaking.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Ummm (Speaking more poignantly) "Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains." Aren’t you, ya know, sorta doing it wrong? Like, aren’t you supposed to be not-caged when you’re born and stuff? Or is Rousseau, like, too French for a British guy to pay attention to?

Riley IMMEDIATELY scoffs.

Riley: Hey, hot stuff.  Stick to fucking.  Am I right?

Quinn smirks a little bit, but Calahan sort of rolls his eyes.

Sinnocence: Hey dickhead, leave her alone and don’t quit your day job.

Her glare is enough to shut Riley up, which ALSO makes Quinn smirk.  This time, Calahan laughs as well.  Nova also shoots a mean look at Riley, who would probably have a billion and one things to say in retaliation.  However, there seems to be a small part of him that realizes that now was not the time to pick fights.  Instead he falls back in the corner and sulks, while The Revolution Champion flashes Nova a reassuring smile, before glancing up at Osbourne as the smile turns into a smirk.

He reciprocates and shakes his head at the trio on the back wall.

Osbourne Kilminster: Come on, guys. We’re supposed to be pulling together for this. Can’t we all just… get along?

The Iron Fist Champion can’t help but snicker to himself, while Nova sticks her tongue out at Riley, making Sinnocence laugh quietly.

Sinnocence: I’d suggest keeping that tongue in your mouth, Sweetcheeks, unless you’re going to use it properly.

Kilminster seems to enjoy the feisty conversation and casts a smooth grin.

Osbourne Kilminster: Don’t let me stop you, ladies.

Riley still pouts a little bit, but Quinn and Calahan laugh.  Nova tries to frown, sort of like a kid who probably really wants to smile, but won’t to prove a point, while Sinnocence gives Ozzy a look that says “That’s a very real possibility…  IF you’re good.”  Kilminster breaks into a laugh of his own, returning his lover’s gaze with a look of his own.

Good times amongst the “Villains”.

Everything seems exceptional.

Until the locker door opens unexpectedly.

The laughter quickly dies.

And smiles fade into a soldier’s dire grimace

The DEFILER: I thought I heard ummm…  laughing or something.

SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON enters the room alongside THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK.  TMB waits by the door, not terribly social with anyone, and Jonny looks around, somewhat unconcerned and avoiding eye contact.  It’s not in a nervous way, though.  Just the sort of way that lets everyone know…

He really doesn’t care.

The DEFILER: I just came in to let everyone know that I was…  (Squinting at one of the lockers, obviously judging something, but then shaking his head) That I was going to be in my locker room preparing for my match.  So…  (Looking directly at Kilminster) Don’t freak out or anything.

Sinnocence raises an eyebrow, but tries her to give him a friendly smile.

Sinnocence: Is it nice, Jonny.  Thanks for feeling the need to come and inform us so…diligently.

Jonny almost completely ignores Sinnocence, though his body lets her knows he was listening.  He continues to look at Osbourne, as it seems to be the IRON FIST CHAMPION with whom he is concerned.

Osbourne Kilminster: It SO nice to see you’re in a better mood than last week.

Kilminster’s jaw clenches as he feels his blood boil at Jonny’s insinuation.

Nova smiles brightly, the only person who seems genuinely pleased with Jonny’s presence. She gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Nova Lynn Jackson: You’ll be awesome, Jonny! Kenji won’t know what hit him! But I will! It’ll have been YOU that hit him!

Kilminster winces as Nova’s comment irks him, shaking his head while Sinnocence just bites her tongue and keeps that forced smile on her face.  This of course basically induces Jonny to politely turn to Nova and smile.  Despite how big of a dickbag he was perceived, the man knew how to turn the charm on when need be.

The DEFILER: I can only hope.  (Feigning a sense of fear) Kenji is a very fierce competitor.  (Sighing, but looking into Nova’s eyes) But you know what might help, though?

He reaches out and brushes the side of Nova’s face up toward her ear and hairline, a move which almost brings the school-girl vixen flying out of her chair.

The DEFILER: A little kiss.  (Tapping his right cheek) Right here?

Nova blushes and stands, proud of herself for NOT going literally weak in the knees. She flings her arms over his shoulders and gives him a chaste little kiss directly where he tapped.

Nova Lynn Jackson: And one to your health!

Nova moves her head to give him a kiss on the other cheek, directly parallel to the first kiss. Bright pink lipstick stains Jonny’s cheeks, and she squeezes him in a tight hug.

Riley shakes his head and laughs under his breath, while both Quinn and Calahan make sure to keep their reactions to a minimum.  The World Heavyweight Champion graciously accepts her affection and returns almost as much, his arms wrapped tightly around her body.

The DEFILER: You’re scary perfect, Ms. Jackson.

Kilminster quickly breaks up the unnerving situation.

Osbourne Kilminster: It won’t take much more than kisses to take Kenji. The little bastard runs out of gas after about five minutes.

He taps his gleaming gold Iron Fist Championship belt with a proud smile.

Kilminster’s ploy is successful and Jonny breaks away.  It’s clear that he’s not terribly fond of his comments, but he doesn’t really say anything about it.  Instead he smiles and slaps his Friend on the shoulder.

The DEFILER: (Laughing, but in an offbeat, almost sarcastic sort of way) No kidding, man.  My only fear is that he’d be a little more…  juiced for a much greater prize.

He stares at Kilminster’s Iron Fist Title.

The DEFILER: Much greater.

Jonny shrugs and begins to turn away, as though he might be ready to make an exit.  However he stops and squints his eyes.

The DEFILER: (To himself) Oh.  Right.  Before I get going… Ozzy, did you happen to…

He suddenly stops and looks around the room.

The DEFILER: Wait.  (Making a realization) OOOOOOOOH!  This…  (Laughing a little bit for being so stupid) This was a team meeting wasn’t it?  You picked your team already.  (Nodding and looking around the room) Okay… (Obviously hesitant)  Alright.

Kilminster is getting a little bit short.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, it was, actually. Why? Let me guess – you have a problem with that too, do you? How about you patronize me a little bit about that now too, huh?

Nova stands up, concerned, watching as the two men move with centimeters of each other.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Ozzy! Be nice! Jonny’s sick!

He doesn’t even acknowledge Nova as he continues to stare at Jonny, his eyebrows raised in anticipation.  Jonny waves Nova down, though keeps his eyes right back on Kilminster.

The DEFILER: It’ll be fine, dear.  (Lowering his eyes and voice, directing his words to the Iron Fist Champion now) Can I talk to you for a second?  (Pausing) Outside?

Nova still looks concerned, but sits back down.  At the same time, Taking a half step back, Osbourne licks his dry lips and looks back to Sinnocence for a moment, nodding his head before looking back to Jonny.

Osbourne Kilminster: Yeah, fine, but he (nodding toward TMB) stays in here.

Still standing back by the door Black laughs at Kilminster’s request, which in turn brings a smile to Jonny’s face.  The World Champ peers at Kilminster, but it’s hard to tell what he’s feeling.  His eyes are somewhere between humor and loathing.

The DEFILER: (Keeping an even temperament) Let’s just step outside, shall we?

Kilminster eyeballs Sinnocence, who nods her head.

Sinnocence: Just be nice…he’s sick, remember?  So sick, he can still defend the title he won so honorably.  Isn’t Jonny just an awesome champion?

The raven-haired Revolution Champion rolls her eyes slightly and stands up, leaving her belt on the chair with a smile so fake she’d put Delta stewardess to shame.  Kilminster agrees to the meeting with a nod, and so Jonny leads them toward the door.

TMB opens it up and Jonny steps through, followed by Osbourne.

TMB: (To the others) Everyone just hold, tight, okay?  Shit shouldn’t be long.

And he follows after Kilminster.

Shutting the door.

The cameras stay on the outside with Kilminster, Jonny and TMB.  Black sort of puppy guards the entrance to the locker room.  Kilminster stays on guard, leery of the situation, and tilts his head to the side and and stares at Jonny.

Osbourne Kilminster: What?

Jonny offers a perplexed response.

The DEFILER: TWO girls?  You sure?

Kilminster frowns.

Osbourne Kilminster: (Smirking) Yeah, I’m sure, and let me tell you something.  (Lowering his voice) You might be ill and stressed, but I don’t appreciate it when you get to demeaning me in front of everybody.  You want to be a prick to me in private, that’s your thing.  But I don’t think asking for a little respect is out of line.

He shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ve stood by you, and I deserve better.

Jonny seems a little off-put and does what Jonny is famous for.

The DEFILER: Stood BY me.  Yes.  But who stands UP for me?  Huh?  Did you yell at your little…  that “Girlfriend” of yours for treating me like a fucking liar?  Or did you coddle her so…  (Looking at the area between Kilminster’s legs) So she’d do all of those…  THINGS she does so well?  (Looking back into his eyes) Hmm?

Shaking his head, Jonny proceeds, apparently in no mood for niceties.

The DEFILER: I want one of the women disposed of.  It’s embarrassing.  You can have one to match up with Ainsley, but for FUCKS SAKE…  I am not going to watch the Sons of Liberty with someone like NIGHTMARE…  Six Foot Nine is he?  Three hundred pounds?  EAT TWO OF OUR FRIENDS IN ONE FELL SWOOP.  (Glaring) You’ That’s irresponsible.

Kilminster is clearly on the brink of punching Jonny in the face, though reaches down deep to remain as diplomatic as possible.  He knows exactly where Jonny is going with this but realizes the talking won’t stop until he gets his way.

Osbourne Kilminster: (Clearly frustrated, shaking his head in disbelief)  And so Who the Hell have we – ahem – who the Hell have YOU got lined up for MY team?  Or do you want us out there with four?

As soon as Kilminster asks the question, TMB steps forward and shrugs his shoulders.

TMB: Well, fuck.  I got nothing going on that night.

Jonny nods, though it’s clear that this was their plan the entire time.

The DEFILER: I didn’t even think about that!  That would be awesome.  With all of your training and…  and experience…  (Looking to Kilminster) That would be pretty great wouldn’t it?

Kilminster turns to look Black right in the eye before looking back to Jonny.

Kilminster turns to look Black right in the eye before looking back to Jonny.

Osbourne Kilminster: Who the Hell is this guy? I don’t even know who he is or what he does… and you want me to trust him to watch my back?

Jonny’s silence is response enough and Kilminster faces Black.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ll do this as a FAVOUR to Jonny, but you’ve got a lot to prove and you can start by going in there and explaining to Nova why you’re taking her place.

Returning his gaze to a smirking World Heavyweight Champion, Osbourne shakes his head.  Black’s expression is bordering on a mocking “OOOOH” expression, while Jonny again squints his eyes.

The DEFILER: (Slow to break up the confrontation) See… If he was the one making…  these uhhh… these decisions, I would hold him responsible, but…  but this Nova thing…  that’s sorta…  well that’s YOUR call.

Jonny moves in closer to Kilminster.

The DEFILER: Because I was going to suggest you drop Sinnocence.

He smirks.

The DEFILER: But it’s your team, Ozzy.

He pats him on the back and nods at TMB.

The DEFILER: Let’s go grab something to eat really quick.  See if catering is still out.

TMB nods and moves past Kilminster.

TMB: Hey man.  Thanks for the opportunity.

He moves next to Jonny.

The DEFILER: (To Kilminster) I hope everything works out, oh Captain, my Captain.

One last sly smile.

The DEFILER: I’m in my locker room if you need anything.  (Starting to head off) Let me know how things go.

Osbourne watches him walk away, and as Jonny and TMB vanish from sight, he turns and SLAMS his hand into the wall.

The shot fades after that.


It all opens up inside the Verizon Center, live from the Nation’s Capital. The SHOOT Project national tour is officially underway now and the D.C. crowd is happy to be a part of the action!

Eryk Masters: It’s been some time, but I’m back at ringside and sitting ready to call the action!

The focus shifts away from the fans to the ringside commentator’s booth which now seats three men as opposed to two.  The names Eryk Masters, Other Guy, and Jeff Hansen pop up under the respective bodies that match the names.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, Eryk Masters here sandwhiched in between the yin and yang that are Other Guy and Jeff Hansen. One of a few changes that have taken place as we move ever so closely to WAR on Pay Per View next Sunday.

Other Guy: It’s certainly different.  And I don’t like how Dave Dymond was sent off, I don’t like what the Defiler did, and I sure as hell don’t like sittin’ here in any proximity to Jeff Hansen.  But regardless of that sometimes ya gotta embrace change, and I’ll say working with you Masters, should be fun.

Jeff Hansen: OG you and I won’t have any problems as long as you admit that if you’re allowed to be biased, so am I.  But as far as anything else goes, I’m not here to make life long friendships or pick up a couple of traveling buddies in the form of you OR Masters for the matter.  I’m here to balance out the SHOOT Project spectrum… a spectrum that was POORLY represented by you and Dymond.

Eryk Masters: Look I’m not out here to play babysitter, so let’s try to keep our personal feeling under control and let our opinions and thoughts be directed towards what takes place in that ring.  With just seven days until WAR hits the pay per view air waves we have a lot to get to tonight.  Trevor Worrens runs the Survival Gauntlet, Long Island Hardcore puts their World Tag Team Championships on the line… and of course our MAIN event, The Defiler defends the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship against the highly unstable Kenji Yamada.

Other Guy: All this action a week from WAR is gonna have BIG time impact.

Eryk Masters: Definitely. And it all starts out with yet another championship match on the line up.  The Revolution Title defended in that ring in just a few moments.  Sinnocence and Ainsley Lake one-on-one!

Other Guy: Say it.  Just once.

Masters shakes his head but then right before the focus shifts to the entryway Masters goes wide eyed with a goofy smile on his face.

Eryk Masters: I LIKE IT!



The fans inside the packed Verizon Center howl in excitement as preparations for the first match of the night come to fruition! The lights dim, and a single purple spot lights up the entrance ramp. “Girl Anachronism” by The Dresden Dolls filters in through the speakers, the rapid piano and crazed female vocals filling the air. The Sons of Liberty logo appears on the center screens above the ring, eliciting more cheers from the fans!

You can tell

From the scars on my arms…

Eryk Masters: Well, It didn’t take much time for the fans to get back on Lake’s side after her long absence.

Jeff Hansen:Why would it? The fans would have to be stupid not to cheer the girl who drugged Jester Smiles.

Eryk Masters:You don’t think it has a thing to do with her sincerity and earnestness?

Other Guy:Hansen doesn’t think, Eryk.

That I’m not the carefullest of girls.

Samantha Coil: First to the ring tonight, hailing from Wantagh New York! Your challenger… AINSLEY LAKE!

AINSLEY LAKE appears at the entrance, at the end of the first verse. She pauses momentarily, soaking in the good vibes from the crowd. She has a cut off Sons of Liberty logo t-shirt on and a pair of plain black slacks, along with her wardrobe staple: The black combat boots with purple laces. Slapping hands with the fans on her way down, she runs down the ramp, her energy seemingly boundless. She grabs the apron when she gets to the ring, and does and back handspring into the ring, landing on her feet in the middle of the ring, gaining another pop from the audience. Ainsley points to the crowd and the camera follows her finger, Jonathon NIGHTMARE Wehali sitting in the front row, showing his support for his teammate.

Eryk Masters: Nightmare showing his support for Ainsley Lake tonight, up close to the action!

Jeff Hansen: He better not cause any trouble.

Other Guy: Or what, you’ll tattle? This is Nightmare, not Quinn.

The hard guitar chords of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Gets Me Through” fade on top of Lake’s music, and the cheers just as quickly turn to raucous boos! The lights dim once more, and the beauty known to the wrestling world as SINNOCENCE, the reigning REVOLUTION CHAMPION, stands at the entrance ramp opposite from where Ainsley was just moments before.

I’m not the kind of person you think I am

I’m not the anti-Christ or the iron man.

Jeff Hansen : Smart move on separating those two. Wouldn’t have wanted Sinnocence to destroy Lake before they even got to the ring.

Other Guy: Will you come off it, Hansen?

I have a vision that I just can’t control

I feel I’ve lost my spirit and sold my soul.

Sinnocence begins strutting to the ring, her head held high with pride. The Revolution Title is strapped around her waist, and she motions to it, showing it off to the fans as she walks. Her black leather halter top and black leather hot pants are skin tight, and look like they’re molded onto her skin. She points to one fan holding up a black and red “VICTORY OR VALHALLA!” sign, nodding appreciatively.

Got no control.

When she gets to the ring, she walks slowly up the ring steps, her hips swaying in a chaotically seductive rhythm with the music. The boos mean nothing to the violently stunning champion, and she raises her hands to ask for more!

Samantha Coil: Introducing your current REVOLUTION CHAMPION! She is the KILLER QUEEN herself… SINNOCENCE!

Eryk Masters:As if this being a title match weren’t enough, tonight we’ve got a Son of Liberty facing off against one of Jonny Johnson’s hand-picked Friends!

Jeff Hansen:It’ll be great to see the gorgeous Revolution Champ trounce the Daughter of Liberty.

´╗┐Sinnocence hands the belt to Mark Kendrick, before catching eye contact with Lake. Sinnocence points to the belt, and then back to herself, letting Lake know just who was going to be leaving with that strap tonight. Chris Jenkins, after giving Sinnoncence a quick once-over for weapons (There was nowhere to hide in her leather ensemble anyway), motions for the bell to ring. Sinnocence and Lake eye each other warily, circling slowly. Both women step forward, and the catch each other in a lockup.

Other Guy: These ladies were talkin’ about strength this week, and it looks like they wanna settle that question quick.

Lake manages to shove Sinnocence backwards for a moment, but Sinnocence catches herself before Lake can capitalize! Now that there are a few feet separating the two, Sinnocence rushes at Lake’s stomach with a hard spear, ragdolling Lake into the ropes with authority! Lake barely manages to duck taking a forearm to the neck and hits the ropes on the other side. Lake takes advantage of the momentum to springboard at Sinnocence with a flying cross body!

Sinnocence drops on her stomach on the mat, and Lake’s force sends her flying clear over Sinnocence’s body!

Eryk Masters: Oh! Lake telegraphed that one like she was Western Union!

Jeff Hansen: Been away from the booth a while, have ya, Masters?

Lake somersaults, catching the bottom rope with her feet. Before she can stand of her own power, however, Sinnocence has her by the hair! Lake slaps Sinnocence across the face, and slams both knees into the Champion’s ribs! Sinnocence doubles over in pain, and Lake pulls Sinnocence down for a sunset flip. Lake with the quick cover!


Before Kendrick’s hand can even come down, Sinnoncence has tossed Lake off of her, kipping up to a standing position. Sinnocence stamps her foot on the ground in frustration, not liking this at all.

Jeff Hansen: Lake with the pointless pin attempt!

Other Guy: Nothing’s pointless if it pisses of Sinnocence! Two more seconds of that, and we’re looking at a new Revolution Champion!

Ainsley stands up, and the two circle again. They walk toward one another and lock up again. Sinnocence pulls Lake into an arm wrench, but Ainsley’s quick and rolls through it and kips up onto her feet, catching Sinnocence with a chop block to the back of the knee. Sinnoncence hits the mat, landing on her back with a hard THUD! Lake pulls Sinnocence’s leg up by the ankle, kicking her in the back of the thighs! Again!

Lake runs back toward the ropes and steps over Sinnocence’s prone body! She stops short and flies back with a standing moonsault! Lake goes for another cover, but Sinnocence is quick to reverse it with a cradle.



Lake throws all of her weight into Sinnocence, the kick out an explosion of limbs flying in all directions! Sinn dives back on top of Lake, laying a couple of punches across her face, a grim smile playing on her lips. Ainsley doesn’t look nearly as pleased as Sinnocence presses a forearm across her throat. Chris Jenkins slides in, starting the 5 count almost immediately. Lake kicks frantically, trying to pull Sinnocence off, but Sinnocence pulls up just as Jenkins gets to the 4, leaving Lake rolling over, coughing. Sinnocence grabs her leg and pulls it high into the air, SLAMMING Lake’s knee into the canvas! Lake howls in pain, trying to use her other leg to kick Sinnocence’s hands away, but Sinnocence yanks it back into the air for a repeat performance!

Ainsley rolls onto her back, clutching her knee in pain. Sinnocence pulls Ainsley’s leg down, holding it to the mat, pushing up into a handstand. She holds it a second or two longer than needed just to be a bitch, before dropping her knee across Ainsley’s leg, eliciting another yowl!

Eryk Masters: Sinnocence doing her best to take out Ainsley’s knee, trying to ground her!

Jeff Hansen: As expected, Lake’s on her back!

Other Guy: And you think you can talk shit ’bout Eryk’s jokes, kid?

Lake doesn’t have time to catch her breath before Sinnocence drops down, pulling her into a leglock. Ainsley’s back arches, her eyes going wide in pain, trying to alleviate the pressure in her lower thigh! Jenkins drops down to check on Ainsley, but Ainsley’s not about to give up, and shakes her head with enthusiasm. Ainsley reaches for the ropes and comes within inches, but Sinnocence is NOT about to have any of that, and yanks Ainsley away from the ropes! She drops to her back in frustration, trying to come up with a plan.

Jenkins lifts his hand and drops it back down to the mat!


Ainsley realizes that Sinnocence now has a cover, and flings her body forward wildly, taking her shoulders far off of the mat!

Jeff Hansen: That was just carelessness on Lake’s part.

Other Guy: Why don’t you go down there and see if you can do any better against Sinn, huh?

Ainsley pulls her other leg over Sinn’s body and sends a heel to her face! Sinnocence is relentless! Ainsley does it again, snapping her heel into Sinnocence’s forehead, forcing Sinnocence to let go of the hold! Sinnocence grabs Ainsley by her hair, whipping her into the turnbuckles. Ainsley hits hard, and Sinnoncence charges before Lake can recover! Sinnocence goes for a dropkick, but NO! Lake dodges just in time, rolling to the side, leaving Sinnocence to hit her leg on the top turnbuckle! Sinnocence crumples to the mat, clutching her thigh. Ainsley uses the ropes as leverage to test her knee, trying to assess the damage. She keeps an eye on the ferocious champion, working out her knee with a pained grimace. Ainsley limps over to Sinnocence and throws a spiteful kick to Sinn’s temple, just to keep her down a little longer.

Ainsley gingerly takes a few steps away from Sinnocence, and decides to completely ignore the pain. She runs at the ropes as fast as she can, springing back with a baseball slide to Sinn’s head, sending her sailing clear out of the ring! Sinnocence drops to the outside in a heap, giving Ainsley more time to work through the pain. Sinnocence struggles to her feet, looking up just in time to see Ainsley Lake flying to through the air with a corkscrew plancha!

Other Guy: And Ainsley finally takes to the skies!

Jeff Hansen: Great! Maybe now Sinnocence can stop carrying this match!

Other Guy: Shut it.

Eryk Masters: Children! I will turn this announcer’s booth around RIGHT NOW if you don’t stop!

In spite of her valiant effort, Sinnocence is on the ground once more, with her challenger sprawled out over her body in the least dignified of ways! Ainsley grabs Sinnocence into perhaps the only suplex of her career, dropping her down gut-first over the guardrail. Ainsley hops up onto the apron, and as Sinn straightens out her body, Ainsley lands a flipping leg drop across the back of her head! Sinn crumples over headfirst onto the floor!

Ainsley slowly pushes herself up, checking on her leg, kicking the air softly to make sure it still works. Ainsley scoops Sinnocence off of the floor, rolling her into the ring on the 8 count. Lake slingshots herself over the top rope, driving a shoulder into Sinnocence as she lands. Ainsley drags Sinnocence closer to the center of the ring, and moves to the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope. Ainsley stands tall on the top rope, sailing off with a shooting star press…. DIRECTLY ONTO SINNOCENCE’S KNEES! Ainsley bounces off of her, flopping like a sad fish, clutching her ribs in pain!

Sinnocence is back on her feet and pulls Ainsley up, whipping her into the corner. Ainsley hits the turnbuckles hard, and Sinn drives a shoulder into Ainsley’s ribs with a spear! Before Ainsley can fall, Sinnocence grabs Ainsley by the hair and drops her face first into a bulldog! As Lake tries to stand, Sinnocence gives her own spiteful kick to the back of her head!

Sinnocence: Stay down!

Other Guy: Jesus, does that woman always have to go for the hair!?

Jeff Hansen: If women want equality, they’re going to be treated equally!

Other Guy: In what world does that make sense?

Sinnocence drops a her leg onto Ainsley’s head to keep her down, displeased by the struggling. In a fit of evil genius, Sinnocence gives a wicked smile. She strolls over to the turnbuckle, untying the turnbuckle cover and tossing it into the crowd. The crowd boos crazily, not liking where this is going.

Eryk Masters: There are absolutely NO circumstances where that’s fair!

Jeff Hansen: Doesn’t make it any less awesome!

Ainsley hears the boos as she stands, still 100% oblivious as to Sinnocence’s deviant plans. Before Ainsley can get her bearings, Sinnocence cuts her down with a clothesline! Sinnocence pulls Lake to her feet, whipping her into the ropes. As Ainsley returns, Sinnocence nails her with a drop toe hold, forcing her face into the steel turnbuckle! Lake is busted open!

Sinnocence pulls the gushing Lake to the middle of the ring and goes for the cover!




Lake barely makes a kick out! Annoyed, Sinnocence slams her hand on the mat, arguing with Jenkins about the “slow count”. Ainsley blinks blood out of her eyes, realizing for the first time that she’s pouring maroon ooze!

Ainsley: BITCH!

Ainsley taps Sinn on the shoulder politely before SLAMMING her fist into the Champion’s face! Ainsley grabs Sinn’s hair, but Sinnocence drops to her knees and NAILS a low-blow! She slams into pelvic bone and shakes out her arm, but Ainsley’s the one who’s really feeling it! Ainsley falls forward, dropping to her knees, and Sinnocence grabs her around the throat with both hands, “helping” Lake to her feet! Sinnocence  lets go of Ainsley’s throat and lets fly with a knife edge chop!


Ainsley backs up and Sinnocence goes for a revenge-punch to the face, trying to even the score! Ainsley ducks it, getting behind Sinnocence and nailing Sinn in the back of the head with a dropkick! Sinnocence stumbles forward into the ropes, and Ainsley rolls her up in a schoolboy!




Sinnocence slams her hand on the mat in frustration and both women get to their feet. Sinn goes to lock up again, but Ainsley reverses it to a rear waist lock, tossing Sinn back with a German suplex! NO! Sinn lands on her feet, and Ainsley turns around to a boot to the gut! Sinn pushes Ainsley’s head down, trying to pull her into a piledriver, but Ainsley won’t allow it! She decks Sinn in the side! Twice! Sinnocence lets go, and Ainsley rolls up, driving her head to the mat with the Burning Saints! Lake with the cover!




Samantha Coil: Your winner, and NEW REVOLUTION CHAMPION, AINSLEY LAKE!

Within seconds, Wehali is in the ring with Ainsley, giving her a hug and a high five, in an odd mix of platonic congratulations.


Jeff Hansen: Yes, very professional, OG. Go climb a wall of dicks.

Eryk Masters: Ainsley Lake with a hard-fought victory tonight, maybe making some of these fans feel like hope isn’t such an illusion after all! And the Sons of Liberty have another feather in their cap to call macaroni!

Other Guy: Seriously? Yankee Doodle? I hate you.

The crowd is on their feet as Chris Jenkins hands the Revolution Title to a bloody Ainsley Lake, who clutches it close to her chest! She raises an arm in victory, as the rest of the SoL pours through the entrance, ecstatic for their friend and ally. Danny Evers wipes the blood off of Ainsley’s lips and gives her a kiss, and the cat-calling audience eats it up! They leave, chattering happily amongst themselves, leaving Sinnocence dazed in the middle of the ring.

Following the Revolution Championship match, we are greeted with a black screen, which holds for about ten seconds.  Then, with a slow zoom, 3-d text flied to the center of the screen, letting us all know who’s about to arrive on our television sets…


The text and the black screen fade to reveal our two friends.  Standing at what must be seven feet tall is the rotund figure of Alexander Vaka, who is wearing a conservative navy suit in a modern cut.  Next to him, just as tall via the magic of a folding chair, is his companion Curtis Rose, wearing a tight v-neck shirt and tattered jeans.  Curtis appears to be texting someone on his I-Phone, and Alexander shoots him a perturbed glare before composing himself with a cough and a deep breath.

Alexander Vaka: Greetings and salutations from both of us here at the “Fear and Loathing Camp”.  I’ve requested this airtime tonight because, well…we’ve signed on.  Our names are in ink, witnessed, and dated.  Now, due to our old federation’s “No Compete” clause, we had to quit that old job.  And yet, here we stand.  Fresh, undeterred, and Not nursing bruises from in-ring combat.  How does that work?

Not even looking up from his phone, Curtis Rose heaves a big, sad-sack sigh. 

Style Warrior: Seriously…we need to talk about the issues here.  Bottom line, I don’t wrestle I no makey sweet monies.  Style Warrior is two steps away from working at Target…and Style Warrior doesn’t work at Target.

Alexander Vaka: Are you seriously going to start doing the whole third person thing?

Curtis waves dismissively at Alexander and goes back to texting.

Alexander Vaka: …okay, then.  But on the whole, my friend is actually making a good point.  Surprisingly.  We aren’t making any money, and without that, we-

Style Warrior: Do you have any idea how terrible those horrid red polos would look on Style Warrior…SHEESH!

This elicits a groan from his friend, who finally lets his composure slip.  Alexander turns to Curtis and gets very close to him, looking to see what would be so important on his phone.  He looks up and directly at his partner, his eyes wide with frustration.

Alexander Vaka: Are you playing Bejeweled?!  While we’re Live on television?!

Style Warrior: What?  This is the most boring this I have ever been a part of.  I just want to get this over so we can get to the circus.  It’s not that hard.  Style Warrior equals ratings…book Style Warrior.

Alexander Vaka: Curtis, we’ve been over this.  We haven’t made any money in the last couple of weeks.  We cant afford to go to the circus.

This, finally, seems to shock Curtis out of his game of Bejeweled.  He slides his phone into his pocket and affixes his buddy with the most serious of stares.

Style Warrior: Don’t joke like that, man. 

Alexander Vaka: No joke, friend.  I spent the last of our savings on rent and food.  We need that.  The Circus is a luxury.

Curtis appears nearly ready to tear up or fight someone, he’s shaking so much.

Style Warrior: So you are telling me that even if we could afford to go to the circus we couldn’t afford to feed the animals?  Or to buy candy corn?  Don’t tell me we couldn’t afford to buy matching stuffed commemorative elephants!

The big man’s eyes light up, as if he’s gotten an idea.  He puts a reassuring arm around his partner’s shoulders and looks directly at the camera with sadness in his eyes.

Alexander Vaka: Look at this, management.  Look what you’ve done to this young man’s fragile emotions.  This…this is the face of what you’ve wrought.  You…and you among no one else, because Curtis’ spirit is nearly indomitable…you have finally actually hurt The Style Warrior.  Are you happy? 

Style Warrior: Seriously America.  I want you to remember three things.  Red Polos, Tears of a clown, Style Warrior Sad.   Live with that on your conscience.

The big man gives a hesitant glance at his compatriot, the kind of look that comes over one’s face when he realizes someone isn’t joking or putting on an act.  He slowly takes his arm from around Curtis’ shoulder and recrosses his arms, taking back his deadpan expression.

Alexander Vaka: Ahem.  Well, um…where were we?  Oh, yes.  The point still remains as sound as it was before we got sidetracked.  If we’re booked, you will see results.  I’m not asking to be lined for a title shot post haste.  I’m not even asking to be put up against a “name” team.  But if you give us the chance…we will not disappoint.

Vaka finally allows a smug smile to cross his face, his eyes bright again.  Curtis, however, is another story.  He never takes his eyes off of the camera directly, looking rarely serious without even a hint of humor.  We cut away…


The cameras go backstage, where the Flying Avengers are seen walking the halls. Their capes flowing behind them, the two superheroes are having a conversation.

FLASH Dynamite: So tonight, Trevor Worrens. Gauntlet match. Are you ready?

Kid Lightning: What kind of question is tha–wait, hold on.

Kid Lightning points off into the distance.

Kid Lightning: Is that…?

FLASH Dynamite nods his head, and the camera pans to show the ones in question. Shinya and Maya, TRES BEIN! The fans give a respectable pop at the sight of the Japanese duo. A pop that does not seem to sit well with Kid Lightning or FLASH Dynamite at all.

The would-be superheroes approach the tandem, their faces etched with scowls of disapproval.

Kid Lightning: Hey, pals. How’s it going? Life as a villain treating you guys well?

Maya slinks towards Shinya. Shinya isn’t sure what to do…the last time someone came at them like this they were getting smashed into the ground.

Shinya: Excuse me…we’ve got a match to get ready for. I don’t want to be rude, but, could you please leave us alone? We aren’t feeling well and we’d like to be left alone.

Maya: Shinya isn’t a villain either…he’s the nicest person I know. He protected me last week. You’re being very rude. We’re not villains.


FLASH interrupts Maya so abruptly it startles his own partner. He quickly shrugs it off.

Kid Lightning: You befriended villains. Therefore, you must also be villainous.

Shinya: What is your problem? We don’t even know who you people are…all we know is you keep making fun of our friends LIHC. It’s not my problem you’re bitter because you didn’t get a title shot…so…could you leave us alone now? Unlike you two we have a match coming up where, you know, people care what we’re doing…does anyone even realize you’re in the gauntlet match? What have you two been doing since you slinked into nothingness? Did anyone care? I sure didn’t…so just…go back to being invisible.

Kid Lightning: Don’t be cute with us.

FLASH Dynamite: It won’t work. We’re on to you.

Kid Lightning: You’re just lucky I have a big night ahead of myself tonight. Otherwise, I’d totally throw down on your little…freaky-haired rumps. Right now.

FLASH places his hand on his smaller partner’s shoulder. Shinya sulks forward as if he is about to take a shot at Kid Lightning, but Maya holds his arm with a sad look on his face.

Maya: Shinya…don’t…they aren’t worth it and we’re hurt enough as it is…

FLASH Dynamite: That’s right. let’s go, Kid Lightning. These two villains will be served a healthy dose of justice another time.

The masked avengers push past the Japanese pop band-turned-wrestlers, leaving the two staring at each other.



In a VERY RARE scene, we head backstage INSIDE the DEFILER’S locker room on a night where he is defending the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.  His locker room is void of many of the amenities he has back in Las Vegas.  You don’t bring an entertainment system with you from town to town when you’re on the road.  Nor a sofa seat, or any of that large, bulky stuff.  The room itself is a  bigger than most of the other rooms, but it’s also more empty.

THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON, already dressed for competition in black trunks and black boots is on a wooden bench, slowly wrapping a roll of white tape around his knuckles.  Off to his right left (Right on the television screen) is the very large, imposing dark figure of THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK.

The DEFILER: I swear dude…  (Concentrating on his tape job, but obviously talking to TMB) I expected better.  I fucking BABY those guys.  I saved Osbourne from doing any kind of hard time.  I took Quinn of the streets…  I gave my cousin a job when NO ONE would hire him.  (Laughing to himself) But now in my time of need…

He pulls back on the roll, and the tape tears.

The DEFILER: Where are THEY?

Shaking his head, almost disgusted, he looks at Black, who is clearly caught off guard.  He’s a man who understands his job, but “guidance counselor” definitely wasn’t in the description.

TMB:  Listen Bro, far be it for me to tell you about your shit…  (Not entirely sure what his limitations are, but proceeding) But from the outside lookin’ in…  Man there is A LOT of bitch assness running around in this group.  (Somehow able to say Bitch Assness and be deathly serious) Bitch assness that could end up fucking this little play you got going.

Realizing Jonny is still listening, Black continues with caution.

TMB: In the pin… A nigga like Kilminster would of been on the sorry end of an accident.  And all this bullshit woulda been cooled out.  (Shrugging) Maybe not the most sophisticated for a smart lil white boy like you…  but hell if it don’t work.

Jonny doesn’t really have a reaction.  All he does is look around.

The DEFILER: (Peering around the locker) You can’t say that kind of stuff, man.  They have fucking cameras…   Everywhere.   I ask them not to but uhh…  but I guess my opinion doesn’t really matter to the production guys right now.  (Frustrated) Fucking Eric.

Still seated, he looks up at TMB.

The DEFILER: I want him to pay for this.  I want him to hurt, dude.

He stops himself from a breakdown right before it can happen and quickly calms himself.  His eyes fall to the floor momentarily and he takes a deep breath.

The DEFILER: (Standing up) But first… Yamada.

Suddenly and without warning, RON BARKER enters the dressing room looking over some documents. Without looking up from the papers, he begins to speak.

Barker: Listen, Jonny… I know you’re busy but I was going over the numbers from the revenue streams and—Oh. Sorry guys.

Noticing TMB sitting next to Jonny, he paused. Jonny stands up shrugging it off.

The DEFILER: (Intrigued) It’s alright. You were saying?

Barker proceeds.

Barker: I was saying that I’ve been going over the numbers and the tag title debacle is starting to cost more than it’s worth. What happened last week… ugh… and with what you’ve got going on in your own personal life? We can’t afford to make these mistakes, Jonny. Not in the long term.

Thinking about what his new trusted financial advisor is saying, Jonny considers what he’s hearing.

The DEFILER: (Nodding) The uhh…  (Not wanting to reveal too much) That situation is being dealt with.  But I definitely…  appreciate the concern, Ron.  (Staring at Barker) Was that all?

It’s that weird point in a conversation where Jonny seems to know Barker has more to say, and Ron knows that he knows that.  Hesitating only half a second, the Ravishing one plows right into his next topic.

Barker: Listen, I know you’re going through a really hard time with all of this leukemia stuff and you shouldn’t have more on your plate than you need. But some things need to change, Jonny. Just small ones for now… but big enough to make an impact.

The World Champion tilts his head and raises an eyebrow.


Barker throws his hands up in a peaceful gesture, not wanting Jonny to think he’s usurping his authority or anything.

Barker: Nothing big, man… I’m just saying that as a former champion myself…

TMB: (Chiming in quickly) Laws of Survival.

Glaring at TMB for a moment, he continues.

Barker: Whatever. The point is… WAR is coming up pretty fast and the card is set with some big time… IMPORTANT matches.  Both you and I know that there isn’t any room for error with this one and with how big your match is with Jester Smiles, it would be prudent to make sure that everything else runs smoothly.

Jonny seems intrigued.

The DEFILER: And we would do…  what about that?

Barker wastes no time and goes into the pitch.

Barker: As your friend and advisor, I feel it’s only fair if I’m somehow involved in some form. You know… to ensure smoothness.

A thoughtful pause follows and the room is comfortably silent, if not racked with a twinge of anticipation.  Jonny sniffles, but then nods.

The DEFILER: (Pointing at Barker) That’s a good idea.  I uhh…  (Nodding more) I like it.  It makes sense.

He turns toward the bench and reaches forward for his hoodie, which is hanging in a small cubby space.

The DEFILER: (Pulling his cell phone out) One of you, or…  Or both I guess if you need to… (Flipping the phone up)  Just go flesh things out with Ozzy.  (Pressing a succession of keys) He…  ummm

Losing his focus, Jonny concentrates on the phone for just a second longer before flipping it back off.

The DEFILER: (Looking at TMB, Ron again) I think he has an opening.

The scene fades out in ominous, “dun-dun-dun” fashion.



Coming back to the ring, the lights dim and begin to flicker in a blue and white strobe effect as the opening lyrics of "High Wire Escape Artist" by Boy Sets Fire begin to play over the P.A. system. As fog covers the entranceway, we see Caleb Knox jump out from the fog with his fists pumped to a decent reaction from the fans.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is set for one fall… introducing first… from Albuquerque, New Mexico… weighing in at 221 pounds… he is CALEB… KNNNNOOOOX!!!

Eryk Masters: Caleb Knox is riding an emotional high right now after scoring his FIRST SHOOT Project victory last week against Nova Lynn Jackson.

Jeff Hansen: One win doesn’t mean a thing, Eryk. We’ve all been in this business long enough to know that.

Other Guy: But all it takes is one win to get your momentum goin. And we’re seein’ a LOT of that in the high energy of Caleb Knox.

On his way to the ring, Knox tags hands with the D.C. fans he can get to before sprinting to the ring and jumping on the apron. He then points to all the fans before jumping over the top rope and runs the ropes for a moment before dropping to his knees in the center of the ring, burying his fists into his face for a moment before pounding the canvas, waiting for the arrival of Eightball.

Eryk Masters: With Knox in the ring it’s now all eyes on the entryway.  Eightball, an OPW staple back in the day, will debut in SHOOT Project here tonight.  Welcomed to the organization by Caleb Knox.

Jeff Hansen: Not exactly putting SHOOT’s best foot forward as representation eh?  I mean if Eightball wants to know what the real SHOOT Project is like, we should be seeing Osbourne Kilminster in action, or anyone like him who has some real talent but somehow got left off this event.

Knox continues to wait, pacing a little bit to keep loose and moving.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The fans turn their focus to the entryway.

“hold up one minute.”

Within a second the voice is given a face as Eightball steps out into the view of the crowd, accompanied by his assistant, John.  Eightball is dressed from head to toe in nice business attire, clearly not dressed to wrestle. The most noticeable aspect of his attire, however, is the obnoxious size knee brace over his right leg, and the dark brown cane Eightball leans on.

Eightball: Now I know how this looks. Believe me.  But sometimes these things happen. Clearly everyone can see I got injured.


Eightball: Hey now, no need to disrespect.  You have to understand that I thought I was one hundred percent, but I guess I over estimated. And yeah, I look like a fool because I tweaked my knee. BUT I won’t rob all of you people of a match.

Eightball nods his head with a smile and then pats John hard on the back.

Eightball: Go get em’, Hasbro.

John looks a bit startled by the turn of events and Eightball nods his head.

Eightball: Go on. Show Mr. Knox what you’ve got!

Eightball points down to the ring and John hesitantly starts walking.

Other Guy: Not really an impressive way to debut. Hell this smells down right cowardly.

Jeff Hansen: If this was one of your “good guys” you’d want us all to take him legit. Why can’t Eightball be looked at in the same light?

Eightball follows behind John now, rallying behind him.  Meanwhile Knox shakes his head with frustration as he continues to pace.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…. Eightball’s assistant… John!

The crowd continues to boo as John, in a suit as well, very reluctantly walks up the steel steps.  He doesn’t enter the ring right away, but instead turns back to Eightball as if to ask “are you sure?” Eightball shouts at him to get in the ring, but before John turns around, Knox right there! He grabs John by the head and pulls him into the ring!

Eryk Masters: Well like it or not, this John character is going to fight Caleb Knox!

Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell the second Samantha Coil is out of the ring, but Knox already stomping down on John while gripping the top rope tightly for support. The fans cheer on Knox for giving it to the assistant and now Knox pulls John up to his feet and whips him across the ring.  John can’t even keep his balance and he flops down on the mat before reaching the opposite end ring ropes.  Knox storms in after him and as John is up to his knees, begging for his life, Knox just pulls him into a front face headlock and quickly spins it into a sitting bulldog!  John writhes on the mat in pain, screaming loudly.  Outside the ring Eightball cheers him on, despite John easily outmatched.

Other Guy: Knox ain’t happy about this situation, but then again it looks like he’s making the most of it.

Jeff Hansen: By beating up an innocent?

Other Guy: He got tossed into the line of fire. Knox came here to fight someone, so he’s gonna fight.

Knox is up to his feet again, shouting at John to get up.  John tries to scramble up to his feet and as he does, Knox turns to Eightball, shooting him a glare.

Caleb Knox: You better be injured or I’ll give you a reason for that cane!

Eightball takes a step back from the ring and before Knox turns around, John suddenly punches him in the back, a VERY WEAK punch.  Knox turns around and John’s jaw drops and he just starts apologizing…

ONLY TO GET A HIGH THRUST KICK TO THE FACE!  John goes down and Knox now run to the corner and executes a high arcing moonsault… CONNECTS!

Eryk Masters: beautiful moonsault, but Knox right back up to his feet, he’s not done making an example here tonight!

The fans cheer loudly as Knox walks around the ring, playing up to the crowd and pumping his fist. He then turns his focus back on his unfortunate opponent and pulls him up off the mat. John is pretty much dead weight at this point, and Knox hoists him up and takes him down quickly with a snap suplex.  He continues on, still holding John… a SECOND snap suplex.  He hoists him up more time… then drops him forward with a front suplex!

Other Guy: John’s out.  This is like fightin’ a punching bag with legs!

Eryk Masters: A pretty good description, but even a punching bag has the off chance of swinging back.

John is absolutely motionless on the mat and Eightball looks legitimately disappointed on the outside of the ring. Knox now stands right by him and looks out to the crowd. He motions for them to make some noise by lifting his arms up repeatedly.  The D.C. crowd gets behind him, some even standing up on their feet.  Knox feeds off the energy, smiling now as he lifts John up once more, but this time hoists him all the way up onto his shoulders!

Other Guy: Here it comes!

Knox spins forcefully around and from the fireman’s carry position SPIKES John down onto the mat with a wheelbarrow facebuster!

Eryk Masters: And there he goes!

Jeff Hansen: There is no reason why Caleb Knox should feel good about this moment.

With authority, Knox hooks both of John’s legs, bending the man in half pretty much as he makes the cover. Referee Dennis Heflin hits the mat and makes the count.




Eryk Masters: I think we just witnessed the beginning and the end of John’s wrestling career.

As the bell sounds “High Wire Escape Artist” begins to play again and Knox just shoves John’s legs off to the side and rises up to his feet.  The referee lifts one of his arms in victory.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… CALEB KNOX!!!

The crowd gets behind Knox for the most part who celebrates his victory, though there is a look of slight frustration on his face.  As he celebrates, Eightball slides into the ring and suddenly lifts his cane up in the air, walking totally fine. The crowd boos loudly as Eightball starts after Knox, but Knox turns and suddenly Eightball drops to the mat and quickly rolls out of the ring.  Knox shakes his head, glaring at Eightball now and pointing at him as he walks away from the ring.

As Eightball retreats, Caleb Knox calls for a microphone.  It’s not long before he’s handed one and Knox turns his focus back to Eightball, who now has his back to him.

Caleb Knox: Hey Eightball.  Listen, man. When you get the balls to actually compete here in SHOOT Project, let me know.  You’ve got a match with me waiting for you.  I might not rack up the most wins, and I might have a lot to learn, but I would NEVER back down from a fight like you just did.

Eightball’s expression changes and he turns around shaking his head.  Knox is all smiles.

Caleb Knox: So just in case you already forgot… here’s what’s in store!

Knox drops the microphone and a barely with it John is lifted up again… and a SECOND fireman’s carry spun into a wheelbarrow facebuster!

Other Guy: Knox sending a direct message to Eightball. And that’s what I like to see outta the new blood. Taking a stand, and ready to take some names.

Jeff Hansen: I hope John has a good lawyer, because this is a case he could easily win.  There was just no need for that second assault after the match.

Knox rises up off the mat and just engages in an all out stare down with Eightball; the body of Eightball’s assistant laid out at his feet.

Eryk Masters: With WAR on the horizon, it looks like we have a battle in the making here between up and comer Caleb Knox and Eightball.

Other Guy: Yeah, if Eightball thinks he can rest easy on the name he made for himself elsewhere, well he’s gotta another thing coming. This is SHOOT Project where ya either put up or shut up.

The stare down continues and the focus cuts away from the ring as the night moves on.


The night is young, and Vincent Mallows starts off that night very much alone inside the Family’s locker room. There is no Sammy, no Kid One or Kid Two, no Roland, and certainly no Kenji Yamada.  Vincent Mallows simply sits on a couch that is nothing short of horrible in appearance. It’s puke yellow flower pattern is a down right eyesore. But Mallows doesn’t notice, or doesn’t care… as his full attention is directed to his cell phone held next to his face.

Vincent Mallows: I’m very well aware of what a cease order is, Mr. Riordan.  And I understand that you want me to CEASE all further inquires regarding the car crash…

Mallows nods his a few times, an all too satisfied grin on his face.

Vincent Mallows: That threat falls short of fazing me…. I’m actually QUITE certain he will not press any charges.  Truth is an ugly beast, Mr. Riordan, and it is something HE doesn’t want to face in public.

Mallows abruptly ends the call, and just as abruptly his locker room door suddenly bursts open. Christopher Davis stands in the doorway, his cold grey eyes burning with fire.

Christopher Davis: You need to stop Vincent!

A smirk rises on the face of Vincent Mallows.

Vincent Mallows: Stop?  I’m sorry I’m not sure what exactly you wish me to stop.  Could you elaborate on that, Christopher

Davis has no hesitation about him as he storms into the locker room, slamming the door behind him.

Christopher Davis: You need to fucking stop right now Vincent!  This isn’t some wrestling bullshit you’re playing with here Vincent!  What you’re doing…you need to fucking STOP!!

There is no change what so ever in Mallows’s disposition.  He remains calm, collected, while looking at the face of the angry man before him.

Vincent Mallows:  So shaken up… so… concerned.  Desperate even.  This isn’t like you.  Of course, I don’t suppose anyone really can judge whether or not that’s true, now can they?

Davis begins shaking his head. The rage growing with every word that Vincent speaks. His breathing grows heavy, his eyes narrow.

Christopher Davis:  Vincent, you have no idea what you’re doing. You…I won’t…

Vincent Mallows:  You won’t what…Christopher? You won’t stand there and allow me to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve? Is that what you wanted to say?

Please, we’ve been here before. I’ve heard it all before. You are the supposedly unbreakable Christopher Davis.

He pauses, his smirk becoming more sinister.

Vincent Mallows: But we both know that Christopher Davis is VERY breakable.  It is this knowledge that suggests that you can’t win.  This time I hold all the cards. This time I am in control. No, this time…

Before Vincent can finish his sentence, Davis DIVES in his direction! He shoulder tackles Vincent. Shoving him violently back against the couch, tipping it over in the process with amazing force. You can hear the air rush from Vincent’s body as his back slams into the floor. Davis doesn’t let up one bit as he begins delivering rights and lefts to the face of Vincent Mallows.

Each blow seemingly stronger than the one before. Mallows, for his part, attempts to block each blow and deliver some of his own.

Commotion behind the two men is revealed to be SHOOT security. Three men grab Davis, pulling him away from Vincent. While the men hold Chris, Vincent swings his left hand, connecting with the jaw of Christopher Davis. Three security guards grab Vincent, attempting to subdue him as well.

Although he is breathing heavy and his face shows some damage from Davis’s attack, Vincent smiles.

Vincent Mallows:  I know and soon the world will know!

Christopher Davis:  I will fucking KILL you Mallows!!  I swear to fucking GOD, I WILL fucking kill you!!

Davis is forcibly removed from Vincent’s dressing room, while the other half of the security team keep Mallows at bay. Mallows waves as Davis stands in the hallway, the door slowly closes. Mallows looks at the security detail still holding him.

Vincent Mallows:  Will you PLEASE remove your hands from me gentlemen, the man is now gone. I believe I am quite safe.

They release him.

Vincent Mallows:  Thank you. Now, if you would please get the hell out of my sight.

The security team begins to leave, but apparently not fast enough.


Mallows violently kicks at the couch on the floor, his face bright red in color.  Security rushes out and Mallows just paces like a caged animal.

Vincent Mallows: This will end… but not well… not well for him at all.

The ominous words hang in the air as the focus shifts back to the ring.


"Guardian" by Bobaflex begins playing across the PA, and for a moment, the crowd is given pause by this unfamiliar music. The screen above the ramp remains dim, broadcasting only the "REVOLUTION" logo, and in the Verizon center, there is only that song.

After just a few lines of the entrance music, a man steps from the back. At just a little over 6’1 with artfully mussed razor cut hair, just a tiny bit too long to be considered legitimately short hair, he greets the crowd with a smile. Dressed in a white linen button down shirt with the top three buttons undone, and untucked from his ripped jeans, it’s already apparent that the man spends a considerable time in the gym. He’s Polynesian tanned, with slightly Japanese looking eyes and carries himself with a great measure of pride and an almost too-easy grace for a man of his size.

He makes his way to the ring, greeting the hesitant crowd with smiles and handshakes, taking his sweet time getting to the squared circle. Once there, he demonstrates his agility by flat-footed jumping from the floor to the ring apron, before vaulting over the top rope.

The music cuts as he steps into the center of the ring, and he wastes no time before addressing the crowd.

Lockup: Ladies and Gentlemen of this, the heart of our country, I want to take this opportunity to thank you first for coming out to see us, and second, to remind you that without you all, people like us would be out a job.

At that, the crowd offers up some cheers. It’s always nice to be recognized, after all.

Lockup: I don’t want to take up too much of your time, after all, Tres Bien and Long Island Hardcore have a title match coming up, which promises to be one hell of a show. Before that though, I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Liho Masahashi, and I’m a former member of the Honolulu S.W.A.T. Team. I left the police service a few years ago after some life-changing events, and I’ve found myself here, in the SHOOT Project, with a few goals. First of all, I want to bring to you people, consistently, the greatest shows I possibly can, night after night, week after week!

He says, raising his voice with a healthy dose of energy and enthusiasm.

Lockup: Second of all, I came to learn something, I came to find out if I really am as bulletproof as I feel, so… I’ll toss this out right now, to everyone in the back. It’s time for the classic New Guy move. I’m offering an open challenge, anyone who wants to put the new guy in his place, just say the word, we’ll get it booked, and I know this much… I came out here ready to deliver for these people, and I’m not about to disappoint!

With that, he takes a short run and baseball slides out of the ring and lands nimbly on his feet. With "Guardian" cued up over the PA again, he makes his exit exactly as he made his entrance, with smiles and handshakes.


We open up on close up of the Iron Fist Champion’s face. Kilminster’s jaw clenches and his eyes narrow. Even the deep, slow breath he takes doesn’t do much to soothe him, to calm his racing pulse or to stop the tiny beads of sweat running down his temples.

The camera pans out to reveal that it’s just him and NOVA LYNN JACKSON in the locker-room.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m… I’m really sorry. It’s not really what I wanted, but it is what it is.

Nova Lynn Jackson: But, like, why? I thought I was really good when we fought Davis and Chase. What’d I do wrong?

Nova’s eyes lack their normal sparkle, and she looks down at Kilminster’s feet, too ashamed to make eye contact.

Osbourne Kilminster: Nothing, it’s not like that. The decision we came to was for your own safety. Look, the other team have Corazon, and even I don’t like the idea of stepping into a cage with a guy who stabs people for fun. We all saw what he did to Del Carver and then what he did to Jonny… We just don’t want to put you in the position where that could happen to you.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Oh. I mean, I guess when you put it like that, it makes sense. But what about Sinnybuns? I don’t want her to get stabbed!

The Iron Fist Champion takes another deep breath and tilts his head slightly to the side with raised eyebrows. She has a valid point…

Osbourne Kilminster: Jada… Nothing against you, but Jada’s tougher and she’s proved it already. She can hang with Ainsley and I have no doubt she can hang with almost anybody on the roster, but if you’re asking me whether I’m completely happy about the idea of putting her in there with a mad-man who knifes people and his mad-man buddy who beats people down with chains… then no. No, I’m not happy about it, but I have faith in her that she’s tough enough to survive.

Nova Lynn Jackson: I can fight just as well as Sinny can! I’ve beaten her before! And I’m tougher than Riley, there were a buncha times when I only lost ’cause he cheated and stuff!

Kilminster shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m really, truly sorry… It’s not an easy decision to make, but I think it’s the right one. You’ll get other chances and other opportunities. Trust me.

Nova Lynn Jackson: I did trust you! I trusted you to treat me like I mattered! I thought that you, y’know, respected me. When we fought together, you didn’t look like you thought I couldn’t handle myself! You’re mean! You’re just like everybody else!

Nova bursts into tears and walks to the other side of the locker room, falling to her knees. She sobs loudly in the corner, her body shaking with emotion. Kilminster’s eyes twitch rapidly as salty fluid begins to gather in the corners of them, but he gulps back his instinct to hold her, to comfort her and turns away to leave the room. He closes the door slowly behind him, taking a last glance at Nova.

As the lock clicks into the frame, he winces hard, covering his face in his hands for a moment, sucking in slow, deep breaths before dropping his hands to his sides and slowly regaining his composure. Just as he does, a slight beep is heard and he reaches into the leg pocket of his combat trousers to pull out his mobile phone.

Over his shoulder, we can clearly read the text message from Quinn – "Weird news. Talk later, but Jase and I have to step down"

He barely jams the phone back into his pocket before he slams his fist hard into the plasterboard wall, knocking a massive hole in it and filling the corridor with a grey dust. Coughing out the plaster dust, but seething with rage, he turns to stride down the corridor only to find his path is blocked by the man-mountain that is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK.

TMB: Hello El Capitan…

Kilminster stares Black deep in the eyes.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’ve picked a very bad time for round two of "Lets Make Osbourne Look Like A Tool". Looky, Tommy Boy – no audience.

TMB smiles and steps back, feigning fear.

TMB: I was just giving as I was getting, Bro. I thought you had thicker skin than that.

Osbourne Kilminster: Oh, I’ve got thick skin alright, but what does that count for when YOU just walk off and leave ME to explain to Nova why she’s lost her spot. Yeah, it’s alright for you and Jonny to set this up and act like I’m as thick as two short planks because you aren’t the ones who have to explain it to people.

He shakes his head, running his tongue along his teeth.

Osbourne Kilminster: Because of YOU, Nova thinks I’m the Devil. I’m not – I’m just his damned advocate.

TMB: Hey, these are the pains of being team captain. And let’s be honest. You upgraded. A needed upgrade, whether you like it or not.

The Iron Fist Champion bares his teeth and shakes his head. It’s a point that he has to concede. Just to look at Black, he can see he’d fare better against the likes of King, Corazon and Wehali than Nova ever could. He nods his head impatiently as he calms himself down a little.

Osbourne Kilminster: Maybe, but now I’ve only gone and had the rug pulled out from under my feet AGAIN. What the Hell am I supposed to do about that?

TMB shakes his head and looks at the Iron Fist.

TMB: In the pin, you don’t trust anyone, because everyone has an angle. Everyone. So you have to learn to deal with it. It’s not about what they do, it’s how you deal with what is done. Because honestly, anyone, when given the chance, will pull the rug from under you. Even that sweet piece you walk around with.

Osbourne smirks and shakes his head.

Osbourne Kilminster: You’re almost right, except for the fact that she’s the ONLY person who wouldn’t. The thing is, you’re right about dealing with what’s been done and that’s a problem. I’ve lost Quinn and Riley… and I’m assuming that means Calahan too… so who’s left? Who the Hell else is there?

TMB: There is Barker.

Kilminster’s eyes open wide with realization.

Osbourne Kilminster: That’s not a bad idea at all…

As Kilminster’s thoughts trail off, Revolution fades to black momentarily.


“In a world, where wrestlers aren’t always around…”

Cymbal crash

“Where the fans are fickle, and the management in chaos.”

Trumpet blare

“One man, forgotten by the wrestling world…”

Cymbal crash

“Will return to SHOOT Project”

“That man is…JACK HEART!”

Requiem for a Tower starts up.

Action shots of Jack in the SHOOT Project ring flash across the screen fading out

Nova: “Heart… Not Crush? We had one of those?”

Jack stands proudly on top of the turnbuckles with his arms raised.

Caleb Knox: “Isn’t he related to Teddy?”

Jack kicks an opponent in the chest.

Sinnocence: “You mean that irritating kid that always stared at my tits? Ugh. No, I don’t remember him.”

The music softens for a moment…

Donovan King: “You mean…like Bret?”

Danny Evers: “Bret Hart is coming to SHOOT?!”

Donovan King: “I think he said Jack.”

Danny Evers: “Jack who?”

Donovan King: “…yeah…what?”

The music speeds up showing Jack diving from the top rope.

Osbourne Kilminster: “Isn’t he from France?”

Jack pants after a hard fought victory in Sky High 4.

Dan Stein: “Didn’t that guy do something in Sky High 4?”

Michael Collins: “No, as a matter of fact, he didn’t.”

Dan Stein: “Oh. I thought I got him confused with someone else.”

Rowland Collins: “No, right guy. Just didn’t do anything.”

The imagery flashes black and white as Jack grins sadistically as his brother slammed by Gutter Rat fading into Jack choking his brother with the blood stained soccer shirt.

The music quickens as Crush blocks the Sit Daaahn headbutting Jack before slamming him with the Crushing End.

Ainsley Lake: “Sorry, never heard of him.”

The music and video fade to black with white text.


CBP: “I was a baby sea lion once.”




The crowd stands up as the opening drums of “Bell The Cat” play through the arena, signaling the arrival of TRES BIEN! One high-pitched scream later, and Maya and Shinya burst through the entrance as the guitar comes in! Maya raises his hands in the air, and Shinya does his best, but its obvious he’s still not at his best.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, from Nagano, Japan, at a combined weight of 332 lbs, Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima, TRES BIEN!

Maya is his usual bubbly self, running to the ring, trying his best to rev up the crowd, but Shinya is definitely more subdued, even as he slaps hands on the way to the ring. Both men slide under the bottom rope, and Maya hops to the top turnbuckle, waving his hands to get people on their feet, but Shinya doesn’t seem to be taking part.

Eryk Masters: Shinya doesn’t look so good, after taking quite a beating from the Family last week… one has to wonder why they would even agree to this match right now.

Other Guy: You just don’t turn down a title shot, Eryk, they gotta go all out here.

Jeff Hansen: Not that it makes a difference, at the end of the day, Shinya and Maya are still annoying and gay. Although mostly Maya.

Other Guy: Oh, shut up, Hansen, nobody cares what you think.

Jeff Hansen: I’m just saying, nobody who wears that much pink is straight.

Eryk Masters: How about Jonny?

Jeff Hansen: With Jonny it’s an accent, OK? And don’t pick on a sick man, Eryk, it’s not professional.

Maya hops down, looking over at Shinya, trying to make him a little more lively, but Shinya’s injuries seem to be keeping his activity level down. The house lights suddenly go out, and a single spotlight hits the entrance… and the crowd pops again as “Back in Black” streams through the arena. CJ and Jared step through, and both men hold their belts up in the air, to the raucous applause of the crowd.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, from Westhampton Beach, NY, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!

Eryk Hansen: And what a sight to see, walking down to the ring with those belts in hand for the first time since MotM!

Jeff Hansen: Oh, please. You can’t go calling these thieves champions after stealing the belts from Rogue and Riley last week.

Other Guy: Wh… they stole the belts from LIHC at Master of the Mat!

Jeff Hansen: I remember it differently, OG. They won those titles fair and square, no matter what Scott Kamura might say about it.

Other Guy: Un-fucking-believeable.

Jeff Hansen: I agree, it’s a great miscarriage of justice that these posers have been able to go on like this for so long.

Jared tosses his belt to CJ as he vaults the top rope, and CJ steps over it. Jared drops to one knee in the middle of the ring, arms spread, soaking in the response, and CJ leans over his shoulders, draping a belt over each forearm and over Jared’s torso as flashbulbs go off throughout the arena! Finally, the song fades down and the house lights come up. CJ hands the belts to Chris Jenkins, who presents them to the audience, before handing them to a ring attendant, and the bell sounds!

Shinya steps out of the ring, and CJ steps over the top rope, leaving Jared and Maya to start this one off! Jared puts a hand out for Maya, and Maya looks confused. Maya looks over to Shinya, but Shinya doesn’t seem to have an answer for him. Jared tilts his head to the side a little, as if saying “c’mon,” and finally Maya puts his hand in Jared’s for a handshake!

Eryk Masters: A sign of respect from the champions to the challengers, and this match is underway!

Jeff Hansen: LIHC doesn’t have respect for anything, much less these two. And I can’t blame ’em for that, no matter how much I think they’re douchebags.

Other Guy: Will you give it a rest and just call the damn match?

Jeff Hansen: The truth stings, OG, I know.

The two break and start to circle each other, Maya with an obvious speed advantage. The two lock up, and Maya quickly dodges to a rear waistlock, pushing Jared forward, and kicking him in the back of the knee! Jared drops down, and Maya flies off the ropes with a springboard elbow! Jared flops back, but rolls over onto his feet, catching Maya with a clothesline that brings him to the mat! Jared hops to the second rope, hoping for a quick moonsault, but nobody’s home! Maya hops up right as Jared flies, and Jared eats the mat! Maya immediately grabs Jared’s arm, wrapping him in a majistral! But Jared kicks out, rolling back to his feet, and he charges Maya, who leapfrogs over him, and Maya drops to the mat on the return, Jared hopping him! Finally, Jared pops off the middle rope with a springboard cross body, taking Maya to the mat! Maya rolls through it, getting Jared in a cover! Jared kicks out, and both men kip up to their feet, ready to face each other once again! The crowd explodes!

Maya and Jared circle each other once more, and they lock up! This time, it’s Jared who gets the upper hand, transitioning to a rear waistlock, but Maya’s fighting it! He elbows Jared in the side, and quickly takes advantage, dropping Jared with a Tiger spin drop toe hold! Jared eats canvas once again, and Maya hops right over him, dropping the leg across the back of Jared’s head! Jared tries to push himself to his feet, but Maya is there with lightning fast kicks, putting his feet to Jared’s head! Jared’s powering through, but it’s clearly not easy, and finally Maya springs off the middle rope with a flying swinging DDT! Jared crashes to the mat, and Maya is relentless! He bolts to the top rope, and sails off with a somersault senton! Jared barely has time to react, and Maya flattens him to the mat! Maya makes the cover, but Jared rolls him around, pinning him to the mat instead! Jenkins can’t even get a one count before Maya kicks out, and it looks like Jared may have taken the wind out of his sails a bit!

Other Guy: Maya’s assault was lightning quick, but Jared used his own momentum against him!

Eryk Masters: Well, I’m sure he knows that as fast as he is, Maya is faster, so the only way to catch him is, essentially, to absorb his attacks!

Other Guy: That’s all well and good, but how much is he gonna be able to absorb?

Jared shakes his head as he gets to his feet, with Maya right there to attack! He comes bouncing off the ropes, and swings around Jared’s head with a torbellino– no! Walsh catches him mid attack and tosses him over his head with a fallaway slam! Maya crashes to the mat, and Jared quickly comes off the rope, dropping a knee on Maya’s back! Jared pulls Maya up by the head, tossing him to the ropes, and clothesline– no! Maya reverses with a sling blade, and Walsh is back to the mat! Maya doesn’t waste any time, back on his feet with a standing moonsault! He covers, but Walsh gets an elbow to his face, forcing Maya to release! Jared is slow getting to his feet, and Maya springboards off the ropes with a moonsault– caught by Jared! Jared carries Maya mid-ring, and plants him on the mat with a Michinoku driver! Walsh doesn’t cover, though, instead picking Maya up, and pulling him into a scoop slam– Maya lands on his feet, hopping back up into the air and over Walsh, planting him with a reverse DDT!

Other Guy: Maya has been on fire so far, surprisingly dominating the champion!

Jeff Hansen: He’s pissed, and I would be, too, if my supposed friend left me to get my ass beat by a 400 lb psychopath.

Eryk Masters: I think it has a little more to do with just how much TRES BIEN wants those titles.

Jeff Hansen: Yes, those stolen titles are just so prestigious

Maya is quick to take it to the champ, laying a couple of boots in, then quickly scaling the turnbuckle! He sails into the air with a corkscrew senton, but Jared slid out of the ring! Maya this time finds nobody home as his back hits the mat! Jared shakes out the cobwebs on the outside, before sliding back into the ring. He picks up Maya’s leg, and slamming it back to the mat with a legdrop! Maya screams, and Jared does it once more! Walsh holds on to Maya’s leg, sliding out of the ring again, and slamming it HARD on the apron! Maya’s face contorts in pain, while Jared pulls Maya to the corner! He wraps Maya’s leg around the ring post, and pulling Maya into a figure four! Maya props himself up on his hands, yowling in pain, shaking his head! Chris Jenkins is there, yelling at Jared to stop! Jared doesn’t get a chance to respond, as Shinya’s come off the apron, and he kicks Jared in the face! Jared releases the hold, allowing Maya to scoot back toward the middle of the ring, holding his knee! Now Shinya throws a few kicks to Jared’s midsection, pulling the champion back to his feet, and whipping him into the guardrail! Jared hits hard, and Shinya doesn’t let up, whipping him into the apron now!

As Shinya rolls Jared into the ring, Maya is on his feet, walking off the pain! He stands over Jared– standing somersault legdrop! Maya grabs his leg, and Shinya is back in the corner, holding his hand out for a tag! Maya looks up at him, getting back to his feet… but he doesn’t tag in Shinya! Maya pulls Jared up, sending him to the ropes– reversed! Maya goes flying, and Jared puts him down with a huge Yakuza kick! He drags Maya to the corner, where he tags in CJ! Jared holds Maya in place, and CJ plants a massive kick to his midsection!

Eryk Masters: Maya is in trouble now! He should’ve made the tag!

Other Guy: I dunno, Eryk, I think Shinya would be in more trouble if he were in the ring!

Jared drops Maya to the mat, and steps through the ropes, leaving him to CJ’s mercy. CJ pulls Maya up, pushing him back with a knife-edge chop (WOO!) that nearly bowls the poor guy over. He shoves Maya into the corner, driving his knees into Maya’s midsection! Twice! Three times! CJ backs off, and Maya flops about on the mat, clutching his ribs! CJ scoops him up, slamming him back to the mat with ease! He drops an elbow across Maya’s chest, and covers!


TW– Kickout!

CJ smiles, shaking his head, and getting to his feet. He pulls Maya back up by the hair– Maya slides under his legs! CJ turns around, and Maya hops up onto his shoulders, and whips down FAST into a victory roll! CJ rolls backwards, although he doesn’t go far, and Maya is once more right there with lightning kicks to CJ’s face! CJ takes one, two, three, four to the nose, and Maya races to the ropes, flipping over him with a neckbreaker! Maya slides under the bottom rope, popping back up on the apron, and slings himself over the top rope with a legdrop! As soon as he’s back on his feet, he hops to the top, but CJ drops an arm over the top rope, and Maya lands on the turnbuckle groin first!

Jeff Hansen: Looks like Shinya’s Friday night is shot.

Maya doesn’t get the chance to fall, as CJ climbs to the second turnbuckle, wrapping his massive arms around Maya’s torso and flinging him back with a super gargoyle suplex! Maya crashes hard to the mat, and Shinya has a hand out again, waiting for the tag! CJ doesn’t follow up, watching Maya struggle to his feet… and once again, Maya ignores Shinya! He charges toward CJ, ducking a big boot, and hopping onto CJ’s back, grabbing his head, and pulling backwards with all of his might! CJ falls down, right onto Maya’s knees! CJ falls to the side, clutching the small of his back, and Maya tries his best to capitalize, putting both feet behind CJ’s knees, and crossing CJ’s arms around his neck! Once again, Maya leans back, pulling CJ into the Broke Back!

Eryk Masters: Maya going for a submission move with CJ Nelson… I don’t know if this is the brightest idea, OG, but it seems to be working!

Other Guy: Anything that keeps CJ from beating on him more is obviously the best idea he’s got!

Jeff Hansen: And it makes him look incredibly gay, so he’s got that going for him, too!

Other Guy: Shh, grown-ups are talking, Hansen.

CJ lets out a growl, making it very clear that he isn’t about to give up, but Maya pulls down harder! CJ responds by starting to pull his arms away from Maya, and finally with a roar he pulls Maya over his shoulders and down to the mat! Maya winces, holding his back, and puts a hand on his own, as he slowly gets to his feet! He pulls Maya up, only to drop him back to the mat with a short-arm clothesline! He doesn’t let go of Maya’s arm, though, pulling him back to his feet, and into a pumphandle slam! CJ doesn’t go for the cover, though, getting Maya back on his feet, and tossing him to the ropes!

Shinya slaps Maya on the back! Jenkins is counting it as a tag! Maya looks shocked, as Shinya hops into the ring, pushing CJ back with repeated kicks and punches, finally pushing him against the ropes, and whipping him to the other side! CJ tries for a HUGE clothesline, and it ends up being a HUGE miss! Shinya dodges behind CJ, and brings him down with a drop toe hold, immediately moving to lock on an armbar! CJ doesn’t seem too fazed by it, standing up with Shinya still holding on! Before CJ can do anything more painful, Shinya drops down, but he isn’t able to dodge Nelson this time! CJ scoops him up and has him in the guerrilla press!

Eryk Masters: This could be it! There’s no way Shinya can survive Purgatory! Not in his condition!

Jeff Hansen: And then this match can finally end!

CJ pumps Shinya twice, but Shinya’s kicking! He manages to slide out of CJ’s grip, landing on his feet, and finally sending a kick between the legs of Nelson!

Jeff Hansen: Looks like Jared’s Friday night is shot, too!

Other Guy: TRES BIEN taking a page out of LIHC’s book tonight… they asked if Shinya and Maya were willing to do whatever it took last time, and it looks like they’ve finally gotten the message!

CJ drops to his knees, and Shinya runs as fast as he is able, dropping Nelson with a bulldog! He pulls CJ into a headlock, but CJ pushes him off and into the ropes, but Shinya comes back sending a devastating roundhouse to CJ’s head! CJ drops to the mat, and Shinya goes for a cover!



Shinya breaks the cover, looking toward his corner! Maya’s dropped to the floor, and he’s fighting off someone!

Eryk Masters: What the hell is Super Fan doing here?!

Jeff Hansen: Making this match worth watching, that’s what!

Shinya slides out of the ring, laying his fists into Tim Calahan, who currently has Maya in a headlock on the outside! Chris Jenkins is at the ropes, yelling at Calahan, but suddenly, Jenkins is taken down! Jason Riley just smashed him in the head with… the SHOOT Project Tag Team belt?!

Jeff Hansen: The real champs are here!

Other Guy: Where the hell did they get those belts?!

Jared flies into the ring, but to no avail! Tom Quinn levels him with another belt! CJ turns to Quinn, grabbing him by the throat! Quinn’s eyes go wide, but Riley clocks him on the back of the head! CJ doesn’t go down! He turns around, wild-eyed, but Jason doesn’t back down! Riley dives at CJ, belt to the face, with Quinn hitting him from the back at the same time! CJ’s head gets sandwiched, and he flops to the mat rather ungracefully! The crowd explodes in a chorus of boos, and Rogue and Riley slide out of the ring, and into the unamused crowd! Calahan suddenly lets go of Maya, hopping over the guardrail himself! Jenkins is starting to stir, and Shinya and Maya slide back into the ring, none the wiser! CJ is motionless in the middle of the ring! Shinya and Maya lock hands, and Maya falls back, tossing Shinya onto CJ with a monkey flip! Maya rolls with it, getting back to his feet, and nailing CJ with a standing moonsault! Lunatic High! Maya with the cover, and Jenkins is back in the land of the living!




CJ kicks out, but not in time! Jenkins groggily calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winners, and NEW SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, Shinya Nakamura and Maya Nakashima, TRES BIEN!

The crowd explodes into boos, but Shinya and Maya don’t even seem to hear it, as the SHOOT belts are handed to them by Chris Jenkins! They embrace in the ring, tears streaming down their faces! CJ is back on his feet, and he slams his hand into the mat! “Bell The Cat” starts up again, and CJ pulls Jared up! Jared looks absolutely shocked, with a small cut on his forehead! TRES BIEN is just too happy to notice their opponents, though, and slide out of the ring, starting on their way to the back!

Other Guy: We have new tag team champions in TRES BIEN, but what a way to get them.

Eryk Masters: I doubt that this is the way that Shinya and Maya wanted to win, but they don’t even realize anything went wrong yet!

Jeff Hansen: Oh, please, do you think LIHC wouldn’t have taken advantage of that situation to keep the belts? You’re fooling yourselves.

Other Guy: Either way, they are not going to take this lightly, that’s for sure.


The reaction from the fans become a faint muffle as the focus shifts to the back.  Agitated, Vincent Mallows paces his locker room lost deep in thought.  The couch is still turned over, he hasn’t even bothered to touch it, and there is a slight swelling on the left side of his face.  He isn’t given much more time to unwind however as for a second time tonight the locker room door swings open and quickly Mallows turns in a defensive position.  He only slightly lowers his arms though as he sees Kenji Yamada staring at him from across the room.

Vincent Mallows: What MORE could you POSSIBLY. WANT… from me.

Kenji is quiet, there is a calm feeling from his expression. Hands are casually at his side. He doesn’t flinch when Mallows speaks, his eyes lower ever so slightly.

Kenji Yamada: I don’t…I don’t want anything from you. I’ve been looking at everything these last couple weeks. Myself and what I’ve been doing. So scattered…without focus…nothing.

He pauses for a moment. His eyes wander back up at Mallows.

Kenji Yamada: I’m just a weapon, Vincent, I need someone to use me…give me direction.

Mallows’s frustration turns to confusion, then to bewilderment.

Vincent Mallows: You… allow me to make this clear.  From the beginning when I sought you out, you were nothing but difficult.  You have wanted nothing more than to go it your own.  So I had given you that freedom.  I let you take out all your frustrations; I let you strike me down with NO repercussions.

And his bewilderment turns to a sense of satisfaction.

Vincent Mallows: After all of that do you mean to tell me that maybe, just maybe, you need The Family after all?

Still no reaction, Kenji’s emotional level remains the same. Calm and tranquil, his facial expression doesn’t move an inch.

Kenji Yamada: I need purpose. I’ve always needed purpose. The Family…you, Vincent, had given me purpose. Do I need the Family? Yes. I need you and the Family to give me purpose.

It is Mallows who makes the move now. He walks slowly towards Kenji, as if he was some animal that Mallows doesn’t wish to startle.

Vincent Mallows: This is, well this is good news.  Because Kenji.  The Family needs you too.  We always have. Things, well, things have not exactly gone our way.  And most importantly your dear brother Sammy needs you.

Mallows reaches Kenji now and extends his arm towards him.  Softly, Vincent places his hand on Kenji’s shoulder.

Vincent Mallows: Welcome home… dear Kenji.

Not even a smile. He simply remains the exact same as he had when he came in. There was no happiness and no sadness.

Kenji Yamada: I’m just a weapon…call me a son, call me a brother…but I will always be just a weapon.

Mallows nods his head.

Vincent Mallows: Then tonight, go be just that.  People need to remember that we are not a Family to be messed with.

They stand there in silence for a moment.  Mallows grips Kenji’s shoulder a little more tightly, and then pulls him inwards.  Immediately Mallows has both his arms around Kenji’s body, holding him close in a hug.  Kenji doesn’t react much one way or another.  He simply accepts the hug and gently rests his head on Mallows’s shoulder.

Kenji Yamada: I am a weapon…

The scene fades from there.


DUTCH HARRIS is running after someone down one of the halls backstage at the VERIZON CENTER, but it’s impossible to see who from this angle.  He obviously doesn’t want to let whoever it is get away.  Although inactive for a few years now, Harris has done a good job of keeping himself, making this task easier on his cardiovascular system.


The cameras are finally able to focus.  Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan are making a B-line for the exit, but suddenly stop when they hear their names.  Riley and Quinn each have a belt draped over their shoulder. The same belts, it seems, that were used in their violent assault on LONG ISLAND HARDCORE just moments earlier this evening.  Riley looks out the door and then over at Quinn who nods.

Dutch Harris: (Breathing heavily) What in the HELL happened?  And what are those belts?  Explain what is going on!  Why the attack?

Before anyone can say another word, SUPER FAN interrupts.

Super Fan: Bro!  Slow down and give the REAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS some time.  We know you’re excited, and new to the job and…

Harris seems completely disinterested with Calahan.

Dutch Harris: (Confused) Wait..  the REAL Tag Team Champions?  What does that even  mean?

Riley smirks and shakes his head,

Riley: (Tilting his head) What it means?  WHAT IT MEANS, Dutch, is that CJ and JARED stole something of ours and we corrected the crime.

Harris looks even more flabbergasted.

Dutch Harris: Corrected the crime?  It was the three of you that STOLE the SHOOT Project Tag Team titles in the first place!  You don’t REALLY expect our fanbase to buy that crap do you?

Quinn is quick to handle the question.

Rogue: We’re not in the business of convincing “wrestling fans” anything, Dutch.  The fact is, for the last month…  almost TWO months, Long Island Hardcore neglected their responsibilities as SHOOT Project Tag Champs. (Pointing to Super Fan and Riley) They knew they couldn’t defeat any combination of us and instead hid behind this bounty and the FALSE ideology that they’re “too good” to deal with Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan.

Riley speaks up next.

Riley: We wanted to be Tag Team Champions more than ANYTHING in the fucking world, Dutch.  So it’s only fair that we should be rewarded.  It’s only fair that FINALLY…  these belts are draped over our shoulder.  The REAL tag team titles, Dutch.  Held by REAL FUCKING CHAMPIONS.

Harris has been completely blown of mind.

Dutch Harris: Fair?  Are you guys insane?  You can’t just…  MAKE UP tag team titles.

Riley and Quinn laugh while Calahan handles the question.

Super Fan: Dutch.  Not to be a total dick-a-roonie, but BRO…  I’m pretty sure that the three of us can do whatever the heck we want.  (Offering a wide shrug)  And as far as we’re concerned…  (Patting the belts on Riley and Quinn’s shoulders) These are the only tag team titles that are going to matter around this place.

Riley looks at Dutch, who can’t believe these three are serious about this.

Riley: Got any other questions for the REAL Tag Team Champs, Dutch?

Out of the corner of the camera, we see the double doors from the outside fly open.

Art: Yeah I’m telling you I ran into him earlier today and I told those fuckers they better back off or —

Conor walks into the scene, clad in a black unzipped hoodie with a "MURDER CITY JUNKIES" black shirt on with red writing, and black cut off jeans. His hair is disheveled, and his facial hair is unkempt. Following behind is LD Lester, and an Art De Luca who just kind of looks like a deer in headlights. Conor shakes his head.

Conor: Sure told them, right?

Art just shrugs.

Conor: Your job’s done here, Dutch.

Dutch Harris just kind of looks at Conor with a confused look on his face, but Conor’s lips just tighten…

Conor: Seriously. You’re not needed anymore.

Dutch eventually obliges as he walks off as Conor looks at Riley with a grin on his face.

Conor: Nice titles. Those uhh… those yours?

Although noticeably more reserved in recent weeks, Riley falls into bad, alpha male habits and is the first one to say anything following Conor’s question.

Riley: Bet your DICK they are, dude.  (Puffing out his chest) I hope you three just came to pay respect, Cause last I checked we agreed that our shit was OVER.

Riley’s icy stare draws a look of apathy from Conor, who just kind of stands there, nonchalantly… and less than impressed.

Conor: Right. Pay respect. Our shit WAS going to be over, GRANTED I felt fucking satisfied in beating you into a coma. Last time I checked? Not much really got accomplished, did it?

Conor looks behind his shoulder.

Conor: Did it?

LD shakes his head, as Art smirks.  Quinn perks up now, sensing this situation may need someone a touch more…  diplomatic.  He pulls Riley to the side and steps forward.  Calahan stands on guard, ready to brawl if the need arrises.

Rogue: You went to a draw, Conor.  No one said anything about the result.  Now let’s not make this bigger than it needs to be…  (Trying to figure Conor out, but not getting a super strong read) What do you guys want?

Lester smirks off what he thinks is kind of an obvious question.

LD Lester: What do WE want? We want some resolution, man. I mean, what, are you all too busy? Riiight. You guys haven’t had SHIT to do and afterall you ‘had to drop’ from the Under Seige 10 man tag… what, got a busy plate, bros?

Conor shrugs.

Conor: I mean, it doesn’t help that you just DECLARED YOURSELF tag champions, you know? Shouldn’t you uhh… try and validate that? You know, WITH OPPONENTS…

Riley immediately goes into “defend territory” mode.

Riley: YOU WANT TO FUCKING DO THIS!  Shit!  We don’t have to wait til next week!  I’ll bust you the fuck open RIGHT NOW BITCH!!!

Quinn QUICKLY turns and restrains Riley. while Super Fan helps.

Rogue: Riles!  CHILL OUT!

Calahan, the largest of the trio is easily to hold Jason back, but the kid still squirms like the angry gangsta he thinks he is.


Quinn turns back to face Caden, Lester, and DeLuca.

Rogue: (Nodding) You three against us three.  (Tapping the title on his shoulder) Real Tag Team Champions…  defending their REAL tag title belts…  Against…  (Looking over the men in front of him) REAL contenders.

He looks directly at Conor.  Lester and DeLuca watch on, while Riley, cooling off a LITTLE, and Calahan also wait for what will happen next.

Rogue: That work?

Conor can only smile.

Conor: I think that’ll work out just fine, Tom. And uhh… tell your little buddy Riley…

Conor points behind Super Fan, who’s trying to contain Jason as Jason’s face shows that he’s apparently pissed off.

Conor: That I can’t WAIT to finish what I NEVER really ever got to start on Revolution.

Riley gets all…  ahem.  RILED up.

Riley: And I can’t wait to FINISH YOUR FUCKING FACE!

Calahan pulls Riley back, grabbing him by the sleeves on his Philadelphia Phillies hoodie.

Super Fan: DUDE!  Not worth it!

Quinn keeps his eyes forward, trusting Calahan to keep Riley under wraps.

Rogue: We’re gonna get out of here, man.  We’ll see you Sunday.

Quinn pats Riley on the front of his shoulder and motions that they should take off.  The “REAL” Tag Team Champions make a swift exit, aware that any extra time in the environment might lead to a fight no one wants to have right now.  As they vanish from the scene, Conor stands there, a satisfied look on his face. Art, however, looks a bit more concerned and more flustered the guys make their way down the hallway…

Art: So like, I’m apart of this, too?

Conor doesn’t say a word. But a small laugh escapes him.


The camera cuts elsewhere in the back, with the back of a leather chair what the camera is focused on. As the chair swivels around, his black boots are the first thing seen, then his well toned legs, black shorts and washboard abs. Finally, DAN STEIN’s beach (not bleach) blonde hair close come into view, just above his trademark smirk.


Dan Stein: In this business, there are three types of people.


Stein grabs the bubble pipe next to his hand, putting it to his mouth and blowing bubbles freely about the room.


Dan Stein: There’s the guys that are just starting out. The Caleb Knoxes of the world. The guys who are so green behind the ears, it makes you sad to watch them set themselves up for failure. Of course, Caleb is starting to make a name for himself here in SHOOT Project – and good on him for that.


Stein strums the cold leather of the chair, looking to the ceiling as he blows more bubbles, almost hiding him from the camera.


Dan Stein: Then you have the grizzled veterans, that command the spotlight every time they step on camera. The Jonny Johnsons, Real Deals and OutKasts. Guys synonymous with SHOOT Project, with WRESTLING as a whole.


He looked at the camera, poking his hand through bubbles in front of him so the camera can focus on just him.


Dan Stein: And then… you have the Dan Stein’s of the world. Those stars in the making, the guys that you can’t wait to see ALL the time, but they just don’t have… ‘it’. Whatever ‘it’ is, they just don’t have it. They don’t have that quality that the Jonny Johnsons have – but they could.


Stein stands up, his ‘Prototype-X’ tattoo across his stomach reflects some of the light back at the camera, but the glare goes away.


Dan Stein: That ‘it’ that will make me a SUPERSTAR like Jonny, Josh, Ron Jeremy and all the other famous Johnsons of the world? I know what it is.




Stein runs his hands through his blonde hair, causing the women in the arena to scream with lust.


Dan Stein: There’s a lot of different types of control. Control of the TV, control of a company.


Then, there’s control of one’s self.


Stein nods, smirking.


Dan Stein: Towards the end of the time before I left, I was losing what control I had over myself. I was losing grip on everything.


I never had much control to begin with. But if I want to be my own master, I need to take back control.


Stein put his hands on his hips.


Dan Stein: Trevor, I might not beat you tonight. Then again, I might beat you tonight. Either way? I guarantee you one thing.


It won’t be finished tonight. won’t be finished tonight.


Stein grabbed his gold aviator glasses from the chair, and slid them over his face.


Dan Stein: Tonight, I take the first step in changing history.

Tonight, I take back control.

Eryk Masters: (from ringside) The Survival Gauntlet still to come… later… tonight!

Revolution once again momentarily fades to black.


The video opens to a scene of muted colors.  Depressing, faded colors. The scene is of a man sitting at a table.

Where does SHOOT Project hurt?

A close up shot is put on the man.  He sighs, soooo depressed.


The scene cuts to a woman pushing her child on a swing. But she looks really sad.

And who does SHOOT Project hurt?

A close up shot is put on the woman. She sighs, soooo depressed.


The scene now cuts to an empty ring, which is surrounded by empty seats.

And WHY does SHOOT Project hurt?

A rapid fire montage of cuts shows a variety of depressed people shrugging their shoulders as if having no answer to the question. From there Paul Jarvis walks through the sea of depressed people. He has this heavenly aura about him that nobody else could ever have.  He stops and looks to the camera.

Paul Jarvis: It hurts because I haven’t been there.

He lifts his arms in a loving embrace.

Paul Jarvis: But I’m here now.

He nods his head slowly, as if coaxing the world into just giving him a hug.  The shot fades to black.


At WAR… The Healing Begins.



The combination of “Folk Implosion” by Natural One, and a slathering of boos from the Verizon Center crowd signal the imminent arrival of “Ravishing” Ron Barker.  Barker steps onto the rampway, exuding an air of arrogance and confidence about him that is second to absolutely noone.  He looks to the ring, with Samantha Coil, and smiles.  All arrogance. 

Eryk Masters:  And there’s a man who many have questioned, these past few weeks.  His work ethic, his consistency.  Everything about him is a mystery, and not in a good way.

Jeff Hansen:  Ron will get a chance to put those questions away tonight, when he steps into the ring with Corazon in a match that may be one of the biggest of Ron’s on-the-rise career.

Ron is now to the point where he can climb into the ring, and Samantha Coil steps to the center to make her introduction.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…  he’s a former Laws of Survival Champion…  he stands in at six feet, five inches, and weighs in at two hundred and eighty pounds…  he is the KING OF SURVIVAL…  RAVISHING RON BARKER! 

Ron smirks for the fans, who continue to boo vehemently, but the booing stops when the lights cut, and the countdown begins.






Static hits the PA.  The fans go quiet.  Then…  the lights go out.

Other Guy:  You guys know what this means!



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system!  The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson.  Then they stop.  What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans give a very positive reaction when his silhouette is revealed!


Jeff Hansen:  Adrian Corazon giving up a few inches, and about 50 pounds here, to Ron Barker.  Should be interesting to see how he manages.

Eryk Masters:  Good point, Jeff.  Corazon DOES have his work cut out for him, but the guy is a former World Heavyweight Champion and a former Iron Fist Champion, so he’s got the tools available to him.

The bell rings as Willie Dean moves out of the way of the two SHOOT Project soldiers.  Corazon and Barker immediately begin circling each other, both considering and wondering about making the first move.  Realizing that he won’t get anywhere by dawdling, Corazon makes an effort, initiating a collar and elbow tie up.  Barker shoves him off, using his power advantage.  Corazon repels hard against the ropes, and then hits Barker with a quick forearm shot.  Barker’s minorly stunned, but not enough for Corazon to capitalize.  Corazon throws a kick at Barker’s calf, but Barker pulls it up to minimize the blow, and the damage.

Other Guy:  Corazon making an interesting play here, first starting off by going for Ron’s head, but then changing it up to try and go for the legs.

Jeff Hansen:  Well OG, it’s pretty common for a smaller guy to try and immobilize a larger guy in this way, but Barker is smart and won’t be so easily conned into that sort of thing. 

Eryk Masters:  It’s a smart move, though, nonetheless.  Corazon’s wanting to show that he’s definitely willing to change gears here, and any power guy is going to suffer from a loss of strength in the legs, due to damage. 

Corazon tries to work Barker’s leg some more, but Barker is relatively quick.  He shoves Corazon back once more, but instead of rebounding and going for Barker’s head with a forearm, he rebounds, ducks under a Barker clothesline, and turns around for an attempt at a drop toe-hold, which connects!  Barker falls, and Corazon quickly moves to Barker’s upper body, choosing now to drive a series of knees into the shoulders of the former Laws of Survival Champion.  Barker only allows three knees to go through before using his strength to power his way up.  Once up, he throws a MAJOR haymaker Corazon’s way, with Corazon not being quick enough to dodge, and thus taking a huge hit.  Barker follows it up by whipping Corazon to the opposite rope, and just DOMINATING him with that same clothesline from before.  Corazon crumples to the mat!  Barker goes for a cover, but can only manage a one and a half count, before Corazon shoulders up.

Eryk Masters:  Good strategy here by both guys so far, with Corazon trying to use his speed to his advantage.  Barker, though, is quite fast for two hundred and eighty pounds, and thus caught the former World Champion off guard a bit.

Jeff Hansen:  Barker is a crafty, crafty guy, and it’s perfectly within logic to expect him to do things like this.  I can definitely see why Jonny hired him.

Other Guy:  Even still, this is somewhat of a feeling out process, as you know that Corazon won’t be stunned too badly from a clothesline. 

Barker has Corazon up now, and he’s still feeling the effects of the tree trunk arm that crashed into his chest.  Barker holds Corazon in a front chancery, before pulling him up with a vertical suplex, but instead of immediately turning him over, Barker holds him up in suspended motion, allowing the blood to rush to Corazon’s head.  After around eight seconds, Barker completes the move, and Corazon topples down to the center of the ring.  Barker stands back up and drops a precise elbow over the throat of Adrian Corazon.  He holds for a count.




Jeff Hansen:  Barker putting together a great technical series here, focusing on disorienting Corazon. 

Other Guy:  And one definitely has to wonder about the implications that this match has going into WAR. 

Eryk Masters:  Well it’s simple.  You have to figure that Corazon is one of the hottest prospects for the SoL team, and for Barker to possibly put him away would seriously shift the momentum in the favor of Osbourne Kilminster’s team. 

Corazon, now, is to a knee, using the second ring rope to pull himself up.  Barker is circling, ala a buzzard, watching the former champion struggle to his feet.  With Corazon almost up, Barker charges into the corner, but Corazon moves out of the way, and now EXPLODES into a series of strikes with the fists and elbows to Ron’s head and neck area, and these are known as the ACTS OF BRUTALITY!  Barker’s dazed! 

Jeff Hansen:  You guys know what’s coming next, right? 

Other Guy:  Yeah, all that momentum shit Masters just talked about is about to go out the door.

Corazon attempts his Codebreaker styled ACT OF INHUMANITY, but Barker SOMEHOW holds Corazon up and just DRIVES him straight into the mat, before resting against the top rope.  Corazon’s sprawled in front of Barker, who climbs to the second rope, and comes off with a knee drop across the right shoulder of Corazon, but instead of pinning, Barker just smugly rolls to his feet, and gets up, deciding to GOAD Corazon. 

Other Guy:  I’m not so sure that THAT’s a great idea. 

Jeff Hansen:  Barker’s a smart, SMART guy, but I’d almost have to agree with you OG.  Not that bright, I don’t think.

Eryk Masters:  I’m sort of surprised, honestly.  I would have figured that Barker would retain that focus that he’s been touting so much, and use it to put Corazon away here, after two really big moves. 

Corazon gets to his knee and shoots an intense glare at Barker, who mockingly applauds the former champ.  Corazon shuts his eyes, nodding his head, and gets to his feet.  Barker rushes in and Corazon moves out of his way, giving Barker the ability to rebound from the ropes.  He tosses another clothesline Corazon’s way, but Corazon ducks.  Ron stops in his tracks, and as Corazon recovers, Ron pulls Corazon down, hitting a big neckbreaker, but instead of covering, he once again stands up to taunt the former champ!

Eryk Masters:  What the fuck is he doing!? 

Jeff Hansen:  I think he’s realized that he can win this match at any time, so he’s drawing it out, softening Corazon up for WAR. 

Other Guy:  We’re what, ten minutes in?  This is ADRIAN CORAZON we’re talking about.  No way is dude down and out.

Corazon is to his feet now, a small bit of blood is trickling from mouth.  He wipes it with his right hand and gazes Ron’s way.  Ron is once again slow clapping for Corazon, who’s absolutely at a loss.  His eyes flare, as he goes for Ron now, throwing right fist after right fist to Barker’s way.  Barker is rocked and the fans are going nuts!  With Barker up against the ropes, Corazon whips Barker into the corner, and with a head of steam he NAILS Barker with a spear to his midsection.  Barker doubles over, and Corazon, out of NOWHERE nails him with a SICK mule kick! 

Other Guy:  OUCH.  And THAT is what I’m talking about.  NO WAY was he done.  I believe THAT is a new move in the arsenal of Adrian Corazon, and guys?  It looked pretty familiar, didn’t it? 

Eryk Masters:  Yes it did, OG.  I liked it, too.  Corazon incorporating his own take on Real Deal’s Reality Check. 

Other Guy:  So, if I call it the BRUTALITY CHECK?  How many of you will groan?

Jeff Hansen:  Just me, I think.  Eryk probably likes the name.

Corazon goes to follow up on Barker, but discovers that Barker has rolled out of the ring!  The fans are booing with severe intensity, as Barker tries to half laugh, reveling in his ability to roll out of the ring.  Corazon chooses to exit the ring to the left of Barker, who begins to move away from the former World Champion.  The crowd comes alive, as Corazon stalks Barker, chanting “Fuck him up!” over and over again.  Corazon smirks as Barker walks away, but Corazon catches Barker, and continues the damage from the now christened Brutality Check, by throwing multiple elbows to the side of Barker’s head!  Corazon rolls Barker into the ring.  Barker starts to get to his feet, and Corazon makes his way up onto the side of the ring himself, choosing to climb the top turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon going to the well here.  Not sure how many times I’ve seen him go to the top rope, but you know he’s got something good planned. 

Other Guy:  I expect he’ll try to continue the damage he’s done to Barker’s head, so he can take a shot at the Act of Inhumanity, one more time. 

Corazon sizes Barker up, who’s now groggily to his feet.  Barker turns around, and Corazon flies off the turnbuckle!  Barker immediately snaps back to attention and smiles, CATCHING Corazon in mid-air, and dropping him with his DEVASTATING finishing move, PERFECTION!  The crowd is immediately drained of all their noise, and look on with almost complete silence, as Willie Dean goes for the cover! 





Barker stands up and triumphantly raises his hand, choosing to blow off Willie Dean.  Samantha Coil gets into the ring now, as Corazon rolls out, clutching the back of his head.

Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of seventeen minutes and thirteen seconds…  representing Jonny’s Friends, and Osbourne Kilminster’s team of five for WAR…  RON BARKER.

The crowd just continues to vehemently boo Barker, who is absolutely jubilant in his victory, as “Folk Implosion” by Natural One kicks up for the second time, and as Barker makes his exit, the cameras switch back to the announce table.

Other Guy:  WOW.  Barker was playing POSSUM.  I can’t believe that!  Team Osbourne just picked up a HUGE win going into WAR. 

Jeff Hansen:  That was INTENSE.  Barker with a massive, MASSIVE win here, and you can rest assured that that man is back for good.  What a big, BIG win for Ron and for Jonny’s Friends. 

Eryk Masters:  Well you saw what just happened, there.  Corazon had things under control, he goes to the top turnbuckle, and it just ended from there.  Barker puts Adrian Corazon away in what may be the biggest win of Ron’s most recent jaunt here in the SHOOT Project. 

Other Guy:  I’m impressed, Eryk.  You’re trying really hard! 

Eryk Masters:  Right…  let’s head to the back, with Dutch Harris!  Dutch?


The scene fades into the back. We see Jester Smiles, THE HERO OF SHOOT PROJECT, wondering about, a real sense of purpose in his eyes. He wears blue jeans and a "TapOut" t-shirt, the logo in white, outlined in green and red. Jester turns a corner and stops, apparently having found what he was looking for.

Jester Smiles: Hey there good lookin’. Thought you could buy me dinner, fuck me, and never call me back?

Jester walks in the direction of "good lookin’" as the camera pans over, revealing Thomas Manchester Black. TMB, who was leaning against a wall, stands straight up, crossing his arms. Jester walks over and gets face to face with TMB, staring him straight in the eyes.

Jester Smiles: Big guy like you being a lacky for THE DEFILER, huh? That’s adorable, man, that’s real cute.

TMB: No, no..this shit you are pulling right here is cute, white boy. Naw, it’s better then cute, it fucking funny. Now that you’ve done your job and made me laugh, clown boy. Why don’t you shuffle along and join the rest of the court jesters of the SoL before you get yourself in something that your clown shoes won’t fill.

Jester stands his ground, staying face to face with TMB.

Jester Smiles: My back ain’t turned, tall, dark, and lacky. You really feel like throwing a few hands?

TMB glances over Jester’s shoulder just as a black hand grabs Jester’s shoulder, startling him ever so slightly.  The camera pans back to reveal Donovan King, staring at TMB.

Donovan King:  What up, Tommy?  Been a minute.

TMB: Well, well, as I live and breathe. Donnie. Who would of thought that we would meet up here of all places.

Donovan King:  Small world.  Y’all don’t mind?  I need Jester for a minute.

TMB smiles for a moment, understanding what is going down.

TMB: Naw…you can take the clown. I’ve laughed enough for today. But Donnie…

King steps between Jester and Black, locking eyes.

Donovan King:  Sup?

TMB: Me and you have a very long overdue talk that is going to have to be had. But we can save that for later. But until then, keep your boy on the leash.You do remember how we handle wild dogs in Memphis…

King continues to watch TMB as he walks out of the room.  Jester eyes TMB until he disappears.  Once he does so, King shoves him.

Donovan King:  What the fuck are you thinkin’, man?

Jester shoves back.

Jester Smiles: Thinkin’ that fucker knocked me out last week, and I’m none to happy about that. That’s what I was thinkin’.

Donovan King:  An’ what point was dat gonna serve, gettin’ in Black’s face?

Jester Smiles: Plan was to kick his ass. Now, all I see is a little reunion, and you make me look like some kind of caged dog. The fuck man, you think I can’t take him, cuz I’m pretty sure I could wipe the floor with his ass.

Donovan King:  I’m not worried about who can take who.  I’m worried about you in the main event uh WAR goin’ one on one against Jonny Johnson an’ tryna keep you from oversteppin’ an’ possibly gettin’ fucked up.  An’, listen…I stress POSSIBLY.

King sighs, dropping his head for a moment.

Donovan King:  Don’t you see, man?  We are on the verge of something really an’ truly great.  The Sons of Liberty…me…you…we are really one show away from accomplishing everything we have come together for.

Jester sighs heavily, taking a step back. He leans against the wall, taking a deep breath.

Jester Smiles: You’re right, man, you’re right. Lost my cool. It’s getting harder and harder to stay cool.

Donovan King:  I understand.  Apparently The Real Deal’s gonna make some sort of announcement…add a stipulation of his own against me for our match.  I wanna go an’ find him, fuck his shit up…but I gotta restrain, you know?

King sighs.

Donovan King:  We’re gonna overcome dis shit, Jes.  Nightmare, Danny, Ainsley…alla dem…they’re gonna win dat match they got against Jonny’s Friends.  Me…I’m gonna rid SHOOT Project uh Real Deal once and for all an’ you?

King smiles.

Donovan King:  You’re our next World Heavyweight Champion, man.

Jester grins, breathing deeply.

Jester Smiles: We sweep at WAR. Simple as that. We dominate, we win, and we make this place right.

Donovan King:  An’ after dat?  Let me run dis one past you, because you know you’re gonna love it.

King puts his arm around Jester’s shoulder, looking off camera as if into the future.  He holds his hand out, framing the marquee as he speaks.

Donovan King:  Jester Smiles defending against his former rival, Donovan King…in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  One on one.  Man to man.

King grins. Jester puts his hand on his chin, thinking for a moment. He then moves Donovan’s arm away, and stands face to face.

Jester Smiles: Before you start rebooking Madison Square Gardens, let’s get out of my hometown in one piece. That sound copasetic to you?

King laughs.

Donovan King:  NOW who’s lookin’ ahead?

Jester laughs along as the camera fades out.


The focus once again shifts to the newest backstage interviewer, Dutch Harris! Standing next to Dutch Harris is his former tag team partner, Cade Sydal! The fans cheer at the on-screen reunion of the duo, and Cade smirks.

Cade Sydal: I think they see us, Dutch.

Dutch lets out a short laugh.

Dutch Harris: I think you’re right. Which means I should probably do my job.

Cade Sydal: Only if you want to keep it.

Dutch shrugs and starts to walk off. He turns and the two share a brief laugh. Dutch reapproaches, straightening up.

Dutch Harris: I’m joined by Cade Sydal. Cade, tonight your WAR opponent faces the same gauntlet you faced last week, with different competitors. Now, does it occur to you that you’ve got the week off, and he’s going to go into WAR at least a little fatigued?

Cade nods his head.

Cade Sydal: Wow. Well, of course it occurs to me. There were two ways we could have done things. He could have gone into the gauntlet, unaware of the rules and guidelines, and I would be the weakened one going into WAR. Or I could sacrifice myself first, and he could. Either way, you’d be standing here with one of us asking the same question.

Dutch Harris: Fair enough, Cade.

Cade Sydal: All I wanna do tonight is watch Trevor Worrens compete. I want to watch him beat Perdition, and Sammy Rochester. But I truly don’t want him to beat my best friend, Dan Stein. I think my kid cousin deserves an ass-kicking for that stunt he pulled later, but I don’t want to see him defeated. truth is, Dutch. I don’t want Trevor Worrens to win tonight, because if he wins a couple, its a tie. if he wins three, he chooses how we do things at WAR. If he doesn’t win, I choose, and that’s what I ultimately want.

Dutch Harris: So, then, you’re not at all concerned for him?

Cade Sydal: I never said that, bro. I’m sayin’, I don’t want him to win. He will win, that’s unfortunate for me. Just how many he wins is the question. I’m here tonight to watch after him and make sure no one pulls any funny business. Just because I want the advantage, doesn’t mean I want him to be a wounded dog going into WAR. Winning the title from him isn’t any fun for me if he’s got a broken leg or somethin’, ya know?

Dutch Harris: So, are you going to pay Perdition to take a dive for him if he’s getting too damaged?

Cade Sydal: I didn’t pay them to dive for me. And I won’t pay them to dive for him. He wouldn’t want me to. I respect him, so to pay someone off to take a dive would be disrespectful. Hopefully he teaches my cousin that lesson tonight. Hey, you wanna go grab a soda or something?

Dutch shrugs.

Dutch Harris: Sure.

As the two friends head off, the focus shifts back to the ring.





“Awakening” by Switchfoot begins to play throughout the Verizon Center as the focus returns to the ring area.  The crowd gets louder as gray pyro rains down from above and clips of Trevor Worrens in action are played on the Revolution Video Screen.

Eryk Masters: That music means we are set for the second of what has been called the Survival Gauntlet.

Other Guy: Oh man watchin’ Cade’s determination last week was somethin’ else, and I can only imagine we gonna see that same kind of fire from the Laws of Survival champ here tonight.

Worrens starts out from the back after a moment of building anticipation.  He wears slightly baggy dark gray wrestling pants with a lighter gray barbed wire design running all over them and of course the Laws of Survival Championship is draped over his shoulder.

Jeff Hansen: Everyone is buzzing about these gauntlets, but it’s just two guys trying to say their cock is bigger than the others. Stupid if you ask me.

Other Guy: Nobody REALLY asks you anything, Jeff… but somehow you keep talking.

Eryk Masters: Hey the fight is supposed to be in the ring, not at ringside, so let’s bring it back to match at hand. Trevor Worrens, the Laws of Survival Champion, has his work cut out for him as he’ll run a gauntlet comprised of Dan Stein, Sammy Rochester, Perdition, and Kid Lightning.  That’s a hell of a line up.

Worrens reaches the ring and ascends to the second turnbuckle. He hoists his Laws of Survival Championship over his head, letting it hang down vertically by the strap.  The D.C. crowd reacts positively, for the most part, to Worrens, cheering him on as he shows off his championship title.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is a Survival Gauntlet match!  Introducing first, the gauntlet challenger. He weighs in tonight at 236 pounds… and is the SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens makes his way to another corner, and quickly ascends to the second turnbuckle, lifting the Laws of Survival Championship title in the process.  From there he hops down and passes off the title to one of the outside ring crewmembers on hand.  Worrens turns his focus to the entryway the second his music cuts off, and many of the fans do the same.

Other Guy: Sydal got himself 3 victories last week, so Worrens has got to at least match that, if not beat it here tonight.

Eryk Masters: And part of whether or not that happens will be the luck or un-luck of the draw.  If a monster like Sammy Rochester comes out here first, Worrens could have himself an uphill fight the rest of the night.

Worrens continues to wait for his first opponent, when suddenly “Here It Goes Again” by Ok GO! begins to play and the lights inside the Verizon Center flash white, silver, and blue.  The Revolution Video screen has a bolt of lightning streak across it, and then clips of Kid Lightning in action are seen.

Jeff Hansen: Hah! What a way to start this out, the guy who made sure Cade got two extra victories in last week’s gauntlet AND the guy making sure Perdition does some EXTRA damage to Worrens is kicking this match off.

Eryk Masters: Should make for an explosive start. Kid Lightning’s return to in ring action, but fans aren’t sure what to think about the young cousin of Cade Sydal after what he said regarding the tag team champions.

After a moment Kid Lighting sprints quickly out from the back, for going his usual jump out and a thumbs up to the crowd.  Worrens immediately readies himself in the ring as Kid Lightning LEAPS, and dives through the space between the bottom and middle rope. He summersaults forward on the mat as Worrens comes right at him.

Kid Lightning springs up to his feet and NAILS the incoming Worrens with a clothesline!

Other Guy: I guess to hell with the announcements this one is startin!

Jeff Hansen: And a cover! How awesome will this be if Worrens gets pinned in a matter of seconds!

The referee quickly reacts to ring the bell.  It sounds and Austin Linam then drops to the mat as Kid Lightning shoves his forearm into Worrens’s face while pinning him.  The count is made.



Kick out by Worrens.  The fans cheer for the most part, and Kid Lightning just shakes his head and pulls Worrens up to his feet, looking for a front face headlock, but Worrens breaks and then drives his knee into Kid Lightning’s gut! Kid Lightning doubles over and Worrens follows up with a palm strike uppercut that snaps Kid Lightning’s head back and sends his body reeling.

Worrens takes hold of Kid Lightning’s right arm and whips him into the lower left corner!  Kid Lightning bounces off, arms flailing and Worrens walks up to him, scoops him up, and SLAMS Kid Lightning down via a body slam.  Worrens doesn’t make a cover but instead rolls Kid Lightning over on his stomach and immediately applies a camel clutch submission!  The Worrens fans cheer now, but Kid Lightning only seems to be struggling a little.

Eryk Masters: Haven’t been calling the action that long in recent SHOOT Project history, but I do remember from the Sky High tournament earlier this year that Kid Lightning is an incredibly flexible guy.

Other Guy: Yeah, meanin’ that this type of submission hold can be easily endured.

Jeff Hansen: Wow, expert analysis from the both of you…

The referee checks to see if Kid Lightning gives up, but Kid Lightning shouts out no.  Worrens breaks the camel clutch on his own, only to re-position his hands and lift Kid Lightning up to his feet with a full nelson lock.  Kid Lightning struggles and Worrens turns him out from the full nelson, looking for a hip toss, only Kid Lightning flips all the way through it, landing on his feet and then he throws the side of his leg up into Worrens’s gut, doubling him over.

From there Kid Lightning turns and LEAPS over Worrens, rolling him up with a sunset flip… count made.



Another kick out by Worrens.

Other Guy: Kid Lightning all about the speed in this one, just tryin’ to put Worrens down one loss to no wins.

Eryk Masters: That’s exactly how Cade started off the gauntlet after a grueling battle with Ron Barker, so Kid Lightning… OOOH STIFF kick to the side!… Sorry Kid Lightning trying to I serve up some of his own justice and make sure the same goes for the Laws of Survival Champion.

With Worrens back down on one knee, clutching at his left side, Kid Lightning runs full speed towards the ropes.  He sprints back at Worrens, but Worrens works on rising to his feet, so Kid Lightning JUMPS up, now sitting on Worrens’s shoulder before he can completely get to his full vertical base. Kid Lightning snaps around, looking to spin out of the sitting position, but Worrens holds onto Kid Lightning’s legs and spins through even more, disorienting the masked superhero.  Worrens then lets go of Kid Lightning’s legs, SHOVING him off and Kid Lightning FLIES through the air and crashes onto the mat!

Jeff Hansen: Well that’s one superhero quality Kid Lightning just showed, he can totally fly.

Other Guy: Not a Kid Lightning fan eh, that’s surprising.

Jeff Hansen: Hey just because him and Flash spoke the truth about Long Island Hardcore doesn’t mean I automatically like him. He’s still a whiner, just like half of the locker room.

Worrens walks over to the fallen Kid Lighting who rocks back and forth on the mat. He drops quickly to his knees then makes a cover.  Linam with the count…


TW… not quite a two as Kid Lightning shoots his arm up off the mat, only for Worrens to capture it and hook it while pulling Kid Lightning up into a sitting position… and the fans start to buzz!

Other Guy: He’s lookin’ for the Arm Hook Sleeper!

Eryk Masters: And that’d be a done deal there if he can lock it in, but Kid Lightning using all his leg strength to scoot his body to the ropes.

The fans cheer on Worrens now as he tries to get Kid Lightning still enough to lock on the hold, but Kid Lightning keeps kicking his legs into the mat and moving his body closer to the ropes and Worrens has to give up as Kid Lightning finally drapes his right leg over the bottom rope.  The referee calls Worrens off and Worrens lets go, leaving Kid Lightning on the mat as he rises to his feet.  Kid Lightning swings his body around, now hooking right arm into the rope, just in case and he stays there, biding his time.


Jeff Hansen: Yeah, nobody likes a coward Kid Lightning.

Eryk Masters: Seems like a warped sense of right and wrong now has entered the mind of a Kid Lightning and it’s surprising really because this guy was a major fan favorite.

As the booing continues Worrens waits, watching as Kid Lightning slowly rises up to his feet.  The second he is up, Worrens CHARGES in, but Kid Lightning flips over the ropes backwards to avoid an incoming clothesline, and then he drops down and DRIVES his body through the ropes, catching Worrens in the gut with his shoulder!  Worrens doubles over and staggers back slightly and now Kid Lightning rises back up to his full vertical base, he grips the ropes tightly and then SPRINGBOARDS off, but Worrens gets back into things and runs forward, and Kid Lightning CRASHES to the mat after corkscrewing through the air!

Kid Lightning springs back up to his feet, clutching his back in pain, and Worrens stalks up behind him.  Slowly Kid Lightning turns around, KNEE to the left thigh from Worrens! Then another knee to the right thigh!  Kid Lightning falters and Worrens brings a KNEE into the gut, bending Kid Lightning over, then a palm strike uppercut that snaps him right back, then another palm strike, this time a hook across the face!

Worrens readies his arm as Kid Lightning spins around and then Worrens CRACKS Kid Lightning across the back of the head with a hard standing clothesline!

Eryk Masters: And Worrens delivering that combo of strikes to Kid Lightning, is that enough?

The cover is made and again the cheering can be heard as Austin Linam makes the count.



THR… but Kid Lightning just gets the shoulder up once more.

Jeff Hansen: Not enough, though Kid Lightning HAS been absent from the ring for awhile, so wouldn’t have been surprised if even someone like Worrens could beat him.

Other Guy: What’ya mean someone like Worrens?

Jeff Hansen: You know what I mean. And maybe if Kid Lightning were a little more pro-active and a little less pro whining I’d be behind him one hundred percent.

Other Guy: Oh yeah cuz Jonny Johnson ain’t a whiner at all.

Worrens has Kid Lightning up and whips him across the ring into the ropes.

Jeff Hansen: Hey this match has NOTHING to do with The Defiler so just shut your mouth and PAY that man the respect he deserves. You don’t have to like me but you HAVE to respect The World Champion.

Eryk Masters: Sorry to interrupt but Kid Worrens missing forearm shot to Kid Lightning but now with the quick neck breaker to follow through and keep control of this match up. Another cover made….



Kid Lightning uses his whole body to kick out and Worrens is up and before he can continue on the offensive, Kid Lightning rolls towards the ropes, once again avoiding harm.  Worrens starts after him, but Kid Lightning holds both of the ropes with his hands forcing the referee to motion Worrens to get back.  The fans boo again, but suddenly cheer as THIS time Worrens doesn’t listen to the referee, he grabs at Kid Lightning’s legs and pulls them in but Kid Lightning, facing outside of the ring, tries to pull in towards the ropes.  Worrens lifts him though and Kid Lightning walks up the ropes with his hands, and shoves up… only to SPIN his body around from the wheelbarrow position, hook his own arm around Worrens’s neck and he quickly nails a sitting face plant bulldog!

Eryk Masters: Impressive counter from Kid Lightning. Fans don’t seem to like his new attitude, but he comes to the ring to the night with the same arsenal of quick cruiserweight maneuvers that made him a hell of an entertainer during Sky High.

Jeff Hansen: If he wants to make a lasting impression, then take those moves, and give em some edge with a new attitude. Ditch your cousin I say… Flash is Kid Lightning’s tag partner, NOT Sydal.

Worrens rolls over onto his back, holding his face in pain and now Kid Lightning looks to be in control.  He repeatedly stomps down on Worrens’s hands, which are covering his face, and then he JUMPS HIGH and does a double foot stomp right onto Worrens’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him.  Worrens clutches at his stomach in pain and Kid Lightning heads into the upper right corner of the ring, nodding his head.

Other Guy: Kid Lightning on the verge of makin’ an impression on Worrens in this one, and maybe handin’ Worrens his first loss in this gauntlet.

Jeff Hansen: And hopefully four more will follow.

The fans shout and urge Worrens to get up, but he’s coughing a great deal and writhing on the mat.  Kid Lightning steadies himself and then LEAPS with a corkscrew 630 splash…

Flash bulbs go off as Kid Lightning flips and twists through the air…

Eryk Masters: Calls that Thunder Bolt….


Eryk Masters: But in the end… LIGHTNING DOES NOT STRIKE!

Jeff Hansen: Oh god… terrible pun!

The fans are on their feet now as Worrens scrambles up to his feet now and charges at the ring ropes. Kid Lightning starts to get up, holding his chest in a great deal of pain.  He looks up as Worrens LEAPS at him… KNEE TO THE FACE!

Other Guy: The Busaiku knee kick does connect though, Eryk.  Worrens capitalizing and that’s gotta be that.

Eryk Masters: Cover made and Linam down to make the count.




The referee calls for the bell and the fans erupt in collective cheering.

Eryk Masters: So on a night that has already seen two championship matches, and a third one to come, Trevor Worrens makes his mark by going up one win in this gauntlet thus far, and at this juncture he’s ahead of how Cade started out his match last week.

Worrens rolls off of Kid Lightning now and gets up to his feet pretty quickly, a slight smile on his face.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the first match… TREVOR WORRENS!

The fans continue to cheer, and as they do Worrens just nods his head, taking in the support from the crowd.  Kid Lightning slowly rolls out of the ring at this juncture, still woozy, but once outside he SLAMS his hand on the ring edge repeatedly out of anger, shouting somewhat furiously at Worrens. Worrens continues to just smile and then points at Kid Lightning and points to the back.

Other Guy: Worrens sayin’ so long to Kid Lightning here who ain’t exactly in a good mood.  So much for stoppin’ Worrens himself.

Kid Lightning continues to express his frustration, when “The Greater Good” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and the lights flicker in an unsteady pattern.  Worrens’s focus turns to the entryway and his smiles immediately vanishes.

Jeff Hansen: You want to talk about someone stopping Worrens? Look no further. This is going to be good.

Eryk Masters: Sammy Rochester, the monster-child of SHOOT Project slowly making his way to the ring now, and yeah… talk about an ominous presence.

Sammy Rochester opens and closes his hands repeatedly as he walks to the ring, and Kid Lightning actually laughs now at Worrens, walking backwards as he leaves the ring area.

Kid Lightning: Good luck, champ!

The lights return to normal and the focus is put on Worrens’s face, who looks incredibly concerned.  The shot shifts then just as Sammy stands on the ring edge and then EASILY clears the top rope by lifting one leg up and over, and then the other.

Other Guy: Kid Lightning said it best, good luck, and I know Worrens don’t think he needs it, that luck has nothing to do with survival… but right now, I’m gonna beg to differ.

Jeff Hansen: Worrens is all talk. He’s scraped by a couple times and thinks he’s the end all be all to survival.

Eryk Masters: Well talk or no talk, the second match officially under way and the time for talk really… is over.

With a child-like scream of rage, Sammy moves as fast as he possibly can towards Worrens, and Worrens just BARELY ducks out of the way of a wildly swinging sideways double axe handle! Sammy turns though and as Worrens looks to throw a knee into Sammy’s leg, Sammy just STIFF arms Worrens in the face and Worrens goes down onto his back.  Sammy keeps on the aggressive side of the match, dropping to his knees on his own accord and he just starts WAILING AWAY ON WORRENS!

Other Guy: Wow! You can just see the viciousness here!  I mean Sammy NEVER leaves his feet and now just pounding on Worrens’s body like he was a damn drum.

Worrens is able to roll away from Sammy, but Sammy slowly up to go after Worrens.   He grabs at Worrens but Worrens spins around and snaps his arm out and upwards DECKING Sammy square in the face! The shot only temporarily stuns Sammy, but Worrens has an opening.  He runs to the ropes, LEAPS to the second rope and then turns in mid-air jump to DRILL Sammy with a clothesline!

Sammy rocks slightly and Worrens actually bounces off of Sammy, falling to the mat, but he gets right back up and just starts FIRING knees to the gut and legs of Sammy.

Eryk Masters: Trevor Worrens not backing down in this fight, but is it a fight that he can even feasibly win?

Jeff Hansen: No chance, Eryk. Size alone dictates that. BUT even if Worrens can get Sammy on his back, chances are Sammy’s going to get pissed off and a pissed off Rochester makes for a quick finish to any match.

Worrens continues to unleash on Sammy, but Sammy starts to regain his own bearings and suddenly just LUNGES his whole body at Worrens and SMASHES his own head into him! Worrens goes FLYING backwards and spills through the ropes to the outside of the ring!

Eryk Masters: That was some kind of headbutt there and Worrens just sent REELING because of it.

Referee Austin Linam doesn’t even attempt to keep Sammy in the ring, and quickly dives out of the way as Sammy seems to be heading straight for him. Worrens stirs on the outside, working on getting up, but Sammy right there with a HUGE closed fist that knocks Worrens back down onto the floor.  Sammy lifts Worrens back up to his feet and just TOSSES him chest first into the steel guard railing.  Worrens bends over the railing, half of his body on one side, his legs dangling on the other.  Sammy comes up right behind him, and despite the referee’s shouts for him to get back into the ring, remains on the outside. He grabs Worrens by the legs and PULLS him back causing his face to VIOLENTLY smash into the floor! 

Worrens clutches at his face in pain, kicking his feet into the floor and Sammy continues with an all out assault, stomping the life out of him while continually screaming.



As Linam starts the double count out Sammy again brings Worrens up to his feet and now he violently whips him towards the lower right corner post.  Worrens manages to stop himself just in time. But Sammy charges after him!


Sammy upon him, Worrens JUST gets out of the way and he SHOVES Sammy from behind with all his strength and Sammy COLLIDES face first with the corner post!


Eryk Masters: Man face first into the steel post, and Sammy Rochester is still standing!


Jeff Hansen: You sound surprised, Eryk.  Obviously you haven’t been paying attention since, you know, Sammy showed up in SHOOT Project.  He’s unstoppable. Even when he’s taken down, he’s almost always right back up. A valuable alliance member for The Defiler that’s for damn sure.

With Sammy swaying only slightly Worrens shoves him up against the post again, and AGAIN Sammy’s face directly hits the post.  Worrens keeps Sammy pressed up against the post though and then gets up onto the ring edge.


Other Guy: Not sure what Worrens has got in store here, but the count still goin.

Eryk Masters: Something tells me Worrens doesn’t much care about the count right now, Other Guy.

Worrens has Sammy sized up and Austin Linam shouts at Worrens to get back into the ring.  Worrens blatantly ignores the referee though and runs the length of the ring edge… towards Sammy…. AND SLIDES BOTH FEET INTO THE BACK OF SAMMY’S HEAD!

Eryk Masters: Big time shot there and Sammy Rochester really starting to sway.

The fans are buzzing as Sammy looks to be off balance.  Worrens rolls into the ring now, breaking the double count out, but now he goes to the right corner post and climbs to the top.  The fans are on their feet and Worrens LEAPS from the top rope, looking for a HIGH RISK CLOTHESLINE…



Jeff Hansen: It’s noted here that Worrens rarely goes to the top. I think we’re seeing just why. And you know its funny, for as much as Worrens says he isn’t in this for the fans, that high-risk move was unnecessary and only good for a fan reaction.

Eryk Masters: Worrens DEFINITELY in a bad spot as now Sammy just squeezing the life out of Worrens and Austin Linam trying to get this match back in the ring.

Other Guy: Yeah but I think it’s safe to say Sammy only cares about destroyin’ Trevor Worrens.

Worrens struggles, but the massive grip Sammy has on him breaks him down, turning Worrens’s face red.  Linam continues to shout at Sammy to bring it back in the ring, but now Sammy twists his body, trying to rag doll Worrens as much as possible.  Worrens fights on, despite Sammy making it difficult to breathe and with all he can muster up he starts throwing incredibly stiff punches into Sammy’s face… just WAILING on him with closed fist after closed fist! Sammy is barely affected by the assault, but Worrens continues throwing punches, hoping to get something going.

The fans start to rally behind Worrens as Sammy’s head rocks a little and Worrens now extends his thumb out and down slightly, while still punching… and GAUGES Sammy in the eye… then the other. Then he does it again, and again!

Jeff Hansen: Oh that’s bullshit!  Worrens basically putting thumbs to the eyes here. If ANYONE affiliated with Jonny Johnson was doing that, everyone would be crying foul.

Eryk Masters: Well as the assault continues you have to take into account that it’s the MAN that justifies the means. It’s no secret people either fear or hate Sammy Rochester.  So Worrens doing whatever he can do is accepted by the moral majority.

Sammy sways a great deal now, opting to drop Worrens and grab at his face.

Jeff Hansen: That’s that hypocritical rhetoric that all anti-Defiler people speak. And I’m tired of it.  You cry foul, but then don’t apply the same thing to the supposed “good guys.”

Other Guy: Funny how once your boy doesn’t have control that you suddenly call for fair.

Worrens slides into the ring, gasping for air as Sammy regains his focus and now pulls himself up onto the ring edge. Worrens is up though first and he LUNGES at Sammy, DRILLING him with another direct punch upward into his face! Sammy rocks on the ring edge and Worrens steps up onto the second rope to get to equal height and CONTIUNES drilling him in the face, nailing him across the bridge of the nose or in the eyes with direct closed fist punches!

Eryk Masters: Worrens is a man on a mission right now, and the crowd here in D.C. is loving it.

Jeff Hansen: Typical fans.  This is why I hate this sport.

Other Guy: Then quit, Jeff. Walk outta here and quit.

Jeff Hansen: No because the OTHER view point needs fair representation on Revolution, OG, so I’m here to make sure that happens.

Sammy holds onto the ropes with one arm hooked around them and he wildly swats at Worrens, but Worrens drops down off the ropes and dodges to the side.  Worrens then turns and KICKS at Sammy’s outstretched arm, sending it upwards.  Sammy pulls it in with a shriek of surprise pain and Worrens now LEAPS up into the air, DROPKICK TO SAMMY!  Sammy falters a great deal and Worrens runs clear across the ring…

Bounces off the ropes…


Worrens bounces off one direction, but the impact is enough to cause Sammy to fall off the ring edge, SMACKING his head on the floor below!


Eryk Masters: A nasty spill taken, and it doesn’t matter how big you are. You hit your head hard enough; you’re out like that.

Other Guy: That’s gotta be what Worrens is praying for now as Sammy ain’t movin.

Worrens sits up slowly on the mat, face still red and still taking in deep breaths of air.  Austin Linam checks the situation outside of the ring and then starts the count.




Worrens staggers up to his feet, leaning on the ropes for support.


The fans start buzzing, as Sammy seems to be stirring, but not much.




Sammy trying to get himself up, but he seems wobbly and sort of half sits up… only to fall to the side.


Other Guy: Could be a ring out knock out here!

Eryk Masters: It’s looking that way, as Sammy just can’t get himself up to his feet.

Worrens is on the tips of his feet bouncing up and down now, waiting with anticipation. The fans are on the edge of their seat as Sammy starts to sit up again.


Sammy is up!  He wobbles a great deal though as he turns to the ring. And he’s not in time.


Linam calls for the bell and Sammy pulls himself up onto the ring edge and storms into the ring!  The referee turns just as Sammy CLOBBERS Worrens with a stiff clothesline!

Other Guy: The second match is over but Sammy ain’t done!

Jeff Hansen: This is going to be fun to watch. Worrens wants to be the type of guy who embraces pain, let’s see him embrace this!

Linam shouts at Sammy while calling for the bell again. Sammy doesn’t listen he just lifts Worrens up now by the back of the neck, SQUEEZING it tightly then he lifts Worrens and PLANTS him with a reverse choke slam!

Other Guy: Get him out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Sammy Rochester losing this match via count out, but has left his mark on the Laws of Survival Champion… who right now is pretty much just a mark on the mat.

Sammy stands over the fallen Worrens now and Austin Linam continues to shout.

Austin Linam: Get out of here!  Come on, Sammy! Get out of the ring!

Sammy slowly backs up, eyes staring down at Worrens, and then finally he turns away.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the second match, as a result of a count out… TREVOR WORRENS!

Some of the fans cheer, while others boo Sammy as he walks to the back.

Eryk Masters: The second match not exactly ending on a high note for Worrens, BUT in the big picture he is now up two wins and may very well be on his way to sweeping through the entire gauntlet.

Jeff Hansen: After that monstrous choke slam, I doubt it.

The referee checks on Worrens, and as he does so, “Five To One” by Marilyn Manson begins to play, and it isn’t long before Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman start out to the ring, both men wielding steel chairs.

Eryk Masters: I think it’s obvious which bidder won out in this match.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Kid Lightning offered them even more money once he lost to Worrens earlier.

Other Guy: Not much of a super hero.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but that’s the edge I’m talking about. Paying people off, getting business taken care of. That’s what you need to get ahead in SHOOT Project.

With the referee focused on Worrens, Reyes and Coleman march down to the ring, and both men leave their steel chairs hidden on the outside.  Coleman then slides into the ring, while Reyes walks up the steel steps in the upper left corner.  Austin Linam rises up to his feet and noting their presence he nods his head and signals for the bell.

Eryk Masters: Third match under way and now much like Cade Sydal did last week, Trevor Worrens faces a handicapped match.

Other Guy: Two on one ain’t ever good odds, but facing two on one after being PLANTED by the likes of Sammy Rochester… it’s that much worse.

Worrens works his way up to his feet slowly, still feeling the effects of his encounter with Sammy.  Reyes waits until Worrens is facing him before running with an arrant kick to Worrens’s gut.  Worrens doubles over and Coleman runs towards the up ring ropes just as Reyes hooks Worrens and sends him onto the mat with a DDT!  The second he hits the mat and is on his back, Coleman RIGHT there with a running elbow drop! Coleman stays down on Worrens for the cover and Linam drops to the mat.

Count made!



Worrens kicks out but immediately Reyes and Coleman both lift him up off the mat and whip him into the ropes. Worrens hits, but hooks one arm and stops his momentum. Reyes charges in first and Worrens pushes off the ropes and nails a hard turning elbow to Reyes. Reyes staggers off to the side and here comes Coleman… only Worrens drops now pulling the ropes with him.

Eryk Masters: Coleman sails over… but no he lands on his feet.

Other Guy: Not sure where I stand on these two cats, but they do impress me so far as far as what they CAN do in the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Team oriented, which is what I like.

Coleman stands up, regaining his balance and he grabs out and pulls Worrens’s head down onto the top rope.  Worrens bounces forward from there and Reyes snaps him down with a drop toe hold and then hooks on a quick make shift cross face submission.  Reyes yanks up on Worrens’s head while Coleman gets back into the ring, runs clear across it, and the DRIVES a baseball slide dropkick into Worrens’s face!

Reyes releases the hold, turning Worrens over onto his back and now makes a cover attempt of his own.



THR… NO!  Worrens just gets the kick out, but Coleman and Reyes stay in control.

Eryk Masters: Worrens not able to get much offense going yet, and if Perdition keeps this pace up, he may not have that chance at all.

Coleman and Reyes have Worrens up again but this time doubled over and hooked for a double team suplex.  Both men HOIST Worrens up, but instead of dropping to their backs, they DROP Worrens back down face first on the mat in front of them! Worrens curls up on the mat, clutching his face in pain and now Reyes looks to Coleman and gives a nod of his head.   Coleman nods his head as well and gets into a ready position. The fans are booing as Reyes YANKS Worrens up to his feet and then LIFTS him up for a spinebuster…

But Worrens suddenly hooks Reyes around the neck and DRIVES him top of the head first into the mat with a DDT!  Coleman charges at Worrens, and Worrens SPRINGS up to his feet, kicking his right leg out past Coleman’s head, while planting his left knee square into Coleman’s face!

Eryk Masters: And the second Busaiku Knee Kick of the night!  Worrens has Coleman down… but now Reyes rolling out of the ring… and what’s going on here.

Jeff Hansen: Ugh, don’t play stupid announcer, Eryk. You know damn well what’s going on here.

The fans boo loudly as Reyes grabs both steel chairs from outside of the ring, unknown to Worrens who makes the cover on Coleman.  Austin Linam drops to make the count.



CRACK!  The steel chair CONNECTS with Worrens’s back, sending him rolling off to the side.

Linam springs up to his feet and issues a stern warning to Reyes.  The crowd is livid as Reyes just shrugs his shoulders and SMASHES the chair against Worrens’s back again, this time up by his shoulder blades.

Austin Linam: That’s it…. Disqualified!

The bell sounds and Reyes seems to be just fine with this.  Coleman is slowly up to his feet and he looks to Reyes who just NAILS Worrens a third time!


Mark Kendrick rings the bell again and Reyes looks for a fourth chair shot, but now Austin Linam inserts himself, taking the chair from Reyes and forcing him out of the ring.  Behind the referee’s back though, Jonas Coleman gets the other chair.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Diego Reyes has been disqualified! As a result, the winner of the third fall is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Reyes argues with the referee now, keeping him distracted as Coleman holds the chair high over Worrens’s head now, waiting for him to get up. Worrens stumbles about, trying to scramble up to his feet, but his back is definitely hurting as seen by how he clutches at it.  Coleman waits patiently though and Reyes continues to provide a distraction.

Jeff Hansen: Just do it already, Coleman! Knock his head off!

Eryk Masters: Jeff obviously very anti Worrens.

Jeff Hansen: Your damn right I’m anti Trevor Worrens.  He’s a whiner and just because he can take some bumps and play with barbed wire he thinks he’s someone special.

Other Guy: He’s a champion; I’d say that puts him up there as somethin’ special.

Jeff Hansen: But he’s not THE Champion.  There’s only one of those and that’s The Defiler himself.

Other Guy: After tonight, that sure as hell might not be the case. Remember, Jonny’s gotta survive the deranged Kenji Yamada.

Worrens is up to his feet now, but he’s facing where Diego Reyes argues with the referee.  Coleman readies the chair behind Worrens and just as Worrens turns…


Jeff Hansen: A homerun swing and then some!

Coleman’s chair shot SPINS Worrens in a complete circle before Worrens drops to the mat.  The fans are livid now and Coleman holds the chair by his side.

Eryk Masters: Interesting to note that Worrens is up three wins to NO losses in this gauntlet, but after that chair shot, it doesn’t look like it will remain that way at all.

Reyes starts to exit the ring now, dropping his chair on the outside, but he continues to have words with Linam, keeping his back turned. Coleman in the meantime drags Worrens into the corner and sits him up against the bottom two turnbuckle pads. The fans are on their feet, booing as loud as possible.  And Coleman looks ready to just BUST Worrens’s face wide open.

He winds up…

Austin Linam turns around…



Other Guy: Linam saw it!  Linam saw the chair shot!

Coleman suddenly turns around, a look of complete disbelief on his face! He starts shaking his head no, shouting that he didn’t do anything but Linam repeatedly points to the chair as his response.  Coleman is not happy, and he spikes the chair down onto the mat.  Linam then points for Coleman to get out of the ring as well. Coleman just runs his hand through his long hair, stomps his foot in anger, but then exits the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Jonas Coleman has been disqualified and as a result the winner of the fourth fall… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Eryk Masters: And that’s that as far as his competition with Cade goes.  Worrens has won four out of the five falls in this match up.  One by pin fall, one by count out, and now two by disqualification.  If he loses this final match he’ll still have the right to pick the stipulation for the Laws of Survival Championship match at WAR.

Other Guy: Which means this final fight, it’s all about one man trying to keep Worrens from the sweep. And that man is former Iron Fist Champion, and Cade Sydal’s best friend, Dan Stein.

Jeff Hansen: Anyone want to take a bet that Stein will just walk out.  After all that’s what he’s known for.

Other Guy: ONE time, Jeff. A god damn moment of weakness.  You goin’ to harp on that?

Jeff Hansen: One hundred percent. Dan Stein gave up and that’s the ONE thing I agree with Trevor Worrens about.

Worrens is pretty much out cold at this point, slumped in the corner after taking repeated chair shots from both Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman.  “Muse” by Knights of Cydonia begins to play, and the lights inside the Verizon Center turn to gold and the Revolution Video Screen reads “The Lights” across it before vanishing in a bright light and giving way to a series of clips of Dan Stein nailing different opponents with his top rope enzeguri.  A lot of the fans start cheer now as Dan Stein emerges from the back, a look of focus and determination on his face.

Eryk Masters: This final match up will be the closest simulation Worrens can get to fighting Cade Sydal himself. Stein and Sydal very similar builds, very similar styles… and both have a version of the enzeguri that can knock you senseless.

Stein takes his time to approach the ring, tagging hands with some of the fans and very much playing up his return to the ring after a slight hiatus.  Stein walks all the way around the ring, while inside Worrens now finally starts to get up. He rubs at his face a couple of times, but surprisingly he isn’t bleeding.  Austin Linam double checks to see if he’s okay, but Worrens nods his head and now finds his focus on Stein who rolls into the ring after making a complete circle of it, and springs up to his feet.

Other Guy: This one’s gonna be pretty intense. But Stein has the definite advantage here.

Eryk Masters: Indeed Worrens has been through the ringer much as Cade Sydal went through it last week, but he’s already secured his right to the stipulation choice. Worrens now fighting for the sweep, and Stein fighting to stop that.

Stein says something to Worrens, but the arena microphones don’t pick it up. Worrens just walks, somewhat swaying, towards Stein, saying something right back. The two meet up face to face and the talking seems to get incredibly heated as Stein leans into it and Worrens just SLAPS Stein across the face!

Other Guy: Whoa! Not sure what either man was sayin’ but apparently it got to Worrens.

Jeff Hansen: Hey if these two eliminate each other from SHOOT Project, this will be a better place.

Eryk Masters: Stein seemingly keeping his cool… and he’s walking it off…

Stein shakes his head, hands on hips now, but Worrens reaches out, spins Stein around and SLAPS him again! And now Stein retaliates… LUNGING into Worrens and taking him down to the mat. Stein quickly goes into a mounting position, and starts throwing stiff alternating elbow strikes.  Worrens gets his arms up to block after feeling a couple of the shots hit his face, and then he shoves Stein off to the side.

Worrens works his way up to his feet but Stein right there with a FLIPPING DROPKICK that sends Worrens right back down. Stein doesn’t make a cover though, but pulls Worrens back up to his feet and whips him across the ring.  Worrens comes bouncing back and Stein FIRES with a spinning calf leg kick!

Other Guy: Stein showin’ why it pays to be the fresh man in!

Stein lands on the mat after the kick, only to SPRING back up to his feet. The fans cheer Stein on as he falls back down onto the mat, specifically onto Worrens for the cover. Austin Linam drops to make the count.



Worrens kicks out.  Stein though on the aggressive end, shoves Worrens back down for another quick pin attempt.


TW… not a two that time as Worrens kicks out again. Stein pulls him up, tries to pull Worrens into grapple, but Worrens breaks and fires a palm strike shot that sends Stein staggering back.  Worrens looks to capitalize, but Stein much quicker and he comes right back in, hard elbow strike then a forearm strike comes from the other arm.  Worrens stumbles back and Stein now runs into the ropes.

Charges… but Worrens lifts Stein and DRIVES him onto his back with a snapping power slam!

Hook of the leg and the cover!  Worrens’s fans cheering now.



Eryk Masters: Two-count kick out by Stein.     

Worrens is the one who pulls Stein up off the mat now, but Stein still strong in the match, brings a kick up into Worrens’s gut. Worrens doubles over and Stein holds him in a front facing headlock, looks to twist for a three quarters neck breaker… but Worrens shoves him forward.  Stein gets his footing quickly and turns with a spinning heel kick, but Worrens puts on the breaks and Stein hits nothing.  Stein quickly charges in to make up for his mistake, but Worrens now hooks him by the arm and drops him with a quick arm drag.

Stein is right back up though and Worrens tries to keep the upper hand, but Stein leaps, and Worrens taken down with a hurricanrana!  Cover attempted… no Worrens flails his legs out of it and forces Stein to float around in the other direction, once again landing a mounting position, but this time Worrens shoves him right off with a hard forearm to the chest.

Eryk Masters: Neither Stein or Worrens could get any continued control during that moment and now both men up to their feet.

Other Guy: Worrens trying to tap into some reserve energy. And yeah he’s made a name for himself as a guy who can take some serious hits and keep bouncing back. But is Stein’s quickness gonna be too much for the champ now, after all that he’s already been through.

With Worrens and Stein both up, they start to circle the ring, now taking a moment to feel the other one out. Stein makes a quick lunge in attempt, but Worrens darts out of the way with a side step and now goes in low for a leg lift on Stein, lifting him up just enough to shove him back into the corner.  Stein is stunned for a moment and Worrens FIRES with a palm strike to the sternum and then hoists Stein up onto the top turnbuckle.  Stein KICKS Worrens right in the face though, sending him staggering back… and now Stein LEAPS off the second turnbuckle, hooking Worrens for a DDT…

NO!  As Stein spins Worrens DUMPS him up and over with a make-shift back body drop and Stein lands on the mat. He sits up, arching his back in pain and Worrens turns right around and DRILLS him with a knee shot to the back of the head!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  The fans collectively react and Worrens just grabs the slumped over Stein from behind and flattens him out for a cover. Austin Linam drops down again to make the count.




Other Guy: Two and a half there, but Stein still fightin.  This final match has been fiercely competitive so far and really I’d be okay with either of these men taking the victory.

Jeff Hansen: Comments like that make me sick.  Neither of them deserves a spotlight.  Certainly not Dan Stein. And yeah so what if Worrens is champion, if it wasn’t for Vincent Mallows, he wouldn’t be.

Worrens takes a moment to breathe, but that’s all he is given as Stein starts up to his feet after kicking out. Worrens right there though and he fires off a knee shot to Stein’s left thigh. Then he goes to nail the right thigh, but Stein readies and blocks the knee shot, swatting Worrens’s leg to the side. Before Worrens can fight back, Stein hits a hard kick to Worrens’s side and then a HIGH kick to the side of Worrens’s head!  Worrens stumbles back a great deal and Stein again picks up the speed; hitting the ropes for extra momentum.

Worrens looks to fight back, swinging his arm out for a clothesline, but Stein ducks it, then immediately puts on the breaks, turns, and PULLS Worrens down with a reverse face plant!  Stein rolls backwards from there and sprints to the lower right corner.  With Worrens pulled in position Stein RUNS up the turnbuckle pads and FLIPS backwards with a PICTURE PERFECT MOONSAULT!

Eryk Masters: Big time moonsault and we could see Stein pick up the win here…




NO TWO!  Austin Linam shoots up off the mat and holds up two fingers.  He then motions for the match to continue and the fans are all a buzz.

Other Guy: Thought this was over there.

Jeff Hansen: It might have been. But SHOOT Project has seen an outbreak of terrible officiating as of late, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that WAS a three count and Linam just didn’t do his job right.

Stein takes a moment. He seems somewhat frustrated, but lets it pass as he gets up now and brings Worrens up as well. He fires a couple of quick forearm shots, keeping Worrens dazed and then looks to whip him into the upper right corner.  Worrens somehow gets back into things though and whips Stein there instead. Stein hits sternum first and now Worrens charges.

Worrens with a lunging spear attempt to Stein’s back… but Stein PULLS himself out of the way and Worrens collides shoulder first!  He shouts out in pain and Stein shoots up behind Worrens, hooks him by the legs…




THREE…. NO! Kick out by Worrens!  Worrens scrambles up to his feet and Stein SWINGS with a standing lariat, but Worrens JUST able to duck. Stein spins through and Worrens hooks him into position… AND NAILS AN INVERTED BACKBREAKER!

Eryk Masters: Stein taken down, but Worrens not having enough in him right now to make the pin.

The fans watch on now, all on the edge of their seats as both Worrens and Stein are on the mat, breathing heavily. Stein starts to sit up first though, wincing in slight pain. Worrens rolls over onto his stomach and starts to push up off the mat. Stein up to his full vertical base now, and he’s heading over to the corner. The fans cheer him on as Stein climbs to the top, perching now, and Worrens doesn’t seem ready for it.  Stein nods his head.  Worrens turns…


Other Guy: Power Surge from Stein!

Stein IMMEDIATELY kips right up to his feet and charges towards the upper left corner.  Worrens is up to his feet, dazed out of his mind though and staggering.  Stein SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE CORNER TURNBUCKLE PAD…

Worrens has NO time to react…. THE ENZEGURI CONNECTS!

Eryk Masters: Lights out!

Jeff Hansen: Oh son of a bitch…

Worrens drops instantly and Stein scrambles over him to make the cover.


Stein fans echo one!


Stein fans echo two!


Other Guy: Very few have kicked out from that springboard Enzeguri, so it becomes academic with Dan Stein stopping a four fall winning streak.

“Muse” begins to play again as the bell sounds and the match concludes.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the fifth and final fall of this Survival Gauntlet… DAN “THE LIGHTS” STEIN!

Eryk Masters: So a matter of pride, and pride alone as Dan Stein picks up a victory, but does not change the end result of these past two weeks of gauntlet matches.  Trevor Worrens won four out of five; Cade Sydal won three out of five.

Other Guy: Yep which means choice goes to the champ himself as to WHAT match Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens will compete in at WAR.

Jeff Hansen: I’m hoping a Rape a Bitch rematch, but I’m thinking that’s probably not going to happen.

As Stein celebrates his victory, the referee once more finds himself checking Worrens. Worrens has his eyes open though, but he seems to be knocked for a loop.  Linam slowly helps Worrens to his feet just as Stein makes his way out of the ring.  Stein however turns back though, looking at Worrens. He says nothing, just looks at him, and then turns away and heads straight to the back.

Eryk Masters: Worrens slowly up to his feet, and with the stipulation choice in his hands, I’m assuming the second he regains his bearings, he’s going to let the world know just WHAT type of match will go down at WAR.

Linam holds Worrens up, who really seems to be groggy, and then Worrens makes a motion for the microphone.  Samantha Coil approaches the ring side and Worrens manages to walk over to her. He grabs the microphone then steadies himself against the ring ropes.

Trevor Worrens: Holy… fuck man… I mean seriously.

Worrens shakes his head, trying to get a collected thought together.

Trevor Worrens: That was hell.  This gauntlet was hell.  Last week it was hell for Cade, and this week it was hell for me.  But we both survived!

The fans pop and Worrens nods his head slowly just once.

Trevor Worrens: That’s right, we both survived. But like I promised this week… I survived JUST a little bit better.

There are some boos now, but the cheers still ring out throughout the Verizon Center.

Trevor Worrens: So, okay… that means at WAR, I get to call the stipulation.  No bullshit one-sided matches. No raping bitches on poles.  None of that.  What you will see at WAR, though. Well Cade Sydal is known as the technical messiah.

BUT… Cade Sydal also can get pretty brutal, pretty extreme… in the right setting.  And since all of this has been a matter of who can do what better…  I want to see if I can’t beat Cade at his own match.

The fans start to buzz, not entirely sure what that means.

Trevor Worrens: Therefore, I’m making it official.  It’s going to be me defending MY Laws of Survival Championship against Cade Sydal… at WAR…


And the crowd starts cheering.

Other Guy: Wow! I didn’t expect to hear that!  Worrens choosing Cade’s own match!

Worrens smiles slightly, but then he looks to the entryway of the arena.

Trevor Worrens: But there’s just one little change, Cade. To add my own flavor… we’re adding barbed wire.  Lots and lots of barbed wire!

With that Worrens drops the microphone and sort of tumbles out of the ring. He staggers towards the table and retrieves the Laws of Survival Championship.  “Awakening” by Switchfoot begins to play again and Worrens starts his way to the back, the Laws of Survival Championship once again draped over his shoulder.

Eryk Masters: So the Teen Idol Death Match goes down at WAR, and Worrens adding his own element to the match, barbed wire.

Other Guy: It’s gonna be brutal but competitive all at the same time.  Gotta love that.

Jeff Hansen: Hey Worrens, Cade… the nineties called, they wanted their hardcore and crash TV back.

Other Guy: Can we seriously shut his microphone off?  I don’t think I can handle him during the main event.

As Worrens heads to the back, the fans can still be heard cheering, and then the focus cuts away from the ring area all together.


“I’ve had a lot of time to think…”

The screen immediately pops on to reveal the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame member, the Real Deal.  His expression is solemn, and his face is pretty ragged.  He is a man who has not shaved in a few days.  His eyes are a bit bloodshot and there are bags under his eyelids. 

A small graphic appears in the corner of the screen.  It reads:  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Real Deal is NOT in Washington, D.C., tonight, but at his home in Vegas.

Real Deal:  The last few weeks… they’ve been interesting.  Ever since I tagged with Jonny Johnson, my head has been full of questions, swimming in thought.  Thoughts of my past, thoughts of my future.  Fact is…

He sighs, shifting in his chair a little bit.  The fans in attendance aren’t happy that he’s not in Washington, but they’re alarmingly quiet, given the tone of his voice.

Real Deal:  Fact is, I’ve got another baby on the way, and some of this stuff is hitting me a lot harder than it normally would have.  When Jonny was diagnosed with leukemia?  I decided that I was going to take a few weeks to myself, to collect my thoughts, so that I could maybe return with a new outlook.  A fresh perspective.

He brushes his hair back.

Real Deal:  I was actually schedule to return last week, so that Donovan King and I could have a big in ring promo showdown.  As you all may remember, it was Peter Lolwen who accepted his challenge, on my behalf.  That’s fine.  A lot of the things that Lolwen said, they sort of personified some of the things that I feel are wrong right now, but truthfully?  It’s neither here nor there.

The quiet is very different, almost surreal, right now.

Real Deal:  So I’ve been asking myself why I’m fighting Donovan King.  At first, it was to avenge my friend, OutKast.  But then, OutKast forgave King, and that’s no longer the issue.  Then, it was to stop the Sons of Liberty.  But then it dawned on me…  SHOOT Project will, and always has, evolved beyond the looking glass of the people who make up its administration.  When I was an active wrestler, and I DIDN’T have an almost equal share in this company to my brother…  *I* was the one that pushed for change…  for evolution.

Real Deal takes a drink from a red plastic cup.  He takes his time with it, and wipes his mouth when he’s done.

Real Deal:  So, why would I, a member of, essentially…  the establishment here… be interested in preventing that evolution once more?  Here’s my answer to that.  No matter what people think, no matter what Jason thinks…  I believe that Donovan King is the worst possible person to make his rise here in the SHOOT Project.  I believe that he is an evil beyond Jonny Johnson.  Beyond anything that I can do.  I believe that, simple because he’s so young, and so new…  he just…  he just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be in a position where the very lives of your employees depend on the decisions that you make.

His voice scratches, and he makes a hard swallow, as a look of pain crosses his face.

Real Deal:  But, nobody believes me, and part of what I’ve been doing this week?  Well…  I’ve been making myself okay with that.  Allowing myself to see things the way that all of you do, and thus, I had a brainstorm.

He shifts in his chair once more.

Real Deal:  I struggled, of course, to get clearance for this idea.  Having to negotiate with my own brother, through Tony Lorenzo…  yeah…  talk about a harsh reality check, but, I got it done.  Funny thing about kids, is that they don’t quite understand what it’s like to be an ‘adult’ figuratively speaking.  So, when discussing my idea with Tony, who then discussed it with Jason…  they both agreed, pretty quickly and unanimously, that my idea was a quality one.

A smallish pop.

Real Deal:  I will make Donovan King understand, one way or another, what it’s really and truly like to walk a mile in my shoes.  Should I win, of course.  Because of that…  my stipulation is this.

A pause.

Real Deal:  Should I defeat Donovan King at WAR…  there’s going to be a change.  A BIG change, because should I manage to do what I’ve, so far, been unable to do?

A half smirk.

Real Deal:  Then, for a duration to be determined by Jason Johnson, and Jason Johnson alone… 

Another pause, for suspense.

Real Deal:  Donovan King will be named the acting CEO and President of the SHOOT Project.

The fans pop HUGE at this, which allows Real Deal a much more relaxed smile. 

Real Deal:  See you next Sunday, King.

The video cuts, and we’re immediately switched back to the announcers table, where all three men sit, mouths agape in wonder.

Other Guy:  What the fuck?  What in the FUCK?  Donovan King has a shot at becoming the BOSS in this company?  WAS THAT REAL?

Jeff Hansen:  I’m with you.  I’m not even sure what to think here!  Real Deal, and JASON JOHNSON, in a way are HUGELY rolling the dice at this point.  I can’t even imagine what a King run administration would be like. 

Eryk Masters:  Guys…  I have but one thing to say.

Other Guy:  Yes, Eryk?

Eryk Masters:  I think I need a new shirt…  because my heart just peed.

Jeff Hansen:  Ugh…  Thanks Eryk.  Now then…  we’re going to head back to the back while Eryk “gets a new shirt,” and Scott Richardson is going to give us a quick Pay Per View rundown.  Scott?


Moments before the main event the focus shifts to a more professionally set up location somewhere within the Verizon Center.  Scott Richardson stands with a table angled on his left side, and a lap top computer situated on it.  There is a chair there as well, but is currently un-occupied by the man. To his right a Television monitor on a black display stand and behind him is a SHOOT Project backdrop advertising the upcoming Pay Per View WAR!

After a second of holding his position and smile, Scott Richardson nods his head.

Scott Richardson: It has been a slow night on the interview front, but a more than EXPLOSIVE and fast paced evening as far as everything that has occurred on this final stop before WAR.  So much has gone into play, which has undeniably molded WAR into an event where truly SHOOT Project soldiers will be battling it out for so many different things.  We’ve had some late breaking updates that IF confirmed will mean seven intense matches will be slated to go down on November Second and ONLY on Pay Per View.

The Television monitor turns on revealing a freeze frame still of Tres Bien standing victorious in the ring, holding the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships in their hands.

Scott Richardson: First things first, we all witnessed earlier tonight a surprising victory for Tres Bien, leading of course to the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships changing hands.  Now while it has not yet been one hundred percent confirmed, the rumor floating around as I speak is buzzing with the word rematch.  So we’ll have to wait and see, but after the events of the night, it is likely that at WAR Tres Bien will defend their newly won tag titles against the former World Tag Team Champions… Long Island Hardcore.

The image on the monitor changes now and we see a WAR generated image that has the red and black background behind the team of Rogue, Riley, and Super Fan, posed together, and they stand across from Conor Caden, Art De Luca, and LD Lester who are posed as well.  A grungy, almost war torn VS. graphic divides the two teams.

Scott Richardson: And in a bit of a controversial and confusing moment, we have learned tonight that The tandem of Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, and Super Fan are ALSO defending tag team gold, in a six man tag match!  No, SHOOT Project did not instate new titles, BUT The Defiler’s Camp reports that the titles currently held by Tres Bien are in fact replicas and that Quinn and Riley STILL have the real things.  This match brings a lot of attention to it though, as it will be the first time in SHOOT Project that tag team titles are defended between two teams of three.

Richardson looks at the monitor himself for a moment.

Scott Richardson: Also as you can see this match being billed as “The REAL Tag Team Championship Titles Match”

The image changes as Richardson shakes his head in a slight state of disbelief.  Another WAR generated image shows up, as we see Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens standing on opposite sides of the VS. image.  Then stamped over the bottom portion of the screen is the words “Teen Idol Death Match”

Scott Richardson: The rematch between Cade Sydal and Trevor Worrens was booked shortly after the two were forced into a ridiculous match up during Jonnylution night number one.  But both men wanted competition, and competition is what they’ll get and then some as Trevor Worrens puts his Laws of Survival Championship on the line against Cade Sydal in… get this… Cade Sydal’s own match The Teen Idol Death Match.  The stipulation was announced just moments ago, with one little twist thrown in by Worrens… LOTS of barbed wire.

The image on the large monitor changes again. This time it says ALL OUT WAR in the middle of the screen, and the words are surrounded by the images of Osbourne Kilminster, Sinnocence, Thomas Manchester Black, Ron Barker, Kenji Yamada, Nightmare, Adrian Corazon, Ainsley Lake, Danny Evers, and Dan Stein.

Scott Richardson: There will be no titles on the line, but everything else sure as heck will be.  All out War take place in a ten man tag match that sees Osbourne Kilminster lead The Defiler’s Camp into battle against The Sons of Liberty and Dan Stein.  HUGE implications in this match, as the winning team will determine the next number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  Add this stipulation to the fact that ten men will fight within a cell structure under elimination rules AND a flip of the coin will determine entry into the match… well this one certainly defines what this Pay Per View is all about!

The next image shown is a freeze frame shot of Christopher Davis and Vincent Mallows separated by security.

Scott Richardson: JUST reported tonight and being added into the already stacked line up of matches, we have received word that Christopher Davis and Vincent Mallows WILL meet at WAR.  But apparently this will not be the ONLY time they meet.  We don’t know the full details yet, but Vincent Mallows has demanded a rarely see BEST OF SEVEN series against the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, and shockingly enough, Christopher Davis has accepted the challenge. So at WAR we will see match one of this best of seven series take place between the puppet master and SHOOT’s resident bad ass.

The image of Mallows and Davis is replaced by a WAR generated image that sees Real Deal standing across from Donovan King, again the men are divided by the VS. graphic in between.

Scott Richardson: It’s been a match people have felt has been a long time coming after what Donovan King did to OutKast and of course the recent interactions he’s had with The Real Deal himself. Now with Jason Johnson informing us all that he is in firm control of the organization, The Real Deal has NO power plays left and will not be able to dodge a very angry, very passionate Donovan King.  The hall of famer meets sure fire future Hall of Famer in a match that will be nothing short of grueling, and personal.

The final image shown is the WAR generated image of Jester Smiles standing face to face with THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson.  The VS. image comes between them, and at the bottom of the screen it reads SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.

Scott Richardson: And finally, the main event. As it stands right now the long awaited showdown between the challenger, and proclaimed Hero of SHOOT Project, Jester Smiles and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Jonny Johnson WILL go down on November Second. However we are just moments away from tonight’s main event… a main event in which the Defiler puts the title on the line against Kenji Yamada.

In the event that Jonny Johnson loses his match tonight, I have been informed that Kenji Yamada will in turn go on to WAR to fight Jester Smiles, and the current rumor is that Jonny Johnson in would then be entered into All Out War in Yamada’s place.

The image cuts out, returning the video monitor to a blank state.

Scott Richardson: So as you can see, so much has happened tonight, and still yet so much more can still happen. Who will walk into WAR as the World Heavyweight Champion?  We find out in a moment.  But remember, folks, order WAR LIVE on Pay Per View November Second.  It’s a night that will inevitably change the future of the organization.

Which side will you be on?

Richardson turns to his computer now and the scene fades out from there.


A simple SHOOT Project background and latest signee, DUTCH HARRIS are the only things in frame at the start of the scene. Harris has a very “business-like” face, staring straight on into the camera.

Dutch Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce my guest at this time… he is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… “The DEFILER”, Jonny Johnson.

The shot pans back and Jonny, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship dangling majestically over his right shoulder, joins Dutch in frame. He’s in his ring attire… black wrestling trunks, black boots, white tape around his knuckles, and sports a plain yellow T-shirt that has “HEROISM” scribbled upside down across the front in black marker. His demeanor is as cold and calculating as it is before all of his title defenses, and he nods in response to Dutch’s introduction.

Dutch Harris: In just a few short moments, you will be defending the World Title against the unpredictable, KENJI YAMADA, and Jonny, I have to ask, with a week before WAR and with so much riding on the event, why this match? (Continuing with more stuff) Due to scheduling issues during the months of September and October, you were under no obligation to make this defense. So why take the risk?

Jonny’s mind goes to work, creating a slight delay. Harris waits out the silence, and after sifting through his options, The SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION issues his response.

The DEFILER: Ya know, Dutch, I… I look in the mirror every day and I wonder. I… I ask myself… “Is this it? Will this… IS this my last day?” Because I don’t have an answer anymore, man. I don’t know. You don’t know. My doctors don’t know, and so I have to assume that… that I may wake up in Hell as early as tomorrow morning. (Half smile) This might be the last interview I EVER give, Dutch.

He pauses.

The DEFILER: My life is nothing but risks at this point. Ya know? Getting out of bed in the morning increases the likelihood of my death. Eating a potato chip… coming to work. Heh. It’s all killing me. So why not attack everything head on. Dutch, WHY NOT, my man, go out on a blazing trail of infamy? Hmm? Kenji Yamada deserves this. More so than anyone that has ever deserved a World Title shot, and certainly more than anyone on the current roster.

He wants to make sure his words sink in.

The DEFILER: As it pertains to Jester Smiles? Heh. How it could… affect the lay-out of the land should things… go astray? (Shrugging) I don’t have an answer for you because I don’t plan on being defeated. I am the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION for a FUCKING REASON, Dutch… Fans… Peers. (Tapping his World Title) I have THIS in MY POSSESSION because… because no one is good enough to take it from me.

Jonny stares into Dutch’s eyes.

The DEFILER: The risk is worth the statement, man. It’s really that fucking simple. (Turning away from Dutch, looking down and then into the camera) And uhh… And Eric, if you’re watching, I want to ask you a favor. (Pausing) I want you to accept this invitation that…. that I’m going to give you. A dying man’s request…

He trails off for a brief instant.

The DEFILER: Watch me. (Beat) Come out and, and… and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. I want you to understand just how FUCKED you truly are. (Laughing a little bit) I had them set up a chair for you and everything… A six hundred dollar chair, dude. Very comfortable. Very… (Distracted)

Suddenly shaking his head, turning toward Dutch again.

The DEFILER: (A bit on the frustrated side) Ugh. It just… fuck, man, it just occurred to me that… (Disappointed) Dutch, he’s not going to come is he? Heh. I just realized that this probably feels like… Like a trap. Those… FUCKING TRAPS the wrestling media likes to make everyone believe I’m so famous for, but it isn’t like that, Dutch. It’s not like that at all. I just want to help set the stage. I want… CAPTIVATING television. I want the image of a hero sitting on his hands because getting them dirty might ruin his marquee moment. I want to test EVERY MORAL FIBER IN THAT CLOWN’S LYING SOUL!

He turns back to the camera.

The DEFILER: This isn’t like a… a trick, dude. It’s easy. (Speaking slowly) Watch me destroy Kenji Yamada. Figure me out, Eric. Please. (As sincere as he can possibly say it) Please. I want you to watch.

Straight faced, pausing again.

The DEFILER: Don’t let me down, Rohksie.

Jonny spins to his side and reaches out and grabs Dutch’s arm.

The DEFILER: (To Dutch) Wish me luck?

Although only his first day on the job, Harris now understands the fear, confusion, and frustration involved with interviewing SHOOT’s World Heavyweight Champion.

Dutch Harris: …Good luck?

He nods.

The DEFILER: I like you. (Patting him on the side of the shoulder) I like you a lot, Dutch. You… listen. (Beat) That’s a good quality…

And I…

I appreciate it

And then he just leaves. He nods and walks off, leaving Dutch Harris to wonder just what the fuck happened…

…what’s GOING to happen.

What IS going to happen?



We cut over to a close-up shot of an empty leather chair at ringside.  The chair is back near the guard rails, so of course a few fans lean into the frame.  It’s mostly quiet on the audio end of things, meaning that you can totally hear the drunk wrestling fan shout out, “BIG TITS!” from somewhere in the arena.


A SOLDIER SUMMARY GRAPHIC featuring information on Kenji Yamada and World Champion, Jonny Johnson flashes over the chair, and our stalwart announce team bursts into action.

Jeff Hansen: Welcome back to ringside, ladies and gentlemen.  Jeff Hansen, Other Guy and the HEART PEEING SENSATION, Eryk Masters here as we ride this Revolution train into the main event.  SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP on the line…  KENJI YAMADA challenging the current Champion, my friend, and a man for whom I hold the utmost respect, “The DEFILER”, JONNY JOHNSON.

The graphic remains on screen for discussion purposes.

Eryk Masters: Well there ya see a little snap shot of this story.  Size-wise, Jonny has the advantage, but would you take a look at the intangibles…  (Laughing a little bit) Jonny claims that KARMA is on his side and perhaps even a little bit of that “wrestling logic 101” that he so often talks about…  While Kenji is just BAT SHIT crazy, guys.  You never know what to expect from Yamada and what could possibly be MORE unexpected…  more INSANE than the World Heavyweight Championship switching hands tonight, ONE WEEK from a heavily advertised bout between JESTER SMILES and The DEFILER.

Other Guy: You say Jester’s name, and so I’ll ask…  what ABOUT Jester, man?  I mean, here’s a cat who’s busted his ass for months.  Wins Master of the Mat, literally inspires an entire goddamn organization to stand up and fight the bullshit, but suddenly he’s gotta sweat this thing out.  And is he really wishin’ on a Kenji victory?  Just more bullshit from the Asterisk World Champion.

Jeff Hansen: Is that OG being biased again?  Huh.  Go figure.  What you’re both forgetting is that the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION can also actually WRESTLE.  In fact, as I see it, he’s the BEST worker on the damn roster, and if you’d get over the circumstances behind how the title made its way around his waist, maybe…  just MAYBE, you’d be able to have a little more appreciation for what Jonny Johnson brings to the table.

Other Guy: You cock sucking, ass kissing…

Eryk Masters: Guys come on!

Other Guy: (Talking over the other two) …son of a bitch

Jeff Hansen: (Talking over the other two) Cry, cry, cry.  WHINE Guy, ladies and gentleman.  The VOICE of a nation.

Other Guy: Get the fuck off it.

As the argument trails off, the cameras cut to the middle of the ring with the ALWAYS beautiful SAMANTHA COIL.  She stands firm and ready, while the contest’s assigned official, TONY LORENZO, checks over the ring for any structural issues.

Jeff Hansen: (Trying to move on) Main event time here at the Verizon Center!  And, OG’s attitude pending, we are MORE than ready for this one.

“Daremo Inal Ie” by MUCC blasts over the PA system, effectively shutting up all three commentators and bringing the Washington DC crowd to its feet.  Surprisingly enough, the reaction for Kenji Yamada’s entrance is extremely mixed, with seemingly more CHEERS than jeers.  The curtains rustle after a few moments and Yamada steps out into the limelight, which garners an additional mixed roar from the crowd.  Kenji pays no heed to the fanfare, one way or another, and begins his stride toward the ring.

Jeff Hansen: I literally feel like Kenji will grab a fan and kill him or her every time I see him head to the ring.  Just the way he walks…  Gives me the willies.

Eryk Masters: Try interviewing him.

Yamada makes his way to the ring steps and suddenly SHRIEKS and SLAPS THE STEEL SURFACE!  A fan nearby literally jumps back in his seat and his buddies immediately begin giving him shit for being scared.  Kenji slowly walks up the steps and onto the apron where he stops again and looks out to the crowd.  A sick, demented smirk crosses his lips and then he turns and enters the ring.  Lorenzo, being proactive, moves over to check the challenger in, and Kenji obliges, lifting his boots and answering any equipment questions Tony has.

Jeff Hansen: This will be Kenji Yamada’s FIRST shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  I believe Kenji had a short stay with the company…  I want to say…  five or six years ago?  Before moving onto Outlaw Pro Wrestling, where he went on to become a house hold name.  So, a long time in the making, but Kenji will get his shot…  and guys, LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!

As “Daremo Inal Ie” starts to fade the fans burst into a DEAFENING CRAZE!  It seemingly comes out of nowhere, but holy F is it loud!  Yamada begins pacing, the importance of this bout starting to really kick in.

The anticipation sets in.

Eryk Masters: This may be the closest thing to a POP that Jonny has received in quite some time…  But we’ll see how long that lasts.



Other Guy: Not very.

Haunting chimes jangle throughout the Verizon Center.

A guitar croaks out a single note.


Jeff Hansen: Best entrance in professional wrestling.

Other Guy: (Candidly) Shut up.


“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) by Broken Social Scene” EXPLODES into its dissonant beginnings, the wailing, SIREN-LIKE sounds spinning the room out of control!  While the arena was shockingly MIXED with their reactions early, the BOOOOOS have now firmly taken control of the situation.  However, that being said, there is not ONE CHAIR being occupied.  Everyone is on their feet!

The insanity of the noise builds, and builds, and builds.

The dissonance swells.

And swells.




Curtains rustle!



“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

As soon as the lyrics begin, the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION pushes through the curtains and falls right into his confident strut, walking in time with the music.  He keeps his eyes on Kenji and ignores the fans, walking through their outstretched hands as though they weren’t there.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

The World Title hangs down off of Jonny’s shoulder, a prize that Kenji occasionally settles his eyes on.  The DEFILER notices and shakes his head.

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Eryk Masters: It’s a Pay-Per-View atmosphere…

Jeff Hansen: Always is with Jonny.  Everywhere he goes, Eryk.

Jonny stops short of the ring and stares up at Kenji.  His music changes keys a little bit and heads into its chorus.  The spotlights fade into bleeding drops of pink rain, falling from the ceiling in a slightly more trippy fashion.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”



“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

Thousands of flashbulbs go off!!!  Kenji keeps his eyes on Jonny, who now resumes his path to the ring, entering pretty quickly.  He hands his title to Tony Lorenzo and submits to the mandatory check-in process.  Lorenzo says a few words, which elicit a nod from Jonny before falling back a few steps near Samantha Coil.

“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) dies and Coil raises the microphone to her lips.

The fans get LOUD.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute time limit…  and it is for the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!

She pauses, but before she can continue…



Other Guy: Holy shit!!!

DRUMS KICK IN and “Pressure” by Skindred kicks into full gear!!!  Kenji seems annoyed, while Jonny looks like he just got a GIANT dose of adrenaline!  The curtains rustle and the FANS LEAP TO THEIR FEET!!!

Eryk Masters: (Having to talk very loud) Folks at home…  Oh my God.  You can’t hear a DAMN THING.

JESTER SMILES arrives through the curtain and he nods at the fans, appreciative for their recognition.

Jeff Hansen: What a goddamn idiot.

Other Guy: Your boy asked him out…  And now he’s getting his way.  What’s wrong, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: I didn’t think he’d actually come out.

Jonny hops up and down a few times, lowering his eyes on Kenji, not looking back at the arriving 2008 MASTER OF THE MAT.  He nods and smiles, while Yamada just seems to be getting more frustrated.

Smiles slaps a few high fives with the fans, but for the most part, keeps his attention on the ring.  He notices the special chair set up for him and heads in that direction.  Although not obligated to wait, Coil is smart enough to know that any attempt to do the introductions at this juncture would be a waste of time.

It is THAT loud.

Smiles walks over to the chair, pats the cushiony surface and takes a seat.  His expression is one of defiance.  He leans back and watches, sending a message to Jonny that he isn’t afraid.  The DEFILER continues to avert his gaze, but his body language suggests that he is more amped up than ever.

Kenji glares at Jonny and shakes his head, both men now under the watchful eyes of their potential opponent at WAR.  The music fades and the crowd noise dies just enough for Samantha Coil to begin introductions.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentleman… Introducing first…  the challenger to my LEFT.  He weighs in at one hundred, ninety pounds and hails from Kyoto, Japan…  HERE.  IS.  KENJI YAMADA!!!

Kenji makes no attempt to acknowledge his introduction, ignoring the sound of a now very LOUD, very PRO-Kenji crowd. He just rotates his right shoulder and stares down Jonny the entire time. 


Samantha Coil: And his opponent… He stands to my right…  weighing in at two hundred, twenty-seven pounds…  from Chicago, Illinois.  He is the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON!!!

EARTH SHATTERING BOOOS FROM THE CROWD, which draws an eye roll and smirk from the Champ.  Both competitors gaze across the ring at each other, while Tony Lorenzo holds the SHOOT Project World Title belt HIGH INTO THE AIR!  He then hands  it to a departing Samantha Coil and looks over to Mark Kendrick, signaling for him to sound the opening bell.

Jester watches on the entire time.


Lorenzo calls for the bell!

Jonny IMMEDIATELY turns to face Jester and walks to the nearby ropes.  Luckily, the cameras are able to pick up what he says,

The DEFILER: (Off mic, shouting at Smiles) Takes notes!

Kenji moves in for a possible attack from behind, but Jonny spins his body quick enough to keep Yamada at bay.  The World Champ then begins to shuffle his feet and circle around the ring.

Jeff Hansen: (Hesitant, uncomfortable) And we’re under way.  Jester better keep his nose out of this.

Other Guy: You make it sound like he came down here uninvited…  or were you too busy doing your make-up, trying to look good for your fucking boyfriend that you missed the interview Jonny gave?

Jeff Hansen: Of course I saw the damn interview.  But the TRULY heroic thing to do is wait quietly in the back and let these guys do their thing.

Eryk Masters: Gotta go with OG on this one, Jeff.

Hansen falls silent, while the competitors reach their hands in and look for an early opportunity to strike.  Jonny wiggles his fingers and inches closer to Kenji.  Yamada takes a step forward and Jonny IMMEDIATELY steps back.


Yamada shakes his head and, with a face that says “Fuck it”, CHARGES at the World Champion!  Jonny has no choice but to commit to grapple or get messed up!  Kenji obviously has the early advantage, catching Jonny off guard.

Jeff Hansen: Yamada works the Champ back into a corner.  Lorenzo hustling in to break things up.  Both men at a bit of a stand still.

Lorenzo tries to sneak in the middle of the grapple to break it up, but Kenji won’t let go!


Tony Lorenzo: Come on, Kenji!

Lorenzo squeezes in and manages to break them up this time.  Of course, Jonny then SWATS at Kenji over Lorenzo’s back and NAILS him with an insulting slap to the face!  Kenji THROWS Lorenzo out of the way and STORMS after Jonny!  The DEFILER ducks down, though and QUICKLY scampers out of the ring!


More heat from the crowd, but Jonny doesn’t seem to care.  Yamada SCREAMS at him to get back in the ring.  Jonny puts his hands on his hips, while Lorenzo, after having a few words with Kenji about putting his hands on an official, begins a mandatory ten count.



Jonny takes three or four steps toward the ring and puts his hands on the apron.  Kenji moves closer and Jonny takes a step back.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Keep him the FUCK OFF ME!

Lorenzo backs Kenji off the ropes and Jonny climbs up onto the apron!  Kenji pushes past Lorenzo and charges after Jonny!  The DEFILER grabs Kenji by the back of the head though and JUMPS DOWN OFF THE MAT!!! Kenji’s head whiplashes off the top rope and the challenger falls to the mat!


Jonny across to Jester who continues to watch in a very cordial manner.  The Champion outstretches his arms and starts to move in Smiles’s direction.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) You like that?  Huh, Eric?  Ha.  HEEL TACTICS at their finest, my man.  YOU LIKE ‘EM?

Realizing Jonny is headed in his direction, and not wanting to be caught being naive, Smiles stands up from his chair.

This gets a HUGE POP from the crowd!

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Feeling feisty?

Kenji stirs in the ring, while Lorenzo makes a half hearted ten count and tries to get Jonny back inside.

Jester Smiles: (Off Mic, shaking his head) You want me?  Go win your match.  I’m not going to fight you.

Jonny laughs.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Come on you fucking HERO!  Make these fans POP!  Give them something to cheer!

So intent on Jester, Jonny doesn’t even see Kenji who has recovered quickly and is up to his feet!  He shoves Lorenzo out of the way and ducks out of the ring through the ropes closest to where Jonny and Jester are!


The fans begin to roar!!!  KENJI COMING UP FROM BEHIND ON JONNY!!!




Eryk Master: WHAT?

Jeff Hansen: HA!!!

Other Guy: That son of a BITCH!!!

Eric falls back into the guardrail and like a RABID ANIMAL, Kenji charges at him with BLIND, UNRELENTING RAGE!!!  He HAMMERS Eric in the lip with a STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND and follows with a SERIES OF PUMMELING FOREARM STRIKES!!!  ERIC FALLS TO THE FLOOR AND KENJI DROPS DOWN WITH HIM!!!

While this is happening, Jonny simply stands back and watches.


Lorenzo, realizing what is happening, IMMEDIATELY CALLS for the bell!


Jeff Hansen: (Amused) And looks like we’re going to have a draw?  Lorenzo throwing this one out it appears.

Kenji drops to a knee and begins to BITE THE SIDE OF ERIC’S FACE!!!  He rips back, and there is literally BLOOD DRIPPING FROM HIS MOUTH!!!  Kenji stands up and SLAMS A SOLE FIRST, RIGHT KICK TO JESTER’S HEAD!!!

Other Guy: Damn it!  That son of a FUCKING BITCH!

Eryk Masters: We need some help out here.  This could get bad!

Jonny casually slides into the ring, while Kenji looks around like some kind of insane bird, the BOOOOOS CASCADING DOWN FROM ALL ANGLES!  Yamada quickly stalks back to the ring and ducks down at the apron.  He lifts it up and reaches in, searching for whatever he can find…  And what he finds is a sheet of BARBED WIRE and some scissors.  He throws the scissors into the ring and grabs the barbed wire!!

Other Guy: Oh dear God…  no…  Come on.  GODDAMNIT!  You don’t need to do this, shit!

Lorenzo calls for the emergency bell!


With surgeon like efficiency, Kenji wraps the barbed wire around his right hand!  You can see little cuts and scratches forming, but Yamada is accustomed to the pain!  Inside the ring, Jonny shouts for a microphone.  Coil hesitates, which brings Jonny RIGHT BACK OUT.  He grabs the microphone from her and slides back into the ring, his focus back on Kenji!  Jester tries to pull himself up, but is CLEARLY in bad shape.  He wobbles back and forth, and although making it to his feet for a second, falls back to his knees in a disorriented mess.

Lorenzo calls for the bell AGAIN and this time leaves the ring and physically waves for help!


Kenji’s wicked grin is enough to scare ANYONE!  The fans nearby shout for Jester to “TURN AROUND!!  LOOK OUT!”

But Smiles doesn’t have a chance in the world!

As soon as he shows an attempt at gathering his barings, KENJI CHARGES AND NAILS HIM WITH HIS BARBED WIRE WRAPPED HIS FIST!!!  Smiles DROPS like a DEAD FLY, his face more RED than flesh toned!  Kenji drops down to a knee and grabs Jester’s head, propping him up.

A SLEW OF OFFICIALS AND SECURITY GUARDS FINALLY start to come out from the back.

The DEFILER: (Looking at the guards, holding up his hands) Don’t do anything stupid, okay?  (To Kenji) Bring him in the ring, dude.  Get him in here.

Frustrated that he isn’t going to be able to kill him, (or at least that’s how he looks) Kenji gets Smiles off the ground.  It takes some effort, considering the size difference and the fact that Jester is mostly dead weight, but again, years of brutality has taught Kenji a trick or two.  The guards stand at the other end of the ring, not exactly sure how to react and Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: It’ll be fine guys.  I promise.

Kenji drags Jester to the ring and slides him under the bottom rope.  Well, tries to.  Smiles is difficult to budge, so Kenji slides into the ring and drags him closer to Jonny.  He then slowly unwraps the barbed wire from his arm and clenches his fist, free from the pain.

The DEFILER: (Dropping down to a knee, staring down the guard) Just stay there…  This is…  This is between me and Eric, guys.  (Leaning back and gently brushing the top of Jester’s head) It’s gonna be okay, Eric.  I promise.

Jonny spins and looks at Smiles.  He gives him his undivided attention.

The DEFILER: Ya know, dude I…  I fucking tell these people…  I tell them EVERY FUCKING TIME not to defy me.  And they were… CLOSE, man.  They were…  They wanted to start listening.  You know?  But then you fucked it up.  You inspired these hapless idiots to fight…  encouraged them to…  to stand up for what they believed in.

He sniffs loudly.

The DEFILER: But that’s a fight you can’t ever win, Eric.

He leans in and puts his right hand around Jester’s neck and applies a small amount of pressure.

The DEFILER: Does that make sense to you?

As if things weren’t already messed up, the curtains in the back FLY open and DANNY EVERS, NIGHTMARE, AINSLEY LAKE, DAN STEIN and ADRIAN CORAZON.  Jonny pauses and Kenji stands on guard, while the host of officials SWARM the incoming defenders!

The DEFILER: (Still looking at Jester at first) I learned a way to…  to kill someone in about four seconds.  (Applying more pressure on his choke, looking up) I could have him dead before you ever had a chance to stop me.  (Smirking) Of course, I’m not really the killing type.  So it’s likely I’m bluffing.

He looks back down at Eric while everyone tries to sort out this insane mess of a situation.

The DEFILER: Or maybe not.  (Glaring into Eric’s fading eyes)  I don’t really know what I’m capable of anymore.

He squeezes more tightly.

The DEFILER: What could they really do to me?  I’d likely be dead before the long, messy trial ended.  (Squeezing Jester’s harder, using two hands)  I just REALLY don’t like you, Eric.  YOU’RE FUCKING THIS UP FOR ME!  IT’S YOUR FUCKING FAULT I HAVE LEUKEMIA!!!

Outside the ring, the chaos only gets more intense!  Evers tries to push past three security guys, but gets pushed back, while Corazon tries to talk some sense into four different officials.  Ainsley and Stein shout out some unpleasantries, while five guys have to keep Nightmare at bay.   And it doesn’t get ANY better seconds later when OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, RON BARKER, THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK, and SINNOCENCE come out!

No one knows how to react!  Kilminster quickly joins in the fray to push through, and in a weird twist…  these opposing factions suddenly have a similar goal.

Kenji watches over Jonny, a moral-less weapon of mass destruction.


Jonny’s face goes BRIGHT RED and he begins squeezing as HARD AS HE CAN.  Jester is barely conscious enough to look pained!  HE SQUEEZES HARDER AND HARDER!!!  Osbourne pushes through more guys!  Corazon shouts at him and Kilminster shouts something back! Sinnocence follows after her man…  the “Friends” managing to create a small dent.

Osbourne Kilminster: (Off Mic) Jonny!  Stop!  Come on, man!  LET GO!

A guard tries to stop Kilminster, but Ozzy DECKS HIM IN THE FACE!!!  EVERYONE GETS FRANTIC NOW!!! SOL and STEIN MAKE A PUSH for the ring!!!  Osbourne grabs Sinnocence’s hand and trudges forward!!!  Ron Barker slinks around through an unoccupied area and makes a B-Line for the time keepers table, snatching up the World Title belt.

Kilminster, with Sinnocence and Black at his side push through.  Obviously there’s been an unspoken consensus that Jonny’s Friends have a better chance of cooling this situation.

Osbourne Kilminster: (Off Mic, Sliding into the ring) Enough!  LET GO!  We don’t need this!  You don’t need to any of this, man!

On the outside, Corazon starts to move closer to the ring.  It’s obvious he’d rather be proactive about the situation.

Kilminster puts his hand on Jonny’s shoulder which causes KENJI to snap!  Yamada IMMEDIATELY PUSHES OZZY BACK!!!  KILMINSTER SHOVES BACK!!!  Sinnocence and Black try to hold Ozzy back!!!!  Corazon and Nightmare FINALLY push through the officials!!!


He finally lets go. 

Corazon stops just short of the ring.  Same with Nightmare.  Evers stands near Ainsley now with Stein off to their right.

The DEFILER: (Pointing at Jester, talking to TMB) Get him up.  (Looking to Kilminster) And…  and uhh, Kenji is gonna be your fifth guy.  Okay?  So just COOL THE FUCK OFF!

The fans have no idea how or when to react.  Everything is flying at them at a million miles an hour!

Ozzy is EXASPERATED over the announcement that Jonny just sprung on him out of nowhere and begins to SHOUT at the World Champion.  Sinnocence has a few choice words as well, but they fall on deaf ears as Jonny drops his head and paces around a little bit.  Kilminster GLARES at Kenji and says something to him, while Ron Barker suddenly slides into the ring, and hands Jonny his World Title.  Jonny grabs the belt and holds it his left hand.  His eyes fall on the members of SoL outside…  Their ranks suddenly increased as DONOVAN KING storms out from the back!  King looks ready to fight, and Corazon has to turn to stop him from doing anything, realizing that they are unfortunately at Jonny’s mercy.

The DEFILER: (Out of sorts just a little bit) Everyone just…  Just chill out.

TMB lifts Jester up off the mat, propping him up under Smile’s arms.

The DEFILER: (Looking at the belt in his hand and then back to the people outside) He’s sacrificing himself for you.  FOR ALL OF YOU.  This is a guy who is famous for doing a FUCKING CLOWN GIMMICK!  He wears a fucking mask and pulls pranks on people…

He looks disgusted.

The DEFILER: Fitting.

Jonny turns back toward Jester and begins to FASTEN HIS WORLD TITLE BELT AROUND SMILES’S WAIST!

The DEFILER: This is Jester Smiles…  Your hero.  Your champion…

He tightens the belt at the back.

The DEFILER: He’s dying for you.

Jonny lets the imagery speak for itself.  Jester smiles, arms out in the air, bloodied…  the SHOOT Project World Championship, mockingly around his waist.

The DEFILER: (Showing his bloody hands) This blood is on YOUR hands.  We asked for an end, but you’ve all shown your true colors…

And next week.


Jonny drops the microphone and gestures for TMB to release Jester.  He then makes his way out the back of the ring, while CORAZON, KING, AINSLEY, NIGHTMARE, STEIN, and EVERS immediately rush to Jester’s aid!  RON BARKER retrieves the World Title from Jester, and then he, along with SINNOCENCE, KILMINSTER, TMB, and KENJI YAMADA follow Jonny out of the ring.

King cradles Jester in his arms and the other members of SoL rush to his aid.  On the outside, TMB clears a few fans out of the way so Jonny can make his exit through the fans.  The others continue to follow.  Kilminster and Sinnocence look PISSED OFF and Ron, with SHOOT Project World title in hand, rushes off to stand next to Jonny.  Kenji lurks near the back, but still follows the group out.

In the ring, Donovan King slaps the mat and Corazon shakes his head.  Ainsley and Evers look concerned.  Stein paces frantically, clearly upset, and Nightmare watches the enemies depart.

The fans are stunned.

And the time for words has passed.

It all comes to a culmination…

Next week.