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Revolution: 050 – 11/23/08

The screen starts out black, but the Las Vegas skyline fades in coming into clear view.

“Gentlemen and ladies…”

As the backbeat to “Cover and Duck” by Fort Minor and Styles Beyond kicks in, the word Revolution starts to scroll slowly across the screen in blue lettering.

“Please put down your expensive champagne…”

The last of the letters pass by.

“It’s about to get ugly in here!

Let’s Go!”

As the words “set it off motherfuckers!” echo in reverb fashion, the sound of a scratched record is heard…


Samantha Coil’s voice chimes in, breaking the abrupt silence, and the screen comes to life with shots of the SHOOT Project soldiers, edited to fit with the beat of the music.  Jester Smiles is seen first flying off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault.  Donovan King screams out as he locks someone in the Carolina Cross face.  Then a shot of Long Island Hardcore tossing weapons into the ring.

“From the start ’til the end, night until the dawn

It’s that fight music cause right when it comes on”

The Defiler Jonny Johnson is seen hitting an opponent with the Demoralization Process.  We then see a shot of Cade Sydal firing off with a lightning quick ninjaguri. Freeze on the impact and then the footage changes to Christopher Davis driving an opponent to the mat via Angela’s Ashes.

“You just lose control of your elbows and fists

Fuckin’ other disregard for your body in the pit”

Perdition is seen next hitting a spinebuster and Neckbreaker Combo. Then a quick shot of Sinnocence battling Caleb Knox.  Cut to a shot of Kenji Yamada, Roland, Sammy Rochester, and Vincent Mallows together in the ring.  From there a cut to Trevor Worrens and Osbourne Kilminster erupting into an all too real fist fight.

“People are swinging limbs, swinging bottles and chairs

Throwin’ lime, backin’ motherfuckers up in the air”

Next seen is Nightmare throwing a striking combo at a helpless opponent…  Cut from there to Crush Heart battling it out with brother Jack Heart. Then a shot of Azraith DeMitri standing over Stein with a steel pipe in hand.  Ron Barker slams an opponent into the mat with Perfection, which then cuts to Adrian Corazon driving a helpless opponent into the mat via Act of Inhumanity.

“So back up!”

The footage of the SHOOT Project Soldiers rewinds now as the words “so back up” echoes in that same reverb style heard earlier. The music pauses for a moment.

Dave Dymond: It’s like nothing else!

Other Guy: Real lives, Real Violence, that’s what it’s all about.

The music kicks back in now showing some more fighting, only no one soldier is highlighted.

“We got you wearing that Fight Club glare

Steady, tearing down the club cause you just don’t care”

You see a quick fire montage of Jason Riley and Tom Quinn, then The Collins Twins, then Kid Lightning and Flash Dynamite.  The montage slows to focus on Jared Walsh and CJ Nelson. Both men stand victorious with the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

“It’s the realest way to feel it when the speakers pop poppin’”

Another quick montage takes over.  You see Jester Smiles, then Donovan King. Then Cade Sydal and then Chivalric.  After that you see Arion Catcher, then you see Gutter Rat with Big Ed Johnson by his side, from there NC-17 is seen, then Sinnocence, but the montage comes to a stop on Ainsley Lake with the Revolution Title held high with a proud look on her face.

“You with it if you get it when that beat starts knockin’”

The next quick montage shows Benjamin Biggs and then Kilgore Stochansky. After that you see Jester Smiles, and then the arrogant smirk of Ron Barker, and then the bloodied but victorious face of Trevor Worrens.  The montage slows to see Cade Sydal with the Laws of Survival Championship as he poses for the crowd.

“And we kill it when get up on that mic, start rockin’”

The next montage shows quick shots of Adrian Corazon in action, then Dan Stein battling with Azraith DeMitri, and then Kenji Yamada. The montage comes to a slow down to focus on Osbourne Kilminster who stands defiantly with the Iron Fist Championship clutched close to his body.

“And you feel it when you hear it cause we’re on non stoppin’”

The last montage sees Trevor Worrens and then Jun Kenshin. From there Roland Caldwell’s dominance is shown.   After that a clip is shown of Adrian Corazon fighting in the ring, then seen is the arrogant and knowing smirk of Jonny Johnson.  However the montage slows to show the Hero of SHOOT Project, Jester Smiles standing with his hometown crowd, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship held with both arms high over his head.

“So ask a buddy or a friend if they know, no

We do it daily, never maybe, every show, show

Ya’ll want to get down? I’m ready to roll”

Right now, y’all ready? let’s get it, let’s go!”

A history unmatched by any organization

Old school footage is shown of past matches in SHOOT history, done up in black and white.

“So buff, so rugged, so rough

Like a runaway train we’re tearing the track up

We’re at it again, we’re ready to act up

So cover and duck, show us you’re rocking with us”

A federation that promotes the stiffest competition

And then in full color the soldiers of today, fighting it out in the ring.

“Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this

Let’s see a fist if you’re rocking with this

Let me see your fist if you’re rocking with this!”

The chorus repeats now as we see clips of the various arenas Revolution has been held in, the noise of the fans is added in, as we see the opening introduction to the show, the silver and blue pyrotechnics that kick every night off.  Quick shots from all the different arenas and eventually the chorus fades out.

This is SHOOT Project… This is Revolution.

Cut to Black, and the Revolution logo.


We cut to the parking lot.  A large roar is heard throughout the lot.  We can hear the roar of a hemi-powered Dodge Ram 3500.  We can see the black beast roll into two parking spaces, and hopping down, The Willenium brushes the hair from his face. 

Willenium: Let’s see…Wallet, shades, watch, jacket…

He reaches back into the truck and pulls out two large, brown leather bags.  They are unassuming except for the strap over the front with a Giorgio Armani emblem.  He sets them ever so carefully on the concrete. 

Willenium: Ok.  Luggage, gear, hair products.  I feel like I’m missing something.

Trey, pacing around, suddenly has a lightbulb go off.  He strides to the bed of the gargantuan truck and lifts a lever.  The bedliner moves to reveal a lockbox inside the bed.  Reaching in, he pulls out a large cooking tray, covered with aluminum foil.  There is a bow tied at the top, and a small note attached at the tie.  Looking around, he finds a man wearing a headset and a shirt that says “Security.”

Willenium: Hey…Roadie! 

The man turns in a “who me?” kind of way.

 Willenium: Do you see anyone else in this damned parking lot?  No I didn’t think so.  How would you like to make a quick hundred dollars?

The man nods his head and begins walking towards Trey.

Willenium: Ok, all you need to do is take this tray backstage, and make sure they get to Kilgore.  Do you know who Kilgore is?

Nodding, the man grabs the tray with one hand, and the hundred dollar bill with the other.  Trey, pleased with himself watches as the man runs along to spread his message.  He throws his jacket on, pulls his shades over his eyes, and picks up his bags.  Pressing the button on his keys, we get the classic “Beep beep” from a car door locking.  The scene fades as Trey begins walking towards the backstage area.



The piano intro of “Girl Anachronism” bursts through the arena, and the capacity crowd is on their feet! Ainsley Lake steps through the curtain, and with the garbage can hoisted over her shoulder, the crowd can’t help but pop louder!

Samantha Coil: This match is scheduled for one fall, and is a Last Woman Standing match for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Wantagh, NY, AINSLEY LAKE!

Eryk Masters: And she’s brought some toys with her!

Other Guy: I’m scared of what might be in that can that we can’t see, Eryk.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t wait to find out, myself. This is gonna be even hotter than last week.

Ainsley smirks as she walks down the aisle toward the ring, slapping hands with a couple of fans. She walks up the steps, putting the can down in the corner of the ring, and flipping herself over the top rope. She starts to stretch on the top rope, looking down the aisle, anticipating the arrival of her opponent.

She doesn’t have to wait long, as “Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne starts to play over the speakers and the arena erupts into a chorus of cheers and catcalls. The crazy bitch and Revolution Champion, Sinnocence, appears from behind the curtain and starts her walk down the ramp, dressed in her normal black leather and the Revolution Championship belt around her curvy hips. Her ebony hair flows freely behind her, save for a strategically cut bang that hangs over her right eye.

Samantha Coil: And her opponent, from Austin, TX, she is the SHOOT Project Revolution Champion, SINNOCENCE!

Jeff Hansen: And there she is! SHOOT Project’s goddess herself!

Other Guy: Man, you don’t let up, do you?

Jeff Hansen: Sorry if I have a thing for actual women, OG.

Eryk Masters: I’d probably say something about having sex with one or both of these women right now, but I don’t know that they’ll be in any condition for that once this match is over.

She takes off the title belt and sets it down on the corner of the ring as she climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. Chris Jenkins is there to grab the belt, presenting it to the crowd and to the opponents, before handing it over to Mark Kendrick and signaling for the bell. Immediately, the pair lock up, with Ainsley pulling Sinn into an armdrag, dropping her to the mat! Sinn rolls, getting back to her feet, and charges at Ainsley with a clothesline! Ainsley ducks, slipping around over Sinn’s shoulders and planting her with a DDT! Sinn rolls over, holding her head, but she’s back to her feet, and Ainsley is rummaging through the garbage can! The crowd cheers, until Sinn interrupts her search with a forearm to the back of the head! The crowd boos, but Ainsley’s body hits the garbage can, spilling its contents into the ring! The crowd pops as the deadly weapons are sprawled across the mat!

Sinn picks up a crutch! Before she has the option to swing it, Ainsley plants a kick to the back of her knee!

Other Guy: Sinn might have to use that in a way she wasn’t planning!

Jeff Hansen: That was laaaaame

Eryk Masters: Just like Sinn might be after that kick!

Other Guy: Thanks for the backup, Eryk.

Ainsley grabs the garbage can, and as Sinn starts to get up, she puts a massive dent in the side over Sinn’s cranium! Sinn drops the crutch, dazed, before falling back to the mat! Ainsley throws the can at her, and it bounces off her chest! Ainsley drops to her knees in front of the fallen champion, putting one hand across her throat! Sinn starts to kick, grabbing at Ainsley’s hand! Ainsley continues to choke the life out of her! Sinn finally tosses an eyepoke that connects and throws Ainsley off! She puts her hands to her eyes as she backs up, and Sinn gets to her feet! She pulls Ainsley into a German suplex, and Ainsley lands head and shoulders onto the garbage can! The can crumples under her, and Ainsley rolls over, slumping onto her stomach, a hand on her neck! Sinn gets to a knee, shaking her head, before back to her feet. She walks over to the mess of weapons, and grabs the crutch once more, until something else catches her eye!

Eryk Masters: Is that… is that what I think it is?

Other Guy: It is! It totally is!


Eryk Masters: I hope our video team is ready with the mosaic!

Sinn holds up a giant purple dildo (and seems surprised at the weight of it), before tossing the crutch aside! The crowd starts into a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant as Sinn approaches the challenger! She pulls the rubber toy across Ainsley’s throat, pulling her into a modified camel clutch! Ainsley grips hard on Sinn’s hand, gasping for air!

Jeff Hansen: I’m sure Ainsley’s choked on dick before, but I think this might be a first for her!

Other Guy: Why haven’t I killed you yet?

Sinn releases the hold, pulling Ainsley up to her feet, and whipping her to the ropes. Ainsley on the rebound, and Sinn wallops her with the dong, dropping the challenger back to the mat! Sinn drops the weapon, and starts to snicker as it moves along the ground!

Jeff Hansen: Ainsley got cockslapped!

Eryk Masters: Did she seriously put batteries in there?!

Ainsley rolls over, holding her head, and before Jenkins can start a count, Sinn has Ainsley back on her feet, whipping her to the ropes! Sinn follows her, and sends her over the top with a clothesline! Ainsley lands in a heap on the floor, and Sinn starts throwing weapons out of the ring! A barbed-wire wrapped 2×4 barely misses Ainsley’s head! She barely rolls out of the way of the crutch as it hits the floor, and she starts to pull herself up by the apron! Sinn tosses a kendo stick out of the ring, but sees Ainsley starting to get up! She flies to the other side of the ring, and comes back with a vicious baseball slide that sends Ainsley into the guardrail!

Sinn picks up a length of barbed wire, and the fans explode! She wraps it around her arm, heading out onto the apron! Ainsley isn’t moving, and Sinn flies off the top rope with an elbow drop! She connects! Ainsley screams and Sinn immediately holds her arm in pain, pulling the wire away! We can clearly see lines of blood start to drip down Sinn’s arm, and Ainsley’s back is likely in a similar condition! Chris Jenkins starts the count!





Ainsley pulls herself to her knees, grabbing the guardrail to assist her. Jenkins stops the count as she gets to her feet, but Sinnocence charges her! Ainsley, almost on instinct, tosses Sinn over the guardrail with a back body drop! The crowd parts as Sinn crashes down on several chairs!

Jeff Hansen: After all she’s been through so far, how could you do something like that to her?!

Other Guy: You sayin’ Sinn can’t take it, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: The woman’s at a handicap here, OG! That’s just not right!

Eryk Masters: She won last week with that handicap, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Don’t try to introduce logic into this, Eryk!

Ainsley starting to get her bearings now, as she pushes a bunch of chairs out of the way, grabbing one and hopping up onto the guardrail! She holds the chair to her chest as she sails off with a moonsault that connects! Ainsley bounces off, holding her ribs, and Sinn looks to be out cold! Ainsley isn’t about to leave anything to chance, though, slamming Sinnocence in the back with the chair! Ainsley motions to Jenkins, and Jenkins starts a count!





Sinn’s starting to figure out what’s going on, and she rolls over onto her stomach! She puts an arm up onto a chair, pushing up, but the chair slides out from under her!



Sinn gets to her feet, but she’s obviously shaken! Ainsley dodges fans as she grabs Sinn by the hair, pulling her toward the back of the hall!

Eryk Masters: It looks like Ainsley’s looking to go upstairs!

Ainsley grabs something from one of the crowd members– an Easy-Bake oven! She chuckles, turning back to Sinn– Sinnocence hits a boot to Ainsley’s gut, and yanks the plastic machine from her grasp! Sinn brings it crashing down on top of Ainsley’s head!

Jeff Hansen: What’s cookin’ now, bitch!

Other Guy: And you were yelling at me for being lame?

Jeff Hansen: Back me up here, Eryk…

Eryk Masters: That was a pretty terrible pun, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Stop ganging up on me!

The pink plastic goes flying in all directions, and Sinn grabs a piece of it, grabbing Ainsley from behind! She pulls the jagged edge across Ainsley’s forehead, and Ains howls as blood starts to pour down her face! Before Sinn can do any more damage, Ainsley drops to a seated position, rocking Sinn back with a jawbreaker! Ainsley wipes the blood from her face, and turns to face her opponent– Sinn whips her into the wall!  Ainsley hits, leaving a mark where her face met the white paint, and as Ainsley turns around, Sinn clocks her across the head with a chair! Sinn backs off, letting Jenkins get in for the count!





It looks like a fan got a little too frisky on Sinn’s blind side, and groped her, but Sinn turns, dropping him with a hard right! The rest of the fans around her give her a wide berth!



Ainsley pushes herself up against the wall, trying to use it for support!



Ainsley powers herself to her feet! Almost immediately, Sinn plants her back to the floor with another chairshot! She orders Jenkins to count!

Other Guy: Sinn looks anxious to get this match over with.

Jeff Hansen: If you saw some crazy bitch bleeding from her head who refused to stay down, wouldn’t you?

Eryk Masters: I can’t argue with that logic, OG.





Ainsley’s stirring, but still not up!



Ainsley gets to her knees, but she’s having trouble getting any further than that! She pushes herself against the wall again, and Sinn doesn’t even wait for her to get up! She swings– and hits the wall! Ainsley rolled out of the way, and Sinn turns around– Ainsley kicks the chair into her face! Sinn stumbles back a bit, dropping the chair, and Ainsley boots her in the stomach, dropping her with a DDT onto the chair! Ainsley pulls a table from against the wall, pushing chairs (and fans) out of the way! She pops it up, and sends a couple of forearms into Sinnocence’s face, before rolling her onto the table! Sinn doesn’t look to be in good shape, looking around the arena, but making no effort to get up!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know if Sinn knows where she is!

Jeff Hansen: Wake up, Sinn! Don’t let her do this to you!

Other Guy: And Ainsley’s going to the top!

Ainsley uses a chair to spring up, pulling herself onto the lower ledge, and climbing up onto the higher one! The crowd is going nuts, and Ainsley raises her hands in the air!

Other Guy: This could be the end for Sinnocence’s second title reign!

Jeff Hansen: I refuse to believe it!

Ainsley FLIES off the high ledge with a shooting star press! But nobody’s home! Sinnocence rolled off the table, and Ainsley crashes through it and to the floor! The unforgiving crowd starts to chant!


Other Guy: C’mon, is that necessary?

Eryk Masters: You’re in Philly, OG. These fans once booed Santa Claus.

Ainsley looks to be out, but Sinnocence isn’t taking any chances, setting up a pair of chairs, facing each other! She pulls Ainsley to her feet, and Ainsley looks like she’s going to collapse any second! Sinnocence brings Ainsley up, and right back down with a Michinoku driver through the chairs! The chairs are bent beyond repair!

Jeff Hansen: There is no way Ainsley is getting up from that!

Sinnocence rolls over, getting to her feet as Jenkins starts the count!




Ainsley hasn’t even stirred!




Ainsley moves her head, opening her eyes, but they roll back into her head!



Other Guy: Get up!



Jeff Hansen: She does it again!

Jenkins calls for the bell, and Ainsley looks like she’s having trouble focusing!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, and STILL SHOOT Project Revolution Champion, SINNOCENCE!

Sinnocence holds up one arm in victory as “Gets Me Through” starts up again, and she puts a hand down for Ainsley. The challenger groggily grabs it, and Sinn pulls her to her feet, raising Ainsley’s hand in the air as well! She puts Ainsley’s arm over her shoulders as they start to walk, slightly dazed, toward the ring. Jenkins meets the pair as they climb over the guardrail, handing the belt to Sinnocence, who holds it up in the air to another crowd pop!

Eryk Masters: A bloody affair from two amazing competitors, but in the end Sinnocence retains, and it sounds like the Philly fans have a newfound respect for these two.

Other Guy: Well, Ainsley showed she could go hardcore at Jonnylution 1, but victory wasn’t in the cards tonight.

Jeff Hansen: That’s right, because Sinnocence completely and utterly kicked her ass. And Ainsley also got cockslapped.

Other Guy: I’m seriously gonna punch you, man.


This particular shot opens backstage where the evening’s lone “interviewer on duty” SCOTT RICHARDSON is in another of his neutrally ominous backstage locations.  In a black suit, black slacks and a blue tie, the always pertinent journalist is in front of a plain wall  where a poster advertising a local punk rock show hangs behind him to his left.  He grips his microphone and stares forward, ready to present whatever information he has.

Scott Richardson: Well ladies and gentlemen, if you are just tuning in…  WELCOME to Revolution Fifty.  Nearly a year’s worth of shows in the book, and we are celebrating with a special VIP presentation LIVE from the New Alhambra Arena here in PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.

He pauses while the fans in attendance are heard audibly cheering in the background.

Scott Richardson: So much history for a location that was once a measly old bingo hall, and there could be NO BETTER CHOICE for tonight’s show.  Already we have witnessed the first SHOOT Project, LAST WOMAN STANDING affair and there is still so much left.  Osbourne Kilminster will defend his IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP against a former Iron Fist champion in his own right, Dan Stein…  Legends will collide in a DREAM MATCH of sorts as the HALL OF FAME duo of OutKast and Real Deal, INSTANT HEAT will do battle with Cade Sydal and my fellow colleague, DUTCH HARRIS, who, for one night only, will be unified under the D AND C banner.

And of course…  A HUGE main event, as recently crowned SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JESTER SMILES will honor the rematch clause of former champion, “THE DEFILER” JONNY JOHNSON in a bout the challenger is calling…  “The Eleventh Hour”.  An anything goes affair that can only be won or lost when a competitor’s LITERAL towel is thrown in for mercy!

Richardson pauses and the fans continue to buzz in the background.

Scott Richardson: Now, I have received a few quick clarifications on that main event that I would like to pass along…  First, for fans watching at home, the match will have no formal time limit, though various network obligations may force your local television providers to cut away should the bout go longer than expected.  Of course, as always the show will be available for download in its entirety via SHOOTPROJECT DOT COM so hopefully that will be a non issue. 

Second, and this pertains to the contest itself, a last minute ruling as I was told…  The assigned “towel bearers”,  as they are being called, CANNOT LEGALLY make contact with ANY of tonight’s competitors, and any violation of this rule will be considered an AUTOMATIC SURRENDER for the offending party’s side and that the title CAN change hands on such a decision.  This means that both towel bearers will have to show great restraint or they could very well cost their man.

Richardson clears his throat and continues.

Scott Richardson: Speaking of the folks in control of the towels… Of course we know that Adrian Corazon will be in Jester Smiles corner.  I spoke with Corazon earlier before the start of tonight’s show and he was very aware of what he was being asked to do.  When I asked him about the pressure of being involved with something like this, he simply smiled and said, “The pressure sn on the challenger.  I’m just here to congratulate Eric when it’s all said and done.”

As for the DEFILER’s side of the story, we have NOT been able to confirm who will be in his corner, and unfortunately Jonny has been unavailable for comment all evening.  By rule, he HAS to have someone, though I would have to check with the rules and with senior official TONY LORENZO as to whether or not that decision has to be public or whether or not the individual he choses even has to be at ringside. 

Either way, I will continue to try and get a word with the former World Champion and perhaps sort this mess out before our evening comes to a close.

Richardson looks ahead and gives a concluding nod.

Scott Richardson: That’s it for me right now, but as always I will be doing my best to report on any new information as I receive it.  Jeff, Eryk, OG…  Back to you!


“Club Foot” by Kasabian begins to play as the focus returns to the ring, a young man makes his way to the ring in street clothes. He slides in before politely asking for the microphone.

Eryk Masters: Who is that in the ring?

The young man smiles as he is handed the microphone by Samantha Coil. He softly taps twice on the microphone causing the music to fade out.

Jack Heart: I understand this Revolution, the big five-o, was a huge show, so I can understand why I’m not on the card. I don’t want to make this some huge public spectacle. But still, I ask you as humbly as I can, please give me a chance to prove myself in this ring to everyone in the back and to all the fans around the world. All I am asking for is just one chance. That’s all I need. Just one chance. I don’t mind if it’s the newest signing or the baddest man on the planet. I just need one shot, one opportunity just anything to prove that I belong on this roster, that I belong in this sport.

Heart looks around the huge stadium, half the seats now empty from fans taking this as a chance to spend a penny, buy some merch or just stretch their legs.

Jack Heart: I understand, that me standing in this ring talking isn’t entertaining as Jonny Johnston vs Jester Smiles, Kilminister vs Stein or even a last woman standing match. But all I am asking is to be able to step inside this ring and compete, I’ve been off the road for over a month now. Most people would welcome this. An opportunity to catch up with friends and family but not me. All I want to do is compete, all I want is to put my body on the line each and every week. I’m not looking for praise or glory I just want to compete.

Jack Heart: I don’t want to waste people’s time. I just want one chance to truly test my ability and skill in SHOOT Project.

Heart hands the microphone back to Samantha before sliding out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Seriously Other Guy, who was that?


Vutting away from our previous scene we find ourselves moving along a backstage hallway. Our intrepid reporter Scott Richardson is on the move, ever vigilant for an interview opportunity with your favorite SHOOT soldiers.

A door opens ahead. It is the door to the Sons of Liberty locker room, and the man entering the hallway is "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali. He speaks to someone inside the room.

Nightmare: Good luck, bro, and remember, courage isn’t about not having fear it’s about overcoming it to do what needs to be done.

Jon then lets the door close as, unnoticed to him, Scott Richardson hurries over.

Scott Richardson: Who were you talking to, Nightmare?

Nightmare: Eric, or Juster Smiles as you and the public know him. He has a huge title defense tonight after all.

Scott Richardson: Indeed he does. Let’s hope he proves that hope is not merely an illusion after all.

Nightmare: Oh, it’s not. If nothing else he’s proved Jonny Johnson can be toppled, and what one man can accomplish others may as well. Even if Jester falls tonight he’s succeeded in his goals.

Scott Eichardson: And what of you and the other Sons of Liberty? Do you feel you have succeeded in your goals?

Jon takes a moment to consider the question carefully.

Nightmare: The Defiler’s basically standing alone now, his powerbase dissolved, so I’d say we succeeded as a group. Ainsley’s in the Revolution title scene even if Sinnocence did regain the belt, so she seems to be succeeding. Adrian has a chance to regain the world title that was stolen from him, so you can call that a success as well.

Scott Richardson: But what of Donovan King? He had to have felt disrespected by all of you last week when Corazon was the only SoL member to nominate him as the next challenger to the SHOOT World Champion. He is the man who formed the Sons of Liberty after all.

Nightmare: The fact of the matter is only one person could get that shot. There are several people in this company who deserve that opportunity, from Cade Sydal to Trevor Worrens to Donovan King. We could have chosen anyone in the company, Sons of Liberty or not, but the situation between Adrian Corazon and Jonny Johnson was the catalyst for all that followed these past few months. That is why I voted for Adrian.

As for why I didn’t vote for Donovan? He was already spinning a title defense out of Eric before the Under Siege match even took place. He didn’t need our voting for him to get that title shot; he just needs to seal the deal on that spin.

Scott nods, accepting the answers, then continues his questioning.

Scott Richardson: And with Danny Evers preferring to take a less active role in-ring that leaves one remaining Son of Liberty to be accounted. Do you feel you are succeeding in reaching your goals, Nightmare?

Jonathon frowns somewhat as his expression grows sterner.

Nightmare: Truthfully? No. I still have difficulty getting booked for any matches here in SHOOT Project, never mind I’ve yet to lose a single match on my own. People see me as just a member of the Sons of Liberty, not a wrestler on my own accord. I love SHOOT Project and want to leave my mark on the company, but how can U when I’m never given the opportunity? Hell, I’d be willing to accept Jack Heart’s request for a match just so I can see some singles action.

Scott Richardson: So would it be fair to say that you are indeed upset that Dan Stein is getting a shot at the Iron Fist Championship tonight while you’re not even on the card?

Jon shakes his head.

Nightmare: Not quite. I’m not upset with Dan. He’s a friend and his motives are good, so I wish him well tonight. Win or lose the title will be in worthy hands now. It will finally be defended once again. I know Dan will continue to defend it, and he will grant me a shot at the belt. If Ozzy wins, Dan and I will ensure that he continues to defend it as long as he holds it. To gain that title I can afford to be patient just a little bit longer.

However, I am upset that I have not been booked while people like Kilgore Stochansky and Willenium get to fight. After all, what have they done within the last month? Six months? Year? Nothing, that’s what, and yet they’re considered more ‘name quality’ for booking than I am. It’s bull shit, but it’s simply proof that there’s work yet to do to fix SHOOT Project for the better.

A sneer of disgust fleetingly crosses Jonathon’s features.

Nightmare: Now, if you’ll excuse me, Scott, I have an IF title match to catch.

Jon nods in parting and makes his way down the hallway and out of sight.

Scott Richardson: So it appears not everything is as perfect for the Sons of Liberty as people may think. The war may be over, but the individual battles continue.



“I want you so Hard (Boy’s bad news)” by the Eagles of Death Metal hits the loudspeakers.  From behind the apron, we see the Willenium, strutting his way to the entrance ramp.  He pauses for a few moments, and then comes to a complete stop.  He turns his side to face the curtain and points towards the back.  The curtain slides to the side, and ELI STORM walks from the back.  Gliding at a slow pace, he comes to the ramp to join the Willenium.

Eryk Masters: Eli Storm?  Is that who Trey was going to train with?

Other Guy: Of course it was.  Don’t you remember?  Eli and Trey used to be good friends.  Who else could teach Trey how to become the Next SHOOT World Champion but a former Champion himself?

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight’s Contest is Set for One Fall…Introducing First, being accompanied by Eli Storm…From Staten Island, New York, Weighing In at One Hundred and Ninety One Pounds…He is “THE WILLENIUM”, TREY WILLETT!!

The two men make their way to the ring.  At ringside, as the music begins to slowly die down, Trey and Eli appear to be having a pep talk with each other.  The two men high-five and Trey grabs hold of the top rope, flipping over it.  He paces around the ring a few times as his music comes to a halt.  After the booming drum Intro, the guitars of “Strange Times” By The Black Keys start up, and a lone spotlight shines on the entranceway, from which emerges Kilgore Stochansky.  Clad in a red and black tracksuit, he jogs in place for a moment before putting his grin on blast for the crowd, enticing a reaction of nothing but boos.

Jeff Hansen: See, now things are about to get underway!  It doesn’t matter how much Willenium has trained, this isn’t the same SHOOT project that he was dominating back in the day.  The Caliber of competitors has gone up more than a few notches! 

Samantha Coil: And His Opponent, From Verona, New Jersey…Wighing in at Two Hundred and Fifty Pouns…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Stochansky mokes his way to the ring, strutting, and he does a polite nod in the direction of the Willenium before sliding into the ring and standing up, raising his arms to another round of boos.  Trey gets into the ring at his corner, discarding his shirt as Kilgore pops off his tracksuit and shoves it underneath the turnbuckle.  Both men do some preliminary stretches as Coil exits the ring, and Dennis Heflin calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: There’s the bell, and we are underway!

Both men walk to the center of the ring, and Willett holds out his hand for a handshake.  The crowd buzzes a bit, wondering if Kilgore will take the bait…and he does! 

Other Guy: Aww, Willenium just made a mistake—wait, why isn’t Kilgore hitting him?

Indeed he isn’t.  After a period of uneasy hand extension, Kilgore indeed clasps Willenium’s hand.  And they shake.  No tricks, no strikes—They just shake hands.  There’s a general buzz of confusion amongst the crowd as the handshake breaks. 

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore’s been talking a whole bunch about trying to help Trey, and being a friend to him…maybe there’s some truth to it?

Both men pause for a moment, and it seems as if they are unsure of where to go from here.  Finally, Trey’s eyes light up, and he points to Kilgore’s boots, apparently indicating something.  As Kilgore looks down, Willenium swings upward, and nails him right in the face with an uppercut slap!  The Crowd cheers as Stochansky reels backwards, but Willett stays on him, causing a “Whoo!” echo with a big knife edged chop! 

Other Guy: Is the Willenium actually…wrestling right now?

Trey locks up with Kilgore and transitions to a waistlock from behind, before hauling his larger opponent backwards with a quick German suplex!  The Crowd Cheers as Kilgore rolls on the mat, holding his head in pain, screaming for referee Dennis Heflin!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus, if Kilgore is hurt, we have to call the match a draw!

Eryk Masters: Are you serious?

Other Guy: He is, Eryk, and that’s the saddest part.

Heflin checks on Kilgore as boos begin to fill the arena.  There’s a long moment, and Willett finally pushes Heflin away and grabs Kilgore by his hair—but Kilgore shoots his arm out and lands a shot right to Trey’s Testicles!  The boos intensify as Kilgore gets up, grinning and tapping his Temple.  Trey moves forward, obviously in pain, and attempts a lockup;  But Kilgore stops him short with a blatant open-handed slap to the face!

Eryk Masters: You know, one has to wonder when people will stop falling for that!

Willenium is reeling, and Kilgore stays on him, pausing for a moment before bringing his foot up, and taking Trey to the canvas with a convict kick to the chest!  The Ukrainian dives onto his fallen opponent, and begins choking him outright!  Heflin moves to stop this amongst the rabid boos, but Willenium decides to be proactive about it, and rakes Kilgore right in the eyes!  Stochansky scuttles backwards and uses the ropes to assist his getting to his feet, while Trey slowly rises, coughing.  Stochansky runs forward, looking for the Strong Arm Tactics Lariat, but Willett ducks, and while Kilgore turns around, he launches himself in the air and lands a very wild-looking enzugiri right to his opponent’s skull!

Other Guy: Stochansky is down!

Eryk Masters: But Willett’s going up top!

Trey has climbed to the middle turnbuckle, and he does a bodybuilder pose to a mixture of cheers and boos before leaping off—and NAILING Kilgore’s stirring frame with a double stomp to the chest!  The crowd pops huge as Willett struts off of Kilgore’s torso, chuckling to himself. 

Jeff Hansen: the man who proclaims himself the Willenium is definitely showing that he can gloat, but he should be capitalizing right now!

Trey turns and lays a stomp to Kilgore’s skull, which seems to stir the big Ukrainian a little.  Willett grabs onto Kilgore’s hair and raises him to his feet, and then whips his opponent right into the corner!  He takes a few steps back and gets a running start, and leaps into the air, elbow cocked and ready—But Kilgore takes him to the mat midair with a high kick!  Trey hits the mat like a pile of bricks, clutching his chest and wincing. 

Jeff Hansen: It’s that type of dominating, strong style wrestling that made Kilgore into one of the more successful Laws of Survival Champions!

Other Guy: You mean the division that Trey Willett practically started?  The division that Trey Willett defined?

Jeff Hansen: Oh, you teach us, OG.  You teach us all so much.

Kilgore begins showboating for the crowd, earning nothing but boos of derision, but he doesn’t seem to notice.  Willett begins to stir, and Stochansky leans back against the ropes, ready to bound off in his direction.  He launches off, looking for a roaring elbow—But Trey executes a judo Roll and reaches out from his corner, and…Tags Eli Storm!

Other Guy: Eli Storm is coming in, and business is about to pick up!

Eryk Masters: that might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said, OG!  You know that this isn’t a tag match, if Eli gets in here and does anything it is Blatant interference!

Amidst cheers, Eli begins to climb into the ring, grinning from ear to ear.  Dennis Heflin moves quickly, blocking Eli’s entry and telling him to get the heck out of the ring.  Kilgore, ignoring Trey for the moment, walks over to Storm, and begins shouting at him, telling him to get out with some very choice words.

Eryk Masters: Storm involvement has derailed the match for the moment, and—wait, what is Trey fishing for in his pocket?

Other Guy: A Blast from the past, Masterlock!

Trey finally removes his hand from his pocket, and a fine dust begins falling from it…it looks like glitter!  He motions for the crowd to remain quiet as he sneaks up behind his opponent, but they ignore him, and as soon as Storm sees him, he leaps off of the apron.  Kilgore turns around, rage in his face…and walks Right into a handful of glitter, as Willenium just WINGS it into his eyes!

Other Guy:Bedazzler!!  Stick a Fork in Kilgore, cuz he’s done!

The Willenium quickly boots Kilgore in the gut, and slides him into a headscissors as the crowd goes crazy.  Trey grins as he hooks one of Kilgore’s arms, then the other!  He looks like he’s about to Execute The Dawn of a New Era—But Kilgore breaks free of the underhook and pushes himself up straight, tossing Willett to the mat roughly! 

Jeff Hansen: I mean, did you seriously think a little bit of glitter would put Stochansky down like that?

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure about that, but the Big Ukrainian doesn’t look very pleased!

Stochansky reels about for a moment, scraping glitter from his vision.  Willet tries to get up, but Kilgore leaps onto him, screaming, and begins raining down strikes to his opponent, as the crowd goes on excitement and jeers!  Willenium scrambles, trying to get out from under Kilgore’s fists and frame.  Heflin finally gets between the two and separates them, and he stays between them until both men get to their feet. 

Other Guy: Ahahaha, look at Kiglore’s face…he’s so angry and sparkly!

Jeff Hansen: Are you honestly a person who gets paid to comment on wrestling matches?  With choice soundbytes like that?

Heflin gets out of the way, and both men move in, tying up.  There’s moment of Struggle, but Kilgore hooks Willenium’s arm into an overhead wristlock!  He starts pushing backwards, wrenching the hold, but Trey breaks it up by kicking Stochansky right in the gut, causing the big man to release the hold and double over!  As the crowd cheers him on, Willet takes a forward somersault leap, looking for a Sunset flip, but Kilgore plants his feet, and Trey hits his back!  Kilgore reacts quickly, and brings a knee right into Trey’s Face!!

Eryk Masters: It’s still anyone’s match, but The Willenium is definitely looking worse for wear!

Kilgore drags his opponent to his feet and hooks his wrist in between his legs, and the crowd ratchets up on noise, as it’s obvious that he’s looking for the Dead Bent!  He locks the wrist, and begins to try and haul Trey backwards, but the Willenium cuts him off with a rough elbow to the temple!  The crowd erupts in cheers as Willett grabs him by the back of his head and jumps down, PLANTING Stochansky’s face on the mat with a facebuster!!  Trey hooks the leg, and Heflin hits the mat…




Willett slams his hand on the mat, obviously getting frustrated, and he gets in Heflin’s face, yelling at him about the count.  The crowd is screaming right now, as Kilgore is getting up, his nose bleeding slightly.  He shakes his head, his face etched with rage, and runs for Willett, Grabbing him around the Waist…He hauls off for a German Suplex, But Trey backflips and lands on his feet!

Eryk Masters: Wow!  A Surprising show of Agility from the Willenium, and Kilgore doesn’t even notice it!

Stochansky is slow to turn, and when he does, he gets a BIG field-goal kick to the balls!  The Crowd is cheering and booing in equal measure, as Willett steps back a couple of feet, before running forward and grabbing Kilgore around the waist before flipping forward, using his momentum—And flipping Kilgore over into a snapping piledriver motion!!

Other Guy: The Ratings Boost!!  Trey Just hit Stochansky with Eli Storm’s move!! 

Eryk Masters: I can barely hear myself over the noise right now!  It looks like the training paid off!!

Storm is slapping his hand on the apron as Willett makes the cover…




The Bell rings as the crowd erupts in cheers, and Trey scrambles to his feet and raises his arms without waiting for Heflin.  “I Want You so Hard( Boy’s Bad News )” by the Eagles of Death Metal starts blaring in the Arena as Samantha Coil grabs the mic…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winner, at a time of Eleven Minutes and Forty-Seven seconds…”THE WILLENIUM”, TREY WILLETT~!!

Storm rolls into the ring and raises Trey’s arm, pointing at him as the pair are bathed in flashbulbs.  We cut away…


The camera shows Cade Sydal walking the halls, with the Laws of Survival Title slung over his shoulder, and a duffle bag slung over the other. He turns a corner and stops dead in his tracks, as the camera pans around to show a small swarm of children, wearing patchwork coats, two of them on crutches. It looks almost like its straight out of Oliver Twist, and the kids suddenly break out in begging pleas, in a Cockney accent.

Kid Not on Crutches #1: You must, sir! You really must!

Cade tries to push past the swarm, evidently thinking to just ignore them at first, but the kids persist and don’t move aside. And Cade isn’t just going to run over some kids, so he’s stuck.

Cade Sydal: This is ridiculous guys. Come on, I gotta get to my locker room.

Kid Not on Crutches #2: Please, just give the title to Mister Stochansky!

Kid Not on Crutches #3: He’s the rightful champion, after all, sir!

Kid on Crutches #2: The only true Laws of Survival Champion, really, if you think about it!

Cade shakes his head slowly with a sigh.

Cade Sydal: Alright, look. You guys can go back to Kilgore and tell him I’ll return this title…when he can beat me for it. Until then, I’m not dealing with this. I’ll take the long way.

Cade turns and starts off, with the kids protesting all at once in an incomprehendable jumble of words.

Other Guy: That’s just low! Using kids like that!

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, Cade should be ashamed of himself! Making those poor orphans his messengers!

Eryk Masters: I think Other Guy was implying, and I’d have to agree, that Kilgore is behind that kid-swarm somehow, Jeff.


into the middle of the aisle with her box of yummy nummies, delivering the muffins to hungry, terrified, and horny fans with pure joy.

Nova Lynn Jackson: You’ll enjoy my muffins, I just know it! Thank you so much, everybody!

TMB: Nova…nevermind. How can I in good taste stop you from letting people enjoying your muffins? Are you sure you have enough to share with everyone?

Nova Lynn Jackson: Well, maybe I didn’t make enough, but I didn’t think people would be so understanding and want to help Jonny soooooo much! I mean, like, I love him and stuff, and I live for him and all that, but like, some people don’t really, y’know, like him. I guess it just goes to show that the SHOOT Project fans are the best most understanding fans in the world, and they all wanna help their soon-to-be-second-time World Champion out with his nasty icky cancer!

TMB shakes his head. Partly because Nova is actually selling her goods. That didn’t sound good did it. The other part is the little boys behind her with mirrors on their shoes. Ah to be young again.

TMB: Don’t sell all your stuff. You have to make sure you give some of your goodies to Jonny.

Nova Lynn Jackson: Of course! I saved the best goodies for Jonny! White chocolate chip cookies, banana-nut bread, and special muffins made from the best dark chocolate in the world! I love the fans, but I love Jonny even MORE, so I always save the best treats for my beloved!

Nova beams a happy smile at TMB, and steps on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, because hugging him would have spilled all of her delicious food.

Nova Lynn Jackson: If you’re busy with being strong and stuff, I can stick around and keep selling on my own, OK? Just leave me that plastic bag and I’ll put the money in there, and you can go stay with Jonny and help him prepare to beat the jerk Jester while I help him with his cancer!

TMB: Sure…any messages you want me to give to him while I’m gone?

Nova Lynn Jackson: Tell him that Jester’s a meanie and that I love him very much and that I just know he’ll win because he’s the best wrestler ever!

TMB: Ok, I’ll make sure to do that…and Nova, keep an eye out for those boys behind you. I think they are getting more then what they paid for.

Nova gives her most ferocious mean look to the pre-teens behind her, even catching one red-handed with a cellphone trying to get an upskirt shot. Nova kicks his hand and he yowls in pain, and Nova puts her hands on her hips to make herself look more like a scary mom than a sexy lady.

Nova Lynn Jackson: They better not forget that I’m a scary wrestler and could whoop their butts! Bye bye, TomTom, I can handle myself! Go take care of my Jonny for me!

Thomas Manchester Black walks away, shaking his head at his friend’s antics. Nova continues walking around in her little heels, waving her muffins around for all to see.

Jeff Hansen: Think she’ll come down here so I can have some of those lovely muffins?

Other Guy: God willing.

Eryk Masters: Did you two just agree on something?

Other Guy: A man’s got needs, Eryk. We all gotta eat, ya dig?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, that’s it.


The camera cuts to the back on DAN STEIN in his locker room, taping up his fists. With one foot up on a steel folding chair, and his eyes locked in on his hands, he jumps at the sound of a knock on the door. Quickly, Stein cuts the tape and places it on his wrist as he walks to the door.

The arena erupts as the same tray of cupcakes Willenium gave to the same roadie is handed over to Stein.

Roadie: Uh… these are for you.

Stein looks down at the tray, a wide smile on his face as he picks up the card. He shuts the door as the roadie turns and speeds away from the door – unsure of the demeanor of this superstar.

The Lights: ‘From your best friend.’ Huh. Good luck cupcakes from my best dudeski, Cade Sydal, huh? I’ll have to go thank him sometime.

Stein put the tray of cupcakes down on another chair, and went back to his bag to continue taping his fists.



As the focus returns to the ring area of the New Alhambra Arena, the small, but totally jam-packed to the point of standing room only, crowd starts going crazy once again as the cameras capture various sections for a brief second. The sound is incredibly loud given the close quarters in which everyone sits in, and when suddenly the four large speakers set up in each corner of the arena start to Blast “I’m Me” by Lil’ Wayne the crowd LOSES IT!

Eryk Masters: (nearly shouting) I can barely hear myself!

Other Guy: It’s just going to keep getting louder as this night continues… MAN what a rush this is!

"Un-fucking-believable Lil’ Wayne’s the President"

"Fuck ’em, fuck ’em, fuck ’em, even if they celibate"

"I know the game is crazy, it’s more crazy than it’s ever been"

"I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin"

Christopher Davis walks out from behind a large black curtain dividing the back halls of the arena from the ring area and everyone is out of their chairs so you don’t know who has seats and who is a part of the standing room only.  Davis looks around the arena with a slow nod of his head and a look of pure killer instinct in his eyes.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match up is the second of the best of seven series and is scheduled for one fall.

Samantha has to stop for a moment as the crowd gets even rowdier as Davis walks to the ring.

"And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with"

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, weighing in at 271 pounds… ladies and gentlemen… THIS IS CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

“Bitch I’m me, I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Baby I’m me, so who you? Ur not me, you’re not me

And I know that ain’t fair, but I don’t care”

Davis hops up onto the ring edge and then holds his arms out to the side of his body like a cross before ducking through the middle and top ropes to enter the ring.  He walks a full circle around the inside of the ring, pointing out to random fans who shout extra loud to get his attention.

Jeff Hansen: You know Davis can enjoy this moment all he wants, but at the end of the day he’s got to come back to reality.  And reality says he’s one match down and losing tonight puts him just two matches away from losing this thing straight through in four matches.

Other Guy: Why think about the negative when you’re surrounded by sixteen hundred plus positives!  These fans are givin’ Davis some much needed motivation here tonight in Philly!

Jeff Hansen: The fans don’t fight Davis’s fight, and from what we’ve seen and heard, Mallows is in complete control of this situation.

Eryk Masters: That might be so, but we heard the passionate words from Davis, he’s going to give everything and beyond to see to it that if he goes down, Vincent Mallows is going right along with him.

The music continues to play, but the second it cuts out, you wouldn’t even know it at first due to the volume of the crowd.  However the lightning inside the arena shifts suddenly to a deep red hue and the crowd becomes angry with boos in a second flat.


The opening words echo followed by the ominous chanting of Gregorian Monks set to a heavy metal guitar rift.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  The room just echoes with the noise of hatred the moment Vincent Mallows steps into view.


Mallows scowls at the rudeness of the fans as he swaggers to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at 273 pounds… THIS IS VINCENT MALLOWS!!!

Davis looks like he’s a leashed animal ready to snap away from the chain as he glares at Mallows.  Mallows slowly walks towards the ring steps, having to move his body away from a fan who literally tries to lunge over the guard railing and punch him in the arm.  SHOOT security immediately stations themselves right by that spot as Mallows walks up the steel steps and then slowly steps into the ring. Chris Jenkins is once again on hand to officiate for the best of seven series and he makes sure Davis stays calm before he signals for the bell.

Eryk Masters: This is going to be an emotionally charged and intense match as Mallows has apparently gotten both Davis’s mother and father involved in this one.

Other Guy: Not to mention continues to hold an important secret hostage, threatening to expose it to the world.

Jeff Hansen: Has anyone thought that maybe Davis should have just been honest from the get go? then who knows, this whole thing might not be even happening.

Other Guy: You would find a way to side with Mallows.

Jeff Hansen: Hey the guy creeps me out just as much as anyone, but the way good and bad is perceived around here is a joke so I like to present other options.

Mallows takes a hold of the top rope near the upper left corner and stretches out his arms a bit then turns back to face Davis, rotating his arms to loosen up his shoulders.  The referee looks to Davis, then to Mallows and now both men look to be set for the match.  With one swift motion Jenkins points to timekeeper Mark Kendrick…


And Davis quickly storms in at Mallows and Mallows storms in at Davis!  The two meet and Davis throws a huge haymaker of a punch!


But Mallows fires right back with a stiff European Uppercut!


Davis fires back, punch to the face!


Mallows with a punch of his own.


The crowd cheers and boos depending on who punches who and Davis and Mallows just continue to exchange punches quicker and quicker, soon to the point that the fans can’t even keep up.

Davis with a punch. Mallows. Davis. Mallows.  Mallows… Davis… Mallows.  Mallows. Davis…  Davis! Davis with another punch, and another… and another!  The crowd erupts as Mallows stumbles back a great deal and now Davis charges in, only for Mallows to fight right back with a VICIOUS clothesline!

The fans immediately go back to booing as Davis rocks back and forth, clutching his head between both his arms.  Mallows slows the pacing down now, landing a single stomp, then pulling Davis up into a sitting position and wrenching at the neck with a sleeper from behind, knee pushed into Davis’s back.  The referee checks on the situation but Davis isn’t about to give up. He starts to get up to his feet right away and Mallows nails a stiff forearm shot to the small of Davis’s back, turns him around and whips him into the ropes.  Davis comes bouncing back and Mallows whips around him locking on a sleeper hold once more.

Jeff Hansen: Mallows just trying to suck all the fast pace aggression out of Davis right now, and it seems to be working.

Other Guy: Or it could just piss him the fuck off, ya know?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah… I guess it could, OG.

Davis works on walking towards the right side ring ropes, but Mallows now kicks him in the back of the leg, pushing his foot into the back of the knee to force Davis down to one knee while STILL applying the sleeper hold on him. Davis moves his arms about trying to work his momentum back up from one knee again and then throws his elbow back right into Mallows’s body.  Mallows falters and Davis throws a second, harder elbow and this time Mallows loses his grip on Davis all together.

Davis runs ahead into the ropes and comes bouncing off.  Mallows ducks a clothesline, but Davis stops, and Mallows doesn’t realize. He turns and steps right into the awaiting arms of Davis…


The crowd pops BIG TIME once more as Davis seems to make a cover, but then shifts into a mounting position and just unleashes on Mallows some more, forgoing the pin all together. Mallows shoves Davis away multiple time and even throws a couple of reckless strikes at Davis.

Eryk Masters: It’s just a sloppy mess of punches and blocks on the mat now as this one probably the furthest thing from a wrestling clinic!

Jeff Hansen: Did you expect it would be?

Other Guy: I gotta agree with Jeff there, Eryk. There’s no way ANY of these matches are going to be five star classics. Davis is pissed, and Mallows has a plan.  And BOTH cats are determined to win this series.

Mallows finally gets up, but Davis lunges up off the mat shortly after him and tackles him down by the legs and starts punching some more. Mallows rolls over onto his stomach and scrambles to the ropes… gets up and just PUNTS Davis in the nose! Davis springs up to his feet, holding his face with one hand and Mallows now pulls his arm away, throws a hard chop, then follows up by taking Davis down with an STO!

And now Mallows makes the first cover of the match, scraping his forearm across Davis’s face to add more injury to the nose.

Jenkins makes the count.



Eryk Masters: Kick out by Davis and Mallows bringing him right back up to his feet, locking him up in grapple to keep control.

Davis struggles to power out from the grapple, so Mallows throws up a knee into his gut.  Davis doubles over from the strike and Mallows hooks him for a DDT, but Davis powers right back and lifts Mallows up and over, countering with a makeshift back body drop.  Davis staggers forward and Mallows gets up to his feet slowly, holding at his back in slight pain.  Davis turns and Mallows fires with a punch, but Davis gets an arm up to block it and then punches Mallows instead!


Mallows’s head snaps back from the strike and Davis grabs him by the arm and whips him into the lower right corner post.  Mallows slumps up against it sternum first and Davis charges in, only for Mallows to blindly kick a leg back.

BUT Davis captures the leg!

Other Guy: Mallows holdin’ on to that turnbuckle for dear life, but Davis sayin’ no way, you’re mine!

Mallows hops up and down on one leg slightly, trying to keep his balance and keep himself from being pulled away by Davis.  Davis TWISTS Mallows’s ankle slightly, causing Mallows to shout in pain and then he YANKS Mallows away from the corner, but Mallows ends up taking the top turnbuckle pad with him!  Mallows is spun around… and booted in the gut.  Mallows drops the turnbuckle pad and Davis quickly SPIKES Mallows head first into the mat via a DDT.

Eryk Masters: Davis throwing every ounce of strength behind every move, and the impact of that DDT alone could be enough to have knocked Mallows out.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but the referee’s more concerned with that turnbuckle pad, Eryk.  So no count is being made.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The crowd voices their frustration loudly to referee Chris Jenkins and Davis gets up, moving towards Jenkins now who tries to re-attach the turnbuckle pad.  Davis shouts at the referee to get his head back into the match and as he does this, Kid One and Kid Two start down to the ring and together they carry a steel briefcase.

Other Guy: Ya know, I was wonderin’ when we’d finally see THAT come into play.

Eryk Masters: Mallows’s career has seen that briefcase pop up time and time again, and it’s popping up here tonight in Philadelphia.

Kid One and Kid Two both crawl into the ring and slide the briefcase to Mallows who starts to come to.  The two midgets then scramble to the other side of the ring, making sure they are in clear sight of the referee.  The crowd is on their feet throwing trash already as Mallows staggers up to his feet, clutching the steel briefcase tightly in his hands.  The referee is distracted by Kid One and Kid Two, but Davis knows EXACTLY what their presence means and he turns immediately.

Mallows SWINGS with the briefcase, but Davis ducks, prepared for it and Mallows swings through… he has no time to recover as Davis DRILLS him in the back of the head, causing him to drop the steel briefcase, and then Davis HOISTS Mallows up onto his shoulders. The crowd is going absolutely nuts…

Davis DROPS Mallows on top of his head from off his shoulders to connect with ANGELA’S ASHES!!!

Other Guy: Goodnight Vincent… this one belongs to Davis!

Jeff Hansen: Not so fast, the two midgets still have the referee’s attention. HAH!  No count being made… terrific.


Eryk Masters: These fans counting damn loud though all on their feet.




Davis is beside himself with anger now as he rises up to his feet, no counting having been made and now he goes to the outside of the ring.  The referee shouts for him not to do so but Davis flat out ignores the order and while Kid Two gets away, Kid One is grabbed up by Davis and just HURLED into the guard railing!!! 

“HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!” the fans chant with excitement as Kid One lies motionless in a crumpled up heap.

Jeff Hansen: Can’t we get a lawsuit for like midget cruelty?

Other Guy: Who cares, those two creepy guys deserve it!

Davis looks to see Kid Two has ran all the way to the opposite side of the ring and Davis dives under the bottom rope and makes a B-line for him, but Mallows intercepts with a charging knee that again doubles Davis over, and Mallows now runs him shoulder first into the upper right corner post!  Davis shouts out in pain as he drops to one knee and Mallows pulls him out of the corner, only to throw him right back in, again targeting the shoulder!  Mallows rolls up Davis from behind now… and now referee Chris Jenkins is back in the match.



THR… Kick out by Davis!  Kid Two stomps about in frustration, but Mallows seems to have collected himself a great deal. He walks still with a bit of a stagger about him, stopping every so often to hold his head.  After he regains his bearings, Mallows lifts Davis up off the mat and FIRES with a left-handed European uppercut.  Davis staggers back and Mallows takes him by the arm and looks to whip him into the lower left corner, but he turns him all the way through and sends Davis back into the upper right corner, sending him colliding with the corner sternum first.

Mallows charges in, but Davis ROCKS him in the jaw with a blind elbow.  Mallows stumbles back a great deal and slowly Davis turns to face him. Mallows comes in again, another elbow strike, but this time HEAD ON!  Mallows’s head snaps to the side, a huge wad of reddish spit flying from his mouth.

Eryk Masters: And it looks like Christopher Davis has busted open the lip or gum of Mallows and the onslaught continues!

Other Guy: Seeing red pisses off a bull, Eryk.

Davis continues with elbow strike after elbow strike now, sending Mallows stumbling all over the ring. The fans haven’t sat down since Davis hit Angela’s Ashes and now Davis hits Mallows so hard he spins around, and with Mallows’s back turned… chicken wing applied… Mallows tries to struggle to break out, but Davis DROPS Mallows with a belly-to-back double chicken wing suplex!

And the cover immediately to follow.


Fans echo one!


Fans echo two!

THr…. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mallows gets the shoulder up and the excited fans once again begin to boo.

Other Guy: There is not a single fan of Vincent Mallows in this crowd tonight, there is not a single person here who wants Mallows to win this thing.

Jeff Hansen: And why would their be?  This is a sold out and then some crowd of the top fans across the country, and our top SHOOT Project fans cheer for the guys they’re supposed to cheer for and boo the guys they’re supposed to boo.

Eryk Masters: You make it sound like Vincent’s actions have nothing to do with the heat he’s getting here tonight.

Jeff Hansen: I’m just sayin…

Other Guy: Well don’t, Jeff. You’re out numbered here in Philly.

Davis is slow up to his feet, and he repeatedly shakes out his arm, obviously feeling some pain shooting up through it.  He pulls Mallows back up off the mat with his good arm only to snap him down to the mat with a quick over the shoulder arm drag.  Davis then takes off for the ropes while Mallows is up into a sitting position…

YAKUZA KICK TO THE FACE!  Mallows’s head BOUNCES off the mat from such an impact and now Davis stomps about the ring, feeling a whole lot of energy ready to be used.  Mallows writhes on the mat in pain and Davis snaps his arms out to the side in cross like fashion and many of the fans copy, posing along with Davis.

Eryk Masters: You can just feel the emotion in Davis spilling out all over the arena tonight. He wants to end this and he’s going to!

Davis snaps his body around to face Mallows now and Mallows is still on the mat and Davis yanks him up to his feet.  He holds Mallows by the head for a moment, tightly gripping at his hair, pressing his own forehead against Mallows’s.

Christopher Davis: you wanna say something?  FUCK YOU!

With his other arm Davis SLAPS Mallows hard across the face while still holding him by the hair.

Christopher Davis: FUCK. YOU!

Davis turns Mallows and recklessly hoists him back up onto his shoulders for a second time… and Mallows is just out of it so Davis has no problem SPIKING him down onto the mat for A SECOND ANGELA’S ASHES!

Other Guy: Two drops like that, ya just ain’t gettin’ up.

With force Davis pushes his whole body down for the cover on Mallows. Jenkins makes the count.




The crowd ERUPTS with wild cheering, and before the bell is even called for, Davis is up to his feet and he grabs the steel briefcase.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

The announcement is barely heard though as Davis SMASHES the briefcase into Mallows’s face! Then another shot, and another!

Eryk Masters: Davis has lost it!  He’s going to disfigure Mallows!

Chris Jenkins attempts to pull Davis away from Mallows, but Davis gets up, turns, and SHOVES Jenkins down onto the mat. He then goes right back to PUMMELING Mallows with the briefcase…

Jeff Hansen: And here comes a sea of black and blue shirts to restore order, thank god.

Other Guy: I was enjoyin that!

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but if one place will riot, it’s right here.  We don’t need a bat shit crazy crowd to be around for the remainder of the night.

Security hits the ring hard as Davis continues to just land shot after shot to Mallows’s face with the briefcase.  Five men try to pull Davis back but he starts threatening to hit them with the briefcase as well, causing some to back up. But a second wave charges in and suddenly there are about TEN MEN TACKLING DAVIS TO THE MAT!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  The trash flies as the fans show their hatred now for SHOOT Project security.  Still the job gets done and Davis is slowly but surely removed from the ring, but he’s screaming out at the top of his lungs.


As the sea of SHOOT Project security makes its way to the back, forcefully escorting Davis, the focus cuts back to the ring to show a shot of a very bloodied up Vincent Mallows motionless in the ring.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Davis in this kind of state.  This passion and intensity we saw tonight has now evened the series up one to one, but Davis looked to be on the verge of a breakdown as he was dragged off.

Other Guy: He’s lashed out against authority before, sure, but ain’t nothing ever been as emotional and as personal as this.  He has bashed Mallows’s face into a bloody mess tonight and I mean ya saw it in those eyes, Davis is more on edge than ever.

Jeff Hansen: I’m just going to say right now, I fear the worst for the main event still to come.  These fans are rabid, they’re clearly beyond biased… and that can’t bode well for Jonny.

Other Guy: It’s this kinda energy that makes me more than excited to witness Jester Smiles cement the fact that he’s The World Heavyweight Champion by beating Jonny one more time, in front of these die hard and loyal SHOOT Project fans.

Eryk Masters: That match still to come and of course we’ve got the Iron Fist Championship on the line, PLUS the SHOOT Project tag team match that never happened, Cade Sydal re-unites with Dutch Harris to re-form D&C and they’ll be going up against OutKast and the Real Deal, one more time brought together as Instant Heat!

Other Guy: Fans are gonna eat that up!


The camera opens up to reveal the Sons of Liberty emblem, prompting cheering from the fans.  However, soon the camera pans back to reveal, standing underneath the symbol, Donovan King.  King is wearing a black hoodie, unzipped, revealing his exposed chest.  The hood is pulled over his head. 

Donovan King:  Fuh months, SHOOT Project saw Donovan King lead the Sons of Liberty in open war against Jonny’s Friends in an attempt to make things right an’ change the game.

We did dat.  Jonny’s Friends are a splintered mess, can’t hardly call them a group no more.

King clears his throat.

Donovan King:  Now, we have a new number one contender, who’s being given a second shot at a belt he once held.  Jester Smiles is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  Real Deal, with the exception of his farewell match tonight, is a goner.

So I should be happy, right?

He shakes his head.

Donovan King:  I march to the beat uh my own drum, SHOOT Project.  The Sons, they knew dis.  Danny, Jon, Lake, they knew dis.  I wasn’t selected despite my own sacrifices an’ my own hard work to be number one contender and at first, it hurt.  I was angry.  I wanted to give up an’ pack it in.  Then I realized, I needed to take matters into my own hands to make it happen.

He pauses.

Donovan King:  Last year, I was distracted, fightin’ Cade Sydal.  This year, no such luck fuh SHOOT Project.  Nah, dis year…I can be a good sport, smile an’ tell alla y’all dat I’m cool wit’ the way things are…but I can also tell you dis.

Come Redemption, my dance card is punched.

I’m enterin’ the Redemption Rumble.  I’m gonna be number one contender.

King sneers, pulling his hood off of his head.

Donovan King:  Dis ain’t no slight on Corazon or the Sons or anythin’ like dat.  This is simply…self preservation.  I wanted dat shot, ain’t gonna lie, but since my team wouldn’t give it to me, I’m going to have to go earn it the old fashioned way.  What dat means is…I’m finna do things that’ll make me a target fuh both bad an’ good people on dis roster.

He points to the camera.

Donovan King:  If you booed, you a target.  If you cheered, you a target.  I don’t care who you are, I don’t care your affiliation, I don’t care your sexuality, I don’t care your gender, I don’t care your color.  I’m comin’ to take you out an’ send a clear an’ concise message dat dis is a new SHOOT Project…an’ Donovan King is right at home in it. 

He pauses.

Donovan King:  The Sons, in my eyes, have finished their task an’ don’t need to be allied no more.  It ain’t my place ta officially disband the team, but I am tellin’ them my time wit’ ‘em is done.  We won…an’ if the Sons ever need to come back, we’ll raise the flag an’ be back.  But, right now?  As the Rumble approaches…I need to let them know dat they’re just as much targets as Tom Quinn or Ozzy Kilminster.  I don’t discriminate.  This is for the chance to main event Reckoning Day an’ while I still hold on to our beliefs, I also have known, as you’ve all known, dis day was comin’.

King grins.

Donovan King:  So get ready, SHOOT Project.  The Road to Redemption is long, rough, an’ filled wit’ pain.  King is here to see to dat…personally.

He reaches behind him and rips down the SoL banner, revealing the dark green crown of King.  The camera pans up to the banner and fades out on it.

We cut to the backstage locker room, where it appears that Kilgore Stochansky is standing against a wall, checking his watch with expectation in his face.  Clad in  his casual gear, including jeans and a large peacoat, he taps his foot against the wall absently. 

Kilgore: C’mon…they said they’d be here by now…

as he stands there, there’s finally a noise behind the cameraman, and he turns to see a gang of kids dressed in 1800’s London era street vagrant clothes.  There’s a whole bunch of scarves and fingerless gloves about, and the kids are marching purposedly in the direction of one man: Kilgore Stochansky. 

Kilgore: About time, guys.  Keeping me waiting, is that your new thing?

One of the kids steps forward from the pack, rocking a newsboy’s cap and a crude crutch, which he uses to point at Stochansky.

Kid: Look, we did what you wanted, we annoyed Sydal, now pay up!

Our man smirks and reaches into his pocket, retrieving a wad of twenty dollar bills.  He starts handing them out to each one of the kids in kind, and they walk off as soon as they’ve received their cash.  The only one who remains in the spokesman.

Kilgore: What?  You want more cash?  Because we agreed on one price, and I consider that verbal contract.

Kid: No, no, it’s not that.  It’s just…you just paid a pretty penny for what?  To have me and a buncha friends get on Cade Sydal’s nerves?  Isn’t beating him up backstage more effective? 

Stochansky laughs a little bit at this, and pats the spokesman kid on the shoulder. 

Kilgore:  Ah, aheheheh…Maury, maybe someday when you’re older you’ll realize that there’s no poetry in just beating someone up.  Until then, go on, your mom’s probably worried about you. 

The Kid shrugs and scampers off, twenty dollars richer.  Kilgore sits down on a bench seat and starts packing gear into his duffel bag as we cut away…



“Knights of Cydonia” by Muse hits over the PA, causing the crowd to ERUPT in cheers. Dan Stein emerges from the back, and though he looks focused and determined, he can’t help but smile as he hears the fans chanting his name and cheering so loudly for him. He throws his arms in the air, which causes two golden pyro effects to shoot off on each side of him, and a single spotlight shines down brightly on him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this bout will be contested under Iron Fist division rules, and is for the Iron Fist Championship!

The fans pop when they hear “Iron Fist Championship”. Meanwhile, Stein walks down the ramp, tagging hands with fans.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in tonight at two-hundred and fifteen pounds. He is a former Iron Fist Champion…DAN…THE LIGHTS…STEIN!!!

Dan Stein runs up the steel steps and goes to the middle of the ring apron before stopping. He turns to the fans, gives them a salute, and then leaps over the top rope, landing agilely on his feet, pumping his fists in the air.

Eryk Masters: It’s Iron Fist championship time, and Stein looks determined and ready to be a two-time Iron Fist champion.

Jeff Hansen: And he could be…if he’d stop flaking out and jumping to lesser federations because he can’t cut it in SHOOT anymore.

Other Guy: The cat went through some hard times, Hansen, but he’s back, and if the Under Siege match was any indication, he’s better than ever.

“Knights of Cydonia” fades away. The crowd switches from fanatical cheers to riotous boos in anticipation for the arrival of the Iron Fist Champion.

Eryk Masters: These Philly fans have not been afraid to show their extreme love or extreme hatred all night, and this time is no different.

Other Guys: Gotta love these fanatical Phillies.

Jeff Hansen: I most certainly do not. I prefer reasonable fans. Not marks.

Pale blue spotlights flicker as darkness ensues, enshrouding the crowd as a thundery bass rumble breaks out into the internet download sensation "Break Your Face" by Jack Nickelz – the track he made specifically for Osbourne Kilminster! This simply causes the already riotous crowd to boo even louder!

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, Weighing in at 235lbs and hailing from Birkenhead, England… the CURRENT and REIGNING SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER!

Fans boo and jeer as the man himself steps out from behind the curtains, wearing his black short-top wrestling shoes, urban camo design MMA shorts and black 4oz MMA gloves. He surveys the crowd through his blue-tinted sunglasses as the weight of his chainmail coif and vest combo rests heavily on his shoulders, but the main focus is his jewellery – a massive silver Mjolnir pendant around his neck and the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship belt around his waist.

Jeff Hansen: You have to admit, OG, the champ looks good tonight.

Other Guy: That is a sick get up.

Eryk Masters: Champ dressed for battle here, and he looks ready to bust some heads with a battle axe.

Other Guy: God you’re corny.

Stepping forward, he pays no attention to the shouts and screams, the chants and the calls for his downfall, comforting himself by tracing his fingertips over the contours of the gleaming gold SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship Belt. Nodding to himself as he continues along the walkway, he appears to be reciting the lyrics to his own song, yelling animatedly in time to the agressive "BREAK YOUR FACE!"

Eryk Masters: At this time, we’d like to thank independent recording artist and avid SHOOT Project fan, Jack Nickelz, for providing this dope and fly track for Osbourne Kiliminster.

Jeff Hansen: Did he just say dope and fly?

Other Guy: *sigh* Yes…yes he did.

Placing his right hand on the top rope, he leaps over it effortlessly and bounds into the centre of the ring, immediately stripping his chainmail, necklace and sunglasses, pushing them into the hands of referee Willie Dean. As the lights come back up, Osbourne slowly unfastens his belt and holds it high in his left hand, holding up his right hand and balling it into a fist. Willie Dean yanks the belt from his hands, provoking Osbourne to shout at him and poke his index finger deep into the referee’s chest as he admonishes him. Once Ozzy is done admonishing the referee, he walks to the center of the ring to get face to face with Stein. You can see Ozzy’s mouth is moving, but his words can’t be picked up. However, you can tell that he’s talking a whole lotta smack.

Other Guy: Just hope you got the talent to back up that mouth, Ozzy.

Jeff Hansen: No, he doesn’t. You know, the top mixed martial arts talent this company has ever seen, yeah, there is no way he could ever possibly knock out a man whom he outweighs by twenty pounds. You are SOO right, Guy. He can’t possibly win.

Eryk Masters: Gotta agree with Jeff here, OG. Ozzy got here by knocking out the likes of Kenji Yamada. Stein’s a game opponent, but if Ozzy’s on the ball, he has all the talent to take this one.

Jeff Hansen: HA! Eryk’s heart pees in MY direction!

Willie Dean gets in between the two and begins to shove them back. They both agree to go to the opposite ends of the ring. Willie Dean holds up the Iron Fist championship, which gets a pretty loud pop out of the crowd. Willie Dean then hands the belt off to Mark Kendrick and signals for the bell! The crowd pops loudly again!

Other Guy: And we’re off!

Dan Stein circles the ring, while Ozzy takes to the middle, holding up his fists and keeping himself hunched over slightly. Ozzy fakes a right and attempts a leg kick, but Stein moves out of the way and continues to circle. Ozzy fakes a few more times, but Stein remains on guard, not flinching a bit. Ozzy throws out a right, just feeling Stein out. Stein easily blocks the shot and goes for a leg kick of his own, which Oz is able to avoid.

Eryk Masters: Both men feeling each other out right now, and it’s all kinds of tense, as you never know when one of them is going to explode and start unloading punches.

Ozzy’s begins to move forward slightly, trying to box Stein in, but everytime he tries, Stein is able to cause him to move back with high kick or heavy handed blow. Each one misses, as Ozzy plays it safe and avoids taking contact by moving back. Ozzy reels back and fakes a super man punch, and Stein takes the bait! Stein EATS a hard leg kick, and though he keeps himself guarded, you can see the pain he feels from the shot. Ozzy takes advantage of this and unloads with a right jab and a left hook, both of which are blocked, and Ozzy again jumps back and stops the attack.

Other Guy: Both men playing it real safe right now.

Jeff Hansen: At any point though, this is going to get real ugly, and remember, this is no disqualification. At any point, someone could go get himself a heavy metal object and brain his opponent with it. Won’t that be fun?

Ozzy again goes on the attack, launching a thrust kick, but Stein knocks it away and unloads with a successful leg kick of his own. Ozzy’s guard goes down, just momentarily, and Stein fires away with a hard left cross, causing Ozzy to stumble. Ozzy regains his guard quickly, though, and Stein moves away quickly, again circling the ring. Ozzy follows, though. He fakes a right and shoots for the legs, but Stein is able to sprawl and get away. As Ozzy is still down, Stein hits the ropes and leaps, going for a big flying forearm smash, but Ozzy goes low and catches Stein around the stomach. He then SLAMS Stein to the ground! Ozzy attempts to take full mount, but Stein keeps him at the half guard, and Ozzy begins to attempt to drop bombs onto Stein, who does his best to catch the arms and attempt to slide his way out of this predicament!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein has plenty of Mixed Martial Arts experience, what with being a former ALBATROSS Heavyweight Champion, but I’d definitely say the edge goes to Osbourne here, thus making this position incredibly dangerous for Dan Stein.

Jeff Hansen: In short, Ozzy is about to break Stein’s nose.

Just as Hansen says this, Ozzy is able to get a HARD hammer fist right onto the bridge of Stein’s nose! Stein goes limp suddenly, and Ozzy leaps off, telling the Willie Dean to make the count.

Other Guy: Five minutes in, and we’ve got our first count of the evening!

Jeff Hansen: And last count, by my guess. Did you SEE that hammerfist!?


Stein begins to stir.


Stein rolls onto his stomach and grabs the middle rope.


Stein works his ways to his knees.


Eryk Masters: Looks to me like Stein could make this count easily.


Ozzy sees that Stein is already to his knees, and thus, he decides to break the count, moving in on Stein, from behind, and locking his arms around Stein’s waist. Ozzy lifts up, but Stein throws his legs backwards, locking them underneath Ozzy’s arms. He then leans forward and grabs the middle rope, holding on tightly to avoid being tossed. Ozzy, however, being the stronger man, TOSSES hard and tries to throw Stein back, but as Ozzy releases, Stein flips mid air, catches Ozzy’s head, and drives Ozzy down to the mat HARD! He then leaps in the air and hits a double foot stomp onto Osbourne’s stomach, and he stays on top of Ozzy, standing on his stomach. Stein flips backwards and nails a picture perfect standing moonsault! Stein is up, and he hits the ropes, runs foward, STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

The crowd pops loudly as Stein’s display of agility!

Other Guy: And Dan is NOT out of this just yet.

While Ozzy is down, Dan backs off, telling Willie Dean to make the count.


Meanwhile, as Ozzy stirs, Dan begins to climb the turnbuckle to the top rope.


Ozzy is able to push up onto his hands and knees. Dan is now on the top turnbuckle, looking down at Ozzy.


Jeff Hansen: Oh great, what is that spot monkey planning on doing now?


Ozzy is up to his knees, his back to Stein. He clutches his stomach and ribs, grimacing.


Ozzy now registers that the referee is counting and begins to get to his feet. However, as Ozzy shakily stands, Dan Stein LEAPS and hits Ozzy in the back with a Missle Dropkick! The fans pop, and Ozzy goes out of the ring and down! Dan Stein is up quickly, and once again, he tells Willie Dean to make the count.




Ozzy stirs and gets to his hands and knees.


Ozzy uses the ring apron to try and hoist himself up.


Ozzy is on one foot.


Ozzy is up to both feet, and the crowd boos loudly. However, they turn to cheers as Dan Stein charges the side of the ring Ozzy is on, leaps onto the top rope and springboards off with a suicide Shooting Star Press!


Jeff Hansen: SWING AND A MISS!

Small portion of fans behind the announce table: You fucked up! You fucked up!

Stein crashes down on the outside, clutching his ribs! He gets to his knees, but Ozzy quickly plants a roundhouse kick to the back of Dan’s head, knocking Dan flat. Ozzy does not ask for Willie Dean to count. Instead, Ozzy orders Mark Kendricks out of his chair, which Kendrick obliges. One fan standing nearby is heard shouting “GO LIONS!”

Other Guy: And now we’re going to see some serious brutality, as Ozzy K has evil intentions with that chair.

Jeff Hansen: Really, OG? I thought he had good intentions. I thought he was going to give Stein a place to sit and rest.

Ozzy slides the chair in the ring, and then grabs Dan Stein, sliding him into the ring as well. Ozzy slides in himself and gets up quickly, grabbing Stein by the hair and lifting him up. Ozzy pulls Stein, who is practically dead weight, into a Thai Clinch and begins to unload with knee strikes, all of which are aimed at the injured ribs of Stein!

Eryk Masters: Ozzy going for the ribs, trying to eliminate any and all of Dan Stein’s wind.

Once Stein is sufficiently battered with knees, Ozzy goes low, grabbing Stein by the legs and LIFTING him up! He slams Stein flat on the mat with a double leg takedown!

Onto the steel chair! Ozzy is able to take full mount this time, and begins to unload punches onto Stein. Stein tries to block, but he seems barely conscious of his surroundings, so many of Ozzy’s punches land with little resistance. Once Stein seems almost completely unable to block, Ozzy gets off of Stein and tells Willie Dean to make the count, going to the opposite side of the ring and taking a rest.


Eryk Masters: Stein is not moving.


The crowd begins to chant “DAN-STEIN! DAN-STEIN!” in an attempt to rouse their favorite.




Stein turns over onto his stomach.


Other Guy: Stein showing signs of life. Is it enough?


Jeff Hansen: Probably not.


Stein suddenly shows a burst of energy, grabbing a hold of the ropes and lifting himself up to his knees!


Stein, with one last burst of strength, lifts himself to his feet, much to the approval of the fans. Ozzy moves in quickly, though, and throws a hard straight right that catches Dan on the side of the face! Stein goes limp, but clutches the ropes to stay standing. Ozzy begins to launches punch after punch at Stein, trying to beat him back down the ground, but Stein finds life and begins to throw elbows into Ozzy’s ribs! Ozzy stumbles back, but then charges back, only to eat a HARD thrust kick that catches Ozzy in the groin!

Jeff Hansen: Wow, so, the new passion of Dan Stein is crotch kicking?

Other Guy: It’s all fair in an Iron Fist match.

Eryk Masters: As Bas Rutten once said, everyone underestimates a groin kick.

Ozzy goes down to his knees, clutching his balls and gasping for air. Stein is up to his feet, and he sees a golden opportunity. He runs for the ropes nearest Ozzy, springboards off…THE LIGHTS!


Eryk Masters: Yeah, but he slipped slightly on that one, and I don’t think that move hit as hard as it is normally supposed to.

Jeff Hansen: Don’t mind OG, Eryk. He’s a mark, and marks are dumb.

Willie Dean, seeing that Ozzy is down, makes the count, as Dan Stein leans against the turnbuckle, resting.




Ozzy begins to stir, fighting his way to his hands and knees.



Ozzy pushes off his fists to his knees.



Ozzy is able to plant one foot on the ground!


The crowd begins to boo as Ozzy wobbles, trying to stand up!


Ozzy gives it one final bursts and is up to his feet. The crowd boos loudly. Stein moves in though, and now it’s his turn to start nailing punches to Ozzy. Ozzy tries to fend off the blows, but Stein is relentless, and he’s much faster than Ozzy, so his punches are hitting hard and fast, though not exactly calculated. Stein takes a step back and begins to launch some kicks. Ozzy is able to block the head kicks, but his ribs and back eat a few hard kicks that make a loud popping noise that echoes through the arena.

Other Guy: I bet those will leave some welts.

Stein hits the ropes and comes charging forward, looking for a BIG knee strike, but Ozzy is able to move at the last second. Dan Stein turns around, but Ozzy spins in full circle, lifts his leg, and nearly takes Dan Stein’s head off with a neck kick! Stein’s head becomes one with his own shoulder as he crumples, and Ozzy falls too. Both men down! Willie Dean begins to count!



Jeff Hansen: Double count-out, I believe Ozzy retains.


Eryk Masters: Both men stirring a little bit, but I’m not sure either man can keep going now.




The crowd begins to cheer as Stein gets to his hands and knees, but then boos loudly as Ozzy does the same thing.



Both men on their knees!


Both men suddenly leap up to their feet and stumble to opposite ropes, both men making the ten count! The crowd half cheers for Stein and half boos Ozzy!

Other Guy: This match will go on!

Both men stumble to the center of the ring. A small cut has formed over Stein’s right eye, and a little bit of blood can be seen dripping from Ozzy’s nose. Ozzy’s throws a straight right jab, and Stein eats it, stumbling back, but he then goes low, dropkicking Ozzy’s knee! Ozzy goes down to one knee, and while Stein is down, and shoots an up kick that SLAMS Ozzy in the chin! Ozzy, however, remains on one knee, clutching his mouth and spitting out some blood. Dan Stein is up, and he slams Ozzy with a few forearms before lifting him and dragging him to the nearby corner. He throws Ozzy down into a seated position at the turnbuckle and begins to stomp a mudhole into Ozzy’s chest. Ozzy is too exhausted to do anything about this, and eventually, Stein has him sufficiently beaten down. Stein sees the steel chair that was brought in earlier, and he grabs it, holding it high in the air, much to the pleasure of the crowd! Stein goes to the opposite turnbuckle and shouts “LIGHTS OUT” before running the full length of the ring, leaping in the air, and dropkicking the chair right into Ozzy’s face! The crowd pops loudly as Ozzy simply collapses to the mat. Dan Stein gets up shortly after, and he tells Willie Dean to make the count.











The bell sounds as Stein collapses in exhaustion and joy.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of 22 minutes, and NEW IRON FIST CHAMPION…DAN…THE LIGHTS…STEIN!!!

The crowd pops loudly as Stein is presented the belt. Stein, barely able to stand, holds the belt high as Willie Dean holds stands hand up in victory. Willie Dean then goes to check on Ozzy as Stein straps the belt around his waists and exits the ring, slapping hands with fans as he goes.

Other Guy: And Stein pulls that one out, showing that he is back and better than ever before!

Jeff Hansen: I’ll believe it when I see him successfully defend it.

Eryk Masters: Like he did the last time he was Iron Fist Champion?

Jeff Hansen says nothing. Dan Stein stands at the top of the ramp, holding the belt high in the air.


The camera cuts backstage. A locker room.

“Declare this an Emergency…

Come on and spread a sense of urgency…”

The shot pans slowly from it’s shot at the entrance of the room, Muse’s “Apocalypse Please” playing from an iPod dock plugged into the corner.

 “…and pull us through…

And this is the end, this is the end…of the World”


Finally, the camera falls upon a large white couch. Lounging at one end of it, wearing formal-looking winter wear, is none other than Azraith DeMitri. He seems to be grinning. just a little as he watches a TV screen, presumably of the nights events. He looked good. Healthy. He takes a brief glimpse at his watch.

Azraith: …any second now…

The door swings open, and none other than Sean Boden steps through, looking over his shoulder. He nods, and a large man, who appears to be of Australian Aboriginal descent, comes in before he closes the door. Boden, cane in hand, straightens his suit a bit, and smiles at the man on the couch.

Sean Boden: Sorry, had to, uh, slip in the back door, so to speak. And that’s not easy with someone as big as this guy with you.

He points with his hand to the heavy man in the suit (although curiously without any shoes).

Boden: Ganan, this is Azraith DeMitri. Ganan’s one of my students at Purgatory, currently holding the big belt.

Ganan: And yeah, I’ve heard all the Legend of Zelda jokes you can throw at me. Nice to meet ya.

Boden: He’s here to make sure I have time to get away if I need to. But you, you look great, man.

Az smiles broadly, and pushes himself to his feet, his left hand clutching tightly on a sleek looking black cane. He doesn’t seem to rest much weight on it, but it is an…odd sight to say the least. He reaches out with his right and shakes Boden’s hand firmly.

Azraith: Likewise Ganan, and thanks Sean…I’m feeling good. It feels…heh…it feels fantastic to be back around, in whatever capacity this happens to be. It’s good to see you around.

Az points to the camera in the corner.

Azraith: They’ll figure it out sooner or later, so I’m glad you brought your own special version of backup.

Boden chuckles, looking over at the camera. He does a little wave.

Boden: Getting back to business. I hope you’ve had time to look over the contract?

Az nods, moving to a briefcase he had stashed at the edge of the couch. Silver. Steel. Oddly familiar. Boden raises a brow, and Az’s trademark grin manages to creep through.

Azraith: You know me. Penchant for the ironic. But yeah, I looked over it, and it looks fine. I’m just glad you took me seriously. I’ve always admired what you’ve had going on at DSI, and after this last bump, I’m all about the…

He pauses as he pops open the briefcase, pulling out a clipped together stack of papers, his name signed boldly on the front.


Az chuckles a bit, handing the papers to Sean.

Azraith: I’m…glad you’re letting me be part of it. I figure I’m a bit of a liability for you guys.

Boden: Hey, no more so than I am, all things considered. I haven’t always made friends in this business, either, especially that last run down south.

He takes the papers from Az, marvelling for a second.

Boden: If you told me I was going to hold this in my hand a year ago? I’d have said you were a lunatic. But I think this is going to be the beginning of something great. For you, for me, and for SHOOT.

He puts a hand out once more.

Boden: Glad to have you aboard. I knew you’d come around eventually.

 Az laughs broadly, shaking Sean’s hand once more.

Azraith: Glad to be on-board. Now get the hell outta here before some meatheads in black t-shirts think they’re important enough to tell you to fuck off. I’d hate to break this thing…(Az motions to his cane) over someone’s skull. These things are goddamn expensive…

Ganan: They’d have to get past me, first, and I’m notoriously hard to move.

Boden: That may be the case, but discretion is the better part of valor, and all that. Stop by the gym sometime this week, I wanna introduce you to the crew.

He nods to Ganan, who opens the door, looking around.

Ganan: All clear, boss.

Boden gives a small salute, taking the contract with him.

Boden: Stay safe.

Az nods as the door closes, slowly walking back to the couch and sitting back down. He glances at the camera, and he can’t help but grin a bit as he hears the reaction from the fans.

"…and this is the end, this is the end of the World…"

Azraith: Miss me, didja?


The smaller sized Revolution video screen flickers to life during a momentary break in the action.  Seen in front of a plain SHOOT Project backdrop is the self-proclaimed Miracle Worker, Paul Jarvis.  The crowd begins to boo loudly and Jarvis just sits there, not reacting one way or another. The camera angle shifts to a now close up shot of the screen so it is the only thing in the frame of view. The boos continue to sound as Jarvis dons a pair of reading glasses and lifts a piece of paper up on a slight angle in front of him.

Paul Jarvis: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Anthony Jarvis and I’ve taken this moment to prepare a statement that I will now read.

Jarvis clears his throat, and considering he is not reacting to the booing fans, it’s clear this is a pre-recorded statement from him.

Paul Jarvis: On the eve of November the second, two thousand and eight, at the Pay Per View aptly named WAR, I… Paul Anthony Jarvis, made some comments regarding rival wrestling promotion Legacy which suggested that the organization is absolutely shitty and thusly if SHOOT Project talent left to compete there, that the SHOOT Project had to be considered that much worse.

Jarvis pauses for a moment to give time for his words to sink in.

Paul Jarvis: My comments were ill-received by both Legacy and SHOOT Project superstars alike, prompting me to feel the need to follow up with an explanation for my actions at WAR as it pertains to my true intentions for returning to SHOOT.

While my personal feelings towards Legacy have not changed, and while I still perceive them to be the lowest of low in all of professional wrestling, my comments do not reflect or represent the views of SHOOT Project as a single entity.  Also, despite my comments suggesting that I think SHOOT Project is worse than Legacy… that is simply not true.

It is impossible to be a worse wrestling promotion than the organization known as Legacy.

Jarvis nods his head in agreement with his own written words.

Paul Jarvis: My intended goal was to in fact start the healing process.  There are many opinions and different personalities that make up the SHOOT Project community, and it was these conflicting views and personalities that have led to constant fighting and squabbling amongst one another.  No amount of stables or factions or changes in “regime” will bring any of us closer to being a unit.  A single entity that shares the commonality that we here in SHOOT Project, ARE the absolute best.

Thusly, I had hoped by pointing out Legacy’s glaring flaws as a pitiful organization that we could all come together. I hoped we could rally against a federation where they shouldn’t be asking, “how do you want to be remembered?” but telling its roster, “this is where careers go to die.”  I prayed that my words on November the Second would not be considered an insult to SHOOT Project, but a call for brother and sisterhood in and outside of the squared circle.

Jarvis lowers his head slightly, a look of sadness on his face.  After a moment, he continues.

Paul Jarvis: Based on the reactions and responses I received, it is clear that my initial plan has failed.  But I refuse to give up. I refuse to turn my back on SHOOT Project.  I promised that the healing would begin, and as THE Miracle Worker… as GOD’S Champion… and as THE Wonder of Wonders…

I promise that it will still happen.

It is clear that to unite the masses, they must all share a common bond; yes a common enemy even.  Legacy was not that enemy, no matter how terrible of a wrestling promotion they truly are.  It seems that SHOOT Project does not need an enemy from outside its walls, but an enemy from within.

Jarvis suddenly puts down the paper and looks straight ahead into the camera.

Paul Jarvis: I will be that enemy.  If it is for the good of this organization, I will be the man that every single SHOOT Project superstar can hate.  I will take your insults and your beatings and use them as tools to fix the cracks in SHOOT Project’s once sturdy foundation.  Each match against me will bring this organization one step closer to standing as a whole again.

Yes, I believe this is my calling. I believe THIS is why I have returned to SHOOT Project.

To be not simply The Miracle Worker… but also the Miracle Martyr.

Jarvis closes his eyes and slowly brings his arms up and out to his sides as if opening his arms to everyone for a lovingly warm embrace.

Paul Jarvis: Let the healing begin.

The video fades to black.




Samantha Coil: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit!

The fans cheer, and the cheering increases loudly as “Shoot Outs” by Jadakiss (featuring Styles P.) hits! The Real Deal and OutKast step through the curtain and raise their arms as the fans continue to cheer the duo.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! The legendary team of the Real Deal and OutKast! IIIIIIIIIINSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT HEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

The fans rise out of their seats and applaud as the two make their way to the ring, both dressed in a pair of matching “INSTANT HEAT” long tights. OutKast with Carolina blue lettering, and Real Deal with green lettering, while the tights are black themselves.

Eryk Masters: Looking like some new tights made for the team for the evening!

Other Guy: It also looks like OutKast has lost some weight. He looks great!

Jeff Hansen: I suppose your pupil breaking your jaw will have that slimming effect on a man.

OutKast and Real Deal step through the ropes into the ring as the fans continue to cheer. Their music fades out slowly to be replaced by the theme music from the original “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!” The fans cheer, and laugh, as Cade Sydal and Dutch Harris emerge from the curtain dressed in full Power Ranger costumes and helmets! A Red Ranger, with the Laws of Survival Title around his waist, and a Blue Ranger stand atop the stage!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! Dutch Harris and the current Laws of Survival Champion, Cade Sydal! Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The pair of Power Rangers make their way down to the ring excitedly as the fans cheer and laugh, and the laughing increases as they make it down the ring. Instant Heat join in the laughing as they look at the Tron behind the pair, who seem to think everyone is just laughing with them.

Other Guy: They did it!

A shot of the Tron comes up, and the camera behind the Power Rangers shows that on the seat of the Red Ranger’s tights is some drawings in black. Drawings of PENISES pointing right at the center, with big, black, bolded drawn on letters, reading “GIVE IT TO ME DUTCHIE!”

Jeff Hansen: Haha! Wow!

Eryk Masters: As funny as that is, I don’t know how funny Cade is going to find it…

The two ascend the steps and step into the ring before removing their helmets, revealing that the one in blue is Dutch Harris, and the one in red is Cade Sydal, who can be heard on camera as the music fades down!

Cade Sydal: I called your bluff guys! You didn’t do it, I know!

OutKast and Real Deal continue to laugh before they point at the Tron behind Cade. Cade turns around and looks right at a still shot of the back of his tights and his eyes go wide!

Cade Sydal: FUCK!

Cade turns around and they discard their helmets, and Cade carefully hands the Laws of Survival title over to Samantha Coil for safe keeping.

Other Guy: Well, at least he’s not lashing out violently.

Eryk Masters: He almost seems begrudgingly amused, actually.

As Samantha Coil exits the ring, referee Austin Linam signals for one half of each team to exit the ring. OutKast and Dutch Harris both step out in opposite corners, and Cade Sydal and Real Deal begin to circle the ring as Linam calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Cade Sydal and the Real Deal are going to kick things off.

Jeff Hansen: I hope Real Deal kicks Cade’s teeth down his throat…for real.

Other Guy: Of course you do, Jeff.

The two meet in the center of the ring with a lock-up, and Cade quickly shoves Real Deal’s right arm upward and spins around him into a sudden sunset flip-like maneuver, rolling Real Deal back onto the canvas!


Real Deal rolls backward through, avoiding even a two-count, and Cade rolls backward to his feet as well. Both men smile at each other before meeting for another lock-up. Real Deal pulls Cade into a headlock, and Cade quickly shoves with both hands, sending Real Deal into the ropes! Real Deal bounces back and drives Cade to the canvas with a shoulder tackle! Real Deal drops for an immediate cover!


Cade pushes Real Deal overhead to escape the pin and both roll to their feet and smile as the fans cheer for what appears to be a friendly little game of one-upmanship.

Other Guy: Doesn’t look like you’re gonna get that, Jeff. Looks like things are starting off pretty friendly.

Eryk Masters: Almost like they’re just having some fun.

Jeff Hansen: Uuuuuuuuuugh.

The two tie-up again, and Cade twists under Real Deal’s arm into a hammerlock! Cade quickly spins over Real Deal’s right leg and hooks Real Deal’s left leg with his arm, sweeping Real Deal to the canvas face first! The fans pop for the unique takedown as Cade rolls over Real Deal’s back into a side headlock of his own.

Eryk Masters: Nice little sweep there, and Cade now has control of Real Deal’s head!

Other Guy: They say that if you control the head, you control the rest of the body.

Real Deal pushes to his knees, and then to his feet, while Cade maintains his hold. Real Deal lifts Cade for a back suplex, looking to break the hold, and he does when Cade back flips through the attempted suplex! Real Deal turns around and Cade catches his left arm and twists under it into a wristlock! Real Deal quickly reverses the hold into a wristlock of his own then kicks Cade’s left leg out from under him, tripping him down to the canvas ancd pulling into a full armbar!

Jeff Hansen: Looks like the so-called Technical Messiah is being schooled here, technically speaking, by one of the two legends in this match.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal does have a good armbar locked on, and it does look like Cade is having a little trouble staying a step ahead of the Real Deal on this exchange.

Cade rolls backward to his feet, though Real Deal still has his arm, and sweeps Real Deal up with his right arm for a body slam to escape the hold, and slams Real Deal down! But Real Deal holds the arm and sort of arm drags Cade over and maintains the armbar as the fans cheer the exchange on, encouraging it!

Other Guy: Regardless, these fans are behind this exchange full on.

Real Deal pulls Cade to his feet, maintaining the armbar, and backs into his corner. OutKast tags in, and steps into the ring and both members of Instant Heat send Cade off the ropes! Real Deal follows Cade and catches him as he comes back with an inverted atomic drop as OutKast comes off the ropes and clotheslines Cade over Real Deal’s head, driving Cade down, to a big pop from the crowd!

Eryk Masters: Great tandem offense from the legendary duo of Instant Heat!

OutKast quickly drops to a lateral press and Austin Linam slides in for the count.



Cade kicks out!

Other Guy: Big impact behind that clothesline, but Cade muscled out.

Jeff Hansen: It looks like the time off has lessened some of OutKast’s muscle mass, so he might think about hooking a leg next time. I’m just sayin’.

Cade rolls to the side in his kicking out, and OutKast quickly pulls Cade up into a front facelock and backs into his own corner, tagging Real Deal back in. Real Deal steps in and applies a front facelock next to OutKast and the duo snap Cade over for a double suplex! Kast quickly exits, and Real Deal turns over into a cover, hooking the leg!



Cade shoulders out once more! Real Deal grabs Cade and pulls him up, only for Cade to lock his hands behind Real Deal’s head and drop to a knee with a jawbreaker!

Eryk Masters: The tandem offense has done its job, but now Cade Sydal looks to be fighting back!

Cade hits the ropes quickly and comes off, snapping into Real Deal with a big jumping calf kick, Dean Malenko-style, as the fans pop big!

Other Guy: Cade unloaded with one of those kicks he’s become famous for, and the fans are completely behind that!

Jeff Hansen: That’s cool if these guys wanna cheer on a dude that has dicks drawn on the ass of his tights. Whatever.

Cade quickly hits the ropes to the side and runs at Real Deal before leaping up into the air and snaps off a running Shooting Star Press and the fans cheer LOUD!



Real Deal kicks out!

Eryk Masters: I was just about to comment that Cade Sydal hadn’t been showing much in the way of the aerial work he’s also been known for, but right there he hit a beautiful running shooting star!

Cade grabs Real Deal up in a front facelock of his own and backs up, tagging in Dutch Harris! The fans cheer as Dutch Harris steps into the ring for the first time in over three years!

Other Guy: Listen to this ovation for our backstage interviewer as he steps in the ring for the first time since Reckoning Day, 2005!

Dutch and Cade send Real Deal off the ropes and catch him on the rebound with a double hip toss, but both men catch under Real Deal’s legs while he’s in the air! They send Real Deal back over the other way and Cade drops to a knee, catching Real Deal with a gutbuster! HUGE pop!

Jeff Hansen: Well that was fuckin’ different…

Dutch hits the ropes to the side and runs right at Real Deal as he’s doubled over Cade’s knee and drives the sole of his boot right into the side of Real Deal’s head to another big pop! Dutch grins at the fans and drops to make the cover as Cade steps out of the ring!




OutKast comes in and pulls on Dutch’s right ankle, pulling him off the cover as Real Deal pulls a shoulder up anyway.

Other Guy: OutKast not leaving anything up to chance there, as that kick looked like it could have really done some damage!

Dutch quickly grabs Real Deal up with an armbar and tags in Cade quickly. The former tag team champions whip Real Deal off the ropes, but hold his arms and twist Real Deal around, crossing Real Deal’s arms over his chest they swing Real Deal back toward the ropes, driving him into his own arms and down to the canvas!


Eryk Masters: More unique offense from my former broadcast colleague years ago, and our Laws of Survival Champion!




OutKast rushes in and pulls Cade off by his leg, once again as Real Deal slides a shoulder upward.

Jeff Hansen: It was actually smart of OutKast to break it up that time. I hate to credit the guy, but that definitely could have finished the match right there, I think.

Cade pulls Real Deal up to his feet and sends him into a neutral corner! Cade rushes in and leaps, looking to drive his knees into Real Deal’s chest, but Real Deal moves to the side! Cade adjusts and gets his feet on the second turnbuckle, but Real Deal quickly jumps up beside Cade and drops backward with a huge Russian Leg Sweep off the second rope!

THAT WAS AWE-SOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Real Deal rolls to his feet and nods his head.

Other Guy: No shit that was awesome! Holy fuck that was a great counter!

Real Deal pulls Cade up to his feet in a front facelock and pulls him up vertically before spinning and driving Cade down with a spinning brainbuster! The fans cheer loudly at the impact! Real Deal floats over into a cover!




Dutch starts in but Cade kicks out hard just in time!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal barely kicked out after being dropped on his head, and I’ve got to suspect he’s fairly disoriented.

Real Deal pulls Cade up before snapping Cade through with a swinging neckbreaker that bounces Cade onto his side, craddling his neck! Real Deal tags in OutKast then moves back to Cade. Real Deal and OutKast pull Cade to his feet and send him off the ropes, and Real Deal rushes at Cade before dropping to his belly as Cade rebounds off the ropes! Cade jumps over the trip attempt, right at OutKast who launches Cade high into the air with a sudden back body drop!

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit, Cade got THROWN almost to the rafters of this fucking place!

Real Deal slides out of the ring and OutKast scrambles to turn Cade over onto his back for a cover as the fans clap loudly!




Cade kicks out again and rolls to his belly. OutKast quickly grabs Cade’s left arm and tucks it between his legs as the fans cheer!

Other Guy: He’s goin’ for that Carolina Crossface!

OutKast reaches for Cade’s head, and Cade quickly rolls into OutKast, rolling OutKast onto his shoulders!



OutKast releases Cade’s arm and the two scramble to their feet as the fans cheer! Cade rushes at OutKast, coincidentally where his corner is, but OutKast drives a knee up into Cade’s abdomen with a kitchen sink, turning Cade upside down and over!

Eryk Masters: It looked like Cade was going to be able to get out of there, but OutKast wisely cut him off before he could make the tag!

Jeff Hansen: To be fair, Cade kind of dumbly rushed right in OutKast’s direction.

OutKast pulls Cade up and quickly pulls him right into a pair of underhooks as the fans cheer!


Cade drops to a knee, blocking the attempted double-arm DDT, and squeezes his arms together! Cade grabs OutKast’s left wrist and turns under, pulling OutKast toward him for a short-arm clothesline! OutKast ducks the out-stretched arm though and turns, pulling Cade back around into a boot to the belly! OutKast hooks under Cade’s arms and spins, driving Cade down with the double-arm DDT he made famous as the fans explode out of their seats!

Jeff Hansen: Good night Cade Sydal!




Dutch Harris dives and sledges OutKast on the back to break up the pin as the fans cheer it on some more!

Eryk Masters: Thanks to Dutch Harris, the AlieNator will NOT spell the end of the evening for Cade Sydal tonight!

OutKast pulls Cade to his feet as Dutch exits the ring. OutKast sends Cade into a neutral corner and charges behind him with a hard clothesline! OutKast nods to the cheering fans as he turns and hooks Cade’s head from the side before running out, possibly looking for a bulldog! Cade shoves OutKast’s back, escaping from the bulldog attempt, and OutKast turns right as Cade leaps at him with a flying forearm smash!

Other Guy: This could be the opening Cade needs to tag out!

Jeff Hansen: And if he’s smart, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

OutKast rolls to the side and tags Real Deal’s outstretched hand. Real Deal hops into the ring as Cade crawls toward his cornerl. Real Deal quickly drops a clubbing forearm down on Cade’s back before pulling him up in a front facelock and starts hammering him with forearms. OutKast gets to his feet and joins in before the two send Cade off the ropes! They both duck down for a double back body drop, but Cade suddenly dropkicks Real Deal’s left leg out from under him, and Real Deal crashes down to his face!

Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal with a quick dropkick!

Cade hits the ropes off to outKast’s side, looking to capitalize on his moment of confusion, but OutKast turns into him with a clothesline! Cade dives under the arm and dropkicks Real Deal in the side of the head instead, and the fans cheer the sudden outburst of offense!

Other Guy: Another quick dropkick and I think Real Deal is definitely out on his proverbial feet!

Cade pushes up and starts for his corner, but OutKast quickly grabs his shoulder and turns him around and scoops him up for a body slam! Cade slides down OutKast’s back and grabs the waistband of his tights and pulls them down!

Jeff Hansen: You can’t do that! You can’t pants people, Cade! What the fuck?!

The fans combine cheering with laughing at the ridiculousness of the moment as OutKast struggles to get his tights back up! Cade quickly tags in Dutch harris, who comes in and runs to the ropes to OutKast’s side, springboards off the second rope and leaps backward with a leg lariat into OutKast!

Other Guy: Well he’s got his tights back up, but Dutch Harris with some of that springboard offense he was known for back in his day!

Real Deal stumbles to his feet, shaking out the cobwebs, as Dutch pops up and spins full circle, catching Real deal with a tornado variation of an STO, driving Real Deal back to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Dutch is firing off on all cylinders guys!

Dutch pops back up and motions for OutKast to get up, looking like he’s ready for more as the fans cheer him on! OutKast stumbles to his feet, and Real Deal does the same. Dutch hits the ropes, and OutKast suddenly lunges at Dutch, catching him with a drop toe hold! Dutch snaps forward right into Real Deal’s Reality Check!


Cade rushes in to try and break up the ensuing pinfall attempt, but OutKast quickly grabs Cade in a huge hugging embrace!



Cade struggles to break free and OutKast yells at him!



The fans cheer loudly as “Shoot Outs” by Jadakiss (featuring Styles P.) Hits again and Cade finally wraps his own arms around OutKast, “accepting his love” as it were.

Eryk Masters: And just like that Instant Heat claim a victory on our VIP broadcast!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of 24 minutes and 32 seconds! OutKast and the Real Deal! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT HEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

The three of them move to help Dutch back to his feet, as he rubs his jaw. The four men exchange handshakes as the fans in attendance rise to their feet with a standing ovation!

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on…this wasn’t even that good of a match.

Other Guy: These people are showing respect for three retired legends and a bonafide legend in the making, Jeff. Give it a rest.

Eryk masters: These four men are being appreciated not just for tonight, but for all the things they’ve either accomplished in their career or still have to accomplish in the career ahead of them, and I, for one, am proud of these fans for recognizing them!


We cut backstage, to a hallway of the New Alhambra, Where we are first greeted by a shot of Cade Sydal, having just competed against OutKast and The Real Deal.  He doesn’t seem to be angry, more in a rush than anything, but he passes the one man who could possibly ruin his evening: The black peacoat-clad Kilgore Stochansky, who is leaning against the stark brick wall, grinning and chewing gum.  Cade walks past him, shaking his head slightly, but The Ukrainian pipes up…

Kilgore: Ooh, Cade Sydal! Could I ask you a question for my school newspaper? How much of a drain is it on your spirit to carry stolen goods every day?

Cade stops and sighs, then turns around, staring at Kilgore with his eyebrow raised slightly.

Cade Sydal: What? Are you retarded?

Stochansky smirks, and pulls an apple from his coat pocket, shining it on his lapel as he begins to walk around Cade in a circle, chuckling to himself.

Kilgore: No, I’m afraid not, and quite frankly I’m offended by your choice of words.

Cade begins to speak up, but Kilgore rudely keeps rolling on, taking a quick bite of his apple before continuing while chewing.

Kilgore: And just so we’re clear, I’m talking about that shiny lie that you have hung over your shoulder, as if you earned it. As if you’re even championship material.

Cade Sydal: I’m sorry dude, but…I won the Laws of Survival Championship fair and square. I’m not ever going to hand this title off to you or anybody else, so while your little tricks are cute…they’re also leading you nowhere. I’m championship material because I earned the title. I earned this title, and that’s that.

Stochansky stops right in front of Cade, chewing thoughtfully with a big smile on his face.  Cade, for his part, doesn’t look as if he wants to do anything quite.  He really just looks more annoyed than anything.

Kiglore: Mmm. Really. Such pretty lies, Sydal. I wonder if you really believe that you’re convincing anyone other than yourself. I mean, if the word around the campfire is to be believed, you even have children begging you to give the belt up.

Cade Sydal: I’m sorry but…really, how much did you give those kids anyway? Do you seriously think I don’t know you had to have paid them? Really, Kilgore. That’s a new low, even for you, the King of Sleaze.

This causes the big man to do a very comedic double take, and he holds his hands up as if begging off, a classic “What?  I’m Innocent!” pose.  Cade’s expression tells us that he isn’t believing any of it.

Kilgore: Me? Bribes? No, I’m afraid that I have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact, buddy…I think you’re stalling. I think you happen to KNOW that you aren’t what America needs in a champion, and I think you’re trying to postpone the inevitable.

Cade Sydal: I’m not stalling. In fact, I think this conversation has gone on way too long.

He starts to walk past Kilgore, but he just puts himself in front of Cade, holding his hands out and grinning.  Cade furrows his eyebrows, not pleased with being held up.

Kilgore: Just look at yourself, Cade…forever predestined to be the tiniest fish in the largest pond. Clinging to something that you didn’t earn. Unable to return a fellow competitor’s phonecalls. Unwilling to listen to the children of America, who no longer want you. Are you high again, Cade? Can’t you remember what happened last time…?

Stochansky leans in close, mere inches from Cade’s very angry face.  Kilgore, for his part, merely smiles, his voice with a little bit of a conspiratorial tone to it.

Kilgore: …When they took your little girl from you? Don’t make–

Quick as a flash of light, Cade discard the Laws of Survival Belt and his duffel bag and grabs Kilgore by the collar of his shirt, forcing the larger man up against a wall.

Cade Sydal: Don’t you EVER talk about my daughter again you motherfucker!

Stochansky grins and leans in, his tooth glinting and the cold predatory glint in his eyes, meeting with the fire in Cade’s.

Kilgore: What’s the matter, Cade? Still sore after mommy and daddy decided that You were such a lousy parent that it’d be better for you to never see your own child?

That seems to do it, as Cade swings a big punch Right into Kilgore’s Mouth!!  He follows it up with a knee strike to Kilgore’s midsection, and another punch, before stepping back momentarily and shouting, his breath heavy.

Cade Sydal: I’ll fucking kill you!

Kilgore is simply laughing, wiping blood from his lip, and Cade re-mounts his attack, raining blow after blow to the larger man, who can barely get his hands up to block!!  All the while we can hear Kilgore chuckling over the sounds of impact and Cade!!


Jeff Hansen: Cade Sydal’s no better than a rabid dog right now!!  Someone get in there and stop him!!

Cade grabs Kilgore by the back of his shirt and spins full circle, slinging him back into the wall, before throwing hard kicks in at any part of Kilgore he can reach, while Stochansky for the most part covers up and continues to laugh, getting into it now!

Eryk Masters: Why is he giggling?!

Finally, a contingent of Security staff, led by SHOOT Project’s own Lockup, rush the scene!  Cade continues to kick at Kilgore’s frame, despite Lockup and about three other security guards pulling him away.  We can hear various guards screaming at Cade, their shouts ranging from “Be cool, Cade!” to “Back the fuck away!” 

Other Guy: Jesus Christ!  Look at Kilgore!!

Stochansky finally stands up, looking all the while like the innocent man.  It’s no surprise: Cade is screaming and trying to get away from the people holding him back, completely unscathed, while Kilgore’s shirt appears to be torn, and his lip is busted open.  Despite all this, Kilgore is smiling, blood trickling onto his chin, and he locks eyes with Cade and taps his finger on his temple in a classic “I’m smarter than you are” taunt.  We cut away….



The noise level lessens at the snap of a finger as the cameras cut again to the backstage area.  Of course, this isn’t because the fans have stopped cheering, but rather because they aren’t as audible from the interview area in the back.  SCOTT RICHARDSON nods with a solemn expression and begins to speak, doing his best to talk over the crowd which is inevitably louder in the arena than the television would have you believe.

Scott Richardson: First and foremost, congratulations to INSTANT HEAT for their impressive victory over Cade Sydal and Dutch Harris.  A grueling bout, but like all things…  there has to be winner and tonight Real Deal and OutKast were just THAT much better.

He pauses while the fans pop.

Scott Richardson: That said, please allow me to introduce my guest at this time…  He is the FORMER SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  “THE DEFILER”, JONNY JOHNSON.


As soon as the cameras pan back and show Jonny’s mug, the fans begin booing furiously.  Even in the smark happy city of brotherly love, Jonny is still overwhelmingly despised.  The DEFILER responds with his patented, frigid apathy, sniffing loudly as he waits for their frenzied jeers to fade.

His hair is longer than usual, dropping down near the tip of his nose, and he sports an unruly beard that’s in the beginning fazes of masking his face entirely.  There’s no compassion in his hellish gaze; wild blue eyes as cold and foreboding, lacking urgency. 

He is in control of this moment.

The silence is troubling.

Richardson proceeds with his interview.

Scott Richardson: Jonny, as we know, Adrian Corazon will be in Jester Smiles’s corner tonight.  A man with whom you have had your own issues in the past, but I have to ask…  WHO will be responsible for YOUR fate?  You have yet to announce a corner man, and inquiring minds want to know… 

Who is it going to be?  No doubt one of your Friends?

Jonny is slow to respond, choosing to take his time.

The DEFILER:  I have no fucking friends anymore.  Didn’t you hear?


I’ve MADE a choice and that person knows who he is.  And uhh… If for… whatever reason, the circumstances become dire enough and his services are needed, I trust that he… heh, or I guess…. SHE…  for mystery’s sake, will protect the…  little life I have left worth protecting.  But, ya know, Scotty, I’ve got this…  Call it a hunch…  that we won’t ever get that far.

Because Eric Rohkar doesn’t have it in him to do what is NECESSARY to achieve his desired outcome.  To…  END the “tyranny” that my existence apparently brings with it.  (Shaking his head) Nah, man.  Jester Smiles was a glitch in the system, one which I have corrected.  He and I will make history tonight.

Richardson lets Jonny’s eerie words settle in before continuing.

Scott Richardson: History?

Jonny nods.

The DEFILER: Yes.  History, Scott.

The Hero will save his enemy and burn those he has saved.  TONIGHT, I once again capture the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE, but this time… There will be no asterisk.  No questions.  No outs.   Nothing, Scott!  And the organization will have no choice but to accept me unconditionally, with open arms as its UNDISPUTED CHAMPION.

THAT’S history.  THAT’S…  REALITY!

There are no cocky grins or smirks, only his focused cruelty as he walks out of frame.

Scott Richardson stands in silence.

And the cameras quickly cut to ringside.



The show returns ringside.

SAMANTHA COIL and TONY LORENZO are inside an otherwise empty ring, being watched by the anxious eyes of a sold out crowd.  There’s a buzz in the air…  an endless chatter.  Fans who were up, rush to their seats and fans in their seat rush to their feet.

Not one chair is being occupied.

A SOLDIER SUMMARY graphic overlays the camera footage.


Jeff Hansen: And there you see the story, folks.  SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP on the line.  Jester Smiles defends his belt against a man he beat just TWO WEEKS AGO at WAR, “THE DEFILER”, himself, Jonny Johnson.

The graphic remains on screen, though the cameras begin to pan through the 1900 some odd fans in attendance.

Eryk Masters: Biases aside, who are you two liking?  Personally, I hate to say it, but the rules of this bout do not suit Jester in the least.  Unless he can reach down and find a darkness that we haven’t seen, I don’t know that a man with as much compassion…  with as much hope for humanity as Eric Rohkar can win this type of match.  I give the advantage to the challenger.

Jeff Hansen: Going to have to agree, Masters.  And OG, it’s not a bias thing.  It’s not a loyalty thing…  On paper, this is a match Jonny knows he can win, and off paper, he’s going to do just that.  I have Jonny taking this one and reclaiming the gold.

The graphic begins to fade and OG is slow to respond, but does so after a couple of seconds pass.

Other Guy: Jester would literally have to be dead before Adrian Corazon EVER threw in that towel.  Is he going to be at a disadvantage for not being the sociopath that Jonny is?  Sure, but is that grounds to phone in a loss?  Absolutely not.  Hansen, you said it was a sure fire deal at WAR.  It wasn’t.  You said the Sons of Liberty couldn’t possibly win…  They DID.  I know you’re a credible voice, but your picks haven’t clicked, man.  I’m sticking to my guns because Jester Smiles is a man I can respect.  Jonny?  He’s a cold blooded, heartless piece of shit that’s to be gone once and for all.

The cameras swing back up to Samantha Coil and Tony Lorenzo inside the ring.

Jeff Hansen: I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out.  Folks, this is your MAIN EVENT at a very special REVOLUTION FIFTY.  Jester Smiles…  Jonny Johnson…  WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…  ELEVENTH HOUR!

ALL of the lights in the building suddenly GO OUT!

A pink spotlight circles the arena!

A haunting chime jangles over the PA system, followed quickly by the single croak of a guitar!  The black area is lit up with thousands of flashbulbs that begin going off!



The whirring, whining sounds of a violin screech painfully loud!

THE DRUMS RUMBLE IN LIKE A THUNDERSTORM and bring in the dissonant beginnings of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene.  The SIREN LIKE sounds put the raucous crowd into a frenzied state of loathing and the BOOOOOOOOING and JEERS reach an almost uncontrollable level!

The maddening, musical insanity continues to build and build.

The sounds swell, and SWELL… AND SWELL



A stream of whistling pink fireworks FLARE up close to the ceiling and CRACK AS THEY EXPLODE IN THE AIR!

The entrance curtains rustle!


“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

As soon as the singing starts, Jonny BURSTS into the public eye.  The aisle is short and so it takes a noticeable effort on his part to avoid the outreached hands that begin grabbing at him.  He violently shoos people away, physically shoving off the more resilient fans, and quickly removes a yellow T-shirt from off his back, throwing it blindly into the crowd.  His knuckles are wrapped in a dark red tape, matching his wrestling trunks and boots, departing from his normal shade of black.  Long strands of hair dance in front of his eyes and he meticulously strokes his thick, scruffy beard.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jeff Hansen: Well, Jonny’s been compared to Charles Manson before, and now he seems to have adapted the look, guys. (Laughing a little bit)  I would NOT want to be on his bad side.

Other Guy: Guess you don’t gotta worry about that, huh?

Jeff Hansen: No.  I don’t.  And if you weren’t so threatened by his honesty, you wouldn’t have to either.  But you’re just like Eric, man.  Just like all the idiots who can’t bring themselves to admit WHO they are and WHAT their purpose is.

Eryk Masters: Guys!  Come on!

Jonny continues his trek to the ring, battling off fans, while Jeff and OG fall into the old habit of bickering with one another.

Other Guy: Just like Eric Smiles?  Dude, I’d be happy with just being one third of what Jester Smiles is.  So thanks for the compliment, Jeff.  You son of a bitch!

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Toward the end of the aisle, as he reaches the ring, Jonny is actually physically GRABBED by a fan!  Jonny IMMEDIATELY spins around and scares the HELL out of the guy!  He quickly lets go of the former World Champion, and Jonny has a few choice words, which the cameras do not pick up, unfortunately.  The DEFILER resumes his path toward the squared circle and begins to climb up the stairs.

Eryk Masters: A very strange and scary human being.

With the arena being much smaller, and, by default, much less capable of the usual lighting schemes, the usual hoopla that goes along with the chorus is unavailable.  Instead, everything stays fairly normal as the song switches gears.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”

Jonny stays on the apron, his stare freezing fans nearby.


And Jonny’s bravado is replaced with a smug expression and the hint of a smirk.

“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

He ducks in between the ropes and joins Coil and Lorenzo in the ring, moving to the furthest corner.  The music continues to play for a little bit longer, but the lights come up and a few more cameras go off.

After a moment or two, “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” fades and Jonny is left to the RESOUNDING CHORUS OF BOOS!


Eryk Masters: You do these smaller shows, and you sometimes expect the, “bad guys”, I guess you could say to get cheers from a smarter crowd, but this Philadelphia crowd could not be any less enamored with the former World Champion.  That’s interesting to me.

Jeff Hansen: Only the most passionate SHOOT Project fans could afford a show like this, and no offense, but the most passionate SHOOT Project fans are maybe the dumbest people on the face of the Earth.  Who gives a shit who cheers or boos, Eryk?  What?  Did we go back to the 80s where that stuff mattered?

Jonny doesn’t seem concerned with his reaction, and instead spends his time calmly rolling his neck from side to side as he awaits his opponent’s arrival.

Other Guy: Get ready for the roof to blow off this mother fucker, boys!

With Jonny situated, the crowd begins to get CRAZY LOUD as they wait for the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION to make his arrival!  There is the expected lull, which, of course, works like a charm in building the moment.


Jonny stares toward the entrance.


“PRESSURE” by SKINDRED SENDS THIS ARENA INTO FITS OF HYSTERIA!!!  It blasts throughout the arena, and unlike Jonny’s entrance, there is NO showboating in this arrival!  JESTER SMILES pushes through the curtains, SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE dangling over his shoulder and immediately begins to walk to the ring!  While he doesn’t push any fans away, he also doesn’t really cater to them either.  He nods at a few, fist pounds one or two, but his eyes almost NEVER leave Jonny’s.

Other Guy: Holy SHIT!  I have NEVER seen this cat look so goddamn centered, man!

Smiles, in jeans and a SHOOT Project T-shirt walks with a sense of purpose, that, as OG pointed out in his commentary, people haven’t really seen in a LOOOOONNNNNNNNG time.  This isn’t something he’s happy to be doing.  This isn’t a match he wants to even be a part of.

But he has to.

And he knows it.

Jester gets to the end of the aisle EXTREMELY fast and SLIDES under the bottom rope into the ring!  He gets to his feet, drops his WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT and immediately pushes Lorenzo to the side and gets RIGHT IN JONNY’S FACE! 

Eryk Masters: SHIT!  LOOK OUT!!!

Jeff Hansen: HERE WE GO!

The DEFILER doesn’t back down!  The two men begin to jaw jack!  Lorenzo grabs the belt off the mat and QUICKLY moves to separate the two!  Jester and Jonny continue to throw words back and forth until Eric finally shakes his head and starts to walk to his corner.

The fans, by the way, ARE GOING TOTALLY APESHIT!


As Smiles turns his back, Jonny apparently says something which causes Jester to turn right back around and move back in Jonny’s direction!!!


Jonny taunts Smiles, which prompts Lorenzo to more forcefully grabs Smiles and pulls him back!  The SHOOT Project Senior official does everything he can to try and reason  Jonny falls back into his corner, and Smiles is RELENTLESS!!!

Eryk Masters: I don’t think Jester is going to make it through the introductions!!!

Other Guy: (Noticing something) Here comes his corner man!

The fans GET EVEN LOUDER now as ADRIAN CORAZON comes out through the curtains!  Corazon moves quickly to the ring, running to try and help calm the situation.  He storms into the ring, says something to Jonny, and then helps Lorenzo keep Smiles in check.

Eryk Masters: What the hell did Jonny say?

The fans are shouting out a billion and one things, cheering, throwing their hands in the air…  while in the meantime, Corazon has pushed Eric back into his corner.  The cameras move in on the situation, catching the audio.

Corazon: (Off Mic) Keep your cool, Eric.  KEEP YOUR COOL.

Smiles shakes his head and shouts.

Jester Smiles: (Off Mic) FUCK!

As Corazon tries to sooth things over, Jonny takes liberties to move closer to the situation!

Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ!

Lorenzo tries to rush in and Corazon turns around!

Adrian Corazon stares a whole into Jonny Johnson.

Corazon: (Off Mic) Back off, Jonny.

With Lorenzo holding him back, Jonny tries to keep pushing forward, pointing at Corazon the entire time.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Tell your fucking clown friend that his dead parents want him to man the fuck up!

Smiles SHOVES Corazon out of the way and GOES AFTER JONNY!!!  Before he can make contact, Lorenzo steps in and breaks it up!  Corazon then SWIFTLY pulls Jester back AGAIN!  Lorenzo tends back to Jonny, who throws his hands in the air and moves back to his corner.

Eryk Masters: This thing might not ever start.

Jeff Hansen: WOW, guys.  This is intense, and I LIKE IT.

Other Guy: You gotta go and steal Eryk’s thing?

Jeff Hansen: Liking shit?  Fuck off.  That’s not someone’s thing.

Eryk Masters: OG, it’s fine.  Let’s keep it civil at the booth.  This could be a long battle.

Inside the ring, Corazon FINALLY seems to have been able to calm Smiles down.  Eric nods and Corazon pats him on the shoulder and takes his leave.  Jonny stays in his corner, and FINALLY, the very patient SAMANTHA COIL is going to be able to make the opening introductions.  Lorenzo gives her a nod, and she begins speaking, trying her best to speak over the INSANELY HOT Philly crowd.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and will be contested under SPECIAL RULES.  There is NO formal time limit, and the only way to win is for the opposition’s TOWEL BEARER to throw in the towel and admit to a surrender on his behalf!  Pin Falls, Submissions, Disqualifications, Knock Out, and Count out will not apply.  NO HOLDS ARE BARRED FROM THIS BOUT!

Coil pauses and the fans respond with COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF LOUD NOISE!!!

Samantha Coil: And now…  the competitors.  Introducing first, THE CHALLENGER!   He weighs in this evening at two hundred, twenty four pounds…  Standing to my left…  in the red trunks with red wrestling shoes…  From Chicago, Illinois…  THIS.  IS…  THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON!!!

Jonny slowly raises his right arm into the air and the fans ABSOLUTELY BOO HIM MERCILESSLY!!!


He puts his arm back down to his side after a second or two, and Coil proceeds with the announcement.

Samantha Coil: And HIS OPPONENT.  To my right, in the SHOOT Project T-shirt, blue jeans and boots…  Weighing in at two hundred, forty-five pounds and hailing from Richmond Virginia…  HE IS THE RESIDING, SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD…  JESTER SMILES!!!

THE FANS POP MORE LOUDLY THAN THEY HAVE ALL NIGHT!  Smiles probably wishes he could enjoy the reaction more, but as it stands, he doesn’t make a single move. 

He just keeps his eyes on Jonny.

He knows what he has to do.

Even if he hates himself for it.

Coil makes her exit from the ring and Tony Lorenzo HOISTS THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE HIGH INTO THE AIR, signifying that the belt is on the line.

Eryk Masters: This may be the most difficult match Tony Lorenzo will ever call in his officiating career.

Jeff Hansen: He gets to be a part of history, Eryk.

Lorenzo takes a quick second to duck through the ropes and hand the WORLD TITLE to a crew member who takes the title over to the time keeper’s table, setting it down in front of Coil and time keeper, MARK KENDRICK.  Speaking of Kendrick, Lorenzo makes the signal and Mark RINGS THE BELL!!!


Jeff Hansen: The Eleventh Hour is here!!!  AND JESTER IS COMING RIGHT OUT OF THE BLOCK!!!

Without warning Smiles STORMS at Jonny and IMMEDIATELY takes him down with a tackle!!!  The fans GO INSANE! and start jumping up and down!!!  Jester fires off A SICKENINGLY STIFF right hand!!! Well placed and it connects!  Smiles proceeds with ANOTHER!  He throws down more quickly!!! Another shot!  And then another!!!  Another yet!!!

Eryk Masters: Smiles making them count!!!  He is going for broke!!!  LOOK AT HIM GO!  ANOTHER RIGHT!!!  AND ANOTHER!!!

Jonny starts to cover up!  Jester maneuvers and tries to find an opening!  He stalls on a following blow and Jonny is able to shove him off to the side!  But Jester doesn’t stop!  He storms RIGHT BACK and pounces on the DEFILER before he can get up!!!  He tries to mount Jonny and succeeds!!!  He throws another STIFF PUNCH!  Jonny eats the blow pretty hard on the side of the face, but is able to, AGAIN, push Jester off to the side!

Eryk Masters: And I think Jonny is bleeding!  GOOD GRACIOUS!

Jonny desperately rolls toward the ring ropes and manages to drop to the floor.  Under normal circumstances, Jester might stop, but not tonight!  He follows Jonny out of the ring and chases after his fleeing opponent.  Jonny crawls toward the guard railing, which unlike most shows, is not padded or even really all that secure.  It’s just old school guard rail.  He reaches for the top, but before he can get up, Jester SLAMS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A VICIOUS YAKUZA KICK!!!  Jonny tumbles away from the guard railing, blood dripping from an open cut on the side of his face!!!  Jester follows him like a mad man!  Jonny tries to get to his feet, but Eric comes in and SLAMS A SUPER SICK KNEE right into the front of his jaw!  Jonny’s head WHIPS back, but he continues to have enough sense about him to try and flee!  He starts to move around the guard railing, BARELY able to keep any kind of balance!

Other Guy: He’s finding that necessary dark side, boys!  COME ON ERIC!  One more time, man!  Just gotta win one more goddamn time!

Eric finally just charges in and CLOBBERS Jonny with a clothesline!!!  The DEFILER takes a NASTY bump, landing on the back of his neck, of which the “THUD!” gets a pretty nice sized POP from this wild crowd!!!  Smiles grabs the guard railing and begins shaking it, screaming out in frustration, as if saying to the world, “I don’t want to be here, doing this, but I HAVE TO!”.  Off to the side, Corazon, now in frame keeps his distance, and watches the match intently…  probably cheering a little bit on the inside.

Jester turns his attention back toward Jonny who is failing miserably at getting to his feet.  Smiles grabs Jonny by the back of the head and lifts him up before DRILLING HIM with a forearm to the side of the head!  The blood is quite freely pouring from Jonny’s face, and rather uncontrollably at that.  A little bit splatters onto Smiles, who doesn’t even acknowledge it.  Jester points into the crowd and starts shouting at the fans for something.  A few seconds later one of them hands him his chair!!!  Jester holds the chair up high and with the rage a BILLION HELLS, he SWINGS THE STEEL LIKE A SWORD AND FUCKING CRUSHES JONNY IN THE FACE!!!!



Smiles CHUCKS the chair down!!!



Smiles looks at his hands, noticing his knuckles covered in blood.  Some of it was probably his, a LOT OF IT was his opponent’s, who he stares at.

Other Guy: So now who the fuck throws in the towel for Jonny?

Jeff Hansen: If he needs it…  they will.

Other Guy: He’s gonna recover from this shit?  Seriously?  You drinking too much of that Kool Aid again, Hansen?

Smiles shakes his head and takes a couple steps back.

Jeff Hansen: You know you just jinxed it for Jester now, right?  Isn’t that what heels do, OG?  Overstate the end?  THIS IS NOT OVER YET!!!

Lorenzo has made his way to the outside and checks in on Jonny and then looks around the nearby area, seeming to ALSO realize that Jonny isn’t being represented.  However, he doesn’t really say anything, meaning whatever is happening is within the rules of the contest.  Eric looks down at Jonny and then starts to look around the ring, his brain ticking…  ready to do what he has to do to end this bullshit once and for all.

Smiles moves toward the ring and ducks down.  He lifts up the apron skirt and fishes underneath for something of interest.  What he finds is a hammer and strand of barbed wire.  The fans POP LOUDLY, but as Smiles considers the items, but he quickly tosses them off to his side as though maybe his conscious got the better of him?  IT’s hard to tell.  He drops the apron skirt back down and turns back around toward Jonny.  The DEFILER is, understandably, not moving.  Smiles starts to pick him up and locks him in a Thai Clinch and SLAMS a knee upward, connect square in the face!  Jonny falls back against the guard rail, and drops to his ass.  His face is a bloody mess and he seems to be nearing unconsciousness.

Eric stares at his foe.  To him the world is silent.

But in reality, the arena is IN A COMPLETE UPROAR!

Eryk Masters: Listen to this crowd guys!  Jester Smiles is…  It’s like he found a whole new person inside of him.

Jeff Hansen: The conscious is kicking in, Eryk.  He can’t do what he’s going to need to do!

Smiles starts looking around the arena, as if starting to wonder how he can win this match.  He shakes his head at whatever thoughts he’s having and goes back to the ring apron.  But he doesn’t look underneath…

He grabs the hammer he had earlier discarded!

Other Guy: Can’t do it, Hansen?

Jester stands tall, with the hammer in his hand.


Jonny’s eyes twitch open and shut as he battles his own brain for control of his body.

In other words, he is TOTALLY helpless.

Smiles turns toward Jonny and stares him down.  Smiles glares at him and clenches the hammer handle even more tightly.



Smiles REALLY wants to do it and grips as TIGHT AS HE CAN!!!

His face turns red.

But then he drops the hammer!



Jeff Hansen: YES!!!!

Jester SLAMS into the guard railing with his right leg and sends the whole structure RATTLING BACKWARD!!!  He grabs at his knee while Jonny scurries ahead…

The hammer is in his sights!!!

He grabs it, but he’s still on the ground!  Jester fights through the little bit of pain he’s feeling and turns around!!!




Eryk Masters: HOLY SHIT!!!


Corazon almost INSTINCTIVELY rushes to his side, but has to stop himself.

The air has been let out of the arena.

The loud shouting turns into disbelieving murmurs.  Eric SCREAMS IN PAIN!!!  And Jonny wisely scoots to the side!  His face is cloaked in thick, disgusting BLOOD and he starts SHOUTING at Corazon as he backs up against the ring, still sitting.


Corazon stands his ground despite hurting inside.

Lorenzo checks in on Smiles who is holding his leg and shouting like DEATH.  Tony gives a glance to Corazon who doesn’t flinch.  Jonny pushes himself up off the ground and in a hobbling mess makes his way back over to Smiles!  He shoves Lorenzo out of the way and RUTHLESSLY STOMPS DOWN ON ERIC’S RIGHT KNEE!!!  Smiles WAILS IN PAIN and tries to roll to safety, protecting himself however he can!  Jonny follows with another with ANOTHER STOMP!!!

The fans start shouting at Jonny, their cheers turning into anxious, hopeless pleas.  Jonny ignores them and continues to go to work.  He groggily begins to lift Eric off the ground but then QUICKLY strikes with a SOCCER STYLE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!!  ERIC CRUMBLES TO HIS KNEES AND JONNY FOLLOWS WITH A STRAIGHT KNEE RIGHT TO THE TEMPLE!!!


Jeff Hansen: SICK!  And Jonny has gotten himself RIGHT BACK INTO IT!  You do NOT keep the DEFILER down for long.  And JUST LIKE THE MAN SAID… Eric Rohkar doesn’t have it in him to do what he has to do to win this thing.  EAT IT OG!  FUCKING EAT IT!

With a face that’s bleeding all over the place, Jonny glances at Corazon who swallows back his protective instincts.  He then moves toward the guard railing and disconnects a section of it.  Security guards rush to keep the fans out of the way, but Jonny doesn’t seem to care one way or another.  He pulls a section of the railing, out, now perpendicular to the rest of it.  Satisified, he moves back toward Smiles and starts to lift him up again.  He then HOISTS him into the air and FALLS BACK, DROPPING JESTER HEAD AND NECK FIRST ACROSS THE TOP OF THE RAILING!!!



Eryk Master: STUN GUN type attack from Jonny!  Corazon has to be considering a surrender right now.

Jeff Hansen: No kidding, Eryk.  Isn’t it great?  Huh, guys?  Is this amazing or what?

Other Guy: It’s disgusting.  I can’t call this shit, man.  I can’t.

Realizing he could use the time to heal, Jonny slides into the ring and is met with an absolutely DEAFENING CHORUS OF BOOS!


The DEFILER just sits in the ring, while Corazon moves closer to Jester.  Jonny watches and flips his wrist into the air, making a “towel throwing gesture”.  Meanwhile, Lorenzo is going against every instinct he has an official and staying completely neutral to the entire affair.  Realizing this one isn’t going to end quite yet, Jonny rolls out of the ring and moves back toward Jester.  Corazon steps further out of the way.  Jonny leans over and picks Smiles up off the ground.  He holds him up and props him up in front of Corazon.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) You can stop this shit right now!  You have the power, Adri.  Don’t let him die for this.  DON’T LET HIM DIE!!!

Corazon remains stone faced and Jonny, in response, HURLS Jester into the guard railing back first!!!  Smiles can’t really support his own weight, making the spill ESPECIALLY harmful as he awkwardly falls back to the ground.  Jonny walks back to the ring apron, flips the skirt and reaches in…

When he returns…  It’s with a TABLE.

Even though they hate him, these ARE wrestling fans so they momentarily pop when they see said table.  Jonny drags it out and starts setting it up, locking in the legs, when he suddenly sees the roll of barbed wire Smiles had brought out with the hammer.  He reaches down and picks it up.


The fans do NOT like what Jonny must be thinking.  The DEFILER QUICKLY unrolls the barbed wire and stretches it out across the table.  He pulls back too quickly and pricks his finger, which causes him to shake his wrist…  but it’s the kind of pain you almost ENJOY in a situation like this.

Eryk Masters: Oh god.

Jeff Hansen: Jonny is going for the KILL, boys!

Jonny seems satisfied with his table topped with barbed wire and moves back toward Smiles.

Eryk Masters: How can Corazon just watch this happen?

Jonny ducks down beside Eric and SLAPS HIM MERCILESSLY across the face!  The fans BOOOOO LOUDLY, but Jonny wants to make his message clear.  He starts to lift Jester up to his feet and then looks over his back, checking to see how much room he has!  He then connects with a knee to the midsection and sets Jester up with what looks like the start of a VERTICAL SUPLEX!  Jonny drapes Jester’s arm over the back of his head and starts to try and lift him up, but Smiles WISELY drops to the ground.  Whether or not he did it on purpose is hard to tell, but Jonny has a MUCH harder time dealing with this sudden dead weight!

He tries to lift again, but Eric SHOVES HIM AWAY!  Smiles falls back to the ground, but he buys another second or two!  Jonny, irritated, CHARGES BACK WITH A LUNGING BODY ATTACK, but Smiles is able to duck to the side and PULL JONNY INTO THE RAILING!!! 

Jeff Hansen: Reverse from Jester!  He buys a little time!!

The DEFILER crashes HARD front first!!!  Eric sort of awkwardly slides and crawls behind him!  Jonny stumbles back!  Smiles uses the DEFILER to get to his feet!

Jeff Hansen: Wait!  WHAT?!?








Jeff Hansen: (In disbelief) And SOME WAY, SOME HOW…  Jesus CHRIST!  UN-BELIEVABLE!  On one good leg…  DAMN IT!


Jonny SPASMS wildly, trapped amidst barbed wire and chunks of table!!!  Smiles gets up and like a crazed, warrior charges and LANDS A SENTON SPLASH FOR GOOD MEASURE, throwing his body into the carnage as though there would be no tomorrow!!!

The barbed wire DIGS into Jonny’s back and Eric actually gets a little tangled up in it himself!!!  He shouts out in pain and grabs his leg, while Jonny’s body begins to secrete more blood from the hundreds of cuts he must have just endured!!!  Eric lunges out of the barbed wire mess, tearing his shirt in the process.


Eryk Masters: I don’t agree with the assessment of “awesome” but this is definitely SOMETHING.

Other Guy: I’m totally out of words.  What do you say?  How do you fucking CALL something like this?

Eric pushes himself away from Jonny, toward the guard railing now at the side of the ring, around the corner from the carnage.  He looks at the mess in front of him and then around the ring, again wondering how the hell he’ll be able to win this thing.  There doesn’t seem to be a single person in sight.

Eryk Masters: Jester has gotta be wondering if he can even win this thing…  I mean if no one is here to throw up the white flag…  I don’t know.  If there is anyone in the back who can clarify this situation.  Scott…  or really anyone.  I don’t know how to call this thing.  It’s a damn blood bath and both of these guys are looking at an early retirement…  maybe even as soon as tonight.

Jester’s face is a red ball of fiery pain and frustration as he tries to hoist himself back to his feet!  He eventually makes it up, but falls back down quickly after his leg gives out.  So he reaches down EVEN DEEPER and starts to push himself up, bracing his leg where he can, and limiting the pressure he puts on it.  Corazon silently pumps his fist and nods as he makes eye contact with Smiles.  Jester holds himself up against the guard railing and a few fans pat him on the back and offer encouragement.  In the meantime, Jonny only seems to making things worse for himself by squirming in the barbed wire and trying to escape its clutches.

Eric slowly hobbles over toward the ring and looks in under the apron again, of course, this time, he’s at the adjacent end around the corner from where he found the apron.  Jester pulls out another table and slides into the ring, while continuing to keep his eyes on Jonny, as well as the arena for any signs of Jonny’s “towel bearer”.  After the table is all the way in the ring, Smiles looks back to the fans nearby, and waves at them to throw him another chair.  They obviously oblige and Eric takes the gift with open arms.  He hobbles over toward Jonny, who has a hand on the ring apron and RECKLESSLY THROWS THE CHAIR AT HIM, HITTING HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!



Jeff Hansen: AHH!  Son of a bitch, man!

Eryk Masters: Jester is trying to do whatever it takes.  We are almost thirty minutes in, and I don’t know that there’s an end in sight…  This is by far the most brutal affair I have witnessed in maybe my entire career.  And it is only intensified by the very real hatred these two men share for one another.

Jonny covers up after the blow, on his knees, but still suffering the “digging wounds” of the hellish barbed wire.  Jester then hobbles into the ring and starts setting the table up.  It’s hard to get a read on whether he knows entirely what is happening or if he’s just winging it the best he can.  At any rate, he sets up the table and starts to look around again.

Other Guy: (Very Serious) This has to be like a horrible acid trip for Eric, man.  It’s that feeling like there’s no end in sight and you’re trapped in this insane world.  How the hell can Jonny lose this match?

Smiles sees Jonny’s hand on the apron and stumbles over toward him and CALLOUSLY STOMPS DOWN ON HIS FINGERS!

Jester Smiles: (Off Mic) FUCK.  YOU!!!

Jonny moves back away from the ring and finally falls backward far enough to get out of the pile of table and wire.  His body, though, is cut up SOMETHING FIERCE!  He is bleeding from almost everywhere possible, his body and tights becoming one solid color.  Eric drops down at the side and slides out of the ring.  He is moving EXTREMELY gingerly, and is probably operating on a broken, if not shattered right knee.

Eryk Masters: Say what you will about our World Champion, but NO ONE can ever question this guys’s guts.  He is doing everything he can and then some and I applaud the HELL out of that.

Jeff Hansen: And Jonny’s doing the exact same thing.  These are two passionate competitors who want something so bad that they may kill themselves OR their opponent for it.  Call it like it is, Eryk.

Smiles has to stop moving for a little bit and grabs at his leg, which is clearly acting up again.  The adrenaline seems to be wearing off.  In the meantime, Jonny gets to his feet, but then falls backward and crashes into the guard railing.

Eryk Masters: And what the hell is Adrian Corazon thinking in all this? Is there a breaking point for him?  Do you think they went over any kind of strategy?

Other Guy: What like the, “Hey try not to let me die” talk?

Smiles breaks out a sudden PAINFUL yelp and falls to the ground.  Corazon, of course, notices and breaks around the other end, avoiding crossing paths with Jonny, to check in on the Champion.  Lorenzo also checks in…

But Jester is in A LOT of pain.

Around the corner, Jonny pushes up against the railing and props himself up.  He watches the now VERY concerned Adrian Corazon tend to smiles, and then wipes the never ending blood away from his eyes… at least momentarily.  A fan tries to touch him and he SWIPES HIM away with a back hand.  Jonny then starts to lurk toward Smiles.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) (Flipping his wrist) THROW IT, ADRI!  (Smirking) Time to make me Champion!!!  HERO’S DEAD!!!

He laughs a little bit, swallowing his own blood in the process and it continues to just outright pour down his face.  Corazon actually asks Smiles what to do at this juncture and Smiles DEMANDS that the match go on.  Corazon backs off and honors Eric’s request.

Like a villain in a frightening horror movie, Jonny stalks with ominous intentions.  He looms over Eric and picks him up.  It’s a difficult task, all things considered, but he manages to get him up, whereupon he CHUCKS HIM into the side of the ring!  Jester actually SLAMS side first and takes a NASTY, flipping bump back to the ground!  Jonny drops to a knee, momentarily, but then quickly gets back up.  He lays an ERRANT boot to the side of Jester’s head, though connects more so across the neck than the actual head.  At any rate, Smiles gets hit and stays grounded, while Jonny drops down by the apron, reaches in and pulls out about three or four boxes…


Eryk Masters: You have got to be kidding me…

The fans, again, POP for the weapon and not for the person who will apparently be using the weapon.

Jeff Hansen: See what I mean about fans?  Bloodthirsty maniacs…  heh.  And you’d trust their opinion of a man over mine or Jonny’s?  Sick guys.  Sick.

Jonny quickly tears through the boxes and picks one of the tubes off the ground.  Holding it gently in his hand, he carefully waits as Smiles tries to make it to his feet!  Eric slowly gets up!!!  JONNY LUNGES WITH THE SHOT!!!



As he does… He walks right into Smiles who NAILS him with a boot to the midsection…




AND AGAIN THE FANS ERUPT!!!  Jester stays on his knees looks at Jonny, then looks up at the ceiling and lets out a BERSERK SCREAM!!!  RAGE runs through his blood!  SMILES LOOKS FUCKING INSANE!!!  He turns to his right and without warning, gets up and NAILS A NEARBY CAMERA MAN!!!!  The guy falls back and drops his camera!!!  Jester picks it up and then looks at the long chord attached to it…

And then back to Jonny.

The bloodied, ruined, wreck that IS the DEFILER.

Jester shakes his head and without remorse he grabs the Camera chord and WRAPS IT AROUND JONNY’S THROAT!!!

Jester Smiles: (Off Mic) PUSH ME!!!! PUSH ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!


Eryk Masters: Oh my God…  He’s going to kill him.  SOMEONE STOP THIS!!!

Other Guy: Who the FUCK has Jonny’s GODDAMN TOWEL!!!



Jester’s face turns red, while Jonny’s turns purple!  The DEFILER spits and struggles, but is staring to fade.  Eric is presses harder and harder and harder!!!  Almost as hard as he possibly can!

Jonny continues to fade!

Lorenzo is on the outside, watching intently, doing everything he can to keep himself from going against the rules of this contest.

Jester Smiles: DIE!!!  FUCKING…  DIE!!!!  PLEASE!!!

Corazon seems very concerned, but again, does nothing.

The problem is…  there’s no one to do ANYTHING for Jonny.


Jester Smiles: I…  FUUUUUCK!!!!


But nothing.

There is no one.

No towel.

Absolutely.  Nothing.

And just like that, Jester releases the hold.

He rolls off to the side, almost crying and the fans are in a state of shock.  Corazon seems EXTREMELY frustrated and now actually begins to shout at Lorenzo about the situation.  Tony can only shrug his shoulders.

Eryk Masters: What can he do?

Other Guy: This is bullshit.

Jonny is almost totally unconscious, and was maybe another minute or two away from death.  Eric rolls over to his side and slaps the ground, tears streaming from his face. 

Corazon can only watch this horror unfold.

Everyone is in total shock.

Jester rubs at his face and tries to keep it together, but what else can he possibly do.  He bends down and picks Jonny up off the ground and awkwardly shoves him under the ropes.  Eric then falls to the ground, his body slowly giving out on him.  He fights through the pain and crawls back inside.  Smiles gets to his knees and holds his head, trying to keep everything together.  He shakes off whatever is ailing, or at least tries to, and advances on Jonny.  He applies a loose, front face lock, but it looks like he’s just trying to keep his body upright.  He connects on a weak knee lift with his left leg and then drops his weight on top of Jonny.  Eric starts to stand up again, but before he can follow up with any kind of offense, Jonny lunges in shoulder first directly into Eric’s right knee!!!  Smiles falls over Jonny who grabs Smiles’s leg before he can fall!  He then starts to stand up and takes Jester down with a single leg take down!  Jonny keeps a hold of the leg and tries to go for a figure-four, but Jester KICKS HIM as we starts to spin!  Jonny falls toward the turnbuckle! 

Eryk Masters: Jester counters out, but how much more does the Champion even have left?

Jester does everything he can to push himself up!!  He can’t get his balance and so he WILDLY FLINGS HIMSELF at Jonny’s midsection!



Jeff Hansen: Good GOD what a shot!

Other Guy: How did he FUCKING HIT THAT?!  DAMNIT!!!

The fans are getting restless.  Corazon stays cool on the outside, despite having to be somewhat frantic on the inside.

Jester drops to the mat like a dead insect and Jonny falls to his knees and rolls out of the ring.  He’s shouting at someone.  It’s hard to tell.  That is until he begins walking toward the announce table.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Give me the fucking bag, man!

Jonny moves closer to the announce table.

Eryk Masters: What?

Other Guy: Bag?

Jonny reaches the table and while Masters and OG are trying to figure out what’s going on, Jeff Hansen reaches down below him.

Other Guy: What the hell?  Jeff what is he…

Jeff pops back up with a bag and cordially hands it to Jonny.

Other Guy: What the FUCK is in that bag?

Jeff Hansen: Guess you’ll find out, huh?!

Other Guy: You son of a bitch!  You the his fucking flag guy, too?  HUH?

Eryk Masters: GUYS!!!

Jeff Hansen: I’m not in charge of the towel!  Chill the FUCK OUT!  I just did him a favor.  Like you would do for YOUR friends.

While the announcers argue, Jonny slides back into the ring holding a pretty plain looking burlap bag.  Jester is barely moving.  Jonny looks over to Corazon on the outside.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Throw the fucking towel!  THROW IT!

Corazon takes a deep breath and holds his ground, while Jonny shrugs.  He sets the bag down and begins to prop up the table that Jester had slid into the ring earlier in the match.  Once it’s set up, the DEFILER again looks at Corazon.

Other Guy: Hansen what the FUCK did you give him?

Jonny picks up the bag, and begins to spill its contents all across the table.


Thousands of Thumb tacks scatter across the table and then on to the mat.

Jonny shrugs at Corazon and then turns back toward Jester…

But as he does…


Jeff Hansen: How does he DO IT?!  JESTER WITH A SPEAR!

The crowd perks up and starts to get loud again, going along for this horribly bizarre roller coaster!!!  Jester fights with everything he has!  HE THROWS A RIGHT!!!  AND THEN ANOTHER FOREARM!  AND THEN…



Jester suddenly falls forward.

Out of nowhere.

Eryk Masters: What the hell?

Jeff Hansen: He’s out of gas…  HA!  The Champ just ran out of fuel, Eryk!

Jonny has to shove the deadweight of Jester off his body to avoid being suffocated, but does manage to escape.  But what he sees is just what Jeff described.

Jester Smiles is out.

Other Guy: It can’t be…  No fucking way…  No!  Please, NO!  Eric, come on man!

Jonny can’t help but cast a wicked smile.

Corazon looks EXTREMELY concerned now.  Jonny glances at him and shrugs, as if wondering if maybe NOW is the right time to throw in the towel.  Corazon shakes his head and Jonny takes that as a sign to go right back to work.

Other Guy: He’s fucking helpless…  No.  This is sick.

Jeff Hansen: Someone should stop this then.

Eryk Master: Jester Smiles has COLLAPSED.  Ladies and gentlemen I don’t know what else to say.  He was on the offensive…  and then…  (Pausing) I’m at a loss for words.

Jonny starts to lift Jester off the mat, holding him underneath his armpits, pulling him to his feet!  He then locks in a chicken wing and keeps him there as he shouts at Corazon.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Your call, Adri!  YOUR FUCKING CALL!

Corazon still does nothing.  Jonny smirks and begins dragging Jester toward the corner closest to Jester’s troubled towel bearer.  He pushes him up against the turnbuckles and again shouts at Corazon.

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Don’t let him die, man because I…


Eryk Masters: Jester with a back elbow!!!

Jonny tumbles back toward the table!  Eric turns around…

He moves forward…  but then stumbles slightly to his left and then to his right until he falls to a knee!  At that same time, JONNY CHARGES IN AND PUNTS THE EVER LOVING HELL OUT OF JESTER’S FACE!!!! 




The fans are shaking their heads!!!! They can barely stand to watch!!!




The announcers can’t even call what is happening!!!


The fans don’t want Corazon to throw it in!!!




Corazon reaches into the back pocket of the jeans he’s wearing…

He has the towel in his hand!!!

Jonny RIPS Jester out of the corner and sits him up to face Corazon.

Adrian stares into the nearly lifeless eyes of Jester Smiles.

A man he wanted to battle at Redemption.

A man he respected.

A man he calls a friend.

Jonny sits him up and SCREAMS at Corazon.


Corazon clenches the towel!!!!




Eryk Masters: What the hell can Corazon do?


Corazon grips the towel…


Other Guy: (Defeated) Damn it.




He releases the hold and Corazon STORMS INTO THE RING to be by Jester’s side!

Eryk Masters: IT’s OVER!  I can’t BELIEVE IT!!  IT’S OVER!!!

Jeff Hansen: YES!!!!  HE DID IT!!!

Heaps and HEAPS of trash begin to fly into the ring!  Cups of beer, food items!  They fly into the ring and Lorenzo makes haste to retrieve the World Title…



Eryk Masters: We need security down here and fast.

The headsets make a thud noise as the announcers begin to make a run for it.  TRASH IS FLYING EVERYWHERE and people are literally STORMING THE RING!!!  Lorenzo hands Jonny the WORLD TITLE and he clutches it and starts to back away!  Corazon looks ready to kill him!!!  All of the SHOOT Project officials storm down to the ring!!!  Security is RUSHING TO THE GUARD RAILS!!!  Fans are spilling over and are trying to rush to the ring!!!

Jonny gets to his feet only to be NAILED in the side of the head by a cup filled with some kind of soda!  Corazon pushes three officials out of the way, and pushes over the table full of thumb tacks enroute to DEFILER!  Medics have joined the insanity, tending to Jester IMMEDIATELY.   Of course, now everyone has the added task of “avoid the thumb tacks that are all over the place” making this even more insane than it already is!

Corazon shouts at Jonny, who is now being SWARMED with security!  THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK out now along with NIGHTMARE and OSBOURNE KILMINSTER, who seem to be here more under the guise of riot control and less as foes or allies.  Jonny starts to be backed out of the ring when Corazon OUT RIGHT LUNGES FOR HIM!!!  Security breaks to stop the situation, but CANNOT contain it.

REAL DEAL IS OUT NOW joined by a few other workers…  KENJI YAMADA storms out…  CHRISTOPHER DAVIS…

The scene is a total mess! 

Fans continue to try and fight past security!




THE DEFILER is bleeding everywhere, grasping on to his NEW World Title as though it were his own child!!!

More security guards head out!  They rush to secure the ring!

And the last thing anyone sees…


Making his way out.


The show ends.